Is there something (a person, a cause, an idea) that you want to investigate more fully in 2016?

Yes there is.


Meditation. Better growing practices. Better business skills.

Haven't really thought about this but am certain there is something I should be thinking about more than my own being.

My own path. Where and what and who I'm supposed to be, on my own and as a mother and as a wife. And as a friend too I guess.

I want to investigate the notion of space more fully. I have a number of books I want to read on the subject -- plus it's central to my research!

I want to learn the prayer service better, so I don't feel so clueless at shul. I know g-d doesn't mind so much if I am clueless, but I do!

Israel. What is my experience of it? What's it all about? How is it relevant to me, to my family, to my rabbinate? What are my opinions on its politics?

I would like to learn more about contemplative prayer, specifically, how to apply it to my daily meditation practice.

My family. I still have a good relationship with our daughter, but my husband's illness has isolated him from us. And we have let that happen. I think it's time to find him again.

I want to focus on cooking & eating healthy

Yes, there are many things I wish to explore more fully in 2016; my career, a Masters degree and, most importantly of all, my faith. I want to consider conversion to Judaism.

Paganism/heathenry. My dad's girlfriend. Physics.

I want to be as involved with my children as I can be during this next year of separation and eventual divorce.

I would like starting to investigate issues relating to youth and immigration issues as well as LQBTQ

i want to visit some place new and try my hand at learning to do some craft/art/ hobby that is new. It would be great if I could combine the two so that my new avocation is done in a new place. two birds with one stone.

Any and all of the organizations and functions associated with #BlackLivesMatter deserves as much time, attention, and money as I can manage to give. And not just from me, but from every person operating from a position of privilege.

The protection of bates and trees.

Yes I want to know more about myself, as I being in forced early retire from my medical career, I am exploring interprenourship as a new exciting opportunity.

As with last year, I am still very interested in making puzzles. I'm also interested in artwork. I'd like to take time to learn more about artwork and explore how to have a small business for the puzzles. I need to begin setting aside time each day to concentrate on this. It shouldn't be too hard to set aside time if I stop watching TV.

My spirituality and, professionally, nutrition. And make vacations!!!!!

I want to investigate clean eating more.

I want to invest more in myself and believe in myself more. I also have doubts and I have self body issues especially now that I can't shed the weight, I am no means a big girl but I am use to being around 57kg these past years I am around the 66kg and I hate it, I have a belly now and it actually depresses me that much that I will wait for my daughter to go to sleep and cry about it. I try to eat healthy, go for walks but I am a single parent I can't go to the gym, I can't afford a babysitter and both my parents work.

I want to take another look at what happens to places and people as they heal from public trauma (such as natural disasters or earthquakes) after the cameras are gone.

I want to look more into the experience of relating to ones self alone. Be that in a game or play or stories - or just being with myself more. I found when I was running and doing yoga etc that I was alone in my own head in a different way than when there was the option of doing something to distract myself. I want to make things by myself for myself.

Education advocacy in New York. I want to get more involved, go to meetings of the Panel for Education Policy, and learn more about union history in the city.

How is if different from any other resolution? Maybe my resolution should be to find some community where I could ask this question.

The degree to which I'm capable (or not capable) of loving my boyfriend enough. The degree to which I'm capable of being less risk-averse and (hopefully) having / getting a new job.

YES! I want to volunteer at Kitendo Children's Charity (KCC), a charity based in Naivasha, Kenya working directly with children and families living in poverty. My goal is to raise enough money to take several months off of teaching in the U.S. and work there.

Im on a quest of self discovery Learning to identify my own fears and insecurities and replacing these imaginary thoughts with positive actions that empower me and propel me in moving forward with a life of joy and understanding

Philosophy - specifically, semantics and theories of knowledge and truth. Community initiatives. 4 people spring to mind.

For starters, I'd like to investigate ME more fully in 2016. Then I'd like to find a charity or cause I could put my heart into. And, I want to allow myself to rediscover art - and not be put off if I don't think it's good enough or I'm wasting time!

I want to investigate God, and specifically how s/he can be more welcome in my life. I shut God out, I don't listen to God - but I WANT to listen to God.

I am currently commencing the idea of conversion to Catholicism, and started September 15. I look forward to diving deeper into the theology and history of the Church and, in the process, diving into my own faith and also philosophies. I believe it will be a challenging but incredibly rewarding journey. I was drawn to the faith by my study of medieval art history. Father Rafferty informed me that he has met three others drawn to Christ the same way. I think recommending my study of medieval art history concurrently will enrichen the religious and spiritual journey I will be embarking on. I look forward to the emotional and mental challenges.

A more balanced life!

Myself. I would like to investigate myself and really find out what nurtures me. I want to explore creatively and stop putting limits on how I can express myself. I am going to further explore yoga, and do another training to deepen my teaching and my practice, and my career. I am going to become open and available for wonderful opportunities and will grow and expand exponentially.

I want to continue to learn more about modern theories of addiction and the connections of attachment with pathologies of adolescence and adulthood. I want to continue my education in various areas of social justice, because there truly is no justice until we all have justice. We can't ignore the ways in which our struggles overlap and inform. Selfishly, I want to investigate the surgery I want, because the idea of living my life in a way that I enjoy is immensely freeing.

My own faith. My roots in the world. My self-conscience, which I am lacking. My relation to God. Being a better person. Tikkun Olam.

I feel compelled to explore my energetic connections to the Divine. This entails reflection and self-awareness. Doing the Brain Gym and slow breathing that triggers my parasympathetic nervous system; meditation; yoga that slows me down; listening and resetting when veering off into old habits; anything that leads to reflection, self exploration, connection, and sharing my journey with others.

I want to pursue a move to another state to start over and see how it goes. If I sell my house I would have a years start on income to start over somewhere new.

Bernie Sanders and John Dickerson.women's reproductive rights and autonomy, challenges and barriers for people with cognitive disabilities. relationship between Reform Judaism and liberal protestantism, and process theology. mostly, i want to know, experience and follow God more intimately this year.

Global warming and creative descent. How to teach my children to survive the coming years

I want to get my dog, Loretta Cupcake certified as a service dog and take her to hospice & nursing homes.

I'd like to investigate getting a job.

Again. This is exactly what I'm looking for in my life. A purpose. For today, I don't know what that is. I'm disappointed to have to say this. I feel like I'm in limbo right now. But what am I waiting for? I don't know. A way for me to give back. With passion.

I'm planning on learning how to speak Spanish and work towards fluency. And learning more about sailing. And photography and photoshop.

I wnt to work on the environmental issue in a more practical way. I also want to contribute to early childhood literacy in a meaningful way. I think I need to research the information that is available and find some sort of grant or organization who might help me.

Elon Musk.

I'd like to become more educated in what's going on with the big climate change debate. I used to be very invested in protecting the environment, but then it seems that I forgot about it while investigating other pursuits. This is an important issue that must not be ignored. ...

Non-violent communication.

Being more at peace.

Love. Investigate love. Investigate PhD programs; investigate education. Investigate the world. Investigate who I truly want to be, and how to become that person.

The places where strength and vulnerability intersect.

I would like to be more informed about world events, particularly in Ghana where I will be traveling. I want to learn more about Ghana before I go, and to carefully plan our trip there.

Medical statistics. Programming. Human rights / international development. Singing. Statistics. Social research. Etc ...

World Religions and violence/war. The new Papal Encyclical Laudato Si

In general, I just want to be better-informed about current events. I am making a real effort to stay aware of what is going on with next year's presidential election. I want to be a well-informed citizen of our world.

I want to get more involved with Black Lives Matter.

I want to be an informed voter.

Yes, I'd like to investigate the ideas of driving across country and hiking the Appalachian Trail. I have no savings and I'm 48. I'm a teacher and have the summers off theoretically. I'd like to travel across the USA and maybe visit old friends and former students. I would not re-new the lease on my apartment and live in my car. Camping! I'd like to learn how to do that. It seems intimidating but I've done it before with a family. I know a local hiking group here does a hike for beginners on the AT. That would be a good starting point. Over the summer I could also walk part of the Trail. I want to travel and also save money. Is it doable? So that and camping are ideas I'd like to explore.

I want to keep investigating my own issues, as well as investigate my friends and sister more fully so I can know them better. I'd also like to investigate object oriented programming.

Bernie! I have been keeping up a lot with this upcoming election cycle and all of the candidates, and I have strong feelings regarding many issues including healthcare, equal rights for all genders/races/religion, vaccinations, education, welfare, gun control, etc. I'm very excited for the primaries and the election and I really want to do more research and continue to learn more about Bernie and the other candidates. But mostly Bernie.

Prayer. My own spiritual quest for God. I ask that God remove from my life that stands between me and God. With that I hope will come serenity.

I'd like to ... No. Goodness, I don't know why that is. I have so much on my plate that I am not sure adding to it will make my life better. :)

My son and his sweetie are getting married on 12/31/15. I want to investigate what it's like to be a mother-in-law, having never had one in law (but in actuality, yes; twice) and never been one before this. I adore her and we get along great, so far. I'm very happy for both of them and both families.

Yes, I want to make the poor People movement viable again. I want to study it and see where Dr. King left off what efforts are there now and revive the campaign so the 99% or better those living 133% below poverty are heared.

Trees and shrubs and plants. How to identify them. So I can go outside with curiosity; to join Mark in his walks and be part of the outdoors, instead of just walking through them.

Honestly, not really. I'll just take it as it comes!

Feminist economics. Inter-sectional feminism. Mass incarceration. Brene Brown. bell hooks. Audre Lord.

Things that I personally could be doing differently to improve racial equality and justice.

I want to investigate bike touring, getting clipless pedals, learning to make simple repairs and fixes and having the confidence to ride longer distances. At some point I'll probably have to buy a new bike to do this. My goal is to do one long distance road trip this year.

I want to investigate the idea of living my fullest life, and explore what the "right" answers are for me re: work/life/school balance. I want to feel like I am doing meaningful work!

Contemporary art, civil rights, higher education, my daughter's college career.


Hmmm probably. But where do I start.

Hillary Clinton being elected as the first woman POTUS interests me. I want to read more radical feminism. I believe that abolishing the patriarchy is the key to solving all the problems of humankind.

yes! i want to get better at driving. seriously. and i'm already starting to ride horses again, which makes me so, so happy.

Inclusion - I thought I knew what it meant but I didn't full understand what it means. I want to understand the concept better and to understand how I can make sure it is part of my consciousness.

Running Summer camps

I'd like to work on racial equity & explore ways of addressing white privilege.

Yes: I'm actually in a grad program, so my life will be deeper investigation into a topic, but I'd also like to explore my city, learn more about running/fitness/nutrition, psychology, beer, and engineering.

I want to investigate other career paths. Explore potential with my other skills, and see if there's a place for me elsewhere. I can tell stories, and maybe there are other stories for me to tell.

How to support myself in a foreign country.

Want to look into aging in place, the "villages" concept and where we can financially afford to live without sacrificing family connection .


Hiking, veganism, dog training my dogs, more books by writers who aren't straight white men, reinvigorating my own writing career, finding ways to use software development for social justice.

I will look further into meditation and attempt to incorporate it into my life. A former boss of mine swears by it and I know it would be good to have another tool in my kit to address stress.

Meditation SOSEN RSOL Using my "new" Singer 221 machine

Well certainly we need to learn more about the candidates in the upcoming presidential election. This is going to be a wild one!

Sort of. There's a wonderful lecture that some cynical friends of mine think is full of puffery. I want to investigate it and find out the details for sure.

So many, but I am increasingly concerned about our spiritual, political and emotional relationship with Israel. It is equal to many years of grappling with institutionalized racism in my own country. I feel that I have a historical and intellectual grasp on this subject. In the past I have always felt defensive about Israel, i.e. they can do no wrong. I hope to educate myself better as to why the same intractable issues persist there. Of course this all comes full circle when thinking about the current refugee crisis. It is a sad reminder that we are doomed to repeat our past failures.

I just signed up to become a volunteer coach for a refugee. There are a few other things; now I've finished my studies I have time to play the saxophone (I've taken up classes), cook more healthy homecooked meals, see my friends more. But the refugee crisis breaks my heart and I want to help someone if I can.

I'm thinking about grad school (again), therapy (still), and how to get enough money to pay for either (always).

In 2016 I plan to pursue the conversion to judaism. It is important to me as I've always felt a connection to the Jewish religion, and I want to raise a child who has some connection to their spirituality. I understand that religion doesn't define spirituality, but I feel that the right religion encourages that train of thought.

I want to find out how one individual, not famous, without much money, without any up to date professional skills, but with time and writing talent to contribute, can make a change in the world.

Nothing jumps into my mind. I would like to find a candidate to work for -- at the moment I'm supporting Sanders, but I don't know how long his candidacy will remain viable. I'm still kind of a science geek and I read a fair amount of physics-for-poets books this summer about multiple universes. It would be good to keep up with that. Literacy. Writing. These are life-long "causes" for me, but anything I've ever done was on a small scale. I think every year I feel guiltier when I answer this question. Because the truth continues to be that I feel very hopeless where my ability to contribute is involved.

I'd like to know why do women somehow find me more attractive now that I don't waste my time running after them; now that I've decided to lay off relationships for an undetermined amount of time. What gives? Do I look like a challenge now? Too bad I'm a challenge they can't hope to win.

Compassion and Patience and Calm

With my son having a life threatening illness, I no longer feel I have the luxury of a carefree life where I can investigate, educate, or advocate for anything but my son. I want to have the deepest, honest, & content relationship I can have with him. There is no one I prefer talking to & spending time with. I am truly & constantly amazed by his brilliance, strength, & goodness.

Not one idea, per se, but the concept of a life. What makes a life worthwhile, and to whom? Can I try to imagine a life that isn't on the 9-5 spectrum and still be proud? Still be able to interact with those who stay on the path? Is it necessary to maintain this kind of lifestyle in this day and age, or is it just comfortable - and is that okay? I suppose that's a lot of ideas. I have a lot of questions.

I signed up to campaign for Bernie Sanders so that's what I want to investigate more fully in 2016


Jewelry making. I want to investigate creating something that is all mine- something from me. Investigate doing things just because I am inspired to and not to support or help anyone else. I want to explore who I am without the helping aspect.

EVERYthing. The idea that I can reach harder to live according to my ethics and values, to comfort who is in pain, alleviate the suffering of animals. My tikkun olam could be pet therapy at hospice. GO THERE.

I want to investigate more the power of control over my own feelings. My sister says we choose to feel the way we feel. If I feel angry, I choose to stay that way or change my mindset. I'd like to be more in control; I think I have a grasp on it, but as a person who self-identifies as a positive and optimistic person, I would like to stay true to that as much as possible. I also think I would like to become more active in social action causes, or at least more knowledgeable, like in the Black Lives Matter movement or in helping maintain Planned Parenthood funding.


Yes, an exit strategy from my business. Not necessarily to exit in 2016, but a plan to do so when I am ready.

foundations!!!!!!!!!! science-based herbalism. cut the woo woo bullshit- not fairy deva sparkle crap. Science. Messen wass messbar ist, und mach' messbar wass nicht messbar ist!

I want to investigate happiness and self-generating positive thoughts, and learning how to make somewhere a home when all it feels like it's given you is heartbreak.

I think I want to investigate a future career path in volunteer management or something closely aligned to that career path, whether it be furthering my professional career goals or starting a graduate program.

Attending a Buddhist retreat

Yes - I want to explore my options for birthright and take full advantage of the opportunity while I still can. I also want to find a volunteer organization to be a part of as well as find different groups (cal alumni, theta, Jewish, etc.) to be a part of.

I would like to finally learn to love myself, because this process has been way too overdue and I need it to be more functional and enjoy my everyday life. I want to be happy. I want to know myself. I want to love myself.

Meditation and swimming for depression. As well as animal rights, such as dog walking at the animal shelter.

Legalizing medicinal marijuana on the federal level.

My relationship with God

I definitely want to explore what I can do to help a Syrian refugee family. Our synagogue is part of an initiative to sponsor at least one family. I think as Jews we have a huge responsibility to ensure that these families are welcomed and not have them turned away as we once were.

The real story of Rosa Parks. I saw the author of a new biography on TV. I am always looking for time to learn more about music. I have taken several short non credit courses on various aspects of the civil war but missed the more on the moral arguments for and against slavery and why abolition was considered dangerous. I would love to try to put myself in the period and try to understand,

Would like to get reinvolved with Aleh Israel.

The 4 primary food groups: CAREER (I especially need to step up my game here) Relationships Fitness (explore this walking thing) Spirituality (time to get over my bitterness and fear)

The halachah of loving the stranger. Other mitzvot (Shabbat and kashrut, for example) are elaborately detailed in the rabbinical commentary, but the halachah of loving the stranger seems to be largely underdeveloped. Why are we largely left to our own devices when it comes to such a crucial commandment?

(1) I want to stay active. I have done a pretty good job either swimming or walking more than 10,000 but it can get spotty, especially when I am traveling. I want to be even more consistent (2) I want to read more - especially more improvement books


I want to further investigate how to help inner city families. How to reduce homelessness, hunger, and promote education.

I would like to restart the viola, get stuck into a singing group, and practice performance songs on the guitar. I would like to explore a specialist area in dietetics. I would like to read more fiction on a regular basis. I would like to host more social action and Jewish learning events at moho. I would like to knit more for others, and learn to crochet/knit more varied stitches with my grandma.

