When September 2014 rolls around and you receive your answers to your 10Q questions, how do you think you'll feel? What do you think/hope might be different about your life and where you're at as a result of thinking about and answering these questions?

I hope to have more control over my life and fears. I hope to have my first two books published and be working on my third. I hope to have moved forward as a person, friend and husband.

I will feel well i don't know surprised? excited? It depends what my answers were. I will probably laugh at say " wow that was stupid of me". Or something like that.

I hope I'll feel like I achieved some of what I set out to do.

I hope to be more conscious of my capacities and limitations

I will be going into my last semester of grad school and I'll probably be terrified of January. Beyond that, I do not dare attempt to predict the future.

I will celebrate my success and continue to move towards continued enlightenment, growth and empowerment

I really hope I am in a better place. That they remind me of where I was. I really hope I am not in the same physical and head space a year from now.

I hope I'm actually moving forward in a positive way and that my goals are starting to be "werked" on!

I hope I will be proud of the goals I've achieved, compassionate with myself for ways I've fallen short, and amazed at the power of intentionality.

I hope I feel happier. I hope I feel more comfortable in my own skin. And be more willing to put my neck out.

Hopeful, optimistic, positive about the future. Perhaps we might be anticipating a third child by then. At time of writing, this is the day after losing our 5th baby to miscarriage.

I turn 40 next year. I spent the past decade putting others before myself, and I think it's time to start paying attention to me. My kids will be in school full time and I'm looking forward to going back to work. I have no idear what that may be, but I hope to use the wisdom i gained as a parent and wife for something good.

My life will be on track, I will be axcactly where I should be at that point in time. I will be the author of two publications by then and writing my third book. thinking bout these questions forces me to look at my future abnd make goals. Life can only go forward when you have agoal in mind.

I think I will have made some strides in the right direction, and likewise will have a renewed desire to continue. I hope by next year I'll feel strengthened in my faith, not specifically in the beliefs underlying them, but in my courage to act upon what the rational ramifications of my beliefs and principles might be. I'm hoping I'll have a sense of my own strengths and my intrinsic competency to move through the world successfully, connecting with and learning from new people and ideas. I hope that the thoughts and ideas I've shared here will have helped lay a foundation, through positive intention, for positive action, that has bore fruit in a year of peace, progress, and perfectly imperfect, messy, beautiful life.

When I saw last year's answers, I realized that what we went through a year ago was just training to handle this year. I don't want next year to be harder, but I would like to look back with a sigh of relief. I want things to settle down. Find a new workable normal. Enjoy what we have, and let the rest go.

Looking at my 2012 answers, at first glance, it was discouraging - nothing seems to have changed. But upon closer look, I could identify evolution, for good or bad. I hope to see the same when I look back at the 2013 answers. I also hope to see growth in all the areas that are currently challenging for me. And most importantly, to be grateful for all I do have.

I expect next year to graduate, to get my bachelor degree, to get improvement in my carrier toward the job I wonted and dreamed for; in different words to make a step toward success. I will be the same good person that always helps those whose who needs me; I'll be the same good friend next year as well; I'll love my family and friends. The questions were interesting, I answered them all.

My vision is that I will feel accomplished and satisfied by having accomplished the goals that I have set for myself. And that I can look back and remember all the fun that I had and all the lessons that I learnt along the way. And that I'd have a new set of big things to do.

I hope to feel satisfied with the progress I've made. One year in some ways is a short span of time but I want to take everything I am, everything I have and put it toward the achievement of the goals I've set for myself. I think these questions provide me with a valuable framework for what's important - where I've been and where I want to go.

No idea how I'll feel a year from now. What I hope is that I'll have more energy, feel more positive and strong, and have more income coming in, more joy and direction in my work, more friends and more love in my life.

It will probably be surprising in some ways. I will forget my words and will hopefully feel touched by the thought and emotion they portray. I've answered these questions so openly, without reservation. I hope there might be a chance for intimacy this year, who knows? But if it happens and is allowed to develop, it will be in large part due to my wish to connect with other people as openly as I have connected with these little boxes.

I hope that I'll be able to appreciate where I've been and where I wanted to be - MOST OF ALL - I am praying to have moved on to, or at least initiated the process of being in, a much better place - Baruch HaShem

I am hoping this will better me, and make a stronger person

I hope that I'll feel like I've made progress from my current position and fear that I'll be stuck in another rut at a different law firm, claiming I can't afford to change still. I hope answering these questions will help reinforce that the ability to change my life is in my hands, not anyone else's.

I hope that I will be more settled in my new life. That way, when I look back at these questions, some will seem like silly worries, and others like outdated concerns. I'm at a different place this year than I was last year (physically and mentally) and I hope that by next year, I'll be in an even better place, mentally, with my situation.

I'm not sure how I'll feel - it'll be such a huge difference from now. We'll be married, we'll be in the process of buying a home, I'll be fully licensed and hopefully looking for work if not in a new job.

I hope to have improved upon my relationship with my son, that I have become not only an advocate for him, but a supporter of him and his needs as it relates to discussions with my ex who shares 50% custody with me. I want to feel that I have been able to stand up to her when it comes to the well-being of my child. That I have helped him to discover who he is by opening up my ex-partner to allowing him to do things she does not agree with but that he needs to discover on his own in a save environment.

By this time next year, my husband and I will have traveled extensively and I hope to be around to commemorate those trips and reflect on another year. I hope to have a year of violin lessons under my belt. I hope to recommit myself to Hinduism, with all the difficulties of being a western convert through marriage, and be a better partner to my husband. I hope to be a little smarter. I hope to quiet my mind.

I think that reviewing my 2012 answers led me to realize that my progress has been slower than expected. A conversation with a long time friend this week encouraged me to have patience with myself. Ever since my break up in Feb/March 2012 I have been really struggling to get back to myself. Get back to that place of strength and hopefulness. Regain some self-worth and excitement about the future instead of pre-emptive disappointment and anxiety. I hope that September 2014 will be met with the feelings I had in September 2011. I can't cling to the past though and wish things would be the way they were before. Rosh Hashanah includes the root "shana," or change, return, as well as year. I love that these meanings are all wrapped into the same three letter root. I hope that I look back on myself next year with compassion and say - your life was what it was, it resembled no other, and it was holy in its own way.

I hope that I see these answers and have pride in my aspirations, can have some joy in my accomplishments and see the humor and reason for my failures. What is failure anyway but a chance to do it again, and better. Last year I had such high expectations of myself regarding finding a partner. I want to take that off of this years agenda. I want to fully be me. I just redid my apartment. I feel internally and externally redecorated. I want to sit with that. I want to look at this year and know that I did everything I could to succeed at all my goals. I want to have done all my reading. I want to have been present. I want my inbox to be as organized as it can be :) I hope I laugh and breathe and move into the next year with the same hopefulness and spirit.

I hope I'll feel the best kind of nostalgia about where I was and where I am now. I hope I've ventured beyond my comfort zone in at least one significant way. I hope I'm making at least 60k. I hope I'm happy, whether alone or with someone. I hope I haven't stayed still.

I hope that in September 2014 we are fully settled in here and that we have developed the kind of community that we left behind. Or at least are well on our way to developing. I hope I am stronger, I always hope that. We will have gone on some amazing adventures by then and getting ready for Africa, so I hope that I am able to fully live in the moment during each one.

My answers are pretty much the same as they were last year. All of them. So, I hope that there will be at least some more progress. I don't think that 10q makes any difference. It is too short an amount of time as it could really make a difference in my life. I hope reading the answers from this year won't make me as sad as reading the ones from last year did.

I hope to be either traveling around the world, or at a new and stable job, in a location that I chose because it makes me happy. I hope to feel happy with myself and my choices, successful because I will have lost the excess weight, and surrounded by people that I love and make me feel like a better version of myself.

Like my ultimate goal last year, I hope to be happy. I truly believe that is the most important thing. Maybe I'll feel embarrassed by how much I let this summer's fling consume my thoughts, maybe I'll feel relieved that I have done well in school and have begun applying to medical school. Maybe I'll be even closer with my family, maybe I won't have spent summer 2014 in the house I grew up in, maybe I'll have a boyfriend, maybe I'll be a few pounds lighter. Honestly it's hard to know how I'll feel, or what will be different about my life - I somehow foresee this being a big year of change, so I'll just have to wait and see what happens.

I think i'll feel good because I have a strong feeling that what i want to accomplish and also overcome for the year will be successful. A year from now, I hope my life will be more set on a career path but also comfortable with succeeding throughout college as well.

Hopefully (!!!) I will be either getting ready to go travel abroad or already there! But if I don't, I hope I'll be psyched about my senior year and start actively looking for production jobs either in Chicago, Canada, or the UK. I will definitely be answering these questions differently because I won't be preparing for school for another year, but have to think about being a real person after June 2015.

I hope that I will have overcome one fears, have gained new perceives and achieved the goals that I aim for.

I hope that my optimism is renewed, that my steps toward happiness are freer and less difficult and deliberate. I hope that my fears are abated if not put entirely to rest and that they do not rule my life and my choices.

Hopfuly working more hours, and having taking more steps to independence. Also a good relationship with friends and family, especially nephews and Godchild.

I'm hoping I'll be more at peace with myself and more confident, or rather, less second-guessy/apologetic about my confidence. I hope I will look back with some satisfaction at what I've achieved (internally as well as externally). I also hope that I'll have been surprised by the path some of these aspirations have taken. I hope that, by thinking about these questions, and actually committing the answers to writing, that I will be more likely to be a less conflicted, more realized version of myself.

I hope I can apply them to foster more patience and less anxiety about what I haven't accomplished at 50 years old, and more about what I have lived through and made real, like a strong, loving family unit.

I think I'll see the pain in my answers from this year. It has hurt my family to have been hiding out for so long. I am making changes to build a community for us and I hope that at this time next year I'll feel like I've made significant progress toward that goal.

Last year, I wrote that 30 would be my best year yet. I think that was true. So now I'm going to lay out there that 31 will be even better. I love my life and I can't wait to see where it takes me in the coming days. I think I"ll learn a lot of new lessons soon.

I think I will be more willing to let go of some of the emotional baggage that I carry around. I hope to like myself and know myself better and I hope to nurture some of my relationships that have been left fallow from my seeming lack of energy.

How will I feel? I think I will be profoundly not surprised, but I do hope I'm back to the discipline of spiritual practices. I also hope I've gotten rid of 5-7 pounds. Lofty!

I hope that no matter where my life takes me, I am living more thoughtfully and with more of a purpose.

It will be a pertinent moment, I wonder where my family will be, a year on after Grandma's death. I'm hoping I will be happy, validated, free, confident, alive and self-assertive. I also hope that I will have a better understanding of myself, and clarity on where I am going.... J-mo x

I hope I actually follow through ... I didn't realize how much I had not accomplished this year when I read my answers this week. I couldn't believe it was a year ago when I started making those goals for myself. By this time next year, I think I'll be in a better place mentally and emotionally, with a clearer sense of direction (something I'm definitely lacking right now). I hope I'm in a healthy relationship that inspires me, OR, I'd be equally as happy if I'm single but feeling fulfilled in other ways. Just be good to yourself, Alison!

I don't know because I don't know what the questions will be. If they are regarding goals or memories of things happening now I hope to be very happy - by accomplished goals and funny stories.

This year when I looked at my answers, I felt kind of sad, because my life had changed cities, but not issues. For next year, I truly hope that I will feel like I've grown and changed, and that my life will be bigger and a better reflection of who I am at my core.

I think I will feel reaffirmed and moving forward. This past year has felt very "stuck" and I'm hoping that putting things in writing and being very honest will challenge me to move ahead.

God, I hope I'm in a better place than I am now. Hopefully I'll feel more settled/grounded and less... adrift.

Time will have passed since Mom has died and it is possible I will look back at this season with an enlightened attitude .. I miss her. I want her. And Dan will be 75 next week. Life is an unknowable adventure. I feel strongly headed toward being the leader in my odyssey.

I don't know how I'll feel. I can only hope I'll feel good about myself and proud of my achievements. We'll just have to wait and see. If there's anything I've learned from doing this last year, and seeing the answers this September, it's that I should better put my money where my mouth is and start acting. I hope I'll do that in the future.

I really don't know. I know I'll be FORTY at that point and for some reason, as that milestone gets closer, I'm feeling more unsettled.

I hope I will still be growing and learning and questioning and loving and living and ultimately, happy! I think when I see the questions some or the majority will still resent with me. I also hope to be more grounded, secure, addressing my issues around relationships and happy!

It saddened my how often I was in the same place. I've made a lot of strides, but the problems I've tried to call out just got worse over the last year, not better. I need to stop waiting for some magic windfall to make everything okay, rather than admitting that I need to change the way I act and live.

I think I will feel proud of what I've accomplished. I have used the 2012 responses and my minimal progress as a challenge. 2013 continues much of what I aspired to in 2012, but this time I have take more decisive steps to reach those goals. I will have lost my 14 pounds, if not more. I will have completed the sorting of financial papers and finalizing the trust. I have realized I need outside accountability. I have realized - more thoroughly - my failure to make concrete goals is because if I don't than I won't be accountable for what I didn't do. Sp, I am committing the goals to paper and telling others about some of them. I am continuing the "Did List" to give myself credit for what I do accomplish even if it isn't big. This 62-year-old Old Dog is learning new tricks. Thank you 10Q for being a catalyst. Thank you 6-Word Memoirs for introducing me to 10Q. Off to my weigh-in and exercise!

I am hopeful that by Sept. 2014 I am a stronger and more centered person. I have taken these questions seriously, and hope that I will work on them all year through. First thing is to get positive about business again. Deal with what I have left, and make the most of it. I have to stop feeling negative about CB. I am hoping to really grow my towel business. I don't think I want any new lines, I just want to expand what I do have. I also hope to have a positive, upbeat man in my life by then. Larry could be it, but I don't think he is willing to give me what I need. I am there for him, but he is still somewhat closed off to me. But we have only been seeing each other a month at this point. Mark is starting to become my past. I don't cry as often, but I still miss him terribly. I will compare everyone else to him, I can't help it. But I also want to take my mistakes with Mark and not make those again with a new relationship. Life in Sept. 2014 will hopefully be much more positive and exciting. I also think that temple and our new rabbi will help me attain my goals.

I would certainly hope to have been employed for the entire time. I would want to be comfortable with (and within) myself.

I hope I will have brought more order to my life so that I will have uncluttered my thinking, as much as is possible fro me. I hope that I've developed the habit of exercise, and that I've completed my first novel. I hope that my dogs will be better trained, which means that I will need to unclutter my thinking to make time to train them.I hope that I will have found a writing agent, or at least, seriously begun the attempt.

I hope I'm feeling happy and satisfied in life and love. I hope I'm finishing grad school and trying to make a baby. I hope I'm at a job that keeps me busy and challenged and I hope above all, that every one I love is happy and healthy and we had wonderful memories over the year.

I hope I will be more stable and less stressed financially. I hope I'll be adjusting to my new life, and that I will still be confident and be happy in my relationship and taking on new challenges.

I think I'll wonder what I was thinking and why I thought this was important. I think that more truth and wisdom will be found by reviewing my daily journal than by looking at these questions.

I would hope there would improvements in my finances and job as well as relationship life. I would hope that by putting attention on these issues it would bring progress.

I hope I will be both pleasantly surprised and reassured as I doubt my life will be much different. I hope I continue to lead an examined, grateful and purpose-driven life, staying true to the teachings of Love, Serve, and Remember. Thank you to all my teachers: family, friends, Bhavani, Pema, Krishna Das, Ram Das, Shivanand, and my sangha.

I'll probably feel pretty stupid. I always look back on my writing and am like, wow...Did I really write that? LOL! I hope that I'll be looking at this message from a bigger cube, with Railey still at my feet. I hope that when I get this, I will have just started school and will be on my way to a new success. See you later, future me!

I hope to have a solid excellent relationship. With myself. And also with a cute boy.

I hope I feel much more confident with my life and what I'm doing with myself and that I'm content and happy. I hope by next year I've achieved lots of things that I never thought I would ever of achieved and that I've proved everyone who has said I won't achieve wrong. I also hope that I will still be with Christopher and building our future. I just hope I'm on the correct path by then.

Here's what I said last year: I hope that I look back on this as a hard year - and that I look at these answers as a further step towards optimism. I hope I'm in a different place. I hope that I look back on my goals and realize I've made a bunch. I hope I am more content. It's funny - last year one of my goals was to be in better shape. While cardio is still not my friend, I am so much stronger due to Pilates. It's kind of amazing how much better I feel just in general because of that. So next year - I hope I can say - 'wow - i DID that!' or 'wow - i AM happier!' related to other things...

I haven't participated so far this year because life is very bleak and quite frankly I'm ready to crawl under a rock. All my dreams are crashing around me and I don't know what to do anymore. So, future me, if all you did this year was not fall apart consider it a win.

I am hoping that I feel pretty much the same as I do now...I'm happy about my life, my job, and my relationship with my children and my friends. It would be nice to perhaps be 20 pounds lighter though.

Last year was way too full of what we amusingly call "challenges". Just terrible. I hope for calm, for connection to my own life and those of others I care about.

I am hoping I will feel the way I felt looking back on last year: that the big worries I had at the time have been either resolved or placed into larger context. Looking back on the ups and downs from a distance creates the sense that who you are is the sum of everything that's come before and so you feel the need to own every piece of it b/c it got you to where you are today.

I hope I will not be as frustrated with the stubborn stupidity of people I encounter.

I think I will feel a mixture of things. Reading my thoughts often makes me embarrassed because in the very act of writing this I am constructing something. And honest as I may try to be there is definitely some self-deception in the mix. It's only natural. Having said that I read back the others ones and am comforted by the continuity of various aspects of my character. I am pleased to see that some of the things I fret about turned out to be no big deal and that others are ongoing battles, if we had no battles left to fight what would be the point of it all?

I fear that I will sit and say; Geez, I would answer the same right now - has nothing changed in a year? So I will not hope anything in that regard, but make a commitment to NOT sit and have that feeling. Instead I want to feel: Yeah, goddammit, so much has changed and for the better and all because I set out to make it all happen.

I've made progress in the past year - not writing about my weight or tension with David's family, I expect to make progress again this year & that I will have spent a good part of 5774 with more awareness & presence - more conscious of the amazing universe that surrounds me, having taken more concrete actions to improve the world and also to expand to my fullest self

the complexes i am will not go away, but my awareness CAN grow. this is the best way to respond. may my responsiveness grow instead of reactivity.

I hope that I find myself. I'm sure I will... But there is a chance that I'll look back and think, "Mother Fucker! I should have done more", or "Damn I was really misdirected", or "Crazy". If I'm a better person, by any means, I will be satisfied. We all can do better!

I hope to be an RN. I hope to be employed, still in Boston. I hope to be better at dancing and laughing and loving. I hope to be braver. I am working on these things.

Hopefully, I'll be able to look back on my answers and reflect on the strength and growth I've made. Hopefully, my relationships will be stronger and I will have more self confidence. But more than likely I'll look back and think what a dork I am.

I feel, no, I pray that I will be able to hold my head up high. I have weathered some horrible storms. I hope that I, at least, have a decent job, my family is well, and healthy, and I am grateful for the blessings I have.

I hope I'll feel good knowing how far I came this year. I went from a person who was angry and frustrated to one who is thankful and at peace. I hope I will see that and be proud of myself.

I think I'll feel similar to how I felt this year when rereading last year's answers. It will probably make me smile and give me pause, a moment to reflect. I appreciate the way it takes a snap shot in time and gives me a healthy sense of perspective, change and growth.

I hope that I feel I have made personal progress in terms of striving to be open, positive, caring, sensitive, dedicated. Professional success is important to me, but when it really comes down to it I can't feel peace unless I tend primarily to my personal character development. I don't know if I have hopes about my love life. I think I've finally learned that my love life will evolve as it will naturally and I mainly have to live up to my best self and then get out of the way in terms of letting a relationship either flourish or die as is appropriate. In the end, the most important thing is that I strive to be outward-focused, not take myself too seriously, and that I remember that I am but one small piece in a big universe.

I hope I'll feel just a little more at peace and settled into myself. I hope I will read them and smile because I had the best intentions. I hope I will realize that things have changed, if only microscopically.

I hope I will be more financially and emotionally stable, better able to balance my physical and other needs, and happy to see how far I've come.

Last year was a year of practical considerations. I hope this year is one where I simplify, consolidate, and with that move forward. If I could open my answers next year and feel less befuddled, I would be happy with that. I would like, and hope, that the past year has been productive. I have many goals. As I've noted, my fear of the unknown and fear of failure has prevented me from acting on some of those. Hopefully I will have gone some way in conquering those fears.

I will have a kid by then (Lord willing), which will change everything!! I'm hoping I like whatever it is I'm doing for work by then too; and that I'm closer to Jesus.

I hope I remember some of the things I've said, and am able to act on them during the year. I'd like to think that my life will be very different this time next year - but I think that every year, and it never is, at least not noticeably, although I guess there may have been subtle changes.

G-d willing (!!!) I will be in good physical health, and my emotional and spiritual health will follow along with it. I hope that I've learned about relationships and what it takes to build and maintain them. And - I hope that I will feel gratitude for all of the blessings and opportunities that have surprised me along the way!

Further along! I recommit to the basics all the time, and my aspirations have never really changed. I hope I am here next here to give myself another kick in the butt.

I will have avoided distractions and made the progress I intended to make. And I'll still be on the right side of the dirt.

Joyful. What I want isn't deeply aspirational and I try to make sure my dreams and hopes are not dependent on the actions and behaviors of others. If I crash and burn in 2014 it will be by my own hand.

a sense of relief in having integrated a formal education into my life, and hopefully more clarity about what i should do about work. i hope my professional life feels more congruent to my soul. i hope my daughter is doing well and is happy. and i hope i feel as least as positive about the future as i do now.

I like to think that I'll look back at the answers and view them as milestones on my journey to personal wholeness. They can serve as reminders of where I have come from and added motivation on the way to where I'm going.

I believe that I will be feeling a lot less stress than I feel now. I beleive I will be in a lot better place and I will be loving life and what I do once again. I just need to trust. The place for me to be will be revealed. A means to pay off a large amount of our remaining debt will be provided. What we owe on our equity loan next year will be a lot less than what we owe now. It will happen. We will see great favor and very positive changes.

I hope I'll feel accomplished. I am really planning to implement the changes I've talked about--I've started already--and I think being prompted to answer these questions at the same time I've been evaluating my life has been fortuitous. I am going to make myself proud next year. Makin' it so like a boss, Number 1. Engage!

Hopefully, I will be elated to see that my prayers were ansered and my work paid off. If I'm not there yey, I'll keep working and praying!

Three things, first I have sold my house and I have moved to California or have moved to a smaller house here in Massachusetts. I am open to wherever my higher purpose is best served. Second, I have met my committed perfect life partner and we are either married or engaged. And thirdly, I am working for myself!

I hope what is different in my life is that my bills are under control, and that my relationships are more genuine with others because I am more honest with myself. I hope I feel hopeful for the future and more able to move forward in life.

I pray that I will finally be past them. Answering these questions is good for re-focusing, seeing the larger patterns in life. Amazing how we forget to work on certain issues and they crop up in our life again and again. Maybe Ill be able to look back triumphantly. I hope I am thoroughly well by this time next year, on every level. Especially creatively. I want to be a transformed individual by 2014.

