Describe one thing you'd like to achieve by this time next year? Why is this important to you?

Have a boyfriend. So my mom leaves me alone.

I have a major project I've been putting off finishing because it has never felt relevant to me, and because I am unsure how to make it work. It's been the greatest burden in my life for many years. I hope somehow to make it work and have it done, even if it's not perfect, and free myself from it. Meanwhile, I have a new major project very close to my heart which I've put off launching both because of the old project and out of fear. I care so much about it, and have so much invested in it, that I am terrified of what it will mean in my life if it fails, or if I fail. By this time last year, I hope to be able to say that the old project is done and the new is nearing fruition.

father to be healthy and to be present in english family life.

Job satisfaction. It has eluded me for most of my life and that has begun to take its toll on all aspects of my life - mental, physical and emotional health- so I would like more balance. I will accept less cash.

I'd like to have made a huge dent in the novel I started this past summer. For so long I've been threatening to write fiction and have been wimping out year after year. Now that I'm in the process of doing it, I feel it's something that's in my capacity to do, and even do well. I also have a habit of starting things and not finishing them, so it would be a coup to actually complete this project. I also want to feel like I'm creating art again. Design has begun to reveal itself as a practice that produce diminishing returns in terms of actual art making (at least for me).

i need to be done with my dissertation. i would like to be starting a new, tenure track job.

Complete my application for the United Nations or similar international, humanitarian or aid organization. This is important to me because I care and want to improve the lives of other people in some way. While my training didn't end up being in social work or health care, I did take it to the highest level and I have developed skills that make checking the facts, analyzing information, and spreading the word to different types of people (academics, students, everyday people) that allow me to excel in this aspect of any organization. But dedicating my life as well as my head to something is essential, in my opinion, for me to better meet my highest potential as a person.

...where to begin? would like to be completely settled into the house...im sure we will be though. would like to get to know our neighbors...which makes me actually really think about how happy i am that we have such a solid group of friends and i think not so much an achievement, but continuing to build on that community. so lets see an actual achievement...my practice...would like to have completed the orthopedic assessment course, or something along those lines. would like to have successfully stopped the panhandling ordinance in downtown northampton, would like to have successfully mastered the art of throwing plates (pottery!) hmmm what else...and have acheived the art of complete relaxation while being busy! ha!

I would like to be working outside of the home and feeling at peace with that decision.

Have my nights free during the week. Quality of life with my wife.

I want to have successfully sold my property, re-located and be following my plan for new work and living in a new place. This is important because I must establish my future work and home environments and I want to be living happily and joyfully according to my plans and not just surviving.

I would like to change my eating and exercising habits so I am (and feel) healthier. I want to travel, to visit friends and family. I want to be writing more and (maybe) submitting some of my work.

I dream to find someone to share my life with. It's important because I feel that this will be part of being truly happy. I also fear that I may be destined to be alone, live alone and cope with loneliness for a long time and, very occassionally, see in others the fleeting happinnes that I dream about.

i'd like to have a meditation practise worthy of calling a meditation practise, have all my money issues sorted out and and have a banging yoga practise and b eteaching yoga without fear.

I would like to be more well developed in my career, and to have a significant relationship. Putting things in the right direction. I also want to be on a plane again. :)

Have a new kitchen. Our kitchen is half demolished now and I can not stand it, I grind my teeth every time i look at it.

There are quite a few things, but most of them all fall under the "expand my job opportunities" umbrella. I'd like to get that Texas Monthly internship that I interviewed for, and land a really stellar internship at either a magazine or an ad agency this summer. These are the type of things I would love to be breaking a sweat towards. Just as important, I must expand my photography skills. Photography has captured my heart, so I have to do everything I can to be the best I can be at it. I really am nervous about not getting rehired for the Daily Texan so I need to do everything I can this year to prove that I'm worth a damn. I'd also like to have made more lasting friendships in college. Key word being lasting. I'm getting a little down since I seem to have quite a few shallow, "heylet'shangoutmaybe?" friends, but no one I can really count on.

