Is there something (a person, a cause, an idea) that you want to investigate more fully in 2014?


Buddhism. Meditation. My family. Writing. Producing. Making my own work.

The Law Of Attraction.

Volunteering with my child. Pivot tables in Excel.

finding a spiritual home/leader. some place/someone with smart perspective, deep understanding of life.

The possibility of really retiring!!

I'm always interested in learning more about religion. Because of grad school, I'm going to need to learn more about statistics. In general, I'd like to just be better informed.

I want to investigate my consumption. I want to study the path that my food, clothing and other worldly materials take to get to me.

I will figure out how all my particular talents can merge in one idea or business that I own.

I really like what Paul Polak with WindHorse is doing to combat poverty in very creative ways.

Yes Meditation, Yoga, Davidji, Buddhism and spirituality.

I would love to deepen my connection to my synagogue and my community.

My thesis. I want to put muscle and fat on it. I want to get better at reading Hebrew at the same time.

I want to find my passion in 2014. I have no idea what that might be or where to look for it.

I'd like to become more active in Buddhism. It makes me a more contented and satisfied person.

Not quite sure. I am hoping that a cause will emerge as my career winds down. The cause will become self evident.

I want to get further involved with teaching at my local elementary school and getting other people excited to do the same. I also will get back to planting peace poles around our city. I already know one place in Bridgeport that wants to do it (Bridge House) and I am sure there are more.

I want to grow my subscriber base for my blog and generate advertising revenue from it. I want to write my book on fashion.

I'd like to learn more about these things: my family history. landscape painting. Jewish philosophy. paddle boarding. yoga. drawing. Hebrew.


I'd like to get back into flute. I've dropped my big list of goals, so the ones I'd like to hold on to are flute and learning Greek.

I want to understand more about our connection with the right brain and how to bring those aspects more into my life.

My own religious beliefs, where I stand on fiscal issues and how I can help those who self-harm

Same answer as last year - I want to keep getting to know New Orleans, just in case I don't get to stay here next year.

Continue to explore spirituality As it relate to my Jewish idenity, Traditions, and practices

The meat industry (not to mention I have to for an essay coming up)

1. Connection between Emotional and Intellectual Intelligence 2. Where is this "grabby", "yearning", "get back at you" part coming from and how can I tame it?

I'd like to know more about how to be more compassionate toward myself and others. Specifically, I want to learn more about mindfulness and read Pema chodron.

How to be more fully myself and to speak my truth and opinion more freely. I am a listener rather than a speaker and I feel thwarted.

love. in a romantic way. its time.

I'd like to look into learning reiki and also teaching spin. I'd like to feel useful

I want to investigate where my journal-writing classes are best suited. I feel there is a specific population and maybe even location...

I'd like to read more about the Indian Wars. Who knows? Maybe I could write the epic I've been thinking of.

meaningful personal Jewish practice

I'd like to invest my time in other people more, whether it be friends or a boyfriend. I'm interested in exploring the world of business and will achieve so by going to university.

Our family goal is to go to Europe specially to some places were our family lived before the war and concentration camps they were killed

Maybe either writing children's books, blogging about something important to me/ monetizing it. I really want/need to learn mandarin for sure also. It'll help me later in life

I want to continue to investigate Jesus.

I would really like to get more in touch with my Judaism. I feel like I have lost my way with regard to it. I would also like to perhaps change my name to a Hebrew name. Show my identity in my name. I also want to be a better wife to Patrik. He is such a fabulous husband and deserves so much!

can't really think of one. The idea that I can get on well with children is the best I can come up with, as I would love to have a better relationship with me two nephews, and my Godchild will be born next year.

I'd like to investigate what makes a successful Manager

Yes, I want to investigate me. I want the best me there is, I want to develop all the parts of me possible, a great mom, a great thinker, decision maker, all of it.

The art of photography and how I can make it mean more than just a hobby.

I would like to learn more about buddhism and how to stop "owning" things.

I'd like to achieve peace within myself so that I can handle stress around me at work and at home.

I want to know everything there is to know about property law. And Ann Hopkins.

I still want to learn arabic. I have no excuse not to learn.

I would have to say tapping. The one session I had with an EFT coach was amazing, incredible, indescribable. The way my emotions bubbled up as we were speaking...the tension I felt in my jaw...the way my face felt flushed and hot, the tears stinging my eyes — I've never even experienced that in therapy! I can't wait to continue peeling back the layers of the onion. We all have issues. I have the courage now to look at mine.

I want to explore the NYC Department of Education and learn its inner workings.

I would absolutely love to learn sign-language and learn more about how to communicate with people. Perhaps this is me seeking communication ideas and how better to go about it, but off the top of my head, I think it would be absolutely fantastic to be able to learn sign language, and be a part of a world of people who are separated from our own, just on the basis that they can't hear.

Everything. I want to know everything. Always have. But if I were to pick one thing, I'd say I want to explore further how my creative side can grasp hold of important ideas and make them into something. I'd like to investigate how far I can go, and how much I can bring out.


I'd like to face my traumatized self. I managed to form a hot & cold relationship with a recovering alcoholic parent but without going through my own process of feeling my feelings *without* shame and then moving through the rage I've held inside. I'm in my late 30's and I'm now acknowledging how it's sabotaged each of my life spheres. Cyclic work place difficulty. Being fired. Dating difficulty. Receiving emails ending it 2 and 3 months into getting to know someone and getting to be known. A flicker of my rage shows in my passive-aggressive communications and they (sensibly) call it off.

I'd like to know more about myself. What life path will make me happy?

I want to more fully investigate and understand the differences between group and private practices.


I would like to investigate doing something creative. I am not generally a creative person but I am feeling the need to make something. To create. Knitting or pottery. Something tangible.



Therapeutic riding. Is something I would like to get more involved in.

I want to read more of Names Martin's books both for myself and for my ministry.

Not sure - I am really focused on changing the future as opposed to researching the past.

I'd like to investigate more about becoming a contagious christian. How I can spread the Word of God in a way that's best for me and those I am close to.

Yes. The work of Gilbert and Sullivan in that I'm crowd-sourcing and writing a book on them this year.

God...and death.

Writing interpretive biographies.

I would like to investigate more the learning of a southern African language - Shangaan, Afrikaans, or Xhosa or Zulu...

I'd like to become better informed about current events. So much of what I pay attention to/retain from the nightly news is local--whereas, I don't really know what's going on in the world. Given the continuing situation in Egypt and the current concerns about Syria, I need to know more.

My relationship with my mother - finding out about her history. The same with my Dad. I'd like to read more around George Oppen and the poets of that period. I'd like to explore - really explore - finding my voice in writing.


I am drawing a blank on this. I'm sure there are ideas I'd like to investigate, but I can't think of anything. Does that make me a bad person? I honestly can't think of one thing. I know what will be keeping me busy over the next year (yoga, wedding) but I think those are projects and not necessarily what is supposed to be in this box. Oh oh! I got it. I want to investigate my family's plans for wills and estates and end of life. You know, the light stuff.

delving deeper into polarity therapy, and also learning how to recognize when to pull back in a tx session with someone who is brain injured or is otherwise impaired.

I want to investigate my marriage more fully.

A cause.... I'm doing a community organizing training. I am not exactly sure, but something like the "cure pity" campaign Gillette has regarding disability. More a consciousness raising campaign about the inherent dignity and resilience of all beings, regardless of "ability."

I'd like to become more involved in Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution and to learn more about how foods affect us long term.

I think I want to look into doing something really different out of my comfort zone but I'm not too sure yet, hopefully when I read this next I will know what that thing is.

I want to investigate my potential more fully in 2014. I'm long overdue. I owe it to myself. I am going to start a blog, GFDFKosher. I am going to paint. I am going to write. I am going to embrace my artist's soul and I will be unashamed of myself. I will create. And I will be proud. Even if it's a timid pride it will be a start, and a start is exactly what I need.

Life, and purpose

buddhism meditation vounteerism

I want to explore cooking more -- as a skill, a hobby and also as knowledge of how ingredients interact and how they nourish the body. I want to make a habit of going to the farmers' market regularly and cooking/buying as much local and farm-to-table ingredients as possible, even if it's a little more expensive and less convenient that going across the street for groceries.

Meditation, perhaps yoga.

Would like to be more involved in some cause -- universal Single-Payer Health Care, WAGE project, or improving Public Transit.

I would like to investigate becoming a mediator or a relationship coach. I am curious about speaking and doing facilitation and want to know more. I want to speak in front of people and I think I have the goods to do it. Need more training to do the relationship stuff. I want to figure out how to run workshops.

Mosiacs!!! Plus using broken concrete and recycled materials in general for my projects.

Interesting. I guess I'd like to get more involved in oa and ww and really throwing myself into tackling my food issues. I'd also like to find somewhere to volunteer maybe like the Ali Forney center or maybe COLAGE. I'm no longer obsessed with the idea of needing a partner so I'm assuming it's just going to happen whenever it happens and if it happens this year great and if I keep having ridiculous crushes on Cristin and Grey and Beck for the rest of the year then so be it. That's where I'm at right now.

Watercolor painting. Instructional Design. Biographies of interesting people. My own limits. My own capabilities.


Feldenkrais. Meditation. Eckhart Tolle. Suspended Coffee in New York. Uganda.

I would like to look into volunteering a bit more. Perhaps joining a local Guide troop or becoming a school governor.

the practical realities of living in Israel!

being vegan, non-violent communication, Israel-Palestine peace, integral health, herbs

Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr to gain more understanding of the concept of nonviolence. I find that I am rethinking some of my perspective on what it means to be a follower of Christ in America and our world and want to know more about this way of thinking.

Hmm not really. I'd like to start doing more artistic things and perhaps slowly start to find a way how to do more voluntary work that I enjoy.


I want to "interview" my kids again and compare their answers from previous years to this year. I always read anything I can get my hands on, and the latest topic that has me riveted is Big Food and how the corporations in the U.S. are more concerned about profit than health. I'd like to know more about that. I wish we knew more about Syria and I wish I could trust what we do purport to know. The echoes of 1930s and 1940s Germany are too close to dismiss and it bothers me that people are turning a blind eye. I'd like to investigate how much the Roosevelt administration knew about the Holocaust, and how early they knew, and what, if any, political motives they had for action/inaction. So that's nice and light.

I would like to renew my relationship with Judaism and, more specifically, Hebrew. I miss studying it. I'd also like to investigate coding, the next universal language.

I'd like to commit more to my writing and especially do more research on Christine de Pisan, an early medieval feminist.

I'd like to spend more of my time not staring at a screen. Between my computer, cell phone and tv; I probably spend 80% of my time wasting my life. I want to focus more on experiencing life, rather than just observing other people's lives. My life is mostly vicarious.

I'd like to investigate being a yoga teacher.

Entertaining. I want to become so proficient at it that I am desensitized.

I think right now I am doing a great job studying geography, authors and movies. I think I would like to seek out more friends in 2014. I am getting better at just giving up people when they become annoying and not feeling that I need to confront them. I don't need to be friends with everyone and can accept them as passing through my life and I through theirs.

I'd like to find out more about meditation and how to get better at exercising.

I would like to get my family timeline pulled together.

I want to learn about community building. How do you get people to feel like part of a group? What activities do you need to do together? How do you structure the space? What kind of hierarchy/leadership is necessary, and what keeps people from leading themselves? What's a good size? How do you attract different kinds of people?

I wouldn't call it investigating, but I want to get behind the local animal rescues with some volunteer and fundraising efforts. It's very different here than what I was familiar with where I used to live.

I want to investigate who I am and who I can become more fully in order to be the best person I can and apply myself to make a difference in the world.

Because I have more years behind me than I have ahead of me, I want to continue to pursue my relationship with the One who has redeemed me and has promised me Eternal Life -- not in some cloudy atmosphere adorned in a flowing white robe, but in a real place where sin and decay do not exist and in a new body which will life eternally, just as was intended for the first man Adam.

Meditation, to help me cope.

I want to expand my research into thanatology beyond the Victorian time period into other centuries and cultures in preparation of my second book.

Local politics.

Ancestry research and DNA analysis would be great!

I'd like to study some history...Eastern perhaps since that was not part of the curriculum when I went to school.

Decorating and colour basics. Mind - Body Connections.

Modular building-home communities enveloped in a sustainable permaculture design in Baltimore. I would love to create a love work space for my family by next year and grow as many fruits, herbs and vegetables as possible.

Cryptography has become something I'd like a deeper understanding of.

I want to further explore the idea of having a group mikvah opportunity for the women in our congregation in preparation for the High Holy Days.

YES! The Sacred Heart. I've always felt called to it, and never acted on it! 2014 is the year of Sacred Heart! And so it begins :)

I'd like to learn more about working and living in the Southwestern U.S. We love the Sedona area, and could see ourselves eventually moving there.

I have been working at learning more about national politics, but would like to understand local and state politics better.

I want to dedicate more time to fighting poverty and promoting health and education in my city and state. I'm going to be doing political training to help me become a better campaigner, and I want to use those skills to elect candidates who are committed to poverty as an issue of deep concern.

i have been doing an art class in textile arts for the past 2 years. while i have loved it and learned a great deal, it has also taken a spiritual aspect away from the art process. i would like to make my way back to a previous receptive way of being with the process........to recieve the images to create rather than trying to be pleasing or openly creative. i want to investigate more about the eyes of the heart and learning more of the contemplative ways of being with myself , my creator, and others.

I want to learn more about cooking and home decorating this year. I'm going to get a little more domesticated.

Not one in particular, but I like to leave myself open to exploring many topics (and writing stories about them) but not letting myself get too emotionally vested in it that I become a bore.

I'd like 2014 to be about being content. I'd like to be content in what I have and to share whatever I am in abundance of having.

Restorative justice

I want to see what living away from home is really like. I want to know more about my family origins I want to find out why i feel such a need to escape and travel

Yoga. I'm so consumed with big, powerful movements, and I find that I'm scared of stillness and inner and personal reflection. I want to commit to at least 15 minutes per day of the practice.

I would like to become more involved than I am in the community- helping with the local food pantry but also becoming involved with the Rescue Mission. I would like to continue to show my children how important and how good it feels to give back to the community.


NO need to point myself toward something new as I'm already in the midst of a new project, begun this June, which is simply a deepening of my decades of peace & justice activism. I fast one day a week in support of the detainees at the Guantanamo Bay prison and all captives everywhere, especially those on hungerstrike and being force-fed. For me this is an extension of my practice of Judaisim and I will, beginning with Yom Kippur in a couple days, will for the first time in my life observe most Jewish fast days. For me the task is to deepen my involvement in peace and justice work while keeping my spiritual and physical balance, and still staying open to connecting with my family and beloved friends, the gardening, poetry writing, and family archive work I've been working to accomplish for years.

Food insecurity, hunger in America, the anti GMO movement

Linguistics and Fonetics. I am so much into my degree right now, that I want to know more about those fields, to become an expert English Teacher, since in Chile they are pretty bad.

My grandparents. I finally gave both my grandmas sets of questions to answer. I want to speak with them about the answers and learn about how they grew up. I also need to meet with grandpa since he can't write down his answers.

boxing. experimental theater. full reign independence: learning how to drive, perhaps living on my own. gardening. flying.

