When September 2009 rolls around and you receive your answers to your 10Q questions, how do you think you'll feel? What do you think/hope might be different about your life and where you're at as a result of pondering these questions?


I hope I don't feel as I do every year -- defeated that nothing has changed. I hope I'll finally be reading this from a new life situation better reflecting my true values -- in a nation and world that better reflect those as well.

depends on the world situation right now everything feels so holocautastic. potentially.

I hope I'll laugh and say "What the fuck was I worried about?"

i hope that i will feel proud of myself for taking the time to fill in the answers. and i hope that i feel a wondrous sense of pride and relief that i am in a different place, that i am the same person on the inside, but that my circumstances are brighter. That i am in a relationship that is fulfilling and beautiful. that i have achieved the work successes that i am hoping for. i hope that i will act less from fear and more from love. I hope that i won't be stuck pondering the same things and while i acknowledge that there are always hardships in life, that i will have let someone else into my life and that we are facing the world as a team! From my mouth to God's ears. So be it!

I think that inherently, especially as one gets older, we are incapable of truly changing ourselves fundamentally unless we had been truly dishonest about who we were exactly in the first place. I hope that I can look back next year at these answers and say that even if I didn't accomplish what I set out to do, I put forth a good effort. If anything, just the act of reflection makes the individual and the world a better place. (Why, look no further than our current president for the lack thereof...) I just want to be better, and better to others. That is the hardest part of life, I think. Just being good, having some humility, and suppressing the ego for a few minutes. I think all my answers go back to this. I don't have any major things I want to change about me as a person. I just want to be better one.

I think I'll be amused to read them, but I don't know that my life is significantly different from having answered these questions each day.

I hope that I will have a real sense of who I am and what matters to me. That I will be able to ask for things that I need with people dear to me without being afraid of losing them. That I will know what things are important to me and worth making a stand about. And that I will have had a year filled with fulfillment but also peace and happiness. Fulfillment will also include doing things for others - not necessarily giving money, but giving of myself.


I hope that Matt and I are both gainfully employed in positions that are both fulfilling and lucrative. I hope to have overcome more of my anxiety.

I hope I will have done something to show for the quality of my life this past year. Did I make the world a better place and is my family better because of me?

I will recognize that there is no place like home, that my ship has, at last, come in and I have been clever and astute enough to begin anew and to be thrilled, each day, with the joy of life.

I have no idea how I might feel next year -- that's one of the interesting parts of this exercise. I don't think answering these questions will significantly change what I'll do anyway, but it's always nice -- although perhaps next year I'll think more "cringe-worthy" than "nice"? Let's hope not! -- to have thoughts on record.

I hope that I find I have pursued some of the things in whic I indicated an interest. I hope I find I have stayed connected to friends and family. I hope to find I am healthier, that I continue to have enough work to keep my head above water and that I have maintained a sense of gratitude and thankfulness for the life / friends / family I have.

hmmm. Maybe I will have accomplished some goals, or exceeded my goals. A lot happens in a year, and something could happen tomorrow that has a profound effect on my life. I hope above all I don't feel like I haven't done anything of value or become more involved in my community.

I'm afraid that I'll feel as though nothing has changed and that my life is a constant cycle of: -motivation! ideas! change! -well, maybe tomorrow... -or the next day. -well now it's too late and there's no point. -wow, i've let myself down. -it's time for a change. -motivation! ideas! change! Hopefully, though, I can utilize this and other forms of self reflection to realize that it's time to really implement my personal goals. Hopefully I'll be fitter, happier. Hopefully I'll still be in this great, healthy relationship I've just began! <3 Hopefully I'll be closer with my friends and family. Hopefully I'll be more informed about photography and design. Hopefully I'll have better grades. Hopefully I'll be more trusting, trustworthy and self confident. Hopefully I'll be reading more, or doing _something_ more, if it's how I want to learn. Hopefully I'll be all of these things, while remaining optimistic, introspective, laughing, artistic (?), empathetic me!

