Is there something that you wish you had done differently this past year? Alternatively, is there something you're especially proud of from this past year?

Daughter-in-law hates me Don't know why =(

Being retired, I haven't den much that I have either positive or negative feelings about.

I would have taken more roadtrips! I'm proud of my amazing relationship with my boyfriend, he makes everyday perfect!

Maybe worked harder on my exams or some things to do with relationships, but I don't enjoy looking into the past and regretting it, it's all about now.

I wish I'd trained harder for the Great South Run in 2009. I've not done myself justice this year either. It's no way to prepare for my ambition of running a marathon by the time I'm 45!

I wish that I hadn't held so many grudges against people. I wish I could more easily show my love for people... But out of it, I've learned that the people I hold grudges against or "hate" are people who I'm afraid will hurt me.

Lasts year's depression I suffered would be something I wished hadn't happened or slightly minor to what it was. And I'm really proud to finally say after 4 years and a depression that I'm starting university this fall and I'm so excited!

Yes done my course a lot earlier, started writing my novel a lot earlier and have it completed already. My daughter she means the world to me, she especially funny and a joy I would be lost without her.

I wish I had listened more than talked. I am often in situations with people where it would be better to listen than to speak. I wish I could have seen those times and waited, not spoken my mind and allowed others to take the lead.

I wish i did not start smoking again ... and i am gratefull that i was given the opportunity to keep our company above the water.

I wish I could have taken more time to build friendships. This year has been difficult emotionally, and the main thing that has suffered has been my friendships, which I deeply regret. I have gotten to a point now where it feels like I just don't care enough anymore to reach out.

I wish I had prepared more for the big move in my life- I wasn't ready. I took the leap when i had no cushion but hopes and dreams and I will always be proud of that- it has and will continue to change me.

I wish I had done some things differently in order to make them better. I think too much so it's hard. I just need to stop overthinking and over analyzing. One thing I am proud of is my ability to avoid drama and help my friends avoid drama.

I'm proud of the fact I began to compromise. I wish I could overhelm my stress and say yes to you.

I know that everything that has happened since the beginning of this year has happened for a reason. God has been very good to me even though I haven't deserved it. The experiences and frustrations I've encountered have led to where I am now - which is exactly where I am supposed to be. God has always taken care of me even when I thought I wasn't going to make it. Everything happens for a reason and hopefully (must have faith) this is why it has been so. I am proud (humbled) that I have been taken care of in the ways that I have been and thankful that I am still deemed worthy of his efforts.

Perhaps I would have concentrated on one work-related project at a time, instead of trying to do them concurrently. It created lots of extra stress, but it may prove to be worth it in the end.

I wish I had never let "him" back into my life. I knew what he was like, what he is still like, and I did it anyway only to deeply hurt myself in the end. But everything is better now.

I would have worked harder with my University course and with my German classes, so now I would have a good average mark and I would have passed the German course too. And I'm proud of having learned from my mistakes, because now I'm very ashamed and the only thing I want is to improve my grades.

I wish i had worked harder to solve whatever happened between me and Jess and Ally. I'm glad i realized what dicks they really are though and for being strong enough to not go grovelling back when i had done as much as i could already.

For the last few years I have been making a lot of changes in my life for the better, also in the past year; I always was a conscious eater who enjoyed good quality food, but have now converted to buying only organic, mostly vegetarian or vegan, cooking fresh and healthy food everyday. But if I could do anything different I wish I could relax and enjoy my good life a bit more, I'm working too hard, trying too hard, being too serious, and sometimes I miss the old, messier me.

I am proud of how I handled my work related problems. Though it didn't work out for me in the end there, I would not say that I would have handled anything differently. Knowing what I know now I would have probably persued a different career path sooner, rather that just focusing on tourism.

I wish I'd finished all the things I started (Hola, hablas espanol? Not anymore.)

It would have been an easier year if I hadn't spent most of the first months upset over losing some people I considered good friends... I spent a lot of time trying to patch things up when I knew in my heart that nothing would ever be the same. I should have let go sooner but I don't like giving up. It feels like losing, like failing. I'm proud that I finally got the courage to let go. It takes a lot of strength to give up. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. It was a good feeling letting go on my own terms instead of being forced to let go by someone else. I felt empowered.

I wish I had courage, sometimes, to take a risk and not to wait for others to risk for me. But I'm proud of one of my friend, who take my hand everytime I'm on the wrong path and leads me to the right one.

I wish I had had less conflict with our 16 year old daughter and been able to tackle more effectively the lack of confidence and anxiety of our 13 year old daughter.

Apart from getting married (proud not done different) I guess the last year has opened my eyes not only to what I already have in life (fantastic wife, strong family and good friend) but also what I want and being away from home this past year has changed my mindset to the longer term, both in my professional and personal career.

A simple thing, perhaps, but I wish I'd made more of an effort at home over the Summer, and kept to my promises of helping my Mum around the house, doing the laundry while she was at work, cooking the evening meal a couple of times a week. Instead, I just sat around doing nothing, until it took my Mum to send me a message on facebook to tell me how she felt, as she felt we'd been drifting apart. I wish I had opened my eyes to how lazy I am, not taken advantage, and not let it get to the point where Mum felt she couldn't talk to me about the problems.

I wish I'd handled myself better post-breakup. I wish I hadn't stooped to his level, called him names and played the games that we did. I wish I'd been stronger, and that I hadn't kept falling back into his lying, cheating arms. I also wish I'd worked harder - studying better for my HSC. I didn't do as well as I could have, and that sucks. However, I am proud of how I've grown in my faith, and as a person. I hope I continue to in 2010-2011!

I cannot even begin to put in to words how many things I wish I had done differently this year. To sum it all up I would say I wish I had let my head in on decisions I made with my heart. I became a foster mother to 2 of the most magnificent girls on this earth, Christina (2) and Sienna (6 months), and while I will NEVER regret the time I devoted to them I should have been more logical about the process. Anyone who has been a part of the foster care system can tell you it is one of the most fulfilling, and rewarding but difficult jobs on the earth and when it involves family the stress is only compounded. I especially regret not protecting myself on the basis that I was dealing with family and therefore trusted that they would have MY best interest at heart as well. Ultimately I let myself be a doormat under the pretense that as long as the girls were getting what they needed I would be fine. But I'm not. I have never been so devastated by anything in my entire life, and worst of all the people hurting me were my very own family members. The girls were placed back into the care of their mother a decision I find absurd but one that the state deemed was in the best interest of the children. To be quite honest I should never have agreed to help in the first place. I knew the possibility of it being an ugly and vengeful fight, but I ignored what was right in front of me for the sake of those two girls. Oddly enough this is what I am especially proud of this year too! I gave Christina and Sienna all the love, attention, and care they needed at a very crucial time in their development. They will grow up knowing that I love them and that if they ever need anyone I am only a phone call or car ride away. They changed my life for the better and I hope that they will always feel the love I have for them and that it will allow them to show others love. I never thought I could love anyone as much as I love those girls and for that I am forever thankful.

This past year is my first year (of 3) in a new job. Although I've been active and proud of what we've accomplished, I wish I had published a paper (or two) by now. I'm an idea-guy, and have the skills to execute many of those ideas, but I fall down a bit when it comes to FINISHING projects. That is something I need to continue to work on.

I wish I hadn't let my relationship get in the way of my social life, I wish I'd gone out to the pubs and clubs like normal 18 year olds! I'm proud of how hard I worked on my A-Levels though :)

Done differently? No i don't think so. I don't seem to have had much control of my life this year. It has gone down certain paths and I have been ineffectual to make it go another way. Something else seems to control my life. and i am made especially aware of this in times of hardship. i need to be aware of this when things are going well. and then be very very grateful.

I have a friend, who I've grown to resent because I let her walk all over me. I've realised that she is a really hateful person towards anyone who even annoys her in the slightest or disagrees with her opinions, and I feel like this affects me and I don't like all the negativity around me. So, what I wish I had done differently is I wish I had put up the boundaries in the first place. Let her know that I didn't like her behaviour when she first started to act that way. Instead I looked past it and tried to see her good points. I should have just told her she was behaving badly. Now I can't seem to get through to her and it scares me. She scares me even though I know she's a good person, I just don't know what to do anymore. On another note, I do have to to say what I've proud of. This year has been my year for giving everything a go and I've done everything to a high standard. I'm so proud of myself for doing this because I was previously very introverted, shy and quite lonely. Now because I took all those chances I'm really happy and have lots of wonderful friends out of it all.

I wish I had asked for help sooner, so I could have been where I am now way back in January.

I would have studied harder and maybe stayed in touch with my friends a bit more. I would have paid more attention to the mind-boggling bureaucracy of my university and maybe averted some semi-disasters. I am especially proud of how I handled the production of our play; I found out I have a knack for organisation and leadership. I am glad I didn't let my usual meek social behaviour get in the way.

I wish I had spent less of my free time crying over what might have been when my doctor took a short cut and let me down badly. I shouldn't have believed their reassurances and waited so long for them to fix the problem and make it up to me. It would have been better for me to acknowledge the pain of what happened and move forward, find another doctor earlier and get the help I needed to get better sooner. I should have put more energy into the people who need me and the relationships I have that are actually working.

I wish I would have traveled more during summer vacation - or at least would have been more adventurous. However, I am very proud that I stuck with my fitness routine, ate well, and lost a total (so far) of 31 pounds.

I wish that in the past year that I would have conducted myself with a little more decorum and dignity. I found myself in situations on more than one occasion where I was thinking "If I was hearing about a friend doing this, what would be my opinion?" The honest answer was that I would think they were making some pretty poor choices. Given the time over, I would still go through those activities, because they helped me learn more about myself and have some more confidence, but I would perhaps conduct myself a little differently.

I wish I had been able to save my relationship I am very proud how I have survived my breakup

I wish I had managed a relationship differently. I am proud that I have excelled at my job and am being actively pursued by other companies for my talents.

wish i'd never got involved with the ex, being a childhood sweetheart doesn't translate into being a soulmate when older, specially when they have so much bitter blinking bagaged that they posion everything they touch. I wish I had had the courage to tell them they are just as bad as the mother of the kids they hate so much, that courts don't stop dads seeing kids without it being the last resort and that he's behaving like a curlish shit bag and doesn't deserve to have kids (which is why he can't jolly well see them!)

i wish i had awakened - gotten stronger - set specific clear boundaries - sooner...i wish i had a voice sooner...i wish i had not let my life be predicated upon by his...i wish my fear could have dissolved sooner... i am proud that i truly dug deep for the truth...proud of discovering and consistently honoring my self-worth...i am proud to be letting myself be loved...

I wish I hadn't spent so much time pining after a relationship. I have come to the conclusion that being intimate with someone is not for me, and that true happiness comes from within yourself. I really regret making the people involved in my quixotic quest for a Girlfriend uncomfortable, angry or upset as my selfishness refused to let me see that their happiness was infinitely more important than my own.

I personally wish that i woodnt have somked or done weed or lose the trust of my parents and friends.

Can I answer both? I wish I had not let my mind wander around too much, making me take some of my subjects for granted, sending my scholarship into jeopardy and making it more challenging for me to obtain a magna cum laude standing. On the other hand, I'm especially proud of where my passion for baking has come to be, and the happiness my baked goods bring to my friends' faces especially when they are stressed and need a simple sweet treat to brighten their day. :)

I wish that I had done more in finding a job, I believe I wasted a year and a half of not doing anything. I also wish that I should have been more outgoing and tried to meet new people.

I wish I would have given more of my time and money to charity. Spent less time working and waisting time on stuff that is not really important.

I wish I had handled my job differently. I was easily frustrated and let my criticisms fester into negativity instead of transforming myself, my role and the environment around me. Instead of seeing the small wins and opportunities for change, I dwelled on the things that weren't working. Alternatively, I knew when it was time to get out and I'm proud of the way I conducted my job search and found a new position I'm excited to be in.

I lost 75 pounds and was feeling at the top of my game physicaly and spiritually. Then I decded I wanted to try to be a vegetarian... I hate the thought of killing animals... however, my body evedently needs MEAT and as a result I gained 20 pounds. Now I am dealing with the weight gain, and also felt like I had lost my "mojo:... just did not feel like "MYSELF"... I have sworn not to tinker with my diet again! Stick to a high protein regiman and continue on my yogic path, meditate every day and stay conected to my Source!

I would have gotten a summer job instead of laying around all summer because now I am struggling. Alternatively, I'm really glad I did not go to CIY because going this year would have ruined all my other years and put a negative view of God in my head. Instead I went to Infinitus which I definitely say is my proudest moment because it was something I went to alone and even though I did I made new friends there which is far more then anything to happen at CIY. Infinitus was probably the best experience I've ever had because I wasn't obligated to stay with anyone and I could explore on my own which is something I need to do more of.

What do I wish I'd done differently? I am not too good at keeping in touch with old friends. I wish I'd made more of an effort. Especially proud of? Quitting my job, getting a new and better one in the middle of a depression. Yay!

Been as pro-active as I am now at the start of the year. Would have gotten more shiz done sooner. Also spent more time with a certain someone before the buggered off to far and distant lands.

My biggest struggle is balancing family and work. With the birth of our second child, my family needs more of my time and more of my (fiscal) support. Since the recession I have almost nothing to do in London, so spend more and more time in the Middle East, the US, and elsewhere. Which means that in order to provide for them I deprive them of my presence. I wish I were better able to manage this, but continually struggle to find a way.

I wish I hadn't left my job for an offer that was 'too good to be true' and left me unemployed with no assistance for a year. I am proud that when things felt hopeless and scary; I knew I wasn't O.K. and I asked for help. I'm proud that I asked for help instead of staying in that dark place any longer. Today I feel very strong because of that. :)

I wish I hadn't dated a guy I had no feelings for. It was horrible, and hope I'll never do it again. It's better to be forever alone than to be with a guy who loves you just as much as you don't love him. Everyone gets hurt.

I wish I had been brave enough to face possible rejection from a work colleague that I was attracted to. I followed the same old habit of putting up walls instead of being open to the possibility of being hurt.

I always - every single day - wish that I'd been a better person the day before. So, every morning I vow to try again. Overall, yes, there is something that I wish I'd done differently. I wish that I had not buried my head in the sand (which is my M.O. when life gets too tough) and faced our financial situation earlier - MUCH earlier. As for being proud of something I accomplished . . . absolutely! I finally changed my eating habits (well, I'm still working on that) but I lost 100 lbs. and have kept it off for 12 weeks so far. I plan to be this way forever. Yes, I have binged and gained some weight (while on vacation!) but I got right back on track and it is gone. I have once again reached my personal goal and I will continue to maintain that.

I wish I had taken steps to be kinder with my 16 year old step daughter - she can be a nice person but somehow when we're together I always see the negative. I'm proud that I didn't completely fold when I lost my job, but thought about how to market myself and focused on finding a new position. I'm so happy this strategy worked.

I wish i didn't take french. It sucks. I also wish i'd been more productive with my time. I plan to have more 'life experiences' this year. Although the things im proud of would be taking part in a hair course in ireland and beginning to sell my photography

I wish that I had more time to spend on fitness. Alternatively, I am proud that I completed a 5K this year. I am also especially proud that my son graduated from college in 4 years!

I am particularly proud of my relationship with Carl. It is the most honest I have been in and the longest since being divorced. I have really grown as a person from self reflection and intimacy.

This past year has overall been really good. My husband and I are happily renovating an old house, and I'm proud of the work we've accomplished on it. Our relationship has grown stronger, our faith is growing. Differently...I'd have spent more time drawing near to God. I wish I'd had the self-discipline that I *used* to have in my daily devotional time.

Less reactions based on fear or judgment that " Things are NOT OK !" It has been better than years past yet still room to grow !

I wish I'd spent more time listening to my family and less time telling them what I think. To hear is an important skill. On the other hand, I'm happy that I pushed the family to go to Glacier, even though they were not that enthusiastic.

I wish that i would have known that fingerstyle was the guitar genre for me to get deeply involved in a year ago instead of 3 months ago.

I was hoping to register online to a suny college and finish college. I have over 150 credits and I want to get my BA in English. I also wish that I would have gotten a small job to contribute money towards bills. I am proud of my children and my husband. My family means everything to me.

I wish I'd hadn't let emotions drive my behavior quite so often. I need to be more rational, less emotional. But, I'm proud of having acted on things I believed in and that were important, despite the potential for backlash.


1.) I would have lost my temper less. Specifically one incident with the downstairs neighbor...it ended up causing me more stress as well as her. 2.) I would have been more careful who I let into my life...because they were the wrong person..they had something psychologically wrong..I ended up hurting them when I had to leave in order to live a more normal life. I am proud I officially became Jewish this year. It wasn't easy getting in the door, now I have to work on really understanding it better.

I wish I would have lived in the moment more. My daughter just turned one and I feel like the whole year was a blur. I don't remember her being a baby..even though it just happened. I wish I could have just been with moments instead of worrying/anticipating/thinking about the days ahead and what they might bring. I look at her now and I'm saddened knowing I'll never have those baby moments with her again.

I am proud that my son and I are speaking more. I am proud of having a great sense of humor, loving laughter! I have been true to my knowingness, so that, I am truly proud of!

I'm especially comfortable with my life at present. However, I'm proud to say I've dumped 40+ pounds, and 27 inches since last December.

Worked harder to negotiate with my ex-husband Maybe tried to enlist his mother to our "cause" Got to visit Obama at the White House as a doctor in support of Health Care Reform - that was cool ....

I am especially proud of resigning from my job and saying no to an entirely inaccurate view of myself by others.

Once again, I've put off getting in better shape for another year. As I get older (i'm 42) I keep adding nagging physical problems which, I'm sure, would be eased by being more active. On the other hand, I have made a new commitment with myself to improve my diet. My wife and kids have enthusiastically joined in. too.

I wish I was more brave, more open to taking chances, more proactive. I wish I didn't care so much about what other people would think about the things I said and did. I would have pissed a lot more people off, but I would have probably been happier with myself.

I wish that I had taken more control over my finances. I am especially proud every time I show or teach my kids something and they tell me with excitement that they really understand it.

Something I wish I had done differently? Not possible. Timing is divine and I've learned to trust in it explicitly. I'm proud to say that I am continuing to learn how to let go of control more, to trust more, to deepen my faith more. I feel like it's paving the way for so much more.

I wish I had started to love my boyfriend sooner. Our relationship is so much stronger now that I actually like and respect him. I'm especially proud that I have continued pursuing my Masters degree. Over halfway done and I have a 4.0.

I try my hardest not to focus on negative things in the past and, instead, choose to spend my time thinking of the present. I am proud of myself for many things: my surgery, moving, moving again!, going to FIDM, my internships, my job, and my all-around fabulousness.

That I hadn't stressed so much about my work/thesis, and that I'd spent more time with my friends. I let my thesis take over my life, and for what? I didn't need to be working on it Friday and Saturday nights of my senior year of undergrad. I wish I'd been able to put everything in perspective and gotten my priorities straight while I was still there...when I look back on my last year, I see stress and rifts between friends driven by the fact that I was never there. To everyone who supported me and stood by me: thank you. I love you all.

I wish that I had carried through with my ideas and commitments, instead of letting them fall through the cracks, or at least chosen from the beginning which I was actually going to pursue. I wish I had been more honest with myself on how long things would take, and more willing to push through inertia or discomfort to make the things happen that I had committed to. I wish that I had honored time. I am proud of my work with people, the seeds of organizing that I planted, that I hope to cultivate. I am proud of the way I looked into criticism for ways to grow. I am proud of my explorations, Jewishly, in the city, in ideas.

I would have taken my time and found the right job instead of jumping at the first one that I was offered. I am incredibly proud that my new husband and I decided to make a commitment to each other and are taking a leap of faith together.

I wish I had spent more time with myself. Too many people, too much chatter. I should have gotten away with books and my cat and just shut everything out for a while.

I've made choices regarding my career that I was initially unsure of, but now I have made peace and found that my life is just as good with less money and a little more time.

I wish I had started paying down my debt a lot sooner and worked on losing weight sooner.

I would have worked out and lost weight. I'm tired of the weight I'm at now. Time to lose it before it becomes a health issue.

I need to refrain myself for voicing my concerns too soon!

I wish I had lost weight this year. So tired of being overweight, insecure and embarassed about my weight. I also wish I had somehow handled my NY trip better so that it wasn't so hurtful, difficult and embarassing. I'm proud of the class I took and my newfound level of comfort I have with people with disabilities. I'm also very proud of the relationship between my two boys that I helped facilitate. I feel like I've done something right if Isaac can tolerate and enjoy his brother as much as he does.

I wish I had been more open minded about meeting and networking with other people. I'm proud to have launched a new business this year.

I wish I had worked harder on myself to figure out where I want to go next, mostly professionally.

I wish I'd stood up for myself more in my marriage. I haven't been truly happy for a while but my spouse and I just don't know how to communicate without fighting. I wish I'd been more honest about my feelings and my worries.

I've worked so hard this year. I'm super proud of that. There's a bunch of things I think I could've done differently - the way I spoke to people, the way I've reacted to things, how I eat or live or anything. But the thing is, I wouldn't be the person I am now if I didn't do all those things and learn from them. The only thing I could've done is take Bim further, work harder on blogging and seeding it. but apart from that - it's good!

I would've addressed my health issues sooner. I spent most of my summer "down for the count" and now I have to climb back out of the hole and work on some things. I am proud of starting my yarn business though, and even though it's frustrating and time/money consuming, I think it will ultimately succeed.

I wish that instead of letting glandular fever get the better of me, I had pushed through it and fought it more instead of allowing it to ruin one of the most important years of my education. Now I have to go back and do it again, moving school, meaning that the friendships I strived for are quickly diminishing because I won't be around.

I wished that when planning my wedding, we would have done more things for ourselves the way we wanted them doing - rather than getting carried away trying to please everyone else (by doing things the way they 'should' be done) - this resulted in our feelings getting hurt deeply, in a time when we should have been enjoying ourselves with support. But I am equally proud that we managed to have a wonderful day, a celebration surrounded by love from family and friends. When really that is all that matters.

I'm glad I finally stepped out of my bubble by opening up to people, regardless of whether or not they had a main stock in my life.

I'm proud of this past summer, and how I really let myself be free to explore what I wanted to. I spent time with wonderful people-- both new friends and old friends I had missed-- and got the chance to try a lot of new things. If I hadn't started this process back in March, I wouldn't be where I am now emotionally, and I'm so proud of myself for having the balls to give it a shot.

I wish I'd worked earlier on, I clicked with the material so late on in the year and actually enjoyed it. I wish I'd allowed myself to find that interest, motivation and enjoyment earlier and spent less time watching iPlayer! I wish I'd been a bit more brave and challenged myself more socially, for someone so loud I'm pretty shy.

I wish I had exercised more, especially walking, during the past year. I'm proud of the way I practiced patience with my Mother who has alzheimer's. I am her full-time caregiver.

Been more confident in myself as I tried to change jobs, more assertive in capitalizing on my contacts, and more direct in articulating my goals and how others can help me achieve them.

I wish I had taken more time to nourish my friendships, to get out and do fun things even when there were big important things that needed to be done. I wish I spent more time with my family. I wish I had more date nights. I wish I ate less ice cream (but not really). I wish I exercised more, that I actually finished that Couch to 5k training. I wish I traveled more, and spent more time outside taking it all in.

I wish I had listened to my partner on the numerous occassions she had asked me to pay her some attention or go to Relate. Maybe then, we would have been able to work things out and I would not have lost the most beautiful, magical person I have ever met and would be there when my children wake.

This year- I should have focused more on school. Also, getting married to someone I didn't know was a huge mistake. I've learned from that and will be more careful in the future.

Sometimes I wish I'd gone out and hustled to make money last year--done whatever I could to contribute. I wish I'd exercised regularly--discovered the Riverbank pool earlier than this summer and taken advantage of it. Wish I'd had more access to my inner fight.

I wish that I could have been a better friend to my friend Sarah. She is chronically ill and heavily medicated. She is in need of a great deal but will not ask for help. I got tired of trying to figure out what to do for her, tired of listening to her drug induced ramblings, tired of supporting her poor decisions. She was still somewhere in there - still the compassionate creative supremely gifted person that she had always been but I stopped seeing that. I turned away from her when I should have been right there by her side.

I would have tried harder to keep in touch with my family members. I tried hard to stay away from complications that arose in my family, but ended up cutting myself off from the ones that I love.

I wish I had left my job to pursue a different career path

I wish I'd given myself more time, for my dreams for my health and joy, to meditate, to read and to relax, and also to engage in group activities. I wish I had traveled more and learned more about different subjects. I am proud I kept close to family and took care of my elder parents, kept close to my sons and daughters and was there for them.

i wish i'd worked harder with my education. i regret not being social enough, regretting regretting, and being so lazy with my school work.

I am pleased with my growing realization that personal growth and development is about becoming more comfortable with who I am rather than becoming more like other people think I should be. I felt so bad about myself for so long because I was not measuring up to the expectations (and manipulations) of other people. One of the benefits is that I am more clear in what I want because I don't have to guess as to whether this will please everyone else!

I wish I had spent more time focusing on my personal relationships and my own mental health. However, I have accomplished a lot this past year. I hope to be able to bring my aims into perspective to find a healthier balance of work, school, and personal time.

I wish I would have tried harder to get my license. It would have made everyone's lives a bit easier. I'm alive. I'm happy. I'm proud that I've been able to stay this positive for this long. Breif bouts of depression in between are alright to me. This was the first time in quite some time that I've managed to be happy (even if I have had to work at it a little bit). And, I made it through PreCalculus. I struggled all year long, but I DID IT!!!!

As horrid as this past year was, I think I did the very best I could. I'm proud of the memorial I wrote and delivered after my father's death. It was the last thing I could do for him. I take that back--living my life with the good lessons he taught me is what I do to honor him every day.

I am quite proud about following my dreams this past year. In Sept of last year I started an online project to create a short film and I am very happy to say that each day the film is still coming together and getting better and better. The experience has proved to me that I have the strength inside me to be a leader and the courage to do something I believe in.

I wish I'd got a summer job, instead of wasting my time this summer on doing nothing.

I wish I had the guts to do things. More things than I can list, but most of them involve my interactions (or lack of) with others. But I am proud of the fact that I'm down 20 lbs. from my heaviest weight.

I wish I would have stayed consistent with my exercising and eating healthy. I have had two bouts of doing well on these things this year (and I'm proud of that), but both times I slid back to old habits. Working again on getting back in the game now.

While the thing I wish I'd done differently is to reach out to the estranged family on the other side of the end of their heterosexual relationship, the best thing I think I/we've done is to retain our church music director when he "came out" as a gay man. We tried to be as open as possible to both families, but the bitterness and appearance of favoritism was too much. What is right is not always popular.

In the last year, the things I would have done differently would be to appreicate the lifestyle in TO. While the goal would have remained NYC or LDN I shouldn't have settled for Boston. I didn't appreciate the friendships and networks I had established in TO. Things I'm proud of, while a little contradictory to the above, I've always wondered if I would make it on my own and moving to the States without knowing a soul has been tough but I've conquered it and it's one less thing I need to wonder about. I'm also proud of the contacts, reputation and friendships I made in Canada. And enrolling in Harvard. Also taking the next step with LB surgery and accepting the required lifestyle change is a big step forward

I wish that I had worked more. Structure is crucial and I do better when I'm busy. Also, I need the money which would have allowed me to resist having a roommate which causes me no end of stress and strain on me and my personal life. I could have supported myself better by just working one additional shift a week. Not much more work but a lot extra gain. I need to remember that more often. I am proud of my ability to navigate this relationship. to focus on the positives and ignore the petty negatives.

i'm really sorry that i didn't go to kiev to look for a job. i wasn't sure in myself half a year ago but i also proud that i'm starting being myself and i like it. i'm not afraid to say my opinion anymore and that's great.

Yes, both of them actually. If I had acted more mature last year, I probably would still have my boyfriend right now. And I just wish I had the courage to live a more adventerous life. On the other hand, I am proud of myself for leaving my parent's house and went to live on my own abotu 100 kilometers away from them. That just made me grow up real fast!

More relationship building with my husband. I think a focus on us instead of our toddler could have helped the overall situation. Successfully juggling work, child and home without much support.

I wish I had taken the steps earlier to address an employee issue. I am guilty of acting just like my managers by allowing a desire for it to "go away" to dominate. Now, I'm in an situation where I have to keep this person through my maternity leave of absence. While I am fighting for the position to be eliminated for business reasons upon my return, it is unfair to the employee and to me. It would have be more fair to address it properly, manage the employee out and have a productive team member who I would fight to keep.

Not listening to my inner voice about a client I had misgivings about taking on. Proud of focusing more on positioning my business. I got through a slow financial spot, and though I'll be working to clean up the aftermath, I gave myself permission to NOT take on clients that are not right for me.

I am very proud to have remained myself in spite of my changing careers, moving and becoming part of a couple. I'm actually closer to my true self now.

I'm really proud of getting into school and moving myself to a new city with minimal help. I'm proud of facing up to some things that have really haunted me for a long time and even though the situation will never be totally resolved, it took a lot of courage for me to face up to it. There were times this year where I wish I had behaved with more integrity and more concern for other people's feelings.

I wish I'd done more dancing.

I wish I had communicated more directly with a colleague at work. Lack of communication created some awkward, uncomfortable feelings but I stood up for myself and things have worked out for the better.

I wish I had prepared better and saved during my last freelance assignment. I would have been better off because I would have had enough to re-locate. As it is now, I am way behind on the goal time wise. I am proud of standing up for myself. I had to tell someone I cared about very much how they had failed me and what the result of that failure was. I wish I could say there was a meeting of the minds - at this point there is not. But having honestly put my cards on the table gave me peace.

Someone I believed to be a good friend turned out to be a liar, complicating our lives and hurting my wife deeply. Nothing I could do about it, but I do regret it. My disability claim was approved, and I used the backpay to pay off bills and old debts. Would have been nice to "indulge" a little, but surely paid off to not have all of that hangin over our heads any longer.

Trusting the wrong people had put me in bad situations a couple of times. I should be careful who I trust. Many of the people I have to work with are driven by selfish needs and high vanities.

This past year, I wish I had focused more on the present moment than worrying about how I appeared to others. I wish that I could have shaken my self-confidence issues and stopped focusing so much on my weight, which is just fine the way it is. Thankfully, I'm slowly realizing that. Alternatively, I am especially proud of myself for growing in my faith so much. (:

I'm particularly proud of the fact that I've quit smoking! After seventeen years, I'm finally smoke-free and loving it.

Looking back I wish that I worried less this year, as well as many years before. It is my fall back, to over think and worry and lately I am trying very hard to live in the moment. To realize my blessings and to enjoy my life more. I am proud of raising my kids, loving them through our health crisis and stepping up to the plate!

The past year has been very much of a learning experience for me. Though I am sure there are some things I could have done better, I don't regret any of my actions or decisions. I am especially proud of the fact that I have established a new life for my son and I. Although being a single-parent is just as hard, or harder, than I'd always imagined, I feel like we are both thriving. It's never easy but it is worth every minute.

I wish I had held on to certain friends tighter, that I had put more effort into everything I did. I hope the A'levels won't turn out too badly, then I will be able to be proud of that.

I wish I would have taken better care of myself. I wish I would have kept better control of my weight and physical health. I feel like I am in a good place mentally but when I see photos of myself I don't recognize that overweight person. I am proud of the fact that I have taken a lot of risks this year that have paid off. I started showing my horse for the first time and have done very well. I entered our State Fair photography contest for the first time and did very well. I planted a garden for the first time. I finally took that jewelry making class. I feel more confident than ever in the person I have become.

I wish I would have been able to have better protect my finances during my divorce - taken time to look for an infamous attorney who would fight harder for me to keep what I earned. I am proud that I finally ignored his threats of suicide and rid myself and my family of his presence. The remainder of my life will be much happier and peaceful without him in it.

I wish i had approached more girls, then i would not have been single and experiencing boredom

I try not to have many regrets and to just be present right now so I am having a hard time thinking of things I wish I had done differently. Whenever I was challenged by life and had to react I think I did all right when I just went right through it, head on. I am very proud of my involvement in the writing of a book, a film and a play this last year. Sometimes I feel I am doing nothing but to look back and see the progress of a year's time is nice and fulfilling.

Actually, no, I firmly believe that all that I've done has brought me here. Sure, call me a bit naive or way too spiritual, but that just how I see it. Of course, there are very small and insignificant things on the long run that I wish I hadn't done, but on a bigger scale I have absolutely no regrets. I'm proud of my 12 year old cousin. And I'm also proud of myself, for being there for her with advice and knowledge when it was needed. It makes me feel good that I'm the one she reaches to even though she has good friends.

I would have been a little more careful about how I spent my money since I've been abroad. On the other hand, I'm super proud of the fact that I'm here at all, and I did save for a really long time to make this happen, so I shouldn't feel too badly about spending a bit too much. It's only money.

I lost a friendship with someone this last year. I hurt my partner who is loyal to a fault. I have said things to people that I can never take back. And I am having a hard time thinking of anything that I have done this year that I am truly proud of. That's lame.

I wish I would have tried harder to lose weight.

I wish I'd taken more care in my weight management. I'm very proud of my going back to school.

I would have been nicer to certain people and spent more time with certain people and would have made better use of my time. I am proud that I became more social, and am more of an extrovert now.

I wish I had started my workout plan/diet when I said I would I would have lost so much weight and been so muchh more healthy than I am now. I'm proud that I've realised I can do it and have now started it but I wouldn't have let my weight climb as much as it did, I would have gotten more exerice and eaten properly. I would also have sorted out what to do with myself college wise or whatever I would have put more effort into finding out what it is i want to be/do.

I wouldn't have dissed my now girlfriend. I would have broken up with the pshycotic girl I was dating long distance right away to be with her instead of waiting. Something I'm proud of is how happy I am after moving to a different state. I'm in love, I'm happy, and I'm getting ready for college.

My romantic life, or what little there is of it, is a constant mess. This year, I have finally realised that I should be a lot more open and minded, and while this has worked to an extent, it has yet to truly progress into something really worthwhile. I am prepared to wait. By taking chances - making the first move, being open to get to know more guys - it was starting to be a lot more fun. I've always had many good friends to surround me and was never particularly worried about meeting people, but moving has made me change my perspective and to start branching out. However, after a few more failures ('non-starters' when I'm feeling positive) I was starting to believe that there was something inherently wrong with me. Self-doubt is a crazy thing and will dent your confidence so badly, that it can make you feel like you have to start over again. Voicing this feeling to the one man whom I have had always had a less successful relationship with, was in fact a good move. He told me, 'there is nothing wrong with you'. I believe him, I reflected on this comment and it made me feel better - it is has become something of a mantra. Despite his shortcomings, our inability to focus on making things work between us and all of the silly remarks we have thrown at one another over the years just to get a reaction, I know he is always honest when we are one on one. Now I feel better about the future and am continuing my quest to take chances. However, this moment is also one that I wish I had done something differently - not this year, but many years ago when the two of us should have got together once and for all.

I took on a role with much more responsibility this year, and even though there was very little handover and a few scary moments I've managed to do it rather well!!

I am quite proud with the way I delat with the redundancy. I think it is because I hated the company so much. I am very proud of how I conducted myslef during the 6 montsh period. I continued to produce great quality work and was asked to take on managing the whole operation for the last 4 weeks working for the company. I wish I would have been more proactive during this period of redundancy - which I still am to date. I acknowledge I am rather untidy and while I have managed the home I could have kept on top of things much better. This would also have made my days a bit more proactive

I wish that I been more sensible with my money. I am proud that out of our whole graduating class at uni only Laura and I are making a go of it in London. Nobody else from uni has moved down to London and got advertising jobs. working long days (and often nights) living it up hard and loving it twice as much. Everything that I have now, I worked damn hard for and gave a lot up for it.

I wish I had taken a risk that was put in front of me. Even though I know that the choice I made was, in the long run, fine--things might have been better had I taken the chance. On a separate note, this morning, Rosh HaShanah, I got on the scale to see that I had reached my goal weight. I am really proud of myself; it's something I worked really hard at, made a priority, and was able to follow through and achieve.

I wish I wouldn't have gone back on my word. I promised forever and I wasn't able to do it. I'm proud of my strength.

I wish I would have started an exercise regimen before my weight started ballooning. I have always been athletic and thin, but now that I have hit 40, that is not the case. Coaching is not enough, I need to get back in shape for myself.

I definitely would have put on my shoes that morning when getting up instead of walking in stocking feet and slipping and falling and ending up with a broken big toe bone and screwing up things for most of the April-August time frame as far as getting anything done this year - and at the moment STILL not fully back to normalcy.

There's nothing I wish I had done differently because everything that happened caused everything good to happen now. I'm proud of myself for finally getting over you. And now I'm able to be okay and we're friends again.

I wish I had been more pro-active when it came to discussing issues with my boss. Although even as I'm writing that I'm not sure what I could have done to make the situation better. I'm especially proud that I chose to leave the job I held for 18 years to follow a dream of running my own business. I'm excited to see what this year brings.

I am proud of choosing to become a single mum. Although her father is still in the picture I rase my baby alone. I wish I searched for a new job in stead of hanging in there for the ease and the money.

I'm working now, which is a big weight off my shoulders as far as income goes. I can finally afford to see my son more than once a month or once every two months. Is there something i'm proud of... yeah im not depressed i'm in a nice spot, people like me, people enjoy me. People love me on the low... it's strange, it's like highschool and grade school. but no i'm just happy all around 2009 wasn't great but 2010 is good.

I never regret what I do maybe regret not doing something cant think what I am especially proud of probbaly the most achievable thing I did this year was start my own business hannahbain.com ltd

I wish that I hadn't given in to my temptation, again. Ended up with a sad heart for the second time by the same person. What have I accomplished this year? I got in to nursing school and have had a way better experience than I thought. I've build up my friendships with my friends and spend more time with my family.

I always feel that I couldn't have done things differently, knowing only what I knew and being only who I was at the time...however, I am grateful (and proud) to have gradually become aware of the defensive wall I keep up, and for the ability to sometimes, when I am aware of it, take it down. This year I have begun to sing my songs for people, and to open myself to "unprotected" emotional contact with people I love.

I wish that I would have done more revision for my GCSEs to get the grades that I know I could have got. But I am proud of the results that I did get considering I didn't do hardly any revision at all.

I am proud of myself for having returned back to my studies, despite the fact I was living a great metropolitan lifestyle.

I stood up to my sister, and am glad that I did. She is now out of my life, and unable to torment me anymore. I regret that she made an ass out of herself at my mother's funeral, since that was something that mom didn't want. I did hold up my end of the bargain with my mom, and didn't start a fight at the funeral.

I wish I'd been able to spend more time with my aunt who is ill. I'm proud that I've overcome so many of my fears and personal obstacles this year.

No regrets. Ever. "Proud; feeling self-respect or pleasure in something by which you measure your self-worth"....sounds awful.

I would have worked harder to keep in touch with my friends. I put the burden of keeping our friendships going on them instead of making an effort myself.

I would have definitely not googled the strange man my student's met at the nursing home while they were standing over my shoulder and looking at the search results.

There is nothing specific that comes to mind. Instead it's a collection of small things, mostly things I wish I'd said, things I had in my mind to say but didn't. Things that would have deepened relationships I wish were deeper and set boundaries with relationships that got closer than I wanted. I'm proud of myself for the level of independence I've achieved and also the self confidence I've gained, the trust I've been able to put in myself to accurately assess a situation and make a decision that is good for me.

I would have held onto to someone who made me happy, but at the time I was too concerned with past commitment issues.

I wish I'd never gone to that idiot clinic. The doctor there changed my life with a wrong diagnosis and it messed up an entire year for me. I am however glad for the surgery and proud of the initial weight loss. we shall see how far I go with this.

I need to take more time to be patient and caring with my husband. He is the closest person in my world and my best friend, and unfortunately he often bears the brunt of my frustrations and anger. This is something that my mother does, and as I get older, I notice myself doing it more and more. I want to stop doing this.

I wish I had handled my trip to NYC to see Audrey and Melissa differently. I wish I'd brought better shoes (haha) and I wish I'd bailed out on Audrey sooner so that I wouldnt have had to hail a cab at 2:30 in the morning. I just wish I'd been smarter about it and would have said something in my own defense. I'm proud that I finally got up the gall to move towards my future, that i got to hang out with my two best friends, and SUPER proud that I started running. I hope I'm still keeping at it when I next read this!

You know, honestly, I've never really thought about stuff in this way, you know, goals and such. I feel like generally I just try to take things day and day. And sure, I've made "goals" for myself. I have made "plans," but in this last year I don't know if I did. Maybe that's not the question. I have been realizing a lot of things in the last very short period of time. Maybe that I have not been doing such a good job of paying attention to myself. But maybe that is not true either. Maybe I only think that now after experiencing a failure, which I guess is what most people think after a failure and inadequacies are exposed. What do I wish I have done differently? I guess the big thing for me right now is trying to get a new job. I never really thought about what I wanted to do for a living I guess. Following what I said above, just taking things day by day, I guess I always assumed doors would open for me, or rather, things would continue to unfold, just like they always have. But I guess what I am learning is that it's important to guide things. It's important to formulate ideas about what I want things to be like. I guess I wish that I had had this mind frame over the last year. I've reach the point of no return with my current job. I have nothing left to give there and ultimately it is not aiding my mental health. My own feelings of autonomousness and also fiscal independence. I think it is time to grow up. I think it is time to think about my life as something that will be around for a while. Invest. I want to learn to better invest in my life. I just realized how funny that is as I have the only job interview that I've been able to procure, which I don't think I really had anything to do with anyway, with the INVESTment portion of a hedge fund company. Oh life, you're a fucking riot.

This year I came to the realization that this is my life, we only get one life and it is short. Why waste the time we have not being honest with the people we love. I told most of the people that I llove how I feel about them. I think in this society it is acceptable to say I love you to a parent, spouse or child but not something you would say to a friend. One may express to the other person that they are fond of them but actually saying the words "I love you" "you mean so much to me" "I love you because..."Is not something that is usual. I think that it is not that people aren't feeling it but there is a certain vulnerability in expressing it. I am proud of myself that I have and continue to tell those that I love how I truly feel. It has already paid itself back more than I ever thought possible..

I wish I had saved more money when I had the chance to.

This past year, I wish I had been more vocal of my feelings about things instead of keeping quiet about them, especially when it was something that could potentially hurt me. However, I am proud that I've taken steps to do things with my life that are good for me despite what other may think about them. I know most people would think it's crazy to leave behind a full scholarship at a great university to go to Community College, but no amount of money in the world is worth the sanity I was losing while I was there and I'm a much happier person now.

I wish I had made more time this year for il dolce fara niente (the sweetness of doing nothing). I struggle to stop and be still and savor the pleasures of my life. I am especially proud of how I reacted less and simply "was" with many difficult situations.

Keep my job, I'm very proud of it

If I could have done anything differently, I would have spent less money. Spent too much on stuff I didn't need.

I wish that I would have made my new marriage my priority this summer instead of viewing it as another source of stress. When we returned from our honeymoon I found out that I had a promotion, which required considerably more work. Instead of viewing my relationship as a respite I instead chose to view it negatively, a behavioral pattern that I am now working to extricate myself from. I am proud of so much: of getting married to the love of my life, of being promoted to gallery director, of undergoing fertility treatments so that we can be where we are today (awaiting the arrival of our child!), and of my husband and the immense amount of hard work he has put in to start his new bookselling business. We have undergone nearly every major life change over the course of a single year and we are still standing!

I wish I had been more patient this past year, especially with my family and my boyfriend. I can be so quick to temper and can pass judgment even quicker. I need to slow down, to breath, and to think things through before I react. I am especially proud of my work ethic from the past year. I am financially stable now, thank G-d. And it wouldn't have happened if I hadn't found my inner strength, worked 4 jobs, been promoted, become extremely unhappy in said promotion, searched for a new job, and found the most amazing place with the most amazing coworkers.

I wish I had taken the time I'd allotted for reading and research, to actually spend time reading and doing research. Instead, I played a lot more music than I have in a long long time. On the other hand, I am now moving seriously into blues guitar --a long-held dream, and my other playing and singing has improved as a result of the concentrated practice.

There are always things we wish we'd done differently, as long as we admit we're human. Beyond analysis of our choices and why we make them, though, there's little to be gained from such hypothetical wool-gathering. I am rather proud of having made it onto NPR this year, reading a commentary about my layoff on Morning Edition. I can't take full credit for it, as it wasn't even an active solicitation on my part. Still, something I wrote was found my an editor and deemed worthy of national broadcast; I shouldn't discount that.

I wish I would've been more productive over the past year and followed through on several ideas for creative projects. I have some great ideas, but I'm so worried about failure (at times) that I'm my own worst creative enemy. What if I waste my time? Instead, I waste time on wishing I'd accomplished something instead of just DOING it. The year isn't over-- I still have time to make myself proud!

It's so hard to ignore and overrule unhealthy impulses. I know so well what makes me feel vibrant, slender and healthy. Self discipline should become as easy as breathing. It's always a struggle. On another front, I finally sat down and wrote a paper that I presented to colleagues at a professional seminar. The work gave me a feeling of great pride and accomplishment. I should think about doing this again in the coming year.

I wish I'd have looked at sending my daughter to a different high school. I am especially proud of my kids. They are all perfect in every way!

I definitely would have taken studying a lot more seriously. I'm happy with my H2B's, but this complacency probably isn't good. However, I am proud of the fact that I managed to get into this course in the first place. Maybe the fact that I have no idea what I want to do in the future will motivate me to try as hard as possible. I hope, by the time I read this next year, I have.

I'm not a big believer in regret. What I'm proud of is finishing my contract with my old employer back east like I said I would, thereby aquitting myself more honorably than they did. I'm also proud of wrangling a job that pays about 60% more than my last one—and that I did so in the worst economy since the great depression.

I missed so many opportunities though a combination of laziness and a fear of going out there and taking risks, especially when the risks had to do with social situations. I yearned for more connections to the wider world, but stopped myself too many times before I stepped out the front door.

I wish I had been more confident and friendly during my University orientation. I am very proud that I was able to graduate high school with straight As. It is one of my greatest accomplisments.

I wish I had stuck with running. I was enjoying the high and let the heat wear me down. That said, I'm glad I did more swimming this year. I hope I stick with it next year. That's it.

I truly wish I had been more careful with money. I have learned to be much more conscious of spending and the difference between needs and wants. We eat out less and cook food that is healthier than restaurant food. I know what is in my food! I'm very proud of having my son's family live with us for the past two years and, as they are on the verge of moving into their own home, there has been no downside to the relationships. My lovely daughter in law and I have very different styles and priorities but we have adapted to one another and respected our differences -- a good model for humanity in general.

1. Differently - Spent more time with my friends, and providing support to my friends. 2. Proud of - starting to take care of myself - first pap, Naturopath, and general self-care.

There are many, many things I wish I had done differently in the past, but nothing much in the past year. This is a sign that life is going pretty well right now, all things considered. I'm especially proud of our big move to the far north. It was a tough decision to pick up and leave, but ultimately the right decision. We're financially ahead for the first time in my life. No debt, saving quickly. We've got the cash to go on a fabulous European trip. We're doing well. I guess if I have one thing I would do differently, I would not let my wife have talked me into the importance of buying a manual transmission truck in this environment as we can't install a remote start on it. So now we have to go outside and start the vehicle 30 minutes before we leave for no discernible advantage. Silly me.

I wish I had taken better care of my health and that of my partner. I am proud that I continue to provide support for the students I serve. I am proud that I have saved the lives of four stray cats.

Yes. I wish I could learn how to deal with my family better. I'm not very tactful sometimes, as I get upset with my situation. Slowly I am working to improve how I handle this. I also wish that I hadn't cried at work when things got bad. I did take myself off to the toilet, but it still annoys me that I did that. I am very proud of the journey I am taking in to realising that I have problems and how to adultly deal with them.

I have deluded myself, all my Life, wanting to be a writer. Even though writing well, I have not had the determination to stay with it, edit and develop a finished product. I wish I had used my free time, during this past year to pursue this goal. I am proud of a my growing relationship with my children and the honesty I am seeing in the four of us. Always close to my children, I am now finding a stronger relationship with them as adults.

I wish I had followed my gut instead of letting other people influence my decision-making.

I wish that I would have not gotten back together wish M until she was completely over X. I've had months and months of heartbreak because of this, and now they are back together, and I've even lost her as a friend. Lesson learned, don't be anyone's rebound fling. Something I'm proud of? Coming out to my family, and living my life the way I should have been living it all along. And proud of the way my family has accepted me as a lesbian. They have been so supportive.