I'd like to have a basic fluency in Spanish. Being biligual would be a fairly simple thing to learn and would make traveling easier and more fun and it would make me proud to have accomplished it.

I want to be living in New York city. Even with the this American shitstorm happening, New York is and will remain the city of my dreams. New Yorkers live loudly and unapologetically and they consume culture at a terrifying pace. My success awaits me there.

I want to start my career. Enough of this temp stuff.

By this time next year, I'd like to have finished my thesis. I'd like to pull out the list of goals I made for myself while trying to save my marriage and implement them for myself, focusing only on myself. I'd like to find a way to balance work life and home life. I'd like to be able to laugh again.

I would like to be living out west. I've tried multiple times and have yet to make it out there, I think I'll be in a position to make it happen. I'm much more in tune with the whole west coast vibe than the midwest, even though I grew up here, and I don't want to spend my whole life in the same place.

I would like to be creatively confident. I would like to have won an award. It is important to know that I can support Carl and myself financially.

I would like to make A's in all of my science classes. Since my major is biology and I want to go into the medical field, I think it is extremely important to make excellent grades in science classes. I think that if I keep making B's in science, that is a sign that I'm in the wrong major. I also hope I can be caught up with my biology classes! I definitely don't want to go to college for more than 4 years. Plus, it will be epensive to take just a few classes for one last semester.

I'd like to be pain-free with no more ailments by this time next year. It's important to me because I'm becoming a pain-in-the-ass to my wife and everyone around me. My hips,hearing and intestinal problems are taking up a lot of my time and I'm sick of it. Next year in healthy.

I'd like to be working full time at a Design firm, i don't mind not making big pay at first, but i would like to make an impact in the running of my first year. I want the world to see that i am good at something, all my life i've felt like i haven't been good or the best at something and I'm not trying to become the best, i just want to have an impact the way my heroes have impacted me. I want to have my little man around me all the time, seeing him this last weekend made me so happy, but everytime he leaves, it leaves me empty inside.

a greater love for God it will teach me to love others

I would like to become a more interesting person. I would like to be able to be alone and be happy. To develop hobbies and my own things to do. I would like to make new friends and get closer to the friends I already have. Doing these things will help raise my self esteem and make me a more well-rounded person so when the next relationship comes around I do not pour my whole self into it, and keep my own identity.

By next year I would like to have a handle of my finances, and not live pay check to pay check. I will have learned how to conserve my income, and save up for grad school, so I won't have to take out a loan.

At this time next year, I'd like to be pregnant with my first child. I can't wait to be a parent - I just know that it's time, that I'm ready and so excited.

I'd like Matt and I to have made a more concrete decision about whether we're staying in Los Angeles or moving back to NYC - whether it's immediately or we decide we'll move in a few years. I just want us to commit to one or the other so that we can feel settled in and not continue questioning if we're staying. So we can live a settled life rather than having one foot in and one foot out. I'd also like to have a job where I can be a great mom and feel fulfilled. It may be this job - it just has to be flexible enough that I can spend enough time at home with my child and not feel trapped at the office.

I would like to be back out on my own again, renting and being able to properly support myself and Chloe. I want my independance back, and it would go a long way in recovering my very beaten up self confidence and ego.

I'd like to have a loving, sincere, serene relationship with ... a person ;-)) and anyway, be less anxious about love.

I'd like to believe he and I will be in love and love each other. I'd like to have made something important to me over the summer and/or to have flown.

I want to be a good mother. I want to be in shape. I have to be good so that Dante won't grow up like I did.

I want to have a graduation date to mark on my calendar. I want to be out of credit card debt. I want to solidify my relationship with Michael.

By this time next year I would like to have successfully completed my 2nd year of graduate school and be headed excitedly in to my last and final thesis year!

Grad school!!! I need to move on with my life, keep going down the path to the eventual goal of being a professor and doing research, live somewhere new, find an academic community. It's important because it's the next step in my life - I'm not one for 5 and 10 year plans, but everything is pretty much planned out for you from birth to college graduation, and then it's your own life and decisions.

