Describe one thing you'd like to achieve by this time next year. Why is this important to you?

I'd like to learn to ride a bike and feel comfortable doing so.

Just one thing? I'm going to include more than one: 1) Set a career path. 2) De-clutter life and space 3) Prioritize and 4) Improve my general health. I know, daunting, but they are really all part of the larger goal of being more centered and true to myself.

Finish two more cds. Getting music done is what matters to me.

Independence. Independence from all the subjects that are really chain instead ideas.

I would like to be officially working on my PhD.

MOVING OUT FROM MY PARENTS. I'll be 34 years old by this time next year. I need to grow the f up.

Actual sustained fitness, not exercise-dabbling.

I'd like to get healthier and in better shape so I can continue to travel and see the world... and eventually be able to keep up with my future grandchildren.

I'd like to be in the best physical shape I can manage so that I'll feel well, sleep well, spare my family worries and watch my grandchild grow.

Love. A profound friendship with benefits or romantic relationship, because I have never been more beautiful or more lonely, and neither makes sense.

I'd like to be graduated, licensed, and working as an RN. This would be a big professional accomplishment and give me personal and career stability.

To be employed in an intellectually stimulating, lucrative career once again.

I want to run a 5k. I know I will achieve much writing during school, but need to be sure I do not neglect My health and wellness in the process.

closeness to my husband - I want more... But, I know that is in my hands.

I would like to have included the last client in our study. This would mean that we can finish the study in one year and then start the analysis. Looking forward to know what the results are.

I simply desire to be a kinder, gentler, more thoughtful and generous gentleman who accepts everyone as they are but bold enough to proclaim my faith in the God of the Bible and his everlasting life -- and TRUTH.

I want to have gained more self esteem. It's important because I'd really like to achieve being confident in myself, which I've never really been before.

I'd like to get my apartment in shape to be able to invite people over, which I haven't done in a long time. I've been the recipient of others' generosity and hospitality and I'd like to reciprocate.

I would like to get back to school. I am working on getting things settled with student loan debt so that I can do it. I really hope that by this time next year I am that much closer to finishing my B.S.

Get through 1st year of my BA!

I'd like to be in a healthy romantic relationship. I feel developmentally stunted, emotionally, socially, and sexually, not having had that experience, and I'm at an age where my friends are beginning to settle down. I want to understand a little bit of what that's like. I want to connect with someone in that way.

I want my own house/ property under my name. I need a roof on my head and some kind of investment. It is also my long time dream to have a house of my own, to deco and to love, invite people to and have a pet. A place I can call home.

i want to be at the cusp of moving to CO. That means that i need to have my UK citizenship. Figured out what we're doing with the flat here. Figured out what our budget is going to be for housing in CO. Figured out where in CO we want to live. etc...etc.... A LOT. It is important to me because i feel like i am missing out on life. Activities and family time that i will never get back. and it is time that someone is back there who can help spread the load that Darlene is bearing virtually all on her own.

I would like to have completed my bathroom renovation and also other minor house maintenance tasks. I will have been in my house for 20 years this time next year and I would really like to have the house the way that I want it by then, rather than always thinking, wouldn't it be great if...

I would like to be able to have a great relationship with my latest granddaughter who lives overseas and I only get to see her twice a year, so Skype will have to be our best friend. It's important to me as my grand kids are very important in my life

Finish third year of university and be able to go abroad to Italy in Erasmus. I really want to move to Italy, preferably Florence. But would be lovely if I get to do Erasmus in Milano or Bologna.

To receive a scholarship. I have been trying so hard till now, I wasn't able to get it. It's very important to me, because it will be huge financial help I need.

This time next year I'd like to be getting ready to go to University. I might be years on from everyone else but it's better late than never, isn't that what they always say? I want to finish my application this month and I want to be sat here excited and scared. I want to go on a long holiday with my boyfriend and spend some real amazing time together and make memories that will last us the rest of our lives.

By this time next year, I'd like to have found a job and be settling into my new flat in a different country. Poland has been a truly wonderful place to live and I'm certain that I'll come back, but I'm looking forward to a change of pace, of atmosphere, etc. Italy is the destination of choice and I can't wait to take my girl with me.

I hope to know where I am going to live next and/or have moved altogether. It is time for me to move on, and I am scared and unclear --- I am seeking clarity.

I would like to be able to speak my mind without fear of consequence and hurting feelings. I would like to be able to not be quite as polite as always, to know that sometimes saying something makes someone uncomfortable, but it is not the end of the world--and that oftentimes, it encourages a good healthy conversation that is much needed.

To complete my books currently in progress It's about facing my fears and completing something I've begun I know I have much to share and give. I want to trust it will all come together in the perfect way. It is my vision to generate abundance for myself and others. In doing so I will be in a position to satisfy my debts to many. I want to experience that wavy weight of debt lifting and to feel liberated from that weight. As I release that heavy weight I am also slender and fit, having high energy with which to accomplish my work speaking and teaching as well as creating a loving relationship with my life partner. It's all related.

I would like to achieve more financial security. I would love to think that we have savings started again so that we can travel and do more in the house like build a pool and the outdoor area plus build a fence. I would also like to upgrade the Mazda. I really hope that we are ahead financially - that would mean a lot to me.

Find something interesting and meaningful to do with my days. Be creative and enjoy being productive. Perhaps I don't have a master life's-calling - but I'd like to feel satisfied with my work, and enjoy my time. Life is too short to feel trapped in a job you hate.

I took the step yesterday, the first one towards my goal...and by this time next year I will be well on my way towards living the next segment of my life. I was widowed a few years back and have been kind of 'stuck'...allowing my adult children to live here. They do not work and I finally realized that I was reliving my 'mommy' role - because it is comfortable and I know what to do. ha! It probably seemed glaringly obvious to outsiders, but once I saw this, I asked my kids to find somewhere else to live by the end of the year. It was hard and I was crying a bit, but they understood and I think, agreed with me. So I am scared to begin this journey, I did not expect to face these years alone like this, but I am woman enough to do it and along with the fear (and sadness) there is a bit of excitement...I have no idea where I will end up.

I would like to have more solid life priorities. I am trying to do too much and live up to superwoman expectations. I want to do it all. Work in a progressively successful career, be an amazing mother, be a great partner, hike, cook everything homemade, garden, travel, volunteer, etc. I can't do it all. So what can I do? I would like to figure that out.

Have a well paying job.

I keep going back and forth on this one... I'm not sure exactly what I want, and I think that figuring out what I want out of life is definitely a goal of mine. Although I'm happier than I have ever been I still feel really unsure of what I want in my life, and I guess my biggest goal is to do some soul searching and figure things out

I either want to be happier in my job or in another job. Life is too short, and getting shorter by the day, for me to spend so much of it in work that is not fulfilling. At present, I want to continue to work full time-at least for a little bit longer. I want to do something that nourishes me. I don't know how much longer I have. Although I feel relatively young and healthy, I am approaching my 60's-fast-and that decade worries me. It seems that many of my friends and family had health issues arise in their 60's. It's getting close...

A new job (and always: love and romance). But to the former: after 3 years, it is clear that my current position is not the right fit. I'm only adequate at the work, and I'm not inspired or excited. Many of my greatest professional strengths and skills are not being utilized. The environment lacks the sense of teamwork so valuable to successful organizations. Plus, my commute is getting tiresome.

Hmmm...tough one. I am happy with my life, as imperfect as it is, and try not to project too far into the future, knowing that stuff happens to thwart the best-made plans. I love and am loved. It's a great life. But if I have to name one thing I'd like to achieve, it's...to travel more. So many places, so little time! keep talking and thinking and dreaming about travel but don't get it done. I don't want to have ANY regrets in this life so grabbing the moments and making it happen for myself is something I need to do.

I would like to be still doing yoga, and to have become much better at it. I would hate to think it's just another one of my crazes! It's been really good for me this past 10 months.

I would like to reach the halfway point in my completion of a BA. in Psych.

I would like to run a 5K. I would like to be able to do it in about .5 hour. It is important because biking has gotten a little boring to me, and I need to focus on something to help me to lose weight and keep the weight off.

I would like to have a trip to Europe planned with my husband. It is so important that during this healthy period in our lives that we travel and have adventures.

I want to finish college finally so I can have my degree. I have only two classes left, and I've been working so hard so far this semester that it would be a major accomplishment to me, especially after everything I've gone through in my life.

I want my weight and my blood pressure under control. I want to have created a sustainable fitness regime and healthy diet. Part of that will be to eliminate drinking alcohol during the week.

I would like to make my marriage better. I would like to adjust to living in Mozambique and make sure that we are feeling happy and satisfied with each other. I want to make sure that this relationship has been, is, and will continue to be the most important thing in my life.

I would like not to waste any of my precious time, I would like to create good work, I would like to make a workable plan to get stuff done, & I would like to not beat myself up if I don't accomplish everything I want to. It's important because I want to be a dynamic, eager, forthright person who is not slothful.

I'd like a promotion or a different job. I'm capable of more and would like to have the opportunity to meet those challenges.

I want to be promoted to the South-West Division as a referee by Christmas. That's my goal and it has been for the last three years or so. It's important to me because I think I'm ready for the challenge and I want to prove that I'm capable of refereeing at a higher level. I don't want to stagnate and I'm not sure what I'd do with my refereeing if I was turned down yet again.

I would like to be in a more financially stable place. I am terrible at managing money and I would really like to change that.

I would like to have written a serious article by this time next year. Maybe something academic.

I want to be able to meet my challenges with more joy and discipline, and with less evasion and whimpering. This is one thing with hopefully many repercussions in my work, my relationships, and my role in the community and world.

Honestly, a great deal of my life has changed in the past 90 days. One year from now, I would like to be able to say, "The past year has been stable." If I am still in this job, in that apartment, still relatively healthy, and no massive drama has appeared in our families, that will feel like an accomplishment.

Getting a job.

I would like to make one additional good friend by the time next year. I value friendship a lot. Having friends from different walks of life to talk about small concerns of everyday life is quite important to me.

By this time next year, I'd like to be able to make Ottawa my home. Find friends, meet people, and get to know this place. It may seem petty now, but I know that when I am able to navigate this place, and call it my own is when I'll be able to be happiest and grow the most. Also by next year, I'd like to figure out if I am in the right program. At the age of 18, I can hope I made the right career choice but nothing is certain. I have time to explore and ask myself which path is best for me to take for a dream career.

I would like to be out of debt, so that I can release the anxiety and concern that comes with the debt and have a more enjoyable existence

I would like to have a finished draft of my play and have submitted it for consideration at new play festivals.

A plan. This whole happy-where-you-are, living-in-the-moment bit works fantastically right now, right here at the starting line of your career. But in a year, once you've got a feel of the atmosphere, you need to have begun to proceed down a cogent, charted path toward the next step.

By this time next year, I'd like to have a semi-long-term plan figured out for life, at least in terms of where I might be headed next. Right now, I know I want to leave Chicago, but I don't know where my next home will be.

I would like to build a community of friends, and make my house be a welcome place for all of them again. It is important because I have been hiding for the past several years: With two children on the autism spectrum, socializing has been too hard. I realize now that we all need to be making friends, making connections, no matter how messy it gets.

I'd like to have a larger salary and a job that gives me more drive. I want to buy a house and start a family, and I feel these things are important to starting the foundation for those goals.

I would like to hold my yet unseen 2 year old grandson. I am a targeted parent of parental alienation. My sons were ripped out of my life by my now ex husband during our high conflict divorce. Diagnosed as a psychopath and sociopath, my ex husband threatened that if I left him and told people about my life with domestic violence - I would never see my sons again. It has been over a decade - I'm divorced, but he made sure I would never see my sons again. The alienation has been handed down to another generation. My son got married ( I did not know) and had children( I only found out after first grandson was born because I googled them and found a baby registry online!). My heart hurts. It is a mourning that never ends.

By this time next year I hope to be free of the burdens of this farm so that my husband and I can reconnect and truly learn to enjoy one another without the burden of too much to do and not enough time or energy.

Rewrite Unraveling Racism. Publisher's been asking and I really WANT to. Have not made it a priority. At least to have it in the works.

I want to have made a reasonable quantity of decently drinkable Applejack, from my own still. I need skills that do not rely on computers. I need skills that would serve me well in the event of societal collapse. I ned a craft that can bring me income. I need a hobby and an art that is (mostly) unique to me. I need to be able to take the product of my labors and be proud to share it with others. I want to be able to produce something that anyone can enjoy, not just fellow designers and technicians. Plus, I like booze, and want to make my own. This is part of an ongoing process, last years goal was to have made SOMETHING drinkable, I met it. I wouldn't call what I made "good", but it was beter than some bottled things I have tried. This year, I will do better than that. For many reasons.

Next year is not going to be the point of any achievement, just continued work towards a goal. I want to have continued my classes toward being an xray tech and to have made peace with the pace of my relationship with Peter. The classes are important because they will bring me closer to my grownup career, and my relationship with Peter, though wonderful, makes me feel off-kilter sometimes for where I want to be, where he talks about being, and where we are.

I hope to have a more robust social life and network of friends because I will put energy into building relationships and prioritizing people over work and saying "yes" to having fun adventures.

I want to get rid of clutter, both physical and emotional, in order to keep a more calm and pleasant space for myself and my family. To do this, I want to rent a dumpster and haul out the various sheds and closets and under the porch, sort through books to take to the used book store, and go through clothes and keep on weeding out things we don't wear. I want to recognize the abundance that I have and stop fearing scarcity.

I would like to be either studying in a field which brings me happiness and challenges me, or do the same in my career. This is very important because im not one of those people who can sit around, i need mental and physical stimulation, and to feel worth something and i have accomplished things i can take pride in.

I would like to be engaged to Alexis and own a house. This is very important to me, because I think that Alexis is the only person in this world that can bring out the best in me; I love the person that she is and is capable of being. The house: I want this because it is a big plan of hers; buy and flip a house. Then, I can focus on my plan; building a cabin escape in the wilderness somewhere.

super fit self-contained

I'd like to come closer to making a living from the selling of art. I'd like to have better gallery representation & online sales.

I want to organize my home and purge it of things we no longer need. I have nearly 10 years worth of things to sort and get rid of. I am trying very hard to keep my heart out of this and be ruthless. I really wish I could be someone who is a minimalist but cutting the clutter and getting rid of things we no longer want is a start.

I'd like to settle in to a good retirement and have my spouse do the same. She's been working our entire married life (40 yr) and through raising two kids who have achieved very well as adults. She also has had a few years of carrying the family financially through some periods of my own unemployment. Now that we are able to financially retire I would like to convince her to retire so we can enjoy our health now and take the emotional burden off her of a full time job, long commute and responsibilities for the financial affairs of a recently deceased father.

By this time next year I want to feel like I am good at my job, motivated to go that extra mile and valued at the organization for what I can add. Starting a new job next month is intimidating, not least because I feel like I have a great job that I am leaving, but I hope to get up to the level of productivity and respect there that I can be proud of.

By this time next year, for one whole week, you should (1) run a school, (2) be an awesome husband, (3) be a perfect dad. One good benchmark for this would be to be the open, generous party in all 3 cases, the one to speak last, the one to anticipate what the other wants and fulfill it.

By this time next year, I hope to have my life back on the rails after having to move, leave my job and settle back in my home country after 11 years. By this time next year, I have a good, interesting job and a loving partner.

I would like to get in shape. Last year I made the goal to lose weight...I didn't follow through...this year, the commitment is much more to get into the best physical shape possible.

Be on my way to being a grandmother. Why???? Because I can't wait!!! :)

Stop dissociating so that I can fully live my lie!

I'd like to be less controlling and more forgiving, extending grace and mercy far more often than judgement. It's not always so important (actually it almost never is) to be right or to prove a point. I just want to love more and be in closer relationship to people, especially my family.

i would like to find a more contemplative rhythm for life. i get so busy sometimes that i don't stop and behold the beauty of all the imperfection.......perfect in itself. i will see through all that i have chosen for now and then i want to slow down and open to my living in new ways.

I'd like to remain reliably below 190lbs. Important, because I've shifted my fitness priorities from 'winning hockey games' to 'getting the most mileage out of this meatsack, as is humanly possible."

By this time next year I want to be rested. This is important because I have been so busy for years and years, and I want to get control over my weight, overall health and sense of well being, and projects that will be best done sooner than later.

I'd like to be more resilient emotionally, and more capable of balancing my desire to Do All The Things against my physical limitations.

I'd like to be at a point where I felt like my move to LA was worth it. I've clearly projected all my hopes and dreams on a single city, possibly unfairly. It be great to be at a point where I'm in a more settled and content place and to know that I took all the steps I needed to take to get there.

I want to have a full-time job. I've been paying my dues in so many ways over the past year that I'm ready for a little financial security and less constant stress/worry that I'm in a hole out of which I'll never escape. It's important to me because living the way I am, while able to be managed temporarily with a certain degree of acceptance, is wearing me down. I'm ready to be a worker among workers rather than a struggling person wondering how to eat on a daily basis.

Move to Los Angeles to be closer to my family and switch my career to focus more on public health issues in LA rather than overseas. I hope to feel more grounded and settled and happy with where I am going in life.

I would like to find employment after three years of unemployment.

I would like my son to sleep through the night (he'll be nearly 1.5, so hopefully much sooner!), and I would like to be experiencing my life as the luxury that it is, feeling and acting cheerful and happy, rather than oppressed (by caring for myself, my husband and our son). I am not oppressed, I am privileged and I should be able to be present to the wonderful people, opportunities and resources I have in my life. I live in a beautiful place with wonderful support and am surrounded by lovely people. I want to enjoy that as opposed to feeling overwhelmed by the demands I and others make upon myself.

I would like to achieve a first authored "A" publication. This is important to me as this is the main criteria for susses in my Ph.D. program. More importunately, doing so will almost guarantee that I can get a job post graduation. I think it will also be very important for my self-efficacy and belief that this is something I can do. In the state I am at, the cycles of hope and despair about your own work and abilities are viscous. While theoretically I don't really need anybody to verify my own competence, this external sign is very important and can help me evaluate better my own aspirations and plans for the future.

I'd like to be living more proactively -- toward the things I want and love, and less reactively -out of fear and worry... about my health, about the future, about my son, about everything.

I want to have a better sense of a career path. Right now, I'm currently teaching religious school once a week and hoping to get a permanent job as well. Regardless, I feel so flustered and confused to what I want to do in life, and finding a job I love really help ease my struggles.

I would like to have started T. I also want to be at a point where I put myself at number one instead of putting everyone else above me. Hopefully Angel and I will have gotten to get married legally somewhere. Even if it doesn't mean anything in Missouri, it'd be awesome to have given her that dream fulfillment that she's always wanted. Hopefully by then, we'll be out of debt, too. That seems to always be a goal of mine.

I have written a children's book that I would like to publish. So far, it hasn't been accepted by any publishers. If I haven't found a traditional publisher, I would like to self-publish it by next year. This is important to me because I wrote it for my son, and I would like to read it to him.

I would like to have lost 60 to 70 lbs. after exercising and dieting properly, so I will be at my healthy weight and happy with myself. I think this will lead me to be successful in many things in life, such as finding a life partner because I will be more confident and ready to share my love, and being happy with my career.

I think it is really time for me to get out of L.A. I'm here over 24 years now, from N.Y. This was intended to be my "first stop" and now I think the S.F. Bay Area is beckoning, though I know it is quite expensive. I'd hate to leave without a job waiting, but I just hope to be resettled well before a year from now.

I would love to travel to Japan and more so, change my job.

I'd like to be moved into my own house. Living with mom has made me revert back to like high school. I want to be independent again and in control. Also, I'd like to still be on this weight loss goal...and hopefully down the last 15 lbs.

This time next year I would like to be in a job i enjoy and starting to build a career or to be starting university in a course I'm interested in. This is important to me because I want to build up my independence and start supporting myself and saving to get my own place and maybe even think about moving away out of London.

I'd really like to be settled and comfortable at school. I hope to have everything figured out and know more or less what exactly I want to do and where I want to go. I hope to be happily involved with different organizations. I'd also like to continue being an OL or become an RA.

Create balance in my life.

I would like the three bedrooms cleaned out, and the house repainted.. One of the bedrooms is to be for my dad, so if he ever wants to stay here or needs to lay down when he is visiting he will feel comfortable. He lives by himself, and I want him to know he is welcome here. The rooms, especially the bedrooms need painting from the girls. We have been here 12 years, and we always wanted to paint the walls another color besides white... It's time, now that both girls are not here.

By this time next year I want to achieve two things (one personal, one professional): 1) Finish my classes and get my license, including finishing the classes I need for my BA/BS 2) I would like to be more secure and self aware. I am at a place where I am extremely insecure and not confident in myself. I want to develop the confidence I need that will allow me to be more successful in work and my relationships. I want confidence without arrogance, to embrace humility but understand what my abilities are and to know that I am worthy of accomplishing my goals

By this time next year I would like to be engaged and talking more seriously about having children, or taking steps to have children on my own. I want to honor my body's timeline and make sure I have children while I am still young enough to be a physically active parent.

I want to release some of my weight for my health. (I don't want to "lose" the weight; someone might find it and give it back to me.) I want to be able to bike at least 10 miles (currently up to two). This is also for my health, and because I enjoy biking so much. I want to have the dining room painted and refinished so I can enjoy family games at the dining room table, in front of my new fireplace. Those are my top three. What can I say? I'm an overachiever!

I'd like to be in a place in my business where I feel more comfortable and less worried about what the future holds. We can never have 100 per cent certainty about anything, but I'd like to feel more confident that I'm going to be really successful at this...not just "be OK and get by."

By this time next year I would like to be settled in the community in which my office is located. Although this is further from my children by about 25 miles, it would be a great move for me financially and on a personal level.

I would like to transition to a 4 day work week. This would allow me to engage in other interests before it is too late.

I want to be in grad school. I keep procrastinating because life is comfortable as is, but it's time to stop settling for comfortable!

I would like to lose this weight that I have been carrying for a few years. I wrote the same thing last year and I am still at it. I am the queen of sabotage not sure why I keep punishing myself. Losing this weight is important not only to my health but also to break this pattern of sabotage that I find myself in.

I'm going to describe a couple. I want to achieve meaningful success at my job by this time next year. By that, I mean I want to raise more than one six figure gift. It is important because I need to feel successful in order to feel good about my job and the move I made to get here. I also want to feel more deeply that success is not entirely determined based on these numbers! I know... double edged sword. Ok. I guess I want to have meaningful resume-worthy additions to my career portfolio that will help me in my goals to the next step in my life. Next, I want to make meaningful connections that lead to a regular social life. I would like to have some people in my life that I can regularly call up to hang out or do something. People to invite over for a party. People in Michigan. Meaningful connection is one of the top things I hunger for. Finally, I would like to have made peace with my body in a way that I know how to nourish it - both with food and without. I want to be able to be so connected with my body that I give it what it needs - nutrients, a break, exercise, rest, sex, anything I need when I need it. Right now I have a very warped relationship with my body. I punish it for not giving me what I think I want and need, but I don't nourish it to help it give me what I actually want and need.

I'm looking forward to completing my current training and getting recorded as a minister - and then starting a job as a chaplain.

Very simple. I am retired and have worked hard at improving my talents and letting go of thinking I have to learn to do things that really are not my talent. (it was recently confirmed that I actually have a learning disability even though I graduated from a good university and had a 30 year career as a lawyer) The last year I really achieved a lot I setout to do so my simple goal. between this year and next year is to maintain the weight I lost when I became a "life" member of weight watchers.

Help my daughters understand that they are Jewish indeed. They grew up Jewish, in an observant home. They know more than people born to 100% Jewish parents. The fact that they are 3/4 Jewish "on the wrong side" doesn't make them less Jewish. They are beautiful, smart young ladies. Life has put them through horrors, yet they still stand strong and are able to keep achieving things that people born to privileges do not aspire to. I hope to bring them closer to G-d, to me and to happiness, if that's possible.

I would like to have my weight and cholesterol down to healthy levels. This is important to me not just for the sake of my appearance or even for my health, but because I intend to start a wellness and stress management coaching business. I figure I can't be much of a health coach if I'm not setting a realistic example for my clients. I can't wait to get started on that. As for the weight loss, so far I've lost 20 pounds this year and I have about 35 more to go before I am in a healthy range.

i want to move to a house that we own! i love our rental but want to live in a place that is more energy efficient and customizable. time to nest!

I'd like to get to my goal weight, and then concentrate on being in the best health that I can possibly be in and grow both in physical health and emotional health. After seeing a previous answer that I have given to this question pop up in my sample answeres, its clear that this has been an ongoing goal, but at the same time I've achieved SO much of it already, that continuing to head down this path is the right direction. I'm much happier, and every day I move closer towards being the person I want to be. It may also be time to figure out what my sexuality is, and why I was hiding behind my weight.

Work stuff immediately comes to mind. If everything goes as planned, by this time next year I will have completed my first two research trips for Minerva. But I would be surprised if we manage to pull off the grand plan. I'll be happy as long as we've successfully launched the project! On a personal front, I would like to report that I've finally found a way to rein in my screen time with regular checks of my phone usage.

Have at least one date....

By next year at this time, I plan to become a registered yoga teacher and go through yoga teacher training! I don't necessarily have to quit my job and just teach yoga, but I do want to have deepened my practice. Also, Mary and I will be married! I hope we go on a grand honeymoon that will be a mash-up of both our likes and tastes. I hope to be better about remembering that every moment can be a change moment, and you don't have to wait for the first of a month or a Monday to make your life different.

I'd like to be in a situation that will bring me into a doctoral program where I could effect a greater social change through theatre.

I want to recreate the closeness I once had with my sons. I want to truly forgive my parents and my ex husband. These things are important to me because at this time in my life, I want to live with love and without any bitterness and resentment. I want to find a degree of peace and calm in m life. On a less deep level, I want to continue acting and painting, and perhaps begin writing again. OK, that's more than one thing, but that's what is on my mind.

