Describe one thing you'd like to achieve by this time next year? Why is this important to you?

I'd like to meet someone. Being alone sucks, although not as much as being with the wrong person.

i would like to have a new job, preferably in a new city. i feel stagnant and believe its time that my job start to reflect more of who i am or who i want to be.

I wish to achieve financial independence via entrepreneurship. That's important since I am planning on being self-employed.

Build and stabilize leadership to replace me on a project I'm now leading.

Stay alive - just got this info from the tit-ologist. "It looks susopicious", he said Arrange affairs - Mum's care, the Family Fortune,

The script should be finished. I want to be able to have a scheduled shoot by BEFORE this time next year; shooting to take place in october-november. The script should be finished in May. Casting, Crew finding, Equipment, Dist, Pre Prod, Props, Locations, Etc... all taken care of before august. By Sepember 23rd next year, I want to be finalizing everything. And by January I want to be wrapping. Its a goal. Complete. Simple. And Unwavering. I need this. I need this.

I hope I'll manage to live a less stressful life. I hope I'll have only ONE job instead of two or three at a time. I hope I'll have time to take care of myself. I hope I'll manage to move abroad, far far away from this fucked-up country (Italy).

Ok, the real target for one year of my diet is 50 kg lost. You know what, I'll be over the moon with 25 kg. So let's call it a success if I'm between 85 and 110 this time next year. It's just time to do it, and I'm committing to do it, and I have been doing it for six weeks now and I am just so over not losing weight. I'm going to just keep at it for the rest of my life, because eating the way I have been is just silly. So I'm not going to do that anymore.

I would like to be living in Israel. It is important to me on many levels. As a Jew, moving to Israel is called "Aliyah". My late husband and I had planned for years to make aliyah. We put this on hold to pay for his children's education. I have wanted to live in Israel since high school. My daughter and my oldest stepdaughter both made aliyah and live in Israel, with their families, my sons in law, and grandchildren. My sister lives there. I have friends there. I need the change--living here alone is not good for me. My late husband's family has abandoned me.

I would like to have truly made peace with some relationship issues that I have ; to feel unconflicted about where I'm at. this is important not only because I'm thinking about them all the time but because they are representative of where I am on "the path." In addition, to take my work with meditation to the next level in terms of sharing/using it to assist others.

marriage. this is important to me because of two reasons: i feel like it is a milestone of development, a normal stage that most people go through. even though i have very close relationships and have been in several loving romantic relationships, ive never felt like i wanted to commit to marrying anyone, until possibly now, in my current relationship-so it's indicative of my ability to achieve a critical life stage. secondly, i need to love and to be loved in and of itself and also to enhance my spiritual relationship--i believe it to be dynamic, relationships in general, and also the God relationship, which is so often referred to as a love partnership.

I would like to have a family again. (I would like to marry)

I wish and hope and pray to be a mother by this time next year. I have waited my whole life to become a mother, to devote myself to every need of someone else. Now that I have finally come to the point where I can begin, I fear that it won't happen for us.

On a basic level - I need a job. I'm going down in flames here, and I desperately need to bring in money and have some semblance of a life. Bigger picture - I will be attempting to get into PhD programs overseas. I hope I get there, and get funded. I'm working all the avenues, so it's more than hope - but still, there's always an element of the unknown.

There are so many possible answers to this question. On the most physical level: by this time next year I hope to be comfortable caring for my son, who will by then be nine months old! It's almost unimaginable to me now. By this time next year I'd like to have made progress with at least one of the big literary projects on my plate: the book proposal that's making the rounds, the poetry manuscripts which are yet unpublished, the other publishing work which is beginning to seem possible. Okay, that's two things; I'll stop there. Why are they important to me? The first, because I want to be a good parent and I want to be able to integrate parenting into the other parts of my life. The second, because I want my writing to be (more) out there in the world -- that feels like a gift I can give to myself and to others.

I hope that I passed the bar and become a successful lawyer. I think the first year of being a lawyer is crucial to my professional development. I hope to have won both a civil and criminal trial case. The experience of trying a case will be great for my future and increasing my marketability as a lawyer. Financially, I hope to be in a more stable place in a year and looking to purchase a home for me and my wife.

That's odd. I can't think of anything. I've never been very goal orientated. I'm more of a "sit back and enjoy the ride" kind of guy. ...I suppose I would like to be more motivated! How's that?

Financial security for our family. In order to provide a safe and healthy environment for my family.

I would like to be settled in New Zealand with as many friends as I have here and now because it will make my new life seem like 'home'

I'd like to be able to meditate on a regular basis. This is very important because I want to become a better person. I also would like to have read and distributed most of the books in my house. I want to keep only a handful of good books and read others only in an electronic format. I like the idea of books circulating through many hands.

Well I'm going to list a few because i want to. I'd like to fall in love because I think it's about that time. I'd like to lose a nice chunk of weight and be closer to what i should be before the stress came into my life. I want to either get more salary points or get a masters degree (at least get into a program). I want to buy a house. I want everybody to be happy, productive and safe. These are all things I desire because I think they would fulfill a nice chunk of what I feel I want. I want to be happy and feel like I'm more stable then I have been in yrs past.

I want to finish all my doctoral requirements, other than the dissertation. (That means coursework, qualifying exams, proposal defense). It's going to be tough, but the sooner I am done with all of that, the sooner I get to live with my husband again. And, the sooner I can get back to 'life' - all the other things outside my academic world that are important to me, like music, family, etc.

I want to work on talking more. I tend to bottle things up inside and then explode eventually, which isn't healthy. And I also only ever share with one or two people, which isn't fair to those people.

I would like to become more spiritually-centered and live a healthy lifestyle all around. I need to respect and appreciate my body and care for it as well as nurture my mind and soul. This is important to me because I feel like in order for me to truly love myself I need to start taking care of myself like I love myself. That in turn will help me feel better about someone loving me. I want the person I love to be the person they love.

I would like to be self supporting; no explanation necessary.

My fiance and I live in different cities, and have yet to figure out how and where we'll live together. We both want to do something that respects the wishes of the other, and I'd love to achieve a compromise that leaves us both happy, fulfilled, and together.

I would like to meet someone special. After a long period of being in relationships that didn't work (rather than be alone) and then of dating, I ould like to meet someone who I can have a healthy committed relationship with. Having said this, it remains to be seen whether I am capable of having healthy relationship.

I would like to achieve my ideal weight by this time next year. It is important because it is a way to love myself and treat myself well. I expect to have more vitality at my ideal weight. To succeed, I will need to control my appetite and exercise regularly.

I want to see my daughter happy, my husband feeling well, and I want to see myself content. It has been a tough road until now and I want us to just be satisfied with life...with no new troubles. I want my husband to find a job locally that will make him happy and pay him enough so that we can relax. I want my daughter to feel that she is getting a good education, and that she is headed into the right career and the right relationships that will both make her happy. They both deserve this after the hell we have been through.

I hope i'll finally take my life into my hands and become independent, work for clients and not for a boss. And I would have enough free time to read, sew and visit the city.

I want to be free of debt so I can spend my money on things that are meaningful to me NOW. I do not want that burden hanging over my head any longer.

I'm always seeking simplification but somehow when I find it I start seeking ways to complicate my life. This coming year I would like to shed as many areas of anxiety as possible by uncomplicating my life leaving me the time and tranquility to concentrate on the things in my life that really matter.

I want to figure out what I want to do for grad school by this times next year. I feel I should be writing my apps by that time.

Meu doutorado. Será a consagração do final de um grande e duradouro trabalho. A satisfação será muito mais pessoal e individual, do que profissional, mas é assim que funcionam as coisas.

Lose weight - to be, or have at least acheived, a healthy BMI. Because I think it will make me happier within myself, and I'll be able to wear pretty clothes.

I would like to greatly expand the amount of forgiveness I'm able to offer myself. I would like to avoid guys who won't satisfy me. I would like become really comfortable with my longing. I would like to floss every single day and pay special attention to my lower set of teeth. I want to be more comfortable in my skin when teaching and trust my own skills and coolness. i want to take care of people less.

I'd like to have fully cultivated all the positive habits (exercising 2-3 x per week, cooking healthy food myself at home...) I've started; I want to feel better & look better from the inside out.

I'd like to continue studying Mishnah. It's important to me because it's one of our sacred texts and has been passed on throughout the generations and not studying them is a loss for me and our people, in my opinion.

By this time next year, I would hope to have a paper published in an academic journal. This will significantly improve my chances at securing a tenure-track position.

I would like to be a better, more comfortable cook. I feel that both the process of cooking and the actual act of eating at home will give me a sense of calm that is difficult to achieve when I'm constantly running out every night.

I would like to be more financially independent from my family. I am 25 years old and I feel that it is important to be able to support myself and not rely on other people for money.

Getting all four family history booklets done and in the hands of my children. It also requires strict thinning of my genealogy files so that I can get everything I want to keep in a single cabinet. This doesn't sound like much but it is a hard thing to do both physically and emotionally. Many, many hours on the computer, and then a ruthlessness in pitching out 90% of my research documents. YIKES!

I would like to obtain my real estate license and work p/t for a broker, as well as buy a house/condo. This is important to me because I will be 33 years old and I want to show more acheivements and stability in my life.

By this time next year, I hope to have already moved into a new apartment with my boyfriend, and have a new job that I enjoy and challenges me, maybe even in a new city...

I would like to be readmitted to law school (and graduate within two years and pass the bar). This is important to me because I was academically dismissed and failure is not an option for me. During the time I was in law school, I lost three family members and two friends. I did not seek help in dealing with the problem, because I thought I was equipped to handle it, but I began to focus on the loss and neglected my work. Also, I was constantly stressing about funding law school and living expenses. Another reason this is important to me is because my extended family is in such dispair. Unfortunately, there are few people in my family that are successful (thus far, it's mainly my mother, one cousin, and myself that are very successful and have graduate degrees). I would be the first in my family to hold a professional degree. I think this would be a huge milestone for my family to have a lawyer since so many of our relatives are in prison or have a criminal background. I am working hard to be readmitted, I know I am already an example to many people in my family. However, I feel more needs to be done to show that high goals and hard work can be achieved. I'm ready for the challenge again.

I would like to be happier. Perhaps by getting to know myself better and by doing some sort of volunteer work, or being more productive in general. Stopping the self-loathing.

i'd like to become comfortable in my body - finally lose the last 10 pounds, whatever. smile more. enjoy and be grateful for the body and flesh g-d has given me, and that g-d willing are healthy.

I'd like to not only find a job, but a career that I love and feel truly passionate about. Law school was not the right choice for me, since I don't want to practice law, and I just don't know what it is I want to do!

I want to have my personal training license. I'm not sure if that's the direction my life needs to go in, but I know that physical fitness has always been a big part of my life. Gymnastics helped my parents get me into a disciplined schedule of school, homework, training, etc. In high school I began weight training in the summer and joined the tennis team. In college, serious weight training, boxing, and kickboxing joined the repertoire. From there I jumped into muay thai and lute livre/jiu jitsu. Now I find myself most well-rounded from Pure Power Boot Camp. Physical fitness keeps my self-esteem and positive energy up and I really do enjoy training with friends. I'd like to know that I can professionally train people should I choose to.

By this time next year, I would like to be able to sustain myself financially. This is important to me because I feel obligated to those who support me and humiliated that someone of my intelligence cannot make enough money to survive.

I would like to work for a company where I don't feel I have to worry about losing my job.

I would like to have completed a successful first year as synagogue president. I will consider it successful if the budget is balanced, we have a net gain of membership, and increased volunteerism.

have only one job that pays me equal to my current two jobs. This is important so that I can have more time to spend with my family.

I just started the adoption proccess. I'll be doing foster to adopt and I'm hoping to have a child within a year. This is important to me for several reasons. I am ready to start my family and I want to help the waiting children in cps.

financial stability for stability

More Patience! Because I have 3 little kids, work full time and am under a lot of stress (like everyone else! I think that more patience would really help me be a better mom.

I'd like to get my cholesterol down and lose weight, do more writing, and move into a bigger apartment. All these things would increase my happiness and well-being.

By this time next year I'd like to have lost 50 to 100 lbs. I want to feel happy and confident and energetic and sexy.

I'd like to marry my fiancee, finally. It's been a long, long couple of years - what with the move to Texas, the house, the (still ongoing) renovation, and the move back (again) to Brooklyn. It has required a lot of time, effort, money, and creative destruction of one kind or another. I'm ready to be less destructive, even if it requires being less creative. It's time - both during these ten days and in general - to try to put my mental house in order. And the first thing on my list is to start our little family in earnest.

Better health. Incorporating exercise into my life. Smarter eating habits. You know the drill. Why? My family reminds me on a daily basis that they want me around for a long time. And, I'm realizing that I want to be around too...

i would like to have a full patient schedule everyday, back to regular time slots after being adjusted to the EMR, so i can help support my family and feel professionally fulfilled.

I don´t have only one, but many... I want to get remarried, because I want to have a family again, I want to earn good money so I do not depend on anyone (living confortably) and feel satisfied with work, and I want justice to be made regarding my ex-husband.

I'd like a major change in my working situation. I don't need a pay raise, just better conditions. I want to do creative work, preferably in economics. I do not want to have to bother with managing teams of people who don't know what their doing. I can only manage a few geeks and a secretary. Doing this will put my career back on my intended path. Moreover, it will reduce the demands on skills I don't have because of my autism. My mental health should improve greatly.

I want to handle my mother's irrational (in my view) political beliefs more sensibly and without so much anger. I want to fix my scholarly article and mail it in for publication. There's too many other things I'd like to accomplish. Maybe one of my resolutions should be to scale down what I want to accomplish!

I would like to have taken a few ARE tests. If i dont get going soon, my brain will start to disintegrate.

I would like to be pregnant. My husband and I are ready for a child and this will be our focus in the year to come.

I'd like to have a baby or be about to have a baby. I would like to have done something for my career outside of the non-profit where I work. Since that's two things, let me make it into one: balance goals for personal and professional life without getting burnt out in the process! This is important to me because this is the crux of my challenge at the moment. I want very much to have another child (and be done with fertility treatment) and I want to continue to grow in my job. Each of these endeavors could take up all of my time and energy so finding a way to pursue multiple goals is tricky. They are both the antidote to the stress of the other, in a way, but trying to have it all can also be enormously difficult.

Have a consistent and satisfying diet and exercise routine. It's the heart of what I need for strong physical resources and will enable me to achieve goals in other areas.

I'd like for my husband and I to move into our own house. I'd like to be pregnant. I'd like to make a dress for myself. It's important for me to feel settled and grown up and to fulfill my dreams.

I hope to figure out where my business is headed. I'm really tired of the headaches and stresses, and the worry about money. I'd like to start something new, but i'm not sure what that is. I'd also like to get more physically fit. I've gotten a good start, but I need to focus on it.

i'd like to be in good physical condition for the first time in a 4 years. work-wise, i want to have finished the 3 writing projects that have been on my plate for a while - our curriculum, business plan and new website.

I would like to have some balance - professionally, personally and emotionally. The last year (well last 7+ years) have been a such a careening plunge into the unknown and frantic. SO so many changes. I would like to be working part time in my own practice doing the type of work I like, co-parenting a child(ren), in a house that is about as fixed up as I can have it, with some good friends nearby, a support network, and some familiarity. The good news is those items will come with time -

I want to be able to read Hebrew. I have been trying for many years and my efforts have always been 1/2 hearted. I just need to focus and get down to it. I don't like being in Shul and not understanding what's going on around me.

I would like to have a plan in place for piloting a new centre for Jewish life that will provide services to Jews and their families who aren't connected to anything yet.to begin in the the fall of 2010. This is important for our community to exist as a Jewish community in the future.