It will interest me to see what state of mind and being I am when September 2014 rolls around and compare that to my 2013 answers.

I hope I have a job where I'm getting paid enough to cover all my bills and still put at least a quarter into savings. I hope I have a job that interests me. I hope I'm healthier. I hope I find someone who shares my core values and is passionate about all of me that I am passionate about in return. And I hope I'm closer to God. I'm working towards all of these things, but maybe having the answers out there that I receive in a year will keep me working, even when I want to quit.

I have no idea how I will feel! I may feel surprised to know where I was at emotionally and in my own personal growth a year before. Maybe I will feel like I'm still working at the same things a year later. I hope that seeing my thoughts a year later will make me feel proud of where I've been, what I've been through, and underscore the "rightness" of where I will be when I re-read my answers. I realize there's no reason to live in a state of regret. The hardest learning moments are the ones that really turn things around. So I hope that when I read these answers I will feel love, compassion, and kindness for my past self!

I've been answering these questions for three years now, and they've helped me see that the basics of my life don't change much: work and love (as Freud said). Though this year I added a third: home. They're all connected, of course, so I don't expect that the basics will change, but I do hope that the particulars will be better, fuller, deeper, wider, freer, funnier, and more satisfying.

I think that I am in a time of major growth and acceleration as a worker, parent, and human being. Many seeds planted are now blooming, but who knows which will be weeds and which will be flowers. I can't wait to find out. There's a lot of promise and fear of failure. I hope I see that things developed in a way that was organic and sustainable.

I am at ends here --- I don't really have a clue what the next year will bring, but I have a foreboding sense that it will be intense.

I feel like I might laugh wondering how I must have felt while answering the questions. I hope that by then I would have started dating someone or have dated someone. Maybe have more guy friends.

I hope that I will be able to reflect and say that I did challenge myself. I hope that I can look at moments over the year and know that I survived, rejoiced, held on, celebrated, and hugged a lot.

curious. excited. wondering what I was doing to provoke that particular response.

This one is easy to answer. I want to feel more settled...period.

I really, really hope I look back on these answers with amused nostalgia. That the issues plaguing me will pass-- for they ARE resolvable-- which I know makes me more fortunate than most. If all goes well, my sons scholastic issues will be behind him, and my domestic troubles will be settled. I might even feel like a grown-up. Answering these questions helps me pinpoint my priorities, set clearer goals. I have 3 for the coming year: 1. Ensure my son gets a diploma 2. Settle my house 3. Stop being as much of a hermit Hopefully this time next year, they'll all be checked off...

I think I will look back at this time as a difficult time in my life that is a transition period. Things really seem to be turning around now. Jasmine is doing well in school, I'm really starting to bond with Ian and Liam is getting to be a little more independent and easier to deal with.

I am very hopeful that I will have a full-time teaching job (or at least another full-time job) that I enjoy and feel like I am making a contribution. I am hopeful that I will have established a regular walking/jogging routine that will help with my cholesterol and blood pressure. I also hope to have participated in at least two 5K/10K runs. I think I will be feeling great and confident by this time next year!

I am seriously hopeful I'll be feeling less rushed and overwhelmed. I'm dropping one day's work in May and will have told the people I see on another day that we'll be ending by the end of the year. Hopefully my mother will be more settled, too.

Hopefully i'll be on the cusp of relocating to CO!!? And Mark and i will be prepared and braced for it! I will be a UK citizen so future options will be open. We will have already or will have a plan to marry and make ourselves legal. And i will have lost this bloody weight!!!!!!!! We'll have a clear idea of whether we're going to build or buy, etc... and we'll have sorted out our work prospects already! All-in-all, it's a LOT of BIG change - and all toward the better!! Now, "make it so!"

I usually doubt my parenting capabilities. I think seeing my answers from this year will remind me how much love and energy I put into my kids each and every day. I hope receiving these answers next year reminds me not to be so hard on myself. Also, I hope by this time next year I will have found a way to take up more space in my own life.

I know I'll smile, because I'm always thinking about improving this or that and I've been writing about it here. It's good to see when I am still moving forward and happy in my life because of it. It is my motivation!

I hope I will feel a little surprised- like I forgot I was thinking about these things at the time. It will mean I have moved on to other things. I hope that I will be more disciplined in my life- and more open to my own needs.

Hopefully I'll be in a better place. I feel like everything that happened this year has made these entries rather melancholy and dramatic. I don't feel like I'm that sort of person, even amidst all of this. Happy 2014 :)

For once, I think I'll feel like this was a worthwhile thing to do. Every year I think it won't be, but every year when I read the questions, it is. It's amazing what changes in a year, as well as what doesn't.

I take giving my word (to myself, to G-d, to others) pretty seriously. I hope that what I aspire to is grounded in the reality of my humanness. September 2014, I hope to smile at my answers with both pride and recognition--at both my accomplishments and where there's the absence of them. I think that by answering these questions, I have created an awareness and intention that has the possibility of bringing them into a fuller reality.

Honestly not much! I hope that I have found more contentment in my existence, that reflection and gratitude continue to be important.

I hope I am as optimistic as I am now and that all is going well. That we continue to make progress toward our goals both spiritually and personally.

I hope I'll feel happier. I hope I'll feel more content. I hope I'll feel more at peace. I hope I'll feel more safe, more loved. And yes, more hopeful.

I hope to really be at peace with the relationship (or non relationship) with my brothers and Marika. Right now, I still feel the pain, not a lot, I think more sadness than anything else.... Maybe I'll be more aware of myself and my place in the world, although I feel pretty in tune right now. Healthier, that's what I would like to see!

I hope I will laugh and then feel relieved that I accomplished so much this past year.

A small part of me is hoping I'll have my MA degree by then. But if I don't, it's okay, plenty of time. If I do have my MA degree though, I'm hoping I'll know what to do with my life from then on. Because right now I have no idea. Have I applied to phd studies? Do I have a job? We'll see.

With exercises where I get my responses a year later, I always feel like I was super naive. Overall, I want to do more next year, and do more in a right way.

Hopefully all the stuff I'm not clear on will be clearer, though I don't expect it will be resolved. By this time next year I should have moved in with Peter. I hope that is going well.

I hope these answers reflect my current vibration, and that in 2014 my new answers reflect the questions I have for things that are entirely new. I hope that I will feel energized by all that I've accomplished and how far I have come, and how I have been able to successfully banish all I've sought to banish at this phase of my life.

I think I will be amazed at the answers from this year, because I have discovered that the things that concern me most day to day I forget about in a week. I hope that I have made lots of progress on where I am at - answering these questions has helped me take a look at ME, which is always helpful!

I hope that I will still be in a happy place, and that I have made progress toward my goals.

I hope that I have accomplished all of my goals and am reading it from my new home office and celebrate by doing a handstand without a wall:) and answer it again to raise the bar for 2015.

I don't know. I hope that I'll have achieved some goals, I hope I'll have ridden the ALC again. I hope I'll be enjoying a bottle of applejack or whisky made by my own hands, and I hope I'll have some clients for design work, enough to pay a few bills anyway. I think I'll probably read these answers and think "damn, my writing needs work...", but then, I always think that. I don't know that my life will be all that different, but who can say? It's a big world.

I think I'll shake my head and say "nice thoughts - too bad you don't motivate yourself or have the willpower required".

Hmmm, I am quite sure that I will have forgotten about the answers. Mostly I think I will be surprised. I am not expecting the answers to have an impact on me so far in the future. I rather took them to realize where I am now. Nevertheless I wish that this time around in the next year - my family and I will still be together, blessing each other. - I will be pregnant again or already snuggling with new baby. - I will consider myself as a writer (have published one small book) - I will be in touch with "my family over the ocean" hmmm that's quite a bit, too much? 2014, we will see! XOX

I think that September 2014 is going to be a very reflective time... Like it usually is because of Rosh hashanah. I hope that next year I will have a lot of accomplishments that are currently in the works now complete and I load off my back of pressure. I know that I keep mentioning settling to begin my life but I don't meant to begin it but rather to start a new chapter that seems to fit better. I want to start a new chapter that begins with me saying this is it as opposed to let's start this new temporary adventure. Life is full of small steps that create the entire journey, and I'm happy very every step but I'm also exited for the next big leap :)

I hope that I feel satisfied that I accomplished what I wanted to but itching to keep growing. I have absolutely zero idea where I will be in September 2014. Are you still at College Bound? Are you abroad? Are you living with Julie? Are you somewhere completely different? Have you finally truly loved yourself? I guess we'll be seeing in a year.....

I don't know that I will feel either accomplishment or dismay. Life always throughs curves and it's good to always stop and look and see where I am. Where I want to go and who I can be are lifelong goals to always be improving on. Hope I'll read and notice at least some growth from the previous year. Kind of like the ladder of observance I hope to be continuosly improving, but if I fall back a rung, this exercise gives me the opportunity to acknowledge that fall and regroup.

Disappointed - but maybe not - I am going to make a big effort to achieve some of my goals by biting them off in small chunks.

Last year turned out to be successful. I fulfilled most of my goals and was really happy about it. This coming year I think I will feel the same. I will be at my goal weight. I will be drawing and painting (which would be a great breakthrough) and will identify with being an artist. I will have had my second knee replacement. My credit card debt will be greatly diminished. For me right now, my life will be wonderful. I feel I cannot fail. I will be back on top of my game (my life).

Given the magnitude of the life change we're going to be experiencing (having a baby!), I'm guessing I'll be a little charmed by some of my ambitions for the year. The future me will probably think the 2013 me was a little naive :) Here's to taking it on with gusto!

I hope that I have grown more as a person and as a human being.

I hope that I will meet and exceed the goals these questions have prompted me to think about. I have every intention of doing that, but the past has taught me I need to be constantly in touch with my goals so that I can take the baby steps that make up the big steps. It seems fairly likely that life will through some curve balls in the coming year and I hope I can laugh when I read my old answers that had no knowledge of these curve balls. Overall, I just want to keep on keeping on, one foot in front of the other with a loving, kind, happy, capable, and attractive temperament.

I think I'll feel like I have accomplished a lot - more than what I typed in these boxes!

I think I'll feel excited. To see what has changed, or hasn't. I hope that I'm more accepting of my life, where I am and where I'm heading. I hope my family is even larger- through both another child for myself, and maybe one for one of my sisters. I hope that these questions keep me accountable. To myself, and to G-d.

I have a feeling that I'll be in the same situation, have the same anxieties and questions, and be completely unsurprised -- if not delighted -- to have the exact same questions in front of me.

I will tenderly caress, Benign, my pet tumor, who is a mix of doubt and self-loathing.

I expect that I'll be in a different place with some new goals and some of the same old ones. I wonder if I'll read between the lines and remember those things I so much want but did not write. Even if not, my life changes enough from year to year these days that I'm sure I'll find something new in my old answers.

I am afraid that I will be disappointed at what I didn't accomplish. Perhaps, I will be able to continue personal growth and will be in a calm and happy place

I'm going to hate them! I think I'm gonna look back at myself as a whiny, self-important, confused, little girl. I was thinking about this last night (whilst high) and I already hate all my answers, so now I'm gonna try to go back and make them more accurate. I think I was in a weird place when I answered the questions (work); I wish I had done it after chilling, smoking or something. I hope I have a clearer idea of who I am and am more confidant in who I am. Sometimes I think I am leaps and bounds ahead of my past insecure self, but other days I realize it's a process and I definitely have those tendencies in me. I hope I can look back at these answers and feel like I have just moved ahead from them, that I've had some sort of growth in my experiences and self-concept.

I am so happy where I am but I'm looking forward to my growth and the new changes GOD bestow upon me and my family. TO GOD BE THE GLORY future me :-p smile!!!!

I made some progress when you look at last year's questions. This year's concerns are mostly financial, and I have set up strategies to overcome them, so I expect to have made some headway in that area by this time next year. I hope I manage to balance care for myself and my other responsibilities. As I type this, my right wrist is aching, which tells me I haven't stretched often enough lately. With any luck, I'll also have a baby on the way. :)

Hopefully I feel like I fucking crushed it. I think I will feel defeated, boring, and like a failure though.

I will be chagrined to realize that pursuing my dreams was much easier than I'd seduced myself to believe all those years. I'll be pleased my vigorous and focused ACTION produced emotional, spiritual and financial abundance. And, I will be grateful for the new love, overflowing creativity and wonderful people populating my life.

I imagine I will feel slightly embarrassed. I hate re-reading this type of stuff - and I always find typos! I'd like the construction to be done on the back of my house and calm restored. Hope the kids are happy. Hope its not too hot out... or two cold. Hope I don't have too many bills to pay.

I hope that I don't feel depressed. I think I will Laugh, life seems never to be how you predicted it. Maybe I will have my job at McDaniel or maybe I will not and be happy. Life works out most of the time. Maybe I will be in a relationship although for the time being I love being single. or maybe I will say "Those where the days"

Each year, these questions show me that my life never turns out the way I plan or expect. When September 2014 rolls around, I'm sure I'll look at my old Q's and how funny it was that I was concerned about things that no longer matter...which will in turn make me realize that my current concerns are also trivial.

I'm hoping that this is the year that sees my career take that next big step. I feel it. It's close. And I also hope that I still have Matt in my life, because in a very short amount of time he has made me feel like the most beautiful and special woman to ever walk the planet. If he isn't, I know I will be eternally grateful for what he has taught me about being loved.

I hope to be more fit, more satisfied at work, and more comfortable navigating between my roles as mom, professional and friend.

Hi Sommer, I hope you enjoyed reading these. I hope the small things have changed - I hope you've accomplished some goals, and that you've conquered some problems, and that you've created something you're proud of. But I hope you see that you're still, basically, the same person you've always been. And that's beautiful - you're a beautiful person, no matter how silly, outrageous, sad, hypocritical, mistaken, or serious you find yourself to be. You're really great. And I hope you still feel that way. Love, Sommer

I will feel good. I hope to continue to enjoy retirement and take classes and do volunteer work and find time for myself while helping my family members with health problems.

I think I'll shrug and say "Well, nothing has changed, but I'm happy, so who cares?" I don't know if this contented inertia is good or not. Hopefully by next year it will either spread into a flabby cheerfulness or evaporate in a puff of misery.

Looking at "past mes" - through journal entries, for example - is always a loving experience for me. It's almost easier to love past selves than present ones. I hope in the future I am loving and understanding my present self as much as I love and understand my past self. After all, it's all one self!! Love you, future/present/2014/one self, Emma.

I hope I will have acted on my desires. I hope I will have subscribed to my own wisdom that time is fleeting and promised to no one. Nevertheless...if my life is exactly as it is at this point in time...I will be so thankful and appreciative.

Really I am blessed with a good life. There really isn't any big changes I would make or would like to be different. I hope that my daughter continues to get stronger, wiser and believe in herself. I hope my husband doesn't bring any more rescue dogs or cats into the house as I think we're at our limit. For me, I'd like to do my personal best, try not to beat myself up when I can't get it all done and mostly live each day fully and with joy and compassion.

Excited and nervous to see how much progress I made on my commitments to myself, to others, to G-d. I believe Inwill have spent a year honoring the Big Ten, if nothing else, but hopefully so much more as well. Muah!

I hope next year that I have established a decent business with adequate cash flow. I also hope that I continue to grow and evolve into the non judgmental and accepting person I want to be. I hope that Norm and I continue to establish a supportive and loving relationship! Myprayers are with y son, Mark, that he and his wife can create a comfortable relationship that is less destructive to each other. Of course, my thoughts, hopes and prayers are for each member of my family and community that we all can be healthy, comfortable and joyful!!!!

I am afraid nothing will have changed. I hope I will be happier, healthier & taking better care of myself. I hope this process has helped me to reflect on & set goals & that I will act on the goals. I also hope my life won't just have been about goals but that I will have had some fun, some adventures & some moments of delight along the way.

I'll probably think "how did I stand answering ten questions just to read the answers today?". I don't know, hopefully I'll have achieved some of the things I look forward to now, or maybe I'll be standing in the same place, but surely not backwards. If I happen to be in the same exact position, with the same worries and aspirations, I mustn't feel bad! At least I'll know my aspirations are for real and they haven't changed at all, so I should keep on fighting to achieve them. One more thing... I really hope I'll be stupidly in love and blissful!

I'm hoping that I look back on what was going on in my life right now and I'm happy. Happy that I've moved on from it, happy that it happened in the first place. I am so grateful for where I was in September 2012, it was a crucial turning point in my life. Left an old relationship, started a new one, saw a friend from Israel....I feel that this September, 2013, is as well. Left a (good) old relationship, new job new apartment. I hope that wherever I am in a year, I'll remember this time, look back on this time fondly, and I see how much it did to push me towards where I am now.

I hope I will actually make some progress in my career over the next 12 months, and be on my way to starting a family.

I will turn some weaknesses into strengths.

I think I will be a little bit sad for 2013 sara. So much of life is up in the air. I did get offered a position at whole foods yesterday. I think it will be interesting to see if I'm still in AR, if Ryan and I have made the successful transition to just friends or if there is still something going on between us (which I currently hope for, but we'll see if I even still feel that way in 2014). I think I will be another year older, hopefully another year wiser, and I'll have a direction I'm heading in. Maybe honey and moon botanicals will be a real thing. Maybe I'll work for the ADE or have found something really meaningful to do for money. I really thought that I had found a path this year--with Ryan at least. We talked so much about the future, that I felt like I at least knew where I wanted to end up, even if the steps to get there were less clear. I guess I really enjoy having a partner to share goals with; I'm feeling really aimless and confused because I don't really know what I want. I think I'll feel like even though so much has changed the worries, fears, and hopes will be the same underneath it all.

progress, a time marker of how much learning and receiving has taken place, a hope that G_d hs blessed that I have found a way to support myself t

I think I will feel nostalgic, because right now I am in college and by the time I read these answers again I will have graduated. I'll be out in the real world trying to fend for myself. I think there's a certain optimism that's afforded to college students, and right now I'm in that stage. I hope that in September 2014, even if I am not quite where I imagined that I would be, that I can take a deep breath and be kind to myself anyway. Everyone is lost at 22. So, hey, future self? It's okay if you're not a world traveler with a book deal. Cut yourself some slack. I hope I have gained some confidence, and that I am working everyday on loving myself. I hope I am writing - something, anything. I hope I am pushing myself to be open to and with others. And I hope I am still dreaming, and not settling. You're only young once. Please do something... and please remember that you don't have to do what everyone else is doing!

I was going to say that I hope I am much happier next year, but I know that I'm never completely happy I'm always looking for ways that things can be better. I hope to at least be content and I hope that during this next year I have happy experiences that will become great memories.

Last year I only answered one question, and when I received it this year, it made me really happy and proud to be where I am. It made me think about how much I overcame over the last year. So, I think 10Q has made me think about major moments that affected my life over the year, but I'm mostly excited to receive the email in one year--I wonder where I'll be in my life by then. During some hard times, Tom offered the best advice to me: Time travel. Jump ahead a month, a few months, years -- by then, everything will have passed and you'll have different things to worry about and all of this will be over and distant. So this 10Q thing: it's sort of aided in my time travelling. Cheers!

I will know that I have had a very good year. My husband and I are enjoying his retirement, we are grandparents, book is out, art and honey is doing well- my big wish is to finally get the yard in shape and that few chickens enter our lives. Oh- and that Michael and Denise get married.

I hope that i'm able to look back at these answers and feel at peace, that I actually lived this year. Did what I needed to do for myself and grew as a person. I hope I'm settled down, or on that path.... COMON 2013/4, year 5774, COMON!!! Most importantly I hope that I'm ME this next coming year. Just ME. Can't expect for me to be anybody other than myself. And I'm a fucking rockstar (excuse the french). Also, gotta hope to keep the faith and grow as a Jew as well. Growth is the answer, always forward, never backward. Love Yourself Sar! Boom!

I think I will feel way more settled in life and on the next step of my journey. I hope to have completed teaching a full year well and understand the values of my new school; I hope that have made a differences in student's lives as well. I hope I will be on my next steps towards marriage. I think my girlfriend is a wonderful partner and we are beginning to understand what that means for logistics in life. And I hope to begin my transition of feeling "at home" with her - wherever that might be.

I think I'll feel somewhat silly and childish, like rereading a long-forgotten diary. Simultaneously, I think I'll feel more accomplished because, as of this typing, I am optimistic and driven; I am confident that I'll accomplish some of the goals I set in previous questions. I think I'll reach my fitness goals and, perhaps, my travel goals. I hope I'll reach my anger management, greater appreciation and respect goals, as well as my employment goals. I hope, most of all, that my state of mind will improve enough to reflect my answers this year so that they will not surprise me at all next year.

I'm not feeling horribly optimistic so I've got a hunch that I'm going to be in roughly the same spot but I'm hoping that I've got a baby and a new job. And some more patience :)

I'd like to think I'll look back and tell myself that I did it. That I've overcome the obstacles before me and made it in the world. I suppose I'll probably also laugh at myself for taking myself too seriously.

I say this every year but I hope I accomplish the goals that I set in these questions and I hope I grow towards reaching my ultimate potential. You can do it Heather! Don't give up!

I'll probably read them and think ' oh you sentimental little emotional person'. Lol. but I'm hindsight I'd understand why, and hopefully things will have changed for the better.

Hopefully I will see growth and I will be at an even better place in my life. Hi future me. I hope you're happy and fulfilled and if you're not in love yet don't worry because I love you very much.

I think I will reflect that 2013 was a tough year with lots of upheaval. I hope I look back and think I handled it as well as I could without burdening others too much. I also hope by this time next year, I have made some smart changes in my life that I can be proud of!

Hopefully will have better introspect on aging. Rabbi Shafner wrote in The Jewish Light Dvar Torah in the story of the 2 goats, lesson on Yom Kippur, that some things we cannot control in the coming year but Yom Kippur can help us understand our life and aging process (inevitable death) going forward . A year of understanding and learning.

I think I will feel grateful that I took the time to capture some of my thoughts and feelings. I hope I will have some more data that some of my current theories/hopes/goals are or are not helping me to be my best self. I know I will be focused on appreciating my blessings, loving more and better, and treating myself as my own best friend. I hope these questions will serve as a space to remind, reflect, and refine!

I hope I'm feeling as good as I do now, if not better. I hope I'm still as ferociously in love as I am now, and as happy with this job a year into it as I am freshly into it.

This will be the year-- my 60th!-- that I complete a book project that I have promised myself I will finish for the last 3 years, gain some much needed balance, and continue to be the adventurous and inquiring person I have always been.

Well, checking my answer to this Q from last year I hoped I would have made a small start on some of my intentions for this year. And I did. So I wish that I make even more progress this coming year. And I mainly wish to keep my days as spacious as possible so I can really be present for and appreciate the many joys and great peace available to me in my loving family and friends, the joys of gardening and poetry writing, And I repeat from last year--my greatest desire is to be simply be who/what I am in the moments allotted to me, in the most non-harming, happy making ways.

I'm 85 n0w, and will be 86 in 2014 - if I live that long, and if I've learned anything along the way - it is how easy it is to make good resolutions - and how almost impossible it is to adhere to them. Here's hoping this year might be different!

I think I'll read them and be like "yup, I did that". The big reveal this year from last year wasn't really that big of a deal, frankly, and I assume it will be the same next year.

I want to be closer to G-d, to commune with easy conversation. I hope my health and family relationships will be better. And if not, I hope I will be able to accept my circumstances with grace and gratitude. That is my prayer.

