Is there a part of yourself that you want to work on in 2009?

I need to work, specifically, on focus, following through, finishing things; and, more generally, on discipline, solidity, and making choices instead of saying yes to everything. I have enormous challenges facing me this year that affect no only me but my spouse and our long-term future. I can no longer afford to be constantly blown around by impulses, whims, anxieties, fears, outside forces but must locate and exert will to be an effective force in the world.


I want to judge people less. I want to convince myself that forgiveness is a good thing. I want to spend less time entertaining myself, reading useless magazine articles and watching bad TV and movies. I want to educate myself more instead.

Yes, i'd like to be less critical. I'd like to go with the flow more and be less critical of myself and others. i'd like to see myself as others see me. i'd like to be able to see my beauty and realize that it's not a competition. I'd like to feel my worth regardless of whether i am receiving positive feedback or not. i would like to feel my worth even if i am receiving negative feedback. i would like to really feel the words: a woman of worth, a woman of valor.

My lateness - always running late to things. Why oh why is this such a problem for me!?!?!?

I want to see if I can stop being critical of people, and less cynical and critical of the world overall. This trait certainly springs from my own insecurities, and ultimately saps a lot of energy that I could be using elsewhere. I think it's one of the designer traits that I absolutely despise. I should less concerned with being critical and clever in my work, and concentrate on making things that are authentic. REAL.

would like to find a way to make a regular time for exercise, which will help me be a better me in many ways. getting in shape would be great, but having a regular time to focus on me would be amazing. also, i think if i was getting exercise, i'd just feel more balanced in my emotions.

I think that this is similar to question 6 really but I will give one further answer. I want to work out how to focus more on what is going on with the other person, than that they are being mean or disrespectful to me.


Continue working on my personal - emotional and physical - health with my chosen healers: my homeopath, my yoga instructor, and my friends.

figuring out how to relax more often and more deeply

I want to continue to work on my physical body being stronger, smaller and healthier.

My anxiety and my love life because of it. I took care of the rest, and I'm pretty happy about it ;-))

Setting limits on my activities. Do because I want to not because of ego.

everything! To be more active and positive and healthy and generous; to be patient and friendly and ever the optimist. But mostly to get real control over my daily routine to feel strong and vigorous.

I would like to lose some weight; I would like to get my house in better order; I would like to start working on "taming" my property (and perhaps planting a garden); I would like to write more.

I want to work on loving that part of my self which I hate. If I love myself, I will feel more fulfilled. If I am more fulfilled I will be able to love others more fully. If I can do that, then I have a greater chance of achieving self klnowledge, self control, insight and wisdom. Then I will have the ability to use these characteristics to help others.


I want to start getting my hand dirty again. Doing something to the house, building something, getting back into printmaking....something. I need to have that outlet and I have let it slip this year. I also want to not be so judgemental, it is really get out of hand.

Absolutely! There are a few things I discussed before- PROACTIVITY for one. I think I could just amplify how much I apply myself in about every facet of my life. I guess that's how a lot of teens and young adults feel, but I don't like that feeling much at all. Another very important thing is to be myself, even if I'm with large crowds that think I'm nerdy or something for doing so. That's how true happiness is achieved, aligning your inner self with your outer self. I just need to get over my social fears and be more outgoing, reach out to my friends, new and old, and say what I'm thinking more often than not. Also, I wouldn't mind eating healthier, not skipping class as much, and talking to my parents more.

I want to overcome my fears. I'd like to feel secure in my talents and not be afraid to share them. I'd also like to lose 20 lbs.

My need for mind-numbing distraction. I would like my indulgences to be reading, sleeping and seeing friends, rather than eating, television and intoxication.

I want to let go of the past. I want to get stronger. I want to improve my family relationships

There is a lot of myself I'd like to work on. I'd like to be better at time management so that projects don't keep getting put off. I'd like to regain my outwardness - host dinners, go out and do new things, meet people. I'd like to examine my own beliefs and live accordingly, being true to my own self and my own values.