I hope to get my gpa up to where I want it to be. I'm not too far off but raising gpa in college can be hard so I have to keep putting effort in. Next year is my senior year and after that its into the job world.

By this time next year, I hope to have created my own circle of friends in New York. In my year of being here, I have met some very nice people and enjoy spending time with them. We get together from to time, but it is different from my circle of college friends. I'd also like to introduce these people to one another. This is important to me because close friends are so important. I've been trying very hard to make an effort to meet people and be less dependent on my boyfriend for my social circle.

I want a different job. I'm tired of this one.

i would like to identify and fully integrate the things that are my guiding principals and refuel me into my life (exercise, time with my dogs, my impact on my community, explore my creative and intellectual growth, etc).

I am a college senior studying elementary education. This time next year I want to have my own classroom and be a teacher! I haven't ever wanted anything so bad before in my whole life. Growing up I knew that this was the only thing for me and I want to be a teacher more than most people need air to breath.

lose 15-20 pounds. i want to feel better about the way i look and the way i live.

I would like to devote more time to my family, so that I can help my kids in school and provide the emotional and physical support each of my kids needs to succeed. I will fee better about myself and my kids.

I need to graduate. It's been my goal for the last 4 years, but if it doesn't happen this year I might have to actually qualify graduate school as a mistake. I have to move on with this before I can move on with the rest of my life, and I am so ready to move on with the rest of my life.

To feel as if I have achieved a lot the second year at Uni and learn loads as well.

I would like to turn a profit on my new business, whether through having the book published or advertising. I've put a lot of work into this company already and having set this as a goal, I would want to succeed to feel good about my place in the world.

I would like to be in Taiwan, studying Chinese. I love it there and I've decided I want to go, which is reason enough.

I would like to feel more in control so that I don't feel anxious. Too often I feel I am juggling everything in my life - my home, my office, my family and my friends and unfortunately it gets the better of me. To feel more in control of my life would allow me to worry less and enjoy more. This is my New Year's resolution.

I want to feel like a member of this community. I don't want to go home and cry because I feel like I have no friends and nothing tying me here. I want to feel like I belong.

get my portfolio together and a website up. important because need to move on with my life, finally.

I would like to my program at work being succesfull after all the efort I have put into it

If I could achieve one thing by next year at this time it would be to have a better relationship with my youngest daughter. Due to a terrible ordeal four years ago we grew apart. I have tried to better understand her but I admit it has been difficult.

I want to master the art of being single. I'd like to be happy living single and not keep waiting for someone new to come into my life and "rescue" me. My daughter and I can be just fine together; I don't need to pick up the next guy who comes along just to avoid being alone.

I want to quit my job and move out of the country. Both parts of this goal are important. I have to quit my job to prove to myself that I can, that I am bigger than this thing that has swallowed me whole for the last two years. I have to move out of the country because it's a promise I made to myself when I was very young and if I don't fulfill it soon, I'm afraid I never will.

I would like to get of the creative slump I've been in for most of the year. I have absolutely no motivation or desire to do the hobbies I once loved. Oh yeah, and be a better parent and wife since I pretty much suck at both.

It's funny. I've been a driven over-achiever all my life, so you'd think I'd have a whole list. This year, thanks to the immense spiritual wisdom of Jewish observance, I think I'll be happy with just my health, the abundance of love in my life, and the modest material security I enjoy. More than enough.

I want to be responsible for some sort of change. Perhaps at school, through a project or presentation. I just want to put my name on something that means something for the lives of other people. As I move forward with my education and career I want to achieve more for others. This is important for my future, but its important for me as a person. Its a sign of growth. More and more I want to grow past the bounds of my life. My career is one way that I know I will get to keep growing and developing into a better person.

be fullfilled in areas of my life....that ive receieved WORD from God!@ because I have been prepeared for this TIME

I would like to improve my health. I would like to vontinue working out and losing wieght.

I would like to have finished my first screenplay. It's important to me because, since college, i've lost sight of my real interest/love - which is being creative with writing. Because I write professionally for work, I haven't pursued any of my own projects. I'm excited to finally start again and I hope I persevere enough to actually finish it.

I would like to have a good job that I enjoy. As a graduating senior, besides financial support, I need this to prove the worth of college and get me started on my career.

Find and be together with my soulmate. It's important because there's nothing btter than to be sharing our life, our transformation with someone. Our being together will reveal more Light in the world than if we are not together. A soulmate will also be lovingly push me to transform to be all that I can be and more... and I would be doing the same for them. I want to share real love in the spiritual, physical and emotional sense. Amen!!

I would like to be at peace with whatever my life is, at any given moment, including loneliness. If I am still single in one year's time I hope that I will accept it, and the loneliness, rather than suffer because of it, as I do on and off now.

To be close to debt free. This will remove stress from my life and allow me to concentrate on more important things.

I really need to find a new job as my current position seems to be headed into a dead end

Greater knowledge of orcharding. We planted a small orchard this spring (10 apple trees in a mix of varieties) without any previous experience with fruit trees. We've been growing organic produce for several years (hobbyist farmers) and are looking to keep things diverse.

I would like to improve my English vocabulary and use more than a handful of statements and words in my daily speech. This is important since I would like to be able to express myself better and the world I live in. I love English and appreciate variety in expression.

Sort out my love/family life for good. Too many choices, too much uncertainity and wish there was clarity.

a secure job.

I want to get pregnant. And be okay with it.

Only one thing? I'd like to have job security back ... and in a position that makes sense for me. This is important because it's about independence, stress, confidence, happiness, etc. If two things ... a real relationship.

For once, I would love to say that I'm getting closer to really know myself. Despite the self-centered, philosophical motivations for this, I think that there is an underlying necessity to get my hands on a demanding professional scenario, where I would get to know my current capabilities and myself under demaning situations, because most likely in extreme situations is where you get to know yourself better... or at least the deepest part of yourself.

Beat this cancer. This is important because I am tired of fighting this. I am ready to be well again. I miss living.

I'd like to be several chapters into writing a work of fiction. I want to keep pushing myself to do what I love and not be content with the status quo.

I want to have more focus and discipline on my goals, and learn how to balance my instinct to be there for everyone with the things I want to get done.

To be working in a position/job that I enjoy, can contribute to its growth and that has value in our Society.

have a clean and organized house, it will add order to my life.

I'd like to finally complete my PhD. This is long overdue, but with having children and my propensity for procrastination, is still incomplete. I am at a point that this is eminently doable. I just need to do it.

Find love because I've been closed off to it for so long.

I would like to have learnt more discipline in all aspects of my life. Using time wisely, eating correctly and keeping my weight down, making time for my friends and family and touching other lives positively. All this through good time management.

I want to experience requited love.

I want my new venture, the Boston Jewish Music Festival, to be a huge success. I want it to reach out to the less involved. I want it to inspire. I want it to be fun. And I want to make a reasonable living from it. I also want the kids in my Hebrew School class (another new venture) to feel that being Jewish is cool and something to be proud of. Could they learn to behave just a bit better too or is that asking too much?

I would like to be more confident in my career direction and feel like I am starting to accomplish my goals.I would also like to be at peace with past demons and be starting my future with a husband hopefully!

New job. Get some writing done, submitted, god forbid published. Lose 15 lb. Okay, 20.


Speak some Hebrew. I can read(without really understanding), but I would like to be able to converse a bit in the language. It is important because it would be nice to speak another language.

I would really like to achieve a few things as soon as possible, for example paying off my credit card. Also, I would like to get my motorcycle liscenses because I'm scared shitless of them yet I've always wanted to learn how to drive them. Most of all, I think I just want to go to a good school.

by next year, i want to be making and saving more money than i do/did this year. this is important to me so i can buy real estate and start a family.

If it were possible for me to set a deadline - if I had enough wisdom, or insight, or ability to know what's best for my future - I would like to be married by this time next year. It is important to me for so many reasons, but the chief one is that I believe marriage is God's idea generally and that He wants it for me specifically. I have been waiting on His choice for me for a very long time, and am convinced that it will have been worth the wait when the person arrives in my life. But waiting is such a stretching experience, and stretching, for me, is painful.

I began personal training part time and I believe that when I get the ball rolling with clients, I will focus my efforts into creating prosperity from being of service to people. I would like to earn enough to live alone and totally independent of family aide. All thought I am lucky to have such a great safety net, I believe I will only discover the true nature of my potential when I stop depending on my family. It has been a luxury to have help with such responsibilities but I feel it is time I put my mind and actions toward a total self sustaining life.

One thing I would like to achieve by this time next year is to have a real post-graduate job or be enrolled in graduate school. I feel very lost currently and having this goal set, then achieved would be tremendous for me.

Well I always say I hope I take a flight, but who knows if I will. I dont feel like it's something I'm going to get done any time soon because I'm not committed to doing it. So I'll go for I hope we travel, get a cool house, and I publish this stupid iPhone app. If I could pull those off, I would be very happy and proud.

I would like to have a job that I really like, and feel like my life is set up exactly how I want it. Though maybe the second part isn't realistic in one year. It is important because I feel like I've been doing work that I either just stumbled upon, or felt obligated to do. I am sick of being envious of other peoples' lives, in terms of their daily job routines, etc. This would include figuring out how to make time for myself to do some artwork, at least biweekly.

I would like to come to a holistic understanding of the health issues I face: weight issues, cancer, and the heart defect. I would like to accept and embrace what I need to embrace in order to live more healthy, with a better understanding of myself.

I would love to be on a path that will be direct and narrow one that will avoid second guessing myself and my future.It is so important to me because I have been so confused with what I want in life.

Improve diet, excercise and sleep patterns. These are things that will make day to day life happier.

My goal from last year was to be able to easily follow the Hebrew in this year's High Holy Day services, and I did it! It is very satisfying to have accomplished that. In the coming year I want to continue to learn Hebrew and by this time next year I would like to be able to easily read an unfamiliar text out loud. It is important to me to learn Hebrew because it is necessary for fully particiapting in services, and because the Torah is written in Hebrew. I have heard and fully believe that a lot of nuance and word plays are lost in translating the Torah to English and I want that to be included in my understanding of what I read. I want to be able to pray meaningfully next year. I want to make Mussar practice a regular part of my daily life. It is very erratic at this point and I need to establish routines for it. This is important because I don't like it when how I act doesn't reflect who I want to be. I want to buy more locally-grown, organic produce, and more importantly: EAT it. More vegetables, less sugar. I want to continue to exercise regularly and increase the amount of strengthening and conditioning that I do. I want to maintain my weight or even lose 3-5 pounds.

I'd like to be making enough money to contribute at least half of the money to our retirement, college, etc. that Libbie thinks we should contribute. It's important first off because Eric thinks it is, and I am so grateful to him for taking care of us since we got to Austin almost 4 years ago. The truth is it's not necessarily that important to me--more often than not I've just wanted to write my novel and the future be damned. But when the prospect of making some money arose last week I realized that it would make me feel good to pull some weight, to think that I actually have some control over what happens to me. And to the family. That's why I want this and also why my goals are relatively modest. But here's the kicker--I want to make this money doing something I'm good at and enjoy AND I want to finish my novel. One of those "achievable" goals would only be boring, right?

I would like to see a play of mine produced well. I have this nagging feeling there are some stories to tell that ought to be heard--but, I can't think of what they are. I would enjoy buying some Elvis Costello-like glasses and overhearing myself spoken of as a well-known playwright--no-- a frickin' genius... Maybe it would be enough to just hear someone whisper that I have a nice ass.

This time next year, I want to be applying to or accepted into a grad school program, or at the very least be headed in a career direction that will be fulfilling. I can't go on feeling so lackluster about what I spend the majority of my time doing.

I would really like to design a cool web experience by myself, including the programing.

I would like to be more confident about my level of intelligence. I'm actually fairly smart, but for some unknown reason, generally believe that I am incredibly vapid and slow. I also hope to be in grad school, or at least be working on some intellectually stimulating projects I care about.

I'd like a job. I'd like an exercise routine. I'd like to be thriving within my Jewish life, among brachot, beloved yiddin, and Hashem. It would be nice if I will have written a book by next year.

I would like to run a marathon in 3:30. This is important to me because I would qualify for Boston.

I want to have an excellent nursing research job OR a job as a Certified Nurse Assistant. Either way, I want to showcase my skills in a clinical or research setting to improve my job prospects after completing nursing school. In addition, I am considering going to med school or school to be a nurse practitioner after completion of my BSN program and I want to look amazing to either one, and to have more healthcare experience!

I want to learn to accept what is. Maybe I won't love it, but I want to accept the way things are. This doesn't mean I can't work to change things. I just need to spend less time feeling awful about things and about how unfair life can be and just get on with it.

I would like to publish some of my fiction. I have been working on it every day for 12 years and now that I have a wife, a child and a mortgage, I worry that, without adequate validation, responsibility will dictate that I relegate something so important to me to hobby status.

Lose 60 lbs. So I'll be healthy in my old age

I want to be saving money every month.

Financial independence. This is important for two reasons. First, when ever you are dependent on someone, they have a certain level of control over you. This control is damaging to your self worth. Secondly, having spent a great deal of time getting advanced education, working hard, achieving promotions, it is extremely frustrating and stressful not being able to meet obilgations of paying bills and fulfilling my role as a responsible adult.

To have my art in several galleries across the US. I got a late start displaying my art, and now that I'm showing my art and entering competitions, I never want to stop.

Today (9/23) is my birthday.....I'm 66!! G-d - where did t the decades go!!! I'm still singing rock 'n' roll.....but my body is betraying me, by breaking down - back problems, knee problems, nerve problems, blood problems etc. etc. ad nauseum. A lot of it is due to the extra 80 or so pounds I carry around (much of it due to steroid treatments over the years.....) So.....my goal for the coming year is to make an honest and tenacious attempt to lose a lot of this weight, increase my activity (which is hard due to acute/chronic pain) - and to extend myself more to others. I am a nurturer/healer by nature - extremely empathetic, and I used to counsel cancer patients as a volunteer. Hard on the psyche/but good for the soul. I almost always made people feel better. Lately, I've been steeped in my own troubles and haven't sought counseling for me. I've become crabby and snappish....not like me at all! It's easy to drop out of the world when you have little family and you choose to isolate yourself. Chronic, unrelenting pain can do this to a person. So.....,my goals are to be successful at losing weight (I've been trying unsuccessfully for the past couple of years) ...and to .....re-engage in the world. G-d willing, I'll see these goals come to pass.

I'd like to finish the novel or the novella that I've been working on for the past few years. It's important because I spent the last couple of years in limbo creatively, blocked and intimidated by the success and failures around me. I have a decent background in writing (MFA, working in publishing, curating reading series), but my focus was always in spurts, never concentrated. Next year I just want to finish a work that means something pure to me, and share it with others, especially before my very supportive parents leave me.

To be doing some sort of work, even if it's voluntary. because it would eman my days were centered less around me, also give me more purpose and vison

The thing I am working on every Yom Kippur: let me not be such a sarcastic, smartass. I already know I wouldn't like to be the subject of my wit! I'm good, as in very funny, but I'm bad in how I get there.

I would like to be in a loving relationship with a wonderful man who is my partner and equal in all matters, and so I respect him immensely. This is important to me because I want to be in a relationship that fulfills my hopes and dreams in terms of being healthy, creating happiness, allowing me to grow and be a better person and be a good example to my children. I want to be an amazing partner to a man and be in complete integrity in all aspects of the relationship. I want to be with someone who calls me into being a better person than I even knew I was capable of being.

I want to figure out a new career direction. I know I haven't been happy for a while, but I sometimes feel like the questions is too big to handle. So I'd like to focus on information interviews, networking, makbe some classes, and have a goal and plan in mind by this time next year. I don't like feeling unmotivated or bored, and it's very much a function of my job not being the right fit for me. I can't spend most of my day stuck in a giant career rut, so I really have to do this.

