Describe an event in the world that has impacted you this year. How? Why?

This year the conversation about climate change finally took hold. I see how people around me have already given up the fight. They think it is too late. I do not wish to give up. But I also just want to rest. To enjoy what is left. My missions seem to dissolve in the face of the scale of disaster. I want a dog, a good dinner, good friends, a loving partner. I feel their absence so keenly these days.

The shooting at the Tree is Life synagogue in Pittsburgh hit me and the Jewish community nationally and globally pretty hard. It hit me like a punch to the gut, how unexpected and horrible. And then on Yom Kippur we learned about the horrible incident in Germany... The current rise in anti semitism cannot be ignored. But it also cannot be taken out of the context of today's rise in overall groups United by hate and hate crimes. We are not the only targets. We must address the issue of hate with this in mind - we must teach tolerance and love, not guarding ourselves until we have no connection with the rest of the world...

The Notre Dame fire. Whatever is built here on earth has shelf life. But whatever is built in the Spirit can never be shaken, burned or torn down

Last year the Amazon rain forest was on fire, this was a terrible event in the world. But because of this a whole generation of young hopeful people went to the streets to have good climate rules! This let me see how a lot of people can come together with the same ideals, and change things in the world

The women in my company building orphanages for refugee children. They put the word out for funds, many donated, and it felt wonderful knowing innocent children are impacted in an amazing and positive way.