I am proud that I spontaneously took an invitation to go to India for three weeks. I wish I would have stood up for myself a little more as a professional. Each year I always wish I would have taken and created more opportunities for myself instead of being practical and pragmatic all the time.

I wish I would have taken a writing class, or any type of class. It's something I say I want to do every year but then I chicken out. I'm very proud that I was finally promoted to Coordinator. I worked hard and deserved it.

I wished I had killed myself last year, but I am proud I made it through another miserable year.

I would have worked a little harder to graduate a semester earlier. I would not have gained back the weight I lost, but I didn't see it coming. I would let things slide and forgive more because holding a grudge doesn't really help anything. I am proud that I went to therapy and sought help for depression. I am proud that I joined a soccer team even if I don't know if I will be with this team for long. I am proud that I am taking good care of Mac, but I need to spend more time with him. I am proud that I am more financially secure, but I need to quit wasting my money and save up to buy a house or a new car. I just need to quit wasting my money. I am proud that I have been decluttering my home, but it is always sad that I am so wasteful.

I dont wish I had done anything differently as you cant change whats happened in the past as much as you would like to sometimes.Life is an ongoing learning curve so it's ok to screw up as long as you dont keep making the same mistake.I feel really proud of myself that I'm going to University and changing my career path and life so late in life. I also feel proud that I have so many lovely friends in my life.

I wish had taken more time to savor the outdoors or spent some of those wasted hours doing my art. I want to spend more time relaxing with my kids instead of making every moment about working and studying. My daughter, 13, now stays in her room all the time. I think she hides so I won't she her and give her things to do. (but it could also be her age. I don't know. I had a dream that I was playing a game, I didn't know the rules to, with a beautiful, but mute girl; that's how I feel raising my daughter.) Proud of: I think I'm proud of my kids, continuing my art, even slowing, and finding a new job in a field I love.

I wish I'd had more patience with my son. I'm proud of balancing work and parenthood and marriage fairly well.

I don't know that I would have done anything this year. I am especially proud of my dance accomplishments this year. I'm really glad that I've taken the challenge of learning to ballroom dance. It's really improved my sense of personal accomplishment, and overall grace.

Hmmm...I wish that I had the cojones to quit my job and go back to school. I feel that way every year.

I wish I had pushed myself harder to find resolution to the emotional pain I have faced over the past two years. I am not convinced that time is healing this wound. I wish I had the words to face the people who have hurt me. My heart continues to ache over the personal losses I have sustained.

Oh geeze. This is the answer every year. I wish I would have done better at everything. I wish I would do assignments on time, would call people back, would honor all volunteer commitments, would do and say what needs to be said and done. This, I believe, would make my life better. To be prepared and to have self-discipline. Maybe the discipline should come before the preparation... This would improve the work I do and the way I feel about working hard. I would know I have done my best.

I am proud of myself for having the guts to move to New York City, knowing almost no one and having no job to go to. I am scared out of my mind every day here, but I made my choice and I'm glad I did. I will make it work. For the next year, anyway.

I wish I had applied to more schools for grad school early. I missed the deadline for a scholarship at the one that I finally chose to attend.

I would have pursued some sort of continuing education. I am especially proud of coming to terms with my unemployment and turning more toward God and my family, assisting them when the needed it.

I'm proud that I graduated from college a year early and Summa Cum Laude. I had never done that well in high school so i was decidedly impressed with myself. On the otherhand, I wish I stayed in school longer. maybe not taking longer for an undergrad degree, but maybe moving right into grad school or something. Despite my degree i feel like there is so much more that I could learn in my chosen field of study.

i wish i wasn't as lazy as i have become. i do not know if it is b/c i am so overweight, or if it is b/c i am depressed. i feel as tho i have not much fun in my life. i was very proud that i started my own business and i began to advertise and took interest and pride in my business. barks and breakfast!! a pet hotel and daycare!!

I wish I had been more open about my feelings with my now deceased loved one and talked more instead of holding back believing we had so much time ahead of us. .... I am especially proud of having survived economically the last year, it was a difficult year and I still have my home

I wanted in the bad way to go on a mini-vacation with my boyfriend, but any time I mentioned it, QUOTE:, "I will think about it!", UNQUOTE. We never went away and now, he can kick himself for not taking the time off. We are both stressed out and this would of sparked some new energy in both of us!

I think working harder on myself, improving my eating habits, my methods for taking care of myself is what I would change, and am presenly changing. A proud moment is always one where I fight for what I believe in. Like my relationship or my status within that relationship.

I wish I didn't hold back so much in my life, and that I spoke my mind about my feelings and thoughts. I wish I wasn't scared about failing and putting myself out there.

Amazingly, I can't really think of anything I wish I had done differently in the past year! That is a major first for me. And yes, there is something I am proud of: I have now lived in NYC for a little over 1 year, and I feel like I have truly taken advantage of what the city has to offer. My husband and I chose NYC over financial pragmatism, and countless concerts, art exhibits, eclectic meals, walks, and random awesome events later, I feel pretty good about our choice. It has been a very satisfying year and I'm proud of us for walking the "I'm going to do so much cool stuff in NYC" walk.

I wish I had been more compassionate in helping my 92 year old mom deal with her physical, mental, and living arrangement challenges. I've been too self-centered, feeling burdened by the caretaking responsibilities and angered by other family members' lack of involvement.

I wish I hadn't gone online as much...and had instead cleaned the house and maybe exercised.

If it was possible, I would have looked harder for a job. It's very difficult since I haven't any experience. I wish I had done better in trig, but I had senioritis so it was very difficult to do that as well.

I wish I had worked harder on the relationship with my daughter.

I lost my temper with my daughter. I did and said things I wish I hadn't. I needed help and I waited too long to ask for it. I will never do that again.

I'm terrible with money, or at least have been thus far in my 4 years of work. I make a decent salary and so there's absolutely no excuse to have a few thousand in credit card debt instead of a savings. I worry that this irresponsibility is going to make it difficult for me to pursue goals that I have, like quitting my job to teaching English abroad next fall. At least I've been making stop and go efforts to improve and I have a boyfriend who is frugal and helps me be more like him.

I was recently laid off from my job. I hadn't enjoyed the work for quite some time before then, but didn't put in the extra effort to find something new earlier. Now I'm having to scramble, to make sure the bills get paid.

I am proud of getting through my first year of teaching! I learned a lot about myself- my strengths and weaknesses, what I want to do for others, etc. Turns out I really love teaching (and I think my students like me too!). I wish I had been more organized and had done more lesson-planning, though.

I wish I would have made time for my friends. I was so busy with school and kept putting off hanging out. Then about two weeks before my classes were to end, my closest friend dies in a car accident. I was suppose to be at that same river that weekend. If I was there, I would have never let them drive drunk.

I wish I had put more time and effort into my Independent Learning Review; my ADHD and depression ganged up on me and I kept putting it off. Finishing up the half-assed effort in one long night of typing was just not sufficient. However, I did finish it, despite the long odds...but I would be so much happier with myself if I had really given it the attention it deserved. I don't know how many college credits I will earn from it, but it won't be nearly as many as it should have been.

Appreciated my French friends more before I had to change schools. I wish I had started in the host family I am in now - I feel so comfortable and happy here and regret that there's only 3 months left. I'm so proud of my language skills.

In the past year, I'm proud of how I handled the deterioration of my mental health and how I tackled the problems which I thought were depression but with good advice and teaching, I learnt to overcome the feelings of dissatisfaction and the pain this caused. I feel I'm able to counteract any future feelings. I feel this whole experience has made me more emotionally intelligent.

Not really. If I have regrets they're more from my youth than just this past year. I'm sure there are things I COULD have done differently, but could have and wishing I HAD are two different things. But...as it likely goes along with having no particular regrets, I also have nothing in particular from this past year that I've done that I'm especially PROUD of, because there is pretty much a ratio of risk vs. reward that applies. Low risk...low reward or no reward. High risk...high reward, no reward, or potential outright regrets. I guess I'm not much of a gambler. Life feels safer that way to me.

I wish that I had been able to find a way back to my ex-boyfriend. While I know they say all things turn out for the best, my heart is heavy that I ended our relationship - only to realize my mistake once he would no longer consider taking me back. The human capacity to take things for granted is amazing, and I truly wish I had understood what an amazing partnership I had.

yes. yes.

I am proud that I have made a committment to attend yoga twice a week and have stuck with it. The benefits of a peaceful mind and flexible body are worth the effort that it takes to fit it into my busy schedule.

I don't really think I could have done anything differently if I tried. I am so far gone from reality sometimes its distracting. I need to focus more on reality and things that are important to me right now and not dream of the future I wish would happen. also I need to take steps to make that future my reality now.

In November 2009 I was fired from a job I hated. Unemployment and food stamps basically covered what I was making at my previous job so I was not looking for a job at all. I wish I had gotten over the depression and pulled my self up by my boot straps to go get another job. I am proud of the fact I finally made the leap and got up on stage to perform as a stand up comedian. I am now at the point where I am even getting compensated for my performances.

There are always things that could've been and in retrospect probably should've been handled differently. I don't believe in dwelling on that, look back, learn from mistakes and carry on. I believe that you make the best decision you can with the information that you have at the time. You have to stand by that, even though you can admit wrongs in looking back.

I'm proud that I was able to run 3 miles without stopping, after back surgery no less, and at my heaviest weight. I have never been able to run a mile without stopping even as a child. I am not built to run with D-cup breasts. I'm disappointed that I didn't continue on that awesome workout track I was on. I'm currently trying to get back on it. I have an actual goal to work towards now, and that helps me stay focused.

I wish I'd left my old job sooner. I'm proud of the way I handled myself in my negotiations with my new company.

I don't think there are many things I would have done differently. I'm doing the best I can and I'm allowing myself to live day by day. One small thing is I would have listen to my intuition and said no. I could've prevented drama on the 1st trip I've ever taken. But I would 've been stuck in a bad friendship if I had said no. I'm very proud to have completed my first semester of journalism during the summer. It's hard to leave the workforce to go back to school once you begin but I did it. And I'm still doing it.

I wish that I'd accepted sooner that certain things were over and just got on with the future, rather than hold myself in the past. On the other hand, I am proud at myself for getting a life, gaining independence again and living for me instead of someone else that was never gonna last in my life anyway.

I had a few health scares this year, which caused a financial and general downward spiral. I wish I would have been more aware of myself and my health, and more mindful of the circumstances which surround taking care of myself.

I wish I hadn't drunk so much before and during Tryst. I missed two nights this year already for drinking too much. All I really wanted was to have fun. I'm proud of having found really good friends. But I guess I'm most proud of having gone through my lola's death during midterm week. It was horrible. But I've come out of it stronger I think. I hope.

I would have made more time for my friends, basically. I feel like I'm slowly losing the will to keep in touch, though I think of them, constantly. It's hard to move to another country.

Steven and I have been friends for several years. He was one of my best friends, and I loved spending time with him. While he and some friends were having a guys' night out, their wives and girlfriends and I had a girls' night out. Steven's wife spent the whole evening bitching about him and basically saying she wished she hadn't married him. I never told him this, though I wanted to. In an ironic turn of events, in the last several months, I found myself to be completely in love with Steven. We would flirt salaciously and many times the flirting became sexual in nature. He also made comments (small ones) about his unhappiness with his marriage, but never said they would divorce/seperate/etc. I realized that Steven's and my relationship had changed and that I was going to end up getting hurt. I made the decision to cut off contact with him entirely for a while. It hurt a lot, but I know it was the best decision I could have made. We've started talking again, and it's better. I've made sure there are definite boundaries and I make sure to cut off any flirting on his side. Also, as a result of cutting off contact with him, I cut 8 inches off my hair, much to his shock, which was very liberating. I also went on a date with someone else recently and had a great time. Even if that doesn't work out, at least I know that I can be strong enough to change a situation that is hurting me.

I would have been kinder to my sister. I love her so much and I would do anything for her, but when I see her making stupid choices I automatically respond with anger. I know that she is a sensitive and kind person - even if the acts like a PITA on the outside. I have to remember to speak to the sister who needs me, not the one who drives me nuts!

I wish I had been able to focus more on my research and reach more of my potential as a grad student.

I wish I'd kept up with my blog. I have not written in 6 months--ouch! My new job and living with someone did not help. Also, need to write more in general!!!

I wish I would have dedicated more time towards the furthering of my business. I'm very proud of the personal growth I experienced this past year and my ability to identify lessons in situations.

Wishing seems so contrary to the lifestyle we live with the US military. Wishing isn't allowed, it seems. Sure, I wish I could have spent more time with family, less time stressing over my endless job search, put more effort into my community volunteering, spent more time listening and laughing with friends. But truth be told, I have so much pride in my accomplishments this past year. Not only did I finish my Fall 2010 classes (that's five GRADUATE school classes, by the way) early and make straight As, but I single-handedly moved myself from Austin, Texas to Rapid City, South Dakota. I moved so fast because the quicker I moved, the more time I got with my husband before his six month deployment. We got 30 whole days. Then, I built a complete life for myself totally from scratch here in South Dakota. In the winter. Alone. I am proud of not gaining weight, I'm proud of all my work with the Humane Society, Red Cross, and Big Brothers Big Sisters. I'm proud of my military spouse community of friends. I'm proud that I moved us from an apartment to a house. I'm proud that I graduated my Master's degree. I'm proud that I finally found a job. I'm proud that I stayed relatively sane, non-alcoholic, and happy. I'm exceptionally proud that I made it through deployment relatively unscathed, and the fact that I took care of my husband, our household affairs, our families, and myself during that challenging time. Truthfully I don't know if I COULD have done anything different this past year. My critical decision to move to South Dakota before deployment wasn't an easy one, but it was most certainly the right decision. Carl came home to a brand new home, a well-connected social wife, a new car, and a flush bank account. A year from last September, I really feel like I'm reaping the seeds I've sown.

I wish I would have told Joan in person that her mom had died. I did not understand what was going on inside of her. Her mom had been slipping away and when the time finally came, I thought it was a fate accompli. My failure to be there was a major mistake on my part.

Hard to say, in retrospect it could have been EASIER to have had 1 wedding in a central place that would have been more unifying for everyone, but I'm also really proud of the fact that despite the strong urges and movement against it all, we still made Italy happen, and it was incredible. I'm proud of the fact that we really did it on our own and played by our own rules. I'm proud of the fact that my business is actually happening ...and growing. Now I need to go out there and CREATE some new business, not just cruise with the flow of the river and take what it gives.

Worked harder. I was healing so I guess I did it as fast as I could. I still have not made the money I want to but I'm on my way. I am proud that I have emotionally healed so much from my marriage falling apart. It does help that my spouse and I are friends and he does want to work it out. I'm not so sure I do anymore. I want him to be a more complete person and work on himself, that would make me happy, that's all I want for him. I don't know if I can ever trust him again. I'm open to that changing in concept but emotionally I just want to stay in this zone of I don't know.

I'm proud of my difficult decision to move cross country and start a life I'm now really happy about.

I wish I had gotten started on the business development process for my photography sooner. It's time to stop being so scared! Alternatively, I'm proud of myself for even taking those first tentative steps. I WILL get there someday, and be my own boss!

I wish I had more actively stood up for my son when my husband started his snarky comments about him (stepfamily situation, son is in college, doesn't do enough around the house when he's home and so forth). In not doing so, I feel like I let my son down. I wish I hadn't waited so long to find a new job. My last position (10+ years in the same company) had me feeling I'd never find another position. But I did - and in waiting, a position with a great organization. In the past year I'm proud of the fact that my sons continue to be the extraordinary men I've brought them up to be. I'm also proud of the fact that even in a bad economy, I found a good job.

Take better care of myself. More routine fitness and healthy support -- vitamins, doctor check ups, etc.

I'm proud that I got better at maths and that I don't dislike it as strongly as before, but I wish it had happened sooner.

I wish I would have taken more time to realize what I needed for myself and less time trying to perfect relationships that I felt would ultimately bring me happiness because I was lonely, unattached, etc. I am proud because I was able to break that tie eventually even though it caused some financial damage and stress, but I am finally getting it together and realizing what I want and need.

I am very happy I was brave enough to leave my job, and move to a new country in an atempt to develop a personal project. No regrets!!!!!

I wish I could make the bad thoughts in my head go away. I am not especially proud of anything.

Spoken to my boyfriend more about what I want. Now I'm in a place that's of my own making, and each word unsaid makes it a little more difficult to start the conversation

I wish I had done better in school this last year. I did horribly and as a reward I am now on acadmic probation. I am also very anxious and stressed out. I am proud of the fact that I have lived by myself during the year. I am also proud of my relationship with my family and my grandpa.

I wish I had started working harder in school earlier. This past semester, I got really good grades in almost all my classes, but the semester before, I didn't do so well. I just wish I had kept myself more motivated. However, I am proud at how much my GPA has improved, and at how hard I'm working this semester!

I wish I didnt lose $1k gambling during an annual trip to Tahoe with friends. Nevertheless, small price to pay for a great time with great friends. I am proud of strengthening my marriage. This year has thrown my wife and I a lot of challenging situations, both personally and as a unit. Despite the many ups and downs, we made it out on the other side better, more experienced people with a stronger-than-ever bond.

I should have worked more in university. I had a lot of plans for this year that I didn't think about. My life has been a mess at some points. But, on the other hand, I organised a trip for my whole class. I engaged in my student praesidium, I learned to take care of my own bank account, my own doctors appointments, etc... It made me realise that I want to do something like that in my future, organising things, for example in a music record company.

I'm really proud of my grades. Idk why. But the fact that despite everything I had good ones. I'm kinda bummed about having fallen in love with the wrong person, but that happens a lot.

I wish I had tried harder at my university work from the very start so I would have got better marks in my exams. This year I will work much harder.

What I'm really proud of, is deciding that freelancing isn't for me right now, and after only a few months, I found the niche in which I wanted to work and landed an excellent job.

I wish I had stuck to my workouts better. Not chowed down so much fast food. I wish I'd enjoyed going out more.

I don´t think, that there is something I wish I had done diferently. It´s good to take things how it´s going.

I am please that I completed the requirements for the Interplay leader and am now a certified leader. I am pleased with my house improvements that took a long time to find the Green contractor to make the project easy and completed. I am especially pleased with my art making. I am more focused and have worked on collagraphs collage and watercolors with good outcomes. I plan to go forward with that. I am glad to be where I am and working on more ways to become connected and feel connected. I plan to do more yoga in the future. It will promote my health and balance.

I wish I'd have been more empathatic with my grandson. Raising him has been a blessing and a challenge. I realize that I've dictated more than I've listened or tried to decipher what goes on within him. Only recently, have I tried to really put myself in his shoes and tried to imagine his life from his perspective. Now I realize that it is not easy to be him. I've reached an age where it is much easier for me to be me. He is still searching, even beginning, his search for his identity and place in the world. I realize that he will do it his way, and not mine. I need to relax, be supportive, and be there when he stumbles and know that he is on his own path that will lead him to his highest good. I hope. What I'm proudest of this year has been my determination to say "Yes" to life. I've attempted more, learned more and found my life enriched by new friends, experiences and skills. Fear often dictated a "no" response to opportunities. Now I think and say YES as a first response. There's lots more adventure!

I wish I had spent more time with Andrew last year. I wish I had been nicer to Bill. I feel as though if I spend more time with Andrew, I can help him get on with his life. I feel like I never spent enough time with him while he was growing up--the other two kids claimed too much of my attention. And no matter how hard I try, I can't seen to refrain from being really mean to Bill. It's usually in response to a very mild chastisement of some sort, but I am hyper sensitive to that. I think its because I grew up internalizing all the criticism I've ever received, and tried very, very hard to please the critic. I have learned how to deal with this at work, but not with Bill for some reason.

I'm proud of myself for increasingly facing my daily fears and anxieties, and pushing past them to establish healthy habits. Instead of avoiding the things I'm anxious about, I'm more likely to face them, examine them, and decide the best course of action in spite of them. As a result, many long-time anxieties have diminished significantly in this last year.

I wish I would have been more angry at one of my friends so that she would have learned her lesson and would have learned to apologize. And I wish I would have stayed longer in Australia.

I wish I would have budgeted my money better.

Nope. But I am proud that I had the strength and the intelligence to know that I needed to leave my old job. I am also proud of the fact that I have been able to put myself in a financial position that I can afford to put my little brother through college.

There are so many times that I kept things bottled up inside me instead of talking to the people I was having issues with, and I wish I would have spoken up more in those cases. But I am proud of when I finally took charge and moved dorm rooms because of my awful roommate and her treatment towards me.

I wish i had acted more maturly while dealing with the "charlotte situation". I have become more open and understanding. I have started to see things in a more broad point of view. I have matured and shown my true self to those around me.

I wish I had been more healthy, eating healthy and doing more physical activity even though I was so tired from my job. Also wish I had kept in better touch with all my friends.

I wish I would have spent less time obsessing over what I cant change and spent more time on the things that I can. But I am also proud of myself for not just falling in a pit and staying there but working hard to forge ahead and be positive about new things.

I wish I had traveled more this summer and started a garden. I was focused on relaxing, resting, and taking care of myself this past summer; but there is little to show for that. I want to work more in the dirt. I want to see more places. I am proud of myself for resurfacing and painting the bathroom. I am proud of swimming from Point Bonita.

I should have been a better employee. I accepted the job offer, so I should have taken more responsibility for my choices. But, I am proud of myself for taking responsibility for my health.

Sometimes I wish I had started therapy to deal with how angry I get at my kids. I hate my temper and feel like I am being such a bad role model.

I wish I would have worked with my master's thesis group project team more respectfully and less selfishly.

I answered a friend's seemingly honest question about his behavior with reciprocal honesty and he reacted with the same behavior toward me - so i lost a fried. Given the same opportunity and knowing his level of self-delusion, i would have waffled in my answer and kept him as a friend (he needs all he can get!) Alternatively, I have been particularily proud of the relationship i have fostered with my grown daughter who is facing some of the same challenges i did at her age: she sincerely seems to appreciate my sharing my life experience with her- that makes me very proud of her and my mothering skills, at last!

I wish I would have worked alot harder in school but I'm glad I'm working harder this year.

I would have spent more time investigating ways to better myself intellectually, emotionally, and physically. I feel that if I put more effort into doing this I would be more confident. Alternatively, I am proud that I got a promotion and several awards recognizing my work at the NIH.

I wish I would have lost the weight I kept saying I would. If I just stayed committed and disciplined I know I could have done it. I feel so uncomfortable in my own skin. I am proud that I fulfilled my goal of becoming a teacher. I love my job!

I really don't have too many regrets. I wish I wasted less time and worked more efficiently. But I have had a great year, both professionally and personally. I have helped out at my son's school quite a bit, and I feel like things continue to move in a positive direction. We took two great family vacations, and had so many great experiences, urban and rural, in nature and in cities, learning about history and connecting with family. I am very pleased to have put that together for my son, who is turning out to be a great person.

That's a good question - because that's exactly my problem at the moment... I'm more than undecided between these two points of view. On one hand I'm proud of working freelance since August 2009; but at the same moment I'm unsure if it's the right way of taking care of my family. Money- and responsibilty-wise. Becoming a father and behaving like one seems to be my main topic for over seven months now (when my daughter was born). And even though time keeps passing through I don't get to the point f being really sure about all my decisions.

I just wished I could have had studied harder/more time so I didn't commit so many baby errors on tests and so.

Differently- I would have handled the news of my wifes 'infidelity' differently... Proud of- Helped move the facility that I work at and helped to get the new facility online. And renewed my faith in God...

Well, I'm proud of my patient recovery from brain surgery and going through th difficult times with as much grace as possible. As for doing things differently, I wish I had better control over Lashon Hara; I'm always working on that.

I wish I'd gotten up earlier every day and done more. I've got a lot of stuff I could/should be doing, but I'm lazy and tend to put off launching and working on projects. I have lots of time and could pack a great deal of activity into each day. I don't. Continue to work on it . . . actually, just think about it . . . but never seem to change much. Maybe tomorrow!

I wish I had talked to a friend about something that hurt my feelings. I wasn't sure about her reaction so I didn't say anything. It has hurt our friendship and I wish I would have said something. Alternatively, I handled a difficult situation at work to the best of my ability. Even though I was let go, I held on to my confidence and sense of self worth.

I wish I had work harder on finishing my thesis to get the master degree. Some situations were out of my hands but some others were on mines. I got the diploma for finishing my classes but not the official title. I know I can finish it later but I wish I could done that this past year. About been proud, getting the job I always wanted. Been selected between 120 candidates is what make me more proud about myself.

I am pleased with the progress I have made on a difficult creative project, gaining clarity about its message and my goals. And it's good!!!!

something I had done differently, taken more steps towards my indpepence, and been less scared of taken risks.

I wish I had been more open, assertive and proactive. I am glad I have worked on the way to doing this more but I hope to become even more open and honest about my dreams, hopes, goals, thoughts and even fears a and faults with those I am close to.

I wish I had made more time for myself. Enjoy a hobby, relax, read more, learn something like a language, a trade, instead of spending so much time working or worrying about work. I married my best friend. And I bought a house. I'm making a career out of my job.

I wish I would have saved my money when I had it instead of paying off a lot of my big debts. I could use that money right now. Alternatively, I'm proud of continuing successful progress with my physical balance in every circumstance.

im living my life more honestly. in every way- even though doing so has been hard and caused pain to people i love- the quality of my relationships are markedly better and i feel purposeful and strong.

I am especially proud of analyzing and drafting an order that was affirmed, thereby establishing a minor piece of evidentiary law.

There's nothing that stands out significantly that I was ashamed of. I enjoyed the time I got to spend with family but could always use more. I'm really proud of the summer programs that happened this summer. It was a lot of work but I think it was a great thing overall for our church.

I wished I had been more sensitive to focused on the true source my daughter's feelings.

I am especially proud of the progress I have made as a teacher and as a volunteer for my sports team. In both, I've excelled, earning myself respect from others and satisfaction in knowing I'm doing everything I can to do a good job. I know I've helped the adults I teach ESL to speak better English and have more confidence doing it - they tell me so. As a referee, I have gone from fan to underling to head referee in less than a year, and I keep learning more and training others. I'm very proud! In the past year, I wish I would have taken more responsibility for finding a solution for my brother and my mom, who moved in together following the death of my father in February 2009. I wish I had insisted on them getting outside help - of an agency, friends, or church members - to structure their lives and have an official system of support/activities/time apart. My mom has cognitive problems similar to Alzheimer's, and it is a lot of work for my brother to keep her occupied - in addition to his full-time job. My mom is bored at home alone most of the day, far from friends and family and less able to engage with them over the internet or the phone. Her disorder makes it hard for her to get out and about without getting lost. She loves being around kids, making new friends, and exercising. The intervention of another person or group could occupy her and give my brother some time for himself when he's not at work. If I had followed my suspicions when they moved in together, I would have made these arrangements for them. I know it's not my "job" but I wish I had done it.

I wish that I had done better in Geometry and not let myself fail. That was one of the hardest parts of my school year, knowing that i could possibly fail Geometry.

I wish I had worked harder in school. Not giving it my all this past year made it a lot easier to give up this year and not return.

No, can't say there is. Nor can I say I'm proud of anything I did as I feel the best emanates from my Higher Power. I am however grateful to have been willing and open to the good and for the courage to proceed.

I wish I'd done better with planning my cash flow, as that has been a significant (and annoying) source of stress at several points over the year. On the flip side, I'm super proud of the new business idea I've come up with, and of the steps I've already taken to bring that business into existence.

I wish that I hadn't abandoned my friends while I was dating him. They are so amazing and I love them. Especially my best friend. How could I've been such a jerk? Blowing her off so I could hang out with him? She is the other half of me. I should not have let a boy who wasn't worth it come between us. Keep that in mind for next time around.

I would have worked harder on getting more art done and experimenting with new mediums. On the other hand, I am very proud of myself for having my first feature show in a gallery with 17 pieces of art.

I am very proud to move from studying into a fully active work life. Getting 2 jobs in cool agencies was a big step!

I wish that I had kept my car and worked harder to get it repaired. Although I've been able to get around okay on the bus, not having a car in Los Angeles is somewhat limiting.

I'm especially proud that I've put "job/career" into a place of being part of who I am rather than being THE ROLE that I am. I have no regrets but with this said I have many areas for improvement. I wish to be more actively loving toward others and myself, to live more in the present (without the worries and habits of the past or worries yearnings of the future), to be more accepting of what is, to actively let everyone I know I see their incredible potential (not where they are lacking) and most importantly to be less fearful.

I would have eaten less candy and suffered less migraines. I am proud that I am taking better care of myself than in the past, but I have a way to go. Taking care of myself for me means exercising, eating well, having time "off" (observing Shabbat), and spending time with my family when I am mentally present.

i would of worked harder to get a higher gpa and i would of cut back on my vices. I did a lot of stuff I am not proud of and i wish i didn't do them. I wish i prayed more and repented myself. I wished i worked harder. i got a good gpa but i want the best gpa so hopefully next year is all work no play!

I am extremely proud of the fact that we were faced with the ultimate challenge of infertility and will patience, intelligence and perseverance, I was able to overcome it.

I wish I would've worked harder to get myself in shape. I'm paying for it now, but the results will totally be worth it. I hope. I hope that by this time, next year (9/9/10 today), I'll be 200 lbs. Please say I can do this. Please oh please.

I wish I would have been more careful, and thought a little more before I acted. I feel like I'm always rushing through everything, which leads me to sometimes make poor decisions. I wish I would have taken time to meditate, to just be alone with myself and my thoughts.

I've had a difficult relationship with a work colleague over several years, but we were managing to work together despite our differences. Over the last year, things deteriorated. I know I contributed to that, and I wish I had handled some of our interactions with more patience and sensitivity.

I think all of the events of the past year have brought about a significant change. If I did any one thing differently, it most likely would have changed the sum total of my experience and I would have missed out on some serious life lessons. Proud of..I guess it would be staying very calm in the middle of a storm.That I am proud of.

I wish I had not given up on my half marathon training, despite the broken toe. I certainly wish I hadn't gained 40 pounds! I wish had planned better for my transition out of office life and into becoming self employed. I'm glad I had the balls to quit working for TMO. I'm glad I chose to stay here with Geoff and work on a life with him, even if it meant giving up 80k and a full time job. I'm glad I signed up for oil painting and found a therapist when I really needed one.

I wish that I had the courage to make friends. It's been nine months and I know the same three people that I knew before I moved. I have a lot of trouble leaving the apartment because I have no one to be around and that gets scary. I proud that I moved though! I'm down about how slowly things are moving sometimes, but it will all come together.

I wish I had gotten out and done more yard work this year. Now the time has past, the weather is changing, and I'll have to wait until next year to play in the dirt. I'm proud that I made a really nice baby quilt for a baby that I've never seen and for parents that I don't really know. The quilt took me 3 month to finish.

I wish I had been more patient when dealing with people, especially with my mom. I am proud of how brave and courageous I have been this year (i.e. changing jobs, going on birthright to Israel, etc.). I am proud of how much I have matured this year.

Yes - I wish I didn't make my boyfriend move in when he wasn't ready. He moved out not long after he moved in. Thankfully we are still together and he thinks that he might still move in. In fact he moved some of his stuff back, thankfully.

Each year I seem to wish I had managed my time and money more efficiently. I seem to never "get ahead". But I look forward to this year being a turning point in both areas, as I have made a significant change in my career. I'm especially proud of the way I've begun to organize my home. I have always been a collector and clutterer, but deep down wished I could be as organized on the outside as I am on the inside. The apartment looks and feels great and soon I plan to take all of that organization into my office and the rest of my life.

I am glad I was able to leave my job, and be home with my children.

I would like to have handled my previous boss more directly. I am proud of deciding to leave the same crappy boss without a back-up plan. I am also proud that I completed my masters degree.

I wish that I'd been more able to focus on enjoying my new baby daughter and less concentrated on how demolished I felt physically and spiritually from the experience of her birth. I am proud, though, that I got into treatment for post-partum depression and feel that I'm now well on my way to feeling better.

I wish I had spent more time speaking to locals while in Austria and learning about the differences between our cultures. But I'm proud I went to Austria, even if the courage only came from my sister going to England.

I wish that I hadn't put so much of my heart and soul into a job that hasn't yet given me anything back.

I never feel that I have been present enough or positive enough or patient enough with my two boys. That said, I am so proud of both of them - especially the oldest who faces each day autistic and anxious. I try to tell him how much I admire him - even though he is an annoying teenager at times.

Done diffrently: Spend more time with kids & wife. Proud of: Thinking more about God's nature.

I have been pretty successful at NOT imposing my world view on my 21 year old daughter, allowing her the room to make her own way, and her own mistakes, with my support. I may regret not being more intrusive, but I hope and believe that's not the case.

i wish i'd made hard decisions earlier. they just get harder later.

I got out of credit card debt. I didn't have that much, but it's a relief. I beefed up my savings so when I took a vacation this year, I paid for the trip out of savings. I took that trip solo and stayed on the beach for a week. I've vacationed alone before, but I'm always proud of myself for doing it and not waiting around for someone else before I can go. I really don't think I've done anything that I regret, or wish I'd done differently. If I did, then I certainly don't want to remember it.

I wish I would have been more strict with myself with spending money. Being in debt is no fun, and I wish I would have seen that before I spent so much on things I didn't need.

I wish I'd managed to be the generous and sorted woman I wanted to be at my brother's wedding, instead of the anxious teenager who didn't feel like she fitted in. In fact, I wish I'd been the generous and sorted woman that I want to be in many situations - maybe it's time to start now. I also wish I'd exercised more, danced more, and eaten less cake. Although the cake was nice.

I wish I hadn't gone on vacation during my two spring breaks, and instead caught up on schoolwork. I had an atrocious spring semester (rightfully earning my first ever D) and I had several opportunities to save it, but... didn't.

I wish I would have spent more time with my dad before I left for college. I am especially proud of directing my first play this year. (:

I wish that my school year had gone better this year. It seems as if the happiness of my family stems from how I do in school, which I hate because it adds unnecessary stress to me. If my grades had been better, if I had applied myself more, there would have been fewer arguments between myself and my parents, which usually cause arguments between the two of them. Maybe what I would most like to change is my communication with my parents- because if they understood how unfair their expectations were, they might realize how hard I am working and they would back off. This in turn would make all of us happier.

I regret not making my Mom's trip more enjoyable for her by getting out of my head & troubles. I wish I showed more grace for her & where she's at in her life. This past year, I proved an outstanding work ethic. I showed myself that I am a dedicated and dependable designer. I don't make excuses.

I am still learning how best to train and inspire my employees. I wish I had had the wisdom to be more patient and respectful of some of the people I trained and coached. Ideally, I would like to be accepting of people's natures, clear in my expectations, and respectful in my manner when asking more of people. I have much to learn. I am proud of the degree to which I have developed my baking skills, and hope that I can confer that to my employees.

In the past year, I think I've finally really embraced how goal-oriented I really am, and maybe I even feel proud of that. I've lost 20 pounds. I just ran a half-marathon. For maybe the first time, I really don't feel apologetic for being organized, efficient, and able to meet the goals I set for myself.

I wish I'd been able to accept and acknowledge to myself that Jean was nearing death. As a result of that, I wish I'd spent more time with her rather than backing off which I've realized is what I do when I'm going to lose someone. I've done the same thing with Shumway and it will catcc up to me. Though it doesn't seem like I'm reaping the rewards, I'm proud of the fact that I recovered quickly from the Ray debacle and went back to work with conviction. It hasn't been easy or pleasant to have to take calls, but when they've come in, I have answered the phone. The problem is, it seems to be too little, too late.

I would have been clearer about what I did and didn't want in relationships or non-relationships. On the other side, I'm proud of having gotten into graduate school, and not only gotten in, but had many options to chose from.

I wish I would be more honest and straight forward with people even if they don't like what I have to say. I seem to care about people's feelings too much and try to please everyone...but that is not authentic.

i wish i would have spent more time talking to my 14 year old dog the morning i put her to sleep. i was so scared of doing it that i rushed through it as fast as i could, and afterward found out that i could have postponed euthanasia for some time, months even. i still hate myself for that. alternatively, i was asked to participate in a drawing exhibit. i was proud to have been approached just on the merit of the quality of my work.

I am especially proud that this past year I took a stand for my beliefs. It made me unpopular with some of my friends, and did cause rifts with them, but its helped me grow as a person, and it even made it so that I could manage to be adult enough to heal those rifts and rebuild the friendships. I do wish though, that I had been a bit more diplomatic about things from the beginning.

I wish that I would have trusted my instincts in the first place, instead of having to learn that the hard way. However, I have really and truly learned that lesson this time and spent the rest of the year benefiting from giving my instincts a stronger voice. That part has been good, and I'm proud of myself for doing it -- even if it means sometimes not having a clear logical reasoning process behind a decision. It's helped me clean out toxic relationships I've been carrying for a decade. It's pushed me to make some really wonderful new friends, to be brave enough to try new things. I think I can safely say that learning to trust myself has been one of the primary reasons behind me finding my way back to a faith and having the courage to immerse myself in one that works for me but would horrify and grieve my parents if they found out how I practice my beliefs. I'm proud of each hard-won step I've made to break free of the impetus to conform to the way I was raised.

I wouldn't have given up my job and would have had more discipline.... as i now still look for a job

I wish I had put myself out there more, tried to make more friends my first year in a new town, at a new school. I'm always so guarded. I don't know why I am this way but it really can end up making me feel depressed or feel sorry for myself. I would say that keeping to myself helped improve my grades so I guess that's something to be proud of.

While there are small things I'm hoping to do better at in the future, on the whole I'm proud of what I've done this year. I left my job on a sound footing, I entered into an entirely new situation--living and working on a sustainable community farm--and I'm so happy with how that's changed my life. I've never regretted that decision or the mindful way I entered into it. If there is anything I did regret, it's not insisting on getting more time milking the goats while they were in milk earlier this year; I did enjoy that while I was doing it.

Studied waaaaay harder! but Im really proud of myself for passing all my classes which i have never done!

I am proud of my AS grades, however I would have revised harder for them. I got what I expected but with the tougher system it will be harder to get into university. Meaning I wish I had spent less time procrastinating.

I guess I wish I had taken a different path with regards to my relationship. It's hard to say, because in a way I guess all the ups and downs have led me to something or somewhere I wouldn't have been without them, but at the end of it all I guess I had reached a more definitive conclusion earlier in the process instead of all this on again off again stuff.

I wish I had prepared my son better for his SAT's

I wish I had spent more time in Laos and had gotten to Cambodia and China. So little time and so little money. Hopefully the opportunity will present itself in the future - if only employers in the States gave us more vacation days.

My life is a constant evaluation of what I could have done differently. I spend too much time regretting - wish I'd gotten a PhD; wish I were thinner; wish I lived somewhere else; wish I danced more; wish I joined a theatre group; - it's time to stop wishing and start doing. I say that every day. My procrastination makes me angry; I am the only one who can change this. Pride in my son and husband is deepest in me. Pride in beginning a business on my own, though then we go up to question 1 and I beat myself up for not accomplishing more. But, staying focused on pride - pride in reaching out to friends, encouraging colleagues. Pride in reading Crime and Punishment! Pride in my own willingness to think deeply about what is important, where my place falls in this universe, and how I bring meaning to my life and the lives of those I love.

I wish I had not let a falling out with my husband's former friend/business partner to take up so much of our time and energy. To forgive him and forget about him sooner would have been a gift to ourselves

I wish I would've stuck to my decisions and projects more. Really quit smoking. Learned how to cook. Made more than just a few necklaces. Kept up with my Leandro workout dvds. I always start out strong then dwindle. So many projects left undone, so many jaunts started but not completed.

Done differently: Wow, this is a really hard question to answer because I believe in living with no regrets. I probably would have drank less alcohol, slept with less men, and focused more on my work. I would have kept more of a regimented schedule (to an extent) and implemented a little more discipline into my life. I wouldn't have drank and driven the many times that I have. I would have done more yoga and worked out 4-5x per week. I'm not happy about gaining 20 lbs. over the last year. Especially proud: Because I did all of those things listed above, I was able to really let loose and not take life so seriously. I mostly freed myself from anxiety and had a lot of experiences and fun. I am especially proud of being able to change careers around March from a job where I hated what I did basically screwing people over to a job where I was promoting Colorado tourism and helping many different types of businesses. I learned how to "live out of a bag" for 3-4 days out of the week for a total of about six months. I learned how to live on less money and became aware of the materialism in my life. I have become less materialistic, more adventurous, more spontaneous, and learned even more about the endless possibilities when I put out an intention.

This past year has been about experiencing the fruits of all the inner worker have been doing. I am seeing that I can trust myself and others for the first time in my life, what a blessing! I also trust the timing in my life and I trust the process of my personal growth. I can finally live (for the most part) in the moment. I would like to say my meditation practice is firmly in place, it's not, but it is part of my process and it is developing. I no longer strive for perfection, just progress. I forgive myself quicker and easier, and I understand I am powerless to change anything except myself. This knowledge is liberating I no longer believe I can "fix" anyone.

I'm proud of myself for going after my dreams and I wish that I had been strong enough to tell him that I loved him before I stopped.

This has been a relatively even year. Nothing had brought me too high, nor has anything brought me down low. I think we focus more on the negatives, so I have to deem this a fairly decent year.

Easier to reflect on what I'm proud of - seeking to be more authentic (and succeeding!), working on my relationships with men - friendships and romances - learning to be myself at work I also have made good choices about participating in growth-supporting activities like the Hazon Ride, WWOOFING, Esalen, etc. But I want to push myself to think about things I could have done differently. Really programmed not to have regrets but this is more about being aware of, and learning from, the "chets". Not communicating as well as I could with mom while she was here. Gosh I don;t know because I have always been doing the best I can so in retrospect I see things I could have done differently but I didn't know better in the moment.

I wish I didn't run away from my problems as much and that I stayed in therapy because I think it was helping me. I'm proud that I actually went to therapy to begin with. I'm proud I tried to get help and I now understand myself more and it helped me step out of my comfort zone and get the school newspaper job. Because of therapy and my better understanding of how my crazy mind works I'm a bit more confident and am more willing to step out of my comfort zone. I'm proud of that.

I wish I could go back in time, and listen in every single Geography lesson because now it's too late, and it's too hard to learn it all. I have a dog phobia, and I was proud of the one time I stood still when a big dog was circling me (playfully) baring it's fangs of destruction.

Yes, I wish I would have allowed myself to be vulnerable and try new things more. I wish I would have made more friends, and I also wish I would have given the whole relationship thing a try. I don't know why it's so hard for me to allow myself to connect with people.

I wish I kept a better outlook. I really should have taken to heart what Zen said about optimism. I am proud of my fortitude to stick through rough spots exacerbated by my own attitude.

I would not have listened to the real estate lady and would not have moved out. Would have stayed in my home paid off all credit card debt and let them forclouse on house instead of running up Credit Card debt and now losing house and filing bankruptcy anyway. Nothing overall - this year was a disaster from start to finish. (and it isn't over yet.

I wish I would have stuck with my diet instead of giving up. I do it all the time. I say I'm going to do it and I do, for a couple of days or a week, and then I just quit. And because of that huge disappointment, I don't think I can say that I'm particularly proud of anything right now.

1. I wish I had not admonished another driver about his behavior. His driving behavior became more dangerous, immediately. His subsequent rage endangered my life, created days of fear among my family members and friends, and endless legal problems for him. I am not everyone's teacher, but I have something to learn in each moment. 2. I'm so very proud of my niece, Lauren. Having lived through the death of her husband and the need to downsize her life immediately, she lives with such grace: raising two beautiful children, pursuing her education and vocation, maintaining her spiritual and emotional center, staying connected in her family and friend relationships. I feel inspired and uplifted after every visit with her.

There are some little things I would have made different choices about. And I would have focused less on worry and more on possibility. I am especially proud of pushing myself to be open.

I really, really, want to stop being an impulsive buyer. I can't hold money on my hands, i always spend it all. I just made my biggest mistake this year and it was so bad because of my impulsive side. I just want to get over it. Really. I'm so tired. On the contrary, i'm proud of being a member of a community we just built in the beginning of the year. We did lots of great job there, we even held a charity for people. It's nice to know that you can do something good for everyone.

I wish I had been more responsible with my alcohol consumption/ money spending. It's something I'm working on.

I wish I didn't allow my nerves to take over during the process of setting up the financing for my son's college, leading to costly mistakes. Alternatively, I'm so happy that I was able to stay focused on the goal of making sure my son had everything he needed to go to college he wanted, despite the discouraging mistakes.

I wish I had really gotten organized and didn't spend so much time in the computer after I lost my job. I wish I had started some sort of exercise program and made getting healthy my goal. I am proud that I started a lot of volunteering for hospice and nursing homes.

I'm not one to dwell on past choices, especially because I believe that everything in life happens for a reason, including any less than fantastic decisions that I've made. But if I was to pick one thing, I would have to say it would be not draining my savings account to try to keep going with the startup that I helped create. Sometimes I wish I had listened to the voice sooner that was trying to tell me to pull out while I still had a safety net. I'm eternally optimistic about working with others and in groups, but I don't know if I'll ever work that closely with a friend again. I feel like my sense of loyalty got in the way of perhaps doing what was best for me financially. Now I know the difference between a really good idea and a really good business partner. But the decision to leave is one that I am proud of, because it was a huge leap of faith to jump from another person's dream and finally into my own.

A year ago I came to college and became more myself than I've ever been. I'm so proud of myself for finding my ground. Even though my moral ground has struggled, I think I've found the strenght to carry on how I should.

I wish I had refrained from getting so involved at my job. It led to nothing but stress, weight-gain and extreme frustration and difficulty. To boot, I lost the one thing I loved doing more than anything - my leadership class. I'm proud of getting so involved at my job. I stood up for others and I worked hard to make my work a better place to be, both for the teachers and the students. While I wish I hadn't done it, since it's done, I'm glad I did.

I would have taken more chances, both personally and professionally. Too many times I played it safe rather than take the risk and go for that editing position or talk to that girl.

I wish I could have allowed others to suffer the natural consequences of their actions, versus working so hard to protect them. I have dangerously defined myself by my caretaking, which has made me compulsively shield my partner from the pain of her own choices, even though it served neither of us in the end.

Iwish I had treated my wife more kindly at times. Remembered her hardship and her suffering and her heart and her love for me before I got so mad at her. I also wish I had not let my baby see and hear me yell at her mom. I also wish I had not let my baby fall out of the bed when we were sleeping together or off the changing table when I was tending to her. It has been a stressful time for us. However, I am proud at the same time of the love and affection I have given them both. I am also proud of how I take care of my daughter when I am alone with her. Not every second of it, but we have had some really, really wonderful times.

Actually, I've done some new things and taking some new steps I had not been able to do in the past few years and it's been very good for me.

no...every step is perfect to my remembering I AM. i'm grateful for the steps given me this year ....like eft, h'oponopono, the power of now, ramtha, my daughter cassandra, steve, and my desire to give up things that i'm tired of and create something else. may i (i don't know if it should be proudly) accept the isness of now and be open to it's power and thots that are given me now. i want to open myself to what is coming to me now.

I wish I'd taken a lighter approach to everyday little things and not mull as much over them. I am proud have been a big support to my aunt.

I wish I would have been more disciplined and diligent about working on certain projects, like my website, even when the results were discouraging. On the other hand, I'm proud that I haven't given up completely, and also proud that I have strengthened old friendships, become more organized, and remained committed to taking care of myself and those around me.

I wish we would have watched our spending habits more closely. Now we are playing catch up and we are not prepared if something were to go wrong. Sadly, I cannot think of something I am especially proud of.

Wow, if I answer this then I have to change it, because regrets with changes is just baseless whining. Lets see, I wish I would go to sleep at my regular bedtime rather than stay up watching TV or talking on the phone. I wish I would do homework everyday in order to stay in touch. I wish I would stay on my schedule of body, health,organization, and follow through.

I wish that I had taken better care of myself physically and emotionally along with keeping off the weight that I lost the year before.

