Is there something that you wish you had done differently this past year? How would you have done it differently? And how can you learn from it to improve how things turn out in the future?


I wish I had left my credit card at home. Every day.

I began very large new career projects before finishing past ones. As a result I am drowning in stress and commitments. Rather than make choices, I just said yes to everything. My head is spinning. I have to focus and finish each project off as well as I can and stop taking on new ones until then. By this time next year, I would like to have each of the projects I took on this past year squared away, with only the ones most meaningful to me continuing.

i wish i had been in the gym more... get healthy for kids sakes... future: no excuses.

I wish I had made a decision about my relationship - to either leave it and start all over elsewhere, or accept it with all its flaws and stop focusing on what undermines it. I haven't really learned, I am at a similar place like I was a year ago.

I allowed myself to drift another year without deepening some of the relationships I want to deepen. My relationship with my parents, my siblings and and a companion. And most of all I allowed another year to pass without gaining a deeper and more abiding sense of self.

Stressed less. procrastinated less. left things to the last minute less. Worried about what people think of me less. Basically chilled out more. Realized that in the time that i am stressed and worked out, i am doing nothing for no-one. And i wish i had been more organized. So, let's hope that i can learn from it by becoming more organized and less stressed. Amen.

In the past year, I learned from my mistakes in the past and still do. I wish I had more friends.

I wish I had made more time for my artist residency, it ended up being a burden instead of a gift, I still need to figure out how to release myself from self-imposed obligations...

I wish when things were bad with my partner I would have held onto myself more, been more dignified, had better boundaries, been more proud of myself, and not turned into a nutty, sniveling, crying mess. A few tears are okay, but falling apart and not being able to manage your own emotions, putting them on the other person (3 times!) is, in my opinion, a weird inverted form of emotional abuse and I NEVER want to see myself that way again.

Balance. I wish I had more balance in my life this year.

i feel i have become naturally more closed, i wish i would have been more open : a less judgmental friend, a more honest and patient son, a more nurturing and committed godfather, and more independent and honest socially. Shabbat didn't feel right to me when it was a multicultural event, the journey into a more meaningful Jewish experience was prevented by my own lack of social honesty and courage. I need to be more honest and true to what I believe without descending into inflexibility and dogma

...hmmm...i wish i could have been more relaxed at the wedding i really want to work on taking care of others less! i think i would have asked for more help around the wedding too- from the beginning.

I wish I had been more consistent with exorcise and had my son watch less TV. I could have taking the time to go to to the gym and been more firm with insisting that my son play more and watch less.

I wish I had realized that allowing myself to be flattered into taking a job for which I was unsuited would result in wasted hours and much anxiety and stress. I have worked hard to create a plan and strategy for my immediate future. I hope I have learned to trust my original instincts and not get sidetracked for more than a minute.

I wish I had kept my mouth shut several times when I didn't. There were many occasions I shared gossip or mentioned something I shouldn't have just to have something interesting to say as the expense of someone else. Sometimes they found out but usually they didn't. But it makes me look and feel bad and it takes away from the person I am speaking about even if they don't know it. I generally did it out of some sort of insecurity or wanting to be liked or paid attention to, and it was often somewhat innocent, but always with a tiny, remote, far off gut instinct telling me not to say it as the words would come out of my mouth. So I suppose I want to learn to listen to that tiny voice more, make that voice a stronger influence in my life. I think it can only serve to better me as a person and save me from looking and feeling like a complete asshole.

I would have liked to be more loving to my wife at all times and not be captious. I would like to listen more, think before reacting so quickly. Not react with reflex but with thought.

I wish that I had been more organized while working. In my freelance life, I feel that I have to do the work I am doing, while simultaneously preparing for the (hopefully) next job, and at the same time, keep doing r & d for future work. It can be very hard. I also wish I were more prepared on a daily basis for the work at hand. I think the only way I can imagine doing it differently is to be more prepared. I try to do that daily. I will attempt to be more disciplined this year: reading the play that i am working on, while simultaneously reading other plays, and the one I will be working on next.

I wish I had had more tolerance for the pain of those around me. I had no time for other people's pain this year, partly because I was extremely busy coddling my own. I had decided that I was tired of a "culture of complaining" and its attendant ingratitude, and so based on these fabbo new principles, was an a-hole to anyone who came within five feet looking for a shoulder to cry on. Lesson: If someone limps towards you with their heart in their hands, or a fistful of Kleenex, or whatever, don't say (don't even THINK), "everyone's got issues. suck it up." NOT NICE.

I work part-time, as a consultant. I wish I had made more of an effort to "market" myself so that I had more work coming in. I needed to get a website up and running and I needed to make more phone calls to "network." On another front, I wish I had been more conscientious about my health / eating habits / exercising. I will try and pay more attention to this in the future.

I wish I had made time to have done more reading, time to re-write a play I've been working on, time to enjoy nature and time to better handle associations with past relationships. I need to make time to appreciate these things more.

i would have been more focused, spent less money and edited my social circle more tightly.

I probably would have been more outgoing and active in being involved with my friends and community. I go through phases and this was a down-year for those things. I would have been more involved with activities, initiated more events and tried to stay involved with what I enjoy. I can learn by actually doing it. Procrastination I guess, and short attention span sometimes get the best of me.

maybe i will be more social this year.

I wish that I had taken more chances. I find looking back, that I have missed out on some great experiences and opportunities because I was too scared to take a chance. I'm going to try to throw caution to the wind from now on and see where it takes me.

