Is there something (a person, a cause, an idea) that you want to investigate more fully in 2013?

I'd like to investigate myself further. Sometimes I feel like I really don't know myself. I sometimes make a few leaps forward, and I definitely think that as a person, one is constantly evolving, but I'd like to catch up. I also want to investigate beekeeping, rock climbing, and Asian cuisine. 

Judaism. I want to know if conversion is something I should pursue, or maybe even to be on track to convert.

I want to investigate and learn how to work with amputees and educate people on how to more accepting of themselves and find their lost parts. I also want to investigate how to start a responsible business and get busy!

Running as an experience and a lifestyle. Always wanted to do it and now's the time.

The science behind music; philosophy; politics, government and legality; economics; ancient history; Tarantino, Nolan and Scorsese...

I would like to find someone and go on a date or be in a relationship. Even though I'm 25 I have yet to go on a date. I will find the courage to ask someone out. I would like to investigate my love life or lack there of.

I'd like to do some research into a cause that we can support as a family. I would like us to support 1 or 2 causes fully, rather than the seemingly apathetic check writing that we haphazardly do each year. I think this would also be a great role model for my sons.

In 2013 I want to invest more fully in myself. I seem to always be giving my time to organizations and other people which results in myself becoming the least nurtured entity. If I really want to thrive in this life I will have to elevate my own position on my list of priorities. 

Now that my parents are no longer together, I really need to sit down with my father and learn about his side of the family because he is not going to be here forever and these are things that I really ought to know.

I want to study different childbirth and child-rearing tactics so that I can be ready to make informed decisions when that time comes.

Gay marriage. I feel more aware of and angered by the civil rights issue of marriage equality this year.