Is there a part of yourself that you want to work on in 2010?

Yes. My overall physical body. My self-discipline and ability to forgive and move on.

Self-discipline... I seem to fall back into old routines even after I have committed to change....

Self control. I want to be better at setting goals, guidelines, rules for my life and then sticking with them.

I want to be more accepting of the random way in which the universe works and stop trying to exert so much control over it. Let it be.

I'd like to be less judgmental of myself and others and develop a thicker skin.

I feel like I have already covered this elsewhere, but I want to be more independent. I want to challenge myself to get out there and do things on my own.

I want to do something meaningful with my writing. I want to publish something beautiful and meaningful that has a positive impact on people.

I really want to like myself and the way I look more.I want to start working out more because I'm not out of shape, but I'm not in as good of shape as I used to be.

I'd like to break away from my addictions, embrace my imperfections and work on getting places on time, instead of being late to everything.

Focus. Generosity.

I want to work on my self confidence. It varies, sometimes it an be really high, and the next minute I'll feel so bad and have really low self confidence. I'd like to just level my self confidence, at least for a little while.

I will be kind I will be soft but strong I will make smarter choices I will laugh and love like crazy and I will work as hard as I play I will forgive thru release

in general, i'd like to be able to give more of myself to those who need it, not those who i need. if that makes any sense. i don't do enough for those outside my immediate circle.

all of me. no, let's be specific. I'm going to work on my weight, I've already committed to that.


The whole thing. I need to move forward in a few areas, as I've felt that my real priorities have slipped over the past five years. Health - I need to take my own health more seriously. I'm hoping that by affecting change in this area, where I will be able to see results if I stick to it, it will help me motivate myself in other areas. I need my surroundings, my home, to be more like home - I've been living in chaos for two years, after a significant breakup. My friends, the ones who've really stuck by me - I want to focus on those friendships and not be distracted by potential new ones. Alongside this, I want to be more autonomous. I want to know, better, who I am.

My body: I got a very bad backache from an old neglected trauma. I need more swimming.

i would like to be less reactive and more centered.. i want to dance more and eat less. be more creative and less desperate.

Wow, there are so many!!! I guess the most crucial now is self-respect which should include many areas of improvement so I have reason to respect myself some of which are: Social tact Organize my life Nutrition Naming a few is good enough. If I can make progress on these, I'm good.

In 2009 I've been working on being just happy with myself, by myself. I still find it a little difficult to be alone for long periods of time without distractions. I'd also like to be "nicer" at the start - I tend to come off as an uncompromising beeyatch, when what I'd really say is probably a lot more forgiving.

i want to lose weight and fall in love. those are my two big things. I also want to buy a house and go to grad school. i should also work on talking too much. i'm too good at that. another thing i know i need to work on is my appearance. i'm a very nice person but i need to make more time for me so that i represent myself better.

there is a part of myself that i want to work on in 2009. it´s the professional one. i work as a marketing coordinator for an it company but what i really enjoy to do is journalism. i have a degree in journalism but have engaged on marketing for money purposes. to fight the frustration of not working as a journalist, i´ve been publishing several articles on the internet, for free. and bloogging. now i want to publish my stuff on the printed media and make money out of it. "I'd like to lose some weight and be more in shape. I'd like to stop gossiping and talking about people (especially people that I am close to) behind their backs." "My need for mind-numbing distraction. I would like my indulgences to be reading, sleeping and seeing friends, rather than eating, television and intoxication." "I've always had a need for other people very close to me, and I think thats why I've had so little time between relationships. Its ok to want someone to be there, but I need to be able to take care of myself." "I want to start getting my hands dirty again. Doing something to the house, building something, getting back into printmaking...something. I need to have that outlet and I have let it slip this year. I also want to not be so judgemental, it is really get out of hand." "I want to learn to be better at saying I'm sorry. I would like to take a deep breath before getting worked up or angry about things -things seem to affect me so deeply these days. I'd like to see them roll off my back a little bit more."

I want to grow more confident in myself, and find the strength I used to have in my dealings with other people and at work.

i want to be more relaxed and forgiving, particularly in raising my teenage girls and also toward my husband. i want to assume innocence instead of jumping to accuse. i want to be more gentle toward the people i do love the most. oh, and i want to lose at least 5 pounds and keep walking daily.

The things I want to work on are pretty much what everyone works on and what have always plagued me. I think that by making the goal simple and specific, I stand a better chance of making noticeable progress. So I would like to work on how I manage my time. I hate how I've had lots of "free" time slip by without feeling like I made good use of it. I know that is going to require a bit of forethought but also respecting my limits for how much I can do in a given period so I don't crash and become useless after.

More intellectual stimulation .... more intelligent conversation. I've been self-isolating (due to chronic pain) and am starved for intelligent discourse - especially concerning current world events.

I want to work on the part of myself that perpetuates internal monologues that do not serve my growth.

My need to focus on what is important.

I'd like to be less cranky. I think if I work on my creative outlets, I'd be happier. That part of me is repressed right now, and I take it out on my husband...

My health all around. I have always been sickly & out of shape. When I worked out I didn't get sick as much. It isn't even about getting skinny anymore. I like who I am. It costs me more to be sick than to by a pass to workout.

Being nicer to myself.

more fun less work

i want to try to make some progress reconciling with myself. i have got to gain some self-confidence and find a balance between it and my fear of being perceived as an asshole. i have to break out of this rut i've inhabited for so long....

I need to work harder. I work hard, but not hard enough, and not with enough sacrifice on my own behalf. Sometimes work isn't fun, but I have tried too hard to avoid those things. It's time to plunge into it, to work my ass off and push the limits of what I can do. Then burn out, retire, and go surfing.

I want to work on my social skills. Whether I'll be able to find appropriate training is another question.

organization and time management, including sleep management.

I'd like to be in better shape (as always) and I'd also like to feel more comfortable in my skin as an executive leader - which means being a more effective supervisor and a more effective goal-setter for/with others.

Hell, yes. Just like every other year. I would like to be able to wake up in the morning without freaking out. I don't even know what freaks me out in the morning, all I know is I can't sit still and if I try to, I end up eating a lot just to calm myself down. In general, I'd like to be able to tolerate a little temporary emotional discomfort so I can come out the other side and do something that makes sense. And once again, I'd like to commit to less and pay attention to people more.

I want to be more disciplined when it comes to my writing. I would like to read more rather than watch tv, Id like to go to more art events rather than bars.

I want to figure out who I am. I've been lost in being a wife and mother and need to be something else as well.

I want to work on expressing myself better.especially feeling wise. i tend to struggle with this alot and want to make it right i just do not know how i am to do that

Yes - I want to learn how to be myself again. I want to get in touch with what it was that I used to be before this marriage mess - kind, loving, sparkly. I want to build my confidence in that person, acknowledge the areas I've grown in, and just BE myself. Once I put that out in the world, I know good things will follow.

My laziness and skepticism, both of which keep me from going out to do things that sound potentially interesting and/or fun. Especially the laziness.

I would like to get better organized and make more of my time. I would like to take charge and get a lot more done rather than let time slip away, like it has been for the past couple of years.

yes! being free to bitternes, realizing that I have arrived and happy I know me....this is the ONLY way you could share yourself as



Think I answered this question already (6.).

Once again weight loss and toning

Emotionally, I'm sure there's a lot to work on - quick to judge, impatient, anxious... But physically, I want to be more dedicated to running. It's been at least two years since I've done it regularly, but I still think of myself as a runner. I want to be back in half-marathon shape.

I'd like to become more physically and spiritually fit. Maybe the two things go hand-in-hand? I feel like i'm drifting through life, unable to move forward in many things - my business, the house, my marriage - I need to make some decisions and get on with my life.

I want to work less in relationships or when trying to get into a relationship. I want to trust that my self will come through with less labor. I want to take care of others less and myself more. I want to have a well of compassion for myself, even when i feel no compassion. i want to rest lightly on the tides of life and remain flexible.

"A part" -- as though there were only one? As I write this, 2009 is almost over, but in 5770 :-) I'd like to work on trusting in abundance -- trusting that there will be enough of what I need, that if I say no to one opportunity another will arise in its place. I want to work on finding the right balance between striving and resting. And, of course, in another few months, I want to work on figuring out how to be a good mother, and how to balance the needs of my son and my family with my own needs.

Yes, and that part is my soul. I am working on learning new skills in taking better care of my heart, in setting healthier boundaries in relationships, in focusing more on self-care and living in the moment. I am repenting of spending my energy on helping others who really don't want or can't use my help. I am learning to increasingly keep my advice to myself, only offering it when it is requested. I am learning how to break the rules of my dysfunctional family, learning once again to feel, to talk, to trust.

i want to start a diet and stick to it and keep to my exercise program so i can lose 50 pounds in the next year.

I want to work on getting over my inertia in making important life decisions.

I need to get better at focusing on one thing at a time. So often I find myself flitting between tasks, and I am more productive when I commit to something and see it all the way through before jumping into a dozen other things. I'd also like to take better care of myself. I work out a lot and eat healthy foods, but I could be doing more of both.

yes my ability to have personal relationships

Yes, my negativity, my giving up on myself. My feeling like everyone else has a plan, got the instruction manual, etc. Everything came a little too easily to me as a kid that's one of the basic problems, so I am always looking for ease rather than buckling down and persevering, even though I do in fact, buckle down and persevere.

I really feel pretty good about myself. I would like to read better books, exercise more, make new friends, but if none of these things happen, that's oK, too. I would like to take better control of our finances and keep track of what I spend. I get angry at people for no good reason, just my own impatience, and that would be something to try to get a handle on. I sometimes get annoyed at people who use bad grammar because they should know better, (like using sentences "where is he AT) knowing that you don't end sentences with prepositions, something learned in second grade. Carelessness in self and others is something I don't like.

As simple as it may seemingly be, I want to change [it] all... crucially make an impact in my lifetime. Now the path(s) to strategically and/or naturally attain such potential is the question I ask myself each day. In my mind I believe and know I can accomplish them and surpass the inevitable challenges but it's the experience of failure that still daunts me.

I need to work out more and not drop it like everytime I do it

I'd like to be a better person (as I mentioned in an earlier question) in terms of not judging/commenting on others. I would also like to improve my work/life balance and spend more times doing things I love, and with people I love.

I'd like to continue liking myself; working on being my own biggest fan instead of my own biggest critic.

I want to continue to work on letting go and learning to take leaps, bucking my own trends. I've spent most of this year focused on that, but it's a slow, on going process, and I want to keep that momentum going. Part of that for me is loosing attachment - not identifying myself by work or projects that I may or may not get or arbitrary busyness, relationships, etc - and trusting myself, the world, whatever it might be. To quit being afraid - I'm not very fearful, but there are a handful of things, very few in the scale of my life overall, but they can be quite dominant, that block this whole process.

I want to create. I want to express myself more, put myself out there. I want to learn how to focus on what's really important. This means learning how to say no to extraneous work and how to say yes to my own projects. Doing more of the things that I enjoy and less of the things that I consider a chore. So, more mediation, more facilitation, starting my own projects, building my own businesses. More writing. More editing. Less research for other people, on topics that don't advance my own thinking. Less consultant-for-hire type work.

Yes, i would like to become "softer" and more understanding. I would like to criticize less and not be so judgemental. I would like to be nicer and more open.

I'll skip the usual "lose weight, exercise" shit I've been saying since I was 7. I want to be less afraid to move forward.

of course. i want to work on the same things i always want to work on - i want to be less judgmental and gossip less, and i want to be more forgiving (this goes with the judgmental piece!). i am so much better than i used to be...i've been working on this for years. i don't expect to be perfect, but i have plenty of room for improvement.

Yes, I want to work on my attitude and presence that I bring towards other people and what I am doing. I want to be selfless, more compassionate, and more giving.

I would liike to work on the unmotivated part of myself. To really make my company work I need to take more initiative. If something needs to be done I need to take it upon myself to make sure it gets done. I feel so distracted with TV and random things. I sit and let my mind get numb at the end of the day with pointless shows and pointless online things. I always feel like I could be using my time more wisely. I feel like for a lot of aspects of my life I look for the easiest way out or the path of least resistance. I guess that's fine in some instances. But to really get somewhere I think you have to deal a lot of things. I'd like to think that if I can motivate one part of my life then maybe that motivation will come in other parts. It's up to me to make sure that happens.


In 2009? Or in 5770? Or in 2010? Of course. I want to be more patient and accepting, not quick to judgment or anger. I need to cool out and think more before I speak. I need to understand that not everyone is where I am.

the same as what was wrong in 2008. my relationship self.

I want to continue working on becoming a better friend and choosing my friends more wisely. I want to surround myself with the best people that I can and be the best person to them that I can.

Patience is a constant struggle for me, I am always working on that. I would also like to get better at not being so reactive and blurting out things I shouldn't say as well as learning not to take things so personally.

Yes. In relationships I'd like to become more open to accepting love and acknowledgement, and shed any remaining defensiveness. I will attract more wealth and become easier with spending, albeit wisely. I will endeavor to put health lifestyle ahead of habits that no longer serve me.

Internally, I'd like to be braver. Externally, I'd like to get rid of some excess abdominal padding.

I want to work on finding a greater sense of self purpose and meaning. The past year I've felt kind of lost and directionless and I'd like to regain some control of my life and where I'm headed both in my career and personal relationships. I know I'm not ready for another 9-5 job or another serious relationship because I don't know what I want out of either of those things. I need to explore, find culture and learn new things not through staring at a computer screen, but through experience.

Time to get serious about my fitnass!

Oh yes, being more friendly, panic less (or not at all), figure out how to communicate with my family...

I want to get involved and really make a contribution to the community at large. to the young ones & the big ones. To do some active outreach. speaking, moving, singing..using my gifts to help others and connect to the people & space around me. I want to give back.