I am caught up at the moment in the snafu over Hugo Schwyzer, the misogynist and racist who managed to gain a considerable platform in Jezebel-style feminism. I was horrified, less even by what happened than by the continued defense of him and revictimization of the less cushy bloggers, brilliant women of color, who were among the victims of his harassment. Oy vey. I've quit Jezebel, which I'm not sure will stick, but I've committed myself to reading some of the blogs where the real feminist commitment and truth-telling happens. I am committing myself to becoming more aware of structural racism, my privilege as a white person, my heritage and theology of activism as an American Jew, and the underlying intersectional oppressions that feed each other in America. I hope that at this time next year, Hugo Schwyzer will be the last thing on my mind, but activism around race, class, gender, and sexuality will be an even more integral part of how I see the world.

. I want to further investigate and learn more about my son and his development. I would like to learn all the ins and outs of my new job so that I can exceed expectations

Ways to get pregnant, if possible.

The new human coming into our lives in February.

my major for sure. I want to be 100% sure that computer technology is what I want to get into for my future, as should anyone really.

Writing a book. I want to write a book. I think I could do it. I have a degree in English, for cryin' out loud! I should be able to write a book. I don't know where to start but there are plenty of book lovers/writers groups in my area, I just need to investigate one of them and start working towards that goal of writing a book.

Learning to drive. Finishing my divorce. What happened to certain celebrities. Expanding my musical knowledge and database. How to do better at being the church in 2014.

I am interested in: CSA boxes, compost, and adopting a DOG!!

I'm sure there is. Sadly, the pace of things these days precludes many possibilities for me to seriously investigate many new topics and ideas in any great depth. It's truly frustrating and a bit depressing.

I need to pick up Czech and Hebrew. But in terms of investigation, I want to research more the connection between method, aesthetics and epistemology that plagues my poor brain at night.


Imaginary biographies. Dancing like no one's watching. Orderliness. Timeliness. Bravery.

I miss connecting with my tribe; the artist, creative theater people. I yearn to write about my life in that arena but my memory is weak, I need to reconnect with them to help me remember.

I plan to participate more fully in the national elections in 2014. I've been amassing essays and news photos and the like to use as ammunition to halt the grotesque growth of government.

I'd like to get more involved with Mighty Writers and spend more time with my nephew, partner & parents.

Course in Miracles

More classic drama (Shakespeare and Williams specifically) and Celtic mythology

I would love to learn more about gardening, karate, and yoga this year. I would also love to write more. I love photography and want to improve my skill in that area.

I want to start speaking out on more political causes. It is one thing to whine about an issue on Facebook, but I finally picked up my phone and called my Congressman. Need to do this more often.

Medieval marginalia, alphabets, book binding, materality and spirit, collecting and minimalism, aesthetics and ornament, art and ethics, the same things I have been investigating for decades, but deeper this time around.

I want to continue to investigate ease.


I want to encourage more people to be better consumers. I recently made the decision to not buy any products that were tested on animals. Since China requires by law for cosmetic companies to test their products on animals, I have been slowly replacing my current products with products that are not 1- made in China, 2- sold in China or 3- owned by parent companies that sell in China. I want to get my friends and family thinking about this, even though I know that most will not do anything. I also hope to further the cause of labeling GMO food products. While I know that 100% non-GMO is not feasible, it is our right to know what exactly we are putting into our own bodies.

I need to investigate mindfulness techniques, from full-on meditation to brief breaks.


Speaking in public. It's something I had never done before this year, but after talking to a crowd of 100+ high schoolers in April and speaking at a crowded Rosh Hashanah service at my synagogue, it turns out that I might be good at it.

I would like to learn all I can about real estate - meaning each contract, adendum, really position myself to answer all questions for any potential client. Additionally, I want to learn more about the mechanics of cycling - the kinetics involved, how do become better, how to repair a flat - you name it!

Being the best parent I can. Not replicating my negative family dynamics. Being thoughtful and creative and facing problems as challenges.

I want to find out more about vegan and vegetarian food. Generally more about health food.

Let's say i want to investigate non confrontational and avoiding triggery words CFP for a convention about girls in IT, tempting not to use my own name due to backlash girls get though

I want to trace my family back to Europe .

Kabbalah and making my actions, thoughts and prayers a more integral part of Tikkun Olam.

I'd like to read as much of Seamus Heaney's poetry as possible. When I hear his turn of phrase, I hear my father.

I want to investigate food. Preservation, scratch cooking, sourdough starters, soaking and grinding grains. I would like to make as much and possibly grow as much food that I put into my body as possible.

In looking at the 6 short-listed finalists of this year's Booker prize, I checked back on previous winners, and realized, to my shame and dismay, that I have mostly not read any of them. Tsk, tsk...that's what I want to explore...previous winners...and now that I'm retired, I should have the time to do it.

It would be nice to know more about my family history. Beyond grandparents I really don't know much about my family, and it would be interesting to find out about my ancestors before them.

Over the course of the next year, I aspire to learn something about all of the countries in the world. If I work to break it down week by week, and double up some weeks, I should be able to come close to covering them all. I’d also like to continue working to learn more about plants!

Pedagogy. Innovative poetry. Physics. How to take time for myself. Me, really, by returning to regular therapy.

Positive thinking. Meditation. Local bicycling trails. Boundaries. What feeling contentment is like.

yoga and meditation

It's probably the same answer as last year but I would definitely like to explore Judaism more and find time for volunteer work. So far neither has happened.

Jewelry fabrication. Other artistic outlets. Cooking from scratch. Yoga. Meditation. Gardening. Natural alternatives to cleaning and toiletry products.

Get an herb or veggie garden put in that will survive desert climate. Drum up a mother's day out or Shabbat child care at Or Chadash. Target Tucson's most pressing service need and volunteer for it.


Tough to say. With the move to CO, there are LOADS of things that i need to get up to speed on - NCIDQ, housing, how Mark and I are going to make ourselves 'legal'. I want to be involved with Habitat for Humanity, The Rocky Mountain Skeptics Society, and maybe some outdoor activity groups!?

I'd like to become more polically aware in 2014.

I have recently joined a committee that examines new national standards in education and how they should be implemented in my school district. I would like to explore how I can use these new standards to become a better teacher at preparing my students for college, career and life, not just tests.

dance and movement. contact improv, contra dance, zumba.

I want to start gardening with purpose, to grow more of our own food.

I want to review my books on drawing and painting. Do some drawing and then get back into painting. Still haven't decided whether to take a class on art writing or not. Also want to continue reading my post-modern big books. Finish Gravity's Rainbow, read The Tunnel and JR.

I would like to investigate more into what job I would like to do in the future for my career, and gain more confidence that I can do whatever i want!!!

Myself! I want to learn how my body ticks, whether I have food sensitivities, how to manage myself in "natural state" (a.k.a. with ADD) - and HOW TO BE OK WITH THAT! I want to learn what I can do with what I've got - from stuff I can do drugs-free to jobs I can hold to ways to motivate myself. This will be really important during and after pregnancy (if that happens), when I might try to hold some jobs and will be off meds. Accepting myself will be super key. I wanna get to a happy medium with my hair care, as well - no more spending a hundred bucks on products and not using them when I find better ones a month later! Also, getting back into singing. Sifting through conspiracies like Jules Marshall said. Balcony gardening.

In addition to pursuing my art education & experience I'd like to be able to donate time to ReStore and one or two other charitable stores.

I want to find out more about my (alleged) Native American heritage: is it true? if so, I want to learn more about the tribe/nation I come from, and see if it's possible to become a member of the group.

I'd like to complete two more levels of workshops hosted by the Human Awareness Institute (www.hai.org) and begin serving that community as a "team" member.

The relationship between kindness and advocacy. How can I react with compassion towards those who would oppress others? Do I even have that obligation? Will doing so make me a more effective advocate?

Oooh... that's a good one. I don't know that I have an answer to this. Actually, this question is more a wakeup call to the fact that I no longer pursue my intellectual curiosities the way I used to. Perhaps that would be a good habit to cultivate once again.

The Constitution. Real American History. The only good thing to come from obama and his ilk (provided we get through and past this disaster) is a renewed and invigorated interest in our founding. Not the liberal-whitewash-evil imperialist version - the real, principled, Judeo-Christian liberty truth.

I am going to continue working to stop human trafficking. It is so much more widespread than most people imagine, even in our own country. On a personal level, I am going to continue to investigate areas of creativity and spirituality.

i know what i'll be investigating in my research in the coming year. by the time i read this vaulted answer, i should be an expert on public service provision in Cambodia, Laos and Uganda!

Psychology. Meditation. Dance. Love.

I want to learn more about my profession and how to do it well. I've been getting to grips with it in the past 2 and a half years, but by this time next year, I want to feel like I've developed myself, taken on what I can and be the best teacher I can possibly be.

I want to full fill my commitment to Big Brothers/Big Sisters.

I was going to say "Sailing" as I am a beginner right now, but truly, I want to continue my spiritual growth onward into the next year and see how far I get.

-Colonialist perspectives in Global Health -Working with laser woodcutting to create jewelry -Civic hacking, futurism -Ecopsychology -Anais Nin -Definitely: Archetypal astrology!

1st year parenting survival.

Paternal & maternal grandmothers.

I don't know yet - I get inspired every day by social media to investigate new people, causes, and ideas - who knows what the next big, amazing thing will be!

inequality in the US, poverty, homelessness, hunger, soap-making, yoga

I want to investigate a sense of zen and a broader aspect of spirituality: perspective, smiles, oasis, happiness, strength.

Creative writing. Theatre (again). Facilitation, coaching, public speaking. I'd also like to take a more active role in my relationships with my dad and my youngest brother.

So many things! Woodworking, carpentry, learning a second language (Spanish). I've put down Spanish every year, so maybe I should stop! I'd actually like to know a lot about many things. A generalist. Jack of all trades, etc, etc. I do love to read, so researching a topic is interesting to me. But I need to watch less TV, read less fiction, spend less time in meetings, etc. Anyway, I guess I'll investigate things as they come up if I find them interesting. How's that for a non-answer?

I'd like to find a way to become more involved in animal welfare issues. I became vegan last year, after thinking about it for a long time, but it feels like a drop in the ocean compared to the enormity of the suffering and death humans cause other species. I'd like to walk my talk a little better.

yes. lots. a list? okay. distilling spanish language vegan cooking alternate employment possibilities more art — and several more I am sure I am yet to find over the course of a year. I have a near terminal case of "dilettantosis".

The power of positive thinking.

Connecting to family, travel, writing, volunteering (becoming a Big Sister?)

The cause of hunger in NYC and the unjust distribution of wealth in our society. I will work with NYCCAH more and advocate for change.

I'd like to look more into Asexuality this year. I've heard it applied to me more than once, but I've never used it myself.

I wouldn't mind some kind of volunteering but I have no idea what. If I could go back to donating platelets, I might do that (which depends on my iron levels being back up). But I haven't thought much about it feeling like I need to get my own house in order first. I realize that is a lifelong project, so I could be coming up with an excuse, but in spite of the vast number of helpful things I could do, I'm somewhat at a loss. Here are some things I've thought about: volunteering at an animal shelter, volunteering in a hospital, reading with kids, helping kids with college essays... I'd like to learn more computer skills -- html, website stuff, photoshop (more/better). And get back to yoga.

1) Training for a half-marathon. 2) Get into the habit of a regular workout routine. 3) Adopt a successful way of managing my money. 4) Develop a multi-year plan for gaining my Bachelors, moving, career, and acquiring a Masters. 5) How to get into the Peace Corps.

I want to continue growing my business. And, I want to explore where I want to live, and if I need to make a change in my career.

l have been involved in political and social justice issues since High School. Now at age 65 I want to be more involved in causes related to personal and family issues. My adult daughter has a chronic medical condition and aged off my insurance just as she started graduate school. Even with "Obama Care" insurance and good care for the young chronically ill is hard to access. I would like to be involved in patient's rights groups. I myself have a rare medical condition that causes a wide range of physical problems, My are mild but many with this condition have learning disabilities. I got through school, college and law school without knowing about my learning issues. I just thought I had to work harder than others. I am a retired lawyer and would like to find volunteer opportunities in areas of special education or helping people receive disability benefits,

Yoga, family/family history, writing, friendships, mindful meditation.

I am very committed to investigating Climate Change Activism and making local level fights add up to global change.

I want to absorb more varied music and I want to feel less constrained in my writing. I also want to read more about political sociology

Myself - and my abilities as a writer. and my willingness to be in relationship Our world - I want to do more travel I want to serve more

Find a way for the millions of 'ordinary' people who are sickened by the wholesale slaughter of children, to get together and find a solution that will finally make it safe and sane to bring them into this very dangerous world.

Meditation. Coming back to center and not letting my thoughts run wild.

Yes . this is the year for me to commit to spiritual study. I have signed up for an Ayaka class with one of my favorite teachers on changes in the new year. I intend on contacting my rabbi this week to discuss other options.I was very moved by Rabbi Greunwalds speech on Rosh Hashanna. I want 2014 to be experienced in a more conscious and spiritual way. I would also like to solidify what my next career move will be. Therapy vs coaching and training.

loving other people, finding a direction, having higher self esteem

E-learning - developing my skills and knowledge on it

I think it's time to investigate or consider other career options. Later-life kinds of things. Things I could do if and when what I do now sours for me, or if I'm no longer employed in my field. I'm not ready to make changes or DO anything, but I do think investigation would be a good reality check for me.

I want to delve deeper into isms and privilege especially within the context of Chicago. People are so unaware of of these things it's ridiculous and I'm still constantly let down by people being so ignorant of the sexist comments they make that end up fueling the rape culture we live in.

My son's commitment to a Jewish life and possible career has sparked an interest to delve deeper into Jewish traditions. As a reform Jew (and an convert, at that) I haven't had much real-life exposure to those traditions and customs, and I'm curious to know more to see how they might help me "connect" spiritually.

I just want to be more in tune with the world and our country. I know that I could definitely be more informed and involved.

Public education. Poetry. I want to think more. I want to learn what I'm afraid to learn.

Barcelona and what it takes to make it possible for Leo to try out for the football academy there.

I would like to explore several things! Yoga, running, blogging, crafting. . .

Number theory! Last year I think I said "work of Robert Langlands," with more or less the same meaning. I'm working on a book about the foundations and motivation for the mathematics that I do. One of the big motivations is number theory, and I'd like to understand better how the problems there are connected to representation theory (what I do). The Deep Philosophical Aspect is that I want to understand better why my work is what it is, and what it's for. That seems like a good goal for me in anything that I do: why am I doing it, and where am I ultimately hoping to go?

I'd like to invest more time in reading for my own personal learning and growth--more "fun" reading on the side, which is pretty much impossible during school, but that will help me continue to grow after I graduate. I am also planning on investigating new places to live...

I'd like to figure out what I'm capable of achieving when I try my best.

I will be investigating international travel and living, using only a small backpack as the container for all my possessions. I realize many people do this when they're young - I'm 61 years old and I'm guessing I won't meet many people in my age bracket :)

I want to learn how to get my fiction book that I will write this year, published.

I'm not sure if there's a particular person or thing but I'd like to get to know my acquaintances better and on a more personal level. I'd also like to learn more about Radio and Publishing if I can.

In 2014, I want to make an active effort to get to know my grandparents better - I know the story of how they met and little things like that, but I want to ask about and discuss their childhoods, and what the world was like then. Also, though I've learned a lot about mom and dad in the past few months, I'd also love to know more about their lives before I was born. So I guess just learn about my family history from all of my family members.

