Describe one thing you'd like to achieve by this time next year. Why is this important to you?

I'd like to have become a translator.

Either not gain freshman 15 or lose freshman 15. I do not want to be a stereotypical college student!


A job would be nice! A relationship would be nice as well, though not as important.

ineer peace and a closeness to god.i believe that is where inner peace is to be found

Have my art on display and continue with my current career

Get a new job. I need to get out of this autistic hell and find some interesting and, hopefully, more remunerative work.

I would love to have most of my debt paid off by this time next year. My car will be paid off so that's a big load off of what I owe.

I want to find someone who thinks the way I do, who likes the same things I do and who can tolerate me. I want to fall in love.

I would like to take a few vacations because I have had to cancel a few trips that I planned because of emergencies.

By this time next year, I want to be in a professional situation that feels right to me. I deserve to be in a better place.

reconciliation with family members. Why? Cause we ain't gettin any younger!

By this time next year, I would like to have a full time job and my own apartment. I need my independence and a place to call my own.

I would like to be more assertive and feel less guilty about the decisions I make.

My new House, to my family and I (Our own House) With our own space my child´s room!

I want to have a clear idea of what my future career will be, whether it is in graphic design, teaching, or a combination of the two fields.

I hope that I'll have graduated successfully and to my utmost satisfaction -- because it's what I've always so desperately wanted and denied myself for a long time.

I'd like to lose some weight and get a bit more physically fit. I'd like the economy to recover and my savings grow to the point that I can be comfortable about retiring

I would like to be writing more, editing my existing pieces, and have submitted and hopefully have at least one piece published.

I would like to achieve the desire for all the universe has to offer. It is important because I want to live my life to the fullest.

Complete my CPT. Start classes toward my bachelor degree. Have the house painted. Why? To finish something I've started. Be more accomplished. Live in comfort & appreciate the home I'm in.

Be successful & confident in my new career. I hope I help a lot of people along the way, especially children.

I'd like to get my book written, finished and sold. It's the only thing I've ever wanted to do in my life.

Surviving as a recently widowed senior female, without imposing on my children.

A new job - I need to find a new professional challenge.

I want to either have completed or be on track to complete The 3-Day for the Cure. I trained for the event this year, and was unable to participate due to a knee injury. I intend to do it next year as long as I can rehab the knee.

I want to lose 50 pounds. I want to feel skinny and I want to feel comfortable with myself. It's not that I hate my body, I'm happy with who I am, but I would love myself more if I was thin. It sounds stupid, but my life is perfect as it is, so I can't think of anything else...

Getting through my first year at uni with good grades. Because I know I have the potential and finally I have the guts and motivation to actually do it.

I'd like to have gained some solo singing experience and I want to go to a competition and win it.

Be able to slash my credit debt substainly so I can start enjoying the little things in life.

A solid job and hopefully it is somewhere near the sea. It has always been my dream to live by the sea and my girlfriend wants exactly the same. I know it is not always easy, but at least a nice solid, steady job because I can't work in a liquor shop forever.. Also, I would like to finish my book at last.

I would like to have traveled to Europe, especially to Paris. Working on it.

I want to be able to legally work in the United States.

Finish writing my book. I've spent 30 years on it so far and I need to finish it before I die.

I feel like I am in limbo .... I made severe changes in my life to be wihere I am at right now, but I realize I made mistakes along the way and don't have a clear view of what is coming up. The uncertainty is a heavy burden for me, so I hope by next year I have either move back home and gotten a good job, or have successfully developed the project I am doing now.

I would like to feel more in control of my finances, this is very important to me as it will prevent a lot of stress and worrying, which in turn causes arguments and sleep issues - these can all be prevented with a bit of work.

To finish a book. The one for the Witch Scabblers. I was supposed to finish this last 2009. Well, I just did not have the idea that time. I hope this new idea will last.

I want to be in an excellent new job. Not one that is just better than the current one, but an excellent one that I really enjoy and derive pleasure from. This is so important to me, as I spend a third of my life there, and it's not enough just to rely on the other things in life to get you along. I also want to progress my career and move towards something that I'm passionate about - it's been too long here and I'm really going backwards. It's destroying my self-esteem and zest for life too. I MUST BE IN A NEW JOB!!!!

I want to have completed my preparation for my Masters degree. I want to have gone off for Masters in a school I choose (first choice is GA Tech) with funding. I know I was asked to describe ONE thing but I also want to achieve financial comfort, but not necessarily from my normal place of work - I want to have contributed greatly to a life-changing product (well on my way there).

I'd like to be in a really good job and be happy. I've always said that I want to be able to stop at any time and say truthfully that I am happy. Things have gone really well, but I've taken a bit of a detour which will hopefully come back around to where I really should be.

I want a well paying career that I am happy with. I have been too long in life without moving forward in great significance.

I hope to have started a family by this time next year. I'm actually pretty excited about it, for the first time in my life really. I'm looking forward to being a dad!

I'd like to dramatically reduce my debts. For starters that means I need to stop spending on my credit cards. It would mean we could really start saving for a house. I'd also like to take at least 6 of my law exams. That will mean I'm not so far behind and I can be almost fully qualified.

I want to fall in love, the right way, because I fell in love with the wrong guy before. I want to have moved out, because it's going to be totally new for me. I want to compete or get really awesome at swing dancing.

I want to finish college and get my Bachelor's degree in public health. I have always felt my education was the most important achievement I could have because it is the one thing no one can ever take from you. Knowledge is power.

I'd like to learn how to drive. It will help make me more "normal" and help my wife and make things easier for the family.

i will publish my book with balboa press! if hay house picks it up by next fall, so be it :)

Have identified the plan for the future with my current partner, home situation and family planning

I'd like to make a whole heap of friends doing engineering. Important because I'm having difficulty making friends with my fellow engineering students.

Have all my bills paid on time and one month ahead on mortgage with eight month savings. Walking at least one mile a day and weight and sugar under control.

I'd like to have regained my financial independence. I can't bear just getting by.

i would like to be comparatively at peace with my body. I think i am on the track (finally) to achieve that accord, and i have set my goals realistically far out so that it is definitely not a short-term, quick fix-y kind of thing. Having lost about 20 lbs right now, and absolutely enjoying the effects, and finally (i think) understanding my body chemistry and its idiosyncrasies, i think that this is it. what i'm doing is shifting my lifestyle- redefining the paradigm. and it must be something that i can live with for the rest of my life. so far so good....

I'd like to be (clinically) anxiety free - as in not meeting the diagnostic criteria anymore. It's important because it holds me back a lot, and I want to be able to live life to the max :)

I want to be happy, however that takes shape. I am happy now, with my life just as it is, and I would love for that to continue. I'd also like to have made real progress with my writing. And maybe learn a foreign language. But I'd settle for still being happy.

I want to get a First in my degree. I've worked so hard already, I have one more year, one more push, and I know I can still give so much more. If I can achieve this first, I'll know I really can do anything I set my mind to, and the future won't look so scary. I'll be so disappointed with a 2.1.

I see myself as living in the home of my dreams in a wonderful area by this time next year. This is important because the home of my dreams is spacious and makes me feel good to live in.

I would like my Life Coaching/Cancer Coaching with InsightCoaching.Us to be a full-time gig. I am clear being a Life Coach for cancer patients is my life's purpose. I want my life to be about making a profound difference in the lives of people.

I want to loose 35 pounds by next June. I'm going to France next year and I want to look my best. I may never go back.

I'd like to be a good mom and in the swing of things with the new baby. I hope that I won't have too much trouble adjusting to the new role though I'm certain it's going to be challenge. It's important to me because I believe that all jobs and responsibilities should be done right and to the best of my abilities.

I want to have found my zivug. I want to have proved myself to be capable of sustaining a proper relationship. If not neccesarily married by this time next year, I would like at least to be closer than I am today. If I read this next year and nothing has changed I know I will be very upset. However the problem is that I don't feel like this is in my control. Or not entirely at least. Perhaps it would be better to select an achievement I can be more responsible for. In which case I would liked to have crossed at least 3 more things off my life to-do list. Doesn't matter which ones, but I hope I have done some new things in 5771. Finally I want to have a plan in place for my future - specifically going to work abroad for a couple of years. I want to be closer to this goal.

International travel. I don't do it often enough. Life is short. And it makes my soul renewed.

Going to Haiti would be my biggest acomplishment within the next year. I've been feeling God's call to do mission work outside of my comfort zone. The only thing currently holding me back is my fear of foreign places, but hopefully within the next year I will face my fears and help the people of Haiti.

I would like to experience much, much MUCH less angry and much, much MUCH more playfulness and peaceful... the importance is obvious

I'd love to have done something relevant with the band, perhaps written a new album, toured, played the festivals. I'd also like to be doing something that's truly fulfilling, giving something back to the community (no matter how hackneyed and empty that sounds). Most of all, I'd like to be happy and successful and healthy, and see the same in my family and friends - because when it comes down to it - that's all that really matters.

Total life improvement. A sense of investment in life, a better relationship with my children, a more productive and satisfying professional life, better time and money management, a more coherent financial and estate plan. Hopefully I will complete the California application way before this time next year. A trip to Israel.

By this time next year, I want to be engaged and planning my wedding from my new house in Altrincham.

I would like not to think about M all the time. By this time next year, I would like to have someone special in my life. That may not seem to be an "achievement" to most, but to me it is. I would like to have someone at home that cares about me, and only me. And for whom I can love and care about in return. I would also like to have a new car, or at least get mine fixed so that I have air conditioning and heat, and not have to worry about the engine all the time. I would like to be financially stable. Done with bankrubtcy, and able to pay my bills every month without worrying how I'll feed the kids.

I would like to be a practicing successful yoga teacher. I would like to balance my massage practice with the yoga in an orderly fashion.

I'd like to have our home in Indiana sold so we can work on some financial peace! I have faith!

Doing a job I am crazy passionate about

I would like to move forward professionally, find a (new) job that I have passion for and the courage to work hard at it.

Throughout the next year I would like to maintain stability. In my home, my automobiles, my emotions. These are things that need constant attention and maintenance.

I would like to have got my company up and running. I believe that the idea my company is built on is the future of advertising and design.

I'd like to complete one painting. I really enjoy painting but I never seem to have enough time to do it. I think it's important to tap back into my creative spirit.

I want to launch my website by next year. I'd love to have my book published, but I'd rather wish for things I can control. And my happiness and destiny are up to me.

I'd like to have a plan for rebuilding my retirement savings that was given to him in the divorce, and I'd like to see my credit rating has recovered from the financial mess that he left me in.

This is my first year as an "empty nester." By next year, I hope that my husband and I will have expanded our horizons and found new ways to challenge ourselves. I have lots of projects that I want to work on, such as genealogical research on both of our families. But I would also like to develop interests and projects that the two of us can enjoy together in the coming years.

There is lots I want to achieve by this time next year, getting into the film industry, selling my novel, finishing my graphic novel, doing more studying.

I would like to be more healthy, that means running again, weight loss, mentally and spiritually. Recently I have been going through a spiritual crisis so to speak. I have been caught between my orthodox past of seven years and my lack of faith brought on by my relapse in the early Spring of 2009. I find myself dating a Catholic and am not sure where it has the possibility of going. I'd like to really discover who I am again and where I am going. What is my purpose in life? I am feeling rather lost.

I would love to be more physically fit. I want to teach my kids healthy eating and exercise habits. I want to be around to watch them grow up and have children of their own.

I would like to get my weight under control. It is so hard to stay in shape because of my sedentary office job - but I can't use that as an excuse any more. Every year I wait is a year it will get harder to do. I also have been thinking a lot about having children and I want to set a good example for them.

I want to be able to swim the water leg of a sprint triathlon so that my friends and I can race as a team. The swim part is what I need to work on the most. Biking was always easy, running has gotten easier, so that leaves swimming. And it's hard to make time to train on all 3 events, so if I focus on just this one, I know I can do well, and have more fun by having friends join with me at events.

More than anything else, I want to visit Israel by this time next year. More than any other place (besides the Four Corners region) I have been drawn to this place. It is time to venture out. Next year in Jerusalem! (ok cheesy I know) I also want to improve my language skills.

I would like to have my 1,3, and 5 yr plan in place. I know my 1,3 & 5yr goals but don't have the plan in place to get there.

I'd like to lose weight, but I say that every year - for the fact that as I age, I know it's better for my physical health. I would like to learn to write reports in SQL so that I can advance my career into the Reporting area at work. This is something I've always wanted to do and am close to achieving it, provided I take time to get the right educational opportunities. I'd also like to be closer to living within our means and not so check-to-check.

I'd like to get a blow job from my wife. This is important to me because it's been years since she's given me one.

To love what I do on a daily basis.

A better job with higher pay. i want to be a home owner, but will never allow myself to get in over my head.

Have a job that i have created, am in charge of, that brings in more money than the last and that my partner can adjust to.

I would like to figure out what I want to do in life. I still have no clue what I want to do, and it's so hard. I would also like to have my own apartment, because while I love my parents, I'll be almost 21 by this time next year, and I want to get out and explore the world.

I want to have gotten into Drama School. Or at least to have passed my A Levels, preferrably with an A in Drama!

Established myself as a healer/counsellor. Acknowledging hidden talents & aspects of myself. Run workshops along these lines. Teach massage for special needs kids. Write a poetry book. Acknowledging me more - instead of being a wife and mother....

losing weight. i need to do it for my health, my fitness, my type 1 diabetes and to generally feel good about myself again - something i havent felt in a long long time.

I want to continue to lose weight in a healthy way - 56 lbs. so far and a lot more to go, but it's working by changing lifestyle, eating mindfully and tracking progress.

I NEED to get my research program up and running. This is personally and professionally important to me. I need to take a deep breath, face my fears, and JUST JUMP!!!

To be content and not wanting to run off all the time, as it will help my head out

I'd love to have finished the first draft of my novel. Only really started to write in my 62nd year and it would feel like a real achievement!

I want to graduate from University with my Bachelors in English. It is important so I can move on to my masters program.

I'd like to get all of my finances in order. It's important to me for piece of mind and security.

I'd like to be searching for a house with harry, and be debt free except for my student loans. I'm on track so far! I also will have $10,000 saved for a down payment.

I'd like to be in a stable relationship. I want someone who wont get bored of me after two months!

I'd like to figure out what I'm doing after college. And then be starting it.

I really want to learn to either play the guitar and/or to speak spanish. It is important to me because I think it will open new parts of my brain and will give me new ways to express myself. I am always impressed with those skills so I want to learn them myself!

I would like to feel better, look better, lose weight and have more energy. I know that exercise is important, but I know that I will feel better about myself and thats the most important thing.

I want to come out to my friends and family. I want my significant other to feel comfortable enough to hold my hand and call me "babe" in public. And I want to stop lying to my family, it tears me up.

By this time next year I hope to be a full-time professional photographer. I'd love the opportunity to work for myself and pursue my passion without worrying about maintaining an 8-5 job.

I'd like to lose 10 pounds. I know that seems like an unimportant, unoriginal thing, but it really affects me. I'm uncomfortable in my clothes, in my skin. I have 10 extra pounds on me from having a baby. Its been almost a year now and its still here. In another year I should be done breastfeeding or mostly done. In the coming year, I should be able to diet and exercise without worrying about my milk supply. I want to lose the 10 pounds before I find myself pregnant again, I hear it just gets harder and harder to get the extra weight off and that it builds up with each child. Its not just a number...its health, confidence, motivation, a way of life, self-improvement, sexiness, comfort and example setting for my daughter.

I would like to have found my basherte. I know I am living a meaningful and rich life surrounded by great family, a job I enjoy, and yoga, and so much beauty. But I would like to find my basherte and enter into that fabulous and meaningful connection/partnership with a special man.

I pray that I will be a mother by this time next year. While I have many other things I would like to achieve, both professionally and personally, this goal is both emotional and visceral. We're ready to build our family.

I'd like to be halfway to completing my Master of Science in Information Systems degree.

I would like to have our finances in order, have a budget, and have savings. I'm put in the position of being the responsible one in my marriage, which I'm not used to, and it's definitely time to step up.

I'd like to have my health back and be able to dance, jump, run and be happy again. It'll be bring life back to me.

I want to make plans for my bike trip across the country for the summer of 2012, the year I turn 40. It's important to me because I feel the need to de-compress and reconnect to the quiet in my life after so much accomplishing accomplishing accomplishing pressure of the last 25 years. And I don't want to miss out on life

I want to be underway on a feature film. I want to have a clear sense of where our lives are heading.

I would like to be living in Maui for six months out of the year on a permanent basis. It is a place that has inexplicably called to me since I visited there ten years ago and brings about feelings within me that I can only describe as "home."

The major achievement I'm hoping to reach is smicha -- rabbinic ordination. This will be the culmination of several years of study, and of many many years of longing. For a long time I didn't think I was going to be able to do this; for emotional reasons of my own, I was afraid that I wouldn't be accepted into the program or that I would be told I wasn't "good enough" to serve my God and my community. I've only recently been able to let go of those fears once and for all. And now I'm only a few months away from smicha. I know the work won't be completed when I'm ordained -- the journey of learning Torah is lifelong -- but it's amazing to consider that I might actually make it there after all these years! It's also amazing to think that my infant son will never remember a time when he wasn't a rabbi's kid. I wonder what that will be like for him. I hope I can convey to him some of the things I love and cherish about my tradition without making him feel oppressed by its weight.

I want to have a car. Ideally, I'd like to have a car from the year of my birth, but with this economy I'll take what I can get.

By this time next year I hope to be back in university, and pregnant. Two things that will mark the start of our fmaily's new chapter. Studying with a small baby will be tough but I have the most fantastic man who will by then be my husband. I know we'll be able to make it work.

I would like my business to be self sufficent and sustaining.

i would like to be living in Costa Rica. It would mean that another phase of our life has arrived and we are moving onto our dreams for the end of our lives... living in Costa Rica, new friends, new experiences. We would like to be able to travel whenever and wherever the opportunity arises. It would be like taking a deep breath after holding our breath for the past few years. The waiting would be over. Peace arrives. I wonder what it will be like being together 24/7?

I would like to have sold my house and moved back into town. I want my new house to be central in town so that I can ride my bike or walk to work, walk to the establishments that my husband and I enjoy going to, and have a yard for my two dogs to have freedom to run and play.

I would like to get my groove back. My artistic senses have fallen to the way side, and i try hard to get them into a place that i like but then after i do great work the next couple of pieces are just crap and don't come to fruition like i would like it too. I don't know what it is. I use to be the talk of the town, now i'm a no body to myself or the people who use to admire me. I was happy at the start of these questions, now im not. Come back Abilities... COMEBACK!!

By this time next I year I wish to have completed my Masters. It's important to me, because it's one of those things ... things I have to finish off, so I can go on with my life comfortably and well. I will, therefore I must.

I would like to be on my path to actively exploring my passion. To really understanding what brings me that joy and integrating it into my life on a daily basis. It could be through my job now. It could be through a career change or something new. It could be opening a performance space or producing or directing theater. I think I understand the roots. Looking to bring joy to people. But if that's really it then I want to embrace it, and move towards bringing that regularly into my life.

I desire a healthy relationship with a man who supports me in every way and makes me feel special and I him. My finances are in order so I live my simple life peacefully and I am on my way to financial freedom. I am able to help out Gabriela and able to visit and watch her flourish in school. I am able tot treat myself occasionally but it is not the all and the end all. The kitties are happy even when we land in Michigan. I am building the empire of happiness and peace and contenement and I bring that to people in my life.

I want to own a small house and live alone. I daughter and 3 children moved in with me 7 months ago "for a couple of months, until I get back on my feet." It's not working - I've lived alone too long to be 24/7 with 3 kids under 10. I long for peace and quiet to restore my sanity.

I'd like to have my own place and for life to have settled down after this year's massive upheaval. Somewhere I can take my kids, so they don't feel about me the way I feel about my father. I couldn't stand for them to not care.

I would like to "refresh" my skills by taking one or more workshops in jewelry fabrication techniques. I haven't done this in so long that I tend to create with the same set of eyes. Its possible to become stale even when your pieces are well-received, so its important to move in new directions even if I don't incorporate the technique.

By this time next year I would like to have been able to have traveled alone, bought a SUV and experienced peace in my marriage and life.

A new job or succes making my own business. This is important to me to give me self esteem and an income, but especially the esteem part.

This time next year I would like to feel that my career is making progress. The past year has been very difficult. I have been feeling like a failure and that my life is out of my control. I need to wrest control back to myself

I would like to achieve total and complete post-deployment recovery with Carl. A complete emotional, sexual, physical, and spiritual renaissance which will keep us strong through the next one. I'm thankful that we've made as much headway as we have in the two short months he's been home, and I'm looking forward to having complete trust and faith in our partnership again.

I would like to either have the farm gone and a less hassle, less work place to live, or have someone take the responsibility for it off of our shoulders.

I want to meet my life partner. I want to be on the road to marriage. I want that love, happiness, comfort, passion and peace of mind. I am so tired of heartbreak, uncertainty and disappointment.

To have the credit card paid and back taxes paid. The financial freedom from these debts.

I want to be in shape, living intentionally, and in a new city pursuing a new job.

Have our mortgage paid off; our credit card balance essentially at zero; and our home equity balance reduced signicantly. We have been working to pay off our major debts in earnest for the last three years or so. We need to keep working to get these weights off our shoulders. I want to feel comfortable where we are. I want to be able to take a family vacation again. We are getting very close in paying things off and cannot give up now!

Be well. No recurrence of breast cancer. And be feeling better than I do now - which is actually not that bad. And have a good haircut!

Financial security and abudance. I will enjoy my life and my children because the resources will be present to do so. I will participate with others fully in life as time will be available to enjoy life and each moment in every way as I create resources to do so.

Producing a production of our new play about our Bingo ladies, Sis and Babe. I have set a personal goal of having a manuscript of some kind by February 2011 and hope that by September 2011 we could have some kind of little production somewhere. This could lead to that play being published and then our first play could follow suit. It would be so wonderful to increase our body of work (Jeanne M. and mine) so that we will have a little more to look forward to in the mailbox as far as checks as we grow older. Fingers crossed.

I would like to double my income to pay down my bills significantly. I feel very trapped and bound by debt which snuck up on me. And I would like to increase that income by proving that my value is worth a higher price point.

I'd like to still love my job, maybe to have a raise, maybe to have something published in the Believer or Harper's or another publication I really love. I'd like to be a better cook, or at least a less lazy one. I'd like to be doing more community service (or any really).

I would like to be on the way to having my novel published and to be in a more comfortable financial situation.

I want to be in school and have a steady job and car. I want to make people proud of me, but mostly myself. This is important because very recently I was told I have no ambition which is true.

By this time next year, I would like to have more direction in my life, maybe not knowing exactly what I want to do in the future, but have better direction than I do now. I would also like to have gotten a full time job, and paid off my loans, because that would help me be less stressed!

Have Brice with me in New Orleans Have a job that more suits my values and goals Be more involved in community activities New friends, reconnecting with old friends New friends and activities for Brice This is "one thing" because they are interconnected

I don't have any specific goals. I would like to look back on the year and see that I made good use of my time. I think in a year I will be in at the same job in the same city which is fine. I don't foresee any huge changes, so I am going to focus on using all 24 hours in my day.

I need to have completed my Masters project by this time next year. I have had to put it off for various life reasons and this year is my absolute last chance to finish it. Besides the financial waste, I will be very disappointed in myself if I don't find a way to do it.

I want to be in a faculty position. I have spent the past 6 years working on my PhD and now a postdoc, and I feel that I am ready for the responsibility and work of a faculty position.

I hope to find a new job. My work is the only source of negative energy in my life and it is causing more stress-emotional and physical-than is necessary/appropriate. I just returned from a week away with a knot in my stomach like a kid on the first day of school, and I am too old to feel that way.

By this time next year, I would like to be in a steady relationship. It has been over a year since my last, and it gets lonely sometimes. I want someone who I can completely be myself around and to share everything with. I want to be happy and loved and to be able to love in return again.

I'd like to have some breating room in our personal finances -- so there's no danger any more of us bouncing checks.

I would love to have an acting agent and to start amassing a portfolio of work. It is important to me as it was my dream and the one thing which I am good at and I have forgotten it and let it go.

I wanna be a senior? Lola, no I wanna be in a serious relationship, idk, I feel I won't be totally mature until I am in one. :S

I have to finish the fundraising I started and have one more person on board to dot he outreach work our community needs. It can't wait any longer. and the longer it lingers , the less likely it will happen. If not now, when? If not now, I'll need a new profession I think.

Have my new business working, and producing revenue for all, social and economical.

I need to get a new job. My current job is just awful. My boss is mean and micromanaging and manipulative, and I am not paid enough to compensate for the stress I have to deal with every day.

by next year, I hope to have achieved being accepted into the WCC Nursing program, and if I have not achieved that goal, I hope to have figured out another suitable nursing program and been accepted to that one. So, by this time next year, I hope to have just begun in a nursing degree program.

Moving into our new condo home.

I would like to be supporting my family soley with my income so that i can provide anything that is needed, and then some. Along with this, want to be earning 100K so that we can take a really nice family vacation next year since we weren't able to take a family vacation this year. It's important for me to be able to relax and spend fun time with my family.

I would like to be proud of my portfolio and artistic skill set. Also, I'd like to be making money adding to both portfolio and skill set.

I want to be taken more seriously at work. I want clients and people I work with to understand my level of expertise and professionalism. I'd also like to be more financially secure, with money saved for retirement and not all going towards the mortgage.

I would like to improve my body health and physical strength. I recently had foot surgery. Doing that time of crutches, walkers, etc. I came to realize just how bad of shape I was in. Not just being overweight, but upper body strength, flexibility, etc. I am almost 64, and I have t do this now.

I'd like to have a clear vision of where I want to be 5, 10, 15, 20 years from now. Perhaps another way of looking at it is that I'd like to have a plan to be happy. I'm plodding along, not unhappy but not happy. I know that I can't be happy 100% of the time but if this is as good as my life is going to be then I might as well give up now. The first time I need to do is to find out what it is that I enjoy and then move on from there.

Lost more weight or get the weight I have now in better shape. Have lost some pounds since Jan. 1st, but not as much as I wish I had. Want to look and feel healthier, try to be somewhat more active.

The most obvious answer to me would be to be nearing the end of the first year of Dentistry. I hope that whether I get into Sydney Uni, or Melbourne Uni I'm happy with where I am. I really would like to be enjoying the course and not regretting anything. I'm either going to be accepted into one or both or neither, and whatever happens I hope happens for a reason. There are a few minor details which are swaying any decision that I may need to make, but mainly, getting into Dentistry at either uni is my first priority, anything that happens after that will just be something I need to deal with when it arrives.

I would like to be in a committed relationship by this time next year, with a strong vision for a future together. This is important to me, because I would like to have a family of some sort and this first step seems to be where I get stuck on moving towards this goal.

Here are my 2: maintain a healthy weight, and be in a relationship. The first one takes priority, though, because a relationship would be nice, but I'm really ok with being single.

Become fluent in Spanish. I've been working on it for so long, and this coming Spring in Cuba will be my time to make it happen.

I want my external life (work, etc) to be driven by my internal life. It is important to me that I am doing what I want to be doing and not what is expected of me or what I think I should be doing. I hope there will be more joy in my doing if this is the case.

job-- the I am well suited to and have fun doing

Get law school off to a good start: exercise regularly (be able to run 3 miles nonstop!), do all my reading, participate in class, eat healthy, etc.

I'd love be working for myself...FINALLY!!! Ideally it'll be a combination of me building websites full time and managing my t-shirt business. I have other ideas also, but those are secondary and if I can sell them for good $$ I will. The aforementioned above are 2 things I'd love to do till I die.

I'd like to be in a new, bigger apartment. Barring that happening, I'd like to make my present one more comfortable and nicer. It's important to me to be able to have a place that's comfortable for me and that I'm not ashamed to have people over.

I would like to have earned my first paycheck and bought something for my mother. I'm 18. It's time to grow up, face the world, get out there and kickass.

I would like to achieve financial independence & to be fully self-sufficient. I have been struggling to survive since my divorce, and if I don't get on my feet financially, I'm on the streets.

I'd like to be able to run a 5K with my sisters, which means I'll be in good physical shape. I also want to be accepted to nursing school, so I can finish be closer to my career goals.

I would like to have transfered to a college and have moved out of my parents house by this time next year.

I want to have graduated from University and moved out of my family home. I want to have made the three years count, and also become independant.

I would like to lose 20 pounds. I know everyone always says that, but I've gained a full 10 in the past year and about 25-30 since I graduated college 6 years ago. My husband loves me the way I am, but I want to look nice for him. More importantly, cancer is very present in my family and I want to be as healthy as possible to lower my risk.

By September 2011 I'd like to be settled into my new home, have a lovely garden on the roof (with veggies!), have a solid job lined up for next year, have my EPPP license, be applying for the NIH-LRP, and be engaged and planning a wedding.

I would like to have completely fixed my marriage and have a new job by this time next year. I want to achieve stability in my life based on a solid foundation of relationships, followed closely by having a career that provides a satisfying work-life. This is important to me because I realize that I need to have a greater life balance, and more meaningful relationships around me to sustain me. People first, starting with my life partner.

I would like to have a job/career that is healthy, fulfilling, challenging, makes me happy, gives me a paycheck and health insurance, has interactions with people all over the world. I would like to travel to Haiti to help, I would like to travel to parts of Africa to help, I would like to do a lot of travel to help. One of my goals is to help reduce violence against women world wide, so I would like to devote effective energy to this, including political lobbying.

To have our own home in the Rockies. Haven't been back there since 1989. Really miss the mountains.

I would like to be a fully self employed photographer.

I want to have my general and subject GREs taken with high scores and my overall application packet complete before submitting to graduate school by this time next year. I've been saying this every year since I graduated, but I'm finally FEELING the need to get on the ball with this.

By this time next year I hope to be finishing up my dissertation and finding my career muse. I would also like to have a solid group of friends that I've been missing since I started grad school 5 years ago. I would also like to have beaten my addiction by this time next year... which is perhaps the most important of the three.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a practice- somewhere people could go to get alternative health advice. It's important to me because I have all this knowledge and understanding and know I can make a real difference to some people, but am too shy and reticent to put my self forward. I feel I've completely missed out on the practical side of life- I've no planets in any of the career houses but still would like to be there for people who could benefit from the things I can offer.