Myself? I feel like I'm a little bit lost at the moment. I think I need some change. I'd like to help the fight against cancer. I feel like I'm not doing enough to make the world a better place. I want to do... something. I'm just not sure what.

I want to investigate how to understand and process my emotions better.

can't think of anything right now.

I want to investigate wealthy people. By being one of them. Really though, I want to be a kick-ass female business leader.

Food and water availability is an issue about which think I need to become more aware.

Physics. Yoga. Interfaith relations. Italian opera. Ongoing learning about my new husband!

The history of the modern state of Israel and its neighbors.

Retirement... I am embracing the idea of finding out what more, and how, I can contribute to the world. I already feel very fulfilled, but I want to do more. I want to help my daughter find her way, and to see her shine to her FULL potential. This would be my PINNACLE! 2016 is already amazing!!

I really want to learn more about the history of activism in the Asian American, South Asian, and South Asian American communities.

On a practical level: how to live wisely on my income and still save for the future, however modestly. I want to learn more, pedagogically, about how best to engage international students, keeping in mind their cultures of origin while still expecting excellence. Other things will find their way in.

I'd like to find out more about resilience and how I can help foster this in my own children and those I teach.

I want to bring making art back into my life. It was such a big part of my inner world for such a long time, and I miss creating. Knitting is great, but I want to start using art as form of self-expression rather than a way to keep my body warm.

Buddhism, exercise, lesbianism, spirituality.

Gardening, classic literature, magic.

Once my daughter's need for my child care help diminishes and I have more days to myself, I'd like to take a writing course. You've inspired me, 10Q! I find this communal journal keeping very valuable.

As we said last year (but was unsuccessful), I hope the family can do more for charity. Right now, that would be our synagogue. We are planning to be part of the fundraising and "friend-raising" this coming year.

I want to improve my relationship with Michael. Pay more attention when he talks to me. Be fully present with him. I would like to get to know Melanie, Judy, and Wendy S better. They are genuinely nice people and I'd like them in my life.

I want to investigate the use of biodegradable utensils and plates for the shules we attend and for our children that use disposables utensils.

I will continue to study piano for myself and my students. I would like to get fresh inspiration for visual art, again for myself and my students. I need to figure out my next career, and start developing whatever it is. Build on what I know or learn some new skills.

I would like to investigate what I want more. I am not sure I know what that is. I dont think about the future, I mean I do, but not what I want. I think about what needs to be done and what I am afraid of and what other people want for me.

I want to continue growing and learning about racial justice. I also want to learn as much as possible about the new field in which I work. I want to learn how to identify the plants and animals on our property, learn more education techniques and gather creative ideas for teaching and learning, and I want to learn how to manage my time and tasks so that everything gets done.


I think 2016 will need to be more about me and my husband and our immediate family. Learning how to make each other a priority and finding a groove just the 3 of us. Perhaps a 4th if we are lucky enough to conceive. We need some consistency and privacy as a family unit without constant outside distractions.

Paradox and Entropy. Walt Whitman. Oregon coast geology and biology.

I want to deepen my study of Torah, of Hebrew, of the prayers used in the Friday night and High Holy Day services in my synagogue. This is a continuation of a path I began walking in the 1990’s—and since joining my Torah study group and synagogue, it has increased the pace of my learning.

The environment and our human relationship with the earth. I feel that a seismic shift must happen and I would like to think through it and find others who are doing the same.

I'd like to learn more about Talmud but I fear that I need help with that and don't know where to go to get it or that where there is expert assistance is at some Orthodox shul that thinks that a woman my age should be standing over her daughter demanding grandchildren.

as i get involved in my temple community, and my own spirituality; I will work hard on social justice issues, equality for all, and learning my faith. I hope to learn Hebrew and become bat mitzvah.

On a trip to Italy I realized that the personal pronoun "I" --"io" is not capitalized in English -- nor in German --"ich". I wonder how this changes thought patterns.

Medicare (because of need). Presidential politics (because of importance).

I'd love to sing. I'd love to become more involved in the Black Lives Matter movement. I'd like my kids to start some sort of participation in Jewish education and community.

The Presendential race and Mindfullness.

In 2016 I would like to investigate new recipes. Specifically, I would love to expand my repertoire of vegetable recipes and learn to cook Indian / Indian-like recipes.

Hope to volunteer for Chatter- and to become Certified Naturalist

I'd like to get to know more about polyamory and whether it would fit me. In the last months I read a myriad of Quora answers from Franklin Veaux, and currently I'm reading his book More Than Two. He also frequently mentions the ideas of "not owning people" and "relationships where you can talk about anything", both of which sound great, as of now. Maybe in a year I'll also have some experience in them.

Yes, I really would like to investigate my spiritual side in the next year. I'm not necessarily talking about church, although if I could find a group of like-minded people to share ideas with and learn from, that would be ideal. I need to slow down, stop glorifying busy-ness, and find ways to be present more, rather than numbing and disconnecting. I think that connecting with spirituality will help me do all of these things.

Yeah. I think I want to know more of who Jesus actually is. Not necessarily who the church has taught me who He is, not just who my family has taught me, not even who a theology degree taught me who He is, certainly not who pop-culture says He is. I want to know who Jesus is through His Word and through experiencing relationship with HIm

I think I should pay more attention to the issues in the presidential race, but I wouldn't say that I want to. I'm enjoying the reading I've been doing in social psychology in general and mindfulness in particular. More of that?

My son. Oppression, particularly that of black people in the United States. Climate change.

I really want to focus on family in the next year. Because I'm finally living so close to family, I want to get to know the people I've been apart from my whole life. I also want to reach out to my family in the east and develop better relationships with them. I'm so excited about the opportunity to really better these relationships.

I would like to learn more about two things. The first is virtual reality, and virtual reality devices. It fascinates me and I'd like to learn more about how it works and discover how it will change all of our lives in the future. The second is game theory and the theory of power. I would like to be more strategic in my decision-making and think a few steps ahead with everything I do.

Whether or not people think Trump is a serious candidate.

Minimalism. Judaism. Rug braiding. Exercise.

I would really like to get into studying Talmud regularly.That would keep my Hebrew up, and also expand my knowledge.

Israel-Palestine Food equality and food in general Iceland (if they buck up) Hebrew Yiddish Yoga

Next year is an election year, for president. Be sure, I will be watching this closely – AND voting of course. I am truly afraid of the public face of the Republican party.

Not really. Does that make me a bad person? Unmotivated? Stuck in my ways? On a "should" level - find a way to work exercise into my current schedule, now complicated by the addition of granddaughter duty into my routine and more time needed with my mother as her health fails.

Living a more peaceful, quiet life. Data/SQL. Japanese, maybe. Longer runs. Volunteering. More days Facebook-Free. Poland.

Syria, how to best help

Extend my Taekwondo. Try and learn some Arabian.

In 2016, I want to investigate the possibilities for myself. I want to actually try to not limit myself. All that Lean In and Daring Greatly stuff. But I need to figure out what options there are, so I can go for them.

I want to investigate more of who I am and what I want to do with my life. I know that answer is vague and annoying but it's fun to find what makes you tick and the closer I get to finding that, the happier I'll be!

I want to look more into travelling options. I want to start looking into the kind of jobs I could do for when I graduate/after travelling. I want to know more about the world and be knowledgeable about things. and learn how to spell knowledgeable.

I am interested in exploring how lack of health literacy affects people and what can be done to improve health literacy.

I want to be more charitable in my life. I can give both time and money, so I should. During Rosh Hashanah services, I came up with an idea for Jonah and I to give $180 during 5776 to people on the street, however we see fit. We will each give $7.50 each month and see how that feels in a year.

I only made small progress in reading more last year, so I want to focus again on making that a bigger part of my routine - I find that truth is more interesting than fiction -


I would to explore doing motivational speeches in addition to traveling more.

My webseries ambition

I would like to get more into photography and poetry. Try to rediscover my passions and get better at them. I would like to put more effort into it. And to believe in it. Perhaps that is were my future lies. Perhaps.

Bernie! And more sustainable living practices.

I think I'd like to become more politically aware about the issues discussed in the coming election. Its easy to gloss over some of the issues, but really I don't know about a lot of the substance involved in making an informed opinion.

writing. me. truth. beauty.

I want to investigate investment property options and retirement plan options.

Mixed media mosaics. Mixed media decoupage. Please, dear God, more artwork!

Bible study and application. Share spontaneously with assurediness. Overlay of OT countries with present day countries as they pertain to prophecy. To be a storyteller again...stories to live by..in a memorable way

I want to know how to make permanent change in the lives of poor people. I want to know how *I* can contribute to that.

Owning my own business, buying a hpuse in Budva, buying a place in NYC

Theere are a lot of things that I want to investigate in the coming year. This will be the year of exploration/investigation for me. This will include my passion/job alternatives/avocation, new social connections and getting back into my music (and finding new venues to do that in). I can't wait for all of the new opportunities and adventures that I expect to turn up.


My money management Options for care for my Mom

I think I'll look into getting more involved politically. An election year is coming up, and I'd like to help a worthy candidate. I also want to spend more time looking inward, at who I am and how I can contribute more.

Yes. I have been seeing someone over the past year. It is a long distance relationship, with issues at both ends. So we haven't visit each other's residences. We meet up at SCA events. We talk online every day, but it is a relationship in a bubble. I want it to be more real.

I'm studying for the CPA so I suppose I'm exploring accounting. After that, I want to go into software and SQL

Geez. I can't think of anything new. Self-centered lay, my career is always top of mind. Issues my kids and husband are having and how to solve them. The usual stuff.

I want to investigate a hobby for fun - maybe crocheting, definitely drawing, running more consistently and learning more and more about cooking - and this new book, Under a Wandering Star. And I want to see where this thing with Eric is going, if anywhere. I want to allow in love for 2016 and let God be in control instead.

yoga. cormac mccarthy. gunther grass. erik satie. reducing the carbon footprint

I want to get more involved with Mishkan. Doesn't exactly answer the questions, but it kind of does. Also, I'd like to learn more about Buddhism. I also want to fight Alzheimer's more actively.

Improving my knitting skills and becoming a more confident knitter.

Surrender to one's purpose without attachment to outcomes.

If my son and daughter in law have a baby, my time and efforts will go to learning how to be a great grand mother. So I will be interested in learning about babies. I will be learning about opioids and pain management. I am currently not passionate about learning this but this is my new job and I do hope, as I become more of an expert, my passion will grow - at least in building this new program. I hope I can spend some quality time with my mother. She is turning 94 in 2 weeks. I don't have any overly ambitious goals of anything passionate to investigate or pursue. I basically hope I can enjoy most every day and be successful in my day to day tasks. I can add that I hope I will keep up my health so I can have a another great year to continue to exercise and keep active. I would like to start doing some yoga once a week. And I have thought about starting to go to counseling just to talk with someone.

I want to learn how to read Hebrew. Of course I have wanted to for a long time

"medical" leave - possibly monastery continue learning about endocannabinoid system and CBD go to the next level with teaching meditation

Myself? My relationships with my family. Gardening. Finishing projects that I start.

Myself. Is that too self centered? I want to learn more about who I am and what I can do. I want to improve myself.

I'd like to learn more about Elton John, mindful eating, doing more yoga, and more at home/self care to soothe myself.

I'd like to know more about Judism. I'd like to read some of Rabbi Sachs books.

Let's see...there's yoga (again), pie crust making, canning, jamming, possibly yogurt making, etc. See how all except one of these are related to food?!

Nothing immediately comes to mind as the one thing. I want to continue to build on what I already know (Moroccan food, learning to sew better especially with a serger, learning SAS language, working out in a way that is fun and doesn't cause too much injury, etc.) I think as always I am examining myself more: why do certain things upset me and how can I be more aware of and/or in control of my feelings around that. I'll just admit that I'm self-centered and say the person I want to investigate more fully in 2016 is myself.

How to be a good partner without losing myself.

My stepsister Nicole recently reached out to me. We hadn't spoken in six years, but she came to me with open and apologetic arms. The conversation was a bit surreal, but at the end of the day, she was one of the people closest to me as a child. I want to invest in that relationship a little bit more this year.

I want to investigate myself more fully in 2016 - therapy awaits!

With the new baby coming, I want to become more involved with doing something about global warming. I hope that a way that suits me, (and my aversion to joining groups!) will present itself.

Myself. And peace. What can I do to bring peace to my life and those around me?

Can't think of anything I want to investigate future in 2016. Well my acting craft of course.

starting up a company. and it's not 2016, it's 2015-2016. is this 10Q for the yamim noraim (between rosh hashana and yom kippur??? :-) )

I'm in a new relationship and I want to learn more about my boyfriend. I want to learn Spanish and French. I want to learn more about slow news and psychology and space and science and religion. I want to learn more about cultures and world economics and history and politics and how everything works. I want to learn as much as I can. I cannot imagine ever having too much knowledge. I cannot imagine ever not wanting to learn any more. Learning new things excites me more than anything. It makes my brain fizz and it makes me tingle. I want to investigate everything more fully. All the time.

The new opportunities deriving from my book. Make time for our parents now it is still possible

I would really like to know more about this "planned parenthood" campaign. I know some big decision was just made, and I am wearing pink on September 29 for planned parenthood, but I don't really know what it means or what it stands for.

I want to continue to work and educate myself to be a better ally to women of color.

I want to investigate more about Kashrut, Jewish Ethics and Generically Modified Organisms.

Yes, a certain sports reporter in Moscow. And I hope he gets to visit my country and visits me.

I think I might have said this last year as well, but since 2016 is an election year, I want to fully understand the stances of the candidate I plan on voting for. It will happen this year.

Racism and how to dismantle it.

I want to know more about healing, health, wellness, and the roles we all have to play. I want to know what role to play more actively in building a healthier life for people, be it through public health, food, nursing, hugs and conversations...

Missue - the intersection of faith and values.

I really need to get to know myself better, don't I? Focus on step work - start Step 4 - and I can achieve this.

Well, I desperately need to understand freelance/self employment taxes, whether I want to or not.

I'd like to learn more about advancing my knowledge and degree. Maybe sign up for college?

How to help my children with their children and still control my disease and keep the pain in check.

Balancing bookmarks/projects

2016 will inevitably spent exploring the messages from the presidential candidates. I'm also interested in the social justice changes happening in our area.

I want to travel outside the US. I feel like I'm running out of time to explore the world.

Moving- whether across town or across the country. I feel a restlessness with my life and a feeling that I've falling into the life I have now outwith much planning or thought. Ironically I've REALLY happy with my life . It just feel like a need to explore those options and even if I end up still right here a year from now it is because I consciously chose to be here at the time in my life.

In 2016 I want to find the time to get into music a little more. Just to be able to play a simple song on an instrument would be a huge accomplishment to me. Perhaps I will find a cello teacher and really work on learning the cello.

There are a couple issues that I have on my heart. The first one is domestic violence and the second one is hunger. I think that there is so much food that no one should be hungry. I thought of raising money or awareness for either cause, and I still may possibly do that. I kind of don't know where to go from here with it, but I want to be open to that. And besides philanthropic efforts, I want to really investigate what it means to be truly free in this life. I want to continue to uncover the deeper layers in myself. I also want to discover more about what it means to travel around the world and what that's going to entail.

How I can participate in actions that are more meaningful -- is giving food to the food pantry, or toiletries to the food pantry -- enough? do i have the capacity to do more?

I will go back to JOY. I may have written this last year, but I'd really like to investigate it more fully. For reals this time. It's about learning and then incorporating that which is learned into living. I believe joy can be intentional - and I'd like to find it.

Bernie Sanders

The "world to come"

oh wow. so much. AKRI and Group Relations / Here & Now work Application of coaching model to life Exploring a cause? not sure.

Bernie Sanders for president. Also, I'm looking into volunteering to reading books to kids through getsmartoregon.com. When 10Q rolls around next year I hope I wasn't just blowing smoke.

Traveling. Explore new places as much as possible and experience new things.

Yes, I need to investigate and learn as much as I can about how to fight Monsanto. They are taking over the farmers, forcing them to buy seed from them instead of reusing/ cleaning seed as has been going on since God gave man seed to plant for food NO GMO. Bad for the environment and mankind. Monsanto is killing the bees by using cancer causing insecticide. Without bees, There is no mankind

Can I say the world around me? I'm constantly exploring things... I'm sure I'll continue to read on linguistic evolution, genetic genealogy, and Appalachian studies. I'll certainly be investigating whomever the presidential candidates end up being. I'm sure that if the new job and the purchase of the house come through, I'll be delving into the history of both, as well as learning all I can about the surrounding area. But for me that's not 'new' - that curiosity to learn and explore is a daily part of my life!


My career path. Living in another country with my husband and son. Work with veterans? Cops? Singing. Reading. Living more fully.

Mindfulness, for reduction of anxiety and to help with concentration.

I want to further investigate the idea of letting go of some more of my 'material' pursuits. Try to have less 'stuff' but do more things.

Mindfulness. I have become aware of my limitations as a human, and fully accept that I am a flawed and imperfect being, subject to a number of controlling factors living in my environment, as well as floating within the subconscious ether in my mind. However, it ceases to be sufficient to just know that I will make mistakes; that my poor judgement will inform my gut reactions and impulses. The cop-out explanation of "human nature" or "everybody has a lot to learn" is far too vague to be useful to me in any measurable fashion. I want to take systematic control of my own mind, and perhaps by doing so-of my own life. If nothing else, it would be a blessing to know whether I am driven by my convictions or by my insecurities.

yes, I would like to investigate the wilderness Torah more deeply this coming year. I hope to work for them managing improvements and their facility.