Art! In an academic way.

Kabbalah and Mikveh are 2 of the things I want to investigate in 2014

Surrender. I've been very, very good at taking control ~ of myself, my circumstances, opportunities ~ throughout my life. Now I am learning, however tentatively, to simply surrender to what Life is bringing me. Let's see where this takes me!!


Healthier eating, pampering myself on a smaller budget, time management (with the Masters hopefully starting next year and all). Related to that: Stress management.

I am going to investigate whether or not pursuing a PhD will be worth it in the long run. I've been debating for years, so maybe it is time to find out if I should go for it or not.

I need to investingate myself.That`s why I will intend some self development program

hunger mindful living gardening transferring analog tape video to digital

my work

Staying in one place for a while.

I'd like to investigate how to adjust my life to living with a self proclaimed invalid.

Myself and Sam (both together and as individuals).

The academic life--and the possibilities and limitations therein. I'm getting close to committing to that path, and my confidence in it hasn't wavered as much as others have. But I need more exposure to it. I'd like to investigate it more fully this year.

I'd like to investigate educational opportunities for my ELL students who are not making it in high school. There seem to be no options for them as everything I come across requires a higher level of English reading a writing than my students have. You'd think NYC would offer more to their growing, young, immigrant community.

I want to learn more about economics, and specifically about how economic systems, processes and beliefs interact with society.

I'd be proud if I spend time with 3-5 of the following list: Banjo. Rowing. Orchids. Welding. Meditation. Kick boxing. Spirit guides. Glass blowing. Reading plans. Aquatic plants. Eradicating fear. Horseback riding. Psychic expansion. Money management. Technical aspects of sailing.

How to sleep more restfully through each night, wake up refreshed and feel less stress.

Yes, I want to work or dedicate more time to improving our injust criminal "justice" system. It is today's modern slavery in a lot of ways and we seem to ignore it even though the injustice is in our backyard!

I'd like to investigate the concept of a personal life. Going out to dinner with friends. Dating. Cooking for fun. Going on weekend trips that are not necessarily work-related. Holding myself to work hours and being able to disconnect from work and plug into enriching personal relationships, including possibly romantic ones.

I want to write and illustrate a children's book. Learn more about the Kabbalah. Read more Heschel, Arthur Green, the Zohar.

It is going to sound cheesy, but I want to invesigate myself more fully. I never finished getting my AA in college, I am passionate about taking pictures and yet have never pursued it past a quick snap shot on the iPhone. I say every year that I want to go to more museums, more parks, read more but I am always too busy. So this year I would like to focus on who I am and what makes me truly happy and do that. Easier said than done.


I should really get up on the current political scene, especially in regards to education. I really don't know much about it, and, as I'm going into the field, I really should

I want to investigate different communities and fun things to do in Philly. I didn't have a great work-life balance last year and I want to enjoy myself more this year. Go to more concerts. Take an improv class. See plays. Go to new bars and restaurants and dance parties. I want to really see what Philly has to offer a young, hot, queer lady :)

I want to take at least one scouting trip with our gang to a potential overseas retirement location. I think February in South America sounds good.

I want to learn why my 5 year old son flies off the handle for no reason.

Access Consciousness .. I think it's a marvelous system for human furthering!

Meditation. Classic Books. Theater.

Guitar lessons and meditation.

I would like to look into getting an internship with either a big non-proft like IJM or Love-146, or at the state department in the Trafficking In Persons section.

Poetry. Mindfulness. Field trips. Gratitude.

Energetic Healing, TBM with Dr. Kevin Millet, Paleo lifestyle, lessening (getting rid of?) my body's dependence on exogenous insulin, local real food, volunteeering

I would like to explore the idea of "enough" -- having enough, doing enough, sharing enough, loving and being loved enough. Learning to just be content in the moment and to savor the little things that make everything enough.

More resources in Baltimore, Maryland

I definitely realized that I didn't read as much as I used to last year, and I plan to rectify that. I'm particularly interested in investigating classical music and the history of religion.

Benghazi. And I wish I were not virtually alone.

Where did the Hebrew Slaves in Egypt at the time of Moses come from?

It may sound selfish and cheesy, but myself. In am still growing, learning, and adapting to my new life and it's time to take charge. I say all these things that I want to be and I tell people to be confident within themselves, but am I truly? Not yet, by learning more about myself I will be further able to investigate things that interest me. Also religion and humanities- society and social norms; that's kind of interesting to me nowadays.

Sure, there are always the unexpected delightful persons and ideas that demand attention. The problem is how to fit them all into the crowd of other unexpecteds, persons, events that lay fallow. This year it will be-as a direction-Segalen.

Meditation. Slowing down. Being present.

See #7. But also - I'd like to re-read a Freshman Studies book or two. I wonder how Chuang Zu is doing? Or Kuhn? Or Einstein?

It would be great to have a deeper understanding of yoga and meditation.

I think I really want discover my purpose in greater detail than what I've already figured out.

Judaism. This is my focus now and for the next year until I reach my goal of conversion. More than that, I am actually a member of a congregation! I have never been such a thing before.

The influence of Old Norse on Old English. Seriously.

meditation + a yoga practice.

I want to find my voice when it comes to speaking out for social justice and become a more a part of the changes I'm advocating for.

Business school... I'm debating applying, thinking about applying, thinking about what I can gain from it. Really, I want to weigh it - pros & cons of doing a program part-time

Sewing - I feel the need to sew, and I have ideas in my head - I'm just not sure I can make them work out. There's also the matter of disciplining myself to actually try it out. I've got an idea going through my brain right now to meld a couple of shirts, inspired by some work I saw at the King's Mtn Fair. Also, I am being prompted by K and D (separately) to start dating - like I should put an ad out there. I'm not sure how I feel about it, but I would maybe try it if I don't move to Sacto.

I'd like to take politics (especially local politics) more seriously, not simply vote for the candidate all my friends support. To do so, I would like to learn to evaluate what I read & hear better.

I want to travel more. I love the places I go every year and I'm lucky to have them, but it would fun to go somewhere new. Exploring a new place can often be exhilarating for me.

I'd like to finally commit to a synagogue in my area. We moved here 2 years ago, and are still "shul shopping." I'd like to decide and get more involved.

Neuroscience. Dance. Middle Eastern studies.


Yoga, Sustenance, fitness, fear, love.

School, school, school. please get your degree, or at least get so close to graduation.

I would like to get more involved in the LGBTQ community around me and figure out ways to contribute there.

I'd like to figure out a way to make friends, either through volunteers, exercise, or shamelessly using my child as an ice breaker. I don't care where I get my friends from, but it's the thing I am missing most in my life. Potential ideas: children's swim classes, dragon boating, adult soccer leagues, tennis refreshers lessons, yoga or Pilates, community trail work in the local parks, a food bank.

Myself. Learning to take care of myself -- to put my needs first. Myself. My own ideas, creative projects, loves, dislikes. Myself. My goals, my desires, my longings.

I want to investigate the role of friends and family in my life. How do I get more engaged with both, appreciating them differently or more consistently? I've never been a bridesmaid, and while being a bridesmaid sounds like an enormous pain in the ass, the point is that I don't have that closeness with anyone, and I admire the people who do. It seems like it gives life a whole new texture. At this age, is it too late to strengthen friendships? How do you do it? Do you have to give up other stuff?

Going back to school or getting a new job. Cooking at home more than eating out. Laughing a lot more!

The conjoined equilibrium of art, sculpture, architecture, literature, fashion, epicureanism, meteorology, the collective unconscious, technology, evolutionary foresight, harmonic resonance, synchronicities, symmetry, blooming, bifurcation, manipulated probabilities, reality-crafting, apotheosis, and transcendent sex. This is merely an appetizer.

I want to investigate what I can do to help end the practice of solitary confinement in US prisons, and generally, what I can do to throw a wrench into the mechanism of the incarceration industry.

Global warming feels like this slow moving iceberg that has the potential to radically change our lives. I want to get a better sense of how I can impact that.

The program at my university to provide mentoring support to emancipated foster children.

I want to investigate how become AP Certified in teaching. I want to investigate better meals to help my cholesterol and blood pressure go down.

yeah: me. I'd like to take the time to become more conscius of my meanings and the 'whys' of my doing (or not-doing) os stuff. who is the tiny erson inside of me that makes my decisions, and what is it that she is ging for/to?

Giving back to the community — ideally teaching illiterate adults to read.

Distressing my kids with meditation. I would like them to get onboard with meditation and regular yoga

As I've noted in prior quesitons, I want to explore Brene Brown and her concepts of mindfulness, risk, shame and vulnerability. I think this will open a world for me of more engagement with my family, my work and ME. I want to DARE GREATLY. I don't want ME to hold me back from that.

Brain form/function. Staff meetings would be a lot less bewildering if I actually understood the mechanisms behind the research.

Me. Just get to knowing me better because I feel I am the person I know the least about...

Futurism and long term thinking (in timescales over 100 years)

I really want to open my self up to creativity. I also want to really look in to autism and understand this topic a little more. My family is affected by this and I feel to truly help, you must understand.

I would love to investigate myself more fully. I am in the bud of my growth in my 20s and I want to be able to explore myself and become the best person I can be. I want to find the specifics and details of what I want to do when I finish school and work towards those goals.

Being more proactive in my business - I go from job to job without strategic intent. There is a risk that I am seen as a jack of all improvement. And although I am respected for what I do I have taken on some work in 2013 that doesn't make me feel valued.

Streamlining the co-creation of my acting career. To conduct a deeper investigation to clearly identify and obtain my innermost desires. Cultivating joy, health, and fulfillment.

I would be interested in finding out more about how I might add to the psychological well-being of workers at Emergency and how I might develop workshops in Afghanistan and other countries. I would also like to highlight the lack of medical support given to civilians of the war in Afghanistan and potentially start a fund-raiser.

The roots and depths of my Judaism even more. The essence of what Torah, and what a relationship with Adonai is all about. 'Call unto Me, and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things.'

I would like to investigate my relationship and role within a Jewish community more, especially my role as a "young" leader and organizer. I would like to craft more and learn to be better at creating the vague and exciting notions that drift through my head.

I want to study other religions like Buddhism. I want to get more involved in my Tri - State Diversity organization that I started a couple of years ago. I want to get more people involved and start doing things for the community to really reach out and let people know they have support. I'm going to have to research that more and see what all I need to do - but it's time to make a difference and get involved. Because nobody's going to do it for me...I have to be the one to make the change myself.

The person is me. Who am I and what is important to me. Time to end the seeker phase and get into the doing phase. I am thinking great literature will be what is important to me, and books in general. Eager to find out!

i will investigate on the idea of taking controll over my bad moods (via meditation, yoga, running, buddhism - and just because I said so!)

Tikun olam. I would like to participate in some sort of volunteering endeavor and give back to the universe that has so nourished me this and every year.

Still and already mentioned: getting a boyfriend. Deep inside I feel like I'm not really able to love anyone, that I'm maybe to selfish to deal with others on that intimate level. I want to investigate in developping a healthy relationship.

I want to see more of the world in 2014. I know there are such things as different cultures and business ideas but I have never seen these firsthand. In 2014 I want to see at least one other culture and experience it first hand.

My nephew Leo! He is almost six months old and I love him. I'm very sad that he isn't local and that I will only see him a few times a year. But I want me and my family to feel close to him, and him to us.

Jade. Myself.

I'd like to work on finding a boyfriend and possible life partner. And I'd like to apply for, and work for, Doctors Without Borders/MSF.

Love-in the form of family and friends (plus a little more). My own creativity A secular kind of humanism And others' human experiences

getting an MBA. balancing time better. feeling less stressed in general.

Happiness. Spirituality. Love and Partnership.

I would like to investigate love, spiritual growth, and working towards my writing goals. I want to either come up with a course on transgender to try to pitch to colleges in Florida, or write a book...or both.

Acrylic painting. Portraiture. Papier Mache. Relief Printing. Drawing. I need to make pictures, more than anything.

Me. I have allowed myself to become nothing more than a role. I am a wife, a mother, a daughter. I want to be a person. There are things I want to improve in myself, more I want to learn, skills, talents and interests I want to pursue. I want to surround myself with people who like me, just as I am and who share my passions and interests.

I would like to become more involved in the support group for people like myself who are living with appendiceal cancers. With no cure (yet) for this disease, the wonderful support group I found on the internet has become a life-line to information and specialists. Mentor "pals" are a key resource for those facing or recuperating from surgery. I need to give back to this empowering group.

Acceptance, child psychology and counseling, playing, music (theory and performance), letting go, me, love, healthy relationships and interdependence, Hebrew, tanach, rabbinic Hebrew, community, prayer.

Juicing and healthy eating. Buddhism Meditation Writing

I say this every year, but I want to be more political. I want to know what's going on and how it effects me and other people.

Nope. Just want to get a handle on the things I'm working on now: self-care, relationship building, gainful employment.

I want to get to know my half sister Ruth whom I've just met. We just met over FaceTime on the iPhone and it has changed my life. Or I should say I can feel that it will change my life.

Engineers without Borders. Jiujitsu. Arduino.

My own competence! I am leaning into the embrace of okay-ness, and small daily actions, to lead me into happier and more productive waters.

Dance. Music. Creativity with kids.

Languages! Hindi and Spanish (both of which I have lost).

I'd just like to get out of my own mess and be of help and support to others. I'd like to get to a place where I can do that.

I want to find out more about myself - who I really am, and what I really want out of my life.


LDS church DP heliocoptors

I would love love love to go on a retreat. Or an Abraham cruise. Or awesomeness fest. Having the time and financial resources. And to take Chelsea with me. Wen the boys if its kid friendly. I would like to be surrounded by people in the law of attraction and people aspiring to be in the law of attraction.

I really want to explore what it means to fall on the "LGBTQ" spectrum, to me. I know my sexuality is fluid, but I want to investigate the bounds of my personal identity. I also want to get into yoga and hiking.

I'd like to investigate my family's history. We get asked if we're Jewish (I think because of our noses). We discovered our great grandparents escaped Europe due to the persecution. It would be amazing to learn about this .

Professionally, I want to shepherd people into working for the common good, participating equally. Personally, I want to ditch full time work and walk a pilgrimage route.

Yes! I am very intrigued with Burning Man and want to go. Can I handle this? I don't know. I have enlisted the aid of my wonderful husband because I can't do this alone. Will we go? I will know next year at this time.

Data Science, Kabbalah.

I would love to find a job that I can do from home & give back to the community.

I want to know more about my faith. I would like to get in touch with my spiritual roots.

I would like to know why I am failing at life. Everything around me is falling apart. I knew this was my year of death by hubris-but REALLY??? Are things going to turn around in '14? I'd like to consult a real astrologer and find out.

Kama sutra. Hahahaa

Modern Orthodox Judaism.

I would like to see if there is someone special for me. Normaly I am sooooo busy I can hardly keep up with myself! Smile. Wondering what avenue I could investigate......hummmm Becoming more healthy through healthy eating choices, trying to go more organic and eat less beef. , not that I have that much but want to become more plant oriented.

love. i would like to fall in love and investigate a life with a another person by my side.