I want to be working for myself full time as a technology consultant to small and medium size businesses helping them to leverage technology to help their business grow.

I would like to have completely changed my health. I hope to be able to run/walk a 5K in 35 minutes. I also hope to have changed a lot about some critical health numbers that are important to me. My health is number one to me and I want to set a positive example for my family and children.

This is a great question, primarily because it made me realize I have no goals. If you had asked me at this time last year what my goals were I'd say, learn Spanish, take the sw licensing exam, get a clinical social work job. I've accomplished those two goals and I haven't set any new ones. It's no wonder I'm feeling lost. I suppose I would like to see myself take another major trip abroad but this time with friends.

Be in better financial shape and pay off more debt. Exercise more and lose weight.

I'm at a lost for what to do on a professional level. The personal side? I've figured that out just fine in the past year, and definitely won't have a problem with that going forward. But, the professional side? That's another story altogether. It's time to find something that I'm passionate about -- money should be less of a concern... heart should be more of a concern. As Seth Godin would say, it's time to start shipping!

By this time next year, I would like to be more sexually adventerous with my boyfriend. I'm sure that will require more confidence on both our parts, but I think it will make us both much more satisfied with our relationship.

By this time next year, I would like to have $6000 in my Savings Account. This will be the beginning of a down payment for a new house for me and my husband, which we will begin searching for once we pay off our current house.

I'd like to have more regular sex

I would like to finish writing the book proposal I started years ago. It's been my dream to write a book but work on it stalled after a rocky move to the US and scrambling for a source of income in this economy. For me, it's the final maturing process as a working writer, to create something utterly original in my own voice rather than something that's been made fit-to-order. It would also help me process some ideas and experiences I've had in my global travels and cross cultural pollination. It's important because only when I get these thoughts and stories out on paper will I find peace. I barely write for money. I don't write to feel good. I write for me, because when I don't, I feel bad. It's like trying to remember the lyrics of a beloved childhood song.

This is very sad, but I'd like to have a different spouse or partner. :( My husband is a wonderful person, but I don't feel in love anymore. I just feel depressed and lonely.

To have completed the first year of university without complications.

I don't want one thing, I want everything. All the parts of life I've been missing while I waste my time. I want to be kissed, I want a boyfriend, I want friends, I want to be done with school, I want a job I don't hate... I want a real life instead of this monotonous death march I've been on for the past 23 years.

2 things that are interrelated- I must double my annual income as well as manage my finances in a constructive and mature manner. Being 27 and not having the savings, plans or lifestyle I want is unacceptable. I've given myself excuses in the past and allowed distraction to slow cook my comfort zone of meagerness and reactionary living. No more. I must do this by investing more time and effort in the ideas I've had about using my resources wisely. I can implement my alternative approach to fitness training for private sessions, I can streamline my current schedule at the gym and gain more steady clients as well as own my persona as a payed fine artist. Basically if I marketed myself correctly and finished each project as planned I'll be able to increase my income fairly quickly.

By this time next year, I want to have gotten over my inertia about writing my book ... and have it at a publishers!! Why is this important? Because I AM a writer - and I've got to be published.

I am about to enter into a real estate venture with some partners. This is a significant and scary step for me. I hope that by this time next year I am comfortable with the decision and the partnership. I would also like to be able to say that my family and I have buckled down and worked to maintain a responsible budget. Every month our credit card bills wipe out any savings we managed to set aside.

I'd like to be retired and living in our cottage which we will have renovated to make it comfotalbe for year round use. The stress of life in the big city and my proximity to my large and difficult family of origin have taken their toll on my health and and my partner's health. I want a more simple, less stressful and less expensive life.

I would like my business to turn a profit and make enough money to pay my bills.

Pay off my credit card and have most of the furniture in our house purchased including: Couch, dining room table and buffet, and full sized bed. Also have made significant progress on the yard including: fence the rest of the yard, landscape the front yard and bulevard, plant some trees, create raised bed gardens and create a patio space. Additionally build a compost area and begin composting and fence in the dog area and get a puppy.

By this time next year I would like to be enrolled in art school. This is important to me, because I believe that being an artist is part of my essence. I was born to create things. I was born with a talent to visually communicate. I am an artist. And it's only fair that I nurture and educate that side of myself so that I may wake up every day feeling like the best version of myself that I can be.

I just want to have not lost any more friends than I already have done.

I would like to be in a PhD program somewhere in the north, preferably New York, maybe in a small college town somewhere in the mountains. I think I would have more career opportunities with this degree, I would have a solid reason/motivation to move out of the south. I think I have a better chance of getting to NYC with a PhD. I want a new experience, I want to find someone I can be with for a long long time, maybe start a family with. I'm not thinking that a PhD will get me this last part but for some reason these things are attached to it.

I'd like my apartment to be easy to walk through. I'm a mess. I have no semblance of cleanliness or organization, and I would really like by this time next year to be able to easily walk through my apartment without feeling frustrated.

I would like to be in a deeply committed relationship with a man who shares my values, integrity, drive and optimism. Why is this important? Because even though life is fulfilling whether I'm in a relationship or not, there's nothing like making the world spin together.

I'd like to achieve economic and emotional stability. Right now my priority is investing time and energy into getting our little family ready to welcome a new life. Both of us can't wait to have a child, but we both know that we aren't ready -- financially, as a couple, as individuals. Lots of hard work to be done!

I need to have gone on a proper vacation by this time next year. I am nearly 36 years old and, throughout my entire life, I have never taken a true vacation just for myself. It is much needed and far overdue.

By this time next year, I want to have achieved a consistent side source of income that requires very little of my time.

Same goal as last year - I'd like to have lost 75 pounds. I feel closer to my goal than last year - at least now I'm exercising more regularly and working on my diet/nutrition. Would also like to be on the DDC.

Have my PhD. Really. It should occur in the next month or two. Also I hope to be pursuing a grant for my own research.

I'd like to be settled again. I don't care if I'm in this house or not but I want so desperately to share my life with him. Today is a bad day to ask me this as I'm writing 'radio silence' in another window. He makes my heart sing, my body shake, is the love of my life... I hope when I read this back, all is well.

By this time next year, I'd like to be proud of my newly thin and strong body. My weight and my arthritic knees and hips are the only negative in my life, and they're within my power to change and improve. I'm so much happier and more energetic when my weight is where it should be - and that's currently 60 pounds away from where I am. I have beautiful clothes in smaller sizes already waiting in my closets.

I would like to have my own apartment with my girlfriend and have a puppy and/or kitten. This is important because it's the next big step that I want to take with her and it would be great for us to finally be on our own. Plus I love animals.

I would like to make at least 3 new friends on Maui, which will soon be my new home. I know it's essential to my wellbeing. They should be people who I truly enjoy spending time with, and who bring out the best in my character. And we should laugh and have fun together!

Things are so dire financially right now that my hope is to get out of debt. That's a pretty sad aspiration, but a necessary one. The tenuous nature of the field I've chosen either needs to improve or I need to change that field.

I would like to have regular exercise an integral part of my life and to lose at least 20 pounds. It is an important componant of my loving myself enough to take good care of myself.

Why settle for only one thing! 1. Have several stories published books or magazines 2. Learn french and visit France 3. Have my house finished. Why are these important? They represent freedom and the attainment of life long dreams.

I would like to have a full time job by this time next year, or at least the money and benefits of a full time job. I doesn't matter how many jobs I need to work.

I would like to complete a short story. Or a collection of essays. 50 pages of something publishable. It's important to me because I've always wanted to write, but I can't ever seem to find the time or energy. It's intense, and it scares me.

I would love to graduate with my AA on a 4.0 GPA. I also would like to have no more credit card debt.

I would like to enlarge my circle of friends. I have no family, due to death and estrangements, and my friends have become my "adopted family." My current group of friends are incredibly special and supportive, but I could always use more.

I'd like to have figured out what I really want to do with my life, and be doing it. Considering that I'm studying to be a social worker, dreaming of becoming an actress and longing for crazy travels all around the world, deciding and actually doing something seems like a far, lost reality right now. But by this time next year I'll be 20, so it's time to make up my mind. After all, it's so much easier to fight for your dreams and to achieve your goals if you actually know what they are.

I want very much to finish one of my "in progress" novels. This is what I want to do with my life and I need to start submitting manuscripts sooner rather than later. I also need the support of a completed work for my applications to grad school and creative writing programs. Hopefully by this time next year, I'll be IN one of those creative writing programs. Or a publishing/editing one. This is my life and it's time I took the reigns.

I would love to have a little baby of my very own. I know that I'm getting very broody with all my friends having babies at the moment, but money is tight and I'd really rather be married first before having children, but at 27 I'm not getting any younger. I know I'm with the man who makes me happy and I believe I will be with him for the rest of my days. He would like to have children by the time he's 30 but I can only give him one WHILE he is 30 now! Ideally we would also like to move house, but money is a little tight right now so if we get to do all three of the above it would be a small miracle!

Create a dialog between science & spirituality . This is important because unifying principles could bring the world together. Our religions are outdated and causing a lot of problems. Neither religion nor science are going away, so let's bring them together

Peace of mind and heart. So tired of thinking and worring about money and bills roof over my head. Also can not stand it.

I need to be able to speak Spanish more efficiently - I have been working for three years now at quite an intense level and should be better.

I want greater fulfillment with my work. Whatever work it may be, I need to not go home at the end of the day ranting about major & minor frustrations. I want to be moved into an apartment with my girl, and I want to make it a real home that the two of us grow into and love every minute of the day.

I would like to quit smoking. Great health benefit I could do for myself. It will be tough but I can do it, if my man can do it too. I would like to be married to my man. I would like greater financial stability. I would like to lose 20-30 pounds. All of these things are achievable and actually are all linked together (Less money spent on cigarettes and food means great financial stability, right?). Maybe even be pregnant or look at adoption- thats a long shot.

Have a really well paid job and be happy in it

I think I want to be a better person. Less selfish, more devoted to my faith, more patient, and more focused on my goals. I'm working hard for it, but I want to work harder.

A contract for my Listening To Raven~Drawings, Myths and Realities book. The stories of delight and loss that people are bringing me in response to my intricate drawings and enthusiasm about the iconic Trickster and Bringer of Magic show me that while most art is created in solitude, we are all connected. By all, I mean every living being.

i want to be comfortable running. i want to finish a 5K without stopping and feel good doing it. i want to fall in love with running, to like exercising, even if it is only to make sure i am healthy to always be there for my children.

I want to be in love. It's everything to me.

Funny thing is, I really want to have a relationship by this time next year. I'm 19 now and never had one before... and I really have much love to give when the time comes!

i want to live a normal life again, its that simple, i just want to be able to not worry about wether someone is going to live or die because of lack of money

I'd like to somehow merit my very much blessed life through providing significant humanitarian action for those who haven't been so fortunate. It's important because that's what "it" is all about, I think.

I want to have made several more of the quilts I've started in my particular venture. I'm finishing my first one now, and have several (at least 10) more planned. This is important to me since I've been stewing on this idea for over 10 years...now that I have a lot of time on my hand, it's time to put it into tangible form.

Finish my album and have done at least one live show. It is just time. That's it. Time for it to happen.

I want to be working part time, so that I can more easily require my sons and husband to take responsibility for daily chores. If my schedule is too flexible, they rely on me to do things that they should be doing for themselves.

I would love to be selected to be a Peer Minister at my church for next year. It is very important to me because I love to serve God and the church and I would love to be given such amazing means to do so.

This winter I am going to Nepal. I would like to be in good enough physical shape that I can trek to Tangboche and be able to enjoy, rather than just endure it.

Just once, I'd like to get a break of some kind, work, family, whichever. I'm tired of being the responsible one, the one with all the answers. Someone else can take over for a while.

I want to have settled things in my relationship. It has consumed my life for this past year (case in point: the answer to this question). I want to be able to put all the hubbub to bed so the answer to this question next year is related to my career, and not my love life.

By this time next year I want to have completely cleaned and organized my house. I haven't cleaned my house since I started grad school, and I'm just not happy with the clutter. I'm not a terribly clean person, but I want to clean everything top to bottom so that I can have a little less chaos in my life.

I would really like to have a date. I haven't had a real date in over 3 years. I just keep getting hit on by married men. I'm not the least bit interested in that.

I definitely need a new job by this time next year. This is important for me as a professional, as a rabbi, as a spouse and as a father.

This time next year I want to have just started the final year of my drama training, which means pushing myself to succeed this year and passing next year's audition.

I would like my husband to retire and join me on a trip to Italy. It would be wonderful to spend a month there, together. I have been wanting this trip for a long time, and feel in the best shape of my life to HIKE, roam, and eat.

I want to be in a loving relationship with a man who loves and cares for me. Who shares my vision which is someone who is happy has money flowing in a positive way. Who is independant while happy to be in a relationship. Who is happy in his own joy while making other people happy. Who has enough time for a sucessful career while having enough time for our sucessful relationship.

I'd like to get back to how it was, and how it should be, with my wife - only better. I'd like to be in a place where I contribute, get respect, and feel worthy of it. I'd like to make up for a life lived in the shadows, full of regret for opportunities squandered.

I want to be all nice and thin coz that helps me feel great about my self :) I want to be in residency and done with all my exams with flying colors coz it has been going on for a long long long time and I want to be in a loving healthy relationship that ends up in marriage coz I feel lonely and I'm ready for it now

By this time next year I would like to have a solid foundation with Strictly Pop. I want us to be making money and earning followers, and I want to have a name in the world of entertainment journalism. I'm good at what I do, and I want to be known for it.

To be graduated, to have taken the GMAT and knowing where I'm going to get my masters. Oh and having a real job would be nice too.

Definitely have my photography business up and running and have left my current day job. It's going to be a long, hard road and I'll make sure I'm completely financially ready before I leave the reliability of a guaranteed paycheck and health insurance, but it has to happen. I can't continue at this desk forever. I need to feel more fulfilled and love what I do. I watched my father work his whole life at jobs he took just because they paid well enough to take care of my family, and I'm not going to do that to myself.

I want to be in a job I'm passionate about. Making more money would be nice too.

I'd like to have a full-time job, and one during the day. This will make me feel like a "real grown-up" rather than a temp doing stopgap work. Also, frankly, it will validate my decision to move to (and stay in) a different country for myself, not just for love of my boyfriend.

I would like to have kept up the running. I've gone from can't run, to having run a 5km length easily yesterday. I plan to run in the Manchester 10km if I can get a place and if I can't then I want to be able to easily run 10km. This is important to me because of health reasons but also because I didn't think I could do it and I can and it's made me stupidly proud of myself. I want to have a nice savings pot, I want to have been on holiday with my other half having saved up for it and not stressing that I can't afford it. I want to also have a good secret saving pot. It's important to me to show that I have changed with regards to money and I can plan and save sensibly. I'd love to be engaged or pregnant but I don't think that's realistic. It's important to me because I'm scared I'm getting too old and I'll look ugly and old in a wedding dress or that I'll be too tired to be a good mum.

I would like to feel happy more often, enjoy life little's pleasures more and don't let setbacks ruin my mood

I would like to achieve a level of wealth that would allow me to separate from my husband over this next year and begin divorce proceedings. The only thing worse than the thought of leaving, is the thought of staying. I am not happy, I need to live my own life. I would like this to happen under the best circumstances possible and be mutually beneficial.

Inner peace - I stress out a little too easily, still.

I want to have some writing published. I used to publish all the time ,but I fell on hard times. I'm disabled now, and I'd love to supplement my income by becoming a freelance writer again.

I hope to have my Propedeuse by then. This is mportant to me so i can show everybody that i am smart enough for the study i am following right now. And i'll be more confident when i've got that piece of paper! And i wanna show off to my ex boyfriend, he is 23 and hasn't got a single diploma, or anything like it. So that why I want to achieve my P before i turn 22.

I would like to be financially more secure, both in terms of earnings and in terms of savings. Living hand to mouth has been my number one source of anxiety for the last 30 years of my life, and I'm 48!

I would like to be cancer-free . I have been there 6 times already but want this time to stick.

By this time next year I would like to have decided how my motherhood will be guided, either by being pregnant, or by adopting, or even by having decided not to pursuit any more this destiny, if this seems not to be the case.... This is important for me to be sure what path of life I would like to follow and decide on my next steps only career, so deciding next country to move to with my family....

I hope to have figured out how to be fully self-employed by September 2011. Our time in New Orleans helped bring clarity about my relationship to work and career, and I hope that our time in La Jolla will give me the space -- physical, mental, financial, emotional -- to experiment until I find the perfect balance... making the money I need doing things I love while having enough time to pursue non-work things, too.

By this time next year, I hope to have settled into my new life as a mother. I'd like to be more comfortable financially, and hope that Jeffrey's income is good and steady. I'd like to be in a calm, peaceful and positive place.

I want to reach the summit of Everest Base Camp by this time next year. I am looking forward to attempt this for last few years but without much success on the preparation.

I'd like have more patience. It's important to me because I lack it...I need to be more patient with my kids, with the person ahead of me in line, while driving in my car. Impatience causes frustration and anger and life's too short.

Writing a novel--ok at least 3/4 of one. No need for explanation. Don't waste time. Do it. Maintaining my writing website regularly and successfully. Yes, that's two. Goals need outlines and plans and rewards.

I want to be 15 lbs. lighter, able to run a mile without stopping, and be able to easily walk 5 miles per hour. This is important because I want to be able to keep up with my grown children on travels, and be around to take care of and play with my (future) grandchildren.

I don't know how realistic it is, but by this time next year, I'd really like to have no debt but our mortgage. It's hard to say no to really good activities for the kids, and I haven't gotten new clothes in years (and I just lost 20 pounds, so I could use some). Still, we need to do something.

To get better relationship with my fellow mates, my students and my family.

By this time next year I will hope to have found a way to take my two daughters Ari and Noa to visit some of the special parts of Alaska where I spent time growing up, so that they can get a better sense of how their world in NYC is so different yet also so the same to the world in which I was raised.

I would like to have my non-profit org started as a 501(c)3 organizationand servicing the community and helping youth nationwide!

I need a tropical vacation

To be in a loving, giving commited relationship with a wonderful, compassionate, fun loving, open, active woman who shares my spititual beliefs. It is important to me because I wish to share this journey with someon special!

Honestly, no matter how cliché, I'd like to find romantic love. I feel so much as a person and believe I could contribute to a good, loving relationship. However, I still feel like other things need to take place. Like getting in shape and other appearance-related things, in order for me to be able to fully participate in such love. I also believe that with such a relationship, many of my other concerns will be pacified.

One thing that I would like to achieve by this time next year is confidence as a classroom teacher. It recently occurred to me that other teachers in my department do not seem to be scared of their students, and I would like to feel the same way!! I'm currently working on it ;)

I would love to have published my book. It is a book that is written offering a way to diffuse difficult situations in the harsh corporate environment that I came from. There are many people who have been and currently are in the same situation that I used to be in. It is very important to me because if I help even one person to get through a tough situation then I will be a successful author.

I'd like to get in shape and lose weight. I've started working out four times a week. It's important because I have two young kids and I want to be as healthy as possible so I can be around as long as possible for them and enjoy them.

I would love to be closer to my goal of moving back to Brooklyn

I would like to find peace every day with myself and with my family. I would like to learn to communicate without having to raise my voice and teach that technique to my children.

Creation of my own project that seeks to help those in poverty.

I would like to have achieve getting closer to having a degree, so I can better my life.

Slimming down my life -- going through the piled-up papers, giving away books & clothes no longer needed, setting up systems so new stuff doesn't overwhelm, and bringing a little ethical simplicity to a too-frazzled and too-much-stuff life....

I'd like to really be settled by next year. This year has been one of many changes and uphevals, and while they were good for fun, family, friends, growth, development, wanderlust, and all sorts of things that cannot be described, I'm ready for my life to be predictable again. I want to have a circle of friends that I can count on to grab a beer with me when I need it. I want to know which grocery store has teh best deals on produce, and maybe even a little kitchen garden with rosemary and basil.

I'd like to have lost weight and be in sufficiently good physical shape to hike Yellowstone in winter with my camera gear on my back without falling apart.

I would love to be self-employed. This is important to me because I want to make a positive difference in peoples' lived--and deaths--unencumbered by politics and bad management.

I'd like to be well started writing my life story. Not an extremely interesting story, to be sure, but one I'd still like to write. I have a plethora of started (but not finished) journals, correspondence and other ephemera, plus memories, for raw material. I just can't ever seem to get organized and started. Terminal procrastination, I'm sure. Though I still have quite a few years to live . . . I hope . . . I need to get started. I won't leave much to posterity but would like to at least leave a concrete record of my life for anyone who may be interested in it in years to come. I'm certain that journals, letters, etc will all be discarded. If I can get most of it down in a self-published volume (a couple hundred copies) they won't have the heart to destroy all of them after I've departed!!

Run a 5K. stamina, dedication. perseverence. Travel to Israel, "home=Israel" Get a colonoscopy (not really but i know its important)

Get in good shape and be in a routine of eating well and exercising. This sounds pretty trite, but it would make a huge difference in my mental well-being. Also, I (supposedly) have polycystic ovary syndrome so being physically healthy is extremely important for my long-term health.

I want to: be back in graduate school, have completed this grant writing process that I have begun, and have a project that I am working on be successfully completed. All of these things are long-range projects that I began last or this year and I really need for them to be finished. They are immensely important to me personally as well as professionally and I have a lot of emotional interest vested in these goals.

I want to be a purely conscious being.I want my countenance to reflect serenity and peace. Its Important because I want to attain that Pure peaceful life dedicated to the well being of all beings.

Finish my PhD. I'll be a completer-finisher and I'll never ever have to feel like I'm wasting time not doing it, because it will be done.

I would like to live my life with purpose and be surrounded with like minded individuals. I want to be out of my current relationship and obtain a stronger one with myself, as well as carve out a career I enjoy. Perhaps return to writing.

I would like to be in a loving relationship, and to have got good results in my exams.

I want to have published my book, and established myself as an inspirational speaker, as well as have a successful Life Coaching Business. This is important to me because it is all part of my life purpose and it is my true passion to inspire and empower women... to wake them up to their true power and beauty!

I want to be teaching yoga on a regular basis In New Zealand and getting started to teach in the USA also. I want my knowledge of yoga asana, history, ritual and language to have developed HUGELY! I want to be immersed in a yoga family. I want to working with Mark Whitwell on a regular basis, especially in a trip with him to India. I want to help bring Bhaktifest to Australia and New Zealand...and out to Oruaya! This is important to me because I think Real Yoga can change the world. I want my yoga to be alive in me, and I want to share this lifestyle with my family, especially my kids and my adoring husband.

I would love to be working as a full-time artist by this time next year. If not full-time, then have a job I enjoy doing and have a successful part-time art career. I'd like to attend more SciFi/Fantasy conventions and take my art to all of them as well.

I would like to leave behind a canonized educational program for the BSC so that everyone who enters has a certain level of knowledge, so that being a member means something.

I would like to get a better grasp on my financial situation. Not be so much in debt.

To be less financially constrained and reliant on my father which alleviate enormous stress for both of us and allow me to turn things around by giving back to him.

I want to have a large part, if not ALL my bills paid off.

I want to have identified my passion and the work I want to pursue in my life. This aspect of my identity is very important to me because it gives me purpose, inspiration and helps me feel fulfilled in life.

Finish my dissertation. Because I'm done with being a grad student. And I have interesting results that I want to share.

It would be important to me to expand our Muslim Jewish interfaith group. To extend our Qu'ran Torah study to more in our community, esp. young adults

To repair the relationship between myself and my brother because I love him and we are the only family we have.

I would like to have achieved certification as a Personal Trainer. I am on the final lessons now, and will be taking the test at the beginning of October - it is a difficult course! It is something I have been wanting to do for years now, but our financial situation was such that I felt it was a frivolous need/want/desire. But now that we've been doing a little better, I see it as an opportunity to help others achieve the fitness that I have enjoyed all these years - particularly seniors. So I intend to specialize once I receive the base cert.

I want to have a rich social life. It doesn't have to include a companion, which of course would be nice, but I do need to change things up, meet new people, do interesting things and spend my free time enriching my life.

I'd like to feel comfortable participating in a traditional Saturday morning synagogue service. For me, this will entail having successfully completed two Hebrew courses, studying the service liturgy, and going to services regularly.

As usual. I would like to finish my book about Whit. Because I need to reach some kind of temporary conclusion about my son and our relationship. I need to craft at least a partial answer for myself.

I want to get my daughter into the college of her choice, then focus on remodeling the house.

A new job that inspires and brings out the best in me! A job where I feel I am making a difference and doing something worthwhile and rewarding.

By this time next year I want to have manifested by personal/spiritual goal of making The 9 real in the world. I want to have an active website, public access series, wireless apps and minibooks. It's important because I know that this is my personal karmic destiny in this life. It is a big part of why I am here.

Oh goodness gracious, it's the same goal I had last year! Finish the book of Classical Indian Hindustani Music poetry that Tewarji inspired me to collect over 30 years ago!

I'd like to either by engaged or living alone by this time next year. Also, I'd like my SAG health insurance back.

Lose weight (and keep it off). This is necessary for my health. I'd also like for my husband to recognize and acknowledge his priorities in supporting my mental and physical health.

I want to find a way to live in peace with my body. I suffer from borderline and I have problems with eating. I want to be healthy and good-looking in my eyes, not in the eyes of others. At the moment I sometimes feel helpless with this problem, but I try my best to find a way out.

I would like to have either a job or job prospects. I want to contribute to Alan and my life and I think it would also make me happier to feel like I am helping us and others in some way. I hope I can find a career/job that I can enjoy for a few years. I hope that by this time next year Alan and I will have gone on an amazing honeymoon and it would be wonderful if Alan might have started work. Oh, and if we had a nice place to live!

I'd like to have a greater perspective on how Scott and I will build our lives together. I'm so excited to make plans for our future, and I think within a year we'll know how we want to move forward over the next 5-10 years.

I want to get accepted into Caltech or MIT. This is really important to me because those two colleges are so perfect for me, and I know I am capable of doing whatever it takes to get into one of those colleges. I really need this.

Have my weight steady in the 175-185 range for at least six months; been hovering in the 195-200 range for too long. This is important because I need to be healthier and more active. Try stand-up at least once. I need to get over my fear of public speaking. Read essays in at least two shows. I certainly need to write more as well. Get my bicycle up and running. This has been laying around undone for WAY TOO LONG. Move to a new house. Need to save money and get closer to work.

I'd like to have added exercise to my daily routine. I know I'd feel healthier and maybe lose the last 20 pounds that I can't seem to take off since losing the first 20 I needed to lose.

I would like to my family to be living in a place that we love and is close to nature. I believe we are ready for this change and that it will bring more equilibrium to our lives.

Real relationship on way to being married and having a baby. It's about time.

I hope to have my MLS by this time next year. I can't wait to have my free time back and get started on my career (not so wild about paying the student loans back though.).

I hope to be pregnant by this time next year. Motherhood is very important to me and I'm anxious to begin this next step of my life's journey.

as you get older you became more lonely some of your friends gone and family not whole any more one by one passed away.in that loneliness you started thinking and dreamed of the good old days when we were still children nothing to worry and full of laughter. as you grow older you becoming more and more close to your brother and sisters because they are the only real persons that you really love.i lost a brother this year and i hope what was left of us will remain the same next year. to established a closer relationship between my nieces and nephews so that we still have the spirit to help one another in time of need. in indonesia we call it the spirit of "gotong royong"

I would like to have a school where I can teach my subject, and in which entice the kids into language learning.

I hope me and my friends have been able to start up our company together and that it is succesfull. At the same time I hope I have time do a great job at my current position and have time for my friends and family.

I would love to have graduated or be close to graduation by this time next year as this will allow me to start a career and move on to other plans I have in mind. By not having finished the majority of my course, it would delay many of the things I consider myself doing at that time, like writing a novel, making a lot more money, moving out (buying a place) and traveling. It would especially mean a lot to me to accomplish this knowing the trials and tribulations I'm currently going through and would mean that much more to me because in the end, I have completed my task just like I intended.

By next year at this time, I plan to be in better physical condition. I haven't felt safe walking in San Bernardino (besides it's being so bloody hot) and I'm eager to get to Bend, where I will be able to walk my dogs safely.

I would like to finish the choral piece I began last summer; it's something I really enjoy doing and I'd like to see it completed, and maybe even performed while I'm still in college.

By this time next year, I would like to have a more satisfying job. This is important for obvious reasons! D'oh!

I would like to either have traveled to Europe or be move to Hawaii. Both of these things are super scary to me, but also very important. I don't want to get trapped in Utah. I want to explore the world.

I would like to have a steady full time job. I am tired of the financial roller coaster and insecurity.

I would like to be cancer free and healthy by this time next year so that I can raise my son.

I want to have my financial house in order and spending under control. I want the second Boston Jewish Music Festival to be even bigger and better than the first. I want to see my son find a college where he will be happy.

To get good results in my Junior Cert and lose weight all in the same year. Because I need to.

By this time next year I would like to have overcome my shyness, and gone a year without having a belemia relapse. If I can overcome my shyness then I will be able to feel happier and be more confident. This would lead me to better relationships. As for the belemia, I feel that if I can go a year without relapsing then I will truly have conquered me disease.

I would like to have a garden in my back yard. A place to relax, plant veggies, and eat dinner. I know a nice yard can take years to cultivate, but by next year I'd love to have raised beds for veggies and a lounge area with a hammock or lounge chairs. Seems simple, but it will be hard work and we really need the space for weekend relaxation.

Oh, how I wish to be debt free by the end of next year. I do want to make a plan and stick to it. It just seems like we're having one thing or another come up and sabotage my efforts to be completely cc debt free. I just don't want all this interest hanging over us all the time. I called last night and got my interest rates reduced on my two cards, but one was only by a few points. and the other didn't effect the balance I already owe, just future balances. So, debt free, that's the goal for this year!

I want to be graduated and beginning graduate school. I want to still be with my love, Benny, still going strong.

I want to have a novel written. I've always wanted to be a writer and everything seems so close. Once I've done it, I'll know I can do anything.