My tendency to be distant, or allow myself to become distant, to everyone around me.

Arm muscles. Leadership skills. Compassion. Stomach muscles. Grace. Generosity. Anger. Writing, running, reading. Napping. Also, I'd like to: open my heart and let go of irrelevant judgements; remember to say sorry, but only when it's real; listen well; breath more deeply; stretch, physically and metaphysically if that's possible; quit hating positive people; and perhaps wake up to life's brevity and not "work on" anything.

Yes, I want to focus more on myself and my happiness rather than always worrying about pleasing other people. In other words, I need to start being less of a doormat, and stand up for myself when I feel like I have been disrespected or unappreciated.

I'd like to be able to not get so angry. I'm usually a really laid back person, but I'm also like a pit bull - they don't show you they're angry until it builds up and they bite. I don't growl or snarl or anything... everything builds up and then I snap on people. I want to be able to let people know that things are bothering me. I want to be able to reach out to people when I'm upset. I want to be more of a 'good person,' though that might mean leaving customer service since that stresses me out so much and people are always trying to con you out of something (well, at my job anyways). I want to work a little bit more on knitting/artistic stuff as well. I don't want to have my works published and then just knit things that I think will 'sell' or will be 'popular.' I need to remember to knit things that I like, to do art in my way, to not worry about what other people think.

I want to learn how to relax my body and mind and to be easier on myself - to do less and enjoy it more.

Always my health, to loose weight. Eating less, which I have been doing. Exercising more, which I have been doing. My body is what I want to work on more, healthier lifestyle. Want to cut out cheese, which I have, then I go back consciously, but unconsciously a lot, eating cheese affects my bowels. Not good. Cut out bakery products, breads, although I do enjoy crackers. Not crazy about pastries. That's good. I eat salads mostly for lunch, maybe having another for dinner would be good too!!

I want to get my body under control this year. I have let myself go terribly since I was in the Army and now that I don't smoke, my appetite is crazy out of control.

אני רוצה להיות יותר מאורגן ושלוו

I can be a bit negative sometimes, or rash in judgment. I'd like to learn to be less quick to judge and have a more positive outlook. I would also like to learn to be less sensitive and less quick to take criticism personally. I tend to get all worked up the moment I perceive a criticism or contradiction, from my fiance in particular. I need to learn to just let it go.

Self-trust. I want to continue to develop my ability to trust myself as well as to communicate my needs, vision, desire effectively and directly. This means not having fear about the consequences of speaking up. I have found this year that when I do speak up and am direct about what I need / want, I have very interesting results. I have also found that by not speaking up, turmoil ensues.

In the few remaining months of 2009 I have left I want to practice mindfulness - being aware instead of robotic. I want to practice kindness because we are all carrying heavy burdens & it's not just about me. I want to practice laughing at myself & not taking things so seriously, as affronts, as if folks intend to slight me. I want to play - I am so weighed down by being self-employed and worried about where the money is going to come from. It comes from where it is, just in time, so let go of the worry. And my body. I want to practice "use it or lose it" so my head is straight, my waist is defined, I feel lighter and happier and energized. To breathe in happy and breathe out smile. And even if I pay attention to only one or two, that's a good start.

My quads. But seriously, I need to stop wasting time. Games, movies, parties, events, whatever - I can no longer allow myself to be unproductive in meeting the goals I have set for myself.

I need to work on being more organized and practicing better health habits, eating, exercise, etc. This will enable me to be a better person, wife, mother, daughter and friend.

I want to work on my ability to persist at difficult/unpleasant tasks. I believe I used to be able to do this. Regardless, it is more an issue of willingness than ability. While pregnancy, nursing, anxiety, depression, and sleep deprivation have all contributed to this inability of mine to focus, I need to continue to address these factors rather than use them as excuses not to get anything done.

I'd like to be able to be less compulsive about being online and use the time for more creative pursuits.

Yes, my soul. I want to be more present in the moment and really soak in the season I am living, make the most of each day, hour, minute, nanosecond, so that I do not look back and say "ACH, the leaves have fallen and I never fully breathed in their color."

I would like to decrease my time spent on the internet to the exclusion of personal contact. I'd like to work on my s-anon recovery in a way that is real; real personal contacts, honesty and insight about myself, a focus off problems that are out of my control, a thankfulness for what I have. I want to love more deeply.

i want to work on it every year, every day. being a better wife. there is no more important relationship than the one i have with my husband and i need to remind myself of that everyday. Be kind, be respectful, be loving, give of yourself.. everyday.

I think it's very important for me to keep working on not giving up. Being unable to find work and being stuck in a place that is not necessarily conducive to your well being is very hard. It is easy to just want to stop trying. Every day I must make an effort to do something productive either for my company, writing, trying to model or looking for work. I have been successful so far, but as time passes it is harder to have faith and not make excuses.

Making money. Organizing. Cooking, esp. for for my family.

I would like to get better at handling adversity - disapp0intment, criticism, frustration. I don't want to let the little things disrupt the way they do, and I could also improve at coping with bigger things.

I would like to work on being more assertive, I tend to shy away from conflict and I would love to express my feeling directly.

For the rest of 2009 I have worked on keeping myself in shape by doing enough and not overdoing. I have been able to keep maintain good weight while still toning and losing more weight by constantly looking at my eating actions and loving myself as I am. I want to work on BELIEVING in myself. I AM CAPABLE AND COMPETENT. Challenging myself rather than trying to think my self through action put myself in the situation where I have to act In my jobs. Putting myself in situations that feel uncomfortable that are just stepping stones to moving forward to living the life I want.

Every part...my physical fitness (more yoga!), my social life (more friends!), my ability to concentrate and focus on the things that really matter to me (see above...also writing, music, reading, being outside, etc).

I want to learn to be happy with my lot in life. I want to learn to let go of grudges. I want to be able to forgive.

I'd like to work on focusing on what will make me satisfied career wise. I can be fickle and easily disheartened about my career options, and I'd like to take some proactive steps to end that. Not sure what they are.

I'm very proud of myself for taking the steps to help with my previously undiagnosed ADD. I went to a specialist who has worked wonders and I'm so relieved. In the upcoming year, I hope both my husband and I get up to date on our dental health which has declined in recent years. I also want to focus on our weight loss goals so that by the time we are living on the lake, we are healthier all the way around.

It's a continual thing. I'm happy with who I am right now but I'm glad I'm not who I was one minute ago (and I'm looking forward to who I'll be one minute from now).

My body and mind: Getting back into exercising, learning to cook healthy meals, and feeding my brain something other than MTV reality shows.

Yes, I would like to be more gentle and tolerant of other people - especially those who are very close to me. In general I am very open and accepting of people, but I tend to get very self-righteous when I am strongly confronted, feel that I have been mistreated/wronged or am sure I'm write about an important matter (otherwise I'm pretty good about rolling with the punches). It seems like a switch gets set off in me and I go into major fight mode. I would like to handle those situations with more grace, understanding and humor.

I would like to procrastinate less and self-motivate more. I would like to get back into my photography and writing because they both make me happy and I've ignored it for too long. I would like to observe kashrut more and encourage my fiance to do the same.

I'd like to continue to work on being satisfied with what I have and stop thinking so much about future gains. It's OK to have hopes and dreams, but I'd like to be more mindful and grateful for the present.

My physical self--I need to get back into exercising. My emotional self--reaching out and opening myself to the possibility of love. My intellectual self--writing more. My artistic self--painting.

I want to be assertive enough to get results and not accept wishy washy responses from colleagues.

Anger management - plain and simple

I've always considered resolutions to be disappointments under construction, but honesty compels me to admit there are way too many parts of my "self " that need work. The most important one is improving my health through more activity, and the second is letting go of fear.

My creative inner child! I've already begun to reconnect, working with a life coach, the book "The Artists' Way" and an improv class. I need to make that creativity the center of my being, not a fringe aspect. Creativity is Hashem's gift to us; using our creativity is our gift back to Hashem.

I want to open up emotionally and gather my resources and bravery to potentially make some moves (literal and metaphorical) that I've considered for a long time. I'd also like to work more on my creative endeavors to create potential future options.

i want to really work on me and finding me. ive been looking for a realtionship ever since i can remember and that is not the way to find someone you truly care about..i know. so this years cheers to being single!!

Yes. My ability to listen to compliments or critisisms without having an internal reaction that steers me away from really hearing, appreciating, learning from it, smiling at what is said, not being embarrassed by it, being grateful for honesty from another and not reacting detrimentally to it.

being afraid of taking care of financial shit.

I want to be better able to balance my work life with the rest of who I am and what I do-come home energized, not behave as if "I gave at the office" with nothing left for my husband. Continue to exercise, be social , feel vibrant and alive regardless of my work schedule-which should, consequently , be a self-fueling process.

I want to make sure I stay in good health and maintain and strengthen myself. I want to make sure I am doing something for the community as well as for my family. I want to keep in touch both with friends and family.

I think I've gotten maybe too comfortable with my husband since we started living together. I'd like to fix myself up more. Get some nice new clothes. Spend more time on my hair and makeup in the mornings. I want him to tell me I'm hot every day, and not just the days when I get dressed up to go out.

I want to control where my attention goes better. I want to give more of what I am learning to someone else - a mentee, a friend, I want to be controlled even less by my ego, and I want to do more of the things that satisfy me deeply instead of things that capture my fleeting interest. More artmaking.

I want to be less judgemental. I want to live in the present moment. I want to be easy on myself. I want to accept that I am where I need to be and not obsess about all that I'm not doing. I want to increase my spirituality to be infused into every aspect of my life. I want to be constantly thankful.

Yes. Understand what is in my sphere of control and what isn't. Don't forget to play and have fun in addition to the bigger more complex projects. Learn to enjoy and have fun. Learn to get back on the hustle. Everyone I meet should know that I direct and edit, and that I'm good at both.

I want to be so skinny that I can stand next to some hipsters and diffract light.

I want to reconnect and rekindle friendships that have become less intense.

Definitely. I want to get fit, get more healthy, drink and drug less, be more productive, volunteer.

I would like to work on the sense of balance (or lack thereof) in my life. I tend to dive into things when the passion strikes me and go all in, all or nothing, letting the other elements of my life suffer fom lack of attention. I'd like to work on time management so that I am able to devote appropriate amounts of my time, energy and passion to all things important to me. This also means I need to take time to figure out which things in my life are more important to me than others, organize priorities in my mind in order of importance and cross out things that don't actually matter or bring me joy. I'd also like to continue working on something I've already started - a true sense of independence. I don't want to need people anymore. That's not to say I don't want to be able to depend on people close to me, but I don't want to HAVE to. I want to be able to depend on myself first and foremost and have those around me who I'm close to to be able to add to the equation, not define it (or me). I'd like to be able to open up and let people in, realizing they may have useful experiences and advice to add, but not take their words necessarily as law. I want to take responsibility for my life and my decsisions and their consequences.

I want to work on my creative side - opening myself up to the places that I don't normally explore.

I think I need to stop critcizing myself and embrace my quirks.

procrastination, getting caught up on the narcissism of negative emotions

Lean, lean, lean. I want to be more sprightly and agile and fit!

I want to be a more positive person that sees potential in everything.

I want to work on not allowing toxic people in my life. I wish there's a way I could easily detect harmful or ill-intentioned people (i.e., people that are just not deserving of me). I believe in second chances, so I try to give people the benefit of the doubt before I cast off the relationship after not being treated fairly (or up to my standards). Despite all the good I do, I am not sure why bad people / people who do bad things come into my life (at multitudes, it seems). I know I can learn from the experience, but I wonder if I am attracting these people. I want to work on whatever it is about me in which attracts the ill-intentioned people entering my life. I am constantly looking how I can be a better person, treat people better, and be just, ethical and moral. I know it can be viewed that I am here to help people, but I feel maybe I am doing something to cause the bad karma / attraction. (However, it is part of life lessons and I will not know the purpose at this point.) Nevertheless, I want to work on being a better person, maybe this will influence others to change.

As I near my mid-eighties, my cognitive system is continually changing. Right now I am concerned with a kind of impulsivity that I have not noticed in myself before--making passionate complaints to others about small matters, making ambitious plans that I later realize are not consonant with my increasing physical debility. My ambition during these last three months of 2009 is to learn to identify these runaway glitches more quickly and bring reason to bear before I embarrass myself.

I'd like to improve my spoken German and my written/read/spoken Chinese, get in better shape, and read more.

Focus and clarity. The majority of my actions for the last 2 years have revolved around my spiritual development and personal maturity. I have found a few exercises and techniques to work on my focus but I need to cultivate a sense of presence to further my clarity and use my focus with purpose. I must continue to let go of my dependencies on distraction, my erratic rest patterns and keep my sights set on the immediate task as well as ideal horizon. Practical steps mixed with deeper insights every step of the way.

I'm hoping to reduce my and my families impact on the planet this year -- install solar, brown water and the like.

i'd like to give myself the space to try creative projects and activities. that means making time in my schedule to do this and also to give myself permission to explore these arenas, regardless of my ability. i think there is a lot i can gain from trying to sing, dance, create and such....

I want to stay focused on being more responsible and creating a seperation between work and play

Yes. I am a terrible procrastinator. The work that I do is generally excellent, but I waste too much time in the process. I get distracted by events outside my window, emails, interesting articles, etc. I'd like to squeeze more productivity out of my workday.

I would like to exercise more and take my health more seriously.

What part of myself do I *not* want to work on?

Yes! My health. I want to reclaim my body. For the last couple of years I have really neglected my physical self. I want to reconnect with my body by moving more and eating well.

i'd like to actually stop smoking. i can go days without and i'm fine but it's this casually having a cigarette or two that needs to stop. i do so many other good things (eat well, work out) that this just holds me back. plus it's super gross.

