When September 2015 rolls around and you receive your answers to your 10Q questions, how do you think you'll feel? What do you think/hope might be different about your life and where you're at as a result of thinking about and answering these questions?

Hopefully I'll be more sure of myself. That's the one thing I've never been.

I hope I'll still be as optimistic and thankful, which I guess means I'm worried about the future, no matter what I tell myself!

I hope I feel like I can come a long way and made some positive changes.

I hope that I will be proud of myself for starting yoga and continuing to do better about staying in contact with the people I love.

I hope I will have given a lot of thought to my retirement and overcome all fear about making a change.

I hope/believe that my life will be as good then as it is now.

I hope for a happier marriage, where we re communicating better, having fun, and are heatlthier.

Even if nothing changes for me, if Talia is healthy and feeling good, I'll be incredibly grateful.

I am afraid that I will have missed the mark and therefore be regretful. Having said this I hope that some progress will have been made and that I will be less self focused and more obedient to my calling

Well, I hope I have established a writing habit, and have finished writing my first play. I hope I'm more physically active, and that I'm better about what I eat. I want to also be kinder to myself.

I will feel fine - every day is a new chance to get back on the wagon Everyone will have shut up about the inheritance money. How will I survive without Colin?

I have confidence i will feel great about it, having accomplished all the goals i have now and more. I feel certain i will have grown in imaginable and unimaginable ways, as i trust life to continue to carry me forward in this way. I think what will be different about my life next year is that I will have far more confidence and a rock solid self-esteem that will support me in life. I will have genuinely more love in my life for myself. and as a result for others as well. My inner life will be one of unfaltering love and peace, and i will be at ease and graceful in all moments. I look forward to this time very much and am curious to continue growing and seeing what happens once i reach a higher stage. I am confident i can finally heal and transition from the healing journey into a prosperous journey of joy, love, light and godliness.

I hope I'll have travelled, published a short story, created a comfortable living space, be healthy, found and maintained a healthy weight.

I hope God will bless my daughter, with a second healthy child and I will b able to be part of it. I also hope I would have learned how to slow down, try to pack so many thing on one day and enjoy the moment. The first thought is not in my hands but the second one is, so lets see how I did a year later.

The Days of Awe are a reverent time. My classmate Ira encouraged us to imagine Yom Kippur as attending our own funeral, Alan Lew in his book does the same. THe Days of Awe are a time for reflection on the delicacy of life. I hope that I will be proud of my last year - of the things I have learned, of my Hebrew, of my relationships. As someone who reflects regularly, I hope I will continue to do so. I hope I will be excited for the next year. I hope I will be confident if I am going to be working at a HH pulpit.

I may be in a whole different situation with Wealth and breaking of old habits. I will have grown up. I will be un uncle I will have a more integrated portfolio. love and life will be connected. you will be stronger healthier and wiser.

Don't know if my life will be different because of these questions. I will be looking forward to reading my answers and curious to see where things stand. I hope my business will be more efficient and that the family is happy and healthy.

I am hoping that the following will have happened or will be true: *I will have strengthened my relationship with my husband and will have learned to Control my mouth. *I will have an even better relationship with my daughter. *I will have a wonderful son in his freshman year of college. *I will be more in touch with my Judaism. *I will be dealing with my fear of Death better. *I will have lost between 20-30 kg. *I will be exercising regularly.

I hope that next year, things are quiet in September. No trips to the ER or hospital (they've happened for both the husband and kid the past 2 years). My husband has a paying job (he hasn't had one for the past 3 Septembers). Our bank account doesn't dip so low... Quiet. I don't want the past year to be yet another training year for the stresses of the next. I want to have a healthy husband, a happy daughter in kindergarten, and for me: those things to fall into place so I don't have to fight so hard to keep our world together.

I hope I feel different about a lot of things, I can't really think atm I have a wicked headache but hopefully life next year will be full of great surprises!

This question bothers me. Feelings are not predictable. (I love the line in a Leonard Cohen song: "I don't trust my inner feelings; inner feelings come and go.") I cannot predict what will happen to me over the next year, can you? The infinitude of potentialities simply makes absurd the very idea of answering this question. Yes, answering these questions has caused me to set some real and even profound intentions! Yet so many factors will come into play, helping to determine more than I can ever imagine. That said, I'm guessing I will simply feel happy that I've recorded these answers, contented to read the answers and begin again. Duh.

i hope i'll be closer to finding clarity -- on my life, career, and more sure. Also closer to finding self - authenticity, confidence in choosing the next thing, and what i want/goals.

I hope that I will have a job, a boyfriend/husband and a new life ahead of me. September 2014 I have opened the door for myself to leap forward to take hold of a brand new beginning. I sincerely hope that I have held onto that leap and made strides and tackled the mountains I placed in front of me.

I hope I'll feel proud that I remembered stuck to those resolutions I made. And if I did then I hope I'll be feeling more confident and happier in myself.

I pray for a stronger and more conscious connection to G-D and to my friends and family; I trust that I will more clearly see the path laid before me.

I am hoping to feel good about the life I will have by then campared to how I am living now. I hope I am in a good place if not I am not sure what is going to happen, need to hope it will be better.

I think I'll feel a little melancholy at how tired I sound, but I will also feel accomplished. Once again in my life, I will have crossed the narrow bridge, with fear, but also with my head held high. I hope answering these questions will help me keep my eye on the prize - to live each day, if not balanced than balancing.

I hope that I am in a better place and will reflect back on these questions with pride that I came out of a bad place and am in a much better one.

I hope what I wrote now will resonate, and I will deeply identify with what I wrote, only more so. I hope to continue to grow and deepen in the directions I have striven for in the past year, with a richer, healthier self-awareness and enjoyment of life.

Next September, should this exercise have made a difference, I'll be a svelte 184 and a number of adventures under my belt. Life often gets in the way. I had planned to fast for Yom Kippur this year, but my wife and I booked a wine tour with with our community. Yesterday I read a quote in a coffee table book that went something like this, "There are two kinds of people in this world. The first write in their diaries about all the things they would like to do but can't. The second is too busy to have a diary." In this next year, I would like to be in the second group.

When I receive my answers next year, I want to be in literal tears of joy knowing that my hard work and pure belief in positivity and myself have paid off. I hope that my life will be different in that it has become exactly what I've worked for. I want to be in a great place knowing that I thought deeply about my life which in return has made me work a little harder by knowing EXACTLY what it is I need to do.

I got to tell me.. some of these questions are QUITE redundant. But, regardless.. I am hoping that in a year my daughter has grown up to a wonderul toddler - moving, playing, talking (a bit),, loving and learning life. I hope I am looking at my business growing it, doubling it, to great success. REFERRALS. My wife and I are both in better shape - feeling better, looking better, more energy, more active!] Here's to a GREAT 2015

I am interested in seeing my answers. I have already forgotten most of the questions. I think I will have moved forward with some of my statements. I hope we do not have exactly the same world problems that concern me, but we probably will. I love my life. I love my family. That will be the same. I hope I will feel that I can speak a bit more freely without the fear. I believe my deepest fears will probably still drive me.

I hope I will be less frenetic have fewer distractions and be more directed in my daily life... Thats a good goal live a directed daily life.

I'm not expecting any huge life changes. I might just remember a little bit more about what I was doing and how was feeling when I answered these questions. And hopefully they will make me chuckle.

I don't think I'll feel differently next year. What I hope will BE different is to have more direction in my life, or will at least be settled somewhere I could see living for a long time. I don't really think that will come for looking at these 10 questions. Life happens. Man plans; G_d laughs.

I hopoe I'll look back & see I've achieved some of the goals I set out and don't have to repeat the same ones for 2016. I hope I'll be less in need of being in control and feel more often like part of the universal whole

I really hope I will have at least begun a process of freeing myself from the prison I've created out of the negative feelings that I haven't been able to fully process or let go of. I have been carrying a heavy burden of grief, disappointment, and anger, along with the struggle to manage chronic depression. And these things are made harder by pressure from society to make them go away, as if by magic. I think I will feel sad to read about what I'm struggling with. I hope I will have compassion for myself. I hope I will find some effective ways to honor how I feel without remaining mired in it.

I've learned that relying on a life plan is generally a bad idea. That's not to say that planning is all bad. But holding too tightly to the plan... that's where you get in trouble. I think I'll feel surprised to see what has happened in my life because I have no idea what will happen in the next year. My daughter will be almost 2.5 years old. It will be fun to think back to her at 1.5. I don't think that answering these questions will have any impact in particular, since I try to make a practice of being very reflective. But who knows, I might be surprised.

Not much

I hope that I'll be proud of my asnwers and of the things I told back then (like, now)... And to be proud of me for let everything pass, one way or another.

I suspect my life will be very different and for the better. I am also sure that I will have a new set of issues to contemplate. The 2014 questions have helped me to roadmap some of my plans. They have prompted me to be contemplative about my near and far future, rather than staying on autopilot. I am looking forward to the best year of my life yet, though one never knows.....

I think I will see how stuck I was in my life and congratulate myself on all of the changes that I made to start again. I'm hoping I will be a lot happier, since right now I am miserable.

In past years I've hoped things would be different, in a more hopeful sense. With the way the world is devolving, I hope, at this moment, that it just doesn't get any worse. If the world could be better, and aside from my personal fears about the world, I wish I would be in Texas with my husband and my kids.

I hope I will remember who I have been and who I am becoming and that I can celebrate my growth and hard work all along the way.

It will be interesting. The value will be in whatever contrast there is. The events of the coming year will tell the tale.

I hope that I look back and say - wow - I was going through a rough time during that period. It was really only about a two week period where I was way low - all in all the year had been good with peaks and valleys typical of any year. But, there are some themes that I keep coming back to - 1)reconciling my emotional relationship with money, 2)lack of passion for my career and 3)the comparitive nature. Hopefully meditation and minfullness will help.

Since I do this every year, I know how it will feel. Probably a little disappointment at some, for not having attained goals, but pride at others for having been successful. It's always fun to look back and see what has changed.

I feel like I'll say "Wow. My mentality has changed. " And my answers would be different if I answered them at this time in 2015. I hope I have a better group of friends.

I hope I will feel more in control but more free and trusting. Able to allow the anger out without so much fear of the consequences. More at peace with myself. Not trying to be different from who I am..

Yo me voy a sentir normal y para mi voy a ser diferente en el estudio y nada mas

Peace! Confidence. Joy! I will have a living faith. I will be walking with Christ. I will love more and fear less. I will weigh less and feel better physically and psychically. I will have a great plan for retirement.

I hope that I can look at my answers and say, "Ha! I forgot about those struggles!" I hope that I can view the present me as a friend that I used to know, a person whom I love and think on fondly with a sense of nostalgia but a person who is no longer the leader of my world.

I might nit be surprised at all, unless it has to do with relationships (but that is me being my practical/almost negative self rather than allowing myself to be hopeful).

By the time I receive these questions, I most likely will be retired on very soon to retire. I hope that the answers will give me something to think about and I will feel like I have some closure to my apathy, fear, spiritual need, and retirement goals.

I hope my life will be barely recognizable. I'm currently doing an extra semester to prep for an masters thesis proposal, and I just learned last night that the program I wanted to apply to has been canceled. I have no idea what to do with my future now, my heart was set on this. I don't know what the questions are or what the site is about, so I have no idea how it will impact me.

How do I know!? If I've learned Anything, it's that one Cannot project certainty about Anything. Today is mi amore Joe's birthday. He would have been 82. Did I KNOW he'd be dead over a year, looking ahead from a little over a year ago? It was inconceivable! In my mind it was not something to think about. Even though myparents' and other deaths preceded Joe's, it.has been as if it is the very first death in the murky history of deaths. When people talk about death it appears to be play talk about play death...pretend...Births...now that... that is,the miracle...I would hope for more of those... and the joy of,possibilities it can bring...Happy Birthday, Mi Amore....

The first thought that popped into my head was that I'll be dissapointed. There's always been a fear of failure and not being "enough," for others and myself. But my greatest hope for this coming year is to learn and practice self care and self love everyday. I need to learn how to love and find value and worth in myself. I feel like answering these questions can be a potential tool self reflection, but what is really going to matter is how I put this self reflection into use, namely treating myself like a precious human being. I'm starting to just scratch the surface of that journey--small things like drinking more water and not turning to alcohol and seeking peace through avenues like yoga. I hope for my self love and self care and dedication to finding calm and peace continues to deepen.

I believe I will think I made the right answers to the questions. I would hope that I would be in a better position financially to be able to reduce the amount of driving I have to do for work and be able to spend more time with my family (including my partner).

I think ill be a little surprised at my answeres. I hopw i am not stuck in the same place in my life having all the same answers Thinking about the answers has helped me realize that i must move. I am stuck and no one can move me but me. I need the coirage to do this. Acknowledgement is the first step.

I might laugh. I might be like "ahhh yes i forgot i felt like this a year ago. Good times. Good times." I'm hoping whatever I answered with is hardly an issue anymore. Or maybe it is still an issue but it is much simpler than I thought. I hope I will have answered those questions much differently. I'll have a NEW problem that I would address, at least. I know I'll never hit a point in life e I DONT have an obstacle to tackle, but at least I'll find answers to old ones and move on to thr next. That's what life is about after all. One hurdle after the next. Having a problem, finding a solution, and moving forward from there. I hope I am EXCITED for the next problem because it is a challenge and I love to make things right. the end :)

Will I ever achieve greater calm and zen through this load?

I hope that taking the time to think about these questions and their answers will give me the start which I need to go back to exercise and to finish the Jesus book. If I have done those two things, I believe that I will be much more peaceful and blessed.

I think I'll live the heady days of moving to Newton Poppleford again and hopefully will still be living them. Sunsets, birdsong, my family close by..wondrous.

En los próximos meses espero mejorar muchas cosas en mi vida como estudiante. Espero que mis grados en mi clase de matemática suban y que pueda comportar mejor

I hope I am happy with myself and my life. I hope I have given up some magical thinking about Sid and I getting along. I hope I am in a healthy relationship -

I think I'll feel sad, for the emotional/psychological state I was in when I answered them. I hope at least most of my fears are gone, I hope by then I have my freedom. Even if it doesn't work out right, I know something serious and possibly devastating will be different; there's just no way around it. I hope by this time next year, I'll be able to confidently stand up for myself; knowing and accepting the consequences that will occur after. I really hope I'm in a better, more secure, happier place by September 2015; that's all I really want. I just hope I'm where I want to be, and not too much worse for wear for it. That's all.

I hope to be further along on my path to inner peace and contenment. I hope to be healthier - physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

I'll feel happy at my progress and wonder at how my life has changed in a year. I believe this process helps me to move forward and upwards on life's spiral.

I hope to be more at ease with my decision to retire in a year.

I am not sure how I will feel in September 2015 but I look forward to knowing. I hope that I will gain humility and/ or inspiration, as a result of thinking about or answering these questions. I like the idea of marking possibly changes or shifts in attitudes or values that might creep up on me unawares.

I am hoping I will be amazed how well I stayed on track and accomplished my goals...but I'm thinking I'll be more surprised how life with its little twists and turns has opened up doors I never imagined....and I happen to love that. This year is going to be awesome and exciting.

This is an experiment in faith. I don't have all the answers and attempting to guess at how I might feel seems futile. I will say that I can only hope that I view this 10 day reflective period with a measure of clarity and cleansing.

I hope my divorce is final by then! I think I'll have more clarity on what I want, and who I want in my life. I hope I'll be back to being adventurous and not afraid. I hope I take it slow, and don't take it personally. I hope I'm more myself than I've ever been.

I am an optimist. I think I will be satisfied that I have made progress to my goals. And surprised at how things may have varied from what I expect.

It is my perception that we (as humans) reinvent the wheel all the time! Just writing it down and having a pre-thought of your future hopes and dreams might prevent a lot of unnecessary work. Billings, MT

I have hope that I will be able to live this year positively and at the end of the year find that my life has improved.

I hope I've taken real steps forward to improve myself and become a better person, and to make the lives of those around me better. I hope I'll have more friends, and, frankly, that I'll be at least living with my boyfriend, and even better engaged. I pray that my family will be healthy, that my sister will have had a baby or will be pregnant. And I hope that my answers next year are totally different, which would signify real change.

I hope I will feel amazed and relieved by this time in 2015 - that my life will be so radically different (for the better) than it is now, as to be nearly indistinguishable. I am hoping to be definitely divorced, possibly remarried, financially independent and completely solvent. I am hoping my daughter will be completely stable and happy, respected, accomplished in her new school. I am hoping my encounters with these questions spur me to live more consciously, gratefully and thoughtfully, every day - not just on high holy days. Thanks for generously creating this site and making this opportunity available to all who would seek it - to pause and consider our place, our good fortune, and our responsibilties in the world.

I expect that I'll still be taking small steps toward my goals and worrying that I haven't done enough. Maybe this exercise will help me find a comfortable mix between doing something significant and doing my small part.

Hopefully, I will still be here to reflect on my answers! I am hopeful that there will be someone else in my life, and that I won't be thinking of the end of life as much as I have been.

I hope that I will be reminded again, because surely I will forget!, that I can be a blessing. And that reminder will soften my heart, helping me grow in compassion for myself and others. To step off the fear train....

I hope I'll look back on my year and feel that I've been a little braver and a little more loving.

I'm looking forward to seeing how my "proclamations" about not being stopped in reaching towards my goals and dreams is actually realized in completed projects. Changed will be my confidence and consistency in how I manage myself, my relationships and my "projects." They will be at a 90% level, vs the 70% I believe I was functioning at before. I also want to thank you for creating this 10Q project and will miss having this opportunity to assess myself and my life on a daily basis.

I hope that my goal for a gentler, less stressful life has been realized, and that my husband and I have grown even closer than we are now and on our way to a happy retirement. Thinking about this last question makes me realize that I tend to be negative. I think it might be because of where I live and how firmly planted I am in the rat race. Perhaps knowing this will help me to find a way to incorporate more of the positive into my life, which probably means moving closer to my son and his family, and watching my grandchildren grow up.

I hope I've done better at my goal for next year LOL I think my life will be very different because I will be in a happy, healthy relationship instead of alone like I've been all my life. I hope that the questions raised will help raise my awareness of my world: one thing I really enjoy is reading others' answers....it amazes me the diversity, courage, strength, humanity, humour, etc. that is in our world!!!

I hope I feel more secure in who I am as a person and my ability to contribute in a positive way to our society. In particular, I would like to make a difference in our education system and helping those less privileged than I am.

I hope I feel kinda silly for the anxiety I've had, and I hope that I have made some progress in some of my personal goals. I know some of professional goals will work themselves out.

Hahaha! I hope I don't say, "Well, I'm still stuck in the same old places." I do a lot of reflecting in writing. Looking back at where I was and comparing will feel familiar, so what I will be looking for is progress in areas of finding purpose, living more fully, practicing gratitude, stepping out to take the brass ring of some of my dreams. I know when I write things down, the very act clarifies my thinking and often creates a kind of consciousness about who and where I want to be. Answering these questions comes at a time when I am searching deeply for my place and for the peace I had hoped to be feeling at my age. I am not there. Perhaps "there" isn't even realistic. But maybe I will find ways to let go of expectations and find meaning and more contentment in whatever is and the small things I can to to make a difference. That is my hope.

I hope I'll feel a sense of accomplishment. I hope I'll be a happier person--less disappointed in how I face challenges, be they at work or at home.

I hope that I will be able to smile and nod. I hope that I dont have to be sad when looking at these answers and that they will be a window to a difficult time that I am looking back on. I hope to be proud of any progress I have made and not dissapointed.

I hope to see the path I'm on. At the moment the path is unlit and I'm just taking steps and following other's if they're ahead of me. I hope the path is lit up and I 'm taking my journey and feeling very comfortable with what I'm doing. I hope to feel less stressed and have more income in my bank.

Hmmm, without being too pessimistic, I think I'll be in the same situation with most of them.

Sad maybe? Or thankful? I hope to have a better handle on who I am physically, psychologically, mentally, emotionally, and personally.

I'll probably be a bit amused, a mite remorseful, somewhat analytical, perhaps a wee bit proud, but mostly I'll be taking what I can from then, to move forward… to now.

I think I will feel inspired and grateful for how far my life has moved/shifted between now and then. I know that my life will be in a very different place than it is now. Everything is shifting and changing so quickly and I am moving inline with my soul's calling. I know that I will have moved more deeply into this place.

I hope that I grow up some more.

Gosh, I have no idea. I hope that I am happy and comfortable and confident and sleeping well and eating well and laughing enough and not too stressed and loving and feeling loved.

I suspect that many of my answers in 2015 will be the same, unfortunately. But I hope that is not the case. I hope that growth and starting fresh will produce some changes, perhaps dream some new dreams? I hope that I can internalize and remember the answers I gave over the last 10 days in order to change and to grow.

I think, again, I'll be glad i took the time to answer these questions. And to be honest i think many of my hopes and worries will be the same. I am who I am. I will still worry about how I look, be scared about letting people down and hope that I can be a good positive person to my friends and family and to the wider world. At I expect and I hope I will the same inside, because ultimately I am glad of the person I am. But I also think I'll have some more adventures under my belt and as always, a year that I can write down as having done something, been somewhere new or done something important. No year is the same and I expect that next year will be no different and I won't look back and say that nothing changed!

In September, 2015, my Mother will have been gone for a year. And though my life will have adjusted and I'll be moving on, I have to think that EVERYTHING I do will be colored by her and her lasting effect on my life. It was incredibly painful to try and answer these questions this year, as any introspection is raw and unwanted. Next year will be different - possibly better - but I know that alot of growing will take place in the interum.

If I ambummed about the outcome of the changes I made or nostalgic for this time I will remember how much I needed these changes and what the feelings were that led to them.

I think I will feel a little surprised to receive them and will be curious about what I wrote a year earlier. I hope that I will feel that I am in a better place in terms of the priorities that I have set, and that I have maintained my perspective and not allowed myself to get thrown off by small things.

This year, I did not review my answers from last year, simply because I was sure I'd be disappointed in myself. I would like to think that at this point next year, I will have a higher opinion of myself, and be focusing on my achievements rather than my failures. I also hope that the circumstances which have made this particular time in my life so painful and trying will be different. I'm trying to visualize the glittering doors of opportunity. I hope to have opened one by this time next year.

I'll probably be embarrassed by my answers-- or really depressed that nothing has changed. Hopefully as a result of answering these questions I really will work on my quest for happiness and not just leave things to change.

I hope to have accomplished some of the goals and overcome the fears that I've mentioned. I also hope that this country swings back to one of optimism and not one of polarity in its opinion of our direction as a country. I hope but know it will not happen that there will be a type of peace around the world. I hope that reflecting on these questions and my answers; that I will be a better person.

I think I will think how little has changed. Life continues its glacial grind, melting a little more every year, until eventually it will be gone. Some years are cold and they hold better. Others they seem to fall apart in giant blocks. But the trend is inevitable with little but temporary hope for a reversal. Climb the best conditions you can find when they come. Celebrate with beers among friends when they go well.

I hope I overthink things less. I hope I look back less. I hope I live in the moment more. I hope I feel grateful. I hope I am happy.

I think that i will feel more rested, have more clarity as to "what's next" and I hope that I can finally put in to action some of the things on my wish list.

I know that if certain changes have not happened I must either jump or slit......lets see!!

It makes the continuum of my life feel palpable. I can feel and remember my circumstances from a year ago instead of letting the stream of life just roll by. I think David and I will be in a stronger place financially. I think I will be in a stronger place professionally. And if we aren't we will reboot and start again. :) Not to self: When one door closes, others open. Don't beat yourself up over having tried and failed. It takes courage to try and courage to expand yourself outside your comfort zone. Your a genuine person and you try your best. IS there anything better than that?

I hope I will feel content, grounded in my present. I hope to be partnered, exploring what it means to be in a committed relationship and either finished with my PhD or relatively far along on the dissertation and I hope, hope, hope that I can be at peace with who I am and how I am living my life.

I hope I am intensely relieved and can laugh at my insecurities and foibles form a year before. So much that is beyond my control is up in the air and I am in a state of constant nervousness due to this. Here's hoping a year's time and a little distance will make things better all the way around.

I hope I'm in a completely different place. I want to be happier, smarter, more in control of my life. I want to be on the way to doing something completely different than where I'm at right now.

I hope that I will see that I have grown and my fears and worrries will be all for naught. I hope that I will see that I have grown as a person and that in which I celebrated was indeed worth it. That the people I love are still a part of my life and that I have come to a place of peace!

I just want to see forward progress. I want to have addressed the issues I thought were important. I want to see that I am an active participant in this life and not just being moved by events that overwhelm my sense of purpose and knowledge of how to attain that deeper meaning.

I hope I feel satisfied and more fulfilled than this year. I hope that I am in a relationship, and I have figured out my life a little more :)

I hope I have more clarity about my relationship and reproductive status/goals.

I think I'll laugh at myself. I mean, knowing me, not much will have changed in my mind. I wrote all these in government class first period, and next year I'll be in university, who knows where, doing who knows what. I'm glad I'm doing this though. This provides a snapshot of my life at this crucial time of change and I'm excited to look back and remember these times.

I hope I'll feel accomplished. I hope that the goals, hopes and aspirations I've set forth here come to fruition in the coming year, and I'll see that I've accomplished much during the year as I review my answers from the last 10 days. I know for sure that being a new father next year will be a wonderful experience that will help me redefine my goals and bring into focus that which is truly important.

By September 2015: I hope to be enrolled in a graduate program (either masters or doctoral). I have overcome my math phobia and have completed some of my pre-requisits including chemistry and plant physiology. Additionally, I hope to have dealt with several of the injuries suffered as a consequence of my early home-life including my compulsive eating. I hope to be able to comfort myself in healthy ways whether that's self-talk, meditation, exercise or therapy. I hope to have dropped a few pounds and have become more physically fit, sleep better and be less anxious. I'm sure that this will be a challenging year but in a good way. And I'm positive that I can achieve all of these goals!

I hope I am more calm about some really intense stressful health issues for my family so that I am able to find the care I need. I also hope I am able to make time for myself without guilt

I hope to feel pretty good. It is still about doing the right things every day and building from there. Baby steps...baby steps. But sometimes big jumps just have to happen. I hope to continue to handle the world around me.

In my dream world, by next September, I will be a regular "writer". I will weigh at least 30 lbs less and will have learned to live with and maybe even embrace a healthier lifestyle. I will still be madly in love with my partner and our love life will still be as comforting and passionate as it is now. I will have found a new way to be a contribution in the world. My partner will have finished school and landed a job he likes that enables him to meet his financial commitments. That's about it. I am not desperate for a "whole new world". I just want the beauty that is my life, right now, to be sustainable.

I expect there will either be frustration and disappointment and anger that I'm still stuck in the same old ruts, or I'll have made some significant, drastic changes and what are now "ruts" will be nuisance speedbumps in the past.

My life is in turmoil. I have no clue. But maybe that's the fun of it.

I just hope I can look at these answers and think how far I've come. How long ago it was I can hardly remember feeling the way I did. I'm afraid I won't but it's a goal I guess. I want to say wow, that was so long ago and I am so different. I hope it happens.

I'll look back and thain, "Oh, that was when were in a frenzy getting ready to move to Colorado." LOL

Any time one is looking back it hopes to feel proud. I rarely do. So I hope September 2015 will be different. Isn't that everyone's hope?

I think it's useful to step back and look at the big picture once in a while, and this provided that opportunity. I'll be curious to see what, if anything, is different.

I want my life to be the same!!!! Well, maybe a bit lighter me and a little more debt paid off, but really, very Blessed!!!

I hope, as always, that I look back on myself a year ago, and feel like I've learned a fair bit.

It was pretty shattering to get last year's answers - I had come a long way, but the reminder of the dark place I had been in was hard to take. I hope that next year I'll have built on and solidified things that were just emerging as options now.

I don't think very much will change. I think I've been pretty honest and pretty positive about all of these questions. I usually try to do something like this once a year anyway. I hope I can make changes I've spoken about. I will say that last night was one of the best nights I've had in a long time and I felt extremely successful and loved. I also felt that my love my loving nature really came through.

I am scared that all of the changes I hope to make, all of the improvements, the starts, the next steps will still be in the "to do" list instead of the "done it!" list. I think if that is the case, I will be disappointed with myself. If I manage to get even a few of the "to do" item done, I will be pretty psyched!

I hope that I will feel proud of what I have accomplished in the past year, including my professional achievements and development and work towards my future (i.e. medical school selection process). I hope all of the choices that I make to reach the goals I have outlined in these reflections are grounded in the values of hessed to others, community, self-knowledge, and self-care.

In September 2015 I probably will be in a different state with a different job with different friends. Things will be VERY different. But I hope I still have optimism for the future. I hope I'm taking action on my life. I hope I'm being kind and giving time for God. I hope to have more family visit me. I hope that I haven't gained a ton of weight, and if I have, I hope I still feel good about myself. I hope I'm more patient and less irritable. And I hope I'm not pregnant.

I hope I was on the right track with the right intentions.

I hope I can look back at the past year with pride at what I've accomplished, both personally and professionally. My life is great-- I have my health, my parents, wife and kids are healthy, I have many friends and a solid job. I just hope that I continue to appreciate all that I have in my life. It is fun reading my answers from prior years, and I'm glad I participated in 10Q again!

I hope the pain in my chest will have subsided. I hope that I'll be content. Not necessarily happy but content. And I hope I'll be in a better place with my family relationships and am able to trust in myself and my feelings more. I hope I am in the right relationship for Giles and I.

With my memory, I'll probably be surprised to see them, and then I'll remember and smile. I don't see this so much as a prompt to change my life, as a snapshot of where I've been in my life this past year. I hope that some of the things that have been concerns and worries this year will have been resolved, that all of my family and loved ones will be doing well, and that my husband and I will be relaxed, living life to the fullest, and happy.

I am anxious to receive my answers come September 2015. I think I will feel wonderful because I feel sure that I am implementing new behaviors and planting new seeds as we speak (so to speak). I don't want my life to be different externally but I want my internal reactions to change which speaks to judgement, compassion, fear, grace, faith and most of all strength to live in God's will. Then my behavior externally will automatically change. Thinking about and answering these questions has given me both a much needed perspective and a very happy 2014 Roshashona and Yom Kippur. Thank you for 10Q.

I hope to feel good about the past year. Answering the questions give me a focus for the coming year, and focus for me is good!

I'll be excited to see this mini time capsule. I can't really think or hope anything about my life will be different. It will be regardless of what I do. That's the gift and terror of time.

I bloody hope so. If I've not got a job by then, well I won't actually be alive if I haven't.

I will have some sense of how the drama around my daughter's and granddaughter's future is going to play out. Some of the concern is in part due to an immature "baby daddy" whom I've not included as much in my writing. Nonetheless, by answering questions so similarly for these 10 days, I have recognized that my "being realistic" about all the potential problems is an obsession over a future I cannot predict or control. A year from now, I want to look back and know that I gave it up to God and got on with my life: building my craft as a teacher; getting back into an exercise routine now that my closed venue has re-opened; taking time for positive experiences and recreation on a regular basis; spending quality time with my husband more that merely discussing our situation as a life focus. I hope it will take less effort and deliberate work to keep a positive mind set.

I have written my answers with my heart as guidance using my head to enable me to commit to paper what I feel and want to accomplish. In keeping with the promise I made to myself to stop being overly self critical, if I accomplish just one thing that is important to me, I will consider myself successful. If, on the other hand, I manage to really follow my heart with no necessary distractions, I will smile broadly and give myself that proverbial pat on the back! Here's to a wonderful 5775! Tolerance, Peace, Love!

If my wife survives, I'll feel like I had a lot of anxiety over something I knew was unlikely. If not I wont be able to read them anyways.

I think I'll be either very comfortable with my new job or looking for a new job. I love making products but it has been very bad for me to get them started the way I feel they should be constructed. Nevertheless I won't give up. The best thing to have in the new year would be a great product that I can be proud of.

I will say YES! I did it. I made my dreams come true. And that will feel easy, free, excited, grateful.

Wonderful. I will have traveled to some other country and I have grown tremendously in the area of rejection and other people's low esteem.

I hope that I will have moved past the things that sadden or caused fear in me. And that I will find the opportunity to make change in the things that concern me. And that in general I stay active in my own life.

I will feel confident and hopefully grateful for having been able to achieve my goals. I think I will be more advanced with my life and objectives

It is my great hope that I will look at my answers and think "wow, I was really stressed about not having a job; glad I got one soon thereafter!" It does really seem to have dominated my entire life. Being Unemployed isn't just about not having income; it's about a series of judgments and difficulties that I don't just make about myself, but that other people make about me. It's hard, and it's the first time I've ever had to deal with this in any real, serious way. It's terrifying and overwhelming. I hope next year, next time, I can focus less on the bad stuff I'm dealing with and more on the good stuff.

I think that I will feel great looking back at what I wanted to do seeing that my accomplishments exceeded my goals. Not because of me but because of the of the synergy created with the great people I am lucky enough to have encountered to who work with and take this wonderful journey and of course through the grace of God by which my visions and dreams are always exceeded.

Last year's answer made me feel disappointed at myself as there was no change. Hopefully next year I will feel like I'm not in the same position.as the previous year, I hope I'll be able to say that there is an improvement.

When September 2015 rolls around I hope I look at the hopes and dreams that I had for the coming year and realize that whatever I thought I wanted--the way it turned out was much better. I hope I see the ways I hypothesized that I could strive onward and know that I attempted my best climb and found some part of success in the journey. I hope that the highs I highlighted still stand high-but have found some company in the coming year. I hope I'm able to look back at how I felt (optimistic and excited to find change) and find that still in me for the coming year. xoxo 10Q

I will feel awesome. I will have accomplished and have led several art + personal growth workshops where I have definitely made a space in that world for me. I will be in a loving, committed relationship with a man - we are in partnership - living life fully.

I really hope that I will have listened to my soul more by autumn of 2015. I hope that I will be sitting and talking with friends more, doing more things that I love, working in the garden and being closer to nature in general ( though not so close as a pine box in the cemetery). I hope that I will be filming more stories of people who really interest me and that I will be less afraid. I hope that my love for my child who is transitioning to another gender will completely overrule my own fears and discomforts. I hope to be more "in love" in general.

Totally blown away. Amazing. Full of gratitude. Humbled. Deeply, deeply transformed and full of awe.

Eh, that's a little scary to me. Because I've been honest about where I am right now. My main hope is that I have enjoyed life. Lived every moment. Taken in the details. Been thankful and grateful. I hope I will feel happy to remember the beginning of my relationship with Michael. I hope I will feel grateful for the changes that have taken place in my life. Future Me, what changes have taken place?

I may not have acquired all the things on my; list but I hope I'll be enjoying life a lot more, making more friends, and cherishing what's most important. (In other words: Love.) I have always put these things off until "tomorrow". If not now...when? This IS "tomorrow"!!!