I want to have a position with an organization that allows me to combine my creative, business, and strategic leadership skills to a previously unimaginable degree. I want the role to be instrumental in effecting some degree of social change.

I would like to have more friends, more people I can hang out with and socialize. I'd like to have a job and my own apartment. I'll be 21 and I would like a life of my own.

A: By this time next year I want to become one of the women I admire. I have the style I have the money I have the ambition I have the know how I just have to put it all together!

I want to be taking good care of myself. eating as if I already had diabetes so as I will not ever get it. This is very important to me because I am taking care of my diabetic dad and unless I am in good form I can't take care of anybody else.

I would like to have an exhibit of my photography. I would also like to be comfortable enough to sell some of my photos, and get past my reluctance to do so.

I want to be a better student than what I am today and have grades not lower than 3.0

Publish a lot! I am in a new career that depends a lot on this.

I want to be actively creating projects I've only been thinking or talking about. I have ideas for sewing rag dolls, I'd like to make a quilt, I need to make myself a new coat AND I want to get my loom going and be weaving my own kitchen towels. I want my family members to have so many gifts of kitchen towels that they're re-gifting them! It's important to me because my mom was very creative and a gifted seamstress. When she died, I inherited her sewing room since I was the only one in my family to actively sew. I have wonderful memories of sewing with my mom or trying on outfits she'd made me. Towards the end of her life she enjoyed quilting and made sure all the grandkids had their own quilts. I haven't tackled a quilt before. My daughter and I want to do this together and make our own memories.

I want my impact on helping others to be way greater than it is now. I want to help the poor and needy in a better way, getting to know several on a personal level so I can meet their needs in the best way possible. I'd like to help lead someone to Christ as well. That's one of the main reasons we were put on this earth, so I want God to be happy that be made me. Also, if I'm still dating Katie, I'd like to be married or at least engaged by this time next year. She's a wonderful girl. It might be about that time...

I want to know what I am going to do with my life. At the very least, have a plan. Between graduation and moving back home, it's gonna be hectic but I hope to have some sort of plan.

I want to have $400K in the bank by this time next year. This is important in order to care for my children and to be able to continue to meet the obligations of supporting my wife as part of my alimony and to be able to create a future with or without my wife, Teresa (ex-wife).

To describe one thing is absurd because my goas all have event horizons so I really never think on a singular track. Therefore, the following are things I would like to complete by next year: 1. get Network + certified 2. run my third marathon 3. compete in more triathlons 4. find a job or create a business 5. write another novel or novella 6.find a really good girlfriend 7. volunteer my time 8. go to survival school 9. live on my own 10. square away my debt These goals are all attainable and they are important to me because great people expect more out of life.

I would like to be proficient in one (or two) new skills which would make it easier for me to find a job which is difficult enough at my age.

I'd like to be independent and starting college to begin my nursing career.

Work goals! I've been thinking about work goals (and been misguided, I think, about them) for years. How about it?? I'm well-educated, talented, I love working with others, and I can speak two other languages OK. Why not push for something more?

I would like to have found my soul mate because I am starting to feel lonely and although I am not miserable yet, it will come slowly when I hit 30... at least I see this happening to my single friends who have hit 30. : /

I would like to set a cash flow of Rs. 50,000/per month. and keep provision for 10% growth every year on that amount. I would like to achieve financial freedom and peruse things I love.

I want to return to (full-time) university to complete a BA in Ethics and Social/Cultural Anthropology at the University of Toronto

I would love to be in love by this time next year. I feel like I'm ready to share myself and my excitement about life with somebody else.

I want to be finished with my doctoral dissertation, have passed my VIVA with minor revisions completed, and be living in London with some concrete job options. Ha. That sounds ridiculous. Nontheless, here's hoping.

Becoming fluent/clear in speaking Spanish. Many of the people closest to me are fluent and I would love to travel and have that as a tool. It is something I have been putting off for a long time.

I want a new job. I've spent too much time, money and energy building my career to waste any more time at a job I loathe with people for whom I have little/no respect.

I want to travel out of the country. I love traveling abroad and find it incredibly stimulating and challenging. I haven't left the country in over 5 years, and I feel shut off by American society.

Very much influenced by current factors but I'd like to be able to convince my spouse that being with his wife should trump being with his grandmother/mother on YK this time next year. It is important because it doesn't make sense to marry someone and still allow your family to dictate how you spend your holidays, which will always come into conflict with the wishes of your wife (in this case, to have a complete fast and break the fast, together, as a family unit).

By this time next year I would like to have a job using my MSW, making more than 40K a year. I really have never had a salary and I would like one. I've been working really hard to finish my masters.

i will have a new career in a new town. i will expand my horizons with a more purposeful job where i feel appreciated and i contribute with a rejuvenated drive. this is important, because i feel dead where i am right now, overloaded and unhappy. unhappy makes for a sad creative environment.

I would like to figure out what I want to do with my life. I have a lot of passions, but I also don't want to be eating cereal (a cheap meal) forever. I am interested in people, relationships, art, program planning, hebrew, and jewish life. Not sure what I can do that will help me earn a better living (one where I can afford to save some money), that makes me happy, and that makes a difference (for the better) in the community around me. In a year, I'd also like to be able to discuss marriage as something more realistic. In a year, Nathan and I will have been together for almost 5 and a half years, and I hope we'll be as in love as we are now. I want to spend more time with him...to get to know him better...to live with him...and I hope a year from now, we'll be closer to that point. Like close enough to start looking at rings. Also lost 10 pounds or be happy (happier) with my body.

I would really like to get my weight under control and my exercise into a good routine. It's important to me because it will help me feel better as well as improve my health.

I want to get a new job, one that pays enough for me to move out of living with family and move in with my finance. It will allow us to really get comfortable with each other and ease our stress of living so far apart.

Get into RSAMD. It's the start of my career.

I want to be free. I want to live alone with my kids. This is important because I want to get closer to myself and my children.

There are a million things I would like to achieve. Personally, however, I would like to have found a neighborhood and house to live in, and be working on closing or ironing out the details before closing. I'm tired of living in a crappy apartment. And I want to DECORATE!

To get a raise or find a new job that pays more. It's important to my husband because we have a daughter that will go off to college and need the additional income to meet our budget and not get further into debt which, I suppose, makes this important to me too. I'm hoping for the raise because I like my current job.

I would like to be working on a stable relationship with a man I have respect for and which I am fond of. I've spent recent years focusing too much on my professional life and not enough on my personal life. It's important for me to make a change of focus now as I have a long term perspective on my future and I would like to build it on solid foundations.

I would like to lose 8 pounds. It is not a lot of weight and I know I can do it. I would like to do this by running a 5K. I would like to complete the P90x that we started and bailed on. I would like to become more active because I feel like we do a lot of nothing. This has got to stop so that we are here for our kids for a long time. I want to live a long, healthy life!

I'm not sure if achieve is the right word, but I'd like to be in a serious, monogamous, intimate relationship with the most awesome man by next year. I finally feel comfortable admitting that I really desire this, and I feel confident enough about myself to believe I can have this. Just recently I have had a couple experiences with really attractive and amazing men who were really into me. Now all that needs to happen is to meet one who is completely available and willing to commit.

Stability. I'm not being any more specific with it than that. For the last 5-6 years almost everything about my life has been in a near constant state of flux, and I'd like to experience some stability again, in whatever form it chooses to take.

I'd like to be in Graduate school doing something my improperly working emotions can get excited about.

I'd like to be deep into work on a movie of my own. Funded.

I would like to sing beautifully and accompany myself (simply) on the guitar. I start voice lessons next week, and the guitar will be part of the learning process. The hard part will be not allowing other things to take priority over practice, practice, practice!

It's time to be in love again, to be in a loving relationship again. Even more than picking up my career again, I want to be with someone wonderful, who thinks I'm wonderful too.

I'd like to have a five-figure nest egg saved. My savings have been drained from remodeling, traveling, and lately, medical bills. I'd like to turn that around by next year.

I would like to "listen" to my children more........just listen and not give advice or pass judgement. I would like to meet someone who loves all of me, inspires me , makes me laugh and is my best friend. I would like to be financially comfortable and able to afford the things that make me happy. A camera, a new couch, a reliable vehicle, a finished basement. this is important because I love my children and I am ready to love again.......I think.

I would like to become a home owner. It's the next step in setting down roots and starting our own family (and possibly kids in the next few years)!

Spend more quality time with my family. Have a healthier life. Earn + money.

I would really like to be living in a community of like-minded people with whom I could share some tasks and interests. A place with fewer units but still shared outdoor space. I would also like to be more accessible to my daughter.

I would like to have my credit card debt and medical bills paid off. This is our only road to financial freedom. We are sinking and we need to swim.

I would like to be more financially solvent. I would very much like to own a house some day and that means buckling down and being responsible about what we spend.

I intend to be 3/4 of the way toward my BS in Nursing. It is important because getting this degree is a big step toward feeling that I have something big to offer the world.

I would like to have established a routine of taking better care of myself physically. It would be so much healthier for me and my family.

I turn 40 in almost exactly four months. So yes, I want to achieve that! I want my fansite to get revamped and my kids to enjoy school and my daughter to love reading new books instead of just her same, constant favorites. But I must lose another 20 pounds. Must, must, must. I need to, to feel better about my health and myself - and to get into that last dress. I have 16 weeks until my 40th birthday. Let's see if I can pull this off.

I want to have taken an extended (3-6 month) full sabbatical from my work. My wife and I have chosen to eschew the $750,000 mortgage, the 2.5 kids, and the Volvo station wagon to stay in an urban center and maintain a degree of mobility in terms of travel, work schedules, etc. Don't get me wrong—I love what I do. But I've been going for about 10 years straight, full-bore, and I'm beginning to sour on a few things in relation to my work. Never mind, the longest break I've taken since was my wedding/honeymoon 8 years ago when we took off just a month. I need some time off to recalibrate the reasons for what I'm doing and then set some concrete goals on how to make it happen. If I don't do this, I may not find my way back to why I chose this life path in the first place.

I want to live in the same house as my husband and put an end to the long distance commuting.

I want to have a decision made as to what I will pursue my graduate degree in, and go for it! I want to start this program by this time next year.

I would love to have my Life Coach business in full swing by this time next year. It is a window into my next decade, a way that I will make my way in the world after retirement, the long-awaited creative application of my theraputic skills. I would love to see that my daughter is on a good trajectory towards adulthood -- I hope she is driving, has a boyfriend and her struggles in school have reached a peaceful place.

I'd like to learn some legitimate trade or craft -- something I can do with my hands to make money. Whether that's something artistic or practical like carpentry or just sort of cool and useful like bike repair, I want to know that if I ever have to pick up and move, I'll be able to DO something to sustain myself, so I don't have to leave myself at the mercy of the want ads and fate anymore. So when I own my own land some day, I'll be able to do something useful with it.

A job where I am satisfied with my colleagues and feel I am making an impact on the world. I would like to be working in an environment where I respect my colleagues.

i'd like to be on the road to motherhood. i thought that would happen in the last 12 months, but life had other plans. there is much to resolve before i can move forward in this way, and i'm hoping for the clarity, wisdom, and courage to take whatever steps i need to in the next year.

I would like to be gainfully employed in a fulfilling, satisfying creative position at a company that will still leave room in my life for all of my other pursuits, spiritual, familial, and intellectual. By this time next year, I would also like to have been called to Torah and completed my Bat Mitzvah.

I didn't answer this question last year. Sad because it might be the most useful to me know in assessing how the last 12 months went. I suppose I struggled then with the same thing i am struggling with now. There are so many disparate things I'd like to achieve in a year. I'll keep it light, specific, and on what's top of mind right now. I'd like to have an art car at burning man. Why? it's fun. it makes it easier to see art and meet people. it builds community. i've wanted one every year i've gone.

More patience.

Get my passport and plan a trip to another country.

By this time next year, I hope to be applying to nursing school. I also hope my GPA is where I want it to be. This is important to me as a life long goal of becoming a Nurse and pursing careers in the Nursing/Anthropological field.

I would like to be in a fulfilling and meaningful relationship with someone who could be my life partner.

I would like to be debt free by this time next year so I can be free to consider whether my job is the job I want to be in and so pursue my purpose. I would also like to be in a committed relationship with a loving strong man. I want to have come back from a vacation in Athens.

My water business! It's just starting to (maybe) get a little traction. It's important because a). I've been trying to do it for a long time, b). it's one of my good green ideas and I'm trying to do my part to save the planet, and c). perhaps most importantly, it represents, for me, a lot of the issues and mental blocks that I've been grappling with over the last few months - I have a lot of what I think are good ideas and certainly a lot of energy and enthusiasm, but I'm also pretty passive and not very bold - I'm always afraid to "rock the boat", and so forging ahead on this business idea is a way to help me work on overcoming those limitations.

I would like to own my labour. It is becoming increasingly difficult for me to work for someone else. I want to figure out how to create value using my own ideas. This is important to me because I feel I have much more to give the world than helping a corporation work better. I have big ideas that I want to get out there. I want to be fully responsible for the content of my mind.

I would like to have my first, Full-Time Career teaching job. I have been working for this for 8 years and want nothing more than to have my own classroom and students and to be working on a daily basis to make young lives better in whatever capacity I can. This is my passion in life and I very much want/need it to come true. Hopefully this year... ASAP. I would also like to be unquestionably IN LOVE with someone and know that this is possible for me after what I have been through/felt from 3 years ago. Even if that person and I have broken up, I still want to know in my heart and mind that I was undoubtedly head over heels for that person.

Honestly, this is my problem. I don't have goals. I wing everything. Often times, I'm just doing nothing. My day's agenda is minimal at best. A social interaction with a friend is often the only thing going on in my day. I wish I had goals, things to work towards. At the moment I don't. I could say I'd like to achieve having enough credits to start a grad education program. But I could just go do that and yet have not. I would like to have a purpose, if not a long term one at least an on-going short term one. But that is not even close to specific enough to be considered a valid answer. I want to have a cool exciting chill place to go every day. One that pays money to boot. But I have no idea what/where that place is nor what it looks like. I've been in this place for years now. And have only some (albeit great) stories to show for it. But time after time I find myself right back here, in my room, on my computer, with nothing going on.

I want to be more joyful in the present. I am constantly looking to the future for happiness and excitement-- I want to live RIGHT NOW. There's no reason for me to be discontent.

I'm married. I've had organisms. I've had children. Now I'd like to learn Biblical Hebrew. (I've never written a novel or gotten a PhD, and I've never owned a truck.)

I would like to be more financially stable so we can afford to make some much-needed changes to our house and improve our quality of life.

I would like to be even more comfortable in my own skin than I am now. In the last few years I think I've gotten more and more comfortable with myself, and I want that to continue by being kind, loving, and forgiving to myself. It's important to my health, happiness, and well being- what's more important than that?

I'd like to have an awesome boyfriend by this time next year because I think it's time I was able to find someone who accepted me for who I am and still loved me. I've been single all my life and always felt like it was somehow my doing. I'd like someone out there to prove me wrong.

How to juggle work life, family life, social life, and my own life. How to not feel tired and frustrated all the time. i'd like to achieve a better sense of calm, laid-backness, go-with-the-flowness. This is important to me because I don't want to create any (more) anxiety in my son's life because of my OWN anxiety.

Married and a mom to be. Laughing from my gut. Down another 2 dress sizes. Ghetto and father hunger, 31st day completed and two in production. Gone from Chapman working my business full time. Off the debt cycle. Able to help when I want to help. Vacation.

to be more active / talktive, both with my online friends and real life ones, as I know I'm far too quiet and shy now.

I have a disease called Crohns, it is not curable, but with proper nutrition and exercise it is very livable. I would like to have the habit of eating every three hours down, my metabolism up. and my physical health at is optimum best.

By this time next year, I would like to have 3 things achieved. 1) I want to be healthier. I want to be getting in shape, and I'd like to still be happy about it, and not miserable. 2) I would like to be starting my third semester in college, and I would like to feel that I have more purpose and direction. 3) I would like to be engaged.

I hope Barca goes really well, and is exciting. I hope to have a new perspective and direction in life. I'll also be doing well if I have a job that I like and that helps me earn my independence. I want to live with my friendssss especially Brittany if possible.

I'd like to have finished writing one novel. I've started so many in the past and... gave up. I only have three months left to complete the one I'm on now, and I'm on Chapter 2. I need motivation, that's what I need... Why is this important to me? Because it's a half talent, and I intend to make it useful some way.

I want to act in a play in another country, so I have a reason to travel with my family and do something I love at the same time, in a way that will really connect me to the place instead of being just a tourist.

I'd like to become a mother. I am terrified of this goal, but I am excited too. It feels like the right time. I have felt like a little girl my whole life, and just recently feel like a woman. After 28 years of doing whatever I want, I finally think I'm ready to be responsible for someone else.

Having made something I'm proud of at school, especially a solid photo series. I'm very excited to work with Chhat this year and I hope everything comes out just as planned, or better. I'd also like to make some cool glass stuff

Walk/ride my bike 2,000 miles. It keeps me focused, and close to God.

To achieve decent grades at GCSE. It seems really petty, but it could change my whole future. I really want to do well.

I want to have my new business fully up and running, and I'd like it to have been recognized by some of the luminaries in the field here in San Francisco. This is so important to me because creating a successful business is one thing I feel like I have significant control over in a world in which many other things are beyond my power to influence. Plus, I believe in myself and my ability to make this happen.

Every year I say I want to be healthier, lose weight, exercise regularly--and the next year, the same thing. So this year, I want to be happy with myself--if it turns out to be a healthier self, great, if not, I still want to appreciate all that I am.

I want to have a speaking engagement, talking about my new book, Personal Growth African Style in Europe or in the USA. I believe in the message of the book, and that it has global relevance and merits global reach.

I'd like to figure out how to achieve my next step in life.

I want to be engaged to Katharine. We have shared five years together and I know he patience is wearing thin. I owe this next step to her since I have already committed myself to her in so many ways. We tend to do things a little backwards, but I want to make this next step right.

I want to have sucessfully completed grade 11. I want to have a boyfriend and / or best friend. Actually the most important thing I want is for my life to carry on the way it is now!

I would like to have a better idea about where I'm heading in my career and what I want to do work-wise. I'd especially like to have a better understanding of my strengths/weaknesses and likes/dislikes so I can make decisions about my life and have more confidence about myself in the professional world - rather than always denigrating my experience and feeling empty or like I have nothing to offer. Ideally I would like to be settled into a job I'm happy in and which gives me the opportunity to develop...although I'm a bit worried this is not going to happen in the current economic climate.

I would like to stop worrying and be better at getting over things. Also, I'd like to pay off the IRS.

Other than being alive and well? At my age, that's a biggie! But achieve? Well, I'd like to be a commissioned, PAID portrait artist.

I would love to be living excitingly somewhere else, because I feel we are getting stale here and wasting the opportunity to travel while we're still young.

I really want to be in my target weight zone. I know I can do it, I just get lazy. I see the person that accomplishing this goal would be, and I know I can be her! It's important because it is something I have wanted for a long time.

I want to significantly improve my health: lose at least 50 pounds to relieve my plethorae of health problems including pre-diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesteral, back and leg problems, core balance and high cost of medication to alieve the worst of it. I cannot believe that when i was 21, the Peace Corps turned me down because i was underweight, and now i am morbidly obese! I am actually smarter than this!

Start a new school year as a bilingual teacher in Houston!! this is very important because that means that I was hired again. I have been studying and doing a great effort to reach this goal. Been there will mean that I have a good life and economically stable.

By this time next year I will achieve financial security, re right the ship and be moving through live with hope, laughter and love!

I would like to be healthy enough (and have enought money) to travel to Israel and Egypt. These are basically the last two places that I have wanted to see.

I have an idea for a book I want to write on healing. It looks at the spiritual aspects of our health and well-being. I would like to finish the manuscript, have it accepted by a publisher and see it being read by someone (I don't know) on a plane or some other public place by that time. Why??? because it would be such a thrill.

I'm about to sound like a hopeless romantic but I would really like to fall in love by next year. This is important for me because I feel like I have sacrificed my social life for four years of exams and I've never had the opportunity to be in love. I've always felt like a bit of a nerd and this year I want to feel beautiful.

-to be in a job I love -to be financially wealthy -to be happy -to have a house

I would like to be more patient

Tito can wait. I'd like to have a garden by this time next year. There is nothing that more signifies "home" to me. There is nothing that more binds me to a land. I'd like to have a garden...

I am an eldery, handicapped, OCD/Hoarder, living below the poverty level...I'd like... no, I must, have a house fit to have company. It is important I do so because if I were to have a major health crisis my sons will take the opportunity to institutionalize me, willy nilly and with haste, and dispose of my home, 'for your own good' so THEY can be comfortable. (No, they are not threatening me, I just am quite familiar with their thinking processes, having listened and observed for almost 60 years.) I have been making progress, with sporadic help, but it is so very slow, and physically as well as psychologically difficult. It certainly gives me something to live for, if for no other reason than to thwart plans to dispose of Momma.

I want to reach my health potential. I've always known how to get fit, but there's been some kind of blockage that disallows me to get there. I'm breaking down that mental wall - I can see it crumbling. Through physical health, I believe strongly that my career, my relationship and my friendships will flourish.

I'd like to meet my soul mate and we plan to get marred or are already married. It is important to me because I have been single all this time and there is something ache in my heart every time I see a happy family or a happy couple being together in the church or malls or elsewhere as if the ache tells me that I want to have it and I deserve that kind of relationship. I want to share my dream, my thoughts, my life with someone who loves me and I love him.

I'd like to be in an actual relationship that's not just me having a crush on someone who doesn't reciprocate my feelings.

To gain enough courage to move to somewhere outside of Texas. Maybe Boston or Seattle. Having been born and raised in Texas, I feel like at 25 years old there is so much outside of this state that I could and should be experiencing.

I would like to have a clean house, cleaned by me, so I can have friends over and feel comfortable. I have always been unable to clean and organize well enough, and I would like to finally overcome this obstacle.

I hope that by this time next year I have been accepted into the Social Workers program. I really want to be in it. I know that that is the type of work I should be in.

I have been unemployed for two years, and have really been seeking my purpose and vocation. Though I would love to have a paycheck by next year, I would settle for some kind of direction. I have no idea how I can best serve the world.

I would like to have achieved some sort of comfort level in my circumstances and plans for the future. I am in a state of flux now, faced with fear of the unknown, important choices and decisions to make, and am unsure whether I am making the right ones.

I would like to be thinner by this time next year. Not only do I want this to be healthy, but this is one of the goals I've had for my entire life but can't seem to get a hold of.

I'd like to have a full-time job doing something meaningful, something that matters, something that I enjoy. I want to get some more experience working in the field (whatever field that is) before I go back to school. I'd also like to be living within a two-hour drive of my girlfriend, because it's about time we started living that life together that we keep talking about. Seriously. I love her an obscene amount and this whole being apart business really blows and I'm tired of it.

I'd like to be finished with my undergraduate studies and successfully employed in a job that I am happy with. I've been attending a 12-step program for the past 16 months and though it has been a positive influence on my life, I'm not yet finished with school. Next year, I'd like to be done with my studies and to be employed somewhere where I can provide enough for my family and my future, as well as to be able to grow and make a meaningful impact on my community. May I learn from my past mistake, but not wish to shut the door on my past and instead use it as a navigator might use a lighthouse to avoid dangerous terrain which imperils ships. Let me learn from my past and use it to be a beneficial influence on both my life and the lives of others. Let me keep the resolutions that I have set for myself and to never give up, despite the temptations that might seek to lead me astray.

By this time next year I would like to have gone to Ireland with my old school friends, worked another festival season with AP Security, sorted a short term events internship out, and prepared the trip to Vietnam that I want to go on. I'm pretty bad at saving my money...so by organising these trips and actually going on them will be a pretty huge achievement for me!

I'd like to pass all my subjects from uni, I'd like to travel and have different experiences and more than anything, I'd like to give love a chance, bottom line, I'd like to grow as a person. It's hard for me to do that because all I ever want is to have fun and I get mad when things don't go my way, when I don't have fun, I'd like to be mature enough to understand that life isn't all fun and games and I have to work to get what I want. If only it were that easy...

i would like to have regular shabbat meal guests because it will make life fuller, nicer

I would like to be fifty pounds lighter, be able to walk continually for two hours and, last but not least, add two inches of muscle to my upper arms. This will give me more control over my Life

I desperately need to lose weight. I have the sinister fateful apple figure dooming me to heart failure. More vainly, I would like to fit into my clothes more naturally. Very few clothes are made for rotund waists with narrower bust or legs. Besides, I'm just not comfortable in most clothes & I can't show up to work in sweats.

By next year I would love to be in a new home of our own.

I would love to have dozens of paintings completed, eitther to give away and/or sell. I don't want to waste any talent I may have.

I would like to be working at another job by this time next year. Although I would also like to be moved away from this town, I will reserve that for 2012! Maybe I can get a job in a town away from here! Now there's an idea!

I'd like to have a house and move out of this crappy neighborhood. Nothing fancy, but something clean and organized that we all fit comfortably in. I think we deserve it and I will be keeping my fingers crossed.

I'd like to figure out exactly what I want out of the future. I'm full of uncertainty, and even if what I want is something I'd never have dreamed of pursuing, I just want to feel certain and determined about something, instead of being constantly clouded with uncertainty. So I hope that this time next year, I'll know what I want to achieve.

To design, set up and deliver exquisitely a series of courses based on NLP and my other skill sets to larger and larger groups of people at home and abroad.

To be more organized when it comes to doing my art work. Larger sculptures.

I would like to have a novel published, or at least bought and due to be published. This is important as it would give validity to the work I have been doing for the last 18 months.

So many! I would like to have finished the dental works on my teeth for once. I would also like to manage to visit Israel and a few other countries. The two achivements are somewhat related!

I am going to be 100% financially stable by this time next year (or earlier). This means I will be on-time or ahead of schedule with all of my financial debt payments and have some money left over after I have saved some! This is important to me so I don't have to worry about my finances, and I could possibly help others in need.

By this time next year i would like to be finished university. Also I would like to know what my next steps are. This is important to me because I am desperately seeking some sort of direction in my life.

I want to be settled in a quiet place to live with some good tree surround where I and my partner are content. I want this calm atmosphere around me so that any internal noise can be counteracted.

I would like to have completed one work of fiction. I always have believed I can be a writer. I'd like to really try it again and stop making it something for "the future". Then, even if I fail, maybe I can put it out of my mind and move on.

Either have a permanent job making a good salary or have my business turn a profit.

I want to be a New York Times bestselling author by this time next year. I believe my novel (now nearing completion) will bring inspiration and healing to many. It's a timeless story and it's timely in its telling. The more people I can reach with my story, the better. So if I reach the New York Times best-seller list, I know my book will have reached its greatest potential audience.

Same old, same old - I'd like to adapt new eating habits/exercise routine resulting in feeling better and hopefully the loss of some weight.

I'd like to have clearly established my work-life balance. With so many (competing) personal and professional goals, I want to make sure I learn to take time out for both parts of my life. If I'm going to prioritize one over the other, it should be life over work, not the other way around.

To do the Philly half-marathon AND another similar-length run, like the Broad St Run. I've lost over 100lbs and have this goal in mind to achieve something I've wanted to do... complete a true distance run. And continue to lose more weight.

Financial freedom. Everything I want to do in life, from travel to self-preservation to things for my wife and kids, stems from this.

To be working as a licensed attorney. I've worked for 2.5 years to pass the bar exam, and I want very much to final get to a "real" and "permanent" job.

I'm afraid to put that I want to start dating again, because I'm afraid it won't happen, but if I can't even list it as a desire here, how will I ever make it happen? Trying to find my own agency.

By this time next year I would love to have a wedding ceremony with my bride, Mary ! It is important because at the ripe age of 53and 4 years of togetherness , I am truly committed for the first time to be a partner, husband, lover and spirit kin to this wonderful woman !

I'd like to work for a non-profit organization that deals with human rights/civil liberties. It's what I'm passionate about and want to have impact - if small.

Survive Year 1 of college.

I would like to get at least one book published maybe 2. This is important to me because I believe I am a good motivational speaker and I have helped a lot of women overcome issues related to violence and self esteem. Having a couple of books will give me some credibility to go out on a speaker tour where I can talk to larger groups.

I would like to be at a university pursuing my goal. I would also want to have a job that will be able to help out with my mom.

I want to be in a relationship, and to have a thriving practice. The relationship is important to me because I want to give my love to someone, and to experience is healthy, thriving partnership. My practise is important because it is my life purpose: to inspire healing, integration, purpose -- and if it is thriving, I will be living that life purpose.

It may sound silly, but I would either like to have a boyfriend (at the moment, I'm pretty much in love with Brandon Ratliff and can see myself marrying him... if only he'd talk to me like he used to) or be sure on my major (I'm currently questioning the Social Work major right now).

I want to be in a fulfilling relationship with my future husband by this time next year. This is so important to me because I am over 40 and have never been married.

I would like to have my company PPC being fully to market and creating a positive cash flow. This would change a lot in the industry PPC is in ( positively) and would create tremendous opportunities for many.

Be less than what I weigh now.. no specific number. Just in better shape and less weight than I am now.

I would like to have a better sense of where I will be heading in the late spring of 2012. But since that is largely out of my hands, more specifically: 1. I would like to successfully have seriously limited my use of the computer. 2. I would like to finish a book on my journey in Nepal.

I'd like to get into the school I want, with a sizable scholarship. I want to be able to relax about my future and not worry much about financial things and careers.

Begin the Aliyah process. Declare my intentions to my family. Take a pilot trip to Israel. This is important because it will make my life meaningful & purposeful.

For the past two years, I've been working on a website. Despite my efforts and the praise it gets from established professionals in the field, it gets no traffic. I'd like to work on a project, whether it is this or something else, that gets feedback and encouragement that gives it a momentum beyond my own muscle.

I'd like to enter motherhood with a spirit of love, service and faith, taking great care of my baby, while also remembering to take great care of myself and my partner. I'd like to see the empowerment of becoming a mother translate into victories in other areas of my life, including my career, eventually allowing me financial and creative independence.

