Is there something (a person, a cause, an idea) that you want to investigate more fully in 2011?

I want to read more autobiographies, especially about interior designers.

I want to read more!

making my own middle east theatre project HAPPEN.

Business Innovation is my main topic for 2011!

reducing my carbon footprint

I can't think of anything I'd like to investigate, but as I approach the age of 65, I want to know about ow much life I have left.

Two: (I'm not sure if they really qualify as just ideas) Anthropic Cosmological Principle and Music Theory.

I awn to keep moving forward in my Yoga practice. It does amazing things for my whole self when I let it.

I would like to get involved with TWLOHA. I want to help support and grow the movement that has helped me.


I want to find out how to become a Teacher. I want to be part of something that helps people and helps them become better than what they are.

Making art, family, buddhism, film.

The education system. I would like to understand all the different aspects involved. This would help me to see where I might be able to make a difference.

Yes, I would like to investigate the universal, spiritual connection between all things, living and non, and how that relates to whatever might happen on 12/21/12.

My friends and family. I need to invest more in the ones that count. I need to understand finances more.

i want to investigate my own abilities.... to love to lead to follow to be close to teach to be taught to let go to surrender to heal

God and what God wants of me.

Buddhism and shamanism.

Yes - community-supported agriculture! Bring on the grass-fed beef and local, organic vegetables.

I would like to do a better job at maintaining friendships and relationships with individuals who have had a great impact on my life.

Language and means of communication

I want to fight ignorance, expand my friends network around the world and explore diverse viewpoints to incorporate in my own beliefs and knowledge.

Nepal. Buddhism. Gay rights. Thailand. Peru. Guatemala. Art for art's sake. Creatively creating revenue streams.

I want to look into Greek mythology, definitely. Afghanistan. Estonia. Shakespeare's life. And hopefully, a good area to study for postsecondary school. We'll see.

My family. Everyone is in a new place. I would like to re-learn them and discover how to love and support them.

I need to become more involved in politial issues that affect my family and community. In this day and age I can't afford to be ignorant.

My religion and what spirituality really means to me, and for me.


Chris :) And Will, lord above would I like to get inside that kids head, if even for a moment. I'd like to have a deeper sense of self, and more bonded relationships with female elders and peers.

I want to delve into my creative side and find out how capable I am of succeeding as a writer.

I would like to investigate the idea of living your dream life by focussing on it and believing each day that your dream will come true.

Right now, I feel that I must change my dissertation topic from the social-structural aspect of originated sin to the Roman Catholic theology of wealth understood as loving God with all of one's strength and responsible Biblical stewardship of the world's goods.

I'd like to become more involved in the lives and livelihoods of my friends, reengaging in meaningful relationships by making the time to spend with them

Mindfulness meditation.

Writing. Am I finally at the point in my life that I will dedicate time to this pursuit?

I want to investigate the possibility of a relationship with this guy that I know who is interested in me.


I'd like to expand my jewelry business regarding both more advanced designs & selling outlets.

Work to eradicate Malaria.

Having finally read, or rather devoured, Michael Pollan's "The Omnivore's Dilemma", I'd like to find sustainable sources of food near me. Being a life-long vegetarian, I've become smugly complacent, assuming that I hold the moral high ground because I don't eat the bodies of animals. Pollan's book opened my eyes to current farming practices and made me think about food anew. What could be more important, and basic, than getting that basic building block of life right?

Myself. And my friends. And more involved in swing. And the idea of falling in love.

Simple, effective, cheap, reliable and easily accessible mass green energy solutions

Yes, i want to learn all i can about hobby farming and figure out how to make a living off the land

I guess a goal for the year would be to decide that I actually thought something was interesting enough to want to investigate it more fully. I have of late been decidedly uninterested in most things. Or rather, there is nothing lately that inspires me. Nothing. I know that I have always tended toward the weepie side of things, but I have at least been interested in life. Lately, I've got nothing. So I guess a goal for 2011 is to figure out a way to reengage with the world. A way to want to be a part of it, to value my part in it, etc. I am down in a pretty dark place right now. Completely unsatisfied, but unsatisfied in this really vacuous way. I feel like a pretty simple person and yet for some reason things never unfold simply. Or rather, maybe I force things too much, but that doesn't really sound like me at all. If anything I probably don't force things enough. I am too good at letting things just happen to me. Ryan, for instance. He appeared in my life out of no where and I just went with it. In that sense I think I am rather agreeable. I am always looking for the best in people, which I guess overall is a good thing. But maybe I need to be a little bit more declarative about things. I need to figure out a cause or an idea to devote myself to because I need something to tether me to the world. I can't keep going forward as if nothing matters and it sickens me that this is how I feel right now. There is a big, ol' world out there to see. I need to start feeling impressed by it. Now how to actually go about doing that is something else altogether...

I would love to understand myself more fully - my motivations - why I do what I do for a living, what I might want to be when I grow up, why I live where I live, my relationship choices, etc. Sometimes I am a complete mystery to myself.

I would love to learn more about Judaism and other religions. I would like to use my research for my novel as a learning experience. I also want to learn more about the town in which I one day hope to live, and also using as a setting for my novel....Surrey, England.

I'd like to learn to program Apple devices ( iPhone, MacBook, etc )

Yes, really there are something in each one of these cathegories. A person (or more): It is true. I want to know more deeply all people who really are loving me. A cause (or more): I wish to know more deeply too all kind of ideas that allow to achieve a better world. An idea (or more): where are and how are in deep the authentic ideas that allow us be happy?

Financial Security and planning for the future. I want to sooner rather than later get married and start a family and I want to be able to afford it without having to go into debt. I also don't want to be denepdent on my other half all the time, I want to feel like I am contributing more to the household.

I want to learn more about mindfulness. I need to live more in the now. I want to be able to teach mindfulness to the kids I coach.

I'd like to investigate a lot of things... More languages, better methods to staying in shape, better ways to be a better person... I'd also like to learn to cook! And maybe have some time left over to make my website a commercial entity, rather than an interesting side hobby (that takes up a LOT of my time)..

I'm still looking to make something. I have all these ideas and not the skills to make them awesome. The only solution i think is to jump in and do something. Maybe I'm just a pussy with excuses

Yes,i would like to investigate or discover more details on the Magnetic shift of our earth? What really is happening ? Why do so many of my Friends talk of this? How does this effect our planet and why! I know very little about Science, and would like to know more? What is it that they fear about 2012?

I'd love to learn a foreign language, so I could travel and really immerse myself in the culture.

I desperately want to move somewhere new, somewhere out of state. I adore Austin, but I feel like there are so many other places to explore. I hope that I can find a companion to go with me, otherwise I may not have the guts. I just feel like being able to have experienced different cultures by residing somewhere as opposed to just being a tourist is something I crave.

God - or religion in general, I suffer from taking the shortcomings of my parents on and repeating the same mistakes as them. Over the past year I have tried to change all that and have enjoyed some success so i suppose whilst im trying new things (which seem to be working) why not give the big man upstairs a try!

I want to get serious about planning for my kids' futures. I'm looking at orthodontics in 5yrs, college tuition in 10. Time to get moving.

Forgiveness. Surrender. Humility.

Planning & Resource for my new role. I'd like to understand the principles of both aspects.

I would like to become more involved in politics, whether it's simply by becoming more informed, or by helping campaign for an issue or candidate. (More likely to be an issue over a candidate.) I'm interested in figuring out how issues can be supported the right way - without money-hungry politicians and businessmen getting their hands in everything.

Find and become a part of a learning, spiritual community.

I'd like to find the spiritual road/mediation that will help me center myself and obtain some inner peace. My first stops will with Hinduism and Buddhism.

There are so many things I want to investigate, and I never get to it. Some of the things I want to learn more about include housing policies in New York , particularly about the obstacles to preserving and creating more low cost housing. I am interested in learning Tai Chi and learning more about meditation. Since I attended a Rosh Hashannah service that I really enjoyed, I may go more often to synagogue and pursue my inquiry about religion in my life and my relationship to/with God...contemplate on what religion and God means to me.

I would like to find out more about how I can move forward in my life rather than going backward.

I want to investigat more time with my best friends, espeially Kaja and Ingeborg, since they are leaving next year, and I want to enjoy the time I have with them to the fullest. Sometimes I think I won't have fun anymore with them not around, and I'll miss them so much it almost makes me cry already. But hey, I'm a pirate, and I will survive. Secondly, I want to enjoy my everyday magic even more, and continue to smile to strangers and be grateful for my wonderful life, family and friends. I truly love my life! I also want to be more active in Changemaker. And at last, I want to fulfil my dream of going to the premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 in July. If I can manage that, I'll have somthing to cheer about for the rest of my life.

I would like to fully read the Koran. It will be tough to get through all the jargon (like reading Scientology literature) but I need to know more about the tone of Islam.

I'm interested in learning more (and getting more involved) about the on-going relief situation in Haiti.

Not truly something specific but more of anything that could make me a more rounded person.

I'd like to come back to my Vision Board, and really see if I can make that work for me. I know the concept of intention, and I believe that thoughts are powerful, so I need to harness that energy to make my life work.

I'd really like to build more "stuff". I'd like to design furniture or at least learn how to.

Can I be a self-centered bitch and tell you that it's none other than myself? :)

The relationship of real, imaginary and complex numbers.

Nelson Mandela, I just bought 'Long Walk to Freedom'

Recycling - specifically composting - on a public level. Restaurants, municipalities, etc. should be involved and I'd like to work on this.

going freelance

Having just moved in the last couple weeks, I feel there is so much I want to explore. I want to push that feeling of exploration and newness as far as possible and not fall into ruts of behavior or comfort.

I want to learn more about politics and be able to keep abreast of the goings-on of my city, state, and country. I also personally want to continue to learn more about horse racing.

There's possibly a high school reunion coming up in 2011 and i'd be interested in going, to see what happened to everyone

I would like to live more "Green" - more organic foods, less chemical, less waste. I'd also like our home to be more calm - less yelling, more loving.

More about Chabad.

Peace in my relationships, in my life. Financial security. SQL report writing, data warehouse knowledge, more time on my torch to make beads.

Wow, idk. I'd really really like to know more about the people around me, but not to the point of investigating them. That'd be creepy!! O_O

The art of meditation. I think it would be infinitely beneficial to me but for some reason I'm afraid I won't be able to handle it.

Jesus (same answer every year).

Keep on keeping on with SCIENCE!


I want to investigate the possibility of renting an apartment in Jerusalem

I would like to learn more about the foster and adoption systems in the US. My partner and I want to foster and potentially domestically adopt in the future, and I am starting to uncover some things in my reading about adoption that make me want to learn more about the systems and what I can do to create change. Additionally, I want to think about how I can be a positive force in the lives of the children we may encounter as they struggle through such large life changes.

I generally want to investigate charitable giving more in 2011, no particular idea, but I should give more of myself in general and find causes to support financially. I'm interested in supporting universal education.

Myself. I've always been so interested in other people, and helping others, that I fear I've neglected to ask myself what I really want out of life - what type of job I really want to do, what kind of partner I really want, where I really want to live, etc. I hope that by next year, I feel like I know myself better...I'll always continue to be involved with Muslim/Jewish dialogue work and mentoring kids, but it's time I invest some time in myself.

I suppose I'm already doing it, but really I'm just getting started so I guess what I would like is to be much more deeply involved in sharing my art with the world and also more serious about what I'm doing with my career. I would like to know what the next stage of my career will be. I will be submitting applications to PhD programs.

I want to be more clear about who I am willing to have in my life. I've separated from a few friends lately who no longer seem to share what I thought our friendship was based on. I'd like to be more diligent about who I let into my life and the precious time I have to share with others.

I want to explore what I actually want to do with my life. Do I really want to be a teacher? Does it make me happy? Is that the right path for me? I've been thinking about it a lot lately...will I be the best teacher a student can have? If not, should I really pursue this? Maybe I want to do something else. Maybe I want to do advertising. Maybe I want to do public relations. Maybe I have no idea.

I'd love to get information on how to study abroad. I want to go to London or Berlin in my 3rd year of university, but it's pretty complicated. Also, I'd like to go to more art and photography exhibitions. I've always been interested in them, but I hardly visit any.

I want to explore me. I have been such a dead girl, refusing to experience pain which has cut off pleasure. I have been my own worst enemy, eating things that don't support who I want to be and how I want to look. What is that all about? I want to delve into sexual pleasure and creating a body that supports my image and activities. I can't play tennis or tango safely without having a body that won't betray me and that is just a matter of diet and exercise. All of those choices are mine to make and I find myself making more and more good food choices as I let go of my unwillingness to feel things. I am ready to be fully alive again, no matter what the emotional cost. That is the price of admission to this game of life.

Ways to better structure my business so that it can make money without being bottlenecked by me and my availability.

I'm interested in finding out more about the possibility of the three religions that were fathered by Abraham coming together to heal humanity. All religions keep us apart from one another. There is a violence connected that keeps the 'other' out. Bono's idea of an Abrahamian celebration each year is brilliant. Now, how to make it happen!

Myself. I want to give myself more identity, and reason. To allow myself to follow my own dreams, and to realise why I shouldn't doubt myself and just go along with what others demand, just because it's easier.

I want to investigate more into the idea of being an Art Director

I would like to begin a life in the slow life movement, where I begin to plant my own food and live a lot more minimalistic.

I want to get into a story I've had for a while. write it out and see where it takes me.


I'd like to really get into the kink community-- maybe move to the city and really make some friends I can figure these things out with, rather than occasionally showing up for one evening.

My life feels pretty well packed, on both the professional and personal sides. So I am going to answer "no" to this question and try to feel no guilt about it.

No. There is nothing special I would like to investigate more fully in 2011. :)


I want to discover some great Jewish musical talents. Someone doing something innovative, with mainstream appeal but clear Jewish roots.

Getting a mortgage! I don't see it happening this side of 2011 - I don't understand how they work, I don't understand how difficult buying a property is. I don't know what it's like to have that kind of debt hanging around your neck. Relying on the other person to come up with their share of the money every month as well as worrying about having enough money for yourself to live on. I don't know whether it will be a sigh of relief, of knowing that someone, somewhere, will benefit from me when I die. I'd love to look into having a child and getting married. But whether I actually do any of the above is all laying heavily at my own feet. I need to realise this and work at it. Little by little I shall chip away until I fully understand the implications of being a GROWN UP! Very scary stuff indeed!

Music/songwriting, I suppose? I'm not sure what this question is asking really. It sounds like it means learning. I want to learn more Hebrew too.

That's an interesting question. At this point, no, but it would be interesting to have a overarching theme to next year. I have some interest in relief work. Perhaps that is an idea that I can explore.

My daughter's desire to become a surgeon.

There are lots of things I want to investigate fully, a lot of them to do with religion, and if what I've been brought up in is in correlation to what I feel is right (I believe there's a God, and I think there's lots of truth of Christianity - I'm just not sure if what I've been told is the same as what is written in the Bible itself). However, I think that the one thing I'd like to come to a true conclusion in 2011 would be my definition of the "best friend". I think that I've been using that word very casually, even though I really shouldn't, and it's something that should be fixed.

I want to start studying foreign languages again.

Economics, knitting (knowing different yarns, stitches, etc.), politics, my neighbors, my community and town, how to keep myself and my fiancee healthy. There's probably more, but I'm on the spot now.

There are so many things I would like to "investigate": meditation and yoga, being more environmentally friendly, better business practices and HR tasks, classic novels...

Macroeconomics. I'd really like to take a course in it. Because as hard as I try to figure out how a capitalist economic system works, it still seems unworkable in the long wrong. The rich will get richer, the poor will get as poor as they will tolerate, until Boom! Another French revolution.

I have gone through almost three years of higher education to attain my master's degree. There are so many topics I learned throughout my education that I want to explore further to enhance my life. Spirituality is a large area that I need to take more time for. Another one I would like to learn more about is Zen Buddhism and my thesis was about transcendentalists which I am. I also need to work on being a person of integrity and stature. Thoughout my education I have had to live by scraping by and lowering my standards of living. It's time to celebrate and live as what I am and what I have achieved.

I would like to know more about my dad & his childhood while I still have the chance. I know lots about my mother, but dad doesn't talk. I'd also like to learn how to can from my mother, again, while I still can

I want to investigate the neuroscience linkages to racism. I also want to investigate what older women are doing in their pre-retirement, and retirement years, and write about it.

I want to enter a Short Story contest. I've never even written a short story but have read many. I need to research the genre and then try my hand.

In the last few years I have been meditating and trying to experience letting go of judgment of my self, my thoughts, and others. It is fear that gets in the way - fear of what? - and I am slowly feeling trust grow. Each year my desire to continue to "investigate" that process deepens and my willingness to let go increases a little. Professionally, I am interested in investigating how state regulation of a health profession can change to contribute to healthcare reform. The current regulation of healthcare practitioners is a very old-fashioned, mechanical process that makes patient care less efficient.

I would like to explore my own inner calm, tap into it. It seems that I have looked to complicate my life with impatence and lack of focus. I want to forgive myself my short commings to better see others with love and acceptance. So what I want to investigate is how best to do that, practice acceptance and forgiveness while leading a productive life.

In 2011 I most likely will begin the path to retirement, so in 2011 I will be able to explore new friendships, new activities, including volunteering, and will be able to make improved physical fitness more than a subject of discussion.

I would like to learn how to make little movies on my computer. I have some ideas that I think would be great, but the whole learning curve of how to do it seems overwhelming to me.

Even though I've been called selfish on more than one occasion, the answer would have to be me. With the break-up leaving such a gaping hole in my life, I need to re-examine who I am and what I want from life.

I want to learn more about sustainable living, including how to do some rooftop gardening next summer, composting, buying and eating more locally, and reducing our household waste. I also would like to more fully investigate some family planning options for us.

Yes, but I am simpleminded. I have fallen in love with someone and would like to know him better. I would like to cultivate a sustainable and intimate friendship with him. In general, I would like to deepen my relationships with all my friends and family.

An English degree. I want my writing to taken more seriously by those I work with. I also want to delve more deeply into the physical and mind work of yoga. I also want to continue to work on developing my individual identity apart from someone's daughter, wife, mother, employee. I'm tired of belonging to everyone but myself.

Process theology.

Hospice education/outreach and patient/family care, along with the book that Margie and I want to write about living a meaningful life.

I would like to investigate moral eating...meaning eating local, organic, vegetarian. Knowing where my foods come from and how they are grown or produced. Making sure that I support everything I eat.

My faith.

My parents (past and present). Amish people. Cooking. Canning. The neighborhood that I live in. The prospect of moving back to New York. Starting my own business.

I think I would like to get more involved with student leadership. I'm a StuCo member now, but i want to learn more about how to be a student leader.

Yes, very definitely. I have about five of these I carry around with me in my head. Here's what I'm curious about these days: 1. I want to learn more about how the human sexual response cycle differs based on sexual orientation. 2. I want to learn more about how other people integrate spirituality into sexuality education. 3. I want to continue to investigate the possible non-pharmacololog interventions for low sexual desire. 4. If sexuality education is so much fun and the educators and students are having such a great time, why is it so feared? More directly, how can we make it so it is less fearsome and more welcomed? Most sexuality educators don't get involved in the politics but I'd like to get right in there and figure this out. Given all the religious and historical fervor against sex education and given what we know from the HIV/AIDS movement and anti-sexual violence movements, what can we do differently in the future so we don't have to respond to a crisis in order to create large-scale educational waves. I'm not interested in mandates though compulsory sexual relationship courses would be a great place to start.

This changes so much. I get into different topics, and then have to follow them until I've searched for all the info I can find. I want to keep this up in 2010.

I want to exercise the idea of my own T-Shirt company. I've always liked the idea of a clothing line, but i don't have the style sense to come up with new shirt cuts or denim washes. I'm good at Design (kind of) and i have the ideas it's just getting the money together and getting the resources together, and then Execution. I'd like to meet a lot more Girls, i'm infatuated with girls, doesn't necessarily have to be a sexual thing, i just like girls they're pretty cool people to talk to... most of the time.

I definitely want to investigate the kind of planning and income it would take to quit my day job and fully transition into self-employment.

I want to learn more about meditation, and possibly yoga. I want to learn how to clear my mind and let the world around me fall away. I don't know if there are any classes locally for either, but I intend to find out. If not, there is always the library and the book store. I'm sure I could also find a dvd or two on the subject. This is something I've been thinking about since I read the book Eat Pray Love. I believe it will help me balance my life, and possibly even help with my depression. We shall see.

I've already started intensive research into Atheism and reading books from the famous authors on the subject. Building my own frame of mind on the subject and how to argue and counter argue with Theists, especially Muslims since I live in a Muslim country.

I want to investigate myself. I want to learn to push my boundaries and get out of my comfort zone. I'd also like to investigate setting up my own website and fiction writing.

Several things: hula hooping, writing, tarot, finishing my novel.

Traveling the world. Helping poorer children - learning more about soft skills and how to change fates for the better. Getting involved in photography, particularly fashion photography. Make short films about my country.

I want to investigate job opportunities in my field. I'm ready for a change, whether it be getting my PhD or doing some performing, or simply teaching someplace else.

I would like to more fully understand what makes people tick. What gives them incentive to change the way they are doing things and the way that they think. I would like to be involved in a communication exchange to discover the keys into people's thoughts and if they are open to new ideas and if not how to access that part of their thought process. Such as what language and techniques that I can implement to initiate the possibilities to help someone learn to act and make positive change in their behavior and lifestyle.

jep, Mark and my children and my creativity.

No burning curiousity about anyone or anything at this point in my life. As topics whet my interest, I look into them at the time. No Big Questions looming at present.

I would love to learn culinary skills and perhaps change career paths by opening by own food truck.

Oh yes, everything!! :D Everyone. University. Each little parts of it. My fellow classmates. Rella, everyone :) And Scotland. Oh may my wish come true:)

I should probably learn more about my family. I also want to investigate how to be a Grown Up and Earn and Save Money and Pay Off My Student Loans.

nothing earthshaking. I want to learn more about gardening, and since my husband won't do anything unless it's got a motor, I need to learn carpentry, plumbing, and electrical. Maybe I'll think about night classes.

Kashrut. Daily davening. I guess, in general, I want to find ways of making Judaism a part of my daily life rather than just a weekly thing on Shabbat.

Raising a transgender child.

Does it make me boring to say "no"? Between work and home, I think I'm tapped out in learning about new things. I'm at a point in my life where I am learning about things on an "as needed" basis. Would I have though a year ago that I would have known so much about the debate between ceramic tile and laminate floor as I do now? No way. But I had to learn about my options when we were redoing the kitchen. My new assignment at work requires me to learn more about anthropology, the Middle East, and Russia. That's fine with me. Had I been able to choose, would I have picked those topics to investigate more in-depth. No. But I'm not against learning about them. Conclusion: In the next year, I will learn about things on an as-needed basis, but that's not a bad thing. It leaves me open to a variety of different topics that I may not have chosen to explore myself.

As we get closer to the 2012 election, I may decide in 2011 to investigage the possible candidates for President and decide to back one of them by volunteering in some fashion. I'll make sure my liberal friends know so that I can piss them off the same way they try to do me.