I would really like to maintain my current level of fitness and maybe loss a few pounds or at least not gain my traditional winter weight. I am really enjoying how my body feels right now and don't want to lose that feeling. I'd also like to try and be a more patient,open and gracious person to my husband. He is a great guy but living with him day to day makes it too easy to overlook his winning qualities in lieu of the dishes and all the other day to day nonsense that gets in the way. I am not so good at remembering that we always have a great time together and trying to seize those opportunities or not rejecting out of pocket when he suggests spending time together.

I would like to have my class curricula completely updated and ready to go on the first day of school!

By this time next year I want to be 50-75 lbs lighter than I am right now (331). This is important to me because I want to be healthier going into my 40's. I want to have more energy for Adina and I want to be showing her how to live a healthy, active life.

I'd like to find better venues to display and sell my art and complete a proposal for a book about patient centered care and evidenced based medicine.

I am still working on physical fitness. I intend to lose 70 pounds by this time next year. I know I'll feel better mentally and physically when I attain this goal.

One big thing I would like to have happen by next year is to move out of my current place and hopefully into a place all by myself (yes - this was last year's goal as well, so I need to be more diligent this year). I also think that I may need to explore other options within my career. I think I am not earning what I should and I could use a change of environment. Lastly, maybe have a boyfriend. I'm ready for one, but I don't want to have that as a "goal" because I feel like I never find relationships when I am searching for them. So I hope I find one naturally. Fingers crossed.

I want to really know what I want to do for the rest of my life. I'm studying at university right now, but I'm always feeling down and unsure about what I'd like to live for. I'm a musician as well, and it has always been my hobbie, but now I'd love to study that and I'm afraid of not succeeding if I choose to make music for the rest of my life. I would really like to be happy and sure of what I want to do with my life.

Joy, adventure, love, meaning. Discovery of such things. Exploration of such things. I could add things such as a couple of plane trips or the completion of an exciting game. I could mention a stay on the ocean front or renting a houseboat or caravan or more star gazing and geocaching and metal detecting, but I just want every year to be meaningful, loving, adventurous and joyous -- how that comes about isn't at all important.

I would like to be a step closer to figuring out my more ultimate purpose and focus, or be closer to understanding that i don't have one. I believe i can do anything i put my mind to and that i can accomplish real force and change, but what exactly will that be and does that involve. I want to find my master teaching role.

I hope to be in great shape. I like to exercise, but I tend to be really good at putting others first. I want to be able to run a whole 5k without walking and to be happy with myself when I look in the mirror.

To have my masters degree. But I don't know how the year is gonna go, so I won't be too mad if it doesn't happen. Also being able to write emails and making phone calls. That's important for my day to day life, ha.

I want to be happy or at least not so unhappy. I want to feel good enough about myself and centered enough that I might think of developing a relationship with someone. And that means being willing to put myself at risk and be clear and happier about what I am and what I like and do not like

I want to get on a better track financially - while I have already worked to reduce my credit card debt almost entirely this year, I want to really improve my saving habits and spend money more thoughtfully. Eventually, I want to buy a house with my husband, especially while rates are so low - but I need to be more solid to make this dream a reality.

I want to have a play written. I have a very good story in my mind that I believe would be very funny and moving on stage. It's about forgiveness, regret, family and reunion. It will be a great achievement for me just to create the time to get a rough draft completed this year, and it will fill me with happiness to do this.

By this time next year I would like to have my diploma and study the next level, perhaps somewhere abroad. I would like to be more independent and do something long-term like go away for a few months.

I'd like to get back to the weight I was before I went on anti-depressants. It's important to me because I want to feel better, physically and emotionally. I also want to improve my overall health for the sake of my kids and so that my golden years won't be miserable! I also want to fit in my clothes!

I'd like to be expecting my first child. I feel that now is the time, while I'm working for a stable company in a position that means I can have the opportunity to start a family without sacrificing my career.

I want to be starting medical school. I want to practice medicine, but more than that, I want the kind of deep scientific inquiry that only a medical school education can provide. I want the breadth and depth of knowledge that comes with completing a residency in a specialty. I no longer want to be told that certain areas aren't relevant or worth learning about. I do not want an education that merely gives a survey of medicine.

I'd like to accomplish 200-hour yoga teacher training, or at least be "teaching" friends and dancers more regularly with my existing 33-hour training. This has been a long-term goal and passion. I've been hiccuping a bit on getting into a consistent practice, and I think it's just a bit of fear holding me back. Time to dive in!

I want to start my training and learn to guide a meditation group. And maybe start work on a book.

By this time next year I would like to be a senior associate instructor at Mastery, still directing Mastery Running Club, and holding some kind of additional leadership position, on track to becoming an advanced instructor. I want to feel like I am a critical member of the Mastery Lenfest community, for both students and teachers. This is important for me because I want to LOVE my job and get energy from my job, and I know that leadership is inspiring for me. When I was a captain for volleyball in high school, I worked much harder and loved it more. I like being in charge. (Smiling.) Being at a certain level of stability/security in my career will free me up a little bit to pursue personal goals as well.

To have graduated from University with at least a ii:i, but preferably as First Class Honours degree.

I'd like to have a working life that works for me. Earns me enough money to live the way I want to live, gives me the freedom to travel, and is a joy to wake up to. That's what I really want, because it is one area in my life that I've always struggled with. I have lots of talents, and I like a variety of work. It's hard to find how that might work!

I want to make productive use of the time I now have as a result of cutting my work load in half. I know that I waste much of the time I do have by checking e-mail and Facebook, half doing tasks while I keep one eye on TV, etc. I want to actually set daily goals and hold myself accountable for them. Part of my problem is the "cosmic To Do list" that remains vague and "out there." I need to write down those goals and do them! I've started on the road by getting a different kind of planner. I write what I want/need to do in one area where I can check it off; I write what I did do in the daily boxes. This also helps me see who many things I do that were not on my list, and validates the time that was not wasted.

I want to have an established foothold in an organization or institution that values and appreciates me, and work for someone who feels lucky that I work for them. I have learned in my time in DC that that's an environment I thrive in, and have missed in my work here.

Design/build at least two art installations. Be a helpful leader in my classes in school.

I don't know if conceiving counts as an "achievement" per se, but I would like to have started our family in some way by next year at this time, whether that's one month pregnant or 9 months. My fiance and I have been together for 6+ years at this point, and would like to have a child before we get too old. It took on special significance to us when prior to his chemotherapy we had to meet with a fertility specialist. We were a bit ambivalent about children until we thought about the possibility of not being able to have them.

Have more stability at work either in a new job or my current role. I love my job but the environment is changing and I don't know if I can stay.

I would like to have a really kick-ass 40th birthday party. I haven't had a big party since my 30th, and in general I sort of shy away (literally) from such a focus on myself. But I feel like 40 is about being comfortable with my life and acknowledging those people who are important to me outside of my husband and kids.

I want to have begun and possibly completed a transformational program that inspires me to be the best, boldest, most brilliant, beautiful, fully energized, alive, vital, creative, proactive, wild-hearted manifestation of my self IN THE WORLD, doing work that I love and being paid amply for it, dancing in partnership with life force energy, feeling fully connected to my deepest, most essential self, engaged, interested, and passionate about each and every day of my life, supporting myself with confidence, clarity and ease. I want to love, live, speak and act with my feet firmly planted on the earth and my arms and heart open wide. I want to travel to new, beautiful, wild places, to feel my deep connection to the earth and to share that connection with others in a personally meaningful, relevant, and life-sustaining manner. I want to be deeply in love with my partner and excited to share each and every day together for the rest of our lives.

I would like to be debt free this time next year, but I know that will be a stretch.

I hope to have found emotional peace about my broken off engagement. Either that we can work something out because I'm still madly in love with him or that I can come to terms that things will be ok and love still exists.

Cut down on stress. Everything around me seems to stress me out. I am mostly to blame for that. I absorb other people's problems and put them directly in my heart...if I continue this it is ultimately going to kill me. It's hard to change a habit but I am slowly achieving success. I am doing small things like unplugging from technology, not being so involved with my family's drama, and taking time to just relax. I also need to leave work at work and not take it home with me. I want to focus on my more positive goals and rediscover what it is I love to do. This is so important for my physical as well as my emotional health and it will destroy my relationship if I don't fix this. So next year when I read this I want to be amazed at the transformation. :).

Becoming a Godmother to my friends child, I'm privileged that they have asked me, and filling the role as I see it with give a chance to get better around children

I would like to lose twenty pounds. I think it would make life easier, make me healthier and be more confident. Not to mention, I would be able to wear a lot of clothes that have been languishing in the back of my closet!

I'd like to persuade someone else in our chevra kadisha to lead taharah on a regular basis. I am happy leading it myself, but I won't always be able to be there to do it, so it's important to me that others get practice while I'm there to back them up so they're comfortable leading when I'm not there.

This is tough. I'm in a really transitory don't-know-what-I-want phase right now. I'm trying to just be okay with that for a little bit since I'm not even a year out of college and I'm only 22 and I have a solid job. That said, my goal for a year from now is to have at least a slightly better sense of direction. Even if it's not specific, I'd like to at least have one thing I'm working on and progressing on. More specifically, I'd like to know what I'm doing job-wise. I should be looking for my next gig by this time next year or at least poising myself for another job, doing informationals, etc.

I have been noticing that we as a society are increasingly disconnected from each other and more and more consumed by the technology we have available. I feel this in myself, as well. Having a job that depends on these tech tools and toys keeps me more and more involved with it. Therefore, I think I would like to achieve a level of renewed presence in my life and the lives of my family by this time next year. I can do this by making a concerted effort to shut down more and find more things for us to do. This is increasingly important, of course, because DJ will be off to college by this time next year and I'd like to be sure we enjoy this year as much as we can together rather than to spend it in separate corners.

Have a child as well as run a 5k

I want to be financially stable and have enough income to no longer worry about money or my financial future. It is important for my peace of mind, health and well being - emotionally, mentally, spiritually.

Take up dancing, find a normal job, write a bunch of short stories, pass some IT exams...so many things

I would like to have found a full time position. This is only important to me because I want to save money to go on trips rather than living paycheck to paycheck. I want to feel secure and stable. I would also like to have less arguments with my love. Most of them stem from insecurities I have so I would like to work on my self-confidence and trust. I would like to go on another trip. I doubt this will happen because it'll be costly but I'd still like to try.

make enough money each month so that I no longer need to draw from my retirement funds to pay my bills.

This time next year, I would like to have taken my GRE, gotten a high score, and be filling out applications for divinity school (and scoring mega scholarships). This is important to me because I need my M.Div in order to be ordained.

Figure out a better way to keep some of that agitated panicky feeling at bay, especially when we are running late or I don't feel like I have any control over a situation. Or at least a way to keep being patient and gentle to those around me.

I have some health challenges that I would like to cure over the next year. This is important because it makes me self concious and without your health you have nothing.

I will (not I would like, it's a neccessity) to have my company up and running and moving itself along. We will be another year closer to paying off all of our debt. And, I would like to have a new adopted member of our family in our home and everyone to be well adjusted!

I'd like to be free of my ambivalence over Jennifer Omran. I don't want her, I don't like who she really is, I hate her for what she's done for the three and a half years before we split and the nine months since. But because she robbed me of closure, I haven't reconciled who I thought she was with who she really is, and I still love the girl I thought she was. So much.

I want to be well on my way to having a book published. I'm excellent at starting projects and it's more difficult for me to finish them, but I know I can do this. I have a writing retreat in a few weeks, I have much of the scaffolding for my AT book in process, and I want to buckle down and just do it!

Control my emotions better; not being led by my immediate reactions to what I percieve momentarily as aggression or stupidity. React and act in a completely concious manner. I believe this is the way to become the aware being, and building yourelf to a state where he becomes one with his own destiny.

There are several things. I will be at my goal weight first. I will be painting. I will have half my credit card paid off. I will have my neighborhood project partially finished. Some of these have been on-going for a long time. I want to be done with some of these goals (weight and paid off credit card). Painting is the biggest deal for me. I have taken classes off and on over the years, but I really want to work on my own, but have not been able to do. It would be a big deal for me if I could sustain my painting. I love it while I am doing it, but it is hard for me to get started.

Since we are new to the area we decided to rent for a year before buying a home to get to know the area. By next year I want to own a home in the area that we have decided to live in. It seems superficial, but I feel like I can't put roots down and relax until we are in our own home knowing we don't have to move again.

Feeling fulfilled and excited by what I"m doing in life, whether professionally, by way of hobbies and activites outside of work, and by way of relationships with friends and hopefully, a partner in life. It's tempting to just answer this question with "I want a partner" but that's up to God. My job is to live my most fully expressed life, and let God take it from there.

By this time next year, I would like to be registered for my first 5K. This is important to me because it will make me focus on my health and fitness while giving back to the local community.

Be in job with real career growth. I hope my new job can satisfy this. I am very excited to start it and hope I can progress and manage my own team someday.

I'd like my debt paid off, and at least $5,000 in the 529 for my daughter for college. I'd like at least $3,000 in my account every month, for personal expenses and for clothes, camp, classes for my daughter. This would give me stability and represent success to me. Providing for my daughter is very important to me.

I would like to have a better sense of what my professional trajectory is. I would like to have expanded the program I run and have achieved the goals I have set so that I feel that I have the capability to move beyond my current position.

The development of a up and running chapter of 350 Philadelphia. We are just beginning this work and it feels like the time is ripe for this kind of action. It is so important to me to be able to say, "At least I tried." or even better, "I helped make it better."

I would like to become a better arts teacher. I would like to give my students a more rounded education. I work in a lower middle to low income school and art is not something they get every day or even every week. I believe it is important for them to use art (music, theater, and art) to express themselves.

I want to be seriously contented with the work/life balance. Right now things are very out of wack. I don't know whether that means that I am working. not working, etc. I just want to feel like the balance is right, and that when I get up each morning (or most mornings) that I am headed to the right place for the day, be that at home or to an office.

I would like to work on characteristics of shame and compassion to move me closer to being connected to people and the world. This is important so I can achieve living a life of intention.

I'd like to still be awake--Hobo will be 9 months old :-)

I WILL be a full-time teacher again by this time next year. I will be teaching Social Studies/History/Government for Mansfield ISD. This is important to me, as I have been working part time for the past 4 years. Full-time employment (as a teacher) will increase my self-esteem and confidence and allow my wife and I to continue to work to reach of goal of being debt-free! Not working full-time makes me feel like I am worthless and not able to contribute to my families finances, which in turn makes me feel irresponsible.

Mastery at my job. I want to feel that I have it under control and that I've done some good things, and helped some people.

By this time next year, I hope to have my own classroom. I will graduate with my MT in May of 2014, which makes a year from now roughly the time I should be starting my first year of teaching. This is important to me because, obviously, I've worked so hard to get this far, and I want to put it to use. I am confident I'm going to make a great teacher. Once I have my degree squared away, I want to get into a classroom and start working on becoming an experienced teacher, as opposed to just a fresh one.

I'd like to be engaged. I don't understand why he hasn't asked yet when he has said several times he wants to marry me. I feel stuck in life and I want to move past this stage we're stuck in. If he is scared, I get it and I understand, but we need to get through this and take the next step. We want children and I'm already a qualified candidate for a high risk pregnancy, I don't want it to be a geriatric high risk pregnancy. After these past 2 years, if he is still waffling in another year, I may have to break it off. I don't want to wait any longer, but I love him and I'm trying to be patient. Pushing him is not the right answer so I keep my mouth shut.

By this time next year, I want to have my finances under control. Maybe will not have everything paid off, but on the course. I have just gone day to day with no thought and want to develop thoughtful use of the money and resources put in my care. It is important to reduce stress in my life and to achieve the ability to give to help others more effectively.

I would like to achieve an overall calmer attitude. Why is it important? So I can live longer!

Getting significantly less in debt. It's hampering our plans for anything and everything. Paycheck to paycheck is grim. Not sustainable.

I'd like to be pregnant again with a second healthy, happy baby. I know I'm not in as good shape as the first but I'm hoping for a relatively smooth and uncomplicated pregnancy. I'd also like for my relationship with my partner to be deeper, more intimate and more fun. I'm looking for ways to get us there (sex and intimacy course, perhaps?)

To have worked hard and partied well in Glasgow during the Commonwealth Games.

I would like to have developed in my personal and professional career. By this time next year, I will be a wife and hope that I will also be in a higher position in my professional career.

I would like to experience more joy more of the time. To bump myself up to a higher level of joy throughout my days, weeks and years. I'd like to see more of the good in the world and to offer more gratitude on a regular basis. This is important because it will enhance my life and the lives of those around me and - ultimately the world.

I will have let go of my financial career by then and would like to be working more with my healing practise by that time. I would also like to have more of a sense as to the work I am being guided to do with regards to helping women. There is a bigger purpose for me to fulfill and by next year I would like to have stepped more into that role. I would like to have released my sense of obligation to continue with the administrative work I have been doing and put my focus and energy more into the areas that give me the most joy and sense of satisfaction and purpose. My reason for this is about honouring my soul's purpose and honouring what feeds my soul and gives me the most joy.

Achieve comfort in the WAH program from work . I would like to be in a stable relationship. in love and enjoying life , travel more and all with a good man. Impt to me because I have wasted so much time .

I want to start an educational or career path that I am super excited about. This time next year I'll be about to embark on something. Not sure what it is yet, but it'll be awesome. Like, really awesome. I'm already pumped!

I want to have passed my degree and be in a job. It'll b the start of my career and hopefully one step forward in moving to New Zealand.

Move to California. I feel that is where I belong and want to push my limits by living somewhere new and create from there.

I want to get back to me. Specifically, I'd like to get back to taking care of my physical health. Being physically healthy (and fit!) are closely related to my mental health. So by this time next year, I'd like to be back at it...training for a marathon or some other kind of race. Back to nurturing the part of me that's been on the backburner since becoming a mom!

I hope to be teaching others how to validate their thoughts, heal their hurts and find their voices...through journaling. It;s important to me because I have personally benefitted from the process and I believe others will, too. Every story matters!

I'd like to be in better shape physically. Trimmer, feeling better, more energy. It's important, because if you don't have good health you really will notice several other areas in your life suffering from the lack of attention and energy you can give them.

I'd like to complete a short film by this time next year. I feel like it will rejuvenate me creatively and give me the confidence I need to keep moving forwards with both my day job and my dream job.

By this time next year, I want to develop the discipline to make good real-time decisions in spite of my current desires so that my future turns out the way I imagine in. I want this disciplined decision-making to span all aspects of my life, from how I take care of my body to the people I let into and keep in my life, to the decisions I make about my career.

I'd like to organize my basement. Right now, it is full of things we no longer use or need and it's impossible to find anything. I feel like if I could get my basement under control, I could get the household clutter under control and better use the space we have.

I'd like to have finished the two books I've been working on and to develop a more regular pattern of blogging. It's important to me because I am 75 years old and not sure how much time I have left to do this stuff. Of course, no one knows that about themselves, even if they are children. I know in my heart I'm supposed to do this and I would like to accomplish it.

I want to be healthy and pain-free. The last 2 months have felt like 2 years because of broken ribs, back spasms related to the broken ribs, and neck spasms, probably related to stress and tension. I know that yoga is no longer optional for me at age 51; I must commit to paying attention to my body.

id like to have my book published.

I would like to be able to run a faster mile and speed my 5K time from 40 minutes to 35 minutes.

I would like to have a regular meditation practice. This is important to me because I know the benefits of carving out time just for my higher self, and I know it comes seated in meditation.

Nothing. I want to be open to the future.

I would like to have worked at Glasgow 2014 spending an amazing time with fellow volunteers to bring the games to life for people coming to my country and the city that is my spiritual home.

I hope that I can find a way to have a different attitude to my parents and to my family. I hope that I will be able to get to a steady, loving relationship with them. I also want to be a better horseback rider and be able to jump bareback without reins with Chance. ~a 13 year old

As disturbing as this is, my goal for this time next year is really the same as it's been for the past two years. This year it WILL be achieved. The goal is for my family to have an income from my work (either my own business or a job that is fulfilling and allows for time with my daughter) and my husband's regular salary that does not require him to work overtime during the week OR on weekends. I want us to be able to meet all of our financial obligations on this income, as well as save and have the ability to take a family vacation and not be anxious about finances.

I have actually two things.First is to find a partner whom I can plan my own family.Second is to be financial free and healty 55 kg

I'd like to feel well enough to: not take pain killers, walk by myself without having to think about it, exercise without doctor's approval, and figure out my asthma diagnosis. I'd like to have a job that doesn't make me cry when I wake up in the morning and I want to have it in my home city - not my parents'. I can do all of these things.

By this time next year I want to be content with my relationship - whatever it is. Because I've spent too many years being discontent.

I'd like to have my driver's license, but I'd also really like to love myself for real. no negative thoughts, no put downs, none of that stuff. I want to be completely depression free and happy.

Get the best grades I can to show everyone that college is very serious to me. High school grades were not so good to begin with, so completing year 1 in college with respected grades will make me look forward much more to completing my four years.

I would like to be free of credit card debt. Though it is not much money, I feel somehow anchored by the debt and have seen it increase over the year. I am concerned that if I don't manage it now, I will end up living in debt and unable to manage my finances.

I'd like to be at peace with my life in the present moment. This is important because I have always lived in the future, hoping and waiting for a different (happier) situation than the one I'm currently in.

By this time next year, I would like to have a stable, more secure place of employment. This is important to me because, with having a more stable income, I won't feel like I have to pinch pennies as much as I currently do. I'd like to have more money in the bank so that my girlfriend and I can go home when we want/need to.

I'd like to be on track with my bills and have the budget going well - saving and paying off debt. It's important to me because it really determines our future - my husband and I, and our childrens'. I want my kids to be able to go to college, be able to become independent, etc. I don't know why I have so much trouble with this part, but it is hard!!!!

By this time next year, I'd like to have a job that I really like and be living in a place that I really like, and hopefully be done/finishing my med school applications. Also graduating!

Complete my thesis, graduate, get a job, get married... Oy! This is going to be quite a year. Those are more task oriented things. Overall, I'd like to be more calm and further build on my ability to let go, not take things too seriously, be flexible with how goals are accomplished, but still be proud of the work I produce. And of course the ultimate goal is to be happy. So if I can read this come October 2014 and look back at all the mentioned things above fondly than life is good! Hopefully you'll be reading this from your new (clean, organized, and comfortable) office as you set up your next meeting/ project/ email in a position with a great boss, wonderful co-workers, doing work you love. But if you aren't, that is ok too- all is due time!

I want to be well along the way to certification. Is this not a repetitive recording?! Yeah, I've said it all before. And I made a false start or two, partly out of timidity, partly out of circumstances that interfered. But: I want a career. I want to teach. I want to be good at it. I want to have summers with my kids - and with myself. I will teach English, or Spanish maybe, eventually. I might teach ESOL. or not. But those are my three options, and they're all good ones. No losers there, and English is a first choice by a slim margin simply because it is the path of least resistance and therefore most likely to actually happen for me. Spanish would be most fun to teach, but i need to spend a summer in Spain or Costa Rica or something in order to get my Spanish language chops back. Can't pay for that right now. So, later. Yeah, I'm a "career switcher." Yeah, I'm turning 47. (or is it 48? Oh, CRAP. I'm turning 48.) but I'll be aging either way. I would like to age AND have a career for the next 15 or 20 years that can support me and give me a future. So I'll make it happen. I'll be well along the way to done with it, by the time I read this again. I will.

A substantial reduction in debt. I feel like this would clear out a huge chunk of space in my mind for things that actually matter to me like family, kids, and pursuing my dreams

Most of my goals nowadays revolve around progressing in my career. This time next year I might not be out of college but I hope to be working at a job type job not an internship (not that I don't love HRA)

Financial independence and a decision as to whom to spend my life with...(just a reminder that its ok to spend it with just myself)

I'd like to have paid cash for a car at this time next year. I will be out of debt in the next few months, and I will start saving IMMEDIATELY for a newer car!!

By this time next year, I would like to have done 40 new things. I turned 40 in March and set a goal of doing 40 things I've never done before before turning 41. (So this is really a goal that I want to meet in the next 7 months.) I've done about 20 so far. But gave myself a head start and started last Sukkot. So I've done 20 in a year, and now need to do 20 in 7 months. I'm not sure it will happen and I'm not stressed about it. It's meant to encourage me to be adventurous and seek our new opportunities and interests. But I do hope I hit at least 30!

You know what I would like to achieve. Finding my passion. I have all of this passion inside of me and no where to place it. It drives me crazy and I just wish I could give back.

I want to have a thriving coaching business. I want to be fully self-employed and running workshops, speaking in front of people - perhaps doing some mediation. The key is I am out on my own and making the equivalent (if not more) to what I am making today. It's important to me number one, because I love it, but also, number 2, I have never done anything entrepreneurial that succeeded financially. They only ever succeeded culturally. I want to be a major contributor to my family's finances.

By this time next year, I'd like to have achieved my health and fitness goals. It feels a little shallow to be so focused on how I look/feel - but it's important to me after having a baby and balancing family and work. I want to feel great in my own skin. I've already begun weight watchers and I'm working out nearly every day, but results don't come as fast as I'd like. I'm sticking with it. Within the time frame of a year, all those small good choices will have multiplied into thousands of good choices. I'll get there. At least that's what I keep telling myself!

I want to find something to DO, on a regular basis, which is fulfilling to me (not, as some well-meaning people advise, a "hobby") and at least in some way helpful to someone else or else not downright deleterious. I'm bored. My current life doesn't require any brainwork, and brainwork is what I've always been good at. Now that I'm too old, fat, and lame to be physically attractive to anyone except my doting husband, or to go on lengthy solo hikes in the mountains, I need to utilize that part of me which is still--Gott sei Dank--functioning. Maybe that means taking classes at SFSU, maybe it means finding a viable writers' group, maybe it's something I haven't thought of yet.

The land purchased and cleared for a community shul

By this time next year, I'd like to feel a little more settled -- adjusted, maybe? -- to this thing we call "real life." I've had a difficult past year finding a groove for my post-college, NYC world, and in the past few months it's already begun to improve. But getting to a point where I don't want to fly home to Chicago every week... That's where I want to be.