My guess is some of my fears I will laugh at, and I will have done and accomplished so much more than I could ever think now or imagine. I hope to have my own place, our own dog, better pay, a citizen for a husband, and a good start off on our lives together.

I imagine I'll feel like no time has passed at all. That I can't believe I'm about to embark on my last year in my 20's. Hopefully I'll have accomplished a few worthy things I'll be able to sit back and reflect on. I certainly hope my cat will be keeping me company as he is right now, his tail flicking back and forth in front of my screen, just to let me know he's here. I hope that my mother and father are looking forward to celebrating their 32nd upcoming anniversary. I hope the relationship I have with my brother improves. I believe I'll have an even better sense of who I am, new friends, and stronger relationships with the friends I have today.

By now, I will know if I can make a living as a coach. I will know if mom is still on this earth and if she is she is living at Abramson. Have I deepened relationships over the last year? Where am I with my spirituality? I am fit and at or approaching a healthy weight. This will all be if I have kept track of my goals and followed through.

I'll obvi wish i answered more of these questions rather than saying they were too hard. I think i'll feel like the year flew by. I'm incredibly excited to see what I'll be doing when i do get my questions. I hope to have more more direction as far as what I want to pursue in the future. These questions made me want to have different answers between the years!!!!! SO i'm gonna work on getting to some new weird amazing cool places so i do!

I don't think I'll be suprised about anything. But I'll enjoy reviewing them. Maybe there will be some nuance that I'd forgotten about. Maybe changes I hoped for will have been realized!

I've been languishing a very long time. I'm ready to change absolutely everything. The number of attachments I have is dwindling severely. So will wholesale change occur? Or will I still be making baby steps toward some new future? I could never have predicted a decade ago where I'd be now. Even a year ago, I could not have foreseen what's happening now. I'm still pretty constantly amazed at where Life has carried me. And because of that whole Surrender thing, I'm going to put only so much effort toward change, then I'm kicking back to see where this River of Life goes. Ta-da!!

I think (hope?) I'll feel relieved that my life has gotten a little bit more tolerable and perhaps as though I can look back semi-fondly on the days during which I was struggling more than celebrating. I hope I will have a meaningful, rewarding full-time job. I hope I will be seeing my children more regularly. I hope I will be able to use these questions, year by year, as a means by which to gauge my progress toward becoming a better person, more conscious of the struggles I've overcome and the measured pride in having done so.

I think I will answer the questions that I wrote "I can't answer that yet." I think when I say those answers to myself that it will be a good surprise. I want to believe that if I am not in the best place this time next year that I will never that it is not the end. That if I work hard, I can get out of the situation. But if I'm in a great place this time next year, I hope that I am content and enjoying my life. Here's to the future and the hopes and dreams!

I hope I'll feel creatively satisfied, and above all: healthy. I know I have to expect continued loss as I and my friends age. Selfishly, I hope it doesn't hit so close to home this following year. I currently have two friends with cancer, and I'm going to the funeral of another who also died of cancer.

I expect to be contented and active and eager to start another year of teaching at Clover Park Technical College. I hope my life will be as interesting and satisfying then as it is now, and of course I'll try between now and then to assure that it is.

I HOPE that I'll be thinking, "Geeze, I was in such a rut, but now life is really interesting!" I FEAR that life will have gotten even ruttier; more friends will have died; my teeth will be getting steadily worse; terrible things will befall us; and so forth. Or worse, far worse. At this age, I don't look ahead the way I used to.

I hope that I will feel as though I have grown in at least one way in a year: emotionally, spiritually, or professionally. I sometimes wonder if I'm not taking enough control over the direction of my life, and if my go-with-the-flow tendencies are holding me back in some way. I also really hope my husband and I have moved forward with family planning! I've got baby fever!!!

I hope that I feel that I've accomplished some of the things I've set up to accomplish. I hope that I feel that I wrote things that are worthwhile and make me think. I hope that I continue to grow in my life and in relationships and I hope that I am happy and healthy.

In a year it best all be better or I will not read it. It could get worse. But it is about as bad as it can get right now. The next year will be spent trying to fix as much as I can. Alone or together. I don't care which. I expect to have kittens. I even expect Eddie to hang in. I expect a real treatment for HEP C. A galley of my book. No high expectations - just better.

i think ill feel weird like why did i wright this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think (and hope) that I'll feel the same as I do now - grateful and optimistic. I hope my life will be very different from the one I've had this past year. I hope that I have been working in a job that I like and am able to gain effective skills and knowledge from. I hope that I have continued to live my life rooted in gratitude for the things and people that I have. I think I will continue to reflect on my experiences and lead a philanthropic life.

I hope I will feel that I have established a life in Israel, I think I will feel that being 'new' and unsure of where I currently am seems to be been another time and I think I'll also feel that I'm still searching for lots of answers and that's ok..

I hope I will have worked toward my three major goals of this upcoming year: Reconnect with Judaism/become involved in my synagogue Strengthen my relationships with my wife, my family, my friends. Write more. Write, period.

I hope that I will be more positive about where I am in my life - it is really quite amazing, and I think I sometimes fail to recognize and be grateful for all that I have. I hope that I will have learned to forgive myself for where I fall short and use the opportunity to move ahead. I want to live every day to the fullest.

i will be more at peace and less nervous, stronger in mind and body and stil working but enjoying it immensely

Hello Laurie 2014! I'm nervous about how you're going. I hope you have a smile on your face and love in your heart for the 2013 me. And I hope you feel really really strongly Laurie 2014. I don't want you to be anyone else.

Complaints aside, I have a really good life. Yes, I squander some it doing mindless things or tackling the low-hanging fruit at work instead of thinking big or making something. Since many of these answers are repeats of past ones in previous years, I'd like to feel next year that I accomplished some of the things I laid out this year so I don't sound like a broken record.

More than anything I hope my husband will be gainfully employed, locally would be ideal!, and that he'll be happy. I also hope that he will continue to participate in household management as actively as he has been throughout most of his unemployment, so that I'll be happy, too, and so that our kids will see him as a great role model that way. Other than the employment situation, which I know has dominated my answers this year, I hope I will have made some progress toward the personal goals I've laid out for myself, but I can't help but feel skepticism. And, of course, I realize that I'm just setting up a self-fulfilling prophecy here! But how can I want something so badly yet still not be capable of motivating/making myself actually TO DO it?? I am determined to stop the cycle - I don't want to grow old feel bad about myself, and I want the satisfaction of feeling like I am really doing the most I can to live an active, fulfilling, and healthy life.

I'll probably be disappointed in myself... I am most years, because I don't normally follow through on what I want to do. I hope, however, that I do make progress and will, by next September, be happy that I'm a different person than I was in 2013. I hope that I'm more comfortable with myself. I hope that I can like and respect myself more than I do now. Increased self-respect- I guess that's the main way in which I hope I'll have changed.

I'll smile and shake my head in his ruled. How did I think/how did I care about that? But it'll be nice yo reflect, you know?

I'm being very optimistic with these answers, and I hope I am still as optimistic next year. I also hope I'll have made some progress on different projects I've mentioned here...so, the theme here is hope and optimism. Perfect for Friday the 13th, right?

I think I might be pleasantly surprised. That things will have definitely moved forward. Maybe even have met some big dreams and goals. I see soo many people wanting that special relationship. I do too. It seems what I want most is to share this amazingly rich life I have with a partner I am connected to at the deepest levels of heart. A heart centered connection. I know it's possible. There's a person I can think of now who almost fits the bill. That kind. Companionship, similar interests, a sense of humor, and beautiful and caring. I know this...I will keep working on myself to get there. And no matter the ups and downs of the next year or if by then I have found someone or not... I will have tried my best to stay positive, be real, keep my heart open, and be of service. To live a good life is the best goal of all.

I hope i feel proud! A strong sense of accomplishment. I hope I feel like I've come a long way, learned new things... I'll probably say that "wow, if I only knew then what I know now". I hope the result is that I feel more present and focused in my life, with a stronger sense of purpose and progress.

Well, I'll be starting a new semester again, with similar things on my mind... hooray, cool weather is on the horizon! Ack, I may or may not get to play in the symphony this semester or year! Goodness, I'm in my 5th year of my PhD program! Whoa, my husband is 30 and I'm 28! All kinds of things. Hopefully I'll feel pretty good about my work/life balance and my fun time / research time balance. I hope I will be making steady progress toward my PhD, with my thesis proposal well behind me, even if there are setbacks. But most of all, I want to be content as I strive ever forward.

I hope to be reestablishing my life and career paths. This has been a dark period in my life, but I hope that things will turn around.

I hope when I received my answers in September 2014 that I'll feel content in my progress and have sorted through some of my issues--emotional instability, lack of motivation, weight. I hope that I will have a more realistic and positive outlook on life. That I'll challenge myself in a more gentle manner so that I can strive toward physical, emotional, personal, and profession success, but also enjoy all the small moments that I am presented with daily. I hope that I have a job I love. That I'm with Ben & that we've gone on a trip together as well as making plans for the future--happily. That I have a tight-knit group of friends that I laugh with more than anything.

As always, I am surprised by what I wrote. So many of my predictions don't happen, and many of the changes I hope to make fall by the wayside. I imagine I will feel pretty much the same next year. I just hope that I continue to improve my emotional life and I end up feeling things that I've somehow ended up shutting off. I need to live less intellectually and more emotionally and spiritually. If anything, re-reading old answers reminds me of how far I have or haven't come. And that's never a bad thing.

I believe that I will feel nostalgic, my little people will be growing way too fast. I hope that I will remeber my goal to be a better wife. It's important to the happiness of my family that I remember that I am not only a mother and teacher, but a full-time wife as well.

I'll likely feel depressed and that I didn't move any of my goals forward. Which is probably why I won't do 10Q next year.

I hope I can read the answers and think, Wow! I've come a long way.

My answers to these questions reflect greater life experience and development. I've learned some lessons, and many had to be learned the hard way: with an investment of time, with suffering or struggle. Not as a result of "bad choices" but just things which had to be experienced for their consequences to be realized. I expect that life will become easier having recognized the inherent difficulty in learning important things, the uncertainty and fear involved in giving up fixed viewpoints and platforms. I do expect that I will be able to harness what I am learning to bring out more of what I desire, and I BELIEVE that God or The Universe or That is watching out for me, helping me learn and grow in the right direction, making tweaks, bringing necessary challenges my way so that I can engage and learn from them. I'm deeply thankful for all I have learned in the past year, and I hope that I will feel even more thankful next year as a result of all my introspection, including answering these questions.

Sadly, I am not very optimistic about next year either. I think I will be in pretty much the same position next year as this year and actually might be worst with slow down in the company sales. What I predicted last year about the election and Mid-East igniting pretty much was right on and I think it will just spiral down from here. I have a strong fear of Chemical attack on the US as a terrorist event in the next few years just because of the complete incompetent handling of the world situation by the President and almost feel like taking my family and going somewhere safe.

Unless I've made the changes I keep talking about, I won't be surprised to read my answers. I hope a year from now not only to feel better but also to be healthier than I am today in mind, body and spirit.

I hope that I will smile at some of the events of the past and reflect on whether or not I have achieved any of the goals I have set for myself. Taking risks. Being who I am. Speaking up. I doubt I will have mastered all of that, but I hope I can look back on 5774 and see some changes. I hope that by next year I am in a comfortable place with a great community. I'm not sure where I will be, maybe I'll be in Israel. Maybe in Boston, but whatever I do I hope I have as a supportive community as I do now.

I think that I will either roll my eyes at myself or smile at who I've become.

I think that my answers were too "macro" and grand, and I am afraid I won't have changed. I REALLY hope I have changed - that the passage of time will have helped.

When I reread last year's answers, I was proud to see that I had changed. This process makes me take a snapshot, and I liked the realization that much of what I was working on was in the past. I hope I have the same good/proud feeling next year.

I hope that I see some progress or change. It will be good to be reminded of my hopes and dreams.

hopefully I'll be happier and more focused and ready for college :)

I hope I will feel like I have tackled some of the things I have written down as answers to these questions. I hope it will be motivation to have a different set of goals for 2015.

I don't expect these questions will, in and of themselves, have initiated significant change. I've been asking the same kinds of questions for years and answering them in similar ways. If there is to be a change that's notable, it will be because of spiritual work I'm actively doing. Clearing away that which does not serve me is the primary task. Three obstacles to that: Lack of Clarity, lack of courage, lack of will. Are those things actually lacking, or are there internal (or external, or spiritual) resources that are available that I need to employ. I hope and pray for the latter-- and that these gifts help me make the progress that my soul truly desires.

I hope I'm happy with where I am in life, and if I'm not, I hope I'm working to change what is making me unhappy.

I expect to be delighted with the progress I have made, even as I expect the same issues to be present. I hope to be singing and chanting, beautifully and often. I hope to have a deeper and more rich spiritual practice that includes daily practice and minute to minute gratitude. I hope to find my children thriving and making their own way in the world. And owning it. And having let in some of my guidance. I love that as a part of my Shabbat practice I ask questions like this of each of my children and my wife. This is not a new idea

I hope to have made progress -- writing (selling, writing more, having a schedule and not getting waylaid by travels or crises or laziness). And I'd like to be thinner. These are the themes. They run through everything. But at least half of my hopes are for my children, which says something right there. I hope they succeed in doing what they want to do this year. That would make me very happy.

I'm hopeful that next year, I'll feel like a new person. I will have more self-confidence and feel grounded by my accomplishments. I will also most likely develop new fears related to the mistakes I've made, but I'm willing to learn how to cope with those fears.

I actually hope I have no expectations! My hope is that I read the answers and gain insight into where I was in 2013 and appreciate where I am in 2014. It may be a similar place; it may be different. Because it's the place I'm in, it's the right one.

I hope I will have done most of the things I want to commit my time to doing. I hope I will find myself spiritually and physically stronger, in deeper and more meaningful relationships with family and friends and happy to have reached another holiday season.

I hope and pray that I will be on my to a better life. A fuller life, and a happier life.

I hope that these things I wanted to change really happened. I hope I get the courage to change things. And one thing I saw in the sidebar really matched: "Hi Vick. Are you in love? I hope you're in love. I want that more for you than anything right now. Love, Vick." :D

Of course I hope that I feel good and that the passing year will bring continued growth and good health and contentment. I am not sure that answering these questions has changed my goals and plans, as I was already in the midst of this transformation...but it will be interesting to see how things shake out for me.


This year, when I read the answers, I didn't see that my life had changed much in the past year. I hope that the malpractice suit is behind me and I can feel confident that I have weathered it with grace.

I was stunned with last years answers, so I hope I will not be so surprised, but the reason for the surprise was that I've come so far since then. I hope that's also the case next year. Mazel tov to me for the growth. I just hope I am around next year to read this year's posts. I want to say to myself, Namaste! I am proud of you. You are breaking out of your cocoon and spreading your wings and they are magnificent.


Well, the last time I read them back, I was kinda let down. No real surprises. I imagine, that will be the case again. However, with my son entering puberty and my daughter entering Kindergarten this year, I may just be very surprised. Things may have changed a lot and I just hope that we are all in a good place. Seems like it could be a big growth year...always makes me a little nervous when I feel like this.....

I hope I'll feel calmer and wiser, but I imagine I"ll be sleep deprived and stressed out trying to manage an infant and my busy season at work :-)

I think I'll feel really happy at the progress I've made over the past year. I've really come to see my life as less of a destination and more as an exercise in being human. I'm being my most human when I fully engage with each minute of the day and find the joy of personal growth in each situation.


I'm hoping that I"ll have a full time job, and I'll have lost some weight. My diabetes will be better, and I won't have to worry about things so much. Most importantly, I ask that G-d will allow me to see another year, and touch the lives of others with humor, love and inspiration.

I kinda think I need to look at them before September 2014 - otherwise I forget, I don't look, and things stay the same. I do hope that in this year, I can live a kinder life, a more accepting life, one in which I recognize and acknowledge God's presence in the world and in my fellow human beings.

I hope for the best!

I hope I will be proud of my forward motion and not be disappointed at the slow pace of progress. I feel like I have pointed myself in the right direction and now the pieces just need to fall into place. I want to remind myself that it is the journey, not the end point that matters. Hopefully, my journey over the coming year will be rich and rewarding enough to give satisfaction. I would also like to remind myself that happiness is a choice, and no matter what happens, I can still choose to be happy.

I'll probably be amused and hopefully will have achieved (or be achieving) some of the goals and intents I included here. I hope to be proud that I was conscious of these thoughts and goals throughout the year. I hope I feel that my year has been intentional. I also hope I've finished watching the rest of Weeds and have visited the Grand Canyon! Goals of a different color :)

I hope I feel like I'm on my way. Instead of "planning" to do things, I hope I'm in the midst of them. And I hope I have a new dog by then.

There will be several changes in our family by September of 2014. Another grandchild in Feb, a wedding in NY in August, maybe another one in Houston... for the first time in a very long LONG time, I'm actually optimistic about the future...in all aspects except the financial ones. I enjoy my job, but there is no opportunity for a raise and I'm still way to critical of my mistakes and have a difficult time trusting people I work with. After 2 years of working in HELL, I still have nightmares about that job and have to constantly give myself positive messages to erase areas of self-doubt that are still haunting me. I would hope that I'm in pretty much the same place as I am right now... nice house, no debt, great health, nice job....very little stress for a nice change!! I DO hope that hubby FINALLY completes at least ONE of his projects he's been working on for the past 5 years or more. Love the guy to pieces, but have absolulety zero confidence that any of his plans will every materialize...which means I'm going to have to shoulder most of the income so we don't have to dip too much into what little savings we have left...which is a bit of a worry, but such is life! I think by answering these questions, and also reading some of the other answers, I see that things in my life right now are pretty damn good, even with a bit of downers here and there... will be interesting to see what happens next!!

I can't imagine that I'll feel much different from how I feel right now. Whenever I hear people say things along the lines of "What would my 13-year-old self think of me now?" I think about the question and I never have an answer. I live my life and I consider things as they come. I'll get there when I get there. I assume I'll still be living in New York and probably working at the same job. I'm not a fortune-teller.

What made me sad and frustrated was a lot of the themes and thoughts from previous years kept coming back up. I hope this will be the year of progress.

In 2014 I hope that I am 1) Healthier than I am today and that means I weigh less 2) That I have handled all of the "grown-up" things in my life that scare me 3) That I am still as happy as I am today 4) That everyone I know is healthy 5) That even if someone isn't with me anymore that I did everything I could to love them the best I can.

I hope that I will feel accomplished. I hope that I will get my life together and be on the right path. If I do fulfill these questions by then, I mainly hope that I am truly happy.

I'll be almost married and probably in that phase of wedding planning where I'll be totally freaking out by every detail. In terms of difference - I am not sure. My life has changed very much in just three years, I cannot imagine where I might be next year at this time. Above all, I hope that I'm doing something that I'm passionate about and feel inspired to do.

I hope my Temple is a more caring community. Members since 1981 we might leave.

I hope I will be living in a country with my life fully unpacked and no need to be concerned with how to best get out. I hope I will be released of my commitment phobia that I seem to have picked up in the past 10 years. I expect I will feel hopefully and energized at a new beginning

I hope that I'll be happy when I look back at my questions. Hopefully, I can laugh at the things that were ridiculous and smile at the things that are still good in life. Like last year, it was so cute to hear me talk about my relationship 1 month in, and know how well it has lasted to this point. I really hope not too much is different about my life because I'm really happy, and I want to continue to be happy.

I would like to think that I'll be able to answer the questions differently, and have different concerns on my mind

I hope I will have found a way to maintain my ministry but reduce the stress. I hope I have found a better way to balance community and friendships. I hope we are not involved in any wars. I hope I will have continued to strive for better health and that my resutions to be complient with metformin an C pap have stuck.

Every year I hope to be more positive about life, less depressed, more put together, more of an adult. Every year, whether or not I've achieved my goals, I feel like I have not made any progress. I hope to feel like I've made progress next year.

I hope I took a step forward. Not standing at the same point in life

I suspect I'll be the same as I always am. I hope I worked hard at submitting poems, especially my first collection.

I'm hoping that I get my butt in gear and make something of myself once again where people will actually pay me for the time and effort I put into making other's lives better. I tend to spend so much time taking care of others that I lose perspective and forget about my skills and how I can make a difference. But those are my skills. How do I parlay them into a money making enterprise? I hope that I'll read this next year and find myself in a great place, making money, seeing my eldest daughter off to college and me being madly in love again after so many years. Wow, that would put a smile on my face.


I think I'll smile upon the simpleness of life or the problems I assumed important at the time. My hope is that I achieve my goals and the hardships get better. I wont lie to myself, I most likely will forget about the goals and answers I have made. Hell I'll probably have forgotten about the whole 10Q world in general. However these goals will be in my mind throughout the year because they are important to me. Also the reason this is a better piece of writing than my other answers is because I am in lit and I am in the mood of writing.

Hoping that i will stick to it. I would not think of these things (most likely) without being asked.

I think that I'm going to feel great because I've made progress on everything that's important to me. And, figured out some of the things that aren't.

I do not want to be in the position I am in now, I have to be able to have hope, and be at a good place and at peace with my life my next year.

I pray I am alive and able to read them. My ex husband has threatened to kill me - or throw acid on my face. I hope in 9/14 that I am safe. I am not safe now.

I want to feel joy when September 2014 rolls around and I reflect on the different ways I have grown over the year...the ways that I have connected more with the community around me...giving and receiving...being willing to be open and transparent with others. I will rejoice at how my relationship with the Father has grown as I grow in intimacy with him...spending concentrated time with Him daily...soaking in the word...praying...being still before him. I will be in awe at the way that my husband and I have grown more as "one". I will delight in being healthier and the skills learned as I eat for life and wholeness. I will be joyous at how the Lord G_d has woven even the tough stuff of my life together into a thing of beauty. I will feel regret in some areas where I came up short or failed, but I decide in advance to use this sense of shortcoming to propel me forward instead of being paralyzed or stuck.

I can see that my focus shifts a bit each year, usually in a more positive, yet realistic way. As a result of thinking and answering these questions, I am forced to pinpoint divergent things in my life and focus on them. What is different, is that it gives me a plumb line of growth towards most goals. I expect them to resolve quickly, but my answers from year to year for these questions show that that doesn't usually happen in real life. I guess that's why I love those HGTV shows so much! A new house or garden in an hour! God has given me some cool structures for my class this year. UPWARD and the Word Wall of praise, character building. I will continue to follow this. Hopefully next year when I see this, I will look up and praise God for his miracles this past year.

I really think I'm beginning a new phase of shedding old ways of being that no longer serve me, and of embracing new ones that do! Hopefully I'll see that I was right, I'll remember where i was, see how far I've come and will be proud of myself for being the best me and best mama I can be.

I think I will be feel the same way I do every year; surprised that another has passed so quickly. I will feel sad remembering what I was going through at this time.

I hope that I had forgotten what all those problems then were all about and I had progressed with my life as though there had not been any problems. My new concerns will be light and without too much to worry about.

I'm hoping to feel positive by this time next year, & more focused on where (or if ) we will be moving - either by buying a 2nd home or actually relocating. I'm hoping that my life will be as it has been as far as my happiness & contentment, but that if life throws in some curves that I will be able to roll with them & recover without too much discomfort, & with the understanding that life is constantly changing & that is the only way it can be.

