Is there something (a person, a cause, an idea) that you want to investigate more fully in 2012?

Meditation and yoga. I need to find inner peace.

I would like to green my office by instituting composting and helping people discover carpooling.

I want to continue to pursue my career path. Is academia for me? Is the Ph.D. for me? This is not just about whether or not I have what it takes (whatever it is!) to succeed in this, or any other, doctoral program. It's also about whether or not this lifestyle is right for me. I want to be attentive to my feelings about this, daily and more macroscopically. When am I happiest? What do I feel the greatest sense of fulfillment? These are the questions that I want to be alert to...

I think investigating my finances is still where I'll be. I'm on a good path (mostly), but it's a long path. Right now, I have about $1000 in debt and maybe twice that in short-term savings. I'd like to zap the debt, increase the short term savings (for a house and a wedding) and finally start to see quadruple digits in my 401K and retirement savings.

I want to find a permanent home for my son who is mentally ill. I worry about what will happen to him when I pass away.

Haiti Poland Brooklyn the Bronx.

I want to learn to knit, as well as to learn the technique of Tunisian crochet. I'd also like to continue to explore sewing.

Mother Teresa. Other women who inspire and lead.

Occupy Wall Street's cause is opposition to the collusion of wealth and power. That is a good cause. I will see what happens and do my best. I want to see my friends more clearly. They are amazing and the more I know them the more I may love them. I'd like to know more about my grandmother. I hope I get to see her art.

I am wanting to go back to Israel. I was their forty three years ago, and have an opportunity to be with relatives on a kibbutz. I want to investigate going this coming year.

A new language (Spanish or Portuguese) + continuing to practice and maintain my French.

I want to understand early childhood education better. its such a big thing for our children.