I would like to find a cantorial position next year. This is important to me because I am the most calm and spiritual on the bima leading services. I want to be able to move people in finding something religious or spiritual through Jewish music and prayer. Just like I did.

By this time next year I would like to have quit my job. I'm not passionate about it. I don't love it. I feel I can do so much more. I want to help people more directly, inspire, motivate, grow, learn...I am destined for greatness. I am so much more than this.

Reduce the level of meanness I have or at least the amount that pops out without thought. For others, of course, but for me too.

To have completed my second book. This is important because I took a great leap of faith by quitting my job of 35 years to become a writer and I won't feel successful until I have two published books under my belt.

I'd like to have a new job, or combination of jobs, including either case management or screener type work, and earn at least the median income for Boston (presently $75,500/year). I'd like to be in better shape, with more muscle and less body fat. I'd like to regularly lift more than 10 lbs. when doing the free weights. I'd like to do at least 3 walks in the Arboretum and 3 group bike rides by this time next year. Important because if I don't do these thiings now, I may not be able to do them later!

I want to feel good about myself as a professional, and as a person. My doubts regarding myself, and what I have to offer have gotten in the way of my moving forward. My intention is to face my fears, and, if necessary, find help that will allow me to move forward. I know that I have a lot to offer (my clients and friends tell me so!)

To move in with my 70 year old mother. My mom should not live alone anymore nor should she be driving any longer. We're going to take our best shot at pulling this off within the next six months. For now, in two weeks, I am driving her from New Jersey to Nevada where she will live with a friend in temporary quarters while we both save the money to make it happen. The cross country drive should prove to be both interesting and entertaining! I look forward to it and even the challenges that will arise along the way. I love my mom. Now more than ever. After an estrangement for the better part of 30+ years we have, for the most part, reconciled and/or chosen to just leave well enough alone. And so it goes...

The continued, proven success of my small business. I took a risk in opening my own business, I don't want to fail.

I would like to plan an excellent family adventure somewhere out west for next summer. It is important to me because I've been talking about it for years, but things keep getting in the way, like major expenses or my wife's work schedule. Also, my son is a sophomore in high school, and our ability to travel with him will be limited once he graduates.

I intend to take the reins, figuratively and literally, to take 100% responsibility for bringing my Inner Child's Desires, my Life Desires, to fruition. I no longer am trying to get these met from my Mom, who couldn't give them, either to me or to herself. Now I will stop looking to her and look to myself, which would make my Mom very happy that she is "off the hook." Perhaps I can place her meaning and legacy to me in a deeper perspective now in terms of my own Life Force and where the responsibility for it lies.

I want to have paid off a large portion of my college loans and be homebrewing regularly. It's important because this will determine my future.

A real family schedule...one that has structure and flexibility...where everyone knows what is expected of them and my role as Chief Nag can be eliminated. I want this family schedule to build in time for academics and professional development, eating healthy by shopping and preparing foods and eating together, cleaning properly and being set up for the week, exercise and physical activity, friends and family and just the four (or two) of us enjoying each other. This is important to me because every day feels like I'm repeating myself and people are surprised and rushed- which is unnecessary. I am tired and overwhelmed that I need to keep the million "to dos" for everyone in my head and play traffic controller to all the home, school, and other things that need to be done. I am hopeful the schedule will get everyone on the same page and give me a chance to mentally relax and be the loving mother, wife, and person I want to be, which will help everyone. The schedule is also important to me because I want the kids and our family to have traditions and hobbies we stick with, and I can't think of another way to fit it all in this insanely busy life we live if we don't say THIS IS A PRIORITY and decide (and commit to) when it will happen.

I'd like to write one true story, fiction or nonfiction, and submit it for publication. This matters to me because I have shirked the task of creating a serious discipline of writing for so long. In spite of what Annie Lamott says, writing for publication eases my anxiety in the world.

I would like to finish at least one major writing project. There are so many ideas in my head floating around and not enough time to sit down and make them a reality. I want to make the time to write every single day and to have something to show for my effort and commitment by next year.

To be able to stay healthy so can continue exercise at the J, and sing in our choir of seniors. (Joyful Notes) Both are important to physical and mental well bing. Singing in the choir is an important mitzvah. It means so much to us and to our audience who are mostly senior communities and assisted living facilties and nursing homes. They enjoy our music and makes us feel good also.

I wish I can improve my English and be completely fluent and accurate, so, in two more years, I'll be an excellent English Teacher

Find my passport or get new one so that I can travel past my current boundaries.

I want to have a career shake-up. I feel very stagnant and somewhat trapped where I am now, and I have to make a real change. I think the change is coming, but we'll have to see what the next year will bring.

I want to become financially independent and successful again. It is very sad to me that my children have had to "rally" around and help me financially. They seem delighted to do so, but I am uncomfortable in not being able to do things for them! I am returning to work and I am quite excited. I am 73 and I believe that working again will give me a renewed "sense of self". I am so appreciative of everything my kids have done and I am grateful about their attitudes in helping me. I just want to be independent again.

I want to have my weight problem figured out. Is it thyroid disease? Is it allergies? Is it my gut? I have been fighting my weight for the past 15 years at the onset of my 40's now. Either I figure I have it figured out or I need to accept my body as it is and stop hating it.

One thing I would like to achieve by next year is the illumination of my credit card bills. This would lift a burden from my shoulders and allow me to breath a sigh of relief.

I hope to be more financially independent so that I can make codices about my living situation without money being the main issue.

I'd like to be able to attain some sort of inner-peace. We all have our demons to fight. I know what choices I make that will cause feelings of remorse, guilt, etc. So far, I've been unable to do more than repress the actions that cause these feelings for more than a month or so.

I want to develop a calmer style of parenting. I think I am better than I used to be, but I still yell and lose my temper.

By this time next year, I need to be through my dissertation prospectus, my IRB proposal, and some grant proposals. I need to have passed my French exam, and I need to have conducted the majority of my research. So... one thing at a time. The professional is so much easier than the personal, in some ways. Personally, I would like to establish a regular exercise habit, enjoy regular alone time, work at being comfortable in a normal relationship. And above all, as I am pretty sure I've said in past years, I want to work at being okay with myself, wherever I am, whatever I'm doing (or not doing). My standards are too high -- and especially so for myself. It's too difficult a rubric to live by and to be happy with. It's time to settle into myself, and I don't think it's just going to happen. I think I have to will myself into being proud of me right here, right now. I am enough.

I hope all aspects of our lives will be peaceful and stable. We've just entered a huge stage of uncertainty, in our professional, home, and family situations. I'm feeling stressed out about the next six to nine months, so I hope within 12 months, we'll be feeling stronger and more at peace than ever.

Well last's years wishes didn't come true;) lets try again. Hopefully I will have some time with my inner self in Laos (or it might be just a silly hope) and will start working on something what is important to me and am happy doing it. What this is, believe me or not, I'm not exactly sure. Ok back to the question. Well yeah, it's getting really boring living on my own so I would like to fall in love with myself, start liking and loving myself so I could find my awesome significant other. By this time should have done at least 2deals with Robertas. To be honest I still think I will be in credit to the bank;) lets say on £2k. Oh by the way maybe finally I would have run marathon, have been thinking about it for too long.

Lose 33 lbs Get clarity with my finances Continue to be at peace with my adult children

By this time next year I want to be settled in a new place, with a similar job to the one I have now. I LOVE the work I'm doing, I even love the place I'm doing it, I just can't live in this city anymore. It's killing me. I need to get out. I want the work to be the same, but I need to be somewhere healthier for me. I'll be sad to leave this place but I need to do it for my own health. So, I want to continuing my career path, but in a place better suited to me. It's important because it may shape the course of my entire future!

By this time next year, I want to be an English teacher. I'm working so hard, and will have to work so hard, to finish my student teaching and get my Master's degree in one year. It's all leading to the job itself. Me being the person and the teacher I want to be will make it all worth it.

I would like to achieve my goal weight of 130- 140. I feel like my weight holds me back from other things that I really want to happen - intimacy, good romantic relationship, creative expression through fashion, distraction from the present because I'm hiding, etc. I would also like to improve the relationships I have with my family. I need to be patient. I also want to travel more, learn more w photography and pursue that more aggressively, learn Spanish and French.

By this time next year I hope to have my own income and not have to depend on my husband. It is important to me for my own self-respect and to give him more financial freedom.

Getting better because I am exhausted being depressed. But realistically: make it to London. It's already on the to-do list, I've got 2/3 of the money I anticipate needing already tucked in a savings account. I've wanted to go to England for as long as I can remember. I grew up reading the classics, and those are not typically set in the Midwest. They're set in England, or New England. I want to be there for a BBC broadcast, I want to go to the museums and have tea and try a scotch egg. And also, the timing for the trip was planned by one of my oldest friends. Someone who has put up with me for a long time. Someone who never insists on anything. For him to insist on a trip to England, well, that's a big deal.

The fact that I am literally cutting and pasting the same anser from last year is upsetting, but since it still applies and I did not achieve this year... ...Being healthy and happy in my own skin. I would like to assign a number to this like "I would like to lose 50 pounds" but at this point, I just want to be healthy. I want to be confident in the daily decisions I make regarding eating and exercising.

I would like to be happy. That is all that I can ask for right now!

I'd like to find a better kind of happiness, because I believe that is the intention and meaning of life.

I want to have a field job in oil and gas. I do not want to be stuck behind a desk every day, all day. I want to know I've done something at the end of the day. I want to show that I am capable and knowledgeable. I want to be on a track for a rotational job far offshore, deep water, 6 weeks on, 6 weeks off as well as international assignments.

A really clean house. It sounds silly, but I know it will do wonders for my mental state.

I would LOVE to have achieved a better balance between my identity as a mom and my identity as "me." I've struggled a lot this year with this loss of self, getting too wrapped up in being a mom of two and not an adult with her own thoughts, ideas, and dreams. This struggle has manifested itself in anxiety, sadness, and a despondency that's affected my abilities as a good mom and wife, ironically. I need to find myself. Again. It's like college, but with way earlier bedtimes.

I hope to save enough money to have at least 5,000 pounds as a safety net AND take an international holiday. It will be really hard and require a lot of sacrifices as a family. Especially if I decide to start my phd. But I want to both be financially secure and also prioritize travel in our lives.

I would like to give in to my vices less I suppose, I would like to be more productive and to achieve success... this is a given... but I am starting to think that maybe what I really want to quit is setting all these fucking achievements for myself. If you are always looking at what you haven't done or what you will do how can you love what you are doing?

Find a job utilizing my skills, experience and interests that allows me to both express and support myself. This is important because I've been a stay-at-home mom for 20 years and have allowed a less-than-ideal marriage to almost eliminate what little self-esteem I ever had. I need to find the "can do" person I used to be and make it happen. I need to breathe the free air and make my own choices.

Publish "Secret Life" because I know I can do it. Redo my apartment because I know I can do it. Adopt two baby cats See how the Flat Rat catnip mice pan out. Have Blake come to visit for more than stopover. In addition I would like to see how much longer I can TRY to work this deteriorated marriage out. How much longer I can try to get David to at least manage his rage and anger. How much longer I can manage my own anger and sadness.

I would like to have a better control over my body. I'm not sure what that exactly means yet, but having spent the last 8 months not being able to walk, I don't want to take my body for granted. It's already limited in the things it can do, so I want to use it while I can. I don't know if this means I'll do more active things or I'll lose weight--I just know that I don't want to feel so hindered by my body anymore.

This entire year I have struggled with the idea of leaving New Jersey. Actually, almost two years now. It's brought so much stress, anxiety, and depression into my life, and continues to be a dull thud at the back of my mind. I tried to be indifferent in coming here, but by the end of the school year, I was essentially in love with New Jersey (literally, like the people here have swept me off my feet). After a really impacting conversation I had with my mom, I realized that I have so much. If it were not for my dad being in the military, I wouldn't have met any of the people I now have in my life or any of those I had. And I guess you could say the brevity with which I experience everything makes me appreciate it all the more. I'm grappling with this perspective I've been given, trying to accept it, but there is no doubt it is hard to leave each place. All of this considered, I'm hoping within this coming year, I'll get to a point where I feel friendly with change. Where I will no longer spend a half hour crying over any mention of moving. Another thing I'm aiming for is letting go of jealousy. I have wasted so much energy being angry and envious toward others, that I've been so self-involved as to ignore the people I care about. Everyone has it hard, in some way, and it's too tiring to be so self-pitying all the time. I have so much.

The ability to let people do things for me. To be able to accept those things. In health. I am always doing the giving. I want to learn how to accept--without guilt! And because I deserve it.

I'd really like to be more present & aware - & live each minute to its fullest because as I get older - I realize each moment only comes once - can I simultaneously appreciate the beauty/goodness/joy in the world & consciously do my best to make the world a better place?

I want to get to know my neighbors better & bring joy to their lives. There are two reasons it's important to me. The first being that Jesus tells us to be light to this world. The 2nd is because it is a challenge for me to meet to people. I get nervous & feel awkward.

I'd like to have gotten my indefinite leave to remain for the UK. It would mean I could be a 'normal' person, and that the citizenship test had not defeated me!

I want to have a job. I have always been in school or too busy. I want to have an actual job where I make money. I hope I will either have a research position or work in a hospital or something to progress my knowledge.

I want to have explored in depth the possibility of finishing my dissertation, put on hold several years ago with the onset of my cancer diagnosis. Many people suggest that it's not really important, given that I have retired and am getting ready to turn 70, but it feels like a big "incomplete" in my life. I have always said I want to "die a doctor", so a PhD might suffice, instead of the MD I wanted when I was a youngster.

By this time next year, I would like to have a consistent weight of 120lb, have more muscle definition, and a resting heart below the current 74. I used to not have to work at having a good looking body because I was naturally skinny and active. Now that it takes work, I appreciate the effort, and I enjoy looking good. I'll be 30 next year, and my gift to myself will be a hot, fantastic body. Can't wait to look good next summer!

Work 20 hours a week with happy family around me. I want to earn money and work with what I love

Be settled and trained in a challenging and fulfilling job. On the road to adoption of a child. Possibly even in the process of adopting my foster daughter. Guess that is 3 things, but they really are things I need to come together to make my life move forward.

I'd like to be more comfortable in my own skin.

I want to be kinder. All of the time. I think sometimes I hide my own insecurity behind a quiet distance that I create with people. And if someone has already hurt me, my walls are almost unbreachable. I want to recognize that being open and kind is NOT risky for me.

I would like to have reduced my retirement loan significantly and have saved enough money to book my trip to Spain to walk the Camino in Spring of 2015. It is important for me to make this pilgrimage for personal, spiritual and emotional reasons and I want to fulfill this dream while I am still physically capable of doing it.

I would like to achieve having one romantic relationship by this time next year. It is important to me because I haven't been in a relationship in many years, and I was starting to lose faith in the possibility.

I hope I have gotten my IB diploma. I hope to mature a little more. I think the diploma is important in boosting my self-esteem and maturity will help me through college, which I will be in this time next year.

I want to get into a good university and begin to establish a new, independent chapter of my life.

By this time next year I would like to have put everything in place for my move to Barcelona. If I'm not already IN Barcelona this time next year, I would like to have it all ready, needing only to sling our luggage into the trunk of a taxi and take off for the airport, travel documents in hand, to fly there and start our new life of living and working in Spain for the next eight to ten years. This is important to me because my son needs to be where the Barcelona futbol team scouts can see how talented and persistent and smart and fast he is and give him a shot at greatness in his chosen field.

have my own horse. have an art show. make things to sell. raise funds for said horse. childhood dream. deeeeeeply therapeutic. keeps me fit. happy. healthy. sane. i've never been closer to finally having my very own pony to ride at the beach, in the woods, etc... am half-leasing now, to prepare me for the long term costs of horse ownership. so i didn't turn out to be an olympic rider... doesn't mean i can't still enjoy pleasure riding and just generally hanging out w/ my 'pony'.

Put a 6ft wide archway into the workroom and complete the expansion of my shop. It is important for the long term success of the business and therefore my employment.

I don’t need to change path. Everything is on the right track, I have a wonderful girlfriend, I love my job and life is challenging in general, so if I should wish for something then it should be for everything to stay on track … and that we would be expecting our first child.

I'd like to either have a child, be pregnant, or at least be feeling better about the possibility of having a family. It's very important to me to have a family with Aaron. We love each other very much, and I think that having kids would be good for both of us, and that we'd make great parents. I'd like to make our love for each other bigger and more powerful, and broader-reaching.

I would like to help my son get married. It is the most important thing in my life right now, because I want to see him as a father, and I want to have grandkids. He will be an a great father, and a good husband, and I can't wait to see him and his family around the table for Shabbat dinners. I want to get closer to G-d, as I know it is the most blissful experience of life. As I feel G-d, I feel no fear, only peace - The peace from knowing that "All is well".

I would like to be in a loving intimate relationship. Been thinking of this one for awhile. It's important because it would be the first one I would be in as a full time transgendered woman. And so it might be the first time I've ever truly been in one even though I've been married twice and have had other significant relationships. Been working a bunch on my family of origin issues and this is a big one. I had a very tough upbringing and was basically told, without words, that I was on my own, weird, and work it all out on your own because we got nothing for you. And so I did. I went off on my own constantly. Because there was nothing for me at home except shrugs, anger, and resignation. And I've acted that out a great deal in my life. I used to think me being alone was just normal and the way it was. I don't think that so much anymore. I am an interesting person with a full, happy life in many ways and I want to share it with someone. And I have to be me too so that's the way it is too. Fact is, I miss being married. I enjoyed the commitment and intensity. I didn't mind the work of it at all. I figured it would be work. I loved my second wife with all my heart. Tried to be a good husband and the best kind of man. So when my second wife kicked me out of my house and relationship and lied about it all the way out my life was shattered. For a year I grieved and grieved well...and then I remembered who I was from the beginning ( I knew I wanted to be female at the age of 6) and decided I just had to stop living two lives. My second wife knew of both sides but they were never allowed to be present. She had to have it all her way. And when I stood up for myself I got immediately booted out. I live one life now. And it's a lot of fun. And I just want to share that with someone who likes me for who I am as I do them. I don't mind solitude. It just seems to me I have way more than I really prefer. Barring an intimate relationship, at the least then I want a much more vibrant social life that includes people in my life who want to spend time with me. At my house, creating a rich fun life in work and play. I'm a performer story teller who loves to host people and parties with creative people.

I want to be organised. Well, I need to be. I'm sick of my life being chaotic. More realistically, though, I would just like to feel like I'm managing my life a little better and not constantly chasing my tail and living in fear of being 'caught out' at work.

Ths time next year, I want to have given my parents at least 7000Eur (in lump sums), to say thank you for all the sacrifices they made. This might be unrealistic, seeing as I don't have a plan (yet), but let's see. I want to have set up a business that is making profit, found a job doing something I mostly love, and I want to be fully independent.

I believe I've wanted the same things for the last three years -- for my novel to get published. Many many reasons. And the next obvious -- lose weight.

I want to laugh more. With all the trials of the past few years, I've forgotten how to relax and enjoy life. Laughter is what brought me and my husband together. We've lost a lot of the fun, easy going ways in our lives, and I'd like it back. Maybe then the difficulties of our lives might not seem so difficult after all.

By this time next year I would like to have made something of myself in college. I want to be confident in myself on campus and in life. Therefore, I would like to be healthy and maintain a healthy weight, be involved in clubs that I love, have great grades, and have friends that I really care about and I know care about me.

I would like to be working more, earning more — just enough so that my darling doesn't have so much on his shoulders. He has been so supportive and I'm so lucky.

I would really like to become my own best friend. Right now I dislike myself, and my depression is really becoming a problem. Would love to be rid of it , and have my health back under control. My weight is another issue.

Publish at least 2 books, the current novel I'm working on and a book of short storie

I would like be doing my exercise program on a steady and regular basis. This will mean my knees have remained intact, my overall health and fitness has improved and I have maintained my determination to work on my health as part of a balanced life.

two things actually. Remove michagas from my head without the use of medication, let me not obsess over things be be accepting. Especially whe I see hypocrisy. I need to continue to make Sandi see things in a positive light without constant negativity, and i need to do it in a building way without anger,

I'd like to learn to be more comfortable with variances from my routines across all aspects of my life. I need to re-learn habits and open myself to possibilities. Beyond that, I'd like to feel successful and happy in my career (top of mind as I work to make changes in that realm of my life), in my relationships, and with my self. It would be great to explore my spirituality more as well: I acknowledge that I may not be able to do this as much as I'd like given the hectic nature of the every day - but even if I find the time to dip into this on occasion, I should feel proud and more fulfilled.

The most important thing I will accomplish this year will be completing my graduate education. In the next year I hope to be offered a position at a nonprofit organization where I feel I will be valued for my qualifications, in a new city where I will be excited to be starting a new chapter of my life.

I'd like to have really cleaned out a good deal of the clutter accumulated in my home. With some of the rooms less cluttered, I can then paint and upgrade with just a few little touches. All of that will make my house feel more comfortable to me.

I'd like to be in a regularly gigging band. I see this as being a way of having fun playing music with others, opening avenues of creativity within me and being a fun way to leave my legacy with my friends and community.

A promotion and a shift in my career towards a field I'm just starting to explore

I can't think of anything. Maintain present status? That's not really an achievement, is it? I don't feel that I'm in control of my life. I am a supporting character. Whatever I might desire would be at the expense of others. I'm very happy with what I have.

Refocus on work. I've been lazy

Well, my current goal is to earn my level 2 snowboard instructor cert. I got my level 1 last season and learned much more than jut snowboarding. I learned about dealing with people and having fun and being safe/cautious and lots of things that are a part of snowboarding that are applicable to everyday life as well. Lots of things I've learned have been useful, not only with snowboarding, but all other aspects of my life such as communication and proper equipment and preparation and health/fitness and many other things physical, physiological, and emotional. I feel it's important to continue pursuing this higher knowledge of the sport and its equally important understanding of teaching for me to progress and grow, not only as an instructor, but as a person as well. I'm currently on a mission to prove to myself that I can accomplish great things on my own and don't need to be handed them for free. I want to be able to reach a higher goal and not give up because its hard. I want to be wise. I want to be courageous. I want to be intelligent. I want to be the best possible person I can. I feel like earning my level 2 will help me stay on the right track to being able to accomplish that.

I'd like to be living with Nicky and starting our life as partners together. We are both in our sixties, and want to make the most of the time we have left, having found each other so late in our lives.

Continued happiness, creativity and love. A baby/pregnancy, more work, some blog growth, a happier/healthier husband and brother, and a zen me. I'd like my dad to meet his siblings too.

I'd like to be able to speak Hebrew twice as well as I can now. This should be possible if I achieve my goal of getting back to Israel in early 2014 and doing some sort of program with a language learning component.

Finish my book manuscript and get it set on the publishing path. If I can accomplish that task, I can breathe a little easier when it comes to my tenure and promotion case two years from now. Also, I want to see the project through to the end, because I tend to quit too many things. Not this time.

I would like to be set. I would like to finally have the love of my life, the career I am most useful at, the life i have longed for. It's important because I've been working at things step by step and the whole thing hasn't come together yet. I will be 39. it's about time!

I'd like to have a better relationship with my husband. I don't really trust him, and I don't support the choices that he has made and is currently making. I want our marriage to last forever, and for it to be healthy both for us and to be an example to our children and other people...but right now it just isn't that great.

Begin semi-retirement, leaving things in good order behind me.

I sure hope I achieve success with re-building Image Matters Promotions. I'm working with Leo McLeod, who's keeping me honest. I'm re-thinking clients, my approach to them, and building my sales. My goal for 2013 was to double my sales from 2012, not going as well as I'd like. I'm working at focusing my efforts towards growth though. Writing lists of prospects, contacting former clients, asking for more referrals, etc. Hoping it will work. I need to be earning close to $80,000.00 minimum by this time next year.

I want to be in healthy relationships in all aspects of my life. I want to continue to do good and be good for people and have that from people in return. I want to always be able to look at things with the appropriate balance of emotion and logic. This is important because i feel like these past years I have learned some pretty dysfunctional relationship patterns and that carries into my current relationships. Almost like "well i tolerated this from so and so, so you should tolerate it from me" and the problem with that is i forgot how much it hurt to tolerate it from someone else. And I don't want to do that to people. I think that what I am actually after is to be the best version of myself so far when I read this next. I don't want to look back at the year and think "wow, i was a shit head, why was i so ridiculous" And I want to cultivate relationships that facilitate that growth not stunt it.

Having achieved a sustainable revenue model with my startup. Something that allows me to keep travelling and doing the stuff I love to do. Something that also allows me to focus on even more precious things like falling in love. And making it happen. And making those around me happy.

I want to be retired and doing the things I want to do

This question for me has an easy answer, an answer that I have also heard many times from my wife. What we want to achieve in the next year is: to be able to look back at this year and see only peace with happiness. We want boring, for once. No more drama. No more trauma. No major disasters that wreck our home, our car, our health, our finances or our relationship. We have endured all of this over the past years. We are ready for a peaceful year, a boring year. We are ready to spend the year quietly focusing on us. We are ready to spend the year being the married couple we never were able to be. We are now there, and we feel like we have entered our second marriage, we feel like newlyweds. We hope to focus on us. And we hope to spend time with our children, giving the attention, love and positive reenforcement, things we always struggled to do when we struggled simply to keep our heads above water through the myriad storms that have blown through our lives over the years. We want to relax with the kiddos, travel with the kiddos, hike and bike and read and cook and see movies and shop with the kiddos. We want to rebuild the family we always hoped to have. We feel now that we have the peace and the strength and the focus to do this. So as I look forward to this time next year, all I hope to achieve is the capacity to look back and see a year filled with the peace and happiness that comes from a strong marriage and family.

To show, through example, that successful community can be done (is already done) without mountains of research, carefully framed consultation questions, a bunch of spin PR and an expert risk analysis. What it needs is enough caring, energetic people to be trusted.

I want to be in the best physical shape possible for a 67 year old woman. This is important because when I am physically able, I also feel well mentally.

I would like to get a good start on writing a book

I am writing my memoirs inbetween having an extremely busy work / project life and social life and children growing up but have been motivated by finding a childhood friend from 45 years ago. How far would I have got to writing these memoirs. So many good memories and everyone tells me I should write a book.

