What is a fear that you have and how has it limited you? How do you plan on letting it go or overcoming it in the coming year?

i fear i won't be happy again. It will be extremely difficult, but I will try and separate myself frm the thibs that make me unhappy.

My fear is that my husband's fears sometimes prevent us from doing things (like moving into a new house) and I comply too easily.

Fear of not progressing in life. I am willing to move to the other side of country to show that my life is engaging and progressive.

It's always a fear of whether something is doable that keeps me from even starting. How to fix that? Beyond "just do it?" Who knows.

I fear that I'll say something or do something racist and it holds me back from getting close to people of color (which is 3/4 of this entire city...maybe more). The way I'll overcome that is to get close to a person/people of color to the point where I get passed those fears. I think it's worse to stay back from getting close because of fear. Fear of panic? Fear of discomfort? That's it. Those fears are totally overcome able. And it's worth attacking them bc in the end you become more human.

That my parents will find out where I live and have my info to give to my rapist. To overcome that, I just stay away from them and focus on healing myself.

fear of medical procedures. anxiety is ruinous, procedure is necessary. i need to find a way to breathe through these things.

Fear of leaving my parents. Always want to live sbroad, but i fear of leaving them behind. I should just live my life, stop that fear control me!

I am afraid of not being good enough. I want to continue to realize that I am enough and I am good.

sometimes failure sneaks in, not being good enough or deserving. This has been a humbling year and I am so blasting out of the prison I have built for myself!!

I have an ongoing fear that I will lose everything I love or is important to me. I even had this fear when I was a child. It's a fear I doubt I'll overcome.

I guess the fear of failure, this has prevented me reaching my true potential. To listen more to the moving of the Holy Spirit and to be obedient to this calling - come what may

I am afraid of not making the right decision and I do not decide. I have been plowing ahead. Not going with my gut, not listening to my gut. Testing it and seeing what happens.

I am generally fearful of physical activity type things -- usually involving a fear of falling. I would like to say I will challenge myself more in those activities -- hiking, XC skiing, even biking. But, I'm not sure that I will. I'll continue to consider it

I have a fear of missing out if I don't have children. I also have a fear of missing out if I do. I fear that I will make the wrong decision. I don't want to have a child for fear of being lonely, but I also don't want to miss out on the potential joy it may bring. I would like to let go of all of these feelings and figure out what it is I really want.

My fear is still not being good enough. Measuring up to other people's expectations. I've lived my whole life with this fear, and by now I know better. And yet I still fall back into the same old thought patterns. Not sure how I will overcome it, but I do intend to work on it.

My fear is that no one will be interested in what I think it is I have to offer. Basically, at the end of the day, its a confidence issue. I don't feel this all the time, which is good, because on the days that I have confidence and share my offerings, I get really good feedback, which will hopefully continue to act as a source of strength to overcome this fear.

Death scares me and I have to watch my self everywhere I go

I have a huge fear of failing. I think this was my fear last year which is sad because apparently my plan on letting it go did not work. Whenever you fear something, go at it aggressively. I have preached to students to embrace failure - it's how we learn. I know this. Though I do fear, I don't always let it stop or effect me - I do go at it aggressively at times and those are defining moments in my life. Understanding that God loves me no matter what - that he created me on purpose and for a purpose and accepts me for every thing that I am, including my failures should help me overcome any fear. I need never to forget that.

Fear I will lose my husband through illness. Fear of being alone.

I usually don't think I have a lot of fears, which probably just means I'm in denial about them. Perhaps one might be that I'm afraid to show too much of my personality to people I don't know well or my students, which might limit me from making better connections with them. I'm trying to be more intentional about loosing the reins a little - sporty Fridays - perhaps that will enable me to overcome it a little.

My fear is that I am not enough, that I don't do enough, care enough ,good enough, useful enough, strong enough, my bigger fear is that I'll never exceed the point of 'enough'. It's been this fear that keep me quiet even though I think my thoughts and suggestions are valid, it makes me step aside because it makes feel I don't deserve certain opportunities, it makes me shy when inside my real shelf is trapped inside. It's made me feel like even less and perpetuates the cycle of my fear. I could be dismal and say that I have been living with this fear for years and haven't managed to defeat it yet, but I think facin it is a small step in the right direction. Even just typin them out and seeing it staring at me sort of feels a little empowering. So maybe that's my plan; to face it, to give it a name, and a visual so it becomes something I can face and eventually something to stare dare and defeat. The exact detail of how to do that are still a little hazy but right now that's okay.

I fear being no one, a ghost, someone of little import or value to someone else. My single driving motivator is to be worthy of notice. It's not attention I crave but affirmation I exist. I need to be heard. I need to be someone. I fear being ignored, seen right through. I need to know I exist. This fear is insane. Of course I exist. Of course I am someone. I do not need labels, eye contact, pats on the head, or listening ears to know I am. (I AM, I like that phrase...) I simply need to remind myself I matter to many people, including and especially to myself. Relax, Baby! You ARE!

I fear failure and because of that I don't push myself. If I do poorly because I half assed my effort, I'm OK with that. If I do poorly because I tried my hardest and failed, I don't deal with it very well.

One fear I have is that I'm not qualified to do certain jobs/positions/careers that others think I should do. I am one of those people who want to be fully versed/trained before starting a task. So when my manager suggested I could be a Coordinator/Task Master for a major project I was taken aback. I can organize, but the project includes many technical parts that I'm just not versed in. I think he sees that I'm organized, task oriented and get things done and believes I can keep others on track. My fear is, he'll put me in this position, then leave and I won't have a mentor and other will say, what is she doing in this position. Not sure how I plan to overcome this in the next year.

I have a major fear of being alone for the rest of my life and also of not doing well professionally. I guess its limited me in how I approach my everyday life, and how positively I view the world. Some days are better than others but sometimes I feel like I'm not as happy as I could or should be. Just being happy and being in a good mood has such a huge effect on how I view my life, so when I constantly have these two fears in the back of my mind, they kind of "hold me back" in terms of taking the high road and telling myself that everything will be OK and that I am capable of a lot of things. I'm not really sure how to go about overcoming this in the next year. I'm someone who is always thinking in the future or remembering the past--I have such a hard time living in the moment! I think this has a lot to do with these fears--"what if I'm alone for the rest of my life?", "I really like that guy I went on a date with last week, I wonder if I did something wrong to make him not call me for a second date", "what if I don't make it in my profession or don't ever find a job I truly love?" All those questions cross my mind more than I'd like to admit...I guess one way that I can try to plan on letting it go would be to remind myself to stay in the present. I want to do more thinking in terms of "here and now", and not more thinking and freaking out about what is to come and what has already happened.

I have a huge fear of failure. I am trying to use meditation, the Rain model, The Way of the Worrier and awareness of the Five Classic Hindrances to combat it.

I have always been afraid of looking ignorant - and I have always and will always be 'ignorant' because I don't know everything there is to know. But it is very hard for me to admit that in the face of any question. I always attempt to either answer them, or look like I know something about whatever it is - it doesn't bother me to SAY I don't know everything. It doesn't bother me when other people don't know something - hey, everybody starts out in the world without information, everybody is a 'beginner' at something. Why is it still so difficult for me to SHOW that I am the same?

It might be fear of missing out on life. I want to start new life/work doing something I like (yet not sure what this something is), but can't choose and commit to new thing. I know that whatever this will be it will take great amount of time (like a year or more, maybe I'm wrong) so I think if I end up not liking it that's a lost time. I know it's not true but still scared of comitment! How am I going to overcome it? I am asking Agne psychotherapist for help! Also I know I need to find new people to talk to who are doing what I like doing so I could learn from them and have some support. I find less and less what to talk about with my old friends. I want to change and I am changing, but I don't think they are. We bocom what we think about and what people we spend most time with. I spend most of the time not with the type of people I would like to be surrounded by...

In German, the fear is called "existential angst." It basically means a fear that your existence, the way you live now, will end. A few days ago I decided to sing the chorus of "Happy," the mega-hit from the past year, to myself every time I caught myself thinking about whether the blessings I now enjoy will last - or completely forgetting how many blessings I have. We'll see how long it works!

