Is there something (a person, a cause, an idea) that you want to investigate more fully in 2013?

Honestly? No.

I would like to learn more about relationships, and what is takes to create a healthy, functioning one.

I'd like to investigate more about what we can do to help the environment...music, art, poetry, the brain.

As I become more of an Angelino, I would like to understand the City's history.

I want to learn more everyday Hebrew!

Nothing that I can think of right now, only to play the ukelele better. I would like to help more dogs in rescue.

social media marketing classes, offer those services to a couple local businesses in town using the marketing skills successes in my prior town.

Meditation. I would like to establish a consistent habit of daily morning meditation.

Hmm. Yoga? I am currently doing a yoga routine in the morning and the evening, most days unless I'm rushed or stressed. I'd like to start going to classes but don't feel like I can afford that right now.

I would like to explore career opportunities and see if I should make a major change or continue with what I am doing now.

Me---time is running out.....

I'm interested in investigating Orthodox Judaism more. Even though I know that I could never be Orthodox, but the customs are interesting, and some of them make a lot of sense.

Improv acting.

I want to look into. The NDP more deeply. I feel like I support them and I tell people I do, but if I'm actually going to join I want to know more.

i would like to investigate judaism more and learn about it again, like i did when i was in school. i would also like to find a charity to align myself to, so i can confidently volunteer and represent them. i would also like to perhaps settle down with a partner.

I think, in general, I would like to learn more about my kids' cause for actions upon themselves. Why did they choose this year to make their changes. What caused them to do so. What more can I do?

I think I'd like to investigate happiness. To understand it more, to embody it, to spread it, in all the big and small ways. I have the book The Happiness Project, so that may be a good place to start. Maybe taking more of what the lululemon manifesto says into action. Volunteer with the Look good, Feel Better organization, if there was ever a cause that spoke to my soul it's that one. I always think that when you look nice you just feel better and it's probably the reason why I dress the way I do all the time. And to know there is an organization that embodies that for women going thru a hard time is definitely something I want to be involved with. To quote Audrey Hepburn, "The happiest girls are the prettiest." And I don't think that means if you're good looking the world is grand, but more that if you are happy, you will be radiant.

Tantra and other forms of loving kindness and openness.

Who and what my husband is. And how I can be with him.

Id like to look into what I can do to help support refugees. Perhaps volunteer some time with a local support group, teach a class, prepare a meal or just listen to their story.

Yes I would like to go to Breslau with my family to follow my husband family roots

Learn/practice mussar.

I'll be deeply investigating the Israeli political system as we finally go to elections. Maybe I'll join a party...

I am interested in learning more about mediation and relaxation. I struggle to meditate and want to understand more about the process and the impact.

where to go for a fabulous long holiday in summer 2013

I like the idea someone else wrote about looking into family history. But I would also like to get involved in helping young girls/women who have been rescued from the sex slave trade in the U.S. I have the outline of a plan to provide for them as part of a much large plan to help families with parenting and other life skills.

The continuing quest for mindfulness, along with the dream of spending a few months in Israel.

I continue to investigate the practices of SRT, Resonance Repatterning, Radical Forgiveness, and deepen my understanding of Spiritual Energetics.

Finding "The One" and settling down, doing volunteer work in a developing nation, moving to another city

How I can be of service most effectively and heart-fulfullingly.

I would like to better understand the things I need to know for work I would love to attend workshops (weaving, dying, fiber arts, silversmithing, etc) I would like to find a cause that I can engage in I would like to increase my network of friends and contacts in all areas of interest I would like to travel I would like to dance more

I need to start making some solid plans about what to do after I retire from teaching. I want to make a meaningful contribution. Yoga for elderly? Dogs for rehab? Writing?

Can one person make a difference? I thought so at age 12 and I still believed it at age 52...but can I prove it? And I dont mean the famous and rich and powerful, I mean the ordinary like me, the unknown, the middle class.

Automotive Icon Lee Iacocca

I'd like understand politics a bit more. World politics, religion politics all of it. I'd like to know more about the world and finally be able to participate in political discussions-but mostly so that I get a holistic view of the world and when I stand up for something, I have both sides of the argument. I think that's worth investigating

Jewish Intelligence. Buddhism. Neuroscience.

My Self and what's going on with me!

I'd like to spend more time traveling with my boyfriend, because we've never really been on any adventures together! I'm not sure you really know someone until you've been on a trip with them, because adventures in a new place are very telling of a person's character! Also, yoga.

I want to start Talmud Cincinnati, which will require me to study Talmud Bavli, Talmud Yerusalami, and compilations of law that were assembled in the interim. The first year will require mostly study and politics. Study of form, and development of a dataesthetic structure at least as sound as prior Talmudim are the first priority. And developing this alongside Rabbis who can push this forward with authority will require politics and restraint on my part – I have a tendency to jump ahead steamroll people, mostly because I over-think problems before sharing/discussing. By the time I bring up a topic, I already have the solution worked out. The result is people rightfully feel either ignored or over-ruled. Last year I had to learn to let my partners lead. Hopefully letting my betters lead will be an easier challenge with this behind me. I'm not off to a great start in the latter struggle. I've already worked out a new paradigm for Judaism that transcends denominational divisions, but will be very hard to sell to Reform, forget Orthodoxy. I have too much clarity in this to back down though: 1) We should embrace a vision of Judaism as a way of life, not an ethnicity, religion or even nationality (speaking specifically to Diaspora Jews, especially those in America). This way of life has one aims: to raise up a "nation of priests" dedicated to repairing the world. 2) A post-modern literary treatment of all sources is the way forward in terms of our relationship to Torah and Talmudim. Equipped with a holistic, definitive reference, Jews can increase their holiness at a personal level, while modern authors/redactors can rationalize and restore mitzvot and demands Torah that define our way of life. In an age where most people are literate, we can rely on one another's opinions and feelings, and engage in study on an on-going basis.

I want to continue work on my family tree and learn more about my family's history.

Yoga. Elder law. Financial Stability and Retirement.

In 2013 I will still be investigation the connection between mind & body & how energy plays a role in who we are & what we attract into our lives. This journey of investigation into this realm started two years ago, & the more I learn, the more I see that there is so much more to learn.

Still seeking to understand how humans connect to the awe of the universe to make personal and community transformation.

Finance. Writing. Engineering. Milan Kundera. Joanne Didion. Economics. Blogging. Programming. Photography. Fashion. Fiction. Statistics. Drawing realistic objects and landscapes.

i want to investigate more about the possibilities of starting either a home based business or working for a company with benefits.

Nothing more than usual: I want to be fully immersed in my research again; I want to be fully immersed in a satisfying relationship.

Libertarianism Christianity Freedom Wealth i

Once, I might have written down the name of some girl who had caught my eye. But there is no one like that, and neither should I feel so compelled. I should investigate myself more thoroughly- who am I when all those around me are cast aside- who am I when I stand alone?

Me. Khanacademy. The PTA, Mojo Mondays, a career.

More healthy lifestyles. Better eating habits, More exercise, fewer medications, less tv and More thought provoking ideas.

Conservative Judaism

The Star Wars/ Star Trek debate. Film photography. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Poetry. Pottermore (if they ever upload the rest).

I would like to learn more about the education reform movement (both corporate and non-corporate) so as to be able to argue my own points better.

I'd like to delve more deeply into the public education system - to truly be able to articulate the problems with it and propose some solutions of my own or identify leading scholars' thoughts on it. I want to be able to remember and reflect on what I see in my middle school: what frustrates me, what works, what makes sense, what doesn't.

my ancestry

I already investigate a lot now, and I want to continue that. Mostly politics. Speaking of which, when President Romney takes office, I'm going to spend time ensuring he works to reverse the grotesque trend to bigger and bigger government.

Yes, I want to learn more about food insecurity and child hunger in the US and see what can be done about it, and if there is some way I can help. The fact that almost 20% of our children do not consistently eat enough and well enough is a tragedy and a disgrace.

~my mother ~continuing me ~Chrysalis- and running a course for them on spirituality ~idea: independence without financial worry and surrounded in love.

Committing to writing more. Dating.

Masada.I want to know every fact

Childhood nutrition and hunger.

I've been trying a little this year, but I want to improve my eating habits and I think with heather and I living together, I'll have more motivation to really learn about the foods in putting in my body.

Aetherometry, Water, Myself.

I want to--or rather I know I have to--know my mother better. I'm 30, and I don't think I know many good things about her at all. Shes hard to get to know, but I know much of the fault for our terrible relationship lies with me.

I want to focus more on myself this year. I spent way too much time paying attention to my recent ex over the last decade, essentially, and now that I'm single, it's time to rediscover myself.

Animal jobs, human and animal psychology).

Guitar. My goal is to be able to play at least one song at the very last havdallah I will ever be at with BBYO.



I have been studying Mussar for years, and want to finally start to do a Chesbon Hanefesh

Buddhism. Mandarin. Spiritual/holistic healing. China. Cooking. Yoga. Channeling. My spiritual gifts. How to share the love and healing with a greater number of people. My new city -- Shanghai.

I would like to just become more knowledgeable about current events from politics to technological innovations to the state of India's population crisis, I just feel like I'm ignorant and out of the loop. I think it's because of the high school frenzy of college applications and standardized tests that I really don't know anything but some people are so educated about the world and I wish I was.

I have been involved in a lot of social justice causes and interfaith work. I was on the board of the Illinois Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty and we celebrated a big victory. I do a lot of volunteer work with a worker justice group called Arise Chicago which is a local affiliate of a great group called Interfaith Worker Justice. Health care is an indirect cause of both the local and the national group which concentrates more on issues of wages, forced overtime and safety. In the coming year because my daughter just aged off my insurance and has a preexisting condition. I would like to concentrate on health care especially access to needed perscripton drugs for all people especially those with chronic conditions

I have started to become more involved with more direct and immediate forms of tzedaka. I want to continue this as part of the Mitzvah Corps and individually.

I want to investigate community development more thoroughly. Living in a breaking but tenacious city and working in a corrupted neighborhood, I know there is ample opportunity to learn about how the pieces all come together and about how to assemble them in a productive and positive way.

I want to learn more about my family

A relationship with a woman that is meaningful.

I would like to join the Rotary Club or one of the local arts councils in Burbank or Tujunga. I feel like I should put my extra time into helping the causes I care about to grow even more.

I'd like to get involved in the community somehow, and not casually, but permanently and passionately. I am leaning towards set design at the local playhouse.

I would like the year 2013 to be a year of Thanksgiving. To live out life with gratefulness, and being aware of the many reasons I have to be thankful.

Two things I'd like to focus on this year. Me and God. This has been a good time for introspection and connectiveness to Judaism. If only I should focus on them During the rest of the year!

Judaism and how to practice the traditions and teachings together with my non-Jewish boyfriend. I want to make it more accessible to him so we can share in the experiences together in our future.

Playground Physics.

being a new grandma!

D.J. Kaplan, Brotherhood, Time Commitments, Urban Exploring, Disney College Program, Carpe Diem, Life

I wish I had an awesome answer to this, but actually the answer is not that I can think of!


I want to learn more about genetically modified foods. I am also interested in the beginnings of this country.

I'm interested in investigating getting myself a new beau and new friendships.

I would like to continue keep investigating myself. This is what I need right now.

The Green Party. The Libertarian Party. International House of Paintings. Tai Chi. Tao in Thought. Akira Kurosawa.

Simplicity Gratitude Creativity What more does one need?

I want to re-investigate Judaism from a secular point of view.

I'd love to learn more about my parents lineage.

would like to find an old friend who doesn't seem to be on any social networking sites

Policy and law regarding animal rescue. I live in a state with thousands of homeless animals and dozens of officials who would rather see these animals dead than happy in homes.

Integrated supply chain management. It's probably boring as hell but I do think superficially that figuring out how many widgets need to be somewhere and when is kind of fascinating. It can ve done in any industry, including the more prigressive snd humane ones. I fear for the sustainability of my current profession (archives, which I love...) and as a recently-single mother who won't likely be able to count on much help from the baby daddy, I need to be able to provide for my kid.

Playing the banjo, neuroscience, space, writing

I'm really interested in the rehabilitation of younger teens who become addicted to drugs and have anger problems and what the world is doing with these poor souls. My state has just started a program they are providing resources for these kids to get counseling. I hope the program works out for there are a lot of rebellious kids out there.

I want to delve into my family history and background. I want to know more about Roman history. I intend to learn more background about computer science.


Religion, faith and my identity - explore my connection to Judaism, instead of questioning it and fighting it just go with it and see what happens. Ignore what other people have to say about it, I am my own person.

Me. Higher learning. Creating my own commune. Growing more of my own food

I want to continue to explore my Judaism and find more ways to participate in the activities of my Jewish community, including outreach to the larger community.

I'd like to explore myself a bit more, which in turn means my mother, my past, my now. I want to know how I was effected by her influence, her past so that I may start to understand more about myself. I feel as though we are very much a like which is why we battle so much. I just want to at some point this year understand why we can't be on the same level but it would make me happier if we could just be at the same level and build a real relationship.

Torah. I plan on reading the torah portion every week for a year, starting with Simchat Torah! I hear other people's commentaries on the torah portion, but I want to read it myself (as well as read commentaries) so I can analyze it myself and explain it to others. I will be doing this with a friend, we will each read the portion on our own and then get together to discuss it. (This will hold both of us accountable for actually doing this!)

Light optics. Hip openers. Rust Belt cities. Anything and everything to do with speech-language pathology.

I have have so many things I have to limit myself, thus my deciding to manage finances, learning Spanish and getting my environment in order.

Urban agriculture. Hackerspaces. Film-making.

hmmm. I would like to seriously consider becoming a Big Sister as part of the Big Brothers/Big Sisters organization. Since I will never have children of my own, this seems like it might be a good fit.

Who is this Jesus? I don't believe he is God. I do believe he is the Messiah. I don't understand why he died. Wouldn't that be a human sacrifice? I've heard he died for our sins - if so - then what is Yom Kippur and repentance all about? The holy spirit is Not God and Not a person. The holy spirit is a Spirit and a spirit is not a person. So I'll keep seeking to find out why this Jesus had to die.

I would like to be more conscious of not purchasing products imported from countries with countries using child labor or inhumane labor conditions. I also would like to look into ways to reduce food waste.

Paper making. Also, my biological father.

I dunno. Definitely ( I say this every year) expand myself as a musician. I'm feeling myself getting frustrated with the usual blues-y stuff that I keep playing. I'd much rather be playing more Warren Haynes-y stuff. That'll take time, though. Trying to live a more socially and environmentally conscious life. But again, that's a very ill defined goal. I guess I just want to take this no-plastic thing further, and kind of 'infect' the rest of my life, and hopefully other people's lives, with it. Hopefully this time next year, Abhi'll be in the city, if not nearer at any rate, so we can see each other more often. If not, I sure hope I have the necessary strength to give her the attention and love that she deserves.

