Is there something (a person, a cause, an idea) that you want to investigate more fully in 2010?

I want to spend time volunteering on causes I believe in, not be so consumed by my job.

I would like to investigate more buddhist traditions, I meditate and know a few mantras but I would like to know more.

I want to look into developing my career more, getting out of the classroom and into some advocacy work.

Yes. How to help people who struggled with school all their lives to learn what they want to learn, in the way that works for them.

I'm on a mission to understand how to get healthier, both physically and mentally. That simple. That hard.


I am really interested in seeing how I might use mediation skills to bring peace between people.

Investigate the idea of controlling my own destiny. The idea that I'm hurting my Jewish soul with the choices that I make.

I want to investigate ways to be healthier with food - in my own body and in the planet. I also want to investigate how that impacts m life, my relationship and mental and physical being.

Children. I'm excited about the prospect of starting a family next year, and learning about the birth process and raising a child.

How to get the correct discipline when dealing with children

I want to support the cause of freedom for people everywhere - at the moment especially for the people of Iran. I would like to get more involved in the healthcare for all cause in the US. An idea -- notion of higher power - angels .... (instead of God) as source of Help.

no. but there should be.

Yes. I completed a series of paintings begun in 2000 and have started on another theme based on family history. I am interested in seeing where this goes.

The writing life as idea and fact.

How to make the Jewish Nation ONE PEOPLE the way we were meant to be......

I want to explore how to maintain and even nurture relationships with people I love and want to help but I find difficult. Throwing the baby out with the bath water doesn't seem like the right path.

I have an idea for a business that I'd like to explore.

That's a good question. Right now, all I can think of is trying to find a job so I won't lose my house, wipe out my retirement savings, etc. It goes back to Maslow's need theory. I can't really get past needing to find shelter and figuring out how to survive right now.

Probably would like to work with some interesting and creative people to help something in the Jewish sphere - although what the specific thing is i don't know.

My own Judaism. I've been on-again, off-again for years now. I've always had a reason, but I've known all along that none of them were sufficient. I guess that's one reason I was drawn to this site - to make a first step toward claiming my faith. And, for that matter, being claimed by it.

buying a house and getting a masters degree. those things are the attainable items i feel i have some control over.

I would love to study Torah this year -- with a teacher who understands a woman's perspective and can move into newer ways of seeing Torah. I would love to utilize the study of Torah in community and social issues.

Lately I've been reading a lot more military history. War crimes - not just those perpetrated by the US - are everywhere and our foreign policy has always been more concerned with domestic reaction than human rights violations. I'd like to become more informed, and a more active advocate.

The water issue in Israel. As well as many other Israeli issues, continuing to read about the arab-israeli debate, and I have become particularly interested in secular v religious issues in Israel as well as Israeli religiosity v. diaspora (particularly North American) religiosity. And Sephardi cooking :) And be able to speak Hebrew next time I am in Israel. And how I want to express my Judaism as an American, as a person whose family memory of being a Jew is one of fear.

I'd like to gain a deeper understanding of negative human behavior.....obstructionist behaviors....behaviors that can have dire personal, local, national and worldwide consequences. What is mob mentality, anyway??

I hate to say it, because it doesn't seem to fit with teshuvah or family security, but I want to investigate the ins and outs of Texas music and that will mean getting even deeper into my novel. That's what I want.

I'm disappointed that the Kabbalah class was cancelled due to lack of enrollment. I've been interested in learning more about it, and will seek it out in this next year.

I would like to do volunteer work and have been wanting to look into which organization.

Me, love, life, other people, Hashem, how I pray best/most fully for me. How to create a truly fulfilling life.

I would like to learn more about the social services offered in the Chicago area to best serve my clients. I also hope to learn more in my graduate program and my internship this year.

i want to find my faith again. that would be nice.

Jewish peoplehood.

Nachman of Breslov. He seems cool.

I would like to further investigate the cause of becoming more self-sufficient in life. I want to grow my own food, raise my own livestock and make changes to my home to make it more "off the grid."

I want to investigate the idea of being more spiritual and being responsible for my own happiness. But I also want to investigate the idea of loving with an open heart and receiving love. I also want to pursue my own financial well-being and get my finances straightened out. I want to start paying down my debts and start saving for my future.

I'd like to investigate a particular late nineteenth century artist who is still fairly controversial. My sense is that there must be some objective truth about him but when I begin an investigation with that in mind I usually find only shades of gray.

I want to look into the 3rd wave feminist movement more fully...there's been a LOT of great thought since Simone de Beauvoir...

There's this guy I like. I guess I'd like to investigate that more fully, though I'm not sure investigate is entirely the right word.

I want to work as hard as I can to promote President Obama's agenda.

i have gotten to know myself and now so want to really know elissa in the coming year

Yes. I think that's an ongoing quest of mine: to understand everything around me. In short, life.


my navel

i want to investigate retirement savings and start setting it up for my future.

In the coming year, I would like to spend some time investigating myself, and trying to figure out what my real purpose is. I'd like to find out why I was put on this earth and learn what I can contribute to this world in terms of my ideas and talents.

I'd like to do research into the life of a woman in the Middle Ages who was a writer and artist with the blessing of her husband--an early feminist, if you will--with the idea of writing a young adult book about her.

more poems. aryeh kaplan. more obama work.

My thesis

Yes, I would like to focus more on writing and doing more creative things daily.

What my best options are in terms of grad school, future plans, etc.

I'd like to think a little bit more about how to be a good teacher. I work really hard with my students, but I feel that I don't always have a good grasp of how to best reach out to them and engage them in useful ways.

I want to explore nutrition. I understand that exercise is important, but I'm sure that nutrition does so much more than fuel physical ability. I'd like to know which foods when help keep the mind alert and the body healthy. I've always just consumed everything that tastes good but I know most of it is bad... so for my future's sake I'd like to understand more about proper nutrition.

I will be getting involved with Dorot in the coming weeks and hope that the experience will be a powerful one. If it is, I hope to continue volunteering with Dorot in either the home-visit program or others they have.

I want to explore painting and drawing again, and how I can use that to express my Judaism.

Yes! I am looking to join a board of directors or a non-profit here in my city that is concerned with affordable housing and city planning issues. I have given so much time to the Jewish community that I feel a strong pull to move into a new arena of action.

Hmmm....at the moment, I am currently very interested in the following: micro-financing and economic/capitalism theory in the context of global poverty, Buddhism and religious comparisons/writings, organic composting and community gardening, non-traditional management of non-profits, educational theory, cooking. I imagine I'll investigate these things for the remainder of the year, until I become obsessed with another concept or idea. I also really want to get back into my photography and art, esp the documentary I started this past winter. Something funky happened in the last six months where I turned away from it all - it happens some times - and lately I feel the yearning to get back into it.

I would like to investigate the idea of owning a home. Is it really affordable for me? Am I ready?

What makes people fall in love with God?


I'm working on making myself a better person.

I want to know more about the New Zealand novelist, Janet Frame and get a better sense of what she was after with her widely varying writing style and themes. (I felt an instant bond with her when I saw the scenes in the biopic "Angel at the Table" of a roomful of chronic mental patients writhing in grand mal convulsions, as the doctor with the little black zapper box moved through the dormitory. (She saw this as a patient, I as a student nurse. The "treatment" is not so esthetically horrifying as done today, though ethically just as problematic.)

I want to investigate my baby daughter. I want to watch her with the eye of a scientist, observing her personality, paying attention to who she is and who she is becoming. I want to be totally open to her unfolding. I want to be a firm, loving railing for her to hold onto along her way.

I'd like to open myself up to the idea of love. I've been too closed off and have found myself suddenly alone, craving experiences of the heart.

Myself. I have been doing a lot of internal searching and focusing to see if I am what I really want to be. I think there are a lot of things I need to change about myself.

Want to continue more fully my work for the Jewish community.........

Finishing my screenplay.

I want to get to know my fiance better and work on us as a couple. I want to investigate ways that we can live happily together and challenge each other.

I'm getting married, so I'd like to learn more about marriage as an institution, as a Jewish ritual, and as a partnership. Considering I'm going to be in this union for the rest of my life, I'd better learn as much about it as possible.

I'd like to investigate the healing powers of meditation more fully and practice meditation more regularly. I know that mediation can help with controlling one's temper - something I am continually working on. I have also found that when I meditate well it helps me to manage certain physical ailments I contend with regularly. I believe that knowing more about meditation and being more engaged in meditation can only reap positive benefits for me and, consequently, those I interact with.

How to be more at peace with the unknown.

YES, ME. DISCOVER What I like and do it. Focus on the good and expand and go deeper into what I like, rather than just the surface value. I want deep value in what I do, activities and in work. How can I go deeper being more focused in the moment and asking more questions that take me further down. And allow me to build upon a foundation of knowledge I can use and feel competent and capable to discuss and allow myself to feel the confidence from my abilities. So what I may mean for deeper is more detail orientation towards what I am involved with and those around me. I am general and I love it but the detail could help me feel more realistic and grounded towards seeing things and understanding what I like and being able to go and do it and make things happen for me, because I understand how I can support myself reach what I want to reach. Overall listen to my wants desires because they are there causing me itches and go after them.

I want to do more things that take me out of my head and ideas and into the world of doing: learning plumbing, taking drawing classes, learning how to catch a ball (finally!).

I want to know how to help my autistic son become more empathetic. It's a hard concept for any 12 year old, but as an autistic child, it's more difficult. Yet it's a value that he needs to develop.

Dance. Spiritualism/Yoga. Me- understanding me.