These questions have given me time and space to pause and reflect. So much has happened in this past year, and it has been helpful to think about how much I've accomplished and handled. I feel as thought I am in a very good, balanced place right now and I hope that I recognize that when I read these responses a year later. I hope that a year later, as a result of thinking about and answering these questions, I feel peace and gratitude. And - it is most amazing for me to think / hope that when I read these responses in 2015, we might be expecting a new life! I hope that I remember that everything happens for a reason and it all works out the way it's meant to. As my mother likes to say, "In the end, it will be alright. If it isn't alright, then it isn't the end."

I think when I read these answers, I will feel bad about how negatively I look at things. Sept. 2013 - Sept. 2014 came with many lows and few highs...and I do not think that I am equipped to navigate them by myself. Trying to muddle my way through the year by myself without a support network has really taken a toll on my mental fortitude and emotions. In Sept. 2015, I hope that my view of my job, loves, and my art career will be more positive. I want to not feel on the verge of tears everyday. Right now, things look to get better.

I think I will be bummed that my life hasn't improved. Which is so pessimistic, but face it, kind of realistic. I hope I can pull off some changes, but who knows?

I hope by next year I will feel proud of what I have accomplished. I truly look forward to completing what I have taken on this year.

I anticipate that I will feel more spiritual and grateful as a person. I hope that I will pleased with what I set out to accomplish this year. Thank you for this opportunity.

Who knows what the future holds? Hopefully, I will look at my answers as an honest snapshot of where I was at the brief moments when I answered the questions. Had I answered the questions at a different day or time, my answers might have been different. Still, I think it will provide an interesting insight to some of what I was thinking at the time. I don't know if answering these questions caused me to change as much as they caused me to consider some of what is going on in my life and mind right now. Hi, 48-year-old Dave!

I hope to see progress, and good change. That I am growing and not remaining stagnant! Praise God!

I hope that when I look back I did start living a healthier lifestyle, became a better leader at work and had a better plan for retirement.

Hope my mother is healthier. Think it will be a year of lots of realization. The year will start with my wedding and will continue with the consolidation of my new family. I think it will find me more connected with life, and with those around me. I hope I feel I have grown and become a little better as a person.

My fear is that I will be in the exact same place I am today. Most of my goals center around a possible large transaction which would change my life in terms of stress levels and financial independence. The trouble is, the decision is not mine alone and my partner is less enthusiastic about the change. Regardless, I intend to be grateful for the beautiful things in my life whatever the outcome.

I know I will be a more focused, driven person with a definitive purpose. At the moment, I feel like I'm all over the place and struggling to focus on my last semester of school. I know I will feel great looking back on my answers and I will have accomplished all my goals!

I hope I will feel more passionate about ministry, the forms it is taking, the place that I live. I hope I am making art and beginning to share, even be known for, it.

Ideally, I'll feel proud of the progress I've made, both in working toward my goals and overcoming my defects. This time next year, I hope I'll have a more rewarding job and a few more adventures under my belt. I'm used to writing in a diary, but these guided reflections have yielded insights I wouldn't have normally experienced, and I'm grateful for that.

I think I'll have tried to work on everything, but we'll see how far I get. I also have a feeling that with my memory, I'll probably remember most of what I've written. It'll still be fun to look back though!

I think I will feel accomplished. Proud of myself and the strides I've made to improve my life. I remember several years ago when I did these questions, it was hard for me to see any way out of where I was. I felt as if things would never get better, and my biggest fear was that in a year's time, everything would be the same. I have found that not to be true, that no matter what, I am always in a different place after one year. Each year does make a difference, and I am constantly learning and growing. What I have learned by doing these questions year after year is that I am constantly changing whether I feel I am or not. And isn't that what the Days of Awe are all about, understanding the consequence of your life in the world?

I will probably be embarrassed that I am much the same asshole last year as I am in the new one. I suppose I will try to be less of an asshole now, if that's how I bet I will see myself.

I'm going to look back and think what a good approach I was taking at this time and how glad I am that I kept it up. I think I'll be in a much better financial position and I will be a more disciplined person.

Not sure. I hope that I will have thought about the questions. If I have not pondered them then it would not be unusual for my behavior.

I want to stop saying the same things. I want to have different goals and answers. Enough, already!

I'm hoping I'll have a little more balance in my life--that I won't feel as stressed and overwhelmed as I do right now, that I'll have a little more direction, and that I'll have cultivated a mentor who I can talk to and hopefully guide me a little more in my career. I'd also love to develop a 'life mentor'--maybe a rabbi or someone I can just hash things out with. Maybe a therapist? I think that might be good. But I just want to be able to strike that balance between feeling bored and feeling like I have so much work that needs to be done immediately, and if it doesn't, the sky will fall in. I'm really feeling the need for guidance right now, and I just don't know where to turn, so hopefully some of that will be resolved by next year. Also, maybe a baby!

i hope im inspried and that i would wonder why i was worrying about such insignificant things

I hope I'm feeling more stable and more confident about everything. I hope I'm fit and happy and healthy. Maybe I'm be a more positive person and have more faith in humanity. I hope to have a regular social life with amazing, open minded, real people.

Kind of strange. Always wanted to start a journal but never did. I hope I will get some meaning from the 10 answers.

I hope I feel good about the last year. I expect to have been successful in changing my life focus and my living situation. I hope to be settled in my new routines and living life to the fullest with each day being a new adventure. I hope to be getting ready for or have had a wonderful wedding to the love with the love of my life.

I'll probably feel disappointed that I didn't achieve the things I wanted to achieve and make the changes I should have made. I think this is a good concept, to get me to think about it, but at the same time, with nothing to remind me in the intervening time, it might turn out to be just a "set it and forget it" activity.

I will be doing a happy dance in the living room with both thumbs up indicating I followed through with my personal ambitions. My hope is for the drought to end so that we may again enjoy a fully functioning well-watered people. Everything is better with water. Having experienced the drought we will continue to conserve our most precious resource. Answering these questions guides us to a better awareness of ourselves and our world.

I'll be able to look back on how much time and energy I was putting into improving my mental and physical health and realize that nothing I'm doing right now has been "lost time" just because I don't have solid accomplishments. I hope I'll be even healthier next September.

I want to learn how I have evolved and matured over a year's time.

It better be better because it's pretty shitty right now. I've been working hard for 4 years to make my life better and it's been two steps forward, two steps back.

This year, I was upset that I'd stagnated in the same place I'd hoped I'd moved past... some of my past just won't let go. I hope that I know the happiness in my heart is all I need.

One year older, hopefully wiser as to our aituation, more adapted to the life with Parkinsons, enjoying each day, loving each other, neighbors and friends.

I hope that by September 2015, we will be able to get a mortgage and have either managed to buy Boskycroft or found an even nicer property we hope to buy in the near future. I hope to have published Caterpillar Heaven & sold a few copies & had some positive reviews. I hope to be earning some money of my own, either through book sales or some other means. I hope that if any of the above comes true that I feel proud of myself, particularly for finally finishing the book, which right now still feels a way off. It'll be interesting to know what, if anything, comes of my free life coaching sessions with Judi Goodwin, due to start mid-October 2014. My goal for which is to write another story or my first novel.

I hope to feel empowered by the postitive changes that I have made in my life. I hope to look in the mirror and see a strong, healthy and happy person who continues to challenge herself to improve not just herself but the world around her. I hope that I have truly spent this year "finding myself", loving myself and therefore, I come out of it a better person. I think these questions, and my answers to them, can be a catalyst toward change. So, to the me in September 2015, I hope you are smiling!

I hope I'll be in a better place. I hope I'll be healthier, happier, in a better job and thinner. My husband may have retired by then. I hope we'll have figured out how to manage his retirement and my work. I hope I'll be at least as happy as I am now.

I just hope I'm still happy. I hope my family is healthy and safe. I hope I have a job that I really like. I hope I'm secure and content. I hope I have time to paint and read. I hope I'm still exercising and eating healthy. :)

I think the answers will look very familiar. That what I've said has been part of a continuum for years. I hope I have made some progress in the next year.

I hope to be further along the path of resolutions, changes, and feel good about the efforts and progress made. I hope that there will be more "space" in my head, heart, life, so that I can be more open and spontaneous, and less regimented and duty-bound. (not complaining about the "duty-bound," as some of the acquired responsibilities are gifts in and of themselves, but sometimes it all gets heavy to bear, and makes me tired. I'd like to be less tired)

I suspect that I will not be that different. I can see many things coming together in the next year but one thing I have found is that life tends to work more through evolution rather than revolution. But one never knows, some people win the lottery that that would count as a revolution.

Sad to be so reflective. May have a new focus on something that helps others.

Doesn't everyone hope they have grown, changed, or accomplished what they have written about? That's what I want to feel. I want to feel that I have found the courage to follow through with what I have written. Either in changes within myself or involvement in efforts that are larger than me. Erica Brown wrote on Thursday (10/2) "The Metrics of Repentance". Jewish or Christian (I can't speak to Muslim as I don't know how the concept is looked at in Islam) repentance is seen in similar fashion. If you repent you are changed. This ten day question process seems to be the same thing. We answer questions that challenge us to look at our feelings, beliefs, fears, and desires. We are asked to say what we are going to do. I was challenged by Erica's piece yesterday from the wrong I have done to someone. She says; "When you say you're going to change, when you beat your chest in contrition, when you forgive someone else, will there be a visible difference? If repentance is done right, you should be able to see the change in yourself and so should others. If you have truly forgiven another person, there should not be residual discomfort in his or her presence but a return to a warm and loving intimacy. When it comes to Yom Kippur, it's all about the returning, the recovery of relationships between ourselves and God, ourselves and others, ourselves and the person we diminished when we were too hard on ourselves." Today I am challenged by that kind of change at a heart level not just words. What I hope/think will be different is that I will change.

Perseverance. That is where I am. I will get through this. My family will be stronger next year. We don't take life for granted. We live to enjoy. Life is precious. Money is not. Live more simply. Beauty and love is all around us.

I hope for great things in this coming year; excellent health, wonderful relationships, financial independence, and most of all - a grateful heart to my Abba Father.

I hope I feel like I have grown so much there are new challenges in my way and the old ones will just bring a smile to my face as I remember those blossoming moments of being 23.

Hoping to feel a lot more positive than I do now - but I know that it will take a lot of work.

I'm hoping I'll look back and see the progress I've made - and I'm sure I'll be surprised by the twists and turns that life will undoubtedly offer, as life does, and see how, in the end, it was all part of a beautiful unfolding journey. My bets are on this - because that's what the last 56 years have offered!

I hope i am pleasantly surprised and amazed about how far i have come in a short time

Honestly, if past experience is any guide, I will feel embarrassed and shamed that I haven't acted on any of these questions. I do hope that I can prove myself wrong. If I do think about and act on these questions, I believe I will be a happier and more content person.

I know I'll be interested to read what I wrote! I'll see how my answers were as a result of immediate concerns that happened when I received the questions vs. over-arching concerns I had over the past year. Or in other words, I'll see if reflected enough. Therefore, I hope this process will help me pay more attention this year. Pay attention to smaller details. Hopefully live a more deliberate life.

I think I'll feel pretty much the same. I think that some of these answers may make me laugh. Hopefully I will not have another death to report, though I think my Dad only has a year or two left. And, in some ways, he really is just waiting to go.

I hope I will look at these answers and say to myself: oh how silly you were. Fixing your problems was so easy, why haven't you done it sooner?

Hope I will be successful in my job, and above all healthy,.... health for all my family!!!!

I hope I will feel amazed by the wisdom I shared with myself and I hope I will be pleasantly surprised at the way my life has unfolded in a year's time.

I hope I will be 10 lbs lighter (I know this is frivolous ) and I hope I will feel that I am disciplined in getting my life in order - photos, memoirs etc.

I think I'll be a little underwhelmed. I'm more stable now and in less of a self-reflective place than I was last year. Sorry dude!

I hope that I will have found some fulfilling work with my writing. And I also hope that I will have found a balance with my daughter who moved back to LA after college.

2014 has been such a year of changes! I really look forward to experiencing how much my perspective and priorities may have changed in 2015, as I get used to all these new things and start looking forward more. The biggest project that I can see in the next year is my marriage - making sure that we keep growing with each other despite the ups and downs. Other than that, we'll see what comes - I'd like a nice quiet year or two before any more big new changes come!

I hope that my life will be more settled and more into a routine. I am hoping that both of my jobs will keep fulfilling me and that my personal life will be doing the same. What more could I ask for? (okay, a reliable car)

I really hope that this liminal period will have ended and I will have some sense of the future--how I will contribute academically and in research, how I will allocate my time.

I'll be surprised. As its just been 9 days since I first answered Q1, and I don't remember what I wrote. Yesterday's question about fear really got me thinking. I should (re-)read The Power of Now or The Untethered Soul or The Final Elimination of the Source of Fear... and ingrain it in my soul that there is nothing to fear. There is only love, and the present moment. I'd like to be more relaxed, less controlling, and giving of more even love.

I don't know how I'll feel! I'm in a continual state of self-reflection and self-evaluation most of the time anyway, and this exercise merely focuses me on issues I'm thinking about/working on anyway. My biggest hope is that I'll be able to maintain and increase my weight loss--and the irony of my saying this right before Yom Kippur isn't lost on me!

I hope that I have been able to improve myself in terms of my personal and professional life. I hope that I am happy to be married and looking/planning the next stages of my life with my then-wife.

I hope I'm not feeling as stuck as I have for, well, many years. I think I have a great deal to contribute and I would like to be on my way to that place in 2015. I hope that by engaging in this exercise there might be a beginning of "If you build it, it will come" energy that will flow through my life. Just imagining things could be different may be the start.

Maybe. My guess is nothing will change substantially, but I'll just be older and hopefully, a little wiser.

There are times I reflect on old letters or memoirs and can't figure out where my head was at or what I was going through to make me say that and it makes me feel like 'was that me?' Having a chance to read these responses could either be like opening a smelly can of worms or like the feeling that I really do know myself. Does that make sense?

I hope I will see that I often get myself caught in the muck and time time time gives perspective. This too shall pass. Don't forget that.

I expect to feel a little more clear-headed about what has happened from now until then. Perhaps I'll take more notice of events and changes and remember them better. I also expect to act upon some of the things written down just because, now, they have been turned into more tangeable goals..

Realistically, I'll probably feel as though I haven't changed enough (positively) about my life in the past year. I can only hope that I'm wrong, and that this introspection will make a difference.

I'll probably laugh, but I do hope to see the evolution in my thinking. Maybe I will have cheeked for the better and have higher goal and aspirations for myself. More likely I will probably have seen a little change and my priorities may have changed, but I'll be glad to see.

I hope that I am happier, generally, have more friends and am in a committed relationship that both of us want to be in at the same time. Either that, or I'm not, and have made peace with that.

My life becomes more happy and joyous every single day. I can't imagine how incredible it will be in a year's time. I will look back and be grateful I took the time to answer these questions as a benchmark to see how much further I've come.

Not sure I expect any major changes by next year and not sure that answering these questions will have a great impact. They did help me think about and respond to things I might not have thought about otherwise. Most major changes took place the last few years and my move to Cathedral City was the biggest change of all (besides leaving my job in 2012).

I hope that I will look at them and feel that I've made some progress. I hope over the course of the year I will have had some successful introspection and been able to figure out what I want to do with myself.

I am old enough to be cautious about sweeping expectations for myself (& others!). So I hope that I can end each day feeling OK about it. That each day of the coming year I do something worthwhile.

I can only hope that I have taken the plunge and gotten off my butt (done away with my procrastination).

I think I'll feel kind of dumb, and I'll feel judgmental of my past self. That always happens when I read past things I've written. But I hope I'll be able to find again the genuine feelings and intents behind the things I wrote. My thoughts and actions revolve so much around people. They frighten me, they move me. Next year, I'd like to say I know my current friends more deeply. I want to say I've learned to show them the caring and affection I feel. I'd like to say I've made friends in my new home. What I really want for next year, what I always want, is for my words to mean something. I want to reach people. I want to find the words that turn the light on. I want to make them cry. I want to make them understand. I want to move people the way they move me.

I hope I feel like I have changed over the past year. By answering these questions, I've acknowledged the areas in which I need to work on and grow, and by doing so, I'll hopefully be in a better place in my life and be a little better of a person. These types of things are always a struggle for me and will probably continue to be, but I'll always work on making myself a better person and trying to reach my goals.

I won't be surprised at my answers and will be glad to have the opportunity to reflect more on what I wrote and to reflect on where I am in September 2015. Uncertain what I think or hope will be different as a result of these questions. I don't view these as "new years resolutions" so there might not have been any changes. IF there aren't changes, I may have to begin again to reflect on why. The opportunity to journal easily what I wouldn't otherwise has been a gift and I thank you who created this site from your ideas.

I feel optimistic. My life will have improved even more than this year, and this one has been growing by leaps and bounds. I hope that I'll laugh at myself more too, knowing that I'm always a work in progress, always improving.

I think I'll remember exactly what I wrote because it will only have been a year. I will feel like I have grown incrementally as a person at best, and I sincerely doubt that thinking about and answering these questions will affect my life and where I'm at. Sorry to be so cynical.

As I have commented before the first answer to almost every question focused on my year old cochlear implant, which my brain has slowly been learning to use to make hearing sounds more accessible to me. I hope that one year for now I will be hearing & understanding voices & conversations and that what I wrote will seem like ancient history. I, also, hope that I will have been able to help other people with hearing loss be better able to understand their own loss, what assistive devices are available for them and that they, too, will have improved their listening abilities.

Hmm, I'd be entertained with my responses to say the least. I will not remember any of this next year. I personally like to reread things I've written because there is always growth and change evident. I hope I've addressed some of the issues I was able to address by taking part in this....activity(?). I hope I would have sought out some form of therapy for my apparent "daddy issues". I hope I would have been able to engage in a relationship by then. I'm already accepting the fact that I can do better than what I'm doing and what I have done in the past when it comes to relationships and such.

I'm imagining myself feeling strong in body, mind and heart. Maybe gaining a few more moments of peace over this coming year than I had over the course of this past year. I also want to remind me/you/mwe that every day is a gift that isn't promised. Cherish it and live it to the fullest because you never know if you'll be around for next year's 10Q.

I'll be excited to read and review what I was thinking. I'm hoping my life with have less worries about money and that I will be enjoying some adventures within my budget.

I hope to be happy with my progress in accomplishing my goal toake each day of my life memorable, productive and laugh more. I hope That I will have found a wonderful, fun, kind, beautiful man to grow old with and my daughters and I con't to play and grow together. Not toention, learning to play guitar, speak Spanish and cook a lot more recipes.:)

I hope I will feel stronger, more knowledgable, and happier. I hope my quality of life will be improved with my finances under control.

When September 2015 comes around, I will wonder, as I'm clicking on, "answer your first 10Q", whether my answers for that year will be happy, and sentimental, or sad and regretful.

I am pretty OK with my efforts and whats going on with me so I am likely to take a pretty balanced view of things. I imagine I'll find it interesting and helpful, possibly amusing in some respects.

I just hope my mind grows so much that when I look at these answers it'll be like I'm reading the notes of a kindergartener. That I'll know what I want so thoroughly that I'll be able to smile endearingly at the little mind that was me 1 year before, pat her on the head and say "ah, u are a trooper." I think I'll look at these notes next year and like usual, think "these are pretty useless and boring and don't actually capture all the major, life changing moments that happen in a years time". Skeptical, cynical, etc.

I think I'll feel like an imperfect person who tries hard - I'll reach some of my goals but not all (as hard as I try). I hope, though, that the striving toward those goals makes me a better person. I hope that laying out my personal agenda in black-and-white will crystalize it and help me remain focused on reaching my personal goals.

I caught a cold on Rosh Hashanah, and I've been feeling run down for these 10 days, so I haven't put as much energy into these questions this year as I had hoped. I hope I'm not too disappointed next year in this year's answers. I hope that by this time next year I'm more confident in my synagogue presidency.

I think I'll feel excited to unlock the trove of answers that will transport me back in time to the year before! I hope that I'll have accomplished what I intend to, and grown in the ways that I indicated. I hope that I'll look back fondly and proudly on the past year. I hope that I'll remember key moments and how it felt to fill these out the year before.

I always look forward to seeing what I wrote the year before and seeing how I did. For a few years it was depressing because I felt I was writing the same thing year after year and being so stuck made me depressed. While some things are the same now some has also shifted and for that I am grateful. Do I think I will suddenly be great at change or knowing how to motivate myself to do more or exercise more? I hope so!! I hope this time next year I can read this and feel proud of myself.

I hope that by Sept 2015 I have made some significant changes to my living situation. I would like to be living in a cozy cottage in Mendocino. Good luck to me!

I think that these questions that relate specifically to how I treat my wife will make or break a peaceful and happy relationship with her. If not in the short term(next 2015), then definitely in the long term. We are generally very happy, but there are some people that you meet that just emanate peace and happiness. There are ways of interacting that make others who observe this feel whole. I hope to be one of these people. Please God, on this holy of holy days hear my prayer and answer it.

I hope that I will be happier. I hope that I'll feel more pride in the work that I do. I hope that I'll be in a relationship, or at least that my relationship with myself will improve enough that I am ready for one when the time comes. I hope that I won't feel as lonely or as isolated. I hope that I'll feel pride in the improvements I've made. I hope that I will evolve spiritually, and feel connected to my Source in new and more fulfilling ways. I hope that I can feel more authentic, be a better role model, and be kinder. I have a lot of work to do this year.

I hope that I won't have to answer the same way in September 2015 ;-)! I hope to be closer to my brother and my children, I hope to be more tolerant, more forgiving, and live a life of adventure, accomplishment and contentment.

When I look back, I hope it will be with a renewed sense of calm. My desire to un-clutter life should be showing in a simpler home, with better filing of things, fewer possessions, more things at Goodwill. We may still have a storage bin, but hopefully it will be subject to scheduled attrition. I wonder if my priorities may have changed some? We have focused on travel these last years, but now have a home focus. Where will that be? I hope I have become a little more spiritual. I hope I have reaffirmed my commitment to get back in really good shape as I was a year ago. I am really curious to see where I am a year hence.

I think I'll feel good! I'm always surprised about the intuition I have in these things. I'm hoping that right now, sharing these goals and dreams will bring them closer to my mind and heart and action every day. I hope that speaking these desires will make them come true.

I'm not feeling a profound shift in my thinking as a result of this process... today. I hope that it's one of those shifts that progresses over time rather than with an abrupt realization. I hope that the world has grown a little kinder and safer, if not a lot. I hope the people around me know that they are loved. And that the people who are not around me would be loved if we were just a bit closer. I will continue my goal of being of service to those who are around me and hope to grow my circle of influence and positive impact in this coming year.

After reviewing my past 10Q answers for the first time this year, I realized how inspiring this process is. I thought it was a unique idea, but when I received my answers a little more than 10 days ago, I felt inspired, empowered, and overjoyed. I hope that next year I have the same feeling. I want to look at these answers and say, wow, look at all of the dreams I had just a short year ago, and look at all I've accomplished. This time next year, I will have new aspirations and this process is a great reminder of how far I've come. It may seem like life is just moving along, but 10Q is a great reminder that I am accomplishing new things everyday and growing into a better person. Never stop dreaming, and leave a little sparkle wherever you go :)

I think I will feel sad at how much I have struggled with my own relationship issues, self esteem and sad at how much time I spent trying to make a relationship work w someone who was in active addiction. I hope by this time next year I am strong in my Al Anon program and have broken these destructive patterns.

I think I will be amused, and hopefully proud of the distance I have come in a year. I hope in 2015 I am happy, and life is good. I hope I am pursuing career goals and spending quality time with my family. I hope finances are in control and life is less hectic. I hope 2015 me remembers to enjoy the little moments. The little moments end up being the best, sweetest parts of life. I am writing this October 3, 2014, and tomorrow my ex husband gets married. I didn't know how I would feel. In some ways it is strange, in some ways it is sad. But I am a happier and better person now. 2014 me is so different from 2008 me. And maybe 2015 me will be even better. Good luck to me! See you in a year!

I hope, first, that I will be around to read them. I hope that some of my plans bear fruit. This is the first time that I've answered the questions in some time. I hope that the process was useful. Listen, future me. Don't disappoint me!

I'll probably realize that I should have thought more about change. I hope that I will be satisfied with what I DID accomplish during that year. What will be different about my life: I perhaps will be more deeply connected to God, and more settled into pre-retirement.

I've been wondering this question through this process. It's so impossible to know where I'll be and what I'll be feeling in a years time. To be frank, I don't even know where I'll be in 3 weeks at this point; 12 months feels like another lifetime. I hope to maintain sight on the goals I've laid out here. I want to focus on my inner spirituality, and participate in yoga and meditation actively. I want to run a half marathon and hopefully delegate more time to my creativity. These are goals I don't want to read in September and think "oh right, I meant to get on that."

I am hoping to be in a more faithful place- where the work of community building is the goal and focus and being active in that enterprise is changing the small part of the world I live in.I would liek to be more courageous- and less afraidof rejection- I would liek to be able to say - shame plays no part in my daily engagements- I would like to hae a partner to share my days and nights with- so lonliness is not so all consuming- I don't know how answering these questions will affect the next year-

I hope that I'll be able to see how far I've come since answering the questions. I've made some very intentional choices (counseling, gesher class...) to help me grow and learn, and I want to see the fruits of that labor. Additionally, I hope that I'll see that some of the things I'm working on with my counselor will be improved so that I can have a happier, more relaxed life. These questions helped me to think about things that I have achieved, and things I still need to work on. I hope that a year from now I won't be in the same place, but will have made forward progress.

I hope that I will be more at peace with myself and that I will accept myself more. I also hope to be able to understand society better and focus hard on school. When I do that, it makes me proud. I sure hope I feel proud and happy and that I accomplish the things I set out to do.

I hope I'll feel as if I made a GOOD EFFORT TO MEET THESE CHALLENGES.

I hope I'll have moved forward with my plans, not be stuck in the same place, in the same amount of debt, complaining about the same things. On other hand, at the same time, I don't want to miss out on any experiences - I will just have to try and balance it better!

From past experience, I think I'll feel exactly the way I feel right now. I hope I will have made some headway in dealing with my own temper, ego, self esteem, and insecurities by then.

I became so much healthier this year, compared to how I felt last September at 10Q. So I hope I'll get even better until next year. I don't know if 10Q has a lot to do with my improvement. I usually just forget about it afterwards. But during the 10 days this year, I experienced a sense of gratefulness and serenity and peace.

I hope that I might have accomplished some things or come to peace with not doing what I wanted to do. I am afraid that I will look back and think, wow- that was pretentious! I still hope that this time next year I will be a better person.

I hope that in 9/2015 I'll feel like I've progressed some over the course of a year - spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. I don't think that having answered these questions will change my life per se, but I do hope that having a snapshot of this time period will be a positive thing for future-me.

I think I'll feel pretty good, actually. I hope our geography issues will be sorted and that we've held up under the stress of working that stuff out. And I'm a realist, distant goals are hard for me to hold on to, but I hope I'll have at least moved closer to the ones I've defined in 2014.

I think I'll feel good. I hope I have been successful in getting a dog sitter and everything else I indicated I would do or work on this year. I hope to be a less judgmental person. The judgement that comes up in me silently I hope will be less. I hope I still fear little.

Probably quite embarrassed I usually do when I read things I've written in the past but I also hope that I will have achieved some of the things I have set for myself.

It has given me a lot to think about. It seems most of my time/energy/anxiety revolves around money and bills, not feeling Jewish enough and not feeling a belonging to a Jewish community. I hope that our money/bill problem will be less a part of life in one year. I hope things are being paid off or at least paid regularly. I hope my partner has contacted a tax attorney about his outstanding taxes and has begun to take care of the situation. I hope we have developed a close affinity for the Congregation Etz Chaim Temple and community, and that we feel we belong and are a part of that Jewish community. I think I'll feel a bit uncomfortable with my answers to the questions and maybe a little silly at what currently takes up so much of my time and thinking and worrying. I also hope I am a bit less critical of myself and more accepting that all people make mistakes, some in public...even me.

I hope that, at 30, I'll have incorporated time for reflection into my life again. I used to be very contemplative and spend hours thinking and writing. Over the past couple of years I've had a number of immediate challenges that required all of my energy, and so have left off. I think I'll feel grateful for having found this exercise and having completed it.

I think I will find that I have been far too pompous -- that the reality of my life is much more just getting along, going along. I hope I learn to take it easier.

I hope I'm living more intentionally. Not just in my actions, but in my thoughts, and self. I want to make an effort to analyze how I am feeling, acting, and why-- and make changes if I feel like I need to. I also want to think more about other people. Do more for them, and not focus on myself all the time. I doubt anything will change drastically in the next year, but it is important to make time to reflect on things like this.

Waste of a question. I'm not interested in projecting, just being present with what I am experiencing day to day and learning from the moments. Being in a state of grace.

I think I will likely be exhausted from trying to juggle two jobs for a year. I will hopefully have paid off all my current debtload, including personal support from friends. I hope there will be a romantic partnership in development by then, but I won't be fashed if there's not — nothing is ever as simple or easy as we'd like. I've been journalling a long time, so having history to look back on is no new thing, this is simply another channel by which to record those thoughts, and the automatic feedback I'll get a year from now will *force* me to review things and contemplate what, if anything, has changed.

i hope i can say that i feel good about,and tried to accomplish and to live up to these things to the best of my ability..i hope my relationships are stronger and that i have a feeling of belonging instead of apart fro,which i know is my insecurity.

I don't think the answers to these questions will make any difference to the outcomes of the next year. I'll be interested to see how I feel about the answers in a year's time though.

I hope I am happy. I hope I am working on something I like and have an interest in. I hope I am working with good people. I hope I am living with good people. I hope Poppy is happy and still active and we go to the beach every weekend.

I was disappointed when reviewing my answers this year, because I didn't feel like I had made as much progress as I had hoped I would. Therefore, I hope that I'll be able to accept where I am when I read these answers next year.

I know it will take me a second to remember that I even did this activity. I will feel glad that I actually completed the project and did all 10 days! I hope that this coming year has positive changes especially when it comes to family. I hope that looking back allows me a chance to take perspective on my life and the accomplishments that I often belittle.

I believe that I will have a good job lined up and better people in my life. :-)

I hope I have great peace within myself. I better sense of where I fit into this world, what I am meant to contribute and with whom I am meant to contribute it with if at all.

I'm hoping I will be at peace...with my answers, with my year, with myself. I hope that I will have taken risks as opportunity presents itself, use good judgment, save time for me, and keep a good healthy level of involvement in important activities and endeavors. I hope my family and friends will have been central to my year. That I do not neglect them by spreading myself to thin. That I let them know that they are the most important parts of my life.

This year, I looked at them and didn't feel much, except mildly bitter that things had not turned out well. Perhaps next year will be better.

I suspect everything will be pretty much the same, though my wife's retirement might have some effect. For that matter, I might end up retiring myself.

I think I'll look back and probably think I was crazy. Or that I knew so little then. I really hope that I'm more of an established travel blogger and hopefully making some money off of it. I also hope that I kept up with my Spanish lessons on my new app. Maybe I'll have been to Costa Rica by September 2015? I hope so! I hope I'm still as happy as I am right now and still living in Boulder! Most of all, I hope that I took advantage of every moment possible, tried a bunch of new things, and not worried too much about money. Howdy, future me! :)

I think I will feel good about my accomplishments. If all goes as planned, I will be in my junior year at State, focused on getting through as fats as possible so that I can get to work! I think I will have learned so very much during my volunteerism, and the experience will solidify my career choice even further. I hope to have overcome any obstacles that may present themselves in my relationship, as I am sure they will eventually. I hope my children are healthy and happy and pursuing their dreams

I will feel elated if I have finally gone "all in," regardless of whether I have progressed toward success or battled through failures. At the end of people's lives they say they have more regrets for what they chose not to try to do than for what they did do. I am an out-of-control wild man of cautious calculation. I am a great free thinker, but I am less brave as a doer. "C'est la vie" vs. "Carpe Diem." "I did ergo I was?" Socrates told us to examine our lives, Gandhi told us to be the change, and I say "create value."

I hope I look back and feel amazed at how far I've come in one year. I hope I feel astonished that I could ever feel so low about my life, about my romantic lackings, about my struggle to balance my finances. I hope I feel disbelief that JUST ONE YEAR AGO I felt so lost. And then I hope I will celebrate the life I have built.

In awe and full of wonder :-)

I hope I'll feel happy that I've made some progress towards some goals, but I fear I'll look back to see that another year has passed in inertia. I guess if I'm still here to receive the answers, I'm ahead of the game!

i hop to be living in london, with a job and a boyfriend. i want to be loving life, enjoying my job, hanging out with friends and maybe even have a pet. i want a healthy balance between work and play as well.

I hope to feel more spiritually centered and grounded, to feel just as happy in where I am in life regardless of whether I've met certain goals, and though I always strive to do better for myself and others each and every day, I hope I'm proud of my year without feeling like I let down myself or others if my goals were too lofty. I do hope, though, that I'm physically healthier and that thinking through these questions helped me focus on the right things for this coming year.

I hope to be able to say that I moved forward in a positive way and also discovered many more ways to move forward for the future.

I think that I will feel like a m'fckn boss like I did getting some of the questions this time around. These questions have brought to life the ancient concept of reflecting between the days of RH & YK and that's been huge for me. Even the simple daily entry and consistency shook things up for me in a meaningful way. I think that the way I do business will be different and I hope that I'll have a more thorough process to everything. To be introspective and really question what I want and what I'm dong/why.

I think it will appear that I have only scratched the surface and not been that introspective at all. Just seemed to skim the surface instead of plumbing the depths.

I hope throughout the year I will make an effort to have better answers.

I think I'll feel that I don't change very much from year to year. I HOPE that I won't at some point look back and recognize where the train jumped the tracks: To date, my life has been filled with many many blessings. It can't last forever, so at least it's good to appreciate the many things I and we have received.

I hope my recovery from this back injury will be a thing of my past. I hope that I will be moving forward into a new phase of life, moving back to Pittsburgh to buy a house and settle down. And I truly hope that my boyfriend will be moving to the United States around this time next year. But most of all, I hope that I am happy and healthy and that my family and loved ones are too...that's really all I could ask for in the coming year!

I hope I am open to change, able to be more tolerant,understanding and compassionate. I hope I can see the details as well as the big picture. I would like to feel as though I have grown over the previous year. I hope all the members of my family are healthy and happy. I hope I am healthier and much more fit. I like answering the questions and examining my life.

I think I'm going to feel a little relieved next year when I read these answers. Because this year has been so rocky and so many problems have come up, I'm hoping that next year when I read my answers I'll be able to think "Man, I'm glad that is over." I'm hoping that my life will be a little more directed, that I'll have a job, clearer future plans, and feel less stressed about life in general. I'm hoping that by answering these questions, I can get out all of the feelings and issues from this past year and be able to go forward with this next year with less baggage, worry, and without going over the issues of this year again and again with nothing to show for it.