I'd like to determine for sure that my beau and I can be together for a while, and if we can, I want to make sure that our foundation continues to be strong, lines of communication open, and we continue to be loving and sweet. I'd like to eat less crappy food.

I would like to be more open. This is something that I constantly work on in yoga - the ability to open up your heart and allow grace to subtly carry you through life. I think I constrain myself when I try to think about everything, instead of letting things carry out in their natural fashion. This year - I'd like to practice being more open, and lose a bit of that control that my mind tries to put into place.

To forgive myself then others.

I want to be better at the piano! It's pretty important for my career as a music educator... I want to learn guitar too but piano seems more important.

I want to not doubt myself so much about what I am able to do and accomplish. This means that I want to love and pursue my professional goals without fear.

A part of myself????? How about ALL of myself. I would like to work on my physical health and well being. I have been working on my spiritual self this year and will continue to do so in the future. I am getting older ( as we all are) and feel the need to keep myself mentally and physically active. I plan to participate in teaching workshops, possibly take a class or two at the Temple or elsewhere and hopefully, work out even if it means just walking................and drink more water !!!!

be happy just walking down the street. i realized that movies, shows, museums, while they make me feel better fora little bit of time, are just distractions from myself. i want to be okay with myself, feeling like i'm growing, not staying stagnant.

Getting my body back in shape, being happier more often, being thankful for what I have, and giving out more compliments instead of complaints.

I would like to work on feeling physically better about myself and trusting in God more.

My uncertainty regarding my professional abilities to facilitate either contract work or employment. I'd like to do this in Berlin, Germany.

Yes. I want to loose my fear of success. By that I mean I want to loose my fear of failure, of not looking good. I want to make money, lots of money with my new company 42/72. In the Health department: I want to go back to my regular weight of 128-135 lbs. I'm now at a whopping 185!! I MUST loose 50 lbs! In the relationship arena- I want to let go of my fear of intimacy. I want to be in a loving , respectful & transformative relationship with my soulmate.

My character. I want to be the best wife, mother, grandmother, boss and friend that I am capable of being. I would like to eliminate my need to gossip and my need to compulsively overeat. I would like to be as kind to myself as I am to others.

I want to work on finding solutions to trusting my intuitions, perceptions and imput to truly go for and attain the best. I want feel good with the good.

Expanding my scope in photography and writing and anything to do with contributing to a more balance sense of the world, both for myself and for readers.

I want to learn how to cook, and start doing more domesticated things....if that's the right word... gardening, yardwork, cooking.... I hate doing it, but cleaning. As I prepare to live without a room mate I want to be able to maintain a household so I'm ready to start a life in a nice environment when I do meet someone I want to spend my life with...

Getting hold of my health--stricter control of food, more exercise, some meditation...........

my exercise regime is much too hit and miss... It's literally all or nothing. For the last 3 months - it's been nothing. So i guess i need to work on my expanding waistline... i also want to make some significant money - or steps towards it. Keep your eye on the prize...

I want to have less stuff and not accumulate stuff through impulse buying or shopping to make myself feel better.

I think I am sometimes not so nice to my husband. I definitely want to work on that.

Yes, I want to keep working on myself. I've been really focusing on myself for the past couple of months and it has made a huge difference in my life thus far, so I def want to continue working on that. I would also like to continue working out and running and just getting in shape.

I want to be less pessimistic. More optimistic. It really bothers me when people say that I'm always negative. I don't want to be negative. I want to always be happy :)

My anxiety and my insecurity.

i always want to work on my looks. guess it will have to be my mind. i'll have to read more books, see more shows and anything that can make me more interesting.

Yes, I want to work on establishing a healthier relationship with food and get into some forms of exercise and relaxation on an on-going basis. Also, I want to start painting again and possibly build a body of work I can be proud of. I really miss it and feel it is just what I need to be doing right now.

Everything is so related. If I work on my health and fitness, I feel good about myself and treat friends, enemies, and loved ones better. I also need to spend some time developing ideas I have just put on the back burner, diversify my investment of talent and time.

Sleep. Garden. Patience. Learn.

physically, i want to get more comfortable with my body. i also wish i were more comfortable with me - the inside me. apparently my self.directed awkwardness or distaste is noticeable. that can't be good.

I'd like to work on being present. Choosing happiness, not getting sucked into negativity. I'd like to continue learning and growing Jewishly.

my fear of making phone calls

I'd like to take better care of my body in a consistent way. I have such a tendency to do it spurts alt w/times of nothing. I know it's the reason I have trouble achieving my goals of weight maintence, strength. This is not so I can have a "beautiful" body, but to make sure the one I have continues to work well. I want to continue to develop my prayer life & observance. Did good this past year w/Shabbat. Think we only missed 2 or 3 candle lightings. Want to attend shul more...

My health. I need to better my health, and all my habits or I'll be sick and feeble before I know it. If I can heal my physical life, I can thrive in my spiritual life.

I'd like to continue focusing on my health and wellness--eating better, exercising regularly, and getting more sleep. I've been working on this recently and feel great, but I know I'll need motivation to really keep it up at the current level (especially when winter arrives). I'd also like to write more letters and less e-mail.

Absolutely!!! Focus, drive, tenacity, love, happiness, success, fitness, joy, laughter......obviously, there's more than one thing. It all sums up to being a better ME!!!

I would like to work on not getting upset about the things that I cannot change. I would like to work on remembering to keep a postive outlook on life. I would like to work on not worrying so much about the little things. I would also like to improve my Spanish!

I want to let go of my inhibitions. I want to just push forward with love, open arms, and a clear head. Not to be cocky or take myself to seriously, but I want to have full confidence in myself and my abilities. I want to love myself and believe in myself all the way.

Since January I've been focusing on my physical health. I had already lost about 35 pounds and still, at that point wanted to lose another 60 pounds. I'm now down another 15. So, I will continue to pay attention to this. I intend to lose another 40 pounds or so. On the spiritual level I want to be more trusting in the good of things and truly loving of life itself and all that this entails.

I want to feel connected, present and true to myself.

So many things, but mostly my inability to keep focus for longer than a few minutes at a time. Especially when I'm working on school.

I want to stop procrastinating. I want to stop overwhelming myself.

Be impeccable with my word and actions.

yes, taking better care of me would be a good idea. always dieting, not sleeping enough most likely , need to be exercising. Get myself a little more organized.

Yes, I am long over due to start being creative again. Doing the things I used to love doing i.e. going to art gallerys/ museums, making art, flea markets/ markets in general. Its just I don't like crowds so need to start putting my self out there again.

I would like to work on my temper, and not being as quick to anger and/or react. I'm too quick to fight, and there are so many other, more productive ways to behave.

I want to figure out what I really want. I'm passionate and impulsive, but I don't know where to aim that.

I want to work on my prayer-self. Without having to be at a service to lead, I have prayed much less than before.

i want to be financially responsible

Being kinder to my wife.

I just need to be a better person. Spending more time doing things that are important, that I'm interested in, that educate myself, or help others. I'm trying to be really nice...being selfless instead of focused on my own needs.

I have an unrealistic view of myself. I will forever be in my mind 13 years old and 90 lbs. I am a 30 year old woman with a beautiful child, a wonderful husband, and a lovely home, why does 15 pounds on the scale bother me so much??? If I could focus on the bigger issues and learn to be happy with the 30 year old version of me I think I'd be a happier person.

my anxiety level!

Do I have to choose just one part? That doesn't seem fair to the people who have to deal with me on a daily basis. I find working on my character defects a little like playing Wack-a-Mole. It seems there are fewer and smaller moles as I get older. I hope I'm right.

My patience and listening to other people before cutting them off.

I want my time to be better spent without feeling guilty for the times when I do nothing. I want more to show for my time...I can do little bits of things each day without doing everything all at once...make big jobs into little bits and thereby get much more accomplished and feel good about myself!

No. Maybe in 5770, though!

Reading, writing, creating, memory, focus...I want it all!

Sure. I am working on my bridge game, and I am setting standard as high as I can go. Life is a work in progress. I try to do the best I can with family, friends, and personal. Maybe personal needs work - read more, kindnesses, make the wheel work best as possible.


I would like to be able to find more joy in helping others. The problem is not the doing; I've always done a lot to help. I think the problem lies in focusing too much on the obligation. That brings guilt before I help and relief after I help--but not joy. Maybe I'm asking for too much.

I want to work on the balance in my life between work, education and learning activities and the time I spend that is purely for myself (i.e. fun!). I just today talked to someone who scheduled his free time and spent all other time in his day devoted to work and studying. I don't know if that will work for me, but it will make me far better and more knowledgeable about my career if I do. I need to find a sweet spot, where I'm happy about my life, but still going to be great at what I do!

To listen more. To be patient. To pause and reflect on what the person I am talking to has to say. The minute someone starts talking, ideas about what they are saying start racing through my mind. I miss out on people that way, and only get part of what I could be getting. It can also be annoying to some people. But mostly, I want to do it for me.

I want to finish clearing out all vestiges of this stress programming that has invaded my lower brain processes, and make strides towards a more open-hearted presence in the world.

My patience. My ability to savor life, and to appreciate what I have. Also, idleness. I want to really buckle down and work on being idle more.

My voice. Singing and voice overs. ...while at the same time to be less self-centered.

I would like to learn how to manage my anxiety better. This is important to me because my anxiety prevents me from being an optimal parent and spouse (aside from the fact that it is very unpleasant!)

I need this to be the year that I really actually work on my bodily self--making more time for exercise, eating right, feeling good about myself. I believe that doing those things will help focus me to work on the other things that need work as well.

Embrace the benefits of a more standardized schedule, particularly regular meditation and exercise. Continue to cultivate positivity in my outlook and my moments. Stay in closer touch with people who are dear to me, especially family. Finish what I start.

Who doesn't have a part of themselves they want to work on except the dead. Sure I do. I want to work on my sadness. I want to work on my patience and love for my husband. I want to work on my generosity not in terms of money, but in terms of heart. I want to work on acceptance. Of others. Of myself. I want to work on love.

I need patience and forbearance for things I can't change, that a healthy dose of excercise and veggies!!!

I've worked pretty hard this past year on making friendships and developing those friendships. This year, continuing in this vein is extremely important to me. Also important is my ever-present and growing need to manage my finances better. This year I'm re-committing myself to creating a budget, monitoring what I spend, and not living beyond my means. This is a continual challenge and struggle for me, but it needs to be done and I'm motivated to do it.

Is there a part of me I DON'T want to work on? (said sarcastically). Physically - have about 65 lbs to lose to be in a healthy state (lost about 100 over the last 2 years ... so on my way!) Emotionally - being more honest with myself (thank goodness for good therapists) and working on healthy boundaries. Somehow, get "Zack" out of my system - stop my addiction to him. Intellectual - stop procrastinating on tasks that I don't feel confident about. It's self-defeating. Also, start studying for GRE's: apparently you need them to get a Doctorate.

I want to feel good with where I'm at in this world. Too often, I am hard on myself for not yet accomplishing more in this world. I want to stop comparing myself to others which often makes me feel inadequate. I want to be stronger in my daily expressions and go to sleep at night feeling like I did all that I could that day.

I'd like to really return to my adult self a bit and figure out how I can both be a good and present mother and also a fulfilled individual. Then begin to make that transition.

Speaking my mind more. I'd like to be able to express myself without getting to emotional.

I want to be smarter with my money. I would like to learn how to invest in stocks and cds and to start a IRA account. I just want to prepare better for the future, and be able to handle times when I decide I want to go back to school. I need to afford school and living.

Don't you mean in 2010? Some of these questions lend themselves to humor, so I will say I want to work on my abs.

Patience. Drinking less. Being in the moment. I mean, REALLY enjoying the moment. Being more creative and executing it. By that, I mean actually creating something.

I would like to regain my confidence when being around people. Over the years I have been shot down or let down by so many people, that I am really afraid to try anything or speak my mind.

i'm excited to see if i can stop my negative storytelling and spinning before it gets out of control.

I want to work on being me. I need to trust myself and feel comfortable being totally genuine and sincere in my actions towards everything I do and everyone I interact with.

Yes.I want to have a more positive attitude towards myself. I tend to doubt my abilities and worth as a human being. I want to be able to say to myself,I am somebody . At age 67 I have overcome much in my life time. I need to have a better self image.

I'd like to be more loving and caring, and less standoffish and rude, to my family. I'd also like to stop letting my mother control me, since I am now an adult, without losing the closeness of our relationship.

OVERALL organization: time management, schedule management, recognizing limitations and saying no, arranging office and house, planning meals, exercising and working on self-awareness...

I'm still trying to round out my life so it's not 100% work focused. It's difficult, but I've made some progress and just like last year it's still the part of me that's a work in progress after so many years of neglect.

My weight. I've been overweight for most of my life and I'm starting to feel that if I don't make a change, I may not have much longer to try.

What parts of myself don't I want to work on? That list is shorter. So having said that I think the primary thing I should work on is being a better friend to myself, and becoming more accepting and forgiving of myself. I'd also like to work on my discipline... how I spend my time, what and how much I eat, how I spend my money, doing things I say I want to do. In all of these areas I am totally undisciplined, and it leads to discontent. And finally, kindness. I read not too long ago that one of the characteristics of a self-actualized individual is that their humor is not based on sarcasm. That really struck a chord with me- I realized that a lot of my humor is sarcastic or teasing, and that even though I'm not trying to be mean or hurtful, it is (a) likely to come from places of insecurity, and (b) a negative humor- regardless of how funny a comment is, and regardless of whether it makes people laugh, it is on some level poking fun, which doesn't make people feel good. So I want to practice more "kind" humor, and more kindness in general, because I believe in that contagious smile theory from those Volkswagen Beetle commercials a few years back.