Buddhism. Meditation.

yoga. how to save money. how to publish a children's book.

I want to learn about the resistance to "gentrification" of urban neighborhoods. It's partly, race, it's partly class. But I think it has a lot to do with neighborhood and community history too.

i want to learn more things about my partner.....

I want to find out how I can use my legal skills (on for the benefit of the less advantaged, on either a voluntary basis, or by finding a job where I could do so. I also would like to learn modern Hebrew properly.

Well, I still would like to be more actively involved in fighting Indian Pt. On my creative level, I would like to find a literary agent. I would also like to contact someone to help me do my website.

I will be investigating adoption. I just started the proccess of adopting a child through Child Protective Services. I'll be doing foster to adopt so once I finish my trainnig and get my first placement, I will be spending a lot of time gettig to know her.

Calculus. Philosophy. French language.

More than one!! Weaving more in depth Mindfullness based Stress Reduction/teaching /practicing meditation Get to know my daughter better Continuing on the ecstatic path

I'd like to look into writing a book - what the process is from writing it, finding an agent, pitching it, getting a deal, etc. Maybe it's too soon to investigate that "fully," but I'd like to start. I'm also interested in looking into vegetarianism & ways to eat more sustainably.

Holistic health, mind body connection

I would like to investigate some new job opportunities.

Yes, I want to investigate the process of making aliyah as it will apply to me and my new situation. I have many questions about it and want to fully investigate all my options, and figure out what will be the best way to approach this so as to ensure my financial future living in Israel.

spirituality, how it fits into making a living, trying to live "green", trying to be more from less...



Quakers, vegetarianism, Roth IRA

My asshole. I'm serious.

I want to investigate my financial well being. I want to be able to live life on my own & to pay my bills on time.

How to be a good teacher...

I'd like to get to know my father. As I get older, I am increasingly aware of how little I know about him although I lived with him for the first 18 years of my life. He is a very reserved man, but has led an interesting life, and I would like to learn about that.

Yes, how to manage work and a relationship and finding time to relax and read...figuring out why most people find time for movies, TV, and books, and I never feel like I have the time!

Smile Train. My grandson Brycie died this May in utero at 5 months due to Trisomy 13. He had diaphragmmatic hernia, so all his organs went into his chest from a failure of the diaphragm to close. He would not be able to develop lungs, there was no room. Brycie had a cleft palate as well. To bring him into Assiyah, to cause events to occur that wouldn't have occurred had he never existed, I will donate to smile train each year so a child with a cleft palate somewhere in this world will have a smile. That way, when my 2 year old grandson Zanie is Bar Mitzvah, there will be a minyan of children with smiles in the world because Brycie existed.

i would like to study more about my religion. also other religions. i never had much of a jewish home life, whatever i did was without knowing what i was doing. i don't believe in the afterlife but wouldn't it be nice if it just didn't end here. at any rate i'll see what i learn.

Everything. Why pick one thing?

I'd like to investigate ways to make more money and pay less taxes either by tax cuts or grants for my business. This includes finding a way to go into med school on a scholarship/grant of some kind rather than via loans.

I want to take a systematic, academic look at what has happened in our culture over the past thirty years in regard to homosexuality. I came from a highly conservative background where answers were clear, black and white, and rigid. I have become a much more nuanced thinker and have done a great deal of personal work in the psychological realm, but I have not yet addressed the ideas I held thirty years ago on this subject. I feel that I deserve the time this would take, the people in my life affected by these ideas deserve it, and the seriousness of the subject deserves it. I am told by an expert in the field that the literature is not much improved over what I found thirty years ago. I would like to improve it.

I'd like to do more research on the political/humanitarian efforts in the middle east. I never believe nearly anything that people say about the situation - not becuase I think the people saying them are untrustworthy - but because it is so hard to get good, unbiased information about the situation. Maybe it's just impossible.

Yes I want to investigate some new selling technigues for my online business. And get a new website going too.

I would like to further learn about some of the atrocities that are getting committed in third world countries. I have taken an interest in Darfur, and I am donating to a humanitarian aid organization that provides relief for displaces families over there. I would like to know more about it and see if I can do anything to help.

I would like to find a way to do some volunteering. In these times I feel the need to help someone who isn't as fortunate as I am.

I'd like to volunteer my time more to help with a worthwhile project to promote some kind of good in a community or in an individual's or a group of individuals' lives.

yes, the idea that i can actually be still.

trees... glorius trees

Dog dancing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HqbVbPvlDoM; AND BeesWithoutBorders: http://www.beeswithoutborders.org/ AND StandUpPaddleboarding: http://www.paddlesurf.net/ AND Zen Buddhist meditation AND my neighborhood

I want to investigate living, practicing and producing art more fully, with people and a partner that create mutual support, challenge and inspiration. I'm interested to investigate collective symbols, personal experiences and expression that holds these and is also free. I want to investigate and develop as an artist of these meanings.

I would like to investigate clean eating more. I also want to learn more about personal financial security

I would to investigate my spiritual side,I will always be Jewish, and have a strong Jewish identity, but practicing Yoga and meditation has put me in touch with a spiritual dimensions that i often find lacking in traditional Jewish worship. So i'd like to return to my yoga practice.

How to get rid of bed bugs.

why my mail is getting stolen off my porch.

I want to truly begin to work with children in some way, giving back with my creativity for the underprivileged. I don't have a child myself, and I am good with kids and would make a good art teacher - and could certainly give more of my time to helping people.

I'd like to do better research before applying to graduate schools again. I know I want to go abroad, but I need to expand my horizons beyond just the American University of Paris. The idea of grad school sounds great, but I need to figure out where I want to be and what I want to do before I can just jump into it again, potentially making another huge mistake as I did with Columbia.

Mussar, philosophy, history of philosophy, connections between religions, beliefs about God (others' throughout history, and my own), and what is prayer?

Several: I would like to be able to resolve issues with my partner. I would like to have a better relationship with my brother. I would like to figure out how Judaism fits into my life.

Every year at this time, I consider how to live a more "Jewish" life. I commit to adding one more Jewish thing to my world. One year I subscribed to a Jewish magazine, one year I said I'd observe Shabbat more often. This year, as I'm getting married, I want to find a new tradition that we can add together...to start creating the culture of our own family.

human trafficking>

Forgiveness. First of myself, then of others.

My spirituality. I want to study and learn about different religions, to decided what I believe and want to practice in my life.

I want to become financially sound and financially responsible in 2009-2010. I want to have a savings plan for the kids college. I want to have all my money matters sorted sorted out, including life insurance and 401K!

I want to understand me more, and be there more for my daughter. i want to know her, really know and understand her. I want to know how to use my camera 100%, so I can use it to its fullest potential and reveal more Light with it I want to understand my body and its metabolizm. What are the right foods for me and my daughter?

I would like to investigate creating a 'scheduled' or 'structured' diet and spiritual practice. My life has grown quite unpredictable and I do not adhere to such habits for long and I believe by getting into a holistic routine I can advance both my physical well being as well as my sense of spiritual wholeness. It is only after I reach such a cohesive and natural sense of self love that I can teach, instruct or demonstrate such a lifestyle to my friends and clients. Most of all I would like this to heal my sense of being so time deprived so that I may enjoy my family, social connections and purpose in the world.

Whether it is a viable option for me to live comfortably as a DJ, and leave the nonprofit world behind.

Actually, after raising my family and being in service to others, I want to primarily focus on my hobbies: gardening, hiking and water sports with my husband. At the same time, I want to be there for my mom who is 84 and needs more of my time.

jewish peoplehood

I have many new projects this year. So the only additional thing I want to take on is finding a new source for inexpensive yearn to make afghans as a stress reliever.

I want to continue to educate myself about the area in which I live, the economic and other issues effecting my neighborhoods and explore what I can do to help.

I would like to pursue my heritage as a jewish person. I want my kids to be able to celebrate both christian and jewish holidays for the values they represent.

I want to investigate orgs local to work that I can partner with for research.

I want to live on a budget. A real, working budget. I am going to be 30, it is time. I also want to think and know more about Judaism, but I guess in some ways I always say that, and in some ways I always do.

I want to look into book publishing. I want to figure it out so that I can get my novel published. It's overwhelming, intimidating, and confusing. I want to break down that barrier and go for it.

I want to explore the ideas of Abraham Joshua Heschel in more depth during this year.

I would like to pursue the idea of independance. I often rely on a lot of people for help. I think it would help a lot of my motivation if I were to explore being more independant in my day to day life. Maybe it's because of my physical limitations but when I was young sometimes I had to find a more comfortable way of doing things that weren't always the norm. In some ways it left me looking for the easy way out. But in other ways it helped me figure out a more ingenius way to get something done that facilitated my needs. That gave me a bit of an independant spirit in different situations. My limitations also made me a little too cautious and unwilling to try new things if I wasn't able to size up the situations beforehand. To be independant would be to move forward and explore possibilities not realized in my head at the moment. I honestly would like to finish with this contract job and get back to focusing on my company. That's a big step toward independance. I want to make things grow so that I don't have to rely on other people for a job.

i wanna follow these issues: 1. international coexistence initiatives - israel/pali, intra-usa, etc. 2. green collar initiatives 3. how many more official studies that show homebirth is safer than hospital birth 4. native american sacred sites protection, and implementation of u.n. declaration on the rights of indigenous peoples 5. efren paredes, jr - and juvenile sentences of life without parole which currently happen only in the usa and in no other country bc its illegal 6. immigration and integration of indigenous americans into the usa 7. cannabis being recognized and legalized as medicine that regulates body systems - as discovered in israel 8. spending on human services such as domestic violence agencies

i think i want to write a master's thesis. i'm crazy to do it, since it's optional, but i'm afraid i can't help myself.