Because I've spent so much of the last seven years focusing on my professional life, I really want to work on the aspects of my life out side of work. Like hobbies and my personal life. It's getting better in the last few weeks, but it has a long way to go to catch up.

I want to be healthier and more focussed. I want to quit drinking so much and fall in love with my husband all over again.

I wish I didn't try so hard to make friends. Quality is better than quantity and I already have about 5 or 6 amazing friends, what more could I ask for? I want to be happy with who I am and who God made me. I want to be more appreciative of what I have. I also hope I can mend my relationship with Dad.

I want to be less sensitive, i get to emotional and think way to much about things, and i think i need to be less sensitive and allow people to get hurt, i can't cater to the world without catering to myself sometimes.

I would like to consider the lilies

I want to develop my Judaism. I want to figure out how being Jewish enhances my life, who it makes me. I want to figure out how and if g-d can fit into my life. I want to start reading the Torah and understand the stories of my people.

Yes, I would like to more honest with myself and those around me.

I want to become more tolerant of people, and more calm in the face of social tumult. I'm proud of myself thus far for being more and more capable of seeing even very trying situations from different points of view, and for being more able to shrug things off. But I still need to work at this some more. I also want to be even less afraid to think outside the box, to step off the usual linear path that so many of us take (often unhappily, or without being truly fulfilled), and to really just go for it.

I want to be more focused with my energies. Additionally, I want to keep working on being compassionate to all, not just those I know.

I want to learn to be better at saying I'm sorry. I would like to take a deep breath before getting worked up or angry about things - things seem to affect me so deeply these days. I'd like to see them roll off my back a little bit more. I'd also love to be able to take care of myself and what I need and know is best for me and my family without feelings of guilt. And jealousy...I want to focus on what I have and what I want to change rather than worrying about what others have that I don't. Oh - and exercise. I want to really commit to 5 days a week of being active. Even if it's just a 30 minute walk - I want to take better care of my body.

I want to increase my self sonfidence and my ego. After everythign that has happened this year, I'm not confident about myself in stranger's company, making it hard to go out and meet new people and it will probably hinder me moving on with my life.

i intend to continue working on; thriving!! (versus surviving) complete the work i am in, toward transforming generations of family conditioning, hurdles &thought patterns.

I want to believe again. I want to love again. If I don't work this out, I am quite worried about my future state as a person. I just become so numb, so uncaring. The person I was when I felt loved, truly loved, by him, is a person who cared and loved and felt and that person would hate the me of now, and be terrified of the me of tomorrow. I am simply concerned but I can imagine quite a horrible person.

My body.

everything.....but mainly i want to realise that present is determining my future.

I want to work on being healthy for the right reason. I want better self esteem, and sense of security with who I am.

I want to learn to sit calmly in the face of everyday struggles, i.e., traffic, busy schedules, unforeseen expenses, disappointments, etc. I want to learn to love in the present moment. I want to learn to see and love others as they are, not as I think they should be.

I want to relearn how to be happy alone, how to take joy in solitude and not find depression or sadness in it. Not that I don't want to be around people, because I am at heart a social being, but I want to be able to be alone with myself and not be miserable.

stop the busy mind. just be. Do yoga. meditate. breathe.Enjoy the moment.

I need to finish what I start and only start what I will finish.

I would like to be more patient overall. I have seen myself get less and less so, and its not something that I like in myself. I would also like to enjoy the moment more. Relax, man.

My independence. I am already independent from the family, but I feel that I am to reliant on the people around me for approval or recognition of what I do. I need to be happy with what I do and choose do, with out having to get a figurative "pat on the head" from the people around me.