By this time in two weeks I will have lost 10 percent of my weight. My goal will then be the next 10 percent, which should take 4 months. Then the next 10, which should take about 4 more. Then I can give myself 3 months to make the next 10 percent, which brings me to a year from now, when I should be at my previous weight loss goal, which will be awesome. It is important because I am 65. I am still relatively healthy, enough to do the amount of exercise it will take to achieve the above and that won't stay around as the years pass. Now is the moment. I have grandkids and not only want to be there for all my family, but be in the kind of shape and mentality to do enjoyable things. Hike, run with kites, walk the whole zoo, maybe even go down a water slide.

I hope to have moved to Austin or Dallas and pursuing my lifelong career in photography.

By this time next year, I would like to be done with my leveling courses required for my counseling degree. If I don't finish them, I will not be able to go out into the world and start seeing clients as an intern. I've been putting them off, but I've got to finish them by next year. I want to move as smoothly and quickly as possible through this degree so that I can quit my awful job and do something truly fulfilling and meaningful to others in the world.

I would like to have my second degree black belt. This is important to me not only for the promotion in rank, but I will have gotten a job to pay for the classes and testing cycles. I can't move up if I can't afford it!

Have an agent and be on my way to getting my book published.

I would like to have a steady relationship with a girl, meaning I would like to have a girlfriend; already started my driver's license classes and entered university.

I would like to have made a serious dent in getting rid of the accumulated 'stuff' in my house, so that I can consider moving to a warmer and drier climate before I turn 70.

I would like to have found my way spiritually. I would like to find contentment in my personal life. I would like to be comfortable in my own skin.

By this time next year, I'd like to be fully moved in to my house, surrounded by my belongings, which have been in storage for a year now. I need to feel settled and comfortable since i'm going to be here for a while.

i would love to meet the cast of Spring Awakening...just because its an awesome musical and i love them =)

"And I saw that all labor and all achievement spring from man's envy of his neighbor. This too is meaningless, a chasing after the wind." I'd like to be more like Jesus.

I want to get done with a few of things. Money's not important, but I want to earn so much that my doesnt HAVE to do a job. I want to get much better at understanding design and aesthetics or art. I have a long bucket list, it would be nice to achieve one or two things from that. We are all in pursuit of happiness.. maybe I can define that word better.

I would like to have my driver license. It would restore my independence.

Achieve freedom. I want to be the only one who decides what can I do and when. But if I want this I need others to trust on me, so this year I have to show to people around me that I can be a mature person and that my decisions are mines.

I would like to produce or do something that I feel I have put my whole self into--be it a film, drawing, piece of writing, recording, or feat of courage--ie: jumping off a really big cliff on skis. Something that I will be completely unashamed of, no matter how impressive or pathetic others think it is.

Having auditioned for music grad schools... a challenge and a long term goal!

I would love to have a direction: be it at law school or a new job.

i would like my business, barks and breakfast a pet hotel and daycare, to have grown and become successful. and money making. i would like to figure out how i can market my business w/ a very limited budget and get the word out.

I would like to learn how to knit and make at least one real item of clothing (even if it is a scarf!) I think it is important to learn new skills and I've always wanted to learn how to knit.

I want to be slim, slender, fit, happy and healthy. So I'll fit into all my gorgeous jeans, feel super-good and even more loving about myself, and radiate happiness and self esteem, and speak up, show all my colors, all my talents, fearless, strong and beautiful! So I'll be my very best surrounded by my loved ones - who will all be very happy for me, proud of me, and inspired to shine their light as well:)

I'd like to be attending school again by then. I want to be better about preparing for my future.

This time next year I would like to have graduated with high marks and be working in a job in which I don't completely hate. A job that would be in my preferred field.

I would REALLY REALLY like to be in out of our townhouse by this time next year. Our family has grown out of this house and I want Jason and I to put down roots in a home. I want to make this move so so so badly!!!! We are bursting at the seems here and we need be able to spend more time as a family in a "family room" instead of everyone being on a different level.

i would like to have a job in the arts by this time next year. It's important because I am passionate about arts of all kinds. I think they're incredibly important for all people and it's what i want to devote my life to. I don't care if i'm in debt forever because of it either.

I would like to have my own business. Its important because I would like to prove to my family and to the world that I am not a child and can handle a lot more then people give me credit for. Plus the only person breathing down my neck is me and I can keep myself in check.

For personal fulfillment I'd like to find a way to get back in to theatre in some capacity. I miss it more than I ever thought possible. For professional satisfaction I'd like to be making more money at my current job (or at a new job), and/or find a way to transition into a career at a college or university. For vanity's sake.... I'd like to buy a new (to me) car. Mine is 10 years old and starting to fall apart. Relationship-wise, I'd like to be at least engaged to my boyfriend. We've already been together more than five years now... I'll be only a few weeks away from 30!

I would like to have completed my first year of law school with good enough grades to keep the opportunities I want after school open to me.

I would like to take control of my health in more than one way. Managing my diabetes well takes a toll: the better control I have, the more I weigh. I would like to reduce my insulin intake (while staying in control of my Diabetes) and get back in shape. I want my strength, my speed and my stamina back!

Inner Peace ! I'm so nervous all the time...

I'd like to be a good mother to a healthy baby and a good partner in a changing family. I would like to have struck a healthier balance of work and home life than I did last year or most years between graduate school and now.

The thing I'd like to achieve by this time next year isn't really up to me. Just finished my third novel, and by this time next year I'd like my agent to have sold it to a publisher for a nice advance so I can pay off all my debts, quit my day job and start on book #4.

One - Be happier in my marriage because I really love my husband but he is driving me away from him. Two - be a part of a shul in which I feel happy and spiritually connected. Three - as I wanted last year, an agent for my novel.

increased self-acceptance more balance more self love started a little consulting biz

I want to be back in school. It doesn't have to be in graduate school or law school, but just taking a class or two to keep my mind sharp and learn more!

i would like to have a job in the field that i want to join. i would actually like to put my degree to use, however, it is so intimidating, i don't know where to start. i need an in but am currently sitting on my ass, and i partly blame it on the fear of the unknown. i know how to do nothing, but doing something is almost new to me. plus i need to provide for me and my mother, i cannot depend of her any longer.

I would like to be done with college and have a job in the retail industry. I also would like to still have the friends that I've had since I was 24 years old - they mean more to me than any boyfriend.

I would like to be director of a new Jewish organisation working out of the JHub in West Hampstead. It would be a significant step up in my career, better enabling me to support myself and those around me. At the same time I would love to be directing quality theatre, achieving the right balance between my professional Jewish community work and artistic expression.

I would like to see my daughter having sorted out her sale of her home and payed off the husband. I would like to see my eldest daughter back at work. I hope my husband and myself continue to enjoy our good health and happiness.

I'd like to be recognized as a sustainability leader and to have my opinion sought out.

I would like to be started on my way to my Master's Degree in Economics- even if I'm still on undergrad courses to "catch up." And I would like to be in a position in the field in which I am working on my Master's- even if I'm still a secretary there. At least, I'll be moving in the right direction. I'd also like to achieve wedded bliss. We'll be married almost 5 months by now, so I want to know that I've tried my hardest to be a good wife and companion to the person who means the most to me.

By this time next year I want to be living in Vancouver, British Columbia. There is no reason for here specific, but I need to go somewhere and I see Vancouver as the place I could call my home. I see it as my future.

I would love to get my weight down to 135lbs. Being overweight has effected my mental state and my marriage. I am nolonger attractive to my husband and that hurts. I know I can do it, but sometimes I just say "screw it" and stop working towards this goal. I need to do it for myself and nobody else.

I want to have more fun. At the beginning of 5770, I was in a tremendous amount of emotional pain and my health was suffering for it. I spent all of that year healing until I could get to where I am, which is fine - not good, not bad, not ailing, but not well. Now I want to be well. I want to laugh often, and stress less. I feel like if I can achieve that goal, it will be less of a task to maintain it for years to come.

I'd like to have a girlfriend by this time next year. It's important to me because I have been frustrated in love many times. I feel I've got a lot to give, but haven't met someone who is willing to reciprocate it. I think I would feel happier and more fulfilled if I had a girlfriend.

I would like to have our farm and be making cheese full time. We've been working on the plans for it for so long now, and we're so confident we'll succeed. I'm just ready for it to be ours!

Make my business successful enough to support my family. This is the one aspect of my life that is unfulfilling today. I have the skills and abilities, I just need to figure out how to share my value to others - so that they want to hire me.

I would like to know what my other major is going to be for sure. And I would've liked to of picked a study abroad program for the coming semester. In addition to those two academic goals, I want to have a better relationship with my brother before he starts college and help contribute to my family more. Hopefully I will have continued with some clubs I want to join this year as well.

By this time next year I hope to have a clearer idea of the direction my life will take. In my relationships, location, career, finances - I want to have concrete goals for my future.

I'd like to have learned some more in life, and in horseriding. I like learning things from horses, and life, well...life is life!! Important enough! Further on I'm still young and I suppose I have quite a future ahead of me, so I don't think too much right now of what I'd like to achieve. Just enjoy life right now mostly.

I need to be debt free. Its been 10 years of marriage and that has always been a constant struggle. It has come to a point where its jeopardized our health and sanity. We've become so somber and worried to a fault. I believe that once debt's controlled everything else will follow. I don't ask for excesses, just to be able to live life without worrying too much about it, cause its excessive.

I'd like to be in remission from cancer... for obvious reasons.

I want to study abroad. I think it would be pretty cool to live in another culture, and grow in that way. I would love to go global and learn what the spiritual pulse is like on the other side of the world, and seek to learn from and encourage the people, lost or found.

I want to be 100% debt free and able to pay all my bills on time or a day earlier :-) This is important for me as I'm planning the 2nd half of my life and I want to fix my credit so I can buy a house. Having my own house has always been a dream and I want it to be a reality; I want to have a place were my children can always come back whenever they need to.

I would like to be over Mitchel. He has gotten into my head, and into my heart, and effected my everyday way of living, and I want him gone. I want to be able to have completely let go, and move on to my Mr. Right Now, and stop focusing on Mr. Past. This is important to me because he has effected my view of other people and the way I view myself. He has effected my personality, and my way of living. I want to regain trust in others and allow myself to once again put my heart out there.

I'd like to give blood, preferably with my lovely boyfriend. I failed today as I'd been to Costa Rica and so couldn't give any in case I had Malaria... This shouldn't be an issue in a few months, then I can go together with Richard :)

I'd like to finally finish my novel and find a publisher. There are issues that I want to point out through that story. I want to make people think about what they think they are and what they think they aren't. And I have more stories to tell. It's up to me to make it happen.

I'd like to have a job either in the publishing industry or in the entertainment news industry - i.e. Entertainment Weekly or E! I really want to have made some kind of move forward with my career.

I want to be in grad school. This is important to me because it's the first step in getting a career in theater, something that I've been left without since getting my undergrad degree. It's also, obviously, going to be a big step toward growing up, which is something I feel I've been putting off for a very long time. I also want to have my driver's lisence - 23 and still without it. =\

i want to be finished with my first internship with a political firm. it will make me feel like helping with the state assembly campaign this year really paid off.

I think that there are actually two things that I'd like to accomplish by this time next year, but they go hand in hand. I would like to be happier in my job. I don't know if this means definitely switching schools, or if getting rid of yearbook will do it, but either way, something needs to change. I think in order to help this, I need to learn to be able to stand up for myself. Usually this includes saying no. I need to be able to have convictions and then stand by them. I have definitely learned what it's like to take on too much.

Onlyone??? OK....I want to walk my local Greenway trail in its entirety from start to finish and back again. total of nine miles. This is important to me because it will help me attain a level of fitness that will keep me healthy and help me lose weight!!

I want to be happy. I'm never happy. I want a boyfriend who loves me. Because I want to be loved. But I REALLY want to be happy.3

One thing I want to acheive this year, is passing my APFT with a 300. Acheiving this would be a great stepping stone for me, This could mean I could go to Airborne School, and be able to commision with an advanced school.

I would like to go the entire rest of the year without a boyfriend. I don't need one. I don't like anyone in my school. All relationships, save for the five that actually last, are POINTLESS. It's only there for each other to get sex. It's dumb, it's loveless. When couples in high school say I love you, they don't actually mean it. It's just easier than saying "I really like having sex with you, but don't want to admit it." There's no reason behind it. People just can't control their emotions/hormones. There's no actual effort behind it. It's just for the sake of dating. All of them break up after a few months regardless of who it is. Also, everyone who is in high school and is dating someone, you can stop calling them "my boyfriend/girlfriend" when WE KNOW WHO THE FUCK YOU'RE DATING. Say their fucking name. WE KNOW THE PERSON YOU'RE DATING. IT''S QUITE OBVIOUS. In my opinion, there's no point in pursuing a relationship when you already know it's going to end.

I would like to be living some place else. We've lived in Brooklyn since 1997. Crown Heights is noisy, dirty, and full of people who do not respect you. We are tired of listening to music blasting all night, dogs constantly barking and people partying all night. It's like being stuck in a frat house. I want to be able to sleep at night. I want to start a new life.

I would like to have completed my sophomore curriculum by this next next year, and even be a little ahead. Hopefully I will finished organic 1 and 2 and human phys 1 and 2 (with decent grades) and then take some classes over the summer. I would also like to be on track with my French degree. I'd like to save some money, and who knows... maybe even be engaged ;)

I would like to have written three new stories. I used to write a lot, and I got out of the habit--bad reaction to some harsh criticism, busy with other things, etc. I'm not a bad writer, though, and I take pleasure in the product when I've done the work to get there. It's a sense of achievement that I need to seek out again.

It sounds selfish, but I'd really like to start dating someone semi-seriously in the next year. I'm at the age where I'm comfortable with being single, but I really miss the companionship of having another person to rely on, spend time with, etc. I recently had a very vivid dream of being with someone (who I didn't recognize as being someone I knew already) and being completely loved. The dream was so real that when I was semi-awake, I still had that feeling of being loved so much by another person, and I'd really like to experience that again.

I would like to get a decent paying job and a new place to live. It's been too many years without working and I need the money. I need to relocate, because the place I currently reside has busy bodies ruling every move you make. It's a constant stress ball and it makes me entirely nervous.

I'd like to get better about my finances. I'd like to tithe more. I'd like to not worry about whether or not I have enough money in my bank account to buy lunch. Also, I'd like to not be scared of what people think of me. I'd like to be more sure of myself and my abilities and not need the approval of others.

I'd like to marry my partner.

I'd like to have a clearer sense of this next leg of my professional journey. I'd like to find a book that I really do want to write, even if it's not the one that I think it is at this moment. I want to be doing something with a new population, whether that's a day each week that I'm seeing private clients or it's a group that I'm offering to the public. I want to stop treading water and get back to kicking ass.

I'd like to lose weight. Additionally, I want to develop a reliable exercise routine and stick to it. It's important because it's the one area of my life where I don't feel like I'm living up to my full potential. I want to show my kids how to live a healthier life.

I'd really like to have my full for cheerleading because it has always been my goal to be on the highest level team. I'd like to excel in cirque du soleil because I feel like j can't do half the things my cast members have. I would also like to accomplish more theatere goals, I want to be the lead in a musical or in any production and be ok advanced drama II

I'd like to have finished one of my novels. I've been dawdling too long and for what? To watch BBC miniseries?

After great debate, I have decided to seek public office. I have been a political junkie since college and while I have helped at three levels I have never run for public office. I have a deep understanding of municipal affairs and I am running only because I know I can contribute and help put this community back on track with the help of some like-minded individuals. A year from now I want to have been elected for a year and be proud of the progress we have made in improving our community.

To get through my classes this year, getting through going to school full time.

It's a longshot, but my ideal would be to be ready and able to retire at age 62 (exactly 13 months from now) and have the necessary income streams in place to be able to do that.

I want to find a boy friend. Figure out my major and be on my way to it.

That I become the woman Jim sees in me. It is important because he wants the best for me -- not just what is in the relationship for him.

I wish I could fall in love, properly, this time. No toxic relationships that fall apart, nothing that hurts, no tears and no screaming middle of the night fights. I just want to meet someone who will fall for me in return and want to hold my hand and not mind that I moan all the time and need a lot of sex. I want something that is pure and that is simple, love in its simplest form.

I want to settled in or moved back. fantastic nvm year.

By this time next year, I would like to be in my 2nd year of college, on my way to an associate's degree. And hopefully by then, I will have stopped having doubts about my major.

By this time next year I want to be in the college of my dreams (preferably one in London). I want to be living a life in which I can be myself. I want college to be a starting over experience. I want to go into a new place, with new people, and be a new me.

I'd like to feel whole.

I want to have worked professionally as an actor, SAG card and everything. It is my dream and passion and I have been in this city for 6 years, and daily watching crappy actors get paid for what I am great at.

I hope in the next year I overcome my depression and find something/someone worth telling everything to. I only want this because I don't want to die. I want to be alive by next year. I want to actually be living, instead of just going with the winds.

I want to fall in love. I'm not quite sure why this is important...but it is. ♥ And I want to become stronger.

I want to loose weight get down to 60 kilos - important mostly for health reasons but also for self esteem

I'd like to quit smoking. It's expensive and it makes me part of a group that is bullied and will not fight back.

Usually I answer "a relationship" to this question. But I think this time, I want to be more decisive. By this time next year, I want to make decisions without asking anyone else's opinion.

By the advent of 5772, I hope to be, officially, a ger, a convert to Judaism. My "Introduction to Judaism" course will be complete in May 2011, and I am able to convert at any time thereafter, assuming that I meet the standards of my rabbi and the beit din and have undergone circumcision. After the mikveh, I look forward to granting myself privileges that I deem off-limits at present (pre-conversion), such as wearing a tallit or using my Hebrew name during official religious occasions.

I want my husband and I to have passed our specialty training exams. This would be great because we would have more time for our family then and also greater job security.

I would love to have decided where I want to go to school and what I want to with my life. I feel like knowing this would take a lot of stress out of my life

I would like to finally be at peace with myself, become the man I've always wanted to be and feel like I'm doing everything right, for once.

I think one of the many things id like to have achieved by this time next year is to have done well enough on my college course to go on to do it at degree level.. I really though about it over the summer and its definatly something im going to try my hardest for..

I'd like to significantly pay down my debt load. I'd also like to lose some more weight. And to have my book figured out and ready to find a publisher. *laughing*....and maybe learn to count!!!

Have a child.

(It's Monday afternoon at work and I'm not feeling very good). I have to say I've accomplished a lot in the last year so most of goals are continuations of the same endeavors. I've been spending a lot of money lately and have about $2300 on my credit card, with some expensive trips to Seattle coming up, so my main goal for the next few months is managing my finances and then hopefully in January I'll get a decent bonus so that I can pay off all the cc, add some to my savings, and make some extra payments on my college loan. I also want to keep playing drums every weekend and get proficient enough that I can record my own beats to play over. I got a second crash cymbal last week so my kit is basically finished, all that remains is developing the skills. However, sometime early next year I want to find another band to play with, one that has enough potential to play bars and house parties. After 3 bands and 34 live shows, I don't feel like I'm done yet, and only being 28 1/2 I'll still have time. Finally, I want to sleep with a few more women, for the pure hedonistic pleasure of it, but also for practice, and to broaden my range of sexual experiences. I'm at 8 lifetime partners by now, and I want to hit double digits within the next year, although one high-quality woman that I really like and can get regular sex from would obviously be better than several less-desirable or less-consistent situations. I think the reasons these endeavors are important to me should be self-evident.

i'd like to find a kind loyal man who takes me as i am and be happy

I would like to be able to do well enough on my PSAT to get at least a few good scholarships so I can go to the college I choose and save my parents a wad of money (big sis is in med school and I have a little sister so things might get a bit crazy in a few years). I'd also like to get a good score on my SAT for the same reason. Crossing my fingers!!

I hope to have sold our house by then. This would mean more freedom and less worry...I hate paying interest to banks. If I'm going to work, I want the money to go towards something useful.

I never usually plan, but next year I hope to be out my parents, it has been great, I have been able to save to hopefully have enough for a deposit, but by next year it will have been 3 years...so time to move on..

I would like to lose at least 10 lbs. It's vital to my health and would improve my self image.

I would like to have lost 80 lbs by this time next year. I have struggled with my weight my entire life, even becoming bulimic in an attempt to lose quickly. I want to lose this weight healthily and safely, and I think 80 lbs is a good goal. I'm not going to kill myself, but I am going to make an effort to eat decently and to exercise more diligently. I would also like to be enrolled in school full time by the end of 2011, because I really want my degree!

Have my business up and running!! The obvious would be so I don't have to ever potentially go back to 9-5, but I really need to start to get the ball rolling because I finally feel like I have a great handle on what I want to do and need to just start taking the steps to achieve success!

i'd like to have sex. jesus, it's been a long time... i'm not even sure i still know how. i think sleeping with someone will prove not only that i'm capable of just BEING sexual again, but will hopefully also represent my transition into a new phase in my life... one in which each sexual relationship doesn't have to turn into a monogamous, long-term one. not sure i believe this, though...

I would like to have no debt but my mortgage. I don't understand why I can't avoid debt, my income is sufficient. Have to get a handle on my spending. I am 66, not too many years left to work to pay off debt.

I would love to be a mother.

Be married to my girlfriend and finally have our own place.

So many things...by this time next year,i want to still be in highschool,and happy too! for so long,i just was not happy.I want to be a positive person.I want to be happy with my body,i hate how self concious i am.Finally,i want to have talked to the guy i like named sam.Hes really sweet :)

I want to lose all this excess fat on my body and get the golden body that I want, or something close to it. I've been fat all my life. I have dropped some weight, I used to be 240 now I am 185, but there is still a lot of excess fat on me. I haven't gone to the beach since 2004.

I'd like to perform comedy on stage. Be it standup or sketch, songs or improv, being in comedy makes me jubilant and performing that to share with others seems vital to my health and sanity.

I would like to experience a few things that take my breath away ..........and remember them. I love that saying ......not how many breaths you take but how many take your breath away. I want to focus on looking for that. Many things you don't take time to see could be those moments.

I would like to be happy. Seriously. Not fake happy, where I pretend to have friends and pretend everything is ok, but like, REALLY happy.

I want to have acheived a boyfriend... haha...I just want to know that somebody would want to be with me... and straight A's that would be nice (: I wish for a million wishes

I'd like to be employed again by this time next year. Maybe even be taking my first class towards my LTA certificate. It's important so that I can become financially on track again, and able to help take care of my mom.

Figure out and resolve this weight issue. It's enough to be a reasonable size - I don't expect to be thin. But the stress of this is killing me. I need to just go for it and stop making excuses.

Second degree black belt. I've been working at it for only about 3 years now.

I want to have performed music in public. This is important because I want to feel like I am investing in myself and developing my skills with more purpose than I have. I also want to have started taking voice, guitar, or piano lessons.

I just want me and my family to remain well, healthy and safe. Little else matters.

I want to be done with my current job I've had for 10 years. The first prototypes of my invention I've been working on for nearly 3 years will be here next month. One year from now I'd like to be selling my invention full time.

By this time next year, I'll have achieved a BA (Hons) degree in Fashion Design Technology. This is important to me because I've always wanted to get my BA degree.

I want to achieve and sustain professional, financial and spiritual success so I can support my loved ones, my community and take care of all of my obligations effectively.

I'd like to have a rewarding and interesting permanent job paying at least 85k ideally in the City. This is important for two reasons - I'm bored with low paid temp roles and need something stimulating and the other reason is I need to get back on my feet financially!

I want to finish high school. :)

I'd like to find a new career path. I'm stuck and I feel under-appreciated. I believe God intends better for me.

I long to be happy with who and where I am, and to accept with no qualms, that it is okay to be a catch and to not have been caught.

One thing I would like to achieve by this time next year, two pants sizes smaller, a little nicer, and I want to become someone that is smart and can live the life she wants to live. I want to be the girl I have wanted to be for years.

I want to lose 60 pound. So that I could possibly model to put myself through school. I also want to polish my writing skills, so that I can live my dream of being a professional screen writer.

I would like to have my Chase credit card paid off. I've paid off one credit card and have two more to go. This is important to me because I want to live debt free. I have a lot of student debt that will be paid off in the next 9 years but paying off my credit cards would free up a lot of extra money that I could be using to move out. Or go shopping. I'd also like a boyfriend.

I'd really like to have started an photography degree! I have loved photography since I was a teenager and have consistently tried to learn more about it and become better and more artistic in my work. I have photographed some of my friends' weddings, their families and done some workshops with young people I work with - all of which is fun and a tremendous privilege. But I would love to do a degree - I have always felt too unconfident to do it until now - so it would be a big thing for me to accomplish.

I would like to have developed a healthy loving relationship with a man where we equally cherish each other, have amazing chemistry, and retain a balance with family & work.

To solidify my relationship by living together and possible becoming engaged, but particularly to be successful at those things; in other words, that my relationship has become more stable, committed, healthy, and fulfilling.

It can happen; I am open to the possibilities. I am living independently and am in a harmonious relationship with a man who loves me and I love him. A man that supports, cherishes and sexually pleases me. We support each other as we work towards our individual career goals but are filled with joy, laughter, fun, love and committed to each other. Enjoying our physical selfs in love making and SEX.

I would like to be married by this time next year and looking more towards my future! I want to have a better idea of what I want to really accomplish in life.

I would like to have clear definition of what I want to do with my life and where I want to be. I would like to feel that I am working towards achieving my goals, and not having idle dreams, and believe in myself that my dreams will come true. I would like to have at least finished half my novel that I haven't even started yet....but been 'planning' for the last 6 months. I would like to have saved AU$7,000 towards my move to England.

I'd like to be in a good college that is going to match my personality. This is important to me because it is going to help me find the right path to my future.

I want to self-publish. Because at the end of August next year, I turn 26. I don't want to say at 25 I accomplished nothing.

I hope by this time next year I will be able to use my photography and writing skills every day to make a change in even one person's life.

I'd like to purchase a car because it makes no sense for me not to have one with the kind of money I make.

I would like to have a more powerful voice because I really want to go far in the music industry and I really want to have a strong voice that I am confident in, I need some work, burn am quite satisfied with my voice at this time, voice lessons will really help alot.

I want to be self sufficient. Not money wise, but mentally. I don't want to have to ramble on to my friends to solve my issues because I can't deal with them. I want this to happen so that I can prove to myself that I have matured and grown from who I used to be.

I really think that by this time next year I'd like to not only know how I'm going to take my life forward, I'd like to know how. I'd like to have a concrete plan of a future job or masters or even whereabouts. Maybe It's a lot to ask, but I'd like to see the light at the end of the tunnel, even if it's faint.

My knee needs a corrective surgery and it has been long overdue. The only thing that has stopped me till now is the lack of funds. I am an outdoor-person and football is one my passions. So I hope to get this part of my life back.

I'd like some equilibrium concerning employment, and I'd like to be shopping around the finished version of manuscripts I've been working on. I need validation for years of creativity.

A Paper. It's the reason why I changed my career track. But really, I just want to publish one.

losing weight. this is important to me because i need more self confidence. i want to lose weight the correct way, by becoming a healthier person. i have already started exercising, and eating healthy. i would also like to have at least gotten half way through writing a story.

I would like to have a healthy life and a strong confidence in boys and my lovelife, since I know a change like that would enrichen my life. I would like to be a bigger person than I am today. Because it's important to me to always grow as a person, and I plan to take a trip that I believe will develope me as a person. My mission in life is to try everything I can, to see what i like and not, and remove all the fears of the untried.

I'd like to lose a lot of weight as I am not walking too well, having trouble with stairs, and breathing. I hope to somehow find a diet I can live with and get into regular exercise. I'm in retirement and want to be more active physically.

oh why does this question make me feel awkward? because I have trouble dreaming in achievements? I'd almost like to say I'd like to be pregnant--but that might be a lie. I don't quite know the answer to this question.

this doesn't really qualify as a personal achievement, for instance, like becoming president or by promoting within my job, or by even having another bit of writing published, but it is something that i need to work at so that my humble home does not fall down around me. i need to replace appliances in my home, and bathroom fixtures, and paint, and do general clean up and home improvement. the house will be paid off next spring, and i need to move towards my goal of resale and relocation. i believe that it is past time for me to leave this valley, and to move to a locale more to my liking. to do so, i need to give this home curb appeal on the outside, and a fresh look inside. quite silly possibly to be my goal, but there you have it.

Honestly? There are two big things. 1) I'd like my marriage and family relationships to have gotten even better than they are now - more honest, more communicative. They're good now but we're working to make them even better. 2) I would like to have at least one book published. That's a big goal, I know. But I'm hoping! And I'm working toward it!

I don't have grand ambitions, but I always sort of thought I'd buy a house when I turned 30. And I also want to adapt my environment, plant trees, keep a garden, maybe make wine... I like my apartment, but none of those are really possible here.

By this time next year I would love to be working toward my Master's degree. Learning is what I love, and I want to challenge my mind again.

I would like to be happier at work and feel more stable in my job.

I have made a commitment to myself: I will quit my job before the end of THIS year so that I can spend 2011 traveling the world. By this time next year, I expect that I'll have covered at least four continents by now, volunteering on at least two of those continents. The goal is to experience other cultures, help others, get out of my own pity-party rut and, of course, to have a little fun. I'm also hoping to push beyond my introverted tendencies to meet some friends on the road. Maybe even fall in love. I'll miss my friends and family here in the US but now is not the time for comfort. Now is the time for fearlessness.

I'd like to have a family of my own - whatever form that takes. It's important to me because I always wanted to be in a family - and the one I had growing up never truly fulfilled that longing. And for the first time in my life I believe it is possible for ME to create the family that I always wanted for myself.

I need a better backup strategy. This is important to me because I know this guy who has a wicked sweet backup strategy and we are totally in competition over who has the best backup strategy and since I don't really have a backup strategy he is definitely winning the competition of who has the best backup strategy.

Love. I want to be in love with someone who loves me back.

I'd like to have a literary agent (at the very least) by this time next year, and hopefully a publisher as well. I've spent so much time and put so much of myself into my novels that if it comes to nothing It will be very hard for me.

I want to make headway on my book or at least definitely decide what I want to do. I want to be able to get close enough to what I want that I have some sort of destination in mind, and don't feel like i'm standing in a limbo.

I would like to add something good to my resume, be it service work* or a publication. It's important to me because after two more years of the half-time stint I have, I want to get a good full-time job! *: Our state has a new Govt Appointments Project, and I wish that I'll be able to get in on that.