I would like to be able to say that I didn't give up. That's all.

Next year at this time, I would like to be lighter by fifty pounds, liberated from the burden of my fat, released to become the man I was born to be, harnessed to the productive engine of creativity that flows from success, self assured by the epic achievement of taking control of my body, relaxed and reassured by my appeal to women, by the respect of men, and the satisfaction of my existence.

i want to be married and have a new truck

By this time next year I would like to have my divorce fully complete, finalized and behind me. It has been dragging on for far too long. Although I have my religious divorce, I need the civil divorce to be final so that I can finally move on with me life. It is important to have clear guidelines and structure around custody/visitation and finances, but the emotional component is probably the most important factor for me. I need to be free!

I think I'd like to be completely self employed. I'd really like to call my own shots. I know it will be stressful. But I think I can handle it. It would seem like worthwhile stress. All the things I'm going through now with anxiety and stress are because I don't have much control, I think. I feel like if I were self-employed I would have some level of control over what's happening when and I'd also be able to enjoy the fullfillment of knowing that everything I do goes toward making ME better and making me more self-sufficient. That's why it is important. I think working for someone else doesn't make me happy. If I stay up all night and get the project ready for a presentation I don't get paid anymore. But I lose sleep, I get stressed out, and I end up unhappy. For what? It doesn't feel like much. Maybe it's where I've worked but I don't feel much fullfilllment from the projects I've worked on. And I've also not felt much appreciation, as far as a "good job guys" or perhaps getting fed every so often. I want more. So I think that in one years time being self employed would be very gratifying.

I want to be more true to myself and to my friends.

I would like to have had my first child.

I would like to have my priorities in order - getting family and work in the right balance - more for family that is! Life is better when we put first things first.

I would like to have more fully achieved the reboot I started this year. The reboot would mean feeling present in my own skin and secure in my autonomy. And, of course, comfortable, if not happy, in this life. This is important because the life into which I was born is a huge gift that I should not, cannot waste, though I certainly have in the past.

Lose weight. Feel healthy.

Harmony within my own house. If the four of us could speak to each other with compassion, and energetically help each other to get stuff done, I would feel a sense of peace that I miss right now.

I'd like to be gainfully employed again. I would then have 1) more control over my life, including being able to choose whether or not to stay married, 2) I'd feel a whole lot better about myself; being unemployed has been psychologically devastating for someone who already has chronic depression and other issues, and 3) I'd no longer have the stigma attached to me that our society unfortunately places on professionals who have lost their toehold on their careers, even if it's through no fault of their own. Plus, as I work in the non-profit world, I'd be making more of a contribution than I am now through volunteering.

Be making straight A's at UTK and nearly done with my Bachelors in Psychology!

I want to become a truly patient person. I also want to be completely present for those who need me. It is too easy to be distracted by the pressing details of the day. In the end those don't really matter--it is our relationships that are most important.

Be a better teacher than I am this year. I feel so inadequate to teach this kindergartner. Sigh. I would also like to continue in my relationship and continue to build it and work through and problems that we encounter. These things are important to me because I want to be better in my work life and relationship life.

I want to be making some money from, and getting some real recognition for, my photography work. I have the portfolios, the experience, the knowledge, the drive, the talent - I just have to get my work out there more.

I'd like to get to know my brother better.

I'd like to have the mobile dental unit project rolling. It's important because of what it does, and also becuase it honors Dad's memory.

I want to be either in school for or in a job designing environmental learning experiences in parks, botanical gardens, and teaching farms. My present work is not fulfilling for me. It makes me enough to live on, but doesn't leave me time to do any other work that is more meaningful to me. On a broader scale, I believe work to help the environment is the most meaningful possible work right now, and every single person has to be engaged with this work in some way or other, personally and politically.

I'd like to be less fearful. It seems pretty clear to me that all of my "issues" - with weight, attitude, finances, and relationships - are fear based, and I'd truly love freedom from that. Experience has taught me that acting out of fear often produces the exact opposite of my desired outcome, but it's hard to be clear headed in the middle of a struggle. What's particularly ironic about this is that everyone else, except my husband, sees me as completely fearless.

Have a professional career that I enjoy.

I want to have a baby. I have wanted this for many years and I can not wait to be a mother and for Jeffrey to be a father. I've never wanted anything more in my life.

I want to catch up in my reading and well on my way to getting more focused on my writing. I want to have written at least one excellent piece on political art. That has been my dream to be a writer about political art and work on fictional pieces too. I also would like to get back to my painting and travel. By this time next year, I want to have gone to China and written at least one work on political art. Okay, that is more than one thing.

I would like to have more money saved so I can move out with my boyfriend. I know I am a damper on my parents, but I still love being a kid and spending my money unwisely. Also, I'd love to be engaged. Although, I don't see that happening until the NEXT year.

I would like to find a good job in my field that will let me work remotely. My girlfriend is a bit fickle with her career and where she lives, so I want to have the benefits that come with a salaried position without having to worry about where I work.

I'd like to have improved my triathlon time (from this year's 1:21). This represents my continued work on health and fitness, having fun, and staying young.

I want to be in a "Good Orderly Direction" (GOD) in my work path. Going through a major internal process of integration and re-focus. Taking steps but not knowing where they are leading -- it's both scary and exciting. I need to have engaged in something (although allowing for shift in course) from which I will derive satisfaction and income.

I would like to live on my own and supporting my goals. I am not sure what I want to do and feel a lack of something because I do not have a DREAM I want because I keep expecting it to be a BIG thing. I know I can do it but what do I want to do. LIVing on my own means I have money to support my financial needs and be able to pay off my debt. The question of going back to school is in my mind but not sure my heart. I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW WHAT I WANT AND GO AFTER IT. ITS IMPORTANT TO ME BECAUSE WITHOUT KNOWING WHERE YOU WANT TO GO everything seems empty. SO I WANT TO KNOW WHAT I WANT AND GO AFTER IT BECAUSE I AM FOLLOWING MY HEART.

I want to write 5 songs, make 'em good, spicey and honest- to betsy true.

So many possibilities for moral improvement, etc. to list. But I will state the mundane and obvious: WRITE MY BOOK. It's important because I want to say what I am trying to say in it, because I have an obligation to the many people I have interviews for it, because I will feel like a miserable failure if I don't. And, oh yeah, keeping my job sort if depends on it.

I'd like to carve out some time for myself. For exercise, meditation and spirituality. I've ben depleted by stressful situation -- both of my parents need lots of TLC and assistance. But now they are in a better safer living situation, and in order to take care of them I know I need to take some time to take care of myself!

I'd like to take a dance class. I love dancing - grew up doing it. And over the years I've signed up for classes but for one reason or another, I never follow through with more than just a few. My fiance and I are taking dance lessons now for our wedding and it makes me realize how much I love to dance. Dance is such a release for me, why don't I do it more? So, I'd like to sign up for a class and stick with it.

I want to have a regular yoga practice. It's important because it helps to fully integrate and center mind, body and spirt--which is extremely important to me.

i'd like to continue with my exercise and i hope i'll be able to take care of myself. i would like to go back upstate and be independent. i am suffering with pd the doctor is trying to gets the stimulator right. i really don't want material things just hope my family is well and wish to see some weddings.

I would like to have systems in place to keep my office organized. I'm around constant clutter, and I spend a large part of my day in this little room, with piles and clutter all around me. Everywhere I look are constant reminders of little individual failures, all in little stacks of failure. It has a psychological effect. I start today.

Make object manipulation at least 50% of my income. I'm so tired of feeling like I'm two people: the person who does x for $, and the person who does all sorts of things that she loves. I'm not happy when I'm being the first person. I can't keep working a job that differs so greatly from who I am and what I have to give to the world.

I would really love to date more. I know I can't put a deadline on meeting someone special, but if I don't get more proactive about dating, it's never going to happen.

i want to be able to be at peace with the mess and embrace the messers instead.

I would like to be working in something that is motivating, exciting, important and rewarding for me and my family, my community and my world. This is important to me because I want to continue to feel that I help others as I help myself and my family.

Hmm. I would like to have a book edited and sent out for a literary agent or for publication.

I'd like to have a book deal because I've been working at it for so many years and think I've written compelling characters and situations that will entertain and perhaps even enlighten readers.

I would like to be perceived as the person that I really am. People often think I am a caricature of my true self. I want people to understand who I really am.

Read more books! Enough with all this tv rotting my brain.

I would like to find a new job that lets me make a meaningful contribution to making the world a better place.

I want to be back on track financially since this is teh last hurdle to overcome for myself this year. Whenever I am fine financially everything else falls into place because I am basically a happy person who is happy with his life

I want to get back to the middle east and do some sort of project related to peace building and the arts, hopefully theater, and hopefully with kids. It's been a dream of mine and I want to make it happen!

i desperately want my brick and mortar store to be open. we are legit as an llc and have started selling things online...but i really want to go to my own store and open it up in the morning and lock it up at night. i would feel so incredibly proud.

I'd like to take more responsibility for my life. As a graduate student, I feel stuck between being a dependent child and an intellectual adult. Having a full-time job, learning to relinquish my adolescent fears and anxieties gracefully, and realizing that I alone am responsible for my happiness and emotional well-being are my goals.

I'd like to gain more financial stability. I've been living off of savings, but instead of hoarding it away, I've spent it on my future, on my work and on my exposure. I am jumping into a swimming pool hoping they'll be water in the pool.

I would like to have a job - and if it's not too much to ask, I'd like it to be one that I enjoy.

Hmm, excellent question. I would like to get my life in order. That doesn't necessarily mean a high-paying job or marriage... Actually, it probably won't mean either of those things. But, I'd just like to get out there and experience the things that I have wanted to do, but have kept putting off. I am hoping that this will include finding my "passion" in life - so that I can get out of my current job field and do something I love.

This time next year, I would like to have achieved lots if I'm honest. I would like to have sorted the house out so that I am financially free of it, I would like to be living happily with my other half in a new place together. I would like to be closer to expert level in my job and to feel like I actually know what the hell I'm on about. I'd like to have enough savings so that we can have a good go at doing a US road trip.

Sept 2010. A few things: I'd like to be engaged to M, I'd like to have found work that I enjoy that I think I can excel in (in whereever I'll be living by then) and I'd like to have a dog. It's important to me because those things are part of the plan or trajectory I am on now. If those things don't occur, then it means I am likely on a different trajectory. That will be okay too because I know by now that I'll always be okay no matter what happens.

I would like to be completely credit card debt free! I really want to travel and explore the middle east but I can not do that without pay-off my debt. I am so tired of not having money in my checking and savings account because it all goes to credit card bills. By this time next year I want to be free from that stronghold!!!!

I would like to find the combination of therapy plus medication that will kill forever the monster of depression that lives and destroys inside me.

by this time next year, i would like to have determined the cause for my body's recent resistance to weight loss, and be healthier than i am now. i would also very much like to be closer to accepting and loving everything that i am.

I hope to have applied and gotten into graduate school. It is important to my future and to my career and also to my own personal development. I think the experience of applying in itself will be good for me but living in another city, state, country and learning about the field I'm interested in and how to execute my beliefs will be incredible.

Next year, it would be great if we could be fully retired and out of Los Angeles. We want to start residency procedures for Costa Rica and want to live in our beach house there or in a condo near San Jose and just spend alot of time at the beach. I would love to be able to go on line and see an inexpensive trip and just book it and not be concerned about work and other dates. I want the freedom to go places with my husband, to explore each other and even get angry now and then. I want to feel unencumbered.

I would like to finish my book and get a deal on it, already.

I would like to be engaged by this time next year. It is important to me because I want to start a family in the next five years and I have been with my boyfriend for 6 years and think it is time to move forward. If he doesn't propose to me I will have make the dificult decision to leave him. Another thing I would like to achieve is that I would like to be closer to is finishing my degree, which is hard because I have not decided yet again what I want to be. I am currently leaning towards an Art Major. I would also like to have some money saved up for a house. I know these are big things to achieve in one year but I need to stop being lazy and just get them done, I am already 30 for goodness sakes!

I'd like to pass my year at college. I want to have a career and be able to support my family, and contribute to society.

I would like to have a child --it's one of life's great experiences, and I'm ready to turn my focus outward to someone else.

I'd like to gain better comfort in my relationship with my parents and siblings. You'd think after years of therepy and a truly peaceful family of my own, I'd have found peace but I haven't. The buttons installed so many years ago are easily pushed! My parents are not getting any younger and I fear that when they go, our family will fall apart.

I'd like to have completed the book I've been working on or at least have a couple of chapters and a book proposal ready by this time next year. It is a coming of age story of a young Iranian-Armenian woman during a time of political tumult (1979 Islamic Revolution of Iran) with a look back at her ancetral past. The historic aspects of the story going back to the 1880's Iran as a backdrop to the lives of its characters offer glimpses of Iranian culture, politics, society that help shape a better understanding of current events in Iran.

I would like to know how to knit. That is my new year resolution and I am def. going to accomplish it..one way or another. I also would like to be at my ideal weight as well this time next year. I am working on it by training for my marathons, eating healthy, and just exercising in general. I know both of these things will happen.

I would like to have a clear direction for myself as far as my work and living arrangement. These things have been in flux for too long creating stress, instability and emotional distress. I long for a simple, clear and stable lifestyle.

Better financial security for my future. I do not have a proper savings plan for retirement, and I'd like to get started on that. I'd also like to become a better photographer. I took classes this year for manual photography, and I'd like to not only continue down that path, but also excel at digital photography as well.

As I shared with my family on Rosh Hashanah, one of my goals for the year is getting to know them better--hearing their stories, learning about their values, beliefs, aspirations, truly who they are apart from being my aunt or grandfather. They all have been following my life decisions and personal growth since I was born and I would like to turn the light on them. Hopefully verbalizing this intention to them at Rosh Hashanah dinner with help me feel more accountable to following through with it.

I would like to know find a new job by this time next year. We will move when my girlfriend applies to law school this year and I'm a little nervous about finding work in a new town where I have no connections

I would like to be well established in a job and getting comfortable in a new community or I want my book to be published by then. Although my husband does not mind, I still chafe at being dependent on him for financial support. Throughout our marriage, the partner who made the most money changed back and forth and it never really mattered because it all went into one pot. but now I sometimes feel like a burden on him. Besides, as a result of my very limited work, we have BOTH had to change our life style. It bothers me that he continues to persevere in a job he doesn't like because he's a responsible person. I would like us to be in a position where he can, at long last, do something he would really enjoy.

By this time next year, I'd love to be well on my way to starting a solid, long-lasting relationship with J.R. This time next year, I'd love to say that he and I moved in together and are co-habitating happily. He will be 29, I will be 24 and I hope that we're on our way to starting forever together. That's all I really want right now: A partner in life. I really, truly do think that he would make a great partner. The other thing I'd really love to see is that I'm not working at AIU any longer and I've instead moved into a position that better suits the career I'd love to have. Something in public relations, marketing, branding strategies or straight-up journalism would be great.

By this time next year, I expect to complete work for a doctoral degree in history, at age 76. Academic work is a particularly satisfying pursuit, and actually having the degree in hand will establish my identity beyond that of farm/ranch housewife, mother, grandmother--and the other roles a female fulfills simply by being a part of a family.

I'd like to be out of credit card debt and well into the black, for obvious reasons.

To see the end of my M.Sc and have future plans.

I'd like to finish my master's degree and start working in my field of study--linguistics. It's about time!!

I hope that by this time next year, we're fully settled in our home. Not only do I want all the boxes unpacked or put away, but I also want us to have found a rhythm in the house. I want the general level of chaos that I put up with now to be reined in. It's hard to know how to make this happen, but I think it will make our quality of life so much better.