I'm at the beginning of graduate school, and need to learn some practical skills involving speaking in front of a crowd... and so far, I've been hesitant to do so. I want to investigate where my apprehension comes from, and what public-speaking talents I have that seem hidden to me right now.

Getting serious about having a life after this phase of life comes to a close. Retirement is a long way off but this year I'd like to formulate a path to a happy and meaningful next chapter, even though it won't be for a couple of decades....

I want to talk to my grandmother more. I want to soak up all her memories, while I still can. I want to treasure the time she has left.

I want to learn more about architecture this year. Not only the subject itself, by my capacity for UNDERSTANDING the subject. I can appreciate the aesthetics, but can I grasp the minutia- the materials, the physics, the MATH? That's what I want to investigate in 2013.

Myself. It may sound a bit cliche but I want to know myself better. I have no idea what I want out of life, and I want to figure this out. I am also at a point in my current relationship where I feel like it is coming to an end and I want to figure out what I want in a partner...

Explore consciousness / religion and life after death.

Learning Hebrew and reading the weekly Parsha

I would like to investigate more about political economy in South Africa. I would also like to know more about the NGO landscape in mozambique - I still don't have a lot of background on it and I desperately need it.

Yes. I find it a shame that I don't speak my own language as fluently as I do English. I have zero family members that come from or live in any English-speaking country, yet, I feel most comfortable with English. I was born in Brazil, my mother is Brazilian, my parents live in Brazil, I have spent countless holidays in Brazil, and I went to high school in Brazil. Obviously, I really need to "investigate" (more like invest in) my Portuguese fluency.

I would like to learn much more about politics in the coming year

Pregnancy! I hope to get pregnant next summer, and I'd like to know what I'm getting into. I'll interview all of my friends with kids, read books, ask my doctor, and hopefully be able to form my own opinions on how I would like my pregnancy to go and how I would prefer to give birth.

I want to learn more about hypnotherapy, international management positions I might qualify for, Hermann Hesse, quantum physics, and the power of self-forgiveness.

I'd like to make deeper and closer friendships. I'd like to have deeper and closer relationships with my family. I'd like to learn to be patient and calm down my fears and enjoy each day as it is. I'd like to find a synagogue community that I can more closely connect to.

My clothes tumbler. The rags. Love. Relationships with women.

Explore possibility of moving to FL to be close to relatives, as have no close relatives in St . Louis and we are getting older. Possibility instead of moving to go visit there more often and longer.

The Koch brothers. I want to stop buying products that can be traced to them and learn more a out their assault on th EPA

Stabilizing the earth.

Ultra running and duathlon. Maybe even triathlon (if I can improve my swimming).

I want to investigate something that gives my life an extra layer. No idea what that is (artistic, creative, athletic, spiritual), but maybe this will get me thinking and moving.

My goal for this year is to continue to help guide my kids on their paths. Each of them are in transitional times and I am happy to say they reach out to me for guidance. I hope to help them in finding the answers that are right for them. I would like to deepen my friendships and devote more time to doing that with a few of the more special people in my life. Lastly, I would like to learn to meditate. I know I would really benefit from doing this for myself and I will do my best to include this in my routine.

Next year I want to learn more about the different people living in my community - but through their memories about the food they or their parents once made. I am particularly interested in people who recently moved here from other countries.

Beyond bringing my family back together, not really.

Yes! I'm so excited about discovering more about sustainable development in 2013. I want to read more, participate more, organize more and meet others who are passionate about taking care of the world for and stewarding it's resources for future generations.

Grad school and becoming a certified teacher. Getting better at the things I normally do.

I want to get to know some of my neighbors. I've lived here over a year and really don't know many people. So I guess the "cause" I want to investigate is to become more involved in my community.

I want to investigate my husband more fully. I want to know exactly to what extent he dislikes onions, whether or not he's lying (to me and himself) when he says he likes chick flicks, and how often he needs to be told I love you so that he really believes it. I want to know exactly his favorite shade of green, how to make his favorite dinner, and what it takes to make his eyes crinkle up in a genuine laugh. I want to discover how I can serve him, how I can love him, and how we can continue to be each other's best friend 70 years from now.

I want to gain more knowledge on growing edible plants (veggies, fruits, herbs etc) as well as know more about herbs. This is out of my own personal interest, but I think it will also benefit my nutrition clinic.

Mormonism. Christian theology. Surrogate parenting. Environmentalism. Immigration. Black history. The effects of love. The effects of child and family abuse.

How the brain works, astrophysics.

Right now I would say object relations theory, cognitive neuro-science, the history of the Balkan States and of the Jews in the Middle East before WWII. My reading is always leading me to more things I want to know about - I expect this list to be totally different by the time I read this is 2013.

Volunteering. Religions. Bettering myself.

A lot has changed in my life, dramatically, in the past 17+6 months. When I was diagnosed in Dec 2010, I was told treatment was 6 months. But then I was in a high risk group, and it was very likely the leukemia would come back and it would take longer, or I would die. Then I had a bone marrow transplant. My world turned upside down again, and it turns out that two upside down turns do not leave one right side up again. My life Now in many ways has very little resemblance to my life Before. I would like to get to know myself again in this coming year. My other 'wants' all seem to be insignificant in the face of wanting to be alive. What coffee I like most, or what clothes I was to wear, or what I want to do in a given day . . . I'm alive, isn't that enough? Except that it's not enough. Except that I'm not sure how to get back in touch with a lot of the things I might want in my life. I can't have the big ones: children, gardening/being in the dirt/sleeping on the ground/travel . . . and because they were taken away from me, I'm not sure whether I actually still want them, or if I just feel like I want to be able to want them. There are so many other things I want to know, and of course I want to deepen my knowing of my partner, but most of all . . . I want to get back to knowing myself. Or rather, I want to get to know the new self that is emerging out of this experience.

My Sexuality.

I want to be more involved with the opposition movement to tarsands pipeline creation in our province.

Secular Judaism. Life partner. Yoga. Family history / tree.

I want to know how this world was created. where we came from and why we are like we are. so many unanswered questions.

Nonviolent action - I firmly believe this is the most effective method for positive change. Eating disorders - I want to learn everything I can to be the most supportive parent I can be. Niche marketing - I want to expand my networks to expand my knowledge so I can give my clients the best service possible.

Becoming a citizen and registering to vote

I remain interested in religion as an idea which I like to investigate and for which I hope to enter a PhD program to continue to investigate. I see religion as the cause for most of the world's problems, particularly Judeo-Christianity/Roman Catholicism. I look for objective facts to metaphorically rub the pig-noses of the pig-eating pagans in and the Jews when applicable. It is clear that both groups hate the truth when it makes them look bad. Then they wish to suppress voices who will expose their hypocrises, falsehoods, and injustices. Then there are the many who make excuses for these bullies. Hence I intend to be as vicious as possible in exposing their hypocrises, falsehoods, and injustices. God-willing they will, as I pray, end up in the gutter, homeless, and may they die a slow and painful death while there. Then may these pigs go to eternal Hell. This I pray in Jesus the Jew's Name.

I want to look more into religion and see where I truly stand on it. Id also like to really dedicate time to myself and love. Its about time right?

Learning how to sail! A lifelong dream of mine. Someday I want to helm a ship across an ocean. Just getting started, now in my 40s.

I want to investigate exactly what it is I want to major in (I've had a few ideas, but none of them are definite) and what I want to pursue as regards to a career. I've considered majoring in linguistics (I love foreign languages, and the idea of working as a translator and traveling sounds very appealing) but I also love creative writing, even though I don't do it as often as I would like. I want to try and do more creative writing this year, and get an idea of what I'm capable of as a writer. I can do this through the creative writing class I'm taking, by participating in NaNoWriMo (which I'm doing for the first time this November) and even by checking out books on writing from the library.

Helping Israel and Jewish causes

I'd like to further investigate my relationship with my step-daughter. I love her like she were my own but I am not sure that she feels the same way. she struggles between feelings for me and for her birth mother and I'd like to be able to cultivate our relationship more.

I'd like to become more familiar with the domestic abuse care system. If I'm going to work in it, I need to know what's going on.

Pikler approach. Mindfulness. Organic gardening.

Myself. I am just becoming comfortable in my own skin, being me. I am trying not to be a people pleaser- I have to Learn it's ok to say no... I am trying to take care of me....and trying to learn its ok to say no if I can't do something for someone else. I never care for me bc I'm always caring for everybody else. Im worn out and my disabilities are taking its toll on my body for lack of sleep, down time, and just time to be still. I have learned how I long for quietness. And now, I rarely ever hear it. My personal goal is to slow down, still care for my family and learn its ok to take time for myself too.

I'd like to get involved in Big Brothers or another youth mentorship program. I'd like to improve my Spanish too. And I'd like to help someone train for a marathon.

Witchcraft and magic!!!

myself. i wanna really figure out who i am, become more stable as a person and more consistent. it's about time i give myself some attention

Mainly, just what I should do with my future and the rest of my life... Kind of a big category, but I'd like to see what I can do and how I can help/affect others. I'm really interested in getting back into theater, so I'm going to try and see how I could do that.

I want to know more about the politics of food and investigate ways in which we can work to change every thing about it.

I should become more informed about local issues and candidates on the November ballot. I feel fairly well informed about national matters.

I was about to write ME, but that is what I said last year! I guess I want to explore more fully the opportunities presented by all the changes in my life as I turn 65, Connie contemplates retiring, and we both contemplate the next phase of our lives which might possibly include moving to Asheville NC!

Relaxation. Intimacy. Health. Financial robustness.

I would like to know more about my dad's family...why there seem to be so many secrets and everything is all "hush hush" about when he grew up. He is gone now and his sister is on her deathbed and it leaves only a brother and sister left for me to ask questions but they are very closed mouthed about how they grew up. I hope to try to get some answers that would explain why Dad kept his emotions so closed and why he was so tight with his money and why the siblings are not close at all.

I would like to investigate my ancestry.

I want to look more into the idea of Medical School and actually choosing to be a doctor.

Yes, getting a new job. I don't want to do another year of what I am doing. It is scary as I have a lot of freedom now - hoping I can maintain that whilst moving on.

Literary theory.

Vegetarianism or at least eliminating processed foods from our diet. Let's add Yoga, British history, converting the garage to living space and LBJ just for fun.

Myself. So many of the major decisions in my life have been made by other people. Time for me to figure out who I am.

Possibly the mathematics of Robert Langlands...although as soon as I wrote that down, it looked too ambitious. His work has inspired and directed my own for the past thirty-five years, but there are endless depths to it about which I still know almost nothing. Since his papers, including a lot of correspondence and a lot of annotation from Langlands himself, are easily available on the net, this is a task that's only difficult because it's difficult: there aren't any formal barriers at all. Langlands' ideas are some of the fundamental ones that tell you where to look for truth and beauty in mathematics; they tell you what questions you ought to be asking. Ordinarily we're happy if we can just make a little progress toward answering SOME question. Stepping back to ask what the right questions is not something for which we take time. Is 10Q in favor of worrying about what the right questions are?

Well, if we ever start the process, I have said that I will commit to going to Australia with my family. That needs more looking into and has a lot of ifs, ands and buts to be ironed out...

I want to continue exploring my Jewish Studies.

Good question. I am always curious about more han i can pursue. I want to read more this year, but think i should keep a list. Top o my list: What we talk about when we talk about Anne Frank, Nathan Englander Telegraph Avenue book by Michael Chabon I love Anne Lamott & want to read the book about her grandson Rudolf Steiner - permaculture -education I'm sure there is more!! On other notes, i'd like to join a gym to exercise & do yoga. Thus will be the year of nourishing my family.

Maybe moving out of New York??

I am keeping it as light as possible this year, but will continue to search for more meditation methods to reach and become one with the presence within me. Also, I will listen to more Cajun music such a the Savoy band and more roots and blues music such as Ry Cooder to expand my appreciation for these music genres.

Theosophy....and a myriad of other things that I keep getting books about.

History of Israel and how the study of archeology elucidates the history of the Heberw Bible as story. I also want to participate in a spiritual community locally.

Piacezner Rav.

Music, music, music! And read more fiction especially Rose Tremain.

I want to have the strength to continue to investigate the matzav -- and the discernment to know how best to be a compassionate leader on this issue in a way which will create meaningful healing and change.

In three weeks I'll be attending orientation sessions for a volunteer organization, and hopefully be working with them once or twice a week. And I want to lose weight, so I'll be working on that, too.

Autism. Biomedical intervention. Clearly, genetics play a part in this epidemic, but there is so much to be discovered =- s0 many areas to explore!!!

My family history, and to make a record of it. Somehow other things have taken priority, and I hope to make space for this. My finances. Figure out what's what, because it's good for me.

I would very much like to see into the further avenues of getting work published. It is already in the works with my friend, but I would like to see what else can be done in this, working with him or people he knows. I also want to get closer, very much so, with my girlfriend, who will hopefully be visiting from Canada in the early parts of next year. We can only grow closer now and I wish very much to see it happen.

I want to have a deeper understanding of the lives of others and learn not to judge people and accept them for who they are.

I want to look into organized crime and drugs, how groups like these come into being, how they are like other kinds of groups (like governments) and how they can be considered as collective organisms; and what learning about them can teach me about other aspects of human endeavor.

A few months ago, I became really amazed at the fact that in this day and age, anyone can become a well known artist. Anyone can share their music, films, writing, drawing, animation, photography and every art medium in between to the world and get their name out there. Through the means of social sharing websites like YouTube, deviant art, flickr, soundcloud and more artists can express and share their creativity to the public and to the entertainment industry's greatest talent. I've been hugely fascinated in this idea that anyone can become famous and well known through sharing their art on an infinitely big information network. Plus the fact that I have gigantic dreams of becoming a game changer in the entertainment industry gets me even more excited about this idea than most people I know. I want to share my grand and unique story ideas through every art medium imaginable. From films, videogames, television, manga, comics, anime, cartoons and everything else, I want to take advantage of it all. This is an idea that I want to explore in great depth, I can easily do so by sharing my abundant and wild imagination to the world through film, writing and all kinds of storytelling. Access to pen and paper, a computer, a camera, a drawing pad and more is easier to access than ever before in the history of art. I plan to flesh out this idea through research and expression of my art, it's an exciting thing just thinking about. It really makes my body and mind burst with excitement. By this time next year, I plan to have my writing, films, stories and art out there on the Internet. I know that there is a chance for my greatest works up to that point to be noticed by someone in the industry, and even if they're not, I will have the satisfaction of knowing that someone out there has seen my work and has been entertained and inspired to share their creativity with the world. I know that I'll make it big someday through hard work and taking advantage of great opportunities like this and others so I don't have to worry about being noticed by the industry. My chances will come and my art will be shared. I love this idea to the very core.