I want to be more knowledgeable about life in general

Playwriting. Urban Community Building Project. I wish I could see these people again if only for a minute or as a fly on the wall: Megan Riley, Rob Gault, Gary Leon Hill, Dave Greenspan, Gwen Victor, Marsha Dixie, Tracy Letts, Josh-Connie's boyfriend, All Giegle, Liz Robertson, Jim Baccus, Steve Wilkerson, Mary Sullivan, Diana Hodges, Amarillo Amy, and Terry Gaegon.

I have been pondering this exact question since the death of my mother who was given the wroong medication and died after a 8 day coma. How to best apply my talents to help prevent the other 98,000 Medication Errors each year.I need to execute a plan.


Maybe striving to live a more ethical spiritual life .

My overall purpose, and why I feel so bipolar about money.

I want to become more financially stable and become independent from my parents. I would also like to work on being a better Jew. I want to go to synagouge more, light candles, and having shabbat dinner.

I have always wanted to spend at least six months in Africa, either Kenya or Botswana, both of which I have visited, to work on protecting elephants. There are many organizations that do this, and I have heard of innovative ideas that work with the farmers and locals on protecting the animals and educating the locals as to how to live together peacefully. When we are fully retired, we can look into this, or joining the Peace Corps, more realistically. Hopefully 2010 will be the year that our dreams can be realized.

I am still plumbing the depth of my soul...but I understand that to do that fully, I must have relationships with others...I want to be more fully open and available to new people in my life, while trying to strengthen close ties I have already

I want to investigate training offered by Resolution Northwest to become a mediator.

Yes, I am interested in social economics, building businesses with social causes. I am particularly interested in helping the addiction recovery community get second chances. By helping them create businesses that will also train recovering addicts so their reentry into society is easier and successful.

I want to continue to explore myself; my kids; my work to understand how I came to this place. I want to explore more of the psychological underpinnings of choosing a financial advisor; and feelings towards investing in general. I want to explore my spiritual side more fully...attend synagogue more frequently.

I want to pursue my desire to work for a nonprofit. I may end up working retail, clerical, or customer service before actually working for a nonprofit especially with the way the job market is now.

I would like to develop a greater understanding of national health care policies, so I can weigh in as an informed citizen on the health care debate.

I want to think more about my own feelings about Israel. I have never spent conscious time contemplating how I feel about Israel, and I would like to do that this year.


The Ketuvim, the prophetic writings in the Bible. They seem to be the fire in so much of what is emerging out of progressive Judaism.

I am going to investigate a new career.

I am trying to be more environmentally involved, I have started volunteering once a month at the Genessee Land Trust. I want to either take a course or get involved in something that is greater than myself.

Yes, I want to see if I can really write a book. I've toyed with it. Now's the time to do it. Well, now and the next twelve months.

iPhone development, SilverLight development.

My true soul.

Advocacy. The idea of having the means to help someone who doesn't navigate a difficult course. It's a possible work path, but in what specific arena I don't know . . .

how to live my faith more fully. how to breathe more g-d into every action, instead of having reactions. how to SEE more divine in every thing, in every person. please g-d, let me love more, so I will be loved more.

how to give or find meaning-purpose-value to my life.

I would like to think really, really hard about what I want to do, and then I would like to find a way to do it, without talking myself out of it or feeling hopeless.

Whether or not I truly am a writer. I'm not "trained" but people seem to think I am. I want to take a step in that direction and see if I truly can do it.

I'd like to speak w/ my mom about her sister that until recently I didn't know existed. Why she kept her a secret - and why her entire family kept her a secret. I read a wonderful book called "Annie's Secret" which almost paralleled what little i know about this unknown sister.

I would like to finally learn Polish. Does that count? I would like to learn to be a better person and a better friend.

I would like to get back into a meaningful Jewish spiritual practice, as well as take a meditation retreat for the first time in a couple years. I'd also like to investigate ways of more healthily relating to my loved ones, especially my girlfriend.


Over the past few years, I have thrown myself into Jewish topics, organizations, and communities. It has been very rewarding. I would like to take this involvement to a full-time level through my work. For this, however, I have to finish past work that is not relevant, and that is a huge challenge.

I would like to look into the Unitarian church. I'm definitely not reliqious but I think I could develop more spiritually.

Sounds hokey, but the idea of peace -- real universal peace, from inside and out. Hunger. And also how to live with more serenity, find myself in meditataion, prayer, therapy, whatever.

I want to investigate more fully my job options. Not being satisfied with my current job, I want to investigate other job options, maybe even things not in my current field of design. I want a job that makes me feel like I made a difference — to someone, somewhere, somehow.

I would like to explore my relationship with Judaism and with God in a more personal way.

Wearing a kippa.

Yes, however it is more of an equivocation of thought at the moment; a desire for something to replace the needed or lost, perhaps a sense of loss , emptiness. desire for something unknown, that I will know when I sense it.

A woman I've been dating, to decide whether we are a match. A few environmental issues for my work. Study more Torah.

I want to investigate the possibility of teaching a writing class at the Juvenile Justice Center.

I would love to give myself to inner city education and I want my mom to be my best friend. I want to write a cookbook with her.

I want to do more Jewish exploring. I want to gain a more full comprehension of the Jewish organizations in my area... what they are all about, who they serve... something deeper than the mission statement

Urban gardening.

I guess I'd like to figure out how to make less of a physical imprint on the planet while making more fo a spiritual one.

Social entrepreneurship. Postwar zones. And, of course, Yiddishkeit, always.

Spend more time with my niece who's 7 months old right now.


I want to volunteer more and the whole thing about opening up a random business with my friend or at least get some sort of website up

If I am able to move and gain my financial independence, I would like to become more involved in the political health care reform. I would also like to be more involved socially with people.

I want to investigate outlets for my writing, developing that more. Also, I want to write an investigative series about arts policy and how decisions are made on the local and state levels.

Yes, human trafficking/sexual bondage. Especially in regards to children. I simply cannot fathom the reality of underage minors being trafficked in and out of various countries for the sex tourism industry.

Roller derby!

A change in my career.

my place in the big picture.

The idea of what kind of person I want to be. How do you elicit respect and warmth and love by the character that you have and what you project.

There are many things I would like to work on in 2010. I want to be a better mother. I want to be a better worker. I want to exercise more. I want to go to synogogue more ( and not just for meetings). I want to work on paying down our debt and becoming more financially viable. I want to be a better person overall!

As I am turning 50 in 2010 I would honestly like to investigate myself more fully.

honestly, me! it's time to get into all those dark corners, and figure them out, and take care of myself. this implicitly includes bringing people, causes, events in.

Reality. Judaism. Jewality.

Men. I'd like to investigate them more fully and not be petrified by those I'm attracted to.

My family. I want to be able to really talk to them in Spanish, and get to know who they are. Ideally, I'd want to talk to my grandmother.


The slow food movement. I'm very curious about it. I'd like to read more and investigate what would be involved in switching to that kind of a lifestyle for our family.

Yes. I want financial freedom and independence. I know money is not the answer to problems, I want to learn how to and become successful at being financially free & comfortable. This includes me saving more money in the new year, changing to a more profitable career / career ventures, and investing in different ventures. Also, I need to go beyond my home and help others. For instance, I am donating to money for Mosquito Nets to prevent malaria in Africa.

I'd like to learn more about local food in my town. More about who's producing great food locally and which businesses are using these foods.

In 2010, I should be more forward about career searching and talking to more people in various fields.

yes! i,m studying Torah. i have lots and lots of investigation ahead of me this year.

I really want to explore more about civil rights advocates, community organizers and radical city planners. The city is a wild jungle of chaos, neglect, creativity and power and I want to understand visions that raise up the latter.

I want to explore the connection between everyday life and mystical thought - in Judaism they tend to be entirely integrated, even though we don't often talk about them that way.

I want to explore the philosophy of interface design as it applies to web applications. Specifically, what (if anything) can the fields of graphic design, usability research, and industrial design contribute? What do people like Khoi Vinh study?

Yeah! I want to devote time to mentoring kids (for real this year!) and donating time to designing websites to charitable causes.

I want to investigate two things. One is how I can best be an advocate for reducing global warming. Two: I want to investigate the ins and outs of public mental health. I would love to learn about how the system works so I can work towards, in the future, being a leader in public mental health and help run the system in a more efficient, helpful, logical, professional, kind, productive manner. Okay, I lied. I have other things I want to investigate...my family history and its affects on me and my family members. Also, I want to investigate interventions, in particular cognitive-behavioral interventions, so I can increase my knowledge and skill-set to best help my clients and be a good supervisor in the future. Oh yeah...I also want to look into writing opportunities to develop my skill and indulge my passion of writing.

There are two things I want to investigate. The first is whether getting bariatric surgery will completely alleviate my PCOS symptoms. The second is whether Judaism is the perfect place for my spiritual development.

Yoga. Meditation. Spirituality.

The possibility of getting a PhD in, or learning a great deal more about, American Jewish history.

I want to investigate the needs and loves of my lover and partner, who I have not yet met but hope to meet soon.

I am very interested in getting more involved in education and community events through the AYC chamber and making a difference for the city and citizens of Austin.

I want to push the limits of my photographic potential.

I would like to do more things traditional to my faith, Judaism. I would also like to continue to learn more about my faith.

my business. i want to have my business open and running. it's all i think about right now.

