Describe a significant experience that has happened in the past year. How did it affect you? Are you grateful? Relieved? Resentful? Inspired?

I applied and was accepted to college. At 47 years old I am going to pursue a degree in Philosophy. I am amazed, grateful and inspired to have the opportunity to do this. I am humbled as well. This will be a tremendous challenge.

My work talk with Jesse rocked my world. The things he said in that two hour span helped me shift my perspective. Alex helped too, suggesting that instead of reacting to people who fear my energy and want me to shrink, by shrinking, to seek out the people who WANT me to be big.

Matthew was born. I am grateful especially to see Daniel and him being brothers.

I am currently 34 weeks pregnant. I couldn't imagine a more significant experience. I am scared, nervous, anxious, excited. And very ready to meet my son.

I became a mother. I feel incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to experience such a wonderful thing.

In June of 2013 I was told that I have celiac . which means I cant eat food with wheat products in them. its been hard but I feel sooo much better.

I filed for divorce in June after 15 years of stressful marriage. I am relieved that I finally made a decision but very stressed at the process.

I became a meditation instructor and have helped others to achieve the same. I am grateful and inspired. I believe the more people who begin to meditate in the world will help truly change the way we see things.

Mother passed away. She taught me much in the last few months of her life and I will be eternally grateful for the gift of being there for her.

I earned my esthetics license. I can finally say I am a licensed skin therapist. I was relieved and very proud of myself. I worked and studied hard and made a 93 on my written exam and a 97 on my practical, matching the highest score achieved by a graduate of the esthetics program at LBW. :-)

I went to treatment for my eating disorder. It was the hardest decision I have had to make for myself in my entire, albeit, short life. Going to treatment has made me a stronger person more capable of facing the world and my fears. Not only am I relieved, but I will be forever grateful to the people and friends I made along the way

The most significant event in the past year was my audition for and acceptance to cantorial school, and the events following that. It was a period of intense reflection, soul searching, pain, nerves, joy, and validation. It was also a huge test of patience, perseverance, and self-worth. I am honestly drained from it all, but relieved and proud of myself for the hard work I put in to getting to this point. I was accepted to two cantorial programs, both very different and both prestigious and perfect for me in their own ways. Both acceptances came with challenges, and I needed to close a learning gap in order to join my cantorial class in Israel this year. I worked and worked and worked at music theory, took voice lessons twice a week, and practiced on my own at home for hours each week. And at the end of the spring, I retook the theory exam and passed. Sigh. Of. Relief. I write this from Jerusalem where I am preparing to sing with the HUC High Holy Day choir- something I had only dreamed of doing previously. I'm a real cantor now -- at least I'm on my way there. And I can't wait to see where this journey takes me.

a significant experience. just one? i went on shnat how do i choose just one?! it's going to be prayer, and it's not really just one prayer experience but the experience of praying in a way that i want to. i'm incredibly grateful for the friends that were with me and the ability to do this sort of prayer. i also now know how i like to connect with praying which makes life a whole lot better. vaguely frusrating when i'm not experiencing prayer that's exactly what i want, but i'm just ging to have to find the places that have what i'm looking for. definitely inspired.

I packed up my entire family and moved overseas. It affected me in so many ways it has been hard to count. It has beena journey of self-discovery as I learnt how to be by myself, be with strangers, be in a new environment, be without family and friends and just how to be present, with everyone including and most importantly with myself. It showed me who my true friends were and how strong and flawed my marriage and parenting skills are but gave me comfort in knowing I would come out okay regardless of the challenges because of those strong friendships, flawed marriage and parenting skills. I am unbelievably grateful for this experience as an adult and I am so grateful to have been able to given this experience to my children who likely won't remember most of it but will hopefully take away the strength of our family and how to accept and adapt to new circumstances and cultures. I do miss home though. It gets easier every day, but I still often miss residing in my comfort level. I sometimes find myself saying I want to move again!

Got dumped after being in a 5 year relationship. And being best friends for 10 years. At the time I was absolutely broken. However 10 months on, I am stronger and genuinely relieved. Looking back I realise that I was unhappy and now I am so grateful and believe that whatever is best for you, will be.

The real problem is I really can't think of one. Not easily. Plenty of experiences. The odd moments of joy. Which makes me feel like I am just drifting. I should be doing something more with my life. So starting to do something about that would be significant but I am not quite sure where to start.

I bought a house. It was one of the most frustrating, exciting, scary and amazing things I've ever done. I just moved in this past weekend and am thrilled (and a bit exhausted).

This year I believe i met my soul mate and the man I plan to marry. I am in such a good place because of him and he inspires me and pushes me to achieve every single day. I am so grateful that he's in my life as well as his family who I now also accept as my own 2nd family.

This year my wife's step father passed away. He was a very good man and someone I could actually respect. I was relieved that he passed because he had reached a point of suffering where there was no hope of recovery, but I was very happy the doctors that I had put him in touch with extended his life for almost year and gave him a good quality of life for that year. I will miss him since he is the one member of my wife's family that lives in the real world and not la la land.

My husband and I had our first child in November. It was the most amazing experience of my life. We have a beautiful, healthy baby girl and she has has changed my life in a beautiful wayl. I'm not going to say things have been easy and perfect. In fact, there were times that I wasn't quite sure what I had gotten myself into. Additionally, I made the decision to quit my full-time career and stay at home with her. In the first few months of this decision, I wasn't sure it was the correct one. At times I was terribly resentful, especially when I would look down at this screaming, unhappy baby and then myself, who had not showered in a few days and was wearing the same pair of pajama pants I had for days. I often wondered how I had gotten to this place. As time wore on, and things became easier, I am grateful for the opportunity to raise my beautiful girl. She is the most inspiring little being I have ever come across and has changed my life for the better.

I decided to leave my job of five years to take an international teaching position in a country across the world. I left almost everything I owned behind and said goodbye to the people I am closest to. My husband and I have now been in Taiwan for two months and have created a new home for ourselves. It amazes me how quickly this brand new place has become home. Although I miss the familiarity of my old home, I am grateful for the enriching experience of living in a new place amongst a new culture.

I've just got back from our Californian trip and it was wonderful. It effected me deeply because of the struggle to get there - particularly Dom's visa and the fact that the whole adventure reinforced my view that you should never lose hope and you should never give up. I am grateful, relieved and inspired!

I'd say switching jobs. It's been amazing. I didn't realize how bored I was before in accounting. I've had so many more opportunities to take training classes/join teams with different expertise. I'm actually looking forward with what's to come.

I turned 30.I lost 60+ lbs. But, the real significant experience was being able to shed a bit of the darkness clouding my head. There is a positivity within me that did not exist before. I believe. I feel like I am finally at the foot of the mountain.Now it's time to begin my ascent. There is still doubt.But, the thirst and hunger in me is outweighing it. I am beyond inspired. I am raw mineral. I wonder what I will become.

My gorgeous little sister got pregnant for the second time, and then engaged to her lovely boyfriend. Although this has happened before, to the same sister, this is the first time I have felt this is right, which has enabled me to be truly happy and excited for her. It's been such a breath of fresh air not to have to guard my feelings.

I jumped into the dating pool again after 30 years. The first man I saw exclusively was a joy ride: rich, generous in love and experiences, and seemingly head over heels in love with me. I found out that this was his ammo, that he was not truly interested in my children, and I cut if off, before he ended it with me. Still, not a bad re-entry. After him I met another man, Peter, who has been good on all the other fronts: a kind friend, thoughtful partner, strong parent and generous lover. We're both interested in this becoming a long, long term relationship. But of course nothing is simple. We will see where life takes us this year. I welcome love back into my life. It has reshifted my priorities and I am grateful.

Students from a local school raised funds to donate 130 copies of my self-published children's book to a children's cancer treatment facility in Portland, Maine.. The opportunity to be part of this incredible mitzvah, and in all honesty, sell a bunch of books, was huge for me. I was so moved by the community's generosity. One day in early spring, someone called me with the news that my book had been selected. I was so honored.

This year I had many losses and gains. Life was up and down. But the only constant was LOVE. I was loved and have loved by a wonderful husband. I am both inspired and so discouraged for all that has occurred. I am so inspired by the ebb and flow of life and how things can pick up after they fell down but am discouraged about the many things that have fallen. I hope this year to gain and keep perspective.

My daughter was born, who was our first child. So yeah, that was a game changer, to put it mildly. Aside from the instant shift in lifestyle, what changed the most was the perspective it provided on life. Her life is now an extension of mine and my wife's, and our decisions aren't as individuals, or as a couple, but as a family. This goes down to everything from where we live, what we do on weekends, to the temperature of the house. It made me grateful for her health and wellbeing, but also keenly aware of our own mortality.

The Trayvon Martin case with its "lawful" but unjust verdict made me (and my husband) angry. So angry in fact that we are boycotting Florida this year. Friends have said that Florida won't notice our absence - true but we could not enjoy ourselves as long as that law, Stand Your Ground, and the unfair treatment of African Americans continues.

My daughter received a liver transplant on 9/23/2013. I will always be grateful! The parents of the young man who was her donor made a very selfless decision at a very sorrowful time for them. I don't know them, and probably never will, but I hope they somehow know how thankful we are.

Working at Starbucks. It has been incredibly good. Humbling - I try to approach sweeping and mopping the floors with the same integrity that I bring to teaching. I have met some wonderful people, both staff and customers. I've re-met myself from 30 years ago, and discovered that we may have liked each other had we met. I have re-discovered how much I like teaching, and how important (perhaps more than anything else) human connectedness is (as opposed to 'teaching content'). Every moment is truly teachable, the question is, am I up to the task?

I met Scott! I am so incredibly grateful to have him in my life, and so thankful I've found such a great man. He makes life bright, exciting, and enjoyable. I am optimistic for our future and think he might just be my lobster. :)

Uni has been both a steep learning curve and have had both triumphs and embarrassing wrong chooses too. The other big life changer was loosing my mother this year. Apart from the sadness, it's prompted me never to rate a moment or opportunity life presents to me.

My step son in law had a kidney transplant. The new kidney came from his younger brother. The medical care and pre-op planning was remarkable. I literally broke in to tears in the hospital cafeteria as I marveled at how blessed we are to live in the United States and get the kind of care and advanced technology that we have . I know there are many inadequacies with our health care but there are more reasons to celebrate and be grateful for our access. He is doing great. Really, Really grateful.

My husband and I made the difficult decision to treat our son who has a chronic dog phobia. This is equal parts painful, overwhelming, confusion, frustrating, a time suck. I am proud of us as parents but I am sometimes filled with doubt, guilt and fear. I am hopeful.

Remarried. Married the mother of my child. I'm very grateful she's part of my life.

Turned 38. Not a major number, but to me, anything I want to do or have done by 40 needs to start happening now. To be honest, it's kind of freaking me out.

The Boston Marathon bombing. It affected me and a whole lot of people around me, but especially a good friend who did not loose a limb, but sustained some internal and mental injuries. She is still recovering. I am grateful that she is alive and I am saddened that she is still suffering from the incident.

The arrival of Lucy (my niece) was significant. It was astounding the connecting I felt to her, which must be genetic as I don't feel such a connection to my nephews and nieces on my husband's side. It was also amazing to see how good my brother was as a father and how much he loves his daughter.

I had to leave my job, sell my house and move to my home country after my work permit ended and my permanent residency had not been finalized. In the beginning I was down and shaken, but reflecting back I got a restart in life and am now focussing on new opportunities and reconnecting with family and friends. Resentful in the beginning, now looking at life with a new perspective and happy for all the good things to come!

I fell at MCA Chicago and broke my foot, tore 3 ligaments on the outside of my ankle and tore my PTT Tendon. So much of my year has been about recovery and I have had trouble taking care of myself as a whole person when I was spending so much time on one small part of me.

I got rear-ended in my 2005 Volvo....and it totalled the Volvo, but I was fine (because she WAS such a great car). As a result, I had to get a 2009 Subaru Forester, which is newer (for which I am grateful). I am relieved that I didn't get hurt, and resentful that I lost my Volvo.

My wife told me she wanted a divorce eight months ago. We finalized the divorce a month ago. I have been sad, lonely, regretful, guilty, angry—most emotions I've felt. I'm still reeling and tired and achy—physically and emotionally.

I finished my MSIS program, got my degree, got laid off, landed a temp job, went full-time and permanent, and wound up doubling my salary. It was stressful, but a major accomplishment.

I went to BronyCon and New York City. The first was mostly just fun, but the second fulfilled a dream I've had since I was a little girl. I'm so glad I did it and I can't wait to go back someday!

I moved in with my boyfriend of four years. I have a mixture of emotions. I'm relieved in many ways. But also confused because it doesn't necessarily feel like we're moving forward...

Almost 1 year to the date of setting off on an epic mountain adventure, which is significant in itself, I completed a documentary film about this adventure to raise awareness of ovarian cancer. Through several breakdowns and near give-ups I completed the film no matter what. I had a vision, a dedication to do something out of my comfort zone; something bigger than me, and I stuck with it. I achieved so much from sticking through this, I never complete things of this magnitude. Ever. I got full circle healing and accomplishment. I also gained the self worth and confidence that I knew was in me. Later this year I put myself first and left my soul sucking, take advantage, corrupt employer! Here's to completions!

I decided to change professional direction and become a coach. It has reinvigorated me and filled me with possibility and excitement. Right now I am straddling two jobs and starting to feel resentful of my old work. It's getting in the way and I want to move forward. I haven't felt this way in years. I feel extremely motivated and certain this is for me. I am grateful and ready to jump!

I lived in Israel for a year. Teaching elementary school students how to read, write, and speak English, and see the joy in their eyes when understanding a concept was so inspiring. My year abroad post-college and a year of work was truly life-changing. I made the most amazing friendships and learned so much about myself.

I have handed in my notice at a company where I have worked for nearly 6 years. I have moaned the whole time I've been here but have actually loved most of it. It is the place I worked while getting married, having my two children. I've learned most of what I know about my industry and also made life long friends. I am excited for my new job but also worried I won't be able to cut it back in the 'real world'. I will also miss my friends Liz and Sam.

I have disliked my job for a while now but after a long time and putting up with my boss being an arsehole he made me cry and have a bit of a breakdown in the toilets at work. This was the final straw and has given me a kick up the arse to get a new job. It has made me feel motivated and also a little care free as I really don't care about the job I am doing now. Quite a relief. Just waiting to leave now...

I got a job and then got laid off 9 months later. I had plenty of opportunity to build humility through my time in the labor force and following my exit. I was relieved to be laid off, as the job was excruciating. I can find all kinds of fault with the people I worked with, but it leaves me uncertain of my future employability.

I finished all the outstanding work we had for the ANF. I am relieved yet incredibly sad because this work represents all that C had worked for and in the end in a way it killed him. I am so glad it's over, but at the same time it's crushing in its finality. My old life is really gone. I feel the same way about the sale of our houses. The stress is gone but the sadness is profound and will never go away.

After being rejected last year, I got into my MSW program. I wasn't expecting it to feel as BIG as it did. After 12 years of work, and effort, and delay, I finally get to take the next step towards my goals.

My oldest child got married this year and is more content than I have ever known him to be. It is a source of great delight and gratitude to see him and his lovely wife so happy together.

This year I moved back home from Belgium. I'm happy the adventure abroad ended. I was feeling left out because I had to cancel plans since I had to travel a lot. I feel like I lost a few friends or at least the depth of the friendship is now a "surface" friendship. Now, moving back home, I can do things with friends again, do spontaneous things, do the sports I like, go to birthdays!

I started a HBS women's networking group in my area. It made me feel very proud that I was able to make that happen. It was an empowering experience.

I honestly can't remember! A significant experience? My husband got a pretty good fixed position job! I am grateful.

I was in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv during the Amoud Anan conflict last year. My Dad was visiting at the beginning and as rockets began to fall nearby, we took shelter together upon hearing sirens. Being so close to the conflict, and being clear that the fire was falling on US, not on Israelis far away but on me, my father, my friends, my people- it made things seem a lot more simple. I prayed a lot that week. I am grateful that it was a short conflict with few casualties on the Israeli side. I am inspired by the awareness and instant brotherhood brought about by the threat of war. I also saw awful things being done to Palestinians. The ghetto in Hevron is astounding for its cruelty. I am aware that the Jewish people are in great danger, and not all of it is from external forces. We must work harder to do what is right, while keeping our guard up. I also am grateful to be home in the USA. I had an incredible and inspiring job over the summer which opened me up to close friendships with colleagues for the first time. I am grateful for my family and for the great pluralistic adventure that is possible in America.

The most significant experience is the break-up of my eight-year relationship. I am still feeling its effects. I cannot say that it is a bad thing to have happened or that it wasn't necessary, but the way it happened was extremely painful for me and for my son. My heart hurts but I am getting through it. The silver lining is that I have many wonderful friends who have supported me - I am very grateful for them.

I have healed from so many things that I feel like a new person. All of that pain that once weighed me down, is gone and I'm able to live a normal life. It has been a liberating experience!

Ben and I moved in together, it's brought us closer than ever. I love this man so so much!!! It's been fantastic so far :)

Well, I got my first job out of college, so that's pretty significant! I am so grateful to have this job and overall opportunity, and I am so relieved I have a job at all. That was one of my biggest concerns last year, whether or not I'd even have something to do outside of living at home doing nothing all year, and I'm so glad I was at least able to accomplish that.

I really struggled in grad school, work, and life. I took on too many responsibilities and assignments. In the end, I either did mediocre or failed at them. It was defeating. I realized I need to compartmentalize my life and my tasks. Find a way to do less with more. Concentrate on important things and set realistic goals. It will be okay.

I started dating someone who has turned out to be the best and most supportive friend I've ever had. It's stellar because it's made my whole outlook on life much more positive. Not because of dude validation really, but in that it's definitely made me like myself more, because he's shown me all the positive qualities I have that I didn't believe I had before.

I had a chance to go to Qatar for work and loved it. I loved being in another part of the world surrounded by a different culture. I found it very interesting and enlightening. I was hugely grateful for the opportunity and would like to go back.

My car blew up and I had to buy a new to me one. I like my new car it's little and cute. I don't like having payments but it's a relief to know I have a care that is reliable. I also have a new granddaughter who I am absolutely in love with. I am so happy about having her.

We bought our first house! We moved out of constantly living with roommates (though we've taken in visitors and half of a relationship that broke up until he can find his own place so we aren't really living alone yet). I'm happier than I expected. I always thought that a house would be a pain. Everyone always spends their weekends working on the house. We've always spent our weekends running around outdoors: hiking, biking, playing sports. Now we are one of those people. We had no furniture so every weekend we try to spend half a day to a day at furniture stores to fill our place or to home depot buying some thing that we never needed before. I garden despite previously killing everything I've tried to grow. It's interesting since we've never been people who have lots of stuff. Now we have already more than doubled our previous possessions. I constantly turn to him and tell him how much I love our new house. At the same time, I get a little sad that our house doesn't feel like a home yet. It's still empty. It's not decorated. Our first couch just arrived last week and the second won't come for another couple months. It doesn't feel like "us" yet. We've already lived there 3 months.

I suppose there were several significant experiences all in the name of creativity. Having my music featured in a short film that has been accepted to numerous film festivals, having my photography end up on a novel, continued graphics work featured on a large scale in parades and such. This past year, without the heft of school, has allowed me to seek out my hobbies and legitimatize them and monetize on them, and it's made me the go-to person for many people I know. That feels good.

Celebrated the 50th anniversary of my ordination as a rabbi. That gave me special reason to reflect back on these 50 years and to recount some of my achievements as well as some of my disappointments. In all I have been extraordinarily blessed with a fulfilling rabbinic career. I am, indeed, grateful. And I am inspired to keep on serving my people as a rabbi as long as my health (physical and mental) and strength permit.

I gave birth to a baby boy- it has totally changed my life, as i thought it would. I am so grateful that he is healthy so far and that the birth was as uncomplicated as it was (given that it was a little complicated). I get stressed out enough dealing with life in general, I have to be glad that things are as simple as they are. Ben has been great, out communication has been as good as it ever was, things to work on, but generally lovely. I am a little resentful of the constant work, but I had that coming. I am inspired by my ability to be a mom. ok, he's crying now. gotta go.

I found out that I could sing. I am thrilled because it's opened up a whole new world to me, I'm having lessons and I've joined the synagogue choir. I haven't missed a single rehearsal and if they had one every day I'd be there.

I left my country and started a weird new life. I didn't enjoy it in the beginning , but now I have realised that this is real life. I left my studies at university and continued to study but not in university, because English is neither my first nor second language. Also, university in this country is expensive. I started studying English to help me to make my life easier in here . I didn't know what was going on in the world when I was in Indonesia ( my country ) . I have to much to learn here about life and culture .

It's funny how difficult I find it, choosing just one significant experience, even though in a lot of ways I feel as though the past year was pretty ordinary. Every morning of waking up to our son (now approaching four) feels significant, sometimes. Often I am amazed and awed by his early-morning good humor, his silly songs, his cuddliness. (Sometimes I am too tired, or too cranky, to want to wake up -- and then I'm chagrined at my own failings.) I try to always wake with gratitude for our son and for my life as a mother. I try to always wake with gratitude for my life as a rabbi and poet, too. And then there are bigger things. We took our kiddo on his first real family vacation this year, a week at the beach. Seeing his amazement at the ocean was, like the MasterCard ad says, priceless. :-) And, of course, being away from home posed its own frustrations and challenges. But by and large, taking him to explore someplace new was a real blessing. It's been a good year. Bringing it to its close is a little bit bittersweet.

I got pregnant! It took a long time and a lot of intervention. I am incredibly grateful, and equally anxious.

I was forced to sue a person who hired me and failed to pay me and I prevailed.

This past year my family traveled to Israel on the JCC Israel family adventure. It was amazing and even surpassed my expectations. All three boys came home with a love for Israel and a desire to return one day. It made me feel incredibly fulfilled.

I graduated from college and began a new job in a new city. My life is full of so many transitions. I know that I will eventually get through these growing pains, but it's difficult right now with so many new things being thrown at me at once. I am proud of what I have accomplished and how it has led me to where I am, but it's a difficult place to be without the support network I was so used to having at my fingertips while at college.

I went to ireland.. it was beautiful. now i want to live there... i want to be with the one i love and make a life there with him. im scared.

Zoe's bat mitzvah. I had to step back from being a rabbi and be a parent. This was not an easy task, but in the end, it allowed me to be present for her as her mom, as opposed to her rabbi, and this is what we both needed. I saw her through the eyes of a mom, and it was amazing. I cried when she stepped out onto the bimah, somewhat in disbelief that we were already here, that she was old enough and that I was old enough but also because it was an incredible moment. To see your child stand on the bimah, leading the congregation, standing before God - it was amazing. But I recognize it also was one moment. There are so many more moments to come. There will be annoying moments with her, amazing moments with her, and as I think back upon that moment more than anything I am thankful and grateful that I get to have those moments with her and with all three of my children.

I had my gastric bypass. My life has significantly changed. It saved it. I can do so much more than I used to, and I am so much more confident in everything I do, and its come across in more changes. I got to move into a bigger apartment, I got to ask for a raise, and I got one too. As I become more confident in the woman I am becoming, I get happier and happier. I can't imagine how life can get better from here, but I know it can, and I can't wait to see whats waiting aroudn the next corner.

Falling in love with a good friend. And then having to go back to being friends after 5 months of being a couple. I'm grateful because he is simply an amazing human being. I'm resentful that it seems a little bit too easy for him to switch away from being a couple, but I can only hope is is just hiding the struggle that I'm also facing. Also getting into Stanford!

Right around my 24th birthday, I transitioned my career focus away from film and video game design and into Jewish Education. I got a new job at my synagogue doing media production and adolescent education, leaving behind the industry life I thought I wanted. I also got into school for Jewish Education, which may have been the highlight of this transition. I'm proud, I'm grateful for the opportunity. I'm also finding it's not as warm and cushy as I thought it would be. I get criticized at by the administration almost daily, yelled at by helicopter parents, people expect me to do things that are far outside my job description, and it seems like people just view me as the "new kid" who has no idea what she's doing (and they talk down to me as such). It's not glamorous. Still, I know my path is heading in the right direction but I think it will take more time for me to discover where my real niche lies in the Jewish Community. Perhaps it's just not in media production/administration. With greater experience I will also build a better foundation to stand on. Time will tell.

This year I moved from my home of 8 years in Central Pennsylvania to Philadelphia, my hometown. In SC I experienced so much...three boyfriends, my dad's health problems, two degrees, two jobs, three bands, and so much more. I grew from a naive 18-year-old to a, hopefully wiser, 26-year-old. Moving into a new place has been so incredibly rewarding (albeit expensive). I've been able to discover new people, foods, places and ideas. I've found a city I think I could raise a family in and around. I've been able to see my family more. Most importantly, I've found out that I can recover from trauma, find a few job in a poor market, and excel at being who I am.

Parenting a toddler. Grateful, inspired. Filled with joy. Finding a good balance with work/life.

I went to my doctor to finally address my chronic fatigue. It has been a difficult journey. I was embarrassed about it because I felt that it was a sign of laziness, but it had gotten to the point where I could barely function. I am very glad that I reached out and started the process. Unfortunately no easy solution has been found. My blood tests all came back fine. I have been working on improving my diet, taking supplements, and getting accupuncture. I definitely feel better than I did last winter, but I am very far from energetic. I hope by next year I will have energy again and be living a more healthy life.

I met Jasmine. So very grateful for that. She is amazing! She is loving, kind, strong, and honest. She completes my life and I love her so very much. She will be my future wife, and she is my universe. She is the first person who made me want to value a person above my career, and that really says something. <3 Also, my bro graduated from college and started med school! I started to become a real human being! I actually care about keeping my living area clean, and I work out a lot more now!

all significant signs of my injury have gone away due to some amazing people doing some amazing things going above and beyond what they normally needed to do and for that i am truly grateful, extremely relived, pain free emotionally, physically and mentally. i am also 20 pounds lighter and back to the me i was before i could barely walk ten feet. this has inspired me to inspire others and to always be sure that if i can help someone i will because as i have learned and continue to learn and won't forget anytime soon-the slightest gesture of goodwill and caring has a gigantic and profound impact on life.

We moved to Maryland. I'm not sure that I'm grateful as it cost a lot of money and it took me a long time to find a job after we moved, but we have met some wonderful people and it is nice to be close to my family and easier for Ben's family to visit us too.

A friend mentioned my artwork to a woman who runs a gallery (the pieces in question were inspired by the 1500 origami cranes hanging from the gallery ceiling) - and now I have my own exhibit in that gallery! I am amazed that people are taking my art seriously, and thankful for the opportunity to show it to a wider audience.

This is a pretty big one - I got married! The entire process of planning was lengthy and involved; I tapped into my creative side, focused on details, quelled family squabbles, and managed expectations. At the end of the day, the wedding was an incredibly special expression of ourselves, our love, and our partnership. I feel so grateful to have met my love, and now to have committed to each other. I'm so excited for our marriage and for the many adventures we have planned together.

This year, I went to the mikvah for the first time. It was a beautiful, powerful way to help me to acknowledge & accept the past and then to step into the future. I cried through the whole thing. I'm so grateful I had the opportunity to do it.

I took part in a startup acceleration program in Amsterdam. For a year I worked my ass over there, met quite a lot interesting people and set a new course for my life. The bad thing is that it shattered my already fragile couple relationship, the good that it's opened new professional opportunities. I feel happier, and thankful. Although also slightly disappointed that the big ROI has yet to come.

It would seem ridiculous to not note the death of my mother as this year's "significant experience". My mom passed away quite suddenly at the age of 55 on a Monday morning in July. We had just had lunch that Sunday afternoon. Laughed and yelled about all the same things we always did. I hugged her, told her "I love you, Mom" and drove home not understanding that was it. What I am grateful for is that there was never any question how we felt about each other. "Close" is appropriate, but doesn't seem to really tell it properly. I miss you already, Mom.

I was finally able to get a job opportunity in my village, not far from my home!!! I had started to pray the prayer of the Abundance months ago, and everything comes as I am in God's hands. As my associate sent his practice, I had to find a new job again, and I found a new one again in the centre of the village!! (1.9.13) But I'm very bitter as I learned that my husband had... I don't tell, I hope God will protect him and let us end our lives together. That's all I want, I'd give anything, but I know God provides. Besides, i had a car accident that had me change the car because a reparation wouldn't have been affordable. But the new one is great and I've already driven Pfäffikon-Lausanne-Pfäffikon, 500 km, a way I hadn't driven for at least 7 years!!! Amen!! (may 13) Besides the oldest cat had to be operated and now is doing less well than previously (may 13)

I got offered my dream job out of college. Actually, it was a position even better than the one I'd interviewed for at an amazing company. But the offer came months after I was rejected for the original position. This experience showed me, once again, that good things really do come to both those who wait and those who work hard.

This past year we chose to short sell our first home. This was the home we purchased before we were married and poured our hearts into demolishing and putting back together. Sadly, we were victims of time and we just purchased at the wrong time and were 90 grand upside down. We've yet to see the financial ramifications of this as we don't know the tax burdens involved so we'll see. Renting comes with a certain freedom though. We can now plan for a future that won't be in Arizona.

It finally happened! We finally got the official approval and are now legally husband and wife! Unfortunately I got a bad flu a day later but hey who care! after over 18 months of paperwork we are married!

I turned 50. No emotional trauma. Threw myself a party with the huge help and support of the dearest friends in the world. I felt totally loved and supported by these women in so many ways. They gave me the party, really. It was a great party, too! I had a ball and others had a great time. That felt good: to provide a fun, interesting time for others.

I met my new partner last year, close to this time. We fell crazily in love and it's opened up a whole new vista of possibilities to me. I had good relationships before; this one is mindblowingly incredible. We have tenderness and mutual respect and care and ease of communication and really great sex. It's ecstatic pretty much all the time, and even when there's something difficult to talk about, we navigate it really well and feel closer for it afterwards. And we just came to the decision to be parents together, which is amazing.

too many to count! my son left for the Navy; upon his return home, it occurred to me, how grown he was, and maybe he didn't need his mom quite so much in the same way as he used to. my younger son broke his leg, and the friends who love me and my son, helped to care for both me and my son, and reminded me of all the things i've worked so hard for, and the things i should be grateful for. i gave up all post divorce court related matters with my ex-husband, trying to come to terms with the fact that ultimately, trying to control anyone, even if justified and through the court, is a huge waste of my energy and unhealthy for me. i am always better served to make sure i am ok first. i will be getting remarried in less than 2 weeks to the most genuine, thoughtful, compassionate person i have ever met. although i am feeling some fear (old stuff), i'm working hard to embrace the new; for however many moments i have left on this earth, i want to share them with this man. all of these things, and so many others, make me keenly aware of how short our time here is. stay in the moment; we have no control over the past; we have not control over the future. we can only control ourselves and our responses, and only in this moment. if you live in the moment, you no longer give power to be bound up by things you cannot control.

I changed jobs and moved back to the US. I am thankful that my family supported another big move in support of my career and happiness. I am a year away from the career/job that was putting me on track to earn more money and bigger titles but that made me feel spent and frustrated and anxious. I feel so much more at ease and capable/successful in my current work. I feel more connected to my daughters and our family life, but I do feel a little more lonely in this new place where trying to make friends takes effort.

I got engaged. It was the best thing ever. Not a crazy kind of excitement, just the simple relief of knowing that the person you want to give your heart to wants to hold it with care. I am going to marry my favorite person on the planet. I am so excited to take this next step. I feel like this huge weight has been lifted and in its place I have an overwhelming sense of calm and happiness.

I quit my job and decided not to work for someone else. I'm still reshaping my life and don't have a steady source of income yet, but I feel so relieved and have so much confidence in my self that I know this change will work out beautifully and will bring much more abundance to my family.

My oldest son learned to drive and got his driver's license. It makes me somewhat nervous - to have a teenage driver, knowing the stats and the sometimes stupid things I did driving as a teenager - but at the same time I recognize it as another step forward towards being an adult. And I'm proud of the responsible way in general he seems to be handling it.

I finally got a job after nearly 2 years of being unemployed. During these two years I was forced to go to a food bank to eat, and take on menial jobs for $8 and $10 an hour because my previous f/t employer (the military) refused to report when I worked. This willingness to potentially make me lose everything hurt my feelings deeply. I kept my mouth shut and wound up getting promoted more recently. I will always remember this in the back of my mind, and will no longer go out of my way to do any significant favors. I am greatful that I found not only a job, but a good job with benefits, a pension, and a place I can retire from. So I guess I'm relieved that I didn't lose everything, but I am mindful of those who would be more than happy to watch it happen to me.

My husband moved into the basement and we stopped talking. It has affected me greatly because it has changed the entire dynamic of the house. I am extremely angry because I think he took the coward's way out of fixing things by removing himself from the situation without completely removing himself. We are in counseling now, but I am wondering if I really want to be married to him. I don't trust him and I don't respect him. I am angry, but I am also relieved that a decision will need to be made and I am proud of myself for taking the steps to move forward out of a bad situation.

I began eating a plant-based diet in May, which has already had a tremendous impact on my health. Not only have I lost 20 pounds so far, but my thinking is clearer and my memory is better! I feel very motivated to help others learn to live this way and avoid all the health issues that cause so much misery and tragedy in our society.

Two years ago, I took a huge risk: I left a steady, albeit soul-sucking, long-time position in favor of a part-time telecommuting job, with the hope that I would somehow be able to fill the salary gap with enough freelance work to keep us afloat. This spring, I was "promoted" from a part-time employee to a full-time employee at my "day" job, and shortly thereafter took on a fantastic (and steady!) freelance gig. These experiences bolstered my confidence in my work, while also virtually eliminating my money worries (which were a huge factor in last year's 10Q responses). Around the same time, I went on the first of several solo business trips. I'd traveled alone before, but not for business. Though the first time was scary, I came away from it feeling more confident, and oddly more grown up. (I'm middle-aged now, yet I often still feel like a bumbling kid.) Overall, I feel more confident in terms of my career than I have in years. Which is a huge boost to me; I've come to realize since giving birth to my daughter that my career is far more important to me than I ever realized. It feels good to work hard at something and see positive results.

We renovated our kitchen this summer. I used to like to bake but now I love to bake. My new kitchen has inspired me to explore new foods, new cooking techniques and to make positive changes in my eating choices. I have been inspired to be even more organized and to de-clutter more areas of my home. I feel so much lighter, spiritually and physically.

I was cleared to climb again in January. I joined the gym right away and starting climbing regularly. I was amazed how quickly my strength returned, though I still have work to do on my shoulder to get back to full functionality (and I am starting to wonder whether or not it ever will be back to 100%). But the regular climbing practice does so much for my mental health. It makes me feel strong and capable. It gives me joy. Most of all, it is something I do for me and only me. It is my play time and I love it!

My long time work contract came to an end with no replacement in site. I hated the work but need at least some of the money. I don't see another way for me to make enough money to live comfortably, but I'm trying to balance the need and/or desire for money with doing something I enjoy.

I got pregnant! I'm 27/1 right now, so I just started the 3rd trimester. We just simply pulled to goalie and decided to see what happened, and it was really fast. I'm super excited for this baby--he has a ton of people waiting to love him, and he's not even here yet. Right now I'm excited for him to come but stressed about where we'll be when he does, since our condo is on the market. The awesome part has been doing this all alongside Danika and Maxine. Life is about to change in massive ways that I can only imagine, so I'm holding on and getting ready for the ride!

I'm being considered for publication. It's not a paying gig, but it's nevertheless someone who is seriously looking at me and my writing, and who is considering putting it into a book with other writers. It's not even a genre I'm used to. That is enormously satisfying and exciting- giving me this feeling that I CAN MAKE IT.

In the past year I was able to finish my PhD degree. My oral defense was in the first part of October, and I was able to make all the necessary updates for publication, and my degree was conferred 12/31/13. Afterward, I think I felt shell shocked. From May 2011 to the final months of 2012 were like a nightmare of circumstances, which made me even more determined to try to get my life in order. Since the first of the 2013 year I have been climbing out of the hole that my life had become, and am starting to feel invigorated and hopeful.

I finished the Twin Cities 10 Mile race and killed it. It was the first time I participated in an athletic event and felt good, passed people, just rocked the whole race. I've never been an athletic person, and it's been a big change for me to view myself as physical fit and understand that others perceive me as physical fit and an active person.

We went on vacation to Europe this summer - my mom, the kids, Bob and I. I think it was the most time I have spent with my mom since I left for college. The trip was hard - it was a lot of work and organizing and we covered a lot of ground every day but it was great. Everyone pretty much got along and while I was pretty tired of everyone's company by the end of the trip (the feeling was mutual, I suppose), I really treasure the time and now a few months out, am grateful that we were all available to take this journey together. My mom is getting older and this trip drove home that this might be the last time the stars align to have this sort of time together. It far overwhelms the resentment/trepidations I had about her coming along in the first place. Remember - no matter what you might think - more is always merrier!

I completed my first Triathlon this year. I never would have imagined myself being capable of completing a triathlon at the beginning of the year. I couldn't really swim for greater than 25 yards without getting winded and could barely run a mile without wanting to stop. But i set my mind to it, started training every day and completed 2 triathlons so far. One official and the other less official but a triathlon none the less. I'm most proud that I have come to love the swimming (still working on the running) but also made some really great friends in the process. I feel great about how fit I've become and am really pleased with my resolve and dedication to the practicing all of these disciplines.

I met my 48 year old birth daughter for the first time since she was born. For me, it was a completion. I've finally been able to give up the shame around giving her up, been able to openly share my story, and even help others who are dealing with this. It has gone extremely well - probably because neither of us had expectations about what our relationship would be like (we're friends/long lost relatives.) I am grateful that she has great parents and a good life, including two sons.

My brother Billy was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. He has finished radiation and his third chemo. He is having troubles. I so hope that next year we are looking at this in the rear view mirror and that he is in remission.

Obama was re-elected. It astonished me. I'm not grateful. He can't fix the economy, which helps keep me unemployed. He mandated tons of unemployment compensation, which helps keep me unemployed. I'm inspired to try harder to get less Democrats in the federal government.

It's really about giving up anything of significance. Childminding my grandson means I have to plan my life around him, so I've missed a lot. Given up worrying about it. He's only little for a short time. Will be going to school next year. He's much easier to look after already, can express his needs and listen to reason more.

Finding out that by living my life with heart opens more doors than living life being careful and hiding. After years of writing and journaling about the abuses at home, I was finally able to get out. To free myself from the physical and emotional abuses I received on a daily basis. Once I was free, my heart opened. I no longer had to protect myself. I stopped flinching when the door opened. I started talking with my heart, and it was accepted. Suddenly the world opened up. I smiled more. My tears were of happiness not sadness. Love is in my life again. Love is. Truth is always. And I know I have the power to change even the hardest situations.

Our first born daughter was married last month. The wedding was everything that she hoped for, and a big achievement for all concerned. It's not that I feel like now she is all grown up and on her own, but this is definitely a milestone on the passage through life. I am so grateful and relieved that, despite all the challenges and uncertainties of growing up, we have come this far.

It's hard to find a significant experience this past year. We've been just struggling through everything. Grandma and Aunt Sandy passed, either the end of last year, or the beginning of this one, hard to know which. Family relations have been strained to the breaking point. Maybe the most significant experience is that Madelyn stopped nursing. I was going to write about her birthday party, but the reality is that her stopping nursing, which just happens was HUGE in my life. I felt so confused, both emotionally and spiritually. I'm still not quite over the connection we had, and how I feel about the whole thing. It was such a sudden stoppage, and I really felt that she was rejecting me. Now I am starting to feel a bit better, but it's still hard. I know that it's going to be hard for a very long time.

Past year I broke up with my ex-boyfriend, because I had fallen in love with my recent boyfriend. The relationship we have is the most beautiful experience I have ever had in my life. It makes me thankful, happy and grateful.

This summer I received feedback from half a dozen different soccer coaches and a couple of retired soccer professionals that my 9 yr old son has the personality and potential to attain the very highest levels of a career in professional soccer and as this realization sank in with me it entirely shifted my perspective on my life, my purpose, which country I'll be living in a year from now, how to interact with the father of my son, and with my own fiance, and what is and is not now a valid priority in decision making. I feel grateful that I found this out when it is still not quite too late and acutely challenged by the demands and responsibilities I must comply with and fulfil in order to do my duty as a parent to provide the proper opportunities for this exceptional gift to fulfil itself. I felt startled at first but now I am beginning to accept the news. I wanted to pretend it was an exaggeration, but now I have to face the truth, my child is a prodigy and must be treated as such and my world has done a full 180 - my preferences barely matter compared with his needs. In a sense it is a relief not to have to concern oneself chiefly with one's own fulfilment - a bit like a nun's dedicating her life to the worship of G-d, but at the same time, it feels topsy turvy to be putting a 9 yr old kid's priorities ahead of the preferences of 3 full grown adults, 2 of whom have no love lost between them, and to have me and my fiance commit to supporting my son's father and sponsoring him for a resident alien's visa for the best part of the coming decade, in order to enable my son to have his father around when he goes to live in Spain. This experience of awakening to a supremely high potential that begs to be fulfilled is maybe the most challenging one that I have ever experienced and the life ahead of me has transformed in appearance from humdrum middle-aged suburbia to a terrifying adventure with maybe a crashing disappointment or maybe, if done right, a gleaming sense of accomplishment somewhere on its far horizon.

I got engaged. I'm grateful. My fiance is a fantastic woman, and I am among the most fortunate men in the world.

The past year has been predictably uneventful however returning to university had changed a lot about my approach to life. I didn't expect it to be during the day time which meant I had to cut my working hours. I then found that I was able to live on a lot less money than I had been and still have what feels like a normal life. I've had less money worries this year than during and after my first degree because I've had no choice.

I moved to Pittsburgh to get a PhD. It's still a hard transition for me-- I sort of lost my AA community and have not been that good at getting back to it. That said, there's a lot less violence here than in Oakland. I'm able to relax a lot more in my neighborhood.

I had to move back in with my parents. After being unemployed and going on a strict budget, when I got a job, I continued spending like I had when I had my last job, even though my salary with the new one was 40% less than before. It took me 2 years to realize I was in way over my head. It's tough, being 33 and living in the same house I did at 15. It's tough seeing my friends move on with their lives - get married, have babies, etc. and knowing I am literally in the same place I was 18 years ago. The light at the end of the tunnel is that hopefully by this time next year, I will be on my own again.

I got married, after accidentally proposing. I feel overwhelming happiness to have found the person for me.

My husband lost his job on May 6, 2013. We are a one income family and it felt like economic ruin and devastation to our family of 5. But we hung in there, remained positive and dug into the resources that we have. We went into debt and borrowed money but stayed upbeat and focused on finding a new job. My husband was tireless and persevering in his search. We agreed not to make things worse by not talking,worrying out loud about it too much and trying our very best not to fight with each other. We made sure to enjoy life - hike, swim at the beach, go to temple, see friends and family, play with the kids. We focused on what is good and what is working in our lives. We prayed/chanted a lot. We had active faith that things would get better. We relied on our families and community. We tried our best to not let his unemployment define us. He found a new job 5 months later - a better fit, a great opportunity. We are so grateful. We walked this road with a lot of integrity. Nothing fell apart. We made it through intact and stronger. Humbled, too.

I was in a serious car accident a few months ago. It was serious enough that I spent the night in the hospital, but I was lucky enough to walk out the next day with no visible injuries. Don't get me wrong, I was in a lot of pain (and still am), but I am so lucky to be alive and not hurt in any life-altering way. But, seeing the look on my scared mom's face as she ran into the ER room was miserable. . . The girl who hit me, after running a red light without braking or swerving, then lied to the police about her being the cause. Luckily, there were witnesses that were able to tell the police the true story. After learning that she lied, I was heartbroken. Not only have you hurt someone bad enough to send them away in an ambulance, but then to not accept liability in the accident? I was hurt more by that then the actual collision. I couldn't understand how someone could not take responsibility--in an ACCIDENT--and place the unwarranted blame on the person you just seriously injured. However, her reaction and the accident itself has made me take a deep look at my own life. I have worked hard at slowing down and taking life in. Rather than rushing through my day, I stop and take time to be thankful that I'm still here and able to love those around me. I also have been able to pause and make sure that I always am accountable for my own actions. Even if this girl who hit me chose to not be, I can be--everyday. When the time comes, I want to leave this world knowing I lived well and can leave feeling like I created good, not hurt.

Nothing seems to be popping up as a significant experience but I am really grateful to a number of small things. I'm thankful for my job and the people I work with for not only providing me with an income but also for making the work there bearable. I'm thankful for having found this wonderful duplex though it is from a loss of Chelle transferring to Oberlin. I'm forever grateful to my parents for anything and everything from getting me a new car, letting me go to England this upcoming winter and of course offering to support me in case of anything happening. On a slightly different note, I'm relieved and thankful for figuring out that I AM going to pursue filmmaking and I'm so extremely excited to start studying cinematography, but this might a question for later so I'll just say that I'm happy I know I'm going to go for it after all.

My communications business was hired for an important website project - it is exhilarating!

This year. Wow. It has been crazy. I graduated from grad school finally, and that was a great experience. I'm excited to take the next steps toward my license. We sold our house and are buying a new one. This particular experience has left me pretty bitter. It has not been pleasant at any turn. The stress has been overwhelming but I hope by next year I will be glad that we went through this process. My grandparents both became quite ill and watching them deal with aging has been very difficult. They have been so influential in my life and always took care of me so this has been a hard time. By the next 10Q, Virgil won't be with us anymore. Seeing him write his own obituary was pretty intense. We went to see Mumford and Sons this summer which was an amazing concert and Matt and I had a great time together. A treasured memory. In the midst of all that, we found out we are having a baby! It's early on, but I'm excited about our little Krang. Terrified. But excited too.

I got accepted into a very prestigious art school in London. I didn't think I'd get in but I'd worked hard at college during the last year so I was in a strong position all along...

Last September I attended my 40th high school reunion. I was nervous about attending but once there I realized that we are often less accepting of ourselves than others are. It was wonderful to see people I hadn't seen for decades. Most are people I would enjoy running into again, some I would seek out. Regardless, we share a bond of history and memory. I have re-made several friends that I now can share lunch, adventures and holidays with. And there are those who passed away during the intervening time whose deaths were not commemorated. Their place in our lives has been appropriately acknowledged collectively and individually.

Traveling to Holland and Ireland on my own was a very significant event. I feel that it gave me insight to how I travel on my own and that I'm open to new experiences. I was grateful and relieved that it went so well. I knew that it might be challenging at times, but it gave me confidence that I can travel on my own and make decisions for myself.

I got accepted into grad school and I will begin the journey of earning my doctorate degree in clinical psychology. I am so grateful for this opportunity but I am also curious and anxious to see if I will be able to be successful in school and also work enough hours to stay afloat financially. What about my social life? What about taking care of my body? What about my relationship with my girlfriend? Only time will tell!

I lost weight! About 60 pounds! And I began a zumba class. Taking better control of my physical health has prompted me to think more about my mental/emotional health as well. I am very grateful that I was able to break through a mental block about losing weight as well as a physical one. VERY GRATEFUL to be on a healthier lifestyle path.

With conversation between my wife and myself painfully difficult and frustrating, I wrote my wife a letter to tell her I think we should split up. She pretended not to see the letter. A week later, I wrote again, saying, I know you saw the letter (it was moved from where I had left it for her) and that we needed to face the fact that our dysfunctional marriage needed to be dissolved. She emailed me to say, such things should not be communicated in writing. That was six weeks ago and neither of us has said another word. There have been other major life transitions happening around us--an extended trip abroad, a critically ill parent, children leaving our home to live in Europe, etc... it seems like the realization is alive and perhaps sinking in and just waiting for the right moment when there will be an acceptance of the inevitable rather than a fight about it. I believe there is some reason aside from our dysfunction that is causing this process to play out in its own way. I also clearly see my own (and her) avoidance behavior.

I was diagnosed with BiPolar. Mixed reactions. Relief, at finally reaching a place where there was help available after a lifetime of being turned awya or misdiagnosed. fear of what it means for the future. A deeper udnerstanding of how my brain works, which helps me control it. And some dread for the reactions I had and will have in the future to medication changes. In the end, mostly good, I think.

I guess there are at least two significant experiences at the very least. My daughter coming back home to live has affected me both positively and negatively. She's so confused and angry about her life that she takes it out on many people, especially me. She can't acknowledge her talents and strong points and refuses to stop waiting for her knight in shining armor to come riding in and rescue her from her current life so she can "live happily ever after". The second significant experience is that my husband has finally agreed to a date to put the farm on sale. Of course there are millions and millions of things to be done before the end of Sept. and I'm not sure he will actually go along when push comes to shove but at least it gives me a goal and some hope.

I separated from my wife and ran my first triathlon. In some ways make me a new person, I'm very active and inspire people to be active and healthy. I have lost 60 lbs. in the last 2 or 3 years.

We moved from the home where we'd lived for 19 years, and where our youngest daughter was born, to a smaller place that's more open and easier to maintain. Part of the impetus for the move is so I can spend more time developing interests that I haven't had time to explore before, and less time taking care of a house. It's kind of scary but exhilarating at the same time, to be putting into place a plan for the future which involves subtle but significant lifestyle changes.

Started my first paid gig late June, 2013. Stopped full-time work to have and raise my boys 11 years ago. I've never been paid regularly to write - my strength - my passion. All of my jobs have taken care of food and shelter while my true love, writing, has been all my own. Copywriting is very different than short stories or essays - it requires new muscles, flexibility, breadth. I'm also learning a bit about graphic design - how images strengthen or take away from your message. I am so very grateful to my boss, Don. Thanks for taking a chance on me!

I found out in March that I am pregnant. The emotions I've felt so far have run the gamut: elation, fear, pride, excitement, uncertainty, responsibility, gratefulness. I expect it will affect my life perhaps more profoundly than anything else up to this point. I look forward to meeting this new person, teaching him about this weird and wonderful world, and raising him into a caring, responsible individual.

Last spring I went to Nicaragua for a week and worked with a local NGO called La Fundación de Ernesto Gonzalez. The NGO worked to educate local farmers about sustainable practices, as well as the education of women on how to stay safe from domestic abuse. There were 16 of us on the trip and it was eye-opening and meaningful in so many ways. I feel that I want to go back and do more work and it made me feel more aware of my every day decisions when it comes to food or any other part of my lifestyle.

In April I lost my job after nearly 6 years there. The bad was the loss of income, livelihood, possessions and part of my life purpose. The good is that the company itself has been bad from the start. An honorable job at a bad place in sadly a recipe for disaster. So, now I am free of there. I spent the summer struggling and trying to get back on track. This did make me feel bitter and resentful a lot. A positive is that I spent the summer training for competitive boxing with time I would not have had as freely before. So I guess when I make it to wherever the top is I might be grateful for this change.

I moved out on my own, for the first time in my life. It has been a bit terrifying, in some ways, but rather liberating in others. It's the first time my space is truly my own.

My 14 year old son started drinking. This has been a very difficult experience for me. My emotions have run the gamut from feeling like a failure to feeling very connected to my son, to feeling very disconnected from my son. I have felt guilt about how this has affected my partner, how disrupting it has been to my family, how it has affected my younger son. I have felt overwhelmed, sad, resentful, betrayed. Alcohol took over my son in a very frightening way. This was much more than just teenage experimentation, it was a quick descent into addiction, something we knew his genetics made him very susceptible to. I felt angry at his birth family for those genetics and even angry that I had no control over them. More than anything else I felt scared… utterly terrified that this was the beginning of a long and dismal road for him that perhaps he would never gain mastery over. Now, nearly a year later, I feel hopeful and proud of his hard work at recovery, his progress and his ability to see his recovery as his responsibility. I’m still frightened, as most moms are…even when things are going fabulous moms are always afraid of what might happen. But I have hope.

Starting battling with quitting smoking. It's fucking tough! Just so easy to justify, irrationally. Also, unsure if it's related or not, been getting "crazy thoughts". Thoughts of anxiety over the possibility of disasters. Thoughts of how vulnerable and fragile we are, floating out (all alone) in space. Thoughts of how minuscule we are in the grand picture.

My brother gave me a job and I screwed it up twice, but he still let continue. I feel guilty and relieved and scared i'm going to screw it up again

I was recently told that I may have thyroid cancer. I am having surgery to determine if it is malignant. Even if the diagnosis determines that it is benign, which of course is what I am hoping for, I will use this information to remind me to live now and not put off the things I have wanted to do. I have a trip scheduled in two weeks and am planning on moving abroad.

I watched my daughter turn a year old. Every day I have to remind myself that I'm someone's mom now. While it is amazing and humbling that you can just become a mom without passing a background check and suddenly you're responsible for another human being, I have to constantly remind myself that I'm here, she's here, and we're in this together. One year down!

I got a smartphone in April. On the surface, having this as my significant experience seems really shallow. But, the day I got the phone, I downloaded two apps: Couch to 5k and MyFitnessPal. Since that day, I've lost 24 pounds. I run three times a week, and my speed continues to improve. I'm less irritable, I sleep better, and I feel so much better about myself. It's not just the weight loss, it's the calmness I feel when I run. I just let everything melt away and focus on whatever pops into my head. I might not enjoy the physical act of running yet, but I love the emotional benefits and the feeling of satisfaction when I am finished running. It makes lacing up my sneakers at 6 am worth it.

I lost 30 lbs. in just under 5 months. I can't believe how empowered it has made me feel--not just about the way I look. I have started trying to change in other ways that I didn't think were possible before. I've started dreaming bigger, being more confident, and talking to/about myself more positively. I'm still in the learning stages (and I still want to lose a little more weight, but I doubt that will EVER change with me) but I think this is the start of something really good for me, my career, my social life, and my overall happiness. And the weight coming off was the impetus.

Shirley Renner died after 9 months of living with pancreatic cancer. I spent the year visiting her once a week. We laughed, mourned, talked about big issues such as whether there is evil in each person that needs to be tamed. I am glad that I made the commitment to visit her. I felt relieved and numb when she died. On the Shabbat following her death I stood and said kaddish for her along with other members of Shir Tikvah, since she had no family to say kaddish for her. In saying those words of praise, tears came to my eyes, and I felt comforted. Later, I found out that Shirley's doctor had revised her timeline, that she was told she had 9 months and not 2 as she originally told me. I felt a little anger that she had not told me. We used to laugh and say, "Still here!" As I reflect on this, I do wish I had not been told after her death about the time she had been told to expect. I resented the deception, and felt used. Yet when one is near death -- whether two months or nine months -- perhaps it is natural to cling to the people around you and fear they would not visit you as much if you had nine months. It is time to let go of the resentment. Shirley lived a courageous, humorous and cantankerous life. She was funny, gentle, caustic, and loving. I miss her.

My wife I and went to Africa for more than a month to overland 3 countries. We had planned on hiking the AT. but changed our minds. Overlanding Africa was exactly what we wanted to do and are grateful to be able to live out yet another wild dream. It left us feeling inspired. So much fun and enjoyment in something we figured was going to simply not be enjoyable, just something we were glad to have accomplished.

I had a baby. Which, oh man. Going through pregnancy, birth, the newborn days, getting to know the baby and trying to be the person I want the baby to know, becoming a mother not just as a function of biology but as a mental and emotional process as well... it's more than I can describe. Having a baby is obviously a literal act of creation, which is sort of a cool party trick, but I am surprised and immensely grateful that for these first few months of his life, every day has been its own new opportunity to re-create myself into the mother I want him to have.

I've had to dive deeply into Radical Acceptance toward my partner. 10 yrs of fighting almost endangered our marriage. By communicating right at the edge of the abyss I decided to accept the limitations & differences of my partner, and embrace the good as a pure gift.

Recognizing that my husband, 10 years older than me, is declining cognitively somewhat faster than normal aging, though not Alzheimer's and still way above normal in most functions. This isn't about proper diagnosis, monitoring and/or treatment -- we have that covered. This year I have been dealing with range of reactions: Sadness, fear (!), frustration, learning the balance between when to help and when not to, recognition that we need to move toward my being able to take over financial and other tasks that have been more his domain over the years and (jointly, thank heavens) starting that process. This has personalized the aging process in a new way...and while it is scary, we have our health, material means, family and friends, and we share love and interests, so I also find it invigorating to feel that this is a new stage that we WILL be able to navigate, as long as we have the opportunity to do so. I guess I have gained some peace with becoming a "senior."

I came home from Australia. It feels nice in some ways and bad in others. I feel like here there is less pressure to do things, which is less depressing but also less motivational. Living with my parents feels more and more childish, although the lack of bills is good. I miss the people I travelled with, but I also like being back with the people I love. So a mixed bag of emotions really.

In March my older/oldest brother died, and it still hasn't really sunk in. I have yet to feel any huge surge of sadness, and that bothers me. I don't know if it's because I feel like he had "given up" years ago, not doing anything to take care of himself physically even after a heart attack, or if it's because I'm managing toavoid those feelings.

I participated in the "They Will Surf Again" event in Huntington Beach, where hundreds of volunteers help about 100 wheel-chair bound people ride waves -- sitting up, lying down, strapped in, whatever it takes. I was reminded, once again, that I have NOTHING to complain about. Really. And it was life-changing to see the looks on these peoples' faces. If you get a chance to do this, do it.

I got engaged! on March 26th, 2013 Jim proposed on top of a mountain outside of Manhattan in NY state while we were on a hike. It was a Tuesday right after I surprised him on Monday morning of my spring break flying to NYC from Berkeley. I'm so happy and grateful that I will spend the rest of my life with my best friend, soul mate, lover...my everything. All the way up to that day, I think we were always fearful that we might not end up together. But since then it's been so relieving and amazing to be engaged, and quickly on our way to being married. Tomorrow September 5, 2013 we are going to the courthouse to get married legally.

My much beloved uncled passed away on the last day of 2012. This was a very difficult period for the whole family, a year full of loss, grief, sad thoughts and reflections. It was not an easy thing to accept the fact that one day people we love can just dissappear from our lives. Still i re-evaluated the importance of simple things in our life, things like love, friendship and family support.

My dad died. Since I was 5, I have been terrified of the death of my parents. My dad had some form of dementia, so I had been prepared for a long, slow decline. Instead, I got a call at work on Aug. 23 from my mom. "I think your dad is dead." What do you do with that? I THINK he is dead? He is or is not! How little I knew. He had fallen down stairs and broken his neck. By the time I got to the hospital, he was in a vegetative state. His eyes continuously fluttered up and down. He didn't respond to anything. He wasn't living or dead. It was truly horrific -- as was having to make the decision to let him go, even though that's what he expressly said he wanted many times. Oh, god. I lost my daddy. Nothing will ever be the same. What I wouldn't give for one more minute with him, one chance to tell him again that I love him, and that I'm so grateful for everything he did. I hope he knew. I hope he knows.

My Grandfather died in January. It was heartbreaking. I cried for days and days. I was there with him when it happened, and that was my greatest consolation, that I was able to hold his hand and tell him, "It's ok, Grandpa. Let go." Because it was time. He was 88, and he was ill, and he'd been waiting to join my Grandma for around 6 years by that point. He'd lived a long, full life, and seen pictures of his latest great-Grandchild. He was ready, but it was still so hard. He was the closest thing I had to a father, and I'd spent every weekend with him for a good long time. I loved him with all my heart, and he loved me the same. In a way, I'm relieved, because he kept hanging on for so long and it was so difficult. But I'm still devastated by it, eight months later.

Moving back to Los Angeles in April. I had sworn a year ago that I would move back and have a Los Angeles address again after the divorce, because when I was a kid it meant that you were a grown-up. It was amazing to move, and it taught me so much about myself as an individual trying to make it on my own.

I got separated from my wife and kid. It made me realize how every other thing is irrelevant when love and companionship isn't part of life.

I finally went to Aruba after talking about it for about 4 years. I'm great at thinking about things that I want to do but not actually doing them. I'm really glad that I did it, had a wonderful time and can't wait to do it again.

My husband was in a bad car accident (he was a pedestrian) and broke many bones. Luckily, no head or internal injuries, but the months that followed were full of anxiety and struggle (physically for him; insurance companies etc etc etc for me). I am grateful and relieved he is 95% fine now, and that our marriage was if anything strengthened--I don't think (after 30 years!) I ever realized how connected we are. I also am intensely grateful for the help we got from so many people, grateful to see how loved he is. However! I wish he/we hadn't had to go through it. I still feel exhausted as well as angry at the careless driver. And vulnerable.

We are now empty nesters, as of 3 days ago. I feel lucky that I had a fantastic wife to raise our 2 daughters with. They are both great people, and it was wonderful watching them grow up. I am, at the same time, proud, relieved, and sad to see them go. Since they are both in school, this is the most expensive year of my life, to boot. I do, though, look forward to getting to know my wife, Sue, again.

I am so grateful to have met Paul and fallen in love. I didn't realize that love this deep and passion like this actually existed.

My two ex-boyfriends united their attempts and gave me a car as a present. A small and funny one, but now it's official. I do not own a driving licence. I started to learn. I feel somewhat lost and confused between what I am and what I suppose I should be. I feel thrilled and crazy.

A family with whom we are close lost their youngest child this year. His name was Max and he was 17 months old when he died unexpectedly. Our son was born 4 months after Max. This tragic event has been with me every day, and helped me to really appreciate each moment as best I can. It helps us to remember what is really important.

This past February, I was chosen to be the BBG Logistics Administrative Assistant for BBYO's International Convention 2013 in DC, and it was the greatest experience of my BBYO career (and debatably my life). For the first time in BBYO, I felt empowered on an international level. I believed that I truly had a pull in our order, not just in my area, but worldwide. It was an honor to know that BBYO adults trusted me with such a huge task, and it was an even greater honor to work alongside the other inspiring teens. From October to February, I was putting hours of work daily into the project and constantly talking to Hilit, Ryan, Grant, Judith, Mika, Jackie, and Ethan, a group affectionately referred to as the 8 team. By the time IC came, they were some of my closest friends. The week that I spent in DC was inspiring, educational, and altogether life-changing. I met people from all around the world, made the greatest friends, and worked with amazing adults. At the end of the week, I wanted to tie myself to a chair in the hotel and never leave. IC 2013 showed me that a small group of dedicated individuals CAN make a difference. And I couldn't be prouder to say that I was a part of that small group.

I quit smoking 4 months ago, on April 20th (which I'm still underplaying). It's inspired me to be much more health conscious: eating better, eating whole foods, (trying) to run, and getting fit and healthy. I'm newly inspired to take good care of myself, after some hypochondriac health paranoia and the gain of 20 (eek!) pounds. By 2014, you'd better be a healthy, fit 30 year old!

I got married! I got married in a state that acknowledges same sex marriages! I never thought I would get married so it has me very grateful that there is a human on this planet willing to put up with my ass. lol

a dear friend that i was spending thursday evenings with died. she had ALS. it was an amazing gift to be with her in her aliveness. now we all strive to embody our own in the authentic ways we can. she was a spiritual teacher for me. thank you MJ.

Nothing really. And for that, I'm very grateful.

In the past year, I took a significant pay cut and started a new job more in line with my interests. I was very relieved to get out of my prior position and grateful for the opportunity to use other skills in the workplace. At times, the pay cut is bothersome, and it feels strange to be moving both backward and forward at the same time. Still, I like to always keep in mind the total package, not just the bottom line. Overall, I do not regret my decision.

My husband and I decided to try to start growing our family. I was incredibly naive and optimistic at the start of the process. I expected that this would just happen right away; after all, people end up pregnant on accident in back seats of cars. It's been almost exactly a year since we started trying, and we've now had to seek treatment for infertility issues. That was a heartbreaking thing for me to deal with. My mother always joked that she had been off of birth control five times, and had five kids. Here I was, feeling like my body was the ultimate failure as a woman. My husband was always incredibly patient with me and my melt-downs. The thing is, it seems like no one ever talks about their struggles with having kids. Part of me gets it--it's an incredibly personal thing to talk about. However, the lack of conversations contributed hugely to my skewed views on how easy this "should" be. There are days when I'm really angry about it, and there are days when I'm okay with it. I've got an amazing community that I'm a part of, which has helped normalize the experience a bit, and make me feel much more empowered in seeking medical assistance. It's also served to make me nervous, though, as there are women who have been trying for years unsuccessfully, with countless treatments and interventions. At the end of the day, it is what it is, and I'm grateful that I've been able to come to that acceptance of it. I know we'll be parents eventually, one way or the other, and this has been a valuable (if frustrating) lesson in patience.

Moving to a new place. I move frequently for work but this was the first move I did on my own. No romantic partner. I am truly inspired by how well I did when for so long I've felt that I needed someone to do the small things for me. There were times during the process where I wished I had someone else to handle things but I didn't and it all worked out. There were times when I questioned my ability to do it all correct but I did. Everything worked out great. New city, new life, and guess what? New boyfriend. This is my first relationship standing on my own two feet and at times I want to revert back to making him my world but I look back at my ability to move by myself and remember that I have all the tools I need and am a full and whole person. All that being said the most significant thing that happened to me this year was being totally single and being forced to figure out who I am. It affected me by giving me the opportunity to gain my confidence. I am grateful, thankful, and inspired by this experience.

My mother, who has always been a toxic force in my life, cut me off totally. I feel relieved, freed. I am approaching my friendships and family relationships with a greater sense of peace and of holiness.

Broke up with my ex. At the time, I was kind of an emotional wreck. I would be devastated one moment, and completely relieved the next moment. I'm glad it happened when it did, because it would have changed freshman year of college for me more if it had happened later.

This past year I got engaged to my best friend and I am so incredibly happy and grateful. I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with this person and I feel incredibly lucky.

I think a significant event involved this crazy foreclosure issue. They finally tried to foreclose on us illegally. I was put through absolute hell for 2 weeks where I tried to pack up the entire house as fast as I could but with no help and then with only one functioning arm to boot all while I had 5 other people living in my basement. And then the foreclosure was cancelled last minute. I am still waiting for the official paperwork saying it was cancelled. I was ever so grateful.

After years of procrastinating, I finally had genetic testing done to see if I carry the BRCA1 genetic mutation. My bouts with breast cancer were in 2000 & 2002. I had the testing done last fall and learned I do carry the mutation. At first, I was devastated, as my daughter was 18 at the time. It took little time for me to realize that I was RELIEVED. Because I was diagnosed at Age 32, I always knew she was high risk. Now, she only has a 50% chance of carrying the mutation. That shift in perspective was a blessing for me. At age 45, I had a complete hysterectomy/oophorectomy, and I am grateful for that option as a preventive measure against ovarian cancer. The experience also guided me into a major decision to take a sabbatical from work for this school year to study something new, and that decision was a gift!

I was made Lead in my department on a really big important project at work, after only working at the job for about 4 months. It really humbled me, as well as helped me feel more confident and secure to progress in my field as a leader now. I was confronted once again by my own issues and emerged where I knew I could believe in myself and do a great job. I even got to travel to Vancouver a couple of times and met some wonderful people on my team. The management was happy with my department, and we all got along great and got lots of work done in good time. I am grateful for that opportunity.

This year, I saw myself grow as a leader in the church setting because various people were willing to give me the opportunity to lead and learn. I am feeling more and more strongly (and seeing more and more clearly) that being an ordained elder is exactly what I am supposed to do with the rest of my life. I am grateful to God and to my mentors who are helping me grow.

This hasn't been a year of significant experiences, really, but a year of small changes and shifts in attitude for me. After very eventful years prior, it's a relief to be in the small details of life instead of in large, life-changing situations. I'm grateful beyond my ability to express it.

Janet and I came to a kind of breakthrough point after a great deal of anxiety and struggle. Somehow this summer, after a difficult climax, it came together. And part of it was Rachel's Bat Mitzvah. Janet and I did something beautiful there together--of course Rachel more than played her part--and it provided a glimpse, a vision, of what we might create in a life together.

I am 46 and had gained about 25 pounds over my normal, pre-baby weight of 130. I have two kids, but they are not babies! I looked in the mirror one day, and realized that this is my body for the rest of my life, and that if I didn't make some changes it wouldn't serve me well and I might just go down a slippery slope to poor health and poor self image. I started pilates and stopped eating sugar and grains, and have lost all 25 pounds without really working too hard at it. I am the strongest and fittest I have been since I was 25 and I feel like it's totally sustainable. The afternoon sleepies have gone away, most aches and pains are gone, and my blood sugar is stable for the first time in my life. I am so grateful to have found something that I think I can continue the rest of my life, and so relieved to know that sustainable changes can get me to a place of healthy weight and good health.

My friend Sue called me to tell me that she has pancreatic cancer. We cried. I came to see her last month/early July and I am here now Labor Day weekend for ~ 4+ days. Our level of presence with one another is very tender. Diana Nyad just swam from Cuba to Florida. She is 64 and it took her 5 tries. Her message, "never give up". I asked Sue if it was hard to hear that and she said yes. She talked about her giving up/accepting that she is not going to reverse her soon to be death. Makes me think more carefully about how I want to use the time I have left. Interestingly enough a couple of guys have shown up via OK Cupid. yes to companionship travel I have wanted to live in europe for sometime/ a few months in france to learn the language, paint and the same in northern spain and a trip to scotland given what I see with sue I think get on with it. make it happen I think I have often felt like I need the vehicle of a guy and it is def time to give that up! I have also felt held back by the lack of $ I dont have enough for a 61 yr old woman for the retirement/yrs when I cannot work so I think I will have to keep working until I can't but then I recall my dad saying his biggest regret was that he did not travel when he was younger. he waited until he had more money and then he was not healthy enough. so do I hit the road, possibly exhaust my savings and have these experiences and possibly be sin dinero? for now, I think I need a middle path. I am grateful and I am inspired. I can make it happen.

It's hard to think of something specific. But what keeps popping in my mind is that this is the first year since probably 2006, that I've begun to finally feel like myself. I'm feeling my spark. My energy. My mojo coming back from the divorce, losing Dad, and battling Breast Cancer. Although my company isn't doing as strongly as I had hoped, I'm working hard at re-building it. But for me personally, I am relieved AND inspired that I'm coming back full force!

For the first time since leaving home when I was 18 I did not have to deal with any major transitions. My job stayed the same, my apartment stayed the same, my roommate stayed the same. While I know that some of those things are still temporary it felt wonderful that for once I could just be. No packing and unpacking. No having to find a new place for my belongings and a new routine to fit the space I occupied. No deceleration followed by a period of reaccelerating. I could focus on the now, not the what was or what will be. I could strengthening friendships and have strong footing in my job as I began the 2013-2014 school year.

I live overseas and was evacuated from my post. This has added a lot of additional stress to my life. Sure, people live under more stress, but I had worked hard at less-stress-living. I am resentful. Alternately hopeful to return and angry this happened. Our financial plans/dreams are destroyed (for now). Childcare is a huge burden to pay for and manage. My spouse lots his/her job b/c of this. We live in a limbo, and try to smile and do fun things.

I have entitled OFF MY CHEST: Letters to the Editor...+. I am relieved for sure as this took about one year in the making. I am grateful that I have been able to do this. Promoting and selling this book is the next major hurdle which I am still trying to figure out. In fact I got my first check just yesterday from my publisher and it is quite disappointing.

I got engaged 2.5 months ago! I am excited, grateful, and a little bit anxious! There's so much planning to do, but I can't wait to marry the love of my life! I know that this next year will go by very quickly!

This year I completed a full year of student teaching. It was the hardest thing that I have ever done, and there were days when I thought that I would never be able to be a decent teacher and that I was letting my students down. What got me through the year was spending time with the kids, and knowing that each day was one step closer to my future as a real teacher- and here I am at my goal!

I started school at Vanderbilt University. I'm extremely grateful for this opportunity to be able to attend such a prestigious institution. I hope I can keep up and make the most of my time here

I turned 30 this year. And I did not turn 30 gracefully. I turned 30 emotionally kicking and screaming. And although I was dreading this big milestone age jump, I now see that it doesn't really matter. It doesn't change who I am, what I want or my lifestyle. Not one dot. What it really showed me, was how far I have come and how blessed I am to have so many friends and family members to celebrate that dreaded day with.

Losing my virginity. I still don't know how it affected me but somehow it seems to be significant. It made me realize peoples true colors and friends, and truths and lies. it made me feel like a woman and feel loved and comforted and humbled and joy.

Actually two significant experiences. I am now the grandmother of twin girls Camille and Pauline and my book An Unintended Journey a Caregiver's Guide to Dementia was released July 16, 2013. The grand daughters were released July 7th - my birthday as well! Happy/ ecstatic are the words that best describe how I feel.

Although it may not impact me directly, there was a big change at my company. Basically, the entire management team changed within a 4-6 month period. Initially, I felt very confused - What would this mean for me? What does this mean about my company? What else is going to change? And there has been a significant shift. People that I've worked with for years are leaving for other, more "stable" opportunities. All of this leaves me wondering and questioning what my role is, and that anxiety is tough to deal with at times. I put on a brave face and say that "the check clears the bank" and "there are no boxes on my desk" but still the underlying uncertainty remains.

My man moved from very far away to be with me. It's been an incredible road--full of a lot of ups and downs. We are learning about living together, loving each other, and being good partners to one another. It's been challenging at times, and for some moments I wasn't sure we would make it. But with a lot of hard work and determination and all the love we have between us I know this is going to be the rest of our lives. Having that certainty is comforting and beautiful.

I had been teaching for a year and a half as a long-term replacement for a teacher on Medical leave. When she decided to retire, rather than allow me to continue, (despite heavy lobbying from my department), the principal, fearing the school district would install someone in the post, pulled a friend out of another school and offered the job to him. Since that time there have been only 3 unwired teaching jobs in my discipline in my state. I cashed in everything to go back to school and get my certificate, and am now despondent.

Olivia has been going through her Bat Mitzvah preperation. She has been working very hard. I have been doing as much with her as I can--going to services, helping her get acclimated at the Common Pantry. It has helped me to realize that being a part of a Jewish community and having my kids be a part of one is very important to me.

I graduated! I'm so relieved that I made it, and I'm grateful that I pushed myself to graduate from Berkeley as an econ major. As part of graduating, I also moved back home. I'm happy to be back home (my own room!) with my family and friends. It's nice to be able to have plans during the week and on weekends, go to birthdays, and see relatives for Shabbat.

This year I had feelings for another person besides my partner of four years. In addition to that I had concerns that I wasn't living my 20s out to the full extent I should in terms of social experiences (dating, sex, etc.) My boyfriend and I went on a break (an incredibly short one - less than three days) and I slept with the other person I'd had feelings for. It has been a difficult mess. Grappling with hurting my boyfriend has been torturous for both of us. It all came to a head when I had the first panic attack I'd had in over seven years just about a month ago. My boyfriend and I got into an argument (he didn't understand the attack or what I needed to do to take care of myself) and I realized he still hadn't forgiven me. Finally, after nearly an entire week of straight fighting, two weeks ago we went to a counselor and I think it's one of the best decisions we've ever made. I'm not sure exactly how I'll cope with the feelings of missing out/worry I'll regret being in a monogamous relationship so young and so long, but I do know that the answer isn't to go have sex with whoever I happen to be attracted to. I have other options. I don't regret sleeping with someone else because I believe I had to do it to know what I want and to know how not to be in my relationship. I don't want to do something like that again.

Where to begin! I got engaged last night! What I will say is that I completed my doctorate and went through the process of a viva this year, both of which I never thought I was capable of. It made me aware of my abilities and my determination and hard-work. It also was a huge relief to pass with no corrections. It's probably the one piece of work I feel I did with minimal help from others and for that reason, I'm especially proud. I was also totally humbled by the people I interviewed and became aware of the ability to affect change through research.

I moved to Berkeley. We thought it was temporary. I am working at Highland. I thought that was temporary. I left my job of twelve years. I thought I was going back. I am glad that I did this. I have had highs and great lows. Great highs and lows. If I can look around I realize many more things are possible than I thought. Also....I have been very scared, very frightened of the unknown and unknowable. If I had not come out here I would always have wondered "What if....?" Now.....I am still quite worried for the future......but I spread my wings and I tried.

I got into a beautiful relationship. I hope with all my heart that I will still be with him when I receive my answers next year, because he's my earth and my sun, my everything, my journey and my destination. He is the one that taught me how to love, how to trust and how to enjoy sex (cheeky)! We made ambitious and naive plans to stay with each other for the rest of our lives. I'm not the kind of person who believes in eternal love or things like that, but I do now. And that counts for something.

My best friend got married. That was a pretty significant event, and my first time as a bridesmaid. I realized how important my girlfriends are to me, and how it's so valuable to keep up relationships with your girlfriends. I know that when I'm 80 I'll still be friends with Jess, and there'll be someone there who knows me and loves me for the person I have been, am and will be throughout all the years. Of all my friends, I think Jess is def the most traditional/conservative, so getting married was important to her. Lots of my friends feel that marriage is not necessary but still are in committed monogamous, long term relationships. So the fact that I was able to participate in a wedding (and it might be my only time, who knows!) was really special for me. It was an absolutely perfect day, start to finish. I will always remember and cherish it. I'm very inspired by Jessica. She is the yin to my yang, as we like to say. She is disciplined, structured, organized, conventional. Her life is on a trajectory that I can somewhat predict where she might be in 5, 10 years...and I respect that about her. She's steadfast, reliable, like a rock. She and her husband will be together forever. She has everything that I do not have- a mortgage, a husband, a job at a huge corporation...and I love her for that, too. She always tells me that she admires and respects me for the ways that I'm different from her. Like, my creativity and the fact that I work for myself. We're so different but we give each other strength. I think I've always known that Jess and I were best friends but for some reason being part of her wedding really solidified our love for each other. I'll be there when she has her babies. I'll be there when they grow up and go to college. It's like I've been watching her really come into her own this year, find her place in the world with Nick by her side. I'm so proud of her. We never used to say "love you" or anything like that, at least not often, maybe in a card or text? But since her wedding day, she's become very open with me, she says "love you girl!" almost every time we talk or write. She also has said, very matter of factly, that Beth and I are her two best friends. I always think this is funny, because I think I already know that but just the way she states it, is funny to me. I think getting married gave Jess a new and greater sense of confidence about her place in the world. And I think being included in that event further bonded us in a very special way. It's something I hold dear to my heart and always will.

I met Jose through the Big Brothers Big Sisters Program. I couldn't have imagined how amazing he would be. The joy he finds in simple pleasures. The kindness and love he has for his family. The patience he sometimes requires of me. How he grows so fast. How we share so many similarities. How much he loves swimming. I am constantly inspired by him.

I have been retired for an entire year now and I am loving it. I am so grateful I am able to support myself and enjoy this time. I congratulate myself on the hard work and saving that made it possible to have an opportunity for a comfortable retired life.

Cant think of anything significant in the past year. Just going through the motions. Makes me resentful.

This year no one thing jumps out at me. For that I'm grateful. It is lovely when life moves along at a gentle pace and I have time to enjoy reading and working in my garden without thinking that I should be dealing with some other urgent matter.

My boyfriend broke up with me after years of his cheating on me. I was sad, and resentful. But then realized through time that I was relieved and felt happy not to be in the relationship any longer.

Difficult to identify one single experience. Took a large step back from my main non-work commitment, and now I'm missing it. I realise more than ever how important it has been to me, and the extent to which it has given me some direction, and a feeling of doing something worthwhile, which I definitely don't get from my job.

We went on our final trips with our truck and Airstream trailer. Another visit to Southern California and southern Arizona in the spring with great birding experiences as usual. This was followed by a trip to Green Lake in BC's interior for a very relaxing time. Then came the decision to sell both the trailer and truck brought on by the knowledge that the truck was over ten years old and needed to be replaced with money we don't have. After advertising them in Craigslist and Kijiji both were sold within a month. We will miss them as we could stop wherever we wanted while traveling and cook our own meals instead of eating out all the time. However, I am relieved because it was stressful driving the large rig on the freeways and hoping that the truck did not break down and cost an arm and leg to repair while you are 500 miles from home. We will now travel to some warmer Central American countries via air to satisfy our birding adventure lust.

I managed to get divorced in less than 12 months, sell my house, and I'm now buying a new one. I also traveled extensively with my daughter and we now share a love of concert-going. I even started a new job. I feel empowered, hopeful, and happy for the first time in years.

My brother died at age 44...unexpectedly and with no real cause known at this point.To have to tell my mother was heartbreaking and agonizing beyond belief. Some of my siblings had not seen or talked to my brother in years- some over 15 years. And why? because he lived in a lower class area, drank more than he should, and had a harsh wife? Or because of mistakes he made in his teens that they never could forgive or forget? And now it is too late-too late to go back and redo, too late for "why didn't I go to the family wedding?", too late for "why didn't I call and catch up with him?" too late to see him or touch him or love him again. I am struggling with this grief of losing him and wondering why he's gone and hurting from seeing my mother grieve for him every day. I miss him.