The part of me that I want to work on is consistency. A consistency in the ideals that I believe in and want to be loyal to. I want to be firm in my beliefs. I want myself to be a strong person. Such qualities are my want to be selfless. This above all, I want to make sure stays as part of my character. My next most important is my fidelity. I want to be loyal to myself and to those who love me. Finally, my last wish is to never take things for granted. As much as I have tried in my past, in the end, I find myself looking back and realizing how I did. I don't know if this last one is possible, but I still want to become a person who can realize this.

I would not only like to lose the ten pounds I've gained since I started working, but I want to have the physically fit and slim physique I've been envisioning for myself for the longest time. I also want to re-explore and possibly re-integrate myself spiritually, perhaps in the CLC.

I want to continue to work on every aspect of me until the day I am 6 feet under or blowing in the wind. The only part I want to change most, is being more motivated and regimented in these improvements.

I would like to make excercise part of my diary routine.

An internal balance and maturity so I do not have to often consciously ponder an action's maturity or tone, that it becomes real within. I want to be completely comfortable with myself, secure and happy in my situation, and strong and disciplined enough to make change when necessary. He not busy being born is busy dying.

I want to be able to be happy alone.

To take care of myself and my partner as well as I take care of my cats.

I'd really like to be able to live self-sufficiently in an emotional sense. I've always had a need for other people very close to me, and I think thats why I've had so little time between relationships. Its ok to want someone to be there, but I need to be able to take care of myself. (I also need to be able manage my time and money better, also lose weight and get healthy, but thats nothing new.)

I would like to work on my fitness and on my motivation. I would also like to put a lot of work into my spiritual journey.

I'd like to work on my body to gain some muscles and and I'd like to start drawing again

ConcentraĆ§Ć£o. Acabar com o medo de terminar, concluir.

I would like to learn to open up to people more and be more trusting. Hopefully this means that I will have finally started a new relationship with someone by this time next year. Even if that isn't the case, I'd like to make sure that I open to up my friends. I feel like I need closer friends in my life and in order to do that, I need to learn to be more vulnerable - let people get to know me. I need to stop being afraid that people will be disappointed when they get to know the real me.

Yes. I would like to lose some weight. SERIOUSLY. However, that can begin right now. I would also like to work on the part of me that wants him so bad. I really should learn how to get over him.

I would like to lose weight and also get out and travel some more. See parts of the world that i've always wanted to see.

strength in a chosen direction. I want to regain my drive for results professionally. if I can create some success at work I hope to be able to also sperate it from home to further the previous point where I want balance and setttled feeling overall.

I'd like to lose some weight and be more in shape. I'd like to stop gossiping and talking about people (especially people that I am close to) behind their backs. I'd like to have a more posititive attitude on life. I'd like to be closer to my family.

i would like to be more awake. like i want to be more aware of myself in conversation, in family situations, in all social situations. i find myself hiding in myself when i should be more talkative. or thinking to myself when i should be more outwardly happy for other people. and that is not right.

I want to get fitter and have more moments of beauty

My shyness. And I have to learn to confide in others.

Yes. I want to share me with someone else.

Work on? I want to be more creative. I don't have a deadline of a year, like the last question. Just want to use my mind in a different way. And I think I'd like to figure out how to be less detailed, more able to think big.

weight worry less let things flow more rely on that the students all love me in my school kiosk and like the food we prepare

I wish to build a stronger presence for myself. I hope to overcome the fear I have for judgment from others.

Looks. I'd like to join a gym.

Getting over my fears of everything. Being less prone to panic/stress/overanalyze. calming-down. enjoying my the place i'm at and the body i'm in.

I guess this year I learned that I need to consider other people's feelings more, which I've tried to do. However, I think I've also got to consider my feelings, and try not to take everything so personally. There are people out there who will try to knock me down. I've got to make sure they don't.

love to get fit and get rid of the stupid lumps in my arms. get a new hairstyle .

My patience with myself, my confidence in my future, and my love, trust and appreciation of those around me.

I'd like to be more physically active. There's always the thought of losing some weight and getting in shape, in my head. On a deeper level I feel like I need to work on my coping skills. I need to work on how I react to everyday stressors. I need to work on how I'm enjoying life.