I'd like to be financially independent. It's a scary thing but I'm almost 30 and I need to be able to do it on my own to know if I'll ever be able to do it on my own.

My goal is to have ALL of my past/present taxes as well as all credit debt paid off completely. This would represent our maturity and resolve, and would mean we could begin to actually plan for the future.

to be happy and content with what is... that being the job i am doing, where i am living, who i am with... an inner state of joy that persists because life circumstances are always changing... Go with the FLow!

I would like to have a second child or be on the way to that. It is important to me to have a family with at least two children, if not more.

This is a goal that I have had for many years...I would like to publish one of the many stories that I have written. I don't really know what is holding me back from trying...I'm not Jane Austen or Tolstory, but my stories are good enough for a pleasant read.

By this time next year I'll be days away from my 30th birthday. I know it's trouble to be giving my '20s a bucket list, but I'd love to 1. release my next solo full-length album 2. tour to some degree to support it, 3. go to Hawaii to perform and be a tourist for a week or so and 4. have $20,000 in savings.

I'd like to be conversationally fluent in Modern Hebrew. We are considering aliyah to Israel and I would like to be fluent before we get there.

I intend to bring my life's passion project into being by this time next year. I know that I will. This project, The Nine, is my true sacred purpose and is meant to be a gift to the children of the world. This will allow me to pay a profound karmic debt and do the thing that I was born to do.

I would like to scale back and simplify almost everything in my life. Starting with the sheer quantity of material possessions surrounding me. I know I would be happier with less. Just got to get started on it.

I want my book to be accepted for publication. I want to be unburdened by insomnia. I want to be a better friend & family member.

I would really like to be closer to my Jewish heritage. Hopefully, I would like to have been to Israel, too.

I'd like to have successfully completed my quest to backpack some of the world for six months. I'm currently planning a trek through South America, South East Asia and Europe, with a stop in Israel somewhere in between the latter two. It's important to me for personal growth and experiences, since lately I feel like I have no direction. I think this trip will give me purpose and help me find my way since I'm not sure what I want to do next since being laid off.

I want to move into some new career. I'm 60 and I am having several joint/motion problems which prohit continuing what I have done since 1985. I think about writing Southern Gothic tales about the world I grew up in or doing stand-up about the same. I have alway had a great fear of failure and have remained aloof from performance.

I would like to be firmly settled in a new career as a high school English teacher. I do not like being unemployed.

I'd like to "get my life in order" - which basically means, have my apartment the way I like it, fix my broken stuff (car, etc.), and have goals and plans for the next year or two, like writing a book.

I'd like to have 3 or 4 friends nearby--friends I can happily do things with and feel wholly myself with.

I would like to finally take a cooking class! It's been a long time since I was really good at something and I think that I could be really good at that! Being good at something makes me feel good and that's important!

Organize my clutter. It causes stress and depression.

I should have my degree by this time. Most important is that I should be independently employed by this time next year.

I'd like to leave the industry i am currently in and explore the things that i want to pursue such as business and fashion. It's important to me because i feel at my age and status, this is the time to do it. As cliche as it may sound, there is only a small window of opportunity to do certain things to it's maximum potential, and i feel now is that time.

I would like to be over my soon-to-be-ex-wife and the baby she has on the way that isn't mine. The baby will have been born by then, and hopefully I am past it and moving on with my life. I certainly have been trying to do so, but it isn't easy. This is important to me because it's the only choice I really have if I want to find happiness someday. I would love a child of my own someday, and that won't happen until I'm over this.

I would like to re-activate my yoga practice. This is something that was so important to me, as well as integral in my life. With grad school and additional work hours, it's fallen by the wayside, and I can tell I'm not as happy and healthy without it.

I would like to be in the process of building our home and have a plan in place for continuing education for both my husband and I. I would like to have advanced further in my career and still be positive in my career choices.

I would like to be working in a job that is more clinical and paying more money. I am stressed and unsatisfied in my new job and I am sick of thinking about the savings account. I also need to go back to yoga and lose weight. as always...

Financial security. I find that worrying about meeting the mortgage, paying for health insurance and keeping the children in school---real not fake financial worry----makes me much less flexible and resilient, more wary and envious and it is much harder to be open to the universe. I suppose I am just recognizing one of the many manifestations of fear.

Steady income. Health and exercise Stable life.

I would love to sell our condo and travel. My dad asks me what my purpose is? I am trying to find out.

Featured in national commercial spot, either voice over or on-camera. As an actor, I need the exposure and work to bring my next gig. A national spot would help... Plus the money would be good too!

I'd like to have the non profit I run , really do well, have a great fundraiser to implement what the org. is all about, which is music for every child who wants to learn. I'd also like to be in good health so as to have the energy to do the above.

I want to marry elissa. It would symbolize solving a series of complex problems and put me in position to be the mensch I am supposed to be.

Personal - Finalizing my divorce so I can continue moving on with my life. Business - Getting my act together, focus, putting a plan together and implementing it to re-build my business into the business I know it can be. $500,000.00 in sales, six figure income. It HAS to get done!!!! Family - Making sure Hanna is ready for middle school. Whatever it takes! Ensuring her happiness, good health, and focus on her work.

Have 20 paid customers for my startup Mogotix.com. Have people in bay area, LA, Chicago and NY using the site for event organization.

I would like to take first place in any kind of contest. I am always coming in second or winning by default. Until I actually am recognized as the best at something, I will feel inferior to all of my peers.

I want to feel, act, dress, and behave like a grown-up. I will finally have a full time job after 4+2+5 years (=11!) of higher education with no plans to return to classes. I have been a penny-scrounging leftover-eating graduate student for too long. Time for real clothes! No more backpacks! Though I still want to bring my lunch to work...

I'd like to have a job, be on a better path financially, and be closer to getting to Israel. I'd like for all of my parents' health issues to be resolved, for our family to be well, and for myself to feel that I can move on and achieve my dreams.

this time next year, i hope to be in medical school, a goal i have been slowly working towards for many years.

I would like to be financially sound again. Right now, my family has no financial security, whatsoever, which is a huge change for us. I don't want to have to worry every month about being able to pay the mortgage, I don't want to worry what will happen if one of us gets sick and can't work. Basically, I don't want to have as much worry, which is so detrimental to the fabric of our lives.

Morally speaking, the usual- a little less gossip, a little less anger, a little less quarrelsomeness.

done school

I'd like to have more of a plan as to where i'm going in life professionally.

I'd like to have purchased a house by then! House-hunting sucks!

I want to feel satisfaction with the direction of my life, both personally and professionally.

I hope to achieve the ability to feel secure in standing on my own.

I want to network with more people and build a name for myself, so that I can work towards my goal of owning my own bakery.

Be Divorced

By next year this time I would love to be in a more stable place with work and personal finances. The stress related to those things affects me daily. I feel if things were better there, I'd probably be happier and more fun to be around. It sucks to be as serious as I am all the time. It doesn't feel natural, at all. I would also love to be able to commit to a schedule to learn to play guitar. It's a hidden passion of mine to be able to play. I even own a great guitar. I just can't play it. I need to prioritize what I personally want to achieve in addition to what I am trying to achieve professionally. So, by next year I would love to be able to play 5 Dylan songs.

I want to be well. I want to have written enough of my memoir to submit a portion to a literary journal ... and an abstract to a publisher. I want to have officially married my husband!

I'd like to be a more successful fundraiser. When I evaluate my performance at work, this is my Achilles' heel.

I'd like to have the balance on my bigdental bill paid off, so that I can start saving up for a return trip to Guanjuato, Mexico

Financial security. Been living too long with financial stress, and all the implications.

I would like to have saved some money, and to have traveled to visit friends across the country. I want to keep in touch with people, and also have seen a bit more of the world than I have thus far.

I would like to be better with hebrew. Not fluent per se, but know enough to at least get by. Its part of my culture and I feel its important to learn, especially if I want to spend time in Israel (which I do)

I want to have sold the manuscript of my novel. As long as I am still 24 when it happens, then I can beat my boyfriend, who got his PhD just before his 25th birthday.

I want my weight to be in the normal range, and to be eating a mostly vegan, mostly lo-carb, and mostly kosher diet.

I would like to make my business profitable enough that I could stop working for someone else.period.

I'd like to be running my own show. Is it a show? Stay tuned and find out!

I would like to be able to retain more Jewish knowledge. I know that I have learned a lot but I hope that I will be able to learn in a way that I can remember the information and be able to use it as a reference.

I'd like to be fluent enough in Spanish that I can have meaningful conversation with my family. This is important to me because I am related to some really incredible people, and I want to learn from them and find out who I really am. I don't want to be constrained by language, I want to be liberated by it.

by this time next year I would like to have a better handle on my work/life balance. I don't want to wake up panicking that I don't have enough time to do everything every morning. I'd also like to have 6 months salary saved up.

I'd like to be comfortably living w/in our financial means. We seem to cvome close, then go off track. I'd like for my relationship w/ my husband to be open, unstressed. I believe this is the most important relationship in my life, and I forget that I have much to learn. I'd like up to be at the point where we are comfortable, not so much stress, not so much tension. Is it possible that I cn trust him again?

I would like be well into my dissertation by this time next year; I really would like to finish by the end of spring of '11.

Consistent horseback riding, to the point that I am either leasing a horse or on the way to figuring out how to do so. There are things in my life that come and go and, while I enjoy them, do not bring me the joy and exuberance that riding does. I need that to be an ongoing presence in my life. I need to learn that I can take time for myself every week to rejuvenate and miss the people around me.

I hope that I will have had a wedding that celebrated the commitment between my fiance and me in a way that truly reflects who we are, while moving my family and friends, particularly my mom and grandma who have an idea of what it should be that isn't exactly who we are.

What do I want to achieve over the year...I'd like to get this house in good shape, do some real work on it. It's important to me because I want to make a contribution to this process and since I can't help much monetarily it's all I can do. I'd also like to meet some professional goals - the normal stuff like get a change of title, more money. No surprise there but of course I have mixed feeling about not working as an attorney. Not because I want to work as an attorney, but because I appreciate the status that comes with the title, frankly. It makes one feel special and important, even if you're just a lowly attorney, as they come. I'd also like to brew at least two really excellent beers this coming year, like the Saison I did recently, beers that hit a level where you'd think they could've come from a professional brewery. If you're going to have a hobby you may as well kick ass at it.

I would like to start nursing school and to change my career direction. Although I enjoy my work, it is extremely technical and I often feel challenged and insecure about my skill set. I know that I would do very well in a medical career and I would like to start changing my life to address this.

My one-year goal: to live an authentic life, from the inside out. A life based on who I am, not on what I own or what others think of me. Also, I want to be alive and well at this time next year. These two things would be a major achievement.

I want to spend more one-on-one time with each of my sons and I want reach the next level with my photography.

I would like to be in grad school. I've traveled the world, made amazing friends, and saw so many interesting things. I don't regret that I took the time to do these things but now I'm feeling the pressure to make something of myself and to start my career. I want to focus on something and be accomplished at what I do. I want to be really good at something.

I would love to have achieved two things. THe first is to be in a loving and intimate romantic relationship with a wonderful partner who is perfect for me. And the second is to be incredibly successful at my second career as a real estate agent. I would like to be earning $75,000 a year after taxes.

To secure a job more meaningful than the one I quit to return to school.

It is simple and so complicated. I want to be in a truly loving long-term relationship with a man. I am jdateing, eharmonying and even going to a professional matchmaker and yet to date no real sucess. It is so frustrating and sad for me I really don't want to be alone the rest of my life, divorce should not be a life sentence. I am a smart, funny, attractive woman and I just don't get what the problem is. I ask G-d all the time to send me my beshert, I want to tell him "that I have missed him every moment until the momemt we met".

I'd like to be taking better care of myself financially, so I can feel less irresponsible and more secure. This will depend on employment, but would include not spending money rashly, etc, and investing in savings.

I think I need to work on being more patient. Yah. Achieve patience. I think I would be happier. There's also a mosaic I have been working on forever that I hope to have finished by then, too.

I'd like be at a better weight and cardio fitness, I've gotten lazy and I don't feel as strong as I should.

I'm going to graduate college! I can't wait to start my life!!

I would very much like to incorporate regular observation of Shabbat into my life. I am a spirit-of-the-law kinda guy, and the letter-of-the-law prohibitions associated with orthodox observation of Shabbat aren't of central importance to me. I want to treat Shabbat as a day for strengthening bonds with friends, family, and loved ones, and for celebrating the integrity and glory of Hashem, of The All. I would also like to devote an hour or two of every Shabbat to study of religious texts or theology. Importantly, I will not prohibit myself from writing or painting on Shabbat; these activities may be deemed "work," but they are also, for me, pleasure. That said, if I am in a studio or writing rut, I will steer clear of my vocation modes. I will also make a conscientious effort to avoid spending money and expending energy unless absolutely necessary (or as part of a group activity: driving to a trail head, watching a movie with family, etc.). Though these seem like easily attainable aspirations, my life and community is so thoroughly secularized that adherence to this Shabbat practice will prove demanding. Still, I'm hopeful.

I want to achieve a healthier weight. I need the motivation and hope to get under 200 lbs.

I would like to either have had or well on my to having our second child. It has always been my desire to have a large family with children cose in age. My husband and I make beautiful babies and we can't wait to add to our family.

By this time next year, I really just want to be on track with school, student teaching, and applying for grad school. Right now, it seems like I am just struggling to stay adrift because of all my classes and extracurricular activities. By next year I want to take control of my life and career and be ready for a fast-approaching graduation.

I'd like to have at least completed a half marathon by this time next year. It's part of my ongoing quest to overcome my childhood self-image as a chubby bookworm. Besides that, I'd like to be bringing in enough business to have coworkers by this time next year.

By this time next year i would like to be in a relationship that has promise for marraige and a family. I have allowed myself the time to get to know myself in such a way that i have realized exactly what qualities i am looking for in a partner. I am dating someone now so we'll see where it all goes. I would like to have a family in a few years and i will be 32 next year.

I want to have a decent-paying job and stability in my life so I can get settled and finally find a place I think I can be the rest of my life. Maybe with somebody else....

I would like to be able to handle disrespect with more grace, patience and poise. There is a Chinese proverb that goes like this: "One moment of patience may ward off great disaster. One moment of impatience may ruin a whole life." While my intolerance for disrepect has not ruined my life, it certainly has made it very difficult at times. I know that learing to ignore such treatment would stand me in very good stead. I have been saying for years that I want to get there but have not yet succeeded. Perhaps this is my year? I certainly hope so, because I'm not getting any younger. Being able to handle disrespect is a quality-of-life issue and I want the quality of my life to be as high as possible as often as possible.

I would like to have achieved the goal of beginning my course work in order to get my associate's degree in pharmacy technology. This is important to me because it is a field that I am very interested in and I love to help people. In addition, it is a way to make sure that I do not work in the field of retail for the rest of my life which I know I do not want to do.

I want to be writing only things I care about, rather than writing to please my colleagues or to get external kudos.

Satisfaction with my professional accomplishments and status. This is important to me because my skills are in place, and I have dreams, but my desire has not kicked me in the booty enough to get things moving right now.

More Patience.

Be Retired and living comfortably. Enjoying time with my children and grandchildren. To be able to travel a bit.

By next year I'd like to have a good, healthy income that lets me have financial security, flexibility, pay down debt and save so I can have less stress and feel better about myself.

Some kind of steady financial situation. For just under a year now i have been supported by my boyfriend and it has been a major point of contention between us. I feel less like a person and less in control of my life because of it. i would also like to have plans, at least, for an extended stay in Israel. 6 months to a year. i just need to be there.