Hopefully I'll have accomplished in ways big and small the goals outlined in the questions. I hope to be living in a more tranquil and less transient place. To still be in a healthy and happy and loving relationship. If I'm not, to be healthy and happy anyway!

I think I will feel nostalgic and hopefully proud of the decisions I made at this milestone/turning point in my life.

By September of next year, I'll be a sophomore in high school. I hope with that, I'll have had a memorable and fulfilling freshman year. One of two things will happen; I will either continue high school here in New Jersey, or I'll embark on a new journey in another state. Both of those things kind of thrill me, and I have full faith that whatever happens, I'll end up happy. When I read my answers to these questions, I hope my heart swells a little with the memory of things passed. I want to remember the love I feel for Abhishek and Ms Mystrena and Daisy and Nandhini and my mom and dad. I want to cry a little over how much I've grown and how much things have changed since September 2013. And I hope, beyond the heartache and stress that I'm sure will incur sometime, I won't become bitter or forget how to appreciate everything I have. Mostly, I want my fifteen year-old self to know that I love her, every bit.

I hope I will have more confidence in myself and my abilities, and that I've been able to find a job I like.

To be honest, I'll probably laugh at my earnest self. But I do hope I'm further along with my career and I can contribute more to my lovely household. I want to remind myself now that I am happy.

I hope I'm truly happy with my life, I hope I have no regrets, and I hope my family and loved ones remain in one piece. As a result of answering these questions? Well, I hope that when I read these answers next year, I would be able to mentally tick off everything I hoped for, especially the part about my career and my sister. I'm pretty sure I'd cringe and laugh at myself, but here's a message to me, 1 year from now: Heyyy! How are you? Are you happy? I hope you are. What's new with you? I hope you've been able to dodge the curve balls life likes to throw. On this day last year, you bought your 1st Philips shaver. You also watched that TED talk about the master pickpocket guy, Robbin Apollo or something. Do you still have the shaver? I remember how scared you were to use it. How's your hair looking now? You were planning to cut it by October/December? Did you chicken out? Did you find a way to make it look awesome? Do you still watch TED talks? Do you still learn to code at codecademy.com? Do you still check twitter religiously? I hope you have a better smartphone and computer. I hope you love your job (surely you have one, right?) and your colleagues. Are your parents happy? Do all you can to make them happy. Is your brother doing well? Keep praying for these people. Do you still blog? Have you done anything atrocious? LOL. Oya enough with the questions, go answer the ones for this year. I'm sure you're cringing and going "ugh. Why do I always have to be so corny?" :p Bye. :*

I will have gain some new perspective regarding the way I view myself knowing that the things that hurt are actually a vehicle for growth and how i see and appreciate life and all it's beauty for having experienced the downs that life tumbles in.

I hope that the fears I have will not come to pass.... and if they did then I hope I handled them with grace and maturity. I will try to remember THIS answer should I not do so. I hope that my daughter will find a way to move beyond the hurt she is suffering with and find a mate to fill the void left by her love leaving her. I most especially hope that the custody battle will end well this month and by next year will be a distant memory.

Well I may feel some disappointment, as I tend to lose focus on some goals, and know that's likely to continue. I hope I feel grateful that I was able to move in a positive direction and continue act on my intentions. I hope to keep these goals at the forefront, and that I can continue to treat myself with compassion no matter what I achieve in my personal and professional life.

I hope not to feel stupid. I like to think I'm goal-oriented and driven, and it would suck to look back and think I was a fool. On the other hand, I like that my future is mine to decide and that I am willing to follow my path. Of course, since I'm enrolled in a 2 year MFA program, I better have some sense of where my next tar will take me

I so enjoyed reading my answers to last years questions and I hope that I will feel the same way next year, though there are some headier things going on right now. My mom's health and happiness are of the utmost importance as is Billy's health. I know that over the past 2 years I have not mentioned Beth's name very often. Is that because I take for granted how happy we are and just assume that we will continue onward in wedded bliss? I hope that I don't take her for granted. Just seems that there are other pressing issues right now. See you next year at this time....... I hope.

I think this year's answers are a lot more positive, healthy, and pressure-free than last year's. 2014 Me, I know you'll roll your eyes, but remember the spirit of this -- you're awesome. Stop beating yourself up. Just the fact that you're here and made it through another year is a testament to how phenomenal you are. Wherever you are next year is where you're supposed to be. Embrace it and love yourself. See the good in all things, including the goodness of you. You're beautiful and I love you.

I hope that I will have made some progress towards my goals. I think that my life is better as result of considering these questions every year, as I continue to work on being a more conscious person in my daily life. my life has already changed so much in the last 5 years but I can hardly believe it, all my good fortune, all the blessings, all the love that surrounds me. I also hope that by this time next year I will have been able to release the enormous screams that are lying in my pelvis, waiting only to be released, acknowledged, and recognized for what they are... my birthing pains...

I hope to be in a more positive place. To have really worked on changing to seeing the glass as half full - or all the way full! more of the time.

This year I was surprised by the detail in my answers from last year. I remember the care I put into carefully constructing each answer. In answering the questions this time around, however, I was much more impressionistic. I jotted down whatever came into my head first, and my answers were pretty short. I'm not sure I'll have quite as long a memory-lane walk, but I think that the answers are no less valid - they'll simply be easier to read, I hope, because they (and I) come from a less emotionally volatile place than I was in at this time last year.

I'm hoping I'll be excited at how much I've done and accomplished when I receive my questions. I have a lot of big plans with Elysia and I'm hoping we're able to do a lot together and grow together. I'm hoping by next year I'll have a better idea of where my career is going. Hopefully I'll have a promotion by then. If I don't it's seriously time to find a new job. I'm hoping I'll be a little more financially stable then I am now.

I hope I will have acted upon some of my ideas and desires.

I think I will be marveling at my ability to make the most of a complicated year which for the first time did not include our children at home, and which for the first time meant my husband was home much more than before. At the same time I will be anxious about my younger son's ability to navigate the college campus successfully and I will either be riding the waves of change in a new home and location or desperately trying to plan for how to make that move happen. I will also be enormously grateful for the two trips we were able to take to Israel during the year and working to arrange for yet another trip this year. I hope I will be able to stay focused on the horizon line and be less disrupted by the shifts in the near distance...

I think I'll realise I was at the start of something really life-changing and exciting. I hope I would have moved forward with it, and not let fear keep me stuck. I hope I will see that September 2013 saw me at the edge of the cliff and September 2014 saw me leaped!

I hope that I will be back in Israel studying abroad and reading these as well as writing new ones from there. I hope my heart will be open and exposed to new experiences and that I am continually committed to making the world (mine and others) a better, happier, more cohesive place.

I am hoping that I will feel slightly accomplished as I finished some of what is on my list to better myself, find spirituality, take better care of myself. If I don't see change, than I believe that might be a bit of a wake up call as to figure out why I am stuck, and if I know I want all of this betterment for myself why I am not acting on it. Should be an interesting year, and I hope to be proud of myself next year.

I hope I will feel more secure in dealing with David's mood swings. And I hope that I will feel safer and more secure overall. This shifting feeling of uncertainty is not fun.

Be with a good man in a relationship, Adjusted to WAH program, given more independence with Jess driving ,,, Closer with ASH.

I do really strongly believe, that in my spiritI will stay tha same.I stand for my values.What I want that I go for the thing sI have dreamed, and I will reach what I have dreamed for.Even more I do believe there is a chance for m

Hm... I probably won't be surprised. I know myself pretty well and I don't change much. For example, I haven't changed much from last year.

I'm hoping to be in a different/ more stable place. I love my life, but it feels like I'm still reaching towards something. I hope that next year, I'll look at my answers, feel like I achieved some things, and set more new goals.

How do I think I will feel, or how do I want to feel and how can I get there? If I don't translate my goals into plans and actions, I will feel that I have lost a year or failed to really take advantage of the year. On the other hand, if I accept that these answers set my priorities and guide my learning, then I will feel that I have led a (somewhat) intentional year and moved upwards as well as around on the spiral of life.

I hope I will be able to say at least to myself and in my heart that, in some ways, I am a somewhat better person than I am now. If I can pay attention to some of my answers to some of these questions, there is a reasonable chance this will be the case. The questions have, for the most part, been thought provoking and challenging and I have tried to give them the attention they deserve. September 2014 wil enable me to see if I have in fact have done so.

I think I'll probably feel disappointed because I haven't accomplished anything. I hope my whole life will be different but... I doubt it.

Dunno - questions were boring and quite closed really.

Well, I've managed to do a number of things that I wanted to this year (stop smoking, get a house, work, exercise etc). I hope that I can build on that next year. I hope to have a house that is a living place rather than a building site. I hope to be happy.

I believe I'll feel GREAT! I envision peace, tranquility and the quiet confidence a mature, thoughtful man should experience having had the courage, faith & belief to make good on his plans and objectives! B"H

Hi form your year ago self. Right now in 2013, you are feeling a little lack of direction, but in a still busy and still making a difference sort of way. I hope when you read these Qs you are inspired by the intention, and tickled by hindsight. Much Love! ~me

I hope I'll be proud of myself for doing this during the days of awe. I was fairly conflicted about judaism. 100+ people have been showing up at our house for services. That's too much. Plus I had gotten in the habit of weaseling out of things after overbooking things. My jewish life was going that way. But here I am, after all, having my improvised imperfect high holy days with a lot of other Jews, cranky, lovely and in between. I am not incapable of finishing a task. Remember that about me.

I once commented that I felt like I was just going over the same issues, not making any progress. When asked what progress would look like, I replied: "New issues!" I feel like I've been chewing on the same bone for a long time. I'm hoping by next year I'll have a new bone (or a new set of teeth!)

Most likely, I'll be surprised at how silly I sound one year from now. I'd like to think of this questionnaire as a journal that gives me perspective on what I'm going through a year from now.

I imagine myself being amazed at how far I've come, how much I've grown into the person I want to be. I imagine myself thinking, "Life was really good a year ago; and it's even BETTER now!" I imagine myself being even more confident in who I am, accepting and loving myself, and inspiring others to greater love and kindness.

I am just loving the sample answers. They remind me how much I can just sit & hope words on a page will change me; but the effort has to be mine. So, as I have been led to Pilgrimage on Buen Camino, I am also being led to next Village and next Community How about this: "Hey Diane! Have you found purpose, prosperity, partner? Have you lived clean & sober & peacefully, if not always happily? Have you been laughing. Have you been kind?" I believe you when you say, "It's all been right on time!"

I suppose it will be a time of reflection with some evidence that this daily exercise will have made my life more contemplative. It's an examination of sorts and someone has said, "An unexamined life is a life not worth living."

I hope I have reached my goals to move into my own place and elevate my career by next September. I definitely want to be more secure about my life's direction and maybe even be able to enjoy the things I love even more.

I hope I've been in my new home for 11 months & my old house is being enjoyed by a new owner. I hope that my work schedule will continue to decrease so I have more time to enjoy family & the outdoors!

I just hope I feel more motivated than this year. I always dread and look forward to 10Q, but this year I was hardly able to get myself to do the questions. I think next year I will be lonely, and tired, and a little depressed. I doubt much of anything will be different.

I think I'll feel refreshed and nervous at the same time to read my expectations for myself. It's a nice reminder of the greater journey at hand and how I want to live my life.

I hope I'll surprise myself by having a better job and by continuing to work on decreasing my anxiety. If I've also lost 10 pounds, I'll be ecstatic. These questions are good for reviewing one's past goals/wishes, and for looking at what I was concerned about in the past vs. now. It's also helps me to be realistic about what I can and can't accomplish. For example, I started taking yoga regularly in 2010 and thought I'd be substantially more flexible by 2011. Didn't happen; it turns out I have shorter arms than average and, apparently, shorter ligaments than the average female. The men in the class & I are all tight and rigid while most of the women can bend a lot more. However, I also now realize that yoga students tend to be more flexible than the general population, anyway. But I wouldn't have given it that much thought without these questions popping up every year.

I think that I will be amazed by how far I've come and I hope that I haven't become too cynical with nursing. I hope that I have found a niche for which to practice nursing and that I still have that initial passion and drive for serving others.

I hope by this time next year I am settled into my new life with my wonderful fiancé (future husband). I hope that professionally, I have grown and developed into the person I can see myself becoming.

I hope that I have created a strong, happy life here. I hope that I am successful, find friends and continue to feel as good as I do now. I hope that I am able to get through the winter without too much difficulty. As always, I hope I am in love and am loved. And as always I hope I am in better shape. I hope I am as happy as I am now.

I hope I find some more creativity in my life, work less, but succeed at work more. I hope my kids feel me more involved and more connected with them. I hope I've had fun.

I think that I will be in the same position. Which isn't too bad. Change can be gradual, right?

I would hope that my like would be happier, but I'm not sure we're promised happiness. I hope I can arrive at this time next year feeling that I accomplished something that I am proud of.

I should hope that I have changed in some way for the better.

What I hope and what I think for/by this time next year are two different things. The hopes are all positive, the thoughts are more pessimistic. Details are unnecessary and fuzzy. Here is something in between hopes and thoughts: I Will have different significant experience. Will have gained more focus sometimes and less other times. Will had other, currently unforeseen milestones. Events in the world will have kept influencing me. Will have gotten more spiritual. Some of the times. Will have achieved what I wanted but new wishes had risen. Will have gotten happier, but not consistently. Will have known myself better and more. New fears will have risen.

I hope I will say, 'wow, I've really stayed on course this year, and look at where I am now!' I hope I'll be much farther along the road to confident teaching, forward-thinking administration, and trying new things. I hope I'll have deepened friendships, created new ones, and generally feel more intimacy with more people. I hope I'll be in better physical shape, with exercise habits in place, have a pretty, remodeled house, and be much more fulfilled in my work life. In joy and love.

I hope I feel relieved that I am through with this part of my life. I hope I will be independent, happier, more relaxed, and maybe even having sex. But let's not get ahead of ourselves here...

I hope my life will be different then it is now. I hope to have lost weight, be healthier and have a more deep spiritual connection.

I think that I will move forward in my career and have a lot to show for the upcoming year. I don't know where I will be, but I know that I will be kicking ass.

I hope I can achieve a better, more patient relationship with my mother and with my second son. I hope to be a more loving, kinder person to these two people in particular. It will be a hard journey, but I hope to see a big change in myself and therefore in those around me by this time next year.

I feel like my answer for question 9 was a bit more flippant than I deserve. As I look at last years answer to question 10, I AM physically and emotionally stronger. For September 2014 I want to be more in tune with my kids and their needs, but also more in tune with my own and actually LISTENING to them. And not giving in to the laundry, the dishes, the dirty floor etc. I see this really was part of my answer for last year too. Seems I still need to focus more on me and allow myself more time to just BE.

i always feel a little anxious. hoping that i'm where i thought i wanted to be or at least showing some growth! i think my life will be different, in that i will keep growing and moving forward.

I think I'll feel humbled and in awe of the places I went, people I met, connections I made, and projects I accomplished. I think I'll have a brand new perspective... as I tend to have. This first year of college taught me so much! And now my first year living completely on my own in SF (or maybe else where) will be just as full of lessons and joys. Looking forward to a grateful, healthy, thriving, kind, light ball of energy and love of a future self!

I am afraid a bit that I'll be dissatisfied with myself: for writing so little. So simple. So egocentric etc. What I dream of is thinking "little did I know then how much my life would change for the better"

(I did all ten days of questions! Woop woop! Comitted.) I have been thinking about that all week. I think I will find in my answers some of the same thought patterns I will be trying to improve one year from now. I hope I love the person who wrote these answers. They are honest and true to me. I think I will probably be frustrated at some level, because my imperfection irritates me. I want to get over it and see the sweetness in it. I hohope my attitude will be more loving and self-loving. I hope that when it isn't (because I won't do that perfectly either) that I get quicker at becoming aware of the attitude and knowing a familiar path through which to change it. That is something I can control. I know I will grow a LOT this year, because I grow a lot most years. I don't have many stagnant times except when I am ill amd unhappy. I hope I am more confident and can acknowledge my accomplishments in a way I have never experienced from myself or others. I hope I am deeper in a relationship with Gd, however that might look or feel.

Gosh ... I sure hope I can regulate myself better and faster and kinder .... get myself out of my mind-bending binds. I sure hope there is more light in my life - more passion within the day, more pleasure, more smiles. Who knows - maybe a new friend or group? Hope I can spend another High Holiday with Mom. Kisses to you with kind tenderness enter this New Year, my dearest.

Maybe I'll feel relieved that everything happened they way I wished. That is the ideal! I hope that I'll have gotten through leaving my job and establishing myself as a SAHM or at least a part-time SAHM. I hope that I'll still be able to give my girls what they need, and be joyful, livelier, and less anxious about how we're going to make this work. And I hope that our plan is working. I hope that our decision to have me not work will pay off and our quality of life will have risen.

I'm excited for this time capsule thing. I hope that I'm on the same track that I've started - more successful, happier. I hope I've found a way to be in love. I hope I've had the courage to tell my family about my life. I hope that I've spent the year living dangerously. I hope that I don't even recognize myself!

Whenever I've done something similar to this and read my response years later, my first thought is always that, wow, I used to think a lot more than I do now. However, when September 2014 rolls around, I sincerely hope this isn't the case. It's not so much that I want myself to have achieved all the goals I set for myself, or that I want to change who I am in a significant way, but that I want to keep thinking about who I am and where I'm going. Moving away from that sense of genuine introspection was a mistake, and I hope that when I fill this out next year, I won't have nearly so much difficulty finding my own answers.

Because at this moment at my work in which I have invested a lot, the only choices facing me are all very depressing, this time next year I want to read this and remember that whichever way I went, I went there with grace, dignity and respect. I chose wisely, with the best outcome for the community in mind, not my ego.

I can only hope that I have softened and all are healthy and well and that I have received my challenges with good humor and inner wisdom If I did not achieve what I hoped for then so be it. I only hope I have not stepped too far backward. 😊

To be honest, I think I'll feel very apprehensive. The past two high holy days have been pretty negative times for me on the fertility front (last year's high holy days involving a miscarriage). If I don't have a kid or am not pregnant by this time next year, I know that the high holy days will bring up bad memories, worries, and thoughts. I *hope* that I won't feel apprehensive, and that I'll feel overwhelmed with new motherhood, and/or sheepish with my constant worrying about getting pregnant. I hope that I will be more able to be supportive and caring of other people, and not overwhelmed by my own worries and struggles. I hope that I will be taking good care of myself.

I will be proud I answered all ten. I hope I feel inspired to believe that change is really possible.

I know that I will be excited. I will also be a little apprehensive, because getting last year's answers back this year was like nails on a chalkboard since all I wrote about, basically, was my issues with my dad. I hope that next year I'll have stronger friendships (though I probably won't), possibly have had a romantic relationship of some sort (also probably won't have happened yet), and that I'll have sent out my novel for feedback. I also hope that I'll still be in a happy, healthy, grateful, good place like I am now. I hope I am still me, but that I've learned and grown some too. I don't think actually doing 10Q will change my life any, but I hope that my life has gotten better by next year.

I hope that by September 2014 I'll be more comfortable at work (i.e. a new at which I can learn and grow). I also hope that I'll feel more at peace with my life, my priorities, my decisions, and myself.

I hope I will have made progress in conquering my anger. I hope I will have progressed in my Reiki practice. I hope I will have made a small difference in the world. I hope I have improved my relationships and made new friends.

I hope I will be vibrant & strong I hope Mimi will be cancer free I think I hope to be wiser & more grounded I think reflection is always good, any and all the time I think answering the questions helps me focus on past/present

I hope I'll feel like I've changed quite a bit in this last year. I hope I'll be starting my first year of Law School and that I will still be happy with Aaron. But if I'm not and life has led me down a different path, I'll be okay with that too.

I hope as I did this year when reading them realize that I did achieve some of what I set to achieve, and what I didn't well, maybe they were out of my hands anyway!,

Hope I'm a kinder, calmer, stronger person. Want to make more $ doing what I love. Hope I am still a good husband & father.

I doubt much will change between now and September 2014. I know who I am and I'm comfortable with it. I accept it. I don't know if any of the things I'm aiming for right now will make me feel any better, any happier. If anything, they will just add to the fullness of my life; make it harder to fit everything in. I may be slightly embarrassed about what I've written. I may not be surprised that I haven't changed that much; that I still think about the same things.

I hope that I am pleased with the life that I have lived up until this point, and I hope that I have implemented the goals that I have hoped to achieve. Mostly, I want to be able to say, "good job me from the past, you did pretty good."

I think I will feel happy to see my answers and I certainly hope I have made some strides in the direction I want to go. I hope to have achieved some of these goals, or at least am on the right path. I don't want to see another year go by and think I didn't put forth the effort to change. Change made purposefully is never easy. I think if I truly put forth the effort that I will be much happier and proud of myself in the long run.

I think I will be thankful for completing this again! It makes you realise how much changes in a year and makes you feel like you can accomplish so much in the year to come. I can't wait to start my working career and changing my life to a city life once again. Im excited about the prospect of meeting new people, experiences and opportunities. I have been feeling uninspired and 10Q helps lift my spirits :)

I'm not sure if my thinking about or answering these questions will result in things being different next year, but they may have helped. Mostly I am more and more convinced of my need and desire to leave Los Angeles. I'm thinking to move up to the Bay Area, though I'd really love to move anywhere in Latin America or Spain. In fact now that I think about it I should apply to teach in a foreign country as a good way to make my move, at least temporarily.

I expect I will have taken significant ground in losing even more weight than this year. It has been such a powerful exercise doing these questions each year because up until this year, I always felt so badly seeing how little I had accomplished over the course of a year. I expect I will have transformed my relationship with exercise as much as I have transformed my relationship with food over the past year. I know I will feel spectacularly powerful once I deal with this weight thing once and for all. Just kicking sugar was HUGE!!!! I have now lost so much weight (40 pounds) that I feel safe to go back to tennis and tango without fear of hurting myself again.

Setting goals and sticking to them??? What were you thinking. I would like to believe that I will have begun to advance my education, my daughters will be enjoying their children and latest college. I will hope my son-in-law has theprivilege of progressing in his career and I would like to be heading for a steady relationship. Lofty goals... will it be written? Will it be done?

I think I will feel really good about where I am in life. Changes certainly don't happen overnight, and with the progressions/adjustments I've made (and begun to make) during this past year, I think I'll be even better off a year from now. I feel very optimistic about it.

I hope that I feel proud.

Hopefully further down the road with aspirations and well past limitations and fears.

Hopefully I'll feel like I've grown and learned. I hope that by this time next year, on the final countdown of my 20s (9/15/14 I turn 30...eeek!) that I have accomplished manifesting a new job, a better living situation, a strong healthy and loving relationship, and hopefully a ton of adventures under my belt. I hope I've learned to trust not only myself but also in The Universe and let go of fear and attachment to people, things, situations, etc I hope I feel happy, healthy, amazing, loved, and beautiful. And peaceful.

This week has been a thrilling one, full of adventure and love, and I was unable to answer the questions each day. Instead, I'm banging them all out now, two hours before Kol Nidre begins, and it feels good. I think everything about my life will be different next year but hopefully it will have begun to feel comfortable. I hope to have found a good place amid all the challenges, with plenty of support and entertainment.

Honestly I debated on answering at all. I have been answering these questions for what seems like a few years now; every year the questions are the same and my answers are similar. It occurred to me though that this is one of the only consistency's in my life so I am going to hold on tight!