I will continue to explore and learn to speak Spanish in the coming year.

I would like to make more friends. The people I know now are all from work. It would be nice to have local friends. I also think there is a guy from work that likes me, but I am married and just want to be friends. It would be better to lose that friendship to preserve the work relationship.

I had this as a goal for last year but never got to it. I want to go to the Buddhist Monestary outside Cooperstown. I also want to spend some time with Al Sorentino, not sure I want anythinbg other then friendship, he's a rather high strung kind of person & seems to be on the edge of argument & confrontation but who knows, maybe he'll be different with me (yeah right, here I go again, thinking someone will change because I'm in their life) Not sure my motive is the right one, largely because I need to let go of Sil & I think it will happen if I have someone else in my life. I'm trying to force myself to let go of him.

I still want to do the stocks/options investing to make some extra money and to stay on top of my investments... I would like to learn more about arthritis pain and how I can make it less painful..

Recovery from trauma and embodying peace, power and love are topics close to my heart that I'd like to edeplore more and contribute to.

I would love to investigate more into my Judaism. As well as doing more charity, maybe working with sick children.

Me. I need to figure out who I am and what I want other than just frantically paddling to keep my head above water.

Myself. I let things fall apart and I need to put myself back together, find a way to balance my life so I can pursue my interests. I have so many books and supplies for things I haven't even touched, moved around in boxes all these years. I need to find what makes me happy and calm, so that stressful events don't tear me down as much.

Nothing specific springs to mind at the moment. I'll see what presents itself.

I would like to be more aware and educated on the presidential candidates. I find that I am not that politically savvy and feel it is time to engage.

I want to investigate the idea of getting into voice overs more thoroughly.

gee, what would i do if i won the big lottery? well, now i know - i would build an art center in the vicinity to give opportunities to those who would benefit from an open and affordable art education, therapy and mentoring. my town has been lagging behind others in the development of a legitimate arts community. my dream has become somewhat of a pet project (if not obsession) to the point where i have actually started drawing up plans and considering the tax ramifications of buying and demolishing buildings and businesses in the way of my desired location. all that's missing is the unlimited time to do it and scads of cash.

I would like to return to writing fiction. I enjoyed it for a number of years before becoming discouraged. I am also interested in humor writing.

I might consider having a child. This is the person I would like to think through in 2016.

Right now I'm hot on elder care issues. There's a huge need for a one-stop shopping site listing resources, activities and products for the elderly, along with information to help families navigate through the whole nursing care situation.

We've been talking about being more thoughtful and deliberate in our charity. We've been reactionary, donating to whatever desperate cause needs immediate help -- but we want to teach our children about the importance of helping others, especially those less fortunate than us. We want to research the charities we feel best supporting and also find ways to volunteer and donate time in the community.

Nothing that comes to mind, aside from possibly volunteering to become a community liaison for one of the breast cancer organisations.

Finding a new job! I love the work I do and love the company I work for...but...after more than 9 years and ridiculous nepotism, I think I'm ready for a change. Although if I got pregnant, might need to stick around...maternity leave policy is awesome and I have a shit ton of sick time.

I want to look into getting into shape: how to exercise (wooohooo spelled the word correctly, something I never do) without hurting myself, how to eat better other than eating lots of fruits and vegetables, what I can do to be more healthy.

I want to do documentaries more fully!

Yes. I am going to further investigate how to better deal with controlling people. I am reading "Controlling People" by Patricia Evans and wish I had read it the day it rolled off the printing press. I am dismayed at how much time, energy, and momentum is wasted in my life because of controlling people. I want to learn and grow and change in this area--a huge priority for me.

I signed up to run the Edinburgh Marathon 10k in 2016. I hope I'm able to do it.

Religious agriculture. Either by the seasons in Israel or by growing my own food and trying to do it a little more biblically. Food and the earth are where everything starts for humans.

The year of mercy

I would still like to know more about my middle daughter Sarah's inner life, I know more than I did last year, but would like to understand her better.

Nothing and no one in particular. I think learning HOW to investigate is the main focus. I have a habit of jumping into things and drawing conclusions before I have allowed adequate time to really know the truth about a person, cause, or an idea. Hopefully 2016 will teach me the skill of true investigative work. Lord knows I need to hone in on that.

Meditation; identity; Celtic Christianity; a retreat for moi.

Health Savings Accounts. Botany. Treatment effect estimation.

This year I would like to further investigate myself

I would like to investigate mindfulness practice more fully in 2016. I also hope to bring more gratitude to the world and show how this practice can make a difference in people's lives.

Right now, everything in my life is focused on what comes next career-wise. So, the idea I want to investigate further is how does a early 50s woman revive a career that's been on slow burn with raising children and many years of inventing and entrepreneurial focus. Can I pull out something that combines my passions and experience with financial reward?

Bernie Sanders and pretty much all the Democrats who will be running for president. But right now I can't get enough Bernie. On presidential election years I get obsessed with politics.

I would really love to pursue my interest in photography next year. By continuing to take photos, maybe buy a real camera, take a class, start an instagram (the Durham Doll) and hopefully directing more on film.

Last year, I was intent on redesigning the way we assess value on some of the most difficult types of property. But with everything that happened in our office, that goal now looks like a sick joke. I need to investigate how to get enough credentials and experience to change the course of my career, so I can move on to a better workplace.

I believe I should investigate a person, and I mean other than my own. Have no fear of love.

Gwen Graham's campaign, H. Clinton's campaign

Writing a book.

I want to FIND a cause in 2016. There are many things I'm vaguely interested in but nothing that I'm passionate about.

I am interested in doing volunteer work to welcome refugees to the area. Or other causes that would help people within my community.

Suicide prevention will always be something I work on. I walked today for the Out of the Darkness Walk for Suicide Prevention. I will walk every year. I will do it to honor my son and to help save others. I also want to work toward a higher level in my profession. I'm hoping for a Senior Director position this year.

I still want to learn more about the history of what was going on when things were written in Scripture.

I want to investigate the idea of CHANGE. Specifically how to initiate it, the processes involved, the art of networking, and the art of perseverance. I'm starting with the idea of changing the road speed limit in Australia to 40km/h on local roads. I think I can give 3 years of my life to this. When the speed limit was dropped from 60 to 50km/h there was a 15% drop in road deaths. Currently 1500 people die on the road each year in Australia. If we can achieve the same 15% drop in the road toll with a 10km reduction in the speed limit that translates to 225 lives saved each year. I'd like to aim for that.

This year I am trying to start a new enterprise caring for people with autonomic disorders.

As we approach our next presidential election, I'd like to thoroughly understand the candidates and their beliefs, causes and outlooks. This is always a challenge as it's hard to find out each candidates records without bias.

Me. I want to learn more about me and how to be happy.

I think what I'd like to investigate the idea of community more fully. I'm finding as I get older the rewards of participating in my various communities seem to be greater than I'd thought when I was younger. I want to be more present in my various communities, to contribute more and to accept, more help from them.

Teaching reading. Teaching struggling readers and enriching gifted readers

I want to continue with my grand experiment into setting my intentions daily and working on breaking negative thinking and bad habits. I have had enough experience with synchronistic events, direction from the beyond, instant Karma and a deep knowing when I am being my worst enemy to know that something deeper and more profound is going on. How I think about myself in the world in any given moment impacts not only my experiences of living but the outcomes. I know this to be true. I don't mean this in the materialistic sense or way of being. I do mean this in the spiritual way of being....not religious but more on par with communing with the natural world and order of things and being.

My work exposes me to many children of Holocaust survivors who have produced books or films about their parents' experiences. I'd like to carry out more research to help me put the pieces of what happened to my parents together, so that I, too, can put something in writing.

I'm investigating what it was like to live as a Klezmer in the 19th century, preferably in Ukraine - and whether it might have been possible for a teenage girl to have traveled with a Spilkapelye, perhaps as a percussionist. This is for the next draft of a Young Adult novel I'm writing that takes place in modern Ohio and 19th Century Jewish Ukraine.

I'm starting to read about the Nurtured Heart Approach for behavior issues. I would like to continue learning about this and how it can be applied in school. I also want to continue learning about Mindfulness, especially as it can relate to students with attention issues. I'm hopeful both of these approaches might be alternatives to medication for kids.

On a professional level, I want to investigate EMDR as a treatment modality to work with trauma survivors. On a personal level, last year's answer still applies as I want to explore the concept of non-violence as a manner of response. This is true, particularly, because of the increased fear and incendiary talk that characterizes public discourse in our culture, in my opinion,

In 2016, I want to better understand my stance on political issues so that I can be able to make an informed decision when I vote for the first time!!!

my spirituality and rituals / religion

I want to continue my work at Henricus and attend as many conferences as I can. I want to learn how to do my job better. I would also like to continue growing with Prep for Success and become able to contribute more.

mussar. tap dancing. charitable giving

I want to find my next.

Yes, I want to get more involved in activist work; maybe with Leadnow, or some other group... I would also like to sponsor a group of Syrians to come to Canada.

I want to understand race and poverty issues better in our city. I want to have a better handle on what I, personally, can do to help. I want to have a better idea what to tell people to do who want to help.

SASS. Javascript. Yoga. Painting.

I will be retiring mid 2016 so there are lots of things to explore and investigate. But, highest on my list is to read more on topics of religion, innovation, and racism. These seem to shape our world and I want to better understand these ideas and how they direct our actions.

I want to investigate living full time in a motor home seeing America.

Haha, myself.

Intuitive eating. Giving back to the community since I have received so much. Mindfulness.

I am interested in exploring social psyche somehow...or else the Artist's Way.

Balanced living

Getting my diabetes under control. Blood sugar levels under 150 daily.

I would like to do something for animals. I don't know what yet, but something like volunteer, donate food to a shelter, adopt a wild animal and give money for support or even join an animal organization.

Homeless youth, whether they are young or teenagers. There really is something that shouldbe done in servicing that community.

This has been such a career focused year. I hope things can feel secure enough, the work feels solid and like it's okay for me to have a handle on it and I'm able to involve myself more in the community. Be it activism, mma, playing anything, meditating, wid like to do something weekly or monthly with people nun order to be comfortable doing that the job and relationship need to be locked. But that'd be really swell.

Sorry, nothing comes to mind.

I feel a manifesto cooking but don't want to assume I need to write a book ""never write a book unless you have no choice but to write a book". What's the right expression of everything I'm observing and synthesizing and wanting to share with the world. How will I find the time? Energy? Voice? What form should it take? As my role shifts in wonderful ways, I'm sensing something cooking...but can't yet put my finger on what it's supposed to be...

I want to investigate life in general more fully. I'm still at awe with humanity and how the world works.

Whole30. More yoga. Practice gratefulness. Kon Mari. Mindfulness.

How valuable is social currency? Do people actually value the size of my social media followers?

Environmental impact of plastics in our products

mussar and mindfulness

If I don't become a Marriott employee, I need to investigate how I can retire and live comfortably, happily ever after.


Im not sure this year. I would like to look into my community more.

Not sure!

I'd like to learn more about Jewish folk tales and what takes something from "story" to midrash.

I like to say that my overall cause in life is equality. Simple equality. This expands to LGBT equality, gender equality (including preventing sexual assault and focusing on women in business), and racial equality. While I advocate on behalf of all of these issues, there is always more to know. I want to continue diving deeper into the history and modern day struggles for all of these issues. While I can talk to a lot of points, if I truly care about these issues I need to know them inside and out, citing court cases, historically significant events, and possible solutions in today's society. I will make it my goal to do that this coming year!

I would like to connect to my spirituality and creativity.

I want to learn and learn and learn a lot. I want to read the classics of this world, of India, learn about technology in order to master it, learn about the great directors of the past and our time. I want to visit at least one far away land to gather memories like never before. I want to study psychology, I want to empower myself with knowledge! I want to finish one research project totally on my own where I do not take my guide's help much at all. That is the idea I want to explore above all else. To be able to accept knowledge without bias, to keep the essence and live accordingly. The quest for knowledge should not die down in me and that is the idea I want to keep burning within me.

mindful self compassion

Chipmunk. I want to learn more about this amazing man I hope to spend my life with. He keeps some things bottled up which I understand but I would like to be his sounding board sometimes. We are a tea. We can even sense when each is having a bad miles away. Tough Skin I don't want to develop tough skin but it seems it is needed to deal with some really hurtful people in this world. Being A Better Me I want to find the real me. I'm still learning my style and I hope to find pieces I can love forever. My skin has been a mess lately due to stress that means I need to de-stress a lot. My body is not where I want it to be and I would love to be back to 125 lbs with a flat belly that I wanted to show off and needed no spanx at all! I need to get better with time management. Being late is no fun and a bad trait. Also I need to find what i stand for, how to be a leader and a manager.

I just picked up a book on three people who made a mark in history in a way that struck me. I would love to get through these books and perhaps discover other works and biographical materials on them.

I want to try writing serious fiction again - a therapy novel, not exactly outlined yet, but I want to explore and attempt again. as a writer.


Sweet Jesus, yes. I want to really study the presidential candidates and make a truly informed decision when the time comes to vote. I want to feel confident in my vote.

Just the law. I mean, school will help me in that, but I know I can't be this wishy washy about what I want to do in terms of legal area forever and thus research is integral.

How to assist other cancer patients.... It can be a long and lonely process without the right support system

Being more present and mindful, as well as social justice causes


Climate change, meditation, music.

Not particularly. We are donating more and more money to organizations like Amnesty International, Medicins sans Frontieres, and other organizations working for social, political and environmental justice, and I would like to find out more about what they do.

I want to continue to explore my relationship with the something that's bigger than myself, and yet is all of me. Something I sense, but is beyond understanding - except as is revealed in the Sacred Texts, and only in the smallest increments. Trust. Patience. Humility.

Who is God calling me to be in the next period of my life?

Moving to The Woodlands.

I would like to become a better writer, a better speaker, a better educator and a more knowledgeable, spiritually connected Jew.

Two things I need to learn more about. The first is verifying and fine tuning our retirement strategy. At 70 I continue to work and will for the foreseeable future but need to be sure the investments and retirement plans will continue to support us on cash flow alone, without eating into principal, for decades. In both sides of our families, people live into their 90's so the long term plan must be correct. Also, I have to push myself to either create the book on education "Why Juandel chooses not to read" or the Great American Novel which has not yet surfaced as did the Messiah to Handel. I should become more open to either idea. WOW looked back and left a major part of me from last year untapped. My Confederate self still needs further exploration, especially in the flag-waving and knee jerking after the tragic killing of people downtown at Mother Emanuel. The flag was just there in the nut cup killer's photos, but the flag did not carry a gun. I do need to delve deeper here.


Can Judaism be modernized to meet the needs of contemporary, intelligent, open-minded Jews? I need to work on helping to create such a Judaism - if that is possible.

Hebrew as well as my ancestry.

Mindfulness as a therapy strategy. Also "superhero" therapy/narrative therapy tools. I'd love to combine a love of comics/media with my love for counseling/therapy. Personally, by this time next year I'd like to know more than I do now about lactose intolerance (whooooo getting older is fun), strength training, and running.

Not really!

the universe & how it works, & our place in all of it: the never ending investigation. in particular, God in all of it.

Meditation. Validation method. Non Violent Communication.


Rather than explore a particular idea, cause, or person in 5776, I want to begin investigating my own library! I have many books that were only cracked after they were added to my bookshelves, and I’d like to dive in. There are so many ideas and voices there. (This goes hand-in-hand with my desire to more rigorously observe Shabbat, as I would get a lot more reading done by doing so.)


Whatever comes my way.

In 5776 I want to learn more about what Jewish men and women and those who seek community, care and a place to serve within the Jewish community regardless of their affiliation really need and how best to deliver it to them in the 21st century, As a rabbinical student I want this year to be a time when I can reach oout and listen to people with great ideas about making service within and outside of the walls of a Shul a part of people's daily lives; specifically how health coaching can be integrated into the fiber of life in a Jewish community. Then I want to investigate Torah more deeply; with men and women who care about both its history and its age old applications and, as well its modern implications for life.

I of course would like to learn more about THON, always, and learn more about ways to make it better. I would also like to learn more about child psychology and development and apply that to do with my life. I know I want to work with children, I tell myself that almost everyday, and I just kind of want to keep learning about it. I would also like to learn more about event and program planning, which is something I think I lack sometimes.

I want to do two things: to finish a book, and to draw every day. Both of these are investigations of a sort.

Sustainable leadership

Myself. Who am I? What do I want? Like really, what do I care about, and what do I not care about? How do I want to present myself to the world? What do I want to give to the world?

Going to Synagogue. Finding a synagogue in Greenwich Village that adheres to my values and spiritual concepts.

LIving abroad. Energy healing. Hypnotherapy.

I want to get back to studying Swedish. Everything else I poke at slowly, so there are things I want to learn more about. But while I feel like maybe "study Swedish" isn't really what the question's aiming at, it is what I most wish to focus on.

Bernie sanders.

This year, in a couple of weeks, we'll be having our first meeting of Sisterhood of Salaam Shalom St Albans... I hope to learn much more about interfaith connections, and how to promote and create them. I hope to grow fro this experiment. I also want to learn more about group work: consensus decision making, restorative circles etc. to support the red tent and to grow myself. I'd also like to know more deeply how to put myself on my to do list... to remember what's important to me.

Well, you should have the date as 5776. That way I can start now! I want to continue to learn how to be a better teacher. And I want to do that by listening to my students, finding what touches them, what motivates them, where my success points are.