I suspect I will feel genuinely happy, confident in my place in this lovely world. I will be happy in a grounded yet exciting relationship and it will be healthy, ever growing, and unfailing, and just what we both have been searching for.

I expect to a bit amused and maybe a bit satisfied. Maybe a bit surprised by some tidbit or idea which I had forgotten that I had said. I don't anticipate that life will be much different a year from now than it is today.

I will be more alive and active. We will have traveled. I love my life. I will have shared my experiences with Cancer to reassure people it can be easier then they think. Live happy every day.

I hope that in September 2015I will be in the same or better condition physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially to be able to continue to enjoy life as I am now.

I hope, that if for some reason, my gratefulness has lessened that I will remember why and what I was so grateful about. It would also be a wonderful thing if I could look back on the year and see that some of the things that I felt were lacking in my life had been fulfilled- but I try not to focus on those things- it tends to lead me to feelings of disappointment.

I hope I feel relieved of the changes I have made in my life. I also hope I am not so hard on myself as to think that I am the only one who is capable of human frailty; for example, fears success, is afraid of getting older, doesn't want to live on the street, makes mistakes.

I'm hoping that I will be less stressed, more focused, and more patient. I'm hoping that I can keep these answers in mind as I think about choices in my life and make decisions about where to spend my time. I want to make the most of it.

I'm hopeful that I will feel better. Tired of being so sick.

When September 2015 rolls around, I will be amazed at how quickly it went by. I will be surprised at how much progress has been made on the responses to my questions. Just the act of writing something down creates an intention that moves us forward. Even though I know this intellectually and have experienced it, it is always a surprise when it actually happens.

I hope that the answers will remind me of a time of big reflection and change. I just said to Laura, "Not much has changed in a year," and that made me sad. I want to cover ground by the time I receive these answers again next year... I don't have a specific vision for what next year should look like, but it does need to be noticeably different from today. Here goes nothing.

It will be interesting to see if statements made were completed or my way of thinking has remained the same or changed. I accept living one day at a time and not to project or get upset with things that are beyond my control.

I feel a lot lighter. I live in a spacious, light place that I love. I enjoy my life in a loving relationship, and appreciate my dear friends. I love my new career endeavors. I am gratified and grateful. I love the fun flexible life I am living. I am happier than I have ever been!

I think this is going to be a big year, now until September 2015. I hope so. Time to soften, sense, find the grooves and move through them. Love. Work. Living big and not playing small. "Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?" (Mary Oliver) “You must give up the life you planned in order to have the life that is waiting for you.” (Joseph Campbell)

Such a hard question! I hope that I am in a better place per my friendships with my closest friends. As per my reaction every, I can only imagine I will be slightly embarrassed reading my prior year answers. That's about it.

I hope I feel jubilant and relieved. I hope to feel at peace and looking forward to a new year of challenges.

I project a couple of scenarios…a) that I’ll look at some of this, laugh out loud, and say sounded like good advice at the time, too bad I didn’t follow it, or b) putting these thoughts and ideas into words actually did help with follow through…who knew!? :D

I hope that when I see my answers I don't feel upset with myself for being stuck and not having accomplished some of my hearts desires. I suppose that means I will have to make an effort to make those ideals come true. In a way knowing, I will have to face those answers, is somewhat of a motivator! We shall see. It is a great project! I am happy I participated!

I think I will appreciate this chance for reflection. I think I'll feel nostalgic reading about my thoughts and feelings on my trip to Latin America. I think by this time next year I will be in a very different, more settled place. I'll have been at my job for over a year and I think I'll have gotten a handle on it by Sept '15. I hope that I will achieved, or made some progress towards my goals and hopes for the year. I hope that when Sept '15 comes around I will look back and thing, "wow, what a great year."

I hope I will be not primarily living in Las Cruces. It is always weird to think a full year in advance... but on the other hand, that's not so far away. Maybe I'll be pregnant. I sincerely hope I'll have a PhD defense date set (or close to set). I also hope my friends and family will continue to be happy and healthy. I will almost certainly be in some kind of transition (finishing one thing and starting another), and transitions are always awkward yet beautiful liminal spaces. I hope I can remember to embrace "bridging the gap" and enjoy the ride.

I think that I will feel surprised and pleased. I think there will be some things that will be EXACT as I predicted and some that won't. I will be very happy that my love relationship has blossomed and equally happy that my girls have progressed. My life will not change at all wrt these questions. I live a life of inquiry and this is but one of many inquiries I do on a regular basis. TIDE IN TIDE OUT. RIDE THE WAVE.

Moving on with more joie de vivre!

I don't expect I will feel all that much different. The years are beginning to run together at this point.

I have no idea how I'll feel, period. BUT, from my mouth to God's ear, it would be something like this: well, isn't this all interesting and isn't it nice not to be stressed out about the high holy days?

I think I'll feel like I'm experiencing déjà vu. I can only hope I've been able to move forward on my answers.

I suspect I will probably feel some disappointment in myself, but also secretly proud of how smart and insightful I was in the way I answered. I think it will be a wake up call for me if not much has changed...

The feeling will depend on if I've taken action on the activities I've said that I will. If I have, then I'll be feeling good to great. If I haven't I'll be feeling bad. I will have retired and made the move back to the UK. So, hopefully I'll be feeling great about that, if I little 'home sick' for San Francisco. I'm very excited about the next stage of my life and what it's going to bring. Hopefully, I'll be feeling just as excited when it begins.

I hope I'll feel more confident in my faith. It's been shaken this year, and when I look back next September, I hope I feel the sense of relief that inner peace and the grace of God provides. There are a lot of other qualities and emotions I could list but ultimately this is the umbrella that covers them all.

I think I'll either be feeling proud and accomplished or profoundly challenged. I want to be noticeable closer to being a therapist. I don't know how answering the questions will affect things. But, I intend always to be hopeful.

I hope that I will have made some progress! (If not, I'll try to think about why I didn't.)

I hope to have establish a lifestyle-groove as the working mother of two boys. I hope we all continue to be healthy and have found some slight semblance of balance in our lives. I would love to look back on this year's answers and laugh.

When September 2015 rolls around and I receive my 10Q answers I will probably feel apprehensive to read them, especially if I find myself in the same rut, but I will probably also feel excited to see what changes I have made in my thinking and being/living since September 2014 and just how my circumstances have changed. I feel myself excited now at the anticipation of the coming year. I hope be in a good, close relationship to God and have a church and church family to worship with and to fellowship with and do things with for others. I hope to have lost 100 pounds, to be eating healthy and to be getting exercise daily. and to find myself more healthy and in less pain and discomfort than I am today. I hope to be in a good relationship with my son and to be spending more time with he and my grandsons. I hope I have learned the Spanish language because I believe that is somehow to be used in a job or ministry I am to have. I just hope I am a better adjusted, well-rounded, happy person. I hope to have a companion/fiancé if it be the will of God, or content single with someone to help me do things around here that I can't do myself. I hope to find my son in a good place in his life, body, soul, spirit, and in a good relationship with his daddy and me and his children and wife. I hope to find my grandchildren and daughter-in-law serving you and in a good place in life free of any addictions or other attacks/influences from satan. I hope to find my brother and his family in a good place body, soul, and spirit. I hope to find all my family and friends in a better place as well, body, soul, and spirit. I hope to find that if Larry and Uncle Melvin have lived another year that they have remained healthy and have been happy and are in a good place body, soul, and spirit. Hopefully during the coming year I will make better choices as a result of thinking about and answering these 10Q questions TODAY'S WEIGHT: 190.0 lbs. And I pray Israel and it's peace, its leaders, and its people. And for the USA, its peace, its leaders, and its people. And for Bastrop, LA and surrounding areas and Andrews, TX and surrounding areas, for their peace, their leaders, and their people. And the following people are at least some of those (and their families) who I wish, hope, and pray a better year for, body, soul, and spirit, besides the ones I have already mentioned: Tommy Robinson Donette Willson Aunt Bernice Charles and Flora Rick and Kisha Carolann and Andy Rudy, Mage, and the whole Reyna family Dorothy Harris Philip Burress Brenda Sistrunk Clyde Jones Steve Tillery Marvin Coleman Jeremiah Axt Bobby Regan Thomas Bryan Vanessa Lanier Kim George Lynell Wasson Jill Schrock Debby Boykin Sharron Quick Sue Picou Alex Robinson Georganna Coulter Stephanie Tidwell Kacee Harrie Patsy Elee Bruce Hickman Erin Wheeler Randy and Vicki And although they are not humans, I have to add my three doggies, Sassy, Prissy, and Miss Honey, as well as the nursing home doggie, Honey Bun. And I just feel like I need to mention my immediate family, who I have already mentioned, by name: Wayne, Angie, Kevin, Cody, Mandy, Mike Last, but not least. I plead the blood of Jesus over my life for the coming year, body, soul, and spirit. I ask God's forgiveness of me for sins I have committed either by omission or commission, as I have forgiven others. I ask for God's mercy on me for the coming year and that my name be written in the Lamb's Book of Life. I ask for God's blessings on me for the coming year so that I find favor with men and that I have a good year body, soul, and spirit with my prayers answered. In Jesus' name, Amen and Amen!

After doing this for a number of years, I am taken aback by seeing the issues that linger on. According to what I wrote this year, I would like to look back and see that I accomplished my goals of doing what I want to do, finishing my poetry collection, guarding my tongue, getting in shape, keeping appointments, and exploring aliyah. I also hope to have deepened my connection with God and to live more fully my unique life.

In September 2015 I will feel very happy of myself because I did manage to reflect during ten days. I highly value reflection, but many attempts to reflect daily have been unsuccessful. I hope things will be better then when September 2015 arrives. I also hope that my next attempt to reflect will be the good one after this experience I just had with 10Q. Thanks a lot

I hope to be able to lighten up a little! I hope to be past some of the issues I wrote about. I hope to be able to say it was a great year!

Oh god, I'll probably look back and think "how funny, those things don't matter to me at all anymore"; the excitement and eclipsing nature of novelty would've worn off and I'll have a million other things I will likely be thinking about. I think I'll still be single and broke, but eh, whatever, some of us are meant to work tirelessly without reward, I guess. We all have our role in the cosmos.

Hopefully I don't have that Groundhog Day feeling!! I hope I feel accomplished & look back & how far I have come in a year! I'm hoping to simply have my life back on track with a clearer path/vision of the future. Answering the questions has help to start to write a path that I need to take to move forward.

I have no idea. This is the first year I have done the 10Q. I might be very pleased with myself in September 2012 or I might be quite upset with myself. I hope I will make changes in a positive direction and not do things with out thinking about the consequences.

I don't think my answers will surprise me. I hope that i will think about these question long into 2015 and act upon them. I hope I will be pleasently surprised at the changes I made. I hope I will feel conviction to live up to what i wanted to do and the changes i want to make.

I'll probably laugh at myself as I secretly critique my own writing. And I hope I have perspective and I realize today's problems are simply a drop in the bucket-they seem so all-consuming now, but a year later they will simply be part of the fabric of my story. I'm grateful for the chance to reflect upon and take inventory of these areas of my life because it forces you to address some of the often neglected corners of yourself and shed light on things that are both incredible and terrible in your life. Cheers to you, 2015 Sarah, and enjoy the hell out of this project.

I hope that I am still on the forward path in my life and continuing the process of growing and becoming the best person I can be. This will be a good reminder of where my mind was at during this time, and a good way to remind myself that I have accomplished so much during my journey of self-awareness/wellness/effective/actualizing/etc/etc over the past couple years.

I hope that I will be happy. This year is going to be a year of big transitions. I hope I'll be able to say that I took the risks that I said I was going to take, stood firm to what I wanted, and that I'm glad I did it!

I am hoping they will be equal parts comical and encouraging but a nice blend of "hey, I'm actually on track".

Not hoping and thinking, I WILL be.... 1) I WILL be in shape. I will have lost 40 pounds and gained a lot of muscle. 2) I WILL be the reflection of the soul mate I want to meet and attract 3) I WILL be in the best physical health of my life and off of insulin. 4) I WILL continue and move into a better relationship with God. 5) I WILL have a symbiotic network of friends and family. 6) I WILL have built the foundation for my business and started to supplement my income with it. 7) I WILL voulnteer and give back to those in need around me. 8) I WILL be significantly closer to being out of debt. 9) I WILL have perfected keeping myself positive and moving forward without letting negativity weigh me down. 10) I WILL let the past be the past and move forward in love. 11) I WILL love myself. I am worthy of Love.

I hope I will have had a year of practice at being kinder, more willing to listen with my heart and less likely to argue from pride and intellect.

I hope that this time next year all if the issues that are currently causing stress and fear in my life will be resolved. I hope to reflect on these answers and feel as if I have moved forward.

I've probably written the same thing for the last 3 years!! I hope I will be more accepting of the life I have now, without Pat. I hope I will be living a purposeful life, be involved in justice issues, living the way God would want me to live with compassion for others and also myself.

Time has a way of helping us all put things in greater perspective. It'll be fun to reflect on ideas and events over which I had strong opinions.

I have a chance for a brand new start. A new knee, with I hope mobility once more. New life, new friends, and a better more pro-active lifestyle. Less passive depression. More tolerance and acceptance.

I think I will be pleased and disappointed.

These answers were markers of where I am right now in my situation, hopes and fears. It is an uncertain time in my life in terms of my family, yet it is also a time of great freedom and choice. I believe I will be surprised in looking back at these answers in 6 or 8 months, to discover that things have changed for the better.

I refused to read my answers to last year's questions because I know that not much has changed - i've had a year of paralysis and stagnation - but I am confident that this year is going to be one of major change - in personal and career - I not only can feel it but am going to make it happen. I've decided that I would like to begin to learn bass...i think it'll be better for my back... and reencounter piano - and purchase a keyboard perhaps. I will be a mother.

I think I will be excited to know what i was thinking exactly one year before. I am really hoping that if my answers to any of the questions that I am about to answer were negative, I hope that in a year I would answer them in a positive light. I hpe that I am in a better, more positive and happier place in a ayear :)

I'm hoping that I read my questions and for anything that is forward looking, I'll be able to say "I accomplished that." For anything focused on the past, I hope that I say "I learned from that." If all goes according to plan, I will be living in San Francisco with the girl I love, with a job that I'm satisfied with.

I hopefully will be less full from all of the cereal and honey and shwarma kabob, I hopefully will feel more settled, reflective and grateful.

I will feel joyful, healthy, intimately-connected to Gail, and overall good spirits. I believe that I will be much more involved with the daily aspects of living my life intimately and harmony with Gail, as well as being more actively engaged in doing some type of service within my local community and/or engaged in some activity within the extended larger global community on environmental, ecological, and/or alternative energy issues.

This feels exactly like how I answered this question last year: I think that in September 2015 I will be in pretty much the same place in my life in terms of my career, the day-to-day, etc. I expect that I'll be living in the same house, going to the same job, doing the same things on weekends and evenings. I'm happy with that. What hope will be different (but I am not that optimistic that it WILL be different) is that I hope to be in a romantic relationship. If the past is any indication, there's not much reason to believe that I will be in a relationship by next fall, but it would be nice. I'm going to keep working at it, going to keep trying to date, going to keep doing all of those things. I want to stay optimistic that sooner rather than later I'll meet someone.

I suspect that I will have made some headway in the area of discipline. I can't be certain that Storybombs will take the form I want it to take, but I can move toward that.

My life will be so different in a year. Audie will be 8 months old, walking and talking and our adventures will continue. I think I will look back on this year as a surreal time. New parenthood is a wonderful fog. It is tiresome, and stressful, and wonderful, and indescribable. Last year I wrote that 31 would be my best year yet. And it has been a great year. But my reviews right now are mixed at best. I hope by next year I can look back and see this as a time that a wonderful new me was emerging and the struggles were galvanizing me for wonderful things to come.

This focusing helps a bit, but the bit is small.. Knowing myself pretty well by now, I know what I can expect from myself. I am accustomed to my slow pace of change. In other words, I don't expect that I would be in a much different place next year.

I hope that I will be in good health (at least the same as now). I hope I will be more optimistic.

Simply, that I'm less self-critical, and feel good that I've done the best I could.

Elated to be alive! Hopefully much more alive! Less stressed and enjoying life, family, friends and the Gulf of Mexico.

I hope I'll be happier, healthier, able to look back on the year as part of my continuing life journey. I want to be able to not take things so seriously by then and to be able to laugh and feel joy at how far I've come.

When I receive these questions, I think I'll feel nostalgic and maybe a little embarrassed by some of my answers. I don't really know what might be different, I just hope something is and it's enjoyable.

I hope Im living with more ease and more compassion for myself. More compassion for everyone, actually. i hope I have less debt, too.

i think i'll feel nostalgic, because if i am prone to anything, it is nostalgia and wistfulness. and i think i will have a good job, and hopefully "good" means good financially but also good like i like it and want to wake up every morning and go to it, and i think i will love my parents and i will love my brother and i will have read 1 or 2 books that will be so special it will make me feel like i am learning a secret. that is what i think about where i'll be in a year.

Hmmm...don't know. I want to find contentment. My father always wished me peace, but I don't think he ever found it. I hope I do. I feel like I'm on my way.

I hope I'll look at them and wonder "what was I thinking?" My gut tells me that some of the same concerns will still be there, but hopefully I'm coping better.

I hope I don't feel older. Since my memory isn't great, I hope that seeing these answers will remind me of where I was and frame my year in a way. I need to be conscious of the important things in this busy time of full-time work, kids at home, pets, chickens, etc. I look forward to the year!

I think in 2015 I will be much more stable. I think life will be more in a normal pattern. I will feel like I am loved and I will be much more able to love completely and without fear. I hope that in a year Terrin will be clean, Morgan will be in college, and Rhyan will be a happy healthy 8th grader loving life. Answering these questions will leave a history of what I feel and how I desire to change and what I want my world to look like in a year. I will be held accountable now.

I hope I'm in a better place mentally about whatever has happened in my work and love life. I hope I'm at peace with how things have gone over the year. What I really hope is that I have a new job - a new love would be icing on the cake. I also hope that I've had some amazing travel experiences - Iceland, SF, NO, Africa?! bring it on!!

I feel like I'm in a bit of a dark place at the moment. It has only been 5 months since my diagnosis, so I'm still processing that. We are just getting to a place of not on a constant knife edge of financial instability and still recovering from the emotional fallout of that. My hope is that at this time in a year, I'll be feeling more sure of what I'm doing and where I'm going and generally happier. My hope for the future is that I will actually feel hopeful about the future.

I think I'll be bummed. I think my honesty will be seen as a bit depressing (and maybe it is). I'm hoping I'm in a much happier place when I read this one year from now.

I am definitely gonna smile, Its funny where you find yourself in a year, and (eventually) its funny the silly mistakes you make. Don't take this the wrong way, life isn't just a joke. I'd say its a serious thing with lots of fun. Take advantage of everything, have fun with everything that's meant to be fun, be serious with things that are meant to be serious. Good luck and I hope you had a great year!

I honestly think I'll be in the same exact situation... Working, wondering about meeting my true love, wondering why God has forsaken me, then going to sleep snd waking up in order to do it all over again.

It will be interesting to what has happened in the previous year. I do hope there will be pleasantness and that not too many friends will have passed away. Right now there are 2 of my dearest friends very, very ill and will be gone soon.

I think I'll have a more well rounded knowledge of myself. These past two and a half years have been a great chance to get to know myself in a particular context but in the upcoming year I'll be asking myself to make a lot of independent decisions. Or, rather that I'll need to really ask myself what is right for me. So we'll see how that turns up. I've enjoyed answering these questions and like everybody says... I need to take time to set my intentions. Intentions set.

i would like to think i have made real changes, more than just growing naturally but also takingg real steps to improve myself as a person and rly uncover what it is to be good, represent myself and not fall for the dark side...ii hope so i will need to take action steps and fight the laziness urge and the greed the anger the cheapness the hatred and the negativeity that naturally occurs in my mind and with the help of G-D we can make a connxn and move forward

When I got the questions from last year I didn't want to open them. I remembered some of the things I wrote and I actually did not want to read them. I knew I did not live up to what I had hoped a year ago. I am hoping that this time next year I will be more open to reflecting on where I missed the mark and where I succeeded in these goals. What is most present right now is I hope I am less worried about my financial issues. I am hoping this questions will continue to let me focus on what is most important in my life.

Probably I'll feel that I just had 355 days of an unexamined life. I hope it will nevertheless have been worth living!

I think I will feel the answers from 2014 will seem "juvenile" in that I will have continued to grow I hope to continue to grow until I leave this earth, and move along the path for me that started in 2007, which seems so long, but no so far away at all.

Weird because I hate reading what I right. Sad if some things haven't changed or if other things have changed. Proud of myself for doing this. I hope I'll have a job a like, I hope I'll be taking better care of my body, and I hope I'll still feel surrounded by love.

I really do not know what I think I'll feel like next fall. I hope to feel a stronger sense of self and comfort in who I am. So much fell apart in this past year. I keep saying this is an investment year. It is also shmita. I hope to actually believe in those ideas. That I was able to mend myself and also give to others. I'm not sure about forgiveness, but I do hope to feel like I've let go of all of this regret and hurt. It is weighing me down so much right now.

Perhaps some of my goals will be me...hopefully my kids will be safe and my worries and anxieties will be less

I like to think I'll be able to look back with a certain affection and say, "Ah, little B. You were working so hard to figure things out and make it all work for you and now it has. We've made it, and that moment is when you took your first real step."

Hopefully, I'll be more relaxed and I'll take care of my financial problems. I've been doing 10Q for two or three years now and it really did make me think about my future and where I want to be this time next year. Everytime I read the answers from the previous year, I feel good if I have actually accomplished some of the things I mentioned, and, in a way, during the year, I think about these questions a lot, because I don't want to find out that I've let myself down. So I do what I can and hope for the best.

I think I will be amused, partially pleased and partially disappointed, but I think it will be a nice experience to think over the past year. Our daughter (when we did our version of Tashlich) was reluctant, and cynical, saying that nobody ever really changes -- we just go back year after year, atoning for the same mistakes. I want to show her that she is a little bit wrong. Hopefully, next year, I'll only make some (not all) of the same mistakes, and maybe add some new mistakes to my repertoire.

I may feel like my answers were naive or narrow. I hope I will have a stronger sense of myself--a vision, a purpose, a path.

I think I'll feel nostalgic to remember this time. Especially if I do end up converting, this will harken back to the time when I was first considering they move.

I want to be positively stronger and less negative. I hope, over the course of one year, I will have considered carefully the insights in my answers and will have applied those insights and made appropriate changes for the better. In 10 responses, I certainly hope I learned something from at least 8!

I will be interested in the progress that I have made over the year and reflecting back on where I was today and the issues and opportunities I wanted to capture

I hope to be a commercial helicopter n fixed wing pilot. I hope that I have stronger faith and believe God. I hope I am more financially stable and that my child can be with me again. I hope I am more I tune with God and how he wants me to be. I hope I lose a particular monkey and let go of that circus. I hope that I have been fully healed from the heart wounds I've picked up from a very bad situation. I hope for a 180degree turn around healing on the inside. .....to b more like Jesus down to the core...

I hope to be feeling accomplished, having lost 50-60 lbs. and looking great. I hope to have a life partner and have done a few trips around the world, and planning other trips to other parts of the world.

That is an interesting question. It is like predicting the future . You really don't know. I hope my answers to the questions come true and more and most importantly that I'm happy with all the outcomes. This has been very interesting. .I hope to do it again. Happy New Year

I have to be starting a masters degree, and I shall feel satisfied about myself for being able to pull it all together despite everything. I'll finally be on the track I've longed since child.

I am hoping I feel more in control. my life is good but I don't seem to be able to enjoy it. I am drinking too much and I am often angry for now good reason

I'm just hoping it won't be deja vu all over again, with the same priorities popping up because I haven't made progress on any of them! What I really hope is that by taking the time to think about what's important to me and realizing I want to live my life intentionally, that these 10 days/10 questions will inspire me to do so.

I THINK I will feel, "Ah, well. I'm making slow progress. Life is a journey." What I HOPE will be different is that actions and behaviors I'm struggling to put into place will have become habit

I hope I can read the answers and mentally check them off as I go. You know, like "yup, I did that. I made that happen...all's good!" Last year I forgot about the 10Q and what I'd written and what I was thinking about at the time. I hope this year's answers will stay with me longer and that I'm more focussed in making life better.

Hopefully, everything that I worried about will seem like distant memories. I might chuckle at them, or I might still understand where they came from. Hopefully, most of my worries will be gone, but some will probably still be relevant. I hope that the things I was excited about end up being as exciting and happy as I hoped for. Overall, I hope I had a great year and that I can look happily and contentedly back on these.

I'm hoping that all of the concerns and problems I talked about will seem trivial. Life is often that way - you obsess about a problem and a year later you can't believe you ever got upset. Often I get upset about people inappropriately trying to take advantage of the system (such as incompetent ex-employees threatening to sue for unlawful termination, tenants claiming their unit was unlivable even though they lived in it, etc.). As I develop a thicker and thicker skin, it makes me sad that this is the world we live in and I have to become unfeeling in order to effectively do my job.

I'm hoping that the fear of this year will be long gone. I'm hoping that the insights from the fear will remain.

In the past when I've done things like 10Q I've been a bit ashamed later on seeing the answers, because they reveal me as a lazy selfish person. We'll see. I hope I've grown up a bit since the last time I did this. But I've also tried to be honest. :^) I hope that regardless of my reaction, I can use the answers to keep improving myself.

I am sure I will be amused that some of my issues and concerns remain in place a year later. I hope that there will be real evidence of forward momentum, and a feeling of contentment.

I hope I'll feel proud of myself. I know I'll be very stressed next year, but I hope I feel capable and am enjoying being away from academia a tiny bit. I hope Jeff and I are still going strong and find time for one another and aren't so afraid to make plans for the future. I hope I'm still close with my sister and I'm enjoying living closer to my family. I hope I retain some of my friendships, but have expanded my life a great deal as well. I hope I maintain connections with professors. I hope I'm thinking about getting a dog...

these questions have been thought provoking and legacy bound, shaping the fabric of my everyday and how i choose to direct the journey of my life with all its obstacles and all the beauty it has to offer

I hope I think, "Really? THAT'S what was on my mind?" I hope I feel confident, positive and as if I am doing everything I can to positively impact my students, my colleagues, my family and my friends and the world around me.

Pleased and proud that I have had a good year and accomplished the things I felt were important. I hope I will have continued to reflect on the big questions and use that reflection to guide my life choices. As a result, my life should be less hectic and more satisfying.

Who knows. I just hope I'm not in exactly the same place next year that I am today.

So sad that my answer is the same every year. I hope more than anything that I no longer feel the paralysis I have in the past of not moving forward in my life. I hope that I will be less stressed, a better wife, mother and person. I hope that I am exercising consistently, eating better and that life is good. I hope that I will appreciate the happiness in my life

I hope that I don't live with as much fear. I hope that I am able to be open and enjoy life with my family. I hope that I will have begun to make healthy choices as far as eating and other areas goes. I hope that I will have achieved my goal of getting the house to a state where I'm not embarrassed to have people over. I hope that I will be able to enjoy life with the family. I hope that Royals will be in the World Series! :)

I hope that after answering these 10q questions that I will have set the groundwork to live a more conscience life in 2015.

i hope i feel like i accomplished something in life, yet embarrassed that i had such "young" thoughts.

I think I will be disappointed in a sense because I don't know if I will be able to accomplish everything that I want to in such a short year. It will be a year of change that's for sure. I hope I am happy with myself about how far I've come and how I have changed for the better to be this picture of myself that I see in my head. I hope my life is more concentrated on the things I love. I hope I am not bogged down by the everydays, but overflowing with fun adventures, down time with my kids, and quality time spent enjoying life. Time sure has a funny way of making things change, and I am hoping to fast forward some of these changes as I begin to move.

I hope to have taken the time to know myself better, be better to my self, be better to others, be a better mother to my kids, be stronger emotionally. Be more decisive. Be more confident.

I hope I'll feel like good about where I am and where I'm going.

I hope to be at peace with myself, with my work and with my world. I want to be positively looking forward as I am thankful for the moments of each day. I hope to feel fully alive, creative, vital, and in love with life and its offerings....challenges and all. May I be affirmed in looking back and reflected in a future opening with hope. I would like to be a stronger community member; better situated for retirement with a committed plan for saving towards the day my work life changes.

I hope I have a more challenging job and that I feel engaged and stretched at work. I hope to have a fulfilling social life, whether that means through friends, a boyfriend, or both. I hope to be a more experienced and competitive cyclist, and to have a challenging race under my belt, like the STP (Seattle to Portland). I hope to still be a dedicated cross fit member and to have improved my fitness level. I also would like to have traveled somewhere I've never been before, like DC or somewhere in Europe. I hope to have a higher income and significantly more money in the bank. I hope to have a deeper testimony of Jesus Christ and a more personal relationship with him, as cultivated through prayer, scripture study, and regular temple worship. I hope to have made significant memories with my family, and to have spent quality, concentrated time with them, whether that be through skiing in the winter, a trip to visit Chris, or something else entirely. I hope to have a deeper understanding of who I am--my skills, talents, strengths, weaknesses, fears, hangups--so that I can continue to blossom into the best version of myself. I hope to feel fulfilled and happy, like I feel now.

I hope my life will be more well rounded and healthier. I envision a slimmer me, who is off the meds, and more self-confident. I believe that the answers I provided to these will come to fruition in September 2015 and that a new chapter of my life will be well underway.

I hope I'll be starting a second year of teaching with even more of a game plan than I have already. I hope I'll feel more and more comfortable incorporating new things into my teaching. I also hope I'll have some exciting things lined up, creatively. And I'm sure there will be plenty of things I can't even predict, there always are! I hope I'll be even more excited for the future than I already am.

I hope I'm advanced in bettering my life, have a new house, it is in order, and work with my husband in happiness and joy.

I hope that I will feel that my optimism was justified.

Probably disappointed, probably surprised, hopefully a small sense of accomplishment. I've been really fortunate in my life overall—great family, friends and (for the most part) a very rewarding working life, even if I always hold myself to an impossibly high standard. I don't know if I'll ever stop being ambivalent and conflicted about my work and much of my life. I just think that's my nature and so be it. But I would like to be less angry at the world. I'm not a person who would stomp on progress, but I don't like the way these seismic shifts in technology are changing the way we interact. I don't like living in a place that instantly demonizes anyone who dares question technological progress. There's so little depth, so little real discussion or room for thoughtful disagreement. If it's not a Facebook-like-attracting stunt, if it's not 140 characters or less, it's not worth talking about. I really hope I can find a way to navigate this new world and still maintain some joy, cultivate meaningful relationships, and make some good work; while tuning out the static. I've been reading a lot of David Foster Wallace over the last few years, and while I know he was clinically ill, I can understand the rational path he might have taken towards ending his life. Much of what he held dear is being eroded in the name of progress. I sometimes feel equally alone in the world. I hope that changes soon.

Reflection is always important. Seeing how God has brought thus far is His desire. Giving thanks and appreciating His works is His command. It is all for our good! Taking time for Him…just like He commanded in the years of jubilee when all men, women and children would descend on Jerusalem to hear the reading of the laws. To renew and refresh their understanding of Him and to rehearse the coming of Messiah. This IS the year of Jubilee!

I'll wish I had figured out the bug fear. I wish I could have helped those poor people int he Middle East somehow, but money and time is tight. I will be glad to know I took the time to thank people and say hi. I think I will feel closer to people if I keep in better touch, especially my cousin who is dying. I don't want to live with regrets. I've done a pretty good job with that so far. I want it to stay that way.

I will most likely be surprised at my answers and how different I will feel towards them a year on. I hope to be able to look back a year from now and appreciate where I've been, but also how far I have progressed in my live, mentally, emotionally and physically

All of my goals will have been reached, I'll have surpassed expectations for myself and it will feel great!

I think I will be first surprised at getting the answers. Then I will probably be surprised by my answers. I hope some of the things I wrote about will have occurred or be a distant memory. I am hoping I feel I am in a good place physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally. I hope I am getting ready or started my new money making plan. I hope I am about to be a bride in a couple of weeks. I will probably have waaaaaay more fears and worries on that next year.

I hope to learn something about how I experience me and the world.

I think my smile will have returned and my mind will be lighter - I will have returned to a place where my laughter comes easily and there will be a consistency in my joy.

I hope I will feel amazed by how insightful I was and deeply fulfilled by all I've done over the year. I hope I will be more calm, clear and energized about my life's path -- not feeling so foggy, lost and stressed.

Well, when I looked at last year's answers they were pretty much reflective of how I'm living right now. I guess I have reached the age of knowing my desire and my resolve. I've achieved most of my more loftier goals and now focus on how I can affect the people with whom I come in contact... by loving and accepting them. I know a little bit about a lot of things and not a whole lot about any one thing…I dabble until I find something else that interests me. I used to consider that "flighty" but now I feel differently. My resume' is long and diverse. Life is short and I want to do it all...

I hope I feel there have been positive changes, of course. I hope my business will have proven to be a viable option to support the family, I hope by then I am more relaxed and there has been progress in important personal relationships, and in my marriage in particular. I hope most of all that I don't feel as thinly stretched, and that I am more confident and stronger. I guess what I am hoping most of all is to be able to look at myself and see growth, to feel proud of at least some accomplishments as a mother, entrepreneur and human being. Growth and clarity. Yael Behira. My Jewish name.

The same

I hope I'm in control of it, that I've simplified my life, and that I'm working to my goals, minimizing the mental, physical and psychological clutter.

I hope to be a wiser more giving individual. I hope that next year many of my answers will be hope/dreams for those I know and love and not so much about me, myself and I.

Probably a bit sad. Hoping things will change for the better. This makes me want to try harder to make things better.

I hope I will be lighter and more of myself without the shame and guilt.

I hope I feel as good about 5775 as 5774. So many good things have happened it's just hard to replicate in the next 12 months. Jason back in the fold with a great career, Adam marrying a wonderful girl and having a great career, Jared is relatively happy and healthy, our health is good. Many wonderful freinds, CJSN activites, new in laws, financial security, good career, Torah study. What a turnaround in many areas. Maybe our life is on track for more nachas. I must say, we deserve it.

I hope I will be surronded by people who bring positivity into my life. I will feel better about saying no, and I will learn to put myself first sometimes.

I just hope that my life will have moved forward. It's never going to be perfect and there will always be small aspects that I'd like to change. I just don't want to stagnate or feel that I'm not addressing any real problems. And I really hope that my husband's job has evolved into something better in a year. He is really suffering physically and emotionally from job stress. He is trying to make a change, but has made some long-term commitments that may not be completed in a year. I just know he and we will be happier when he makes a change. These questions are really helpful and the process of writing my thoughts down feels productive. I look forward to revisiting my answers this time next year. And I am hopeful for a happy and healthy year ahead for myself, my family and my friends.