This is such a good question - and I don't have an answer at the moment. In short, yes, but I don't know what that is yet. I'm taking a PhD-level art history course right now, in fact, as a way to figure this out. It's a process... but if I can manage to get myself into school for 2010/2011 (this time next year), I'll have answered this question by then. Connected to this, is my ongoing interest/push/pull investigating my fuzzy family history on my father's side.

There is nothing "new" that I want to investigate more fully, though I plan to continue my study of Judaism and the anthropology of religion. I would also like to learn more about (and become involved in) the growing interfaith movement. I believe that the activists leading this movement offer perspective on social and political actions that we can and should take to discourage future conflict around the world. There proposals are at once pragmatic and idealistic. My research into the interfaith movement will, I hope, tie in with my volunteer efforts and charitable contributions.

I would like to get to know how to use the PureMVC implementation for AS3. This is something that I've wanted to incorporate into my workflow for quite sometime and now that I'm creating more application type websites, I think that I need to do this sooner than later. I'm also hoping that once I catch on to the concepts that are in the framework, it will make me a better programmer in general.

How to reform our health care system

Not to be a copycat, but I would like to be aware/understanding of the political world around me. My boyfriend is able to speak so intelligently about politics and the world and I feel as though I'm more lead by whatever CNN says.

I'd like to investigate the power of my creativity. To create more tangible objects, including cooking meals. I want to investigate the results of doing more, and thinking less.

I want to read more. About EVERYTHING.

I want to learn more about the farmer's markets here in SF, and start to buy more fresh, local produce.

I want to further educate myself and explore the ideas of environmentalism and sustainable development. Since this is where I hope to go with my career, I should know everything there is to know about it. And they are such complex concepts that there is a lot to learn.

I want to have a better sense of what really makes me happy.

I'd have to say myself - I need to understand what drives me to do fairly self-destructive things, why I can't seem to live simply and simply live...

i want tlearnhow to be a better homemaker.

I keep saying every year that I'd like to start attending services at the Temple in our neighborhood...I still want to do that. And all of that aside - I'd like to honor the Sabbath on a consistent basis. I'd ultimately like to get Bat Mitzvah'd

I’d like to further investigate myself in relation to others. Some very interesting things have popped up in the past year that lead me to believe that my ideas about who I am and what I value are more muddled than I thought; interacting with others, especially those closest to me, seems to be the best way of approaching this “problem.” I may not have a choice, anyway!

In the year to come (a more useful frame for me than "2009," which is on its way toward ending) I'd like to put some time and energy into investigating parenthood. That's going to be the big new adventure of the coming year, and I feel terrifyingly and exhilaratingly uncertain about what it's going to be like. I imagine that going into motherhood is also going to mean exploring my own (maybe previously-unknown) strengths and weaknesses. Should be a wild ride.

I'd like to investigate how not to get sick so often next year! Seriously, I hope this cold is gone by Yom Kippur or it will ge a miserable day.

I want to help my son who has Asperger's Syndrome look for college's where he an continue to learn and grow.

i want to spend more time alone getting to know myself by writing journals, examining my patterns, correcting the ones that are detrimental and recognizing and appreciating the things that are good about me

I started to look into learning more about finances & financial security at the beginning of 2008 and then got way-laid by Life events...I would like to revisit that investigation.

The Divine Olive Fremstad.

I want to investigate how I can turn 24 hours into 30 and make time for myself and for doing what I love most to do, which is painting. Seriously, I would like to get a grip on carving out time to be creative.

I would like to focus on myself and how I can become a more positive and peaceful force in this world. And, on finding my life partner, to grow with.

I've developed a recent interest in better educating myself on the basic ideas that root modern discussion: everything from Rawls to Rousseau. I also want to read more works of "classic" American and modern literature, especially African-American literature. I want to be a more educated and informed person, and sometimes I feel lacking because there are basic texts that I still haven't been exposed to. And yes, I would also like to read the full five books of Moses at some point soon, too.

Myself. I want to investigate further what I want for myself and understand the steps to get it. I'm on my way, I would just like to refine the navigation a bit. Oh! And my finances! I want to be all up in that, understanding how to make more, save more, get out of debt, take care of myself fully.

I desperately want to come to peace with my bi-coastal life - either live in one place more full time or find a partner that can live with me in both places. I am ready to move into the next phase of my life and want to be open to starting a family. Living in two places is not conducive to that!

As I haven't had the support of a family, I have personally experienced the transformative power of having a total stranger help in a moment of need. So I'd like to be involved with a charity - like Kids With Cameras, supporting the power of art to transform life - or Two Steps Forward, who fund the education of children in the Ghana refugee camps so they can move forward. I also want to unravel the secret history of my immediate family so that I can continue my goal of bringing all relationships and areas of my life up to present time, so I'm not living in the past.

I would like to dive head-first in Judaism. I have been wading around here, but being one of the only Jews my friends know, I think it is my duty to be able to answer more of their questions with honesty, thought and complete confidence.

i'm enjoying the amount of thinking that these questions are causing me to do! of course, the person i will investigate most in 2010 will be ben - i look forward to his first year of everythings more than anything i believe i have ever looked forward to in my life. but i feel like i just write about him when glancing ahead to the coming year, so... i am officially committing to more philanthropy and civic responsibility over the next year. i'll do more for others, that's all i know for sure. i plan to take on habitat for humanity and better investigate ways to give of myself; after all, shari and i are always saying that we should make more donations and be of more service. i have no idea how to give more money (not enough, these days) or more time (baby, baby, baby), but i'd like to figure that out before this note comes back to me. i am more certain now than ever before that it is the things we do for others that will be our legacy. with the start of our family, shari and i will start that legacy now.

I would like to get more involved in arts programming for young children. So many arts programs have been eliminated due to the recession, and I'd like to investigate how to maintain certain programs for our youth. Being involved in dance and the arts as a young child definitely impacted who I am as an adult, and I think every child should have the opportunity to explore their individual talents.

I want to hone in on what my dream/passion is and start making it a reality.

the local, seasonal and self sustainable food movement. i feel totally cheated by "organic" foods that aren't organic at all. i would love to have my own house with room to plant my own produce and herbs and be able to eat more seasonally. it just makes sense to me.

OK - so, as a theater professional who creates new work around social and inner change, there are always a ton of topics I'm dying to both investigate and make a performance on. One is a show on international Jewish identity and song; another would be an interview-based work on Palestinians and Israelis. That, or the nature of subjectivity vs. other, or perhaps a show around the concept of Tikkun Olam.

Ideally, I'd like to get more involved in protecting the environment - if I participate in an AmeriCorp program for this cause, that would be awesome. But also, I'd like to participate in at least 1 yoga retreat and even maybe take or start to consider taking a yoga teacher course.

So many things! Long list of the obvious and long-standing. So I'll add this: read more poetry.

I would like to really make an effort to know my family more than I do. I am stuck with the impression I have had of them since my teen years and because of that am completely out of touch of who they are now. They are my family and I don't want to shut them out and assume who they are anymore. For someone who claims to be so open minded perhaps I should be so with those closest to me and stop the self fulfilling prophesy cycle.

Can't think of anything right now that I'd like to investigate more fully in 2010. But I'm always open and ready to jump in to pursue whatever might tickle my brain.

I'd love to investigate my new city. I want to feel more comfortable leaving the house and getting out and doing things. I want to really make this place my home.

I'd love to figure out my current boyfriend a little better. For his sake and mine.

The cause or idea I want to investigate is the religion of Judiasm. I am a recent convert and the culture of Judiasm really fascinates me. The unbelievable will to survive with all of the odds against them is the miracle of the human condition. No group has experienced more discrimination in the history of mankind. Yet some how the Jewish people survive.I just want to learn as much as I can about the Jewish people.

Yoga,neurology, psychoanalysis, and attachment theory- they all relate.

SOVA IKAR Green initiatives Community organizing and more time investing in relationships/friendships instead of hiding in my work

i want to see if i can write. not work stuff but a script or a treatment for a film i want to investigate creating more

I want to figure out why I can talk a good story, but never get around to doing what I talk about.

My profession... psychology

daily torah study.

I need to look into why I'm such a commitment phobic. That's as simple as being afraid (or too selfish) to committing to work for a cause for a few weeks or more (I am retired and have time to do so). I'd like to get away from always wanting to be free to make up my mind last-minute in any situation. I need to work on being more focused, detailed and determined to succeed.

I want to become an entrepreneur and get myself a business instead of being a high school teacher. I am currently taking some intensive classes in entrepreneurship and will soon network with others to get on my way

I want to work to understand what America knew and didn't know about the Holocaust as it was happening.

i want to figure out how right-wing forces are gaining so much power with such empty ideas and misguided values; i'm interested in their organizing tactics in particular.

Meditation. Food Justice. What it means to be in an adult, mature, healthy romantic relationship. Yoga. Exercise.

Hoping to "investigate" my husband as a person, not as an extension of me and my needs, or as the parent to his son. Now that my stepson is at college and we're alone for the first time, it will be nice to look at my husband as another woman might see him, and remember that man I fell in love with. I call him my last boyfriend.

I want to walk my walk about food politics and environmentalism by starting a Jewish Community Supported Agriculture co-op in Denver. Oh yeah, and I want to learn more Torah, from a feminist, queer, lefty perspective.

1. Try to find a happy meduim between Orthodox and Conservative. 2. Try to decide if/when we should sell the house. 3. Look into the possibility of Aliyah in 5 years, or less. 4. Meaningful adult education in Jewish History.

The possibility of moving to the States. I love New Zealand but LA is calling ... so I hope our green card interviews go well.