I'd like to learn and understand more about the people who are important to me, would like to learn more about Buddhism and Transcendental Meditation,want to find a volunteer opportunity I can feel passionate about and totally commited to.

Next presidential election (Portugal), Alzheimer's care

I recently saw adult gap years on the internet. There are also 1week and upwards where you work in exchange for bed and board. I might look into this further for our next holiday. Doing something worthwhile whilst being on holiday really appeals at the moment.

I would really like to have made the move to more independent lifestyle and employment. I will be exploring becoming an independent contractor and practicing law in a more autonomous environment. I will reduce, reuse andrecycle more.

Food security, gardening, local food systems. I would also like to volunteer more. And reading. I'd like to read more.

Constitutional law. It is so different from contracts and torts, yet has such a dramatic impact on our daily lives... and I rarely understand the nuances of how it works.

In 2011 I would love to investigate different more complicated forms of cooking. Also I would like to find out what I should do with the rest of my life by studying a variety of subjects including food science and English

There are a number of things on this list. I want to learn how to negotiate with purpose, minus emotion and to face confrontation without fear. I want to succeed in learning how to be financially independent through learning how to make my new business succeed. This will free me to have the time to pursue my first love - the love of writing.

The idea of helping people in a way that is unconditional. I will continue to research and be involved with TWLOHA and continue my education into a career in psychology while researching how to start my own awareness program for self-injury.

No. no more ideas, need to assimmilate the ones I've taken on in the last couple of years. but for my son - a career in Jewish education. And I always want to learn new ways of learning.

I would love to do an anti racism training and then also learn more about buddhism and its peace practices. mirit

Charles Dickens' Great Expectations. Have had it on my bookshelf for awhile, and haven't jumped in. I know I would like it... At least, I think I would. :)

I want to figure out a way to spend more time giving tzedakah. I also want to devote more time to my Tanakh studies. And, of course, investigate further the idea of moving to Israel. Ani rotzah l'alot!

I would love to start doing more activities next year to help boost my self-esteem and become more fit, so I can be motivated better when it comes to my exams at the end of the year.

i want to look into a college plan for my sons. I feel horrible that I have practically nothing invested for their future. I want to push myself and do something that I have never done. like white water rafting or doing "couch surfing" in another country. I want to look into Buddism a little more and to find some level of inner peace from the ongoing rage I feel toward my ex.

I am the person I need to investigate more fully in 2011. I am naturally introspective, but knowing my issues and knowing what I need to do to work through them are 2 different things. 2011 is the time to learn more about the latter and to take those actions.

I am already deeply involved with the causes of HIV/AIDS and Violence Against Women and Girls. I have created a series of workshops (The AIDS Mastery) and an international NGO (Intersect Worldwide) to help organizations working in both fields to link their efforts since rape is a primary transmitter of the virus in the global South. I also investigate many organizations and nonprofit projects as prospective philanthropic targets for newZonia, which is soon to launch as a new dimension of the internet and philanthropy.

Christian apologetics - it'd be great to get my head round all of that stuff

In 2011 I want to investigate the importance of a Master's Degree in my life and future plans.

I want to investigate how to get out of debt - permanently. :)

Life. Gardening. Ecology. People. NVC

I would like to know more about the creation of the universe . I'd also like to read more about children's education.

Selling in the tennis industry; working on becoming self-employed and/or having a side business to increase income.

I wish I could learn more about my mom this year. I feel like now that I am an adult, with a home and a husband of my own, I would like to have conversations about real things that affect us as women. I want to know what she's proud of, what decisions she wishes she could change, what she wants to know more about. I want to learn everything I can from her as I transition into this new stage of life as a wife and (later!!) mother myself. I want to know why she's so hard on herself. I want to know why she always has such an underlying sadness about her. I feel like our current conversations are often superficial, but I want a deeper relationship with her.

I want to investigate the idea of what we have in common as opposed to what separates us. As I look around the political and religious differences I realize that we are truly coming apart. Even disagreements can bring folks together in surprising ways.

How do we change the collective conversation & engage the collective intelligence towards creative solutions , so we move toward a more peaceful just sustainable & healthy world

I want to be a part of something that helps give homes to people that need them and get them back on their feet.

my son, the nature of evil, everything that we cannot see, hold in our hands and know for sure

my interests in life. i'd like to find a hobby or something that i can excel in, as i am yet to find one of those, i'd like to find out more about myself, something that REALLY interests me, or something i can see myself doing for the rest of my life

Yes! Political and moral theory, nutrition, and maybe logic and economics to mix it up.

I want to learn more about politics, economics and how I'm going to improve to world in my little bit. I want to spend more time with my family and get to know them better.

I would like to learn more about Japanese society. It is part of me, and I would like to learn how it has influenced my attitudes, beliefs, and outlook on life.

I want to investigate and explore my need to travel and see as much of the world as possible. I believe the world is there for us all to explore, and I am starting that by going to Ireland and Vietnam in 2011...two very different locations...yet places I have always wanted to visit.

How powerful is our mind when we learn to control it

I used to be interested in sufism had been studying it in earnest about three years ago but stopped and I would like to persue it again in 2011. I was intrique how do they get into a trance or seeing. To be in that stage there stages that you have to pass before you reach to certain level............ and that is something that you have to believe,feel and commit that not all individual can do. and if I can feel and do what is required of my religion even a little I will be very grateful.Self taught alone is not enough I have to find a good teacher to be able to understand it.I hope to find such spiritual guidance in 2011.

I am planning a trip to Nepal, so I would like to learn more about its history and culture before I go. I had my first vegetable garden this year and I want to learn how to make next year's more varied and productive. I want to find more ways to be connected to my family, even though none of them live near me.

My art, Feng Shui, Living well. I want to learn how to really help my friends. I want to learn enough about my enemies that I can compel them to walk away. How to be the person my dog thinks that I am.

The night sky. My mind. Family relations.

Japan,vegans,law making, the justice system,my career my future

Next year I want to learn more about myself. I want to try and be a better person in many ways. Such as, maturing, both physically and mentally. I want to grow religiously, I've never been able to explain my reasoning for choosing my faith, and I think thats important.

No, nothing in particular. I just want to keep learning something new every day.

I want to understand more what happened in September 11 of 2001, I still can't believe those attacks were true. Also, I'd like to know more about literature and of course, I'll have to read some books about parenting, as I'm becoming a dad in April of 2011.


I'd like to look into getting a job in the fraud investigation area. It's something I'm really interested in after getting involved a little bit in my current job.

I want to learn more about my own resistances - to picking up the phone, to selling or promoting my own point of view.

want to investigate my ex husband who has avoided child support for 6 years & apparently is now living off no income for the year yet buys new car cash. CSA have his arrearhs at £15k+ & are trying to prove the fraud they know he is perputating .... not hopeful of every getting cash as he is a waste of space who doesn't care about his daughter at all!

I want to investigate where my sister went when she ran away 2 years ago, we brought her back 4 days after she ran away but we still don't know anything about those 4 days and its been on my mind ever since. Just thinking about it makes me worry and cringe about what she could have gotten up to.

There are plenty of things I'd like to investigate/study, but what I think I CAN/WILL do in 2011 is become an activist for more causes and help my students become activists, as well. I plan to help them participate in the AIDS Walk for the second year in a row, as well as explore and support other causes.

I would like to have more of a Buddhist outlook on life, and to do that I need to learn more about Buddhism and commit to it. I have problems with tension and anxiety, and I don't really want to get into religion. I would like to use a lot of the concepts in Buddhism to help me overcome obstacles in my life.

I would like to learn more about Buddhism. The little I know about it appeals to me, but I need to know a lot more before committing to it (or any) religion.

Financial freedom. Automatic income. Successfull people. Purpose of life: Growing and giving. What does this mean for me?

Move out from Mexico City

I can't WAIT to get to know my grandson! I've seen him only once, since he was adopted, and he completely stole my heart. I'm so eager to move nearer to him and to watch him grow up. I hope I learn quickly how to be a good grandmother!

I want to finish reading Atlas Shrugged, Anna Karinina and War and Peace. Just cause they say everyone should.

Especially since I am not working, I want to use my free time to research Katherine Anne Porter, whose biography I have long wanted to write.

I would like to learn more about my heritage and ancestors. Where they cam from, possibly their personalities, what things they did, etc. I want to know and understand where I came from and be able to use that to carry on my heritage and better generations to come.

I want to learn to play tennis!

yes me, i want to get to know me more, i want to find everything wonderful,that is inside me, i have left the past behind people who think they know me - dont for they have projected onto me their version of me, now the real fantastic knid abundant loving mother has appeared and we, are going to leave them all behind, i am off on a fantastic journey physically and menatlly travelling and exploring. i want to create the world i want for me and my children, its all inside they tell me, i reach my potential, i explode with my potentials that i choose to manifest and unfold, i choose to be in ectasy with the world everyday smiling at miracles, i feel it happening already.......

Jewish mussar practice. Leyning Torah. Spirituality and mental illness.

The idea of sustainability: Making our home more energy-efficient and building a big raised-bed garden. The idea of reliability: Growing up a little more by waking up earlier, being regular with training runs and working towards a marathon, bike commuting, eating in a way that honors my body. The idea of shipping: Focusing at work, delivering, finishing.

As I suffer from M E it is difficult to think about where my energy will go for the next year. I prefer to live in the moment. I'm committed to leading as green a lifestyle as I can, being the best mother and grandmother I can and hopefully finding a new significant other.

Doing creative stuff in my spare time that can also bring in some money. Like making shirt prints, doing illustrations or photography and sell this on stock sites. Contributing to make people enjoy their lifes more and making the world a bit better, that is a cause I also want to pursuit. Maybe my job I will hopefully get will not compromise my "green cause" but than I hope I can do something in my spare time.

I'd like to become more informed and more confident about financial matters. I'd like to move forward from intellectually understanding why I blurt out things I shouldn't , to learning how to control/avoid experiencing the incendiary feeling in the first place.

I think most of my time will be dedicated to getting to know myself better and figuring out what I need to survive in the world after college.

Myself. I've always put myself last in the family hierarchy and as a result, I've got lots of work to do to take better care of myself. That involves learning about health and nutrition and how to incorporate that into my life.

I would like to explore organizations like Doctors Without Borders, Helping Hands, Save the Children, Nothing But Nets--organizations with people directly on the ground working with those that need most in this world. Perhaps with an eye toward doing more than donated. I want to "join in the battle".

I would like to investigate different aspects of spirituality more thoroughly. I would love to explore Kabbalah, Mussar, and others. I would like to incorporate some yoga into my life as well.

the idea of being on the other side of my greatest fear...the idea of why i punished myself so hard, made myself really wait for the freedom...the idea of how to be honest and stay true in the face of wanting to hide...to fully explore and reclaim my money, sex, pleasure and power!

I would like to investigate a woman who appears to be embezzling money at my child's school.

I want to investigate myself more fully in 2011. i want to see how i have changed and grown and what i have to share in my relationships with others. i want to investigate how i am in those relationships. i want to get to know a certain special person (who i just recently met) really well and the prospect is exciting, but i will keep asking myself, why not know me well and be passionate about ME first this time? I, too, am exciting and interesting. So, I have taken up dating myself a little. Awkward at first but it is reassuring (revolutionary really) to find that i am someone i really want to know.

No, I just want to keep walking the path and maintain stability.

Yes, my books. In 2011 I want to read more books, because my list is huge!

Would like to go back to school and get my Masters Degree in Theology. Has nothing to do with career at this point, it's just for me.

bulbs, local agencies, reconnect with my research

I want to figure out my fertility options.

I would like to learn more about my religion, Judaism, because I haven't been participating in Jewish traditions and customs for many years now. I sometimes feel embarrassed in shul when I don't understand what's going on.

legal theory

Life of Palestinians living in the West Bank and Gaza. Also of Arab-Israelis

Career paths. I don't want to be an accountant anymore. I want to do something fun and exciting with my life.

I would like to learn more about communication in general, and about how to spread good ideas specifically. And I would like to explore ways to make reading - and thus the transfer of information - a habit and a pleasure for those who never thought reading could be interesting. Knowledge is power!

I'd like to investigate the history of mediation so I can give a seminar on it.

I sort of hate that all of my answers seem to revolve around my soon-to-be born child, but that is the dominant force in my life now. I want to learn so much about this child - what s/he looks like, things, smells, everything. I want to learn more about my husband as a father. I know he'll make an excellent dad and look forward to getting to know that side of him in application.

My family. I want to know my roots - where I come from. I want to look into areas where I can move after college as well. Areas rich with both acting and neuroscience. Where I live currently is good for now, but I'm not happy here.

I would love to learn to cook better and real techniques.

I have spent much of this year immersing myself in Kirtan. i want to get into it more deeply. much more deeply.

There is one person that immediately comes to mind... But on second thought, he's still the only thing I can think of.

I'm going to school for journalism so investigating everything will be my job. Something? Try everything.

Hebrew and Yiddish.

Italy - the language, the culture, the art. My own religion. My own future. My parents and my brother. Theatre.

I want to investigate myself and learn why I do and think some of the things that I do cause after I end up questioning myself, I'm tired of ignoring things. I want to get more involved in TWLOHA, already a member but I wanna help even more; also something for animals (love them). Shaping my philosophies too, get it not perfect but just right for me =-)

The last few years I've begun to investigate my adherence to Democrat Ideals. While I am socially very progressive, there are large elements of pseudo-science and superstition that cloak many of the progressive concepts. Aspartame and High Fructose Corn Syrup are not the horrible disease-causing agents that many on the left insist they are. SUV's have the same basic engine as most non-hybrid regular body cars. They aren't necessarily gas guzzlers. 9/11 was NOT an inside job. Astrology is not real. Neither is palmistry. Nor will wheat grass juice heal all that ails you. Despite my disgust with the superstitious fringe taking over the Democrat party, I'm not full ready to jump ship. Certainly not to the Republicans, whose party was fully subsumed by their lunatic fringe years ago. The only other somewhat viable alternative is the Libertarian Party, but can I really support someone like Ron Paul? I want to investigate this further this year.

I just started a beginning adult Hebrew class. I'm excited because in contrast to the first 2 times I began studying Hebrew as an adult, this teacher is not simply focused on lots of reading drills (which I have done in the past and are definitely helpful). She wants to intersperse those types of lessons with how language influences thought and belief. As a linguist and as a non-Jew who is raising my children in Judaism, this is right up my alley.

This is a big question for me, because I love learning. I was trying to prioritize what I wanted to know more about, but why? I can do a lot of it. I want to know more about LEGO robotics & how to be a great coach to my son's team. I want to know more about Unitarian Universalism and expand those ideas to my life. I want to learn more about teaching art, and making and doing art. I want to learn to cook new kinds of dishes. I would like to learn more about the centrifuge at my husband's work- fascinating stuff! So much I want to know.

1) I want to see if I can change the way I see my husband and convince him to do the same for me. 2) I want to write - a lot 3) I want to develop my side business into something that can sustain us financially. 4) I want to fill a deep well inside myself with peace.

Spirituality in all its varied forms, so that I can try and put a better definition on what it is that I think is true, not just what I'm told is true.

Sex Trafficking. I want to help to fight it and the women stuck in it.

I want to be able to fix things on my own - I fixed my bike brakes and it was so easy, I saved over $90 by not just buying a new bike like the bike shop guy told me. I would love to be able to change a tire. I also want to investigate ways of cooking, learning about baking and trying new foods that I'm unfamiliar with. That would be great.

I want to explore transformative education more fully. I have done some reading this past year and attended an un-conference which spent some time on this approach. I think it is more authentic to my personality and I hope that is transforms part of me and my life. I want to live more fully, more in the present instead of always looking to tomorrow. I think that this will help.

I want to delve deeper in to my work at Faith Aloud, and explore how I can help men who have been affected by the guilt and sense of powerlessness that so often gets placed upon them because their partner made the choice to have or not have an abortion.

I want to investigate my future and make some decisions about where and how I want to live, who I want to live with and how I make my living.

I want to explore becoming a writer. How would I make a living from it? What would my writing style be? What topics would I write about? I envision myself as a writer 3 years from now who lives for a few months a time in Madrid, Cape Town, Sao Paolo writing, but who always comes home to Jamaica. 2011 will be the year I fully explore the background work that would allow me to do this.

I want to get more involved in my community. I also want to look into gun ownership for personal protection, but hopefully by 2011 I will be well on my way to having one and learning to use it properly. I'd love to eventually get into competitive shooting. In addition, I want to choose a short list of subjects and spend the year learning as much about them as possible.

Medical devices for the developing world

I would like to learn more Torah during the next year. I believe that I can be a better person, as well as being able to help others through Torah Learning.

myself. haiti. rapha house.

Writing for publication and payment, speaking french, creating the "dream team" (women helping women remodel their houses)

I would like to know more about thoughts creating our own realities. The power of thought and intent. Coincidence, miracles, 'signs'. There is a huge mystery there for me that I would like to be able to grasp.

I want to utilize my free time to volunteer in an organization that does work that matters to the people it's servicing and me. I live in Los Angeles a giant city where there are numerous charitable organizations to help those less fortunate. I have yet to find a place in those areas, but I am drawn to autism. I don't know anyone who has it, but I know that any family affected has needs and challenges and that makes me want to help.

I want to slowly continue to explore my belief in God, my spirituality. I want to continue to be more sustainable.....really embracing that lifestyle. I want my marriage to grow and bloom again. I want to read and travel in 2011, really start to explore different options of living.

I would like to learn more about the intricacies of running a business and money making in general- are there ways to do it without creating waste, without shady marketing and PR, and is it possible to do all of this while remaining ethical?

Just started: the call for a Colbert Rally, by redditors. A cause that is admirable: a satirical, yet rational and reasonable answer to right wing fearmongering and Christian fundamentalism. Something we need a lot more of in the entire world. I would love to see the rise of a new age of enlightenment.

I want to invest more time in my family and in learning about my heritage. I also want to learn about mountaineering and winter outing safety. I want to finish 2011 having summitted a mountain. I still believe whole-heartedly in the lost art of exploration.

As I said in a different question, I am really excited to learn more about my Judaism, and possibly convert officially (which is necessary even though I was raised Jewish because my mother was not Jewish). I also want to explore the possibility of using my singing in a better way.

I want to become more involved in charity and non-profit organizations. In addition, I want my partner to be my ex-wife (after we reconcile and remarry) so that it is a shared activity in which we can enjoy the experience of giving to others while waorking with each other for a noble and worthy cause. We will have a common bond and interest which will further cement our bond with each other and in the name of God.

Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley. I just finished readin "Frankenstein" a few weeks ago -beautiful prose. I then decided to look up a few of her quotes to post on my website, and realized she was quite a feminist! I'm interested in learning more about her views, I'll be looking for a biography.

I want to not just learn more but do more about poverty in the United States in 2011. In a global economy, can poverty be eradicated by the private sector, or is a safety net of government subsidy an ongoing necessity for its citizens? Are taxpayers willing to fund a safety net for low-wage workers? Opposition to public healthcare and the rise of the Tea Party would indicate no. What does that mean for services to people who do not work? How can we raise the skill and ethos of these folks to a point where they can secure long-term employment?

Hawaiian history and culture -- including traditions & customs, art, environment, and attitudes/opinions/outlooks.

I would love learning about Life, love , relationship and investing. I would donate clothes and blood . I would incorporate the concepts In the Book THE MONK WHO SOLD HIS FERRARI , all 10 of them. I would like to explore this world , myself and about life's mystery

Myself. Just kidding! But, no really. Hopefully by then I won't have to, but for now. Yes. Me. And Life. In general. Peace. If it's possible.

I need to be more a part of my great-nephews' and great-niece's lives while they're still so young.


I will immerse myself into being a mother. The baby is due at the end of the year and in 2011, I'd like to be the perfect mom.

Be Still - mentally.

I want to say: Learn more Hebrew. I'm not sure where the time to do this will come. Perhaps I could make it part of my shabbat ritual

I want to investigate smoking cessation programs. I’ve been smoking for about 13 years now and if I could turn back time I’d never had picked up the habit. Two of my uncles and my one aunt have quit smoking this year, an amazing feat as each has been smoking for well over 20 years. Smoking is the one thing I do that is unhealthy as I try to eat well and keep active, plus it’s expensive – but I’m totally addicted and the thought of stopping scares the hell out of me. I need to find a cessation method that works for me and really try to quit instead of just thinking about it.

In the coming year, I want to learn all I can about 'making a living without having a job' so that I can live the less restrictive and more artful life I imagine and still be able to support myself.

In 2011 I hope to study Judaism more in depth in preparation for my conversion.

Gay rights, classic literature, Sylvia Plath (rekindle the love affair of my teens,) my friend Andrew, French films, coffee, anything that will round out my life's experiences.

Great question! I have always been interested in animal rights and have always been concerned about the plight of elephants in Africa. My dream, for many years, has been to go there and work with the farmers and find ways to keep elephants off their land. I heard of a woman who raises dogs who bark at the elephants and scare them away from farmland. This is seems like an eminently humane thing to do to help solve this problem. If I can't do it this year, perhaps another year. But animal rights will always be a concern.

I want to fully explore Interfaith Youth Core this year. Key to everything I know is understanding. IFYC promotes understanding and action among all religious faiths. It is only through understanding that we can honestly be with others. I am also being nagged about becoming a religious. Over and over again I am being asked "you should consider being a leader in our church." What is that all about? What is the spirit saying to me? Am I really ready to be someone like that?

I really want to find a way to vocally challenge Islamophobia and the related fascist creep that is currently happening in the developed world.

I want to continue to deepen my connection to Judaism and the Jewish community. To continue to learn from the many beautiful people around me. To seek joy.

I want to learn Ivrit because all my children and most of my family live in Israel, I spend a lot of time there and am embarassed not to be able to speak the language.

Myself. Love. Support. Surrender. Energy. Release.

I simply want to spend more time with my husband!

It is of a personal matter. First off I went into my pastors office to ask him about a stressed relationship! It caused me pain to think that our church secretary really disliked me a lot! My faith is that we forgive all. So I continued to love her unconditionally no matter what. He said her anger was misdirected and in away I was receiving some other persons mail. I might remind her of someone that might had hurt her in her past. Then to top it off he totally ruined his explaination by saying that there was just away I carry myself that gets to people. He continued to say that he really couldn't pin point it, but, something about me seemed to create some sort of unsettling in people. What am I suppose to do with that? If you don't know what it is how can you fix it? I no longer attend that church. I could not be at peace inii

I would like to learn more about sustainable living. Getting off the grid with solar power, growing my own food, taking better care of the earth.

I'd like to grow closer to my family, discover exercise that I love to do, and find work that connects with my soul.

I will protect mysekf from harmful people who try to put me down and I will learn to accept myself as the person I am and that I have right to live and be loved.

I would like to investigate nurturing more of my spiritual growth. I'm not absolutely certain on which direction I would like to explore and move towards. Presently I'm considering volunteer opportunities. I am also thinking about my career in Nursing, wondering how I can combine the spiritual side with my chosen career path. I feel very content with myself, my relationship, my friends, my family, my path in school and especially being out of the military. What's next for me I wonder...?

off-the-grid living.