I hope I have gained more knowledge and wisdom. I hope I am continuing to do better in many parts of my life. I hope that I'm continuing to work on myself and grow. I hope the goals I have made that I have accomplished and then some. Continuing to walk my path in life towards positivity.

Hopefully, i'll look back on these things with smug superiority and a side of ta-ta sauce. Mostly it'll be another reminder, that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

I hope I will continue to be more comfortable with myself, more accepting and loving of myself and others. Goodbye answers ..... see you next year!

I'll be excited. I'll be happy to see the glimpse of what happened last year. I'll be glad that I felled them out. I'll be sad at the areas that I'm still struggling with. I'll be nostalgic as I recall feelings from a year ago that I'd long since forgotten.

I think that getting these same questions one year later will be interesting. I think that some of my answers may change, but others won't. I can't wait for next year!

I think I'll feel disappointed with myself for wasting my time feeling depressed about the end of a relationship. I'm more focused about this upcoming year because of these questions. I want to work on my spirituality so I hope I will be calmer, more compassionate, and mentally healthier -- happier too.

I would hope that I have remembered to think about and act upon the intentions and meditations given as answers to these questions. As Aristotle said "What we do is what we become". I am hoping that I am doing more to be a good friend, husband, father and Christian.

By the time September of 2015 rolls around I am hoping for a few nice changes to my life and my family's lives. This time next year Casey will be entering 2nd grade hopefully more comfortable and settled than we were at the beginning of this harried school year. I hope that our house in Chicago is sold and we have all our furniture in the new house to make it settled. Also, I hope to be working in a new career by then making me more settled in our new community and my work life. I am hopeful that all the big life changes that have been happening these past couple of years will settle down and we can move forward on a new phase in our life. I think I made some bold but solid decisions in my life this past year and I am looking for them to pay dividends in 2015.

When September 2015 rolls around and I sit down to read my 10Q answers I think I'll do some soul searching amidst a sense of nostalgia. I might be saddened or disappointed at myself if things don't go according to my plans. I might even laugh at myself for some of my answers this year. After all, time does have a way of showing us how wrong we are about some things. I have no idea what will be different about my life. I do recall the lyrics to "Forever Young" by Alphaville: "Hoping for the best but expecting the worst". I think that's how I live my life. Every day can have great and/or horrible moments. I just take the good things with me and let the bad ones strengthen me. This was my first time answering 10Q questions and so I don't know how having done that will impact my future life. I do believe that answering them was a great exercise in introspection and I'm already eager for September 2015 to roll around so I can compare my answers to next year's. I do hope I'll fell proud of the way I'm going to live the coming year. If not, I'll try my best to learn from my mistakes, make amends and move on. See us next year! :)

I'll feel thankful to have lived one more year in this beautiful town, close to family, and the Bay. I hope I am more centered and feeling less fragmented as I go through my days and weeks, that I will have read more books, seen more films, and shared many abrazos -- muchos mas! I hope that next year I will have an even greater perspective on the meaning of my life up to now, and how I will take steps to celebrate the good, and find meaningful ways to contribute to Tikkun Olam in the decades ahead.

I think I'll be able to look back and think that so much has changed! And if there hasn't been much change, that is okay! There's always time to try again!

Clearly a lot of my answers revolved around work. I hope that our occupancy is up in the 90s, that my team is functioning at a high level and if not. I hope that I am seriously considering other options and not afraid to make a change. In my personal life I prey that it is as good as this year and that ann and I continue to make strides for a more perfect union. I also prey that my kids mature in a happy an healthy way.

OMG 2014 was not a kind year to my family. My sister was diagnosed with breast cancer and I found out I'm carrying a gene that will pretty much ensure that any biological daughters I have will get breast cancer as well. I'm really hoping 2015 will be better. One of the things these questions did for me was to help me stop and take a look at my life, instead of just grinding through it. I don't do that often enough. These questions were good for me. I'm hoping next year when I read these questions, sunnier days are upon my family.

I really dont Know. I am at a crossroads. Trust have no idea where ill be néctar year

I'm hoping that I'll feel a lot more mature in the future than I do right now. I hope I'll look back on these answers and feel like so much has happened in a year. I certainly felt that this year, and it was really nice to actually feel that for once. I also know there will inevitably be an element of "It's been a year already? What?" Time seems to be going by faster and faster and faster, and I can't seem to do much about it. I hope we're closer to having kids. I understand us not being ready yet, and definitely not having one on the way, but I want to feel like we've made some good, solid progress in that area of our lives.

I hope I feel pleased and proud that I aspire to new goals and made some happen. I hope I am kind to myself for some things left undone and feel assured that I didn't follow through for good reasons

I hope that I won't be as disappointed with my progress as I was in 2014. I hope that we will have gotten some major things done and can be starting to think about / work on new and different projects.

I don't know, I will have to let you know next year in 2015!

What do I hope will be different - I mean in my heart of hearts - a lot but in reality few things. I think my brothers are on the cusp of being happy. I think my parents and I are veering towards a healthier relationship. I could care less about a lot of my extended family - I'm finally over not fitting in with a lot of them - being the oddball isn't something I mind - I DO like yoga, I AM Jewish, I DO date differently, I DON"T wear heels and shit, and fucking DUH --> I know I'm loud, GET OVER IT. What do I want to be different? I guess I'd like a job - one that stimulates me and challenges me. I'd like to live alone if that's possible. I'd like a dog - like sharing a dog might be helpful but the reality is I want a dog, and so I might just woman up and deal with the challenges. I'd like a boyfriend if he's awesome, and we're awesome together and that's in the cards. The rest - well, I'm already blessed and I hope that continues on the path I've been on - loving family, loving friends and too much love than I seem to be able to return.

I have a new sense of freedom that I hope expands to include some clarity about where we want to live and what we want to do with our time, specifically who and how can we make a larger contribution in the world.

I hope I'll feel good! I hope I'll feel rested and alive and ready for the coming year.

I hope that I will be reading these answers as the proud owner of a small home in Maui

I expect to be more settled in my new home and focused on living more in the moment and not for what I need to do next.

I don't know that I will think differently about my life, though my goals might have changed in a year. I don't see thinking about these questions as having much of an impact on anything. It is just interesting to see how my answers have changed.

Adjusting better to aging and doing more planning for the future.

I have no idea how I'll feel. I think if I have achange in feeling it will becasue that tonight starts Yom kippur and if at the service Iwill be attending the rabbi is inspiring or thoughtful or leaves me with something to"chew on" maybe I will have anew trend or better way of dealing with issues.

I believe I'll be feeling FAN-TAS-TIC! I'll have a good job that I enjoy & a pleasant companion to keep me company! Just seeing things clearly has assisted me already, but it was Charles Kettering who said: "A problem well-stated is a problem half solved."

Hmmmm. I hope that I will have taken these questions to heart -I think it's the difference btwn where I AM AND WHERE I THINK I SHOULD BE. I procrastinate and then I realize I am happy where I am in life and so mainly -to be at peace with where I am-and know that is where I am Suposto be :)

I hope that, come September 2015, I'm still continuing to be self-reflective. I hope that I am continuing my journey of knowing myself. Of listening to my feelings, of processing them, and of using them to help me decide how to act. I hope that I am continuing to change destructive behaviors. I hope that I am still sober. I hope that I am living healthfully- balancing stress, eating well, and exercising. In my relationships with others-family, my partner, and friends- I hope that I continue to be truthful and set boundaries. I hope that I am thinking of my worth and needs first, and their second. I hope we are living out joy together. In September 2015, I hope that I am connected to community more. I hope that I am going out and writing with others. I hope that I am spending time getting to know the LGBTQ community in which I live and identify. I hope I am seeing more live music :-) And finally, at the end of this year, I hope I am more connected to G-d. This is been a rough year for my relationship with G-d. The rituals I had in 2012-baking challah on Fridays, reading Torah and reflections on Saturdays, writing about faith- all fell off my plate once I got a new job. I stop letting Shabbos candles and giving tzedekah on erev Shabbat. I did not stop believing, but I stopped actively seeking a connection with G-d. At the end of this year, I hope that G-d and I are more connected and that I understand more of Judaism.

I hope I feel a sense of relief, calm and control over the future of my life for the next 3 - 5 years (and onward). I hope I look back and realize that I was right on, but that life moves on and it all worked out (or is working out) okay. I think that outcomes is likely. I wonder if I'll be surprised that I spent so much time dwelling on my dissatisfaction with my immediate surroundings and work and not much on other issues, like my marriage...? but the marriage is good (and I hope I'll continue to feel that way), so then what else is there but your work and your social life and the place in which you live?!

I hope that I have a little more insight into the false stories that hold me back. I hope I will feel like I have overcome some of my inner obstacles and have my feet more firmly planted on opening as wide as I can with the world.

I think I'll feel a bit elated that I've gotten through another year. There's always a fear that I haven't been inscribed in the book of life. I want to see these answers. I want to compare my aspirations for the future and see how the choices I made in this past year have brought me to where I am. I would like to be on a more intentional course by Sept. 2015. More reflection in this year could help me achieve those goals.

I may have changed some of what I wrote about, and may not have accomplished all of what I shared. I may recognize that I have grown in the 12 months since writing these answers. Life can change a lot in 12 months; and that will likely be the case for this past year and the next year, and every year.

I think I'll be surprised that I didn't mention Jacob more in these posts. I will be excited to see what is different in my life with him and personally/professionally. Let's see where 2015 goes. This was a nice time to reflect especially for someone who doesn't always like to do so.

I will be in a better place. And hope that the obstacles in life had taught me something

I hope I'll have a better plan. I hope I'll be a good way into executing that plan. I hope I'll look back on this period of my life and say that this was when I was figuring it out, and I won't be quite done with that yet but I won't feel so damn at sea all the time. I'll have adjusted to whatever my new life is, and I'll be out kicking ass.

I hope and think that I'll have a tractor, and I'll have some savings, and I'll have had a year of more successful weed management. I hope my roommate/role model/dear friend will still be around. I hope that I'll feel more of a sense of control and direction, rather than a sense of treading water in the deep. Thinking about these questions helps re-adjust the larger picture...I know from the process which priorities need addressing first, which will hopefully lead me this year to a more stringent and reliable budgeting/money flow process.

I hope I will laugh at the answers because I will have figured out many of my goals and it will be a wonderful snapshot of a moment of transition in my life. Or, I hope I will laugh at how wonderfully optimistic I am and, also, how wonderfully melodramatic I have always been. I also hope that I will continue to be as hungry (personality-wise) to push myself to be the best person I can be. A) I want to be in THE long-term relationship by September 2015. I really hope it will be Gregory. However, regardless if it is not, I hope that I will have truly figured out what it is I am looking for so that my next relationship will be my last relationship. B) I also hope that by September 2015, I will be in a job that is a perfect stepping stone (either in allowing me more time to pursue my hobbies or by being the right industry) to my career and that I find meaningful. I hope thinking about and answering these questions have helped me be more deliberate in the decisions I make and less hasty in my decision making process.

I hope I can look back on my answers with a little more wisdom and a little more self assurance. I hope my life feels as stable (relatively) next year as it does now. I hope I'm happy. I hope I'm not too hard on myself when I read the answers.

I hope that I will still not be stuck in the same place after a year. I hope that I will have made healthy changes that will cause me to feel happier and more fulfilled. I hope that I will have discovered a new hobby, or improved an old one. I hope that I'm not too hopeful and more hope filled.

My hope is that I have been persistent and consistent with my eating plan and tennis and tango to be army goal weight and much healthier than I am now. It will be the first time in DECADES that I will weigh what I used to. It will be amazing to look and feel my best. I will feel incredibly proud of mastering my weight issues.

I don't know how I'll feel Hopefully, that I was honest, and that I see movement in a constructive and positive direction. I hope that I'll think that I have changed the things I can control, and have found some peace with those things I cannot change.

I will be in an even better place than today. It's important to continue learning in ALL things. I intend to do that.

I think I will realize that I'm awesome!!! Seriously, though, I kind of hope it will give me insight that some of my fears and struggles are fleeting, and already by September 2015 feel like the distant past. I hope that I have tackled some of my goals courageously. This has been an interesting exercise.

It is foolish to speculate. The world moves too fast these days to have any hope of forecasting how one might feel even a month from now, or what might be different about one's life. Long ago when rosh hashanah was inititated, one's world was relatively constant - but even then, things like war and pesilence could arrive at a moment's notice. Hope? Of course one hopes for the best. But as the experience of Judaism shows, even while hoping for the best, one should probably prepare for the worst. That way, there's at least some chance of finding a middle way...

I'd like to think that I'll be pleasantly surprised but I will just need to remember that these answers coming from my conscious and subconscious mind are representative of a specific time when I had just moved to a new city (at least fairly new), started a new job, and a new way of life. Transitions are hard and time-consuming and if I can laugh a little at what I've written (in a good way) then I'll be happy. I hope that I'm making good progress to living the kind of life that I want for myself and in a better place.

I hope that when I receive these answers I will find them amusing. I hope that in a year's time so much will have changed in my life that I will feel silly knowing that I spent so much time worrying about things that really do not matter. Of course my fear is that nothing will have changed, that I will feel exactly the same as now and worry that I will be "stuck" in the same mind-set forever.

Hopefully I will have accomplished some of the things I talked about in the Q10. I think it is important to take time to reflect on the past year. I hope I won't feel disappointed in myself. I hope to feel more secure in my life as far as finances and health. I hope to have better work/life balance.

I'll probably be a bit embarassed, because I always feel a bit embarassed when I read things I wrote in the past. If I grow up more in the next year, I'll think what I wrote sounds immature, because I will be older and wiser this time next year. I hope that by answering these questions my life will be different because since I have my goals in writing, I will be disappointed if I read these goals next year and haven't made any progress toward them. Answering these questions gives me accountability.

When September 2015 rolls around I think I will be feeling incredibly grateful for my life. I'll feel open, kind, loving, connected, compassionate, patient, and have an abundance of gratitude and love in my life. I think my life will be most joyful and loving because I am focusing on cultivating love and connection daily. I'm working to give myself more down time, time to play, time to rest, time to love. I'm working on being truly present in every moment and intend on continuing this practice of whole-hearted, moment by moment, gratitude-filled living.

I really hope I'll smile at how much I've accomplished and how much I've grown. I think I'll be in a very confident place, ready to walk on through life, able to enjoy every moment

I think I'll be a bit abashed at how silly some of my answers seem, maybe a bit trite, who knows. I hope the things I discussed regarding changes to my personal life will be found to have been enacted in regards to my time and dreams.

I hope I'll be in a position of comfort and security, looking back on a woman who was in the middle of a major life change. The reason why these questions speak to me is that they are helping me record my thoughts during this time, so I'll be able to look back a year from now and see how everything was marching to a happy resolve. Next year in Jerusalem!

i will want to try them all again.

I hope that I can be more reflective and patient and appreciative. And kinder to myself. And part of me being okay is being able to be there for others and give freely.don't doubt so much but be freely giving and accepting

I hope I'll remember who I was while having continued to grow and change and continue to respect and listen to my inner voice.

I truly hope I'm feeling more lighthearted, optimistic and deserving of relaxation and pleasure. I'm so over-defended right now, trying to balance the needs of my husband and kids, with little left over for myself and for self-care. I'd like to recoup the feeling I had as a younger woman that everything would be OK. Now I feel as though if I am not hyper-vigilant, thinks will get worse.

I genuinely and truly hope that i have lost the weight i have wanted to loose, and that i am still working on my physical body, and simultaneously working on my mental well being. I want to look back at the year i've had and know that i have done what i can to grow and learn and become a better version of myself. I no longer want to promise myself that i will do this or that tomorrow, but that i will do what i need to do for me, today. I also hope that i have also found a job that i like, and not one that i have just settled for, i hope i find some sort of romance, no matter how brief or insignificant, i hope that i get to go to china and visit my best friend and see more of the world, and i hope that i am maintaining the friendships that i have worked for years to build upon. I hope that i am happy, with some of the things i've done, and forgiving of any of the mistakes i have made. I hope that i have had a year full of adventures and spontaneous decisions, but also a year full of nights where i snuggled with my puppies and relaxed. I know this year won't be perfect, no year is, especially because no one likes you when you're 23, but this year could be a great one, it has all the potential in the world. I think that maybe taking the time to reflect can be the simplest of steps on the road to life, and hopefully this T'Shuvah, this 10 days of repentance will help me through another crazy year.

I think I will feel accomplished, I hope that my wife and I will be in a home of our own and I hope that I will be excelling at work. I feel that these are goals that are attainable and will be done.

This year I read my answers and felt like despite traveling a full trip around the sun, I really was kind of back in the same place again, but with a more evolved perspective. Which felt...well, better than just in the same place, but worse than being in the different place which I had imagined and desired. That said, upon reflection, I can realize that really I have accomplished a lot and really have changed in some meaningful ways, so that outcome is good. Next year, I would like to be sharing these answers with everyone, and pleased as punch that I have met my goals.

I hope I feel proud - to have tamped down my fears a bit and to have made changes that have been a long time coming - but more realistically I'll just feel like I want to same things all the time and I haven't ever actually done anything about it. So here's a new hope: I hope I've adjusted my expectations and actions so that I try to be better but I don't beat myself up it, so that I can be happier with what I do accomplish and what I do have. Isn't that the spirit of Yom Kippur, after all? I'll try my hardest this year, I hope, but after all that if I haven't managed to get what I want, I'll forgive myself and try again the year after.

I really don't know. I hope I'm a better version of myself. I hope I'm proud. I hope this helps me focus

I will be curious. I think I will have made small to moderate changes towards dealing with the issues I face now. Alternatively, we could all have Ebola by then.

I hope against hope that I'll say, "Whew! Isn't it wonderful that my fears about your children proved to be unwarrented -- look how well they're doing!" And I hope I'll also say, "Now that that's under control, let's focus on some ways you can improve yourself and the world."

I think I'll feel proud of myself that by next year, I will be past my previous worries of last year. Hopefully I will be somewhere where I am happy to be, whether it be working, or in school. I also hope that I will have traveled a little more and had the chance to explore myself and have wonderful experiences with my friends and boyfriend. In addition to that, I hope that I will have better understood what it means to be an adult and take up more responsibilities. I will appreciate my parents and continue to grow as a person.

I hope I'll be in a better, more positive place emotionally, physically, spiritually... Lately, I've felt very low and not so healthy. It tends to shade my outlook on so many other aspects of my life when I don't feel good. I'm certain that by taking a moment to really think about the current state of my life, I'll be better prepared to tackle all the things I want to in the next year.

When September 2015 rolls around my goals of taking time to listen to others will hopefully be much more complete. What seems like a year away will go as quick as minutes. Maybe I will be in Israel, maybe I will be back in Cleveland, or maybe I will be elsewhere but only above knows those answers. I truly just hope I am happy and happy with who I am as a person then.

I think about this kind of thing all the time. I think in fact I'm too obsessed with self-improvement and 'getting things right' and making the best of every situation. Actually, it would be a step forward for me to be less worried about mistakes and failures and problems. Though I doubt that will happen. All I ever hope is that we don't have too many serious issues over the course of next year. I've had a really difficult 18 months - it could have been worse, I remind myself - but there's been a lot of worry and stress. I would be so relieved if things were easier for the next year so I could focus on work better. I'd be proud of myself if I could meet my work goals and have that book finished. Even if just to be free of it and move on to something new. It will be interesting to read these answers. I tend to think that I don't change that much, and yet I do. I think I might be surprised by how dated this feels. Of all the questions I've answered, the one about the spiritual experience surprised me the most. I'm so busy battling through life that I never give myself a chance to feel the wonder of it. It would be so nice if I had an opportunity to do that - or perhaps I should say, I'll try and make the space for it to happen.

I'll feel annoyed that I only did 3 of the 10. After that, I hope to be in a much better space with my work-life which should pour over into my relationship. I also will be 9 months away from retirement (again) and looking forward to that. I believe I will be more emotionally fluid and at peace with the doubts that plague me now about my performance that has cause me to be changing companies in the first place. The reflection I have engaged in with these questions has brought much to light that was vague I see how I have been kicking myself and taking responsibility for things not within my power to change. Getting free of this will have more impact that most anything else. I am grateful this came into my life (and inbox).

I hope that I will still be in my current relationship. I hope that I will be more consistent about connecting with friends. I hope that I will be reengaged in some sort of artistic life.

I think I'll be upset with my current preoccupations. When I reflect on my life choices I tend to only consider where I went wrong. Some may see that as a flaw. It's hard to convince someone who always strives for improvement to be satisfied with how they previously were. I hope my future self reading this truly understands what it means to be comfortable with giving your best effort and nothing more rather than pretending to. I hope my year of struggle turns out to be more than trying to get through a storm, but rather enjoying the feeling of rain.

I hope I will be only mildly surprised and feel pretty much as I do in this moment. I hope my health stays the same or improves but not worse. I wish for equanimity for myself, my loved ones, and for all the world. I hope I will stay open and loving and less judgmental.

I have faith that I will have kept many promises to myself. I feel more than ever that I am now steady path towards my goals and dreams that I've wanted for a long time. I am fully aware, however, that life throws curve balls. I think at least I will have kept the goals on track that I can control, and have controlled my attitude toward life, the one thing I can always control. I can't wait for the many opportunities I am not even aware of and the many things this year I will find out about myself and my path.

I am pretty sure my reaction will be, "...yup."

I'm hoping 9/2015 will find me as a more paitient person. I'm hoping that I will have stuck to my "resolutions" and had a year where I learned a lot about myself. I hope that my "fellowship" project works and that it can be the start of something big.

This year I felt a sense of both hope and frustration. Hope that I had actually achieved some of what I set out to change about my life, and frustration that I continue to need work on other of my concerns. Perhaps I shouldn't be so frustrated, as it may be natural not to be able to achieve every goal all at once. I imagine - I hope - I'll feel the same next year. I hope that I might have achieved some of the bigger goals (open heart, listening, patience) and less of the smaller more technical ones, though I suspect the opposite may end up being true.

I hope I feel amused on some level but also that I've grown up a little. I hope I've gained confidence and a better sense of organization. What will be different about my life? Everything, I think. Maybe not where I live...but I don't even know that right now. This fellowship is only a year long but it could be the beginning of a lifetime, which is crazy to consider. Should be interesting to see where I am in a year. Hopefully I still recognize myself. (Hi me!)

I hope I'm happier, more realized, maybe a bit more focussed. I will have had some failures, I want to have failures in the sense that I have honestly tried something, and it failed not because I didn't do it, but for other various reasons we fail. However, I want the effort to be there. Hopefully, those failures will lead to some successes.

I hope that I will have grown and changed so much that my answers from this year will be a shocking flashback. What I think will actually happen? I will probably realize that I always have been, and always will be the same person, but I will reflect it in different ways by then.

I am optimistic that I will feel energized and happy about the year gone by and the results of my efforts personally, spiritually and in business. I really don't think that answering questions will make the difference, but having tools like this on a regular and periodic basis will help me continue to "sharpen the saw"

I hope that I'll feel proud: proud that I made decisions and followed through on them. I've already taken the first step: I registered for a WFR class in January. I don't know if I'd have actually DONE it, if it hadn't been for answering these questions. It gave me the motivation to stop talking and start doing. We spend so much time talking about "I'd like to do this someday," and not enough deciding that "someday" is NOW. I'm an adult, and I have the resources to do many of my dreams. So I hope that when I'm reading these a year from now I've actually taken real steps in the pursuit of those dreams. I hope I will feel like a braver, more confident, more follow-through-y type person. With a book contract.


Well I hope things are great. I hope that I have a pretty good job, and that everything that will change and has changed will be for the better.

In September 2015, I hope that: I will have found a way to be more relaxed overall; I'll feel less guilty about not having time to do certain things (keeping in mind that disappointment and guilt are two different feelings); and that I'll have struck a better balance between school and non-academic pursuits in line with better time management at both. Answering these questions over the past week and a half has made me even more conscious of the things that drive me and the things that I need to work on, and they are at the forefront of my mind going into this new year. I think that next year I will be apprehensive to read my answers but I hope that the things I identified as problems have changed by then, and I hope that I will grow as a person and accept life as it happens more over the next year.

The next year is its own challenge. Too much externally is wrong to dare hope for miracles. Righting some of it is a hope I have. Staying healthy. Fixing my liver. Helping my husband become better in some way.

I think that I'll probably be slightly embarrassed as I usually am by things like this; I might cringe in my seat... but I do hope that I will have accomplished some of the things that I wrote and that my life will be different as a result of thinking about my life and evaluating it with the help of these questions.

I guess the most important is family and your health and get caught in what you can't change. Peace be with us all.

September 2015... woaw I've forgotten that thing of 10Q ! Let's see what crap I've written and have fun:D What do I expext of Future/Present Me ? To live my life as I've ever wanted, to stop looking at how others live and be me and only me ! Ohoh que c'est cucul ^^ Maybe I will ha e friends around the world and visit them, maybe I will still be quite alone and following my path searching who am I. Do I still have a lot of hobbies or do I find my passion ? Whatever happened and will happen Heloase... keep confident and be yourself :)

I wonder if I'll feel like I've made any real progress. I think my life will be largely the same, and I hope I'll have continued to change. Thinking about and answering these questions, and looking back at prior years' answers is a good way to grab a snapshot of feelings - much different than trying to remember how I felt in Sept 2014. And looking back, I can better notice the changes in me.

I hope that I won't feel so overwhelmed and will be enjoying life more.

Will feel a sense of satisfaction for making progress to not "piss away life at work" and not "piss away money on lifestyle". Primary difference will be a greater clarity as to the 5 year plan to retirement to include a better understanding of what material items are necessary and what items are "high maintenance" and should be considered for elimination.

I hope I have direction. I hope I'm in pursuit of my dreams and not killing time. I hope I'm surrounded by supportive, funny, creative and genuine people. I hope I can recite old friends' current stories. I hope I'm so fucking happy I can hardly contain it. I hope I'm in the mountains. I hope I'm not bored. I hope I am in the midst of planning a big non work related adventure. I hope I'm not living off ramen. I hope I'm doing yoga. I hope I'm journaling regularly. I hope he is no longer intruding on my thoughts.

I am hoping to be less stressed and more balanced. I'm hoping I'll have met some of the goals I've set and feel comfortable with where I'm at.

I hope to see these struggles and current angst as a thing of the past

Excited, motivated, joyful, satisfied, content As a result of thinking about and answering these questions, I hope to be more thoughtful and intentional about what I'm creating in the next year.

I hope I feel like I actually accomplished many of the things I said I would in the earlier answers. I hope to spend some time reflecting on my life, not just getting stuck getting by from day to day.

Most likely disappointed. I hope I will do at least half of what I want to do.

I hope that I feel like I accomplished the things I set out to, and that I look at the answers as honest and real. I hope Im at a place where Im working, and a place where Im happy. Not the end place, but a good spot on the road.

I'm not sure much will change in a year. I think I'll be critical of my responses, think them shallow, banal and boring. Maybe not. I enjoyed answering the questions.

I suspect that I'll have forgotten the answers, so it may be like meeting an old friend. I think I'll look at them and say nothing has changed, other than perhaps passing the PE exam.

I think I'll be pleased at the progress I'll have made ...it'll probably also remind me of some hopes I had at this time which weren't fulfilled but those will probably be the ones which were outwith my control ...I'm feeling optimistic. I have one wish which I will not disclose here but my fingers n' toes are crossed.

I hope life has improved by so many degrees i barely can remember this time... That we have made a positive move of choice, the kid has gone somewhere else, that there is travel lined up, the books are selling well and there's much to enjoy.

i don't know. i do know that this year i had forgotten some of the details, so i was surprised / educated again. since this next year has the possibility of being very different, i could imagine that nearly everything has changed. and i want that to be positive, of course, but if not at least endurable. perhaps i will find and do an online diary, to help with the memories i lose so often. i certainly hope i hold to the plan of learning, volunteering,

I think being married for a full year will be a completely different year of my life, and I have no real idea what to expect! But I hope to be happy as a clam and eager as a beaver to keep on goin'.

I hope everything will be greatly improved and that some of my answers will seem ridiculous. If only.......

It'd be nice to think life would be better, but I doubt it. But I don't think it'll be appreciably worse. What I really hope for, what would really make me happy, would be finding out whether or not my self-diagnosis is correct. If I'm right, a lot gets explained. If I'm wrong, I still get a degree of closure.

I will be fitter and in a job that I love (being either my current one or in ED, ideally sharing my time between both). I'm not sure I will feel much different, it will be an emotional year with my mother's illness and probable passing, I hope to be more confident emotionally and expressive with those I love.

I do feel more resolved to purse paths I have discussed in my replies, and hope to have made progress in both concrete goals and more abstract ones. I really hope that I will have found a more stable kind of job, that still includes classroom teaching. I hope to be able to read some Hebrew by then as well, a much longer term goal but related to short term ones so I do expect to have made some progress. More broadly I expect to be dismayed at the state of the world, more than now as I expect the world will be doing worse by this time next year, sadly. I hope that is not true, but in the empty sense that has no foundation upon which to legitimately rest, again, sadly. Very sadly. The world seems to need tikkun olam more than ever, and yet it seems more distant than ever. This worries me. We have forsaken the path of righteousness in the sense of right living in balance with the natural world. The power of nature that some call God is slowly deploying consequences for our actions in the vain hope that we will learn. But will not, at least not soon enough for that reality moves at time scales we cannot imagine, with consequences on all time scales.

I can't wait to see them. I think life will be pretty different next year. I look forward to looking back at these answering and remembering this time.

If this time was anything to go by, I'll be absolutely mortified. Which is good because it means I have grown. I hope I have direction, especially career wise, I hope I was able to leave mentoring, g-d willing I'll be in the US, and I hope I have a partner that I love and that I have completely forgotten about Sara.

I am hopeful that in 2015 the following things will have happened: a) my brother has moved out and found either work or on disability. It doesn't matter if it is Florida or Nevada. b) My daughter has graduated from law school, passed the bar exam and found the job of her dreams. c) I have found a great guy that I can share my life with you shares in my values of ways of living. d) I and my family remain healthy and in shape. e) I hope I am awarded the bronze award at the AHCA conference. f) I hope we receive an A for our annual state inspection g) I hope my niece finds a great guy and they wedding is being planned. h) I hope my daughter's boyfriend will find the job of his dreams. G) Hope there is world peace!

I hope I remember why I answered the way I did, and that I’m still in as good of a place as I am writing them. I hope I’ve accomplished/pursued some or all of the things I’ve written about here. I’m I’m actively working and developing the rest. I hope if there are any disappointments, I will have the ability to laugh at myself.

I'll either sigh and be disappointed that nothing has changed or I'll be happy that things have improved.

I'm hoping I'm happier and more content. I;m hoping I'll be more in control of things.

I hope I will be proud of who I am: not who I wish I was, but who I am.

I think I'll be happy to see that some of my goals have been accomplished, I think I may also end up giggling at myself about how I maybe continue to struggle with some of the same human inner conflicts. I hope I will smile and say to myself I love you.

I hope to feel that I've moved closer to God through my actions, thoughts, and corrections. These questions have helped me to focus on what is good in my life and what I would like to change.

I think I will feel happy to have a check-in with my progress, but I worry that not much will have changed. Disappoint never comes easy with these things. I hope that next year, I'll be able to look back and say "That was a good year. I was challenged. I smiled. I felt gratitude, and I did my best." I hope to feel happier with who I am and who I am becoming.

I would hope that when I look at the questions they will seem so strange to me because I have moved so far forward in my life that they seem like I was writing about another person. I want the life that I always dreamed of.

I hope that overall I have grown toward my goals and that I am kind to myself and others for our shortcomings.

I hope I'll feel like I nailed some of my hopes and plans by next year. If everything does actually happen, my life will be completely different. We will no longer have this farm and I have no idea where we will be or what will happen with Erika's life. Somehow, I just can't believe that will come to pass though. I see us continuing here until the day I die.

The emotion is always a surprise and I will wait until next year to the wonderment of what that may be. I hope that my life will be more purposeful, and intentional.

Hopefully I will have taken some steps and not feel stuck like I do now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think I'll feel happy, whether things have played out the way I expected or not. For me, the direction of my life has always been growthful, positive - somehow, I will have grown and changed, and will be better able to accept what is, however it is the year has played out. I can hope my business has gotten sustainable in a year, and I'll feel better about it. I can hope that I'll feel more settled in my life, and I can't imagine feeling happier about my marriage, although I guess it's possible that I will feel happier still.

Np- i hope I,ll have more time and won,t feel so rushed. Rs- I hope for continuity and I want to keep on going, I,m only 86. Jp - I hope I will not so readily lose it over small things, which I do now probably at the rate of once per few days. ( silly things like a Verizon overcharge of $100 or a good book carelessly dropped on the floor). It only lasts a few minutes or less...but is wrong minded.

I hope I'll be able to look back at the past year and see all the progress I've made on my goals.

I hope I have succeeded things I want to. I hope I will be in a better place and feel happy about that. I hope I hsve finally reached where I want to be mentally and be pleased that after two years I've finally gotten there.

I hope we're out of my MIL's house. I hope we own a home. I hope the things I wrote about are ancient history, and yet life lessons I continue to sew upon.

I expect that I will be very happy to see my previous responses. I think I will like this past person who is writing today and be even happier that I arrived at wherever I am then. I hope and expect that I will be more disciplined about meditation and exercise, that they will have become a regular part of my day, like breathing and eating, smiling, laughing, and dancing. I hope and expect that I will also be more disciplined about what I eat and how I spend my time. I would like to have purged all my loose ends and be very efficient with my time and energy so as to have all the time I need to spend with those I love. Or perhaps I will be off the internet entirely, and these answers will serve only as inspiration to the others who read them. Welcome 2015! You are loved.

I sincerely hope I will have met some of the goals I am setting for myself. And managed to stick with them as a lifestyle change. I will be rejoicing at the birth of my 3rd grandchild in March. Time marches on; I realize I am getting older but I have the pleasure of seeing a new generation that I hope to share some of my memories and make new ones with.

I hope I am still here but farther along in achieving goals and making real progress. I hope to see real growth and improvement. I hope to most of all see a world at peace and more accomplished at achieving a greater quality of life around the globe.

I hope I will have found a congregation again, will have a rabbi I can trust. I hope my school job will be so much better as I hope my head of school and head of religious studies will be gone ( one can dream!) I hope for the impossible - Peace in Israel, an end to the BDS movement which is stupid and self defeating, an end to the virulent Anti Semitism in the world as we are seeing now. As to the rest? Well, we shall have to wait and see.

I hope I am feeling more financially secure and that I am still happy with my job. Hopefully Steve and I will be closer, as we've seemed to drift apart after so many years. I hope my puzzle company is off to a good start. I hope I am still as healthy as I am now.

Because I am settling into a life with fewer work commitments, which has been such a concern to me, I expect I'll become more and more comfortable with the shape of my life and the pace of my days. I hope I am doing some good for people and not being selfish with my time. I hope I continue to live a healthy life style and that John is still with me.