I would like to be in a relationship.

I am reading alot of biographies of all sorts of people, sports figures, political, actors. I would like to learn more about orangutans and animals in the antarctic. I hope to do some traveling and that is always a learning experience. Most of all, I hope to improve my Spanish and learn more about living abroad.

With a 5th grader, I want to more fully understand the bar mitzvah process at our congregation as well as what bar mitzvah means for the Jewish people, for my family and for my son.

My faith. Math. I don't even know! Everything! Books!

I would like to educate myself on the reasoning behind an established religion endorsing age-old sins. Love the sinner, but why capitulate to society regarding the sin. Just because society embraces something doesn't mean that the church should. Discipleship is spreading the word of God and the stories of Jesus, not reflecting what society is doing. Society should reflect the teachings. To me it is turning your back on everything we have been taught just to swell the number of congregants. Grace is extended to everyone no matter what, however, we are to try ever so hard to live according to the laws of our Heavenly Father. What the established religions are doing breaks my heart and confuses the issue of true faith.

I'm pretty curious, so I do a lot of investigating -- reading, listening, online exploration. I've spent the last 25 years taking care of others, so now I'm trying to learn how to take care of myself and make the most of my time. It sounds selfish to even write it down but I'm absolutely the kind of person who has had to learn very slowly and over many years to say "no," because I'll always choose to do that thing someone else asked me to do instead of work on something for myself. I do wish I were more politically active but I don't know what would work for me. I continue to like to learn about science. I want to keep up my reading, especially in sci fi. I want to help kids love reading and stories because it's what I love and that always shows when you're teaching. But first I have to get myself together.

Governing the United States . I am concerned that we are going down the wrong track. We are a country of people not corporations , we are becoming more racist than ever and that can't be good for Jews, as a nation we are becoming more selfish and forgetting about caring for our neighbors. I believe if you share what you have it multiplies. If you hoard your riches they diminish.

No. Olnly to myself. Sorry by that, but it is the true.

I want to investigate why Mitt Romney is such a fucking YOB.

I would like to reconnect with Golden Retriever rescue. I would like to learn more about patient advocacy and consider becoming a patient advocate on a volunteer basis. I would like to investigate my retirement funds, which I am very nervous about.


All things baby. And local economy. I'm working on a project to create a community revolving loan fund. Though I've been really interested and active in community development for a long time, it's taken on a much more pressing quality because I want to show my child that if you want to see change in your world, you have to create it.

Yes. I would like to explore meditation further, I have begun the practice of this every day...and it has also led me on a journey further into my soul (I guess you would call it) The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer also speaks of our true self and how live free from that negative voice in my head..

Me! Or sewing. Whichever is least complicated.

my open yale history course re-read siddharta by hesse read clarissa pinkola estes on mary

Many somethings. I need to finish reading up on heraldry, Victorian England, The Scarecrow... There's always another thing to learn, and it leads to another, and another...

I want to explore the question of Who Am I?

Greek! I want to learn a little of the language so I can experience the country more like a local when we finally return in June.

I want to find a true charitable calling--I want to make a bigger difference in a world of need----not just the family and my grandchildren, but people in need who don't have the familial resources I do. this is very important to me this year.

Yes! I would like to learn more about two issues: living in Israel, I am really interested in being better informed about the political history, context and current challenges. I would also love to learn more about challenges in the Trans community. As a leader in a Faith community, I really want to offer support to folks who are working to make their outsides match their insides, i.e. to be their whole selves and be accepted in the world.

The Hebrew language.


I still want to investigate Judaism more and learn more about Israel. Being in Israel should help me with this. I also want to learn Hebrew. I need to study more and go out and explore. It's just been very hard with all of the adjustments and I need to get more on top of stuff. I hope by this time next year I'll be able to learn a lot more about all of these things and be in a place where I can appreciate everything I've learned and experienced. (Fact: this sounds like it was written by a depressed person. It was. I am keeping it because I hope that next year I won't be depressed and I can look back and appreciate how far I've come.) Also I REALLY want to get to know my Israeli relatives better. They seem like awesome people and I want to hang out with them a lot. The end.

This Land magazine and downtown Tulsa.

There rarely seems to be anything I want to explore more than I already am. My interest in cocktail culture seems to be waning, so perhaps there is something else that will take it's place. I do want to try bread making and get back to making beer. I enjoy cooking, but I think I've got a good handle on it.

I want to find out everything i can about my family, whose history is lost in the turmoil of the events leading up to WWII.

Zen Buddhism, for one! I think that should suffice for well over a year, actually. Tip of the iceberg right now, so I'm eager & ready to learn more over the course of the rest of my life.

I want to become closer to some of my friends that I made in 2012, as well as making sure I maintain a good relationship with the person I'm with right now. I'm praying to G-d that happens because I love them a lot. I am really happy with what has been given to me, and I want to strengthen that.

Becoming a mother-adopting, maybe having a child on my own.

I want to get back to my artwork and perhaps have a show again.

Yes, I want to act in a play. I'm taking an acting class right now, am feeling more confident, and plan to try out for local theater next year.

Help Native Americans who need coats and clothes on reservations find solutions to end this problem

All the societies I just joined, I would love to be able to investigate them more fully over the year. e.g. Sign Language, Swing dancing, knitting etc.

African history Education in America Opera Computer programming Eugene O'Neill/other playwrights Neuroscience Ballroom dance Jazz music Public speaking careers Classic books

Last year I'd just met my wonderful boyfriend David. This year I can't wait to see where life takes us. I've grown to know him, and love him, more than I'd ever thought possible. I don't know whether we'll survive me moving away, but I feel that if we do we'll be stronger than ever.

I'd like to explore what my next adventure might be, after the kids go off to college and I sell the house. Where will I live, what will I do, what shape will my life take.

I just want to keep pushing myself to be the best version of me I can be. If I am interested in something, I hope to put my whole self in it. No more saying, just doing.

I want to get more involved with the issue of hunger in Israel.

Lucid dreaming. Nutrition. Schooling for nutrition.

How to be the best contributor to my community and mankind

I would like to learn more about theology --the hows and whys --so that prayer is more meaningful.

Life itself. Religion, different cultures... Everything the planet has to offer! Definitely want to explore more countries.

If I get accepting into a PhD program I hope to be investigating how I will be balancing kids, home, school, volunteerism, etc. It will be tough but I am up for the challenge.

Where do I start? This question campaign is far too gentle for the likes of me! Julian Assange? Barak Obama - stop pandering to the corporate/military machine and put your attention where it's doing the most good -- people, relationship and dialogue! Community resilience - we need to learn to work together, to stop judging ourselves based on the media's portrayal of us, instead being the us that's in our heart. If each of us middle class and rich folks could stop thinking about 'what I want', and focus on what's good for us, well... Well. Wellness. That's what we'd see more of!

I want to become a more mature person. Someone who is spritually more aware of God's word.

I want to continue daf yomi and not get too bogged down!


I definitely want to investigate Burning Man and what it will take for me to get there in 2013. I also want to explore juice fasting and intermittent fasting as a health choice and way of controlling weight gain.

I need to read more on the history of my style of karate....be more committed to it. Not let the outside world distract me from my goals. Not let work, friends, boyfriend or family distract me from this goal that I have been working towards.

I want to read the New Yorker.

Reading Recovery teaching is the obvious one for me. Also art journaling.

This sounds stupid, but I want to get to know myself better. What helps me, and what makes me tick. So then I can help myself in the future

I want to investigate other forms and cultures of dance to learn how to find my niche and where I fit in.

a calling to pastoral care/hospice/chaplaincy

hmm tough to nail down. i'd like to learn how to meditate properly. right now taming the monkeys in my head makes meditation almost impossible. following that lead i'd like to get back/properly start yoga practice. in hopes that it helps me stay in the moment. hmmm 2013, i'd like to stay in the moment stop reverting to the past.

I'd really like a romantic partner.

Blimey! I thought this was all about me! I guess I need to get away from the inner turbulence I have been through over the last couple of years and focus elsewhere. The real world! Obviously the kids are No1 priority. That's a given! Yes, make sure they are as content with the current setup as possible and consolidate all the good things we have here currently. They are both good kids and I hope to maintain my patience with them both as they enter into the transitional phase from being kids to young adults. Love you kids!!!!!

I need to investigate myself much more not just in 2013, but keep on doing it. I will be putting a lot of effort in to Amway idea and want to be in 18% by the time I will receive this letter in exactly years time. Of course be in a happy relationship with my wonderful partner Marta. Probably even be married by now;) Love you more Maziuk;)

I'm very curious to see if I can pull off a life where I strictly schedule certain parts of my dad instead of being a layabout and doing things when I damn well feel like it. Pushup routine? Regimented movie nights? Something like that.

I want to investigate my own feelings of unworthiness that play out through my eating disorder. i want to continue learning about social justice theory so I can make the class richer. I want to investigate moving to the east bay - so I can have a healthier home (no smoking, more intention around caring community) and more green, peaceful environment.

So many things I want to investigate more fully. More than anything, I moved across the world this year and I want to immerse myself in my community. I want to take pottery lessons; I want to take Spanish lessons; and I want to find a regular volunteer commitment. I also want to join some kind of young persons council -- the Art Museum council or something else. I want to take all the parts of me that were suppressed and suffered when I was lawyering this past year and explore them, investigate my interests, develop them.

I want to investigate my freedom more fully, and get a taste of what it's like to be able to be more independent. Next up on the list of things to further explore would be photography!

I'd like to investigate what I want to major in! I can't wait to go back to school and get my degree. I also want to investigate different diets and programs to see if they help at all with my son's autism.

Yes, I want to spend more time researching food for healing.

I'd like to commit myself more closely to politics. I keep an eye on things from a distance, but I'd rather be on the stage...

Songwriting, growing my own vegetables, reading more books on my shelf

A cause: What more can I be doing to really help get our nation get out of this economic recession and thrive again.

How to be able to find a job I can enjoy & live comfortably with until retirement

I want to investigate the existence of God more fully.

Yes, I want to investigate myself as a spiritual travel leader. I am co-leading a group of women to Ireland in April - and I know it's going to be the start of even more travel!


Not that I can think of, other than multivariate statistics I want to use in my future consulting, and some jazz techniques for my playing. Nothing great and life-changing this year.

I just started a reading group with the book "The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains." I want to look closer into the idea of losing the ability to focus and be reflective... and all that is lost in exchange for all the benefits of the Internet and our wired world. Because I see a lack of creativity, attention, and comprehension in my students (college), I want to see what kinds of things I might incorporate into class and their assignments to help them be better readers, thinkers, and engaged community participants. Some things are as simple as writing some things by hand because of the impact that has on the brain. I want to give them tools to enrich their own minds and lives.

I want to be more involved in the MS Society.. including training for, raising money for, and growing my Bike MS Team, but also participating in other physical activity events they put on. Also, I want to follow m wife into her growing involvement with Camp Ramah.

Yes, learning about mussar.

My relationship with "Wicked". Return to Tae Kwon Do. Advocacy for quality preschool for all children.

I suppose it would depend when in 2013. The Masters degree I am pursuing is my main focus until mid 2013 and then finding a job in a place where I would ideally want to spend the rest of my life (or at least the next few years) be it Montreal, Ottawa, London, South Korea, or Nunavut. Ultimately I will be needing a real job and that will be the focus of my investigations as soon as I've finished the Masters.

Law schools' lying to the public about the career prospects for students.

Leadership/creativity/professional development

I plan on becoming more involved with being a crone for the younger women in my life. I want to be living, breathing proof that aging can be a graceful, fun time of life.

I will continue to investigate ideas regarding an ecological approach to agriculture.

I'd like to investigate the art of bookmaking and also how to print text on fabric and work with a fabric artist to make a quilt--on each square of which would be a poem or prayer

Jesus. Yoga Sutras. Forgiveness. Reconciliation.

balancing; finding it, maintaining it, losing it, re-finding it...

I want to join and participate in a CSA coop and eat totally NON-GMO and I be food sufficient from the huge corps

I would like to learn more about my daughter, Sarah, her inner life, what makes her tick...

I'd like to learn more history.. American presidents, Winston Churchill, labor movement.

Myself. Every time that I start to think that I know myself, I find another completely untouched portion of who I am.

My family history to see where my family were actually killed during the war

Health, wellness, and balance. The intersection of art, activism and commerce.

Going to take our rabbi's "Understanding Judaism" class. There's always more to learn!

I'm not really sure. I want to be involved with different causes in the Philadelphia area, and I want to look into different sports to try as well.

Afrobeat, brewing beer at home, analog eight-track recording and the minds and bodies of as many attractive young women in a five-mile radius as humanly possible.

I want to learn about myself. I want know how far I can push myself and how much good can come from taking chances and stepping up. I want to take myself farther than I have before.

I want to write more. I want to be the sort of person who actually writes, instead of saying I'm going to write and thinking about writing and not doing anything. I'm reasonably proficient in the craft of writing because of my job, but my practice of the art of writing has atrophied with disuse. But what does it mean to "write more"? What do I have to say? I'm not sure. Answering the 10Q questions are a way for me to prime the pump. I hope by this time next year I've explored more through writing and maybe even written some things--other than writing for work--for others to read.

I'd like to invest in and investigate bicycle riding--I need a good bike, tons of practice, and a patient husband.

Affordable Health Care...so many people do not have healthcare and I feel it is important to make sure everyone in the US can have the access to medical personnel if they need it.

after a yoga workshop today i would love to explore yoga as a tool to relax my ongoing, worrying mind and strengthen my body. my limited movement in the workshop was a bit disconcerting. i used to be flexible and find myself a tad stiff and limited by my rolls of flab. ugh!

In 2013, I feel I will devote one more summer to family history. This being about the 3rd year of working on it intently, I will begin at the point of having MANY generations already traced! The few real mysteries, maybe I can spend focused time on & uncover something new. Either that, or will find out it's a lost cause. I look forward to seeing where the Interfaith group will go from the Newberry area. Hard to imagine it going anywhere but want to give John H. full support.

My husband and step-kids. Self-employment. Possibly starting a life for us all somewhere else.

The opportunity to teach people that love is the answer; we all get caught up in what we want to project but through love everything is possible.

Yes, juice fasts.

The Jewish understanding of the Vision Quest.