I wish I would have lived for the present more than for the future. I know most people usually wish the opposite, but when you're too blind-sighted by your pipe dreams to even focus on the necessary building blocks to achieve them, you get nowhere. I spent the summer reading more about possible English/Journalist/Advertising internships than i did reading novels/reporting/acquiring photoshop and indesign skills. Basically, my biggest regret is not being very proactive. I slept too much. One of my favorite quotes is along the lines of: "Nobody looks back at college and wishes they had slept more." I often found myself going to the gym once every week or two just to feel like I'm at least half-heartedly trying to achieve my goals. The fact that this extremely weak display of go-getter-ness gave me even the slightest feeling of fulfillment is pathetic. I need to actually pour my heart into something instead of distributing a teaspoon of it here and there to spice up my otherwise bland life. I also wish I could be more decisive about things. My inability to choose something as petty as who to date caused all sorts of problems, and even made me lose one of the only close friends I'd made in college: Jason.

I wish I would have been more proactive in pursuing my dreams, really spent more time on my own dreams instead of aiding others. I've learned that if I put as much effort into my own dream as I have with others, I can get so much done.

I wish I could have managed my own life better during the emotional upheaval of the divorce. I should have maintained my personal boundaries according to my beliefs and been less willing to be there for her. I need to stick up for what I believe in, though still be willing to compromise. Every day should be a gift - I need to remember that and make the most of every situation. Too often I skated through the experience and concentrated on my emotional burden.

With great power comes great responsibility. I need to learn to speak my mind earlier on. communicate better. don't put too much on my plate.

I wish I had taken an internship in my last quarter like I had planned. I think it would have opened more job options for me. It was my initial instinct, but I convinced myself that staying in my job and really focusing on school and portfolio building was a better way to spend the time. It was really just easier. Once again, the easy thing to do and the right thing to do aren't always the same thing. Message received.

I spent too much money on frivilous things and should have worked a little harder at my job. Also going to make a concerted effort to eat better.

Date more. I would have done it! Be more confident in asking girls out. BE more confident and not worry about the outcome!

I wish that I drank less and stayed more focused. I wish that I was more in control of my feelings.

Less Lazy, less fight, less neg, more pump. Pump, cut nug, think about others. Pause and control situations

I feel like I could have worked harder for my grades. Obviously since I didn't make all A's there's room for improvement. Spirits took up a lot of my time, and I know that's one reason my grades slipped a little. But I wouldn't change the experience for the world. I need to learn to be more focused with my school work and procrastinate less. In the end the reward will be bigger that way.

Firstly, concerning my work at university, college and even school. I wish I'd payed more attention to deadlines, timetables and to the work itself. I wish that I hadnt left it all to the last minute and I truly beleive I could be in a hugely stronger and more financially secure position now if I had spent less time going out drinking, taking drugs and finding other ways to waste my time. Secondly and perhaps, no definitely more importantly, I wish I could hold my tongue and think before i speak. Ive offended, upset and put down so many people when all they needed was nothing more than encouragement, support or even just a shared moment of silence. In the future, I'll do the work while its there, plan it out and stick to. BE DISCIPLINED! And the same for the tongue. Sure it means that you arent going to be the first to the puns and the jokes but so what, you wont be shooting down the friends around you with your put downs. THINK FIRST! and sorry for the essay.

That I should've broken it off sooner, that I should not ever have become involved with him, that I would have been more honest with the guy I'm now seeing.

Save more money. Proper finance management skills. Need to save and not splurge on things that are unnecessary.

This question is kind of hard to answer... I would of done a lot of things differently, both ends being for the good and for the worse. I think that forcing myself to stay in an abusive relationship has changed my output view on dating and relationships and women in general. I sat back and looked at my life from a tower in the sky and figured that relationships should be looked at more on a level that is simple psychological, it allows you to know that love exists in a linguistic sense and that as fast as you can fall in love is as fast as you can fall out of love or lose interest... UNLESS you have something that you created such as a baby or a child, those people who do not show love and affection for their children are the people who are incapable or proper life skills or analysis, these people don't see life as being a positive network of events and only see these children and babies as people you pass on a busy city street. Love is an unsigned letter, it's passed on as easily as it's received. how can i change things for the future... that's impossible as far as I'm concerned, there's no room for changing event's, there's only room for avoiding those situations and experiences.

I wish I hadn't moved back home with my parents, I wish I had moved away from Columbia and gotten a real job, I wish I had started more projects, I wish I had saved more money, I wish I hadn't brought Angel with me to NYC, and I wish I had put myself out there to meet more girls.

Honestly I feel as though I let my disease control my life too much. But then again I really had no choice. I was constantly struggling between doing things that I wanted to do but that my body wouldn't allow me to do. It has been an exceptionally difficult year because I started my career and had to learn how to take care of myself.

I should have left Columbia immediately. I would have had the courage to move away. I will be out of here by January 1, 2009.

When I look back at all social networking events that I have been apart of in my industry, I see my detachment as an insecurity. I was scared to reach out and network for fear of something that I can not yet pin point. I spent a lot of money to go to these conferences only to hang out at the bar, and if I had another chance, I would make an effort to bump into more people to talk to them. I need to realize that everyone else is just like me, and their is no reason to be shy at networking events.

I would go back and change the way I quit my last job and started my new one. I would make friends more quickly with my friends and waste less time with those I don't particularly care for.

Is it so terrible to say that I wouldn't have changed very much at all? I came close to falling in love, and it was the kind of love that you can only dream about. I was feeling things that I had only read about in books, watched in movies. Then, I had my heart broken. The let down was that much worse for it. Was the heartbreak worth it? Perhaps. I'm not sure. I thought I had lost my belief in love, that love was fine and dandy for other people, but too ellusive for me. Perhaps I shouldn't have held on so tightly. Perhaps I shouldn't have tried so hard. Will I ever be able to forgive him for what he did to me? I don't know. What I do know, is that the experience changed me, for better or for worse.