I would like to have financial stability and sustained health- (emotional, physical and spiritual) and beauty-related regimen. This is important because I want to invest in myself and I want to have a secure place from which to invest outwardly. I think taking care of the core of the self will help me to be more present and in the moment in the world and life.

I want so many new friends. I have already made so many friends this year and I would like to keep that up and potentially find a "best" friend. I would also like to keep my grades up. I'm in high school so I'm allowed to be immature...I want a boyfriend. :) Also, I would like to have memorized the amidah and the kaddish b/c unfortunately, I dont know them by heart.


I want to be less sad about being older and embrace the joys of my age. Why? Cause it is foolish to dwell in the past when you still have a future ahead of you.

I want to achieve a new level of involvement in creative, artistic and romantic life. So this would involve a partner, career and lifestyle that would integrate, motivate and realize being the best artist I can be.

I want a contract for my book. This will make it a reality instead of just a dream.

by this time next year i would like to be a proficient guitar player. i have been "learning" since i was in eighth grade (i am now 28) and i just want to be good enough to pluck out a few songs around a campfire.

Thought it is my mother tongue, I have never felt a strong connection to the English language. I want to learn to speak conversational Hebrew. I feel as my connection to the Jewish community grows so too does my desire to express myself and communicate in Hebrew.

Being a better husband and father, one who really listens is tops. One obstacle to that now is the amount of time necessary for our start-up business to gain altitude. So I would have to say, having a smooth business strategy that allows me more family time would be a prime goal.

I would like to manage my compulsive overeating. It is important to me because I manage well most other areas of my life and hold on to this destructive behavior.

This is going to sound stupid and trivial, but considering how all-consuming and miserable this one issue has been for me, it matters a lot. I want to achieve comfort in my own body. I'll say it again. I want to achieve comfort in my own body. My weight has fluctuated for at least 15 years. I've had a disordered perspective about food for at least that long, too. And, I have not really been comfortable in my own skin for a long time.

I'd like to make my job now a more fulfilling one. This means as much creative output as administrative, more working with people who think I have ideas worth discussing and avoiding the negativity and insecurity that comes from dealing with ego-driven supervisors. Life is just too short to spend too much time doing thankless work, and when things are balanced, there is so much creative potential within my job.

I'd like to have a manuscript completed. There are lots of other things I'd like - to be in a relationship, engaged, ready to start a family, job security - but this is something where I have complete control and I know that whether or not it happens will be entirely based on my own initiative.

I would like to become a tutor in Literacy Volunteers to help someone from another country learn to read and speak English. This would be in honor of my mother who came to this country as a Jewish child from Poland just after World War I. All those who make the journey to another country for opportunity or to escape oppression deserve our assistance and admiration.

Get my PhD. Otherwise I've forfeited some really fantastic opportunities for the next few years.

I very much want the Cheshire Bronze CDs to be finished, the website to be robust and complete, and to be working on Radio Survivor and Children of the Modern Age. Why is it important? My love affair with music has returned, and I want to get past working on CB, which is my brother's music in the end, not mine.

To have a job in a field I really like.

I would really like to be having more fun as a family by this time next year. I am not so naive that I believe that Life isn't a lot of work, especially with kids, but, we have way too much dram and trauma going on right now. I want to laugh more as a family, play more as a family and enjoy the precious little time we have with each other in this busy world.

I would like to have mapped out a plan as best as my husband and I can for a meaningful and rich course for the next 10-20 years (our retirement years). I hope that somewhere in there (the 10 - 20 years, not by this time next year) there will be the possibility of a grandchild or two.

I would like to have a contract with a book agent and an actual publisher. I've gotten nowhere with self-publishing and always gave up on agents/publishers in the past, but this book I feel has an important message said in a subtle, often dry-wit, voice.

Have a self sustaining business, e.g. the revenue covers our cost. I would also like to be engaged or settling down. Both (or either) of these would provide needed stability in my life.

I would like to be in school full time. with some idea of what I'm going to be when I grow up. Inspired by extra curricular activities. Not in Seattle, but in Portland. 20 pounds less fat, and with less of a drinking problem.

I would like to learn how to speak Hebrew so that when I retrun to Israel there won't be any lanuage barrier keeping me from making true, lasting connections with and learning from the wonderful people I meet. I would also like to be further along in my journey towards loving myself fully for all that I am in the present moment. Not what I could be. Not hating what I've been. Loving my belly, my brain, my strength, my humor, my creativity, my masterful problem-solving skills and culinary wizardry. I want to be able to honestly add even more things I love about myself to that list and believe them by this time next year. This is so important in order to be able to continue on my journey. If I love and respect myself then I can truly open myself to learning from and sharing with others because I won't be so distracted and stuck in my own head about all my own hang ups. I also will respect myself so I won't waste any of my precious and valuable time with anyone who doesn't share that respect.

I would like to have completed one personal project outside of work and family. Something personally satisfying, not just something I was doing just for someone else.

I would like to achieve my personal fitness goals by this time next year. I have spent the past 6 months changing my eating habits and increasing my exercise. Although it would be nice to look better by this time next year, my ultimate goal is to have sustained change in my eating and exercise habits. If am able to keep the habits for longer than a year, it is my feeling that I will have conquered a battle that I've had since childhood. The added benefit will be an improved self-image based on that achievement.

I am hoping to own my own home by this time next year. It is a sign of growth, independence, and taking ownership of my life and future.

Only one? Write a book. Be it poetry, a collection of short stories, or something else. It's a goal that keeps getting lost in the shuffle in my life.

I would like to feel content with how I am living my life. Ideally I would like to be engaged in meaningful activities, have a steady income, a secure and comfortable place to live, and be in good health. But whatever my situation is, I would like to feel good about who I am and how I am living.

An overall healthier lifestyle. I don't want to die at 57. I don't want to be scared to take chances and try new experiences. I want to laugh more.

I would like to give myself more time and room to grow as an individual. I'd like to have a balance so I am able to take time to relax, make art, read, keep in touch with friends and explore on my own while still being a wife and having a career.

getting in shape- getting healthy for the sake of being around on this earth for a long time for my family and especially my children

I would like to have decided whether to go back to get my Masters degree in Social Work or go get my yoga teacher training and focus on my pottery. After 8 years as a stay at home mom (which I never intended to be), I need to figure out what the rest of my life is going to be about, mentally, intellectually, spiritually and last but not least, financially.

i need to feel better about life. wow, ok........to be more specific, i need to have more confidence that life is going to work out ok. i put forth a confidence and coolness that i am ok with my appearance, my finances and my career path - in truth i just feel fragile and unsure. i'm not sure how to do it, and i do know that for the most part i am extremely blessed - it just all seems like it could colapse in a day (and i'd be left to pick up the pieces with lots of onlookers standing by). now i have a baby coming and some serious house expenses - i need to be a lot for so many people! this is critical to my mental health, i know it. i aim to find that balance, that assuredness and that peace. i really do hope that i can acquire it for myself over the coming year.

I would like to have gotten a fucking bus and taken this group to DC to march for equality. I would like to no longer compare myself and also ym EXTERNAL AND UNCONTROLLABLE circumstances to exes. I would like to have gotten my jealousy and insecurity that I manifest by being insulting of other people under control. I'd like to exercise more, cook more, have a great junior year and continue to feel like I've made positive progress as a whole person.

Figure out how to be alone... or, more importantly, how not to. Oh!, and, the why is in the what.

I want to be happily married and building a family. In addition, I want my personal business to be thriving and not only be a steady income, but also a fun project that I can continue to grow.

Have a job as a WHNP. I really can't believe I am almost done with my MSN now. I feel like it has been a really long road full of curves, speed bumps, and detours. I need to accomplish this goal and see that I really CAN do it and persevere. I want to make a difference. It certainly isn't the only way I can help repair the world but I think I have a special calling to do so.

I would like to be able to learn how to relax. This year I have cut down my work hours and feel very unsettled and anxious about this. I did this by choice but any change is difficult for me. By next year I hope that I will have learned what to do with my off time and learned how to not compulsively fill every minute of my day with "doing something".

Professionally I would like to pull off launching a community wide initiative that I have been working tirelessly to get off the ground. Selfishly, I need a job and this is what I would most like to spend the majority of my time on - but I also would feel better about the community I live in if they take it on. The past year has shaken my confidence and self worth to the core, and even the possibility of acheiving this goal has given me a positive focus and energy.

I would like to achieve some more career direction. I want to actually be advanced in my career, and to have some clearer ideas about where I am going with my professional life. This is important to me because I have come to the realisation that having a nice apartmnet, earning decent money, and having a raging social life is not the be all and end all - you need to be happy with what you are doing on a day to day basis. On another note, I'd love to develop the DJing more. I need to be playing more gigs, and at public venues and festivals, not just at jewish house parties!

I need to make more money- my husband won't let me starve, but I like to pay my own way.

I would like to build meditation and a personal spiritual practice back into my life. My life is about helping others find and connect with their spiritual selves, but in my striving to help and lead others I often loose track of my own goals and needs. This coming year I am going to make sure I am also on the to do list. Yoga and meditation are two ways that can lead me back. They make me a better teacher, leader, mother, rabbi and friend.

Figure out what the long-term is for me an my special girlfriend. Having her, would bring balance to my life (and some challenges). Not having her, I'd focus more on my job and my kids, but probably not take good care of myself... and oy, just the thought of new introductions or Jdate!

i would like to be involved in an intentional partnership. while i've been single on and off over the years, i function better when i have someone to share my thoughts, interests and intimacy. for me, connecting with another human feeds my growth and satisfaction, and i feel more connected to meaning.

Work/life balance. Being engaged in work that is purposeful, financially rewarding and not time consuming. It is important for me to take myself seriously as a writer, and have a life that is emotionally sustaining.

I would like my feelings about people who anger me, whom I ruminate on, to be a flag, a warning, that my Godsense is obscured, that I am turning in the wrong direction momentarily - I want mini-teshuvah-on-the-go so minor course corrections daily replace the need for big ones after damage is done. I also want to stop gossiping about others, or taking dark joy in their upset- these are all related to outlets for an enhancement of my own anger.

Finish "Lovers of the Blue God" the book of poems from Classical Indian Music I started in the early 70s when I became a student of Dr. Laxmi Ganesh Tewari. He told me a few weeks ago that soon he will "disappear" and he wants me to finish the book before he does. I would like to finish it in the next six months, actually. This is important to me because singing with my teacher, learning this style of music has been a very important part of my life for so long and I have a great respect for my teacher that I work hard to do what he asks. All his students do.

I would like to be enrolled in classes or have taken some classes to get closer towards my goal of obtaining my masters in occupational therapy.

By this time next year I want to be comfortable and at peace wherever I'm living. And at this point in my life I'm not comfortable where I'm living w/my husband after 16 years of marriage. I believe deep down that it's time to move on. I can no longer take for granted that this is where I'll end up or that I have to stay in this marriage if I'm unhappy. It's a little scary and different but I must begin taking small steps to move on and get out.

I think, but am not sure, that I would like to 'acheive' retirement. It is all about time and the chance to find out all sorts of new thing about myself. If I decide I am not quite ready for retirement, I hope to have made great strides in my new position that I start next week in putting together a structure for dramatically increasing knowledge transfer within my organization.

I would like to be more organized--- I battle with too much stuff--- it clutters my mind

I would like to have a new job. I am bored with my current position but have job security. It's frustrating. I want to be doing something else but my husband is unemplyed.

i'm moving into a new apartment next week. i'd hope to make it a cozy home that is a reflection of me, and is my little retreat from the rest of the world, but a welcoming place for anyone who comes by.

i'd like to have a steady job that i know will last from month to month and feed my soul as well as my family.

Finding love with a life partner, and committing to sharing life with that partner, leading to that ultimate commitment, marriage. Because life could be so much sweeter and richer when lived in tandem than while flying solo.

Complete my conversion to Judaism. It is important me that I belong. Right now, I feel like am being Jewish, but not yet really Jewish. I feel like I am on probation? I still have a lot of learning to do.

I want to travel to Europe. It's not improving or anything, but I rarely take real, non-family vacations. I've been talking about it since forever and now is the time.

I would like to be in some new or different place; career wise, living-wise, relationship-wise...just something different. some movement. more art. more loving. more work inspiration and growth!

I would like to be closer to being okay with myself and my childhood experiences, and finally be able to accept that it happened to me and that i am who i am becuase of it. I would like to finally be able to start fully trusting people and feeling loved and cared for, becuase i don't feel that way now. this is important becuase I have met a few people this year that i want to keep in my life for a very long time (if not forever) and doing this means allowing myself to trust them and believe in their good intentions. i also want to be in a happy relationship, but I can't do so until i move past my own trust issues.

I see my daughter very seldom, I would like to be closer to her by this time next year.

I'd like to achieve a zero balance on my credit card by this time next year. It's important to me because of my limited income.

I'd like to have health insurance. This could be achieved in a number of ways--I could be able to afford to buy coverage for myself (and be able to get coverage?); my boyfriend and I could get married and I could be covered on his insurance. Or, we could pass health care reform? It is important to me because medical bills are the number one cause of bankruptcy in the US. I don't have any coverage and I am scared I will get sick and not be able to afford my care.

A good Start on a New Language. To switch, open avenues, learn cultural perspectives better... To Communicate with an excuse for my awkwardness...

I'd like to get back to doing my own writing. It is very grounding for me to be immersed in a creative practice, and although there are other creative things I enjoy doing, writing speaks to the deepest part of me. It is also the thing that I most dread and avoid doing.

A new job! It's time to branch out and push myself, to show what I can achieve and learn where my skills can be best used.

Where to begin... Maybe forgive my father and accept him for who he is. I don't even know why I'm angry anymore--or even if I am still--but regardless, it's tiring. I'd be interested to have a real conversation with him where both of us are completely ourselves. I don't recall the last time that actually happened.

wow. . . honestly the only achievement that matters to me right now is to be a good father to my son.

I would like to be more patient.

I need some kind of positive change. I am feeling restless and not sure exactly the cause or root of the restlessness. I don't know if it means new job, new city, or what but I feel that something needs to happen. It's important to me to feel inspired and that I continue to grow in whatever direction that takes me.

better person, better friend, better artist. fulfillment

I'd like show more patience toward people.I get anxious and end up saying something I regret. It is important to be kind to people and in these situations I'm not very kind

I would like discard activities which no longer satisfy me, figure out how to make those decisions, and pursue the things that give me pleasure. I would like to learn how to have fun.

I want to be improved significantly with my health, dating life, and living situation. I want to be under 190 lbs, have a semblance of a decent dating life, and have moved to the city.

I would like to have an established income as a writer, and not have to worry about making rent every month. It's important to me because despite living in a city where one can be poor, it might be nice to indulge in something superficial once in awhile.


I will have started studying again. I will have joined a gym. I will hate less.

It's important that I get healthy. I've watched my dad's health deteriorate, and I don't want to encounter that in later life.

I want to keep running/jogging as often as I can because it makes me feel happy, good about myself and accomplished.

To remain happy and active. I am 70 years old and I plan to have many productive years ahead.

to try to crystalize my interests and hopes instead of having them diffused as they too often are now......

I would like to be happy and comfortable in my own skin. I want to be in a place where I wake up everyday and look forward to what is going to happen, and above all else I want to be in control of my life.

I would like to be more independent. I'm on my own and dealing fine, but I would like to be enjoying it more. There are times when I genuinely enjoy being by myself, but too frequently I can't motivate myself to do fun things alone. This is something I am working hard on.

The novel I've begun should be more than finished this time next year. It should already have been sent to a couple of agents. There are a few things that I would LIKE to have happen like move into a place of my own and lose 25 lbs, but the novel is something I NEED to have happen in order to prove to myself that I am serious about writing and have the discipline to do it.