I'm hoping that I'll look back at the past year and be happy with how far I've come. I hope and think that I will be making money from my creativity, from paintings, photography, and graphic design and I'll be comfortable doing it. I'll also be speaking fluent Spanish.

I hope that I feel happy. I hope that I reread them and see that I have moved forward, that I have forgiven myself and others for mistakes we have made throughout the year, that I have let go of some of my fears, that I am still in a loving relationship, and that I have continued to search inside myself and attempted to pursue a better way of life.

I'll probably smile. The things in my past will be a little further away. Hopefully I will be on my way to settling down...or maybe I'll be traveling again. I'll definately be working on improving my life

In september 2009, I hope I've found a way to lift myself up again. I think I'll still be getting back on my feet, though. What will be different about my life? I hope I'll have regained my free time and positive outlook.

I hope that I have made significant progress on all the goals I've set out in answering these questions, and that new questions and goals have taken their place. I think I will feel surprised, because I'll have probably forgotten about the questions.

I will be more in control of my own life and destiny. I will be more aware of my influence on those around me. I hope to create a more positive world for myself.

I think I'll be a little embarrassed at what I wrote. I hope I can take these questions into serious considerion and make changes in myself. I hope I can be more accepting of the things that happen to me, good or bad.

I hope the introspection will lead me to be less selfish and more giving and considerate of others. I would like to look back on the answers and wonder how I could ever have done or felt those things, but also hope to have learned from my mistakes and experiences. I hope by next Sept 2009 I will have had a year of little conflict and good motives, made new friends and be in a solid and long-term rrelationship, an d hope I 'm a much more patient person as a result.

I hope I can laugh at my answers. I hope I'll be able to read my answers. I hope I'll be in a better mood than I have been.

I think that i will feel numb... i think that when i look at everything i write, everything maybe different for the better or for the worse. So to ask a question about the future makes no sense to me simply because i could feel the same as i do now, or i could feel better, but it's unfortunate that i have no idea, i hope it gets better.

I hope that I find myself in a place where I can continue to learn. Life is full of experiences and knowledge that is just waiting to be explored. If I am not actively pursuing things to expand my own view of the world, then perhaps I should. Life is not going to meet me at my doorstep. I must go out and seek what will inspire. And perhaps I will be able to share what I have learned.

My hope would be that I have achieved a few of the things that I wanted to and to look back and see how much I have grown this past year. I will hope that I am in a stable, healthy and happy relationship, that I am happy with my job and feel as though I am starting my career, as well as feel closer with my family and friends. I hope that I will still have my health.

I will be more suited for my job, and will hope to have my quota reached by this time. My pesonal life will be magic because I will be with the one I love.

I hope I'll be in a more stable state of accepting who I am, how I work well, what I need to do to be happy. I've been getting further and further from feeling like I'm competing with everyone else and instead have been making more decisions for me and my loved ones. But it's still hard sometimes. I hope I'll be doing even more at this time next year to make things really happen, to really make a success of a life off the beaten path.

i hope i will have a year in which i have allowed myself to have joy and fun and do the things i want to do, not just those I feel i have to do.

I hope that I'll have learned from the things that I wanted to in the past year. I hope that I'll continue to grow and learn from the things I learned this year - that I won't have gone backwards instead of forwards. That I continue to stay present and not worry about the things that I have no control over. I hope that Matt and I will be a little more settled in. We have settled into our relationship so nicely this year - and by "settled", I don't mean it in the negative sense. I mean it in a comfortable sense...I would love to see that happen in our external lives as well. I hope that we will know where we want to live. And most importantly, that our baby is happy and healthy, and that we are a happy and healthy family.