I would like to know myself, Htin, my family and my friends on a more personal level. Oh and I'm not sure if this applies but I'd like to explore the salivary glands+antibody research project in depth too.

I want to investigate getting a boyfriend and a place to volunteer that I am passionate about. I want to learn how to see clothing and make clothes for my self. Also I want to get a job. I want to study more so I can become fluent in spanish.

Judaism. I owe it to my class, my family, and myself. I have so many materials and opportunities. It's just deciding which are right.

Opening a business with B.

My grandmother. Ghandi

Why are we here? What's our true purpose? How did we come to be here?

I would like to not rely too heavily on others. I should look within for happiness, and not to those around me. I wish to be the source of happiness for myself AND for others, instead of relying upon others to give me the happiness I'm seeking. Happiness is an attitude, and I can control my attitude.

Learning about Judaism. like even having to look up how to spell it. Maybe a little Hebrew.

I want to learn more about my family history. I want to search deeper in my religion and find where I truly fit in. And most importantly, I want to investigate myself and find who I truly am.

I'd like to learn more about Unitarian Universalism.

I would like to investigate the fields of energy and global health more this year - through formal and informal learning.

I'd like to seriously start writing my life story. Sit down every day or two and just write - and trust that my ideas will gain fluency.

In 2013 I would like to explore and investigate more about living a holistic lifestyle and letting what you eat feed and heal your body. I also want to learn more about finding more natural and less toxic beauty products. I feel that a part of healthy living is what you put in your body and on your body.

I'd like to take one of the many skills/interests that I sort of have: french, knitting, poetry writing, etc. and increase my skill and incorporate it more fully into my life.

I want to discover more of my Jewish identity. I also want to improve my people skills.

Tiny Houses-- I want to build my own portable house and become more self sufficient. I want to own my home outright and always have a roof over my head. I live in a small, remote, company town and, while I'm gainfully employed, I don't think I can depend on my current employer to keep their publicly traded operation in such a small community. The entire town is reliant on this company. If my employer decides to move to a more populated area, my current home would be virtually worthless and unsellable.

I want to investigate grad school! And explore Judaism and Jewish spirituality further. Maybe by going to grad school next year. I also want to continue to educate myself politically, especially by learning about Black Power and other movements for self-determination. I also want to keep writing.


Is like to learn a new field that would allow me to change careers. What that field is I dont know.

I want to go back to school in 2013. I want to investigate ideas and reignite the buried interest I have in writing. I plan to apply for a graduate degree (MFA or similar) in writing. It is a luxury that I can do this. I am working on not feeling guilty about that. I can do this, and it will give me a block of time to focus on a talent I have not let mature. Part of this exploration will undoubtedly involve investigating parts of myself.

I would like to investigate opening a new business, ideally a wellness center geared towards professional women with fitness, parenting and personal health classes.

I've often toyed with the idea of going back for my Master's or learning a new language, but for next year I'd like to devote some time to being better informed about current events.

I would like to learn more about myself. I feel that I do know who I am and yet every day I find more and more things that surprise me about myself.

I am in the midst of an exciting, yet on-again-off-again relationship with an incredibly interesting man. He keeps me on my toes, can be harsh, and can be amazingly sweet. I hope things even out and lead to more, but if not, I still value his friendship above many others. He's simply a beautiful person and I'm grateful he's such a fixture in my life. I'm very interested to find out where this goes and investigate him further in whatever capacity he ends up.

I would like to challenge myself to try to either climb a mountain or participate in a Tri athelon- I am 58 today, have had cancer this last year and am starting to see my energy and ambition dwindling just a bit- my own raging against the night I think. I also want to challenge myself to have a time of prayer every day for 30 days.

I'd like to learn more about gardening- growing my own food and eating/cooking whole foods for more healthful living. I want our garden to KICK ASS next summer.

Judaism and a higher power. Also a boyfriend!

I'd like to learn more about my family history and be able to record stories before I lose my grandmother.

I want to volunteer to do something of benefit to others. I have been too self absorbed. Reading for the blind and/or working with special Olympics both come to mind.

I want to do the Storyline with Donald Miller. It is about making a better story of your life. I want to live a better story with the life God has given to me. I want to be fearless for Him and to live a full life--no matter where that takes me.

I'd love to foster a rescued dog, although with five dogs at the present time, that plan might might have to wait. I'm also interested in learning how to change animal abuse laws, to make them MUCH more painful to the abuser!!

I am 56 years old and I graduated high school nearly 4o years ago. I would love to go to college. How can I do that? I am broke and unemployed, so how can I afford it? I would like to find out.

I want to learn more about: -the lives of Islamic Americans -different religions overall -animal rights -the impact gay youth have on society -animal rights -myself as an adult.

Healthy vegetarianism. I feel much better eating without meat, but I need to know how to do it in a healthier way.

I'd like to investigate my school and town's history more thoroughly. I also want to look into an international business major and fully investigate colleges that can accommodate majors that interest me.

Traveling to Europe. I want us to research the heck outta traveling to Europe- specifically, Spain, Italy, France and Greece. I am desperate to visit Europe in 2013!! I also want to investigate the process of having children (since I can't have them the good ole' fashioned way) and/or adoption.

I would like to investigate A Course of Miracles more.

2013 I will still be in college so really I guess just learning to be an independent adult.

I would like to still be dating my current boyfriend and getting to know him better all the time. It has been a great year so far and I believe that I will be continuing this investigation for a long time!

Learning the Korean language. I'd love to finish Japanese as well but the kanji is a huge hurdle for me. Korean is also something my husband is interested in and something we could do together. Additionally, beginning to investigate options on where we'd like to move/live long-term - most likely outside the US.

Can I afford to adopt a child and if so, can I really make it happen?

The world ending in 2012 of December .

Pilot training in WWII - specifically non-officer pilots. And tablet weaving.

I want to investigate careers in math and the non-profit world, and try to find some direction between the two, or many other career options.

Places. I want to travel somewhere new.

My future husband. I want to know everything about him.

Read some of the classic literature that I missed when I was younger.

-ethics (via judaism) -john -what a strong partnership means to me and how to make that happen -the kind of law I might practice

I guess i want to investigate the idea of living more. Doing things that you actually want to do. And being a little frivolous. And just experiencing things for the heck of it.

I want to learn more about baking. I want to be more invested in dating and relationship finding. Just knowing that I am ready to explore romance in a serious way. I want to travel more... even if it's just around America. It will be exciting to go visit my friends around the country and learn about their lives at home. I'm ready to be more knowledgable about American culture.

Absolutely, there is someone special in my life that I desire to come to know better on a much more intimate level.. however I would not like to call it investigating.. sounds to me like more of an interrogation..

Canberra, speculative writing circle, blogging, and the roots of my self

I'd like to investigate more fully the experience of aligning my dreams with my reality. In home life, work, family relationships, and personal endeavors.

I want to investigate the connection between hypnosis and mindfulness. When I underwent hypnosis recently, I was suprised at how much it is like guided meditation and have since discovered that it is a tool used for mindfulness. I plan to explore the two more.

I would like to get clearer about my family history. I'd like to get closer and closer to my girlfriend. I'd like to open out the possibilities of how I can be fulfilled in my life.

I want to investigate my career choices more fully in 2013. I know I don't want to do this job forever, but I'm afraid to leave as I know it will probably mean taking quite a radical shift into a new field. This is daunting as I may have to go backwards to ultimately move forwards, but I hope I explore the possibilities.

I want to read more. Does that count?

I live in a small Jewish Community where close to 50% does not affiliate with their community. I would like to find a path to creating a pluralistic Jewish community that honors and respects each ones diversity yet understands that we must come together without putting one institution or the other above another. It is a must to let go of old negative feelings and to understand that if you think something is wrong then something is wrong and you must examine what part you had in the cause. Assume that you have been a partner to creating the negatives and work to create a positive from the negative. Teshuva - turn and forgive!

My complete family tree. Our children continue to ask about our history, and I would like to be able to provide answers.

I want to explore my own spirituality more, and seek out a place of worship for my family. I think it could be an important source of community for all of us. If finding a church or congregation isn't the right thing, I want to explore yoga and the meditative spiritual traditions more. I need more God in my life. I don't mean the white-haired dude in the sky. I need more personal recognition of the positive, loving, and creating Life-Force every day.

Well, this is for 2012. I am going on a trip to Israel later this year, and would like to read up on the history and politics of the country before I go.

Contemporary art and Argentine Tango. I hope to become a better dancer, and become more experienced with contemporary art on an international level.

I am interested in opening a small farm/b&b, and would like to identify a place and some business partners. I have a dream of doing this on the route of the Camino de Santiago, though it might be more feasible to do this nearer to where I live (in America).

I want to learn more and get more engaged in volunteerism in Uptown and/or with youth engaged in the juvenile justice system. I want to do more to develop myself personally and professionally, and do that by helping in my community.

Well I'm kinda letting universe guide me here. There could be a person (J), or it could be the au pair idea. Or volunteer. Or school. I'm just gonna go with the flow :)

I'd like to learn more about where I live - the history, sure, but also the community and opportunities (professional and otherwise) for getting involved. I feel like we have been living a bit on the fringers of the community and I would like to change that.

Is there a way for one person to bridge the divide between political factions in this country? I don't think one person can make a difference, but maybe in the right forum or with the right combination of others, it can be done? I know that neither extreme is right, and that any compromise or moderate stance is seen as weakness by the other side, so unless We the People demand change by kicking everyone out and starting over, I don't see it changing - what's in that for the people who are both the problem and the ones supposedly trying to fix it? They're benefiting too much from the current setup to ever want to change it. And they could be killing our country.

Having been appointed historian of a historic house museum, I would like to devote more time in investigating the women of the 18th century, and in particular the women of the family connected to the house. So much is known about the men of that century, but the women often remain a mystery.

Training to be a lay prayer leader at my synagogue; Biblical Hebrew; reading music; playing guitar; marriage; true commitment to getting out of debt; creating a daily practice of keeping my house clean, the yard swept up of dog poop, the plants cared for, good food eaten. I'm feeling that the disarray in my life is a sign of my own inner turmoil.. but not sure what that turmoil is.

I want to pursue the business idea of an indoor play space for kids. there is nothing in my neighborhood to support safe, weather friendly, indoor play for children and their caregivers.

I want to more fully investigate the opportunities I have in my employer for my next (and hopefully final) position.

I am interested in the idea of riding my bike 1,000 miles in 10 weeks. I am interested in spending money and time on experiences and not doing the "right" thing - in terms of saving money or investing in the house etc... I am interesting in figuring out what exactly it will take for me to lose 20 pounds.

I'd like to learn more about yoga, about healthy eating, and about investing- I'm finally working a real job, it's time to start planning for retirement.

I want to continue my project of documenting my family history and organizing our old family pictures.

Person: Steve. Cause: social and economic justice. Idea: an app that can help people understand themselves better.

I would like to learn more about my family history. I am thinking of calling a relative of dad's to see if they have researched anything. I am thinking of going on Ancestors.com.

I just want to read tons of novels and books for pleasure and write all the stories I have been holding back because I don't have time enough to write them down. And I want to put them where people can read them :D And write stories to my son too, so he can read me first...

Me, I really don't know who I am. When Pat died it's like most of me was torn away and died with him.

I wanto investigate the anti-mefloquine movement. I took this medicine several years ago and it cause me to have a nervous break down. Now I am finally at a place that is healthy and peaceful and I'm ready to start looking into it and working against it.

How to engage and further partnerships with patients, the walking gallery, and other unique endeavors.

I want to get more involved in social action, locally and internationally. School system, locally? Human/womens' rights internationally?

My religion.

I want to investigate artistic expression in code, beauty for beauty's sake in the language of the web.

I would like to more fully investigate the world of film, women of color who don't fit the status quo (authors, artists, and general bad-ass women), African politics, and modern poetry.

I want to look around for job and volunteer opportunities. I have given up on the painting idea for now, and nothing came of the ex-boyfriend experience last year. A big disaappointment.

What is my counseling theory? How do I best explain human nature? How can I use that to inspire the best in my clients and myself?

I'd like to focus on getting into more local activities so that I can make some good and lasting friendships in this area (Sisters)...since we are retiring here and would like to be part of the community. Already involved in the Trail Alliance, so maybe get into a Gardening Club or something like that.

I would like to continue my Jewish education and explore what Judaism means to my and my family more fully. I want to really immerse myself in the shul we just joined because I have never been a member before and want that to be something that my family has as a given not the exception.

I would like to look at expanding my educational base, whether it's learning web design, exploring what it would take to get my MBA or finding a new course of study. I must not remain stagnant.

My wife. I think that was last years answer... I want to know Jesus more, and be like Him. I also have a book on the WWII generation I want to read.

I would like to find more ways to give back to my community this year.

I would like to know more about childhood literacy -- how it works, how it happens, what are the best learning tools -- and I would like to know more about non-traditional ways of teaching for adults.

I want to know more about the missionaries who came to East Asia. People like Hudson Taylor and the guy who won an Olympic Medal. I also want to investigate more about the dinasties and governements in China and Korea.

I would like to become more active with yoga; I am in the midst of creating a space in my home where I could do this without having to rearrange furniture each time I want to stretch. I would also like to investigate swapping and reselling garage sale items and other memorabelia.

I would like to learn more about Alzheimer's disease and genetics. Since both of my parents have it, I'm concerned about what may lie down the road for me and my siblings. This is also one of my biggest fears: that i will start to forget things and eventually descend into dementia. I share this fear with both of my sisters, and I know we all are affected by it in different ways. I would not want to become a burden on anyone for any reason, and since my wife and I never had kids, there is really no-one to care for me in the way I have helped care for both Mom and Dad...

Random Acts of Kindness, family history, yoga, community oral history projects, Joey (always Joey), anti-bullying program, maybe gymnastics, and anything else that gets my juju beans going.

Buddhism. It makes sense to me and I feel it's call, so I will continue to read and wonder.

Health. Exercise for me and my family. Healthy eating options and what goes in our food. Cooking.

I want to start wish granting with make a wish.

I'd like to have more time to learn about Jewish topics that I don't know about to enrich my own life and my job.

In 2013 I would like to complete my studies in mental health and open a daycare center for people with dementia and other mental illnesses, also complete my studies in geriatrics, and embark on studies in acupuncture (of the ear)

I wil help my freind with his not for profit... Find Your Missing Child. It will create special social media tools to help parents find their missing kids.

I've been nudging toward doing some volunteer work again, which I haven't committed to in awhile but nothing's really drawing me. Refering to Q7, my tension is the time commitment: I've been wanting to be "selfish" for quite awhile! I guess I'd like to explore singing more w/ some voice lessons.