The ins and outs of sex with girls. But that's not a very good answer.

I want to look more deliberately into mindfulness and ways in which I can be mindful about my interactions with others, my interactions to the world around me and my approach to my day in general.

How to take charge of my financial future, independent of my husband's. I'd like to investigate into how to open a shop/boutique, educated myself on business, develop business savy, and then take baby pracitcal steps to achieve my goal.

How to kick the @#$% out of my internal critic and get the writing done.

I want to investigate travel. I haven't had many opportunities for travel and have often feared taking risks in visiting other places. I need to jump in, both feet first.


I want to investigate more about re-immigrating to Israel (I'm a dual citizen) - in all its aspects: cost of living, where I might live, what resources I might avail myself of socially and for support in other ways, etc. I was very happy when I lived there before, but I'm older now and Israel has changed.

Perhaps I would like to have a better understanding of my family heritage - the family tree if you will. As my father ages he continues to comment that he wishes he knew more about his own family roots - and one day, when he is no longer with us, it will be that much more difficult to pass on to my children what their lineage is. I fell a certain sense of responsibility to learn this important part of my life.

One goal is to develop relationships with more elected officials in and around Los Angeles (city and county); this is both as a member of the philanthropic community and as a citizen.

Japan + Fashion

Not really.

No. Not really. Oh, I know! The phenomenon of being "in love." How about that?

Asian history. I don't know a darn thing about it and it's not something that is taught in school.

I want to investigate embracing financial, personal and professional success with an open, fearless heart and total belief in myself.

I'm devoted to my relationship and to seeing where it will lead. I know we will have a tough time in our future together, but it's love and mutual respect that matters in a relationship.

I want to be more involved in my field. I want to join the ALA and read library publications and blogs. I want to know what is happening in the real world of libraries, not just the academic world that I am currently a part of.

I want to find ways to encourage my students to get more involved in community service and outreach through theater-I want to acheive more in terms of my own artisitc growth through educating my students and together experience the transformative power of art and theater

I'm not sure if I "want" to investigate it, but I feel I should investigate further the process by which democracies are destabilized. I fear so much for the future of our republic right now, and feel that we are on the precipice of actual fascism (as opposed to the alarmist version of fascism). I feel compelled to learn more about successful methods of counteracting this move toward thugdom and away from the rule of law. I think it's much more than a political ploy, and feel that those of us on the left are not paying enough attention right now.

i would like to investigate my ancestry more fully.

I want to investigate more fully in myself. I know that sounds selfish, but it is my first year of college. I want to find a better understanding of who I am and what I really can achieve.

mainly I want to continue to investigate in general, especially by keeping up my reading. I tend to pick up books and they accumulate and don't get read, I just look at them and re-stack them and think about what I think they might contain. I want to do more diving in.

I have barely started, but I want to focus on me - being able to confront and/or be honest with fear. Or with fear, but do it anyway.

I want to look inside myself more, and figure out what the heck I want to do with my life.

i want to to be more active in the feminist community

my business in new, creative ways - beyond what i am doing currently. i'd like to expand, create and produce some of the many projects in my head...

I want to delve deeper into the world of both food and hunger. How can I eat more locally and more responsibly, and support local farmers and producers more? At the same time, how can I help stop the hunger that's rampant in both the U.S. and around the world?

I want to investigate work and housing opportunities for my 23 year old special needs child. So far, I have run into dead ends, inaccurate leads and info.; and extremely disappointing assistance from all agencies that claim to offer help. It leaves me frustrated, angry and most of all feeling scared.

I want to reintroduce myself to my hometown - NYC. I miss going to museums, walking the streets, shopping. I definitely need to investigate all facets of city life.

I would like to investigate God more fully in 2010. What's true?

I would like to investigate Steve Buscemi more fully in 2010.

I want to write more.

I definitely want to explore ways to live a more environmentally sustainable life.

I'm going to learn Hebrew this year.

I want to be comfortable with myself. I don't want to spend my life feeling sorry for myself, fearing being alone...there isn't a need for that.

I am in the middle of a big project -- really big that may take me a year to complete. I started in July of this year and I hope I can finish it in a year's time. Because of this I just can't allow myself to start any kind of a new investigation. I might like to learn something new, but I'm having trouble balancing my time now and it would just be impossible if I added something. However, trust me, I love to investigate, and I'll keep thinking about what it is I can do when..... :)

Something . . . an interest, a talent - anything that would prove to myself that there is a reason God put me on this earth. Not something for myself. Something that will be my contribution . . .

I'd really like to find a big idea in 2010, something that could challenge me intellectually, engage me in advocacy, and inform the social change work that I do. Now that I'm moving back to Santa Monica, I'd also like to find some healthy civic service work - maybe serve on a city commission or something.

My relationship to relationships.

Myself. I want to investigate myself more fully in 2010. I need to remind myself that I am still incomplete. I can learn to undo things that I don't like or that hold me back and I can learn to do new things that can make me a better husband, father, jew, colleague, boss, son, friend. In 2010 I want to investigate and explore myself.

My brother is one of the most important people in my life. I adore him, and it is his approval above all others that I value. Over the past several years I feel that we have grown apart. We are by no means on bad terms -- but I want to be his friend again, not just his little sister.

I'd like to know more about myself in terms of possible effects past grief may have had on me, and parent-child relationships, especially as my kids become young adults. I'd like to learn more about financial planning for my future.

Judaism definitely. I want to learn more prayers and customs. Colleges- I need to learn about what options I have for college. This is my junior year,so I will be looking this year.

Finance. Maybe a deeper understand of... blah. I just want to learn! To have the discipline to truly "know"(learn/study) something- someone, somewhere.

I want to learn a lot more about my field - the main academics, the main centers of learning, how I can be a strong applicant, etc. I want to make sure the next step of my life is intentional and not just a decision based on whim. I also just want to know what 'm getting into better, to make sure it's where I really want to be.

Environmental & food safety issues.

I would like to be more community service oriented in general. Of course, there are certain issues that are closer to my heart than others. But most importantly, I remember how good it felt to be community service minded in high school and college, and I want to offer myself in that way again.

Idea.....get esthetician license. Perhaps a new job opportunity will present itself which will allow me to pursue my esthetician license.

I am going to explore the concept of forgiveness so that I can be more peaceful and have a positive influence on the people around me and on the causes I choose to get involved in.

I would like to see where the heck all the hot cute guys are at and how to finally get one.

I would like to investigate the idea of self-worth. How we define ourselves in this culture, and how to turn negative ideas of self-worth around....not just for me, but for others too. We are more than what we see in the mirror, what we do for work or how much money we have in the bank.

The most important person I would like to investigate more fully is my daughter. I would love to come to some kind of honest, easy, loving relationship without the tension that's always there now. Next, I want to get a handle on nutrition and formulate a good healthful way of eating that I can sustain for the rest of my life. I also want to rid myself of extraneous things, to simplify my personal space. I really want to stop buying stuff.


i want to research other sauerkraut businesses, and other small businesses to learn more about how i can do what i desire to do.

I would like to know more about the differences in the worlds three major religions and to figure out why it is that the Arabs and Jews struggle to find peace with one another.

How can business, government, and society work together to make a difference for the poor.

I want to reestablish my connection to Judaism. Not necessarily going to Synagogue too much, but other things. Now that I am on my own, I don't want to forget all of the traditions I grew up with.

I want to raise more money for Pediatrics at Memorial-Sloan Kettering Cancer Center to help the children and their siblings and parents and other loved ones while they are undergoing treatment.

Is Psychology a Pseudo Science? It just might be....

i want to learn more about starting my own business... and i'm probably going to want to learn to juggle before the year is out too.

Breast cancer recurrence NT Jonathon Sacks

I want to learn about great organizers, particularly Chavez, Malcolm X, MLK, Zapata, and others who I don't know about. I need to know what made them successful and what their weaknesses were. I have been meaning to do this for years, but I can hardly get myself to sit down and read, let alone read a biography or work of non-fiction. This will be a good challenge for me.

Someone to love and love me back. I'd like to have someone in my life.

I am Amenian and would like to know more about how certain traditions started and more about the people.

Yoga!!! That's why I'm taking a teacher training course. Could help me reach my ultimate career goal of meaningful self-employment, but if nothing else it will help me better know thyself.

I want to investigate myself. I want to figure out who I am.

I'd like to become closer to my family.. I worry a lot about the time we have left.

I would like think about my future. I want to investigate how I can best enjoy the years in the latter half of my life. Where my wife and I will be for the happiest times for both of us.

i'd like to look more at myself and learn about any creative talents i might have and what activities might make me feel more satisfied and fulfilled with my life. i am also considering new career options and wonder what i might be able to realistically shift to at my age, where i can start as a new person, support myself, transfer skills, etc.

I want to learn more about racial reconciliation, particularly in areas of the American South. I hope to investigate the still prevalent influences of slavery, segregation, and discrimination.

Jon. We have been married for almost 25 years and I want to rediscover who he is and who we can be as partners.

what my next career shall be and where i want to experience it. that's simultaneously exciting and terrifying.

my nephew! He's going to be 2 in march 2010 and i think i need to be around, making him love me more, bringing over presents, trying to figure out what he's all about...

I would like to go to Shabbat services at least once a month - I need to find time to fit this into my schedule. I just need to do it since it is important to me.

I want to know more about succesful writing, performing, painting. I am a high creative who lacks discipline to finish anything. I suffer from terrifice boredom and depression. I would like to move forward into my sixties with more force.

Biology and generally learning more about sooo much.