I need to get control of my money.

I wish that I hadn't rushed into sharing a house with people I now resent having to live with. If we had resisted the pressure to find a house so early then maybe we would have realised that we are so completely different that there will always be clashes.

I wish I had just ignored him when he started harassing me. I wanted to walk away, but wasn't in a position to do so; I know that would have been my first choice. But I had to sit and take it. So instead of responding, and internalizing the stress of it all, and screaming when it became too much, I wish I had tuned out, turned off, just finished what I was doing and left. It would have been so hard, but he wouldn't have gotten anything from me, and he didn't deserve anything.

Wish I sold my stocks when the charts were telling me to. Wish I studied the various financial products out there a bit more before deciding on one. Learnt that my own personal risk profile is much more balanced. Would go into a more diversified portfolio of investments. Wish someone explained the concept of margin lending as going into a cash negative position to increase holdings in stocks. I might've thought twice before entering it. Going forward, I think the plan is to slowly pay down the margin loan (or transfer the loan to my mortgage. It's a small difference in interest, but it'll help). Start moving from managed funds to index funds. Start setting aside some other income generating assets.

mostly i wish i would have granted myself the 'right' to have more fun. I took on too many projects that got in the way of me doing things I really want to do.

I wish that I would have been more proactive with work during the writer's strike. Ultimately, I came out on top anyhow...but I had to regain respect from my boss for not approaching him about things that I actually considered going to him about and then decided not to. Part of it was that I got lazy and apathetic. It's hard to keep your guns blazing when you feel as though you have to push everything along and you're not seeing rewards. But I learned that everything is noticed - the things that you DON'T do as much as the things that you DO do. And I learned to trust my instincts and not suppress my urge to make myself noticed.

i wish desperately that i had not let myself fall so far behind financially this summer. i shouldn't have spent my tax return as quickly as i did, and i should have been more responsible with my paychecks and keeping up to date with bills. the sheer panic of having bills pile up on top of me with no way to pay them is a terrible, terrible feeling, and i don't *ever* want to feel like that again.

I would of made my decision with Sarah sooner, and spoken to her about how I felt long before breaking up with her. I should have spoken to her and put my concerns and worries on the table, rather than dealing with them by cutting her out of my life straight away. Next time I will be more open with my feelings, and let those around me know just what they are, rather than keeping everything to myself so I can play happy families.

Nothing at all. I love every mistake I've made this year for teaching me something again or for the first time.

-not really. because i learned. -(see, there you have it, i already arrived at the 3rd part of this question some time shortly after the event occurred)

I wish I had been able to enjoy my summer. I do not know how to do things differently. I also wish I could love more. I wish I could stop being so angry inside. I hope that next year I will feel enough love to love everyone else again too. like I used to.

I wish I wasnt so stagnant during the summer. Ive never been at a low point like that ever in my life where I was so unmotivated, unproductive, standing in my own way. Although I was confused about a lot of things, I couldnt even try things just to get the ball rolling. There are so many opportunities, events, people, places, etc, etc that I realized that it was such a waste of time. If I did it differently I would have made my summer 'cultural' and done an internship, any internship just to gain experience and build on myself. I understand how easily I can slip into this again and have learned how to look out for signs and most importantly what triggers it. Every day can be amazing, dont fall into a negative mindset or day to day schedule!

I wish I would've listed to my body. I wish I would've asked for help when I needed it. I honestly would've had the abortion.

I don't really have regrets for this past year. Regrets are pretty wasteful; it is better to learn from mistakes than harp on them and wish to change the past. That being said, I'm currently taking more opportunities to pursue my passions and meet new people, which I had not done as much this past year.

I would cut the people I love a little more slack. I would let go of grudges that in the long run mean nothing. I wouldn't have let so many others determine how I feel about myself.

I wish I would have been more on top of my schooling. That would have improved my position with classes and being able to finish this spring. I need to learn that procrastination is not something that I can hide nor afford to be a regular patron of.

j'aurais du arrĂȘter de fumer

That I would try and manage my relationships with my superiors more appropriately. I would have liked to have been less hostile and taken a few steps before it got out of control. It's not what you do that's embarrassing, it's what you chose to do that's embarrassing.

I want to start fewer projects that I don't finish.

An event or an occasion, I can't think of one day or action. Two things are bigger than the one thing. My job - I wish I were a big idea person. I'm an on the ground, detail oriented, creative in my logistics and how to get things done. I'm not the high in the sky oh this could be a good dream. I think too much about the steps to get it done and need to let myself be more free. Go for the big stufff and then then figure out the strategy. How to improve in the future? let go. More free writing. Ask to have more time to be creative and dream. Say I don't think well on my feet, ask to brain storm together. This is my chance to grow my program and I've been sitting still for a while. I'm feeling good about pushing things. I think the advisory committee might be helpful. i may need to strategize more on how to develop them into my champions. The other big thing has been being Clay's friend. I've learned from him and others, that people look to me for advice. But what I'd like to do differently is wait for them to ask before I spout my opinion, I'm becoming my dad in that way. I think I would get more out of my frienships if I didn't tell them what to do!

That I would have been more patient with myself and with my family/friends. I feel that my temper is getting the better of me sometimes and I'd like to work to control it more. I could have lived more in the moment and more excitedly about every day occurances. I also should/could have gone to the gym more. But thats no surprise.