I hope when I look back on 5775, I will be happy for how it turned out. There is a lot to accomplish this year. I hope I can have fun doing it all!

I hope that I have not let another year fly by while I have been on auto pilot. I am going to define goals, make action plans. Get going!?

I hope I'll be looking forward to a new year with new challenges and old challenges providing even more. I think I'll be excited about my future and happily anticipating the new questions.

When September 2015 rolls around and I receive my answers I think I'll feel like a year has gone by in a flash and also that so much has happened, that I've changed and accomplished so much, and that I while it seems like not that much is changing as it happens but in retrospect I can see how much was happening over the year. I think some things that will be different about my life and where I'm at as a result of thinking about and answering these questions is that I'll be in a strong, competitive and exciting place with Anja with almost unthinkable options ahead of us and I'll be thinking about work in an international way. I also think I'll be in a relationship with Vernetta that is fulfilling and full of happiness and joy and that I'll have a life unfolding before me that I've always dreamt of.

I will feel excited to reconnect with the 2014 version of myself. I hope that I feel enough different that I will see the answers as letter from a friend, but not from myself.

This year I've answered with less optimism than usual. The questions have prompted a higher degree of cynicism and resignation than I have ever allowed before. I hope that next September I can smile and cheer and feel relief that I've done the right things and we have banded together as a family and a society to address these complex problems and make a difference. If that's not it, I'll be slinging that bag over my shoulder and taking off into a future of nomadic volunteering.

I hope I'll feel more at home in my own skin. I hope I'll feel more settled with regards to my plans for my future. I hope I'll have figured out what to do with my life, how to spend it, what to study, which path to follow. I hope I'll feel healthier and happier and less stressed about meaningless things. I hope I'll be at a place in my life where I am doing things for me, because I want them for myself. I hope I'll be at liberty to live freely and carelessly and creatively and go on adventures. I hope I'll have enought money saved up to be able to travel as much as I can possibly dream of! I hope I'll be on my way to go explore the world. I hope I'll be surrounded by people who love me. I hope I've got someone to love and share little moments with.

I hope i'm happier with my work situation. I hope i'm on to new projects. I hope I feel like I was so young during this time

I think I will feel glad I participated. I hope that Ragtag Artist Coop is more than an idea.

I hope that I'll feel differently than what I felt when I first answered those questions. I guess my answer to this is: hopeful.

These questions are a pretty slim way to engage with any kind of serious thought. Real thinking about life and issues takes time and energy; I have taken little time and put sparse energy into answering the questions. I doubt there will be much if any impact on my life.

Want to make God laugh? tell him your plans. May I at the least respect my efforts, respect the me I brought to this year. Hope for milk and honey but learn for walking in the desert. Till Jerusalem next year.

I hope I look back on these days as a bleak but neccessary moment. I hope I don't regret these days, but I hope I look back on them with relief that they're over and the understanding that I'm in better times.

I hope to feel satisfied with fixing my problems I've had this time. Hopefully I'm in a more secure place in my life. But I also want these answers to serve as a reminder of my journey and progress.

i hope i don't feel any disappointment. i hope by writing down my thoughts that i will work towards making them come to life. the things i wrote about were things that I have control over and can completely strive towards completing so i hope a year from today i don't disappoint myself. they don't have to be complete but i would like to at least be working towards a better me.

I hope that I feel light years away from where I am today as I sit in my car trying to waste an hour while Leila and Liam visit their dad at a visitation center. This is not what I wanted for them. I hope that I am happy, happier than I've been in years. I don't know that my answers here will do much but remind me of this time on my life, hopefully a distant memory by this time next year.

I will feel curious to remember how I was feeling at this time this year. I hope I will have achieved some of the goals I set and moved foreward from any ambivalent feeling I have right now.

I hope i will feel, INSPIRED! and i hope i will look at them and be like WOW, I h ave totally made huge progress in some of these areas, just like i look back on some other times during my life and realize how much progress iv'e made or how much it has evolved! I hope i will look back with respect and know that no matter what, life will bring some messy times and things to be worked on. It's about feeling it, comign to understand ourselves better, trying not to take things too seriously, loving ourselves and the beautiful people in our lives, knowing that every day is a new day. Every issue can be turned into a learning experience. Every day is different, today i feel pretty great. I feel loved, connected, alive, yesterady on the other hand, i was a hot mess. So don't ever think that you know what's coming or what's not. Be you. Here's to September 2015 and being ALIVE. -tay

Hopefully I will be alive and healthy and have made some progress towards my goals. Not sure if this will change my life--hope I will be grateful for any good health I do have, and my family is well and happy and closer to me physically.

I'll probably be disappointed in myself for not achieving my work/career goals. I'll (hopefully) be in a long term committed relationship with Mark. We are just about to move in together now, so it'll be almost a year down the track! Gah!

curious hope to have moved forwards...

Farther ahead in my education and my relationship. I also hope my grandpa gets better

Since, for the most part, I am very satisfied with my life, I hope when the next High Holidays roll around, I will feel the same. I also hope that resolutions made between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur last longer than those made on Jan 1!

School will be well behind me, and I hope that I'll have successfully argued my way and demonstrated my work for a promotion. I will be fit. I will be fit. I will be fit. I will be more centered in myself and stronger for allowing myself time and space to exercise my imagination and my voice and my desires. I will feel like I've accomplished something and be reminded of how far I've come and framing where I yet want to go.

i really hope i feel proud of myself for having accomplished so much. and i hope i have made some more emotional connections to people here. i hope i'm in a relationship, and happy. and i hope i am able to see my family and friends in seattle more than just once a year.

I think my first reaction will be pleasure. I will be glad that I took the time to answer the questions and document my thoughts and feelings right now, especially since this is such a changeable year for me. There are a few years that I regard as important years in my life. Not just important days, or weeks, or moments, but years that went far in defining the me that exists now. My sophomore year in college, the year that I bought my first house, the year that I turned 35, this year. These years, for very different reasons, challenged me and led me to make permanent shifts and developments as a person, or an employee, or as friend or partner. These years were not business as usual years. This year will be one of "these years". And for that I am glad that I took the last 10 days to answer 10 questions. Considering my expectations of where I'll be next year, I am actually trying to keep them low. Ok, low may be the wrong word, because I don't mean that I think that there won't be any forward movement or positive things in my life. I think that what I means is that I'm keeping my expectations realistic. I mentioned in one of my earlier answers that some of the best advice I have received over the last three to four months has been "you don't have to have it all figured out right now." So, I'm leaving my options open. Which is exciting...because while I have been reminded by answering these questions that sometimes the worst does happen, our fears do come true, the bottom does drops out, the beautiful, wonderful, magnificent truth is that I can handle it. Next year -- who knows where I'll be? I hope that I'm learning more, healthier, have more friends, trying something new, still laughing. My options are open.

I hope I will look back and see all the issues and hurdles and struggles, and that I will be able to trace the route I took to overcome, to climb, to circumvent, to reach a place that is peaceful, and productive. I hope I will be able to see my successes, and my progress. I hope that I will be encouraged to continue my journey, without being discouraged by roadblocks and hindrances.

I hope that I am more present in my life events and aware of how I feel. I struggled to remember anything from the past year.

I hope that I can continue along the path of self-reflection. I know I'll be different, and I'll be living overseas in a different world. Perhaps some things will be the same though. Either way, I hope that I'll have grown. Do I think these questions have changed me? No. Not really. I do however, feel fortunate to have reflected on my life. Not enough people do. I'll be excited to read what I wrote, next September.

I hope i will feel content that i have let go and moved forward and grown. i hope i will feel at peace.

I hope I feel stable, calm and happy. I hope that Shannon and I work out and I hope - if it is not to be - that I am still calm and happy with my life

I genuinely hope that life is more fun, Lauren and I have a more close relationship, and that memories are being made more frequently than they are now.

I think I will feel gratified that during the year I inched my way toward opening myself to deep truths about myself and my relationship with Hashem. I hope my life will be seamlessly binding together people and places and spirit and energy that gathers and gives light and love.

I hope in September 2015 that I will be glad to see my answers and perhaps I'll get some insight into who I am (or was?) and what I am capable of. I hope that by thinking about the things asked here this year that next year I will be on a better path to inner peace and able to give back more to the world rather than worrying so much about the things that trouble me.

Sad And i hope everything has improved otherwise what is the point of this?

I hope that when I look back, that some of the things that have been major challenges may have shifted a bit, if for no other reason that I have a different, more tolerant attitude toward them. I am not someone who believes that there is a true resolution to life's challenges except in death. However, I do hope that I will have a greater sense of acceptance and openness to the ever present dilemmas, challenges, worries, and barriers that I encounter. My fears and struggles are siblings to my hopes and feelings of accomplishments and I know that to reject one is to disallow the other. Yet, instead of focusing on these, I hope to focus more on and accept living in the everyday moments of kind and encouraging interactions with others, doing my daily work (without recognition, accolades or worrying about what others are doing or being recognized for), and finding joy in the mundane, like holding hands with my husband while walking our dogs and checking out the sunset or moonrise. That is enough for a good life and I hope I dwell on and live in those moments all year long.

My prayer is that I will be that much closer to Christ, that much more like Jesus, that much more at peace, regardless the tumultuousness of this world. I hope I will not be ashamed.

I hope I feel that I was silly for feeling so down. I hope I can look back and say. Mia, if you only knew the good things ahead of you.

When September 2015 rolls around and I receive the answers to my 10Q questions, I think I will feel vulnerable and strong, smart and stupid, brave and cowardly, familiar and alien. I hope that as a result of pondering and writing responses to these questions that I am aware of the power and role of choice and action in daily life, moment by moment.

When I receive the answers to my 10Q questions, I think I will feel a little bit silly. I usually feel embarrassed when I read what I've written in the past. I hope that I will be working or doing something else that I'm proud of. As a result of these questions, I think I'll be slightly more aware of what's going on around me. By taking the time to think about these topics, I've remembered some important moments in my life and some important moments in history. Next year, I think that I will pay more attention to events as they occur. Overall, answering these questions has given me a fun surprise to look forward to next year. Maybe I'll read what I wrote and feel super uncomfortable. But if I'm lucky, maybe I'll actually learn from my answers.

Boy, I hope I am not in the same place then as I am right now. I actually feel pretty good at the moment, but overall, my lack of work and money is troubling. I am sitting at University Synagogue before Kol Nidre; it's the day after my birthday. We had a wonderful (3 hour) dinner celebration at Celestino's last night. It was just lovely. And I feel good now, if a little hot (heat wave). But I don't want to be stuck in the same cycle next year that I am right now. Also, I'm hoping to reveal more in therapy and find out what else is in there that is causing me problems (including continued overweight).

Confidence in myself is increasing with everyday I work at my dream. Slow and steady wins the race. I have reflected and nearly internalized that life will go in the direction with which I want.

I hope to feel safe and satisfied with the direction of my life and the journey.

i am enjoying the reflection. i hope i am in a significant relationship by next year. Trying online dating but I am mostly not invested. I'll meet someone when i do. I was planner when i was younger but not anymore. Life happens as it will. Next year, i'll be fine with my answers. hopefully, i can reflect again. I am pretty content all in all.....

I hope that I will be a more confident, outgoing person. I hope to find that fearless woman inside me that withdrew herself over the last year.

It's always funny to see what was super important a year ago and see what things still resonate. At this time next year, I can only ask that those closest to me are healthy and happy.

I am sure that in a year's time I will be surprised to see my responses, and excited to measure my progress against my goals. I sincerely hope and look forward to being closer to where I want to be personally and professionally. I think I will be closer to my personal goals but maybe not as close to my professional goals. We shall see. Either way, I will be kind to myself!

I hope that my family will be healed and transformed I hope I have a fantastic birthday celebration I hope I am healthy I hoped daughter will be loving kindergarten (or starting to love it)

I hope I'll feel inspired---but by that time I hope I will have figured out a job in Austin so I'm not commuting so much! I hope I'll feel happy spending time with myself, even to the point where I could have a partner and not feel like I want or need to spend every free moment with them.

I didn't love the questions this year so I don't know that they'll have any impact on my life. I do intend to be just as happy with all my blessings as I am today.

I'm hoping that I'm able to look back and be proud of where I've come from, seeing where I started. Not to mention a little ashamed of where I was a year ago. I hope to be in a different state of mind, a better/happier state of mind where I am not ashamed of myself, where I am happy about my life, and if not very proud at least on the way to be proud of my accomplishments.

I don't know how I'll feel in a year. I'm taking each day as is comes. Living day by day is necessary for me at this point. I'm at the beginning of a new chapter on my life. A chapter I, for once in my life, am in control of. I've chosen this - and it's all new to me. The city, the people, the university. Meeting new, interesting human beings have been immensely refreshing. How will I feel about it all in a year? Will I have fallen into a routine? Will I feel like time has been flying away? Maybe I'll have met someone.. Maybe I'm still the same... Only a year older. Will I have changed my path? I really hope I'm staying here. That I can make it. Finish what I started. I doesn't even have to be perfect. As long as I'm still standing. I know it won't be easy - it's not like I'm being totally unrealistic. There will hard days but I hope they won't be able to break me. Please, please, future me. Tell me I've been able to hold my shit together for a year. I think this is my dream right now. Future Me, is it still a dream of mine?

I hope to recognise echoes of my past self, yet realise how I have changed in the year that has passed. I might find that my focus has shifted drastically since these answers were penned I will likely be back in Singapore, hopefully with new international friends, strong bonds forged on common values and experiences. Yet these friendships will not drop from the sky, I acknowledge I will have to put in substantial effort, and I am unsure of my willingness to do so. The allure of comfort is strong. I suppose what I want to able to say is: That I don't wish I had done something I only realise I wanted to after the opportunity has passed.

I hope that I'll have moved forward in my life in lots of different areas, even if I've only made baby steps in some of those areas. I hope that I will have converted thought into action. I think that action is what I have suppressed for many years. In September 2015, I hope that my voice, reawakened after so many years, is not only speaking loudly, but also forcing me out of my long paralysis.

I don't really see the path to things getting better right now. I could see how my material could loosen things up but I'm really in the dark about how to get from 0 to moving.

I am in the process of such a big change in my life just now: quitting my job, moving to a new country, moving in with my boyfriend. I just hope, in one year everything will have worked out fine. I want to be happy in my new life, be able to speak the new language and I really hope that I can find a job (an interesting one too) to be financially independent... But you never know, how things will work out. Maybe I will be sitting at that new place, unhappy, jobless...I hope I will have enough strength and positive energy to tackle those challenges. Right now I am not feeling scared, my gut feeling says it is a good decision, it will be a good move. Still, I pray to God, that everything will work out. So I really don't know, how I will feel reading these answers. I think I am optimistic now, but will I be then? I hope, I will be a better person then. The last days here, were in a way hard, there were problems with other employees in the company and I think me and a coworker we were talking to much about those...instead of doing something. So, in general I hope things will be better (not that they are terribly bad now) and I will be a better person next September.

I hope to be clear of the cancer that has turned my world upside down this year. I will be disappointed with myself if I haven't put any if my plans into action. I hope my life will be much the same but with a little travelling taken/planned and no health issues holding me back.

I expect that I will feel many things: Pride - the period in my life leading up to my answers to these questions has been a period of spiritual renewal and recommitment to central values in my life. I think my answers speak to that in a way that I certainly feel proud of now. Demoralization - the aspirations of inspiration have usually left me demoralized when i reflect on the bulk of time that passes me by while I my goals remain unrealized. This might be good, though, as per Rav Kook: "The currents of penitence rush along. They are like the streams of flame on the surface of the sun, which in an unceasing struggle to break out and ascend endow life to countless worlds and numberless creatures. One is powerless to absorb the multitude of varying colors that emanate from this great sun that shines on all the worlds, the sun of penitence. They are so many, they come with such a mighty sweep, with such wondrous speed. They come from the Source of Life itself…the individual and collective soul, the world soul, each soul…cries out like a fierce lioness in anguish for total perfection, for an ideal form of existence, and we feel the pain, and it purges us…." Take strength, soul warrior, in that you are moved by our story, and move again. And I can only hope that by September 2015 you will have with the clarity of necessity some more vision about what is possible and what can be aspired to in this near future of this life, and that that vision will continue to inspire hope...

I am hoping that we are comfortably settled in our new place. I am also hoping to get rid of my debt.

I hope to feel a sense of direction as well as hopeful and excited for the future - more secure in myself. Next year, I think my feelings related to loss of my mom will not feel as raw and i hope I won't feel so much anger and anxiety.

I hope that some will seem silly, that I will be *so* over those feelings. I suspect others will still be accurate. I hope they make me think and reflect and in doing so embrace and relish the year that's passed. Whatever it may have brought.

I might be proud of the fact that I seem to have realized how to do life well. I feel really happy at the moment. I've learned to be comfortable in my own skin most of the time. On the other hand, this time next year I may be in a really dark mood and feel a million miles from the state of bliss I feel today. I sense there might be a lot of life circumstances changing over the next year. I'm open to change. I very much hope I'm in a loving relationship. If it is with Bethany I'd be dreaming. I'm stupidly optimistic right now. I might be due for a big fall. But at least I'm mindful of that now. I usually moan that nothing has changed. This year, I feel like something is different for the better.

I hope I will be more focused and working on the goals that matter.

I"ll probably say, "I knew it. I didn't get the house fixed up." Will I be super frustrated? Probably not. Seems to be a problem every year. I hope I will have had a year marked by good visits with friends and family, good vacations with my spouse, and better relations with my younger child. I'll probably spend less time thinking about my parents' death than I did this past year. Maybe I will have taken up crocheting!

Baby will have a name and be 1. Pablo will have been in the FD for over a year and hopefully Sol will be potty trained and in preschool. Who knows what I will be doing??? Hopefully I will be happier than I am now.

Oh, I will still be me, and so I will be basically unmoved. I will appreciate the passage of time, and the stitchness-in-it of these answers, and the best possible scenario is that I'm slightly tickled by my deftness with language. But I didn't put that much effort into phrasing these answers cleverly, so that's a long shot. What will be different about my life? I mark everything in terms of childrens' ages (that's not the difference) and so they'll all be older, and their current versions will all be sadly gone. Will anything else be different? The only thing I can think of is that loved ones will unexpectedly be diagnosed with sicknesses, and we'll have to respond to that, or tragedies. We'll have a baby, but by September he'll already be ten months old, old hat. (He'll be so cute.) (Oh god am I jinxing him in some way - won't this be excruciating to read if something has gone wrong?)(That way lies madness. If something has gone wrong, you will be compassionate with your former self, sweetie. Now don't overthink things.) Nothing much will hopefully be different. That is the best-case scenario: that I have another lovely year unmarred by tragedy. (This year had tragedy, yes - Jamaal's Aunt Angie. But the year was by-and-large lovely anyway.)

First of all I hope I am still here and healthy enough to live life to it's fullest. After that I hope I have found the courage to reach towards my dreams. I hope that while my feet are planted firmly on the ground I have found the will and ability to let my heart and head soar to the stars. May the new year find me using my talents and living my dreams.

I hope that the world is a more peaceful place. (Wishful Thinking) My business has grown to be a successful entity unto itself. Most importantly I hope my son has grown into the man I want him to be be most importantly what HE wants to be!

I think the first question is kind of silly - I have no idea how I'll feel a year from now. However I do hope that the introspection and thought I've put into my answers has been able to shape some of the intentions I have put forth for myself this coming year. I hope that I am more content, more grateful, more mindfully aware, and less serious in the coming year. I hope I can lighten up and not be so sarcastic. I hope I can be more flexible and easygoing and that my life continues on the trajectory it is already on, heading in the direction of all these things that I already feel but want to feel more of. I hope that I can set aside fear disguised as practicality and follow my heart with more discipline and dedication. I hope I am more settled into my career, that I've achieved the professional and personal goals I've set for myself, and that my family is more secure and settled finally in a permanent home. I hope I can be the living example of what I want to teach my children about how to live a meaningful life so they can learn by my actions.

I hope to feel more positive about my general outlook on life. I hope to be a year (or more) into getting my degree. I hope to be on the fast track to saving money and correcting my credit in order to get to where I want to be. If I'm still single...I hope to be completely happy with that fact. And if I am with someone....I hope to be well matched and content in that relationship as well.

I have big plans to be well on my way to being more effective and more connected. Maybe I will have some accomplishments under my belt, and that will make me feel good about myself. I hope I will look at these answers as optimistic yet realistic. Lets see how that plays out.

My hope is that I will have grown, spiritually, become a better person, helped people, listened more, loved harder and become more content.

I hope I will feel proud and accomplished. I hope that my life will have more direction and purpose this coming year as a result of self reflection.

I hope i'm proud of the progress i've made. I hope I don't regret these critical days when i made choices that could not be undone. I hope i felt i was fair to tess, honest in work, brave in my explorations of myself and my world, disciplined in my art, and made people's lives better.

I hope that I can do a better job at reflecting/having deeper thoughts about my life and be a more thoughtful person.

I hope I'll be proud of myself, that I'll have made an effect to do what I want, not just what I need. I hope that a new living arrangement will help my mental health such that I'll be able to find balance with all aspects of my life.

In all honesty, I'll probably feel disappointment because a lot of the goals that I have for next year are the same as ones I've had for this year, and have not yet accomplished.

Hopefully I'll feel relieved that I feel at least a little bit better than I do now.

I hope we have twins by then... Rick would probably say "oh no" if/when he reads this then. I hope we will already be looking at our creation / our purpose / new deep meaning in our life & as a team grow a deeper bond with each other / always being loving supportive hearing each other & fostering a place for us both to grow / can't wait to curl up w/ you & our future family / you are the best thing that ever happened to me / you have shown me true love / I couldn't be luckier in this life- I hope we're in future ones together / beshivid meant to be / we were meant to be & our long awaited kids will as well .. Itzel or daisy / Remington or avishai it will be beautiful & we will be blessed When next year rolls around I might feel hopeless happy or detached not sure what life will bring / I hope my career is happier and I'm working on research or evolutionary practice more seriously - I want to grow as an artist & psychologist & mother & wife - moving forward - I hope I have my little dogs & my parents are in good health / I hope I start taping their stories or get them writing - time to capture them & their teachings - hope bob & Monica are still capturing moments of hope love & smiles in between the pain - I hope I feel Sandra in my soul & feel piece with it - I hope I treat myself better & reconsider the few painful people in my life I still allow in that just hurt me / I hope I leave them with so many layers between us a rumble like an earthquake wouldn't hit me / I wish this & inner peace - permission to feel the light & love in me - celebration of the sun & life in me at all times - no matter the tragedy carrying it with me with a strong gold strength warm enough to touch the ones I love / I hope I keep that fire & not let a cold bitterness dull the light that is my core & tap into the joys & unknown pieces of life - l'chaim I hope for an adventure - with you I walk in love

Still may not love my job but If I Quit, will have proven to myself and others that I can do it, I can follow through with trying to be happy. If I keep complaining about something more days than not, I need to do something about it.

I'm always curious because I have forgotten most of what I' written. Yet it is surprising how much will have come to pass just because I thought about it the first time and committed something to paper. I hope I will be living in a smaller home with a lifestyle that is simplified.

I hope I will be able to read my answers and see some progress in all areas. I hope I am not dejected because I realize nothing has changed. I will be another year older and closer to the end of this ride. I hope I am a little more wise, a little more accepting of my lot, I will have gained a better perspective, and hopefully a more at peace perspective on life. I hope I am more accepting of everything that befalls me. I hope I will much better on track to fulfill my destiny

I think I will have forgotten about 10Q by the time next September rolls around again. I got interested in 10Q after hearing about it on NPR. That same week, I had just begun teaching Night, and was talking with one of my students who is Jewish, and it all came together for me that I wanted to try 10Q even though I'm an atheist. I hope that thinking about these questions will result in me being a kinder, better person and in me overcoming my fears. I look forward to reading my responses next year and thinking, "Gah, I was worried about the stupidest things back then."

I hope that I'll be warm, because tonight I am very cold. I am unsure about my future and don't know where I am headed. I worry that California will be a bust and that I'll miss my sister too much. I am hoping that I'll come to these questions and feel relief because my instincts were correct and the life I"m supposed to be living is in California.

I hope that I have taken to heart to focus more on myself, to pursuing time and activities to nurture myself, my creativity and my spirituality. I hope that answering the questions today guides me to implement in the coming days, weeks and months.

I don't know what those questions are, but I hope I will have made some progress in finding the answers.

I'm hoping that I'll feel really good about having a year of at least starting my dreams, and not just talking about them. The past several years have all been about "When I'm done with grad school, and when I'm working, etc." Now that's all happening, I need to start my life and stop talking about it as if it's in the future. This year is at least about starting. If I've started some of my dreams, I'll be happy.

I think I will look back and say - wow that year was pretty good after all. I hope that next year I will look for fun and excitement in all the little things that happen everyday.

I will be at peace with myself about my accomplishments, my loves, my pursuits, my companions. It will also be surreal as I will be in such a different financial situation having paid all of my debts, secured my future and feeling safe as I make choices about next steps. I will have proved that living in tune with my values, strengths and preferences really is a formula for success for each person. I will have modeled it. After 12 months, the list of people I've supported and mentored will be long. The love and acceptance I feel will bring a soft glow to every day.

Better off - less stressed - having a better understanding of myself and others, just like most years.

I expect I will feel disappointment in myself for not having made any progress, but that may be because I am feeling tired and down while typing in this answer...

I hope to feel strong, successful and committed headed to ongoing solvency. I think question 9 is the pivotal one for me.

I think I will feel more hopeful than I currently feel. This year has been a tough one in terms of allowing way too many people influence over my life. I'm hopeful that in answering these questions, I will return the power over my choices and my life to myself and my God with far less regard for what others might think or how they might judge me. I want to return to being the free spirit that I know I am capable of being.

I am hoping I will see how far I have come. I am hoping I will be a step up on the ladder. That the hopes will come true, the fears will be comical for their irrelevance. And answering these questions is I hope a mnemonic to keep me on the path of improvement.

I think I'll say, wow, I never would have predicted....whatever happens in the next year that I can't possibly imagine right now. My hope is the hope I will carry with me always until it happens-- that Allison and I will reconcile. I also hope that we will feel more settled in Austin, have friends and activities we can count on, and are loving life.

I think that I'll feel gratitude when I get my answers for next year. I hope that I will have lived the year in a mindset of relaxation, abundance, compassion and acceptance. I hope that I will feel at peace.

I hope I'll be more engaged with life in 2015. I'm feeling very apathetic and bored and I don't like it! I've had a good year. I don't know what my problem is. No complaints. I should be super happy. Grrrrrr.

I hope that I can take the proper steps to ensure that I meet all of my goals. Therefore I will be a better person next year than I am this year, and I can look back on my answers and be proud of myself for doing the things I said I would do!

In the past I have been disappointed. But I've always hoped that everything has changed for the better when a new year rolls around. But it's been so long since good changes have happened for me. But here I am once again--I hope that things will be on an upward trajectory. I've always been so fucking introspective, so these questions are just another layer

I hope I'm happy with them! I think I did a decent job with last year's, and I know that I'm in a much better place this year to work on improving myself.

I hope that in some way, I have made some forward steps on my life. I have sorted through several things in my life through these questions and would like to use those reflections to make some positive changes.

I hope that I'm looking back having been true to the commitments that I've made hear and having accomplished the challenges I've set before myself. Career wise, I'll be on the threshold of launching into a second career as a professional counselor and I can't imagine how there is a way to be more excited for that in a year than I already am now.

I think I will feel glad I completed the exercise and I suspect I will not recall having done so. I hope I view these answers as a benchmark of where I was at the time and I hope I will have grown more honest, genuine, and spiritually evolved.

I hope I am earning enough money to be autonomous. I hope I'm exercising and regaining my health. I'd like to find that my son is healthy and meeting the challenges of college. My daughter will hopefully be healthy, happy, and finding success in school and friendship.

I hope that I won't be rewriting all the same things I've written before. I still want security and more financial prosperity - and s slight curve within my career. I really hope that my coursework proves to be successful. I will be disappointed if nothing comes of it.

I hope that the job change I made actually allows me to spend more time at home and available to my family, and that I put more thought into this.

In the past few years, I have felt that I have had similar reflections to those I have mentioned in these responses. However, after a few weeks removal from the high holidays, life ramps up and I slip back into the same behavior. The cycle repeats year after year. I hope that by writing down these responses, I can maintain these subconscious goals, and use them as a benchmark to prove to myself that I am breaking the cycle. I anticipate I will not achieve some of my goals, and that this process will in fact take several years. But hopefully in one years time, I will have made some progress so that I can feel good about myself.

I hope to be at a place where I worry less about my kids and concentrate more on myself and my husband. Not sure how much of that will be causally related to the 10 Qs, but it can't hurt!

Proud for accomplishing what I hoped to accomplish. I hope I will have been working a steady job for several months and be able to start taking better care of me and my wife's health.

I hope I will feel more on top of my game this time next year. That my life will have spread out in unimagined directions that are exciting and fulfilling. I hope I keep such questions constantly in mind so that I check in with myself, that I watch myself, instead of simply doing without thought or intention. I want more kavanah in my life!

I'm sure I will recall sitting here now drafting answers to these questions. I'll think about how quickly a year goes by in yet how filled it can be, Just as I do not offer last year I'll put that I will achieve the goals that I drafted here and others that did not come to mind but that I know I have it all the while I'm hopeful that I was's the capacity to continue to be so what life has to offer. I'd like to think that my life will be more fulfilling as a result of the intentions and goals that I've set. I eagerly anticipate – being present in each moment – how the year plays out.

I hope that I have grown so much in the next year that I'll find these answers bring me a slightly amused smile, and that they are reflective of a myself less wise. I hope by then to be more like a wise woman, not so easily knocked off center, more patient, more knowing.

I hope to be more centered, less stressed and more in tune with my life and desires. I hope to be more appreciative of life, especially of the good fortune and health I hope to have and I hope I have learned to let go.

In one year I think I will be way busier than I am now and these emails will pile up unread for days. I hope that I will remember throughout the year that I promised to take better care of myself, physically... and that I will incorporate an excercise regimen into my schedule.

That all my concerns were not really that serious. Hopefully taking positive action rather than focusing on negative things that I can not effect. I would like to find something that I enjoy enough that being "in the flow" and play on a regular basis. Maybe a better speller better late than never :)

I think I'll find it interesting, but not surprising. I'm hoping that I will have moved past most of the major stressors I have currently.

I think I'll feel excited. Excited to see if what I've answered holds true. I'm hoping that I will have done The Ride. I'm hoping that I will practice following through with plans.

I will probably wonder what the email is then laugh at my answers. I hope that I will have grown, unstressed and had a year as exciting as this last one to reflex on.

I hope all the same dear ones are still around me. If that is the case I will feel intense gratitude & joy. And if I've even made a modicum of progress on my communication skills I will probably still have that on my "to do" list. I might not even notice my progress.

Every year I read my answers and am so glad I participated. It's very interesting and informative to see what has changed. I expect next year to be the same.

I hope I feel that I've moved to the next level! I can't say that answering these questions have changed the trajectory of my life. I can say that a little bit of introspection is always helpful.

My hope is that I will feel successful. I didn't so these questions last year and I really felt a void in not having the tangible evidence to see if any growth had occurred. my hope is that I continue on the path of compassion…more for friends, family and those whom I do not know. my hope, also, is that maybe I might feel a little more connected to Judaism…in a more community/ritual sense. I do feel that I've focused on how I treat others, and I know that this is the cornerstone…AND I wish to make all of this more tangible in many ways. I believe in this process and trust that I will continue on this path and hopefully affect others in a more positive way. I believe that since converting to Judaism, I already have..I hope so…….

A little nostalgic… probably amazed at how fast the year went by, as I always do. Hopefully I will have some satisfaction with the healthy outlook I've developed and not give myself a hard time if there are things I haven't accomplished yet that I wished to… I think I will love that I took the time to do this.

I doubt that much of anything will have changed. And that, if it has changed, the it will not be for the better. Answering these questions has caused me to look harder at the life I am living. I know it's up to me to take control. I don't know that I have the strength and energy to do so. I am so worn down.

Sad...I may or may not still have a husband. He may be sicker, and I may be totally overwhelmed. I may be a grandmother, or a mother that grieves because her child can't get pregnant and have a baby. I hope for wonderful things, but don't expect them.

I have enjoyed the moments of reflection. I hope I'll still be practicing yoga, I hope I'll be practicing better self-care, have focused more on my career to expand my networking and learning. I hope I'll see that I've grown and used my time wisely.

I have no idea. Emotional maybe? A lot of times I shame my past self. I've always percieved it as a bad thing but I'm beginning to think that it actually may indeed be a very good one. I am resilient. It's easy for me to ele go once I've has my time. I easily non-attach when it comes to who I previously was. And maybe that's good? I'm open to change, to evolution. And so I hope that that exact thing happens. But in a positive, self loving kind of way. Greatful for the things I've rid myself of, whether percieved good or bad but also accepting of phases that have perhaps passed and loving of the things I still struggle with. Maybe it's time I start acting out of self love other than self hate.

I hope to accomplish my goals when September 2015 rolls around. Then i'll feel happy. But if i didn't do it i'll still be working on. P. S. Boy, i will punch you if you don't choose that girl as your girlfriend.

When I receive my answers in September 2015 I hope I will be feeling as grateful for everything as I am today. I hope I will feel less volatile. I hope I will not be single, but if I am I hope I am as happy in that state as I am today or even happier. I hope I continue to be of service to young people both through my paid work and my unpaid work at the COM. I think during the 10 days of answering these questions I have been exhausted both physically and emotionally. The pace at which things occurred at the COM and the abandon with which I pursued open doors and knocked on some others was probably too much. As Todd said to me today, it doesn't help if you end up depleted. This has been a wonderful exercise. I am glad that I did it and that I was able to share my respect of all faiths with the 2 most strictly observant Jews at the COM.

Continuing on the journey, learning, creating, growing.

I hope I will be in better shape, have accomplished loads as a mother, writer, mediator and lawyer. Published the kidding book, written a number of articles, settled a few cases, printed a kamaya blog, figured out how to be a better photographer, skied across Finland, travelled to exciting places and continue to have adventures with my kids. My homes will be hopefully more together. And -- oh my gosh -- I'll be 50! Hopefully settled into the year.

I'll probably feel stressed, but happy about it, because I'll be beginning my student teaching! I hope I'll remember how I felt when answering the past couple of questions about my body and my self-esteem, and I'll feel the complete opposite. I hope that next year I can report that I feel truly happy with myself and the relationships in my life, no matter what I look like.

Next year, when these questions roll around again, I wonder if I'll feel like I grew significantly. This year, I felt like many of the issues were the same, but that I've made subtle energetic changes around them. By next year, I hope to have made significant actual changes, as well.

I hope I'll be in law school pursuing my dreams. I hope I'll feel relieved that what I wanted really came true. I hope I'llbe sitting not in my childhood home, but in an apartment I'll be sharing with my best friend Rachel.