I want to explore further the connections between migration and foodways. I also want to know more of the landscapes of the United States.

No. Whenever I want to investigate something, I have NO trouble doing that; in fact, I probably spend way TOO MUCH time doing that...


I want to try urban composting. I try to not to waste anything and recycle or reuse most of my current waste. Most of the trash that I throw away on a regular basis is food scraps (i do not have a dishwasher/disposal in my sink). I am curious about urban composting to see if I can lessen my regular waste and create my own soil to grow veggies, herbs, etc.

I am interested in seeking out the good in everyone, and not judging them or talking about them behind their backs.

The links between Sustainable Agriculture, Nutrition, and food security

There are so many, but interesting there isnt ONE that comes at me as pressing. What I want to investigate for the fall is wine. I have access to a website that will teach me everything so for the next two months I would like to invest in that. I want to investigate my irish citizenship and obtaining that. Collaborating with an NGO and learning how those work, asian cooking, history, current events, digital photography, final cut pro, etc etc. Acutally, what I really want to investigate is MYSELF.

There's someone I want to get to know much better, whom I think I may already love without deeply knowing. Or better said, whom I feel I could love with little effort: truly falling. Is that just a symptom of how much I want to love anyone? Or is there something special about him (well, yes, he is special), but something about him for me, something that makes me imagine us together? I'm determined to figure this out, and the only way to do that is to, as the question asks, "investigate" him/us. Can I be that brave?

I want to investigate my own self this year instead of defining myself by how others perceive me.

I would like to make a more serious effort to find a place of worship that works for our family. I complain about the synagogue we belong to now, but don't do anything about it. I'd like my child to begin Hebrew school by next year, and have to figure this out over the coming year.

how to have a baby without going into debt.

I want to return to my Jewish faith.

I would like investigate more about how the body works and why. It continues to amaze me, especially as I get older, how incredible the human anatomy really is.

Just work on my Hebrew....

i would like to figure out the best way to handle when someone you love is being mistreated by their parents because their parents are ignorant.

I would like to do something concrete to advance the cause of gay civil rights.

I just want to be the best I can be. That means being the best person I can be...... no gossip or envy or hard feelings. Live and let live wish eveyone peace and good will. I'd like to be a better friend to those around me and keep in contact with those that I care about. I have a bd habit of not calling or connecting with people on a regular basis. I certainly want to improve that. I also want to remember to send birthday cards, and gifts on a timely basis.......to those that I love.

Yes. I want to investigate the science of riding, practice it, and become better and better, as quickly as possible.

I want to learn more about my food. I want to know where it comes from and how my body reacts to it. I want to better understand what the implications are in regards to the food I eat (like the workers that picked it). If possible, I want to eat more local, more fresh, more organic... and less meat. But... I love meat. Love it.

The Anti Defamation League. I'm starting a program with them, so looking to learn more about them.

A blog idea in my field, book design, that hasn't been done.

My ability to make art and to express myself emotionally.

I am very interested in local projects that build sustainability in local community. I recently read about one that I would like to do further research into. The idea of community gardens, skills sharing, taking back a way of life that is meaningful and not dictated by corporations or money or government really appeals to me. Empowering people to live fuller, richer lives. I would like to do more along these lines and become a community activator rather than just complain about the state of the world from my little bubble.

cancer research. being an advocate and a volunteer for cervical cancer.

I'd like to find a lady. All these details apply.

Why 2010? Why not 5770? I would like to delve deeper into the concept of gratitude this year--remembering to pause and notice and appreciate the many joyous, good, and lucky things in my life. I would also like to broaden the breadth of the subjects and genres I read--more fiction, more poetry, more classics, more things I don't think I will like, but that might surprise me.

I want to learn more about me.

Volunteering again. I was always heavily involved in helping others throughout high school and college, but afterwards I have fallen into self-absorption. I really hope that next year I get out into the community again and spend time improving someone else's situation.

Judaism (maybe). Comedy. As in performing it

I'd like to learn more Hebrew this year, but I want to do it on my own. I'll compare a classroom environment to a purely internally driven desire to learn. I'd also like to become more aware of what's going on in Israel this year.

I'd like to be more sure of money, myself, the questions I have about Judaism.

I want to find out more about resources to start a community radio station.

Something I'm extremely interested in right now is Psychology. I'm taking it for my A-Levels, and currently have an overall 'B'. I would like to further pursue Psychology at University in 2010.

I want to learn more (and remember) about the customs of Judaism that I folllow but am not as educated about as I'd want to be.

I want to work at relearning my Yiddish. I've lost the use of it since my family has slowly died off and we've all moved far away from each other and I no longer live in a predominantly Jewish area.

I want to look more into the idea of developing myself mentally, I want to be more aware of what is going on around the world and how that affects me no matter how insignificantly.

I would like to learn more about AIDs denial in South Africa or Russian history.

I'd like to learn more about the people around me - know my neighbours, find out what's really important to the people I spend time with and hardly know.

Mental health. I think the supply of mental health professionals is sorely lacking, and I can see so much damage because of it- not only personally, but professionally and within the greater community. I also want to investigate the food supply chain more thoroughly, I've gone completely organic and vegetarian over the past 6 months, and I think the way to food industry treats consumers is shameful.

Involved in Boston sommunity life.

Buddhism and the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh. Maybe the Spanish language. Maybe I'll fast for Yom Kippur in 2010? I will have started my career phase at Edelman exactly a year earlier. Wow!

I would like to get more involved with practical astronomy. Despite having done physics I don't know much about the night sky, and so I'd like to do more with that. I'd also like to build up the courage to talk to a rabbi about converting to Judaism as well - I feel that I'm spiritually stymied by my surroundings at the moment.

i want to find myself... my guiding principles with the belief that will help me identify the cause or purpose i am meant to act on behalf and impact.

After reading Infinite Jest and a bunch of other stuff from D.F.Wallace, I want to read everything from this author.

I want to study epistemology.

Yes. I'd like to strengthen my bonds with my girlfriends in this next year. And the NEXT year I want to, possibly, think about getting to know Rick better. In a new way? I think its possible. Can two people that have been married 14 years 'start over' or re-grow in some ways?

I can't think of one that I don't.

alternate ways of making bat mitzvah, for my younger daughter, 13, a Hebrew school drop-out but also a true believer and a creative person

I need to get back into the church. Its role in my life and in all that I do is pivotal, however I have strayed. The community of believers that I am a part of is something beyond me now, and I have not really made it a point to get involved. It is something that is pressing on me, because I know that my spiritual needs have not been met, even as I tell myself that things are alright, but could definitely be better.

Want to learn more about microfinance (Muhammad Yunus et al) and how I could become more involved on a career level.

Connections between healthcare/medicine and education and communities/diversity/poverty. 2010 will hopefully bring a transition from my career as a teacher to one in medicine, and I hope to be able to bring in my education background and allow it to benefit my studies in medicine.

I would like to further understand my religion but my heavy travel schedule keeps me from investing in myself

I would like to experience judaism more than I have been.


Jewish atheism. I would like to decide for myself how, as an atheist, to maintain a connection to Judaism... or at least explore what my Jewish heritage means to me and decide whether it's Judaism I want a connection to, or simply some type of spirituality and ritual to enrich daily life. And once I've gotten to the bottom of that, I'd like to find a community to be a part of that fills that need.

I want to figure out how to live my life in these early years of semi-retirement so I can contribute to the world and protect, thinking about the future, my relationships with those I love.


There are many, I guess I should choose. Protecting the Earth, New Age Spirituality, a government funded day care project.

My curiousity remains boundless.

How do we decide when we have enough?

I would like to find a way to use my work in spirituality to help people, grow as a person, and pay the bills too.

In Music: Stiff records, Arthur Russell In the World: MicroLending

I want to learn more about the world around me. I want to understand all of the politics overseas.

I just signed up for Big Brothers Big Sisters program so i am curious to see how my relationship with the child that i am paired up with grows.

Screenwriting and maybe other things that can "make my mark" and make me rich and famous.

My community, forms of oppression and how I can think about them and do creative projects with and around them in an uplifting, hopeful and humorous way.

Teaching. I want to investigate whether or not I will be an able teacher... one who can reach out to a varied group of interested writers and inspire them, or at the very least motivate them to do their best work.

I want to learn how I can help other women and girls, how I can become involved in non-profits that do this work and make a meaningful difference in at least a few lives.

injustice against women on an international scope.

I would definitely like to understand the paradox between words and deeds, especially within the government.

I want to understand economics more - I've taken some basic classes and read here and there, but I really want to deepen my knowledge to the point where I can do meaningful analysis (not statistical of course, but thoughtful). I don't think I can make real contributions to the policy realm without this, and I also find it terribly interesting, so I want to take the time professionally and personally to deepen my understanding of these issues.

I want to be greener, and not just fake it.

I want to investigate my own direction, what I'm committed to, what makes me happiest, what I can do to further that happiness. That feels so self-centered, but it's really trying to figure out what exactly I can contribute to this world that will make me happiness. I'm sure I won't get there in one year, but I know that one year makes such a huge difference that I better just keep trying.

I need to investigate how to clear up my debt and start getting ahead financially, rather than living on the edge for the rest of my life.

I want to learn the basics of the Books of the Prophets. And go into depth in at least one of them.

Yes I want to learn more about attachment in adults & all that it entails.

I'd like to keep learning the BEAM robotics stuff I've been getting into. That is a fun thing.