Nope. I am done with guilt and regret. Instead I am practicing being present. (Key word being practicing!)

I wish I had been more pushy about getting that internship with Coke, and tried harder to get my foot in the door after management had changed. I wish that in general I had been more apt and had the courage to speak my mind and say "no". I wish that I had not stayed at my job with Career Prep as long as I did. It was pretty miserable. I wish that I had enjoyed myself more on my trip to Vegas. I wish that I had tried harder in my chemistry class and sought help when I needed it.

I would of liked to have been more responsible with my finances this year. I had been given a great chance to get things sorted at the start of the year and I pretty much blew it until a few months ago. I need to be more steadfast in sticking to my finances and be willing to do more with less. Working out some goals to work towards has made it easier to stay focused. I need to keep an eye on my goals and reassess them every so often to make sure they are still what I want.

I wish I had spent more time nurturing my talents - design, photography, music - rather than wasting it all browsing online websites or drinking on the weekends. If I just learn to prioritize and work towards long-term satisfaction rather than immediate satisfaction, I believe that I will find my life more satisfying. I also wish I had kept it in my pants.

There is. I wish despite my desire to be selfless, that I had not thrown myself at someone's feet. I thought that I was in love with someone that loved me just as much, but in the end, I found myself trapped in a contraption of self-hate and self-blame because of my selfless nature. I have to learn to know and understand my feelings for other and their feelings for me. If it's real and true and worth my sacrifice, I will always give all I need to make another happy in life.

i always have regrets. so perhaps i should learn to not dwell on them

I don't regret a single thing, I wouldn't change a moment.

exercised my stock options with my former employer...i would trusted my own instincts rather than hesitating and asking for advice against it...take faith in my own decision making...

I wish I had seen what was happening between James and I sooner and started my relationship with Adam sooner than I did. It was destructive to stay so close to James for so long and continue to wish that things would work out between us. I now know to trust my instincts and go with my first reaction/response.

I wish I had socially connected with more people, on a deeper level than just meeting at parties, chatting, etc. My junior year just started, and I feel out of place and uncomfortable with people I adored last year. Hopefully I can learn to keep connections alive so I can have more healthy friendships with people.

That I would have pushed myself harder in terms of working on my art and illustration portfolio instead of making the usual excuses and procrastinating. I would have been able to open the doors to so many enriching and fulfilling experiences otherwise. Also, that I would have spent less on clothes and more on necessities as well as saving for the future. At this point, I have very little, if no savings, at all.

I wish I had worked harder in high school to graduate without having to stress last minute. I also wish I had finished applying to art school and actually gone to one. instead of settling because I was scared. HUGE regret. I am hopefully going to make up for it next year.

I wish I tried harder at my job. It's easy to slack off and I think I took too much advantage of that. Taking it easy is a hard habit to break but I'm trying to break it one day at a time.

I wish I realised and found a new job sooner. Next time if I feel like my job is going no where, do something about it straight away, not wait, for anything. More self reflection and goals would help me realise that this was the case sooner.

I really, truly, wish i had stayed home for at least another semester, but when i chose to move, i didnt know what was coming, in essence it really is out of my hands. one of the stupidest things i did this year was committing to a relationship with someone who was leaving for iraq in a month. When i moved home to pay off my credit cards, i should have PAID OFF MY CREDIT CARDS. looking back on it...i made $10,000 more than what i STILL owe! get it together woman! All in all, i think that 2008 has been my most emotionally stable year yet and I am proud of the person i am and the things i am trying to accomplish.

I wouldn't have lied so much about my life to all my friends and my boyfriend. I wish I wasn't in the position to lie to my mother so much for my boyfriend. But other that those things, which will come and go, I can't think of something else I would have done differently besides little day to day things. Oh, I know. I wish I had lost weight this year.

That i would take the other work offer that i had this year, that i would bealived more in me than in others. Now i know that even when we have other people's support, it's better to do things and take decisions trusting my self.

I wish I would just say how I felt more often and let go of the fear. I've gotten better, but I feel like I said it too late for it to matter at all. Being true, loving and living and being true to myself. That's what I need to consistently do.

I wish I had known that I was being too tough on some people and would result in me losing them forever. I should have taken the time to realize how horrible I was acting and I shouldn't have been so mean. I hope next time around I learn that just because someone loves you doesn't mean they will be there forever.

I wish I could have focused more diligently on my schoolwork, especially in the first few months of the Fall semester. I need to also be more responsible when it comes to my day job, even if they don't really pay me enough to care, people are still counting on me. I need to track my expenses more closely, and be more grateful to my parents.

I wish I had been more careful with money. I should have stuck to my budget and plan to do so in future.

That I would have drawn much much more to make finally true my dream of becoming a professional illustrator and painter.

I wish I had taken grad school for what it was and made the best of it, instead of sulking and repeatedly complaining about what a waste of money it was. Be outside the negative.

I need to think more, and reflect, when I act.

Trabalhar melhor. Estabilidade emocional. Foco.

I wish I hadn't been such a slave to my job. I neglected personal relationships, my health and really everything in the pursuit of something that I ultimately didn't know that I didn't want. Moving forward, I need to ensure that I focus on me first - I need to make building personal relationships a priority; really, my personal well-being on all levels a priority.

i could have saved more money! i'm afraid with the current state of the economy that i should have been more frugal with my spending. i'm doing my best to keep adding to my savings.

I wish I didn't get so close to the guy that makes my day to day life so hard. I wish I realized that things were going to be this way. Next time, I should remember not to let my emotions and feelings for someone get in the way of my life.