I hope to be in grad school this time next year. Getting all the applications done is a lot more work than I thought!

I would like to sell my condo and own a home. I am just REALLY tired of the condo existence and hate that my ceiling is someone else's floor!

to have a job and my liscens because it will give me more freedom and i could definatly use the extra money

I'd like to have more balance in my life. I'm doing so much but I rarely feel like I've done my best at anything at all. I try to work out but find it difficult to do it regularly. I'm beginning to teach CCD but am already worried I may have bitten off more than I can chew. I only work part time but that even seems to be too much. I volunteer at the school and can only hope that I can make the days they give me. All of these things plus balancing Frank's and the boys' school and activity schedules leaves little time for my other major job, housework, and that's noticeable. Maybe, hopefully, this time next year I can balance, rather than juggle, all of it.

I'd like to get a more interesting job; without sounding like a total snob, my current co-workers are just not as educated as I am. I'd like a job with more intellectual challenges than my present one, and with higher pay. I wish I could be more specific than this, with an actual job title, but I can't at present.

I want to still be together with Elise. Not only is she one of the most amazing people I've ever met, but I want to prove to myself that I can stay interested in a single girl for a full year.

I would like to be enrolled in school by this time next year. I'm tired of my family living in poverty and I need to be able to both better provide for my children and have something to work towards. I'm also hoping that a miracle will happen in regards to my stepson Caiden. My husband hasn't seen his son in nearly 2 years, since "the mother" (and this is a term I use very loosely with her) has refused all contact between father and son. We keep hearing rumors and getting letters saying there are allegations of abuse and nothing ever gets done about it. My husband is at a loss of what to do.

I would like to become fluent in french by the time the year ends. It's important because i really want to be multicultural!

I'd really like to buy a house. Our rental is great in every way except that they won't sell it. Now that the bambino is here I'd like to settle into a place of our own, that we can make our own - somewhere that Frances can make her own, a place to create memories, rituals, family time. And it would also be nice to have a dishwasher, which is silly but I want one. Although this yard is hard to give up. Maybe its just a washed up American dream to want to buy a house. I'm sort of on the fence, but mostly because the thought of packing up and moving is less than attractive. But, ultimately I think I want a place of our own to call home. A place for our little one to call home.

I would like to have more clarity with regard to my relationships with men. I would like to be able to have a personal life while earning enough money to make large payments on student loans.

I'd like to achieve the ability to not focus on achievement and to be happy with who I am and what I am doing regardless of output.

Get on honour roll because my education is everything to me, and i must prove to everyone that I AM THE BEST! I need to get a higher GPA. I need to get smarted.

I want to declare a minor in linguistics and pursue Linguistical Anthropology...because it's fun!

Finished losing 80lbs (so, another 25lbs to go), have a new car, and either be pregnant or actively trying to get pregnant! I want to have a family and I want to be healthy and safe before I do.

By this time next year I want to be complete secure and confident in my worth, especially in the way G-d views me. I also want to know that I do not need to have a relationship with someone else, rather, that G-d is enough in my life. By next year, I want to have bought a house, and be in the top 10% of my medical school class.

I'd like to have at least ONE boyfriend. And maybe tell my parents that im applying to MUD in SoHo.

Launch, host and produce the most successful and inspired show ever to air on my network and be sinnfully happy.

I'd like to become a Holistic nutritionist/EFT health coach. I have found my purpose in life. This is the reason why I am on the quest for vibrant health in Mind, Body, and spirit. I have to walk the walk,and talk the talk. My mission begins with me. I'm so excited!!!! The process has begun.

I'd like to have built a really strong relationship with my partner when she moves to my city and as we create a home together. This is a big move for both of us committing to each other and I look forward to deepening and growing our relationship.

I would like to lose some weight. I know I would be healthier,

To be honest, I really don't know right now. This is ironic because I had just gone through an expensive goal-setting and goal-achieving seminar-workshop. Let me state them in the present tense, so I can "claim" them. I have permanent employment, definitely. I am an accredited Registered Financial Planner with a flourishing financially-rewarding practice. I am a stockholder in several profitable major corporations. I am again in a meaningful relationship with a significant other.

I want to be in college and have a decent job. I've put it off college for a year already and by this time next year it'll have been 2 years, which is long enough.

By this time next year, I would like to have something published. It is my dream, and my first goal in my career to have my creative writing pieces printed and shared by anyone willing to read it. However, in the midst of living life, adoring procrastination, and currently a rocky and emotional relationship, I have been sidetracked. It is no excuse - not by a long shot, and I hope I can remind myself and motivate myself to get inspired, and get back to the pen and paper.

I would like to achieve the role of team player on a community sport team in the city where I live. I have always held an internal apprehension about involvement on a co-ed sport team, fearing cases of injury or unfair treatment. It is important to me to get over that fear.

Hm, by this time next year I'd like to still be with my boyfriend of course! :D Hopefully grow taller, wiser, and save up my money by taking out my paychecks as they come. I'd really love my fashion sense to really evolve into me, and who I am as a person. It's getting there...slowly but surely :) I'd also like to have a good friend whom I trust, since my lastest one just moved to Florida. That's kind of important :P

living somewhere's else....cuz it's time to live somewhere's else

I want to manifest being self-employed. I am longing for deep connections with inspiring clients. I want to bring my gifts more fully into the world. I want to help heal and grow myself and others. I want more freedom and fun and passion and purpose.

Can I fucking lose 10 pounds already?! A little self-control goes a long way in the self-esteem department. Move in, settle in, calm down. Get the mojo going again. Inner peace. Outer beauty. Finish WAR AND PEACE.

I'd like to be more confident in the classroom and saved enough money to travel someplace new. I've always had a problem with second-guessing myself. I would like to believe fully in the professional decisions I make, and not have to constantly wonder if I did the right thing. I love experiencing new cultures and peoples first hand. It is one of my most favorite things to do in the world.

I want my mother's estate to be settled before next year.....it's been 8 yrs since she died, & my brother has been holding up the sale of the $7mil ranch all this time. I want to take my inheritance & be moved to Mexico before this time next year. This is important to me becuz I'd been hoping, dreaming, & planning to move to Mexico with my partner of 8 yrs by 2010, but he walked out on me without a word 6 wks before I thot "we'd" planned to leave....& he moved to Mexico with the woman he married 7 wks after he left me, & to the place I'd taken him to, where I'd always wanted to live.

I'd love to have my passion for talk radio finally fulfilled by having my own talk show. I believe that people are too willing to let others think and act for them. Mainstream media has brainwashed people into believing that the sorry pablum that is served up by ever-larger news media corporations is enough to educate and inform most Americans. I want to be able to provide for my children the way I've dreamed of since I divorced their father. I want to spoil them if I want. I want to take them to dinner or europe for vacation. But I want it to come entirely from my wallet. By this time next year I'll have, not just a job, but I'll be a hot radio personality living the life that I learned to dream about. I'd also love to have a man in my life who understands the meaning of "I got your back." I want to be loved fiercely. And I want to have great sex with the man who will love me fiercely.

A job I like, an apartment I've decorated and made my home - or to be living with my aunt, she's amazing too! Enough money saved for a vacation and no credit card debt to pay off that outlasts the month. Maybe a relationship, I don't really need one, but if I meet the right person, we'll see. Mainly, #1 is a job that will support me and not make me dread going in (often).

I want to have a life "plan". I know we plan and God laughs but I want to have a goal of where I want to be in 5 years...at least an idea. I know I am at the threshold of soemthing and want to be able to see ahead.

I want to get my husband to go for a checkup. He hasn't been to the doctor in well over a decade and has several unhealthy lifestyle habits. His mother was recently diagnosed with cancer and this will only add to the stress he experiences. With our child expected in two months, I need my husband at his best for years to come. I know he's reluctant to go due to what the doctors may say and I hope our baby may trigger it.

I would love to be taking some classes, be it photography or back in school. I would love to have saved money. I really want to be happy with myself. I want to have a direction in my life.

By this time next year, I'd like to have done well enough on the SATs, SAT IIs, and ACTs to get into the University of Southern California. =D

Every year for the past few years, I have written that I would like to have one of my stories published. I am not seeking fame, but I would just get such a kick out of seeing something I wrote in print. The problem is I never do anything about it...only think about it and that is really nothing, so perhaps I should try to achieve something else...lose ten pounds, learn a new skill, think a new and unsettling thought.

Overall, I'd like to have more balance in my life. It's important because it's been truly missing from my life in the past couple of years. Balance to me means that in addition to taking care of my daughter and working, that I plan for fun for myself, and plan for relaxation time as well. I'd like to have added some regular excercise and physical activities (e.g. hiking) more fun with friends, and more time for self-reflection.

I would like to be done with my MPH and well on the way to being done with my PhD by this time next year. I started this venture four years ago and have encountered barrier after barrier - some self imposed. I am now feeling lost and unproductive because I'm a floundering student instead of being a productive member of the work force...as I was for many years before I decided to return to school full time. I'm an older student and have this new career track mapped out in my mind - but that's where it's stuck - in my mind. I cannot get the career off the ground without the PhD.

I want to finish my novel that I'm writing about a high school freshman named Leah. or I want to get over my fear of singing in front of people

A stable relationship. It is the only part of my life that is lacking now.

I would like to have given birth by this time next year. Seth and I both want children. It would be wonderful to add to our family.

I would love to sell our current home and move closer to family and friends.

I'd like to go back to school and work toward a new career.

Oh man, if I don't have a new job by this time next year I think I'll have to jump off a bridge or something. Seriously. I feel so unbelievably paralyzed right now. I'm assuming that I have felt like this before, and have probably thought that nothing would ever change, like I do now, but I'm ready for this feeling to be over. It's been building slowly and I think I have done a pretty good job at re-orienting myself, trying to look at my current job with new eyes, etc. but I think I've reach the point of no return. It's not even so much that I want something "better." It's more that I wanted something DIFFERENT. It has always been important to me to keep things moving forward, keep things moving. Maybe that's why I am incredibly in love with Vinyasa Yoga. My whole body just flows for an hour. I can feel very stagnant very quickly/easily, and experience has proved that this is when I tend to be the most unhappy, and man, and I really good at being unhappy. Too good. I wrote in an earlier 10Q question that I wanted to "invest" in my life, and how I thought it was so funny because I had this job interview with an investment relations company...turns out that job interview got canceled. I do really want to INVEST in my future and myself but man, things have been tough lately. Especially things with Ryan being what they are/what they have been. Is this all due to my energy? The energy that I am putting out into the world? Or is there such a thing as luck? My friend Amy got me a necklace with a cute little four leaf clover on it for my birthday. She told me she hoped I found some luck soon. I couldn't agree more. Sometimes I just feel like everything I do is wrong and that I could have just as easily made the opposite decision. What is wrong with me? The tapestry is unraveling. I've applied for what feels like a billion jobs. Please oh please let someone call me and like me. I know I'm good enough. I know I deserve it.

This time next year I will have finished TAFE and Uni. It's important to me because I finish the things I start, and I don't give up.

Develop an idea for a mitzvah project, execute it and complete it with huge satisfaction.

By this time next year I want to be settled into a new job and home and away from being self employeed. I just don't have the energy or will to keep fighting for my business. After 20 years the new laws, rules, regulations, etc. make it not worthwhile anymore.

I would like to be engaged. My boyfriend and I have been together for almost two years and I'm getting antsy...

I would love to be able to continue to help people through my writing. I've enjoyed sharing the things I've learned in my life & appreciate the great comments I have received on how much my writing has helped others to grow in their life.

I set intentions to: help my parents get started growing some of their own food, experience a few different sustainable farms and communities, and decide on the next step I'll take to deepen my learning process—whether that's returning to this community next year, embarking on a PhD program in agroecology, or seeking paid work in sustainable agriculture.

Improved bicycle safety in the ciy of Erie. Why? Because I am a bicyclist and I want more of my community members to join me on the road in a safe & fun activity of bicycling.

I would like to form a care group back in Singapore and be able to reach OUT to souls. This is important because God has called me to do His work and I have been praying hard that God will show me His way in how to do this. (:

I would like to be 175 lbs again. Why would something so possibly superficial be important? I have had issues for many years with starting and maintaining a regular diet and workout regimen since graduating from college. Reaching that weight would be proof that I have started, and more importantly maintained a healthy living regimen. It is doubly important since I'm going to be a father soon, and being healthy for my wife and child is paramount.

I'd like to have a job in my chosen career and an apartment with my fiance.

to be attending colorado state!!!!! this is the college i really really really really really really really want to get into!!! soooo badly! like more than anything in the world. it has everythig, from the major i want to outdoors life.

Not living with the worry of the structural integrity of my house. The only outcome of this that I can see at this point is building a new house. Getting to that point will be the largest hurdle of my life. I don't know how to get past it.

I would love to lose weight because i think it would make me feel less self conscious.

By this time next year i would like to be settled in to college and be enjoying the things that i am learning rather than being forced to learn certain subjects in High School. I understand that expanding your knowledge before college is important in order to find what is right for you, but there comes a point where it is time to specialize in what you love to do and become productive.

Finish the "partial" home improvemnets! Goodness, the time to have the list complete is upon me!

I would like to be in school for my masters in speech therapy and be living on my own. Also I would like to have a steady serious relationship.

I would like to be in better shape and be able to take a bike trip, walk in Italy or some othe great trip somewhere I have never been. I'm not getting any younger...

By this time next year I hope to be working a lot less--perhaps 20 hours a week instead of 60. I am a workaholic and I need to learn to slow down or I will likely end up seriously ill.

I want to have a haunt ready to open. I want to have started my own event planning business. And if none of those works out then I want to start working on being a mother.

I plan to be taking my MSW courses at FSU this time next year. I look forward to having all the details worked out and creating the life I want for myself. I hope that I maximize my 8 months off in one way or another.

I hope I'm back where I am now at this time next year. I'm hesitant to think that far in advance with any amount of determination, because everything is so uncertain. But I'm thinking about it all the time and feeling like it might be the right next thing for me- to do law school or work here for a year and live back in Eastern Market where everything always seems to work out. Not everything- life is life and this isn't too good to be true by any means. It's just right to be true, and it feels like the place I belong in a lot lot lot of ways, and I hope that even if this isn't where I am in a year- that I feel that way about wherever I am. I missed that at IU, and have never had it before to this degree in my entire life. I hope that's the same in a year.

I would like to see the launch of my new business concept with the support of a funding grant and commercial sponsorship. It will bring colour, happiness and movement to a public place in a way never seen. I feel as determined to do it as I was for my first business which I started more than 8 years ago. It's important because I am driven to make it a reality and totally believe in it and its potential success.

I'd like to be done with my rabbinic studies, not only the teshuva, but all the rest.

I want to have a job! Hopefully one that I like and that I can grow with. I also really hope that I find the man I'll marry, but I've had bad luck with getting my heart broken over and over. All I know is SOMETHING needs to finally go right for me. I can't take any more pain.

I'd like the business to be generating a gross profit of $4K/wk. This would get me back to where I was before I went out on my own, and demonstrate that it's not necessary to work for somebody else in order to do well. Then I could look ahead and around me without fear that there's a hatchet hovering over my head!

I would like to achieve Peace of mind.The state of the World Today and the Politics --Are too much for a Grandmother to take in. When will the World stop fighting and save the one and only Beautifull(EARTH) we have..It is our only EARTH ..Which all must share; I would like to see all countrys who are in trouble helped and Fed.Iwould like to see Family Planning ,for all..COUNTRYS. FREE. No more suffering children, that they cannot be fed.That starve to death. This may stop such suffering. No more cruel abortions required. --------------------------------------- Enable undernourished countrys to recover. I would also like to see all Doctors who train overseas.Go back and HELP their own, when they achieve their goal. Western countrys must refuse to poach these Doctors.

I'd like to be in a secure job and living in my own apartment. I feel that steady income and a home of my own will provide me with the basic foundation for a productive future. Also, my relationship with my mother is really bad, almost non-existent and I think that maybe if I moved out then things would be better between us.

Get married or be well on the well way to planning a wedding!

I want to achieve in a year to be in a master in social science or politics, it is important to me to achieve this because I think that this would be an opportunity to develop me as a teacher and as a human.

I would like to feel moved in and at home in our house. Although we have lived here for twelve years, we have opened our home to many people in need of temporary lodgings at times of difficulty in their lives. What I hadn't noticed is that when each person came, I literally relonquished my space our home. I didn't realize it while I was doing it, but in making room for others, I stuffed myself in the closets and lived very small. I became habituated to not taking up much room. Now, I have the task of including myself in my home and homemaking. It's taken some time to make a plan that didn't include berating myself. I now realize that I have to make peace with myself for getting in so deep before I will get out of the pattern. I'm moving in and coming home. I'm really trying to stay with my excitement in moving toward that with openness and compassion for myself for finding myself here and as I get myself here.

Never thought bankruptcy would be something I'd want to achieve - it always seemed so "dead-end" and "your life is OVER". But now to me, it says "this means you get to move back home soon". And that is one sweet sound.

I hope we have a plan for where we will be in the year after that.

too many funerals, too many ~preparations~ for ~worst case~ scenarios this year has begun to wear on me, so i'd like to return to a normal, peaceful, serene existence. preferably with employment!

I would like to have successfully directed a play. I want to have commanded a cast and led them along on a creative and enjoyable journey. I want to have seen them perform with pride in their work and their roles. I want to have heard the applause as the audience expressed their thorough enjoyment of the work.

I'd love to find a peaceful co-existence with my wife and family.

Lose 100 pounds and compete in a Super Sprint Triathlon (that's half a half marathon). I lost 100 pouns in eight months last year, then put 60 back on this year. Sigh. Well, I really know how to do it. Also, meditate daily, and secure regular paid work that I enjoy.

By this time next year, I would like to be accepted to a medical school. This is important to me because it is the key to moving ahead in my life. I do not want to be stuck where I am. I also will feel better being accepted somewhere because then I will know that I am moving ahead no matter what. This makes me feel apprehensive and excited.

One thing I'd like to achieve in a years time is having a relationship, with a girl, that lasts, works, and is real and mutually felt. I don't know how important this actually is but its something I really want. I'd feel less lonely, have someone to talk to all the time, and get action. None of my other relationships have lasted or really meant much. This one needs meaning and understanding. One thing i'd like to achieve in a year is to be part of a long lasting, meaningfull, and understanding relationship.

I would like to have found and been hired into a job that I enjoy and allows me to have enough money to not stress out at the end of each month when rent is due if I behave myself financially.

I'd like to have completed my first professional documentary and I hope to have also gotten enough funding to be in the final stages of the documentary I've been working on for the past 4 years. It's important to me because it will allow me to continue to build on this work if I chose to do so. Also, it will allow me to move on! I would like to have also led at least one tour group in southern Italy, and have spent a month there doing nothing but enjoying life! This is important to me because I want to build a means to work and live in Italy. :) I want to have already met the love of my life, to be falling deeper in love with one another and talking about and creating our future together... with real, concrete, creative and inspired ideas that align harmoniously with who we are and what we have always wanted for ourselves: joy, happiness, freedom, sharing, abundance, children, our pets, exciting careers, and lives that permit us to live in both Italy and America! :) This is important to me because I am ready for a partner and a family: I have a lot of love to give to this partner, this family and this Earth.

Maintain. Stay happy & don't get lost in the small stuff. Don't get down when your life is so damn good. Maintain, persist, & find the everyday joys.

Moved house/countries/Lost at least 40kg/Enrolled to finish my degree and studying/Doing what I'm really passionate about/Doing what I know I' really good at/Finished my book/

I want to publish a book. To me, that symbolizes the ability to carry through a project AND the opportunity to support myself doing what I love.

I want to have committed to a weekly volunteer job; it's important to me because I feel a void and am seeking a deeper connection with myself and society as a whole.

Quiero superar mi timidez con algunas personas y en ciertas circunstancias. Nada me haría más feliz porque siento que así se me abrirían más puertas.

I would like to be a produced screenwriter. It's a goal that I have been working towards for the past few years.

I'd like to be working full time within a year. This is vital because I need to get back to saving for retirement.

By this time next year I hope to be gainfully employed as a first year high school teacher. This is important to me because I want to make education my life's work in whatever form that takes. I recently graduated and I feel that starting out as a high school teacher is the right path for me. I feel like I can help people and make a difference and that doing so is absolutely pivotal to my self-actualization as a human being.

I want to have my driver's license. I'm almost 18. I need to get it and get a job so I can help my parents pay for my college education.

I hope that I will have gotten over my ex-boyfriend, and that I have met somebody new with whom I can construct a meaningful relationship with. I also hope that I have found the city and the country in the world where I would like to build a life. I have lived in 7 countries and moved 19 times over the past 15 years, and even if I don't want to settle down permanently, I wish to have one base. New York is the city closest to my heart, so I hope I will get a job there, or alternatively in London or Paris.

I would like to be married and moved into a house. I feel that I am in limbo a bit every now and then, waiting to start my future and I don't want to wait anymore.

I would like to be on my school's varsity tennis team. Both of my parents play tennis and currently I am on the JV team. If I work extremely hard and put all of my effort into it then I believe I can make it. It would be a great achievement for me because I have watched varsity practices and they work very hard and drill more consecutively which improves their game.

I want to spend more time with my sewing. This is a reflection of the time I spend (don't spend) at home and with my growing boys. I look at my fabric and want to cry. Life is moving so fast.

I'd like to be more confident in my personal relationships with co-workers, and more secure in my feelings about my own abilities... I've been trying to get more in touch with my own faults, and have done fairly well at getting most of them to a manageable level, but I'm still not feeling as strong as I should... Something to work on, I guess... I'd also like to work harder on my writing... I've always enjoyed it, and everyone who's read anything I've written says I'm rather talented (but maybe they're just being kind)... Who knows? Maybe I can actually get something printed!

more freedom from conditioned attitudes so that I can be more of a loving person

Be halfway through my first year at uni, tis important because I dont wish to be a bum

I'd like to be back on the road, traveling somewhere. In fact, I want to have visited at least 6 states and 20 FB friends by this time next year. It's important because it's who I am.

I'd like to be exercising 6 days a week, one hour per day. This is important for my physical and mental health, my headaches, my temper.

I'd like to be happier. I don't think I can hope for much more than that.

I would like to develop balance. Yeah, that's what I said last year. I'm closer but would love to be a better wife, a better mom, a better rider, better at my job and have well colored roots!

Be a great chemical engineer

Only one thing? That's hard! This past year has been so incredibly difficult that there are so many things I want to achieve next year; and, at the same time, I'm so afraid to set goals because they might be out of my reach. But just to tempt fate: I plan to have moved on from my current job by this time next year. Whether that's to further study, or to another job, isn't clear right now. What is clear, though, is that I must be gone from this unhealthy place.

In September of 2011, I hope to be a daddy of a happy, healthy 6 month old child. I have wanted to have a child since I was 18, and this is a major life fulfillment for me. It would also be the first grandchild for my father and for my wife's mother and father.

Success and maturity through this year. Projects such as few Machinima's. Maybe a few more video projects. Grow and form relationships. Thrive through Senior Year and prepare for College phsycologicly and philosophicly. Perhaps try to write book. Elaborate and screen plays. Try to help the world you live in. Take oppurtunity to the fullist.

I'd like to be pregnant or have a baby by this time next year. I'd also like to be in grad school again. Now that I think about those two things together again, I'm reminded of how I'm supposed to be sort of trying to coordinate their timing. Maybe. I tried last year, but have since decided to just leave it up to fate. I choose to believe that whenever pregnancy happens, I'll just make it work out with the rest of my life. I've decided that all my other goals and plans will still fall into place nicely. I've always made things work out in my life before, so why should this be any different? It's been very relaxing to just let go of trying to plan this. Why is it important to me to have a child? I honestly don't really know. Part of me really doesn't want a child. I like my life and having the freedom to do whatever I want, go wherever I want to go whenever I feel like going. I think I will be a very laid back and hands off parent. I enjoy watching kids explore the world; I enjoy exploring it with them. I think the way that I'll reconcile my need to be independent and follow my dreams is by being a carefree parent...my child's happiness and growth (*especially* as a person) will simply become a part of my dreams, so it won't feel like a loss to be focusing my plans around someone else. It may even feel like a gain. I want to have a child because I know that I will regret it later if I don't. I very much feel like having a child is like passing the torch to the next generation, even from the moment of birth (if not before). Once my child is born, life will no longer be about me. In some ways I even feel like my life will be over. Not literally, but in terms of focus. My focus will be on the future and the growth of my child. My growth will be important, but secondary, shorter term, and very personal. When I think about the world I want to contribute to and help build, or how I want to contribute to society's and humanity's growth, it will be with my child in mind, not myself. It will be about creating a future that I will not be a part of. I'll be looking into the future to a point that extends farther than my life. This is actually vitally important to me as a person. That sort of focus makes me very directly connected to the continuing unfolding of life and the world in general, and makes me feel inextricably woven into the greater whole. It is my way of feeling the only idea of immortality that has ever been real to me.

I want to have finished and published the book I'm working on. It could help so many people, and Spirit keeps nudging me on. It would also be nice to complete a project rather than just starting them.

I would like to at least have a complete draft of my PhD thesis, or ideally have the final version. This PhD has been in my life for a long time now and it has always been a test of my self belief - can I let myself succeed and finish this? It is the one thing I have wanted to achieve in my life and feel as if it is in the balance now as to whether I get back on it or let it slide.

Successfully starting another foreign language. Or being in Canada to finally really be with my childhood sweetheart again.

I want to finish school and have a steady career as a EMT

I would like to be living on my own, with a stable job, and be going to college. I don't want to be one of those people who have to work shitty jobs just because they put off college. Though I am not a huge fan of school, I think I may like college because you are going to school for something you are interested in and not just for general knowledge. I'm excited to be going to college because I am excited to meet people who are interested in what I am and further my education to jumpstart my career. Though I just sounded like a cookie-cutter kind of school loving child (like my sister, crazily) that's how I feel. As for living by myself, I have lived with the minimum two people for my entire life. I once lived with 8; my brothers and sisters, my mom, my brother's girlfriend. So having a one bedroom apartment that I decorate with christmas lights and thrift-store finds would be incredible. Plus the fact that I can do whatever the fuck I want would be absolutely pleasing also.

I would like to become involved in something that I can feel good about, volunteer-wise. It's important to me to be of use to the world.

I want to have a more secure job or to be in a secure relationship or to live somewhere where I know I can be there long-term. I crave security.

I want to be in school. I need to be in school. I want to take that step towards my future. I'm ready to learn more!

Well, it is not easy. But basically, I'd like get a equilibrated rythm in my domestic economy. In other words, I'll hope to be able to equilibrate income and expenditures and I dream that this situtation could be extended for long time and beyond. So, I'd sleep at night, and my personal relationships with my family members would be improved and it become "normal". Thanks.

I'd love to afford taking my family to the States next summer -it will be the first time there for my husband, first time away from Israel for my kids, first time for me in 23 years. That means a lot of intensive work for all of us, and first of all healing mt broken wrist so I can get back to work soon

My Book!!!!! And my website active and making money...me doing webinars, teleseminars, etc. I want my independence and I want to offer my unique gifts...I believe I can make a difference!

I would like to be in a healthy, passionate relationship.

I want to get good A level results and get into university. I hope that I will be reading these answers from uni halls at either Winchester or Roehampton university but obviously at this point I am in such early stages of my ucas application that I don't know wwhere I want to go but at the moment they are my top choices.

In fact, I have settled some marriages when I was working as a Chief Co-Ordinator/Manager of Bharat Matrimony in Vashi, New Mumbay. Since then, I am dreaming of fixing of marriages of Boys or Girls who are really baked in this vicious process as they do not get their desired match in their Community or amongst the race or caste. This year, very recently, during May 2010, I could fix up a marriage for one Lecturer of DAV College. She was 34 yrs and had lost all her hopes that she could get marry to a descent person. She was a cultured lady, very fair too, Post Graduate, As a Lecturer in well known College in Aurangabad, Parents were chronically ill, the whole responsibility she was pulling on her own for the betterment of family. In spite of all the above cited good things, I quoted here she was not getting a Life-Partner, due to various reasons which were not convincing to my mind. I vowed and promised that virgin girl that she would get marry this year-2010. Accordingly, I started my search and vigorous efforts in proper direction. And a day rose on which it was settled so miraculously that without so much hesitation all the tedious things and procedures were settled and she is engaged with the Boy who is well educated, from a cultured family, having his best employment, well settled, nice cool guy, down-to-earth, having very good hobbies, respecting elders, having his own brand new car worth Rs.6-8Lakhs, and having his residential flat in a descent. Both were married during May 2010 and their marriage was a grand function. Accordingly, I have fulfilled my ambition for settling a marriage without any remuneration or gifts or prize or money but I could quench my thirst of social work by doing this kind of deed. Apart from there after on the same kind of job for one other girl who is in a dilapidated economic condition but due to limited candidates in her community and as being divorced very recently, she is not able to get a good life-partner. I have found out a guy who is ready to marriage with her though he is from upper class and rich affluent. But due to certain technical problem, the issue is presently on hold but certainly would be solved within a few days. If it is happened according to my wishes, I would be able to frame the marriage issue of that couple with their desire and happiness would come on their way in the near future, setting my desire, too. In such a way, I have targeted to fix 5-6 marriages in a year's time which would give me immense satisfaction to my mind.

I'd like to lose 50 pounds. Losing weight would give me more energy to play with my family.

To get a job. So tired of being on benefits and never having any money or a reason to go out every day. I want to support my family. They deserve it.

I wanted to slim, fit and a total well being mind, soul and body by next year. This is very important to me to be a right human being to carry out my responsibilities more fruitfully

I would say 'lose my virginity', but more important than that would be to be in a loving, stable relationship. I already have a boyfriend but it doesnt feel right, so I need time to figure out why and what it is thats wrong. So in a loving, caring relationship...hopefully with some sex.

Be a changed woman, maybe lose a couple of pounds. Be more productive, have an active social life but not too much of being a social butterfly I'm not aiming to be famous.

I wish to be in a new job where I feel challenged daily and that I am giving myself a great chance of achievement and progression. This is important because I am and ambitious person who needs something to give me a challenge. Children will inevitably do this, but they are a few years off yet as I want to be financially stable before having children.

Balance-I'm going to burn myself out if I don't figure out how to work less and play more.