At this stage of my career, I was faced with the daunting realization that only a change of path would ensure my continued personal growth. I took the risky/selfish decision, therefore, to spend the whole year working full-time on pro-bono activities, supporting causes close to my heart (health, sustainability, green urban design, development of bicycle networks, youth empowerment and creativity). I am extremely proud of the accomplishments that I and the many wonderful people with whom I have worked were able to realize. The rational thinker in me is perhaps wishing a little that I had chosen a more jobs-friendly environment to step away "temporarily" from paying employment, but I have faith that the amalgam of what I have been able to contribute and what I have learned will actually position me even more strongly, now that I begin to explore opportunities for the next phase of my "paid" career! Above and beyond this faith is the secure knowledge that I have contributed to change: I have helped grow a small film screening event in to the world's largest youth empowerment event of its kind in the world; I have led the charge for the development of bicycle lanes on major thoroughfares through my city, and got City Council to approve some major restripings; I have helped corporations rethink and heighten their commitment to their CSR practices; among other "wins". No matter what my personal career trajectory brings in the near future, my score card is in fine shape!

I wish I had pursued accounting jobs during the first 4 months of the year...so that I would not have needed to move in with family. I am proud of my flexibility and adaptability and mostly positive attitudes. I am proud of my willingness to follow the China Study diet and take control of what I put in my mouth. I am proud I closed the chapter on caregiving this year.

I am really proud of my working toward streamlining my life. I am reducing the physical clutter in my home, the mental clutter in my head and the relationship clutter in my life. It is leaving me with the space and time for the more important tings and people in my life.

No, I actually don't think there is anything that I wish I'd done differently. I've been pretty happy this year. Though there's nothing that I'm especially proud of either. It's just been an average year. How boring.

I should've ditched that guy faster and without regrets. I wasted a lot of time and energy on him that he didn't deserve. And I let my "firsts" go too easy; I should've known that even if some things had changed, everything didn't have to change. I'm proud of myself for making it through school and trying to be a good friend to my friends who needed me. I could have done better, maybe... but I didn't give up and at the time, that was all I could manage.

I wish I had spent more time on spirituality this year. I don't spend enough time daily in prayer or meditation. I need to find that time throughout the day for instrospection and gratitude. I am proud that we are working so hard on saving money and paying off credit card debt. I hate for that pressure to be in our marriage and I'm glad we are working to eliminate it, albeit slowly.

Allowed myself to give in to inertia and the avoidance of pain after a car accident, becoming completely inactive. It's obvious my health suffers as a result and change will take even more effort. I'm embarrassed to have so little discipline.

I wish I had quit my job at the agency when I knew it was over, instead of trying to play it safe and fine something else, and getting fired because it was obvious to everyone that it wasn't working out. I didn't know that I'd be able to find a new job in a week, or I would have likely quit at the beginning of March. I'm very proud of the fact that I decided to pull the trigger on going to grad school. It's a decision that had been hanging over my head for a year or so.

Oh, well, the usual: I wish I'd been more kind and less stupid. Despite knowing it to be a persistent fault and genuinely wishing to change, I can still recall instances when I said something unkind in an attempt to be clever. It is as if I am speaking for the benefit of an unseen person. A person I believe will appreciate my wit and love me for it. But people are not loved for wit. Despised and sometimes feared, yes, but not loved. And on the whole, I'd rather be loved. Also per usual: I wish I had eaten less, exercised more and lost the 150 pounds which is the only thing standing between me and physical perfection, besides age, infirmity, flat feet, and knock knees.

I am trying to be more open to others, trusting people (both in my professional and personal relationships) and not reacting as if others' actions are always suspect. I am connecting more with the people who are important to me, being more patient with my spouse, and putting my expectations into perspective.

Sometimes, when I get really lonely, I wish that I tried again with John before he began dating Amy. I remember the last day I saw him before I left for England - he didn't want to leave because I wouldn't stop crying. If I hadn't left - and really tried to be with him, would we actually be together now? Would I not regret it? Sadly enough that's also the thing I'm most proud of. I left - without any real guarantee that I'd be happy, and it was the best experience of my life. I met people who I will be friends with forever, and I got to really experience part of the world when I feel that it truly counts.

I wish I would have allowed myself to follow my heart and not be so guarded. I know it's kept me from experiencing many different things and has left me somewhat embittered. But it's a lesson learned, and I know that I have to trust my gut more often. I am especially proud of the fact that I got my makeup artist license this past year, and in doing so was asked to be the head of the makeup department for my sister's high school's musical. It was an experience I'll never forget, and the kids were amazing to work with.

I wish I'd revised earlier and harder for my As exams! Seriously though, I wish I'd had the guts to go and find new friends earlier when I joined sixth form. I wasted a lot of year 12 spending time with people who I didn't really have anything in common with anymore, despite them being good friends with me at high school. If I'd broken away a little sooner, apart from anything, I might have gotten to know Beth a little better before she died. We were only just getting close when she was cruelly taken away from us, and I wish I'd had the courage to break away from my friends sooner, and spend more time with the people who seem to care about me more.

I strive to live my life with no regrets. A recent "New York Magazine" article quoted William Shatner as saying something like "regrets are stupid, you don't know that the other path may have killed you." So I'm happy and content where I am right now and incredibly grateful for everyone and everything that brought me here.

I have a lot that I would change this past year, but I don't really think I'm gonna jump the bullet and change something and risk not being as happy as I am now. I don't want to be greedy, that's all.

I am really proud of the decisions made, especially leaving my old job behind. Sometimes it is hard to let go old habits, places, routines... and I had the courage to leave a very secure place to accept a huge challenge in a start up business.

I don't regret anything this year because the changes in my life were beyond my control. Is there something proud... no.

I would have done my essays earlier than the night before they were due in.

Proud of the way I organised the e-mail campaignn(s) for info and support during my treatments Proud of retaining and regaining "style" in appearance even to underwear I would have been more open to Qolin at the beginning of the relationship

There is one thing that I know in my heart I need to do differently. I need to do it this upcoing year, I needed to do it last year, and well, years before that as well. I wish I had made the effort to pay more attention to my husband. I know lots of spouses feel this way. He leaves the house in the morning rush when I am hustling the kids out the door. My day is filled with kids, work, volunteering and household duties. By the time he comes home, I am spent. On the weekends, I just crave some alone time. I feel like I spend so much time taking care of others ... can you just leave me alone for a few? Now I need to take care of your needs, too? Oooooh, that's sooooo bad, I know. And I know I need to be careful what I wish for. We have a happy marriage and are thankful for everything our lives. We have jobs, a home, a loving family. We love each other - we really do. But I know, deep in my heart, I am not giving him enough affection. I don't need a counselor to tell me this. I know it well. We need to talk more - just chit chat, even. We need to snuggle more. We need to make love more. When I sense a strain in the marriage, I make an effort. But I know I shouldn't wait for that strain. I have known this for many years. Maybe writing it down this time will make a difference ... this year.

Wish I would have spent more time loving and caring and praying for my classmates and teachers, and less focus on just doing well. Proud of the Photo competition I won.

I wish I could save some money to travel this summer and to see Oze (my son). This is something that I regret this year. I especially proud of my first article about opera. I hope it could be the first of many

No one thing in particular. Although in general I could've been more patient with the idiots in the world. I know it's not their fault that they don't understand the intricacies of science, and I shouldn't belittle them for it. It's just when someone says to me "Oh, it's such a crazy day! It MUST be a full moon!" I can't help but want to punch them in their stupid faces. So yeah, more patience would be good...

I wish I had been more diligent in tying up loose ends and solving some long term problems that I started working on and stopped before resolving them. I am proud that I resolved to start making lifestyle changes, beginning in October and have lost 30 pounds weight and eat right and exercise. I am sticking with it!

I would have study harder and being a little less lazy, that way I wouldn't be in the situation I am at college, changing major and so. I'm proud of my work, I'm doing a very good job and bosses always congratulating me also I'm helping mom and the households.

I wish I had spent more time on me, but I am so glad that I am finally able to love myself like I now can. I really regret not being stronger for my last relationship, I am in a wonderful one at the moment, but I will always feel like I could have done more to make us work.

I wish I'd jump-started my social life as soon as I moved back to town, instead of turning into a hermit. The longer I'm isolated, the easier it is to stay that way. I'm proud that I've been able to be medication-free since November. It's taken sacrifices that many don't understand, but it's working for me.

I would have tried a lot harder in my english coursework, and been more honest with myself. that said, i think there are probably things i've said which i shouldn't so i would have not done things i did, then instantly regretted.

I'm proud that I settled into my skin. I know me, I listen to me, I hear my little voice. I am not proud of all the moments when I was separate from myself and ignored my inner nudging. I am not proud that I quit a toxic job and gave them four weeks notice because I wanted them to like me and I wanted to look good. If I could do it again I would have left as soon as possible because I had already stayed too long in the first please. It was not self- honoring to stay in a toxic situation as the one who quit for four whole weeks. This year I hope to make self-honoring decisions even if they mean that some may not like me. I will overcome my fear of disapproval.

I wish I had really changed my relationship with my body in the way that I want to. It gets in the way of my relationships, of work, etc, because thinking negatively about my body makes me assume people won't respond to me. I am slowly falling in love with myself...

I hate it when I'm short with my family and loved ones. I wish I was more understand and slower to judge them and less moody, as I sometimes am around them. We see each other so infrequently, I wish I always made the most of it.

I would have started my depression medication earlier. I was already on the downward slope by Christmas and was in the state of mind that I would get better on my own. The crying sessions got worse and worse and I eventually saw the doctor again in January. I also should have looked for a job earlier and tried to get one that started after I had my redundancy money. Being out of work and being home all day is losing its shine a bit now. (July 21st to today 9th September) I am proud that I have come out 'the other side' of my depression. I'm glad I've had Steve and my boys to support me and also my friends in work, espcially Sion who bore the brunt of many of my outbursts. Trying to put a brave face on it at work was particulary hard and perhaps I should have had time off. However I was always afraid that I would miss out on information surrounding the Bank taking us back in and the impending redundancy.

I would have actually studied for the general and subject GREs to take the tests again and finally apply to graduate school. I also would have read more to keep my memory in better shape. I'm proud to have finally taken the leap and go to therapy like most 'normal' people.

I wish I could have been more open with people. It would have solved many problems.

I wish I would have left my bad relationship earlier. And I wish that I could be better at prioritizing. On the other hand, I'm very proud of how much I've thrown myself into SG and the relationships I have built because of that. And I want to work more with those, and being spontaneous with things outside my comfort zone.

Proud of: I went to Paris independently to study - not through a program that took care of everything but instead one that left me to do everything on my own. I learned a lot from it and became more independent than I ever thought I could be at age 21. I didn't let other people's schedules stop me from traveling all around Europe, and I took care of myself. I learned to communicate in French and made friends from all over the world. I came back different and began seeing the world differently, too.

If I would've done something different this past year, it would have been to appreciate and be grateful about the job for Kingsley. It was so much better than other jobs, and if I had done that, I would've possibly been able to go to New Zeeland (which wasn't possible now), just like I wanted. Later I realised how good of a job it was, and I wished I would've seen only the good things about it and not complained. On the other hand, I am not sorry for how everything turned out, because I know I hadn't met the people I've met if I'd done it any differently. But I am extremely proud for flying to a foreign country far far away, all by my self (as well as going to Gatton all by myself), that was really brave! That thanks to my trust both in me and in Universe. Amazing.

There's nothing I would have done differently, because without the actions I've taken in the past, my life wouldn't be the same today. This year, I'm especially proud of the strides my business has made, proud that my cost-cutting measures have finally enabled me to be financially stable, and proud that I have a staff that is strong enough to handle the business demands while I can take some much-neeeded time off.

I got some bad information regarding someone very close to me, instead of asking them if it were true, i was cold and angry and almost ended the relationship. I wish I had simply discussed it with the person, I lost 5 months of time with this person being stressed and angry for no reason.

I wouldn't have been such a jerk upon arrival in Los Angeles. I would have been nicer to my girlfriend, rejecting selfishness to love her better. I may have not taken the job I did at a high school, although that's difficult to say because I was able to help a lot of kids and found out I don't want to teach. I also kind of doubt quitting that job, but kind of not...I would have made more movies too. I'm glad I moved to Los Angeles. I've been writing a lot and have written some of my best work thus far. I just spent the summer skating a surfing and it's been great! I'm also discovering that I think my main ministry lies in making friends with skaters and surfers, which is quite exciting and hopefully turns out to be fruitful. I have a good internship too that has really helped me out...something I did not expect. God's provision often comes in unexpected ways.

Handled money better. Tried to expand the business so that I had a steady income. When I had so much money come at one time, I remained scared and held on to it tightly, only paying bills. I should have used a part of that to market myself. But, I lack the confidence in the business to spend any more money on it. It wish I could give it up and move on. I'm proud of the fact that we (my wife and I) have found ways to cope with the stress of unemployment (and that's what I am, basically, unemployed). We have learned to meditate. We have learned what really matters in our lives, like our marriage, time spent together, friends. We can do things for free, such as going to a park, and still have a great time. I don't fear money as much as I used too, especially when I don't have any. God always finds a way to help us. That's not to say that I don't have that fear come back on occasion. For instance, I woke up today in a panic when I thought about how late I was with rent and if it would ever be paid. I feared losing our home and not knowing where to live. But, I'm getting better at coping.

I am proud that I was able to handle change, and at the same time, that is something I wish I could improve upon.

I wish that I had paid closer attention to the devastating effect that the economic down-turn was having on my financial situation rather than trusting that things would work out even when projects I had counted on were also being affected. At the same time I am proud that I took action, let my beloved friends and family know what was happening and made significant shifts in my lifestyle that allow me to live happily within my means and use my creativity to pursue a rich and multifaceted life.

I wish I had of worked harder on my marriage. Given more into my husband instead of letting my illness sweep me away. I also wish I had pushed through the bad days and and done more with myself and my life. I feel I've wasted a lot of my year.

I'm proud that I joined the adult B'nei Mitzvah class. I wish that I had handled some aspects of my work life differently.

I wish I had taken more active control over my career path. I feel like I've been languishing here at TIBCO, and that with a little effort, I could get myself out and onto a better trajectory someplace else.

I think I've handled my new relationship with maturity, lessons learned from the past. I've kept quiet and thought about what was bothering me before I blew up. And when I spoke, I spoke with clarity -- not anger.

I wish I had not procrastinated on 2 of my 3 summer graduate courses. However, I am extremely proud of the grade I received in my very first masters course; a 97%!

I wish I had fought less with my husband about trivial stuff. I think there's a lot of tension in a marriage when you have small children and I think you have to pick your battles carefully, or at least make sure whatever you are arguing about is very important versus trivial. I am proud of being a good mom.

I don't know if there is anything I would have really done differently. I am not perfect and I do make mistakes, but I do not have any regrets. I am really proud that I got accepted to grad school this year. I worked really hard, and it was a huge hassle to get all the paperwork and information to the right office, but I kept on top of them and got accepted.

What I wish I had done differently: I wish I had paid more attention to healing my neck properly after surgery. What I am especially proud of: I am extremely proud that despite my debilitating surgery and its traumatic aftermath, plus numerous family and health issues happening simultaneously (Lauren's cancer, parents, grandchildren), I once again survived, landed on my feet (sort of), and am still functioning independently, creatively, professionally, socially, and financially.

I wish I had spoken my mind more to those who mattered, but I'm proud that I committed to everything for as long as I did.

Something I wish I'd done differently? SAVED MONEY. I eat out way too much!!! Something I'm proud of.... I'm not sure of there's anything.

I wish I had pursued looking for a new job with more intensity. I'm proud of being able to move on after losing my job.

I wish I hadn't spent most of the year denying a side of myself. The year before, I destroyed some friendships simply because I try so hard to help people, to play the therapist and fix everyone's life but my own. And so when I made new friends, I tried to distance myself from their problems. But I can't do that; it's not my nature. Distance from their problems proved to be distance from them. And that hurt my new friendships.

I wish I had begun looking for a new jobs sooner but I'm so proud of the voiceover work I've been getting.

I wish i had spent more energy and attention on my work. During the time of my wife's surgery and treatment for colon cancer, i took my eye off the ball. i know i had to change my priorities and totally be there for her, but my business suffered as a result. That said, I am proud of what I was able to do as a husband. Facing a challenge like cancer is something you can't be prepared for, and I feel like I was up to the task.

I am proud of what I achieved this summer in terms of work. I styled 4 photoshoots, modelled in two (one of which was for charity) and hosted and styled a series of fashion workshops in addition to writing my own weekly magazine column (something I've always wanted to do). I'm delighted that I made the effort and didn't wait for opportunities to come my way. I love working hard and the results have paid off. I'm looking forward to seeing how I can best all that graft in the upcoming months. It's like a competition with myself.

I always wish that I had been more disciplined about exercise - sigh... As far as what I'm proud of, I guess I'm proud of the initiative I have shown in creating activities and opportunities for my students to get involved in a national conference on social justice and a school-wide effort at being more environmentally sustainable.

I live in Chicago, my friend lives in Atlanta. In the past four years we've created the tradition of meeting somewhere in the middle over Labor Day weekend to go camping. This year we didn't. I had the opportunity to tour bits of Colorado with my new band, and she set up shop at a mountain arts festival and sold some of her pottery. We both had great times and don't regret doing what we did, but we also missed our camping time together. I hope we don't miss it again. But if that's the biggest regret I have all year, I did pretty good.

I wish I had succumbed less to wondering what people thought of me. As I grow older, my body size & self-image have also aged...they have grown bigger and harder to manage. I think it is hard to be a aging woman in America. Everyone tells us that we should be healthy, look young & most products are aimed at how we look. Most of us fall for them & we seem to driven to compare ourselves. Along with this comes the trivial things that shouldn't occupy our time but do. I do know that I need to loose weight for health reasons - but wrinkles shouldn't bother me.

I would have been more honest and vocal about my feelings, thoughts, and attitudes toward my friends and other people rather than get myself into a situation I would rather not be in.

I wish I had engaged more directly with my family members instead of trying to preserve my equilibrium through distance and disengagement. In particular, I wish I had exercised more patience and empathy with my mother who was suffering from an illness.

What I'm proud of this year is I got closer to my best friend and really started opening up to him, which wasn't easy because most guys in our age group get weird out when you try to express your feelings. Thanks to him, I'm also slowly starting to look at life a little bit differently and appreciate things and people for what they are. I'm a little less cynical and a lot more positive. I wish more people in the world were like him.

I wish I had treated everybody I know better, instead of insulting them all the time, or being stroppy with them.

I have tried to be the best mother, grandmother and friend that I could be. After returning from a hellish 3 years in Wales I used my energy as best I could to improve my health and to help those I care about...including the extended human family. I have drawn closer to my Guru and my connection to the Divine.

I was in Florida at Ft. Myers Beach with my friend during spring break. We met many weird and funny people there, but I'm not good in social situations with people I don't know well so I stood there quietly while he did most of the talking throughout the trip. We were walking around on our own one night on the beach and then up on this big pier next to this place called "Beach Pier Side Grill" with shops, houses, etc. We were wasting time when we spotted a group of people watching dolphins swimming under the docks, so we stopped and decided to join. We were watching for awhile and I was talking to my friend about them when a girl with a southern accent leaned on the dock next to me, trying to start a conversation with me many times, saying something like: "Those things sure are pretty." I however wasn't sure if she was talking to me or not and since I'm so socially awkward, I kept looking straight ahead at the water. After about a minute she walked away and so did we. I never saw her face, or even spoke to her and I deeply regret treating her like that. I wish I had started a conversation at least or even responded to one of her questions but I was too nervous to do anything.

There are many things I wish I had done differently, but the main change is something I would have had to go years back to fix. My lack of caring about my schooling has greatly affected my life now. I wish I had taken the time to do better in school, because then I would be in university or college right now, and my family wouldn't be ashamed of me.

I wish I took advantage of more of the Europe trip. I am proud I got into Northwestern and graduated high school.

I wish I had gone back to school. This has been my wish for many years, but something always came in the way - heartbreak, family, career, house. And now I feel trapped and unhappy in my current career. This year, I will actively change the direction my life is taking, rather than allowing circumstances to dictate my path.

I would have slowed down sooner, so as to gain perspective and move forward in a less forced but more constructive manner. That said, I did so in the right amount of time required for my mind and body to be fully ready for the change. I am exceptionally proud of how hard I have worked to realize my dream of working for myself in London and travelling Europe - all on my own money, time, energy and all before my 24th birthday. :)

I wish I had talked to this guy I like about our complex relationship as soon as I saw him. We started something at the end of last year, took the summer off, and now, we're in a kind of stalemate in which neither of us wants to address what happened or what will happen between us. It's really frustrating, since I see him all the time, yet I can never seem to talk to him privately about our feelings for each other.

I wish I had gotten work on my smile done sooner, but I am glad I have finally done it.

Something I definitely would have done different this last year was try and keep in contact with my friends. Ever since I moved 360 miles I barely talk to them and it has created a large rift between us. Unless I find out from a social networking site, I wouldn't even know how they were doing. It makes me guilty to think that the friend I consider my best friend has to keep me up to day on them. But something I'm especially proud of is the focus I have had on my college classes. It has been a trial to not only get used to new professors but also to a new city and I have managed to do both of those things will maintaining a good GPA in my classes.

I wish I had spent more time trying to help Dona - a friend of mine that died 2 weeks ago. She was in a lot of pain, and I took her to the doctor many times (and the hospital) - but over the past month I hadn't checked on her enough. I wish I had gone to her house to take her to a movie - instead I just called. That might have given me an indication of how badly off she was so I could have taken her to the hospital.

I would like to treat my wife better..I am too critical at times..and need to be more demonstrative of her attributes in public I am very close to my 2 youngest granddaughters..and want to continue to grow our relationship as it brings joy to me and to my wife and daughter..it is an unconditional love.

I wish I had showed her how much I love her.

I am proud of taking a very active role in my extended network in support of health care reform. I then took an extended vacation from politics to do grandmothering, gardening and just plain old having a summer. I had plans to be the cheerleader in that network for supporting progressive candidates in their primaries and just didn't do it. I still don't know why and I still haven' t gotten very active in the midterms, even though I feel passionate about what the outcome will be.

I would have taken better care of myself, worked fewer hours, and made many difficult decisions earlier rather than fretting uselessly over them. I am proud of the rapport I have achieved with my students, and cherish what I learn from them.

I wish I had worked harder on finding a new job, a stable job, so I could have moved out my grandma's house and spent more time with friends who live further away.

I wish I had focused on my work more. Not meaning work more, but had been more focused, which would have actually allowed me to play harder too. Starting this year, I will be more focused, and more dedicated to working a 9-5 day. I am proud of focusing more on building deeper friendships with women friends. This is something I want to continue to do in future years.

I'm proud of my relationship with my boyfriend. We've been together 2 years now, and I'm proud of the fact that any disagreements we had this past year, we seem to just move on from them. I love him.

I wish, like I always do, that I'd worked harder. I'm such a big fan of lounging, of watching sports or something interesting or funny on television that I don't always use that free time to better myself or prepare myself to perform at my best. I'm capable of incredible things but once again, I've let another year slide away that I could have used as an opportunity to excel and advance. Son of a bitch.

I wish that I had danced more - never enough dancing. And I wish that I had stayed in better touch with friends. I wish I had played with Adi more. But I ate great food, and laughed a LOT, and petted Adi every day (probably more than she wanted). And I am so proud of how far J and I have come with our chocolate shop dream and our half-marathon goal.

I would have not focused so much on why past relationships failed. I am proud of myself for being brave enough to take a trip alone to Seattle. I really learned a lot about myself.

i'm proud of how i took some really tough feedback from my husband. i'm lucky i had the support of my sister in particular to be that courageous and open to things that where jarring and hurtful. i wish i wasn't so hard on myself and prone to unrealistic standards. that's not unique to this year though.

I wish I had communicated more clearly and been more direct about my feelings. This year I have been very proud of my son's accomplishments.

I feel like I definitely took steps toward breaking out of my rut, I just wish I had the courage to do a little more.

I wish I would have taken more time to consider the job offer that I got last September. I'm not convinced that it would have led to a different result, but it's hard to see how being more aggressive (to find out more about the position and the organization) could have hurt.

I wish that I had played the game better. I am very good at my job, but I tend to be independent which does not endear me to co-workers and bosses. My lack of networking skills has cost me my job.

There's a quote I read that said "Don't regret anything, because at one point in your life it made you happy;" however, there are always going to be those things that we do wish we had done differently. The past year I wish I had told a friend of mine how I felt about him, then something might have come out of it. The past year has been a little difficult, but in the end I am proud of who I became, and no one can take that away from me.

I´m proud I´ve finally got to finish something that´s significant for anyone´s life. I should put an extra effort at going on with a project I´ve been procrastinating for quite some time.

I wish I had cared more about myself. But I am proud I have made a decision to leave my current workplace and take a job in a place where I think I can start to focus on my life for a while.

I am so proud of my decision to have a home birth. I didn't have support from very many people, but I chose to listen to those voices that were supportive (and either block out or educate the others). Labor is not easy, but I am proud to have brought a child into the world without medication or medical intervention. I am also proud of the support network my daughter and I have built around us. Raising a child, working, and going to school is a crazy life, but we're doing it, and we're doing pretty happily. Conversely, I wish I had been more patient with my husband this year. While I don't always think he has deserved it, it is important to our relationship.

Of course. I wish I had stuck to a goal of "saying no" more often and also to be more patient and forgiving toward others. I wish I had be able to donate more money to non-profits and those in need. But I am proud of being a good daughter, good wife, good friend, good employee and good citizen.

I think I might have gone to school in the Fall of 2009 instead of working full-time. However, I am glad that I took that quarter off, too. I think I would have stayed away from my failed relationship instead of attempting to keep it going when it was destroying me. So the thing I am most proud of was breaking it off in April. Hardest thing I have ever had to do but the best thing I could have done for myself.

There is nothing in the past that I would do differently, as everything I have done has shapped me to become the person that I am now.

I wish I would've applied to my dream school despite my teacher telling me that my portfolio wasn't good enough to get in.

Spritually I know life is too short to have regrets. Realistically ... I'm not very good at that. I regret the usual things, not spending enough time with my grandmother before she passed. I miss her. I regret my weaknesses of character. I regret letting depression get the best of me and keeping me from grabbing from life the things I really want. I suppose in Gran's honor I've learned to garden. I grew a multitude of vegetables this year with a modest amount of success. I'm proud of that.

There will always be things that I will want to change about what has happened and it's going to suck for awhile. But if I sit there to focus on what I could of changed or done differently, it's going to be difficult to move forward. Something I'm proud of? I moved cross-country to begin to find a life and a career. I'm scared to death, but I'm excited for this new adventure.

This past year I wish I would have been more considerate of people's feelings. I don't always treat people the way they should be treated, but I let anger steer me in a very bad direction with bad, ugly words and accusations. Alternatively, I am proud of working hard in school and being able to achieve straight As except for one B in an AP class. Though I did not study every day or anything like that, I am proud of my achievements that led my acceptance to wonderful universities.

I think I wish I had been, at times, more patient with my kids. That I could have put myself in their shoes more often, especially when times were stressful. As for the second question, I am perhaps most proud of having taught my 4-yr-old son to swim and cycle this summer. He was well on his way but he had breakthroughs this summer and it was incredibly exciting. I'm proud of him, and proud of having contributed to his development.

I wish I hadn't stopped working out and watching what I eat, I have put on all the weight that I lost over the past 3 years and it is so hard to get motivated again. I wish I would have started trying to get pregnant sooner, although I know I was not in the right place then, I am just frustrated that it is taking so long. It is interesting that it is easier to think of things that I wish were different but I can't think of one thing that I am especially proud of.

I wish I hadn't pushed my friends away so much over the last year. Because of certain things that had happened and because of me thinking they didn't even care I started to be very angry. I hated them for not asking, for not trying, for not realizing how much I actually needed them. In the end, although I'm still not sure if my anger was justified or not, I think I shouldn't have reacted quite so extremely. Now I'm actually glad it's getting better again because of me feeling better mostly. They're still not there for me when I need them some of the time, but at least I know I have some people to go to. I hope time will bring more change.

I'm proud of leading the life my 5 year old self wanted to lead -- the boyfriend, a job I like, the clothes I want, the haircut I want, the best friend of my dreams

Probably not, no. Although working and not interneting would have been a good idea! WORK PROPERLY IN SIXTH FROM BETHAN REMEMBER! and talk and make new friends and don't be shy or anything. :) Stay in touch with Hannah and Nadia. I am very proud that I have got through the year really? :L Nothing terrible has happend. :D

I wish I hadn't worried so much about what people think of me and just been myself. I do this too often and really need to work on it so I can really connect with people.

Not really. Senior year went pretty well, though I wish I wasn't so lazy. I kind of wish I got a chance to compete in track, but I'm also kind of glad I didn't. I almost wish I had had a boyfriend, but only cause now I have no idea how the whole thing works but I'm in college... I should've had a job. What am I proud of? I got into BERKELEY. And I really never thought that was in any way possible, even if I don't feel like I belong here now.

I wish I'd realized what was going on with my 8yr relationship before it ended so abruptly. I don't know if there's anything I could have done to save it---since I only found out after he left that he was also in a 4yr relationship with the woman he married shortly after he left me---& I'll probably never know. But I still wish I had done some things differently---being less critical, shown more appreciation. He might have been planning to leave me for years, & would have left anyway, but I'd feel better about myself if I had done those things differently. Maybe it was just hard for me to be that way because I unconsciously sensed there was something wrong....some reason for his increasing distance from me.

I wish I had been more accountable to my friends and colleagues in South Africa after they showed me so much generosity and hospitality. I wish I had sent those recorders to Lucky's music school much earlier in the year, and the shoes to Nokupiwo as well.

I'm very proud to say I moved away from home, to be with the girl of my dreams in Ohio. I'm going to school here and everything seems to be going great. I'm very happy with this decision.

I am especially proud that I have been learning to love myself more unconditionally. I always thought I had ok self-esteem, but when I compared how I treated my own mistakes, as compared with other loved ones', I realized I beat myself up a lot. Every day is a chance to do the best that I can with what I know today, so that's what I strive for. Paradoxically, accepting that I'm doing the best that I can has made me more accepting that everyone around me is, too. Doesn't work all the time on either level, but more and more it does.

There's a lot that could have been done differently. I'd rather have ended the relationship so much earlier even if it had meant more hardship for me. I need to try harder with the children though, it's getting tougher every day. Proud? I've achieved rather a lot given my circumstances. Lost a lot of weight, done so much with the house/garden, managed to finally end the aforementioned relationship and of course, had the guts to spill a 23 year long secret. And told him I love him. I've been busy!

I am proud to have made it through another year....with the kids being generally happy and managing the divorce stuff. I should have taken the plunge and started dating---still feeling very reluctant.....

I wish I had prepared better for the eventuality of losing my job, which happened on December 18. Being unemployed for the first half of the year of my marriage was a blessing, but now, in the second half, unemployment is overly stressful, on myself and my marriage. In Sept of 2009, I knew the job market was tough and my department was cutting back, and that my performance in the last year was marked with failed shows. I should have anticipated the coming trouble and worked aggressively to find a new job. Alternatively, I am very proud of the family and friends I have at this point in my life. My wedding week was a wonderful celebration of my life, and my wife's. I'm so proud to be bringing Kyoko and Kenichi into my life, and extending my family across the Pacific ocean to include her wonderful parents and brother.

I wish I would have given my husband and children more attention this year. I'm especially proud on the music I played.

I think I've improved a little bit in time management but I am still just about the worst procrastinator I know, and I would like to make more progress in this area.

I'm especially proud of finishing Beauty school, though it doesn't seem like that much of an acchievment, I'm glad I set my mind to something and actually saw it through.

I wish I had taken better care of myself this past year. I say this most years. I'm 34 now, though and I have a feeling my body won't let me get away with it for much longer. That is the main thing, and I know when I am able to get this right, my life will change.

There are a lot of things I wish I would have done differently. I wish I would have focused more on school. I wish I would have spent more time with my mom. I wish I would have saved money. I wish I'd talk to more people. Something I'm proud of? Hmm. I can't really think of anything. That's kinda sad.

I wish I had gone through with the diet I started in January. It went well through March when it just fell through. I was losing weight and abandoned it. I've started over now and hope for it to go well.

I would have stayed more calm when it came to financial worries. I would have meditated more to learn to find my center more quickly instead of letting stress eat me alive. I'm proud of being apart of a Red Tent community of fabulous, strong women. I'm proud that I am taking steps to find a tribe that I am comfortable in. I'm proud of hugging my kids and spouse more.

I wish I had taken better advantage of the blessing that come in different seasons. I wish I had used free time more wisely when I had more of it. And I wish I had believed in myself and my abilities more.

There are so many things that I wish I had done differently--every year I feel this way. This in itself tells me that I live too much in the past, always regretting what I did or did not do. Always wishing for good foresight, then regretting in hindsight the foresight I didn't have. So what I wish I had differently this past year--to live in more in the present. To do whatever I am doing, then let it go. Move on. I can't seem to honor the feelings that I have THEN that made me choose whatever path I chose. There are always going to be divergent paths, and we choose. We choose for a reason. I have to own up to those choices, and not spend days and days, years, regretting those choices. I wish I had put myself on a strict schedule to write. I've not written the book I wanted to write this past year. I needed to get help with that. Alternatively, I did get help with something else, and I succeeded. I hired a coach to push me through a competition, and I achieved more than I dreamed of. Having someone help you and asking someone to help you is a great gift to yourself.

Something I am proud of is quitting my full time job for the unknown. I quickly blew my savings traveling to San Francisco, but I treasure that experience so much. It was an exhausting week, but I carry the memories close to my heart. I didn't do much with my time after that trip, but I am slowly learning how to use my time more wisely. Very slowly. I am such a passive person; I prefer to read than to do. But this year I cold called for an internship, received it, and have since been hired on. I have met wonderful people in a field that interests me; I only worry that I will let slip how much I have yet to learn. I should know more than I do.

I'm particularly proud that I seem to have achieved the right balance between being there for my 20-something children and interfering. Now I wait for them to ask for help (which they do!) rather than rush in with suggestions, etc. Never really thought I'd achieve this in my lifetime so I'm impressed!

Something I wish I would have done differently was study a little harder. I think we are more afraid then we like to admit when it comes to pushing ourselves. I would say I'm proud of the fact that I continue to be a steady "rock" for my mom throughout her divorce.

I'm proud that I've made it to where I am right now. What do I wish I had done differently? Been kinder to my parents, been more present for my sister, stayed a little closer to my better spiritual and moral self. I'm proud of where I ended up in terms of iu and my friends and life there, and I'm proud of what I've started here in dc. And that I decided on a path to pursue (law school).

If there was one thing I could do differently this past year it would be to be more myself. I'd be more outgoing and less scared. I'd express myself and care less about what other people think. I would never have changed myself so other people would have liked me more. There hasn't been a single moment or event that I'm proud of this year, but rather a few long lasting things. One is camp. Everyone at camp thought I was an amazing person and that I'm "the future of sangamen," the next Boady Miles. I proud of all the kayaking I've done and I'm proud to be me. I'm starting high school and am just generally content with life, and proud of this

I would have loved to have spent more time helping out in my community and really trying to make a difference. Because I can make a difference. I was very proud that I was able to keep my gpa up. It feels good to know that I have a good foundation to build upon.

This past year has been a painful year for my husband who developed sciatica. Due to the pain, he began to drink more heavily and display temper tantrums, became less tolerant and more belligerent, and I increasingly began to think of leaving him. I said some hurtful things due to my growing impatience with him; things that, in hindsight, I do regret. I pride myself in being able to work and deal with "difficult" people, but couldn't fathom why I couldn't communicate understanding and empathy towards my spouse. While I understand I didn't handle this very well, I'm not sure, if I had the chance to do all over again, if I could have done any better. But I sure do wish I could have.

I would have focused more on the priorities within my role at work, rather than amble along between projects, not really having an impact or contributing any real value

I wish I hadn't responded to my mother with such anger and frustration. She has done so much for me - I owe her more patience than I've given her.

I wish I could have found a job....at least one that makes more money then minimum wage. I wish things would have worked out with the haunted house so that I would be financially ground right now....maybe next year. I wish I was better at communicating with Christina....I feel we have grown apart but are still close. I just wish we talked more. I am proud that I have been able to use my time off to build a better relationship with my grandmother. That I have found and started working towards something I really want to do in life....running a haunted house professionally (if only the funding would come through) and starting a wedding/event planning business. The last is not official yet but that is where I want to go next.

There is nothing that I wish that I had done differently in the past year, every step has taken me to this place which I am very happy to be in. I am proud to be in a great place. I have a job that I enjoy and am on track to sorting out my debt. I have friends and family that I appreciate and love and who hopefully feel the same about me. Most importantly I am in a long-term relationship with someone that makes me feel good about myself and safe.

I don't think I would have jumped so soon. It did not impact me too much but it certainly was a waste of my time and his. I hope it did not impact him too much. I think I jumped to too soon in a few areas because of the ever growing boredom. If I knew then what I know now I suppose. On the flip side I am happy I took other leaps. I am scared for these leaps but I know I will be happy for them. It is an excited scared. I took the leap and now I am moving to Japan for a year. It is a dream come true. I wish in a way I had not taken certain leaps and at the same time so pleased I took others. Yet that is what risk are all about right?

I wish I had written more, exercised more, been consistent in a yoga practice, read more books, played more music, advanced my work-related technological skills greatly, done more and better work for my clients, gotten new clients and done great work for them, retrained for some other, better career, and been a much better relative and friend. I am proud that I handled all the other things that happened this last year (The Year of the Curve-Ball), and while it was disappointing to have to put aside projects dear to my heart so often to handle and meet other responsibilities and commitments, I did take care of those matters, and within that turmoil and stress, I have actually made major changes in my life so that I am better prepared to make this coming year a much more satisfying, overtly productive year.

I can't say I've done anything that I wish I did differently. However, I am proud of the work I put in this year to better understand the person I am. I went a soul search, if you will, one that I am still continuing. I don't know when I will be done, but I'm impressed with the progress I've made.

So much stuff that I wish I had done differently, but what can you do. I can't go back in time. I am proud of going to lectures and getting through the year even though I could have just not bothered when life isn't great

I am proud of myself for almost failing every class last Fall semester. It sounds really strange to be grateful for it, but I am. The experience of seeing that my lazy ways of going about school weren't going to work forever really shook me up. Because of this, I really threw myself into school in the Spring and managed to balance my time between everything quite nicely. I made straight A's in the Spring. I might never have done that before. Remembering how much of a failure I felt last fall and keeping that in mind as I go, I know that I'll be able to do much, much better in my remaining years in college.

Maybe tried harder with French. I know it isn't that important, and I tried very hard, but it's still hard to come to grips with a mark below 80, and maybe I need to work on that too.

Wishing you had done things differently will only make things worse.

There's not really anything I wish I'd done differently over the past year. This has been a pretty good year for me in terms of the progress I've made toward becoming who I want to be...toward being my best. I'm especially proud of the way I've been able to keep up on email and have been staying in touch with people this year. I've done a lot of reaching out and have been very good at listening to people who need a friend. I've also been prompting others who've been "searching for themselves" with questions about who they are, which they've said have made them think in way that they appreciate. I've gotten to know a lot of people on a deeper level this year and have really improved the quality of my relationships with others in general. I feel like I'm getting pretty good at striking the right balance between reaching out, and remaining a low-key relaxed sort of friend.

My New Year's resolution this year was No More Drama. I've stuck to this by taking care of myself, upftont, all the time, every day. Taking care of myself includes simple things like eating 3 x/day, including healthy meals, opening mail when it arrives, drinking enough water and taking my blood pressure medication on time to less obvious things like avoiding people who create drama for fun and getting my air conditioning serviced in April before the weather got really hot. The energy I'm saving by not having drama in my life goes towards looking for work, writing, and taking photographs (one of which won an award!).

I wish I had not ever let him back into my world.

I wish I wouldn't have left a permanent job for a contract position. I haven't been able to find work since I was laid off from the contract job. I'm proud of reaching out for the right kind of help finally. Dealing with my PTSD. Dealing with the ensuing depression. I'm proud of attempting to make me well and whole again.

I wish that I had figured out earlier how to reduce the stress in my life caused by how much and how often my family of origin treats me badly. ON a postive note, I have learned to let go of much of the hurt and see all the love that surrounds me from my chosen family.

I guess I wish I had written more. I had the idea that writing would be a big focus and that I would make some real progress in editing my book(s) and getting a publisher/agent. I, instead, focused on my art work. I have enjoyed what I did, but feel questioning about why I did not do anything with the writing.

I wish that I had been more proactive in changing the things that I knew needed to be changed in my life, instead of waiting until a crisis point to start. I am proud that I have handled the changes that have occurred in my life this past year with some semblance of dignity and maturity.

I wish I didn't force myself to the default of painting houses as a summer job. It was terrible and I had other options, I just had to work a tiny bit harder to get them. It would have been worth it. But I'm proud I stuck it out through a terrible job and worked hard.

I'm proud of taking a college-level Russian course in high school and managing to get the highest grade in the class. I'm also proud that I made friends with everyone in the class, since I have a history of being completely shy, especially around people older than me.

I spent the past year doing bugger nothing despite having been given the freedom to do pretty much anything. I wish I had just thrown up my hands in disgust and just started to do --something--. If I had, I'd be farther along on --something-- than I am now where I have nothing and have to rebuild from scratch. "My friend, I should teach you no more. You have learned all that you need to know. You are at risk of a becoming a scholar. It is time to go out and do."--Yves Montand

I have been proud how I have dealt with Teri's cutting me out of her life. The hardest part is letting go of how hurtful this is. How angry I am about the unfairness of her attack, how sad that it has come to this in our relationship. The road she has taken just too hard to be quiet about..

I wish that I had left home a little bit more gracefully than I did. We moved when my parents were out of town on vacation and in retrospect that was not a very thoughtful or sensitive thing to do. I'm very proud of getting a job right off the bat in Minneapolis. My very first interview! I couldn't believe it. It really made the whole transition feel worthwhile.

I still have trouble controlling anger. I'm certainly better than last year, however the road is a long one and my journey has just begun. I hope to shift gears and move more swiftly down that road this year. So I guess I'm both - proud of my progress but I also wish I had done it better.

I wish that I had finally lost the forty pounds I've been holding on to! Although I am proud of the way I live my life. I have balance. My weight is the are I struggle with, if you call it a struggle. I guess I just haven;t been able to say goodbye yet.

Something that I wish I could have done differently in the past year would be to take more time to figure out my wants and values in life. This year, I did that, and happy that I have the jobs that I do and I hope to learn and grow and better my career.

I am really glad of myself for become such a good singer. I have become more confident with my voice, and I am really glad that I can now sing in front of people without messing up too much.

I hoped to be able to save more money. I have been blowing money on food, though I'm not over weight or anywhere near that, I wish I could control it better, I am working on that though. I am really proud of doing well enough during the Summer to raise my GPA to get out of Academic Probation and I am keeping it up so far :)

I wish I would have tried harder to change my faulty body image issues. I wish I would have gotten the gym membership that I need, and worked harder and dieting and exercise.

I wish I hadn't invested so much in work friendships. Turns out it was a poor investment with losses rather than any gains. I am proud that I travelled alone, explored but took time for myself. I could have pushed myself to do all the touristy things but rather stayed in the hotel, got a massage, watched a movied and had room service. Ah bliss.

No, by making mistakes I learn how to do it the next time. I am proud of many things; for example of the fact that I'm allowed to take care of someone else's horse, ride it. Proud that I'm able to live on my own right now. Proud that I'm able to work on my own.

I wish that I had worked harder to get my doula certification done. I would really love to have something that I could call mine, and that I had accomplished. I will have it done by next year!

Saved more money. Money is constantly something that I worry about, and I wish that weren't the case. I'm proud of buying my house and continuing to follow my goals in life.

I would have liked to have spent more time with family & friends. Cherishing the few fleeting moments of free time we have together is so important, and I know now that being with those I love is essential for happiness. No matter how tired I feel or sick of talking at the end of the day, staying connected is key.

I should have worked harder on saving my relationship with my girlfriend. We both could have done a better job at that this year. I can't really describe what was going on in my head that made me completely ignore the face that our relationship was suffering because of my lack of motivation. I was in a pretty depressed state and had just resigned myself to hoping someone would help me out of that funk. My ex seemed to be heading in a different direction. She was throwing herself into her work it seemed and ignoring the fact that things weren't going well for me. I could have worked a lot harder at changing things in my life. Even now that our relationship is over I'm not doing much at the moment. I'm still reeling from the fact that it's over and I've had to move back home. Everything that had begun to feel normal to me has shifted once again. I now wonder how long our relationship would have lasted if I had made the changes I wanted to. I'm searching my mind for things that I might be proud of. I'm coming up empty right now. This year has been a rough one for me. Work and layoffs, break ups and turmoil. I guess I can be proud of the fact that I'm still alive and kicking. I haven't given up the ghost yet.

i wish i had taken care of my problem from the previous year, its going to be very painfull for me to do, but its just getting worse and worse to the point that im out of all options, im left with nothing.

I wish I took care of myself instead of caring for people who didn't deserve my love. I wish I had more respect for myself instead of deliberately hurting myself. I wish This year will be a different one, I hope.

I wish I had been a better friend to a friend who has always been there for me. I wish I could have figured out a way to be more clear with another friend who really hurt my feelings and needs help where I can't help her.

I wish that I would have asked for the raise that I deserved at my former job instead of waiting until I was too fed up and left. I'm extremely proud of the work that I have done to build my career.

Not spent so much money. Helped my wife during her time of recouperation from surgery.

I wish I had moved back to London sooner as I feel I've wasted a year of my life. I've spent all my funds on rent and expensive living conditions and feel I'm a worser position than last year. I am proud of the fact that I've worked for nearly two years at my local radio station, unpaid as I do believe this will assist with my furture career. I need to re-evaluate and get my butt into gear and go.

I wish I would of done more with my time this year. My husband works in the Navy and I hardly ever worked. I didn't go to school, I didn't even really keep the house clean. I feel like I have done absolutely nothing this year. So I wish I would of just done something.

There are many things I wish they wouldn't happen, but this is life. I'm sure it's just the way I created it; fate only defines patterns, but I am the maker of the rug. I'm proud of beginning to be myself. I'm proud of my parents; and I'm proud of my friends. I don't regret a thing. I'm sure I wouldn't be myself without them.

Uh, there's probably a lot I wish I had done differently. Be more productive. Stop getting so involved in social life that won't matter in the long run. Things like that. I'll just make up for what I couldn't do then, now. Things I'm proud of: Ultimately, my overall growth as a singer has made me insanely proud of myself. From here, all I can do is keep getting better.

I wish I had been more diligent in keeping touch with and returning calls to my children. I am especially proud of my job performance on my two river trips this past year. I am proud of learning PhotoShop. I am proud of transcending the "old Rob" and nurturing my relationship with my sweetheart Sharon.

Different: Alienating my oldest daughter by removing her from my Facebook and not making more efforts to connect with her with the thin thread of contact that was beginning to be established. Proud of: Continuing with my committments to follow Jesus; church attendance, weekly Bible study, leading by the Holy Spirit, personal quite time with reading & prayer, participation in Celebrate Recovery.

I wish I would have been more courageous in the last year. There are a lot of things that I have wanted to do that I just haven't stepped up to the plate for. I also wish I would get over my issues with commitment, I always feel horrible when I let people down. I'm really proud of some of the relationships I'm working on building right now. I'm in a transitioning time in my life and I love that I'm meeting new people. There were certain friends that I felt needed to be cut from my life and I'm so happy to be making new ones!

I wish that I had been able to control my emotions. I have indulged myself in anger and frustration at other's expense. I am proud of my garden. I have beautiful flowers and lots of lovely veggies.

I wish I would have stayed more connected with my friends and been more socially engaged. I look on my Facebook Friends profiles and see all the pictures of them having fun at random events. Then I go to mine, and see pictures I just take of me. I don't know why I don't get out much, maybe I need to find new friends.

I feel like I lived a pretty honest year, trying my best. I struggled with the limitations of fear more that I would have liked. I have been thinking for a long time about how to make changes in my career, and I wish those changes could have happened sooner, but I don't know that I could have rushed that process any more than how it naturally unfolded. Sometimes it sucks to stay in "the drift" when you're not sure what should come next. I was in the drift *a lot* this past year. But I was also dealing with some difficult things that took a lot of my energy and focus. So, in all, no material regrets. Which is, I suppose, something to be proud of. I don't always feel like I'm accomplishing all that I'm capable of, but I do feel like I balance things pretty well and generally live a life of integrity.

I wish I had done more this past year besides watching tv all summer. I am very proud of the platinum prints I did this year.

I wish that I could have opened up more to my friends about my feelings on how they had treated me and what I really thought when they would hurt me in any sort of process. Also, I would have acted differently with the whole ordeal with the guy I liked, like at homecoming and the times we went out together. One thing I am proud of is that I took more opportunites that were given to me and prepared myself for life ahead of me.