I want to be fulfilled in my relationship in our openness to conversation and critique. Right now, many walls are up, we get very guarded, and we lose track of our goals and our love for one another. I hope that by next year, we will invite the opportunity to engage, even with the difficult times.

I want to really build the relationships in my life, and I want to build my side business making art and judaica.

I'd like to be in a job where I feel I'm using my talents and where I feel respected. I would love to be able to be creative and showing leadership.

I would like to me my new home & have sold my old home. It's important to me because I haven't felt completely settled in Colorado because of not having a home.

I would have like to have been paid for at least one or two data analysis/data science projects. I also would like to be able to swim a mile. These are important to me because they are indicators of the direction my life is going.

not be single? be good at my job? have the apartment unpacked (in time to move again :() expand the tea business Notes on the past years, failed to fully unpack apartment before moving, new apartment also not fully unpacked. Never explored SA Got to be very needed at work but still felt like i should be able to do more, then left adn now feel useless again No gaming cons need more range time

This year I would like to make friends with more people and not be so exclusive to the Jewish community. I need to grow out of the ways I was raised with, be less judgemental, and know everybody has a valid opinion.

I hope to achieve financial stability. Why is this important to me? Im lo achshav, ematai?

I want to have my mother's memoirs and her papers and pictures and my father's in a form to hand on in the family. I want to have my own pictures winnowed out and given to Deirdre and Charles. I want to have helped Alan go through all his papers and his parents and have them in some form to hand on. This is important because I feel burdened by them and want to either have them done or disposed of in some way. I hope I have some more years left and I would like to spend them making memories not curating them.

I would love to do theatre of some sort again. I really miss it in my life right now and am just dying to play some of my dream roles; hopefully I'll get this opportunity and have some fun!!

I would like to have more direction. I know that I am happy trying to work it out, but I would like to look down the track and say where I would like to see myself in 5 years. At the moment im still so confused.

Improve my communication skills- I want to be more thoughtful with what I say and how I say it. I also want to be a better listener and interrupt less. My delivery of things is not what it should be and I am often left wishing I had thought a little more before speaking. This is important for creating better impressions and improving and deepening relationships with others.

I want to be in a PhD program! Pretty sure it was my goal last year, too. It's important to me because I really want to do more research--not just because of my passion for the field, but because I want to be in a place where I'm even more professionally qualified to reach new audiences and engage the public in a fun and democratic discussion about culture.

I'd like to have produced something I created. I'm a producer on some things - films and a webseries - but I haven't had my creative hand in them. While I'm still writing a new fiction book, I'm hoping that one or the other couple of things I have going will have become real by a year from now. It sounds a little shallow, perhaps, but in stepping into the indie creator circle I get the chance to make something with a meaningful message, as well as a good story. Same reason I'm painting a target on my back writing for a zine about representation and privilege. Same reason I'm working hard in the industry to build myself into someone known as responsible, trustworthy, dedicated and honest; someone whose thoughts and recommendations, etc, are considered worthy. Art can influence change, can inspire, can help - that's what I want my art to do.

I would like to be healthy. I want to be able to stay health. Maybe not technically healthy - but in remission.

September 2014. Take Swipes to the next level. Have 20 fully functioning chapters. Cohesive board. Have had at least one real relationship. now, I don't want to get too ambitious. so I'll leave it there.

I want to make exercise/activity part of my life. At age 66, I feel myself getting weaker. I joined the gym today. Yeah me!

By this time next year, I'd like to be in a position to quit my day job & run my Etsy business full-time. The smaller goals within this goal include: having more than one greeting card line, selling my greeting cards stores in several states, and expanding my wedding line so that I can offer one stop shopping for wedding paper goods.

Becoming the best person I can be

i want to be the healthiest i can be in body mind and spirit - to really commit to making positive changes for my health and well being, to live happily and successfully within my realistic limits, and to find a happy medium between my 2 speeds - on or off.

Clarity. Clarity in my personal life and work. I seem to be very confused. I am running or searching, I am not sure which. I seem to need a man to get me through. Larry is good, but I am not sure he is in this for the long haul. I am not sure I can accept all of his weirdness. I need to get clear on what I want, and I am not sure what that is. I need to be more open, and let more people and experiences into my life. So, I need to get stronger so I can see clearly. I think temple will help me with some of this.

I want to begin to build my own home. It is important to me because I feel like I have allowed myself to be defined by the communities I am participating in, living in other's spaces and not in one that is totally my own.

I want to stop feeling depressed. I want to finally manage my anxiety and depression and realize and accept when that will be. It's important to me because I am sick and tired of feeling like this. I feel that it affects too many areas of my life negatively. Every day still is a struggle for me and I do not want to life the rest of my life in this way.

I want to do something significant with my life. Something new and different and good for the world. I want to be a better public speaker and have more confidence.

This is not something that I will have achieved by next year but is something that I will hopefully be on my way to achieving. I need to and want to finish my degree. It is something that I am deeply ashamed about not completing and I think not completing it is one of my true regrets in life. Once I finish travelling I plan on making studying my number one priority. This will be tough as I am a hopeless studier and a big time self sabotager.

I'd like to be less afraid. I spend a lot of time thinking about things I'd like to do or to be. When I'm socializing I'm afraid to say what I think. When I have ideas, I'm afraid to enact them because I don't think I'll do them justice, or I'm afraid of seeing myself fail. I want to be comfortable being myself in the world. I want to be driven by my passion and morals and joy, not by what I think other people are thinking.

Same as last year, and the year before..to finish at least ONE of the novels that I have 50,000 words started! Vashti's Daughter has been sitting in my computer for 3 years.. Bourbon for Brunch since last November. Need to stop talking about it and DO IT... The year goes by SOOO fast!

I hope to be working as an RN in a pediatric setting. If I could already be in grad school, that would be great...yesterday I found out MGH has an RN DNP direct entry program that you don't necessarily need experience for...but if not, I'll work for a little, and keep trying for it.

I'd love to have a professional goal to focus on by this time next year. I have been out of the workforce for the past 5 years to focus on having and raising my kids. A year from now, my youngest daughter will be 3, which means I will have another year to work on achieving that goal and finding reentry into the workforce. I love being a mother. I am so lucky to have the opportunity to raise them full time. I am also cognizant of the gender role model I am establishing, and I think it is important that my daughters see me as a contributing member of society as well as a dedicated parent. I would like to spend the next year figuring out what I'd like to do with the rest of my professional life.

By this time next year I would like to become comfortable as a college student and as a civilian itself. I just recently separated from the active duty air force and it is very different as a civilian. I need to get use to being on a completely different schedule and not having orders to accomplish at all times.

By this time next year I would like to have a better idea of what I want my 5-year plan to look like. Gradschool, a new job, traveling, whatever. I want to have a vision and mission for my professional work as well as a direction and some principles and guidelines for getting there.

I'd like to have a child or be well into the process of adoption. I feel like it's that time in my life, and I really want to take that step. I also think that Tyler was meant to be a dad, and it sucks that it's taking us "extra" to get to that point.

Take control of what I put into my body. I am tired of mindlessly drinking alcohol, sucking down string cheeses. I want to make better choices for what I am consuming.

I'd like to be making more money or at least be on the way to doing so.

I would like to have in place a payment plan for my loans, a realistic savings goal for a down payment on a house, and increased credit score (738). We gotta' grow up to live well!

To have all 3 of my main project/business ventures up and running. Because I need to make shit happen and not let things drag on as I have in the past. Just f'n do it!

I would like to know more about what I want to do with me life. I will soon be in my last year of high school and I want to have a bit more assurance on what I'm going to do and where I'm going to do it. I know it's a bit early to be thinking about the rest of my life, but I would like to have some comfort.

By this time next year I would like to know what I would really like to do with my life. I keep telling people I'm going to go to law school, but I'm not really sure I want to do that anymore.

I would like to complete another half marathon, maybe even a triathlon. Participating in the Chicago half marathon gave me the confidence to attempt things that may seem overwhelming at first glance. It has given me hope that I can accomplish great feats, and hold myself accountable for my goals.

I want to learn to dance. I'm big and bulky, but deep in my bones I have this desire to move my body like it hasn't before. I want to take a ballet or contemporary dance class so that I can learn the basics and then I just want to dance, no holds barred, no matter what anybody thinks.

One thing I WILL have accomplished by this time next year is MY PROFESSIONAL SUCCESS, though I am planning to have accomplished this far before next autumn! I want this well underway by the time we have our first snowfall of this coming winter. I have already lost 20 pounds .. I am finally not cutting my hair anymore so it is growing in soft and lovely. I have moved from Chicago back to Boulder so I now feel supported, embraced and actually SEEN. There is only spark in my favor for this to start happening NOW. It is important to me because this is what I came into this lifetime to do .. work with people and help them to elevate their vibrations to wonderful places of tremendous positivity and possibility! Work with me, Hashem!! Here we GO!

I'd like to find a new job that gives me real satisfaction. It's important to me to do something that has meaning. I hate just going through the motions, which is a lot of what my current job is. I got off track with my career when I had kids, and it's time to get back where I belong.

Less stress

I'd like to finalize a divorce that has been dragging on for too many years. It's important to me to have a chance to be viewed as something other than a financial boon and tax benefit for someone who places more value upon money and things than he does upon people and relationships.

I'd like to have created several paintings that I consider to be ground-breaking in concept and technique. I'd like my work to inspire feelings of spirituality in others. Along with this I'd like to have a daily practice of drawing.

I hope to have drastically improved my physical, spiritual, and mental health. I hope to be more educated and empowered. I hope to still be living in California.

I would like to have lost 35 lbs and maintained it for at least a month before trying to get pregnant by this time next year.

A lot of things come to mind, but I don't want to overshoot my aspirations. I will say whole-heartedly 100% I'd like to achieve financial stability. Booom!

By this time next year I'd like to feel more settled. Right now it feels like so many things are unstable - especially my relationship with my partner. By this time next year I'd like to not be as scared.

I hope that I have a new job. It is important for me to get something that I enjoy to do professional or at least somewhere that I'm a better fit than I am currently.

1. make more progress on digitizing and organizing my grandparents', parent's and my own family documents, photos, and artifacts that I think worth keeping to pass on to my children and grandchildren. 2. make more progress going through files and discarding all that I don't need/use anymore in my retirement 3. create another chapbook of poems or a way to blog them online These things matter to me as I approach the age of 70, because I feel that my children will simply discard what I feel is a valuable inheritance if I have not put things in a user-friendly order. And the continuity of the generations is a gift I feel I received from my elders and wish to pass on to my descendants because it helps give meaning and support to my life in difficult times and hope it will do the same for those who come after me.

Well I'm in existential crisis again. I pretended last year was a year that answered questions, namely of what profession I should pursue. Why am I so lost? By this time next year, I'd like to have a few vey strong months of a positive partnership, and a positive outlook on it as a lasting relationship. That seems entirely reasonable. I would also, and perhaps more importantly, like to know what the fuck I should be doing with my life in terms of career and be making big, tangible, sequential steps toward it. Right now is my thinking time. Spring is when I make adjustments, I guess. I might start seeing a therapist to get some guidance. I don't have any real mentorship (great peers, though) and I think that's not helping me to move forward. I'd like to have some nice offers, goddamnit. I'd like to be making more money, or at least be able to be on a high horse about making little $. E.g. Working on anti trafficking, or an effing phd (or a masters that will allow me to command more $ in the very near future) There is no reason for me to be making this much and not have at least one of those chips to use for my psyche. This is important to me because I don't think I can be satisfied or at ease until these two things are taking place. Obviously. What millennial doesn't want a meaningful career, and who doesn't want to have a strong functioning romantic relationship? Oh that's right no one. Kk, maybe some people who are really satisfied by one of them, or something else in their life that I haven't thought of. Art?

You are almost there!!!!! Only 4 more months until you graduate and become a nurse. You have worked so hard these last few years, and all your hard work will have paid off. Be proud of yourself. Be happy. Look forward to the opportunities around you, but don't be bogged down by society's expectations or other people's desires. Go after what your heart wants.

I would like for my husband and I to have moved from our current community to a new community. This will signify a) that my husband has a new job opportunity and b) that we have made a choice on behalf of the life we want to lead between now and when we make aliyah.

I would like to live full time in my body. I am starting yoga teacher training in January, so I think that will help. It's important because life is in this moment, in this body, and I want to live every second, every breath.

I would like to think that when in a year I would be in a relationship - a healthy, happy one... I get a lot out of that connection and it's something that contributes to my happiness. Aside from that, I hope to have great relationships with my friends - ones that support me and bring be fun and joy. My relationships are very important to me, romantic or otherwise... I hope that is the case in a year.

Besides losing a few pounds, the one thing I'd like to achieve is a level of comfort with the Hebrew language - particularly spoken Modern Hebrew and printed text without Nikkudot. There is tremendous nuance in text as it is originally written and words as they are originally spoken. I'd love to be able to explore those nuances.

I'd like to have my radio dial tuned to my Christ-self regularly. I'd like to come from a place of knowing my truest, best self. I imagine that I would be loving and strong, compassionate and honest, calm yet energetic. I imagine this to be my most authentic self, transcending acculturated limitations, fears, confusion. And, while not always "certain" and "knowing", comfortable with the mystery, open to the unfolding, trusting in life's goodness.

I would like to have an idea what I will be doing for the next stage of my life. If I go back to school and to nursing, if I'm going to move home to Canada... I would love to know where my life will be heading. Also I would really like not to be so frightened about the future.


By this time next year I'd like to be accepted into either another school somewhere else or the main campus up of penn state. This is important to me, cuz I'm not sure if I've exactly found my place here, and I'm not sure if I can. Maybe, I don't know.

To have learned to control my anxiety and to realize that I am the best I can be, but best doesn't mean perfect. I suspect this will be important if Bill has died since I wrote this. He anchors me and helps me keep things in perspective.

I'd like to be pregnant. This is important to me because my wife and I are emotionally ready and working very hard to be financially ready as well - at least as much as we can be! As much as it is a blessing for which we are so grateful, buying a house was a major financial setback that put our plans off by quite a bit. I am trying to be patient and enjoy these quiet, peaceful early years of my marriage, but we are both ready to start a family - and so curious and excited to do that within the context of our new Jewish faith and community!

Go to Niagra falls on our 30th Anniversary. We never had the chance to honeymoon. The years have gone by so fast, and we mourned the loss of our youngest son's untimely death on our 29th anniversary. I hope my husband and I are in a celebratory mood for our 30th on July 26, 2014.

By this time next year, I will have lost at least 50lbs, well on my way, not only to weight loss, but better overall fitness, strength, endurance, and agility. I'll be saving my joints the strain and wear. I'll be back to physical activities, swimming, biking, tennis....back to fitness and athleticism.

I know it is cliche but I want to lose 30 lb and get back down to my normal weight. I just want to fit into my clothes and be happy in my own skin again.

I want to feel comfortable playing the bass guitar in front of other people. It's important because it's something I've always wanted to do, and now that I can, I want to make sure that I'm actually doing it, as opposed to picking it up and letting it drift away.

This is the most important question in all the questions. At this stage you have a business, you've done the research, you've done the ground work and you are a bit strapped for cash but somehow persevering. I hope that by this time next year you have made your money back, that you have generated revenue and generated profit. I hope you have done what you need to do to get you where you need to be. If that is outside capital so be it, if that is selling some of the business so be it. I hope that you are happy with your decisions and have learnt a lot. I hope you have failed in some aspects so you can learn and grow. I hope you can feel that you have overcome hardship and be proud of what you have built and made of yourself. This next year will NOT be easy, it will be tough. You will continue to put aside a lot for your own success, and I hope you will see the fruits of your labour - whether that is financial, knowledge, or experience. Be proud of what you have achieved if you have worked hard - that is the most important achievement.

I- want- to -talk- slowly- and -clearly. As a child I had speech therapy but I was aged out of the system. As an adult, I talk really, really fast and not clearly. This is something I'm ashamed about. Something I want desperately to fix. I've gone to a speech therapist and done the homework she gave me but it's an excruciating slow process. It's so unnatural for me to speak slowly that when I enunciate my jaw gets tense. Thank G-d, I'm really doing well in my career choice. The only negative feedback I get is to talk slower. Which is a big deal when you work in the museum education industry.

I'd like to be braver in my social interactions and in auditions. I want to break free of the inhibitions I've forced upon myself over the years. I am a talented, funny, smart, and interesting person and I need to go after everything I do with that assumption. Not in an arrogant way, just in a totally unselfconcious way. I love watching people and being around people who are always unapologetically themselves and I'd like to join their ranks. I'd like to worry less about making mistakes (because I'll make them anyway) and live more openly.

I want to have a handle on my weight. It's been on every list I've made for myself since I was 20. I want to move it to a different list, one that doesn't make me feel like a failure.

One thing that I would like to achieve is a 4.0 GPA in my college career.

Stay in the moment!!! So easy to say, so hard to do. Stop "worrying" about the future and regretting the past; there's nothing to do about those things. When I don't allow myself to stay in the moment, I allow myself to be robbed of so much joy! It's a work in progress, but one I must be diligent about!

I want to be a healthy weight and much stronger physically. I want to have gone SCUBA diving with my daughter before she goes to college.

I want to look and feel better so that I can be around as long as I can for my family.

One thing I'd like to achieve by this time next year -- I'd like to have my own car. I've been using someone elses for too long now.

I spent the last five years focused on professional accomplishments; Ph.D., sate license, active duty. I still want to progress professionally, but I think my primary focus will be on BJJ, fitness and family. By this time next year, I want to be a blue belt in BJJ with at least two stripes. I want to improve my flexibility and mobility, and get my weight down to around 205lbs. Lastly, I want spend lots of quality time with my beautiful wife and children - to begin making up for how busy I have been for the past five years.

Well, there's a lot of things that i hope to accomplish by next year. My driving license, attend march of the living, IC, become a good gabriels president, so on and so forth and obviously a gazillion other things. But my main goal for this year, is to do extremely well in school. There are so many things i want to do when i graduate, and even before i graduate (scholarships) and this will only happen if i do well in school this year. HERE'S TO AN AMAZING SCHOOL YEAR

To have all of my bills paid in full and extra money to spend. This would relieve my constant anxiety over money. I could also quit my second job, which is taking a toll on me. I would also donate more money to the charities that I volunteer for.

I want to have a job that makes me happy to answer people's question "what do you do?" I'm not terribly concerned about the title or salary, I want to have a job that I am proud of, that is intellectually stimulating and that I enjoy talking about.

I would like to have a new art center built in my community. I love a project with a higher purpose and my community would really benefit from a creativity center like this. It would pull a lot of people together for a higher purpose and make a lasting contribution. I would also feel like I completed something big and it would give me energy/closure.

This time next year I would like to have a strong foundation of mindful awareness in my life and feel that my life is back on track. I hope that 2014 is a year of 'coming home' in the sense of being brave enough to follow what feels right for my life and in the sense of connecting back with my family.

I would like to be in some state of steady income...doesn't have to be a lot, but i'd like a balance between caring for my kids and being out in the world as a "working" adult again.

I'd like to have both my story and my screenplay complete--at least a first draft of both of them done. What on earth am I waiting for?! I have these ideas, and I'm too nervous and scared to just delve into them. I'm wasting my time here instead of using it to explore what I can offer the world. I'd also love to be enrolled in a masters program by this time next year. No use waiting on that either!

I want to be fine being by myself. I have always had others to rely on, to follow, to hide behind. I'm tired of it. I need to be comfortable doing things by myself, making decisions without input, not having a crutch. I don't want to be someone's shadow anymore.

I want to be in a relationship. I've never had a girlfriend, and I know that I'll start a relationship when the time comes, but it's very disheartening to be rejected time and time again, especially when you have a friend lose his virginity every other day. I know it's not all about sex, but I'm definitely ready for a relationship.

By this time next year I would like to see myself doing well in a relationship with a God fearing man and or well organized. These 2 thing is important to me because I do not like being alone all the time and God had been telling me to get organized.

I want to be a better listener with my husband, children, and grandchildren. This means slowing down, paying attention, valuing what they have to say, and not interrupting. Above all, not interrupting.

Get pregnant. I have an aching desire to create the family I never had, to fill that void, and to find true purpose in my life. Also, I would like my freelance business to do well and to reach a point where I have achieved a good life balance: steady income, but enough free time to take care of domestic duties, make progress on my house so we can rent it one day for travel, foster my relationships, work out, eat well, and basically achieve a positive state of overall health.

I would like to be at a different job. This is important to me bc it is important to me to have better work life balance.

I want to think more positive thoughts about myself and cut myself slack. I have dealt with constant negative inner monologue that has manifested in holding myself back, self-harm, and an eating disorder. I don't want to waste my life with that anymore. It's in my power to control my mind and its thoughts. I no longer want to be held by the chains of those negative thoughts.

Make close friends at school because im so low on the radar and its not fun and the weekends are boring and school friends should become close friends and now my closest girl friend left so this is an even bigger struggle and it'd be nice to have good friends by junior year

I hope to continue to stay on my nutrition program and lose some more weight. It's important for both my self esteem and my health.

I want a different job because I intensely dislike the company I work for. I believe they are a bad company that uses very abusive tactics on their employees and it makes me feel bad to be a part of that type of organization. I don't want to be the kind of person I would have to be to do well there.

I certainly hope that the book I wrote with a colleague in Chile will have been published by then, since I put a LOT of time into writing my half of it.

Would like to write a children's story I have in mind . It is called The Potato Cart . and is a happy twist to a sad event in history , the great potato famine . One cannot rewrite history , but can reflect on a happy aspect in a otherwise sad time. It is partly true , in that a similar event happened to my mother during the depression .

Find peace in the chaos at work. Have a clear mind when I get home so that I am able to be fully present to myself and to my husband. Continue to create space to continually love, grow, and be happy! :)

I want to be more deeply connected to my higher self so that I clearly hear the guidance that is being transmitted to me and that I clearly see the path I am to follow. This is important to me because I know that I am destined for greater things than what I have accomplished so far.

I hope to be more confident in my perception of my own body and in my capabilities as a person, partner, artist and in all facets of my life. I also hope that by this time next year, I'll be engaged.

I teach special water exercise. Most of my students are seniors. Many of them are feeling better and are living better lives. I am helping them to realize that they must be their own advocate and take responsibility for their daily lives. This is important to me because in this day and age we are living longer. I truly believe that these should be the golden years. By helping them to understand that life is for the living it is my prayer that each of them will enjoy each day and live with peace within their selves.

By this time next year I would like to have successfully passed my first year of uni and maybe have a slightly clearer sense of what I wish to be doing with it in the future.

By this time next year, I'd like to have improved my health by incorporating at least 3 hours of exercise into my weekly routine. That seems very workable and manageable, and just that much would make a huge difference in how I feel as well as my various health numbers (blood pressure, etc.). And no, I'm not counting time spent having sex as part of my 3 weekly hours because that's just a li'l too easy for me. Lol... Is there something you'd like to achieve by this time next year?

Make sure that I have better work-life balance. I don't have any trouble knowing family comes first, but then I just add on if I have more stuff to do. "I'll sleep when I'm dead" really isn't a recipe for living well. I need to do this because the people I love deserve the best of me, because I want to give more to who and what I love, and because I'm just gonna wear out too soon otherwise!!

I'd like for my husband and I to get our house and our quiet little life back to ourselves. Meaning I'm hoping the friend who's been living in our guest room while he gets "back on his feet" will do so!

Fatherhood. I'd like to strike a balance between work and family so that I can meet the financial and emotional needs of my family.

Start a business! I need to take control of my future, financially, career wise, and just generally in terms of self respect. I'm tired of being someone else's great worker. Time for the benefits of me to flow back to me.

I would like to have at least one good friend in the new neighborhood.

By this time next year, I hope to have a better idea of what I want to do after investment banking. Right now, so many things are on the table--I could go to private equity (but I really don't want to do more banking work), I could go to a hedge fund (but honestly, I know nothing about investing), I could go to business school (I got a 770 on my GMATs, but I don't want to pay)... All sorts of things up in the air. I want to end up on the west coast, and I want to do something that is a little more meaningful than making Powerpoints all day. Not much of a start, but at least it's better than nothing.

I have a huge list of stuff in my journal! The new development is that now I see the goals can be much more of a longview. I can be patient with becoming the person I envision. It is a person who has a strong dedication to becoming close to Gd. Someone who has a routine full of health and takes care of herself. I w ant to be learned I Judaism but also always remember there is so much I don't know. I hope to study more Talmud this year and advance my skills in a serious way, even if just a litttle. I want to engage in meaningful study. I also want to learn about fun this year. I want to use my new long view of goals to see my days as an extension of the year before, full of dreams. Just because I am not in Israel doesn't mean the time is up on adventures or spiritual development. I am only getting started. :-) I am also promising myself to keep playing piano and contributing to the dream of singing and performing. I accept myself and my life one day at a time. I think it will be more in that direction this year.

A day-to-day life where I don't need to deal with stress by eating unhealthfully. This is important because, as I get older, my body is becoming steadily more sensitive to abuse. If I don't want things to go poorly, I need to cut it out, like now.

I'd like to be so simultaneously nice and funny. I'm already working on it but it could use some fine tuning. I'd like to be fluent in Spanish, living in latin america, adventuring but never afriad to come home and be still and nest and deal with what home entails. I have a little voice in my head that tells me I run away. I always chalk it up to being adventurous and a wanderlust, but there may be an element of not addressing underlying issues. Tommy moved a lot in the decade after the divorce. I'm always conscious of that and what drove that in him. I'd like to trust someone enough to date them, to enjoy their company and not be burdened with sickening jealousy or resentment, to trust that they love me for me and don't want me to be anything else.

I want to be in better shape by this time next year. I'd like to lose 10 lbs too, but that's not my major concern. I'd like to get my heart healthier, and my body firmer. I may be 50, but I want to be a HOT 51!

I would like to be more settled in to our new home in costs rica. Now everything feels temporary and "not ours" because we are renting a furnished place and there are limits on what we can do to personalize it. Also, more importantly, i would like to have my husband's parkinsons under control and at a point where medication is doing its job. Also, it would be great if my sister and i could get along. It would be so importtant to my dad.