Not sure how I will feel. Hopefully I will be in a better place emotionally by then, and will have made some self improvements to help me feel better about myself. I would like to be more active socially, and not be so afraid or nervous when I am out in amongst a group or crowd of strangers. I would like to be out on my own again, without too many money worries. Just having moved a couple notches up in life would be nice, and be stable within myself.

I dont know. I might feel interested or I might feel depressed about how things have changed or haven't changed. It could go any which way. I hope that something non-negative will have brought him and I closer together, on the same path. We need to be on the same path, heading in the same direction. As meaningless as the path and goal may be, it doesn't matter so long as we're both there. That's what I'm hoping for. Because I love him.

I'll probably feel reflective and relieved that I'd made the changes I'd hoped without referencing the questions every day. I think that it will happen, as I usually do what I say I will.

Hopefully i've figured it all out as planned. I'm halfway there, and look forward to seeing what i'am like in 1 years time.

Hopefully I will be able to view them as things I have overcome or are on my way to overcoming. In regards to the other questions, I hope it will renew a sense of appreciation that I am sure will dwindle as the year progresses, and I met with many new happy times. I hope in a year to have a firm date set for graduation. I hope to be more solid in who I am as a person. I want my relationship with Michael to be secure and safe. No more paranoia and jealousy. I hope I have new and better friends to share my life with. I want to be independent.

I hope I'll be happy to read my answers and feel better about the things I wished for. I know I'll be better than now but not how much. I hope not to be single and feel good about it.Have good real friends and see them often. I hope I'll weight 75 kg ;-)

Mmmm, slightly embarrassed as I always am by these sorts of things - letters to yourself, old journals, etc. I hope that I can recognize the simple truth of my answers, and not get bogged down by negative feelings. I hope I can respect who I was at that moment and acknowledge the qualities of self I carried with me since then.

I don't think I will be surprised by my answers as I think they were relatively uninspired. Im not sure if that's a good or a bad thing. I hope that I will really enjoy going to work and will have found where I fit into the office in a productive way. I hope that I will be more open minded and will have realized who I really am and who I really want to be with respect to all that has happened to me over the past year+.

i hope i'm someplace different, mentally. that i'm able to have a more positive outlook on life, that i'm able to enjoy daily joys. that i'm able to be unafraid of change.

I hope that I will have at least made some change in my life, when things grind to a halt I always find myself becoming unhappy. I hope that what ever I decide to do I actually follow though with it.

unsurprised, but hopefully with some more insight

I have a very split feeling about how I want to feel when I receive these answers next year. Part of me wants to look at my life then, and realize that I've been doing exactly that; becoming all those things that I've wanted to become and changing myself to become a better person in the standards I believe. Simultaneously, I also want to be surprised in comparison to how my life has turned out and see the differences as well as the similarities between my wishes and my results. More than anything, I hope that these questions and answers will help me clear my mind, and when September 2009 comes around, I will be more clairvoyant about my existence and purpose here.

i think i'll feel like it hasn't ben a year and remember what it was like to fill then out. and look back. or just erase the god damned email.

I will have realized that it really takes a lot of will, passion, time and effort to make my dreams come true--and that really, it's all up to me. I'm grown-up enough to make my own decisions and even make a difference. I hope I'll have been able to set up an exhibit or have a more exciting career in design during this time next year. I'll read more about the world I live in. I'll take more risks and spend more hours doing what I love.

I'll take life more relaxed, my efforts, wills and achives will be focused in beeing a better person, profesionist, family member and friend.

He not busy being born is busy dying. I plan to be quite alive.

I hope I have accomplished something over the course of the year. I hope I'm a lot happier with myself and with others. Perhaps pondering these questions will make me think more about my actions and spend less time regretting them. Also I hope to be closer to loving myself.

I hope I will feel that I have done all the things I set out to do, and that reflection will help me to realise how far I have come.

I'll be confirmed that I'm not that artist I think I am because I didn't do anything to make my dreams come true. I'll not live with my partner as we're planning these days. The only difference in my life will be that I'll be poorer than now. I'll be where I'm now, but i'll not receive the 10Q because there will be massive disaster and all servers will be canceled.