I want to work on self care. I want to take better care of my health - physical and psychological - starting with sleep. I want to be able to do this without sacrificing, in any way, my ability to care for my family, my friends, and my community.

Taking better care of myself: -- Eating better -- Stop smoking -- Watch my weight -- Listen to mediation mp3/practice -- Do yoga

I want to become more open, to get out of my comfort zone and approach difficult situations more creatively.

as always, i'd like to work on being more grounded in my true and higher self. specifically i think committing to a regular meditation practice would go a long way in this direction.

Looking inside. This is going to be a year of introspection.

I want to curb my temptation to burrow self-centeredly into television or the internet. I want to become more proactive about getting out of the house, becoming more spontaneous, physically active, and engaged with my family.

yes, diing

I want to work on follow through - especially if I can benefit from it in some way. More often than I care to admit, I say I'm going to do something or take care of something or accomplish something and I get distracted by other activities or I consciously blow it off. Either way the outcome is that the project doesn't get done completely or at all. Right now while I'm not working for money there's a lot to do and plenty of time to do it in. I'm sticking to commitments that involve other people, but I'm not sticking to the commitments to myself such as exercising and taking online classes. I want to better myself and doing better for myself with follow through is a great place to start.

So many things ... Mainly, though, I want to finally find a healthy balance between self and community/responsibilities/connection.

I got to get back on the weight watchers and drop some pounds. More moving, more motion, more fun.

I would like to continue my swimming and do more physical exercise. I would like to be more disciplined about my diet and health. I would like to worry less in general. I would like to be involved in a specific political activity or group that is exciting and relevant to my life.

When someone is trying to make me do something that I really do not want to do (or that I don't want to discuss because I'm not sure what I think), I want to find an alternative to the choice between angry argument (bad) and quiet stonewalling (also bad). Also to be a little better in all the usual ways- less gossip, maybe a bit more religious observance, blah blah blah.

I want to work on the part of myself that would give it all away -- do anything for those I love and never consider the cost to myself.

I want to work on a getting busy with projects, reading, study, and traveling; anything that gets me away for the darn computer.

I want to make the transition from the many , many practical things I have to do (and which are so very hard for me with my growing physical disabilities) and to finally move forward - to working, to setting up a move, to recapturing my life against all odds. Of course, goal one is to accomplish the practical things - put my little money to grow somewhere, get the house in shape (somehow), have as many operations as I can before I lose my health insurance, take care of my remedial paperwork including legal issues and filing things. If only I could salvage my demolished morale and be somehow "me" again - including even a smidgen of hope - I might be able to work towards all this, however slow and diffiult. But how? I have no hope of hope and without that much hope, the rest is out of reach. As it stands, I tend much more to sabotage my goals, however, small. It's almost as if I want to get it over with and have it taken out of my hands by getting to the end instead of a new beginning. I am so close to nothingness anyhow, and instead of moving forward I can't even maintain status quo. My body, house and mind tend ever more to entropy and with all the abuse I've sustained, I feel (not think) irrationally that I deserve it and to be ruined, as my psychopathic ex wanted to punish me for divorcing him. Was my mistake believing others were like me - honest and incapable of y causing serious hurt even to anyone who had caused me pain? And most of all, I never imagined anyone could deliberately seek to wound innocent children as a means to that end. Certainly, if i had been more skeptical and suspicious we would have been protected. I didn't know choosing the high road could bring me - and my children - low.

getting back on track with eating and working out - overall being healthy and feeling good. quit smoking. making more money. learn how to relax.

I want to be healthy inside and out. I want to be truthful, always. I want to love myself. Be more forgiving toward myself and others. Be a cause for inspiration and celebration in the lives of others.

I need to learn to relax more and let things happens instead of trying to control and predict them all, and also to work harder, to organize my time better. I also want to like to excercise and keep a balanced and light diet.

I would like to work on my weight, I would like to exercise more, I would like to gather inner strength to take critisism better.

I want to be more organized: in my house, my work, my mind. I feel a need for things to be tidier!

It seems lately I've been going into many situations with certain expectations--be they dates, meetings, etc.--and if and when those expectations aren't met, I'm completely thrown. I guess I'd like to work on being more flexible and to stop expecting things to look like I thought they would.

Yes. I want to become happier with myself and my place in the world, and by doing so, have the world become happier with me.

my self esteem as it relates to body image and my creative work. I want to be free of the oppressive self-doubt which I've been carrying for too too long. And I want that esteem to have as their locus my deepest core and not be generated or tied to external forces.

In 2009 I'd like to work on accepting things just as they are, and being joyous, happy and free! Just because I don't see the whole picture doesn't mean there isn't a bigger picture than what my eyes see.

I often feel like I look outside myself for solutions to a problem that doesn't exist, that's really just a restlessness and dissatisfaction with myself. I need to truly believe that dying my hair, buying new shoes, or losing weight will not fix everything wrong with me and instantly make me happier.

My temper! Be kinder & more tolerant with others. Slow down & enjoy.


I would like to get back into journaling. I used to write my thoughts down and it was a very therapeutic way for me to clear my head. I also have a very hard time opening up and trusting the right men. I have an amazing ability of pushing the right men away, and continuously tangling myself up with men who I know are no good for me. I need to start accepting people's love and affection and setting limits with those who I know are a dead end.

Definitely! I'd like to stop giving excuses. To myself especially. I want stop obsessing over every little thing that could possibly go wrong, thereby inhibiting me from actually taking a real step.

Being more compassionate. Being more confident.

saying what's real...

I want to say yes but I can't really pinpoint what exactly I want to improve. I think I just want to become a better person. Learn from my mistakes, become more patient and compassionate but most of all - not that I'm typing it down - I think i just want to be happy. All the time, not have bad days and not blame things on anything else. I just want to be consistently happy. It's my choice, damn it.

without a doubt my creative side. This is always my resolution for self change and something always gets in the way(I let it)I need to focus on my needs and not so much others.

I think it's silly I still have jealousy and social competition issues at 24. I think too much about being popular (it's embarrassing to even write that) or being seen by people I deem important and being friends with people just because of their social status. There's no reason for all that and it's a waste of energy.

Body body body. I want to avoid the bad things and be super healthy and not let my emotional state dictate what I put in my mouth.

I want to complete creative projects that I begin, so I have the satisfaction of accomplishing them and the freedom and creative space to move forward to more. And I want to focus on developing deeper, more connected friendships with everyone I know. Both of these I feel will bring me greater self confidence.

My creativity. I feel my work is no longer a creative outlet, but i know it once was. There's no end to the technical side of photography, but i don't want to get bogged down and overwhelmed by the technology. Time to start "seeing" again!

I need to work on having girlfriends again, i.e. relationships like the ones in sitcoms like Friends or Sex and The City. (Not as superficial, though.) I don't know what has happened to me at this time of life but I really miss getting together with friends for dinner and a chick flick. It's not that I don't have friends, we just seem to get together so rarely. We live far away from each other and are so busy with day-to-day chores that friendship just slides to the back burner.

I need to spend more time and energy on the truly important people in my life and less on the fringe "make me feel good" people.

Yep. As always, I want to be better at calming down under pressure...not freaking out...recognizing that the thing will get done...and that no one else is as stressed out about it as I am. Other people seem to take things in stride and continue being lovable, employable, people...so perhaps I can get better at this.

This question is closely related to Day 2's, and, as I answered then, I would like to be less self-conscious about voicing deeply held social and political opinions, especially those pertaining to social and environmental justice issues. Also important is my giving an even greater degree of attention to the ripple of my own consumer power (i.e., food choice, packaging, charitable giving, etc.). I'd add, for Day 7, my desire to gain more control over my tendency to be negatively consumed by anxiety. This unwanted (and ultimately unnecessary) stress is most often the result of self-imposed deadlines (that aren't, in fact, pressing). I like to be productive, but I need to learn how to prioritize better, and how to appreciate what has been done instead of worrying about more might have been done. Also, I would like to reduce or cease occasional overeating (especially of ice cream and other deserts), and to be more "religious" about getting exercise (instead of missing two or more days a week, as I too often did this past year).

I would like to continue the growth that I started this year, the personal growth, personal confidence. I would like to continue to pursue the spiritual path that I started this year and develop a greater awareness of the beauty and love around me, as well as the areas that need my help/support. I want to continue to work in my garden, learning to respect the earth and the miracles that come from it.

I want to stop being afraid of success. I want to set physical, career, emotional, social, spiritual what have you no be afraid to really go after them. Not to give up on them after a few months of extreme dedication. Physical: I want to loose weight, eat realistically but not for emotional comfort or bordom. I want to be at 140lbs. by this same time next year. If I am - I kick ass because I lost 43lbs! Career: I want to feel like I am moving forward in my career. Working with professionals and doing work that I can be proud of. I want to be making my living as an actor. Emotionally: I want to fall in love. Socially: 1)I want to stop apologizing for myself and have confidence in what I do and say. I don't want to always assume it's my problem or my fault. 2)I want to work on maintaining the relationships I already have, and not focus so much on building new ones. I don't want to lose my friendships because of neglect. Spiritually: I want to find a since of spiritual maturity. I want to learn to meditate. I want to learn more about Judaism.

I am working on teaching myself the dharma.

Not to drink so much, being an athelete and all. Nothing crazy, but i have a lot of 'social drinker' friends and, well, its easy to over-indulge when we go out. Gets expensive too!

yes. i want to be even more present. and to procrastinate even less. and to take my words more seriously. yeah. that third one is big. i would like to do that.

Yes, the negative part.

I need to regain my confidence. I was once this completely outgoing, class clown, make everyone laugh, dance around and be the life of the party and not care how I looked doing it. All of a sudden I became so self-conscious, so AWARE of every little thing I do, just to be sure I'm not making a fool of myself. Who cares?! I'm too carefree to be concerned with how every single person will perceive me. Sometimes I'm so aware of myself that I'm not actually BEING myself.

I need to stop waiting for my life to start. I keep putting off doing things and feeling things until "the right time". I know my life would be more fulfilling if I could shake this trepidation. How do I make the "right time" all of the time?

I'm working on being warmer to strangers and more patient.

I would like to worry less. It is an affliction I have picked up from my mother. I stress out too much about things I have no control over. I would also like to drink less, which has been fairly successful so far. Most of all, I want to be less judgmental of people. I find that I judge people too quickly and too often, and sometimes reach unfair conclusions based on assumptions.

how about all...? ok really, just the same as always, being balanced....maybe stop talking so much shit about a certain gf lol

I would like to work on my physical health this year--to feel better physically, to treat my body with respect, to better prepare for aging, to boost my self-esteem, to be a good role model for my young sons. This means making exercise, healthy diet, and sleep (remember that??) a priority, not something easily tossed aside. Also finding a new primary care doctor so I can be prepared if any crises come my way.

Losing weight and firming up in an effort to improve myself.

Have more confidence in what I want and go for it.

The stomach part. I want to make it flatter. Also, continuing my efforts to be more patient.

I want to make more time for the creative part of myself. It goes hand-in-hand with my desire to work on being more compassionate, in general.

I would like to work on my self-esteem. I would like to accurately view myself and know my worth. I'm already working on this, but I'd like to make more growth in this area. I think feeling worthy is key to living a fulfilling life.

What do I NOT want to work on...seriously ~I would like to work on my self confidence/self esteem. I find that I approach each new situation with an abundance of fear so much so that I back away from many of them. This is a direct change from two years ago, when I felt much more confident. I am also aware that turning 45 means that my continued health will not come without some solid effort on my part. I would like to develop an exercise and diet regimen that is a lifestyle choice.

my faith and trust that i am doing the right thing at all times, especially professionally

talking less and doing more. i want to be a woman of action.

I need to be more honest with myself and those around me. I can't keep stringing women along in casual relationships because it 's convenient for me.

being a better student in all facets. school, religion, and life.

I want to let go of whatever in my life no longer serves me--whether it is possessions, ideas or relationships. I want to speak the truth without apology or sugar coating. I want to live in the moment, wide awake.

To worry less and play and work more. Learn to put myself to sleep. To be closer to the Ideal Woman I have in my head. I'd like to STOP before I say hurtful things to my daughter. This happens when she is behaving badly and I need to handle it, sure, but I still need to model good behavior.

I have gained weight over the past year, and have learned that at the age of 30, I can no longer rely on a youthful metabolism and a generally healthy diet to keep me in shape. I need to get physical, sweat, and drop some poundage so I don't get that horrible sinking feeling everytime I open my closet.

two things: 1. take better care of my health: doctors, dentist, gym, eating habits 2. more tolerance for those who don't share my political views


i would like to learn to recognize and honor my own needs rather than always behaving in the default mode of people pleasing.

Yes, my procrastination with the things that are the most important to me, is at the crux of what stands in the way of me really achieving my goals. I want to stop procrastinating when it comes to health concerns, financial obligations and most of all, my writing. If I am procrastinating, then it is something that I should just prioritize doing first.

I want to work on my scornful attitude toward the women who live around me. I can't change them. They are living here because it is the best they can afford. That is the very reason I am living here. What makes me think Ihave nothing in common with them? I keep looking for women I am compatible with, and I can't find them because it seems everyone I meet smokes, reads romance novels and are bigoted Republicans. I need to mitigate the feeling of "being in a different class" with something that obviously I haven't found yet and don't know what it is.