I want to investigate fun, yocks and childlike romance. It's hard for me to write this because they seem so far away. But for my mouth to God's ear. I want this so badly.

There are so many things I want to learn more about. Mostly just history in general. European to be specific. I have this need... To go there. I want to experience a different culture. I guess moving to Hawaii will really help me with that as well haha.

My parents. I would like to write their stories this year.... the details of their life and their family memories.... from childhood.... and the stories they heard in childhood. Then I would like to compose it into a book for my niece and nephew. I also would like to re-focus on the situation of women and girls in the Congo. I would like to continue working for the rights of my gay friends for equality in this country. And explore further my belief in caring for this planet. The question is.... in this coming year....What I can DO in these areas.... what WILL I do......

I would like to assist folk who are waking up, whom want to become more conscious and awake, to fully connect more with their hearts, their purpose and passion. I also want to contribute towards world peace. I also wish to help those children whose consciousness is very awake, perhaps write a book on the subject ...there are so many things in honesty choosing one is a struggle. :0)

Over the past year . . . or several years . . . I have discarded religion. Currently, and over the coming year, I'm checking out the alternatives, or the non-alternatives. I don't really believe one has to "be" something in a religious sense. I'd like to investigate and "think" about it through personal essays.

I'd like to find a way to volunteer my time at ReStore. I love the program and how they help disadvantaged people build homes - and keep building materials out of landfills. It's a win-win situation.

I wish to explore the peaceful and mysticial essence of Sufism, especially during times when Islam -- a cognate with Shalom -- is portrayed as an exclusively violent and repressive religion. Genuine religion can never be essentially violence. I want to find the beauty in Islam, especially through the poet Rumi.

My husband and I have opened our relationship up and I'm hoping to develop my sense of compersion. I am interested in the idea of collaborative consumption and other ways we can mitigate the damage we do to the world around us. I want to continue to get to know myself and be comfortable in my own skin.

Actually, I have several things to investigate this year. I want to pursue yoga, which I've never really done, although so many people swear by it. I need to improve my balance, which is slipping, and my flexibility, also a problem as I get older. I want to learn to play Bridge. My parents play and my dad teaches it in Adult Ed. A great aunt was a Grand Master, so it runs in the family. I've always loved cards, and I'm thinking more about it in recent years. Then there's hypnosis. I've always been intrigued by it and I'd like to see if it can help me with my sweet tooth -- maybe give me some tools to resist those cravings. This is an odd assortment, but there it is.

I started attending AA meetings with a friend, I personally don't drink or do drugs, but have found the meetings so helpful in my own life. I would really like to get more involved in them. I am overweight so maybe the Over-Eaters program would be a benefit. I always leave the meetings so inspired and uplifted. It is a program I think everyone could use.

Buddhism, yoga, mindfulness, maybe meditation. Living green and more sustainably. These are already part of my journey, but I want them to continue to be an important part of my journey.

I would like to be more knowledgeable of the Torah. It was a thought I had last night driving home. I really do enjoy the stories, but I've never actually sat down and read it.

I want to investigate the idea of helping other people that are worse off than I am. I want to try to live without all the social media internet craziness and just live my life the way it should be lived.

I want to investigate parts of myself and my abilities, my ability to learn and grow (both emotionally and professionally). I want to investigate my ability to break out of the box I've somewhat put myself in professionally, and see how far I can go and grow!

there are so many things I would love to do but haven't had the time - I'd like to do more creative work: photography, jewelry making, painting, sculpture, cooking. I'd like to learn more about the spiritual side of Judaism and learn to meditate. I'd like to work with young children and help those who are disadvantaged or disabled. I'd like to spend more time exploring the natural world, hiking, bird watching, kayaking.

i want to learn more about yoga and being a vegan. it's a simple lifestyle that i admire an feel can help keep me grounded in the midst of life's noise..

I'd like to return to reading every single night as I used to...

I want to investigate where I'm going to finally put roots down.

I want to learn about Islam and read the Quran. I already know a bit, I'm not totally ignorant, but I want to understand the context of the surrah that advocate violence.

I want to learn yoga more than anything else, I'd also like to try and get involved in some demonstrations against the university fee rises.

I want to become closer to my boyfriend, and learn more about the people I am close to. learn more about: ways to live green Global studies World history myself finding inner peace physiology

I want to explore working internationally. I am researching and committed to getting my career on track after losing my dream job in 2007.

Religious tolerance. I see what is happening to Muslims in this country and it seems antithetical to what the founders of our nation intended. America has always valued freedom of religion, as well as separation of church and state. The persecution of Muslims is eerily similar to what happened to Jews in this country in the 1930's. And it has echos of the holocaust in Europe as well.

I would like to invest in the act of remaining positive. Life denotes and/or requires a certain act of reality when living as this keeps you grounded. But an act of positive thinking keeps the unavoidable situations in which you find yourself (classes, homework, etc) from seeming like such the largest burden of life. Also in doing so, I hope to enhance my focus and dive deeper into my studies.

Empathic Therapy and other social work styles. Mental health, mental illness and "treatment." Mindfulness. The River. Florida Hiking. Cycling. Meditation. Thich Nhat Hanh. Yoga. Carl Rogers. Pema Chodron. The Spanish Language. The Mermaid Parade. Gardening and local food. The piano? Yes! Magazine. I want to continue to find meaningful ways to make my mental, physical and emotional wellness a priority.

I would like to investigate how yoga can offer guidance, stability, and strength as I incorporate it into my life in a stronger way. I would also like to investigate the power of having a strong intention - and willfully syncing up projection with intention.

Motherhood. My daughter.

Moving energy. Telekinesis. Using it to make things better in some way. Opening up to power that is available to us.

I would like to become better at communicating, mostly in the written form.

Literacy in urban schools; becoming an adjunct instructor at the college level; my relationship with my chosen religion; and my relationship with my honey and others.

I'd like to find out more about my grandparents; their history, their lives, just who they are. I want to be about to tell my children about them one day.

Not really. Been there, did all that. Pretty much everything bores the hell out of me.

Alchemy. I would really like to know how to turn simple routine objects into gold

How to get people out of the corners they've backed themselves into, hardening their positions, and into space where they can listen, soften and move toward each other. In other words, pluralism and peace in the Middle East.

More sustainable living. I'm on the right track - this year I grew vegetables in my tiny little urban garden, we have earthworms breaking down our kitchen compost, we try to buy local products as much as possible and I'm working on only driving whenever necessary. But I'd like to be even more eco-conscious and make a bigger dent in the environmental impact that my life has on the planet.

I want to read "Half the Sky" by Nicolas Kristoff and find ways that I can contribute more to empowering women in emerging nations.

The plight of education in America. We've gone from first to 23rd in math and are equally poor in reading and writing. What happened? What solutions that work on small scales can be broadened to address the problem that will ultimately destroy the democracy?

I have always loved the Maori culture. It would be wonderful if I could do a more indepth look into their life and culture. I don't know if I will have the time to do that in 2011, but it is worth writing down...

I'd like to more fully commit myself to interfaith dialogue in 2011. Not just the kind of surface dialogue where we agree to "tolerate" one another, but something deeper -- what Reb Zalman calls "deep ecumenism" or "the dialogue of the devout."

I want to learn more techniques for making homemade cocktail ingredients. I also want to learn more about cooking, especially soups and stews.

The idea of joining a church or attending church more often and being part of the church community.

i would like to start writting this monologe for an actor -actress whatever, i would love to be appreciated for my good caracter & wit, which i hope & wish to become better over the time.

Just changing jobs since my job has let me down so bad after more then 12+ years with them.

Israel, honest reporting in the middle east, judaism in general. My friendships and relationships as well as myself.

Working for myself full-time.

I want to investigate the Qur'an more fully in 2011. We've been studying Arabic literature in my British Literature class as a comparison and it's been very interesting, I wish to dive deeper into the Islamic faith to understand it more fully so that I can correct the false ideas Americans are given about them. It's not fair to judge an entire community based on some of its people.

i want to read more historical fiction. i find that the books i enjoy the most are the ones that teach me something about history- something i never seemed to have any interest in previously. i also want to become closer to some of the people ive recently met through synagogue.

Global warming, refurbishing out building and, last but not least, why is it so difficult for women and men to get along!

Personal Health, Personal Financial Freedom, Jim's interest in converting. I would love to have my family unified in religion to make it easier in the long run.

I would like to continue to explore the work and organizations of Deepak Chopra...I have already blossomed and made many helpful connections in stretching myself and becoming more aware. I took the Vow of Non-violence after I had already chosen veganism, and combined with yoga study and meditation, my life is transforming HOURLY! I don't want to limit myself to Dr. Chopra's projects, but simply want to explore opportunities where I may be of service now, thru 2011.

My creative side. Politics My relationship.

I would love to investigate different religions and find one that I can truly align with. I'm not saying that I want to commit myself to a religion just yet (unless I feel the urge to do so), but I want to find one that my beliefs can resonate.

the ability for me to be completely present and most positively effective for my children as i struggle with the enormity of being a single parent. to do this with grace and strength but also with wisdom.

I would like to be able to figure out my religious beliefs. I identify myself as Catholic, but I don't believe in a lot of their ideals. I need to be able to figure out the perfect religion for me. I also want to help out with the LGBT movement. Right now I'm supportive, but I don't do much to show my support.

Would love to start yoga again. otherwise i am not interested in investigating any new cause or idea. people on the other hand do interest me a lot. i would love to meet some new amazingly interesting person / people.

I would love to look more into the different religions swirling around me, and hopefully find a happy balance in and around those. I want to learn more about the political and social situations happening around the world.

Texas and American History. This cute girl I know. Availability and access to high speed internet for Houstonians who are underprivileged and unaccounted for.

Do I have time to add another cause, idea, project to my life? I feel my life is full! Full of wonderful people, activities, work, ideas... Let me just see where this is going a little longer, and then I'll open the gates!

I want to investigate myself more fully next year. I want to find out who I am and who I really want to be in the future. I want to discover how I am in the world. I want to find out will I survive by myself?

I MUST put sustained effort into investigating my mother's estate & why my brother, as executor, hasn't gotten it settled so that I can get my inheritance, tho my fervent hope is to have it settled Before 2011! With my inheritance, I'll be able to investigate life as an ex-pat retiree in Mexico & return to my long-neglected artwork, which is my dream & goal, .....along with being able to help my son & grandchildren financially.

At work, we're beginning a project aimed at making NYC more age-friendly. And here I am close to retirement. So maybe my work and personal transition can inform each other.

Not necessarily anything specific - but I'd love to learn more about international cultures, and European affairs.

Too many to count... I'd love to learn more about the birds, bugs, plants, trees, etc. in my backyard, what my husband's thinking, Western and Eastern philosophy, religion...

I want to work on my Ethical Will for my family. I am very intrigued by putting on paper my ideals and wisdom. I wish that my grandfathers and grandmothers had gifted me with their ideals and wisdom on paper to read and reread, and to understand - at different times in my life - the similarities and differences in our lives.

Well the first thing that comes to mind is to explore teaching more and to explore my environment more. I know these will happen. However I would like to explore what could be growing or might be fizzling at the moment. I like what I see but I I can't realistically hope for much. However I did receive a good piece of advice...simply have faith in faith know. which is sort of what I am doing. So I have faith that everything will work out for the best.

I'm continuing to investigate my Spirituality, both within and outside of Christianity. I'd also like to find a way to become more involved politically in the causes I care about. These include Global Warming, Gay Marriage, The economy, and the takeover of our government by corporations, the lies being spread by Fox News and the Republicans, and the idiot Tea Partiers with their unfocussed anger and stupidity.

I want to delve more fully into some ideas I have for screenplays or monolgues. I've very specific about pretty much everything and want to make sure that all details are taken into consideration before writing or continuing to write. I want to research more into Stalin's procedures during the purges. I also want to investigate what the life of a leper looked like in the first century.

Atheism. As a Jew and black belt level "12 Stepper", the higher power thing is pretty ingrained. However, my husband is an atheist (albeit a Jew), and over the years I've felt free to question why I hold any belief, not just in the area of religion. If I don't believe in G_d, where do I go with hope, or gratitude, or "turning it over" -to the Universe, nature, the Tao, to nothing? Seems I'm trained to need something outside of myself ...

Personal health/fitness

I want to investigate the fears of others, and by doing so shed light on the fears I have

Israel, Israel, Israel!

I would like to more fully understand what makes one person able to handle stress better than another.

I would like to get into yoga in a more serious and regular way. Until now I've been going infrequently and irregularly, basically when I happen to find a bit of extra time. I would like to build it into my routine so that my practice can go deeper, and I can really reap the benefits of a more serene and balanced life.

Agape....The Law of Attraction

My sisters - motherhood has changed them and I'd like to know this new person better. I've always felt a little separated from my family, I am a lot different than my sisters, so much so that people don't recognize us as family unless we are together. But as I'm getting older I keep thinking that I'm losing sight of who they really are, and just hanging onto the memories of who they used to be.

I really want to explore religion (faith), my sexuality, vegetarianism, sustainable living (gardening, simple living, traveling), philosophy, and careers.

Meditation, and probably yoga as a counterpart to that....but meditation as the main focus, and yoga as the exercise that serves my spiritual growth.

I want to be better with DBT. I want to learn how to be less judgemental and observe and describe more. I also want to learn how to use other skills like radical acceptance and self-validation.

I actually don't know at all. That seems like a big question. I don't want to go out with anybody (hope I'm not a fool reading this next year with someone..). I don't know about the causes thing as it'd have to be something that seems right and I can think of nothing like that right now. My brain is too little for big ideas :P Guess maybe if not already, then I'd like to be in a different part of England, trying my hand at something new and starting a fully independant life. That's all I can think of right now.

I suppose my answer would be the subjects I have signed myself up for this year - Psychology, Philosophy, Spanish and Social Anthropology. My core subjects will help me investigate more fully what I truly care about and am intrigued by - humanity.

I woud like to learn more about spirituality. I would like to find something that fits into my life - and suits ME. This will make me learn more about myself in the process. I would like to be more financially and globally aware of what is going on around me. I find that it is so easy to stay locked in my little world - oblivious to what is going on around me.

I would like to explore ways of expressing my Jewishness.. maybe leaning towards a more traditional practice. I'd like to explore Shabbat, and how I can make it work in my life.

I'd like to look into ways of traveling much more often and somehow bringing in money as I do (e.g., by writing about my travels). There's so much more of the world I want to see.

I would like to make spirituality a habit. Not just going to church and praying when prompted, but make it a habit and a necessity for my everyday life. I'd like to discover what my husband has had all his life: finding God in my everyday comings and goings, showing my gratitude for the little miracles that make life possible, keeping Him in my mind every minute of every day and not just when I need Him. This is also something I'd like to pass on to my kids, so I should start making God a habit right now.

My passion is about helping people to live and die well. In 2011, my goal is to expand my role in that process by aligning with funeral homes, other businesses and build my own business. My business will incorporate officiating at memorial services & helping people create the service that best exemplifies their own or their loved ones' life and spirit.

Get involved with a buddhist group here in BR and/or NO - especially for my 10 year old son who has lots of questions these days about "what happens when you die" etc. - would be nice for both of us to find a spiritual community to be part of Get better educated on health policy issues so I can be a better advocate ...

I'd like to read about Bauhaus. I suspect the catalyst for its creation is similar to the catalyst for the modern revival: the overwhelming clutter in the visual landscape. In the latter case, it's the accumulation of crap—corporate advertising and cheap, poorly thought out consumer goods—through the 70s, 80s and 90s that disregards basic shape, proportion and negative space in favor of hokey tricks to grab attention. There's a highly regarded book on this subject called "The Bauhaus Ideal Then And Now" which should be an easy read and a welcome addition to the bookshelf.

I would like to be more active in charitable work in general in 2011. This past year was really all about securing my footing in the middle class after my class jump. Now that it's done, I would like to take some of the excess I have (both time and money) and give it to those who need it more than I.

I'd like to learn more about my family- both my relatives as individuals, particularly my cousins, and my genealogy.

I want to explore my family history and that of my husband. I believe deeply in the importance of knowing your history, and I want to capture as much of that history as possible so that I can pass it along to my children.

I will love to learn about muslim and islam.. because my boyfriend is from middle east.. so.. I want him to be proud of me!

Definitely. I want to actually work with the local hispanic population here in Winston-Salem, NC. As a new resident I want to help bridge the gap between the medically disadvantaged by giving of my time through translating. This upcoming year I want to actually begin reading and writing in Spanish, Portuguese, and Hebrew. Lastly, I want to actually read the Quran and decide for myself what I believe about the religion. As a Jew, we are told that we don't get along based on our faith, but I want to thoroughly investigate this text on my own.

I've been talking about it for years but haven't put it into action. I want to get involved in a charity, preferably one helping veterans or wounded soldiers. I want to be on the front lines (so to speak) helping, rather than donating money and wondering where it goes.

The idea that you no longer have to work for another person to make a living. The idea that you can earn an income, and be with those you love, and indulge passionate pursuits; not have to choose between them. I want to understand and live this idea. For me, for my children now, and for my children's future.

Wow! Its probably time to start thinking about babies, so that is probably a person or an idea. Definitely needs a lot of thought though. The dogs are enough work already.

Last year I promised to get to know my father better. I would still like to work on that. While I have been successful in developing more of a personal relationship with him, one not mediated by my mother, there remains a lot that I would like to learn.

Careers. It's something I really need to start considering seriously, rather than as something "when I grow up".


I'd like to find something to answer the question with in 2011

I would like to get to know better some friends of mine; discover and learn more about Buddhism beliefs; learn more about space.

Me. I want to be more mindful of me. I'm not going to deny parts of myself I dislike or disown devastating experiences anymore. The emotional cost is too great and I found when I deny those parts, I also deny myself the wisdom gained from painful experiences, no matter how much they horrify me. So, I'm diving into that deep, black inner lake with the intent of planting hope and wisdom around its fertile perimeter.

I want to read more novels -- I teach English, and spend so much time with the novels I already know that I have no time to read new ones. Specifically, I want to know about contemporary world literature.

self love unconditional love being able to absorb the love of my partner and my family real and sustainable family budget

The Israeli conflict & I would like to investigate PhD programs I may be interested in that would benefit myself - and since it would be in a human service field, benefit others.

I want to own or make a business. I want to be able to write an essay easily. I want to work on IMAX kids clothing online idea.

I would like to dig deeper into music theory, with the hopes of composing a piece for flute.

I am interested in exploring the power of technology in shaping people's behavior and opinions. I don't think us baby-boomers understand how important technology is to younger people, and we have no idea about the potential in tapping into that technology.


Nicole Lapin, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Larry Ellison and Julia Boorstin interest me. I would like to more about them.

Definitely the power of positive thinking. There are a number of books but I'm searching for one that combines myself and God's wisdom to help me concentrate on positivity so that I will attract more positive aspects in my life and to be able to handle the negative aspects that we all must at some point deal with in our lives.

I want to work on people's life stories and also my artwork. Perhaps I could put the 2 together and produce a book?

I'd like to look into the possibility of making halachic Torah leyning accessible to Jews who are totally or functionally blind. I want to explore more fully the ethos and ideology of the independent minyan movement in regards to both personal faith options and alternative models for Jewish education.

I'd like to figure out how I can actually make a salary, without selling my soul.

I want to investigate those aroun me more. My friends, classmates, family. I want to know them; their hopes, dreams, fears, secrets. Joyful Heart. I love what they are doing and what they stand for. I definetly am going to dig deeper and find out all I can about this organization and how to be involved.

I want to investigate how to use the internet to increase awareness about global environmental issues.

I'm always interested in money making ideas. I think I'd like to look into share dealing and whether or not I'll be able to make some money out of it.

I want to expand my photographic and videography knowledge and skill so that I feel grounded when shooting images and footage. Additionally, I want to write consistently about the world and life that surrounds me. I would like to resolve my finances so that I felt somewhat secure. Lastly and most importantly, I would like to find a way to make my adult sons my loving friends--we seem to be very distant and that hurts.


At this point I don't. All I'd like to do is make more time for reading and getting my exercise regimen in order.

Living for God, loving God, seeking God, being the person God has intended for me to be with fullness and passion.

I probably want to investigate my cousin and his girlfriend more. He just moves into my house and he's awesome but his girlfriend isn't that social and I want to get to know her more.

Cinema! I definitively need to watch more classics. I want to know more about asian cinema (Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand, China). I want to watch everything from the nouvelle vaugue directors, from Hitchcock, from Woody Allen and from Spike Lee. Also, ancient and medieval History.

I would like to look into international affairs and news more...but at the same time learn to not let the politics frustrate and overwhelm me.

I want to investigate my heart. No, not my emotions. Literally, my heart. My health. I wish I knew when this problem began, and whether there is anything I could do to strengthen it and keep this problem from being a problem.

My husband. We've been married 14 years and it's time to find something new and deeper. Veganism. After an adulthood spent mostly vegetarian, I have been eating vegan for about a month and want to read more deeply in the philosophy and nutrition behind it. Idea-wise, I'm intrigued by recent brain research and would like to know more about neurology.

Yes, several. One of them building economical housing projects for the marginated people of this country.

I would like to take a comparative religion class and try to understand how people become so fervent and fanatical about their religious beliefs. Are we all in this together - or not?

I think I would like to explore the idea of spirituallly. Or finding my spirit. Finding the thing that drives me and excites me. That seems like an awfully short answer but it's to the point. I'd very much like to get to a place where I am whole inside. I'd like to find out where my creativity can take me. I want to enjoy life again.

Not something...everything! To keep myself sane, I cannot spend all my thinking on my own inner life and memories, despite the fact I am old and need to look back in prayer while I can for the sake of my soul. I still need to look outward at the rest of the world for joy. I take such pleasure in just knowing, in just finding out about the world and the people about me, and in chasing down oddities that might come my way by way of the internet and books but of course, just listening too, to real-live-here-and-now-people, let alone radio. For a number of reasons, I do not have a TV, and since the TV world has changed with these latest 'improvements' having one and having cable or whatever to use with one is now completely beyond my ability to afford ever again in my life, but I am blessed with an ancient computer and a good chair and if I wish, I can indulge my appetite to learn, for the sake of learning. Addicted? well, probably, but let me just look that up and see what is being said on the internet about computer addiction...

I would like to learn more about positive psychology, in particular the work of Martin Seligman and Mikhail Csikszentmihalyi. I will also read, finally, Viktor Frankl's Man Search for Meaning.

Law of Attraction Buddhism Meditation The Power/The Secret EFT Angel Therapies

Yes. The Zeitgeist movement... I want to know if they've got the support to bring that project out, and make it global.

I want to form a relationship that actually adds to my life.

I want to learn to become more confident around people I don't know that well and build new relationships. I would really like to feel less self conscious, more confident.

The Concept of Oneness.

I would like to honorably deal with my commitment to Girls Quest, and would really like to find a cause that Jimmy and I can participate and contribute to together. I often worry that since we are not religious and do not have a regular church-going or other weekly commitment to introspection and community, that it will be that much harder to build a regular commitment into our life together, particularly when we have children. Perhaps to marriage equality/ lbgt issues or planned parenthood.