I'd like to have a plan for creating a home for myself where I feel rooted.

would like to have REALLY explored the city with no hesitations. Because, after all, thats why Im here, right?

Have a better idea of who I am. This is important to me, with out having a good idea of who I am I feel like I am forever standing in the shadow of those around me. always making myself out to fit with what others expect or what I think might make people pay more attention. Knowing who I am would also really help me with working out what and where I really want to do!

By this time next year, I hope to be emotionally stable about relationships. I am in the midst of such turmoil being the victim of rejection and betrayal that I cannot bring myself to stop loving this girl. Some days are better than others, but I cannot release myself from the clutch she has me in. But even so, it is not her that holds me. She has moved on. She cares not. I've been holding myself captive with my memories of her and my feelings of hope. And I hope that at this point next year, if not sooner, that whatever the result is, that I will not be this. I hope that I will have become stronger, more independently potent, and happy with who I am with or not with. Whether it means I'm with her again, that I've found somebody else, or that I've finally become satisfied alone, I just want to achieve getting this iron memory off my back.

well, i really need a car. and a job. it's important because i need both of these to get to go to college, oh, i also want to be in college.

Get into the college of my choice. For god sakes, it's important to me because it decides what happens to the rest of my life!

Hmm.....there are so many things quite important to me at this moment. Dancing, Job, Family and my Partner (My girl). Everything is equalized to personal life. One thing really, that's a tough question. Not quite sure what I can I really accomplish by the time next year, being a better BBoy Head spin, Flare, better footworks, one hand hops... there are so many tricks I want to achieve ? Or working in a better job. Can I have both ? Oh...I forgot, my girlfriend and I. I would love to have a one year anniversary. I think that's ok to achieve all these things in the same time. RIGHT ?

I would love to learn how to play guitar well by this time next year. My dad has played guitar for his entire life and I've always loved hearing him play. He's stopped now, but I want to be able to create music like he did.

I'd like to have my freelance art/design business thriving by this time next year, including top-of-mind recall and a loyal stream of individuals and companies asking for my work. This also assumes I've already gotten into Ang INK, have already set up an exhaustive portfolio, and have sent out identity/communication materials. I need to have this done by next year to secure a "name" for myself as early as now, and to attract bigger projects that will give me more financial security and satisfaction.

I will like to achieved an IT certification of any sort. Maybe two. This is important because it's only holding me back by not doing it.

I would like to be working towards finding a job that I know will be rewarding and pleasurable to me, something that I can succeed in but still find challenging. I also hope that my life's goals will have become clearer to me and will have not become obscured by the ever-present denials and obstacles that I place before me. I hope to continue to have rewarding friendships and to hopefully satisfy these people as much as they satisfy me. I hope to be a person of worth, gratitude, growth, and success.

I would like to have my new car...

I would like to be as close as possible to loving myself as I can. I know now that I can't love anyone till I love myself and being lonely for the rest of my life scares me.

Ideally I'll finally be working in a neuroscience lab, and be caught up with math. I'm almost finished with my philosophy courses, so I need to get busy making myself ready for post-grad work.

I would like to be more financially stable, as this would relieve some stress and open up more opportunities to me. I would like to be enrolled on a masters degree programme as I really want to further my education and feel that I have left it long enough already.

would like to have a rign on my finger from cj - to show that we are together and plan a future together.

I''d like to live finally with my partner kicking away all the troubles with my ex-wife.

"concluir, terminar ou completar com êxito. realizar, conseguir, alcançar, conquistar." Um livrinho. 12 Músicas. 11 poemas. 2 roteiros. 1 teatro com o W.

Get out of the mother role more because it is less needed now (time and resources and energy wise)

I would like to get a handle on my debt. I need to control my spending. Getting control of my money will make me feel more empowered and enable me to do things; have more freedom. I'd also love to make a decision about going back to school or not - what's my future going to be.

By this time next year, I would like to have gotten over the guy I love. I should realize that it's never going to work out. This is important to me because I see how it's destroying my life. Almost every second of my life, that bastard is on my mind. It would be nice if that changed.