I hope that I am content with whatever happens. That what seems so urgent and worrisome will be just something I dealt with and moved on from.

Probably either very relived that I answered them or going WTF was I thinking

I think I will be in a new phase of my life, following retirement in January.ill be glad I took the time to reflect and thankful to Sheila for introducing me to the questions.

First of all- I love 10Q. In fact, I look forward to the annual opportunity to reflect and evaluate. In 2015,I hope to see improvement in my ability to focus on what is important to me- my family, writing, making art, gardening and my bee hives. Mindfulness- that's the word. I also hope to report the arrival- or soon to arrive- of another grandchild.

I'm hoping that I'll be relieved because I've accomplished my goals and worked past my faults. These answers should serve as a firecracker under my butt to get going and start living more to my full potential. Writing down a bunch of stuff won't do me any good if I don't act on it.

Connected, fortunate It's already taken a good turn. I will just continue. L'Shana Tova, Here's to a good, sweet year

I think I'll feel proud of myself but I'm worried that I won't have achieved what I've hoped in the year. Which leads me to what I hope, and that is to care less. Who cares if I haven't made all the changes and learned all the things I hoped for? As long as I grow this year thats all that maters. I hope that I'm happy with who I am this time next year.

There are challenges coming my way this year that I can't even anticipate, there are also great and incredible things that I can't even imagine. By this time next year I'm hoping to have a good sense of grounding and direction, and I can only hope I smile and nod at my answers. Here's to a beautiful year behind me and a beautiful year ahead.

I... honestly... believe... that I am moving into mach speed now. A7 is nearly done, and my responsibilities are thinning at Cyrun. My spirit is lifting, what with Lisa Jill in my life, and my brother mending and putting out new flowers as he has never shown before, my friends being ever closer to me, my health and well being flourishing. I am ready to start on my real work while I continue to tend to the world's work. I cannot wait. Which is to say, I believe I will be engaged and alive, writing music, guiding Cyrun to great financial success, writing essays and a book. Living joyfully, loving deeply, ecstatic to be alive!

I think I'll probably be surprised at how quickly the year has gone. I hope that I won't be disappointed in myself and feel like I've made no progress or let myself down - that would be sad. Thinking about these questions has made me realise that I'm heading in the right direction and that I just need to focus on keeping on, so I hope that I can do that. It's also made me realise how comparatively few things have surfaced as priorities - I'm always feeling overwhelmed by all the stuff there is 'to do' and this process has helped me sift out the things that really *matter*. I hope I'll look back and think that yes, I did focus on those things.

I hope by receiving my answers in 2015 that I have stuck to my word and accomplished what I said I would in my answers. I hope to be shocked by some of my answers and see just how far I have come since this. Who knows, maybe I will go farther than I expected. All I can hope for is that I did my best and that I am happy for who I am, what I became and what I done. So 10q. Lets get to it.

I want to look back and think, "Oh, how little she hoped, and how much the world has become a better place."

I would hope I have taken action. I would feel a bit frustrated and disappointed should I get an email where I talked a big game but didn't deliver. That I would have cheated myself, hid behind being too busy, family obligations, that I sacrificed too much of myself and didn't dream big enough or allow myself to explore and continue my development. I hope I am really excited to see what I wrote a year later and then equally excited to fill out another ten. I'll be ready for the next chapter.

Sad, regretful. Maybe relieved. I hope I'm in a happier place. Got to figure out what is the right thing and do it.

I think I will be disappointed that I behaved cowardly all year and made no progress. I hope that i do not live afraid to trust myself until I get nothing I want. I hope I live more in the present. I hope I do not die before I am born.

I am quite proud. I seem to know myself a lot better than I did when I first started this. It's a shame we haven't felt ready to start trying for baby number 2, but apart from that I think everything is as I had hoped if not more. Next year, I hope that is different otherwise I'm not sure we'll ever have the comfort of knowing 'when is the right time'!

I honestly think I'll feel ashamed. I just did so much wrong this past year that even if I manage to step it up 100x next year, looking back will bring with it how I could have done things better. Alternatively, I hope that next year seeing these, I will have at least started taking steps, steps that I should have taken this year but was too scared to. I think as long as I've moved forward from here next year I'll be happy.

I hope I'll be in a better spot financially, spiritually and personally. I am in a great spot with my family, I just need to get everything else to catch up. Hopefully, things will turn around soon.

I think I will be older, wiser. More tired. Just as busy. Probably a little more cynical. Maybe a little more prone to interacting with people too though. I think I'll feel like a stranger, but one who is almost the same as the current me anyway.

Considering how much I have changed over the past couple of years, there is no doubt that by this time next year, I could be in a completely different situation with a range of different people in my life. I hope that I will be more firmly decided on a major and a career path, and I hope that I will be able to stay at UNC because it is truly the best campus around.

I will be able to see if I achieved my goals. And if I did, that's great! If not, that's okay too. Love myself no matter what. I love you. Yes you. No I'm not awkward, I don't know what you're talking about.

This year, I was proud to see how I was becoming more self confident and I think I will see more of that next year. I really like doing this each year because it helps me refocus on what I want to be and on my core values. I hope that I'm continuing on a path of enlightenment and contentment with my place in this crazy universe next year.

I hope to live by my resolutions. To actually study what I feel I need, to publish my project, to be a better partner. I think the 10q project is genious because it made me think about my life. Now I have to face my laziness. Now i have to work hard. To fight for my soul. I hope this was a wake up call. I hope I see these answers next year and smile. But what I really pray for is health - to me and my family and friends. Give us life, we will do what is necessary to justify it...

I think I will feel excited about seeing the emails. Also confused because I probably forgot about them. I think everything I mentioned is an achievable goal for the upcoming year and I hope to make strides to achieving these goals. I will feel happiness and pride from the goals I have achieved and disappointment for those I have not. I hope to learn that years pass quickly and life is short and I need to take advantage of the time while I can. There is so much I want to achieve throughout life and I think these questions will help me remember this.

This time next year when I read my answers I think I'll feel the same way I do when I go back and read my previous journals. I'll reflect on what was happening in my lift at the time, i expect to be proud of how I've moved forward, and I will think about how the things that seemed so big and important a year ago look different a year later. I hope that I will have made progress in my spiritual quest for deeper answers and a stronger faith, as well as in my goal to start my own business. And I'll look forward to answering the 10 questions again! Thank you!

i'll feel silly. I hope to remember this will come back at me, ha, and it will? i hope to remember ...

These questions have me a mindfulness during the 10 days for reflecting on myself and my relationships to community and the world I wouldn't otherwise have had. I read through some other people's answers and thought about my own to this one prior to answering. Out of all my goals, weaknesses, accidents, failed attempts, unmet promises, really I hope I can forgive myself again. I am hopeful everything on my list will be achieved but in my heart I have a fear of falling that is like to overcome. Knowing I can forgive myself and still feel good about where I'm at in life is my hope for this time next year.

Oh god I do hope that I look at them and feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment. I think I will be full swing into my project and I will have garnered much needed support to help it along its way. I think my relationship will be in a very positive place. It may be different and that is okay, I will have many lessons learned and a lifelong friend no matter what the relationship turns out to be. Thank you 10Q for being here. I look forward to the coming year!

I know I will be excited because I will see that I've met my goals. I've gotten to the next level.

Right now, I'm struck by the level of self doubt and anxiety that's present in my answers, and I think that I'll be struck by that when I see these answers next year. I only hope that I'm compassionate towards myself. It's been a hard year, one that started with the death of my dog, and I still miss her horribly. I'd like to think that in retrospect I will have learned something about myself, about my own resiliency and ability to triumph over difficult times. The reality is that I can't even begin to predict what my life will be like next September. There are so many variables, and only some of them are within my control; I'd like to think that I've learned to seize the opportunities presented by those things. I'd also like to believe in my ability to believe that the things that trouble me now, health, money, artistic success and general quality of life will all be better, and that my relationship with Bob, which I'm thankful for each day, is a foundation for all those improvements.

I'll be in better health, mentally & physically, driving, combating many deep fears and most important: living nearer to family. Family. I will also have finished the two books I drag my feet with. Done!

I think and I hope I will feel happy. I'm currently sitting in a hotel bed, while Hunter is at work, after just spending a wonderful night with him and thinking about all that our future holds. By next year, I'll be sitting in our bed, as opposed to a hotel one. I'm going to be living here and my life is going to be so different. I know this is probably not going to be an easy year or an easy transition but I know it will all be worth it in the end. By September 2015 I will officially be a Georgia resident.

If it was anything like receiving my answers this year... I'm hoping it's dead on. I hope I have direction and have changed the parts of myself that cause me pain and worry. Answering these questions shed light on the present so we can move forward in the direction that better serves us.

I think/hope I will review these questions -- and my answers to them -- periodically over the next year, so that I will continue to make progress toward my goals, and to see where I am falling short, and make corrections before I get too far off the path -- before I entirely "miss the mark."

I am entering my fifties this years. Forties were amazing years of emotional growth and change. My hope is that fifties will be years of consolidation, active participation, artistic growth, and peace. I hope that when I am writing next year, these are the objects of my attention and focus.

Less worry, more acceptance, greater personal peace.

I hope I will feel like 2014 and early 2015 were a turning point for me, where I became braver and stepped into my own power - not just for my sake, but for the sake of the many people whose lives I believe I can improve through my work in the world. These questions have given me a context for addressing important issues that otherwise I might not have considered.


I really hope that I can say that I made these changes and that I made progress - that I will be proud of myself for laying these out and focusing on them. I hope that I am more balanced, centered, and driven by my core beliefs and values.

Full of love. Open to possibilities.

I think I will be feeling good when I receive my 1 year 10Q. I hope to either be still teaching here at UK and loving my job (though I know it will be 1 month into the fall semester so I'll be stressed I'm sure!) or pursuing another career option. The important thing is that I am working hard and moving forward! I hope to be madly in love with my wife, even more so than I am today!

Most importantly I hope to be in touch with my real feelings and not afraid to express them. I no longer want to create situations of conflict both within and outside of myself. I hope that I will not feel so isolated and afraid, that I will have more respect for myself and more ambition/motivation/confidence that I am on the right track and able to make a real successful life for myself.

I hope I feel much more at ease than I do now. I hope God will be faithful to my family in this moment of crisis, and that next year we will be much more grateful for what we have.

I hope that I will feel relieved. I hope that all of my current stresses will have faded and I'll be in a better situation. I hope I will live my life a bit more intentionally and with some serious passion. I hope I'll find my way.

I hope I will look at them and sigh in relief that things changed dramatically since then, that I managed to get courage to be open towards myself and others, that I learned to be firm with my decisions, that I became a much more happy and jovial person, that I regained faith in myself, in life, in other people, that i cherish full relationships around me, that I stand on my own and provide for myself, and, finally, that I have one helluva good time behind me.

I hope to feel full of joy from our wedding. I also expect to feel unsettled by not returning to school at the end of August for the first time in my life. I hope that I will be able to find peace and trust the process if it takes a while to find a new job.

I think I'll feel like I was on point with my answers. I am hoping that what I have predicted for next year is true and that we are happily settled in PA. I think I will be more focused and organized and pushing myself harder as a result of these questions.

I hope I'm wrong about some of the predictions - that we as a country have moved forward in some areas at least - but I expect to feel more rooted, and see this year (2014) as a protracted transition.

I think I will feel proud and successful!! I will be healthy and happy!

Hope I will be a braver and stronger person, with more energy and enthusiasm. Able to actually live this life while I have it, at the same time being aware of our mortality.

I feel so much shifting and changing inside of me. I can only hope that I have grown more into myself. That I am more open and generous, willing to offer that which is the "as if it was ever mine..." And that maybe, I can know that that work is never done that I need not punish myself for not being all the way there. That would make my heart sing just a bit. Maybe even I'll have remembered in various moments that I am allowed joy. That it is there for me to experience, almost like an offering that I can offer myself to.

I hope I have at least a good second job, or a better paying job, by next year at this time. I hope that I have finally fixed the bathroom fan, installed a new ceiling fixture in the kitchen, and repaired the antique rocking chair in the living room. I hope that I will have "curated" at least one of my two closets. And of course, I hope to have lost at least ten pounds (to 118). And I hope I'll feel good about where I am in life, in general.

Most of all, I hope I am satisfied with my goals and that I am confident I have made my mom proud of my life. I hope that I am the confident, content, moral, respected person I have always strived to be. I want to continue to be a good friend, supportive sister, daughter ( making my dad feel loved and needed), teacher and mom. I want to look back on my answers and my year and say that I have little regrets because I have lived every day to the best of my ability and pushing myself even out of my comfort zone each day. Healthy, happy, and personal success through reflection.

I hope to feel wiser, and feel accomplished. I hope to read my answers and feel like I completed all of my wishes and goals.

I hope I will have made some movement in the direction of health for myself and my family. That my husband will be in a safe and secure environment. I'm financially secure. I hope I am strong enough to follow through on what is best for all. I need help for all this to happen.

I will feel like I changed. And maybe Sherlock season 4 came out. I hoping because I REALLY WANT TO WATCH IT. You are never the same person as you were last year. That's the coolest part about this website. To show you how you were. I think I might doing better and achieving more in life. I hope I know what I want to do with my life. I hope I am more assertive and confident.

I think I will feel sad, it will be a reminder of the past that caused a lot of heartache. I hope my life is in a better place and that I can focus on how much better it is.

I hope our finances will have improved and that the distance that's been creeping between us will have decreased. Answering these questions made me realize how bad things are, unfortunately. But maybe that will help inspire me to find solutions?

I hope that amongst the bluster and generalities I will see a few details that were taken to heart and actually improved in that year.

Scared that I have not changed those things that bothered me in 2014. I do hope that having taken the time to write down my responses, they are highlighted, underscored, calling out 'change me'. And I will hear.

I hope that I am standing at the beginning of a new path moving toward the light out of the darkness.

I hope that I will have made some movement on the changes that I've discussed. I am generally pleased with the way that I've lived my life and I hope to feel that way next September.

Well, I think I will be surprised at how much I let little things bother me. I think answering these questions was useful to me because I'm usually so stuck in the moment that I forget to look up and observe things from a larger scale. I mean, I use that app "Chime" on my phone to let me know as the hours are passing, but not much reminds me that the days, weeks, months are passing. I like this 10q thing because I have been avoiding reflecting (and writing, they're the same thing to me) on my life. I feel silly that I was so upset over Ken and that I let myself drag it along with me instead of moving past it. Now that I'm going through the same thing again, even though it hurts like hell that he's ignoring me and I keep wanting to text him every half hour and I can't stop thinking about him, I can think of myself in a year from now, and I will be rolling my eyes at myself for letting this bother me. Hopefully I will be thinking "man, I'm glad I was able to move past it (and STAY past it) that time, I needed to get my life back". I'm going to try to make that happen. Anyway, 10q has helped me look at the bigger picture, which I needed to do, so I'm grateful for having done it.

I hope I feel happy and satisfied with my life. I hope to be spending the beginning of my retirement doing what I love to do...baking, photography, animals, travel.... My life will be less stressful (I hope)..no school crap to put up with...just enjoying myself.

I hope that I've achieved at least some of my goals (they are definitely doable) and that I'll be in a new job, and maybe even a new place, new city. I know that I'm ready for a big change, even though it's totally scary. I've been doing the same thing for a little while now, partially because I've been afraid to push myself to move on. I hope that my life feels purposeful and meaningful, that I'm making time for self-care, that I've put some of these ideas into practice, that I'm more receptive to conversations about the future and doing some work to be less selfish, more real, more honest, more present.

I think I'll feel excited and confident. I truly believe that 2015 is going to be a killer year, filled with adventure, personal growth, and lots of smiles. I hope that I've accomplished a few things: am running a sustainable business and am financial independent, am in even better physical shape than I am now, have been accepted into the Second City Conservatory, and am continuing a healthy and loving relationship with Hannah.

I think I'll feel a mix of remorse or sadness, and pride or satisfaction. I'll know, or be able to uncover, where I fell short, and what patterns seem to take more to unlearn.

I hope I'll be making progress on a meaningful new trajectory that leverages my interests, talents, & skills and feels right for my family & me.

I hope I have succeeded in my two main personal goals - lose more weight, and reduce/eliminate credit card debt. Professionally, I hope we have a successful year without injuries or incidents, and that my crew is happy and productive.

I think/hope I will see that things have clicked.

I hope to be happy and healthy as I am today. I hope to have dated and perhaps found love and a mate. I hope to be teaching and enjoying my life. Life is a gift. I'm blessed to live in comfort and peace. I wish the same for all creatures.

I hope the bad parts of school will all be distant memories and I'll be living a new life full of exciting and enriching experiences. I'll look back on the past fondly with the knowledge that it shaped me into the person that I am today, but that it's done now and needs to be left alone.

I hope I'm still positive, upbeat and stronger than before. This has been a really tough year and I've impressed myself. I hope to have my anxiety full under control, and at least one overdraft paid off.

Next year at this time I hope that I'm halfway (or more) to my dream of living simply and sustainably. I want to feel empowered, emboldened, PROUD of my accomplishments. I want it to see the edges of my dream coalesce into a path towards my goal. I hope that when I see the answers to these questions next year, I see progress and forward momentum. In 10Qs' past, I've repeated goals and dreams without doing enough to make them happen. This year, there's a pinpoint of light, and a small circle of old and new friends. I'm beginning to recognize my people-- my "tribe". I know now that surrounding myself with like-minded people is the only way to succeed. I am not an island. I am not alone.

I think I will feel joyful because I will have spent my year accomplishing what I set out to.

I hope nothing tragic has occurred in my life and the ones of my family that will make me long for the cheerfulness I feel now. I only hope we can stay the course, that we can keep our lives on track, I hope I won't read my answer and laugh at how small my worries this year were.

I hope I respect my 2014 self, but I also hope that I recognize the panic for what it (likely) was -- misguided and faithless lack of confidence. Having said that, I still must acknowledge that I brought this crisis on myself -- in many, not all ways -- and that this year has been one of learning and building, from the ground up, so one can't fault a 50 year old woman (turning 50 in one week now; seven days) for panicking when she was forced to learn "from the ground up" about all her failings, her lack of judgement, and her non-choice-bad-choices, when she has one in college and one going next year. Perhaps "as a result of ....these questions" I've been able to make the path itself clearer. The meta-thinking has allowed me to look at myself from the angle of a disinterested third-party: she's got it pretty rough, there, but it always works out, and, you know, she's pretty fortunate to have everything she does have. Not everyone is as blessed, so I have all the tools to make it. Right?

I think I will feel silly that certain pettiness felt so large and that it even entered my mind. I think I'll regret that I didn't put more time into some of the questions. I also think that I will agree with myself in some respects. I hope to be engaged and be a master's level clinician and moving in a direction that I am excited about. I hope to continue to be surrounded by positivity and love.

I don't know how I will feel. Maybe I will learn how to feel more and enjoy life in a different way.

In 2015 I think that I'll feel empowered and less fearful about the choices I'm making since I'm coming from a place of strength now. Next year I hope that I'm making more decisions with myself in mind, not trying to please others who are not important in my life.

HT Surprised either way-right or wrong KP I always come to the same issues especially about meditating and going inward to deeper self, so I hope knowing I will receive these answers will help me explore this goal.

I hope that I will have spent a year developing a closer relationship with my son. I also hope that my partner and I will have grown as adults, partners and parents. I hope that we will have a stronger home with mutual respect shared between all persons

I'll probably feel mixed about where I was the past year. Proud of some things, not so proud of others. What I am hoping is that some of the questions will encourage me to savor experiences that are spiritual to me and which I don't always remember after they have happened, whether it's a transcendent art experience or a golden eagle soaring overhead. And I would like to "stretch" a bit and seek out things I want to learn more about, which is why I'm joining a book club with friends who are thinkers.

I hope that I'll feel satisfied that I moved forward to a better part of my life and was able to catalog this time where things weren't always easy. I hope that I'll find more peace in my existence as a woman on my own two feet and comfort in that, although life isn't always perfect, it's the one I was meant to have for so many reasons. And that gives me hope for the future.

I hope I will feel more whole- less sad. Most anchored- less unstable. I hope I will have figured out a way to be me in my work and how to find the joy in being a parent more often. I hope for a new job- or at least a way to make money doing what I believe is true and right. I hope that my husband grows into this new passion of his and we find success heading out on our own.

I think I will feel accomplished - like I've taken a lot of small actions that made a big impact on closing the gap between where I am now and the life I want to be living. I hope that my life will be simpler, but deeper, richer and more authentic.

I hope I haven't begun to take my life for granted and I'm still so in love with my son and Matt, but if life has begun to feel more mundane, I hope I can remember and renew my sense of wonder and connection. Sadly, I expect to be in a whole new physical space. I hope it is still close to the ocean and that we can form a community wherever we land.

1. I think it will be nice to be reminded about my thoughts in 2014. 2. I hope I can grow in my work life. And this year will be really important for me. I have the boards to do very soon and then after that I will dive into Fx Medicine. I really want to feel confident in what I am doing . I don't think my life will be any different because I am answering the questions, but it is an interesting exercise.

I hope that as I read these answers, which I will probably forget the details of—that I will find that through just following the path I'm on, I will have accomplished a lot of what is on my mind at this time. Hopefully at that point, I will be able to give myself some credit. I find it possible that I will feel disappointed, or that some circumstance will have come up that will make all of this impossible to achieve. This might be fear talking. The ultimate reaction I might have, is, I think, the one I have when I read some old journals: that I have gone so far beyond all of this, that I am on to new dilemmas and new questions, and these old concerns are settled and just don't trouble me anymore. I really hope for myself that I can do that much growth in a year—but if some of this still rings true, I hope I can be at peace with my process on that as well. I hope I've gotten enough distance that I find humor in all of this, too. One thing I learned this year is that humor works the same way that radical acceptance does. It gives you some space around whatever it is that you are taking so very, very, very seriously. I hope that in the coming year, I can learn to look back on my old self with kindness, and laugh. Hey, me, thanks for your letter. :)

I hope I will be looking at the seeds of a change that has already started to bloom by then

I don't know. I look at my past years answers and I see the same problems over and over again, and I'm not making progress. I don't really know how to fix it. I'm hoping the condo purchase is something I can control, and that therapy will help. I think I'm becoming more proactive, especially since reading all my answers again. I want to show growth next year.

I hope I won't feel like I didn't do anything. As Jenny so Jenny-y put yesterday while we were talking about, the nature of life is that things happen and changes happen. So I know (and hope) that when I read my answers I feel a sort of accomplishment and admiration for my 2014 self. And I hope that I did some of the things I wanted to. ANd am thinking about new things that I couldn't even conceptualize yet. And I hope that if I haven't done some of the things, I won't be too hard on myself.

In the spirit of unattachment and trying not to plan my life so carefully.................I will wait and see. It might be interesting to answer the same questions again and see how my answers have changed.

I'll feel grateful, delighted and joyful. I'll have a book - a final product - as a gift to give to others. For the most part, I will speak my truth, and act according to my values. I'll accept my fears and humanness, and understand strategies work best when held onto only loosely. The outcomes I'm looking for - kindness, connection and understanding - come when I give those things to others.

I don't know how to answer this. I can neither predict whether I'll live up to my own hopes, nor can I know how I'll feel if I fail. I only want to take each day and strive to be my best self. If I've been genuine, honest, open, and present, I'll have succeeded in living a good, and meaningful life.

The answer to this question and four bucks might get my wife a latte at Starbucks. I don't know. I'll be on the cusp of 50 at that point. I have a feeling at least one of my parents will be "rounding third and heading home" (but I hope that feeling's wrong). Maybe I'll get off my arse and work towards one of my goals (lose weight, get a business degree). Have a feeling life will be the same "one crisis after another" I've becomed accustomed to during the last decade. *shrug*

I hope that we are in a better place than we are today. Hopefully things will be running smoothly. Hopefully we will continue to communicate and reflect on life throughout the year. Could be surprised about the answers we gave. Definitely will be curious as to what happens during the year and how this process will inspire our lives.

i hope my answers make me smile and nod, and that i will have made my dreams come true! i hope that i will have pursued my goals as stated here and will feel a happy, liberated, energetic experience in life.

I think I will feel at the same time satisfied and lofty, thinking about how young and unaware I was at the time. The future is a bounty of experience and growth, and I know that I'll be a different man at this time next year; I just hope I am a better one.

Like I wish I spent more time reflecting. I don't think anything will necessary be different as a result of having thought about and answered these questions, but I do hope that I will have focused more on myself and made more time for fun and spiritual growth.

I hope I will have made some progress and changes. I'm fearful I will be much the same though. I am disciplined in many ways, but I tend to struggle to maintain my focus on longterm goals.

I'm afraid I'll feel much the same as I do now. Reading my answers from last year I feel I've made a little progress, though no great steps, and I don't see any great steps on the horizon...so I guess I hope I'll have made a little progress again. Progress, I hope, towards defining myself for myself. Self-confidence is the way forward, too bad it's taken me 40 years to get there!

I hope I am not embarrassed to read what I have written. If I am, it would be because I have not followed through on things I said I would do that are important to me. My hope is that when I read my 2014 answers in 2015, I will see that I have been at least somewhat faithful to the actions and intentions I have set forth here. If I live up to my intentions, I will be more relaxed, more at peace due to forgiveness and grace, and more accomplished as a writer.

I hope we have less stuff in our house. And better trained dogs. And continued happiness with our lives.

Oh, probably, "What?! I'm still wrestling with that?" Or "Goodness, I am so past that!" My wish is that I would be a kinder and more aware woman....

I would hope I see a step forward - progress, not perfection - I have to say I couldn't have begun to imagine how giant the step forward would have been this year!! Who knows what will be possible in the next!! Life can be wondrous - I hope I keep myself open and moving and hopeful and faithful. Because when I read this next year, I don't hope for perfection, but progress is amazing…. :)

Writing worries before a test improves your test scores. Writing your concerns, alleviates anxieties. Writing your dreams takes you that much closer to making them a reality. Predicting is not planning, planning is not doing, but visualizing is a string that pulls you to that place you wish to inhabit. Mulling these questions helps me reach into the future with purpose.

Answering these questions has certainly made me think about the direction that my life is heading. I would like to think that understanding where I'm heading will help me make the right decisions to stay on that same path, however sometimes life throws you curve balls that you aren't expecting and, honestly, sometimes it just isn't up to you. When I get these questions back a year from now, I know that I will be emotional about some of them. Whether that is because I was able to stay on the path that I had hoped to be on, or because the Universe had other plans for me, there is no way not to be affected by the certainty or naiveness that I would know then that I have now.

I hope that I achieved what i haved discussed and that I can answer next year's questions better and sop being so self obsessed.

I had a long reflection today about how I feel and I realized that 2 years ago, when I started my 2nd Master's, I felt the same way but for slightly different reasons. I was angry and resentful and stressed. I felt rushed, I felt like everyone wanted something from me, I felt like I had no time to take for myself - time to do something productive, not just stare blankly at tv for an hour before bed every night. Some of the pressure was from work, some from family, and some of my own making by not saying "no". Two years later, I still have some stress and I am tired but I am not as angry. Do I still lose my temper sometimes? Yes, but not as often or with as much ire. Do I still take on too much? Not so much anymore. I am saying "no" very often, reserving most of my energy for what is necessary at work and for the things I am needing to do for mom. But I am even telling her "no" sometimes. I know that I am the architect of my own misery and sometimes I am choosing NOT to be miserable. It's hard and I don't know if I'll live long enough to ever completely let go of everything I need to, but every time a let a little SOMETHING go, no matter how small, I feel so much better. I want to remember this and see if after another year, if I can say I'm not resentful and less angry and (please) less stressed. And I find it interesting that it took me a whole 10 days to actually get to the root of things but I'm glad I did.

My hop is that I look at my answers, and don't feel like I wasted time, or was hypocritical.

I'll be curious to see what I will have done differently in the coming year. I hope I'll feel fitter & healthier and have found something more meaningful in my life.

I think I will feel like I have succeeded in my goals, and that maybe I could work a little harder. also, that Maybe I had the most awesome year ever, and these memories are so fantastic that I will always remember. Also, that there has been a change in my lifestyle or that maybe I did not change, but everything for the best reason and happy with all of the results.

The only way I can answer this question is to say that I have absolutely no idea. One year ago today, I was in a totally different place than where I am right now, and I am about to change careers. I've been a teacher for so long that when I think about where I will be in one year, or how I will feel about it, I feel so blissfully ignorant. I am sure I will feel proud of myself for having done everything I've with my life thus far, and I will be so overwhelmed knowing everything I've been through in the last few years, for taking a plunge into the unbelievably unknown and starting over again. Starting over for the first time as an adult, as someone who knows what she wants (and also doesn't) and following her bliss.

Turning 40 invites comparisons with not only my own expectations, but with other people's lives and what they done. When I think about whether or not I have accomplished "enough," I would like to be able to read these answers and realize how rich my life is.

When I recieve these emails back I hope to feel proud not only when I see who I was the year before but also just seeing how much I have changed, improved myself. Similarly I hope that these questions will guide me for the next year in becoming who I wish to be in order to write myself into my own book of life. I hope I will still love deeply and begin to act not only for myself but for my friends as well and I hope I will have organized a way to survive junior and senior year.

C: Ethan will be 5 and going to Kindergarten. I hope maybe some of my questions will have resolved. I hope my life will be fulfilling. I hope that my relationship with John will have improved. I hope John and I will have more alone time. I hope Ethan will finally be able to go to sleep by himself, and not need someone to stay with him until he falls asleep. J: E: Lettuce

I think I will feel even more settled in my home, in Boston, in my job, in my relationship. I don't think very much will be different, which I'm looking forward to. Being satisfied with just settling in is new for me so I hope I feel peaceful, happy with myself and with not needing something new and crazy. I hope I look back and can say I have taken care of my body, my soul, my mind and of the world that we live in.

It would be really great if I accomplished some of the things I wrote about. I would like to be a stronger person. I know not everything will happen but I hope I can make steps forward and be realistic and not down about my accomplishments.

Having done the 10Q quiz for the last five years, I'm used to a sense of wistful nostalgia about how much can change in a short period of time, both circumstantially and emotionally. This year, however, everything still felt as giddy and fresh as it did last September. Even though I'd moved locations, I didn't feel a great rift between myself today and myself last year, no anger or sadness. Of course, if we're simply talking wish-fulfillment, I hope my novel is published, noticed and well-received, and my life is in a state of exhilarating upward kinesis.

I think I will have a haircut.

I'll think I was a blethering idiot who never got the point and managed never to answer a question properly, except with the same old answer cooked up in 7 different ways. I hope I'll be reading them in my flat in north London that has a second bedroom and some outside space just like I dream about. I hope I'll be reading them between conversations or dates or hard brutal sex sessions with my totally long-term boyfriend who is exceedingly smart and hot and can't stop telling me how bloody excellent I am. I hope I'll have written something funny that made people laugh because I actually showed it to them and maybe even performed it. I hope some of the strain of the past year will have eased and I'll feel fewer obligations to support other people's lives when I'm struggling to support just my own. I hope Mum will be happier and more independent again. I hope I'll be happier and lighter and will find my energy again. I want the burden to have eased and my light and lightness to be back. Please.

After doing it this year I know I will be interested to see how I answered the questions. I had feelings of surprise at how I had foreseen some things that happened in the coming year and how so much I could never have predicted. I hope doing this will help me focus on and achieve more of my goals and remember what is really most important to me and spend more time doing things that reflect that.

I have no idea what I'll feel. Probably happy that you all have done this and thankful to have a link to the past. I hope and pray that my divorce is final (6 years is a long time to be separated, even though there are good reasons why we didn't proceed - death, accidents, illnesses, accidents, accidents,illnesses, hell), that I'm in a new job where I'm valued, and it would be nice to be in a relationship - although I'm about ready to give up that idea. Seems like the people who are interested in me range from 38-64 - flattering for a 55 year old woman. And, most of them are either married or have girlfriends....go figure. Or, they want to be married yesterday. I really hope in this next year that I can get into a nice relationship with a nice person. A person with whom I can grown spiritually and intellectually, and who likes to play (and did I say, who doesn't have a girlfriend? Or a "special" friend.).

No one can predict with certainty exactly where she'll be in one or how she'll feel. One can, however, be determined to use these questions as a medium for a commitment to perspective, enlightenment, and change despite whatever circumstances may arise. That's what I hope to gain---direction, encouragement, and reinforcement. To be short, I think (hope) I'll feel proud of what I've accomplished in one year, proud of who I am and who I've become, grateful for life's small blessings and unexpected gifts, challenged to fulfill my potential in a more ambitious way than I thought before, and content that life's beauty is an appreciation of this all while it's happening. I just moved to a new city. I start a new job in two days. I'm excited about the opportunity but still feel as though there are other aspects of my life which I can contribute to more fully. Stresses and uncertainty abound, yet through this transition I've been surrounded with gifts - supportive friends and family and fortunate circumstances. I hope that I fully commit to my new job while fostering those aspects of my life which I feel destined to ultimately achieve.

I hope to feel accomplished and that I've achieved some closure and growth from where I am today. I hope that I'm less fearful about being myself and become that much more comfortable with myself and being in my own skin. I am also hopeful to have expanded my circle of friends, which seems to be something that bothers me quite often but that I speak little of.

I believe things are moving in the direction of change. I am hopeful that when I read these, I will smile with a compassionate head shake and remember how hard it was to push through this rough patch. And then I will look at who and what is active in my life and say, audibly, "I love my life."

I will be comfortable and pleased with my answers.....life is what you make, each day really is a new day, with new opportunities. New opportunities and risks were provided, I need to stop pray and LISTEN WITH GRATITUDE. QUIET TIME TO REFLECT IT WAS GOOD NEED TO DO SEASONALLY.

Well, we'll have a baby! I'll be in a completely different frame of mind and stage of life. I'm excited-and-scared about this sea change. I haven't put as much time or thought as I'd have liked into these answers, and I guess that's because it's come at a time when so many dozens of things are going on. I want to resolve to spend more time on these questions next year, but who knows how things will be with a baby in the picture?

I think I will feel proud to have lived another year as genuinely as possible, and I hope this reflection always helps me look at myself and realize I am just doing this life thing the best I can, and I rock for even wanting to be reflective because it allows for regeneration and innovation.

I hope I will feel happy and I hope to find myself in a loving relationship.

I think it will feel like a real blast from the past! I'm looking forward to being able to look back at this special time in my life, from a whole new special time in my life :D So much to look forward to watching my little girl grow up!

I'm hoping I'm in a better place physically which will put me in a better place mentally

i hope i feel relived! i hope I'm in school working hard!i hope my close friends are still with me! i also hope my family is healthy and happy!

I hope I will feel more balanced in my work/family/personal life. I strive to not let work stress overtake my brain. The stress then leads to inaction in work and home and this leads to slothfulness, weight gain, cloudy head. this is my focus.