Things will happen in their own time. If I still haven't changed the things I wanted to change, there will at least be a process that I initiated to eventually get there. I think I will continue to look at the people I am surrounded by and love them even more than now and be amazed by how we are growing and nurturing each other. Life is pretty great now and will continue to be greater!

sentirei mais leve. menos envolto. amarrado. resultado de organização.

I hope that I'll feel healthier, happier and more loved. I'm looking for more connection with people in my life - I need to learn to build those. Hopefully I'll have more meaningful relationships. I also hope I'll have more control over my life - I won't be tempted by things I can't afford, food I shouldn't eat, or people I shouldn't be around. Also I hope I'm in a job that I love and that I can do well and that appreciates me. I will also hopefully have gotten my butt back into some sort of class again (French, yoga, art history - something!)

Honestly, I have no idea how I'll feel. I just hope that my life will be better. Better than just sitting around and doing nothing about how boring everything is. I really pray that I'll be thin by next year. I should stop eating. I also need to stop spending all my cash. I GOTTA SAVE MONEY. I'm turning 19, and I have no bank account. Yeeaap.

I think that I will feel defeated because I have a fear that I might be at the same place in my life that I am at right now. I hope that by this point I will have grown closer to the woman that God wants me to be, even if that means to quit my job and do something completely different to make me happy. I pray that my parents would understand me better. I hope as I look back on these questions- if I am not in a better place in my life, that these words SCREAM urgency that I might change myself to be a better person.

i think i will feel a little bit silly. i will probably be a much different person. i know that i am much different now than i was last year. in an almost embarrassing way. i hope that by then i will be more confident about everything. and more true to myself. i don't think i am now so much.

I will have realized I need more exercise, music and control in my life. I will be in my new job and feel invigorated and driving my train.

I will have a better idea of where I am going. Various issue including immigration, zionism and work opportunites are dividing me and preoccupying my thoughts and I look forward to moving past them. My family financial woes will hopefully have passed. I will be drinking more, be in love and my father will have returned to my life.

I will be surprised that I did this. I will wonder about the state of mind I am/was in. I think I will change in the next year in unpredictable ways. I think this process and other processes, challenges and more will create the drive and space for me to grow. I think I will always be able to come up with excuses why I'm not growing in the ways I might want to. It is primarily because I'm pretty happy and content with my life. I have struggles, but in general life is good. I've realized through these questions that I am better at looking back then looking forward. Did I write that already?

I think I'll have that awkward feeling you get when you look at your prom photo

I think I'll probably smile ruefully. The answers will be full of things that seemed important at the time, but bear little relation to my life today. I hope that I get a bit of perspective, and can appreciate that what seems important now isn't actually the be all and end all.

ideally i would like to feel releaved that for once i can look back and know that those times are behind me. that was who i was and this is who i am. that being me isn't such a dissapointment. most likely i read back and get more depressed that nothing's changed, because it never does. another year wasted. i've been writing down similar questions in my journal for years and it's always the same. nothing changes and the older i get with the same bagage to carry the more sad and pathetic it becomes. i hope that for once i will be wrong. this time my fingers aren't crossed.

I fear I may feel like I had another year in which I did not accomplish all that I wanted to. but I HOPE that I feel like I have accomplished all that, and more! Or that if I didn't accomplish those particular goals, I will at least see evidence that I have grown and changed. I hope my relationship is stronger, my health is better, and my yiddishkeit has grown. If not, I hope I will find it interesting to see where I was a year ago. I hope another year finds me more confident, more self-accepting, kinder, more spiritual, and closer to my career, personal and family-building goals.