Again, short answers as I'm visiting my daughter in my hometown. My fear is the disintegration of the entire world now, not just my country. nothing to be done but the slow voting process and prayer

Fear of not succeeding. Of not being enough or having enough. Of not being a good enough mom. Of not protecting my children enough. Fear of never being touched again by a man who truly loves me, and who I truly love. Wow, my list of fear is long! I will have more trust in life, and belief in myself. One day at a time. Everything happens as it's supposed to. Life goes positive and negative for our good, and our growth.

I never really knew the degree that fear played in me limiting myself and my life until this spring, when my little brother came to visit. Now that is a man that really LIVES every moment! I long to be more like that. I am afraid to step out and do things, afraid of being corrected or of getting in trouble...afraid to go out on a limb. I really want to change this. I am not sure how to do it, though. Maybe to be more aware in the moment..and to take some baby steps. As he told me "what's the worst thing that could happen?" most of the time, absolutely nothing.

I don't really feel like I have many fears that have held me back in my life so far. The only thing I can think of is I was always scared of travelling, but now I feel more open to it and have conjoured (sp?) a list of places I want to visit and revisit, and someone I would actually go to those places with. Hopefully we can go to a couple soon!

What am I afraid ot? Everything? Thanks for reminding me! Right now I feel ill. I hope it's just a bad cold. But what if it's pneumonia again? How scary is that! Or what if it's worse! If I let myself, I can worry about my family: accidents drownings head hittings renegade gunmen illness depression ...fill in your own... usually I force myself to push these agonizing thoughts away...but on days like today,,when my resistance is low due to my (hopefully only a ) cold, the worries creep in and try to take hold and I am too weak to kick them away...and instead allow myself to feel VERY sorry for myself, and in fact right now aathe tears are gathering... so pardon me while I weep up a self indulgent storm. I Don't plan on letting it go. Sometimes tears NEED to come out. When I am ready to be brave again, I will do my best as each situation suggests ....right now, leave me alone...

Two fears I've noticed recently: intimacy, and "trouble". Trouble: I used to be considerate of danger, but take the risk most times anyway. Now, I'm almost paralyzed at the thought of jaywalking. I don't know if I'm just older and wiser, or how I got so afraid of things. I need to remember to just let go. Intimacy: It's funny when you recognize your patterns. When someone gets close to me, whether a lover, a neighbor, or a co-worker, I run away. I break up with them, I move, I change jobs. I can't let anyone really know me, except the very few who do, and I'm always concerned that they're just pretending or I work to do things for them so they'll stay.

I fear i am not good enough in who i am. that i am not unique or talented enough. I think being more true to myself and living what i feel is my own truth will help me overcome this.

My greatest fear is to be unable to Full fill my commitments. This year I am not volunteering for anything new. When the master's degree is completed I will reconnect.

I'm afraid of water. It has not really limited me much. I am trying to overcome it. There are times when a glass of water really I freaks me out and I don't want to drink. But I suck it up and do it anyway

That all my friends will leave me if they ever got to know the real me. How cliche, rght? Or that I'll grow up alone without making a real difference in the world, just taking up space and not amounting to my full potential.These fears either drive me and inspire me to DO things with my life and try to get to know people... or in inablizes me and makes me drop everything. Crawl into my per the usual hole of overthinking and regret. How I plan to overcome it?I think I just need t accep myself . I need to let go and love myself for what I am. I tend to have my best days when I am confident in my talents (AND my flaws wutwut) and I take it to that extra level where I share that love and happy slappy with other peeps. Love yourself first. It makes it so mch easier to love someone else. It'll be so easy I wont even have to.think about it. Hollaaa.

I do not have any fears. What is, is. Being afraid does not move you forward.

I have fear for my future. I am not sure what to do next. I would like to be free of fears and of the past. It seems that I can not go further if I do not let go my old memoirs about my past life. I would like to forgive my parents and my family for treating me badly when I was a child. It seems that all my life I leaved with anxiety and not forgiving and I feel like I can not let it go. I am afraid I will could never let it go. I would like to do something about it, but I so not know what I am feeling stocked.

A fear I have is making a mistake. For example, often when I need to have a serious conversation with someone, I plan out everything in my head, but when I come to the point where I have to speak, I get nervous and say things completely different, often leaving things out. I havn't found much of a way to move past it, exempt for maybe reading off a sheet, but I hope to become more confident and better at talking to people to help

I think I have a fear of change. Sometimes that makes me stay in a situation past its prime. I think work may be like that. I'm just treading water - but putting it out there to find something new is scary and hard.

I am a chronic people pleaser........and it has degraded my energy-being.......i am terrified of anyone being angry with me, or annoyed, or, worst of all, finding me to be an annoying or unpleasant PERSON. This drives me to waste so much energy........spilling it all over in pursuit of ataboys....it's killing me. I do not assert myself. I have a million ways to say, "is that ok with you?" I have begun practicing another way. Swamiji, this is what I am available for (and not). Sage College, sorry, I will not be completing the program. No, I am not a thank-you note person. I don't like the phone, so pls. text me. practice practice practice. one little issue at a time. one small step becoming a thousand miles. that is how I plan to overcome.

My major fear is about dealing with the emotion of selling our old house, which is on the same property as our current house. I hold on to possessions. And this house is where my husband and I had many blessed times, as well as struggles. Though it is very lovely, nestled in the woods, it's old and a drain on us financially. I'm really having a tough time letting it go. Maybe patly it's because my husband has said to me that he wants me to be unburdened when he "goes", so he's like to sell it while he's still around. The whole of the issue makes me very sad.

I am afraid of failing in public. So I'm going to try failing in private first, and then work my way up.

A fear that I have is becoming to worked up with myself and personal goals. When I say this I mean that I am afraid I will lose control of time management and I won't be able to focus on anything I like and I will only be worked up with school and stuff. I will overcome this by making sure to manage my time wisely and taking care of things that need to get done early.

There's a fear of failure, and a gnawing anxiety about the future, which I have mostly kept at bay this year by being very much in the present and working working working. I plan on doing the same, but with hopefully a little more planning and a little more responsibility.

Letting go of the security of known territory and stepping out in completely new directions. I plan to overcome it by ceasing to pursue positions as an ordained minister, pastor or chaplain, and cultivating instead my abilities as a writer.

Being alone is fearful for me. There is always the possibility of being alone for everyone unless you maintain your relationships with your family, old friends and make new friends in the new year.

My fear is that I will have a difficult transition back into my new career path. I have been trying to build upon my skills and start to retrain myself but it has been difficult. I realize what I need to do but, sometimes I feel like I am falling backwards. What I need to do is let go of the fear that things will not work out. I have to believe in myself and my ability to work hard and that will eventually pay off. Sometimes it is easy to get lost when you are at home by yourself and everyone else has gone to work or school. It is my job to stay positive and keep my focus on the end goal.

I am afraid to take chances and I want to do that more this year.

Being alone and being with someone. I hate being alone but being in a relationship is so scary - do they like me, will they stay, what do they want? Then all the anxiety cripples me and I self destruct the relationship. Cool cycle. NOT!

My fear revolves around job security. I work in an industry (publishing) that is undergoing serious cutbacks and has been for years. In addition, five years ago I lost my job and in those years was either living off unemployment or working temp jobs with no insurance. As a single woman in her 40s my work and my health are very important. I have a good permanent job now. So I guess the way of overcoming this fear is knowing that I was able to get through a spate of joblessness before. Knowing that I'm resourceful and able to live off less and that overcoming these hurdles only makes me stronger and more appreciative of the important things--family and community.

I have a fear of wasting time and not having an interesting life. I get very impatient with present circumstances if I'm not working toward a long term goal. I hold onto this fear like a life jacket because I think that if i keep my mind on the perception that I'm not achieving what I need to achieve then it will keep me from sinking into complacency. In actuality, it limits my ability to enjoy the moment and the ordinary things that are a part of daily life. I'm so focused on whats not happening that I'm missing the experience. I have to find a balance between planning/ achieving and acceptance/ patience.

I have a fear of relationships that I believe is rooted in a poor self image. My weight has often served as a inherent barrier to the pursuit of relationships and I intend to change that this year. I don't believe losing weight will ensure a meaningful relationship but I do believe that the more I learn to love myself, the easier it will be for someone to love me and for me to love them.