Making sure I'm prioritizing my family without feeling guilty about work and being able to work without feeling guilty about not being with my family. I don't want to be one of those moms that didn't show up when it was important, or even when it wasn't. I also want to continue focusing on getting regular exercise. And having fun with my partner - it's good to remember why you're together in the first place before life got in the way.

lose 5kg

I have to find myself again after this separation to NZ , the Project and my being completely alone

I want to work on self-awareness. I believe that I am very on track, but often since I am managing so many areas of my life at once, I feel overwhelmed and behind. I believe with more of my attention on self-awareness, I will find that I have attainable goals and that my personal expectations for myself are realistic, and that I am really doing great. If not, then self-awareness should help me find the places I need to adjust. The goal of self-awareness will be to lower my anxiety, increase my sense of security in the moment, and strengthen my faith and relationship with Hashem.

I want to work on my acceptance of others. Not only more tolerant, but also more patient.

The needy part. I'd like to become more satisfied with myself, and make sure that when I seek people out, I'm not doing so for attention.

I want to work on my assertiveness, and self-confidence. I know I have a lot going for me, and many different spheres, but I'm not assertive enough in making my mark, whether it be on a personal level, professional level, social level or relationship level. I would love to work on being more confident in myself and assertive so I can really can achieve what I have the potential to achieve.

Yes, I do... Mostly on reducing my weight. I am tired of being obese. I want to reap the benefits of being thinner.

I've been saying this now for a while, but I need to work on my sarcasm. Too many people don't get it and I need to identify when it is appropriate and when it is not. Aside from that, I need to work on muscle mass and getting in better shape. Let's be honest - this is not okay. A little more Richard Simmons, maybe some yoga and some gym time. By not going, I'm cheating no one but myself.

I want to find the balance between being strong and being emotionally open,

Kids are grown and out of the house, my husband and I are waiting for the economy to pick up so we can retire.I 've spent my professional career in service to others and have always volubteered-so you know what? I want to travel with my husband and friends and visit with my kids when I desire! How about that!

i want to be better about keeping up my relationships especially with friends. i want to be fully PRESENT with people. and i want to be better about staying in good touch with the people i care about. going along with that i want to stop being lazy about building new friendships. i need to go out of my way to invite people over, make plans and enjoy life!


Same as always! More patience,discipline, kindness, forgiveness, charity, humility, backbone . . . I take this question to mean personal characteristics. I mean my left wrist could use more work, give the other side a break . . .

I want to work on becoming peacefully dedicated to long-term propositions, whether they be relationships or saving money or home buying or whatever; I want to grow my muscles when it comes to the long haul.

I need to do a better job of keeping in touch with my family and friends. When I'm tired or stressed I sit in front of the television. Could be working on projects, writing emails, talking on the phone.

I want to work on my productivity and procrastination. I have a really bad habit of waiting til the last minute for everything. I've been trying to get out of it since what- 5th grade? Next thing I know I'll be in college, and I won't be able to do that anymore. It simply won't be an option. I need to get into the habit now.

my health my example that I set for my children my gardens- want to start gardening and get it right... my patience my community service my faith being selfless towards my family my motivation my cooking skills my teaching every student as much as I can every day my procrastination

Sure, there are parts of myself that I am always working on! Essentially, I want to acknowledge and remind myself that we cannot waste the gift of time. I would like to continue to advance my spiritual practice as well as my physical body so that both mind and body are in harmony. In other words: meditate more, have more fun with my children, go on more long walks, eat more healthily and with more attention to the history of my food. Be more grateful for everything. Be alive in every moment.

is there a part of myself that I DON'T want to work on in 2009:?

I would like to continue finding my way to my authentic self.

Yes, I want to become someone who can deal better with anger.

I want to learn how to choose to be happy, all the time, in all situations.

Anger, righteous anger- so what if it is deserved, I'm the one who pays for it. And overwork as an excuse for not doing play.

Yes. I want to be more open to learning from others.

Feeling joy.

I want to gain better control of my emotions, especially anger. I want to become someone who takes things seriously but can also be resilient when things get rough.

I would like to stop being childish and relying on my relationship for some kind of comfort that is actually an excuse for not living fully, not being entirely present, or ruthlessly honest with myself. Most of all I would like to stop being whimpering, weak, fall into a mousey way of speaking when relating to my partner. I really am ready to grow up and know myself and accept things as they are. To live fully in reality.

Increase activity.

I want to take more time to enjoy my life.

yes. learn to have more fun. be less judgmental. be able to deal with conflict better. lose weight. excercise more.

Yes. I want to do more to help people directly, starting with those closest to me; send gifts, special messages and visit just because and host more people at our home. When I get that down, I want to tutor a child in need or adopt-a-senior at a nursing home. With my busy schedule, these things are going to be difficult to incorporate, but I'll try my best. Also, I'd like to give everyone the benefit of the doubt more, instead of seeing some people as competition or viewing them with skepticism.

No more beefs. This year, I want my social interactions to be purely vegetarian.

I want to stop multi-tasking. I want to do one thing at a time and be truly present for that one thing. Especially when that one thing is one of my children.

I'd like to stay calmer & be less reactive. I need to take better care of my singing voice. I need to work out more often.

I want to learn how to not be afraid of being disappointed. Often times, I dive head-first into relationships, life choices, and scenarios. It is especially so with intimacy and love. I find myself extremely open to people I want to fall in love with. Yet, when they can't reciprocate this love, I find myself devastated. But by now, I should know that not everyone is meant to love me the way I want to be loved. Perhaps I am beyond myself and it only takes time. Yet I hope that it happens soon. I want to be able to spend the most time in my life spending the most blissful moments with someone whose soul I can share, as I share mine. I do not want to change my ability to be open and without reservation, but I want to be able to react with less depression when the consequences don't turn out in my favour.

I think I want to become more independent. I live at home still and would like to be able to live on my own and see if I can handle things by myself.

I need to work on following my personal interests. Too often I end up filling my time with useless things and regret that I don't achieve things that will last a lifetime. Photography and writing will help me to tell the story of my life.

My physical health and my stamina. I need to be able to put more into my professional life, and for that, my health has to be better. I can't determine whether my fatigue is related to my disease, depression, or just being lazy. Although my shrink is pretty clear that I have ample evidence of not being lazy. Still. I need to work more, and if that takes having a healthier body, then my goal is to spend more effort getting there as a means to achieving other goals.

there isn't just one. i want to get my physical self in shape & i want to find my guiding principals.

Yes, better work ethic, and thorough understanding and knowledge of my trait or profession

Being friendlier and warmer, which for me means being more confidant that people will like me, not slipping into my old neurotic assumption that no one likes me. Knowing that not everyone will respond, and that's ok, it says more about them than it does about me. People who really know me know how warm and kind I can be - but I'm afraid to to show this side to people I don't know. At the same time, I need to stop looking for approval from others, to extent that I forget to preserve my own rights and dignity. I say yes to things I shouldn't, then kick myself afterwards once my wiser self has caught up with my impulsive self.

Avoid speaking as much loshen hara and saying things behind others backs work on hebrew avoid saying meaningless sorries being less judgmental about peoples personal beliefs

i do think that self-knowledge is the highest achievement because that is the starting point for all other goals in life. i've made great strides, but i'd like to keep progressing.

I would like to loose weight. Not really for appearance sake, more because of how I feel being obese on a daily basis. I want to be as healthy as I can be mentally and physically. I have done a lot of the mental care and this year I would like to work on the "heavy stuff".

i want to try not to assume the worse in people and not jump to conclusions about them

It's the same thing I say every year, but I do find it helpful in terms of improving to remind myself. I want to work on my snap judgments and try not to write off or stereotype people based on first impressions. On another note, I'd like to work on my confidence level when faced with groups of VIPs or super cool people (like uh, Rebooters) and don't feel cool enough myself to rank among them.

I want to stop thinking about meditation, and actually make a commitment to practice it daily.

I want to work on prioritizing healthy/productive things. Like cooking dinner from scratch, gardening, running, writing. I enjoy them, but it's hard to stay motivated.

I would like to be able to forgive and move on, for my sake and for others'. It is more easily said than done even if I know it's for my own good. Also, I would like to learn to appreciate what I have (emotionally) rather than mourn what I don't have (sexually), and learn to move on. I'd like to discover a passion where I can apply my knowledge and possibly help people/ in particular women who are in difficult situations. I need to develop more self-confidence, believe in my inner good person. Last but not least, I would lkike to become more thoughtful and do more listening and less talking. And most of all I will need to work on being more patient.

Positive, encouraging self-talk - not to the extent of being arrogant or delusional - but so that I acknowledge my achievements and aim high.

Absolutely. The chubby part!

My tendencies to procrastinate, be late and be easily distracted--if I could do one task at a time - efficiently - everything would be better in the long-run.

I would like to work on my spiritual self as well as opening myself up more to people and love. I want to stop being so judgmental and so quick to write people off. I want to become connected with the divine. I want to not to be so angry all of the time. I want to be happy. I want to be in love with life as well as with a wonderful man. My main focus will be to unblock my heart spiritually and romantically.

patience and understanding

I want to be more accepting, lighthearted, non-judgemental and less negative to people in general. Specifically at family gatherings and with my parents when I get frustrated, instead of shutting down or being short with them and putting a sour look on my face, I want to focus on all the wonderful things about them and see if I can turn my mood and theirs around. I practiced this last Friday when I was frustrated about my mom getting the details wrong about where to pick me up for our weekend out to Northampton and I could have been annoyed that I had left work an hour early and waited for them in different locations after we had made all these specific plans, but instead I said no worries, recognizing that pointing out their mistakes was not worth it and that really, it was nice regardless to get out of work early AND MOST of all, that at that point there was nothing I could do about it, so why get upset? But with other people too, especially at work and with Rastegar, I want to shake off the negative and bring a positive energy, even if that is not what other people are bringing.

More focus on others, more positive thinking and more empathy.

I would like to be calmer at work. Sometimes my passion takes away from my productivity and I take things too personally. I would like to be able to take more things in stride and accept my workplace and colleagues more.

Healthiness - mostly related to food but also pushing myself too hard in terms of lack of sleep, lack of break, feeling guilty when I am not always working.

Oh, God yes. My passivity. There's so much I want to do - I *want* to do - but I just don't.

My weight's good. I'm secure in my relationships with family and friends. I feel gratified with my volunteer time with homebound seniors. But I could be more disciplined in maintaining a 3x/week workout schedule. It's very easy to put it off.

Work out. I need to lost that last 10 lbs or so. I'm well on the way! :D

My social skills. I've been actively working on them for months, and I go out more and talk to people easier than I ever used to. But it's still a definite work in progress.

I want to find more time to play games and watch tv. So much of my time is spent at work or hanging out with people that my brain can't shut off. I need the time to just have some passive entertainment.

I am always working on something.

I want to work on not going into victim mode, being more confident. I need to realize that my family is not the world and the world is not my family. The survival skills that allowed me to not be crushed by my family do not serve me well in greater life. Noah's isolation saved him before the flood and doomed him after. My fighting the man, being wary, was needed early in life. Now I need to calm down many notches and realize the world is more willing than my family to accept me. My happiness in the world need not be a fight. And it's sad that I sabatoge myself by fighting against what I want, need , and deserve.

I would like to work on learning how to say NO and making sure I do not over extend myself. And, if I say YES to a commitment or responsibility that I am able to carry it out successfully!

i want to get back into doing really lovely creative projects, ones from my heart, not from my clients. AND i want to find a way to process traumas from the past.

funny, with all the things happening (and about to happen) in my life, that i write the next six words. i want to learn to sleep. moreover, i want to know how to turn life off at night and how to be able to relax, fully. it seems impossible to not take work home, mentally, and be able to fully enjoy a quiet night. i am about to have a baby, so i think this is an impossible goal - but if i can learn to abandon the day and just be tired because i am truly sleep-deprived, i will consider that a success. i want to let life happen, but attain the ability to compartmentalize the stress and give my weary mind the opportunity to rest. for the moment, i am off to bed...

It's what you did, its the patterns in your life that effect everything you do. I want to find a way to stop using unhealthy behavior patterns that cause me to live in Mitzryim. My tendency to use food to soothe feelings or to celebrate, my tendency to be 10 to 15 minutes late to events, my tendency to react and speak without thinking all have effected my daily life today. Those times when I spoke bluntly or negatively or came late to a meeting one more time, or choose to eat sweet, salty or fattening foods have all effected how people think of me and how I am able to interact with my physical world. People have told me that they think of me as unorganized, messy, fat, lazy, perpetually tardy, unprofessional and thoughtless. I typically feel that I am postitive, caring and thoughtful but my patterns of behavior cause me to be seen very differently from how I really want people to think of me.

I want to really hone, sharpen & capitalize on my strengths. I've spent much of this year feeling stupid - unintellectual, unacademic, unintelligent. It's time to focus on the things that I'm good at & that I know can help me become successful & happier - humor, writing & my skills of perception. No more feeling sorry for myself for my faults or feeling too dumb for DC. In 5770, I want to own it.

I want to refine my ability to be disciplined, to follow through, to create change. So much talking- and we all know actions speak so much louder than words. I hope I don't read this answer next year and fill with disappointment. Ready, Set, Go... Action, Set, Go... No, Really- this time.

I would like to slow down and not be rushing so much. I never want to be late and rarely am, but I pay for it by constantly rushing and feeling uptight. I am often driving to see clients and need to just begin to slow the pace down a bit, in order to feel more peaceful and relaxed.

I would like to be able to focus when something is important. I have an unparalleled talent of being able to zone out and think about other things in any situation. My mind has been even further removed from the present this year, and I want so much to bring it back, to exist here and now instead of in some perpetual, useless daydream.

Drinking and smoking. I cant seem to quench my thirst (or boredom). It pains me because its not like im in denial. I know I drink more than I should. Not that anyone SHOULD, i just know i do it too often. So much that it affects my school work cuz I rather drink than do homework. Ugh..