I suspect that I will still be aware of a number of these issues and whether or not I was able to do anything about them. There are always things outside of our control that cause changes to happen to us, and changes we have to make to deal with unexpected situations. Hopefully unexpected things that happen to me this year will be good things. I'm pretty self-aware, but I hope when I see these answers next year I won't be surprised, because I will have accomplished the goals I set.

i must have sorted my relationship with my girlfriend. gud or bad. much more focussed and do what i wnated to do atleast have a porper holiday.

I would that hope I can get through what is a tough time for me right now. I feel mentally drained and down all the time. I'm trying to figure out how to get through it. At the moment I feel like I'm wallowing in angst and bad feelings. I hope that I can make a change soon. I'm sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.

I'm always too critic, so I'll probably criticize the one-year-ago-me. Still, I hope that I'll have achieved some of my goals an that I'll be able to look back without guilt or regret. Hello future me!

I hope I'm in a new place. I might feel nostalgic and think back about this time. This is a pretty happy time for (Cory in DC/ comfortable job/ok health/ dating pablo) so I hope I think back positively. What I hope is different: In the next year I hope I've had another relationship that makes me completely get over Mariano so that we can become friends again. I'll be much smarter about wines. I'll be more intelligent in general and will read more. I hope to be in good shape and at this weight (145) or lower. I hope to have more friends. I hope to be closer to Sarah. I hope I know what I want to do with my life.

I will probably wonder what I was thinking. I will think that I was totally immersed in the immediacy of the moment. I hope to be looking at my life in a totally different way with regards academic progress. I should be coming to a place where everything will be clearer about the direction of life.

If I am blessed, and I am, I will have transcended the pain and tension between what is now to my best life because I will be actually living my best life--whether it's the one I perceive or the one I am supposed to be living. If I find enlightenment different from my current perceptions this will be fine. I am happy to say I don't know what I don't know. If I am still stuck in these same places I will have to consider why I'm hanging onto what is patently not working. Connie, sit with it. Accept what you cannot change and change what beliefs take you away from your birthright. Do this for yourself. You deserve it. It's here in the world, all you have to do is move toward it. You are beloved in the world. You don't have to earn this anymore. You own it.

I think I will be nostalgic. I'm not sure what will be different as a result of these questions, although it has helped me get back in the habit of writing and reflecting daily.It feels good. By that time I will have spent a year in Japan, with Adrian, hopefully. Learning Japanese. Loving him. Hopefully things will be ok with my family. I'm hoping i will be more open and less scared since I know that is important.

I think it will be very beneficial to see how far I have evolved spiritually,emotionally,financially,and how I have met some of my goals. Hope fully in review it will help me once again clarify my goals

No one knows the future, but hopefully will have changed for the better. Im ok with change as long as it's for good.

It will be interesting to see if my issues and priorities are the same, and what if anything, I did to address them.

i hope i will know what i am going to do after high school or atleat have and idea

I guess i really won't know how i'll feel. Hopefully i will be a year into a great relationship with Maddie.. it will be exactly a year into the relationship as of we starting dating during the 10 questions. I hope that in seeing this answers i be able to laugh at some of the things that i wrote, and be able to look at them and say yea i fixed that about me, or i'm glad i still think that way even now. Hopefully i will be a billionaire.

I hope that I have accomplished the things that I want to have accomplished. However, I fear that not much will have changed.

I hope I feel wonderful that I have grown in ways I hoped... I know this year will be an amazing adventure & if I can love myself though it & not judge too much, if I can know my enough-ness... we are in great shape.

I will have a new nephew--he was due to arrive into the world yesterday. I m so excited to have a new family member--to love a little baby. By then I will have been living in this new city for 14 months. I hope, by then, I will feel more grounded here--a little less lonely. I hope by then to have found a community, built a life for myself--at least a little more. I hope that I will be more settled at my new job, more clear about my research. I hope that I will be a better cook. I hope my family will be happy and healthy. I hope I will still know how loved, lovable, and lucky I am.