Starting a business, being an entrepreneur, using my (our) skill-set to do our own thing.

The current moment.

stocks and trading and mutual funds and stuff. I'd like to know more about how to invest my money

I want to investigate various forms of healing and alternatives to mainstream medicine.

Guitars. Building and wiring them and expirimenting, coming up with my own wiring diagrams.

What I would like to learn in the coming year...I would like to learn more about Judaism. I was raised as a cultural Jew and I know very little about how to practice the religion.

My wife. This year will include the tenth anniversary of our wedding. I have changed, she has changed, our lives has changed in this decade. I want to spend more quality time with her and re-get to know her. No, I don't want to "investigate" her. :-) I do want to go beyond the mundane (, which is important and often fun) daily routine and make my life, her life and our family lives more meaningful, spiritual, and deep.

Yes, mental health is such an issue at the moment and lots can be done in this direction of nutrition. I want to learn more, teach more and inspire more! If I could be running my own mental health clinic (or working in someone elses) by the end of next year that would be great!

I want to lean even farther into a skillful integration of my inner and outer lives. How, for example, does the wisdom of Thoreau and my primary spiritual teachers exist more seamlessly with my commitments to the broader world? How do they all inform each other more deeply?

I'd really like to think about my working life in the future a bit seriously. I plan to start research on starting my own business to see if it could be a goer. At the moment it's a pipe dream, I've no real idea of any of the hard practicalities.


at this moment, no. too many things going on currently to think about new ideas, etc. for the future.

I would like to learn more about the Iranian nuclear agreement so I can debate more intelligently. I would also like to learn more about the BDS movement and anti-Israel activities on college campuses so my son can get more educated as he heads off to college in a year.

I would like to learn more about the upcoming Presidential Election and hopefully be involved in supporting my candidate of choice. I have already read a lot about the candidates and about the high stakes of this election. I would like to continue to be informed. I would also like to find a way to support Bernie Sanders bid for the Democratic nomination. I am not sure what I can do (beyond donating to his campaign) because I live abroad, but I think this is of monumental importance and would like to do my part to work towards change for the better.


I hope to find my creative vision again, but I'm not sure how to facilitate this.

Cyberpunk. Freelancing. Self-employment.

I want to get more into radical feminism and read up on the foremothers of the real feminist movement. I also want to get a sense of liberal feminism and try to see where the breakdown is.

To understand scriptures more fully in their historical context.

The Labour Party. And feminism. And the work of many, many authors.

I will continue to follow my reading interests, tracking down new or favorite authors, because I find that intellectually stimulating and therapeutic at the same time. I am also committed to delving more deeply into world issues to keep informed especially in the shadow of the 2016 presidential election. Finally, is there something more I can do for the residents of Independence Manor?

Zionism - The word gets thrown around a lot and I don't think I have a deep enough understanding of it to really know what I think, when I should defend it, and when it doesn't agree with my principles.

Edgar Cayce's teachings. My mother joined A.R.E. when I was a little girl and the practice really speaks to me. It includes many people and many teachings from east to west. The medley of the two along with a group of people who enjoy figuring out life and how to overcome the obstacles just seem perfect for where I'm at in life.

End of life elder care.

The degree to which Judaism is impacted today by superstitions from the Middle East, the Old World, the Ancient World, or elsewhere.

myself, my family. I know that sounds selfish, but I want to allow myself the joy of this time in my life.

I'd like to investigate myself more fully in 2016. After a decade+ of subsuming myself to others' needs (responding, always responding), I think spending a me-year is the best way I can invest my time, so that my future, and that of my family, can grow in peace and with a firmer foundation.

I would really like to investigate Amelia Earhart and the first women astronauts more closely in 2016. With all the talk and publication of equality going on, I think it would be a good idea to investigate the women that cleared the runway for others like them. I would also like to investigate my religion more closely in 2016. I started to read the bible and got all the way to the new testament, but stopped once I started my sophomore year of high school.

In 2016 I want to see if I can finally find my dad and meet him in person. The last time I saw my dad was 14 years ago when my mom and I went to go see him in his house in Tennessee. I do not remember much so that is why I want to see him again if he is still alive. I never really knew him because he left my mom and I so I want to see if he remembers me or even wants to see me because the last time I called him he said he does not care about me and does not love me. So I am going to go to the police and ask if they can help me find him and if they do and if he sees me hopefully his feelings change.

I want to know the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob more. I'm working to become a better person through the Torah and do I stay a Ben Noahic or convert to Orthodox Judaism.

Not really,I am not very curious.

I would like to learn more about design thinking and would love to facilitate a Shark Tank type event for teens with a focus on service and philanthropy.


Figuee out who to vote for in the Presidential elections.

I will pursue the idea of decluttering my life. That will include my home and my thoughts. I have to much "stuff" in the house and I want to finally have a decluttered home. I also think way too much about everything. I overthink. I want to live in the now.

I want to investigate inter-sectional feminism more thoroughly, and begin to understand why women of colour feel excluded from modern 'white' feminism, their struggles, how their gender and colour effects them and how they can be better integrated into mainstream feminism.

When I read this question I thought of Bernie Sanders and the Presidential election occurring next year. Then I read my answers from 2013 and 2014. In those I mention how I want to commit to love, romantic relationship, creating a family of my own. This year I am committing to myself. I'm committing to doing whatever it takes to help myself heal the trauma of my childhood wounds, to fully realize my potential as a human being, not a human doing, and to create the gentle, intentional, spiritual life that I've always admired, but never believed myself capable of living. While committing to my inner life, I also want to commit to the pursuit of knowledge. To learning more about my world, particularly international conflicts and the potential to do international social work in the future. I want to arrange some informational interviews and pursue some language learning.

I want to pay attention. The buzzword right now is "mindfulness," but the idea isn't a new one. My life is slipping by, and I've made myself so busybusybusy that I fail to notice enough. I've already started, but I want to be sure to do it every day. And especially when I'm with my children.

I'm going to take a Braille transcription class. I think it might give me a great opportunity to volunteer (transcribing books for those who read Braille) and it will help me in my work.

I got a text from a cousin over the weekend asking if I wanted to go into business together and "make loot". Obviously, it grabbed my attention. He's a funny guy, but very smart. He had what entrepreneurs would call a million dollar idea or "ah-ha" moment. I think it's actually a good idea too. I always have these "big ideas", but I've never actually acted upon one. And, I've always thought it would be cool to have my own company one day. I won't go into the details on what my cousin was so excited about, but the idea of building something new, of our own, that helps make the world a better place, is very appealing. Nothing may come of it, but it's worth exploring further. You never know.

Yes. According to the new yorker this week, France has instituted a policy of increasing the compost in the soil to combat greenhouse gases. This plays right into my hands. At my worst, I fear gardening just doesn't matter at all. At my best, I think it probably does. Then this comes out and I realize maybe dirt can save the world. I assume this will be a hard sell, but so what. I'm going to try to save the world through dirt, while writing a book about sacred ground.

I want to know more about Bernie Sanders and Hilary Clinton. I want to know what their deficiencies are, I want to know where I disagree with them. They are both very good at promoting their strengths. But choosing between them will be very hard for me. I would like a fuller picture, a more informed reality, to make my decision. As always, I want to know more about the instruction of ballet technique. I want to know more about the CPYB method of teaching. I want to know more about how good students become advanced students, how talent becomes skill, and how good training becomes artistry. I want to know more about the management of personal finances to create stability and opportunity. I want to know more about taxes and how I can possibly use that as a supplemental income. I want to know more about how to manage our assets and loans so that we can have security. I want to know more about my skills (or lack thereof) as a writer. I want to develop them if possible, and if I'm not meant to be a writer then I want to let that go and find something that is equally rewarding to me that I'm more suited to be doing. I want to know more about the geography and geology of the place in which I live. I want to know what formed all these mountains, what the ranges are called, what the peaks are called, how long and high everything is. I want to know more about our town and the people in it, what connects people here and how I can be a part of that.

No. I have enough to investigate already.

I want to pay it forward more in 2016. I am lucky and have had a lot to be grateful for. I want to make someone's day several times a year.

I'd like to get back into activism. I've felt very remote from the community action I used to participate in. I'm not sure if that means finding something to do in my community, or my industry, but I need to start making time for action and volunteering.

Yes, I want to get to know my current boyfriend better and learn Bridge

The art of being content with what you have and where you are at.

I want a Plan B for Maine's too long too cold winter. I want to find a community which has a few like-minded people, offers pleasant places to walk our dogs, has cultural happenings and is at least a little warmer and less snowy. I want to visit there for a few weeks and "audition" it for a possible winter vacation place.

As I said earlier, I want to work on fingerpicking on guitar. More generally, I want to learn more about guitar, period- to be a better player myself, and to learn to teach my 9 year-old about how to play the instrument as well.

Yes, a new career path. I am hoping my spirit guides will direct me on what my next positive life adventure will take me.

Living with purpose. Purpose driven work. The employee experience and culture at work.

Is it too selfish to say me? I turn 49 this year. My mother was 49 when she was diagnosed with the cancer that killed her only three years later. I have paid my dues as an idealist, walking around wanting to change the world. I have focused on raising children. I have worried and stewed and meditated on everything outside of me. Now I want to spend some time honing in on really getting to know myself. I owe it to myself.

Developing my food business idea. Writing.

I want to investigate "taking time for myself" and taking breaks. Reading, new music, having more cable channels. Bernie Sanders. Minnesota. Outdoor activities. Personal health.


I would like to NOT investigate anyone running for office in 2016, but probably will. I would also like to get back into volunteering for a local cancer center I used to be involved in.

Something I would like to investigate more fully in 2016 is spending quality time with my family. I have begun to spend more time with them but specifically with my parents we need to spend more quality time together.

I want to be so informed for the election. We hear lots of rumors and things from Twitter, but I should work on doing my own research and make my own decisions.

Jewish mysticism

I would like to try to understand what motivates Jews and other intelligent beings to support the BDS and JVP movements. What am I missing?

A romantic relationship as a spiritual awakening

I want to continue to investigate... mySELF. More fully? Perhaps the same amount of fully as this year. There are many ideas I shall continue to investigate. A big one... free will. (ouch! heavy!) Not sure I believe in it. Rather, I believe each of us is doing our best; the best we can; at any given moment. That last bit allows for our "best" to become better.

The older I get the more my brain circle seems to get smaller I have so much to focus on in my personal life that events of the world seem so far removed. There is so much in the world that I cannot change and spending energy stressing about those things seems like a waste of time. That is not to say that I am not engaged or informed. I am a registered voter and I vote. I read about issues and have positions on key issues- but I try not to get too involved. One issue that seems to really be at the forefront, here in Seattle especially is homelessness. I deal with the ramifications in my professional life and see the true magnitude of the issue. I relate to it as well, since were it not for my amazing family I would have been homeless for the past 5 years. Instead we lived with my dad and maintained a sense of normalcy for my kids. This is why getting my own home was so important to me. Not that I have it I am looking for ways to be involved with the movement. My first step is to visit the tent city near my neighborhood and see what I can do to help. I have lots of clothes and coats and the like and will start to direct donate these extra items rather than just taking to goodwill or consignment. I like to help in concrete and direct ways rather than just writing a check.

Oh absolutely with it being an election year do I want to make sure I'm fully aware of voting records and other facts that make me confident when advocating for (or advocating against) candidates.

I want to read more classics: classic communication theory, classic philosphy, and novels. I want to investigate Burke especially, since I use his notion of identification in my speech class. I feel like I know my professor's version of the discipline but I want to discover it for myself. Knowing the origen of an idea is important.

I want to continue building my skillset in the business and philanthropic worlds, so that one day I may be my own boss working for a cause.

Yes there is. Why do people at my age, 16, tend to do stupid and odd activities and know the consequences?

I am interested in investigated labels applied to people. Parenting books advise against doing what feels almost like a natural instinct, labeling your kids. I don't want to get stuck saying this kid is "good at math" and this kid "is my troublemaker" and disproportionately shaping their self-perceptions and my perception of them because of careless (and usually inaccurate/unhelpful) labeling. And I realize this also applies to me, too. I'm very ready to label myself "impatient" and then I tend to dismiss or not even realize all the times that I am patient; I should give myself credit for that. And I realize I have other labels for myself too, like "judgmental", "opinionated", and whatever the opposite of "easy going" is. It's not that I'm not those things sometimes, but they don't need to be these labels, these overarching adjectives, that I just to describe myself overall. I can have judgmental tendencies; I can be not so easy going sometimes.

My child! Easy answer!


I want to inject more creativity into my work life! I want to design infographics and pull together multimedia stories and get truly familiar with the fancy camera at work.

I didn't realize that human trafficking was such a big problem in our city, and I might see what I could do to help. I also plan to be more politically vocal as we head toward the election.

I would like to be a tourist in my own city more often. I would like to take classes on topics that interest me. I would like to revisit old hobbies and pursue new ones.

Peru. I want to investigate Peru, the Incas, and all that entails. And I plan to have fun doing it.

I wish I could invest more time in helping my wife develop and grow emotionally. She's always been a very frightful person and I believe she'll feel better once she lets go.

Bernie Sanders

Maybe I'm too self-absorbed, but I can't think of a person or cause. I want to be more involved in the Jewish community and know more jewish stuff, that's for sure!

This year I want to investigate social justice philanthropy.


Tantra. Coconut dessert products. Road trips. Making my own porn.

I want to learn how to be comfortable with discomfort, so that I can be more satisfied more of the time, but still stretching myself.

Creativity! Guitar, poetry, punching bag, anger release...

Parenting Strategies. As we raise our now 23 month old, I want to source out an research different parenting strategies that will be effective and don't involve yelling and punishing.

I want to research and build a 2016-2018 "stock watch list". Do the research to select 10-20 companies for a diversified value-oriented portfolio. Track a fictional purchase of one selected stock per month ($1,000 per month), & track the overall portfolio performance. Use this list to support building a real stock portfolio beginning in October 2018.

I would like to investigate myself. sometimes I don't know who I am or what my priorities are. I don't feel like I'm being the best that I can be to my colleagues and my family.

I need to continue refining my idea about what human touch means to and for humanity. I have many thoughts flying around in my head about it, but it's hard to get clear and grounded and explain this in a simple fashion. I also need to do some more hard scientific studies about how oxytocin works in the body.

Well here we are a year later. I have been reading my answers from last year and I finally have a date to test for my Black Belt. So I hope that next time we are answering these I have it!

i want to get into looking at colleges. also, i want to get into some sport. also, i want to get into a more deeper and different way of thinking

Organic chemistry. Abraham Joshua Heschel. Immigrant health. Myself.

I would like to investigate and become more involved with ocean conservation. I need to put my money where my mouth is and join surfrider, do beach clean ups, etc. The ocean gives me so much fulfillment in life that I need to give back more frequently.

The fact that I'm having a hard time with this question, to me, means I'm not intellectually curious enough. That needs to change.

I want to investigate dance opportunities in my local community, both in the university, the town and the larger locale. I really enjoyed learning dance when I was younger, and participating in a Flash Mob a couple of years ago, and I miss the music in my life. I will look for hip hop and salsa/partner dancing classes, as well as chances to perform/be on stage #closetexhibitionist

I am working more on my mindfulness practice. I am interested in mysticism and spirituality. I'd like to learn to play more instruments. I'd like to understand how oppression manifests itself.

HOw to build on my passion for reading into job or significant volunteer work (literacy, etc).

following my dream to become an actor

I would like togo deeper into the work of Brene Brown. I see similarities and I want to be her when I grow up. I probably should read some of her work - it's time to go beyond the TED talks.

A few: religion and spirituality - how can it be a part of my life in a way that feels right to me and my family presidential candidates

I don't think it's a matter of wanting to investigate it more fully, but at the beginning of this year, I set out to improve my Italian language skills and my guitar playing by studying each for a few hours each week. Then I got a job and all that went to hell in a handbasket. I think I'd like to get back to my studies in 2016, if not before. Hand in hand with studying, I'd like to investigate what life is like *without* social media, by limiting the amount of time I spend on Facebook, etc. Often when I'm away from it, I don't feel like I've missed anything, but when I'm ON, I feel like I'm missing out on engaging in more interesting, valuable activities. I think some changes in habits need to be made in 2016 to get me back on track to being the whole person I really want to be.

I want to investigate mental heath, aging, and homelessness. At some point soon I'd like to do some work on behalf of the homeless population - either community organizing, affordable housing, or case management. It's another area that I feel passionately about and would like to help make a difference in. I am also interested in the intersection of aging and mental health, and would like to become more knowledgeable in those areas as well.

Nothing specifically. I want to have the means to spend my time worrying about things other than myself. Therefore, I want a career, not just a job. I want to live near my activist-like friends...the ones who are involved in things and are living meaningful lives. So I'll work towards that, I think.

I want to stay open to interesting adventures that tie into purpose, cause, and service. Be open to these adventures finding me,.

I would like to investigate more fully in getting a master's degree. I have wanted one for so long, and I make jokes as to why I haven't gotten one. But I think that wait is over, and it's time to really start thinking about it and what I want for my future. I don't care if it's only a part-time program or anything like that. Going back to school and obtaining some new skills might help in getting me out of a career rut.

a lover...

I want to search for better ways to serve people around me--

In 2016, I want to investigate meditation, specifically Daoist meditation, as a means to live more in accord with the flow of time and season and life. I understand that accomplished Daoists would note my "as a means to" and scoff a bit. I'd urge them to consider that I am not yet accomplished in anything but working really hard (which I suppose makes me a good candidate for Zen, but who has that kind of time?).

