Is there something that you wish you had done differently this past year? Alternatively, is there something you're especially proud of from this past year?

I wish that I took care of all the small things in life farther in advance. Something I'm proud of is how happy I am this year. I worked hard to intentionally be happy and it has paid off!

I wish I had listened to those around me for their needs. I feel like I spend so much time being overwhelmed with my jobs and such that I don't have time to unwind, relax, and check in with those around me. My 2 jobs (assited living activities and Jewish education) are extroverted so I need a lot of cool down time.

I wish I had really stayed focused on building my relationship AND stayed honest. I wish I would have stopped communicating with my past so much when my future was really great. I'm proud of how I've stepped up and taken over Dabble and for having run 51 miles and stayed healthy and fit.

I wish I'd taken more risks. I wish I'd pushed myself out of my comfort zone, and tried to make more connections with people. I wish I'd made more a conscious effort to improve the way that I feel about myself. I've probably said the same thing for this question for years on end, and I still haven't changed anything.

I would have communicated with my husband sooner about the stress related to our finances so we could start talking about sooner and determining solutions before it became so stressful. I would have terminated the employment relationship sooner instead of working so hard to try to keep things moving or give so many "chances" when it was clear for so long, things would not improve. I would have started stress reduction sooner had I understood just how damaging the stress could be. I have reduced the amount of contact with people who abuse and take advantage of me. My sister and I are talking again, just a little, and that feels good.