I am trying to start a web-based business, but as soon as this is up, I'd like to explore starting a literary journal. I don't know what all it entails, but I would love to do it.

I would like to get more involved in politics. I think it is not right that corporations run the government and people with great and real ideas on how to fix our country can't pull through with their election plans because of the corporate ownership of the country. I want to help change that.

I want to learn photoshop. I want to do a short course in something that will be of benefit to me going back to university next year. I want to learn to be better within my relationship.

I would like to learn more about the bible and the validity of it. I think it may be outdated and over-translated. I would also like to learn more about yoga and other stress relieving activities and partake in them on a regular basis!

Investigate a person? Well, I'm not sure. I know I have a cousin that was given up for adoption many years ago. I wish I could get a chance to know him. Also, I might have another brother. I'm not sure, but I'd really like to know if I do or not.

The truth in politics (if there is such a thing), going more green and yoga.

Dr. Wayne Dyer. Human minds and natural healing

Adaptive sustainability and pro-sumerism ("proactive consumer"). Though we should think critically everyday about the impact of our purchase, the current economy is forcing Americans to re-think their purchases start actively creating their own products from local, sustainable resources. Americans used to manufacture and produce their own quality products, but as cheaper, mass produced produced products flooded the country, we turned our attention to buying products as opposed to producing them ourselves. I'd also like to examine the idea of "provenance" in America, and focusing on quality goods that are indigenous/perfected in certain regions, and using those products to boost local economies.

Nicolás, Nabokov's books, linguistics.


I'm going back to school in January for art education. I'm 30, and just made this career change...this is a big deal considering my financial situation and my quest to find my true calling. I want to really focus on it and do the best I can. I'm not trying to be the best teacher in the world or anything, but I'd really like to make a difference in my classroom, on at least one kid.

* Religious environmentalism, for a course I'm teaching and for the future of the planet * My kids -- figure out who they're becoming, so I can more fully be there as guide * My wife -- for I can't possibly do enough or well enough understand this covenantal partner * Myself -- the investigation of a lifetime

I want to read "The Compound Effect" by Darren Hardy and put its ideas to work in my life. I want to live a purposeful life, an authentic life, my true life. I want to discover and live my "soul purpose".

I want to expand my world to do more things alone. I am not a loner but I would like to be able to dine alone or even go to a movie by myself. I envy those individuals who can operate comfortably by themselves. It's definitely something I aspire to.

Yes, I feel I should renew my commitment to volunteering with kids, maybe stretch myself and go for teens. So I want to look into becoming a CASA, Big Sister or other mentoring program.

I'd like to learn Spanish, but I've been saying that for 10 years. I'd like to read more classics and history.

This has been the year of meeting up with old friends...most of whom seeked me out. This has inspired me to seek out more of my friends. I would really like to be a better, more-involved friend this coming year and to keep up with those important to me. So I want to investigate friendship more fully, old ones and hopefully make some new ones.

More into veganism, I am a vegeterian now but would like to eventually just eat less meat products like milk and cheese. Also more into traveling Mexico and writing about it. It is something that I dream of on a constant basis.

yes, a person, a friendship I need to "heal", and I need to look deeper into my own soul and really see who I am and what I really want, and I probably have some ideas I want to investigate in to :)

Upstate NY

I want to research options for furthering my education in the field of Human Resources. I am just dreading the whole process.

I want to learn more about acting, writing, directing and creating entertaining content that moves and entertains people. I am fascinated by story and the human condition. Especially now, I feel there are stories which need to be told and I intend to explore which ones I'm supposed to share with the world.

There are far too many things. I have a vicious love for learning. There will be innumerable things that I investigate in the upcoming year.

I want to read more fiction books. I want to spend more time outside home. I want to travel, just like that, without a cause - to explore my country and its people.

I want to continue developing a new take on spiritual development that I tentatively called "Reality Based Spirituality". I feel like it is a compelling set of ideas that would help many people connect deeply with others who seek more meaning in life.

How to live a more creative life.

On a personal level, I want to be exploring more about the things that are going to energize me and do more of them and less of the things that deplete me. There are a number of 'energy' books that want to read, complete the GTD areas of focus for me and take it from there. I need to look at things that are external to me and to start being a part of my community, whatever that means.

I'm looking for my muse currently. I want to find an idea or something that I can make mine. I want to be an expert on it, so I can write books and articles, and so people search me out for my expertise. With a PhD it is certainly possible, but what I am missing currently is that idea... my muse... that idea that I want to be mine.

I would like to look into my family history more. I know that i have a fraction (very small) of native american in me, but i dont know any detail around it.

I want to look into getting my bust reduction done. However, before I do this, I need to drop some of the weight I shouldn't be carrying. I hope to get serious about this and be able to get the operation in the spring.

I'd like to learn more about the mind-brain connection, and how the functions of the mind- memory, creativity, love and so on- are affected by brain damage from things like pollution and inadequate diet. There has been a lot more work on Alzheimer's and dementia and I'd like to understand more about them.

I want to invest more time in discovering myself. I don't know who I want to be or what I want to do. I'd like to discover who I really am when I'm not facing the pressures and influence of others.

I'd like to think a lot about personalities and what shapes them, specifically atheistic points of view.

Life without giving a shit what mean people think.

Geothermal energy. Organic Farming with work for room and board arrangements. International immigration laws. My mother's parents, what it was like for them in the old country and how they coped with the vast changes of moving here, what their hopes were for their children and grandchildren.

I'd love to get closer to his children. Of course, I'm not close enough to him yet although I think that's coming. I can't imagine 4 children in the house, god knows that'll be a concept that'll need investigating!!! I guess I'm saying 'family dynamics'. Both in mine and in what the word 'family' may come to mean to us all in the next 12 months.

This year, I would like to focus more on obtaining more information about a certain person. This person, I have had an interest in, for a while since I have been going to college. I really would like to meet this person, or have lunch with them or something.

I would like to fully explore my faith, as well as the tenets of my "religion." Read the bible fully. Read arguments from all points of view. Have honest discussions with people about it.

I definitely want to learn more about online learning tools so that I can employ them with my students. I may not want to adopt Angel lock, stock, and barrel, but I can see that the program has lots of interesting features that I should be able to integrate into my current activities without too much trouble. The ideal, of course, will be that my ability to communicate and receive messages will be made more efficient at times when I can't physically be with my students. Also, I want to find some fun touches that will surprise and delight the people!

I suppose I'd like to look into the idea of living without alcohol. It's a difficult idea to act on because it is both the thing that makes it possible to live and the thing that makes life unclear.

MY own business, once and for all. Charity : Water.

Myself. I want to be happy and start to live for me and make myself a comfortable home instead of doing it for everyone else. It's my turn.

College. My grades. Friends. Boyfriend/relationship. College.

Doctors without Borders. I want to understand what I have to accomplish to get involved in the medical care they provide people across the world.

I would like to investigate the things it takes to be more intresting, to have more experiences to talk about that aren't related to work, like classes where the topics intrest me, books (with help from the seasonal challenge) that are new to me, and people who I don't know well. I'd like to try new challenges. I also plan on investigating my Grandparent's lives. We know so little about my Grandfather time during World War Two. I'd also like to try to write a book, which is kinda self investigative.

I want to focus my attention to studying the practice of yoga.

Investigate? Hmm... Well, I think I should know more about politics. I have all these grand ideas, but less practical knowledge.

Non-profit anti-poverty work in London. Meditation (again). A martial art or capoeira.

I one thing I would really like to investigate more fully is energy medicine and energy psychology. This is something that really fascinates me and what I have studied so far is very interesting to me.

Home cooking, BBQ/Smoking, writing, journal-writing, Tai-Chi, Exercising during the work-week, letting go of anxiety.

Water desalination is what I"m hoping to research throughout this year.

I would like to learn more about religion in general. Just when I think I have figured it out, there always seems to be another new idea that casts doubt in my mind about it all. I would like to find some solid answers and be sure in them no matter what.

I want to finish my novel, and find out more about what I want to do in my life.

Training. I want to investigate training. A career path.

I want to explore the relationship between childhood development and subsequent adult life experiences. I see great energies put into raising children and providing them with every advantage, experience, opportunity. Then they graduate from college and begin to live life as an adult, with responsibilities and disappointments. Is there a disconnect in our education of young people - do we prepare them for how to deal with the reality of adult experiences, feelings, reactions, etc.? And, can we predict, outside of what we know about predispositions, how a young person will cope with adult experiences, despite advantageous experiences from childhood?

Myself (who I am, what I want), Israel, Judaism.

World economics, spirituality and more particularly love... what the heck is that about!?

i want to know more about the career of oceanography, because jacque cousteau is my hero.

My research project: if I can draft an article this fall while I'm on leave, I can keep revising it during my teaching term in the spring (at least, that's the hope). And then, I'll be ready to go again in the summer and, hopefully, on leave again next year. I so want to get this important work done -- important for me personally, to be sure, but also for my academic field. This work -- this idea -- is truly revolutionary; no one, but no one, is doing anything like it. I can do it (I keep telling myself).

I would like to create more rituals, based on Judaism, but infused with meaning and spirituality that speaks to me (raised Christian) and my husband ( raised Jewish) and is not just doing things a certain way because they have always been done that way.


I'd really like to learn more about natural remedies to things - making my own basic medicines and seeing what works for me. I hope in 2011 I will be able to lesson the pain of a headache or light things like that using everyday products rather than chemicals.

Am really hoping to maintain my passion and interest in the field of disability advocacy. I don't want to grow complacent but am worried that I'm not good enough at keeping myself going independently. Also would really like to continue to explore the idea of returning to school for my MSW

Medical Marajuana and the benefits and how to build a business and a brand. I also want to educate myself on the income tax system.

I'm working on error and my tendency to be judgmental. Why do we--I--hold on to the notion of my rightness with such tenacity?

My Master thesis :) getting to know more people, learning how to network, and have at least one more close friend.

I'd like to look at business school or another alternative career should my worst fears about my current careers by founded

I'd like to do research into the life of a woman in the Middle Ages who was a writer and artist with the blessing of her husband--an early feminist, if you will--with the idea of writing a young adult book about her. This was the same answer as last year--I haven't gotten to it yet!

Everything, always.

I want to learn about my bf's academic specialty. It's always interested me -- even before he came into my life -- and I can't turn down knowledge handed to me on a silver platter.

Yeah im sure there is, I just cant think of (remember) it at the moment....might do karate!

The idea that I can live where ever I want to live, anywhere in the world. I want to find a job in an organisation that excites me and stop pretending that I want to be a lawyer!

I want to know more about the people I'm close to, since all of my previous friends turned out to be something completely different than I thought they were. (Hence the phrase "previous friends.")

I would like to gain more knowledge and find the time to read everything I want to read. I would like to be less critiacl or at least outwardly critical. I would like to not feel I need to stear my son so much. I would like him to be and act more responsibly.

I know very very little about politics, and would like to be somewhat literate in it.

That would be Lowlands. I really wanna focus on it bacause I want to do my internship there next year. And I wanna stand out by knowing a lot of it and knowing all the facts that can be learned. People I don't know.. I guess I have to try and get more friends and get rid of some old ones... And I need to find a new lover...

Entrepreneurship, so I make my hoped-for side income a reality.

I would like to get the hound certified as a therapy dog so we can volunteer in chemo labs and pediatrics wards and bring happiness to people who are struggling with illness.

I would like to see the issue of racism as it pertains to Barack Obama's presidency honestly and fully investigated and reported. While there are many reasons our country is screwed up, I genuinely believe at the root of the "Tea Party" and the divisiveness pervading the government and human affairs is the fear factor of having a black man serving as President. Ignorant racism has permeated every aspect of American life and even those people who weren't aware of it, display in one way or the other their fear of being led by someone who represents their loss of power. This country is at a crossroad and too many white people are running scared. Our politicians are cowards who have veered to the right in an attempt to keep their jobs. Where is the progressive agenda so many of us dreamed of when Obama was elected? As a baby boomer, I am perplexed by the notion that so many of my contemporaries, those who marched for peace and understanding in the 60's have become the enemy they once rejected. I am a proud liberal but our numbers seem to have diminished at an alarming rate. It will be interesting, and I fear frightening, to see what occurs in the coming months and when I read this post next year, where will we be?

There are two: 1) I want to invest more of myself and my time in my vocation of nursing, particularly the ICU; and not feel so old compared to the younger nurses who seem to know so much more than I. 2) I want to take my dog sanctuary beyond the norm to a bit extraordinary - am seeking means, ways to do this - to stand out in the crowd....

Investing. I've begun to dabble in stocks for companies that I think do good, necessary work. But I'm also hoping they take off!

I'd like to learn a lot more about nutrition. For myself and my family.

I remember reading the results of a study that religious people give to charity more than secular people, despite the latter having strong humanist beliefs. I definitely find an overtly religious purpose or message off-putting, although I see the valuable power of structure and peer pressure (in the best sense) to get results in this context. Unemployment has run out before I could find work, so my finances are tight, yet the study also showed that poor people give a greater percentage of their time and money to charitable projects than do the rich. I would like to explore -- at least within myself -- ways to overcome the resistance to participation in philanthropy that religious groups are inherently structured to overcome. I would also like to find ways to give that don't involve money I can't provide. These things already exist in the world, and now is my turn to walk it like I talk it.

Working for a non-profit organization and expanding my horizons via eduation.

I would love to actually get more into the music/arts industry. It has been a dream of mine since I was four to perform in front of a crowd professionally, and I think that these next two years would be a good opportunity to get to put myself out into the world.

Yes, I would like to investigate more fully myself, nonprofit activity, pushing forth the International Violence Against Women Act, determine in what direction I want to take my graduate studies.

I want to find more ways to live that are in tune with my values. To incorporate sustainability into my life....including recycling, learning to grow own food,etc. I also want to learn more about politics in general and figure out where I stand on issues and use that knowledge to get involved. I also want to explore the ideas in Your money or your life and use them to try to get our family out of poverty and into financial independence.


Yes a long lost old friend has resurfaced in my life and a work at home business.

I would love to learn Yoga, meditation, the ways of the universe, as well as the Chinese culture.

I want to educate myself further about the history of Israel, and take a stronger stand to defend it against delegitimisation and blind hatred in the small capacity of which I am capable.

I'd like to get to know my parents as individuals, and not just as my parents. I want to hear stories of their lives before I came along. I want to learn of their hopes and dreams and how they want to spend their futures. I'd like to discover how they feel about certain things, and what their stances on certain issues are. I want to know them as people, and not just as mom and dad.

It probably sounds weird but I want to investigate myself more fully. I don't feel too comfortable with myself at the moment, or better, I'm going through some changes and I'm trying to adjust to them and find out who I really am and what I want and what I stand for. Other than that, I'd like to look into making my home more comfy, but that has to wait until I know what kind of job I'll get after my internship year is over.

I wouldn't entirely say investigate, but this time next year id very much like to be looking into my next few years with my girlfriend. She'll be at university but we will no doubt talk about the future and what we will do after.. Let it be getting married, looking for a house etc.. we will of spoke about it. But yes id like to start looking into things like that early.

There are so many things. I'd really like to spend more time on yoga and on the languages I half-started learning. I'd also like to continue seeking (and hopefully find) that thing that is my true interest/calling.

I think I would like to learn to knit this year. I have become an accomplished crocheter over the last four years, and I feel like it might be time for me to branch out into knitting...to become "bi-stitchual."

i really want to explore vacation volunteering. My dad has been trying to get me to do a student outdoor revival organization for years, and now that im a year too old i really wish i had.

I would like to help make our planet more green by succeeding at creating a garden on our property, and on perpetuation the community garden in the community near my job.

I would like to learn how to make more healthy meals .

I would like to grow to know my children as adults. There interests, ideas, plans, passions and fears from a friend as well as a Father's viewpoint.

Israel, Africa, and white supremacy top my list of ideas/causes that I would like to investigate more fully in 2011. Finding the root cause of hate, degradation and human rights abuses, leads me to want to learn about these areas and topics. Coming to terms with them is another story altogether.

Brian LcLaren

More language classes: French, Hebrew, Italian, Latin, Spanish

Yes, I want to fully immerse myself in the study of Ayurveda in 2011 and apply to the Ayurvedic Institute in New Mexico.

This is a great question. I want to pair up with my really smart sister and blog about ways the world can be handled better. environment, politics, every day shit. I think with my comedy chops and her intelligence, we could really create something worth reading and perhaps make a difference. I also want to understand and know my parents better. Particularly my father. I want to eat in ways that are great for me and the environment as a whole.

I want to learn more about photojournalism and the music industry.

No I don't have a clue yet...if I wanna investigate something, I don't plan that. I simply think of it all of a sudden :)


My friends and family.....I never have time for a social life and I never call anyone. My husband....we love each other dearly but we are always so busy I dont want our work and company to ever get in the way.

I want to investigate more in animal and nature protection. I love especially birds more than other things, and I want to protect them. Here, where I live, there is a very big bird welfare organization and I want to become a member. Since now, I always said, that I don't have enough time. I had also a lot of diseases and wasn't even able to spend time for myself and my university studies. But I become stronger and I want to become a member in such an organization. I want to show other people, how much destruction they causes, how worthy these animals are and I want to help injured birds. I want to protect their environment, create new places where they can live and a lot of other things.

Um. I would really like to get to know Brandon Rivera again. It'd help me with closure.

I think I need to investigate myself more fully, first, before I start investigating anyone else.

I would like to discover more about the people who live around me at college and what they are really like beyond the simple "hi" in the hallways.

would like to explore more of my family genealogy

Economic development. Why aid and microfinance are both fails. What happens in the middle layer? Is there a middle layer? Does it make more sense to go with a Bill Gates approach that enables individuals to shift policy? Can governments do "peer to peer" investment/engagement and avoid loss via corruption? Is Fair Trade an answer or just a base foundation for ethical trade - will it be diluted trying to reach corporate interests before it can be effective? Can any initiatives related to ethical trade be standardized without end consumers becoming jaded?

I plan to engage a computerexpert to help me ajust to a new software program that is giving me trouble.

Ending world hunger. Stopping corporations from taking over our lives.

Jesus Christ...I want to live out the verse Philippians 3:7 - 11: "But whatever was to my profit I now consider loss for the sake of Christ. What is more, I consider everything a loss compared to the surpassing greatness of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord, for whose sake I have lost all things. I consider them rubbish, that I may gain Christ and be found in him, not having a righteousness of my own that comes from the law, but that which is through faith in Christ--the righteousness that comes from God and is by faith. I want to know Christ and the power of his resurrection and the fellowship of sharing in his sufferings, becoming like him in his death, and so, somehow, to attain to the resurrection from the dead."

I would like to look more into history, because it may open a future job for me.

Martial Arts and the spirituality linked to some of them. Performance as a form of expression. My mother. Finances. Ongoing social probs/social issues.

Great question. I hadn't given this a lot of thought this year. What would I like to investigate more fully in 2011? This is the first question of 10Q this year that I don't have an immediate response for. The only thing that comes to mind right now is investigating meditation techniques. I would like to investigate mind-body connections more fully, which means investigating Yoga, or a similar activity. This question makes me realize I haven't been putting a lot of thought into learning new things lately.

yes. i want to investigate myself more fully. denial and avoidance are powerful tools for good - except when used to excess!

I'd like to investigate ways to include children in my life because I am not a mom. Perhaps becoming a Big Sister or getting involved as a volunteer for an organization that specifically reaches out to under-served youth.

I want to learn more about John. I would like to explore more about LDS history and the history of the United States in general. I want to do an in depth study of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence. I would like to learn more about Thomas Jefferson Education/Charlotte Mason educational methods and work on them with my own education and with Toby's education. I would really like to read some classics - Jane Austen and the Bronte sisters being at the top of the list.

no, i think that will be ever evolving. as issues and life come up i always find things that stimulate me and i want to investigate. life is fluid and i believe learning and evolving should be that way as well.

(1) Bike commuting in all kinds of weather, and "lifestyle" fitness (as opposed to the gym). (2) Putting Buddhism/Hinduism into practice, instead of being marginally Eastern in my beliefs. (3) Crafting things from recycled materials.

Foreign Languages such as Korean or Italian

In the next year, I want to investigate my Jewish roots. I was raised as a Protestant Christian. My heritage is largely Scandinavian (Norwegian and Swedish) with a little mongrel thrown in there, as well. But growing up, to me, my mother was always "My Jewish mother." Not to stereotype, but she just acted like a Jewish mama... her sayings, her expressions, her mannerisms. Even her tone of voice. I've always had a love for the Jewish people and EVERYTHING Jewish! I've composed a number of musicals that have toured Israel. I've written Jewish songs. Translated Hassidic songs from Hebrew to English. And I'm currently writing a Jewish novel, set in 1911 in the Lower East Side of New York. In college, I played the role of Tevye in FIDDLER ON THE ROOF. When my parents came backstage to meet the cast after the show, I introduced her to everyone as "My Jewish Mama!" We would laugh about it, off and on through the years. One day, after one her typical “Jewish Mama” sayings, I said to her: "Mom, are you sure we're not just a little bit Jewish?" I said it in jest. But she sobered up and said, "Well... there IS this story about our family tree... It goes back to Norway, and the story goes that one of our ancestors was Jewish. We don't know which one, because it got covered over during World War 2. But the Jewish gene is most likely there." I always thought so! My dear mother is gone now, may she rest in peace. So we can’t laugh about it, or even discuss the possibilities in all seriousness or investigate our lineage. But now I'm examining everything Jewish. Feeling drawn to my roots. Visiting synagogue. Connecting with Jewish friends in a much deeper way. One of them suggested I have my DNA tested. He said there's a very clear marker for Jews, even down to which of the Twelve Tribes you belong! That's my goal for this coming year. I've embraced my own Jewish heritage. Now I want to explore it! L'Shana Tova!

Midwivery. I read today about a group of female soldiers in Afghanistan that delivered a stillborn to a young girl whose life was in danger. Afterwards, they started the Afghanistan Midwivery Project, a non-profit organization whose goal is to provide training and supplies to womens clinics in hopes of providing better care for women and babies. This really struck a chord with me. I want to do something to help, but am not sure what yet.

I would like to discover why it is that I have an insatiable need for attention. I sabotage one relationship in pursuit of the next, I throw friends under the bus for the approval of other friends. I want to know what is fundamentally ingrained in me that makes me do these things.


John Cassavetes, Ernest Hemingway, Franz Kafka; how dialogue is covered in film; speaking from the heart; being my true, unlayered self.

I want to explore Judaism more fully this upcoming year. I have not learned very much about what it means to be a Jew, and I want to feel more connected to my heritage, both Jewish & Quaker.

I would love to work on an idea that I have had for a book that involves everyday people. I would title it, "My Story"...I love talking with random people and finding out their stories. I have talked some incredible "everyday" folks....I would love to do a photographic essay on random people.

I'd like to become more involved with my church and the parish activities including family faith formation. And I'd like to start volunteering for a charity that helps kids with reading.