I started assistant teaching self defense this year as part of the Fight the Fear campaign. One of the first places I assistant taught was at a senior center in West Seattle. It was amazing to have all these 80-year old women being total badasses. It was completely inspiring and I know I learned more from them than they did from me. The whole self defense thing was really brought home this summer when my 8-year-old daughter had occasion to use it herself based on the "five fingers of self defense" that she learned. Her cousin came after her with a knife and she knew to use her head to think about what was the safest thing to do (which was not to try and fight him), her mouth to yell for help, her feet to run away, and her voice to tell a grown-up. When I first started teaching and I heard the head instructor talk about how we all had to understand that we are "worth defending" I thought the emphasis was on the defending. What I've come to understand is that it's on our worth.

I wish I would have saved more money from my summer job. I wish I hadn't accrued so much debt. I wish I had registered for at least one class. I wish I hadn't lied to him. I wish I would have embraced my new family sooner. I'm proud of myself for not crying on our "anniversary". I'm proud of myself for leaving. I've proud of myself for being a dedicated friend. I'm proud of my new found desire to be responsible. I'm proud of all the times I did the right thing.

I wish I had tried harder in school.

I wish that I had been more involved at my church last year. I got too caught up in it being my first year of college and forgot to focus on the things that really matter to me. I also should have pushed more for the professor I was working on a project with to give me exact schedules of our time and plans for what we would be doing, even though I am extremely proud of how the project turned out after I was forced to complete it entirely on my own.

While visiting a friend this summer, I had a very hard time just being myself. Had I been able to relax and just enjoy the moment, things would have turned out much better. I worry too much that people won't like me. I wish I could change that.

i wish i could have gotten closer with my dad. im in my final year of school before i go off to university, and last year i decided to move in with my mom. i dont spend time with him as much and i feel bad. im very pround to have gotten an invitation to attend Gettysburg College in Gettysburg, PA, USA...im not going though.

I wish I had taken more risks and am proud of nothing.

I wish I would have been more proactive and fearless about connecting with my biological daughter, who is being raised in a happy family, but is curious about me after 13 years of no contact. I wish I hadn't be so fearful of taking big chances in my work, or even learning, making and failing more like I used to. I wish I had written more. I wish had been more casually affectionate with my wife in a physical way. I wish I could be simply better and more loving with my mother who lives in the are now (even if she drives me completely nuts sometime). I wish I wasn't so competitive (and consequently petty) in my work and career. I most proud of how my marriage has evolved into the most vital and loving part of my life, and I'm proud of my happiness because it's not what I thought a happy marriage would look like. I'm also proud of getting back into shape and weighing about what I did when I graduated from college, losing 20 pounds over the last 3 or so years. And I'm proud that I bike almost everywhere I go now, that I eat less meat, and generally try to live simpler, making my carbon footprint ever so less. I'm proud that I still pay for music (buying it on vinyl, no less).

I wish I had chosen different battles -- been more explicit with my friends about what I needed from them and how much I could be counted on to provide, and more patient with my employer about fixing problems with the organization. If I'd been willing to wait it out a few weeks longer, the situation would have resolved itself one way or another. On the other hand, if I'd been more honest with my friends I could have avoided a lot of heartache and stress in the first instance. I need to learn the right venues for playing it safe and the ones where it's safe to take risks.

I am proud of getting back in the workforce after raising my children. I started a job in February and have received positive feedback from my co-workers and clients. I am also taking on more responsibility in my on-going job and am finding more fulfillment and satisfaction in that position. I am still dealing with my on-going issues with my son. He went off to college this year and in all honestly I have enjoyed my "freedom" He is dealing with his need to be independent and yet is having difficulties in this area. I am trying to find a balance in my relationship with him: allowing him to grow and yet being there for him in a way that he finds acceptable. I don't know what I would do different; what I have been doing is not working well: hopefully this will be the year things will fall more in place. Any suggestons?

I wish I had been more assertive when my boss said he wanted to lay me off. I stayed too polite. Although it suits me to act subdued, i should have put up a fight for my rights. I am very proud of setting up my own business, and that people ask me to speak at conferences and teach at a University.

Nothing I have done this past year can be changed now. So everything I did, was the only thing that was possible. And obviously, if one stops to think, the best. I am proud of keeping trying to improve the situation of the workers of my country.

I'm proud when I look back at the photographs and memories I've created. There will always be things you wish had done differently. There are things I never started, things I started and didn't stick to, things I never finished, and things I stuffed up so royally it doesn't bear thinking about. But there will always be those things. And somehow, the fact that there will always be those things makes me say I wouldn't do a thing differently. Why would I? This is life.

The bond of attachment between my mother and myself regarding her care.We are in synch. We treasure each moment together and when thigs get uneasy or tough we always find a way to talk about it or find the humor in it.

Yes i wish i had seen the great oppurtunity of my dear friend's visit instead of disrespectign and disregaurding her wishes. Blinded by my selfishness i missed out on an experience that could have gone in much more positive direction. Live and learn. So I'm proud of my self that I'm finaley realizeing and aware one of my own issues and have delt with it. I will continue to ensure that I never make the same mistake that cuase such pain again.

I wish that I had found the time some way to finish my thesis before I started my new job. It is now hanging over my head and I am running out of time. Alternatively, I am very proud and happy to have landed my dream. I just need to make sure that I don't let it keep me from finishing my Masters degree after so much hard work.

I wish I would have tried harder to find the right job. I can pay my bills, but I'm not really happy with this job.

I am happy and proud to have had another year of happiness and contentment.

I wish I could be braver when it comes to relationships. But I'm grateful I got back in touch with someone I haven't heard from in 16 years was great!

The sad part is that I can't think of anything I've done, good or otherwise. I feel like I am coasting through life, relatively happy, moderately dissatisfied, without a lot of intent. I guess I am proud that I applied for the position at UW, but it wasn't anything I sought. I need to seek something.

Wasted less money.

Different I wish that I had been smarter about dealing with my family, specifically my mother. I spent a lot of time in therapy to get through my feeling about my mother. To protect myself from her illness, I have built a wall and have limited contact. I am a little sad about this, but it is normal for my life. This past year, I allowed myself to become more involved and that has upset my own balance. Proud I am proud that I have learned that my husband wants to be self-employeed and that even though the uncertainty of it makes me nervous, I am accepting his choice and supporting it.

I would've tried harder to enjoy my self my first year at school instead of dwelling on how much I missed my friends from home. I'm proud that I did as well in school as I did, but I also want to push myself to be as social and outgoing as I was in high school so that I don't leave college with any regrets. Not to say I regret my first year here, it was fun and life changing, but not what I would've imagined for myself. This year will be different, I'll be involved and make an impact while I can.

I've started to stand up for myself a little bit more. I used to do things that harm me just to please people and I've made a conscious effort to do less of that. My only regret is that I didn't do this sooner.

I wish I would have had a better work/life balance. And spent some time working on projects outside of work. I wish I would have gotten more involved with my profession in groups outside of my office and spent more time developing those relationships. I've been proud of myself for letting loose and having so much fun this year. I've really made a turn toward a more relaxed, spontaneous lifestyle.

I am especially proud of my volunteer efforts at BARC (city animal shelter). I have learned so much about animals...I have learned so much about terrible people.

I would have seriously studied for my math placement test so that I wouldn't be stuck in this Developmental class.

I'm proud of myself for becoming a patient person.

I wish I had faced my fears about money and avoided a lot of late fees. I had a beautiful baby and I carried and birthed her well! I wish I had more patience with the people around me.

I wish I'd remembered my step-mother's birthday

I wish I would have put more effort into the different things I'm involved in. I get excellent grades in college without trying, but I feel guilty that I'm not doing enough. Maybe I could have gone beyond the normal level of education people get in college. I should have taken up a research project or something. That also goes for my fraternity. Everyone else puts so much more time and activity into it. It could have been much more successful last year if I had taken responsibility for something.

I wish I could learn to say no. I have the tendency to let people walk all over me. While I like to be nice, I know people are taking advantage of me. I can never seem to find the middle ground - where I can be nice, but also have people know my limits. Last year was such a blur, I can't say that I feel especially proud of anything from last year.

I wish I had saved more money. It sounds silly, or frugal, but I really am tight for money right now, and earlier this year I was spending like it was nothing.

I wish I had better managed my time, and engaged in more self-discipline. Get to bed at a good hour, to work on time, and then home early enough to cook dinner and spend time with my husband before heading off to one practice or another. I want to spend less time on work, more time on people and things I love and want to learn.

I wish I had been kinder to my father the last weeks of his life, no matter how he was treating me. Being kind to people who aren't being kind to me is something I have always struggled with. I hope I will get the knack of it someday. I am proud of how bravely I handled the disfiguring melanoma surgery I had. I didn't even panic when I woke up from my third surgery, looking like an extra in a slasher film!

I have no regrets of this past year. It has shaped who I am and my understanding of God and life. All the highs and lows. I am especially proud of the times that I have experienced supernatural activity that left me feeling totally abuzz with life. Like I was fully alive. That has been epic..

I wish that I had put more effort into practicing piano. I know that it would not only help me in my job- but it would increase my self confidence.

I wish that I had been more successful in giving people the benefit of the doubt regarding their intentions. I wish I had been more successful in showing and providing compassion, even when anger and frustration were the easy (and justified) responses.

I wish I had put more effort into studying for my finals in college. I did well but if I had done more for college in the few months left before the exams I could have done even better.

Start some sort of business. Anything to begin an income not dependent on my employee. Making progress in caring for myself and my family. improving our lifestyle by focusing on the important things.

I think that i would have tried to get merits or distinctions on all of my College work, as now that i come to think of it, University would be an amazing choice to do after i finish.

I am proud of finishing my undergrad career, graduating from an Ivy League university despite being 30+, and of getting accepted to a prestigious Ph.D. program, which starts VERY soon. I wish I had taken better care of my body while I enriched my mind, but I am taking the hard-learned lessons from that experience with me as I go forward.

I wish I would of done something about going back to school and figuring out what career path I should choose.

I can't think of anything I would have done differently, cause I try to live with no regrets, but I am especially proud of myself for finishing my schooling c:

I'm really proud that i finally decided to go to college. I now have my MA cert. and am working on my EMT

I wish I had insisted on more time for quiet reflection. There will always be something that needs to be done, will always be deadlines and projects and someone demanding my attention. I would like to be more aware of the fact that the loudest voices do not always reflect the most urgent or important needs. Sometimes the quietest voice is the one most in need of attention.

I wish I would have just gone with my gut and started out as a Theatre major instead of chickening out and doing Psychology. Now I get to watch my friends have a blast while I sit here dreaming of next semester when I'll get to do all that fun stuff.I'm proud that I graduated, it's a pretty big accomplishment if I do say so myself.

It's a good question, as today is Rosh HaShannah. I wish I had more control over my compulsions and addictions. I wish I hadn't gone so far into debt. I wish I wasn't facing bankruptcy now. But I've gotten back on track with my master's program, and I've worked so hard at getting it done. I'm proud of the work I do with my internship. I do real good. I counsel people who are suicidal and help them find hope. I counsel survivors of rape and help them heal. And that's why, no matter how much I have been ashamed of my gambling habit, I know I am not a bad person.

I made an active attempt to be a better listener and to be there for people (no matter who they were). I set aside my pride and mended my relationship with my parents last fall, which became very important a year later when they filed for divorce (after 48 years of marriage). They have both leaned very heavily on me this past month. Also, I made every effort to listen to a coworker (that I don't even like) who is in a very unhappy marriage, no matter how busy I was. Every time someone wanted to talk, I reminded myself that maybe I was helping to answer one of their prayers to G-d by helping to give them the strength to get through their hard times.

I wish I had treated my husband with more consideration when he repeatedly has to work extremely long days and through the night.

I would have started to try and get my master's so that I could be ahead of the game, I wish I would have moved out and saved more money. I am proud of how much stronger of a person I have become. I know, now more of my self worth and realize that I am a lot stronger than I thought I was

I wish that instead of moving to Detroit last September, I would have either stayed in LA or moved to Indianapolis. Although, I am proud of the career path I've found here in Detroit, I'm very unhappy living here.

This past year i have been very resentful towards my father. We have had to move house and live with my gradndad and..to say the least..i have not been very happy about it. Looking back now i realise just how much my father has done for me ans how grateful i should be towards him. I understand that even if it wasn't my first choice to move, it has turned out better than i expected.

There is not something I wish I'd done differently this past year. I am proud of the fact that my divorce ended peacefully, that I took care of my mom when she had cancer, that I learned more boundaries with my mom, that I built a stronger relationship with my partner, and that I have taken care to have a healthy, happy pregnancy.

Interesting. On the one hand, I wish to God I would've never climbed on that train and left my daughters. On the other hand, I know that coming here to try and heal the ancestral fabric that I share with my Mother is probably the most important thing that I could have chosen to do this year. I will always wonder if I was simply taking the most expedient ("lazy") route or if some mysterious voice of Destiny was guiding me by whispering in my ear...

I'm proud that I managed to stick through college. Being at that stage where I couldn't handle it anymore and driving myself into immense stress, I still managed to continue on. I think the only reason I did at that time was because I was so afraid of what would happen if I left. I'd end up working in Tesco for the rest of my life with my crappy GCSEs and make nothing of my life. So I'm happy that I manage to stick it through. Let's hope I can say the same for this year.

I think that in life we shouldn't regret anything, instead, we should learn about our mistakes, but this year i do regret something. One of the things i regret is to keep my feelings to myself. I never told him i loved him, and when he wanted to get serious with me i didn't, i just played with his feelings and didn't care about it at the moment, but after a while i started to care about him and that was the moment when he got the game and he accepted that we wouldn't be together as a couple. It was all my fault and i do blame myself for it. Something that i have to learn about this experience is to seize the day, take advantage of the moments and live my life, without fear and always looking for my happiness.

To deal with my anxiety about the vision problems I've had over the past few years, I became a Lighthouse volunteer, working 2 hours a week with an Afghani woman who is totally blind. Her joy in life is an ongoing lesson.

I am really proud of my recovery from an eating disorder and the progress I've made in my body and mind through an Ashtanga yoga practice.

I wish I had acted nicer and been more patient and grateful on the trip to California. I don't think I was a very gracious person and I feel bad that I may have hurt my family's feelings. I also wish I was better at being motivated and getting off the computer. I think my house has suffered because I am not really on top of cleaning it, and I know my relationship with my son has suffered because of my addiction to the Internet.

I wish I had invited myself to my girlfriends home for Passover. I know she would have been OK with me coming. I just felt bad asking so I spent Passover alone. Then later that year my sweet wonderful friend was killed by a drunk driver. I miss her. It was silly to feel so self conscious about asking a question when there are so many worse things to face.

I'm proud of not being ashamed of anything I have done. With all the hard stuff I had to live through, I could have screwed up a tons of times, as I always do. But I did more than just cope: I think that if I had to go through it all again I wouldn't do it any differently And I think it's the fist time in my life I can say that.

From the past year? No. But I do wish that I wouldn't have let myself leave Edinboro. I hope that when I'm reading this again my degree is at least closer in sight.

I am proud of my progress in my keep fit programme with BMF. Have gone from 93 points in Sept 2009 to 314 points in Sept 2010. I have kept attending through rain, hail, wind and snow.

I'm proud of the way I have grown up emotionally this year. I developed feelings for one of my friends, and instead of bottling it up and stewing on it for months, I told her quite early on. We went out on a few dates, but she decided that she didn't want a relationship with me. I think I handled the rejection quite well compared to how I've reacted in the past. It still hurt, but I'm trying to move on. It helped that I was open about how I felt and let her know unequivocally how I felt about her. I'm proud that I made her feel good about herself when we were going out. I still wish she could reciprocate my affections.

I wish I had lived life more and not dwelled on the past. I think it's important to start each day anew and not go with the rubbish of the old. I am proud of how I've been there for my friends, and helped them through difficult times in their lives.

I would have liked to have been more diligent in my period of unemployment to foster my creative talents. And be a little wilder. Also I would have liked to get back into better shape at ANY point over the pats 8 months. Because now I have a very broken ankle and that's not going to happen for quite some time. C'est la vie. I'm proud of landing my first job, scoring my first apartment, buying my first car. Too bad the job is now miserable, the apartment didn't work out, and the car costs me more money by the second. But hey, milestones!

I wish I had been a better roommate, because she was one of the few friends that I felt I could still rely on.

I'm proud of getting engaged to the love of my life and working intentionally on our relationship to prepare it for married life. I wish I had been more proactive in searching for a new job and more confident in my ability.

So many things. I let my friendship with my best friend disintegrate into nothing- not through a fight or resentments, but just by letting college, work, relationships take over and leave no time for each other. I miss her so much. I regret not telling one of my closest friends the truth about my feelings towards him- even if nothing ever happens between us, at least I could have said I tried. I wish I hadn't let the words and feelings of someone I don't need in my life affect me so much- my head and logic told me that he didn't matter, what he said wasn't true and that it didn't deserve a place in my thoughts. But my heart still hurt, and I still cried. I wish I hadn't buried my head in the sand when it came to college- when things started going downhill, I should have faced it instead of ignoring it and instead making my life harder for the future. I wish I'd laughed more, cried more, danced more. I wish I'd done something completely unexpected. I suppose that's just natural thinking though, as you start to grow up.

I wish I had had more confidence in myself so that I could have been more assertive and maybe have made things happen rather than waiting around and wondering why everything stays the same... I have kept telling myself that I want things to change but I've never managed to follow this through. I wish I had taken more chances and risks so that I would at least know that I had tried rather than thinking "What if..."

I wish that I would have done a better job at classroom management in my first year of teaching. I set myself up for being the friend instead of a good teacher worth respecting. I let the students get away with too much. I let them treat me bad. I let them get too close. What I learned from that is enforcing the rules helps me treat everyone fairly and makes me a reliable person. Everyone wants to be treated fairly and feel safe. I' m proud of making it through my first year of teaching successfully. We went through some difficult times: losing a student, losing a staff member, layoffs, and dramatic moments. But I made it. I'm in a position of leadership. I feel confident about what I'm doing.

I'm proud of my accomplishments at work. I love creating meaningful and life changing programs for my students and being an integral part of making school a more positive experience overall. At work I feel generally appreciated and well regarded for the dedication and determination I have. I push my students to go far academically as well as to be better people, and they push me to lead by example. If only everything in life worked that way!

I wish I had not agreed to my volunteer job again.

I wish I was more patient with my kids

I feel glad that I am no longer angry at my brother for abandoning the relationship we used to have (his wife doesn't like me and this has affected our relationship), and can allow him in my life in limited ways. I've been realizing what a destructive force anger is, and have been working to mitigate this in my life.

I wish I would have taken better care of my teeth. I am especially proud of me moving forward with my passions by following thru.

I wish I had resisted my tendency to procrastinate on my summer essays as well as taking the SAT course at an earlier time. I know I wasted a lot of time just staying at home and I wish I had done something more productive. I'm proud of my volunteer work at our local cancer hospital and I'm very close to reaching the scholarship requirements! One of the adult volunteers even asked- jokingly- if I could just skip all of my Fridays once school started to work with her. Coming back another year made me feel good about myself in one aspect and I hope I made the patients' and caretakers' long days in the hospital easier with what I contributed.

i wish i would have finished the requirements for my teaching certification, cause now i'm stuck in a third world country hiding the fact that i'm not actually certified by the state of michigan

I wish I had sold back more of my vacation days to my employer. I am proud of my grandchildren that they are good little people.

I wish I had had the confidence to stand up for myself more as a friend chipped away at me through constant criticism and put downs. Instead I distanced myself from her, then she unceremoniously 'dumped' me by a letter so full of venom and bile it actually made me feel sorry for her. I realised that she was not angry at me and ending the friendship, but rather she was angry at me because *I* had ended it by finally removing myself from her unsupportive company. I'm so much happier without her than I ever was in her company.

I wish I had been more proactive and realized that I had too much on my plate to handle a new country, city, school, social setting and a new disease all at once. I wish I had found more balance in my life without sacrificing my emotional well-being.

This is a really difficult one to answer! I would have been more sociable, but I'm not entirely sure how successful that would have been seeing as I still need to work on my social skills. Actually related to that I REALLY WISH I hadn't brought up the self-harm of an aquaintance when I was drunk. I'm upset at myself for doing that. I broke up with my boyfriend over it (although to be honest that break-up was going to happen no matter what).

"Getting through prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment with a healthy dose of humour and a strong sense of gratitude."

Differently? I probably wouldn't have started up that internet affair. Lost a wife and two kids. Proud of? I'm hoping the whole catastrophe is leading me to being more honest with myself and with others. I also hope the catastrophe will teach someone whose never been able to be alone with himself to be alone with himself.

I would have taken more romantic risks. Nothing ever happens because I'm always to afraid to just try.

I'm pretty proud of this year actually. I was head girl at school, got in to university and achieved a level grades I had never expected. I could wish that I had been more laid back or social etc. but now I know that my hard work has paid off I wouldn't change it.

I wish I had not attempted to steal a Christmas present from Walmart simply because I did not have any money and was afraid of seeming like I didnt care about the boy I was dating at the time. I am proud of getting on the Dean's List and deciding to break up with my ex who was cheating on me and ultimately seeping negative energy into my life.

I wish I had done more, seen more and spent time with more people. And appreciated it all more. I spend too much time being self-conscious and worrying about things - not living my life properly. But I am pleased that I have found myself struggling with that side of me, and working through some of it to be a little more centred and (maybe) mellow. It's all a long and gradual process.

I'm proud of having climbed Little Brother in the Oregon Cascades last fall. Pushing myself physically (11 mile hike with over 3100 ft. elevation gain) to achieve the summit and add its unique views to my memories made me feel great. I had lost most of a year of my favorite activities to recovering from a shoulder surgery for a torn rotator cuff. I was physically exhausted after the rock scrambling that led to the open ridge view of the still-distant summit, but found the mental commitment to go the rest of the way. The direct descent through the scree felt great to a 57-year-old woman (me).

I wish I had thought with my head a little more.

I am glad to say I have no major regrets from the last year, but many small ones. These all fall into the categories of failing to treat people with kindness and respect (in such cases where they deserved both) and also mishandling opportunities with attractive women that could have led to me getting a lot more sex than I did get (even though the amount I did get wasn't too terrible). Obviously I do my best with the ladies, so cultivating the qualities of kindness and empathy will be featured prominently in my mind in coming months. Turning 28, achieving affluence, a renewed sense of responsibility, and becoming a self-appointed authority figure have made me think more about the impact I have on the world and the people around me. The things I'm proud of as well, aren't monumental accomplishments, but rather incremental progress achieved in small pieces at a time. I got a big raise and bonus at work at the pie party in January. Also I got a drum kit and have learned to play, and am still making good progress with each session (as opposed to guitar where I seem to have hit a plateau, which has been somewhat vexing). Altogether, I feel lucky to have continued to execute my missions and not suffered any major reversals of fortune. I thought about it a year ago and it's still true, the breakup of Babies has been the only example since I got back from college of having something that I value and care about, and then losing it. For a six-year streak of any given person's adult life, I'd say that's quite a run of good luck.

I wish I had had the balls to stand up to my agent and respect my professional abilities a bit sooner.

I have grown as a Christian.

I wish I had been more brave and confident about wedding decisions - more decisive about my hair, more organised to thank everyone properly. At the same time I'm very proud of how calm we were about the wedding, that we didn't let it get out of proportion financially or in terms of emotional strain and we had a wonderful time.

I would have chosen who to trust better, and made sure that my friends meant it, that they were there for me, no matter what. It's been tough to figure out who was telling the truth and who was talking shit, but I hope I've finally done it. I wish I'd left people to their own lives more, instead of getting involved in everyone else's drama, when I had plenty of my own to play with. I wish I hadn't kissed my best friend, seen my boss get with my friend, pushed away my team-mate, Luke, and kissed so many unsuitable boys. Mainly, I'm very proud of all of the shit, because otherwise I wouldn't be me, I wouldn't know which friends to trust, and people wouldn't realise my worth as a friend.

I wish I had not discounted my entrepreneurial impulses earlier in my period of unemployment and, instead, continued to orient myself toward finding work in a corporate economy that will never have my interests at heart. Although I'm excited about the possibilities that may lie ahead, now that I'm starting to imagine how I could work for myself, I feel like I spent too much of the past year inert professionally and personally. Maybe I'll look back and realize that this was a necessary 'fallow' time, but at the moment I can only look back at it with regret, as lost time.

I am getting better, but I need to make sure to take care of myself and ensure that I stay happy instead of constantly trying to please others. For instance, many times when I am home I feel like I want to hang out at home with Griffey and my parents, but then I feel guilty about Alan and his parents and vice versa. I just need to make decisions and be happy with them. I am proud of my accomplishments with school and my nanny job.

I should have stayed more alert to changes. I should have done more for my family. I should have always been more thankful for all that I have. I should have learned balance, calm, resilience and not allowed myself to buffeted by every change. I should have learned how to meditate. I should be more confident, work harder, and be more aware of my effect on people. I have not been permitted to do what I do best - I should have ensured that I could. I should have explored alternatives. I should have lived in the moment, instead of regretting the past and dreading the future.

I wish I had made more of an effort to nurture my friendship with Heidi. She and I had an argument in December that from my point of view was only minor – but when I noticed that she was making less of an effort to keep in touch with me – and that our friendship was fading, I wish I had made the effort earlier than I did – realizing the conflict meant something deeper to her. Ultimately I wish that my need to assert myself with her during our conflict in December could have included more sensitivity on my part. But I also know that that was what I needed to do at the time and it was right for me. It is still a question mark to me anyway if my relationship with Heidi is salvageable – or, truthfully, if I want to salvage it. Do I feel supported enough in it? Or do I feel criticized, defensive and misunderstood most of the time? And is there a way to move forward in a more positive direction that ultimately promotes growth for us both? What am I most proud of? Though it was rocky, not pretty, not perfect – my conflict in Paris with Rubina. It was important, that moment in my life – to separate her from me, my family from me, other people’s thoughts about me from me. It was the start of my liberation.

I wish I hadn't been so coy with a certain person. We're friends, but we could have been better friends, maybe more, if I had just been a little more assertive. And no. I'm not proud of anything.

I wish I had put a bit more revision into my as levels. Although two B's is perfectly fine, I do feel slightly like I've failed myself and could have done better. I am proud of myself for focusing my career choice and making it happen by doing as much as I can to make sure I go where I want to go. I hope that I can say by Christmas 2010 that I am proud of myself for breaking up with my current partner.

I feel this last year I've missed out on life events for very good friends of mine. By missing these moments, I feel I have lost strength in our friendships. It's not every year I'll get to attend a wedding, or baptism, or more. These are once in a lifetime opportunities. I would have made more of an effort, despite work and financial restrictions, to attend these events. I'm especially proud of the development of my son. He's now 2, and I feel my wife and I have done a great job in this important year of growth. I feel incredibly accomplished for the little person he is turning in to.

I wish I'd had perfected my resume. A resume that reflects the significance of what I do -- outside my paying job -- that means the most to me. I think the mental block that is keeping me from it is ultimately a fear of moving forward, a fear of taking a risk and how overwhelming it would be to actually see and feel myself live up to the potential I know is locked inside.

I wish I had been involved more with my husbands family. I was living in a self imposed limbo that was paralyzing. I did not want to start anything because I never knew if I was going to leave in a month. At some point this year I said "fuck it", and started living in my community like I would be there forever. I wish I had done that sooner. I am now moving on, with friends and experiences I would not have had if I had not changed my outlook.

I wish I had handled my job hunting differently. I wish I had taken the risk and found a new career path rather than postponing that issue and finding the same sort of job that is probably for an organization that like my previous one is too focused on profit.

I wish I'd worn a different dress to my daughter's wedding. I joined the Novel In A Month contest last Nov and made the goal of writing 50,000 words in one month!! That was really exciting! I'm proud that I was able to get a full-time writing job for a national trade publication and that I managed to keep that job for a full year, even though it was really tough at the beginning.

There is a lot of things I've done in this past year that I had wish I'd done or proud of. Mostly, I wish I had gotten out of my shell more near the end of my senior year and the start of my freshman year of college. I'm proud of though, my grades at the end of my highs school career and the fact that I had gotten accepted into Shepherd University. The last something I'm proud of that comes to mind is my mom. I'm so proud of her to get the courage to leave my dad and move me and my sister to an apartment complex. I know we're happier now and I'm extremely proud of her for that.

I feel like I have improved leaps and bounds on how I treat people, work ethic, an my relationships with friends and family. There is still a lot of work to be done, I think there has already been improvement. And I'm so glad that I have finally stuck with a diet. 12 pounds down, 44 to go! :D

I wish I had worked harder on my art and English As levels but there's nothing I can really do about that now except work harder in English this year (Ive dropped Art). I'm very proud of achieving a rowing national junior gold medal in J17 singles. I'd have to say that was one of the best day's of 2010... so far.

there's a lot of things I wish I'd done differently, but the past is done and I can't change it, I can only learn from my mistakes not make them go away.

I'm proud that I'm working on defining and living who I really am and how I want to affect this world. I'm clearer about my love for my husband, in spite of our ups and downs. I'm really proud of the healing I'm doing and the persistence I am exhibiting.

I wish I had been more productive this summer. In academia, the school year is so intensely hectic that when summer comes, it is too tempting to just deflate. I did teach summer school, but did not compose nearly as much as I'd intended. I wish I had been more diligent in my work.

I wish I had taken Jason up on the offer to learn to drive so I wouldn't be in the position I am now. I planned on having my license to lesson the burden on him and maybe we could have done more and traveled more together. My fears got the better of me but I hope that I will at least have my permit before my big move to New Hampshire and he will be proud of me. I am proud of the fact that today I built my coffee table all by myself. I think this is the first time in years that I have picked up a hammer and screw driver, but it was great therapy.

This past year, yet again, I wish I had saved more money. Now, when I would like to move to San Francisco and start fresh, I have no money saved up. I will have to borrow to rent a truck and moving expenses which I think could cost me up to 3 thousand dollars. I will also have to keep my job until I find a new one. I am especially proud of the fact that I went to seek therapy when I needed it most, and I found the courage to move to San Francisco. It has taken a lot of patience and nurturing of myself to get through a very rough patch in my life, but I am proud that I continued to search for the light, and accept that life will not be suffering for me. I have faced a lot of issues that I can now work through and start with a much stronger sense of myself with my new life in a new city.

I wish I would have watched my diet more. I have gained 10 pounds just over the summer. I swim all year round but during the summer months it's not as hard as the school team. I am proud of joining the newspaper staff, the English Festival, and of getting highest honors on my finals last year.

I can honestly say i wouldnt change a thing i learnd alot and all the lessons needed to be taught so no i am happy with everything i did this year! Im most proud of the fact that i saw something in my life that wasnt as good as it once was and i decided to fix it. Im sad it ended the way it did but sometimes you have to do whats best for the soul!

Although I want to say a few things, I'm not going to. I've learned to live with no regrets and I'm standing by that. Sure, there are a few things that I wish didn't happen, but I definitely don't regret it. I'm happy with the way I am and the things I've done and the way my life is going. There isn't something that stands out when being proud of something. I'm just brought of the person I've become.

I am tremendously proud that I took an internship at age 40-plus following more than 15 years as a professional. At first, I was wary of the concept of being an "intern." It sounded juvenile and I thought I'd be treated, at best, like a child. I'm thrilled to say that that's not how it has worked out AT ALL. I am given challenging work and so continually learn; I love what I do and who I do it with and for; I've concluded that the field in which I'm interning (development) is what I want to do professionally should I go back to work. Less important, but gratifying nonetheless, are the thanks and accolades I get for a job well done.

I wish I had handled my divorce differently-but I have to accept I would not have had the same outcome if I had.

I am proud of myself, that I have let the people in my life, my children, my youth group, be themselves, lead themselves and screw up themselves. Only through mistakes can we grow. Only by coming up short, can we measure the distance we must travel to succeed.

I have been trying to improve my photography and am really proud of some of the work I have done this year; photographing friends who had just got engaged and also 2 weddings. I am really pleased that I have taken opportunities to keep learning and improving my skills :)

I would have tried harder to make my dreams come true. Instead, I was just too afraid. I wasted so much efforts in finding excuses why I was NOT able to fight... it's pathetic. However, I'm quite proud I found a new flat. And me managing to gain a little bit more self-confidence.

I think I've tried to be as true to myself as possible this year, and I'm certainly proud of that. I do wish, however, that I'd been in better contact with the people who I love who are far from me. Time moves so quickly, and before you know it, they're living a completely different life than the one you left them with.

I wish I had given love a chance, and that instead of being stubborn and proud, that I would have told this guy that I loved him whilst there was still time for us to build a relationship. I also wish I had sometimes been better at showing my family how much I care about them and how grateful I am that they are there for me.

I wish I'd had more patience with my family - husband included - during the trying time of adjusting to a new baby in the house. Hand-in-hand with that goes the fact that I'm really proud of us all, especially my 5-year-old daughter, for adjusting to family changes with humour and love. I'm also proud of how I've stepped up as a mother. I never imagined I'd be a mother of three small children. It's sheer chaos, extremely demanding, and utterly exhausting. But I feel that I've abandoned the selfish self of old, and jumped into motherhood with full surrender and we're all better and happier for it.

I wish i hadn't forgotten my camera when i went to see Muse in concert at the Rock Werchter 2010 festival!! I am especially proud that i went 3 whole months without a seizure!! :) :) :)

Perhaps I should not throw myself at my man, let him come to me. Proud that I am on the right track, happy, healthy and moving forward with my life

I can't think of anything I would have done differently nor something I'm particularly proud of. I am grateful for having a strong family, friends and finding a job that I like.

I wish I had believed in myself instead of hanging on the words of someone I could not trust.

I'm pretty proud of the fact that I've really grown at work. I'm truly learning to be a leader in my organization, taking responsibility not just to do the immediate task, but look ahead and try to bring the organization forward. I'm trying to build skills and confidence in those that work for me, with an eye to when they move on to another job; they become sought after workers.

I wish I could find my voice..I used to be able to just talk to anyone and talk for hours, but this past year and present, I have been progressivly more and more shy and I am not as outgoing as I used to be. That was always one quality I was really proud of, being able to be myself, loud and obnoxious as I wanted, and not caring. I could also public speak quite well, but now find myself short of breath and awkward. I feel like it has made me a glass half empty person and makes me want to find my voice and be bubbly again. I am really proud of sticking to who I am rather than changing to impress people. To me, highschool has already been rough, but, as long as i stay true to myself I feel as though I will be able to get through these next few years as a growing. changing person. I wish I could be more positive.

I wish I would have gotten serious about getting in shape but... I still am not doing that!! Why???

I think I'm proud that I found a great job in my home country after getting my US visa denied.

This is a hard question to answer for me. I guess there are two things I would have done differently this past year. My first one is just that I wish I could have done better in school. I know a lot of first years do not always do very well, but I know that I could have put more effort into my classes. It sort of makes me ashamed of myself for what I had to do in order to pass. (P.s Dear self of future, if your still falling back onto that rood...You’re an idiot.) The second thing is that I regret not spending time with my family while my father went through his chemo. I realize that what I was doing at the time was an amazing life changing experience that did a wonders of good for the Dominican, but seeing how depressed and week BOTH my rents were when I got home, well, it made me feel like the worst person in the world. That last part also leads up to the two things I am most proud of. 1. My family, for getting through this last year with the help of each other. (Who knew we had it in us.)2. for going with ISV on the volunteer trip to the Dominican. I brought back some important lessons that I will hopefully never forget. So, I guess to end this I would like to just say thanks to God for being with us threw all of our hard times and then for blessing us in the most amazing ways. You’re awesome God. Love yah xx

I would try harder to find a job. Or I would seek counseling regarding the fact that I no longer know what I want to do and cannot get up enough energy to really find a job.

I am proud of taking charge of my own life. I only wish that I could have done it sooner.

I wish I had taken time to exercise more gained weight sitting in front of computer but finally finished my MBA 6 years p/t

I would like to be better at book keeping at my job and organization of all my files. I am proud of my work as a parent and wife.

I don't know. There's always me procrastinating. That should be stopped, but it probably won't. I haven't really done anything. I guess I am really proud to be a section leader in band. I've wanted that since I first found out what a section leader was. It's amazing. There'll always be something I regret doing. As of this moment I can't think of doing anything too bad. Maybe telling my friends about Four Times... Eh. Even that I don't really care. All is well. Oh, I'm proud that I read Harry Potter in a month and also managed to beast at reading The Great Gatsby at the same time. Good job, you!

I wish I wasn't so keen on everything and just chillaxed.

I wish I had spoken out sooner about my depressive illness and not allowed it to taint my lasting attitude towards school. I'm proud that I have finally realised my own worth and have grown more accustomed to recognising other people's respect and admiration for me.

I was abruptly laid off from a long term job on February 1, and instead of demanding an explanation at the time, I went off wondering what was happening, what I'd done wrong, etc. etc. As usual, I put it all on me, rather than on my boss, who is clearly passive aggressive. I kept me up nights, thinking about the situation, trying to figure it out and I ultimately had a confrontation -- by e-mail -- several months later. I should have taken the situation in hand immediately. I would have saved myself a lot of grief, guilt and pain. It was humiliating. I'm proud that I reconnected with old childhood friends and made the effort to drive down for a sleepover in March -- even though we hadn't seen each other in nearly 40 years. It was touching to see them both, gave me a new perspective on how fleeting life is, how it shapes you as you go along, and how fortunate I've been overall.

There are many mistakes and choices that I have made this past year that I wish I would have done or handled differently. One of the things is calling my Father on his birthday. He turned 59 this year, and through my pettiness and anger, I refused to acknowledge the day he was born. I fell like I should have been a bigger person to and I should have called him and let him know that I love him. Something that I am proud of is the fact that I graduated from High School with honors, even though I received low marks in my first year. It was not easy to do and involved a lot of work on my part but I pulled it off, and you may not think that it means a lot but it really did to me.

I wish I had worked harder during my last semester of college.

To be honest there is so much I'm proud of this year. My tattoo. Seeing a Shakepeare play at the RSC. Going out more. Meeting new people and becoming swift friends. My Website. Getting a lot better. Not being so scared of forms anymore. Finding my feet - it's just amazing how much I'm proud of this year. I guess I wish I'd had the motivation and will to do some stuff sooner - and perhaps end things with someone sooner. I probably also would have changed how I acted for my 21st. I let Devas and Charli get to me too much and cried which probably wasn't the best thing. If I had just acted like I didn't care, I probably would have had a better time - but the pub and everything that happened afterwards was epic. On most occasions I wish I'd been "old Lyzsi" - and I'm just getting back to that and I think that makes me proud the most.

I wish I'd been more free & less scared, worked a bit harder & played a bit harder, been more feminine & had more sex! Worried less & done more been more grateful & less negative...

I probably would have complimented others more..Sometimes, I think people know that they are inherently doing a great job without verbal reinforcement..Everyone likes to hear they are appreciated! Yes..I tried to amend a broken fence with my sister in law..Forgive and forget..She was unwilling but at least I extended the olive branch of peace.

I wish I put more of a priority on my AA stepwork as well as having aide spiritual program. I am glad that I'm still clean and somewhat sober. I got to make some good friends and it helps me stay on a positive focus.

I desperately wish I were better at fostering my relationship with my parents. I would like to be able to better love and cherish them as they are, instead of judging, chastising and acting with Fear. As their health continues to deteriorate due to their life choices, my time continues to get shorter. Alternately, I am very proud about how active I have been for the past 6 months or so. I have found many nourishing activities that have fed my body, mind and heart.

I wish I was better at keeping in touch with people in general but it's especially relevant this year. I fell out of touch with a number of people who I care a great deal about. It's a crappy thing that I do.

I wish I would have tried harder to make a past relationship work, because now, I never talk to the person, and we don't hang out nearly as much as we used to. On the other hand, I'm proud that I'm so able to learn and recover from experiences such as that one.

I wish I'd taken a public speaking course. I did a couple of presentations which were not as successful because I was so profoundly nervous.

Iwish I had kept in touch with my brother after our reconnection last year.

I wish I could work harder at my Spanish so that the speech would flow more freely.

I wish that when I had lived on campus during my first year of college that I hadn't gone home every weekend. I lost the entire concept of living on campus because home was 15 minutes away. I missed out on a lot of opportunities to make friends, be social, and just have fun. I am extremely proud that, though I have struggled, I have kept my resolve to lose weight and finally get healthy.

I wish I had taken time to enjoy life a little bit more last year. I worked so hard I think I stressed myself too much. Life is too short. I need to be able to enjoy myself at least a little bit, sometimes.

I'm pretty proud of my first efforts at painting. They came out quite well - much better than I thought they would. On the other hand I am disappointed that I haven't painted more. I really need to keep at it.

I'm proud of the fact that I finally grunted through all of the legwork and research needed to get my Rio Salado schooling back on track. I'm 99.9% sure that my student loan will go through and I'm signed up for six - count 'em, SIX - courses. In just a few short months, I'll have a Certificate! And, the classes will also take care of several credits toward my AAS Degree.

I would've worked harder on finding a new job and pursuing my masters or at least an afterdegree. I never planned on taking two years off school but it is just snowballing into now I don't even know when I will go back. I have been saving money better than I have previously so that is good and I am proud of that progress.

Somehow, there is never enough time in the day, the week, or the month to sit down with family and listen. Not talk - just listen. That's the single most important thing to do better, I think. How can I expect to understand what someone else is really going through if I don't take the time to listen?

i wish i didnt make up fake boyfriends and fake friends and tell people they were real because now its getting hard to cover up. i might even need to pretend they died. im proud of nothing...because i dont study, i dont party, i do nothing in my room on the computer all day. note to self- must get out more

I wish i had Listened an Older Gentleman we knew.He was not acting normally,and i thought he was the same person we always knew.He was 77. My Family and i finally rang 3 Doctors to say-'What can we do,he is behaving strangely? We were told there is nothing anyone can do unless he does something serious? 3 Weeks later he was found miles from home,and had died.Alone,by drowning accidently. On questioning his Medical record,we saw the Doctor had (Noted) early Alzheimers and Confusion? We had not been told ,or Warned what was happening.We wish we had not left him to manage on his own.He had enjoyed his home,and we had no right to interfere? Now it is too late.If anyone has doubts that an Elderely Person cannot manage,then i urge you to( Care for them.).Make sure also that they have a good Doctor,because our Doctor had not warned us of what could be happening.We wish we had known what to do. We did not did not know how fast this disease can claim a Life. Take action and ask questions from the Medical Doctors. Do not be Fobbed off by some who answer your call on the phone.I rang the Doctors Surgery,and was told a Nurse,if the Doctor has not seen this Patient for many years ,then it is out of his hands."The Doctor has no time to talk to you. " The Doctor,had promised to talk to me anytime on the phone, because he attended us over 30 years: I was not allowed to talk, to the Doctor because of this Lady? Nurse/ Receptionist? I dont know but she would not put the call through! ------------------- It turned out in the end looking at Medical Records this elderely confused man, had attended this clinic for many years,and also ( 3 weeks) before he died.The last visit, is when the Doctor noted the Alzheimers-Make it clear you need help..Obtain details about this Disease--Fast Do not be left Grieving ,wishing you had done Something! DOCTORS MAKE SURE YOU LET FAMILYS KNOW ABOUT THIS ILLNESS-AlZHEIMERS AND HOW TO HANDLE IT. Alzheimers is Serious.

I wish I had worked hard to get stuff over with quickly. I wish I had been more open with my friends and actively tried to interact with people I wanted to be good friends with. This past year, I've been proud of my grades and working hard. I have taken initiative and I am proud of myself for joining clubs and partaking in activities that reflect my interests. I am proud of myself for reading the news every day.

I wish I wouldn't have wasted as much time as I did this year. I didn't waste big blocks of time, just an hour here, two hours there, but it added up to me not doing all the things I wanted to do. I am proud that we were able to buy our house and not feel financially pressed when doing so. I am also proud of how I tried to balance work and family, although if I must admit, the balance was a bit on the work side and not as much on the family side. I will try to do better.

I wish I'd gotten my act together, gotten my motorbike fixed and sold it. Because now there's about a 3 grand asset sitting in the garage and I'm too broke to do anything about it. If I'd got it fixed and sold I wouldn't have to worry about money, I would be able to pay my sister back, be able to go out on the weekends, not weigh the pros and cons of every dollar I spend.

I would have been more positive in my outlook. Proud of finally accepting that a person's behavior toward me is not my problem--it belongs to them, not me.

Absolutely. I wish I hadn't taken all the bad news about school budgets, Chris Christie, and the changes in our school so personally. It affected my health, my happiness, and my stress levels were off the charts. Even after I got back from France, which helped me gain some perspective, I still was carrying the world on my shoulders by the end of the year. I let it affect every aspect of my life, and I completely regret that. Especially since things didn't go as badly as I thought this year. I am especially proud of my students' ASK 8 scores from last year. They did a great job and I felt so proud and felt such a sense of accomplishment when I saw their scores last week!

i wish i would have gone to visit my nani more often. but i am proud of myself for realizing it and changing it. i now do everything in my power to go see her at least once a week.

I wish I had not complained as much to or about my son who has gone above and beyond to help me re-model this place and to keep my head above water. Alternatively - I'm proud that I am working towards various goals - whether working for Habitat for Humanity (one day) or remodeling or keeping this place (and my sanity) together

I wish I hadn't made a mess of the relationship with one of my old friends. Two of them. Both guys. I always screw up things with guys. I'm proud of my deciding to be in theater. I've met some amazing people there- I really don't deserve any of them...

Differently: not lied about April's meeting in Oregon. Proud: I like myself again. I want never to forget this, and to continue to be forgiving and maleable. And I sent my first pitch out. And I'm broke, but I'm paying the two mortgages. And I look out with joy.

I should have put more effort into finding a new job - kept my CV up to date, responded to job ads more quickly and kept in touch with recruiters more regularly.

I wish I found a better to cope with things that made me upset. I'm proud that I've been able to remain true to what I believe. I don't give up or give in to things I know are a bad idea.

I wish I had been more physically active this last year, as now I am suffering for it with poor stamina and condition.

I wish I'd kept my eating more in control. Haven't done that at all and now I have a lot of make up work to do. I'm proud of my emotional boldness this year. Going with things and putting myself on the line.

I don't yet have sufficient distance to have the perspective to know what it would have been, but there must have been a way to proceed through this career transition with more class and less angst!

I wish I could have been more honest with my friends rather than hiding behind this superficial layer of myself. And I don't mean my close friend (Clara) because she saw the real me, but I mean all the other friends or potential friends. Sometimes it's so hard to be true to myself explicitly because I can see their faces when I act like that, and they seem bored or distant and hence, I stop.

I wish I hadn't been so impulsive in creating close relationships in my freshman year. Getting too involved romantically with Brendan and signing a lease in October with Brit, Rachel, and Sara proved to be ultimately painful for me even though they temporarily eased the pain of adjusting to college. Alternatively, I'm proud that despite this dangerous closeness I inflicted on myself, I learned to be by myself this year. Particularly this summer in the apartment, I learned that alone time wasn't just good for me but actually proved to be fun, relaxing and enjoyable.

I wish I had the courage to take the time to truly self-reflect. In the new year, I want to take that leap.

Im proud of myself for FINALLY getting a part time job, not s proud that the saving for my nursing course at uni is not going as well as it could be. Im proud that im about about to finish high school in a month, im proud that i have gotten to where i am in my life, im just happy to be living really.

I wish I would have paid better attention in school, earned better grades and applied for more scholarships so I could have afforded to go to the school I truly wanted to go to, rather than sticking it out with what I can afford right now. Alternatively I'm very proud of myself for getting over everything from Morinville, I thought I would never leave and I thought I would go back at my first chance. But instead, I left, and I haven't gone back, and if everything works out how I want, I won't.

I wish I would've worked harder to make our business successful. I think I let the stress of the move & other changes get in the way of my focus. I'm very proud of my increased fitness level and changing body shape. I love my fat body but I'm also proud of getting more fit!

I wish that I would have followed my instinct and had gotten my son to be my husband's second on his Durable Power of Attorney for his medical issues. But, I did insist on going back to our attorney and changing some things on our estate. Now that certain members of our family are being difficult, that has been a very positive thing. I did follow my instincts on that issue. I will seek out our attorney and find out if I can change this now. Another thing that I feel good about is not allowing my guilt to stop me from traveling even though my husband can no longer travel, not wants to, as a result of his AD. I am off to Turkey with a girl friend in October!