Definitely, feeling more confident about myself, my looks, my body and feeling secure around men.

Maybe I should lose weight. And I should learn how to chose trustworthy people.

I want to be less dependent on my family. I want to be healthier. I want to be happier and more outgoing. #1 goal: be healthier, be sick less

I would like to accomplish two things: complete the PhD and get recentered on my life. For a period of time, before pursuing further academic work, I was centered: meditating regularly, playing my musical instruments regularly, and practicing/teaching Taijiquan. Regular work and academic progress have thrown me off kilter. I need to regain the centeredness I once possessed (at least with time anyways).

I want to try everything. Let nothing intimidate me, and allow myself to grow because of it. Also; less promiscuity.

i get stuck too easily

So I said a lot of things before I submitted, but it deleted it all. I want to get better at keeping in contact with people, since being not in school and being in Japan would make that harder. I want to have better self confidence, I want to love myself and others more. I want to be healthier, I want to do yoga every day. I want to do more of the things I want to do, write more, draw more, paint more, do/listen to more music. I want to be a better sister, daughter, girlfriend/fiancee. I want to be closer to God.

I think that I want to work on more creativity-always a goal for me this year has definitely been a focus on changing things financially-trying to start increasing the focus on the business and expanding.trying to get our daughter through her last year at college and helping my mom through her last days,weeeks, months, years? so once again, the focus is not on me and my needs.


Speech. Watching what I say, especially about other people. Not speaking disrespectfully about someone unless I'm with a good friend who understands that I'm "venting." Not speaking disrespectfully about my mother. And not making ambiguous jokes that could be misunderstood. Not speaking about someone's weirdness without specifying that I mean it in the best way - but even then, holding my tongue. I want to learn to speak wisely.

I would like to work on having more patience...and to lose 5 pound too!

being an even better man

I need to work on my mental attitude. I find it hard to stay positive at times. I also want to work on my socialization skills. I find myself feeling increasingly cut off from others. I am not good at making or maintaining friendships. I wish I were more comfortable in social situations. I was never that good at meeting new people, never really just hung out with large groups, but it seems I fall further and further behind in these situations as I get older

Ok. If there is any part of me that the flaws keep shining through lately it is the fact that I can't take anything seriously. Perhaps to me this is not as big of a deal as it is to people around me, and maybe the only reason why I even believe this to be a character flaw is that my new girlfriend tells me so. I guess that it is kind of not all about her telling me that I can't be serious that gets to me, i realize it in day to day life all the time. Hell even when my parents are telling me i joke around to much it must be getting bad. And back to the whole girlfriend thing, I want her to know that i can be there for her intellectually, and i can sit down with her and just "talk", but it is definitely a part of my character to want to have as much fun with someone as i can for as long as i can. To sum it up, i need to work on being serious at least some of the time, but i can't let it change me. I always want to be that playful funny guy for her, and me.

Self-confidence Being less shy, more outgoing Speaking my mind Speaking my mind Being aggressive/bold Being bold Being confident Bettering myself through reading, writing, life experiences Journal more Document more Write to people, on real paper through the real mail with a stamp Reading more Yes, I know I repeated a lot, but these are things I really want to work on.

I want to work on being more patient with myself and others.

financial anorexia. the part of me that says dont spend = save save save- sometimes can be great asset bit sometimes can be very deprivational. and the part of me that says there is never enough anything: I am not enough, there is not enough time, money, love etc.

I know that in order to find the relationship I want that I must date. In the past I have taken rejection personally. While I rationally can reason with the rejection, in subtle ways I punish myself. I eat more, I stop exercising--and I see these as ways to comfort myself. But in the end, they are damaging to my ego--and make it even harder for me to put myself out there when I feel lazy or fat. So, instead of just feeling the disappointment or the depression, I end up getting mad at myself. Rationally I see the pattern, but I haven't yet been able to break the pattern emotionally. It's so hard. But I want to love myself more--and trust, that in time, someone will love me, too.