In 2013 I am going to be in a new place. I want to go out of my way to immerse my self in the culture, meet new people and step out. I also want to be better at communicating with those at home. This will be through a more dedicated effort towards skype, email and our newly started blog.

I guess I'd like to investigate more of the "classic" literature that I probably should have read but haven't. There are huge gaps in my knowledge and understanding that are going to become roadblocks eventually. I need to figure out how to do it in a way that isn't painful, but it's an investment.

Saving more money, and giving more money. My husband is quite fixated on saving, which is a good thing, and I feel we aren't giving very much. We are blessed with more than enough to live comfortably and while we do save a little and give some away, I don't feel like my practices with money always live up to my values in life.

Just living Jewish. There is so much that I will never know. There is so much I want to learn. I wish I could take a month off and just READ! Being more involved at our Temple. Learning to be apart of the wider Jewish community. Learning how to live Jewish-ly but still be part of my families holidays and celebrations too. I know it will be a process, but I hope that I can integrate my mom and dad, Scott and just everyone into our new life together after the wedding without them feeling like the celebrations/holidays are completely foreign and uninviting. I want them to know why I chose Judaism. And what it means to me and B. I guess it's kinda like having a blended family growing up - I know we can make it work.

I'd like to focus on creating my own happiness. I want to "investigate" any and everything that interests me. I want to take chances and have adventures and seize opportunities.

I want to invest more in myself in 2013. I want to get to my goal weight/health level and begin focusing on different areas of my life - in particular my finances and my education.

I want to investigate how to help fight hunger and homelessness. Also, I want to learn more Hebrew.

Social Activism. Family history. Dating, romance. Watercolors. Not being depressed. Gem mining.

Yes! I want investigate agriculture and technology in roman empire colonies.

Still Resonance! I'd like to know who our new athlete is...

I want to investigate being in community with those I live near and around.

My Tri-State Diversity group is my goal for 2013. I'm ready to make a difference.

I will like to investigate about citizenship and education. I will also like to investigate about the role of education professionals as policy makers

Always love learning. No idea what my passion will be until my feet are on the ground running toward it.

Integrity in the law-making process and how best to reduce the noxious effects of politics and self-interest on the process of enacting laws that affect the average U.S. citizen. (Specifically in health care because that's what I currently want to go in to.) I would like to more fully develop my ideas and opinions on development work and strategies to make it more efficient. I.e. I currently feel that the most sustainable option is best (as long as the inherent idea that is to be made sustainable is admirable and good) and that throwing money or material goods at a problem ameliorates the symptoms but really weakens the roots of said problem. I would like to be more educated and vocal about development strategies and influence others' often well-intentioned, but misdirected, charity efforts.

Grad school and career path. Cultural studies, political economy, marketing and communications, farming, herbalism.

Yes. How to re-define myself so that my work has a positive impact on other individuals, the community at large and my family.

No I don't have one yet, as I need a cause to volunteer for, a place to give back. Have been paying attention to doing that in nature since it is nourishing me so up here in my new home on the River.

I want to investigate myself next year. I've started on that journey, but I'd really like to continue. Figure out how I live out my values in my every day life, and become confident in who I am.

I want to get out more- go to the fair, camp at least three times this summer. I want to really figure out how to get our family together for many occasions. This doesn't really answer the question, but it works for me.

I would like to film my grandmother. She is in her 90s and I would love to be able to show my kids how absolutely amazing she is.

I'd like to find out more about my mother- what happened to her. I've been told there is someone who could help and I need to find out about him.

Yes! I want to explore non violent communication and peace organizations. I am also curious about the co-op creation model for developing businesses in economically challenged communities as a way of building from the bottom up.

daring greatly joy yoga/moving and healing my body

I am increasinly interested in food policy and I'd like not only to learn more about the field, but to learn it through the lens of my cooking and my daily habits -- combining the art and chemistry of cooking, the environmental implications of the foods we raise, grow, produce, consume, as well as the geopolitical effects of our habits on a global scale. I hope by this time next year to have a much deeper handle on how what I eat affects myself, my philsophy, my body, and my community(ies).

yes, the spiriual world of energy vibration and how it can be used to raise the worlds awareness and inprove life on this planet, also how i can communicate this within my art work

I really want to work on being a creative photographer in the coming year

I want to investigate the period of history during and after the fall of the Roman empire until the Renaissance. In many ways, I believe the US is like Rome and I want to find out what happened to the common Roman people while the empire was falling and how they lived until the Renaissance made life a bit more bearable for people. I hope I don't have to read Edward Gibbons "The Fall Of The Roman Empire" but I think I'm doomed to do so. Help!

Feminism as a 21st century reality. Parenthood without loss of self identity. Raising a strong daughter who loves being herself regardless of what "society" or "others" are telling her she is "supposed to be".

Having my own company. I have dappled, but I want to go all the way.

Am I capable of making my novel wonderful? Better than it is?

I want to investigate my former husband's current wife. I have heard rumblings that she used to deal drugs and that she walked, or was forced to walk, away from her children. Now she and my ex have custody of my son and I want to know the truth and find resolution and peace and get my son home where he belongs.

A healthier lifestyle. Maybe check out yoga or pilates practice.

I want to investigate other musical instruments, and see what I can do out of my comfort zone, and 2013 sounds like a good time to do so considering my time currently occupied by many other things of importance.

I want to learn more about the struggles for human rights in Latin America. I want to learn more about governments in general around the world. I want to learn more about women's rights around the world, though it is something I already know a bit about. I want to speak Spanish more fluently. I want to visit some museums I haven't seen yet, and look at some artwork I've never seen before. I want to continue to be an activist involved in a number of causes such as feminism, mental health advocacy, and human rights in general.

I would like to learn how to use a sewing machine to make simple things! My first project will be simple squares for my son to play with, but hopefully I can learn to hem pants or even make a Halloween costume!

I would like to learn more about midwifery and the other nurse practitioner careers. Anything and everything on the nursing field.

Meditation (along with still going to counselling) as a tool to help sort out what is going on inside my head - it's starting to unravel itself after 18 months of counselling but I'm still lost and don't know if there's one root cause for my problems or lots. I think learning to relax and meditate will help me fix myself properly.

I need Gods guidance on this because i honestly dont know.

I'd like to investigate art. Take an art history class and try my hand at drawing as well.

I would like to look more into environmental organizations and find one that I can support and volunteer for. I would like to be strongly involved in one organization, rather than just signing petitions for many. I would like to find one that suits my environmental concerns the best.

I'm not sure.

What this question proves is that currently I am failing at introspection. I need to learn more about myself - my motives, my what excites me, what stimulates me, depresses me, comforts me, scares me etc.

I would like to learn Japanese and be able to speak to the level of a toddler next year. I want to take my foreign language knowledge to the next level. I want to be able to talk to my friends in Quebec in French. Fluently.

My Master's Esthetics license.

The writing concepts I am filtering in my mind comprise a goal of mine to plan and execute.

I do not want to investigate anything. My brain is tired.

I want to learn about my family, and take an oral history from both of my parents...no matter how accurate or inaccurate.


Herbalism, as always.

Next summer is the last summer I will be helping my best friend direct our local kids musical. I really want to do all I can to make it the best one yet.

I'd like to investigate getting a girlfriend that I don't drive away. I'm 32, this isn't how it should be...

I'd like to start up the family history project my father and I started again. My grandfather passed this year, and while we never had any kind of meaningful relationship with him it was still a large blow to our family. More than anything it reminded us that there is a rich history and the best way to remember those before us is to honor and keep the past. Plus - I think it would be pretty awesome to have the family round table discussions like we had hoped we would.

I want to investigate the entire concept of marketing and its avenues. I want to get to know some boys (Jacob) better and I guess I want to expand my horizons. I want to experience more facets of college life. I have an entire city at my fingertips and I'd like to explore it safely. I'd like to investigate getting a boyfriend.

I would like to learn more about music.

I want to learn more about family history and get closer with my family. I made a good star by going to NY to visit some cousins and we wrote down about how my great grandfather came over to the US. I also want to become 100% more healthy

Where do I start? My incomplete novel? My app idea? My travel plans through Scandinavia? My publishing house idea? My family history? Being a better uncle? Being a better husband? My history of postmodern design told through LP covers? Too many things I want to investigate...

I would like to figure out a way to exercise that I can stick with.

I'd like to both deepen my knowledge of Buddhism and how to retire in June 2015 with financial security.

I would love to learn Hebrew. I had started a while back and loved it. I would also love to listen to more music and play more music, maybe try singing again, but for now, I know that most of my time, energy and attention must be devoted to raising a family. There will be a time in my life when I can fit all those things in again. If it is not this year, then so be it.

I'd like to investigate taking better care of myself. I don't think I'm at my healthiest and I think it has to do with lack of exercise, particularly yoga.

I'd like to know more about educational research and more about leadership.

I want to learn more about Rawlsian contractarianism. I loved the first part of A Theory of Justice, now I just need to finish it! I also want to get through the Tanakh and learn more about my own Judaism in a more intentional way this year. I also want to learn to cook.

Zen Buddhism

Meditation. That seems like it might be something that might help. I'm also starting to wonder about whether I should give up alcohol and/or caffeine. My body seems to kind of want me too but I'm not inclined to listen.

I want to be more involved in the world of politics, specifically in Canada because I sseriously know nothing!!

I would like to get more involved in my local time bank. In particular, I would like to investigate their edible landscape projects.

The whole US!

No sé, tal vez seguir preparándome profesionalmente, estudiar una maestría... cosas así.

Usability testing.


I would like to take a new step artistically. I have done a great deal of writing over the past couple of years - some of it good, some of it bad - but I have not reached a new creative plateau or come to a new understanding in a while.

I'd like to have a better family history while there is still time to hear the stories from my parents. I worry that I'm seeing signs of dementia in my mother (just like her own mother) and I want to know as much as possible while I still can.

Yes, I want to investigate the Education System more fully, and try to make it up to its maximum efficiency.

I want to learn to be comfortable traveling with others OR to accept that I am at my best when traveling alone. A tall order? I think I can do it.

I want to get more out of London! I live in one of the greatest cities of the world, but feel oddly estranged from it.


I would like to get closer to my daughters and sons, in order to help them achieve a better and healthier life

I want to investigate education and education policy more closely. I want to explore myself more closely, to understand the relationship between the two. I want to know more about school, and to explore public policy more completely. I want to be immersed in information. Maybe I should read more interesting books?

Mobile/pop-up libraries,Green Energy company,technology innovation...

My greatest weaknesses are complementary: An insatiable curiosity about everything I encounter, and poor enough time management skills that I don't have time to investigate anything thoroughly. Most likely, I will investigate optical diagnostics and thermodynamics in significant depth, but I'd also like to probe into philosophy, poetry and psychology. I'd like to uncover truths about how we know what we know, and develop blueprints for a more perfect union. And learn Portuguese.

No. I've had so much on my plate for the last three years that getting back into a place of equilibrium is pretty much my highest goal.

Hm. First year teaching is pretty intense, so I kind of just want to make it through the year, intact. I guess I want to investigate myself as a teacher. What is my style? What are my strengths? What areas need improvement? How can I stay organized? How can I manage my time effectively?

Me. I don't care for other people. They make me weary and sad. My only solace is solitude. I will only find myself there. I need to dig further into my rotten brain.

Finding out if I still have some talent for fine art - be it sculpture or painting.

A return to running and being more physically fit. A chance to garden. More meditation.

I want to find people to make art with here where I live (or nearby)

The retro fitting of homes built in the 70's for energy efficiency and see if this is something to incorporate into my business plan.

The idea that unhappy lawyers can move forward more productively, and come together in an online community, by identifying the skills and strengths they have already been using. That I can write a book that appears in stores, and that I can help people and leave more of a legacy by doing so.

I want to pursue the Lord and my happiness. I want to grow stronger in my faith and walk more closet with the Lord who has blessed me.

Yes, I would like to fictionally investigate some new ideas related to the search for enlightment and happiness.

This is the toughest question of the first 9. I would like to complete the three books that I have about mastery and get some time practicing mastery. Can I be a master of things that I attempt? Can I master my life? Will my status and standing be important in the next year? I want to respect myself first. What will I find?

I would love to take the time to work on my senior day care project! I would love to work on crocheting! And finishing projects! I would love to investigate fiber arts and maybe make something for my home!

I've been really into my nail art. I started a blog, I read lots of other blogs about it, and I own like, a zillion polishes. I have a business idea, and I'm a little afraid to actually do it because I worry that people will think it's not academic enough or that it's weird. But I really want to take the time and figure out how I can make this a reality. Will it work? I have no idea - but then again, I haven't really tried yet.

I can't imagine having the time to investigate anything more fully in the next year. A time machine, perhaps? How to fit more into the day? Rather than investigating something new, I would rather spend more time with my husband and kids.

Buddhism, yoga, meditation, learning moderation and how to live in the moment.

My cause is my relationships and better health.

In the past few months, I have been attracted to ideas that empower one from within. Leadership development (personal and professional) for me and so that I can work better with those around me. As a woman, I am also interested in the ideas that promote women and encourage a healthier model for partnership and inter-office structures.

Authenticity, Diversity, Inclusivity, Spirituality, creating/sustaining authentic and inclusive group dynamics and communities, Consulting.

I don't even know yet. I'm getting my PhD, I'm just coming up with new questions. but I guess I would like to finish my novel.

I'd like to investigate the possibility of being open to a loving, romantic relationship.

The teaching of Social Justice

Maybe inspired by a previous question but spirituality interests me, health and wellbeing. Anything to do with kayvan Novak :-)


I'd like to move farther down the path to becoming a vegan. I'm so hesitant now, even though I'm not much of a "foodie"... what's so scary? I will try limiting dairy consumption as a start and see how it feels.

I really want to get to know myself more so I can find a partner, maybe for lifetime, but I really don't want to be lonely.

I would really like to help the theater company I work with grow and find a permanent home. I would also love for them to find financial stability in a time where the arts are getting less and less support from the government. It is a company I believe in and one that stretches the boundaries of the mind. I also want to see who I am now. Being single for the first time in over 20 years, living on my own, exploring the new love I have. These ideas excite me! Additionally, I want to take Rung & Sprung to new heights! I want these stores to flourish.

I want to get to know my child & partner better so that I am better able to be a part of their lives. Being a good partner & mother is my priority...

I would like to continue learning about midwifery. I would especially love to learn about it in european countries, like Germany. That, for me, would be fascinating! Aside from that, I can't think of much. As you can see - I live, eat, and breathe midwifery!

I want to understand the United States Postal Service better, and I want to better investigate how I can contribute to ending hunger.