So much has happened in the past year, it is hard to pick just one experience. I think one of the most significant experiences was defending my doctoral dissertation and graduating with my PhD. Hands down this was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. But it was also the most rewarding. I hope that this work can somehow make a difference, inform policy or help someone (although I know that is far fetched).

I started to do personal development trainings and met fantastic people and an unbeliveble mentor called Blair Singer.Thanks to him I made some real changes in my life.I understand more the people, and I am more patient and I am on an another level now.I am really grateful, and I visited many places where I wanted to go.

I moved to Chicago. Scared shitless. Miss my best friend like crazy. :/

Getting fired! Yes! grateful and relieved and resentful and inspired! Thank you universe for supporting me in living my life and creating my vision. I wonder what will be happening next year when I look back at this time. I feel more optimistic, hopeful and excited than I have in a long long time about change and the future.

After nearly 10 years, I finally made the move back to California. Not only was this significant geographically, it is weighted with the fact that I actively decided I wanted to be close to my family - for now and for the future. I decided it's time to set down roots, plan my future, get married, have kids...and I wanted to do all that closer to my family. I'm happy, excited, but I also feel the pressure of needing to do all those things now. Will I be disappointed if none of those things happen in the next year?

My son was diagnosed with JIA and uveitis. We are still unpacking what it all means and what steps we will take to help him create a "new normal." I am anxious about the medications he will have to take and the procedures he will undergo, but he has proven himself to be such an amazingly resilient kid. But the long trips to the various doctors' offices have given us some one-on-one time that I am very grateful for, and all the waiting forces me to slow down and take life one moment at a time.

I was unemployed for 5 months. It made me realize how fortunate I am to have the family support that I have. They may not be perfect but they really came through in my time of need. I'm extremely grateful to them and I'm grateful to have had the experience. It has let me to be more appreciative of my career, the company I'm working for, and the people I work with.

Spending my summer in Cape Town affected my life the most out of everything this past year. I learned what it was like to really live in another place and recognize the differences. I am so grateful for this experience. Living in Cape Town made me realize how much I take for granted. Such as having an endless supply of hot water, almost always feeling safe, my iphone, laptop, and other things I just accept I will always have. The most shocking thing was the security, even with the gate to get into Lyle, the key card for the door, and the double locking doors; there was still always the underlying fear that something bad would happen. I mean, I live in a city for school and I freak myself out that bad things will happen, but the fear and possibility was never as real as it was in South Africa. The weirdest part about living in Cape Town and now being home is feeling like I have come back and nothing has changed. I still go about my normal routine, and have fallen back into the same patterns. I thought my life would be drastically different post-South Africa, but it isn't. And I am kind of disappointed about that.

I moved, and started a new job. While I was only moving home, it was a huge step forward for me...away from college and the home I had created for myself, back to the home that I have always known, but as a whole new person in a whole new life. I'm so grateful for all of the opportunities I have had, and all of the wonderful people in my life who have helped me make the transition.

Nicky got pregnant and I'm resentful.

Wow there have been so many significant experiences this year. I guess the one that lead the charge was moving home. I left my job and moved back to the US to make a home for myself. It has changed my entire life in so many ways - for the better. I spend more time with my family. I am building a job for myself that is fulfilling and meaningful. I have met three amazing companions, my dog Nika, my business partner Daniel and my lover Matthew. I am filled with love, finally.

I got to take my boyfriend and his son to meet my Mommy. It is something we have wanted to do for yerars, but finances did not allow. We really didn't have the money this time either, but my Mom battled breast cancer this year and we just felt it was important. It was a wonderful trip. Everyone loved each other. While there I also got to meet my sports hero Jim Kelly and spend a significant amount of time at Bills Stadium. It was two items crossed of my bucket list at the same time.

I lost my best friend of 7 years. We had been friends since high school, were college roommates, moved out to LA together, and started a business together. We experienced so many things together and it was a huge loss to me, at first, but I realize now that we had just outgrown each other and it was for the best for us to move on. I hope that we may be friends again in the future, but who knows. I wish her the best and hope she's happy.

My mother began treatment for breast cancer. I am greatful because they have been able to successfully treat it with hormone therapy and it has responded well.

I turned 18 and began to learn about the responsibilities and privileges that come with being a legal adult. At first I only thought about the privileges, like being able to vote in the upcoming election and being able to sign documents for myself instead of having my parents do it. But I had to think about the responsibilities too, like the possibility of getting arrested for minor crimes, and the fact that I have to call the doctor about my appointments. I can't just rely on my parents all the time anymore. That made me feel scared, like I was standing on a skinny tightrope across a gap between two cliffs. I don't know if I might fall, so I have to walk slowly and carefully, thinking about every tiny action. Being 18 years old is more complicated than it sounded at first. I feel intimidated by all the responsibilities, like I'm being forced to grow up too fast, too soon. But it's also exciting, because with the experimentation of all I am now allowed to do, I will be able to discover who I am; an ongoing process which I am sure will never end all my life long. It begins now!

I am tired. I took a few weeks off for a 'working vacation' and realized I was burning out. I also realized that I can't manage the depression without drugs. Frankly, reading the answers to last year's kinda sucked. I'm not much farther along. I'm still in debt. I'm still very much alone. I'm still working too hard, and not as productive as I should be. I am sad. I'm becoming bitter about dating, and I hate that. And I am tired.

This past year my mother came to visit me. I hadn't seen her in five years and she had not yet met my two small children. My emotions were mixed. It was a nice time but sad and awkward for me. I am grateful that my children were able to meet her. I grateful she and I were able to share time together and share some laughs. I am also still resentful for how she raised me--or lack there of--and how she took advantage a bit while she was here. I am still learning to have no expectations with her and to achieve the virtue of forgiveness. Ultimately I felt inspired to be the best most kind, loving and caring parent I can be to my two beloved children.

2 Major experiences for me. I got married to the love of my life. I'm extremely grateful to have found a person who is truly accepting of who I am, who makes me laugh and makes me feel good about myself every single day. I really hope to make every day extraordinary with him and not take any of our days for granted. The other big experience is that my grandfather, Papa Mel passed away. My family has actually lost 5 people in our family this year including Aunt Rita, Aunt Lil, Aunt Charlotte, and Aunt Thelma. This was not an easy year for my parents, but really marked the passing of time and the transition of generations into new generations. I will miss these folks pretty greatly, but feel so lucky to have had them all in my life for so long.

I visited the Bełżec Death Camp in Poland. After living for two months in Lublin, I went to the place where the Jewish community of Lublin was liquidated. The reason I was so alone as a Jew in Lublin was because the people that should have been there were all murdered at Bełżec. I didn't know if I would cry or not, but I didn't cry. It was very quiet and still there--a field of ash and rock. I felt very quiet inside. It was such a small area, with few traces of what it was. It destroyed the remainder of what little skepticism I had left about the existence of God. I am grateful I got to visit this place. I am grateful I was in the place to elect to visit, and then return home safe, return to Lublin. Those who died there never got that chance.

42 years ago I spent my last semester of college at the University of Copenhagen as an exchange student. I lived with a young couple (I thought they were "old" at the time since they were about 6 years older than me and had a baby under a year old). It was a wonderful experience, living in their small apartment and experiencing day to day life, commuting from the suburbs to the city to attend classes for five months. This past June my family (10 of us, including kids and grandkids) went to Scandinavia and through an internet search, I was able to locate Torben Braasch, the husband and father in the family I lived with so many years ago. I called him on the telephone from the states before we embarked on our trip and at first, he was sure I had the wrong number! Once I refreshed his flabbergasted memory, he was thrilled to hear from me. I then learned that his wife, and my friend, Gitte had passed away after they had divorced and he was now remarried and had a son. Rikki, the baby I had so adored, was now 43 years old with 3 children of her own. We arranged that my family would come visit on one of our tour days in the countryside.of Copenhagen. When our van arrived to the very same apartment building where I had lived, we were greeted with American and Danish flags placed at the door in a flower pot, out their window, and all up the stairs leading to their small apartment. Torben was anxiously waiting at the door. Weighing at least 250 pounds and now 70 years old, he looked very different from the young, strapping man I had known. But the sparkle in his watering eyes, the big hug, the crying that he greeted me with, was cathartic. All those years, all those memories, all that time gone by and here we were with kids and grandkids (his came for the visit) surrounding us. It was a short, sweet visit that refreshed my memories and, in some ways, made me feel my mortality - not in a depressing way - but in a very sentimental, loving way. Torben and I have traveled very separate paths but there are so many similarities. While he has stayed close to home, he has found found the love and joy of family. I too have found love and joy of family, but have traveled the world and moved across country in retirement. What I was once again reminded of during that visit, is how blessed I am to have shared my world with such kind people, to have had the opportunity to do things and have experiences that made the hugs across the years so very special that day. I left and still am, very grateful for the life I am living.

Last year my Mum had a stroke. She is totally paralysed down her left side but her mind and memory is still improving. I see her every day and although it makes me sad, she is still my Mum and still loves me as much as she always did.

In February of this year (2013) I fell in love for the first time in my life. John is everything I have always wanted and more that I never knew I wanted. My heart is filled with so much love everyday that I feel like it is overflowing! I feel very special to have found this in life.

My Daughter Nayanah was born... I've been able to spend everyday of her life with her so far and am thankfull that I am able to be with her everyday and bond with her and watch her grow! I am so thankful that she will be so close to daddy!

It's been a rough year. The older I get the more I realize how much I still have to learn about life. I am 30, but due to my poor health and high maturity, I feel much older than people see me. I still am struggling and having trouble coping with failed dreams and professional setbacks. However, I managed to publish two books prior to becoming injured at my day job. I have made a turn towards health, but life is still a struggle due to physical pain, depression, and financial worries. Thank G-d for my husband and my synagogue. Without their acts of kindness, it would be far more difficult.

I got engaged to my best friend. I feel so incredibly lucky to have found such a wonderful and loving person to spend my life with.

I lost my dog in a car accident. It was devastating in the beginning. It made me think about life and death. I am grateful to live and I feel that I can accept death as a realty and somehow less worried about the end of this passage of life to death.

Mark and i moved in together. It made me feel all of the feelings listed in the question and then some! Sometimes happy, sometimes forlorn, sometimes angry, hopeless, silly - it goes on and on. We have been through a lot so far, but we're still trying to settle into the space and find a space for everything! He is contrary to me in SO many ways - tidiness, how he deals with illness, how he prioritises his time... and so on. We're just back from the Cayman / colorado trip, and on that trip (well, before going, actually) i planted the idea that we should move to CO. Soon. and now i need to get my ass in gear to make it happen. I hope it doesn't ruin us, but it is a necessity for me right now - and for a few years - to be there.

A friend asked me to illustrate his book My Fantastic Awesome Funny Fun Day at School. . I was very pleased just to be asked! I told him that I'd send him examples of my work, if he liked what he saw, I'd be interested in continuing the conversation. He loved what he saw! Imagine my surprise at age 70 to have someone finally appreciate my art work. It was surprised, happy and grateful. We worked very well together--thinking of each other as true partners. I am grateful to be appreciated--even at this late date. It has inspired me to take many new risks with my work. You're never too old to grow.

I recently finally had a very difficult conversation with a friend. The relationship was extremely unhealthy and toxic to me and that conversation had been about a year or two in the making. I'm not good at sticking up for myself and honoring my feelings or opinions as valid. Having that conversation was huge because it made me do that for the first time and it finally ended a detrimental relationship. I had stayed in the relationship for too long because when we first became friends I was insecure and shy. I depended on her for confidence. After many years I have grown so much that I am finally able to stand on my own. This recent event was the culmination of all of this growth. It was the hardest thing I've had to do (and sometimes I get sad thinking about it) but I know it was crucial for my over all happiness.

Me mude solo. Estoy muy contento y feliz

Receiving the silver rose was by far the most significant experience that happened to me all year. I don't do what I do for beta chi for any type of recognition. I have genuine love for all the individuals in the fraternity. Receiving the silver rose made me feel like I was appreciated as much as I appreciate them. It was validation that they saw me as a sister when all this time I had seen them as brothers. It was the proudest moment for me. I feel so grateful.

I got dumped by my boyfriend. It was sort of expected, and sort of hoped-for, and yet still pretty devastating. And then we continued our on-off thing for several months. I know it was for the best, but I am still sad that it happened. But we were never going to be happy the way we were.

A passing professional crisis -- it left me exhausted and resentful, but thoughtful. Better: my 8 y.o. daughter's amazing learning curve -- I'm grateful, thrilled, hopeful.

My mom died carmel died and nancy decided to divorce me They both made me really sad and quite lonely and overwhelmed. On the other hand I learned slot about myself - my desire to be alone, my ability to make friends and get thru with the support I had and my love for my kids

I got back into riding! after an absence of about 25yrs. sooooooooooo good! exercise, therapy, passion, and such a good smell! definitely 'inspired'... still have a dream of owning my own horse one day! horses help w/ boundaries too, as someone tried to bully me, and I eventually said, "NO WAY JOSE!" and found another barn that's waaaaaaay more fun! stuns me that some people on this planet graced w/ horses can be soooooooo obtuse. but alas, it takes all kinds. I handled it well. stated the facts, and found another situation to be in. yrs ago, I would've pleaded w/ the bully [my mom was a dangerous woman] but this time, I just stood my ground, and sought other advice [from the local tack shop] and learned I wasn't the only target of said bully which was a relief! they also gave me a name of this new barn i'm now at. proof that u don't have to put up with shit. u can say no thank u, and move on.

1) I've been unexpectantly unemployed for six months. Tucking and rolling has been an interesting test of my abilities to stay clear and complete and mindful of my ontology. "Who am I being in the matter of _____?" Is always access to clearing out what doesn't work and creating newly. It's taking me to places I didn't imagine I'd be. The universe is taking care of me. Things are opening up and not closing. 2) I detached from a man I considered the Love of my life. This took some doing as I was very attached! It was the best thing for me and letting go was a brilliant move. Immediately, I became a clearing for myself and my own well being and let go having my life revolve around his troubles. 3) I became romantically involved with the best friend of the old beau. He isn't Jewish, which has been on my "must have" list. He's also a lot of things I didn't know I wanted/needed/valued in a partner. Those things were on my list, but they weren't anywhere near the top, nor were they items I was present to. I love who I am with him and his influence on me...We are the safe space for one another to bring out what matters most. We disappear one another's vulnerabilities instead of dancing on them. We are a slow burn...taking our time to be sure we are sound partners and are motivated to be together for all the "right" reasons. It's proving to be a very rich relationship! We are falling in Love. 4) Twin daughter #1 got married. I love my new SIL and we have a great relationship. He has two sons who light me up. They make 5 grands, three of which are steps...and there os no difference. They are ALL well Loved! Twin daughter #2 had a baby boy. Both are incredible women with heads on their shoulders and hearts of gold. They each make me incredibly proud! 5) I continued work around being complete with my father. I'm clear my relationship with him has dramatically effected who I am in relationships with men and I'm taking that power away from my father. Frequently, his actions and words are not consistent with the loving generous heart I know him to be. I don't pretend to understand the incongruency, but I'm now clear that its his journey he's working on and it has little to do with me. I am no longer hysterical when he's hateful. I still have a very difficult time being around it, but I'm ok and living my life. I love him and am looking for what a healthy relationship with him can look like. The conclusion I've come to with many men in my life is that there is NO healthy relationship possible as long as those individuals keep making the same choices...and their personal journey hasn't taken the turn to set them free of those choices. Letting go and not trying to be The One to make the difference is a big shift for me. I am looking for who I can be with my dad that will work. I want relationship, but I'm not willing to allow my own strengths to be diminished Under his influence. How can I be my strong self AND be around his "nasty"? How can I be present to his shit showing up to the party not be triggered? That's the personal groundedness I'm creating for myself and my life. I want to have this accomplished before he dies.

Kris asked me to marry him!!!! It's definitely made me very busy. Planning our wedding together and really talking about our life together, including kids, is only more proof that we're perfect together. Inspired by him I decided to become a raw vegan. He's now going to do it with me! Our goal is to find an eating regimen that we're happy and comfortable with by January. I seriously am soooo excited to be his wife and too see where our long lives will lead us. His love and dedication is certainly one of my greatest motivators to really push the limits of my talents and intelligence to do great things!

Going on my first tour with Shakin' Babies. I had so much fun traveling to the east coast of America! I got to see places I had always wanted to see and experienced things I would've never imagined. I am completely grateful for that experience and for the experience of recording an album and promoting it. I love being in a band and making music with my friends! I'm completely inspired to keep going.

I fell in love, finished graduate school, and got a new job that moved me across the country. I have never been more excited, terrified, and heartsick in my life. I was inspired to take my life in a new direction and to get a fresh start in a new city. I was scared because it meant a long-distance relationship, leaving everyone and everything I've ever known and starting a brand new career. It has been a few months now and I am settling into my new life well and have learned a great deal about myself in the process.

I got MARRIED this year!! I moved to VA. I started a new job. I moved out of my childhood home into our new apartment. It's been a busy year! For the most part all of these changes are AWESOME :) but there's also the pieces that are really tricky. I love Jason and marrying him is the best decision I've ever made. We laugh together. We love each other and each day I get more and more amazed that this is my life. I love out apartment and our happy little life we've created here. The downside to all if these changes... I miss my friends and family like crazy! I knew I'd miss everyone, but I had no idea it would be so hard to be away from them. Seeing Becca and Colby growing up and my family getting together without me is hard. I miss having girls nights. I miss my church and the community that I was in. Not being a youth leader and helping out with events has been hard too. I don't feel like I'm connecting with anyone here and I haven't made any new friends. This is the part I never pictured when planning our move down here. I'm sure things will get better. I just hope it happens sooner rather than later.

A client of mine died. I was very upset, deeply saddened. It changed me. I am not sure for the better. I closed myself up a bit, maybe a lot. He died from a drug overdose, perhaps on purpose.

Our son who has been struggling with heroine addiction for a number of years was arrested during the Christmas holiday season last year 2012. The blessing from him being arrested is that he was accepted in to drug court and received treatment and is in out patient treatment at the present. He has over 6 months of being clean and sober. He now has a full time job with benefits, lives with us currently. Gets urine analysis on random regular basis to test for drugs and has maintained being clean and sober. He is working with his original sponser Scott. He goes to the gym and runs regularly and he eats super healthy! He looks and acts like his real authentic self. I love him so much and we are so proud of his dedication to himself and AA and his life. I am grateful and overjoyed! I am praying that our entire family will be reunited at the Christmas season!!

This past year I decided to convert to Judaism. Gris is my life now this is who I am. Initially I was grilled at get idea of such a awesome transformation. The few people that I told were also thrilled. I was nervous, but I knew in my heart it was right. Everyone I have met from my conversion class to my synagogue have been so very supportive and friendly. I still fear that here will be those who don't accept me. But hats the life of a Jew right? A person who is made stronger through opposition? There is a similar history between my Jewish people and my African ancestors. It is that history that should bind us via shared experience. For he is not a Jew, which is one outwardly; neither is that circumcision, which is outward in the flesh: But he is a Jew, which is one inwardly; and circumcision is that of the heart, in the spirit, and not in the letter; whose praise is not of men, but of God. (Romans 2:28, 29 KJV) I take that verse with me daily in my heart as my confirmation. That no matter what you are outwardly, it is what is on the inside that makes you who you are Shana tovah!

I had two different surgeries. One to remove fibroids - a myomectomy and one cosmetic - lasik surgery. It was really tough going through the myomectomy. I was very skeptical because I didn't want to be out of commission for six whole weeks, so I searched and searched for alternatives until I had multiple doctors telling me the myomectomy was the only way to go. The experience really wasn't that great as the doctor seemed very impersonable. She did a good job and I guess that's what matters the most. I'm happy I did it because my menstrual cycles are no longer painful, long or heavy. I also realized that I don't mourn the pain of my mother anymore. Every single month when I was in pain, I remembered her pains and sometimes I would call out to her or even mimic her. It feels amazing to have let that go. My hope is that my memories of good times and healthy times will be more prominent and I will embrace my femininity and all the goodness of a menstrual cycle is supposed to bring. I think reading and implementing the concepts in Woman Code will help me tremendously. What was interesting about that surgery was having a particular friend in my life who was there for me through and through. It felt good to have a man around providing comfort. As far as the lasik surgery, that was a quick yet intense experience. It burned a bit and my eyes watered like crazy. However, I'm super happy I did it. No more contacts, no more glasses, no more scratching of my eyeballs lol. My vision is 20/15 which is better than 20/20, who knew?! I'm really happy with the results. It was worth the investment. I'm grateful for FSA from my job and having the money to pay for it.

I got married. It brought my husband and I closer together and cemented our bond and commitment to each other. After 7 years together we were officially each other's family. I am so happy to be married to this wonderful man. He makes me a better person.

We moved into our home in December. It is not our ideal house but it works for now. It's nice to have a space of ours own to decorate how we want but I kind of wish we could have had more time to find a nicer place.

My father passed away. Whilst sad to lose the last of my parents it wasn't really the monumentally sad occasions that these things can be.

We got pregnant this year, and I'm 100% grateful and inspired! The experience has made me appreciate everything we are blessed with - our health, amazing family and friends, careers we're passionate about. Even my pregnancy has been remarkably comfortable. Now I'm praying for a healthy baby and the strength and foresight to not mess things up :)

My daughter completed her RN, BSN, passed her NCLEX and is working as an RN. She's also applied to the Air Force and I'm very proud of her accomplishments. The most significant experience has been the death of my best friend a week and a half ago. She was working as a travel nurse and was found dead in her apartment. No immediate cause of death can be determined. I am going with her husband to retrieve her body. We're in shock. No time to grieve. Just shock and anger and the unknown. I've learned more about autopsies in the last week than I ever hoped to know. Sherry has been my fierce friend since the 2nd grade. It's going to be so hard to live without her, but first, I need to get her home. I'm grateful that I've reconnected with her kids. My kids and her children grew up together. I hope I can be a mother figure to them. I want to do that for my friend. Such a hole. Such loss.

A lot of really great "significant" things happened to me this year, but I want to reflect on one that didn't seem so great at the time. At the beginning of the last school year, I wanted to make some new friends and branch out. I thought a good way to do this would be to rush a sorority. Even though I didn't really know anyone in the organization, they seemed like the kind of people I would like to know. I was very anxious about going to the rush events - it was out of my comfort zone in a major way. But I pushed through the entire week, felt like I made some great connections, and was proud of myself. Then I didn't get a bid. This really negatively affected my self esteem. Even though I tried so hard to remind myself that it wasn't personal, I just hadn't done my research and didn't know enough people in the sorority, it felt like such a personal slam. It felt like I had put myself out there - offered my friendship and sisterhood - and no one was interested. I was very sad for a long time, and felt hopeless and shitty. Then I felt resentful. Finally, about a year after the event, I can say I am mostly at peace with what happened. I allowed myself to feel hurt - because it WAS a painful rejection. And I allowed myself to be angry - because they WERE missing out on a great person. And then I got over it. They have a great organization, and it is wonderful for them, but it was not the right place for me to be at that time. I now realize that a sorority is not really me - it was just a stab at making some friends. It didn't work out because it wasn't the right thing. And that's okay, because even though that experience wasn't for me, a lot of others are, like studying abroad, writing my thesis, and getting my first apartment. I have ended up where I belong. And I have built my self-esteem up the RIGHT way, rather than through a false sense of belonging in a social organization.

My husband had back surgery. The need for it came as a total surprise, so we we caught off guard. He came through it fine, but we realize that some items on our Bucket List may not be possible. We have learned to better be content with what he/we can do and not fret over wishes that won't come true. I found it difficult to have him around the house all the time. I need my solitude. I had work, of course, but being away from home is not the same as being home alone in the house. However, I chose to focus on being grateful for his progress in getting well. I am thankful that he is well and was able to return to his teaching job. We were not sure he could take the standing and bending or the inability to lie down and rest during the day. Ultimately, life is returning to normal; but we don't take some of the small things for granted any more.

Ivy joined our family! Oh man...it has really affected me. I didn't know I had it in me to love two kids this much...and yet I am madly in love with this little bundle of chubs! I'm grateful, I'm relieved, I'm resentful and I'm inspired! I'm hoping things get easier...it's really really tough right now.

I visited the Western Wall (and the rest of Israel) this year. I was raised in a religious home and have believed in God my entire life. Prior to this trip, I never had a strong opinion as to whether or not the Holy Spirit truly and physically dwells anywhere on this earth. During the period of time I spent at The Wall, I truly feel that I was touched and after speaking with others, I know that I am not alone in feeling this way. I think that in many ways that moment, the prayers I tucked there and the words on my heart set the tone for this year and for what I hope will be the rest of my life: gratitude.

I have had to completely give up the apartment I have lived in for 7 years. It was very convenient to work and quite homey. I moved out almost two years ago, after a relationship came to an end, but was subletting, and now the lease came to an end, and I had to clear it out. I miss the location and that physical space, but I am now happy with my new home, and hope to be there for the following 7 years. All in all, a challenging experience, but one that made me stronger in the end.

I realized that I keep getting presented with the same kind of people in my life. I understand that I need to look inside to see what I need to learn from this and how I can break this pattern of people in my life that are not consistent with their words and actions.

Learning how to say "No" / hold back happened in the past year. I am grateful and relieved and better rested. More grounded. Rather than eek out every last minute to do something or go somewhere, when we had to go somewhere we did (Las Vegas, Atlanta, New York, Erie, PA for weddings). Instead of going crazy on Dec. 31, we stayed home and streamed the Phish concert from Madison Square Garden and ate Lamb Curry. It gave us more time and space to just enjoy the family, each other, and life.

i turned 40. it wasn't a crisis...it wasn't a disaster. i brought together a diverse group of women who give me strength and inspiration and celebrated with them. i said thank you and i love you with grace and sincerity and allowed myself to be in the moment for a little while.

My youngest daughter went to Kindergarten. She was thrilled to do what her older sister was doing. I was thrilled to not have to pay daycare and pre-school expenses any longer. But everyone tells me about how fast time goes with children. Can it really? Because in the moment, time seems so hard to contain composure and not lose control over every day activities. But then I look back - where did the last five years go?

I passed my HUGE exam that has been holding me back for years!!! It was a personal battle for me and I think now that I have proved that I can do it, I feel like I am worthy. I have never been so proud of myself. If there is one thing that I have it is tenacity.

I got married in June! Could not be happier or more thankful for my supportive, loving husband!

A lot has happened in the last year. Angel and I got engaged, which has been amazing. I've also started gender therapy for myself - which I'm only a few weeks into, but I've definitely become happier with me, which has been a long time coming. Lots of changes coming up. Hopefully when I re-read these in a year, those changes will have happened or at least be in progress.

The death of my grandmother was both crushing and inspiring. Although it was something we were all expecting, she was such a huge part of our lives that my family felt broken, hobbled by the loss. Seeing the number of people who came to my grandmother's funeral, and hearing what they had to say about her inspired me to become a better person, and to use her as my guide in understanding this life. Everyone spoke about how connected my grandmother was until the very end--how she kept up with all of our lives, how she kept up with the news, even new books until her glasses broke. Hearing my father's voice crack as he proclaimed his mother to be his hero was incredibly moving. He spoke of her dichotomy between confidence and humility, and her sharp wit which was combined with a never ending warmth. It was something I knew before I heard the eulogies that day, but it became more clear at her funeral. My grandmother's spirit is my true north.

After 35 years working in museums I resigned to become a writer. This was a huge leap of faith for both me and my spouse. My first book is due out in the spring. I'm grateful for my spouse's support. Inspired by the adventure and scared at the same time.

I got my first "smartphone." This will be ho-hum to most people, but for me it was a major move. My motivation was the same as 25 years ago when I got caller-ID on my phone. In both cases, I wanted the service but thought the price was outrageous so I tried waiting the vendor out. Eventually, I realized I would die before prices came down, so I moved ahead. (But, I'm still holding out on cable :-)

2013 has been defined by moving to Philadelphia and nesting in our new home, new neighborhood, new life. It has been a whirlwind, a dream come true, taxing in some many good and hard ways. But we did it! The lesson for me has been to hold onto vision, and remember that just because you got the blessing you wanted, doesn't mean you are going to get a "perfect" life. 6 viruses later our immune systems are still battling for recovery!

Adam got engaged to a nice Jewish girl. . Can't be much better than that.

I quit drinking. What followed was clarity when my father died and the days leading up to his passing. Clarity when I made changes to live a healthy, active lifestyle. Clarity when I wake up each day. I am grateful that, at age 60, my life is ahead of me.

One of my children attempted suicide in May. I was devastated by his complete and utter hopelessness at the moment he decided that taking his life was the best or only option open to him at the time. I continue to carry resentment towards my husband for not sharing the burden of this horrific event. It continues to haunt me when I let myself go down that dreadful thought path so instead, I'm careful to remember that we now have a wonderful psychiatrist who has been instrumental in getting my son on the proper medication.

The end of the year was all about change. We moved from LA to San Diego, started new jobs, and our little one started preschool. I enter the new year feeling grateful for the opportunities I've had and the excitement for year ahead. For once I feel very settled in my life.

I decided to try having sex with men for the first time and ended up having a few very satisfying experiences. This made me discover a whole new world of sensuality and the great feeling of being pleasured orally and anally.

Last year, I got a job. It made me feel much more secure in my abilities, to have people trust my judgement and believe my opinions have worth. However, it has been very hard to relinquish the freedom I had before receiving the job.

I met some people who are helping at risk people. I feel hopeful and a little scared. Will I be up to it?

I broke my ankle last November and it helped me realize who my true friends really are. Also, I discovered that one of my legs is significantly shorter than the other. Although the financially it was tough, I am thankful that I was off work and had time to recuperate.

I decided to change jobs. It was a drastic change, but one that was very much needed. It was a downgrade in pay, but I couldn't be happier with the choice. It was terrifying after working in the same job for more than 6 years, but also oddly liberating.

It might be easy to answer this question with "I got engaged." That is a major life-cycle event with major ramifications for Shai and I: a commitment, a journey, a status, an identity. But what I really feel has been my most significant experience this year falls under the "ramifications" category: I feel like Shai and I have started to build our family unit. I feel beyond grateful to know that I can go to him with anything, that he will consider what I have to say, and that he will respond. He may not respond how I want him to - he isn't a robot after all - but it's this process of hearing each other out, putting our joint needs first, and being committed to trying over and over again until we strike the right personal balance that works for us.

I am home again and not teaching in the public schools. It makes me depressed and sad and resentful of the awful people that got me fired from my last job. It also has made me reflect upon how very lucky we have been to have jobs prior to this year. My husband and I have both struggled with unemployment in the past few years, changing occupations, and taking turns staying home with our children. I am very fortunate to have two beautiful, healthy children.

My health has improved this year and I am grateful.

A lot has happened in the past year, I got engaged, finished my conversion, got married in NY the weekend after Sandy, lost a job, had a miscarriage in an IVF cycle, my youngest son had spinal surgeries, mother-in-law died, and the biggest was my wife asked for a divorce after 9 months of marriage. Per her request, we filled and it will be final Sept 9, right in time for the new year. It was a lot of stress from the change, but overall not being in a relationship with her right now is easier than the past year of being in a relationship with her. I'm very sad over the future together that will not be realized, and very inspired to find a new path.

I received a promotion! This is significant because it occured two years after I joined my company, but also two years after my daughter was born. During her first year, my energy was totally divided and I felt like I was doing an ok job for my work - but that's not the level at which I usually perform, I usually like to do a lot better than ok! So during her second year, I learned how to balance things better and my performance picked up enough at work to earn that promotion. It makes me feel good about how I am doing at my work - and I also see how my daughter is growing and changing and I know I'm also doing a good job with her.

I have struggled off and on with depression these past 4-5 years, this past April things took a turn for the worst and I got really bad to the point where I began cutting to relieve a lot of the internal misery I was enduring. The item I was using to do it was dull so it was more painful and I completely destroyed my arms and legs within a matter of months. It affected me tremendously because I am now scarred for life in visable areas, people stare, question me, I get the typically "you shouldn't do that". I am relieved that it is over. It lasted until about the end of June and although there are times I get sad I have been strong enough to tell myself never again no matter how hard a situation is. I am just embarrassed about it. People can see this and judge me without knowing anything that I have been through. I am inspired however to spread knowledge about cutting and why it is never a good idea.

I made the first steps to change careers after moving to New York City with almost nothing & sleeping on friends' couches for four months. Right now I work as an unpaid intern while scrambling to make ends meet during the other hours of the day. Some days it's very difficult, and I feel hopeless and wonder whether I made the right choice. Other days I'm excited to be entering a new chapter of my life – at age 40 – and, a day at a time, managing to survive in New York City, a place I never thought I'd be able to live (much less survive, and sometimes thrive, in for more than a year now). I've also been able to parlay my difficulties into writing a book on living in Manhattan on $1,000/month... it's getting written very slowly, but it's getting written, and I hope to help other people who are stuck in poverty learn how to lead nonetheless happy and contended lives. How it affected me is that I learned that I am a lot stronger and more resourceful than I gave myself credit for. I waver each day between feeling inspired and wondering if I'm crazy, but I think anyone in my situation would.

My husband told me the secret he has been living with his whole life and our whole marriage of 30 years, and then he lost his job. I am practicing moving from anger and resentment and blame to compassion and love and rebuilding trust. I hate what happened and I am grateful for the opportunity to look at what I do value and love about this man...the big stuff in life is never simple or black and white.

Turns out that having a child on the first try only happens to 16 year olds at prom. Thousands of dollars and many more tears of frustration later, we enter 5774 as we entered 5773 - without a pregnancy. Feelings of frustration and sadness are temporarily assuaged when we count life's blessings, but we are hopeful that this year is different.

When I was handed my dream job, in just 30 seconds I turned it down.. for in that moment, I had discovered I had already created my dream life. I am so grateful and more than inspired!

I've always been terrified of the ocean, of big bodies of dark water. Because of dead bodies, sharks, kelp, things that might touch me, eat me, bite me, poke me. This year, I started boogie boarding with my son in the Pacific.

This year my last grandparent passed away, and I got pregnant. We were incredibly lucky to have spent a lot of time with her in her final years, and she was a hilarious joy, pretty much until the end, which I think taught me a lot about how I want to live and how I want to raise my family. Learning a few months later that I was pregnant was thrilling, scary and reflective. Not at all how I pictured it, but very much an opportunity for us to really thoughtfully frame how we transition from a couple to a family. 5774 is going to be a big year.

I was able to initiate a situation to spend time with my brother, who I've been out of contact with for the past 2 years. I felt inspired and creative that I did this, while at the same time accepting that he has changed in ways that make our previous close relationship impossible. So, while I'm happy that we are back in contact, I'm also sad at what we've lost.

The love of my life asked me to marry him!

I broke off a dead-end relationship after three years after realizing that I deserved better. As a result, I feel more independent, happier and independent.

This past year has been a whirl wind of activity. I gave birth to my second child 16 months after my first. And I am so very grateful for my happy healthy daughter. But I would like to talk about the house we purchased for my family. We bought a new house this year. The process was nerve wracking, especially since I was 9 1/2 months pregnant at the time. Our house is perfect for our family. There is enough room for everyone to have their own room. The kitchen is an amzaing place where I can cook healthy meals for my family. Our kitchen opens out onto our deck which sits in a beautifully landscaped backyard. Our family loves eating and watching the birds and bees fly around our flowers. I am so happy that we were able to buy this house with a view and a homey personality. My family will go up in a happy place and that is priceless.

I became vegan in April. I live my life with compassion for our planet and myself which has always been a struggle for me. I feel healthier and happier.

I met the love of my life. It renewed my faith that I *could* love and be loved. Of course, at this very moment, it's not certain the relationship will last. But I will forever be grateful that it happened, and that I was shown that I can still fall in love. I'm terrified of the future, but trying with every cell in my body to stay in this moment and appreciate it while it's here. Nothing is permanent.

Became a personal trainer. I haven't gotten many clients but I am in very good physical shape, better than I have been in a long, long time. It hasn't fixed my life as quickly as I had hoped, though. I need money.

What started out significant in one way, became much more so in another. While visiting our daughter and her family who had to move to Boston from LA for 6 months, we got a call that our other daughter (in LA) had been hospitalized and was quite sick. Rushing home, seeing her in such pain and laid so low was horrible. The journey of diagnosis (Typhus!) and finally recovery was exhausting and, in its way, thrilling. The body is miraculous.

I decided to move to Costa Rica due to family tensions at home with my daughter. It seemed like distance might repair some of the damage we had caused each other. Now that we have been here for 6 months it has been amazing how our relationship is healing. And I am so very grateful. It was the absolute right decision and my husband agrees.

The dissolution of a relationship I was in. This was the first man I really thought I could grow old with and who promised to marry me and make me happy. I was heart broken but grateful for the experience of love again and for the lesson; that happiness and love come from me. In a relationship I'm responsible for my half, for my love and for my happiness. I was also relieved at the end because he did what I was fearful of doing; ending the relationship. Inspiration may seem hard to find in an experience such as a break up but in retrospect, my inspiration is to keep loving! Loving myself, my new partner and everyone in my life.

I traveled to Israel for the first time ever with my wife and newly bar-mitzvahed son and saw the Kotel on Tisha b'Av. I didn't expect to feel much of anything. I thought I'd take in the beauty of the ancient wall and appreciate it in a totally detached observer, Jew-by-choice-of-the-diaspora way. But as we made our way through the metal detector and paused at the top of the stairs looking out over the sea of Jews chanting Lamentations, tears sprang to my eyes. What a strange sensation - to feel connected to this place in such a profound way that it took my breath away. I am humbled, grateful, awed.

My oldest son quit playing all sports at the age of 17. It was a dramatic blow to me. So much of what we've celebrated with him since he was a young child has related to his success in sports, it's hard to me to relate to him now. Our relationship is quite strained anyway, it was the one link I could count on. I miss him having positive male role models, teammates, and he desparately needs the physical activity. I'm hopeful that something positive will come of it, but we're not there yet.

I went to New Zealand for a 3 week teaching placement and didn't want to come home. I'm extremely grateful for the opportunity that I had and it certified that I want to live and work there in the near future. I miss it everyday more and more.

This past year was my first child's Bat Mitzvah. I began to see my daughter moving slowly but surely away from childhood into young adulthood. It's quite gradual, as she has always been a mature individual. I am relieved that the event is over, since it was quite large, being the rabbi of the congregation. It was interesting that I did not cry, as I usually do at almost every lifecycle event that I have ever done, be it joyful or sad.

Last October, I contracted pneumonia. I did not realize the severity of my illness or even see a physician until a month into having symptoms. When I received the diagnosis, I did finally rest and acknowledge that my body was worn out and needed attention. During that time, I was having difficulty breathing and my physician recommended I go the ER. It was a very lonely time for me. I have great friends, but I did not reach out to tell anyone I needed them - and as a result, I felt very alone and sad. I felt resentful and hurt and lonely. I realized that I have to care for myself and love myself first. If I feel worn out - listen to that and take care of that. Appreciate my body and my health. Ask for what I need and be there for those I care about. It's almost a year later, and that time still impacts me more than I would like it to.

Moved my entire life to New York. At first I was incredibly excited - more exciting opportunites, travelling, meeting new people, doing what I really love - being creative. At first it was fantastic - then as time has past my life has been a complete roller coaster of emotions and questioning myself and what I should really be doing. I'm inspired, determined but also more scared than ever.

My twenty-four-year-old daughter has had some serious mental health difficulties, leading to the end of her school plans, moving back home, and three hospitalizations. I'm sure I'm not grateful, relieved, or even inspired, but I'm not sure of anything else. We've learned a lot about mental health care (summary: it's better not to need it) and a lot about each other. The person for whom this experience is overwhelmingly life-changing is my daughter. It's far more difficult for her to return to being at home than it is for my wife and me to return to being unempty-nesters. The OK days are the ones when it looks like the tunnel continues; the bad days are the ones when it seems to be collapsing around her. Light at the end of the tunnel is difficult to imagine. But I _am_ grateful that there are not many of the bad days.

I got a new dog, and she has brought such happiness, warmth, laughter, and love into my home. I have also been having some serious health issues this year, and she has been by my side (or on my lap) every step of the way. I am so appreciative, and feel truly blessed that I get to have this creature. She is like a heating pad for my soul. :)

We moved to Costa Rica. It was a big decision that had been coming for several years, just waiting for Jay to retire. The move came quicker than we expected, and the most difficult part has been in making new friends. We are living near San Jose, and there is a great opportunity here for clubs and organizations and we are joining and getting together with new friends. An obstacle to this is the frequency of our travels, either out of the country or to the beach. But we are happy and now have to decide if this is where we want to stay, or return to the US, or buy new furniture, continue to rent furnished or ship our furniture. We will get est imates while in LA next week. So far, it has been good, but I do note an increase in conflicts between us.

I was accepted into a Social Work Doctoral program!! I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity and for my husband/kids who are supporting me on this journey since it means I will be living 200 miles away during the week.

I suppose the experience I am in the midst of right now is having a pretty significant impact on me. I am trying to figure out my career direction at my company. My supervisor has moved into a new role and I am apparently not a shoo-in to be the next VP of Marketing. Subsequently, I've decided to manage a new project that is very complicated and I am very challenged by the woman I am working with on it. What makes this whole scenario significant in my life is that it is opening up all sorts of questions about my life direction, and not just my career direction. Am I stupid for not having children? Is it too late to have children? Am I too set in my ways to become a caretaker at this time? Do I want to work in San Francisco anymore or try to do something closer to home? Is my life in the city, or here in the country? What would I do if I worked here? Who am I in the world? What does it look like to be a good spouse while also trying to be a power player? I'm overwhelmed by uncertainty. I am a bit sad. I am feeling like I might want to change but have no idea what that would look like or feel like and am concerned what would happen if I didn't like the change I deliberately made. But isn't the thing about change that it happens to us whether we ask for it or not? Life is a big question mark for me right now.

I got married this year and we bought a house together and began renovating it. We did this all in the span of about 6 months so I've been very busy. I am grateful that we have been able to get through this time. I also feel relieved that the busy time is over and we can settle into our life together.

I'm EXTREMELY grateful for being let go from my previous job. I had an amazing six years as a youth and program director but was spending WAY too much time dedicated to work rather than family and myself. I sit here after having baked honey cake, challah is in the oven and a "Jew Tour" for the High Holidays starts tonight. THough financially poorer, I'm emotionally and psychologically stronger. The congregation was my home and I'm somewhat poorer for loosing them but we'll find our new home in time. It's a new year to REJewVinate (your spirituality), REnew (yourself), REinvent (your passion), , REevaluate (your direction), REMove (negativity), and REdirect yourself to a Good New Year. REady? Set? GO!

I accepted a position with a Jewish organization. It has been challenging. The organization has undergone a lot of change and transition in a short period of time. This prompted me to do a lot of soul searching about whether or not I was willing to take a "leap of faith" and jump into an unknown business atmosphere with a small player competing against larger local entities. I have been promoted in the organization and I am still feeling very optimistic about the future though the long view is often hindered by the overwhelming feeling of the amount of work that is before me. This new path has brought new financial opportunity to me and my boyfriend, a renewed sense of cultural identity, and a return to being part of work that I love. It has--like so many things---been a blessing and a challenge. I still feel pretty inspired and grateful.

I had a reversion experience at a Spiritual Exercises retreat that brought me to a deep, passionate and meaningful connection with God. I go to church daily now and I live a faith-filled life. Additionally, it has impacted my message to the world and I have been blessed in SO many ways because of this encounter. My Spiritual Director in is a prominent priest stationed in Rome, I am starting a graduate degree in Spiritual Theology and I am launching myself professionally this fall as a spiritual guide and transformational teacher (finally using all my current degrees and certifications in life coaching, divinity and metaphysics). Most importantly though, I feel God's presence actively working miracles in my life. I have never felt so blessed.

I became a world traveler. I took 10 weeks to travel 10 countries: Italy, Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Croatia, Hungary, Czech Republic. For part of that time, Spain and Portugal, I was completely alone. I confirmed many suspicions I had about myself. I do not like to be alone and am therefore excited about trusting strangers. I long for human connection every moment of my life. I am sad when I do not have it and I am sad when I see other people waste it. I confirmed that I really do want to see and experience the world the most I can, but I want people to share it with, even if it means seeing less of the world. But either way, I am ballsy and strong and confident and able.

I left a long term, completely abusive work environment. I struggled through many months of unemployment and amassed many debts. But I have landed in the RIGHT place now. It was SO hard, but I have to admit I made the right decision. My new work environment is healthy, productive and a career step forward. I also got off a difficult antidepressant (Effexor) I had been on for years. The withdrawal was horrifying. That was physically and emotionally the most difficult thing I've ever experienced. I'm still figuring out whether I need medication or can manage issues with exercise and diet, but I made two hard decisions this year and feel like while I've been a true mess, I'm on the road to being closer to the person I expect myself to be.

I worked really hard to create and establish a position that I wanted at my firm. It feels like it was the first time, even after having been here for 9 years, that I made something happen, instead of having it happen to me. And then, a few months later, I realized it was time to leave. I have outgrown this firm or this type of work or I just want to be more available for my kids or probably all of the above. Our family's quality of life is much more important to me than my being employed. I want to have fun weekends instead of chores; I want to be more relaxed instead of so cranky. I don't feel grounded in my life with my family and I want that back. I am truly grateful that I have a wife/partner that is able and more than willing to be the sole economic provider for our family. So she will make our money and I will project manage the family!

I realized that I love my pet so deeply - that it's changed me as a person. I haven't loved something this much in quite awhile. I thought that my first love ending brought me to my knees. Then I thought that my friendship ending with my best friend was the absolute worst thing. I can honestly say that losing Cali (my kitty) would not only bring me to my knees, it might even amputate my legs. Metaphorically of course. I am mostly grateful for this deep realization, though it packs a soulful punch. The experience of true, pure, unconditional love is the most incredible thing to experience...ever.

I have moved to London, I am now extremely poor & struggling to live, but it has opened my eyes to unemployment and trying to find a job.

I had bariatric surgery on April 18, 2013. This came after almost 11 months of preparation, by going to one-on-one counseling sessions with a psychologist, a nutritionist, my PCP, and a medical provider within the program, along with attending group sessions on a monthly basis. The surgery made it possible for me to actually start losing weight and start on the path to wellness. A challenge I have been battling with my entire life. I feel that I am very lucky to have been given this chance to change the dangerous path of obesity and illness that I was on. I pray to have the strength and perserverance to carry on until I finally reach my goals of optimal health and weight loss.

I started a new job this past year. I have gone through a whole slew of emotions. I was grateful to have gotten the opportunity and recognition to be a major gifts officer and to have someone invest in me. I am so happy to be living with my husband again. Since then the glitter has come undone and the job is not exactly what I thought it was. Although right as I am reflecting, I am realizing that it will be what I make of it.

My best friend was diagnosed with cancer. I focused lots of my time in energy on being around her and her family, supporting them, helping them around, etc. It has brought us closer but most importantly it had showed me that no matter the circumstances, you can choose to look ahead and deal with things instead of sit and cry.

I gave birth to my second child. On January 18, 2012 Camilo came into this world. Quiet. Still. Sweet. We waited for a cry, for his body to warm, for his smile to warm us. Now the seven-month little smush is all warmth and smiles. And my life is complete. Camilo is what I was missing though I didn't realize it. Camilo completes our family. He makes each of us a better person. Softens Eli. Makes Victor sparkle. He is pure love. We were surprised by this blessing and for moments unsure...But now, we are forever grateful.

For years (decades), I've purchased supplies for my job from a company - a major multinational supplier, working out of one VERY small Idaho mountain village. So while staying in Riggins, I wanted to see that place. They don't have an actual store - everything is catalog-and online-based. At the office, I met the owner - and he gave me a private tour! We talked about changes in the industry and where he ships things - Indonesia, all of North and South America, Saudi Arabia, Africa - all from warehouses in tiny Riggins (pop. around 400), a scenic fishing town on the Salmon River. Later that day, we ran into him again at a local bar, and he bought us drinks and we talked for hours. It was special to me, to meet someone so down to earth and so downright NICE, who runs a multimillion dollar business, successfully, and still lives a 'regular' life in a small town, doing regular 'small town' things, going fishing, working in his garden, going deer hunting - living the way he wants, and not the way some might think a wealthy and successful person 'ought' to live. It was something to make one think profoundly about the nature of work, and how the decisions we make are affected by what we think we 'should' do versus what we want to do, and the importance we put on 'things' versus 'people'.

I opened my heart more and allowed myself to feel empathy and connection. I practiced listening with my heart, not my head. I felt more intensely and was comfortable with that, whereas for many years I would react to those strong feelings and bat them away. Not coincidentally, I found occasions to write poetry again, and felt enormous satisfaction and gratitude about rediscovering that side of myself.

I had an acute case of pancreatitis which put me in hospital for 4 days in late December and resulted in having my gallbladder removed. I was so grateful that 1)the paramedics were here in 4 minutes, 2)it was NOT a heart attack, 3)that I had wonderful doctors who treated me and heard my concerns about certain anasethetics, and 4)that I am not a recovering addict so I was able to take the wonderful pain medication that was prescribed. I was grateful to all of my community who stepped forward to help me.

There were two major things which happened this past year. The first is that I started my first job in development work after spending the last six years working on programming for nonprofits. This change has been enlightening and has helped me see a different side of nonprofits. The second is that my wife and I welcomed our second child. This has changed our lives and we are so excited to watch as our daughter grows.

I found out this year that I've shown definite signs of OCD. I have't been -officially- diagnosed yet because I'm afraid of living with the label. It's been a really interesting experience learning how to live with the reality that I could deal with this anxiety for the rest of my life. I just want to live a life that isn't defined by those three letters.

Daddy Weasel passed away in April. It was the most devastating thing that has happened since mom died. I am still vacillating in the stages of grief between anger and sadness. He won't be there to give me away, or hear about things that happen to me, or celebrate my victories. I feel so incredibly lonely.

One significant experience that happened to me is that I no longer have a car. It totally affects me in so many different levels. I have to depend on my son and/or my husband to do things like going to the market, cleaners or just running errands. It's very hard. I also have to walk to work. Although I enjoy the walk on most days I find myself being increasingly resentful at my situation. All these things from my childhood are resurfacing like why if my parents were millionaires they never did anything to ensure my and my sisters future? I feel like a total and complete loser.

My daughter made contact with me after 10 years of silence. I found out I have four grandchildren! I am grateful to re-establish a relationship with her, and to know I have grandchildren. Her life has been hard and the children live in poverty, so I feel sadness and helplessness as well. Six months later, I still have not gone to see them.

I went to Burning Man. In fact I just got back yesterday! I guess I won't know exactly how I'm affected until I fully integrate the experience but it was pretty profound. I'm so grateful to be alive, to have the privilege I do that I can go do that sort of thing and get the most out of it. I'm so grateful that I have this amazing life full of beauty, love, people I'm so connected to and the gift of my healing work that allows me to help so many people in so many ways. I'm inspired to move more fully into myself as a true healer.

I became a grandmother. My perspective about life was renewed. My self-image was changed.

I left my job in May for a new job in the same city. This was a significant shift for me because I have entered an industry that is far outside of my comfort zone. I am not sure that this was a good change, right now, I feel a lot of anxiety and nervousness about my decision. I am trying to work through the discomfort and to remember the reasons why I made this choice originally but sometimes in the moment, my frustrations get the best of me.

We took on a very large project which was out of the capabilities of what we could accomplish with our company resources at the time. I contracted with a developer friend of mine who lives overseas and we also hired a new full-time designer. The project allowed us to start bringing in sufficient cashflow to be able to stabilize the business for the first time since we founded it 8 years ago. At the same time, a lot of the responsibility for managing this project and meeting the deadlines has fallen directly to me. In terms of personal growth, I had a great benefit from this that I started to be able to take critical feedback (even when expressed hostilely) as information that I could use to improve my work, and learned how to stop making myself feel bad when things were not perfect (because they never really were anyway... ). I have concerns about what would happen with the company if something happened to me, and because of that I'm also being more outspoken about getting what I need. Not always getting it, but more consistently asking clearly. Is it possible to be both grateful and resentful? I think that sums it up. It's definitely a step forward, and yet I'm seeing more stress and less free time in the immediate picture for me personally, and I think there are still a few more steps forward needed before that changes.

I suppose the most traditionally significant experience of the last year was my mother's 80th birthday. More on that in a second. But traveling to Amsterdam et al with Arch this May, our first Christmas in this house, becoming closer with Arch's family, Nico moving back here, Jurri's first year in college and first rental -- all significant. Mom's birthday was big. I re-acquainted myself with working on a project, spent time with my brothers -- especially Louis -- sang in public, and contemplated the end of an era for my family in East Hampton. I also confronted Mom's very real decline, though I don't think any of it is out of the ordinary. I am grateful for that short intense period of hanging out with family and "putting on a show." It turns out that I'm still good at it. And it did indeed inspire me about my own work ethic (which is still in progress).

I started watching YouTubers. I discovered lots of people who were sharing their life on the internet. I stopped feeling as alone and I found a place where I was happy. Although it's not "normal" to my family, by finding happiness and security in people who don't know me and only upload 5 minute videos to a video sharing website, but to me, they saved my sanity and my life. I don't know where I would be in my state of mind but I know it wouldn't be a good place. It inspires me to live every day to it's fullest potential and it's important for me to be the best version of me I can me. Enjoy life. Live the adventure. Boom.

I'd love to post something really positive and meaningful, similar to the sample answers scrolling as I'm typing this, but when I think about this year, I think of it as a year where I have experienced a good deal of loss (either second hand or first hand). It has affected me by making me be much more reflective on my life, who I am and who I really want to be and what I want to do to get there. It has also obviously made me quite sad as I think about these losses and what they mean to me and to others that loved them.

My mother passed away several months ago. My father had passed last year, so my sister and I had to get rid of everything...our childhood. However, I am grateful to have spent much of that last week with my Mom. I knew it was coming and it was not tragic. Life moves forward.

This year has been peppered with small events. I'm trying hard to think back on the year to come up with an event that was huge and significant. I almost feel like I should be grateful for that. The last three years before this one were hard. Health problems and loss and moving were huge events. This year things have been quiet. Maybe one shouldn't hope for those kinds of things. I should probably be striving for better health or well-being or fullfillment in life. But like I said after the last few years of upheaval and turmoil I'm somewhat okay with not having big things happen. I suppose maybe I should strive to make my own events and not have events happen to me.

i got married! leann and i got married on dec. 29, 2012. i am thrilled to be married again to my best friend. not only is she my best friend, but she's my lover and my safekeeper. i feel the safest when i lay in her arms with my head on her shoulder. :)

My sister's sister-in-law passed away very unexpectedly. It was and is a very hard thing for my family to deal with. I have a great appreciation for my family and friends but this loss has magnified that even more. It's also helped to put things into perspective. Life is happening RIGHT NOW and you need to make the most of every day.

I can't because it hasn't occurred yet....it would have to be the surgery I am going to have to correct a severely deviated septum and other sinus work....it will (hopefully) change my life vastly, more so than anyone besides me could ever understand. I literally have not slept more than 4 or 5 hours in 2 weeks, for example, due to inability to breathe properly, and also due to severe Sleep Apnea. Both problems have impacted my life in so many ways healthwise......I am first hoping to be able to breathe normally thru my nose (yay!), then to actually sleep using my BiPAP machine (for Sleep Apnea) at least 5 or 6 hrs a night (wow!), then to have energy to do a small chore or two around my house. Sounds crazy to everyone else, I know, but you would have to be dealing with this to understand the impact.......6 days until my surgery!!! I may not finish these questions this year......ya know what?? I DON'T CARE!!!!

I am getting sued for malpractice. I am alternating from fear to anger to insecurity. Did I do something wrong? was the patient's death my fault. Did I contribute to the patient's death? I feel terrible that this patient died. I have to admit that I would have done things differently, but I know there were many things, actions, lack of actions by many people that contributed to this patient's death.

I went to India to study Tai Chi. I'm very grateful that I was able to up and go, and powerfully affected by spending over a month outside of the normal pace of life, slowing down, focusing internally, finding simpler relations with others, and meeting some truly special people.

Earlier this year, I left a volunteer job with a non-profit whose Executive Director and my "boss" was a bully and a horrible, stingy "taker." I was so angry and unhappy there towards the end, that I was afraid I would burn bridges in leaving. In gearing up to offer my resignation, I decided instead to focus on the good times, of which there were any number. That made it both much easier and much harder to leave. I initially had serious reservations about leaving. What would I do next? Finally I decided that even with no firm plans (although, by the time I left I did have a "next" assignment) staying in such a bad situation was not worth the mental anguish. In retrospect, it was, without doubt, the best choice I could have made because it made me realize that there is always a better alternative to staying when you are being bullied, especially if your life DOESN'T depend on the relationship.

I finally decided after 42 years of living to put myself first. To think, feel and reflect on what I want - and then go get it. Result: I achieve great Things, I am more relaxed and I am more happy and confident.

In this past year I started school. A choice that was from my heart and for my soul. As soon as I made the choice to study what I am studying my whole world changed. I learned that one positive well directed choice leads to others and builds on the last. The series of choices and experiences that have happened since last January have changed my life for the better in so many ways and I am so appreciative. I have found myself out of a relationship that was meant to end, I am closer to the purpose I have always felt in my life and each minute time is speeding up bringing more and more to my feet daring me to pick it up. I have recently experienced some of the deepest healing in my life. Choosing to acknowledge the pain of my breakup and all of the deeper locked attachments that it brought forward has changed me very much. I am working everyday to find balance and stay true to myself. I am in a place of acceptance and letting go. I am not holding expectations, and I am having a lot more fun. I am also falling in love with myself... And someone new. I wouldn't trade it for a thing. Going back to school was the manifestation of the "experience" of wanting to follow my purpose and though my education is not my direct purpose it nurtures my path very well. The rest is up to me. And so it is. :)

I got accepted into nursing school, which was both exhilarating and frightening. While this is something I have wanted for the last few years, the time has finally come to actually GO TO SCHOOL. It was no longer a dream I had; it was becoming my reality. I am overwhelmed at this point, but am trying to stay present and take things as they come day by day.

My daughter was accepted into a fine arts academy for high school. This was a huge event for us: because she is a transfer student, she could not attend any other way. We were on pins and needles for weeks waiting on the verdict. Something I took for granted growing up (decent public schools), now becomes a major hurdle if you don't live near the school you want for your kids.

My grandfather died, i lived with him for so long, it's hard to believe he is gone, at the same time he was fading out and i think it was time. he didn't like needing help. I have been growing my tea business and teaching the classes in fits and starts. I joined the local chamber of commerce - and did a ribbon cutting, as well as the downtown blacksburg merchant membership. I am settled into my new job and they seem to like me I feel more at home here in VA than TX, but have less friends, gaming, and BDSM :( I desperately want a primary SO locally So many friends having babies, getting married, and I am still floundering about I have tried an insane number of dating sites tono avail which is depressing I attended world tea expo for the first time, it was amazing, i loved it. I attended gallifrey and got my dr who geek on for the first time, it was the most polite non-pro con i have ever been to My sister lives in CA now, and I visit her, CA is nice, but it's weird to have mom and dad traveling and family so far I got a monthly cleaning lady for the first time - it is so nice (since i can not find a domestic) Things seem trending positively, if stressful?

I have become a more compassionate, loving, patient person. I have found mediation, self reflection and spiritual guidance this past year. I am so grateful to have had this time to get to know myself. I have more to offer in my personal relationships. I feel fulfilled and happy with an abundance of love all around me. It has been a wonderful year.

What a great first question. I moved back to Portland. That is the short answer. The long answer is that I was so unhappy with my job in New York and it was affecting my attitude and feelings towards NYC that I took a step to help myself and gave notice at a poisonous work environment and loaded up a car with 11 boxes, 5 suitcases and my cat and drove cross country with my father. It was a HUGE relief to come home, especially because I ended up having gall bladder surgery at the end of the summer and I don't know that I could have done that in New York with my mom to help. Now I am starting new positions that I think will benefit both me and the Jewish community and I am grateful that I have the opportunity to help the community I was raised in.

I got involved with organizing the local Slutwalk. It's opened my eyes up to just how a grassroots organization can make systematic and institutional change, but at the same time it has shown my just how much more needs to be done. That said, I think changing how people think is one of the main goals here, and the only way to do that is keep talking about it and educating and learning from each other, so that's what I'm going to do. I also stopped drinking coffee. I used to drink three cups a day usually, and now I don't drink it at all. I woke up one morning and decided to get away from the things (and people) in my life that were really more toxic than helpful. It feels amazing. I generate my own energy now, and I find happiness within myself rather than from others' validation. It's refreshing.

I finally went to Europe for the first time by myself. In Germany, I learned that my personality has some resemblance to their culture and I really want to work there after I graduate with my bachelors. Not to mention how lovely the girls were. It's my mini mission to live there for 2 years.

My mother was diagnosed with Early On-Set Alzheimer's and the experience was both very painful and a reminder that life and memories are not to be taken for granted. Although the disease has not yet completely overtaken her, it has impacted her daily activities and before taking medications, I witnessed the strong woman who raised me become a mere shell before my eyes. She is currently on medications that are slowing the progression of the disease and while not a cure, we have a few years before the disease consumes her.

I transferred to Sarah Lawrence. It was the best decision I have ever made; I can study what I want, the way I want, and I have never loved my education more (and I've always loved school!). I'm so thankful for whatever force it was that guided me here.

I started to believe that, actually I am pretty good at what I do. I've had a major career change in the last few years and, while I'm aware I have a huge amount to learn and grow into my profession, I also had to accept, in spite of my modesty, that I have come a long way and I'm doing a good job. It feels great to be in that position, but I have a determination not to let that make me take my eye off the ball or to work any less hard. From here I just want to keep getting better.

My youngest son had his Bar Mitzvah this year. I guess relieved is the best word to describe it. It was an extravagant (well, by my standards) affair. I offered him a trip to anywhere in the world, but he wanted his party. I guess the upside is that everyone had a really great time; I just don't see the need in going overboard like my wife did. Oh well, cheaper than a divorce.

I testified several times in front of the state legislature about my experiences being trafficked for sex by my family as a child. This past year was the first time I talked about it ever, and to do it so publicly was pretty significant. I'm still navigating it all and dealing with all the emotions that come with it but I would say that I feel all kinds of things-grateful for the opportunity, relieved the secret is out, but it was hard too--making that known to the world was not easy.

I have really come to understand who I am in my faith. It is obviously a learning process and takes work each day, but I am beginning to understand where God is pointing me, or at least the general direction. In the last six months, God has opened my heart and my eyes to his glory all around me! We began the adoption process which is a huge leap of faith, and I am understanding that God is in control of EVERYTHING. That is where I need to put my faith, hope, and trust! I feel blessed to be able to do his work and show that to my kids. Not to mention, my husband has really come around to understanding me, in this sense. It looks to be a fantastic year.

daughter-in-law got a real estate license proud

I moved from a place I had elected to move to, in Mexico, to another city in Mexico that I was originally based in. Right now, I feel relieved, because even though I chose to move to that second city last summer, every time I came home I was faced with something depressing and it always took an adjustment to be at home again. However, I'm a little stressed at the moment because now I am living in hotels and will be doing so for the next 4 months, since I have been pulled into a number of projects. But once I can put my feet on the ground for any length of time, starting in January, I'm happy to start putting down more roots.

After a quest of more than an half-century, I joined a church. I had looked at many forms of worship and found many of them appealing, but none that I wanted to make mine for the rest of my life. After much reflection, prayer and consultations with spokespeople for a variety of religions, I made my choice and have acted on it. It gives me a feeling of great warmth, comfort and pleasure. I welcome the duties I have taken on and will do my best to carry them out. This is one of the best feelings I have ever had and I am full of gratitude.

I have achieved relative success in my business. At least, for the past few months and the foreseeable future, I won't have to worry about having enough income to pay the bills, and I can even think about growing, expanding, and making more money than we actually need to live day to day. What a concept.

In general I completed the last year of graduate school in London. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to goto school and to study abroad. I have grown so much intellectually and emotionally. It will be cool to take a step back and see how I can apply these new skills. I'm relieved that the second year was better than the first. Doing something I love (discussing and making documentary) has been so enjoyable. Its nice to have fallen in love in this way. Some part of me is a tiny bit resentful because I didn't get everything I wanted, but perhaps that is being greedy. Perhaps I need to learn to be satisfied. It has been a great two years for the most part. And on the other hand, I am inspired to be better and to do more. I hope my mother would be proud of what I accomplished with her support.

I retired in June after 30 years as a toddler teacher in our synagogue. I am more relaxed, less pressured..happy for the opportunity to spend more time with children, grandchildren, and travel when it isn't a school vacation. I am grateful for good health and the financial ability to retire. I miss the friendships w/the other teachers in school, but not the daily grind.

I found myself stuggling with severe anxiety for the first time in my life. As someone who has always been in control, secure and happy 99.9% of the time, this was a shocking and disturbing experience for me. I felt lost and scared, and wondered when I was going to feel like myself again. It was awful. I wasn't able to enjoy the little things in my life, everything felt heavy and it severely (negatively) affected my relationship. I questioned everything -- whether my job (which I was so happy to have again) was right for me, whether I really was with the person that I was going to spend the rest of my life with, whether I should move and just start over. While it was very painful, I am now grateful for the experience of learning how to just sit with fear and uncertainty. To know that I don't have to run or jump or make quick choices. And to know that I am strong enough to get through something that I thought was going to break me.

Finally finding the residency program right for me. While matching is far from assured, I can finally see a path before me instead of the haze of options that had clouded my view.

I am not alone. I am grateful, terrified and at times really pissed off about it. But mostly grateful. Remember what you resist persists. And there isa reason even if not yet known.

I have attained age 71 -- 10+ years more than my dear Dad, and am extremely grateful to the Lord for the grace of good health and strength.

I was asked to become a contributing writer for a Face Book magazine. I had held a secret wish in my heart to write a regular newspaper column but had been afraid to pursue the dream because of time commitments. This three- four short articles I could handle. It was a challenge to keep the commitment with everything else that was concurring. I was finishing a manuscript for submission and the magazine was becoming more sophisticated, therefore more demanding. I learned so much. I loved the year and the other people involved. I have stepped away now that the year has ended. I have 2 new books that require my attention to help promote. However, I will remain with the group as a guest contributor and hopefully continue grow and learn.

I finished a book! I feel relieved. It was a lot of work but I proved I could do something I couldn't imagine.

This year my partner asked me if she could start dating another person outside of our relationship, and I said yes. We had never been monogamous, theoretically, but this would be taking that part of our lives to a whole new level. It has challenged me more than I like to admit, and made me confront parts of myself I don't like very much. At the same time, it has forced me to "up my game" around communications. I am both scared about what it could mean long-term and intrigued by the new shape of our lives.

Oh wow. Well the three week period between December 14th, 2012 and January 9th, 2013 will probably be one of the most trying, emotional and unfortunately scary in my life. It all started when I bid Kiki farewell at the Vientiane airport, knowing that I would be flying solo in Laos for the next four months. I returned home to Sok and a very empty apartment. I had all intentions to brush my teeth and crawl into bed with the next Hunger Games book, but something willed me to open my computer. Minutes later, the skype sound started resonating through my bedroom, a warning that Grandma and Grandpa were trying to get a hold of me. With the 12 hour time difference, I was confused about their early morning EST call, but I answered. Sitting in the screen were Mom, Dad and Abby, waiting to deliver the worst news I had ever received in my life. "Grandpa died this morning." There were tears, wails and almost immediately I started frantically packing up my apartment. It didn't matter that I was a few days from an amazing Thai vacation or that I was finally getting really involved with projects at work. All I could think about was how much I needed to get the fuck out of Laos and go home. I begged with my parents, warning them that "trying to get me home for the funeral" was not good enough. I through all of my belongings into my suitcases, emailed my boss and 8 hours later, I was at the airport in shock. The next 64 hours were the longest of my life. I crafted a eulogy during my 12 hour layover in Bangkok, desperately tried to sleep in the Tokyo airport and felt as if I had been put under a drug induced coma on my way into Boston. Simon picked me up at the airport, but I couldn't be excited to see him. He was upset about the cancelled vacation and I really couldn't give a shit. We drove to Wayland in silence. I arrived and immediately ran to the arms of my mother, the ones that constantly offer warmth and support. Grandma said that she waited to cry until I got there. The house was full with family but seemed empty in my Grandfather's absence. His car lurked in the garage and the half eaten bag of pretzels perched on top of the refrigerator glared at me from above. I knew from this moment on that my life would never be the same. The next week seems to blur together. I remember the funeral: getting up to speak, kissing the casket, escorting it down the halls of my grandparents beloved sanctuary, driving his car with my grandmother in the front seat to the cemetery, watching the casket be lowered into the ground, listening to the hollowness of dirt hitting the cold box and finally the echoing words of the Mourner's Kaddish. I still say those words every day. After the stream of visitors died down, we were left with nothing more than memories and cookie platters. The reality sunk in that he was gone, not just away, but actually never coming back. I didn't sleep for days, afraid that I would dream about his return, only to wake up frightened and alone. My family surrounded me but we were all coping in our own way. That continues. By Christmas, I had returned back to West Hartford and since been diagnosed with a kidney infection, probably due to the travel and stress on my body. The pain was nothing like the feelings of loss, however. I went through the motions and slowly tried to overcome the emptiness. Simon and I planned an impromptu vacation to Jamaica, both to escape the cold and to try and get away together for a little while. I was all packed and ready to leave on the night of January 1, having gone to bed early in preparation for the morning drive to Logan. At 1 am, I heard crashing in the hallway, a scream and I rolled over to see a shadow in the doorway. It was a man, a tall, hooded man. And he had a gun. My mind started racing. I followed his command to lay face on the floor. I imagined everything that could possibly go wrong and thanked god that I had decided to put on pajama pants before getting into bed. With a gun to my head and his foot on my back, the man yelled at me, demanding the location of "the money." I had no idea what they were talking about. From the hallway I could hear Simon pleading with another man for our lives. His repeated chant became the background noise to my living nightmare. I lay on the floor for what felt like a lifetime. When I heard the bedroom door slam shut, I thought I had been locked in. Safer in here than out there, I thought. I waited for silence again. Simon yelled to ask if I was OK. I was. The zip ties that they has tried to restrain my wrists had been too loose and fallen off. I got up and walked to the door to let Simon into the bedroom. I fell into his arms after locking the door and cut him out of his shackles. I made him call 911: I knew that the police would arrive and question the marijuana in the house. I didn't know how much there was, but all I cared about what catching the criminals-- the men who ruined my sense of safety. The police arrived and separated us, taking me aside for two hours of solitude. I was asked to write a statement, to answer questions and finally escorted to a detectives car for the two mile drive to the local police station. I was terrified, confused and the bullying police did not help my emotional state. I shut down, resorting to sarcasm and a stream of witty remarks. This was pain emanating from my body. To the police it was me being uncooperative. At around 5 am I was finally allowed to call my parents. My mother, still in Wayland with my mourning Grandmother, was thankful I was alive. Maybe thankful isn't even the right word. My dad came to pick me up at the police station, still clad in my sushi print flannel pj bottoms and an oversized t-shirt. I didn't even want to look at Simon. I knew there was something I didn't know, that he had somehow fucked up. And this time it was bad. I got into the car and drove home. I didn't feel safe, even in the arms of my father. I sobbed and he held me tighter. The detectives showed up at the house and I had nothing else to tell them. I felt deserted, lied to and afraid. My parents took me to a lawyer who had me recount the previous 12 hours for what felt like the 100th time. The Uconn game, dinner at Besito, the noise, the gun. Images rushed through my head. I was advised to cut all communication with Simon. It slowly started killing me. He tried to reach out, but I held strong. I didn't want to walk into any trouble. We were standing on a precipice and all I knew was that he would pull my down with him, and it wouldn't be a steady descent. I think it was a couple weeks and several visits to a psychiatrist before I got even a wink of sleep. I decided to see Simon in the hopes of pulling myself out of the ground, but his darkness was even more looming. The trust was gone, my love replaced with questions and no answers. It's been nine months since that fateful night. My relationship with Simon is officially over. I don't have room in my life for his poison. I have moved to Wayland and moved in with my grandmother, somehow trying to fill the emptiness of my grandfather's passing. I have a great job and am getting my life back on track. It will be an uphill battle, but I know that I am strong. And for that I am grateful.

I got married this past year. It affected me by making me feel like I've entered the next phase of my life with my husband/life partner/best friend. I am extremely grateful for him and everyone that helped with the process and everyone who came to help us celebrate. I am so relieved its over and our life is back to "normal". I am inspired and I feel like my personality is changing for the better. I feel more settled, secure and I can focus on making myself a better person to make both our lives better.

I got married. It was the most magical day of my life. I am so lucky to have someone like Laurence who loves me so much and loves me just the way I am. I did have to move to Indianapolis which was very stressful and scary. I left my family and most of friends. I do get homesick once in awhile, but I wouldn't give up my husband.

This summer, I took the extra summer semester at college. In the process, I had a couple emotional breakdowns to the point that if I wasn't on the brink of tears in class, I couldn't bring myself to care at all. It inspired me to get help, which has put me back in a much healthier state of mind.

I broke up with my boyfriend of nearly 4 years and then got back together with him. Twice. I'm not sure how I feel about it. Sometimes it's nice and sometimes I just feel kind of empty. I don't know what healthy relationships look like after 4 years but I often think "not like mine." I'm still unsure sometimes; he has made significant changes, so we have a beginning. But it made me know again that I can just go, that I deserve to be valued and that no one in this house is getting married without counseling first.

Losing a friend. She was killed tragically in a bike accident. I had just seen her on a Monday afternoon- shared laughs with her and come Wednesday morning she is gone. It was half day at school- she didnt pick up her kids- no one could reach her by cell. The next weeks/months were torturous as we watched her husband pick up the pieces- she missed her eldest daughters graduation, awards ceremonies, her youngest's First Communion. It brought my own life into perspective. Life is too short and can be taken from you in a second. I will forever miss you C.K.

I lost my aunt in February. I am 44 years old and cried like I had lost a mother. My mother's sister was the woman who taught me to be a vegetarian, but because I followed her around, not because she preached it. She taught me how to pray, and how to BE, really. A part of me died, and I'm working to live up to her standards, still. I feel grateful for her, inspired by the work that she did, and hopeful that I can make her proud. She did tell me that she was proud of me and that she loved me. I'm holding on to that.

I was able to take a trip with my Dad, just the 2 of us. I don't remember doing that since I was in my 20s, maybe 15 or 20 years ago. We went to New Orleans, and basically ate our way through town. He wanted to go to all the top-rated restaurants, and I thanked him over one of the dinners, saying I wouldn't have had the opportunity to go there with anyone else I'm close to, based on the rich food, the shellfish, the sausage, the prices. He immediately thanked me back, saying he would never be there without me to share the experience, either. My parents divorced when I was in high school and he has a second family...they are decidedly not adventurous eaters like we are. And my mom, sister & husband essentially keep kosher. So my Dad & I ate and walked past our comfort zones over the course of the week, and when we got back to our respective homes I made a book of our trip. It was a wonderful bonding experience.

My 3rd son got married and I found out from Bert who found out from Facebook. I had to call his twin brother in England for confirmation. I'm very angry and resentful about this. He lives less than 5 minutes from me, but his wife won't allow him to see me, email me, call me or text me. All because she doesn't like my daughter. He is not even allowed to talk to his grandmother, my mom, who is 88 years old.

I had a botched eye-surgery and was more or less restricted to doing about nothing for nearly 3 months. I went from fury at the original surgeon and fear I would lose my sight, to gratitude for the retinologist who repaired it and relief that my eye was healing and I had 20/20 vision. There was nothing I could do to change it and nothing I could do to get recompense from the first surgeon. I had to accept what happened and forgive the man for his ineptitude. It was not that he literally blew up the lens and the capsule it was in, and lost the replacement lens in the eye and left the whole mess in my eye, but that he was sneaky afterward and would not take responsibility for what happened, or even admit that it did happen. I literally had no lens in my eye, and he told me it would just "take a little longer to heal." He still believes I will come back to him for a check up next year. Good luck with that. So I am all those things -- grateful, relieved, resentful and inspired to make good use of the vision that I have.

We decided we would start trying to have a family. After two months, we were told by the doctors we were successful. The first month of trying was painful, but the sound of the heartbeat during our first doctors visit almost had me in tears of joy as I stared into rhythmic tide of a life we created. I type this one day ahead of 11 weeks.

I got engaged. I realized that I want to spend my life exploring love and family and the world with Emmanuel. I am so incredibly blessed and I want nothing more than to hold onto this feeling and remember how great and unpredictable life is. I want be aware each day of how glorious it is to give love freely and to forgive quickly and to be kind to one another. And I am so excited to try to do all those things with him for the rest of our lives. So excited!

I gave birth to my perfect little munchkin! I am so grateful for the love, fun and joy she brings to my life. And I am completely inspired to be the kind of mom I want her to grow up with. I am working on my crap more than ever before so that I can be the best role model I can be.

We lost our sweet Dexter to cancer. This is the second time in three years that we've lost one of our dogs to a treatable but ultimately incurable cancer. His prognosis was 2-3 months, but he lived for almost a year. We had a year to know he was leaving us, could go any day, a year to care for him while he was sick, to love him when he suffered and when he did so well we thought maybe he didn't really have cancer. It broke my heart a little more open, reminded me to love big even though the loss will be equally big. I am so grateful for all of it.

In the spring, I became full time at my job. I finally got to wade into the 40 hour world. I was blessed with incredible dental insurance and vacation pay, as well as job security. I may work in a retail pharmacy, but I love my customers and have great coworkers. I could not ask for a better circumstance for my first full time job. It is a platform for my future as a language teacher, a forensic linguist, a whatever....it is a very good place to start. It is also teaching me the value of money. The skills I learn here I will carry with me all my life.

I was divorced this year. It came out the opposite of what I expected, and has forced me to rethink everything in my life, as I unexpectedly have custody of my daughter. I am relieved and grateful for my daughter. I am resentful of my ex for all the crap she put us through. I am hopeful of the future.

Obama was re-elected. I can't believe what a bunch of welfare bums and n'er do wells that this country has become. I believe my reaction is disgust.

I spent two weeks in a psychiatric hospital. I saw people sicker and sadder than I and people not as sick or sad. The image that stays with me the most is waking up in the middle of the night to find my roommate sitting straight up and completely frozen -- catatonic. And to watch the rush of people come in and take her away. I am extremely grateful, especially to the young man, probably an intern, who, after she was gone, sat and talked to me in the dark, making sure *I* was OK. I am grateful to the entire staff of that ward, and to many of the patients, and to my father -- who made sure not a day went by that I didn't have a visitor. I am also grateful for the existence of Medicare and Medicaid, which made it possible for me to stay in what is considered the best, if not most famous, psychiatric hospital in the country.

My alcoholic partner stopped drinking. It's been 9 months, this is a record. He appears resolute. I am grateful, relieved and much more peaceful myself. But buried somewhere deep there is always the constant fear that one day he'll fall victim to liquors charms once more and that then my world will shatter around me like it has done so many times before. In the meantime, I am enjoying this while it lasts.

I finished the first year of mourning for my mother, and then went to two weddings in Israel. I feel deeply connected to the cycle of life, and much more comfortable with aging and continuing to grow and change. It has made me want to focus more on my relationships with family and friends, and to try to be more alive to the joys of living in this beautiful world, while I still have health and strength.

I fell in love and moved to Brooklyn to live with my girlfriend. Last year at this time I had not even kissed her yet had decided to visit and spend a weekend getting to know her better. Little known to me sparks were in the making and we ended up dating, traveling back and forth for a year, and ultimately deciding to start intertwining our lives. It makes me feel excited, relieved, curious, and ponder-ful for the year to come.

Creating, producing, and directing my own show with was a huge high point of the last year for me. I really was unsure at many points if it was going to happen or not but to have everything come together at the end in a beautiful show was so incredibly reward and satisfying. I'm really grateful to everyone involved and inspired to keep creating my own work.

I gave my daughter a gift that will stretch her lifetime & beyond, the beginnings of her education at Brown! It moved me to see her excitement and passion for learning. It reminded me how powerful knowledge can be and how the path she's on now will shape her life in the most awesome of ways. It also reminded me how grateful I am for being able to provide this to her as well as how blessed I am to have such a beautiful young woman to guide and watch over in my life. I am a richer person for having crossed this threshold with her.

I bought my first house 3 weeks ago. The initial cost to close was over $1500 more than quoted, and I've accumulated quite a bit of credit card debt throughout the process. So while there's something satisfying about owning my own home-- well, the mortgage company and I-- the accumulating debt of renovating and moving is stressing me out.