I would like to have better sketching skills, because they are a crucial part of my industry and I dont feel like my skills are adequate yet.

I want to feel settled. I want to be unpacked and with Baby (or close to it).

I want to hopefully have gotten into a Grad school where I can practice Architecture the way i feel called to. If I don't have admission into a grad school by now, I would like to have a job that I love. I'd want to have my scuba license by now and swim with whale sharks in Belize. I would like to have visited Kevin, my godson in Nicaragua again. I'd love to fall in love I'd love to fall more in love with God and have a stronger relationship with him.

I would like to know where my life is headed. I'd like to be able to go travelling - Europe and the UK.

I would like to return to the motherland

a new job and be keeping fit

One thing is really important to me: learning Japanese. I'm going to improve my skills.

Blessed friends, an enjoyable job, a blessed income. To be in good company is one of the things in life that can make life go from good to great.

Love. Want to share my life with another. Enough with all the achievements.

Achieve, makes it sound so goal oriented, by the books, and sounds too much like the next question.

I'd like to be fully independent by next year. I hope to own my own place, no more renting because to me, it represents being a responsible adult who has achieved a moderate level of success, a person who makes wise financial and life decisions, investing in my own future. I like the idea of being a fully-baked well-rounded human being- a mensch.

I would really love to learn how to sew. I want to do it full time eventually but I've never picked up a sewing machine and actually start doing it.

By this time next year i would like to be more established in my careers and be working on more personal projects. Important because i love what i do and its really important to me to keep pushing it as far as i can. And Also want to have traveled somewhere. its been a while and I want travel to be something that is integrated in my life

NEW JOB. for sanity. Wedding, Honeymoon. For fun. I'd also like to maintain my current fitness level.

Would like to be able to achieve my ideal weight finally, after making all these new year resolutions

There's two. I'd like to own a house, and I'd like to be working for myself. At the moment, it looks like these two things are achievable.

I would like to experience something new. I would like to visit another foreign country. I would like to,g-d willing, be with child.

get a good job and get my driving license.

I wish to be in New York and have a decent job. I know it will happen because seeing my brother up there working hard makes me want it even more. He has a lot of qualities that I don't have and one of them is being a go-getter and persistent. He never loses sight of his goal and I admire that. In contrast, I can get off track and for some reason I always try to live in the moment.

A goal that I would like to have accomplished by this time next year would be to have my license and possibly some form of transport. I've gone 14 years (since being legal to drive) without a license. I never had the need for a license, where I lived had a decent bus system and I had many friends to hang out with who all seemed to be heading in the same direction I was. And even if I wasn't they would usually oblige with a ride. Now that I live in a different I'm finding the bus system too spread out and I'm without a good friend base here to hang with and/or ask for rides. I guess I've begun to feel the pinch of a car being a necessity. If I could go without it I would. But I feel I should take some of the driving burden from my girlfriend and be able to get around myself without having to succumb to the woefully dismal bus system here.

i would like to have graduated with my double major, and have chosen and be doing something of impact outside my own country.

I would like to be married by same time next year. I want to start a family. I know I was born to be a mother and always envied large rowdy families

I'd like to start working of my project of moving abroad before Italy becomes a dictatorship.

I would like to have a life plan and know what I want to do with my life. I want to be working towards a specific career. I also want to speak hebrew decently well.

Interviews for my qualitative dissertation in higher education. I am currently unsure whether I will receive IRB approval from the Bureau of Indian Affairs to conduct interviews with American Indian college students. So I hope this will happen. This is important because this would be the final step before I write the dissertation and defend nearly ten years of coursework and academic research (doing the doctorate part time is very challenging).

I would like to be settled in my life. Right now I am aloof. I was just bogged down in Melancholia, and It made me realize how much of my life can be affected by me. I crave change because I haven't found something I love yet.

I desire an enlightenment that is inclusive and works regarding my primary relationships. There is so much frustration and disappointment that sometimes I feel kidnapped into someone else's best life while mine goes unaddressed. This is not a state or feeling I want to entirely support. I also hope I have achieved my certification by this time next year and am actively working in some capacity, using the education. I hope my new life is settled and peaceful and I am proud and comfortable in it. Dare I say changing the physical density of my body by diet and exercise to achieve longer life.

