Is there something (a person, a cause, an idea) that you want to investigate more fully in 2016?

I want explore what really matters to me. I'm not sure that I have a good grasp on that. I need to understand what I want and then charge towards it. I'm unhappy but, I don't exactly know what will make me happy.

I've been thinking about studying psychology and turning it possibly into my profession. I plan to start the studies and see where that will lead me. I am also starting to have more and more ideas about what my future dream job would be like and I would definitely like to investigate more fully.

I tried to make charitable acts and giving a greater focus for myself and my family this year. Our participation has been sporadic, but any start is better than none. I'd like to find more avenues for this, and to place a greater emphasis on charity in my life and as an example to my family.