Describe one thing you'd like to achieve by this time next year? Why is this important to you?

I'd like to start working of my project of moving abroad before Italy becomes a dictatorship.

I would like to be as close as possible to loving myself as I can. I know now that I can't love anyone till I love myself and being lonely for the rest of my life scares me.

I would really love to learn how to sew. I want to do it full time eventually but I've never picked up a sewing machine and actually start doing it.

Would like to be able to achieve my ideal weight finally, after making all these new year resolutions.

I will like to achieved an IT certification of any sort. Maybe two. This is important because it's only holding me back by not doing it.

I would like to achieve independence from my associate and a better more trusting working relationship. it is important for my business and personal growth.

Have my nights free during the week. Quality of life with my wife.

i'd like to get my own place. i've been leaning on my family too much, and i need to get out on my own again before i just cant. i want to visit england, visit steven. i want to meet drew. i want to learn french. i want to continue my personal art education, even if i'm not enrolled in an offical program. i'd like to take up sketching again.

I hope I have a job! More than I job, I want to feel a sense of comfort and accomplishment in what I am doing. I am nervous about making the wrong decision all the time. I want to be settled and begin to make my life. It is important to me to find something that I am happy doing and to build a community for myself. I realize that it's not necessarily where I am but who I am with and what I am doing. This is so important to my life because even though I have worked full time, I have never held a real job. I need to support myself and know that I can do this world all on my own.

By this time next year, I would have really liked to have given writing a tv show or a movie my best shot. It's important to me because I would really like to do it, and for whatever reason, my anxiety, my fear, and my insecurities are holding me back. And honestly, that is just not acceptable.

Job satisfaction. It has eluded me for most of my life and that has begun to take its toll on all aspects of my life - mental, physical and emotional health- so I would like more balance. I will accept less cash.

i'd like to have a meditation practise worthy of calling a meditation practise, have all my money issues sorted out and and have a banging yoga practise and b eteaching yoga without fear.

I would like to have better sketching skills, because they are a crucial part of my industry and I dont feel like my skills are adequate yet.

I'd like to have a loving, sincere, serene relationship with ... a person ;-)) and anyway, be less anxious about love.

I'd like to be pain-free with no more ailments by this time next year. It's important to me because I'm becoming a pain-in-the-ass to my wife and everyone around me. My hips,hearing and intestinal problems are taking up a lot of my time and I'm sick of it. Next year in healthy.

well, i really need a car. and a job. it's important because i need both of these to get to go to college, oh, i also want to be in college.

I would like to be married by same time next year. I want to start a family. I know I was born to be a mother and always envied large rowdy families

NEW JOB. for sanity. Wedding, Honeymoon. For fun. I'd also like to maintain my current fitness level.

I would like to liquidate one of my rental bearing property to enhance and strenghten the stability of my financial plan and to ensure I have sustainable cashflow in anticipation of my family's growth needs.

definitely to get out of the restaurant businrss and have a bit more financial security

I want to write a novel. I say I will every year but I don't and I need to. I'd like to be engaged, that's not really an achievement, but I Love him. I will be graduated. Because 40k a year is too much to waste!

I dream to find someone to share my life with. It's important because I feel that this will be part of being truly happy. I also fear that I may be destined to be alone, live alone and cope with loneliness for a long time and, very occassionally, see in others the fleeting happinnes that I dream about.

I would like to have become able to fully and successfully support myself on being a singer-songwriter whose recordings and performance are widely disseminated and admired.

Develop a more meaningful relationship with my family...specifically my brother. I havent done enough to do this yet and have treated them poorly. Its at the top of my list, but I need to do things to make it happen Join the IDF successfully. I need to achieve this.

I would like to become a more interesting person. I would like to be able to be alone and be happy. To develop hobbies and my own things to do. I would like to make new friends and get closer to the friends I already have. Doing these things will help raise my self esteem and make me a more well-rounded person so when the next relationship comes around I do not pour my whole self into it, and keep my own identity.

I would love to learn how to play guitar well by this time next year. My dad has played guitar for his entire life and I've always loved hearing him play. He's stopped now, but I want to be able to create music like he did.

By this time next year, I'd like to have finished my thesis. I'd like to pull out the list of goals I made for myself while trying to save my marriage and implement them for myself, focusing only on myself. I'd like to find a way to balance work life and home life. I'd like to be able to laugh again.

...where to begin? would like to be completely settled into the house...im sure we will be though. would like to get to know our neighbors...which makes me actually really think about how happy i am that we have such a solid group of friends and i think not so much an achievement, but continuing to build on that community. so lets see an actual achievement...my practice...would like to have completed the orthopedic assessment course, or something along those lines. would like to have successfully stopped the panhandling ordinance in downtown northampton, would like to have successfully mastered the art of throwing plates (pottery!) hmmm what else...and have acheived the art of complete relaxation while being busy! ha!

By this time next year, I hope to be emotionally stable about relationships. I am in the midst of such turmoil being the victim of rejection and betrayal that I cannot bring myself to stop loving this girl. Some days are better than others, but I cannot release myself from the clutch she has me in. But even so, it is not her that holds me. She has moved on. She cares not. I've been holding myself captive with my memories of her and my feelings of hope. And I hope that at this point next year, if not sooner, that whatever the result is, that I will not be this. I hope that I will have become stronger, more independently potent, and happy with who I am with or not with. Whether it means I'm with her again, that I've found somebody else, or that I've finally become satisfied alone, I just want to achieve getting this iron memory off my back.

By this time next year, I would like to have gotten over the guy I love. I should realize that it's never going to work out. This is important to me because I see how it's destroying my life. Almost every second of my life, that bastard is on my mind. It would be nice if that changed.