I have a fear of failure, of not being able to do things well, and that leads to procrastination, and sometimes not even trying. I would like to aim to just go ahead and try, and face this fear that holds me back from success.

I plan to pay attention to the fear and to muster the courage to take action even if I am afraid. I do not want the fear 2 run my life and keep me from being fully present. In my case it means doing some medical consultation, changing doctors and I'm not sure what else at this time. It also might mean leaving my business and moving.

I have two fears. Being financially dependant when I retire and to be alone or away from friends when I have time to be with them.

I had a really bad fear of flying and never got to go overseas until last year! And now I have caught the travel bug, I want to go back to Canada and America and visit all the places I missed! Unfortunately that costs money and that is one thing I am lacking, along with my health. If I travel I have to be on blood thinners I have Lupus SLE a horrid thing I wish upon no one, and the amount of prep I have to do just to go overseas sucks!

I fear that I will never get the things I wanted in my life because I'm not worthy or possess the qualities to get it. At first I wanted to be single have me a house some place exotic like Washington state. Then I wanted to be married or with a partner. That seemed like a forever journey. Then I wanted to be in love and with somebody I really loved. I thought I would never settle. Sometimes I wonder if I have. My fears of someone "finding out the real me has limited me from being who I am. I have started working on it. I have come to terms with some areas but not all. LIfe is a journey and I'm not in any rush to see it end, so this year I plan to keep working on me. Putting me first, and learning to let go of these fears. Asking: What purpose do they serve me?

A fear I have is going out of my comfort zone. It limits me to tell people how I really feel. I will work on becoming more confident.

I have a fear of meeting new people that I don't know. This has stopped me from socializing at parties, and missing out on possible friendships. In the new year, I plan to expand my boundaries, and try to be more social with new people.

I fear "not being good enough" and it limits me because I feel like I can't share something - a piece of work until it is perfect. I think I need to get more comfortable with turning in things early even if they are a bit messy.

I have feared bugs my whole life. Most recently clippers and colored furry caterpillars. Also, creatures the cats find in the basement--mice, and sometimes they are regurgitated. I freak out, go out of my mind. How has it limited me? I don't think it limits me, my husband is very sweet about it and takes care of it quickly and doesn't make me feel bad that I'm frightened of them. I don't have a plan to overcome my fear. Hadn't thought about overcoming it, have just accepted it as part of who I am. Would be good not to have the fear any longer but don't know how to do it. I'm not ready to fight this battle, I'm too busy with work and my dissertation to fit in one more thing. Maybe next year.

I have a fear of roller coasters. This fear has caused me to not go to cedar point with my family, and miss out on many other memorable moments. In the coming year I hope to try to get over my fear of roller coasters by going on more.

Examining myself, I see that I have been too afraid of letting go of the past, and by proxy, I am too fearful of losing my possessions. I judge that in my case, this is unhealthy. This limits me by keeping me in a defensive posture, and ensnaring me in the care of many things that no longer have real value in my life. As part of this ten-day serious examination of my life, I will take a vacation day, go to my storage unit and discard at least 25% of what I am keeping there. I will also make (and execute) a plan to do that again at least once before the year is over.

I fear dying. It leads me to feelings of nihilism. I don't expect I'll change it in this coming year.

I fear failure, and this has always limited me. I frequently just fear something going wrong, and likely due to my fault. This has limited me, including with my relationships. It has limited me in every way. I think the only way I have succeeded is to try to drive headlong into something with my head down and try to ignore my fears. I did this with airborne school and skydiving. I have done it with my professional pursuits. I haven't done as well with my personal relationships. Thankfully, Susan is tolerant and greatly desires our relationship. I think I have tried unconsciously to sabotage it many times, thinking that it would eventually die anyway. I hope to grow spiritually and try to look to the good side of things. I hope to somehow look at my strong points and to believe in myself.

My constant fear is of losing my job. I know that it is a crazy thought, but I am fearful of losing that extra income because I like all the things it affords me to do. I also love the mental stimulation and the OCDness that I have where I can just immerse myself in focusing on helping others. I love being able to go to work. I love the challenge. I love pretty much everything about being a PS worker and the particular type of PS worker that I am.

I fear just about everything. Success, failure, depression, happiness. Mostly I fear failure and with that, missing an opportunity. I want my life to mean something, but I fear that I'll miss an opportunity or screw up an opportunity if I have it within my grasp. To be honest, I'm not certain how to wrangle with this fear. I try to take life one day at a time (in a positive fashion) and live my life so that I don't have any regrets.

My biggest fear is money b/c I have lived on the edge a bit for a very long time… in a career that tanked (but is seeing an uptick) and with a partner whose career also tanked (and will not recover). I am beginning to see the light at the end of this tunnel and it may be useful to realize that I did survive a very bad time without significant losses… such as my house. What I want to do is continue pushing forward with my work as a designer, marketing to old and new clients (especially ibooks design) and to get my jewelry business going again. And, importantly, to take each day, each hour at a time, rather than getting caught up in big picture worries. If I do my best, I should be ok… as I have been for 57 years, right?!

I'm scared of putting myself out there; I'm afraid I'll get continuously rejected because of my appearance. I'm trying to get healthier and look better, but I have to hope that whoever I do meet will like me for me and not that I'm overweight.

Fear of being wrong! You never get it wrong and you never get it done, according to Abraham. Reminding myself of this teaching and going forward with plans when inspired is my plan.

I always fear that I will be very busy in the future. So, I always want to get things done right now. I just read an article and they called this 'precrastinating'. I do like the feeling of getting done what needs to be done, but I wonder if it is at the expense of: doing it well, getting some sleep, or spending time with those I love. So, I will try to quit rushing through things and realizing (like with grading) that things can get done later instead of immediately.

I have a fear of getting a job. I guess it's more of a self-confidence or failure issue but it's been nearly 4 years since I've been in the work force and I'm terrified of getting back out there. The truth is, I have always had an inferiority complex when it came to my professional abilities. I know, from a logical standpoint, that I have great skills and I'm a smart person, but I'm so afraid of failing or doing a bad job...of ultimately getting fired. At the moment I have to just bite that bullet and find for the sake of my family. I bulldoze through those fears everyday as I send out resumes and hope for call backs.

Change. I fear change, more so the unknown. It has limited my abilty to grow as a persion. I have been in position where i have setteled in wth something that is comfortable and working just because i am fearful of change and the unknown . I have grown to expect the worse and disapointment. I am working on having faith in and to allow my self to take chances. Not to worry about what if and to just plan for the best to come.

I am afraid of risk- and it means I hsve traveled less and saved money more and stayed in a secure job that I do not like. I try less hard because I care too little and because I never allow myself to have much on the line. This year I will try to have confidence in myself enough to take some chances.

My fear is confrontation because I don't like conflict. I can't change my basic nature, but I can strive to be more true to my own thoughts/feelings/beliefs even when that may create a confrontation with others.

Confrontation. I hope to manage around it to get what I need.

I fear that Kennon's health will be limited and she will push herself like she always has, jeopardizing her recovery. I plan on helping her to set up caretakers of her pets so she does not have the burden of work she once had.

Long distance relationships and/or trust issues because I don't want to go away to school

I am afraid of the unknown. I have gotten better, but still could be less afraid of everything. Just live. I need to ... Just Live.

I have a fear of not living up to my potential. I had such great hopes and dreams for myself but the reality of life has left me frustrated and sad. I have to let this go. What I imagined when I was 19 bears little resemblance to what I see now that I'm 50. Have to take time to feel proud of what I have accomplished. And satisfaction. Can't spend time hoping my 'real' life will start tomorrow.

Failure, pure and simple. I fear being a failure. It defeats me before I try. My goal is to keep moving forward, even when I don't feel like I can win. Thanks for asking this question.

Fear of breaking anew my wrist that I broke last year. I will do cartwheels!

I fear not having enough - money, food, comfort, stuff. This makes me hang onto things that should be thrown away. Old food in the fridge to string in the kitchen junk drawer. I want to clean out a drawer at a time and throw stuff away next year.

Fear of being inadequate. Of showing the world I am failing at my job. Of having made a big mistake in changing to his job. I want to build in a practice of daily prayer. And find ways to sincerely check in with others to match my perceptions with reality.