On the same day my grandfather died 20 years ago, my grandmother was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia. She worked until the very day before she went to the hospital. She never complained of pain her entire life. She was strong willed, smart, fierce, a trailblazer. She might not have been the most compassionate, but she loved her family with all her heart. My grandma and I didn't have enough time to know each other in my adult years. I regret this. But even in these last years she couldn't hear me. So perhaps I am relieved that she does not have to fight the truth of why my family cannot be together, of all the hurt and darkness. I am glad she didn't suffer long. I am glad I saw her the year before - a wonderful birthday celebrated with her and the first time I'd seen her in 10 years. I'm glad we have a picture of her, my mother, and I. I miss her. I miss her when I see flowers - when the crepe myrtle trees bloomed this year. I miss her when I want to discuss politics and policy - especially health policy. I miss her. But there is peace in me as well when I miss her. She left me her car as I haven't had a car in years. This is an incredible gift. I get to keep a part of her with me every day.

I started grad school, after years of believing I just wasn't smart enough. After a particularly bad job that I was ill-fitted for, I changed jobs to a position that inspired me to go back for my master's degree. I'm doing great, and couldn't be happier that I made the leap. I am inspired, and believe in myself again. Starting this job, and grad school, truly put me back on the path to myself. I thought I had lost the way.

A significant experience that happened this year for me is that I got new job!!! Holy moly after NINE years at the lovely Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP, for which I also am very grateful. I am PROFOUNDLY grateful to be working for the University of Santa Monica, Wordwide :) Center for the Study & Practice of Spiritual Psychology. Delighted. Moved. Proud. Happy for myself that I made the move. It's fun. I get to be closer to the hub of the mission of the place. I love my department of Danielle, Amy & Nikki. I love that I just got invited to participate in Improv Thursdays at lunch. What? Hilarious. I love it. I'm grateful. I am inspired. I hope I can do god (typo, but I'll keep it) work for them and boost them up to a new level of cool and being easily communicative to the masses with my insights and talent and ideas and design. Today is an Info Eve and that's how I'm able to be at home writing this just before noon on this Wednesday of Luxe & Ciela's birthday. Happy day. Thank you. xo

I was diagnosed with depression earlier this summer. It crystallized a lot of things that had been going on inside me, and gave me an interesting lens through which to examine my life. I think the biggest effect has been a real but hard-to-realize commitment to my own self-care. It's the hardest thing for me, with my history of pleasing and caretaking. It's sad and alarming that I needed a real illness to get me to begin to care for myself.

I went to Dachau. I felt stunned and numb. The only way I could cope, in the days that followed, was by writing a story in my mind about the ghost of a prisoner who could never leave the camp. I'm not sure if creating this tale provided a buffer to feeling the full horror of what I saw or what, but it was my mechanism. I'd not wanted to go and resented that my husband insisted but now I'm glad that I gave witness to the suffering that took place there. When we left I immediately craved being with people....anyone....so we went to a beer hall in Munich. Sat at a table with strangers and talked with them, not about anything in particular. It helped so much.

I've been working with a new boss after having a great working relationship with my old boss. I was very worried about the transition, but it was great. We get along very well and I really appreciate her new take on things the department had done in the same way for years. I really feel as though I've grown more in my role than ever before. Great surprise and a lesson to not be afraid of change!

A significant experience that happened to me rightin the beginning of this year was that my long term boyfriend broke up with me through email. I hated him at that moment. In the email he wrote that it would be the best that ever happened to me. I didn't believe him. Now, I think he's absolutely right and I'm thankful he wrote that email. I was too mad at him to feel sorry for myself and ask him to stay. I realize now that I was staying with him for the wrong reasons. I was settling for someone that I was way too good for because I just wanted to have a boyfriend. The email inspired me to meet other people and find someone better. Since then, I found a lot of better people. I'm dating someone now (not sure if it will last as of now) that is 100 times better than my ex. Even if it doesn't last, I feel happy and treasured, something I didn't feel from my ex for the several years we were dating.

I went to PAX! It was the biggest nerd fest ever, and it was amazing. I'm still in the recovery phase, but meeting people I watch on YouTube, seeing all the new (and old) games, and going to some rather inspirational panels was so much more of an experience than I ever could have hoped for.

Being a co-leader of a women's spiritual tour to Ireland. I loved it, and I loved Ireland. I am so grateful to be able to do these adventures! Another thing is still in process -- my first book being published! A little frustrated with the details, but still grateful for the opportunity!

I made the decision to end an unhealthy and unhappy relationship. I realised I was selling myself short and settling for less than I should. It's scary. And lonely. And the future is now very uncertain. At the same time though, I know it was the right decision so yes - I feel relieved and happy and proud that I had the guts to get out.

We sold our motor home and for the first time in 41 years are without a recreational vehicle. RV'ing has been our mode of travel since we married in 1972. Now in our 60's (me) and 70's (him) with failing health (both), it was time. It is a relief to stop paying the storage fees, DMV fees and car insurance for a vehicle we were only using rarely. It is also sad when we see all these RVs on the road to adventures from which we are now excluded. We began our RV adventures in a little Datsun pickup with a slide-in camper and worked our way up to a class A motor home. We traveled in style for the last seven years, enjoying the benefits of two slide-out rooms and lots of storage. We are grateful and blessed by the memories of all our adventures in each rig we owned.

Being diagnosed with infertility and dealing with the grief of that situation. The grief has been unlike any other that I've experienced. It's not like losing something you already had. Sometimes it feels like a complete betrayal of my body. Other times I think that there's something like the Universe doesn't want me to get pregnant; I'd be a terrible mother. Other times I am furious because I hear about people who get pregnant who didn't want kids, or who abuse drugs or alcohol, etc., etc. It also doesn't help that so many people make comments related to kids without having any idea that they are completely putting their foot in their mouth. People who are parents tell me that I'm "lucky" I don't have kids, or that I "must have so much time on my hands." They don't know that I've struggled with infertility and how insensitive such comments actually are.

I have expanded my singing career and make decent money from it. From being a nobody to working more than many singers in the city. No office job. I am grateful. I want more. I'm going after it.

I got my first funded research grant as principle investigator. Grateful and relieved -- came at just the right time in my career to keep me out of hot water, and has the potential to really launch my efforts in this area. Makes me a little worried I won't be able to follow through or pull it off, admittedly, but will be fun to try.

My oldest daughter moved to Nova Scotia to start school. While I will miss her terribly, I am happy she is taking this step in her life. We drove up - 25hours last week, and it was an emotional trip. Thank god for Skype and Facetime!

WELL i just lost my virginity last weekend so like, that's a pretty big deal. i was holding onto it because i was waiting for "love" or "someone i trusted." basically, i was super concerned that i would have an emotional breakdown and be crying all the time and be a nutcase. i have really wanted to have sex but was scared about my emotional stability. this dumb boy stopped seeing/hooking up with me because i told him i was a virgin over the summer. i didnt lose my virginity to prove him wrong or anything, i just really wanted to have sex. so i did. with a complete stranger. and it was awesome. there was no emotional baggage and it was awesome and now all i think about is having sex.

My internship with Avanti Fellows comes to my mind. It was a curriculum development intern for the classes that Avanti hosts. It was a first hand experience of a truly variable work environment where I could feel the constraints of money, time and all. I understood that a job ain't my piece of cake. There's just too much constraints to it, which are justified too. But I am grateful I took the chance. My habit of writing and reading peaked up, because there wasn't much internet to procrastinate upon. It was nice.. :)

My boyfriend of 5 1/2 years broke up with me recently. I was already planning a move to Brazil and my family never completely approved of him but I love him and hadn't completely considered the option of breaking up - although we had had a rocky couple of years I was still willing to keep working on the relationship. When he broke up with me I felt awful, of course, and in a way as though I had wasted some very important years of my life on a relationship that I had hoped would be the "one". I am starting to come to terms with it and trying really hard to move forward and let myself be open to whatever comes my way - let the universe do its thing. I still get an overwhelming feeling of loss and uncertainty, like I am starting at square one while it seems like everyone around me is getting married, married, or having kids. I am now living in Brazil (been here 4 weeks) and trying to figure things out...one day at a time.

Oh so many... but the most recent one was the passing of my dog, Dinah, four weeks ago last night. Since her life and mine were intimately intertwined, it has affected me greatly - I don't have anyone to feed every morning and night, no meds to give her, no worrying about whether she's alone too much or not, if she's too warm, too cold, the bed is too hard, where can I go that she can go, too, etc. etc. etc. My life was completely taken up with her life. I'm sad and feeling lonely. I'm 61 years old and I've never been alone as an adult without someone to take care of. I don't know how to take care of just myself. I'm learning. One moment at a time. I miss her presence. I miss petting her, brushing her, trimming her nails, wiping her eyes. I miss her soft furry head. I miss her fluffy tail. I'm trying to figure out how to move forward without her here. I'm taking each day as it comes. I'm learning to take care of myself. I'm grateful for the years we spent together, I'm happy for the adventures we had, I'm sad she's not here, I'm empty without her. For a few moments each day, I'm excited that I now have a new opportunity to learn something I've not learned before (living alone, taking care of only me, going and doing without thinking about anyone except me). I'm hoping to stretch that few moments each day until I'm more excited than not and until I no longer feel alone without her.

In the past year I have started working at and then quit a grocery store as a cashier. I never would have believed I'd be doing that job and I did it for almost an entire year. I needed extra money and flexible hours. I never felt like a complete failure, but never felt good about myself, either. It forced me to change my way of thinking and apply to the community college, so I can begin a job in the medical field and never being in this sort of position again. Employment is not changing. I am grateful that it got me in gear, and I think the experience will stay with me a long time for perspective.

I saw a man on the subway when I was going home. He clearly needed help, but I didn't help him. After waking him up I left him to his fate. It's left me feeling guilty, and I won't make a similar decision again.

I traveled on my own for a few weeks. It helped me to realize that their will be times when you are on your own and have to inspire yourself. It also helped me realize how much I depend on others for almost anything, but that I can achieve things on my own. I am very grateful for the experience.

I didn't hit on anybody.

I feel that this year has been packed full of experience whose significance has not yet dawned on me. Many of them occurred at work. In the first months of 2014, I had to make a decision about whether to apply for a second year in my job. At that time I was really not enjoying working with my colleagues and I know that that swayed my decision. There is a part of me which regrets I will not have the opportunities to build on knowledge and experience I gained over the past year, develop projects that I'm passionate about and do the whole thing again with a more supportive team and structure. However, the other part of me is excited to escape the difficulties I was having at work and, more importantly, to have other new experiences elsewhere. I am ready for an adventure and for the next phase in my life.

I had my first Mikwah. It was very stirring within. I am extremely grateful of those who shared this experience with me. I became inspired in Teshubah.

I have forgiven my sister for a perceived betrayal. Thankful that I was able to give myself care and comfort over the year and - suddenly was able to extend that to her. She can't undo the wrong. We'll have to move on. We are both doing the very best we can do.

left for helicopter school in cedar city joined DP grateful terrified

A ridiculous law suit was settled, the patent in my name issued and now the share holders can be put back in the right position after all. I held on to right thoughts and beleived something good would happen!!!! I am more than grateful and I am so inspired...I never give up believing!!!! God is great!

I have lost a friend to cancer. Two of my friends have had liver transplants and are now doing well. Thank God. I am grateful, because the friend I lost is no longer in pain or suffering. I honor him. My other friends are doing very well with their transplants and a new lease on life. I am grateful and relieved at the same time. These events have also inspired me. Being part of a community that cares and shares is wonderful. Having my family around me and supporting me is a gift.

I quit my job and, without any work or formal plans made, moved from NYC to a village in Vermont. The shake up has been considerable and it's been hard to restart things as simple as meeting and making new friends and getting through the days when I don't have a job to go to. But I cannot think of a single moment in the past 32 days since I packed my life into that truck when I've regretted the move. I truly believe that this has saved my life.

I had sex! This year I feel I've learnt more about me as a person, and who I am, rather than who other people expect me to be. A lot of that is linked to moving out from my parents' house, and away from their no-sex-before-marriage morals. I still have moments where I feel like a lost child (and I don't imagine they'll go away... ever) but I feel more comfortable being me.

I got married. I am all of the above, interestingly: grateful at being married to such a generous man, relieved that i have a support network at home, resentful (a bit) of having given up my maiden name and some other remnants of identities past and inspired to make a family that is different to the one that raised me.

A significant experience that has happened in the last year is that my tortoise died. This set me on a strange spiritual and philosophical path. Having been the only "long-term" thing in my life (job is unsure, money is constantly unsure, dog could die any day, no house, no kids) save for my husband, I felt wronged. Like something that was meant to outlive me and always be there was taken from me. I blamed myself. That this sad, broken turtle had somehow been killed by me. But I am trying to tell myself that it just isn't so. That I had been unrealistic to think this little tortoise would survive me. That he might live forever. But nothing lives forever. It is the circle of life. The wheel of the year. All that dies, lives again. And also lives in a different fashion in our minds and hearts.

The most significant thing that has happened to me is the birth of our daughter Grace. She has blessed us with her sweet spirit from the moment she was born.

I found a yoga practice. It changed my body, which changed everything. Being away from it over the summer changed my body also... for the worse. I'm so grateful to be back. I suppose all in all I've become aware of how changes in my body affect me 24/7 - teaching me, again, how important it is to care for my body, my soul's home. I hope this lesson will finally "take" - that I won't have to relearn it from scratch again!

We live in the country, last June we purchased 2 dairy goats. This April one of the goats delivered twins. I was there to help her deliver them. It was an amazing, inspiring experience to hold a new life. The first kid was born with his tongue sticking out, and I pushed his tongue back in during the birthing process. Now, because of this he is attached to me and follows me around like a large puppy. His brother born 30 minutes later is nowhere near as attached to me. Although they are both very friendly kids. It is awesome to experience the miracle of birth and watch as our farm grows and takes shape. Yes, it is a lot of hard work, but the rewards are awesome ! From planting a seed, to watching it grow, to harvest whether in the plant or animal world is just amazing ! How blessed to be able to share in HaShem's world !

My daughter was in the news for getting her school new toilet paper. I was so proud of her because she kept the promise she made during her student council speech, but I was mostly proud of myself because I made it happen and I taught her and myself a valuable lesson which is: if you want something you have to hassle to get it and the worst thing that can happen is somebody will say no. I am so glad I had an opportunity to do something that I was too scared to do when I was young.

I just moved into my college dorm two weeks ago. I am staying in West Ambler Johnson at Virginia Tech. It was very strange packing up all of the things I have lived with for my whole life and move to somewhere I had never been in close proximity to. It was even harder because I had just finished unpacking from our move to our new home in Middleburg. I had just settled in when I had to pack up and move again. I was really nervous in the weeks leading up to move in. I never really believed that I wouldn't be attending a public school near my house with people I had known for years and years in the fall. I would be at a school, away from home, learning new topics and with new people. Granted, 65ish people from Woodgrove and Valley came, but I wasn't particularly close with every single one of them. Saying bye to mom was probably the hardest thing. I was the first one of us to cry when we were on campus! She is my best friend and I had lived with her, and only her, for so many years; I couldn't imagine not being around her for such a long period of time. Although I was scared and nervous about college, I was also really excited. And so far, now 2 weeks into classes and dorm life, I am loving it. I haven't gotten homesick once, and have met some amazing people that I had never known before coming to Tech. I cannot wait to see what the rest of my semester holds, and what the next four years here at Virginia Tech hold for me. Go Hokies!

I graduated with my MSW. I'm relieved that the journey is over, and very glad for all of the extra time I've had this summer to read and watch TV and soak up some relaxation.

My 25-year-old daughter was arrested a few months ago. As counter-intuitive as it may sound, I was relived and grateful. She chooses to live a life mostly on the streets, using drugs and drinking to excess. I hadn't heard from her in longer than usual. So when I learned she was in jail and not dead, I experienced a sign of relief. Now I am hopeful and see signs that she may indeed turn her life around after this experience. Time will tell....

I disowned my abusive father this year. I am grateful that I could make it happen, and for the safety that distance and lack of contact gives me. It's one less burden for me to carry, but it's still difficult, especially when talking about where I come from and how I grew up. No matter, I know it was the right choice, and amongst converting and getting top surgery and everything else that happened this year, it's still the experience that had the greatest effect. It was terrifying, it was liberating, it was a positive choice.

On the day before Yom Kippur last year, I fell and shattered my knee cap. The next 6 months were a series of surgeries, therapy, procedures, crying, screaming, unrelenting pain, misery. But I made it through, with an astonishing amount of recovery, almost to where I was before I fell. It is hard for me to think that anything actually good came out of the experience, but if there is some kind of faint silver lining, it is that I let go of a lot of worry and anxiety about stuff that doesn't matter. I am more relaxed, happier, and just generally more mellow than I was before, and I have to "thank" my accident for that.

We lost our beautiful smart funny amazing son to a drug overdose. He was only 22 years 10 months and 1 day old. He was finishing his last year at SDSU with plans to study a semester in Spain. He had a wonderful girlfriend and they were making plans to move in together. We had 14 days start to finish when we found out he was self medicating for chronic back pain. We did not know he had also become addicted to heroin..that it is ridiculously easy to get at your local gym, supermarket or shopping area parking lot. He went out for the usual Thursday guys night out...and never came home again. I have spent the last two months trying to figure out what, why, how?!!!!!! Somethings are not to understand, but just to accept. I think above all, my journey is about not losing hope or my faith in a greater power. To find a way out of the dark and into the light. To allow love for your lost loved one to well up inside of you and shine like a beacon in their honor. To live each day in tribute to the love they gave everyone and to never live in sadness. I cannot bring my son back...but I can send him light and love with every thought of him. I love you, my boy. With all the pieces of my broken heart. Blessings to your memory my love.

I broke up with my last boyfriend. I am still working through my feelings about it, but rationally I feel like this is a step in the right direction. As I turn the corner to 30, I'm starting to feel the pressure of time passing. I want to find the person I will spend my life with more than ever, so the romantic stakes are higher than they used to be. That said, it also clarifies for me that I don't want to settle for the wrong person. I feel more motivated than ever to live my life on my own terms.

I became president of my youth group chapter. It gave me a new sense of responsibility and a feeling that people truly believed in me as a leader. Less than 1.5 years earlier, I had lost my first election for a board position, and I didn't think I would make it anywhere in my chapter, so this was a huge moment for me and really made my youth group career.

This year, two people I know died of complications related to Hodgkins Lymphoma. One of them was a dear close friend, Elissa, whose cancer journey, as she called it, was years long. When Elissa died, it felt like the world stopped. I long ago stopped believing in God with any certainty, but her death felt like an end point for me, a period of time when I could mark my feelings about life & death & fairness. Elissa's death was cruel & unfair; she was truly the best person I knew, & not in a cliche things-you-say-after-people-die way. Her absence feels harsh & unfair & noticeable, like the world is darker & joyless in her absence. I miss her desperately, & I still can't believe I'm never going to see her again. The other person who died was Guy, the Israeli tour guide from my second Birthright trip. Guy was another one of those bright, joyful, beautiful people, someone who, like Elissa, believed in the goodness of others & of the world as a whole. His death felt more sudden, more unexpected, & though we weren't close, it was, in some ways, just as painful for me. These two incredible people, so full of life, stopped in their tracks, taken away from a world that needed them in it. Why am I here when they're not? What God would choose me to carry on & them to go before their time? I'm bringing nothing to the world of substance or lasting meaning, not even basic happiness - & after their deaths, that's what I'm struggling with the most.

My art crew hauled an old project out of storage, ran it one last time, and destroyed it. The catharsis was very powerful and satisfying. It also reminded me why I've stepped back from this group - lots of stress and project management and interpersonal overhead involved in running it one last time. Revisiting that experience after taking a few years off helped me re-cement my intention to move on to new projects and new social situations. Seeing it destroyed and parted out to other artists provided great closure.

I ran a 5k this spring. It's really the first "athletic" thing I've done in my life. Not that 5k is especially impressive, and I definitely didn't log an impressive time, but I decided to do it and I stuck with it. I don't enjoy running, but I enjoy the feeling of control over my body. I know now that I can run 5K -- I know that I can run several times a week -- I know that I can burn off calories. I feel a bit more capable than I felt before. There's also a small feeling of regret, because once you prove you can do something, you don't have many excuses left for not doing it.

My 20-something year old sons both moved out of the house. I really just felt at peace - I was very happy to see them take the next step into adulthood. I didn't feel any dramatic relief nor any longing or empty nest syndrome. Of course, the nest wasn't empty long, since before we could act on our ambitions of renovating the upstairs to accommodate our dream master suite, my boyfriend's son moved in, with his daughter to follow a few days from now. This would be significant event number 2...and the jury is still out.

Bought a business and then the business started doing poorly. It made me feel resentful and like a failure.

This summer I spent 6 weeks in Israel with the Yahel Program. I volunteered at Earth's Promise, but beyond that I was so deeply enriched by the program content and curriculum. I finally have a grasp on what it means to understand a community and work toward true social change. I met amazing people, an incredible mentor in Shoshana, and most of all, it made me decide that I need to make aliyah within the next year. I can not wait until graduation, because understanding how to understand community has made me realize how important I feel serving in the army is. I am grateful, relieved, and inspired to have such a new focus in life, especially one that my parents are supportive of. I am becoming an actualizer and an action taker. I am excited to push myself to my limits, and create new community, all in the hopes of creating a better future for myself in Israel.

I left a relationship that was holding me back from my potential me and I graduated from my Masters program. I have found a new way to look at life, and I feel inspired to be the best me possible.

We opened our marriage. Wow. I don't even know how to begin describing all the ways in which this has changed our lives. My entire outlook on the world is different; there is so much more possibility and freedom than I thought there was before. Yes, I am grateful - also relieved, ecstatic, exhausted. I feel more alive. I feel like life is more dynamic, more exciting, more interesting. I feel like I don't have to stop learning and growing and trying new things and meeting and loving new people just because I'm an adult and I've gotten married. It's... dizzying.

Definitely Erasmus in England. It wasn't what I thought it'd be, but ultimately, I'd say it was a positive experience. However, it showed me that even living in a different country with completely new people can't change who I am. That part was a bit depressing, to be honest.

My mom passed away on July 13, 2013, three years after being diagnosed with uterine cancer. She was only 60 years old (I'm 31, my brother is 26, and my dad is 59). Her death has affected me in innumerable ways. I have more of an appreciation for my mom, for her kindness, support and love. I'm much more cognizant of (and paranoid about) my own health. I'd like to live a long, healthy life. I've decided that I don't want to die in a hospital, and I want to be out of pain. Quality of life will be a big concern for me. I am determined to accomplish the things that are important to me, but also happy with what I've done so far. Either way, I am and will be me. Grief isn't a familiar process to me and is full of unexpected moments. A reminder of my mom can pop up out of nowhere and throw my for a loop. I am changing, I am changing, I am changing. And I will always love my mom and wish she was here.

Mom died Oct. 14, 2012. It affected me in ways I've yet to figure out. I felt like I was in the scene in The Perfect Storm where they are trying to put the plywood on the wheelhouse but the wind takes each piece away. Even the last one. They are exposed to the elements. I am exposed to the elements. Even though I didn't take Mom's advice and sometimes wouldn't even listen when she started, there was something predictable and comforting that she would offer her thoughts on anything. Now I am an adult orphan and my older sister is the only one who knows me my whole life. With Mom and Dad gone, no one knows her from the moment she was born. Losing the second parent means you are an adult -- regardless of your age. If you're 50, you want to be 15 again. If you're 15 when it happens, you must feel so old all of a sudden.

My mother was recently diagnosed with cancer. It has put my entire life in perspective. What is important. What my priorities should be. Family is most important. Work should NEVER rule my life (while I care... I shouldn't let my health and happiness be compromised). I now leave work no later than 6:30 and have prioritized making sure that I can build a family of my own too.

We lost our 23 year old son, at the very time when he was beginning to make sense of his life. Others were responsible for his death, in a criminally negligent act, and they have not yet been accountable for their actions. My feelings are confused - a mixture of anger, resentment, hopelessness, and most of all just plain and unabated grief. My partner has lost her special boy, and often feels there is nothing more to live for. But we have other children who continue to need our support in many ways, and we must soldier on. We feel love for each other, probably more so than ever, but will we ever feel joy again? I don't know, but it will take more than just time before we do. Healing is a process, and a process that never completely succeeds. But we are aging, and aging rapidly at that. At just six months' distance from this event, it seems like the process will take longer than we have remaining on earth.

I had shoulder surgery in January... it was rough. Immediately it affected me because I stopped exercising/stopped playing rugby/became way more lazy/watched way more tv/became way less adventurous maybe? All of last semester was very rough -- I was wearing a sling for the first month which was cumbersome and tiring, as was the 6 months of physical therapy that followed. I still haven't really gotten back to exercising a lot and I use the shoulder as an excuse often. I'm very relieved that it's over and am struggling to find a healthy exercise regime/get back to being adventurous.

I just sold the building, and moved to a home office. Whew! Lots of work after all this time! Am I relieved? sort of ... still have LOTS of putting away to do, and getting things organized. Will wait and see if I make more profit while cutting my overhead. No more employees, either -- that was difficult! Anxious - how will I adjust to being at home? Can't tell yet. Still not used to the idea of being at home so much. I've been going to an office for over 30 years!

Well this year has brought so many changes - I graduated college, moved back home and began a career. I am so happy to be where I am (except for the living at home part). My grandfather passed away a few months ago. It was difficult to let go, but he's in a much better place now, so I feel a sense of relief to some degree - although I do miss him.

I almost got fired from my job. In a million, billion years, I never imagined that I would ever be in that position. The reason, fundamentally? That I wasn't happy and didn't believe in the cause. The reality? I wasn't happy, and the cause wasn't worth believing in (some days). But the whole process was demoralizing, humiliating and completely knocked my confidence. Thank god for counsellors and my amazing family and friends - I kept my head above water (barely) and will start a new, more interesting role in a much more functional office in two weeks, and it's been the kick in the pants I needed to finally apply for a phd. I'm pretty sure this will be one of those moments that feels hideous when you go through it, but looking back, was an amazing turning point towards awesomeness.

I was chosen to become the moderator of a Senior Woman's discussion group of old-time policals.

I gratuated from university. I was really happy because I had some problems with my promotor and it was a relief that all those issues were in the past. At the same time I was anxious because I'd have to look for a job and live at home for a while. I don't know if I'm ready to leave my Alma Mater yet but at the same time I'm ready for a new part of my life. I hope to find a job and really start my life soon.

I have changed the way I manage my health. I have started to eat food (as defined by Pollan) in moderate amounts, and only for the purpose of satisfying hunger. I have been exercising: 3 sessions of weights plus 2 sessions of intervals each week, and I have been more active in general than ever before. I have lost 40 pounds, and although I still have a long way to go, it has been a long, long time since I felt this well!

My nearly 18 year old son moved back to the US to,live with his dad. He wants to go to college there. It was very stressful and difficult. I miss him a lot, but have handled it better than expected. I think,that it has inspired me. He made this choice after spending grades 1-10 in Sweden. That takes courage and I am so Priusd of him!

This past summer I had a crisis in confidence at work after doing a very informative internship. I came back to my office and felt like I didn't know how to do what I had been doing for the past 22 years. After a few weeks of persevering, it all started to flow. I feel inspired and challenged to continue to push myself in order to be the best that I can be.

I read the book, "The Power of Now" by Eckhard Tolle and "The Untethered Soul" by Michael Singer. It changed the way I think about myself and my relationship with the world. I'm grateful and feel I am on my way top becoming a more loving respectful person.

I hit my one year anniversary at work, and I'm slowly approaching the two year anniversary of my car accident. I think I'm relieved I still have a job after 12 months of continuous employment, however doesn't make me happy to be where I am... I'm discontent. I should be happy that I survived the accident I was in, what with 2 months of hospital stay on a respirator and food tube and 6 surgeries, I'm walking around as if none of that ever happened. I should really be happy, but I'm not. I'm actually resentful that I lived... I have to work on that, big time.

A significant experience was receiving a blessing from Amma Sri Karunamayi. The blessing I asked for has made my life lighter. I am grateful for the peace it has given me. I look forward to seeing her again. She comes every year to Woodstock New York.

I started my college experience at James Madison University last fall which was one of the best experiences of my life. I made a lot new friends and my overall adventures were unbelievable and indescribable for anyone who didn't experience them. I learned a lot about myself and I have learned to be the person that I have wanted to be: determined, courageous, caring, and sincere. I challenged myself to the 'enth degree taking on daring challenges and pushing myself to the limits and yet still getting through it. I got into a sorority, I participated in community theatre for the first time since middle school, I passed all my classes both semesters (getting Deans List during the first semester) and I wrote a draft for another novel that I want to publish. All in all it was a successful year for my first year at the next four years of my life :)

I graduated. Im relieved that it happened but am stressed that now there is so much added responsibility in my life. I am no longer a student- able to make big mistakes and act young and crazy. I have to have my act together now. Its stressful but at the same time I feel I care so much less about what people think of me because there arent 400 other 20 year olds around me at all times.

I started my freshman year of college...a week ago actually. Already I have felt like an alien and securely at home. I have felt like a part of a community and I have felt completely alone. I love it here, my classes interest me, I have more freedom than I know what to do with, and all the people I am surrounded by inspire beyond belief. This week has felt like a century. Looking forward to another four years of this!

A long-term relationship ended. It caused me to reevaluate my life path, and I've become a better, stronger person for it, despite the pain I went through at the time.

My best friend Joy and my dear Dad both passed away in the last 12 months. Joy was sick with lung cancer. She had been my best friend for nearly 25 years. She helped me move here to Milwaukee. I was not able to be with her when she died on December 1st and I could not attend her memorial because I did not have the financial ability to travel down to Texas at the time. I regret a little bit - that I could not be there in person. I take comfort that she knew I was there in spirit and in love. Still it was a shock to me. I cried hard when she died. My Dad on the other hand was 86 years old and was under Hospice care. I was there when he died 2 weeks ago. It was peaceful and beautiful. I held his hand while he was unconscious and spoke to him of family things, told him things that would have made him laugh, and sang his favorite songs to him. I the time I felt truly blessed to be able to be with my father during his final hours. And yet part of me felt I was being redeemed by making atonement for not being there for my Joy when she died. Regardless of those secondary thoughts and feelings, I loved my Pop dearly but I admit I have not cried for him at all. I teared up a bit when the Air Force came and provided military honors at his memorial, but that was because of the solemnity of the moment. I do not feel grief at this time, not like I did for Joy or for my brother Richard, or my sister Audrey or my Aunt Mavis or my Uncle Dick or my cat Mickey. I cried for all of them and my grief was long and drawn out. But not for my Dad. Not yet anyway. I don't know why I have not cried but I don't care why. It's just interesting to me. When Joy called me on the phone and said her farewell , she said "I just want you to live a good life." When my father passed, I figured out that he did not sell the Dipsy Diver till he was in his fifties. That gives me hope to know that the best years of my life may still be ahead of me.

I got engaged! You know, it did a lot to settle and calm the rattlings in my mind about all the insecurities I played up in the relationship. I knew it was right, and it felt right and the timing was right, but for someone who never imagined living a life with someone/alongside someone, it strengthened the way I view myself and my partner.

I'm 23 years old. A month ago, after years of waiting and talking things through and much much praying, my parents have aproved of my relationship with the man I can now call my boyfriend. He's been with me, waiting for this, for about five years (a bit more, I'd say...) I'm so thankful for this! We're planning on getting married in two years time... and well... THAT will be some major event. OH! and I can't leave out the fact that this year I finished my EFL degree... after much struggling and crying and praying. I'm receiving the official certificate in a week or so... THAT is another major event in my life. It means so much to me to finally be building my own life, not depending on my parents.

One of my greeting card designs was featured on a blog within a few weeks of posting it to my Etsy shop. The exposure made a huge impact on sales & views. Also, it gave me the confidence to expand my line of greeting cards and start contacting retailers about selling my cards in their shops. I currently have representation in 1 Pittsburgh store, 1 Cincinnati store, 2 San Francisco stores, and I am working on Columbus, OH next. Yes, I am definitely inspired...

On 7/26/13, I moved out. I suppose it's strange to think of things this way, given that technically, I moved out when I went to college four years ago. However, that particular transition was never quite so complete. I was a student, I still went home with (some) regularity, and most importantly, my parents were still paying my bills. And now here I am, sitting in New York, in my own apartment with my own furniture and my own bills and my own job and everything that comes with being a real person. I've been waiting all my life for this, and honestly, I'm the tiniest bit terrified. Here's to the end of one big chapter of my life, and the start of the rest of it.

I had postpartum depression when the babies were about 4 months old. I stopped breastfeeding and my thyroid crashed and I became depressed, all at once. Things spiraled out of control and my husband had to stay home with me a lot, and we are lucky that his office allowed him to work from home for a couple of weeks in order to make that happen. I started seeing a therapist, hired a house cleaner, and got on full hormone replacement for my thyroid. I think I sometimes have a little PTSD from that time. It was really hard. Sometimes when I am tired or having hormonal issues I will kind of flash back to those weeks, and then freak out at myself. I have coping skills to deal with my anger/depression/anxiety now that are helpful, and it's also good that the babies are older and not as dependent. I think I feel grateful after having survived it. Not grateful for experiencing it, but grateful for my support network, my husband, my babies, my life. It was a very hard time, but we all made it through, and I think things are getting better and better.

I met my fiancé by opening myself up and showing my true heart to the world. It wasn't enough to just post an online blog of my poetry or even to publish it in books. I had to get out there and meet people in that world, and at my second poetry workshop, I met the man who I didn't realize at the time would be the man of my dreams, because he was just so different from what I expected. But he is my knight, my poet, my partner. I am so incredibly grateful, and inspired to keep growing, seeing the good things that come when I do.

My husband took a new job in a different state. We sold our home, I quit my job, and we moved to a new city where we didn't know anyone. Needless to say, my life has been turned upside down. My husband is the happiest he has been in years...I'm not so sure about myself. There are days I'm happy, days I'm sad and miss my "old life", days I'm excited about our new adventures, and days I'm scared about what we've done.

My husband died unexpectedly. While he had been sick for a very long time, his death was not on my radar. He was only 62 and our kids are both under 20. This past year has been one of pain in learning to live without him physically here, and joy and gratitude in the wonderful family and friends we have who have helped us through this time. I know they will continue to be with us through the grace of God. While the initial shock has worn off, the thought of never seeing him next to me in this lifetime is still too much to comprehend. Therefore, I take on the mantra of "One day at at time."

I got a new horse. My old horse got hurt and now I am grateful that she is feeling better and is at a barn that takes amazing care of her. My new horse is amazing. His name is Chance, because my mom took a chance buying him. Since, he was very green and young. I am relieved that he worked out and is improving tremendously. ~a 13 year old

Sam was bullied in camp, I was horrified, angry and upset that I let the same thing that happened to me as a child happen to him.

This one is easy! I moved away from Denton and started a new job! This has affected everything I do! I am very happy that I found a new job, but I know that I don't fit in here. I am relieved to have found a job, but I am looking for another place with more growth. As for the move, it has been a little difficult, but I am not far from my family and friends. It has been three months and I am finally not heading to Denton every weekend. I think I need to cut ties in order to grow here in Dallas. I also like living in a large city. Sometimes it can be frustrating, but overall I like that there are plenty of opportunities and things to do here.

I graduated from college this past May. It was a day filled with many emotions. I was so happy and relieved that I had achieved such a milestone at one of the best institutions in the country. I can't count how many days throughout those past four years were spent wondering if I would ever see my diploma. But I was also really petrified: my life as an adult was officially beginning. I had always known what was ahead of me in the upcoming year--more school. But now, I had absolute control over my future and how I chose to live my life and that really scared me. It still scares me. I ask myself almost every day if I'm making the right decisions with my life. But then I remind myself that whatever decision I make is the right decision for myself at the time.

I discovered a really good therapist. We're actually able to work on my issues, and I see it working already. It took six years to find a good one.

The last year has been such a whirlwind of experiences. Finishing my undergraduate degree at Brandeis was beyond rewarding. I miss Brandeis, but I'm also so happy to have the opportunities that I have now that I'm out of college. I then was able to apply for a variety of jobs and have been blessed to get my position at an up and coming start up. Work is so fulfilling and I love how I am learning something new everyday. Then there was the blow up with my long term and long distance relationship. I am still heartbroken, but I am finding that, even in moments of darkness, I truly am a strong person. Overall, this last year has been filled with challenges that have pushed me beyond my limits and I am grateful for that.

I called off my engagement. I had been struggling from the very beginning with feeling like the situation wasn't right, but I kept trying to press that down and work through it. Was it just regular nerves or was it something bigger than that? As time progressed it became clear that I couldn't marry him, so I called it off. I feel so relieved. Now having stepped away from that relationship, I can see clearly just how toxic it was for me. I hate that it took me so long to break it off, but I am glad that I did. I used to just go with the flow and stay with things that were clearly not right or healthy for me, so to have the presence of mind to call it off... that felt like a HUGE breakthrough. It never feels good to break someone's heart, but you can't stay in a bad situation out of fear of hurting the other person's feelings. In the long run it hurts you both. I hope that having removed myself from that situation will give my daughter strength to leave unhealthy situations when she is older. I also hope that this leads to trusting my gut more and more in the future. Breaking away from fear.

I accepted severance from my job and decided to shift my career after 28 years. I'm nervous, but excited and hope I don't blow the opportunity.

Mayah transitioned to driving, & she's taking her first college course. I feel a lot of work we've made towards this point has come to flower. I'm really proud of her and am equally excited. Erza is inching up there, too. Personally, I've made great strides in reaching equilibrium in my work and family. Not an easy task when you have like 5 (very) part time jobs, but ones that take at home work to prepare for. This has been a long road traveled and it's nice to see experience paying off in this area as well.

For the first time ever, I have experienced having too many friends, and too much fun. It's a good thing, but I jokingly refer to it as "Party Girl Troubles". While I'm really having a good time, I'm learning that I need to say no to instant gratification a lot more often, so that I can stay focused on a bigger picture of what I want my life to be like.

In the past year I moved to Los Angeles for a job. It has affected me immensely. It taught me how to uproot my life and start it over, how to be responsible, how to be "an adult" ...whatever that word means. I think it has changed me a lot. I've alwas lived near Chicago so I've been very used to the same type of people. Same upbringing, same look, same accent, same values, everything. Out here, everything is different. People come from all different walks of life and live differently. I'm by an OCEAN!!!! I always wanted to live by an ocean...and now I do. I also live by mountains, which I've always wanted. I'm so grateful for this opportunity, it has just been weird because I feel like I'm living two different lives. I don't have my family out here which makes me feel funny because I can kind of be whoever I want to be and don't really have to worry about past judgements because no one knew me from before. I'd say its been inspiring for sure. But whenever I go home I wonder if I made the right decision. I've learned that life is so weird.......I don't really understand why we do the things we do. I guess its all the steps were taking t o become that person we're supposed to be. Wish I knew who that was.

This past year there was significant experience. I still didn't recover from break up with Marta, even tho it's been 20months. I don't know how to move on. I don't know how to forget her and how to forgive myself for making this happen. In the beginning of the year started learning online marketing with SFM, really thought that at the end of this year I will be making £2k/month from it. Has to face the reality, wasn't ready to start building branding. During summer just wanted to rest. Finally booked tickets to Thailand/Laos for 3months. Still deeply in debt, but I need this holiday to relax, rest, unload and unlearn. Gonna do there as little as possible. Need to find myself somehow and try to get rid of the headache by finding some peace.

I broke up with someone and then fell in love again and then broke up with them! I am no longer seeking approval through the love of others. I am no longer afraid to leave situations that make me unhappy. I am relieved, and inspired that it taught me what it taught me. I am working to be happy and working on me. I have never done this before and I have lived with me my entire life.

We finally found a new place to live, though we won't be moving there immediately. The place need to be refresh and also we still have to sell the old house. It has been 11 months since we acquired it, nothing has change, the renovation still hasn't happening yet; heaven knows who's blocking the path. Either the architect doesn't do the job properly or the town planning permission that playing the game. We still live in the old house, no one wants it yet. I'm getting tired waiting and hoping and don't know what to do! Done part packing only to realise that I need that since we are not going anywhere yet, lots of other small things that really get on my nerves. I got really frustrated right now, I have a little hope that this situation will change , probably next year it'll be different.

We moved! We took a big risk and had an adventure. And although it inspired a lot of anxiety, at the end of the day it was a great decision for us and I'm so glad that we did it.

While revising for my second year university exams I suffered great anxiety about my partner of 5 years and our relationship. I have felt anxious for months now and am worried about how it will affect our future together. I am scared.

I made the decision to go vegetarian in October of 2012 and then became vegan around March 2013. I feel so much healthier! My whole family has now joined me and we are very healthy. I love that we do not cause suffering or harm to any animals and that we are teaching our kids great eating habits. I don't complain about my kids not eating healthy like other moms because mine eat their fruits and veggies and whole grains. I am also thankful I watched Forks Over Knives for some added encouragement and now we are staying away from refined sugars and oils. Yay! My tummy no longer causes me pain and we get sick much less and if we do it doesn't last very long. This has totally changed our lives for the better and I love it!

Took the decision to permanently moved to London, a risky move that involved turning down a job offer in my business sector in Italy and becoming a jobless immigrant in the UK. I'm happy I did it: started a new career and have some hopes for future developments

a rollercoaster ride due to health issues (not mine) and subsequent reactions of anger (at problem), confusion, sadness, -it was and still is a difficult period. I sought help from my doctor.

My Dad’s death. I’ve felt all of the above. That said, the only relief I’ve felt is in that I’m relieved for him that he no longer has to be at my Mom’s mercy and that he died somewhat peacefully – as good as it gets, unless you just die in your sleep. I’m SO RELIEVED for that – that he died with such mercy. That the act of dying allowed me to be there and for him to be surrounded by people who love him. I also feel relief in that I don’t have to worry for him. But other than that, there has been very little relief. I’ve felt resentful that I’ve had him ripped away from me so young. I’ve also felt inspired at times in that I can have a lot more empathy now – I’ve lost my truest. My very being – my soul – my heart – the person who was there from the very beginning. The person who I loved more than life itself. He was my life when I was little. I’ll never forget the excitement of having my dad come home. Oh, how I loved him and love him. He is my essence. I’ve also experienced some slight gratitude in that I feel so lucky to have ever even known my Dad – to even have the benefit of being his daughter in that I was one of the closest people to such a great human. That makes me feel so grateful. To have known him. He’s the Einstein of my universe. My hero. I’ve mostly experienced the heavy pains of grief and mourning. The soul crushing pain of loss. I won’t get too much into that but I never knew pain could weigh so heavy and constant. And I’ve known some pain in my life. The two shocking parts of this loss have been the perspective shift in life – I now think of everything as subtracting. Before I saw everything as addition – we were always adding on to our growth, memories, investing in life more and more and therefore coming out with more. Now I see that my dad who created me is gone – I’m no longer adding onto our family – I’m subtracting with each breath I take. That’s a haunting and lingering feeling that I can’t shake. The other shocking part has been in that my perspective of self has shifted so drastically – and not for the better – although if I can work it out, eventually, I suspect I will make a better person with more character (I guess…). But yes, the shift of my self-evaluations has been drastic. I’ve never been more self-destructive in my life. I feel like I lost the one person who gave meaning to my life. The one person who loved me – the one person who understood me. The person I aspired to be. I feel like I lost a limb – I lost my heart, my blood. Anyway, it’s shifted the way I view myself – I’m filled with a gulf of loss now. I’m loss. I’m half-empty. I’m not lovable. I’m no longer loved. My life no longer adds to anyone’s. I have Mom, but my life has never added to hers. She sees me as an extension, not as someone separate to add life to hers. So, there are days where I feel like I’m getting back to myself and that I’ve learned more of life – so in essence, I’m more connected to life than I ever was (which also connects me more closely to death). But I feel further from my spiritual self – and those are the bad days. When I trust in life or something bigger than myself. When I learn to let go of the anxiety of not knowing if Dad exists anymore, or mourning my childhood or just stressing about future losses, I’m okay. So the aspired inspiration from this is I’m learning to let go even more. I learn to let go the older I get. That said, before I learn to let go I grip harder with every year.

In the past year, I traveled a painful journey with my mistress, attempting to give her baby, but ultimately was able to break up with her in a highly tumultuous way at the beginning of June, and have since seen deeply-rooted control and destructive behavior from her. In the past year, I finally understood that the struggles I had experienced throughout my life with my parents and sister are in part a result of their undiagnosed mental illness and personality disorders, and I stepped aside from them in early July to focus my energy on my own family. In the past year, I came to understand myself better and I came to understand my wife better. In the past year, my wife came to understand herself better and came to understand me better. In the past year, especially in the past three months, my wife and I finally found each other and formed the most powerful partnership based on communication, understanding, mutual respect, lust and passion, and nostalgia. In the past year, my wife and I began to break from all the negativity that that controlled and guided us and have found a way to embrace a positive future together. In the past year, I have gone from a place replete with darkness, deception and destruction to a place of light and happiness, of love and family.

I had a seizure and then was diagnosed with a brain tumor that was surgically removed. I'm so grateful that I had an amazing surgeon, and that so much love and support enveloped me from a zillion people in a zillion places. Life now has an even more beautiful glow. All of this happened a couple of months into my husband's and my decision to leave our home and travel the world. And so we experienced this without a house--but were taken in by a series of loving friends and family members as I underwent medical treatment. I'm so inspired I'm writing about this experience.

In the pas year, my sister entered recovery for an eating disorder. From the moment she left for treatment to the day that she graduated and re-entered the world, it was equal parts terrifying, humbling, and inspiring. I have felt each of these emotions every day since - but I also feel pride, awe, and a sense of responsibility and gratitude. I am proud of my sister for her achievements. I am in awe of her dedication. I feel responsible to live a life to which she can aspire and that I deserve. I am grateful for the many lessons this experience has given all of us in our family.

A significant experience in the past year has been finding my home at college. I have made the most amazing friends who accept me for me and found an amazing school to call home for the next 3 years.

I left the country for the very first time, and on the second day I was gone, my dog had to be put to sleep. It was hard, because before I went I was so scared about going, so scared about the idea of leaving the country and thinking I wouldn't be able to hack it (even for just a week) and I thought, "The worst thing that can happen while I'm gone is for something to happen to my family or my pets." And Shadow had been my dog for 14 years. I had been worried about him for a few weeks, and my intuition turned out to be right. When I saw him the last time, I kissed him and held his face and told him that I loved him, and that I would see him when I came home. And I will, some day. I think his last gift to me is that I will never know what it looks like to see his body without his spirit in it. I am both grateful and really sad that I was not the one to hold him as he left the world, but my sister and my dad were there, and my mind and heart were, too. So both the trip and losing Shadow are the most significant things in the past year.

we adopted our cat max... i just loooove cuddling with him.... he is puuuurfect! i am in love..

Oh wow. So much has happened this year. I got engaged and promoted in the same month. I feel very grateful for both of those things. I also proposed to someone, trained people, deepened my yoga practice, and smiled a lot.

Off the top of my head, the "significant experience' was getting pregnant, and about two weeks later, having a miscarriage. This combined experience affected me in ways that I could not have anticipated. I have been pretty ambivalent about having kids, and bonding with the idea of the baby while I was pregnant, as well as the level of devastation I felt around this miscarriage, has helped to clarify my feelings. I have been sad, angry, and I guess, while I hate to admit it, a little relieved. I am not sure I will ever feel 100% ready to have a baby, but I guess there is maybe something to feeling a little more ready/expectant, than not. This experience had taught me a lot about my relationships with friends, family, and my husband, as well as my expectations for others. It has been hard for me and my husband, but we definitely have become much closer through the difficulty.

This year, I began to feel like I had a real community of friends. I adore my husband and children, but have always liked to feel surrounded by close friends. Last year, I hit a low point where I felt separate from - and at times excluded from - communities both at work and at home. I am beyond grateful for the wonderful, thoughtful, delightful people who I can now call friends. It is a reminder to me to be gracious and reach out to others, who may also crave connection and community.

After some months of anger, resentment and feeling used, I told my family of my feelings and the reasons why. Initially, I thought my son understood and was trying to be helpful. I now know that the family meeting that ensued was really a sham to salve his wife's narcissistic personality and shut me up. Consequently, I was told I was not welcome in their home (by my daughter-in-law) did not see my grandsons for the better part of four months under the guise of "busy" although there were many images of family occasions with her parents posted on Facebook. Ultimately, I feel abandoned, used and forced into not having a realistic relationship with my son. Sad and every so hurtful. I am often lost in feelings of loneliness, anger and abandonment. Having my own family was my joy and now neither of my sons see fit to speak with me or have a relationship with me.

I went on a very special conference in the USA where I met very amazing people. This conference was opening for me to get to know myself better but becoming more open to other cultures and people. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity and feel inspired by everything I managed to get out of it.

I'm grateful, confused and frustrated that what I thought was the FINAL blossoming of love between me and someone who'd always been a very close friend turned out to be a two month mistake. Now we have no contact at all, and after almost 4 years of near-daily communication there's a huge hole in my life.

I divorced my husband of seven years. Our marriage had been falling apart for a while beforehand, but some emotional events this year shone a harsh light on our situation. We loved each other, but I wonder if we were ever compatible. Horrible while it was imploding, but a relief now that things have shaken out a bit. I've done a lot of wondering this year. Why didn't he love me enough to stay? Impossible to answer. Are relationships meant to last forever? Maybe not. Am I cut out to be a wife at all? I'm not willing to sacrifice parts of my personality to a greater project. Will I have children? No. Am I okay with that? Yes. Am I worthy of love? Yes, and I'm working very hard to be open and accepting of love and to trust that love is all around.

My husband became an adult Bar Mitzvah this year. Seeing how much it meant to him, buying his "Bar Mitzvah Suit", having friends and family there to support and share this day was special beyond words. Yes, there were bumps in the road and some sadness during the process, but we both grew closer and deepened our Jewish roots through this experience.

My experience is one of sharing tremendous grief. A dear friend lost her husband suddenly to a fast moving cancer, gone three months after diagnosis. they had no children. They lived an isolated life and loved being together with their music. The first year after his death was long and hard. The second year starts off with her discovering she has breast cancer, both breasts and lymph node. Three grueling months of chemo, every two weeks. Hard watching the poison flow into her veins, she lost all her hair, was sick from chemo. Living alone, unable to get past her thoughts of her husband. Just found out today she will have a double mastectomy in a few weeks. Devastated I am by her side as often as possible. She has lost touch with most of her friends, they stopped calling. By next new year she will have been recovered.....moving on with her new life. I will be here with her. That's what friends are for!

Deciding to "take the severance package" where I've worked for 10 years. I'm dependent on the "day job" to keep a roof over my head, yet, my life is all about art/writing, and www.ShoeBanter.com, - a commerical venture I've been working on for 5 years with my sister Joyce. We are publishing a book in a few weeks and found a marketing company to promote it. The "package" is going to pay for the marketing company. It was a difficult "$-risk" decision to make, but once I did, I felt free and confident. We finally have a good chance of turning this venture into a viable success. Grateful I found the courage - as I interview for another "day job".

I moved to St. Louis. It has been a challenge in a good way as I have found out what type of work I like and don't like. This is a great thing for me as I step out from everything I know and try to make it on my own. It has also lead to relearning the skills of making new friends and finding a new support system. I feel like I can overcome anything that I want to now.

I've had several significant experiences this year that have impacted me in profound ways. The first was finally graduating from college. Granted, it was only an AA degree, but considering I have been in and out of school since the age of 18 and am now 35, it was a big deal to me. Shortly after that, my grandfather died after a long illness. The day of his funeral, I had to euthanize the favorite of my three cats unexpectedly due to pericardial effusion, most likely caused by heart disease or cancer. I also went to Key West for my 35th birthday with old friends from my first college, which was the first time I've ever taken a vacation just to relax. The best thing I did all year was take a trip to Sydney Australia to visit old friends that I haven't seen in nearly 15 years. It was amazing to see them, and so beautiful there. I'd love to move there! Maybe not in the next year, but when I'm done with the degree I'm working on, that might be my next move.

I decided to get a iPad and I have got so much fun out of it, that I then got an iPhone that I'm still learning about. I had not wanted to get these as there was not USB port or Flash Player. But now I'm delighted with myself.

My husband's heart attack. Death. Coma. Awakening It changed everything. I feel that our entwined lives are more fragile. I am frightened more often. I am even more prepared for emergencies than before (car tank full, phone fully charged). I am also grateful for the rare, rare, rare 2nd chance for him and for our partnership, our friendship, our love. I am inspired and frightened, both.

Last year I moved to Seattle and decided to take a break from college. I had to grow up really fast because I was basically on my own. I had never had to deal with bills and things like that before and was just thrown into it. I got my first job which helped and I realized that I wasn't a kid anymore. The move has affected me a lot because I have no friends here, I'm completely alone. I do have friends at work so that fine. But it's been rough but I've learned to enjoy my own company.

I traveled to the Galapagos Islands. The trip came out of needing to do "something big" on my terms, after other significant events seemed like things that happened TO me. I am so grateful I had the idea and the means to make it happen, amazed it actually happened, and energized by the experience. I've never felt more lucky to visit a place. Very special.

I broke up with my girlfriend of a year and a half on the secular New Year. Although in the aftermath I have made poor choices, have doubted myself and the personal growth that I have strived for, I needed to get out of there. I am now pushing myself to be better on my own, to find and do what I'm good at without a constant bolster/buttress. And you know what? I can do it. I am grateful, and I just need to keep my arms wide and recieve it.

Casey and I had a big year together, we moved in together in the mission, navigated our working/domestic/social/economic lives and got engaged in June! It really felt like everything came together, I think before, my biggest concern was that at this point I would be going through the motions, or feeling obligated to take this next step in our relationship, and although it felt surreal and kind of crazy, I do feel ready and most importantly excited about it all! I am grateful that Casey was patient with me and feel extremely relieved, it finally feels like everything is on the table, there isn't this lurking feeling of dread that I am not comfortable bringing up, or that I can even not articulate. I am inspired that now we have taken this step, it will open up other areas of life and actually free me up to make other decisions.

On August 26th Ian and I started our yoga teacher training. We've only spent two and a half days with the other 7 girls and we are all so close already. It's been the most authentic, vulnerable weekend I've ever spent. I felt high on inspiration and happiness for the next two days. It's worn off in the past week but I'm ready to be open again this session to let those feelings back in. I'm pretty nervous (I think we're gonna have to do more "biggest boldest self" exercises)...

I went to my 41st high school reunion. It was a time for reflection and connection. It is so hard to believe that so much time has past since I was last in high school; at the same time it feels like another life and another person. I am infinitely grateful for all of the wonderful things that have happened to me over the last 40 years since high school.

Last spring Jamie and I went to see a documentary about Mumia and as trite as it sounds, I think my life was forever changed. It was the singular event that broke open my previous certainty that our government was essentially good and had the best interests of the people at heart. This one movie almost knocked me over the head with understanding what Jamie had and her family had been talking about all along. There are major problems in our current system and they are masters at convincing smart, capable, well-meaning people that things are generally "okay." There have been many other significant experiences in the past year, but this specific one has helped shape my current "self" in many significant ways.

Being the first of my immediate family to graduate from college with a bachelor's degree in Health Promotion! I am so grateful for this degree, it has taught me so many new things! I am very relieved to be done with school and be able to get out in the real world! :)

I decided to apply to rabbinical school and was accepted. It was a hard decision to make to leave my job. I am grateful that I am on this path and hope that it will bring me much fulfillment in the coming years.

I ran the Nike Women's Half Marathon in Washington, D.C. Team In Training, the fundraising arm of the Leukemia, Lymphoma Society. My daughter, granddaughter and step daughter came in for a weekend vacation. A friend of mine that lives in Washington came out one afternoon and was there at the finish line with everyone else. It was so inspiring to run with 15,000 other women among our nation's capital. My granddaughter ran across the finish line with me. Including a single, long time family friend in our mini family vacation was so fun. The entire weekend was inspiring in so many ways and really brought home that the only thing that really matters is spending time with those you love and those that love you. Including my awesome Team In Training friends!

A very dear friend died after a long illness. I miss her immensely. At first I missed her every day. Now it comes in spurts. I am grateful for her friendship and for being such a close friend during her illness. I am not grateful in any way that she died. I was, however, inspired by the graciousness and wisdom with which she turned towards her dying once it was clear that she had worn out all possible treatments.

My aunt passed away. I had not been good at keeping in touch. We were not particularly close. I've probably seen her fewer than 10 times in 47 years. Despite that, she trusted me to be the executor of her estate. I am ashamed that I didn't keep in touch better. I am honored that she trusted me. I am sad that my dad's side of the family is almost gone. I've begun feeling my mortality more and am worried that I'll be old and alone someday.

I got engaged. After a tough divorce and spending the last 4.5 years as a single parent, I am thrilled and grateful to have this second chance to spend my life with a truly wonderful and caring man. He loves me for who I am and loves my children just as they are. My youngest has had a rough year and he has been there to support us both. I am truly happy for the first time since I can remember. I have lost weight, improved my fitness level and have. Taken my job loss in stride. Having the right person by your side truly makes a difference.

My father died--not unexpectedly, but too young, at age 70. It has changed my life in so many ways. I think about him every day. I miss him and am still shocked that I will never see him again. Had I not had two-month old twins when he died I think it would have been much worse. Having to take care of them has kept me going, though it's bittersweet because I wish so badly that he could see them grow up. At the age of 42, I've had to become much more of a grown-up. I suppose that's a valuable thing, and certainly this is a life event that I knew would come, but still I am flabbergasted at how painful missing him is. I do think his death has made me more compassionate as I think about all the people who have experienced similar loss.

A significant experience that happened this past year was my graduation from my masters program at NYU. it was amazing - I felt grateful for the opportunity, relieved to be done, and inspired - because I also got into a PhD program and am continuing to pursue my research.

Heliskiing. We had one day that was epic snow and the most amazing day ever and was kind of nerve racking because it was new. And we had one day with a hill far too steep for us and we were both terrified the whole time and shaken up afterwards. It was an amazing trip, but that terrifying day taught me that I can push past boundaries in my mind and physically, but sometimes it isn't worth the trade off. Sometimes those boundaries can be respected and it doesn't make me less of a go-getter etc, because I would have come out the other side shaken up and not happy about it with only me "i can say i did it" as a reward; and that isn't always enough.

The day we got back from a family vacation in May, my husband unpacked and repacked his bags again — to leave me with my 2 young sons. He suffers from depression and paranoia, and he had come off his meds for the 2 weeks while we were away. Coming back to the stress of his job and the reality of his symptoms was just too much. I begged him to stay, and I called my parents for support. We sat at the table drinking whiskey, trying to calm my frayed nerves. He's still with us, and things are looking up. But as anyone who has dealt with mental illness knows, it is a roller coaster. You can't ask him how his day was, like any normal couple. You can't know if he'll be here in 2 months or 2 years. And you have to be OK with that not knowing, and let it be your friend, or it will eat you alive. I just want to be normal again. I want to be able to talk about money and parties and how to be better parents. But when you're in the midst of this, it's all small talk and pleasantries. It doesn't feel like life. I feel like I'm hovering above my life, somewhere up there, looking down. I don't even know what I want any more. I can't make decisions, and I vacillate between miserably failing, doing the right thing and doing what I want. Is that life? Sometimes? Or can it always just be doing what we want? Forgiveness should be a 2-way street, but it feels like I'm the only one dishing it out.

Competing in Denver was one of the highlights of my singing life. I loved it and it continues to inspire me.

At first, I wanted to write about my engagement - which is totally awesome!! But today, my mother-in-law (in spe) passed away. It came suddenly, although she was in hospital for a long time. My fiancé is sad, of course, while I just feel relieved for her. Now she doesn't suffer anymore. I don't know how to handle this situation - I've never had a lovely relationship to her or her husband. My partner is down and cries a lot and the only thing I can do is handle the everyday-life. Furthermore I change my major and I think this is one of the best things I could do.

C's birth. My sister became pregnant with an anacephalitic child, carried it to term, due to her stances on abortion, as well as familial religious things. Seeing the pain she went through, knowing that she was carrying a stilborn child, the difficulty of childbirth, the pain and sadness in everyone in my family's lives, and how my parents treated the whole incident. It was horrible, I couldn't stand to be around my family, I still feel so resentful to my parents for continually talkig about this unborn and brain-less thing as having more value than my sister's life. They even named it. It had 0% chance of living, there was no brain, the head even was misshapen. Those eyes will haunt me.

I ripped up the carpet & padding in the back corner bedroom and had ceramic tile installed. Then I had ceramic tile put in the kitchen. It was a huge relief to finally have gotten these taken care of. I'm still getting used to tile in the bedroom, but the kitchen seems just right. And I proved to myself that I can tackle a major project and seek help when I need it. After my husband died in 2011, everything seems like a major event. Now what to do about the other floors and the shed???

I finally went to the mikveh. I think it was more meaningful for everyone else. It was obviously an important moment in my life but the actual, physical experience didn't feel that spectacular. Relieved is the right way to describe it. It was over. I didn't have to be in the inbetween stage of jewish and nonjewish. What was more special was Shavuot day 2 three days later when i did the haftarah. I was happy to be able to fully participate in the service. all my friends came out to support me. i was especially happy that Leah and Greg and Dorit and Kenny and Judd and Gavi came. They walked over 2 miles. Didn't expect anyone to ever do something like that for me.

I presented some of my research work for the first time in an official conference. While the presentation itself does not "officially" count for anything, I still feel an enormous sense of accomplishment. I was so excited to see the fruit of my labor and to interact with people about my ideas. I am grateful that I can spend time thinking and writing about my ideas as well as have the ability to go out and test them. I am inspired by how much I was able to accomplish with the support of many others in a relatively short amount of time.

Running the North Downs Way 50. I ran a 50 mile ultra marathon. In under 12 hours. Yes, the wheezing teenager who struggled to run 800 metres on the school track is an ultra runner! Now for a sub-11 hour NDW50 in 2014, followed by Endure 24 (a 24 hour race on a 5 mile loop) and the South Downs Way 100 in 2015. That's the goal. I'm well and truly bitten by the trail running, exploring, testing your limits bug.

In January I moved across the country to a new job that I love. I am so grateful to have all that I do. I feel as if I am the luckiest person in the world and thank G-d every day for bringing me to this wonderful place and this wonderful work.

Most recently, I've realized that I'm not afraid to love again. I was struggling with an attraction, excited to feel the feelings but afraid and dismissive of the emotionality of it all. After some work, I realized that I was afraid to trust myself. After the years with my ex-husband and the way I let myself be treated, I just didn't know if I could trust that my attachment to love wouldn't override my commitment to self care and safety. But I realized that I have my anger now, my lion who roars inside my chest when someone disrespects me. I don't have to BE angry, but I need to have the ability to become clear with my boundaries if they are crossed. This power - my ability to not only defend myself but to see myself as worth defending - makes all the difference. So now I'm free to fall in love and I'm really hopeful that love is right around the corner.

I resigned from 90% of my volunteering at Elks lodge. It was the best thing I could have done. More time for home and family. And for myself

I got married. Sorta. Or again. Or for real. I'm not sure, actually. We called it our fake-me-out wedding, because we did the courthouse thing and then, on our one-year anniversary, had a... thing. And exchanged rings. In front of, well, you know, people. And my best friend said some words in a non-officiant capacity. And it was hotter than hell and the usual people made asses of themselves, but also the usual people were positively lovely. And there was a boat and champagne and dolphins at sunset. And even though we'd already been married a year and I have historically eschewed actually having a wedding, I'm glad we did it. And I'm pretty sure I'd do it again. To the same person, of course. Because I kinda like having him around.

I moved to Austin for my new job. It's been good to have left Emory, but I still feel unfulfilled. I'm learning that Emory was not the problem, that I still have significant changes I need to make in my life. I also realized how difficult it is to move someplace new, to find new friends and people to date. It's been an educational year.

I was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer this year, had a double mastectomy, chemo and radiation over nine months. I was humbled to discover how much I am loved, how much strength I have in my soul, and to understand that the Universe is listening to each and every one of us. I am grateful to know these things with certainty now.. there was no resentment or self pity upon hearing the news, which surprised me. I seemed able to just deal with it, one step at a time. I am inspired.. Thru this experience, I forged bonds with people that have enriched my life beyond words, I have practically and without panic, prepared for leaving this world, (just in case treatments failed or the cancer comes back), and I have come to believe that this is not the only 'world' for me to travel in... I found comfort in this, though I still hope to live to grow old(er) here in this world with my husband..

i traveled alone to an out-of-state conference/workshop and experienced an uneasiness throughout the week; being away from my spouse, concerned about elderly relatives, wondering if i could do it again because it was so ultimately rewarding.

I moved to the country, after having lived in a city for 4 years. I never really was a city person, and although I loved this particular city (Oakland, CA) and it's diversity, and activity and promise, I had a hard time with dealing with noise and so many people. I am relieved, inspired, grateful, and very happy to have trees surrounding me, and chickens squawking, hawks crying, goats bleating, and cows mooing, instead of sirens, shouts and cars.

I got rejected from a job today. I feel trapped at work and need to get out for my own mental health, wellness and happiness. It was a job about which I felt very confident, so it felt like a large slap in the face. The worst part about this is not knowing when I'll get out... And just having to wait. I do not feel inspired, but I'm hoping my mindset will improve and I see the silver lining in this situation.

My mother-in-law passed away in June after a year (since last September) of being sick with lung cancer. I'm still trying to process all the ways it affected me. We weren't particularly close, but I find myself missing her. I am grateful that she faced the challenge with grace and dignity. I am relieved that she didn't suffer too terribly and also that we aren't getting crazy phone calls anymore. I resent some of the things she didn't say or do. I wish she had asked which pieces of jewelry each of us would like and then given it to us ourselves. I wish she would have said she was glad that I've been a part of the family for 25 years or that I mattered or that I did a good job raising my kids, her grandchildren. I'm inspired to never pass up an opportunity to tell someone I appreciate them in my life and to take care of disposing of my possessions so there is no question that they will go where they are wanted and needed.

My husband and daughter were out of town, and I was left with my younger daughter and dogs. Every single day they were gone, something bad happened - A sick dog, another sick dog, shingles with no medical insurance, flat tire that wasn't able to be repaired, rear-ended and the other driver fled the scene. Seriously the craziest week I have ever had. But through it all, God provided for us. Not just for us, but for me. In every thing meant for bad, God had already provided the means for resolution.

Ha! On february 10th I split up with Rich for the final time. It affected me. I'm not grateful. Except I am. I'm not relieved. Except I am. I'm not resentful. Except I am. I'm inspired and not. I am a tangled web of emotions six months on, which, if anything are even more tangled now than they were when we split up. I could go on about this for days, but that's all the relevant stuff that needs to be remembered 12 months from now.

My mother got married. I am relieved the wedding is over. But not just that--my mother got engaged and I learned how to accept a whole new family in my life. It was something I had been resisting quite a bit. I can't say that I am all the way there, but I've made a lot of progress.

This year I started dating David - March 5. Funny that I remember since I am really not one for dates. I realize that my inability to maintain a long term relationship until now is not because something is wrong with me, but because I just hadn't met the right person yet. I hope I never forget how grateful I am for him right now.

My son left the house to live on his own. It is great to see his drive for independence and to see him take responsibility for his own life. At the same time it feels as a loss, not to have him at home, not being the family we used to be. A good thing is that now we have more time with and for our daughter.

I stepped into a volunteer role that has changed my life. With a friend, we managed our meditation group while the founding Rabbi took a teaching position overseas for the year. I thought I was simply making sure we had something meaningful to discuss each week. It transformed my own meditation practice, my own Jewish learning and gave me a deeper connection to my shul community. Because of this experience, I am walking in to shul this year and am fully aware that I am in the right place with my friends and community. I am so grateful to Rabbi Ruth Sohn, Caryn Malkus and all of our meditation circle members at Temple Beth Am who helped me grow this year and allowed me to see myself through their eyes.

I finally built up the courage to stop contact with expartner then FWB and I feel so very relieved! My head was saying its fine to stay in touch, my heart was pretty much wrenched after every weekly encounter. I now understand how selfish and emotionally immature he is and he zapped my sense of self to shore up his own sense of self worth. I feel so much stronger now, still a little hurt and vulnerable, but relieved I finally put myself first. Also sad about the death of a few significant older people in my life, have spent weekends pondering

ah so much has happened this past year. what a trasformative year in jerusalem. the significant thing that happened was the fact that Levi jumped ship and bailed on Finding Israel. At first it was something I felt very resentful of and did not know how to deal properly. ultimately, it was the biggest blessing that allowed me have complete ownership over One Wish Project and turn it into the nascent success it currently has. It is all for the best and all for a reason!!!

I started university, and moved away from home. I've grown up, and become much more independent. It's also made me appreciate home so much more. My parents, my family, my boyfriend... and the simplest things, like my laundry getting done and my big comfy bed! It was high time to start this new chapter in my life, but a part of me misses home, and my life here. And, most of all, I really don't like this funny split life where I don't really 'live' in either place. Home gives me stability, even when I'm away from it.

I moved down to tampa Florida to be with my girlfriend as she went thru grad school. It has been hard on me being far away from family but at the same time I have been learning more about what it's like to be a working adult. I also am enjoying the deepening of my relationship with my girlfriend.

Right after defending my PhD, breaking up with a long-term boyfriend, and moving to a new city, in a new part of the US, I started feeling very sick and it turned out to be a benign brain tumor. I had surgery and now I'm doing great. I am grateful that if I had to suffer of anything, that it was benign and doctors treated me great, I was surrounded by family and friends, and my recovery was fast and complete. The emotional toll has been a bit overwhelming at times but overall I am happy to be alive and well. Now I'm focused on making life choices that are healthy and will lead me to happiness.

I started college! It is amazing to be surrounded by such intelligent people with such great potential. I love walking through the halls and thinking about what the people around me will do with their lives. We are all here for the same reason-- to get an education. I truly go to one of the greatest schools in the world and I am so incredibly lucky and grateful. My peers inspire me to be a better person and student.

My grandma, a woman who lived with me from the time I was five until I moved away for college, passed away while I was studying in Europe. I came home to deliver the eulogy, which was equal parts painful and gratifying, but the most interesting part of the whole ordeal was her open casket. For what I thought was supposed to be such a deeply personal moment (staring at what was once the person who once taught you how to play card games, how to cook, how to care for another human being both, literally and figuratively, one last time before putting them in the ground), it was the single most nonchalant gathering I had ever been to. Like the cocktail hour before a wedding reception, only a little sad and not (as) drunk. Until my grandma, I had never been particularly affected by the death of someone I had known. I'm grateful, relieved, and, sure, even inspired by the whole thing, but right now, I mostly just miss her. She is the first thing I've lost that I can't replace.

This year I had the chance of a lifetime to go to Germany for a year. At the time, it was a horrible, terrifying experience that left me feeling bitter. Now I feel so relieved to be back and glad that I like in a country like America. Sometimes I wish I had stayed the entire year, but I know I have made the right decision.

In November, one of my older sisters was very ill. I was asked to travel to our home town to help her recover. Through the generosity of other siblings and my employer, I was able to take 10 days off and go spend time with her in the hospital. I slept on a fold-out bed in her hospital room and did everything that was asked of me. She remained quite ill for several days, but was finally allowed to go home on Thanksgiving Day. She had spent 2 1/2 weeks in the hospital, which is rare these days. Being there to help her and to help her family during that time was a blessing that I never would have expected. It totally changed my life and gave me a grace and joy that I had never experienced before. I believe that I was "helped" more than I helped her. I have 4 brothers and 4 sisters and treasure each of them even more, as this experience made me realize how much I love them all.

After a year of living separately from my husband, I moved back home with him and our children so that we could live as a family again. I have mixed emotions about this. I'm happy to have my family together again but sometimes I worry that I am missing out on something "out there". This being said- I feel that this was the best decision for me and for my family and I will push away any negative thoughts and live my life happily.

Nothing major happened. I am still grateful. I am grateful because this is the in-between time. I should cherish this moment.

One of the most impactful experiences of my life was opening 2011's questions last September and seeing that for the 3rd year in a row I had done nothing about losing weight. Each year I swore I was going to do it and each year I didn't and each September when I got the previous year's answers I felt so badly!!!! It moved me so deeply that I actually took massive action to transform my relationship with food. I have lost over 40 pounds and I am a totally different person in relationship to food!!!!! It has been amazing to kick my sugar ADDICTION! I feel so much freer and in control. I owe EVERYTHING to this website!!! Had I not been doing this all these years I never would have accomplished all this.

After watching coworkers get away with shrugging off their work, responsibilities, and accountability I grew incredibly angry and frustrated. I felt rage boiling when I would see them rolling in late, leaving early, or passing off their work to some poor sap. Decided I'd be the duck with water rolling off my back instead of a walking volcano. Suddenly it was like a fog had lifted. These people don't matter. I can dig deeper and rise above my feelings. I can do something about this. If the workplace doesn't change, then I can change where I work. It's my choice to react to these people and it'll be my choice to stay or go. They have no power over me or my day. I'm here to make a difference, not burn out.

I severely broke my ankle on April 2nd and so many areas of my life have changed as a result. Living in my parents living room for 4 months at 33 and being so dependent on others forced me to ask for help which is still hard for me. I really learned who my friends were and I had the opportunity to deepen other relationships. Having so much time to think about my life and what I want. To really work on repairing my relationship with my parents. I am now at the end of my recovery process and I have left my job of nine years, returned to finish college and I have amazing nanny jobs that make me so happy. I am so grateful for this experience.

My husband went from working 45-50 hours a week to not working at all. It was sudden and unexpected and started with a week in the hospital. He now has a pacemaker and still has no idea of what is actually wrong with him. I became the sole breadwinner again. Often times, I am the only person taking care of a small child and household responsibilities. I am resentful, more than I'd like to be. I am overwhelmed, overworked, and usually feel unappreciated. I also realize that I am stronger than I ever thought.

I became a teacher at our temple's religious school. Teaching is something that I had always wanted to try, and this format was a perfect introduction. It's just 3 hours on Sunday mornings, but it was much more work than I thought it would be. I worked with second and third graders and had a great class. I had to deal with all types of situations and learned from each one. I was forced to read Torah on a regular basis and found I loved it. I am grateful to my class for dealing with my learning curve, for my family for giving me the space and time to prepare each week, and for the opportunity. The students taught me more about myself than they will ever know.

GRADUATION!! :) I'm soo happy and proud I graduated with excellent grades. Even though I'll miss high school, the future starts now!

I convinced the board of the nonprofit I worked for to eliminate my job so that the organization could fullfil its mission. This happened just days after Rosh Hasnahan last year. While essentially firing myself was scary, I felt so relieved that I did the right thing. I am so grateful to my entire network of friends, colleagues and others who supported me through this difficult decision. Now a year later, I am in a blessed place with a great job, working with great people and another opportunity to fulfill a great mission and find purpose in my life.

I was treated for non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. Left me with PTSD

Lost my job. I was devastated. Took the time to consider how I wanted to spend the remainder of my career. Found THE job. So happy, so very, very happy.

I realized that I was perhaps being naive thinking I could turn a marriage into a friendship. Or at least I was being overly optimistic. I know this desire was somewhat selfish on my part, and that I was causing someone I cared about pain, more pain than I realized. But I never had a second thought about the decision. I knew it was the right choice for me, and still believe that time will prove it to be the right choice for both of us. I'm I guess a bit surprised that after almost two years things have taken a turn for the worse. I would have hoped we'd be in a better place by now. I think I've unconsciously put my moving forward on hold until he was okay. And he's not okay yet. And the selfish part of me wants to know how long I'm supposed to wait. And the less selfish part of me thinks that the least I can do is ride the waves of this process in as kind and compassionate a manner as I can. It won't be like this forever. I know he's struggling. I know he'll be struggling less eventually. I can be patient.

This summer, I experienced the most life-changing moment. I was a HAmachonie. That says it all. We were HA because we were one, united, reminders of Hashem's power and presence. We made it through Ha'tza'adah. I finally understood the ultimate purpose for being here by sinply sitting down with 31 other individuals in nature on the hard-hike. I realized the beauty of humanity and all the flaws within it. The infinite strive to be better people makes us perfect. We hiked back to Ramah and we jumped in that pool and sang our hearts out. I felt that moment of achdut and I jus thought to myself, "This is G-d." We walked out in silence, crying, with our ones in the air and we sang zmirot on the grass. I felt Hashem. And then we marched in to camp, covered in mud and attacked. The all night study session was the bes night of my life, discovering what G-d is with Alex, praying the amidah in the sprinklers on the hill, and singing zmirot under a meteor shower. It was a beautiful realization of what the human presence is capable of creating. This summer was the most meaningful, life-changing experience I've ever had and I am so thankful I had that opportunity. I had the chance to give a speech in front of 800 people and give a message that would be heard. I influenxed at least one person to be better and I can't thank G-d enough for having given me that opportunity.

My younger brother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. It affected me with anger, sadness, hurt, unfairness. I don't know how to think anymore, and am very upset over this.

One of the most significant experiences that have occurred this year was going back home. The minute we landed on African soil, I felt rooted and home. Seeing my first "love" all over again, being engaged for a week, traveling to the village to see my grandmother, seeing my younger cousin, revisiting the school I attended, the villa I lived in, seeing my dad after 12 years. All things that really reconnected me with my being in one way or another. I also felt younger. Something about the motherland appeases the soul and being, as if it whispers to let go, to breathe into yourself and just be. Getting into an accident surprisingly made me very very grateful for my guardian angels. I practically walked a way mostly unscathed. Getting diarrhea at the side of the road, in a bush, right behind a packed bus was certainly one of those experiences that also humbles you and reminds you that we are all human. Even if you get free healthcare back home, when you land in Africa, leave those manners and that holier than thou attitude and be African. Be true. I truly enjoyed my vacation, I loved traveling with my mom (but I also hated it) but overall it was a cherishable experience that I would redo in a heartbeat. All of it. I fell in love with my country, despite all of its flaws and for that I'm so appreciative. I had always said that because I left home at 11, I would spend 11 years away before returning so it was perfect timing. It provided me with the closure I needed and allowed me to see things in a much more true light than when I was an influenceable youth who hadn't seen anything or been anywhere. The second significant experience was going to Miami all by myself without knowing anyone there. It ended up paying off because I had the most amazing birthday yet. I met incredible people and got to peruse in circles I wouldn't have dreamt of meeting. It was great to rub shoulders with the "1%", to see where American money really goes and how easy it comes when you've got the right look. ;) I met my friend Erica and another great personality Lolita and those are connections I certainly want to build!! The last and most significant experience of the year (that has actually occurred in the past 2 months) was falling in love again. I rekindled with Ben, a high school mate and we really hit it off. We just came back from a couples' trip to Niagara Falls. He is amazing and complements me in so many ways. Together, we teach each other and help each other shed the past, appreciate the present and welcome the future. I've burned, erased and exorcised the demons of my past relationships and have completely moved on from any unresolved, potential romantic discrepancy or misunderstanding with all of my exes. I'm very thankful to have met him, the way he is now and they way I've grown to be. Namaste!

I went from receptionist at an OB/GYN clinic to an Office Manager/Biller at a pediatric clinic, and the journey has been challenging to say the least! I am extremely proud of all of the things I have learned and all of the challenges I have overcome (without murdering a single person!) over the past year, and look forward to growing and learning even more over the next several years!

I got married about two weeks ago. The last two years have been very hectic. I got divorced more then 3 years ago and started dating. I've met someone that I really got along with. She ended up getting pregnant during her last semester of nursing school. She had hyperemesis and I ended up waiting on her hand and foot as well as taking care of the rest of the family while she went to school. Now that she has graduated and had a job she doesn't really do that much besides work. I work and do most of the cooking and cleaning. She also forgets things and doesn't follow through on her promises. I love her but I resent that I end up almost always being the responsible one in the relationship.

The temple choir was dissolved. The cantor had a clause written into her contract as part of the terms of re-hiring. The clergy and lay leadership claimed the choir members had demonstrated behaviors toward the cantor that were unbefitting members of the temple, which was untrue. In reality, the cantor did not want to deal with a choir. The fact that the clergy and lay leadership would smear the names of good people to give the cantor what she wanted was appalling. The fact that the head rabbi would approve this is disappointing. The fact that the leadership would hide the fact that this had happened in the bulk of a newsletter article rather than tell the congregation in a letter, as promised, is dishonest. Most of us involved were quite hurt by the experience. Those of us who spoke up were not considered suitable as potential members of the committee which will decide the future policies on choirs and congregational singing opportunities. Thank goodness the bulk of the temple membership are fine people doing good things - that knowledge is the only thing that keeps me at this congregation.

I went from teaching in one of the worst schools in Israel to one of the best. My life was filled with swearing kids and violence and now the kids are quiet when I tell them to and say thank you to me when I leave the classroom. Every day is fun, teaching is fun, and I have a good reputation as a creative and engaging teacher. I can do anything I want, the classroom is my creative project. I feel so grateful to have been accepted into this school both socially and professionally, to really feel like I have a new life in Israel. I am so happy here and my school creates a large part of that. I feel so lucky to have a job where I get to exercise a creative outlet every day, where I can be absolutely myself. I am at home.