I want to write a novel. I say I will every year but I don't and I need to. I'd like to be engaged, that's not really an achievement, but I Love him. I will be graduated. Because 40k a year is too much to waste!

definitely to get out of the restaurant businrss and have a bit more financial security

I'd like to achieve and maintain good health. Why? Because I want to be around for my family a long time.

I'd like to be in the process of publishing a book on my thesis. It needs to get out there, finally.

I'm working with the Board of my Temple, to make our environment more warm and welcoming. It's important because we want members to be more fulfilled and to gain new members as well.

I want to achieve job satisfaction. So much of who I am and how I view myself is wrapped up in how I feel about my work. I feel like I need to be a professional success in order to allow me to justify things outside work. What I really need to do is find a way to acheive my satisfaction outside my job, but I can't seem to figure out how to do this. When I am happy at work, I am more happy at home and with all the other facets of my life. Wish I knew how to reverse this. Allow my happy home life - which really is happy - to dictate how fulfilled I feel thru my work

The one thing i would like to achieve by this time next year is to decide which track of my major i want to be. I guess i am picking this goal because i know no matter what, i will achieve it, becuase i have to apply for major sequence before next year. It just is what i think about during most of my free time. I also want to add on there that by this time next year i will be content with my decision on my major choice. I always seem to get buyers remorse when i make BIG decisions in my life, so i hope that this choice will be different.

would like for husband to have a good, steady job so we can start saving money and looking towards the future.

I want to be graduated and have a SWEET design job! I want to be able to love going to work and create awesome stuff that people love and will compliment me on day after day. I want to create things that people will see and appreciate. I want to inspire those around me and be appreciated by everyone I work with. I would also like to have some GOOD habits put in place, like reading lots of books, taking lots of pictures, waking up everyday ready to conquer it, traveling, etc.

I want to have proposed my dissertation by this point next year. It is important so that I can graduate in five years and go to internship on time.

having it all!! being a great mom. being flexible fluid and disciplined to help my child feel loved safe and secure. to be an amazing listener as a mom, to breathe a lot, laugh a lot and not take it all too seriously. being active and successful in my career, serving the world with great art that helps make the world a better place, exploring topics that make people investigate themselves and helps me to grow as woman, mother and being. to balance being a mother, wife, actress, friend, daughter, sister and humanitarian with ease, grace and lots of giggles and joy. this is important to me because I believe this is what will best serve and to my part to heal the world and myself.

I would like to be a better daughter, a more helpful aunt, support my sisters and parents. I want to make not just friends, but build a community, in my new neighborhood. I want to be kinder to myself. I want to keep learning and growing--and being more honest with myself.

I would like to be enrolled in a masters in social work program and be done with massage therapy school. taking the steps of progress toward the career I seek is extremely important to me and my future. I have many plans, but this one will be the priority focus on what I want to do with my life. My education is vital to me, my knowledge a key of freedom and power. Getting that much closer to having the proper credentials to help others is a beautiful thing.

I would like to liquidate one of my rental bearing property to enhance and strenghten the stability of my financial plan and to ensure I have sustainable cashflow in anticipation of my family's growth needs.

by this time next year i would like to be in Israel. we decidied to make the move at the beginning of this year, 2007, and once the decision was made i just wanted it to happen, so i hope by this time next year we will be there. otherwise things are moving too slowly. i feel this is where my life is going - living in israel is soemhow a big part of my destiny.

I'd like to get my career rebooted. I've been stuck on a track I don't like. I need to get a change and a promotion. Even if the new job is not perfect, I'll gain leverage to make a reentry to my current agency with better conditions.

I would like my twin daughters to be both happily married. I believe it is my and my husband's obligation as their parents to help them find spouses who help them build families and actualize their potential as human beings and jews.