I would like to learn more about how the world functions behind closed doors; diplomacy, international relations and whether you can work towards a more humanistic and just society without making morally compromising deals and alliances. Furthermore I want to figure out whether these compromises can serve a greater good.

I have been working for years on my family history. I am almost finished. I would like to make 2014 as my goal of completion date.

I want to get to know Katie Nicholas a bit better. I like her, but I'm unsure if we're right for each other. I should probably spend some time getting to know Aiysha from Sol Samba. She said a few weeks ago she wanted to talk to me. Maybe she can see my issues. (She's a psychologist.) I need to choose a charity to give a regular donation to. I wanted to donate 0.7% or more of my gross personal product to charity: the UN target for GDP that countries are supposed to give in aid.

building a new art center moving my ecstatic undefended smart turn on conscious lover partner being an unbridled painter

A Course in Miracles.

I'd like to have more friends—a few persons I can count on, who can count on me. People I can be easy w/, be myself w/. I wish I could spend time w/ older folks. Learn about the lives they had, do nice nice things for them. I'll like to be a part of some group-like minded people.

I want to understand better the different muslim factions, like sunni and shia muslim. That would be interesting to understand all the militant factions in Syria but also the West Bank and Gaza.

I want to continue to make music. I keep seeing and being inspired by people that are doing creative jobs and succeeding at it. e.g. Limor Fried, Hedflux, etc I would like to retire from my job in less than 10 years time and support myself and family by making music. They all seem so focused and motivated to do more. I used to be so much more motivated at work. Now I feel like I'm dragging myself along and I want to transition to doing something that inspires and motivates me.

Jonathan East?

Love. Be more loving. Speak kinder. Be more generous in thought and deeds. Get to that higher ground! Take my husband on this journey, together!

I would like to learn more about horse rescue places and possibly volunteer some hours there. I love horses and hate to see any animal suffer. I would like to be involved with their healing

Yoga. Same as last year. I love yoga, and now that I'm pregnant again I think yoga is a better exercise than running, which is what I've been doing all summer. I want to get back into it for all the physical AND mental AND spiritual benefits.


Write/finish my autobiography/family history for my children.

I'd like to investigate more fully how to work abroad as a nurse.

I'd like to further investigate agnosticism & determine my beliefs more fully.

I certainly want to interview and learn from more prominent public speakers around the Northwest and around the world.

Myself and my baby. I think it's going to be a year of learning about myself through an intense process of changing the way I live and beginning to live much more for another person than I ever have before.

I want to develop an arts program for people who have dementia.

I'd like to become involved with a literacy program or charity. I want to finally ask my parents if they ever had me baptized and (because I assume a negative answer) ask why not.

Not really. I just want to keep reevaluating my priorities and do my best to enjoy the present moment. As much as I don't want to be where I am long-term, there will be a time in the not-too-distant future when I look back on it fondly. So I want to savor it, here and now.

My career and/or educational possibilities. Right now I am feeling super excited and motivated about this.

Not really. I investigate as part of my job. I have little desire to do that as a hobby. I prefer to let the universe show me what I need to know.

My business. Also perhaps the social side of my business - how I can use my business for social good. I've always been passionate about making a difference - being able to combine this with my business will make me feel extra good about my successes.

I want to study the effects of intentional prayer .

My kids, seeing how they grow and seeing what people they are as they change.

In 2014 I want to make more of an effort to read, comment and share the best practices in my industry. Using e-JPhilanthropy, books, TED and YouTube - I want to stay more in touch with trends and ideas having to do with Early Childhood Education, camping, Israel experiences, fundraising, relational Judaism and philanthropy.

I want to explore Buddhism and the writings of the Dalai Lama. I have been practicing mindful awareness and reading about mindfulness and the brain. One of the interesting collaborations in this field is between the Dalai Lama and mindfulness/brain researchers. I would like to discover the principles of Buddhism and what it teaches about the mind and mindfulness.

I want to invest more of my time into my passion: theatre. Even though I spend most of my time doing it now, I want to be as fully invested as I can be. I also want to try to spend more time with my friends and with my family.

Paper making.

Hmmm...the disease scleroderma is at the top of my list since that's what Andrew has. The more I learn, the more I realized that this is one of those diseases that gets little attention or public support. The more I know, the more concerned I get (autoimmune diseases are impossible to cure and don't usually have happy outcomes), and the antidote to fear is ACTION. I learned that a long time ago. I may facilitate a Scleroderma support group at Yale New Haven, would be a great opportunity to bring this dark subject into the light.

I want to learn as much as I can about birds. I've been fascinated ever since I put the bird feeder up. It's been fun photographing and trying to identify the birds I've seen but I have just scratched the surface. I want to know more, more, more.

My husband and daughter. In the past year, we've all gotten wrapped up in ourselves, dealing with our own stuff. We've managed to lose the rest of the family in it all. I want to figure out who they are now, who I am now, and find a way to be a family again.

LOVE. Ukulele fun. Real vacation.

Definitely relationships in general, and not just romantic ones. I think I isolate way too much and hold myself back from developing connections to avoid being hurt or vulnerable. I don't know if relationships are an "idea," but that's what I'm going with. :)

I'd like to understand more about the creative process and find my place in it. I am a storyteller, but where will that take me? How can I manifest it to help others? How can I use it in my professional career? How can use it in my personal life as well?


I'd like to be able to read and speak Hebrew

My own truth and authenticity.

How serious I actually am about research and getting my phd.

In 2014 I will probably keep on investigating the same things I always do .I like to read about travel and history , also am always looking for new recipies and cooking techniques . I still want to learn Hebrew ,and may have the time to focus on doing so this coming year. It is really just a matter of making time ,there are always distractions . I like to keep up with current events. and learn more about the nations involved . Life is an ongoing adventure.

For the last two months I have been inundated with multiple requests from many charitable organizations. Many of these I have never heard of before. So many of them seem to be reaching for the same goals. I often wonder if some of these organizations would be better off working with each other instead of competing with each other. I want to be able to receive honest information from them. I hope to be able to achieve this in 2014.

I'd like to explore the option and possibility of us all leading a more vegetarian diet - even doing some cooking classes.

These questions feel hard for me this year. I wonder if they do every year. I had a hard time settling on something for this question, but have settled for this.. Eating more healthfully, but not with the sole intention of dieting or a quick weight loss, but really trying to incorporate more whole, pure foods into my (and our) diets.

I want to more thoroughly explore options for a new living situation for after the twins graduate high school, as well as new ways to get myself more involved with activities that stimulate and satisfy me.

Being in a relationship - right now I'm not in one yet, and haven't ever been in a real / serious one, but currently "setting up the infrastructure" with someone and seeing how that goes..." Secondly, I still hope to feel a little bit more drawn to a particular cause. I feel like as a young Jew in DC, causes are supposed to call out to me, but as I've gotten older I'm less and less sure that any particularly do. My thirties! I'll turn 3o in Spring 2014, so we'll see what that's like.

I would like to start (and then successfully maintain) a vegetable herb garden. I would like to be less reliant on the grocery store for my produce. We only have a seasonal farmer's market where we live, and I am sick of supporting the import of fruits and vegetables that can easily be grown either locally or in my own garden.

I would like to learn how to treat terminal ignorance (nay, rather stupidity)....I would also like to learn cello (I have one, but am not consistent in practicing...)

I continue to search for a spiritual base that fits for me and for a groip of same minded, kind peoplr

I want to look more into what my next step as a nursing student is. What field should I go into? Where should i live? Where should I work? Do i want to be a midwife?

I still need to learn more about anchorites, and courtesans, and feminism; I want to learn how to make a snap call on guest service issues at work and make a good call.

I want to read Love Wins by Rob Bell.

I would love to find a way to be more connected to Judaism and spend more time learning how to garden and nurturing that garden.

I want to learn more about the toxins in food. I really think there may be something to this, it may explain why things like cancer, diabetes, heart disease and mental illness have been on the rise despite us all knowing better than to make poor choices. I also want to research more about how technology can negatively impact our lives. I agree that technology can be a wonderful thing but I also think that it is not healthy for people to work while on vacation. We have the technology to be reached at any moment and I am not so sure that I agree with that. I want to do some experimenting with this and see how I feel. I also want to research and see what is out there. For the first time kids won't out live their parents and that is scary, I can't help but think some of the above issues are responsible.

I am still struggling to find a place where I can contribute more fully to those in need. Everything seems so impossible to improve as I investigate. I think it's may be time to thing less globally and more intimately.

As mentioned, fluidity and suppleness.

If there is a better job out there , I want to investigate the computer world and embrace it.

everything. im so curious about it all. or not all of it, but most.

Not really - I guess I'm apathetic.

Yes. I want to investigate me. And the future that seems to be stretching out before me...a question, an engima..how will all of this play out? (and I can hardly wait to read this silly answer next year, when I will be in the throes of my new chapter)

Myself, my neighborhood, the forests nearby. Moving across the country. Rediscovering my spirituality.

finding out what my career path will be. To use my various degrees and interests to construct a career for myself that can both support me, but also continue to challenge my interests and beliefs and continue me on a path of learning and exploring.

I want to become more involved in knowing about current events in general, but more specifically: Israel/Palestine, queer theory, HIV, WW2

I was just thinking while driving home from work today that I'd really like to learn how to windsurf. This is probably not the meaty in-depth type of answer you're going for here, but this year has had many challenges and resulted in a lot of deep self-reflection and growth. I think it's a good time to relax a bit and just have fun in the sun.

I feel like I am repeating myself over the course of these questions this year, but it is where my head and my heart are. As I have said to my wife, as she as reflected back to me, things are different. We have entered into a second marriage, and now, as if newlyweds, deeply pulled towards and committed to each other. We are both working so diligently to make this work, to make this right. We remain a bit dazed and surprised to have found ourselves, suddenly, with each other as the partners we've always needed and wanted. So as I think about this question, the answer that comes immediately and naturally is that the person I want to investigate more fully over the next year is my wife. There is so much about her that I realize I do not know, some of it perhaps even she does not know. And there is a lot of it that perhaps has not even come to exist yet. I want to explore her, and I want to explore her with her. I want us to learn together about what makes her tick, what makes her love, what makes her stumble, and what picks her back up again. I'd like to do a similar investigation on myself, also partnered with my wife. But mostly, I want to get to know the woman who appeared in my arms just a few months ago, replacing the one neither she nor I could know who had been around all the years before.

I'd like to investigate Jordan. Egypt. Morocco. Lebanon. Arabic, foreign conflict, politics and culture. I want to expand my horizons in such a way that I know even more concretely what I want my future to look like. I want to build a foundation for myself that is so strong and deep that I'll never fall again. I want to be right.

I want to get deeper into Chi Kung, Yoga and Jiu Jitsu. Specifically, I want to explore how these practice inform (or can be informed by) my Jewish spirituality. I also want to continue my study of conversational Hebrew.

I'm not sure. Right now, I am focused on starting my new job and getting it up and running so that I can cash flow much better than I have in the past. I want to investigate MY ability to make solid money - enough that we can be okay. I want to investigate my strengths and weaknesses and improve myself. I want to investigate my ability to have a successful intimate relationship. I am not sure of any of these!

How social interactions and experiments can lead to better happier connected lives for myself and others.

Writing...dropping out...getting ready to take the leap out of corporate America and into life!

I would like to learn more about criminology, if that's the right word, as in pretty much just reading the wiki pages of serial killers. Seriously though, this year I want to, I don't know, read a book?

I would like to investigate a cause and how can I help in a new way, I have not done before. I am open.Courtney House is one that has been on my mind for the past year. It is an organization that helps in assisting those lost in Human trafficking. I am scared just saying it, but I feel it creates a feeling inside to go that direction. Another organization I would be interested in finding would be in environmental causes. Recycling and or land protection. And reading the sample answers is cracking me up. "I'd like to investigate getting myself a partner - perhaps a husband?" Or the ling Grandmother...hehehe

I'd love to explore the idea of my setting up my own consultation business, along with an astrology information line. I've thought about both things many times and that's about all I do is think. I care very much about the welfare of animals and would love to be able to make a difference. There are always people I would love to know better, but I trust that they will appear if they are meant to.

It'd have to be getting back into theatre. I've missed it so much within the last few months, so getting back into it would be amazing. Currently on the brain: the part of Kelli Mangrum in Hands on a Hardbody.

Environmental food solutions.

I'd like to investigate meditation more fully in the coming year. I'd like to continue to visit labyrinths and study their history. I'd also like to find more guided imagery meditations that help me to achieve a more spiritual state. I know there are other forms of meditation that I don't even have a clue about, and I really like to have an understanding of a two or three of them. Meditation brings so much serenity and inner peace into my life when I practice it, and I think I could use more serenity and inner peace these days. I'd really love to practice meditation with one or two other individuals that I feel close with. I feel like it might strengthen our bond and bring balance into our relationships.

I'd like to investigate a freakin' major! I am considering majoring in Communications (Print) with a minor in Editing and going on to get my MBA in Creative Writing. So I plan to look carefully into that. I also want to investigate the MBA more thoroughly anyway, since I have almost no idea how that whole process works.

Solar power. Channeling.

Myself. I would like to actually get to know myself.

The crisis in Health Care. Elder care. After my mom had a stroke, I realized that there is no care for the elderly. It's like if you are not a functioning productyive member of society then you are supposed to go die. There is nothing for the middle class. If you are poor or rich there is care. The reality is that if you are in the middle, you need to become destitute before the state helps and by that time there are not many options. My mother does not live near me.

I want to more fully investigate a couple things in 2014. As far as causes go, I'd like to continue exploring Israel and the social, cultural, religious, and political issues that accompany it. I'd also like to look into my family history and where I come from. Not to mention getting around to investigating Coen Brothers' movies, Mad Men, and The Wire.

I am investigating what programs I should pursue in the future, Entrepreneurship & films. I am going to start working towards it from now on rather than waiting for next year.

Investigate being an advocate for arts education for all children. I want to use Shoe Banter as a platform to promote imagination and self expression as a way of being in the world.

I want to learn more about aging in place, communal housing options and other ways I can maintain my independence and quality of life as I continue on with the the next phases of my life.

How to inspire and engaged my students

Commitment. Solitude. Modigliani.

I'd like to investigate my photography more fully and take a few classes.

Jimmy Buffett

I will be studying for my Bat Mitzvah ceremony, so I will be studying Hebrew to become a better reader, Jewish history and learning to read the Torah with trope chanting which I have wanted to learn for a long time.


In 2014 I want to be part of a good cause and help them in their cause.

Swimming. I'm fascinated by "Total Immersion" technique, and I want to learn how to do it.

Politics and the world I live in. This year I have read more articles then I have ever read in my life, I want to keep developing this interest and continue to broaden my knowledge whilst deepening my understanding of the comings and goings of teh world.

How to build a successful tutoring business?

This is a tough one. Maybe it's just worded funny but it seems like really broad of a question. Anyway, the first thing that really comes to mind when I think of something that I would want to investigate more would be gardening and agriculture as a whole. That shit is totally fascinating to me. I'd love to be able to have enough know how to start my own garden/farm by 2014. Or at least be able to grow enough to feed myself. That's be cool

Any biography or autobiography. We are hoping to,go to borneo to see orangutans and i want to learn more about them and that part of,the world,

Pancreatic research

Yes. the subject of identity. What does this mean? Who am I? What is really important to me and how to put more energy into this vs making ends meet.