It's so easy to get trapped into being in relationship to society (money, worries, fears, etc.). I would like to have my focus be more intentional, letting go of the things that aren't truly important for my life, and nurturing those aspects (work, spirituality, love) that feed me.

I want to find a job that I will love. I want to be attractive to employers who are looking for that person who brings lots of experience to the table and who are not afraid to hire someone a little older...a little wiser ... I want to be a better friend. I want to stop living at the computer and start living again. Some people drink. I play online games to dull my pain.

I want to take better care of my physical health. More exercise, better eating, going to church on a regular basis.

I want to work on my body, as always. I would like to work on my controlling tendencies, I would like to STOP COMPARING myself to everyone around me and judging my self worth so externally. I want to work on my own self-satisfaction and particularly on my direction in life.

Put a bridal on my tongue. My rudder doesn't only steer me wrong but those that are affected by my example.

My body. I want to feel strong and be strong for the first time in my life. I have always been the little weak girl who needs help. I want to be strong and do things for myself. I think it will help me get more confidence in myself and make me stronger in all other parts of my life. It will also resolve something that I don't like about myself.

I want to try and be less sarcastic and snappy to others when I'm angry. It's very easy to give off bad energy by someone's response. But in the end I feel bad and realize there is a better way to respond.

I want to work on my intellectual life in 2009. I would like to do more reading and writing. I would like to perhaps develop some research ideas and projects.

my willpower. i can convince myself almost anything is ok. i want to stop. i've changed my eating habits, and i'm going to put my life together. i have to. i owe it to the people who care about me, and i care about in return.

My capacity for happiness and play.

I would like to grow spritually and become more positive and calmer. I think this would have a huge effect on my children, making them more peaceful people. And I think this would greatly improve my marriage.

Confidence. Always confidence.

Meditation, acceptance, non-attachment ... the usual.

I would like to learn how to have more friends. I spend most of my time alone, which I like, but sometimes I feel very lonely and have no one to call or get together with.

The enless work of taking care of my body and eating healthy so that I can feel good about myself again. I can't ever seem to get a grasp on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and the truth is I am very lazy around the issue.

My ass. Definitely, my ass. God, there are so many parts of myself that I want to work on. But in a year when I'm taking on what everyone tells me is the biggest change in my life (and that's a pretty credible claim), is it really a good idea to tackle more than, say, bothering to occasionally put on lip gloss (and reapplying it)? Am I setting myself up for failure if I say I want to work on the big things? Okay, so here's what I want: to learn to be a parent and to do it without losing my sense of self. And after that, if I have an extra smidgen of energy and can manage it, I'd like to get my ass back into my jeans by this time next year. (Yes, really -- I'm that shallow. At 18 weeks along pregnancy has kicked me out my jeans already and I see where this is going.) [Sigh] But if I have to choose, I choose learn to be a parent/maintain sense of self.

giving more of myself to my firends and to voluntary prodjects - becoming less selflish in other words

Yes, my OCD, once I get something in my head I need it and I must get it. No matter what is happening.

I find myself getting overwhelmed very easily. I'd like to try and be more patient and less high strung so I can feel as though all my priorities are being managed. I also would like to be able to be more independent when it comes to making decisions. I tend to be indecisive.

again, my spiritual side. Surrendering to life and circumstances... to my relationship with my partner. And exploring my spiritualism. I am concentrating on remaining open and to being more accepting in general. I'm hoping this will bring more peace to me and those around me.

I would like to become more efficient with my time. Instead of spending endless hours thinking about everything I need to do, and stressing about it, I want to become better at just getting started. Another thing I want to become better at, is to stop thinking about the people who are not around anymore, and, rather focuse on those who are still around.

I'd like to get in shape, lose weight, learn to like exercise.

I committed myself at the beginning of the year to my health. I think I've done a pretty good job!

I would like to be better at communicating my needs and feelings and with establishing clear boundaries with others.

Is there a part I DON'T want to work on? I'm an out of control mess. Nothing is right.

The slightest disapproval from any external source turns me into a whipped puppy. Also, I judge myself harshly, spurred on by voices from the past. I then become a relentless judge of others, especially those closest to me. I want to take control of these things.

Yes... removing the "clutter" in my life and eliminate the old bagage I've been carting around from past lives and begin living a new one which will hopefully bring more happiness and fulfilment.

I'd like to start running again, so yes, there is a physical part of myself that I'd like to work on--my ITBs and flexibility.

Being able to immerse myself in research this summer was a wonderful experience; I want to be sure that all that work becomes something tangible: an article. I haven't published in a few years, since I've moved into academic administration. And I want to keep my identity as a scholar active. Which means doing the work (publishing), not just talking about it (conference presentations and writing groups). I want my work to make a difference. I want to count in and of myself. And my work is one important way for me to do that. It's a crucial element of my identity, and I don't want to let it slip away.

I want to work on being on time and being on other people's watches besides my own. People are only charmed for so long about my cute 'I have my own internal clock' bit. I need to be more punctual and more respectable for others time.

Yes...I have to lose weight and get back into shape.

I have come to realise that I unconsciously resist feeling and expressing love in my life, because I'm scared of feeling hurt and abandoned. I would like to open up to love's flow and not damage myself through trying to protect myself.

There is a project I still have to finish - my goal had been to have it done by now and it's not - and I fear that I don't have the wherewithal for it. But my career rides on it. I want to be able to tackle hard things without becoming depressed, discouraged, and distracted.

I want to become more in control of my emotions. I want to maintain a cool exterior, with troubles and problems rolling off of me like water off a duck's back. Calm, cool and rational, that's my goal.

I want to work on my equanamous mind.

i want to figure out how to be a better wife.

I want to work on a healthy work-life balance. My work is my life and while I love love LOVE my work... I need to realize that if I'm sick or stressed I am no good to anyone.

My anger issues.

I would like to, once again, address my long-term health issues by renewing a regular, routine exercise program. I know this is important in my overhealth issues - and would be of great benefit to me. I believe if I am blessed with much more life to share that I should bebest prepared pyhsically to be a part of that.

I want to work on my direction, i.e. deciding on what I want to do next. I've always been so torn between the stability of life in the US (owning a house, having a stable job, marriage, etc) and the dynamic awesomeness of int'l travel. I clearly need a balance of the two , and would like to figure out how to make that a reality. I also want to be ok with who I am at work - i.e. maybe I'm a great assistant and organizer, but not necessarily a top exec or manager, and that's perfectly fine. It takes all kinds.

I would like to work on my agoraphobia. I have real difficulty leaving the house until I HAVE to.

I want to get back into an exercise routine. In addition, I want to reach out more to friends and family and be better about returning calls and emails.

I would like to get back to being in a steady routine. Lately, there have been times where I've come across some free time and thought to myself, "WTF should I be doing right now?". This never really used to happen to me because I always had somewhat of a schedule. I need to have dedicated time for certain activities outlined for myself, so I don't get that anxious feeling anymore. I think this will also make it so I actually do the things I want to do, rather than just think about them.

I suppose the followthrough. Sometimes I can talk a great game but have problems following through with what I say.

I want to work on my ability to keep a healthy relationship with a boyfriend. That's pretty much it. I think that everything that comes along with achieving this will help me in all other aspects of my life.

discipline. I want to be more disicplined in my habits so that i can sustain greater energy in my life.

I want to find more peace within myself. From taking more walks outdoors to learning to be better at responding rather than reacting to work/life situations.

My weight (how mundane). My organizational skills. (my office is always a mess) My fundraising skills. (Overcome my fear of wealth)

i want to start doing more crunches, writing more and being less nice by speaking up for myself

To be more patient.

Being healthier physically. I'm tired of dieting and I need to exercise. I eat healthy but am too sedentary that has to change so I can be healthy for my grandchildren and for the retirement dreams that I hold.

I need to make myself physically healthier. Eat healthier, go to bed earlier, exercise. It is very important.

I want to continue to explore myself in my relationships as I have been doing through therapy and Co-Dependents Anonymous (CODA). Therapy is ok, but I am really getting into the 12 step program of CODA, learning so much about myself and my mind and seeing how the process sort of magically unfolds. I am really starting to see a shift in my thinking and perspective and want to continue with that.

I want to boost my motivation to take action rather than just talk about doing things. I will be 60 years old in two years, and for a lot of this time I have have talking and not doing. Before I hit 60, meaning the year 2010, I would like like to "have done" rather than "have talked some more".

I want to work on balancing all the different parts of my life in relationship to one another, by making better and different choices about how I spend my time.

My ability to be happy

Just maybe stressing a little less. Especially about things I can't change.

I want to work on myself. Physically and professionally. I want to be the best I can be in those two areas of my life and that means making them a priority.

Is there any part of me I do not want to work on in 2010 would be a shorter answer. Order instead of chaos, neatness instead of messes, move more rather than sit more, reading more and emailing less,making a difference instead of feeling indifferent, worrying instead of feeling peaceful, feeling happy instead of seeing what represents unhappiness to me, viewing things in a positive space instead of guarding against things that could be negative and appreciating what there is and what I have instead of taking my life for granted and feeling empty.

I want to work on my behavioural skills.

I would like to like start writing again on a routine basis. The chasing after publishing always wears me down, especially since this is a part time vocation for me, and somehow takes the joy out of poetry writing. I also want to get past the hurdle of just thinking about trying a novel and to leap into the endeavor.

Definitely. I would like to be more other-oriented: I want to be giving and healing with my listening. To put others first in my immediate reactions to interactions and to train my mind to think of the other more naturally. I would like to be better articulated so that I can share what is meaningful to me quickly as to provide more time and space to feel through what others need to share and would like me to hear and know.

mah abs.

I would like to be able to say I'm sorry to my partner right when she tells me I've hurt her in rather than have her drag it out of me.

I want to operate more fully from a place of inner peace, wisdom, generosity, patience with myself and others, and strength.

I still want to work on gossiping. It's a horrible trait and I would like to work towards actively not participating. I would like to set an example with my behavior.

Patience and tolerance toward others. Healthy Living - weight and exercise. Maintaining proper balance in work-family-friends life. Minimize gossip or things that could be misconstrued as such.

1. I would like to calm my short temper. 2. I would like to take life one step at a time and give myself credit on a more regular basis ... not worry whether I am doing a good enough job at assuming the persona that I think I should pursue.

My physical self. I keep yo-yoing in my weight, loosing it, then gaining it back. Eating a lot, then eating not at all. I need to be more consistant in physical activity and allow my eating habits to be less ruled by my emotions.

i want to work on being fully myself in relationship with others. it is something that i practice, and i am ready to amp that honesty up. i am in a new romantic relationship for the first time in 10 years and i am very excited to get to practice being fully present in that relationship.

Yes, I want to be even more accepting of differences and less judgmental than I already am. I also want to stop multi-tasking and really focus on being in the 'now'.

Yes - time management. Time studying the Word of God, and giving more time to easing the lot of those that are less fortunate than i am. To control my temper better and to give more attention to my home, cooking better meals and being better organised.

Would LOVE to be less self-critical!!! Why do we all beat ourselves up so much? (or at least I do). Great thing I heard this year from a friend: "Most people are so busy trying to make themselves successful and liked that they don't take the time to look around and realise that they ARE successful, and they ARE liked". Amen. Let's hope I can achieve it this year.

Different than 1009? The issues remain the same.

I need to work on becoming more social and a better listener.

My weight (10 lbs), my job situation, that's pretty much it. I've been working on both over the summer and actually getting somewhere already!

Yes, I want to be kinder, nicer, more selfless. I'd like to make a conscious effort to do or say one kind, selfless thing each day. I also want to be more content - with my job, with my life, with myself. I recently made a conscious decision to adjust my attitude and practice contentment; being thankful for all I have and making the most of it. As someone who's always planning ahead, daydreaming about the future and the next best thing (esp. relating to my career), maintaining this mindset is going to be a challenge. But it will be worth it.

I want to work on two areas: my ability to be more fiscally responsible, and my technical skills as an artist and writer.

I'm going to continue walking two miles 4 times a week. I want to keep my weight below 170 and maintain good health.

I would like to be more open to others. I never ask for help when I need it and avoid relationships because I am uncomfortable relying on someone else, but this is going to be a challenging year and I know I can get through it if I let others get through it with me.

I want to be more consistent with my physical self -- i am naturally athletic and in good shape - i seem to work on getting out of shape at times for no particular reason. I need to be more consistent w this. I want to work esp on being completely honest w how i feel and what i want to do -- no more being agreeable - state how I really feel and refuse to do what i do not believe in

Patience. Temper.

I'd like to read more and stare at screens less.

My intellect and physical health.

i need to sew again! if i make myself a space for it there will be no excuses. i miss crafting.

I want to find the motivation to make things. the ideas are always there, I just lack the motivation to bring them to life. and I absolutely love the feeling I get when I finish a project. I just can't seem to hold on to that and make it last. I don't like to see my talents being wasted.

Personal confidence.

I have improved a tremendous amount from last year, and I want to continue to maintain the changes made. This year however I would like to grow even more by choosing to not gossip, appreciating others to the full extent, not putting things off as much, and dealing with my problems head on before they escalate.

Be a better cook and homemaker... and get my Hebrew truly conversational.

My physical self. I'd like to be stronger, fitter, more attractive, less...fat.

Absolutely. My thighs, butt and abs.

Yes. Being more vulnerable. And, being closer to my family. And having a smaller ego so my relationships with men improve.

I'd like to work on my laugh. I'd like to give myself more, truer, freer, more opportunities to practice. I'd like to feel like I am actually embracing life and savoring the good, and I'd like to work on seeing more of life as good. I'd like to be comfortable not to laugh when it's not appropriate; I'd like to use laughter for me, and not to ingratiate myself with others. I'd like to appreciate the simple things, and laugh when I see them....