I want to have everything that's bugging me right now settled. I want to have a job that had long-term growth potential that I like. I want to like me co-workers. I want to have a solid group of friends. I want to have my "girls," wherever I am, that I do everything with. I want Jonathan and I to be happy and settled and on the same page. He "broke up" with me today. He's dealing with the "I don't want to be married" thing, even though we're not married. I want to leave but I don't want to lose him. It just hurts that he dragged me into relationship choices I wouldn't have made and now hes upset at where we are. I want that settled. I want my family settled and happy. In a year, my dad's severance would have run out. I hope he has a job that he loves and that supports him and mom and Emme and gives them more than they could dream of. I want... I don't know what I want. I hope that by next year I've figured out what I want.

I would like to have completed my book of the life and times of my father and shared it with my family and loved ones. This is the best I can share with them and help preserve his memory for the generations that didn't know him, and can't appreciate the times he lived in.

Complete my pilates instruction testing so that i can move forward with certification and legitimacy

I would like to have lost a great deal more weight by next year. It is important to me because of my health and the quality of my life.

I wish that every night in my bed, not having second thoughts about things that I haven't done during my day. That can use all the time that is available to me to discover people, culture and nature. Hope to have some good position and to be happy that what i'm doing for my self and for the other people wich i spend my time. That's important for me because i would like to make my family and my friend proud about me.. sorry for my english...i'm italian!

Chciałabym, żeby pomiędzy mną a Olkiem było tylko dobrze, żebym potrafiła mu ufać bez względu na wszystko.

I want to be happy.

I would like to lose a significnt amount of weight because I don't want to die before my time.

I would like to have our finances in order, less debt, and a feeling of more control over money in our family. It is important to me because this last year's large expenses for weddings has shown me how fragile our financial security is. We are getting closer to retirement, or to a change in our work and although we have savings the spending is too high. I would also like to move the children towards more financial independence, which they are doing, as I feel guilty for not teaching them to be financially independent.

I'd like to have gone back to start studying for my PhD, as I am passionate about physics, and it's been an ambition of mine for years. I've just finished my degree in physics, but I feel that I still have more to learn, and to carry on studying would allow me to learn more about a subject I love.

I would like to have enough money saved so that I can go on a trip with my daughter.See other places and do something that I have wanted to do for a long time together with my daughter as I anticipate it will be wonderful for both of us.

Just one...hmm...I'd like to beyond the debilitating heartache that consumed me these last two months. I hope it doesn't take a year. I want to dream about something else. I want to be consumed and inspired but by a future and not a memory.

Be fitter with better health Have more fun time with my family Do more art Read more Have more fun at work

Develop a more meaningful relationship with my family...specifically my brother. I havent done enough to do this yet and have treated them poorly. Its at the top of my list, but I need to do things to make it happen Join the IDF successfully. I need to achieve this.

Just being more comfortable in my own skin. I'd also like to go on a trip alone to a foreign country or somewhere away from here..Like a vacation for me..Or maybe a Mendocino vacation with Samantha..Or NY with Maggie--either one works It's important because sometimes I spend all my time worrying about other people.

I'd like to ride a bike well and be ready for the Eilat Triathlon at the end of November 2009. Why? Well, I swim quite well and I'm a good runner, so the only thing I still need to conquer in order to take part in the triathlon is cycling! I wanted to do it this year, but I'm not ready.

I would like to have become able to fully and successfully support myself on being a singer-songwriter whose recordings and performance are widely disseminated and admired.

Be fluent in Spanish. I have to be prepared for Chile.

I'd like to be living the life that I have chosen and not merely the life that I have been brought into which seems like has been going on for the past few years!!!

I would like to feel good about my training and my eating. I would like to figure out how to train well during the winter months and into the spring and summer. I would also like to get my eating disorder under control and learn to eat well to feed my body. I would ideally like to lose 10 pounds too, but that would be icing on the cake (so to speak) if the other goals were reached. These things are important to me because I want to try to race next spring and I know I can only do that if I am trained and work hard in the winter months. I also feel pretty miserable about my eating right now. I feel rather out of control and am gaining rather than losing weight, and if I am going to race that is unacceptable.

