Is there something (a person, a cause, an idea) that you want to investigate more fully in 2010?

I would love to learn about Buddhism, because I think the concepts are very interesting, and I would like to incorporate some of them into my lifestyle.

Yes, I'd like to know more about my husband’s career. I have taken a backseat approach so far, and I feel that I need to be more involved.

Me. I am my cause this year. I need to take a full year to make myself the focus. This isn't easy but I know I can do it. It is all part of this path to make this the best life I can.

I would like to look more into the people I have in my life. In friendships, relationships, and in myself. I'd like to learn to not ignore my problems and actually deal with them.

My father. Darfur. Israel. Sustainable energy (car, home, etc.)

I want to read "Your Money or Your Life" and explore financial security, since my own personal finances feel precarious even as I'm considering taking a big leap by having a child.

I would like to get more involved in the Gay Rights and Marriage Equality movements. I attended a rally or two this year, and I felt inspired in a way that I think you only find when getting involved in something bigger than yourself.

The people of Chiquiza, Colombia's smallest town.

I have really just begun to not only accept the hand I've been dealt, with my husband's illness, caregiving, etc., but I am learning to value our time together rather than felling imprisoned by it. This needs to continue.

I'd like to learn to understand and have more patience for my middle son.

Try to find a Jewish communal space where I don't feel total alienation and/or self-hatred. This will be very difficult, but I feel like the isolation I am experience in my experience of my own Jewish-ness is becoming a serious place of loss and negativity.

I think I'd like to look into the Catholic faith again. I don't necessarily believe in some Catholic practices and dogmas. But, having grown up Catholic and being away from it for almost 20 years, I'd like to reexamine what I had rejected and see if it makes more sense now.

I hope to become more involved in environmental causes this year. There is a real need for us to protect our planet by reducing greenhouse gases and by protecting our wild places from further damaging development which will harm the land and the plants and animals that need those habitats to survive. Beyond just donating $, I'd like to become involved with some specific campaigns to raise $ and awareness.

I would like to learn more about web, web design, web 2.0, css and other things related to web.

I'd like to see how this health policy debate unfolds.

I want to embrace being an artist and feel solid in that. I want to share and sell my art and figure out more ways to feel comfortable with that part of myself.

I'd like to read newspapers more. I do now, but it's an after-thought, and I usually skim the headlines and move on. I want to be more knowledgeable about current events.

I want to learn more about my food. I want to know where it comes from and how my body reacts to it. I want to better understand what the implications are in regards to the food I eat (like the workers that picked it). If possible, I want to eat more local, more fresh, more organic... and less meat. But... I love meat. Love it.

I want to investigate my own self this year instead of defining myself by how others perceive me.

I want to try urban composting. I try to not to waste anything and recycle or reuse most of my current waste. Most of the trash that I throw away on a regular basis is food scraps (i do not have a dishwasher/disposal in my sink). I am curious about urban composting to see if I can lessen my regular waste and create my own soil to grow veggies, herbs, etc.

I want to learn more about racial reconciliation, particularly in areas of the American South. I hope to investigate the still prevalent influences of slavery, segregation, and discrimination.

I am Armenian and would like to know more about how certain traditions started and more about the people.

The most important person I would like to investigate more fully is my daughter. I would love to come to some kind of honest, easy, loving relationship without the tension that's always there now.

I would like to see where the heck all the hot cute guys are at and how to finally get one.

I want to investigate work and housing opportunities for my 23 year old special needs child. So far, I have run into dead ends, inaccurate leads and info.; and extremely disappointing assistance from all agencies that claim to offer help. It leaves me frustrated, angry and most of all feeling scared.

Perhaps I would like to have a better understanding of my family heritage - the family tree if you will. As my father ages he continues to comment that he wishes he knew more about his own family roots - and one day, when he is no longer with us, it will be that much more difficult to pass on to my children what their lineage is. I fell a certain sense of responsibility to learn this important part of my life.