I want to continue to pursue expansive thinking and approach to concepts. I recently heard of Brian Eno's "Oblique Strategies" and I find it a fascinating technique that I really want to try out. I think at the root, this will help me investigate/explore an infinite number of other things. The fact that I will be trying (perhaps trying is trying too hard) to think outside the box will process me forward to more exploration on its own.

I want to focus more on the work-life balance, how to make better use of my time at work and at home, while also being good to myself. If I'm to become a parent in the near future, I've got to start practicing this more now.

I want to make my wife more happy during the next year. I want to learn more about getting things done, especially financial issues. I want to improve my knowledge - of languages for instance -, and use my talents - like writing - more seriously as they are given to me and I have to respect this fact.

Over the next year I would like to get a better sense of what research areas in economics I would like to pursue. While I have general ideas I have yet to pinpoint a specific literature that I can envision myself working on for an extended amount of time. I think reaching a conclusion (whether positive or negative) would go a long way in determining what I would like to do in the future.

My concept of God--who or what is God to me and how can I better open up my access to God through prayer. I would like to deepen and make more conscious my relationship with God.

I'd like to make a list of charities I should be giving my time and or money to. They keep piling up and I end up doing nothing.

The word "investigate" leads me to think it's something I have to discover or uncover. So, I guess I would like to investigate the field of philanthropy and try to uncover new ways to raise money, and teach people to invest in their communities and world.

My wife: I would like to continue our recent dialog about our lives together and our aspirations for our middle age.

If health care reform with a strong public option is not passed, I would like to see the dialogue continue until Congress has passed legislation. It is essential for this democratic republic to consider health legislation and pass it. Getting the insurance co out of the mix. i don't understand my fellow americans.

The division of politically-aware America into 2 seemingly inseparable camps - idiot conservatives and liberal elitists. It has got to be more than that.

My boyfriend. I think i'm beginning to fall out of love with him... which is something i dont want to do. i need to take a step back and examine why i fell in love with him in the first place. i need to decide if i want to fix it or just.... let go.

I'd like to spend more time with Lissette and help her to prepare for school.

None come to mind

Myself: • who I truly am: alone, in partnership, in community, and especially after the passing of my mother • what I want to do next in this life...WANT to do, not feel like I need to do--in the grand scheme of things and also in every day life • why I find it so hard to be compassionate or generous to myself sometimes and how I can make that different--why what others see as good about me and what I see as good about me are so divergent sometimes • how I can live a comfortable peaceful adventurous loving passionate creative honest life

Homeschooling my kids through highschool. High School is coming quickly and I want to be ready. I don't want to put them back into the public school system.

Emotional eating. I want to understand more fully my relationship with food and weight.

I'd like to know more about the best schools for non-profit MBAs and to understand what steps I need to take to achieve my long term goal of becoming an Executive Director.

I want to better understand human kind and it's existence

my new family i want to uncover our dreams and invest and envision and make them happen (both practically and beyond)


person: myself cause: health care reform idea: something clever and practical

i would like to more fully investigate the idea of living my life to the fullest in the areas of work and love. i feel that in both i have held myself back in ways and for reasons that are so deep-seated and elusive they are difficult to identify and address. so maybe more fully investigate them, or maybe just more fully live, and don't worry about the investigation.

i'd like to investigate a better way to meet a quality guy.. and also i want to investigate my artistic side more thoroughly.. turning pretty pictures into meaningful ones..

I would love to investigate AIDS charities around me. I keep waiting to start something of my own, but I think i need to simply help who i can while I can. I also want to vigorously research the type of business I want to start and have it up and running successfully by this time next year.

I want to investigate myself more fully in 2010! I will probably return to work after a 5 year hiatus taking care of children. In doing so I'll need to rediscover my working self.

I want to read Stella Resnick and figure out how to relax and enjoy life instead of feeling so much stress and anxiety.

Well other than myself there are a few things: Group fitness - I am mostly a workout alone person, but I just read there are great benefits to working out with other people. In that same vein, I'd like to expand my circle of friends - most of them are geographically challenging at this point and I want more people to hang out with locally. I want to learn about money - saving, investing, interest rates, dividends and all that crazy jargon that I have no clue about. And of course, it would be a big fat lie if I didn't say I wanted to explore things with the potential bashert and see what that's all about.

I want to investigate myself more in 2010. I saw some glimpses of myself this year as a person that i never knew about, and i want to keep that steam going through 2010. I want to see where my limits are if they even exist, and i want to push them as much as i can.

I'd like to read newspapers more. I do now, but it's an after-thought, and I usually skim the headlines and move on. I want to be more knowledgeable about current events. I'd also like to be more active. I exercise daily, but it's mostly for personal superficial reasons (though some are health-based). I want to channel my need to challenge myself physically and train for some 5k races. Then, maybe I can combine my exercise habits with my desire to (but eliminate my inaction with) tzedakah work!

I would like to become better informed in political matters. As to whether or not I'll decide to become actively involved is yet to be determined.

Lots! Once again, to choose one specific area of investigation it would be transcendence of the ego.

I would like to find something meaningful to volunteer for. Something that I enjoy and could meet like minded people at as well. I also want to read more and watch less TV, these past six months have been sort of hard on me adn I have found that watching a movie or just TV sort of dulled things but not in the right way. To that end I want to start a book club where we read one new book and one classic, just once a month.

I definitely would like to get my finances in order and "investigate" different investment possibilities and retirement plans so I can start planning for my future NOW. It will be tough with rent, bills, and loan repayments but I think I can do it.

Becoming a green consultant; & the little city in Kentucky that did it-went all green.

I want to further investigate my divine creative intelligence. I want to let my creativity guide me in ways of growing, learning and being.

I would like to investigate me more fully in 2010. I would like to refocus on healing and becoming more fully alive. This means addressing things like my eating and training and depression more fully.

I want to be a stronger supporter of women's rights, and I want to sponsor a child.

Hmmmm... something I want to investigate more fully? I guess I'm still working on the financial thing. I've got a decent amount saved up now and I'm just hoping to have a couple grand ready when I need it (for a house or wedding, I guess is the big goal here) and I might need to look into ways to make that pile grow bigger. I guess the career thing is big for me to work on, too. I need to get a jump start if I don't want to be left behind. In short, I want to work on me (getting better within myself concerning my attitude and personality), me (as in my career and climbing that ladder) and my relationships (I'm really just hoping that J.R. will be the reason I spend that money I've been saving.)

At this point, no - I have enough on my plate and a lot of dejunking to do before I can start in on something else.

My spiritual beliefs/faith. I know what I am capable of...I just need to let go of the reins. I need to start that now (today is 9.30.09).

I want to embrace being an artist and feel solid in that. I want to share and sell my art and figure out more ways to feel comfortable with that part of myself.

I'd like to see how this health policy debate unfolds. I'd like to be a part of it, actually.

I want to learn more about the issues here in my own hometown. I've lived here for 20 years and in many ways I know little about this place. When I become more knowledgeable I'd like to act on my beliefs of what this town should be about.

I want to explore more of myself, my strength and weakness, what i can do with it and weather the work I accomplish is going to be perfect...

Yes. I intend to continue attending services at Congregation Bet Haverim. At this point, I've attended a memorial service, Rosh Hashanah, and Kol Nidrei. I'm looking forward to starting to attend Shabbat services.

I want to maybe find some mentoring program in music so that I can pass along all the lessons I've learned playing music that aren't to be found on the staff on the page.

I would like to learn more about web, web design, web 2.0, css and other things related to web.

Yes, I want to learn about entrepreneurship and financial independence. I would love to klearn how to sew.

I want to learn ten new things about every member of my family that is within reach, including my wife, my parents, aunts, uncles and cousins. My curiosity tends to go towards abstract matters or media, things and ideas rather than people. I want to change that this year, and know my loved ones better.

I would like to find a cause that I can donate my time or services to. There are many causes in which I feel passioante about but none in which I do anything for.

My wife. I think there is so much more to learn from her. We each each-other things everyday, and im looking for ward to waht i can learn from her in the future.

I want to pursue my curiosity for birds, and I would love to be able to draw them.

I want to learn how to draw better and the techniques behind certain types of art.

I hope to become more involved in environmental causes this year. There is a real need for us to protect our planet by reducing greenhouse gases and by protecting our wild places from further damaging development which will harm the land and the plants and animals that need those habitats to survive. Beyond just donating $, I'd like to become involved with some specific campaigns to raise $ and awareness.

I'm still looking for the answer to "If I only have 10 years left to live, what do I want to do with my life?"

Decideing on furthering my education whether it be in health or business

Yes! I would like to get more educated as to what is happening on our coasts and islands (and by "ours" I mean everyone's) because of sea-rise and climate change. I would love to find a way to highlight the changes that would benefit the people most affected.

Non-toxic swimming pool sanitation

I'd like to become more involved in Judaism, and particularly a congregation. I think I could be a real asset to a community, but I just have to figure out which community to be involved in.

Just determine where I want my life to go. Am I content and good where I am or do I need to make some changes. Do I want to move to a bigger city, continue more education or fall in love with someone I would never have imagined I could be with but who I feel very happy and content with right now.

I want to continue to explore what being Jewish is for me and my secular, interfaith, boho family. I want especially to look at my internalized anti-semitism and explore how that's shaped the way i feel about myself and my Jewishness.

I would like to become more involved in my church's service trips. They are fantastic, but I feel that I am not taking advantage of their full potential.

I want to read about Gandhi. And I want to get involved in something that can become a life-long concern. I need to explore some possibilities, but gay rights, gun control, and kids' education seem like areas that might be ones that would hold my interest and enable me to make a meaningful contribution.