I went to a kirtan weekend at Omega Institute. I am not a devotee, nor am I Hindu. Nonetheless, the weekend was full of revelations for me. I can indeed sing for seven straight hours. Spiritual ecstasy is not limited to those with beliefs or faith in a specific god or gods. I am actually 55 years old, old enough to be touched by the experience but not swayed by it. It is possible to purge old grief and anger without exploding. Don't know if I'll ever do it again, but it was remarkable experience, one I'll always treasure.

I started college this year. Obviously that was a huge transition. I feel anxious, scared, excited, and relieved all at the same time. There are certainly new challenges that I have been facing-- socially and academically-- and I hope that in the future I can handle them better than I did this year. I liked this school much more than I expected and I am extremely grateful for that as well as the opportunity to attend this university in the first place. I am missing my family a great deal still but am also glad that they continue to love and support me

I changed jobs in June. I was terrified; I had been at my former job for five and a half years. Plus I was going from working for the county government to working for the Navy. It's a totally different world once you pass through those guarded gates. But so far so good. Things are very different and there are times I miss my old job, but I know I made the right decision.

Straciłem kogoś ukochanego. Dom. Stabilność. Pewną codzienność... i proste jutro. Jestem rozżalony. Rozbity. Pozbawiony celu.

Mark's passing in April was the biggest thing that happened to me this year. I was not prepared, but never would have been. But the 5 days from Hospice to death just shocked me. On one hand I was grateful that he didn't suffer, on the other hand there was much unfinished business. I feel very alone and miss him terribly. I am keeping busy, but sometimes it just feels like I am filling up time. I don't think I have ever been resentful, just diasppointed and sad. The house is so quiet without him. I will have many new "firsts" this year, and will get though them as best as I can.

I (mostly) completed the updating of my mid-century house after about three years of total upheaval to repair, refresh, redo... walls, floors, ceilings, roof, et al. Had to touch and move everything I owned. A huge task, but one I had to tackle. Of course, most of my "stuff" is jammed in the garage, so that's still to come. And I didn't quite make it to the kitchen... but I'm happy for now. Secondly, I moved out of the office house and transitioned it into a rental cottage with C&A -- an even bigger accomplishment in many ways. Looking back on it all, I'm proud of myself for this major accomplishment.

Moving across the country and leaving my family to begin a new life in New York with my husband and children has been a life-changing experience. It has caused stress, anxiety and worry. It is bringing us more time as a family and exposure to new things. I am grateful that we have options like this to better our family life. I feel inspired to do all I can to give my children a happy childhood and enjoy our family life as much as possible. This is the hardest thing I have ever done, and I feel proud that I've done it half way so far.

I changed career and employer.

The most significant thing that happened to me in the past year .. and probably in my entire life (besides the arrival of my only child, and the 15 year presence of my angel wolf-hybrid, Kumbi) .. is that I finally got out of Chicago! Woo!! I left my extremely abusive and toxic family of origin behind and am, at the tender age of almost 59, for the first time in my life, a FREE woman. I liken my mother to the Pharaoh from whom we had to escape in order to have thriving lives, and if you know me at all, you know I am not exaggerating. Practitioners in my life have referred to her as many things, among them, 'the wicked queen from Snow White.' How has leaving impacted me? It has infused me with a sense of beauty, peace, possibility and love of which I never before dared to dream. It has inspired me to help others break free from the invisible chains that might be binding them. NO ONE gets to hold sovereignty over another. No one. I am finally free. And for this I am just eternally grateful ✡

I was asked to leave the house in which I had been living for the past year - with no warning - in a new country which I am still settling into. It has been hugely challenging and has become inspired me to push boundaries way beyond my comfort zone.

My friend passed away after a long illness. Her grace and kindness and positive attitude throughout was astonishing. I am so grateful to see that it is possible to exit, even through illness, with beauty and grace. I am a bit frightened at how short the rest of my life seems, and inspired to be my whole self fully in the world. And a bit daunted about what it takes to be loving all the time... and my hopes for myself to also be more loving and graceful are high.

I was in a car accident with my young child and was grateful we were able to walk away from it. Unfortunately I've had to live through several months of compromised physical comfort and strength which made me impatient and irritable. Now that I'm FINALLY feeling like myself again, I am even more thankful for my and my family's good health and I have much more empathy for those who suffer chronic pain.

It's a bit like discovering the fountain of youth, but being blocked by the medical profession. I lived with a sustainable community in another country, one where leadership is shared, the environment is cared for, all socio-economic levels are respected and contributing. Probably as close to utopia as possible while being real. At home, I try to offer opportunity and possibility but mostly am met with negativity. ...that only reinforces my aspiration to create similar opportunity here in my country of residence.

I got my first puppy this year. I had wanted one for several years. I was waiting until it was financially viable, and a small window opened for me this year that allowed me to afford to take care of her properly. I have had her for a few months and it has been an incredible experience. It has had it's difficult moments, but I am so glad I went forward with this. She has been such a positive part of my life!

One of the most significant experiences that have occurred this year was going back home. The minute we landed on African soil, I felt rooted and home. Seeing my first "love" all over again, being engaged for a week, traveling to the village to see my grandmother, seeing my younger cousin, revisiting the school I attended, the villa I lived in, seeing my dad after 12 years. All things that really reconnected me with my being in one way or another. I also felt younger. Something about the motherland appeases the soul and being, as if it whispers to let go, to breathe into yourself and just be. Getting into an accident surprisingly made me very very grateful for my guardian angels. I practically walked a way mostly unscathed. Getting diarrhea at the side of the road, in a bush, right behind a packed bus was certainly one of those experiences that also humbles you and reminds you that we are all human. Even if you get free healthcare back home, when you land in Africa, leave those manners and that holier than thou attitude and be African. Be true. I truly enjoyed my vacation, I loved traveling with my mom (but I also hated it) but overall it was a cherishable experience that I would redo in a heartbeat. All of it. I fell in love with my country, despite all of its flaws and for that I'm so appreciative. I had always said that because I left home at 11, I would spend 11 years away before returning so it was perfect timing. It provided me with the closure I needed and allowed me to see things in a much more true light than when I was an influenceable youth who hadn't seen anything or been anywhere. The second significant experience was going to Miami all by myself without knowing anyone there. It ended up paying off because I had the most amazing birthday yet. I met incredible people and got to peruse in circles I wouldn't have dreamt of meeting. It was great to rub shoulders with the "1%", to see where American money really goes and how easy it comes when you've got the right look. ;) I met my friend Erica and another great personality Lolita and those are connections I certainly want to build!! The last and most significant experience of the year (that has actually occurred in the past 2 months) was falling in love again. I rekindled with Ben, a high school mate and we really hit it off. We just came back from a couples' trip to Niagara Falls. He is amazing and complements me in so many ways. Together, we teach each other and help each other shed the past, appreciate the present and welcome the future. I've burned, erased and exorcised the demons of my past relationships and have completely moved on from any unresolved, potential romantic discrepancy or misunderstanding with all of my exes. I'm very thankful to have met him, the way he is now and they way I've grown to be. Namaste!

I quit drinking and using drugs with the help of a 12 step program. In 8 days I will have exactly 1 year clean and sober. It's been a crazy year. I am working the steps vigorously and have made some great friends. It has been really hard but I am doing a lot better than I was a year ago.

Evoh.y thing has happened this last year. I've won union right for thousands, while having no such protections for myself. A thing that leaves a bitter taste in my mouth, but an accomplishment well worth the sacrafice. I met a woman that actually makes me feel good about myself, and I want to show her how much I appreciate every thing that she is to me.

I began to teach again - part-time - and am loving it.

I kissed a guy. I initiated it. I've never had that kind of self-confidence. And I got out of a speeding ticket afterwards because I was so happy and giddy.

My partner and I were forced to go to mediation with our neighbours. It was uncomfortable and unpleasant, and ultimately didn't do much in practical terms. In emotional terms, it showed we weren't to be bullied and that in itself changed the perspective.

Moving to Arkansas and finally getting my medical problems taken care of by doctors who give a damn. The medical stuff is still new (began in June) but I'm already feeling like some major progress is happening. It's a little overwhelming but I'm thankful. Living in AR is also great because I'm near my family and support system - though I do miss our friends back in KS. I just want this positive upward trend to continue.

I got my first REAL JOB! I graduated from college in May and got a job (in April, actually) teaching high school math at an alternative high school. I am insanely excited - in week 4 of teaching right now and it is SO WEIRD to think about the fact that I am literally living my dream. How many people get to live their dreams on a daily basis? And I do! I love my students, I love teaching, I just love it!

We became grandparents for the second time. The joy is still there, but it is also bittersweet, since this child is growing up over 2,000 miles away. Even the "magic" of technology can't make up for the chance to love him in person.

I turned 40 this year. YIKES! I am so grateful for a fun weekend celebration with my mom and sister. I also trained for and ran a Half-Marathon in honor of turning 40. Accomplishing that goal has inspired me to move towards setting additional goals for myself.

We went to maine first family vacation other than day trips. Very grateful. Seeing all the things God has made the vast array, colors, just everything. This year i have felt closer to Him and am getting to know Him more. feel that i am finally beginning to listen. When i am near to Him i am inspired to move forward in my faith. I am amazed at Him more than ever. And im amazed at His love; wondering if i will ever grasp even a tenth of what it is, how deep, etc. Im grateful for the written accounts that have given me peace and for the moments of clarity from Scripture. Im calling out for wisdom and understanding, though its more me answering than asking in the first place. Looking forward knowing Him even more. Why should He listen to me at all....but so grateful He will listen even when im not speaking. To know everyone so well and who can really put it into words? He is just an amazing God ...Thee one and only <3

Retirement/job elimination. Relieved, excited - and definitely grateful for the severance and opportunity to do something new!

I guess one of the biggest ones is that I moved in with my girlfriend. I love this girl, and I was happy that we didn't kill each other our first couple of weeks. It's been 8 months, and I think we're ready to kill each other finally. It's made me realize the importance of money--I am wiser about my spending habits because rent is kind of a money-blower. She didn't work the first 4 months of us moving in, so I blew through $2,000 and have been slowly digging myself out since. It's a stressful ordeal, but being able to sleep next to her every night is an amazing thing. I'm just upset with myself that I'm 27 and have no degree and am not able to provide her with this awesome, more safe apartment like most of my peers. Everyone's settled and married and pregnant, while I am only able to give her Cold Stone ice cream every month. It definitely has inspired me to do better; because if I'm not impressing myself, I'm definitely not impressing her.

Years of depression and repression at the hands of fate, God, and man have culminated in the joyous realization that I just might be able to make a living as an independent game developer. In June, I started development of Chess Heroes. In September, I revealed it to the world at large, and was taken aback by the enthusiastic reception. It must be stated that this would not have been possible without the financial support of the state of Oregon, vis-a-vis their Self-Employment Assistance program, and the savings we were able to stow away while I worked for Zynga. Both required the endurance of soul-searing tribulations, so what a blessing to feel like it might actually have been worth it.

I had a child. I nearly died after delivering him. It was the most scared I've been, the most calm and the most powerful. It was amazing. I didn't get to meet him until the next day (I was in ICU) and that moment was the most beautiful of my life.

My daughter graduated high school and is about to go on to college...certainly a critical transition for her and exciting but also evocative of where I am in my life at this point....feel relieved, proud and a bit freaked out!

I experienced the most life changing summer of my life at camp. We were HaMachon. It made me a better person and made me closer with all 78(?) others in my eidah. Alex showed our eidah Ruach, Kavanah, and Achdut and we all become one. I am so grateful for this expirience. It changed me judaically and made me a better, happier person. This year inspired me to believe in God and Judaism.

Lots of things happened, but really how could I not list the birth of Sydney Grace as the significant experience from last year. She was born on January 14th after a comparatively easy labor and delivery. Within seconds of being born the nurse shouted "she's a redhead." I remember thinking, now how can she possibly tell that, this little creature is still covered in goo? But darn if she wasn't right. At least, so far. It's hard to tell if it will be flaming red or just sort of a burnt sienna, but either way the thing I find funny about it is it means I carry a redhead gene somewhere way back in my DNA. Of course, Kate and I quickly found out genes do a lot more than hair color. Ten days after she was born Sydney was admitted to the hospital for neonatal seizures. The first night was pretty stressful, primarily because it was absolutely clear the doctors and nurses were assuming it was going to be a worst case scenario for Sydney. But one by one the really scary diagnosis seem to have gone away and now, at a little over seven months old, we have a little girl who has not had any seizures in several months and who appears to be developing more or less right on track.

This summer I interned at the ACLU's LGBT/AIDS project. I've been talking about it all the time -- but it really solidified my love of social justice and its intersection with law. I feel comfortable knowing what I want to do and it's gotten me really excited about the coming semester. It boosted my confidence in my capabilities and helped me get a job this year. I feel all in all prepared and able. This feeling often evades me. Also, it was a healing time for me where I could once again feel appreciated and worthy, after a horrendous last few weeks at my college.

Two things come to mind... First, my boyfriend and I lost a combined 160lbs. This has been a wonderful experience for us. Not just because we look great, but we also feel better! Second, I took my first online college course. It was challenging to me on several levels. I had a difficult teacher and the subject caused me to do some soul searching(it was a Family Studies course; Life Management) Despite it being difficult, I managed to get an A!! I really should believe in myself more.

My job changed unexpectedly and I was thrown for a loop. I've had 14 years of job security and I had to look at what was important to me and if I wanted to gracefully move with the job change. In the end, it has worked out fine and my stress has actually decreased at my job while I still remain successful.

My partner of six years proposed in December of 2012 after a summer spent successfully fighting cancer. The wedding planning process has been stressful, but we are so excited to celebrate both life and the life we've spent and will spend together.

I got honours grades for my first semester. It was the first time that it's happened in my university life, and appropriately it came in my final year. This inspired me so much, because I really want to go into postgraduate study; but even more than that, it happened whilst I was battling being sick and changing medications and visiting the hospital once a week to review my health. Up until now I had thought that I had to be healthy to get good grades, and while I'd rather have health and grades; if I get the grades now I can get healthy later - I won't get a second chance at good grades.

Started back to work as a working mom. It really is true that you can't have it all...I feel like I suck a little bit at everything, kinda crappy Mom, kinda crappy at my job, house is always kinda a wreck, kinda crappy wife, and working out is t-o-u-g-h. Being home all day is so hard, but so is working!

For the first time in my life, I traveled to Israel. More specifically, I spent one Shabbat evening at the Wall, which was a particularly emotional moment for me. It didn't all sink in immediately, but what I kept thinking about while I was there that Friday night was how lucky I was to experience that moment with such wonderful people, all of us looking for and encouraging each other to find that kind of inspirational, spiritual experience. The next morning, however, I began to think back about home, particularly about a close family friend and rabbi whose baby daughter had passed away just days before. I realized that she would never have that opportunity to travel to Israel and experience her spirituality and cultural heritage like I had, and while that moment moved me to tears, it also gave me an even deeper sense of appreciation and gratefulness for the three-week experience I had in Israel and for all that I am now able to bring back with me to my home. I was upset, but thankful and moreover invigorated to make good on the opportunities I have been given.

I ended my 5 year relationship. It was a long time coming but it didn't make it any easier. I was pretty resentful at first as I had to move back home but overall it was the best for me. I was able to pay off debts easier, I made new friends and enjoyed last year the way a young person should. I experienced things I wouldn't have other wise that I needed out my system and although I will always love my ex, my first love, I feel that we would have never been happy in the long run. I know I'll find the right person one day.

On 2 March I shattered my wrist in a freak accident. In other words, I didn't fall and I don't have osteoporosis. I had to wait two weeks to get the surgeon I wanted - it was my right wrist and I needed it fixed correctly! It is just past six months since the event and less since the surgery (I have a plate in my wrist now) and I have 95% full function returned! I even have moments (just moments so far) when i forget that I broke my wrist. It was a horrible experience and such a shock as I am in really good physical shape despite being almost 70 years old. The good news is I cannot remember the pain. I well remember the events but not the pain. So I've ended up extremely grateful for a genius surgeon, a genius hand therapist and my own hard work in getting back to life.......and the again extremely grateful for life itself.

I had an experience camping where I realized that I have some psychological baggage that I have been burying a long time with alcohol. Obviously alcohol was an easy quick-fix for a problem that was much more complex and never would go away unless I dealt with it for real with a counselor and to find my way with self-help books and writing. But the problem never went away and the drinking became more abusive and out of hand. The experience camping was reckless and dangerous but nothing went terribly bad, no car crashes, no classic pass out and wake up the next morning feeling guilty about it. I just evaluated what I was doing -- How much I was drinking, what I was doing, how I was acting, why I was doing it, etc -- and discovered a deep level of shame and self-hatred that had never left me all the while I drank. I realized I drank because I hated myself. The rest is history. I am grateful for my mistakes. They led me to find a love for myself I never had.

I got married to a wonderful woman, and we are now expecting our first child. I'm amazed at how quickly life circumstances can change. These are very happy ones for me. I'm grateful and working to take more time to be grateful.

I had many significant experiences over the past year but I think the most significant has been that of applying for jobs. After six years in a PhD program, it has been an unusual, frustrating, exciting, and emotional process. It's still ongoing too but it has given me energy and made me realize the things I value most right now in my life. The things I'm not willing to compromise on professionally and personally and those I will compromise.

There were so many things I planned to record, but the overwhelming devastation of my son's decision to cut off contact with me after his wedding in August eclipses everything else. I am utterly devastated, and deep in mourning.

Well this year, I finished year 11, got my GCSE results, and am now starting college. This feels pretty significant to me, cause I think I'm a pretty sentimental person... Leaving year 11 was a very emotional thing for some reason. Me and some friends were gonna part ways, and deep inside me I just wanted to be with them still. I'm so bad with new people: those friends of mine were all I needed I think... The fact that I wouldnt see them on a daily/weekly basis anymore... It scared me. I felt really lonely. I'm worried that they'll "replace me..." And then there's things I wanted to say... Specially to one person... But I didn't want them to remember me like that... So... I do feel excited though. New part of my life now, new faces, new start... But I just can't help but look back and feel... Regret.

This spring my 13 year old son was having anxiety and panic attacks around school, which was being very demanding for him. Watching the way the school flexed to give him support as he worked through it greatly bolstered my faith in other people to care for my children as they grow into the world. By the time school ended, he felt like he had faced the dragon and won. I feel grateful to have had the emotional reserves and community support to help him. This feels like a microcosm of this year's focus on helping children, especially teens, feel strong and capable, and I'm inspired to continue my work with young people.

My youngest child got married. I feel happy to have reached this developmental milestone and excited for him to be loved and love.

I had a baby in November. A perfect, beautiful baby girl who has changed my life forever. For as much planning for the experience as we did, nothing could have prepared us for the amount of LOVE we have for her. I feel inspired beyond inspired to be the best possible version of myself. I feel inspired to nurture my relationship with my husband, so that we can demonstrate to her what a healthy, loving, supportive, fun relationship looks like. So that maybe she'll grow up to respect herself and find in her relationships someone who will cherish her. I'm no longer living just for myself. The stakes are truly raised.

I enrolled in the Melton School of Jewish Learning. I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to learn and study. Once a victim of domestic violence, there was a time when such a pursuit was forbidden. It has been inspiring! I just signed up for another year.

I had a fucking baby! Probably the biggest experience anyone can have. To non-breeders, that probably sounds like a jerky answer, but I was completely in awe of the entire "making something from nothing" experience, as well as getting an entire human out of your body. Gearing up for the birth, I thought, "This is natural. It sound REALLY impossible right now, like it would be really hard/impossible work...but people do it all the time! It must be easier than it sounds. Like your body must take over, and you don't actually feel every action that happens." Kinda? The pain part wasn't the worst, even though ugh, it was the worst! But for some reason, it's not the part I remember the most. The part I remember most was the pushing. The pushing was the part where it really was as hard as it sounds. It felt like I had a giant human lodged in me, and I had to get it out of me or I would probably die. I'm sorry if hearing this upsets anyone or is TMI, but it sucked! Because of this, I pushed her out in 20 minutes, and I was entirely convinced that it took an hour and a half for some reason. That's how long it felt. I broke my tailbone. Reading this when I was pregnant would have terrified me, so for those who are pregz, I'm sorry. But listen. I survived it and now can talk about it like it was no thang. You will too, I promise, it's really not that bad. Now, onto the actual human that was created. I forget where the quote was from, or what it even was...but something about when a new life enters the world, everything and everywhere must make room for that new life. And sometimes, especially if you weren't prepared like us (oops baby!), it can feel especially hard, like you are having to carve out that place for that life with a rusty spoon. Sometimes it feels like no one understands. They just expect you to be able to do the same old things. Then you remember all the people who grab your baby at social functions and take care of her for a minute, and you know some people do still get it. And damn it, I will carve out a nice big wide space for her. I don't care how unfriendly my life is to having a baby, it's gonna get good and friendly. I have never experienced love like this before. And I am one of those obnoxious, super in love with my husband people. People talk about that terrifying love you feel for your baby; it all sounded kind of sweet to me. It's actually so terrifying, it's kind of bad! It's not just like, "Awww." It's not like, romantic comedy cute. It really is, "My entire being is shaken and I have no idea where I am in this world anymore." The thing is, I know I will get used to it - I do get used to it more and more every day. Then some days at certain moments, I think, "This is the happiest moment of my life."

My significant event is having MAINTAINED my 40 pound weight loss. This was a goal of mine from last year. Not only did I maintain, but I finally broke through the barrier of my goal. I'm grateful anf relieved and inspired all at once. (Can you be inspired by yourself). I'm grateful to have done it. ME! No one else but me made this happen. I'm so pleased and proud. And the best part is that I'm being a good role model for my children in terms of eating healthily and exercising. Another significant event is my focus on myself. I've been listening to some podcasts (and trying to read when able) about change, risk, self compassion. I'm working hard to push myself in areas that I've been stuffing for many years to improve, develop and CHANGE. The emotional impact on me in these areas is significant. And eye opening.

Bo Lozoff a lover & mentor died in November. I flew out to his memorial service in January at the Human Kindness Foundation. Being with the people (especially Kathrine and Becky) there renewed my dedication to my practice & gave me a sense of community even though I am not with them all of the time. I go back this month to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Prison- Ashram Project. So this saddened me as well as inspired me and allowed me to celebrate his life and all of the good that he has done. There are others but am not sure if I should discuss them here or in future questions. There was the consolidation and move of the prison I work at--much more responsibility and has me having to step up my leadership skills. It has been stressful, frustrating. It has been good because I think I can do more good things for the women. Eye surgery yet again test my ability to stay calm in troubled times.

I started university at usyd... The uni that I had imagined myself in when I was 10. Something that, 2 years ago, I couldn't picture myself doing. I am grateful to have made it here, and although there's some things about uni I hate, I feel like this is aligning me with what I want.

This year I finished up a 2-year terms as president of my temple. While I loved almost every minute of it, I didn't really think about how much time it took from the other parts of my life. It was a relief and so wonderful to have time again for me, for yoga, for my family, for cooking, for just coming home after work and reading! I'll miss having a hand in the day to day running of the synagogue but look forward to the joys and blessings of being a community elder.

This felt like an uneventful year, for which I am grateful. Turning 70 was the biggest thing that happened. Suddenly I started to feel sort of old and that death is ahead of me ... not imminently and maybe not for decades, but it will surely come. I am really not ready to deal with this realization. But I think that I will during the coming year. I need to work on my Lifebook, set my priorities, deal with more free time as my caseload diminishes, and generally plan to make the best use of the time left.

The most significant experience was becoming department head. I am grateful and relieved that it was me who got the job and not someone who hates me. I am inspired to do a lot of things differently but am going slowly. I want to be as efficient and fair as is humanly possible. I am already seeing why so many people burn out on it, but I think that if I can keep my time away from work, I will be okay.

Last September, at age 59, I began learning Hebrew. I was a complete novice; I didn't even know the aleph-bet. I have to admit that before I started, I was pretty sure I'd give up before the school year was over. It was extremely difficult at first, bringing me to tears on a few occasions. Using my brain in this way was a huge challenge. I'm amazed at how much I have learned, considering how difficult it was for me at first. And I surprised myself, finished the year and plan to continue this year. I won't be on the bimah reading the Torah portion any time soon, but at least I can half-way follow along.

I received my first paid screenwriting gig. It came at an interesting time; just as I was looking to return to work, and my savings were dwindling. It isn't for a lot of money, but it's a large step in the right direction of making this new career work for me. I'm grateful, and feel a sense of being on the right path. I also feel stressed, as this seems like my one chance, although I understand that is seldom true.

I got a job and started on Rosh Hashana. Very tiring but i m gonna learn Hebrew in it! I am very grateful and inspired. Thank you HASHEM and thank you Israel!

ON my birthday I received a Ukulele from my sister, my mom and step dad. I am very grateful because when I play it I really feel calm and very happy. I am inspired because it shows me that all things are possible. I never thought I would play an string instrument like this one but this underlying lesson tells me that with practice and determination and a little lucky surprise everything change in flash.

I had pancreatitis over winter break. I was sick for two weeks and then in the hospital for 5 days. My gall bladder was removed and now I have four small laparoscopic scars on my abdomen. I was extremely relieved to have the pain ended. They never found any gallstones so there is some question about whether the surgery was necessary....but, really I am aware now that I would have done almost anything (except, it turns out, have an MRI without happy juice--Adavan is a wonderful thing). I was and am grateful for health, for the things that go right in my body when it could be otherwise.

I finished my first year of grad school, and am finally feeling like I might be a credible professional with a good understanding of my field. I also started working on my Masters Thesis, which has been extremely daunting and scary ever since I learned I had to write one. But I am actually doing it, and it's not so scary now. I'll be happy to celebrate this time next year when itll be behind me!

In the past year I finally worked up the courage to leave the 5 year relationship I was in. I am forever grateful that I worked up the nerve to walk away from that unhappy situation. I felt immediate relief and vowed to focus only on myself in the months following the breakup and move. The week after I moved out of my shared apartment with my ex I started a new job and met the person who I am largely confident I will spend the rest of my life with. I feel more like myself in my new relationship than I've ever felt before and am consistently happy for the first time in a long time. I fought the urge to fall for someone new so soon after my breakup but they say you can't fight fate and I'm eternally thankful for this. I also solidified what I want my career to look like throughout the past year and I feel nothing but inspired as a result. I may be naive and doe-eyed about it at this point but I'm ok with that. I just hope I can hang on to my ambitions and gain the assertiveness that I know I need to succeed in my field and to truly serve the population I want to help.

Had a solo show at an art museum. Feel let down. Was hoping it would further my career more.

Several things at work transpired that resulted in me being layered. While disappointing, I have taken the opportunity to work on several areas where I am challenged by working with an executive coach. It has been a wonderful experience to challenge myself in new ways that allow me to change the way I do work and present myself. My hope is that I will continue to grow and that will allow me to propel my career in new directions and responsibilities.

I was divorced this year. I feel great about it, and only wish it had happened sooner. I'm grateful for the strength to finally do it, and the support of friends and family. I'm relieved to not come home to my ex. I'm resentful of the financial effects, and I'm inspired to live my life with more passion and energy.

I had my first really horrible teacher. I mean, yell-at-students-for-asking-questions-on-exams horrible. It was...enlightening. And infuriating. None of my teachers there had been great, but this one...there's something wrong with a place, if teachers like that are around. I just suspect it's endemic to large institutions. I wonder if there's any way to fix it.

I was asked to give the commencement speech for my school. I spent months thinking and preparing for what I thought people would want to hear. In the end, I didn't say what people wanted to hear, I took advice from a respected friend and gave the speech that only I could uniquely give. It made me grateful that I could give back to a community where I had learned so much and felt such kindness.

I got promoted to the job I've always wanted in my company and it's made me really question whether I want to go to nursing school at all so I'm taking a semester off to figure everything out. I'm incredibly grateful for the opportunity to do more at my job. I feel like I'm finally being appreciated and finally doing work I love with people I love. I have a regular life where I wake up on time and get out on time and nothing is too crazy and I really like that. I finally feel professionally fulfilled for the first time ever in my life with something I can totally manage and it's just a phenomenal feeling that I don't think I'm willing to sacrifice right now to go back to school for nursing.

I moved in with Andi - the first time I've ever lived with a partner. It has been one of the best and one of the hardest things I've ever done. I love having the intimacy of living together, sharing almost everything. The challenge is the compromise, the times when our ideas / wishes / values don't quite align or coincide. Those periods require a lot of effort from both of us. Hard effort, but oh so rewarding.

I had a conversation with this girl named Sarah in wk 2 of uni, and she really inspired me to get involved with this university society (AUJS) that I wanted to be a part of but felt very shy and didn't feel that I had anything to offer. That day, I went to my the society's event, and since then, I have been to all their events. I feel my confidence has grown, I have more belief in myself and that I am capable of making new friends and being extremely social! I feel extremely grateful that she gave me that push, and also relieved that I did end up going because now I realize that I have so much to give, and that I want to give. The poignant message I took from our conversation was that you don't have to know everything to fit in- you can learn as you go, and learn from other people and you shouldn't feel embarrassed because of that. And that makes so much sense as how can one learn or grow if one doesn't push themselves, get out of their comfort zone and really go out there and try new things. I'm so grateful for that conversation and the fact that I pushed myself to go to all the events and despite knowing hardly anyone!

Huge merger created significant turmoil at work. Lost a key employee. Very stressed and resentfully could be accurate.

Now that I am retired I have gotten more interested in national politics and world affairs. I have learned that I can call a congressman, sign a petition, post on Facebook, and contribute some money to causes that I believe in. It's not too late to make a difference. Being older has made me more liberal and given me the time to pursue these causes.

I TOOK THE JUMP and left the job I felt over qualified for. But prior to that I spoke up to my administration and requested a raise and submitted different potential job positions that would help me and them. I dealt with a coworker that was set in her ways and allowed her to be her while standing up for myself. I left, took a week off and went to colombia for 3 weeks and than had a week off until I worked at Montessori which was amazing. I really enjoyed working there and the atmosphere the kids and being on that campus. I left Chavo's remains there because if I had a child I would want them to attend that school. He is by the horses, which I believe fit his personality. His personality was big as a horse. I AM In bliss, as I took many steps that have led me to be at Corcoran full time this fall. I am inspired about what I wrote last year. And it came true. I took a LEAP of faith and listened and trusted the world to catch me. I am feeling freer and freer to be me. My emotions are coming out and I am being truly human, the ugly and beautiful and feeling the full acceptance of it. A Yin/Yang 360".

Losing my friendship with a dear friend and gaining a new friend in the process. I am so grateful for my new great best friend and she'll be in my life forever. I still feel so guilty about the way I hurt an old, dear friend even if we didn't have the best, healthiest friendship!

There's been two very large events this year, my sister was diagnosed with lung cancer, had to go through 2 rounds of Chemo with surgery in-between. My Mother was diagnosed with a grow on her brain lucky it wasn't cancerous but she also had to have surgery. How have these events changed me, they've shown me that the love of other's combined with the strength within can get you through anything * although I've always tried to appreciate each moment this has shown me just how much each moment means.

I started exercising and eating healthy. For a long time I have dealt with my stress and emotions through eating. I'm just starting, so it is still difficult to exercise some days, but I need to remember that I will feel better in the end. I'm grateful that I am still relatively healthy, despite being overweight and that I have a chance to make a positive change.

Well, I got divorced after being married for 15 years. That was long overdue. It was like being released from prison. He and I were simply not on the same path anymore, a realization I had at the end of 2012. I was so unhappy that I had ballooned up to 200 lbs. Since then I've lost 70 lbs, cycle everywhere, do CrossFit, and am looking at wearing siz 6. I'm hot! It is so wonderful to feel hot after feeling like a fat, ugly, middleaged nobody for so long. Every day is new and exciting. I have so much energy it's hard to keep still. Life is good, very very good.

I found out the person I cared about more than anything in the world made some very poor decisions that he acted upon that shocked me and destroyed our relationship. I know it's a tale as old as time, but I have always been very cautious and untrustworthy and he is one of few people who I "let in" and trusted 100%. He sought professional help and has been fully committed to repairing our relationship, but once someone betrays you this bad, I am doubtful that it can be fixed. I'm trying because he's trying and I'm not ready to let go of what we had, but I will be very interested to see if in a year when I'm rereading this will we be together.

I guess I would would have to say my experience growing into being a mama. Which is obviously an on-going process. But I have dealt with frustration and the heaviness of big decisions that will have a lasting impact on my child's life. In the end, I would have to say that it is definitely the most fulfilling role I have ever been in and everyday it pushes me to learn new things...but most importantly, I think I have tapped into an inner direction that I never found before..an intuition that I have really come to trust and appreciate about myself...which is something I have really struggled with in the past. I am grateful, relieved and inspired! (With small bouts of resentment that have mostly passed...aka please go to sleep! :)

This past summer, I had the opportunity to study abroad in Prato, Italy, and it changed my life in so many ways. I learned so much about myself and how to accept myself for who I am. I worked very hard to save money for six months before I went, and while it was stressful, it was so worth it to be able to come to Italy and really enjoy myself. I am beyond grateful that I got to go and will never forget the things I learned there.

I moved my mother from her house into assisted living (against her protests), cleaned out the house, and sold it in very short order. My mother is very happy in her new home. I am, as stated stated above: grateful and relieved, as well as amazed, proud, recovering, and inspired by what I accomplished and a very positive outcome from a terrifically difficult journey. Amen.

Our family moved to a new state. We had been dreaming of making the move for two years so we were very excited. There were times that were difficult and we had a new way of life to get used to in a new part of the country but we always believed that this is where we belong.

Flew to France, proposed to my on/off girlfriend of 5 years. She said no. Picking myself up from that has been a process, but I feel I can move on at this point, it was 10 months ago.

I walked the Camino de Santiago, a 500-mile pilgrimage trail across northern Spain. It was the best experience of my life, though there's a saying that one's real Camino begins once one returns home. How true! I am still processing and/or applying the lessons I learned. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity.

My aunt has had 2 significant health issues this year and I don't drive nor have a job. I am grateful to have food and a home to live in. I am relieved that she is still alive. I resent not being as proactive this year. I am grateful and thankful to have a bicycle. I am inspired by mental health awareness at the local city college. I am grateful for being in California now. That was my goal last year on 10Q. I am trying to get into college.I am emotionally drained. I hope to get back up.

Getting married in October, getting pregnant in December and having our daughter in August! What a whirlwind! I am so grateful and in awe. I am so lucky! I married my best friend, the sweetest, most loving and caring man I know. I feel like I don't really know what I did or how I got so lucky to meet, fall in love with and marry Brian but I am so thankful that I did. I love him more every day. Getting pregnant was scary. I really did not think it would happen so easily. I was always worried that I would have problems. I was so worried and scared when I found out in January. Thank goodness Brian was there. My pregnancy was generally good except for my doctor worrying us for no reason. It was so terrifying when my water broke a month early! Again thank God Brian was there! We were so worried that night in the hospital. The next day the c section was scary, But once we heard our daughter sneeze then cry so loud we cried with joy! This year we have so much to be grateful for. Getting to share my life with Brian. His accident was horrible, thank God he is ok. I still think about that day and how lucky we both ate that he is here. Our marriage and relationship is the most important thing to me. I am so grateful and still in awe that we were so blessed to have our daughter. She is wonderful! I think all of these monumental events have made me realize how precious and fragile life is. Things could have gone very differently on all accounts. I am so grateful that I get to live and that I am so blessed to have the life I do.

I started graduate school in social work last fall. It's been really challenging--not having an income, being referred to again as an "intern," being expected to juggle extremely emotional aspects of social work while simultaneously perform academically. I'm grateful for the friendships I've made through this program, and that getting my MSW will enable me to be a clinical social worker. I'm not grateful for the bureaucracy that is public universities or for the way that some of my cohort mates have treated one another. I certainly feel changed, but I'm not sure yet in what ways.

On Purim this year, I was driving home, and a guy ran a red light and hit me. I'm still suffering from PTSD as a result ~ and arguing over a settlement with his insurance company ~ but there is a silver lining: I've dug down deep and begun healing at new levels, discovering and mounting barriers to healing that had gone undetected previous to this. It's humbling, to say the least. And it has made me tremendously determined to return my life to normal. Whatever normal is! :-D

I got a job .it was a long road but after nearly 12 months of working towards something I finally got the role..I went from being rejected to being hired in February....I guess the significance was shifting from being a contractor to being an employee and all the trappings that come with a bit of security.... I was grateful because the role is exactly what I want to be doing, I was relieved because it means I can now focus on building wealth and my experience with an amazing organisation.

I quit a soul sucking dead end job. I feel inspired, free and hopeful. I am proud of myself for leaving behind the stability of a 9-5 to pursue a career that is fulfilling and challenging. I am grateful for the support of my friends, boyfriend and everyone helping me to land the right job with the right company. I am relieved to not experience the dread every morning when I get up but instead I feel energized. While the whole experience has been extremely scary and does present many challenges and sometimes frustrations, I transcended the fear of the unknown. I did not let not knowing paralyze me and my future as I have so many times in my life. I made the choice to endure the risk and challenge as opposed to settling for something and a life less than I deserve. Overall, the significance of this experience is finding the strength and courage to believe in myself and my dream.

Wow, well the past year has been quite eventful! I finally got separated from my husband of 21 years. It was years I knew I needed to do this, and finally the moment came. I feel grateful for the support I have gotten from friends and family. Relieved to finally know that I can follow my own path (still discovering what that is!) Afraid of what is to come....I realized that I still don't know so much about myself. Excited, as I am on the threshhold of re-designing my life!

My husband and I moved from Calgary, Alberta to Scottsdale, AZ. Extremely happy and grateful for this move and the freedom our portable business affords us :)

I took swim lessons. This was a small step was actually huge, it meant I was stepping up and taking my training to a higher level. Those lessons lead to full time coaching to one of the best races of my life... and well, my swimming is still improving, as is my biking, running and all around outlook on life. my coaches are my new friends and they have introduced me to new people. the domino effect in full force!

The fathers of five of my friends have passed away in the last year. I realize I have reached an age where this will happen more frequently. My father is the only parent I have. He is not perfect but I know he loves me. Through all the meshugas of my upbringing, my father made sure my brother and I knew we were loved by him. I am, and always will be grateful for him. I fear the day he dies. Witnessing my friends lose their fathers makes me acutely aware of my role as parent to my daughters. Every single day I do my best to take great care of them, and to show them how much I love them. It breaks my heart to know that inevitably they will be orphaned. Each day I try to fill them up with my love so that they shall have enough to carry them through all their days. Loving my daughters fully has become my life's purpose.

I was accepted and began my first year at a university. From the day I made my choice on which school I would attend everything changed. I was moving very far away and had to think about saying bye to my hometown which I had lived in my whole life, my family, and my friends. I am grateful to be receiving higher education, but I definitely miss the simple life. It is crazy to think that I am growing up so much.

This has been a big year for me! After 33 years, I finally got an AA degree and am now enrolled as a Junior at University of Central Florida. I am grateful, relieved and inspired (and at times a little resentful). I have had some pretty grueling struggles with course work, due to my "brain problem," but I got through it and am On My Way!! I haven't felt this excited about anything since I was pregnant and that was quite a long time ago. Now I can't wait for next year's post.

Just yesterday I was led to believe I might have a lump in my left breast, however it turned out to be nothing. But it's too soon to reflect upon, except to say THANK YOU GOD! So I searched the memory banks and discovered that in the past year I have lost not one but two potential grandchildren. On the one hand, there is something that makes me long for the experience of being a grandmother. I love babies, I love the idea of being special to a young child. But on reflection I realize that I don't want children to come into a family situation that is less than ideal (to put it mildly.) So I am sad and jealous of my friends who have grandbabies, but more than that I am relieved and grateful that Travis, who is not ready and cannot support a family yet, is not forced into that situation. I'm afraid by the time I get a grandchild I will be too old to enjoy it. Oh well. It's amazing to me how something this significant has had so little lasting impact on me. I wonder what that says...that I expect things to go wrong? Or do I expect things to work out the way they should?

I completed my first marathon. 26.2 miles! I was incredibly elated, relieved and overwhelmed. It made me think I can do more than I realized I was capable of.

The most significant experience in the past year is the birth of our daughter. We've had an amazing year watching her grow. Her birthday is tomorrow and I feel like even though it's a special day for her, it was an even bigger accomplishment for myself. I feel like her first year of life was a challenge but it has made me a better person. I have a lot more empathy for others and more love for myself. I feel very lucky that I've been able to be home with her most of the time and that she's really bonded to me. It makes be so happy that she loves to cuddle and that she gets so excited when I walk in the room. I never expected that motherhood would be a role I would love.

I got married! It was the best. After all the planning (and all the doubts about whether my husband had committed himself to too many things and would always prioritize his work over me) I just ended up feeling so happy. So many friends and relatives turned out to support us, so many things went so beautifully, even the weather was perfect. And being married feels very right. We fit. It's so good.

My youngest has started college. I was excited and happy for her, yet worried for her too. She's a long way from home. She now says she's not happy there. I feel she hasn't given it a fair chance. 2 1/2 weeks is not enough time to decide. I'm soooo concerned.

Instead of waiting for my teen age daughter to move to her dad's as she'd been threatening to all senior year, I told her to a few weeks after she graduated. It was either she leaves or my husband does, and I was exhausted from the stress of her disrupting the household: provoking fights and swearing and name- calling, creating a mess and leaving it, and coming home only once a week to get a change of clothes. Our home felt like a crash pad. I felt guilty, wrong, and angry, and relieved, as she lashed out that I was throwing her under the bus. Now, 8 weeks later, I feel relieved and glad and not guilty at all. And she seems to have gotten over it. Maybe we needed me to do it; we were all ready for the change. We get along somewhat better now, and no one fights about how "controlled" she feels by me. Nice outcome.

I joined CTJ (a Jewish congregation), and also the adult b'nai mitzvah group. I am so happy! I am now part of a community of people who are like me - part of a tribe. I have spent most of my life being very self-sufficient, and wasn't able to join many groups as my husband and I moved so many times due to work. Now I can put out roots, reconnect to my people, and grow spiritually. I can also study Judaism as an adult, which will help me complete the circle of life, and better deal with the latter phases of my life (including my mother's passing over a year ago).

I realized that my dad has been verbally abusing me for several years. I'm still in the process of understanding what effect this has had on my mental health, but I'm relieved to know that I wasn't imagining anything.

I wrote a play that was accepted and presented at a conference. It put in motion my desire to be an advocate for my disabled brother.

I went on medication for a chronic health condition and it helped me in more ways than intended. I went on medication for the PN in my feet. I kept putting it off becos the point of my getting healthy was to get off my meds. But the pain in my feet was excruciating and affecting my sleep and moods so i accepted the prescription. After about a week on the meds, not only was my PN less painful, but my moods were lightening up. I likened it to scene in the wizard of oz where Dorothy goes from black and white kansas to the colorful land of oz. I was less short with the kids, I had more patience, and for the first time in years I felt at peace. I am grateful that I finally accepted medication for not just the pain but also for my mental health issues. My PCP and my ob/gyn suggested going on meds for my mood issues but I felt that my issues were situational - caring for 3 young children, dealing with several life changes over the years - and that meds wouldn't help. I lived with depression and anxiety for so long that it became part of my life. I now realize that maybe my problems weren't entirely situational - that maybe the problem was really in my brain. I regret all the years that I could have been feeling better becos I thought meds wouldn't help me. The good thing is that I know I don't have to feel like bad anymore.

We went to Israel. It made me more tied to Israel. It was terrific and we are very happy we went. Yes it was Inspiring.

i got to teach an introduction to polarity at the curanderismo conference in july. to be able to begin getting more involved in that community was astonishingly exciting for me. i got brave enough to ask if i could go down to cuernavaca to teach. so now out of that is developing the idea that i can get my RMTI and develop a two to three week course, and also i got the idea to develop my own modality -- to write a book, trademark the name, and begin to share what i know with others. i feel like i am gaining a confidence in myself that i have never had in my adult life. i feel much more confident in my work, and in my painting, and in my relationships. i am so grateful that i am learning to speak up for myself, and that opportunities keep showing up for me that are challenging and keep me growing.

My daughter met a FANTASTIC guy from "Jersey" and they're ENGAGED!! It is so wonderful to have JEWS in the family again. They are all so warm and wonderful, they LOVE my daughter ( not hard). She is so happy and I'm SO happy for her. It also filled a huge void in my Jewish life with all the other men in the family are not and with no family left, by choice or by circumstance, I was feeling very alone (expecially in "little Mexico" Oxnard. Living 2 miles from a KOSHAR orthodox winery helped, but Chabad is just not my "thing", so I'm now exploring the Reform temple about 15 minutes away that has a FEMALE rabbi and the cantor from T.O... so I'm going there for High Holy Days and we'll see. Afterall, it only took a new Cadillac to get me to attend services 26 years ago.. a new son-in-law is a much better reason!

I worked for Disneyland for 6 months and was abruptly fired wrongfully over an extreme attendance policy. I was devastated when it happened as I believed Disney to be my dream career and the reason I moved here from San Francisco but it led me to find something else which so far seems like it will be better for me. I am grateful for the experience and am better prepared for when/if I choose to go back there.

Lost two aunts in the space of one week. Makes you think about what little time we have.

I don't feel like one big thing happened this year like it did last year. Last year was shaped primarily by my sister's death and the fallout from that. This year, it doesn't feel like there was one thing that defines the year. We decided to move ahead on plans for the next baby, but that feels like a decision that was many years in the making, rather than a decision that belongs to this past year. "Significant" - what does it mean? Everything loses significance when I compare to the loss of my sister. I am worried that her loss will color my life forever... That I will always experience everything through the lens of "one who was left behind by a suicide." It doesn't help that this time of year is when she died. The holidays and her death, and my son's birthday, will always be tangled and complicated.

I'd say that everything that's happened with Nathan over the last year is most significant. I am so grateful for my best friend, but I really hope that staying in a relationship with him is the right thing to do. Every time we've hurt each other or even broken up, we've gone back to each other, and I think it's for the right reasons. I'm ready to see what the new year brings for us.

I did not get any of the teaching positions I applied for. I have mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, I've had more time to devote to my creative side, which has been lacking for the past few years. On the other hand, it's scary to be out of the loop. I'm a scientist in a highly competitive field, and it's important to stay involved and be noticed. I've tried to just go with the flow for the most part and let tomorrow be, so to speak, but I've had some rough days here and there too. I am inspired at times and anxious at others...I am also very grateful to have such an understanding and supportive fiance.

Well this year thus far has been a year with a lot of hardships but also with some great happenings as well. I lost a great friend when Kaylie passed away from an epileptic seizure at the beginning of June. I think about her almost everyday and miss her a lot. I also was asked to leave a job that I loved, however it was somewhat of a blessing in disguise (at least I hope it was...). This August I started working at a new job doing 6-8 Choir. I love it and it seems to be a perfect fit for me, and I can only hope and pray that it will work out.

This has been a crazy year. My dad had a stoke in April, and lost all kidney function. He started dialysis and was admitted to the hospital again in May. My family has been through our fair share or trial, but this one has taken the cake. It has brought most of us closer, but also created tension for others. I feel stronger than I ever have. I know that the things that seem to matter (work, money) dont compare to the things that really matter (family). I know that we're still not out of the woods, but I know that I have my priorities straight, and the most important thing in my life right now is family, and love.

I passed my CCM exam and endured this tortuous year at a new job with a manger I dont like , She is gone as of today yehhhhhhhhhhhhh

I had a significant job change, leaving a company I'd been with for 10 years, because I didn't agree with the direction in which my co-executives were taking the organization. I felt lost at first, but am now in company with respectful leadership and coworkers and have a healthier work-life balance.

Almost a year ago, I was asked to resign from a job I'd held for more than two years. Essentially, I was fired. I was relieved to leave a place and a position that had ground me down and made me incredibly unhappy, but I was (and remain) apprehensive about what's next. Good things have happened since I was fired - I took time off, I've started healing and I've had some cool experiences (personal and professional). I'm working on finding work that brings me joy - and that's scary.

I broke up with my boyfriend of 4 years, moved into a place of my own, and started a new chapter in my life. Although it's probably a cruel thing to say, I'm really happy it happened and I'm glad I got to start over. I learned to love myself, become comfortable with my own company, and concentrate on the parts of my life that needed work. There's still a lot of progress to be made, but I'm quickly becoming the person I've always wanted to be, without anything holding me back.

I moved to a senior's apartment building, with my husband. We are loving it! It costs us more money to live here, but we are so grateful to God for allowing this to happen. I tend to worry about money and having enough for the future, but we've managed so far! I am loving the life I am living!

Can't lose weight....was always skinny before. It is me getting older & frankly I can't stand it.

I almost failed English 7. I'm grateful for actually learning my lesson on how homework is important.

I had a visit from some acquaintances this summer. It was a whirlwind, fraught with cultural and religious landmines, but I survived it. After they left, I was exhausted, but realized that I had experienced a real paradigm-shift: I could see myself and my relationships to others in a completely different way. I saw my "pluses and minuses" in a more realistic way, and as a result feel relieved and more confident.

On January 17, my first son was born. My life was changed forever on that morning. I thought I knew love until I saw his face. I also thought I knew what being tired felt like. I now truly know the difference between fatigue and being tired. There is nothing in this world that would convince me to go back to my life before I met my son. He makes me want to be a better man. I hope I can do that for him.

I started working at a day camp. I spent 8 weeks spending every day with children 4-11 and it really clarified for me that I think (or at least at this point in my life) that I really want to work with children in my future. I am fully inspired by every child I spent time talking to and getting to know and they help me see the world in a different way and keep my mind off my struggles.

9/4/13. Something that happened between 9/4/12 and 9/4/13--specifically on 10/17/12--was that I saw a penny at the Jay Street subway stop on the way home from the personal essay and memoir writing class I was taking, and something told me to take a photo of it. With that photo I began taking photos of every single piece of money (mostly pennies, but also some nickels, dimes, quarters, and in one instance, two dollars) that I found on the street. It has made me stop and notice things--I guess money in particular, but also things--more, and for that I am incredibly grateful to the penny at the Jay Street stop that night, my writing class and its participants and teacher for inspiring me to want to notice things more, and to myself for believing that noticing money was worthwhile enough to keep going. I have over 300 photos and I look forward to counting how much change I have found on the street on 10/17/13 and also for the rest of my life.

I got a new, better paying job. It allowed me to make some positive changes in my life that has me feeling more complete and whole as a person and has allowed me some freedoms that I didn't know I was missing.

I decided to make a huge career change from something that I am very good at and have been doing for a long time to the unknown. I am embarking on a new chapter of my life and am both inspired and scared. But most of all I am excited to discover my passions again.

Moving to a new city and starting a new job, quite suddenly, felt like stepping out in an act of faith. So far, it has been wonderful and I now have friends on both sides of the country!

I finally got a job after y got my degree. It's been 7 months now since I began my labor life. I think it's quite an achievement, for it made me buy my first car and to plan my first abroad trip alone. I think it's part of growing and beat yourself to new things in order to achieve the best for what you want and make you a better person.

I started my current job this year. This job has given me more job satisfaction than I have ever felt before. I am working with great people that are pushing me to be more, and I am seeing opportunities that were previously invisible to me. With new possibilities before me, I am excited to see what's next if I continue to explore.

I moved to California. This was the first time I've moved out of my country - left my friends, my family, my home. I moved for love. So it was also the first time I didn't have a job, since I was 12 years old. I'm 31 now. It's changed a lot. I'm reading a lot, but realized that most of my life was spent working - and putting my energy into my job. I don't know what to do with so much free time. I'm getting there though. I'm grateful. Grateful for the time out, grateful for the love, grateful for the chance to reconnect. I definitely don't think I was on a good path back home.

Coming to the brink of having my relationship with my son fall to pieces and working to rebuild that bridge with him. Very much humbled by the opportunity to have another chance with him. Hopeful for closer connection as time passes!

I was sick this past June-- no name for the ailment at first - I eventually recovered but I learned to appreciate the value of patience, I accepted advice from my children and I changed a behavior that had been ingrained in my soul. I not sure if this is a permanent change but I hope it is, I am grateful for my health and would like to make additional changes to improve overall physical health. I am reassured that changes are possible.

I got into a pretty great culinary school. I am grateful for the opportunity, but at the same time I am unsure if it is what I truly want. It is extremely expensive, but I need to be taught all the skills and inside information. I am excited and scared. I just feel like this will help me get my life started, but at the same time I am extremely unsure. If I don't go to culinary school it would take me 3 times as long to learn the skills. And I would be getting an associates degree with school. I guess I feel like I am grown up now, yet not entirely.

I can't think of ONE experience, but I've had several heart to hearts with my parents about my feelings and hope for my future. I'm relieved to feel the way I do now, but I am also grateful for their love and support.

I ran the Boston Marathon in April and finished about 2 minutes before the bombs at the finish line went off. I saw the explosions but was out of harm's way. It made me think deeply about fate and the fleetingness of life. I was angry for a while but ultimately grateful for the safety of my friends, family, and myself. The event was also one of the things that gave me the courage to travel this summer. At least I found a silver lining in a hate-filled act. I'm curious what the atmosphere in Boston will be like next April.

My brother getting served divorce papers out of left field was a scary and reaffirming experience. We were and are so worried about him but at the same time, we know how strong we all are. As a family will all ALWAYS have each others backs and together we can face anything. Final thought, there is always good in the sad, joy just lurking waiting for you to stow your grief. The rain yields beauty. Same thing here, love shines bright.

I got my first teaching job this past year. It has taught me a lot about working with colleagues, and how to use different teaching strategies to help all students. I also started graduate school, which was one of the best decisions I've made. I have learned so much in grad school that I have been able to use in the classroom. I can only hope that in the course of the year, I will work with and share ideas with even more of my colleagues to help me become a better teacher.

I moved to Australia. I guess that's pretty significant. I had lived in Israel for the past year after uni so I thought I was very Brave and Independent already, but I had no idea. In Israel I was given a job, friends, living arrangements, all before I even arrived. It was nothing like moving to a new country and starting over. I don't think I fully understood what I was doing when I did it. But I'm glad I did. I'm growing.

I was unfairly dismissed from a job that I loved. Then I was offered and accepted a really wonderful, challenging, exciting new job. At first I was angry, hurt, and resentful about losing one position and then I was relieved and grateful beyond words that the new position fell like manna from heaven. I am now at peace with the whole situation and inspired to do my very best to live up to this new opportunity.

Reckon starting Penandpencil.in our online stationery store. Actually, I'm often more annoyed that relieved. It means more work that I can handle... at the same time I know it is a project that is close to the entire family and Mehul especially. And can be financially, plus in other ways rewarding in the long run.

Getting pregnant! I've gone through a wide variety of emotions - relief, pride, terror, regret, satisfaction. I'm terrified that something will go wrong, but also hopeful. Now I'm enjoying my last few days before going public. Soon I'll be A Pregnant Woman to everybody, which I'm mostly not looking forward to. I like being a regular person.

My husband's Mock Trial team won Philadelphia City Championship and came in fifth at the state competition. I was able to help somewhat, along with other attorneys, parents and supporters. I felt proud to be part of the effort and I was so amazed and humbled by the effort being put forth by these students. How wonderful it is to teach young people and how little respect most teachers receive from administration and the city. I'm a lawyer and my husband is a teacher. Between the two of us, I think he has the "real" job.

I gave birth to my second daughter. This experience was important to me for obvious reasons, but also because she completed my family. It's one of the most important days of my life! Although this day meant more to me than I could ever describe, the whole experience changed the way I look at myself, particularly my body- I am working on loving the way I look, but its a long road!

The biggest event for me of this past year I would say is most likely the Pride Parade in Boston. I marched as one of the pride marshals with Keshet. Over the past year, I transitioned from coming out to entering queer spaces and Pride was when the queer space came to Boston. My favorite part was seeing my professor join Keshet in the parade and having my parents join us. It was this event that made me feel much more comfortable with who I am as a gay man and a gay Jewish man. I am very grateful that I was given the opportunity to march in the parade and grateful for the supportive community that made it happen. Another awesome part was having my friends from home join me in the parade. Looking forward, I am inspired to create more LGBT safe spaces in my Jewish communities in Boston.

I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome but I attended a week long Christian conference in the next state and after a week of sleeping on a top bunk and people waking me up as they went to bed and as they got up sometimes from 5am and days filled with activity including bush dancing and interviewing people out in the community I was tired but not exhausted. I would have expected to be totally exhausted, in pain, aching all over, dazed and confused and unable to think (that is usually the state I would have been in after that much activity), but I was just a bit tired and less so than other people who are healthy. I have no doubt that I was supernaturally sustained, which became particularly clear in the weeks that followed after I was totally exhausted by a couple of hours of standing around to do an ad. and other events where I was similarly exhausted. I am very grateful, relieved and glad it happened.

My daughter was born, we met her, signed the papers, and brought her home. Possibly our last adoption. We have a son and now we have our baby girl. God is amazing!!

Probably the most important, significant experience I could have had was to get a sponsor and start working the steps 4.7 months ago. My life is very different in all important ways. No more obsession, the craving has been lifted. I am learning new tools and relying on my higher power. On my own, my life is unmanageable, but in this program I have options, help, and a life better than my limited imagination could dream up while in my disease.

I graduated from college!!!! What a great feeling/accomplishment. I'm so proud of myself and all of my friends for doing this huge thing.

So much has happened in this whirlwind of a year. First of all, it is the most emotionally stable I have been in my life. And with that mental wellbeing has come outrageous gains in my personal and professional lives, as well as losses. I lost the core of so many important relationships, while strengthening and building a much smaller number of completely crucial ones. I learned every day a better understanding of true love, and the intrinsic doubt that comes with that. Perhaps most significantly, I entered a brand new sector of "adult life." My life became one of financial independence, full time employment, cohabitation with a significant other and constant questioning of what my future really looks like.

Corté con Luli. Me mató, me destrozó, me arrancaron el alma y el corazón...sufrí un montón pero creo que por fin estoy empezando a superarlo (ya era hora, no? van como 8 o 9 meses ya desde el 29 de enero, jaja). Me hizo crecer? No sé. Sí aprendí a no colgarme con mis amigos, a valorarlos mucho por todo lo que me bancaron, a no dejar de hacer las cosas que me hacen bien (10 y capitán del Faisán y con botines nuevos; estoy "flaco", etc.) y a buscar siempre nuevos intereses...moverme, no estancarme. Bien ahí empezando canto, aunque a veces quiero dejar por pajero o pq no avanzo. Hay que poner más huevo. Agradecido? Ni a palos, sigo creyendo que es la mujer de mi vida y la madre de mis hijos. Pero ella cambió un montón también y como es ahora (dejando de lado todo lo maaaaal que se manejó y lo que me hizo sufrir) está muy lejos de ser la chamchu de la que me enamoré y por la cual daría la vida, la que me hacía sentir cosas que nunca sentí por nadie. Resentido? No, ahora entendí que son cosas que pasan, que es parte de la vida y son experiencias. Obvio que hubiese querido no tener que pasarla jamás, pero bueno...Insisto, se manejó como el orto, no la justifico para nada y me cayó pésimo, pero tampoco le guardo rencor. Todavía la adoro. Inspirado? Ojalá me saliera escribir algo. Espero que el año que viene tengas algunos temas escritos, Gera del 2014! Ya sea con Bruno, con Gusti, con el Gordo, con/para Vicky o solo...pero algoooo tenés que haber avanzado en este aspecto, wachín!

We moved back to Arlington, VA. I miss NYC every day in some way or other but I am grateful that we had this as a home base to come back to. If I don't compare it to NYC and just look at what it is, I have a great set up. Free childcare, and I was instantly big fish in small pond the moment I got here. It's not just fine, it's good. Good for my kids, better for our wallet. So lucky to have my parents, Uncle Rick and Uncle Simon . Would be nice to make it back to the city more often than twice a year though.

I accepted the fact that my dear grandson would NOT be coming to live with me. (now, I don't agree this is best for him, but it actually IS) After several years of legal wrangling and a lot of anger and bitterness...it was time to let go. I guess I am grateful that I was able to do this, it means this young boy can be at peace and not have the adults in his life full of anger (and placing him in the middle). I may even be relieved because it was incredibly stressful to submit to a process where I was being judged...and then to be found somehow 'not good enough', yeah, it's a relief to be out of that process/mindset. I am not sure that I am inspired by this...it did open me to reach for the best, for him. To pray for the custodial caregiver's best health and wellness and to really try to mean it. some days I do and some days I still fall into self pity and sadness. I do know that this acceptance, this giving up is the most significant shift in my life in recent years and I am hoping that the path I have been following is still leading me in the direction that I am meant to go....to give back, to fulfill my purpose..to be my best. I trust this.

I got married this year. Married! Me. Adorned and adored, completely embraced the "bride" role, and loved every second of it. I am pretty sure that week in December (leading up to and including the day) will forever be one of my favorite moments in time. I felt grateful. I continue to feel grateful.

In November 2012, almost 10 months ago, I found out I failed the NY Bar Exam. I was pretty devastated. Started smoking again and was mean to those close to me who passed specifically, L and D. I was pretty depressed and angry. I decided to take the test again in November. I procrastinated studying for two months until late December early January and then did it half assed. By mid to late January I kicked myself into high gear and studied more than I ever have. It was a blur I don't even really remember it. But I took the test and found out I passed in May 2013. I was shocked and just insanely happy when I got the email (there is even a video of me getting my passing results). It was a great moment of triumph. That feeling was so real and all me.

I moved from Cincinnati to San Francisco, not knowing a soul. It's the best decision I ever made. 15 years later and I'm grateful every day for taking the leap.

My mother died in May of this year. I'm still processing this, but I'm feeling sad and have a sense of finality coupled with curiosity about how the rest of my own life and that of my wife are going to turn out. It's like the song I learned in church as a child: "Dawn is like a gate that opens on a meadow wide and fair; through the open gate I hurry--golden light is everywhere." What will be in the meadow, and beyond?

Our youngest daughter just got a divorce. She had been married for 20 years, and the decree was given on her Anniversary. This has been such an ongoing struggle to establish her independence, and at the same time, to try to shelter her two young children, ages 11 and 9. So much stress, on all sides. We felt helpless, and tried to be supportive. At this time, with the New Year approaching, we wish her peace, and are looking forward to a happy, healthy year for the three of them, and us.

I found myself in a small Balkan country more than 4,000 miles away from home. My trip to Bulgaria truly showed me the power and value of a community, changing my perception of myself along the way. I've never been more grateful to have such a supportive network of friends from more than 10 countries. Through the entire trip, I had my face pressed against the glass, my eye glued to the camera lens- absolutely entranced and inspired by the experience. Ambassadors to Bulgaria 2013 was one of the greatest experiences of my entire life.

I left my job of 5 and a half years to be a full time student and complete two internships. It was truly a bittersweet last day. I really loved the patients and most of my coworkers/employees, but I felt very relieved to not deal with the stress that came with the job. I also felt very excited to pursue something new and different.

Broke up with Terry twice. Went to China and met Julie. Quit Weavers Way and started union organizing with Healthcare PA. Best decision ever. All three were great decisions. China in February was beautiful and provided much needed connection with my Dad. It also made my world bigger - made it easier for me to see myself traveling internationally. I am growing more and more extroverted and of course, secure in myself. Terry broke up with me around Halloween, a little before I guess. We kept sleeping together and trying different things to test if it could work, but there was more yelling and blaming and shaming and slamming and I broke up with him for good on July 4. This new work is fulfilling and challenging and I am learning a lot and not bored. I am building important skills. For all of these things: grateful, inspired.

I spent a year abroad. More than that, last month marked my first full year living in Australia. Michael and I visited my family in New England last month after not having seen them for the year. It was wonderful traveling together and moving through the motions. I needed to see everyone, but it meant the world that he was there with me. I'm happy with where we are, spiritually, physically and emotionally. I'm happy with myself and my life too. I love where I am.

I externed at St. Francis - in particular, I sat with a patient as he died. It made me realize that wherever I am it is "for such a time as this." I am excited to be on mission with Jesus wherever I am. I am thankful that I have hope to offer people - true last hope. It's exciting to see myself grow into the role of a nurse, of a professional - to become who I have dreamed of being.

I officially became a senior citizen. It was, of course, inevitable, as it is for all of us. I have felt wretched about this and wondered whether my life has counted for anything. I have also felt relieved and happy, as if I have climbed a great hill and can now see vast distances with clarity and deep perception. It helps that, from time to time, people still mistake my grandchildren for my own children!

It's so hard choosing just one. But I think I'll go with transitioning at work to entirely front desk duties. It was such a relief leaving housekeeping and their constant drama behind. Leaving behind that feeling I would literally be stabbed in the back. Front desk isn't always easy, especially for someone with social anxiety, but it's still so much better than where I was before. I feel some guilt over leaving housekeeping, because I feel like the department has fallen to pieces, but I would never go back.

Has anything significant happened in the last year? I can't come up with anything. Everything seems to stay the same. Maybe that's why I'm feeling sluggish - too long with nothing important. That probably means I need to break the cycle, and do something significant on my own. Not my strong suit, I know, but I can make it happen.

A dear old friend died. She was almost exactly the age of my mother (who died almost 12 years ago) but had the sort of innately happy nature which, for those fortunate enough to possess it, makes them able to move through hard times without being beaten down (in my own family, no-one so far has fit that description, so to me it always seemed miraculous.) She was everyone's good friend, loved by her many children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, as well as by her husband--her second husband, former youthful sweetheart, re-encountered in later life for 18 happy years together--her many friends and by the members of the small writers' group of which we were both members for about ten years. She was, like Charlotte the spider, a good friend and a good writer. Her stories made us roar with laughter over the foibles of ordinary people, without her ever being cruel or petty; her poems were sometimes witty, sometimes serious, never pretentious. She was a joy to know. I had moved away from my old home and had not seen her for over a year, but we had exchanged e-mails. She didn't mention that she had incurable cancer, but said something about "I 'd like to get the group together up here this summer." Well, we were there, for her funeral. I wonder if that's what she meant? I've been digging through old papers and have found a fair amount of her writing, and hope to find more. While I am sad that we won't meet again in this world, I am profoundly thankful to have known her, and hope we can get together again in the part of heaven that looks like Santa Rosa. I hope to be more worthy of good friends, in the time that's left to me, however long it may be.

A significant, and negative, experience that happened to me this year was a work reprimand. Work reprimands are very rare in my history. Most importantly, in my opinion the reprimand was disproportionate and made without full knowledge or understanding of the situation. Unfortunately, I was/am resentful about this. What I most resent is that this experience taught me not to trust my supervisor. I have never had this feeling or experience - and I do not like it. I have learned, however, that I will never be a supervisor or leader like this person. So....a bad situation has resulted in a positive change and realization for me. You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and then you have....the facts of life! :-)

This year, I traveled to Israel for the first time. It completely changed my view on how I want to live and made me reevaluate my life. I have never felt more at home in one place, and have never experienced such a sense of belonging. I will never forget the memories that I made there and the experiences I had, and I absolutely cannot wait to return.

This year I went to college. I'm really glad to be here and I've met amazing people!!

I was "released" from being a crew chief for a festival that I have worked for since 1999. I am angry and bitter and heartbroken, but that isn't anything really new. This festival has hurt me many many times. They really don't seem to value their volunteers, although they pay lip service and say that they do. Being a crew member of this festival has been a big part of my identity and my joy for quite some time. However, they have cut me to the quick in ways that no lover ever has. While I am still able to attend this festival as a participant, I think that I may never go back to working for them. I'm not going to say never...but this feels very much like an end. I am heartbroken.

I made a new friend from work and it has allowed me to have someone close besides my girlfriend to really connect with.

I lived in London for about three and a half months for spring semester. It was truly an experience unlike any I've ever had. I'd been feeling a bit burned out after a really busy fall semester at UNC, and a semester away allowed me to focus on the few things that really mattered to me--I felt like I could connect with people if I wanted to, but I didn't feel obligated. Living in London also gave me some more perspective on what it means to live in a place without a Reform Jewish culture, something that's been really important to me, as well as in a big city. I haven't really had to confront life without either of those things, so how I responded taught me a lot about what I really value at this point in my life. I also learned to travel a lot better over there, and became inspired to travel more in the coming years.

Opportunity for a new job and got it. Very grateful.

One significant event?? In the past year so much has happened. I completed my PhD in counseling psychology; started my service as an active duty Air Force psychologist; moved to Fort Walton Beach, FL; and most importantly, welcomed my second son, Gideon Yaakov, into our family. I am truly blessed and feel so grateful. At times I get overwhelmed and lose sight of my blessings. I can be short-tempered or easily over-stimulated, but I really am so consumed by love for my family and gratitude for my new career and beautiful environment. I want to savor it and appreciate it more.

Started my yoga teacher training which I have wanted to do for many years. It's very challenging with two kids and a whole crazy life, but the program is one weekend a month for 8 months so I am able to just about manage. I am very grateful for the weekends and the way that it forces me to take some time for self study, reflection and awareness. it's difficult to be 100% engaged the way i would like, and perhaps that is the lesson here...how to appreciate even if it's not exactly what you want.....I do wish I felt it transforming me inside a bit more dramatically and profoundly. Changes are subtle, and I am more forgiving of myself, more allowing that things just are the way they are, but I still have too many moments of wanting things to be just a little different.

This year I have learned to truly be myself.... whether I'm feeling happy and angry, proud or scared. I admit what I feel..... and I am who I am without fear of what others may think. It took me 52 years (!!) to get to this point and I feel both proud and free.

the moves: r moved away for grad school, f moved upstairs, i moved downstairs, and k will move in soon. it's overwhelming now, but i'm sure it will sort itself out soon. i do miss r, but not his messiness. [ and the work on that has been a whole other thing ] just since i moved, i have been feeling ill, so has misty, and that's been difficult. i've been doing much of the move myself, or with friends, and i am tired, and sleeping 2 hours! past my usual time to wake up this morning was very surprising. that might mean something; it's very, very rare that i do that. that's confusing. the driving reason for the move was that f's grandson will be here Real Soon Now, and upstairs is better for him - and her taking care of him. however, the studio is a cool place to live, so i feel like i got as much benefit, or more, than she [ and grandson] will. so i am grateful. it is too early yet to know if it's inspiring. i do notice that i feel much more comfortable for Rosh Hoshannah, more in the quiet down here, more secluded, more celebration of the new year. many emotions. feels significant, but i'm not sure it is, in the long run.

I got engaged on March 18th this year. It wasn't something I was planing on doing so young and early in life - I always expected to be in my 30s and the last out of my friends. Despite this, it was the most natural feeling in the world.

I finally got help for my depression. Meds have helped a lot. I'm not 100% myself, but I'm so much better than I was a year ago.

My 16 1/2 month old daughter was taken from me. To me, she was more than a foster child. I took her home from the hospital at 7 days old. Her birth mother abandoned her. Birth family in another state was incapable of taking care of her. I was the only family she knew. She was loved, brilliant, funny and thriving. But the state failed her. It didn't matter that birth mother was incarcerated and still using drugs. It didn't matter she was the 6th child of at least 7, none of whom the birth mother had custody of or even tried to get custody of. My daughter was a check to may state is they sent her off to foster care in the state where her birth mom was jailed. And she was a check to the birth family, overwhelmed with the other 6 half siblings already in their care. No future, no hope, and literally taken screaming from my arms to be put on a plane to strangers. I am angry and resentful that this was seen as being in the best interest of the child. But after 11 long months of struggle, I am inspired to make a change. She and I may not have the life and potential we were supposed to together, but maybe we can prevent it happening to other foster children. DNA does not a family make. And sometimes there has to be no more second chances.

I had a baby! He's the most precious, sweet little guy. I love him more than I could have imagined. The pregnancy was very hard for me, though uncomplicated. The birth was easy and empowering. I was totally in control of the whole birth and he came out very easily. I really feel like it has helped me to be a more relaxed mother.

This past year I faced myself. I faced my fears and my dreams. I let go of what I thought and embraced what I did not know. I left the structure of what I thought I wanted and created something I am still coming to understand. I was terrified, but I am not grateful for the experience and proud of myself.

Nothing very "significant" has happened per se. I suppose the most significant thing is that I can actually hold a conversation with my ex, which might not sound like much, but it is for me. It took over a full year for me to acknowledge him or speak to him when we were in the same room, which happened more times the year following our tumultuous ending then I would have liked. We haven't talked about us, but I think that's probably for the best. I don't know if we'll ever be friends, but I've made steps in forgiveness and trying to move past everything that happened, which may work into a friendship at some point. For now, I'm happy to not feel like I have to avoid social situations and conversely, I hope I am not excluded from them because he will be in attendance (something that did happen over the past year many of times). So if anything, I'm saving my social life by playing nice, which is significant - all things considered.

i got married with the love of my life

My ex-husband being sentenced. I wrote a victim-impact statement that the judge considered. I felt like I was listened to, like I wasn't crazy or just being mean-spirited. I also felt very safe.

I was able to go to Poland and work on the project connected to my master degree. I visited about 20 Jewish cemeteries, all with their own story. I felt connected to Jewish community through generations

We as a family watched a documentary on how animals were treated for food sources. I cried for days and remained deeply moved. Because of this, we have been entirely meat free for over a year now. Eating wonderful food every day now. We all decided that we,as a family cannot promote or support cruel treatment of living things to eat or to wear.

An anal fissure that had been dormant for 13 years reemerged. It struck me how much I had been taking being healthy for granted. All I wanted was to rejoin the ranks of the temporarily-abled. I have missed the athletic stresses I used to put myself through, but have really appreciated all the extra time to think, putter, read and be with my family.

One of the people I love most deeply moved away. I am still trying to cope with it. I wish we could remain friends, but there are too many obstacles...I just hope that we are connected in some unseen way...I feel like we are, but it is still heartbreaking every once in awhile. I try to be grateful that he was in my life while he was. I hope he feels loved, and I hope he knows that I love him. His leaving makes me realize that life from here on in will be full of many such losses. I need to find a way to view those departures differently and somehow be grateful rather than dwell on the pain. "we cry because we miss the joy which another has given us"...or words to that effect. I also need to figure out how to communicate love...or be brave enough to do it, even in less than ideal circumstances.

I turned 50. I have now lived 10 years more than my father did. I'm grateful, but this is uncharted territory for me. Men in my family aren't known for their longevity. I'm approaching this decade with the sense that it may be my last, and trying to act accordingly.

Today, I received a text from my ex-husband to let me know he got engaged over the weekend. He knew it would hurt me to hear these words but thought I would prefer to hear it from him. We exchanged sweet notes of our love lourn past, a desire to stay close, be friends, and recognition of a hole in each our hearts that will never be filled. Cinderella song. You don't know the good until its gone. It's a sad day for me. Hurt from broken promises to love forever. How can I love again, trust to open my heart to another, .... I'm praying to God for strength and meditating to release my ex and the pain. Letting it go will allow me to forgive and heal. I am healing.

My running improved a bit and I convinced a group of new running friends to train for a half marathon with me. I was sidelined with an injury, immediately after our 4.55 mile run as a group (great finish time for me) and they continued to train. I spent 10 weeks in physical therapy and I'm now starting from scratch and training for a 10K instead. Disappointed: yes. They have all bonded and I dropped out of sight for a few months. I'm the odd-man out.

I confronted about issues that have been simmering for 20+ years. I had been putting off the confrontation for a very long time and it had finally become something that I was fixated on. Every time I did a significant amount of driving, I would rehearse the conversation in my head. I finally confronted him. I laid it out there and left the ball in his court. Since then, I haven't heard from him, but I feel so relieved, that it doesn't really matter because the weight of the world was lifted off of my shoulders. I no longer feel the need to hold the relationship together. He's now responsible for deciding if it moves forward.

I haven't had a significant experience this year. And with that, I'm relieved and grateful. With With Super Storm Sandy hitting the area where I live and so much sadness and destruction all around. I'm very grateful that my family, friends, and I were all unharmed.

I went to Hawaii with Sarah to celebrate her 30th birthday. It was very special...exhilarating, fun, intense and spectacular. I was joyful, touched and challenged as we travelled together...the intimacy brought joy and angst and pain and tears and growth and sharing and evolution.

That would be the LSAMP Summer program that I participated summer 2013. I felt it was a big step in helping me become a more organized and responsible person and that makes me feel proud that I can commit myself to a project and feel good about my results.

I recently attended a yoga teacher training for fertility. It was intense and wonderful at the same time. I personally went through a fertility journey a few years ago. This experience gave me the opportunity to have some closure on my own loss and learn something new that could be helpful to give back to this community. I am inspired to keep learning so I have the professional skills to share my training with other women (couples).

I locked eyes an amazing man in a hallway and gave him the most ridiculous face of awe - something I never believed was possible. It has affected me in a lot of different way - mostly reminding myself that all I really need to do is continue being me and the world smiles and plays with you. I feel completely inspired and grateful for this experience and am seeing how the whole world is just a mirror. It's all amazing - you just have to let it be amazing. I have been nothing but completely honest with following myself with him and this has been the great gift ever - seeing the beauty in another human.

I got laid off. It didn't happen in a good way, so the process felt awful, but it turns out it is great for me not to work there any more. So I'm relieved to be out of a petty work environment that didn't value what I do, but I'm scared about my future, and whether in this economy, at my age, with some of my shortcomings, with my particular skills, with my odd work history, and with my focus and interests, I'll be able to find a job that pays me well enough and is fulfilling. So far my relationships are sustaining me and I am finding freelance work, but I am also worried that will not continue, or that I will end up spending all my work hours on other people's projects, and not have time for my own creative or world-changing work.

I bought a house with my partner. It's the first time I have ever purchased a home with someone. I am grateful in ways for a life I never thought I could live. I am relieved for the difference it has created in my daily life. I experienced some resentment initially due to finances and material possessions, but they have subsided. I hope to feel inspired as time goes by. For now I'm looking forward to living a new normal!

I feel that I see life with new eyes. My mother went into remission from cancer. Our teenage son grew out of some challenging teenaged struggles. I feel blessed through my experience as a daughter and a mother. I am working on the middah of acceptance. I want to rest in the understanding that I am blessed through my relationships.

This year I bought our house and got married. It's been important to me that I own the house on my own. I couldn't actually make it work without Eric, but I was able to put down the payments. It's also been extremely satisfying to actually be able to fix things here. I have always hated the stereotype of the helpless woman at home, and get so much joy out of what I accomplish here. I have this huge desire to prove how independent I am, and yet I need Eric. I'm not sure I actually tell him that. I hope he knows. But as I'm typing this, I'm thinking about how lucky I am to have him in my life. He's kind and supportive and willing to take risks with me. Our relationship makes us both better people.

i drove from california to alabama to surprise my ailing mama. she didn't know i was coming. and she really didn't know that i had more surprises waiting in the car - my daughter and grandson - whom she hadn't seen in 9 years. (my grandson was 9 months old the last time she saw him.) the surprise was so perfect and complete. i still cry when i recall that look on her face when she realized it was me sitting next to her on her crimson couch while she determinedly sorted that bucket of blueberries! it was so good to see her and i was so grateful that my daughter and grandson were able to come. we all had a great time and now want to travel back there again, taking it a little slower and stopping to see more sites and battlefields and ride along that mississippi blues trail...

I have failed, honestly. At making the right career decisions. That's been good, because at least I know what the wrong paths are. I should not be permanently stationed anywhere but home. I should not work for backwards companies, no matter how altruistic their missions. I should not tolerate more stress than joy. I should not compromise my most important relationships. The learning curve is still quite steep, but I am still learning.

I got my third dog, Piton, this year. I'm very grateful to have him as a pet!

There's been so many experiences; one, I have moved in a new apartment with the love of my life. It has affected my perspective of myself and our relationship in so many positive ways. We have grown so much in just the first two months that we've lived together, learning more about the nuances. I've never felt so comfortable with another person other than my close immediate family. It's amazing to feel such love and support. Second, this past month marks the fifth year since my Dad passed away. This June my mentor, Diane Weiner, also passed away. She died of a stroke, just like my father. I felt such anger and resentment, that my entire being was overwhelmed. For weeks I was in a shell. I'm still recovering from the devastation, and her death made me go back into many experiences/ emotions that were felt when dealing with the grief of my father's passing. Right now, I'm just taking it one day at a time. Lastly, I'm finishing up with my thesis and I'm trying to find a job. On my worst days, I am depressed and a little bit stressed at not having at a job. On my best days, I am inspired, grateful, and (sometimes) even empowered. I will find a job. And I will get my degree. And honestly, even in my worse moments, I am and should be very grateful for what I do have: a loving group of friends, family, food in my belly, good (semi) health, shelter, and the love and support of a great man.