By this time next year I'd like to have (finally!) joined the debate league and participated in some actual debates! I also hope that I'll have found a place where I can (and do) volunteer regularly, and that I really feel like I'm making a difference. The volunteering especially is really important to me because I didn't do any last year (9th grade) and realized that I'd really missed it. This year I want that streak to change!

I want to have eaten healthfully and cleanly for every hour of every day of every month for the entire year. I want to have had control of my eating, instead of it having control of me. I want to know that every bite I have eaten was delicious because it was nutritious. I want to have treated my body as the precious, beautiful vessel of God that it truly is.


I'd like to go out at least once a month with my husband, without our children. We'll be married 20 years in May yet we've kind of forgotten how to talk to one another after years of focusing on the children.

What I would like to achieve is the same as I wrote last year. I want a budget: a list of expenses and income. This is important to me because I am afraid of losing my house, ending up homeless and alone as I age. I have been afraid of this for years and have wanted a budget for years, but other things always seem more important. It is a very elemental form of self-care and self-care has always been hard for me. In a way, I think, a budget means I know who I am. Not the people in the magazines or the movies, but plain old ordinary me.

A more regular exercise regimen that I stick to. I think this would make me feel stronger, healthier, in a more relaxed and cheerful and calm mood (meditating will also help with this). I'd also like to go to sleep every night by 12:30 and get up by 8:30 am every day. This would make me feel more rested and alive.

I would like to reach a place of "dveikut" - a deep connection with God and with all life.

I guess I would want to save more money. I would want to get a big raise and save money so I can put a down payment on a house. I'd also like to lose some weight, but that's not totally important. I'm really professionally fulfilled so I guess I'll have to see how I feel about going back to school, but keeping my job and growing with Andrews and getting more money those are all things I want to achieve.

I hope to be at a constant level with my fitness - working out 4-5 times a week and staying at a consistent level with my weight under 132 (or close to it if it is muscle.)

By next year I hope to have traveled to Central America and I hope to be closer towards my goal of applying to Nursing school. I also hope to have a large garden or many more plants and to be more physically active.

At this time next year I hope to have achieved some success, and recognition for our work on Shoe Banter. I would like to have some human happiness, in regards to relationships. I would like to be more secure financially. These thinks are important to me because there is a lot of life left to live, and I don't want to just exist but really live my days.

I would like advancement in my career as a aspiring VC. I would also like to be based in Mumbai with a much better salary and an apartment. Also, I also would like to have a decision on my future plans.

I would love to pass the year at medical school, hopefully with a good enough mark to walk into clinical interviews with my head held high. It's going to be tough, but it will be one step closer to my dream of being a doctor. And it's the highest hurdle in the way at the moment, so it would be great to have it behind me. And, at the same time, I must remember that there are things that are so much more important to me than my tripos grade: my family, my friends, and David.

I would like to have more time and focus on my personal life - I feel like I am living and breathing work, long hours, extra stress... I'm not sure if it is a matter of shifting my mind or actually changing jobs. I also hope that being more open to life that isn't work - will invite in even more theater, creativity, and love. It's important to me because my life and health depend upon it in a very real way. This illness is worse with stress - I have to continue to make myself a priority in a happy and healthy way - not in a selfish way or by pushing people out.

By this time next year I will have a new a best friend. For this to happen, I must be more social and 0pen myself to making new friends or becoming a closer friend to someone I already know. I miss having a best friend to talk to, to do things with, to laugh with and cry with. I don't miss having a boyfriend around or a husband right now, but I sure do miss having and being a best friend.

I would like to have lost at least 20 kg. I am overweight, have high blood pressure, sleep apnea and am out of shape. I am an older parent. At 50, my kids are 14 and 17. I want to live a long and healthy Life. I want to see my kids grow up, be successful and have families.

Well I hope that I am able to stick to a work out schedule. Now that I am no longer working construction, not wearing overalls, I see how out of shape I am. I mean I am pretty strong, but probably eat more than I should because I was tired all the time from working in the field. Now that I am in the office I hope to be on track for future promotions. I know that I have been given an opprtunity that was not granted to women before. I have always cared about what I do, because I feel like it is my signature. I enjoy being a civil servant and know that I can help the City be more efficient. I know most of the departments and I can estimate jobs. I want a permanent position where I can secure more money for retirement.

I would like to complete my doctorate, so I can free up more time to be present with my family.

I want to be in a solid, committed, harmonious, mature adult relationship that is full of beautiful adventures, mountains, family, connection, passion and creative and inspiring!; possibly a marriage with the possibility of children. It just speaks to me; it gives me great joy and I feel so ready to serve unconditionally. I would receive so much in return.

I'd like to have reconnected with certain friends and to have a few new friends that I actually socialize with and who's company I enjoy. So much of my focus has been on either kids, work or projects and yet every year when I look back, my lack of close friendships is the thing that seems to matter most to me and yet remains a low priority as far as putting any effort into improving this area of my life.

One of the many would be half way into my bachelor degree program. Also I'd love to see some positive changes at work, promotion of sorts. Another trip either scheduled or in process of scheduling. Paid off at least one credit card. And of course be healthier and more socially active.

BY this time next year, I'd like t know how to drive. I will have been in my last year of community college, and I need to know how to get around t some point.

I would like to see myself following a routine of work out. It can be anything, preferable yoga, which I've recently taken up...early morning. It is very important to me because I've never been able to stay on with any one thing for long enough. For me, this will be a huge step towards self control and will power.

I want to find an outlet for my writing and photography. I'm not great at much, but I've always been told that I can write, and I take some decent photos.

I'd like to have a vision for how I can positively effect those around me in a career minded way. I'm looking for employment and want to find something meaningful.

Having created a year worth of well-received, video net-drashes. I am working on the idea of recording a short commentary each week on how that week's Torah portion relates to the internet. I am calling these "net-drash" and planning to post them on the internet. I am hoping that they will generate some interests and as result will allow me spending more time with building my hobby sites, including socrelig.com, kabbalahbooks.co, filmandreligion.com and jewish.filmandreligion.com. This is important for me, because this way I can prove to myself that I am capable of consistently creating good content in a format that is new to me. I also admit that I am hoping to increase the scope of my influence, which I believe to be positive.

I would like to get rid of my anxiety so that I can be happy in my relationship and enjoy life to the full. At the moment I am scared of the future and making big decisions, I would like to be able to feel confident about my next steps in life, rather than terrified.

I would like to have my wedding planned! My fiance and I are planning our wedding for October/November of 2014. I'm a big picture person so details are not my forte. However, I am learning as I go and I'm proud of my accomplishments thus far. That being said, by this time next year I want the wedding to be signed, sealed, and delivered! I can't wait to be Mrs. Ryan.

I would like to lose about 30 more pounds. This would improve my health and well-being. I would also like to find a support group somewhere to help me learn to deal with my husband's PTSD and bi-polar issues.

Well, it would be nice to have a relationship with my brothers, but I'm not hopeful. I don't know what else to do about this. I've reached out to both of them with no response from Steven and minimal from Joel. It's in their court. Honestly, we would need a therapist to get talking again, and that would be the only way I would attempt it. Why is it important? They are my family. I'm not looking for the closest relationship, but when mother passes, not for a long time, I hope, it's going to be very rough dealing with them and it would help us all if we were in a talking relationship.

Learning to eat healthy and spending time to exercise in order to lose weight and be healthy. Now that I am in my 40's, I know that as time goes on it will be harder to lose weight, and easier for my health to go downhill if I do not take care of things now. I am also hoping to be in a new relationship soon, and wish to be healthy and be active with and for whomever I am with.

I'd like to refurbish our boat and trailer so it will be more serviceable and I will be more comfortable and confident to take it out so Deb can enjoy the lake as often as she would like. For me, I'd like to outline the book I've always said I would write.

By this time next year I'd like to have a new job: either as a tenure-track faculty or as a postdoc or as a research associate (like at the census bureau) It's important because I'd like to settle down and have a job where I don't have to look for a new job a month later!

I want to be able to call myself a Jew. I want to be one of the people of Israel and have a place in this world. I do not understand myself why this is so important to me but I know in my heart there is no other way for me right now.

I want to reach my weight loss goal and to try to recapture some of the physical strength and confidence I had as a younger woman. I feel like it's time to get out of the healthcare field and to delve into a new career. I want to be happy to go to work again and really enjoy what I do for a job like I used to.

I am hoping that I will improve my work and family life. That my job will stabilize, and my family can enjoy that stability. And that I learn more and am comfortable in my job and can have success for the future, and for continued stability, calm, and happiness for my husband and son. That they are not left wondering where we will move next, and have this kind of underlying stress.

Will have been living in my new home in another state. I would like to have run at least 1 workshop by this point. Overcoming my fears of public speaking, overcoming my fears of Not Being Good Enough. Developing myself as a Speaker on a topic that I am so passionate about.

I would like to have my divorce finalized and my relationship with my kids moving forward. I would also like to be able to look back at the process and be proud of how I handled my self. Also, I want to be able to be happy with how Misha's Bar Mitzvah went - both for his sake as well as for the rest of the family.

Happiness. Because I can't carry on in this misery

Decidir si quiero viajar como forma de vida o ponerme las pilas con la facultad.

I want to have been in a solid relationship and partnership with someone I love and who loves me. Marriage? Yes. This is important because it is time.

I would like to have completely changed my life. No, really, I know that seems like a tall order but It is the plan for the next year. Between Josh & I changing how we eat, to hoping to go before the bet din, to finally finishing my bachelor's degree and hopfully getting a job. I can honestly say that this year, is for changing my life.

By this time next year, I would like to have, at some point, gone at least 100 days self-harm free. It will be the longest stretch of time since I started harming myself over four years ago.

I would like to be working full-time as a pilates teacher with a full roster of private clients. This is important to me, because I'm making a career shift, and I feel like this is the first job I have actually chosen for myself.

Start selling music.

I want to be living with my girlfriend in our own place. And have a clear vision and plan for what my next step is beyond my current job (though that's what I write every year). Really, I just want to be fulfilling myself creatively at the same time as being able to work to make a living.

Love. Give it. Receive it. Stop hiding from it. It's important to me because love is what life's all about.

I would like to achieve a better work/life balance this year. Often I come home so tired from work that I don't want to do anything but veg out. But we are adding a baby to our already busy lives and our priorities will need to shift significantly. I want better balance. I also want a workable way to keep my house tidy and to declutter the possessions that I might be holding on to without good reason. I want to get better at knitting and I want to decorate our new home in a way that really reflects our passions.

Just a dumb one: I'd like to finish the book that I've barely started (that was supposed to be done last month). It's part of getting back to being a real research mathematician, which I've too much given up over the last fifteen years. The things that I'm doing instead - administration, teaching, some volunteer work - are all important, but they're not the things that I'm best at, the things that (I think!) I'm supposed to be doing with my life.

I would like to either be pregnant with my second child or have given birth. I want to grow my family, and I want to share all of this love with another tiny person.

By this time next year I would like to have been healthy for a year. If I can even get through to the end of Simchat Torah without getting ill I will be so happy as that has not ever happened before. I have had a lot of ill health my whole life. This past year I was diagnosed with an immune condition. I am so relieved to finally know the cause of my ill health. I am now being treated and taking exceptional care of myself. If I can get through the Chaggim with no infections and get through the year with no more than the usual coughs and colds that everyone has I will be transformed and will feel exceptionally happy.

I'd like to have a stable income that allows me to support my new family while also offering the flexibility to spend time with my partner and the baby.

I just want to be happy with wherever I am at in my life. It is important to me because I am constantly feeling like I am not living life and enjoying it but just getting to the "next thing" that needs to get done.

Weight loss! Improved health!

I would like to be at my goal weight--or at a healthy weight because I haven't really set a goal weight. This is important for me because this is something that I've been working on for two years now and I think three years is a good time to reach that goal. I also would like to be on my way to a relationship that will lead to marriage because I feel that I am ready for that next step in my life and I would like to have a family and be young enough to enjoy it.

Professionally, I'd like to find a permanent position at my organization where I can learn, use and develop my skills, and be excited. Personally, I'd like to make sure that role jives with our expanding family life :)

I would love to take an Alaskan cruise with my husband. It is one vacation that we haven't done yet and it is on our "bucket list." God willing, we will do this next summer. As cancer patients, we both know that tomorrow is uncertain.

I would like to row in the HOCR. I would like to train hard enough to feel like I made a valuable contribution to my boat. I would like to enter a quilt into the quilt show in March. I would like to write a short story and have it read, this is important because I keep saying this and it hasn't happened. I would like to meditate 2x/day regularly and not let it slip.

I want to be at my goal weight. It's important because this is the mountain to be conquered - with God's help, of course. It's important because I love myself.

I would like to have a full-time, regular job. It is important to me for many reasons. I want to be self-supporting. My partner has carried the bulk of the financial load for long enough; I want to contribute and make it an equal partnership. I get internal satisfaction from a job well-done; it's good for my self-esteem and self-confidence. I would also like to pay off our debts and be able to do some work to the house. I want the structure in my life that comes along with a regular, full-time job.

It's time to re-set my career path. I was on a trajectory in Brisbane that was focused and energetic - one that I was excited and proud of. Toronto set me back a year as I achieved nothing career wise there except the new job in London. While my first 8 months here was a rapid learning experience I know I'm stalling and I need to re-boot. I want to decide whether to focus going into the mining industry directly or if I want to continue to pursue Consulting. Do I want to make my career in London or do I want to use my USA visa or do I want to find my way back home to Oz eventually (note: AG you really don't want to do that - I know you don't, so don't). Where I am right now is not ok with me. Turning up to work whenever I please. Travelling overseas on work days because I know noone will notice. Not feeling challenged or feeling like what I do makes a real difference. By the time I read this I want to be excited and proud of where my career is going, and I want to be part of a team again.

I'd like to be making at least $5000 per month from online advertising campaigns so I can start traveling the world

I want to become a member of the Social Work National Honors Society. I want to figure out how to pay for my 2nd year of schooling.

Make my first visit to Israel. It has been on my to-do list since I was 10 years old. It is time.

I (as usual) want to have written a first draft of a novel. I've been trying to get myself to do this for years without much success and the time is coming close where I'll have to give that up forever.

I have an idea for a philosophical children's book and have a contract for it to be published. I would like to heal and communicate with my work. A book would bring together all my talents.

By this time next year I hope I have an achievement goal for the following year. Because now I'm just coasting. I think that's okay for now, because it's only been a year since I officially achieved my goals for life until now. But a person needs a bigger goal in life than just enjoying it.

I'd really like to get more involved in my local community. I'm a middle-class white person (albeit queer and Jewish) living in a black neighborhood in a black city, and I want to do what I can to keep my presence from eroding this this community. If I get to know my neighbors, volunteer locally, and am more present, that might help.

I'd like to host a photography exhibit in a gallery or restaurant or even in our home. There is something I need to do for myself that is both artistic and causes me to accomplish something outside of work that is a deeper expression of who I am and gets me personally "out there". I don't need to sell my photos, but the simple act and ability to put something of my work, my vision out there is powerful. I need to feel powerful right now. Perhaps a bigger ambition, but I also want to build my skills in the creative suite to make myself competitive for some of the marketing/ communications/ tech roles I am interested in.

I would like to see a more considered life. I would like to use my phone as a tool rather than a distraction. I would like to have a couple real friends here.

Securing my future.

Good Lord. I want to have a camera by then, but that's difficult. I want to have invited and had come a few more people to my youth group.

I'd like to be financially stable, continuing to pay off my debts. I feel like I haven't been able to truly financially recover in the face of divorce because I'm in a career path that does not pay. Hopefully, I will be able to take a lot of steps to remedy that in the coming year.

I want to have an acting agent and be auditioning regularly. I want to have written and directed my web series and for it to be bomb. And I want to be in production for my feature. I want to be deeper in action of living my dream, because I love my work, living in expression - this is what I do and who I am, and for this I am so grateful. May my passion be a blessing.

By this time next year there are two things I would like to see myself actively pursuing. The first is my writing. Right now, I feel like a real writer for the first time in my life. I feel like I can really claim that title, because of my honors project that is basically requiring me to write a book. This is a really good thing and it feels like an important arrival. I hope that next year at this time, when I am out of college and do not have a class or an advisor anchoring me to my writing schedule, that I am still a writer. Whatever that may look like. The second thing I hope to be doing a year from now is traveling. I have a restless soul, and once my four years at school are up, I hope I take advantage of my new freedom to go wherever I want. Unfortunately, life and finances get in the way so it's hard to have a set goal at this point. I would just hope that I am actively pursuing avenues to travel, and making plans to do so. These things are important to me because deep down, they are what I want the most. I'm only going to be young once. I'm only going to be untethered like this for the brief, fleeting time, and I want to take advantage of it to get outside of the box that others my age have put themselves in. Career? Graduate school? Fuck it, I want to travel and write things. So I'm going to do that.

I like to get a boyfriend. With being 21 I feel pretty bad not being able to look back to any relationship in my past. There's this one guy that keeps asking me about dates, but I'm just to shy and scared to go out with him. And I really like him. But maybe I'm just not grown-up enough to face this. I don't want our friendship to be ruined, because I'm too stupid, but I also want us to get closer. We have a lot in common, and there shouldn't be a problem. I feel really bad about treating him like this and he's so sweet and keeps asking. Hopefully, I will get the courage to say yes and go out with him (and it will actually work out.)!

I would like to have a clean and orderly apartment. I need to move the closet in the living room, replace the old bookshelf with the 2 new ones, and fix the toilet tank. Now that I am "retired" I have no more excuse to live in a mess.

I would like to achieve more feeling the laughter and less being in my mind playing over and over different scenarios of what can be instead enjoying more fully the ride and not worrying

Achieve... The word I love and hate. Not being an over-achiever would be an achievement for me. On a more superficial level I would like to achieve my dream body at last and not be ashamed of it (even though rationally thinking I have no reason to be). Maybe just to be more confident in myself.

There is no longer anything to achieve in my life. I am being meditation of a life of love...love of all humanity, and perhaps the insane hope that we may someday see we can no longer treat anyone like the other because we are all here riding on the same ship. It is our responsibility to ask ourselves why we are here and let that question be the center of our lives.

I would like to either be on my way to a global work or volunteer experience, on a well-lit path to grad school, or joining an inspiring entrepreneurial venture (perhaps some combination of it all).

I want to finish and defend my dissertation. It is important to me, because I am working on a project that I love. I am eager to get the final feedback from my advisers and turn the project into a book.

I want to be out in the world using my gifts to heal and help others. I want to transform lives through my writing, speaking, counseling and artistic endeavors. I want to be a successful published author and speaker.

By this time next year, I want to have a completed story or script submitted somewhere for publication. I have always thought of myself as a writer, but have not taken the next step.

I'd like some stability and predictability and structure regarding my life and career. I'm in a very amorphous transition period now, and while I'm very optimistic that things will work out, I worry that things could take a dark turn. I would like to be on a path that I can walk with confidence, in a place where my skills and talents are utilized, where I am able to give and receive from others, where I have something I'm working towards.

Complete one short film, even if it is awful. I just want to be able to have tangible proof of what I want to do. However, it would also be nice to have something published professionally. I may not really emphasize journalism much anymore, but writing for a film magazine like Sight and Sound is still very much appealing and if I can't work on films I know I want to write for magazines like that one.

By this time next year, I'd like to get in shape and get a better GPA. Cliche, right?

I have an iOS app I'd like to complete. This is important because it's self taught and self directed, and taking it from dream to completion will take a degree of discipline and self control I doubt I possess.

I would like to learn conversational Spanish - not only because it's a new goal for my job, but because I find I'd like to challenge my brain to learn something new. Veronica is starting a spanish class as school as well, so that could be a great thing for us to share.

I would like to stop obsessing about the results of melanoma surgeries. I've hated how my eye turned out wonky-looking. And I've REALLY hated how the left side of my face droops, leaving me with small folds of skin near the left side of my mouth. I sure as heck can't afford to get plastic surgery so I need to learn to accept how I look now. I read "Never be ashamed of a scar. It simply means you were stronger than whatever tried to hurt you." THAT is what I want. To not be embarrassed by how I look now.

My this time next year, I would like to have done 3 things: 1. graduated from this PhD program 2. have reduced my stress levels enough that I can say I am enjoying life (2 outings per week) 3. had truly good sex more than once...say 10 times (which will be more sex than I have ever had in 1 year).

I would like to have things just a bit more in order. I always feel like I'm scattered...chasing after life rather than living it. I'd like to get ahead on cooking and cleaning and just be on top of stuff rather than running from behind. But if I don't do that, it's cool. I'm living a life of purpose, and I'm happy about that.

I like to achieve more self respect and acceptance. It is important, because I can experience more happiness, love and joy. I've learned that if you invest in yourself, you can invest more in your friends and family. That is why I want to achieve this, so I can invest also more in my friends and family.

I'd like to have finished a comic book. I feel that there are so many stories within me that need to be told, but I am still organizing the time to really invest into them.

To be more confident. To hear (to listen) to my own voice and be true to it. Too often I worry about what others say. I take criticism that might reflect someone else's best interest to be my truth when it shouldn't be. I can have a physical reaction to these words and it is hurtful to me. I can't say I will be able to accomplish this but I will take steps to reflect on the real situation.

I would love to achieve a regular creative routine. I want creativity to be a part of my everyday life again.

There are several things I could go for, all of which I passionately want. When I initially answered this question, I said that if I had to choose just one, it would be doing a job which I feel is contributing something positive to the world. At the moment, I feel as though my soul is being eaten away every day that I am in the office. However, thinking about it again, I wasn't being honest. The thing I most want is to be in an intimate relationship. I'm probably being unduly naive, but I do feel that having someone special in my life would help me to turn my life round.

I'd love to have run a marathon

Get into a college where I'm happy. I'd love to get into one of my tops schools, but my primary goal is to be happy/

Finish reading the Bible and Apocrypha. This is important to me because my heart wants to be obedient my mind wants to know why, what everything means, to understand and to learn. I want to have a solid foundation of knowledge so that i can give an account for why i believe, what exactly i believe and to know what i really think about controversial topics. If i dont truly believe something and it is something rather i just feel i should believe or do it just never stays. I want to be rooted. Plus, scripture reveals who God is, what He thinks, and will help me gather what i should/shouldnt be doing. I know im forgiven and i am very grateful ...now how do i stop sinning as much as possible? I want to live making Him happy and i want my childrens children worshipping and knowing Him and i want it to start with me. When He is happy im happy when Hes not to say im not okay would be a Huge understatement.

By this time next year, I want to be able to speak Spanish more fluently (specifically using the past tense with ease), register and complete 2 five mile walk/runs, develop a household budget together with my husband, increase sharing of resources with others.

I'd like to be in a relationship. I've spent the last six years messing around with guys. I've made an effort over the last year to 'date' - whatever that means. I need some sort of partnership to complete myself. someone who gives a shit about me.

By next time this year, I'd like to develop easy-to-follow routines -- exercise, workdays, and work systems, in particular. It's important to me to be able to determine my own measures of success and accomplishment, and part of that is scheduling what I want to do and doing what I plan. This has been a perpetual challenge for me!

I would like to have the front porch of this house rebuilt by next year. I enjoy the porch very much, and I don't know how many years we will be here, so I don't want to put it off to some unknown future. Right now it is really unsafe, but there is such a lovely breeze and view from the rocker.

I want to be married (scheduled for March 16!) and have our possesions/stuff married and winnowed down to a manageable amount. Right now we have double of everything we need and we're living in chaos. I'd like more order in my life.

I'd like to have my leadership book published. This is something I've had on my mind for years. It has gelled more in the past year and getting it written would be a huge accomplishment for me.

I would like to have another paper (or two) published by then. This is important, because I need to keep active in my field. I have a PhD and am well-known in my field, but despite this, I have recently been without a job. I need to keep my name out there and show that I'm still in the game. On the flip side, I would like to gain some recognition for my creative endeavors, whether it be for my music or photography. I like to feel that I am contributing to society in some way, and if I can bring happiness to people using my creative talents, then I will also gain happiness. It has nothing to do with fame or money.

I want to have taken at least one writing class. I think I need the class to believe in my own ability to write. I think I need to write. I think song and movement are more inspiring, however...maybe I will try those as well.

I would like to lose weight and/or be more active such that I am actually happy with myself and my body. I do not like the fact that I can't look in the mirror without disliking what I see. I know that needs to change. I also want to make sure that I continue to treat my girlfriend with the love, respect, and care that she deserves. I know sometimes I slip and sometimes we fall into complacency, but I don't want to let that continue. She deserves better.

I want to a career. I truly yearn to have a purpose and focus in my life. Many people have told me not to push that too hard, though. That it can't be forced. So in the absence of that, I would like to good, full time job. Something that I can feel good about doing. I want to be self sufficient; doing so will build my self esteem and self confidence.

Perhaps a novel draft? I would really like to prove that I can stick with long projects. Being able to run for half an hour would also be a good goal, but I don't know if I can avoid hurting myself again. That would be nice for feeling like I'm in control of my body and capable of physical fitness and activity of some kind. And, of course, my dissertation - but I don't know what a sensible goal for the beginning of your fourth year is, beyond just have a project, be gathering data, and know where it's going. Even a publication would be pretty arbitrary, since data comes in at all sorts of different speeds. This matters because I want to be good at my job and have a successful career. Also, magnificent tomato harvest. Tomatoes are the point of life.

Still be with my boyfriend! I really hope we are still together by next year, and happy! This is so important for me, due to my depression.

A sense of financial freedom by clearing debt. With this, I will gain a sense of security and freedom to choose.

I want to build my house at Mariposa. I have been wanting to live in a sustainable house for many years. Each time I think it is going to happen, something falls through. I want to live more lightly upon the Earth, practice what I preach.

Be a better mom and not yell so much. I love my kids and they deserve better.

I want to provide more time for my well being, self explanatory

I want to have completed my first year of college successfully and comfortably. I don't want it to be too stressful, but I do want good grades (obviously) and I want to be involved in activities with friends and such.