Kiva - microfinance BornFree Habitat for Humanity

I want to look more into the life of people who were famous for something good(their movies or literature) who were mentally insane.It just seems so interesting.Also,i want to look into anti-animal cruelty organizations.I always want to find a new way to help animals

Going to Africa or some other country as part of a mission group.

I want to finish learning Japanese! I also want to be able to play more piano. And I want to learn more about the people I care about- and be there for them (haha, not even a real answer)

my private life, without losing the focus on my career.

Making more of my own personal art. More writing.

What! I don't even understand this. These questions are crazy

I always have another language on my list, or improving the languages I already dabble in. Otherwise, the option of writing for income is the key area I want to pursue.

Retirement without worry !


I would love it if Tom Felton would make more music. I know an album is coming out soon and I really can't wait! On another note, I'd want to learn more about Integrative Medicine for cancer patients. I've volunteered as a teen in a section that includes this and I would like to look into it more to see if I could possibly intern there next summer (before senior year! eeeeehhhh!!!). And now I'm off to investigate the shower after a long dance practice!

Hawaiian language/culture is my newest passion

I would like to investigate how to become a field linguist documenting endangered languages. With a particular focus on oral histories, interviewing people to document personal narratives and life stories. I hate the idea that the last speaker of a particular language dies every 2 weeks... I read somewhere that it's like a bomb dropping on the Louvre every 2 weeks. What knowledge is lost when this happens? I also hate the idea that people on the margins of a culture are bullied into submission and don't see, understand or appreciate their own power or dignity. I know that feeling all too well and take it very personally. In particular, I plan to investigate the academic programs that are most active in this work with a strong inclination to enroll in one of their master's programs... @ University of London (SOAS), Swarthmore and/or CUNY.

I would love to learn more about social dynamics, and how to improve the functioning, well being and motivation of teams and individuals

I want to travel to India. I have so many preconceived romantic notions about the country. I want to get a true sense of the culture, rather than continue my fascination with no real foundation.

Vegetarianism, Buddhism, philosophy.

I would like to find out more about Alzheimer's and brain disorders in general. Since both my father and my brother-in-law both suffer from Alzheimer's, I need to find the best way of helping take care of them for both my sisters and myself. I am also very intrigued by brain "malfunctions." I find it amazing that someone can go from being a good, straightforward, honest, possibly spiritual person to being the opposite due to an accident or a disease. I don't think it undermines God, but I think that many religions cause people to blame others for things they may have no control over. I also think that is part of the reason God insists on forgiveness to others.

I want to get more involved with relieving poverty for children around the world.

The abominable tax system in the UK; and how about taking the Health Service out of Government hands?

Not at the moment. Although more and more I am curious about early childhood development to see how far ahead Marc really is. Also so I know how to better help him learn.

I want to investigate me (a person), maintaining my bills and eventually getting out of debt (a cause), by possibly furthering my education with another college degree or certification (an idea), to increase my knowledge and broaden my range of options.

I want to study Talmud. I've picked up bits and pieces along the way during my Jewish learning, but have never really had the opportunity to sit down and dive into it.

I would like to investigate on organizations that match my values and beliefs on how to help children with autistic behaviors develop to have more independent and fulfilling lives.

The boy I met a year ago. And the Dallas Cowboys.

Too many to even list. This is my never ending problem, really. Foremost is how to have a better balance of life and work, even if I do love my work. My first step is taking an extended sabbatical next year.

Going to Israel I guess, though I'm not sure my opinions will change much...

Since my husband is now spending quite a bit of time researching his family roots, I have been thinking that I should pick up my own family search. I was stymied by a few "dead ends" a couple of years ago, but I would like to go back and dig deeper.

Basically I want to discover myself. And I want to understand who I am. I also want to find out why I am the way that I am. What makes me, me. I want learn why I keep the company I do. And why I love the people(and person) I do.

People in general. College. What I think about things.

I would like to try to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle this year. Growing some of my own vegetables, using less energy in the house and buying more organic and fairtrade products. I would also like to look at the more spiritual aspects of life and my faith.

I would like to keep learning more about my Catholic faith, about music, and about art history. I wanna keep growing in the areas that I love and that matter to me.

What I want to investigate the most in 2011 is the philosophy of Humanism. I want to probe both its limits and its potentialities. Is it viable as a lifestance around which people can gather together passionately? How can I inspire people to do so (or at least to give it a try) in a positive sense, rather than attracting the people who flock to Humanism solely because of what it is not (a supernatural theology)? I don't want to talk about religion, I want to talk about the great existential and ethical questions of life in a format that's grounded in what we can know and do from our position as humans, with all the limits and possibilities that that status entails. I want to have an adult camp/retreat session as part of the secular camp organization that I'm involved with. I want to limit it at first to only those people who are truly interested in exploring what applied Humanism really means. See if we can come up with a program and generate some good discussions. Maybe different people can try out their program ideas in this particular setting. Also integrate in a service component. Make it a service retreat, really. We'd spend part of the day applying ethics, and part of the day discussing them. I haven't decided whether to make this a meetup group yet, or how to bill it -- I want it to be primarily atheistic, but not necessarily exclusively. Maybe also integrate in a component of interacting with other groups that are very different in their life approach/worldview/underlying philosophy. In 2011, I want to start playing with putting this idea into action: building Humanist social capital.

Will the Universe and it's Energy settle in my favor and make ME! The Richest Human Being In The Unviverse In 2011 ?

The connection between art and madness. The precarious balance between genius and insanity.

I want to get deeper into samba and maracatu - have more experiences playing in big fuckoff batterias. I'd like to spend more time with my friend, Bethan, and get to know her better. I might want to investigate spending some time in Brazil - I'd love to play with Viradouro at Rio Carnival.

i would like to become more engaged in the fight for the environment. i support different organizations by signing their petitions, but have only made a small monetary contribution to the NRDC. there is another organization i would like to know more about, it seems to favor positive action, and it is called 350.org. also, i am a liberal democrat, but would like to be better versed in politics, just for my own personal knowledge. i still do not trust politicians of any stripe, and wouldn't care to debate politics, but i would like to have a solid, non-biased base of knowledge about the system.

A walk with Jesus...

Yes. Several in fact. Life presents me with so many new people in my life that I find myself depressed seeing those that I would like to get to know better, pass me by, and those that want to get to know me better, I pass by... Decisions I make today dramatically influence the outcome of my future instantly, so much so, that I fear I will miss out on what the future holds. I need to hunker down and make a choice....

Christian persecution in other countries (China, Pakistan, et al).

There is most certainly a person...

I would like to learn about how to maintain a balanced life--to feel more centered, even when things get rough or topsy-turvy externally. I would also like to become more financially savvy, in terms of investing.....it intimidates me, so I tend to do nothing with the current investments.

I am currently delving into history, my own and my country's. The more I read the more questions I have. There are no simple answers. I love it.

I started sniffing around the concept of Ganesha in 2010. Like I said before, I'm not a spiritual-leaning person, but the concepts behind various deities are fascinating. I'd like to learn more about him and how the cloud of beliefs and rituals that surround him might impact my life. Also, I'd like to learn more about the town I live in.

I would like to investigate and fully live the philosophy of being present...living in the now.

I want to see how far I can get with my painting. I've just started painting this year at tafe and really, I'm very surprised at how well I'm doing. I very much enjoy it. We've just started oil painting, which is so much more fun than acrylic, the paint has a buttery texture and it's just a pleasure to paint with. It's alot more forgiving than acrylic. I have some ideas for artworks that I want to explore, also ideas for little badges and neclaces, all to do with paintings on wood. Hopefully I'll be able to do this at the end of this year/next year.

I would love to try to research my "family tree" and find out more about my immigrant ancestors.

Jesus. I want to be able to honestly call Him my best friend.

My idea is to set up an outdoor dance venue on the riverside in the city for the summer months. I am putting a lot of thought and energy into making it happen while still running another unrelated business.

I want to see peace in the Middle east! I want our country to GET OUT of the middle east. I want the women,children, and old people in the middle east to be left in peace! I want the destruction to end! I want peace. I want our young women and men in the service to come home and the killings of all to end.

I want to figure out why Europeans become Buddhists when they're tired of being Christian. Why not go back to their pre-Christian roots?

I want to read Pride and Prejudice.

Theatre. I've always had this idea of someday trying to take some drama lessons, just for fun. Well, now I'm actually thinking about taking it seriously, and maybe (maybe!) making a career out of it. I'm looking forward to know more about theatre and movies, about the acting, about singing and dancing in musicals.. I'm really excited about dedicating some of my time to these artistic "self" that there is in me and discovering if I have what it takes to be good at it!

I want to get more in to TWLOHA, because so many people are afftect by depression and they need someone to help them, I want to be that person.

I would like to investigate more fully in 2011 is photography. I have a new digital SLR that came with professional photo printer and photo shop elements. I would love to make gifts using pictures.

I would love to investigate different sects of Christianity and Christianity itself because although I'm a Christian, I feel like I haven't even chipped off a the tip of the iceburg in it. I also would love to know more about the world issues going on and ways to help.

Simple living. Growing and preserving my own food. Being more self-reliant.

My own happiness.

Myself. I feel like I've been giving my time and energy to the people around me that I've lost touch of who I really am. I need to find myself again. I need to remember what it feels like to be truly me. To be happy with myself. To be content. To thrive.

_ Tarot Cards _ Driving _ Teach a writing workshop _ Mosaics/ sculpture _ Piano/ Banjo/ Harmonium _ Spanish _ Homeopathy _ Travel _ The possibility of conducting yoga retreats. _ How I am going to balance human rights and yoga and writing?

I want to change the world. I just haven't figured out how yet.

I want to find out more about the golden Age in Spain, when Christians, Muslims. and Jews lived together in a harmony so secure and complete that all three groups achieved unparallelled greatness in the arts and sciences during those years. Perhaps an understanding of that period of history will suggest ways through the strife we now face.

the mystery of death in order to fully experience and engage life. Fully understand the book, "Denial of Death"

I want to explore my spiritual calling more deeply. I am entering my final year in the Episcopal Church's Education for Ministry program and am looking forward to the discernment process.

I would like to be more in-tune to issues in the District. I live here but am not really an aware citizen.

Hmm... Well, I just discovered the Center for Inquiry, and I'd like to learn more about them, and get more involved!

I want to explore the role of positive energy and the power of the individual to help change things. I still am interested in the environment and want to know more about how people can begin to think more rationally about change. And I would like to learn how to make a pair of socks and then ultimately many pairs of socks.

The idea of going back to school for a social work degree.

I'd like to gain a better understanding of racism and classism so that I can limit the amount I act them out and speak up against them when they come up; so I can not feel so bad about them; and in order to strengthen my relationships.

id like to get more involved with a green peace or an organization similar to it.

I want to look into an organic & self sufficient homestead for my retirement – a few cows; fruit & vegetables; horse/wind/solar power. Recycle or make as much as I can for myself

I want to learn more about anything that's not school related. I don't want to know what everyone else learns. I want to learn something new that no-one I know knows about so I can show them that there are things that we should know but we don't. And how to work the queue on Tumblr.

I would like to start meditating

I want to study the Bible more. I want to pour over the verses and really learn what kind of person Christ would have me be. Not what the world vision is of Christ, but the biblical vision of Christ. I want to discover God's purpose for my life.


Computer engineering, it's what I want to major in.

I would like to know more about the cultures of the children I teach. I have been so busy learning to be a teacher that I have just barely touched the surface. I hope to be able to begin taking some beginning Spanish classes to better communicate with the families of my students.

In 2011, I hope to find myself in a relationship so I could experience love for the first time. At almost twenty years old, I feel very left out in all the excitements of it. I'd also love to try reiki. I've heard nothing but great things about it, and I'm so fascinated by the whole area that I'd enjoy trying to find the time to read more on the subject.

I would like to investigate the writings of Hilel more fully.

Yes - green energy. Our planet depends on it and I want to learn to use it, source it and promote it.

I want to take delight in Him. I want to serve Him more fully. I want to glorify Him more completely. I want to know Him absolutely. I want Jesus.

I'm really interested in religion right now. My own and in general all religions. I have some family history that I'm investigating that has really opened me up to looking at the role religion has and hasn't played in my life and lineage.

I would like to continue to investigate my family geneology. If I have a Bat Mitzvah project I would like it to be about creating interfaith peace and understanding.

My biological family.

I want to continue to connect with people across the globe to help raise the consciousness of the world. I believe by coming together through love we can have the world we all dream of.

Love. Like the song says, I want to know what love is. And not just romantically. I want to connect with babies, learn more about dogs, and feel something for strangers.

For as much as I utilize the web, I'd like to fully learn how to utilize, maneuver and adapt it to several ideas that I have. I know about it but not the mechanics of it.

I'm appalled at the practice of human trafficking. I'm watching something now on the trafficking of soccer players in Africa. Despicable. I want to get involved and fight for the victims.

I want to investigate God. I want to find him.

I guess I'd like to do more research on Egyptian mythology, all the histories on it. I want to learn everything I can about it.

Yes, I want to investigate myself & my writing ... or more honestly, why I don't do what I love to do!

I always want to investigate myself more. And creative ventures of a wide sort. I just started reading up on heraldry. I'd like to follow up on learning about quantum physics. The question is, how many things can I investigate in one year?

Myself! Does that sound completely conceited? I've been making a lot of changes in my life this year, and I would like to take next year to get to know the NEW me. I like her so far :-) I also want to continue learning about how to eat naturally and healthfully and how to best avoid preservatives/pesticides/hormones, etc in my food. This is especially important to me as my husband and I consider bringing a baby into the world. I want to be able to give him/her the most nourishing, natural food available.

Just keep on investigating the people, causes, and ideas that I am now, nothing in particular. My interests are varied. Anything that intrigues me.

I would like to explore Jewdaism more. I enjoy going to temple, volunteering there, and praying. I dont't really even belive in god or any of that atuff but I feel its important to identify myself as Jewish. I feel the need to continue the Jewish race, a race that is slowly dieing. I also like have a spirtual side. I'm well balanced emotionally, physically, and intellectually but no spiritually. I think I should have a spirtitual side, or at least give spirituality a chance to become and help me.

Myself. I want to find out as much about me as possible without becoming completely self obsorbed.

I would like to read Obama's books. I've been meaning to since before he was elected... I think it would be interesting to compare what he said as a senator, what he set out to do as President, and what he has done as President.

Peace between the Palestinians and Israel.Also, let the conflicts in Iran, Afghanastan and Iraq become less volitile.Crush the Taliban. Also sustainable green energy in the USA.

Well being a graduate student I do that a lot, it's not always my topic of choice but I am hoping that I can mold it to something that interests me more. I would like to do some research on pet therapy with the homeless population (vets at the VA.) But I am in constant search of ways to improve pets lives. The older I get the more I realize my passion for animals. I also am doing some exploring and discovery of my roots- both religious and familial.

I'd like to see if I can build my career and maturity to the point of stability and security. I'd also like to develop a better relationship with myself and with a caring, committed partner.

Coffee. I want to subscribe to Fresh Cup, and start learning more and more about coffee, maybe get off the beaten track once in a while and go to indie shops, check out cupping demonstrations, etc.

I want to investigate my own capacity to grow in 2011: intellectually, spiritually and emotionally!

I would like to spend more quality time with good friends and not spread myself so thin. And I am hoping that somehow my relationship with my sister and her family can get back on track. Most importantly, I want to insure that my relationship with my husband improves on all levels and that we reestablish closeness and intimacy that has disappeared.

Meditation and it's impact on my life. Being a great partner and being myself, too.

Over the past few years, I've been taking steps back from the Christianity until, this year, I've ultimately arrived at a point where I've lost my faith in everything. I'd like to move past this. I need to start from scratch and deal with what I can see. What does my experience tell me about the nature of humanity? Is there transcendence, is there meaning, and if not, can I become comfortable with the idea of creating my own meaning?

Taoism, Iran, Oscar Wilde, Sylvia Plath, I'm constantly learning more about the conflict in Uganda.

Finding a design for a new house.

Tom Felton! ...No, LOL. I'm too lazy to be a stalker. He probably has enough problems with them as it is. I wish everyone would get through their heads that Gay Marriage won't ruin anything. It does nothing to ruin or threaten anyone else's marriage, and the only people that should care about gay marriage are the ones deciding whether, or that want, to get them. Also, I may be a Christian, but church and state were separated for a reason. Scripture has no place when deciding secular laws.

I am going to Costa Rica to volunteer in December. I am hoping to learn about getting more involved in this over the long term.

Me as a creature made in the image of God.

My husband. i know that sounds odd. but i think i could know him so much better.

I want to explore myself; why I won't allow me to enjoy life more than I do; why I feel the need to fill up my life with stuff, and often not even important stuff.

I would like to discover what really interests me, and what I want to do with my life. I also need to discover why bad things keep happening to me.

Immigrant policy and programs in Ontario.


My youtube channel. I want to see how well I can crate music and publicly display it to an audience.

I would like to learn more about psychology and how your inner thoughts and feeling affect your dreams. I have had many odd and vivid dreams this year...some good and some bad...and I think it would help me to address the psychological meanings of them. Instead of feeling things and dwelling on the odd dreams I could understand them as soon as I woke up.

I want to help my friend Nidhi be strong and make it through what she's just been diagnosed with, so she can come out even better on the other side of cancer.

This may sound self absorbed, but I really want to tune into my life's purpose and find something that is meaningful to invest my time and energy to. Right now my life's energy gets sucked up by the large corporation I work for, and I am starting to resent it.

I want to further develop my ideas for a great novel.

I want to be a better leader and manager. I feel underqualified for my role and want more tools in my toolkit.

I would really like to explore the psyche behind the new Tea Party. I despise them, but I find them so morbidly fascinating that I can't help but wonder where they're getting their convoluted information from. Also, I'd like to get into writing seriously. Abandoning all notions of writing fanfiction and commit myself to writing, 2,000 words a day, no matter what it is. I feel like this could help me in the long run when it comes to writing and getting published.

I want want to investigate myself. This year, I want to look at how I have allowed myself to be driven by my ego for the last few years. I want to look at ego as it relates to the emotions of anger, depression and humility. This last year I focused on seperating myself from angry individuals, gossip and negative talk. However, I still was driven to want "kudos" for my knowledge, my skills, and my opinions. I found myself becoming more isolated and seperated from important people and activities. I lashed out at others when they were impatient with me simply because I wanted to be acknowleged.. I found that my need to be angry at others failings kept me from seeing and acknowleding my own. Although difficult to do, I am finding that stepping back to breathe, focus, and think instead of emotionally react keeps me centered on the intention of the moment and not my internalized dialogue and need to control and pre-determine the outcome. This means I have to listen without judgement or the desire to be the center of attention.

I want to get out of the rut of work and sleep. I want to have time everyday to enjoy life and not just let it pass me by while I wait for the next pay check. I also want to learn more about cooking. I cook supper every night but it's a lot of prepackaged food. I want to cook more from scratch and healther. I also want to teach my kids how to cook.

Islam. I cannot believe its detractors have all the facts.

I want to practice more and more being present in every day, every minute. Had some interesting times with that at the dentist today! Meditation is my field of study in the coming year.


100% Veganism

I plan to realize 'mind over body' and get myself realigned with good health as well as more spirituality. I need to perfect "letting go". I also plan to look into my family tree and find long lost relaitves!

When I was just in hospital, Nicola said to me, in reference to conventional medicine versus alternate, "Mum - this is your book. " Whether it will be or not I don't know at the moment. But I hope that by this time next year I am a lot more knowledgeable about both! One of the troubles is the shifting sands. One minute raw spinach and kale are 'the remedy'. The next, 'the irritant'. How to assess and evaluate. A huge challenge. But perhaps it mirrors the challenge that is life.

I would like to learn to not be so reactive to things

I want to explore BDSM more. I want to be comfortable with my sexuality and enjoy a darker side. I want to fall into an emotion and use sex for that. I want to feel something and be somewhere other than here, in meaninglessness.

I would like to invest in relationships with other mature people who are like myself. I would like to free myself from toxic relationships and investigate why I find myself in such situations.

I'd like to explore more into the Anglican/Episcopalian religion, as I have been thinking about converting to it.

I would love to learn more about American Literature, especially poetry during the Beat period.

The Education facility to Rich and Poor is the biggest problem through_t the World. Especially, the children of the countries which are economically poor are facing problems such as schools have got no facilities or somewhere schools are there but they are not well equipped with educational accessories such as Computers, Libraries, School transportation, etc. etc. Even, the teachers who are deputed in the schools have not been appointed upto the standard of education and hence the knowledge given to the students is very very poor. So, my aim is to contact various educational institutions and make efforts to finance them through the various NGOs and State Govt. Bodies so that Institutions like that can grow like a well nourished tree and they would flourish soon.

My own happiness! I would also like to investigate more about spirituality and specific paths of learning - Buddhism, paganism etc.

I want to delve once more into my humanitarian projects. I have stepped back for a couple of years and I truly miss being a part of change in this world. This year I look forward to a whole new reach.

In 2011 I would like to investigate further starting my own retail business

my ancestors, as my dad is adopted and I would like to know where we truly come from.

I want to feel spiritually enlightened, or touched by a piece of literature. When I went to the Louvre in Paris I didn't see anything that just shocked me. I want to find something that gives me inspiration.

I want to investigate social justice from a Christian perspective. I want to really DO, not see & hear about the problem and what others are doing to help with it. I want to see what it means to really live a life of self-sacrificial love.

I'd like to get to know my mother better. I'd also like to get to know myself better and meet and learn about my new child.

song lyrics

I recently reread Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, and became slightly obsessed with this man. I feel that investing my time on this person (via books written by and about him) would prove beneficial to me. I think I would learn a lot about life, as I investigate his.

I am thinking about getting more involved in greanpeace

If I get into university, I want to immerse myself in my course and more specifically, learn to help those in need of serious counselling. I couldn't be able to do this in my first year of uni, but next year, I intend on beginning my journey toward achieving this goal. I want to specialise in helping those who suffer from and fight the same demons as I have, and still do.

I'd like to more completely and comprehensively learn the art of charitable fund raising, which is so critical in sustaining important groups that work wonders locally, nationally and globally. I believe that charitable giving has less to do with money and more to do with the cause. I have become involved this year with a wonderful local non-profit that does transformative work. Since I am unable to sustain them financially to the extent that I so desire, I want to use my talents to support the cause otherwise. I'm very excited about educating myself more in this subject.

My husband and my child.

I would really like to find a new synagogue, or at least, a rabbi with whom I connect. The Conservative shul that my family has been going to forever is all but meaningless to me, and as I get married and hopefully start a family, I would love to have a Jewish community around me that inspires me.

I would like to do some volunteer work but so far I have not found anything that would be right for me and the hours that i would be available. I am still looking.

I think I'd like to take up yoga fairly seriously. Health, mental well-being, and a nice sense of movement after this goddamn broken ankle. :)

Maybe myself. I still don't understand myself fully so I guess it's best to keep on investigating.

Not really. I think that I have my hands full enough as it is right now. On reflection, I do plan on going to more museums this year.

All books Stephen King had written

Labyrinths. Crossroads. Selling books.

Linguistics and Culture.