I started to honour my love for music. I begun to play with the orchestra, I met amazing people and an excellent, dedicated and generous teacher. Today I couldn't be more grateful. I feel like I've completed a part of me that was missing, and I found a way to express what words can't. Just bliss.

I finally got to the point where I could retire... How do I feel about it?? Relieved, I guess... But, as they say in my line (I'm in law enforcement) "Any day you stay, after you can retire, is just another day that you could get in trouble, and lose it all"... And what's happened?? Have I made plans? Nope... I'm just cruising, taking each day as it comes... I'm doing some research, but not a lot...

A significant experience might be my sister moving back to town. I am grateful and relieved, and I immensely enjoy her company. It's like we finally get to be real sisters.

I fell in love. Again or for the first time -I'm still not sure. And it didn't work, for him. He's widowed and although she's been gone 7 years he felt too much guilt. He doesn't think he's allowed to be happy, which we very much were. So he ended it. I haven't been "dumped" since college. And I don't think I've *ever* had my heart broken by someone else. I've contributed to my own broken heart, with Brandon when we were starting college. And I suppose my heart did break with JP, but it broke so slowly. And I'm still not sure I ever loved him like you're supposed to love a husband/partner. I also "lost" a kid in the process. Granted, he wasn't my kid. And the whole thing feels so silly -we were only together 5 months! But it all felt so right, especially with the kid. And mostly with Andy. Although as I'm reflecting a month out now, I can see some ways in which he always kept me a bit at a distance, showed signs that he was still emotionally married to his late wife. I felt a bit like a mistress. Certainly like second place -and I thought that was OK, but maybe it's not. Either way, I'm taking it quite a bit harder than I thought I would. But daily reminding myself that I cannot make him be ready if he's not. No better than I could make my ex-husband stop drinking, my brother choose life, etc. So resentful? No. Sad. A tiny bit angry that he's stubborn about hanging on to his guilt. And I feel really alone. I didn't feel alone when I met him, and I wasn't looking to date. So I feel like I'm worse off for all of it. But I know it has to be a learning process too.

Opportunities for love and a new job are opening up!! I am grateful and excited!

I decided to get LASIK. I got a new car. I found the man I want to spend the test of my life with. I'm overwhelmed with gratitude and I just hope it all turns out great in the end.

My second daughter was born May 5. It's been amazing being a second time mom and sort of knowing what I was doing. I feel I'm more relaxed as I kind of know what to expect and what's 'normal'. It's not as scary. I learned I have more to give and having a second child doesn't take anything away from the first, but in fact enriches her life, too. I love seeing the two interact with each other. I'm so happy to have given them each other. They'll be friends and sisters for the rest of their lives and that's a very special bond.

I had a pretty harrowing experience happen to me coming back to college after a Thanksgiving break at home. I, and a passenger were making the trip from the suburbs of Boston to Ithaca, NY. She was a film major and had just finished shooting her film over the weeklong furlough. We packed my car and hit the road. I was driving in the left lane when it happened. Traffic had forced our speed down to 20-30 but I had maintained good spirits hoping that we could keep moving and avoid being bogged down. Suddenly a number of things happened very quickly--starting with the truck in front of my stopping, I was glancing down, unawares of the sudden stop. The car screeched to a halt but I knew it wasn't going to stop in time. Out of control, I careened into the back of this man's truck. Socks and underwear that had been packed into a laundry hamper came flying forward. I was ok, the couple in the truck were ok, my passenger was ok, the camera she had was ok, the truck was ok, all in all, a pretty good first accident to have. Although my own car was totaled, I felt lucky, grateful, and less invincible than I had prior to the accident. My driving has been affected and I do notice I drive less aggressively now. In the meantime, I had to survive without a car for the remainder of the school year. I learned about public transportation, time management, and that you can almost always walk or bike somewhere. I think I became a bit of a more responsible person without a car. I really had to organize myself to get to things on time. I think overall, my car accident made me grow up. At my age (21), I think that's a good thing.

I was also fired due to my arrogance and over confidence. I was completely terrified and humbled and am now much more cautious and respectful of the "company". I no longer think that my independent, rebellious streak is amusing.

I was rewarded as a stellar performer at work which surprised and delighted me. I won some money but more importantly was recognised throughout the company. I felt humbled and grateful and that I belonged.

Started my own side business. Super excited, and energized and looking forward to employing my passion and skills to make somethings that makes others happy and fulfills my creative desires, while also making me a little cash. Yay!

I interviewed for a job teaching in the graduate school of social work I attended so many years ago....still don't know the outcome...excited, holding my breath, and grateful! Filed my taxes late and got a refund! My sweetheart moved in with me in March, wow...

Over the past year I experienced my first romance, it was brief, and stressful. But it taught me a lot about myself and how I view relationships. It also taught me that there is no such thing as a broken heart, it kept right on beating even after it was over!

I attended my first birth as a doula! It made me realize a lot of things about myself. I have to work on being more confident in my role, and in that I am totally capable of helping mothers and their partners through labor and birth. I just have to believe in myself, and in that beautiful natural birth process. :) Also, I started transitioning to a vegan diet. I completely cut out meat immediately, which I am extremely proud of myself for, but cutting out all dairy is tough. I am just proud to be making more conscious decisions, and raising my daughter in a more conscious way.

Promoted to second year of medical school! I'm definitely grateful and relieved. It's a motivation to work hard to become a good doctor!:):) I can do it! Even if it doesn't always seem that way.

I got a paid contract doing social media this past year. It's been... difficult figuring out the money end, but it's wonderful to have my doing things valued enough to be paid. Unfortunately, we haven't figured out how to do the money stuff well enough to get referrals yet. There's potential here to actually do something. But... there's the uncertainty that getting more money from contracts would push me off of SSI and thus deny me the services I need, especially since we aren't sure if my stepfather's job and insurance will stay around. Lots of lay offs in his industry. And I'm not sure that I'd be able to handle enough contracts to really support myself without assistance with rent and food and utilities. It's worrisome. Maybe we should incorporate so that we can write off bossiness expenses properly? And so part of it goes to paying him as my financial manager? I don't know. It's something to think about.

My dog Daisy died. I miss her very much, but I'm glad she did not suffer long, and I am very glad she brought so much love and happiness to me and my family. As much as I miss her, I understand what a great responsibility a pet is, and also an expense. I'm not in a position to take on that kind of responsibility at the moment. I'm glad to have that realization. I have the memory of her love "therapy".

My mother died. Her passing was a blessing in that she was very ill for a very long time and the quality of her life had deteriorated immensely. We had a turbulent relationship for the last several decades but made peace a few months before she passed. Her stubborn refusal to change or accept any view other than her own made me reflect on my own tendency to behave in the same way and as a result I have become more open to other views. This was certainly not the only lesson I learned from Mom but it may have been the last one she will teach me. I hated a lot of her behavior for a long while but I still loved the kind spirt she hid behind the angry hatred of her circumstance. I wish she would have learned that she could have changed that.

My older vrother lost his wife to cancer this year. She was a little bit younger than me. I've never seen him cry before; she was the love of his life. Years ago, my husband beat cancer, and i just can't believe my brother is having to face what was my worst fear when we were going through that. It makes me realize that every day is a gift -- even the bad ones. And it has put some things into perspective...

I have finally accepted that my daughter does not want to go to religious school anymore. I am really sad about this for a number of reasons. First, we are Jews by Choice, and I look at religious education and her Bat Mitzvah as joyous things to bring her closer to our community. I wanted her to go through this process with the friends she's known for a long time, and now she'll be left out. I am also resentful because we have all struggled with her special needs, and this is yet another thing that I have to accept that will be different for us. On the other hand, this has forced me to find another way for her to explore what it means to be Jew. I had to decide that the goal wasn't to have a big Bat Mitzvah celebration but to enjoy being Jewish. We found Wilderness Torah, which will connect Judaism, spirituality, and nature. My daughter has learned that I will listen to her needs and help her find what works for her.

I moved to Vancouver to go to school. Left my family and friends, and joined a house full of awesome people (including my best friend). So grateful that I have this opportunity, that my family was understanding of my decision, and that everything has worked out so well! Today was the first day of class and while I feel slightly overwhelmed, I am also really excited for the next few years and the journey I have started!

My husband and I went on a 15 day cruise to Hawaii, I guess this was a bucket list occasion. We also went on a cruise with my daughter and her in-laws and husband and our granddaughter for a wonderful birthday celebration for our granddaughter.

i had to have eye surgery and although it helped some it needs to happen again. i am grateful to have my sight, relieved that its not anything worse. i am also looking at things differently now that i see how important my sight is.

I met and fell in love with Arthur. Knowing him has helped me recognize the blessings of being who I am and loving the life I have and those who are in it. He and I are learning a lot from one another about love and life and family and what is important to us. I am grateful to know him. I don't know how long this will last, but I don't think I'll ever regret what we've shared.

Was hospitalized 2x. Have accepted that these infections are part of my landscape and finally have a diagnosis and frame to understand this in...and perhaps a possible preventive treatment. One exciting thing is my ability to bounce back...I am resilient. I have learned to not angst and to accept the reality of what is...not reject the reality..acceptance. And focus on where I am and not worry about other things while I'm doing what I'm dong now. Be here now.

I turned 60 this year. Just another number, right? I didn't even think about it much, at least not until our county fair began two months later. Someone asked if I had gone on the "Seniors Free Day" which is for anyone 60 and older and it suddenly struck me - OMG! I'm now considered to be a Senior Citizen! When did THIS happen?!? I certainly don't feel like I'm a "senior", well, at least most days I don't. It kind of stunned me for awhile and made me think of things I always thought I'd have experienced "by this age" when I was younger, and how most haven't been done yet. Then I decided, the heck with it, I'm still able to enjoy friends and family and that's much more important than checking off a list of "things" to do. Besides, I can create new "bucket lists" any time I want to and chuck out old ones. So, onwards!

I was diagnosed with a chronic health condition that my employers responded to by telling me to leave on FMLA without any attempt to accommodate my needs. Without doctors consent to return to my old job I had to find other employment. I am currently underemployed at 2 part time jobs where I make significantly less than I am worth. On top of that, now that I have to pay for an individual health insurance plan that does not allow me to continue treatment for my health condition that was the catalyst for my employer forcing me to leave in the first place. I am completely resentful and becoming depressed. It is worrying me more and more.

My mom was diagnosed with stage 3 pancreatic cancer. It has been the saddest, most difficult and most unfair thing my family has faced. She's been completely cool about it and done everything required. She has never complained. I want to scream and punch something most days. I don't understand why both my parents were cut down by unpreventable diseases. It just fucking blows. They didn't do anything but work hard and be nice to people. Fuck cancer. And ms. I just want my parents to be living stress free and happy. They deserve that.

One of the most significant experiences I have had in the last year is that I went to the doctor, and with her guidance, decided to have a surgery some would consider routine. However, for me, it was difficult because it not only centered around my physical health, it also raised some questions and put them into the forefront about how gender expression and gender identity show up for me. The surgery was also something that necessitated that I asked for help. I think that part was harder than the procedure and the conversations around gender for me. I am so thankful that I advocated for my health, and took advantage of the health insurance I am blessed to have. I am also glad and will remain grateful for those that took me to the center, brought me home, let me be hopped on drugs as I slept it off, and just generally supported me. I am also grateful that my partner, who lives across the country, managed to find a way to be with me even if through a stone, a letter, and an ugly monster doll. those were the best. I am still considering the effects of all of this. What I know for certain is that I learned a lot about how I relate to being female bodied, even if I identify as transmasculine. I learned a lot about letting people in, and trusting them -- even if that's not how I usually move through the world. I am trying to trust people more. I also am not in as much pain, and I am thankful for that and happy I wasn't going crazy with pain. I think I am still learning to ask for help/support, and how to trust that it will be there.

I graduated high school. Seeing as just 9 months earlier I had seriously considered dropping out to be homeschooled, graduating was a huge milestone for me. I think just holding on and facing the fears I had really made me a stronger person, and for that I'm grateful.

I finished and published my first book. The whole experience reinforced for me how essential it is to have follow-through in all things we desire. While there were many times in the process when I felt hopeless and filled with doubt and even self-loathing, I kept going (with the criticism and encouragement of others) and then kept going and then kept going some more. Finally it was done. And the other thing this process has made me consider is the value (real or spurious) of external legitimation. Was I really a writer now just because someone agreed to publish me? Or was I really a writer now because I had worked really hard? There is still a lingering something in me that wants external legitimation, response, some permission to write. And while it is good to get it, I wonder if I will ever get to the point where I simply do my work, and step back (as the Tao counsels), without asking anyone outside myself whether a) the work itself is good, or (probably more to the point), b) whether I myself am good, valuable, worthy.

I went on a mission trip. I am humbled by the experience and grateful to have been given the opportunity. I met some amazing people - fellow missioners and residents of La Cucarita. I was able to be part of a world that is incredibly beautiful and see how it is being helped by the church.

The beginning and the end of my first truly meaningful relationship. In the 3 months since it ended, I have run the gamut of emotional states. There are times when I am so grateful that it's over because I learned so much and am so much better for it; there are other times where I am choking back tears in a bathroom stall because I can't bear the thought of RSVPing to our friends' wedding without him. I am still learning how to deal with everything, and I know I'll come out of this with a better understanding of myself and my value. But right now I'm giving myself a little leeway to feel the way I want to feel when I am good and ready to feel it.

breaking up with shn: took a very hard decision and deconstructed much of my life to be able to move to a better future. trusting myself and the universe and working through the extreme regret that came after and the difficulties in hearing of him 'moving on'... a good experience in growth from relationships and having a proper 'ex' experience :). moving back to my hometown and consciously looking for work in my hometown: still hard and not yet reached fruition but does seem to be the mature and stable thing to do, and i hope i will thank myself later, when i do move onto the next chapters and possibly return to global health with a fresher perspective, or infuse my local work with a special touch that came from my 5 years abroad. i hope that whatever happens i am proud of my life and decisions and moving cautiously and creating a constructive future.

Mijn Pappie zijn achteruitgang in dementie. Dit heeft mijn leven niet alleen op zijn kop gezet in indeling maar het heeft vooral mijn denkwijze sterk beïnvloed. Zaken die ervoor belangrijk waren zijn op de achtergrond komen te staan omdat ze tijdelijk zijn en zaken die ervoor eerder vanzelfsprekend leken zijn nu de meest belangrijkste aspecten van mijn leven. Familie en relatie is niet meer vanzelfsprekend en dat is goed zo. Ik heb absoluut vrede met mijn beslissing om tijdelijk mijn opleiding te stoppen, minder tijd in mijn vakbondswerk en werk te steken en meer in wat echt belangrijk is.

Hmm. I nearly quit my job. I felt completely overwhelmed by the cost of my home and thought I'd give up and sell, move, start over somehow. It was a terrible idea, but it inspired me to go to my boss and ask for a raise. That was empowering. We have a salary schedule at work based on numbers of years of experience teaching. It's ridiculous, I think, because I am paid significantly less than the other two English teachers in the middle school and we are expected to do the same work (and I teach the most classes/students) but salary schedules serve a purpose. Still, I was hopeful that ours was not fixed. The headmaster said he understood my dilemma--being older and a home-owner finding it nearly impossible to live on my salary and keep my home. He said he'd think it over. I did not sign my contract/employment agreement (the latter being all it really is) and I waited, knowing I had taken a risk. Before school ended, we met and he offered me less than half of what I'd asked for, but it was a decent raise. It wasn't just money, though, but a commitment to wear another hat as a sort of assistant to the PR dept. Now I have several writing/research projects in addition to my taxing teaching gig, but you know what? It feels good! Everything ought to be a bit easier this year, as I sort of know the ropes and have some tools to help me, and the writing stuff will force me to branch out and get more involved. I've closed in on myself to a certain degree and the isolation feels deadly. I need to reach out more, so this, I hope, is a win/win. Also, I'm pursuing a new loan after feeling defeated last year by a bully bank. I think I'm getting the new loan which will also help make money matters a little lighter. They have weighed me down terribly these past few years. The greatest windfall, though, has come in the form of a Chinese tutee named Kimberly. She found me from a three-year-old posting in a library. Divinity prevails. I am grateful, inspired, and relieved. Addendum: A week a a couple days later and I was weepy at school, I was so miserable. I hope it was truly hormonal and not a sign of a year to come. The overwhelming feeling had nothing to do with finances this time. I felt I was failing, had failed in the past, and too many demands were being made on me. I was confronted, specifically, for assigning spelling words for a test/quiz. In-my-face demand of explanation over something so small. Was told a boy had cried over it. Man, alive, I'd better buck up or it's going to be a miserable. Lord, help me.

I decided to switch from premed to Bachelor of Fine Arts. And I can honestly say I've never been happier. It's been an eye-opening experience. Everyone always says, do what you love, do what makes you happy. Before I would have said, yeah, sure whatever... "grown ups" just say that to make you feel better about yourself and your decision making. But wow, if I had to give one piece of advice, I speak from experience when I say do what you love. Look inside and find what makes you happy. And once you find it hold onto it, go after it. It's a mantra that I will commit myself to from this point on. It's like nothing I've ever felt before. It's freedom and happiness and relief all wrapped into one beautiful package. And I'm loving every second of it.

Wow - so much has happened in the last year. I finally had a high school GROUP of friends and it was an amazing year with them. I miss my girls. I became best friends with my family and got close with my younger sister. I fell in love and spent an entire year finally able to let a boy into my heart. I got into my dream school across the country with a full tuition scholarship and felt like I learned more my senior year of high school than I did in the other 11 combined. It was just such a vivid and happy year. I feel so grateful and warm. I grew up a lot too.

I got accepted into this wonderful masters program that allows me study in 3 different European countries. I feel really grateful -and even privileged- for this opportunity.

I graduated this past year. Finishing a college degree is a very surreal thing. I'd think "well, here I go. I'm done". But when I actually sat down to think about it, I realized what a great accomplishment getting a degree is. I feel a new sense of confidence and pride ink self for accomplishing something like this.

I'm going to lump finally graduating from UCI and moving up to Seattle together, since they happened back-to-back and the change they created feels incomplete without including both. After five years, I finished my two degrees (ICS and Studio Art, because why not) and moved less than week after I walked for my graduation ceremony. It's been pretty uneven so far. I really miss my friends from UCI now that I'm up here and it's been a couple months since I've seen them. I have only one regular rpg game, and it's a bi-weekly FATE core game, so I don't even have the touchstone of tabletop RPGs really. I also find myself missing my living situation quite a bit. My new roommates were my friends back in Irvine, but living with them has proven stressful at times, especially since their social nature ends up with my introvertedness and desire to work on my own projects while looking for work. Overall, the event has stressed me out, but it's also been grimly satisfying. I'm in the process of transitioning into being on my own, and it's fucking hard. So right now, honestly, I'm depressed about it. But I do know it was the right choice, and I'm holding onto the hope that I'll get the wind in my sails soon enough. So, grittily inspired, if I had to summarize. I think I can do it, I'm pumped to work on the RPG and writing stuff, but I'm getting real sick of not having the structure of a job. I'll make it work, though. (Incl. finding a job.) Honestly, I feel I have to. Failure would feel so much worse.

I bought a house. This is is what I've been saving for my whole life. It's a wreck, the electrics are trying to kill us, plumbing is dodgy, extension has no planning permission and the roof has a hole, but it is ours! I kind of love the broken bits in a way, when they are fixed it will be even more perfect because we made it so. I'm proud of myself, for saving to buy this place, grateful to my family for their help, and excited to be starting a new chapter of my life.

I broke up with my boyfriend of two years and four months. I thought he could be the One. We changed. I have never felt so relieved, so grateful, so inspired, so happy, so joyous, so myself in all my life. I had turned into someone I despised, and now I feel like I can finally reclaim and enjoy myself again.

Aaron This year I applied to graduate school, got accepted to two programs and decided not to attend either. Applying forced me to explore the possibility of changing careers and going back to school. When I decided not to attend, I simultaneously decided I did want to stay at my job. It was affirming that I was doing the work I wanted to be doing. I am grateful for the experience. I am not feeling like I still want to pursue more education, but maybe in a field more related to my current career. Julia This year I got a kitty cat. I have always wanted a pet and have never been able to have one. My kitty is helping me work on being alone, and is a constant source of entertainment. I want many more animals in my life.

My husband and I sold our house in Denver and moved to Seattle Washington. Denver is the only place I have ever lived, and I have always wanted to move to a bigger city. However, in practice this however was so much harder than I could possibly imagine. It seemed as if everything that could go wrong, did. After two contracts fell through and my son needing intensive treatment to cope with anxiety, I definitely worried that the universe was telling me to not make this change. Now that all of tat is in the rear mirror, I am so glad we made the move. They say tat you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. We definitely needed to change our surroundings to get a fresh start. We feel so at home here ad are looking forward to the next year.

My partner and I very intentionally and thoughtfully opened up our relationship are now functionally (!!!) polyamorous. It's been crazy hard, but so incredible - I've grown so much, learned how to communicate so much more clearly and respectfully, have a much stronger sense of myself, and, best of all, my primary relationship is stronger and more loving than ever. This has required an immense amount of time an energy, but is so worth it.

As I begin to think about a particularly significant experience from the past year I feel it might be helpful to jog my memory by recounting as many of the milestones as I can. This year carried with it myriad ups and downs. I wrote and officiated Luke and Liz's wedding, shot a short documentary about winemaker Ernst Storm, screened Dog Years at the Napa Valley Film Festival, hustled my ass off trying to build a career as a freelance filmmaker, and took innumerable lunch meetings and informational interviews, few of which actually turned into paying work. I directed a shoot with one of my favorite bands, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes, I edited for one of my favorite directors, Doug Pray, and I traveled the country shooting a project with Schools That Can which ended quite disappointingly. I conceived GRIT, a feature length documentary about teaching character that remains one of my biggest life goals, and spent the majority of my work weeks writing proposals, editing trailers, and networking vehemently over email and phone. We moved Karla's mom out to LA and got her set up in her own apartment, we were there for Warren and Sarah as they parted ways, and stood by Dave and Elana as they broke up and found new partners. Many friends got married, and even more became engaged. Karla and I took one of the most incredible trips of our lives, a honeymoon deep into the wilderness of Tanzania and the cities and countryside of Turkey. I will always remember this year as a period of soul searching that I believe has fundamentally changed the way that I think about and interact with the world. It began with a renewed love of reading - How Children Succeed, Paul Auster's Timbuktu and City of Glass, White Noise, Big Sur and the Oranges of Hieronymous Bosch, Learned Optimism by Martin Seligman, and Celebration by Sherwin Wine. But the most profound changes emerged from weekly sessions with my therapist Lauren. I have been digging and discovering completely new dimensions and perspectives that have made me feel alive. I started out with a month's worth of plain old crying - feeling intense, raw, indescribable emotion. It was cathartic and euphoric and while I still miss the intensity of those first few sessions, I began to build a new framework that unlocked a deeper sense of compassion, creativity, kindness, self-confidence, vulnerability, mindfulness, and balance. By no means have I figured out the secret to being happy, but by realizing that these things are a practice not an achievement it's taken the pressure off of constantly yearning for perfection. I confronted my dad about the emotional and physical abuse from my childhood and in doing so acknowledged and minimized a demon that had been festering for quite some time. The whole process was messy at times - I tried new ways of fighting, listening, and thinking about myself and the people around me - and I didn't always get it right the first or second time around. This was tough for Karla (hell even I was confused about what I was doing half the time) but she hung in there and we're still deepening our own relationship more every day. I don't beat myself up over mistakes anymore. I don't go to dark places quite as often. I'm not as obsessed with being right or proving my intelligence or getting my way. I'm more open to change, to listening, and right now I'm in the midst of learning the importance of collaborating creatively with a team (which will be tested soon enough in 72U). I'm slowly letting go of my artistic ego and I'll be interested how that works in the coming year. I'm grateful that I had the time and motivation to engage in therapy and that I have such a supportive wife and circle of friends who unwittingly let me practice on them. I feel incredibly lucky to have found someone like Lauren who has helped me to see who I am, how I work, and what I need. I feel like a traveler packed to the brim with shiny new tools, clothes, food, and cameras, setting off prepared for anything. Soon enough I'm sure I'll realize I forgot my toothbrush.

I went back to school! I'm now a college student, a mom, and wife. It's been so hard, but at the same time, so incredibly amazing. I have learned so much about the world around me but also about myself. I am capable of doing hard things - and I am really smart! School is awesome and I have loved every second of it.

My husband's mental health challenges have become greater. His depressions deeper and longer and much more frequent in the past year, and he periodically swings into states of hypo-mania. It is devastating to watch the days turn into weeks when this brilliant and highly successful man is not in full possession of his valuable asset, his mind. In the past year I have become an avid student of neuroscience, attending lectures, and reading books and journal articles about bipolar disorder. I am grateful for the internet and access to unlimited amount of information. I am a resource to others facing similar challenges. Although at times I feel resentful for the way his illness impacts me, mostly I'm scared, what if it gets worse. I'm also hopeful he will be better with the right meds and by his taking care of himself, exercising, meditation, therapy. I'm grateful that we've had so many good years together, and look forward to many more. Those days when he is his old self are bittersweet reminders of who I want him to be, again.

I fell in love. I met someone that makes me happy and makes me want to be the best person I can be. I feel incredibly lucky, excited for the future together and everyday he makes me smile, but I also secretly feel scared and vulnerable, previously fiercely independent, my heart is on the line now.

Trying to get pregnant has made me feel excited, sad, lonely, and loved.

I saw you in the club and you were stood on your own. I recognised your face and I remembered laughing at your shitty jokes the day you drove me home after I slept with your best friend. I came to get you. You came out with us and I remember the minute it went from you looking at me like one of the boys to when you had your hands on my hips and we were dancing. I don't remember my first kiss with you and that's sad for me. We ended up at your house and laid in bed all day. Somehow before we'd even realised the snow outside was 2 feet deep and we were stuck. You smoked and I watched you. You played really loud bass music and I fell in love with you. Adam I am so thankful for your presence in my life. I want to spend mine making sure our team is always coming out on top.

I was offered a full-time job for when I finish university! So grateful, and absolutely relieved. Did not expect it to happen so quickly, and am so happy it happened!

My MIL died. I have more respect for her now than I did when she was alive. I learned a l0t about her as I helped my FIL get through this time.

I have discovered that human being live alone, absolutely. Nobody think and nobody enjoy your person or your work by the fact it is yours. Only they do it if it is giving them benefits. I was very, very sad, in February specially, when I discovered it. Since them, I 'm convinced that if you are not, in this world, in your work, at home, in the street, in your city, in your social network... all keep on moving. None, and nobody stops for your (or for your absence).

I helped build the Ardent Mobile Cloud Platform (sort of an Art Car) for the Lake Lahontan Retreat and Water Show (BM 2013) I was simultaneously frustrated, relieved, resentful and inspired. It was disorganized and poorly managed, their was a lot of hurdles and interpersonal politics. But seeing it finished filled me with a small sense of accomplishment. Sharing it with others, sharing their joy and wonder filled me with joy and wonder. Although i struggled very hard not to get consumed by it like i have other BIG ART projects, think i did a better job than years past, moreover, seeing how things broke down was a learning experience which was weirdly empowering.

I have admitted to myself that my parents are no longer able to live on their own, although they continue to fight the inevitable. I feel sad watching them struggle, and at the same time I feel frightened about pulling up roots and moving 1300 miles across country to spend time with them and to help them as much as I can. The move seems overwhelming at this point. I am praying for the strength and courage to do what I believe is right.

Meeting Tom was a significant experience this year. I am grateful for it. I met him online, and it took a leap of faith that felt very freeing. It felt like being very out on a limb - not knowing anything about someone, and relying purely on my own judgement. I feel very lucky to have met someone like him, so out of the blue, and very glad that I took the chance. I realise that that feeling is something i need in my life, and I will try in future not to become closed off to trusting people, and taking chances. It felt so big, meeting him and staying on his boat - that all of this wealth of experience could come from such a small seed - trusting another person.

We moved interstate to a new town, new job, new life in the desert. When we arrived I felt like we had made a huge mistake and not followed what felt right. It was very difficult to face that realisation and it was daunting to think about what to do now. But this provided the opportunity to stop and pause, to finally stop talking about mindfulness and actually spend every day cultivating mindful awareness. I still don't know how or when we will feel on the right track again but I think I will look back on this time and see it like my oasis, a time of building the foundation for the rest of my life.

I walked the Francis way from Assisi to Rome. A wonderful experience.

Beginning my voluntary job. The work that the charity does inspires me, and also pushes me to learn more skills. I also feel like I'm doing something worthwhile.

Dad passed away on March 30. It hit me so hard, I had no idea I would be so sad. I knew it was coming, but the reality of it is so painful. I think about him every day and could burst into tears when I do. My healthy eating comes and goes and I know it's all emotional. It tore our family apart. I'm at odds with my brothers over the ashes. Mom wanted Dad cremated and when she disclosed that it took my breath away. I had not expected that. I knew from a past comment he made he didn't want to be cremated, but he never wrote down his wishes so I wasn't going to fight mom on this. She didn't want any kind of service, no people around, just family. It was even more horrible than it needed to be. with steven and marika's huge egos. If anything, Phil and I need to make up a living trust to put forth exactly what we want. I'm sad when I speak to and visit mom. I miss dad's phone calls and him saying "There's nothing like a daughter." I miss him so much.

I got back together with my ex-girlfriend. It was something I had been thinking about for three years, since we broke up in 2010. We had so much chemistry, and I was so in love with her. When we first reconnected, around New Years 2013, all of those feelings rushed back. No one has made me feel as deeply as she had. Just kissing her would make me cry. I felt my love for her through my whole body. I could just hold her and feel that the moment was infinite. Unfortunately, it was also flawed. She wasn't the partner I was looking for. And I don't believe she was looking for a partner at all. God damn. That feeling of being so in love with her really was (is?) wonderful. But it doesn't offset the pain that came with it - of feeling insecure, unsupported, at risk. The feeling of inevitability that it wasn't going to work out. So on August 12th, 2013, I broke up with her. It's now been a month and we haven't spoken since then. I want to say we were living in the past, but I don't really know what that means. I don't think I every stopped loving her, but I do think I grew out of it. It was a certain kind of love that was intense and challenging, but also limited. Going to my mom's wedding helped me see that love could look differently. But dang, that was deep. I think by next year, it will have burned off a little. I do feel done, cognitively, and ready to let go of her. But no one has every hurt me like she has, several times over. Fuck her, you know? But I'm also grateful. Ultimately, being deep in love with her and figuring out how to climb my way out of that hole (whole) made me who I am and gave me a sense of what I'm truly looking for in a partner. Guess what: It's not the sexiest lady I can find. It's not someone who is withholding and hard to reach. It's not a great butt, a part-time lesbian, hard-to-get. It's someone who is available, caring, present, and has as much to offer the world as I do. There's someone out there for me, and I bet I'll meet her before I read this response next year. Cheers, Jules, to your second year of teaching. You've come a long way. You're better than you were and you will be better than you are now. I love you. Keep working on yourself and trusting your instincts. I'm proud of you.

University. I've made loads of great new friends and managed to stay connected to the ones far away. I can't wait to go back for second year!

I made a National carifta trial final and came 4th. I felt really pleased with myself coming from NOTHING to something, although I wanted top 3, I was proud in myself that i'd done my best. I am grateful and inspired cause it showed me that in 2 years I could compete against people whose been trying for much longer.

My best friend Melanie moved back to New Zealand in October last year. It all came about quite quickly, and I think by the time she actually moved I still hadn't really processed it. Now that she has nearly been gone a year, I am still really feeling the impact of the distance. Whilst we have regular conversations on Skype and messaging services, it is not the same. For instance, due to the time difference, she doesn't get to see my daughter when she is awake as she is always in bed by the time we talk, so I feel like my best friend is missing a huge part of my life by not seeing my little girl. Now she is expecting her second child, and again I feel removed from her in a way that I hadn't quite anticipated. I miss her terribly. I realise I took her for granted when she was here, and whilst she was an hour away I didn't make the most of it when we were off on maternity leave together. We remain friends and when we do talk it is as if we were just down the road still. But it does feel like there is a hole there that wasn't there before.

I started running. Like really running. I finished my first half marathon. It has completely changed my life. From the people I hang out with, to my weekend activities, to what I spend my extra money on, and to the clothes I buy and wear. It's very exciting. I love my life so much more now.

I managed to amputate the tip of my middle finger on my left hand when it became caught under the seat of a chair in a café. The experience was quite traumatic but I was surprised by my ability to cope with the pain and the psychological impact of losing a part of my body, albeit a very small part, in a fairly gruesome manner. This only happened two weeks ago, so I am occasionally still resentful but I am trying to remain positive and get on with learning to use my slightly shorter finger. My major concern is in using the healed finger to play the piano but that is still a few weeks away.

I found out my wife and I were having a baby boy. Just the thought of having a kid put my entire life in perspective. I'm incredibly grateful and very excited for the adventure that lay ahead of us.

My mom died a little over a year ago, so I've been in mourning since. I don't feel like I have changed much, but have been learning how to grieve, and trying to be okay with that.

My daughter Caroline telling me she was gay and my reaction to it. It stunned me at we first but I now don't even think about it.

Last year June, I lost my job as a teacher. I hated it there and it was very stressful but if I had not been fired, I would not have quit. This time last year I was starting college to retrain my self as a web developer. It has been very stressful in different ways to survive without much income and go to school. At the time of this writing, I have been working at a nice paid internship for almost 6 months. It has been a healing experience in that I am more confident in my ability to work hard and do a good job. The thing with being a teacher is that you're expected to consistently give 110% but that effort isn't recognized or rewarded. It got to the point where no matter how hard I worked, more expectations and barriers were piled on without so much as an acknowledgement of how difficult it was. Not that life is super easy right now. I'm so stressed out I caught Oldpox which is my new name for Shingles because it's an old person disease and because "Shingles" sounds gross. I'm finally going to seek psychotherapy to help deal with all my stress. I had a dream that I self-analyzed to mean that I was afraid that all of this struggle is for naught and in the end I will be left with nothing and no one. But right now I am hopeful that I will get past this hardship and have a better life in the future.

my nephew was born. usually I'm not very fond of kids, but I absolutely adore him!

I have fallen in love with Carolien. It has changed my life immensely, for the better. In the fall of 2012, I had an accident which bruised my kidney. Lots of pain as well as hopital and recovery time followed. In many ways, I have worked on being a more tranquil, happy and accepting version of myself. Compassion and comman-humanity (both featured in Buddhism) contributed, as well as making new friends and being more assertive about what I want. It has given me more pleasure, warmth and energy. My love with Carolien inspires me to improve even further and always be there for each other: in good and bad times.

My cousin James moved back in April of last year. Within a week or two of his being back, I started going to the gym regularly. The change in my body and overall health and confidence has been extraordinary. Along with his being back, I've made a whole handful of new friends whose company I quite enjoy. It means the world to me to have him back as he is my best friend.

I finally celebrated my Bar Mitzvah at age 63. It renewed my faith and showed me that I can commit to a task that lasts for a couple of years and complete it.

This past July 8, a Monday, I was diagnosed with DCIS, a very early form of breast cancer. After undergoing a bilateral mastectomy with a DIEP flap reconstruction and another, much smaller surgery on Tuesday, August 20th, I was told on Tuesday, August 21 that I was essentially "cured" and required no further treatment. To say that the six weeks were a whirlwind is an understatement. From the moment I heard the words breast cancer to the moment I was told that I didn't carry the BRAC 1 and 2 gene and that the doctors had gotten the clear margins they had hoped to get, I experienced every possible emotion with the exception of anger. I was terrified, terrified that I would die and that our beautiful kids would have to grow up without me. That fear lasted until I woke up from the 8-hour surgery because I was terrified of anesthesia. Next came acceptance after being assured by my doctors that I would be fine and last came gracefulness that I didn't have to undergo more. I felt so lucky that it was caught early and that I didn't have to undergo radiation, take medications or do chemotherapy. The whole experience also humbled me as so many people reached out in so many different ways. Our community of family and friends are amazing and I'll never forget that. The experience was a good one, as ironic as that may sound. My family rallied around me and we spent so much quality time together that I can only see positive in the whole experience.

We were able to save our farm from foreclosure with the help of my dear friends and family. I am so grateful to be able to move on. We also adopted the best little dog in the world. He is a gift and has made everyone's life so much fuller.

Daniel's graduation from college and our graduation trip to Croatia had a big impact on me. It ended my time as a father of minor children, and it has erupted all types of feelings. I feel a bit relieved that I have been able to send both of my kids to college, and both they and I finished without incurring any additional debt. I feel sad that this phase of my life is over. I loved being a Dad to minor kids, and I miss that daily connection, the mentoring, the nurturing, and the supporting. My kids kept me going through my divorce. I moved forward with determination and courage because I was determined to be the best Dad I could for them. I am left feeling a bit confused. Aware that my options about what I want to do going forward have expanded; aware that my financial responsibilities have lessened. I would have thought that awareness would have been exciting, but I have found it to be daunting and almost a bit depressing. It has left me without a clear direction which I find uncomfortable. Underneath it all, I feel sad. Sad about the tough times my kids had to endure with my failed marriage. Sad that I can't just pick up my kids and give them a big hug. Sad that I can't solve all their problems. They have to figure it out for themselves.

I became an established member of Cambridge University. It affected me by giving me a sense of self esteem and pride in the achievement. I'm grateful because it's something I can look back on in later life, that can never be taken away. I also think that it could stand me in good stead in the future.

I became very sick with an undiagnosed condition. It happened suddenly. I was hospitalized for 2 days. This illness made me very vulnerable and needy. I could not take care of myself and the pain was constant. I learned to release myself. I actually mourned what I would not see- my daughter, my loves. I got better as quickly as I got sick. My very existence is outside my control yet I have. Some small say in how I am day to day.

LeakyCon Marketing Assistant! I was thrilled to be able to be a part of the organization and it totally reenergized me in a way that I didn't even know I needed. Even though it was totally exhausting, when I got back I was so ready to jump right in to another big project. Being able to be part of such a stellar team was an amazing opportunity and motivated me to start looking for paid work in that field again.

My dear friend and mentor, Charley Richardson, passed away on May 4, 2013. He had been sick for many years, and had long outlived many dire prognoses he'd received from doctors. So it wasn't unexpected. Still, I was rocked by his loss, and as the Holidays begin it is clear that my grief is still very fresh. He died much too young, and it is a challenge to wrap my head around "why." So there is some resentment there, some anger and disillusionment. And, there's a challenge and inspiration in there as well. There are so many ways that I look up to him, that I want to strive to carry on some piece of his legacy, of his way in the world. Grief for his loss is also a reminder to hold him close in memory and inspiration.

I deferred grad school admission after months of applications, decisions and early prep. It was just one of those things - all the pieces fell into place and it made sense. I have a good job, great boyfriend and amazing life in DC - and I am so grateful and excited for another year of it.

Just one? There were three, at least. 1. Having my 8 year old daughter's ADHD diagnosis confirmed, starting her on medicine for it and moving her to a small private school, which we all love. We are relieved, that she is finally finding successes in reading, and able to sit and focus in a way she couldn't before - then this summer we finally got an appointment with a vision specialist and learned that her left eye has severe convergence and focus issues so we've started vision therapy for that, too. It's all making a difference and I can't wait to see how she is doing a year from now. Praying for the same pace of improvement and growth. 2. The flurry of traveling I had in the spring, such that for about three months I was never home for more than five nights. I missed friends, family, projects and events - but I got to do so much and share in some wonderful experiences, and most importantly, rekindle old friendships that I'd feared were gone. 3. The loss - within a ten day period - of my husband's last remaining grandparent and my sister's father in law.

Superstorm Sandy changed my perspective of maintaining connections with others. More importantly, I learned that I can and will rise to the occasion when called upon, but I will also step back and allow others to help. I am grateful for all of the people who are part of my life.

I got married this year! It was such an outpouring of love from family and community throughout the experience, and of course a giant life step for me and my husband. Feelings of gratitude and joy have been overwhelming, as has the feeling of being settled, in the deep way of a comfort and a rootedness at a level I have not experienced before in life.

I got to travel to different countries and see what it's like outside the United States. It made me thankful for what I do have.

I got a 36 on the MCAT. After working in Colorado on the President's campaign, I wasn't anywhere near as insecure as I used to be. But I certainly wasn't confident in my abilities as a student or that my decision to go into medicine was the right one. So when I saw that I got such a high score on the MCAT, that I was in the 97th percentile of test-takers, I was relieved. The feelings went beyond joy and straight to a sense of, "I did this. I'm capable. I can and I won't/can't be stopped." I feel like I finally proved myself to myself.

I've suffered from Major Depressive Disorder most of my life. Around my birthday, I became sick with Mono and my MDD kicked into overdrive. I was so depressed, I was considering checking myself into a facility to get treatment. Even though I was going down the rabbit hole, I managed to make some life changing discoveries. The most important one being that I should be a school counselor rather than a community counselor. I've been in schools all of my life thanks to my mother, an educator of 42 years. Also, it seems as though I keep getting drawn back into schools. I realized I was fighting what always came natural to me. I'm great with teenagers and I love being in schools, but something was causing me to rebel. Once I gave in and realized I was where I was supposed to be, the weight was lifted. I realized this was a pattern in myself. Constantly fighting against what I am supposed to do. Acceptance can be hard and scary, but I'm so grateful I went through this experience. It opened my eyes and my heart.

I got a student visa (at 42) to move to my boyfriend's country, study Spanish and try to make our relationship work. After three years of off and on, it was time. But now I'm having to head back to the US once again-- visa issues always and so much expense. I'm a bit confused. We're back to another three months apart. Decided we'd get married but now I just don't know. Starting over at my age in another culture, without friends or support and only the basics of the language-- is a bit overwhelming. Could I really change from a professional woman in the states to a barmaid just to get a job in Barcelona? And time is running out for a baby... for me to get settled in a new place and create a life... for many things on many levels. I'm seeking guidance in prayer, faith and meditation.

In the last year I have been able to admit to my depression when it hits me. By doing this, I have been able to identify factors that trigger it. As a result, I have been able to let go of things that are causing me pain and that have kept me stuck. On one hand if feel very liberated. On the other hand I feel afraid because it now means that I have to move in other directions, in paths that until now I have not been able to see or appreciate. But they are like walking into a path that is covered with fog. I need to do this to move toward the light in my life. Scary stuff.

I finally was granted a divorce that I petitioned for four years ago. It's a relief to be a bit more removed from a physically abusive wife who continues to spend inordinate time and energy on trying to punish me through every channel, kids, property, relatives, friends, places of worship for initiating and going through with the divorce. I'm relieved to have less chaos and greater control over my life and as I disentangle from the ex-wife and father my children to minimize the ongoing damage that she wreaks upon them in our shared custody. I'm grateful that my life is getting back on track with a new home and career. I'm grateful that I can be OK without seeking out new female relationships and that is probably giving the kids stability and my undivided attention that they seem to be needing now.

It may have gone differently but I am extremely grateful that I had the courage to write that letter to my Mister. I cried doing it and it could have become a "Dear John" letter but in the end we talked through our difficulties and he was able to get off the medication that changed him. It has been a very challenging year.

buying a house was a definite significant experience. it was totally stressful and overwhelming at the time but in the end it is turning out to be a good thing. hopefully it will stay that way!

I got married again this past year. I am grateful that I didn't give up on love when my ex left me for a woman he met at work five years ago. I had one post divorce relationship with someone who was afraid to commit before I found someone who was not. I suppose I could just live with the partners I am involved with without taking the plunge as my ex has opted to do with his partner. I am raising a teenage daughter however and I feel that as a role model (possibly) for her I don't want her seeing me settle for less than what I deserve- a partner who can step up to the plate.

I experienced a lot of disappointment with dating. I have been frustrated by the lack of follow through and wondering if it is me (choosing the wrong men) or if it is the universe telling me something. I am trying not to get jaded but it is getting difficult.

The past year has been filled with several very high peaks and very steep lows. Two of the biggest upsets was losing both my grandfathers in a span of 3 months. Abuelito passed away due to heart failure and Nagypapa passed away unexpectedly after complications following a surgery. I didn't realize how much I would be affected by their loss--mostly because we live so far away (Abuelito in Uruguay and Nagypapa in Venezuela). I never had a deep connection with either of them but was automatically in tears upon hearing the news. Looking back now, as I approach each of their Yahrzeits, I'm grateful that they are in a better place. I miss them both but often think of them smiling down at me and pushing me to succeed. Another significant experience--and perhaps the most difficult of my life-- was both getting engaged to Jonathan in October 2012 (high peak) and then having the courage and strength to call off the wedding and break off the engagement (steep low) in February 2013. I started having doubts less than 2 months after the proposal and just had a gut feeling that something was not right. It was extremely upsetting. I walked around like a zombie. I cried more than ever. Now, looking back 6 months later, I am extremely grateful. My family and friends supported me both during and after my decision process. 6 months after breaking up with Jonathan, I can honestly say that I am 100% happier, independent, and still believe I made the right decision for me. Although this experience was difficult, it gave me the opportunity to learn more about what I want/don't want in a future partner.

In the past year, I've moved almost a thousand miles away from home, started my first real "grown up" job, rented my first grown-up apartment, and had to enroll in my own insurance plans. Stepping away from everything I knew was one of the most liberating and terrifying experiences of my life, and I wouldn't change that.

I moved to London. It's such a relief to be back here because if I'm homest, I'd given up on ever getting back to this amazing city. I feel so at home and that I belong here. I feel so grateful and lucky and excited about living here each and every day. Two things are making it difficult to truly drown in the happiness of being here. My depression is back with a vengence and it leaves everything tasteless. It creates a thick blanket over my skin which means I can't feel everything as intensely as I should. The other thing is that a boy I like lives in Brisbane - I'm not fully here because a little bit of me is still back there. I resent the tug back to a place I worked so hard to escape but it is life and its not linear.

graduation was a huge one. probably the biggest and most obvious too! it was a bit of a let down after all the hype that's built around it for...what, years and years? since birth? but it was a relief to be finished. I can say with a moderate degree of confidence that I had no friends. I mean, I suppose I had friends in the casual definition but people who got me? nah. it was sad to not graduate with any friends. it kind of was upsetting for a bit there. getting into college was a big deal too. exciting and scary...but really wonderful. I've been here for almost two weeks and it's really like being in a dream. I keep wondering if I'll wake up one day.

I had a really, really degrading sexual experience while traveling in Brazil. I was shaken up by it afterward but it made me look at myself and ask some serious questions: what are you willing to stand for? are you using your voice in a way that would make YOU proud? I obviously wasn't satisfied with my behavior but I think it has made me aware that that's something I need to work on and commit to. I'm not always a perfect advocate for myself but because of this experience, it's something I want to improve upon every single day.

My poppop died this year. It has been a long time since I have seen someone so close to death. I remember seeing him in the hospital, nearly unconscious, telling him how much I loved him for the last time. He seemed to frail and every now and again he would gasp and it seemed as if he was scared. My father, my mommom, or one of my uncles was always by his side to comfort him when he cried out. I just remember thinking that it is such an important and beautiful mitzvah to take care of someone and love someone as they are dying. It moved me to see how my family took such tender care of him in his last days.

I quit my dayjob. And I did it without having secured additional work to replace the missed income. (I do have a second job, which provides for more than half of our needs) This is big for me. It means that I trusted more my abilities to make ends meet that my need for security. I did have some projects lined up, when I quit, but now I want to prove myself that months after month I will be able to make enough money. I am also trying to set my eyes on higher goals: beyond "enough" revenues I want to do it in a way that is more fulfilling and meaningful for me. I am on my path to find my path. Again. Part of what I feel is fear. Fear that I won't make it. Fear that if I choose to do one thing I will miss out on other thing. I also feel inspired. This decision gives me a freedom to explore new things, ideas, connections. I am not locked into what I didn't fully enjoy, but can experiment to find what I am best at, what I am having the most fun with and maximize what I can contribute to the world

There are so many - I can pick the Papua New Guinea trip. It opened my heart to be more genuine and real with people, somehow.

I became a mom! My son is amazing And I love him more than anything. But being a new mom is full of challenges and change. I've had to learn to slow down and move at his pace. I've had learn to be more flexible and patient. I've also gotten to see my husband in a new light, as an amazing father.

Starting to actually get involved in the church I have been attending off and on for the past three years. I finally found a place that is about love and life instead of fake rules and harsh judgement. It is a huge relief to get out of the superficial world I had been in and into a community that actually behaves according to the beliefs it professes.

I had a dear family friend pass away in the spring. It has been so hard for me and everyone around me. She died very young, and left a young family behind. I think I am still angry at God for it.

I shaved. First time in 10 or so years. Small change to lead to bigger ones.

Right at the beginning of last year (on the Jewish Calender) two big things happened; I left my husband of less than three years to move back near my mother and I started attending the schul here to start converting to Judaism. These two things are linked in so many ways. My husband was raised as an observant Conservative Jew, and I was raised as an observant protestant Christian (Presbyterian and Episcopalian). Last year at Rosh HaShana I realized that though I had left the marriage, my interest in Judaism was even stronger than when I was with him. ( He has stopped going to schul when his mother had died almost 30 years ago.) By Yom Kippur I had connected with the very small Jewish community here, and have been welcomed by them with so much love. I am still working through all my feelings regarding separating from my husband, and I have not had the money to initiate the divorce, but I am so glad that I connected with the community here. I know that the conversion process will take many years, but it is a path I am glad I am on.

After finally putting down roots in one city - buying a house, making plans that span decades - I got a job opportunity that changed everything...my personal branding, the direction of my career, etc. And so I swallowed hard and went for it, despite uprooting my husband and myself all the way across the country and taking a big financial hit to do it. The past 9 months have been scary but incredibly inspiring and interesting. It's easy to become overwhelmed at times, but I have to keep reminding myself how rejuvenated I feel, and that I never wish I was still in my the same position I was a year ago.

I went on amazing program that took me across the globe to places I've always wanted to see and travel. And the impact of it was massive. I've never been so actively extroverted and engaged in something for so long as I was with this program. It opened up opportunities I would have never pursued otherwise, it introduced me to travelling, it opened up a wide network of new friends (and re-engaging with old friends). It helped me understand my beliefs, and where I stand, and where I want to stand. I am grateful for the experience, I wouldn't change a thing about it because it inspires me every single day!

I had three holiday over July/August. I like that I'm running my own business well enough to allow me to do that. Although I'm struggling now money-wise because of all those hols. Turkey, Sweden, Venice. I'm very lucky.

Noel joined a wonderful hockey team, and had a great tournament. I'm grateful AND relieved, that he's found a good environment. He knows getting to the NHL is about as likely as winning the lottery; and he's calmly going about the business of buying up every lottery ticket he can.

My salary was cut $12 K+ a few months ago. I am in a funk over this, but I am managing the best I can. I am looking for another position, but I am doing my best to thrive where I am until I find another position. I am grateful and thankful that I am employed. I want to make sure that does not change until I am ready to retire for good. The good lord has shown us he will provide. It is tight though.

I celebrated 10 years with my partner in the last year. We visited family and a major sports event. The family visit was stressful because my mother has dementia. But it was also relieving because I can see my brother cares for her just fine! The sporting event was an expensive one, and let me know just where my small family falls in income distribution in the world = well below that of superfans and millionaires...

I moved to live full time on the Russian River in a house that I'd had as my "sanctuary". So I made a move designed to give me more inner peace. I am totally grateful.

I graduated from college! I am relieved, thankful to finally be done, but I also miss the community of friends I had in school, and Athens in general. However, I'm learning that looking back on those good times is not helpful to my current situation, and I ought to make the best of what I have right now. Some amazing girlfriends, an easy work schedule, an incredible and loving boyfriend of 8 months (!!!), fun outlets to do creative things... The list could go on. I am grateful and blessed.

This year many things have happened. Including an event that I had been awaiting for 13 years. I earned legal status in the United States and I'm no longer an undocumented immigrant. Which is to say, and un-existing person. Because of my legal status, I was now able to start college after 10 years since my high school graduation. My first week of class has just ended. To top it off, my high school sweetheart called me on Friday and asked me to come to New York with her for the Labor Day holiday, and I was able to fly there on an airplane without any problem. We relieved good moments from our time together and I believe up until now we still learn from each other. So yes, I am grateful. I am very relieved! No, I am not resentful I was unjustly barred from my future for 10 years. I am only inspired to take this opportunity and make up for all the time lost and continue to advance towards my dreams.

I was fired from my job earlier this year. At the end of the day, I'm grateful, because I was so absolutely miserable. However, I still have moments where I feel resentful, hurt, and ashamed, because I feel like I didn't live up to expectations.

I gave birth to my son over the past year, which has completely changed my life. I am grateful for the joy he has brought to my family. To be honest, I am also exhausted from the demands of parenting.

I Joined Gym Started Lifting W/Trainer. I Feel Invigorated. Inspired. I Am StrongEr And Not As Clumsy As I Thought. I Am grateful

This experience is a little over a year old but still seems fresh enough. The most significant thing to ever happen to me has been the birth of my twins. Grateful doesn't seem like a strong enough word to describe my feelings about having these two little people in my life. I am changed. I am remade by these two tiny wonders. The change they have wrought in me isn't associated with an event or a moment in time. It feels like it happened but also continues to happen. Maybe the most significant experience of the past year is getting up this morning (as every other one) and seeing the grin on each of their faces as they reach out to be picked up and start a new adventure with me.

We had a family reunion for the first time. It was a celebration of family and the power of family. A wonderful thing for our children and grandchildren especially.

Having worked for Alliant for more than 10 years, and suffering through a horrible layoff and rehire process that left some colleagues unimployed, friends hurt and betrayed, and me stuck in a worse version of the same job I'd been doing for 6 of those 10 years, I finally decided it was time to go and left the university without another job lined up. On my last day, I ran into a student/friend who happened to mention that his girlfriend was leaving her position as the HR coordinator at Bi-Rite, and would I be interested maybe? I sent him my resume that day, and when I walked out the doors of Alliant for the last time, I ended up sitting in my car having a phone interview for the position. My first day of unemployment I had an in-person interview, which was followed by another interview, and I was offered the HR coordinator position on day 9 of unemployment. I started the following Monday. I am beyond grateful for the job. I have rediscovered the joy of being useful, of helping people, of feeling like a contributing factor to a company's success. I love the woman I work with/for, and I am surrounded by interesting, kind, funny and hardworking people. I feel extraordinarily blessed and lucky to have joined Bi-Rite. I am also struggling because I had big plans for unemployment - I was going to write every day. I was going to reinspire myself, recharge my batteries, and generally take some time for myself for the first time in 5 years. Instead, I am continuing the daily grind of full-time Mama and full-time worker, full-time wife and full-time housekeeper, and I'm still exhausted (although far healthier and happier, generally, than I had been the last few years at Alliant.) The big question is, how will I find the balance I desperately crave?

This year I have had to do something very difficult. At the very end of last year the working relationship with RM wen't awry and I had to retreat. Not only did I need to do that but I needed to let him know firmly I would not move forward with him. This resulted in letters from his lawyer threatening not only to sue me but hold me to the contract which I had apparently 'implicitly' agreed to by not running away earlier. I have lawyer-ed up and am fighting it now. It affected me in a way I wish it hadn't, I would have hoped for less panic attacks, less embarrassing crying-over-the-phone binges and less of my usual trick of turning it all inwards and blaming myself. I am (I think) grateful for having learnt something about the music business without having signed a document but given that he is still trying to screw me over and profit from my intellectual property I am finding it hard to focus on seeing it that way. In a way I suppose I am relieved to be getting away from him and all the negative things he brought to the table for both me and Mark. I am sad this experience will have caused them to no longer be friends and I am sad that I had not spotted all these pitfalls early on and stopped things in their tracks before anything was continued upon. I still regret wasting R's time despite the probability he has wasted as much if not more of mine and has been a total jerk. I am inspired to work with the guys to release something, to genuinely give it a shot and see if we can't get a following for our music. I wish my utter hatred of the aspiring art-thief weren't a factor but I think it is now and perhaps that is no bad thing as first and foremost my inspiration still comes from a genuine wish for others to hear my music (and of course wishfully thinking enjoy it and get something from it).

My husband was diagnosed with recurrent cancer. His treatment options included surgery which took away his voice and ability to eat. A month after surgery his cancer returned. We were devastated when we heard the news and have spent the year so far dealing with this. I am providing his care although he tries to do as much as he can. I feel very challenged with his care and my emotional state is up and down. In addition my Mother still is living with lung cancer and she is on my mind a lot. With my husband's condition I am not able to help with her care. I am grateful I have a large family who are taking care of her.

I quit my job and started grad school. I am finally realizing my lifelong dream of becoming a credentialed teacher. It has been scary, exciting and so much fun! I love being in an academic setting again, and being in an elementary school classroom reminds me of why I am reaching for this dream!

This year I had my first child; it has been the best/worst time of my life. Watching her is incredible but I miss my freedom. I don't miss my old lifestyle at all and against all odds her father and I are together and making it work; but there are times where I long for the simplicity of getting up, going to work, and coming home to my dog and a glass (bottle) of wine.

This year while unemployed still, I moved into a bigger apartment and also decided to be an actress. Both huge leaps of faith and realizations of dreams. It just made me feel so grateful to be exactly where I'm supposed to be and doing exactly what I'm supposed to be doing and to have people in my life that support that. Relieved to finally have found my career calling and have a full sized tub, natural lighting and enough closet space. Not at all resentful, very inspired to do more in my home and career. "In God I move and breathe and have my being"

My first real relationship in 10 years! And my first relationship with another woman. It was a good one. So grateful for the learning, the sweetness and the way it has opened me up to the world.

I had been feeling not quite well for a long time, I wasn’t sick but didn’t feel comfortable with who I was or what I was doing with my life. I had worked with a personal trainer for a few months only to be left disappointed with by him not making the time to come to our scheduled appointments. I knew I needed to do something and that sulking about it wasn’t going to change anything. I too often feel like I can only rely on myself and this was another beautiful example of that. I came across Kelly by accident, I was looking into some acupuncture treatment for allergies when I found Kelly’s holistic health coaching website. Her relaxed approached sold my instantly. I am three months into her six month program and I have been feeling physically and mentally better. I can’t wait to continue to change my life. I have realized what a toxic person I had become and how ungrateful I had been. I am so thankful for finding her and I know my life is going to continue to get better because of her. It pushes me to want to do more :).

I rode the Aids LifeCycle ride. Grateful, inspired, and, oddly, very intimidated. Because now I have far fewer excuses for, anything really, than I did before I completed it. How do I continue living up to that? I've also made significant progress in learning to make distilled spirits. But I find myself doing the same thing I always do, which is get about halfway into a project or educational cycle, and then stopping. This is troubling especially in light of the whole ALC thing, because if I can complete that, why can't I complete this?

Two things - I made good friends at church, which is something I've prayed for for years. And they're wonderful, talented, interesting, brilliant people and we're becoming closer. The effects have been life changing for me. Although we're not as close as I'd like, I feel we're heading in that direction. We spend more and more time together. I'm so grateful to God for them. God is so good, He also teaches me about not being co-dependent on them. The other thing, my body has been under attack. With tests, CT scans, ultrasounds - I still don't have all the answers. I tried homeopathic options and have realized I have a love for them. I wonder if I'm supposed to go into nutrition and how I can do it. I'm inspired by this attack. I am bigger than it and I'm an overcomer through God. Amen.

My uncle passed away and I flew home to be with my family. It was a week of hearing old stories and sharing memories. I hadn't spent that much time with my family since family vacations as a kid. It made me realize that I'd like to move back and be closer to them.

I quit a job I liked and left a city I loved to move to California. It seemed like a good idea at the time. I often struggle with my own intuition when making decisions (i.e. I don't trust it or can't read it), and I also often second guess myself after making a decision, wallow in what I should have done, wanting to be able to do it over... but I can't do it over. I'm here. For 4 years while my husband does his residency. Even if we went back to NYC tomorrow I couldn't get my old job back or my old apartment back, so it wouldn't be the same... and it doesn't even matter because we can't go back tomorrow. Is this just the stress of starting over in a new place? Probably. I left a job and friends for no job and no friends. I took my life for granted there and thought I was invincible - I was doing so well there that I could just walk away, go somewhere new, and do well there too. And I'm sure I will, eventually, but right now it just hurts.

On August 30, 2012, I met the person who is proving to be the great love of my life. We just celebrated our anniversary by combining our households. After the last few years of enduring the disintegration of my marriage and the effects it had on all of us and especially the family dynamics between my ex/co-parent, me and our children, it is a relief to feel the love and support of someone who shares my commitment to being a true partner. I feel grateful, relieved, and inspired. The only regret I have is that I stayed in that marriage (martyring myself for our children) for as long as I did.

My divorce was final and it makes me very sad. I'm trying to shake the sadness, but I'm not very successful at it. I got papers from my attorney today about some odds and ends that still need tying up. I also requested to be able to go back to my previous name. I wonder if I'll love him forever and if I ever will find love again. I still think about him everyday. dreamed about him last night. He loved me in my dream.

I found out my wife is pregnant! It was scary and exciting, but mostly scary at first. The fear has been slipping away though, and been replaced by a feeling of responsibility and excitement. I'm still nervous, but it will be okay.

The most significant event that affected me this year was standing boldly for my faith. I was able to integrate my foundation of Christ with my deepest respect and understanding for our Hebrew Roots to come to a deeper knowledge of God himself. On of the scriptures that I meditated on frequently was 2 Timothy 1:7 For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline. This scripture came alive in my heart and gave me the ability to stand for what I believe. I was relieved once I displayed this boldness, as it brought great peace to my spirit and the rest of my life began to line up. One of my favorite scriptures tells us of this reward: Romans 12:2 Do not be conformed to the world but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good acceptable and perfect!!

After losing yet another job late 2012 I was hired by a new company that gave me another opportunity to use my skills and talents I have developed over the past 30 + years. This change has been so gratifying and has allowed me to be less stressful as I work in a small company with a wonderful culture that promotes harmony and appreciates hard work. Although I am not financially strong where I believe I should be nevertheless the owner has made me feel worthy of being here and has told me how valuable of an asset I have been to the initial start up of the company and looks forward to my personal and professional growth. A welcome change at that!

I got a job! And graduated! And got my first apartment! Ahhhh! I'm pretty...stressed right now. Relieved that I'm not living back home with my parents or in a ditch somewhere, but wishing that I had the safety net of college still. And the built in friends of college. But I also remember that I was pretty ready to get out of there by the time I graduated, so I know it's for the best.

My husband left me. Two weeks before our twelfth wedding anniversary we argued, and he said he wanted a separation. I moved back to my parent. I got a lawyer. I felt oddly liberated. I knew it was an important part in my path and I trusted this was what I needed. I was sad, of course. Heartbroken, even. Yet I was grateful and even in the scary moments, I know I am being divinely cared for and I am a strong, powerful woman.

This year I got married for the second time. I said I was never going to do it again after the first ended so terribly. It was a very difficult decision, but I am so thankful that I chose to take the risk.

Alex and I bought a house. I am relieved because I feel like we reached an important milestone in our lives. I am grateful because i know that many people dream of owning a home their whole lives. I am also excited that we are building a home for Jonah (and a little worried, was it the right choice?)

I have dealt with the discovery of my significant other's infidelity. It's been extremely difficult. We have had a ten year relationship and lived together for the past five. I spent a lot of time "clawing" my way out of depression and self-pity. I've been scared, miserable, too many emotions. Ultimately I found the support and inspiration necessary to change the boundaries of the relationship. I have moved into my very own home and found strength in friends, family and women. I am proud that I have started a new path. My goal is to forgive myself and others and continue to move past this most difficult experience and continue to improve myself as I always have.

I got my first "real" job and I work my butt off. It's changed the way I see myself. I see the value of what I can do. I'm so thankful to feel like a capable person, someone who has real world value.

I was bullied at work by a group of women. At the start they were nice to me, then they started nitpicking, criticising, finding fault in every thing i did. One of them would hit me and poke me in the ribs. I felt humiliated that i would let someone treat me this way. I felt i was never good enough. I started to dread going back to work each day, feeling sick to my stomach and getting stress migraines. Even though the pay was good and i was getting lots of hours, i kept dreaming of running away. When i lost my job, i felt disapointed, angry, sad and then relieved. I felt as if a weight had been taken from my shoulders.

I bought my first house. I have mixed feelings about it, the house itself wasn't ideal but, on the other hand, with the money we had to work with I don't think any house would have been. It will give us some room to grow and work out the beginning of our lives together.

My best friend tried to commit suicide this year, even though it sounds like such a negative event I've never felt closer to her than before. She's one of the most amazing people I know and I'm so grateful on how close we have become. She's still on a road to recovery but I know we will be best friends until the end. She's an inspiration to so many people and I can't wait for us to get even closer this year.

My Father passed away. I am grateful for the example of a kind and gentle person that he was, and all the love and support I have received at this time. I am relieved that he is not suffering and that his passing was peaceful.

In January, I experienced prostate complications - a desire to frequently urinate. They were quickly dealt with by my acupuncturist, but this also led to an attempt to decrease my cholesterol level. That attempt failed. I've got a lot of mixed feelings about this. Firstly, I'm approaching 50 and so I got the, "Well this is common for men of your age", disclaimer. Fuck! I don't want to fall into the standard pattern of "men of a certain age". I want to be better than that and healthier than that. The problem is, I've not had to work very hard to be healthy. So now I've got to really take steps to improve my health. In some ways I know why I didn't get better. I still don't eat really well. I don't get regular exercise. That didn't change, so neither did my cholesterol. Alas, I'm gonna have to face up to it if I want to hit my goal of living until the US Tricentennial. I've sought an even more alternative health approach to bringing down the 'bad' cholesterol. I'm told it's all about stress and my inner anger (which admittedly I have, but don't know how to deal with). Well, that just adds to my stress. We'll see how it goes. Secondly, this has made my relationship with my acupuncturist become a little shaky. Also a friend, there's tension on all of those levels as I've stopped seeing her as a doctor and am seeing less and less of her as a friend. My other half wants to break off the friendship and others who know my acupuncturist say she's "toxic". Trouble is that I like her as a person. So lots of inner conflict here that I can't work out.

Losing my virginity and kind of having a boyfriend. I remember stating last year how badly I needed to do this. So check mate, that is done. Right now it's about me trying to figure out what I want in a relationship because what I have clearly isn't working. I guess I hadn't realized how desperately I wanted to marry like the rest of the girls my age-ish

I ran a marathon last fall. It was an incredibly difficult experience, but I'm so glad that I did. I'm proud of myself for completing something that difficult.

The birth of my 2nd boy. My life got busier. My free time somewhat smaller. My focus narrower. In a sense, my family feels complete. Very grateful, moved and in love with the guy. Now it's time to start building, shipping, adventuring, and centering.

I graduated high school and started college. It's been such an interesting transition. I also held my first job, which was interesting. I loved graduating high school, but I'm not sure how I feel about the whole college thing yet.

I attended my 50th high school reunion this year. How could it be 50 years? It was a small high school in a small town, so my classmates and I were and still are very close. We know each other so well. and yet, I learned things about some friends that I didn't know. This reaffirms what I've always believed, that everyone has a story and each one has a depth and strength of character often not always outwardly apparent. The unhappy part of this reunion was the realization that someone I care about, a lifelong friend, is not merely becoming forgetful; he is moving rapidly into dementia. I saw him every day at least once and each time had to tell him again who I am. Ouch. It hurts still that he is becoming lost to me and all those who care for him. Fortunately, because of his big heart and all the generous things he has done for the community, he has a lot of helpers looking after him. He will not deal with this alone. The reunion and this loss of a friend has affected me and brought to the forefront of my consciousness the fact of my own aging. I am inspired to really make the most of each day.

The event that most significantly affected me in the last year was the suicide of my friend Christopher. He was a dear friend with whom I shared a great many poignant and powerful spiritual experiences, a person who I could open up to about real problems and issues in my inner life and who trusted me many times with openness about his own. But there were some pains he felt he could not share, and these eventually proved too great a burden for this sweet, gentle, artistically gifted "seeker on the path of Love" --- as he often described himself. When I heard the news, I was devastated by it. I felt grief and guilt - guilt that I had not done more to support him during his difficulties and disappointments, that I had even allowed myself to add distance from him, as I sensed the pain he was often hiding from others, and feeling impotent to help him. Chris had been like a brother to me, during a time when my only biological brother and I were estranged. At Chris's funeral I watched his brother speak of the love and friendship they shared, even after all the enmity and fighting that had marked parts of their adolescence. Sadly, my grief turned towards anger -- towards my own brother. I'm ashamed to say I lashed out soon after, feeling the sadness of our estrangement, and the pain of his absence in such a difficult moment of loss in my life... But I also remembered Chris' belief in non-judgment and of forgiveness, for even those who have hurt us most deeply...and this initial upwelling of pain and anger eventually planted the first seeds of renewal and remembrance between my brother and myself. I want to thank my friend Chris for the sweet lessons he taught me in life -- to sometimes howl, to find joy in the simple things, to be at peace with the slow, quiet moments, to love myself for the damaged hurt being I sometimes see in me...and "to let things go" when happiness, forgiveness, and love...are more important than being right. I'll always remember you Chris, you walker and wanderer...on the path of Love.

My daughter was born. I felt last year that I had to secure a foothold in my new career before she was born, but since her birth I have been more easily able to imagine that everything will come in its time. It is a great relief, if a somewhat fragile one. And I am so very full of joy.

I took a layoff at my work. I am grateful for all the people I got a chance to work with and all the great experience I attained by working there. I am relived as it was very early hours as well as a high stress environment which was leading to depression. I am inspired to gain new experience and take on new roles and responsibilities in work and in life. I am a little scared of the big move but am ready and I know it is all going to work out.

My husband left me for the woman he was having an affair with. We are getting a divorce. It has been really difficult to deal with for a lot of reasons. I am grateful because I got to see the kind of man he is becoming and it is scary. I am grateful that this happened before we had children. I am angry that it happened. I feel lots of different emotions at different points of the day. I am relieved, grateful, angry, resentful, and lonely. Fortunately, my family has been very supportive and I am so thankful for them.

I was laid off from my job of over 7 years. I was the manager of a portrait studio that ran extremely well with great results, but things changed in corporate and I was faced with an undeserved demotion or lay-off. Knowing that this company was clearly not going to take me anywhere for my future, I took the lay off and am building my own business. I am grateful, nervous, excited, and FREE! It's amazing! I probably wouldn't have had the guts to do it on my own, this was the push I needed.

Moving was a significant experience. It taught me a lot about being organized and I am grateful for that. It inspired me to be a better home organizer and model for my kids. I hope I keep it up

I made a decision to pursue a passion I didn't believe I could achieve at my age. For me to arrive at this passion, it took a divorce and eight years for me to make a personal change. I wanted something fulfilling, but I didn't know exactly what it was. HOWEVER, I knew I had the all right chops and just had to be patient for what it was I wanted. Once I identified my passion, there was a lot of letting go, a lot of fear faced, especially having the courage to go back to school and to take the necessary undergrad courses I was never good at including...math. It took me two basic math courses to get it right, but now I have a 3.2 average, an appreciation for mathematics and a new confidence in myself.

My guiding star, my grandmother, passed away in February. It is a bit of a relief as she has lived for many years as a stroke victim and she is now free and in Heaven with my grandfather, the love of her life. But it has been rough because she is the reason that I have the faith that I do. I watched her be the most caring, kind woman who always sought to serve God, Love people, and Serve the World. She was amazing. I still miss her. I just wish my kids would have known her like I did, instead of the shell that she seemed to be after her strokes.

I spent the summer in Chicago at iO taking improv classes. I am incredibly grateful for the experience. It was a time of continual inspiration for me, and I'm ready to live there permanently. Also, Angela? Sticking to her like glue was quite possibly the best decision I made.

I changed jobs. My stress levels are lower and my mood brightened. It was eye-opening to see how a bad working environment can really crush your spirit. I'm not doing anything life changing at my new job, but the people here are wonderful.

A couple big events, moved to Kazakhstan and I have to say I grateful to be working and making the kind of money I am but resentful of the limits living Kazakhstan imposes on me. I also lost my sweetest friend and companion this summer. While I know it was best for her, stopped her suffering I am sad and miss having her in my life dearly. I am grateful she was brought into my life 16 years ago.

I started my job at Poetic Systems. I was lucky to get it honestly. I got the job because of my cover letter. And I wrote the cover letter because of Julie. I'm glad I'm there.

I travelled a lot for my job, which has absolutely changed my life in both good and bad ways, and probably ways I cannot even understand for now. As a whole, it showed me that even though life is about discovering, it is even more about sharing with the beloved ones. In addition, not sure if it is good or bad, but I definitely strengthened my heart in some kind or rock ...

I participated in a ten day full-time outpatient mental health treatment program that taught the basics of cognitive behavioral health. I am grateful for the experience because of the care and support I received from staff and other members. I am also grateful because I learned both positive and negative aspects of our mental health treatment system and have found ways to advocate for those with mental illness.

Where to begin? I moved to a new city. I started a new job. I moved in with my boyfriend/life partner. And shortly thereafter my dad came to visit for the weekend and ended up spending 2 months in the hospital and had 2 open heart surgeries. I feel exhausted. While my dad was sick I was profoundly grateful that he survived and for the sense of perspective that experience gave me. I'm also shocked at how quickly that sense of perspective evaporated...and how stressed I get about stupid meaningless things like work. While he was sick, I knew INSTANTLY what was really important and what wasn't. I'm resentful that he's not taking better care of himself as a result of the experience. And I guess, I'm disappointed that I haven't been taking better care of myself, too.

I had my first baby. It was a shock. I was upset he wasn't a girl! I was so grateful he was healthy and that we circumcised him. I am grateful, and so thankful that he has come to me. He has deepened the love I have for my husband. He has already taught me so much about myself and he has brought many new friends into my life.

I had a hysterectomy last fall and I am grateful that I did not have cancer. It was a humbling experience to be so vulnerable. My recovery took awhile and included some snags like having to wear a catheter for 5 days. It taught me how fragile life is and how grateful I am for getting through the surgery.

I married Jeff in January in a private ceremony at the downtown Annapolis courthouse. I am eternally grateful to this man who loves me and who married me despite my being late (because I stayed at work too long!). This is definitely how life should be. We are planning our celebration with friends and family for October. I am so excited! The 2nd greatest experience is happening next week, on 9/10 when I complete my MBA program and turn in my final paper.

Burning Man. I got kicked out of my camp for my rowdy behavior, which was like a slap in the face for my sleep deprived ego, but which resulted, after a difficult process, in my ego retreating a little, allowing me to see _what is around us all the time_: the beauty that is everywhere and right in front of our eyes when we stop thinking and working on this fictional Self in our heads we are so caught up in. We ask so frequently today about anything, "how SHOULD I feel about this?" but why? Just feel what you feel. I deeply understood the saying "Lose your mind and come to your senses." In the longer term, the whole Burning Man experience has shown me the importance of loosening my ego's grip on the reins on my Self (by selecting my actions) so that I can start pursuing my dreams in the default world. I realized how I don't need to ask anyone's permission to start pursuing my dreams.

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to return to school. It has encouraged me in so many ways. But also made me aware of my professional shortcomings.

Turning 60 was a most inspiring, surprising and profound occurance. A number of wonderfuls preceded and followed my birthday... first, I reconnected with a number of old friends, including my childhood friend Mary and my college friend Delight. I had a huge birthday bash with a DJ and celebrated my daughter's graduation from high school and my sister's 50th birthday that same weekend. Delight invited me to go to Pallestine, to Ramallah, to work with a group of architects on the archive of their projects. I visited Rome, or rather, Rome visited me! My beloved cat Rembrandt died...Zoe started college; Spencer travelled the world, Tyler fell in love... What didn't happen this year? ! The joy and gratitude I feel this year is palpable, like a well, deep, cool and still.

My boyfriend broke up with me. He was my best friend and it was the most painful thing to happen to me. I became depressed because of but learned so much about myself and who my true friends are. It changed me for the better.

My husband was laid off early this year. I felt like this result had been an inevitability and I blamed him for not taking any action to leave the job before he was let go. I've tried to convince myself that it will probably all be for the better, but I have so much difficulty letting go of my anger and resentment, and now that 7 months have passed and he's still not re-employed, my fear about the future is swelling and I get even angrier because he doesn't seem to be motivated by the looming threat of disappearing funds. He has worked hard at finding another job, but his resolve does tend to ebb and flow (as it would for anyone, I'm sure), but where's his sense of panic to propel him to relentless pursuit until this problem is solved and he can assure his family's security?? I just don't see it, and it makes me question my very decision to choose him as a life partner.

I had some really happy experiences with my mom-- superlative and fun. I spent a lot of time with her and felt like I was able to "be" with her more rather than be judging her all the time or defining myself in relation to her or defining her in relation to me. It was so different—and so nice.

I started an MFA program. Thanks to the encouragement of my husband and support of my family, I am actively pursuing my dream to be a real writer, and am gaining the strengths I need to succeed. No guarantees, I know, but I already feel like I've learned a lot, and I'm only 3 months into the program!

I was diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes. It's made me concentrate my efforts to lose weight and be healthy. I've cut out soda and I'm making a real effort to be healthier, especially if I want to have a child. At the same time, I should have seen this coming and taken the proper steps to prevent it. I'm angry at myself but determined to right it.

I got married. I always said I wouldn't do it a second time but it felt right. There was no pressure, no perceived obligations, it was simply what we wanted to do. The day itself was perfect, exactly how we planned it; formal and informal at the right times, the people we wanted to share it with, our own stamp on things. No regrets, no wishing things had been different. And this time round I am happy to be a wife and inspired by the thought of a lifetime together.

I finally realized that my relationship with my dad will never -- and can never -- be what I want it to be. He is a severely limited person who is not able to give me what I need, and it will be better for me to stop hoping for something different and to just try to meet him where he is. I feel devastated and relieved at the same time: It's horrible to be faced with this fact about a parent, and a part of me is happy to give myself permission to stop trying to transform the situation.

Many events culminated to further my understanding of relationships and sex. While I have regrets about how I have conducted myself in the past, I am grateful for the chances ahead for me to learn from my mistakes. Being rude and confrontational was such a large part of who I was in my marriage and I regret that I treated such a beautiful person in a way that would make her feel disrespected. It has taught me a lot about how I will treat her and other partners in my future.

I went to the philippines for the months volunteering with Vso, which changed so much of the way I thought. I saw how different life is and also how much of our daily lives we seriously take for granted.

My girlfriend's 20 yr old son lived with us for 8 months, confirming my decision to never have children myself. Or get a grizzly bear as a pet.

So many things have happened this year, but two things has really made a mark. This was the year, where I for the first time became a homeowner. Together with my girlfriend I bought our first home. Also this where the year where I got the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, both things has really made me think about who I am and what it means to be an adult.

I had a chance to really think over the 2 week break I took over Christmas and New Years. I came to a lot of realizations about how and why I'd been living my life, which was painful and scary but also freeing and a challenge for the future. I now have new strength to leave behind some things that were holding me back and I look forward to living my best life.

I'd have to say that Obama getting reelected was the most significant, sad event that i can think of. His vision for this country is so opposite of what i think and feel. I only hope we can recover!

In November 2012, I spent an amazing 12.5 days in Instanbul, Turkey. This was my first international trip, the trip that jumpstarted my world traveler career, and all in all just a time of tremendous growth. Apart from being an incredible cultural, historical, architectural, and spiritual experience, I was able to explore a large chapter of romance with the only man I wish to call "Darling." This was a time of great intimacy and growth, and I will always remember it fondly. Although it was challenging to be as emotionally open as I was, I'll remember Istanbul as a time when my walls were down and my heart was full. I don't expect to have anything like that in the near future, and that's fine. But all that Istanbul was: romance, inside jokes, rapturous ecstasy, so much walking, so many desserts, hilarious moments, kisses, laughter, the feeling that *this* is what is important in life... is and will always be precious and dear to me, regardless of whether I choose to live life with that sincerity and audacity or not.

I thought I was entering a new and hopeful relationship but during our stay in London I noticed very fast how we wouldn't just work as a couple. We are too different. I feel grateful for the experience and relieved at the same time. It has taught me that I don't have to stay with someone, I need to search for what I want in a person and a committed relationship.

I did 6 months pre-registration training at St Bartholomews hospital London as part of my pharmacy training year. It was 6 months I had to do but didn't want to do, and it felt like my time wasn't going anywhere, I had no friends and there were times that my colleagues were openly unpleasant towards me and other times cold. I felt very lonely and isolated apart from a couple of friends in shared accommodation and 2 that were far away, stressed until I was sick in the stomach at times and just very isolated from the world I'm used to and those close to me - my hair even began to fall out although thankfully it's coming back now. At times I felt removed and resentful towards people, but on the whole I am proud about how I kept a warmth towards others (even without reciprocation) and didn't buckle under the stresses and strains. It reinforced my sense of strength and independence and reminded me in life that we have to take the good with the bad - and to find beauty in the little things wherever is possible. It made me realise how important my friends and family are and that I can't just carry all my burdens alone - to be truly free I need to embrace others and hopefully in return they will embrace me. To avoid it happening again I have to become master of my own destiny and take control of myself and the future.