I want to find more ways to connect with people so that I feel that I am truly part of many communities rather than sitting on the sidelines.

I'd like to get more involved at (my new) church.

Myself, i want to know what i truly can do, in school, in sports, and just in generally. I want to become better.

Writing and illustrating some books, sculpting again. Preventative health. Playing the ukulele and harmonica more.

Me! I have never been the kind of person to put myself first, and feel like it is time to explore more about myself and where I want to be in my life.

I must learn more about bladder cancer. Yesterday (9-24-12) I found out that my mother-in-law has this. I do not know anything about her prognosis and I need to learn more to be an advocate for her and my husband.

I want to learn to cook more food and video tape my mother and mother-in-law cooking our favorite dishes so that we can pass this on to the next generation.

I would really like to double-down on learning Chinese on a regular basis each week, so I don't lose momentum and have to retrace and review each time I return to it. I think there is a deep value in learning simply for the sake of learning, without any clear practical application in sight or pressing need. It broadens my world and also shows an investment in the joy of learning and my potential to grow, no matter how old I am.

I would like to investigate living with more compassion for animals. It has always been a value of mine, and looking more honestly at how I can live without contributing to suffering, and more actively lessen the cruelty that goes on in our world is one area I would like to focus on.

Running, stained glass, time management, Six Sigma.

I want to put a lot of effort into advancing my career.

Actually, I'd signed up for a site that sends you info based on parameters you've given. Sadly, I've been bad about actually going in and looking at what they send me. But I did the other day and was SO glad for it--lots of cool websites about just any topic I wanted to see and probably wouldn't have come across. It feels positive and enriching! So I'm going to USE that site and really get to know the world better!!

I would love to investigate the opportunity of finding a new home for my love and I. A new place that both of us can move in and start this new chapter together where we will build a foundation for a great life together.

I want to look more into eating a healthy ethical diet. I hate that I eat meat and I don't like the politics and ecological impacts of our food system. I really try hard to be ecologically friendly and I need that to carry over to what I eat too.

I am entering my second and final year of social work school. In addition to school work, I want to carve out time to think and talk about what is next for me -- to meet with Professors and interesting organizations such as Social Justice Leadership to explore work that is at the intersection of social justice and personal healing -- healing justice, transformative organizing etc. And in general, what are folks that have a radical approach to social work doing for paid work?

I would like to volunteer for the USO.

I'd like to figure out how I can spend more time with my kids and grandchildren.

This year I gave up gluten and dairy. Next year, I would like to more fully investigate what I need and what I don't need in my diet.

I want to get back into Art. I think it is a true talent of mine that I have ignored for many years. I want to start to take classes again and really develop it into something fun and fulfilling!

Marriage, the physical side of it all, and how to rock my husband's world:) And the depth of our spiritual and personal connection.

Starting my own business. Or businesses. Or creating my own art.

Fitness. I just got a gym membership and have gone 16 out of the last 17 days. I want to get in shape and feel better about my body.

I'd like to learn more about my immediate family--the people I live with--before I leave for college. This year will probably be the last time I will ever live with them, and I'm worried I will go away to school next year without having learned as much as I could have learned about them as people.

Painting. gardening. Not sure - this has been a busy, sometimes painful year. I want to go forward, but I'm still not sure of my direction. Guess that would be good thing to investigate, yes?


I want to know myself better. I think then I could be happier and happiness is contageous.

The LGBT community.

mussar, beekeeping, urban farming micro-enterprise development

In 2013, I want to do a documentary film about a subject I can get passionate about.

I am learning more about special education to help me grow as a teacher and give me more professional options. I think it is important as an early childhood educator to be able to spot atypical development and to have the vocabulary with which to express these ideas in ways which are helpful and not scary for families.

how to embody, be, be comfortable with, find the place in 3-D where i allow and enjoy the Sacred Clown of my purpose.

I want to learn more about teaching and learning. I am a teacher, but there is still so much to learn! I want to understand more about how learning happens for different kinds of people.

I'd like to investigate if relationships are worth it. I'm starting to suspect that I'm better off by myself. But maybe the right person is out there? I also want to develop a more cohesive religious viewpoint and gain more confidence about my faith or nonfaith. I also want to know everything I can learn about blues music.

I would like to investigate the idea good leadership in a professional setting and good leadership in a volunteer / community setting are based on the same principals. That we get more out of professionals when we treat them like volunteers, and vice versa.

I'd like to get more involved with Rabbis for Human Rights and the HUC soup kitchen.

Buddhism. And selfishly, myself as I age... who I want to become.

Probably similar to last year, but I want to explore which direction I want to take my life in, through my dancing or career development through Dance Movement Psychotherapy. I have tried to enrol on an introduction day for DMP for a year now but there have never been enough people for it to run. I really hope it finally goes ahead this year. I am also starting to take my dance theory more seriously, and am looking at completing an exam in January. This could open doors for me. I would like to feel passionate about something and feel like I know more of what I want to do, because I still feel lost with no direction at the moment. I just need to stick with it and work hard, otherwise nothing will change.

The history of Irish immigrants in Toronto.

Veganism-going all the way pure vegan.

I want to improve my Jewish literacy. I know that my studies won't provide this in the way I initially hoped but I hope that being in a new and academic environment will push me and I will push myself to read more broadly and engage more critically with Jewish texts and what they mean for me, my community and the world today.

A generalized sense of curiosity about the world, and the things around me. That sounds so simple, but it really is vastly important. The ability to fall in love with the world outside myself, to allow myself to be charmed and surprised by it.

An idea of having a business that makes best use of my business understanding in two different countries. I want to have that business.

yoga, meditation, ayurveda, creation of routine, discipline.

There is an organization that reaches out to young people to discuss depression called "Let's erase the Stigma". I have been dealing with depression since I was a teenager and didn't get help for it until my 30's. I would love to learn more about this organization and maybe help erase the stigma of depression for some young people.

A consistent and frequently viewed blog that includes recipes, healthy ideas, and life lessons for readers.

I'd like to learn more about ways to focus my energy better instead of stressing. I think of trying ou Taosime or Meditation. Also I want to exercise more to get the levels adrenaline higher in my body to be more happy. Also to lose weights so i can be proud of my body again.

i hope to find a way to get re-involved with ultimate peace. i want to investigate what really makes me tick, as in what i want to be doing with my life. i would love to learn more about my grandparents and find a way to record all that information, but i know that accomplishing that task will take a lot of initiative and i dont know if ill have that

I am immersing myself fully in Design. All of it.

i want to investigate myself. during 2011/2012, i thought i knew exactly who i was and exactly where my life was headed. well, things took a turn for the worst. and for the first time, i have no fucking clue who i am or where i am going. i can honestly say that every aspect of my life is one big question mark. so, this time next year, i want answers. and if i can't have answers, please give me a direction.

Ariela Foundation. I'd like to focus on helping kids realize the power within themselves to achieve whatever they want in life


I'd like to research how to live more naturally/holistically but still be able to enjoy eating bacon.

Pretty sure that grad school will take care of that one.

I always want to investigate new ideas. That's what life is about. I don't even know what they are right now but I honestly get 10 new ideas a day that will fascinate me and warrant exploration. They'll pass soon enough but I'm easily distracted for awhile. I'd learn about my family, find us a home, find out what steps we should be taking in life, investigate new countries and take new opportunities at work. Basically I don't know but I can guarantee there's always something.

In 2013, I want to embrace my love of languages and learn sign language so that I can communicate earlier with my baby. And, I want to begin to watch more Spanish television with subtitles to get used to hearing it again. I think it would be amazing if my child could speak multiple languages.

Oil and gas.

Two things. Personally, career alternatives (or complements) to the path I'm presently on. For interest, economics and public policy. But then there are dozens of things one would pursue given unlimited time and no need to work to generate income.

I want to be involved with teaching English as a second language. I had done that as a volunteer more than 15 years ago and it was one of the most worthwhile and exciting things I have ever done in my life. I want to visit my half sister in Italy and perhaps commit to teach English there for a limited period of time. My first step is to complete the certification course I have purchased.

I suppose as a result of my work, I want to more fully look into the open bibliography project. As a side note to that, I want to become more involved in the free culture project and creative commons. Copyright and laws surrounding it seem to be wrong, hampering of creativity, and reactive instead of productive. I have always believed in Open Source, perhaps this is another place I can put more energy into those beliefs.

I was an activist in my youth and I believe it will be my "retirement" job. So many issues are crying for attention. It is an exciting prospect.

Susan. Susan. Susan. (I'm writing this the day after our third date, and I hope that this answer makes us both chuckle and grin with nostalgia next year.) Judaism. Gardening. Canning. The idea of a dissertation . . .

Nope. This isn't my thing.

I've started to understand my sister's bipolar disorder more fully through following a girl on tumblr who is bipolar. It has made me much more patient and loving with her and I'd like to understand her illness more and more as the year goes on.

I'm currently investigating and trying to pursue healthier eating habits, and if I have time, the world's purpose and my place in it.

for once, i would like the cause to be me. i have a dream of completing my education - maybe an MFA in writing.

Vegetarian lifestyle? Running? My family roots? All of the above.

I just want to continue to grow and learn.

I want to learn more about foster care, the juvenile justice system and how things really work in this City. I also want to learn more about psychology.

Better physical health. Volunteer work.

I want to follow my dream of acting and writing full-steam in 2013. I want to grab the bull by the horn, master the crafts, know the ins and out, make connections, work in this industry. An actor, author and writer is what I inspire to be. It is what I was meant to be. I've spent 22 years confused about my path, my destination, my purpose -- and I've found it. I don't want to let go, and I pray that God helps me keep my faith and achieve all of my dreams. I want to be more creative, more present, more artistic, more open-minded, more productive and more bankable. I also want to look into numerous charitable ideas I have in mind for Togo. I want to investigate life and love and peace and happiness.

This past year has really been the bulk of my exploration of Israel and Israel advocacy. I want to continue that, but with deeper, fuller learning. Now that I know i'm dedicating myself to this I want to spend real time becoming thoroughly informed so that I may inform others.

I'd like to put more time into Abby and helping her become the girl I know she can become.

Truthfully, no. It's not really how my mind works, to settle ahead of time on something I want to learn outside of some formal curriculum. I'm a chronic information gatherer, as I believe all knowledge is worth having, so I'm more inclined to stumble across a fascinating concept or subject and then decide in what depth to pursue it.

I'm currently reading "Getting Things Done" and I hope that this year I can implement a successful version of this personal productivity system so that I can have less anxiety about all of the things I'm not doing.

I would like to help girls to understand how important positive self image is. I suffered so much this year, but at this point I am finally understanding that I can't beat myself up like I used to. I want every girl alive to understand how truly beautiful we each are. Not a single one of us should ever take any abuse from anyone, ESPECIALLY not ourselves.

I want to find a lover to explore with & find my old skin.

There is someone I would like to know more about in 2013. I will try to work on that.

I want to continue following gathering knowledge of the middle east and the Islamist culture. I want to understand this region so I can explain and know if our current policy could be improved.

I would like to investigate the idea of creating my own business or developing more the one I currently share with my boyfriend.

I would like to find out if a small family farm is actually a possibility for me & my siblings to undertake.

I'd like to investigate more about Marvel Comics. I really want to be totally in the know about the past and present on many of the characters I love and feel for.

I'd like to learn more about the idea of creating a government body solely concerned with installing and promoting peace within and between people.

I feel pretty certain about the decision to get an MSW. Obviously that won't happen in 2013 but I do want to research more, both programs to apply to and principles to apply to the work I'm doing at Victory right now. I want to learn more about addiction in particular.

Buddhism. Exploring this wonderful country of ours. I want to engage in a little wanderlust and experience things outside my life's current scope. I want to be sure to continue loving literature and music. In fact, it's time to start writing and submitting some stories and to learn to play that guitar and that keyboard!

Yoga. A lifelong study and practice. Psychology. Possibly declare a double major. Find some charitable organization (or start my own)! Love. What if I were in a committed monogamous relationship. How crazy would that be?

Complete my memoir.. illustrated and all... Get project #2 underway.. Intellectual property to amuse, educate and entertain.

I don't know of any causes that I would like to investigate more fully this upcominng year. Maybe just the idea or philosophy that I've always heard that if you do what you love day in and day out you'll never have to work a day in your life....that one seems like something I would love to know what it feels like....I just wanna find what my true passion is and what I can have the absolute most fun doing....I wanna find a career that is exciting, fun, fulfilling and that pays a lot. I just wanna be happy. but then again I don't want a career where I become a slave to the money....I dont want the salary to be the only driving factor in why I choose to do something....yes it is nice to make money but I also want to do something that I will absolutley love and not regret in the long term. And also I wanna investigate the philosophy that the more you give the more you get...I've always heard that expression and I really want to see if it is actually true.

Well investigate is a strange word for this but I wanted to talk about the guy I've been dating, Alex, so let's put it here.... So he's much younger than me, had never kissed anyone, and was in the closet when we met. We texted for 2 months before we ever met, and that closeness carried over from texting to real life - something I was uncertain. It's been a glorious and interesting journey - he's definitely in puppy love, and I also love him. We are at different places in life so I try to just be zen about it. I get *so* much from the relationship - he's sweet, attentive, kind, helpful, makes me laugh, is fun to be around, isn't afraid to pitch in and help. I feel relaxed when I'm in his arms. The concern, if I go out of "now" and think of the future... it's unlikely we'll be together for a longtime because of the age difference, and he will at some point long for more experiences - but for now he thinks I'm crazy to think that so it's best just to live in the now, and be mindful of the potential directions in the future. Will we be together in another year - well, it's been less than 2 months, so I wouldn't guarantee it... but I said before we met in person that I hope that I've treated him with kindness and respect, and that's what I strive for every day. So regardless of what heartbreak we might both experience, may we each look back and be happy that we've traveled together for this time.

I want to get to the bottom of who stole (has been stealing) from my storage space. And, if possible, bring them to justice. I would also like to explore further the insights gained this past year...an almost sense memory of life as a chlld in my household... Certain attitudes, treatment, has been holding me back; I believe that a fuller understanding of where they came from would remove these barriers to a fuller life...

Music composition, songwriting and choreography... possibly multimedia composition. I have so much music in my head that I need to bring forth. This needs to be a priority for me. It is my undeniable calling and I have suffocated it for way too long. It must breathe!

I want to become more knowledgeable about public education reform; what actually works, who stands to profit from false reforms, who is leading the efforts that will improve public education.

After taking Health Policy, I am much more aware of the US's healthcare system. I am very interested in securing a communication position for a nonprofit focused on healthcare. This would be beneficial as this topic intrigues me. As this year is the presidential election, I want to investigate each of the candidates stance on the issue. As of right now they seem similar to me, I look forward to seeing who gets elected and how they will implement the healthcare bill.