Well, this year it was amazing to read my answers from last year. I found that I have actually done the things I had hoped but life also had unexpected twists in it. I expect the same thing will probably happen in the coming year. I hope I feel pleasantly surprised and I hope that my life feels back on track. That I am doing the things in my life that feel right and feel the connection that comes when I am on the right path.

I hope that I will have lost a few pounds. I hope that Zack will be happily employed. I hope that Mitchell will be have ad a good year and summer. I hope that Kevin will still be working and feeling well. I hope that we will be getting ready for our trip to Europe. I hope that I have a good year to look back on. After going through this exercise I have realized lots of good things that happened this past year.

I hope I'll feel accomplished. I'll be on some sort of path leading towards the things I love. And I'll look back fondly to this point in my life when I began to come alive again. This fall is the beginning of good things.

I hope that the pain of this year will be less sharp. I hope I will have found a way to keep my thoughts more focused on the blessings I do have in life.

Not sure - this year I felt ok - but realized many of my hopes I put to the side - I hope this year I will do better on learning to love myself and branch out so that it can positively effect the rest of my life

I don't know. I think I do these questions less to see what I was thinking a year ago than to make sure to pause for a moment each day between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur and reflect on life. It really is the very least I can do, and it is about all I'm capable of these days. I hope my answers from this year will at least inspire me to repeat the practice next year.

I think I'll be in a very different place in my life, as well as geographically and emotionally. I think I'll be glad I took the time (however brief) to reflect on this last year, and I'll be reminded of things I'll likely have forgotten about. Dear Jodi, I hope you're loving where you are now, and that you've come even farther in this last year than you ever imagined. Love, Jodi

I think I will be reflecting on a challenging tme. During the ten days that we answered these questions, I was offered a job with Girl Scouts. I was really struggling with not having a job. We just moved to Ohio and are starting to settle into a routine. I purposefully did not go back and change any of my answers after being offered the job. That is how I felt at that moment. It is crazy to think about how like change change so much in ten days. I wanted to capture that with these questions. I have no idea what things will look like at this time next year. Avery will be one a half years old. What will he be like then? Will I like my job? Will Russ like his? Will we have paid off our bills, like we said we wanted to? Will I feel like an Ohioan? I hope that we feel settled and happy with our current lives. I hope that I am as excited for fall as I am today. I hope that we are all healthy. I hope that we are still working towards our goal of saving money for a down payment to buy a house. I hope that we all show our love for one another each and every day.

It's my hope that reading these answers a year from now, I'm more connected to friendships and my husband than ever before, that drama has significantly declined with my family (if not completely gone), that I'm taking on new clients for my program so easily that it confounds. I'd love it if my health issues were completely reversed, there were a sizable nest egg in the bank with car and student loans paid off, and career-wise, things were flourishing bigger and brighter than ever before. And while superficial? It would also be lovely to have lost 15 pounds, since I gained that due to health issues rather than eating and exercise habits. Goal weight: 135-140.

I hope I will be happy or dead

I think I will be happy to read about my love for our amazing baby. I know in my heart that I will love that we are in Maui, living the best life we know how. And hopefully I'll be a full time EMT- striking a good balance of learning at work, taking care of my body and being good to my soul with my amazing boys by my side.

I hope (hope hope hope) my son is on a better path. That we finally found him the support and help he needs (and found a way to pay for it). I hope my oldest daughter has started another year of school and is enjoying it. I hope my youngest daughter is happy and healthy starting her last year of high school. I hope I find a path for myself that is meaningful. Also, coming into to gobs of money would be really great... ;-) don't think that will have happened however....

The big difference for which I hope is my daughter's mental health. That's not one that I can see I have much effect on, so I don't think these questions will change matters. But perhaps the whole difficult situation is an occasion to concentrate on what's important. I still think that the most important thing is five minutes when my daughter is smiling, and that the most important thing is doing my work well; and I think both of those things at the same time, and without any particular feeling of contradiction. (I can believe six impossible things before breakfast.) So I hope, about what I can't change, that my daughter is smiling more; and I hope, for what I can, to be watching and enjoying all the smiles that there are. When I write that summary, there's no room in it for worrying about my work. Maybe I'm not as good at the six impossible things as I thought.

I hope I will be more open to possibility. That I will have transformed things on a deep level and not be still struggling in the same old ways. Of course, life is more of a spiral than a ladder, so no doubt I will struggle with old things in new ways. As long as I can shed some skin and be more aware of who I am.

Tired from Rachel's wedding. Excited for mine. With money? And annoyance? And mostly joy! Maintain perspective. Act with gentleness. Run with ferocity. Love love love!

When I receive my answers to my 2013 10Q questions, I expect the following things to be different about where I'm at as a result of thinking about the fundamental impact on me of my realization of how vitally precious my son is to me: I expect to have developed far greater skill than I now have in taking other's sense of personal dignity into account and giving it consideration. I expect that when these questions arrive in 2014 I shall already have put everything in place for my move to Barcelona. If I'm not already IN Barcelona this time next year, I would like to have it all ready, needing only to sling our luggage into the trunk of a taxi and take off for the airport, travel documents in hand, to fly there and start our new life of living and working in Spain for the next eight to ten years. I expect to have learned to behave so considerately as scarcely ever to commit an offense against my own or any other's self, to hurt others' feelings, to do any misdeed which I'd later deeply regret and also to have become proficient in taking actions the omission of which could later bring me remorse. I expect to have dismissed from my life whatever I notice that no longer serves me and to have a completely clear conscience. In fact I expect I'll feel filled with pride and a warm sense of accomplishment. The resonant experience of my realization that my son is a soccer prodigy, along with several validations of this fact, opened up a way for me to perceive my own story differently and increased my profit to loss ratio on the personal balance sheet whereon I evaluate and assess what I have the means to cope with and how useful I am. This hastened the process of my healing from the grief that had, for many years, stricken me with barrenness and a seeming inability to produce. The fact that the vibrations set off by this realization rippled out through my heart and reframed my attitude to my son's father into a more merciful, liberating one will, by this time next year, I believe, have so thoroughly transformed all of my interactions with my son's father that I will have achieved a degree of freedom to act to which I haven't had access for well over a decade. By the time these questions arrive in 2014 I expect that I shall have fully investigated what it takes to make it possible for Leo to try out for the La Masia football academy in Barcelona and that I shall have taken courageous actions continually throughout the year, surrounded by a core community of 6 courageous and committed people who are engaging in realizing my project with me. For Leo's sake I have made up my mind to love Daniel and to partner with him, to give him what he needs, and to build a good and loving life with him so that the two of us together may give Leo what Leo needs. I expect to have found my place in the sun with security, recognition, and personal wealth, and to be taking well organized and courageous actions to stand up for and deliberately live a quiet life of moral rectitude. I expect to have reinstated for my son the matrix of moral moorings, such as "meh tor nisht (it's wrong to act that way)" "ez is nisht bekovidik (that's dishonorable behavior)" "by uns tut min nisht azay (we just don't do such things)" that teaches decency, sensitivity to others, respect for the law both of G-d and of man, both of neighbor and of visitor, and an instinctive recoil from exploiting the weakness or ignorance of others. In spite of the somewhat conflicting values espoused by my son, I expect to have been true all year to my own self and to have organized, conditioned and strengthened the essential standard design of my brand - the entire set of abilities, attitudes, characteristics and traits of my identity - so as generally, decisively, conclusively and authoritatively to have become acknowledged as someone and something that is absolutely reliable. So I expect that by September 2014 I shall be living in a moral environment rich in courage, confidence and discipline, in which Leo can thrive, living up to a higher standard than I did in my past life, of being careful to make sure that I pay my taxes and all of my debts and dues and do my mitzvot in observance of the law of Jewish tradition. I expect to be taking action to strengthen the resolve, and the means, of the schools, the camps and the supplementary schools in my community, so that they can effectively transmit to Leo and to all of my community's children the time-honored chesed Avraham, those compassionate actions in the tradition of Abraham the first patriarch. I expect to be taking courageous, well organized and disciplined action to help raise the standards of ethical excellence for my self, my community, my entire society, and indeed for all of mankind.

i will be in NYC. I will be feeling much different as east coast livn is radically diff than the pace in the Rocky mountains. I will have entered the nyc flow

I hope to gain more insight into me and my mom. I hope I make it to Vegas to live with her...I hope I make it to her and she is still around. She is very sick as an ESRP (end stage renal patient) and may die of it or other complications like diabetes or heart disease. She talks a lot about dying with me. It's very difficult for me to do but I know she is just trying to come to terms with her own mortality. So I try to just listen attentively...

I'm hoping that I have less nerves and that I can actually think my brain is just so jumbled all the time now

I tend to do this fairly regularly anyway so I doubt it. I started with my Spanish classes a few years back and have continued to do so since. If anything, perhaps I've become too goal driven as a result. America is no doubt to blame.

I think I'll remember where I was right now, in a place that's tough but getting better. I hope I'll have moved forwards with the things I've written about. I don't want to need to write the same answers again next year.

To be pessimistic, I'll probably be disappointed in myself. My dour side wants to say that I'll be more or less where I am. (Then again, if I haven't had to move home by that point, I'm at least doing a *little* okay.) But I hope that I've done some the stuff that I've mentioned. I hope I can look back and be like "hey, you ended up doing pretty good for yourself, past me." I hope I can use these as good goal markers and go and accomplish a good swath of them, and be at a place mentally where any that I do miss out on are good enough. I hope these thoughts stay with me, and I use them as fuel for what I want to be, and, even if it's just a little, start taking the steps I need to take to become that person. Good luck, Ian. I hope you're doing well. And, perhaps even more importantly, that you're happy. Gods and goddesses know that doesn't happen often enough.

Probably I will be pretty much the same . Change with me is gradual ,answering questions is thought provoking and stimulating , but like more traditional New Year's resolutions , may not last long in the brain and will . A major change maker could be a change in health , I hope this does not happen , because I really enjoy life . Another source of radical change could be war or social upheaval , I hope this does not happen also . Thank you all for taking the time to frame these questions.

I've been reflecting a lot these past 10 days at how much I'm clearly in turmoil. The breakup with Andy is still hard. I'm feeling lost and empty. I'm struggling a little on sabbatical. And then during these 10 days the news about JP going to AA came, etc. I know I'm still processing a lot of losses, and struggling to find my place amidst all of the still-moving pieces. I hope that when I read these again in a year I'll feel silly that I was so lost, and struggling so much. I hope I'll have regained that sense of relief and stability that I had after I moved back into the house, before I dated Andy. I really need that stability back. I know the lessons of serenity but I guess I still don't always see the fruits. I hope they'll at least be blossoming next year.

I don't think I'll be surprised. I think I have a pretty good memory for emotional history. In some ways I don't think I change much. I think (hope) that I'll feel even better at my job. I think I'll feel farther emotionally from the Margo situation. [Sidenote: I sort of hope she leaves Philadelphia. We haven't actually seen each other yet.] I think I'll feel more grounded as an adult. I'll be living somewhere new, which will be interesting. I wonder how I'll approach that. Maybe I'll buy a place? Maybe I'll continue renting with roommates? Remains to be seen. I wonder if I'll be dating someone seriously. Right now I'm excited to date around a little bit and see what happens. I'm really happy that Mari, Greg, and Malcolm live in Philly. I hope I get close to them this year. I like the idea of having family in the area. I hope that I feel even closer to them than I do now, and that they are a part of my life in some way (and I am for them, as well). It would be nice to have some of partner. I would also like to have a more established creative outlet, whether it's performance based, arts, music, etc. I plan to start crafting that next summer. OK it's 9:26pm on a Friday night and I'm at school - time to go to this concert!!! I LOVE YOU! I think you're gonna be great. Stay healthy. Don't be too hard on yourself. Love your people. Let yourself be loved. Have fun. Be kind. :) :)

I am trying my best to stay in the present moment, so projecting how I will feel is a bit of a challenge for me. I pray that I feel blessed and grateful for all the gifts in my life. I pray that I will have taken positive action to further develop the person I am emotionally, spiritually, physically, and yes - sexually. I pray I will feel like I answered the questions authentically, and that I have lived me life authentically as a result. At this moment, I pray for us all to have the support and strength we need to see the gifts in all that life brings our way. I pray that we all feel blessed and grateful for our lives and the lives of those we love.

I was glad I did this last year when my answers came back. I was quite close in my descriptions of my situation and some issues I needed to work on resolving. I have been able to resolve some of the issues, but in ways I couldn't have imagined at that time. This next year I hope to get rejuvenated and enjoy life more and generally be involved in healing, health, love, laughter, and fun.

I hope to be another year wiser and less cynical.i hope to be one year further towards my goal of being more spiritual, useful in the world, and happier. Another year of learning about myself and who I am.

I honestly have no idea, never having done this. I am afraid that my inner cynicism and apathy will take the emotional power away from whatever I read. But I don't know. Hey, self! I hope you greet next year with a bunch of completed research and the beginnings of a dissertation, and a calm heart about love.I kind of doubt you will, but I look forward to your proving me wrong!

Hopefully, accomplished. Not, "Damn! I forgot that I said that!" It would be nice to set some goals that I actually accomplish! :) GO ME!

I hope I'll be pleased with the efforts of the past year. I think I'll be much better prepared for High Holy Days 2014 than I am this year.

I hope I'm happier... I hope my life is finally where I want it to be... I hope I'm finally doing what I want to do, where I want to do it... I hope I'm not haunted by the things that have kept me from growing as a person, as a creator, as a living being... I hope...

I think I'll feel like I've grown a lot in the past year, changed a lot about how I speak and act, and maybe wonder why I felt those things this year. Hopefully, I'll be happy, healthy, and enjoying whatever I'm doing at the time :)

mixed feelings. my job is very frustrating and i don't feel that we're helping the clients. minor details like chairs seem emblematic of larger problems of.... something. i'm not sure what it is, but if it were about the clients, it would be *about* the clients. by the clients. it stopped being about the clients over a year ago.... now it's about the donors and the program's shiny. i should be in school again. i hope i am and that i'm not frustrated and lost, still. more ritalin. but the walking / moving / losing weight thing; that's all good. the pain fades and the fun of loose clothes is really positive. i hope dad is doing well. i hope i can feel that i've done my best to stay connected to him. i have no idea about em. it's just... weird. and tonight she blew my mind by suddenly assuming my religion to apologize. i just stared at her. 7 years of hating religion, and tonight she thinks Yom Kippur is the coolest thing? it just doesn't track. OCD/CDO is cute. being jewish for 3 minutes on YK isn't. i hope that i will feel accomplished, proud, courageous, calm, happy, content.

I hope that I will be in a better headset by then.

I hope that I am more relaxed, more at ease, less stressed. I would like to be more self aware and appreciative of my many blessings.

I think I'll probably be eye ball deep in child rearing, taking aim at a constantly moving target and hoping that I'm doing a good job. I'll probably still be too self critical, so I hope I work enough on that in the coming year that it doesn't hold me back from enjoying this fleeting time with my new family as we all get to know each other in different ways. I think I'll still feel an enormous amount of gratitude that I get to have the things in life I've always dreamed of, but never quite felt would certainly be mine. I'll probably think that I know less than I thought I would and if anything, have more questions than answers.

I will be able to look back on another year that God was ever so present. I will have been able to see His hand in my life. I will have gown stronger in my faith because of the road I am traveling. I also hope that I will again be at a place of pushing myself to a new spiritual level. I want to continue to climb the ladder of success God has placed me on and every step gets closer to Him!!!

I think I'll be proud of where I was in this moment. I hope I'll have accomplished the things I want career wise. I hope I'll have lots of great fun answers to next year's questions. I'm sure answering these questions and reflecting can only be a good thing.

I suspect that I will be in the same position as now. There will be minor steps because I know that minor steps are important (and I need to be successful some how). I hope that I will be proud of who I am and how God has created me.

Well damn it, I would hope that I would not be reading for the THIRD YEAR IN A ROW that I did not take time for myself and my family, that I did really truly slow down over the summer, and smelled the metaphorical roses, enjoyed my family, my garden, my sewing, my neighborhood and my friends. I love this exercise. Thank you 10Q for giving it to us.

I will probably wish I'd spent more time thinking through my answers. I hope I'll be happily married nearing our first anniversary and feeling more certain about starting a family. I hope I'll be fit & healthy. I hope I'll have found a way to come out as gnostic to my family.

I think that I'll probably feel the same way about a lot of the answers. Honestly, I tend to take these kinds of things way too seriously and I will probably just end up laughing at the ridiculousness of my responses. I guess that's a good thing, though. Being able to laugh at myself. Happy 2014!

I love answering the 10Q. Getting last years results via mail at the beginning of September each year is always fascinating. Every time it amazes me what has come true, what has not been realized yet or is no longer important. I just realized that I have been doing the 10Q since I started working on myself. They have given me guidance all along. I know all is good. I am advancing at my pace, unrevealing my true inner self and creating my life of love, happiness, fulfillment, creativity, awareness and esteem which I aspire and am worthy off.

I am supposed to reflect on how I think my life may be different one year from now as a result of answering these questions. This implies that these questions have taken me to a place of introspection I might not otherwise have gone. Some years, that might actually be the case. However, given recent events in my life and in my family's life, I have been deeply introspective for several months, if not longer. These questions gave me a forum to crystallize some of the thinking that has been ongoing through my head and heart. But these questions have not triggered in me particularly new thinking, nor have they really taking me places that I have not already gone in my introspection during this recent journey in my life. The questions gave me the opportunity simply to put down in writing what I have already been thinking, much of which I had already put down in writing, much of which I had also communicated openly with my wife. When I look back at my answers in a year, my hope is that I will see evidence of one step along a productive and fruitful path towards greater and greater happiness and satisfaction in my family and marriage. I hope to see a series of mileposts answered in quick succession over 10 days, answers that mark where I was at a place in time as I had finally found the right path for my family, for my marriage, for me. I do not expect to look back and see the answers as some high point then followed by a long decline, given the current trajectory. Nor do I expect to look at the answers and see in them sudden insights and breakthroughs that inspired a significant change in my life's journey. That breakthrough, those insights, that occurred already several months ago and my wife and I have been diligently focused on building a new life from what we have learned, and we are happily walking that path, every day better than the one before. We say to each other all the time now that things are different, different than they were. It is strange to us suddenly have so much happiness in ourselves and with each other, so much explicit love and affection from the other. At this moment in time, as I answer these questions, we feel strong and we feel optimistic as we look forward to the next year and all the years that follow. So when I look back next year at the questions I answered over these 10 days, I hope to smile as I get back into my head, where I have been here and now, shortly after everything became good.

I think I'll have greater balance between the different areas of my life. More power of conscious decisions driving my life. Overall more solid and stable and hopefully more joyous and light for having made decisions that are authentic to me. More playful and adventurous.

I hope I will weigh less and owe less. I hope answering these questions will keep me inspired to achieve more

I hope there are some truths, some things moved on from, and some turning and changing to come out of what the last 11 months have been. I know I always like looking back at my writing and seeing where I was, recognizing what is the same, amazed by what is different.

I'm not sure how I will feel. Perhaps I'll laugh at the seriousness that I tend to take towards life. Until it is time to reflect again next year I hope that I will be ready to embrace the daily happenings during the next year with spirit and enjoyment.

I know I'll be pleased with my writing style, and hopefully with my follow through. I tend to put myself last, but that stops now. I KNOW that physically writing out my goals and hopes is the first step to making them happen. When I see these answers next fall I'll be * gasp! * 50!!! I want to be the smartest, savviest, fittest, healthiest, sexiest, happiest 50 year old person you could hope to meet!

I hope I continue to stand up for myself and what's right. I hope my relationship with my parents continues to grow. I realized that I had been pushing them away for too long while I grew up and healed from past trauma. I hope I continue to seek true self-love and healthy relationship love instead of succumbing to materialist fame oriented motivations which lead to anger and frustration after being continually let down. If you have the right intention and know why you really do mitzvot, you will be kinder to yourself, and more connected. Say no if it feels right in your soul. If it's ego, then drop it.

I hope that I'm not completely indifferent to these answers, as I have been with so many other things. In fact, that's what I hope for--that this time next year, I will be a much more decisive person. I live in an apartment of decisive people, in a city full of prompt decision. I want to stop thinking and start doing.

I think I'll likely realize I fell short on a few points, maybe even have forgotten a few "resolutions" along the way, but overall I hope I will have some measure of satisfaction, even if that's about things that weren't in my answers.

Hi Nic, I hope that you have found an inner calm where wondering what others think if you and how you've affected them is less! (Even less codependent). I hope that you are numbing yourself less and being more present in your life. I hope that you are trusting the people in your life that love you. I hope that you are focussing on the numerous positives in your life. I hope that you are loving and being loved. I hope that you are focussing inwardly rather than making judgements on the lives of others. I hope that you are loving your body for all that is great about it. I hope that you are having loving and intimate connections with your husband and that the connections are consistent and honest. Please honour your truth. Please be loving yourself at every moment of every day. I love you Nic xxx

This is my year of death by hubris. I have already had several instances of this. I hope by next September, that I will have eaten enough crow. I highly doubt that I will be much different in 12 months. I have been stuck in this pattern for several years now, and I have paved the road to hell many times over. I hope that my depression will be long gone for good. I hope that my Mom is as strong and healthy as she is now. I hope all of my cats are happy and healthy. I hope that I can change and not hate myself so much.

I do hope I will feel a great sense of achievement, but also be kinder to myself. My life is one of great responsibility and purpose, but I need to give myself more time for me, more space for fun, rest and relaxation. I do hope I will be able to look back and say, 'Yes, this year you have been kinder to you. You have balanced your life more effectively, and you have accomplished more without expending more energy and time.' Hopefully I will smile and laugh more this year, and have stress less. Hopefully I will enjoy and savour more moments with my loved ones, and be able to be proud of the balance that I have finally attained. I hope my older children will both have employment opportunities, and be fulfilled where they are at, and that the last-born will be happy at school. The Questions have been a wonderful opportunity to stop and think about where I am at this moment in time, and encapsulate where I am right now. I look forward to see where I am this time next year.

I hope they will inspire me to continue to set high goals for myself and to continue to strive to achieve them

I hope that I will be encouraged by how far I have come. This year, I was able to look at my 2012 answers, nod, smile, and, for the most part, be proud of where I am today. I may not accomplish every goal, but I will know that I did my damndest. Also, I predict that Sekani Eugene Wright will be an even more important person in my life- and that he will look review my 2013 answers with me with honest and kind eyes.

I hope that I will have better control over my temper. It is something that I struggle with and will continue to. I think that having our daughter and all the wonderful blessings that we have had this year had helped me to keep what is truly valuable in mind. Getting married, Brian's accident, the birth of our daughter are such amazing blessings. I hope to be a better person this year. To love others for who they are and not have unrealistic expectations, for others and for myself.

I'll probably laugh. I hope I'll continue to be contemplative and explorative and adventurous. I want to have more balance and less apathy. I want to be happy with where I am. I want to be happy at my choice of where I continue my education. I want to feel inspired.

I think my answers will make me a bit sad and I hope I'll have found a way to take life a bit less seriously and enjoy the good. I hope I will have found someone that I might be able to share my life with.

I'm not sure. Maybe a bit silly. I'll be going into my last year of school though so possibly terrified and nostalgic.

Probably a mixture of pleased and disappointed. Most years I don't achieve all of the goaks that I have expressed in my 10Q answers, but I still think they are useful. You can't always do everything that you want to - life has tendency to get in the way. And sometimes, the result is that you end up doing something equally wonderful that you hadn't even dreamt of doing. Stay open and curious and something interesting will appear in your path.