Yes, it is a bit morbid but I really want to learn more about funeral or memorial pre-planning for myself and for my mother as well. As my mother says, we come from a family of long-livers (hehehe) but just in case, its good to be prepared. After my father's recent passing with no plans in place, and remembering my Uncle who pre-planned everything, I know first hand that pre-planning made a huge difference when our family's grief was at its most profound. I want to make things easier for my family by stating now what I want.

Idea: shmita, and how it can be reconstructed and made relevant and exciting for folks today, in a world that desperately needs the resilience, connection, justice, and sustainability for which shmitta stands...

myself. i want to see how far i can go without having to turn back or withdraw. i want to push myself at both a personal and professional level to see how much is much

I want to continue to do my anti-law school work.

I would like to start meditating regularly. I tried to start a few times this year but haven't been able to get a routine going.

There are a lot of ideas and thoughts I need to investigate more fully in 2014. I have to make sure to pull a gig off otherwise not only will my name be tarnished I shouldn't be doing these things!

I couldn't think of anything for this question. I couldn't believe that I had a full year to experience growth and I didn't know in which direction or level. From the Sample Answers of other people, I saw "getting myself a partner" and I thought, how come I think of all sorts of intellectual development but never emotional development? If anything I am in dire need of emotional fulfillment, and here I am longing for a shadow from the past that can never show me love, appreciation, sweetness. All these things I always wanted and have never fulfilled. I want to find a sweet girl. A smart girl. One that balances beauty, kindness and intelligence. But kindness is key. I want that.

Yoga and nutrition and Hashimoto's, with the intention of bringing me to a state of optimal health.

The charity group of Dining for Women. There are chapters around the country (Agoura is the closest). There are pot lucks once a month, a donation of 30 $ which helps fund world projects for woman. Got to check it out.

I want to learn more about the new common core standards in education, both to assist my daughters in their learning and to prepare myself for my eventual return to the workforce. After five years of fulltime parenting, I am really looking forward to using my brain and getting smart again!

I will get certified as an advocate so I can make more money and help kids and parents access services from schools.

I've been talking about getting back into volunteer board work for a couple of years...but I've found myself too selfish of my own time to really want to. Will 2014 be the year that actually inspires me to do so?

Meditation, mindfullness. Not reading about them, but really DOING them.

Lowering cholesterol naturally so I don't have to go on statins. 1) I want to read up as much as I can 2) I want to tell everyone that I'm doing a cholesterol lowering diet so I am accountable to those I love 3) I will plan my menus accordingly 4) I will lose weight by not eating baked goods and ice cream and that will have a compound effect on the cholesterol lowering!

I want to investigate and learn more about my maternal grandmother. I'm working on a memoir that will really tie into her life and need to spend more time investigating how she grew up and how she became the person she is today.

I want to investigate my full potential. That is quite narcissistic I know, but I think in an attempt to investigate my full potential it will lead me to absorb so many new concepts, ideas, and causes. I want to learn and learn and learn. I'm ravenous for it and I love that. I want this year to be filled with not limiting myself to learning because I think I can't. Because I can do it all.

I want to investigate building a community of interfaith individuals. I'm not terribly excited about communities sticking to their own communities. As I exist in an interfaith marriage I'm extremely aware of the constructs and complexities it can create. I want to investigate a way to bridge these complexities.

I need to figure out how I'm going to pay for my 2nd year of MSW studies. I need to find any and all scholarship, grant, or other funding opportunities that may exist, so that I can complete the task I began this year. The uncertainty in this area is killing me.

I definitely do not want to investigate my 'family'. I did the 23 and me thing and it was not a good move for me. I can't think of a person I'd want to investigate, and I'm not into causes if you title them causes. I cared about children learning programming and logic before it was a glimmer in the fashionable cause monster's eye. But ideas? I investigate several ideas every day. Maybe the idea of making poetry through motion with the kinect but in such a way that others could 'recite' the same poem if they moved the same way.

ME. I have spent my whole life investing in other ppl. Caring for them. Working in the non-profit sector. The works. Now I take a look and I find that I still have a lot of work to do on me. I want to invest in developing me into a the greater person. Building a family. Taking time for the things I need. Caring for me. Looking after me and making sure that I am healthy and happy.

Living clean & sober & peacefully, even if not always happy.

myself, most of improving myself and using all my pst experiences as a trampoline to keep improving and work on being happy and when I am happy those around me are happy. learning to trust and letting go of past guilts and letting go of running the 27 movie scenarios in my head, learning to be present and remembering the intent of today's mission: gratitude

I want to learn more about environmental science. I also want to learn more about Animal Behavior and related careers. And Study abroad programs. Non-academically, I'd like to learn more about organizations that could use help, that support causes that are important to me (like Red Rover--don't know too much about that one yet)

I want to investigate flow arts. I especially want to learn how to spin poi. I want to take a class and watch videos and actually put in the practice time (alone or with a buddy) so that by the time I go back to Burning Man next year, I can actually use the poi I have.

Frequent Flyer programs! I want to learn how to go on vacation for free!

I'm kind of embarrassed that I haven't considered having a personal interest goal like this in the past. Minimalist living, I suppose.

Financial Independence. For me, for my children, for my State and for my Country. There is far too much reliance on "Big Brother" solving our problems or providing solutions which do not require me (US) making the hard choices in life. Those choices are what defines us, and when we don't make those choices we are opting out of life.

I love random research, but I doubt that there's anything that can hold my attention for more than a few days, talk more of one year. I'll be back to answer this if I can. Well, random things I want to do off the top of my head: check the possibility of performing efficient customer service for companies, via social media; figure out where I might want to settle, and if I'd be getting that PhD... - and in what - it has to be in something that can hold my attention for years and years and not make me feel like I'm wasting my life. Not sure I'm ready to investigate this yet, but I still hold the belief that every child should have access to education, so I need to begin seeing about the possibilities of making that a reality. Perhaps I might not be able to do on the grand scale I have imagined, perhaps I'd have to start with one child at a time. We'll see.

I am interested in determining ways to working remotely and independently. I'd like to find ways to support myself in other arenas other than the typical desk job.

I don't have the energy for that right now. Well, maybe what I usually do in the course of any election year, keep track of the candidates that will affect me and research them as I usually do and research the issues so that I vote from a knowledge base.

Teaching. Mentoring. A new way to share what I know & love more than one person at a time.

Yes. I want to get into helping people be more financially savvy. I'm hoping to volunteer for an organization that helps disadvantaged people to file taxes. And I'm hoping there is a way I can stay involved with municipal finance.

I would like to explore more fully the importance of connecting women around the world and how I can be more effectively involved in this.

No. Honestly, I have a ton of loose ends that I need to tie up in the next year. Perhaps after that I can look into something new!

I would like to investigate a person. The Messiah. The cause of me being single. The idea of the usefulness of prayers.

I would like to continue to work more on my family tree so I know where I came from.

Polyamory. This year my partner and I decided to finally give it a whirl. It's been baby steps so far but I think we'll be able to explore it more fully in the coming year.

Paint more!

Secure retirement Cleaning out all clutter- physical and emotional How to be better prepared for my mom’s eventual (hopefully not for many, many years) passing – emotionally, legally. Fitness over 55- being incredibly healthy A relationship, how/why I can get into a real, ltr and get re-married

Not really. I am actively involved in so many organizations that I really don't have time to look into anything new. I am a Girl Scout Leader, PTO Secretary, Union Secretary, and involved in so much that I just don't have time!!!!

Behavioral sciences and economics. How people are influenced to make decisions and what influences them.

Jesus Christ, Although I have been a Christian for most of my life, I don't feel like I know him the way that I should. Also running as an experience and a lifestyle. Always wanted to do it and now's the time. Lastly, I would like to find someone and go on a date or be in a relationship. I would like to investigate my love life or lack there of

Love! It's been ages since I've had a nice and caring relationship. Time to get some things straight, I think.

What do I have to do, to fully accept who I am? Not just accept it. Embrace it. Love it. Honour it. Delight in it.

I want to try to get more into gardening in the next year. I think having fresh healthy options coming from my own backyard would be great for the wallet and for my health. Having fruit trees (obviously that will take awhile) and a full on year round garden would make me really happy. I think it's do-able, with a little help and dedication. I would love to see it actually happen next year. Last year, I had wild success with tomatoes and eggplants. This year after we moved, the climate and placement was different (I think my plants got too much sun!) and they did not thrive, with the exception of the one wild tomato haha. Spinach and lettuces, strawberries, tomatoes, kale, garlic, watermelon, squash, pumpkin! There are so many things that I want to try to grow and eat.

Science, science, science

Myself.. I want to know myself better. I want to know who I am.

2014 year of the horse, wood horse. i was born year of the fire horse. year of the horse is a good time to finally get a horse!

I'm improving my Spanish in advance of our honeymoon this upcoming winter, and I want to maintain that momentum for the rest of 2014!

being a vessel, being of service, action in this plane

I'd like to learn more about investing and how to beat my emotional eating.

I'd like to learn more about my family and how it all affects on my, so that way my own kids (when I have them) won't suffer the same way as I did.

I'd like to be more regular in reading the newspaper and staying informed about current events.

Vegan cooking. We really shouldn't be eating as much meat as we are. More vegetables. More fast vegetables.


I'd like to see if I really have the chops to create and moderate a conference panel on the national level.

I'm going to buy more of my produce and meat locally. I'm going to spend more time marketing myself and my business.

I want to travel and learn about other cultures.

the future

Judaism, survivors, and finding love and happiness.

I want to write more. I'm thinking a lot about the book idea I've had and I want to keep noodling on it.

In 2012 I investigated the concept of equanimity. I tried to find a place that was okay with different outcomes and ways of being. I'd like to get back in touch with my physical and spiritual bodies (which of course are but one body) and rejoin them. Since I am not regularly engaging in yoga, exercise, or intimacy now (and for some time, in truth) I feel like a lot of my energy is concentrated in my head or even heart, because I am emotionally engaged both at work and home. I need to make friends with the other parts of myself again.

I'd like to investigate to benefits of yoga and or Pilates. I feel my physical health is improving, and I want to balance it with a mind centered practice.

Myself. Saying that feels self-centered and narcissistic but I want to investigate myself in order to invest in my future and overcome the hurdles that keep my from being happy and living my life the way I want to. I want to investigate the life around me so I can love and support others in a way that fulfills us both and so I can live my life to the fullest and support the causes, people and endeavors I'm most passionate about. When you have solid ground to stand on, the rest of the world is more supported by you.

I'd like to get more involved with the local AIDS alliance program. They do amazing things for the people in our community and I'd love to be a part of it.

I'd like to investigate how my family can get involved in serving our community in some way.

Illustration and other art mediums. Seeing what I can create and what others create.

I think I just need to keep up with my current volunteer commitments. I want to strengthen the bonds I have with my volunteer groups now, and if necessary find new ones to be active with. It is always important to spend some of your time volunteering.

I would like to be "in the moment" with my Mom, treasuring our time together. I want to sing every day - even if I don't feel like singing. Do I finish one of the projects I have begun, or move in a new direction? Am I cut out to be an educator or a chaplain?

Not really sure yet. It goes back to question 6. I want to find a passion, I'm just not sure what it is yet. Maybe yoga, maybe Rick climbing, maybe. Jewish women's group. Right now I am still searching.

Yes I think I want to understand America politics better, like I once did. I've subscribed to some newsletters that helps me break it down easier. I'm also "investigating" swing dancing more in 2014! I'll be taking some intensive classes to get my dance on!

meaning of life i guess, meaning of true love

I said this last year, but the Middle East. It's in the news a lot, like right now with everything going on i Syria. I think it would be really fascinating to keep up with it because it's such a fast-moving topic. I don't know what to expect there this year, but I hope for everybody's sake that on some level, diplomacy can be achieved.

Correlational statistics Tai chi Staying focused on my dissertation

I'd like to find a temple in our area. I'm not spiritual, but I need a home base where our family can freely talk about our traditions and holidays without feeling like the odd ones.

I want to spend my summer, or maybe even second semster volunterring at a school for teen mothers.

The idea of me. I want to know myself better, discover what makes me tick and happy. Clarify and prioritize my values and interest, so I can adjust my day-to-day life accordingly. Do what I want to and need to do more consciously, being more aware of my choices and the reasons behind them.

What my true weight is?

I need to get back into service. Its been too long. Where i have no idea. Something to put into the world to make it better for others and help my brothers and sisters in Christ shoulder their burdens.

In the most abstract sense, I want to explore this concept of a "fulfilling job". I've spent my entire life believing that the most important thing is finding a job that offers security, and I find it very hard to understand this concept of needing additional fulfillment. I suppose work-life balance is a valid consideration, but ultimately, isn't stability the more important factor? And really, what else is there besides those two?

something to improve the health of my body - diet, exercise, something. I've become a lazy schlub and let myself be lulled into a sense of complacency when it comes to how I feel about my appearance and my physical health. Plays into my need to develop a "wholesome discipline" in my life.

i want to learn more about the best ways to be in a relationship id like to go deeper into prayer and meditation i want to learn acro yoga i want to improve my hebrew

Real estate. Investments. Making $1 out of 15 cents! :)

Myself! I think I know myself, but my stubbornness has kept me from really seeing who I am and the motivation behind my actions.

Yes, I want to commit fully to starting a family. My womenly clock is finally ticking!!


I would like to learn more about my daughter's inner life, I feel that she has opened up to me more in the past year, but there is still a lot that I do not know about what goes on in her head.....

Yes. In 2014 I want to explore a long term loving relationship. I want to explore ever more deeply the possibilities of aging more slowly and more gracefully with optimum energy, vitality and vigor.

If I can, I want to be more involved in the needs of GLBTQ teens. I need to find out what I can do besides give money that I don't have. How do I give of myself for them? How can we cut their risks? What can I do to cut their risks?

I'd like to concentrate on figuring what it is I exactly want to do! Build up my art - enhance my work portfolio - imagine a different future (or keep on keepin' on with my current situation).

Yes. Me and what activities make me happy. Would like to try some new ones.

Retirement -- or should i say the transition to the next phase of my life. I can retire from the career I've had for the last 35 years in 2015. I think I will still work so I have a lot to consider -- what do I want to do? where do I want to live? what areas are most retiree friendly? what is important to me at the stage of my life? should living close to my aging parents be a factor?

So many things! Lots of music: I want to know more about so many musicians and their music. More books: I have a book list to read and I want to consciously go through them all. More Judaism; I want to learn more about Torah and Talmud and all the things I forgot from grade school.

I want to investigate mindfulness more fully. I have tinkered around the edges with it and know that even that has made a big difference to my sense of wellbeing. I'm convinced that this practice has the potential to enrich my life and provide me with a sense of peace that I've probably never really experienced. My biggest problem is putting time aside and foregoing other activities e.g. fitness so that I can practice. I would like to think that by the time next year rolls around and I read my answers that I have made progress.

I would like to find out, explore fully and be totally submerged in what God has planned for my life.

I want to explore some more tin can art with Charlie Orlando in May. I want to have people over for dinner more and get to know them better. I want to do more fabric dyeing and finally set up an indigo vat and see how it is living with its needs.

Retirement employment. When I don't want or have to work full time, I still want to be useful to myself and the world.