Have my new business successful and profitable In order to achieve some financial security for myself and my family... right now there is no financial security... only the belief and hope I will acheive it!

Two things: 1-I would like to be ramping up an awesome Rotary year 2-I would like to feel comfortable wherever I wind up for High Holy Day services.

to meet someone, fall inlove with him and to live together

Actually have some presentable work done. No have a piece doe that is actually something I could possibly sell.

Financial independence. But mostly I want to fulfill a major goal of mine. I need to prove myself I can do what I set out to do, even if it doesn't bare the results I expect, but I must have the capacity to act and execute ideas. And I have a couple of good ones, and my goal is to execute them, my wish is that they are successful.

By next year, I hope to be confident and secure enough to not let little things bother me so I ultimately can become a more light and joyous person, relating to others with a joyful smile and conveying gratefulness for everything possible.

I dont know.

I would like to have my jewelry business up and running along with a dynamic website. This will enable me to continue to be creative and bring in revenue to prepare me for moving to Israel.

I want to be confortable with the amont of money that we have. Because this is a veri big issue for my husband

I have more than one thing. First, I'd like to eliminate my debt and be at peace with my finances. This is important to me because this year, I've realized that this is more than an issue of money. Debt causes me to be anxious, it causes me to lie or bend the truth, and it makes me feel as though I can never be at ease. I need to eliminate this. Secondly, I'd like to have significantly improved my Hebrew and Spanish by this time next year. Living abroad has made me realize how valuable language skills are, and I have a great head start. I want to be able to communicate with my future students as well, and I need to be proactive about this now.

I would like to be self-sufficient financially, living in my own space with a close friend and roommate. I want to be able to say that I spend time every day enjoying the present in one form or another. My sense of independence is very important to me and is very much tied to my identity - the ability to provide for myself is important because I want to be self-sustaining - growing and maturing as a young adult, reaching toward creating better opportunities for myself.

I would like to be in a place of my own, financially stable and not struggling. I would like to be happy in my current relationship and maybe talking about taking it further. I would like to have gone on a relaxing holiday with said partner. I would like to be in a new job and learning something new. It's important to me because it's what I want to be happy.

A job. One that pays $35,000 with a good amount of vacation, and vacation time that i enjoy equally as much as i enjoy my job

To regrow my hair.

I would like to lose a significant amount of weight- 50 to 75 lbs at least. It is important for my health and because I am just feeling plain old at 41 and shouldn't. I have a problem with depression and I think the weight only exacerbates it.

i want to enroll in the APN program and start to work towards becominf an psych nurse practitioner.

I would like to achieve independence from my associate and a better more trusting working relationship. it is important for my business and personal growth.

By this time next year, I would have really liked to have given writing a tv show or a movie my best shot. It's important to me because I would really like to do it, and for whatever reason, my anxiety, my fear, and my insecurities are holding me back. And honestly, that is just not acceptable.

I would like to improve my lifestyle and health habits. This is important as my energy and focus has been negatively effected which is hurting my relationships and creativity.

I want to be in a new job by this time next year as I want to be in control of my life and not let the situations I find myself in control me - and I deserve a change. I want to learn to knit - and to have knitted a sweater. It's important as it means I will have taken time out for me and started to get my work life balance right!

I hope I have a job! More than I job, I want to feel a sense of comfort and accomplishment in what I am doing. I am nervous about making the wrong decision all the time. I want to be settled and begin to make my life. It is important to me to find something that I am happy doing and to build a community for myself. I realize that it's not necessarily where I am but who I am with and what I am doing. This is so important to my life because even though I have worked full time, I have never held a real job. I need to support myself and know that I can do this world all on my own.

fathom better my direction as a designer. travel further. save some money. important because these are what i really want from life right now.

i'd like to get my own place. i've been leaning on my family too much, and i need to get out on my own again before i just cant. i want to visit england, visit steven. i want to meet drew. i want to learn french. i want to continue my personal art education, even if i'm not enrolled in an offical program. i'd like to take up sketching again.