I'd like to have gotten us out of our financial crash plan. The stability that will bring and the peace of mind will be welcome. Maybe then I'll stop beating myself over the head with the stupid stick. I've learned this year that not arguing with my wife about money is like winding up a spring. The tension just increases with no release in sight.

By this time next year I would like to be teaching at the collegiate level. This is important to me because it is all I have ever wanted in terms of career goals and now that I am co-teaching a graduate class and really enjoying it, I will have the experience to make this happen.

I'd like to know what I'm doing with my life, and where I'm going instead of just faffing around!

I'd like to have a better handle on my health. In the last year I have been enduring test after test to discover the reason for my pain and fatigue. I may need to switch doctors, which is exhausting in itself. But the mystery needs to be solved. I am far too young to feel this way.

Survive 1L

I'd like to get my finances fully under my control. When I am responsible for all my financial things, I'll feel like a REAL adult and not so much like soemone who is playing at being an adult.

To be in a relationship. I believe that it'll give me stability and will teach me another chapter of life that is still foreign to me, which is sharing life with another human being. I want to love and to be love back. Though scary, I want to trade this loneliness with that happiness.

either changing career paths or getting a new job. this is very important because i feel i can no longer grow where i am. it is a very negative environment in dealing with my boss and i've had to endure it for so many years not realizing the long-term effects it has put on my well-being. i feel i can do better and feel more appreciated by what i do elsewhere.

I would like to get getting ready to spend my last year in college, getting ready for the future. I hope to by then have gained a lot of experience in the PR world, so I am ready to be out on my own. I want to have celebrated our 5 year anniversary; possibly getting planning our wedding for the following year. I want to achieve happiness and success in not the normal ways, I just want to feel completely comfortable with myself and others and really stepping out of my comfort zone and putting myself out there.

Consistent sources of income. Need to have many sales per day with the bottles and/or a job with a small company located close by. I guess it comes done to achieving some direction in life. I enjoy the part time aspect of several activities to keep each day fresh and different, but in the end the income must be there.

I would love to have my basement finished. At least the floor or ceiling finished. I need to have the sense that we made our home better than how we found it.

Graduate college and either be attending Graduate School or beginning a stable job or internship in the field of writing. (Publishing, Editing, Writing, etc...)

Take care of my will and living will as well as the executor and adminstators. I have seen disputes over relatives estates that drives me to try to do this so it will be equitable and there will be less trouble in probating.

I need a job. lol. I need the damn money, okay?

I want to get ALL of my loose ends and problems solved and start living normally.

I'd like to run the Gail Parkins Memorial Ovarian Cancer Walk & 5K Run next September as a tribute to my mother-in-law. Right now I barely get up from the couch.

Finish reading my books. I usually don't finish what I start, and books are part of this fact.

I would like to know that leaving my teaching position was a great move. That my photography business is healthy and viable. That I have the amount of work necessary to meet my needs not necessarily my wants:)

I'd like to be less in debt. I've made peace with my financial situation but I'd like to at least be able to see that I'm making progress.

One thing - ummm...... I would like to have my homestudy completed and have adopted little ones and also have my dd and ds know I love them dearly and have my dd and ds approve of my adopting. This is important to me - because I feel it is important to share the wealth of love, to share food, a home that I feel with those who have no one. It isn't a matter of $$ and cents - rather a strong belief that we are not only all G-d's creatures but that we are ultimately responsible for caring for each other along the way. Besides - I really want to adopt kids! A bunch of kids! I enjoy raising children and really enjoy caring for them.

I want to write more and find a way to share it publicly. For the first time in my life, I'm particularly interested in my own family research ---and while I don't necessarily want to write the stories exactly as I am learning them---I want them to inspire a deeper understanding of other stories and ideas.

TGJ -- a new company that friends are building with me. I am tickled by the thought that a business can be built and be successful with an environment where the individuals who work to build and grow the company live authentically and happily contribute their talent and time and without eclipsing the balance, joy and love in their lives.

Learn to organize my life in priority order and accept what I can and cannot do. Reach out more to help othersm and development my personal mindfulness.

I would like to have more regular blog readers and have more interesting content. This is important to me because I enjoy having a creative outlet and I want more people to appreciate it. I need to improve my writing and tell more interesting and compelling stories, even take better photographs, but as silly as it is, having more blog readers would be an accomplishment for me.

I want to begin working out consistently because I know that it releases stress and I like the way it makes me feel.

I would like to have started school, working towards my degree. It's important because I'm finally taking steps for long-term improvement of my life

Complete financial stability. I am closer now than last year. I would like to feel that I live in this house out of choice not because I am too strapped to move forward. and I would like to feel a part of a larger community. I feel alone and at times lonely. I long for a group of friends with whom I can spend time happily.

I want to find myself as a creative writing student busily fumbling through the hallway inside my desired university to heading to my contemporary jazz dance class across the street, while being excited about my Spanish class the next day.

I'd like to feel completely comfortable with my body. I feel like I can appreciate everything else about myself but when it comes to my body, sometimes I just want to cut off chunks of it and throw them out. I've tried regularly exercising, I've tried salads everyday but I never feel completely happy with how I look. I feel like my weight is out of my control. I'd like to feel like I have control by this time next year. I'd like to feel like I don't have to cross my arms over my stomach or suck in or hide myself under layers of flowered ruffles. Even if the way I look doesn't change, I want to come to terms with it and accept who I am, body and all.

I'd like to work through the difficulties I'm having in my relationship with my best friend and to be in a calmer, more accepting, honest, and genuine place with her. She's been an important person in my life, who gets me in many ways. I'd miss not having her (and that experience) in my life. I'm afraid that we won't get there.

I would like to win a major cocktail competition. I've come in second place or been a finalist several times. Barring that, I'd like to get more opportunities to create cocktails and get paid for it. It's important to me because even tho' I've learned an incredible amount of information about mixology, I still feel like I am still just a wannabe in the cocktail industry.

I am launching Vocation Inspiration! It was an idea a week ago, and now it's listed on funding websites. I just created my first press release for it; with any luck I'll raise at least my hoped-for $7500 in funding, create 8-10 vocation videos and get my website designed and built!

Get to and maintain a healthy BMI of below 25 this would be through remaining acive - still a member of BMF - still walking instead of getting the car? This is important as after years of being FAT and unhealthy I realise it has held me back for so long and that I need to do this now as I am nearer 40 and can't bear to feel like I have done for even more lost years.

I'd like to move past him. I feel like the fact that I'm still tied to him makes it so much harder for me to get through my day-to-day. I really thought I was fine, but the gradual fading of my optimism says otherwise. I'd like to be over him.

I'd like to be in school full time. I'd like to fall in love. I'd like to figure out my life. I want a baby. I want to have no bills/debt.

I'd like to be strong and pain-free by this time next year. I've spent so much time working on the outer world, for others - often at the expense of my own needs and health. For the first time in so long, I feel free in my body and like I'm becoming the person, both inside and now out, that I've always seen myself to be. All of this is critical to me now because I want to have a baby in the next few years and I don't want to do that until I've reached this level of self-actualization. I want to be the best that I can be for my child, myself and my partner.

A steady job I actually care about... Cuz I just havent come about something I love, I just keep tossing them off and away and well, I want something to be proud of going to day after day and enjoying it...

i want to know that i have made a full effort to find a mate, and simultaneously got my finances in order so that i can plan for having a child on my own. it is important to me because i think that building a family, a healthy one, can be a source of deep connectedness and joy in life. i also want to start making financial plans for myself so that i can a have a good quality of life.

There's two major goals I want to accomplish in the next year. I want to run a Disney 5K race of some variety. Every time we volunteer, it just motivates me more than I can do it. I also want to get a internship for one of the Girl Scout World Centers. I feel like it's my opportunity to travel and (at least temporarily) get out of this stupid small town. I feel like it'll be a great experience and something I need to do.

By this time next year I really want to have a solid place to live and a job to support myself and my art. I hope to be writing very regularly by then and spending time in the theatre scene.

Produce my show! For the general public or on a Jewish circuit (Hillel, Hadassah, Federations, etc) but GET IT OUT THERE! Not making my reflections on Israel and the message for peace is too painful.

By this time next year, I will be in University, I will have made an impact on my hometown, and I will be a legend in my school.

I would like to get into grad school. I think for the past couple of years, although I have been taking classes, I have focused a lot on having a social life and getting myself back on track. If I got into grad school this time next year, I'd just feel more secure about my future.

By this time next year, I'd love to have achieved having a trim, slender body! I know that many of my health issues are either directly related to my weight or are at least impacted by my weight. Get rid of the weight - get rid of some/all of the health issues! (My health insurance company will keep from billing me higher premiums if my weight is down, too.... That's a bit intrusive and "Big Brother"-ish, but I can't argue with the logic.)

By this time next year I will be starting my 2nd year of my MA program. I want to have my thesis topic picked out, so that I can have my whole 2nd year to develop it.

I would like to have a baby.

I would like to complete a few art projects that are in progress. This is important because I feel the concepts are very strong and that I owe this work to the public. I feel a responsibility to share it with others.

I need to get back home to NYC. I am tired of living in areas where I do not fit. I grew up there and this is my second attempt at trying out a new city. I have finally accepted that I cannot live anywhere else.

I want to be 15 pounds thinner.

I want to have an income that's proportionate to the amount of work I put into my small business. This is important to me because my sense of self is tied to my success in my undertakings. I harbor self-doubts about my success in this business, even though it grows every year and my clients love what I do. If I have a "real" income, it'll feel like a real business, and not just a hobby that I work very hard at.

Independence. I would like to achieve some sort of independence. I'm 32 right now and living at home with my mom. Bless her for giving me a place to go after a very shocking turn of events in my life. But as I sit here at her home, a home I spent time at before, it doesn't feel like a home anymore to me. It feels transitional. I feel like it's important because I've never lived alone or only had myself to rely on. I'm not sure where that will happen or when. I feel like maybe taking the minor step to a studio in Bellingham would be great. I could find a job and learn how to live on my own. Or maybe something larger. Maybe moving to Seattle or maybe even San Francisco. All I know is living independently is the thing I'd like to do. What would be realy nice is if I didn't have to succumb to a 9 to 5 job to do that. We'll see where I am in a year.

I would like to be one year older than I am today. The importance is, and would be, that I am still here enjoying my lovely extended family i.e. includes my son-in-law and his family I'm a lucky guy

I'd like to have a new job by next year. I love my work but have been doing the same thing for a decade. I feel that I need a change in order to grow and thrive.

I'd like to open up my house on a monthly basis for a Shabbat dinner and invite friends, new acquaintances, etc. It's been so hard to entertain with small children, but at the same time, I need to cultivate new friends in the area where I live, and Shabbat is an "easy" invite - inviting new people over for no reason is a bit more intimidating than saying, "hey, come for Shabbat".

I would like to be actually accepted to Baruch College. COOL. and I would like to be living with krusty christie, my roommate. I would like to have the job I just got for a while too so if that could happen that would be great. Also- world peace?

I would like to be enrolled in or pursuing becoming an instructor of Yoga. I have been teaching for 3 years now and feel the need to be "certifiable" to present and give more to the people who seek the benefits of yoga. I am stuck right now on where do i fit it in...How do I do it... Maybe I should just "barrell ahead"

I want a decent raise in my salary. I took a job last year that paid less because I was unemployed for 6 months and I was afraid I wasn't going to find anything else. Though I like my job, I know I am underpaid and the effects wreaked havoc on my life. I worry if I will have enough money to get me through the month, and I've even taken to packing my lunch everyday and biking to work, but it doesn't help, I’m still consistently broke. So whether I stay at my current job or find another, I must start making more money before I get an ulcer from worrying over the amount of financial stress I'm under.

By this time next year I would like to know--beyond the joys of being the best father, grandfather, and significant other to my sweetheart that I can be--why I am still alive and what contributions I may still be able to make towards healing the Earth. And, I would like to establish quality time with my children and grandchildren beyond question.

I would like to have a job so I can stop feeling so worthless.

What would I like to achieve... Maybe living away from home. That or a car of my own so I don't have to end up being supported by anyone else. But I don't want to use a loan. I want to save my money so that I can not let the bank make up money. Eventually, I'd like to become a mother so I need to get started on these things. I'll always have my family, but I need to start living my life.

I would like to feel totally comfortable in my physical body--whether this means losing another 20 or more pounds, I'm not entirely sure, but I want to feel as vibrant strong and appreciative of my body as i ever have.

I want to make go on a vacation. Not to visit family or for work or where someone else wants to go. I want to choose to have pleasure in something!

I'd like to find a more rewarding, meaningful job when I return from the trip. I'd like to take some continuing education classes as well. I want to know what I want to be when I grow up! I'm 34....

I would like to have a job that continues the career path that was recently interrupted, and I would like to be a father. I buried the lead... raising a child to be an intelligent and important member of society is the most important goal in my life to come.

I want to have an organized basement. This would make me feel calmer, like my life isn't so chaotic and out of control.

archery exam scholarship job good grades :) boyfriend Scotland

I would like to be engaged and have a full-time teaching position.

I would like to be further along the path towards healing myself of a chronic illness that has taken up a lot of my attention over the past few years. Progress has been made up to now and I want to make even more.

Lose 20 lbs - health

I would like to be able make at least 1 person feel better about having Non-epileptic Seizures. If i can do this for ust one person then i know i have done good in the world and can maybe help more as well. :)

Getting my garage clean and organized. It is like the little secret I have in my closet. It feels icky - drains my energy. I need to bite of a little chunk at a time and get it DONE. Also, finishing the grown up paperwork - will, trust, etc.

I'd to have finally passed my driving test! Its been over a year now that I've been learning - I don't want to be going on for another year.

I would like to have control over my spending habits. I guess I say this every year (as well as losing weight!) but I want to be more conscious of it. I got a $10,000 raise this year (when I moved jobs) and I still feel like I don't have any money. Yes, my insurance rates went up, and yes, I lost a lot of money to taxes, but I should have extra money. Where does it all go? I hate feeling poor but I also hate saying no to things that cost money. However, I'd like to feel calmer about this aspect of saving money. It'd be great to focus on my goals and know that when I refuse and extra beer it's because I'm saving up for something special!

Run a marathon or achieve a similar challenge. I set myself the challeneg of a 10 mile run in 2005 and have done it for the past 5 years. Not training as I should, partly as I lack motivation. Maybe it's because I know I can do it so don't push myself.

I would like to secure employment for the future. besides the financial implications, I want to find a place where I can bring my family in as a part of what I do and where I can find professional and personal fulfillment.

Be credit card debt free! Why is it important to me? It’s more about being finically competent rather than being ‘debt free’. I know I’m still going to have my student loans and my Jewish Free Loan but my credit card debt is entirely my fault and I’m living with the repercussions of those indulgences. This past week, I spent $1,000 on items for my apartment, now I am lucky that the $1,000 came to me interest free and that I know the other $2,000 will be put to good use but it bothers me that I can not justify my credit card debt. But I kinda had a bit of a panic attack thinking about all the debt, all the expense of moving out to LA, and of not having a steady job. But I also know that I can take that head on and tackle that challenge! I am in an amazing place right now where paying off my credit card debt is possible. I’ve proven that on my JWW salary alone, I can make ends meet. Now that encourages me to spend the extra money I get from Or Ami on my debt and if I spend a majority of that salary on my debt then this is possible. I need to be financially responsible! I need to learn and evolve from my parents so that I never end up in those situations. Also, as my previous answers have eluded to, I am building myself up to meet a level of person I want to be, in turn by having higher standards for the kind of person I want to share my life with. I would want to be with someone who has their own place, can manage their money well, pays their bills and has minimal debt. I would not want to be with someone with $3,000+ in credit card debt or lives with their parents or hates their job... So I’m slowly but surly making my way up the evolutional totem pole- I don’t smoke weed anymore, I don’t lie or steal, I have my own place, can manage my money well, will soon have pets to take care of, etc. Other than my family, which I can not control, I want to make sure I’m the best person and package I can be, including the way I manage my money. So here is to seeing a bunch of 0’s on my credit card balances!!!!

By this time next year I would like to have fixed plans to live in a foreign country for approximately a year. I also plan to have taken the GRE. Both of these are necessary steps in exploring my interests and skills and figuring out where they'll take me.

House, finances, job - stability would rock!

I want someone to share all the love I have to give with. I'm not a hunter, I don't know who is prey. I just extend my love to whoever is near enough to me and doesn't reject it.

Financial freedom from creditors; money in the bank for my future. I intend to be solely responsible for myself in no more than 10 years. I have a lot of catching up to do if I want to live the life of my dreams.

I want to still be doing all 4 subjects at A Level! And i want to complete them, i want to have a boyfriend and have made lots of new friends. I want to find some confidence!

Two things: Find a job (that I love) and be in a good relationship with someone. It's important for my self-confidence that I feel happy about what I'm contributing to the world (professionally)....and to share my hopes and dreams with someone else would be a welcome addition to my life.

I would like to have a new job. And have started on my way to my career. Of course that would mean figuring out what that career will be.

I'd like to have a long term contract doing the job I'm doing, which I L*O*V*E. It's important because, as I said, I love my work. It's also important because it gives me financial security.

There are a lot of things) I'd like to pass DELE. I'd like to finish the 5 year of study. To travel (Germany, Poland, Latvia, Israel), to find a job (to earn money, to fulfil myself. To end 2 year of greek, start taking "sew lessons".

I'd like to achieve a nice little savings account for myself. I've always wanted to have a real honest to good one and would start off well, but would end up spending the money. I know how to create a budget so I believe I will be successful this time.

By this time next year, i'd like to be able to manage my money better. I'd like to have a job that pays more than 300 a month. I'd like to have gone to Europe with Andrew with little strife and be planning our next big move.

I would like to have a stable job that I enjoy and that pays reasonably.

I would like to complete my Ph.D. and, on a related note, I would like to feel good about my dissertation. It's something I've been working for 7 years now and I really hope to finish.

first kiss.

I want to become happy with my job--either the one I have or with a new path. I'd also like to be in a relationship.

To be so skinny I can see my bones. Because bones are beautiful and I use myself as inspiration for my art projects.

Oh, that's easy. Getting to college. At least one of my top five. I'm looking at you DePaul! Hopefully I'll be at DePaul or equal when I'm reading this.... DON'T LET ME DOWN! I mostly just want to make it into one of my top five to show that I could. I don't want to be here anymore. Of course there's always the possibility that I want to go home or something once I'm there. I'll never know until it happens. I think that's it. I just want to go out and learn for myself. That's why it matters.

I would like to feel that I have devoted ample time and attention to my family, both my husband and children. I hope to give birth to a new child - to be fortunate to get pregnant again despite my infertility.

A first in assessments, with luck a scholarship to a studio space for third year, & at least some starting points for placement work. If not roaring success, at least some stability in my output.

I would like to have all of my old photos and film stored on DVDs and organized. I have been trying to do this for months now but seem to get sidetracked or overwhelmed. It's important to me because I am getting to an age where I don't want all of these photo albums taking up so much room in my closet. It is also important in that I promised my ex-husband I would make a DVD for him of our kids, and I want to follow through on this promise.

I want to write something I am proud of. Its important because writing takes discipline and I need to stop being too self-critical to pick up a pen. I also want to lose myself somewhere and find myself again with more clarity. I'd like to also have allowed myself to be vulnerable in relationships with people I love.

By this time next year I would like to be out of debt. I constantly feel the weight of owing money and the stress of not knowing how I can repay it.

There are two things that I would like to achieve by this time next year. 1) Be actively living a healthy lifestyle that includes me being fit and incorporating exercise in to my life and the activities my family is involved in. 2) Have achieved more clarity and focus on my career and be moving with momentum towards a rewarding and fulfilling career.

I'd like to be engaged by next year!

Get healthy, economically and physically...

By this time next year I hope to do better in school. Though I have the talent to learn I don't have the work ethic. With out this trait I won't be able to go far in school and in life.

I intend to be more spiritual and positive. I intend to achieve this through meditation, artistry (my painting, jewelry making--even through writing).

I want to get on top of my temper. I never have had it with friends, and have always reserved it for family and authority figures. I realize, it truly hurts my family and I feel disgusting and ashamed afterwards. By this time next year - I don't want to react to everything. I want to be more measured in my responses.

I'd like to be in a healthy, steady relationship with someone. In the past few years, I have discovered that I am a very good and capable love-r and I feel like I've accomplished the things I want to accomplish in my individual status (career, etc.). I'd like to really focus on my personal and love life and work toward building a future with someone.

I would like to have figured out what I want to do for the next 5 years or so, which is important.

I would like be either on my way to travelling or at uni. Also I'd love to be in a stable job and be able to buy as much wool as I can get my hands on. Unfortunately all of these things aren't necesarily compatible. I want to start Uni so I can get a move on with my ambition to be an art teacher, I can't do that unless I have a uni degree. I also want to travel some time soon, it's a possibility that I may defer my uni degree for another year so that I can work full time and hopefully save up enough money to travel a bit. Plus I'm a mad knitter, so I want alot of wool to bolster me through all of these crazy life decisions.

I would truly like to be more physically fit, and weigh less. I have been working at it this year more than in the past but have not been very successful. It's important to me because I want to be healthy, happy and live a long time!

The main thing is to achieve optimal physical fitness. I know that if I realign my life habits, particularly the way I eat, what I eat and how I care for my body through proper nutrition and exercise - that this will allow my body to heal properly.

I would like to have a job and straight As! Cause there's nothing I want more than to be successful in college and financially comfortable. Well there is, but nothing materialistic like that.

I would like my book to have sold 5,000 copies. I've read that is the "magic" number that makes the big publishers sit up and take notice of a nobody, unknown author like me. I'd like to achieve it and still tell them "no, thank you." The feeling that my work was not "sale-able" has been the sole drive behind proving that, yes, dammit it is. Just because you may not like it, does not mean that others won't. I believe in myself and my work and I will try my hardest to prove the big companies wrong. Why is this important to me? Because I've been bullied most of my childhood and this just feels like another form of bullying. Who are they to tell readers what's good and what's not? They may not be willing to take a risk on a new idea, but I sure as hell am!

To have each day filled doing things I love and spending it with people I love.

I would like to have a thriving business. Important because I do need to earn a living and because I do have a need to feel like I can help others.

This time next year, I want to either be working on getting pregnant, or working on my master's degree. I just read a sample answer about reaching an orgasm, and I think that's a good goal for me too. I have a loving and supportive husband--it's not his fault--but maybe it's time for me to get my priorities right and get it done before I turn 26.

I want to be engaged. We want to be together forever, we're such a great match, and a husband and family is what I've always wanted most. He's made it clear that it's his intent, but part of me is afraid it's too good to be true, or that he'll suddenly have a change of heart.

I would like to have a real, honest-to-goodness relationship and a real, honest-to-goodness boyfriend so I can say "I love you" and not have any doubts. I think I'm on the right track to having that happen. I feel like it's the one thing missing from my life. I'd also like to have a clean, straight house -- one that doesn't smell like dogs and cats. That way, I can have said boyfriend over for cuddling. I'd also like to save more money so I won't be penniless when I'm older. Yes, I know that's three things, but these are my 10Q and I can do with them what I want.

I would like to be finished with credential and my Masters degree by this time next year. With this extra education completed, I would be able to earn more money in my field. I also would like to start exploring educational opportunities in administration or in Jewish education/communal service.

I want to be in a more stable place, financially and emotionally. I want my job to live up to my dreams of what it could become.

I want to be going to university for engineering. By now I should be on the xc team and hopefully I'll have enough money to go out and do stuff!

I need to return to vigorous physical activity. Three years ago I suffered a severe sports related injury, and I've been making excuses for not doing something, on a regular basis, to keep fit. I'm suffering from it, mentally, physically and emotionally. My clothes are just ever so slightly tighter, and I sleep poorly. Gotta get over it and move on.

I'd like a new job. My current job is making me miserable which leads to me snapping at my Husband all the time, which is just not fair nor good.

I would like to be brave and take a jump towards something that I think would be great.

This time next year, I hope to be studying in the United Kingdom. I've never been out of the country before, never lived anywhere besides the town I grew up in, and the chance to live for an entire semester somewhere completely new is something I can't pass up. Being in college, this is a chance that will probably never come again, and despite the cost, it's an amazing way to see the world.

I want a really close group of friends at college. My friends mean everything to me.

I would like to have graduated. School has been a ice pick in my side since I was a kid. Time to get this bull-shit over with and start living life.

This time next year, I have to have moved towns. There are a number of reasons for this, but the most important is to be in a position of living a more 'normal' life - having my husband at home in the evenings, weekends with the children, holidays with the family etc. I plan to be much more of a stay-at-home mom and concentrate on the people that are important to me.

I want to see my book "Don't Just Stand There. Do Something" on the front non-fiction tables at Barnes and Nobel, Borders & bookstores across the country. It’s important to me because it will extend my platform to a broad progressive audience and it’s important in terms of making it easy for died in the wool Progressive advocates and activists and what I call social activism virgins to become involved in taking on the issues and causes that address social change and other challenges.

I would like to have a book published and be in a thriving and fulfilling relationship with all the things that are up in the air today handled and no longer an issue.

All I can think is baby, baby, baby this year because of all that's happened with the ectopic pregnancies. But to be expecting or have our child in our arms by next year would be the blessing I'd be most grateful for... and unfortunately, it feels more like something to achieve given the means we need to take to get it! I'd also like to feel more connected to my brother and sister, with whom my relationship has fizzled only slightly because of the varying stages we're at in our lives. But it requires more reaching out on my part.

By this time next year I want to feel like I am having more impact and doing well in my job. I want to still be living in Asia and working.

I would like to become more spiritually in tune with myself, and find a stronger direction in my ambitions in life and college.

I'd like to be debt-free except for long-term loans; AND living comfortably within our means, able to spend and take vacations without worrying. This is important because the anxiety that debt causes me is one of the biggest barriers to my enjoyment of life at home, with my husband, etc.

This year I have struggled to find inspiration. My thought processes are flighty, non-linear and I wander distracted through the ether marvelling at the amazing, profound, creative things people are doing but failing find my groove. I need to hone my passions into my "life's work", something meaningful and blessed I can sink my teeth into and see through. I need to find a home (of sorts) for my passions and things that move me. A project, a work, a space, an idea that can grow,

I want LoCo (the London Comedy Film Festival) that I'm helping make happen to be a success. It's the first big 'out of the office' project I've taken part in and it's about the great comedy films. They are part of my very being.

I want to be settled in on mine and Joshes dream property and be enjoying the benifits of my first harvest of the land

I would like to be out of debt. Little hiccups keep coming up, and my family have been there to lend a helping hand which I am very grateful for, but now I am back up on my feet, I would like to cut the apron strings for good.

I don't want any more financial stress. I'm not asking for millions of dollars in salary each year or even 6 figures, but I certainly want to be making more money than I am now - I'm worth more than what I'm being paid currently. Money doesn't buy happiness, but the lack of such definitely causes me more stress than I'd like to admit.

Drop 25 lbs. I'm tired of back and foot problems holding me back.

PAss my IMC and be pushing work to begin as a Jumior banker, this is imperative for where my skill set falls and also will allow me the financial buffer to support my family.

I want to go to the premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 in London. This is imortant to because I have been a huge fan for half of my life, and let me assure you, I love my life. It's been a wonderful adventure to expreience, and I don't have words big and good enough to explain it properly. To be able to go to the premiere in London would be a dream come-true for me, and a magic way to mark the last movie.

I want to be eating better and exercising more in preperation for my surgery.

I would like to find an exercise regimen that I can stick to with my current schedule. I need to tone up, I need to lose weight, yet there are 4 days of working 10 hours, (starting at 6am) and I'm too exhausted to get my butt in gear after work. I really need to work on this.

I'd like to have my license in social work. I just got my MSW and the next challenge is getting the license.

I would like to feel less pressure about debt and our financial well-being. Too much of my energy is spent worrying and I'd like to free up some of that time to enjoy my family and life.

I would like to be able to say that I have at least Started on my Masters Degree...Financially and Time-wise, it my be impossible, but I would like to make it happen.

I would like to have a paying job, healthcare, be on my way to moving to California and have some type of broader life plan, or at least an idea of what I want to do with my life.

I need to achieve being successful at being a mom, house wife, homemaker, and scullery maid! I want to be a better me.

i would like to have traveled to one new place. whether it is within the united states or across the ocean. i have traveled to many places but have never been farther west than texas. just making it to california would be an achievement.

By next year, I want to find a graduate program and settle into the next step of my future. I truly truly truly hope that this is not merely an academic or career step, but also a life one. I feel like everything now is perfectly in line to lead me there, but it's going to take a lot of hard work and persistence. I love it here in Princeton and I think I could be as happy as I've ever been and even more building off of what I've started here. I'm scared to be too specific for fear of things going wrong or just altering course, but this is likely to be another year of transition and I hope to stay true to myself and my vision for the future in it.

I would like to have a new professional opportunity that takes me outside my comfort zone - physically, mentally, and/or emotionally. I have spent three wonderful years with talented, intelligent, thoughtful, and kind colleagues, and I have learned many things about life from them. However, as I near the end of my master's program, it is also time that I look for an opportunity that complements the work that I have done in the classroom and in the office. This change is important because I have realized that I am no longer tied down to the people I've met and the place that I have called my second home. I am hungry for change, and have opened my eyes to the opportunities that await me. : )

This time next year, I want to keep in touch with my friends and family in a proper way, instead of slacking off and feeling guilty for doing so.

I'd like to have a girlfriend who I have sex with regularly. I've spent so much time looking for sex in all the wrong places. I'd finally like to have it with someone I truly care about.

I want a full-time job. I also want to be in a long-term relationship.

A life that is relaxing, and a cool job. Now, I am still busy with my graduation thesis, and all kinds of stuff going on making my mind turn like a turntable that almost never stops. To have my life a bit more on track, with more certainty on money would be awesome. I can enjoy life a bit more than I do now :) I certainly hope that I have freedom in my job, and creativity is involved and I am capable of contributing to a better world, how small or large this contribution may be.

By this time next year, I would like to have found a way to totally separate myself from my ex-husband, and put an end to the legal litigation that has been going on for 8 years. This is important to me and my children, because it's destructive and damaging to the relationships within our family. Also, I can never feel happy living in fear of what he will try to do to me in court, because he is a serial litigator. It has a negative affect on my personal relationships too.