Yeah, I always find something that intrigues me. But right now there's someone on the horizon that has my true attention. Not the attention of someone that's bored but a true attention. I'm exploring that and I want to continue to do that. I want to be more active in some sort of giving back community. Maybe like Habitat for Humanity or maybe just start with Out of The Darkness Walk in October.


Yes, a different way at hospice, on call for solo end of life care when no family is available, instead of routine make the rounds visits. And always always, I so want a pet to take with me.

possible begin yoga or walking again, not thatI'd need to "investigate" walking but certainly yoga

The kiddos will start kindergarten next year, and I need to think about going to work. I haven't had a job in over 10 years, and the workplace has changed so much since then! Redoing my résumé is the least of my worries. I need to figure out what I want to do. I want to do something meaningful, yet be able to chip away at our debts. I wish I could stay a SAHM for the rest of my life.

I've been thinking seriously about volunteering (for the past few days). WHen going down that rabbit hole, I noticed certain things resonated to me and certain things seemed like more work. soccer and kids and teamwork making bicycling and walking even easier women's health and choice basic women's rights I could also teach a group ex class at the YMCA. That would be hilarious, and I would probably LOVE it. What saddens me about the soccer thing is that I don't have a car and can't access fields. The last two are more visceral, but I see the others as important community builders and sustainers. I'd like to explore one or two of those more deeply, through volunteering.

I want to investigate the brewing process.

I want to investigate further into United States foreign policy. I want to stay up to date on current events, including what is going on in Syria, Egypt, Israel (in general), and our interaction with European countries as well. I think it is embarrassing when foreigners know more about America's foreign policy than Americans do, like the guy I met in that bar in Aarhus! I got my ass kicked in a debate about US foreign policy as well as in a game of chess, but it was a great night!

I am going to be exploring the idea of building and mobilizing communities to create positive change this year. I want to explore how to apply that to different settings (business and nonprofit worlds) in order to improve how we do business as a society.

Latin. I want to go back to reading lots of Roman history and Latin.

The world. Life. Poverty. International development. I want to investigate anything and everything. Now that I am done with grad school, I'm really looking forward to being able to read for pleasure again!

I hope to read and learn more in general in the the upcoming year. I am close to completing a classical music course and hope to finish the class and possibly find some specifics about music that I can learn more about.

I want to go back to transcendentalism and Thoreau and see how I react to it now. I'm a much different person from when I liked it all those years ago.

I want to investigate meditation. It has always interested me and I have done a bit as part of various yoga classes over the years, but I would like to find a class/practitioner that concentrates on meditation as I feel this will help with my anxiety levels. I am also interested to see if it has an impact on my blood pressure and other physical changes.

I want to figure out how to help the world while working from home on my mom schedule. I want to expand my circle of influence beyond these four walls.

I continue to want to do more for environmental causes and also want to do something for the inequality in justice in this country and the situation for women all over the world.

Living closer to the Paleo diet lifestyle. Cooking more - exploring foods from other cultures.

How to maintain an open-heart and mind, in the face of my own fears and resistances to change, uncertainty, and conflict.

Jenn asked me 'What's my dream?. I didn't really have a dream! I should have one. I'd like to think that in 12 months from now, I may have a clearer outlook of what I hope for and what I desire. A rough guidline to where I want to head and who i'd like to join me on that journey. Do I want to stay a Civil Servant for the rest of my life? Will I emigrate? Will I change jobs? Where am I heading!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need a dream!

Landscape Architecture. Mathematics. Investing. Music lessons. Photography Sanatana Dharma.

I would want to investigate how my lovely ACURA has been stolen. I keep going and going and going around a place close to I 90 where a ticket was given on my car because of unauthorized parking , next to the thief's house. I hope I found out who stole my car finally.

I'm listening to a bimonthly podcast that will take me through all of Shakespeare's plays. I've read them, but that was in college, and this time it's more commentary and historical discussion.

myself. my parents. healing in different ways. commitment to myself and others commitment to causes I believe in.

I want to investigate ME more fully in 2014. Who am I? What am I putting into the world. I believe that to truly love another, one must know and love oneself. So this year, I want to put me above all else, not because it might lead to that... but because it will make me more whole.

I want to become more actively involved in giving back to my community. Even if it is a one-time engagement, it is something I truly desire to do, and it is important that I make the time for myself and for others to make it happen.

I'd like to investigate how to be more happy with myself. I feel like I only think negatively about how I look and what I do. I need to learn how to look at the positives and think about the good parts of me, not just focusing on the bad.

There is a cause now to help get the Surrey horses off the streets in Nassau, Bahamas. They are worked like machine, abused and starved.. I really hope to increase my involvement and hope that this barbaric tour will be finished by 2014.

I would like to meet my life partner/soulmate

An idea, yes - writing down some of the story ideas that have come to me in dreams this year, and finding a way of stitching them together in a way that makes sense.

I want to be able to control my mind more. This is especially relevant when I wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and then have a hard time falling back asleep because I'm thinking about so many things. Also, I spend majority of the day thinking about my job. It's important to also have time for my other priorities, and I'd love to learn techniques to help me with that.

I would like to explore mental health and therapy a lot more, and to really immerse myself in the field. I would like to be ambitious on this journey, hoping that I can find meaning. Further, I want to investigate those people who have meant a lot to me who I dont find the time more. I want to create more times for socialising, meeting, dating, greeting...I just want to live life to it's full!

I want to take the reigns on raising my daughter Jewishly. to really understand how to take our daily lives and express a thanks to G-d that I don't really do every day right now.

Yes! Me - I want to put myself out there and test my limits. I have so much in my mind that I want to actually create. I've worked on computers/with computers since 1979 but I have a creative side to myself and I'm going to explore it.

No mostly personal development.

I'm very curious about food- what's REAL? what's processed? what is healthy? what's kosher? what should I avoid? what can't I live without?

It feels as if there is something I'm failing to remember right now! Probably too many things - a better grasp of science; possibly picking up the family history again; gardening, needing to get much better at that!

I would like to explore how meditation impacts one's productivity and see if I can create opportunities for a better working environment. So many of us spend the majority of our time in an office environment and negative energy is viral. I want to learn more about meditation and mindfulness and bring it into the professional environment.

meditation. cinematography and photography. lighting. storytelling through screenwriting and cinema. true love.

I would like to begin an exploration of my grandfather's life. He was always "bigger than life" to me and I was always told I was his favorite. He lived into his 90's, but I don't feel like I really knew him as a person.

Advocacy in dietetics Perhaps go forward in writing a research article about this issue

God. Living the Christian life.

Barak :) I would be lying if I said moving in together has been a breeze... It could be MUCH worse but it is always a challenge to learn another person and develop habits and norms together. At this point I finally feel like we are settling in and I look forward to Barak getting a full time position or getting things going with his screen writing. So for this coming year, as we begin to create our lives together- plan our wedding- and think about the future, I just want to make sure I am completely accepting of him and continually curious about his world. I love him so much and am so excited to continue to build a beautiful life together :)

How to ease off on having a photography business and get back into shooting just for me, to try to retrieve that obsessive feeling when I was just starting out.

I'd like to learn more about controlling my thoughts and mind space. Specifically meditation, yoga, and Buddhism philosophy. I would also like to continue to work on being a better reader. I want to read more often, read diverse, and learn to be more thoughtful about what I'm taking in. I am on the fence about continuing my learning of the Spanish language. We'll see. I think it is valuable because acquiring a second language is a unique learning experience that makes people smarter and more well-rounded.

I'd like to investigate the reasons I feel I'm not worth being loved. I'd like to find someone that thinks that I'm the bees knees and loves me for everything I am- and everything I'm not.

This isn't a question I can predict or answer right now. I know what I want in 2014- a job in the nonprofit sector, Nashville, and a great relationship with J. But until I have those things settled first, I do not know what I will have the rest of my time and energy directed towards. I hope it is something fun like great events with fun people or something that will stimulate my mind.

Yes. But I don't want to say, even here. :)

I am starting off this new year by exploring the Renewal Movement in Seattle. This could be a very good fit for me spiritually. I am excited about the potential.

Get more involve with my local JCA

YES! Personalism. Logic. Reading the news. The history of my country and the country I live in. 10' of daily reading Dear and Glorious Physician, The Pillar of Iron, Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, The Man of Villa Tevere, just inspirational biographies that transform personal rust into altruism. Statistics is a great idea....(thanks to whomever posted that)


I would like to see if something can be done about the job discrimination of convicted felons. Many want to change their lives, but with no one giving them a chance to work and live, they return to the only way they can.

There is definitely someone I'd like to investigate more fully but I don't think it's reciprocal on her part. Ha! But it's still true. I'd like to investigate a heart connected relationship with another person. Someone who doesn't think my being transgendered is a "problem" or an "issue" but instead is into exploring rather than defending. I'm pretty sure it could be pretty exciting on many levels. And healing too. For both of us. I think the heart connection is so magical and rare I can't help but think of a person when I feel that about them. And it takes time too. Or it has for me. I wouldn't mind if it didn't but it's never happened quickly for me. Usually it's a matter of weeks or months. I don't see anyone else on the horizon right now except this one person. So I'm going to keep my eyes and heart open that it's possible.

This Year I to dive deeper in the lives of the great people that came from McDaniel college and what the did. I already plan to study Dr. Ira Zepp on his life, for my senior Sem.

I'd like to work on my relationship with Jared. We have a really strong relationship and I think we have a good future together. I was listening to the radio yesterday and I heard the advice that the best time to work on your marriage is before it happens. I liked this advice, we're young and definitely have time to change and set up positive patterns that will serve us later on.

I want to be able to understand LGBTQ issues more clearly and how they connect with Judaism. I feel that as a budding Jewish leader and an LGBTQ identified individual I should be able to advocate more fully for LGBTQ persons within the Jewish community which in turn will create a stronger Jewish community with more voices heard.

Studying Art therapy Dance Control- in a positive way (rather than lack of control as a form of escapism)

Right now I'm starting to get involved in open source for the first time. But I don't know.

I'd like to investigate myself. Something I've been doing for a while now and I don't know if I'll ever truly understand.

Localism. This year I'm working on a Community Revolving Loan Fund for my Time Bank network in LA and though I'm no longer physically there, I'm very much committed to and invested in seeing how that pans out. I'd like to invest myself similarly in Santa Barbara and I'm working on that. I'd like to join the movement for local currency here and help bring that to fruition. I believe a return to hyper-localism is the answer to much of what ails our current social paradigm. I'd like to be a movement champion and leader both in my community and family.

I want to create a base, my base, a place that reflects me that when I walk in the door my pictures look back at me and my bed is just the way I like it and the fridge has the food that fulfills me. Not a way station or somewhere to just unpack for a few months, MY place.

I wantn to be and advocate or do something to help others from my experience.

Being a better teacher and communicator. Think Teach like a Champion. Use what works for my personality. Also maybe look at NJWPT again, now called Abydos. Eddie remembers me positively! Wow. Of course continue to worship The Lord more fully in the feasts. Worship warfare will be key this year. Turn your gaze to praise!

I have been holding on to an idea about building a business but I am not sure if I want to plant myself permanently in this town. I would like to investigate the investment and implementation of moving forward with it. I will never know if I want to even stay if I don't find out what it will take to get started!

Food, excercise, yoga, a boyfriend, economics

There's nothing that immediately comes to mind, I'm sure that they'll be things that come up during the year.

I want to write a novel, that is my cause.

I would like to investigate the next Jewish learning opportunity.

I want to learn more about the craft of comedy writing. Seeing other friends getting jobs in Los Angeles and New York, working with my heroes, is causing not jealousy, but disappointment -- with myself. Maybe I don't have to be a writer...why not something in production? Is something available closer to home? Can I do something short-term just to check it off the life list? Or can I find what attracts me -- the idea of being around funny people and creating with them -- be achieved in some other way? I can figure this out. I will find something. If not, I'll improvise. (How fitting.)


I plan to take jazz piano lessons. I trained as a musician, and play jazz, but am not a pianist.

I would like to more fully explore the teachings of Rabbi Nachmann. I have only skimmed the surface of his work, and learned a lot. What if I went a bit deeper?

Hm.... I wish I had more time to spend on philosophy. I want to understand evidence for the existence of God more. I want to understand more of the historical development of Judaism. I want to know more about evolution and I want to understand psychological statistics.

Off the top of my head: long, slow running mod podge garden mitzvot architecture cocktails europe my 18th wedding anniversary

Estate Planning

Deeper relationships with my family members, especially my nieces, cousins & goddaughter. Also meditation.

I'd like to read more books in the next year. I've read a lot of online fiction, but there are so many good books I'd like to read.

my physical health & strength write more write better digtal & more creative ways of story telling

I want to get to know Karina - she is young and very wise

Gun safety legislation

This may be selfish, but I would like to continue to learn more about myself. The adult me. The me as a single person as well as the me as a parter in a committed in loving relationship. I want to learn what my passions are so I can find a job that is more suited for me. I'd also like to explore new living opportunities as well; new states, new countries, whatever.

I'm moving to England, so I guess I want to investigate that. But more broadly, another superpower country of a vastly different scale. And the rest of Europe.

I'd like to do more yoga, more regularly. The exercise and the spiritual space are good for me. I also want to build my relationship with Grandma. She's so great. This time last year, the time I spent with her revising had the wonderful side effect of making us really close. I'd love to spend more time with her.

Now that I am old enough to vote I certainly need to get more acquainted with my local authority figures.

I want to know our tiny human even more and try to help him to become the most amazing version of himself.

I want to read more non-fiction and learn more about recent history.

Myself and my potential

Spiritual direction.

Dating and sex, especially with ladies. Also my research. Also exercise.

I might like to explore volunteering with dogs. Also, I'd like to become more comfortable driving, and hope to Keep the Mazda (though it may be stupidity itself), and drive safely and competently. Also, I'd like to learn more about depression, and how a non depressed person can become more tuned in and sympathetic to people who suffer from depression.

I would like to continue to research two things. The first I would like to learn more about is Our Father in Heaven and His Jewish son Jesus. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning the Hebrew roots of my faith and would like to continue to integrate this in all aspects of my life. I would also like to continue to learn about the world of education. I would like to investigate further the charter school system and the curriculum and instruction that is appropriate. I would like God to close any doors that may be trying to open that are not in my best interest and open doors that others may be trying to close. I am ready to integrate my education and faith on a deeper level!!

The idea I want to consider more carefully is the movement of time and the fact that we pass through it and that moment is gone. This had little or no meaning to me when I was young. Then I had children and it began to have some structure as I saw my sons grow up and away into their own lives. And now, for example, as I watch a football game where the clock is stopped and the teams re-organize themselves, I know that time isn't stopping. So: how do I honor each moment? I have just typed this and while I can correct my typing, I cannot get the moment of typing back.

My career. If not now, when? What am I waiting for? Although I've worked successfully as a professional actress, director and producer in the past, I feel as if I didn't receive a lot of respect from my peers. In fact, I felt sabotaged by many of my supposed "friends." I've let myself be marginalized, and my talents be minimalized. While bragging about their productions, starring me as "Miss Not Appearing in this Show," and simultaniously sticking their hands in my pockets for donations, I am tired of the nonsense. The hiatus is over. I want to do my own work. I want to write and act and direct with all the passion I have in me. %100 million percent. And eff those effers anyway!!

I want to seriously and intentionally begin navigating how better to integrate Jewish tradition and ritual into my life.