I would like to expand my business 100%. It is important to me since i've taken this time off to be with our newborn son but it is also very important that I have a professional life and contribute financially to our family.

I have several things: 1-after graduation teach at least one nursing class at a major university 2-do a medical mission in the fall 3-I want the love of my life to be with me all the time and not separate. I eventually want to marry her!

i would like to be able to live a normal life and not have to worry about lost money and debt, and all sorts of things that really just make life hell for me this year. i want to be able to live again and not just survive

A direction in life. I realize that that's broad and not particularly specific but I feel so lost in everything I do right now. I feel like I wasted my time at college, not because college was a waste, but how I treated it was, and because of that I'm now at an impasse-ready to be back at my school and taking my learning seriously and yet unable to because I graduated. The school pushed me through, the tutors said I did satisfactory work, or satisfactory enough. I know my work was not satisfactory, and that is why I am so lost. If only I'd spent my time at school involved with school, engaged in my learning, taking it seriously, instead of planning and banking on the future, then I feel like I wouldn't be where I am now, both literally in that I'm living with my family and figuratively in that I no longer can say with conviction why things that have previously been important, almost fundamental to who I perceived myself, are important. I guess a direction in life is also important because not having direction, feeling lost, feeling groundless and unsure of what to do next means that I'm more short-tempered, which reflects itself in my interactions with my family. I would hope that by finding direction I'd also be finding contentment and happiness which would ideally lead to a better relationship with my family.

I would like to have my Bachelor's degree because I did school for three years, then took three years off, and now this is my second full year of the last leg of my degree. I also haven't lived in the same city for more than a year at a time, so if it'll be huge if I'm still actually here.

This year I have decided to tackle my resistance to forgive my mother for things she did to me during my childhood. I will be sixty in 2010 and have decided that I have been sad and angry long enough and want to attempt to forgive her, because I need to be free of these negative emotions. I have already begun to work on this and am hoping that at this time next year, I will have made good progress.

Have my book become a best seller and be recognized as a niche food market personality, hosting a show because I need to prove to myself I can do it and succeed. But I want two: the other is to be in love with someone who loves me back at a level I've not yet experienced because I need to know true love is possible without it shattering my life.

I would like to have made a music/dance video, and preferably own my own video camera. It feels like video is an important component of my art practice, particularly as I am very interested in documenting performance.

I'd like to achieve the grades I need to get into University. My future is very important to me, so I will make sure to try my best in school, and study hard and whenever I can.

I hope to have direction - after which I will get knocked-up. Scarey...i know.

I want to submit a story for publication. It would be great to have it published, but I can only control that to a degree. It can't be done at all if I don't submit it!

I need to change my actual job: I need more time for my children and more money too.

I'd like to find more time for myself to volunteer with seniors. I miss spending time with them and learning from them.

I would like to lose that 20 pounds I always say I want to lose, especially since I don't think my almost-husband and I will wait all that long to have children. I want to be fit and healthy before we do that!

i want to have our new business up and running well, financially solvent, with enough clients coming to us that we can support our family comfortably and also employ some freelance help. this will be huge for us, and i believe we will do it.

This is a very easy question, and one I'd hoped 10Q would ask. By this time next year, I would like to have found a permanent, full-time, paid position with an organization I respect doing something challenging and career advancing. I certainly hope I achieve this goal before next year but, if it takes all year, so be it I guess. I would also like to have a clearer sense of where I am going personally and professionally in the long run, rather than living month to month like it feels I am doing right now.

By this time next year I would like to achieve being unconditionally happy. I want to be happy with any circumstance I may be in. Whether that is being poor or rich, I want to be happy. I want to be happy even though life may not go just as I had envisioned it. I want to be happy with the fact that I may or may not be in a graduate program. I want to be okay and happy with the fact that some things I want in life take time- and patience is a virtue. I next year by this time, the only I want to matter is that I have my partner sitting next to me and that would be the only that would make me happy and the rest is only trivial.

i'd like to be at a weight / physiology that i can appreciate. not saying Adonis, but enough of this Jabba the Hut crap.

I would like to be in a meaningful intimate relationship with someone who shares my passions and sense of adventure, and loves me for who I am. I have been single for more than three years and have spent a lot of this time working on myself, and know I'm ready to share my life with the right someone who wants to meet me halfway in mutual honesty, respect and love.

I would like to have started a new social business and finally turned this idea that I've had in my head for years into something real! I would like to be making at least part of a living from this venture. And I would like to be writing a book about the focus of the business by this time next year.

I want to be debt free and proud!

I would like to have moved forward in my relationship by being engaged and also to be in a position to buy a house. I want to be married to the one I love. We have been together 6 years. Owning property would be a huge acomplishment.

I'd like to achieve a better integration of person/family/work/community. At the moment I think that means getting into an office and then really being home when I'm home. It probably also means streamlining my volunteer commitments to give me more time for family. The work/community piece is of a piece, but my community work isn't really a counter-weight to my work - it's more a continuation of it. I also need a real avocation, something reasonably active that isn't just the same kind of activities but on a non-work subject. The personal/family piece needs work....

Being in a mutually loving relationship is what I want most, though how to "achieve" that I don't know. To be sure, I have to be "out there," as they say -- why don't I go dancing every chance I get? And whatever happens with love, I know I have to live fully, whether or not with somebody else alongside. I don't feel I need to make major changes in myself: I'm pretty great, truly. But I want more. Why is this important? Because love is at the center of life. Achievements and recognition in my profession come too, and I appreciate both, but without love . . . . There's just not enough love, of any sort, in my life. Does that mean I could love more? Is that -- am I? -- what's standing in the way of this "achievement"?

I would like to be paid to direct something. This is the path that I'm on and I'd like to know that my passion and my income can converge. I've been working towards this for a while.

Become a student at Baltimore Hebrew Institute.

I'd like to be in a healthy and vibrant, lively, amazing, deep and rich relationship with my soul mate, the man with whom I will also continue to create life and beauty on this planet. This is important to me so that I may practice intimacy and cultivate it daily.

I would like to master a few of the tools that I know I need to do what I want. I have kept them as a comforting roadblock, preventing me from giving what I really want to do my best shot. I want to learn in a disciplined way, and then I think I will feel so free. In the meantime, I need to start making other stuff. In a disciplined way. It makes me feel whole. And I want to offer this to others.

Well, I'd certainly like to have graduated college by this time next year. It is important to me as legitimacy to the "outside world" but also to move forward in my personal and professional goals. Also, I cannot be with Roeh until I do so and that is a huge motivating factor.

This question is hard - only because to set a goal for myself looking one year ahead is very new to me. I'm used to going with the flow - and enjoying the fruits of what living in the moment offer. I think there are a few things that are important to me in the stage of life I am in right now. 1. to excel in my career 2. to find love 3. to excel in my yoga practice Although these are not concrete, and I try to excel every day, at a year from now I'd like to look back and know that they have improved drastically from one year prior.

i'd like to feel that i am getting "enough" physical activity and that fitting it into my schedule doesn't feel like a struggle. right now i go to the gym and walk, but i'd like to try dancing, go hiking more, and find other things to increase my activity level. taking care of my body (not how it looks, but how it feels) and my health becomes more important to me every year.

I'd like a raise! And i'd like to either have taken the GMATs or learned more design/source code. I'd also like to have some of my health issues more in control.

I'd like to make my marriage happy, fulfilling, and connected. It's important for Matt's greatness, Eliana's happiness and my everything.

By this time next year, I would like to be in a committed, healthy, loving relationship that I feel is for the long-term. This is important to me because I want to start building my own family, and after many years of moving around and being afraid of commitment, I am ready to share my life with someone.

I would love my business to be so successful that I can really focus on working with a small core of clients, can hire subcontractors to work with the rest, and can really give myself the gift of work-free evenings and weekends. This is so important because I've been realizing lately just how critical it is for me to have time away from work, and because I'd love to stop having to work so hard to stay afloat financially.

I think I'd like to cut back on my materialism. It just becomes overwhelming...it's like an addiction. There will never be an end to everything I want...it's a pointless pursuit.

By this time next year, I hope to have re-tooled myself to enter the workplace after 10 years at home with kids. I never thought I'd be a stay-at-home mom; in our working-class family, my mother's income was essential. But my husband had a vision that he shared with me and convinced me to adopt: that we would do whatever we could to make a budget with only one parent's income. Lucky for us, it worked out--I know others who plan this aren't so fortunate. But now my husband is burned out and needs a sabbatical, and so I'm trying to do whatever it takes to relieve some of the pressure, even if it just means getting any job with benefits. It's important to me to be able to give him a little financial wiggle room.

New job or return to school. Stuck in a rut.

I wish I could truly learn to let things go-- given our life change this year, I should be able to to prioritize what is important, not get annoyed over silly things, not get anxious, I will continue to work on this all year.

Working at something that i enjoy with people i enjoy and being passionate about it.

More time in prayer. Laying the groundwork for a new career.

I want to work to become an individual who successfully blends self-assurance and compassion. I struggle with how to satisfy and advance my own needs while also being supportive and collaborative with others. Sometimes I think it's more a mental restrictions than anything else. For the past year, I've been under the belief that I can "balance" my life. Yet this concept seems to merely confuse me as I find myself restricting certain actions or desires that I want to do in an effort to maintain the specific order I thought defined balance. Now rather, I feel that "blending" is a more appropriate term for what I am looking for. I seek to live a well-rounded and genuine life that devotes my my whole energy to efforts and people I'm most passionate about. There are no solid lines or storage bins defining my life, and there are no weights and scales to tell me when I've gotten that balance right. If I live a life that blends, I can mix up a little of this and that and the other thing that all somehow go together perfectly to make up the person that is me. By next year, I hope to be one step further down that path; I aim to be more developed, aware and satisfied of both who I am and who I want to become.

I want to know what it is to truly be in love and to want to be with the one I love, more than anyone else, not because I just want to make her happy, or because I feel an emptiness without her, but because it brings both of us a joy we can't find any other way.

I've laid the foundation for running my own agency at this point, which I was afraid wasn't going to happen for most of last year. I'm hoping it will be closer to a reality by this time next year, perhaps even having my own out of home office space and some co-workers.

I'd like to have something growing under my guidance--vegetables, chickens. I want to be more in touch with nature on a day to day basis. Like I love my composting. Expand that to other useful functions in the natural environment.

I want to have finished my PhD program, dissertation and all. It is important to me to show my parents (one alive one deceased) that their hopes and sacrificed for me were never in vein. A moral victory for them, and for me. I want to prove to myself that despite my humble beginnings and tragic childhood, that I can overcome and achieve something great that I have set for myself.

I would like to lose weight, I would like to be able to communicate with my husband without feeling like he is critizing me. I would like to not feel like I have to walk on eggshells, so as not to say or do something that upsets my husband...which causes him to stop talking to me.

Shift my career to broadcast and web design. This is important to me because I'm not loving where my current career is going, and I haven't been happy for a while. I really want to get back to what I loved about broadcast, telling the story of the show through quick graphics that catch the mood in a kind of amuse-bouche for an audience. That was really fun, challenging, and I look forward to getting back into that groove!

I'd like to draw my various interests together this year. My theatre, journaling, prison workshops, and collaborative art projects are all related, and I want to working on finding them an artistic home. Maybe it will be physical- a studio or gallery space, maybe it will be online, maybe it will just have a name and mailing list.

Oh mother of the year award of course! I say that tongue in cheek, but I would like to be the best mother my kids could have. You can have the trophy!

A steady job in my field of study: Massage Therapy. I want to have the opportunity to help people, and im still stuck in my current job at an appliance store(the one that put me through school). I want to switch so badly!!!

oh wow. i want to free my heart from an obsession. it's important because it keeps me from being present, and i hate that. only, then, i dont want just some other dang obsession to pop up to replace it. this is now a big deal because i will be fifty years old. this is my ongoing journey. i want to keep practicing my life consciously so that, little by little, i will just have more peace of mind, more of the time. that's all. turning fifty is a good time for a woman to look around her and say to herself, Hey! Drop the Mishegoss! like a snake shedding her old skin. Drop it ALL! it's Time! I'm ready, and i deserve to be happy.

I would like to have my MFT license by this time next year. This is important to me because it would reflect and represent an increase in knowledge, experience, and skill as a therapist and help advance my career toward whatever path I'd like to take.

I want to feel settled. I want to have a clearer vision for the future, to feel financially and emotionally stable.

I would like a peaceful home. We are all happy and we have so much fun but our house is not peaceful. I want less yelling and aggravation and more peace and calmness.

I would like to achieve clarity about the direction I want to go in this next chapter of my life. I feel confident that once I have clarity, I will exert all my energy and focus on making it happen.

I want to have had or be well on the way to having another baby. We always planned for three (or more) and I just don't feel my family is finished. I realise that it could take a while but by next RH please God I'll be some way to achieving this goal (or have come to some sort of accommodation with it *not* happening) and I can stop obsessing about it and start thinking about something else.

I would like to love myself as much as possible and be closer to achieving my goal of starting a family.

I would like to be really proud of what I write. That my work reflects the reason I went into journalism, to tell people things that they would not already know and to make them think. To give voice to the voiceless.

A relationship. I'd like to be in a real-live, intimate, honest, let-it-all-hang-out, emotionally open relationship. I am often lonely, and I let myself be satisfied with the occasional sweet fling with a friend. That distracts from the lonely, but makes me forget to try for the big relationship.

I would like to achieve more balance and tap into my creativity again - something I feel has been left dormant, locked up and almost forgotten. I have to open the door again somehow - if only i could find the key! This coming year is about finding that key.

I want to be caught up on all of our bills, and maybe even ahead (fingers crossed). we've been SO far behind for so long. I want to be at a point where we won't be getting phone calls from creditors. I want to be able to pay a bill as soon as we get it, instead of when the final notice arrives.

I'd like to get a speaking role on a television show or film. It doesn't have to be a lead role... even just a small speaking part would make it feel like I'm aking good progress with my career.

I would very much like to own the house I am living in now. Life has been so full of uncertainties lately, and I would like to be able to feel more settled. I guess many people these days would scoff at the idea that home ownership gives one a sense of security, but for me it feels like the right thing to do at this stage of my life.

I would like to have put on a play by this time next year. It is essential to who I am. I feel like when I am not making work or being creative I stop making sense.

There are a few things, but the major one is to be teaching in public school. I teach in a preschool now but am ready to be an elementary school teacher. While doing my student teaching at college, I had a pretty bad experience and it made me not want to teach. But, after being a teacher in preschool for 3 years now, I am more ready then ever.

I would like to have a trip to Israel planned with my husband. We got engaged the day after I returned from a month-long trip last summer, and he's never been. I can't wait to share the Israel experience with him.

I hope to be getting prepared to another new adventure in my life. I want to be planning for a move to Europe, where I'll be able to push for a view of dance that I enjoy. Though I am happy here and now (and may be even more in the future) the possibilities of the coming years are infinite and who knows where I'll want to be.

I want to be able to express my emotions more easily and readily in my relationship. It will bring us closer together-- in the past, this strained our relationship and I want to fix this.

Know what direction I should take my life. Importance is self-evident, gives meaning, makes you you.

By this time next year, I would like to have recorded my original songs and music. I have been playing guitar and writing songs since I was 13. I have had little opportunity and financial resources to record, but am ready to make the time and investment. Music is one of the most important things to me, and I want to share my own and connect to others.

Part of me thinks that by this time next year, I want to be living in Ohio. But do I? I can't decide whether I truly want to move back; I can't fathom having less than one year left in DC. But I miss it there so much & am very much planning & looking forward to a future in the Midwest. I want to have begun a book by this time next year. It's time to make a life out of my passion. My excuse that "It's not time yet" can't go on forever. I'd also like to be a size 10, but don't I say that every year?