Absorb and commit to memory as many of the Baha'i Writings as possible, particularly the 'Hidden Words' of Baha'u'llah, internalise the learnings into your own character, and the likely outcome is going to be profound spiritual growth. Conversely, fail to do it and the likely result is spiritual "shrinkage", a diminution. Which is it going to be, then? What might such shrinkage feel like? Would I still have the wit to perceive it as a decline? What indeed would spiritual growth be like? Let's see how things pan out over the year...

I will be happy to note that most of the targets set are met or actions carried out. I will have spent more time with my family members, cared more and communicated with them more effectively and affectionately. I will be more optimistic about humanrelationships and lead a more healthy lifestyle.Financially, I would have weathered through the economic recession that is going to last for quite some time.

i am sure some of my answers might surprise me this time next year. The main thing i hope is that this time next year i'll be in Israel. I hope my relationship with hagit will be continuously harmonious as a result of improvements i make on myself. i hope i have a very satisfying job.

good - I think it's all pretty achievable :o)

I think I'll feel a mix of disappointment and pride, given the distance I've traveled on things I've wanted to improve, and the distance I've yet to cover. I hope that I'll feel less anxious, and more able to appreciate the good things in life.

I have no idea how I'll feel about the 10Q questions. I had been considering the 10Q questions prior to hearing about them. So, I can just reiterate: my career will start to rise, I'll get along better with people and not just potential business prospects. The class I just finished may very well be the best move I have made in a long time.

I think I'll feel like I haven't accomplished anything, really. My fear is that I will look back and go, "Whoa, big dreams, Taryn!" sarcastically. I hope that I'll have a steady career that's on the right track and that my relationship is happy and healthy and that I'm out of debt and controlling my life. But I'll more likely be at a job I can't stand, miserable with Jonathan or alone by myself, in more debt that before and still living paycheck to paycheck and asking dad for money. DO BETTER THIS YEAR, TARYN!!

I hope the areas I've thought about addressing have been addressed. I expect to look back and think of how naive I was, and how myopic I have been. I hope I will address the following year with even more vigor. A shout, a sound, a wakeup call A cry, a wail, a baby's bawl A race, mental focus, will I go far All wrapped into 100 sounds of the shofar

I hope that I will feel that I am living my life as honestly as I possibly can and not always aspiring to become and do something different.... to realize what I am doing and being now is a wholesome path and to find contentment within that!

I don't know how I will feel. Sad, maybe. I don't have all the things I want, but maybe I will be able to be happier with what I do have. I hope that I will find out what is wrong with me. I hope to have stopped smoking. I hope that I will be pregnant. I hope that I will feel happier.

I will have determinated my positivity! Hope that's can be nice for me (and mylife, work, love) and who I'm around!!!

ah ill probably look back on them like anything ive written previously and have a bit of vomit in my mouth

I think it will be interesting in the sense that I've probably forgotten all about it by then. I might feel either some sense of achievement or feel disappointed in myself for not doing the things I said I would. I'm hoping that I've learnt to approach life in a calmer way. I'm hoping that we would have started a family and that seeing the questions will make me realise how much has happened in that last year and how much I would have achieved and changed... hopefully for the better.

I hope that I'll be happier, and starting work on a PhD, or some form of further study. I hope I'll be more confident, and more successful.

I am not sure yet. Hopefully I will feel peaceful and happy.

i'm hoping that my sister will have had a baby and that as a result, our family will be happy again. i don't really believe that i'll have changed my eating habits or be training for a triathlon. i hope that my relationship with my husband will be better and that we are more sensitive to each others feelings. i imagine that i'll still be feeling that i'm not doing the best job as a mother. as far as davening goes, i have good intentions at the beginning of the year and by the end, i've usually failed. but i can try. gossiping is also a downfall for me. i just can't seem to stop myself sharing all the information i have... i need to stop getting drunk at every party because i don't believe i can enjoy myself without wine! anyway, i don't sound too positive, do i? well, here's to hoping for a good, healthy and happy year for us all!