This past year my family grew, two of my cousins (from the part of the family that I feel closest to) had their first child and now we have two new baby girls. I feel very attached to my family and it getting bigger makes me feel like we really did grow up and some serious changes are coming. I feel very happy, especially now, since it was just today, that the second one was born. Combined with my this year's ongoing journey to find a way to live it gives me inspiration and something to look forward to :)

My husband faced some significant health problems and has come through them very well--many of our worst fears were not realized, and the fact that his illness caused significant loss of weight and he must spend much of his day on his feet has made him into a much more trim, fit and cheerful person. I am grateful and relieved, and trying to remember that the only way to deal with impending difficulty is open to it and trust that whatever happens I'll ride the wave of it.

I started the mindful practice of meditation once or twice a day, mostly twice. It has been a extremely interesting. There have been so many different things that I noticed: 1) it is a better way to start my day 2) it has helped me to become an observer of my thoughts and feelings rather than being consumed by them 3) I am calmer 4) I recognize the dissolving of one thought into another into another and then.... 5) I am proud of doing this 6) I am amazed how my consciousness changes after the 20 minutes including my choices and desires

I’m having a problem picking just one event that happened to me in the past year. There have been so many things in the year to be grateful, relieved, and inspired for there might even be resentful for. Mayhap one of each feeling will answer the question better. If there is one continuous event in my life I am grateful is the beginning of my journey into Judaism and what it means to me. This year has been a blessing and has caused me so much laughter, joy, and happiness. I feel like I have finally found my place and each day I feel more whole and complete than I have in the last ten years of my life. Last year at this time I began my journey into Judaism by attending break fast at Josh’s Parents house and this year I will understand and know more about what is going on around me. Relief has come to me in many forms in the last year. The event that made me feel it the most was seeing my mother smile for the first time after my father died. It was like a cloud was cracking in the middle of the storm and letting the promise of a new day show through. As time moves on she’s been recovering slowly, things hurt, her heart hurts, and she misses him. But I can see her going towards her life with a new thought of what it could be. She’s starting to think about her life and her future and I am glad and the feeling of relief that she might just be okay has settled in. Inspiration is something that has been in abundance this year as well. As I settle into a new family and a new way of life I am constantly inspired by Judaism, and the people who practice it in their lives. When I spent my first time alone with Joshua’s mother and how she radiates rather and remunerates her religion with her life is something to truly be admired and emulated as much as possible. Sometimes she makes it all look so easy and beautiful. I guess I shouldn’t save the worst situation for last but honestly the thing I most resent comes from life outside Judaism. One of my friends decided to treat me with a great deal of disrespect and honestly has made it difficult to even try to work things out between us. It hurts a lot and it eats at me. I’ve tried apologizing, ignoring, getting an intermediary. The pain has just given way to anger and resentment and I don’t know how to fix it or what to do.

Horrific breakup! I think it had a large effect on me but I handled it the best I could. I am worried that I will have trouble beginning a new relationship as a result, though, due to trust issues. On a completely different note, I achieved a goal of a sort: I saw Kanye West in concert. It was something I had wanted to do for years & it was awesome.

In the last year, in fact only a few weeks ago, I married the man I didn't know I could hope for. "Grateful" and "inspired" can't possibly cut it when it comes to describing how marrying this man has affected me. Being his wife is the most wonderful form of freedom I have ever known. The experience of writing our vows together and then saying them in a room in front of all our loved ones was pure magic.

Living with personal loss - most significantly the loss of one of my best friends/my mother-in-law - with her death also came the termination of inclusion in family events, news sharing, and becoming the recipient of misplaced anger from a specific family member - I am still feeling a little resentful and very sad - but also inspired me to make some big decisions - one was to agree to terminate life time alimony at the end of this calendar year - this alternately scares me and empowers me - I have to find new and creative ways to accommodate the loss of income but I will no longer be dependent on a former spouse for financial security (or anything for that matter) - I feel liberated! My mother-in-law loved unconditionally and lived fully - I am honoring her life and example by trying to do the same - it is my aspiration and inspiration!

Shane had an experience at RCF where another kid told his mom stories about Shane. She blew things way out of proportion and instead of dealing with it through the teacher or directly with me, she contacted the entire class. She accused Shane of bullying her son. After a horrible email from her and intervention from the teacher, the counselor and the principal, it turned out her son and his two friends were excluding Shane in the morning and during class. It made me so incredibly sad that Shane would just say he didn't like school. He had some friends, but he's so smart and verbal the stupid boys didn't get him and were mean. He stayed his sweet self and thank god for Sra. Oh. She encouraged us to move to the Highly Gifted Center when Shane was offered a spot. It's been amazing for him, to be with other bright intelligent kids and he's one of the better socially adjusted ones. He had an incident at camp to with Charlie R. and he kept a pretty good attitude, although it came to blows a few times. Sometimes we get along and sometimes we don't. At least I know Shane can stick up for himself and move on. He's still doing Therapy with Jason and I still think there's some maniac highs and lows when he gets overexcited around people he likes (like Bill and certain friends) and very sad when he's tired and cries and says he feels scared. He inspires me, I am trying to let him self advocate and I feel like who knows what's ahead.

My daughter getting married six weeks ago was a defining and shaping event this year. I was already embarked on several home projects in an overall attempt to get things taken care of while I still have strength and health and not leave everything to survivors. (Even though I am healthy as a horse right now and have no plans to exit....still I do think this way) But her marriage date gave shape and deadline to those projects, some of which had to be let go of, but most of which got done. I am proud of the perseverance and slow steady progress I made and I love the results. We had three very welcoming guest spaces for the visit and everyone staying here felt that. What Marisa's wedding means to me has a lot to do with her cancer survival, or more accurately, the fact that she had a huge thunderbolt aimed right at her life in her early thirties and spent much of that decade in chemical menopause, along with five years of treatment, a year of it pretty aggressive. She had to accept that her own fertility was not necessarily safe. This year, her 41st, is her ten year cancerversary. So she is married now to her chosen mate, a good match for the most important elements of shared living, the ones that matter most to her. So her ship came in, in a completely un-fairy-tale way and I couldn't be more deeply grateful to life for giving her that. I spent most of this year inspired and focused and creative and then grateful and blessed and yes, a little relieved too. Now there is an aftermath and I am having a period of being more at sea, having to work my way towards new focus, which hasn't quite materialized.

I quit my job working for Yardfarm because Zach quit paying me. I took Ruben and Irene, the other 50somethings, with me and started Dirty Hands Garden Design. Work became a huge source of stress and anxiety for me, and writing (my job for the previous 3 decades) took a total back seat for the foreseeable future. But I have not been bored once since then and sometimes I find myself loving my work, even when it's just pulling weeds or hauling rocks around. I like doing something that feels so new. On the other hand, I've always had trouble managing my time, and now it's ridiculous. I think about work in my sleep and when I wake, and yes, on Shabbat. Imagine--I'm 55 and farther away from retiring than I was at 30. But I have faith that it won't be this frantic forever. For that matter, I have the ability to control the pace of the work.

I miscarried. It was absolutely devastating, and I'm still struggling with it, mostly because we've had a very difficult time in getting pregnant again. That event has made me much more aware of how I'm taking care of myself. I've tried a million things to help myself be happier and more optimistic. Many have not worked; although I hope some are working. It's very difficult for me to be optimistic about the possibility of being a mother.

My father-in-law was diagnosed with cancer. He's getting treatment and we are waiting for him to have surgery in a few weeks. He had been so strong and healthy that it was a big shock to think that something might be really wrong.

I was accepted into nursing school. This was a very exciting and also very scary thing. I had to move cities and basically start over. Nursing school has had its ups and downs, and now i'm in my third semester, I feel like I'm getting to a place where I'm really excited about it. I can't wait to see where it'll take me next.

My father had a stroke in June. It makes me worried for what is to come. I feel like this is the beginning of the end for my parents. I still need them. I still feel very much like a child.

Carol, the mikvah lady, said I needed to spread my fingers wide while under water so that the water could touch every part of my skin. She instructed me to jump up as high as I could, so that when I went under I would have the force to sink down near the bottom of the tank, bending my knees and immersing my entire body. I'm not tall, so even when I was standing on my tiptoes in the mikvah the water came all the way up to my mouth. I gasped a little after the first immersion. Sputtered. After the third immersion, in the place where I got to say my own prayer, I opened my heart and there was silence. Peace. I made a good choice. I'm a Jew.

We had an opportunity to purchase a house , not too old but in disrepair .God surely provided us this opportunity ,it was very reasonably priced so we could afford it . We bought it in January and started cleaning it up and restoring it . August 9th we moved in , even though there is still quite a bit of work to be done . There is so much space , with modern conveniences , clean and comfortable .Perhaps best of all it is paid for . This is a relief for me because we had been living in a travel trailer for 7 years.It is a luxury trailer but still cramped.

My father-in-law died. Causes us to reflect on our own mortality and priorities. Also, learning how to comfort my wife as she goes through the greiving process.

I received money from my father's estate. It enabled me to pay some debt and to do some things to our house, but it is quickly dwindling. It was and is a relief to be able to do these things, but it is very stressful how quickly it is disappearing. It has caused a lot of anxiety for me, overall, and I have a weird guilt about it since it is not money I earned myself.

I completed a college program that was a complete 180 from the program I had been in before. I'm pretty relieved with how things have been going, and although I'm not sure if this is what i want to do for the rest of my life I'm feeling pretty content. The program was tough, but not because of the course work. I had my eyes opened to how poor our education system can really be. Although I want to go back to school at some point I will admit that my experiences at college have sort of tarnished my love of school.

I asked my girlfriend to marry me and she said yes! It is exciting and scary and stressful and awesome all at once!

kryz and i started our business, stone creek trading. it has been the best/craziest/most difficult year of our lives. it has been so much work and money getting this going, but i am so proud of everything that it is and will be. we are really working towards our dream of working for ourselves from anywhere. i am so proud of what we have accomplished so far. this could change our lives forever.

I was elected Vice President of my school's major honor society after carefully putting together my speech and speaking in front of an audience that consisted of mostly acquaintances. I was pleasantly surprised that people are still willing to listen to new people and not just pick based on popularity.

One of the most significant moments this past year, which has also been a very significant moment in my life thus far has been my move to Arlington with Steph. We moved in together in April this year after I needed to move out of my apartment in Somerville and she and her mom needed to move out of the apartment they were in in Worcester. We had been talking about it for some time, and we had gone back and forth about it. We both weren’t sure if it was the right thing to do or if it made sense at the time, but the time came and it not only made sense logistically, but it made sense in the nature of our relationship. We had been spending a lot of time together, we knew we loved each other and we both thought that it was a good idea to see if living together was something we could do as the next test and next step in our relationship. In some ways it has been difficult, but in many more ways it has been amazing. I love coming home to her after work and I love having dinner with her in the evening. For me, moving in together was a test and I think we both passed with flying colors. It has given me hope not only for our relationship, but also for myself and my future. I am so very grateful for Steph for sticking around in my life, for putting up with the hard times and celebrating in the good times. She has been such a good influence in my life. I have been better about taking care of myself and my thoughts and I have been more mindful of my spirituality. Of course there are downsides. It’s much easier to just sit at home with her and watch TV than it is to get out and do something. I know I sometimes rely on her for cleaning and dinner when I shouldn’t, but these are things I know will be ironed out with time and talking. This has been a wonderful chapter in my life where we have learned how we can love each other in comfort as well as excitement and novelty. I’m looking forward to the next chapter and learning to build and maintain a Jewish household with her.

Jesse and I got engaged! The past four months have been the most exciting (and at times nerve-wracking) in our relationship. Every day I feel reaffirmed that I've found the man I want to share the rest of my life with.

My daughter married! We were able to travel to Berlin for the wedding and now have a wonderful daughter-in-law, who's about to defend her dissertation.

Mark retired. This will have a profound experience in my job - in job satisfaction, in job performance, in job effectiveness. I am not grateful or relieved, but I don't resent Mark leaving. It does open new doors, that I'm just not sure of yet.

I am so thankful to have moved from DC to SF. I am really proud of myself for being able to recognize how unhappy I was there and how grateful I am to be around my family and friends in San Francisco. I think that the stars have really aligned and by moving away and coming back I changed my situation. Now, I'm dating the most amazing man in the world which would not have been possible if I had not moved back. I am learning to be happy with my plight in life and it's ok if I don't receive everything or at least the second I want it.

About a week and a half ago, I got to college, and for the first time, I am average. I'm used to being at the top of everything, and now I'm with 27,000 other kids who are also used to being at the top of everything. They are bright, talented, motivated, ambitious--just like I always believed I was--but instead of discouraging me, it's making me even more inspired to work hard and succeed.

I gave birth to my beautiful daughter on my living room couch! We had an ideal labor. She began her life with peace, power, clarity, health, and Love. I couldn't have asked for more from the experience, and the ensuing integration into motherhood has been equally epic. She is a thousand dreams come true, and I am beyond grateful to be her mother.

I returned to the care of the psychiatrist who first diagnosed and treated me for manic depression from 1994 to 1997. I have been struggling with unstable moods and breakthrough manic episodes since I left his care. I am elated and relieved to be back in his care. He put me in the hospital for two weeks while he radically changed my medication regimen and while the hoops I have to jump through are maddening, I feel better emotionally and physically than I have in many, many years. I am so grateful that he agreed to take me back even at long distance.

My adult son was arrested and it has had a devastating affect on the whole family. It has turned everyone's lives upside down and created tremendous stress. However, the only positive is that my son is now honestly facing his life and problems. When his adventure with the legal system is over, he will be a better, stronger person.

The only thing that really "happened" to me was starting university. I wasn't really sure, which subject to take, so I took the one where I would definitly have gotten in, acheology. Which I wanted to study for a long time now. But when the semester was about to start, I suddenly knew I had made the wrong choice, because I felt like what I really wanted to do was studing japanese. But I hadn't, because I was scared that my grades would be to bad for it and so I took the secure road.

I got a job teaching at the high school I graduated from. I'm terrified because this is what I've spent all of my time preparing to do for the rest of my life. And teaching has the potential to be either the most fulfilling or the most soul-crushing job one can choose. I WILL make a difference in my kids' lives, but I don't know yet whether it'll be positive or negative. I've been teaching for two days, and Calculus is going pretty well, I think, but I just can't get my Algebra kids engaged. This year might decide everything.

Coming back to America—I am reluctant to say home—from Israel has been extremely significant. For two years I lived in Israel, and even though I knew after the second year it was determined I would return to the States, I didn't think it was real. Resentful is an appropriate emotion for how I feel. I resent the necessity for me to be in the USA in order to have a stable job. Unfortunately, non-Orthodox rabbis have little job security in Israel, and so, in order to make a decent living, I need to make a life in the States. When someone brings up Israel my heart hurts a little bit more. When I forget a word in Hebrew, a language I spoke with 99% fluency, my heart hurts a little more. When your love of family and your love of home are not in the same continent, it creates a big internal divide. One thing I pray for is the ability to make a life for myself, and my family, in Israel.

I completed my residency in Internal Medicine. Moreover, I feel like I finally achieved some measure of competence in my profession that I had been working and studying within for the better part of a decade. I am grateful for having had the chance to become a doctor, and be offered amazing experiences in the lives of patients and also within the world of physicians, stretching back to antiquity. Anyway I also feel resentful at having given over my twenties to this career, and am fearful that I have missed the boat on things in my personal life.

I developed a 5-year plan to relocate to Canada. I spent a large part of the summer frantically searching for a job. I was extremely depressed because of the lack of positive results, and in the end, I returned to teaching at Siletz. What is most interesting is that when I made the decision to return to teaching this year, it felt like a great weight had been removed from my shoulders. My depression lifted, and I'm excited to be staying with 'my kids' for at least 2 more years. God has a reason to want me here, and I am grateful for His blessings.

My father passed away. He was in terrible health by the end and it was hard not to feel mostly just relieved. But it has been tricky since because others are grieving harder for him than I am and I find myself pretending to mourn more than I actually do. The biggest thing I felt was really relief-the true mourning came from watching his decline and in the toll it took on my mother. Also significant-I started and finished a work project that was satisfying while I was doing it and has helped me get my current project. I am grateful and more optimistic than I have been in a while.

I discovered I wasn't as able as I thought I was to do well on a course I'd opted for. I'd wanted to do it for a long time and it's been quite a blow to my sense of myself. I've engaged in a good deal of soul-searching as a result, and I guess I have a more realistic sense of certain things as a result, and an inspiration to say 'no' to things that I might otherwise have felt driven to do.

My mother died. I miss her greatly. I am glad that I had finally quit procrastinating 2 years before on having a Bat Mitzvah (in my late 50's) after she went to a nursing home so that she was able to attend. I am sorry that I procrastinated on having her tell me stories inspired by old pictures and identifying the people in them.

It's hard to look at my life from the outside and find a significant event in the last year. Hell it's hard to do that from the inside. But I suppose the most significant "experience" for me was meeting and becoming friends with Emily. In a life that is often very isolated and lonely, each friend is hugely valuable. And to meet a kindred soul in New York City, someone who you know in a minute will be a friend for life, that's nothing short of miraculous. I am so grateful for her presence and even more grateful that she is local. A friend I can actually hang out with and not just another voice on the end of the phone.

I went to Brazil for carnival in Olinda and Recife. I was really looking forward to it. I saw and heard some beautiful things when I was there but I also had depression. I found it stressful being there: lack of Portuguese made it hard to communicate with people; it was 35 degrees every day - a constant struggle to stay cool and hydrated; it's still a third-world country: they don't do pavements and getting into Recife by bus was so slow; I also spoilt it somewhat by developing a crush on the girl I was sharing a room with and then never having the guts to do anything about it until she got tired of me hanging around her. I'm still glad I went, but my memories are slightly tainted. By the end of my three weeks there I couldn't handle it anymore and stayed inside reading for the last 2-3 days after carnival. It was then that I came to terms with what I'd experienced and realized I had depression. I did have another spiritual experience, though: hearing what sounded like angels' voices during the Night of the Silent Drums in Olinda. I wonder how often my bouts of depression are related to girl trouble.

Working out my financial problems... it is coming slowly Also, someone special said the "L" word

My parents, whose marriage collapsed in a fiery display of insanity a little over a year ago, somehow managed to reconcile. I am grateful that my family did not permanently fall apart, although the scars from my mothers actions will always run deep. I am relieved that my aging parents will not grow old alone, and that my Clan, who I've always been so proud of, still has its foundation intact. I am resentful that my mother "got away" with everything she did. But ultimately, I know that their reconciliation is a very, very good thing.

Having Yoni come into our lives almost a year ago has been mind blowing and life changing. I am so happy and he brings me so much joy but taking care of him day to day has been so much harder than I ever imagined. It is truly exhausting and stress inducing in a way I never could have imagined. But it is also miraculous and gratifying in so many many ways. Even on the worst days one smile from him and is enough to brighten my day and lift my spirits.

Converted to Judaism. The greatest blessing of my life.

My ex and I finalised the last details of our separation. I thought I'd feel more free and relived it was over, but it made me a bit sad. It was really the true end of everything.

for a year afyer my mother died we had teh unveilign of her tombstone hanging over my head. the finality. wanting to get it over and at the same time the thought o fit as the end. we had planned a day in february -- a month before the actual date of her death but that we were to be East and it seemed right and there and would be done. that weekend it snowed hard and beautiful but we could not go to the cemetery. snowed in. snowed under. snowed out. my family was furious w me - as if i had ordered the storm, inconvenienced people to come to nyc from sunny florida. but it was a beautiful weekend nonetheless. the snow quieted all of new york. my wife and i had a romantic and wet trek back from the theatre as the snow came down in a powerful and yet silent way -- she met with the star of the movie she will make because we got tickets to the broadway show she was in on teh last day of the run as people could not get into the city and suddenly two tickets were there -- for us. and it turned into a dream.

Finally, after almost 7 years, I could talk with my mom about my sexuality, that I really like women. Since my mother is a little bit homophobic, I was scared to confess this, but when the tima came, she took it very lightly, and she told me that she knew it. I feel so relieved right now, because our communication really improved after that. I love you, mom!

I moved in to my own place. I left years of roommates and stress and anxiety and self-judgement behind. Well not the judgement or the stress and anxiety. Just the sharing of space with others. I felt and sometimes still feel, like a failure as a result. Why couldn't I make my value of a shared life come to fruition? Was it my value or the value of a community I live in that I feel judgement from? Did I do what was best for me? Most days I'm at the very least relieved and at the best grateful that I did this for myself. I'm still working out what this means for how I maintain my relationships with others and my space for myself. Ultimately though, it still feels right.

I have two experience, one academic and one that is currently in progress, but I hope to be completed soon. First, I passed my comprehensive exams for my doctorate program. This was a big milestone, biggest so far, and I feel real accomplish for how hard I worked. I stayed on a schedule and followed a plan I set beforehand. I am taking this as a sign that I am cut out for this work and that I can really do it, if I knuckle up and do what I'm suppose to do. I felt a little bad when I had to do revisions on my 1st question, but I never felt I had a great handle on the organization and that was the feedback I got back - this also tells me I know when I got and when I don't which is also helpful. The second experience was I finally made the decision of when I am proposing to Kim. Money stuff fell perfectly in line and I just want to be with her so its about time. Deep down I wasn't ever sure when this day would come, but a great calm and excitement has come over me since I have decided.

The Just Faith program was extremely important. I learned that I had to do something to help someone in need. I started taking 3 to 4 gallons of whole milk to the Broadway Christian Methodist food pantry. I was inspired by a simple conversation about how children did not care for powdered milk. All the food pantry received in donations was powdered milk.

My father-in-law passed away in May. There were immediate effects- sadness & grief, schedules being tossed up in the air, but long term we're going to be affected for months to come. My mother-in-law has Alzheimer's and a lot of our energy has been focused on making sure she's in the right place. It sounds a little odd to say I'm grateful, but I think we're all learning a lot and despite being 40+ growing up a lot because of it. So I'm grateful for the opportunity for growth.

The experience of working at my old job and the process of leaving that job. It was a originally a job that I really enjoyed and felt I was succeeding at. Eventually over 18months as my skills grew, the issues with management that I see now were there at the start, began to affect me more and more. It went from being a problem because I wasn't get adequate training or support to out right bullying. In the last few months at that job I was crying every day, experiencing symptoms of anxiety, and generally feeling like I was a really difficult person. The experience was not only significant because it was unpleasant but it's also an example of a time where I built on my past experiences, challenged myself and stood up for myself in a way that I have not done before. I admitted that I was finding it hard and went to the Doctor and asked for help. He gave me time off, I started seeing a psychologist and I decided that I wasn't taking the bullying anymore and went to the union. It was really difficult to actually stand up to my boss in a powerful way. I knew it would have consequences (our relationship has completely dissolved). But in the end, now I'm out of it I feel good about looking after myself, about protecting myself. I have a new job in a really supportive environment and I'm succeeding. I know I can do better here than I ever would have there. I'm resentful of the way I was treated and angry and regretful that I let it go on so long. But also, I see now that this has all been part of, or maybe even started me on, a really important powerful journey in my life. I'm starting to value myself more, to address my anxieties and to learn to be the best version of myself through significant behavioral and attitude changes. So when all is said and done, maybe it wasn't such a bad thing after all........

Throughout this past year we have survived various ups and downs regarding the girl's Dad's sentencing,jail time and parole . Sometimes it has felt so exhausting, so sometimes meaningless and so bewildering. However, in the end we have felt a renewed sense of compassion not just for him but for many others caught in a system that is less about justice than expediency.

This was the year I graduated from the University of Delaware. I still haven't processed how deeply it has affected me, even four months later. My senior year was a slew of magical nights with friends and transformative experiences with a sense of responsibility like never before. The whole year felt like a movie where the character lead this truly idealistic life. I grew into an even more self-aware and self-sufficient person during it. I did a lot of growing up this year and graduation was a symbol in the timeline of my life that said, "you made it." I was privileged enough to have all four of my parents, both brothers and my grandparents there with me to celebrate. And finally, I cried knowing it would never feel like this again.

My husband didn't get a promotion then ended up a few months later accepting a director position in a different company. Had he gotten the promotion, he most likely wouldn't have even explored this current job. It's exciting to see how despite praying for the other job, God say no - because he had something better in mind. I'm grateful and so proud of my husband. Financially it has freed us up to also be more generous, which is so exciting. We have a budget specifically for random generosity, so I'm always looking forward to what may pop up that we can give to.

I ended up in an unhealthy relationship with someone. I was constantly being treated horribly and I still kept going back. I learned from this experience that a quality relationship is definitely worth waiting for. I am upset that it happened to me, but I'm grateful that I learned something from it.

I had a knee replacement beginning the year before last, but continue dealing physically with the healing and adverse consequences of it. It was traumatic for me. It made me re-evaluate my life plus I gained weight from it and continued to gain 15-20 pounds throughout the past year. I have to have another knee replacement (maybe in another year after I lose all the weight I want). I hope I can find a good rehab center. The experience also showed me how much I have changed. I am not so workaholic and have better values, now, than others in my family.

My husband died after coming down with pneumonia. Though it feels like I've been living with the fact of it for several weeks now, I am still subject to feelings of disbelief. I feel guilty, I feel terrible for him and how the illness played out. I am also acutely aware of being glad to be alive. I feel awful that he was not able to enjoy his life more than he did when he seemed relatively healthy...His attitude of half empty always frustrated me. I felt he did not appreciate all the good things in his life, and instead focussed on the negative... I now wonder if he might have been sicker for lots longer than we suspected, and whether or not that might have affected his attitudes for the worst...

I got a new job! This was a really big change as work is the place I spend the majority of my time. The first few week were really tough as I don't do particularly well with change. It's been over two months now and I feel a lot better. I'm really grateful that I was able to get a new job and at such a great company. I'm also relieved to be settled in this job for a while.

Through meditation practice, I've experienced deep connection with the life source. It is wonderful -- perfect -- a blend of parent-child, child-parent, and first kiss all in one. Just wow. Who knew. It was easy and right there, and it has been right there all along. I now realize I had been overly attached to my skepticism, which has always served me pretty well. But dang, I could have missed it and it was right there, all along. Would be a shame.

This past year I have finished my initial training and became a Certified Health Coach. I've made great changes in my life style. I moved from a home to a new apartment and really love my new space. I am grateful for my new knowledge, insight of my body function and look forward to growing my practice this year.

I got married for the at the first time at the age of 40.

I moved out of my mothers house. It affected me because I became a healthier person both physically and emotionally. I am grateful for moving out of my mothers house. I am relieved that I am not dealing with her struggles. I am still resentful some times of this because she gave me such a hard time about my 'role' in her life. I am very inspired to be positive and not bitter. to not know it all and to stay half full to continue to fill my cup

Two accidents happened this year: breaking my leg after falling down the stairs, and then a month later, my car was totaled in a bad accident. I am fine, but I have been sad and yes, it does make me appreciate my health, my life, everyone around me. I'm more tentative and scared. I wish I could walk completely normal again. I think it'll happen eventually, but it will take time. Things can always be worse, and I try to keep everything in perspective. Not wearing chunky heels and having a mild limp isn't the end of the world. Be thankful for what is.

I launched a successful job search, my first ever. It required me to do some serious thinking and set my ego aside in order to take on the advice that my friends were offering. The entire experience gave me such vigor and such gratitude, especially to have a supportive community helping me see past my blind spots. I am proud of my accomplishment in landing my dream job, but I also know how fortunate I am to have had the guidance of friends who know more than I do.

I started yoga. It has helped me begin to do something for myself, to calm myself, to take better care of my body. I am grateful for this space every day.

I began a relationship with a new man. I am very grateful for the chance to experience someone new, someone ... else and relieved that it has been so easy. On the other hand, my best friend and I have hit a wall. His partner is jealous, he sees me as a threat. I am lost--and angry and frightened. I want to be inspiring--to let the bonds of resentment and all of those possessive feelings slip away. I don't know how well I am able to do this.

My mother in law died, and it was one of the hardest and most amazing experiences of my life. Amazing, because I was privileged to walk an almost year's long journey with her, and hard because I DID walk by her side as her 'person' throughout her illness, and it is hard to watch someone go through something that you know is THAT hard. But what a blessing it was, to see the strength and the grace (in equal parts) that this incredible woman had.

I started eating meat again after being Vegan for two years. I had been severely anemic for many years and the change in my diet and iron infusions has dramatically increased my energy level!

I got my first raise in any job I've ever held. I'm still making barely more than minimum wage, but knowing that my work is being appreciated really goes a long way.

I finally received the free hand at work that I had hoped for. It made all the difference in my satisfaction with my job and the power of the program that I coordinate. I feel vindicated to have been proven right about everything that I fought to have happen in the program.

At 6:30 AM on the morning of January 2nd I,received a call that a close friend of 45 years had died in her sleep. Her physical health had been failing and she was in the early stages of dementia, however, when we visited on Christmas Day, she did seem sick unto death. In some ways her death still seems unreal and since her death I have had two other close friends die. I am very sad for myself and for everyone who loved these three people.

I continued to deal with my ongoing kidney pain and FINALLY got a diagnosis and confirmation that surgery will likely help. I felt relieved and frustrated that it took so long - in a large part due to typos and mistakes by my previous doctor.

I am in mid realization that I will never be the same artist I was. It is a minor injury ~ but it has had tremendous effect. I am deeply saddened by it. Funny, I make more money now than I ever did, but I can no longer do the things that I loved to do.

I was fired at 8am, had an offer letter by 10pm the same day. I knew the dismissal was going to happen, but it was still jarring. I felt really vulnerable until the signing of my new offer, then relieved and grateful for the massive network of people that helped me get the new gig. My goal now is to do an amazing job at my new company and pay the work networking forward as much as I can.

In the past year I kicked ass in school and applied to transfer. I didn't get to do exactly what I wanted where I wanted, but where I've ended up I think i'll be happy and successful. I'm relieved and inspired!

David committing suicide. The odd thing was that it didn't affect me at first. I just...didn't react. Sometimes I feel like the intensity of how I operate on a daily basis means that things take a long time to sink it. But with something this devastating, I felt like it should have hit me immediately. At first I wanted a reason. He was happy the last time I saw him. But then I realized that you can't apply "reasons" to this kind of thing. Then I was angry; I couldn't believe he left his family behind. Then, when I finally spoke about it with someone (Amy) I cried and just let go. Now I'm just trying to remember the good times. But I'm fond of the saying that "every time a person dies a library burns".

I lost my job in May at the time I was upset but also really excited I'm now in school full time and finally feel like I am where I'm supposed to be in life

Both my husband's and my grandmothers passed away. I thought I'd feel a bit relieved, as they had both deteriorated mentally and physically. They were both in their 90s. I was definitely sad when his Omama passed, but when my Granny went--even though it was quite expected--it hurt terribly. As my grandmother declined, though, my own mother was taking care of everything for her mother (legally, physically, monetarily) and I noticed she started saying "I love you" at the end of every phone call, which she'd not done before. I get it now. I've wasted so much time that I wish I hadn't, and I know I'll still do that. But at least there a consciousness peeking through now about how I spend my time. I'm working on being deliberate and following things through. Because of the inheritances we both received, my husband and I decided to shuck the house we long ago wished we'd moved out of, and are buying The House. When I say "are buying," I mean that we're signing the papers tomorrow. So yeah, I was affected. A year ago, the fear of this huge gamble--buying a new house before our old one was on the market--would have locked me into stasis longer. We'd make "plans" about fixing things. We've done that before, and dreamed of moving. Projects had been started: it took nine years to renovate our kitchen, the guest bathroom has no sink or mirror, and the living room has bare concrete. There is nothing like immediate necessity to oil the gears and make them turn. None of this is a way of dealing with grief, but activity covers it nicely.

I started working at an accelerator/angel investor in Mumbai, India. I am happy to work in the field of my choice and I love Mumbai.

A significant experience has been watching my Mum degenerate in age and head towards possible dementia and the change in role for me, and at the same time witnessing my sister battling cancer. I am so grateful for LIFE and all,it's abundance, and I am also more aware of its fragility and the passage of time. I do have a sense of pending doom and an awareness that every moment counts, and I am also aware of the sweetness of each passing moment and wanting to make everyday special and lasting - making things evergreen!

A tumor inside my heart was discovered and removed. I am on my way to full recovery. I am extremely and awesomely grateful. I am still unpacking how it has affected me. I am more accepting of my limitations and yet inspired by the healing. I am in awe of the body's capacity to adapt to an invader. I am grateful to be alive without a disability such as stroke or heart attack. To be fully recovering.

I got pregnant. At first I was less than thrilled at the timing, it didn't seem like the right time to me but now I know it was the perfect time. I now have my son and I've never been happier in my life. Spending 24/7 with someone so small and new to the world has changed me in more ways than I could ever have imagined. I see the world so differently now because of him. Everything that is so normal and commonplace is brand new and exciting again because I get to share them with this amazing gift who is seeing everything for the first time. We walked by a park the other day, something I've done a million times but I stopped and realized, this is the first time he's ever walked by a park, he's never felt the grass on his skin before or squished sand between his toes. I thought I appreciated the little things before but now I can see the beauty in things I never bothered to think about before. I get excited about little things that I used to see and do without thinking about because they're all firsts for my son and even though he often isn't interested or falls asleep I love being the person who is gets to show him the world. I'm so very grateful for my perfect little guy who fills my heart and world.

I had to take my 11 year old my ambulance to the hospital for a mental health exam. He is now in grade 5 and is severely learning disabled. He exhibited some very disconcerting behaviors with threats, and physical danger to my ex partner and myself. Each of these episodes were related to homework and his inability independently complete these tasks. He wanted so much to feel successful but no longer was able to participate in his classroom community as he struggled so much with the complex tasks of reading for information and remembering and applying math facts. I spent a year trying to find ways to reduce the stress of school and increase his sense of personal well-being. Ultimately, we found some tasks that can lend themselves to hi. Feeling good about himself. After 3 attempts at family camp, My son finally began to ask to return. He has discovered geocaching and frisbee golf which are both tasks he can enjoy without feeling pressured to compare himself to others. As a parent, this recent series of positive events has been heart warming and provides hope where there was very little before.

We left everything - our lives, our jobs our possessions and began a year of travel. It has been incredibly difficult, but we are in a really good place right now. I am more grateful than I could imagine for this time and space, and for the willingness of my husband to do it. I'm always inspired now, and feel like challenges are only there to be overcome.


I finished my first year as a teacher. It is probably the first time that I am doing something that may cost a lot of energy, but is rewarding me with so much more energy in return. I am still young (23) and I feel truly blessed that I found something that challenges me, gives me a goal (I do need to go back to university for another year or 2 to get a full teaching 'license') and is so satisfying. Oh, and they even pay me for it! Having a job per se, being and feeling good at it at my age: I am both grateful and inspired. Life; bring it on.

my mum finally got settled in her flat and i feel relieved that it all went smoothly and she is now closer to me

I got accepted to college with an undeclared major, which i am grateful for because a few friends could not get in as an undeclared major. To be able to look back on this in the future will be a great experience.

After the last of my three younger siblings had taken her turn to have "big sis" help her change her life, this time with disastrous results, I learned two life-changing lessons: 1. I cannot effect change in another, nor am I responsible for doing so. I can only encourage and support another's own decision to change. This has freed me from a lifelong tendency to take false responsibility for the live of others (I'm not speaking of children here), and conversely has taught me that by taking care of myself first, I will be best equipped to help when help is truly needed. 2. It is NEVER okay to push away other loved ones while focusing on the "fixee". I've also done this most of my life, and there is no accounting for what I may have lost in doing so. No more! Ultimately, I'm grateful for the experience because of the valuable lessons learned from it.

My mother became involved with a boyfriend and I have felt she has slipped away from her role as a mother and grandmother. I am resentful. I love her new friend but I resent the lack of time she wants to spend with me and her grandkids.

I have become a Jewish Educational Professional, sort of. I am grateful to Stacy for shifting me into this job, and I am inspired to continue developing as a teacher and a curriculum designer. It has consumed my weekends, which hasn't been all good or all bad because I have missed time with friends BUT I have cut down on expensive hobbies like Magic, the Gathering. Mostly, it has given me a strong sense of purpose and continuity.

I was engaged to someone and the wedding wound up being called off. In the past year I went through a range of emotions including anger, depression, sadness, disappointment, self-doubt, relief, resentment, rage, etc. It made me much stronger and also much more aware of the ways in which people behave and how that behavior either does or does not match up with what I envision for my own life. It was a messy and ugly learning process, but ultimately one that helped me grow a great deal.

Many different experiences this year, but I think one of the more significant for me was my youngest daughter turning 21. Emily was in study abroad program for MSU and was in London for the summer. Ken & I were able to travel to visit her for her birthday. It was definitely bittersweet. Initially, really quite unsettling for me, a little sad, yet at the same time exciting and rewarding for me as a mom. I think this year has been a year of transition, our youngest is beginning true adulthood, our middle and oldest children both are married with children of their own. It feels truly that it is a time for moving on from a primary parent role to that of support, friend, grandparent, and time for my husband and myself to begin to develop a path toward retirement. I am better now, but still giving myself a little permission to grieve the loss of one role and the excitement of moving toward the next one!

graduation from midwifery school acquired degree needed for professional career in healthcare grateful, relieved, resentful AND inspired mostly, exhausted and confused

Left Providence, and got back to Goodskin. It's been 2 months and I think it was a good change. Back to the more comfortable zone. New doctor is very likable dude. Hopefully this is a good change. I don't regret working at Providence, gave me new insight, new outlook at life. I'm grateful and relieved at the same time. It was hard working 2 jobs, but gave me option to pay off my car - YAHOO - and pay for Israel, Italy and South Africa vacations.

Had my baby boy Gabriel. I feared I wasn't strong enough to have a natural birth and I'm so happy that I was able (with amazing support) to bring him into the world without drugs.

This time last year I was wrapping up my master's degree. It was the end run of 2 1/2 years of constant academic effort -- I never took a single semester off in that time, and generally took 3 to 4 classes per term. The first half of 2012 was also marked by severe illness and injury, which nearly derailed everything, but I hauled ass through it. Those two years of graduate school came on the heels of a divorce. Getting that degree, finishing the course load and moving on, was monumental for me. I've learned a lot of lessons about where I want to go with my career and my life since that time, but as far as watershed events go, finally graduating in August of 2012 was pretty epic.

We had 3 people in our immediate family pass away this past year within a month of each other. It was odd for us all to have this converge at the same time. One was our almost 101 year old Great Aunt who we all love and absolutely adored. My sister and I got one last visit with her and while she was clearly going to die soon-- she still was so grateful for one last kiss, one last hand holding, one last chance to be with the people that she loved. What a woman and I've always tried to be like her-- be able to show those around you how much you love and adore them-- unconditionally!! One was our mother's 2nd husband who fought a quiet fight over several years against cancer. He didn't complain-- he faced his disease with dignity-- One was our sister-in- law who bravely faced her own cancer and chose to stop treatment. She had been a college professor and her memorial was so beautiful and amazing!! It was like the "BIG CHILL" in that so many of her students came back to pay homage to their professor. She clearly touched so many lives-- she was a drama professor and many of her students are working actors that we see on TV. Each person was incredibly inspiring in their own way.

Ripe for Change sponsored by the Cummings Foundation was a transformational experience. The terrible condition of the American food system and it's contribution to obesity and disease is appalling. It's not what I want for my children and their future. To that end we bought Grape Hollow Farm in Holmes, NY. Owning land -- especially 47 acres -- is a remarkable experience for an lifelong apartment dweller. Now the challenge is setting out a vision and working in a way that's gratifying and meets our objectives of building something innovative, special, peaceful, and contributes toward a sustainable food system.

This time last year I was recovering from a Hysterectomy. I wish I would have done it sooner. It has eliminated so many other problems in my life.

I closed my office. Still not sure how I feel about it. It's bitter sweet for sure... it released a financial burden but created stress in other areas. It's a significant experience but I'm still working through the results of it.

Quite a lot has actually happened in the last year, which I consider significant: I was in a car accident, my significant other had brain surgery and I started going to therapy - something I have been wanting to do but didn't have the courage until now. I would be lying if I said it hasn't been a rough year, but at the same time it has taught me a lot and made me stronger.

I got married, and it truly changed my perspective on a lot of things in life. Family means a lot more to me, my husband means even more to me, and I'm so much more positive and productive in my friendships. It makes me so happy to know that there is marriage equality, and it took being married to truly understand the intangibles that come along with the institution.

Jenna was born in March, 2013 and made Ginny and Jason's family complete (for now!)! Grateful that we can share in our grandchildren's lives.

I realized that we might have to declare bankruptcy. It was a terrifying realization, but it led to an empowered response where I focused on letting go of the shame and being authentic and honest with myself and others about our situation. I completed research, met with a bankruptcy attorney as well as a financial planner and ultimately chose to ask some friends for a loan. It has been a transformational experience to realize the depth of love these friends have for us and how there is truly never a situation that we cannot work our way out of. Even the bankruptcy, once we understood it fully, became something that could be managed if it became necessary.

I met Jose through the Big Brothers Big Sisters Program. I couldn't have imagined how amazing he would be. The joy he finds in simple pleasures. The kindness and love he has for his family. The patience he sometimes requires of me. How he grows so fast. How we share so many similarities. How much he loves swimming. I am constantly inspired by him.

I had a seizure and am not allowed to drive right now. I am scared about what it might mean about my health, but I am also grateful because it has pointed out to me what a community I have. I was genuinely surprised how much people have gone out of their way to offer help. This has pushed me to become very deliberate about being social and I've realized that I _need_ to see people more than I would have thought. There is so much to learn from this one experience.

My buddy Mikey died in June, a few years back we were thicker than thieves but my mom shipped me to live with my dad a thousand miles away about four years ago. Mikey stayed in touch with me all but the last couple of months, but we both had gotten busy and were getting ready to start our fault live and more or less drifted apart. He loved to farm and that's exactly what he was doing when he died. He caught an electrical wire and when he stepped off the tractor it closed the circuit and electrocuted him. I feel guilty for walking away and leaving him behind and I never even bothered to send a text or a Facebook message once a week. Now, I take time out of every day to call his cell phone and leave a message, I feel like bits the only way to talk to him anymore.

My partner proposed to me and we are getting married in May. We talked about marriage a year or so ago but the time following that was the roughest part of our eight year relationship, and I had some serious doubts that we would come out the other side as a couple. But we did and I think we understand each other better for it. It's not perfect and may never be, there are still things that drive me crazy and make me angry. But when its good between us, its the best. And that's all you can ask.

I cheated on my boyfriend. Ultimately I would say that I am relieved. We broke up, got back together and this became a catalyst to evaluate our feelings and commitment to each other. It alleviated many of the anxieties we both felt about our relationship. Not sure if he's "the one", but now I am not scared to find out.

I realised what Jennifer was really like. Not the kind, loving, thoughtful, honest, caring, funny and fun girl I thought. Relieved? That we're not together - Yes. Resentful? That she ended it in such a cruel, cowardly, deceitful and weak way - Yes.

My dad died suddenly two weeks ago. I'm so worried about my mum, I'm so sad for my son, and I don't know how I'm going to live the rest of my life without my dad.

I lost my oldest friend through a misunderstanding. In some ways I'm relieved and I'm surprised to read my words as I write this. So, I have to ask the question if I subconsciously caused the misunderstanding? I took an easy way out in a sense and accepted all the blame; I didn't try very hard to reconcile. I asked her for forgiveness and said that I was totally responsible. She told me to have a nice life. I thought a lot about my role in all of it, and if I was being unfair to myself by accepting all the blame when I think that we were both right and both wrong. But I'm at peace with it so I feel I did the right thing. I suspect I will never see her again. I'm grateful that I had such a long relationship (51 years). I have amazing and hilarious and touching memories. I will always have those. She was very, very dear to me for much of my life.

I had surgery that I thought about for over six months. The doctor that I met with gave me confidence in my decision. His staff was wonderful and put me at ease. That experience was wonderful and I am so grateful for my doctor and his staff.

I made the decision to retire early, at the end of 2013. While I was anxious at first, I now am so very very grateful to be able to do this. I was especially grateful in recognizing that I have another 30 years of life to live and how wonderful it will be to have more choices about how to spend my days and choices about how I will contribute to my community & my family. Given so many of life's choices presenting as "limiting", this choice feels like a gift .

We asked my Mom to help us buy a house, which we could afford, just not thru conventional bank loan. She agreed, we put 15% down & she's refused to take anymore money from us. Once the pressure was off, it showed me how truly stressed about the money I was. My neck has hurt for months from stress.

I was an Olympic Games Maker and it was one of the best experiences of my life. I am inspired to do more things - especially for others

I recently moved out of my parents' home after a year post-college staying at their place and saving money. I am super grateful and feel like the glory of it all hasn't fully sunk in yet. It's definitely a huge rite of passage.

I met a man who i truly believed was a good fit for me. As we continued in our relationship and it began to unravel, i was able to see why he was in fact not a good fit. i'm so thankful for the experience because it really taught me about communicating in a relationship, recognizing issues and dealing with them. for the first time, when i saw things not working, i ended them. and it felt amazing.

A few years ago I co-parented a child with someone I hardly knew. My child, and being a father, is amazing. Her mother, and our relationship, not-so-much. It is a daily struggle to focus on the good, to find space to forgive, to count our blessings.

I am at peace With all four of my children For the New year

My husband's mother fell ill with cancer and died. I had never met her, as she lives across the world. It was so difficult to see the pain my husband was in, and hard for me that I didn't know her. As hard as the entire experience was, it really brought my husband and I closer and galvanized our relationship in new ways. As always happens with death and grieving, a stark light is thrown on things. Some relationships fall away, and some are made stronger. As sad as I am for my husband, I am relieved that this event gave him important clarity. I am grateful to his friends and family who supported him, and I am resigned to those who did not. And, I am in awe of his amazing mother who showed such grace and strength and love in the face of such a dehumanizing death.

I found out my son isn't simply quirky, he has Asperger's. I was relieved that now I have a framework for thinking about how he is, angry that we didn't know sooner. I also feel cheated that my only child, the only one I'll ever have, isn't "neurotypical." At the same time, I have never loved him more, and I don't think having this condition will be more of a negative than a positive for him, and for all of us, during his life.

I moved in with my boyfriend. This is my first serious relationship and it kind of happened by accident. I was being kicked out of my apartment in the middle of winter with very little notice, and it just made sense to stay with him temporarily. We never thought about it as me moving in, until after I had already done it. Then it kind of became impossible to move out again without it seeming like we were taking a step back from our relationship. So far it has been good, though I sometimes secretly wonder if we would still be together if I had a separate apartment and therefore an easier exit from the relationship.

My grandfather died in March. Through that experience I learned who my real friends are and who were just pretending. I will miss him and I know my grandmother is still sad. At least we are getting closer to her now.

Has to be trip to Kenya. Because so many people expected a grand transformation, I saw very little change in me. I saw the great poverty, the orphans, the empty-eyed men, emasculated by not being able to provide for their families. I also saw a gentleman emerge from the second floor of his shanty in a Kisumu slum in a suit and tie, ready for work or to search for work. I saw smiles and waves and looks of resentment. In other words, on a grander scale I saw things that I had seen in the US, Canada, Italy and other places. It did finally strike me, though, that there isn't enough money, good-will or "feet on the ground" to defeat poverty in this world. We will just have to keep tackling it one person, one family, one village at a time.

In October of last year, my husband was terminated from his job. In his role as a Vice President for this worldwide global company, my husband was pivotal and highly instrumental in implementing change and growth for this company. When he was notified, it was the day after we returned from vacation in Hawaii--a Hawaiian vacation that was interrupted and disrupted by countless phone calls from this particular company. Was I better? You betcha. Am I over it? Well, sort of. Losing the job left us feeling unsure about our financial future and a little unsteady on our feet. If this could happen to us and affect in this way, a family with a six figure income, how bad must it be for people who aren't in our financial situation? What about those families who are struggling to feed a family of four on a salary of $30k a year? I was angry, but I also truly understood the plight of others. Honestly, I had been there before, having been laid off from my job in 2008 and not knowing where to turn. But all is better now. My husband has started his own consulting business and is in high demand. I so want to thumb my nose at his former company, but I will rise above it. But once...just once, I want to roughly grab hold of the collars of the people responsible for turning our lives upside down, look them in the eyes, and tell them that they didn't break us. They may have caused us a few bumps and bruises, but we persevered. So take that (and your beer...) and shove it, big company.

I decided to join the Peace Corps. It was a really hard decision with how my dad reacted and was very scary. Some people thought I was very brave and a little crazy, others thought it was irresponsible. I am grateful that I decided to do it - still a little scared, but being in Namibia now is still kind of a surprise.

My brother had a baby and I became an auntie. I realised I should make the effort to spend more time with my family. Grateful yes, to share family moments that wil stay with me forever. Relieved? I guess yes because Eve is beautiful happy and healthy as are her parents. Inspired...maybe not. I have no plans to have children of my own but have more of an appreciation of the process of giving birth.

Many significant experiences last year.. I renovated my house, I changed jobs because of a merger and I broke up with my boyfriend, the latter probably partly as a result of all the stress. But to pick one, I changed jobs. I am really happy to be in a new role. It's a challenge but it's the job I always wanted. I'm also nervous as the job situation in the cultural sector is so insecure. I have a job and I'm very grateful but it's hard to feel secure. I like learning my new job, getting to know my new colleagues and finding out about the new city that I now work in.

This summer, I had two musicals opening at roughly the same time. One opened in late August and was playing to sold-out houses within the week-- we just extended our run. And soon after it closes, The second will go into previews in Chicago. I spent my summer writing and going to rehearsals and my family and friends never saw me. I was a ball of sleep-deprived anxiety, a burden on my wife, an absence to my son-- and also doing what I've always felt I was meant to do. For the first time, I understood that making a life in the arts has a cost bigger than a 6 figure salary. Other big things happened this year, but they were situational and temporary. This, however, is my second off-B'way musical: a 100% increase in the number of productions I've had and, hopefully, a sign of things to come.

My boyfriend and I broke up. It's been only a couple of weeks, but I assume things will be OK. I'm not excited about being single after four years. It feels like being naked. But after every breakup I've always grown as a person and ultimately started living a better life.

Geez, how about several significant occurrences? Sold a house, moved into new house, spouse had reconstructive hip surgery (twice), boss retired, new boss began, went on an Icelandic/Norwegian cruise with Mom. Busy year! I am totally stressed out, more so than last year when I thought I couldn't take much more. I am grateful for some events, but mostly feeling sad, frustrated, and stressed regarding the others.

Last spring I was really burned out from a busy winter season. The desire that came out of the burnout was to take a whole month off and do NOTHING but recuperate. The brilliant part of this experience was the shift in my perspective of "not an option" to "best plan ever". That subtle shift allowed all the players to show up to make the plan possible; the fill-in doc, the free house sitting for 2 weeks, the travel friend. I am still so grateful to have had that experience consciously unfold before me. Not just to have had the time off, but the enormous fun and power of consciously manifesting my world.

I sold my company and lost my best friend in the process. I regret both and wish I simply walked away from the company with my friendship intact.

I got the chance to attend Virginia Girls State where I had the opportunity to meet girls from all over Virginia and really experience Virginia government. That, coupled with my time as an intern on the Hill and I can honestly say I know what I want to do with me life now.

I became a mother... My body, the body i've alway loathed, created something that i love more than anything I have ever loved. Something so beautiful and lovely that i have to pinch myself to believe he's real. I loved every minute of carrying him. Watching him grow is a blessing. Understanding how we bring life into this world is mind boggling but i'm eternally grateful for this gift and inspired by it's mystery...

This past year, I was blessed with the opportunity to visit India and travel around for five months without working. I had many spiritual experiences there...allowing each moment of my time in India to unfold naturally. By simply letting go, because I had to, I was able to see that everything that I hoped would manifest came to be in my journey. For the first time in my life, I was empowered to let go and just see how things would happen. I had to trust in my intuition to see that it would lead me exactly to where I wanted to be. I am extremely grateful I had this opportunity that will now inspire the rest of my life!

My only grandchild - was diagnosed with Autism at age 2 and a half - but it happend over a weekend when he just turned two. I am deeply saddened by this - both for my grandson and his mother (my daughter - who is my only child) While we have great hope for wonderful things and we love him dearly and understand that it's still him and that knowing him and loving him for all the days of our lives will be a blessing. I cannot help but be resentful occassonally when I see a "typically developing child" whose parent is either ignoring the child or harshly repremanding him/her - I'm mad that they don't know what a blessing it is to have a child that you don't have to make unending medical and therapuetic appointments for - a child who doesn't have a highly restrictive diet and so makes mealtimes more stressful than they need to be. I feel sad that he is going to have to work so hard and struggle just to communicate and feel comfortable around people - those he knows and those he doesn't. I hate this disorder and I am very worried and concerned that each couple of years the one in XXX number of kids that gets Autism is increasing at an alarming number. Just a few years ago it was 1 in 200 and now it's 1 in 58 with 2/3 of those children being boys. I am inspired by my daughter and how patient and loving she is with her son. And I am proud of my husband who is kind and tender with him. And me? I'm grandma and all that grandmas are - patient, loving, sneak him a treat once in a while, play with him, do his "homework" with him and just love him!

My father was diagnosed with cancer in May. After having already had a parent with cancer, I was devastated. I think so was he. What I have seen over the last few months though is a man who wants to live and be with his family in a new capacity. I have become more grateful for what I have and less worried about what I don't. I am inspired by his will to take one day at a time and do the things he enjoys for himself and no one else.

I left four jobs that I was unhappy with. This created a mix of feelings- pride for caring for myself- wildness for feeling I had taken on a fair amount of risk, panic and guilt for over-relying on my fiancé to help me through it financially. Also excitement about the future. In both cases I left positions where I felt children and usually myself too were being mistreated, but it was still a big step and ...it's like I'm trying to find myself, to flesh myself out at every turn, like panning for gold, or for substance at least.

Decided to change my life in a significant way. I worked with a life coach, refocused my life, and made changes to my eating and exercising habits for the long term. I have changed how I think, how I feel, and how to feel what I feel about my life. I feel energized and grateful for the opportunity to make my life a fantastic adventure.

Last year my dog almost died due to a severe case of pancreatitis. The first dog I adopted was hit by a car and killed four years ago, so it terrified me that I might lose him, too. I am so thankful my little buddy is still alive and healthy. Nearly losing him made me appreciate how significant his presence is in my life, and what it feels like to be responsible for another living being. It was also a bittersweet reminder of what I went through with losing my first dog.

hi! there. gosh...please dont be still in ug. not the plan. be somewhere new and random and be yourself. pakistani muslin punjabi jatt geeky beautiful angry obsessive with atleast some jatt friends. you've never really gien that part of you a chance. accept it noshe! ok ok the question bit. wow ummm....theres an insane amount of significant experiences. 1.aafia leaving. not so big on me to be honest. we all moved on pretty fast...well she wasn't exactly really always there. but now it's definitely changed. she pissed at me or what? but how did it change for me. well if se was here i would be meeting her all summer and probably not grow up as much as i did. 2. the bad grades. i mean all year round...azin sheesh kebab...it made grades mean a lot more to me. i mean before it was all contentment that didnt really mean much. shortlived. and the energy boost. 3. no holiday. rested got bored and learnt a lot about my currently disgusting family. dont know how much i ave grownp 4. depression. dont wanna talk about this 1. now i feel mentally much better because of the holidays. losing hope and being failed by myself felt bad. i think there was definitely dissapointment...but very shockingly no regrets. that part was awespome. i felt very good about that. no regrets even when i was dying. feuks. last year summer i was soo buzzed. 5. the new really desi group. yup! andrea left. both i grew soo much and i am with soo many more ppl and bad because i lost an amazing person

My boyfriends mother was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer. It has been a trying year with chemotherapy, doctors appointments, and the regretful infection she received after she had a port put in. She lives out of town so she stays with us or his sister when she comes in for her treatments which has actually brought everyone closer, yet the reason is so tragic. It has inspired me to be a better person, to tell those that I love more often how much they mean to me and how much I love them, and most of all appreciate the time we have with loved ones as this can be cut short at any time.

Where can I begin? I had my first public exhibition of my art work this summer, I graduated with my Bachelors, and gained a job as a studio technician in the field that I love. I feel inspired and hopeful about the future; maybe I can make it as an artist!

I gave birth the third time in my life. It happened at home, for the first time. I am amazed by the energy and wisdom of my body. I feel blessed. And have the urge to stay true and connectetd to my children, my husband, my (inner) self.

I made the decision to move back to the UK from the USA in the next 2-4 years, ideally no more than 2 but practically it might be 4. I'm really glad that I made the decision, it's helped to focus my mind on what is and isn't important to me. It's inspiring to think about the next stage of my life and I'm really excited to be making the change.

I am in awe of how Ed and I have worked together so well as we've dealt with the adjustment of having our grandchildren here for this coming year. I am thrilled with our partnership in this endeavor . We have been given the gift of parenting again and I've watched myself fall in love with these two beautiful chidren. Yes, it's a lot of work and no, I can't remember what I used to do with my time. But when Blayze brings me flowers and reaches for my hand and when Quiana includes me in her next plan to create something amazing, I am fulfilled.

Oh man — in the last year I got ENGAGED and MARRIED. Blaine proposed on a sunset cruise off the Kauai coast in front of both of our families. I know it sounds disgustingly perfect, and that is because it really was. I can't believe how blessed and lucky we are to have had both our families there in the most beautiful place on earth for the most important decision we had ever made. It was so wonderful and gorgeous and tear-filled happy. Then, of course, was the wedding planning. Which was a rollercoaster. For the most part it was smooth sailing until the last two weeks. Then it was hectic and — of course — stressful. But it was so worth it because... WE GOT MARRIED. We got married about three months ago, on June 1, 2013. It was an amazing day, the best of our lives. Everyone we loved and who is important to us was there to celebrate our commitment and love. It was so fun and wonderful. Being married has been an amazing experience. I love my husband, he is an amazing man who is genuine, kind, generous, hard working, ethical, and makes me better every day. I'm learning more and more to trust him and give myself up to our new family. And I can't wait to write more of these answers in the upcoming years of our lives together!

It's been a year without significant experiences. My cat died. Why is that important? Because I had wanted to have a nice, little cat for a long while, and I'd attracted into my life (like, literary attracted her, the law of attraction and all that jazz). I was sure my cat was here to stay for a long time, and I was so grateful for that. And then she died, ran over by a car. I never saw it coming, I couldn't even imagine something like that happened. I was so sure she'd be in my life for a long time. How could I have misjudged the universe so completely? And now I miss my cat, and the old loneliness is back. Don't know what to think...

This year I bought my first house. I was excited and carried away in the moment, but now I am feeling anxious about all of the work that needs to be done. What if I made the wrong decision and I end up spending more money on renovations than I could possibly recoup when I sell?

Alex rediscovered his love of acting. I'm excited for him.

Grateful for finding my love. Finding that He loves me more than anything in his world. Finding that I can love myself even if I cheated on my husband. There is love more powerful than I imagined.

I got fired from a job I really liked only to realize maybe it was better off that I did because it motivated me to go into one of my passions. Being fired did teach me that I should be even more critical to detail. I also didn't get into Grad School when I thought I would. I thought it would disappoint my parents, and I think it did but they haven't said anything of the such. It was also another motivating factor in following my dreams and passions.

went to Georgia for my first yoga feminine in movement retreat found my purpose, myself and decided to renew my spirit and completely changed my DNA, now I feel reborn

My career! It has changed my entire life. I travel the world and have seen places I never dreamed I would go. I feel so blessed to do what I do. I also called off my engagement. That was a tough time but in the long run I know in my heart it was the right thing to do.

Well. Quite the question, given the circumstances. Israel? India? Thailand? How do I maximize this exercise. The yeshiva? The monastery? The kibbutz? The hostel? Nepal? Japan? Hong Kong? ZAMM? SES? Meditation? The rebirth of the sun? Fuji?

After my bat mitzvah I was so relieved but also disappointed that it went by so fast. One minute everything was happening and the next everyone had to leave.

Company took a new direction and now things are changes. I feel inspired & motivated to grow in the next year.

I fell in love and got married. It rocked my world to find someone that sees, knows and loves me for all that I am. I am so grateful that I get to spend my days with him and Georgia. I have seen the Lord move in such incredible ways in our relationship and marriage.

My wife and I are closer than we've been in a while. All it took was her miraculous recovery from kidney failure.

Jon Anderson asked me to write some music for him! Literally, the stuff of dreams. Dreams of nearly 40 years. I never thought it would really happen, then it did!

After 6+ months of unemployment, I finally got a job. I'm very grateful and relieved - even if it's not quite what I want to do, nor the pay that I need. It's better than nothing and I can breathe a little easier.

I have changed my Job about 3 times over the past couple of years in the hope of finding something intrinsically challenging and fulfilling. The job with Freddie Mac was incredibly repetitive and robotic but I did learn to sell. The job with the city was incredibly boring but I did learn to pay attention to detail and work fast. The music store is good but it doesn't make any money. I started selling supplements on amazon with the hope of being able to work from anywhere in the world and travel around for a few years but it turned out that not a lot of suppliers will send the packages to amazon the way amazon needs them boxed and labeled so I still needed to be present in a specific address in the US. I then thought well, maybe I can sell a product with higher margins and that will allow me to grow faster and then I could outsource or hire people to help me with operations and then I could travel. So I thought of opening a medical marijuana delivery service. As I was learning about how to promote our product on the Internet it dawned on me that I could just advertise and help promote other people's products and I could do it %100 online. So now I am learning as much about online advertising as possible so that I can start traveling the world and learning new languages. I couldn't be more excited for what's coming!!

A lot of things happened this year. Olivier was born, Nana died. I made my debut at NY's hottest cabaret club, and I met Matt, which really has shaken things up and made me think about things from a new perspective. Oh and I turned 30! Something very significant is the money my parents are giving me and the way i've changed my attitude towards it. I now see it is a great help, and not something to be ashamed of. I

I moved from the US to Spain to spend a year improving my language skills. It turned out to be one of the most difficult years of my life. It has also been an incredible year of growth and learning. I am grateful, resentful, and inspired. Grateful for the opportunity to learn so much, and equal parts resentful and inspired by what I have learned. People can be assholes, but goddamn can they be lovely, and the world is beautiful and endless and mine.

Planned and traveled to Chile, a 20 day journey including Santiago and Valparaiso, Easter Island, Punta Arenas by the Magellan Strait and the Atacama Desert. It was a beautiful trip, we were close to Nature's wonders and met friendly people throughout the whole trip. Grateful and inspired to plan other trips

Two of my really good friends, who had been dating for a while, broke up. Seeing that much pain was significant, and confirmed some of my trust issues and hesitations on being emotionally close to people. A new friend I made at camp said that I was hard to get to know and seemed kind of distant and guarded, which didn't exactly surprise me. I felt for most of the summer that I was easy to get along with, friendly, and engaging, but on a relatively surface level. Those deeper connections were rare if at all.

We got married!! It was such a beautiful day, and in services over Rosh Hashanah, when someone gave a kavanah about what you want to remember from this past year, I thought about how I want to remember how I felt on June 9. There was SO much love - between us, from our families and friends - and I felt so grateful not only for my husband and our new family, but for all the loved ones we got to celebrate with.

For me the answer is a no-brainer. I got married to Brad. It was amazing and has been such a relief in so many ways. He's been the best partner for me, in teaching me patience and calming me in a way that no one has been capable of. And we're cut from very similar cloth with regard to our sense of humor and loves and interests. Having our relationship recognized by our government has been a tremendous boon.

Having someone tell me that they love me and saying I lover her back in return. As the song "nature boy" insists - "The greatest thing you'll ever know is just to love and be loved in return"

I made the decision to leave grad school and apply to medical school. I don't like leaving things unfinished, but it was becoming increasingly clear that the program I was in was not where I was supposed to be. I had done such a good job convincing everyone around me that it would be a good idea, that I talked myself into it. I'm relieved that I can be honest with myself about my goals and ambitions and I hope that the others in my life will see this as a positive step forward as well. I'm trying not to be resentful or dwell on the fact that it took me over a year of time (and tuition) and work and emotional energy to come to this place, but I know that any more time spent on my previous path will not help me accomplish my goals.

Well, very recently I started my first born in high school and my last born in kindergarten. I'd call that significant! It was stressful, but I am also grateful. And also inspired to continue as a lifelong learner.

We moved into our apartment. I was grateful and relieved to find a place to live that we like a lot. I like that there are people around and beautiful grounds. I also like that we downsized and life seems simpler. I continue to be grateful to be living here.

I completed my first year of college and I have taken a huge leap in learning Russian. I lost my virginity to a friend that I am still friends with, and like some college students, I have dealt with shitty roommates. I also have lucked up to move rooms to have great roommates also. My first year of college was hard but I am relieved it's over and I am taking the steps to go forward. Russian is awesome and rewarding. Losing my virginity to a guy that I am still friends with over a year ago that i can trust is hard to come by, and shitty roommates are that. But I am grateful I had them to know how to deal with them. Did I mention I want to become an Army Officer?!

My grandma died. She was 89. She had lived a good long life and even though I had been preparing for her death for over a decade I still was not ready. I miss her greatly.

I went to Point Reyes for my birthday last year and had a blast. I loved feeling so free.

Marriage counseling. It's made me grateful for my husband wanting to work on our marriage and remind me that we need to nurture our relationship more.

I quit my job to be an artis full time! I am so greatful for the opportunity that I and those around me have helped to make happen. Its been really up and down but I'm learning more and more each day on how to stay up more then down. Also, I've learned even more how much I love helping people with my art. That was a bit unexpected I think, and so wonderful

My dad just found out that he has cancer -- while I found out right before Rosh Hashanah, I am still considering it a significant experience within the past year. I am still processing my feelings about it; it is making me feel like I want to keep pushing forward with my future plans and not waste time waiting for the "perfect" time to do something. It is also making me feel somewhat distant to my family because I feel like I am at a hugely different place than my parents and sibling, and this event only seems to create a bigger gap at the moment. I feel worried because I want my dad to be healthy, and I know that he is going to be on my mind a lot more. I want to work through the feelings of distance.

I traveled to Auschwitz and had the privilege of seeing a survivor speak there. It was absolutely incredible and it made me feel more connected to my Jewish heritage because it spoke to me about the importance of honoring the memories of the men, women, and children who were murdered during WWII.

My son left for college, so now two of my three children are away at school. It really rocked me. I feel like my identity as a mother is slipping away, though I know all three of my children still need me.

My dad passed during this holiday last year and I was relieved that he would no longer be depressed, or suffering or lonely...and I was also relieved that my brother and I could be there for him when he passed, so that he was not alone, and so that his last moments were in his style. This year I am not relieved at all but distraught, and upset that I didn't spend enough time with him when he was alive. I know this is a common feeling, but I also have a feeling of guilt and remorse and selfishness, for all the times I spent living my life instead of helping him in his or just being there with him. I hope to honor his life by always remembering all the good he taught us and by being the good person he always saw in me.

I had to move because the person owning the house I was renting wanted to move back in. Within a month, I was told that the renter in the house that I owned was leaving. So, within three months I had to pack, move, get a house ready for market- in two different states. I'm glad I'm in the house I am in now- I like it much better. Selling my own house, while it isn't done, has been a very stressful experience due to the father of the buyer being an absolute bully. It's almost done, tho. So long to my first and only house, that I lived in for 12 years. sniff. Plus, my job has been extremely difficult this year. This has been one of the more stressful summers I've had.

I decided to no longer be a teacher. I am grateful that my family is so supportive of my career change, but I'm very anxious about taking on something new and unfamiliar. I'm hopeful that I will end up finding something I love to do. I'm looking forward to feeling motivated again.

I've become aware of frailty. I rode an amusement park ride with my granddaughter, broke a rib, and had resultant health issues for the following 2 months. I will make choices more carefully about risk-taking. At 71, diminished resilience means that risks can result in the loss of time I am no longer willing to squander.

My daughter got engaged to a "nice "JEWISH boy who has the BEST FAMILY!! Really filled a huge void in my life with my 2 other daughters' men not Jewish and all of my family either dead or "dead to me". I even went to services for Rosh Hashanah by myself...because I wanted to re-connect with my Jewishness. He is such a MENSH and we are all so very happy that they found each other! Barak and Michelle!! (yes, they heard ALL the jokes)

Sequester. The sequester hit and all of a sudden my company, Standard Solar, fired two engineers from the commercial engineering group. Even when I worked at NIST, the government stalling with fiscal business never seemed to affect me. But working for a private construction company with much of the financing for the large projects coming from volatile federal incentives has shown me the uncertainty in this field at this time. Current trends indicate that solar, wind, and other renewables will reach grid parity by 2025 (by the most conservative models). But I'm rambling. The sequester hit, and we suddenly fired two engineers from my group. One of whom has two little girls at home and had been with the company for three years.

I failed out of college. I can't say it was a surprise...the fact that I preferred to stay in bed most days instead of go to class kind of foreshadowed that. To be honest, I don't necessarily feel bad about it. I hated my school and my major and never really wanted to be in college in the first place. But at the same time, I miss Washington, DC and my friends more than I can sometimes put into words. Of course, i also know that this throws my future into jeopardy and saddled me with 40k in pointless loans, but it's also given me the chanceto really look at what I want from my life. Do I want a career or a family? Do I want to go back to school or maybe do something like enlist? If I do go back to school, do I settle or go somewhere that will make me happy? These are all questions that I hadn't really thought of before and that I'm now trying to answer.

I opened up a savings account for my goal. My goal is to move to the east coast by mid 2015 and with financial planning I hope to have at a minimum $20,000 in my savings account by the time I move to help me get set up over there. This life event of mine has definitely madero hopeful about the future and that anything is possible if you take the proper steps towards making your dreams come true.

In the past year I have become increasingly more disabled. I also faced the fact that I will probably not have another love relationship in my lifetime. I wish I could say I was OK with these things but I am not. I am angry and sad. I am trying not to let those things get in the way of building the best life I can right now.

Hopes of selling my business and taking on a more steady job fell through and I was sorely disappointed. It forced me to rethink both my business and the skill set I bring to the workplace. It has change my attitude toward investing appropriate efforts into activities of varying profit abilities and those of necessities.

I went to Japan for two weeks with friends. Though I stayed with them the whole time, I somehow learnt how to live independently. My eyes were opened to the wider world, making me realize how small I was, which was a good thing. It has made me more open to people as well. I think, I also found out my purpose of living in this world and this encourages me every single day.

Being the preceptor to new grads.....give me a sense of gratitude to be able to give back....and relieved that I was able to be a positive influence in a new employees life

My mom had a stroke I have both grateful And resentful. She made horrible choices with men. She never listened to me. This last guys stole whole bunch of money and she took the third out on the house tand maxed out her credit cards. When she was in the hospital she finally realizzed he had to go. I was there for a weekend but ended up staying for 25 days. I had to go to 'family court' and get a restraining order, evict another tenant, hire someone to clean up the yard, I got a dumpster and started to clean the house, painted her roomi, did some electrical and got her set up with help in the home. I don't know how long she is going to be able to live at home since all her money was stolen and she needs help. I am also resentful that my brother does not help. He lives only 30 minutes away,as told but told me "I HATE HER!" so it is better that he not come over. I am greatful that I can help her, and that my son helps me . It was good to know that she finally listens to me and trusts me.

My beloved mother passed away in June. I have deep feelings of gratitude for her and her life. Notbonlybdid she give me life, she also gave me a sense of wonder to be anyone I would choose to be. She gave me self-esteem and a loving container for growth. She gave me a voice to express myself and uplift others I feel deep--beyond what words can express--regret and sadness for my own inability to visit her more often before she passed. I was on my way to visit her for her 90th birthday and she died a day before my flight. I feel sadness and regret because I had wanted to be with her for her at that moment of passing. I has found a way to connect with her spirit to spirit and i pray that she felt my presence although inwas physically far away. I feel that she felt my spiritual presence and support as she was passing. I had called in my spiritual community to kythe with her as well. I hope and pray that she felt rocked in our collective loving arms as she passed. I feel s relief for my sweet mother that she has been released from the prison of her own body and grateful that she passed peacefully. I feel inspired by life. By knowing that I am bigger than my physical body and that as long as I have breath I have an opportunity to honor my mothers life I have deep regrets for my wrongdoings many years ago for which my dear brother cannot forgive me. My mother forgave me and blessed me. By brother still holds judgment, resentment and anger towards me. I love him and pray for him

I got into grad school! I'm the first one in my family and I really feel like this is it! Like I will break the cycle and be able to provide my family and myself with a higher quality of life. The first few classes have been inspiring...I'm excited for the year...

My husband turned 60 this year. Unfortunately this makes me think of getting older, but when I asked him what he wanted, a big party or a trip somewhere, he surprised me by saying he wanted a sailboat!! Talk about a cure for aging worries... we are like kids on this boat, taking sailing lessons and now sailing our own boat. I am very grateful for his wise decision. Also, I had a 40 year reunion that was awesome with my 3 best girlfriends from high school staying at my house. Liam (17 yrs old) said we were a bunch of old ladies acting like high school girls. Alec and Ash lived with us too.

My grandmother passed away this year. I feel a mixture of guilt, sadness, and admiration for her in times of difficulty. Ultimately, I spent the high holydays at home with my parents. I am hoping that in the year, we can work on family dynamics.

In May, my Nana declined. Since my grandfather died, one of my biggest regrets was not being there when he died. So when I heard that she would die soon, I insisted on getting to her side as soon as possible. Being with her, and being the only of her grandchildren with her, when she died was one of the most powerful experiences I've ever had, and also one of the hardest. To alternate between feeling unable to withstand such emotion and accepting of the emotion was an uncomfortable place to be, as she walked the line between life and death. The experience brought me closer to my family, closer to myself, and closer to her. It was the most selfless thing I've ever done, to embrace death and comfort her, to tell her that she could let go.

My Mom died last January - made me realize that I'm ok with death for someone who lived a long good life - & that I can take over to try & hold the family together by continuing to schedule the same gatherings

In the past year I started school at Emerson College and became more aware of my goals and aspirations. I am extremely grateful to be here and hope to make the most of my time here. I became involved with Emerson Orientation and had the opportunity to move new students into their Residence Halls as well as show them around Boston and Emerson.

I graduated from high school and moved into college. I am so glad that those years are behind me now and that I get to move closer to my future. However, I do miss everyone from back home, especially my boyfriend. Everyone says that long-distance relationships don't work, but so far we have been doing well. I can't imagine going a single day without talking to him, so I think that we will be able to keep in contact.

I got ENGAGED!!! I'm very happy and feel secure. I've met my soul mate and I can't wait for a wedding and in an ideal world a baby next year but I'm frightened about jinxing it

This year so many things happened. I started graduate school. I ran for a student government position and won. I was in a relationship and it failed and was very hard. I think that while there are complexities in each of these, they were significant in their own ways. Proving to myself that I can be a student again, that I can lead and am wanted as a leader, and that I can be in a relationship are such important components of my life. I have no regrets about these. I know that they were important pieces of my journey. I am grateful for these events, I know that they are strengthening me and changing me for the better.

My 45 year old sister claims to be off crack after nearly two decades as a user. I want to believe her but I'm not sure I can. She still drinks very heavily everyday and still smokes weed everyday...sometimes with her 15 year old daughter. Sometimes her 13 year old son will give her a bud or two because he knows his dad will come over and steal from my sister's (his mom's) stash. Sometimes he (my brother-in-law) has even bought pot to give to his children. My sister recently found ritalin in her daughter's bedroom, confiscated it and then turned around to sell it for profit after trying it herself. I am so deeply saddened by these events that I'm not even sure how to deal with this...it's just so overwhelming and I feel so completely helpless...

I worked my first full time job in over two years. I wasn't sure if I could do it. For the first couple of weeks I would come home completely drained and exhausted. Over time, though, it lessened and by the end of the summer I really found a rhythm. I am so proud of myself. This experience has boosted my self esteem and taught me how capable I am.

I won a lawsuit against my former employer. I had always suspected that my new boss was homophobic and, as a result, treating me differently from my colleagues. What I didn't know was just how bad it was. During the legal proceedings it all came out. He was an Evangelical "Christian" who despised and feared gay people. He listened in on my calls. He read all my e-mails. He looked for any and every way he could to terminate me. And when he couldn't find anything, he made something up. All this despite the fact that I had lead my region to 1st place status for 4 consecutive years in a row and had a sterling reputation as an exceptional leader and manager. When everything settled in my favour, I felt vindicated and glad that I had pursued this fight and that I was triumphant. I gained closure. And, I added to my retirement nest egg.

I finally started to understand the consequences of debt and, more importantly, the benefits that come out of developing a plan to get out of debt. I lived with such abandon, not paying attention to how much money I was spending (and on things that were decreasing in value in an attempt to make myself happy - buy myself into an image of who I wanted to be). Both things - buying things to establish an identity and the subsequent debt - were making me unhappy. They made me feel less satisfied since I was spending my time (not only my money) chasing things that were very surfacey/shallow - rather than working out more and taking care of my body or paying attention to how my actions impacted the environment, I bought high-end exercise clothing and countless reusable bags. These things were made to make other people *think* I was a person who I wanted to be, rather than taking the steps to become that person (0r, to put it another way, to pursue things that are genuinely interesting to me). And the debt put me in a position with fewer options for change, making it more difficult to undertake larger things that would likely make me more happy. (For example, saving to take a class or buy a larger home.) Putting together a plan - for debt relief and for savings - has helped me to feel more in control and make the concept of money more real. I started planning out each paycheck - $100 for groceries, $375 for credit card payment, $75 for transportation, $45 for gym dues, and the rest for fun money - and getting my discrenctionary money in cash. This has really helped me to spend less. I still make mistakes and get tempted, but even when I slip up, I still have an end goal in mind, so I don't just throw my hands up and give up. Last year when we were renting a car and my credit card got declined and we would have been stuck without a car had she not been there and we were able to use her credit card, was so scary and embarassing. I never, ever want that to happen again. But I've also starting motiviating myself with positive things, too. $20,000 in savings and I get to buy a home or move back to the Oregon coast and see what's there. I am proud of myself and relieved that this feels like it is under my control. I am moving foward in a positive way.

My brother had a cancerous polyp removed from his colon. He is only 44, so it was caught quite early due to his vigilance. Because of his young age, and the nature of the cancer, I had to have a colonoscopy to be checked. While I wasn't worried (strange for me!) it was a wake up call to middle age. I am very relieved that he is fine now, and I was declared clear as well. Grateful for our health and thank G-d every day for it.

A friends husband suddenly passed away this year. It was out of nowhere and shook me and our entire community. I think it has made me appreciate my husband more - bec I now do think "this could be gone in an instance". It's scary but also sobering - and has really helped me not take stuff with him for granted. He says "let's to for a walk" and I don't say "maybe later - I've got to fold the laundry". I go for a walk. I feel aware that I am taking snapshots in my head of moments together - bec I want to make sure I cherish and enjoy every single one.

I have been a stay-at-home mom, homeschooling my girls for the past 20 years. Now that they are moving into their own lives, I spent the past year becoming a state-certified mediator. It has been gratifying to discover how aspects of myself that have been developing over the years are able to be translated into a this next stage in my life. I have come to a new appreciation of myself and a new level of confidence in my ability to make a difference in the world beyond my family.

The thing that impacted me the most this year was losing my beloved dog Ludwig in January. It happened so suddenly and unexpectedly, and it was devastating. The loss was so hard to bear. Three weeks later, we lost our sweet Lily, which was almost as difficult. I miss them every day. We adopted two younger pomeranians, Kavik and Trax. They have helped us heal, and I can't imagine what it would be like without them. I have grown from this loss, and I know that we are all one.

I was invited to participate in an international poetry festival. What a thrill. It was so wonderful to be surrounded by poets from across the globe, people who believe that the word has power and that they are obliged to engage it to communicate with other people. It was also wonderful to be reminded that beyond the small politics of American poetry, the world and its people believe in poetry, still. An inspiration and a new found freedom.

I had a baby! I have never been affected by anything as much as having Henry. He is 8 weeks old now, and I think I have felt every emotion in the past 8 weeks: grateful, relieved, resentful, and inspired....happy, content, satisfied, frustrated, sad, scared, guilty, anxious.... I can't believe how much my life has changed. I feel like it won't ever be the same, and that makes me both excited and sad at the same time. I loved my "old" life, being independent and free, but I have a feeling I will adjust to my "new" life over the course of this year and love it even more than I loved my old life.

