Is there something that you wish you had done differently this past year? Alternatively, is there something you're especially proud of from this past year?

I wish I'd done more writing. I am proud that I started riding a bike even though I cannot really steer yet so I am just in a parking lot. That is not so shabby for a 41-year-old!

Differently: I would have tried harder to keep my professional life from collapsing in on itself. It will be hard to build back up. Happy about: Finding peace. Maybe I needed my life to fall apart to get it to come together better.

I really wish that I had kept up with my diet plans. I was so proud of myself to start dropping pounds - I had lost about 30lbs before I threw it all away. It is a huge difference to be in shape and to be out of shape. And I am dissapointed in myself that I could not hold on to the positive side of getting there. 

I wish I had been more honest with everyone around me. Sometimes we think we'll make everyone happier by hiding our true selves, and that can be true, but doing it will just slowly drown us.

Less worrying and more enjoying and relaxing. Trusting in others and my own gut.

Wished I had focussed on marketing more for my business. However, proud that I am facing my fears and insecurities and moving ahead. Also proud that I quit drinking 7 months ago!

I am especially proud of winning a major project competition. It is gratifying to see something I worked so hard on being realized.

I wish I was more organized... But on the flip side, I'm glad that I've learned to be more forgiving of myself that I'm not perfect and I don't have to be...

Paused more before responding. Been aware that when I get blamed, it is often the other person protecting themself. Proud - standing up for myself more, not getting lost in other people.

I wish I had taken my 'time to rest and chill and recover from a very long trip' more seriously. I'm so tired now, I can barely cope with stuff.

I wish I had given myself time to mourn for my father's passing last September. I was fighting so many battles, and just trying to function to keep my business going and help my children get through their grief, that I never had time to allow myself to just crash, even for a few days. 

I'm really proud of the continued balance I've created in life so that I've been able to be focused and work and present at home.