I want to get more involved in music and art. I want to continue art therapy through coloring and try to go to another "paint night" course, because they're amazingly fun and create something I can proudly display in my home or office. I want to play music again or sing in a choir, whether that is through my temple or an another avenue. I need to bring these things back into my life. I did get up the courage to audition for a musical over the summer for the first time, but did not get picked (probably because I got too nervous at the audition and did not sing my best). I think these things will add to my overall happiness and well-being, even if it's just going to karaoke with my boyfriend every now and then. I also want to investigate the synagogue in my new city, since it has become difficult to always make it to my temple back home for holidays and other events now that I've moved here. I still want to attend services with my parents at my favorite temple when I can though!

I'd love to know more about cooking, esp. Greek cooking. I'd also like to read more, I get books out that I don't read. I'd like to get better at baking, and find out why I can't make soup.

I want to be adventuring by this time next year. I want to spend the months leading up to the end of my lease exploring all the possibilities and opportunities. I want to grow brave enough to take the leap and do something for my wild heart.

I would like to look more deeply into police misconduct and violence and figure out how I can be a productive part of social change.

I still want to be more involved with the presidential campaign and politics, in general. But I would also like to do more research into bullying, the effects on bullying in schools and ways in which we teach our children social constructs and acceptable social behavior

Gary Busey

Hmm... Yes, controlling my colitus with natural medicine. I have tried on my own but think I need more expert advice

Investigate love.

Right now I can only focus on the coming baby. That being said, I'd like to found a monthly interfaith minyan for Toronto's interfaith families. I don't know if I can do that with a newborn but it's the one thing I'd try if I could. I deeply believe that Toronto's interfaith families need a place where they feel welcome, encouraged and where the non-Jewish spouse/partner knows they are appreciated for all they do to raise a Jewish family.

I need to pursue my future more. I need to look into vet schools, but also look at other options. I am also interested in learning more about the attitudes towards JStreet. I don't know the politics behind it, and I need to be more educated on problems in the Middle East.

Mindfulness; specifically how to discuss it, practice it, and cultivate it within my family.

I really wish I could say "Home Ownership" for this question, but frankly, living in the Bay Area prohibits me from doing that, which totally sucks. So instead, I'd really like to investigate long term investments, it may be boring, but I'm able to look at my future now, and so investment is exciting.

Injury rehabilitation is going to be my main focus to learn about next year. Studying a Strength and Conditioning Masters is going to broaden my knowledge in areas across this but looking at injury rehabilitation is going to be particularly interesting. Having been injured a few times I am interested to learn how to rehab athletes back to full strength, as well as training while injured.

I want to look into a couple of "good causes" that could use volunteer help. Another one has come looking for me, and I am interested to see what results from it.

I’ve decided that 2016 is going to be a year of pushing beyond my current social circle (one I’ve had for 6+ years now), meeting new people and also working at surrounding myself with friends who lift and push me over causing stress.

I want to investigate powerful women in business. Being a woman in a male dominated profession can be challenging and having a role model can be helpful and a good inspiration.

Water conservation and distribution.

I want to develop my skill at ACT--Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. I want to develop a successful outpatient therapy practice. I'm intrigued with the idea of Canine Adventures. I wonder if something like that would work around here.

There are so many things. The world intrigues me and I love investigating people and ideas and activities and such. I also don't always see investigations of people or causes or ideas and full or coming to a conclusion. What comes to mind at the moment is that I want to investigate my own attitude toward friendships and relationships more. I want to explore my relationship with Judaism, with my nationality, with my partner, with my family, with my close friends, with the people I call mentors and with the people who look to me for advice. The curiosity is sometimes dimmed by the exhaustion, but I know it is still there and it is ever expanding.

Demon Feeding and Buddhism

I would like to look into having a mikvah in our town and have a full time Rabbi.

Oh, there are so many things. Every day I could list at least 10 things that crossed my mind to investigate further. I kept a list today: Naguib Sawiris, Josephus, Dimitry Itskov and the 2045 Initiative, nudge politics, water rights and global water inequality, sweat fingerprinting, going back to school, speculative assertion, writing a 2nd collection of poetry, Ethiopian restaurants in King County, the Default Effect in end of life decision-making, menopause, psychographic segmentation, planning trips to Alaska and Cuba, taking a cruise, Nanowrimo, changing a closet into a reading nook, the Immortal Jellyfish and how it reverses cell aging, medications that rob the body of essential nutrients, astrobiology, making a headboard, pottery and stained glass classes, keeping a journal of my dreams again... In T.H. White's "The Once And Future King", Merlin says that learning is the only cure for sadness. He said, "Learn why the world wags and what wags it. That is the only thing which the mind can never exhaust, never alienate, never be tortured by, never fear or distrust, and never dream of regretting. Learning is the only thing for you. Look what a lot of things there are to learn.” I believe that.

Fuck it's the same as last year. I have to understand what this urge to help PEOPLE or tell PEOPLES stories really means. Take a class this winter I improv poetry or playwriting. Do the moth story slam. Maybe fucking take those social work masters classes. Just don't let it be the thing I regret. You know you want to have a space that requires infinite work and poetry and stories and genuine healing. Find it. And get into therapy.

I would like to investigate contemporary short story and poetry writing next year.

I've been doing research into the life of my great-aunt who was in an insane asylum in the 1940s and disinherited by her father, divorced by her husband, and estranged from her children. I'd like to continue this research and write about her.

No. I'm just happy. Happy to see what the next year brings. Happy to discover it. I don't even want to try and predict it or control it anymore. What will be will be. I guess the idea I want to investigate more fully in 2016 is the idea of being HERE, NOW. Letting things unfold as they do, as taking them as they come. Zen.

I'd like to more fully investigate prayer and meditation as they relate to Step 11.

There is a person-I've only been dating Ezra for two months now and I want to get to know him more. He's very similar to me. We're both reserved, guarded, and quiet people so it hasn't been an emotional roller coaster or spilling of heart and soul feelings. Everything has moved at a slow comfortable pace. I think that in the next year we will have grown closer and know more about each other. I want to know everything about him: the past, what's going on more in his life right now, his plans for the future and how they involve me.

I'm not sure. At a more tangible level, I want to know more about various hobbies. On a large scale, philosophical level I like finding role models--mother figures, coworkers and supervisors, entrepreneurs--and dissecting the qualities that make them successful. I need to find those people again. It's been a while.

I want to study famous authors and their contributions to society. I want to become more knowledgable. I want to know more about G-d.

I would like to continue my studies in Judaism. Not limited to Torah, but the music, the culture, Israel, Hebrew, anything I can get my hands on. It will be good for me to learn, and hopefully help me be a better teacher as well.

I would like to find out through my own research, a lot more about the GOP candidates, especially Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina. I'm tired of the lies of the media and the other party. Would like to find out who they really are!

There is always a cause, but rarely time. I would love to return to being useful in political campaigns as well as in some of the causes that intrigue me. I always find that the politics inside the causes turn me away. Yes it is the same with politics, but it is in the open there. I especially want to investigate my family history and my roots. Not an easy task due to limited people with knowledge.

Spiral Dynamics; Evolutionary Psychology; Restorative Justice.

Digital marketing, digital marketing agencies. Social entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship. Web design. Aerial silks, yoga, crystals, tantric sex, Star Wars, cooking, making drinks, hand stands and dolphin pose, meditation; responsible car ownership. Maybe more about children. That seems about right. I'm jewish and almost 28.

Creativity, failure, flow, and also, stuffed winter squash.

I want to increase my knowledge of the connections between spirituality and quantum physics.

Eating more local stuff. Learning to cook with fresh fruits and vegetables.

I'd like to investigate doing a new and interesting class. Maybe it'd be another Jan term class involving statistics. Or maybe it'd be doing something with math biology. Ideally, it could be a class focused on a social justice issue.

I want to learn more about education, and how I can make education better in the United States.

On a more macro level, I want to more fully investigate the role that I play in the local community around me. I want to better understand Northwestern's relationship with itself, its Evanston community, and its Chicago community. What is my role there? As a student, how do I help or harm those around me? And what can I do about myself and my peers to create positive change? More personally, I want to investigate myself from a relationship standpoint and try to continue to figure out what it is I want and what it is that will make me happy. I'm very confused about where I am romantically at the moment, and how much of that situation has to do with those around me and how much of it has to do with myself. I want to think intentionally and have good conversations with those I trust to investigate what it is that I truly want and how I can achieve that. I don't expect to be any more fulfilled or happy at this time next year, but if I am able to find a little more clarity when I read this next year, I will consider myself successful.

I want to work to build and support the capacity among the students and staff, so that marginalized students are reached. I'm interested in expanding my repertoire of restorative practices. Teachers need to see the potential in all students, so that they see it in themselves. Along these lines, I'm fascinated by resiliency. How can some experience so much adversity and still float to the top while others seemingly have all the advantages and crumble into themselves?

Rodan + Fields

Yes that's me

I would love to take a French class and increase my knowledge of the French language. I would also be interested in exploring Judaism more, such as by regularly attending services at Brith Shalom or another place.

I am recently diving into astrology and learning all I can. I am asking people what their signs are, familiarizing myself more with reading birth charts, getting better understanding about the zodiac and the planets. I want to continue growing in this knowledge and wisdom - connecting with people about who they are through their astrological energy. I am also interested in learning about nutrition. What the body needs to thrive, how those nutrients can be obtained, and how this relates to the local and seasonal context here in Oakland. I want to be able to understand what constitutes a balanced, wholesome meal; and I want to begin eating this way, so that I can nourish my body in the purest of ways.


Yes, the person I want to investigate more is me. After the Quest, I have glimpses of what it is to be an authentic person and I want more of that. If I can, I'd like to help other people find their authentic selves.

I am hoping to be investigating retirement in the coming year. I'm really tired of working, and I'll be lucky if I live another 20 years. I just want to follow my nose and see where it leads me. It's scary to think of not working, since my work gives me so much of a sense of value. I want to see what it's like to find value in just living every day, however I choose to live it

There are so many things that capture my interest that they slip away when the next thing shows up. I must take the time to focus and journal about what the things are that catch my attention before they get lost in the fog of a busy life.

I want to know more about the world around me. I want to see how things work and learn new things on a regular basis. I want to start working on research for a home garden if and when Josh and I get to the point when we want to buy a home. I want to know what to do and how to make it happen. I want to have lists and situations for the making of the foods to happen. I want our home to have food in it without depending on other humans to get it. I want to read as much as I can on food and how our lives can get better by paying attention to it.

I want to really explore the idea of setting up a side online business. I already have the idea, my target market and gotten initial feedbacks about whether or not it will be successful, the only thing left to do now is to JUST DO IT.

I would like to get seriously organized in 2016, get rid of the clutter, and get down to basics. Consume less, travel more.

I'd like to expand my knitting skill, continue to practice my interest in drawing, follow the Spirit into the 'second half of life.'

Mission work, holistic care, reiki, drumming

I want to investigate more of what interests me. I want to do things I've never done before although it makes me feel scared.

Not particularly, but I remain open to helping out where I can - preferably locally.

I want to continue to move forward at work by studying further how to best connect young families (parents & young professionals) in a meaningful way at the Synagogue.

I want to remind myself that I'm a Taoist master when I remember that I am a Taoist master, and not other times. I should study more if only for the reminder.

I want to find more ways to give back to my community. My daughter is of an age where I can begin teaching her charity and volunteerism, and I want to find tangible ways to do that with her.

I would like to dig into my family's history more. This is something I keep putting off. Otherwise, I am always trying to stay aware of what is going on in the world, and my wife and I are involved with animal welfare and healthy living.

Local history. I have started researching the defunct Clark Freeway project and the formation of the Shaker Lakes Nature Center in order to write a play. Doubtlessly there are countless other hidden stories of local history that could be brought to life.

Radical Aliveness: on the cliffs over the sea this winter.

In addition to deciding whom to support in the presidential race, I am also considering moving up from my condo to a house. I'm not totally sure I want to do that--is it an implied admission that I'm never going to find someone to share my life?--but the 6-figure equity my current home has earned is burning a hole in my pocket. That, and I want a yard so I can feel good about getting a dog.

as always yea.. you know who.. but ME. I want to investigate myself more fully. the good, the bad and the ugly

Making The Cattery a place where people can have their cats stay temporarily until they find a home for themselves and their cats. I envision the top floor with a pet photography studio, small pet store, a classified board for job wanted and rentals available, and lost pets, association with a veterinarian. the duration of stay can be for a couple days even up to 6 months. feral and stray cats will be captured fixed given shots and return to where they were picked up. no Katz will be declawed at this establishment ever. volunteer will be welcome as well as people rehabilitating back into regular society. Local colleges and their students can come over and volunteer at the cattery and get credit for their veterinarian studies also student photographers can come over and get credit for taking pictures of animals. I would like 10 acres with the building being on 2 acres and the acreage having vegetables and fruit trees. I want one acre area where catz can go catch grasshoppers, mice and lizards etc and still be contained in the area so as not to get lost injured eaten by wild animal, hit by car or stolen. I would like to have a cattery in every state with 10 acres of land. That's one of my dreams.

Idea: writer for health and fitnes magazines. No sure how I will fit it in my already packed day. Taking a writting class at moorpark. maybe a publis speeking class., moorpark college next term

Helping an aging population live happily, productively and more independently. I am not sure of my niche in this field, but I'd like to learn more and find a way to make a difference....enough of a difference to make a living. I think my ideas extend past the basics, I am interested in making energy efficient homes that uniquely serve and support individuals who are on a limited income.

Myself. This phase in my life right now is all about transition - back to NYC, new job, new everything. Everything is new. I am trying to find a new sense of normalcy, comfort. I am learning what this new version of myself looks like - or perhaps what I look like in this new version of my life. Some days I am confident and feel like I can take on anything. Other days I am terrified that this is all wrong. I hope to look back a year from now with a sense of settled peace.

I want to deepen my knowledge of global political impacts of climate change and local reactions to it.

I want to continue investigating heart disease and how to prevent it, or reduce it through healthy food.

I'm not sure this fits the question but I want to fully investigate the importing of food products into China. Part of that will involve investigating and understanding the supply chain system that is currently in China and how to work with it while growing our restaurant business.

Hmm. I like this, it's a bit different than the rest of them. I gotta think, I hope I have time... may come back to this. Of course for myself I keep wishing I had more time for music and sewing and costumes and cycling. OH MAN. I didn't even need the extra time... You know what? I want to study art more again. I'm in the middle of "33 Artists in 3 Acts" still and am really enjoying it. I'd like to attend the Istanbul Biennial one day if I'm allowed (is it only for artist, collectors, marketers, journalists etc?), and learn more about Wangechi Mutu and other amazing female & feminist artists especially. Martha Rosler; "Semiotics of the Kitchen" and the Barbie version as well. I'll take more trips to the museums and explore alternatives to the FW Modern and DMA. I'll go to small shows and outsider events. Maybe I'll get that DMA pass and maybe I'll get that DCTA pass, especially if they improve the process. Also I need to study math teaching a lot more. Sheeeesh.

I would like to become more informed before the 2016 presidential election, so that I can research more carefully each of the candidates and position statements and make an informed decision.

I'm already in the process of investigating discrimination relating to interracial marriage and dating for school and personal reasons. I want to know for my future kids and for my current relationship.

Yes. I want to know more about Bernie Sanders and his campaign for the Presidency.

Tai chi. I want to finally finish the sequence. Which, by now, means starting from scratch. But that's okay.

Bernie Sanders!!!!

Myself. My inner child. My needs.

racial justice anti racism training

I want to expand into the world wide meaning of peace and come to terms on what I believe fully. I wish I can come to a general and more specific idea about what I believe.

It's an election year - no one can sit on the sidelines!

Although my education is the most important thing for me right now, I would really like to find a partner, someone I can hold hands with a hug whenever I feel like it. Sometimes I feel like I'm starved for contact and it makes me feel isolated.

Well hello again question 8! You know what I'm going to say because I always do. I'm going to more fully investigate Resonance! It is my righteous quest and I must continue. In 2021 I should have a different answer for you. Honest! Hope you're well All the best Tom x

music theory

I think it's time for me to get back into therapy and start talking about my dad again. I still think about how he died sometimes when I am about to fall asleep, and it feels like a punch to the stomach. I'm not sure that's normal after 3 1/2 years. I just know that if I don't talk about him when I need to talk about him, my grief will come out in unhealthy ways down the road, as it has done in the past.

My family's geneaology! I want to know who and where we come from.

Create art with my dark wolf and find out more about the snake.

I want to continue to question and clarify for myself the ideas of emotional intelligence, emotional honesty, the narcissistic wound and other psychological ideas associated with those concepts.

I'd like to learn basic carpentry and home repair.

It's hard to say, 2016 is a long way off, I get interested a whole slew of different things, currently, slide guitar has me fascinated. I could predict that as I move more into illustrating my own books, I might get very interested in the great book artists out there now.

A thing I'd like to investigate more fully in 2016... my children and my parents. I'd like to get to know them "fully" as whole people with stories and truths and backgrounds and futures. I'm feeling more comfortable with myself and my marriage and my husband is OK, I trust. Looking forward to new relationships with old connections.

I can't think of anything specific right now. Sometimes I feel involved to the point of being overwhelmed, and sometimes I feel quite lazy. Nothing new has sparked my passions, to make me carve out time from my current involvements.