I had a stroke on May 1. Resentful? Yes! How could this happen to me? I have spent my entire adult life doing everything to prevent this: exercise, healthy diet, staying slim, etc. My stroke shocked everyone I know, as there is no family history and I am the one who is always held up as the model of health and tries to get everyone else to take care of themselves. Probably because I am in such good health, the clot dissolved on its own and after three days of hospitalization and many tests, my doctors could not find anything wrong with my heart, etc., that might have caused it. I am very thankful that there was no residual damage, as the affected part of my brain was the area that controls movement and balance. I was surpised that for the first time since a serious bout with pneumonia in 1975, I could not power through an illness/injury. Very humbling.

This year I graduated college. It was a difficult four years, filled with lots of changes and big steps; some I question in hind-sight, but am overall thankful for. Graduating was wonderful. I wasn't proud of myself until the day of, but now I recognize the achievement and am glad to be moving on.

I am unsure on how to answer this... There were many significant events but none of them were THAT significant. Let's see... I went home over the summer and got to see my grandparents whom I hadn't seen for over a year. My grandfather has Alzheimer's... and it had gotten much worse, of course, since the last time I saw him. But he remembered me and we went out for a walk together one time, only the two of us. It was just so incredibly hard to keep myself from crying as we walked down the street while he talked about things that made no sense at all.. he couldn't really make any sentences, had no coherence whatsoever. Anyway... I love him so much. And I know I might never get to see him again since I live in a different country... but I got to see him this year. And I'm happy.

I got married! It felt like a flood when changes in local and Federal laws made it possible. I was given a sense of security I wasn't fully aware that I lacked.

Going to south america for 3 months was one of the most revitalizing experiences i've ever had. It reminded me of where i'm from, and who I really am. I was able to get close on a deeper level with my family. It truly was one of the best things I could've ever done.

I am grateful that my step-daughter has included me in her life.

My mother died a horrible death back in January. That has affected me daily. I was the only one that visited her or spent any time with her at the end. I staid with her until she took her last breath with my daughter and best friend Both she loved a great deal. I am dealing with how she went through the last three weeks of her life on a daily basis and need to go to therapy. Her misery and screams reverberate in my mind constantly. Are you grateful? Relieved? Resentful? Inspired? I don't feel any of these things. I am in so much grief and guilt and it seems like there is no one to talk to. My 87 year old father survived her and I am trying to spend a great deal of time with him. We are both very sad.

I published two poems this year. Definitely happy about that!

I performed an original poem about working for social justice for huge arts event sponsored by a group called Jewish Muslim Community Building Initiative. There were over 200 people mostly Muslims and Jews but people of all faiths. My poem received huge applause.More than my personal success I was touched by the sight of the people coming together.

I had to find my dog of five years a new home. It finally got to a point where I couldn't ignore any more the negative impact he was having on my life, as in, I really didn't have one any more. His needs were completely dictating mine, in such a way that made it impossible to even run to the store. It was affecting my relationships in the worst way. My family because I was relying on them to watch him for my at least once or twice a week, and my friends because I hardly saw them. I feel like I failed him, but I know he's much happier where he is, and I finally feel like I can do all the things I want to with my life.

I am in the most wonderful, loving relationship of my life and I am so grateful!

On January 25th, 2013 I gave birth to my second daughter. She is so amazing! I can't imagine what life was like before she was part of our family! I am exhausted, it's hard juggling two kids, a job, a husband etc. but I am unbelievably happy and grateful.

After a hiatus of several years, I re-entered the world of dating. Met a great person...but we weren't ready for a relationship nor right for each other. Grateful for the learning and growing that has come from our time together Relieved that we are not burdened with "trying too hard" anymore Inspired to try again - whenever the timing is right

I changed jobs and had to navigate a new culture. It has not been easy and it caused some depression and anxiety, but I was able to look at the situation and recognize it wasn't entirely or even partially my fault. Sometimes things simply look different from the outside. I've gained a lot of insight into what moves me and gained skills to take to my next job. That has allowed me to no longer resent the situation or actors in it.

I reconnected with a college girlfriend I'd known for 26 years, but hadn't seen in 7. We were delighted to find we'd grown into the perfect people for each other. Seven years of doing 10Q and I finally have a serious romance to report.

We hired a new dean and I was able to step down and rejoin the faculty. I expected to be "off the hook" and in some ways I am. But now I need to deal with the fact that I am no longer in charge. So although I am relieved to no longer have the responsibility, I need to relinquish control completely and accept the fact that the new dean has his own ways of looking at things. His way is not my way but it is the way it will be.

This year I have had men come onto me. There was Cody who I was in gym class with Freshman year. I bumped into him on the 1 train once and road with him for a bit. I told him he could friend me on facebook. Then on facebook, I gave him my phone number. We texted for a week and then he told me that he was in love with me. I was taken aback because no one had ever said that they felt that way about me. Especially because I've never had a boyfriend and he was currently dating someone. I found it very hard to talk to him and always got a bad feeling in my stomach. I didn't respond to his texts even when he said he was sorry and that he didn't mean it. My friend Audrey would text him as me and her friends would try to get him to leave me alone but he wouldn't leave me alone. This summer, a boy named Daniel who is a year younger then me said he liked me. He told me that he first started liking me when he looked into my eyes. I thought he was lying and asked him what color my eyes were. He said "Hazel." He told me why he liked me. He said he liked that I wasn't such a girly girl. He thought I was skinny. That he liked when I cursed. That he liked how I could do things without worrying if I broke a nail. That I liked hiking and biking and stuff. This time I was more prepared and I let him down easy. I am thankful for these experiences because I can now appreciate how it's hard to let someone down and I have put people through that experience many a time.

Participating in a "get out the vote" door-to-door campaign for the presidential election last November. Seeing and feeling the energy of diverse people drawn together by a common cause and belief was inspiring. All the volunteers all over the country walking the walk--literally and figuratively. I was so thrilled and so moved to be a part of this positive swell of humanity.

I moved to a different city. It is opening me up to new experiences, new people, and a new perspective on life.

I left a job that I had loved for three years to start grad school! I was excited to start but very nervous about being a student again and having to do work. I know it was the right choice for me though, even on the days where I was extra anxious about the move, moving back in with my parents, or living farther from my boyfriend.

My husband died. It was sudden, unexpected, and completely devastating. I am grateful for the time we had together and resentful that we didn't have more. Going through this has inspired me to redo my advance directives for health care. We had to make some quick medical decisions and while I am comfortable with what we decided, I wanted to be clearer about my end-of-life care wishes should those decisions need to be made for me. I am putting my affairs in order, although I expect to live for a long time to come. I am paring down my possessions; I have too much stuff I don't need getting in the way of the life I want to live.

I applied for a job in another country and got it. I wasn't expecting it to come this early and after 7 years in my previous home, I found myself having to uproot my life a lot sooner than expected. I don't know yet if I'm grateful, relieved, or inspired. I'm definitely in a period of transition and trying to make sense of myself and get my feet on the ground again.

By far the most significant experience this year was my conversion to Judaism in April 2013. At Rosh Hashanah last year, I barely understood its significance. I had been meeting with my rabbi for many months but did not start my Intro to Judaism class until October. It gave ALL of the holidays in the past year much more context and meaning for me, and I have felt peaceful, whole, and at home. My life and my soul are forever changed by this experience.

Retired. Sooo happy, grateful and relieved. In Retirement Rapture®

I received an ipad for my birthday. And an iPhone a couple of months later. It has completely revolutionised the way I do things. I love it, and could not imagine ever going back. But they are completely addictive, and I need to implement boundaries more effectively.

Moving to Eretz Yisrael. Best decision of my life to come home.

This past year, I was really challenged by someone at work. Yelling, degrading language, belittlement over a new template I had created. It really forced to choose whether I wanted to be popular or whether I wanted to be right. Ideally, you'd choose both, but that wasn't possible in this instance. I was so clear about choosing to be right. Or more correctly, choosing to do the right thing, rather than the popular thing. Over the past few months, it's become clear to me that that's a pattern of my life, and important to my feeling of moral alignment. I hope to always have the strength of conviction to choose to do what is right over what is popular.

I lost the extra weight. I feel relieved, inspired and healthy.

I met my beshert. I'm so grateful and inspired. We are both astounded to find someone who fits us beyond our wildest dreams. We share with each our gratitude other all day long about everything. I feel so safe I can let my funny side out, and we laugh a lot every day.

Randy's Dad died, he was in hospital for 2 months in London. Jackie and MaryJean had to stay with us so that they could see him without having to stay in a motel. It was a really hard time and it lead to some bad blood between myself and Jackie. I have been working through it emotionally, initially I couldn't stop thinking about it. I had negative thoughts swirling in my mind nearly constantly, it wasn't like me at all, I hated it. I started to write in my gratitude journal and pray and it really helped me to get out of that awful head space. Today while I am not happy about the situation I have moved on emotionally and can look at it a bit more objectively.

I came to terms with my father's abuse of me, and at the recommendation of my therapist, cut off contact with him. It was mostly because of my boyfriend really reinforcing to me that what happened wasn't okay or normal, and that it was affecting me in the present, not just a weird event of the past. I feel pretty stressed out about it, but I've gradually gotten less upset and less anxious about it. I still feel uncertain about what will happen in the future, but for now, I can see that it was a necessary thing to do in order for me to get better.

Having a boss that doesn't respect me and seems to be consistently attacking me and others. In a strange way it has brought me and my colleagues closer together. It is frustrating, but has also caused me to really reflect on what IS going well, why we should celebrate, the progress that has been made. He makes it very hard to stay positive, but I feel grateful for the people I get to work with and that I am not stuck or trapped in my job. I can always find another job - he'll always be a jerk. It has also caused me to reexamine my connection to organized religion and the hypocrisy we deal with. I feel really glad that I began the quest of questioning very young, that my mom allowed me that exploration, and that though I no longer identify as any religion - I live a more truly Christian, giving, loving, accepting life than many of the people professing to be spiritual leaders.

I got fired from a pretty good job in April. I needed that job, and I needed to be successful, and I was devastated that I got fired. I have been fired a lot! It made me very sad, and full of despair. I was disappointed in myself, even though I didn't do anything wrong, I just did not fit in (again). In a way, it was a wake up call.

I went through a brutal illness that lasted for several months, and experienced both levels of suffering and levels of my own resilience/fortitude that I'd never witnessed before. I'm grateful as can be that I recovered and am living a healthy, happy life. At many points, it was more than I could dream of, so I can see how rich in blessings is this ordinary life I lead.

Relocated family to Seattle; left aging parents in Midwest; worried about mother.

I found out my girlfriend made out with another man and had the intention of cheating on me. It deeply hurt me at first I was extremely resentful, angry and sad. As much as it would have been easy to throw our 7 year relationship away, we both chose not to and decided to talk. It was one of the best things that happened to us in a long time. I lost my company and my father prior to that and had let myself become introverted and depressed. We both weren't inspiring each other to be better and it showed in our relationship. It was a moment of clarity for me. I have my moments of mistrust and hurt sometimes but overall our relationship is much, much stronger. We communicate better and don't automatically engage in arguments to resolve disagreements.

Summer. Summer with the step-Asians. Made me rethink things. Taught me how to be happy again. Learned about life, love, and waffles. It was a beautiful summer, leaving me inspired, happy, feeling loved, and generally okay with the world.

1) Changes in the Kibbutz. I am resentful. 2) My daughter graduated High School and was named talmidah lemofet. I am inspired.

I finished University, finally. The final months were too stressful. The social aspect of showing my work, first at the degree show and then at the subsequent two events just compounded it all together. I've been left drained. There was no big final moment either, everything just kind of trailed off. I didn't get to say goodbye properly to most people. I've only really talked to one person since I left. I'm going to start making again soon. Uni wasn't perfect but I needed to do it for the experience. It contained things I needed to get through. I just to hunker down and process everything and then apply them to my world again.

I was called by my teachers on somethings I'd been BS'ing myself and others about. I am grateful, I realized how much hiding used to be an M.O. for me and I don't want to do that any more. It's such a relief not trying to carry these thing inside, wile trying to hide them.

I decided to start a business. I feel excited, strong. I feel a lot of pressure to make more income, make the best decisions, stop spending so much to start up the business. My mission is to help families affected by divorce rebuild their lives.....it was a God-driven, purpose driven decision and I pray that my family is financially blessed from this business and that I help other families build better lives.

פרידה מאורון... הייתה לי קשה אני מניחה שכנראה שאולי זה מה שהיה צריך לקרות על מנת שאתקדם בצורה שהתקדמתי איתה בחיים. אולי הוא לא היה מתאים לי

I went to school in Israel for 2 months, to an Orthodox girls' school (but a very liberal one at that). It was such a learning experience and I think I gained quite a bit of insight into Israeli society. But to be honest, I didn't have anywhere near as much fun as I thought I would. I didn't find the girls particularly inclusive or welcoming at all, and I also didn't find then to be particularly thinking or searching either. It may have just been my perception of the whole thing, I don't know, but the other night some Israelis were here (counterpoint madrichim etc) and in the discussion, I don't remember in which context, someone made the comment that kids (well really teens) in Israel go through the things we're going through now, in later years of school (the big questions, the 'why be Jewish?' the 'what can be done to fix this stuffed up world?' the 'what am I going to do in my life that will leave the world a changed place when I die because I lives in he first place?') in their years in the army and/or other years of learning an exploring before uni. And to be honest, that makes total sense, even my own experience makes so much more sense. Because I'm obviously pretty good at making friends and connecting with people, even if I stress about it a bit. Anyway, to answer the question, I guess I'm pretty grateful to have had this experience, as I did learn so, so much (like my way around the bus system and how to get around Jerusalem) and it did change my outlook on Israel as well I think. Like, before I went, I always had, somewhere in the back of my mind, that one day I would make Aliyah. But now I'm not so sure.

Pleased I decided to stop dating N. and that I knew I deserved better. (Of course it begs the question: Why did I start?!)

This summer, I had the opportunity to intern at Benaroya Hall with the organization's event department. What I though was a run-of-the-mill-fax-papers-and-answer-the-phone internship turned into a career-affirming experience. I was essentially my boss's right hand for the three major events that she was responsible for this year: DOTA 2 The International, PAX, and Day of Music. I am so grateful for the the experience and realized just how much I love working in the event production industry. I'm still not sure if I enjoy the production or administrative (venue) part of an event more, but I think I'm leaning toward production. I got such a high while running events and I loved solving problems under a time crunch. I KNOW, in my heart, that this is what I'm meant to do with my life. To the future me: At this point in the year, you will have graduated from college. Where did you end up? I hope working in the event/convention/conference/venue industry. It's where you thrive.

I started my carreer at my 3rd college. It's been tough to be away from my boyfriend, but I'm finally doing what I need to do to be successful in my own life and not living my life based on other people in my life.

We purchased a new house. While we have planned and talked about it for years, I am more nervous than excited though, because it feels like an even larger commitment to a life I sometimes am not sure I really want or like. I keep wondering whether there's an alternate version of my life in which I'd be more content and less anxious.

I started thinking and reasoning this year, instead of just existing in my own shell, learnt to rationalize and predict the consequences of my actions and psycho-analyse where they came from, o far I'm glad.

I've lost significant hand function, and consequently my nursing position as well. I am relieved to have identified the problem, sad to have lost my role/colleagues, worried but also curious about my future. and perhaps soon I will say 'inspired' about what comes of this.

I got married. This has made me more secure in my relationship and I am very grateful and happy.

I returned home after living in Israel for a year. It has been the most challenging transition, socially, practically and ideologically. I feel as though I have learnt more about myself not from my time away but from my return home as I reflect and compare my old life to my new life.

After heavy investment of time, energy and money, I turned down a scholarship place to a top 5 MBA programme. It took a lot of self-reflection, but I ultimately decided that it was not the best route to where I want to get to in the longer term. The choice I made is for a road less certain, and that is a bit scary, but I am glad that I went through the process and hopeful that it will turn out right.

I had a trip with my godchildren. It had been abt 2 years since I had seen them and they are still young....a lot happens and changes quickly. It was great to see them again and become reacquainted with these 'little ppl'.

I left an amazing job to start a new one. I thought I was ready to take the risk since the new job has so much professional potential, but I'm still unsure and have yet to find my footing and voice.

This year has had some significant moments. I have continued my meditation journey, let go of alot of hurt and resentment, my daughter started daycare and I had my mornings free, I discovered that my medical conditions are more serious than I had previously thought and I started a blog. I feel that in a way all of these changes and occurances are connected and are bringing me towards my true self in some amazing way.

After trying to get pregnant, I had two miscarriages this year. I felt deeply saddened and disappointed both times. The first time I felt like a failure, and felt that my body had betrayed me. I was also very angry at myself. I blamed myself and was convinced that I had done something wrong or that I was being punished for something that I had done (namely, having an abortion a couple of years ago). The second time I was a little more compassionate with myself and my body. I was still extremely sad and disappointed, but I felt a shift, in that I could realize that my body is healthy and just doing what it needs to do--although I will never know exactly why it happened. I also became acutely aware of how common miscarriage is and how rare it is for women to talk about it openly and publicly. As a society we think that getting pregnant is natural and a part of life. There is very little acknowledgement that getting pregnant and losing the pregnancy is also a natural part of the human reproductive process, and that it is extremely common and nothing to be ashamed of.

Job woes -- I was put on a Performance Improvement Plan, then suspended for yelling at a co-worker, then found another job, gave notice and then was walked out of the building 3 days later! And, my pay went down. So not a happy time. I was actually a little bit relieved to be pushed out, because this job has been extremely stressful for a long time. I actually developed severe anxiety after May 28th, when placed on that PIP. But, I'm resentful as well, for not being allowed to finish out my 35 day notice; instead, I was made to appear irresponsible (outside vendors, ETHOS, Central Boston Elder Services, and Tufts staff may have thought I walked off the job, or was fired).

I met a boy named Forrest. Our relationship has not only shown me new ways to love, but has also shown me new perspectives on life. Together, we've embarked on a cross-country road trip, toughed it out for a summer apart while our relationship was just in its beginning stages, and have managed (in college) to somehow share a life together while maintaining our independence. Meeting Forrest was a challenge for me to let someone in to my life, and I'm realizing more every day what it means to be in a successful and happy relationship. He's someone I can see myself with for a long time, and even if things don't work out, I'll always keep this new perspective on love and life with me.

This past year, I had the oppertunity to go on a life changing trip called March Of the Living. I spent a week in poland going to different concentration camps- Aushwitz, Birkinou, Mydonick and trablinka. It was chilling seeing all the places my annsesters were murdered etc. The experince overall impacted to me and changed me. We also spent a week in Israel which was just as amazing, in a diferent way. Emotionally there were less tears but it was so incredible going from snowy poland to hot and sunny israel The point was to feel like we had been "relezed" and then brought to our holy land. It was truely the best thing in the entire world

This past year I graduated from high school. The summer following my graduation was a very strange one. During the school year I was friends with a lot of people, but it wasn't until summer hit that I realized that I wouldn't be friends with most of those people anymore. Of course there are a few people that I plan to remain friends with, such as Sam Finn, Yesenia, and Natasha. I wonder if at this time next year I'll still be close with all of them. This big change was very strange because I was ok with not being friends with most of my high school friends anymore. I didn't expect that to happen. I thought I would be much sadder about it. It affected who I spent my time with over the summer.

I took a position working for a woman whom, in the end, I realized I could not work for and had to resign. I am all of the above really...Grateful to have had the opportunity to get the job and learn about myself that I am more than capable of doing the work for which I had been hired and grateful to learn that money is not the driving force in my path. Relieved to be out of the position and get some of myself back. Resentful of the time with my family that I lost during the 3 months I commuted to this job. Time that included my younger son's last weeks at home before traveling abroad for a year, my older son's brief summer visit home and my husband's very difficult coming to grips with losing his job.

A significant event was finding a job after a long stressful search. It's slowly sinking in as it starts in October of this year. I'm very grateful for having the opportunity yet also realizing that at 54, I'm not at the same life stage to even look at retirement in the future as I'm really starting over after spending all my $ to live and support my family. This experience has made my live a day at a time and be realize that G-D is with me every step of the way.

I started the holidays last year with a ruptured sebaceous cyst in my left arm. It was infected, and although we were dressed to go to services, we ended up spending the day in the hospital, and then I had surgery, and then I had a few weeks of seriously painful dressing changes as it healed. It was traumatizing. It was also just one more thing after a couple of years with leukemia, bone marrow transplant, and graft versus host disease. I am still angry about it, I realize. Not specifically about that incident, but about how much of my life - nearly everything - is affected by chronic pain and other health issues. Rationally, I know the anger isn't going to get me anywhere, but I am really struggling with letting it go. I am grateful. I am relieved. I am resentful. I am inspired. I am everything.

I decided to make a commitment to Judaism. I go to shul often and am becoming a member of our Jewish community, joining the Temple this year. I will begin studying for conversion (though I call it affirmation) in November. I am excited AND fearful that I will not be able to handle the Beit Din.

I can't pick just one - it's been an incredible year full of rich experiences. This past year I transitioned from living life as a lone wolf to growing into a new crew of friends that have now become a second family to me. I am so thankful for them. We've gone on trips, some amazing weekend adventures, and spend the passing time of the days and nights in a way that has such a natural flow to it all. I've fallen in love with the most beautiful person I've met, inside and out. But at this point it's unrequited love. Tough one to deal with, ultimately I am grateful for the experience, but still anxious about the future between us.

I bought the Mini! It may seem horribly materialistic, but the investment/ purchase has completely transformed my life. I didn't realize how limited I was by just having Buddy or Muni, and this has opened up the city and the state in ways I dreamt but couldn't imagine would be so liberating. I had the great surprise of paying off a student loan, too, so even with the loan payment isn't feeling burdensome.

I starred in my high school's musical. Because I'm demure by nature, this was a big deal and very scary for me. I've always loved singing and have secretly wanted to be on stage in front of a ton of people doing it. I just never had the confidence. My drama teacher, Mrs. Bodey, cast me in the role of Ti Moune in "Once on This Island" and I learned so much. I will always be grateful to her and remember this experience with fondness.

My bubby died. It's made me really sad but also a lot more appreciative of the family I do have. It's also made me really really fearful of my other grandparents dying. I don't know how to handle death and I still don't understand it. I just am glad I guess that I can be so grateful for my extended family as it is right now. I want to see them and be with them as much as possible - and it's hard when I'm not with them. It's funny but I just remembered this (I had to go back and write it on day 5) - I also got a shit ton of money. I guess that really wasn't the most important part of it all, which feels good to realize. But the good news is it'll help me do Teach for America and go on my trip.

There are so many... My aunt passed away this spring. It was an especially difficult time for her family. When my own mother was dying a few years earlier, I had discovered a resource that explains our transition from this world in both the physical and spiritual sense. It was amazing. I passed it on to my uncle and cousins. It not only gave them a new perspective...it gave them knowledge and peace. They were even asked to share it with the hospital staff in the paliative care unit when they saw the affect it had on my aunt's family members. This resource is called Gone From My Sight by Barbara Kames.

I moved into a flat on my own for the first time. At times it's been expensive, and occasionally I am lonely, but it's reminded me how lucky I am to be able to afford the luxury of privacy. It's also shown me that I have a pretty good social life - sometimes I wish I got to spend more time here on my own! I do worry about whether I would be able to share space with someone else again now...

I lost a lover of 30 years, and I am trying to figure out where I am heading. The last part of his life was hard, so I am relived of that - but now I wonder just what there is for me Now????

My daughter was pulled out from the depths of depression. We are all very grateful, and now, very happy.

I had to come to terms with the discovery that in my heart, I truly did not believe I was loved/worthy of love. To see how this was effecting my relationships with those that do actually love me has been hard, but I am truly grateful to have been able to start the turn around that I need to make my relationships truly rich and to let myself be truly loved. I've been grateful to share this insight with two of my greatest girlfriends; Charyl and my sister. Both fellow non-believers. It's been a game-changer for us all.

Winning my election was an incredible experience. To feel that the region had confidence that I was the better option made me feel empowered. This was written right after a 100+ kickoff and I hope we continue to achieve on this level (and I hope to be partly responsible)

My parents found out that I had dropped out of my PhD program and didn't tell them. It was terrifying at first but it was a huge relief that I no longer had to lie to them.

My depression worsened. I had a few good months and then it came back and much worse than before. I can't see the light anymore. Nowhere. And I feel horrible. I don't know what to do.

I finally got a diagnosis for a mysterious illness that was impacting the strength and energy levels in my body to the point I couldn't walk very well. I have Lyme Disease. The day I got the test back was SO exciting because I had been to 10 or 12 doctors over a couple of years with no answer and kept getting clear diagnostic results. This was an amazing day. I just felt relieved like I'M NOT CRAZY!!

Peter and I got engaged! I am extremely excited to spend the rest of my life with such a supportive and caring person!

I've finally realized what I want to do as a career. My family is going to probably give birth to several live litters of kittens at the news but I can't imagine any other job that combines my passions and abilities. Its not a desk job, so i'm sure it will get looked down on. I'm thrilled because after years of hating what I did just for a paycheck, I'm going to be doing something I love.

I feel like every significant experience has to do with FORSAKEN. My whole life revolves around it and I don't have time for anything else. I has consumed me. And I am unsure how I feel about that.

I felt fear in relationship with the person I thought I loved most in the world. I felt vulnerable and at risk in ways I never have before. I imagined my family and friends as flies on the wall saying 'what on earth are you doing in this situation which is obviously so damaging to you??' Everything was so unpredictable and I didn't know if she would hurt me or hurt herself.

Left my job of 12 years at IU. I am relieved, inspired, a bit breathless at entering this new phase. Dedicating time to my own writing, reclaiming my time to reflect, travel, renew, discern. In my job life starting a nonprofit so two new endeavors fiction and foundations

Teaching kids to ride bikes, and hearing/seeing their joy in newly discovered thrills of riding. Makes me feel like a kid again myself, reconnected with joy of learning and the pleasure of accomplishing a hard fought goal.

My family grew! We welcomed our beautiful baby girl, Sophia Katherine. Everything changed...in every possible way. No matter how challenging things can be, she helps me keep things in perspective. I love my family! They are so important and precious! I am utterly grateful and feel blessed to have such an awesome responsibility.

Wow. Significant experience. Well, I have two and both of them impacted me in various ways. 1) Sandy Hook. Being born and raised in CT, this would have affected me anyways, though not to the degree it did. A friend of mine from college was one of the teachers who lost her life at SHS that day. I was away in Maine and missed all of the news coverage, and didn't find out until very late that evening when a mutual friend called to tell me what had happened. Part of the grieving process for me was a lot of introspective work. This was someone who literally used her body to shield her students. Someone who cared so much about her job and the children she was in charge of that she gave her life and ended up saving most of her class. I'd been unhappy with my job and my life path for quite some time; feeling as if I'd been on auto pilot and just going through the motions on a day to day basis. This changed me and made me realize that life is too short to be doing anything other than what makes me happy and makes me feel fulfilled. I promised to myself and to my friend that I would make it my mission to find my purpose in life and to live with passion and selflessness. 2) I am going through a horrible breakup right now. He ended the relationship about 8 weeks ago, citing every reason in the book that you could possibly give to someone. While we have broken up before, I truly feel this is only temporary. I know in the deepest part of me that he is the person I am meant to grow old with. However, I am not naive enough to deny that we both have some growing to do. As much as this time apart kills me, I feel that in order for us to grow again together as a partnership, we need to spend some time apart to grow on our own. It may be stupid of me to hold out hope, but I believe that this will work out for the highest good of each of us. Right now I am using this time to learn more about myself, to take care of myself, to love myself, and to learn to become a more spiritual being. I am learning to let go. I am learning to detach. I am learning to love from afar. And I am learning to be happy with or without him.

I was charmed by a man I thought would be my 'savior'. He lied to me from day one about himself, and I was duped, blindsided, and crushed. I lost my car, learned not to go so fast and to ask about a guy's past and present. I am still thinking about it.. so, maybe I am still pissed off, still want answers! and an apology.

The most significant experience I have had this past year was going full circle from: wanting to be a writer/artist and bagging the research PhD >> wanting the research PhD and bagging the writing and art >> wanting to be a writer/artist and bagging the research PhD. Being tempted by opportunity caused me to lose sight of chasing my pipe dream, because it seemed like a good idea. But I eventually realized I was doing it for the wrong reasons: to prove something to myself and/or others, not because it's truly what I want; and because it was an opportunity to move to another country for a while. But the truth is, I can still do all of those things (move and prove my worth) without spending $60,000 doing so, and wasting 4 years of my life on a piece of paper and a few letters. Coming full circle like this only cements my desire to write and be an artist. It's an incredible experience to be tempted so greatly by something you've wanted for so long, and still have the insight and courage to say "no" in the face of a deeper desire that has been ignored. For this I am proud of myself. I have come out of it a stronger person, with a stronger sense of who I am and what I want in my life. That might change someday, but for right now I want to focus my energy on this. I feel relieved, inspired, and confident.

I moved into a new house! Well, new small, preloved flat. :) I've so enjoyed having my own space finally, and filling it with peace and snug things; the music I love, favourite foods, friends, the stuff that's been in boxes at Mom's house for decades. I do feel relief. It's just a rental, but I've been able to make it feel like home. The effects have been mixed. On the one hand, I'm much happier in this environment. On the other, it's a kind of dangerous freedom - no one to compete against or judge myself against; space to read and reflect. The good old day job is having trouble holding ground here!

My son matriculated at NYU. Throughout move-in day I was continually flashing between my direct experience of the moment and my vivid recollection of his 22 month old self sitting on the curb in front of the Princeton home into which we had moved from Chicago. Reflecting on the young adult that he has become and the type of human being he has always been brought a profound sense of gratitude and just a twinge of parental anxiety over the next part of his journey; now as a college student.

I moved in with Jon. It has been so fun. I was concerned about the focus on "just" fun, but it's definitely been a growing point for me and for us. I have learned how to express more opinions or concerns, and we have learned how to communicate through pain or embarrassment. I am so grateful to our love and our plans.

I went to New York City. Other than it being an amazing trip, I really learned a lot about myself. I'm extremely grateful to my parents for financing the trip. During the trip, we were walking in Times Square and one of my friends got lost in the crowd. We spent a good hour looking for her, and I was terrified that she's been abducted or killed or something terrible. Thankfully, she'd just taken a wrong turn and we found her eating pizza at a nearby restaurant. That really made me cherish human life a lot more than I had in the past.

This year, I started and will complete grad school for my Principal Certification. It has taken up a LOT of time. I've learned a fair amount, although the classwork isn't as stimulating as it could be. I am happy about this experience, but I'll be happier when I a) pass my exam in 3 weeks and b) get hired as an assistant principal somewhere.

I came down with a serious illness this summer. Not life threatening, but it could have been. It hung on for awhile and is now largely gone. This experience -- and turning 50 -- made me very grateful that I was not thrust into a position of "reevaluating my life," but rather, was given time to absorb recent -- and rather daring -- changes I had made to work part-time for very little money so that I could do other things that really mattered to me including writing, being of service to others, spiritual learning and leadership and environmental advocacy. I didn't wait for "something to happen" to make these big decisions (although plenty had "happened" in the 5 years prior to spur them on!), rather I rested in the satisfaction of having made very important shifts in my life before another year went by.

My husband and I decided to divorce after 15 years being together. Yes, I am grateful. And sad. And lonely. And happy. And curious to see what lies ahead. Our separation is totally amicable. In fact we still call each other "best friend" and we enjoy being with each other as friends. There was no one terrible thing that caused this parting. Rather, we came to the conclusion that the lessons we were brought together to learn had been fulfilled. It was simply time to acknowledge this and move on. My life is now 180 degrees from where it was just seven months ago.

Launching our ReConnect ecourse, and having it be such a smash success right out of the gate. It was like a gift for following my heart and it felt amazing to have the support of all of our brilliant contributors, customers and friends. We were totally in the flow, and it felt easy to create it. I loved waking up every day knowing we were touching so many people's lives in such transformational ways.

I graduated from college. After spending the past 16 years of my life in school and with a schedule, I finally have all the free time one could ever want. I hate it. I can't find a job and it feels like my life is utterly pointless. I feel like I am going nowhere fast.

I found out that I will have a hard time getting pregnant because of fertility issues. I wasn't sure I was even ready to have a child, but when it felt like the choice was being taken away, I became ready in an instant. I am sad each month when my body tells me, yet again, that I am still not pregnant. But I am grateful for my husband, who has been the most amazing, supportive partner in this journey that I could imagine. (I chose well...)

A year ago I moved in with my partner. Suddenly I am living a life I have imagined since I was a little girl and I am so incredibly proud and grateful and hopeful. Proud that I have built a strong, healthy, equitable relationship with a man I love. Grateful to have someone to take care of, and someone to take care of me and hopeful of the future and family that we will build with one another. I try to never take him or our relationship for granted. I don't always succeed, but I know he knows that I appreciate and respect him and that I am incredibly, impossibly thankful for what we have built together.

I started volunteering with dog bones and sharing dobby with people who need him

Probably the most significant event of the past year was my father-in-law's passing. He had been ill for a while, but no one expected it so suddenly. The whole process of his disease was an exercise in letting go of control and letting gratitude and presence lead the way. He definitely inspired me int he way that he took care of business - had tough conversations, told the truth. It was sometimes hard, especially for Natalie. ALthough we were relieved for him in the end, to see the end of his suffering, it has also been a great loss.

Two significant experiences this year. First, I'm resentful towards my current job because of the poor leadership, and the way those decisions affect me. Most of all, I hate that it lets me feel like my value is less, or my future doomed. But, second, and more importantly, I feel grateful and inspired by my friend Rachel. She's going through a divorce, yet she's thrown herself into starting a company with me. I wish I could convey that to her when we are stuck in the details of the day-to-day.

My father was in the hospital for a week in May, and we weren't sure if he would pull through. It made me come to terms with the fact that we cannot stop time: everyone is getting older, including me. I felt more adult-like in that moment of realization than I ever had, and it scared me.

I decided to take the year off to think about the graduate program I was in, and realized it was not a good fit for me because I was going to have to compromise on my expectations of the program by continuing in it. In taking leave, I took the time to explore other passions, work and make some income, and discover that I am excited about heading in a slightly new direction this coming year.

I decided to leave the EAst Coast and move back to California. The whole experience , all of it, the gutt decisions - without having the answers prepared was an exercise in trust and faith. In the end, I am the happiest I've been ever I think. My life feels whole and I can't imagine it getting anything but better and better. The only thing I am nervous about is this transition form working in the corporate world to working for myself. I'm still battling the inner critic in my head saying "what if you can't do it??" But I AM doing it. So I know eventually things will come together financially and I will be better off than I ever was. I am inspired immensely to create a life filled with love and joy and want an opportunity to help others create the same for themselves.

I went on a study abroad trip to Northern Italy for a week. It was the most relieving and relaxing experience I've ever had. Not only was it more like a well-needed step outside of the USA, but it really gave me a chance to see something and experience something on my own. I'm 20 years old, and I'd never had a trip like this. This experience was one of a lifetime. I hope I get to do it again!

I began playing music again, and singing with a friend whose harmonies are sublime. Our voices together give me chills. I am very grateful to have this bliss in my otherwise somewhat stressful life.

I completed my freshman year of college! It was a whirl-wind experience. I learned a lot about dealing with roommates, making friends, building my confidence, and entering the professional sphere in Boston (or at least, tip-toeing into it). I am inspired to be around people with my level of motivation and ambition, but am simultaneously shocked at how diverse people truly are. I'm not referring to nationally, ethnicity, religion, but rather habits, beliefs, and ways of life. I like to be clean, neat, polite, presentable. Others aren't as concerned about how the world perceives them. Maybe that's liberating in some sense, but it's been a shock to me. I also switched jobs. Clarks has been surprisingly awesome. I thought I'd hate a retail job. It's not what I want to do for the rest of my life, but I really do enjoy it. The team has been great and I feel rewarded for my hard work. I'm always really enjoying Hair We Are, but managing social media for a business where you have the owner's evaluating you is a whole different thing than doing it for yourself or an organization where you have total control. It's a learning curve, but I'm really enjoying it. (That reminds me to print out a timesheet for the salon.) I'm back at college for sophomore year and I'm really excited for it. Another set of experiences :)

I moved out of my parents' house, across the country, back to where I originally grew up to continue school for a major I finally want. This is my fifth year of school, fourth school I have been to, third major change, and I have a two-year degrees. I am anxious if anything. Amazed that I accomplished this goal. Proud. But anxious and nervous. There's no going back now. Time to make everyone proud and show the world what I'm capable of.

Overworking myself in school and work. I was irritable, tired, and very mean to my husband (while managing to be good to my kids.) Lesson: honor is less important than a happy family life. Life is to be lived and enjoyed; honor is for insecure people.

My design studio's work was honored with a large solo show that we designed ourselves. It's rare for graphic designers to be celebrated as such, even by a gallery off the beaten path. I'm very ambivalent about my work, and I often think about if I had been strong enough to be a writer or a full-fledged fine artist. So an honor like this is a nice vindication of the path I decided to take. But what was best about it was the experience of designing it with my staff, setting it up with my business partner, meeting the people who helped set up and attend the show, and then most significantly having my wife and mother up there to share in the experience. If anything, it's proven that the actual work is a mere byproduct in comparison to the wonderful experiences the work affords, not to mention the people we've met and got to know over the years. So while I won't deny the exhibit is an big ego boost, it's also a stark reminder that work is still just work. If you don't have anyone with whom to share the spoils, what's the point, really?

My girlfriend came to live with me in London, relocating from Poland and moving into my flat which I share with my brother and his fiancee. It's changed the focus of my life as I share it more fully with another. Personal freedom is more limited but I am very grateful for the companionship, love and support I receive, and the opportunities I have to give to another. It has also brought about a sense of greater integrity with my family, as I have stood up for my choice in the face of opposition from my mother. There is now greater peace and acceptance of my choices among my family.

There are so many things to be thankful for. This time last year my goddaughters were born. They have been the most influential thing that has happened to my life. Ever. I got into Cal for film studies and have just started my career there. It has been a significant shift in my lifestyle in a different but amazing way. I took a trip to Israel on my birthright trip and it completely changed my outlook on how I operate with my sexuality and spirituality. I feel in love with the place as well as someone there. This entire year has been one of change in many different directions and I am excited to see what happens when the pendulum swings back.

I graduated from college in May and I had a job waiting for me 2 days after graduation. It made me feel very proud of myself for accomplishing that goal. Unfortunately, I had to move back in with my mother based on money, but its been for the best. I love where I am at now with my job(s) and the people I'm surrounded by every day!

I don't remember such of experience that happen last year.

I was able to do extensive travel this year. It opened my eyes to the world in a great way. It made me realize that I have a lot to offer, and lots of life ahead of me. I am so grateful that these opportunities arose for me.

I stood up for myself and behaved in a situation with someone who was supposed to be one of my closest friends in the manner I knew was right. I didn't do so immediately, and I was conflicted beforehand, but ultimately I did the right thing, and refused to accept any possible action that was less honorable.

I have recently started to keep the Jewish mitzva of keeping Shabbat. At the beginning i was very anxious and didn't know if i was going to be able to keep it up but i didn't want to let myself down. i was also afraid my family weren't going to be accepting and I would have problems but as soon as I told them they were extremely pleased. They are very helpful making sure i have lunch and that my lights are turned on and off. for me it is a time to relax and get away from society, its almost like cleansing my soul. I am really enjoying it and it is something i want to do for the rest of my life.

I made Aliya!!!! Wooohoooo!!!!!!! I think more than anything I am relieved, after aspiring to something for so long and finally doing it I feel a sense of achievement, but even more so, I feel relieved because it's not something I have to ponder anymore, i fricken did it!! But i'm also satisfied and happy and excited for all that's to come!!

Being complained about at work in July (I was accused of being unhelpful and unproductive) made me realise I had lost interest in the job because it was boring with nothing to do and I felt underappreciated, and had consequently lost interest in trying to find acting work and nearly everything else in life. Once I started to look at work from a different angle (of creating work and making it interesting for myself by constantly trying to help out) I felt better about myself as a person and as an actor and, although I haven't started applying for acting work again (due to imminent holidays/OU course/a bit of uncertainty about where I want to go) I feel more confident just by changing my attitude and am even considering starting my own business, on top of proving to my colleagues that their impression of me was completely and utterly wrong. Also, finishing the creative writing course, realising I could write if I wasn't so lazy about it, and showing my work to people and not having it laughed at but praised for the most part, was a revelation!

I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. It has changed my life in both positive and negative ways. As for the negative, it's pretty obvious...the weeks of pain, the uncertainty about my future, the sinking feeling you get just thinking about your body attacking itself for mysterious reasons for which there really is no cure. As for the positive, I am much more present-minded. I really am noticing the beautiful and blessed aspects of my life more than ever. I feel liberated from finishing a project I was never fully sure I wanted to do in the first place. I might still finish it, in some ways I want to, but I no longer feel I NEED to, which is nice. I am now wholly committed to living a balanced life, which I think I wanted before but always felt compelled to "strive." I'm done with striving...I want to live a life in which I feel connected and whole, sane and healthy, as opposed to one in which I feel successful but disconnected, fragmented by stress and work, chronically ill. So, in many ways, the diagnosis has been a blessing, reminding me of what is really important, of what I really want from life.

The defeat of the marriage amendment, and the passing of marriage equality. Relived, jubilant, ecstatic. It was amazing to work on, amazing to celebrate, amazing to succeed. Inspiring that through conversations we could do anything, that love is love and that sharing stories made more progress than debating the issues. Amazed that it felt like every single conversation or door knock or sign made a difference. The votes were so close that I had the sense that everything I did made a difference, completely couched in that every effort that everyone else made a difference, too, and that the sum was way bigger than the parts. Huge victories for civil rights. So, inspired, energized, elated, in awe of the vision of the leaders of these movements, and so proud of Minnesota!

A few weeks ago, my mother had a severe reaction after being stung by a bee. I was kayaking at the time, and ironically heard the sirens from the ambulance that rushed her to the hospital. Thankfully, she is completely fine, but the experience really shook her up and made all of us realize how fortunate she was and how fragile our existence really is. We are quite grateful that she is alive and well.

This past year I actually had a boyfriend for about six months. Not that I hadn't dated, but I hadn't actually felt comfortable with myself and had trust in another person to fall in love with someone since forever. It was really lovely. It was wonderful to be in the moment and get excited about someone. There's also something to be said when your affection is reciprocated. As much as I say I enjoy just flirting, I really do want to be with someone who I can rely on and feel safe. Anyway, he was incredibly sweet and someone I had known in college. Unfortunately, his fears got the best of him and he ended our relationship in the worst way, via e-mail. It was so disrespectful and hurtful, but I was emboldened to not let it create an eight-year hiatus on my love life. Recently, I met someone who I've been unable to get out of my head for the past two weeks. I went up to Orlando to visit him over Labor Day. I'm excited about him. Who knows what could happen in the next year.

I graduated from my degree (0.14% off First Class honours), and it's devastated me! I miss being a student so much already, my friends have mostly scattered back to where they came from and I'm working in retail to pay the bills! But that's OK, really, I'm just starting to feel like a real adult. I'm proud of my degree, I just hope my future can live up to my expectations.

I started grad school for Applied Behavior Analysis. It has really changed the scope of how I see my future in the field and is really making me think about the possibilities that are out there for me. I am inspired to make the most of this and looking forward to this coming year!!

This past year, my wife and I began to grow our family. We had our first ultrasound showing a mass of cells growing and heard our daughter's heartbeat for the first time on Valentine's Day. Shortly thereafter, we drove out east to welcome our niece to the world. We had several opportunities to visit with her and our nephew this year, watching them grow, and helping prepare us to become parents. We have transformed our home to prepare for our child and are working on making major professional and financial changes to raise a child. I am grateful to my wife for her bravery during pregnancy and preparing for birth. Her strength and dedication inspire me, but it has been and continues to be a challenge to give more of myself to her while continuing to learn and adjust to my new job. I am grateful for the support of our family and that we have had many opportunities to visit with our parents and siblings this year and I hope that this will continue.

My boss sexually assaulted me. I went through all of the emotional stages typical of such an occurrence: kept it a secret, felt ashamed, broke down all of the time. Once I reported his actions, I found some solace, but I know this will stay with me for the rest of my life. I try to focus on what I learned, rather than that of which people are [sadly] capable.

I studied for, took and passed the LSAT. Getting my scores left me feeling accomplished and relieved. Partially for having done well on the test, but more for getting over the fear of failure that has plagued me since late high school.

I passed out during the night from low blood sugar and my husband had to call 911. I am sorry that he had to do that, but it gave us a wake up call that we did not have the right stuff on hand to help me without outside intervention. Now we do! Feeling very grateful that he was there and helped me.

I let go of a bad relationship and met the love of my life. We have only been together for 9 months but I know that it is going to be a long relationship. He brings me so much joy every day and I can't believe that I got so lucky. Sometimes, we get into arguments, but I feel like they've only opened my eyes to my flaws and how I can work on them to become a better person. I have certainly gained a lot of patience while I've been with him and have gained a new perspective on how people work and understand and deal with different situations. I've met some really people through him as well. They are all interesting and thoughtful and just good people. Since starting our relationship, I've grown more and more attached to him. I'm not sure if this is a bad thing or good thing. But I know that I'm thankful to finally have found someone who treats me well and is loyal and trustworthy.

Spending time with Baayan. I learn so much from her. The joys of picking wild flowers and dried plants for arrangements throughout the house. How to graciously receive gifts and help, how to peel an apple with a knife, how to bow and greet folks with a genki 'doumo doumo!'. She is an incredible force of a human being - with the perfect balance of compassion and tenacity.

I stopped feeling guilty for abandoning the faith I was raised to believe. I like myself more and am more honest without the idea of a 'God' in the picture. It gives so much more meaning to the world around me and has actually taken my fear of death away.

Nothing really 'big' happened in this past year outside of Barak and I's road trip and him moving out to LA. I had my internship at BJE, my classes, went to Israel (which was fun), well- I guess now that I think about it... I got engaged!! Which I suppose is a significant experience :) It was amazing actually, everything I would have wanted- it was a surprise, it was romantic, the ring is beautiful, it was from a guy I would actually want to say yes to, it was video taped, I was surrounded by friends, the date was significant- I could not have asked for more! Now Barak and I are settling into our new life together :)

This year has been about allowing one sided relationships to fold. I’m learning that regardless how much you care about someone, if you’re the only one putting in the effort, then relationship is half dead anyways. Hold the door open as they walk out of your life. If they notice or care, they’ll reach out, if they don’t…you know where you stand. I’ve learned to love myself and the sold relationships I do have , than to accept those who make no effort to be around.

I became a mother, and I think grateful, relieved, resentful and inspired pretty well shows the spectrum of emotions that came over me with this incredible life change. Most of all, though, I'm just filled with a joy that no number of early mornings, scream-filled nights or spit-up covered shirts can change. My little guy changed the way I make decisions, gave me more patience and taught me that so many of the things I worried about prior to his existence are really so small.

I left everything and moved across the country. It feel both good and selfish. It's been hard and....if I had it to do over, I don't know that I would. I've put my life in the hands of the fates tho....whatever will be will be....for better or worse....and THAT part of it at least is freeing. I'm proud of myself for taking a leap of faith. If I hadn't I would always ave wondered "what if". It sucks some days tho....it's really hard emotionally....and I feel split between what I want and doing what everyone else wants me to do....

I took incompletes in four or five classes over the last two semesters, due to my anxiety over writing papers. It's been all summer and I still have them hanging over me. I want to curl up under a blanket and never come out.

For the first time, I nearly failed a class. That was a huge wakeup call for me. I finally got it into my head that I will only get as much out of a class as I put into it and, as a result, I'm making a lot more of a concerted effort to prioritize and get my work done before I do anything else. I'm trying really hard to get my shit (pardon my French) together, and I really want to not fall off the wagon this year.

My mother "disowning" me - I feel very mixed - of course it feels bad and yet also a relief. Since Pete died she has gone back to her vocal dislike of me - reminds me of my childhood before Pete was there to defend me. Time to let go, but it is difficult to acknowledge I never had and never will have the kind of mother I wanted and needed. Spent my life finding nurturing substitutes and had hoped/pretended during the last 25+ years that things could change. But... no

This past year, I had my baby. A healthy and wonderful baby boy named Amali. It affected me immensely. First, in the obvious ways - less sleep, care for the baby all the time, argue with my husband about sleep training. Second, in a profound way. I had to change a lot about my life, including some pretty big lifestyle changes, to welcome the baby. I impressed myself with how much stronger I am than I ever thought. There was part of me that thought I'd never have children because I thought I wasn't strong enough to give up certain habits or to face my fear of medical things like needles and pain. Through the process of having the baby, I realized that I'm much greater and stronger than I have ever given myself credit for. I think that without certain challenges, we might not ever realize our potential.

My husband passed away tragically in June. It has affected me greatly in that my life has been turned upside down. What I thought was important isn't now. I am certainly not grateful or relieved except that my family and friends have supported me and surrounded me with love. I am still angry with God, but still doing a lot praying and reading. I am trying to find inspiration to become the person David always knew I could be.

My health was really challenged this year. I am grateful for the message to take care of myself and overwhelmed by the reality of being sick alot. We went to New Mexico in May, I feel grateful for time with my family, time with the big sky, and time with the earth. It was inspiring.

The loss of a job I relocated for out of state has definitely made me somewhat resentful. But, I knew before I took the job that there are no guarantees with anything. Knowing that I could lose the job and still take the risk and moving more was huge. I am proud of myself and no one can say that I didn't try, right?

we got pregnant. it shaped our whole year. every phase brought new feelings and sometimes challenges and always growth. my love for shira and appreciation for her only grew. felt amazement, gratitude to god, hope, and excitement. almost indescribable.

Hillary happened to me. Man! It's been nuts; I broke up with her 10 days ago. It was so hard. I began to evaluate myself as one of those hopelessly work-conditioned individuals who's going to end up working myself to death alone. But then I remember some of my stress and the legitimacy and I've felt the excitement of pouring my energy into this job. When I imagined charging my students with the responsibility of solving the prison reform, I was so excited! When have they heard of speaking to the State Senate? And yet, I can do that! So I'm grateful overall. I also find consolation in the belief that Hillary and I are not necessarily over. As far as I know, we both have pictures up on our walls, though they're all from her. That makes me a little sad...sometimes I think she deserves better, but then I think there's no one better than I and that my decision makes me even better for her--at least in a little while.

My daughter and daughter in law are both expecting babies after health issues and miscarriages. I am Thankful

I was accepted into a prestigious and highly selective fellowship program. I was extremely proud but also humbled, inspired, scared, overwhelmed, motivated. Having moved countries last year, being part of this new community is something that I truly cherish and I consider such a generous gift. I hope that I don't forget the real fear that comes with knowing people are vouching for you but also the tremendous feeling of accomplishment.

I told my mom about a traumatic event that happened to me 5 years ago. It started as a tangent to something else we were talking about when I realized that she didn't know what I was talking about... Five years ago, I didn't think she could handle it. And then I promptly forgot that I didn't tell her the whole story. And although I still agree with that decision. It was hard for me not to have her support during the months after the trauma, but I didn't want to make it harder by having to deal with her reaction to the news. I forgot the little bit that I told her about and it has been a blessing to revisit the subject and learn that my parents just didn't know about the event. (Although they weren't completely ignorant of it and could have made time to ask me about it some more.) They didn't know about it and they aren't sensitive people and they don't want to have emotional conversations in the daylight. I've learned how different I am from my parents. I'm learning to accept their emotional limitations.

The tree falling at Camp Tawonga that killed Annais. I'm still shaken by it. I'm not sure what it has meant for me but I know that I have learned a lot about grief and community in grief. I don't feel grateful for this experience but am glad that I have grown and matured through it.

I moved into a new house in a frum neighborhood I never expected to live in. It was a really hard transition but I actually feel like, as much as I have anywhere, I have made a home here. One that has felt both nourishing and challenging, and at the same time, one that will complicate what it means for me to build new homes in the future.

2013 is the year of auspicious growth. Don and I married on August 7. I learned that it's ok to not be invincible; but to just be me. Growing up is the best. I am no longer stressed about what the future holds, because we are just going to continue being and becoming our best. I'm no longer worried about my boss bullying me, because IT'S JUST A JOB. I no longer feel guilty for failing to stand up for myself. I can take care of myself, and I no longer have to coddle my significant other. I am now committed to a lifetime of sharing and supporting the man of my dreams. I am so grateful to be living a life I couldn't have even dreamed up. Not a "normal" life--something better. Time to go to kickboxing!

New position - lack of clarity

I studied abroad in Italy, and it was the most amazing, eye-opening experience. I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to travel the world and become a more independent person. I encountered many challenges throughout my time abroad, but I feel that I overcame them and was able to learn and grow from each experience. I feel that I have broadened my perspective and have become more confident in myself as a result of my two and a half months abroad. I was inspired by the amazing art and culture all around me, and hope to bring that beauty and excitement into my everyday life.

Deciding to take a break w my relationship to find myself. It has been a very challenging road with a lot of emotions, but today I look back and know that I wouldn't be here right now without this. And so even though I had moments of relief, resentment and every other emotion in the book I am eternally grateful.

My most significant experience this was being accepted to Salem state. I had been out of high school for just about 5 years and thought that college was out of reach for me. Now that I am here I plan to make the most of it and finish with a degree in the next four years

The whole process of starting my business has been crazy. I've had weeks of incredible activity, and periods where I wondered what I got done. It's been a process of incredible emotional moments - highs when a return email from a client wants a meeting, and lows when you find someone who might be a competitor and your confidence just falls away. I'm still working out how it has affected me - am I stronger? Am I weaker? Am I more closed with my emotions? I'm not sure. I'd like to tell myself I'm stronger and I'm wiser, and I'm more confident than ever - I'm still here fighting away, and happy to be doing so, given that, I feel this is the place I'm meant to be.

This year, I was diagnosed with depression. Starting treatment, knowing that I could do something about it, was a big step forward. I was just so sad all the time. All I could think about was how easy it would be to just end it all. I'm truly blessed to have a fantastic group of friends who love me and care about me. I remember sitting on my friend Drew's porch with my friend Adam, and just sitting there spilling our hearts out to each other for an hour at 3 am. It was a great experience. I had never seen Adam cry before, and it felt good to know that I am not the only one who cries. In the same month, I had seen Drew cry, and I had two best friends leave for college. August was a very emotional month, but I feel that I've grown because of it. I know who my true friends are and I know that I'm not alone.

I left my high-paying corporate job for a life of freelance graphic design, all while recovering from a Rx drug addiction and debilitating panic attacks. I am relieved that I am now of stable health and on a path to happiness. I am proud of the way I handled the situation and bounced back. I am disappointed because I poured my heart into that company, but was treated as a liability and disposable resource. Now, I am uncertain as I face an unwritten future. I have no idea what tomorrow will bring, or if I'll be able to pull this off. I'm scared and losing faith in myself. But, as always, I won't let my self-doubt ruin my opportunity!

After a couple months of mild depression in New York, including a stagnant job, love life, and friends intent on spending evening interpreting text messages, I booked a flight to Ethiopia for a month, my first time traveling alone. I learned how I need people, how I can be extroverted when needed, how people are kind and generous and helpful. I trusted people over and over again and was never burned too hard. It's funny that in some ways it's easier to trust a stranger than it is to trust someone you know intimately. I can put my well-being in a strange Somali man's hands as he drives me out of town "to the airport" to "look at camels" in his car, but I can't seem to trust someone I've seen multiple times in New York to not break my heart. It's that emotional/physical divide, I guess. Emotional trust can be so much more tenuous and hard to lend out.

I changed my parents' custody agreement so that I would spend more time with my mom and slightly less with my dad (≈ 25-30% of time with Dad instead of 50%). I feel much more comfortable on a daily basis because I know where I am every day. Switching houses mid-week was very hard for me, and it's only now that I'm on a different schedule that I realize how hard it was. Also, my relationship with my dad has improved (though that might just be because we went to Canada recently), which makes me very happy.

Louis leaving and crying for the first time over something like that. It was totally uncontrollable, I wasn't even thinking about the prospect of him not being there it was just like my body knew it was losing something heavy and great. It was a relief, I suppose, to know I could feel like that, to kind of come to terms with my adulthood. To see the beauty in smaller and smaller things. Also I finally came out to my Ma & Pa about how raging my depression was and my Dad really stepped up to support me while I get better. It's a long process and one that I am not sure of by any means, as I am very judge-mental and stubborn and easily offended/pissed off my people (including my therapist) but the medication seems to have kicked in now. Feeling better, less anxious.

Going to Poland for a family holiday to trace the places of my family roots and my wife's. I feel relieved as it was a little scary in prospect. Loads of people had warned me to watch out for the antisemitism in Poland. Yet we encountered none - not a trace. We enjoyed the kindness of strangers on which one must often rely when travelling in a strange country where you don't know the language. I dsicovered some of the things in Jewish culture that come from Poland that I never imagined did (like the biscuits). I learned about what the country went through in the war and the legacy of the country having virtually lost all its minorities. Also about the massive German refugee migration/expulsion from Gdansk area after the war. A bit of a revelation to me. I feel more connected having successfully visited the town my ancestors left and not met with hatred there but with friendship.

The most significant experience was not getting into rabbinical school on my first try. I spent the entire year preparing for it, and when it didn't work out, i had no back up plan. I have so many mixed feelings. resentful at myself for not having other plans, but actually gratefull for the possible opportunity for futher exploration.

This move. It was wonderful, awful, terrible, beautiful, amazing and literally lifechanging. The challenge of the unknown for so long and doing it without Matt made me grow immensly. I don't know how I did it. I also think that Matt and I are so much stronger because of it. I am grateful for the time apart because not only did I grow as an individual, we grew so much stronger as a couple. I treasure every moment we have together now after 7 months apart.

my divorce finalized. it has affected me profoundly. adjusting to it, removing myself from the influence of my ex (even if just in my mind), and looking inward to find my own self again, has been a huge journey. i am relieved to be on my own. and inspired.

I started going to therapy. And I don't know how but it's really made a difference in my life. I want it to keep going! I'm afraid I've hit a little bit of a plateau -- I think it's a little bit like quitting something. At first the difference is so pronounced and profound that it's really invigorating but then your "new" life becomes normal and you want to have the new-ness high again. I'm definitely chasing that.

I applied for and got in to the University of Sydney, the Sydney College of the Arts (SCA)!!! I'm so glad I got into my first preference. My second was CoFA. I thought I wanted to go to CoFA but I looked at their ceramics program and it was obviously for people who are doing design, not art. I really love it at the SCA. It only takes me 30 mins on the bus to get to Uni, which is in Rozelle. When I get the bus every day, I look out of the window and as I'm crossing one of the bridges I see the bell tower of the SCA. It never fails to make me feel happy. I'm so proud to be studying at such a prestigious school. I'm so proud of myself that I could even get into Sydney Uni. My class had 6 students in it: Me, Merena, India, Vinessa, Tiff and Bijel. We had an exchange student called Jenelle for the first semester, she was so funny. we all ended up laughing our heads off with her there. Now we have Bijel, he is about 50 or so and a bit weird.. I love my teachers too. Jan was hard to get to know, but now I really like her. Dee, the Tech assistant has just left for Tasmania, but I really liked her and am thinking of going down to visit next year. All in all: SCA is awesome. Another one is: I got Dory back! he was handed in to a vet because he had a cut on his eye and had been wandering around this persons house on Wobby, of all places. He is microchipped, so the vet called me! I was so shocked and happy to have him back again. I missed his little face so much. His eye had a big cut on it and we had to get his eye removed. But after that he was great. So happy and adorable. I really loved having him back. I felt so guilty when he disappeared, I thought that he had died, but he was on Wobby. I guess someone must have taken him, thinking he was homeless or something. I'm really devastated because only about two months or so ago, he ran out onto the road and was hit by a car. He died instantly. But I just miss him so much. It feels really cruel to get him back again for about a year, just to have him taken away again, this time for good. I was so upset when I saw his little body lying on the road. It had just happened and he was still warm, but I could tell he was gone. I just keep missing him so much, small things like coming into the bedroom in the morning and cuddling and meowing for me to feed him. And him curled up on my lap or in the bed, or under the doona or in the dresser with his little head poking out. Aaargh! It makes me so sad. I'm glad I got to have him back, even if it was for only a year, because it means I don't have to feel guilty anymore, but I guess I just feel sad and miss him now. I just miss him.

I finally buckled under anxiety, stress and despair, and took my therapist's advice - I went on a specific medication. It took weeks to really make a change, but once it did, I was stunned and intimidated to be living a completely new life. I am still adapting to this, and I still have fears about whether it's 'okay' to be this calm. But it's an entirely new experience for me.

our son, ari benjamin, was born. it's been a roller coaster since then, but mostly his birth has deepened my love of my husband. he's a mensch beyond ocmpare.

Two unrelated and yet related things happened this year: - We're engaged! - DOMA was struck down They're unrelated of course because she and I didn't need the government to legitimise our relationship or our lifelong commitment to one another, but it's nice to know that now they will. On a very tangible level, this means that once married, she and I have the option to live in the US, which was off the table for so long. It makes me grateful, of course, but it also takes away any excuse I might have about not moving home if a situation / opportunity arises. That makes me nervous and free all that the same time. I've told myself for so long that I don't want to be in the US, but I wonder how much of that was me just accepting what was already decided for me. Anyway, it's wonderful to be engaged to the one I love and even better to know we can choose where we want to live!

My niece was in a horrible car accident in April. Her friend who was sitting next to her was killed and my niece was airlifted to the hospital. A couple months later my cousin, age 22, died of a heroine overdose. These two events left me very saddened and also very appreciative of what I have today, made me more aware of the blessing of life and the importance of taking advantage of each day. I have been less affected by feelings of jeaousy and anger.

Post-Simchat Torah was the birth of our (hopefully) first child. She has brought so much joy (and challenge) to our life. So grateful and blessed.

My year long study and practice of Yiren Qigong has renewed my life. This has had more beneficial impact than any other single change I have ever made. All the other great practices that keep me balanced and well: fine food, family, exercise, friends, classes, hikes, planting...... none are so profoundly and reliably calming and energizing as an hour of qigong focus and movement. That's what I found in 5773.

I got a promotion at work. While I am proud of my accomplishment and that it has been recognized by my company, I am not sure I want to work this hard and I haven't decided whether I really want to manage people.

I went to Russia last summer. It wasn't as great as I thought it would be but it was a pretty damn good experience. I mean, living there was kind of difficult and I actually got a bit homesick but I will never trade that experience for anything.

We moved. To Kansas. It seems absurd, but in fact it has been good. It was terrifying to leave the city and state where I had spent my entire adult life to go to a state I had visited only once before, and that is filled with Republicans. Still, the people are nice, the jobs are good, and the money we make is sufficient to cover our needs. I miss the people of Minnesota, and having elected representatives that I could be proud of, but there is a lot going for my new home too.

I had a new IUD fitted which in has kinda marked the end of my fertitlity. It was a large decision that I wrestled with for ages and now a year later I'm wondering again whether I made the right one. It is so hard when your head and heart feel at so at odds with eachother. Also after it was done the doctor spoke to me she was concerend with my blood pressure which was high because of my nervousness and she said you must alone learn to deal with this stress. I have been working towards this all year.

This past year I moved out of my parents' home and into a co-op. It's forced me to grow up a lot, which is really really great. I'm so grateful to be able to live in the home I live in now with such an amazing community. At first, I had nothing but happy feelings, but as I've grown here I have really fully started to understand my individual needs and how I want to live my life and it's been such a learning experience. I'm so lucky.

Attended the Black Sabbath concert. Very inspiring; 70 year old rockers can still perform at the top level. Leaves me no excuses.

I began to emerge as creative worker in my field. I began to come out from the shadow of insecurity and belief that my talents were not enough - not good enough to share or be compensated for. It is still a deep struggle and sometimes I am terrified at the responsibility of it. And sometimes grace comes down and there is nothing sweeter.

I have take a decision to be a vegan in order to reduce my cholesterol and blood sugar. With occasional lapses, I have been fairly consistent. The results have been good, with my blood work in much better shape. I am pleased and grateful for the experience and hope to carry it through to the future.

I suppose I better write down the birth of my second child, Noah! I am thrilled, and a little overwhelmed. He has become an integral part of our family already, and I am so pleased he is in our life. I am enjoying how he breaks into smile when he sees and recognizes me--everything else seems unimportant at that moment.

I landed up in a relationship with a man I dated nine years ago after helping him through his messy divorce. I feel blessed, lucky, loved, like a fairytale. I thought these things only happened in novels! I knew he was the love of my life. Didn't know it would take nine years to come full circle. It makes me appreciate him every single day - especially on the tough days.

The biggest thing that happened in the last year was having to put my dog Scooch to sleep. It was terrible. She lost the use of her front legs, and her condition deteriorated within a week to the point where she was in a ton of pain. I made the decision that I wasn't going to keep her alive for me, and I had her put to sleep on August 1. It was a strange experience. I had a very hard time with it - I was taking Xanax the entire week leading up to putting her down, and the panic came from not knowing what would happen, but also not knowing how I could properly take care of her, and worrying that I was keeping her alive more for me than for her. When I made the decision, I felt very calm about it. The experience of putting her to sleep was the best it could be, but it was kind of like making the best of an absolutely awful situation. It's for sure the 2nd worst thing I've ever gone through (first of course being the death of my mom).

This year I attended a conference to learn how to practice collaborative family law. It has changed the way I see my future as a lawyer and I have been working hard to establish a collaborative practice group in our area. I am very inspired by the opportunity to live a more authentic, helpful and meaningful life by serving others with better legal services. I hope to change family law in my state. It's a big dream but I'm young enough and hopeful enough to believe in it.

Our son Silas was born. His birthmother handed him to us 12 hours after his birth and our family immediately expanded to include not only Silas but his entire birth family. We are so grateful. And inspired. And tired.

This year I threw up for the very first time. I became grateful that it never happened before, and amazed at people who would willingly let it happen whether by allergy, illness, or addiction.

The past year I got accepted into FEMA Corps. I was so relived. 10 months away from home to relax. With my grandmother passing, the national guard, and financial issues it was a escape i desperately needed. I am so grateful for the experience even though there were rough times it proved to be a great decision. I just wished I could have used my time more wisely.

We took my son and daughter to Michigan State for a college visit. It was so exciting to share my alma mater with my family and see my kids enjoy themselves. They see what I see in the environment and that is really meaningful to me.

Elliot drifted more deeply into Alzeimers. I am watching my mom cope day by day and contemplating my own aging and mortality.

Heard my baby's heartbeat. It was magical. Having struggled with a miscarriage, death in the family and other heartbreaks in the last year, it filled my mind with wonder to hear the sound of a strong heartbeat this summer.

Starting work changed so much for me. It is good and bad. I'm finding a lot of bad things about myself that I would like to change, like my need do things my way, but I am also growing so much and gaining independence. My people skills have improved drastically and my decision making is better.

I broke up with my boyfriend. I love him and I was tired of constantly hurting him. I just couldn't stop wanting him to be more than he is. He deserves someone who can love him one hundred percent. I'll probably never find anyone who will love me as whole-heartedly as he did. I did it for me too. I figure that if I couldn't stop judging him after more than three years together, I probably don't love him enough to be with him forever. Or is there no such thing as a love that can overcome all things?

A significant experience was my break up with Steve. Another significant experience was breaking my wrist. I am resentful and upset about both.

I fell in love for the first time. I'm sad it didn't have longterm potential; I don't regret ending it when I did because of that. But it was amazing to finally feel that kind of emotional connection and exchange. To know I was capable of feeling it; that someone was able to feel that way about me.

my sister died. I had not realize how close we were and the many ways our lives were intertwined. I depended on her a lot. Now I have to be the one I depend on. I think of her every day wanting to share some bit of information or a funny story with her.

I went on a two day trip with mostly strangers and a couple of people I only knew slightly. I really didn't want to go before I did and I was very nervous and sick feeling. I almost cancelled, but then I went. I had a great time, and made some new friends, I went to new places and didn't mess anything up or make people hate me as usual. It was only a two day trip but it was a huge thing for me!

My son was born. It was incredible. I am a mix of emotions constantly; I am grateful, relieved, anxious, worried, happy, elated, concerned. He is almost a year now and so the high holidays seem to be even more significant in marking a new year of our lives.

I bought a house!! I am grateful, relieved, and excited! I have a place of my own, purchased on my own, where I can live on my own, and express my own style. Everyone calls it my pinterest house already and I am loving cut things from Hobby Lobby, Etsy, TJ Maxx, and Target. Through the whole experience Jesus has continually made things happen for me, blessed me with money and extra jobs, made things I need conveniently go on sale, provided people around me to help, and continues to give me favor in every area of my life.

I was laid off from the company I'd worked for since 2005. I ran the gamut of emotions, but in the end I came around mostly to a sense of freedom. It's the kick in the butt that I needed to make some changes in my life. I'm currently taking a couple of months to write and travel. When that's over, maybe I'll get another job in the same industry; maybe I'll take a left turn. I like not knowing.

I came to New Zealand, bought a motorcycle, and toured the country alone! At 30, I feel like I finally came into my own. The trip built up my confidence by showing me what I was capable of, and how beautiful the world can be. I met people. I had amazing, and a few horrible times. This experience hasn't made me who I am. It reminded me of who I am.

I learned the realities of learning to work with people, and having to advocate for myself and not expect that people will reward me just because my work shows for itself. I need to ask for things I deserve.

I made a huge career leap by leaving a full time post for a part time job with the possibility of becoming full time in a focus that I love. It worked. I'm now full time and yes grateful, relieved and inspired.

A number of things occurred this year which caused me to reflect on different things in my life and changed my outlook, made me think about what kind of a person I want to be and helped me make some changes for the better. My boyfriend's mother was rehospitalized due to a genetic illness from which she has suffered for many years. I spent a lot of time with her over the past year, in the hospital, and thought a lot about what I have and I think I became more mature as a result. I also went on my class's senior trip to Poland, from which I returned about two weeks ago. I would definitely describe that as a significant experience. I think this year was the peak of my troubled teen stage-- I ran away a lot, had problems with my parents etc. I've gotten over myself and am looking to shape my own life without creating conflicts. I feel much more at ease at home and think I have learned to deal with imperfect situations and to take what comes with poise and maturity. But only time will tell for sure:)

My sister got married. It was a joyful experience but also showed me what true love is, and also what a challenge true love can be when there is disagreement. I am relieved that it's over. It also made me realize how easy it is to get caught up in the little things that really don't matter and that paying attention to how you spend your energy is really important to stay healthy, both emotionally and physically.

My mom had a dream about my long-term boyfriend abusing me and it really rattled her, so she chose to share the dream with me. However, she also proceeded to ask if he did or had ever abused me in realy life. My boyfriend is one of the most kind, gentle, affectionate, loving souls I have ever come into contact with, and her asking this question with all sincerity really offended both of us. My relationship hasn't been quite the same with her since. I'm much more impatient, easily frustrated and annoyed by her. I'm really sad that this happened and I don't quite know how to mend it.

I started archery. I feel really great about it because I feel powerful now. I can finally do a sport and it makes my dad really happy.

A significant experience: being with my sister, in spirit and a little bit in person, through some real lows in her illness - especially undergoing ECT (Electro-Convulsive Therapy, the non-scary medically-appropriate-for-2013 version of electroshock therapy). I am so inspired by Becky's resilience, intellectual curiosity, and fundamental concern for others at ALL times. It is heartbreaking to see her so vulnerable right now - it seems almost like she has no skin. Everything touches her. But I hope and expect for her to show much resilience, curiosity, and caring in the next year - in situations of much less suffering.

The last year of my life from September 2012 to September 2013 has been a tumultuous one that has been filled with some of the greatest stresses of my life: planning a wedding, getting married, losing a family member, switching jobs, moving a great distance, requesting a divorce from my new husband, realizing that I feel like a lesbian, not a bisexual, and accidentally falling in love again. The synergy of those events has left me percolating with self-doubt, guilt, sadness, happiness and an incredible amount of distraction. The most significant of those experiences has been the coupling of relocating and starting a new job. There is a certain amount of comfort and ease that come with switching jobs within a company – it’s another situation entirely to come into a new company far from my comfort zone and hope to make friends and influence people. I enjoy the challenge of moving, but often feel stymied by the process of making new friends. It’s the same type of juxtaposition for the job – I love the idea of coming into a new job and creating something great and successful, but once the unknown elements start making themselves visible…I start to feel like a fraud and self-doubt takes over. It can take me up to 6 month to regain my confidence at relationship-building (making friends) and relationship-building (managing up at work, and managing staff). The insularity of the Boston area has made me have to rethink my tactics on both fronts. Overall, I feel relieved and grateful to have moved and asked for a divorce. I feel inspired to do more and work harder to be a better person.

I sold my condo in the suburbs and moved into the city to jump start my life as a widow. It is challenging and I am definitely out of mu comfort zone but it feels right.

The worrying thing about this question is that I can't really think of a significant experience in the past year which I want to recall. I'm interested to watch the scrolling text on the right and consider how I have managed to avoid *doing* anything significant. As a result I suppose I can write about things which happened to me, the most significant of which was probably what could have been a cancer diagnosis which turned out to be a "false alarm". At first I went through all the emotions you would expect; a determination to change my life, spend more time volunteering, supporting other people, contributing to society etc., and less time at work, alongside the inevitable fear. Unfortunately what happened next was that work took over to such an extent that I lost sight of both the good intentions and the fear... When it turned out to be OK, of course, what I felt was overwhelming relief and gratitude, plus guilt for having been such a drama queen.

I've had many. I was accepted into a yoga teacher training which I had wanted to do for some time, to forge a new path as a therapist and have more to offer clients. My boyfriend and I were reunited after a 3+ month break up. I feel grateful to have him in my life again, I feel that he belongs with me, and also fearful as there is much yet to heal and do differently this time. The most significant though, was the death of my mother. So much happened during her sudden complications and around her death. It's had a profound affect on my life and one I will be processing for the rest of it, I imagine.

I ended a 6 year relationship for good. Right now, it's difficult to deal with, but I can't wait to see where I am a year from now. I'm relieved because it was a big burden that is off my shoulders, but it still hurts.

So many changes have come into my life in the last year. Gradually stopping teaching at CHCS. Going back to playing rugby, then forced retirement. Moving to the Dominican Republic and getting hired at Global Glimpse Country Director. Each change has forced me to invest, grow and let go in order to be open for the next change. I am grateful for all these opportunities and the freedom to do exactly what I want at each bend in the road (except for rugby retirement). I am incredibly inspired for my next adventure here in the DR.

I have finally switched jobs and started working for the community! Very grateful! Loving it so far. Just wish they'd pay more.

A pregnancy scare. It changed all I though I wanted in life. The fear of having an unexpected baby just made me realize how much I want to try before that... and it changed all I though I wanted to be and do.

My 30th birthday weekend at the beach. It showed me that people love me, that they will make an effort for me, that I am blessed with abundance.

For Ian and I, getting a dog was a big deal. Getting Mishka, though, was a snap decision. She's crazy and wild and sometimes really annoying and gets into everything, but I love her. We love taking her on day trips, walks and hikes, and especially to the park where we can see her interact with other dogs (and scope them out ourselves--we both love cute ones). Recently I used Ian's camera to photograph her and some of the pictures came out really lovely.

I fell in love with someone. It has been a long time. I have no idea where it's going and I try to take it week by week. She is unlike anyone I've been with before and I'm trying to open myself to the ups and downs of being close to someone again. The last time I fell for someone I was 25. At 44 I'm not sure what "in love" means, but I'm having fun finding out.

My dad battled and lost the fight with cancer. The experience was very difficult; my mother told me that he/they couldn't cope with seeing the boys. I travelled over to see them a lot; it was hard to see him fade away and it is horrible that he is gone. I miss him very much and feel very sad to have lost my dad.

My husband and I took a trip to Europe. We planned it so we could meet up with lots of different friends and family (hooray mostly free lodging!), and we took a cruise in the middle for some "us" time. I was extremely thankful that we could afford to spend ~$7000 on this vacation. It reminded me how much I love traveling, more for seeing people, embarking on an adventure, and creating shared memories than for seeing any specific tourist attraction. So many of my friends and family spend their time in so many different places. This is really quite a blessing, because it gives us an excuse to travel.

Almost a year ago I tried to kill myself for the 5th time. It was in between rosh hashanah and yom kippur and I was sure that God did not want me to live. I cannot be more relieved to be writing these words right now. For the past year - while it has not been easy - i have wanted to live through it all.

I read an article by an Italian freelancer covering the war in Syria and it made me rethink my career path and the value of bearing witness and covering conflict. I felt devastated; everything I felt I had been working towards and ready to devote my life to suddenly felt empty, devoid of meaning and despite the life and death urgency, entirely subject to the whims of a soulless market.

I don't know if this counts, because it was last summer, but I moved in with a girl I loved and it was passionate but short lived. We broke up and it broke my heart for months. I haven't seen anyone since and have been waiting all this time since last summer, July 2012 - September 2013, to move to Spain before I put myself into a position to open my heart again. I am grateful for the experience. On another note, one much more recent and on the same theme, love, I was the best man to my older brother's wedding a month ago. Not only was seeing him get married inspiring, it filled me with love. Now I know for certain there is a person out there for me and my heart is wide open. Everyone is deserving of love and happiness if you follow your heart and dreams.

I purchased a home with my husband. I'm grateful, relieved, resentful, and inspired plus so many other emotions. This marks a turning point in our lives and the best part is, because of the crazy adventures and achievements of our shared past, we know we aren't stuck, we're lucky, knowing we can do whatever we want, a mortgage ain't shit.

I'm answering a lot of these questions referencing the Greater Good Science Center training I attended, but it really opened me up to ways to try to live a healthier, happier life. I am incredibly grateful for the experience.

I had blood in my urine and was freaked out. My family has had a connection with cancer in various forms and I was thinking that I was next on the list. I went in for tests and scans and the final diagnosis was that nothing was there....I was relieved and puzzled (but more relieved)...

I fulfilled a dream from long ago by getting solar panels installed on my home this year. I recall wanting this many years ago, and never imagined it would ever be possible (I was unsure I would ever be able to swing buying a single family house and did that last year!) I had not thought of it consciously for many years, but remembered when they were installed that I had this vision and it manifested so easily. This makes me feel gratitude that I can and do manifest what is truly important to me, and that I don't need to consciously strive to MAKE it happen!

I travelled to Europe for leisure for the first time with a package tour. I felt blessed and hopeful

My marriage ended. The day after I turned 38, I discovered my husband had spent thousands of dollars on prostitutes while away at conferences over the past three year. The divorce becomes final in October. It is a hard transition. My son is struggling. My soon to be ex is in a new relationship and plans to move his girlfriend in with him soon.... and yet, I am grateful for this ending, and for the possibility of being happy again. I'm relieved the marriage is over, and while I'm scared about the future I have to make for myself and my children now, I have faith I can make something better for us.

Which one?! Dad died. I moved across the country. Twice. I finally finished my PhD and people have started calling me "doctor." Sometimes I actually realize they're talking to me and respond. ;) I fell in love. He broke my heart (though he did it in a very respectful way and, ultimately, was correct that we weren't right for each other). I vowed not to date again. I started dating again (disaster). I started a new job in a great place and live on the beach now. I'm making new friends (because I didn't know anyone here). Of all these things, though, they are all affected most by Dad being gone. I could always call him and Mom and they'd both be on the phone listening, laughing with me, crying with me. Mom always saying "Well have you tried this?" or "Why didn't you do that?" and Dad saying "No matter what everything is going to be OK and we love you." It was nice always having someone in my corner who believed in me and loved me unconditionally. Mom does too, and I love her dearly and I certainly want to make the most of my time with her, but Mom without Dad is just not the same. I was very fortunate to have such a wonderful father, and I miss him very much. If I ever have children, I'm going to have to be sure to tell them how awesome their Grandpa was. He didn't get to see me become a doctor, and he'll never get to see my (potential) children. That has been the hardest thing to come to terms with this year, by far.

I went to college. Although I was unhappy and lonely there, I learned how much better my life was away from the controlling household I lived in. When I came home I knew even more strongly what I wanted to do with my life ahead of me. I spent the summer working full time and going to school. I don't think anything has affected my work ethic as positively as this summer has.

Oh yes. I lost a job. Then I got a new one. It changed my life. Why? Because I love it. I didn't know how much I could love going to work, or caring about work, or being crazy about what I'm doing. I love telling people what I do, and I love that it inspires me and I love that I care. It drives me crazy sometimes, and I get frustrated and freaked out, but at its very core, I'm right where I could ever hope to be, at this time, at this point, in my very own life. The best is during our all hands on deck Friday meetings, and looking around the room and at my coworkers. And that I get to be there, in the mix of it all.