I hope I'm more at peace with myself, my ego, my career, my surroundings. Wiser, more active, more adventurous, more at ease.

I hope that I will feel encouraged and that I made progress during the past year. However, I fear that I will feel discouraged because I feel stuck or that things haven't changed. These questions are like a snapshot of life right now. It is useful to ponder them to see where I am right now and consider where I want to be in the future. I hope that I am more healed and more capable at this time next year, but only time will tell.

What I hope is that in a years time I will have considerably greater financial seurity, Aaron would be involved with his career in electro-mechanical engineering and my daughter would have come to the conclusion that she should be back in college or university studying to secure her future in some profession or trade

I will be glad that I am still here I hope I will be more adjusted to the Stage of Life (empty-ish nest) I am in I hope I will still be praying - if not LotH then something else. I hope my Hebrew will be even better I hope I will have read more Second Testament

I hope I feel that I'm on the way to accomplishing the goals I've set for myself. If not, I'll keep working on them. If so, I'll set new goals. Either way, I intend to feel that I did my best to achieve them, whether successfully or not.

my life will be better, i will get into shape, i will fall inlove and find a real friend and a lover. and probably i will move out

I think I'll be excited. I'm hoping I forget all about this so it will be a total surprise. My big fear is that I will be exactly the same next year, that I will have failed at making any changes in my life good or bad. It truly scares me. Here's to 2009!

I think I'll feel stupid. I always feel that way when I look back at the things I write in the past. But I hope I don't pity myself. I also hope I am not alone. If I am successful, I'll feel proud of myself.

I hope I'll look back at say I'm glad I was able to accomplish those things and that I've grown but I think I'm far more likely to just shrug those responses off because I'm focused on some kind of new problem.

The fog of uncertainty economically and politically will be lifted and personally I will be in command of my future.

Next year when I read the answers I hope I'll think they're a hoot as a result of so much growth this coming year. I also hope I become a deeper, mor thoughtful person as the resulth of doing thes questions.


Maybe I'll laugh at how affected I am by those boys. I hope I am still friends with them both. But I hope I've managed to make a few other friends too. I hope maybe I've started doing more varied things in my life.

I will have completed two semesters in a row of 18 hours, preferably with over 10 As in the 12 classes. I hope that I will have completed Capstone. I hope I will be in the process of looking at applying to law schools or grad. schools, and have some idea of what I want to do with my life. I hope that I will in generally be more happy about day-to-day activities. I hope I will be closer with my brother and the remainder of my family, and we will all be happy. I hope that I will be dating someone and have gotten over some of my commitment fears.

I will be more generous with the little things. I will give more to charity. If I give, I will receive.

I hope be stil here,heald, with all my family.And I want to be more confortable with all situation of my family, specialy from me and my husband.

I can't say anything other than the fact that while I am proud of myself for clearly defining goals, I will only be happy when I receive these answers if, like last year, I have accomplished most or all of what I'd wanted to.

I think I will feel partly sad because I will reflect on how difficult this year has been on me - how much I have struggled personally and internally. I also think I will be proud at how far I have come - I will be able to see a width and depth to myself that I hadn't seen before. I think I will likely be struggling with similar things - trying to find a career path for myself that aligns with my skills and interest - something that makes me excited and happy. I hope that I will feel a great sense of comfort regarding my relationships - my ability to build them, maintain them and nurture them over time.

In all honesty I'll probably have forgotten that I've done this so I'll probably feel suprised. I hope that I have done the things that I have said I want to do, and kept to being a strong person, a doer not a sayer.

I hope I'll feel hopeful. I hope i can see that i've grown and reached a few of my goals, or at least gotten closer. I hope i'll rethink some of my answers for next year

I hope i will be part of the solution to the things that are bothering me. i hope to be more proactive and engaged. i hope to be leading a healthy lifesyle free from anxiety and more connected to the infinite abundance of the universe.