After having spent 30 years doing what I perceive I am supposed to do, next year at this time I'd like to know what I WANT to do.

I would like to have my inheritance, but that's not in my hands. My brother is executor and has been sitting on it for four years now. I don't see that this year will be any different. What *is* in my hands to do is to begin moving my own money out of the hands of Chase bank and into either a small local bank or a credit union (preferably the latter, but I won't rule out the former). Just not one of the Too Big To Fail banks.

I want to implement the plan for "Teacher's Growth" program -- at least 2 teachers from highly conservation values and high threats are given opportunities to built their capacity and become agent of change in their own community to be able to give impact to improvement in nature/biodiversity conservation in their home villages.

I'd like to have a boyfriend. This is important to me not only because I'd like to have my first proper kiss when I'm 17, but because I feel it would really help me to let down my barriers, to learn to trust and to not have control over a situation.

I'd like to have a peaceful existence within my relationship by this time next year. All of the stress and the kinks will hopefully be worked out and it will be as happily ever after as we can hope for.

I want to be engaged. I love Andy with all my heart, but I also love myself, and if he needs more than five years to figure out that he wants to marry me, then I should move on.

I always have a hard time with questions like this. The ambitious passionate side of me likes to set goals and make plans, sit back and look at the list, and view the list itself as an accomplishment. The calm, meditative side of me says that these lists have no value, because if I'm not putting into practice now what I want to have later, then setting a three hundred and sixty five day timer is not going to help me.

All I want is clarity about one thing. I want to know there is something I want, want to achieve, or am willing to give something up for. It is very sad not to have that clarity now, nothing to take a risk for, because I know clarity and risk are a cornerstone of wellbeing. For instance, I want more than to know I cannot rest until I finish my novel. I want to feel myself moving toward it. I want to feel good about it. I want to commit, no matter what discomfort it causes. The truth is, I want to finish the novel this year. I could go into all the reasons why it's not possible, but why not tell the truth? I want to finish my novel and I want it to be a great novel.

This time next year? I would like to have achieved something great. If not having applied to graduate school, then having a more firm path planned out for the future, whether it be with someone or on my own. I may not be in a career yet but I would like to have a firm grasp on some possibilities. I would like to continue to have the same dreamy whimsical nature to my life as well. I know I may be asking a bit much given what is coming up but I would like to be in a relationship that has some kind of potential to turn into a life with him.

I'd like to be able to take more ownership of my life and my responsibilities. I spend too much time wastefully and aimlessly, and in order to challenge myself and grow into my own I need to step out and engage in new activities and roles. Be this through exploring new hobbies or meeting new people, I have to break free of my apprehensive mold and just let things go.

I want to lose weight. At least 60 pounds. It's important because I want to live a long and healthy life, and being overweight definitely will NOT help make that happen.

I would like to have graduated with my bachelor's in psychology, find a job, and hopefully get accepted into a graduate program somewhere outside of town!

I want to be in a 4 year university and be a SSG. This is important because it is about time I get my shit together and make the most out of the gifts God gave me.

I'd like to be spending less time on the computer and more time doing something else, preferably with other family members.

Have a passport and actually go abroad. I'm kinda freaked out by flying and packing for an airplane and I've never actually really been out of the UK. Feels like I'm shutting myself in almost, and I'd like to break out of that. I've broken out so much this year that it only seems right to continue the good work :]

keep my weight wear it is right now. It's my health, stupid!

I'd like to do well on my GCSEs, this is important to me because it is really important for my future.

I would like to be happy with my weight, whatever it is, so I can stop allowing it to be an excuse for the things I do or don't do.

I would like to be at least half way out of my financial hole. I know compared to other people it is really nothing, but I don't want anything holding me back.

To work as an art teacher, or an assistant who is very very close to being a certified teacher. I am 30, and just made a career change...I can't wait to see myself in action again.

Get in shape, and be stronger. Becouse you don't know when would you need extra muscle for surveilance.

I would like to have an album of music recorded and distributed as well as at least a good foundation going for a novel. This is important to me because as much as I love my art I have not really produced anything worth much merit.

I want to buy a mini cooper! Cars have never been a great attraction for me. They are just something to get from point A to point B. Until I met the mini cooper. This car is talking to me, I have to have it! It's crazy because I don't even own a car at the moment and before I saw the mini cooper I was relatively reticent about purchasing one. I can't explain it, I'm hooked.....

I would like to be in a loving, caring relationship with a gentleman who is capable of giving and receiving, who is committed to a partnership and who is dedicated to a lifetime of love and companionship. It's been six years since my almost ex-husband left me and I'm ready to love again.

I want to knit a sweater that fits me and I love. After having a child, so many of my other hobbies and interests were put aside, and this represents me claiming my life as a human being as well as a mother.

One thing I would like to achieve by this time next year is to be at least a black diamond in my Amega Global business. This is important to me because that would mean that I am impacting a lot of peoples lives with these products, helping them to heal and live their lives as the Universe intended us to live. It would also mean that I was doing my part to impact the world in a positive way.

Just one? I want to achieve my doctorate, and would like to have a plan in place by this time next year. I want to develop my business and hope to have helped clients through my work with them. I want to have visited back east. I want to have spent meaningful time with my husband and son, with my brother and sister and with my friends. Why? Because each of these events will give my life relevance.

I would like to find ways to be closer to my family, especially my dad. I have been living away from my family for many years and miss them dearly, so it is important to me to find ways to have healthy relationships at a physical distance.

I would love to have learned enough in my field that I can chase work more aggressively and more successfully, so that I can enjoy working hard and paying down our sky high debts left from bad investments and living beyond our very modest means. With more knowledge and skill, surely my work would be more pleasurable rather than just overwhelming.

I want my home to project the peace and love I will be feeling inside myself for my fellow man and rescue animals. It is important because right now, my home is a clutter station which can only reflect my heart....My heart and life belong to God....She is not one who clutters the world :).

I want to be able to look people in the eyes when I walk past them. I have gotten better at looking people in the eyes when I talk to them, but I feel intimidated by the prospect of a first-impression (even if I never see them again after those two seconds) that comes along with connecting to a person when in passing. I want to be a more confident person and I'm hoping that this is the first step.

MY OWN BUSINESS because independence rocks.

Financial freedom doing the things I love!

A new job--I want a job which is fulfilling. Either part time or full time. Maybe one as an educator! Maybe my entrepreneurial ventures or perhaps a part-time job. Or, even a job doing development for a cause I truly believe in. I want to feel passionate about what I do again and feel energized by work instead of bored, uncreative and lazy.

My greatest achievement for next year is to have an easier time answering this question! I would like to achieve a life plan for the year after that, if not 2-5 years. Not only have that plan -- mapped out, on paper, in color :) -- but be acting on it with a sense of direction, purpose and end goal. I would like to know where I'm going for once, not just where I am. I want to achieve a work or academic situation where I can feel stimulated, passionate, respected and tapped for those parts of my intellect that really make me shine. I would certainly like to have achieved my departure from Information Central, AIA. Actually -- long since that -- by this time next year! I'm too old, too tired and too full of wasted talent to keep letting myself blow any way the wind does...

Ah, that is difficult. I suppose the obvious, get into a good university, preferably Liverpool. Study French. Take the trip round Europe that I want to take. Other things too, I am sure. Be published, Possibly.

I'd like to have a new career opportunity. Ideally I'd like this to occur overseas, but if not, having a new area of interest or opportunity, one that I could be excited in, will help me feel more real, as if I am truly living, rather than biding time. It might be writing, it might be a job. (I'd rather it was writing).

I want to be able to play the guitar fairly decently. The musical expression of our tradition is wonderful, and I wish to be able to bring that expression more fully into my life and maybe even the lives of those around me.

I would like to have had my second child and be on my way towards losing weight. If, for some reason, we aren't having a second child, then I want to have lost at least 35 pounds.

I'd like to have moved out of NYC to somewhere with better access to nature and less hideous traffic.

A completed first draft of my novel. I have been working on this one story idea for over eight years now.

I am not sure what I would like to achievce; I know that there are things that would be good for me to achieve, such as becoming regular exerciser or dating much more often..... It's hard to figure out what I want, not what i should want....

I would like to have my book finished and published. This is important to me because writing for me is a way of sharing hope and love and awe, and I write for the hope that just one person will find a sense their own sense of magic echoed and magnified by my stories.

Begin building a dance company which would mean myself and other dancers getting paid to dance at least once by this time next year.

This time next year I want to really learn to relax and enjoy life -- balance work, family, friends, and play. I feel like there are so many good things in my life, but I don't always appreciate them.

I would like to get working on this Bat Mitzvah thing.

This time next year I wish to be married to man I love very much and who loves me too, and I wish to be pregnant from him.

I would like to have written a book. I've been meaning to do it for a while now.

oh gosh. getting pregnant. please. i can't shake the failure, the loneliness, the awfullness of infertility. My body has done this once and even though we had help with clomid last time this time it might not even work. Then how do you mourn something that never was?

I want to be in the process of opening my next business venture by Christmas of next year. It is my passport to my new life. And its important to me because its important to the growth of my employees- who will come with me into this new journey.

At this time next year, I'll have a 6-month old baby. I'm hoping to still be in one piece, to be a good mother, and, if I'm lucky, to have a family friendly working arrangement, whether with my current employer or a new one.

I want to go audition to be Tiana at Disneyland. I just...want to be a Princess. I've always wanted to be. And since there's finally a girl with color on the team I can have my chance. I'm not as dark as she is, but I'm sure I could pass by.

I need to make my moves career-wise. I've done enough working for others I need to strike out on my own.

I want to be accepted at my school to go study abroad in London. I want to experience Europe and the different culture and people and broaden by view on the world and life.

I would like to be in a foreign country, either Taiwan or Japan, teaching English (preferably to kingergarten/young children) for a few months. This is important to me as I really need to take a year off from my studies and take some time away on my own. To grow up a little and to explore. I'll miss my Mum a lot but I think I really need to gain some independence and just be brave. I also think it's important that I start paying off my student loan and I think this will be a good way of doing it as I'll be earning far more money teaching overseas than I would working in retail here.

I want to loose at least 100 pounds. I want to feel comfortable in my body. I want to climb stairs without feeling like I am draging my whole body up the stairs. I want to go for a walk and not be out of breath. I want to have the energy to go on bike rides, go camping, and hiking with my son.

Peace of mind. Life is hard, and sometimes, I feel I can't handle it as well as I did when I was 10 years-old.

I want to have gotten into university and recovered (at least slightly) from my eating disorder. By getting into uni, I hope to deter my feelings about food, and move on from my disorder. University and recovery are inversely related and are extremely important to my being. By getting into university and studying what I would like to - psychology - I'll be able to do something that I perceive to be incredibly useful with my life. As well as achieving this, if I were to recover from my eating disorder, even a little bit, then it means I'm less likely to die - something which I DEFINITELY do not want to happen.

I would like to develop a better relationship with my parents (before it is too late) and know that this involves spending more time with them. If we spent more time with them I feel it would allow our children to enjoy a better relationship with them too and I think this is important.

Be fearless, loving and compassionatie. No lashon hara, acting with honesty towards myself and others. I feel that is the essence of living and being human.

I want to have my baby born and by this time I hope to become a good parent. I hope to have my own car and to have my teaching job well planned to save me time for family and get enough money at the same time.

I would like to feel confident and comfortable in my job by next year. And if I don't, I'd like to ask myself why it is I'm still doing it.

I would like to have a boyfriend

I'd like to have run another marathon, and I would REALLY like to qualify for Boston. I need the discipline that training provides. And, after the birth of my son, I am getting used to my body again, and I am still a runner, even though I am having a hard time figuring out the practicality of that day-to-day.

I need to organize my clutter--it will clarify my brain and satisfy my need to control my environment.

By this time next year, I hope to have figured out and acted on this information I am learning about social media and online marketing. What that will look like I'm not sure. But, there feels like there is something in all I've been learning that has value for me. By this time next year, I want to have stopped waiting for my husband to work with me. Moved ahead with what it is I want for my life. My hope is that my husband will join me in this. But, I have allowed his negativity to stop me. Which gets at why this is important to me. It is important to me to act on this as I am not being myself when I do not do and say what I believe because it will make my husband (or anyone else) upset with me. This is the story I have told myself. I need a new story. Who could I partner with to help encourage me and support what I am trying to do? If I fail, I will continue the decline in physical, spiritual, and mental well being. I will only have myself to blame. This time next year, I want to be living the new life I envision.

I want to lose 20 lbs. Then I want to gain it back. I want to be pregnant by this time next year.

I would like to be out of debt. It has saddled me for years and it has limited my freedom and ability to pursue my dreams. I have no regrets, but it is now time to truly take control of my life and finances and put my debt to rest. Once I am debt-free, I will be free to pursue a life I've dreamed of for so long: a life overseas; a return to my photography; a return to my writing - without fear of losing everything. The past several years have been preparing my for this moment, and 2010 has been a year of reflection and transition. In September 2011, I will be ready for this next stage in my life.

Financial security.

I'd like to have seen more of the world and have worked in more than just Holland. I'm taking a Erasmus exchange right now and it has been a great experience so far. I love meeting people from other countries. But most of all it's changing me as a person as well. Im much more outgoing and willing to meet new people, but first I was shy and didn't want to talk to a lot of people. So I'd like to achieve to have travelled even more!

I would like to have written and performed my own song by next year. I feel like this is something I have a talent for that I have never developed, and the circumstances are aligning right in my life to do so.

I would like to write a full album, record it and possible perform. I feel most afraid about this particular creative project... which is the very reason to do it.

I would like to feel great about what I am doing to earn money. I would like to feel on-track financially, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually for my work. I would like to feel set up for success for the next few decades and that I am contributing to myself, family and people. I woud like to feel that my spiritual community is in great shape financially, and that it is having the level of impact on Jews and others that encourages growth and inspiration in the world.

I would like to have sustained a successful romantic relationship. This is important to me because I am skeptical that I can make this happen

Finish my book Its a common answer but dammit it needs to happen

I want to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. I've been incredibly lucky to fall into a career in corporate responsibility/sustainability which I love overall, but I've become very disillusioned with the company I work for and I don't know if this field is the one I want to/have the ability to really grow in for the long term.

Self acceptance. Not to become stagnant, but to accept my flaws and not hate myself because of them. To strive to improve, but not make my self acceptance content upon achievement or change. To love myself as I am, and love my capacity for improvement.

I need to take back control of my life - my time and eating. I must focus on accomplishing longer term goals - not what I want this minute. I must remember how good I felt last night when I completed several tasks. Also -need to work on retirement plans. Time is getting closer, and need to start serious plans for how to spend my time.

Mental, physical, psychological, interpersonal and spiritual health - it is critical for me so that I can continue my important work in the community, be a good mom to my 3 beautiful children, be a good sister, daughter, friend and create healthy personal relations.

I want to read esoteric Hebrew without vowels more fluently, so I can take in on a deeper level many of the books I am reading. I want to learn to play the guitar while leading Erev Shabbat services so I can rock the house with shabbes joy. I want to see the sparks of goodness first (before judgement) and everywhere, to be more loving to my fellow beings... all of them even the 'most difficult'.

By this time next year I would like to say that I have incorporated the life skills that I am learning in my DBT course. I would like to have the skills under my belt by then.

it's really rather boring and obvious but i would like to lose weight and eat more healthily. i found out i had diabetes last november and after the initial horror and fear i have pretty much reverted back to my old eating habits - except now i feel guilty about it. i also need to give up smoking but as my doctor says - one thing at a time.

I would like to have finished my speciality comps for my PhD, and have started--in some fashion--my dissertation. It is important to me because I want to finish--for myself, and my family. I don't get to spend as much time or energy with my husband and son while I am working on this degree, but at the same time, I need to do this to move on career-wise. If I don't, I might end up staying in my current job, and I know I will be much happier elsewhere. My family deserves a happy me as much as I do!

Well, clearly I am going to need a job. Preferably a good job. And a huge challenge this year will be to consolidate health issues. But I think the most important thing I could hope for is to feel that this is a year of spiritual and intellectual growth and emotional satisfaction. I want a relationship. I'm 60. I want sex again before I die! I want a passionate friendship. That's more than one thing, but too bad!

I would like to have completed my conversion to Judaism. I feel it is something that will make me a better person all round, and will keep my life on the "straight and narrow"

I want to get into college, but more than that, I want to be happy and comfortable in my decision.

(1) I'd like another clean, no-signs-of-caner" bill of health from my mammogram. (2) I would like to be in control of my emotional eating. (30 I'd like to be able to learn enough to complete "mediumly" difficult crossword puzzles. Important to me because: (1) I want to remain healthy & active, non-scarred, & not have cancer again. I em enjoying my life & want to continue to live, try new things & experiences. (2)Being slim is good for health & breast cancer, but I also don't really like my "pot belly & thick waist". It makes me look middle aged - esp. around the middle. To me slimness equals being in control (of what I eat & put into my mouth), & emotions. (3) I was a high school drop out. I did go back and get my grade 12 as an adult. However there are a lot of people I know & are friends with that are university educated & I'd like to be as smart as them. Also doing crosswords exercises my brain and keeps Alzheimer's at bay.

I would like to figure out what I want to do when I graduate college, and have started to work towards it as much as possible. I've already got my major and double minor planned out, and I'm well on my way toward achieving this goal, but what I want to do after is still a mystery.

Finish my Zero Balancing certification. When I study and learn, I change and grow.

Vacation. It's time I took time

For years, I've wanted hard wood floors in my apartment. And not just ANY hardwood floors; I only wanted vintage, recycled floors. No laminates. No new wood. Freecycle provided 800 square feet of vintage oak, but arranging to have it picked up, stored and transported to my place has been something of a challenge. My patience and budget have been tested, but I'm perservering in hope that soon my living room and dining room floors will be woodenly woody wood: Heaven!

I would like to make the Religious Education program vital again. It is important because it is my livelihood at the moment - but mostly because I want to see my church continue to function & to grow.

i'd really love to have another baby by next year. i've had 4 miscarriages this year and would really like to be able to get over that hurdle and grow our family. my husband has a very small family and the extensions of it were wiped out and it's been his dream to have a big family so that his kids would be able to have what he didn't. my fertility issues have thrown me into a depression because i feel like i won't be able to help him with that dream. keeping a baby would help me feel like i'm not broken.

I'd like to pass trig, please. I really hate math so so much and just once to pass and do it well would make my life. It's sort of a small hope, but I really want it to be. And I'd like to be able to stage manage. Why do all of my questions lead back to crew?

Forgiveness. I want to get that done first and foremost. On a less personal note, I would like to have something written. An anthology, a full story, a short story, even - just something. I always start but I never manage to finish, because I'm terrible at endings, but I'm going to do it this time, and I'm going to do it right.

I want to be well on my way to receiving my bachelors degree in psychology by this time this year. Going back to school has not been easy but at this time in my education I am still receiving a 3.89 GPA *this is year two* This is important because getting my degree brings me that much closer to giving to someone else the light and message that was given to me, "No one deserves to be treated with hatred, anger, and disrespect. We all deserve to be loved, mistakes and all." It is receiving love that makes us able to give it and I cannot wait to share what I have learned with other people.

I want to have an agent for the book and for the book to be sold and waiting publication. This isn't important to me - it is EVERYTHING to me.

Daily routine balance, as I feel the rest of the things that I would like to achieve stem from this. Health, more work focus, celebrating others, and having a clear head for my hunny hubby.

In truth, what I want is a true and lasting love, a partner, a companion, a man who loves me and wants to be with me--who I love and want to be with. It's hard to admit how much I want this--and there's a part of me that fears reading this a year from now if I am no closer to this. But I know what I want. I know I am ready.

I want to have really mastered the content of my job. I would really like to feel confident that I know the substance and could speak to it knowledgeably in any conversation. I hope that would also lead to taking on a more substantive role in my position, beyond the administrative duties that are the entirety of my job at the moment.

I would love to achieve many things. To many. But my focus is to go to college after graduation and to regain the leadership that I know is in me and to become an even better one. This is very important to me because I know that this is what God asks of me and if it is something different well i pray God will guide me in His ways.

To be in a relationship, be it short-term, long-term or not-knowing. It has been so long since I allowed myself to take the real risk (impossible, far-fetched crushes do not count) to open my self to another. My love is worth sharing and I am worth being loved. Life is much sweeter for it.

Completing everything that needs to be done for school. I would hope to have started a successful student teaching semester.

a full year of garden stories that are rich with learning, excitement and community involvement that parents and teachers are witnessing through reading weekly blogging

To be more financially stable, start saving again and start chipping away sizable amounts of debt. My husband and I seem to always be struggling financially no matter how many strides we take forward it seems like there is something that comes up to dig us deeper into debt. I really am ready to get out of this hole.

I'd like to have my own website and blog about organic, healthy lifestyle choices. I have a lot of knowledge and experience, and love to share with people.

I'd like to have a true friend here. Sometimes I listen to a sad song, and I just can't think of anyone I want to share it with. I have a lot of great new friends here at college - but I really need a friendship that runs deeper.

By this time next year I dream that my book will be in the right hands. I also dream that my family and I are all together right here and are happier than we've ever been. I also dream that my life with my family will be unfolding perfectly. I love life.

Torn between saying a golf handicap of 15 or less and getting back to more non-profit involvement and just donating money. Golf means I do more to set aside time to do things I like and prioritize accordingly. However I think getting involved with a non-profit in a meaningful way especially if I an have a +ve impact will be a much greater achievement. I need to do things that I like doing more - see if we can move towards a not for profit or even working for a non-profit.

i would like to be engaged / married to tee. its important for the obvious reasons (overt statement of commitment and love, etc...) but it is also important because of the person i have to become in order to accomplish this. i must be successful at my work so i can afford a ring and demonstrate dependability. i must consistently act like the kind of person that she (or anyone) would like to be with (loving, patient, supportive, kind, nurturing, etc.....). i must live at my ideal level to make it a true partnership. i must exemplify ever virtue i aspire to (integrity, courage, fidelity, patience, ambition, etc...) and be the man i can become.

I would like to have done something artistic - painting or writing. I would like to improve the aesthetic appeal of my house externally.

I want to have my book published. And have a live-in beau.

I want a girlfriend, and I want a job that I'm happy with and know I will succeed in for a long time.

I want to have set a milestone for my future, and i want to get through the second G with as good or better marks as last year.

I would like to feel satisfaction in my time spent between an enriching career and supporting my children and husband.

This time next year I want to being working on my masters and have a job. I'll be married, and I mostly just really need a job. The masters degree can wait if it has to.

I'm hoping to find a stable work position to give my life more stability and start a more solid career path.

Getting accepted into Nursing School. It means that I am on track for a secure job and future for my daughter. It also means that I worked my butt off and met the high standards to get accepted.

Job that fits my DNA! Need a new challenge in business!

I want to be settled into a routine in San Francisco. It's completely out of my comfort zone going out there and I want to find myself as happy, if not more, on the west coast as I currently am on the east coast.

I'd like to resolve some questions about myself that seem to be nagging me and keeping me from moving forward in my life.

I would love to be skinny, well not super skinny just 15 kg lighter. I would also like to have made good friends at my new university and just enjoy being young

I want my book published by this time next year. I need the income, I need the sense of purpose, I need the reward of accomplishment.

I want to resolve my relationship with my mother. She did something pretty bad to our family and I can't forgive. I forgave my dad because he apologized.

I would like to be truly at peace with my physical presence on this earth...the shape and size of my body, the space I take up, the connection between my body, mind and soul.

Dropped at least 2 dress sizes and have significantly improved my general health and fitness. This is important to me because my size effects my quality of life. Also I am 34 years old and I have taken my good health for granted up until now.

I would like to be in love with someone who is in love with me. And hopefully married. And if not, hopefully not being crazy obsessed with not being married.

I would really like to find myself in a position of employment (specifically the field) that I can see myself building a long-term career in. It has been tough finding a job in the first place, but really finding a niche in my new home career-wise would truly be the icing on the cake!

By this time next year, I hope to have determined my path to working from home at least part-time. Whether I end up going into business for myself or not... I don't know that I mind either way. But I need to get out of the daily grind of 9-5 while I can!

I know that I will graduate next May. It is one of the most important things I have done so far in my life. I just hope that I will push myself and go for more. I'd like to get in to a Doctorate program and continue my education.

I would like to know what I am going to do for the rest of my life. What I am going to get my master degree in. When I am going to get my masters. Where am I going to live. And most of all...I just want to be content and stop being restless in all aspects of my life.

I would like to spend more time re-connecting with old friends and establishing new friendships as well. I've raised 3 children while working full-time, and most of my time has been spent either at work or with family. Now that my youngest child has left for college, I would like to do more to reach out to friends who I value.

I would like to feel more content with my life. Not sure exactly what that means specifically, but sometimes I don't feel like I have a goal or a specific path that I am pursuing.

I would like to have paid off our debt and have built an emergency fund. In this economy, you cannot be too financially secure, and besides, I'd like to start using our money for other things!

I would like to be studying for my M.Div. at Andover Newton Theological School. Surely by now I have run out of excuses to deny the call to ministry! It is time to allow the mixed blessings of my life to inform the development of my Unitarian Universalist faith, and to serve in faith, humor, and love. OK G-d/Spirit and friends - I heard you!

I want to balanced. Emotionally, creatively, spiritually, financially, spouse-lly. I feel like I go from one to the next and don't have much continuing from day to day. Each day is full of separate little things, and I want every morning to feel like a continuation, and new part that was built on the prior events, so I feel like I'm growing.

Finally getting started on a graduate degree. I've been talking about pursuing several programs over the last two years but have not made the effort to apply, take exams or begin classes. I have finally figured out what I want to get a Master's in, I just need to take the plunge and apply for programs.

I want to have taught a yoga class. It's very important to be. I have always wanted to teach and I believe that teaching yoga is sharing a gift that is pure. I don't want to leave my photography behind. I'd like to know where to get help this time by now. Yoga helps me and I want to help people.

As with last year, incrementally, get a better grasp on "financial" issues. It is important because my family's security is at stake.

I'd like to know what my major is going to be, so I can start studying it more thoroughly. I'd like to learn more about personal training. I have been trying to learn and read and research, but I keep putting it off or getting off track. I really would like to have solidified my healthy lifestyle by this time next year. Also, I would like to grow to be less judgmental. I think being at Berkeley has helped me with that tremendously, but I still struggle with worrying about what other people think of me and what other people would think of others, which is how I then judge the others. It's not a good system or point of reference.

I would like to travel back to Europe by this time next year. I would like some extra money to appear to facilitate this. I've enjoyed wonderful travel experiences in my past. I cannot imagine them being over with. I really want to see Paris again. And Italy, and Greece. Many places. Nova Scotia. Travel feeds my soul and I'm feeling kind of hungry.

Maybe it’s bad form but I’m gonna say it anyway: I’d like to develop a long-term relationship with someone who I could start a family with. This past year has really allowed me time to consider what’s most important to me at this point in my life and what will be over the coming years. I’m now several years out of grad school and out of my last serious relationship (the big one; the one that left me incapacitated for much of 2008 and 2009). I would really like to have a family of my own and I feel like I’m just about at that point mentally. What I have been working on—and no doubt will continue working on—is finding that person who I can settle down with and start a family.

I'd like to be actively taking classes towards a graduate degree.

I would like to have received another raise and have less revolving commercial debt. this is important to our whole family.

I want to visit with my friend JLove again. It's important for me to keep in touch with him, not only over the phone and email, but with physical contact. I saw him the past couple years, in Buffalo & NYC, and I want that to continue. He is a beautiful person and spending time with him makes me very happy. I miss him and want to make sure he knows how much I care and think about him. He is my long-lost brother.

My god all my answers are referring to the same thing. I'd like to be free and live my life being me...

I'd love to be in a new job. It would make me happier, healthier, better-off financially and more confident in my smarts and skills. I know you're not supposed to put so much weight on goals--thinking that "this will solve all my problems--but I really believe that a more rewarding job will turn my life around. I don't want to work for a spineless boss. I don't want to have to subject myself to unfair, strong-arming leadership. I want to be around people who value my opinion and consider me an asset to our business. My boss made me feel confident that he was looking forward to moving me up within his ranks, then staffed a new position in our department with somebody else.

I would like to be enrolled in a graduate school program by this time next year. This is important to me because i feel that it is an important step for me in furthering many of my life goals. I would also like to be in a committed relationship by that point-- I feel that both of these are things that I want to achieve for myself in the long and short term, and they will really change my life in a positive forward moving way.

Find that one thing that I will commit too and be happy with ; A passion weather it be a partner or a career just a focus!

I want to get a 2.1 in my degree and get onto the masters. I think I might want to be a university lecturer.

I hope to learn to care about school again. I lost interest and its really affected my life.

I would love to be steady in work and set up in my own place. i really need that to be truly happy with myself.

I would like to improve my art. I haven't been drawing as much lately, and have gotten a little rusty. I love art, and would like to do a little webcomic or something. Just for fun.

All of my papers completed and turned in! I need to prove to myself that I am bigger than my procrastination and tendencies to drift. I can commit and follow through! I am a force of change within myself and can get things done!

I'd love to be debt free, or as close to it as possible. When my partner and I moved in together this year, it was into his place. We'd like to eventually buy a place together, the process for which would be made much smoother were I not saddled with so much of debt. What's more, this is a goal I've had for years, but without any structure or plan in place to achieve it. I've made great strides in this past year toward making it a reality and I'd like to see it through.

I would like to be doing a PhD, which is a long-held ambition of mine, or at the very least have finished my masters degree and be in a job that is more satisfying than the one I'm leaving and one that actually uses my skills.

I want to get into the education department. This is my future. I want to be well on my way to doing this by next year, or applying for it. I really want to be a teacher and help expand young people's minds and help them learn. I really want to be applying/accepted into the education program by this time next year.

Getting into school. Feeling more confident about math and just overall skills. Important for my future and my self esteem and self image. It's so exhausting to spend so much time feeling crappy.

Successfully completing 2 Fall class, 2 winter class, 2 spring classes and 2 summer classes for my doctorate. Elevating my business to profiting at least $60k in this innaugural year. Being engaged in at least one high-level project (national). Being financially stable even if that means loans. Losing at least 30 lbs. more. It's my life - that's why it's important.