I want to be totally up front in my relationships, and happy with where I am.

I hope to continue committing to memory the various memorisations from the Baha'i Writings that are recommended in the Ruhi Institute training materials, as well as adding to the various Shakespearean soliloquies I've already absorbed, and more of the Hidden Words of Baha'u'llah. So I've been actively working on memorisations in an effort to keep engaged with that aspect of mental activity, and hope to keep cramming to see how much is still recall-able in a year's time.

Yes,would like to keep fit by controlling the energy intake and excercise regularly inoder to achieve especially blood lipid and blood pressure within the acceptable level.

there is always something you can work on when it comes to yourself. the thing that immediately comes to mind is patience. i want to learn to be more patient. i also want to exercise more and regularly. i want to feel that i am not wasting my self, i wanting to be living and working to the truest and best of my potential.


There are many parts of myself I want to work on, but if I had to pick one, it would be the part of me that has such a hard time with forgiveness, of myself and of others.

There's always room for improvement. My one great weakness is that I lack social intelligence. This is very hard to develop. So, the next-best thing is to take classes and find experiences to work on this. In fact, I have a class ending on Erev Yom Kippur. This is just a baby step on a long, hard slog. I really need a mentor, but this kind of mentor is very hard to find. I tend to be mentored by people with even less social intelligence.

Paitience, paitience, paitience. Self-control.

I want to become the person I've always dreamed of being. I'd like to calm down a little. especially privately. I think I'm annoying the shit out of Jonathan. I want to work on becoming a lady. High heels. Great hair. Kind and polite to every stranger I meet. An amazing friend to my besties. I want to host amazing parties and always have my style and my home look stylish and ready for anything.

I have been very internally focused; I would like to learn to connect to others. I have had the experience of being astonished by another's perspective and views this opens up. This is an experience I can benefit from throughout this year.

balance between humility and confidence

would like to be less lazy..just do things without delaying!

Most importantly would like to lose loads of weight and work on speaking French more fluently.

Generally looking after myself a bit better and learning to let go of negative things which have happened in the past and to approach life in a calmer, wiser way...

I'd like to work on being more confident and relaxed about things. I used to be quite uptight, but I have managed to relax quite a bit since then - however, I still tend to agonize over small, insignificant details and be nervous about my prospects when going for job interviews. My brother manages to be quite confident and relaxed in many situations, such as social events and job interviews, and I'd like to be like that.

Be a better listener.

yes, my major personality flaws. lying, trying to be someone im not, lving in the future and not enjoying the moment. i want to learn to appreciate what i have better and live better. i want to develop healthier relationships with those around me, especially my family

I want to be more authentic. Sometimes I give in to pressure and conform to make other people happy. I would also like to have more patience and let go of things more easily that bother me.

yes, lots. stop gossiping so much. think of others and how i can be of help in times of need. stop being so paranoid about what others may think of me. make time to daven more on shabbat and in the mornings. give my kids more attention. appreciate my husband for what he is and not what i would want him to be.

Yes. I want to be freer, more open, stronger, more disciplined and superbly, unquestionably confident.

Fortify my tolerance for people is a good one.

Get in better shape, start to create an independent future, enjoy myself more.

I want to work on the balance of the physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental parts of myself. Physical: - Train/ride more and make a plan - Eat better and lose 10 pounds Emotional: - Face the meaning of having an eating disorder - Learn to deal with ups and downs of D Spiritual: - Create a satisfying spiritual practice - Do more art Mental: - Read more books - Find situations to stretch my intellectual "muscles"

lose weight, get fit, improve health and improve income


Would like to be honest, honest, honest with myself and EB about ALL THINGS. Would like to get back to 150 pounds (35 pounds to go) Would like to daven DAILY. Would like to exercise DAILY. Would like to be a patient, kind and loving Mum. Would like to be the kind of Jew that pleases Hashem, that inspires his mercy and rachamim.