What comes to my mind initially on what I wish I had done differently is how open I have been with my life to people who do not need to know. Specifically I have so readily shared my relationship details with my acquaintances, just because they ask? I need to keep my cards closer to my chest out of respect for my relationship and my partner. I regret this now because I feel that I have involved too many people on the roller coaster that has been our relationship. I hate now the rolled eyes when my classmates find out that we are back together. I wish I had shared less of my drama. I feel that while I didn't share anything that would hurt Teng it was more the lesson than anything.

I wish that I had made it to more Sacrament meetings and gone to the temple at least once a month.

Oh gosh definitely. I wouldn't have let my ex-boyfriend walk all over me and use me. I wish I would've said no and walked away. Seeing him in the halls isn't hard now, but I feel inferior to him sometimes. I'm not proud of changing who I was just for him to like me. Those six or seven months with him were bad ones. Of course I loved the high I felt because he was a "bad boy." But accepting the fact that we were over led me to my current and most incredible boyfriend, Matthew. Um, just those months I wish I could erase indefinitely. Forever. Besides making me a stronger person and building even more walls, dating him did nothing good for me, especially my self-esteem.

I wish that I had not been so cranky at times with my husband after a hard day at work that wasn't his fault. I am especially proud of helping to launch a new program to help youth with disabilities in our community!

I wish I had found a better balance between work, recreation and personal care. Work got the better of me (and, okay, I was rewarded for it), but I let my fitness slip. I stopped making things with my hands, which can give me so much pleasure. But I am glad I've tried hard at work, because it should continue to pay off, so to speak...

I am especially pleased that I spent many days with a dear old lady, who was rather handicapped and needed companionship before she left California to go to live in Houston near her son. I spent much time taking her out for drives, going through her clothes and belongings, helping her sort out what to take and what to give to Goodwill and we had many hours laughing and enjoying talking about life. I love that lady and she knows it, and she has the capacity to love too. It was so delightful - and it was an investment of time and caring - and it felt SO good.

I wish I had been less shy: that I had taken the opportunity to meet more new people, and not be so terrified that they will hurt me like others have, or not accept me. But I am also incredibly proud of myself, for making decisions in my life for me- instead of doing things for other people all the time, because I think it's what they want.

I wish that I had found a way to give my Mom what she wanted in her living will after her stroke. There were powers and circumstances that were beyond my control. But still . . . I am proud of my Mom! I am proud of the way she handled her past year and 1/2, with such dignity and acceptance. I am also proud of myself for accepting her situation. It was not easy to let go and accept reality as it really is! I am proud that I spent so much time with her and helped her as much as I could. I am proud of myself for trying to forgive my siblings. I am proud of myself for still being here and wanting to live a good life. I am proud of myself for surviving!

I reached out to a friend who needed companionship and have made dates to meet with her monthly. When I retired, I set several goals and have made a lot of head way on most of them. I feel good about this.

I am especially proud of the hard work I have put into my study this year. I didn't know I had it in me. I wish I could have been a nicer, more sincere person. I wish I had always chosen the right path rather than the easy path.

I wish I hadn't responded badly to a friend's hurtful actions, without stopping to realize that she has mental problems. I wish I had just held back and been more patient because now she isn't in my life at all. I've published a post in my blog every other day for the entire year. I feel that's quite an accomplishment and it has given me a chance to write about everything.

I wish I had the foresight to see that I have been too absorbed with my own issues and not seen the people who have always been there for me. I need to learn to share more and not try to do everything, or fix everything, myself. I guess hindsight is exactly that!

There was one main incident, but of course it could be said for countless other smaller ones, that I wish I had kept my mouth closed. Or, thought before I spoke. Or not let anger determine what I said. I am especially proud of putting myself in danger by demanding a man take his hands off a young girl on a bus.

I wish I would show more patience to my elderly parents instead of being frustrated by their repeated questions they don't remember asking and their inability to do the things they have always done so well. I know that I'm blessed to still have them in my life and I pray for the ability to show them my gratitude. I'm proud that I have faced the fear of a new job and taken the attitude that I can learn anything and do anything even though I'm competing with much younger people in the same field.

I am proud that I was able to help a new professor move into town. So many people have been supports to me that I am finally starting to feel as if I can give back by doing the same for others.

I wish I was more open with others. I'm so closed off to my friends, even my closest friends. I've been like this ever since I remember and I don't think it will change. I'm so used to not sharing my feelings and emotions. I have so much built of feelings that I end up having days where I just need to cry. I usually have no reason to do so, but I just need to.

I haven't been the best student. I've been living day-to-day, and not really taking into account my actions. I should have worked harder on my summer classes. I procrastinate like I breathe. Something I've been proud of? Can't really think of anything... I'm sure this is just my pessimism showing again. I can only remember the bad. The good just doesn't stay with me. Well... I made my mother cry tears of happiness with her Mother's Day present. Pink pearl earrings. And I bought an HP related shirt for my Ron-obsessed best friend. (She's not as obsessed with Ron as I am with Draco. XD But no one can out-obsess me! 'Cept for some psycho stalkers...)

Turning 40 and setting some goals that push me mentally, physically, emotionally and otherwise. Successfully completing the Westport Road Runners series and running 10 miles! On the list: reading WAR AND PEACE, shedding excess baggage, learning patience. Embracing the mantra "40 is the new 40!"

Not really. I hold the belief that everything happens just as it should...and had I done things differently then...I'd have done them differently. No regrets. No coulda, shoulda, woulda's. Yes, I'm proud of how I've navigated the last year. I'm especially proud that I did the "work" life was asking me to do. A lot of inside stuff. Hard stuff. The kind of stuff that nobody really sees. It's behind the scenes and not all that interesting...but it's IMPORTANT.

I came out to close friends and family in May 2009. But after that the process sort of plateaued. I am not as open as I should be with people. I have nothing to hide, but yet I feel as if I will surely be judged for being me. I am not open with new people I meet. Sometimes, even after I know them awhile.

I wish I had started on the exersize program my doctor suggested and lost the weight I put on, it would have been so easy, perhaps I will start now. I need to start going to bed earlier, not 1 or 2am like I have been doing.

No regrets about the past year... I'm proud of good work done.

I can't think of anything big that I would have done differently. But I can think of many small and probably insignificant things that I would have done differently. Likewise one thing that I am especially proud of ?? Hmmm - maybe dreaming up my next business project which came from seeing a photo in a newspaper. I am proud of my imagination to translate the image into what I believe is something with great potential. Thats the easy bit - now I have to work very hard to make it happen

Not staying committed to improving my health and well-being.. My will power is appalling and I really should have exercised more, eaten better and drank less.. Definitely going to endeavour to place more value on these things in my day to day life and just like myself more if I can!

I wish I had been able to be more present with my daughter more often and less consumed by my work.

I wish I would have spent a little more time pushing myself in my career and my work. I'm happy with what I'm doing, but I should be doing more. I also wish I spent more time on friends and family members. I'm a really independent person, but I need to remember to show other people that I care about them. I'm proud of the small steps I've taken in learning how to communicate my feelings more clearly and to be more accepting and understanding of other people's feelings. I'm maybe just a tiny bit less selfish after this year.

I wish I had thought through the arrangements for my maternity leave better, thinking more about what supports I would need. I'm proud that I've just hit the 6 month mark with breastfeeding.

Astonishingly... no. I'm proud that I made it to the end of (what will most likely be) the biggest trial of my life knowing that I could not have done any more than I did.

i wish i had gone out more and not ditched friends who invited me places. i also wish i invited more friends out to places instead of letting relationships deteriorate. i include christmas and birthday cards in this pronouncement. nor am i proud about alienating my father's side of the family. we bought a house. that makes me proud. although along with the pride is a feeling of inadequacy because without my husband's salary we'd be nowhere. i feel proud that i have a house, responsibilities, a mortgage payment, etc. i also feel lame that i settled down so fast.

I wish that I had been nicer to people and less hasty. My temper and pride get me into trouble, and I wish that I had stopped to cool down and get things into perspective before I spoke.

Generally, I think that 2010/5770 was a pretty good year on a personal level. I made a lot of little mistakes for which I'll do t'shuvah (I was moody or short with others; I wasn't as productive in the studio as I should have been; I was gluttonous some days, and miserly on others; the list of baby transgressions is long) and I've fallen short of some of the goals that I set for myself last Yamim Noraim, but I've also met some of them, and feel that I am a better, more thoughtful and open-minded person than I was one year ago. That's no small thing. I'm also proud of my throwing caution to the wind and moving across the country for love. One of the faults that I cited in myself last Elul was "my desire to plan or direct life's course"; it "interfere[d] with genuine experience." In other words, I recognized that I'm too much of a control freak. While I'm no wild and crazy guy today, I do feel that I'm more able to take life as it comes, and to appreciate it for what it is, rather than what I feel it should be.

Nine months ago I promised myself I would lose 5o# before my 50th birthday in November. I have not done a thing. In fact, I have gained weight. I have not put myself first. I have never put myself first and this has to change. I vow to stop making excuses and work on me as I am all I have...

Surviving after the death of my spouse.

I wish I would have offered my children more patience and empathy as my first reaction rather than anger.

I wish I would have taken advantage of more of the opportunities that came my way. Especially this summer, I wish I would have been more sociable and would have nurtured more of the friendships that I started forming. But I am particularly proud of myself for ending friendships that were bad for me and for not letting myself be walked all over like I have in the past.

There are always little things here and there that I wish I'd done differently. Generally, I wish I could be more in the moment, stop sweating the small stuff, and have my first reaction to things be positive, possible and open. I'm also proud that I think I've finally given up the role of family diplomat and problem solver - it was just stressing me out trying to "fix" everyone all the time, when really it's not my job to do. Now I can just be supportive and let people fix themselves if they so choose.

I wish I could have been stronger in taking care of myself. What with my daughter's accident, working, and moving, my "me time" has been practically non-existant with the result of my health declining.

I wish I had coped better with the time leading up to graduation. I spent much of my final semester being distressed. I could have channeled my dissatisfaction into creating and building, putting effort into friendships, future plans, and even using my frustration with myself as a starting point for self-exploration rather than beating myself up for my shortcomings.

I'm most proud of becoming more honest with myself and important friends about who I am. On the other hand, I wish I hadn't put myself out there so much to be hurt.

I think I would have been easier on myself, and on my husband, when it came to the first year of my son Ryder's life. I'm not great with change, and having a child means ALWAYS having to be prepared for change, so I think I might have taken more deep breaths and just told myself I was doing the best job I could do...which, as it turns out, was pretty damn good. I am especially proud of my husband's success with his writing, and with the fact that I finally finished my first novel and sent it out to agents. I am also proud that I maintained my business in light of having a child, and that I was able to reach my 1-year goal with breastfeeding.

I don't know. I had to say that first just to notify that I AM still doubting myself... but on the onther hand, I am NOT doubting God as He is the One who keeps pulling me trough every day. I believe that EVERYTHING happens for a reason. For a much greater reason that I can even imagine. Maybe some part of me, the one part that I have been trying to shut down this whole year, thinks I sould've be more patient and try and finnish this school year, then there would be only one more left. Part of me thinks that I gave up only because chickenend out... But the greater part of me believes that I am here, where I am, only because I HAVE to be here. I believe that God wants and has to have me HERE. What I am trying to say is: even if I think that I should have done something differently, I shouldn't have. That's it. I am proud of... Well, I guess I could be proud of the fact that I went to Ireland for 45 days all alone, just to do music and sing for God, that I took this whole time just for me, to figure something out... I am proud to have left school at some point, cause it was killing me sometimes. Yeah, I am happy to be back in music, to take that step and go back to Music School. BUT to be honest... I just noticed that all of my answers have been evolving around that one left-school-started-music-school fact, wich may be the main difference in me if you look from the outside... But inside I've really changed too. And that is what I am really proud of. I feel like I've been waiting my whole life for this season to lose all those stereotypes I have... About EVERYTHING! I absolutely HATE to live in a box! And I hate to have to lie to myelf! To lie to God! SO this is the year I said goodbye to pretending to be someone I am not. Al least not to myself. Maybe now the view is more ugly, but it's TRUE. Doesn't that just make it so much beautiful? I am who I am, it's time to accept myself, to love myself, I am proud to have really given it a thought, cause it's actually more important than I thought at first. I am proud to call myself a person who doesn't sit in a boox, who doesn't judge people. I am proud that my will and power to comunicate with other people is getting better. Yeah, I still love peace more than noise, that'll always be this way, but I love to get to know people, I apriciate the good and complicated, the different relationships in my life. I am proud of Aija, cause she's grown up to be such an awesome, beautiful, cool young lady. I am proud of my parents, cause they are so strong and a PERFECT example for trey'r kids. They just some how makes it all seem nice-and-easy. And you know that nice and easy does it everytime. I am proud of my little brother, for simply being the coolest and nicest person on earth. My older brother - for the way he manages he's life, career - wow. Oh, just everyone, causins, Zane - for the way she can make it on her own. I am learning from all of them. I am proud to say that I am learning to love and that I AM really really really LOVED. I am proud of me. But let's put "Thankful for" instead of "Proud of". Then I have to say I am thankful for this gloriously amazing peaceful night with instrumental jazz all around me. It's half past four in the morning, I am having the time of my life. THANK YOU!

Differently: Gossiped less. Proud: Taking chances.

Probably the thing that sticks out in my head the most was lying about myself to people that I really care about. Whether it was lying about how much I'm really worth, who my friends are, or even simply hiding something I shouldn't have to hide. Those lies ate away at me. So much so that I don't even want to have contact with certain people for fear of getting embarrassed if they find out the truth about me. So in this past year, if I could have stopped myself from lying so much, I think I would have been a more well-rounded person and more happy with myself.

I wish I had not hung my head for so long about dissatisfaction at work. It was hard on me, and even worse, on my relationship with my husband.

I wish I had been more understanding of my boyfriend when we moved to different cities and started having more problems.

I wish I would have spent more time reading about Zoology so that I wouldn't be so hard up now. I passed the exam in one of the prestigious universities here in our country which made my parents proud ergo making me happy.

With the crazy life we lead we, as a family, found the time to have a whole lot of fun-- together. We had big trips and little ones. We giggled around our home, our state and our country. We went to ballgames, gymnastics, Lover's Leap, movies, the skate park, playgrounds, parties, arcades, the junkyard, flea markets, fairs, basketball games, school picnics, Christmas pageants, Disney, Carlson's Grove, swim lessons, fireworks, pool parties, the ocean, Summer Spirit, Fair Days, tubing, world class gymnastics, and Newport. We did lots of skiing, quadding, bike riding, some golfing and camping. We got a mohawk. We expanded our garden, built a fort, a patio and a deck. We had s'mores, grilled pizzas, home made ice cream and hard cider. We got a kitten, ducks, and a dog. And maybe most importantly we shared many meals with friends and family- always with plenty of laughter.

I am rocking daddyhood.

I wish I had spent my down time between work projects better and not goofed off so much. I could have spent that time working on my own future. I'm very proud that I've managed to make real connections via the web again. I had thought that part of my life was over, and I missed it.

I wish I had kept my mouth shut. Sometimes I try too hard to be funny by making hurtful jokes or laughing at others misfortunes. If I could be just another person in the crowed I wouldn't feel like I'm not loved and I don't belong. It is my fault for where I am today but that doesn't mean I like it.

I don't tend to dwell on regret. It all seems to be a step in a journey. What am I most proud of this year? Personal accomplishment: I took two properties that were in crisis and raised the roof on their occupancies. I'm pleased to have had a hand in getting a great team together. I'm looking forward to 2011 and knocking the financials out of the ball park. "Nothing to do with me" pride: Healthy family and friends, a loving spouse of 10 years, a home, gorgeous pets, and fabulous career choice.

I am very proud of myself. Proud of my progress as a mother, a human being, a lover, a teacher, a writer. If I had any regrets they would be that sometimes I lose patience, with myself and with others. Patience is my latest goal.

I wish I had spent more time with my family, doing things together. I wish I had been a nicer person to the people I love. I am proud of the fact that I have taken care of my grandson for the past 10 months and I am also proud of my work accomplishments.

I wish I had started a relationship with Tamara while she still liked me and gotten to know her before rejecting her simply because I was obsessed with Suzanne at the time. I'm proud of nothing I did in the last year.

I'm proud of sticking to my yoga practice, and steadily becoming stronger and more focused. Though I do wish I had devoted more time to it, and pushed myself more in reaching the fullest expression of the practice.

I would have procrastinated much less, and I would have made a move on my girlfriend much more quickly than I did.

I am proud of the fact that I am starting to figure out where I want my life to be headed, and what my goals and aspirations are. I wish that I had allowed myself to be more focused on my day to day activities, instead of being sidetracked by movies and internet etc. I know what my goals and dreams are, but allowed myself to become sidetracked by trivial pursuits :(( Shame on me

I wish I had done differently too many things to list. I wish I could go back in time, I hate knowing I can't. I'd do anything to just start over.

I wish I would have lost more weight this past year and was more active. I'm proud of the job I've done at work. God has blessed me greatly this past year!!

Yes, I've realised that infinity is a concept, not a number.

I wish that I had been more assertive on a day-to-day basis with my best friend. In particular, I wish that I would have asked for more time and space (speaking more and listening less), that I would have shared more of the places where we are different. Perhaps doing so would have created the kind of genuineness that we both crave and we would not ended in the morass in which we've been mired during the last month.

Not really something I could have done different but something I wish had gone differently would be I wish I had gotten the financial aid I needed to go away to college. I feel like if that had happened I would be on my way to where I want to get but instead I feel a little bit behind. On the other hand, something I'm proud of doing this year is not being too afriad to changes jobs when I was offered a new job. I was worried I wouldn't like it and it would be horrible but now that I have done it I'm so glad I did. My work envoirnment is so much better, the people I work with are awesome, and even though I took the pay cut I am well on my way to being promoted and I've only been working there 6 months!

As taunting as this questions is, and as longing as I want to say 'yes' but no. I don't wish I had done anything differently this past year. Regret is not a prayer but a lesson. I am proud of what I 'can' know. Hopefully it will stir me to be better.

There is nothing I think I could have done differently even if I had wanted to because I was trying the best I could in all areas of my life. Although, of course, I wish my anxiety and stress hadn't affected my work and family/friend life as much as it did. But, I am really, really proud of myself of all the hard work I have done to cope with difficult situations and internal demons. I'm really amazed at the way all this hard work has paid off in how I feel, my perspective on myself and life, and how I function.

There are many things I wish I had done differently last year, but I especially regret the many times I allowed my doubt and fear to get the better of me in my relationship. I was always taking one step in, and then one step back out. My tentativeness caused my partner to hedge on his commitment, and we were locked in a "go nowhere" place. Once I resolved to suspend doubt and just "be in", the whole dynamic changed between us. Now we are in the strongest, most committed place we have ever been.

Wish I had: taken more initiative on dinners; and yet, not wasted energy on insecurity. Proud of: resume-building and career work.

I wished I would of stopped worrying sooner and asked for help. Swallowed my pride sooner and let it go. I am so proud of my persistence and believing in my efforts thus this far. I have come a long way from where I felt so lost for days or weeks that now I have a internal voice that guides me, friends that listen and support me and family that gives me unconditional love. I am proud of all i have done and learned to accept about myself and willing to see. I AM PROUD that I STARTED TO ASK FOR HELP WHEN I NEEDED IT. GOD, FRIENDS, FAMILY, Boss, and to myself. Now I look forward to ask my coworkers and boss and peers in my profession. TIME to Let go of the pride.

I wish I had worked harder to make MY dreams a reality rather than waiting for life to organize itself neatly and for everything else to fall into place before I tried to act on my desires

Isn't there always something you wish you'd done differently? I guess, for me, it's more little things than one big thing. I often react to something and later realize I could have handled it better and regret the way I acted. I need to consider other people more and do a little more thinking before I open my mouth sometimes.

I wish that I had challenged my professor on his grading of my ancient history class. I'm proud of the fact that I am going to be studying abroad.

I would have exhibited more patience and compassion in my personal and professional affairs.

Quisiera ser más abierta, que la timidez no me venciera. Aun así, me siento muy orgullosa de haber trabajado en el curso de verano... y estoy lista para un próximo.

I would have talked to my husband in a more empowered way about taking the yoga teacher training. It caused a lot of unnessary concern for me, alot of stress. It all worked out in the end. Proud of juggling everything from the JFC fundraising things and midnight runs to Handling Spencer's move to college and football as well. My work and getting new clients. Feeling more confidaent in general.

I am a very firm believer in everything happening for a reason. Every action has a consequence and each decision I have made has made me the person I am today. I try to make good decisions so that I never have to deal with the issue of regret or wishing I had done something differently. I am proud of myself for accomplishing this for yet another year and I am proud of the person I have become.

I have no regrets - I only would have danced more and done more spontaneous crazy things. I'm especially proud of hosting a Bible study, academic work, going to New York, and learning to love myself. Oh, and helping coach a debate team - working with kids is so rewarding.

I wish I would have applied for more temporary positions to tide me over until I started my permanent job. I also wish I would have traveled more to places I wanted to go and caved less to my mother-in-law's demands. I'm proud of myself for sticking with bellydance classes and for finally adopting a dog.

I would not have worked at Hollywood Video. Should've bucked up and applied for a real job, like Netflix. Ought've seen that one coming... Also, I'm so glad I worked at Hollywood Video. Living the American Dream from the crow's nest of a sinking ship....

I am very happy and proud that I have worked on my relationship with Pam and Milt. Alternatively, I wish I could improve on my relationship with Fraser. Every time I get comfortable and think that it is going in the right direction it is sabbotaged. Don't get it.

I wish that I had listened more to the things that my former manager was saying to me so that I didn't lose my job. The job was bad and unhealthy, but If I was working instead of laid off then I would have had the opportunity to search without suffering financially. But what am I proud of....I am proud of the fact that I kept my house, and paid the bills and managed to survive financially even though I was laid off for 7 months. We even have money left in our savings account. We had to change the way we lived a lot but the sacrifice was worth it.

When I think about the past year, since last September 2009, I can think to one thing I really wish I had done differently. At some point that summer I had the idea that it would be good to move to New York and send my daughter to HS there. Well not every good plan is a God plan. Sometimes we get so emotionally connected to our ideas that we don't see quickly enough it isn't a good idea. That was the most stressful summer I had experienced in a while. The chaos and stress of trying to make this plan work, coupled with the fact that my ex-husband was practically squatting in my DC apartment was ridiculous. At some point I remembered the verses in the bible that speak about sweat-less victory. Did this really have to be such a struggle. In September I made the decision to listen to my spirit and let myself be still to hear from God and go in that direction. Within two weeks, things began to align...first, I got an apartment in a better area with a great HS in 72 hrs from the time I applied online to signing the lease (that has never happened to me), second I went to get my child in NYC, third, I moved and left the ex-husband still squatting there when I left, fourth, the day after I moved I got the call to interview for the job I really wanted (I now have), and finally got the job, started last December. I wish I had sought divine direction first before I made decisions that were reactionary instead of visionary. My takeaway/done it differently - Never make a permanent decision based on temporary circumstances. What I am especially proud of this past year is my daughter Zee. She faced the challenge of starting a new school, arriving in October, and really pushed herself to pass her classes. There were many many moments where she felt defeated and didn't get the support she needed, but she did not quit. She almost did but she made a quality decision to keep trying. She passed every class. Likewise I am especially proud of my firstborn daughter Stephanie. She graduated from college in May 2009 and like so many she struggled to find work. She did whatever she needed to do to stay relevant - she volunteered for organizations that were in her chosen field in the day and worked restaurant jobs at night, kept applying for jobs, kept networking, took an internship position for low pay and just kept going. She finally landed her "dream job" and started two weeks ago. I am very proud of watching my daughters work hard to climb their respective mountains while resisting the urge to save them.. knowing that not "saving them but letting them "get scuffed up" climbing was best.

I am proud that I am reaching outside my comfort zone to improve myself. I have been putting out the energy and the lessons, the people and the successes have come. I am so amazed at the exchange of gifts that are available to exchange in the universe. My partner and I are fixing up properties so new families can enjoy and grow in them. The neighborhood get a facelift of hope. Jobs are created and we donate part of the proceeds to the Boys and Girls Club keeping things local. It is a win / win.

Oh wow. So much has happened in the past year that I have a hard time seeing where I am now without all those decisions. And I'm very happy about where I am. I guess I would have not procrastinated taking the CBEST. For that matter, I wish I wouldn't have mistaken the date the first time around. I'm especially proud of the relationships that I've formed with all of my grandparents. I'm also proud that I've made the decisions I made- to take advantage of the opportunity to come to Long Beach, move to Belmont Shore, and be my best for what I know I can do right now!

I wish I'd lost my temper less with my son. I wish I'd been more serene in chaos. I'm proud of how I stepped up once I felt better -- doing more as I felt better. And I'm proud of how I've handled the situation with my husband. There is some grace and serenity present that wasn't there last year.

I wish I had been more confident this year and put myself out there. The times that I was more confident were the times that I least regret. The times where I was too self-conscious and scared to make a move or do anything are the moments that I wish I had done differently. They say that you don't regret the things you did, you regret the things you didn't do, and it rings true for my past year. The possibilities of what could have happened hurt more than any embarrassment suffered.

I wish that I wouldn't have stressed about my wedding so much. It ended up being a beautiful day, and I knew that I was worrying about nothing. I am very proud of the fact that I finished my masters degree this past year. I've always had lofty educational goals, and going to grad school part-time while teaching full-time was exhausting, but worth it. I'm so happy that I got my masters degree when I did!!

Well, admitting to myself that I could "love" somebody to the point where I tell them is a great achievement for m past self. I know now that I'm still severly flawed after the "incident" I went through... But I'm somewhat proud for what I've done. It was a step that needed to be taken.

Wish I'd taken better care of my garden and yard... But I'm very proud of finding and buying the perfect horse!

I wish I had been more bold, more myself in front of my classmates, and not been so unassured of who I am as a person. If I had been more myself, I probably would have had a lot more fond memories of my time in secondary school, and i would feel more like I belonged. I shouldn't have been so concerned over whats cool and what's not, and should have just done what was best for me.

I wish I had worked harder at exploring my job options. I feel stuck. I have been working in the same company for 21 years and was very happy and felt like I was making a real difference until about a year ago. In my heart I know it is time for me to move on but I have procrastinated about doing anything constructive, mostly out of fear, and uncertainty about my own capabilities, as well as an un-validated assumption that there are no good jobs "out there" anyway.

I wish I had been more focused on what I wanted to do when I decided to leave my job. Not just career-wise, but everyday. I found myself feeling more lost than I was when I worked full-time, and with a LOT less money to play with to try to discover my passions. I suppose I need to have more foresight and envision the results of my actions, before I take action. Alternatively, I'm really proud of myself for leaving my job. I had the strength and courage to leap out into the unknown and say goodbye to a shitty situation. I'm actually proud of myself for putting my cares to the wind, being a little spontaneous and following my happiness. I should learn to always trust in myself and do what makes me happy. When all else fails, just do what makes you happy, and when you're happy, everything else will come into place. I don't know if everything falls in place because your happy or vice versa, but it works. :) I'm very proud of myself for leaving my job. It was the first step in a difficult journey, but a step in the right direction. I'm really proud of myself for taking that step.

I wish I slowed down more. I feel I have the best intentions and work very hard for my family to be the best we can be but I think if I slowed down a little more and let go of certain things then we would all benefit. I am proud of myself for beginning in a field that I love; dance education. After 5 years of total commitment to my kids, I have allowed myself to be a part of a world that I love deeply. Having the balance works for me and I hope to continue with it.

I really wish I would have found a better way to express my lack of religion to my parents. Instead of telling them outright, I chose to rebel every Sunday when they insisted I attend mass. Though they may have been very disappointed, I wouldn't dread Sundays quite so much or try to find excuses for not going to church.

I wish I hadn't drawn out the relationship with my ex. I should have realized that it was never going to work and that I was unhappy. There's a huge difference between loving someone and being comfortable with them. I'm proud of the fact that I went to seek help for the emotional problems I've been having. I don't know what kicked me in the ass and made me do it, but getting counseling is going to be a big help in changing the person that I am into the person that I want to be. It's time to cast aside those bad traits and get back on the right path.

I Don't want to change anything. I think, if I did something it was right desicion any way and there is no reason wish me done something differently.

I wish I would have payed more attention in school so that I would have actually graduated high school. I'm proud of getting Reno in Anything Goes. That was a big step for me.

I wish I had a better attitude this past year. I wasn't always compassionate toward others, and I wasn't always conscientious and motivated in relation to my career. I am proud of myself for continuing the same behavior I have always been proud of -- being a loyal fiance, family member and friend -- but I think that increasing my compassion toward others would help me show loyalty and overall care even more. Wait -- I actually am extremely proud of me and Stephen's ability to host two holidays this year!! We hosted Thanksgiving 2009 and Mother's Day 2010 ... everything was delicious and we spent such special days with our families :)

I wish I hadn't been such an anti-social hag during the summer. There were many fun parties I missed out on because I just didn't want to face people. I should be braver. I don't think I've ever really been proud of myself in a long time. Ever since seventh grade, I've always thought of myself as only adequate.

I am proud of myself for graduating with my master's degree. I am also proud of being able to confront my ex and move out - really starting over. Also.. I am totally loving my job and am proud of choosing what I did instead of the higher paying job :)

I wish that i had handled the situation with my oldest sister differently. I made a few errors and i did not admit to them until recently and i wish i had cleared the air earlier. Alternatively, I am proud of myself for become a leader in my world instead of a follower. I cut lose all those people who infected my life with negativity and i started working on living positively in the world. I had trouble some days, but many days over the year have been glorious. I am proud of the fact that I can not only talk about reflecting and making changes in my life for the better, but actually following through with it as hard as it can be some days.

Hmm... I am always impressed with the way my husband listens to what I say and thinks about it and responds to it. When I look back at my year, I wish that I had taken his lead a little bit more in this way. I think I have gotten better at talking about what is bothering me, but I would like to let go of my ego more, listen more, respond more and continue to be open about things that upset me. So, to answer the question - I wish I had responded to disagreements between me and my husband differently - I wish I had been more thoughtful, more respectful, and more responsive.

I wish that I had handled a professional conflict a lot better than I did. I have always struggled with my temper and I let it get the best of me. People try to excuse me, because it was my first time in that type of situation, but I blush with shame whenever I think of it. I'm proud of my ability to handle the load I carried last year with courses, work, and my time as a "marathon" stage manager. I learned a great deal handling multiple shows at once. I feel that I grew a lot as a professional this last year.

I would have liked to have spent an hour a day chanting. Chanting really calms me down and helps me gain perspective and I need both, a lot. In a lot of ways, chanting and my attitude towards it is a direct reflection of how I look at my life. Chanting is part of taking care of myself, like cooking nice food and taking care of myself in general. The more I chant the better I'm taking care of my spiritual life which is a major part in taking care of myself. Chanting = love and respect for myself. Not Chanting = not loving and respecting myself as I'm not important enough to take care of me.

The one thing I wish I had done differently this year is to finish my final assignment for my class on-time this spring. This is the one thing that continues to hang over me because I feel like I've let my professor down. She is a thoughtful, intelligent, and understanding woman, and took the time to commute to the city after her full day at work to teach about critical issues in higher education. She also believed in us and truly cared about our complete well-being. I have yet to complete the final assignment for her class, and plan to complete the work in the coming months.

Life has many turns, moment by moment. Everything that happens is a result of every moment since we were born. Even though we are supposedly born with "free will", everything that happens is a result of every microscopic moment since creation. Where we are is the result. What am I proud of? That I have been able to be a part of everything that is.

I wish that I'd handled traveling with friends better. I was hurt when they made it clear to me on the first day of our holiday that they wanted to sightsee together by themselves (i.e. I wasn't invited), but I could have made more of an effort to spend what time I could with them rather than freeze them out. Our friendship could have deepened rather than withered.

I wish I had made space for more work/life balance. This option was offered to me by my employer and I was able to embrace some of it but in general it was hard for me to allow myself to receive what was offered. I did improve over time as I felt more safe in my workplace.

I may never be in recovery from depression, but I can choose to recover.

I wish I would have reacted differently to the differences I had with my new boss. I'm very sensitive and sat down during situations I didn't agree with. I wish I would have stood up for myself and my personality more, regardless of the consequences. Life is too short to not be yourself, and I should be more confident in what I know to be right.

I wish I had had the courage to broach the subject of my mom's arrangements with her. She was a very private person and I knew she never wanted to discuss such things. But maybe if I had asked, I could have encouraged her to make changes which would have relieved my brothers and me of great hardship.

I wish I had begun online classes then if I had I would be a lot further ahead in terms of reaching my goal of having a BA degree. I am proud that I gave birth to my lovely little girl in October. It joys me to see how much she has grown in such a short time. She will be one soon and I still remember her dad holding her when she was born. What a little miracle.

Once I had lost my job, I wish I had been more aggressive looking for a new position. Also, I wish I had been more open about my job difficulties with colleagues and friends. I felt I needed to keep my job situation somewhat under wraps, but in hindsight, that did not give people around me a chance to offer help or assist me in networking. I need to still learn to rely on my family and friends in time of need. In terms of being proud, I am glad that I finally started being more assertive in my family life. I had drifted into a bland, vanilla existence, and this past year, I have done much to bring back the part of me that takes risks, embraces challenges, and does not bow down to convention.

What would I have done differently? I'd try to keep perspective when my kids were going through bad stuff (relationship situations, etc.) - I tend to get too worked up and forget that it's not about me, it's not my life. I get protective and overly involved at times, and my feelings get hurt. I wish that I had started biking more often, earlier in the season. I wish I had worked harder on losing weight. I'm proud that I've taken some steps to be healthier (eating real food). I'm proud that I gave up artificial sweeteners. I'm proud that I did some letting go and loosening of the apron strings.

I wish I had spent more time with my real friends, and more time doing things that I really enjoy, that really make me happy. Less worrying about the future, the next day. And I'm pretty proud of droping out of some of the things I was doing without actually wanting it, like my university. I'm proud of being brave enough to leave Brasil behind and come to Canada, without looking back.

I wish I had cared less about what people think of me. I have spent so much time my whole life, not even just this past year, letting other people dictate what I do and say and feel. I wish I could have spent less time worrying about others and just done what I wanted to do. I hate the feeling of being self-conscious...I compared myself way too often to others I saw as "above" me. I had a great year of school. I made Deans List and studied my hardest and it definitely paid off. I can't wait to walk across that stage this spring (hopefully) and receive my college diploma. Doing well has finally allowed me see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I wish I had been able to have more success with my drama productions. I know I could do better as an actor and I know I could inspire others to do better as a director. Sure, the process was fine but the final product didn't reflect any of the hours of preparation! None of the hard work and problems we faced seemed to pay off and it is really disappointing.

I'm finally at the point where I am confident enough to feel really good about my confidence

I wish I had written more of my PhD thesis while I was really on a roll. I wanted a lot more of it done before I had my baby and now I have doubts about how I will finish and I don't have a sense of achievement over what I did do.

I wish I hadn't fucked everythingup with Kevin, I really want to fix things.

I wish I would have been more patient and loving with my sister and mother. I am proud that I have finally taken steps to become big and develop my business. I have some fear, but I also have a lot of hope and trust in G-d. I am also proud of my son for being so resilient and I am proud of my husband for blossoming into a more confident, strong and loving person.

I would have handled some job interviews I've had over the past year differently. I'm proud that my GPA, now that I have my Business Admin certificate, is 3.97 and that I'm a Phi Theta Kappa member.

I'm proud that I was able to be of help to my friend Lynn who needed care at the end of her life.

I wish that I had managed my money better this year. I could say tons of other things about the kids, my work but in the end I regret more than anything that I haven't grown up and taken charge of the $. I am very proud of my kids. They all have shown themselves, this year, to be wonderful citizens of the world. I can't imagine a better feeling for a dad to have. They are such great people and I hope they know I feel that way.

I wish I had taken action sooner on an opportunity that presented itself to start a new teaching career. However, I am especially proud of the steps I have taken to grow spiritually and emotionally, and for finally 'showing up' to my life everyday, doing my part and let God and the universe take care of the rest.

I wish I was better with someone else I'm proud of how much I can love someone

I wish I had taken control of where my life was going...instead I allowed myself to be dragged along by "circumstances." On the other hand, I'm proud that I allowed myself to experience the difference of not "making things happen" and just allowing myself to experience the changes in my life.


I wish I had kept my confidence after I came back from traveling. I'm proud of myself for having the guts to sing and play in front of people, although I have lost it now.

I have taken numerous "false starts" in beginning a new project that I think will bring me into a field of success. I continually invest in them and then never even bother to start the actions needed to make them a reality. I wish I could say that I hadn't done this again but alas, I recently have. This behavior I would really like to end and I would like to know and release the thought behind this "bad reflex."

Don't tell my husband but...I kind of wish I hadn't forced us to move to a new neighborhood...because if stayed in our place, I would have been able to quit my job and I really have hated my job these past few months. Financially, we just couldn't swing me not working while we moved and tried to sell our place...I love our new neighborhood and we finally sold our place...but honestly, I'd trade it to have been able to leave my job!

I wish i had not slacked off freshman year and been such a lazy ass. but i am proud i pulled off a C on mybiology final. woo!

I wish I had learned how to control the negative thoughts in my head. Sometimes i start thinking one bad thing and then my whole day is ruined and i yell at everyone i see.

I wish I had been more focused on my life goals instead of feeling sorry so much of the time. But I am especially proud of finding a better inner me, who is more confident and knows where she wants to go and how to get there.

I have always tried to be very patient with my teenage son, but I really lost my temper once this past year. In the heat of the moment, I engaged in a yelling match with him. I not only modeled a lack of self-control, I said mean things and really hurt his feelings, too. I should have walked away, counted to 1,000, and written him a letter, instead.

The words "best friend" have never seemed so empty. You were the only one that I had thought could fill up an abyss with light, color, and meaning. Knowing how I made you feel isn't something I would be proud of. But I don't feel like digging myself in a ditch so someone can help me out, so I'm just the slightest bit proud that someone can find some good in me.

am pleased at having taken the initiative to conduct a rosh hashanah meal, traditional

I wish I'd not gotten depressed and that I'd gotten out of it sooner. This past year was a hard one, but I've come out the other side, and that's what I'm proud of. I sat in the funk for a while, but then really started to take care of it step by step. I saw the problem sand then I started problem solving. I had a lot to change. Much in my life wasn't working, but now that I've truly put things into action, my energy and potential happiness has begun to be unleashed.

I would have let go of a relationship that had already died, but I just didn't want to admit to it. Alternatively, I'm very proud that I've gotten right with myself, and rediscovered things that I had buried in order to be with that person.

I wish I had taken better care of my finances. I'm really proud that I quit smoking!!

I wish I had handled some interpersonal relationships better... Not flown off the handle, nor retreated into solitude... There are some times I wish I had gotten angry, and fought back (sometimes with violence, due to disrespect shown to me), but fear of losing my job kept me from doing that... I am proud of the fact that I've managed to keep my head, and not take action against those who I feel have wronged me over the last year... As the old saying goes "Crushing their heads would be satisfying, but the aftermath wouldn't have been fun"...

I may have expressed my pride towards my wife as she advanced closer to the completion of her Dr. degree, in a much better way. I am proud of the improvements that I have made in parenting.

I always have subconscious regrets, but ultimately I feel like everything that happened only brought me to where I am because of how the cards fell. There are some things I can say I wish I could have done differently but in the end, I am extremely happy right now and I would only be in this position if I had done everything exactly how it happened. On the other spectrum, I am so proud of myself for just surviving this year. It was my first year on my own, I have no debt, I'm in a wonderful relationship and I think I have grown exponentially as a person. I can finally call myself an adult.

I wish I had tried harder in Bio1H with Achilly. Perhaps, if I'd tried harder to excel in that class, I would have scored better overall. I'm also proud of the friends I've made from all the classes I took and the summer on TJJA I enjoyed so much!

I wish my activities were more structured, so I would be less tired and less reliant on coffee and wine. I was proud not to go totally insane.

I'm so proud of the little baby girl I gave birth to. I have never known of something so small making me feel so much love. It's just indescribable how much I love her.

I wished I had approached helping my sibling with cancer this year but the "how to" still alludes me. I can't recall a great accomplishment but a handful of good deeds.

I wish I had become more confident sooner. I was bullied in junior high, and therefore had low self esteem. It still shows sometimes now that I'm entering high school. I'm usually comfortable in my own skin now, but sometimes I just feel insignificant again.

At different points this past year, I told myself I was going to volunteer at a shelter for abused children that I discovered doing a project for my public speaking class. There was always a convenient excuse for not calling, and I never did end up going. I wish I had; I'll never know whose life I might have ended up changing, or whether my own would have been changed.

I wish that I would have taken better care of myself. Day after day, I was spending so much time and effort on everyone else's happiness, that I let my life crumble, and it has really caught up to me now emotionally.

I kind of wish I had done life differently this past year. I could have gotten things done earlier, been more financially responsible, and said what I really wanted to say. Instead I kept my head down and still tripped. More than anything I wish I would have stood up for myself.

Clearly this is a two part question. (1) I would have been a better wife and partner. I would have been less bitchy and critical of my husband and his role in raising our family, providing for our family and caring for our family. I would have told him directly what I need and want. Not just assume he knows. It's just how I am after giving birth. (2) The birth of my 3rd child and 2nd daughter, Raegan. She is an absolute joy. The pregnancy was good and delivery was a breeze. She is a petite peanut with a great disposition, loving and funny. A great smile and big eyes that reflect everything she is seeing or enjoying. I fell in love all over again.

I haven't been especially happy with this year but only during the times that I was berating myself for not being productive. Each time I would find myself becoming depressed about my lack of productivity there would be the quiet voice in my head that would remind me to be at peace...this time was important. I have learned a lot of important things about me. I discovered raw eating, dropped my blood pressure to normal and released a cyst I had nurtured for 6 years. All of this helped with the research for a new book that would not come clearly to my mind. I also learned that I wanted to live.

Yes, I wsh I had not agreed to settle for what I didnt want to settle. For what I didnt need to settle. Very proud of myself. For taking so many risks, for being courageous, for letting myself be vulnerable, yet not afraid.

I recently started studying again and my company offered to sponsor me. Unfortunately they didn't pay the full amount and I had to pay the rest as well as sign a contract that says I won't resign while I'm studying. I wish I had paid for it myself and had the freedom to leave if I wanted to or made the company pay the full amount in order to enforce the contract. I am proud that I am studying though.

I wish that I had been more committed to my work, and to working hard, instead of drifting because I didn't like my new boss and worked in a different office than she did.

The way that I handled/abandoned my mother. Source of shame. I need to work with her realistically and forgive myself more. Found a way to write more consistently. Receiving love and not running away.

I don't feel proud about anything. I'm grateful if I can meet difficult situations with some measure of equilibrium. I think the way I handled the fact that my employer had to lay me off due to contract issues beyond anyone's control was a good example to fellow workers - I accepted it as it was, and remained positive that I'd be able to come back once the period of not-being-able to hire me ended. I understand that my work and my presence is valued, and now as I prepare to return to work, I intend to really come in with focus and attention to what I anticipate will be a rather tedious project. Hopefully, I'll get through it and a more interesting position will be available to me at the clinic. I guess I'm proud that I learned how to draw blood! It was an obstacle I thought I'd never get past, and all it took was a paradigm shift! What do I wish I had done differently? Every way I handled my reactions to the untenable living situation I was in. The longer I stayed in, out of an attempt to try to make sense of it and resolve it amicably, the tenser and more reactive I became. Again, the norm was a state of mistrust, depletion, tension, low grade hostility. What could I have done differently? Chosen to cleanly kindly firmly assert my needs and end the marriage, instead of meandering around, afraid to be seen as unkind (when I really was unkind!). I wish I hadn't given power to his "story" of me. The energy I spent being hurt by his accusations and projections would have been better spent taking care of myself and detaching myself from the scenario. I wish I'd been different, but I wasn't because I needed that much time and difficulty to work through these issues in myself. It was the road to this place. The train is finally arriving. El Hamd'ullilah!

I would like to have been more honest with myself and everyone else this year

I wish I had been bolder, braver in my art and in love. I am proud of having quit my job, that made me miserable, listening to God's voice, leading me into this next phase of my life.

I wish that I had ended my relationship sooner. I should have known that he wasn't going to marry me, but I guess I was just hoping, guess I am the fool for hoping. I wish I was proud of something, it might make my life easier, it has been a rough year and I still have more to go.

I wish I had saved enough money this year to take my child on a real vacation. His 14 and has never left the state. I'm proud I have a good job and make okay money while most of my friends are not as well off as I am. I'm not happy they are having problems I'm just happy I'm not.

I wish I had gotten a job earlier, instead of rushing around now trying to find one. People don't want to hire someone fresh out of high school with no job experience. I'm proud that I managed to graduate on time. I mean. It was always a question on whether or not I'd managed it.

I'm proud of the progress I've made toward creating a loving relationship with myself. The only difference I'd wish for is to have been even more loving and compassionate.

I wish I had been able to follow my instincts with women and pursued those I was drawn to, the way I felt comfortable, rather than pursuing the ones I didn't like and trying to sleep with them because I felt obligated to fulfill some sort of male college fantasy.

I wish I had left a situation in which I felt unsafe instead of "sticking it out" because of the reputation of the teacher. In other words, I wish, in this particular case, that I had followed my gut."

wish I'd found a way to have a better realtionship with my daughter, especially not yelling at, arguing with her. Proud that I helped her graduate from college.

No to both. I am simply happy with who I am and where I am and that I continue to put one foot in front of the other. It is all about becoming more of who I am and recognizing that what shows up in my world is a result of who I am being and what I believe.

This is a constant theme that I wish to break this year: I wish I had applied myself; more to the point this year - put my nose to the grind and knocked off the two graphic novels that are still half-written. Especially proud of something? Getting my daughter admitted to one of the best schools in the region comes close, but not enough.

Wish I could have left earlier. Proud of all of my intentional efforts to heal.

I wish I didn't have to work so hard. It has gotten to a point where I feel that I need to consider medication to cope. My husband and I have got ourselves into a position with two businesses in two different towns that require 24/7 concentration. We miss each other terribly and neither one of us get to spend real quality time with our children or each other for that matter (even though I work from home). My plan is to change this by January 2011 and become much more of a stay-at-home mom and more of a support for my husband.

I'm very proud that I've started writing and almost completed my first book. I'm so excited about this!

I'd probably be more studious this past year. I regret not working as hard as I should. Now I have a low ass GPA and I gotta make up for it fast. But that still doesn't discourage me. I am proud that I did manage to get a few A's this year. I thought my first year in College would just consist of C's and D's. But I came out with a pretty good amount of A's and B's. Hopefully I do better this year. I need that 3.0 GPA or higher.

It seems to me that I learn through repetitions. But the kind of repetition that builds on from the previous. For example, with romantic relationships, I find myself getting better at overcoming my fear of intimacy, my fear of commitment, as I draw closer to the person. But what happens in the end, or at least, what happens to me in the end, is that there is nothing much that comes of it, at least at the surface. So my thought goes to, "Perhaps the next guy will be the one." And, so the next guy certainly comes along, and I learn, a step or two closer towards what it means to love. Or more accurately, to love better; selflessly, sacrificially, without shame.

I suppose, as in every year, I wish I had put myself out more. I have trouble being free and open sometime and I feel its hurt me more than helped. Probably why I'm still single which at 19 going on 20 very soon sucks alot. But I am very proud to say I got my first paying writing job this year! Hopefully more will come as I progress as a writer.

I have answers to both questions. Of course there are something that I wished done differently. For instance, if I didn't rejected my boss invitations to be part of his stupid clan, I would be better valuated in my job. But it was a hard fighting between racionality vs. stupidity and...I lost, my powerful boss won. But without this perspective, perspective like this, it could be very difficult to improve our lives, really. And in the other hand, thanks to all things from which I'm proud, I'm able to think that always there are something that could be done differently. For example, I knew a beatiful woman, and we have a great intellectual friendship. We have not pierced the prudential tiny line that divides fascination and passion. And I'm very proud by that. Note: She is XX, and me are XY, and the attraction remains.

I guess I wish that I had made more progress on savrakraut. On the other hand, I am proud of the steps I have taken so far to start the business, and I'm damn proud of the 40 jars I have sold.

I would have studied harder for the board examinations. I really thought I was studying enough. But it was not enough. I had the highest goal there is. But well, it did not work out my way. Perhaps there is a reason for this and I just got to accept it.

I am proud that I quit my job in a corporate environment and went freelance.