Since I've faltered in the religion area, I would like to gain a better understanding of philosophy. Hopefully I can find answers to questions that religion could never answer. Or maybe just come up with my own answers.

I think I'll keep investigating spirituality. Still need to learn more meditations, more about chakras, and continue reading Buddhist texts. I would like to do a retreat to spend some significant time working on this in 2011.

Not yet, but I do want to become more involved, either through my church or my communtiy, in helping others. At various times in the past I've been a tutor, a reader, a mentor. I think I have areas of particular expertise that might help others.

The Bible. I don't have any plans of becoming a scholar or anything... but I don't know nearly as much as I should. If Scripture is supposed to be my sword, then I won't last long.

A way to bridge the academic and methodological differences between international development and legal research. I'd like to craft a project that marries those disciplines to explore gender based violence - internationally and/or domestically.

By 31. December 2011 I want to have my whole life planned out.

I have been planning to travel to places I have never been before, Europe an Israel, not mentioning Patagonia and Alaska. I also want to continue to practice Yoga.

I'd say that I want to "investigate" my husband and our relationship more fully. I'd like us to become closer and be able to deal with one another better when outside forces (namely, in-laws) cause strife.

Teaching and getting a steady job

I would love to convince the President and his Administration that they need to do a U-turn. they consistently get it wrong and we are suffering. We need to implement the belt tightening we have done as families and small businesses on a national level. Otherwise, we are going to drown!


In 2011, I want to explore creating a career for myself where I can become a paid speaker, teacher - share with the world my gifts and break it down so others can do it too. My gift is my ability to connect with others where ever I meet them, to build relationships, and community. It is so much a part of who I am, I only stopped to value that most people do not even have a clue how to do this. This is something I can teach, speak, write about to share with the world. I can do this.

Maybe Buddhism. The little I know about it seems to fit with my developing life philosophy.


I would like to learn more about education policy and how that has affected my old high school district, Modesto City Schools. There is some serious reform that needs to be done.

The business side of non-profit work. And improv!

That would be the study of epigenetics. How our genes are really controlled by our environment, and not by heredity. This being our health and well being is a CHOICE we make! it is up to us to seek health in Mind ,Body,and Spirt.

This question is tough. After thinking about it, I really have not been able to come to a conclusion. If anything, I would like to investigate how to achieve and maintain a balanced work/life lifestyle.

I am in the process of becoming a volunteer with the Red Cross and I hope to get involved in disaster preparedness.

I would love to research more about volunteering for a human rights organization. Part of me is terrified of asking to go to Africa or the Middle East, but the other part knows it will make me feel more fulfilled in life.

I want to read more about Islam and understand it better.

No idea Just keep on with Daily Office (which also gives me some NT) Maybe something to do with my appearance and fashion style

I want to learn more about Swami Vivekananda and his ideals; practice what he preached; and also learn more about Sufism.

I want to investigate further my idea for a small business to see how feasible it would be to bring a little extra money into the household. I would also like to look into travelling after I finish uni.

My husband. We've been married for 35 years, and I feel as if I've taken him for granted for so long. He is a good and decent man. I just realized that the respect I feel for him is something not every wife gets to feel for her husband. I'd like to get to know him all over again. I'm still glad I chose him.

I have no idea but when I am passionate about something I stick with it, I won't give up or give in, it's not in my nature.

Probably myself. That probably sounds self-centred and selfish, but I'd like to grow into myself fully and accept myself for who I am, accepting bad and good things about me. Also, my friends. I probably don't know half of them as well as I should, and I don't want to be the person who only hangs around with people so that I'm not alone. I know most of them pretty well, but I need to spend more time with others. Maybe they can also help me accept myself.

Yes. I want to figure him out. Once and for all, I want to figure it out.

I want to go deeper into my Mussar practice and other Jewish studies. I want to practice meditation more. I want to go more deeply into my relationship - living together, engagement??? I also want to see if I have the energy/time for more volunteerism, and if so, what's the best way for me to get involved?

I intend to see where Delaware's PTTP can take me. I've never really wanted to go to grad school, but if this place can take me in for free and I get an MFA out of it, I will probably take advantage of that.

There isn't a singular area that strikes my fancy so much as a lot. For starters, I want to get more deeply entrenched in the overlap between neuroscience, anthropology, development, and design. Hopefully in an academic setting, but otherwise as a worthwhile intellectual venture. In a similar vein, I think it would be worthwhile to get a better understanding of the flow of populations and their response to new environments and cultures with respect to immigration and the maintenance of a unified social identity. I realize that my own experiences as a Chinese-American are an outgrowth of this, and learning more about how I fit within the greater context and with relation to other communities would be really interesting.

Oh. Yeah. I want to investigate World Hunger. I want to support the innovation in our education system. And I want to receive more, so I can give more.

Not really.

Yes! I want to learn more about a number of things - being naturally curious, I really want to understand more about mind/body connections and how my own mind holds me back or conversely pushes me forward into situations and opinions that affect my daily behavior and beliefs. NLP and journalling appears to be very helpful in this endeavor, as does periodic hypnosis to reveal deep seated fears and feelings.

I want to more deeply investigate agroecology and sustainable living food systems, and decide if I want to be going to school to study this or if I want to be learning through practice instead.

This year I'll investigate secular humanist judaism. I want to see if I can find a group of ignostics or atheists that want to explore a jewish liturgy without reference to god.

I want 2011 to be a year of self discovery: to learn who I really am, and what makes me tick. You'd think that I know by now, but I think I've focused more on others than on myself. I'd like to do this by making some new friends.

Me. I'm tired of giving my all to other people, trying to figure them out & help them. I'll still help & care but I want to make myself happy & comfortable. It's more important now - who knows what the future holds for me health wise. I just want to live.

I want to explore vegetarianism and ethical kashrut and decide why/if I continue to keep kosher. I want to become much more educated on personal finance and health care to take more control over my long-term financial/health security. I need to read about and perhaps join support groups for family members of the mentally ill. I want to get more involved in my community and set down more solid roots here, but I still need to choose what form that will take - either local politics, building a Jewish community, or farmer's market/local sustainability work.

institution building... because we need to build a movement on the left

An idea of studying abroad. I wanna explore the world and see how it feels to be a complete stranger. To speak english all the time and get to know other ways of sudying than ours. Then I'd come back to my country with great experiences that'll help me with my future life.

Of course. I want to open a homeless shelter/halfway house/rehabilitation center in Macon because we really need more done. There's no telling when/if I'll be able to do that, but it's what I want to concern myself with.

Arthurian Legend. I'll be writing a dissertation on it anyway, but there are so many aspects of it that fascinate me, and I don't truly understand yet, it's such a huge topic, I want to become, maybe not in 2011, but at least be on my way there, to being an expert in the field.

Happiness. My own.

I really want to pursue my comparative literature project looking at major themes through the prism of Israeli and Jewish American literature.

An idea - Women's Website Health Product with David and Luc Alternative Healthcare for All

Being present in the moment. Enjoying what I have without needing to strive for more.

I'm interested in becoming more self-sustainable by growing and canning my own food. I do some gardening in my small yard, but would like to preserve more of what I have. I want to buy more from local farmers and I'm finding more resources for becoming a "locavore" that I didn't know existed. I'd like to build my own root cellar and/or greenhouse in 2011.

So many interests worth investigating but importantly, I need to stay happy & contented w/the now, rather than getting bogged down by obstacles. Go Big or Go Home.

I just started a new non profit organization, Aging with Autism - (www.agingwithautism.org) to support individuals with autism who are most at risk of institutionalization. This is a group that we don't see on TV or portrayed in movies. These are the most challenged and most vulnerable - most don't have a voice - so we literally have to be their voice. I'm committed to creating the opportunity for safe, happy and meaningful lives for these beautiful individuals and their families.

I want to investigate God and my faith further in 2011.

Mindfulness, meditation and Buddhism.

Kabbalah interwoven into the liturgy. Finding a mentor who can guide me in my studies and practice. Learning how to teach some of the things that I am asked to teach, stepping up and doing it.

I need to investigate my own feelings and try to sort out my complications with commitment and diving into an issue instead of running away from them. If I am as set on having and wife and family as I say then I need to improve on my relationship methods and actions. It needs to be genuine and persistent, not just a thing I say and then keep on being the same me I've always been.

Healthy living (more exercise/yoga/organic food/mental health - stress management/no smoking/oral hygiene) I'm not a gross person or anything - I can just treat my body better. I'd also like to explore my spirituality.

I would like to continue with my photography and would like to get involved in some charity organization on a grass roots level

I want to think more and do more about this idea I have of serving the needs of Jewish elders in assisted living communities. I think I could add value to the lives of this population, and I think I could earn a living doing it. That would be very satisfying.

Yes. I want to become like a reference for anything LGBTQ Related. I want to know everything about it, pro's and con's.

Turning what I do for a living into something more charitable.

Probably money issues. I have never been really good about figuring out financial situations such as retirement accounts, stocks bonds etc. I like listening to financial "gurus" and need and want to know more.

I would like to more fully explore the feelings of being able to rely on people. To embrace trust.

I want to be more involved with To Write Love on Her Arms." I feel that the cause is noble and really relevant to my age group, and though I have never personally dealt with the urge to harm myself, I know the damage that depression can do. I've started taking steps already, and I'd like to continue. If possible, I'd also like to continue working with the kids in Mongolia - I wanted to do something for them for Christmas, so I'm going to have to start thinking about that.

I want to investigate Judaism thoroughly over the next year, I plan to embrace it fully but still have some questions that need answered. I will probably visit various synagogues and talk to various rabbis to get my answers, so it should be an interesting time. If time and money permit, a trip to Israel would be fantastic.

I want to investigate a new business venture in 2011. I want to start a stand-alone business with only my wife as a partner.

I need to balance my reading of fiction with my reading of non-fiction. I need to read more in general - and I mean books and not internet items.

I'd like to be more extrovertive. I spend a lot of time in introspection and thinking about myself but not enough thinking about my friends and my loved ones so I want to change that.

I want to get more politically engaged in the next year. And try to make a difference. Infuence people into making choices for sustainable energy, for financial health and for compassoin. The world needs people in politics who dare to stand up for human issues, not just political ones.

I would like to get invovlved with the Gay Rights and Equality movement, since it's an issue I'm especially passionate about. My cousin died of AIDS, I have gay relatives, and I think it's time that LGBT people are accepted as equal members of society.

I want to investigate tea and coffee growing and creation more fully to understand the different labels (organic, fair trade) and what they really mean. I also want to try harder to keep up with what bills and laws being passed here.

I would like to learn more about myself by setting myself a challenge, such as running a marathon, and taking time to reflect on my behaviour towards others. Emotional intelligence is a concept I recently explored and am trying to adopt in my home and working life.

In 2011 I want to investigate my future further. I want to look into my options a bit more seriously. I am struggling to get through the day to day at the moment because I don't know where I'm heading. I'm really jealous of people who know exactly what they want to do with their lives. I fell into my job by pure chance, it wasn't planned. I know I want to work with people but I don't know in what capacity. I think I want to complete a Masters, but at the moment I don't know what specifically I would like to study. I would like to push myself further in 2011 and realise my capabilities so I can use these to move forwards.

I would like to work on more issues in Los Angeles, local problems. I think volunteering through JCorps will help in that pursuit. Politics, I would like to learn more about politics and the American Economy, maybe I’ll look into a class at Pierce to take summer semester- ok just did, set a date to register on my 24th b-day. Finances (I guess that’s not a person, cause, or idea) but by this time I should be debt free (hint hint) and still working at Or Ami and therefore still have extra income. Now I need to start an investment and retirement plan, I’m going to be 25 in a few months (when I read this next year) and I am a full fledged ADULT! My quarter-life crisis needs to include a savings plan- a smart savings plan! French, I’d like to learn French, maybe Italian- that’s it :)

I would like to continue my investigation on Judaism, while also remembering that it's okay to not know everything, or as much as I think other's know. Not knowing is not a reason to not be involved. I'd also like to not get caught up in a bubble, and to stay informed on what's going on in the world.

I want to delve deeper into Judaism in the coming year, learning more, writing about it more, and engaging in Jewish practice more. I also would like to wrestle with my international politics. I'm left-of-center, but I want to challenge myself to see both sides of issues that involve American engagement (military and otherwise) overseas or across borders. My kneejerk response to international efforts is generally that of an isolationist, but this conflicts with my desire to see United States flags on the vehicles and clothing of those distributing foreign aid, but also with a growing sense that there is a real need for proactive engagement with those forces that would corrupt the democratic experiment (both at home and abroad). The moralistic idealist in me champions the "lead by example" approach and rejects the use of force, even as the pragmatic realist recognizes that history often rewards those willing to spread ideology through might. It is a moral-ethical dilemma worthy of soul-searching and thought.

I would like to learn how to exist "on my own". I find that I spend the majority of my time focusing on the needs of others. This may sound selfish -- but I feel as if I do not have an identity of my own. My entire life is centered around taking care of my family and friends. I'd like to find out more about myself -- what do I love, what can I do on my own, what does it feel like to spend time by myself. I'd love to be able to be completely comfortable detaching from everyone, spending time alone, and enjoying it.

Not particularly but to steal from someone else... I'd like to become more aware of world affairs.

I want to know more about design (Systems, cities, communities, information), my family (brothers, sister, mom and dad), construction (building stuff!) and social justice (who needs what and what can we do?)

I have a couple things I want to do in 2011 that involve not just acquisition but also learning. Sometime early next year, after I've set the budget for 2011, I will most likely get a kitten. I plan to name her Charlotte. I miss my family's cats (not getting to see them very much) and it'll be nice to have a cat to keep me company and snuggle with me on my bed. And I'm sure she'll charm any (non-allergic) lady friends who visit me. It also represents added responsibility, which I think will be good for me, as she'll be the first additional member of my family, and I'll be responsible for taking care of her in good times (feeding and cleaning) and in bad (vet visits, eventual death, etc.) If she's healthy and has a long life, she'll still be there to see me get married, have children, and turn 40. The other project is finally getting into gardening. This will mean getting a few tupperware bins and filling them with soil, and growing my crops up on the roof. At this point I definitely want to do tomatoes, and am thinking about carrots or sugar snap peas, but I'm not quite sure. Fortunately, Martin and Carolyn, and various friends, will be able to give me some good advice on the how and the what. It'll be fun walking up on the roof 9-10 months from now and picking my own produce- not for the food, but for the symbolic sense of achievement of having created something so fundamental to human life.

Yes, I want to study Italian and Zero Balancing.

The idea of living, and loving, someone for the rest of my life. The idea of marriage. The idea of children. The idea of happiness.

The changes in the liturgy of the Catholic mass

Myself - is that a reasonable answer? I feel like even though I've gotten to know myself so much, esecially in my 30's, I still haven't figured it all out. Do I have quirks, or things wrong with me? Can I change? Do I want to? What are my greatest assets?


Would like to be more fully aware in 2011 - not just take things people say for granted or at face value.

i'd like to find me again. being a wife and mother has shifted my personal identity and i'd like to set aside more time for me. i've gotten to the point where i realize that it's okay for me to take care of myself too.

In 2011, I'd like to further investigate college. It looms on the horizon! Oh noes!

Science, History, Economics and making Kambucha.

Aren't we talking about 5771, not 2011? Weird. A partial list: knitting; Chicago city politics and the mayoral race; being a white Jewish ally in the struggle against Islamophobia and anti-Arab racism; U.S. history through the lens of social justice movements; compost; living with other people; dating; boycott, divestment, and sanctions; therapy; art.

Who/what do I want to investigate more fully? Person: me, friendships, family Cause: working/teaching children Idea: Love, trust, honest relationships spirituality/religion

I want to become involved more in a club at my school and with the community. I wish to grow throughout all the friendship I have and just be myself. I also aspire to learn more about colleges that would be in my best interest and more on the subject of physchology, which is what I want to major in.

I want to learn more about hypnosis. I want to read more Marguerite Duras. I want to give more of my time and money to my local community.

I've just realized recently that I'm passionate about emphasizing the importance of education in improving a country's condition. Because I experience it myself that once you take a higher education, it really changes your perspectives and your way of thinking. So next year I plan to get more involve in forcing the development of education (esp. in my homeland), such as supporting 1GOAL movement, teaching out-of-school children, etc. All I want is for people to get a better life, to do good things and get good things in return. I also want to learn more about Buddhism, while at the same time get more in touch with Islam. I love Allah SWT, but I prefer to behave the way Buddhist do. Peacefully, without rejection to any other religion, and treat everyone equally. :)

The fragility of the mind is something I want to further explore... in my writing and in my understanding of the world. Living beings are so complex and generally unexpected. I want to learn to key to this spontaneity and introduce it into my own life.

I want to develop a solid career plan within my new workplace. I also want to investigate retirement options.

My marriage.

Yes, using food for healing. What kind of food, how and when to eat it for cleansing, healing, rebuilding vitality. With the direction that health care is going I believe it will be necessary to have a knowledge of food as medicine.

I'd like to look into the world of minimalism-living, and freecycling. I have WAY too much stuff, and I'd like to get rid of some and live with less clutter in my life.

I want to learn more about my friends - I don't want to take them for granted, and we never know all there is to know. I want to investigate the possibility of a closer relationship with one of them. I want to look into a greener way of living.

Yoga and meditation. I want to do both more fully and consistently.

I would love to learn and read about Ghandi. He exudes peace and contentment...something I long for. I would like to learn about Buddhism....can I as a Christian subscribe to the tenets of Buddhism as well? I would like to investigate getting a tatoo..probably on the r wrist. I think it would say....COURAGE, or maybe HOPE or PEACE.. We will see

myself. adoption. my entire family. friends. new house.

I want to explore more the idea that we are creators of our experience and that we draw to us what we think is within our possibility to do, achieve, know, etc. I want to work more closely with charity organizations that bring hope to communities and people and I would like to see how this positive investment in one another helps activate a sense of ownership and self-creation, of authorship, among these people who are recipients of such aid, as well as bringing hope to those of us who have and want to make this world a better place!

Everything about Judaism. Doing good deeds and not being so self-focused. I've become everything that I've always hated about LA.

I want to work on a book jacket design for a certain friend.

I would like to be better about keeping up with current events and reading the news. Now that I don't take the metro and have a 25 minute commute each morning, I make no time in my day to stay up on current events. This is something I really would like to do.

I've spent the last 20 years researching my family history part time. I'd love to have the time & resources to really do a complete genealogy of both sides of my family. Throughout my life I have craved the connections of family. As I got older I really didn't feel a connection to my current day family because they were so unbelievably dysfunctional. But I still wanted to know where I came, who my ancestors were and what they achieved. I especially wanted to know if I had anything in common with anybody in my family tree.

Something I would want to investigate more fully is God. He is mysterious and man might never fully understand and comprehend how He works but one can surely grow more and more closer to Him.

Kids, and whether to have them.

Music therapy. In 2011, I want to begin the path to a legitimate "within the system" sound healer role. REX CASTEEL - music therapist, sound practitioner and performing artist.

Gardening 1000 ways, whether it's about houseplant, plant boxes, raised beds, a community plot. I want to see what people are doing on many scales and do it.

I want to investigate HIV/AIDS research and methods of the virus. I want to learn more about it, cross referenced in both my sociology class and geo sci class i'm taking have been the AIDS pandemic, something that is quickly taking a tole on many people in Africa and other underdeveloped countries. Working in such a field could be interesting and beneficial to many. In addition to this, I want to get to know my brother better, if not my dad, at least a relationship with him would be nice.

My writing. I've loved it since I was little, but didn't major in it. I regret that now. I need to figure out how to make it into a career.

I want to volunteer with my local "Fair Trade" association, to help educate people about how they can help stop slavery and child labour in developing countries.

My dreams and how to continue living my best life.

I want to practice ukulele and become good at it within the next year. I want to dedicate time to it everyday.

The world. I want to keep trying to find out how it all works, and how we can improve it.

I would like to investigate more thoroughly nothing in specific but in general just everything that makes this world seem as though it is just going to hell. It's not becoming a better place to inhabit but rather worse so what is it exactly that's causing this? That's what I'm going to find out.

Krav Maga and tracking. I want to be able to defend myself and survive in the wilderness.

My studies have my full focus at the moment, I want to stay immersed in art history for the rest of the year. Also I'd like to start investigating what my next job will be, I'm excited about the idea of freelancing, but it would be wise to save that until I finish my year of study.

i want to become excellent at goal setting, time management and financial management. everything else will flow from my ability to enhance and improve these skills.

The world. Me. I want to reach a greater understanding for the world, and my self. And I want to do that by doing all the things I haven't done before, and gain experience, till I have no fear, just trust.

I'm not quite sure how to answer this question....I want to investigate my own potential I guess. To see if I'm brave enough to move away from Christchurch for a little while, to see the world on my own. I don't know if it's a mission to find myself but I think it'll definitely be a test of my character. Will I be strong enough to live away from home for a long period of time? We shall just have to see.

I want to find out more of what's out there for me job-wise. I'm sure there are awesome things I haven't found yet that I would be really happy working for/at.

I often wish I knew more languages. The question then becomes where to focus: on improving my limited grasp of Yiddish or Hebrew, or on adding something new like French or Spanish.

Yoga. Team sports. Community building. Economics.

i've always been interested in learning more about my family tree and would one day, if not in 2011, like to create and do research on it.

Inspired by the sample answers scrolling on this site, as well as recent thoughts, I'd like to really put more thought in to who I'm spending my time and energy on. While my friends are (mostly) great and fun to be around, sometimes I feel like I'm not an equal partner in the friendship relationship - spending hours listening to someone talk about their life, every time, isn't a good use of my time. Where people aren't nice, considerate, and don't bring out the best in, they aren't worth the time. Just because a relationship is a long one, doesn't necessarily mean it's worth investing in and keeping.

Cambodia and other philanthropic causes

I want to learn more about graphic design. I am not what anyone would consider "artistic", but I find more and more in my work that communicating with people in an effective way is becoming more and more important -- and is more of a focus in my job. I have the words down, but design is perhaps the more important element in communicating with people.

My biggest, most profound goal for 2011, is to ensure that this property becomes as self-sustaining as possible, from both a financial and ecological standpoint. It's a very important step for me/us from a business and personal level and I hope to be able to acheive that. The next step is to build an ecologically sound home on that little piece of nature reserve that we've found...

To be honest... there is not. I might take Yoga Lessons or Cooking Lessons but those are things that cannot be fully investigated. Their goals I set and want to achieve. But if I had to answer I would say cooking. I love eating, I love baking, so I want to know more about cooking.

Bicycle ridership and therefore safety in my community

yes, I would like to know spend more time towards spirituality and manifesting so that I can have my desired life

I need to read more books. I buy them with the intent of reading them and then I get lazy! Maybe I can find a book club. I'd also like to work on improving my Indian cooking skills. I have a great foundation after having taken some classes but I need to do it more at home. Lastly I would like to start planning a trip to Africa. That is going to take some research and I should start soon since I want to go there for my 50th in 2 years (!!!!!)

I want to learn more about Miranda, Wikileaks and alternatives to the Venus Project that actually stand a chance of becoming reality.