By next year at this time, I want to feel reconnected to God through spiritual practice. I want a tradition of Friday night candle lighting and Saturday Torah study or some practice of spirtiual mindfulness represents Shabbat for me.

Id like to have no big bills due (like the law suit from the Cravins) and to not get in any legal trouble. And hopefull by this time next year I'll have attempted a semester at real college. Fingers crossed.

I'd like to have my professional life really moving, and be in demand with the work I do, regardless of the state of the economy! It's important for me financially, but also really to feel like I'm doing the work I'm supposed to be doing and having the impact on this world that is possible, creating positive change. I'd also like more independence and integration of how I like to live my life on a daily basis, prioritizing my time and my spiritual practice(s).

i'd like to be in school. i'd like to be engaged. i have put off being committed to anything more permanent than a band i have little faith in. i'm ready, and more importantly, i'm eager.

To be proficient in computer graphics. I'm hoping to change what I do for a living.

I'd like to have established the begining to a spiritual practice for myself. I also hope to be in a state of balance, both actively pursuing my goals, being involved in dance, drinking in sunshine.... and also, surrending to what the universe offers me. This is important to me because for the past 2 1/2 years I've been living in a way that has been very unbalanced... and I believe I can make a happier and more fruitful life for myself. I hope to fill my cup past the brim... so that it overflows to the rest of the universe and others can catch a taste of the sweet juice....

What I'd love to do more than anything is quit my job, sell my apartment, and spend a year without responsibilities or even plans. What would I do if I had to start life all over again. Failing that I'd like to find something that can help me renew myself week after week through the year, and lift this perpetual feeling of being dragged kicking and screaming through life.

I am so hesitant to say it because it is so cliche, but I want to be in love. It has been a long time and I want it so much, but I often feel it will never happen.

I would like to find a job that can comfortably support me.

Have our home organized and cleaned so that the children have a good environment. Also, we would not be embarrassed to have people over. Ideally, we would MOVE but we have to dig out first.

Have a new home in a new place enabling me to regroup and pair down to what is really importiant to me.

I would like to come up with a plan on how I will survive socially if I stay in Boston for the long term. I love it here, I love my job and I love the city. But my friends are all pairing off with their significant others and or moving away so I need to find my own niche so that this city is mine and not just a shared experience with people that have lived here before that have taken me in.

I need to be making $ 120,000 so that we can have some breathing room; and I can feel some comfort level in supporting my kids. And, I want to be able to give back some...to the temple; and to GUCI.

I would like to have a stable sense of my purpose and the dimensions of the life I want to lead, at least for the next few years. I'd like to be in a position to think about setting down roots and building foundations. I'm tired of constant searching and striving.

Cut my debt down.

I would like to take the GRE and at least have an idea of what type of continuing education I want to pursue. I've been very on the fence about an MBA, and whether or not that suits me and my lifestyle. I'd like to do some soul-searching to figure that out. I would also like to have some major travel plans before starting school :)

I would like to put myself back in a regular daily routine of journaling. It would represent a huge committment on my behalf in respect to staying in touch with myself and reviewing how I am living my life. When I have journaled in the past it has brought me a strong personal connection - allowing me to better see the opportunity for improvement, repair - and keeping my side of the street clean.

I want to raise my GPA back up to at least a 3.6. b/c im paying so much for this damn school, the least I can do is get over 3.5

I would like to master project management. Currently this is something that I really don't enjoy in my professional life and I feel that it would easier for me to deal with if I had a well defined process and all the tools in place. This important because I would like to get back the satisfaction that I used to feel at work everyday.

IMYH being married.... and fulfilling the purpose of my life....... with my husband on my side and obviously MOSHIACH!!!!!!

By this time next year, I will be an "empty nester." I want to start looking towards the future, deciding what kind of life I will live in the coming years.

Have a fixed retirement plan, including how we will get health care, how much we can afford to travel, how much we will want to keep working, etc.

I would really like to have my wieght under control. I think if I can do that it would motivate my husband to do the same & we would both be healthier for it!!

I'd like to not be afraid of leaving my job and start planning for the next stage of my life.

To stop harping on and on about my husband's non-existing sex drive and to look at the glass half-full.

I would like to be living within my means and not living off of credit cards. My future retirement depends on it.

I want to be financially independent and out of debt. Living in New York has put me more in debt than any other time in my life. I'm going to be 27 and I need to be financially secure, at least out of debt.

I would like to get my website up and hopefully sell some of my handcrafts. this is important to me because I have been talking about it for years and really want to do it instead of continue to talk about it.

By this time next year I would like to find or create a community within which I can struggle with and grow in my own personal spirituality. I talk about religion and spirituality with people of many different faith traditions with regularity but I rarely feel as though I am doing this with the goal of working on my own spirituality. Do not get me wrong, I get a whole lot out of those conversations, in fact they are likely my favorite activity. But I mostly grow intellectually, not spiritually.

I want to be as healthy as possible. It is important that I get my blood pressure down, take care of myself, eat healthy, be physically active and all of those things.

I want to be able to love myself for who I am and be as close as possible to having no insecurities. This is really important to me because whenever I look in the mirror I just think of how many things I wish I would change, and I want to be able to stand up and say proudly that I don't want to change anything.

The default answer, still and always a good one, is get my weight down to below 140, improve my bone mass and my fat-to-muscle ratio, and keep my blood pressure as low as possible. It's important to me because this body is the tool with which I'll accomplish what I want to for the rest of my life, which I intend will be long, happy and productive.

Finish my master's degree and finish some or all of the knitting projects I currently have going.

By this time next year I'd like to be closer to moving into a house. I want my children to have a place to grow in..my vision of that place is not this apartment.

By this time next year, I would like to have a healthy outlook on my weight.

i am starting a business this year called "savrakraut". i make sauerkraut and pickled vegetables and i plan to sell them in cafes and health food stores, maybe the farmers market. this is important to me for a number of reasons. i am full of joy that i finally have the confidence to make a specific contribution to the world. i believe in the nutritional power of raw fermented foods and am ready to share them with others. and i am interested in doing business with integrity. there are very few businesses i can honestly feel good about supporting and i choose to take action in being the change i want to see in the world.

I'd like to be rid of my pre-diabetic condition, through proper nutrition, exercise and weight loss. It's achievable, I'm well on my way, but i really want the changes I've made to stick. It's important because the quality of my life depends on it. And on a lighter note, I'd like to have spent a few weeks in Buenos Aires taking tango classes. This is important because it fills me with gratitude that I can at 72, have the enthusiasm, the energy and the discipline to acquire this new skill.

I want to have a morning ritual and time set aside every day to write.

Be in the right job professionally that allows me to be having an impact on the lives and fortunes of poor people in developing countries - or at least be on the way. This is what I really want to do with my life, and the period of preparation and building experience is over. Time to do it! Why? Because there's always another experience you could look for to prepare you, there's always risk and uncertainty, and never any guarantees you can make a difference. But you could get hit by a bus tomorrow! Can't wait till you're 60 to start on the rest of your life, if you care about it, do it now.

A new relationship. I don't want to feel alone.

I'd like to acheive several separate job positions that allow me to have flexibility in my life as well. I'm almost there. And, of course, to make enough to live on.

Complete yoga teacher training and actually start teaching yoga. Maybe a free monthly class at home or at wfm. Important to me because I see the yoga world as my future; both personally and peofessionally.

Cut my debt in half. I have to get off this credit card merry-go-round or I will end up with a terrible life.

I would like to improve my relationships with friends, family, and romantic relationships. I have goals at my job and for myself, but the ones I always seem to neglect are the ones involving other people

Just one thing? Well, then, I’d like to be able to honestly say that I’ve increased my degree of respect for my own self and talents. Quantitatively, I’d like to have a.) turned down most of the devaluing “free” or cheap jobs, b.) taken some risks with submissions, and c.) worked to the utmost of my ability—no holding back or doing half-assed jobs for half-assed pay.

By next year, I want to be in a new job and in a new place in my life -- i think also that i would like to live in a different location if at all possible by next year at this time. This is important as I feel that i am getting stuck in a rut -- i am comfortable and am not living up to who i am and who i can be - i am becoming someone i dont want to be because it is comfortable and it just is not working for me -- i feel like i am flatlining emotionally -- i want to go home to nyc but i want it to be right this time

Being a government teacher in a city helping kids realize why it is so important to know what's going on in their government and them excited. It's important bc the children are our future.

I'd like the 2nd draft of my 1st novel done. I'd like the 1st draft of my 2nd novel done. I'd like some traction on the getting it published side of it. It is important because it gnaws at me all the time. There are passages that I've written that I think are beautiful that I can't ignore. I often wish I could ignore it, as the rewards of succeeding are small, and the chance of succeeding is infinitesimal at best.

I want to minimize my debt, and start actively seeking to rebuild my credit. I have to stop running from it, and deal with it. I have put it off far too long, and now it is becoming increasingly stressful to deal with.

Find a job. I won't be alive this time next year if I don't have one.

I would like to know where I stand in my relationship... Also, I would like to be more settled in terms of work. Do I stay with my new career path or go back to what I was doing before?

ONE thing?! I'd like to find a new part of the world that I love, and I'd like to find it with my husband.

I would like to be engaged to be married by this time next year. I am ready to get married and have a family of my own, and a year is a reasonable timeframe at this age!

By this time next year, I would like to have a curriculum in place at the Temple so that my position will be secure for a few years. It's important because I love to teach little children and I'm good at it. It keeps me mentally and physically stimulated and I have the opportunity to come in contact with the younger generation. I feel that this keeps me young and vital. I would also like to improve my golf game ( a totally other area of my life) and play more regularly and also to invest money wisely so that it will GROW !!!!!

Perhaps it sounds funny, but one thing I really hope to gain is a feeling that I am more tzanua; not just in dress but in actions. I rarely feel like I am truly demonstrating to the world what a Jewish girl ought to be. I know that my faith tremendously improved in scope and in depth when I began to see myself as an emissary, that the heart did in fact follow the actions. If I can accomplish a similar feat, and continue to deepen the roots of faith which have begun to send forth shoots in my soul, then I will in fact have gained something precious and have learned a valuable lesson over the course of 5770. If not, how can I do anything but have gained, no matter by how little? Surely it is worthwhile to try.

I'm approaching completion on a novel that's deeply important to me. People who've read excerpts have been so encouraging it's humbling. I hope to have it publishable by the end of the year, and in print by this time next year (and not on lulu, damn it).

I'd like to be a mother. I'm ready to start a family.

I want to be more healthy. I want to take better care of myself physically and emotionally so that I can be more present with the people who are most important to me.

I'd like to have a close friend. It's important to me because I need someone new to be honest with in my life. Related to this, I'd like to be more myself around people, to worry less about their opinions and possess the kind of posititive energy that attracts people.

I would like to do more writing, especially about cycling. I would like to try to get a piece published in one of the magazines. This endeavor combines my passion for cycling and my creative writing. I would also like to do some research on women and cycling which would engage my academic side.

I would hope to be finished my conversion process. I also want to learn how to bake bread, I can bake a lot of other things quite well, but bread eludes me...

I have always motivated myself by seeing lacks and filling them, and when I judge my sins, I see what I failed to do or what I did wrong or what I could have done better. I must work on compassionate self-judgement, not just for next Yom Kippur, but for my entire life.

I would like to have moved out, and be back at uni studying for an MSc. While I might not have fulfilled my ambition to do a PhD this year, I want to be back learning as I feel I still do not know all that I would like to know.

In a year's time, I'd like to be somewhat settled into a new town, a new place. I want to be in some sort of sports league or gym, since I know that motivation for exercise is always a problem for me. It would be good to play on a team and to make friends through activities and organizations i care about.

Mastering patience on most days, meaning I take things in stride and don't try to rush or force them, relaxing my expectations and letting go of my hopes, in all aspect of my life, family, work, relationships, things will be much less stressful.

I would like to finish my first year of med school while still spending time with the family. This will set us up for the future without sacrificing the present.

I need to resolve my issues with the Catholic Church because my faith is important to me, and I feel the loss of a faith community.

I would like to be pregnant. My husband and I would be great parents. Navigating infertility has brought us closer together and solidified our commitment to a family.

I would like to achieve two very important things. I would like to be supporting myself financially in a much better way than I ever had. I would like my little business to be chugging along and taking care of me and my bills nicely. I will have done it entirely on my own and I want to feel that sense of accomplishment. I want to wake up in the morning without the constant fear and stress of poverty. I also want to have been consistently making my artwork. I want a body of work to be revealing itself. I want this more than anything. I want this consistently to hone my vision and skills. I want to make the work I believe I am capable of making for the first time in my life.

A more settled mind. I feel like I'm all over the place. In one way, all these opportunities were opened up to be which has changed my path compleltey. But now, I feel like I'm drowning in them and don't know what I want to do.

To be working on my own business, or working somewhere else, not with my husband. It's important to save my relationship with him, if that is even possible at this point. It's also important because I want to be more in control of the money I'm able to make, and I think I can make lots of it.

I would like to train for and complete a major physical challenge, such as a triathlon or half marathon. It's import to connect back with the athlete I was before I gained a lot of weight. I lost 50 pounds and just started running 5Ks this year. I want to see how far I can go. I would also like to complete knitting a pair of sock - again to challenge myself.

Greater discipline - in domains ranging from exercise and diet to the ways I act with others.

I'd like us to be living back in Colorado - we'll both be happier - although I'll miss my new friend a lot - Sarah will be happier and more fulfilled - and all I have to do is get over feeling scared.

I want to have finished my PhD, because it hangs over my head like an albatross. And I want to have come to peace with some of the things I'm angry about. I don't want to become a doormat, but rather to accept the things I'm angry about without letting them eat away at me.

being at a comfortable weight and staying there. Having more patience with my husband. Take either cooking classes or photography classes.

I'd like to quit smoking for good. It's something I feel guilty about every day, but the thought of doing this by myself and gaining 15 lbs (as I've done before when I've quit) is so depressing. I need to figure out a way to keep the weight off without drastically changing my life and making my life less enjoyable.

I'd like to have written a play by this time next year. It seems really difficult, so if I can get something *good* done, it would mean a lot.

I want one of my books get published. It's important for me, because my whole life I have been longing for this. As I helped a lot of people to reach their goals in the past, I simply forgot to translate my own plans into action...

Errrr... find a job. Why is so important? Making money is making money- I could make a living off serving tables for the rest of my life but I want to make something of myself but with little direction and capacity I feel very stuck. So hopefully within this next year I can find a full-time steady job that I can really put my heart into, do well at the job, and help improve the organization and its goals.

I would like to be down to one or zero therapists. And I'd like to be in a relationship.

I wish to be debt-free by next year. It is time for this to happen. I no longer wish to worry about money. The process many take several years, but it will be achieved.

I hope to establish a routine of self-care that is maintainable for me, and that I will likely continue throughout my life. I hope this to include exercise, healthy diet, spirituality, social life, and creativity. I hope these practices to also be sustainable and nice to the earth. This is important to me because I think it's the time of my life when I will be settling into habits and routines. I want to be mindful of what these habits are and be sure that they will create a healthy lifestyle for me.

I'd like to have a job or position in a graduate program. I'd like it to be somewhere I chose and not somewhere I felt I had to go because of money.

Having a baby or at least be pregnant. I am just days from turning 39 -- so by the time I read this again, I'll be days away from turning 40! I fear that I will not have another chance if I wait much longer. And I really do want to be a mom and to nurture a new loving and responsible person for the good of the universe. I also would like to achieve the successful transition of the non-profit I founded to another executive director. And I would like to feel genuinely close and comfortable with V's family.

I would like to have planned a beautiful, unique wedding that reflects who the two of us are. I want it to be a day that he and I, and our families, can look back on with joy and love.

