Describe one thing you'd like to achieve by this time next year. Why is this important to you?

Reach a sense of financial equilibrium with my husband. Our relationship is strong, but the stress on us from the financial uncertainty is constant and tough and a year should be enough time to know whether the bets we have made are the right ones or whether we should be adjusting course.

I hope to break through this wall around my heart that keeps my romantic self from building real romantic relationships with real people.

I'd like to have decided if I want to stay here any longer, if not, then I want to have decided where I want to go and what I want to do. I will be 55 at this point next year- it's time I start thinking about my next career. I want it to be something that I love to do.... but I'll have to figure out what that is first!

I would like to become enlightened. Big goal I know. But I think ultimately I would like to have secured a very loving relationship wtih myself and god so that I can be a light for others in the world. I want to be an oasis of kindness compassion and grace so that world peace can be achieved. I would also like to have once and for all completely healed my psoriasis. I know the question says only one thing but... I am describing two, and that is OK. :) This is important to me because its my health and my body and I want to be at ease in my own skin and as well as at ease in the world.

I'd like to be more confident in myself and stand up more for my own well-being and beliefs. I've come a long way already just in the past 9 months and have begun discovering what I deserve and doing what I love without being afraid of what others think, but I know I can go further and grow in this confidence.

I hope to have some more of life figured out. I am just circling confusion lately and kenn wants to figure out if we are forever material. I am curious myself. I just want a good job, some sort of understanding of life. I wish I would be making more money in a job that I truly love. I think I am hoping to be moving ahead in life, love, happiness.

I would like to run a race. I would say a half marathon, but I am not sure that's realistic. But I have wanted to run a race for years, and I need to just push myself to do it. Take care of my ankles, get in shape, and run a 5k or a 10k or a half. Whatever it is, I want to push myself, train, and prove to myself I have what it takes to accomplish a physical challenge.

More than just "wanting to make a difference" in my community and the lives of others, I want to actually have done it. To be honest, I know I've already achieved this goal in small ways, but I'd like to make a larger impact.

I'd like to get my life back in order. I feel as if I've lost my true self in the last 5 years and hardly recognize this person I've become. As a result, I will be happier. My family will also benefit and so will my friends. I will be more confident and fulfilled too. This will require a lot of work on my part and with my health issues... this is what makes it more difficult, but something has to happen.. I feel myself starting to drown. I want to lose the 20lbs I've gained back, get into a regular exercise routine, reset my circadian rhythm to a more "normal" place! or something more healthy then its at now! lol Get my life more organized, in all areas-inside and out and after working out most of my kinks, start fixing the ones that have occurred in my relationships because of my lack of time and life management. *breath*

To be on the way towards becoming a mother, or at least knowing if it's possible or not and what steps I might new to take to make it possible.