I think I'm becoming more and more proactive about my health, taking advantage of opportunities to learn about diseases and how to prevent and treat them. I'd like to continue on that path, to be as in control and knowledgeable about my health as possible. I think in the past my approach was, "If I don't think about it, it's not there" (re: health risks). But I'm getting braver about confronting my risks, and therefore more empowered to (a) take steps to reduce them, and (b) accept that illness is a distinct possibility, but I can be as prepared as possible for that eventuality.


Learning new software applications in connection with my work. I would also like to read more classics and explore the possibility of meeting somebody new.


children's education and the creative arts, and even sciences.

Poverty and homelessness in my town, especially for children, has been on my radar screen a lot lately.

I want to explore making. I want to live a more handcrafted life, spending less time thinking about things and more actual doing. I want to more fully explore the people in my life. I want to be more involved. Be part of the community, less of an outsider. Yoga. I want to continue learning and practicing. I want to still my mind and focus on listening to my body.

I've always wanted to get my family's history figured out and charted out for everyone. Both my father's and my mother's. Both stories - incredibly different are tied together by 4 children and I want to get that all together for our children and children's children to enjoy.

I'd like to investigate more about the environment. How to be more involved in the environmental movement and maybe find a line of work around it. I would also like to get to know God better. I need Him deeply.

I think maybe I'd like to learn more about living in the moment. Would that lead me to be happier in my life? I'd also like to learn to be more of a goal-setting person. Right now I feel more like a piece of driftwood.

Reading. Pick up a book. And cancel cable.

I want to help put a Liberal government back in power in Ottawa. The so-called PC party is turning Canada into a country I am no longer proud of through right-wing Neo-conservative policies. Canada can`t afford a home-grown George Bush and return its world reputation as a caring, giving, peaceful country.

No not really. Well, I guess the thing I am going to write my bachelor project on.

Audio books. As a writer with a background in stage and voice want to explore the field of audio books.

To find out why Americans don't want to deal with global warming.

I want to find a way to re-commit myself to my Zionism and love of Israel- I think this can only happen by going back to Israel and spending time there.

Color and light

I want to pursue grad school. Five years in marketing has taught me that being paid well to do something you hate isn't worth being chained to long-term. I need to do something I can love, even if it means some sacrifices.

Probably buying a house/flat for the first time and maybe re-evaluating the projection of my life as things are just ticking along with no challenges ahead!

I've always wanted to be more grown-up about my money, and now that I'm in my mid-20's I really need to make efforts to be secure for my future, since I'll likely only be able to rely on myself. Even though I've learned *about* financial planning, I've never learned enough to actively do it, and that's something I want to do in the next ear.

JESUS! and myself

I want to reinvest myself in politics. I think that my political science major has made me jaded and hopeless about the scene in our country. I want to be as involved as I was during the 2008 election.

I think the Tea Party movement is going to have an increasingly dangerous effect on our nation. I want to know more about what's going on in our country, politically, and determine ways that we can combat this movement towards extreme conservatism. For a progressive, it's all very disconcerting.

Buddhism, Its sounds like a great religion! i can't bring myself to believe in god, like christianity, and i want to believe in something, buddhism seems like such a peaceful religion, so i guess i'll give it a go! x

Greater involvement in my neighborhood's community development.

I would love to more completely immerse myself in Hinduism and try to understand it more.

I'm investing real time volunteering on internet freedom and freedom of speech causes.

I want to pursue my field in all ways in the coming years, to discern what areas are really important to me. I also want to figure out what causes are most important to me - and perhaps more importantly, what skills I can contribute to these causes. I want to be more firm and active in my beliefs.

I want to work with intention on my writers-in-residence program -- on farms, jewish organizations, in parks, cities. It's about thoughtful connection with people of all stripes. I think that's we need most now.

meditation, peacefulness, yoga, joy, doing onto others....

I want to learn more about the world in general. I want to discover things about other cultures I didn't previously know. I also want to transfer to a different college, so I definitely see more research and investigation into majors and careers and schools in the next year.

I want to explore the idea of Process Consultation over the course of the year. I believe that this is the type of work I am supposed to be doing and I want to explore the theories and practice of this model.

Not particularly. I'm always studying something. Who knows what my interest will be in 2011.

SO difficult to answer as there is so much I want to learn and I consider myself incredibly open to those moments when opportunities present themselves to me. I also want to do less so I can be more focused on my family. I have been quite over-stretched with involvement. But knowledge, I am always up for.


Family friendly ways of making a living, including farming.

Yes, I would like to get my dogs involved in the Therapy Dog International program. I've been talking about it for three years now, but have been battling my own illnesses and haven't followed through. I think the benefit gained from visiting people with loving animals should never be undervalued and I would be honored to be a part of it.

I want to better investigate my husband's chosen profession and career path, so I can be an informed decision maker instead of just going along with what he knows, so I can feel supportive not submissive. Also, I need to figure out if I want to back to school, and what on earth would I study...

So-called reparative/ex-gay therapies and religious/spiritual/psychological underpinnings that hold heterosexuality to be superior.

Hah! Is there a way to limit my curiosity?

I want to grow and experience life more fully with my mate, expanding consciousness and exploring the depths of our love and purpose together.

I really want to learn more about Israel and its history so I can be prepared to defend it while understanding the other side's point of view. I would like to delve more deeply into the question of "What is American Judaism?" either alone or with Rabbi Hoffman. I would like to learn more about managing money since soon I won't have my parents to depend on, and I will need to understand the value of money and work better (well, semi-soon). I would like to be more aware of what it going on in other parts of the world so that I can take action. I am very uncomfortable with how little people took action during the Holocaust and do not want to be the same. I started with JWW this summer but I don't feel that was sufficient. On a similar note, I just want to be more educated about current events, because this is the world I live in and I should care about it and its people.

Tough question! I love to learn and am always reading, but I think I have a fairly superficial understanding of a broad range of issues, intead of any kind of depth. I'd like to deepen my study of Judaism, instead of sporadic bursts close to the holidays. I want to understand how I was raised continues to impact my relationships with my parents and my husband and make efforts to live in the present, not dwell in the past, which usually equals negativity. I want to continue to work on my marriage by understanding myself and my husband better.

I would like to look into immigrating to somewhere warm.

There are several things I’m interested in investigating further: Things related to my developing career, Things going on in the arts community, in the Jewish community, and especially, how I can be more thoughtful about giving tzedakah. I’ve been good the last year or two in volunteering, although I haven’t always been so good in giving tzedakah. I’d like to be more purposeful in my donations and make this a more regular part of my life, maybe by making sure that I give some donation (even it’s only $20) every week, two weeks, or month.

Psychology, empathy, creativity.

I would love to learn about Buddhism, because I think the concepts are very interesting, and I would like to incorporate some of them into my lifestyle.I would like to look more into the people I have in my life. In friendships, relationships, and in myself. I'd like to learn to not ignore my problems and actually deal with them.

My family history has always interested me. I would like to see what lies in my heritage.

Saving money and investing. I'm trying to save a bunch of cash for a wedding and I'm hoping to put it into a high-yield savings account for the year. Maybe at the end, when I have $2500 or so, I can put it in a CD or something else that will make my money work for me.

I want to come up with a concept, non-profit, something that promotes all of the positive things about Israel. We do a lot of preaching to the choir but there must be a way to show the rest of the world what amazing contributions Israel has made in terms of humanitarian aid, medical breakthroughs, technology, etc.

Many aspects of my Jewish heritage, Hebrew, completing the family genogram.

I met someone a couple of weeks ago. I am intrigued. He mentioned that he might want to marry me in 7 years, which probably means that he's insane, but still I'm intrigued. He's not the reason why I need to break up with my boyfriend, just a symptom. I need to not be in a relationship for a while, which will allow me to investigate this other guy but not too much. I want to investigate being on my own for a long while. Mostly I want to investigate being on my own in 2011.

Becoming involved in our synagogue. We have belonged for a year but never done much; I'm hoping that we can make more of a community there for our family. And get the financial stuff in order — living will, trust, wills, etc.

Last night at a class, the teacher spoke about how we are a culture dominated by a narrow concept of pleasure that limits how we view it, find it, and express it. She went on to explain that there is a broader concept of pleasure and that learning more about pleasure--an all encompassing meaning of the word, not limited or linked only with sexual pleasure--was a way to bring more to and get more from being alive and in relationship to all ourselves, others, and the natural world. Until she spoke I had only thought of pleasure as something to put on hold until the dishes were done. Or my pleasure came after everyone else was happy and satisfied, and then if I had an ounce of energy left over...maybe then. So although when I first read this question, I wanted to answer with some form of intellectual or spiritual pursuit that I have on my list such as learning more about death and dying; working for peace, justice, and humanitarian efforts; saving the environment and all it's inhabitants; anything to show the world I want to show up in the world as present, accountable, and available. Then this simple thought floated from the ethers into my awareness. It grabbed my attention so fully. It actually gave me pleasure to think about and to savor the idea. Then I knew, I wanted to learn what pleasure is for me and then it will be my pleasure to save the world.

I would really like to understand the enviornment of recent Graduates with in the past 3 years and find out who really is being effected by the econimic state of the country and how. To better understand this will me answer questions about my future and where I will be headed.

I would like to delve deeper into Judaism this year, through study with James

I want to get more involved in Nerdfighteria and all the ways of decreasing world suck.

Buddhism. Myself. (Who am I?) Being an ally. Stopping fracking. My grandpa's stories. My dad.

My sister has lived in London for almost 6 years. I love in NY, where we grew up and near the rest of our family. I would very much like for her to come back to the US so we can rekindle the closeness we once shared. She has a little boy who I barely know and i am going to have my first child in March. I miss her very much.

I would like to learn how to motivate my community to raise the funds and then build a mikvah. The nearest mikvah during the summer is a gorgeous hike to Salmon hole. At 5:30am a spiritual dip is so refreshing. Come October I am too chicken and I hate, hate, hate cold water. The nearest mikvah in the winter is 1 1/2 hours away... and on a stormy night it's not safe.

I want to buy a hybrid vehicle.

I would like to learn more about Judaism, and perhaps try and see if I fit in with the religion. I've admired it for a long time, but I've never had the chance to really explore it personally. I also might try and become more active with the Liberal Democrats - even if I'm not entirely happy with our government, I still feel that liberal causes are worth fighting for.

In 2011, I hope that I will look more into volunteering in Haiti or South America in general. I really want to give back to the people there. It is our fault (as descendants of European people) their countries are run the way they are and who they are run by. I know that in the Spring of 2012 I will be going to Jamaica to help there. I would really, really love to get involved in Haiti or Honduras though.

I've had this fantasy in my head for years about adapting one of my favorite novels to screenplay. My hope is through that process I'll perhaps learn a bit about why I've continued to go back and reread it nearly every year for the last seven or eight. I'd like to see about making it a reality, if only for myself (I'm not interested in its being sold for millions and made into a blockbuster. Okay, "sleeper hit" I'd accept...)

The Great Outdoors of California

I want to write more. I have been putting this off for long enough and this is something that I need to focus on. I also need to focus on saving more for my son's future, including college should he choose that route. I want to stick more with the verbal commitments that I give people, and not flake out as I have in the past.

I would like to look more into the people I have in my life. In friendships, relationships, and in myself. I'd like to learn to not ignore my problems and actually deal with them." - from a random on sample answes. I would also like to concentrate on God more. I need to start paying attention to what he wants me to do.

i want to finf out more about buying a house when i graduate. i want to be on the property market, i want to start saving for it and i want to find out about working on a boat in monte carlo with my best friend for a year

Myself! My relationship within the community and with Jim.

I am excited about blogging for Walking Jewishly. Perhaps this structured opportunity for reflection, writing, and sharing with the community will be the beginning of something great? I hope this year to truly invest in myself rather than merely obsessing over my return for other people.

I'd like to go back to exploring the possibilities of my body through contact improvisation.

There are a few people, that I would like to get to know better this year. NT & MT. haha. That felt kind of awkward. I wonder if I'll even remeber who they are when I look back on this... I wish to be confident in who I am.

I'd love to be a more involved advocate for gifted education services.

There are some things, extremely unpleasant, that I will have to investigate in 2011 because of what is going on in my family right now. But in terms of what I choose to investigate: I never thought I would say this, but I want to know a lot more about economics and management. These are fields that have so much effect on people's lives, and if it is only the self-centered who go into them, then the consequences will be terrible. We have seen some of those consequences in the last year.

I'd love to better understand the causes of poverty and I hope to become a better, kinder communicator.

I would like to be more comfortable with that which I choose to call God. I "talk" to him often, thank him and pray for an easing of the troubles that torture the rest of humanity. Organized religion doesn't give me comfort but I feel sure of a connection to God despite this. I would like to be a better friend and a better mother than I am now; I'm self-absorbed a lot of the time.

I feel backed up about 'investigations' of this kind. I feel I've so lacked for time for my own interests that now I resent new people, ideas, movements because I imagine I'll never get to them anyway. It's like a friend said to me recommending a book today, "I guess this is just another book you don't have time to read."

Benevolent despots.

A marketing idea for a show I'm writing...

I want to really explore the potential of social media. Not just "Web 2.0" and Facebook/twitter/et al, but how social media platforms can impact the real world. I am particularly fascinated by the whole idea of hyperlocal, the intersection between online and offline and the way in which hyperlocals can become networked cosmopolitans.

I would like to improve my choral conducting skills. I have become a choir conductor by default but now want to approach it will the enthusiasm and skill that it and my choir deserves.

I want to learn more about graphic design skills so that I can do more casual web work for my clients. I have hard core geek skills, and I turn away a lot of work (and do not have enough true programming work) because I don't know Photoshop and Flash.

yoga, my own creative work

During 5771 I'd like to get more connected with liberal politics in Massachusetts (from a macro perspective) and in meditation and my own connection to Judaism from a personal point of view. I would also like to be more involved in disability policy work in MA as a parent advocate.

I would like to investigate more about my family. I have a small family and know almost nothing about them beside my parents and 1st aunts/uncles as my paternal grandparents died before I was born and my mom isn't close with her dad. Her father's side is having a family reunion, so that'll be a unique experience to say the least.


I want to of course deepen my understanding of G-d and Yeshua. I want to be able to minister and teach again, as well as continue to learn more effective ways of doing those activities. I would be open to begin attending college online and finishing my education.

I want to read a lot more, and take up yoga. I want to also be there for my friends, and not take them for granted.


I want to find some organization to support. Full out support and live my life to help. I also want to look into relationships and religion.

No lo sé. El 2012 me llama mucho la atención, todo eso del fin del mundo y eso, por lo que tal vez lea el Apocalipsis.

I would like to explore jobs outside of my field of nursing.

I would like to find a spiritual community to join. I am less religious than I was as a child, but I find it hard to be completely without spiritual grounding. I hope to investigate our local Unitarian church during the coming year.

I still haven't learned much about Asian history or culture. If I can even just make it to an Asian museum this year, it would feel like I was making some progress. I also want to try and participate more in politics by taking more physical actions - attending rallies or events. I want to bring my daughter so she starts to learn more about community.

Definitely something related to my degree (gotta start thinking about that Masters Thesis!)

Myself. Full stop. Also this will be the year of learning Spanish. And taking the administrative credential exam. And applying to a PhD program in education at Stanford. And investigating national board certification. And doing deep work and reflection and decision-making around my relationship life. And buying a new road bike and training to ride it in RAGBRAI next summer. And looking into taking Arabic class? But mostly, just myself. Yeah. That's more than enough for one year. It's about time.

i would like to look what i can do as far as making more money and having less of it taken from me

I really want to get into astrology. It seems interesting and complicated and I want to see why people believe it.

I want to write more next year. Even if it's free form journaling everyday in a notebook. I want to invest in finding my own voice and finding out what I like to write outside of news articles.

Everything, but nothing in particular. I have an insatiable curiosity and an OCD when it comes to learning new things. But lately, I find I'm a lot more restless. I can't seem to learn anything fast enough and I get impatient. Could it be I understand I'm running out of time and I still have so much to learn?

I am considering a career change. I have never been anything other than artist and now I want to do something different for awhile and have art as a personal endeavor.

I'd like to investigate myself a little more, really get back on track with taking care of my mental health and my physical health too actually. In yoga I realized that heart opening postures that appear physically simple are hard almost impossible and I'd like to work on that because I can't help but wonder if there is a connection there.

Ruby on Rails. Being truly happy. Loving myself. Falling completely in love.

How to build solar panels and harvest solar energy in an inspiring way.

I would love to learn more about different types of working out - yoga, running, etc. I need to work out more often and trying different ways would help me incorporate more into my life.

I'm interested in finding out what makes ordinary citizens vote against their best interests. I'd like to investigate what I perceive as a defiant ignorance in this country (we rank 25th in education, but #1 in self-esteem). Also, I'd like to see compassionate evidence and debate eventually make religion as obsolete as flat-Earth theories.

How to use art in daily teaching and learning experiences? Comparative Religion and Disabilitiy integration.

I would like to investigate fat acceptance more. I obviously am too lazy to exercise and like I have said to myself before, I am trying to accept myself for who I am, and Fat Acceptance is somewhere along the journey.

Mindfulness, Cognitive Remediation, Metacognitive Training.

The Republican Party. I've been in hiding from the daily news since my son was born. My husband is a conservative Republican, I have no affiliation but came of age in NYC and SF, so you can guess that our opinions differ. I'd like to know more about where he's coming from in his views and how to better discuss current affairs with him.

I want to investigate my own brand of Judaism further, maybe not this year but definitely next year in Jerusalem.

I will investigate more on my story idea about WS.. yehey!!

i'd like to investigate my creative potential by spending more time on creative outlets like singing, dancing, writing, painting -- not being afraid to try what i dream about!

i would like to learn more about albert kahn and his archives of the planet. fascinating man, an incredibly amibitious project - i want to learn more about autochromes and early colour photography. would also like to make an effort to watch more silent cinema. i need to stay focused and stop flitting from one thing to another.

ART, and PERFORMANCE! Music! Making Music! Making ART! MAKING! CREATING! CONTRIBUTING in a real, authentic way that comes from ME!!

Just who I am and what I want to achieve in life. With my mental health being sorted it would be nice to find out who I am when happy, what I actually enjoy doing and find some hobbies.

The "new" concept of eating locally, seasonally and sustainably. I'm mostly on board with it, but need to explore the options near me more.

I can not think of one which in itself is sad. I need to find one.

I want to learn german or russian. Also drawing better.

I would like to spend more time with my half sister. I have never lived with her aside from summer vacations when I was a kid visiting my real Mom. She's taken a turn down the wrong path and I feel like I may be to blame. I wasn't there for her when she could have used an older sister.

Getting a PhD in public health/epidemiology

There is someone in my life that I would love the opportunity to investigate further over the next year. They are a beautiful, intelligent and inspirational person who lifts my soul up and makes me want to be a better person. Unfortunately at this stage, there is no possibility of exploring a deeper relationship with this person. My one biggest hope is that something happens to change this situation, but if it doesn't, then I would like the opportunity to explore a deeper friendship and working relationship with them - to continue to learn about them and the way they see the world, and to open up more to them. Other than that, I would like to explore more about magic and philosophy.

I would like to learn more about the art of short stories. I'm inspired by Chekhov and can recognise his talent but can't break it down to conventions that I can recognise. If I understand it, I can reproduce it in my own work.

I am my cause in 2011.

I would love to help out more with LGBT organizations and causes for gay rights. I am all for gay marriages, adoptions, everything. I want to attend the parade walks, go to a rally, something. I wanna help them get the rights they deserve.

I want to give back to any cause I can. I want to create a villiage. This is the only way I can see to do so. Helping others.

Lately, I have been intrigued with the principal that mastery is being able to repeat an action exactly the same over and over. Like an archer, who pulls back the string and his thumb touches the precise point on his ear each time, he can then aim and be accurate.

I want to delve more deeply into Judaism again.

I'd like to take up the challenge and learn how to make friends and not let myself run away from them in the long term. Friends with a sense of humour. Friendship is so confusing to me, I feel as though I have a social timeline with people. Maybe I can change things. I'd also like to investigate the workings of the brain more, but as I'm off to do a psychology degree, that should hopefully be an easy one. I'd also like to get to grips with political causes more.

I know too much already. I would like to shed some of my knowledge and curiosity, and rid my mind of the fruits of previous investigations.... I feel as if rumination and introspection are my enemies -- even as they are inherently who I am. So if I could discover how to rewire my brain to not be answering these questions the way I do, THAT I would investigate more fully.

The concepts of energy and resource management, maybe something related to water?

I would like to look into going more organic in 2011. I've noticed recently that my family and I produce a lot of waste, and I'd like to look into reducing our footprint - maybe start a garden to grow our own vegetables or herbs. Reduce the amount of plastics we use. It's going to be hard with a family of five, but I'm sure it's possible.

I want to learn more about working with high risk populations, either prisoners or kids in the foster system. I want to look into what happens downtown more and just go off my own path a bit.

Yes. Unemployment for the 99ers in the U.S., and as to corruption in Congress, and between the states.

I want to take steps towards writing more for my own pleasure. Perhaps an online course or workshop, or NaNoWriMo in November. I think about writing an awful lot, but don't do much of it. I'd like to investigate aspects of that desire and any impediments to achieving it next year.

Life in general. I am not living. I am drifting.

I'd like to explore the idea of traveling around the world with my children in an attempt to help others in need. I think the suburban bubble my children live in does not give them the perspective of how most of the world lives. I think they would learn so much on a mission to help others in desperate need of housing, a school, or food.

The idea of sustainable living. I"m moving to a city where, if I set up my life right, I can bike or bus to work, start buying locally grown food again, and use more public transit. After living in a place for two years where it's been much harder to do that, I want to give it a shot.

I want to learn more about Alzheimer's in younger people.

I want to explore meditation. In my quest for more balancei think meditation could be helpful. I love to think but I tend to jump around in my mind and I am terrible at sitting still. Meditation will require that I be still, breath and focus on nothing. I am willing to try to change 10-20 minutes of my day in order to gain more balance and perspective.

the music scene...and several ppl

Graduate school, definitely. Also, religious values and their differences. I want to read much, much, more.


I would love to figure out what my religious beliefs really are.

Anti-trafficking advocacy. Judaism.

I go back and forth about wanting to know more about human sexuality, lesbianism in particular. I love my girlfriend, but does that mean I'm gay, full stop? Does it matter?

I want to know how to fix my bike when it breaks. I'd like to be conversational in Spanish or sign language, or both.

Opera. And Jane Austen.

I would like to find a temple to attend, here in my city, that I can be comfortable going to. I have no had a place of worship in four and a half years, and I miss it.


Career independence and happiness. To me the two are intertwined and involve a lot of elements such as work, goals, ambitions, life-balance, friends, family, and health.

Living in a sustainable way, spirituality.

no ideas on this one

Reaching across the divides of "left vs right" or "conservative vs progressive" or "religious vs spiritual vs not either one" or "republican vs democrat" or whatever your favorite divide us, all of which seem to translate into "I'm right and you're wrong". Finding our common values, and speaking respectfully about the ones that aren't commonly held.