A balance in my life. Contentment within myself. I love my life and the people I have in it, but I'm really hard on myself for not getting more done in a day. I need to learn to cut myself some slack when my entire 'to do' list doesn't get accomplished. I need to ask for God's help in my menial everyday tasks. By this time next year, I would like to have a more in depth relationship with my older son. He's growing up before my eyes and I don't want to lose him. I don't want him to shut me out of his life like I did my parents. I want to be the person he WANTS to talk to when he needs to talk.

I'd like to have found a therapist and moved forward on my goals in therapy--toward being at peace with who i am and working to improve what i can to make myself happier and healthier.

I want to have a better job or at least doing something that I like instead of just something I'm good at...I've never really realized until now that there is a big difference. I don't have to be the best I just want to love it. Love it enough to want to do it.

writing to express/to publish/to reflect and expand my thinking movement to express/to breathe/to feel my body money pay off some debt and have a real savings account

I would like to be healthy and energetic. Appreciating the past and feeling prepared for the future. I would like to have a clear line on grad. school. I want to be able to sustain myself for the long haul and I have to be skilled and knowledgeable to do that. I also need to be able to relate to different kinds of people. School would build my ability to articulate and versatility, which I will certainly need in order to navigate and determine my own future.

I'd like acheive professional success. I want the career, not just the job. I want to finally feel like a grown-up. I realized this area of my life has limited, or interfered with so many other important parts of my life - financially, in relationships, and to my self-esteem and it's stupid to let it go on any longer.

By this time next year, I want to be enrolled in an MA/PhD program. I know that I want to be a professor and I want to be involved in the interfaith dialogue field, and I think that the way to do those things is to be a credible expert on the area. I also love and miss academia - I'm looking forward to being involved in creative, intellectual conversations, to afternoons buried in books at a local coffeeshop, to evenings drowning in my own research.

It might be hard to measure some of the goals that are the most important to me; therefore blurring the concept of achievement. If there is one thing I can think of that would embody all of my less tangible goals, perhaps it would be to do yoga twice a week!

By next year, I would like to find myself exercising more--at least a couple days a week. This is important to me because I don't have the same biologically working body I used to. I can't eat junk and have it be ok anymore. It's time that I start getting used to this idea and taking responsibility for my body.

I would like to spin my web in my new home, San Francisco - to build a net of friends, community and meaningful participation that causes me to have the swell of joy when I walk down the street.

i want to be extremely happy. because life is short and ineshould make the most of each day. it will be easier to be with my kids and not feel obligated

I hope to be speaking fluent Hebrew. Its important for a number of reasons, for one, it’s a goal I am setting and I want to accomplish it. Secondly its my mothers first language, and that has always been important to me, though not to her. Third, I cant stand being in an environment where I cant communicate like a local, so I need to do learn.

I want my business to flourish! for many reasons, but mostly for the sense of self satisfaction. I deserve this and I have much to share with the world. More important than that? I want my soul to shine!!!! FAITH, HOPE, PEACE & BLESSINGS!

I'd like to be somewhat fluent in spanish. I want to be able to travel and communicate in the language that the people there are most comfortable in, instead of always making them speak in mine.

Either figure out where I'm going with my "career" (or careers) or find peace with the one I currently have.

I would like to feel that I'm being more effective, in general, in my life. In continuing to guide my youngest daugther, in evolving my career, and jsut in general. I feel I try a lot but would like to see more get accomplished.

Release music into the world properly and with pride. I want to reach people.

I will have completed my Master's thesis and graduated!!! I need to close this cycle and I need to move on!!!!

It's selfish, but I'd like to write a new book, short or long. It's been too long since that part of myself got to breathe and stretch. And I want it to make my wife smile and laugh, possibly cry, because winning her heart is the surest sign that the work is honest and compelling.

I want to get my GPA above 2.7. I want to get back to that feeling of being a "smart person." I want to have figured out some more things about the future of my education. I want to know where I am headed. I want to know what will be going on with my major!

I want to be kinder: more compassionate, more philanthropic, more empathetic. I used to be sweet, now I'm very self-involved.

Get a full-time job and be able to independently support myself. It's important for me because I want to finally feel like an adult.

I want to earn at least $150K in real estate investing and pay off the loan from my father-in-law. this would establish the success and viability of my business model and enable me to attract more investment capital, better credit, and to do more deals.

I'd like to have my art project Lacrymer up and running. This is important to me because I am pouring as much of my personal creative vision as possible into this project, and having it out in the world is a huge personal goal. I have too many half-done art projects lying about in my head.

I'd like to be the assistant director of a broadway show. It's important to me because I love directing, and think I can accomplish a lot, but it's also really important to me to feel successful.

Losing some weight. I have achieved an acceptance and confidence in who I am and what I look like but I know I am capable of more and I want to look and feel better.

I'd like to finish my graphic novel and begin posting it on a blog--which I also need to create! It's important because I want to feel I can finally bring the two strongest sides of my creative self together, and then put it out there in the world without worrying if it will be published by someone else.

I still want to be madly in love. I feel like we must be too good to be true, but I'm so happy that I never want this love to fade.

Ideally I would like to be in a healthy relationship leading to (if not already in a) marriage. This is something I've wanted for a very long time and I haven't been able to achieve. This is going to take more work on myself and to put a number of things in my life in the right place. Working with my therapist is going to have to be a part of this too. I am looking forward to this day.

I desperately want a new job! This matters because I am horrendously bored at my current job and hate the way our office culture is steeped in such malaise that mediocrity is accepted and therefore encouraged. I want to be excited to go to work, learning new skills and feeling inspired by my coworkers, none of which I have currently. I've also taken a pay cut in the past year and would like to be paid more so that I'll be less worried about money all the time.

I'd like to be in a relationship.

Weight loss!!! This is important because without good health, too many other things are affected. I need to be a good role model for my daughter and being overweight is the opposite. Will she one day look back at me, and wonder, as I wondered about my own mom, "What was so wrong, and sad, in her life that she was so overweight?" And at times as an adult, I have wondered how much of it was wrapped up in her struggle as a hardworking single mom......? My weight is my issue, but might be my daughter's burden. So, this year, to my health!!!

I want union contracts for my acting jobs. I have been a union member for years now and the real work has eluded me of late. I want to work on professional projects that honor me professionally and financially. I want to be able to say that I am an actor without feeling that the work "actor" is festooned with quotation marks or asterisks. I want to be a working artist so that when I look back on my life I will remember more than just longing and desk jobs.

I want to either have transferred to another university, or be absolutely happy with the one I'm at. I hate my attitude from last year about transferring - I let my mom's advice and other people's advice get in the way of what I knew to be true: my school is not a good fit for me. I want to have applied to transfer by next year, and either made the decision to leave, or had something meaningful keeping me from doing it, rather than just the fear of starting over.

I would like to be accepted to grad school so I can enjoy whatever I choose to do with my time off and be able to breath easily. I want my time off to be my time off, time to focus on my life and not on work. I have my whole life to work, I need to live while I still have my knees.

wow i would like to achieve a harmonius healthy lovelife--a love to share(of my own)it means so much because i feel like i have never had a full honest love shared equally and with great joy with a man--i have had little bites which have left me wanting to know the fullness of the experience.i realize it is work but i would like to share a love and life with a man who wants to share and love with me^^

I'd like to have an orgasm by next year. It's been almost a year with my incredibly patient, sweet, persistent boyfriend, and nothing. Not his fault in the slightest - I've never had an orgasm before and I'm 21. It's gotta happen.

2 things, actually... 1. to be making $100k in real estate, and 2. to finally set up my own renewable energy company that utilizes urban youth labor and training. important?...because i know it will work and nobody is doing it...yet!

to have a better career advancement than what i have currently. To be at least an Assistant Manager within the advertising industry, servicing clients and handling their accounts. I would want to achieve and set this due to my personal goal and also to keep my financial status stable.

I would like to have a bmi of 22 and have an active, regular social life! I have realised just how lonely I am and how much I need people in my life to make me feel whole and happy. I have also realised that I only have a fixed window of time in which to wear a bikini before it all goes south, so I need to lose weight!

I'd like to have some regular time to myself so that I can feed my creative side. There seems to be no time now and yet I have so many things I'd like to do.

By this time next year? I'd like to build something manually. It can be a kitchen cabinet, a car engine, an unmanned drone.

I want to achieve a greater sense of calm in my attitude towards my household. I am wasting energy on flipping out and getting angry that could be spent learning to understand my wife and my sons. If we are going to live we need to have a stronger foundation of calm and understanding as our platform of operation from which we can have all the fun and excitement and joy we need.

i'd like to have an actual savings account. i've never been able to save money, and i feel like i'm getting too old to be this irresponsible.

I'd like to get my social studies teaching credential. I want to teach some interdisciplinary classes with different kinds of content.

I would like to have going to the gym part of my every day routine. It is important to me because I have MS and I should be exercising on a regular basis to reduce stress and keep my body strong and flexible.

By this time next year I hope to have both my masters degree and my PMP so that i can focus on all of the other things in life that I've been meaning to do but never have time for. These things include: working out, going to shul, dating Jewish men, learning Hebrew, learning Spanish, traveling, keeping stricter kosher, enjoying my friends.

I would like to have a real job, but I don't know if it's possible. It's important on basic levels, like food and income, but also important for me to feel like I'm going somewhere with my life. Spending a lot of time stuck in the same job or same place makes me nervous that I'll never move on, and I can't think of anything I'd like less than staying in this town for the rest of forever.

I'd like to have a real, live, full-time, benefits-granting, not-too-soul-crushing steady job. Being an unemployed workaholic is an existential mindf*ck, and the bit of freelance work I can pick up isn't giving me enough to focus on. The money would be nice, too. I'm too young to be living off my meager savings.

I would like to have started to write something more formal than my journals. I feel words are my medium. Even if I have only revived my storytelling business, I will feel I have made a start into the formal world of words.

I'd like to work more exercise and better eating habits into my routine. At my age, it's even more important to be sure to keep my weight in a good range (I'm about 25 pounds over that now) and to have the good benefits of exercise.

I'd like to move out of healthcare and back into IT. I do not want to be a government or HMO employee. I value capitalism and the free market, neither of which is to be found in healthcare for much longer. I will continue to support healthcare but in a 503(c) capacity.

I'd like to complete the Mazon bicycle ride form Akko to Elait. I am now 61. For both my own sense of well being and to provide an example for my children, completing the ride will demonstrate that age is a state of mind. Also, this particular ride will be an outward expression of my love for Israel.

I would like to regain my patience for/with other people. In recovering from a life threatening condition, I have a different focus, many concerns of friends seem petty. They are doing the best they can at the moment. I trust that they don't feel my criticisms. I used to be more accepting of others. I'd prefer to return to being less jusgemental while retaining my new awareness of my personal expectations. Also as in my earlier answers, I'd like to weave on my loom and to play music on my recorder regularly.

I'd like to be in my renovated home! It is important to me because I was conditioned to feel better in my own space. I would like to take and pass the surgical tech exam and pass it. It is important to me because it will open another medical door. I would like to be in a committed, mutually loving and supportive relationship. It is important to me because I deserve to share my life with a wonderful man. I would like to have a substantial balance of liquid cash. I want to complete my degrees. I would like to speak French and Spanish again. I would like to visit Paris and Madrid. This is important to me because my daughters have been there.

I'd like to be on a path that will lead me to my career and I'd like to be able to be the person that I know Iam able to be. It's important because I dont want to feel like I am in a state of flux. I dont want to feel unsettled like the way I do now.

I would like to get a 3.3 GPA or Higher. I like to get my weight down from 221 to 180. Finally, I like to have my first girl friend.

I'd like to straighten out my professional life and align it more with my creative life. I feel like right now I'm doing all the running I can to stay in place and taking on a lot of jobs and projects I don't want to do. I need to learn to say no, and I need to find a way to make my passions and my paycheck coalesce.

I'd like to publish my first book. That would really make me feel proud of my work.

I would like to get to my goal weight and start a new adventure...finally get my life moving ahead again...

I would love to be a father by this time next year. My wife and I have been trying to conceive for a few months and really would love the opportunity to be parents. I would love to father a new generation of my family.

To be more reliable in my job and to accomplish something that seems really lasting. To grow up.

I would like to know what I want to do with my life. After college, I feel a bit lost sometimes. I have passions, but they don't necessarily align with my talents. I would like to spend the next year rolling up my sleeves and attacking the question of a lifelong career head-on. I would like to bolster my courage and have the guts to start something and see it through to fruition. I want to learn what I'm meant to spend my days creating.

1 of 2 - either meet someone i am compatible with that lives closer than 650 miles from where i live. or be on my way to starting the career i've dreamt of having.

Whoops! Almost missed the most important question. Gee, gotta choose just one? OK, That I start living and stop procrastinating and wasting time and life in countless times. This should make all the rest happen ( *see Qs 10 and 11 for some of my goals)

I want to have achieved success a a teacher. I define this by developing the ability to create dynamic, engaging, and thematic lesson plans; and becoming proficient at classroom management. I will not be able to consider myself a good teacher if I cannot create a worthwile experience for my students and if I cannot control the decorum in my classroom.

Oh, please, God, may I achieve financial prosperity so that I may gain the freedom to experience the many things that fascinate and attract me about this marvelous human, physical life experience. I want to experience to much more of this magical, remarkable 3-D world I have chosen to incarnate into. And please, God, may I have the blessing of a soulmate, life partner with whom to experience it and with whom to share my Joy.

There is so much I want to achieve yet it all sounds material. I want to find myself on the right path. I want to begin fulfilling my potential. I don;t want to define myself by my job- yet I want to be making progress in my career and begin to fulfill my destiny.

balance. I want to save my body,, it is failing and I need to recover.

I would like to have achieved the honor of saying I have not used any drugs what so ever! It is important I know they will not get me where I want to be in this life!

This time next year I hope to have taken a vacation to Germany to visit a friend. If I actually make it over there, this will mean that I've been successful in saving the money required to go, which is something I have never been able to do in my 28 years (save anything at all ever).

Do it. Not regret it. And be strong enough to deal with the consequences. To absorb the consequences as part of the journey. To not get there and do the what ifs. To just do it. To listen.

I would really like to be in school, close to finishing, and i would like to see my organizational skills improve. . . both of these are so closely tied to my self esteem and confidence that really it is everythiing i need before i get anything else. these are most important.

I would like, by this time next year, to have made a name for myself in the communications/media world - to be in a managerial position and to be known as an emerging strategic thinker in this field, a young, hands-on ideas person - but one that takes action and gets things done. This is important to me because I feel that I have these strong assets in me and a whole lot of potential, but for a long time I was barking up the wrong tree (law career). A year ago I quit law to work in media. It allows me to be creative, sociable, reach for the stars... and that I will do.

Receiving my doctoral degree to allow me to participate in the intellectual field and writing arenas of interest to me. This is important for it is a non-material engagement with the world and will be skills/aptitudes/avocation to last me the balance of my physical existence.

I want to quit my job in May and go travel in Asia for a few months. Then I want to find a new job by September 2010. Traveling for an extended period of time, longer than just a standard vacation is something I've always wanted to do. Plus, its time for a new job !

I want to lose weight!!! For real!!! I want to be in better health and shape so that I... -feel better! -look better! -live longer! -be a model of health for my daughter!- -and wear cuter clothes!

Lose weight; eat wisely. I am morbidly obese and I value my health and want those I love to stop worrying.

I'd like to advance my career to its next stage. I've always been able to start things well - be it a relationship or a job - but never move it beyond stage 1. I'd like to progress both in career and in love.

I need to use my time more effectively and be more productive.

I would like to get really close with more of my friends. There is no greater feeling than knowing you have a close friend.