I think I'll feel relieved that this past year, with all of it's challenges (death of both parents, my own illness and hospitalizations) is over. What do I think will be different? I think I will be down to my optimum weight. I think that I will have more work in the entertainment industry and not feel overwhelmed with writing projects. I think that these answers will give me some clearer focus about the personal goals both internally and externally that I want to accomplish between now and next Rosh Hashonnah.

I hope I feel great! I think I will look back at a year of amazing adventures, learning, new friends, new places, new ideas. That these adventures will have strengthened me in ways unknowable!

I think i'll feel disappointed to still be facing the same battles. I hope i'm satisfied by slow but appreciable progress. I hope i'm in a _slightly_ larger home closer to my workshop, with a secondary adventure buddy, with a working bike, and an H&K, with new art under my belt, meditation and exercise routine, and some savings in the bank.

Dear Amanda You are awesome. you really are. You've just come off a 3 day leadership course feeling good about your super powers. Your colleagues told you that you were warm and approachable, never angry, someone who could cut through noise and come to the solution, and a great presenter. So it's time to build your confidence up again. You need to find that new role, let go of Daniel if that's what he wants (you have done everything in your power to win him back and there is nothing more YOU can do), re-learn how to be comfortable on your own, find things again that give you pleasure, explore the world around you, continue to grow those friendships that make your life better (and continue to trim off those that don't). Last year you said You wanted to be a runner again and you (almost) are (by your definition - you did just run a half marathon last weekend in Budapest). Oh and go for Director! You're ready for it. Love you!

I am hoping that the following will have happened or will be true: *I will have strengthened my relationship with my husband and will have learned to Control my mouth. *I will have an even better relationship with my daughter. *I will have a wonderful son in his freshman year of college. *I will be more in touch with my Judaism. *I will be dealing with my fear of Death better. *I will have lost between 20-30 kg. *I will be exercising regularly.

I hope I am happier. I hope I am smiling while i read this, thinking, who was that girl? Why was she so stuck in worries? I hope I am achieving more, I hope I did things, took steps, took leaps of faith. I hope I enjoy life. In stead of making it a grimm thing. I hope I love to the fullest, love with all my heart.

I will be confident, content and fulfilled.

I think I'm gonna laugh so much at how stupid I am now. I do that a lot: laugh at my past self. I just get so caught up on so many things that end up being so pointless... I want to just... be less awkward. BE MORE OUT THERE. Like... just my presence makes people happy... because some being in contact with certain people, even just hearing their voices just makes me smile. Answering these made me think about what I want. THE POWER OF FRIENDSHIP! lol. Cheesy me.

I think I would love it if when I read these answers next September that I get to say, that life is so much better than I ever dreamed possible. Wouldn't it be great to look back and be delighted with how things turned out! Will I have grown? Will I have learned something new? Will I have faced all my responsibilities and embraced even greater joys in life? Will I have taken control to manage my health and create wealth? Will I have created something lovely in art or words? Will I have become a better daughter, sister and friend? Will I have made a best friend 0r even just made friends with someone? Who is my new running buddy? What new places have I seen? What events have I attended? How have I expressed myself spiritually? I love this about 10Q. I get to map my future and l look back at what I dreamed of.

I think I will feel happy about the family memories, but also that my life will have led in a completely different direction than I thought. Theo and I are twenty-somethings who are strategising everything we do at the moment, but of course life is going to throw us a curve ball somewhere. I hope it will be an upward curve :-)

My boyfriend broke up with me a few days into this so I have been sad and contemplating what to do. I think that my life will be very different in a year. I hope that it is different good, but right now it is Very difficult to image being very happy.

Well, I hope for one I'll be reading the email at the desk of a new job. I suppose I hope I'll also have a ring on my left ring finger. Last year, I came to these questions feeling very stuck in life in general, and this year I feel more tired and overwhelmed, but also very happy because of Ben. I hope that next year I'll have experienced more positive movement in my life. I hope that whatever happens, I'll take the changes with grace and learn from them.

I hope my faith is stronger. I hope my relationships with my children continue to grow and repair and become stronger. I believe my marriage will be strong and beautiful. I hope to have learned to be a better manager and leader at work. I hope to be a better listener for my partner. I hope to continue to be a good friend. I hope to have less anxiety and fear about my future and keep myself in the moment more.

I hope to feel satisfied and happy that I have achieved the goals that I set out for myself because of 10Q. The process of anwering the questions makes the goals more "real" somehow. By this time next year. I hope to be fit, both physically, and financially and on my way to becomming more spiritually happy.

I hope I feel wise looking back at who I was but also that I've grown from this time. I hope that I'm living in Latin america and nearing fluency in Spanish and being frugal and generous and loving and opening my heart and seeing vulnerability not as a weakness, but as a strength.

I hope that I am pregnant and healthy--both emotionally and physically. I hope that I am able to enjoy my pregnancy without feeling constantly anxious and fearful about what will happen. If I'm not pregnant, I hope that I am not consumed by that fact, and that I'm enjoying my wonderful life--husband and family-- each and every day. I hope that I can let go of any jealousy and feel only love and tenderness for the people I am close to in my life might be pregnant or have babies/small children. I hope that I can have compassion for myself and love my body, no matter what is going on.

I hope I'll feel that I've grown and learned more since answering these questions, pushed my boundaries in the way I would like.

I am hoping for positive feelings, because I have achieved most of what I described. i will possibly have a disappointed feeling as now having achieved something I desire right now. It will be interesting,


I think im gona be happy, with new worries and goals. Ive grown so much each year, and have moved forward, and i believe i am going in the right direction. Baruch Hashem.

I don't know. I hope that I will recognize that this was a rare and valued chance for reflection that helped me to articulate where I want to be and how to become a better person and that the insights I gained helped me along the way.

I really hope I've evolved into a more deeply thinking person, and all the promises I've made come to fruition.

I think I will feel satisfied with the choices I have made between now and then. If I have been able to let go of judgement over this coming year, then I will be very satisfied. I hope that I can respond from an "it is what it is" perspective, and celebrate the gains I have made, and let go of the gains I haven't made. I have loved this process, so if I am more present at the end of this year, I will deem myself "successful".

I think I'll feel that I've come so far and I couldn't imagine just what was in store. That my thinking tends to be so limited. I hope I will be drawing closer to G-d throughout this next year so that my relationship with Him is closer next year. I hope I will be fixed on my fellowship choice and preparing for the next stage of my training.

If its anything like this year I will hopefully feel proud. And optimistic. I doubt I will have achieved everything but as long as my family continues to be healthy and happy I will be satisfied that I have achieved enough.

Like I'm still unsuccessful. I don't think anything will be different.

I think by writing it down makes it tangible and attainable. There's nothing unrealistic and I feel good about it all. Let's see!

I hope I am wiser next year than I am today.

I hope I'll feel satisfied and I'll have some measurable improvements to back this feeling up. I'll also feel even more motivated to give more for the next year ahead

I might think "same old, same old". I'm afraid I'll feel disappointed. I hope that I feel I've done myself justice, and that I've continued to grow and change. That I really did "survive with enjoyment" and I'm waving that diploma in my hand! YOU CAN DO IT ROS!

Mostly I hope I have travelled a long way with my artistic endeavours and that my partner is still sobre.

I think it's kind of neat to see your accomplishments made. Into thousand 13 2013. It was a year of great momentum. I finally settled my lawsuit against city and County of San Francisco. They now have women on the interview panels And it has become part of the strategic plan for the next 30 years and the hiring practices to hire women At the department of public works. Also I know where I stand with my brother and have come to an understanding why he so angry And dysfunctional. I have had some resolve with my mother and am Moving forward on trying to get her finances under control . I think I have finally made peace with her and know that she may die soon.

I often feel similar in September: I want a fresh start; I want to feel in shape physically & mentally; I want to keep laughing. Hi Nicole, I hope you are being kind and compassionate and loving to yourself and others.

I wish I feel stronger, more secure in myself, my decisions , my views and finances. I wish I feel that I advanced toward my goals and dreams. Just last night I wrote a chronological order to my dreams. But I need the strength and focus to bring them to reality. If I can do that, I can do it. I wish the dreams stated in the previous questions have come to pass. I wish to have worked diligently for them. I still believe I am the master of my soul, and the captain of my destiny.

I am sure I will have a bitter/sweet taste... will be proud of some achievments, and disappointed at others. Still, I hope I get to feel happy and tyhink: "C'mon Tanpopo, you can do better than this yet! Keep trying!!!"

Hopefully, I will be in a much better place financially and romantically, where I don't have to worry as much and things are better for me overall. Hopefully, I will be able to look at this point in my life and the answers to these questions and smile, because I was just finding me and enjoying my life, and I built on that to create a good foundation for me to build off of.

I hope I'll still be in love as much and able to remember that our relationship is more important than anything else. I hope I'll still be studying Torah and growing as an individual.

Last year's answer to this question was about taking myself seriously. That concern is reflected more broadly in all my answers this year. So, I hope that taking this time to reflect will lead me to place a priority on my own needs and goals... not just when I'm off reflecting on my own, but also when I'm in conversation with people who would rather that I focus on what they want/need. Future-self: it's not a bad thing, to take care of other people. You've got to steward yourself, though. Find things that feed energy into you. Taking care of yourself makes you more able to care for others, not less.

I'll be in college, hopefully with a fresh start and happy about it. I'll be remembering the end of my high school career and hopefully smiling about how well everything worked out.

I'll be elated and nervous again. I'll be proud of myself and how far I have come. I will be better than ever and still reaching for more.One step.two steps...

I hope I am a better version of myself...and I hope I have helped others be the same.

Likely I will feel like "where has the time gone?", and will not feel much different. I do hope that I continue with my self growth this coming year, and I do so from inner motivation. I hope my self confidence and my professional confidence has continued to increase. I hope these answers find me more wise, and seem inherent to me.

Dear Me of A Year from Now: I hope you're feeling secure and at peace. I hope you've discovered a routine and are spreading yoir roots and branches far and deep and high. I hope you are a conduit for love in your life. And I hope you can look back at the responses you gave a uear ago and see how far you've come. I think you've surprised yourself in some ways. That feels good. Feel good, Me. And keep at it.

I'll feel good. Things are good now and I know they'll only get better. I'll have another book in the works, be in a fantastic relationship, another trip taken and more in the planning .. Life will have been very good!

This is my 6th year answering them, and to be honest, it confronts me with disappointment. Part of it relates to staging: the 10 days between RH and YK tend to be extra busy, as work is moved off at least 1 work day, frequently 2. That means many answers are tossed off, and there's little time to review and reflect. The disappointment comes when you realize you've trivialized the answers, or were overly aspirational, neither of which is productive. A better approach would be to use the preceeding month of elul, as a classically reflective period.

Satisfied that I've continued to fine tune what's most important.

I think I'll probably feel that I'm right back where I was. I think it's very hard to feel a sense of forward progress, and I've been writing some of the same items on my to-do list for years (like what the hell is up with my retirement account?). I hope I'll be pleasantly surprised at how much I have grown up, like I could magically become the kind of adult I've always dreamed of, but maybe a better (and more likely) solution would just be to accept myself for the half-lazy half-ambitious person I've always been.

i hope im happier and find them silly or reasurring and i hope ill remember all the spiritual connections i had idk man

I hope to continue making goals, reaching many and reassessing others. I hope to continue to surround myself w people who enrich my life and make me a better person. I hope to continue to have fun, take vacations and try new things. I hope to remain positive and motivated.

much like how I felt this year reading 2012's answers, I think I'll be struck by how specific the time was. How I can still remember how I was feeling last year. How in some ways there was incredible foresight and in other ways I haven't changed one bit. I hope that I will look back on the last year and be full of gratitude for another good year, but that if 2014 ends up being a year of struggle, that I find strength and humor to help me through it.

I hope I feel accomplished, excited, maybe even a little exhausted but overall satisfied.

I think I will remember the blissful settings I was in when I reflected. I think I will be grateful and proud for the progress I've made and the meaningful accomplishments I've had. I hope my life will not just feel a fuller representation of who I am and what I want; it will be that.

It was exhilarating to see my fears and anxieties reflected in my answers to last year's questions- and to know that I pushed through them and am overcoming them. I hope that I will have the same sentiments next year!

I hope to feel that I have grown. That I have allowed myself to learn from the experiences that life has given me. I hope to tell myself: "Good Job!" I hope I will be in a place of serenity, and self-acceptance, and self-love. I hope to be open and alive!!!

I'm hope I'm not as sad as before. I hope I can look back and see some growth over the past year. I want to feel some change in a forward direction, even if it is unexpected. I want to feel more, not even just good emotions, but feel more emotions about my life and about everything around me in general. I want to feel like something is okay and these answers were part of a past that has served some purpose.

I hope to feel as optimistic in a year as I do today. I try to live my life reflectively; I think in a year from now, not much will have changed.

I believe I will be pleased. 10Q guides me see things differently. commitments in writing ...... happen.

As I read this in Sept. 2014, I hope I will FINALLY have cleared the garage of clutter and created the two studios I've planned for those spaces. I've made a good start this summer and can see the completed spaces in my mind. I want this so that I can share the space, invite in the quilt guild or even teach something occasionally. It will be light and warm and comfortable. Just attractive enough to be pleasing but not so designed that we have to be too careful. I really want this! I just realized that this is the second time I've mentioned the garage space as a goal. I'm going to leave it this way. I guess it really is important to me. I also want more travel experiences. I want to go places I've not been before. My friend, Pat, turned me on to a good website called Road Scholar. It has a large selection of educational themed tours for a variety of budgets and activity levels. She and I will soon book a tour for early spring. Maybe we can do two or three next year. I want to employ a part time cleaning person. I like my house clean and orderly but I've come to dislike doing it . And I no longer do it very well. I plan to find someone who could use some extra income. In exchange I'll try to buy less fabric. Right. Let's see how that works out. Thank you, 10Q. This was another good exercise for organizing my thoughts. See you next year.

2014K, I hope our new family is bringing great joy into your life. I hope the new baby you're raising is healthy, happy, and a source of wonder to you. I hope you and 2014R are so incredibly happy together. I bet you're reading these and smiling at how incredibly naive I am as 2013K, and also thinking that it's a good thing I was, because had I known what it would really be like I'd have been scared to death—and it's all worth it, every minute of it. I hope you're showing these to 2014R and having a good laugh about everything, and maybe talking about them with 2014B.

Well I hope that I'll be in a college and on a career path that I like. I hope to be surrounded by amazing people and having fun. I hope that I can still maintain a connection to my high school friends and of course my family. I hope that I will have no regrets, only learning experiences.

I hope I'm about to start Erasmus, meaning a new and exciting chapter in my life. I want to be able to say that these answers reflect in my actions during the year. That I'm aware of myself.

Next time this year will already be a different chapter in my life, as i will have just gotten married. I hope that when i read these answers i can say that i took what i said seriously and tried to make some positive changes in my life

I think I will feel a sense of accomplishment and adventure. I think I will enjoy looking back on the year and realizing that some of the most meaningful changes I've ever made in my life thus far happened during those 12 months. And that will excite me. I might be ready for a new change, for the next step in the process, but I won't rush myself.

I hope that I can see progress in my writing career. That I have allowed my family to lift me up emotionally and spiritually, and that I have stewarded the ease and lowered stakes that I have senses since the birth of my daughter.

If I've met my goals, I'll feel incredibly self-empowered. If I haven't, and am therefore in the same place, I hope I will be kind to myself and not judge.

I think I'll feel pretty much the same, really! I think my answers will shift, but I think that we - as human beings - never quite live satisfactory lives. The key is finding a general satisfaction and contentness, I think, and not expecting every little thing to measure up precisely according to my desires. I think reflecting on the past year and realizing the process of self-growth as constant and evolving is part of my answers every year. So, I guess that is to say, next year at this time, I think I'll be able to look back at my worries and my concerns, my stressors and my successes, and be grateful for what I've done and accomplished and how I've grown. And I'll have new ideas for what's next!

I think these are more down to Earth thoughts and proposals. I'm hoping I can take that next big step into where I want to be.

It's always good to reflect -- without bing obsessive. I like that our tradition asks this of us once a year -- just enough, but not too much. I hope my choices to trade money for time will be good ones and that I will look back on this year as an important turning point.

well, it is always humbling to realize how short one really comes, but it is in the nature of being human that efforts are an approximation. my concerns about my self do not change much from year to year, but there is a subtle movement, and answering these questions certainly gives me some focus. i hope i will find some grounds for success but the struggle against habits, patterns and dispositions is hard.

Hopefully I'll feel satisfied that I achieved what I wanted to achieve, and also a little foolish for my naiveté. Hopefully I will still be in close touch with my friends that I mentioned by name. Hopefully I will be a more confident person who is late less often, better at being an adult, and better at cooking.

I hope to achieve a better balance between being present and being suitable forward-thinking.

I just want to be happier. I think I'll look back and wonder what it was like to just be starting college. But as long as I'm happy when I open these, I'll be happy.

Seriously I don’t want anything to change. I know things will have changed but what can you do but hope that when everything is just right that they will stay so forever.

I hope that I will be living closer to family and at a job where there is more life balance, and feeling of camaraderie.

I am hopeful that I will feel more confident in my skin and that I will just be happy with me. I hope that I am not disappointed in myself and that I will allow myself just to be me.

I hope I will read through these and feel a great deal of tenderness for recently 29-year-old Anna, still struggling with her sense of purpose and belonging in the aftermath of a cross-country move, a breakup, and a career transition. Dear recently 30-year-old Anna of Sept. 2014: I'm sure you have lived brilliantly this past year, as you have lived brilliantly all other years. I hope you have found some of the purpose and belonging you seek, and I hope you're still enjoying the journey despite the inevitable bumps. Go get 'em, tiger!

I think I'll probably be proud of myself for certain things and disappointed by much more as I realize that I haven't gotten quite to where I want to be. Hopefully I won't take it too seriously though. So I'll take this time to remind myself that Breaking Bad is awesome, the Rangers currently suck, Syria is a mess, I'm freaking about college stuff (who knows where I'll end up) and I'm also really hungry. But overall, life is good. I'm happy about that.

I think my life will be somewhat similar except we'll be more knowledgable about the college application process for my daughter and will have toured many schools. She will be a senior and our lives will be full of that experience. I am also hoping that my life will have more balance between work and personal so that I am doing more in the community and with others.

I hope I'll be traveling the world. I'll feel like I've made some real progress.

I think that my responses have generally been pretty positive. I hope that my feelings, this time next year, are similar and maybe even more positive. I'll be living in a very different culture and I'll likely be supporting my partner, as she finds her feet on her first time living abroad. It's going to be a rollercoaster, and I can't wait!

I'm in a pretty good, optimistic place right now, facing a bunch of changes that I'm excited about. I really hope I can make good on those changes, and not end up here next year wondering where the time went and why so much is the same.

Hope I'll be stronger and more balanced and calm.

I'll probably still be in my psychic mix of fatalism, pessimism, and despair. Since I'm such a stubborn bastard and have a tendency to stick things out regardless of how bad they get, not much will likely change. *shrug*

I hope that I have maintained my important relationship and my loving, amazing, community that was so vibrant during the wedding, and also that I have explored and not been held back by a fear of losing this community. I go back and forth a lot bout whether we should stay put in Boston around the people we love or whether we should go have an adventure in a new city. I would love to live in San Francisco or NYC or somewhere exciting and adventurous before having kids and settling. More and more I can see myself settling in Boston or in Western Mass for the long haul, but also wanting other experiences. And I don't think it can be understated how much we can learn from new people, places, and experiences. I feel like I need that now in my career and to find myself and I'm not sure I can do that in Boston. If I read this next year and feel the same way, I hope I feel like I can talk to Tom about it. I also hope that Tom and I are just as in love and crazy about each other one year after our wedding as 2 weeks (today is 2 weeks!).

I had a lovely Yom Kippur spending the day with Phil and going on a long walk, taking a nap, speaking to family on the phone. People who long for love may not be aware of all the compromise it entails to keep alive, but they are right that the companionship is priceless.

How much happens in one year and that while there are wonderful things, some very sad things happening, we are survivors and life moves on. To make the very most out of every day.

I think I'll feel pleased that I remembered to answer all the questions this year. ;) But seriously I hope my life will be much the same, because I feel like things are in a pretty good place right now overall. Of course I hope I'll have had more wonderful experiences and grand adventures and deep epiphanies, and I hope I will have found more ways to contribute to making the world a better place. I hope my next novel will be finished. I hope we had a fabulous time at Burning Man again. I hope my family and loved ones will all be healthy and happy and flying their freak flags high and proud. Hi future self...hope it was a good year. And if it wasn't, I hope you survived it with as much grace and courage as you could muster. I love you. Keep the faith and keep up the good work.

There will always be surprises in looking back to my goals, my priorities, my fears of a year ago. A year goes by in a minute, yet the world -- either your own little universe or that of your town, your country, the world -- can change in that same instant. My hopes for the coming year are simple, and probably no different than others': I want greater financial stability, stronger relationships with those I love, a more peaceful world. I want less worry, greater discipline in my work and greater serenity inside. I want the poaching of elephants to cease.

I have no idea how I'll feel next year. Looking forward it though.... I had no idea I'd be feeling so much, so much mySELF this year, and what a welcome reunion!

I hope that I will feel proud of all that I am and all that I have become in the past year. I believe in I have the power to create the life I want to live. Hello, future me, you are more than a total of experienced accomplishments. You have lived a full year of life! You set your intentions this time last year to live authentically. Have you?

I guess some of what I have said is quite aspirationall, so hopefully I will have succeeded in SOME of what I have said... But I am sure some things will stay the same.

I will be in a different work situation. I will be a certified NLP trainer. I will be training others in NLP techniques. I may be doing something totally different. I have made predictions in the past two years and only one has come true. I am really hoping I am in a better position financially. I will grow in my spirituality. I really believe I will be have grown emotionally as well.


I really hope to have taken my own advice and changed a few things about myself. If I didn't change that much or if I didn't take my own advice, I hope that its a reminder and a kick in the ass to go for the things I want and to not be afraid. I hope to be at peace and in balance, with a full time job, supporting myself, in shape and healthy and with full and loving relationships (friends, family, romantic) that make me feel human and connected to life. I also would like to have less stuff and maybe a new kitten. These questions are great, what a great review of goals and thoughts! I can't wait for September 2014! This is my year to shine and get what I want out of life!

I'm hoping I will have achieved most of what I've said... or at the very least have a date/deadline of when things are happening. I might not be able to have a specific date but I'm completely happy with forward movement. No matter how little.

If I don't have a new job, I'm giving up!

I think I will feel like everything I said was pretty true, and hopefully I will feel like my year since then has been really valuable to my life. I hope that by that time I'll have a better idea of what's ahead, although I'm not tied to that- I think it's okay if I don't know a year from now where my life will be. As long as I'm doing something worthwhile, and please God don't let me settle for living at home full time again. I don't know if I hope much will be different about my life- I just hope to continue to grow and gain perspective as the years continue

I'll feel relieved that I chose accomplish-able goals. Grateful that I functioned with more integrity and gained valuable self knowledge. I hope my life is different in that I am living with more loving people with the hot tub working and my relationships with friends are closer.

I think I will feel like I was consumed with having a baby and that I didn't have much else to think about in life...which is true.