I moved to San Francisco to try a new life in a city which I truly believed fit me. I moved to find myself and gain confidence and self-respect. I moved to break into the design scene. By mid-year, I believe I had achieved all of the above.

I have taken my eldest child out of school for at least 6 months and my husband and I have decided to travel to Israel, Europe and US with him and my 2 younger children for the remainder of the year.I was nervous about this change but it has been inspiring and I am grateful for the potential growth for all of us as individuals and as a family and for the benefit of my relationship with my husband.

My son and daughter-in -law had a baby.. My first grandchild. My first emotion is overwhelming gratitude.. For this healthy beautiful boy, for the health of my daughter-in-law through the whole process. I also had some ugly negative ridiculous thoughts....I was jealous that I would never feel the special mother/daughter connection that this event brings forth.. I was worried about being 'on the outside looking in' , as I watched the other grandma get to spend everyday helping her daughter through the first two weeks, being the first one she goes to for advice, etc. All such nonsense! I had an epiphany one day when I realized that this was the first opportunity the other grandma had to be around her grandchild in this special infant stage ( her other daughter has two children but lived too far away for her to get access to her first grandchildren on a daily basis.). What started as jealousy became joy for her that she has this amazing opportunity... And I have been included each week to see my grandson's progress . Jealousy is the most ugly destructive emotion and is easily deflected when it is replaced with empathy, love, and joy for the other persons moment of good fortune... Because we all get to have those moments if we don't cloud them with negative thoughts.

So much has happened some good, some bad. The most significant we landed a gig running a major event! The bad Tony Abbott won the election meaning us poor people will just get poorer, lost a supposed friend over this pfttt! I don't believe in get rich quick scams. My daughter just started kindy this year and she is doing so well, she has made a lot of friends and that's all I wanted for her. I joined the sydney comic guild and now am submitting my first anthology piece, met some lovely people as well.

There were loads. Getting to know this new person, and her opening up to me. I knew she was in my life for a purpose. For me to love and let God love her through me. And to feel God's love for me through her. I have learnt so much from her about love and life and my life is all the richer because of her. Completing two very tough semesters of my Masters. It was really tough juggling work and studies. I have more respect for people who did that. Attending a symposium with like-minded teachers who love teaching and sharing ideas. It was amazing to meet all these wonderful, passionate teachers and to share ground-breaking ideas to better ourselves professionally. Organizing a symposium for my local district. It was a bittersweet learning experience. I worked with a wonderful team, and was betrayed by a person I looked up to so much. The betrayal hurts, but it came with a major lesson and realization. The person I have always looked up to isn't actually a nice person, she took advantage of our starry-eyed admiration and bullied us. Only after the betrayal did I see her as what she really is-a bully. There were warning signs but I never paid attention and this was a lesson of being more alert to the signs and never ever letting a person walk all over you.

My first novel was published. This is something I'd been working on and towards for 9 years (and in a way for much of my life). It was a huge watershed moment for me, and something I am very proud of. When I stood up at my launch party in front of 50+ friends and family and did a reading and signed books, I felt like I'd really achieved a personal goal.

My long time friend, Bob, and I have regular meetings each week where we discuss life, economics and politics. This year, during a number of sequential discussions, we started attacking each other's views and decided to take a break. The break lasted longer than I had anticipated, but the distance allowed me to re-evaluate our relationship and understand the psychological dependence I had created from this relationship. We have started meeting again and are more careful in our comments, and I have learned to be more respectful in my comments with Bob and others.

The past year I finally got to go to a trip in Europe in order to meet new people in my field and learn new techniques. I have been asking for this trip for a very long time and the fact that, in the end, I was able to go, reminded me that I just need to push and believe in something. I noticed that, when I complain because it looks like people get a lot more than me out of this PhD, it is just because I am not interested in those things as much as they are. I always obtain what I really care of. I should always remember that.

I went to Peru! I traveled there for 10 days, hiking, visiting local villagers, sleeping in tents, adjusting to high altitudes and meeting fellow travelers. I'm extremely grateful to have been able to travel there. It inspired me, opened my eyes to what life is about, not only my own life, but that of people who have nothing and live off the land. The trip made me appreciate what I have and realize how seriously I have to address my fears, my future and my fury. I realize now that life can be simple, and it can be what you want it to be. I realized that before, but it was more of an abstract concept; Now, I see that it can be a real, tangible concept and that I just need to apply it.

MY life. And no. I don't and didn't want it.

My aunt got diagnosed with 3 brain lesions. This was really hard for me because I am pretty close to her. The doctor said that she had up to 6 months left. Now its coming up on 7 and she is doing pretty well. This did bring some good though because now we try to spend a lot more time with her.

My corporate job that I have worked at for the past 18 years is ending because the company is closing. I am excited and scared but I know now is the time for me to do what I really want to do. I was trained to be a hypnotherapist back in 2007 and have just been dabbling with it with friends and family. So now I think it's time to get serious and go full time with this. So I have taken some refresher courses and I now have a base location to work out of building up my clientele and reputation.

My dad died in February. We had a difficult relationship but there is still a significant grieving process. At this point, I have forgiven him and am really sad. My grandmother abused him and clearly preferred my dad's older brother. The saddest thing is that when he got married and had a life of his own, he rarely (if ever) allowed himself to be happy. And in doing so, he made the people around him unhappy. I have more consciously embraced being happy and it's made my life way easier.

For the second time in my life I completely uprooted myself and moved to a state where I hadn't been to before to a city where I knew no one in order to pursue a PhD. This time I learned from my past experience and the transition was not that bad. While I still really miss Knoxville and all of my friends there, the move to Texas has been a really good one for me. I have an amazing mentor and I feel like this school has been really good for. For once I actually feel like a scientists and not just someone who is pretending to be. Hopefully this feeling will continue through the future.

I married my sweetheart. Prop 8 was overturned, and I had proposed earlier in the year, and it was time. Quang and I are in love and planning the rest of our lives together. We're planning a ceremony and our lives.

My stepdad died last year and it really shook me. He hadn't been in my live for very long but he was a very special man (although he didn't know it) and I think he died never knowing how much my mother loved him. The best thing that I can take away from this terrible experience is that you should live everyday like it's your last, so that you will have as few regrets as possible when your time comes. Also to surround yourself with wonderful people who you love, and believe them when they say they love you back.

I got married. I am very grateful, relieved, and inspired. I also have a little bit of panic, knowing this is a true and real commitment. But that panic passes as quickly as I remember how my husband is the best man I could possibly be with, so why would I want to be free of that?


I sold my house, got an apartment with my cats, then my boyfriend moved me into his very large home and has been the most positive force in my life in many many years, I am so grateful for the love we share, I am happier than I have been in years. I am peaceful and I am content with a most amazing life. I am able to help my daughter out when she needs, I no longer wonder how I will pay my rent. And I am the luckiest girl in the world to have such an amazing best friend for a boyfriend and I am grateful for who he is in my life every single day.

Baby Vince was born! I am so grateful that he is healthy. Money is so tight it's scary, but I am so in love with my little guy.

I sang at my dad's memorial service. I felt incredibly grateful and sad and strong.

I had a second healthy boy in June, a year almost to the day after an early miscarriage with complications. I am relieved, I am incredibly grateful and more and more at peace as our family takes shape. I feel that what I was meant to be, at least in part, is being realized and, although my life is less balanced than ever, what with sleepless nights and every hour of the day occupied by the care of others, I feel more energized, happy and content than ever. I don't feel the weight of my years (37) anymore. I'm just the mother of two beautiful, intelligent little boys. It's so nice to be living a life free of resentment, there is so much more room for true joy.

We moved. Finally. Across the continent, in fact. I can hardly believe how much easier some parts of my life are now that I live in this new location. So, I'm relieved. But I'm also worried about the transition for the kids, our ability to purchase a new home -things that I cannot control.

At the request of a third party and against my gut instinct, I began coaching, working closely with a person involved in a volunteer gig of mine to help him integrate better on our team. I was not at all up front with this person about my motivation for giving him this extra attention and unfortunately he took it as a romantic interest. Needless to say it didn’t end well. I did, however, learn a lot from this. I should always trust my gut, it has never steered me wrong. I also need to protect my personal time better – saying no is always an option. And most importantly, not everyone wants to be coached, especially when they don't recognize a need.

I got married! It felt like everything changed, yet nothing changed. I struggle with it some days - like I committed to something that is bigger than anything I could ever possibly understand - but then there are days where I feel like I'm wrapped up in a big, cozy, fuzzy blanket - comfortable and happy.

I decided to resign from the Board at Temple. I put my own needs & feelings first, ahead of the needs of the Temple. It was shocking, especially to me! And then I joined the choir, simply because I love tho adding, and being involved in services is important to me, and I enjoy it! And I'm teaching Sunday school! So, it's something I did, not something that happened to me. Yet significant tho me.

I stopped smoking weed, am I grateful? Yes absolutely, it was the one thing holding me back, year after year. Today filling this out I am 5 days away from 5 months clean. I am healthy, ore productive and little by little shedding all unnecessary behaviors, i feel everyday as if my life has just begun and can’t wait to see what happens a year from now.

Getting in a fight with my sister almost a year ago. It has affected me...I feel like she doesn't even care about having a relationship with me, or my boys. I am extremely resentful, sad, mad, but also tired of the whole thing. It has affected the way my entire family relates to each other and has effected every single one of our family gatherings since this happened.

I went to Rome for an archaeological dig. I met so many people who influenced me and the way I live and will live my life. It taught me how to love. It taught me how to love romantically, love my friends, love the world around me, and most importantly myself. I'm inspired to be an archaeologist and to be strong and resilient.

My grandfather passed away this year. He had been sick since about February and it only got worse. He passed away the last day that I was going to go to work. I never went it. I realized that I still don't cope well, because after I visited him for the last time, I went to Ingrid's house and we did groceries. I did not want to talk to my family about it because I felt like I do not grieve like they do. I still feel him missing from me, but when he passed I was relieved. He was so sick and now he's no longer in pain. I miss him. I know that I still haven't jumped that hurdle of talking about things that I know really truly deeply affect me.

I went to Passover for the first time at my Rabbi's house. I am in the process of converting to Judaism and I think the fear of the holidays overwhelms me sometimes. I was so grateful to finally experience the holiday in such a welcoming and reflective setting. I always knew that Judaism was the right place for me and at that dinner I felt even more at peace as I enter into this phase of my life.

I survived a year at college. At college I have been fortunate enough to make some amazing friends and so far I have found ways to do well in my classes. I also got to join this really awesome club called camp wildcat that gives me the opportunity to give back to the community and help gives reach their goals.

I achieved a lot of success at work and was promoted to a position where I am able to travel. It provided me with potential to make more money. I am grateful to be at a company that is growing and that I am able to grow in my career. I am inspired to learn more about our solution than I needed to in my previous position. I am extremely grateful

oh my so much! A whole year of Grad school is thankfully behind me. It was a very intense experience. I am grateful to have survived! and relieved. And a lot of international travel as well. Pushing my boundaries in all directions; language, time zones, cultures, unpacking, packing. I also realize that the past year or two have made me even more self-sufficient, quiet and happy to be alone.

Well. Nothing has really happened. But on the inside I feel very different. It's about 10am and the kids are both full time now (day 3) but I still haven't got into the swing of things. I'm thinking about getting the 'hook' made and clearly trying to come up with a name for it! I seem to be getting no where with everything but exhausted with all the trying. The children seem to be happier now though, maybe I'm finally getting the hang of parenting alongside all the other work I'm doing. I did make a new friend although Sue moved away at Easter. To be honest, I'm quite disappointed that I had no 'significant' experience to share although that could be a good thing I suppose.

I turned 30. I was so happy on the day. I felt like I'd "made it" somehow, like I was finally an adult - relieved, but joyful. I was surprised to have these thoughts in my mind - but it was more that Id made it through some significant challenges of my 20's. I feel like now the hard stuff is behind me and I really have begun to flourish this year. I feel more stable and mature and content, and others have feed back to me how happy I seem. I FINALLY became vegan! In my mind, and the way I think about food and dont even crave/desire dairy at all!

Well, I quit my job, packed up my car, and moved out to Colorado. Although this experience happened at the very end of the year, it is still the most significant. I am feeling relieved and inspired to start something new, but also scared that I will screw it up.

Important decision. This past spring I did not take 5 college classes while working. I took 4. And it has made all the difference. It was allowing myself to not push myself to the limit and give a balance to my life. I could have done 5 while working and gotten all A's like I have, but this was something more. It was showing me that I can and will be kind to myself in the future. It's learning to love myself. I am PROUD of myself.

I had a final breakup with someone who had been in my life for too long. I am relieved, because I know he's not for me...but also resentful- of him because he came back into my life, and myself for allowing him to. I need to get better at coping and moving on.

I had a heart problem. I was out of school for a month and I had surgery. I am grateful that I have a normal life now and will never have to deal with it.

I just turned 65. All I can think is, how did this happen? It's not that it's bad -- I don't, as a rule, feel "old" -- but it makes me ponder my past life choices and future aspirations (and yes, there are many). My love life has suddenly taken a turn for the better, my scholarly life is chugging along, my health is excellent (after the scare of the last few years, that's a lot), my friendships are blooming, my family is (small but) strong, my apartment renovation is nearly done: in other words, I feel, once again, on the cusp of real change, not at all as if this begins a "last phase." Who knew?

wife had full hysterectomy. Kept faith. Very grateful and thankfull everything was ok. Have been appreciating my wife more for the past few years and this showed me to appreciate even more and be thankful for every day with her.

I was let go of my job suddenly in April. While I was hired the previous April, I thought it would be a great opportunity professionally. Now, looking back 4 months, it was an experience where I felt betrayed and hurt, more personally than professionally. I am now feeling more grateful, because I was able to move back to Detroit and start doing what I've said I wanted to do in the future but never had the guts to really go for it!

I graduated from college and accepted a community health position with the peace corps. I have mixed feelings about moving on. 27 months is an incredibly long time to be away, but I know that I can be effective and will learn a lot.

08/21/2013: My Saturn L200 blew its timing belt, took out the engine and drive chain, on the NY Thruway. It was the third car to die in that area. I am relieved to have survived, as many folk had reminded me of gruesome, horrible results from similar accidents. I am grateful to have me such amazing people on that trip. The tow company that hauled me away was honest, caring, and helpful, finding me a reasonable hotel and a rental car. Then driving me around to where I needed to go. I got a new Subaru Impreza on 08/23, 2 days later. It took me a week to finally settle down and begin enjoying the brand-new Subaru I had to get.

Last year, I spent 10 months training and fundraising for the New York Marathon. Two days before the race, it was canceled. I didn't spend much time thinking about the disappointment I felt around that event, mainly because the cancellation was contentious (but the right decision). I had spent 10 months, run over 2,000 miles, and raised over $5,600 for brain cancer research as a part of this race. I was running in memory of my dad, in an event he watched me complete three years earlier. It was painful to see such a positive, gratifying event turned into a divisive issue. It was more painful for the people who lost their livelihoods... Coming up on one year later, I've hardly run at all this year, just because I don't have the motivation to. Running itself had become a burden... I'm making it a positive thing again.

Starting my master's program in the summer of 2012 as well as a new part time job caused me to become overwhelmed. By the fall semester, I had very little sleep and was breaking out in hives because of the stress everything was causing. To top it off, J wasn't giving me the support or love I needed. Our relationship had not been equal for a several years. When a particular situation emerged where all I needed to hear from him is that I had his support, J failed the test. I was at my breaking point and something had to go. That something was J. From the things he had been telling me for years, I thought he would be happy to finally get rid of me. To my surprise, he did everything in his power to win me back. While he was looking for ways to prove his love for me, I found something more valuable- my own love for me. Breaking up with him was the best thing I could have done for myself. I found my own voice for the first time in so long. I learned that I'm a strong woman that is allowed to put herself first as a priority. Although I should have put my foot down sooner, I don't regret how everything worked out. It was the best lesson I could have experienced/learned/taught myself. I now feel like I have so much more balance in my life because I no longer live to make someone else happy. I know it is okay to put myself first as well as my priorities.

In the past year, I evacuated from my home during Hurricane Sandy and was displaced for a month. This month coincided with a time in my mother's life when her house went into foreclosure. So, during a time when my neighborhood's future was uncertain, I decided to move my mother to New York to live with me, so we could get her affairs in order together. I worked to save my mother's house through a government program. I had to go through all of her documents to apply, and we were waiting for months to hear about whether or not she would be approved. When I didn't really have a home myself, I had to respond to the foreclosure and used the skills I had from working in the legal field to prepare a pro se response and file it with the court. Then, I drove down to Florida over Thanksgiving break, packed up all of my mom's things, and drove her up here to live with me. Over Christmas, we heard that she was accepted into the program and that her home would be saved. She has received medical care in New York, including Moh's surgery to remove skin cancer, full tooth extraction and dentures, colonoscopy (and small colposcopy), mammogram, and now we are working on psychiatric and neurological evaluations. I've tried so hard to stay positive and not be resentful about all that I've had to do in the past year to improve my life and my mother's life. Some days were harder than others, and at times I've struggled with anger that arises out of nowhere. Now that I sit in my bed in my new apartment that my mom and I found, right on the ocean, with fresh carpet and clean walls and all of her old furniture fits, I'm so grateful and at peace and happy. I smudged sage today all over the home and over myself today, and I'm exhausted but now I know that the new phase in my life has started with this upcoming equinox.

Everything about Israel was life changing. The volunteering, the people I lived with, the traveling I did, the culture I experienced. I am so glad I took a chance and went, and even the bad things that happened to me and coming home in debt were entirely worth it.

Losing Tory to her battle with cancer has been devastating. She was so young and full of life. I've fallen out of contact with a lot of old friends, and it's made me appreciate my loved ones that much more. I feel inspired to truly take control of my life.

My mother died five years ago, and is buried in a cemetery that I frequently drive by. I thought I had done my grief work, but driving by my mom's grave a few weeks ago, it felt like someone ripped the bandage off a painful wound. I realized that I had so much leftover pain related to her dying--how she never talked about dying, how she must have suffered inside because she couldn't bear the pain of talking about it, how she suffered with all the physical side effects that led to three emergency trips to the hospital. It has made me realize I have more work to do, but I don't like the thought of "going there" and reliving the pain. I know I need to do this and I know I will begin to fully heal after I do it, but walking into pain sucks.

This past year, has been somewhat uneventful. There has not been a real significant event. I think what is impacting most is seeing my parents age very fast. My dad's health is starting to decay fast and it is very hard for me to see him struggle walking and breathing. My mom looks very tired and aged too. It does make me very sad and in some sense reflects my own future.

I was shattered by the abandonment and betrayal of the man I thought was my true love. After many months of depression and anxiety, I see that I was looking for him to provide emotional support I had been withholding from myself. I'm stronger now and understand what must be changed to make my life great.

I had rotator cuff surgery and was incapacitated for several months. I t was one of the events that took place that allowed me the opportunity to be grateful for what I have. The several months I was away from my regular job were awesome in spite of my limitations. I tried to enjoy each day as much as I possibly could. Just before my surgery my youngest son attempted suicide while under the influence of LSD. He and his brother lied to me about the circumstances and did not reveal it was a suicide attempt. He tried to kill himself by repeatedly smashing a large rock on top of his head. The wound was horrifying, regardless of the circumstances I could have lost my son and he could have given up his life for something very stupid. I thank God everyday for allowing him to live. My friend ,Ron, who I had known for 49 years also died, possibly by suicide this year, or at least as a result of years of alcoholism. I am very sad to lose him although I feel as though I lost him to the bottle many years ago. I want to stay in closer touch with friends and family throughout the coming year.

Eugene's grandmother and Aunt Liya died. I'm surprised by how little I feel about it. They were both very ill. I know they, especially Mina, were a big part of Eugene's life, and it's sad that they're no longer around (though Mina in particular often didn't know what was going on). Logistically, it makes life simpler (and we inherited some nice crystal). It has really made me think about emotions -- I haven't seen anyone in his family act particularly sad, even though of course they mourn her. It's interesting how different people react. Not everyone wears their heart on their sleeve the way I do!

Making and losing friends. They always move on... shouldn't I be? And instead I resent them. How dare they leave me for some guy. And he isn't much of a guy either. I wonder if they're settling, if they're more desperate to settle down than to find love, and if there's something wrong with me for preferring to stay single.

I turned thirteen and it made me a better person. it made me a better person because i learned more.

I moved across country and started a new career. This transition has been difficult, confusing, heart breaking and a significant challenge. What is amazing is that I've learned so much more about what I am prepared to do to follow my dreams. Each day is a struggle to not loose sight of why I chose this path but I know this is what I'm supposed to be doing. I am blessed, excited, energized and honored to have the opportunity to do this.

This past year a significant experience was when I won the writing award at my school. It affected me because it inspired me to write on my free time and improve skills. The day I found out I couldn't stop smiling. I was very grateful to win the award and still am today.

I started Bat Mitzvah practice, worried that I would struggle. Now I'm relieved because I really had nothing to worry about.

The only thing to me that was significant last year was me graduating the 6th grade. it made me feel good and proud. i am grateful because it's a big thing for me. its my first real big thing.

I got to visit with my granddaughter, Paige, again. It was really good to see her and to interact with her again

On a trip to Israel I had a significant medical situation come up. It was scary and I could have felt alone, but many old and new friends stepped up and helped me to feel supported. I am very grateful.

The most significant thing I can think of is when my youngest daughter moved to India for a year. Not only did this leave my wife and I with only one kid at home for the first time in 22 years, but it gave me the opportunity to blog about my experiences missing her and what was going on in my life. Even though she was on the other side of the earth, it brought us closer together. I felt I could tell her anything and eventually opened up about a lot of things in my life that I hadn't even told my wife. It gave me a sense that my 17 year old daughter was my equal and friend. What makes it all the more special is that only she and I know about this blog and it's weekly entries. It is a eternal journal of our first year spent apart.

OMG well obviously it was the THESIS. Oceans of gratitude. Nine months ago my BEST case scenario was to finish it, somewhere, somehow, writing it alone, showing it to noone, then find three c-grade academics to pass it, then burn it. The reality of my process, opening to a community of friends, wanting feedback more than fearing criticism, finding a mentor so generous and reliable, has all been beyond my wildest expectations. Which is so much better than just getting my limply optimistic expectations met!

I turned 62 this year and my Native American teacher passed away in January. He had affected my life more than anyone in my life...and it's not even close. I come from an underprivileged and impoverished background. My father was a car wash worker and my life was heading down a similar low expectations life. Something inside of me wanted more and I moved around the country seeking happiness in some way. But not much changed until I met Rockingbear. Then it all did. I live a completely different and much happier life because of sitting in his circles and listening to his teachings and receiving his fiercely truthful feedback. When he passed I asked him to visit me in my dreams if he could. Six months later I had a dream that was a clear visitation with him. He gave me more information before he crossed over to the land of the dead. We hugged and I cried as I told him I'd miss him. He said he'd miss me too. And I woke sobbing...my pillow and face wet with tears. It was a beautiful, beautiful experience. We do not die. Our bodies fail but we go on.

I found my voice!! After years of loving to sing but having no ability to find the right notes I took a chance and signed up to sing in a Gospel Choir. And for weekly voice lessons. It was a huge challenge and a huge struggle. The day before the concert Something suddenly clicked. It is deeply satisfying to now be able to lead a chant with not only deep Kavannah but also a beautiful voice. And, now I can sing with my beloved!

I started family therapy, and we've been discussing some issues that have been problems for 30 years. That's a good thing. I wish I were doing more, achieving more.

I HAD A BABY WITH MY DREAM GUY! Whoa. That was seriously the most major shit ever. I don't think I was prepared for how intense, joyful, mind-blowing and challenging it would be. It made me reevaluate everything in my life, including who I am or who I think I am. I'm still not sure where I am on that spectrum, except to say that I feel like I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be with the two people I'm supposed to be with. My identity is still in flux and I can't say that I feel 100% like how I thought a mom "should" feel, but every day that I watch my daughter grow, change and master new skills, I feel a deeper connection to that thing that is so much bigger than all of us. The mystery of the universe has never been more mysterious and in some ways terrifying. Never in my life have I had so much love and therefore so much to lose. It's a pretty vulnerable place. I was very surprised at how much being pregnant and having this child would stir up my own family of origin issues, my abandonment baggage from my parents and at the same time, an acceptance of all these things. I feel like I've always left the proverbial back door open in case a relationship or life decision didn't work out. For the first time ever, there is no back door and no need for it.

I finished my first year of grad school. By this time next year I should have my masters. It's just daunting. I'm still not really sure where my life is going.

A year ago, I was in a totally different space. I was unhappy at work, and being somewhat of a workaholic, that took over my whole life and made me overall sad and unhappy. I still remember driving down the highway crying, and a few days later I got to give in my notice. The weeks that followed were some of the most stressful I've ever experienced - as people I've trusted and thought better of let me down. Throughout that experience, I've become stronger, more confident, true to myself, and most importantly, happy.

I got my first full-time career-oriented job. It was terrible at first, but I stuck it out and ended up doing something completely different from what I was hired for and now I love it. Although it can be stressful at times, I am grateful.

I entered the world of sexuality in new ways. Just as significant as the firsts are all the times since. I've had many lessons in love and identity, togetherness and aloneness. I have felt what is beautiful and different about each partner as well as what is prickly. I'm grateful for all of it and excited for what's to come.

This past year has been the year of the camel, 2773 (בזעג) Ayin ע stands for the decade of seeing, while ג gimel stands for the last year: the year of the camel. I tried to watch the Glory of Zion webcast replays of the first fruits celebrations each month this past year. I've learned a lot from them about how the Lord thinks, the background and mindset for each month in scripture. This has been a year of provision! Of double portion. I have been praying, along with that congregation, to receive double from The Lord. In ancient times in the East, trade was done on camels. Riches came on them: spices, fine fabrics, gold. Treasures. So I got two really great paying jobs this year! They are hard, but have been financially and emotionally rewarding. In my summer job--my last WITS Assignment, was a STEM camp at a school in "Da Hood"(so said Rochelle) Sunnyside over on southside. I found out it was one of the top ten worst neighborhoods to grow up in in the US. I wrote a poem about my great experience there and shared it with several people. Recap: On a trip from Austin a purple and salmon sunset reflects in my back window layered in meaning for me, and friends old and new. See through the window to the road ahead dark, but sure, straight, colored with sky. Dragging home, riddled with doubt, tear trails salted cheeks a second letter arrived today. A blessed second letter! I kiss it and query no one, How did he know it was wanted this day of all days? Two random cookie fortunes, remind me who I am, a message from My Father, Heavenly nudges. Your virtues are priceless treasures Treasure what you have Desperate phone call in the night, a friend who knows my soul’s plight, hears God with inner sight, You are a treasure, His delight. Three treasures in a row, I get it. I know, I’m slow. In the final drafts, I discover: they listened! They heard, Applying the lessons learned. The difficult class, the very, once turbulent ones, voted a treasure chest for their front cover: Hidden Talent, or a treasure unearthed? Remember the purple and salmon sunset reflected in my back window? With four short strokes, He bade me look through the dark glass to the sure, straight road ahead. His colors gracing my sky. -Karen Perez July 11, 2013

I made the decision to not return to my job for the spring semester...or ever. Although it's been difficult financially, I feel like it was the right decision. It wasn't working, I wasn't happy, and academia just isn't the environment for me. It's been better to struggle by choice than keep struggling inside with such profound unhappiness. I still don't know what's next, and I feel some guilt over how I left, but it needed to be done. I did the right thing for me, and that inspires me to continue doing that in the future, now that I know it's okay.

I started dating Elysia! It affected me in so many ways. I learned I could love again, I learned what a good relationship should feel like and I learned what dating your best friend is like. She makes me better and more confident in myself every day. I'm expecting me ego to be massive next year with all the compliments she gives me. Another thing that's probably going to be massive is my gut. THIS. GIRL. CAN. COOK. I'm so happy I met her, I was starting to feel like all hope was gone. I light up every time I see her and I hope that continues far into the future.

I've suffered some health setbacks in the past year. I've been working on letting go of some long-held expectations about things I might "someday" accomplish. On the one hand, there's a sense of loss, some despair, some giving up. On the other hand, letting go can also bring a sense of lightness or spaciousness. What can I do? What is realistic? What is worth keeping, and what can I let go?

my new husband suffered a heart attack. being in our 30's this was shocking and difficult. i was amazed at my own resourcefulness and ability to ask for help when i needed it. many people surprised me and followed through willingly helping or even just coming by to visit. i am so grateful for those people. overall it was tough, but it strengthened our relationship. it reminded me it's ok to ask for help!

We moved to Asheville. I can't believe we actually did it! I took a stand, I wanted a different future for myself, Steve, and the girls and it really paid off. It was such a gamble- I remember sitting on my sofa in the driveway having a panic attack as everything was being packed away- it was such a gamble and it was 100% on me if it didn't work out. It did though! Better than I could have hoped for! We all have such a better quality of life and it feels so good that we changed our fate for ourselves and for our girls. I'm so proud we did it!

A lot of firsts. I smoked weed, got drunk, took a dip, went to a hooka lounge- all of the stereotypical college crap. I don't regret my actions because I never let things go too far and I learned from every choice I made along the way. My freshman year in college was great, I had a blast! Over the summer I was sick a lot. Couldn't really eat solid food, doctors appointments two or three times a week. This all lead up to a single day that changed everything. It involved my first job, my first license, and my first car. I wrote all about it in my blog so I won't explain here. Suffice it to say I had a long summer.

Our daughter was born in April. I am phenomenally grateful for the opportunity to be a parent. The journey to her arrival involved two miscarriages and some months of waiting to fall pregnant - those were hard times but they have been diminished but the utter joy of this beautiful and joyful little girl who has turned us into a family. Also in the last year I was hugely grateful to embark on a new career that brought with it exciting and creative new networks. So I feel hopeful about the future.

My cousin attempted suicide in February. I was confused, sad, depressed, angry...yet grateful, relieved that she wasn't successful. I'm afraid for her, constantly worried that she'll try again and be successful. But I also know that I have to go on living my life to the fullest, and I can't let the fear of something I cannot control paralyze me.

I had brain surgery for a condition that while not deadly, had created a wreck of my life on just about every level. I am grateful i have great health insurance, I am grateful my company policy allowed for me, a long-standing employee, to receive full pay during my 3 months off. I am grateful for all the amazing support and love i received during my recovery. And I am sad and resentful that while my surgery was technically successful, my issue -- a very intense facial spasm that occurs even in my sleep -- has not been fully resolved. This was deeply humbling...and remains so. While i would prefer it were completely gone, it has taken me to my knees. I have to wonder why having had this for 2 years, on the heels of cancer, is a health issue that is continues to plague me. I have come to see that there must be a cosmic message here and I am finally willing to change some things in my life to create a less stressful, more self-loving existence. In that way, i feel the shimmering rays of positive change, and this is inspiring on a very personal level.

I proposed to my partner and am forever inspired by her to journey on. The bells rang for us. She is my home. And, I graduated. I became employed. 4 patients at the end of week one. I decided at the beginning of week 2 I liked it there. Part minister, investigative journalist, linguist, and physician.

Many very big things have happened in the past year. I completed my masters degree. It was one of the most difficult and most rewarding years of my life. I learned a lot about myself and teaching. I am also sure that my relationship with Patrick can withstand hard times. He stuck by me through so much and we got married 2 months ago. It was the best day of my life so far. It was just the best. Things have been difficult since then because of our living situation and financial obligations, but I know things will get better eventually. I have also gotten my job at Hill View, but it just makes me want my own classroom so badly.

My relationship with Adam. Grateful for being loved, sad that I couldn't love back, relieved that I didn't marry him. He was perfect but not for me. I learned so much more about myself.

Assuming that 'past year' means a year ago from this day, I attempted suicide twice due to a series of events that piled up upon themselves. It's hit me a couple of different ways. Most of which is anger and disappointment. However I am glad that I got lucky both times and was able to continue on.

John and I celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary on March 11. A milestone, we have been through so much together. We went on to finish a challenging house rehab for a rental we own - that very very hard work, where we had to work as a team and work on a mutual goal of giving an old house new life and an old neighborhood an improved property - was really transformational. It felt a lot like raising a child in a very short period of time. I am proud and exhausted.

This year, my parents told me about my grandmother's Alzheimer's, This experience has been incredibly difficult with trying to cope with. It is terrible to see her slipping away from us. On the phone she forgets who we are.

After an unexpected romantic interlude - that was painfully confusing - I freaked out about love, sex and relationships. Dipping my toe in romantic waters, I found them icy and unforgiving. So nervous, so anxious, so unsure of myself. sigh. Choosing someone who I genuinely felt affection and admiration for, someone who I was drawn to like a moth, resulted in me being burned. Still, I'm glad I took a chance, even though my brain did its best to protect my heart by sabotaging any chance of a future with this guy. I'm disappointed that it didn't end well, and yet, I am hopeful - no, I am sure - next time, I'll remember this lesson: Be brave. It's ok to be afraid, just be afraid, and do it anyway.

I had a hysterectomy July 1st. I am relieved it is done and over but the hematoma was stressful. I for sure was sorta saddened by removing my womb... That sacred place of women's creativity. Knowing I will no longer have the option to have children.

After many years of blood, sweat, tears and major sacrifices I've finally accomplished a dream of mine; to get into medical school so I can go on to become a Doctor. Not only have I faced multiple setbacks and failed attempts but I made huge sacrifices leaving behind a well paying career to follow something I'm passionate about and something that will fulfil me. The purpose of what I do has always been so important for me and the potential for me to reach out and touch so many lives in a positive way is now a reality. I feel relieved, proud, excited, enlightened, inspired and grateful. Grateful to my family and friends who have been so supportive and their excitement at the news of my acceptance into medical school is hear warming.

I moved. I had moved before, but this one has been the culmination of a great process, and feels more rewarding than any other move in my life. I'm worried about the responsibility I am taking on with such a big room, and feel the need to pull together enough stuff to fill it. New roommates are also a risky proposition. Like my big room, they have the potential to be greater than any previous ones, but only if I make the proper investment.

This last year was tremendously significant in my life. For 36 years I have walked around with a Jewish soul, but for the most part, it has not been acknowledged, because I was not brought up in a Jewish home. This last year, my conversion was formalized, and it was like 'coming home'.... It was a wonderful experience to finally be allowed to light the candles, go onto the bimah, be called up to pray before the Torah portion is read. WOW! It has been a pivotal year. And I believe, the best is yet to come!

So many experiences. Let's combine the three biggest ones. The deaths of both of my parents, and a life-threatening illness. The death of my mother left me both heartbroken and relieved. The death of my father left me feeling unfulfilled and incomplete and resentful because of the way he left things. My illness left me grateful for friends, my recovery, and for the wakeup call that changed my life.

A friend passed away from a terminal illness at a very young age. The grace and openness which he and his wife handled themselves over the year has had a profound effect on me. I will be forever grateful to him. I also worry that I'm forgetting him too fast and it's scares me immensely. I also completed a backpacking trip with two amazing friends. It made me feel empowered and was the first time in a long time that I can remember feeling proud of myself.

Death of a friend. I'm still in a process of change because of it. Don't quite know what the end result will be.

One of the significant things that happened is starting my own bussiness. It has been an eyeopener for me. I now know I can do what I leared to do. That kinda changed the way I think. I also lost a lot of weight, and people noticed it. That also made me feel more confident.

"Success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm" Churchill said. I am immensely grateful for the entire year, but also have been reminded of the bittersweet balance that is life. I have created a new company that is growing into success, while every day keeps being a definite struggle to survive, stand out and prosper. I feel I am battling for survival. But this was put into perspective when my cousin found out that her 3-year-old daughter has a brain tumour. Her family has been so optimistic and strong during Anna's battle this summer, as well as the downsides of the treatment, that it reminds me to never give up. Things go well, and things go badly, but we must keep on going on. I pray that Anna will heal and recover. We must keep succeeding despite the setbacks.

Miscarried twice this year. It hurts. It was one of the most painful things I have ever been through. I feel sad and in pain and very very angry. I hope that one day I can look back on it with a baby in my arms and use my experience to support others to get through similar difficulties

We joined the a Civil War living history group, and started a whole new activity stream and set of friends. It's been a great deal of fun, and the sense of usefulness in teaching history. Also, for the first time, our grandchildren were able to ski the mountain with us. What a joy!

I've become friends with people I truly, fully enjoy being around. I'm really relieved

Jon proposed to me. It has been wonderful taking the next step in our journey of dedicating our lives to each other. We also bought a condo. It was very stressful but has also been a wonderful part of strengthening our partnership. Maggie left Beloit and returned to home. She has been very unhappy and the experience has left me very sad. She is at CSU now and is having a hard time with our parents and not seeing Edwell. It has been exhausting being there for her and I've learned to set more boundaries. Often her pain feels like my pain and that really affects me in a bad way. I had hernia surgery which was frustrating because the doctors were unsure if I had one and I was in a lot of pain. I was upset at the medical system and at U of C doctors. However, the surgery and the days following showed how much support I had from my friends and of course, from Jon. I had tons of visitors. Jon and my family met. It was really nice. Of course I was anxious about it, but it was really nice to introduce people that I care about and that will be family for the rest of their lives. I also got my wedding dress with the women during that weekend. It was a beautiful day that made me feel closer to the women, especially to Jon's side of the family, including his grandmother.

A few significant experiences that happened last year. The first was that I opened my heart again. I fell for Luiz head on. He so didnt have anything on my checklist that I thought I wanted, but still i fell for him. Turns out it didnt work, but it awakened my heart from the dead and made me realize that maybe I should put my checklist away for a while and just be open to meeting someone that I might not expect can sweep me away. Something else that was significant was that I became an athlete. I completed my first triathlon. I set myself a goal, and i worked really hard to achieve it. And i did it. I am inspired! :)

This year I finally started having sex (I'm such a loser) and with that came going on the pill. It kind of seemed that's what everyone does, and I liked the idea, it all seemed very grown up. So I went on it without much thought at all really, and for several months it seemed fine. The weird thing is I'm writing this with retrospect now, and it's hard to say if I was fine or not, and what point I stopped being fine. Basically the pill made me really sad, just sadder than I've ever felt and the worst thing was it was for no real reason, but that wasn't a comfort. It made me feel completely powerless and I felt like I hated everything about myself and my life for no particular reason. But the reason it's so hard to spot is there were times I was happy too, but my general feeling in myself was sad. The experience part of it I guess is now I've finally come off it thank god, and its a wonderful feeling to know that you haven't been yourself but now you're back. I didn't realise how many parts of my personality and self were just suppressed when I was on it, and it's amazing rediscovering them and knowing that they were there all along. I feel brave, pretty, calm, ambitious, independent, hopeful and HAPPY. And this year has taught me to appreciate that for the first time.

I've been turned down for several promotions, new jobs, and new opportunities. It makes me feel useless and inadequate. In some ways, I'm grateful I've NOT been given some of these opportunities because of the stress they would bring but it stings nonetheless. I feel very resentful that other people are getting what I feel I should have. I'm angry at them for doing better than I am. It makes me furious with myself for failing.

I got my dream job working for IHS in the OB ward. I feel grateful but also gratified and relieved that finally someone is paying me to do what I do well.

I fell in love. And he fell out. again. Surprise surmounted expectation, and then exceptions fell short of longevity. I was grateful...am grateful...for knowing that love can be different and just as amazing as the first time. I am thankful that I experienced the caress of falling (and its deep abandon to broken dams) and the intimacy of two, but my ocean of tears is the undertow to all minutes since. I want for it to go away.

This year I felt like God has been talking directly to me. Not in an out right audible voice but on the inside of me; in my spirit. I know it is God talking to me because I get confirmation, some times two or three times. God has told me to organize, clean and come closer to him. This is very inspiring and a blessing... Period!! But at the same time I feel disappointed with my self for lacking the discipline to follow thru. I've been easily distracted by my every day hustle and bustle and I forget about putting into action what God has spoken to me.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer this past year. I am so lucky and grateful for early detection. I had surgery, radiation, another surgery, my incision opened, but then it closed and I am on the other side of it, just doing the mental healing. I was so blessed to have found it early and to be a survivor, something my mother never got to experience. My silver lining was being diagnosed earlier than my mother and surviving it. Now I don't have to live in fear as I get closer to the age she passed away from the effects of cancer. I am grateful for my children - who I could not have gotten through without. I am grateful for my family and friends who were there for me during this difficult time. I am grateful that I got through this. I am happy to be feeling better and on the other side. I am inspired by the women I saw and met who had suffered so much and I acknowledge that even though I didn't have chemo, I still went through a difficult time. I am hurt by those who I thought were friends and could not be there for me, but I am inspired by all those who rose to be there for me... with me. I feel blessed to have gone through this and to be a survivor.

I break free from a relationship which for me became empty and painful. I might have hurt the guy in the process, who was once a good friend, but some hurts are inescapable. The true love I looked for years finally dawned on me.

I met someone, Patricia. It's left me excited, confused, worried, happy, everything.

I started dating my current partner. After years of being non-committal and with a huge fear of someone holding me back or weighing me down, he made me feel like he enhanced my life, brought out the best in me, and challenged me to explore parts of myself I didn't know I had. And now I realize that this is also a somewhat self-centered way of looking at a relationship, and feeling more confident in my ability to take care of myself, I feel like I have more to offer. I am grateful for this experience and the change it has fostered.

I got engaged to the love of my life! It made me relieved because we had been talking about it for a while and had become a source of stress.

or me - and it happened recently, it was when I was able to pitch a show and get represented by a company. This was the first time I made all the contacts by myself, and it showed that all of the work, toil and sweat that I put into it paid off, with no connections made except my own. That meant a lot to me.

I went to sleep away camp for the first time. Being away from home changed the way I thought about things while there, and then when I got back as well. I'm not sure how I feel about it. The entire experience seems kind of hazy, like maybe I dreamed it.

Had a big breakup and - as I'm sure each will continue to do - gave me some perspective and more experience in letting go of something that's hard to let go of and that maybe you don't want to. I'm super grateful that Ive had an awesome year despite the inevitable moments of confusion, the loneliness, the sadness and the missing.

I had a baby boy. I don't know how I feel about it, it's brought up a lot of anxiety and I feel like I'm not handling it well and I'm not enjoying him the way I should. My marriage is getting worse and I keep thinking that I should not have brought a baby into this situation. And I'm working full time while my husband stays home and pretends to study and I feel like he's not even my baby. I'm not doing enough and yet I seem to be doing it all. I was so relieved that he was healthy and now I feel like he's not even mine.

My parents got a separation. Well, unofficially. Tomorrow will be the day where they sit down and discuss who gets what and who ends up where. For the last while, my dad has been the least supportive person to our family. Not only was he not supportive, he was causing extra problems. It would be harsh to say I hated him, but I did. I'm excited for their separation. My mom is a strong person and can handle life with just my sister and I. It would be beneficial for all of us to be on our own.

Someone tried to break into my home at night while my son and I were home. Thankfully my boyfriend was there, this may have saved me from a much worse incident. It was quite frightening and took time to move through feeling triggered and on edge all the time. Initially I wanted to minimize it, but it wasn't until I could face the threat of danger (and get an alarm) that I was able to actually feel safe again. I feel quite fortunate that nothing worse happened, deep empathy for those not so lucky, and am so grateful to my boyfriend, sister, and friends who supported me through it. I also felt angry and resentful of the intruder for leaving me feeling so victimized and fearful, and though this has lessened, it remains to some amount. However, the incident taught me about myself, how I respond to fear, and how to better keep myself and my son safe.

I found out that I do, indeed, have more problems with my spine. It's not enough that most of my lumbar vertebrae are fused, now I have problems with my cervical vertebrae as well! So I have to be constantly aware of not only how I move my lower back (so I don't further damage the remaining disks), but I also have to bear in mind the position of my neck and the strains I put on the disks in my upper back. All this means I can't move any part of my body freely any more. I am one bad move from more spinal surgeries. How can I possibly be resentful of that?

I decided to apply to oral surgery residency. It was hard to make the decision knowing the difficult road ahead, but I'm relieved that I was able to make it and move forward with my life. It's an exciting time, but I'm also anxious, nervous, and a little sad that I didn't choose something more exotic or "my own" to pursue.

This year is a blur. The birth of our son at the end of 2012 is by far the most significant, life changing event. The actual birth was a spiritual, a poetic, a dramatic, experience. It was the most empowering thing I have ever done. I learned that my body can do an amazing incredible act - an act that ties me to women of all time. My husband was a huge part of helping me through it. But, really, I did it, for myself, and for my son. I am so proud of myself and my body.

The court ordered my children's other parent to have a full psychological exam. I was relieved and felt vindicated, grateful and inspired to be the best full time dad I could be.

I fell in love with a guy ON Yom Kippur last year. Like, bam, love at first sight. I didn't think it was possible. And I was convinced that he was the one, that it was bashert. But in fact - it wasn't. So this year was a learning experience for me. Learning to be vulnerable, learning to not regret letting myself fall so deeply for someone (and then get so hurt). And learning to pick myself back up again, and give myself time to recover. I'm glad it happened, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't still hurting, just a little bit.

I had a beautiful, bright, beaming baby girl. it changed everything. last year and in years past i came here wanting her, even when i didn't know that's what i wanted. today she's here. i literally can not believe it and have never felt more the presence of g-d, and of my relatives particularly my dad who weren't here to meet her in person but are very much inside her. i try to remind myself how truly blessed i am every single day. i'm astounded that i know what to do, deeply in love, terrifed but also calm and sure that this child was meant for us, necessary for me, and am learning so much from her joyful spirit!

Hmm. This past year I felt abandoned at college. I didn't plan on being at Georgia State and then I was. I felt so stuck. And I thought that maybe I would just be friends with the other frum girl there Sara. And we made plans to go to a jazz concert for her class after school one night. But then she flaked and I was on campus in the dark by myself. It was cold and deserted. I texted Matt, I texted other people on campus but I just felt so alone. I realized that I couldn't pretend I was in Temima anymore. I was alone. I had to take care of myself. But then it turned out Nadav and Ely were there anyways. So I got a ride home in the end and I realized that HaShem was watching over me. Even though I felt so abandoned, I never was.

Started my solo radio show in January 2013, by September I took steps to own the station. I feel like everything is coming to a head and i'm almost there.

I graduated from my program and received my certificate in psychoanalysis. I was relieved, proud and it gave me a lot of self confidence. A lot of people had told me not to write this paper but I did and felt I got a wonderful response. My only sadness was that my husband and mother were not there with me.

College for sure. Seeing all my friends get into amazing schools made me anxious becaise I know I'm a good student- but not ivy league material. After being accepted and actually seeing the school it seemed perfect for me. Now I'm not so sure. I am grateful of course I mean I moved across the county and that took a lot. It feels great to on my own. I just hope I made the right decision.

My father died in January. Since then, I have been able to remember him as a vital human being, not the distant and broken person he became. Shortly after his death, I was alone in the house when a big blizzard struck. Locked in, I was able to mourn and heal. Then, the next day, as nice as my solitude was, I had to dig myself out. Usually, my husband does this, but he was out of town. Three different strangers lent me a hand, but I had to be out there trying for them to see and help me. Maybe my father sent them.

I went through a breakup in April. At the time I was full of anger, and felt that I would never get back to where I was. I also felt lied to, and no trust. 5 months later, I am a better person. I am happier, and know that the relationship wasn't for me. I am grateful I have learned so much about what I need for myself.

I met a boy, lost my virginity and fell in love, got hurt, forgave, got hurt again, laughed and had a lot of fun, was happier than i'd been in a very long time but then had all that happiness taken away bit by bit. I am grateful for the joy. Those memories will always stay high above the coinciding bad ones.

A significant experience that has happened this past year would most definitely be.. Well A LOT has happened but the most vague answer I can give would definitely just be "Checking into VP-47." It was my first time in Hawaii, my first duty station, I was checking in as an airman (I still am one as I'm writing this but I'm taking the third class test in 4 days and I'm going to slay that bitch so I don't even feel like that lost E-3 that I was when I first got here.. All scared and everything). Anyways, checking into the command with no car and no friends and just experiencing the struggles of being that new clueless wanderer who just didn't know what was going on was definitely a culture shock. Obviously years of being in the same school around the same people and knowing who was who had been what I was used to. Then even in bootcamp, A-school, and C-school.. I felt like I had an identity there because I knew who I was around and created a home for myself with familiarity all around. Then having to start all over and befriend new people. Having to begin anew with no one but strangers, no clue where to go and who to be with or how to get there. Almost 6 months in the command now and I still don't consider myself close to anybody. I just can't seem to find a connection like how I had with the LTK back in high school or have all the fun I had in C-School with msmiddy and carroll!! Regardless of not making any new close friends, I'm ok with that because another HUGE amazing significant thing that happened this year would most definitely be FINALLY being together with my Tim Krause. He's been the big topic of the past two years of almost each and everyone of my 10Q answers and now look at me and him finally pulling that big move and deciding to be together. It was the happiest day of my life.. Well I guess it wasn't a particular day but rather a series of events that led to the conclusion that yes he's finally mine and I can call him babe and love and whatever corny thing I want to because.. He's MY boyfriend! :3 Can I ask for anything more than this? Can any other huge event in my life top this relationship that I've been wanting to be a part of since I met the most amazing guy in the world?! Yeah, no. I didn't think so. I feel like the luckiest girl alive and no matter how much my credibility as a person and self-esteem can get knocked down by the challenges at work and the Navy.. He still makes my world feel so happy and amazing. I'm here for him no matter what and I know he's always there for me. Today is actually his birthday and I would do absolutely everything and anything to see him right here and now and be able to give him a hug and kisses! I hate the distance between us and the fact that we still have two more years of dealing with this crap to go! Well technically a whole year and ten months for him and 2 years and four for me. I keep thinking about if we can make it work for that much longer and I believe that we could! It's just that much harder. But if we've made it through almost two years of getting closer and closer.. Then I think that we can make it through this too. I hope so. He always talks as i we'll last forever.. And on my end I truly believe that too.. But just the idea of possibly losing him makes me the saddest girl in the world. But I can't think of that because we've just begun. We have a whole journey ahead of us and thinking positive thoughts is what he says I always do best.. So I can't change that now!

I saw someone attractive sitting in front of me in synagogue at the end of 2012. We talked for about 5 minutes after but both had to leave. I messaged him on facebook, and we started talking more and more. He lives far away, so we're not quite "dating" yet, but I'm optimistic about the prospects, he's planning (not because of me) to move closer. Reaching out was the significant experience, and I'm excited and grateful that it's worked out so well thus far.

Participating in the Birthing From Within advanced retreat at Ghost Ranch, in Abiquiu New Mexico was one of the most significant experiences of my life. First of all, just being in northern New Mexico again filled my soul. There is something about that place that calls to me. Being with an amazing group of women focused on the same work, work that feeds our soul was life-affirming. Realizations experienced there have initiated a big change in my life and given me strength that I will always carry with me. I will never forget the last day.

My mother died. There is a subtle shift in everything, end of a long journey, my position in family - I am now and elder, and relief - her suffering is over, and our witness of it. I have huge gratitude for how well this final sacred chapter went with my family. It also puts things in perspective, asks the question again what do I want to do with this one beautiful life I have. And somethings just aren't important. I feel inspired to live creatively, develop my potential - figure out what needs to be created.

I completed my Master's research ... I'm relieved, and feel proud of what I accomplished. I think it reminded me that I have this other, academic side of me that I have not used in a long time.

Moved in with my boyfriend who has serious commitment issues. I feel lucky and grateful and also proud that we've made our relationship work so well. I feel stronger and more secure that I ever have in my life. He supports and encourages me and makes me want to be a better person.

I switched jobs this past year. The anxiety over funding for my prior position was getting in the way of doing my work. My new position provides a great deal of professional growth and the opportunity to effect the larger community. I am excited and energized by this change.

I have shifted my mindset to working. Accepting photography job offers, auditions (that still feel so degrading) and I got a job. Lots of people work shitty jobs, it's OK to have one. There's no perfect job and putting yourself out there is important. It does indeed suck sometimes and it's scary. As a person who hates mistakes and feels so easily criticized it is often crippling. But it can only get easier with practice and so that is what I'm choosing to do. Struggle and fight the stress and painful feelings in order to have satisfaction in getting my hands dirty and feeling like I'm taking charge of myself and contributing to my present and future. It's good so far....

I spent much of June down at the Texas capitol fighting against the anti-choice legislation being rammed through legislature by Gov Rick Perry, Lt. Gov David Dewhurst, and the Republicans. I stood 10 feet from the Senate gallery door chanting with the "unruly mob" on the night of Senator Wendy Davis' filibuster. I was present at the Senate hearing when Sarah Slamen was forcibly ejected for calling out committee chair Sen. Jane Nelson and other senators on the committee for their ignorance and hypocrisy. I'm so grateful that I chose to be there, that I was a witness to history, not just someone getting a filtered version of the story from a news anchor. I'll always be able to say proudly, "I was there. I saw it. I participated."

I got a chance to go to Israel with my family. Even though I was on crutches because I had cut a chunk out of my foot two weeks prior to the trip, it was still one of the most meaningful, incredible, inspiring trips I have ever taken in my entire life.

The birth of my 2nd son! I'm in love all over again.

I came down with second stage lyme disease and bell's palsy at the end of august and it making me bow to my body. I want to learn from this experience and be both more mindful of body and how to best care for myself

Girls left to Asia for yr. it has been tough on my happiness and mood.

My parents decided they were going to end their relationship. Even though we're all still living together, this year has been really challenging. It has made me look at my parents differently -- notice their flaws and weaknesses -- and made me less dependent on them for stability. It has made me value marriage more and committed to avoiding the same mistakes when I do get married.

Hooking up with the girl on the airplane! a symbol of the 6 months of madness binge dating/hooking up that proceeded. I am glad to have gone through the process, to have got it out of my system, to have had the experience i always wanted from teenage/uni years with that stuff. great for confidence and will still be there after i hopefully tone it down in my day to day way of being.

This year, I got married. It's still kind of weird to think that I've passed such a huge milestone, but I'm incredibly happy and couldn't feel more secure in the decision. Adam is incredible, and I feel like our relationship has a great future. It doesn't feel particularly weird or like it has changed us or the way we relate to others. It just adds a bit of stability and lets us really plan for the future, not just dream about it. I do see us gradually moving beyond this post-college, light on responsibility world toward actual adulthood, but it's a change I'm ready for and that I embrace.

I've had a lot of significant experiences in the past year—signing on for my first job, graduating early, etc—but I think moving to NYC has been the biggest of them all. Overall, I'm thrilled about the move and think it's going to open so many doors for me. Being in a new city—especially one of this magnitude—can just be a bit overwhelming at times.

how many friendships I have made over time

My brother died. It affected me tremendously, far more than most other people may realize. I never expected anything like this to have happened. He was realtively healthy and was found dead in his apartment gym in Seattle right after thanksgiving. I'll never forget the call from my dad on my mom's cell phone. I got myself a girlfriend... but in a way I never predicted possible. So I met these girls in Brussels and after my brother died, I went to Thailand to visit my friends there. From there, I messaged the girls to say I was in town, let's get together. As they say, the rest is history. Just before I typed this, I just got off another 3+hr facetime session with her. I don't know if I love this girl or not yet, but I know I will once I get to Thailand in October.

Two big events, one hugely positive and the other hugely painful Went to Italy! Finally, like an life initiation long-yearned for but ever evasive. Now I am a world traveler! Within the same month witnessed the exquisite fabric of my little female family (the girls and myself) ripped in a way that, should it ever mend entirely, will leave an obvious flaw. Will we possibly be able to turn in into a designer feature to be proud of someday?

I quit a brand new job with nothing else lined up. It was terrifying and liberating all at the same time. It put me in a place to accept what could very well be my dream job. Grateful, relived, and inspire.d

Jacko getting laid off, us not working together, buying two homes, renovating while getting married, getting married twice, getting laid off, starting an amazing job at Yahoo!

The most significant experience this year was having my baby girl! Oh, and moving to a new house in the suburbs. I can't think of a way this hasn't affected me! It's been amazing. It's a dream that I've wanted for so long, and I finally got my wish.

I have taken several Coaches Training classes. I've learned so much, and have connected with some wonderful classmates/colleagues. I am very grateful.

Conocí a Cecy, una mujer muy especial, ella es grumpy como yo, ama la lectura y también a mi, ojalá estemos juntos mucho tiempo. Después de la inspección rusa me dieron el permiso formal de estudiar una maestria y pagada por la empresa, lo que me obliga a estar en jerez hasta 2017. Varios años mas lejos de Durango pero valdrá la pens

Birth of my son - Eli. Excited, grateful and blessed. Our family is getting bigger - Daniella, Abigail and Eli together with the best mom ever - Natasha.

I met this amazing man who actually fulfills my hopes and dreams for the man I want to build a life with. He sort of magically appeared in the most unexpected of places, when I wasn't really looking for him and especially not there -- I met him at my Saturday morning Torah study group, Chavurah, at the temple in Brooklyn Heights. I'm astonished by how I feel when I'm with him, how he embodies the qualities and characteristics of the man I described to the Universe and the heavens above, and how easy it is to love him and fall deeper in love with him every day. This has affected me in such a profound way... that love really can be "found" and be found in the most extraordinary places while just being yourself and doing what you love; that you really should be specific about who you want to be with; that understanding yourself to the point of knowing what type of person doesn't serve you and what you value most and how knowing what qualities in others you value most serves you and the person you "find", who is your destiny. I am humbled and grateful at this profound development. The experience is awe-some and has created a new sense of serenity, peace, excitement, pure joy and true happiness for me. It is not forced. It is beautiful, genuine and true. It's love ;-). I always wanted what I saw in my father's parents' relationship (my grandparents) -- two people who loved each other deeply, supported each other, loved everyone around them, and did their best every day to appreciate each other and their lives together. A soulmate. I feel like I have found my soulmate. It is inspiring and it has changed me -- forever.

I was demoted at work. Officially, that's not the story, but my responsibilities have changed - retracted - so that's how I feel. However, the work I am doing now is more satisfying and less political. And, the hours allow me to spend more real time with my children, without the constant distraction of a managerial position. I am at once resentful and grateful. I couldn't have designed a better job for me right now, but I wish it had been my decision and not the CEO's. It's not quite as prestigious a position, but it's more fun and in line with my life - with two small children and a partner who has a demanding job as well.

I got an amazing job. While it's occasionally a chore, I'm super grateful that I have the opportunity to be involved in something that one of my heroes created. Theme Parks have brought so much joy into my life, I didn't even realize until I started working on them, that it's what I should be striving towards.

My Grandmother passed away at age 91 on June 24th. I was getting ready to board a plane and travel to China to complete a business transaction that was not ideal but I had no other alternatives. My Grandmother had left me a considerable sum of money and now I could back out of the deal. I decided to proceed and trust that this was the best path forward. The deal subsequently fell apart because the buyer ran into problems. Having the money to proceed on my own has turned into a huge responsibility and weight on my consciousness. Before I couldn't wait to have the ability to invest on my own but now I am concerned that I will lose the money. However, I am inspired to make the company successful and I believe now that I am doing what my Grandmother would want me to do... Follow my dreams... Losing the money is not the measure of success or failure that I am seeking... Following my dreams and intuition and trusting that will take me down the best possible path...

My partner and I got engaged. It's something that's been coming for a long time, but I kind of thought I'd overestimated how much of a difference it would make to my life. I was wrong. It has affected my happiness unrealistically, improved my relationship with my mother unexpectedly, and generally given us so much joy.

My son graduated sixth grade, which means I no longer have a child in elementary school. I feel like it's been a much more difficult transition for me than for my son! I'd been at that elementary school for 11 years, since my daughter's kindergarten year. A lot had changed at the school and in my life, and while at one point I really enjoyed spending time there, I no longer did at the end. Still, it's a bit of a loss, and I feel...odd...that I don't wind up there on a regular basis any more!

One of the most significant things that happened in the past 12 months is moving from QLD to SA. I was daunted by the idea, scared of not knowing anyone and if it would be the "right" move. I forget that I just need to make a decision and make that one work and if it doesn't work I can make another one with the knowledge I have gained. The move was the best thing that I could have done. I was on a path of self sabotage and destruction. With 6-7 visits to hospital from self-harm and suicidal attempts. I have been the most stable i have been in years and I am so grateful for the friends that I have to support me in my decisions and to remind me of all the things I need to remember when I'm feeling low. I have also been fortunate to find a good man that treats me well. After my last partner I never thought I would allow myself to love again. I have a strong sense of self, I know my boundaries and my limits and I'm not afraid to voice my concerns. I have built myself back up. I do however need to work on my self esteem and confidence.

I became engaged. It made me so happy my life is moving in the right direction

My sister Shannon passed away, unexpectedly, at the age of 42. It has been a profound, heart-breaking experience. She had cancer as a child and the chemotherapy and full-body radiation ravaged her body. But more importantly she had an amazing character, was happy, loved taking care of children, and showed how to live a life fully. If she complained of pain or problems you knew it was serious because she withstood more than anyone else I knew. She is my little sister, the strongest and most fragile person I know, a hero and a person, a heroic person, a personal hero. My sadness is muted only by the fact that we could have lost her so many times before, and we were able to have her in our lives for so long. She will always remain in my heart and by my side.

I went to Italy alone. I can't believe that was this year! It was my first time traveling alone internationally and I am glad I did it. I don't necessarily feel like I "found myself" but I proved I have the strength and courage to do something like that. It was fun and now I plan to travel alone a lot more in the future!

I got divorced. Legally. Major affect. Super happy super sad. Happy it's over. Relieved but lonely. Resentful and bitter yet full of hope and optimism.

Met Rich in February. Felt great because he's a great guy and I was kind of ready to give up on ever meeting anyone.

my sister had a baby, which really changed the dynamics of our family. it mellowed my parents/sister out a ton. met a really amazing woman, and for the first time in my adult life, I feel like marriage/partnership is an attainable goal.

I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. He has changed my life in ways I'm just beginning to understand.

I think I had my first real brush with depression. I didn't get it diagnosed or anything, but I felt so low some days that it scared me. I didn't want to do anything at all, eat, sleep, play my guitar, listen to music, work.... none of it seemed worthwhile. I did make it out of it, but I can still feel it at the edges of my life, and if I'm not careful, it'll totally engulf me, eat me whole and spit me out. Luckily Abhi's been an amazing help and a true damn light in getting me out of those dark times. I've also been feeling more independent, like my life has finally moved out of home and into here. I've come to terms with the fact (more or less) that I have to fend for myself and take care of myself. I can't keep running back to Amma and Appa for everything. And I haven't, and I think that's a step forward for me.

I lost my job, which broke my heart. And then I fell in love, which has started to heal it.

A little girl in Ilaria's class found out she had extensive brain cancer. I worked with her in the classroom and she was so sweet. It was a reminder than you never know how much time you have. Enjoy every day. This little girl is only 6 and probably won't see age 7. This girl has inspired me to be stronger and appreciate life.

I turned 50 this year. I am inspired, and scared, slightly feel that since then I look older and that work has been less forthcoming, certainly I have been quieter work wise. Is that in my mind (partly) but also in reality.

I've come to realise and accept things for how they truly are at home. I've seen things in a whole new light. I now know that the person's actions were, are and will always be wrong. I also now know what to do. But I also know that I need to be patient. It's affected me by plunging me into complete darkness, something from which I haven't yet fully recovered. I'm stuck here for now, and I can see a pinprick of light waiting for me in the distance, but the meaning of it (whether it's a happier life or a relieving death) I'll leave for God to decide.

I lost the love of my life when Jen and I split because we couldn't make our LDR work. Although I am hearbroken, I have no regrets - she opened me up to a whole new way of being with someone and for once all the drama was outside the relationship not in it.

The most significant experience was having a huge, put-a-crack-in-the-wall argument with my step-daughter. It was devastating at the time but it ultimately cleared the air and brought us close. It wasn't easy, and it took a few tear-soaked conversations, but I'm so glad that it happened. And I appreciate all that much more for it.

I learned to be with my emotional experience more skillfully and with more acceptance. I experienced a great deal of relief of emotional suffering as a result.

I married Elizabeth early in 5773. Not surprisingly, I was grateful and joyous during and just after the wedding. As our first anniversary approaches, I feel no less privileged to be sharing my life with such an extraordinary woman. I am tremendously fortunate.

I ended up in the hospital for 2 weeks for extreme headaches (not migraine). After many tests they discovered that my body is producing too much spinal fluid which causes pressure on the brain. They don't know what causes it, but suggested I loose weight. I am trying, but it is so hard now that I am over 50. I am determined to loose the weight so I don't have to be on medication for the rest of my life.

The unexpected, joyous, miraculous arrival of Addison Rose Sharee Pugh eclipsed all the significant experiences this year. My entire life has changed, has been turned upside down and the path I am on looks nothing like it did December 28, 2012. I am grateful, exhausted, exhilarated and simply could not be happier.

This past year was incredible...I felt lucky and excited for the year to come...I was dating a great guy, and we got engaged and then 2 months after our engagement he broke it off. So now I feel resentful and hate his guts. I'm hoping to move forward this year in a positive light and not spend too much time on the yucky stuff. I've been focusing on myself and making significant strides in my health and well being...Maybe it's what I needed and this was the push I needed... but I don't wish what happened to me on anyone else.

I went to Las Vegas. It was a great experience. I found out that I loved the city, and that I loved the desert even more. It has made me long for the desert, want to move there, and changed part of my outlook for the future. It has made me reconsider whether I want to stay where I am now.

I suppose resentful fits: I was unable to finish enough work to be ordained as I had planned and had to postpone to 2014. Mixed feelings these days because I think I'm doing better work now than I would have done last year so it's probably for the best in the long run.

Within the past year as in since the last time I filled out this 10 Q? I guess that would have been Sept 2012... So when I was in China for my first REAL month. I like the way that I did last year with significant events from each month, so I will do that again. Oct: Trip to Boshan. Having a honeymoon period in China. Nov: First Thanksgiving away from home. First salary from working at ZBCT. Dec: Day 100 in China. First Christmas away from home. First New Year's Away from home. January: Trip to Hong Kong. February: Trip home for Chinese New Year. Almost didn't go back to China. CPR Certification. March: Return to China. Was very thankful that spring arrived as soon as I got back. Start dating Kyle. Trip to Tai'an. April: Trip to Shanghai. Start PA job. May: Depression and despair for me. June: Meet Jasper. Trip to Xi'an (all by myself! First time!) Trip to Beijing (again, solo). This was definitely a year of me learning how to enjoy my own company and even take risks with myself. July: RETURN HOME! TH 5183, Color run, lots of auditions. August: Move in to an apartment w/ Sarah in uptown. 22nd Birthday! Hired by Corepower and Blush. September: Back to school. Majorly overwhelmed.

I got engaged :) I'm so grateful for the man I love and for his son. I can't imagine my life without them. He makes me want to be a better person and work to be as loving and open as I can be, to not let my past dictate my future and to accept me for me - with love and joy. I feel beautiful everyday. I honestly was beginning to think I'd never meet a man like him, but I am so relieved I didn't settle.

I got divorced and my father died. But I can say that while both of these events were life changing, I am a better person for having went through that level of loss. Also, I went thought some health and money issues and I was fearful, anxious, resentful AND inspired.

The most significant experience I had was to be accepted, enrolled, and graduated from NYU Tisch's Masters program in Arts and Public Policy. It was an amazing program staffed with an INCREDIBLE faculty (Randy Martin, Karen Finley, Kathy Engel, Pato Hebert...). It absolutely changed my life for the better. I am grateful for the entire experience...although I wish that the program was twice as long....

I gave birth to a beautiful boy and I am eternally grateful for the experience of bringing another soul into the universe at this stage of and age in my life. I am still uncertain about his paternity, not that it's that important since I am a single parent, but all indications are that he may be a product of a very juicy secret love affair / 1 night goodbye stand. *Tell me something new*

I am pregnant. This is the scariest pregnancy I have had now knowing the risks involved especially with complications I had with the other two. I have been very guarded with my excitement. Passing the 24 week mark has been a huge accomplishment.

I have watched my grandmother's (expected at her age) and mother's health (not expected) deteriorate. I feel grateful to have had my wonderful grandmother for 97 years. I am frustrated at my mother's inability to admit to her decline or seek out answers to the cause. It has led to some open, deep and honest communication with my siblings.

I cheated on my wife and told her about it. It completely exploded, rearranged, and then exploded my life again. Pretty much my life is forever different now, and so will be my wife's. It was a fuck-up of astronomical proportions. A mea culpa of the highest order. A pathetic, hormonal nadir that alienated worthless "friends" and deeply wounded the person in the universe closest to me. How do I feel about it? I am heartbroken. We are still married, but have not lived together since April 2013, five months ago. I am lonely and sick and there's a background ache that throbs loudly whenever I see my wife. This is the tough times, folks. This is the grave I dug for myself.

I graduated from Vassar in May. It's been over 3 months, and I still don't feel like it's real. Spending time at Vassar for Yom Kippur was such a magical and bizarre experience. I feel as if nothing has changed, it still all feels like the space I inhabited, but so few of my friends are still there. I know I will do great things in the years to come, but I will always look back on my time at Vassar as some of the happiest years of my life, and I am so lucky and privileged to have had them.

Dad got cancer. He's doing alright, really he was fine from the get go. Diagnosed, treated and effectively cured before anyone bother to tell me about it. I'm relieved that he's okay, but having that knowledge is going to weigh on me for a while I think. He's does okay for himself, but he's still never been the healthiest guy. It's going to be something I think I'm going to have to carry for a long time. I'm not sure what I'd do without him. More importantly, I'm not sure what mum would do.

This year I finally moved out from my parents house and moved in with Tim. It has been life changing. It is so nice to have our own space and freedom. Silly things like not having to worry about making other plans if you've got dinner at home, are so good. We are very lucky as our flat is so lovely, and we are very happy. It is nearly time for us to renew our contract after 6 months, which is scary - but can't wait for our first Christmas here.

Everything that has transpired around me this year has been caused by an event at the beginning of this year; an event so traumatizing its difficult just to get it out in writing, for fear that if I see it in writing, I might have to deal with it. I was fired. I was fired from an internship. I was fired from my dream internship. This event has tarnished an otherwise satisfying and hard earned professional life. This has also traumatised me more than I had expected. I didn't realise until just now how much I had depended on my career as a source of identity, and pride. It has caused me to spend the last eight months alone in my house, sulking in self pity, unable to regain the confidence and self esteem to apply for guaranteed jobs and internships offered to me. The worst part isn't even the blow to my pride, or self esteem. It's the shame. I was so ashamed and shocked that I have been lying about it for eight months. The only soul I've told is my best friend, whom I called out of shock the moment I was let go. I've kept many secrets about myself from many people in my life; by far, this one has been the most damaging, to my emotional, physical and most importantly mental well-being, as well as all to all my relationships.

This past year as a senior in college I was sexually assaulted by a friend. Since the incident, in February, I have grown into a stronger individual and began to develop the parts of myself that are most important to me. I learned which friends I could begin to really trust and my uncertainty in what happened, my emotions, and how to deal also lead to tenuous relationships with those who I used to be close with. It's not their fault- its the exploitation of my insecurities of distrust manifesting in the most profound way. Over yom kippur this year I was terrified he would email me and ask me for his forgiveness. I think about teshuva and am haunted by the idea that the onus would be on me to forgive him over this time. It's been 7 months and I have dealt with this in significant ways- but I can only imagine that I will continue to deal with it in new ways in the coming month. I am scared and I am uncertain. But I am learning how to feel for myself, how to base my emotions on my own perceptions. If I cannot be there for myself, I cannot be there for others- this is the most important lesson I have learned and continue to work on. At this point in time, no one in my family knows but about 8 friends do.

I've switched jobs, and though it was scary to make a change, it has been great to feel renewed and reenergized and happy again. I didn't realize how much I had lost my sense of humor being burnt out in an energy-sucking job all day. I feel like I have new life and I need to hold onto it.

Probably the one I want to write about the least, Bailey nearly drowning. I want to forget it happened but I also don't. It was so scary. Literally, our whole lives could have changed but Bailey was okay. But I still haven't gone swimming, a pool just does not seem like a fun place anymore. I am absolutely not grateful that it happened because it was a terrible experience. But it has definitely changed me, and I think it has been a change for the better. In Macklemore's song, he raps, "life can change in an instant". It's so accurate. I've started living life like that. Understanding that there is a future, but living in the moment. Or remembering the moment, because everything can change in an instant.

I've lost a lot of friends this year. Not permanently; we'll be friends a long time, I hope. Just, proximity. A lot of people moved on. I work in publishing, which isn't easy. In fact, it's a lot heartbreaking. I live in New York, which is like a rollercoaster; a joy one second, the pits the next. Neither publishing nor New York are positives when you start thinking about growing up a little, and making life-long choices about marriage and family. Jill was the first one to leave publishing, though that was years ago. We were always jealous. But this year, it got worse. Julie left Little, Brown. The workhorse of the department, the preferred darling for all promotions, the bestseller queen. The one who was unflappingly loyal. She left. Cried every time she told an author she was leaving. Sobbed when she broke the news to us. She didn't want to want to go, but she wanted to go. She left New York, while she was at it. Says leaving to go home at 5pm everyday at her new job is really hard to adjust to. Zoe left, too. Her job didn't have any more challenge. She didn't believe in our books, or our leadership. She's in San Francisco now. Just trying something new. Going with her gut. Connie will leave the moment she can. Jill was in New York, and then she left for Pittsburg. And suddenly all my friends who were here are gone, left, leaving, want to leave, New York or publishing or both. And I'm still here. I'm sad. Sad to see the end of an era. A little nervous that I haven't felt the same decisive twitch to move on. Nervous that I won't until its too late. Nervous that doing so will leave me with no options. What is New York to me, without the friends? I'm pretty sure it's nothing. But I don't know where else is home. But at the very least, I've started to consider it.

My grandma died. I am very bitter. It's really hard to even type those words. I am mad at her. She should have been at my wedding. She should have been here to see me have my own family. I am so sad and mad and I really miss her. It also has really mad me appreciate my own mother. I need her; she is my rock. I'm such a lucky daughter.

my falling in love with Juergen, and having him not fall in loe with me. I am grateful, it affected every part of me, I was resentful, I am disappointed, I am glad that I was able to feel such intense feelings, and I am scared that I may not get to feel that way again.

It's so fresh for me. My mind goes to that day this summer. July 3rd 2013. It was the hardest day I've ever experience. It tested me in the biggest time of crisis, as a professional as a human. It's been two and half months and I'm only beginning to deal with this emotionally. I'm taking the time to finally take care of myself, my well being and my health.

We had a beautiful baby boy! I am so grateful and couldn't imagine life without him! after two angel babies, we finally got our take home, rainbow baby - so so lucky!

The most significant experience was the birth of our 5th grandchild, Mateo David Earl Black, Aug.9th, 2013. Our theory is he was a month old when he was born, as he was 10 lbs. 2 oz. & I believe, 21.5" long. He also is smiling at his parents at a month old, & that's just a tad early. He is adorable. Nursing & all that seems to be going well. We are ecstatic for Jamal & Shelly. This is the first time Grandma-- me-- has not only missed the birth, but hadn't seen him yet. We plan to go see him Oct. break, so he will be 2 1/2 mos. old. At this point, I believe he looks like Shelly but some people see Jamal in him. We are happy to welcome him into the August birthday club, which now includes Mateo, myself, our 2 sons, my grandpa Agnew (17th) & my mother (28th). Also, my husband's dad celebrated his 90th, which we all got together for & took pictures. That was awesome. Other than that, last Fall I went through hell applying for a promotion & didn't get it & am now applying for tenure, & both processes are complete hell.

My ten year relationship ended. It definitely brought me through a lot of spaces I wouldn't have gone to otherwise. I am actually grateful because of what I've been able to experience, and because now things that I was scared of and worried about are moot points. But relieved wouldn't be quite accurate. I was tremendously saddened. It wasn't what I wanted. But I've learned that you can't just want things into being. Relationships, especially, perhaps.

I got a piercing at 20 years old in order to feel a sense of freedom, independence. whether it is only the illusion of freedom is a different story, however. I am at a point in my life where I feel so desperate for peace, self-love, independence, and clarity that the piercing is one of the few, simple ways I could hold on to a feeling of control within my life and my own self. I don't have much control over anything at the moment.

I got the first job I ever really stuck with long term - working as a temp at Kinetics. It's been a roller coaster. As first I really sucked at not calling in sick every few days or every week or couple weeks. I was really scared I was going to lose my job over that, so I pulled myself together and started not missing a day unless I absolutely couldn't drag myself down to work. I kind of resent at times that I have to follow someone else's schedule and rules, and it causes me a lot of anxiety to think about how all they have to do is give the word, and I'll be back where I started - no money, no job, no nothing. I don't like being dependent on someone else's whims. But at the same time, I'm feeling a lot better. We have steady income. I'm providing for my family and taking care of us. I've proven to myself that I CAN do it,even when the going gets tough. And that means a lot to me.

MY divorce---it was the most painful thing that I ever went through. I am sad, but now I know that it was for a reason and better things are going to come my way...I am hopeful that the pain and sadness in my heart will disappear and I will truly be completely happy again...

Our daughter told us she is transgender. And so began a powerful journey through shock, fear, sadness , confusion and loss. I am not affected in any one way. Yes, I am grateful that we were finally told. Maybe relieved to understand what the growing gulf between us was probably about. Ok, and resentful that I must face this unsettling challenge when I already felt that I was overwhelmed. And in a way, yes I am inspired: to take up the cause of those with gender issues, and maybe to make a difference there. I have become aware of the need for unisex public bathrooms and have begun advocating locally for them . I have come to understand that I am responsible for my own process and can do little or nothing for my child, except to love and accept him, obviously and often.

My brother got married. I'm grateful he found someone he clearly loves so dearly, and happy that our small family is expanding. But I'm also a little sad, that maybe I'm losing a small part of him as he starts his life with Elly. Its a weird feeling I don't like to discuss, because I know its immature, but it is what it is. I'm also grateful for spending some time in Antigua. God, I loved that trip.

I decided to leave my home. I went to Israel and I am going back. I wrote out my dreams of a partner and it came to be. I feel confident, peaceful, grateful, surprised, energetic, enthusiastic, expectant, open hearted, curious, intrigued, inquiring at the possibilities and the unknown.

I can't think of much. It all blends together. But having short but fun relationship was significant to me. I got a small taste of what can be good and fun about a relationship. I learned how to manage my expectations and communicate better. I'm grateful.

In the past year so man significant things have happened to me. I think perhaps the most significant was proving to myself that I can manage my own schedule, no matter how hectic it got. Between workign 26-30 hours a week and full-time school, yoga teacher training and maintaining friendships and investing in my jewish life, I somehow managed to do well in all these areas. excellently even. I am so proud of myself for getting the grades that I did, for being a good waitress, yogi, friend and jew this year. I am grateful and so happy to have exceeded even my own expectations.

I started dating, and subsequently fell in love (and continuted dating) someone. (I really hope I read this with joy next year). I didn't ever want to live in a world in which the most significant thing that happened to me in a year was romantic--especially in a year that had so much mundane significance--I paid rent! Supported myself! Had a great internship! Did a lot of theater! But I think nothing changed my horizons as much as figuring out not only how to live the adult life that I want, but also how to incorporate someone else into it. Despite the all the existential anxiety about becoming to attached to another human being, it really has made me more sane, more relaxed, and changed a lot of the way that I think, for the better, I hope. And for that I am profoundly grateful.

I went crazy and came home to my mother's house where I fear I will die. I learned that I am creative and good at sewing and refashioning and that if I hadn't been in such a hurry to get out of my parent's sphere I would have been already in my chosen career.

My mother died in May. It is the hardest thing that I have ever faced in my life. I am grateful for the mother that I had. She taught me so much. Most importantly, she taught me everything that I needed to know to be successful in life and to be able to go on once she was gone. She taught me that I am loved and how to love others. She taught me how to cook, sew, read, sing. She taught me that Jesus loves me and that God is always with me. She taught me to do what is right and to stand up for what is right. I am relieved that she is no longer suffering. She had been a dialysis patient for almost 4.5 years. She was a wonderful mother, wife, grandmother, teacher and friend. I hope to take what she gave/taught me and pass it on to others.

After many tears, constant soul searching, gut wrenching emotional pain and overwhelming guilt, I decided to end my marriage. It was the hardest thing I've ever done and will likely be one of the most important decisions of my life. I am hopeful and confident that the decision will translate into a greater sense of happiness and love in my life and in the lives of my ex and our children. I feel such a mix of feelings about it. Anger, sadness, joy, guilt, excitement and contentment have all ebbed and flowed throughout this process. But looking inward now, I feel grounded, calm, and optimistic.

Kitesurfing and kartblocking... Inspired that I really like such sports...