Me. I am my cause this year. I need to take a full year to make myself the focus. This isn't easy but I know I can do it. It is all part of this path to make this the best life I can.

Feminism. I am a man who believes women should be in charge and I'm trying to be a feminist.

I want to more fully investigate Marisol and how I can interact with her. And if we reach a place where we don't work out, I want to continue to investigate the parts of myself which contributed to it not working. So, I guess it can be said that I am investigating intimacy.

Community and youth development and public health agencies. I think I'd like to go back to school in 2011, and would like to get involved (or work for) organizations that will give me more experience to do so.

I want to investigate the possibility of starting a business - the ins and outs of what it takes, and things that need to be considered. It's an exciting prospect, even if it doesn't materialise.

Yes, I'd like to know more about my husbands career. I have taken a backseat approach so far, and I feel that I need to be more involved.

I want to investigate different majors and career possibilities. I want to choose a major and be happy with it. It's difficult now not being able to plan my courses based on a major. It's really important to me that I find a focus for my learning.

I want to investigate the possibilities of having my own business or sharing one with someone/others in 2010.

I want to investigate career opportunities. I don't want to imagine I'll be doing the same job for the rest of my life. I'm 32 already, and the longer I wait to do something like take classes, get a Masters, get certified, volunteer, apply to grad school, etc, the longer I stagnate in the same job without learning more, the harder it will be for me to change and adapt to the future, whatever it holds. Also I'd like to investigate the NYC Jewish community. I'd like to get more involved and make connections and friends with people like me.

Judaism and Hebrew. I want to learn some conversation hebrew and do some more formal jewish learning.

id like to investigate the cause of humanity and volunteerism.The idea of compassion as an ideal with becoming self decptive or losing oneself in others.To be charitable and to be as one in as much a way as possible

I want to learn more about the food coop in elkins park

my urban solar farm idea...it will work, if i give it a chance...

So many things--how to choose just one, because realistically, I can't do everything. I've been involved with a group that is trying to rebuild southern Sudan. I believe in the need, the people who are spearheading it (some men who were part of the Lost Boys), but really, what will I be able to learn, or do? Trying not to get overwhelmed by the enormousness and the enormity of it.

I want to learn reiki, and would also like to investigate how to become more financially sound for the future.

I would like to investigate new ideas for fundraising for the fund we established in memory of our son. We do the lemonade stands and we have done some interesting parties and such. But I want to find new ideas to raise money to stop the disease that took Max from us.

Politics. I'm not sure I could bring myself to run for borough council, but I feel I should be more active.

Try to find a Jewish communal space where I don't feel total alienation and/or self-hatred. This will be very difficult, but I feel like the isolation I am experience in my experience of my own Jewish-ness is becoming a serious place of loss and negativity.

I think I'd like to look into the Catholic faith again. I don't necessarily believe in some Catholic practices and dogmas. But, having grown up Catholic and being away from it for almost 20 years, I'd like to reexamine what I had rejected and see if it makes more sense now.

I would like to make Shabbat a more important part of my life, and observe it in the home more often.

Over the next year I hope to have my masters thesis published.

I want to come up with the money to travel so that I can see and experience more of the world.

i'm a little curious about kabbalah -- inbar just gave me a book about it, which i hope i find the time to read.

I think about advocating for children. I still have such vivid memories of being a child and adolescent and remember what it was like when an adult just took an interest in me, in a non-explotative way. It realy helped my self-esteem.

I'd really like to become a more active member of the Jewish community. This means making more Jewish friends and doing more Jewish things both traditional and religious.

How can I become more financially secure?

I would like to invest my time in practicing Judiasm on a more regular basis. And investigate the Torah on a deeper level.

mural arts society in Philadelphia

I would like to investigate leaving my career of librarianship. I have been a librarian since 1977, with a sabbatical and a couple of maternity leaves in all that time. I want to begin an investigation of shifting into doing life coaching and writing and storytelling.

why my best friend suddenly started to bully me

I want to learn more in my professional area, including being an effective leader. On a personal level, I want to learn more music so I can be a better singer.

Good question. I'll choose one.

I am invested in helping to great meaningful, well-received leadership development tools (training programs, support materials, etc.) for congregational leaders.

I'd like to learn to understand and have more patience for my middle son, Simon.

I actually want to develop my view of the world to be more comprehensive and inclusive to the myriad of issues, causes, inspiring people and projects that exist. I want to discover what is out there now, what I think about it and what I want to pursue in the future. I don't know enough yet and I want to find out more before I commit to one thing. I need to see the world and follow my passions.

I'd like to look into being more civically involved at the local level - within my community. I'm not sure whether this means donating my resources ($) or time...but I'd like to investigate it. I'd also like to look into all of the JUNK that is being added to our foods and what this is doing to our bodies.

I want to look into joining the therapeutic riding association and getting involved and helping all people, regardless of their mental and physical abilities, to enjoy horses the way I do.

I have really just begun to not only accept the hand I've been dealt, with y husband's illness, caregiving, etc., but I am learning to value our time together rather than felling imprisoned by it. This needs to continue.

My mastery of languages. Any error in behavior which delys me from realizing my goals and dreams.

I want to learn as much about Judaism as I can, I want to settle more fully into my faith.

The people of Chiquiza, Colombia's smallest town.

Not really. I feel like I'm just coming back from a great exploration. Now the challenge is personal development and action, making myself capable of making use of the things I investigated and applying them to a good purpose.

I want to recognize birthdays and holidays on a regular basis. I love the idea of sending cards, maybe even little gifts. I just can't seem to stay on top of it.

I would love to spend some time studying Talmud and Midrash. I don't know if I'll have the time, but that would be wonderful.

I would like to get more involved in the Gay Rights and Marriage Equality movements. I attended a rally or two this year, and I felt inspired in a way that I think you only find when getting involved in something bigger than yourself.

Just need to read more. More of the classics. More books on faith. More that will make me better at my job.

myself. animals. myself

Besides generally saving the world? I can think of three slightly more specific things. I want to complete my volunteer training at 826LA so that I can actually get in there and work with the kids. Heck, maybe I can even be some kid's connection that changes her life. I want to work on making sure that everyone has access to good, affordable health care, especially those of us who currently make too much to take advantage of subsidized programs but struggle to afford insurance premiums. I want to get more involved in the campaign for marriage equality. If you're lucky enough to find someone you want to make a commitment to, you shouldn't be barred from making that contract. The people with such narrow definitions of religion that they can't wrap their mind around same-sex marriage need to learn how to live with the notion that it's a valid institution, just as their grandparents had to wrap their mind around interracial marriage. I think my support for marriage equality is greatly informed by my being a single Jewish woman. So it's kind of contradictory on the surface, but here's how I figure it: When and if I find someone to marry, I'd hope that age and religion wouldn't present legal barriers. Why should gender?

how to create more inner peace...

gosh I want to get closer to Vonda. I want to be her life partner. I want her in my life. I want to know more about her. I want to her in my life to tell me everything and I tell her everything

I want to read "Your Money or Your Life" and explore financial security, since my own personal finances feel precarious even as I'm considering taking a big leap by having a child. I'd also like to read "Blink" since I hear it's about making decisions more quickly. And I want to explore mindfulness.

I want to explore ways to engage more people in Jewish prayer services, either through adult education, learner's services, or tutoring.

Starting my own business.

My father. Darfur. Israel. Sustainable energy (car, home, etc.)

I want to have the pleasure, the blessing, and the privilege of experiencing myself in relationship to someone I deeply love...a true life partner.


My Mum

Writing. I want to get serious about writing. For fun, for profit, for anything. I want to finish something I can share with my friends and family.

I want to investigate the idea of Israel - as a nation, its people, its language, its culture. This is a passion of mine and I cannot move on in life until I have given it one more go - I was there in 2006 for 3 months and were it not for a job I had lined up in Melbourne in 2007, I would never have left. I went back in 2008 for two weeks, but that was just a tease. I want to go back and really understand the country and its relationship to the rest of the world.

The philosophical method of inquiry of Wittgenstein, Husserl, Heidegger, and Dilthey and its application to critical/creative thinking.

I want to pursue my purpose & find out exactly what it is I am sent here to do. I am an instrument of GOD Almighty & ask that he show me my way! Whether that be going back to college, joining the ministry, beating the rat-race by being a better thinker or stay stuck in the rat-race working hard for the rest of my life to be owned by the government. I know I can overcome if I just put my mind to it. PERSEVERANCE IS KEY!

yes, a hospice. Something local (there are plenty), maybe the Jewish hospice. I was so impressed with the people and feeling of safety, comfort and support at the hospice in Pittsburgh when my Dad died. I'd like to give back and help people in need of Hospice care and services here Metro Detroit. It might be with their business operations/effectiveness ( I had a terrible experience with the intake process of a hospice we did not use), or maybe in some para-chaplaincy role.... or maybe both. I actually made a phone call just yesterday to a friend who is involved and could give me some guidance and an introduction.

Yes, myself. I would like to become more introspective.

I want to do more professional reading on the ideas of self-control, habits of mind and executive function. I want to see how I can integrate these concepts into the fabric of my teaching.

Follow Overeaters Anonymous program strictly. As they say, when all else fails follow the instructions.

I would like to look more into the people I have in my life. In friendships, relationships, and in myself. I'd like to learn to not ignore my problems and actually deal with them.

I want to become more active in charity work - combining it with my career in some way. I would also like to investigate the world more and travel.

Yes, my love for my wife, already deep and profound. I must never take that for granted.

I would love to learn about Buddhism, because I think the concepts are very interesting, and I would like to incorporate some of them into my lifestyle.