In the past losing those close to me but I've come to realize that life goes on forever, death is something you do in it. Look at the realtionships you have in your life now- tell them how you feel and what they mean to you, no while they are here. That is a small way to help live life more fully and help others to as well.

Im scared ill do something to turn him away.

Rejection. It makes me hesitate. I need to remember that it's rarely personal, and every time is an opportunity to improve.

I have a fear of failure. In some ways it has limited me from taking some opportunities, but I am trying to get over that.

I think I always have a fear of not being liked. I think it holds me back in a few ways...I might not try something because I don't think I belong there, or I might say yes to doing things that I might not really have wanted to do because I don't want someone to be mad at me. I guess doing what I've been doing....trying new things and putting myself out more (like working out this year)...are the best ways to go about overcoming it.

my biggest fear is that I won't follow through on my commitment to set my business aside or to there back burner and devote all my time to nursing. Along with that is my ability to follow through with all the things I need to do to be able to resume my career in nursing. Retaking my exam. Finishing my post masters course, getting a job and then be successful in that job. After all I have worked essentially for my self and alone for the last 17 years. I am in the position because long ago and even 5 years ago I did't follow through when the road got too difficult. I don't want to make that mistake again.

Fear of getting very sick. I can't overcome it completely, but I can get distracted. When I am with Emma I forget my fear and enjoy her "positive".

I fear not being wanted for work anymore, because of age. I plan to keep pushing, staying on to of trends and truing to keep positive.

My fair of disappointing the people that I care about has caused me to miss out on a lot of opportunities to pursue my dream of acting. In the coming year, I am going to say screw everyone's thoughts of what I can and cannot do. I am going for it, and I am going to give it everything I have!

i'm afraid of failing. of not having kids. of not following the RIGHT path. of not doing the RIGHT thing. of choosing the wrong thing. of being alone rather than being in a bad relationship. of being a nebuch. of underachieving dramatically. of being a fat slob who sucks out life instead of giving life. how do i plan to let it go or overcome it? wow. well i just don't know. to divorce my husband? to have a kid? to keep push push pushing and ignoring the pain? ignoring the fear and the scaredness and the aloneness and lack of support? to keep saying yes when really i want to say no and hide myself. to try and push the boat out.

I fear failure, or more specifically, my own feeling that I have failed. Since there's a high failure rate in my work, I am trying to quash that fear by grasping that each "failure" is a step in learning better ways to do things. I wish myself luck.

I am not one to fear much...I have a wonderful support system...Many awesome family members and friends who would stand by me through anything. My main source of strength is my Love, Husband, Best Friend, Keith...He give me the courage to do anything. Knowing he is by my side makes risk taking seem insignificant. I don't really 'fear' hurting someone else, but I would never want to...Emotionally or physically. I have a stupid irrational fear of heights, but it hasn't kept me from doing anything I truly want to do...

I fear I'm not good enough. At work and in my relationship this is despite great improvement still a stumbling block. I start my yoga teacher training in February and hope it will bring more self-acceptance.

Failure and success are both fears I think. Failure for obvious reasons. Perhaps success too. Success leads to expectations and the higher the expectations the harder you have to work to meet those expectations and the farther you have to fall. And therefore fail. So often I quit before I have completed my goals or before something is finished because if you don’t finish you can’t fail at it. Although then you really have failed. Also, I know that things need to be done, but I avoid doing them until I am freaking out. I don’t know why I do this, but I do it all the time. It is like something inside of me says “X needs to be done? I’m doing Y today.” I know I’m doing it but I don’t switch tasks and do the thing that needs to be done. It’s as though I’m trying to rebel. But I think what it really is, is I am afraid of what I might see when I do the thing that needs to be done. It has not been done and therefore has been sitting. Something has likely happened and I have missed it. What if it was something bad?? I don’t want to see anything bad, so I’ll do something else. Most of the time nothing bad has happened. Most of the time everything is ok. But often times I’ll get the feeling I need to do something because something bad is ABOUT to happen. And if I don’t listen to that little voice then I do have trouble. So I think the way I’ll overcome this problem in the upcoming year is if I have a bad feeling or if something needs to be done, I’ll do it. Get it off my “to do” list and off my mind. Easier said than done.

I have a fear of losing control. My control issues drive my Type-A personality and often stop me from being flexible. These issues also affect my relationships, because I get impatient with others who do not adhere to my standards. I plan to remind myself to focus on the big picture and use the motto: Let it Go. Remember what my yoga teacher, Donnalynn always says: Life is a game. It doesn't matter if you win or lose, only how you play...

My fear is of loosing control... I really fear for changes that might come in my family in the future and how that will impact on me. I have recently discovered I try to keep a close control on things and have been working on trusting others and being able to enpower others.

I don't know that I can let it go in the coming year. I am so afraid of people, of talking on the phone, of confronting people, of being confronted, of people bringing up things I don't want to defend, of Scott breaking up with me, of messing up my life again...I'm afraid of everything. My therapist and I are making baby step plans to get past some of it. I was so afraid of going to the synagogue but I did it finally. Scott really helped. But there's so much fear. It's easier to just be a recluse. To stay home and stay away from people. Interact online because I can control that. I am afraid of getting so close to someone again that they can know enough to hurt me. I never want that again.

Fear of doing the wrong thing. I have tried to give up that fear and replace it with the idea that inaction is just as bad as wrong action. "Waiting is", sure, but Think, Act, Talk, Go. Fear of appearing ignorant. I don't talk about some things because I fear I am uneducated about it. I think this is actually a smart-person fear, because plenty of people are very happy to talk about anything, whether they know about it or not. Fear of injury for the kids - I think that accidental injury is a risk for kids, but I can't keep them from all harm. I need to relax and not let on that I'm scared of that, because I don't want THEM to be scared all the time.

I am terrified of driving. I don't usually say it that way. I say "I can't drive at night because of my vision" or "I hate driving," both of which are mostly true, but it's really at least as much about fear. This hasn't really been a problem where I live now, in Boston surrounded by friends in walking distance, but my sweetheart has moved to Los Angeles, and that is not a place as easily navigated without a car. I need to do a lot of thinking this year about what's holding me back and what I'm afraid of, since I have a sinking feeling that I mostly hate driving because I'm bad at it, and I HATE DOING THINGS I'M BAD AT DOING.

No fear.

I have Imposter's Syndrome problems almost constantly, and it had managed to get me into trouble in job interviews that I probably otherwise would have done well in. Thankfully, I am working hard to expand my knowledge base and I have a great group of supportive friends and colleagues who are encouraging and knowledgable in their own right.

My greatest fear is of becoming incapacitated. The best I can do at this point is just to deal with it and move on. At some point in the not too distant future, health issues will become an issue. It is a fact of life at this age.

I have been burned by being to0 honest. Now I am afraid to be self-revelatory.

Fear of being alone. I'm mostly fighting it by using my time alone to become closer to the person I want to be. Whether by reading, writing, listening to music, thinking, exercising, etc. Time alone is getting redefined in my head as time to invest, rather than time to spend. We'll see how my investment strategy pans out.

Not being on the right path, wasting time, wasting money. I'm not sure.

I'm afraid that what I do doesn't matter. That my actions are meaningless. This paralyzes me into inaction. I will try to overcome this fear by acting as if it isn't true. I will pretend that what I do is important, that people care about me and what I do, and that I am necessary. Hopefully this "fake it till you make it" attitude will get me beyond my fear of meaninglessness.

My goal in life is to be a writer, and I fear that the book I'm writing -- what I want to be the first book in a long, celebrated career -- may not be well received. Of course, there's no point in indulging this fear. If I thought the book were unworthy, I wouldn't be writing it. I'll likely finish it this year, and then I'll see how it does.

Fear of how others perceive me and social anxiety. I'm honestly not sure how I can overcome this. Baby steps, I suppose... the only way out is through!

I am super afraid of waiting for people and things and opportunities for so long that my life passes me by and never realizes. I don't know what to do. Because I think that I am waiting for right things. I think I have faith in the right moments. But I know I need to move. I know I need to chase a dream. I know I need to make room for more possibilities in my life so that I can seize the opportunities I want when they come along. I think the first step to taking action is being prepared for action and seeing everything as actionable.