I'm afraid that nothing will have changed, and I will feel disappointed...

I hope I will have made significant progress on my intentions, sulking less, more able to "suffer with dignity" the things I do not like and cannot change. I hope to be healthier, I hope to improve my ability to let things roll off my back, and I hope to be more emotionally engaged in my life, with more experiences and realizations from which to move forward in growth.

Probably I'll feel the same way I feel now, probably less stressed because I won't be studying by that time. But I think I won't have any friendlikeboyfriendorwhateveritisaguywithwhomyouonlykissandtalkveryfriendlybutisnotyourboyfriendoranythingserious; however I do want us to keep being friends or have a close relationship. I think also that I'll be laughing hard when reading these answers next year, because what troubles me now will not even be an issue next year (maybe)

I'm most interested in seeing what will happen that we have not even considered. Something always does. I hope I've met at least some goals. All I really want is for everyone to be happy and healthy.

Honestly, I think I'll feel sad. Even if things get better, I'll probably just be sad about having been this bummed instead of being happy that I turned it around (or maybe that's just bummed me talking right now). I hope I'm wrong. I hope by this time next year I'll feel like i'm contributing something somewhere, hopefully to my family, either by becoming better at domestic life or by finding a lucrative job to make up for my inability to cook or clean or sew or fix things or teach useful things to my children. That said, it was a great exercise, and I do look forward to having several sets of these to review in a few years.

I hope and pay that I either have my husband back because he got help and worked to win me back or I have made peace with the fact that it is over and have started to get my life back. I hope I have a home that I can afford and can have the animals I want. I hope to be self sufficient while saving and the foreclosure over. I also want to be ready to answer questions without sounding do sad and pathetic:)

None of the answers were hard but putting the words out there was difficult. Some days I looked at the questions on my phone at work & thought about them all day before I went home & then found the words. I hope I'm not in the same place 1 year from now, I have been stuck for so long & I so want to move forward. Please God give me the strenght to change my life...

This is easy. I hope I am launched in a new or outgrowth of my current career. I hope I am happy with whatever stage it is at and that I am looking at these answers saying, "Wow, I was so worried. It's so nice to be past all that and instead excited about what I am doing and about to be doing."

I hope I overcome my fear and that we're all closer to our families.

I think I'll feel emotional. Perhaps a wealth of deep gratitude, memory, and hunger. Hopefully, a larger sense of self-compassion and love for the human being that I am. I think answering these questions enriches my life because it brings me back to my core values, to the larger incidences of my life, has me consider more than just myself, but the people around me, and the global events. I hope that by answering these questions, over time, I am able to appreciate the curious ways in which I grow, and recognize how mysterious the changes in my life have been. I go through A LOT of changes in just a single year. Each year, I could never have anticipated where I would be the following year. But each year, I come back with hopes and dreams, desires and goals. And overall, I am moving towards them. And my aspirations are in fact evolving based on my maturity and wisdom gained from these reflections. Life isn't measured by winning and losing. My life isn't black and white. Most of the time, I am receiving one amazing gift after another, accomplishing beauty and strength, enduring trials and resurfacing to reveal the treasures I've found beneath the layers of my past experiences. And truly in each present moment, I have the glorious perspective of the past and the future all woven together in the NOW that is me. In the reflection that I am. When I answer these questions, I truly learn to appreciate that what happens in my life is not just because of me, but because of everything - the crazy synchronicity, the timely patterns, the open hearts and open minds that I recognize in others. I can see the truths that unfold, from something rather small, to something quite grand and schematic. I am learning that there are archetypal themes that carry my spirit along, introducing me to the characters and events and places that make up my ongoing reality. And it can be a special story. In its entirety.

I'll probably think my fears and worries of this year are inapplicable for 2015! I'm hoping, though, that thinking about the questions will give me a push to resolve some of these issues that bother me and mine.

It is always enlightening and valuable to think ahead, make projections, take action and then reflect. It helps you to make better goals next time. I think I will see that some projections did not come true, and be amazed at what all has happened in the past year. I hope & pray all our family is still close in spirit, even if not living physically near one another. I hope everyone is doing well. I think I will see that some things are unpredictable.

Faintly amused. With luck, things will have calmed down some, but if I were asked these same questions in a year, my answers would not be much different.

I hope that I feel good about them. I hope that the dreams I've dreamed have come true. What I've wanted to accomplish has happened, and I'm more confident in myself. I hope my life is a little different, but a good different. But I'm glad I did this because I will get a chance to reflect on how I felt a year ago.

Unlike last year, I have no idea what next year is going to bring. I assume that I will be in the second year of uni and that I will still be with Chris. I am hoping to travel but beyond that I have no clue. I guess I will be interested in reading what I have written and will see how things have changed and how they have not.

I hope that by putting this down in writing that it will cement and solidify my resolve and give me the inspiration/motivation to persue the dreams that I want to and find the faith in myself to have the confidence to make those dreams come true!

I would like to believe that my answering this questions and being honest with myself that it will motivate me to identify my issues, fears and why I procrastinate and use it as a launching point to actually achieve everything I want to this year. I say this too many times and each year I repeat the same bad habits. I won't allow that to happen again this year! I can't let that happen again this year!

I hope that I'll be in a happier place, with lots of self confidence, self love, and self forgiveness. I hope I'll be happy and proud of myself.

Seriously, I get a bit of a shock how fast September rolls in to October and how fast seemingly life just accelerates. I'd love to slow down time so I could read more, do more, spend less time washing clothes and doing chores and more time creating great...Great things, inventions, just great...I'd like to rely less on farming and more on my own food...I'd like to fish more, fun more, adventure more...next year I'll be forty and I will have skied somewhere awesome, perhaps ridden a bike across the Simpson desert and hopefully i'll have another amazing girl in my life.....Heres' to great futures that I'm creating with great people...XXX

I don't think I'll have many surprises reading my answers. I hope I will feel that I have continued to grow as a person.

I don't want to make any assumptions. There are a lot of things I hope will be different but thats everyone. I hope most of all that I'll still be alive to read them. Its possible I might not. If I keep doing what I'm doing now. You really never know what the future holds.

I will feel a little bit nervous and at the same time a bit indifferent because I know that I'm very random and quite fickle-minded. Ihope that majority of what I have written will be achieved. If there would be hindrances to whatever I planned on doing, I know it will only be myself.

How I will feel will depend on whether I have made any progress or not. I'm hoping that I will have grown and taken on new challenges, faced my fears and done the things I have been wanting to do for a long time. Hopefully the last ten days of 10Q will be the catalyst to greater adventures.

I hope I will feel I exceeded my own expectations and that the future feels far more secure and hopeful than it does now.

I think I’ll read them with surprise and little recollection, which will result in sadness and frustration. I have printed the questions and hope to read them monthly? Maybe that will help. If my overall goal of mindfulness and intention solidifies, perhaps I will make progress on my question goals indirectly. That will be good.

I think I'll be really excited to see if the things that were weighing heavily on my mind this time around have been addressed or categorized as not as important as I originally thought or if they're still hanging out there. A year is a really long time and a really short time all at once. I hope to be in a healthier marriage, in a different job, and with a body that more closely resembles who I was pre-baby (preferably better). Obviously, all of these things will require a good bit of work on my part, and I'm probably going to have to get creative with my time. But I want to do them, so I'm hoping September 2015 feels like victory.

I hope and believe that nature and God will take care of my current burdens. Life will be greatly different for me. The word free comes to my mind.

I hope I am in a less defensive posture/survival mode regarding my job and career. I hope I have more answers. I hope I do not disappoint myself again by not committing to my physical fitness.

I'll think I was in a time of a lot of change and uncertainty, but I hope I'll be able to be reading from a place that was the outcome of the decisions I was making. I'll feel more confident in my life, perhaps.

I hope for better work habits and more success. I hope for more sanity in the world. I wish I could predict them or even steps toward them. I mostly hope to avoid catastrophes and tragedies of all kinds... I have missed doing this daily this year because of the ship and the tours etc. But in the absence of perfection, my best try is good enough and that is something that answering these questions has given me.

I hope, as I assume most other people would, that I will be successful in most if not all of my endeavors by next year. I know that will not happen, but if I significantly improve myself in a particular area each year, I should be in good shape. I certainly hope to be much more independent a year from now. I don't have a driver's license yet, so I always have to rely on my parents to drive me places. I live for free at home, so I have to abide by my parents' rules. My parents provide all the food I eat and pay for my education. After a brief examination, virtually every aspect of my life is dependent upon someone else. Of course I love my parents, but if I could adjust to college life and living on my room (with a roommate, but still), I think the next year will be a success. Reexamining myself through the 10Q system has been a pleasant experience. I've thought about everything that I answered with before, but for most I have not sat down and written (typed?) down my perspective. Unexpected events happen all the time that prevent the future from being accurately predicted, but that is why we are doing this, is it not?

I hope I'll be able to reflect with gratitude, because I made some choices that led me to greater life and enjoyment and confidence and friendship.

I think I'll feel that the Rob breakup is so far in the past that it's funny to re-read how much it affected me. I hope I'm happy and have new friends and enjoy my new career and life and have traveled somewhere new and exciting.

I feel like I lived a year accented with sweet moments of clarity, triumph and love. And that those moments were countered with fear, anxiety, anger and the helplessness that comes with knowing that people and actions are beyond my control. I hope I will look back and appreciate what a sweet year I lived and that I did what I could to create more kindness and caring in this world. I hope that I will continue to connect with my children in ways aligned with their development as Chinese Jewish Americans. I hope that I will have more sex with my Hubble Telescope. I hope that I will improve as a pianist, soprano and music teacher. I hope I can help those around me in ways that are easy for me and in ways that challenge my ego and my humanity. (Plus, Dave wants to me break open the bread maker.)

Within next September comes I am expecting all my plans describer in the 10 questions to be competed, to be able to realize my dreams and to go further, to look for more dreams to complete.

I think a lot of (hopefully) old wounds may be reopened. I hope I feel that I still made the best choice for me and my family. I hope my family (K) feels the same. Things have been close to back to normal here for about a month, we just got back from vacation, and things are great between me & K. I hope I can say the same next year.

I hope to feel that I did overcome some of my fears.

I do not think these answers will change much for me. I frequently ask myself deep questions but stay stagnant. That is sad to say but real. This year may truly be different. With my new relationship I am actually in a space to make change. The support of my partner. In the past I would spin my wheels. I think my spinning days might be behind me. I look forward to growth and exploration with support and love. I want to open this up and have a huge grin on my face. My life is filled with love. I have amazing support. I love my job, my home, my dog, my daughter, and my man. I just breathe in all of my many blessings and continue to smile

I will have met some of my projections well, others not so well, but on balance, I am hopeful for positive outcomes in the next 12 months. Having devoted the thought to the 10Q this year, I hope that it has helped me consider the things in my life that I want to impact in the next 12 months. I am a huge fan of "write down a plan" in business, not as focused on that in my personal life.

At that moment, i'm hoping we, my bandmates, managers, and I, are riding a wave of validation for all of the work, waiting, and preparation that has gone into the past year. I think our career will be well on its way, and the next stage of the band will be more fully realized. If all goes to plan, I should have more respect for myself, and my bandmates and friends should hopefully have more respect and trust for me. Also, I might actually have a savings account. Which would be nice.

I don't necessarily think anything will be different from answering these questions, but a lot changes in a year and hopefully I'll be in a different country for HHD next year, so it will be nice to look back at where I was emotionally and mentally this year.

i hope that i am no longer smoking. i hope that i have put systems in place in all areas of my life to continue to move me forward. food, movement, study, reflection, cleanliness. i hope the house has sold. i hope i am still loving my work, whatever it may be. i hope that i am honing my craft and allowing it to grow and change. i hope i have taken chances this year.

I hope it'll be different than it was last year when I had done a similar thing just by myself, wrote down all that I wished to be better at or fix in the coming year, and then I found these things were still issues for me the next year.

I trust that I will have accomplished all the items that appeared in my answers. Earned minimum of $75,000. Gained 2 friends Staying on budget

I think I will feel proud of the year I just had and all that I accomplished in my personal and professional life. I think I will also be happy that I am living a completely open lifestyle and that I made significant changes to have healthier and more sustainable eating habits. These include not drinking any alcohol or caffeine, only eating kosher, organic, and/or free range meat and cage free eggs, and making sure to have a balanced diet. I hope that I continue reflecting and don't get stuck in a rut at work or in my apartment, and continue to try new things and think critically and deeply about my life and the world. I hope these questions put on a path of deeper reflection and help me to remember to be present and "choose life!"

My hope is that I will feel happy that I worked my way through the barriers in my life to Rosh Hashana of 2015. My hope is that I will be energized by my new job, my new relationships, and a deepening of old relationships. My hope is that I will have found ways to contribute to the community to make a difference. I hope that having actually thought about and written down answers to these questions will help me focus on creating directions and steps toward my values

I hope I'll feel very independent and accomplished when reading my answers. I've noticed that my responses to a lot of these questions either have to do with relationships or money. I'm a multi-faceted person, and those aren't the only two dimensions to me, but if you were reading my answers, that's what you would think. I hope that my 2015 answers will be a little more well-rounded.

I hope I have gotten more mature, yet still have more fun than in 2014. I always hope I am more mindful, more calm and clear headed.

I think my life has the potential to be drastically different within the next year. I hope to feel proud of my accomplishments from the past year and have a plan to continue my future schooling.

Hopefully accomplished and proud, because I always do when I look back on these 10Qs! Hopefully I will be a homeowner on the southside by then.

NO IDEA. I mean, here's what I hope: I'm living somewhere I love, in a room I've unpacked. I'm with people I love. My relationships are strong. I'm hopeful and involved. I'm following my dreams, I'm ever-more in touch with what they are (the fear is, I can't figure it out). I'm creating, I'm loving that creation, I'm in touch with how powerful and important I am to myself and everyone around me. I'm passionate and clear, grounded and honest. The days make sense. I'm healing and working with my community to heal. I know why I am where I am. Or, I'm on the way toward these goals. I have a sense that the universe is kind and good, mysterious and beautiful, I am with my friends, I am not lonely, I am loved. I feel in control.

I will feel that I have changed a bit, and that my goals have either been destroyed, or kept [in which case I will keep trying].

I will be in a completely different place altogether in every way that counts,with my children,pursuing my dreams and providing for them.

I think I will feel accomplished. I felt accomplished this time--I followed through on my predictions and got the career direction and job, and the meaningful relationship. This next year I want to work at doing those better--feel the confidence in them that I will will work at to get. Once I have a handle on that, I want to do more "meaningful" things, like volunteering and spending time with family and friends. The act of writing this down, and of thinking through this helps it to happen. And it will.

No ideas where will I be. My life is so unpredictable right now. I am so unstable with myself. What will be will. I am not giving up, will try hard to get up. We'll see.

I hope I don't get weepy like I did this year when I read the answers I wrote last year - realizing that I will never see my sister again in this life. Sad. When I read my answers next year, I hope I will be feeling glad that I started on the path toward a healthy lifestyle for me and my mom. I will be happy about my plans to go to Hawaii in the spring of 2016 with my cousin Lori. She has promised to show me around as she has been there several times. Plus it will be fun. She is my new best friend that I made this year. I hope we will be even closer next year. I hope I can add some quality to her life. I hope I can help us both build our self esteem by taking positive actions in our life. She will already have gotten her degree and I will be proud of her for that. I hope I will start to pursue old dreams that I shelved so long ago that I don't remember even what they are any longer. I hope I will feel strong and beautiful and vital. That's not too much to ask, is it?

I am very much looking forward to reading my answers next year. Usually I do this kind of introspection and taking stalk of my life around my birthday - which I've found has turned into a very bad idea. I'm going to adopt this tradition and make it my own. I hope by this time next year, I'll have paid off my credit card, worked on saving up for a new car and building a nest egg. I hope that I'll have found new ways to participate and improve my community, and started contributing my time and money to causes I feel are important. I'd like to continue to build and grow my friendships with my Struggletenters, who I consider my family. Lot's of hopes I have for myself!

I worry that I'll still be where I was. I hope I'll have stayed more focussed on these important things, and that I'm more loving, fit and relaxed as 60 is on the horizon.

I think I'll feel a mixture of pride at what I've achieved, frustration at not being as far along as I'd hoped, glee at some of the earnestness of the answers I provided, and maybe contentment as well. I hope to be more grounded while at the same time more open-minded. I hope to be more loving and whole-hearted. I hope to be less stressed and more relaxed, especially about money. I hope to be farther along the path to achieving my goals, especially about money. I hope to be grateful that I am taking part in this opportunity and I hope that I haven't wasted an entire year not making progress on any of these goals and dreams. I also hope to have identified new dreams and to be striving toward new goals.

I just hope I'm mentally healthy and feeling like myself.

I hope I look back on my answers (all of which have a theme) and am in a much better place. I hope I look back and think "wow, that was such a dark and difficult time". But that next year I'm in a light and happy place full of love and respect with my wife. I don't want to be without her. I hope that as we move on that we do so in a way that strengthens our relationship and brings us to an amazing new place. As horrible as right now is I hope that this is an awakening that brings us to each other in a new way with a renewed commitment with eyes wide open.

I hope that I will be more optimistic and loving toward myself and the world around me. I hope that I am able to work on myself and get our family more financially secure. I hope that the world is less horrible and scary.

I imagine I'll smile at myself, reflecting on this place I'm at now. I hope I'll feel similarly fortunate, in love, supported, proud, curious, open, and challenged. I also imagine I may be chagrined to see slow progress in some areas. I hope I am practicing yoga more, feel more-often deeply grounded in myself, and even more grounded in our family ties. Perhaps our oldest will be even more of a preteen and we'll be navigating the challenges that may bring. Perhaps there will be some surprises I can't imagine. Whatever unfolds, I hope I have been growing and feel gratitude about the incredible fortunes I have in my life.

I hope I will be able to do what I need to do. I tend to start something, then hold back. I don't want to hold back. I want to go after a goal with my whole heart. I hope I will be more confident and will be able to savor my successes. I need to pat myself on the back once in awhile instead of always finding fault with myself.

I think I will be nervous. Time passes so quickly and often times it feels like I make very little progress. The year is 3/4's over now and I don't feel like I've accomplished most of my New Years goals that I set in Grenoble, France last year. Additionally, it seems like the reason why, my excuses, are valid, and I shouldn't feel about it. But the feeling of not really "building" anything continues gnawing at me. I'll b e curious to see what I wrote this year and in some, look forward to re-read these answers. I've always been an introspective person who's very self-aware and often steps back to look at the big picture. I'm not sure I'll feel very different after writing these answers and reading them again next year. Even though I'm open to new ideas, I don't adapt them easily. My life will probably be similar to how it is now I'm guessing

l Will know that I'm loveable, good enough and worthy and that I have unlimited possibilities in my life and that all of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory (exuberance & abundance). Love and light have no bounds and love is the key.

I want to be well ahead in my business successfully bringing in 100,000,ooo a year and the path to bring in 300,000,000 in 2016. I want to have my health back (diabetes, blood pressure and weight) under control. I want to have had my chest surgery and back on testosterone and finally transitioning fully. I want these Q&A's to be a good reflection of growth from 2014-2015, I want to be a better person, husband and father. I want community, to be a politician and successful business man. I want to be a part of the world becoming better!

Be a kinder gentle person and more aware of what's going on around me. Be more emotionally vulnerable. Be in slower life pace. Happier that have changed to a job I love. Happier that I am in a good relationship with a good person. These questions make me think in a focused way to help me shape the next year and I find that a good thing to remind myself when I am doubting, that we all have fears, goals, etc. and bringing them to forefront is way to evoke change. I love these 10Q

I hope I will be feeling better about myself and (again) feeling more accomplished but relaxed.

I hope that I am healthier and that I will have managed to find peace with myself. I hope that this years Rosh Hashana meditation questions will stay in my mind and guide me everyday and remind me that I have 365 days in this year to grow or to waste and I can choose everyday which direction I want to move.

I am hoping that I will feel more stable in terms of employment, housing, and interpersonal relationships (romantic, family, friendship, and otherwise). I hope I will have developed a strength around my moral compass, and confidence in my decisions that is not easily shaken by the criticism of others. I hope that I'll be better at not taking on other people's emotions in a way that is harmful to myself. I hope to have reduced my tendencies toward people pleasing and perfectionism to a degree that my overall happiness and self awareness have increased. I hope that thinking about and answering the 10Q questions will have provided some focus as to my goals for my personal work over the next year. I hope when I look back I will have accomplished the things I set forth in my 10Q answers in a way that marks my personal progress and capacity for change.

I'm hoping I find a place where I feel more secure in my relationships, in my finances. I still feel as if I spend a lot of time 'waiting for the other shoe to drop' as if I'm always about to lose everything. There is a fine line between appreciating every day and constant nagging worry that it will all go away. : )

I hope that I am not in the same mental and spiritual place then as I am now.

I think I will be in awe with my lexicographical abilities. I am quite literate, but that will not be astonishing. I think the most impactful thing that I will gain from this experience and reflection is what I have written and how much I have grown from that. As pessimistic and despondent I may feel at the moment, I know that my situation is temporary. My affliction and turbulence is melodramatic and current. Regression will always meet the means, that is something I have learned in life. As much as I hate high school, my job and my body, I will one day greatly appreciate the several blessings I have received. Although my living situation is not the most lavish, I will learn that you must strive to achieve change. Finally, although I am not happy now, I will be happy eventually.

I hope I'll be employed or in school. And that my kids will be in school, oh, and my husband will be in school. I guess I'm a little school-obsessed.

I can only hope that thing will have settled down. I hope that we have embraced the new journey that we are on, and that we are both able to enjoy it.

I hope I achieved most of the things I was thing of. I hope there were no horrible surprises during the year. Only happy ones. I hope I took a small step forward toward peace and ease and balance

I hope I will be able to smile at my past self, whether it's appreciation of where she was at the time and where she is "now," or with tenderness for her struggles, or amusement that these things ever troubled me. I hope to be a bit wiser--less fearful and more in love.

I think I'll feel curious, as I always have.

I hope I'll feel hopeful about a new job -- something different from what I'm doing in September 2014. I hope I'll be excited about the boys being in first grade and the prospects for the year for them. I hope I've just come back from a great trip to Ireland!

I hope that I'm able to have done some of the things I said I was going to do. I feel like I've spent my entire life waiting…and waiting…and waiting. I don't want to do that anymore. I feel like I haven't accomplished anything, haven't lived up to my potential and I don't want to live that way anymore. :/ I hope that I feel proud of myself for taking some chances, for getting some discipline and for allowing myself to stop hiding. It's such a hard thing for me to do. Of course, I think about this stuff all the time. I know exactly where I am doing wrong and what I need to do. I'm tired of feeling inadequate, unqualified and undeserving of success, of watching others eclipse me and move on while I stand on the sidelines and just think about it and talk about it….

Working on the home/work balance. Working on the work/ fun integration. Babies.

I hope to look back like I did this year at previous years (last year I didn't get around to answering) and ask myself "is that really how I felt? Is that really what occupied my mind so much last year?"

I hope I have at least passed a couple parts of the CPA exam. I hope Andrea and I are doing well enough that we're both looking at the next step.

I hope I feel grateful for making it through another year. I'll probably feel curious as to what I had written in 2014. Reliving the losses will be a hard and sad reminder. I certainly hope at least some of what I hoped for will have come true. I know now that I am glad to have completed the 10Q's before the Vault deadline! Here's to a better year!

I hope I can be more confident and joyful in 2015 and that seeing these answers will cause me to feel grateful about the progress I've made in accepting me as I am. Thich Nhat Han: You are already what you wish to become.

I don't know how I'll feel. Hopefully better than I felt when I answered these questions. Hopefully, I'll have more things sorted out in my life, and I'll be healthier.

I do not think these questions have changed my life. One of my rabbis said to live in the now. I think that is great advise. I do not know what will be tomorrow and I cannot change the past.

I think I will feel a little sad for this person who is me. I will also feel proud of me because I can tell I was struggling with major transitions all at once and I was trying very hard to line them all up -- put the pieces all together, make sense and order of them, create a new successful life for myself as I was needing to let go of a whole life behind me. I hope I remember what I have written and that I continue to build and grow so that I am not in the same place next year as I am now. Because there is nothing worse than to read journal entries that reflect the same patterns of stagnation. I hope that even if I am struggling with finances, I have at least grown confident in my abilities as a woman and a scholar and as someone who can accomplish great things in this world.

I hope I will have had a focused and productive year of growth both personally and professionally. I am really committed to both. The personal growth ha been going very well and I hope continues and I don't get pompous about what I have achieved. Professionally I hope I will be on my way to a successful business.

In September 2015 I will be in a 'better place': Content. Calm. No regrets. Above all, I am hoping that I will have lost and overcome my fear - sleep will be my friend again, not my foe anymore. Thinking about your life helps you to find your path, to gather momentum and get direction. These 10Q support me to 'organize' my life and pursue my dreams: To get a little closer to being me.

I think I will be excited to read them, it's weird reading something back from the past. I hope my life isn't too different from what it is now, I am in a pretty good place at the moment! I hope I have an idea of what I want to do after my stint at the cinema though, and I really really want James and I to have survived his last year at uni. I've realised from answering these questions that I'm actually in a pretty good place right now and I feel pretty content with my year plan.

I think i will be surprised at how far I've come with my goals for the year. i get so caught up in problems and projects of the moment, that I forget how much resolution there has been over time. It usually brightens my outlook. I don't really know what will be different, honestly. I just know when I set mental intentions like this, more of my "wishes come true". I hope I will be closer to my vision of a quiet and routine life, full of service and prayer and laughter. By this time next year, I will have forgotten how painful this job transition year was. Maybe I'll be over my rancor towards school administrators. hmmmmm

i hope i reflect every day the way i have the past 10 days. and i hope i become more aware of what makes me and the people i love happy by contemplating how we all fit together in this world.

I hope that I have continued making progress on these goals. I hope none of this is misguided.

I expect I'll feel surprised by my answers and suppose the surprise would be on the up and down side. Some answers could be profound in hindsight or just plain stupid or juvenile. I hope/expect to be at a different place emotionally and spiritually and yes, some of it brought on by these questions. Regular practice of thinking about things raised in the questions would enhance the value of answering them.

I hope I'll be able to see that I've made progress. I felt that way this year- no, I'm not 100% where I hoped I'd be, but there's definitely progress. And maybe that's part of learning to deal with perfectionism- seeing that even small steps have value.

Hopefully it will make me more aware of those things I can change and those things which I cannot change so that I don't continue to hold myself back, year after year.

I hope I am having more fun! Life is sooooo short and though I have these laudable goals, I really want and desire more fun and silliness in my life. More parties, more dressing in costumes, more being vocal and laughter. I think I will feel grounded at the new steps I am taking in my life. I think I will feel more connected to myself and others.

I worry that I'm going to be disappointed with progress on acting on the ways that I want to improve. I start every year with optimism that will be more attentive to the things I must do, and while sometimes I do make progress I always feel like I did less than I could have done. I do feel that answering these questions has focused my thinking about my life. Some of the hardest questions, the ones that I had the hardest time answering were about changing myself. I get by day to day without much self-examination and it took a bit to sit with that.

I will hope that I have survived another year, and, if not, that someone will have the password to my email to read these answers.

I think I will be surprised, either by being way off or quite accurate. I am hopeful for this year. Already there has been an upturn in my life's events.

I hope that the intention and self reflection of answering these questions encourages me to continue to be self reflective and intentional about my life and addressing questions and situations that arise. I honestly can think of at least fifteen different ways my life could change by this time next year, and I am sure any of them would be just wonderful. I am hopeful that I will have found a community that supports my practice of Judaism, what ever that looks like, and that I can spend lots of time barefoot and outside. Till next year!

I hopefully will feel "Mission accomplished" Ideally thats my goal. A year's old perception.

I think I will feel the same. I dont beleive i change too much year to year. I talk about Kenady a lot in each question but that is because she is a major part of my life. Hopefully the results of these questions make me focus on living life a little more and working and little lestt.

Next year, I hope I feel that I made a sustained effort over the course of the year to become more mindful and present. I hope I don't just make a halfhearted effort scattered across the weeks and months. I hope I feel that I grew a little bit - enough to open myself up a little bit more, to be more receptive to goodness and gratitude, and connection to others. I know I will keep making mistakes and struggling. I hope that I can feel happy with the effort I have made over this coming year. I suspect I will be setting similar goals for myself again in a year's time, but I hope to feel that I am building on some foundation, instead of starting anew. YOU CAN DO IT!!! <3

I hope I look at these and think, "Not a lot changed between 2013 and 2014, but SO much has changed between 2014 and 2015." This has been a fallow year, a year for keepin' on and keepin' at it; a year for holding steady and deepening connections. Next year, the year that's ahead of me (us), is poised to be one rife with change and newness. I welcome it and all it brings.

I think I will mostly feel the same. I hope that I will have a better handle on my life, have gotten healthier, and have a more stable job.

I believe that I will have found new, rewarding work with more like-minded colleagues, and will be extremely busy with family, school, and a part-time job. My goal is to wake up in the morning absolutely loving what I do, and as my energies are dedicated 100% to achieving this goal, I expect to achieve it. While I have been thinking and planning for a long while, 10Q has shown me the clarity and simplicity of my plans.

I hope that I am happier and more secure as a professional. I hope that I feel authentic and genuine, and any respect I get is deserved.

I will feel great. Not much will be different, but this is a good exercise in focusing on some big issues.

I think I'll look at it and say, "kind of a boring year" because it was! But you know what? I'm A-OK with that. I like my life and where I am right now. Who knows where I'll be in a year. Shoot, I could be living somewhere besides SF (because of MG's job). So right now I want to focus on NOW and now only. And then I'll go from there.

I think I'll feel nostalgic when I read my answers. I hope that I'm physically healthier, closer to being debt-free, and more confident at work a year from now.

Of course a mixture of disappointment and pride. I remain optimistic that I am really gonna step it up this year! I have made small steps in that direction. I gotta keep pushing. I hope this mindfulness exercise will help me achieve these goals.

I will be happy that my life has changed so much, that I have changed so much. No longer driven by guilt, I have let go of being a prisoner to my own life. I will be content with whatever comes my way.

I don't know how I'll feel, to be completely honest. I think I'll feel like I should have dedicated more time to each answer, but other than that, I'll likely be happy- just like I am each year when I get my 10Q answers back.

I hope that I see that I'm a stronger better person because I've grown over the past year! I hope that I am a more integral part of our team, that we've had a huge successful year, and that my family and I are building a new home and preparing for a new Bozeman adventure! I want to be a better wife, better mother, better friend, and better co-worker/partner!

I think I'll feel impressed. Proud. Surprised by what more I've accomplished and gone on to experience and explore. Both nostalgic and reminiscent of people that may no longer be physically present in my life. Maybe it will inspire me to reconnect and reach out to these people that I feel a great miss towards. After reading these answers, I should be asking myself how much of the following do I have in my life, currently? Trust in myself and the Universe Positive, Supportive, Loving People (Jenna, Maura, Dana, Tracy, Rhona, Sue Butler etc) Authentic Connection Difficult Conversation Following my heart's truth Expressing my voice Support group Meetings Yoga Conscious breathing Journaling/Reflecting Taking time for me - and unscheduled free time Spending time outdoors Positive Risk Taking vs Settling for what's comfortable and familiar I hope these questions make me pause, and reflect-bringing me back to my intentions and values. Kinda like a check-in point to evaluate what's working, and what's not. Or what I need more/less of in my life.

Hopefully, I'll feel like I did this year which was pretty good about where I am and a little surprised that I'm mostly on track with myself. I hope I'll feel like I have more actual accomplishments...this year was a lot of internal accomplishments...hopefully they will be more material in nature next year.

I hope to feel fulfilled when I receive 2014's answers to the 10q questions. I hope I'm inspired by my achievements to make greater predictions for the following year. I hope to be more at home with myself, my thoughts, and my desires. I can only hope for good things!

I think I will look back on this year as a difficult one and one that was full of adjustments and changes. I hope I will be more settled in my life and my new role as a parent and I hope that I will have found some peace within myself.

I think I'll feel like-oh yes, I remember those answers! I hope that perhaps I'll be more at peace with my work situation - either retired and loving it, or still working and loving it.

I expect to feel surprised by how isolated and stressed and anxious I was. I hope to have opened more doors for myself in more rewarding ways.

I think I'll feel like I should have just shat or gotten off the pot. I think I'll feel more confident as a person and more clear-headed to make decisions. I hope I am more comfortable in my own skin by next year, feeling good about teaching, and maybe even doing some projects on the side, music-related or film.

Glad that I have them to look back on. I am hoping that my Gal will find some great friends, let her light shine and become passionate about something.

My son will be away at college (or about to leave) so I will miss him a lot and hope that I can enjoy spending more time with my daughter instead. She will be going to high school and I pray that she gets involved in something athletic and team oriented. This is something that has been missing in her life since she was 5 years old and so for the sake of her mental and physical health, I hope she can really find something she wants to do. As for me, I hope that I am a stronger leader. That the Club I co-lead is more vibrant and that I am able to delegate more responsibility to people as we plan activities. I also hope I have more responsibility at work and am seen as an effective leader there too.

I hope I´ll be excited and positively surprised to see that I have pursued my ideas and decisions. I hope I´ll have made progress in accepting my children as they are and me as mother of them.

I think I will feel that I have been pretty much right on in what I said for this year. Our debt will be a lot less and that, and still being employed, will make me feel real good. Maybe I'll even be thinking we are getting to a place where I can retire and work by choice, not by necessity.

I'm a much more positive person, happy with my life and how I react to it.

I don't know where I'll be living in 2015, yet. I think I'll have accomplished some of the things I set out to do. I may still be struggling w/ some of the things I identified to improve. I'm a work in progress.

I hope I will have moved forward in the areas where I've expressed a desire to learn, grow and create.

I hope I'll feel pleased that I took some time out to reflect and consider. I hope that next year I'll be a little further down the path of life's journey, having learned a few more things by navigating whatever bumps and surprises the journey brought with as much grace, self-love and conscious engagement as possible. Hi, future me. Here in October of 2014 you were feeling pretty good about your life, and feeling courageous and optimistic about your ability to deal with whatever life might bring you in the next year. I hope you are still feeling like that. If so, awesome, here's a high five . If not, well, I love you and so do many other people, and hopefully whatever hardships you are struggling with will pass soon and things will get better. Remember, "everything will be ok in the end. If it's not ok, it's not the end."

It would be nice if I could feel a sense of joy and accomplishment by actually achieving the goals I laid out in the 10Q.

I think I'll feel hopeful that this year will be better than the last, and that I have less stress and more fun in my life. I hope to be more positive, and less angry with my sights set on future goals and achievements.

I always hope all the problems I've written about are completely resolved! I do not ever think, in writings such as these, that my then-problems, whether the samne or different, will be no less difficult. But maybe there will be less pain. And maybe less unwarranted suffering. THAT is what I want. I want to have accomplished goals, but I want there to be in my life less pain and suffering that is unwarranted.