I think I might be sad that I didn't really make many changes. It's so easy to be complacent and I often feel overwhelmed by how much I have to do to grow emotionally, spiritually and socially. I hope that the knowledge that I put these questions in writing serves as a bit of accountability for me in making small changes. But for the grace of God go I.

I hope that I'm able to single out a moment of high spirituality, that I know how to read Hebrew, that I am no longer living with mum, that I have a full-time teaching job, and that I am on my way to marrying Sara

I hope that I will have rid my self of some excess stuff and organized my space!

I hope - no, I demand, that my life will be totally different than it is right now. New home, more peace, on the road to exploring my artistic talents and working toward more inner strength!

i will always remember this season, this first rosh hashanah with my new baby, without my grandma. I hope i will feel proud of my courage this year and hope i will become less selfish and petty and more self-centered in the true sense of calm/ centeredness, more giving, more loving, more accepting, less fearful. i hope i will "sweat the samll stuff less" and be doing a good job, the best job i can do for our then 1+ year old daughter.

No idea. Last time I did this it didn't mean a whole lot to me. I just hope I'm happier and have a clearer idea of what I want in life and the ability to achieve it.

I am hoping that I will be able to look at the answers and see that I was able to meet at least a decent portion of my plans, and that the act of thinking and reflecting forward helps me move in the right direction.

I hate to think about the future. It is blank. Every sketch I've drawn has faded, every mark of ink has turned white -- I have been fooled, I have fooled myself. The future is what I make it, and I make what I make. I'm afraid to wish and hope and dream. Maybe looking at these answers a year from now at the very least I'll have the benefit of some memory of the time of me answering them -- that they'll be a sort of web of memory. There's something valuable in and of itself in memory, although it's hard to say what. It makes us who we are, it makes us human. Without being able to remember what would we be? It would be like constantly dreaming. Without a then and now, a there and here -- a perpetual center, the dreamer, and then a world. Which actually sounds sort of lovely, and also probably what being high is like. But that's not the same thing as being alive, not really. So, I hope you're OK and try to take care of yourself.

I hope to be back on track to graduate on time. That and I want my relationship with Dan to have revived itself and that we'll be more in love than ever before.

I think I'll be more hopefully. I hope to have a year full of growth and love. I hope I'll be ready for love. I hope I will be above petty insecurities that belong to middle school. What a year last year was! I hope I'll know what I'm doing with my life. I hope it's a good year. Please God I hope I'm closer to You by next year! Closer to everyone. I hope I will have gone to Israel, made new friends, met people who will get me closer to my Basherte. I hope I meet my basherte! I hope I learn how to be more honest and less crazy.

I would want to be more sure and assured of my decisions. Right now I feel like I am waiting, not making decisions, not taking enough responsibility. Thinking and questioning my choices. I hope the next time I read this I will feel like my life is what it should be and I am where I am meant to be.

I hope that in September 2014 the following will be true: I will be pregnant I will weigh 20 kg less I will be working out regularly I will have found a way to spend some quality time with my husband.

Reflective on mindful that I am an agent of change in my own life.

this is my 3rd year doing it and hopefully I'll smile. Hopefully I'll be half way done with school, hopefully work will be good. Family healthy, another niece or nephew, Siblings happy with their new roles. Ukraine or India vacation hopefully

I will definitely be in a different state than now. I will have a grandchild. Hopefully, I will have made progress in becoming more healthy and spending my time more creatively and fulfillingly.

Maybe frustrated a little, having not achieved everything I had hoped, but mostly proud, that I will have sailed my life down a increasingly positive course, and helped others along the way. Hopefully I will be undertaking more creative pursuits, and have more leisure and hobbies, while becoming increasingly professional and effective in what ever I choose to do. I especially want to have a feel of my work and relationship going in the right direction and know what that direction is. I've lived in uncertainty for so long now, but if I have to keep on going on for a bit longer then que sera, sera.

Last September my views for 2013 were big and ambitious. I was finishing school and knew this year would be full of changes. But next year I'm beginning uni, so I'm in for another year of big changes. I hope that I'm much more comfortable about being me and that I can cope with it all.

I hope I will have achieved the things I have been planning to do, but have been delaying getting started on.

I hope that my general emotional response to the ups and downs of my life will be more positive in 2014. It will signal year one of being Jewish, and I became a Jew in hopes that our people and our religion would help me become a better human being.

I hope that Chris and I will have made progress in our marriage (we'll probably still be at it; but movement is a good thing). I hope that I'll have a job at a different organization. I hope that I'll feel less doom-and-gloomy and that life has a little more optimistic outlook, even if there are big changes on the horizon. 3 years time-off for death, dying, and mourning; then another year of catch-up time - that's a lot of time. I hope that this past year I've caught my breath a little, and this coming year I'll be able to move forward for me. As I type this, someone's answer is scrolling by: "... laugh at my worries and be happy at my successes...." I don't want to laugh at my worries - they're fears for a reason - but I would like to be happy at my successes, hard work, and joys.

I will be retired and thinking of new things to do. I hope to have a new career thats meaningful AND enjoyable. I really want to work with animals or environmental charities. I hope to be able to support Ron better since I will not be stressed with work. I hope to work out difficulties with Alec. Hopefully I will have spoken to him about his drinking. Liam will be going to college, I kind of hope he stays home, I'm not sure he will be ready to be on his own.

I hope that my experience with cancer will be far behind me and both myself and my family will have healed from this, I hope that we will be able to keep our family in a loving place and live some more of our dreams

i love the ancient and modern thought -- you can never step in the same place in the river twice. it moves. you stand on the same place on the shore but the river moves. each day there are things that happen. people enter your life. people exit your life. friendships end and new friends appear. you have successes and failures -- you sometimes move a step up. a step back. here are the things that you hope are constant. love for your wife and daughters. work can go to shit. but if i have those and those things grow -- then i have it all. i need to be assertive. positive. proactive. think of potential. possibilities. persevere. push and press. believe. in ideas. self. ride the river -- do not let the river ride you.

I may feel self-pity, but hopefully I will smile at the sad girl that I was because I'm so much stronger and happier.

I hope that I take the lessons and thoughts to heart from YK. I hope that by trying to bring only good into the world, and not being as quick to mix things up for my entertainment, that I am am taken to another level of life and happiness. I hope that I have been a force of light to work, my friends, my family, and those I haven't met yet that are in my path for the coming year. I hope I look back and smile.

I hope I'll feel satisfies with the progress I've made in one year. I really hope I''ll be in a position to quite my day job & run my own business full time. If not, I hope I'm at least a few steps closer than I am now.

I hope I'll feel satisfied and inspired.

I hope I will look at these answers and find that I was able to follow through on some of the things I wanted to do and that I tried some things I never thought were possible or thought of doing. I really made an effort to finish all 10 this year (I only did 4 last year) to help me refocus on my goals and interests so we'll see if it works.

I think I will feel great. Last year's questions made me cry because I had achieved so many of the things I wanted to do. I hope that I will feel the same way in September 2014.

The same way i did this year. I was honest about life last year and i have been this year, nothing groundbreaking is going to happen. I hope this time next year i will have friends and will have more happiness than unhappiness in my life and will have forgotten all the hurt from this year.

I think I'll see some of the issues I struggle with are still there and also hopefully have compassion for my past self. I'll have alot I want tot ell her. I reach out to my future self now with love. I think in the future I will appreciate my answers to these questions that are open-minded and not too forceful. Pre-wedding- this is a scary and special time!

The 2012-2013 answer to this question was pretty much spot on - with one exception. I'm a little more optimistic for the coming year - hopefully, I'll be in a relationship (currently pending based on geographic distance) and I think I will have made a little bit more progress in my professional life too, even if it's not as much as I hope.

Since so much of what I experienced this year was through the lens of the loss of my mother, I think my answers will bring back that sadness again. But I also hope that I will be stronger next year, that my memories will bring more joy than pain. I hope I can learn to encompass those fun loving, caring, connection to others qualities my mom exhibited so well. I want to stop obsessing about my pain. I want to have spent the last year paying more attention to my husband and my children, to be more patient with them.

My hope is that I won't be sad by seeing my plans of being a consultant and realizing they didn't come true.

Honestly Im not sure. I could end up feeling accomplished, I could smile at the memory or maybe be confused what I meant. Maybe I'll have forgotten what things meant to me. Maybe I'll be thinking moreof the same. I hope my life will have progressed forward that I will have experiences and new things to look forward to. I hope that these questions have made me be focused about my goals and that they are ALL important.

Depends if I make the changes needed. If I set goals and put my mind to accomplishing them. Lets hope the changes are good and my life is for the better

God damn I hope I have a boyfriend next year. Seriously Jackie, if you don't hurry the fuck up and get one. I think I'll feel more accomplished with life. I dunno... it's hard to say how I'll feel in a year.

I think I'll have worked out some of my hangups on my schedule, stress level, and personal time. I think I'll be more confident in my daily life choices.

Hopefully, everything in my answers will come true, that my year will be as amazing as I think it will. I hope I worked my ass off, and did everything possible to make everything come true. I can't wait to see what this past year (or this upcoming year) has/will brought/bring for me! It will be something to look forward to!

I'll be hoping that I've progressed again, like I did last year. Hopefully I'll have crossed off a few more 'to do's. That's all I can ask for :)

I hope to be in a very different place - done with my major pre-dissertation requirements and hopefully pregnant! I hope I feel in control even while progressing toward stages of life that are really quite unknown for me. I'm still learning plenty about time management and self-motivation for unstructured work, as I'll be doing for the next few years, and while I'm talking to people a lot about starting a family, there's a ton I don't know. I expect that in particular will change how I relate to people, and I hope to do it in the most positive ways possible to learn from them and give of myself in return.

I hope I'll be surprised to see how much attention I wasted on my illness. I hope by this time next year it all seems like a silly blip in my story, and I can laugh at myself for being so scared.

I hope that the things I've been working on I've accomplished, and have moved on to different ways to refine myself.

I do what I do every year... laugh and chuckle. My predictions were relatively spot on. -I met my goal of finally getting myself a GF, even if she's in Thailand. -I got a new car... due to circumstances that I didn't expect. -Chelsea didn't repeat as Champions League winners. The only one that I didn't accomplish: I'm still in my same position at work . That's due to my choices more than anything else. I hope to look at the questions next year and say "I'm living my dream (or at least making it happen)" or "wow I still don't get why I was so sprung on that chick?"

Well hopefully I'll be a married woman! If I'm honest I think I'll probably read them and think 'well not much has changed then'. I hope by then I'll be more settled, less uncertain, and happier with my lot. I hope I will have achieved something unexpected but I'll just have to wait and see!

I think I'll feel sad for sad, scared, small 2013 me. I'll be surprised how much has changed; and how little. I'll feel thankful I'm not there anymore and thankful for what's happened since then. I hope I'll have found a job that's fun and fulfilling, I'll have been in good touch with the people who matter, and I'll be leading a balanced life.

I HOPE to be struck by my progress over this past year, with goals achieved and concerned alleviated. Of course, I'll take and be happy with any wins.

I think I'll re-experience all the emotions I'm feeling today. I hope that by thinking about and answering these questions, I will be back to where I was two years ago and have re-found my inner confidence, and be happy with my independence.

I hope (and believe) I will have grown a great deal personally, with respect to my understanding and approach to intimate relationships. I have already done a tremendous amount of reflection and examination, and feel like what I have learned and will continue to learn will become embedded and internalized throughout this year (and I plan to work for that). I hope I will have internalized and made second nature the practices of perspective I have been learning and working on (love, gratitude, presence, focus, and humor). And I very much hope I will have found my way into a job that I'm excited by and feel valued in. That would certainly be a nice and enlivening change.

I hope to be in a new job. I've taken the first step. I hope I will have begun to deal with my ADD-related procrastination and be less depressed - either really or through medication.

I'll be elated, excited, intrigued, interested and curious. I have confidence that I will have progressed through at least some of the changes I need to make to become healthy, whole and happy again.

This year, it showed me that quite some things happened. Not only in the year which the answers were about, but the questions they answered immediately opened up memories and ideas about last year. Answers started to form a big picture of what it was like. I did notice that the answers of last year were in some ways shortcoming of the actual year. But that will probably always be the case. Nevertheless, I tried to be completive and speak in general observations as well as details. I hope it will give me energy upon reading, as well as trigger thoughts about the year passed since the answers were entered.

I hope that I will be more in touch with myself, and with what I want from my life, and the world. I'll be curious about what I wrote, and how I think of it differently in a year.

I am hopeful that I have my life more organized, less stressful and financially secure. I am hopeful that Israel is in a safer security situation, and that the US is on a better financial footing - well on its way to solving the long rooted problems that have been created by ignoring the warning signs for the past few decades. I am hopeful that my older son is on a better financial footing, has a better outlook on life, and has found some peace and comfort to enable him to enjoy life. I am hopeful that my younger son is more comfortable with his school responsbilities, and has begun to think about his post-HS life. I am hopeful that my wife is enjoying herself more, successfully losing the weight she wants to lose, and is physically and emotionally improved.

I think that you'll probably feel very alone-perhaps genuinely afraid for the first time in a while. But it's alright, that is the natural progression of things. You've handled these challenges in the past, and You'll continue to do so. It's important to remember that this was your plan; that you meant to go through this pain. It will make you strong and keep you grounded. There is always family to reach out to. I hope you're reaching out to them. I hope you're a formidable force, armed with the knowledge you've gained from introspection and treasured conversations with friends. I hope you can throw your mind at any obstacle and watch it crumble. I hope you remember where you come from, and why you need to do this.

I think I'll be excited to see my responses. I'll be starting my sophomore year, which will be very different than where I am now at the beginning of my freshman year. I'm hoping I won't have as much internal strife as I have right now. I also hope that I will have more of an idea of who my group of friends is going to be. I'm not really sure what I want to be different. I think I'm going to end up living in the dorms for another year, even if South Quad doesn't end up having air conditioning. I do hope that my answering these questions with long responses will allow me to have a better idea of where I was in September 2013.

I think I will be surprised at how trivial my concerns were, and how little control over these things I actually have.

Two years ago I was disappointed and this year I was surprised at how much I had accomplished, I hope to be pleasantly surprised again. These questions make me focus and set goals that become integral to my life though I general forget I answered them somewhere along the way.

I will either feel good and happy, or I will be defeated because I didn't accomplish some of things I wanted to. At the end of the day, I just want to be happy day to day and no matter what I do in life, I want to always wake up that way and go to bed that way.

I think I will be proud of how far I have come.

I've had an especially volatile summer and early fall - falling in love! practically failing out of school! mental health! family stuff! It may be rattling to read these responses next year. Actually, I hope it rattles me. It will mean that I'm in a more serene place. And I honestly believe that I am setting myself up to improve in all sorts of ways - in all of the ways that I can actually control.

I think I would have settled into my fate. Whatever that fate may be is yet to be seen. I do hope I have found happiness.

I hope I'll look back and feel like I really enjoyed my daughter this year. Everyone says "time goes so fast", so I hope I'll feel like I've been present with her, and had enough time to enjoy her.

I hope I will have worked toward leaving as much of a spiritual and moral legacy as possible by speaking out and writing about Conservative Judaism, disability and poverty.

I hope that my life will have changed for the better, that I will have done the things I need to do to change the things I can and am better able to cope with those things I can't.

I hope I would have grown and will not have to use the same answers for the next year.

I think I will feel very strange looking at these questions. I really hope that I will not be in the same position as when I wrote them. I also hope I won't look back at my answers and think that I needed to straighten out my priorities. I hope I will feel more secure about the people in my life, especially friends and partners. I hope I will change my thinking slightly enough that I will be able to tackle some of the problems and fears I addressed in previous questions. I write these answers and they sound so idealistic but I know that some of them will actually happen. They are very present and high priority goals for me. I write that and I think of Ben. I think of how I want to prove him wrong and how I want to do all of this for myself as well. I hope as I read this I don't give a darn about Ben or what he thinks about me and that I will know that he was wrong.

I think I'll be surprised. I've learned, though, that in answering these questions I also set my intentions for the next year, so I'm hoping that in some way I *will* say no, even more frequently than I do now, and that, at the ripe "young" age of 66 I'll be clearer about who I am and who I was meant to be.

I'd like to think that I will be able to look at how far I've come from where I am now. I know that answering the questions has really given me a lot to think about, and some focus for the year to come. I hope that next year, I am ready to take each answer one step farther.

I hope that I am feeling as I have the past few years when I read these - that I am psychic and driven!! I hope that I am moving on towards new things and focusing on partnership and outwardly things rather than myself.

hope to b excelling in helo piloting, b set free via DP from court dodo, b a member of the LDS church. get clear on exactly what r the keys of ST Peter, who has authority and get my daughter back living with me. finally b straight with bf about not ever under any circumstances b in contact with that Biiaaaach if he is 2b with me. oh yes and get married :)

As the past answers have shown, I'm making progress, but it is slow. Many of the same issues will still be with me. I hope that I will continue to nibble at them. I realize they are unlikely to be resolved, but I hope to make some progress.

I hope I will be content with what I've learned from my travels and not view them as an excessive luxury. But hopefully ready to take a more long-term plan for the path my life is going to take.

Next year I will probably feel pretty silly as I don't think I have any well-thought out answers this year.

I hope that I look back on these questions and realize how much I have grown and changed over the past year and that these changes are for the best. I hope that I look at these answers and laugh about my worries and am happy about my successes. Hello future me!

I hope I feel less lonely. I hope i actually improved something instead of it being a repeat again. I do think i would just keep barreling forward if i didn't take the new year to think.

I want to feel that I have made progress... I want to feel that I have not let an opportunity for growth pass me by... I hope that I will have learned to trust more in myself and not doubt myself... I want to learn how to measure what is important and let go what is not... I want to feel satisfied with myself that I have made the best effort... I want to be healthy and active as I start my 40's...

I hope, I pray that I am in my new home w/my wife. I hope, I pray that our marriage is in a place of growth, embracing change, being good to each other while we go thru the changes. Finding a new way of working in a profession I love. Hopefully finding new community.

To be perfectly honest, I hope everything is status quo. Almost the opposite of last year, when I desperately needed everything to be hugely different. I've never have a happier year in my life. I don't think I took the time to consider how true that is until writing this down. If I could have a year like this every year, I will die a happy man.

I hope I'll feel like I've come a long way since then. I'll think that I was just barely beginning to understand some things that I have since brought more fully into my life. I'll feel more in charge of my life, but, paradoxically, things will happen with less effort.

I hope I'll look back at these questions and smile, and remember this as a time when I was full of hopes and possibilities that will hopefully be realized. This time next year I'll be just beginning the new chapter that I am thinking so much about and planning for right now, and I hope that I look back at my current hopes with a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. I also expect that some of the expectations I have now will have been fulfilled in very unexpected ways, and I am excited to see how things turn out.

I hope these answers will not come back to mock me and say that I haven't moved on at all. I really hope that I would have become a better person..one step at a time.

I'm hoping that I'll feel more in charge of my life; things feel sort of out of control right now, and my answers here reflect that a big. Plus, I'm turning 50 in a few months, so while this year didn't have much for me in the way of significant events, the next one will, I hope!

I hope I will have more control over my anxiety, I hope me and my boyfriend are both happy and I am no longer anxious about our future and I hope that I have a good job or am happy with whatever decisions I have made.

I think i will feel more grown up and more secure than I feel right now answering these questions. I am currently at a junction in my life feeling rather anxious, with lots of unknowns. By next year I hope to be more sorted, more organsised and 'settled' in a good, 'satisfied and happy' way, not in a 'stopped' way.

I think that I will smile, and send love to my current self. And tell her that everything has turned out just perfectly. God bless. And good night.

I hope I have changed further into the right direction. Last years I have been working so hard on myself, that I hope that I won't lose all my progress this year. I hope I will laugh at the answers of my questions and say: hey, it turned out that way or: hey, it is even better than I hoped for.

I will be married. I will feel happy and great full for where my life is and is going

I hope I will feel proud of what I have achieved. I hope there will be some movement around dealing with my son and my own food issues that I will look back and go - wow - well done! And I hope to be running my own business that is successful and a major contribution to my family that I will read these answers and go wow I did that!

I imagine I'll probably be disappointed to discover that I'm all talk when it comes to changing things.

I'm hoping to have taken a more fiscally conservative, and socially liberal view on life.

I think - and/or hope! - that I will be over the moon with joy, being newly married to my partner in life. I'm hoping the path of our lives will be clearer for the time ahead (translation: that at least one of us will have a good job!). I hope to feel I've really beaten the depression and anxiety, and that I'm making a difference - perhaps particularly in the area of sexual violence.

I hope I'll feel proud. I hope I'll feel optimistic. I hope I'll feel hopeful.

I will be excited to see my answers and hopefully proud/understanding of my accomplishments. I will enjoy looking at the "possible" vs the actual, and feel good about who I am who I want to keep working to be. What might be different? More peace in the world and my little piece of it, stronger faith and personal wellness, clearer vision of my (our) retirement future......

I think I'll feel comforted knowing that I've hopefully grown, knowing that I've experienced these feelings before and survived, and proud that I even bothered to write something down for my future self. I struggle to write in my journal daily, but these small steps help me get closer to my goal. I don't know that I'll think differently about my life, but I do think I'll look back and think how small my dreams seemed then and realize how large my accomplishments are.

I don't think things will be wildly different, in fact, I hope not as on the whole life is pretty good. There have been a few bumps in business but I think that is par for the course! It will be easier to think about my dad in a year's time. I have rushed through the questions a bit this year! More reflection time needed - maybe that can be my goal to aim for. Thinking and reflecting without over-thinking!!

2014 will be the reboot of my life and I will fullfill the goals I have set for myself. 2012/2013 were years of self reflection, healing and rebooting. 2014 will be the year to pick the fruits of that labor and get the needed fresh start!

I'm having a hard time remembering the answers I wrote just a few days ago so I'm thinking I will have no idea next year what I wrote. I think some of the answers will make me sad but also proud. Proud that I am taking steps to overcome troubles in my life.

I hope we will have sold the house and be free of so much responsibility. I suspect that will not be the case, because I have so much fear of the unknown. But we do have a place we could go...we don't have to be afraid anymore.

I can't imagine! So many amazing things happen to me all the time. Right at the moment I'm wondering what the next year will bring and I'm curious to see what I'll be reflecting on. I'm very excited to see what will transpire! My life is never, ever boring. Most of the things I never plan they just happen. So gonna let it keep happening.

Based on past feelings and resutls of this exercise, I suspect I'll feel a mix of pride, amazement, disappointment and, hopefully - surprise! I'd like to feel proud at what I say I am going to accomplish and do. I hope to feel amazed even at some of that. I'd like to amaze myself with my will power, discipline and ability to make my resolutions come true (and that would likely be nothing short of amazing!). I suspect I'll feel disappointment at all the things I've said (likely the same things I've said for a long time) that I would like to change or improve but haven't. I hope to be surprised (pleasantly so) at the the unexpected places and events life has brought me; at the accomplishments and changes happenign throughout the year without any foresight or imaginings here and now.

Judging from recent years I will be pleasantly surprised at how I've done against my answers. I look forward to seeing the progress I've made, while reflecting on the ways my life is in the same place.

I hope that we regain some sanity in our political process and recapture the desire to work together and actually solve problems as opposed to working separately and creating (or allowing) problems. Brittany will be out of school and Max will be in school, so we'll have a different set of worries. We'll be a year closer to retirement and hopefully a year closer to doing more fun things together.