One fear I have is doing all my schoolwork for nothing, so basically not passing a class.

I am letting go of the fear of failure and the fear that I will be living out of a cardboard box- I am deciding to not care about perfectionism and just do the things I always said I would do when I was better or when things lined up correctly- like pottery, dance, art, coaching, writing, etc.

As I get older I often worry about coming down with a fatal illness, which at times makes me a bit hypochondriacal (checking symptoms online when I feel a strange pain). However, so far I'm in excellent health and plan to focus on the positives in my life and not dwell on the fear of illness.

my mom dying from cancer. help her to beat it.

One fear that I have is not being able to handle the stress of the job as a therapist. That I will "buckle" under pressure. However, because I learn by doing, I think this fear is becoming overcome more and more every day I do the work--especially given the amazing support I have received : )

a fear i have is being successful in the world in the sense of putting myself out there in the world which i really havent done or made an effort to do. i have a lot to offer and a lot to give a lot of add value. people that have been close to me have seen that and there validation is helpful. i think this fear has hindered my personal relations because im not the fully realized person i can be.

Getting my PhD done. It's so time-consuming, I just want to finish so life can revert to normal. But that thought process is making me rush which stresses me out. I need to pace myself.

My basic fear is that I am no good enough, not good enough to be loved, not good enough to be deeply cared for -- and sometimes, although not so much anymore, not good enough as a professional in my field. The only way I know of to overcome the basic fear is to notice it and counteract it with compassion and understanding, and refrain from negative thoughts, replacing them with accurate information: yes, I am worthy of deep love.

I have social anxiety, I find it hard to adjust in social situations. I don't find that it has lessened over the years, but I am focusing on forcing myself to go to more social events and get out of my comfort zone this year.

Fear of abandonment had dogged me for nearly 50 years. I did work recently on this though, work that differed from all of the other work I've done to heal the wound that brought on the fear. At last, I think I've fully tended the wound and can move forth without the fear. What I will be doing to help, to let go, is to love and tend to all my inner selves at younger ages, particularly the 5 year old who was the wounded one. She is safe and happy inside my heart.

Fear of being myself instead of other people's chattel. I have to lie every day to protect family members, because it's my job in life to make them look good (or at least not expose how bad they really are). Which means I have to lie about myself, in virtually everything I ever say or do. Of course this means I don't really know who I am, and I don't know how to express the truth in a way that won't backfire on me. There are so many times I haven't gone to the police because I knew the perpetrator would end up convincing them I was really the one at fault (for being attacked, or robbed, etc.). I don't know how to play the game the way they do, to make other people look bad to protect their own crimes and lies. I only know how to be a victim. I'm afraid that's all I'll be my entire life, and I don't know how to get past it.

One answer would be a fear of having children. I've often told myself that I won't be a good parent, as I have too many insecurities and too little patience. But I do plan to have children, hopefully within the next year, and I think that with my partner, we will keep our fears in check and raise our children with strength and grace. Another is a fear of starting my own business, a fear of very public failure. That, too, is something I plan to do in the next year (it's going to be a big year), and I've started to realize that it will be ok if I fail. Hard, but ok. The world, my friends, and my family will not abandon me if I do.

Still too shy and underconfident, but I think next year could be my year. Just being more open, and talking to people more, i think sometimes I feel so underconfident and different to other people, that I stay in the beackground, never viocing my opinions, so I'm going to do that more.

I fear not being good enough, or mature enough, or smart enough. I will try to focus more on just being the best I can personally, instead of being enough for others.


I fear rejection to the point that I often don't even know who I am because I am so busy trying to be what everyone else wants me to be. I'm not sure how to do it, but I would really like to discover who I am and then live that out fully, without fearing what anyone else thinks.

irons. Hair irons. Theyre hot. I need to stay away.

Scerrrt of sharks. I plan to avoid swimming deep in the ocean

My biggest fear is poverty. I live paycheck to paycheck. It has limited me from moving on due to the expense of doing that. I also depend on my benefits. I am overcoming it by moving on. Selling my house, changing jobs and setting up household with David. I am also looking to spend less on car expenses and not increase my debt. Hopefully, I will be able to save some retirement money.

I have a fear or saying something dumb in meetings or when I make presentations. It has limited me that I come off as "Quiet" or "serious." With friends, family or coworkers I trust, I am outgoing, friendly, even funny. I plan on becoming a more authentic person in all aspects of my life. More specifically I will speak what I mean and not care what people think of me. I will show my Authentic self.

I am afraid of everything! All the possibilities. It's made me more careful in many ways. I don't think its limited me but it probably has. I really should have been so much more but I did not have the sort of family that encouraged anything positive. I've made a decent loving life and family. Maybe in this coming year I'll try to be less insulated and get out there more.

That women will abandon me. It often APPEARS that every woman for whom I have ever cared deeply HAS abandoned me! I focus to remember that the fear is my own, and not real. I use the BENE GESSERIT LITANY AGAINST FEAR from the Frank Herbert novel: DUNE. I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.

I am scared of heights but I plan to overcome it by jumping off a 30 foot cliff into the water.

Fear of being seen, having my own voice. Not sure it's possible to let it go, but it is possible to move beyond it, to speak in spite of the fear, to be seen while feeling the fear.

I have a fear of doing new things, it is like an extreme form of shyness. I am happy to stand on my own rather than try to talk to a group of people I have never spoken to before. For this reason I have not joined clubs and groups and avoided doing things, becoming a bit of a shut away at times. This has made my experience of aspects of my life less good than they might have been. Going to university I have no close friends from this period that I maintain regular contact with. In fact I have very few people from my past I have kept in contact with. For a long time I did not speak to my sister regularly not because of a falling out, but out of a lack of initiative on my behalf. Considering everything now I think that it is not shyness but rather a fear of failure that prevents me doing new things. I have already started to let this fear go as I explore art and try to do things not to perfect them but just to do them. I hopefully can continue this journey and maybe join a group or talk to new people in the coming year.

Fear of death, fear of rejection, fear of a lot of things. I remain in safe and unchallenged situations, then get intoxicated because of my boredom. I believe manhood has no fear. I plan on picking at my fears and generating evidence so I may see the manifestations of my actions, responses, and the worlds swirls are nothing to fear. They are, and my reaction to them is defining of my soul.

I am afraid of leaving my current job which, despite affording me a decent wage, provides me with no job satisfaction whatsoever. I am afraid that a meaningful job will pay substantially less, and make my financial situation less secure. I think the best way to overcome this is to educate myself on the meaningful jobs that are out there. I suspect that my fear is based mostly in ignorance.

Anxiety - public speaking and even one-to-one sometimes. I try not to let it limit me, and push myself into situations I don't want to be in - such as speaking at events etc. It makes me feel rubbish though, and means I don't do nearly as great a job as I would've done had I not been suffering from anxiety. I would love to make time for some therapy for this. I did get a number from the doctors for the shrink who works out of their centre. Perhaps I should try it... I think also that part of me thinks if I become a mum this year the way I feel about these kinds of things might well change.

Fear of never being in a loving relationship where with someone who adores me. I'm not sure how to address or let go of this fear. It overwhelms me with sadness at times. I think the only thing I can do is to provide a loving environment And let go of disappointment. Either get out or figure out plan B which may mean doing more things alone and seeing what happens

That everything I have worked for will be taken away from me. I might get fired and have nothing to show for all my efforts. It limits my ambition at times. instead of growing aggressively I am cautios. I can overcome this by protecting myself and setting up systems that allow me to grow but still be protected.

Won' be able to stand the job. Have to figure out how to persevere. Have to ponder it.

I am afraid running out of money. Related to that, I am afraid of letting others support me financially. I do not trust others to do this for me. It's limited me in that I focus more on work that will pay my bills than on work that really lights my fire. I am trying, during this time that the husband has steady income, to take advantage of it to do creative work. I am trying to appreciate the creative successes I have had. I am trying to make myself cultivate more of those. But I doubt I will ever let it go completely. I'm too stubborn for that, and too saddled with trust issues. If I can breath through the downtimes I have in income without freaking out and be better about being a partner with the husband, I will consider it a success.

Fears that everything including incidentals are not in order. Nix the incidentals!