I want to be better informed and more guided by approaches to parenting.

Last year, I wanted to do music, but was never able to make the time. This year, I may as well admit that the majority of my time will go to improving my skills for my job.

I want to learn more about everything that interest me.

Local politics. Considering I believe that change starts small I need to act on this and become more involved.

I want to investigate education as a major. I know I like to work with kids, so this is something I was interested in.

I want to look into free college-level education at local high schools, and see if I can be more involved in teaching such classes. I truly believe that the education system in this country has a huge disconnect between high school and college, and I want to be part of the movement that mends the void.

I want to connect to activities within my own community- be it food bank, art classes, kids clubs, interest groups etc. Being one of very few Jews and a lesbian in a very small, conservative and Church based community, can be difficult at times. I know there are open minded people here, it is a matter of finding them. Volunteering and social activities will, hopefully, open some doors.

What would it look like to work in a new job? After working in the same organization for the past 14 years, I think it is time to move on.

I'm interested in what comes next. I'm not sure what that investigation will involve, but I'm open to it and ready to take some risk.

Human trafficking. I have been researching and advocating against human trafficking for about two years now, and I don't want to stop. I want to learn everything there is to know about it and I want to do things to help end it. I will never give up the fight.

Just art in general I think, as well as knitting and where it can take me as an artist/crafter. I am still onto the Etsy idea and would like to start a store, getting the guts to do it is another thing though.

I'd like to investigate meditation and simplicity more fully in 2013. I have too many things right now, both physically and in my mind, and I need to simplify.

No. I have been so busy with other "stuff" that I haven't been able to just enjoy what I have now.

I want to embrace my art more fully and DO more on a regular basis. I want to explore structures to help me do this.

As always, I want to gain more insight to the potential of collaboration. How do we cope with divisiveness and move forward on important issues affecting us all?

Photography. Cooking. Barista training. Sewing. Knitting. Arts and crafts. LGBTQ rights. Equality. Charities. How to earn money doing something I love. Family history.

My wife.

I would like to investigate the idea and manifestation of creating conscious community.

Tai Chi

See answer to 6, but basically I want to have a fuller grasp on brazilian economics. I also want to somehow next year start looking into project financing, take a course somewhere or something so I dont loose the knowledge built in my last year at sipa, and so that when i am finally ready to transition, i have the tools.

Yes. There are several. Actually, too numerous to mention. Family history, Barack Obama, the history of how the neocons came into power (more fully), Ghandi, the Dalai Lama, how humanity became so greedy (there is a lot more history there than one can imagine). The Mahabharata. More on The Compassionate Teachings of Buddha. The Koran more fully. Ancient wisdom.

Judaism. I want to find my more exact place within it.

I am ready to align with a Jewish community or Temple. Not just for my own sake but so my daughter can know where she came. Organized religion makes me cringe but I've come to realize that I can accept the parts of Judaism that I like (well, first I realized that there are parts that I like) and that I don't have to subscribe to or experience that parts that I don't relate to. It's all about finding the right community to experience the religion and culture with. And meditation - I'm still working on that.

yes! - phil: what the hey is going on with us? he told me he had big feelings for me, and it was out of no where for me. then all of sudden im like oh ok im in to try this. but you kissed me and it was so soft, and i dont know how i feel for you. you are an incredible human being, and i want to like you so bad. do i? was it a timing thing? i was leaving, you were saying all these things, and it felt good to say them back to you. but now youre seeing someone else anyways...maybe were at different parts of the story, and we just have to wait till our stories catch up with each other. - connection: what makes a connection? how do you sustain an intense connection over a period of time? how are some people in long term seriously monogamous relationships, how does that work? - my role within the universe as a whole

The discipline of creativity - in art, writing, living.

I'd like to be more active with the people on Badlands rather than just being their administrating force. I'd also like to bring a greater range of organization to our community in order to make it less stressful for all of the players, staff, and devs.

I want to go deeper into my own story. I want to write essays, plays, stand up, movies, television, that all draw on what Ive lived and what Ive felt.

I would like to explore more fully the idea of the commons... and the idea of commoning.

My family history, where do I come from....

I want to invest in me in 2013. I spend so much time on other people, I tend to forget about myself. I want to build meaningful relationships, perhaps more than friendship and do the things that make me happy.

I'd like to investigate meditation more. I say this every year and I have yet to develop a consistent, regular practice. I also want to investigate developing my physical strength and start doing more intense exercises.

I want to learn more about cultures and languages. I want to work on my understanding of people. I want to learn about philosophy of existing. I need to find out who I am and who everyone else is.

I would like to investigate Humanistic Judaism. I would like to be more involved with Food on Foot. I would like to learn Spanish.

I want to become more involved in meditation and building lasting, meaningful relationships.

I want to investigate myself. My motives and personality; and what I can change about them to be the person I want to be.

Becoming and being a mother.

Yes! Spiritual and Love practice. To that end, I'm certain that I want to attend a few more levels of workshops at www.hai.org, go to SWID again, and continue regularly attending yoga and Kirtan events. Along with these social opportunities for growth, I want to continue meditating.

I want to understand how the arts can change/help the world. I've always had such mixed feelings about if I were to enter in a career in the arts that I somehow wouldn't be 'doing enough'. I want to investigate that idea -- because I have a feeling that there are a lot of ways to make it not true.

I'd like to connect our family to more community service. But realistically I think what's really going to happen is I'm going to teaching my son a lot more about politics. The election and what comes after is really important too

I want to bring more art into my life--photographs, journals, random creative expressions. I don't think I want to hone a particular skill (although it would be nice to be able to draw or sing)--I just want to create things that bring me joy.

I will continue to work with my passions, my children. Band with my son & because of my daughter, I will continue to volunteer with the Girl Scout of USA. It's a passion that runs deep. But instead of working with girls, I'm focusing on working with new volunteers to keep the movement alive. They say that for every 1 adult volunteer that I help, I potentially have changed the lives of 10 young girls and my last class of volunteers had 9 ladies. So that's 90 girls..........go me!!

ABCD: Asset-Based Community Development. I will be doing this for the next 9 months. I plan to investigate how West End does it. And I'm really looking forward to being attached to a Blueprint Community and learning it on the ground. I'm going to become a geek again.

I would like to investigate on finding my place in high school. I have gone from friend group to friend group and don't really know where I fit in best. I want to try and find my place.

I would like to be closer to Rachel in the coming year.

I want to research Meryl Streep in more depth. She is such a hero to me on so many levels. How does a woman with her talent and intelligence, and most importantly, commitment to following her passion and heart, also keep a marriage intact for decades?? I find it so incredible and inspiring. So often we hear creative people must be free to find space for their creativity, and I believe that's true, but Meryl so far represents someone who can make room for connection around the space for her creativity day after day after day. If that's not the definition of beauty what is? Also, she represents the type of actor I want to write for. I figure, if I can write a role that's good enough for Meryl Streep to play, hopefully I'll attract talent that's perhaps less busy but almost as talented (they exist!) along the way.

I would like to investigate classic authors more. I am loving my Shakespeare class, and I am realizing that there is so much knowledge to be gained from these plays and poems. I would like to make time for myself to read for fun, and to learn from these classic texts. I know how easy it is to get caught up in the business of every day life, but I think it is important to take some time for yourself and broaden your mind just for your own benefit.

I want to explore my dreams- or more accurately, to figure out what my dreams are.

I'd like to give thought to ways on how to diversify my business; and serious thought to writing a book.

Oh, yes. I am constantly interested in learning more about myself and the world around me, but in particular, I want to investigate the idea of base human nature and various philosophers' takes on such ideas. The more I consider the world and the nature of humans, the more I am convinced that there is not a simple answer. However, I think that reading from various sources of "great thinkers" and finding similarities (and differences) in what they have to say would be fascinating and something I really want to do.

I would like to get involved in some kind of cause, something I can volunteer for. I just don't know what yet.

I have always been curious about after death - lost so many people and always trying to figure out "where they are" - I dream about them, sometimes feel their presence - perhaps this will be the year I go back and read/reread the different philosophies surround death and spirit

Hinduism, art, and college.

I think the answer is differently: family (of yourse, because I move to DD), friends (because I love them and they're far away), Lucas (because I see him only on weekend, hopefully more) and religion (because I think it is important).

I think it's me that needs the investigation. I've spent so long as an appendage to someone else that it's really exciting to see what it's like being just me.

I am most interested in replacing the voice of money in our political system with the voice of people.

Finding what I'm really passionate about work-wise. Being more organized and living simply. Being healthy. Living frugally. Writing -- letters, blogs, creative writing, anything.

I want to know more about how my younger son ticks. I want to stop letting him go under the radar and be a better mother to him.

Food sustainability. Having had lectures on it this year, I know that this is what I want to do with my life. I had no idea that the food and nutrition guidelines we are asked to live by are not sustainable. Next year I have a research paper, I want to investigate this. I want to find a way to make at least my food choices, and the food choices of those around me sustainable. After that I'll target the world.

New friends. Blog friends. Friends that share my interests and understand how infrequently I actually want them around. Friends that want to come to my house for every holiday.

I want a deeper connection to my faith, its practices and wisdom. This will take commitment and study, and alignment with a larger community. Vulnerability, willingness to ask the big questions of myself in the presence of others. Daunting.

Saving the wild Tigers of the world. I am horrified by the slaughter of Tigers in China to make "Tiger wine." It's repulsive, inhumane, and completely barbaric for these last few centuries.

I would like to become more involved in the biking community. I have fallen in love with biking around Jerusalem and my introduction to biking through my girlfriend has introduced me to a community of kind, adventurous, and easy-going people who seem to have a deep respect and love for freedom. I also sense from the bikers' nod that I experienced for the first time last week that bikers also love to see other people biking because they love seeing people experiencing that freedom, too. I think that being part of a community/movement that values their own freedom as well as the freedom of others and is self-reliant and friendly to the environment (bikes, as opposed to cars are very connected to the outside, while cars shut the outside world out) is a big goal of mine.

I want to learn to knit better, to use more stitches and patterns and make more garments. I want to learn more about the experience of being a teenager today and how it is the same and how it is different than when I was young.

Definitely the Human Rights Campaign and the Trevor Project, I want to try and work with them as much as I can because those causes mean so much to me. I want to take my idea of a book and maybe start to make something out of it, and my YouTube channel with my ladies. Also, editing and making videos. I want to get a nice camera to start working on having a good channel on YouTube.

I would like to investigate my ancestry.

I want to find out more about our local cashless community, Mountain Hours, so that I can see how I might contribute on a local level to help our economy.

How the working poor and individuals who have been through extreme trauma are able to overcome their experience with social services resources from state benefits and resources from individuals and the support system that is present or could be present in their lives. I want to become a part f that interwebbed/interplay of resources available to individuals that can grow to see the love, nourishment and true beauty of our friends, family and life.

How can I improve my art? What do I have to say through my art that is unique?

FWAB. I want to be on the Philly board, or close to it.

I'd like to explore the possibility of developing a recovery program for men who, by their choices and actions, have reached "the end of their road" or have "burned all their bridges". I'd like to see this program flourish under the name ReBuilding Bridges.

How to help more directly the asociations that help animals especially dogs

Law school.

Hopefully I will have a greater understanding of storytelling and oral tradition... hopefully.

I want to delve back into dream studies when I complete my PhD.

Still straining and hoping that there is some way for the Israelis and Palestinians to agree on ways for each people, and 2 countries, to live in peace. In so many ways, when we exclude the "spoilers", the two peoples are alike. And everyone suffers as the stalemate continues, decade after decade. I will investigate more whether there are some ways for me to work to build bridges between the good people on both sides of the conflict. We cannot let the extremists, be they Muslim or Jewish, dictate the future.

You need to invest more fully in yourself man.

I would like to investigate the concept of managing money more fully. I feel like i'm doing a good job of surviving on my own this year. Next year, though, I want to start my life savings and thats going to require alot of really good money management, and personal management.

Start-ups. Working in the environment where things move fast of few resources, learning from the mentality which requires imagnation, energy and human understanding, utimately laying the foundation to realise a dream and starting a business of my own. Or with my dad.

I want to study maracatu drumming in Brazil. When I say "study", I mean watch and be allowed to join in. I want to feel what it's like in a proper maracatu band. I'd like to get to know Darwin Franks better over the coming year. I met him at Caspar Henderson's book launch last night. He's one of Roman's friends - his neighbour, even - but I've never met him before. We hit it off right away. I think I may have a new friend. So, yeah, I'd like to get to know Darwin better over the next year.

This one really stumped me, so to gain some perspective, I asked my nieces. Because surely people under the age of 8 would know more. I phrased it differently, so they could understand, as "what can make the world a better place?" and "what should we learn this year?" Mimi, 7, said that we should care more about plants and animals. Whenever we cut down a tree, we need to plant a new one. We talked about bamboo. As for learning something, she suggested piano. Lottie, 6, said that she really cares about animals, and we should help them. Specifically, birds, because they eat insects. Even cooler, she thought I should learn about communities this year. I think that may be a lifetime effort, frankly. Her goal for the next year was to lose her training wheels. Hallelujah, girl, join the club. Lastly was Tori, 3, who had the most fun and the most profound answers. She said that I should learn about taxidermy. As for what we can do to make the world a better place, she told me, "My shoes." I could tell she was getting distracted. "Your shoes? How will your shoes make the world a better place?" I hope I never forget her answer: "Because I walk in them." So I guess I want to keep in touch with what kids think of the world. What they want their future to be. Because I can help them to get there with what I do myself now.

I want to get to know myself again. I have never had time to myself since I started medications and got my head unscrambled. Being around crazy makers while I was crazy was the norm. Now that I'm not crazy, I'd like to get reaquinted with myself in a calm, peaceful environment.

I want to take more videos of grandma and grandpa while they are still with us, telling stories of my ancestors. Move my money into a local bank. Learn about and put into practice, the solidarity economy projects with the Workmens Circle.

The "entity" of my business; at this time called "Life Activation through Body Alchemy!" and note its process of evolution; what it needs; and what it's bringing to the world!

I want to investigate LUCID DREAMING more fully in 2013. I am at a point of having vivid dreams, and good recall, but achieving lucidity sounds like a great goal. Of course I'd love to read more -- TONS more. I will be a certified astrologer by this time next year :) So too would I love to learn more about my family history. Plant medicines, the Temple of Awakening Divinity... Seeing more of the world! Diving deeper into loving connection.

MARTIN SCORSESE ALWAYS AND FOREVER. Judaism especially. I'd like to know how it feels to be happy and free in mind and spirit. That is my goal of 2013. I'd like to grow up.