It's been a largely uneventful year though I have had some poems published online and in a book. My blog is growing nicely - over 15,000 hits since I started fourteen months ago. My eldest son interned at the Houses of Parliament and found a serious and nice girlfriend. My youngest son is doing extremely well at his grammar school. I wish I had found a job; one that would pay well enough for me to afford trying alternative therapies to help my husband's ME.

I have no particular regrets about anything I've done (or not done) this year. As alwats, I wish I had been able to lose more weight. but maybe I should just stop worrying about that issue altogether. I'm reasonably proud that I made it through the school year at a very challenging placement and I did not give up/quit. Its a small triumph, but I feel good about it.

I wish I would've thought things thru better and not been so inmature about my working situation and valued other aspects of what I was working with and as... I had a great position, I let it go because I couldnt stand my boss and yet after changing jobs it turned out she wasnt that bad... Im proud of having thinds done my way and not holding back because others believed I had to step down, I never did...

My brother and I didn't get to hang out as often as I would have hoped. I'd just started to realize that we didn't have to be leaping at each other's throats when he had to go back to college. I felt like we'd just reached a real sister-brother connection and then the summer was over.

So proud of how I fell back into the same life but also made it more like the life I want to be living. I have my lovely boyfriend and a gorgeous dog and I an talk happily with my brother and am on good terms with parents. I wish there was a way that I could find mre happiness with my family though. I spent such little time with them this past year and I would like to change that, but also still don't feel like I quite fit. I feel on edge, and just want to run back to Jyle.

After much thought...no! And that in itself is surprising.

Every year I feel the same way--why didn't I take better care of myself? I need to keep my weight stable for a bunch of very good reasons, yet I stay on this roller coaster of ups and downs, with fewer downs as the years go by. I have been working on finding peace with this issue and hope that when I see this message next year, I will have made some progress toward this goal.

I think last year was when I interfered with some relationships in my partners family when I absolutely shouldn't have. Hope I've learned to keep my mouth shut when it's none of my business. I am proud of some of the performance projects I've made happen and the fact that I've met, inspired and been inspired by a lot of people through doing them.

I wish I had performed better this year in grad school. I would have moved in a lot earlier, taken more time to socialize before school so I would have had more friends when school started. I would have considered getting a car from the beginning. However, I am proud to have found my spiritual self whom I had ignored for many years.

I really wish I wouldn't have screwed up so much in school. Dumbest mistake of my life. However, given the circumstances, I'm rather proud of the way I turned out.

My family has suffered from much adversity this past year - death, job loss, divorce, illness, drug addiction, home foreclosure. I wish I had helped to overcome these issues with more grace and less anger.

I really wish I had worked harder in my first year of grad school. I do not believe the Bs that I earned adequately reflect the kind of worker I am. Plus, the faculty probably think I am not taking this opportunity seriously.

This is a tough one to answer, in both what I wish I had done differently, or something I'm proud of. I mentioned the newfound healthy lifestyle in the earlier question, and that's something I'm quite proud of. The only other major life change that happened in the past year was my move out of Oakville and back "home." I'm proud of myself for taking a risk and doing it - and so happy, grateful, and lucky for my parents' support throughout the whole thing. I don't think I could have done it without Mom -for awhile, I was frustrated and felt so poor, and that there was no way I could do it and be happy. But, with Mom's encouragement and support, I was able to (finally) find the perfect place for me to call home - a place where I feel comfortable, happy, safe, and a place that is all me. That's really all I can ask for.

I have managed to save up enough for 10 months rent and a deposit. I have worked so much this summer which I am proud of however I feel it may make me too exhasted for the start of law school.

As I mentioned yesterday I'm proud of the weight loss I've been achieving and the increased quality of my health. I'm also encouraged by the responses I'm getting in the community to my ideas and efforts. Makes me want to do more and share more. I wish I had the courage to be more open, even critical at work, but I also appreciate that I'm learning to keep my mouth shut at the right times and not spouting off something stupid when I'm mad or frustrated. In the next year I hope to be more bold in every aspect of my life - especially in defense of all the things I believe.

I wish had the courage to forefill all my dreams and aspirations by working harder and smarter in which could turn to results. Be more disciplined and focused on short and long term goals.I am proud of becoming a Bartender this year and also dealing with unfinished business concerning probation.

I wish my husband and I had the wherewithal to save a bit more money so that we could have been in a new home by this time. Hopefully next year. I'm proud of my relentless attempt to get my friends who had fallen out, back together. They're fine and now I can happily say, "I told you so."

I would have liked to leave without owing money to Dee. Yes, I am proud of my new life and the things we are accomplishing.

I wish I had poured more energy and time into my marriage instead of to my job and my kids. After work, I'm so exhausted that I veg out and do nothing -- that's time that I could be spending with my husband, connecting, deepening our relationship. Which we will need to grow stronger and stronger as the kids get older and move out of the house. I don't want to be in the position 14 years from now that our kids are gone and we don't know who each other is anymore.

I wish I would have quit my job earlier than I did. I also would have liked to pursue my singing further. I feel like I got lazy and complacent and I should have taken more responsibility for the direction of my life.

Proud? I've made it through another year w/ my business - whew! Why am I working so that others can benefit? I'm the one not making any money, and not even travelling much! This has got to change!

I took on so much this year. I hosted a meeting of 10 Sudanese men who are working to create a non-profit to rebuild their village. I agreed to take care of my dying neighbor's financial affairs, which turned out to be so complicated. I organized a game show carnival. Do I wish that I hadn't done these things? Well now that they're (almost) over, I can say No, I'm glad I did them. But they have been so much work. Volunteer work like this is becoming less and less joyful for me. But is saying No to the next thing really the answer?

I'm proud of my son. Wish I had dealt with money better.

I could have been a better wife. At the same time, I'm proud of the job I'm doing as the mother/wife of the family. I work hard at being a good member of "the family." But I need to put more care into my relationship with my husband.

I wish that in general I had been more confident, more decisive at work, and that I worked MANY FEWER HOURS!!!! I'm very proud of the life that Anne and I have made for ourselves, and that no matter how stressful life gets we are in it together. I feel that my almost 27 year relationship is the most important focus of my life and that it gives me the strength, support and confidence I need to learn to use the gifts and talents that I have been given.

I wish I had learned to be better organized and not get so behind the 8-ball with work I wish I had learned to be calmer, as well. I guess I'm proud that I actually survived the year and have begun seeing a counselor who will, hopefully, help me learn calm and organization.

I always think I could have worked smarter, harder, whatever but wish I could give myself credit for the things I have done that are great. I feel I worked harder at being a good wife, mom, and a great employer. I took charge of my health by having an elective surgery to stave off cancer and I shed 30 pounds.

I would have studied harder in my summer classes. My grades dropped from 2 As and a B to 2 Bs and a C. Not good! Although, I'm glad to be back in school and will be soon on my way to a better job and hopefully a better life.

I wish I could have reached my financial goals of living within our means or making enough money to do so. We have made progress however, so I am proud of that. It is so hard to keep cutting back. There is just only so much you can cut back. But we have been really frugal I must say. Now to begin earning enough to be able to afford a little happy every now and then.... that would be really nice.

I wish I had studied more during the first semester, and during winter holidays!

I am releived and greatful as well as proud that I have got on with my job in the past year and also applied to university - starting in October!

I wish I had left my job this year. I planned on it but my business is not entirely sustaining my lifestyle yet. What am I proud of? That I am healthier, happier and have a great outlook on life. this is different for me from past years.

I've finally become aReal runner. Im fit and healthy. I can easily run 6 miles. My body feels stronger now at the age of 36, then when i was 26!!! I feel unstoppable. I'm on the path of fufilling one of my dreams, which is running the NYC marathon. Running has saved my life. It always soothes me. Takes away the pain,and I KNOW all will be good in life!!! I'll be running till im a little old lady!!!

To take care of myself better. To eat better and excercise.

Oh, how I wish I had stuck with my regimen of exercise and smart eating. I've traveled this road too many times and should know better.

This year I wasn't very good at saying "no" to myself or others. I overextended myself and got involved in too many things. Lately I've had a tendency to get overwhelmed and stressed about my commitments... even small ones... and procrastinate on tasks that ought to be fairly minor. Despite this, I haven't changed this behavior pattern yet - it's difficult!

I am very proud that I took the risk to start going back to school. It was a decision that was not looked highly upon by others, but I knew it was something I wanted to do. I know that I will need to take this opportunity and gain the most from it.

I wish hadn't hurt my friend's feelings by being stand-offish at the class picnic. It really changed our friendship and I regret it.

I wish many things had turned out differently, but I don't know if I can identify one thing that I wish I had done differently. Many things, really, to go with the many things I wish had ended differently.

I would live with more intent, choosing to make choices than waiting for choices to be made for me especially when it comes to over eating, over drinking and over spending.

There are so many little things that I'd like to take back, things I get hung up on. But right now, instead of wishing I'd done all those things differently, I wish more that I'd regretted them less, spent less time worrying about all the things I've done wrong.

I keep waiting to drop like 60 pounds. It keeps not just falling off my body.... ARGH. If I would have started earlier I would be there- or at least closer by now... ARGH. Guess I'll go have a doughnut. :(

If I could have been more patient when I accepted a tenant to my rental, I would have saved our family a lot of financial pain and suffering. We have a rental property (by default, we needed to move but couldn't sell) and really don't like being landlords. After one tenant the previous year that didn'ty pay us and had to be evicted, we were desperate and got one application from a woman that raised all sorts of red flags. She had a bankruptcy, was a single mom who did not have custody of her small children, and she worked at a card room (gambling) AND she wrote a letter saying she wanted to get her life back. My instincts said she was a bad idea. We accepted her anyway thinking that if she did have hard times and was trying to get on her feet, we wanted to trust that. WRONG. She turned out to be part of some pot growing crime ring and grew pot in my bedrooms. When the cops busted the ring she fled, leaving us with a hot check and a house with about $10,000 damage. I do not want to live my life as a grouchy, negative, untrustworthy person, but people like her are leading me that way. What I did learn over all is that I have good instincts and I should listen to them.

I wish I had planned better financially. Sometimes doing nothing is worse than making a leap of faith... Started an internet business with my estranged husband. I am proud of the fact that despite everything we can work together as business partners. The business seems to be moving in a positive direction. Hooray!

Yes, there are things I wish I had done differently this past year. Most of them center around withholding my dissent - as in when something bothered me, I held it in, ignored it, discounted it. I think it is contributing to my depression. I think I have paid a huge price by holding it in. How might I have expressed it in a respectful way? Expressing it would have cost me something. Not expressing it has also cost me, BUT I will never know what I might have gained had I expressed it. Is it too late to express it now? Do I have the courage to express it now?

I wish I had been more frugal, been more active in my job search. However, I did focus copious amounts of time on my spiritual life this year, which served to balance the hard stuff.

Differently, maybe more loving and attentive gestures towards Natacha. Especially proud, having been able to nurse my father, be with him and help take care of him in his last months. I am proud that I had the wisdom to leave the World Bank for that (though I maybe could have left even earlier)

I wouldn't have taken my Spanish for granted.

I wish I had been nicer and more appreciative of my fiance (now ex fiance) because I tend to take for granted the things people do for me when I feel they are obligated to do it. Now that we are just friends I realize how much he tries to do each day for the apartment and the pets and myself. I also wish I had not gotten the mirena IUD or at least had given up on it and gotten it removed sooner than I did.

I wish I would have taken on more risk. During economic downturns cowardice is not rewarded. I am grateful however that our business is surviving, or should I say thriving in this present crucible.

I wish that I would have worked harder, and not put revision off til the last minute. It's not that my grades are bad, because a C is not bad, but I shouldnt have got it - I can do better.

I have been appalled to realize how often I let grief lead me to make errors of judgment, and how often I retreat from doing anything to solve my problems, and that behavior seemed to be ramping up to my dismay. I have finally begun to drag myself up out of the morass and take better care of myself and do more to make it possible to keep on doing so independently, '...lest that which I most fear shall come upon me...'.

I wish I would have saved more of the money I made this summer. I just spent it on stupid things and by the end of summer I didn't even have enough money to pay for my own books for school (which is why I got the job in the first place). I also wish I wouldn't have cheated on DeRon. Things would be so much different now if I wouldn't have messed up that one time with someone so stupid. I wish I would have spent more time family. I forgot how much I miss them when I come to school.

I wish I had gotten a better job than DIR, or at least worked more hours there, because I definitely spent more money than I made. I need to be MUCH more intelligent with managing that! Proud of? Umm not especially, I redid my bedroom and it looks awesome. The desk I spent a ton of time sanding and repainting looks very nice, and I'm proud of it because it's the first thing I've done like that without my mom or dad helping or giving advice. Not a big thing, but hey.

I'm proud of the way I've handled my life since losing my mom and having to go it alone, essentially. I'm proud of staying in touch with my brother, moving into my own apartment, and nurturing a wonderful relationship with my girlfriend. I feel very lucky to have the support system that I have, and I'm proud of how well my family and I have survived and thrived the past year.

I wish I had gotten a girlfriend. Being at home depressed all the time was a huge waste.

I wish I had handled finances differently. I need to be in more of a saving mode for the future.

I am proud of having launched my daughter on the path to starting her own business. I knew if I kept throwing ideas at her, one would take. I thought it was welding, then costume design and then millinery, but it was a continuing ed business class that got her fired up.

I wish I had not agreed to travel to Italy with my friend, a vacation that is less than a week away. I knew that my financial state could not support a 10-day Italian whirlwind tour and now I worry about how I'm going to pay bills, buy groceries or even have money to actually do things while in Italy. It's an odd sensation to dread a vacation, especially one that I've been wanting to take for a long time, but it's what stresses me during the day and what wakes me in the middle of the night.

I wish I would've waited to get a dog until I could be there to potty-train it. Having my wife do it stressed her out and made it hard on the whole family. Now the dog is an outdoor dog and we both feel bad about it. I'm really proud that my comedy sketches sold fourteen play kits this past year. It's exciting to think that somewhere out there, people are performing my work.

I'm proud of achieving my degree - although I think that if I had worked harder I definitely would have gained a better result. I wish I had worked hard at University!

too much stress and worry i would prioritize and understand what is worth putting energy into and what is a waste of energy and effort i realize that i worry a tremendous amount and it can be paralyzing i am proud of my partnership being strong and evolving as our lifes change

I wish I had made more of an effort to be outgoing and spend time with people from class/my dorm/whatever at school, rather than kind of withdrawing like I did.

As usual, it's the things I didn't do that I regret. I (still) haven't interviewed my grandfather about his WWII and Cold War experiences; nor de-cluttered my life and moved to a home I love; the list is endless. It's funny, but right now I can't think of anything I actually did that I regret. At the same time, I can't think of anything I'm especially proud of. I wonder if that's just due to a failing memory or if it says something about how I live my life. I will say, I think I'm on a slow path of change towards leading a more honest life. That is, more true to myself. Can't say I'm proud of this, but I am pleased.

I cannot wish I had done things differently because I wouldn't be at this point right now, so no regrets. I am proud that I have gotten to the point that I recognize a mistake as an opportunity to grow, become better and to expand myself and my life. Each time I have done something that I later re-think and re-do, I consider that an education and a signal that I am making progress from who I was to who I am.

I wish I had made decisions to increase my connections with people I care about. I am proud that I have kept up with my volunteer work at prison with my therapy dog. The journey and the meetings are difficult, and they do the prisoners and me a lot of good. The dog likes being petted.

Generally, I notice when I do something contrary to my values (like talking about people, or telling white lies) I get grumpy and start to hate myself.

I really don't wish anything different. This year has been the year that we put our demons behind us and forged forward.

I wish I had spent more time positively focusing on the things I want in life this year rather than getting bogged down in the reality of what was happening and negative thinking. Sadly, I can't say that I am especialy proud of anything I have done this year. That is both shocking and sad.

My career had been in terrible shape; over the past year I've overcome the intimidation and confusion that was keeping me back, and worked relentlessly to improve it. It may be too late for it to be much help at this point, but I'm proud of myself for being diligent and taking action.

DIFFERENTLY: I would not have told my husband to get his wisdom teeth out, resulting in a rare bone infection that took a major toll on his health and our finances. Also, my 30th birthday sucked. PROUD: I am very proud of the way Dave and I handled the whole health/money issue. Faced with a depleted savings and numerous medical bills, we quickly made a plan to pay off the debt that included enjoying life more, but in simple ways. We took kayaks out every Saturday, we had banana pancakes, I hike to work in the morning through the woods... deprivation has taught me to enjoy life more!

I wish I spent more time generating business and income but I am incredibly proud that I created a Boston Jewish Music Festival.

There are many small things I wish I had done differently, but nothing major. I am proud of the growing role I've taken in my synagogue.

The fact that I don't have an obvious and immediate answer to this question is somewhat troublesome. I cant think of anything specific that I wish I would have done differently, nor anything I am particularly proud of. I wrote a poem for my mother that I am proud of, mainly because it provided her with a moment of peace in a troubled time.

I wish I had saved a little more money. I used the extra money for mostly good causes, but I would like to have some stashed away. I am proud of finally beginning an activity/idea about which I have thought for a long time. I finally bought chicks to raise, built them a coop, and are now harvesting eggs for our table. Soon, I hope to learn how to clean a chicken after killing it for the dinner table and to protect my hens' sanity. We have way too many roosters.

I wish I had worked harder. I wish I had made more of an effort. I wish the people I am getting to know this year had been friends and not acquaintances for a year and not a couple of months. But I am proud that I have fought this depression and fought it and overcome it and this year? I am better. And I am doing things which I enjoy. I am forcing myself, and that may seem stupid but it's not. It's not because I have to do what I like as much as possible or I'll get sad again. I hope this year I go to poetry reading like I said I would. I'd write like I said I would. I'd make art like I said I would. And I hope hope hope.

I wish I had gotten rid of more junk and unnecessary stuff, especially in the basement. I hope to get rid of this clutter after the wedding.

I wish I had saved more money. It seems to be an ongoing struggle. The 2% a year raises we receive are not keeping up with the economy and it is frustrating to continue living paycheck to paycheck in my 50s. I am proud that I have paid off 2 loans and am finally getting a newer car. How we will help our daughter with college in 2 years I have no idea.

Differently? No, not really. Maybe related to work and CLI. But in truth I am really really proud of myself for the decision to talk care of myself and to leave David. Even now it sounds cruel. Who leaves someone who is sick and mentally ill? I did. And I am extremely proud of myself for the kind and compassionate way I am handling it and for deciding that my life matters too.

I wish I'd have my papers in order to be able to do my finals and pass them on time, I wish I'd controlled myself better and not gained so much weight because it's hard to loose those pounds! I wish I'd been less lazy although I don't regret what has happened, in every other aspect of my life, its been gratifying and I'd probably do it all over again if it leads me to wherever it is I'm headed, hopefully bliss!

I wish I could have just hung-tight *at a distance* in my last relationship. I think it would have ended regardless of what I did or didn't do, but I could have done myself some personal good by engaging a different set of actions: letting things work themselves out rather than trying all I could to work them out. Sometimes doing nothing is the best thing to be done and I don't think I really *get* it. —That's not true. I *get* it, but it doesn't occur to me as an option in the moment. Emotionally stepping-back far enough out of the situation to ask myself "should I do nothing or should I do something" is what I'm struggling to do by default. Something I am proud of is that I've deepen my resiliency. I bounce-back more quickly from dashed hopes in all my life spheres. I'm also storytelling through photography and words again. It's been a long time.

I wish I had had the discipline to continue to do my podcast. Being unemployed has been a distraction to my efforts at continuing to do the podcast. Even though I know it's the best way to get the attention of the public and radio program directors. I just can't seem to pull it together enough to produce, record, edit and post another show right now or since november of '09. I'm disappointed in myself. I'm proud of myself for not running from my kids & the hard time I've had finding employment. I wanted to run and still right now I feel like the best thing for them is for me to run from this challenging situation. But I've stayed.

I am proud of myself for managing my anxiety medication free. I had weened myself off of anti-anxiety meds and have been able to pull myself out of the anxiety cycle I have struggled with for a long time.

I am especially proud of the fact that I have almost curbed my spending. I am most proud of the fact that I am much more centered calmer and level headed than I have ever been I wish that I had handled Outfest differently as I do miss the organization but at the same time I am glad I am gone

My sister and my brother got in to a HUGE fight. I got in the middle in the way I had when we were younger. I wish I never did as it made me feel terrible and did not help the situation.

I am extremely proud of my progress with DBT. It has helped me become a better person. I communicate more efficiently and understand and react to my emotions in a more positive way. I don't think anything I am currently doing would be possible without DBT.

My mom came to spend a few days with us after Miles was born, about 10 days in. I was frustrated, stressed, angry, and it showed. I was mean-spirited, and just plain mean. Arguing and doing the usual cranky child thing. Sure, I was still recovering physically from a rough delivery, but that is no excuse. Even while I was acting this way, I knew I was wasting precious time. I wanted her to 'help' but was frustrated that she didn't seem to remember anything about handling a newborn. Even diaper changes were not helped with bc she used cloth diapers on us, and I wasn't ready to trust her with changing diapers yet. I really regret that we didn't do more with this time, especially since it is so incredibly rare for her to be up here visiting us without my dad present. His presence changes the dynamic for everything. I guess I know where I get my temper from (not my mom). I wish I could control my temper better so that it does not affect my mom, and more broadly, those around me, who love and care for me. This behavior and character trait has certainly bitten me before (Robert, Robert, ex, etc.) Life is really too short to act like this.

I wish my falling out with my Hapkido schools owner had not happened and/or gone differently, but some people, regardless of age, are stuck into lifelong habits of insincerity. Not worth getting into now because a year from now I will remember this just like it was yesterday. I am immensely proud and happy with all the amazing people i have met especially over the past year. So many interesting people and good friends that sometimes I dont have time for them all! Im SURE I will meet just as many over the next 4 years in the Army...

I was the president of the Parent Association at my kids' school. It was stressful, but with help from great parents who share my love for the school, it was a great year. I just wish I could have handle the stress without being so impatient with my kids. I set high expectations on them and myself, and haven't taken the time to find peace inside myself to find better ways to cope with the stress - and to be a better parent. I wish I could have been overall more encouraging and supportive.

I'm proud of the fact that I made it out of my crash and burn. I'm ashamed that I got there in the first place. Ashamed that I've been so scared to confront the way I really think. Doing it again, I'd get help sooner, work harder, and be more considerate. Whatever. I wouldn't. I'd like to, but I wouldn't. Proud of the fact that I've embraced the need to change.

I wish I had been more patient with my family - particularly my children. Alternatively, I am also generally proud of how I am as a Dad!

I wish I'd stuck to Weightwatchers the first time - I'd lost 35 pounds, and once I'd stopped I couldn't get back on with it - and I'm now 2st more than I was when I started! On the other hand, I am proud of moving to Yeovil, starting work and my new life - it wasn't as scary as I expected it to be.

I wish I had drafter better in my $100 dollar Fantasy Football. Somehow I think starting Beanie Wells and Randy Moss may back fires. Ho-Hum! However, I am proud of how well I have managed to get along with all my co-workers in spite of the drama in the work space.

As always, I wish I could be kinder and less selfish. I wish I could be more appreciative of the sacrifices my mom makes for me to go to such a wonderful college, as well as all the many sacrifices she has made over the course of my life. I am so grateful for all my family has done for me. I wish I would think before I speak, especially to my mom and my grandmother. I know that they won't be around forever, and I will regret the way I have treated them when they are gone. I hope that this year I will have more patience and kindness when I speak to them. I pray that I will get at least another full year to work on this, especially with my grandma. I am grateful for every day she is still with us. Alternatively, I am proud of how much I have grown since last year, how I have succeeded in college, and become more mature and responsible. I can only hope that I will continue to grow and mature in this way.

I wish I'd resolved my weight issue as I'd planned. I started gaining the weight I lost back after I quit smoking, and I just kept blaming situations for my weight gain. I GAINED the weight and I need to lose it again. I hope by 5772 I am back at the right number for me.

I have regrets about the way I allowed Dione to deplete my faith in myself and how I did not stand up to her more. I was so worried about losing my job, and I lost it anyway. I allowed so much fear and worry to permeate my year around my perceived professional failings. I wish I had found more inner strength and belief in myself. On the other hand I am proud of my process of letting go of the negativity and moving forward with peace and joy.

I wish I had handled an extremely difficult conversation with my mother-in-law differently. I wish I had kept my trap shut and listened more. I wish I had prayed more for wisdom on how to handle the situation. It was by far the most stressful event of the past year. And that year includes birthing a child.

I wish i had just done everything I wanted to do from the onset rather than being shy or scared. I think I need to start living my life otherwise I'll just die with dreams instead of memories.

All these you's. Kissing you behind the house. Kissing you in a bathroom. Kissing you in an alley. Kissing you on a table behind the stadium. On my knees. In your bed. Tacky, tacky, tacky, Bella! What would you say if you could have seen me. I didn't want to do it. Somebody made me. Stop me drinking. Finding my clothes. My dress down the side of your bed. The music on the music stand, you were a good guy, in the real world. You giving me money like I was a whore. I was too young for that. Too young for you. For you all. And then there was you. I should have been too young for you. One night it didn't matter I was too young. Anything for you. I still would. Vodka. But it was ok. Next year, more like the last you. More more more more like the last you, or maybe just the last you. My big regrets. All those yous. I would do those nights differently, or would I? Without all those yous I wouldn't have had that one night, which made me cry but made me happy. It was important. I am happy where I am. My friends; my words; my life. I am proud of these.

I very much wish that I had not jumped into a couple of relationships that I did and just taken the time to get to know people before getting involved. I would have less hurt feelings now and wouldn't be doubting myself so much now or in the future. Relationships have always been a weakness of mine. I am proud of myself for completing my Master's Degree. I had many set backs and could have given up and moved on to something else years ago, but I knew my passion and got it all done. I'm also the first person (sibling) in my family to get my Masters Degree, and as the youngest of four that feels pretty good.

I regret that I let procrastination, combined with deep insecurity, prevent me from applying to a graduate program this year. Now I'm scrambling to apply for spring admission, but my top program only accepts fall students and now I'll have to wait yet another year.

I wish that I had prepared more for being unemployed. I wish I were more clear on what it is that I want to pursue.

I would love to have been better at keeping contact with my friends. I am proud that I passed all of my courses with good grades after all the hard work that I put into it.

I am proud that I have finally started to address my weight problem and have lost 20 lbs so far. I feel better about myself and plan to continue and to try to work on other improvements through exercise.

I'm tickled to say I can't think of anything offhand that I would have done differently this past year, given the chance. I love where life is right now; it's very peaceful and lovely. My wife and I are happy, enjoying each other, our new baby boy, our wonderful home, our new friends and neighbors. The Lord has been especially generous to us; this part of life is marked my a sense of marvel and gratitude. As far as accomplishments, I completed my Associates Degree at Baker last year, which I suppose is something.

I didn't appreciate those awesome people that God put on my life. I regret because I hurt them alot even though the only thing they did was love me and care about me. I also wasted time alot and was not constant when I started something. I wish I wasn't so indecisive either because this is how I hurt people the most and I ended up hurting myself too. My weakness character didn't let me stand firm upon a decision. The one thing I feel proud about is that even though I was going through a really hard time, I NEVER gave up. It's true that having awesome people around help me alot but if hadn't decide to stand up and continue the race even though each step hurt I really don't think I would have been able to be were I am now. And I think that this resulution not only affected me back then, it is what I am now! It has become my present and my future.

I wouldn't have harbored all of that agner against that twat B&&&. No, I am not proud from anything in the past year.

I wish I could have found a way to work directly in photojournalism. Photography is so deeply ingrained in my soul and when I sit at my desk blindly pushing papers instead of out taking pictures and capturing the truth, I feel cheated. I am exceedingly proud to be the aunt of the most beautiful little boy on the earth. He is my light when I can't see in a dark tunnel. Hudson, you have made your auntie such a happy, complete woman. I will always love you and protect you with all my heart. Your heritage is sacred and we will always safeguard it. Never, as a people, should we be condemned to die, discriminated against or forced to live in ghettos. May you never know such atrocities. I will keep you safe from harm's way, I promise.

I wish I had been more careful with my body. I used a lot of drugs, put myself in bad situations on dates, drank too much once with serious repercussions, started smoking, and had an unplanned pregnancy. It's not like me to be reckless, but this was the year for it. On the other hand, I worked very very hard, really overcame a lot of career related insecurities, and improved my professional practice dramatically. I've never made so much money, or done so much business, and I'm proud of the fact that I did it through hard work, ambition, and fearlessness. I think both of these sets of circumstances grew out of a willingness to take big risks and see what happened. I'm mostly happy with the result.

I'm proud of the fact that I switched my degree to psychology. Now I am on the right road to helping the people that I have a heart for. I know that this is where I'm supposed to be and don't regret having to catch up on the work in the smallest bit.

I wish I had studied harder. But now that school is starting back up I get to try.

I'm trying not to look back and say I wish I had done something differently. I hope I learned from it at the time, but dwelling seems counterproductive and may create resentments I don't want. I'm especially proud of celebrating my 25th anniversary with the best wife imaginable.

i wish i had studied harder for my exams, actually been the hard working person i had made everybody believe i was.

I wish I had worked harder at all of my classes last year. Coming into this school year, I'm working harder and investing more in all of my classes, and I know i could have put this much effort in last year. I'm proud about my ability to keep with an idea no matter how many people and things try to bring me down.

I am very proud of starting driving lessons. This was incredibly difficult for me - it was literally unthinkable right up to a few months ago, because of a pretty severe phobia. I'm pretty sure the change came about at least partly because of all the rubbish I've been dealing with at work. Maybe it was that I wanted just one thing that I felt I had some control over; maybe it was because I was surviving all they could throw at me, and that made me stronger. I just know I'm on the road.

I have been unemployed for the past year, and feel that I have not been pursuing opportunities in the correct manner. I wish that I had more confidence in my abilities, and thought more highly of my contributions. It would have helped me become more of consulting/contractor success. Only now do I realize that I have so much to offer. In the past year, I could have worked on developing my professional credibility and marketing skills - and become a better provider for my family.

I faced some challenging racial issues while transiting through an airport and during my 24-hour delay there I lost a lot of my composure and rationality. I wish I could have handled the situation better and had more patience to rise above the issue.

I wish I'd gotten help for postpartum depression sooner -- I can't believe now that I let myself suffer for so long, believing that nothing could help me. I'm incredibly proud of beginning to integrate my writing life, my spiritual life, and my new life as a parent. I wish I were doing a better job of ensuring that I have enough time and energy for my spouse now that we're parents and juggling parenthood with our two busy professional lives.

I wish I would have given myself an extra week on the tail end of my vacation to stop, think, look at where I am in life and where I want to go next....But the year's not over yet! :)

I am proud of the work I have done with setting up the infrastructure of a new company. The thing I wish I coudl do most, though, is to take action on those things that "I know" I should be doing.. but I'm just not doing them.... like eating better, exercising, slowing down a little, planning. There's quite a few... and I know what to do... I'm just not doing it.

Yes, I turned 21 this year, but I didn't celebrate it as I was picturing it before my birthday. I wish I got to celebrate it with friends and have an experience to tell. Now I'm hoping I will be able to have a grand celebration next year. On the other hand, this year I am very proud that I started talking a really old friend who I somehow lost communication with for a whole year.

I wish I hadn't spent so long in an unfulfilling relationship, not being really happy, and feeling like it was my fault. I'm especially proud of my trip to Germany by myself and my being accepted into NTL membership.

I wish that I wasn't so grumpy the morning I helped set up for my fiancé's birthday. I know I can be prickly in the morning, and I wish I tried harder in not showing my grumpus butt when I had to stake out picnic tables in the park. I feel bad because I think I may have made him feel bad about "bothering" me. Seeing how happy and excited he was at the party really made any of my petty complaints ridiculously meaningless. Next time, I hope I can suck it up with a smile. It's a small sacrifice for all the smiles he gives me.

I wish I had identified the key people in my life and really made an effort to stay in touch with them instead of trying to stay in touch with so many people in a mediocre way. I'm proud of how I balanced my life studying in Jerusalem with my peace-building work. I'm proud of myself for doing things that scared me.

I wish that I had taken initiative to lose weight and get more healthy. I feel like time is running out and I want to be able to be physically fit in my old age.

Yes, I wish I did not go on the internet so much. I feel like I waste crazy amounts of time on the internet. Always, I wish I had written more. What am I proud of? Hm. Maybe working for a semester. Writing a rough draft of that novel. And losing 30 pounds. I guess I am not that bad of a human being.

I try to remember what it is that I have done this past year and the very face that I don't remember tells me that, as usual, I lived too fast. Not enough time to stop and smell the flowers, enjoy the beauty of the world, the company of friends and family. Maybe I have done some projects well, some less so, but in the end, does that really manage so much?

I can’t think of anything I would have done differently this past year. I suppose I’m so content with where I am now that if I HAD done anything differently, I might not have ended up where I am. I think through my year- the holidays, going to SL and Ohio, my time with Colin (it’s amusing to think that when I write these answers next year Colin will be no where in my radar of thinking/life). Anyway, I go through my past year of working at Greenhouse, Telefund, Brandies, JWW- and it all seems to be just the way I would have acted or done things. I do not see an instance where I think that if my actions were different, the outcome would have been better. I think about my relationship with Colin, how I acted sometimes, could I have acted differently in different situations and I come to the conclusion that it wasn’t ever me or that I had done anything wrong-we were just not a good match and that frustrated both of us, I believe that I did everything in my power to save the relationship and in essence save him from his own self-destructive behaviors but it came to a point where I had to live my healthy productive life without worrying about his. I AM very proud of my resilience in many situations at Telefund, I am proud of my youth group and how much fun it was to run it this past year and how I’m SOOOO excited to keep it going this year! I’m proud that I got my dream job and I’m proud of my apartment. I’m really proud of my life right now and proud of how I’ve shown initiative to put myself out there, make new friends, connect with old friends, put myself in awesome situations and live my life the way I want to and to be able to come back to that content place I was two years ago. Now the hope is to continue that contentness for 5 years? We’ll see, life is full of ups and downs, I’m defiantly on a high- I love my job, I love my youth group and teaching, I love my apt, I have great friends and a loving family.

I wish I hadn't lost my job in such a riduculous way, but it turned out great in the end. I've definately learnt a lesson, no matter how harsh.

I wish I could work harder and more consistently. When left alone I tend to work in spurts, then I lose focus and drift off like a lost feather. I will work on this. I am proud of how far the project has come. I really hope it doesn't suck though. That would be disappointing. Definitely grateful for how lucky I've been so far...

I wish I would've walked away when I had the chance in January. He wasn't worth it. Then again, I'm glad I stuck around, because now I won't keep questioning, "Did I make a mistake?" Now I know that I didn't. I'm proud of how I've handled basically every hardship that has come my way this past year - and there have been a few of them. Not many, but a few. I've come out of every one stronger.

I wish i had spent my money more wisely this year. I kept putting off expenses on needs and put more on my wants which i really need to change. I'm proud of getting my new car with my own money. It's my first brand-new car ever and i love it.

I wish I had spent more time talking to my kid sister about her new relationship. It's hard for me to see her as the adult she is.

odd how my life have been all around my job. I'm quite happy that i was working in a place i liked, doing something i liked...but then october came, one of my bosses letf the company, and things started to derail... I wish i had quit cause January 2010 was quite hard on me when i got fired...I wish i learned how to deal work and family...that i still havent learned...

I wish I had been kinder, to nearly everyone, but especially to my family. I wish I were as forgiving of their frailties as I am of my own.

I'm proud of myself for seeking out and attending therapy, but I wish I'd supported & been as regular with my meditation practice as I was with my beer-drinking practice.

I am very proud of how hard I worked in school last year. I earned a number of honors and also made the National Physical Fitness Standard. I worked really hard to get there and I'm really proud of myself.

I am delighted that after 32 years I have cut my bullying nasty mean and selfish father in law out of my family life

Honestly, I wouldn't change anything I've ever done in my life, as it has made me the person that I am today. There are quite a few things I'm proud of, one of which being that I learned to let go of the past and make myself a better person, thus allowing my relationship with my boyfriend to reach its full potential. I also recently got back in touch with my father, someone who I've had resentment toward for a very long time. Now that I've swallowed my pride, and realized that my dad has grown up, we actually have a real relationship.

This past year, I made a lot of mistakes...too many to mention here, really. I don't mean to hurt people and I am careful not to do so most of the time, but it seems things I do hurt people anyway. I'm not sure why they care so much for me, but I'm grateful for their love and want to earn that...

I wish I hadn't chosen music over university. But I am proud that I finally returned to bible camp and the faith I learned is helping me handle this year.

I am proud that I have stopped using paper towels. I really enjoy the fact that I create less waste in the world. When I read that the paper towel industry is one of the most hazardous to our planet, I knew I had to quit despite all the seductive ads telling me how easy they make my life and how clean they make my home. In fact, with rags--real rags--I have greater choice of size, absorbency, and design in soaking up my spills than ever before. An added benefit that I experience is the simple realization that it's the small things I can do that really make me feel more connected to my life, myself, my home, my planet. Small is beautiful!

I wish I had figured out a way to have a better relationship with my daughter -- she's such a challenge, and nothing I do is right. I guess I have this coming year to make thing right. Right?

Yes, very much. I wish I had taped my mouth shut with duct tape so I couldn't eat. I "dieted" and I "exercised" but neither one was enough to turn the tide for me. I'm in the same place I was a year ago. ARGHHHHH!!!!! I am, however, especially proud that I finished a year of my Ph.D. program and did very well.

Something that I wish I could have done differently this past year? I wish I would have had the courage to break away from my reservations and just let myself be who I am. I wish I would have had the financial ability to get my own place instead of letting others bully me into being where I am now and hating it. Something that I am proud of from this year. Finally buckling down and getting my college hours so that I can FINALLY graduate. LOL

I wish that I would have paid attention in school and got my act together to get a degree. This not having a degree sucks.

I am pretty happy with my life right now. Nothing stands out that I am especially proud of except that I have just kept doing what I love, singing with Tewarji, gymnastics, gardening, reading, hanging out at Joes, bike riding, hanging out with "my" boyz. . . getting ready to start a huge housing project, kinda scared but excited to. I have not done a lot of writing, that is something I miss. That and playing piano. Don't know what the future has in store, but I know I have lots of plans and a good chance to make them realities.

Anger remains a major stumbling block especially at work. It's not forgiveness but repentance that is the task. uprooting old patterns of behavior, taking responsibility and repairing relationships I have broken. Still haven't finished the California application. Got both kids to see the parents so we can check that off the to do list. As Uncle says, "Wonderful things can happen, one just has to live long enough." Shecheyanu v'kiy'manu v'higyanu lazman hazeh

I wish I had found more time to exercise, but I am proud that I have managed to maintain some form of work/life balance, despite the number of things I have had to deal with.

Wish I was more supportive of my husband. Proud of my weight loss.

I'm so proud of myself. I picked myself up, with the help of my true friends, out of the stoner deadbeat life style, got a fulltime job, moved into my own place, and am now paying off a car and paying my own way in college. I have grown up a lot and gotten serious about my future. The only thing I wish is that I had done this sooner.

I'm proud of the release of the film. I'm proud that I can be non reactive at times. Done differently? It occurred to me walking back from shul yesterday (on Rosh Hashana) that there are a finite number of days left in my life and am I/will I be spending them as I want? Will I visit all the countries I want to visit? Learn the languages I want to learn? But I relaxed when I realized I can't travel tht much will Gabe is out of the army - 4 more years...

I wish I had been more honest, loving and patient this year. With so many people I have failed them. I am most proud of getting the jobs of my dream

I would have tried to deepen friendship with the people in my life that will leave my life soon. I would have tried harder in school, done homework at home, etc. This past year, I wouldn't have changed becoming closer to my friend, and in the process a few other people I would have never expecte to become friends with. I would have tried not to distance myself from my other friends. I would have been nicer to my sister. Kind of.

I wish I had focus on my studies last year I would be in a much better position acidemically this year. I'm pround that I took the initative to try and find hobbies.

I'm proud to be the best demo guy that my company has ever had!

I wish I had handled things with my best friend differently. I had gotten to the point where I just couldn't take the way I was treated anymore. I exploded. I was bitter and mad which is very unlike me. It was good for me to finally stand up for myself, but it hurt a friendship I cherish at a very important time in our lives. We've since made up but I can't forget what happened.

To look back and think I should have done something differently seems like a futile exercise. Everything unfolded as it should have, whether it was joyful or sorrowful. No regrets.

I'm really proud of the deep friendships I made over the last two years. I wish I had written down Liza's address.

As last year, wish I spent a bit more time to cool off and reflect before reacting to a situation. Otherwise, nothing I feel meaningful or proud occurred this past year - maybe next year.

I wish I tried harder last semester. I'm proud of myself this semester because I started out on the right foot.

I am particularly proud that I claimed back my creativity and managed to leave a job that was comfortable, but ultimately holding me back. I wish I had handled the ups and downs of life differently and the stresses in a marriage. Been a bit more even keel, not taken everything to heart so much.

I wish I'd taken fewer things personally. I wish I had been less afraid. I wish I'd spent less time sleepless with worry.

I wish I had gone to my physical therapy classes. I, sometimes, wasn't "in the mood" . The pain I am living with, now, has made me realize that I should have been grateful that the classes were available to me for relief.

God I wish I'd scotchguarded the chairs. Something tells me I won't do it this year either.

For the most part, I've tried to let all of my family and friends know how much they mean to me, tried to be there when they needed me, tried to take a moment to tell acquaintances/strangers, when they have affected my life in a positive way, and tried to embrace that side of me that's a loving, generous, trusting fool, instead of hiding away as is my wont at times. I've handled everything to the best of my ability. Sometimes it wasn't enough. I'm okay with that.

I wish I had put more time into preparing for the college readiness class I was assigned to teach each quarter. Somehow I kept thinking that my age and experience would carry me and the students through our sessions together, but that happened only about half the time.

I wish I'd been able to change myself and meet new people. I'm always the same fucking hermetic person and I'm tired of it.

Academically, I would have tried to do the work I am given right at the time I am told to do it. I guess I will have to learn from this for next year. Also, I would have liked to be more open-minded on meeting people, and getting more friends, but I guess I will change that as time goes by. On the other hand, I am very proud to not give in to the influences teenagers nowadays have to cope with. I am strong willed and know what i want.

I can't go back and change anything. I have had a nice time this year, for its ups and downs. I have tried my best under the circumstances and I can only try harder from here.

Yes, I wish I didn't go around talking about my ex boyfriend to so many people so that it wouldn't have gotten back to him, giving him the right to call me out on it. Really, I wish I was (and could be) stronger about truly getting over him. It has been over a year and a half. It's time. Of course, I am proud of the strong, confident, out-going person I was last year as opposed to who I ended up being the year before.

I wish I would have asked my friends why we grew apart. I kind of knew why, I kind of didn't but I wish I could have gotten some closure. Or just a big huge fight where I unloaded all of my frustrations. I am especially proud that I somewhat found myself; my sense of self worth and my voice. I didn't hold back. I said what I meant (most of the time) and I stopped biting my tongue.

I need to take more chances. I've always been a risk taker but I've lost touch w/my wild abandon. I need to reconnect w/that inner voice. Remember to connect w/that crazy, driven, curly haired maniac and just GO FOR IT!

I'm proud of the fact that I got my act together and did what needed to be done. As Seth Godin writes, "In a long distance race, everyone gets tired. The winner is the runner who figures out where to put the tired."

I wish I had stood up to my dad when he first brought his girlfriend to live at my house. I have hated her from the begining and had only put up with her because she seemed to make my dad happy. They split about a month ago and I have since told him the truth but could have saved many problems if I had been upfront from the begining

I quit my job and learned to surf ...wouldn't change a thing

I wish I would have handled the boy things a little less geeky. I wish I would have been more ambitious career-wise and saved more money. Alternatively, I am proud that even though I haven't been able to exercise, I haven't gained back any weight. I'm proud of finally getting my apt to look a little more the way I'd like and for sticking to seasonal aspirations, even though they were small.

I'm proud that I went to university and passed my first year. I wish I had handled my money better. I also wish that I could be more confident in myself.

I wish I had started a proper study plan and revise all my notes from first semester, and worked properly over the holidays rather than leaving it all to the last day. I know the coming holidays are going to be such a huge effort and I may not be able to do well because of my poor work the terms before

I probably wished I have put more effort in my graduation project. It takes too much time. Which, on its own, is not that regretful but I did not compensate it enough with great experiences and cool activities. I enjoyed my time, still amazed by my girlfriend and how wonderful she is, but I could have done more sport (mountain-biking?) and more creative stuff. Well, I did go to several concerts, which is what I really like and want to do. And I am proud I do some side work at the design bureau I do my graduation project, so glad I got the opportunity and that they would give me that. In the same line, I did the real, first freelance assignment as designer, which went pretty well. Learned a lot and am better prepared for the next one!

I am proud of myself for continuing to attend the local writers' workshops every summer and for taking the leap of taking some novel writing sessions. This inspired me to start some prose writing which by the way was one of the goals I mentioned in last year's 10Q.

I wish that I had worked more consistently on my degree course as opposed to just working hard at the end of the year.

I wish I would have handled everything that happened to me this past year better because I let it get to my head. I'm proud of getting through it.

No there's nothing at all, my year was nothing special at all.

Nothing comes to mind except my typical bad habit of not being more organized.

I met a man last December, and started a new relationship only 3 weeks after ending a 5 year relationship. The previous relationship had been "over" in my heart for some time, but I wish I hadn't comitted myself so early and easily to being in an exclusive relationship so soon. Even though the man I'm dating is very special, I admit that I'm not sure if it can have any real future. I wish I had waited because it isn't right to date other people, and I do wonder what that would be like. I wish I had waited until I was sure, because I can't go back in time.

I would have enjoyed my time off when we moved and I was looking for a job instead of constantly worrying about money.

I wish I had had the courage to speak up for myself rather than let other people decide my life. I'm in a college major that I don't really enjoy because people say I''m good at it. I wish I were brave enough to not care about people's expectations.

My lack of motivation for getting some necessary things done regards my job is very much something I'd taken more seriously. It doesn't affect my employment but my own self-esteem.

I'm proud of myself for trying my hardest at college, I got better grades than I expected too!

I wish I had taken more control of our financial situation, actively changed more of our spending habits and gotten us into a position to be financially stable. We keep waiting for external factors to change, a better job, a sizeable settlement on a lawsuit, or some windfall to help us buy our way out of debt. Ultimately, though, we are going to have to change how we manage our money, and I wish I had done more this year to take control.

I wish I had not sold a particular stock. I wish I had kept it and been more patient but I am not a patient person at all. I am proud of what I have accomplished and that I am able to be here for my family when they need a little extra help with no strings attached.

I wish I had looked for a job sooner in the summer because now it's getting close to dangerous. At the same time, I'm glad I didn't because I got to experience some amazing stuff this summer and I was able to really sleep for the first time in two years.

I have taken up meditating as part of my daily life over the past six months and have missed very few days. It has helped to ground me and make me feel more in control of my life, my thoughts, my place in the world. I am very proud that I have taken this step and stuck with it.

I'm very proud of the work I've done for the company I work for. We serve the US Veterans, and each time I could help them, I was filled with so much pride in what I do.

i wish that i had dealt with my stress better. i have gained a lot of weight during the stress of the past year and that has impacted me both physically and emotionally. working with the stress more directly and keeping up with my physical activity would have been better in dealing with the stress, then and now.

I believe I did everything nearly perfect this past year. I am especially happy that I was able to use what could have been a source of great stress (15 months of unemployment) to grow in spirit and strength. Ultimately, I found a job that has provided me with income and the ability to still have time to devote to my own true purpose in life which is to manifest The 9 project.

I wish I had returned to work earlier so I could drive 8 minutes to work and not one hour - putting 16 miles on the car each week and not 550 miles. I'm especially proud of starting InsightCoaching.Us with my wife - something we're both clear is our life's purpose. I love that I am being trained to provide others access to Possibility of things they thought not possible in their life. I'm proud that starting our business is a result of being empowered by my experience with a cancer diagnosis.

This past year I realized that there are some people that I dont need in my life.These people brought negativity and grief.The only reason they were there is because I had known them so long,I though "They will always be there for me,I should be there for them".That was not the case,and now these negative people are not in my life.Im proud of myself for that

I wish I had tried harder to make friends in college. I knew almost no one and I certainly didn't know them well.

I wish I hadn't let you lead me on.