A full time job so that I am able to support myself and look at marriage as viable

I need a new job. For oh-so-many-reasons! Not just a new job, but maybe a whole new field/direction. I need to do a serious assessment of my strengths and interests. And talents. I need to be able to support my family better. I need to love going to work each day. I need meaning.

I would like to either find better satisfaction in my work or take the necessary steps to change it. It is important that I either discontinue complaining about my current work environment, and make it better or leave and work elsewhere.

I would like to find my life partner. I truly believe God has created me to be a helper. For this reason, I want to find this man...or let him find me. The Bible says that not one shall lack her mate and that the Spirit shall gather them. I am looking forward to this gathering. I am ready to accomplish mighty things for God with my mate and ready to be the family God needs us to be. I know God will give me the desire of my heart!!

I want to be noticeably, abnormally physically fit. It's the closest thing I have available to a silver bullet for whatever happened over the last few months. There's the boost in confidence and self-esteem from being subjectively more attractive. There's the health benefits. There's the financial benefits. Fuck all that; I just need that endorphin hit. I know from personal experience and incidental internet knowledge that exercise is more effective than antidepressants. I could have answered "Fix my brain", but I figured I'd get a little more specific.

I would really like to have most of my debt gone. It will be hard but I have reduced quite a bit in 2012-2013...so I should be able to make great headway on the rest

I would really like to have lost 50 lbs by this time next year. I think that's a feasible goal for 365 days. I want to be happy in my body. I want to be healthy. I want to look great. I think losing 50 lbs would do wonders for my self esteem and emotional state. I also think it would help my poor knee stop hurting all the time.

By this time next year I honestly have no idea what I will be doing or where I want to be.. College is so new and there's no telling what the future will bring. I hope I'm on board in my sorority and for some environmental group. I want to be rocking a 3.75 GPA and still pursuing chemical engineering or something with a similar end result. I want to have gone abroad somewhere over the summer and just be enjoying my college life. I'll take all the opportunities I can get.

By this time next year! My GPA should be 3.2. My 100m PB should be 10.5. 200m pb 21.4. 400m pb 47.3 ............................... My goals to be that good. I should really be organizing my life. Preparing to be come independent!

By September 2014, I hope I have been able to find the appropriate balance of exercise and healthy eating in my life. I hope that I have a consistent workout schedule. This is important to me because I know that I am the most happy and confident when I am active.

I would like to be married. I've been very lonely and wish I could meet the right person. I know that this isn't in my hands but that's what I wish I could achieve. Life is much better when it's shared.

I would like to have completed my PhD and have employment in a post-doc where I can conduct my own research. Other than that marrying my lady sometime next year would be the icing on the cake, but I can wait a little longer if I have to.

I would like to be moving forward with plans to renovate or build the home and studio of my dreams. Its important because I want to make a space that facilitates me in creating my art as well as provide space for others to come and make art, relax, enjoy the northcounty

Get my weight under control and keep it under control. I want to do this both for health and my sex life.

I would like to have done enough research that I can start a chapter of my dissertation with confidence. This is important for my career, but it is even more important for my self-image and reassuring myself and my advisor that I am capable of doing the necessary work to stay in this field.

This feels like such a scary and triggering question, because I've spent so much time recently trying to understand how I can feel proud and confident even without having achieved the external markers of success that I'd hoped to have by this point in my life. There are many concrete things I hope to have achieved by this point next year-- including some clarity and forward motion on my career path, and other logistical aspects of continuing to build my life and community here in Minnesota-- but most importantly I hope to continue developing a strong sense of self rooted in my own self-affirmation and not in any type of external validation.

Get a short story published in a print or online magazine (or an anthology). It's important to me because I feel like I've been writing for a long time at this point, but I haven't taken that next step of getting my actual professional career going. I don't know if I'm afraid or what. I haven't been producing work that's quite suitable, but I know I could if I just focused on it. So i want to get it done. I need to prove I can do this, and I should get the ball rolling as soon as I can.

To be on my red belt 1 tag - as to why... well I had aimed to be at my black belt in my 50th year but due to life circumstances it didn't happen.

Being less sensitive and defensive and able to handle things better. I think it will give me a shell of armor adaptable to all situations- life, work, love, etc.

I really want to be fitter. I need to take control and responsibility for where i'm at in terms of my physical health.

Be on my way working out of country. I think I said that last year... It's important for me to grow as a person and its the best time now before settling down.

I want my shoulder to be 110% healed. No pain, no frustration, no more advil. I really love the snatch and I want to be able to snatch 100# by next year. Oh, and I want it to be pretty!

I think I'd like to achieve happiness. But not in the conventional sense of the word. I'm not searching for happiness. I just hope that by this time next year I am in a place that i truly feel at home - where it doesn't matter how long I've been there, the people are welcoming and not fake. They want to get to you know more and don't always judge you on first appearance and then never bother to get to know you. I want to feel the so called "friend-love" all the time. I think something else, is I'd like to have achieved some direction in life. Where I want to be and where I want to go, what I want to become. Last year I seemed to be so sure of everything, and then, everything changed and now I question things daily. I want to achieve confidence in what I am doing and studying is the right choice. Everything you do affects you later on, I just want to be confident that the path I take is the one that will get me where I need to go

I would like to be enrolled in a Mechina, I'm presently hoping that it be Mechinat Yonatan, with a clearer idea of where I'd like to do my army service. I also hope to be able top define myself religiously more clearly, with less ambiguity. I would have like to have finished for good with my Bagrut matricualtion exams with a driving license. Possibly engaged, or at the very least nearing that stage, although I do not want to get married before my minimum of two years of army service. I'd like to be more independant in terms of what I do with my time, although I imagine that like most 18 year olds in Israel, I will still be living at home with no imediate intentions of moving out during Mechina and the army, but you never know. I want to have at least 3 friends for like and to remain in touch with my good friends form right now, in high school. I will have just started my life after school. The above is an assumption. Only time will tell. I wonder what my situation will actually be by the time I read this again..

I don't think year long achievements are realistic in my life.

I want to be my own boss in some capacity. I want to have control over my own time and spend my time (and hopefully make some money) doing something I enjoy, that fulfills my creative soul and also contributes to the greater community. I don't want to have a bland job that takes up the majority of my time, energy and brain power, like it does now. I want to be on some kind of adventure, being challenged every day and feeling like I have purpose.

By this time next year, I want to be able to say that I've been cut-free for almost two years. Recovery measured in years is an incredible gift.

I'd like to finally commit to supporting a child through Compassion Int'l. It's important to me because the Lord has blessed me with abundance and the key is that I need to share it with others. I've been afraid of sponsoring a child because it takes time for that child to grow up and even though its only $30-some a month, I wonder if my finances will allow me to stick with it in the long term.

I would love it if I could move to California with all three of my sons. First, I would like us all to be together. Secondly, I think the beautiful weather and ocean would bring me much joy.

I can only think of my achievements in terms of material and academic at the moment. I hope I've been able to get a car, sustain a job, have savings and pass my classes with good grades and continue striving to complete my college education. If I am to hope for things, I wish I have resolved to build and repair my self-confidence. Have found love again. Be living on my own.

By this time next year I'd like to have made a substantial acquisition in the energy service space as well as completed at least 2 Olympic triathlons and half iron man event.

Maybe be ready to have a baby. I love kids, I love babies and I love the idea of having little versions of me and my husband running around. Sometimes I think I'm too young and sometimes I think I'm too old now to have a baby. I'll be 37 next year, and for some reason the idea of being pregnant at 37 sounds right. I hope I'm right.

By this time next year, I hope that I've mastered enough mindfulness techniques to reduce my stress level significantly. I also hope that I've been able to keep my diet + exercise changes working so that I can keep my weight in the mid- to low-150 lbs range.

I will take either the GMAT or the GRE and I will apply to grad school. It's important to me because I've wanted to, but felt unable to go to grad school for a range of reasons.

I want to have another baby. I am an only child who is not close to my extended family, and am realizing as my parents age that I will eventually be alone. So I want a large(r) family, both for myself and for my daughter -- so that she never has to face what I am facing. Plus, I'm enjoying motherhood tremendously, and would like to do it some more. :)

By this time next year, I WILL HAVE FINISHED MY THREE COMPREHENSIVE EXAMS. I will progress in my PhD program in the standard, measurable ways. I will gain experience as a teacher, deepen my relationship with my advisers, narrow my passion to something resembling a dissertation topic. In addition, I INTEND TO LOVE IT! Though it won't be an easy road, I intend to feel much more authentic and "deserving" (ugh) in my role as a doctoral student.

Get happy.

To obtain optimal health. I am soon to graduate from IIN and have learned powerful information. I need to walk my talk and begin my coaching practice. Increase physical activities. Continue on the organic, heavy veggie food choices. Keep sourcing foods origin...it is making a big difference. .

I'd like to remove myself from the daily development work in our company and play a more executive role in the business. This is important because we can't deliver work quickly enough when my daily focus is so diluted that I don't have the capacity to both manage the business concerns and complete enough billable work to keep us profitable. With a team of developers, work can continue to get done with me overseeing and reviewing rather than having to write every line of code. It will be much more efficient. And then I can focus on growing the business, doing training and keeping our customers happy.

I'd like to simply earn a decent living doing what I love. It's important to me because it validates my identity and makes getting up easier each day. My health is showing affects of the constant stress and grind... soon I'll gain weight and who knows what else. I'm unable to take care of basic needs, and see few opportunities on the horizon. I just want to work.

I would like to be accepted into Nursing School by this time next year. Its a goal and an aspiration of mine to become a nurse, and getting there has proved to be long and difficult. I will feel accomplished, like I have something to show for myself. Nursing is more then an career to me, it's a fulfillment of something larger, a purpose and direction for my life to head.

I would like to have left the job whose long hours, dubious content and difficult culture are - well - distinctly uncongenial and finally, finally try to make a living doing what I've dreamed of. It's not quite as much of a pipe dream as it sounds; I've worked extremely hard and had some success, I don't (unfortunately) have children, my parents are well-provided for... I'd like to be able to shift the things which are getting in the way but it feels terribly selfish to do so, when it would unsettle another person and really, I am alright as I am. And it's not quite biologically too late to add the achievement which I've added to every question of this kind for over a decade - I'd love to be pregnant or have a baby. But it's very unlikely.

I want to be happy about my first year in my new job and energized about the next year of work. I want to be surrounded by a diverse group of friends who invest in our relationship and work to strengthen it. I want to know that I opened up my heart and mind to new people and mentalities and have no regrets!

I would like to have my yoga teacher training certificate, and be offering groups for trauma and for anxiety, and have more tools to offer my clients for wellness. It's important because I believe so deeply in mind and body healing, and in helping others in the ways I can. I hope to have a new home, that feels happy and right for me. Possibly with my partner.

By this time next year, I would like to be happy with where I am in life. I am very happy with my life right now, and I want to continue to make this a reality. I currently am attending graduate school, something I have dreamed of for years; I have a great job working in health policy, a job I would like to keep or at least find something comparable; and I have a great boyfriend, who I love very much and would like to stay with. If anything changes in the next year, I would like to face the changes head on and make adjustment to ensure I am satisfied with my circumstances.

I'd like to have found either a job or volunteer position that is significant. It's important because I want to feel like a contributing member of adult society again. I know that, as a SAHM, what I do is important, but I miss adult interaction and having a purpose in life besides serving my children.

I want to have my play done and have sent it, along with a poem or two out into the world. When you have nothing, you have nothing to lose; I feel like I have everything now, and the temptation is to play it safe, not to play it brave, not to be controversial, not to say things that make people upset. That involves a lot of quiet, not a lot of point of view, but I want to be the kind of person who's a leader, a voice, who has a point of view. Even if there are consequences.

My novel "Jet" will be finished and published. I will have moved from Los Angeles to Petaluma. My life will be the most satisfying it's ever been.

Motherhood. I want to meet our babies. It has been wild to get these q10 responses back 2 years in a row with this same thing mentioned... now we know that the process isn't so easy for us. But I hope that by this time next year we are well on the way to meeting our child, or have (him/her) in our arms. I also would like to have my business set up with (at least) one full time employee so that I can free up space to focus on growing the business more & to making room (and time) for a baby.

I want a career where I feel fulfilled.

Achieve a happy, balanced family life. There are lots of challenges in life that steal time and energy! Time goes by so quickly that I want to make sure we make the most of it. We are very lucky and I hope that continues.

to publish my poems

I want to have completed my first year of college maintaining at least a 3.25 GPA keeping me competitive in the Social Work field and putting me in a good position for graduate school eventually. This is important because although I am feeling burnt out and exhausted by school, I need to prove to myself thatnInam not worthless, that I can achieve my goals and that a future of what I want to do lies ahead of me.

Live with my girlfriend in an apartment I own and make a real effort to build a life together.

I would like to achieve a better understanding of living "wholeheartedly." I want to be more active and engaged with my children instead of observing from the outside of their activities. The dishes, and the newspapaer and the cleaning and everything else can wait. What isn't waiting is their growing up in front of me. And I WANT to play with them. I want to feel at ease when I do so (and not worry so much about everything else). I want to read Brene Brown's book about parenting and live more mindfully as a result. Its important to me because they are never going to be this age again. And I don't want to miss it.

By this time next year, I want to have all my ducks in a row. I want to be in control. I'm done wasting time. Finish paying off my debts, finish throwing out old / broken / low self esteem possessions. Making room for bigger and better, happier and healthier in every aspect of life. Money, career, family, lovelife check, check, check and check!

I want to be kinder to myself. I think the heart of my problems is that I treat myself in a way that it could be described as an abusive relationship. It is time that I fix that.

I would like to be in better physical shape. I have finally come to realize that the hype is true, when your body is in good shape, your mind and attitude is sure to follow. When I was "fit", I was much happier. Not because I was thin, but because I had more confidence, and energy. I can do it. I know I can.

By next year, I want to be training for my first full marathon. I want to have trained and possibly ridden my first bike race. I want to be the size I set my goal for 4 years ago. I want to be making more money. I want to have done more traveling. I want to have moved back to midtown, for good. I want to have met Ed Sheeran. I want to find someone who wants to be with me as much as I want to be with them.

To be completely at ease regardless of outside commotion. To feel well being and emit that

This is a hard one. I want to have 1-2 papers published and have a sane, realistic timeline that I'm following on my way to graduating with my PhD. This scares me a bit because I worry about how realistic that kind of progress is within one year.

I'd like to have our house remodeled by next year. I crave a pretty, pleasant, functional, and well-organized house, both for living in, and for inviting people over to. I want to have dinner parties and feel proud of our home! I want my kids to have happy playdates at our house. I want to have family come stay with us and feel comfortable. Can't wait to get things rolling! Geothermal is a great start.

I would like to be married or planning a wedding with the intent for it to actually happen because I feel that Nick and I have a love that is strong and rare and something to be celebrated.

At this time next year, God willing, I will be the proud mother of a 3-year-old and a 5-month-old. I will be re-starting the school year after maternity leave and the summer off. I would like to achieve serenity and strength as the mother of two by this point, because I know that the return to work after a child is born is a daunting time. I want to achieve a feeling of "normalcy," something took me a remarkably long time after my first child. It's not that I expect myself to "bounce back" quickly, because I know how hard having a baby is. But I want to find peace in the situation, and the strength to not feel a panic, more quickly.

I would like to have tried incorporating social-emotional learning into my classes. I would also like to do the following: *make home-made pasta *try learning how to drive stick *take a few piano lessons

I would like to be ACTRA. I feel like once I am a part of the union I will know for certain this is the path I've chosen. Most actors struggle with feeling like fakes. The more work I do, the less I feel that way. But man, I want that union card! And the benefits. Lord help me I can't wait to have dental insurance again.

Apply to other jobs even if I'm still at the same one I've already been at for several years. It's important because I think this is an area in which I sell myself short because it's comfortable and a good work-life balance, but I think it's important for personal growth to be rejected and also that much more satisfying to be accepted to things.

By this time next year I would like to have not only completed my study abroad, but have declared both my majors and traveled to Vietnam/Thailand/Australia with my family. I also would like to love myself and my body more, and have adopted a healthy lifestyle that is in no way detrimental to my body or my heart.

I'd like to achieve many things: Learn more things in more areas, travel, see and appreciate beauty, become a better photographer and painter, artist in general, write more and better, make some money, save some money, explore myself and my life. More than anything, the one thing I want to achieve by this time next year is a consistency in my relationships. I want to be a better friend, daughter, sister, human. I want to solidify the relationships that mean the most to me and not waste my time with the rest. Life is not a popularity contest; if we treat it that way, we'll never win.

Be really comfortable in my own skin. I want to really truly know myself and accept myself as I am, without having to look at others for confirmation. I want to believe that I am brave and kind and worthy of love and belonging. I want to believe that I am enough, just as I am.

Simple: I'd like to be licensed and have a job. I am confident that those two things will happen, so I'll throw in that I'd also like to be in a committed, serious relationship with a man who is compassionate and sensitive and strong. You know, perfect, just like me. ;) Lofty goal, that third one, but this way if it doesn't happen I can say "Hey, 2 out of 3 ain't bad." ;)

I want to be on fucking broadway damnit!

I'd like to get my book published. Seems impossible at this point in my life It's important because I feel it could make a difference to people who have suffered sexual abuse. I'm a fortunate victim!

Open, regular, intimate and conflict encompassing communication with my parents and sister. My parents and sister are three of the most important people in my life, who I too often take for granted, and miss opportunities to connect, deepen our relationships, and let them into my life. That's what being in regular contact does!

To be more present in my day to day life. My ability to disassociate has protected me in my life but it is now causing problems in my relationships with my husband and my children. I do not wish for the distance to be permanent as my children grow into adults...

Stability. Be it putting down my roots in one place, or being dedicated to travel as a sustainable lifestyle, by this time next year I want to have more concrete purpose I know I'm living for every day with the same amount of happiness (or more!) that I experience right now in "exploration" mode. It's important to me because although I love living in the moment and travelling, it's not FOR anything other than fun and building my character. It's selfish and that's good for now. But it's important to me to serve a bigger purpose or have a more concrete goal in the future, particularly one that involves other people, or working on a project with a concrete outcome, or sharing my life with someone I love and can share the same hopes and enthusiasm with.

I signed up for Karate lessons. I would love to know that I stuck with it and didn't give up after a few lessons.

Real progress with the kids' learning; real progress with the community's development (planting fruit trees, growing in empathy, etc)

I would like to be a licensed and working occupational therapist. This is the goal I have been working towards since January 2011. I'm finally coming to the end of school, and I am looking forward to my new career.

To get to san diego comic con and be there as a guest or media! It doesn't sound like much but to someone from Sydney Australia who has never been to such an event it would be a dream come true!

By this time next year, I'd like to have gotten a raise or a promotion. I'd like to have successfully negotiated for a higher salary. Right now, talking about money is still such a taboo for me and it really scares me to talk about something so uncomfortable. I realize that I get paid less than I should--and am subsequently undervalued--because of that feminine quality. I think it would be beneficial for my career growth, but also my personal growth--I need to be more assertive when it comes to saying what I want and what I deserve.

I want to start getting out of debt. As soon as possible. Mostly because I want to get married, have children, buy a home. And I can't do that if I'm buried under 5 figures of bad decisions.

Clean up and organize my affairs so that I can spend more time with my family. I am relatively organized, but spend far too much time moving paper and organizing in my home office. In addition, I have a hard time saying "No" to volunteer opportunities. This is a double edged sword - as being out in the community contributing is both a blessing and a curse!!

I want to learn to deal with my depression in a more balanced manner. I don't know if that will mean more therapy, meds, or just life modifications.

I need to have a job. It's important because I am a human being.

I would like to find myself in a place where I feel I have found a bit of my professional niche. I am setting off for the Camino in 1.5 weeks and I feel this decision has the potential to be completely life changing. I'd like to find peace with myself.

Right now the biggest goal on my horizon is finishing my next novel. I had wanted to finish it by the end of this calendar year but that is wildly unlikely to happen. So if I could just finish it by next Rosh Hashanah that would be a worthy goal. It's important to me to finish that next novel because it is only through producing more writing that I can call myself a writer, and move my career (such as it is) along. I'm struggling with how to consistently produce my art in a disciplined way, and finishing another book will help me in that struggle. In addition to that specific goal, though, I'd like in general to achieve better recognition as an author. I want to market my first book better and get more sales and reviews. I need to build relationships and put the marketing work in in order to do this. It's important to me to have some outside recognition of my art and of my authorial identity...but it isn't going to come unless I put some work into attracting it.

I would like to learn to knit. That sounds trivial, but I think I would enjoy it, and I keep putting off learning, because there's always work to be done, studying to be done, etc.

LEGALLY MARRY MY WIFE Do I really need to explain why?

This sounds very superficial, not very spiritual, but by this time next year I WANT my garage emptied of all the stuff/junk which is taking up space. There are two rooms which would be amazing studios. The previous owner used one for an art studio. I moved in and filled the entire space of the garage with the overflow from the much larger house which had been my home. I've made a start. I have spent part of the summer in a big (for me) purge. I have let go of much. There is much yet to go. I am trying to let go of attachments. A big test I've set for myself is to throw away at least two boxes without opening them. It shouldn't be scarey. They have sat there, unused, unopened, for 6 years. But, can I do it? Tune in next year. When I have my studio finished and working.

By this time next year, I would like to have passed my qualifying exam, be done with classes, have a pre-doctoral fellowship, and submitted (and hopefully published) my first first author research paper.

Answer the question as to whether our family is complete, once and for all.

I'd like to get a promotion. I love my job but with student loans, car loans and other expenses I need more money to be able to move out. I'd like to see myself out of the motorhome, have a copper and start a family with my husband.

I would love to have graduated with a BSc in Chemistry and a decent grade. I have worked too hard and long to give up now.

abundance for my mom, my daughters, my communities, Kol Yisrael. help in the balance

I hope that the changes I've made within myself the past 2 years will hold true. I hope I will remember my strengths and abilities and that I will continue to use them within this new job, to be the best myself I can be. But mostly I wish that I will begin to see myself the way others see me, all the wonder and positive things they say about me, I want to feel that way about myself. I want to believe in myself the way they believe in me.

I want to be in the relationship that leads to my blissful marriage. And I want to be sighted enough to let it thrive and not do anything silly to squelch it. I feel that I am so so close to it--I want to reach out and grasp it. Is it the person who is staring me in the face and graciously, patiently, asking for my hand... or is it someone else? Someone Jewish. Is it silly to say that the only issue with my friend is that he's not Jewish and that's why it can't happen? I can argue both yes and no. But yes feels more aligned with nature. No, it seems more reactionary, and Orthodox. And that is what I'm supposed to be... but I'm not. And even to qualify it by saying 'Modern' I should be looking for a Jewish mate. But we love each other. We've known each other for twelve years. He understands; he'd let me say no. But I don't understand. I love him and I don't want to say no. (But) I feel that I should. And I resent that.

This question inspired me to do a deep dive into my goals for 2014. There are a lot of different buckets of goals: health, financial, spiritual, relationships, etc. I will be doing a deep dive into all of these buckets and create a purpose driven path. Right now, I'd have two goals in mind: get my weight down to 130, my driver's license weight. It's a 10 lb difference, but I feel that my identity is tied to my health and I'm slipping there. I don't feel as strong and lean as I would like. Energy is down, clothes don't fit right. Time for a change! My second is my financial goal of having 1x my salary saved in my retirement account by my 35th birthday in May.

I would like to have a permanent position at a well-paying job that I really enjoy. After having been unemployed for eight months and now not knowing if I will still have a job from day to day, I am dying for the stability of a permanent position that will help me pay back my debts without losing my soul.

bone him

I want to be 30lbs lighter and fit fit fit!!. I want to go into my 50's as healthy as I possibly can. There is so much more that I want to do in the life but I must have a healthy body to do it.

Passion! I want something for me. I haven't really ever given much thought to what I want and where I want to be. I want to find something that I can call my own and be so fired up and jazzed about. Not sure what it is but I can start looking.

Does long hair and losing 10 pounds count? I've hated the way I look for at least 5 years. So, this is significant for me. Mid-life crisis, here I come!

I want to be an RA. This is important to me because I want to help the new Freshman like my RA helped me. Plus I can't afford to continue to take out loans for school, so free room and board would be awesome.

A more predictable but lucrative work life. Too much stress and tension in my life. And to find a way to have more balance so that I can do more outside of work. And to spend more time with myself and my thoughts - meditation, reading ,nature.

A new job.

I want to push myself to eat better and work out regularly (at least a couple of times a week). I tend to feel down about myself a lot of the time, and I feel like it would boost my self confidence if I were a healthier eater and if I lost some weight. Maybe, if I have more self-confidence, I'll be able to come out of my shell more.

I'd like to be going back to college or university getting a business or other degree that can take my career to the next level. I've been progressively frustrated with my career possibilities lately and feel like I'm in a dead end. Figure it's up to me to do something about it.

I would like to be more on time to things, to show people that I respect them and their time.

I would like to reach contentment- a state of balance. This is always my "new year's resolution" but I think that I will be able to achieve this next year because I'm finally figuring out which things are important to me and thus, I have fewer things to balance. I would like to be content with my career. I would also like to be on the marriage track. I hope that my relationship is headed that way.

I want my inside to be as confident and positive as my outside. i want to treat myself in the same loving way i treat others.

I would like to be at peace with where I am in ice. Happy (enough) with my job. Happy (enough) with my body. Content with my family - having worked hard on my relationship with my husband, and having intentionally set out time to spend with my daughter. I hope that next September this post will make me smile. I will know that I did what I could to balance life. Not taking work too seriously, and taking every opportunity possible to delight in the family I have built and the family who helped me get here.

I hope to achieve happiness with my relationship status, whatever it is. If I'm still single, I want to be content with that and peaceful with it; if I am dating someone, I hope to achieve a strong, meaningful, and mutual relationship.

I'd like to be a good enough developer to be able to start my own successful website. It's been a goal of mine for a long time to build something that I can be proud of and possibly make me at least somewhat rich or famous.