As a personal focus, I want to investigate my passions and find out what I want my path to be in life. I want to investigate creative writing and any other potential skill or hobby. Also, I want to focus on mindfulness as an idea. This encompasses focus and meditation. Externally, I want to focus on picking a cause. I dont have one and whether it be accessibility of quality food, fish farming, or stretching. I want to discover something new, either a movement or a passion.

I just want to open myself to more, more more more. More ideas, more art, more music, more books. Ironically, I think the endless Twitter streams and Facebook feeds can keep up insulated against anything that might disrupt the flow a little. I want to disrupt the flow.

I want to investigate writing my own music this year. It's been a goal of mine for a while now, so what's stopping me?

I want to be more politically aware in general. This will be my first time voting and if I do I will only do it if I have enough knowledge to make it count. I will read about current events and be up to date about the world.

Medical clowning. Clowning without borders. Parkour.

My own plans and dreams. Educational psychology. Where I can make the most difference. Whether I want to make the most difference.

Jewish fluency

Anthropedia's well being program

I would like to learn how to meditate & explore this 'consciousness thing' at being at one with the universe. It seems awesome & I'm on the journey already. I would like to study holistic massage & Reiki, for the benefits they can give people, so hopefully I will be doing some of that when I read these next x :) I want to help create 'Peace' in the world aswell so I am on a journey with that too including finding my own, & I'm nearly there too <3

Not particularly. I want to learn more about my personal tastes, and I would love to still be with my boyfriend and continue to learn about him (while I know that that is unlikely). I'd like to learn more about the guiding philosophies behind yoga.

Me! I feel like I am cut off from myself, and need to learn to dive deep, with courage and compassion.

LGBT right in the jewish community and Keshet. Both aspects are important to me, why not combine them?

Continue to work on my wonderful but exhaustingly high maintenance marriage. Make it better. Actually it's quite good. Hasn't always been. Started strong ( mine usually do), leveled off before suffering drop which lasted until the last few couple years. We had no choice but to try to save it.... need for family, finance, health ( physical for me and mental for Carolyn). We have gone through a lot together and apart and the results have been positive . Give us realistic hopes for future. We like each other some of the time. Love each other most of the time. If only she weren't such a bozo.

how does everything connect?

This isn't a top priority but I would be interested in learning more about world religions. I think it would give me insight into other cultures and probably on my own.

I'd like to investigate "us" more fully--continue the conversations my husband and I have begun about what we want our lives to look like over the next 5, 10 years. We have ridden the synchronicity highway successfully so far, but we have some long-term goals that would benefit from us both being on the same page about what the future looks like and having a clear plan on how to get there.

Buddism. Child Reach. Meditation.

Ted Talks, live them. Also learn more about LGBT issues. Help friends and family fully understand Equality.

I'd love to do more for organisations working with children of alcoholics. And I want to do more for the political causes I support, and for ecological causes

The value of system and regularity. I've been creating more systems lately for getting things done in my daily life, and I think it's bringing greater ease and clarity and time into my life. I'd like to keep moving in this direction, and see where it takes me. And could it apply to writing?

I want to continue to study the interaction between intention, receiving, and bringing things to life

I want to take better care of my father.

There isn't anything I've been thinking about. But maybe I can make it a point to take some classes on the company dime, since they are available.

My relationship to Judaism.

WWII. Space. Writing.

I just learnead about B.A.C.A. (Bikers Against Child Abuse), and found it so moving that I'd be interested in finding ways to help promote their cause.

I want to investigate poverty in Israel to find out how US Jews can make a difference.

I want to learn about the pomegranate and get to work on the deena book. Also, a foldable bike, damn it.

I want to become politically active. I want to be an activist for a great cause. I just haven't been empassioned by one yet.

No, I just want to survive another year.

Ministering as a hospital SLP. God. Aphasia. Myself. Loss. Fulfillment. Being a wife.

I'm going to pursue my National Board Teacher certification, creating videos of my lessons to post on my website, and vocabulary strategies in the mathematics classroom.

I'm glad I waited to write this down cause I may have forgotten. I don't know if it was because of the place or the people or where I was as a human just barely being, but Erin asked me to come to the Burbank relay for life this year. If I got asked before, I don't recall. I got there at 8 am and left around 10 am 26 hours later. And I didn't sleep a wink. I didn't even notice that I didn't sleep. I had to put up with a fair chunk of bullshit from someone who probably didn't mean to, but seemed like she was actively trying to keep me from the experience. I felt a swelling in my chest. Like my heart got bigger or something. I think of it like the grinch. And I don't know why. I'm going to try to make more of an effort to get involved with that. I told them last year that I would like to make the entertainment happen. Cause they did not do a great job of producing that. I'm not great at compassion. At least not outwardly. I have uncomfortably already accepted the fact of death and that makes me hard to talk to when it is delicate for some. But I like to help if I can, so I want to do it secretly and quietly.

Disability awareness and access in both the American (Conservative) Jewish and Israeli communities. Jewish education and the disabled.

I'd like to finally become a "normal" adult. Productive, responsible, etc.

I want to learn how to be an effective supporter/fundraiser for MOP. To be creative and expansive in my approach. I want to study a little more of one or two spiritual paths...maybe judaism or buddhism

I want to be more aware of current events, on all levels, from global on done. I too often get wrapped up in the petty struggles of my own life and forget to see myself as a citizen of the world thereby neglecting the obligations inherent in that status.

I want to look deeper into cooking. Take a class. Inspire myself to create recipes rather than just tinker. And maybe try to improve my food photography, too. See if there could be a future for me in food or in writing (or a combination). I'd also like to be appreciative of the upsides of having ADD rather than only knowing, "Oh, I have a bad sense of time," "Oh, I can't map out long-term goals." Learn what I CAN do better than others and appreciate that ADD can be a gift. Keep adapting my life to suit my M.O. rather than be disappointed I don't fit in the typical boxes. Get help with that from a life coach!

I want to invest more fully in myself and my relationships with my boyfriend, family, and friends.

Shamanism, Depth Psychology, eating for nourishment only

I want to be more intentional about my giving and align it with my meditation practice, so that I reduce the "fear and anger" in the world.

Gardening. Sewing. Recycling and composting.

I want to learn more about my Japanese and Hawaiian history and culture through the lens of native historians and writers. I have become more acutely aware of Western influence in historical and cultural perspectives, and I want to be learn these histories through publications in native languages. As a result, I have started taking Japanese classes again, and plan to be proficient in reading and speaking in the next 18-24 months.

John Cage.

Learn more about my mother in law (and write it down) before it's too late.

I'd like to get to know the Jewish community outside of the Hillel a bit better. With a new community center opening near by, there is a great opportunity for this and I hope we can take advantage of it. Since we do hope to have kids while still in the area, finding other places where we might fit in for religious activity throughout the year would be great. I also want to go to Zamru services more, again because it'd be great to find more community connection in new ways.

Gay marriage. I feel more aware of and angered by the civil rights issue of marriage equality this year. Marriage is a legal entity--not a religious one--and there is no place in it for the whining of the rightists and those crying about how allowing gays to marry somehow ruins the sanctity of marriage. What is this sanctity? How, truly, does someone else's marriage change/affect/define another's? Everyone deserves the legal protections that marriage affords. I want to educate myself so that I can speak intelligently about all the issues and the inequity. And mostly I want to be able to call my brother's partner my brother-in-law, and know that they are legally protected in the same way I am.

I want to study different childbirth and child-rearing tactics so that I can be ready to make informed decisions when that time comes.

Down's Syndrome and our family's place in our new community.

I want to more fully investigate work opportunities and housing opportunities in Brooklyn.

I would like to know more about or craft an infrastructure project. I think that is the future is understanding the underlying networks that allow our society to run.

G -- watching him come into himself, and being there as a resource and guide as he does...

Be of service. Ran out of time to send long answers. But is like to be working in special Ed. Paid or volunteer.

Hakomi , astrology, womb /blood wisdom , divination, oratory healing, book writing, psychosomatics, craniosacral, herbalism, mastering raw food ~

My next career!

I want to further develop my thoughts on relationships, how to engage in them, when , and what it means for who I am as a person.

Now that my parents are no longer together, I really need to sit down with my father and learn about his side of the family because he is not going to be here forever and these are things that I really ought to know.

I want to learn more about my David. Him & I have been seeing each other for a few months now & I can tell I am still hesitant in everything because I have been hurt before. But, there is no person who has made me feel so...me...before. My ex always made me feel like what I should have to be...I hated that. David makes it easy. He loves me for every crazy thing I say, every time I stare at him, & every time I melt down. He is there. He loves me for me.

I think the cause is volunteer/not for profit work. I certainly want to do more than just my donations for the year.

Really want to explore new stories around economics and the environment. Who are the visionaries and what stories are they telling about how we can create thriving cultures that are actually sustainable by the planet over the long term?

I really want to explore more on my photography. Its something i really like to do. I have had some classes about it but I want to experience it more. Maybe go on a photography trip. I also want to learn more about doing art. Its something I've done but I also want to work more on.

I want to start planning for my run of president in 2016.

The end of corporate personhood.

I want to really explore a period of history in real depth, maybe the first world war. My parents recently visited the grave of my great-uncle who was killed at the Somme at the age of 21. I'd like to find out more about what led him to be there and his experiences up to his death so his sacrifice is recorded and not forgotten.

In 2013 I want to invest more fully in myself. I seem to always be giving my time to organizations and other people which results in myself becoming the least nurtured entity. If I really want to thrive in this life I will have to elevate my own position on my list of priorities.

I'd like to investigate getting involved in local arts projects, maybe even starting them up myself! There are so many opportunities, I just need to put in the time and effort.

I'd just like to be more visually aware, taking inspiration by the things I see around me, and set some time to go looking for inspiration.

I'd like to read my holy book in English and see what it's all about beyond the heresy of others. I'd like to learn more about grad school. I'd like to get to know Magnus more deeply. All three of these things I think will help me move forward.

I want to really start to find personal connections to Tanach this year. I feel like I need to figure out how I connect to it in order to teach other people to connect to it. I know those connections are there - I just need to find them through study and through discussion with people more knowledgeable than I am.

Non-violent leaders: Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Jr., Thich Nhat Hahn... and I want to find out who some female non-violent leaders were/are! I want to know what they actually did, not just their ideas.

Hm. Sigmund Freud and Friederich Nietzsche are two people whose work I need to know better in order to stand more solidly on academically accurate ground. 2013 would be a good year for that... assuming Cyrun's demands diminish enough for me to have a brain still hungry for exercise.

I'd like to do some research into a cause that we can support as a family. I would like us to support 1 or 2 causes fully, rather than the seemingly apathetic check writing that we haphazardly do each year. I think this would also be a great role model for my sons.

Myself. I don't mean this in a selfish or egotistic way - simply, I want to re-discover myself, goals, and dreams in order to feel more connected to everything around me (family, friends, job).I want to explore my passions and find out what pulls at my heartstrings, as Tracy would say. I would also like to learn more about: Judaism, my Family History, Mindfulness, and Healthy Food/Nutrition. I would also like to read (inspiring/moving books) and cook (delicious, healthy dishes) more!

Family history. Hopefully Ri gets my pedigree down.

I would like to find someone and go on a date or be in a relationship. Even though I'm 25 I have yet to go on a date. I will find the courage to ask someone out. I would like to investigate my love life or lack there of.

Perhaps a better way of investing properly on my country house and its land

I want to learn everything about Autumn and Haley :) But next year I bet I will be kicking myself in the butt for writing all of these things about someone. Let's say a more generic, objective, thing: I want to learn about the South. Its history, traditions, spirit, and culture. I want to learn the manners. I want to learn the religions. I want to learn how to farm, at least theoretically, so I can get one step closer to my dream of retiring somewhere self-sufficient far, far away from anyone who isn't my family.

Life experiences with inner peace. Flagstaff.

The science behind music; philosophy; politics, government and legality; economics; ancient history; Tarantino, Nolan and Scorsese...

I would like to learn more about languages and linguistics, and apply it to my dabblings into ciphers.

Running as an experience and a lifestyle. Always wanted to do it and now's the time.

I would like to investigate what being more creative means to me. I want to create A LOT this year. Thats one of my intentions. :) So that is something I would like to explore more. I think I have always sort of remained rather disconnected from my art. My art has always been more cerebral than emotional and I think thats a mistake because I have lost a lot of motivation to do it at all. I didnt really realize that until I started making associative drawings between words and colors that perhaps art needs to be therapeutic for me for some time and through that more meaningful and universal art that others will connect to will start to be born. May my investigation into my creative abilities bring me unimaginable success and joy!

I'd like to investigate myself further. Sometimes I feel like I really don't know myself. I sometimes make a few leaps forward, and I definitely think that as a person, one is constantly evolving, but I'd like to catch up. I also want to investigate beekeeping, rock climbing, and Asian cuisine.

I would like to further investigate Judaism and my concepts of God

Feminism. Racism. Classism. Homophobia/heterosexism. Privilege, in general.

I want to find a physically-centered outlet for my energies. Maybe running, or exercising, even walking. I need to get off my a** and move. Spend too much time on my keester.

I want to investigate and learn how to work with amputees and educate people on how to more accepting of themselves and find their lost parts. I also want to investigate how to start a responsible business and get busy!

I want to investigate my passion. What is it that I'm supposed to do with the majority of my waking hours? How can I be of utmost service to others and be conduit of Light and Love in the world? How can I make a living doing that? How can I really harness my God-given power to utilitze my gifts and talents in the best way? I want to know what my purpose is here and how to really fulfill that in the greatest way. Will it be through a partnership with Kurt in Fit Republic? Can I work with him to build his business, stay independent, make enough money to thrive, and continue my relationship with him? Will it be through Digistrive selling advertising to high end merchants? I am so curious to know what the next few days, weeks, and months have in store. I am really excited!

Judaism. I want to know if conversion is something I should pursue, or maybe even to be on track to convert.

I want to be a better singer and gardener and explore more extreme fitness. I also want to enjoy going to school.

Dance. Write the novel. Fostering/mentoring -- what is my resistance? Is it just energy or is there more?

I'd like to look into the idea of "the 4-hour work week" a bit more. I don't think it's in my character to ever be able to work so little - I really do enjoy my work and the activeness and creativity of it - and yet being able to not *have to* be working as many hours as we do and being able to *choose* what I become engaged in would be a good thing.

I feel like I need a cause, but I don't have anything that is pulling me in. Perhaps I need to separate from work more so I can find something to be passionate about.

I obviously want to learn as much about education as I can to be the teacher that I want to be.