One thing... Wow, it is tough to just pick one thing, but I would like to have found a balance between my healthy lifestyle of working out, eating right to the lifestyle of socialite, and indulgence. I think this past year has been 6 months of both extremes. One consisted of no drinking and lots of yoga. One consisted of pure indulgence, hardly any working out, and a ton of travel. I'd like to find the happy medium in order to truly attain balance and complete happiness.

i need to do well in all my exams this year so that when im starting 3rd year i know that ill be graduating at the end of the year and i know ill have achieved something amazing

I'd like to achieve being as close to debt free as possible! I'd love to have another baby. I'd love to be living in the country where we can live off the land. We'll have sheep, chickens, ducks, angora bunnies, a HUGE garden so we can preserve our own organic veggies. I could finally get my handmade goods business up and profitable. Hopefully my husband's new job will work out and we'll be in a better place and all of these dreams can come true!

I'd like to finish revising my middle east novel and get it out to the agents who want to see it. This has been my goal for years and I have every reason to do it - for the sake of the project itself, for the good it could do, for faith it would give me in myself and the space it would clear for other kinds of goals.

I'd like to be teaching regularly because then I know I'm actively sharing my gifts. There's two other things that I'd like to achieve, but thought of them second and third, so I'm not writing them.

Have lost weight so I can be healthy.

Ego Transcendence

I would like to get a stong handle on my own health. It is the one major factor in my life at this time that is keeping me from fulfillment in many areas of my life. I want to be here for my family as well as know that I have truly lived a full life.

So many things on this list, hard to pick one. "Achieve"? Well, then I don't think deciding whether or not to adopt is really the right goal to meet that verb. Even my long time goal of paying off my student loans doesn't really seem to fit. "Achieve". I'd like by this time next year to have my business in a place where I can comfortably have at least two part time employees helping me run it. "Achieve". Not really the right word for weight loss or even eating more healthy. "Achieve"? Balance, and by that I don't mean all parts being equal, but I do mean all parts finding some nourishment and being conscious and protective of my personal and social lives in addition to my business life.

sprint triathlon. its been a goal for the past year but i dodnt put in enough effort to make it happen. now my friends and family have come together to help me so the payback is my success!

I'd like to have a job.

I'd like to pay down our credit cards and use them only for emergency reasons or travel.

Next year I would like to be able to answer this question with something concrete and feel like it will actually happen. Now I feel like if I write something I may not achieve it. So defeatist! My seasonal lists are helping me, so in faith I will say I'd like to have a neat and tidy apt and no debt, and financially be in good shape because I deserve to have peace of mind and an abundant life.

I'd like to finish grade 10 as an honours student. I value my intelligence greatly, and although this may not be difficult for me to do, I will still be proud. I've also never been in love. I know, at my age, it will come with heartbreak, but I just want to experience it.

I want to have climbed Mt. Tallac by this time next year. This will be the result of training and dedication. It will also mean that I will spend less time inside and more time outside enjoying the beautiful place that I live in.

I'd like to be pregnant again. It's important to me because it's important to us and we're ready to bring another (and our last) new little one into this family. This will be the one that completes our family unit and we can't wait to create and to meet him or her!

i'd like to get improve my physical health. with the recent situations with my father's health, i realize more and more how much taking care of my body NOW will impact me in the future. this is no new news, just a reminder to do it NOW. so, more exercise, optimal weight range, eating healthy food and keeping stress low.

By this time next year I would like to have my youngest child set up safely in her new University environment with everything she needs in place to succeed and be safe.

have actually CREATED ART!! And participated! I hope to FEEL LIKE AN ARTIST, actively pursuing art. Also feeling somewhat accomplished in having some level of skill in it... It's important because it's my passion and what i plan to pursue over the course of this upcoming year. I don't want to fail. Though i know it's possible to discover that there is "something else' that i'm meant for... though at this point, if i'm not an artist.. i'm not sure what it could be. I wonder how i will "make a living" as an artist? I know i need to be extra creative.

By this time next year I would like to have our wedding paid off, our savings built up, and well on our way to building up that down payment for a home.

I would like to get my first paid work as a comic book artist. This is important to me because it would mark the change from being an amateur freelancer to a professional, and would be the boost I need to justify giving up full time work for a year to concentrate on the art...

I'd like to have lost weight. Ideally, I would have liked to have lost ~20kilograms. I'm tired of being overweight and doing NOTHING about it. What is wrong with me?

Financial stability, to be able to provide for my child's future.

I would like to have added some savings to my bank account by this time next year. I had savings, acquired over decades, but they are gone now. I am not a wild spender, and my family lives well within its means. But this year, I've had more five figure expenses than I could have imagined, and it's freaking me out. Medical and dental expenses, home improvements that had to happen ... and of course, hitting the back of someone's brand new BMW didn't help. I found out yesterday that my office wants to increase my hours. I am so happy. I would like to start with this new year to really make an effort to "stop the bleeding" and save some money again. For the day I may need it ... again.

Finish and publish my book. It is one of two life goals that I set twenty-five years ago when I was nineteen.

By this time next year I would love to be more independent. Not living on my own yet per say, but maybe having my own phone contract or something so I can get an iPhone. Have good grades and maybe move into the dorms at school. I wanna write more too, more bigbangs next year and to become more social in school. I also want to meet MCR, they really are my heros. Their music means so much to me and I'm so glad they're back. :D

I would like to acheive that blissful moment when two hearts become one. The union of two people in marriage has become ever important in my life again. Before I thought that I would never meet someone again that I could share my life with - now I know that we have found each other and life will be what it is supposed to be - amazing!

I want to learn to plan. I want to implement a plan. I want to find a partner that appreciate my values, and accept them as I should theirs.

Simpler life. Own fewer things, less distractions. I get so diverted and lack effectiveness when I have a hundred things going on. I would like to streamline.

I would like to have a true spiritual renewal and deep awakening. It is so important to me because it will impact all other areas of my life and allow me to create everything from a place of deep knowingness.

I want a new job, preferably in the arts. I am deeply dissatisfied and unrewarded in my current one, even though I am doing "good" for the community. I have to support my family, I already don't make enough, we have no cushion, and there seem to be no likely positions available, anywhere.

I want stronger standards in my business so I can serve my clients better and so I can enjoy life with my family more.

I want to finish a whole year of university, and pass the year. Preferably with a good mark. It's important to me because I couldn't do it last year. This year I want to make a success of it and prove that it's not above me and that I am not a failure. I have a long way to go, but I know I can do it. As long as I work hard I will succeed, and I will have finally brushed off a million demons holding me back.

I really want to get more centered in my working life and to make it more of an expression of who I am. It also needs to be a lot more fun than it's been. A lot.

I would like to have a clearer direction of where i will be living after Columbia. I would like to successfully have worked for dad and that my summer job links with what i will be doing futurely.

I want to be in Scotland, settled, with a job, and much more on my feet. If possible, with a piano and piano lessons. :)

De-cluttering my house and possessions. I feel like we have too much - a big house, nice cars, and tons of stuff. It's gotten to the point I don't remember what all I own, which seems ridiculous. By this time next year I'd like to feel like I have control over my closet and the stuff in the attic and basement. Not a big ambition, but it seems important to me now.

I want to be in a new degree program. I need to have my second plan in action.

To be published. The size, quantity, and amount of payment aren't even as important to me as the need for the feeling of accomplishment, of not having wasted my efforts.

Buy a house. I would like to die not feeling like a loser.

I'd like to stop being a temporary employee and achieve my FTE so I can focus on my work and not on a tenuous job situation. I'd also like to focus on the idea of graduate school. Maybe these two things are mutually exclusive, but I want to consider them all and figure it out. I'd also like to get back on the training bandwagon and get closer to my 3:40 qualifying time for Boston :-)

to have an official band with a name.

I'd like to achive the respect and trust of my immediate administation where I teach before next year please!

I'd like to actually make money. I have done so many things in my life with such passion and dedication, but not been properly compensated. I need to be paid what I'm worth. It's not simply about the money, but about putting a value on myself and what I do.

I'd like to have a job that fits my goals (hopefully this will happen before the year is up or I'm in trouble) and run a race. And volunteer. And play on a silly team, like kickball or soccer for fun. I want to settle into my skin.

I would like to have a job as a public librarian. I have the passion and I think I have the skill, but I don't always know how to best impress this on others.

Just one? Ah: how did that story go? "I'd like to see my mother-in-law watching her grandchildren eating off golden plates." I'd like to be hand-in-hand with My Beloved working our land that helps to feed folks while we have a really really really good time reaping all the rewards: physical, spiritual & financial with our friends & family. And then if I could have some published writing, and some speaking that would be cool too. With gratitude

i would like to be in loving partnership with a good strong man who honors me as i do him. i am ready. i have forgiven myself for past errors in judgement and remind myself daily to forgive others. i have let go of old relationships that do not serve my highest good. it is important to me to live a life in closeness with a partner someday after so many lonely years. i am ready.

I would like to achieve my goal of supporting myself and feeling abundant and appreciated for doing work that I love. It's something that I didn't even consider possible until a few months ago, and now I am totally enamored with the idea. Also, I've realized how important it is to my relationships. In order to love someone simply for who they are, I need to feel secure in knowing my own value and having a life of my own. And loving the people in my life in the purest way possible is incredibly important to me. For that, and for my own self-esteem, I am in the midst of creating an amazing, fulfilling career and it feels great. So exciting.

Get my roller derby league up and running, be ready for some interleague events. Seeing this many powerful women in one place, doing something, making it happen with each other and the support of the people they love and discovering that they can is amazing.

I would like to be full-swing into the next ventures with my career. This is important to me because I have come to realize how much I value time in life, and achieving my career goals will enable me to spend my time the way I want.

I want to have at least 5 new clients and hire 10 people. It is important because it is the first time of my life that I really have a challenge that is veryvery hard.

I want to have mastered all (or very close to all) of the HPWP Leadership workshop. I want to be an excellent co-lead, able to easily handle a two-person lead. This is important to me because teaching this workshop is one of the most rewarding endeavors I've ever been involved in. I want to be able to show up for each workshop fully prepared and confident and able to convey the spirit and importance of the message so that the participants leave motivated to truly make enormous changes in their workplace.

I'd like to achieve having my "issues" generally not cause me any functioning impairment, but when they are triggered for me, to be aware, challenge, overcome, ignore, and grow instead of succumb.

find a career path i can feel very dedicated to. i want to dive into something that i feel is worthwhile, not just live day to day, having fun in my work.

Get my neighborhood organized with an emergency plan in place, and regular gatherings planned.

I would like to have a new job. One which I will love and feel like I am a part of the family. One that I will be so happy to go to even with the inevitable problems that come with life and working.

Choose a topic for my masters, focus rather than my broad interests now.

I want to be happy. I want to have passed my driving test. I want to have a purpose in life.

I really want to have gone on my first real audition. And I want to get job. And hopefully I'll have a better idea of what I want to do with my life by then. It all means a lot to me because being an actress is the one thing I really want, a job will help me do that. And my plans...well I can be very indecisive so it would be nice to know what the heck I'm doing.

I would like to have my passions better organized in a way that allows me to pursue them with all I've got. A weeding out of activities may be in order.

I would like to have a job. I would love to go to college. And lastly, I want to lose weight. Since th emove and the fact that I have been in the house the majority of my time I have gained weight and would love to make achange to feel healthier and more alive. Besides the job and school, losing weight it something I can have a totaly grip on by myself and motivate myself to do to be able to change my life. I want to take control.

I would like my relationship with my husband to have been mended. We have been together for 22 plus years and a lot of resentments have build up along with our love. We need to cleanse those in order to move into the empty nest phase of our lives. Finally we will have time just for our relationship! Very exciting.

I would like to come out to my father as bisexual. I would like to be out in general and not be hiding it, but coming out to my father is most important because he is slightly homophobic, and I've spent years listening to him yell about how gay people aren't normal and how it's so wrong. He still doesn't know he's been talking about his daughter when he says those things.

By this time next year, I hope to have contributed something to other people, even if on a very small scale, that will improve their lives or make them easier.

Serve well on CalMend committees. To earn money and make a difference. To have Phenomenal Bedding up and profitable. To make money, to have fun, and to be of service using my natural skills.

I would like to have successfully finished my first year of graduate school without having a financial crisis.

By this time next year, I want to have achieved perfect balance between my work, school, social life, family, etc. I think that most of my problems arise from poor time management. Also, my final year of high school is a great time to fix this - I'm heading out into the real world next year!

I would like to continue to earn all As and Bs in my college courses, to prove to myself that I am capable of following through on my goals and dreams, when so many times in the past I have let myself down.

I want to be able to drive. As long as I pass Driver's Ed this October, I'll be able to drive by my 17th birthday. If I fail Driver's Ed, I'm screwed.

By next September, I want to have completed the musical piece that I started nearly three years ago. I was so excited about it at the time and I know it has the seeds of greatness. I have been afraid of the potential it holds and it has been safer for me to back burner it than to take a a risk and commit to seeing it through. I heard the call and then put it on hold. Pretty soon it will get disconnected if I don't pick it up again, and that would be sad.

I want to further my relationship with my boyfriend. We've dated for about 2.5 years and know eachother inside and out. I would like to be there with him while we each continue with our collegiate pursuits. I want to support his personal and academic achievements just as he would with mine.

a good judiasm and secular life balance and a good theory to doing balance. i dont want to live a cut off or hypothetical life.

I'd like to be happy and satisfied with my work situation. And I'd like to maintain that satisfaction through a busy period, so I know it's not just temporary.

A true contentedness with what I have. Husband or no husband.

I would like to have moved out of the city by this time next year. Hopefully to a house with a yard for the kids.

I'd like to raise my GPA and keep it like that. I have been lazy and cared too much about insignificant things that have gotten in my way that has affected my GPA. I want to go to med school. I'm not too sure what I'd do if I didn't end up making it. That's one of my biggest fears in life. So a higher GPA would rock.

I would like to be able to sing and play guitar in front of people. It's tough to play and sing at the same time, but I'm working on it.

Make it thru the 2nd year of marriage and be a bit better off of it than now. Also take my children to Ha. for a vacation.

lately, a vague form - of a kind of model of our present life and world - seems to be taking birth inside me. and i can feel it getting more and more crystallised and concrete. by the end of next year, i hope to have designed my work around this model, which will become clear and communicable to me. with this model i would be able to see and share where our evolution is headed towards, and what the next evident step is.

I want to find a partner. If not for life, at least for this part of my life. Then, perhaps, I can start to build a home. I have been on the move for far too long.

I would like to be pregnant. I've come to realize that family is the most important thing in life and I'm ready to create my own family, my own legacy.

I would love to find a nice first boyfriend.. I'm 20 years old now, and I want to feel loved (other than being loved by my family and friends) I would love to succeed my first year at the University of applied sciences.. And I really want to lose some weight, because I don't feel very nice atm..

I'd like to get my instrument rating, because I think it will make me a safer pilot.

Divorced. Because I am so unhappy in this marriage.

Once again, i would like to have lost the pounds i need to lose and be fitter. I would feel so much better about myself

I would like to achieve some inner peace. I am still driven and intense and would like to be able to slow down and enjoy the flowers.

I would defiantly like to have a job by then and to have finished one year of college and be starting on my next and maybe even start my program. I would also like to have a relationship with my father again if that is even possible.

Establish myself fully as a creative content strategist in advertising & entertainment. This is important, because it's the next step in moving my career from the level of every day execution to that of high level strategic thinking, which is where I think I'm most skilled.

More friends, better social life. I want to be a more accomplished human being. Id also like to find love.

I want to have become a better student and better physician by this time next year. It's important for my future career in Medicine.

By this time next year I would like to have entered one piece of my artwork in a competition or have it displayed in a gallery. I would eventually like to pursue art on the side and be able to sell some of my pieces, so this would be the beginning.

I would like to have a really good job. Or maybe just a job, that keeps us afloat.

I'd like a new, refined job description. I feel like I have mastered what I do currently and I want new challenges.

Become more active in my new shul. I need to reconnect to the jewish community.

I want to make a career change. I love working with children but a career as a Director of Religious Education in the UU faith has been calling to me for some time and I want to get there, and away from a poisonous atmosphere at work.

I'd like to have moved out, and to gained control of my finances. This is important to me because I love my independence which at times can be compromised at home. Ad with my finances I'm worried if I don't act now the debt will continue to spiral out of control and will end up damaging me for years to come- both credit rating and could make me mentally ill with the stress of it!

I'd like to achieve at least 5 minutes of writing every day. I guess I'd better get started!

Camille: 25 percent of my saving goal, 25 percent to changing my life Shyree: established consultancy

I'd like to be able to say that my Grandson has come through his traumas, beaten his devils, overcome his anger, and has risen to be the bright and caring soul he really is...I want to help him to do just that

The weight thing obviously. It's important because I want to be healthy, I'm already feeling strains in my legs, my back because of the weight of my breasts and my heart because I don't exercise often and eat too much crappy foods which isn't good for a 20 year old.

I would like to have lost 3 stone in weight. I have struggled since having my last baby and I've been yo-yo dieting. I would love to get a grip on my eating and lose weight permanently. Being overweight makes me very depressed and angry - this would show me that I can lose the weight and keep it off !

I really want to be in serious relationship. My grandmother has Alzheimers disease and she is slowly slipping away from us... before she forgets how to communicate with me, I really want her to know that I am and will be happy with my life, and I ideally want her to meet her great-grand kids.

By this time next year I'd like to have completed a 100-mile trail race. Will I actually accomplish that feat? I'm not sure. But writing it here, admitting that it's something I want to do, putting it out into the universe, striving toward that goal... It will both motivate me and help strengthen me on the journey.

I would like to either get a better job that suits my passions or get started on going back to school. I feel like I'm doing nothing with my talents.

I'd like to save enough money to move back to France, while maintaining my present job.

Have a child. It's been a very long battle. I want to be able to nurture a new life.

I'd like to actually write a book, I have all these ideas but I just don't write them down. This is important to me because if I get one idea down it might be easier to get others down.

I'd like to meet a guy who is perfect for me in every way. It's not really at the top of my list since I'm 18 and in no rush. But it would be nice. Also, I'd like to qualify for an exchange program in London.

I would like to have completed one or two transactions with the business I have started with my partner. It's important to me because I wish to develop my career and participation in society. Our company is based on a principle that if we help people, lift them up, we will benefit in the process. Everyone has to win in our conducting of business. Hopefully, these actions will allow me a more profitable future with respect for spiritual or energetic balance of our company's transactions.

This question brings a smile to my face. I've experienced so many instances of dashed-hope this year, my default response was to avoid answering this question. I once had a therapist. I can *hear* her suggest I examine my "fear of failure". OK... I would *like* to get a job so I don't feel like such a looser. A bill-paying job making/ serving food or a position back in my field working in health care communications. This is what I think will make me feel like a productive human being in my society.

I would like to keep in better touch with my two brothers. While I feel that we are close I would like to be more a part of their lives. I also want to have continued towards my financial goal of paying my student loans off in 3 years starting in July 2010 I began making double monthly payments. Lastly, I hope that my husband and I are closer to achieving our goal of selling our home in the Spring of 2011.

I would like to expand my business by hiring one or two employees. I work a very physical job, and I know the day will come when I can't do it all by myself. I want to know that physical set backs aren't going to ruin me financially.

I want to lose weight. Partly for health reasons, I hate how out of shape I am, but mainly for vanity, because I want to be good looking. I have all these awesome clothes, and they don't look good because the body in them is still so fat.

I want to have a job that I truly enjoy because if you love what you do you never work a day in your life.

Good results. Better results. Best results. The best doesn’t necessarily have to mean a 100%, but I would like to know that I’ve tried my best for every paper that I collect back. I want to have semesters where I can look back and learn from my mistakes, then move on with no regrets. I am sick and tired of crying over spilt milk. And it is important to me, because I believe that it’s this attitude that will carry me further - not just academically. I know that my best is definitely better than this, I know that this is nothing compared to what I’m capable of.

I would like to achieve a new found confidence in my photography. I am so passionate about photography and want to be able to learn more and more to help make me a better photographer to hopefully start earning more money from my hobby. This is important as I feel it is the only thing I can be really good at it, and it makes a huge difference in my life to have something to focus on.

I want to have moved on in my career. Either this will be withing my firm, or I will have moved on to a new company. I have never wanted to be a stay at home mother, and I will not be satisfied by just getting married and having kids. I want a career and I cannot stand still in my job any longer. I used to think this was a career, but I realise it has felt like a job for some time and I am now ready to do something about it. The next few months should be very interesting as I see whether my Dad listens to me and what I want for myself or whether his own idea of what is right for me prevails.

By this time next year I would like to have completed a marathon, have gotten a promotion and a raise, and be completing the last of my coursework for my master's degree.

I would like to be able to focus more on my offline life. I know I mentioned this last year but I keep getting caught up in the social media, and not the social. It is important because I want to reconnect in a genuine way with friends and family. I would also like to FINISH MY M.A DEGREE!

Be debt free and solevent. It would mean all sorts of freedom!!!!!

I would like to know more about myself and be comfortable with myself. I want to be even more in love with my sweet boyfriend and have us grow and grow together.

I want to be in a loving committed relationship! It was one of my goals for last year but hasn't quite happened for me yet. It's important to me because I am turning 39 this year and I have been on my own for a good four years. I took a lot of time to work on myself and work out things I needed to work out, and now I feel I am ready to find a life partner.

I would like to be rewarded for my hard work here at The Waterford, my place of employment. I won many award at my previous employer, Stonebridge. So, I feel to continue to grow, I need to strive to continue to be the best and be recognized as such. Part of it is egocentric. But a lot of it is validation. Specifically, I would like to be recognized by my company as Manager of the Year. And I would also like to be recgnized as The Manager of the Year by the Arkansas Apartment Association.

I choose to achieve the goal of being a highly regarded and sought after Voice Over talent for film and broadcasting. It is something I have dreamt of being/doing for at least 16 years

More patience. More acceptance. More accomplishment. (is that a contradiction?...)

As scary as this is to me, I think it's important that I at least pursue other job opportunities. To really get my website together. To get out there and see where I could move if I wanted. I may end up staying where I am, but I've got to make some moves or I'll really disappoint myself. No excuses.

I want a new job. It is important so I can pay my bills and start school. I have been accepted already to grad school but have no way to pay for it. I love school.

I would like to get a promotion at my job and I'd like to merge my "life" with my husband. Not that I want to loose my self but I want to get to a place where we can feel like a unit but not lose our own identities. Maybe impossible?

I want to be published. I really need to get on with some work, to achieve this!!

I'd like to develop the confidence to work less. I'd like to make the transition to feeling comfortable in my new job without losing sight of the stature that I have achieved in my old job.

By this time next year I will, without a doubt, have my horses trained and be riding and competing with them. It's not an option and it's not about proving anyone wrong. It's about proving to myself that I was right all along; that I really can train my horses. That I wasn't being stupid or naive, that I can succeed at what I always wanted to do.

I would love to have published my first collection of short stories, or at least to have been able to get one of the stories published somewhere. I also hope that I have lived in San Miguel de Allende for the last six months by this time next year.

By this time next year I want to feel that i don't need to prove myself to my new employers. I want to truly believe that i am worthy and capable of the job they have given me.

I'd like to be in my own vacation house looking at water. Important for my inner peace and ability to be quiet and reflective,

I would like to be back on the path to the career I will have for the rest of my life. I hope that career is teaching. I would also like to find love.

Starting Girl Power Productions and be making money with it. It's important to me because it lay's the foundation for my career as an actress, writer, producer and will move me closer to moving back to L.A.

By this time next year I'd like to write a really good paper or report--one that I'm really proud of, and one that I didn't do in the minimum amount of time possible. I was thinking the other day about how most of my projects turn out well, and then marvelling at how good they could be if I didn't do them at the 11th-and-a-half hour. I want to have one document that I 'm really, really proud of writing.

i would like to have traveled to countries other than thailand because i'm not getting any younger. i'm no longer considered a youth and i will have wasted my youth if i'm not taking this chance to travel with my sis. i need to experience life and whatever's out there waiting for me!

Maybe living with my boyfriend, maybe working in the city. Ok, these are 2 things. The reason is the same for both: less commuting time.

Be working in some way on or with Foggy Moon Farm. Figuring out how to make that dream real.

While there are a number of things I would like to achieve, I have been devoting a lot of my time to my new business venture, Celebrations of Life. It looks like we are on the cusp of some semblance of success in the realm of legacy development. A year from now, I would like to say that we are on the road to successful implementation.

Making our business reasonably successful. I'm passionate about this endeavour and care for my colleagues and respect the work we do. I really want to see it succeed. And getting some creative writing done. I've put it off for much too long. It's a self-respect issue and a very much needed creative issue.

I would like to feel absolutely at peace here in my home and in this town. It is important for my own sense wellbeing, adopting a community and embracing it, and feeling "at home".

Organization at home. This is important because it causes a great deal of stress in our daily lives. It has been an elusive goal for a number of years and at age 65 I should know what is important to hang on to and important to let go of. Time is running out, if not now, when?

I will finish and publish my first book. It is important because I am writing since 48 years, I earned a living by writing - but I did not finish my book up to now.

I would like to achieve today that in one year I will have my own bussines running. And is importatn because I'll be working on this for so many time is one of my goals in life. I think I can make a change in this world with that.

I would like to be able to do 100 pushups. This is important to me because it requires a lot of discipline to do the workout routine. I've tried three times and have not completed it. By next year I hope to actually finish it and prove I can do something if I set my mind to it.

I would like to be in a relationship, maybe even contemplating marriage. Could it finally happen? Might I finally be ready to open my heart up, and make the time for a relationship? Might I be ready to give this area of my life the proper attention it needs?

I would like to have made an iBook of pictures of my daughter, who only lived for 8 short weeks. I think it will mark a milestone in moving on from her death and will be a memento that I will be able to pass on to my sons one day.

I'd like to be self-employed and working from home so I can spend the rest of my life with my wife and kids.

I hope to have lost a significant amount of weight as a direct result of a gastric bypass. Its important to me because I am so unhappy being morbidly obese and my activities are too limited because of my weight.

Fostered positive, loving, supportive, respectful relationships within our family. Bad family relationships can be one of the most corrosive things in life, while good ones can be enriching in a way that puts all other aspects of life into perspective.

This time next year, I hope I can travel somewhere, anywhere! It doesn't matter where, whether it's to India to visit family, or to Saudi for Hajj/Um-rah. I want to get out of America and observe life and people in their own country surrounded by their culture, language, and traditions. I also really badly want to diversify my diet with a variety of foreign dishes--traveling will help me do this. I hope traveling will be as adventurous for me as climbing a mountain. It's important for me to get out of American and see how other humans live--and see for myself, rather than just read/watch on TV about it. I want to engage with other humans and know how their life is like and what their everyday troubles are, and just the simple facts or advice they have about life.

To still be as happy as I am now. Depending on what we decide to do about the next chapter of our family life, (ie whether I'll be pregnant again yet) to get back into sport and be fit again.

I really hope I get to go through with my plans to study abroad in England next semester go through. It's my lifelong dream to even visit, let alone live there for 4 months.

Bring my relationship with my wife back to the level it was at when we first met. I have hurt her with my indifference of late. I understand that we can't "turn back time" after 18 years of marriage and five kids. So, what I am hoping to achieve is really something more akin to a renewed spiritual connection that is deeply rooted in a profound respect and love for each other.

1/2 my GE, volunteer, meet shannon hale, and become the leader of a book club.

I would like to grow my partnership with Kennedy this year-learning more, supporting and being generous.

I already know I'll be at a school I love doing what I love, but by this time next year, I want to sort of establish my place or find my niche at this school. By this time next year, I want to be fully adjusted to that place. [by this time next year, I mean about 5-6 weeks into the school year. it just hit me that i'm still operating on the same school year timeline I always have, but some schools i'm applying to won't start until later than that]

I would like to have lost a significant amount of weight by learning a healthy lifestyle. I would like this weight loss to improve the knee pain I've had since my car accident. I would like this new healthy lifestyle to empower me to take more walks, spend time outdoors with friends, flirt more with men, dance, live life more to the fullest. There's no time like the present, and I truly hope that I don't lose sight of this goal by years end.

I want to be able to build up a mature relationship based on God´s will and foundation. A year from now I want to know exactly what I´m going to do when I finish my senior year (in all aspects of my life), I also want to achieve a new level of intimacy with God.

I would love to pay off my car. Debt is self-enslavement. It's what ties us down and restricts.

I would really love to run a marathon. I don't know how long it takes to train for something like that from where I am now, but it would be amazing. At the least I want to do a half-marathon. Why is this important to me? Running has just helped me so much, I don't know why, but even when I just don't feel like doing anything including running, I feel great after a couple miles. Lately I've been doing 2 or 3, walking, and then realizing I want to run more and seeing what I can get for a mile. Today I set a new PR of 8:10, ran 3 miles earlier in the day, and did another mile of jog-sprint on the 1/8 track after. I'd also love to get a 4.0, I kind of wish I had been working harder this past month like some people, but today I have been pretty productive, and I'm not done yet. Feeling pretty good about it, as long as I survive these huge percentage British Lit things I should be okay. Oh and participation grades in German.. I think I can do it, I just hope the Schmidt understands and looks at me at the right times during partner exercises.

I would like to finally be comfy in my own skin and not be so scared to try new things.

Write a book.

I'd like to have finished my novel completely, and be letting other people read it, even if a publisher won't take it. All of my friends have been so encouraging, and I don't want to disappoint them - or myself.

At this point, I am not making any bets, but I would like to return to productive writing because that has been my ambition my entire adult life. I've had ten pretty good years of it, and until the onset of my illnesses, hoped to have a few more. That, along with the lives of my loved ones and friends, is what I live for.

I would like to be better able to communicate effectively with those closest to me. I can communicate ideas, facts, and even inspiration to all kinds of people, but sometimes it can be hard to have a really emotionally honest conversation with family members - maybe I need to be more upfront with myself about how I'm feeling.

Financial stability. Nuff said.

Healthy, happy family with healthy, happy baby. Also, losing the pregnancy weight and regaining health and equilibrium. (It's been a long time on that one!) A sense of professional identity separate and apart from the non-profit I founded (and am planning to leave in a few months).