Yes. To become more of a orthodox Jewess by studying relevant topics. To improve my hebrew. To reduce my smoking habbit.

Absolutely - my obsessiveness and still working on that anger thing; getting better, but, as Maury would say, "Not yet."

to get into shape, go to gym.

I would like to be skinnier and in a relationship. But mostly I want to be open with my emotional self. I don't want to continue to suppress how I feel, warts and all.

Being less gossipy

Hand eye coordination. Fitness. Assertiveness and confidence.

I'd like to get more in shape.

Romantic side

I want to continually examine my reactions to Dan, and determine my c ore issues with him and give him more thoughtful answers without arguing so that ultimately we will have a smoother and more intelligent track of communication to be on.

Yes. Of course. Life is change and change is life. Evolve. I would like to love my Self unconditionally, and take good care of my Self. I would also like to be true to my Self, be less inclined to gossip, speak positively in constructive ways And learn when to speak up for myself and stand up for what i am and believe in. I would like to be more organized in what i say and do. And get better at time management, so that i am not running last minute or late. Having said all that I would like all of the above to come out and be engrained in my natural way of being. Surrendering to my true Self and live it.

Social skills, learning to be happy alone

Healthy self image. There is so much that I don't like about myself, in both the looks and personality department. I don't like who I am. But I would like to have a better view of myself by this time in 2009.

I would like to work on being more fit and lose weight and be healthier. I would like to also finish the work on my teeth and possibly discontinue taking my blood pressure medication

I dont want to change just to improve myself the way I am

I want to be less emotionally dependent in my next relationship (presumably Joel). I want to live a healthy lifestyle. By this time next year, I hope to be living an active and healthy lifestyle, not dieting. I want to be more of an honest person with less to hide. I want to avoid gossip. I want to be better at showing people that I care about them.

I want to spend more time living in the present. I want to work on managing my anxiety, giving myself self-care. I want to fortify my tolerance for people and begin to truly value each person I come in contact with for who they are and what positive attributes they exude and contribute.

My self confidence still and my body. I want to be more independent and I want to keep up the gym routine so that I look toned and healthy by the time I go away.

Self confidence. I think being more self confident would help me overall

The abdomen.

I'd like to work on the physical and taking care of myself better. I seem to be the last on my list until I hit a crisis where I then have to crash and not do much for anyone. I would like to monitor myself from getting to that point.

i want to reduce my swearing :), i want to lose weight and be more fit.

Absolutely..I want to work on consiousness so that i dont keep defaulting back to anxiety. i want to work on acceptance of myself and being quiet enough to allow that spark to come thru. i want to work on being less self conscious, more loving and less enviousness.

Yes. Many parts. 1) The way that I feel and present myself to others in terms of confidence. I'm smart, witty and funny and shouldn't be quite so self effacing. (Although certainly modesty is a good quality.) 2.) The ability to let things, failures, what people say roll off of me. 3.) I would like to let loose a little more -- romantically, socially, whatever. Of course, I've grown leaps and bounds in these departments over the year, but I could always be better.

I want to become more confident.

Of course. There are many parts of myself I'd like to work on. I'd like to open up to my friends more. I'd like to have the confidence in myself to endure loneliness or hard times without fearing that they define me. I'd like to call my Grandpa more. I'd like to have real conversations with my parents more. I'd like to exercise and meditate more. I intend to do some of all of these things.

I want to discover more about me...what I really want to do. There is always the obvious working out and maintaining myself which is something that I plan to do throughout my life. I want to get more involved. I have a hard time pushing myself to join new things. I know that I thrive off of being around people and getting involved--I need to get back to those roots. What makes me happy? How can I come off to guys as more than just a fun girl or friend?

be less snubbish and in-your-face, be more humble and observe more.

mental and physical health self assuredness