Fear of driving on the highway...it inhbits my and my daughter's activities. I plan to practice and get more support around this in the next year to get better.

I have both a fear of success and a fear of failure. I don't think it will either disappear or be "overcome". It is just part of who I am.

I have a dreadful fear of not being in control. In the past few months, I am learning to be more comfortable with "winging it". Being spontaneous sometimes can end you in the most delightful places. And being flexible is never a bad thing. It's hard for me, because I like to have a plan in place beforehand and then stick to the plan. I'm not always good about handling the changes that come my way. But my kids are a good guide for me on this. I'm trying very hard to loosen up, live in the moment, and take advantage of opportunities that come my way. I'd like to continue with this next year.

I have been battling the fear that I am less me or less fun or somehow less something as a sober person. I want to let that go by continuing to discover how I can be more me, more evidently exactly what I am supposed to be.

I have a fear of making decisions. It is challenging for me to just choose something on a whim, but I hope to speed up my decision making in the coming year. Hopefully by starting with the small things, I will get better at making decisions on the big things.

Fear of failure. I often don't even start something, because I'm afraid not being able to succeed. But even if I start, I'm so afraid to fail in the eyes of others. So I keep it a secret and then I can't devote enough time or effort, because not only it has to be perfect it also has to be clandestine which complicates things... What do I plan to do about it? I wish someone could tell me.

I have a fear of becoming disconnected from people that I have known for years. Many people I know have become distant, in the literal sense (they have moved away) or our interests have diverged. I don't really have any close friends at work any more and it has become difficult to relate to people I have known for 40+ years. I feel that I am becoming isolated. When I try to reach out to old friends time and distance seems to intrude such that I only see them once or twice a year, if that. The prospect of making new friends is daunting. I am going to start calling my old friends on a semi regular basis to see if I can re-kindle some of the relationship we once had. If that is unsuccessful then I guess I will just have to let them go.

Fear of putting myself out there. Limited in 1000 different ways. Continuing to work my TAOBC program. Setting up speaking gigs, beginning with the one in London week after next. Baby step building my biz. One step at a time. Creating my meditation mini-course.

Wow. There's been talk about fear all around me. I used to be crippled with fear, I still suffer from it quite a bit. But I've certainly gotten better at handling it. Right now it's currently a change of seasons: it's icriber and the daylight savings will happen soon and it will soon get darker earlier. I am mortified of this. Why? I can't exactly tell you. But every "fit of anxiety" I have gotten has been in the winter after a few months of it getting dark early. For some reason that was a trigger for me, the early darkness before it am ready for it to be dark. It's really really strange but I feel it might be a dirivitive of seasonal affective disorder. So oddly enough I fear the winter. I fear the dark. And I have a feeling it's not because of any of the things I just mentioned. I think I just associate it with those times. And I am living in fear for the season to change, for work to get harder, for days where I get little sleep, when I feel overwhelmed with projects, for having children, because I feel I won't be able to handle the stress. I fear that I will go back to being terribly anxious. That's the fear I live with. But I'm getting better about not worrying about things that have not yet happened. Remembering that everything is fluid and if things no longer serve me I can leave them whenever I want. I constantly remind myself in moments where I feel I could get anxious to not cling to the emotion, to remember that it comes and goes and that it is all temporary. Everything is temporary. I can't say I've cured myself of fear. And I don't think I ever really will. But I think the point is that I'm learning how to live with it and accept it. For me, that's enough.

I have the fear of being wrong, making a mistake, or looking foolish. It is limiting because I think it leads to some of my procrastination. There are times where I should quickly try out an idea or say something and I have a fear that the idea is wrong and I'll appear silly or shallow. Sometimes it seems easier to let a deadline pass without having done anything than risk doing something that might be interpreted to be long. And often this is despite the certainty that nobody would criticize me maliciously. I don't (yet) have plans to address this in the next year, although just writing this I think I should. I already looked at my problem with getting all of the things done that I'd like to get done and in order to reach that goal I'm going to have to address this issue which does get in the way. I need to find the times that what I did turned out not to be right and look at what the consequences really were: people didn't think less of me, I wasn't condemned, etc. In most cases having a quick answer that I can correct is better than waiting for finding the right answer over a longer time.

Fear of being disliked limits me from trying to be friends with people - fear of rejection - fear of being laughed at. I am going to try and just let my fears go - one person at a time.

I sometimes have fear that I will fail at my agenda and lofty goals. However, I chase those thoughts out of my head and give no energy to them. I don't feed into negativity and don't even like answering this question

I've had a fear of not pleasing others and not meeting social expectations. I'm not engaged, I don't live anywhere permanent and I'm not expecting and that's ok. I also want to date my ex and that's ok too.

I have a fear of flying. It's made me not travel or do the things I love. I'm going to Minneapolis on my own in two weeks!

The fear is taking full ownership and risks as an executive at work. It doesn't affect my ability to make difficult or expensive decisions, but it does impact my willingness to allocate indirect resources or call meetings. The effect is that due to this passive posture, my readiness as an executive with an expansive role is questioned. I'd have to agree. My goal for the year is to acknowledge it and tackle it head on. I'd like to stay true to my collaborative nature, but also push hard to draw on resources as needed.

Since I like to think of myself as a logical person and fears usually relate to the unknown. I try to consider, and to the extent possible, mitigate risks which feed ones fears. Other aspects are based on decisions made based on experience - the choice to serve God, to love and cherish my wife, to love my children and family, and to respect friends. At times, the challenge is to focus on the reason for my actions and to trust others to do the right thing.

I fear complete retirement because I've always worked since I was 16. It keeps me from other life priorities. I am on a track where I plan to retire when my last child graduates from college next spring.

I fear getting headaches. I fear that what I do will lead to headaches. All of this causes stress leading to ...say it with me...MORE HEADACHES. I need to be more zen about my headaches. Acccept that they are a limitation but not my life. I am so much more than them. And, even when I have one, i can still have a rich, full life. NO MORE FEELING LIKE I CAN'T DO THINGS. I have long wanted to go to Japan but worried I wasn't healthy enough. 2015 is the year! And after that, KIDS!

I had been fearful of losing my job and now I'm channelling my Mom--she said that if I lost a job, I'd always find another job and to not stress about it. Yes, I would prefer to keep my benefits and pension but I should know by now, having worked for 40 years, that I'll be okay. So I'll just think of her whenever I start to doubt : )

I am constantly afraid of failure. I have severe anxiety when it comes to underperforming in the workplace, and being seen as less than competent. It's mostly a manufactured fear, as I rationally know I perform my job duties more than admirably, and as seen as an accomplished specialist and an authority in my field. The only way I think I can overcome these issues is by working in a supportive environment, where my accomplishments are lauded, and my setbacks are not fixated upon. I have begun a new job a few months ago, and I honestly hope that this new job environment will minimize these issues.

Tough choice of fears. Love. Being in love. Not sure how long it will last or if it will. So, my answer is to take the ride and see where it goes.

Going back to school was super scary. I'm thrilled with the fact that I am quickly approaching my junior year, however it means transferring from a comm college to a university, which again, is very scary! But I will stay on track, keep forging through, watching it all unfold. The biggest fear that has limited me is fear of trusting in my relationships. I do have someone in my life now, and really need to allow our commitment to grow by letting down my walls. I need to be okay with the fact that it might not work out, otherwise I will never know if it can!

I fear so many things, I don't know where to begin. 1. Fear no one will like me. 2. Fear my kid will be friendless. 3. Fear I will never get a fridge that doesn't require duck tape to hold up the door shelves. 4. Fear that I just don't care. 5. Fear that I am comfortable with my fear. I don't have any plans for overcoming any of these, just learn to live with them. And know on those sleepless nights when they make me fight my pillow with frustration, that I will be so exhausted the next day, I will be rewarded a good night's sleep.

I am afraid of feelings. Of bridging that gap between my head and my body. I am not sure it is something to let go of (although I would like to one way or another). I am working on overcoming it. How? Maybe... well...I don't really know. It's too scary.