One thing I'd like to achieve by this time this year is to have graduated my undergraduate career. I also hope to have a good job because of it. I already quit Victoria's Secret, so more of a job related to psychology and kids. I don't mean another STP which Im sure Ill do again next summer but I hope a nice job maybe at the university maybe not.

Begin some sort of ASL course. Sign Language is so lyrical and beautiful I want to use it in conjunction with my singing

I'd like to have made much more significant progress towards paying off my debt. I feel like I'm paralyzed and can't move on as a person, an adult, until it's gone. How does one get married or have kids if they're still paying off the folly of youth?

I want to have more social events and connect with more people. I have this dream of reviving the music gathering of the past, where friends would gather in a home to play music -- just for fun -- and then have some food and drink. Why? Though I am a quiet introvert, I love being with people and love the connectedness that brings.

By this time next year I hope that I will have had a very productive Summer. The past two Summers have not really been that productive. Sure, I've made some money, but this next Summer I want to have a good internship that will help me go further down the path I want to take. This is important to me because up until now I've always talked about what I want to do in the future, and this Summer I have the opportunity to start laying the groundwork for that future that I'd like to have.

Only one thing? Half my problem is I want to learn and create too many things. There are books, artworks, languages, product ideas, three or four very distinct professional paths, plus nurturing relationships and R&R. I'd like to have a good sense of my priorities by this time next year, and know what I ought to be doing. This is important to me because I have more creative thought going on up there than I have means to realize. That's no bad thing, but I'd like to know the path to getting things flowing rather than just day-dreaming - and choosing the right things to get flowing. (What I'd really like is to blow the lid off the jam-jar of the 'feasible', but I suppose that would be a wish to be magical rather than human.)

I would like to be more successful at being a leader. I feel like that is an area where I have failed.

I would like to be financially on track again. I now have a permanent full time job and I am able to pay all my bills but would like to save more. I want my house in order, I'm too old to have nothing.

I'd like to have gone on a bona fide road trip by this point next year. I think I'd really enjoy it.

Bariatric weight surgery. It's coming down to being my only option to help fix my life and my medical situation. I'm afraid of it but I also hope for it.

By next year, I'd like to find myself more comfortable in establishing a broad array of honest, meaningful freindships with an array of different personality-types and belief-system-holders. This is important to me, because I often withdraw from the challenge of connecting authentically with those who are too different from me, and now that I am living in a foreign land (Israel) that is also a historic homeland, I want to make a leave-taking and a return...to relate to those who may seem like strangers, but I know are really deep-down family...it's a principle I hope to carry forward to the wider world at large, and a principle that I believe ready to carry forward in this year ahead.

I want to feel that I have done everything possible for my son and myself as it relates to personal development and increased sense on personal well being. I am not sure if it will mean weight loss for me, increased sense of belonging at synagogue, Improved communication with my ex, increased sense of personal accomplishment seen in my son, improved relationships at my old synagogue or my work , but I feel that all of these goals are very important to building and being part of a positive growth process.

I feel like a broken record but AGAIN this year I would like to embark on a meaningful personal relationship. I believe that with a partner, I can begin to work toward the goals that are dearest to my heart. I long to experience the joy of becoming close with one who is worthy of that love, express that bond to the community, dance with my parents and give them that joy, and hopefully, hold a child in my arms.

By next year I'd like to be in a full time job (or consulting full time) that is satisfying, not overly stressful (including not working more than 40 hours a week, tops), that feels right with my career path, that will allow me to logically apply for ED jobs once we move back to a city, and in which I am paid fairly for my work. This is important given that for the last 5 years I worked myself to the bone in a job I loved that didn't pay well enough and caused me a lot of stress - and for which I had to forgo some parts of my social life at times because I was too drained to go out. This is important because I think it will be hard for me to ever not hate living in Shelton, but a good work life will help balance that out (as well as being with Chris!)

I think professionally, I want to have developed. Leaving the role is an ambition, but finding a meaningful and fulfilling next step. That could be within Alyth or outside of Alyth...I don't know what the future holds, but I'd like to think that in 12 months I will not be in the same place doing the same things. I want to learn more about myself, delve into new theories, new practices and learn new skills. Therapy will help this, and I am hoping that my therapist's insights will trigger my development. Finally, I want to be more of a social individual. This isnt just being a leader, but just doing more shit on my own, or the type of shit that I want to do.

I'd like to have inspired someone by this time next year. One person or one million. As long as I touched someone's life and impacted it for the better, I have achieved life's ultimate goal: Tikun Olam. The perfection of our world.

I would like to keep my steam going in my professional life. I want to find another job, or keep my tech position, once my one-year contract is up. I'd also like to find where i think I'm going in my professional life- so far I'm split between a counseling life, a higher ed life, and an art life. By this time next year I want to know exactly where I'm going.

to stay in school and do my best. it is important to me because i want to find out what i am capable of.

I want to have become more creative - not just the singing and hopefully playing piano a bit, but perhaps doing something with the bones project, perhaps writing - doesn't matter what, just being creative.

Master my physical body and eliminate bad health habits. Vastly improve my work ethic and earn a lot more money.

To be making my own jewelry - making gifts for family - maybe selling some items.... I was told to go for it - the sky is the limit.

I would like to be gainfully employed. This goal is important to me not only for financial reasons, but because it will help me mentally and physically as well. I want to have somewhere to go each day where I feel welcomed, respected and productive. It has been way too long!

By next year, I'd like to be running again. I'd also like to be in a different job. It is important that I encourage and allow myself to keep growing personally and professionally.

I would like to publish in a major way, and have it be something that people respond to in a positive manner. I would like to finish my writing projects and find outlets for all of them. This is important to me so that these creative visions are let out and no longer haunting my soul with their lack of physical manifestation.

I want to have all my OSAP paid off. This is important to me because being debt free was always something i was proud of, and it feels free, lightheared. having the burden of 5K hanging over me is very stressful. I also want to have lost weight, ideally be around 250 i guess. that seems a reasonable goal if only i can stick with it.

I'd like to have my foot in the door in some sort of policy/government organization. This is important to me because as of now this is the field I want to get into despite not really having much experience in the more political side of getting policy passed.

I want to be completely financially stable. That's the biggest goal I have.

Losing weight. I've talked about it for seven years and never just committed to it. I want to be healthy. Also to date more so I am not hiding from intimacy.

2013 has been a year of such incredible change for me, I just want to continue this fantastic upward swing. I still can't believe all the good fortune that I've had! I want to continue building this relationship and life that my boyfriend and I have begun. He's it for me, I want to have his children and watch him grow old, and whatever I can do to make us both as happy as possible is a priority.

I graduate in December. I hope to have a full-time job in nonprofit by graduation or soon there after in Nashville. My goal right now is to move to Nashville to be with J. This time next year I would like to have achieved that. I also would like to have explored the city and call it my own. I never got to know Atlanta because of the distance from where I live. I want to know the neighborhoods of Nashville, I want to experience different events, and I want to get to know a good group of girls with the same ambitious I have. That is what I hope I can achieve by this time next year.

I want to gain admittance to business school. I feel unfocused on my career path as well as feeling constantly frustrated when I ask too many questions or think too hard at the job that I'm currently being paid to do. The environment isn't bad, but I expect more from myself, and hope that a better understanding of different aspects of business and management will allow me to be a competitive candidate when looking for work in the future.

I want to be more tolerant of things that annoy me. This is important because other people and I think that I complain too much.

one thing i would like to achieve is reading more books this past year.

Same as last year. Be a CFC with the ICF with my financial coaching and be building my practice.

Establishing some sort of creative practice that lives or dies on just me. And I want to have completed some sort of personal creative project, not related to client work or teaching or an outside prompt. I don't know what that project is, but I'd bet this cynicism that seems to creeping more and more into my life is because I've become less of a creator and more of a passive consumer.

I want to finish up my counseling and be off probation. It will allow me greater freedom and flexibility in my life.

I feel like the "brain" from Pinky and the Brain. This question gives the same answer every year. I want to get my company to a point that it can operate successfully without me.

I'd like to get over my issues of social anxiety, fear of physical closeness with my wife and strengthen my relationships with friends and family. These issues are in my mind pretty much every day and to some degree or another are affecting my life negatively. I am going to start counseling tomorrow, so we'll see what happens.

By this time next year I'd like to have a job working towards licensure making $50,000 per year. That is, after I've backpacked the Wonderland Trail with Hana, Travis, Sara Jaye, Kyle, and Ben.

To be able to read Hebrew. I'm almost through my beginner book. Can't yet read script.

I would like to be more confident and comfortable with myself. I feel that sometimes I feel that I am stifled for whatever reason. I should just speak up and take a stand and not feel held back. I also feel that this hinders some great opportunities for myself.

I would like new types (methods) of creativity and spirituality to be engrained in my day-to-day life. I would like to be less scared of doing so. I hope that physical expression is a significant part of this. I hope that I am expressing myself more easily and that I have healed myself more.

I'd like to be financially stable, but I'm starting to doubt if that's possible. It would be nice to buy stuff from the grocery store without having to budget or feel guilty.

By this time next year, I'd like to have established a healthy lifestyle, where I don't binge eat out of stress and eat candy just because it looks good. I hope that these sorts of choices end up influencing others; for example, I hope that my choice not to continue eating chicken and other meat remains and that I continue understanding how important it is to eat right, work out continuously, and make sure my family's following this path along with me.

I'd like to get my body back. After breaking my leg badly in 2006, I feel like I had just gotten my strength back and loved being in my body when I got pregnant. Pregnancy pretty much put me back quite a bit and I now have at least 30 pounds that I want to lose. I can't wait to feel joyful in my skin again and be able to model that to my daughter. I'm not on some crazy crash diet or anything, but taking it slow and steady. It took over a year to have a baby, so I don't expect the change back to happen over night.

I am hoping I can get my husband back to where he comprehends and can hold a conversation and walk that is my main goal after his stroke.

Same as last year. Find someone to share my life with, a sexual partner who loves me and enjoys being in a relationship with me.

I would like to say that I genuinely cared for my students and helped in the process of their growth towards being better writers and people (citizens). I am struggling with that now. I also want to be better friends with my spouse. Another person said it like this (sidebar guy) "...a renewed spiritual connection that is deeply rooted in a profound respect and love for one another." Remember his hummingbird story. He and Mia found it floundering in our garage. It was so bound up with cobwebs that it couldn't fly. They caught it and Mia unwound the exhausted creature's wings and it took off! Diane Murrell posted on FB asking him to see the spiritual significance of this "once in a lifetime" event. He told me he did feel like this bound up rare bird. Tired of the cobwebs, he wants to fly. I am heartened, as this is also the 6th year in a seven year cycle on Jewish calendar. Another year of double portion. So maybe this is Victor's year for renewal both spiritually and physically. Sort out my mortgage. Sell my house for a profit. No debt.

I was to be healthy and fit

So cliche, but I really want to have a better idea of what I want to do with the rest of my life. I have no idea what I want my college major to be, and I hope that over the summer or in my first year of college, I can be inspired and have a better idea of the direction I want to take the rest of my life in. Also, I really hope I can ride a bike by this time next year. Liam promised to teach me, so I hope that I can gain the courage to finally give it a try again.

Be able to have no debts or not to worry not having money to pay. Have at least 1/4 payed of my car. Buy another trip to a place I've never visited. Be at peace with myself.

By this time next year, I would like to achieve a calmness about me, a way to stand back & assess situations before reacting. I also DON'T want to talk negatively about people or situations & to avoid people who do. I want to accentuate the positive & " be the change" that I want to see in the world. I also want to be more open & accepting of people that I do not know well.

Last year's answers kicked me in the gut when I read them because I set all these lofty must-do rules and expectations for myself, and of course that didn't work out. I think all I want to do in the next year is what's healthy and best, for me. I want to put myself first, only do what I can and *want* to, and not allow guilt or fear to motivate me. And if some things don't work out, or even if they backfire, it's okay. It's life. Things happen. And I can still love myself no matter what.

I'd like to have stopped peeling my face. This is important because having control and keeping my religion is important. I'd like to be in grad school. I'd like to be a better mom to my kids. I'd like to be gentle, use a calm tone of voice, and not react angrily to my kids' misbehavior, or to be irritated with them when I am tired or stressed. I'd like to stimulate them more and do more interesting activities.

By this time next year I would like to have established a family charitable foundation, involving at least me, my wife and my son, but ideally a wider family. This is important because it will give a focus to our charitable giving, but also because it provides a forum for the younger members of the family to think about and engage in philanthropy. We have the money; let's figure out how to be good stewards of it.

I'd like to be financially responsible all the time. It's important for my self esteem and overall peace of mind.

I would like to have free time. Every single fucking day. Right now, I don't. I'm always rushing around freaking out and not knowing what I'll accomplish. I will deliberately say nothing about what I want to accomplish. Rather, I would like to sit around doing nothing for 5 minutes (OR MORE) each day and I would like to have lunch with my husband once in a while, during the week, because normal, healthy people get to do that.

In the next year I would like to have found a regular volunteer opportunity and to feel like i'm more connected to my community and giving back with more than money.

I want to find peace with my job and achieve a balance between work and home life. I would like to find peace with Julie.

A regular exercise routine-- say 3-4x/week as a regular practice, to include yoga, some cardio, and some outdoor walks.

I definitely want to get my masters degree and enroll for the teachers academy. I just got back to university, and it's sucking the energy out of me. I just continue feeling stupid and a slacker; the exact opposite of my life as a teacher where I feel like a born talent and get so much back from it. Sigh. I hate feeling stupid. I also hate that this all makes me feel that I'm lazy for not wanting/being used to doing something that takes an actual effort.

I'd like to be on better financial footing. I know we have a rough couple months ahead of us from two school tuitions and buying a house so by this time next year is like us to have that behind us. Other than that I don't know. Plan a new trip? For the first time EVER I don't feel like I need to constantly be chasing it working towards something. I feel so content with my life and I'm open to whatever may come along!

Nothing is a do or die issue for me in the next year, which is a great feeling. Ideally I'd like to be pregnant again, but if not I'll be ok. I'd also like to start back a little work once my baby is a little older, but again its an unknown. I guess I'll also have to introduce my daughter to daycare by then which will be a big transition.

Put down some solid roots in London. That's a big move to an even bigger city and I'm fucking terrified. I'm also tremendously excited for this adventure because I know I'm ready for it. But it won't be easy and friends make all the difference.

I have to pick just one?! I would really like to start settling down in all areas of my life. Living situation would be different (not with my parents any longer) and I would like to be back in a committed and loving relationship with J, and I would like to have a job that makes me feel alive whereas the one I have now makes me feel dead inside.

I want to buy a new car. My first (and only) car was totaled for the second and final time this year so I am in need of a new old one. My sister received her first car shortly after I totaled mine so I have hope that I will be able to find one soon enough.

I'd like to be dancing or performing consistently again. A few times a month will do!

Financial security - we are getting pretty stressed out about it. Really want to stay in our house.

85% productivity. Ring for Kaitie. Keep running. Maintain friendships. Have served.

I would like to be a bit skinnier. This year I have been feeling heavy. My outside is not matching my inside, or maybe it's matching it too much but it's not who I want to be. I have noticed that I push my stomach to painful capacity all too often. I have considered the safety capacity that carrying extra weight affords me. And I have seriously considered the benefits of going back down to a weight I would like. Although I may never be 130 pounds again, I would like to be a bit skinnier, so I can be comfortable and not feel like I am constantly hiding. I also would like it to prove to myself I've worked through the emotional issues that are deeper than the food.

I would like to know what I'm doing with my life. Would like to have some kind of direction for the next 2-3 years - a favorable direction. I especially hope to achieve a status that would let me travel home easily.

I'd like to be back on my quest for fitness... No more lazy. No more excuses. There is so much to lose by not being health conscious and active. Take care of YOU...nobody else can do it for you!

I would like to be more confident in my work and personal life. I want to be able to interact with others without being apologetic (being concerned about what others think).

I want to find a job that is meaningful on a personal and professional.

I would like to be in school completing my degree.

Again and always seems the answer the past few years, but I want to have an established career. I want to have credits. It's just time already.

By this next time next year, I want to have maintained and hopefully strengthened the relationships that are important to me at this moment, with friends in school, away at college, and all around the country. I want to look back at who I was talking to frequently at this point in time and know that I did not let those friendships fade away, because I know that if I maintain them, they will continue to develop into enormously beneficial parts of my life. And like the "Lessons Learned" sheet in my room reads, I want to begin to work towards treating everyone as a friend. I want to walk by and say hello to everyone I can.

I'm having a lot of difficulty with this one. I wish I had more hopes, dreams, and goals; however, they seem mostly absent and have been for some time. I would love if I found a way to recover some of this over the next year. I do hope to continue building on strong relationships with friends and family - I hope that our relationships grow even stronger, that I find ways to share more of myself, and that I find ways to truly be there for my friends and family.

Finical stability. I have been in a feast or famine sea-saw for so many years. I'm too old to be this unstable...even if i'm unemployed again... i want to be out of debt.

I want to have friends! I feel kinda lonely in sixth form college. I just find it difficult going up to people and saying, "Hi, be my friend?" It just feels awkward to me...

I would like to have spoken in public at a packed conference somewhere notable. Speaking before an audience is one of my biggest fears, especially as I have gotten older. But as I am pretty good at making people enthusiastic on the small scale (if I say so myself) I am honestly convinced I could do it on the large scale. And what could be better than making people excited on a large scale? I hope my business venture will be a success I can transfer to others.

One thing just isn't possible. There's so much I'd like to achieve, so I may as well state it all here. I'd like to achieve one year of veganism. I'd like to achieve all A/A*s in my AS Levels. I'd like to have made many new friends and strengthened bonds with existing ones. I'd like to try and relieve myself of my social anxiety disorder. I'd like to be coping well with depression. All of this is just so important to me, because I truly believe it'll help me become a better, healthier and more loving person.

Having a basic conversational level in the Czech language. This will decrease my stress level a lot, and open up many opportunities to me.

This time next year, I want to be in college. I want a general idea of what I'm going to do with my life. I want to be happy

I want to be able to say that I'm doing what I want to be doing because I think when you don't, your whole life can slip away and stop being your own. I want to have a job that makes me feel secure and I want to make sure that I appreciate every moment with the people I truly trust and love

I'd like to submit and a research project to be presented at a conference and for publication.

I'd like to be at a new job or at least with plans of a new job. I'd like to have completed a half iron man, and I hope to be in a stable relationship that is leading towards marriage?

I would like to have completed my 3rd Year, to gain my Diploma in Counselling. I've worked so hard over the past 4 years. I deserve it! I would also like to start a family with my husband.

I want to get 3D elements into my 2D imagery. It's important because I need to forge my own path and not follow others.

I'm tired of living check to check and relying on borrowed money from my mom (to whom our debt is now more than I can fathom.) It would mean the world to me if we could get our finances in order this year.

I would like to have achieved the second leg of my fitness goals. This is important because the dedication and discipline required to achieve this will be needed to reach the rest of my goals. This is level one. If i'm going to make it to the boss battle I have to keep swinging.

I want to really focus on my health. Lose 40-50 lbs, be ready to run a marathon, and have a lifestyle change along with my husband. We want to grow old together, and this is the first step. I have high blood pressure and it would be great to be able to go off the meds for it. I want to be able to wear cute clothes again too, and feel great about my body!

Be in a master's program and be halfway through.

I'd like to feel some sort of sense of moving forward. I would like to feel like I haven't stood still or taken a step back in the past year. I don't want to set myself up for failure by including some specific goal; I just want to be happy and positive about my position in life.

I want to have finished one book. It's important because it might eliminate some pain and suffering for people at work.

Beyond my studies, what do I hope to accomplish in the next year? I think, most of all, that I'd like to be happy. To discover new ways of being happy. To balance work, study, personal life and "me time" and make the most of every moment.

I want to be okay. I feel like it's been years since I've truly and honestly been okay with myself and how everything is going. I don't want to look at this answer next year like I did this year and be disappointed with myself for not being better because I know it's hard. I'm not okay because of the company I've kept and because I left my heart on my sleeve and let everyone have a pinch. I want to be okay, that's all I ask. And I want to have had my bat mitzvah, and my Hebrew name. And a beer with my dad!

I would like to publish something I'm really proud of.

I want to be in a caring and committed relationship with my body. I want to feel that doing what it needs to be healthy will feel like a celebration rather than a chore. As I age, my fears become entangled in my limitations, and this causes me to be less physically active, exacerbated by eating for comfort. I want to come to know what my body can do, and pursue it with joy. I want to incorporate the creativity and pleasure others I know have for cooking and preparing food into my eating patterns, so that I eat healthier, homemade foods more often. I know that this needs to start small, and I want to give myself permission to do this at the pace I need after so many years of inactivity. With an image of moving without fear through a forest of obstacles, I hope to cultivate the attitudes of heart and mind that will allow these behaviors to take root.

I would love to be able to take a vacation with my wife. We haven't had a fun adventure is far too long. Going hand in hand with this would be gaining full time employment.

Two Word, new job. It's been my goal for two years now. At first it was just for career enhancement, now that I have found it so difficult, it is now a personal challenge.

A new standard of excellence in my profession. I feel that I am falling behind because of my very part time hours. And this cannot happen. I must be professionally competent and up to date for the sake of my clients.

I can't list one thing....there are a few: 1) financial independance from my ex 2) establish a succesful team at work, and prove my worth in this new job 3) my body: get in shape, feel good, be healthy 4) be ready for love

Become fluent in Hebrew. I must be able to communicate effectively and elegantly in more than one language.

I want to pay off all my debts except t for the obvious (car, house, school). Credit cards and personal loans are "an evil and corroding thread" in my life & I truly want them gone.

I must, must, must have my own writing, under my name alone. The best would be a pair of TV samples. But more newspaper columns, a revision of my last year's feature, anything that I can say is by me, is too important to let slide.

I'll say 3 things. 1. Lose 50 pounds - or 1 pound a week 2. Get a show contracted, whether it be on the air or taking the next step to public distribution ad mass audience watching. 3. Improve my interpersonal relationships

I'd like a new job. This isnt really something I'd like to achieve so much as I need to. I need a new job. I need to be working on something that matters to me, where my brain and ability to work hard are valued and encouraged.

give up smoking - will make me feel healthier

I'd like to understand my depression and feel like I have some control over it. I've spent nearly 30 years battling it, dreading waking up, not even wanting to breathe. I can't stand the thought of having to suffer through another 30 years.

I want to have a real sense of community and deep friendships here in San Francisco. I want to know the people in my neighborhood and the name of folks at the farmer's markets, I want to have friendships in which we value each other deeply and grow and play together, I want to continue to find communal ways to express myself and exercise.

I would like to have formed close relationships with people here at Vanderbilt and be content with those relationships. Hopefully this involves a romantic relationship as well but as long as I'm happy, then everything is good.

I hope to have donated at least $100 to the Alzheimer's association. I will receive this money by making and selling bracelets.

I'd like to have finished my current writing project, and also written the first draft of an original novel.

I would like to know what I want to do as a career. Either applying or attending grad school, or in a job that feels both meaningful and rewarding. I really hope that I continue to feel moved to do movement work and that I go to protests and support local groups, in particular CTA. I really want to take time to cast a wide net and find something that is a good match for my skills and interests. During the search for a job, my goal is to hold my prejudices and be open to whatever will be the best fit for me. I want to forget about thoughts like "i thought i would be..." or "i feel cool doing this" or other distractions and try to be true to myself, my interests and my skills.

I'd like to have a full-time job, or enough gigs set up that I can support myself.

I'd like to have started my health coaching business. I think this is achievable. This year I've put a lot of time into thinking about it and learning about it. I have some plans for next steps. This is important to me because to me it means that I will be doing work I find enjoyable, I'll be building the professional community I crave, I'll be doing something that makes me proud of myself, and I'll have something of my own - something that makes money and makes me independent. It will help me achieve the life balance that I crave.

I would really like to have a full time job with benefits. I would like to stop having my parents support me and help me with finances. I want to be self sufficient and in control of myself from this angle. Also with benefits I can get my teeth fixed, which for me would be great, I would smile more. Who doesn't want to smile more? Am I right?

Lose weight, be richer.

Definite moving plans. It's important to me to set roots and raise our kids in a happy, healthy, outdoorsy environment. I want to settle and know what direction we are moving in.

I'd like to achieve bringing a woman to orgasm preferably multiple orgasms. This is important because it feels so wonderful to bring someone an ecstatic experience.

I would like to regain my pre-pregnancy strength and continue on my journey for healthy living. This is important because as an older mother, I want to be healthy so I can be around for as much of Grace's life as possible.

to write again because it's me and i have let it go.

I would like to finally have my work shown and sold in art gallery with lots of Fans, friends and family supporting me.

I really want to be a whole happy person not attached to my bad habits and obsession. Whether it be picking at my neck hairs for hours or watching lesbian porn or trolling Facebook till the wee hours of morning or obsessively sexting Matt. It's all so bad for my growth and I'm just more than that! I want to be less dependant on this black computer here. Use it for good and then put it away. Not be controlled by it and my desires. And WORK OUT!

The greatest thing that I really hope to achieve by next year is to have enough income from teaching and the bread making that I am starting to be able to pay all the utilities on the house she has me living in, and maybe even part of the mortgage. I hate feeling completely dependent on my mom, and as she gets older she need to have that burden taken off of her shoulders.

I would like to experience myself as living honestly. That is so vague but that's what I feel. I want to live in truth. That's not an achievement, I guess, more like an idea of what a good life is. It's hard for me to think about an achievement. I used to think it would be grad school but that's all over now. I can't say "a full-time job" or even "a fulfilling full-time job" because that's so vague and depersonalized. And it doesn't even sound like me, or like something I want. Maybe what's hard about this question is thinking about what it will be like to read it a year from now having possibly (probably, in my mind, right now) not achieved it. But, no, OK, answer the question. If I'm still living in this same apartment, I want to have painted my bedroom walls.

Stability with health and building a stronger body.

More listeners for the show. More opportunities to travel. More opportunities to travel and broadcast.

I would like to finish my writing project and get out from under my unfulfilling obligations. I can't waste any more of my days.