My cyborg arm! If I can't throw a steel girder through a pine tree by next year, how will I ever defeat Sasquatch and Captain Lizard?

My emotions. I know you can't have the sweet without the sour, but I can be overly dramatic. I want to try and keep myself from crying as I have done before. I cry when I'm happy, scared, sad, and at every single movie. I want to save my tears for when it's worth it. I'd also like to control my anger better and not lash out at people because of my own personal frustrations.

I need to learn more self-discipline. Right now I'm kind of an all or nothing person. I need to learn balance.

I want to be bolder! I want to speak to people and make friends, maybe even ind a boyfriend. I want to hold onto my temper with my family. I want to find a hobby besides reading and cooking.

I want to be more patient and not let minor aggravations take up so much of my time and emotional energy!

I want to find a way to genuinely appreciate my future in-laws more. And I want to stay in better touch with my godchildren.

My body, I want to become more content with it. I've spent probably 15 of my 22 years obsessed with my shape and how others see me. I want to love me for me. This will likely also help my anxiety. I also want to stop talking about others- it's so easy to get sucked into conversations that are bad for the soul.

Since my brother's death 3 years ago, I have found it very difficult to date. I would like to become more open to serious relationships, and explore meeting new people I might be interested in romantically. I am really proud of the way I've cultivated my important friendships and worked hard at my career and then returning to school, but having a close relationship with a partner is important to me, too.

I'd like to be more relaxed around people I don't know and be less socially nervous. I'd also like to be more confident as well and worry less about bad things that may happen, and instead focus on taking my life down a positive path.

Yes. I want to feel like I'm at the top of my game-no lifestyle regrets. That includes getting my paperwork in order!

My weight!! (again)

I need to work on my self-motivation. Without a reason to do things, I let all else deteriorate, and I shouldn't be so lazy. I want to be able to be proactive, to take ownership of my own environment and to make changes appropriately. It is more than simply getting things done, but being active and looking at things that could be taken care of. I look forward to helping others, but also need to be able to have my own affairs in order.

Would like to stay more focused at work and also identify the next step and start preparing for it.

I would like to work on my health and start taking better care of it.

I want to continue the things I've been working on this year. Patience. Independence and sociableness at the same time. Self-awareness. Always reading a book for myself. Always learning.

I need to work on balancing my life between my professional life and personal life. Am I working so hard to answer a personal need or to avoid something in my personal life? Of course, I can always be a better person, kinder, less judgmental...

I want to believe in myself more fully specifically around providing for myself financially and believing that I am a capable artist. These are so very difficult for me and bring so much pain. It's time to try a different approach. I want to allow well-being to come to me...

I want to write more.

Try and lose weight.

Yes - except the fact that I'm aging. I will be 30 next year. I need to learn to see beauty in what will become the new me.

Yes, I'm sure there are some things that I want to change about myself. And I also don't want to list them here. Because the biggest thing I want to change is to stop being so hard on myself. The fact that I'm hard on myself came up a lot last summer. And then I think I forgot that I did that to myself because I was having too hard of a time period to have time to think about how I wanted to change myself. And now with this job, it's all comin' back. In the first two or so months of the job (I'd say basically until the NY Ride), I was struggling a lot...for multiple reasons. Including: I thought I was too slow and inefficient; I thought I wasn't doing as good of a job as someone else might have done (generally, comparing myself to other people made this worse); I didn't know the answers to a lot of questions and felt like I wasn't doing a good job period; I was freaking out because I was trying to balance work and personal life. During a check-in with Judith and Cheryl, they asked me how things were going. And by that point I had already had some good clarity time with David, Anna, and Jenna, so I knew that actually I was doing a pretty good job, all things considered. So I went a little bit easier on myself but did mention some ways in which I was struggling, and Cheryl asked me why I was so hard on myself. And I was like, whoa - that's right - I am hard on myself. Somehow in the frustration and questioning and doubting myself of the previous two months, I had forgot that I do this - that I'm hard on myself. And then again, when I was talking to Sarah later that week on Friday night, the fact that I'm hard on myself came up again. She asked me why I do that to myself. And still, I don't really know. But I think part of it is that I only know how it is to be me in this world. So although I like to get a broader perspective on life, think about what it's like to be in someone else's shoes, when I get inside my head, I often forget all of that. Like, I only know what it's like to operate at my level of intelligence, so I expect everyone to be at least as smart (unless I take a step back and remind myself why this isn't the case), or I see other people as really smart. But I forget that, actually, I'm pretty smart. When I used to be really skinny, I didn't understand why not everyone else could be that skinny because I ate tons of crap, and it didn't do anything to change my body. And then when I gained weight, I wondered how people could be so skinny - clearly they must not be eating enough. I think I've gotten over that mindset, but it just goes to show how much the way I see the world is affected by my personal experience. Whoa, tangent. The point is that I strive to be better and compare myself to others while forgetting that I'm actually pretty awesome, and I should be proud of myself and love myself - and not only because anyone should do that but also because I rock.

i want to keep chugging along in the quest to fully love and accept myself. in other words, patience, understanding, forgiveness, and objectivity.

Same as #6

I will continue to work on my ability to be present in the moment rather than fleeing into the past, the future, or how things could be other than they are.

I'd like to open myself up to all the possibilities of the world without feeling fear. I'd like to trust myself and my abilities more.

Discipline. Having grown up in a very permissive middle class family, I was allowed, and even encouraged, to quit when the going got tough. "Don't force yourself" was the coda. What I've come to realize is that the only time anyone gets anything done is when they're forcing themselves. Creatives have to create a space in which they are ready to house the muse, accepting that it might not come every day, every week, or ever, but being ever ready for its visit, tools in hand.

In 2010 i would love to work on not being so sensitive in my personal life. It is something that i've struggled with almost all of my life. In my professional life, i am a strong, successful, tell it like it is kind of gal, but in my personal life i tend to try to beat around the bush so that i don't have to deal with certain things. I know that this kind of behavior will only hold me back in my full growth so i want to really make more of an effort to speak my mind and know that i am supported by the people who love me.

Lose some gut. That's actually about it. I'm pretty happy with me, except those 25 extra pounds I'm lugging around.

I would like to stop assuming I'm right, stop assuming there is a right way to do everything, stop judging other people or looking down on them for the way they do things, stop trying to correct people all the time (especially those I'm closest to).

I want to continuously keep working on myself forever. On every part of myself, making sure I am thinking positively and not judging and loving myself always. i want to continuously do yoga and read books that remind me to always better myself, to be calm instead of anxious. My mom says she's finished working on herself, and that all this self-contemplation is just a phase. I really hope not.

I want to work on being more "myself", if that makes sense. I want to be more self-assured in my decisions about my life, I want to explore Judaism on my own terns, and I want to present who I am to the outside world with more confidence.

In 2010, I want to be kinder, clearer, more focused, gentler on myself and on others. And, really, above all, in 2010 I want to start to live in my body again, reacquaint myself with it, use it, honor it, take care of it, enjoy it.

I need to work on my interpersonal relationships. I need to get out and meet people and make attempts to make friends.

patience, patience, patience

My isolationist tendencies. I want to continue pushing myself to spend time with people and to make plans to do so.

I think I have become a much better 'sharer' this year, but I still have some work to do in using it in more productive ways. I've always been a pretty introspective person - and good at being on my own - and I've made great strides in sharing that with others. But I want to work on keeping that as a consistent part of my life, both for my own benefit and to create stronger, more meaningful relationships with my friends, family, and others. I think it's been the biggest part of my growing up process this year, and something I want to make a point to keep working on. And I want to thank all those who have helped me get there!

I'd like to feel ready for a relationship again. Since my last relationship ended in February, the thought of getting involved with anyone again has been completely unappealing. I miss the companionship immensely, but every time I think about actively pursuing a relationship, I realize how much less stressful it is to simply be on my own. I've spent so much of my life thinking about the men in my life that NOT thinking about them feels good right now. But I think it would be unhealthy long-term. I'd like to be open to having someone in my life again.

I would quite like to follow through on more of the random 'I should do that' thoughts - for example, writing the play. Spend less time doing things I'm not actually *that* interested in, such as watching TV...

I want to respect myself more in the next year, what means that I want to work frequently on my very own projects and will not procrastinate any more. To do this I have to learn to say "No" to some other people, and not feel guilty afterwards. For I know that I can only help other effectively, if I have learnt to help myself before.

i want to feel like i am using my potential, have a bright future, am enjoying my twenties, and have good relationships with people important to me. i want to have a healthy beneficial relationship if i am in a romantic relationship. i don't want to have anxiety attacks when it comes time to eat at a restaurant or buy things i need like clothes. the part of myself i need to work in order to better approximate those ideals are many. one is not getting overly frustrated and downtrodden. another is .. preventing fights before they happen, perhaps by curbing my negative emotional flare ups..by..knowing that everything will be okay and that no one has just insulted me or no one thinks that poorly of me (especially misha), and no one is trying to be condescending. i guess i generally have to have more confidence, which i've known to be true for many years. this past year i didn't make much progress in that regard but this coming year i think i can. i want to like living and to feel pleasure in life. life doesn't have to full of 'important' things or meaningful experiences, but it can certainly be pleasant, even when i don't have a job or when i'm in a challenging/imperfect relationship. i can enjoy myself when i'm alone in a library reading or when i'm writing or at a museum or when i'm talking to a friend in person or on the phone or if i'm watching a movie or reading some things online or going to a reading or lecture or listening to music and most of all, when i'm getting along with misha. but i am capable of carving space out for myself and enjoying that time. i can sew, draw, write, read, learn how to do something like build a website or letterpress or learn how to cook something new. i can even look for a job or if i really want to i can travel for a couple weeks. i like meeting people even though it can be awkward and i like learning things. in 2010 i want to remember my abilities more than dwell on my deficiencies. on my strengths rather than shortcomings.

My health. I'm 41 years old now, and though youthful looking, I need to take better care of my self. I'm slowing down on the fun social self abuse and upping the exercise and work focus.

I want to work on treating everybody with love and kindness, and to not allow others' traits to bother me. I want to practice appreciating everyone and seeing only positive attributes. I want to see each and every person as someone I can learn from.

Focus and follow-through.

my weight and my ways of obtaining that.

I want to come to terms with my envy and jealousy and not let it dominate me.

I would like to be calmer and be more of the pact. I have always stood apart, and I just want to be like everyone else.

Being less controlling. Mindfulness. Not postponing. I need to tackle things that I'm not sure how to do -- or set a deadline for tackling them -- otherwise they pile up and I just feel worse for letting them linger undone.

I have spent large parts of my adult life trying to prove to myself, and to others, that I am fine on my own and do not need anyone. I feel I am ready to learn about the parts of me that--while still fine on my own--are made more rich by having deep vulnerable honest love in my life. I want to work towards loving all of myself, even the messy parts. I want to become more comfortable at receiving what others offer me because I know it honors the part of them that wants to give, and it is good for me to hear or feel their generosity. I want to be able to discern those things that I want solely for the sake of wanting them, and to begin moving towards these things without shame or apology. I want to believe for myself what I so fervently tell others: that there are many ways. I want to see the good parts of myself the way others see them. And, I want to be seen for who I am...which requires courage and strength to be vulnerable. I want to tell the truth.

Being less hard on myself. Being more appreciative of the positives in life. Finding ways to give back to my community. Finding community outside of work.

My weight, but more importantly my health. I want to be healthy again. I want to get in the best shape of my life in 2010. If my body is healthy, I think my mind will get healthy in the process.

I want to be braver in my creativity, to put myself out there more and not stifle myself.

I have this habit of taking things out on the wrong people. It isn't even anything that I am truly aware of or do on purpose but it happens just the same and unfortunately it always happens to be the people I am around the most and care about the most that get the brunt of this. I hope that over the next year I can become much more aware of it and that I can learn to express myself in the moment better.

yes my facebook/tv/dulling tendancies- to revive myself to be present rather than get distracted by meaningless stuff my quick to anger tendancies- to allow myself to stop and feel the feelings and not pile it in

I want to stick to my plans more. I am so strong-willed for a while, but then I lose momentum with things like keeping to a budget or my healthy lifestyle. I get too easily way-laid by life.

i have always been a very cynical person and i have trouble trusting people.. i would like to bring down my wall just a bit and give people the benefit of the doubt instead of always assuming the worst..

I want to believe in myself. I want to find balance in my life. I want to become less anxious. I want to better appreciate all the good in my life. I want to remember the good things.

Chutzpah! in all areas. I need to be more demanding of myself and the universe in general. I need to be beating down doors in pursuit of my work. When I've been wronged I need to step up and say something instead of just blowing it off. And I need to push my body physically to see just how much it's capable of, instead of just half-assing it.

Patience. Patience with time, people,myself, ideas and love is the #1 essential thing i would like to work on in 2010. My impatience is what slows me down from becoming a better person.

The control freak part. The part where I don't feel like the person others seem to think I am. I have recent received some comments/compliments from friends that shocked me when i heard them. I never really thought i was those things. but if i think for a second i realize that there are parts of me that are those things but my focus is never on them. i always focus on the negative. I want to work on being more positive and acting in a positive way.

Always. I think I need to focus on redirecting my anger and frustration. I tend to take things out on the people that I love. When I'm not happy, I make others unhappy, and I need to unlearn that habit. I'd also like to find a healthier relationship to myself. I want to be able to speak truthfully about who I am, what I look like, and how I feel in my skin. I think that, at age 23, I probably look the best I'm ever going to look, and I don't want to spend these years wishing that I look differently. The same goes for what I'm doing, what I have done, where I am, and where I am going. I want to revel in being me.

I would like to gain a better ability to focus on the things that I don't necessarily want to do for fun but want to do for my future.

Just one? Well if I have to distill it down into one part it would transcending my ego.