I have an occasional fear that my hearing in my left ear will get worse, to the point that when I remove my hearing aid and cochlear implant I will hear nothing. I cannot even imagine what that would be like, but i would be so disoriented, scared, vulnerable, uncomfortable, & isolated. Having any type of hearing loss causes all those feelings at times, but a total hearing loss is just incomprehensible. I have surprised myself at how easily and completely I have embraced the hearing loss that I do have, by learning as much as I can about the loss, the possible treatments, and the available assistive devices; and further sharing this information with others. I know I will continue to do this as new options become available or as my hearing might change.

Everything. Just fucking everything.

I have written about fears I've had before and I am choosing to move on this time. Fear is something that we all have a hard time just letting go of. I realized this year that fear is nothing more than pictures, thoughts and feelings in our imagination. A movie playing over and over in our minds that will confuse us into believing that it is keeping us safe. So I am choosing in this moment to move beyond the fear and move toward making a different kind of movie one that has my dreams turning into reality and if I the Universe can support me while I'm doing this...well then nothing can stand in my way now.

I fear getting into a new work postion and having all that I have dreamed of and still being unhappy.

Afraid of financial insecurity! I haven't sought new employment, or asked for too much in my current job for fear of being unable to support my lifestyle. I hope to add more income-generating activities in the coming year, and using that to piece together a more fulfilling set of activities, some paid and some unpaid.

Fear that things will happen again - I have trouble trusting Gareth because of history. I need to keep working on building on my ability to trust him.

My biggest fear is as we get older we will be unable to care for Jared. No one knows his idiosyncrasies like we do. Adam and Jason come close and I can only hope and pray they'll be there when the time comes. There are also great in home providers we've learned to trust but they come and go. I never thought I'd be 65 and providing total 24 hour care for Jared and have the energy to care for him. But it's actually easier and our health and happiness has never been better. Prayers said long ago answered in unexpected ways. Let's hope it continues.

I fear friendship. I fear peers will think there's something wrong with me, and therefore reject me. I'm facing this fear and making a point to connect with a friend every day. I'm also making a point to schedule activities with friends.

I have a fear of letting life pass me buy. I'm just trying to be more opened minded and trying new things.

I'm afraid I won't wait for him, or he won't wait for me. I won't know until I talk to him...and I don't know when that will be.

I'm afraid of failure and it often keeps me from doing things if I think that I will just fail because there is no point. I'm still applying to law school even though I'm not sure how it will go. I'm nervous, but I'm persevering.

I am terrified of change. Unfortunately, the only way to get past it is just to go through it. It involves a lot of stress, anxiety, and tears, but we have to just do it. Today is my last office day at Emanuel (I will still be here for Yom Kippur) and we just leased an apartment in DC. I'm terrified of this next chapter, but we just have to plow through!

This is a fitting question for today. All of these questions have been pretty shockingly relevant to how I'm feeling on a certain day. The fear I am on a journey to overcome at this time in my life, is to finally get rid of my belief within myself, that I am unworthy of love and being in love with someone beautiful. I am definitely looking for someone to have an incredible, meaningful, passionate, supportive relationshop with and have been for awhile. I've let this into the universe to release and relinquish my attachment to it (even though it is painful and i do not necessarily understand why I have an attachment to feeling unworthy). I am now working on loving myself, learning to love myself for who I am and any emotions that come along. This is a big first step. knowing that when the time is right, the gift of a relationship will arrive, until then, I'm going to explore being myself, learn about myself, grow, fail, succeed, and explore the often feelings of loneliness that come up. Knowing that loneliness is still beautiful, and it just is. There's no reason to feel guilty about it or try to fix it, I'm learning to be with it. There are so many things that go into this for me, lately I related it in my head to sort of like my eating disorder time, I was fully attached And identified with my eating disorder, but knew it was something that was hurting me, holding me back, keeping me in a box. I looked at the recovery from it as a process and a journey. It took awhile but now I do not relate to it any longer. I feel that way with this unworthiness a little bit. I believe it began after my relationship with Ty ended, and has continued in various forms since. I am on a journey to overcome it. I am worth of love. I am enough. I deserve to love with my whole heart. I will get there.

I started to say my fear of dying, but part if what underlays that is a fear of dying before I really feel that I've found and had a chance to do what truly makes me feel fulfilled. I think what I can do this year to help is not drag my feet and take so long to try something different and see how it feels. I can't let fear of failure or continuously questioning my motivation get in the way of exploring new things.

Fear that I am not good enough. Not a good enough daughter. Not a good enough mother. Not a good enough cook. Not a good enough house keeper or yard manager. It keeps me up at night sometimes worrying that others perceive me badly because I am not doing enough to fix their problems, or keep things as they should be. At the same time, I know that I am a perfectionist. Yes, I'd like to be able to cook a perfect steak and sometimes it comes out tough, but dammit people are well fed in my house. My kids are thriving. My house is safe and comfortable. I would like to let go of others perceptions of me as a negative motivator, and to do that I know what I have to do is not let go or over come, but rather shift. I can work on giving myself the recognition for jobs well done. I can listen better to the praise other give me. I can look for the outcomes which I know exist because I was involved. And I can fucking pull a weed or two if it really bugs me.

I'm a people pleaser, and so I fear that actions I take of my own volition -- as opposed to those taken in reaction to others' stated desires -- will be met with dissatisfaction or conflict. This has come home firmly to roost in my marriage, and I need very much to overcome it. To some degree I feel like I have in this past year, in certain specific instances, but not as a rule. To let it go I need to better understand my own wants and needs, and find the confidence to champion them. But how to do that? Not so sure.

I fear losing my family, of not having the time to learn all they have to say, to preserve their lifelong memories. I want to learn recipes from my mother and mother-in-law, to document their memories. I want to record my father talking about his childhood. And I fear that as I let my life fill up with soccer games and doctor's appointments and whatnot, that I will let time drift by too far for me to pull back the memories before they're gone forever. I will establish a system. Every time I visit with family, I will record some memory. I will cook with my mom and mother-in-law and keep building up our collection of recipes.

I have a fear of commitment that I often conflate with a fear of settling. However, I believe the two are a sort of Venn diagram--there is overlap. I have committed to both a relationship and a job for the past year+, and I'm very happy with the relationship, but I am realizing that remaining in the job has crossed the line into settling, and I intend to do something about it.

Fear of offending or falling out with people. It has prevented me from properly enforcing boundaries and standing up for my principles. When I feel compelled to act (indignant, angry or similar), I will speak out, I will stand up.

My mother-in-law is slipping further into dementia. For the first time, she used the wrong name, twice, for my brother-in-law. I am afraid that her husband will keep trying to take care of her himself, and not get the professional help he needs as soon as he should. I am worried about how this will effect my husband. I don't think it's something I can either let go or overcome. I just need to accept what happens as it does, and try to influence things in the right direction as I can.

If I'm honest, I'm very afraid of pregnancy and parenthood. We have not yet decided if we will have children, but the prospect of pregnancy, not to mention all the things that could go wrong is terrifying. Then the idea of trying to raise said baby into a healthy, productive adult is incredibly daunting. I would want to be a patient parent, and that's one of my least strong points.

I am afraid that my husband resents being a parent and that it is my fault. I can let go of that - all evidence proves the contrary. I will not assume that he is resentful; he isn't! More childcare would also solve that problem. He doesn't resent taking care of our son, he is struggling to have time to do his work and do childcare at the same time. I am afraid that I will get horribly fat and be awful. That just isn't true, because I don't limit my eating now and, while I am heavier than the supermodel norm, I am not fat. And if I were fat, everyone in my life would still love me anyway, and if they didn't, then it would probably be better off to lose them as friends. I can let go of that fear. I am afraid that I will get in trouble at work for something. Anything that I would do wrong would be a forgivable mistake, and while I might be asked to act differently next time, it would be to do something that I would choose to do differently to get a better outcome anyway. I am afraid that my dad will become homeless or have a mental breakdown. This fear is subsiding as he gets his act together and leans on me less and less. None of my current little fears present real issues. I am really lucky.

Failure in starting a new program that I have immediate approval and support. I need to pray for more guidance....and listen to what the Lord wants me to do......right direction. Read and study all the material provided. Accept with unconditional Faith this mission is ordained by GOD. PTL FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS!