Only one??? I would like to have achieved a successful art show of the prisoner's work that my friend & I are working on. I would have liked to have done a good theatre performance or 2 at the prison and gotten the Creative Writing class up and running. I would have liked to started volunteering for the ACLU or radio station. I would like to have reduced my credit card debt. Is it not self-explanatory why these are important to me? I believe in the power of art to transform in the prisons. I believe in giving back ot my community. I want to be free of debt and able to save for things I want to do--travel, buy hearing aids. I would like to take the Path of Freedom curriculum I am studying and implement it at the prison.

I've kind of lost all my goals. I'd like to be settled into uni. I want to work hard but not stress about it and I think I need to embrace the social aspect of uni.

I want to become more dynamic and make full use of my potential, for myself and not just to do what's easiest. Finding what's going to satisfy me, stretch me, stimulate me. I want to find excitement and be titillated by life and her opportunities. ... and I want to get my mojo back.

I would like to be in a relationship. I know I am ready for something, and have healed, learned, and grown, and am ready for a partner who lifts me up. It's important to me as I want someone to share things with, to celebrate with, and cry with. I'm ready to "settle down" but not settle down per se, but more "partner up." It's a hole in my life I'm ready to fill.

Same as EVERYONE. Improved relationship, better health, more money.

Retire! get a new career, purpose in life!

I would like to feel healthy. I haven't felt "right" for the past year. A few health problems have been identified and some courses of action are now in place, yet I'm not back to feeling "right." Since I refuse to believe there is that much difference between approaching age 61 and approaching age 62, I hold to the hope that my doctors can develop the proper recipe to get me feeling 100%. Why do I want to achieve this? It's not fun feeling unwell physically, as it leads to psychological down turns. But mainly, I want to feel good enough to enjoy life--my free time, time spent with grandchildren, and every day that comes along.

I would like to accept my husband for who he is and stop feeling annoyed or hurt or rejected when he doesn't react in situations the way I think he should.

I have to make it to graduation. It will be a tough year, with difficult decisions, but as long as I focus on the horizon, I will get there. Also, I'm serious about this. This time next year, I WILL have my driver's license. Damnit, I'm 21 years old and I still don't have it because I'm a lazy ass and I postpone everything. Not anymore.

I'd like to have completed the first year of my animation course successfully. I'd like to feel confident in my skills but challenged by my work. I'm sacrificing a lot to be able to do this course so I'm hoping to enjoy it and find it fulfilling.

I want to have a job secured in consulting. Hopefully at BCG.

I want to be in a fantastic career that meets all my creative needs, working within an inspiring team with great mentors and likeminded individuals. I want to be excited about going to work and have a different, fun day at work everyday. Along side that I want my own personal art career to be flourishing and have more personal projects on the go! Also have a boyfriend, someone who will be my partner in crime. It would be great t have someone to go to gigs to and just hang out and be creative and talk shit with.

I hope for the dual accomplishments of completing my master's degree requirements and conceiving a healthy pregnancy. For the first, I feel like I need to do something for me. I'm so invested in my family and making that the most important thing in my life, and I only expect that to increase. On the other hand, I'm worried that this will derail me from meeting my personal goals and I want to make sure I give these the emphasis they deserve. I also want to take my family to the next level by trying to have a child. I'm terrified at all the changes this will entail, but I'm comfortable with our relationship and state of our lives and so excited about all the potential this future has.

I want to be healthy. Really healthy again. Without that I can't even imagine how to accomplish any of my other goals. Illness is just too distracting and limiting. I want another shot at being my whole self again.

I hope I will be promoted by this time next year. It's important to me because I'be been much more deliberate and forthright about asking for this promotion, rather than sitting quietly and waiting for it to happen. I'm proud of the way I've taken charge of my career I that way and shown as an ambitious but thorough person. I really hope that by this time next year I will have completed the CTI leadership program. Right now, I'm working with Kamil to get it approved, and he's concerned about the time away from the office. It's important to me to stand up for what I need and build my interpersonal influencing skills, and I think this is really the way to do it.

I hope to achieve some regularity in my schedule, my routine, and my "me" time. Just making the time to do the little things will make everything else go smoothly.

Get to the point where money is not getting in the way of living. I wan't to be responsible with my money and know where it is going, but I also want to be able to enjoy spending it.

Really figuring out of I want to move to Thailand and chase after G, or not... I'll need to make that decision far sooner than September of next year. I hope the trip in October brings some real clarity.

I always let myself down with this question. There are things that have been soul-achingly important to me that I still haven't done. Particularly with travelling. I tell myself this time it's happening but then life gets in the way again. Work, money, the house, planning a wedding..... So I'm going to say I want to achieve contentment. To achieve many small things that make me feel good about myself. To make a perfect macaron. To grow echinacea from seed. To have a happy and relaxed and fun wedding day! Oh, but I did get the tattoo this year! A reminder shining out from my wrist. If only I wasn't scared of what my mother will say!

Self-acceptance of where I am with myself in relation to spiritual growth health, family relationships, appearance, actions--basically just feeling nestled into the big "I Am"

I hope to re-build that internal independent confidence I once found some time ago, and through that be living life as the very best version of me I can be. This is important to me because getting there will give me the foundation to live life the way I want to live it.

I want to have progressed at least 50 EC in my studies, in order to be able to finish it in another year. That would give me reassurance of my capabilities, improve my university network, reduce my debt, give me something to work for, give me a reason to lead a stable and respecting life.

I'd like to be back to a good weight... 150 at the most. I've been eating like crazy lately, and enjoying it. But I'm not enjoying my body the way it is right now, so it's time to make some changes. I'd like to have started dating seriously again, and maybe even have met someone. It's important to me because I want to get married, and maybe even have another baby!

The same as last year, but more so as my job has gotten worse which has caused me to become more ineffective at coping with my life--I want to get my condo and my life decluttered so I can spend more time engaged in activities meaningful to me. It will also help me to become healthier emotionally, mentally and physically.

Small acts of kindness to my family, my co-workers, and my friends. I don't think I need to explain why.

Buy a house!!!! Make the house a green house which uses energy efficiently and will enable use to live life more independently. Grow our own fruit and vegetables.

By this time next year, I hope to have found a focus for my life that will help me to move forward with purpose so that I can be successful in achieving my personal goals.

I think I said the same thing last year, but I'd like to have a clearer retirement plan, even if that means retiring from Pace and doing something else that allows us to "age in place."

I would like to have paid off all of my debts and be in the black both personally and with The Found. I would like the Smiling Cat project to be sharing its view of media with the world and be financially independent so that it can be free to provide for the people. oops that is two. well the first is important because without paying off the debts and having more income than expenditure, I am not financially independent myself, so I can't be teaching it.

I want to finish a Century, and see my book published. The Century is important because it takes time and energy and effort, and I'm proud of that accomplishment. The book is important because I know I can add to the conversation, but I'm nervous that it will be rejected. Getting it out there, my second before tenure, will be a huge accomplishment for me.

By this time next year, I'd like to have a better grasp on my depression. Right now, I'm so prone to extreme mood swings (one day, I'm loving life and the next I want to die) and I hope that in a year I'll have better learned to stabilize my emotions and focus on positivity.

I'd like the basement to be done. I've been working on it for so long. I'd like to enjoy it rather than be committed to it. And especially be brewing again.

I would like to have left my job at the firm and figured out the right way for me to either not work or work part time. Ideally, I would love to be able to do stable work of some kind to keep me outside, using my body, and connected to horses. This is important for my mental health, my body's health, and the quality of life for our family. I never thought I would be a stay-at-home mom/partner/whatever, but I am already seeing the value in having someone run the home throughout the week to maximize on the time we have together as a family during our weekends.

Eliminate that which drains my energy. Get rid of at least 51% of stuff from our house. Maintain what I chose to keep. Love it. Getting rid of stuff is just a first step, I also want to say no to anything that doesn't inspire me. This will require more strength and confidence. But I've expressed this goal in terms of negativity... what I will fill my life with is inspiration, passion and love.

I want a girlfriend. I have gotten a new car. I have gotten a great job. I have gotten a great apartment. I have gotten a new computer. I have gotten a credit card. I have done all of the things you are supposed to do as an adult human on earth. I have not found a woman that would be mine. If the OkCupid process doesn't get things started for me by my birthday, I will quit that and try "not looking" in hopes of stumbling upon something wonderful. The trouble is, I'm not incredibly aware of when anyone takes a shine to me. And when I think they do, I'm wrong!

The biggest goal for me is to make my company, Celliant, self-sufficient... This company has been my singular focus for the last 5 years and it has been over 12 years since I initially invested in the company. Success is deemed by being self-sufficient and not needing additional capital... This is important to me because it has become an identity for me and I believe that this technology can help make the world a better place... I need the company to be able to succeed on its own otherwise I face losing all of the work that has gone into building it from scratch...

to have a body of work (writing and art) to show myself and others and to be away from this part of the world. to find contentment again.

By this time next year I am to be married so I want my wife and I to have a place of our own. It would be the first step in being able to further our lives

I'd like to be in a job where I feel I'm helping people. While I'm currently working in a mental health charity, I feel my abilities are underused and frustrated because I can't do more. I'm taking up some volunteering to help with this in the short term, and looking for work elsewhere in the long-term.

Choosing one thing is hard. The goals I have are: * To move in with my partner * Get accepted into university * Find a casual job * Fall pregnant, and * Continue with my wellness Of these the biggest would be getting a job and university. Having not been working for 3 years due to mental health issues, I would love to get back in the workforce so I can tick the last thing off my list. This will hopefully bring my self esteem back up to what it was before.

GET A NEW JOB. I'm capable of better, and of being happier. I just need to get over the anxiety that's causing me to avoid all change.

I want to establish a daily practice, that offers support for engaging life from a more intentional and rooted in values place. I just wrote a mantra I want to say every day, and then work in meditation, journaling and other practices as I am able. But at the end of the year I want to have a robust practice I can count on.

I'd like to have done such an excellent job at teaching the sustainability class to the Kohl's people that I'll be invited back, and in fact be invited to do this for other executive programs.

I would like to have made tangible progress in the reboot of my quest. I would like to create Resonance!

Teach yoga. Because I've been talking about it for years and not following through this year would be too damn disappointing.

I'd like to more than double the amount I currently have in my savings accounts (about $5500). Saving significantly is the first step on the road toward being able to buy a home at some point, and I want to make some notable progress toward that goal.

I'd like to be okay being alone. Yet I so want to be less lonely.

I want to be back in school and have a better handle on our finances. I want to not have to STRUGGLE so damn much just to keep our head above water.

Going back to college. Moving to a new place. Divorce. College because I need to prove to myself that I can do it. Moving, because I need to. Divorce, for obvious reasons.

Being in a loving and balanced relationship. I'm 41 and I've prayed for the right path toward emotional maturity and to have my lustful tendencies removed. I think it's time. But only time will tell.

I would like to have control of my finances. This is important because at some point in my life I need to know what the hell I am doing. I feel like I am stuck in limbo with no clear direction when my finances control me. It is not good.

More confidence in facilitation! It's something that I feel could be properly mine, and is portable for more job opportunities in the future.

i would like to feel less lonely. either by having more meaningful relationships, one significant one, or feeling better without them. its important becuase it is holding me back. and i do not want to feel held back any longer. it has been 10 years.

new job. I want to keep moving forward, and succeeding in a way that feels good to me. I want to feel like I've arrived and that I can hang. my gf and I will hopefully be speaking about more serious life issues. it's going in that way already, but I think by this time next year it's really gonna be go time.

by september next year I hope J and I can save $10-$20k for a down payment on a house. i would also like to be in a new job that better matches my abilities with a more dynamic team. i also hope to be more involved in something in my community. i want to try to continue to work on my health so i can be ready to have a baby at the end of 2014

Be eating and living a healthier life. I'd like to simplify everything and be more organized.

I'd like to make Michelle smile a little bit more, maybe even laugh out loud a couple of times. It's important because any kind of hope for the future depends on it.

I would very much like to be a better classical guitarist. It seems that every year my interest seem to oscillate between guitar and music, but clearly it seems that I need to concentrate on both. The response I got to my recordings have been overwhelmingly positive, and I'd love to continue to grow as a musician, and keep recording it and putting it up. I'd like to see where it takes me. I'm secretly hoping it'll lead to me becoming a concert guitarist. I don't think it'll happen, but one can hope. :)

I've had a book idea that I have sat on for some time. I would like to finally get it done and out to the market.

Understand what success means to me and be moving towards it.

Three things: I would like to be granted tenure at my job. I would like for my partner and I to move forward in our relationship with some definition of our future. If we move physically, I would like us to find a safe, affordable place midway between our places of business, or somewhere very easy for each of us to commute.

Ha. I think last year I was hoping to have my doctorate completed by now. I still want to complete my doctorate--I never imagined how difficult it would be to finish. Finding time is my main problem. Maintaining my home, my family and my job are all encompassing right now, and I need to figure out how to lighten that load in order to work on my dissertation, but still maintain order in my life.

I'd like to be in a loving and committed relationship. At 55 I feel like I have finally grown up enough emotionally to achieve this - I just hope it's not too late.

A comfortable savings. It has always been important. This year has given me a spotlight look on why. I can save money I have been too lazy to accomplish this. In the next year I will. I want to be a home owner. I want to be free of financial shackles.

A steady and prosperous income from my creative writing projects. This is incredibly important to me because while I'm a hard worker, I need (NEED) to escape the day!job grind of spending 9 hours a day working for other people. I want creative, financial, and chronos freedom.

This goal will require work on a number of fronts -- there are a lot of moving parts -- but I would very much like to effectively communicate/convey what it is I do to the world (online presence, press releases, etc.). In a nut shell, I'd like my "public face" to be as comprehensible as I know it is. Currently, I feel as though a Google search makes it appear as though I'm all over the place (e.g., painting/drawing, photography, writing, art-science non-profit guy) but, in my head, at least, these are all related pursuits, each feeding/informing the others.

This time next year I would like to be 40 pounds thinner. Not necessarily to look better (though that would be nice side effect), but for medical reasons. Right now I have to take a pill 4 times a day so my body won't produce too much spinal fluid which causes pressure on my brain. Doctors think weight loss will help. Well, it couldn't hurt. And if it gets me off the mediation, that's a big plus for me.

I would like to have high-intensity exercise a regular part of my life. I have started it a few months ago, although recently I'm down to about once a week and gaining back a few pounds. I need to recommit. And why is it important to me? Well, to start with the small and small-minded. I cannot often find clothes in regular stores, and I think the premium charged in "big & tall" stores is outrageous. I'm 6 foot 3 so I'm already tall... as well, I would feel better about myself if I was thinner. From 2008-2010 I put on about 50 pounds and have kept it on (fluctuating a bit) so I would like to work at least 25 pounds of that off in the next year (all 50 would be great, and I'd have more to go after that). I see it as a long-term change. Now the bigger reasons? Well, I want to be healthier and live longer. With Shannon's passing, I have a bigger role to play in Michael and Molly's life. I would like to feel more in harmony with my body. I'd like to stretch easier, balance easier. I'd like to come to a place where I can enjoy sports. I would like to not be out of breath when I climb three flights to Brian's door. I'd like to eventually get off my blood pressure medicine. I'd like to move from borderline high cholesterol to great cholesterol. I'd like to never have to worry about diabetes, heart disease, stroke - or know that I have actively worked to avoid them.

By this time next year, I want to have a solid GPA, a group of friends who are supportive and make me happy, and also be having the time of my life. Maybe have an internship or study abroad program set up? It's hard to tell what I want to have accomplished in a year. I would also like to get in shape and be able to rock those old clothes. During the summer, I want to ride a lot and show more, and foxhunt more as well. I want to do what makes me happy.

I would like to publish our tabletop RPG, Tabletop Blockbuster. It's been a great project with my husband and that's really meaningful. I want to get it finished and in people's hands.

Find a more satisfying work situation that is more in keeping with my long term values. I am starting to realize the importance of this for my long term emotional health. And that this may be more important that other considerations like money, location, etc.

By this time next year, I would like to create my own piece of art. This does not have to be done independently, perhaps I would like to collaborate. I would also like to have gone to France. Although, finances are an issue. I am doing a good job cutting people out of my life in a sensitive way, and releasing relationships that do not serve me. I think these are important because it makes it MY life not OUR life. I can be alone if I want to, and maybe it's time that I make myself want to.

I want to have two business facets up and running. The first is with a healthcare service that should dovetail with Obamacare. The second is a corporate training program to educate companies about the real impact of human trafficking. It is not a "victimless" crime. It's a crime that destroys women's bodies and souls, ruins communities, and debases all of us who let it continue. My commitment to the first business is to create a strong financial future for my family so that I have the time and money to pursue the latter.

Losing the baby weight and then some. I can't go on telling people how to be healthy and not doing it myself. We have nothing if we don't have our health.

More love. It's the point of it all. I can't quite say the details, there's no telling what a year will bring, maybe.

I hope to complete all the pre-requisites needed to begin my masters in Speech-Language Pathology. I hope to be enrolled in the beginning of my master's program by this time next year.

For me? To not go crazy. I need to keep my job, and pay my bills.

I would like to be past this sadness over Joe being forever gone. I would like to feel a balance to this newer life that will include not feeling scared about finances and not feeling overwhelmed by this feeling of aloneness. Yet I don't want to forget him either. I want to do honor to who he was (HOW could he be a Was?), the good dad and step dad...I would like to make peace with the depression he suffered from, and gain a better understanding of it than I had while he was living. I would like to engage in life, but in a way that lets me continue to be me quietly, serenely, cheerfully (when possible and appropriate) and in a way that stays true to me.

Have a job that feeds my creative desires while providing some much needed income. Alleviate some of my husbands stress regarding the financial burden of the house and family

To be on the way towards becoming a mother, or at least knowing if it's possible or not and what steps I might new to take to make it possible.

I want to maintain how i feel physically and mentally. I want to be a good runner! I never ever run so that would be fabulous if I could accomplish that.It's really sad but the way I look determines how I feel about myself in a huge way. I want to feel confident and strong and just sure of myself and not have to wonder what others think because I am awesome, and as long as I know that then the rest doesn't really matter that much after all.

Choosing just one thing is hard! If I'm going to say this properly, I want to have moved forwards with my dance teaching exams, and have actually done at least one! This could open up so many doors for me, I just need to commit to it.

I would like to feel more whole as an individual. I'm not sure how exactly I'm going to achieve it it could be through body image, through cultural experiences, through professional accomplishments.... But I want to work on having more wholeness in my life. I think it will make me a better person to myself and a better person to others as well.

I want to graduate and move out.

I want to be earning more than my mister. That sounds hugely competitive, but it's not. I just know he's carried the weight of our finances for so long, and I'm finally on track to be doing my fair share--and have the potential to earn beyond that, too. He's been so supportive as I launch my business, and I'm excited to be contributing financially toward our future together.

I'd like to be engaged or at least in a serious, committed relationship.

I would like to find some kind of work, so I have more money to enjoy some things in my life I' mmissing, such as travel.

I'd like to get my life back in order. I feel as if I've lost my true self in the last 5 years and hardly recognize this person I've become. As a result, I will be happier. My family will also benefit and so will my friends. I will be more confident and fulfilled too. This will require a lot of work on my part and with my health issues... this is what makes it more difficult, but something has to happen.. I feel myself starting to drown. I want to lose the 20lbs I've gained back, get into a regular exercise routine, reset my circadian rhythm to a more "normal" place! or something more healthy then its at now! lol Get my life more organized, in all areas-inside and out and after working out most of my kinks, start fixing the ones that have occurred in my relationships because of my lack of time and life management. *breath*

I want to work on my communication with Misael and my family. I love it when we talk about big questions like this - it strengthens our ties, brings us closer, and ensures we're NOT just going through the motions.

I would really like to be or have been in a healthy relationship. This isn't something I really have control over but it would make me really happy. I think I'm ready to be emotionally available which is really exciting to me. I don't want to rush into anything but I'm ready and that is so amazing.

Professional satisfaction. Work/Life balance. Happiness. These all go together. I love my job, I love my boyfriend. I want to find the best balance with each of these aspects of my life.

I will like to have lost 100 lbs. I would like to weigh less than 250lbs. I would like to feel healthier and not feel like every day is closer to death. Most days I feel like I am clinging to my life. I have diabetes and would like to lower my blood sugar and if I am really fortunate I will be able to lower my medication or even eliminate it.

I want to have figured out my major. Yeah, that's important. What am I doing?

I need to not be in this job way before "this time next year." While the stability of health insurance and a regular paycheck relieve me of a certain level of stress, working day in and day out somewhere where I'm constantly second-guessed and undervalued is taking a toll on me. I'm miserable 4 days a week, and dealing with this crap is getting old. I work with great people, and it's doubly troubling that they can't get their acts together to value and elevate what's important and put bureaucracy and organizational paralysis aside in order to do what would benefit everyone and create a healthy work environment.

I would like to be able to go home for a visit (NY) and purchase all that I need to for my graduating son.

I'd like to achieve better work/life balance. As always! Make room for love, life, music, meditation.

Achieve tenure. Right now I'm in the midst of it and do not know what the result will be. It really could go either way, even though I totally deserve it. There are many forces at work and many reasons it may not happen. I EXPECT it to really, but it will be such a relief when this process is OVER. Academia is very cruel and mean-spirited, very ego-centered and fault-finding. Everything happens for a reason and I know God is with me, so I fear no one. I can only do my best. Also begin a process of saving some money but stay focused on paying down debt and not accumulating more unnecessarily. Also lose some weight. That's 3 things.

It's important to me that I "do me" for a bit. I've spent so long hoping things would fall into place with this relationship, & it hasn't happened, so it's time to make some changes, to move on. I don't know what it means, exactly, to do me, but I'm going to give it my best,

I'd like to be back in the gym with some regularity. It's really part of a bigger health picture. I want to be in better all around shape, mostly mentally, but also physically.

I would like to have finished writing my dissertation.

More than just "wanting to make a difference" in my community and the lives of others, I want to actually have done it. To be honest, I know I've already achieved this goal in small ways, but I'd like to make a larger impact.

Getting my license.

I want to try to be more outgoing and make more friends

Peace of mind and complete happiness, because after soo much pain and sadness this year... I do deserve it..

I would like to run a race. I would say a half marathon, but I am not sure that's realistic. But I have wanted to run a race for years, and I need to just push myself to do it. Take care of my ankles, get in shape, and run a 5k or a 10k or a half. Whatever it is, I want to push myself, train, and prove to myself I have what it takes to accomplish a physical challenge.

By this time next year... I'd like to achieve some significant weight loss. Right now I'm at nearly 240lb. In one year I want to be close to (if not below) 200lbs. My life is getting better and I want, more than ever, to live for a long time. The time is now to get healthy.

The easy answer is "be married". But that's gonna happen in four weeks, and not something that will take a year of hard work to accomplish. It will take a lifetime to show my gratitude to the woman who said yes, but that's probably a different question. I would like to achieve some professional goals. I want to have achieved a significant professional certification; either CEM, NABCEP, or something like that. i would like to have a clear path to earning my PE. I would like to have a rough sketch of a small business (install fuel cells for residential?) I would like to be living with my wife in our new home that we purchased together, either in Northwest DC, Takoma Park, Silver Spring, or elsewhere in DC.

I hope to have some more of life figured out. I am just circling confusion lately and kenn wants to figure out if we are forever material. I am curious myself. I just want a good job, some sort of understanding of life. I wish I would be making more money in a job that I truly love. I think I am hoping to be moving ahead in life, love, happiness.

Maybe the is is shooting a little high, but it doesn't hurt to dream, right? By this time next year, I want to be running my own business instead of working for someone else. I don't need to be making a lot of money, or be very well known. I just want to be making enough that I don't have to play by someone else's rules, no matter how ridiculous they get. I've already got lots of things I'm trying to put into motion, so it doesn't seem unreasonable to hope for some of them to pan out at least slightly. Working a job steadily has taught me a lot, but it's also one of the most miserable things I've done. I see no point to continue if I can make money another way.

BEFORE this time next year, I would like to have all the elements of my mother's estate settled. It is important because it has dragged on way too long, and I am burdened by the process.

I would like to be in a committed relationship. It's important to me because I want to share my life with someone and I never have. And I'm getting older and that is scaring the shit out of me. I've never made it a priority, so now at 43, it's just me and my dog and my wrinkles. I'd also like more life-work balance and I believe a relationship would help a lot.

I'd like to be more confident in myself and stand up more for my own well-being and beliefs. I've come a long way already just in the past 9 months and have begun discovering what I deserve and doing what I love without being afraid of what others think, but I know I can go further and grow in this confidence.

Achieve peace of mind about my "place" in life - how much money I have (or don't have), what my career IS (regardless of what I thought it would be), what love or friendships I have (or don't have), acceptance about my age and my inescapable path toward greater age.......peace of mind about ME. Isn't it obvious why this is important?

I would like to become enlightened. Big goal I know. But I think ultimately I would like to have secured a very loving relationship wtih myself and god so that I can be a light for others in the world. I want to be an oasis of kindness compassion and grace so that world peace can be achieved. I would also like to have once and for all completely healed my psoriasis. I know the question says only one thing but... I am describing two, and that is OK. :) This is important to me because its my health and my body and I want to be at ease in my own skin and as well as at ease in the world.

I'd like to have decided if I want to stay here any longer, if not, then I want to have decided where I want to go and what I want to do. I will be 55 at this point next year- it's time I start thinking about my next career. I want it to be something that I love to do.... but I'll have to figure out what that is first!

I'd like to have an agent show interest in my work. Just interest. I don't have to be signed, I just want interest. Why is this important to me? Because I've been dreaming of being a published author since I was eleven years old. That's why.

Reach a sense of financial equilibrium with my husband. Our relationship is strong, but the stress on us from the financial uncertainty is constant and tough and a year should be enough time to know whether the bets we have made are the right ones or whether we should be adjusting course.

Mostly, I want my career/work to continue to be plentiful, to make more money than I do now, and to rest and play in balance. This may mean self employment, and I want the full courage to do that.

I hope to break through this wall around my heart that keeps my romantic self from building real romantic relationships with real people.