I think I will feel like I have grown. When I think of where I stood last year at Iom Kippur, I realize I have had a pretty transformative journey this year, and I feel like a much stronger person. I hope next year I will have the courage to face a new phase in my life, and that each year I am able to go deeper in making myself a better person.

i hope not to feel as defeated and fat as i do now.

I think that I'll feel wistful for the year gone by. I hope I may have accomplished some of the things I'm hoping to accomplish. I hope that I will have spent more of my time and energy devoted to calming and helping myself. And just because the note to the right says it, I hope I'll be braver about dating, because I sure need to be.

I think i'll feel good because ill be a better person in a year.

I think I will be amazed at how fast time has gone by and how little I have actually changed and accomplished. But I expect that there is a shift coming.

Here's what I hope for: Carly happy at UCLA Alexis with better SAT scores getting ready to apply to good schools My business doing well no problems with mammogram All parents well Terry selling practice and building for good $$ Looking at a CA HOUSE

I will feel achieved, having taken the bar and getting ready to work!

I hope by then I will have a better understanding of myself. Currently still trying to figure out why I am the way I am...if that makes any sense. With that comes what I should do with my life. How I can make my life as fulfilling as possible. Find the "key" to happiness...MY happiness. I don't have a problem making others happy, its me that I'm worried about. This is my last week of work for the job I have now. I would like to see myself being satisfied with a job or school. Have to go back to school. I just got offered a job that I think I would really enjoy, something a little more my style. If the job doesn't work out....back to school I go. I would really like to see myself in a relationship. I hate being single. Hook ups and drunken decisions no longer leave me feeling satisfied, over that stage I guess. I want something way more meaningful. Someone honest and trustworthy. I've always trusted people because I trust myself. I always go for assholes...cursed. I always find out all the fucked up things they did behind my back. So why do them? I will always find out! So basically I want to know myself better, be in a healthy relationship and be happy with my job or school.

At first I will think the following: "Oh yes, I remember doing that!" Then: "Has it really been a year already?" I hope by next year I'll have found the strength to risk my current "comfortable" situation in order to acquire the life I TRULY want for myself.

I hope at this point next year, a lot of my fears, worries and anxieties will be distant memories. I hope that I'm a little more comfortable with myself in ALL aspects of my life. I want to be happy, find my stride, live a fulfilling, meaningful life. I don't know what that is going to look like for me yet. I know I have a lot to offer to myself, other people and the world. I need to respect me and work on me. I want to date someone seriously and begin to make life long commitments. Mostly, I just want to find something, anything, that will begin to make me happy. I'm not sure what that is--I hate that feeling of unknown and just want to figure something out. I know what I don't want...so what do I want?

I will have realized and have been using my true potential sharing my internal confidence in self and my abilities with the world around me. I will have been working on my visionary purpose in life and have made choices that direct me towards my vision and goals in life. I will have established my relationship with my self and thus with those who are important to me; Parents, Brother, Robert, Kat, Adriana, Jennifer and others who are positive relationships i have selected. I will have been open to sharing my thoughts and artistic tangible items to the public for profit. I will feel so proud of myself for all my daily accomplishments of maintaining my mental and body's well being. Will have been financially supporting myself needs and wants for a meaningful life. I will also have felt greatfull to have participated in 10Q because this is exactly what I hoped to do, but did not know a program existed and thanks to Adriana I am doing the program.NOW. That I have be living the NOW, present moment, enjoying life and those great people I have chosen to keep in my life. I will have found a balance between keeping my individuality, independence and maintaining a health relationship with my significant other Robert. I will have traveled with my friend Colon to Europe and feel the appreciation of life.

i would probably find myself stupid and have nothing better to do. i hope i would have discovered more about myself, therefore be more truthful to myself.

i hope i'll feel more centered and comfortable in my own skin. i hope i'm on my own and finally independant. i hope i'm healing.