My kind and thoughtful side. I would like to recognize more opportunities to make a difference in others' lives.

I would like to spend less time on the computer and watching TV and more time being active or spending time with friends. I also want to make more friends and rekindle friendships. Along the way, I seem to have lost many and that's not the type of person I am.

I am perfect the way I am. I want to become closer to that spirit.

yes,. not to be so tough on myself and to strengthen my trust in others

I would like to try to be less shy. And to force myself to be more communicative.

Just to be a better person, partly for me but mainly for my daughter who was born 10 days ago.

Yes. All

I want to be a less aggressive/defensive wife. I want to not get into so many stupid arguments with my husband.

I want to be less of a bitch, ha! I feel myself (and I see it in J.R.'s face sometimes) becoming a strung-out, paranoid bitch. I want to be nice to everyone and be really easy going and not let stuff get me stressed out and weird. Work is work and I should be able to let things roll of my shoulder, but a lot of the time, I can't. I let it bother me. I want to be more laid-back and a roll-with-the-punches kind of girl, but at the same time, I know that sometimes--when I bitch out and demand things and won't settle--it's not a bad thing. Sometimes getting stressed and working through problems rather than letting them roll over me is a good thing. I guess what I'm saying is, I hope I can learn to pick my battles better. Also, I want to not be a nervous wreck like my mom.

As always I want to work on my self-esteem. Especially around relationships. Being a whole person, without needing someone else to complete me. I also want to work on my relationships with other people, especially friends. I can be very selfish, and I need to address this if I am going to have fulfilling relations with others.

Yes...isn't life about growing? Becoming a better person? I want to heal my wounds and quit being a victim. I deserve better than I allow myself. It's all about the healing and forgiving, including myself.

Patience. I need to be more accepting of the differences between people - particularly at home.

I'd like to continue being more healthy. I'd like to feel comfortable in my body and in my spirit. Just to feel centered and at home in my own skin.

I'd like not to feel badly about how I relate to my body, be it what I eat, how much I exercise, how much sleep I get. That doesn't necessarily mean transforming myself into Lance Armstrong, but rather finding balance and feeling good about how I take care of myself.

1. My weight.It needs to decrease. I'm afraid i'll get some sort of sickness 2. My intelligence to be more mature 3. My salary to increase 4. My relationship with my parents and family members to be more secure 5. I want my grandparents to be happy before they die

Yes. I want to work on myself spiritually by starting to learn Hebrew and understand the Shabbat prayerbook. I want to work on myself physically by focusing on losing weight. I want to work on myself personally by making more room for friends and family in my life. In this area, I intend to do what it takes to maintain more connections. I'll work on myself financially by paying more attention to my finances and trying to write a bestseller. I'll work on myself professionally by earning a PMP certification.

Yes, I want to work on the part that gets distracted by some of my bad habits and doesn't get things done that would result in that sense of accomplishment I value so much.

Continuing my diet and sport program. And, at the same time, getting rid of most useless things in my life that consume my time. I have to respect myself more. And to read more!

I want to talk about people less. I want to care less about what other people think.

Yes. I will be back in shape, taking good care of myself (Body and soul) and I will have a fulfilling new job!!

I want to work my body into as finely tuned an instrument as I've done with my mind, so my muscles don't hurt from disuse, so I can sleep soundly and without strain, and so every day feels like a revelation rather than work.

I would like to start to pursue some of my own interests independent of work. Whether it be through competitions or smaller design projects, I need to did an outlet for my creativity.

I want to learn to avoid any activities that do not make the world around me better or improve my relationships with those around me or result in the creation of something new.

I want to be more spontaneous. Actually spontaneous...not just spontaneous where I still think things through. I want to "just go!"

My morale, attitude, and temperament. I have a pretty good life and should be a happier person than I am. I need to stop sweating the small stuff and focus on the big picture more.

I want to strengthen my relationships with my friends and family. I haven't been putting in the effort they deserve, and need to work on that.

I want to make myself get out more and meet new people. Try new activities and do things I want to do without waiting for others to want to do them with me.

I would like to connect more with Jewish culture and spirituality. I would like to have a few more Jewish friends that I can relate to. I want to have more of a spiritual life. I think that getting back to meditation would be good for me to help keep me focused and to help me deal with feelings of fearfulness and unworthiness I frequently have.

I'd like to be more open with people, emotionally. I'd like to not allow the people around me to change who I am to please them. I want to learn to say "no" to people and not feel guilty about it and to not let people walk all over me. I want to stop being negative about things and to be more Zen about things when they don't go as planned. BE MORE SPONTANEOUS!

My impulsiveness and extremeism. I'd like to be able to explore without committing, and learn how to be genuinely comfortable taking life one day at a time.

Healthy body, healthy home.

Being able to take action on my thoughts and aspirations also being able let things go a little easier

My health. I've been thrown back and forth for many years now because of outside circumstances, and have let my health get away from me. I need to refocus, to find a realistic rhythm for my middle age, to feel like myself again.

Try not to be so reactive. Understand that in the end, it really IS all in my head.

I want to become healthy. I feel that I have a very healthy, positive mind, but my body still has a lot of catching up to do.

My gut. I need to lose about 50 pounds

I want to continue on the same path I'm on today -- healthy living -- mentally and physically. I like this path but I know this is hard work.

I want to be less concerned with what other people think of me. I want to make more time for myself to be by myself. I want to stop saying "yeah, I want to do that!" and not doing it. Instead, I want to be better about setting an intention and making choices to follow that intention. I also want to practice yoga more often.

Self esteem

I need to learn how to let go and live. I want to be open to receiving love and affection. I want to be able to give love and affection without fear of rejection and to accept rejection without reverting back to some fetal state.

I want to eat less. I want to eat healty food. I want to exercise more regularly. I want to develop a routine spending time on the most important things in life. I want to do more good for the community. i want to be more socially involved. I want to spend less time by myself and more time with others. I want to develop real friendships and maintain them. I want to spend more time helping other people and less time satisfying my own base desires.

i want to be more mindful. I want to notice beauty in every day and I want to procrastinate less. I want to remember what it is to be focused and grounded.

i usually always need to work on my love of myself--i tend to put others first and think love of myself doesnt much matter,,but that has gotten me disrespected and unloved by others and i dont want that

I want to be more patient with others, and not as easily hurt.

i want to be between 200 and 225 pounds by my 50th birthday...currently at 275, this will be my lose 50 by 50 goal...

my health and procrastination!

my motivation to excel in all areas of life. I want a clean, tidy, organised life, a full social and activity calendar, and an organised and peaceful mind. I want to spend less time on the pc and in front of the tv and actually live my life!

Frankly, I'd like to work on my social life. I spend a great deal of time with family talking about family. I need to make friends that I can have inspiring conversations with and learn more about the world around me. In two years both my kids will be in pre-school. I'd hate to be to out of the loop that I don't know what to do with myself then.

To be less paranoid. It's simple. When I drink, I start to become convinced that everyone is out to get me. In fact, only about 80 percent of them are. I need to get down to that reasonable level.

Slow down on the distraction and the self hatred. Channel frustration into creative work rather than blowing off steam losing myself in masturbatory self-aggrandizement/self-destruction.

i want to get rid of all the acne once and for all. also, i want to work on what has become a bit of a drinking problem. i'm already not drinking as much as i was (which was practically every single night), and i need that to continue.

I want to get better at loving unconditionally, and responding with unconditional love and humor to things and people that upset me.

yes. i want to make time for myself to exercise. i already know i'll be getting more exercise than i used to, just because we're doing so much more walking here. i love that, but i want to carve out some dedicated time for exercise. not only will it be healthy for me, but it will also give me some "me time" which i desperately need.

I'd really like to stop being so judgmental of other people, and becoming a better listener and a better friend.

as always, i want to be fitter. But more than that, I want to be more upbeat, more positive and overall, nicer to everyone. I used to be all these things and somehow, I don't feel that I am anymore.

I would like to be more educated about the politics of Israel, the United States, and Darfar.

I would like to work on my physical self. I really need to get myself into better shape and eat healthier. I would also like to work on my professional self. I am not satisfied being in my current profession. I have an idea of what I would like to be doing I just need to develop a path to get there.

My belly. It's too big.

I'd like to be less hard on myself and others and get out of my own way.

I want to further refine my core strengths and ideals. I want to dig deeper and stand stronger.

It seems that my answers jump back and forth across these questions--answers to earlier ones relating also to later ones. I want to be more consistant and frequent in weaving and playing music, to be less critical internally of the outward behavior and concerns of others.

I am terribly lazy - it's so easy to sit back and passively watch tv. I would also like to be more accepting of myself and others. It's coming along slowly but I easily slip into a judgemental state.

Yes, of course! I think it's really important to look inside and be responsible for oneself and not always look outside and criticize and judge others(which I am quite guilty of). I want to practice more patience with my husband and not be that naggy Jewish wife I never wanted to be! I need to be more disciplined with myself which will help in all areas of my life! The larger, big vision is what I want to focus on. Keep asking the big questions...What am I trying to say and accomplish in my work/life? WHY? What are my goals? Short term and long term? My vision? What do I stand for/believe in most strongly? The more you force yourself to answer and define these things regularly the more conscious a life you live...which is my real goal. LIVE WITH INTENTION AND PURPOSE!! LIVE, LOVE, AND WORK HARD. LIVE AS HONESTLY AS POSSIBLE. STRIVE FOR PURITY IN MIND, BODY, AND SOUL. I need this so I can continue to tell important stories in my work that I believe in and share in the lives of the people I love.

I want to lose weight and I want to become the person I am destined to be.

my self esteem. the ability to not get pushed around. to be more out going. To lose weight. and be nervous around girls.

I want to listen more to myself, be more honest artistically, and be more proactive in creation.

I want to start practicing some sport.

My weight. I want to lose 100 lbs.

I would love to be able to not feel as controlling. I know that many times I tend to take things over, and make sure that they get done the way I want. I would like to be better able to delegate.

I was trying to think of parts, but really? I'd like to work on all of me. I'd like to be healthy - or at least healthier - inside and out. I need to work on keeping myself open to other people, while being choosier about who I open myself to. I'm proud of being reasonably self-sufficient, but it would be nice to get to a place where I feel like someone else can take care of me.

Be more healthy. Be a better dad and husband.

My self-discipline. Just write, Erin. You know you're good at it. Do it.

insecurities with the family. be done with smoking. be healthier - physically and mentally. stop going after the unattainable

There are so many. The most important is to get better at letting things go. My ambitions are so much greater than the 24 hours I have every day. Why do I demand so much of myself and then get disappointed? That's a waste of energy and it's unrealistic.

yes to be more honest with myself and not be afraid to reach out and do the things I want out of life. I do not want to end up regretting it I want to get more in touch with my emotional self and understand my deepest feelings and emotions I want to share the deepest emotional feelings with the woman whom I love more than anything in the world

1. I want to control my temper and level of frustration, particularly with my family. I need to work on not getting frustrated when things don't always happen when and how I want them to. 2. I want to create a healthier lifestyle for myself through improved diet and exercise. 3. I want to develop more personal friendships and make an effort to spend time "with the guys."4. I want to work on my Hebrew language skills, and my fears of sounding foolish when I speak Hebrew.

I am a work in progress...no matter when. I simply want to continue to expand into my true self and experience more fully the true Divinity of myself and all of this world.

Absolutely- I want to learn to trust

Listening. Bravery. Giving myself more of a break than in the past. Feeling pain - just feeling pain, rather than stamping it down.

My weight. I really, really want to get serious about it, because something in my life has got to change. The saving money thing, yes, but I am going to die if I keep going the way I'm going. I need to exercise, I need to eat better.

I want to work on my personal relationships. As much as my career is an absolute focal point for me at this point in time, I can't ignore my personal needs. I had an incredible taste of love this year and I want to find that again with the right person, but I know I must invest myself in that also, and not just "wait" for it to come along. I also want to master Hebrew - at least to an intermediate level.

I would like to stop my indulgence of the herb, the musik, getting this dumb tattoo of my body. I know these will take much time but I must prevail! I want to start reading & exercising my body with my time, going to the gym, swimming, skiing, etc. I want to treat my family better & not get mad quickly all the time.

Mostly focusing my time on things that really matter most. It will be hard 1) because I'm easily distracted by things like requests for my help, email, phone class 2) I often feel overwhelmed with things to do (especially now with try to rebuild my business, finding a home to rent, moving the office, the kids stuff related to school and their activities, wanting to plan something for Mom's birthday, melding my girlfriend into my life, my desk is still a mess from when my Dad died, etc, etc. etc.). 3) I don't do enough of the things that are good for me: e.g. sleeping enough, working-out/yoga, meditation/prayer, eating well, and I guess I'd like even a little more quality time with my girls now in their early teenage years, 4) there is so much I want to accomplish.. always more I would love to add to the plate... but then again, now over 50, I realize that I will never get to them all... it's a matter of pruning, prioritizing, planning and performing. Wow, 4Ps... I just might be on to something!

Yes, I finally want to loose that last 15 pounds. My goal is to weigh no more than 150.

I want to have more self-discipline and feel more in control of how I spend my time. I want to read rather than watch TV, exercise rather than eat, cook instead of snack.

Discipline, especially with regard to eating and time management. to make very specific plans and stick to them.

I would like to work on not being so easily freaked out in relationships. I need to not let things get to me as much as they do

I'd like to work on my confidence. I still find I can sometimes clam up or act out of character when out of my comfort zone. I want my comfort zone to be everywhere and with anyone.

Yes, efficiency and productivity, which means I can do more for the benefit of others and have more of an impact. I still occasionally allow myself to get angry. It serves no purpose and it only eats away at me.

I would like to work on my ambition. I often procrastinate and have very little will power, which is a great disadvantage.