I wish i could of discovered who I am, it's still puzzles me to this day. I could of explored my self further, as far as religion, culture, and things like that. I feel as if i need to take some time to myself and find out what i truly think my life should be like.

I wish that at the end of my school year I would have embraced everything more. I wish that I would have spent more time developing myself as a leader and a mentor to younger girls in my sorority instead of preparing myself mentally and physically to just graduate. I wish that I would have broken up with my boyfriend at the time sooner- because I felt like he was holding me back and the relationship defiantly went on longer than it should have. I think at the point of graduation I felt like I finally 'arrived" which is far from true. I hope that I will never arrive- at anything. I just need to remember that I always have something to work on, and always something to improve. There's a fine balance between living in the moment, and looking towards the future. I think that there are things in your life that comes up that deserves immediate attention, and others planning on action. But all situations need to resolve with some sort of contemplation- and at this point in my life, I have given up contemplating and thinking - and just doing, and sometimes it works, but in the long run, it doesn't last. basically I think that I was moving more with my heart than my head- but then again, I really wouldn't have it any other way.

no. It was a very difficult year. Probably the most difficult in my life, but I have no regrets in how I handled the cards I was dealt. In the future I must hold perspective and continue to try and view the "big picture" whenever possible.

Finishing my first year of uni and finding friendships are fragile. I lost touch with many people simply because I didn't try - drifting as people is an excuse.

i wish that i had not said certain mean things to my girlfriend. she is super nice to me and sometimes i am not. we are both a little bit crazy though. in different ways. contrasting ways. and there is the entire problem. Nothing specific though. i should think more before i speak. and maybe speak more often. i dont like speaking.

I wish I had made time to exercise.

I should have spent more time with my friends - not with my computer!! Now I feel that much better. With my trusty friends.

I have no regrets. Everything that happened happened for a reason and that made me who I am today.

Take care of small problems before they become BIG problems. Also, don't take family for granted ... family is always there.

An event or an occasion, I can't think of one day or action. Two things are bigger than the one thing. My job - I wish I were a big idea person. I'm an on the ground, detail oriented, creative in my logistics and how to get things done. I'm not the high in the sky oh this could be a good dream. I think too much about the steps to get it done and need to let myself be more free. Go for the big stuff and then then figure out the strategy. How to improve in the future? let go. More free writing. Ask to have more time to be creative and dream. Say I don't think well on my feet, ask to brain storm together. This is my chance to grow my program and I've been sitting still for a while. I'm feeling good about pushing things. I think the advisory committee might be helpful. i may need to strategize more on how to develop them into my champions. The other big thing has been being Clay's friend. I've learned from him and others, that people look to me for advice. But what I'd like to do differently is wait for them to ask before I spout my opinion, I'm becoming my dad in that way. I think I would get more out of my friendships if I didn't tell them what to do!

Moving in with my ex-fiance was probably the worst decision I ever made. Getting engaged was up there. I should have said "no". Rushing into things is always bad. In the future, I will take time (as much time as I want even if it means years) to know people before committing to anything. Being secure with my own decision is the most important opinion.

He pensado en eso, creo que hubiera sido un poco mas considerado con fidel, tal vez si hubiera insistido en salvar "lo nuestro"

I wish I would have been more confident and had more conviction in myself. It could have save me in a few situations. I guess we all learn though. Must remember to back myself up. And have confidence in my abilities, and work to develop a stronger sense of self.

I wish I had really committed to the things I set out to do; get fit, save money, spend more time with my friends. I am always looking back at the things I didn't do or didn't do properly and trying to learn from them, hopefully getting this in the future will ignite a spark or allow me to feel proud for changing this fact.

I wish that i had maintained a more positive attitude at my job. With my engagement, I wish that I hadn't been in such a rush for the future. I should enjoy being my age. In the future, I want to love myself, where i am, and the body I'm in.

I wish I took more photos.

I wish I hadn't got drawn into a long term fight with an ex-colleague. It was and is energy draining, and it was over something so stupid. I should try to be more empathetic and think a bit more.

I wish I traveled more. I wish I spend more time with my family. I wish I was nicer to people. I wish I did more volunteer work. I wish I made a difference in people's lives.

I wish I had seen my former friend's absence for what it was instead of making excuses and casting about for explanations. If I could, I wouldn't have let myself be spun up to the point of medicating away the opportunity to say goodbye. Going forward, knowing I can't help but give people the benefit of the doubt, I must resolve to also recognize that some people will no longer want me as I am. I need to be comfortable with that.

im just getting very possessive on frinds and getting jealous. need to change as it is affecting me mentally and changing my attitude and makeing me look like a wrng person. need to just give evrybody their own space and take things a bit easy

I fell in love with Lesley. And handled it all so badly with Michele. I would have started talking to Michele about being unhappy in our relationship so much earlier, and I would have talked to her about wanting to be open to being poly. I would have told her earlier that I had a crush on Lesley. I would have told her that I wanted to be in a relationship with Lesley. I would have been above board and honest and not kissed Lesley before it was okay, and this would be very different. Or. I would have left.

I think that I would have liked to have eaten better. I think I obsess about food. I feel like I'm gaining weight and not exercising enough. Everyday is a new day though and it's up to me to make good choices about things. I wish my girlfriend cared more about what she ate as well. As far as things go things are on an even keel. I guess I feel like I should be more proactive with things. I'm a pushover about a lot of stuff.

I wish I never dated Mario. That motherfucker ruined my life. I learned not to trust people, thank you very much.

I wish I had been much more social. Although it was difficult moving to a city where I knew no one, I wish I had made more effort to be social. The first six months in DC were very depressing and I never want to repeat that.