I am feeling more inspired and able to recommit to being an activist and advocate through my art (not just through my teaching job as before). I want to find more ways to do that and to understand/support women AND to support, advocate, and listen to my community dealing with race issues. I don't want to just live in white guilt, I really want to support change and wish I understood better how to help make that change happen without butting in or taking over.

I want to investigate delving deeper into relationships. I tend to stay on the surface in conversation, but all the good stuff flows deeper and I want to find it!

I want to learn more about community building, and about how Jewish community can be relevant to unaffiliated individuals and families.

I think I am falling in love in a way I have never done before. I want to investigate what it means to fully allow myself that experience while not limiting myself and my personal goals.

I'd like to expand my screenwriting skills a bit more. I'd like to continue growing my relationship with Ryan in a strong positive manner. I hope to become more skilled at my job.

I want to keep "investigating" the man I am currently in a relationship with. I want to keep learning about him and growing our relationship. He's wonderful and I see a future with him. We are good partners and I can't imagine going forward in life without him.

I want to investigate everything. More so, the idea of closure, of finishing, of having done and over with something. Empirical research is going to include me finishing driving licence, university and maybe something more.


Not really. I am struggling to keep up with what I already know - beginning forgetfulness and memory loss. I suppose I should be investigating all of the online "brain exercise" games, but I forget what they're called. ;-)

I'd like to do more with #blacklivesmatter campaign and related efforts.

Housing for Bennett

My daughter and I are supposed to be writing a book about her prison experience, what led her to there, and to help other women who went through domestic violence.


Self: I want to investigate buying a rural property, grow a garden, and raise bees. Career: I want to re-build my photo/video business. Community: I want to investigate how I could coach incarcerated, or formerly incarcerated women or juvenile women. Nation: I want to investigate working on Bernie Saunders campaign.

I want to work with local and state government. I'm having a blast working for Bernie's campaign, but I think I might be of better use in a small pond. I want to investigate what I want to do with my life, but I have no idea what that is. I do think it would be fun to learn to play the guitar.

Biblical Prophecy às well as what my Government is perpetrating on It's Citizens.

Starting my own business and becoming a more qualified project manager

It is all about aging these days, but racism particularly as it applies to the issues of aging is something I think I'll be looking to learn more about in the future. I'm also thinking a lot about "What does Quaker leadership mean, both for me, and for the people I'm working with?"

After living in Ireland, I know the importance of feeling connected to the land and the history of the relationship between humans and the land upon which we live. Now that I live in California, I seek relationship with this land through these means: communing with the trees, flora and fauna indiginous to the land; learning the history of the peoples who have lived here; learning the names and sacred places to the First Nations peoples of what is now called the Bay Area of California. I hope to meet elders and Teachers about this land: its stories, its stones, waters, and all life upon it. I do all this in respect and love for the land which supports my body and all that I do.

I want to give more time to Gilda's Club. I want to mend my family. I want my Hebrew to continue and improve greatly.

I want to investigate me! What living fully feels like and means to me.

Yes Mostly myself because it all began with me and evolved from me. I would like to know why it becomes clearer but in its clearness it offers no resolution.


I want to become more communicative with people. I have been too much of an "autist" in the past. I should not hesitate to tell my opinions, publish my poems and my artistical works.

I'd like to figure out what my next career step will be. I'm still learning this job, even after almost 3 years, but the brutal fact is that my employer is not as committed to me as I am to myself — this job is far from secure.


Jeremiah - the profit and Amos the profit

Unfortunately I don't think it will be possible to get through 2016 without being inundated with information about all of the presidential candidates. I can't think of any cause, idea, or person that I feel like I need to know more about.

Self-care. As in medically, emotionally, physically, sexually. For a long time, I have felt that taking care of myself is like walking through mud... things that I should take care of seem "minor" in comparison to what they could be, and so I ignore them. I know this is not healthy and I'm resolving to be more aware of myself and to take better care of myself. Specifically, I think this will mean seeking therapy, advocating for the best birth control method for my body and lifestyle, and moving forward with fitness classes.

ME and my family are my greatest cause for this year.

This past year I found an interesting cause in a local effort to utilize food waste, train young people for jobs, and provide nourishing meals for the elderly while having an ancillary business that supports the charitable effort.


Pope Francis' environmental encyclical "Laudato Si."

Showing up for my beliefs. Showing up more publicly, more out loud with less fear of what people think or less fear of saying the "wrong" thing. People are talking about you anyway, you might as well give them something good. (And if they're not talking about you anyway, you're doing something wrong.)

I've had a long fascination with the Arctic & hope to learn more about it.

At this time no. I will have to stop being an ostrich and take my head out of the political sand at some point and decide who to vote for in the Presidential Election. Otherwise no.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. I want to finish that damn series.

I would very much like to investigate the possibility of having a sensible, rational, vulnerable, and overall fantastic woman in my life intimately. I have been surrounded by women who either force me into defense, beat me down, or do not challenge me intimately and lovingly. Tatiana, in the short time she's been in my life, has already done so. I like where this is going, and I am trying to keep myself from my normal inhibitions.

The Labour Party, interfaith (interpeople?), my ability to be alone, the meaning of friendship, what the hell I can do as a career.

Wow, what a question. My interests don't ever stop developing... there's so much I want to do in this lifetime. I am an endless researcher, and insatiably curious. I want to master it all, and I want to be recognized as I do it. That said, I don't know how to highlight just one thing or person or cause I want to delve deeper into. I want to know more about maternity leave. I want to regain my crafty nature and get back into sewing and calligraphy and music. I want to take the time to restore my clarinet and finish my scrapbooks and spend time loving the people in my life. I want to do it all.

Not really, no.

volunteer work or school. or just learning online kahn academy, and the like. there's so much out there and i need to take advantage of it!

I'd like to take concrete action to do more social service volunteering, especially with people who are hungry or scared.

One Person- Uncle David- Your one last holocaust survivor relative- learn EVERYTHING from him - Bring a journal and write when you are around him. Uncle Jody- Your one last relative on your dads side. He is SO different - but family is so important and its even more important for my dad without him even realizing. One Cause- People who have been incarcerated. Some type of work in the prison system. Learn about it more. One Idea- I Spy For Good One (2) religious aspect- Learn Parsha every week - Don't give up Learn how to lane

Locally I want to understand how I can play a role in improving my city, which needs healing.

Yes! I want to get involved with local Native American rights work. Vincent and I went to an amazing talk about the Great falls battlefield, and we realized that's where we want to be working fro racial justice.

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. Israel is so close to my heart, yet I forever feel that I am lacking the ability to speak knowledgeably on the subject. I encountered situations this year that would have been more tolerable had I had facts at my disposal. Whether through reading more, spending time in Israel, or both, I hope to become more engaged.

I'd like to continue to spend a big chunk of my time with my girlfriend, Fran. We've spent a lot of time together recently. We sometimes see each other 5 or 6 days a week. I've met many of her friends and family. She hasn't met as many of my friends - but I don't have that many close friends. In the past week, I've really started to get back into chess via the Chess.com app on my iPhone. I used to play when I was at primary school but haven't played regularly for 20 years. I'm really enjoying exercising that part of my brain. I'd like to continue to declutter my life. I started doing it at the beginning of the year in preparation for moving house. Partly because I've spent so much time with Fran, I haven't had the time to process some of my possessions such as my DVDs, CDs and other junk that could be recycled. There's always something more interesting to do. But I really felt lighter when I got rid of some of my old clothes and academic notes. There's also a whole bunch of admin to sort through and recycle.

Idea: Healthcare and writing. How they can help and inform each other and where I can contribute and be paid well for doing so. I love writing; I have a talent and passion for communicating and writing and building relationships, and I also want to contribute to the greater good. This intersection is where I'm most interested in placing my focus in 2016.

I'd love to learn more about Forensic Accounting. It seems to be the main goal I have in my professional life and I'd love to possibly find a job somewhere in that department to help me better understand it. I'd also love to see what Trump does in the Presidential election. I'm kind of hoping he wins. I think he'll do great things for this country.

Yes. I will love to learn more about pixel art.

I want to investigate the practice of mindfulness, existential therapy and the role of narrative in the change process.

I just might join in the presidential campaign. but that is 2015. I want solar on the house. I want deep friendships. perhaps I will be more active at Rio Grande Center for Spiritual Living. a lot of my energy is for the cause of survival. I would like to move into a regular creative practice, a spiritual practice, that includes more exercise and stronger body. Already I see more strength than in years. I have no idea where this is leading - but it could be good. I have no idea how to even think abut my son - but he will be starting college in one year. I would like to have heard from him - but can't count on it.

Investigate and engage my father and siblings more. I really don't know them, and they definitely do not know me. I don't necessarily want to be a confidant or father confessor - but I would like to say I know and understand them better.

Myself - I want to treat myself better and stop hindering my own progress.

In 2016, I want to be an informed voter, and know who my candidates are and what their platforms are.

Is is possible to be part of a political campaign without being swallowed? Maybe participate more in New Orleans artistic life is more achievable

Meditation! Refugee activism! Latin!

I just want to take care of myself and my family right now. I would say that the most pressing issue for me is achievement and opportunity gap.

Integral philosophy.

I want to learn more about holistic health improvement; natural remedies and ways to support physical health through natural means.

I continue to seek this idea of a higher being and I have spent a better part of the year reading and seeking the answers but not feeling any closer to something that makes sense and works for me - I guess I am a pantheist more than anything else - and that seems to sit right in my mind, my heart and in my head - so I will seek to learn more about what this title means in my life and how it affects those around me.

Goddess, let me fear no rebuke in coming into your arms. Goddess, let me fear no misunderstanding in coming into your arms. Goddess, let me exercise no fear in coming home. Goddess, let them look. Goddess, let them misunderstand. Goddess, let me not be afraid. Goddess, let me build here. Goddess, let me explore this place. Goddess, let me practice dvikut. Goddess, let me practice bhakti. Goddess, let me give myself over everywhere, every moment that is mine to give. Goddess let me lose myself in you. Goddess let me sit still. Goddess let me know stillness. Goddess let me know new heights. Goddess let me know bliss in my solitude and in my stillness, in the places where nothing else is there for me. Goddess let me know intention and agency in new realms and to new extents. Goddess let me find myself in a field of diamonds and gem-stones that we have grown together. Goddess let me find ways to honor you with my whole being. Goddess let me not forget you. Goddess let me not be forgotten. Goddess let me not be forgotten. Goddess let me not forget you.

I want to investigate my chosen field of interest more. I hope to research schools and graduate programs more. I also hope to fall in love with my passions again. I hope to find new passions.

I want to read more and learn more so I can grow more. Normally I don't pay too much attention to the elections, but this year I would like to be a more informed voter.

Betty Davis! Someone is finally making a documentary about her, and I am so excited I can't stand it! There is also a fiber artist I discovered on Instagram, and I find her work very inspiring. I'd like to look into creating my own fiber art, maybe even asking her for advice.

Now that I'm retired, I may get into political causes - in particular the fight against Citizens United. Also, seeing if I want to get active in a synagogue.

I wanted to become an advocate for mental health and get involved with more organizations with aims to reduce the stigma around mental illness on campus and in the community.

Not at this current juncture, no...but I am always looking to be inspired!

I want to connect with what I can believe is the purpose for my life...with clarity. I want to feel that my life is fulfilling that purpose. I want to associate with like-minded people and make the world a better place because of how we live and how we relate to others.

I want to investigate finding charitable organizations that resonate with me. I feel like I am not doing enough mitzvahs on a regular basis as I had when I was younger. This coming year, I hope to find a way to volunteer that allows me to engage in my community and share my passions.

Possibly learn more forms of tai chi. Develop my art more.

Writing. Taking myself seriously as a writer, because I'm a good one.

I'm always interested in meditation. I would also like to explore the power of ritual over the next year and incorporate it into my life more.

I want to explore a relationship with my new girlfriend more fully, and continue to deepen my connection with the online Jewish community.

I would like to investigate ways to get more involved in cultural Judaism. I want to connect to a modern organization with an emphasis on social justice and current issues.


I would like to explore more meditation techniques in 2016.

I want to figure out how to simplify my material life and get rid of Things.

Definitely. I want to investigate myself more fully. I want to know where I come from. I want to know who I am. And I want to do all of these things so that I can continue to create where I'm going and who I am. It's a simple yet profound response to my being.

I think I might like to know more about my Jewish roots-- where did my great grandparents come from, more precisely? What can I learn about their lives? Also I would like to learn a few more Yiddish words.

I'd like to get more involved with the youth movement in my church. Social media has created a whole new level of selfishness among younger individuals. I believe the church is the last bastion of hope to reach out to these individuals to teach them how to express love through service. I'd like to educate and empower the youth of my local church to be servants first, social media types last.

I'll be investigating my thesis, and that extends into the domain of exploring my own intellectual capacity... what can I get out of Aramaic magic bowls? I got a lot out of last year's thesis on the Holocaust and South Africa, I really pushed myself intellectually, and I want to keep doing that. I want to push my limits, I want to see what I'm capable of when I try as hard as I can. I learned already that I can accomplish so much, but how much more?

What prejudices do I hold onto? What systems of power do I reinforce? As a journalist, how can I use my blessings to serve others with respect and empathy?

I've just gone to my first Humanistic Judaism service and for the first time in a long time, I went through an entire service without feeling like a fake or a liar. I've felt stalled on my spiritual path but I see now that there might be a place to go.

I want to investigate myself - why do I act and react the way I do? If I know the why, will that enable me to change? It would be great to start reading that book on food and healing. that's a good investigation. right now, I'm so obsessed with myself. It would be good to have an outlet to get out of that space.

I investigate new things on whims as they come to me! The very idea that I'd have a plan! Ha!

I was to explore and practice positive thinking and non-judgemental. I want to be a good listener, but be an active participant in the world.

Me. I want to see what I am, what my life looks like without my parents. I've used the following analogy as an explanation before, and I'll use it here as well. When I found out my parents were both terminally ill, I decided that my life was no longer mine. Any guilt I have associated with my failure to live up to that decision aside, I accepted that, in Venn diagram terms, my circle would largely become overlapped by my parents'. That is to say, my life was their life. I didn't deal with my mother's passing while my father was alive, and I haven't managed to deal with the emotions of my father's. That said, my Venn diagram circle no longer overlaps with theirs. Thankfully, it is undoubtedly true that I am the product of my parents. Unfortunately, I no longer have them here to help me with counsel, and love, and I am lesser for it. In the next year I hope to strive towards being whole and towards personal understanding. To feel that despite the loss of these two most important people, that I am, among many other things, their legacy, and that they would be proud of me.

A better understanding of other cultures. I like travelling. It breeds a better understanding of other cultures and world views. Which in turn breeds compassion. I want to have a more peaceful world. I want to be one of the reasons world has more loving kindness in it. I want to travel more so I can be more compassionate.

I have been interested in the issues of the "Girl Child" for a while now. I have been trying to get information on how to do work to help - fundraising, raising awareness, etc. - through Jewish organizations.

I want to "investigate" going on a trip without a GPS. :P

Mind body connection

There's so much! I'd like to learn Brasilian, to draw better, (fully) understand how quantum physics works, to be a better samba dancer, to set up my own (original) blog, to become more than a web editor and define the HRM departments' contribution to developing an intranet, find time to do all the things I love...

Yes, and his name is Tyler.

Yes. I'd like to investigate how I can serve and learn more about serving women & others by getting more involved with WIMN/XP Ministries. I really want to learn what I need to know to fulfill God's destiny for my life.

I want to do some professional development. I don't know what exactly, but I want to really launch myself a bit further. Last year for this question I said MBA. That's probably a stretch! But I'm particularly interested in Behavioural Insights so perhaps some research or training in that area.

I want to investigate micro-lending and establishing a trust in 2016. I want to explore volunteer opportunities for when I retire. I want to explore getting a little guy trailer

My career. What I want to do with my life for the next twenty years besides being my kids favorite Kleenex. Basically, I need to decide what I want to be when I grow up. Then I need to grow up and do it.

Invest more deeply in my family and friends. Not sure how. Also: YOGA andMEDITATION And: Race Consciousness

I want to investigate how my volunteering time could be spent more meaningfully and usefully - helping the homeless and refugees in particular. Generally, making a difference and contributing where help is most needed not working to help a community that could get by without me and is perfectly well served already.

Difficult question. I'm not the best at coming up with new year's resolutions-y type things. I think that when I pick something that is how I have to live my entire next year and I cannot stray and so it stresses me out. Maybe if I don't put that much pressure on this... it's just an idea, not a solidly determined lifestyle... ... I want to be calmer. I tweeted the other day about how I am starting to think that happiness is just a romanticized word for peace. It was a 2-tweeter and got about 10 favorites each. Mayhaps happiness cannot be achieved unless I am stress-less. That sounds like a good goal.

I like how multiple of these questions can tease out basically the same answers over and over again. Thanks 10Q! Very smart to bubble up what is actually most important to us. (Or I get stuck on one idea and can't brainstorm out of it?? ha) Myself! I want to investigate myself. In therapy.

I really want to learn about my anxiety and how it works.

Spending time with my Mom, and perhaps writing down her story, maybe writing down my story or other stories.

I would like to investigate the fleeting idea of "want" versus "need". I know this is an idea that is commonly known yet it's exceedingly challenging to navigate at times, even though I've been a grown- up for some time now.

I would like to investigate the 2016 election more closely because it will be my first year that I am able to vote.