Hopeful and that my life is now going in the right direction.

I think I'll be sad because I'll still be in the ed. :( I hope I am braver this year.

I hope I will be more self-accepting of: who I am and of getting older. I hope that I will be more kind and gentle with myself and those around me. I hope to be in a happy and emotionally stable relationship; and that the possibility of starting a family would be good prospect toward building a life full of love & happiness, not a fear inducing idea of being locked into a situation where I can't escape.

It makes me upset that for the past 2-3 years I've written similar responses to certain questions. I hope by this time next year I'll laugh at myself and have better/stronger responses to questions about my fears and my future.

hopefully not too sad that I might have not accomplished things exactly to my liking? time flies/life moves pretty fast, and before you know it, what you've wanted to do for the past year you didn't have time for. hopefully, things will have slowed down for me enough that I can actually accomplish everything I've set out to.

I hope that life will have settled into a routine that allows me to add a couple of manageable things. I really want to find time to explore my own creativity, so I hope that I will have prioritized that somehow.

I hope I'm less stressed out, more relaxed and more confident in my life. I hope that thinking about my life constantly helps improve it rather than screw it up.

I expect I will have the same immediate response as I had this year...Oh wow, I remember this , how cool. I hope I will have done some if not all of what I have said I would like to do in my answers. I hope I remember these throughout the year. If I have completed even some of my plans/hopes my life will have improved.

I'm hoping when September rolls around all of these questions and answers about goals will have been achieved and I will be well on my way to accomplishing multiple other goals. My goals for 2014 are so numerous, I can only hope that I've mastered the skills to help me achieve them. Am I still in a good solid relationship? Have we moved to the next step or decided to keep it status-quo? How do I feel about that? Is my daughter thriving? How are my pets? Are they happy and healthy? How is my family? Are they happy and healthy? Have I overcome my anxiety and stress? Am I doing what I need to do to be a good member of my family and of society?

I hope I will be more at peace and confident in myself. I would like to be working steadily and have regular meetings with friends and family.

At long last I will be happy, and I'll regard my previous sadness the way one listens to a puppy howl in a neighboring apartment. I'll lay there and think, "Not my problem". Then leave an anonymous passive-aggressive note taped to their door.

I think they're going to come as a surprise, i.e. I wouldn't be expecting them to arrive in my inbox. I think it will be valuable to reflect upon the 2013-14 year, and answer the questions for 2014-15 with a different perspective. Hopefully I won't look back and think of myself as childish, immature, or silly, as I have in the past, looking back at historic conversations with individuals of the opposite gender. Makes me cringe just thinking about it...

I just hope that I'm there to read them, and to be less preoccupied with imminent death all around me.

Two years away from a new prez, hopefully I will be in good health and fully insured. Answering the 10Q questions has reminded me to focus on important things, to cut through the crap. Our lives can be so busy and crowded that we neglet the most vital elements like relationships, spiritual growth, creative health, etc.

Sometimes it is hard to recognize how much you have changed in ayear. Progress can be slow. I am hoping that when I get these questions again in Septemver 2014 that I have changes and grown so much that each and every answew will be different. I will have accomplished my goals and will have the exciting task of setting new goals.

I hope that I will feel happy about how far I have come and fear that I will see that I haven't made any progress. I hope that my health will be greatly improved and not anything that I worry about on a daily basis.

I think I'll be actively trying to have a baby so these things that I've been contemplating this year, I'm hopeful they have really taken root and helped me grow into a better person. The rabbi at synagogue on Kol Nidre talked about this year "trying to be a little bit better of the person we know we are, and a little bit less annoying of the person we are as well.

Life in all honesty is generally good. I am happy, my friends and family are healthy and doing well. My own self limitation is the biggest issue. Im not worried about my lack of ambition and trundle along though occasionally wonder - 'is it enough?' I think I will reflect on my answers and wonder if anything has significantly changed.

I hope that next year I have grown emotionally and have achieved some of the major milestones I have planned for myself for this year. I hope I will be better off financially and in my job standing and more secure in my personal relationship.

Hmm. I haven't read my answers from last year yet. I hope next year I am excited and eager to read my answers, rather than a little hesitant to confront unmet expectations. The big goal I have not met is completing my dissertation. However, there are other things in my life that seem more urgent and more important. I hope if my perspective on success changes again in the upcoming year, that I am more willing to accept it without regret.

I think I'll be nervous, perhaps apprehensive, of reading what my hopeful past self would have written. Most of what I'm writing will have been forgotten by September 2014, naturally. So many things will have changed--and if you're reading this, Fiona, I hope that things have changed and evolved and developed for the better. :) I hope that I'm happier and enjoying life more, or resting in peace should that be the path God wishes for me to take. I just hope I'll be able to make Future!Me proud, and I know that I'll have to be able to work hard and do my best. Hope your 2nd year at sixth form is going well, whatever the better, Fiona!

I think I will continue to be a largely positive person and I will have achieved some of the goals I will be setting for myself.

I hope my life has changed and has kept getting better. I hope my career is in a better place and I'm still employed at the same place. With better money. And more work to do. I hope I live with my boyfriend and we're as happy then as we are today. I hope all of the things I mention in here are either successful or no longer a burden to me.

I'd like to know that I've enjoyed the journey, and that I'm ok no matter where it's taken me, even if I seem to be in a similar place, and to be gentle with myself.

I don't think I'll feel surprised by my answers. I do hope, though, that I'll be able to say, "ohhh, I remember those days. Wow, I've come so far!"

I hope I will still be smiling. I hope the family issues will be managed, I know I can't control them but would like to spend less time chasing down estate planning attorneys, Medicare, being the liaison with social workers, etc etc. I look forward to reading these answers and remembering the joy and exhilaration this last year has brought. I hope I will not have forgotten how long I wanted to be a parent such that I complain over the little stuff so much that I forget what a privilege I have been granted.

I really hope I will feel content. That I will have a partner to share my hopes and fears with. That I wish more than anything. I've shown I can do it alone. Now I want a companion to share my life with.

I don't think my life will be significantly better next year. I hope it won't be significantly worse.

I think I'll feel one year older and, just maybe, a little bit wiser. The "work" never ends, so I'll be grateful for the opportunity to stew on the questions and issues yet again, to consider where I've missed the mark and where I've excelled. I don't expect there to be much different about my life other than (I hope!) more certainty about BAASICS and a more concrete idea of my personal project.

I hope when I read the answers, I'll realise it's the first time in months that I've thought about Jennifer Omran. She's been such a disastrous episode in my life, that I'd like for her to just not figure at all.

I really hope that I'll completely forget about these answers and open them with a completely fresh mind. I'm really excited to see how my life has changed and what progress/digression I've made. I definitely think that taking time to myself to think about these questions has opened my eyes a little bit more and hopefully I solve more of my problems as a result. I hope want I want to change, does, and what I don't, doesn't. But who knows, each day is a new one. Best of luck.

I hope I feel more contentment and equanimity with myself and the world.

I'm open to however the year turns out. The surprises of the past 10 years have been astounding; I expect nothing less of the next one.

I really hope that I will be able to see that I have carried out my intentions and will have established myself in my health coaching and religious writing.

Last year I was very surprised and pleased by my answers from last year. I worry that I won't be as excited by this year's answers because they are not as poetic nor are they very specific. I give myself a lot of wiggle room, which really hinders my development. I hope that I can stay focused on the smaller goals in between the lines, but I can't be too frustrated by what I accomplish. My plate is so full, something is bound to fall off.

I honestly don't know what I'll think. I hope to be far beyond where I am now. Looking outward and upward to the future, keeping my options open, and pushing forward. I'm hoping there's a baby or two in my life by then....I really want to be a dad.

I'll feel older and more mature. I always do. I also hope to be happy.

I hope that I will be in some place even better than the place I am in now. I don't like to put such concrete measures on myself, so I'm not sure how improved I'd like to be, but I know I hope to be improved. Every year I want to move closer and closer to happiness.

I will probably feel a bit overwhelmed. I trend to set lofty and general goals that lead me down a path straight to The Everything Thing. Instead, I hope I'm forgiving and humble, and that I can laugh at myself. A part of me thinks these questions will have no affect. It's the same part that tells me I will never change (that I will fail at working out, meditating, and money management -for example- and anything else I set out to do to better myself). However, the dreamer/hoper/optimist thinks that being mindful of these goals will help make then happen. I desperately want to continue supporting that optimist.

I have some new thoughts about T'shuva this year. In past years I have viewed the T'shuva process with intensity and urgency. Even though I have welcomed the deadline of Yom Kippur to square away all of my relations and my life, that is simply not possible. Even if I did, the very next day, I felt I would fall off the path. T'shuva is a daily practice all year. I want to look at it as a goal to stay PRESENT on my path, open to the abundance and infinite possibilities that life offers. My footsteps create my path. I will offer my intentions and not try to struggle, arrange and control the outcome. If I am unattached to my intentions and trust that the universe will provide good choices, I can't fall of the path. I will be open to being delightfully surprised next year.

I have no idea, I hope that I am on my way to completing some of the goals I have set for myself this year. I hope that I have made a dent on the positive thinking and am not at the same place that I am this year.

I look forward to receiving my answers every year. It is a gift my past self gives to my future self: a gift of promise and encouragement. I hope I will successfully embrace the goals I have made for myself, and continue this tradition of asking and answering.

I hope that when September 2014 rolls around that I can feel that we're well-launched on our new business and seeing a revenue stream coming into place. I want to be working with people who engage and uplift me and my husband. I hope that he feels that he's able to make his mark and have an impact. Today he said "No, you can't join our company" to someone who is very much like his father. A petulant, ego-driven, never-satisfied, negative, unpredictable person. I'm so proud of my husband for taking himself out of feeling beat-up and wondering what he should have done differently to please this man. Instead he's realizing how that negativity would have blighted this project. I hope that he continues to grow in this strength and confidence. 2013 has been a better year for our marriage and I hope that it continues that way. I think that if I'm stronger and less "go along to get along" that it keeps me from feeling depressed or angry at him. I need to be clearer about my needs and take better care of myself. And I hope that I'll have followed through on my promises to myself to get involved with an organization where my skills can really make a difference. I need to spend less time daydreaming and procrastinating and more time doing.

I'm just going to try to roll with the punches. I've been answering and reviewing these questions for several years now. What I've observed is that some really bad years have been followed by much better ones, and vice versa. It's been valuable to look back and congratulate myself on goals achieved, and recommit and gain perspective on those not yet achieved.

I will feel very excited that we have, once again, come full circle. I pray to be more aligned with my predictions of how my life will improve. I pray to have achieved all the goals I have set for myself.

Can I even guess how I'll feel next week? I realize now a sense that my answers are broad, almost rebellious at times. Mostly, I don't know, and I'm not sure you do, either. I think they show that I don't know where I'm going, but I have sense why or how I'm going. I don't think answering these questions will be what makes the difference. I think about myself and where I am, what I'm doing, and the world, all the time, but in a different, deeper, more about the present moment and what matters now, kind of way. With no assumptions that there's something about me that needs to be changed. It's that "paradox", that only once we've accepted ourselves as we are that change happens.

I hope to be happy and healthy. I hope my answers don't sting. I hope I have moved forward and begun graduate school.

I would like to think that I feel "hey, I remember thinking about that. I'm so proud to have come toward that goal" or "wow, look how far I've come".

I want to say I'll feel like I'm in an even better space. I don't know if that's going to be true. At very least I want to read these and remember how good this September was. I want to remember the sun through the trees and the sound of the river, the books I've been reading, the language I've been learning. I want to remember popcorn, beer, and weird British TV shows with Tyler. I want to remember waking up and feeling okay. At the absolute least I want to have these memories. If everything changes for the better, than great. If nothing changes, than that's going to have to be okay too.

I think I'll feel ready: ready to face the future head on. I'll hopefully be just starting social work school and having just finished up 9 mos in Israel. I'm hoping that I'll feel empowered to impart change on whichever community I am placed to work with in school. More than just having a placement, I will have the skill set to form a partnership with the organization and collaborate with one another. I think that having some expectations for myself or ways in which I can improve grounds me and provides with a focus. Rather taking life a day at a time, a mantra I sometimes live by, I can look at my life through a larger lense...what can I gain from this day? How am I different person from the start of the morning? What does this day beyond the context of myself and my own goals? These questions will open my eyes to not only my own questions, but also the key to finding some of the answers.

Positive and happy.

When Sept. 14 rolls around, I will probably be filled with despair. I will be vindicated. I am a cynical person. If things are better, that would be nice, but if things are as I think they are, I will not be surprised. I would like for my husband to have a real teaching job, but I will not be surprised when he doesn't. I would like for my son to have a successful job, but I will not be surprised if he does not. Happy Congress, US, Fuck you. Happy 2014, world. See you on the flip side.

In September 2014 I will finished my nursing internship and my preliminary (medical) examination. I will be in my clinical studies and I hope that all will be allright, so that I can think of the past 2013, the present 2014 and the future 2015 and that I only think: "Yes this is wonderful" and that I can really smile :) Thank you Sue, that you get us through another year! Congrats and thx.

I would like to get a better handle on this living alone thing that is so new to me. Having Joe meant someone was watching my back and I was looking out for him. Now who will watch over me, and who will I be a noodge to? Who will I qvetch to and about? I hope some friends will step up and keep in touch... and that I will not become one of these people who goes around talking to herself and being a dependent pathetic nuisance type of harpy. Being immersed in the brutal unprotected--embarassing?--fact of death, is two edged: horrifying; but also forces awareness of how precious life is.

I think I'll say: "lame, that's the same as the year before, stop trying to be some philosopher." Hi Erin 2014: I hope you read this and are in good spirits. I hope you feel amazing and are having a great start to the new school year. I hope you travelled last year, stayed in love and had a fabulous time doing both. You're really a lucky girl for what you have, and I don't think you realize it half the time. Give mom a hug and tell her you love her. Do the same to your sisters, they're the ones that will always be there for you. I hope you accomplished many things this year and that you have an idea of where you want to go in the world. Love, Erin 2013

I hope that I feel good about where my life is, whether it matches what I've written here or not. Taking time to pause and thing about goals and aspirations and important life moments is always a worthwhile exercise.

I hope I feel good about my progress and continue to grow in ways that are clear. I hope that verbalizing these things remind me how important I am and how short life is, that my social and personal growth is always more important than my job - which currently takes up a lot of brain space and actual time.

I intend to reach at least 80% of my stated and thought goals. Plan to read more about history and business. Also plan to take and pass 6 Coursera classes.

Hoping I feel on secure financial footing; hoping I have more spaciousness, more time to putter and to read, time to just muse...

I hope I pay attention to the small and simple things I have said. I better not be writing the same answers again next year!

Sep 2014: I think I'll feel that my answers were indicative of my life at that moment. I hope I feel more settled in my life purpose/direction, and that I will have taken steps to grow and learn.

I think I'll feel that much hasn't changed. I hope I'll feel that I moved through some things successfully, and as a result that the same mistakes and patterns don't have as much of a hold. Hopefully I will also be able to hold the answers with humor and compassion, regardless of where I am in my life.

I'm sure I will wish I could bring more humor into these questions & answers, that I could think about these high-level questions more frequently throughout the year to keep the inspiration going.

Im afraid of being in the same place and have not moved forward at all. I have noticed that time is flying past me and I am not getting younger, I really dont want to feel I've wasted my life... so! hopfully I am wrong! Hopefully I will have persevered past the time & life management issues that plaque me. I hope to be in better health and I hope to be healthier all around for it.

I think I will feel kind of depressed when I receive my answers. It was another year that wasn't that great. I really, really hope I'm having a great year in 2014.

I hope everyone is safe and happy and alive and well - and that'll be what impacts my reaction to the answers; I know this from rereading my past answers this year.

I hope I will feel more at peace with my life. Maybe I will be even more accepting of my situation.

I WILL BE BETTER THIS TIME. It'll be good! I'll be kinder to myself. I will be kinder to myself. I will. Hear that, Maxine? Be nice to yourself. You're the only you you've got!

Well, I am hoping I will be at least a 100 pounds less. I am hoping I will still be singing and I would really love to own my own home that is not a hovel. I want to be living my life to the fullest. I don't want to be sitting around depressed. I think I will have to go back to therapy to work through my mother's death. I don't want to be in fear of dying every day.

I hope I'll be a better me. And in looking back, have learned from my mistakes, have been able to move forward consistently and happily, and accomplish the things I'm capable of accomplishing. I hope all my wishes and dreams come true. I want to have my champion and life a happy, healthy, love and fun filled life.

This year, I felt terrible as I found myself in the exact same place as last year. Really, I mean it. Exactly the same. Dear Sasha: I hope you're happy. I hope you're facing your fears every day, from going to the gym, to going to a new coffeeshop, to making your life exactly what you want. I don't care if you're still in Orange County, or Minneapolis, or Italy. As long as you are pushing yourself and walking into the belly of the best. I love you! (And if you're not, it's okay. You can always start tomorrow.)

If the state of the world still allows for introspection, I want to be able to say "I DID it"! I made the changes I hoped for.

Totally disappointed in my ability to commit time and energy to the project. My inability to reflect or remember anything that happened in the past year. Who can remember that? I know I can't. Therefore those reflection questions just feel unanswerable. What's the point? Another case of me not working hard enough...

I was disappointed to receive this year's & realize, we still haven't mastered saving money. Most of America is struggling & you have to be happy to just survive. I am happy we've been able to help our kids here & there. Setting goals & review is always good. Always positive, and always takes you in a more purposeful direction in life.

Hopefully not depressed. I want to not be depressed any more.

I hope that all that I was working for hav been achieved and that I'll be ready to plan out new goals and reach higher.

Last year I gave an answer that made me feel disappointed when I read it again. I don't want to let myself down, because I feel like I'm in the same position. But, at the same time, it was kind of amazing to see how far I've come mentally so it was kind of cool. as for next year, I have no idea. I hope I'll be happy. And I'll laugh. I want to come away next year and respect myself for all that I should've accomplished in that year, whatever it may be or regardless of how small it may seem.

I hope to look back with pride about how much growth I had experienced. I hope that I could come into a more wise adulthood, filled with peace of mind and hope. I hope to have achieved some of my goals, so that I could stop listing them year after year.

Very pleased that I have actually achieved some of what I set out to do this year. I may be slow, sometimes glacially so, I can get get some of these hard things done. As a result of thinking about and answering these questions, I am going to take more action and in the long term, I am going to be happier inside myself, and more connected to those around me and the world in general.

I think it will "take me back" and also allow me to see how far I have progressed. I would hope I will be more content with life, because I will have been living it to the fullest.

I have recovered some from the heartache of 2013-13- but what remains is a sense of anxiety that I have not had before. There is a feeling that the other shoe will drop - that something more will happen with Daryl- even more tragic or that the unthinkable will happen with one of those precious girls of mine. I think by this time in 2014 - I will have a new confidence that all things work together for good- that I will lay down to rest in peace and that I will share peace with my girls and not worry.

I think I'll be happy to se that I was in such a good place with my recovery. I'm running low on time before the vault closes and am unsure of what to say. I just hope that I'm still really happy.

That I am fulfilled again as a person and unaffected by the divorce..That I am anew and renewed person who really has moved on with no regrets or sadness..living my life truly to the max..

I hope by this time next year I am a better me.

I hope I find that I have accomplished what I wanted to and that I have at least made progress in the changes I hope for. I hope I can look back and say, "Wow, look at how much I've grown! I can't believe that was just a year ago. Now how do I up the ante this year?"

I hope I will feel accomplished. I hope I will read my answers and feel like I am at a great place in my life and I have been able to navigate myself there. Last year I was unhappy during 10Q and this year I am in such a better place. I hope that trajectory continues and that I am at an even better, more confident place where I am happy about my life. I hope these answers will guide me towards what's important.

I imagine I'll feel heartened by some, see progress on some, and not as much as I'd like to see on others (like conquering fears).

I hope to see growth and change within me.

really? I hope I have had the guts to either leave kenn or to be fully with him. I hope that I am less living in the past few weeks and have more of a life to reflect over. I think I will be able to see more of my future fully and be closer to a calm in my heart.

I hope I will be happier.

I might feel very discouraged that not enough has changed. I HOPE I can see some progress toward my intended goals.

I want to be smiling at myself as I read these. I want to maybe be thinking I was a bit naive and childish. Oh, silly, silly past Theo, worrying about such a simple issue! Because that means I will have truly overcome the hurdle. Right now, these hurdles seem big, even if they don't when I'm reading these answers. So to know I overcame them, and they're now so simple that I won't ever be encountering them again... That is a great outcome.

well, i hope that as a result of thinking about all these things, i will have moved toward accomplishing them. right now i am sitting here afraid to look at last years answers, knowing that i havent done what i wanted to. ugh. i hope to not have that feeling next year.

Perhaps I'll actually put make my personal life more of a priority than I have in the past decade. Work has dominated so much, but if I'm able to be a better, more efficient leader, then maybe I can free up my time to relax more, find new interests, and find romance.

I think I'll feel like I tried. I tried to write and sell a book about something that matters. I tried to start a company with a social benefit to help heal the planet and increase awareness. I tried to be a better husband and brother and son. To be more tolerant, more patient, more mindful, and more caring.

I hope I will be actualized in the ways I have described. I hope that I will have exciting creative projects underway. I hope I will continue to choose the healthy and calm and loving viewpoint of my life. I hope Ben and I will be doing as well as we are now. I hope that I will be pregnant or trying to be pregnant. I hope I will be living in the light that I am lucky to have boundless and creative inside of me.

I hope I'll be proud of myself and that my pride won't be overshadowed by the banality of what I accomplished or the ways I feel I fell short. I hope I'll look back on this year with some fondness, even the times when I was overwhelmed and exhausted and crying at bus stops.

I hope I've found some happiness. I hope I've lost a little weight. I hope I've gotten a promotion at work. Whatever changes, opportunities, and challenges come my way, I just really hope I'm happy.

I would like to be MUCH happier than I am this year.

I hope to be settled and married or about to be married. I want to be enjoying what position I'm in and enjoying my life in all domains. Yeah life!

I'll either be dead, or I'll have fully failed and will have moved on to something else. Either way, I'm sure there will finally be some relief.

Amazed. I will be a better and stronger woman than I am now because this kind of introspection is always good for the soul.

Hopefully, proud of what I've done since now. Hopefully also in a happy relationship.

I think I'll feel a profound sense of nostalgia. I'll be in the "Real World" for the first time, and I feel like these questions will give me a good, if haunting, perspective on how differently I'll perceive the world then vs. when I was in college. I just hope I'm happy with the changes.

I think regardless of what happens, I will be in a very different place from where I am now. The ambiguity around my current personal and professional situations will be resolved one way or another. Of course, knowing how things go, I'll probably just be trading one set of ambiguities for another!

I hope I feel like I've grown. That I know who the 29 year old me is. Sometimes I worry i missed out on being who I am because I was too busy trying to figure out who I could be. I hope I'm still working at my job, that I've continued to develop a path in my career. I've grown and I'm shown respect. I hope that I'm one year closer to some clarity on whether or not camping is where I plan to spend my life. I wonder if Jason and will be engaged, though I'm not sure I'll be ready to be married. Maybe I will be? Time cna trick you sometimes and things happen before you know it, or later.

I'll probably chuckle softly to myself and smile at the way my year-ago-self was so confident in my year from then self.