I would to have changed how I approached my dissertation proposal progress. I fell apart after my diabetes diagnosis and totally dropped the dissertation work.

manage my time. i would take sick days every so often just to have free time and not always be working.

Less sex, more drugs and rock & roll.

I wish I had been more disciplined. I also am fully engaged--a reluctant prisoner--in the processing of fear. It's been a tyrannical presence throughout my entire life until this year. As I sit with it and give it a little play and a lot of space, it's mostly smoke and mirrors. I am embracing that things fall apart, people disappoint, life happens differently than my expectations and things are still okay--sometimes better without my "help." It's also true that while I cannot make the fear go away completely, and some things in life are quite scary, the fear that has hijacked my life needs a little time out several times every hour so I can look at my circumstances without it. Life becomes much lighter and gentler.

I wish I had dealt with my feelings in a different, more productive way. I know how to do that now, to let myself be who I am and love people. Maybe that was the most important lesson. Princeton was killing me.

I wish I would have managed my money better. I should have put it into some sort of untouchable account, as I've squandered too much of it away with living just beyond my means. I need to spend some time thinking about my finances and where I can spend less.

I wish that I hadn't gotten so caught up with the drama at work. I should have taken a step back andd I try to distance myself these days. I hope to leave this job in the next year...

I wish I had the courage to deal with my relationship with my sister differently. I'm sad we've grown apart. I need to work on it now that we're older. Our closeness now longer comes naturally.


I wish I were more patient, and less judgmental. I need to listen better, and count my blessings!


I got fed up with my job and I made a change. In retrospect, I should have thought it thru more, perhaps gone to my employer with my concerns and seen whether or not I could effect some change from inside. I think I wanted to make a point by finding a new job. Maybe they would try and talk me out of it. But that didn't happen. I think I go with my gut feelings too much some times. I need to stop and think hard before I make significant decisions. But then I sometimes become paralyzed with second thoughts. I also have a great deal of difficulty talking about these types of things with others. I need to get more input, and think about things a bit more before I act.

I wish I would have appreciated the present. I would like to enjoy my life more and live in the now. I need to find a balance between career and pleasure.

If there was anything i would have done differently this last year, it would def be the fact that i would have tried to remain a little closer to my friends from back in high school. It seems now that i never talk to them, and when i go home i only see them maybe once or twice. I feel like i have no one in the summer time to hang out with, and even at college i wish i had someone from my home to share experiences with. I don't really know what i would have done differently, but try a little harder to stay friends with todd. Hopefully this next year i will be able to get a few of these friendships back

I kind of wish I would have figured out what I want to do in my art more. And really taken advantage of sculpture to create projects for my senior exhibit. I didn't do as poorly in sculpture as the first time around, but I still feel like I could have done better. Now that I am away from my friends, I really wish I would have hung out more and become closer to them. I also really wish I would have been more fun in Chicago on our trip. I was SUCH a downer, I wish I would have taken more pictures and just been a better friend to my friends. I have to learn now this year to just take advantage of every situation and have the most fun doing it, and not worry or get upset over stupid things.

I would say the biggest thing I want to change about myself is people pleasing. I notice I am still afraid of conflict and can avoid speaking up if I am disappointed with someone flaking (my sister), or not getting what I need (another take in a film). I can blame it on myself, my expectations are too high and I need to learn more acceptance and that is all well and good and TRue, but I also can live my truth more...

Twice I disappeared after a few dates with guys--dates that had gone well, but I knew I wasn't interested in dating more than just casually. But instead of being upfront about my feelings--I just disappeared. I feel bad about that. I wish I would have been more respectful and honest--because that's the way I'd want to be treated too. I think I need to think about treating people as I want to be treated--and get over my fears, so that I can be a more open, honest person.

I find that it is easy to say something like this based on hindsight. However, if things had happened in the manner in the past year it must be because of some causes or judgement of me based on the then situation and the best knowledge I had at that time.I think I just have to accept the outcome and move ahead as the future year is not going to be the same as the past year. Having said that, I think I could have re-shuffle my asset portfolio by selling some of my properties last year although at that time the prices of properties are still moving up.That is when the property had reached a target price of a mature investment, I should have realized the profit and keep the cash for future investment opportunities to come.

this is quite a tough one. i guess i wish there hadn't been so many fights with hagit. i wish i hadn't lost it at those key moments of breakdown. i need to accept hagit more for what she is and not try to force her into this mould that i have of an ideal partner.

I wish that I had been more confident about my post-job transition, and not starting taking on work only a month after leaving my job of fourteen years. I also wish I had been more patient regarding some work opportunities, rather than let my anxieties lead to some unfortunate miscommunications. Finally, I wish I'd found a way to reach out to my mother, especially when she had surgery--again--for breast cancer, in June.

I muffed a job interview. I had to project an image of dead seriousness, never mind that I'm more light-hearted than that. So, I at least have to pretend to be dead serious unless the interviewer shows signs of loosening up.

Moving in with Jonathan in Atlanta was a much bigger deal than living together in Gainesville. I knew that we would both need to work on things, but I did not anticipate how much things would change. I wish I would have taken a step back to reevaluate life and approach him differently about everyday troubles. I also wish I would have aced the interviews I've been on. I seem to really impress people before they meet me, but then something goes horribly wrong. I'll tell you how I would have done it differently when I figure out how I fucked it up.

I would not have worn my heart on my sleeve, I would not have trusted people so implicitly. I will learn a poker face to help hide my true feelings at work. I will follow my instinct and not seek approval so desperately.