I will be holding my agency to the words they have held- a more just an d socially conscious model of supervision! I am investigating the HOW

A few things... my climbing, my running, my overall health. My family. Hopefully a relationship.

In 2016, I want to investigate my passion for a specific cause. I recently became moved by children and adults with special needs. I hope to explore that area of service more throughout the next year. I already am doing so by going to Atlantic County Special Services next week to read to the preschoolers there. That would be the cause I want to investigate. The Idea I would like to investigate further would be my idea of creating my own business or another way for me to make money on my own. Wether it is through teaching dance privates or master classes or audition workshops or coaching for pageants and interviews. The person I would like to investigate more aside from myself would be Wayne. I know him but I want to learn more about him in every way.

I'd like to investigate myself more fully.

i want to keep trying the things I think will work to bring myself peace, movement, and life.

I'd like to explore the possibility of feeling so full and abundant that it is effortless for me to give to others--kindness, love, and complete acceptance.

Maybe I should be more obsessed with Andy Biersack yeah that would be a good idea I'm sure that I won't explode.

Root Ed. I'd like to deepen my yoga practice and ground in spiritual wisdom.

Domestic violence and sexual assault awareness are two causes I want to participate more in. Given my history and how I've overcome those two issues, I feel I have a lot to contribute. I can help other women who are struggling, who need help.

I would categorize my desire for progress into three areas: 1. Great thinkers - philosophers and especially constitutional scholars and founders; 2. Business operations improvement, especially time management and managing others; and 3. Spiritual progress - my walk with God is a constant one and while I feel I am in a good place, I can always be better and closer to him.

Homelessness Pregnancy health Meditation Mindfulness My family Grandparents

I want to reconnect with the arts, both visual art and performance art. I want to make something, almost anything at this point. Maybe that will be pottery again, or maybe something completely different.

What is it like for me to become a member of a spiritual congregation in 2016? After all the chapters of life through which I have passed, what can I offer others? How can I participate without having to severely edit or abandon who I am?

Effective Altruism, and how do I want my life to be organized around this. What are my political/economic/moral values? Am I a socialist or something else? How does this interact with the above? Bodhi. God.

I definitely want to investigate my love of design more fully in 2016. It doesn't have to be something I feel guilty about, and I do need to incorporate it more into my daily life. I also want to investigate saving African elephants more. This is a dream of mine, I don't have to dedicate my whole life to it, I can do design as well, but I want to put more effort into both in 2016.

I want to establish a regular person-to-person volunteer experience this year, possibly tutoring in the schools. Although I do quite a bit of volunteering, most of it doesn't involve direct contact. Many years ago, I was a music teacher. When I went into health education and communication with health professionals, I missed the contact and constant feedback from students. I did not miss the classroom control issues, though!

Meditation. I do a little bit of yoga. I have a couple good breathing meditation recordings that I use infrequently. But I'd like to be able to learn how to meditate on my own...so that I could do it anywhere at any time, to help me calm down, return to myself, go to sleep...whatever I need at the time. I first got serious about wanting to meditate probably 4 or 5 years ago, but I became overwhelmed by the options of all the meditation for beginners books that I never just bought one and got started! This year I'd like to look more into it and take action. That's more internal and this question is perhaps more external. I feel like I already explore so many (social justice) issues that are vital to me, that to plan to consider any more would bring on a feeling of information overload...I already feel overloaded. Related to the meditation, I perhaps would like to explore the idea of having less (thoughts, information, time on my computer, clothing, stuff etc). This has long rummaged around in the back of my mind. I've taken baby steps towards it at times, but I'm not sure if I'm ready to get really serious about it. And my husband isn't for the most part, which also affects my ability, since to have less directs so much of everyday life and lifestyle. But having less of these things would bring more calm, more appreciation, more cleanliness, better sleep and ultimately, I think, a deeper and better life.

I feel like I am always investigating something. Maybe Atlantis?

First I would like to further explore the artist within me. Other people and ideas, Rachel Moran and the cause of helping women (and men) escape the sex trade. Helping continue the education of our Haiti girls. And do what I can while I am in CA to assist those affected by the "Valley Fire" when and where possible.

I think this will be work for me. I am almost graduated, and have no idea what I want to do next in life. I have no idea which job will suit me best, or what I will enjoy doing on a regular base. So It'll be a nice job to figure out what job suits me. Also it would be nice to at least have a steady job this time in 2016. And a steady job I do enjoy. Next to that I want to explore traveling more. What are my wishes, what can ido each year from now on ton let travel enrich my life?

Sustainability on my homestead. That will be my outer focus this year. We are really getting to know our land and what we want to create. Now to keep the research going and do what works best for us at our age and ability and financial level

There's nothing I can think of, not a cause or idea, not a specific person. I definitely want to get to know my friends at work better, does that count? Eh, probably not but I'm drawing a blank for this one. I would most definitely like to learn a fair amount of another language, probably French. I think Duolingo will work well, and it doesn't take up massive chunks of time; just appx. 5 minutes here and there. I just have to stay dedicated and focused. I would also like to re-learn the basics of American Sign Language, but I don't hold out high hopes for accomplishing this one in the same year as French... and ongoing college.

Yes, I want to regain my faith or connection to my faith, I'm not sure which it is. I will do this by seeking a Jewish community. I'm not sure how else but I will look for other ways too.

Yes... how to earn considerably more income given the nature of the local economy and its high costs.

I want to continue investigating myself, rediscovering who I am after my trauma. And, of course, I want to keep learning who my son is. I want to find out more about his personality as he grows and learns to communicate, to reason, and to problem solve.

Whatever it takes in direct action around the police in the United States. It's at the point that I only believe a total destruction of the current model and a full rebuild will work. I would like to learn more about as an activist what my feelings are and where my action lies for refugees.

Sanctuary for Humanity! I am looking forward to be part of creating and walking a new path with Mark.

Gun control. My nonprofit website. Inside Out Writers The Through Their Lens project we launched this year as part of the Friends of the Food Coalition Alliance of Moms

I want to continue learning how I can best help Harmon develop, be happy and successful, through his autism and sub-par speech communication.

I'd like to dig into writing. I'm very good at business writing, and I wrote poetry while I was in college. I keep a journal (sporadically), but I'd like to do more.

Nope. I think I need to make 2016 about me. If I can't get myself on track then I can't help others.

I would like to engage in the act of mitzvah more. I see countless issues in my area that could be helped by a few days of community service.

Global involvement, cause to be determined.

I really want to learn more about what's going on in the world. Which is about a broad a statement as I can possibly make. But I read the news and I just feel lost because there is so much of a backstory to every major political conflict. I'd like to try to regularly stay engaged with what is happening so that eventually I start to know the backstories and can feel like an informed member of society. I feel as though I say this every year -- but it's important to say again! Because I can't truly have informed discussions and want to vote and express opinions when I don't really understand all sides. In an entirely different vein -- this is the first year where I have really devoted thought to the idea of travel. I don't think I will ever *actually* quit my job and go travel the world; I'm far too much of a chicken. But I have entertained the idea and doing so makes me excited about the many places in the world that I have a lifetime to visit. I'd like to keep exploring and make sure I'm feeding the spark of exploration.

In 2015, I really investigated myself. I am still getting to know the nooks and crannies of my brain and there's still things I have yet to figure out (i.e. what motivates me to do anything). Recently I have been realizing that I would really like to get involved again with some form of philanthropy and do some good ol' fashioned volunteering. I also would like to find a hobby - maybe an art class or dancing lesson? Something that I only do for fun!

Humor? Put more effort into bringing humor into my/our life? I used to try a bit harder at it, but never super hard, and at different times in life I've also been surrounded by people who value humor more than the people I tend to be around now. I think it would help me lighten up both at work and at home, which would be very valuable. Work is such a good place for it. As is home. Also, I am sooooo soooo soo inarticulably glad that I did this, which I wrote last year for this question, since: how to put up and manage a website! I really want to be a writer. I can see spending my days, between taking care of kid(s) and house, sitting at this desk, looking out this window, contemplating wording and looking up words etc.

I would like to investigate more travel with my daughter in 2016. It is such an important thing for a growing mind---both hers and mine.

The only thing worth really investigating is the Word that is The Word of God!!! I would like to be totally saturated with it. Also I would like to be able to read the entire bible.

I would like to see males be held accountable for producing a human being..and to see them and their families bear the burden of a child that a woman is forced to give birth to. It is not right to only "punish" or stigmatize the female..there was another person involved in creating this life, yet nothing is done to make or hold these men and their families accountable. I also want to see changes in the foster care system. We don't allow abortions. We take kids from their families, but we don't put any effort or adequate funding to provide safe homes, or safe competent people to take care of these kids..and to make sure they have an education, physical exams and therapy to help them mentally healthy and functional.

Id like to more fully investigate my boss, Jenny. I have not used her as I could in my job and I would like to. Id also like to more fully investigate my parents, talk to them more deeply. I would like to more fully investigate the cause of women and injustice to women. I began to really become passionate about this during gensex, but it has lost some steam. Find more blogs, essays, books etc.

I want to explore the idea of reducing clutter in our home and lives.

Experience Economy Daniel Moseley-Williams Large stack of personal / behavioral finance books.

Intentional living, that includes consumption, food. Dress, how to spend my free time etc. And I want to find someplace to volunteer.

Hillary. Is she the best candidate? Who will be best for bringing peace to Palestine?

The cause of being more creative!

My hubby. I want to spend more quality time with just him because when the kiddos are around, we have a hard time carrying on a conversation and really connecting. Getting Adam to stop coming to our bed will certainly help with that.

I want to investigate the developmental progress of a child. I want to understand what he sees and how he processes things. This way I can educate him about the world around him better. I can help him discover his inner talent. I can give him more than what I was given at his age.

yes . I would like to learn Hebrew , to read it at least.Also I would like to enjoy art and craft work more .

Animal Rights/Animal Liberation/the toxins and chemicals in our food supply, beauty products

Rick and MaKinley and our relationship, if it be God's will.

What /should/ we be doing with all this internet bandwidth that we have out here?

I want to figure out a hobby for me that i can be passionate about, be it something like bridge or some kind of art classes, or some sort of exploration into Jewish studies.

Sacred Heart, again. Still where I was last year on that one. I want to finish Last Child in the Woods, and perhaps read The Nature Principle, too. It's my job. I need to read it. I also want to be politically aware. This time next year, we'll be heading into a presidential election, and I'd like to vote for someone because I know their policies, and not because they are the correct party.

Jason is the person. Cause/idea - is building an outdoor yoga studio that faces the mountains. helping anyone who has suffered trauma, help through yoga, mainly meditation. becoming a trained yoga instructor.

I hope to be able to get back to writing our family and personal history.

I need to find my passion and that might mean exploring a few key issues within which to invest myself in more fully. I need to start volunteering again and if work continues to remain uninspiring then I need to be more active in seeking inspiration from other places.

The president.

Hopefully, just can't decide what makes the most long term difference. There are so many worthy areas: large (environment, world peace, sustainability); closer to home (schools, civic engagement, housing, poverty, food) and even more one on one (tutoring, park clean ups, senior housing visits. I even read a book about how to decide what you want to be/do which hardly offers any real guidance. Just the pablum of how they did it.

Well, I know the list of ideas--women, history, Freud, Nietzsche, Sir Francis Bacon. And, of course, my own writings and recordings. Those need to be transcribed, organized, prepared to be useful. The work must begin!

I would really like to get more involved with the immigration and/or refugee issue. I'd like to help women prepare for citizenship status.

Not really. Trying and hoping to be pregnant and also done with ever being pregnant in 2016...we'll see what things shall be.

I want to see how I can use my time more efficiently outside of work -- specifically in non-profit sectors that assist the disadvantaged. As a person of great privilege and power, it is a responsibility of mine to give back. Not to just make things more fair, but to give people the gift of self-empowerment and freedom.

Yes. Black Lives Matter through the group Standing Up for Racial Justice. I very much like the idea of white people getting together to be a support for BLM when they call on us. This is a right place, right space issue for me. I don't want to be a leader. I want Black and Brown people to lead me in fighting for their liberation. I want to fight with and for them, this is also my fight, but how the fight happens . . . I want to be a follower in this fight. Or an accomplice. My voice isn't the critical one, and my story isn't the one that needs to be heard. I want to do more listening than talking, but I want to commit to speaking up when there is something to be said.

I'm still working on the balance I spoke of last year. For this year I want to add on it and find more time to read, learn and grow my brain. Less binging on Netflix and more brain power.

Myself. My friends. The career path I've chosen. The possibility of a relationship.

Listening to and following my true desires more. Not judging them, or pre-deciding how they could be possible, just moving toward them consistently and honoring their worth on an intuitive level. I want to lean into that for me and for my friends and for my family. We're all worth it.

Actually, I'd like to identify my passions more closely. Right now I feel like my energy is divided and I need to focus more on a few things rather than be sort of supporting a lot of things. Off the top of my head, I think the 2016 Presidential election is going to be very important. I'd like to learn more about race relations and how I can help. My sister has become very passionate about a conflict in the Middle East and I'd like to help her explore how she can be of help too.

I want to spend more time on environmental causes and donate more time. I want to spend time coming up with a great business idea and business plan and work on getting it funded.

I want to continue exploring my faith. I want to know the Lord more closely and surround myself with others who share my faith. It is a little hard getting to know others who aren't afraid to talk about or live out their faith. I am really trying to stop and listen to what God is calling me to do, but often lose my way as I get wrapped up in my life. How selfish does that sound, huh? I get so consumed in ME that I forget to praise and thank God. I just really want to grow closer to God and meet people who can help me in my journey back to my faith.

I plan to return to working with Habitat for humanity. So rewarding when a family is able to life in better housing!!

Yes...I want to investigate to possibility of working in my preferred field...and find ways to make it happen.

Someone I knew died over the weekend. A young man of 34 - I was stunned, sad, stunned. The thing about Jake, was he found causes and did not stop to think about how appropriate it would be to participate - he just moved forward and did. One of his cause was Define America - a cause that moves our rhetoric about immigration beyond the politics and into the reality of today. This issue is really important to me. My partner, boyfriend, love of my life the the last four years is undocumented. We cannot change his status at this time. We live an open life, but a closed life. Through his eyes, I see what it is like to be the Un-American, American. He has lived in the US for longer than in his home country...yet, he is considered to be illegal, hidden, not an American. In honor of Jake, I want to take up the cause of his and of Jose - and find solutions - that give the dignity to our fellow Americans - no matter what their status is.

I want to explore the world of natural spirituality be it thought work with a shaman, budist practice, mediation, yoga or long walks in the woods- I want to fine ways to spiritually re-connect with the God power within me

I want to explore how and where to perform my songs publicly!

I always say Judaism but I think this year I want to take some of the pressure off myself on that. Instead, I want to examine what social justice causes I'm passionate about. I have a few ideas for sure. Plus I have my AB to Las Vegas where we will be studying the achievement gap in the American education system, so that's a pretty good place to start. I want to spend a lot of time with this issue so I can feel like I'm doing this for real instead of just planning a trip for a semester, going on it for a week and coming back with no connection to the cause anymore

Good question. I don't have anything on the personal level. At work, I need to think about meta-analysis of data. Also at work, I want to explore the idea of an 'ideal' cropping system and what we need to do for a sustainable soil.

I really need to give back to the community. Not sure how but that's a goal for 2016.

I want to look into getting involved in the Bernie Sanders political campaign. I want to do more to solve the problems that disturb me most in the world: the refugee crisis, the lack of adequate gun control in the US, the unequal distribution of resources in the US (and around the world), and climate change.

Me. I want to get to know me better. What do I *actually* want?

I would like to get better at work with other people and learn to accept everyone works at a different pace I do and learn to let it go without upsetting me so much

Bernie Sanders It's the 2016 Presidential election. I have seen things other people have posted about him and have been intrigued by what I've lightly read. As preliminaries get closer, I will hopefully be voting in person for the first or second time and want to be an informed voter. I feel like my vote in the Primaries will have more of an impact than in the actual Presidential election.

My work for 5776/2015-2016 is focused toward my doctoral program. Over the next year, I want to put my face in the literature regarding cancer disparities and survivorship, LGBTQ health disparities, healthcare access and utilization, oppression, stress, discrimination, and social resistance. I hope my time this year informs positive, productive steps towards a pre-doc award and towards my dissertation.

No, not really.

I think I'd like to go back to Germany, and maybe even work there if that is even possible. I'd like to do some more research into ways I might do that, and to improve my German speaking and writing so that I have the skills necessary.

I want to investigate my relationship with Brian more fully. I know he is the right man for me, but I also know that we have spent the last two years so focused on our goals that we have fallen out of touch with how to simply enjoy each other. Everything is so regimented and routine that it's hard to even initiate sex now. That's pathetic. I need to find ways to engage the man I love in an exciting, dynamic relationship.

I actually have this book on my iPhone about the deductive powers of Sherlock Holmes and how we can train our minds to think like that. I have been meaning to read it for years but never have. I would like to improve my mind this year, improve how it works and reasons

Prejudice... of all types. I want to learn more about why people are so prejudice even when they themselves are prejudiced against. For example: Jewish people who feel prejudice yet they are prejudice against Muslims and of course this can go both ways. I would like to know why this is. This is just an example I do not mean to single them out.

I want to be well informed for the presidential election in 2016. I want to make sure I know who the best candidate is for the US in 2016.