I need to write more. I don't know if I'd call this investigation, but I need to sharpen myself. I need to write about coffee shops, and sabermetrics, and names, and everything else that I love. In short, there's not one thing I need to investigate. I need to be true to my love of writing and investigate EVERYTHING.

I'd like to learn more about the craft of acting and sharpen my skills at that. Do yoga on a regular basis and move more for joy and fun than forcing myself to do workouts that don't make me happy. And just exploring all the cool activities that I can now put on an acting resume.

I'd like to start writing fictional short stories. I have a lot of stories in me, but have never attempted writing them in a serious way. Also, I'd like to see about getting a job that I can handle with my disability. If I successfully employ the neurostimulator, my mind will be freed from the narcotic haze I've lived in for 10 years and I can again utilize my intelligence. Perhaps I can even take a college course or two?

I would like to investigate ways I can help Dave the oceans. I am very interested in preserving marine wildlife and environments and would like to be a more active citizen when it comes to these topics.

I want to complete my second and third weeks at the Optimum Health Institute within the next 12 months, as well as go to Israel next summer with my sons. I want to be more charitable in general, and be more of a light to the world -- not just through my writing, but in the way I live my life. I want to be proud of the way I live my life.

I just miss learning full stop. I'm going to look into further study for career once I've moved role and have a feel for the hours and the travel. Learning French and the violin didn't grab me so I need to find something that makes my brain tick. Perhaps the Masters in Mining in Perth. Maybe courses in history?

Lighting, electronics, physics, the cultures and languages of the countries I am living in.

Zen buddism, pistolmanship, electronics & programming(arduino / rasbery pi), tig-welding, bdsm scene.

Love. A partner. A good one this time.

I would like to explore more extreme fitness and perhaps a martial art. I want to learn another language more fully. I want to lose my fear of yeast and learn to be comfortable making bread. I want to learn the Rodgers and Hart songbook. I want a more fully realized vegetable garden. I want to learn more about my father's side of the family.

I've been starting doing some baking and cake decorating on the side, so I'd like to learn more techniques and recipes... I'm pretty excited about that.

Myself. Who am I, what makes my heart beat faster, what gets me going. My boyfriend. Taoism. Meditation. NaNoWriMo. Music. Sports. Travel.

Myself. I think these two years of sixth form now is to investigate who I am. In the past, I've always had my mind on someone else. I never really got to explore... Me.

I want to become more active in my local atheism/secular humanism community. I want to start attending the meet-ups for Ask an Atheist podcast in Tacoma. I have become more and more fed up with the Tea Party Christians in America forcing their magical supernatural beliefs down our throats and denying reality to the detriment of every living being on the planet.

Finding a new career; one that satisfies me and doesn't have me needing sleeping medication to get through the week!

The cause I want to investigate is still whether a more worthwhile conversation is possible about Israel. But also, or as part of that, I feel called to see more art, especially contemporary art. I want to know what others are doing and how. Got a year membership to MoMA and feel I could go a few times a week. Want to expand to more contemporary art, photography, film, poetry.

Yoga and Ayurveda!!!

Join the synagogue, get involved in the community. Read some of those interesting nonfiction books I have around the house.

I'd like to feel some sort of romantic inclination towards another human. I want to be more involved in the feminist movement. Go to a rally or something

I would like to really be more involved on community level with Girl Scouts like I said I would. And be more proactive about teaching art classes.

Completing a half iron man. Being ready to maybe get married?

The Ayurvedic Diet, herbal supplements to ward off pain and to improve health, and best exercise to keep my core and mind strong through the years.

I would like to do a better job of keeping in touch with my sisters and making sure i know them as adults.

An idea! I think I want to start a business or help start a business and I don't know what that is or how I get there.

I want to investigate, beauty pain, magic and fairytales.

The NC state legislature and its affect on NC. I would like to see how I can have some impact on getting us back on track...NOT backtracking on our social responsibilities. Also, federally, I'd like to see that our congresses get along better so they can learn to COMPROMISE! I am disappointed that Republicans say NO just because a Democrat may ask it. I also wish that Obama learned how to be more of a people person so he would make more personal relationships with these people, allowing for more compromises to be made.

Keep learning more about my craft and how to apply it to help more people thrive.

I want to (re)align my beliefs and consumer habits. I want to avoid businesses with questionable and unethical practices, including those who employ GMO's, animal cruelty, exploitation of workers and/or the environment, and unnecessary additives, and in turn support local and sustainable companies who practice what I preach. This is VERY important to me and is going to require my taking control of the shopping...at least for a while.

As in a previous answer, I'd like to maybe take a class in interior design. Even if its just for the fun of it and nothing professional comes about from it.

I want to know more about myself and why I cannot let go of my weight. I lose the same five pounds over and over. I wonder what would happen if I could just let go!

Some sort of work that leaves me feeling fulfilled. Always more in to the topics that I care about. Dogs. North Korea. LGBTQ+ issues. All of that.

I would like to get going on the Literacy Program for Adults my friend and I want to create for 2015 ... I want to get to know Solet and his environment closer. I want to see if we can build a future together.

Once again, the ego-centric maniac names himself as the person he is most interested in. Other people are meh. I specifically want to push the boundaries of how far I can push myself. Physically and Mentally. I want to experience myself unadulterated.I should also work on my spelling.and math.

In 2014 I would like to explore my Judaism more.. I've started going to Friday Shabbat dinners regularly and went to both high holidays, which is something a little unheard of in my family. I just want to explore what I'm comfortable with and if the service experience is profound for me or not.

Memoir writing

I;d like to learn more about Jewish music and especially Yiddish progressive protest music.

I would like to be more acquainted with the folks at pumping station one.

How the experiences I've had in the past have effected me today. Like, a self assessment. I think that would be interesting.

I think I will begin investigating now. I would like to begin 2014 ready to volunteer for a cause that would be meaningful for me. I'm not sure, yet, what that will be. There are so many needs. It probably will involve children, but not necessarily. I don't want to spend a lot of time. Quilting is still my passion. I believe I will just ask. When I remember to do that, the answer revealed is the perfect one for me. I look forward to reading this next year and smiling at what I'm involved in, that this year is not yet even an idea.

Judaism. I want to investigate and participate in it more. I miss having Jewish friends and a community, and think doing some learning could be beneficial in so many different areas of my life.

Not really. I have my hands full with the people, the causes, the ideas that I already have. What I want is better execution, greater clarity, greater dedication to those people, causes and ideas.

I want to look more completely into Buddhism. I am considering whether or not to take the plunge, or to hang out here at the preiphery.

Not really. I'll let the cause, etc. come to me and if it excites me, I'll do it. I find that most of the time, I do this on my own without much prompting.

family tree

I think that I would like to look more deeply into homelessness in Edmonton next year. It is gratifying to work serving breakfast to the homeless, but that is not doing a lot to help the causes of their homelessness. What can I do? Who can I go to to offer my services? These are questions I need answers to.

The immediate people around me. Learn more about them. Develop deeper relationships.

My girlfriend and myself - in that order.

I plan to more fully investigate my interest in being a high school social studies teacher by doing some volunteering and classroom observation in local schools. I may also choose to investigate martial arts, as well as engaging more often in yoga and other forms of physical activity.

Tai chi. Spirituality. Personal peace. Having fun. Taking some risks.

The idea of accelerated learning.

Not a specific thing, but I want to read more this coming year. I want to go back to being a big reader, and not let tv and computers distract from my dedication to that.

Buddhism. Possibly researching local Jewish synagogues to see if I want to be affiliated with one. Perhaps drafting a list of values that are important to me that I want to impart to my child.

Bicycling. Guitar. Hebrew. Entertaining.

Nothing specific comes to mind. I realize that none of these 10Q questions asked about something you have done this year that engaged and nourished you. I think that would be a good question. For me, part of it would be my involvement with the slow food/real food movement, and the emphasis in my life on cooking and eating real/healthy food, learning new recipes and cooking techniques, and learning more about the traditional/real food movement. It was something that took up a tremendous amount of time in my life, and also something I enjoy. I want to do more canning and preserving next year, now that I have taken a couple of canning classes and am not quite as intimidated as I have been about canning food.

I really want to follow through with this business with my dad. I really hope there won't be any problems with ash. I want her to be a part of it too but want us to see the final goal of creating a successful business - not just about who's the boss.

I really want to be a diabetes and emergency medicine healthcare advocate. Working with organizations, doctors and hospitals to make care better and smarter.

I would like to delve further into yoga/buddhism and get more involved with Jewish life and explore Judaism/Jewish texts to inform and enhance the way I live.

I'd like to be more in touch with all of my family. Deepen those bonds...

I want to investigate and perhaps become more fully engaged with local charities, local urban gardening movements, and continue the exploration of Buddhism with my boyfriend.

I have many of them. I always have things I'm looking into... I'd have to say I'd like to investigate more about what I can do to create my ideal job - I have many skills and interests, I feel like it's a waste to have one job/profession. I need something that will encompass who I am AND what I love and value.

I wish I had the time to be physically present to talk to my parents more. Get to know their lives. Time is fleeting.

I hoe to investigate myself in a meaningful way and look into the idea that I can control my environment to be more beautiful and harmonious.

I have just begun couponing. My goal is to be a blessing to my family by making our reduced income stretch. Lets see what happens with this in the next year!

Hearing what I need to know (v. what I want to hear) – at work, at home, from the world.

I'm continuing to investigate meditation with my meditation community, and perhaps I'll go to another silent retreat. I am continuing to investigate how to delegate more to others in my nonprofit group, and to build leadership other than me. The example came up the other day when my colleague and I talked about possibly having parlor meetings, and she listed the steps to set it up so this is run by others. I responded that I'd just do it myself. But I realized afterwards that we should repeat this conversation, since she is right that we should train others to organize this. I also want to learn more about what is going wrong with my hip and groin and my walking, and what kinds of exercise or other remedies might be helpful.

I need to integrate into my life my experiences having lived through cancer treatment this past year. I hate the term "survivor." I need to find a language and a community where I feel connected.

peace. genealogy. love, pure real love.

I want to investigate patience and self compassion. I was to inculcate these concepts into my way of thinking and viewing the world.

I would like to know more about what I can do to share the idea that there can be peace in the world with shared understanding and respect for each countries beliefs. I would also like to learn some form of martial arts or boxing. I would like to learn more about Yoga and ways of dealing with any situation.

I do want to get more involved with the cause of care for the girl-child around the world. Primarily in the issues of education, the reduction of sex-selective abortion/infanticide, and rights to health care (including reproductive health). I have found that whenever I am discussing any of these topics I become very passionate, so I need to channel that into more than words.

Well-documented ways to counteract the horrible images of Jews and Israel - and contact with people who are actually working along those veins. Being able to contribute.

The purpose of living a Jewish life.

I will find out more about how to spend time/live par time in Israel.

Wholesale for my business. I leapt right into it & got lucky with my first few cold calls. NOw, things are proving to be more difficult. I need to restructure my pricing & develop a press kit to mail out. And whatever else I find in my research.

More poetry - reading and writing. Some yoga - join a class. Stock Market - read Alvin Halls book. And the darker recesses of my mind :).

I have listed things before and not researched them. Positive Body Image Happiness Theatre in Prison Pregnancy & Birth--the effects of inducing labor ( I work with the pregnant women at a prison). These are ideas for work--the first two for classes. The last one to be able to help my pregnant women more. And theatre of course to improve theatre troupe at prison. Maybe I am focusing too much on my work. Clearly though some of these topics are issues for me as well--happiness & body image. Not pregnancy thank goodness.

global warming. environment especially marine conservation.

I want to do some research into becoming a teacher. I have always felt drawn to help and educate others, I just need to figure out what route would work best for me. Also, I want to learn more about healthy and clean living - using less toxic methods in cleaning and eating.


Staying present, mindfulness, being in the moment

I would like to learn how to make a difference beyond giving money, but really doing something, to protect animal rights, promote veganism, end hunger and protect women.


World news. Calligraphy. Personal training.

I want to learn more about studying abroad. I really want to go somewhere and broaden my horizon. I also (maybe?) want to move out and start living on my own, although I know my parents won't like the idea at first. I short, I really want to start adult life; taking care of myself, handling my own problems, dealing with independence and getting my life in order.

Learning Mandarin. Taking up yoga. Learning how to cook some awesome stuff (particularly vegetarian stuff and Chinese recipes). Becoming better versed in world affairs. Developing my skill at intuitive readings. Making huge strides in my book projects, specifically the memoir. Sacred sex. More travel (for leisure and fun learning!). Being an amazing life partner. Deepening my sense of bliss and joy and wonder, and those of all whose lives I touch.

acceptance and love, self acceptance and lvoe

I plan to learn how to provide healthcare to transgender people. I hope to learn more about their needs and community. And I would like to help other healthcare providers begin to provide healthcare to people who are transgender. Also, I would like to work against racism.

I think for this last year in college I need to investigate myself more.

I want to research about recycling more and find out how well or not my city participates. What can I do to become an activist? I'd also like to find some time to volunteer for some organizations.

I think I need to concentrate more on me, I still have a long way to go until I can reach my goals and be in a good headspace/find out what I really want in life. Definitely need to explore my art more aswell and gain more of an understanding of my practice. Also it would be great to find a partner - perhaps a husband of some sort. Yeah, that would be great.

Not really. I keep looking for that spiritual leap of faith, but investigating isn't going to bring it about.

Me. I want to learn more about me, who I am, who I want to become, what I want to do, where are my strengths, weaknesses, what's my role, etc.

I really just want to find out what's next. For me, for our culture, even pop culture: what's next?

I look forward to learning about pregnancy and babies more, and I hope that I can find ways to link my personal life together with my research. I still hope to maintain a sense of perspective and not be so consumed with the research as to not just allow me to enjoy the moments and learn from my own experiences.

I'd like to investigate my career options more. And do more creative stuff.

No. And the question gives me pause. Why not? Am I not curious enough? Am I complacent? Maybe that's what I need to investigate. I need to investigate what I should care about.

Minimalism. The art of living with less, having less, doing less. Not being so attached to all my stuff.

I don't know. My life's been in such upheaveal since my brother died. I think its more investigating myself more than anything else.

I don't know about "investigate more fully" but I want to make the most of the friends I have, be better at keeping in touch and making sure I'm there when they need me. A friend of ours is fighting a hard battle at the moment and she is so strong and so amazing - she's my heroine. I just want to be with her and supporting her as often as she needs us.

I want to refocus on myself again. I need to re-find the inner quiet confidence I had a couple years ago.

Sustainable food. And my role in it.

Firstly, I want to spend the appropriate amount of time studying physics. Secondly, I want to invest in my personal development (ethics, compassion and open-mindedness) and positivity. Thirdly, I want to investigate more fully the options of living together with Carolien. Lastly, I want to find a weekend job.

Brazil, Portuguese and the Brazilian culture. Starting with a trip to Brazil in October.

I want to investigate the clubs here at Michigan more fully. Having just started school a couple weeks ago, I'm trying to figure out which clubs I can do and get HEAVILY (Throwback to the RC 2012 video) involved. Hopefully I will make the right decisions, which will really have a big influence on what my college experience is like!

I'd like to find a way to give back, but I'm not sure what that cause is yet. I'd also like to keep playing around with a bigger way I can fit food into my livelihood.