I kind of wish I hadn't ended my relationship with Justine. But at the same time I'm glad I did be size she turned on me and used me, and I just wasn't up for being a push over.

my rational brain says i should have finished my college degree before i applied to culinary school. it is going to be harder to get it later on in life. but i really had lost all my motivation and maybe i will do better when i really need it later. what i am proud of is getting my wants/needs/priorities straightened out and sticking to them.

I am very proud of my development this past year. 5770 was part of my greatest turn around year. I hope for this coming year I can be more honest with myself and others.

I should have finished a hobby/sculpture project months ago. I don't know why I haven't. There isn't a good reason. I just keep losing my concentration on it.

I'll answer both. I was a terrible co-teacher this year. I allowed a woman with a strong personality to put me in a corner. She didn't realize she was doing it. But I discovered this horrible thing about myself: the more someone else does things for me/instead of me, the more likely I am to become helpless and not want to do them at all. This discovery has changed how I see myself and with that change in perception, I have started healing. And I'm proud of finishing a bunch of big knitting projects. My ability to stick to something large and finish it has been rather weak in the past, but now I at least know I can finish something.

After being laid off a year ago, I wish I had approached the whole business of finding a job or developing a private practice differently than I did. At the time it felt safer and easier to buy-in with someone else’s established nutrition counseling business with my efforts, time, organization skills, etc. In the end, I wasted months helping her with her own business, while fooling myself that being busy meant I was being productive. All for about 1/8 the income I was used to making! After NINE MONTHS I finally realized I was not doing myself any favors, professionally speaking, and there was no way I could support myself as someone else’s sidekick. Though we are still friends, I’ve begun to take actions in creating my own career niche. Hope it goes well!

I would have made amends with my sister sooner. I would have moved to Kansas sooner. I would have taken care of business without procrastination or fear.

I wish that I'd actually applied myself in school as a junior; everyone says that it's the most important year in high school and now that I'm going through the whole college process, I can really understand why. This year as a senior, I'm just going to go hard &hopefully get that GPA up. However, I am proud of the fact that I handled the whole ex-boyfriend situation really well. And also realizing that 'Patches' was nowhere near as good a person as I thought him to be; I can't believe I let it go so long.

I wish I had not lost my temper as much as I did. Even if I was "right" it didn't help anything. It just kept me from connecting with people.

I wish that I had been more thoughtful. I react on impulse. It has cost people who are important to me, as well as myself very dearly. The one thing that I am proud of has been my decision to go back to college. Its a little later than most people choose to go, but I have to focus on my future. I'm glad that I've finally made the leap!

I wish that I knew how do handle my stress level better instead of keeping it inside and being grumpy. I am proud of submitting a manuscript for publication in their magazine. It is a dream that I have had since childhood and even if it doesn't get accepted, at least I tried. Shoot for the stars. If you don't quite make it, you will always be further ahead than if you never tried at all.

Not really, I try not to believe in regret and would rather look forward than continue to analyze a past I can't change. That being said, sometimes I wonder if I could have handled my previous jobs a little better. I didn't give them my all, and wonder now if I was being immature and if I had just tried to navigate the bullshit if I could have made them better, or more tolerable. My coworkers didn't see the best out of me, and I just hope it doesn't come back to haunt me. I'm proud of I think too many to explain. I quit my job. I have a website and my own email address. I sew a lot more. I have a more clarified and explainable idea of what I'd like to do with my life. I feel like I've grown up a lot. It's all very exciting.

There's nothing I would have changed, but there are some things I'm proud of.

I find this a particularly difficult question. I tend to take on somewhat more than I can manage comfortably and always feel like I fall short. In particular, I lost contact with people I want to stay in touch with and have to reconnect. I was not as kind in handling disagreements as I would have liked to have been. I didn't get as much work done on some projects as I would have liked. On the other hand, I helped with two community-building events--one Jewish, one not--that went very well. And I took care of my grandmother for a month. So, like most years, mixed.

I wish I had been stronger at work, stood up for myself more and shown my worth. At the same time, because of my work situation I had the motivation I needed to push myself to get serious about being self-employed.

Wow--two hard questions. I can't think of anything I've done that I'd really change this past year, but there's nothing that really stands out as a point of pride for me, either. Does this mean I'm just kind of muddling through without taking any real risks?

I feel like I have become more in touch with myself and have healed a great deal this year. I wish I was closer to my older daughters, and conversely I am very proud of how close I am to my youngest. I am glad I am realizing that there are some things that just cannot be fixed...and working instead on fiing those that can. I am proud that I tackled the mounds of paperwork mess left lying around frm my retirement that I so dreaded and finally cleaned it up and made myself a lovely hideaway.

Stood up for myself. I have no problem defending and protecting others. For years I have been hard on myself, thinking I deserved to be put down and forgotten about.

I am proud of the way I have carried out my duties as president of a large local women's organization. I'm sure I've made lots of little mistakes, but don't really have many regrets.

There are a lot of things that I wish I had done differently. I let a lot of things slide and really acted like a different person.

Their are alot of things i wish id done differently, but mostly i wish i hadnt of stressed so much about things. i almost made myself ill with the amount i worried about my exams.

I am proud of the mother I am being to Briana, firm yet loving and fun. I am also proud of being a life long learner and being interested in the world I live in. I am happy to be given the chance to teach in our relkigious school's Academy program (high school).

I wish I had applied for different positions. I think things would be much different and I would be much happier if I had gone somewhere else.

I'm especially proud of passing my exams at school and the entry test for university.

I don't know if there is anything that I wish I had done differently...maybe taken more Spanish before I came to Ecuador. I'm proud that I came here though. I think it was a difficult decision that I have regretted and enjoyed in equal parts. I do wish that it was more my choice than my boyfriend's, but, again, I think it has taught me valuable things about myself. Namely, that I want to be making my own choices more often.

I always feel like I wish I would have started everything earlier. Started tap dance classes a year ago. Started looking at an MBA a year ago. Started to change my life a year ago. But I think that I'm now on the road to making a positive change in my life. So I guess I'm proud that I'm finally admitting to myself that I need to help myself, to create change in my life, to find more ways to be accepting of myself while still striving for better.

I wish I had taken more time to work on being aware, empathetic and alert to the moment and indvidual versus listening to the internal judmental voices that could easily drive my actions and reactions. It was easy to project my pain and anger onto others versus seeing each indivual as similarly in potential emotional pain, This placed a huge electric fence around my spirit and limited my chances of connecting and growing with those near me. Alternatively, I am proud of myself for working hard to keep my divorce and child custody seperate from others who have been in connection with both me and my ex-partner. It is so easy to ask others to take sides when these things happen. Instead, I chose to allow my ex time to heal by allowing her to depend on mutual friends and our Rabbi for support versus creating an angry/tense environment for everyone.

I want to do a better job of keeping in touch with my friends who are scattered around the country. I've gotten in a habit of using my crazy work schedule as an excuse on why I can't pick up the phone, or send an email. I am proud of how I responded at work when given new challenges. I developed the confidence to supervise other staff and ask for help when needed.

I wish I had not allowed myself to get angry with my eldest child, and had not let our disagreements degenerate into shouting matches. On the other hand, sometime in the past 4 months, I learned to approach our very honest differences of opinion in a more calm way, and our relationship seems to be improving. However, this means my being a bit more distant, treating her as a friend, but not as my child, which has it's own drawbacks and a certain degree of sadness to it. But things are certainly more peaceful.

I try to live my life without regrets and wouldn't have done anything differently this past year. I'm especially proud of everything I've been able to accomplish this year. From graduating university with honours, to meeting new friends, to finding a job in my field.

I wish I had had the courage to confront my mom about how her drinking affects me and my little brother. It's been going on for years, and slowly getting worse.

I have had an amazing year traveling and attending many concerts. I absolutely love taking photos at concerts and making new friends that have the same interests I have.

I wish that I had not slept, literally and figuratively, through so much of my life, particularly as concerns those most important to me.

I wish I had been more careful about which Nutrition class I was signing up for to avoid having to take a different one that was almost identical and I am proud of being accepted into an accelerated BSN program .

I wish that I hadn't been so naive about flat renting and told my flat mates how I truly felt rather than moving in and then having my dad bail me out. I am proud that I have been able to be sociable. I have built my self a home of friends, which I have never been able to do before. However, I am worried that I no longer feel happy being in such a group of friends.

I still haven't finished the 7 year-old novel I restarted last year, and I'm stuck in the exact same spot (Chapter 26). To stay creative I began a screenplay; that's stalled as well. It's a bitch getting anything done when you're freshly in love.

There are many things I could say I wish I'd done differently this past year, but at this point, I don't know that it would amount to much more than regretting the past, which is not useful. I have done things imperfectly, I have done things wrong, and I am in the process of making amends for these things. What I am grateful to have done is that I finally sought and found help for an eating disorder that has plagued me for 10 years, and in doing so have found, for the first time in my memory, reprieve from depression and self-loathing, improved my relationships, and found a personal relationship with God which had been lacking in my life.

I wish I have truly quit working at the family business. It feels like band-aid that should have been pulled of quickly rather than reducing my hours and extending the stress.

I'm trying to live my life as honest, open and positive as possible and I wish that I could take back the things I said whenever I was in a cynical mood. On the other hand, those moments were rare and I'm very proud of turning myself from the pessimistic, cynical fake I was 10 years ago into a positive, honest and most importantly happy person.

More time being present - less time in my head. I'm proud of how hard I fought for my youngest son so that he could have an opportunity for a full and meaningful life.

I wish I had handled myself better going into this year with my husband. My husband was in a very bad place, and I reached the end of my rope, while trying to pretend that everything was okay to the outside world. I tried to take care of him, and I tried to protect him from any ill opinions of him by not acknowledging that there was a problem, and it ultimately created a rift that it took all year to be almost healed. We're not there yet, but this year will be better, if I can heal myself.

I'm proud of the fact that I have lost 55 lbs since January and am well on my way to losing the total that I want to lose! (80lbs) I do wish that I had begun the process earlier and not been so overweight at my wedding. I regret that every time I look at our wedding photos.

I am proud of the fact that I began--once again--to exercise and to date. I wish I would have been a less impatient and more tolerant friend.

i made a few spending decisions which turned out to be wrong given how things have panned out.

I would like to have wasted less time with pointless things and focus more on my learning.

I wish I had spoken up and taken a stand on issues that have divided our congregation. I listened to all sides, and that is important - but I never made my opinions publicly known. I should have spoken up for what was in the best interest of the congregation as a whole, and should have tried to do something to heal the division.

I'm proud at the fact that I'm in the best shape of my life and thinner now than when I was in middle school, down over 100lbs. All this and I'm 30. I can run eight miles in one session and will do a half-marathon in November.

I wish I worked harder on my weight loss goals. I am so disappointed that once again I let food win!!

I am certain that I should have a 'yes' answer to this question, to both questions. But my mind is blank. I do wish I could volunteer more for the causes that I believe in, or make enough money to be able to support those causes financially. I know I have done nothing in the past year that would earn me accolades in any circle of friends or organizations. Oh, I have remembered something that I am proud of! I did have one of my six-word memoirs published in a book that came out in January. It was only six words, but so fun nonetheless to see your name in a printed tome.

I can think of many things I wish I had done differently, mostly things at work. It's easy to look back and think about how I could have handled some things better, or said something else in a certain situation. But at the end of the day, those things are small, and worrying about them is a waste of time. I'm proud of how I have stood up for my beliefs and have not waivered to others whim and opinion just to make them happy.

i think i'll put it this way: this next year i hope to be more spiritually engaged. no recriminations, no boasts. just a hope for the coming year.

I still am working on losing the weight. I go up and down; right now, I am up. I WILL conquer this. My parents are not well. My father is suffering from alzheimer's and my mother has always been emotionally unstable and abusive. But I have managed to get them the help they need, always over my mother's protests. It is hard to do the right thing but it is necessary.

i am proud of my spiritual journey. i have allowed myself to unfold in new ways and trusted more in spirit without being over analytical. i wish i had more of an ability to receive from spirit while staying directed and planning ahead some.

I made an error at work and looked at a child before I had permission from his mother. This was combined with other errors made in his schooling and proved to be toxic. There was a tremendous amount of energy used on the situation and the child missed a year of school.

I'm very, very proud of myself because I got a scholarship. I'm studying to become a goldsmith and I got it becuse I have evolved the most during these 2 years. I got the grade A in all my goldsmithclasses and that's something I will always be proud of.

I wish I would have stuck with the Debenhams graduate management programme for a little but longer, alternatively I should have looked at the opportunitities within the company to pursue a different avenue. I enjoyed being part of such a well known and loved company, and I probably wouldn't be in the debt I am in now and have some money saved up.

I am proud of the fact that I took time to really examine and challenge my world-view regarding myself and my place in it.

I am very proud that my art is taking off. I am showing my work in exciting venues and being involved in some great projects. I have taken (some) of the opportunities that have come my way and not run away completely in fear. but one thing I do regret is how I have handled my personal friendships. There are people out there who I care about, respect, value being in my life - but don't seem to make much time for. And there are others with whom I have tried to cement a friendship who have been proved untrustworthy. I have not exercised good judgement with regards to personal relationships.

I wish I could slow down and think before I act.

This year I became friends with an old high school flame. I am particularly proud of my honesty with him in our conversations. We are both married, yet are able to carry on a real friendship without infidelity, hurt feelings, ridiculous expectations or the pretense of perfect lives. I hope it continues.

I wish that I had been more opened minded with a boyfriend from another culture. Although in the long run I knew we wouldn't have been together forever, I should have applied a bit more short term thinking and continued enjoying the situation as it was. Once we broke up, things were never the same...

The spirituality growing on the world

I wish i had focused more on trying to establish my business rather than trying to save my relationship. I wish i had more work or at the very least a job. I wish i had worked on my resumé more.

That is always such a loaded question, and the answer is always "Yes". be more mindful, knid to myself, less lazy/more proactive, more involved in personal growth. The answer to this question is always the same, but I do, for one of the few times, take pride in the small progress I made in some areas. Awareness, prioritizing what is REALLY important, taking care of myself, then not, then getting back on track. Being more aware, I guess is the best progress from this year.

No. I have been in an incubating or chrysillis period. Recovering from 10 years of full on children & one with special needs. Catching my breath, breathing and just being...Loosening up and letting go.

I wish I had accepted my sexuality sooner than I actually did. I kept it bottled up; the idea of liking boys was not one that I thought would appeal to my family. Had I known that they'd be so accepting of it, I probably would've come out sooner, and saved myself a lot of grief.

I wish I had delegated more things earlier and spent more time with my family. I wish I had always been more thoughtful of other people's feelings before pressing send.

I am very proud to have supported my wife throughout her cancer treatments and been her cheerleader during some difficult times. I am proud that she is now a survivor who can help others get through this tough ordeal.

I succumbed to pressure even though I knew we were not doing the right thing.

I'm proud of the chances I've taken this year. A hitchhiking trip, a trip to India and studying in another country. Though a part of me is scared of all those things (the part that used to rule me when I was younger) another part of me (the part I wanted to be bigger) thought of those things as adventurous and life changing. I've experienced the adventures as both positive and negative. You learn a lot about the world and about yourself. I'm proud of myself for taking those chances and learning from it.

I started a business last year that has not done very well. Sure the economy is bad, but I as it turns out am not a good business person. I don't push hard enough to get clients or sell my product. So yes I wish I was better at both of those.

I'm proud that I executed my interview perfectly and got accepted into medical school this year. The things I might have done differently is probably just get even closer to G-d by surrendering my day to him and to follow the holidays a little more.

No, I'm happy with everything that's happened this year, I'm proud of the fact that I've managed to almost clear my debt

I think I wish I would have stayed in Residential REal Estate completely. I wish i had never taken Sal's call and let him back in my life. I also wish I were more open with my family. I am so proud, I continue to survive and I am grateful and thankful and positive of today and my future. I set a wonderful role model for my daughter and she has grown as a result of my setbacks.

I'm relatively proud of the effort I have put into my marriage this year- bleeding into last. If I had given up when I wanted to, I would have felt like a miserable failure and wouldn't have known HOW to make things work.

I'm not sure there's anything I wish I'd done differently this year, because I've stuck my neck out for what I've wanted, and got it all! I really do feel proud of myself this year if I'm honest - and not in an arrogant way at all. Breaking off my engagement was the scariest thing to do, and it took me months of soul-searching to find the strength to do it, but taking the plunge and doing it despite how scary it was closed the door on my unsatisfying, soulless relationship, and opened the door for me to experience true, pure love like I've never felt before, and true happiness that I've never experienced in a relationship. Had I taken the easy route, I'd never have known love like this, and I am completely sure I'd never have been truly happy, ever. I also decided to go out on a limb and try to get out of my job which, despite being a great job that I was proud to have, did not fulfil me, did not challenge me, and made me frustrated and feel unappreciated, unwelcome, disrespected and worthless. I got the first job I went for and managed to move on - whether I will be happier in my new job or not I don't yet know, but I made a conscious move to not put up with not being treated with less respect than I know I deserve.

No, worrying about things you can not change is a waste of energy. What did I learn from it and how will it modify what I do in the future...... I would like to be nicer. Softer in my answers and kinder in my expressions and voice. I am still touching the lives of children that need to be noticed.

Generally I wish I had been able to control my depression and stress levels this year. I felt down and overwhelmed for most of it. I am most proud that I have taken on several challenges that I never thought I would - Leadership Class, Dragon Boat Racing, training for a 5K, starting my cupcake business, paying off a credit card. These are all major accomplishments for me.

I wish I had spent more time in person, on line and on the phone with my brother. We've not been close for a long time, but I know he wants to be closer but I haven't encouraged that. We're both in our 70's and life is shorter now. I've resolved to make more contact with him and his family.

I wish that i had quit my job much sooner but then again i am proud of myself for sticking at ity as long as i did.

I'm very proud that my daughter qualified as a doctor and still finds time to learn and is, as far as she is able, Shomer Shabbat. That must reflect on how we have brought her up.

I wish I had played more this year. I was either working too hard, or was sleeping it off. All work and no play makes one dull... and misses the point of life.

Yes, I wish I had more diligently looked either for referrals to private practice OR for a fee-for-service job, OR looked for other work.

After working hard to drop 30 pounds last year, I gained it all back this past year. The stress of starting a new job on an account that was disintegrating before my eyes from the minute I started really got to me. I wish I had found other outlets to fill the void, to channel my unhappiness into something more productive. I am, however, proud that I personally have helped to turn the client relationship around, making significant progress in turning immensely negative perceptions of my company around. Not sure it will get us all the way there but I did my best and it was noticed.

at work, taking the criticism of an evil man to heart. i spent hours verifying that his lies and exaggerations were false. i let it destroy me emotionally and doubt myself, to the point of almost quitting. i let this happen twice! now, with validation from others, i know this is his style. i will never let this happen again. i will protect others from this and i will speak out against this person when the time is right. i am proud of giving more than i ever have to animal rights charities.

I wish I'd gone to visit many places other than my town. I wish I'd gone abroad to find quiet places to find inner peace. I'm proud that I made especial connection with many people and befriended them. I'm proud that I had (and still today) much fun.

I wish I had been fearless. I wish I had taken risks and climbed mountains and had adventures, instead of settling, instead of settling-for a job I hate, for the cliche 'married and settled down', for mediocrity. I am proud that I quit smoking. It was suprising how easy it was, not the epic battle I thought it would be at all. I wish I had let that momentum continue instead of petering out.

i wish i'd not gotten so drunk after prom. i wish i hadn't totally lost my faith earlier in the summer. that was a mistake.

I wish I had been more patient, with others and myself. I also wish I had worked out more. On the other hand, I'm proud of the quality of the food I've been eating and of how well I've developed my personal brand for my professional public persona.

I wish I'd finally gotten around to clearing things up with my father. I'm often thinking about it, mostly in the days after avoiding his phone calls. It's been a few months now since we've spoken--is it wrong that I have absolutely no desire to speak with him? Part of me feels like he suffers greatly with this. Another part of me wonders how much he's noticed.

I would have tried just a little bit harder in school. Now, I'm worried that my past laziness is going to screw me up when college application time rolls around. However, I am proud that I truly discovered my passion of writing this year and refined myself into a person I am proud to be.

I wish I had worked smarter, accomplishing more in less time so that I could spend more quality time with my family. Sometimes Iam distracted by thinking about all the tasks that lie ahead instead of focusing completely on the conversation we're having or being in the moment as we are at an event. I am happy that I typically have a very flexible schedule that allows me to pick up my kids from school and shuttle them to various activities. This made getting to tutoring in prep for my daughter's bar mitzvah possible, lets my children each take music lessons and participate in a sport.

Proud that i have a close connection with two of my cousins. Most of my life there has been no family connection. I decided to change that and open the door to having a bond with those cousins that wanted to have a connection with me. I am thrilled to say that i have two close cousins that i keep in touch with on a weekly basis and we enjoy the bond that is there. Having them in my life is a real positive and a much needed connection to my humanity.

I'm not sure if I have had enough reflection time to tell if I should have done anything differently this past year. It's been a hard year for me, and I've been extremely impacted by this event that happened in my life, and so it threw me off-course and I felt very "unmoored" and unsure of what I should do. I have wished I did things differently, but I have been trying especially hard not to be hard on myself because, at the time, I just didn't know better and I had no prior experience, so how could I have known? I probably made mistakes, but I believe I tried my best under the circumstances. There is something I'm especially proud of though, which is kind of funny - I slapped a guy across the face who was being really obnoxious to me and others around us and getting worse and worse. I don't think that's something I, or anyone else, should do often, but this was a special case, and in this instance it was really a breakthrough for me in terms of feeling like I'm getting past my issues and being able to stand up for myself and draw my boundaries.

I should have procrastinated less and played Bejewelled less. I wish I had done as I intended and set aside regular reflection time. I am proud of two things. Changing my life-style and losing the weight - and guiding in Hebrew for the first (and last?) time.

Done differently... not really. I feel I probably spent too much time worrying about relationships with men when they weren't showing me enough material to begin with to really make a fuss about. And those who did show me positive signs... I am grateful to have spent time with... to have come to know... and yet I am also very happy (and proud of myself) for staying clear and on target with my goal to find my companion... and so have stayed honest with myself and others... especially so I don't waste my time or theirs. I am also proud of myself to getting more clear about what I want. Proud of myself for separating from some really intense relationships!

I wish I had finished things that I had started. I feel like my life has become one big game of catch-up, and I operate in the conviction that someday, when I've caught up with everything, I can actually start living again. Of course, that's not the way it works. Life keeps moving, the river keeps flowing, the currents getting stronger and stronger every year, pulling you seemingly inexorably to a fate which you might not have chosen. I guess I have to learn to be a stronger swimmer, and focus more on my own need to stay afloat (financially, emotionally, career-wise), and not keep throwing a hand out to save someone else while I'm still battling against the the tide. Or, go with it, and end up as a truck-stop waitress in Vegas with a house full of cats.

I don't have many misgivings from this past year, except to have spent more time with friends that have since left the city. I tend to get wrapped in new relationships, instead of giving care and attention to friendships that ultimately support me the best. If anything, this is my new year's resolution - to foster my friendships and prioritize my time and energy to those I want to keep in my life.

Ah, the annual list of regrets. . . Mostly, I wish I had spent less time on my computer (yes, I know the irony of typing this into my computer) I would like to go "off the grid" a lot more often, to make more of my human communication in person, or at least on the phone. And to be more available to the people closest to me.

Yes - I wish that I had realized the red flags of my past relationship, sooner...and acted on the red flags. I was not critical enough. Yes, my attempt at an "Impact Free" month. This month set me off on the path of biking to work, eating healthier, questioning more, and being happer.

Something differently - not really. I'm proud of the Ethiopian museum project I initiated and set up.

That's a tough one. The challenge for me is tidying my room, the house. It seems beyond me somehow, but for a brief time I made a flicker of progress on it...inspired by a ceremony in Chavurah. I am proud of finding and sharing with my family a set of rules for a household based on: http://www.xomba.com/house_rules_good_for_any_family_use written by Celanith: 1. If you sleep on it, Make it up 2. If you wear it, Hang it up 3. If you drop it, Pick it up 4. If you cook or eat from it, Wash it up 5. If you make a mess, clean it up 6. If you open it, close it. 7. If you use it all, replace it 8. If you borrow it, bring it back 9. If it rings answer it 10. If it cries, love it Whether they changed my family, I don't know but I find myself listening to them in my inner voice and tidying my messes a bit more.

I am proud of the work I do. Sometimes it takes an outside perspective to see the accomplishments that we deal with every day.

I wish I would have been more vocal and stood up for myself and my boundaries, especially in regards to my job. I am proud that I did make moves toward sustaining my health (moving housing, playing basketball, tai chi, etc.)

This is without a doubt the year I wish I had said no more...I found myself doing a lot of things this year that I really didn't want to do but did just the same for what ever reason...I'd like to think that it was very important to other people that I did these things but looking back I think I am the one who put the pressure on myself. While I think it's important and I find much joy in being out and about and helping out I think it's equally as important to take care of the things that you need to get done and to realize that the older you get the more free time you seem to lose and that you need to really make an effort to fill it full of people and things that you really enjoy.

I wish that I can learn to keep my mouth shut and not feel like I have to constantly show off, how important that I am (or think I am for that matter). I am proud that I am learning how to leave work at work and not take the stress out on my family.

I wish I'd spent more time spiritually preparing (both alone and with my husband) for my marriage; instead, the lion's share of my enormous investment of energy went into the logistical details and trying to control/heal family conflicts so other people could feel the unfettered joy of the occasion.

I'm especially proud of me this year. This past year, I accomplished so much for myself that didn't matter for school or anything like that - just things I did for me. I finished a screenplay based on my favorite playwright of all time. I ran a marathon. I fell in love. I choreographed a musical. I starred in three shows. I had a really impressive senior year. My only hope now is that I can live up to it in the future.

I wish I would have focused more on building my business in order to hit the next level. I'm proud of the fact that I have moved on this year, both physically and emotionally from my past long term relationship. I've come a long, long way!!

I wish that I had come to the realization that I need to go into education instead of stick with graphic design sooner. As it is, I'm a year behind. But then again, maybe I needed that time to really think this decision through.

Here's what I wish I'd done differently: that I'd lived a little more freely and expressed myself more fully in relationship with Rachel, communicating with her better, sharing who I am and what my dreams are, and taking better care of her. Here's what I'm proud of: doing good work at Burning Man, facing difficult questions again and getting myself back there to explore deeply who I am. I'm proud of my work on the Engineer of Chelm and I'm proud of how far I've come in therapy, getting more grounded and uncovering issues I have still to resolve. I am also proud of the Ellul work I did, taking August to concentrate on my direction and purpose, and accepting offers of help when they came from the friends around me.

Differently- I still have not managed to do things like eat healthier (a lifelong struggle) or budget money more wisely (also a lifelong struggle). Proud of- taking the step to apply for a promotion, and doing things like taking trains by myself in Germany where I don't know anyone but Kelly and I don't know the language in the slightest. But it's been good so far, and I've done many things I normally wouldn't be comfortable with.

I wish I had spent my money less frivolously and put more in savings. I'm proud that I was able to find a job that pays better than my old job. I'm also proud that I thought I was going to fail a class and lose my scholarship, but I managed to pass and keep my scholarship!

I wish that I had been more productive and that when I wasn't being productive I would use the time to enjoy myself instead of dicking around

I wish I had been more open with myself and the people around me. I feel like I've probably alienated people from my life and the lives of others because I didn't want to upset anyone at the time. I am proud that I decided to stand up for myself and get out of a potentially bad situation.

Something i should haver worked harder this year is some of my classes. If I had improved my study habits I would have done better. I am not particularly a popular person at my high school but I am proud of myself for being strong with who I am and being happy with the friends I have

Waited on a new job, not rushed into the one I did out of fear and anxiety. I am most proud of the kind of daughter, aunt, sister and girlfriend I have been. I am proud that I was brave enough to leave my life in LA to create a new home in NYC allowing me to be close to those I love most in the world.

I proud of the fact I started running but not that i haven't bee since school has started but its too freakin hot anyways.

I am immensely proud of running my first 10K. Training for it was very important to me, and I went from not being to run 5 minutes to running over an hour. It's something that I always, always wanted to do. There is not a lot that I would have done differently. Maybe I would have made more of an effort to reach out and build friendships with new people, or spent more time maintaining old friendships that are dear to me. I don't find that I'm really *there* for anyone other than my husband.

I wish I didn't spend so much energy on things or incidents that really ultimately didn't matter. I got too wrapped up in details sometimes and lost my sense of the big picture. I'm especially proud of beginning a daily meditation practice and sticking with it since January.

I wish I had had the foresight to stay out of the dating scene until I was healed enough to be in a relationship without leaning in an unhealthy way. I am proud of the growth that I have made emotionally, and I feel that I am on the verge of coming into my own in terms of my future. I also pride myself on the strengthening of the friendships that matter to me most, and my ability this year to let go of those friendships that add nothing to my life.

I wish that I had not shirked my responsibilities as a parent quite so much. Lately I've been spending so much more time with my daughter and I've come to realise what a kind, loving, clever influence she is is on my life

I shared more of my poetry with my family and close friends. They listen intently and understand its meaning in the context of their lives.

I felt that I donated to charity and brought another of charitable programs to my synagogue.

I wish I had been a better camp counselor. I wasn't always my most cheerful and understanding. I should remember that it's the times when it's the most difficult to be nice that are the most important.

I wish I had spent more time camping and less time on the computer. I am so proud of the way I am asking for help and receiving it with grace and dignity.

I feel that I have hit my stride in my position at work. I have developed better interpersonal relationships with my colleagues and taken on more responsibility with greater confidence.

I made a commitment to work with an organization working to solve issues of hunger in the Twin Cities and Minnesota. I did organize a couple of meetings to begin some engagement, however there was a lack of follow through on my part. I regret the delay in getting started on this, and I do intend to follow through this year!

I'm proud of myself for finally putting my pride aside and being nice to my sister. My entire life concerning my sister has been about me taking my jealousy towards her and being a terrible person towards her. I used to beat her and verbally abuse her. I've finally seen the damage I've done to her emotionally and mentally and it's devastating to me. I hate that I caused these problems that she faces everyday, but I know I still have so far to come before I can be completely honest about how much I really do love her. I wish I had worked harder towards my goal of hosting a benefit concert for Invisible Children this summer. I let laziness overcome me and I now realize how selfish that was of me. I vow, right here and right now, to no longer let myself fall victim to myself. I need to learn from this and not dwell on it, because I'm not doing it for myself. I'm doing it for those that can't.

I go through phases. I sometimes wish that I hadn't started the art course I'm in now and that I'd just worked full time and saved money so that I can travel. I think that if this course actually does get me into Uni, then I won't regret it. But if it doesn't help me in any way, then I don't know what I'll think. At any rate I just have to remember that I'm young, I still have tonnes of time to do the things that I want to do in my life.

I´m proud of being able to talk less and do more without looking for a result and more focused on enjoying each step I make. Getting things done with a grateful and inspired heart. Just for the sake of being alive.

I try to live without regrets. I don't do things that I think I'm going to regret. That might be something I'll end up regretting.

I wish I wouldn't have spent so much time being upset, anxious and angry with the way things are in the world and particularly in this country; it sapped too much of my energy which could have been much better spent accumulating and sharing more positive energy. I'm proud that I was able to stop worrying about possibly never being employed again, and love and take care of myself better than I ever have before

I have found it difficult to perform my prayers. I work in an environment where the daily prayers are said in congregation and that should make it easy, but I find myself procrastinating and resisting until the time for the prescribed prayer has expired. It is not that I reject prayer or think that I somehow don't need to pray, but I feel a profound sense of blaise around prayer time. Yet when I am discipline about prayers and keeping to their times, I feel a sense of discipline, control and purpose extend to other areas of my life. I should have been more watchful of my prayers.

I wish I would have done my annual financial planning and stuck to the plan each month. Now I am feeling out of sorts and not in control and no sense of the big picture of my business. I can't shake the feeling that the failure to use this tool is holding me back from financial growth.

I wish I had been more assertive and proactive in my job-hunting. Sometimes I wonder what more I could have done, but surely I could have done something. I spent too much time idly waiting for something to come along rather than attempting to seize further opportunities.

I wish I had negotiated for more money before accepting my job offer. Other than that, I generally have no regrets. I AM proud of being able to hold down an OK job, straight out of college.

Hmm, Ishould have shown more love to my kids, and I should heve been more determined in buissiness. I'm proud that I have finally found the strength to discouver myself, to confront myself with my own failure. And that I'm allomost ready to choose for myslef

I wish I had handled confrontation better during the last year.

Told someone I liked them before we became such good friends that now I feel like I can't, which is usually fine but sometimes drives me crazy, especially as I see him all the time.

I wish that I had taken things more slowly and taken more notice. The past year has disappeared in a blur, I feel like it has rushed past me without leaving much of an impact.

I am very proud of reaching my career goal that I set out nine years ago. My education and career moves had all been geared to reaching this moment. Now comes the challenge of what is next and what I can do better than before. I continue to wish that I would do better on focusing during my working hours at my job. It is so easy to get distracted with Facebook, etc...

I wish I would have been more involved in friends, and other people's lives - been there to offer support and check in.

Both. I wish I had been more assertive in my family life. I am proud of successfully piloting new activities in my professional life, hiring the right person for the job, and getting involved in the program delivery where I could see results first hand

I wish I were more attentive to my wife. I tend to take her for granted. I'm proud of my oldest daughter. She's gone from an out of control college sophomore to a hard-working culinary student with good work ethics.

I wish I had talked with my mom about death before her death, and asked her to send me signs. I wish I had told my sister to not take my mom all over the place when she was recovering from a fall, and she should not have tried to get my folks into independent living. I'm proud of my completion of 2 units of CPE, and my use of music for healing. I'm proud of how our family has dealt with the crisis that has been with us for the last few years.

I wish that I had handled my work relationships differently, so that I could have had more influence in my own career direction. In my next job, I definitely intend to be more assertive and aggressive in protecting my reputation and advancing my career. (Update a few days after I entered above): Well, due to my selfishness, I had an inappropriate relationship (not physical, but wrong, nonetheless) with a woman I met in my professional life. My wife today discovered my poor behavior via an email, which brought this other relationship front and center. Despite her better judgment telling her to do otherwise, my wife is agreeable to us trying to work things out. I never should have entered into this relationship and I intend to make sure my wife never regrets giving me this second chance.

I wish I'd spent more quality time connecting with the people I care about, and showing them I care. This applies to the past 5 years, really. I suck at keeping in touch, and this is one thing in which procrastination has really been crippling me and my relationships.

Yes. I wish I had waited to gather input from a significant stakeholder prior to making a major decision. I do not think the decision would have been any different, but fewer feathers would have been ruffled in the process. Also, I regret that I was not more sensitive to how my actions were perceived by my brother. In hindsight, I would have handled the situation with more sensitivity. I am especially proud of the job I did as president of my synagogue this year. We had an outstanding year, despite some challenges.

I would have believed more in my dreams, I would have dedicated more to my private life, rather than prioritizing my professional life.... I am very proud that I achieved to go through a very difficult professional life without having been sold to the material needs, and not having lost my principles and desire to keep myself the good person I have always wished to be...

I finally moved out! I never thought I'd see the day I would be able to leave my parents home and live independently of them. But in December 2009 I bit the bullet and moved in with my boyfriend. Things have been wonderful and I've enjoyed not having to worry about waking my parents up creeping into the house at silly o'clock. I like my new routine and playing at being a grown up now! I wish that I'd done it sooner as 27 is quite old to still be living with your parents I think, indeed I hope with my own children one day they will be independent of me by 21! Perhaps that's wishful thinking!

I wish I had continued to get out of bed and exercise five mornings a week before work as I did a year ago. Instead, I sleep as much as I can and have no energy to drag myself out of bed at 4:00 AM in order to exercise before work. I am proud of the kind of mother and friend I am.

I wish I had been less quick to follow my emotions - or rather what I had thought they were. All this "love" business really does a number on my head but all the same I should be grateful I'm getting in touch with my emotional side. All of it has built up to make me who I am today.

I wish I'd spent less time over this past year worrying about the state of the world, the economy, etc., and more time remembering how blessed I am to have such a loving family, a wonderful job, so many great friends and so much general happiness. This is something I need to remind myself of often.

I am proud of how far I have come from Amy's death. I did not think I would be as far in the grief process as I am today.

I should have tried harder to fight against my eating disorder. But the more I put myself under pressure, the less my efforts worked. But on the other hand I learned that I can do things I never expected to be able to do. I have my own little company now and it works.

Ive wish i didnt quit playing the guitar and doing exercise. Im proud of my newborn baby Sofia.

I wish I had spent more time with my friends. My wife and child are the most important thing in my life, but I also need the nourishment that I get from being with good friends. I believe this will ultimately improve my relationship with my own family.

I wish I had found a way to spend some more time at home with my parents. I think they are feeling removed from my brother and I, and I could do a better job of making room in my life for them.

I wish I had taken better care of myself...but that's pretty much an ongoing problem. I am extremely proud of myself for continuing to persevere, despite overwhelming odds in my way.

I am proud of my decision to change jobs when I was no longer happy and secure in my previous job, go back home to be with my mom and son which I realised together with a potentially good job even though at face value it can be concluded that the decision cost me the relationship with the man I loved.

I am proud of the accomplishments of my children. They are all doing well in school, socially and financially. All of them are living purposeful lives.

I wish I had made more progress on committing to my physical health -- I have lived with this challenge for too long, and as I age, time is running out to see the benefits of healthy living.

I'm not sure what I would have done differently this past year. Maybe made more time for myself. And perhaps made better choices about men to date. Alternatively, I am very proud of myself for getting in shape and learning to eat better.

I feel I have walked the high road in so far as that has been possible through my separation from my husband. I feel I did the best I could launching my son for college. I feel I have given 110% to my daughter in getting her the theraputic help she needed. The thing I want to do differently starting now and in the future is to consider more carefully how what I am doing/offering will affect me. I give way too much. My creative life has suffered as a result. I owe it to myself to take the time for the soul tending work of creative expression. This is the task of the second half of my life.

I wish not only the way my relationship with my boyfriend of 2 and a half years ended had ended differently, but I wish it had ended sooner. I was very unhappy for a very long time...and ever since I have become single again I have been happier than ever. Unfortunately the relationship didn'e end on good terms, which is the only thing I regret.

Yes, I wish I had followed through with a work contract last summer. Every time I think of it there are pangs of regret. I hope I haven't burned that bridge. I am proud of how my husband and I navigated a particularly difficult move from Boston to California. It was like the move grabbed us and tried to pull us apart. But we were too strong. And here we are.

Yes, I wished I was totally myself when I was with the guy that I was in love with. I wish I did not think all the time about the outcome and forgot about being me and enjoyed the fabulous time with him. But I cannot change the past. I am proud about my self because I was able to help my family to solve some financial problems. I am proud of my job because it is done satisfyingly to the organization I worked to. I found a new job. I joined a gym and German Course.

I would have been more proactive about getting my degree done quickly instead of just floating through school. I also would have spent more time with my pets.

I wish I would have spent more time talking to my family. Seems I've lost touch with them this past year. I'm proud of the fact that my husband and I seem to be getting along great.

When there are problems in the world such as the tension around the Islamic center in New York City, I wish I had taken action locally, here in Hawaii, to encourage civil discourse and help people find common ground

I am proud of my personal growth and the work I have been putting into creating a great practice.

Nothing I would do differently (except for licking the knife & asking too many questions). I am what I am. I made a pilgrimmage to the old apartment & tried to figure out what went wrong.

I wished i would have given myself more time to think and be mindful about the relationships i was getting involved in and who i was confiding my thoughts too. i think some of the situations this past year where a good reminder to think before acting and speaking and being ok with how slow i can be at processing or being ok with things.

I'm most disappointed that I haven't become a better runner. I started the Couch to 5k program last summer, and got through it, but had a conflict on the day I was supposed to run an actual 5k, and never found another one to sign up for. I tried again this summer, but I'm very inconsistent. I was supposed to run the Big Gay 10k, but signed up too late - it was full, so I volunteered instead, which was fun, but not the same as saying I could run.

I wish I had found better ways to express my love to my family.

In the past year we made the decision to move away from a community and many, many friends, where we have lived for the past 20 years, where both of our children went to school and grew up. It is community close to a major city and was suffering from expansion, traffic problems and other challenges. We have moved to a small community to a lovely country home backing on a golf course. It is about 90 miles from our previous home, but a world away. As difficult as it was to move, we have adjusted very well and are making new friends and getting more involved in the community. We are much happier, but we left many friends behind us. It was a major shift, but something I am glad we were able to accomplish.

I'm proud of myself for getting a part-time job this year. Despite being a stay-at-home mom for the past nine years, I was able to impress the interviewers and get the perfect position for my schedule.

I honestly can't think of anything I would have done differently. I feel like I am balanced and have made choices and decisions that were right. I am proud of my achievements in mixology. Having created many cocktails and entered many contests, has paid off for me in both self-esteem and financially. There is never a reason to say no to any opportunity, no matter how many times you either lose, get shot down or nothing further comes of it.

I made up with this girl I used to see. We were at one point, madly in love. And things went sour when she had to go back out of state for college. It strained our relationship and it ultimately ended. I tried to fix things, though we both knew it wouldn't work because of the distance. When she came back things were awkward and I made some brash moves in trying to fix things. It didn't end well and we couldn't even speak to each other anymore. But this summer I'm proud to say that we are, at the very least, friends again. We're close and though my heart has lingering feelings for her and I'm unsure about hers, I am glad that things are better.

I proud of sticking out with my job, I lived through the boredom and created my own little world where I have my projects and I am happy!

I am so proud of myself for what I have accomplished this past year. I stuck with it & did well. Now I have a new career which I can do well in to my old age. I enjoy it, am good at it & it makes me feel good about myself. I did it even though I went through so much this past year. I wasn't sure I would come out on top but here I am. Good on me!!!

I wish I would have ended some of my relationships on a better note. I'm proud that I made it another year without any unwanted pregnancies

I wish I would have taken the 10Q thing more seriously instead of using it as a platform for inside jokes and immature shenanigans. I am proud of the fact that I managed to avoid incarceration for yet another year.

I gave birth to my first child this past year - a beautiful baby girl born at home. The entire pregnancy, labor and delivery were incredible. I feel so blessed that my experience was not only healthy but so full of joy. Every day I am proud of the way I handled the labor (my midwife called me a rock star!) and brought a child into the world in the most natural and loving way possible. Much of my family was concerned by my choice to have a home birth, but I knew it was not only safe, but a better environment for me and the baby.

I sure wish I had managed my time better. I should have stopped playing and surfing before schoolwork. I wish I had much more focus than I had back then.

I wish I had planned my time out more carefully, and stuck with that plan.

I am proud of the risks I took on behalf of a friend. I wish I had been a bit more insistent with my living situation - I would have looked for a place I could stay for several years.

I wish I had been more vocal with my desires, wishes, thoughts and expressions. I always struggle with being able to honestly express myself and feel comfortable with the process of sharing. As always, I think life is an evolution of learning, and I hope to improve upon that in the upcoming year. I'm very proud of the fact that I saved enough to travel to Argentina, that I extended the trip and that I made changes in my own life. Leaving Smith was one of the most exhilarating, scary things I've done, but one of the best choices in my life.

I wish I had listened to myself more,trusted myself more,liked and loved myself more.

I successfully finished writing my script. And the director loved it!

I am merging my two selves, the spiritual me with the official me; I want people to see me for who I really am, and if they don't like it (and many don't) then that is their prerogative. I look forward to see those who's hurtful comments of the past fall away and welcome and treasure my new friends who get me.

I procrastinate. I wish I hadn't put important things, like paying bills, off. I'm proud of my family. It's not necessarily something I've done, but I love watching my family interact.

Actually there is no specific such things.

I wish I had focused more on my friends and less on my lovers. But damn, I am proud of this year. I have lived on three continents and in addition to receiving two masters degrees, spent five months traveling the world. I have seen, I have felt, I have contributed.

In some way I wish that I had been able to negotiate an extension to my contract with my congregation that would have been satisfactory to the both of us. However, that was not the case. I am proud of the fact that I have been able to overcome some of the negative feelings that come with the breaking apart of a long-term relationship. I am now able to look at "terminating" with my community in a more healthy manner as each of us pursue what we want in an open and honest atmosphere of cooperation and well-being.

I wish I had the courage to not have taken the job in the first place, but I'm proud that I've moved on and am trying to find something that I love.

I wish that I had fewer days on which I woke up with the residue of drinking just a bit too much the night before. Those days I had less energy and gave my activities less focus. And who knows what those days did to my liver...On the flip side, I am very, very proud of the wedding I planned, the details I completed and the love my husband and I were able to show to each other and our guests as they gathered for our nuptials. I've never pulled off any big project with so much advanced preparation and I am elated with out it turned out.

Yes..I am not perfect. I wished that I could have handled my relationship with friends more tactfully, for example Stephanie. I wished that I was more skilled, less angry and more joyful. I wished that I know how to be a fun person. I am proud that I have reached the position that I have always wanted, gained a higher salary and met some new people. Of course, all of this comes with sacrifice.

I believe that everything happens for a reason, so no I do not wish to change ANYTHING. I am most proud of my reaching out......................being connected and present with the like minded folks on my path. Every day that we have, is a gift, and I am sharing mine.

I need to make sure that I'm present when I'm with all students. Sometimes I don't give them the respect that they deserve. My unhappiness with my job should not influence my interactions with them.

After 40 years of carrying around a camera, and calling myself a photographer, I finally got serious about understanding the basics of this subtle and intriguing art. I spent 4 days in the Smoky mountains with a small group and a master teacher and learned more in those days than in the previous 4 decades. I now approach this passion with the basic gift of a "good eye" and am balancing it with the technical know how to better share the beauty I see with others.

I wish I had not let judgement weigh on me so much. I led a project for the first time and it went well, until I let the opinions of a select few really alter my experience of the whole affair. It really got in the way of being able to appreciate the work that led up to a final moment. Alternatively, I am proud of this project---and in a way, proud that I went through this disappointment---it kept me grounded somehow and eventually made me understand that I am prepared to lead more projects. My learning curve was high---I know a lot more now about how to have a vision and how to stand up to people who want to fight that vision.

I wish I'd been more composed after the breakup. While that is a tall order, being able to rein in my emotions and keep myself in check is something that I wish I'd been capable of doing. It doesn't change how things developed, but I am disappointed with my lack of control in that situation. On the other hand, I am proud of myself for moving forward in a more positive direction. I've been making it a point to reconnect with old friends and to really strive to reestablish these relationships that are important to me. It is from these interactions that I find I can continue to grow and reexamine myself in light of others.

I joined BMF in April 2010 and although i've been plagued with joint injuries I'm still really keen in September 2010. I'm 2 stone lighter and I want to lose at least another stone before christmas. I wish I'd done it sooner!

I wish that I had involved myself in activities such as art or learning about how to maintain repair and make a computer instead of just reading book after book and playing Bridge . I am proud of the fact that I do twice a week do exercises.

I wish I'd done most things differently.

I am especially proud of myself for sticking with an exercise regimen, and following a spiritual practice.

I wish I had been more open with my husband, more able to share my worries and fears (and anger and resentment) with him. Choking it down is poisonous to the relationship and to me. Waiting for things to explode and then having some moments of relief is a destructive pattern, not good for anyone.

ONE thing? I think of many things I would do differently on a regular basis. I wish I had the courage to admit to myself that a friendship has become obsolete. By extension, I wish that I could say "no" to those obligations. I am proud that I finished a triathlon without injury.

I wish I had taken some continuing education courses while I had tuition reimbursement available to me. Now that I'm leaving my job in December for the big trip, the Fall semester at most colleges is already underway. I'm proud of the bonus and merit raise I received this year at work.

I would like to be more patient and present with my preschooler daughter and work on appreciating every moment I get to spend with her. After all, I nearly did not get to spend any of this time with her at all.

I wish I would have spent more time and effort on my work than simply messing around on the computer with time wasters like facebook. I am proud that I took on a reading project for no reason other than simply learning.

I am proud of the woman I am becoming, learning to live my life for me, for my son, with dignity, honor, and integrity. On my terms. By my choice.

I am proud I had the guts to quit a job I wasn't happy in, even though I didn't know what was around the corner. After graduating from grad school and starting a job, I feel like I've been on a non-stop treadmill. Finally getting off it is a relief and I can focus on where I want to go.

I quit my job!!!!!!!!!