Yes. I would like to spend time investigating myself. Who I am, what I want, where I'm going, what my priorities are. I will turn 70 in three weeks. Never in my life have I really sat down and addressed those questions. I'm really looking forward to assessing myself and my life; then I can take the time to direct myself towards others - which is something that I have done my entire life. I guess I felt everyone else was more important than myself.

I want to keep working for earth justice. I want to improve my composting, turn lights off, turn water off, and make my own cleaner. In addition, I would like to do something to help the homeless. I want to investigate more fully what I might be able to do to help the homeless.

Well of course One Direction, and of course feminism, but thats pretty much it. I will try to work on being more body positive.

I'd like to investigate more fully the idea of mindfulness and living a holisitic, whole-hearted, healthy life.

I want to continue to spend time with Mike - all my time, really - & to figure out how to live a life together. I hope he will propose next year, honestly, & that seems crazy to say because I NEVER wanted that from Nathan. I want to spend my whole life with Mike, & I've never been more sure of anything, really. I just want to keep learning about one another & what that life will look like.

I need to figure out who to vote for in the presidential election; that is going to have to wait until it gets a little closer to election time, however. Keeping close track of electoral politics too much before the primaries is crazy-making.

Beauty. Especially in myself and my surroundings. It's been a long time since I've felt beautiful or put any attention into making my surroundings beautiful. I feel like I don't often know how.

I want to investigate ways to make a lot of money doing work that I am passionate about. I also want to investigate ways to help Hilary Clinton get elected President of the US.

Haha, probably the presidential candidates. I have only loosely been following this and probably should figure out some of this before I vote.

It's a Presidential election year. I'm sure the investigations will make the news.....

I want to look more into volunteering my time somewhere, I did a brief Spanish course a while ago with the intent of volunteering as a nurse in Costa Rica, but haven't yet managed to do much about it, that was also why I wanted to consolidate my Emergency skill. The course was somewhat of a let down too, unless I require a habitación con baño, it was more geared up to travel requirements not conjugating verbs. This year I will explore this more.

In 2016, I would like to work on more creative projects. Whether they succeed or not, I would like to make a good effort without worrying about the outcome.

Well, 2016 will likely be the year when I start writing my PhD dissertation in Education. I hope to explore factors which make non-traditional educational institutions outstanding in promoting lifelong learning. In particular, I would want to know the secret of Rudolf Steiner's Waldorf-style education in producing learners who are excited to learn and who take the initiative to learn on their own with minimal supervision and encouragement.

In keeping with my goal of sharing my poetry, I want to get serious in an active way with my writing. In a recent poetry workshop, I realized how much work lies ahead of me if I want to be "serious" about poetry. There is first, a commitment to writing, followed closely by reading, reading, reading. Then there is the research and submission of my work...more than my toe must go into these waters. Technology must be part of this. I will have to get out of my comfortable fossil excuse and buckle into the world of websites and, OMG, Facebook. My files are a mess and order is likely to be necessary to complete my first chapbook. I will be 70 my next birthday. I don't have time to piddle around with this.

Three new musicals: In the Heights, If/Then, A Gentleman's Guide to a Love and Murder. Should keep me busy.

Conservation of wild animals. The Bronx zoo. Writing

I really really really want to take up something new. Esther and I set our 15 for 15 and one of mine was to try a new non-sport hobby. I genuinely couldn't find something I hadn't done before. So I hope that future me gets involved in a weekly thing. Triathlon club. Running club. Dancing. Book club. Something.

I'd like to find the energy to read more consistently outside of work. (As though I don't read enough...) But not really.


Myself and my friendships. Really being able to understand why I do what I do in order to change and let go of what no longer serves me. Homelessness and animal shelters. My heart breaks every time I see a homeless man asking for change, and when Hannah gave a man her leftover dinner I almost cried. I want to help. I need to help. Maybe I can create a not-for-profit that helps the homeless of Boston in a dignified and safe way. I can start carrying protein bars.

Not really.

what it means to age successfully in the human body

Presidential elections in the US in 2016. I will be closely following all the candidates to make the best decision I can.

Energy. Evanston Women's Club. Physics. Judgement. Fundraising networks. Qigong speaking opportunities.

I'd really like to explore the history of American Jewry next year. As I deepened my connections to and in the American Jewish community this year, I've slowly realized that so much of my political and personal identity comes from my Jewish upbringing. I see threads of who I am reaching back to my time in Temple and such, but I'm still not sure where those threads originated. As I start to figure out what I want to do with my life, I have this overwhelming sense it will involve figuring out how I want to remain connected to the Jewish community. And to do that, I need to figure out the contents of those threads.

well, with an upcoming presidential election I would like to make sure I investigate the potential candidates and make informed choices.

Yes. Which corporations donate to which political party.

Conscious Language

Intensive vegetable gardening.

In this next year I would like to look into getting my food truck and opening my baking business more fully. Perhaps in starting with a food truck and beginning in that way I can find something I have a bit more of a passion for than in my current career and maybe one day I may even be able to have my after-school program teaching urban/underprivileged youth how to bake - giving them a trade for life.

Become expert in TOEFL training and share this.

Selfish and personal --- eating more cleanly as in not eating sugar. Want to try the 30 day challenge that friends are doing and not quite able to do it yet. Perhaps in 2016...

I am very into social rights/social justice/activism/advocacy in general. I really love immigrant rights, women's rights, investigating capitalism and inequality, race relations, etc.

I want to investigate how to use the make a website and use social media such as Instagram and Facebook as fields for artistic expression.

Possibly the creation of my own pseudo-religion based upon a respect for nature and lack of faith in humanity.

The immune system, the nervous system, and our ability to make impactful shifts in our physiology.

Not really. But I am always curious and love to learn new things, so I'm sure this answer will change over the year.

This isn't something to investigate per se, but I want to learn how to structure my life in a way that gives me time and space to focus on the bigger, more long-term projects I'd like to do... Whether that's studying CFA, a language, doing craft, whatever. I want to build a life with space for things that are not "day to day necessities", because that's where interest and joy and life really are. I want to write a personal manifesto, both long and short term. And I want to find ways to live to that, and to keep stretching myself.

Film-making and screen-writing.

I want to know the Pope. Pope Francis. His visit to the USA has been so joyful for me. His talks have brought tears to my eyes and I am so grateful that I believe that I have witnessed a saint. He truly is an amazing lover of mankind and God. It shows. I want to go the the Vatican and see him. I will. I will. God will allow this. Amen

As I decide where this next phase of life will take me, remember two threads that continue to motivate you in life -- 1) Working with diverse populations in multiple languages. You really miss this right now. Think about how you will find ways to do this work during residency as you pick programs. 2) Being closer to family -- there is simply no substitute.

I want to investigate performing opportunities in Austin, for myself and a fellow who is becoming my significant other, but lives on the west coast. If I found opportunities here he might be more inclined to spend more time or even move here, which I would like very much. For myself...I miss performing and it would be fun to find a great group to volunteer with on and off stage.

I just want to see places I have never seen before and be introduced to ways of life that are vastly different from my own. Traveling in Europe two years ago was one of the most eye-opening experiences I've had, and I would like another chance to explore other parts of the world.

Not that I can think of. Unless you count trying to find a job post-PhD that is nearby, relevant, and interesting. I'd love to investigate THAT more fully in 2016.

Helping others. Service.

I tried to make charitable acts and giving a greater focus for myself and my family this year. Our participation has been sporadic, but any start is better than none. I'd like to find more avenues for this, and to place a greater emphasis on charity in my life and as an example to my family.

Focus on my kid. Create opportunities to connect with him. Be there.

Not so much. Maybe I'm getting old and boring. As I have said in previous answers this year, I'd like to do more mind-expanding things in general (travel, cultural events, creativity), but there is no one specific thing I can think of that I particularly want to look into.

If there is one thing I would like to investigate more fully it is reading! The amount of television I watch is disgusting, and I have found a lot of books that I do want to read and have put on my Carnegie Library wish list. I hope 2016 will be a time I can get into that.

I want to spend more time writing, thinking about writing, researching writing...mostly actually writing.

Yes, I would like to investigate realistic ways to decrease homelessness. (I once suggested that empty office space in the downtown area of my city could be converted to SRO dwellings for homeless people, but, I know that the idea would be rejected by the businesses who own the buildings, unless there was something in it for them.

I honestly just want to be happy......genuinely happy with myself, my life, my situation and my circumstances. I don't know if that answers the question but it's the only thing I could think of. I want to have the life that I imagine for myself. I want to have the things that I want and have the people in my life that I want. I want a girlfriend, more money, a job that I love! more friends! more good times! I just wanna haven fun and be happy in everything that I do! Is that so much to ask??

I would like to understand myself more. It's kind of a trite answer, but of all the things I can think of, understanding myself, my motivations, what makes me crabby on a Monday morning - all those things seem worth investigating.

I want to learn more about Reconstructionist Judaism. I feel like I can't explain things to Katrina when she asks - why is Yom Kippur so important that more people come for it than Rosh HaShanah, what is Sukkot - basic things I should be able to answer. I want to be able to fully understand both the holidays and the views of my movement of Judaism. I've claimed Reconstructionist Judaism as my own, but I haven't done the research I need to be able to fully explain it to others.

Myself. Sounds self-centered and probably is. But I think I need to start paying a little more attention to my own destiny.

Red stone hias

Technology security, Hinduism and Buddhism. Where all of those intersect, how I can make my life a better and healthier place to inhabit. I need to work on meditation and healthier living choices.

My friends and family. to engage with them more, as you never know how long you will have them in your life. each moment is precious and a gift x :)

Well, I have not totally given up on Brian Filyaw, who has a total crush on me but is too shy to make any real move. He is very interesting and seems to share a lot of the same activities that I love...I am reluctant to reach out, but I may rethink that. Remembering how the best years (and love) of my life were the result of my "no guts, no glory" philosophy....I have been hold ing back, waiting for him, but maybe I will go out and get him. Life is short and I'm not feeling like wasting a lot of time these days...

Nah, I'm boring.

The idea of expanding the resort component at work. Lodging, additional facilities, services and staff.

Probably religion. But also perhaps some new professional skills, including design. I would like to start at least one new hobby, yet TBD.

Well, yes, at the risk of contradicting my former answer! I would like to get to know Vasco better. I have recently realized that I am attracted to him and I would like to find out if that could go anywhere. I don't know HOW (which is going to require that I exercise yet another skill set) but I would like at the very least to bridge the gap between colleagues and become friends. Who knows from there? As an extension, I would like to bridge that same gap with many of my workmates and see if I can't convert some of these people to actual friends.

Yes, being much more daring about subjects for playwriting, including human trafficking, animal rights, and wild humor.

Yes. My true feelings for all people in my life and what is best for all concerned, including me.

I want to explore education and the arts more in 2016. I want to get involved in a program that encourages youth to play music or do art and perform in theater.

How to be a better parent....

I've been thinking about studying psychology and turning it possibly into my profession. I plan to start the studies and see where that will lead me. I am also starting to have more and more ideas about what my future dream job would be like and I would definitely like to investigate more fully.

My heritage from all 4 grandparents, I think it's very important to know where you came from

Investigate becoming a coach to others-and investing in the necessary training. I also plan to find local charities and groups I can join and contribute to in order to increase my sense of community. I feel constantly isolated and miserable, and it is no one's fault but my own. It's time to start getting yourself out there and exposed, Golby, there is no other way around it.


That being kinder pays off.

Kashrut, Torah, love, gratitude, Shabbat

In 2016, I hope I can find time to carry out the research necessary to realign my investments with my beliefs.

The death penalty - is it truly justified in some cases? Why is it that it is used in so many cases where there is even a shred of doubt?

I'd like to sing and draw more again and I would like to visit Swaziland and see Sigrid after all these years

The “White City” of Tel Aviv. See response to Q7. I want to investigate and confirm that the Israeli architects were the original sustainable designers who pushed the international style for its efficiencies in spatial use and energy use. …. But I’m not sure I can really make that kind of statement. I need to do the research and see what pops up. I do feel that there is a story to tell and my office will appreciate hearing it. So let's get started!!

I'd like to continue to explore my successes and failures with wheel throwing, as my 5-week beginners class has been a blast and way too short. I NEED to find an organization to volunteer my time and talents for, I feel like a useless lump as I continue to name this goal without taking concrete steps to make it happen.

Every time I drive to or from work, I wonder about the physical geography of Wisconsin over time and how that relates to the history of human and other life here. I do want to write more about UU topics, expand my sermon repertoire, explore new worship leader options. I'd like to have more theology readily accessible in my head.

I want to be more active in helping women, working on gender issues, and helping to address poverty-related issues like hunger and health care.

jewish history and heritage

Living in a house.

Ways to expand my business, new workshop offerings

Racial equality - based on mutual respect and friendship.

Dani Rodrik and his ideas of the trilemma between nations, democracy and globalisation remains incredibly interesting to me. Besides that, i am sure Uni will have intriguing ideas in store, as always.

Bernie Sanders for president

I want to get to know myself better this year. This includes unpacking my baggage, finding compassion for myself and believing in all I have to offer.

I want to look fully into animal rescue because I honestly care about dogs more than people right now.

How can free markets exist and still allow everyone enjoy the results of free markets.

Friendship. I would like to increase my ability to accept myself so that I can be a good friend to those around me.

I would like to explore being more active in finding solutions for homeliness.

I know I said this last year but I want to continue my study of feminism and gender equality. I want to learn more about it within different races and socio economic statues. Not just my own.

I hope to do more travel -- locally, around New York State -- and outside the state to learn more about my area and other areas.

No, not really. I mean, yes, there is always more to read, to learn, to know...but nothing in particular comes to mind. I would be content to continue down the path I'm on.

Right whats on my mind right now I thing that strikes me is is trans issues... I think i'm pretty solid on feminism, civil rights, and gay rights... but i think i have some rough spots & blind spots with the needs / experience of trans folk. I think in part because i i've never felt particularly masculine, nor have i aspired too. I think of gender as fluid and a construct... and a poor one at that i don't take it seriously... but obviosuly to trans folks its serious or they wouldn't transition i also think in _Some_ contexts a can pass as pretty CIS... so theirs probably some undetected privilege there anyway worth working on

I want explore what really matters to me. I'm not sure that I have a good grasp on that. I need to understand what I want and then charge towards it. I'm unhappy but, I don't exactly know what will make me happy.

Get into the mindfulness thing--it's quite interesting to realise it actually _is_ possible to do some mindfulness exercises in the bus! Not ideal, but certainly possible.

Palliative care. Phowa.

I would like to put some energy into investigating how to be a better partner.

When I retire I want to teach disadvantaged children. I hope to choose the appropriate language, study global cultural ideas and start the steps of beginning a new life's adventure in 8 years.

I would like to explore different non-religious spiritual communities.

As always, philosophy. I would say music and filmography but who are we kidding? I won't have time this year.

I would like to write creatively.

I'd love to find my way back into working/ being paid for fulltime coaching with people to be their brilliant and brave self, to employ the courage and creativity they are born with to make their best choices, and help change the world.

Prayer and spirituality at home.

I'd like to investigate myself and become more Beyoncé like in levels confidence and ability and awesomeness. Not sure in what ways but looking forward to the surprise.

Build a company to support and redefine my financial life.

My soulmate.

Even after 22 years, my husband. Getting to know HIM. Investigating HIM. Making fun and pleasure in our marriage as high of an interest and draw as work and parenting.

I want to further explore my Judaism and feel comfortable in doing so. I think I want to engage more fully with Jewish ritual and find a place to talk about it with my family members more thoughtfully and unafraid. My Aunt Andrea mentioned how she has noticed that I am so much more focused and articulate that I was since before my graduate program. Part of that is how I focused my concentration within the program, but primarily, that I could finally talk about the work I was invested in doing more openly. My comfort has grown by leaps and bounds, but only in some respects. I recognize that part of this is simply some pent up shame that I have experienced as a result of my relationship with my immediate family members. My mother, father and older brother particularly. I want to investigate ways to live more genuinely and to avoid this feeling of "imposter syndrome." I have identified for so long with these feelings that I need to recognize how these feelings materialize in my own personal experience. Part of that is finding ways to incorporate this practice with some regularity in my life, but also trying to find ways to talk about things to the point where I feel confident with not necessarily having a concrete answer or formulaic way of managing a situation. This has been my strong suit in the past, but at this point, using that method has brought me to an unmanageable wall. By dissecting these barriers, I better understand my needs spiritually. I hope to find a place in this investigation where I can find a way to both confident and unrelenting in my position, while simultaneously maintaining my openness and vulnerability. I don't want to be scared any more to be transparent and available. I want to further investigate how Judaism or faith/spirituality can be incorporated into my experience. I have never had the opportunity until now to feel like I was ready. Now, I am ready to transport myself meaningfully.

Yes. Missing & Murdered Aboriginal Women in Canada. The government has dropped the ball on this.

I would like to become more spiritual, and get to know myself better. I would also like to become fitter - whether that be dragon boating or finding someone to do weight training with me.

I think I said this last year, but more reading on LGBT issues would be good. I'd also really like to learn more about games criticism, especially games as art criticism. Theorypunk, I think the movement was called. The sort of stuff Heather Alexandra or mechapoetic do/does.

I want to learn more about the mechanics and biophysics of blast-induced traumatic brain injury, with the long-term goal of contributing to better treatment modalities for combat-wounded veterans and civilian casualties of war.

Right now, the only thing on my mind for investigation is Sown To Grow! I truly believe we have a game changer product, and I hope we can make our vision a reality - and have a powerful impact on a whole lot of kids along the way.

Hood River's insidious politics and backwards business practices.