I would have changed things with laura, because alot of the time it scares me to think of what she might do. I wouldnt have done it at all. I wish things were different with stef, i wish i didnt take her for granted, and i wish i told her i cared about her.

I wish I didn't have the wedding I thought I should have had to please other people. I wish I just did what would have pleased me and the other half and not done things I thought would make others happy (especially as it turns out they couldn't care less and, what I thought, were ungrateful). In future I need to learn to be a little more selfish when it comes to certain things as at the end of the day what is important to you isn't important to others (although with certain things it should but this was not the case here) so you may as well do what makes YOU happy.

I wish I had put my comfort and what I needed to do for myself higher on my list of priorities. I learned to slow down, not try to do so much, and clarify what I need for myself as well as what everyone else needs. I will be in better shape in the future if I am more careful to meet my own needs.

I wish that I had studied harder for several of my classes during the final year of my degree. I graduated, but however I flunked two of my classes, which I found disappointing. I thought I was quite arrogant, really, and that I should have not been so complacent with them, and if I hadn't I might have done better this year. I'm thinking that I can learn from this by taking nothing for granted, and taking all challenges I face seriously, even if they seem to be quite easy at first.

I have had several instances where I have sent emails that were misunderstood. I should be more careful to not rush on emails that have potentially misunderstood content and either word them more carefully or save the discussion for in person if possible.

I would have invested greater confidence in where I am at at this very second. I wouldn't have spent so much time second guessing myself or worrying about my shortcomings. I would have taken more pleasure in my talents and abilities. The most important thing would have been to take better care of myself. And to not take the people I love for granted.

I wish I had been easier on myself. All the things I lay awake at night worrying about almost never happened. I wish I had let go of bad people instead of holding onto bad memories..I wish I had more fun and invested more of my time in my friends.

The only thing I can think of is the day we went to Beaulieu in England for the day during our Summer vacation. It was a three hour journey each way and it was freezing and raining the whole time we were there. We had our one year old twins with us and on the journey back to London, they were both sick all over their carseats and the car we had borrowed. We should never have gone. A day out in the Natural History Museum would have been fun, much nearer and infinitely cheaper!

I would have kept in contact with Liz Willis more intensely & frequently, not felt miffed by her success and instead showed professionalism and enthusiasm about her projects and worked more directly with her. I intend to be much more immediately responsive to business collaborators in the future.

I have no specific regrets beyond not being as proactive as I should be. I see great things for myself, but I collapse when things begin to stack up.

I wish I had more fun. I wish there was less stress due to money. I wish I felt that I could independently do what I want, when I want, without feeling guilty about enjoying myself.

I wish I had been able to balance my life better when I got busy with the school. I didn't have good visits with my daughter because I was too busy and I regret this. I didn't train well either to race or ride distance. I let down a number of friends who needed me this summer. I really learned that it is easy to get imbalanced. I think I need to figure out how to schedule time to balance my priorities. I would have seen if I could get some help with the school. I think that I have to figure out how to get some perspective on what I am doing and reflect on the process and how to create balance in my life.

Wish I had not been so stupid about my leg injury... I would have treated the gash to avoid infection.... and what I learned was to take my health more seriously

I wish that I had worried less and enjoyed myself more during the strike and the long summer holiday. I wish I had shared my stress and dis-ease about thwe situation with others. People actually like to help both practically and emotionally and if you share with them they will help and be kind of honoured that you have consulted them

Yes, I wish I had not let my kids know as much about what was going on at shul. I should have made my and my wife's conversations more private.

I know it sounds cliche but just to live life to it's fullest. There were too many times last year when I just retreated to my couch instead doing anything, something that would have been a richer, interesting experience

I wish I would have more ambition and seek the things I want instead of waiting for them to come to me. Before I could realize it the year is almost over and I've become a statistic. At the same time I grew a lot and learned a lot about myself, and perhaps that was a great accomplishment worth spending a long time exploring.

I wish I had been less judgemental this past year. Now that I'm more aware, I plan to be less judgemental...I alwasy heard you can;t know what it's like unless you wear another's shoes...so see things more grey and give more benefit of the doubt...People will then be more gracious to you....

I don't know what I could have done differently, but I wish that whatever caused the split between Jen & co. and myself had never happened. I wish I had an explanation. I wish I had been a better friend to people. I hate that I lose my temper as much as I do and I hope that I can improve it. I hope that I can continue to make some good choices concerning school & organizations, and that good choices will start to spread over into personal life. I wish I had been happy. I learned happiness is not only a state of being, but a choice, and I hope I will make better choices in the future.

I wish I would have realized earlier that I did not want to get married- before it was too late. I could have avoided all of the emotional and financial consequences that followed (costs of the wedding, pain of divorce). If I could have done it differently, I would have consulted more deeply with family members or an advisor to make sure I really wanted to make this move. In the future, I will make sure to do a thorough check with myself so that I never make the same mistake again.

That I would have been more patient with my mother.

I would like to talk more with some friends that I am distant.I learn to dont let so many time withiut talking

I wish that I had avoided getting into debt again. This is something that I'm ashamed of and that I will have to deal with for some time. I will try to remember the sinking feeling that I have now in order to avoid future debt, and I will also be more organized about finances. In addition, I will spend the next year repaying ALL of my debt. I can do this. I also wish that I had been a better friend in terms of honesty, dedication, and avoiding gossip. I will create some rules for myself and work hard to change this in the future, just as I've changed things with my family (my goal last year). I can do this, too. I wish that I had taken better care of my health. I will be making an extensive plan for this.