I'm especially proud of the decision that I made to quit my job. I was being abused by my supervisor and it was affecting my mental and physical health. Things are difficult now financially, but it's good to have peace of mind as I continue with my job search.

I'm really proud of the way that I turned within - took counsel and advice - but listened to my own voice to do what was right for me. I took advantage of the time available between diagnosis and surgery to take charge of my health and to make the life changes necessary to keep me healthy and around for a long while! I cleaned up my diet, worked with a trainer and lost 70 pounds. I don't think I would change a thing!

I dont think that I would do anything from the past year. Everything happens for a reason, and I regret nothing. I am most proud of the time I spent with my grandmother who passed away last month. My sister, our boyfriends and I took care of her on the weekends, giving her things that she has not had and doing things with her that she has not done in a long time.

I wish I had read more, the number of books I read weren't enough! I'm proud of my great marks!

I wish I had worked harder on my job search. I was never unemployed long, but I was not always working in my field.

I don't play the woulda-coulda-shoulda game. It solves nothing and only distracts me from thinking about future options. Despite some rough sledding, I'm happy to have made progress on the downstairs repair and remodeling projects.

i truly have no regrets during the past year. i need to be more disciplines as to how i use my productive working hours; there are times i should have been more patient or tolerant; i need to work on self sufficiency in the financial arena; i mourn (somewhat) the loss of certain friendships (slb), but i have no major regrets.

I wish that I had not had an affair because the emotional toll it took on my both my parter and I were not worth the temporary enjoyment I felt. I also wish that I had not been fired from my last job even though I was unhappy and planning to leave. The stigma of being fired was really a blow to my self esteem. I am proud of myself this year for starting and sticking to a triathlon training program. I will be completing my first triathlon on 9/18/10.

Lose my temper, especially with my eldest son. We both were having a difficult year and he struggled with behavioural issues. His school was ridiculous at dealing with it and sometimes I just went from 0-100 in a milisecond. I hate myself for it

I wish I would not have blown so much money on frivilous things.

I wish I had confronted my friend about rumors she was spreading about my personal life instead of just fuming silently.

I wish in the past year I had treated my parents better. From them I learned to be nice to others. That lesson I learned very well however when it comes to them I'm not as good / respectful as I should have been.

I wish I had gotten my taxes done on time. I'm proud that we've managed to clean up downstairs, my goal is to keep it this way and continue upstairs.

I wish i had been more outgoing at my first college, i probably wouldnt have been as bitter about transferring as i am. I am proud with the fact that i made great friends at that school, even if it didnt work out.

I am proud of how I conducted myself during this past year. I didn't take my concerns out on my congregation. I didn't give less than my very best. I extended myself for my people, and I was actually very happy doing it. I loved my work and the people I serve. BUT -- I was a coward when it came to dealing with the health issues that have plagued me this year. I didn't want to show weakness to the people around me, so I let things go and let them go. It's going to make this coming year more difficult, and it was selfish, because I didn't allow other people to exhibit their own, best selves. This year I have to balance the desire to be self-sufficient with the need to ask for help.

I wish I hadn't focused so much energy on people that didn't appreciate it. But I learned about how much energy I possess, and I hope to have a better understanding about where that energy belongs.

What would I have done different? I can't say for sure. A choice is a choice, you make it and move forward. Am I proud of something? Personally, I'd say it has to be moving further in a new, unknown career than I ever would have dreamed.

I'm proud to say that my husband and I bought a house. At any age, that's an accomplishment. At 25 years old and in San Francisco, it's a major accomplishment. We were fortunate enough to have some help, but when push comes to shove, the mortgage and bills are our responsibility. My husband has a beautiful vision of what our life should be and can be, and this was a big piece of it. I'm looking forward to seeing if this leads us to children first, or perhaps a few more years of advancing our careers.

I wish I'd been nicer to my mom while we were on vacation together.

I'm just proud to have continued with my commitment to sobriety and to my own health. It continues to be a source of strength.

I wish I'd been more honest with people. Maybe then I wouldn't have this constant feeling of being overwhelmed by everything.

I wish I had stayed broken up from my boyfriend, Scott. I went back around this time last year thinking that I could give it another try. Honestly, I was just feeling very lonely and made a decision based on that feeling. I am especially proud of the fact that I now have my very own two bedroom apartment with enough room for me and my books.

I wish I had quit my job and gone freelance earlier.

I wish I had put more effort into my course. I feel like I've let myself down - this is something I finally made the descision to do and now it's coming up to the due date and I have nothing done. I hope I haven't left it too late.

I wish I hadn't gone to Vegas for my sister's hen weekend. I had strong feelings that it woulnd't be a happy or comfortable place for me to be and I was right. As a recovering addict, Vegas with a group of people going out, drinking and taking drugs all night, was a very hard place to be. It had a lingering effect on my sense of emotional balance aeven after I returned home. It also had an effect on my relationship with my sister very close to her wedding. Conversely I am proud of the way I organised her London hen party, under immense pressure from her. Unfortunately the issues surrounding her wedding were far more than just the hens, and our relationship is still showing signs of the strain 6 months on.

I wished I had worked out more and gotten more of things I wanted to get done completed. I wish I wasn't such a procrastinator. I wish I had spent more one on one time with my husband.

I wish I could spend more time with my daughter

Wished I had spent more time developing relationships with professors, worked a lot harder at my thesis and classes in general. I'm incredibly disappointed that I took my education for granted.

I would have made sure that before I went in business with my partners that we had a written operating agreement in place. Its very disappointing when people you thought were friends renege on their commitments.

I wish I hadn't wasted so much time this summer just lounging around and watching TV.

I'm happy with how this year went. I do wish I could have gotten more school in- but I think the balance between work and school paid off. I'm happy, I'm in love, I'm secure...good year, folks.

I wouldn't have moved when I lost my job. I would have stayed in Chicago and figured it out rather than moving to be close to family. I'm miserable and feel like I left myself back there.

I'm proud of the firepit minyan this year. Passover was incredible, more people started helping me, a rabbi showed up, and now Gus will have her bat mitzvah. I refused to listen to anyone who said meaningful Judaism wasn't possible, and now I have it. It's worth all the work it takes, no matter how rattled I get. I wish I had gotten help for the "major depressive episode" I've been in for nearly half the year a lot sooner than I did. I'm glad I finally did, but it's slow-going and I ended up subjecting myself to such self-recrimnation. I still do, but at least now I'm clear that I have to get rid of it, that it's never helped me and it really isn't right now.

I'm proud that I've kept up crossfit, although my wish last year for a better FGB score was only partially realized. I am completely mental aout FGB in public! On a serious note: I wish I could always be/do better with the addicition thing. I'm learning more, growing more, and perhaps understand that there is a process...but is there anything that would've changed anything? I am hopeful today, but feel....fragile. How can I possibly trust God through this? Does he really have it all in His hands? What if there are no hands there? Work has suddenly cropped up as an unexpectedly bad and difficult time, scheduling and personally. I have a huge loan against the 401k and don't see how I can leave. Last night at the women's group I had an inkling that my vision was so limited I was missing answers. Am I? I am prooud that I made it this year. That I lived through this year intact mentally and emotionally, and that I feel like I'm in a better place physically, mentally and emotionally this year. How hard is it to keep getting up in the morning to go to Crossfit? How difficult to keep counseling, doing homework? It's hard, but I've done it, am doing it. That's pretty amazing.

stayed in touch better with friends

I would have taken better care of my belongings and maintained my health at an even higher level, raising a "very good" self-care score to an "excellent." I'm proud that I was a good and FAITHFUL wife, despite the near presence of the world's handsomest, funniest, sexiest, and most charming next-door-neighbor.

I am proud of making the arrangements for a trip to Israel to visit my son. It was challenging, but ultimately a very rewarding experience.

I wish I had been more open to possibility this summer. I had such a firm idea of who I was and who I was interested in knowing, and who would be interested in knowing me, that I cut off some people before they even got a chance. I'm finding out now how curt and discouraging I was, completely unawares.

I can think of a million things I could've done differently, but I believe things are the way they are for a reason...so no, I wouldn't change a thing. I am actually proud of decisions I made during this past year -separating from husband, moving to a different state, changing careers. Not very easy to do, but I just see it as another shot to get things right, and I'm very happy about that.

I'm proud Ive been truth to myself and others all that time.

I wish I would have dissolved my relationship with my long time girlfriend a little more gracefully. We actually broke up in the fall of last year, but our feelings for each other dragged on well into this year. It made things very complicated for us and our friends and I feel like I could have done my part to make things less complicated but I let my emotions precede my thoughts. I really haven't done anything this year that I am proud of. Although I am about to graduate college this semester, that will be something pretty substantial.

If I had the chance I would save a lot more money. Money is a constant worry in my life, a worry I shove away and ignore until moments like now when I have NO JOB and NO INCOME. I sign up for emails to help me raise my credit and save more money but I don't take it seriously. Maybe what I should have done more or done differently is take life seriously. I think that I avoid the worst possible scenario I can imagine in my head and when it comes to pass I don't do enough to stop it or make it better.

There are always things I think I could have done better or wiser or better. I react to my teenage daughter and her behaviors instead of walking away and cooling off before speaking. She presses my buttons and I react. That being said, I'm proud that I'm learning to control, to think before reacting emotionally. It's a learning process, a learning curve that takes enormous amounts of reflection, self-control and energy. What I am proud of is being there for my children, my friends and family when they need me.

I wish I had been more patient — with my partner, my child, myself .... But I'm proud of having successfully raised a wonderful little girl so far! I'm proud of pushing work on ELL issues at Lighthouse. The work is not where I'd like it to be, but it's moving forward.

I wish i hadn't got into so much debt! Debt has mounted dramatically (current debt £4700), all because of being careless with money. And drinking! I guess I should have went into Uni alot more than I did also, which would have meant that I wasn't going out, which would have also meant that i'm saving money!

The only thing I would have done differently this year is to really jump forward sharing the incredible Amega wand and other products because of my beliefs in them instead of wallowing in my fear of what people might think and the judgment that comes with that. I did determine that I was judging myself and I shouldn't care what other people thought because that was their business.

I chose to do Running Start. Part of me is proud and happy that I don't have to deal with my High Skool anymore.... But another part of me is hating this. Sitting alone for hours on end, aware that everyone you confide in is unavailable. This choice could be my redemption, or my condemnation. We shall see.

I would have had more fun. I would have taken on less responsibility and focussed more on me. This year I will have two years' worth of fun to make up for it.

As always, I wish I were more organized in my home -work-dog-prayer life! I wish I had addressed this more seriously and plan to do so this year.

I wish I had worked harder at living bigger. I am glad I am finally getting around to it now. I wish I had told my stepfather that I loved him and was grateful for him. I wish I had been quicker at realizing (rather than just knowing on a theoretical level), that now happens... well NOW. I am proud of the fact that I sought help, joined a writing group, quit my job, pursued teaching yoga, believed I could do everything, and went swimming naked in a mountain lake when I finally fully realized that you don't get second chances to do things you've deferred.

Just one thing but is done so I just don't think of that. I'm proud to start my bussines and to believe on me!

I wish I had worked harder on my writing, on treating it as a real task, even potentially a job, rather than feeling it was an indulgence. I'm proud of the writing I have done. It's opened up some new opportunities, and new creativity.

I wish I'd had more discipline in many areas of my life: writing, relationship with God, relationships with other people, work. I wish I'd been less of a consumer and more of a producer. I am proud that I did make progress on my novel, though. That I'm learning to push aside self-doubt and persevere. I'm proud of suddenly becoming a voracious reader, when previously I'd never make enough time for it. I've learned so much through the books I've read this year. They've been my fuel.

My Mother Died and I'm still excisting but not sure for how long....

I am proud of my children and grandchildren. They are caring, hard working and believe in true brotherhood.

I wish I had taken more risks and tried harder when it came to school last year. Working 30 hours a week and taking 17 credits wasn't the best idea, but I figured it out. I wish I also would have lived on campus. I am disappointed I don't have as many friends on campus. I'm proud that I raised my GPA the second semester of school and that I really did focus a lot more on school my second semester. I just need to do even better this year!

I wish i would have given myself a little more slack with the breastfeeding and the early months in general., That being said i am really proud of how Madeleine is turning out. 15 months and we already have so much to be proud of.

Ironically, while I was disappointed with his reaction, my professionalism in dealing with the threat to my program in professionalism and my patient and well written response and then the meeting over it, I handled very well. I wish I had not gotten so angry as I have been over Ray's several disses of me. And that is to deny my feelings. Better that I feel it than to ignore it as Idid with my father all those years, when his absence disappointed me. And how I added to my load to earn my salary this spring makes me proud, even though it got me nothing but tzuris in the end.

Only regret is that I should've said something earlier ... that way less ppl would be hurt now.

I wish I had have concentrated more on my school work, as opposed to suicide, weight, partying, and social activities. The consequences of my previous preoccupations has caused me to fall behind, and probably miss out on my chance of achieving greatly in my upcoming HSC exams.

Yeah I'm proud of taking part in contests last year

I am proud that I had the courage to quit my job, even though it has made things financially difficult. That job was killing me.

I wish I could be nicer, less vulernable when confronted (or when I perceive I am confronted). I've made huge strides in being more confident, less reactive. More concretely, I have been running/walking and eating better for the past 13 weeks. I've lost 8.2 lbs. as of today.

I think that 5770 went exactly the way it needed to for my spirit and body. I do wish that I had been more present and less unwell. I am very proud of my Bar Mitzvah!

I'm proud of quitting smoking and steering the non-for-profit I'm the chair of through financial hardship.

I wish that I had not gotten back together with my exboyfriend when I did. I just wish that I had stayed strong in my decision to not be with him. I am really proud of how I have been using my time off. I have been reading a lot and working different internships. I feel fulfilled.

I wish that I had saved more money and worked harder on my relationship with my family. At the same I wish I had had the courage to continue the molding of my life the way I wanted it. Sometimes I get tired and I don't want to fight or struggle and it's because I forget: the life I will lead is the one that circumstances and outside forces will herd me into. If I want to live a different life I have to break the mold. I have to say no. I have to be difficult. I have to do things that scare the shit out of me. Because otherwise I will live and die by the words and choices of others. I am proud that I threw away the life I had, that made me unhappy, for a life that scares me every minute. Because without the fear I couldn't be sure that I'm really alive.

I wish I'd have made my social network profiles private. I fear they may have cost me a job or two that I applied for. I'm especially proud of staying in touch with friends. I often lose touch with friends and lose track of them permanently.

I wish I had been a lot more open and honest with an ex about my feelings. I wish I had taken more time to be who they needed me to be, rather than being so self absorbed.

I wish I had taken better care of myself, not been so lazy about exercising & going to the gym. I used the excuse of where we're currently living to not exert myself. When it came time to leave & relocate elsewhere for the summer, I found myself "out of shape" & not too energetic. I knew I was gaining weight because of the way my jeans were not fitting but I didn't do much about it - wore sweats more. Then it was "crash" walking & dieting - really stupid of me - I need to get control of my "eating" emotions & be more personally assertive - not play "catch up" afterwards.

I would have spent more time working very hard to prepare for the upturn in business.

I wish I had more fun over the summer. I wish I would have dealt with Tracey's taking off too much time directly. I usually hate the concept of wishing I had done something differently. It's like crying over spilled milk. I've always felt that it prevented you from progressing. Maybe that's wrong. Maybe I should really focus on what I wish I had done differently. If I can stop going through denial about regrets, maybe I can change.

i would have ended a friendship on my own terms instead of letting it fade into the ether. i feel that it would have been a lot more clear if i had stated, to the other person, why i really don't want them in my life anymore. i am really proud that i have cut the strings that tie parts of my family to me. i have really tried to keep their "drama" at bay and set boundaries. having my own life, family and responsibilities, i can't bear the burden of their emotional well being. it was stressing me out and straining my own marriage. i have been doing a lot better at no longer supporting them financially and not getting sucked into the guilt cycle.

I don't believe in regrets and although this past year has been incredibly tough, I wouldn't change a thing. The only thing that troubles me is the amount of time I spent second guessing myself and my relationship (which is, essentially, a reflection of me). One of my goals for this year is to truly become my own biggest fan.

Over committing. I want to do it all. I want others to believe in me. I want to be everything as much for me, as for them. It si selfish for me to over commit and worse not to follow through. I want to do that differently. I want to have better boundaries and be more conservative with my time and resources. I want to be more honest about what I am capable of and the space between my capability and my desire. It is so important for me and the people around me.

I wish that I would have taken the time to plan my wedding differently. However I am proud of the way it turned out with little to no money, I am infinitely happy with my husband and our life together, so I guess it all evens out in the end.

Done differently? I'm not certain. I spent about a month at a close friend's house this summer, and I had some hesitations about being there that long (overstaying my welcome), but she was very enthusiastic as convincing. I had an amazing time, but I turned out being right, and I think our friendship has suffered for it. In fact, I know it has. Unfortunately, I can't think of anything to rectify the situation - and I did have an amazing time. Especially proud of? Once again, not certain. There are definitely things I'm proud of (improved self-confidence, for one), but nothing especially. Maybe I'll know soon.

I wish i could of kept the people i love in my life and not just let them go so easily. I find myself worrying about them very often. However, I am proud that I've made it this far in school. To know that graduation is around the corner is absolutely amazing. That is so cliché, I know.

I was supposed to start cooking when I no longer had to wear those golden handcuffs. I know there's a long list of more important things, but I'm quite disappointed in myself over the cooking thing. It's not been all bad news on the domestic front, though. I'm pretty pretty pretttttty preeeeety good about cleaning these days.

I wish I would have said something to my friends when they first started to hurt me. 6 months later, I can't approach them with the hurt they caused me, because I let it go for so long. I'm proud that I have found a career that I love and am good at. My first big kid job feels like it will lead to so much more within the company. Makes me proud that I did well in college to get such a great job after graduating.

I wish I had sought help long before things became an emergency. I saw the train wreck coming but thought I could figure it out... despite never having been able to "figure it out" on my own before.

I wish I had kept in touch with my family better. I worked way too much, and struggled to just stay healthy and functional.

I suppose I wish I had worked harder on my career and myself, but one can't wish for the past. Alternately, I am learning to be more kind to myself and recognize my accomplishments.

I wish I read more. I've recovered almost instantly from all hardships - breaking my hand, being unemployed, amongst others. I don't let things get me down (at least not for more than a day or two).

I wish I had taken more action this year. I didn't take action on my health very quickly, and have been suffering for it. I also didn't take action when my job became ever more frustrating, which is mostly my fault for succumbing to inertia.

I wish I had worked harder at intro psychology. I really feel like getting a bad grade in that class set me up for a struggle I don't need to be in.

Proud that I have stuck to my plan. Hope that it will pay off.

I should have taken some more time for myself and my writing this summer. I tried to please everybody else, well, more or less, I'm not Mother Theresa. But still, I tried to do too much and meet too many people. But it was a hell of a nice summer.

I got up the courage to leave a bad job situation with a terrible boss. I was upset about it because the job itself was perfect for me, but I was being mistreated, and I decided life was too short to continue to be brought low for a paycheck. It was a hard decision, but I think it was the right one.

I finalized by Personal Brand / DNA which helps me focus more on topics that are important to me.

I would not have done anything differently this past year. I think what is, is, and I'm at peace with the past. However, I'm very proud of the two retreats I took, especially a week-long one I didn't think I had the courage for. Now I now I still have my independence, and that feels great.

I'm not sure if I have enough perspective yet to know if there are things I'd want to change (or not). I guess maybe I'd look back and just want to have made better use of my time.

I wish I had invested more time in the band than I did, more time promoting it, more time practicing...it's as if the chance was taken away from me perhaps for not doing enough.

I wish I would have spent less time worrying about the future and what others think of me and spent more time being my most authentic self and bringing my best self to the table.

I'm proud I no longer feel the ned to see my therapist!

I wish I had been more eager to meet my mother-in-law and tried harder to talk to her when I first did meet her. I am shy and slow to warm up to new people, and I think that has helped start our relationship off on the wrong foot.

I am proud that I have not allowed my limitations to define me, but have allowed for them while drawing on my strengths.

It's hard to regret anything when I'm so happy right now. But I regret hurting people and neglecting people.

I just want to be a nicer person. I am proud of how far I have come with becoming more comfortable with myself.

Umm, like, a million things. But mostly I wished I helped other people, strangers, more. And got more involved in a Jewish community in a real once-a-week-ish kind of way. I am proud of studying Hebrew AND Yiddish and meeting some amazing people who are also interested in these things and are becoming partners and friends.

I am proud that I started homeschooling my daughter. Public school was a disaster for her. I hope I can say I have done well by this time next year.

I wish I had focused more on my PhD while in London, rather than becoming so embroiled with The Other Man, the FMC and other personal relationships. That being said, it probably wouldn't have prevented the demise of my relationship with David. I am proud of the ideas I developed while in London, and I'm proud of the ways in which I reconnected with my parents. I'm glad I was able to go to India and see my grandmother before she passed away, and I'm proud of the professional networking I achieved within the history of medicine community.

I’m proud of myself for working toward incremental change rather than feeling the need to wipe the slate clean and start from scratch every time I get into a funk. This time of year can be especially hard on that front. From getting involved with things around the community hat matter to me to better managing my finances, this year has been an exercise in moderation and incremental improvement.

Im proud to have published 4 books in the area of mind body and spirit

My timing was bad. At least she thought so. Don't know if any time would have been good or would have made a difference.

This past year, I wish I had improved myself more. I had so much time on my hands, and not that much to show for it. I am exceptionally proud of my new son though. If taking it easy was what I needed, than it was worth it for him.

I have, as usual (this is something I've been working on for some time), spent too much time of frivolous things.

I wish I had gotten out of jobs that weren't right for me more quickly, pushed myself harder and made/saved more $.

I wish I would have worked out more, gone to bed earlier and worked on my relationship with my girlfriend. I also wish I would call my parents and grandma more often. I'm proud of finally seeing a doctor and dentist for the first time in a couple years. I'm proud of working out and eating well. I'm proud of keeping in touch with friends, especially Jlove whom I visited with twice. I'm also proud of winning our basketball league championship. It was all the hardwork of a couple of seasons of playing together paying off.

Done Differently - need to stop berating my mother-in-law for sitting on her bum ALL day. The only exercise she gets is going to the bathroom. GET OUT, go play bingo, go to the store, go for a walk, anything. Proud Learning: Sing a niggun... let the negative energy wash away. Fill myself with love of her ability to live simply without the need for entertainment. Niggun my way through the worst chores of grocery shopping for my large extended famly. I am so blessed to be able to provide for their needs. Proud of... I have made the switch to eating only Kosher meat. It feels great to make a bracha knowing that my food is now halachically more appropriate. However... I still wonder, isn't eating organic meat better? Here in my small town, Kosher organic isn't available... so it's only kosher for now. but still i would prefer... the organic living. Just as all my vegs and fruits. I've lost 25 pounds too! with a whole lot of sweat. When you work out, the desire for healthier foods is a great benefit!

I would have tried harder to get out of AIU. I hate my job there and, according to my 10Q answers from last year, I was hoping to have been gone by now. My job is dragging the life out of me and I seriously fear that I'll spiral into an emotion state--dare I say the D-word?--if I stay any longer. Unfortunately, the job is also dragging out all of my motivation. Each day at work makes me more resentful of my job--and less motivated to change it. Proud? I'm starting to save money. This time last year, I wanted to get on my feet financially. Now I certainly have achieved that.

I wish I were better at listening to my inner-self, following my intuition without doubt. I'm proud of myself for quitting "Snapped Shot," a full-length play, during the dress rehearsal a night before opening. While difficult to imagine, the staged fight between the director and myself likely saved the director's career, the playwright's words, the cast's reputation, and my dignity. Further, I'm proud that on July 19, 2009 I quit smoking cigarettes and despite the handful of cigarettes I've smoked since, I do not identify as a smoker, nor do I miss it. I love the fact that nicotine isn't a battle I need to fight any more. I won that war.

Possibly been a bit more organised in getting my masters course application sorted out earlier. I feel that I have a tendency to sit back and let things happen to me, rather than being the one making them happen, and I'd like to be more proactive in the future.

Yes. Not being able to avoid the problems with one member of the team. Not managing my family life properly. I feel proud of the feelings i was able to express when my daughter told me about her pregnancy, when everyone around was against her carrying on.

I am proud that I am learning about myself and that this journey has taken me into a community of like minded people

I wish I had found a job, but I didn't really have anymore control over that than what I was doing so I can't really hold it against it myself, I feel I've made the best choices for me given my circumstances and I stand behind them. I'm proud of myself for beginning to pursue my dreams even though I didn't really have the resources to fully feel comfortable doing it. Because of that I have solidified and proven to myself what I know I need to be focused on- my art, and more specifically, acting.

Nothing that I really wish I would have done differently. I'm proud of the things I have made this year, especially Ari's Fancy Nancy dress.

Made friends the honest way instead of lying about so much and honestly telling them how I felt instead of doing what I thought was right. I would try and heal what I had broken and focus on the positives in my life.

I wish I had pushed My wife to go back into therapy faster, or if pushing was not the answer I wish I had done what I could to help her take action about her depression and her headaches. I feel she's remarkable about toughing out hard times and I'm pretty good about being soothing, but neither of us was focused on getting her better.

This past year, I wish I went to Spain with my parents. At first I told them that I would go with them, but then when I really thought about it, I was selfish and said I was already there and I had to pay for it, so I didn't go. Looking back now, it would've been a great bonding experience and I would always look back on it. I am proud that I passed my 4 parts of the CPA in one shot!

I wish I had been more open and honest about my feelings, with an adequate amount of self awareness, and kindness to myself for the parts of me I am still working on. I wish I could have maintained a better discipline. There is so much I want to do, but maintaining myself emotionally and distracting myself from my thoughts derails me. Also, I haven't figured out what I care about enough that I am not distracted by quite so much when I am working on it.

I wish I would have left Knoxville and my Jewish community in a better way...although I sometimes felt pressured into taking on additional responsibilities, I left k-ville and just dropped the ball. I am especially proud that I completed my MSN. It has been a long, tough road but I did it even against adversity thanks to my supportive friends, family, and G-d.

I wish i had been more outgoing and had the courage to go after the things i really wanted. I am especially proud of my good grades.

I wish that I had been able to get a better handle on my health. There have been alot of outer influences that have made that difficult but alot of my own decisions have not helped either. I recognize the trap of allowing the external forces to direct my choices but recognizing it has not always kept me from straying into it.

kept tje weight off and kept running more. im proud of the work i do.

Knowing now how my wife felt about our daughter's first year, I wish I could have done that time differently. I think I might have pushed her more to be more vocal and I would have tried to ensure she had more time with the baby. On the other hand, I wouldn't trade a moment I spent with my daughter for anything...

There are a million things I wish I had done differently, but I cannot go back and change any of them so dwelling on them seems counterproductive and not very self-respectful. One hard thing I am proud of doing this past year was sitting beside my mom's bedside the night before she died and telling her all of my truths: about being Jewish, about being gay, about being angry with her for the ways she had (and, hadn't) treated me growing up, and about being thankful for having known her because being her daughter has made me who I am.

I feel like I did a better job of keeping promises to myself to be more present with my family. I did a much better job of leaving work behind and focusing on the time I had with my daughter and wife.

I'm proud of taking on a challenging new job and succeeding at it. I'm proud of recognizing where I needed to grow my communications skills. I'm proud of finding peace with my boyfriend. I'm proud of growing our relationship to a better, safer, happier place.

I wish I had been able to make more money in real estate investing, instead of making so many false starts. I'm proud that I was able to finally get a property and go through all the steps to buy & re-hab it. I'm also happy that I was wise enough to go down to L.A. to see my Uncle just before he passed away.

at the start of the year i had this intense yearning for someone i hadn't seen for over 10 years. i don't know why we lost touch - just part of growing up. i had the means to try and track her down but i didn't pursue it, kept making lame excuses until the moment seemed to pass. i regret being a coward.

I think i really gave my all this year. I listened deeply to my inner voice and intuition and heart...And learned many lessons that i was supposed to. This includes surrender and the beginnings of non-attachment. Yet also, i remained true to my goals. I have faced some fears and set out on adventure with an open heart and mind. I have made maaaany friends and sought exactly what i've needed to make sure to take care of myself. I really couldn't be more proud of myself right, because i know i am on the right path... i've brought MUCH happiness to me, and i know along the way i have inspired many people as well. It's beautiful. I'm back on the path of REAL LOVE, INSPIRED LIVING, happiness...passion. it was a year of renewal, exploration, reflection, and the beginnings of some action. Moving on from stagnantness to becoming proactive and involving myself in starting to develop skill. almost a re-birth year. I feel like a baby, or a child... or at least i have a vibrant child like spirit in my new style of life. I'm proud of myself for this.

i havent handled my school work very well. i have been very lasy and leaving things to the last minute. alternativly i have grown a good internet life, gaining over 100 followers on twittter and 50 on tunblr. i guess you could say that the two go hand in hand

I wish I had visited my Aunt in Florida before she passed away. I have wonderful memories of how sweet and kind she was to me as a child. I am proud that I did a better job teaching AP bio than I did the year before.

I'm very proud of the inroads I've made into comic book art, and the work I've done within commmunity arts. I'm less proud about allowing my relationship to drag on longer than it should have. Generally though, I feel fairly good about this year so far.

there is nothing i feel i would want to change about what happened, or what i did in the past year. i am feeling a warm glow of pride and gratitude about the major and large internal changes/growth that has happened in me. i am also proud that my friendship with mitesh has bloomed a new, beautiful facet, taking it to a new deeper level.

I am responsible for everything I have done this past year. If I failed or did a poor job, then I am sad that I didn't seek more strength or the understanding I know is within me. I suppose I let myself down a few times, but, hope that I fessed up to those I let down, and I hope that I don't let myself down again. But, like a New Years resolution. It continues........ I am proud of my understanding of my weakness's and those of my friends. I am proud that I do not judge too quickly and too harshly.

There is nothing that I wish I had done differently, as all of my life is a perfect reflection of where I am at that moment, spiritually, physically and mentally. I am Proud of sticking to my studies even when it got tough.

I started sharing and publishing my writing on-line. It's helped me own the fact that I am a writer.

No. I believe in living life to the fullest, and squeezing every last opportunity possible from it. Having said that, I've also realized that I've almost reached my limit for living life that intensely, and that there are some benefits to waiting for things to happen, gestate, and grow...even with the force of my personality, there are some things you just can't force. Case in point - love.

There are a couple of things that I would have done differently. The biggest one though would have been to not start using again, even for the short period of time that I did. That decision resulted in my going back to jail for a short period of time and losing a great job. I promised myself and my son though that it would not happen again.

With how much time I've had on my hands, I wish I had more to show for it (writing, friends, time spent knowing my family and friends better). There's been too much panic and struggle, too much flux, not enough focus. I tell myself I'm supposed to do everything, be everything, and what I achieve just never seems to be enough. But I'm also proud of the things I have done: finding my way back to writing, to finding focus in my career (even if I'm not at my ideal point yet), to keeping my relationship with my wife healthy even when living apart. I found us a new home and opened a lot of doors for where we can go together from here.

I wish that I had had stronger "standards" for my business. I think I would be happier and in a much better position if I stuck to my guns. I am proud at far I've come with my business in the past year.

I wish I would not of had a relationship with Patrick. It is so hard to let go of. I love him more than any other man in my life, which doesn't make since. He loves me too, and we know we aren't going to last because of the 15 years difference, he wants kids I can't have any more. I am proud that I didn't have a mental break down this year because it was the hardest year of my life.

I'm proud to have divided my married life into two single lives without argument or litigation.

I wish I had done almost everything differently: been a better father, husband, breadwinner, professional, and been able to answer this with affirmation instead of cynicism. I am proud of getting through the days, weeks, the year, proud of keeping us afloat (barely), despite my doubts and fears and dissatisfaction.

I wish I had improved my ability to exercise more and built up more stamina. I sincerely wish I had never mentioned to Nikki's boyfriend that good champagne should not touch orange juice. I am proud of the writing I have done so far.


I am proud that I was able to keep it all together this year. It was overwhelming and hard and stressful, and somehow I managed it and came through. I do wish that I would have paid more attention to my schoolwork-- I got all A's, but I did not learn as much as I could have, because I rarely did any of the readings. I hope to change that in the year to come.

I wish I would have stopped to appreciate my life, the world, and other people. I was constantly moving from one thing to another. I am proud of how I handled my business this year with so many things going wrong and the economies impact never ending.

I wish I had worked harder to get a promotion at my job. All my friends got promoted some got promoted by playing "the game" and some got promoted because they are awesome at what they do. I want to belong to the latter group.

I wish I had taken more chances- pursued what I wanted...followed my heart instead of my head.

There's nothing I wish I would've done differently. Well except maybe projecting my voice...but thats different. I'm really proud that I listened to my heart and I went with my gut. It's brought me happiness in this really dark time for me. And even though I'm sad, I still have some joy in my life.

I wish I would have worked harder....I know that I have probably been feeling a little more sorry for myself than I should have been and therefore felt a little lazy with my job search. I don't thinkit would have changed the outcome becuase of the economy but I would have felt more accomplished and actually know I did the best I could.

I wish I had changed my sedentary life style earlier, but I'm happy to have achieved some important goals in my career.

I wish that I had listened to my instincts about my ex and ended it instead of waiting for him to end it.

I wish I had concentrated and pushed myself harder than I did during classes. Applying my self would have given me better grades... I am proud of how the work school year went. I accomplished a lot and I am accomplishing a lot this year as well.

I am most proud that Chris treated me like family and that he let me be a part of his journey to the next life. I am pleased that I was able to support him and later his mom. I wish I had backed totally away from LK and JT sooner. I wish it were easier for me to let go of negative feelings toward people I don't like. I'm proud that I kept my commitment to our women's group, only missing the last meeting.

I wish I would have participated on facebook instead of being a silent voyeur. I wish I would have taken initiative, picked up the phone more often, made plans, cultivated friendships. I wish I would not have dropped the ball. I wish I would have loved more and played more... and played more music.

I passed English 102 -- at last! -- after having taken and withdrawn from the class three previous times.

I wish I'd worked harder in school. I'm proud of how much progress I've made with my anxiety and how hard I work when I volunteer.

I wish I would have spent less time worrying that I wouldn't accomplish anything, and more time actually accomplishing something.

I would have dropped my music minor sooner. Last semester, I struggled with too many credit hours and too little time to practice. I realized that I would've been so much happier had I just accepted that I didn't have enough time and dropped the minor. Now, I've learned my limits.

I don't think regret is productive. I did what I did and hopefully learned something from the things that didn't turn out the way I had wanted or hoped. One of my favorite quotes is "Experience is what you get when you don't get what you want." I believe that's true and try to remember it when I'm in the midst of a situation that I'd rather not be in. In the past year I got very burned out at work and developed a bit of an attitude problem that was perceived as a performance issue. I am very proud of how I handled the situation with my boss and the leadership team. I acknowledged the issues but stood my ground and ultimately it ended on a very positive note for both me and my boss.

Aside from realizing he was a jerk five years earlier???? Ha. Well I think I am most proud of myself for picking myself up off his dog soiled carpet and picking up a pen, paintbrush and yoga mat. (and belly dancing skirt, camera, passport, wooden spoon, trapeze bar, green thumb, red wine, dead sea mud and...

I would have been more focused and listened to my own internal voice. Spent less time satisfying peoples' expectations. Had more compassion for people's weakness. Proud that I had the courage to leave my job. I don't regret it so far.

Spent more time with my children and gotten up everyday and been productive! I am proud of my children and their values.

I wish I had utilized earlier opportunities to speak up to my boss and my bosses' boss' boss about my dissatisfactions with my job and my desires to be better utilized with a broader, more challenging scope of work. Now my annual job dialogue is done and our teams budget has been set, so I'm hoping that having this discussion now won't be too late. I guess I don't really have a choice to have this talk as my career dissatisfaction is starting to keep ne up at night. If I don't get the best response, I'll quit. On the other hand, I'm proud that I got my yoga teacher training certification after many hours of hard work. Hoping this will open the door to a lot of opportunities.

I would have worked harder on my maths exam.. I wish I lost some weight.. I wished that I would have more courage to meet new people.

I wish I had relaxed more and not been stressed out about school so much. I also wish I had explained to some of my teachers that I was having a difficult time coping with the loss of my mother - I wish I had understood myself the toll it was taking on me. After the sudden death of my brother, and having accompanied my mom as she reached death, I thought I'd be fine. At the same time, in many ways I was fine. I made wonderful new friends, got straight A's in school, and became known around school as kind and smart and passionate - on the surface, it could not have been a more successful year. I just wish I'd made more room to allow myself to grieve. I hope I bring that lesson forwards.

I wish i had made more time for my friends, but, i am proud that i cut down my internet time drastically. I wish too that i had continued my workouts

I wish I could've been more patient and more there for my brothers when they needed emotional support. I'm not proud of the fact that I've not contributed very significantly to the financial strain my family is currently under. I've not written anything new. I'm glad my old stuff is getting published. I'm proud of the way I can handle the car now.

I went to my boss and said I deserved a raise... and got it. I didn't get everything I had asked for, but I got what I felt was deserving and appropriate. And the agency took me seriously when I said I was undervalued.

I wish I had taken more time to relax and be present for my family.

I wish I had been more honest and carefree. I've been so stressed over things I could have avoided extremely easily.

Yes. I wish I had more self-control. But maybe that's my problem. I wish I had been more honest--to everyone, especially myself. Yes, I'm proud of trying new things--saying yes to being in The Fitting Room, losing 8 lbs (so far, 129-ish) with cardio kickboxing.

Camille: josh leaving and Peter Proud: switching Job Virginie: no regrets Proud: first part of internship: the education Gale: No regrets Proud of getting back on feet after unemployment Shyree: Regret: enjoy dc more Proud of moving to LA and giving it a chance.

I wish I had spent more time laughing with my children. Being a working parent adds an extre stress to my life, I wish I has been able to let that stress go and just enjoy their laughter. They will soon be older and more hormonal and I wish I had made more time with them this year.

I wish I was more focused in my research to complete my book.

I think I've wasted a lot of time in the past year. At work, I check news websites too regularly. At home, I watch too much television. My partner and I spend quite a bit of time together, but it's often lazy time at home - not quality time that brings us together. If I were more focused about how I spend my time, I think I'd be more productive and happier.

I wish I had been a better listener. I also wish I had lost weight. I am, however, extremely proud of the work I've led in focusing University attention on the importance of - and ways to improve - student success.

As much as I love him, I wish that I had broken up with my current ex-boyfriend Jose before now. He's a good guy, but he just didn't have time for me. I tried to be patient but no matter how patient I was, there was always something that came ahead of me. I especially proud of the fact that my only child finally graduated High School.

I wish I'd had my legs repaired instead of my uterus. I'm proud to have secured a good job and maintained healthy working relationships with very young co-workers and boss.

Something I wish I had done differently this year is enjoyed myself more. I should have planned on going on day trips and fully enjoyed them instead of feeling like I should be getting stuff done at home. I am especially proud of getting my Masters in Library and Information Science this year. I worked full time and supported myself, all the while going to school 6 units each semester.

I made youth strings. Our rugby team made it to the semi-fnals and we beat a team we have not beaten in years twice. I wish I'd studied for that bio quiz and had gone kayaking an hour earlier.

I wish I had taken the time to clean out the garage. I am extremely proud of myself and my grandmother and what we went through during her last days. I know that our many years of friendship allowed her to leave with nothing un-said, and I know that my life is so so so much better for having her be such a huge part of it. The final days were a true test of the strength and beauty of our frienship.

I'd glad that I took the risk to start a new job. My old job wasn't that bad - I'd have been happy to stay there - but I've always felt that I was too risk-avoidant in the past. The new job seemed a good opportunity, and I felt it was a good time to move one. It's been four months now, and I think it was the right decision.

I wouldn't have been so hasty to trust someone who didn't deserve it to begin with.

I am so proud of my accomplishments at work in 2010. I wish I could have communicated better with my spouse but I hope to work on that more in 2011.

I am willing to believe there is something I could have done differently for that action would have had potential to cause a "better" reality at this point. At the moment, I cannot propose what I would have changed because our lives are affected by the choices we make. Each one, just as important as the next. Change one thing, and what else do you change as a result from the choices following? The thing I am especially proud of this year is that I put myself out there. I love a woman whom I wish to marry and I have not let any little thing get in the way of what I feel is important about the relationship. There have been numerous issues that have arisen between us and I rarely let the little stuff get the best of me. In fact, I think I didn't even let the big stuff get to me when I would venture to guess, most people would. I never gave up hope and I never stopped believing in her. It looks as though, that is to my detriment at this time.

There were a lot of things in connection with the house that I wish I had done differently, but mainly, I just wish I had behaved better & not gotten so emotional about it. I am happy to say that it all worked out in the end. My family has a beautiful house that honors the hard work of my parents.

There is nothing specific to this past year that I would have done differently. In general, I wish I could get rid of "the mother in my mind" that holds me back from actualizing myself as an adult.

I wish I didn't waste my summer obsessing about things. I'm proud of all the work I've accomplished and changes and decisions that I've made.

I really wish we didn’t let so much media and commercialism into our son's life so young. I think he’d be better off to spend these early years without that influence and effect on his ideas, outlook and behavior. On the same hand, I'm proud of how hard we work to be good parents - we're doing the best we can.

I wish I hadn't gone on that stupid Vegas trip with the family in January. If I hadn't gone on that trip, I would've now been in my last semester of school and done with this associate's degree! What am I proud of? That I'm still trying to be better, that I still consider myself a work in progress and that I'm not stopping where I'm at now... that I still want more.

I wish I approached Year 12 differently. I wish I did all my work in advance, and prepared myself. Then I wouldn't have to worry about getting the work done and handed in. I'm proud of myself doing this with my Specialist Maths assignment though. I handed it in early and I felt like God!

I'm proud that I followed my own path and decided to leave my full-time job and move to a new country, even though people told me it was a big risk and thought I was crazy for doing so.

I strongly believe in Dr. Temperance (Bones) Brennan's words:::... Regrets are of no real purpose. The past has already happened and there is no way to go back and fix what was broken by incorrect actions or worse, in-actions. To think about all the things I did wrong last year and think of what I could have done differently if I had the chance would drive me crazy because I already know that chance will never come. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

wish I had maintained my weight loss. I’m proud I lost 30 lbs but I’m sad I gained them right back. I wish I had done better saving money I know I could have, if it weren’t for so many impulse buys. I wish I had stayed at papa’s apartment the night he passed away instead of going home. I’m proud of the decisions I’ve made, and how far along we are with the wedding planning. I’m so excited to be marrying my best friend and I think our relationship has really grown with us.

I wish I'd kept up with the garden better. I wish I'd been more diligent with music practice. I wish I'd spent more time with my wife and daughter.

I'm proud that I was able to go back to work after my maternity leave and actually be somewhat effective. I'm still figuring out the balance, but that will always be a work in progress.

I recently had a work project where I let someone down in a big way ... and I let it drag out for a long time, torturing myself with guilt while lying to others about. I'm deeply ashamed, but I find it almost impossible to face the people I disappointed. Conversely, I was very proud of a program I worked on to provide stress relief to homeless individuals. It was meaningful for me and it really brought home the importance of providing help to people who are in greatest need. I feel a connection with situations that diminish self and personhood, because that is something I can relate to.

i wish i didn't get so worked up about work and crying so often. it has caused tension in the office and i don't think i can stand working there much longer.

Figuring out a way to keep the company afloat in the days after the arson and staying focused and collected in the first six weeks.

I wish I had agreed to family counseling a fourth time with a troubled family member. I participated with the first three therapists, with poor results. This led me to set guidelines before I would participate again. I stepped back from the relationship, hoping the other person would see that drastic change was necessary. I didn't realize those months of downtime were to be our last. I am proud that I engaged with the rest of my family more fully every day since then, because our time together is precious.

Umm. I wouldn't be as shy. I was always clinging to Gabe, and venturing out and making new friends and meeting new people. And yeah. Look what happened with that. AND OH GOSH. Don't procrastinate on that summer assignment, or anything else for that matter. Hmm. Something I'm proud of ? Just getting through the year I guess. Especially these past couple months. There's still some work to do, but I'm getting there.

I am so proud of getting through the first year of the death of my daughter. No year can be as hard as that first one was. I am here, still alive, still functioning, and still there for my 2 sons and my partner. I still ache for her and always will but I am moving forward.

I wish that I'd spent more time with my dad. I just didn't know how short a time he had left.

I wish I could stay more focussed on single projects and stay with them until they're finished... instead of multi-tasking so much that I never get anything done.

I don't think there's anything I would do differently, but I'm proud that I made it through as well as I have. It's been hard, but I always bounced back. One of the things I'm the happiest about is the "coming out of my shell" thing. I'm able to just talk to anyone. Bring up conversations with strangers, I love it and I feel it's a really great quality to have. I'm sure it has and will continue to help me in life.

I'm so proud that I made it through Niles West High School all while juggling all of my honors class and participating in sports and activities after school. Something I wish I've done more is praying. I wish I've focused more on that rather than schoolwork. Schoolwork completely makes me forget about other things that are really important to me, like: religion, family, friends, and just having a good time. I'm so proud and lucky that I have a supportive family, awesome friends, and a good honest life--I just wish I gave more time to these things that I care most about.

I wish I had come to terms with the possibility of having to have a c-section while I was pregnant. Being so set against one almost certainly influenced my labour experience a lot and caused Gareth and me more stress than we needed at the time. Looking back, it was totally the right thing to do.

I can't say I wish things would have gone differently, so the thing I'm most proud of this past year is dropping out of school. What an abnormal answer. I know now for certain that it was the right thing to do, but at the time it was a gamble of a risk and took a considerable amount of bravery. The result of that choice is that I'm happier than ever and heading to great places, and I couldn't be prouder of myself for having the courage to make that choice.

I am proud of building my life in San Francisco around my values of lifelong learning and growth in fields meaningful to me. I am my own boss and now I get paid to be myself.

I made a wrong turn and crashed my car into a median. I'm so grateful that I'm alive, but have been having knee pain ever since. I wish I would've paid more attention while driving. I'm proud that I figured out a way to start school, and hope I have the fortitude and ingenuity to continue working and going to school at the same time.

In the past year, as in 12 months not just 2010, I wish I could have acted differently when I met The Used. It was crazy, I was not expecting to walk into a tiny room surrounded by only the members of one of the most amazing bands smoking cigarettes. Wow. I would love to go back to that night and be with Makayla, because I know she would have died for that experience. But oh well, things happen and hopefully someday I can make up for it. What I'm proud of would have to be my weight loss, I guess, even though I gained more than 10 pounds back right away at college. But I'm back on track, at least I have been since yesterday, and some other days here and there. Even if I do have bad days when it comes to food, I know I can do it, so I'll be looking better than ever when I get to Boston in December.

Yes, with boys. I wish I hadn't dated Matthew or even tried to hang out with Chris. I should have known that they wouldn't last. Now I do, but I should have been able to see that. I'm proud of how I've stayed innocent. No drugs, smoking, sex, or alcohol. That's a lot to say for a graduating senior.

I would have wanted to deal with G differently. I realize that I couldn't given certain of my circumstances and in other ways, I could have. I want to let go. Deep down, I also want a second chance. I am proud of how I put boundaries in effect in my relationship with friends, family and co workers. I really have been working on me. Not depending on my counselor as much, if at all. I don't call M during a ( percieved ) crisis anymore. Looking forward to flying solo next year ( no more therapy). Hey, maybe the reward for ending therapy ( going solo ) will be to fly or parachute next year.

i'm proud of my progress in self-knowledge. i'm proud of my engendering various postdoc opportunities for myself. i wish that emmanuel and i hadn't cultivated such a dysfunctional relationship.

I wish that my ambition to write had been matched by the stamina and focus necessary to be productive. I'm proud of relatives, colleagues, and friends who stood by me.

I wish I looked at my ankle earlier while I had good health insurance. I waited till I was moving and am a little less set up to have the replacement surgery I need. I have to work on a higher level of trust because of this. I know that I will have the healthcare I need. I am proudofthe work I did with clients who have mental illness and substance issues. I am a good therapist and helped a lot of folks clarify their lives and become happier and healthier.

I wish I had concluded much sooner that I should leave my organization (more specifically, my role as Executive Director). I could have better prepared for the transition instead of trying to handle it all now, with the added stress and distraction of being pregnant. I'm very proud of winning a national award!

Very proud of my work with an A Capella group. Has really given my creative juices a good outlet and is leading me to more and more artistic involvement.