My personal state of calm must be unearthed, explored, redefined. Also: gardening. Want to do more gardening. Maybe a green roof?

I want to learn how to live and not just simply exist. In that vein, I guess I'd like to investigate myself and my family more fully.

adoption here in MA. furthering education on MY terms. tutoring students here. being involved more with food pantries.

I want to know more about local politics and the workings of my community.

I want to be more involved in the movement for gay rights. But I also just want to be more informed about politics in general. I want to find all the information I can about the many different issues plaguing the USA and be able to have intelligent conversations and debates with others about them.

Books. I want to investigate more books.

I want to start thinking about architecture and boat architecture to see if I would like to go into that. I want to start doing more volunteer work and go to Wrock events. I really want to meet Charlie and Alex. I want to be really close to Gabriel, whether he feels that way about me or not. But most of all, I want to devote some time to Brady's illness and a cure or some way I can relieve him of some symptoms.

In 2011 I want to become more active in two political movements. The first would be to protect Net Neutrality, and the second to preserve the first amendment rights of video games.

I want to get involved in the Berkeley Science Review, whether it's writing an article, working as an editor, or something else. I really want to explore my career options and have some fun in the process. Next summer, if things aren't too crazy with the upcoming wedding, or after that, I want to start volunteering at a science museum or garden. I want to get back into that world and see where it takes me.

I'd like to do more investigating into the work of Allyson Armstrong. He conversation about the relationship between men and women fascinates me.

Spirituality and creativity (which go hand in hand).

* making collage and maybe alters * be part of a local Jewish community, somehow - even if it's no more than attending the local JCC occasionally or volunteering some time in their library

History, love, the future.

I would love to investigate the idea of going over seas to Kenya and volunteer there for some time.

That guy at Petsmart, To Write Love on Her Arms, and putting more effort to get into the publishing world.

I would like to rediscover the world of fiction. I used to read so many novels and they truly can transport you away from oneself and one's narrow concerns. Just when I think I've read it all or heard every melody that can be written, some amazing person creates something totally new, inventive, beautiful. I think returning to novels would remind me to dream and not be too practical all of the time.

Music! I want to listen more intentionally, learn and practice new things, and be willing to share my music on more occasions. Who knows: maybe I could even get paid to do that???

I want to look into going to military medical school. Then, I can be financially independent and break away from my controlling mother.

I want to learn more about modern history - first step is to finish Robert Fisk's The Great War for Civilisation. As I believe that if you forget history you're condemned to repeat it.

Being a breastfeeding support person. I want to figure out how to do it, and then do it.

Yes -- me!

aside from myself? Maybe the Zohar? a small part of me liked working on a political campaign although I don't think I'll be knocking on doors again anytime soon. I'd love to be a mentor or Big Sister. Perhaps I should spend some more time with my own little sister.

Do preschools for my oldest son count?

I want to know more about the power of chanting.


I want to stick to helping people as much as possible, and possibly by sticking with just one resource I'll be able to do so. I have been involved with so many organizations, that I just have to choose one which works with the beliefs I have, and the time I work with.

I really want to try and get to know my fathers son Michael. It's not his, nor my, fault that we never got the opportunity to build a relationship. We grew up in such different circumstances and I wonder how big a part genetics plays into our personalities (nature v. nurture). I hope to make a connection so that I might feel comfortable someday in recognizing him as my brother.

America. I want to know everything about it and I want to help it to survive these difficult times. I worry about its health and safety and I want to be prepared to make it the best it can be.

I want to learn more about Buddhism and photograpy.. and I want to give money to a very good cause.

I would like to learn more about sustainable, renewable energy sources that don't harm the environment and how I can choose to use those sources.

I would love to devote my time on the mechanisms behind either Astronomy or Astrology – or both – not just in the next year, but for the next few years, during whatever free time I might have. Honestly, I know that it’s virtually impossible for me to pursue this want as I have a major, major exam next year that’ll determine the junior college I get into. But hey; this is what is it: a want.

the wisdom in the collective human conditioning - the positive in the seeming negative; why and how it is hidden; what is it and where is it leading us; how to bring it out in the open and use it;

I was the social action chair at our temple for four years and was able to use those resources - financial and manpower - to delve into causes that I felt were important. When that ended, I was at a loss, because those who took over did not have the same passions as I did, which was fine. But I was unable to find full satisfaction doing social action work at my temple (though I still volunteer with our winter shelter there). In the course of the year - through temple contacts, believe it or not - I became connected with a nun at the Covenant House in L.A. Sister Margaret calls me all the time when she needs things for her young adults. Many have aged out of foster care. Many are just alone and live in their transitional apartments. Many are so young and have children. Cut to my neighborhood, where we have this good baby, household and clothing items that we don't know what to do with. I have become a connection between these two worlds. Margaret lets me know what she needs, I put it up on Facebook and BAM! I get tons of stuff for her. Things as small as strollers and as big as bunk beds. Couches, stovetops, cribs, clothes .... it's so rewarding to know that your good items are not going to waste and to someone who really needs them. So, I have been thinking of how to expand this into something bigger. I will be talking to Margaret next Tuesday. There is so much potential here. It will be interesting to see by this time next year how it's going.

I would like to investigate religion and more specifically my own religion as I am not sure what I believe in

I'd like to learn more about Buddhism.

I'd like to develop the bond with my boyfriend of (as now) 8 months. Just because he's amazing and I'm completely in love with him.

David Foster Wallace.

I would like to spend more time on Bible Study, not just from a Spiritual point of view but also a historical one.

I want to investigate the commodities and international markets more closely, as I believe that is where world growth will come from

Honestly, no there is not at the present time. It will be interesting to see whether something comes up during the year. But right now, it's all I can do to maintain myself, my environment and my employment.

I think there are really exciting things happening in India - I'd like to explore opportunities for living and working there. In general, I want to expand my focus more beyond the US, as I think there are very positive things happening that jive with my world view.

an idea. Love

I am starting some charity work this week, so I am looking forward to having some outward focus after going through a period that has had so much inward focus. I also want to explore the idea of having a child more over the next year.

I would like to investigate the source of foods and specifically genetically modified foods more in this coming year. I want to be informed so I can make better decisions as to what I eat.

My parent's life stories. How the global economy works. How to dress better.

I'd like to investigate myself as an artist again. I do creative work everyday, but it feel like it is just a chore. I need to be inspired by it again.

The world. I want to spend 2011 traveling and learning more about people and communities all over the world.

Actually, myself. It seems like a good time to investigate reintegration of all that I am, and seeing what brilliant new me emerges to manifest to happiest, most connected life experience.

I'd like to start investigating my idea further of going back to school and earning my Library Technician Assistant certificate, so I can start to pursue my ultimate goal of becoming a librarian.

More personal involvement in one of the charities I have been supporting financially.

Firstly, Myself! I think I'm in a weird place at the moment and not too sure which direction I'm heading in life.. Ive always been sure that my direction in career was Media, has that changed? What else inspires me that I would be good at? And emotionally, I've always liked to believe I'm emotionally strong, but recently I've questioned whether I'm maybe a bit too strong? I often wonder whether I have a strong barrier up blocking me from trusting people, things, events etc. Is this normal? Is this the case? And if so how do I overcome it? Also since the Candlit Vigil at Manchester Pride this year, the HIV issue has provoked much thought. It's an awful illness, and I've found out that a relative who I didn't know lost his life to the virus in the early 80s, After being treated badly by the family for being a gay male. I want to explore the epidemic further, And see how I could possibly help in the future.

I want to go more deeply into my crafting, specifically learning some new knitting techniques, perhaps dyeing yarn, and definitely learning to spin on a wheel.

???? World peace!!! I really mean that. So participating in the Shift Network and being part of that and anything else that I can do to contribute to the healing of our mother earth

Rachel? I want to keep learning about policy, econ, foreign policy, etc.

I would like to investigate/learn the spanish and portuguese languages, colleges college funding opportunities for my daughter, and travel opportunities for the summer of 2011.

I want to embrace simplicity. Spend less money -- ride my bike more often instead of driving a car -- take walks more often -- read a book instead of play video games. Learn to enjoy the simple things again. Eat more fruit and vegetables -- and less processed foods.

I have to choose a four-year college. Right now, this seems like the single most terrifying feat I've dealt with.... that is, beside my driving test.

Maybe I could learn some new stuff, I'm 57 so its not impossible....to learn a new language, to learn how to get the best out of my laptop to help my wife in her teaching analyses.......learn how to cook properly......to keep bees.............to make furniture...................to keep chickens........................

I want to investigate photography, best teaching practices, ways to be organized, home decorating, and making/saving money.

Two of my closest friends are of Indian descent; one of them is Muslim and the other is Hindu. I recently realized that I know next to nothing about their religions. Especially with all of the misunderstandings and assumptions about Islam currently, I'd like to learn more about my friends' religions.

I'd love to reearch my family tree. A distant couin of mine already has some of it done but I'd like to explore the areas of the family that she would have nothing to with and see what I find.

This taxonomy job has confirmed that I love paddling around in pools of data. In the next year, I want to start working on my MLIS. In August, after Prop 8 was ruled unconstitutional, I got ordained by the Universal Life Church with the intention of performing marriages when the legal issues shake out. I may be jaded and cynical, but if consenting adults are lucky enough to find the person with whom they want to share their life, then I'd be happy to facilitate it. I don't consider it a "cause" so much as an act of civil obedience -- and I don't anticipate any problems here -- but the Internet is a big place, and I'm sure someone, somewhere will take offense. So I plan to really bone up on the legal and historic issues.

I want to read The Inner Chapters of Chuang-Tzu. I know that sounds like I'm specifically interested in Chuang-Tzu and Chinese philosophy, but that's not the whole of it. I listen to a podcast by a guy called Thomas Gideon. He does a section called "Inner Chapters" where he writes a philosophical monologue on some topic. His Inner Chapters are based off of Chuang-Tzu in the following sense: It is widely believed that the Chuang-Tzu is written in two parts- the inner chapers, written by Chuang-Tzu himself, and the outer chapters, written by students, commentators, or other philosophers. In essence, the Inner Chapters describe one's own personal philosophical outlook, and are especially important when looking at one's own outer chapters. I'm not only hoping to gain insight from Chuang-Tzu, but also I think that I need to write my own inner chapters as well, and solicit outer chapters from my family and friends. I don't know what form this will take yet- whether it's a blog, or documents, or even something much larger like a book- but this is what I want to explore in 2011.

I want to get into the habit of collecting inspiring items again and having my design bible on hand to inspire my work.

I want to focus on myself this year and see how healthy I can get.

I want to investigate through lived experience living a life where my integrity and my highest values are the basis of how I live as much as I possibly can - and when I fail to be as honest as possible to myself about my failings. Yikes! This will definitely be a step-up for me if I can do it!

I've been learning alot about our health care system in school this year, and I really want to learn more about the unfairness of having to travel long distances on your own expense for life-saving treatments such as radiation or lung-transplants.

There is always something a librarian wants to investigate more fully! A new life love, a renewed career, retirement options and Montana, India, and Widby Island!

I want to continue my study of Judaic ethics - through Rabbi Telushkin's work and focusing on how to build these principles in to my life consistently.

Grad school and what it could mean for a fiture lifelong career.

Not really.

I would like to learn more about distributed energy generation - getting away from centralized power plants and adding local solar, wind, and biomass generators at homes and in neighborhoods. I would think there is someway to make these more economical and they seem more enivronmentally friendly solutions.

I'd like to learn more about living in Europe; which country would be best and how I can make a difference by doing so.

Restorative justice. I want to work with juveniles, and see if some of them can be kept out of the criminal justice system, as well as transform, learn, grow through this conflict resolution system.

Amnesty international or human rights watch

I'd like to learn more about my Opa.

I want to look into the possibility of studying abroad. I realize it'll be more difficult to visit home, but if I love it then I think it's worth the sacrifice.

I would like to know myself even further. A part of me is a little afraid to ask for that on the chance that I don't like what I might find. Ultimately though, the truth of who and what I am is important for me to be a fully developed and aware member of our world.

Life coaching, counselling, aqua aerobics, sky-diving for charity

Nutrition. I have developed an interest in this topic since losing weight a couple of years ago. I am facinated by how foods impact the body and its capacity. I wonder how much more education I would need to become a Registered Dietician?

My mom. She seems to becoming more open to sharing her past. Dad died at an early age. Mom leaves and doesn't come back because she couldn't afford her. There are deep hurts in her and every now 'n then she shares.

The only thing I would love to explore more right now is Patrick.

I am interested in doing some more service work for AA. I am being asked to stand for a state-wide position for next year. Not sure if I've got the nerve to go for it or not. The time to decide is here, and I am still on the fence about it.

I'd like to learn more about economics, especially what actions would help/ hinder the economic recovery. I would also like to learn more about alternative energy, especially solar. My particular interest is in feasibility and cost

Honestly? Not really. Psych I guess. My belief system I guess. Grandma I guess. No one thing though.

I’m pretty maxed out on people, causes and ideas! ;)

I want to further investigate going into business with Leigh - it is something we are both quite excited about as we have a lot of skills that other people don't, or at least wouldn't want to create a business from. At the moment we are at the ideas compilation stage and it is tough, so I hope to explore further what business we could have and how to make it successful.

Helping Briana be the best she can be this year - and she's off to a good start :) I also want to try to be the best parent I can be for her, so I will continue to read and put into practice things that I am learning.

Everything! I want to read more and think more!

I would like to do more research into half ironman triathlon training programs and see if it is something that I think that I could actually accomplish in my life. I also want to work more on my website and hopefully be able to buy my own domain and hosting.

I would greatly like to investigate two major areas of my life that I have slowly been illuminating. Cause- True ownership and responsibility of my life. To sculpt the type of character that has utmost certainty and is habitually seeking ways to live up to constantly raising expectations as well as really owning everything that goes on internally and externally. This means seeking the boundaries of my smaller limited self as well as THRIVING under pressure. Person- Myself with a wealth consciousness and financial aptitude seeking mastery. I'm almost 27 and my money life is laughable considering how I live simply but avoid really planning ahead of allowing myself to rise to a level of prosperity. I need to awaken the entrepreneurial spirit I have and use my many skills to 'make it rain'. All of this equals a life I am completely independent.

I want to continue to explore my spirituality and the various schools of thought regarding the soul.

Volunteering. This used to be a central part of my life but I have done less of this in recent years.

Yes, definitely learn more about Buddhism!

Not necessarily investigate, but I would like to see Gay Marriage a reality nationally, and not left up to the states. It is an equal rights issue. I'd like to see how involved I can become in this change. And I'd like for the religious right and Conserviatives to stop their inquisitions.

YOga, Meditation, Quantic physics. And know much more from my husband...

Living more healthily and environmentally-friendly

Music. Art. Horticulture. They are all fascinating.

I'm happy to say that I'd like to investigate all parts of my life more fully. Meditation. My writing. The thoughts and feelings of my children and husband. As Edward Guest, put it, "I want to be able as days go by always to look at myself in the eye. I don't want to stand with the setting sun and hate myself for the things I've done." Even though this poem is about honesty and integrity, for me it's also about not letting days go by without having really explored and reached out to people and concepts that you love and have interests in. I don't want to waste days. I'm going to show my love to people without fear that it won't be reciprocated. I'm gong to fully explore areas of interest without fear that I'll end up wasting my time.

I want to develop my blog into something more than just my friends read.

Political office?

I plan to read and understand US History much better than now. I am starting with World History.

I want to look into myself. I want to find the real reason why I desperately long for a friendship with men but have no longing for an intimate relationship. I want to confront the reasons why I feel the way I do about things. Do I blacklist my family to keep myself safe? Have I lived a sheltered life for too long to survive as a LEO? Will I gain the skills necessary to achieve my dreams?

Yes, I want to take my relationship to my husband to the next level, to make it even better, and to learn to avoid the unnecessary glitches we have. I want to investigate myself more fully through meditation.

I'd like to learn more about my family history, and to see whether my grandma is lying about us being related to Winston Churchill, or if my Nan lied about the relation to Cherie Blair.


I want to have completed my garage project with the large craft room available for painting as well as pottery. I would like to learn more about the electric kiln and perhaps organize a guild of potters to meet here. I enjoy my quilt guild and would like the company of other potters to inspire and motivate me.

I want to investigate more the philosophy of Peter Sloterdijk and the actual discussions in philosophy of politics.

I'd love to know what I want to do with my life. I want to do more research into Social work.

i know there are things i'd love to explore but first and foremost i think i need to find out who i really am.

Not really.

Buddhism. Statistics. Karate. Herman Hesse.

Acting on a previous commitment to involve myself with Minnesota Foodshare.

I'd like to get involved with ADL (Anti Defamation League" and learn more about what they do and help their cause around the States and the world.

Micro finance. Why can't an individual help another individual lift themselves out of poverty? More stuff obviously won't make a person more happy. Why not do something useful to another individual instead?

financial issues, spiritual ways and learn how to play guitar!!


I want to put myself to the test physically, mentally, spiritually and relationally to see what kind of stuff I'm really made of.

I want to be persistent on excersice. I'm following some blogs to help me out on doing this.

I want to begin volunteering. I'm not sure where, but I know I want to make a difference in people's lives.

I want to learn about all the countries. Everything about them. Not what the media or people around me say. I want to know what it's really like, what they eat, the whether, their culture and language. I want to get started on learning other languages. I want to know Chinese, Swedish, French, and so many more as time goes on. I want to make new friends, I want to know everyone and I want everyone to know me too.

I'd like to learn about flower arranging, and maybe cooking. And to plan a trip to one of my desired exotic locations: Egypt, Jordan, Istanbul, or Jordan. Another possibility is taking a music appreciation course.

I want to investigate Buddha more. I want to be more like him--more spiritual, more relaxed, more in peace. I hope by next year I will find my nirvana and stop being so stressed and a perfectionist, which ultimately and constantly causes me anxiety. I want to be more carefree, without being too lazy. Hopefully, by studying Buddha, I can be more of what I want to be.

Where my company is going? Should I expand? Should I explore the private sector? Is the whole idea of associates working and worth the additional work?

If David Miliband wins the Labour leadership battle, I will finally join the Labour Party and engage further in the battle to get Labour re-elected.

I would like to concentrate more on people who really support me, who are on the same "wavelength" as me. Up to now I always have been an helper for others - and in the end I felt used. I have to learn to say "No" more often, I am living in a same sex marriage, and I want show my love to my wife and support her to reach her goals. I do not want to give other people an higher priority than I give to her or me. I want to improve my French and other languages. I want to tell my opinion open and frankly without lossong myself within political conflicts.

I want to get more into the Gay Rights movement and how I can be an advocate for that. Also, I would really like to understand the World Cup next year.

Now that I am stronger emotionally, I want to read more books about grief. I think it will really help to get my brain to work in conjunction with my heart.

I would like to become more sustainable. Next year I'd like to be driving less, riding my bike more and continuing to eat local organic (if I can still afford to).

Not especially...I feel I'm being repetitive now, because my whole focus at the moment is on the prospect of having to set up my own office

Buddhism or spirituality in general. My mother. My father. My sister. Animal rights.

Want to investigate whether I can establish myself as an influencer re: the divisive political debate occurring in our country. Through online blogging (at least that's my current delivery method under consideration), I want to "get out there" as someone who has suggested that we as a nation and a society - have to be more tolerant of a diversity of ideas and need to consider the nuances of every political, economic and social issue. Our society has become so polarized (everything is either black or white) that I believe we are sinking in importance as a nation globally. Due to intolerance of debate, we are stagnating from a policy perspective and nothing is being achieved to address real issues.

how to find a mate. i'd love to continue with my meditation practice, and cultivate that more. i'd like to begin to plan for myself financially.

Myself, to be honest. I plan on next year being my year. A chance to find myself and grow up. Cliche, yes, but important nonetheless. There are always things I want to know about though. But too many to list. Or more like, they change to often...

Animal rights. I am very passionate about this issue, and would love to learn more about it and what I can do. I want to involve myself in this. I'm thinking at first I can help out at an animal shelter, and maybe even adopt an animal. I also want to volunteer some of my time to any organization that I believe in. In high school, I did some things, and I really miss that. It makes me feel so good to help others.


So many things! All the schools I'm applying to. Myles Dyer. An old relationship. Travel. Especially travel. I want to see how much I might be able to travel, I want to investigate other places. It can't be a super-priority, but that's what I want to "investigate."

I want to look into InsulIndependance, a great Diabetic support network. I also want to volunteer for the Diabetes Hands Foundation.

I would like to learn more about photography and art - I would like to see more art exhibits and experience life more visually. I would also like to listen to new music and new bands, and go to more shows - stay active in the music community and not let myself become dulled by music I've listened to for 15 years. I would like to listen more and talk less.

I'd like to investigate getting myself a partner - perhaps a husband?

Suu Kyi, Tom's shoes!!!!! I want to stand for something other than myself, be filled, inspired, and have passion.

Yes, the idea that there is something special about me. The concept, which I still cannot grasp, that I can be successful and I can achieve and improve my life and make a difference.


My sexual abuse and to come to terms with it in my life. I want to move on and live my life unhampered by these past events. I want resolution and peace.

YES, a person, any person, more than one person. I'd really love to know someone besides myself, I'm going crazy stuck inside my own head, I want to understand. I want to help, I want to listen, even though we can never really be sure of anything, life is still worth investigating. Causes... I would like to get involved in some things, but that often requires opinion, and psychology is making it hard for me to know what I believe. As for ideas, there's just so much I would like to learn, Dr. Kunkel has helped me realize I need to read, and I plan on it, I want to 'know' things. There are so many possibilities for everything and I'd love to explore them.

I would like to read the bible. I know bits and pieces, but I would like to see what I take from it.

I'd like to continue investigating myself. Wait, that sounds kind of dirty. Ok, let's rephrase: I'd like to continue learning about myself. I feel like, even though I have opinions and ideas of my own, I've definitely let other peoples beliefs and ideas about me shape a lot of the person I am today. It's not necessarily a bad thing, but there are things I've never questioned about myself, ideals I hold, decisions I've made, until about the last five years or so.

I want to get to know God in a whole new level, i want to be able to expercience his amazing love and what Godly love is. I also want to get to know myself better so that I can take better decisions about my future.

I would like to get on with my long planned screenplay, which requires the application of research.

I'd like to investigate my current boyfriend more fully in the current year.. I'd also like to be involve myself more in dance, and drawing... I'd also like to investigate what things work best for my mental and physical fitness.

Jewish religious and spiritual expression outside of traditional prayer services.

I want to be more politically knowledgeable. I want to know what the news is reporting, and why, and how people feel, and I want to be able to be sided and know my opinions and thoughts in matter that affect the world for when people ask. I am an adult and want to be one. I also want to be more spiritually involved. Not with religion, but more in touch with myself and my faith and love in humanity. I know it ccould be uplifting and fufilling, as well as supporting.

I have started to learn about global poverty and hunger, especially in the global south, and where my obligation as an American Jew intersects with that. I'd also like to start learning where my sense of Jewish obligation can lead me in my own country, and in Israel - how can I bring about a just society in spheres where I too exist?