I wish I would've embraced the team spirit of the fellowship. I wish I could've let my guard down more often and built stronger relationships with my co-workers and supervisors at my placements. I wish I would've calmed my nerves about my relationship with Mike - rather than worry and worry and worry myself sick, building up so much pent up anxiety and emotion - I wish I could have processed those feelings in a more productive way. I would've devoted more time to journaling, yoga, reading spiritual texts. I've learned that I am never stuck, that life is full of wonderful surprises, that not knowing is sometimes the most exciting thing and that no time is wasted exploring, nurturing and learning more about myself.

I wish I had been more organised. By this I mean I wish I had sat down at the beginning of the year and sorted a life plan and then actually stuck to it! I can learn from this by in the next few weeks doing exactly that

Yes, i wish i could have relaxed. My anxiety takes control of my life mentally and physically. I would have taken more time to breath

I wish I'd been more organized in my approach to the play this summer; I feel like our life fell a little bit off the track and I could have done better at keeping it ON the rails even though we were inordinately busy. I also wish we hadn't racked up as much credit card debt this year and I hope to be a lot more realistic about it in the upcoming year.

I had not spoken to my dad in over 4 years. Then I saw him at a family wedding. I went up to him and said hello. When we got home I called him to meet for lunch. I spent this whole year meeting him for lunch and trying to figure out in what direction I wanted this to go.There was to much small talk. I should have made him answer some tough questions. I was worn out on this issue.I have been working on this off and on my whole life.(from 20 to middle 50) Maybe I was tired of trying to fix this and simply gave up. Maybe he didn't feel like fixing this either. I didn't really believe things would ever change. I don't think I like him.My future with him is pretty much over. What I learned is not to let problems get covered up. Confront the other person do not be intimidated or scared . No one is above the truth.Not even your father.


I wish that we had stayed further removed from the kids and the adoption process and stayed in the background until it was necessary to adopt them. It's taken a huge emotional toll because of the close relation within the family of the children. I also wish that I had kept up with the family finances better & not left them to my partner.

I need to treat my children with more respect. I need to sometimes not be so short with them. I need to pay more attention to my husband. Maybe I wouldnt have gotten so angry at how I was treated at our old synagogue and just stayed there. But I was humiliated. I have no clue how I could have handeled that differently.

I wish I had taken a longer vacation, a bigger journey, rather than simply just the one week I went to Nicaragua with my friend Teresa. It was a very valuable week, a recharging week, a week to read and think and meditate on my goals. My instinct is always to take as much work as I possibly can -- I went freelance, so I'm only working for myself right now -- but I think that's the wrong instinct sometimes. I need to take care of myself and my well being.

I wish I would have been better prepared for my senior design review. I could have been more disciplined at my graduation, and perhaps found a job in Austin. In the future I will plan ahead, fix my path upon the employment I desire and take specific steps to be where I desire. I should have committed to my on again and off again girlfriend and faced the fear of being in a serious relationship. In the future I know to appreciate a great woman, and cherish the amazing connections I am blessed with.

There were many complex decisions to be made this past year. I hope to simplify the amount of analyzing I do and minimize waffling in the future by making quicker decisons and trusting my gut more.

A year ago, I was in a bad situation. But from that point on things went uphill. Of course, I did stumble back down a few times, but the past year has been overwhelmingly better than any of the others in my life. Certainly, I can improve on things. For example, I would have never dragged on things with Oliver had I known that they would end badly. I could have taken the SAT a couple more times than I did. But it's okay. One thing I'm not sorry for is everything that happened with Drew. After a relationship didn't work out, our friendship is stronger than ever.

I wish i had not lied in trying to return the lip gloss at the airport on our way to Israel. I should have sucked it up and kept it, since i knew i had broken their rules. i learned to do the correct thing from the get go.

I wish that I had started earlier on my film and made it better, and made a comedy, because that is my "strength", because mine sucked and I wish I had tried harder I would feel a lot better now.

I wish I had taken more time to relax this year, and also I wish I had worked harder this year. I know, they contradict one another. But I think that taking time for myself and for relaxing would have helped me to focus more on the important work I have to do, and I would have gotten more done because I would have had the energy I needed. This year I intend to follow through on my plans for recording, composing, and touring, as well as meditating and exercising. I hope that my increased efforts in each will improve my enthusiasm for the other.

I wish that when I'd taken time off for a holiday I'd used it better and gone away and done something for me. I wish that I could either be in London not at work and learn to switch off or that whenever I take time off I need to go away.. What do I want to do - learn to take time out without having to be outside of the environment that I live in every day

I wish I would have gone about the sale of my house differently. I wish I would have put in the work that needed to be done and not felt so much pressure to sell. I wish I would have asked for more from the buyer. I feel like I gave in too easily to the buyer's demands. I wish I wouldn't have let my brother move in to the house. I love him to death but that guy is a TOTAL SLOB. I wish I would have kept up my diet & excercise routine. I felt so good when I was eating right and working out every day.

I truly believe everything happens for a reason. I wish I had thought more about the program I was committing instead of just going to graduate school. However, without this program, I never would have had the experience in California. I want to think about things and plan them out more carefully in the future. I want to think about what I really want instead of what others may think about me. With more careful planning and research, I can make more informed decisions. I need to think with my brain and not my emotions.

I wish that i had been more present in my nieces and nephews lives. i live far away from them now and when i'm home i see them but i dont really send them gifts or speak to them when i'm not there and i feel like i'm missing out on helping to shape them and be present in their lives.

i just wish i'd generally been more responsible for myself; personally, professionally. i just need to take more personal responsibility for my life and myself.