I love reading my answers back and giving that time to reflect on how things are going in my life. I hope when 2015 that things continue to change for the better. I hope to continue to develop personally and professionally to reach my full potential and find my purpose! Not too much of an ask...! I just hope that even if things haven't changed significantly, I hope things are at least moving in the right direction.

I think I will be surprised, as every year. A year goes by so fast and I can not believe how fast, so I will be surprised that a year can past so fast. I am very curious if I still think in the way I think at this moment, because every year when I read 10Q from last year I remember last year and I remember how I felt, but I could not imagine that everthing will change, but it did - every year. Everythings changing in every second of our lives. This is simultaneously good and bad. ... Probably I will laugh (or cry) about my philosophical thoughts ;)

I will enjoy reading what I wrote this year and sharing my answers with Andy, Alex, and hopefully Emily. I feel as though I have reflected with these questions and set forth a course for a good year ahead. Lots to explore, experience, and deepen. I hope I will be even more open with myself and my feelings. I'm also looking forward to when Emily goes away to college next year so Andy and I can move forward even further with our relationship without her constantly in our environment, home and schedule.

I hope that I have figured out a way to generate more income for my family so we can enjoy ourselves more. I would like to think that we have travelled a bit more, and actually enjoyed a vacation away from our hometown. I am hopeful that the US Government has figured out that power is diminishing their ability to govern properly and that compromise is not a four letter word. I am generally a positive individual, and hope I surround myself with like minded individuals.

I'm afraid that I will be disappointed that I didn't make more of the rest of 2014 and 2015. I hope I am in a completely different place physically, emotionally, professionally, mentally. There are few things I wouldn't want to change between now and a year from now. I hope that I am able to achieve all those big changes within the next year of my life.

I think I'll be exited and wish I had spent more time on the answers.

I hope I will feel safe and loved and strong. I think my life will be more balanced and I will become more introspective.

I think life will be even MORE awesome!

I hope that I have taken a step closer to finding a life partner/husband! I'm not sure that anything will be different because of thinking about and answering these questions. I have thought about most or all of them in the past few years.

I hope the things I was afraid of feel long-conquered. I hope the things I was absorbed by seem trivial. I'm afraid I'll feel just the same and be just the same and fear just the same. But that seems unlikely. Of course I hope I'm at-ease, successful, and problem-free. That seems unlikely, too. I just want to be more myself and more in-love and more aware. I just want to be less busy and more present.

I hope that I'm wrong about my predictions. That life will have turned out better than I predicted. I'd love to be wrong about a lot of these things. I hope that I finsh my book, deadline September 1st.

My answers to these questions mostly reflect my state of mind before I read them - I didn't seek to change anything about my current thinking, but merely to describe it. That said, I think these will serve as a great indicator of where I was in September 2014. I expect to view these as a great resource, and also to complete another 10 questions next year. I've always wanted to keep a journal, but never did. This is at least a way of keeping some kind of record. One forgets a lot in a year. Specific details about September 2013 are already hazy, to me.

I hope I am happier. I hope I am more content with my body and my mind. I hope I love my live and my boyfriend equaly. I hope I live my love. I hope I am happy. We are happy.

I hope I will look back and think of the things I am doing then that were on the list of things I wanted now. I want to see growth and change, if not in the direction that I wanted, then in a good way. I want to look back and see the footprints of my feet on the Path. I want to say, "Look--forward progress."

I'll open it up and find an excuse to step away from whatever I'm doing. I enjoy reflecting. Over the next year, I expect that I will continue moving on a path. I was watching a documentary on immigration from Latin America to the US today, and there was an immigrant's prayer. It went something like this: I want to get closer to you, God. My life is a journey, and you are my destination. I'll keep moving down the path, not to a god of course, but down whatever path I choose. I just hope I'm happy and the path continues, until I'm gone, and it ends.

I hope that MANY things will change in the next year. Everything is in transition in my life at the moment and I hope that I find comfort in things (housing, jobs, friends, relationships) as life moves on.

I think that I will remember this time as a daze. Parenting a young baby makes me feel like a zombie. I am not even sure I am being coherent right now. I hope that next year I feel more on top of things and that I am looking back to the zombie feeling as a thing of the past.

Interested. Curious. Perhaps Avoidant, despite interest and curiosity. I hope to life that I have made progress on at least some of them. I dread that I may not have. That reconciliation can be painful, and is probably why I avoid.. still haven't read all of my 10Q answers from 2013.

I hope to feel like relieved that I accomplished what I set out to do. I don't want to feel disappointed by what I didn't do but hopeful about where I'm headed. I would love to be surprised. By anything in 2015. A fantastic job, something one of my children accomplishes, my husband, whatever it is. A beautiful, wonderful surprise would make the year perfect. More perfect than the best job, financial rewards or losing that 25 pounds. Scratch that. I need to lose the 25 pounds.!

I'll be sick of this question and my answer(s) by Sept. 2015. I hope to be older but not older looking (no more wrinkles and gray hair, please!). And I'm feeling paranoid about jinxing myself, so I'm not going to write any other wants/hopes down. Besides, sometimes it's nice to not worry about what will be.

I hope I'll feel proud of knocking out some things I wanted to, I think I'll be ready for that recrudescent feeling that comes from the high holidays. And maybe I'll be answering these questions from a dressing room waiting to go on set, G-d willing :)

I think things will basically be the same and I'll feel a little disappointed but also happy to be alive. Maybe a little more compassionate and less hard on the outside.

I honestly have no idea what I will feel next year. I think I am in such a growing period of my life that I might look back next year and be much wiser than the woman typing these answers right now. I hope to look back and be proud of the decisions I will make in the year to come. I hope that I will have found someone special. If I haven't by the time I read this, I hope that I still have all the faith I have right now that God is preparing me as well as him for the right time to be in each other's lives. I hope to be just as ambitious as I am now - not just about work but also ambitious about living life and finding love in places more than just in one person. I want to find love in simple things - a good friend, a book, a peaceful Sunday morning, a busy opening night. I want to read this next year and be proud of myself.

September 2015,I would certainly be thrilled to review my answers,and assess how much has changed in my life .I do hope by then that my life would be more focused/relaxed/and connected to GOD, family and friends

I think I'll be a lot more confident and centered and clear on my vision for the future.

I am excited for September 2015! I think I will have grown a lot, and will hopefully know in which direction my life is heading. I will hopefully be living in my new home, exploring a new, exciting town or city. I will be happy to reflect on my answers, and hopefully impressed by some of the positive, accurate guesses I made about the current course of my life. In my ideal I will be happy and healthy, confident in my body, active and dancing, hiking and adventuring. I will have a strong group of friends and someone with which to share my joy, and I will feel confident in the direction in which my life is heading. If not, I hope reading these answers will inspire me toward positive change.

I will be satisfied

I think I will feel peaceful. I believe I am heading in the right direction and maybe in a year I will be that much more close to my dreams, whatever they might be. I hope I will have a better connection with my true self and be more balanced.

I think I'll feel sad. The time in my life at the moment is not an overly happy one, though I am trying to make the best of things. I think I'll have a more settled look on my own daily existence, I hope I will in any event. I hope my father will still be around and some of the fears I voiced will be mollified by some of what I've accomplished during the year.

I hope that I feel that I'm happy, contented, settled, and looking forward to setting intentions for next year. I hope that my life is filled with love, good health, happy family relationships, gratitude, commitment, and integrity. I hope that I will be focusing on what I do have rather than on the challenges that life presents. I'm looking forward to a year of joy.

I hope I have lived more consciously and more deliberately, more thoughtfully and with greater awareness of others, and also more bravely.

I hope I will see positive change, an evolution, even if it's minor. I hope not to be in the same situation I am now. Progress, even if it's small will be good. I hope to have job prospects over seas, to have a healthier relationship with my mother, and to have more self control when it comes to food choices.

I think I will feel hopeful that my life has evolved in positive ways, that I have achieved some of the goals defined in my 10 questions and that this exercise has kept me thinking about the lessons learned from past and how to use these lessons in the next chapter.

I will probably feel the same way I feel every year saying, I'm too busy to answer these but yet I'll see that I have grown in certain areas based on my previous answers. Ok, worth it, do it.

I am living my dream fully, and am creating even more amazing stuff from there :)

Ok, so I think I'll feel like perhaps not much has changed. I hope I will have more time on my hands or less time because I'll be having a little one running around. BUT... if the little one isn't part of my life's plan, I hope I have been travelling a lot! :D I think the 10Q is a great way to reflect and I appreciate this exercise in reflection.

When September, 2015 does roll around, I think I will be amazed at how different things are, how I will have forgotten some of what I planned or said. My hopes are that I will feel that I will have made some progress towards some of the things I was thinking I wanted to do, that I will have a project or accomplishment in my retirement (or 2nd career) well worked on.

"as we think, we become" so I would imagine and hope that by entertaining and solidifying that which I desire, fear and hope for will all have either come to pass of be a work in progress that feels good. Whenever a chunk of time passes and I reflect on previous writings I am always at a different place then when I wrote it. As I continue to progress I expect that my life will be even better and more fulfilling by September 2015. Bring it on!!

I'll probably feel a bit silly about some of them, but I'll know they were a true reflection of myself at the time, and hopefully I'll marvel at the progress I've made in coming to know myself. I hope to be able to complete my conversion to Judaism at this time, if I haven't already.

I think I'll feel pleased. I normally do. It's nice to see where I was a year ago. I hope I wont feel let down, I hope I might be a bit more effective and I hope I manage to convince Simon Anholt to help.

I think I'll feel like I've grown. That I know more of myself then than I do right now. I'll feel more established in my body and my mind. I get wiser and more confident every day. When I was 22, I heard people say, "you don't known yourself until your 30's," and I thought that was ridiculous. I thought I knew myself at 22. So I fully expect to feel wiser. And I hope that's true every year for the rest of my life. As for what I hope is different in my life, I hope I'm in a new job and maybe have a home (although it would be a little soon for that), but I mostly just hope I'm moving forward. Things happen at the right pace. I just need to know my goals and work towards them. I hope my answers to these questions help me shape my goals. The reflections can really help you to determine what's always been important to you. It's easy to see a pattern in your self and your desires when it's laid out for you in 10 short answers each year.

I hope I've done better!

I hope that by this time next year I feel good about all my answers, that I've made some progress in overcoming what's holding me back, and that by thinking about these questions over the course of the year, I'll become even more the authentic self that I already know that I am.

I hope I'm more secure with myself, with my faith, with my body, and with my studies. I hope that I'm proud of how far I've come in the year. I hope I'm able to answer the questions more thoughtfully next year as well.

I'm expecting a hella confident Dani. There will probably also be some freaking out because it will be senior year. I hope I have really let it sink in that I DO NOT NEED A BOY TO BE HAPPY. I think I might be a little more mature and have a a wider, more open-minded outlook on the world and life.

I don't believe these answers will have any bearing in my future decisions. It is a snapshot of my current thoughts and might change in the next week, let alone month or year. Of course I hope that I will have accomplished some of the things I have talked about, but as long as I am happy in my current situation then these answers won't mean much to me.

I think I'll laugh at how free I feel, how connected to joy I feel, and have compassion / sorrow for my younger self, that it took so long and was hard and I wasn't sure how I'd find a way out.

I am always trying to be positive, I hope my answers seem positive and that I continue on my path that way. To a healthier me & a healthier husband as well, and maybe he won't be so depressed.

I hope I'll look back at the year and be happy with it. That I've had fun, enjoyable adventures; personally meaningful experiences; and made positive differences in the world.

I hope that I have found something I am passionate about and that these answer reaffirm that passion. I hope to have become a better person or at least be working towards that. These questions have really made me reflect and see what has changed over the past year and decide where I am heading next year.

I hope I won't be embarrassed by how fixated I can be when answering these questions. In the past I have seemed so focused on one aspect of my life and I hate to think that I can be so blinded to everything else. I also hope I will be happier in work/$ matters. Right now I am still trying to pay off loans and be financially responsible. I don't really have a living wage. I haven't ever lived above the poverty line. I am hoping that I can have supplemented my income and still be passionate or at least satisfied with what I do. I know from experience that I don't require a lot of money to live and paying off these debts will make me feel way more confident about how much freedom I have in living my life. I don't know if the world will get worse before it gets better (I suspect it will ), but I feel fairly confident in my ability to life outside of the current cultural/political/economic constraints.

I hope I'm happier, more joyful. I hope we're in a nicer home, and that we're able to comfortably sustain it. I hope I feel content with whatever my lot will be.

I hope I will feel like this was a year of accomplishment and personal / professional satisfaction.

I hope I will have grown. I hope that for every year but it doesn't always work out that way. I think/hope Elizabeth will be living with us and we'll be working on being a happy cohesive family. I hope that my relationships with family and friends is good and I am continuing to grow emotionally and mentally.

I hope to be everything I wrote I would be. I hope that a year from now proves to be a crazy worthwhile adventure of growth and change. I am hopeful that this year is going to be a grand one. If things are not as I wrote them to be, I hope I understand why they are not. I hope I understand what I need to do next in order to get to the places I wrote down.

Hopes and Aspirations: - better job - more self-awareness - more direction in life - more organized/better time management/better balance and prioritization of tasks and personal projects - more ready and open to seeking and being in a long-term relationship

I'm going to feel put out with my past self. Come on, that's a gimme. I hope I'll come to peace with who I was and who I'm trying to be, but--haha!--that's unlikely.

I hope that the baby will be happy and healthy. I hope that the house situation will be resolved. I hope that my wife and I are closer and working well together.

I hope that the things that feel so poignant and big now are a distant memory, and that I'm able to use them as a reminder that many of life's difficulties are very fleeting. I hope I'm in a more grateful and mindful space, making the most of life.

I hope they show a wisdom of what I thought important, and an honest effort to have improved when called for.

I hope to have accomplished a lot of my goals due to my not teaching. I hope to feel much more relaxed and comfortable with not working full time. I hope to feel that I have contributed something to the cause of Global Warming education. I think about these issues all the time and they guide my activities pretty fully right now.

I hope I laugh at the trivial things I once worried about. I think I'll feel humbled and grateful. I think in 2015 my priorities will change. I hope I take time to hug and kiss my family and them I love them.

I'm going to feel super awesome if September 2015 comes around and I'm able to read and understand everything that I've wrote.

I hope I can be pleased at how I've treated everyone with whom I come into contact.

I hope all my goals have been fulfilled. Body, mind, and life all heading the right direction. I hope to be a good example of someone who has God in his life.

I anticipate a bit of bemusement. I hope that this isn't letting my inner workings and doubts become public.

My hope is that I will be in a more peaceful state of mind. So much of my life is so good that it's crazy. But I continually struggle with the one or two pieces/parts that are not. Life with everything in balance would be amazing.

I hope I have pieces of joy again. I hope Kevin is still an agent in my life. I hope I like myself again.

Last year at this time I was so full of hope and determination. I was steadily employed, I was getting laid, I felt like I was making progress. This year, I am at wits end. I am poor, I barely survived the last year without ending up in jail or worse. I want to have faith and believe in my growth, but right now I just feel like I might be reading these words from jail next year, if at all. I'm really scared... and I hope by this time next year I'm reading this from a place of safety and abundance, not fear and scarcity.

I hope that I don't feel so numb and hopeless. I hope that life isn't stretching out like an endless ocean. I hope to have some joy back. I hope that I look back I think I survived.

I hope that next year when I read these answers I will feel like I have made a difference in my life, in my family and friends lives, in the city, country and world. Even if its in a small way. I hope that I will have stretched myself, faced my fears, expanded my perspective, and learned more about being my better self. I hope that I am full of curiosity, self esteem, engagement, and joy and I have let small irritations go. I hope that the mid term elections haven't left our country in the wrong hands and that our government isn't stuck when it should be acting proactively. I hope Ebola has ended around the world and we have learned from this terrible experience. Having realized how close we are to so many disasters, I hope that we come to our senses and make a profound shift towards life, peace, and sustainability.

I know I will be surprised at my views, speech and radiance when I read these answers. I will have changed, as I always do, but at the core, my life is still about honesty and contribution. That is what I will recognise in my answers, wanting to contribute in all honesty and change the world for the better. I hope I will be even more at peace with myself, my mental impurities and my relations with Carolien, friends and family. I hope many good things will happen to all sentient beings. These questions may keep me sharp and honest about my current life and I sincerely hope they aid my development, the realising of my potential: my timeless life.

I hope I will feel more satisfied with the reality of my marriage and more accepting of the "facts on the ground" about the people I share my life with. Less judgment, more acceptance.

I think I'll be happy. I hope I meet my goals and have a partner to laugh with. I think this will bring extra attention to making these changes so I can't meet my goals. I think this is an awesome way to assess my goals and come up with concrete steps to reach them!

I think I will feel very sad but proud knowing what a difficult and challenging year I'd gone through and took it head on because I wanted something better for myself and my family. I think I'll feel motivated to keep going, relieved in how far I've come, proud, GRATEFUL and hopefully have a sense of profound peace and thanks for this past year and how it shaped my future. I really feel like these questions are a subtle New Year's reset about what's important, what really matters…cutting out the daily bullshit, focusing on the bigger picture. I can't wait to see where I am September 2015.

I think I'll feel nostalgic, that I now am a little naive, and deeper in my thinking. I hope that I have a boyfriend that loves me and supports me (I don't think I'll be with this one). I think that, because I answered these questions, I'll be more conscientious and hopeful begin to write in a journal consistently. I think I will be more invested in research, but hope that I'll have a better idea of what I want post graduation. I hope I'll have more dominant "D" qualities showing, I'll be more aware of others, and I'll be living on campus.

I hope that I'm going to look back and wonder about how fearful and timid I was - I hope that I'll feel like - why was I ever scared of how this was going to work out? I should have known that it was going to work out. As my husband says, I need to have faith and belief, and I hope that this year helps me come to the point where I am believing in myself and the things that i want - my ability to have them, my ability to make them happen, my worthiness for them.

I hope to have grown and maybe accomplished some of the things I wrote about. I hope that I have made more positive changes in my life - eating more vegetables and less sugar; participating in more social and community activities; quit smoking; paint, write, and/or engage in other creative expressive actions regularly; meditate and/or do yoga at least once a week; travel lots (completed or be actively planning visit to Japan, visit to Europe again, tropical vacation). I hope to grow spiritually and be a better person. I want to give my life meaning.

I hope I am doing better than in 2014. That I am happier and healthier. But, since I know me....

I think I'll feel proud to have come so far as a person. I hope that by next year I will have grown even more and truly understand what it means to be a revolutionary.

I hope I am more relaxed and less anxious. I hope I feel like a better person for having become involved in helping others and I hope to have become a better mom and wife to my family. A better friend, a better sister, but most of all, a better me. I hope my children are safe and sound, and I hope my husband is healthier and feeling better than ever. I hope he is able to connect spiritually to our God.

I hope that I can see growth over the past year. I hope that reading this that I feel that much stronger and that I am in a better space professionally, mentally, and physically. It would be great to read something and it is a jewel of where some changes were initiated.

I hope I will be more introspective, and more aware of my feelings, my needs, my deficiencies, my successes and my failures. More honest. I hope I will not feel dumb when I look at this year's answers. I hope I will put more time into answering...

I hope this allows me to be more retrospective throughout the year. Once a year to look deep inside is fine - every day may be too much - but sometimes it makes you step outside your life and look at it from a different lens and that is healthy. I don't want my life to be drastically different, I want to grow and evolve and where I am today may be a result of that growth - but towards a better me, not a different me.

More clear on what really matters in life, and how I am making progress

I honestly hope nothing changes. I love my life. Is that bad?

I think I'll feel silly for the mood that I was in this year. And for worrying about some things. I hope that my financial situation is better, my health has improved, and that I am more educated.

I would hope to be able/want to give them more time rather than waiting until the last day to write them. I hope to be more calm, focused--better at setting myself to goals and achieving them, one baby step at a time. Nothing was built in a day.

I will be surprised to see I still am struggling with the same issues.

I'm always interested in what I thought. Sometimes I'm surprised at how much I've changed, and sometimes not. Guess it depends on the year. I should go look at all my old answers from past years when I was still in college and didn't know where I'd be working or living.

I may be sad for 2014 Christina. She seems very unhappy. I hope 2015 Christina looks back at these answers and has a better perspective on life and can see how she's grown. I'm struggling because I feel I didn't grow much in 2014. At least not in the direction I want to. Maybe I did but I can't see it right now. 2015 Christina, In retrospect, can you see our growth from 2014?

I hope I feel like I was just some stupid kid. I hope I will realize that all my worrying was for nothing and that I will be loving life.

Proud, I hope. Happy at the trajectory of my life. Worried that I'm not doing enough to make the world better. Deeply in love with my entire family.

That I had no grand plans. The I mindfully approached each day and maybe at the end of the year accomplished many of my desires or maybe some more interesting worthwhile things that I seized as they came up, carpe annum.

I hope I am a bit happier. I'm happy now but I think I could improve my happiness is I focused a little more on the important things. I really hope to feel healthier and be practicing healthier lifestyle. I think my move to Belmont Shore will help, but I need to make the effort to do more to improve that health and go outside of my comfort zone. I hope I have made a better attempt and being in contact with people, and don't live so much in my present bubble. I don't necessarily hope I'm seriously involved with anyone, but I do hope that I've opened myself up to investing in someone beside myself. I overall hope I'm in a really good place in my health, in my heart, and in my mental stress level.

I hope I'll continue to feel proud and satisfied with the course my life has taken. I hope the questions will remind me, in my darkest moments, of how far I've come and how many adventures I have left ahead. I hope I'll be inspired to keep exploring and keep challenging myself and keep moving forward.

I hope that I am just as happy as I am now, if not happier. I am happy with my life. And where it is headed, that I can see.

Ugggh I hate prediction questions! I can barely think a week ahead of time - and you want me to think a year? I hope to be more at home in myself and to have made significant progress in my journey towards participating in the universe and owning my own vulnerability. I hope to feel happier.

I have no idea how I'll feel! I imagine I'll have a complex interplay of emotions, including joy and exhaustion after having been a new mama for 6 or 7 months. It's so unfathomable and mysterious to me, I can't possible know all the ways that my life will be different. I'll be living in a new place, with a new baby, new friends. I'm sure my career will be in a difference place. I imagine I'll be ridiculously happy and purposeful and excited about life.

I will feel so much compassion for where I was standing right now. I will see through the confusion and feel at peace with what I've been through. I will see it as simply one step on the path, necessary to make my way "here."

I'll feel quite satisfied and joyful that I decided to answer these questions at the last minute! I had quite the busy High Holiday season, but I know how disappointed I would have felt had I not finally sat down to answer these. I should hope that I'm ever more at peace with who I am and comfortable with taking action as a result of the changes I wish to implement. I reflect to better get to know myself so that I won't be afraid to speak my mind when I need to. I hope I feel a confidence in being able to speak my mind, in personal and professional life. And I hope I remain happy with life, delighted by the surprises it has in store, energized by the love of my friends, humbled by the presence of God in even the stillest of moments. I hope that even when I read the more pensive or difficult responses I've written, they all bring a smile to my lips, a satisfaction in knowing that a year did not simply pass me by, but, rather, I had the blessing to live another year as fully as I could. 5775 -- you're going to be a great one!

I think I'll probably be disappointed, but I certainly hope that I'll come back to these questions next year feeling marginally better about myself and my life.

I hope that I find the time to be reflective. This is my third year filling this out, and I hope that in some way it becomes a touchstone, a reflection on my past, my present, my future. I hope I will love all my answers, as significant or foolish they may seem. I hope I will love myself for all my wisdom, and all my folly.

In Sept 2015, I hope to be ready for the LSAT. That's all I have on my mind. I may even have taken the LSAT by then, and I hope that my numbers game will be strong. The next few years (and beyond) depend on it. I hope to be motivated by where I am, and have a better grasp of my capacities. I hope to look back and feel proud to have attained the things that I want now.

I hope that some sort of growth has happened in my life, growth in faith, growth in health and fitness, growth in simplicity and growth in our marraige. I think addressing all of these things good and bad, eventful and hopeful this year allows me to be one with what I want to become and how I want to grow as a result of knowing myself and being honest with myself. I hope that I don't find these answers to be sad because I wasn't able to achieve and grow as I hoped, but I pray that I find these answers inspiring, as a footprint left behind a mountain I've been climbing. A reminder of where I've been, and the path I've yet to go.

I hope that I will have taken action on some of the ideas that came from answering these questions. Maybe I'll find my self fitter and healthier. Perhaps I'll have committed to finishing my master's degree. Maybe I'll be a better employee, relative, and friend. I must remember that the Days of Awe aren't simply a time for Jewish New Year's resolutions. The introspection that occurs prior to the Day of Atonement is surely more than just an annual gesture with no permanence or genuine meaning. I believe that this is the first year that I've answered all of the questions, though I've subscribed to the project for several years. I do believe the exercise has been helpful. I look forward to seeing where I am this time next year.

Hopefully happy and surprised as to what was going on. Hoping that things have gotten better. Lord help me if things have gotten worse I may cry. Its gonna be interesting to see where I am with Verizon, national guard, and my current boyfriend. This will either bring tears or job. Not sure yet. If life is good: Roderick continue to enjoy it. Dont rush life. Life is gonna come anyway. Take every day and enjoy it because you can never get it back. I hate to say it but its just one day closer till you die (old age). And we know how fast that can come up. If life is not good: Roderick don't worry. Things always work out, and I mean they always do. You are ambitious and I know you will find a contingency plan. Just remember 2012 you had no money, dropped out of college and left for americorps to get away from the guard. One year later you had an apartment, full time job, and a boyfriend. You still had issues and you will always have them. But life goes on and its not the end of the world. Just the next emergency action to follow lol. I love you!!

I hope that I am healthier and stronger physically. I want to be more balanced in my work/life balance. I want to have more work like the kind I've had the past 4 months. Enjoying my independence, flexing my intelligence, a bit of travel, really connecting with my clients. More charity work. I want to be less self-absorbed and sad, feel more connected to my community. Make some new friends and spend more time with old friends.

My life will be different, it always is. I hope next time I view these questions, I am satisfied with what I did and did not accomplish in the next year. I firmly believe manifestation is the key to success, and I am pretty sure I will be joyful in the moment, no matter what I have done. I hope the difference in my life will be that I have encouraged more people than ever before, that I will love myself even more, and that I will be a better independent partner to my wonderful lover, Tom. We will be celebrating five years together this coming June, and I love him more than I have ever loved any one human being. I hope I will feel differently about my ongoing struggle of whether or not I want to have a child of my own. Maybe I will still be in the labor pains of a creative baby, but I hope I will have birthed atleast one over the next 12 months (writing/singing/small business?). I hope I will have resolved to NOT back down on my ongoing dreams and goals. I do not want to be resigned to a fearful fate. I will have meditated and manifested well, grown spiritually, loved unconditionally, and seen humans and all mankind in a more loving manner. This will, in turn, profit everyone around me, not just myself. Cheers to Epic Kingdoms 2015...I know you will treat me well with many surprises and much Love. I will it to happen. Namaste. Amen.

I only hope that i have not passed up opportunities to be of service to someone or not been a conscious witness to the wonder and awe around me.

I hope I will still feel like I am floating at least a tiny bit off the ground, if not an inch or two. I hope I will have accomplished that which I am setting out to accomplish this year. I hope I am happy. I hope I feel love and feel loved. I hope I wake up thankful every day. I hope I embrace the struggles and the challenges, since that's half the reason I'm doing what I'm doing. I hope I cultivate my holy curiosity and my generosity. I hope I become a better listener. I hope I live long enough in the discomfort to find a home in my prayer experience. I hope I learn so much.

I'll laugh at myself and I'll likely see my ideas as too simplistic, my intentions and hopes as too grandiose. But maybe, just maybe, I've had the confidence to follow through on some of them. I hope when I read my answers this time next year, I haven't let myself down. Confidence has held me back from taking risks and making big life changes and I hope I've jumped out of the hamster wheel by this time next year. Because life can slip by in the rat race that is our day to day routine, answering these questions has allowed me to slow down and evaluate where I've been and where I hope to go. I hope I'm proud.

I better not feel complacent. Listen here, motherfucker, if a little money was all it took for you to ease back into the ranks of the mindless, you better kick your own ass all the way to the nearest soup kitchen and remind yourself of your roots.

I'll feel good about my answers! I do hope that the things I wanted to change or investigate more is stuff that actually happened!! If they do I will be in a better financial place and in a better mental place!

I think I will have worked to achieve my goals/objectives x And moved forward a bit more to where I 'Need' to be x :)

I hope that I will see some glimmer of insight and not a bunch a whiny comments from someone who did not like a few things that happened since summer.

I don't think I will be anywhere different as a result of thinking about these questions. I think I will feel that I did not put enough time into answering them. And that I cheated myself out of some meaningful thoughts.

I hope to feel good about changes and progress I have made. I hope to have a more stable sane satisfying life and lifestyle as well as greatly improved mental, emotional and physical health. As good as before if not better. I am grateful to J. Gaddy for helping me heal the first time. I hope to have a few genuine friends with things and attitudes and humor in common to share with and participate in activities with, including travel/trips/workshops/conventions

I expect to be happily surprised, since I'm sure I will have by then forgotten what I responded. I expect to have good memories surface, brought to mind by my answers referring to the events of this past year. I expect to be challenged by what I expected of myself, now, to have accomplished by then. I hope that, by means of writing out my thoughts in these 10 questions, I will more concretely strive to better myself between this year in the next, whether purposefully or subconsciously. And I hope, if this turns out not to be the case, to accept this outcome, forgive myself, and resolve to try again next year.

I think I'll feel like either so much has changed, or nothing at all.

I think I'll be sad thinking of what I was going through in September 2014. I am so sad at miscarrying and I just want to hide for a month. I don't know how I'll get through the next 8 weeks, but I have to do it. I have to get through this and finish medical school. One would be enough for any person, both seem impossible.

It's hard to say. Of course i hope i'm please to reflect on where i've come... The last three months have been relatively good to V and myself... both of us employed and with medical benefits, and having made and shown Art. I hope this is the begging of much better things, that the trend continues ...and that a year from now i look back on this period as the pivotal moment things finally turned around and laid the ground work for the significantly better place were both in a year from now. I hope i'm not looking back at the moment I blew it, or the period of piece before the other boot dropped

I think I'll feel like I worked on the challenges I foresaw happening in 2015 in the ways I'd envisoned. I hope I gain perspective on what's important in my life to stay healthy and happy.

I think I'll be more nervous. The wedding will be coming up. Aden and I will be gittery. But in the end I hope that we will strengthen our identities by being on our own and I will look back and remember how much I have grown. I hope to grow in the coming year. Spiritually, professionally and personally.

I hope that I'm more active in enriching the life of my family and myself, and that I can be proud of the decisions I'm making. Perhaps there will be less fear, less indecision, more self-disciple, and more love.

I think I'll be a little older and a little wiser. I may still have some of the same thoughts and fears, but they will have evolved, most likely into something slightly different. I hope I'll be able to look at them fondly, and be able to reassure myself that I am a strong and confident woman who has a legitimate future.

A few days ago, I opened a word document and wrote "Every year is harder than the last." I was going to extrapolate and write and reflect on it, but that's the only thing I could write. It stayed open until I closed it, days later, without saving it. I hope it gets easier. I hope I find some peace. I hope I can forgive myself and love myself and forgive and love others.

SO good about the level of self-awareness and confidence I have gained. Happy about where I work...that I'm at a company that has lots of potential, whose product I care about, working with a smart and motivated team, finding role models in the office, I would be so happy if I have met someone who I like a lot and he likes me and it's straightforward...omg, is that rare. It's funny how I don't even care about that right now. But I know that I do in the long term.

I think I'll be a bit annoyed at my tone, no matter who/how I am in 2015. I tend to look back on my writing and be super critical. I think I'll be annoyed that i did a few of these in a huge rush and at the last minute. I hope I'll be proud of how I've done at this new job. I hope I'll be proud of how I've grown at the co-op. I hope I'll be proud that I took some chances, went out on a limb to meet some nice people in the dating world. I hope I'll be proud of my novel. I hope I'll really paint. I hope I'll be a more thoughtful, more directed person -- being thoughtful and also responding in the moment to things. LL asked me "what do you want to get out of a meeting?" It's such a great question I think I'll always use it. I hope I'll keep my feet on the ground as I contradict or re-direct others. I hope I'll meet a person I can partner with and feel grounded and like I don't have to give up the best parts of myself to be with them.

I think I will feel happy because all of the things i've spoken about will come true! (I'm being optimistic here) lol. I think my life will be drastically different next year and i'm hoping thats for the better. Now that life is horrible now, i'm extremely blessed, but like fine wine, I hope it gets better with time!

I hope that I feel excited about looking back on this year, & realizing that I've grown & succeeded on both a personal & business level. I really hope that I'm in a much better financial place, & not weighed down by so much debt any longer. I would love to find love & be in a committed, loving relationship with someone I could spend my life with.

I think I'll feel surprised next year at this time. I hope I'll feel like I've accomplished something, even if it is a very small portion of what I set out to do or achieve. I'm hoping that this exercise of writing down these very basic thoughts and hopes will help manifest them into reality. If they are stuck in my subconscious, I have a feeling that they'll be tapped at various times in order to keep me in check, as it were. And I hope that I'll be able to share this project with a partner. And I hope that I'll be able to share this project with my daughters, and friends, and family; that I'll feel proud about what I've been able to do in the span of twelve months. If like to look back and see that I've moved mountains.

I think at first I will cringe. It's hard to read personal writing too much into the future. I will wish I had spent more time, thinking more deeply and and more carefully crafting my responses to these questions. My hope regarding what will be different...Well, I'm never going to be the same person twice. In each moment, I will be different. There will always be themes in my life--currents or stories or narratives that run through my days. But they are often simply inventions of my unconscious mind, distortions of reality based upon long-developed filters on the events that transpire around me. I've spent the past year--several years, actually--learning how not to take them personally. I'm learning how to understand that I'm not really at the center of a grand cosmic drama, the end of which will determine my worth as a person. I hope I will be just a little better at this than I am right now. And a little kinder to my mistakes. And a bit more appreciative of the "miraculous existence and impermanence of form."

Last year was the first time I did 10Q, and I have to say I really enjoy reading my answers. It's rare that we make the time to be reflective on the big picture, and it was super interesting to see my thoughts and concerns a year ago. I didn't achieve everything I sought to but definitely grew as a person. I hope next year has the same positive feeling!

I'd like to get better at this reflection business, and in a way I think I will. I have good people around me who listen, who prod, who don't let me remain silent. :)

I have no idea. I hope that I will have finished my qualification, and have a sense of where I want to go next in my life and what the possibilities are. I hope that I continue to be brave, and true to myself, and what and who I love. Because, really, what else is there?

I hope that I will have made some effort towards achieving my goals!