I would really like to start volunteering on Thanksgiving at a soup kitchen. It would be nice to have this be a family tradition for me and E.

I want to re-evaluate my life. My job has become very stressful due to new administration at my school and how teachers are treated, especially in TN. I want to figure out if I want to continue with what I do, but at a new job or if I want to do something else.

Hmm. I need to investigate subjects that I can write about and then get published.

Yes - Spiritual Economics by Eric Butterworth. Taylor Gatto and A. Robbins.

I am really looking forward to investigating my Judaism more this year. I have already looked into a lot about it and discovered so much and I can't wait to be even more excited with what I explore over the next year. I have never felt so motivated to search.

I would really like to investigate myself more fully. I need to really get in touch with myself, understand who I am and what I want from life.

I want to work on fulfilling employment for Americans.

I want to investigate global Jewry more fully in 2014. Through my experience in BBYO and on A2B, I had my first taste of life as a result of the Jewish diaspora, but I want to know more.

I want learn more about the possible majors/minors I may study in college. Particularly computer science, business, and mathematics. I want to have a good idea of what I want to do with my life while applying to colleges.


polyamory. a queer community. and also composting indoors in the winter. AWE inspiring experiences. Memory created adventures. Sensory routines and traditions so when I get to this point next year and look back I can actually remember moments from throughout the year.

I want to maybe do more Spark Conferences if the one in Seattle turns out well. It would be nice to have employment that also allows me to change cities every few months.

I'm going to have a much stronger presence for Relay this year. I'm not a super important person in the mix, but I sure as hell have an understanding of corralling and pleasing large groups of people. I just wish I could get bigger things happening. Particularly with all the studios just right there.

Yes - in a nutshell - live simply, fully, lustfully, organically, peacefully, quietly.

I want to get closer to everyone in my family. I want to learn about my grandparents more and become better friends with my sisters. I want to reach a fully mutual respect with my parents.

Hmmm... People in science and agriculture that would study and validate our technology... A continuing education in writing or some other area (fine arts?)... A charity for local homeless...

The Warrior.

I would like to investigate the possibility of a long trip or journey with Jasper in the future. I would love to go for a long time to places in Asia.

There is nothing I want to investigate more

Our idiot president Obama. He needs his head examined anyway, might as well be me.

I want to do a better job of becoming part of the Madison community. Especially as it relates to empowering the disempowered.



I'd definitely like to get to know my new city better this year, and am specifically curious to do that through food: both by visiting the amazing restaurants and bars I've heard about, but also by finding ways of getting involved in the food justice movement that's happening here.

I'm looking forward to doing improv this year because I think it will help me investigate and strengthen those aspects of myself that are muted by my own fear, insecurity, neurosis and irrational thinking. My brain thinks too much and becomes my enemy, and I think improv is the best way of getting around that to find away to honor myself as an artist, genius & poet.

I've really taken to reading more non-fiction this year, especially about education, success, and learning, and I hope to continue that.

the possibility of new career options whether it means: getting a new job, discovering a new career, or learning how to be happy with the job that I have.

Hmmm. Myself? I'm not sure... Suspect I am in the business of finding a new cause..

I would like to get some momentum with my "wagon-hel" housing idea, and to connect it to girls/women rescued from human trafficking. I really need to get in touch with Nicholas Cristoph.

Living a more natural life

I would like to explore Fitness and Nutrition more in 2014 as these relate to my vision for my life.

I don't know. Which in itself is something for me. I believe that our lives have times when the focus is external and times when the focus needs to be internal. Sometimes, you have to focus internally to store up the energy for external and avoid burnout. For me, I think 2014 will be a year of internal focus. In order to work on my writing, I am hoping to take this year 'off' from cause work. I know I will go back to the foster care stuff, possibly libraries and possibly other, international stuff over time. I don't half-ass anything, so I know when I get involved I will devote a lot of time. For now, I need to use that time elsewhere and admitting this feels right. It's not easy for me, but it feels right.

Start working towards a degree and playing my trumpet more! Also, get to beginners beading and wire working classes!! I'd love to get good enough to sell my pieces :)

There are a great deal of lesbian and feminist authors that we learned about whose work I would like to explore. I feel like I would get a lot out of them, being someone who identifies as both a feminist and a (probably) bisexual woman. Hélène Cixous, Luce Irigaray, Jeannette Winterson, Audre Lorde, Adrienne Riche, Monique Wittig (whose work is cited in both feminist and lesbian literature), and H.D. are just a few authors whose work I would like to read.

In response to the question of a Syrian genocide and the idea of military intervention, I would like to read more about both the pacifist and Jewish perspective on genocide. I would like to learn about contemporary opinions regarding Syria, as well as perspectives on other past conflicts.

I just want to investigate myself - and make a conscious effort to do what's right for me. I hope my partner will turn out to be someone who is right for me.

I'd like to investigate many things: 1. My faith, so that I can develop a better relationship with God and my peers. 2. My sexuality, or lack thereof as some would say, so that I can gain a better understanding of... myself. 3. Medicine, so that I can have a better acknowledgement of the sort of life/career I'd like to get myself into.

I want to explore and test my writing skills, in the area of short stories and literary fiction. I may suck. But I'd like to push that boundary.

I want to continue to explore Spirituality

CSA. I have a winter share coming up. I'd like to go completely organic and as local as possible with all food in my life.

Absolutely, I would like to do something more for domestic violence victims. I also want to create a cause for young men and support their development. I'd like to learn more about my African ancestors. I wan to commit to healthy living and becoming a business owner.

Honestly, although I've thought about this for a while, the short answer is 'no.' The ideas that I want to explore, I am already exploring; I just want to deepen my exploration of Bay Area natural history, graphic design, photography, and Jewish knowledge.

I'd like to investigate the opposite sex. Yes, damn it. I am ready for a relationship!

I would like to investigate my health fully starting now!!! this is especially good for me because I am realizing that there are no mediums. you just have to do it. I must work on my certifications in yoga, and travel the world. these things are important to me!!!!

2014 will be very different from other years for me. I will be taking my relationship with Bobby more seriously than any other boyfriends. I can see myself marrying him, and he can see himself doing the same, so we need to be very careful about how we go about building this relationship. I need to learn how to get along with him in the long run. I'm accustomed to getting turned off by a boyfriend around the 3rd year, and he's not accustomed to having a girlfriend in the first place. I need to learn what it is about myself that makes me want to end a seemingly good relationship after that amount of time. What's up with my "three year itch", and how do I manage that? As for Bobby, would he make a good life partner? On paper, he would make a great provider and leader for a family. But as a husband and a dad.... Will he be faithful, considering he likes beautiful women, and the attention of beautiful women? Will he be open to suggestions, considering any changes he makes in life, big or small, are his own decisions? Will he desire me if I'm pregnant or a new mom, considering he finds pregnant women unattractive, and the idea of having sex with a new mom "gross". Will he be too demanding of the kids, considering he looks down on parents whose kids are having tantrums, and always has a "here what I would do" answer? Will he show enough affection, considering he doesn't need that much affection, and has a hard time putting himself in another person's shoes emotionally? These are things I need to consider in 2014 in case we decide to take further steps.

I am interested in leaving the United States. To do that (aside from lots of money) I will need to select a destination. There are lots of options and none of them are perfect so I'm left weighing the pros and cons. I will continue my investigation until it is time to make a decision.

Meditating. Yoga. Two things I have a little experience with, but let this be the year they blossom in my life.

I want to investigate equine repro more. That's why I am in college, right? To gain more knowledge on what I find interesting? I really want to immerse myself into the classes that relate to my topic of interest.


Talmud, Feminist heroes,Holocaust heroism, Yiddish,

myself in the context of being the father of children and the man of the familial structure. what it truly means to be alive and prosperous.

I want to look more into grad school and see if that is the right path for me. If so, where? If so, when? I want to investigate being an au pair in France. I want to investigate more theatres, more plays, more directors. I would like to investigate more about psychology and counseling. I would like to investigate myself and those around me, including my family.

I want to investigate the concept of how I (and we, as a couple) will define our lives. Not to be overly corporate, but what's our definition of "success" going to be? I feel like, as a childless couple, we've made a decision to follow a specific path in our lives. But, all too often, that path is simply defined as "not being parents". There has to be more than that. What are our career goals? What do we want to experience in life? How do we want to live? What's important to us? Theses are the concepts that I want to explore in 2014.

This past year was my first full year of real Israel Advocacy work and training. I want to keep that momentum going this year. I want to be the best Israel Advocate.

I want to further delve into how my talents can effect change in social and political circles. I want to take on large scale issues using my artistic talents...guns in schools/better gun control, civil rights...

Myself. Keep learning. Celebrate. Create. Be wondrous.

Me! I want to invest in me. This time travelling is a perfect time to investigate me, sort out who I want to be, what I want to do and make it happen

Writing a screenplay.

Yes, create programs to combat human trafficking for sex. I feel on fire when I think of this issue. I must stay on track and not get so absorbed by other work that I let go of this. Maybe I need to schedule time each week to pursue it or it will slip away from me. I don't want to let that happen. This has been a bad pattern for me and it's time to break it.

I want to find a way to fit volunteering into my life. And I think with the impending merger of my church and others in Detroit, I want to become more involved in that process.

The next year will be a journey during which I can investigate life more fully, maybe. I bet this will include creativity, love, and pain.

I am committed to finding a Jewish home for myself in New York City. I really miss the wonderful community I left behind at Vassar, and I feel ready to explore my options here at home until I find a good fit.

Education, as I'm trying to get into a Masters program this year.

Myself. I want to learn more about what makes me happy and a more well-rounded person.

Keep up the Spanish I was learning on Duolingo

I'd like to learn more about: 1. teenager boys 2. healthy eating (within reason) and serving meals more easily 3. record my mom's family history 4. Devote time to seriously take on one spiritual learning.

Like always family and friends, but really important: STUDIES!! MEDICINE!!!!

The precept from Wonder by RJ Palaccio that "your deeds are your monuments." What is my precept? Purpose? Legacy?

I am thinking about learning Hebrew. Because of my work, I want to learn more about major donor fundraising for transformative organizing. I want to learn more about somatics.

I want to be more actively involved in my city. Now that I've been here almost a year, it's time to really dig in.


I want to investigate a cake business more fully in 2014. Tonight I have taken the first steps and come up with a company name, registered a website domain, created an email account and started a Facebook and Twitter page. I just need to complete the next steps to help this develop and grow into something that I hope will be a success out of something I love to do.

Hmm...my mom. Her childhood and life seems so foreign to me because she never speaks about it and that makes me sad. I know when I'm older I want my children to know what my life was like. If i learn about my mom's past I think I'll learn a lot about why she is the way she is today.

I want to know more about immigration & possible avenues for my partner to strengthen his position.

I want to be a more well-read and educated person. Read the newspaper more. Understand issues. Spend Saturday afternoon in the park with a good book. I'd like to investigate life as I know it, turn all of my ideals on their head, and reinvent my theology and outlook on humanity for the better.

I would like to understand more about what is going on in the middle east. I feel like there is so much I should understand that I don't. I want to more fully investigate and invest time in my family tree and ancestry investigation.

more Jewish spirituality

I want to look more into peace relations in the Middle East. In Israel, it really hit me how much hate fuels our actions. I want to help turn that around, and look into how to do that.

Even though it feels very foreign at this point I would like to explore the idea of dating again. I have put that off in the last few years because of a break-up I had with someone that I thought I was involved with, but I was not involved with them. They led me to believe it was happening and I allowed them to lead me there. I would like to think more of myself and that I deserve more than what I allowed myself to have since the break-up with Kevin.

5k. tanya. writing. museum education in various locations. jewish art.

possibly grant writing twitter, although I don't like it. Maybe I will just listen. possibly beginning yoga the mysteries of my great-grandfather James Agnew, I expect to have nailed down a little more, maybe resolved where he came from, maybe who his father was for sure, maybe that family line. It is a very difficult one.

Hannah Senesh.

Anarchism and feminism.


Sports. Gospel choir. Travel. Heritage. God. Success. Health. Humbleness.

I wish to spend time writing out my religious and spiritual beliefs. I have my own very strong and clear ideas that I want to share. Perhaps it will inspire someone else!

I am constantly worried about the change in our environment. I would like to better explore this question and have personal investment and involvement in the conversation about preparation for and survival of the changes at hand.

spirituality through the hospital program I am doing altered books and collage

Whirling thoughts here...animal rescue, life coaching, holistic healing, professional organizations, charities (for the homeless, the aging, the mentally disabled). Just a sampling.

I want to investigate becoming more educated in graphic design.

Not a single thing I can think of.

Love....let myself get a taste of it again and believe in it if there is someone worthy of it for me...

Judaism! I just fully converted a few months ago and am experiencing the holidays in a new and more informed way. I also want to take a Hebrew class and be able to read Hebrew. This will likely be my last full year without a baby, and I want to use it wisely to devote my time and energy into the pursuit of my newfound faith while I can focus so much on it.

Myself. Who am i? What should I be doing to change the world? And do it. Ive known my self for 20 years. It's about time to know more then a basic level

organizations I may want to be a part of. just in general being more of a person, more involved.

I would like to learn more about history. It's interesting and teaches us a lot about human kind.

Investigate yourself. That is te one person that you will never be able to be bored with, no matter how long you probe their mind, or how many things you figure out about them. You should have figured out a whole lot more of yourself out a whole long while ago, but you can't change that, so just keep moving forward. We've made good progress, so keep figuring things out. Also, figure out more of what makes your wife tick. She needs someone, specifically, you. She chose you fora reason, and you're the person most likely to get through to her. So use that power. You knew howto make her have a wonderful life before, so figure it out again. Read more books. Read everything she recommends to you. Listen raptly. Pay attention to the small things. Love her like you know you do.

Being a wife and stepmom.

I'd like to learn more about my culture. I was born and raised in Canada but my knowledge of my parents' culture is very limited.

Race and law enforcement including the the wrongful imprisonment of Marissa Alexander's for shooting warning shots to stop her abusive husband.

Yes. I want to investigate my best self more fully. I also want to delve deeper into yoga. I also am interested my theatre and voice program for the local public school children through the lower income ASP program. I want to audition for someone else's creative project...maybe act again. And I want to take a cooking class. I want us to talk to a marriage counselor together and to try to find a meeting place for the old christmas/jewish household question. I want to look into converting to judaism. Oh and finally, I want to investigate how to be as loving and kind and sexy wife as I can be...and not get naggy for no good reason!

I'd like to develop a plan for being elsewhere for a good chunk of the winter. Someplace warmer, where our dogs would be happy and we would find good things to do (whether work or play).

I'd like to find a real Quaker community, be it a meeting or TCFM young friends. My extended family.

I am really going forward with this conversion thing.

yes- Me.

Yes I would like to investigate all possible avenues that Columbia has to offer me, as well as all possible career opportunities. I would like to investigate all that New York as a city has to offer me as a spiritual being, a lightworker, and and an explorer.

I'd like to learn more about Obamacare. So far, all I can say is that it's a nice first step. I want concrete facts to back that up.

I want to completely finish the two novels I have about religion as I have not fully delved into my spirituality this year. While I feel that God is here around me I want to understand my feelings about religion more fully.

Writing and bouldering. Mind and muscle!

aging well and being a physically more enduring and stronger older person.

Jason. My love.