I have a feat of never finding the right person romantically. I desperately want to have a romantic partner, preferably and this limits my clarity when it comes to who would and would not be good for me. I am not sure how to let go of these limitations. I think the best is to talk it out with people I love and trust who can provide clarity

I feel like I've really worked very hard to overcome many of my fears this year. One of my major fears was not finding someone that could or would care about me or would leave me for whatever reason. I am still fearful about that but I am letting myself open up a little more and hopefully it will work out.

There is something about the word 'Fear' that I really dislike. Like 'Regret'. It seems so negative, debilitating, like nothing good can come out of it. I worry about things sure, I worry that I am not good enough, that I will fail, that John prefers being with other people than being with me, that my friends don't actually like me anymore, that my family are let down or disappointed by me. I worry about my future, whether I will ever be financially secure, being able to buy a house, will I be able to have kids, even if I did would I be a terrible mother? But I think in a way that worrying about these things can be turned into a positive, they can keep me on my toes, reflecting on how I treat people, how I behave. It means that life decisions I take are carefully considered in terms of the longer term, but it doesn't stop me to taking risks and making those decisions. When worries become fears, that are irrational and debilitating, that's when you have something to really worry about.

I think I fear non-acceptance and not being liked, not being a part of "the group". Sometimes I try too hard to please everyone for that reason. I have been working on overcoming that by remembering that what others think doesn't matter and as long as I am happy with myself, that's what counts. I have always lived by integrity, but I have to work on not doing things because others want me to do, but instead because I want me to.

I have lots of fears. They seem to increase with each passing year, but there are two major ones: I'm afraid my husband will get sick and die before me. Not only will I be inexpressibly lonely, but I also will have no one to rely on for everything that he takes care of (and he takes care of a whole lot!). I'm afraid of dying--of not being, of not having the chance to spend time with my children and enjoy them as adults, of not having the chance to leave a lasting impression on my grandchildren.

I'm still afraid of not doing well at work. Unfortunately, things have happened this year to reinforce that belief. I hope to be more conscientious this coming year.

Wow. I have no idea. I am fearful of fear itself and take great pains not be have a lot of fears or at least not indulge them. This is a conversation I've had since I was a teenager. I do think I could be braver - stick up for others more, be more inclusive, be more willing to have difficult conversations with people that I care about. I could be more willing or more open to being uncomfortable.

I am afraid of not being able to "provide" for my family. And thus I am afraid of speaking my mind and pursuing my dreams on accounts of being "punished" such that I will slide into poverty. Mind you I'm living on a shoestring already.

Depends on the situation -- sometimes it is the fear of failure, sometimes it is the fear of success. Both can be showstoppers. I spend a lot of time in my own mind, spinning away instead of creating a plan, writing it down and making it happen. I think that is the best way for me to letting my fears go - creating a plan and making the plan happen. I read something once that a business plan isn't meant to be followed slavishly but to give you a reminder of your goals and a framework for making good decisions when the plan has to change.

I have written a book ... and IF it were to be published (knowing that is a big IF) I don't think I could handle the media. They take nice people and rip them apart... they really destroy so much that could be good... so I feel that I would make a fool of myself. So, I am safe just holding it and not sharing it. But my story is one of love and understanding... and I think some people might connect to it. But, yet for 10 years I have pondered if I should let someone read it. If they don't read it then I never have to know if they like it or not. Silly but true. Fear is awful!

Too much of interest in our world to successfully pursue everything. This really bothers me. I simply do not have enough time to get as deep as I would like into the many areas which appeal to me. In turn, I have many hobbies or areas of interest which I only know superficially. I'm working on focusing in on a manageable number of interests which will allow deeper knowledge and enhanced perspective.

I fear my lack of control over my future. I am exploring options to help me overcome it on a professional level, and need to learn to give up control over the things I can't change.

I fear being totally marginalized in the new economy where automation and globalization combined with consolidation of my industry have rendered me a relic of times gone by. Sadly for me and a lot of other people in my age group, it is happening before we are at retirement age, and before we can afford to quit working. I am, like so many others, reinventing myself. Again. This is the fourth time in seven years. I can't give in to fear.


I fear I am incapable of love and passion. I am in my 50’s, have been loved by several men in my life, but I fear I have never loved them. Part of it is I settle, I stay loyal and devoted to men who should just be my friends. I figure a pretty good man in my life is better than no man. It has affected the depth of my relationships and has kept me less than authentic in my dealings with people. I often feel that I am hiding my true self or playing a role. I do not know how to overcome a fear of loving , except to be open to love. That may take a while. But I can strive for authenticity and not settling to be with people th at I am not authentic with. Be more selective. Be mored willing to be by myself and do things hat nurture my spirit. Not give in to the knee jerk impulse to be social and out there in society.

I have a fear of failure, so I have never pushed myself to pursue my dreams. In a way, it was easier to fail at the things I did not care about than failing at what I really loved. Working on what's hard for me. Pushing boundaries and forcing myself to be uncomfortable. Hiking down hill. A lot. Speaking my emotions. Practicing vulnerability.

My greatest fear is a sense of "torschlusspanik". Literally translated, it means, "Fear of the gate closing". It is described as "the fear, usually as one gets older, that time is running out and important opportunities are slipping away." I am feeling this way. There are so many things I wish to accomplish and ways I wish to live that I postpone and postpone for fear that, if I try and fail, all will be lost. I don't know, yet, what I plan to do. I have registered for a creative writing course. This is a big deal for me. Perhaps a step in a new direction will loosen things up for me and I'll have some ease moving in new directions.

I fear I am seen as some sort of creep or outsider. It has very much stifled me from going firward with anything. I plan to remedy this by really looking inward and seeing how I even see myself.... Oh and screw the haters.

I fear I will settle for security and comfort instead of pushing outside my comfort zone. Life as thrill ride is the exact opposite of what I am doing. I don't want to feel like I lived smaller than what was possible. The fear hasn't stopped me, if anything it compels me to take action. I think a fear that holds me back is getting hurt AGAIN when playing tennis or tango dancing. It is all weight related. When I lose another 40 pounds I will be less inclined to over twist. I am already on a good diet and exercise path to achieve my goal weight this year!

I think I have a fear that I am not living up to my potential. I have searching for an environment where I can really flourish. I think for a long time I was known as the “it girl” the person who always did well and succeeded but I never had the motivation to get to the next level. What is holding me back? Why do I constantly do the bare minimum? Am I lazy or bored? Do I just get distracted? Is it a fear of success? This job I am in now could be close to my dream job and I have the ability to work outside of the office. Why am I self-sabotaging? I feel guilty when I think about being a stay-at-home mom. Would people respect me less? Man, this just feels like the struggle many women have in their lives. I know I am not the first and maybe you can have both. I guess I have a lot of fears, many I have not even voiced even to myself. I am going to overcome them by applying myself. Unless I suddenly become independently wealthy I am going to turn my attitude around and start applying myself. I won’t fall back into the shadows. I will embrace my current position and be thankful for it. I need to grow up.

"What if it doesn't work" has always been the question that stops me from following what i believe in or what i want to do. I need to remind myself that i am only limited to what i set limitations to.

I have a fear of physical activity. I tend to prejudge myself and get very shaky and awkward when attempting anything from rowing a kayak to jumping off a rock to crossing a stream. I don't know if I can overcome this fear, but I have coped in the past by barreling forward and trying to just make the thing happen. My new approach is to cautiously, and in a relaxed way, try the activity and develop a better sense of myself doing the activity. I want to confront the fear by relaxing -- not something I have done very well in the past.

I have a long-standing fear of confrontation. This year I hope to be more intentional about relationship building so that I have a stronger relational foundation with those I may need to confront for the good of the work I do. I want to internalize that not all confrontation is inherently bad, and sometimes it is necessary to move forward in a healthy manner. I want to be more comfortable with confrontation despite the discomfort it often invokes.

Fear? Nothing too debilitating. Nothing of which I am conscious. Maybe being alone when I am very old? Not having enough money to retire @ 60. These are not big fears.

I think I'm afraid of failing. And that makes me pretty f'ing cautious at our startup. I need to give us a chance to really succeed, even if that puts us in danger of dying

The biggest fear that I have is moving on, moving forward, I fear the change that it will bring, I fear the loss that I have to contend with letting go of the past. I plan on letting it go by systematically moving toward the fear with compassion instead of with judgment in this coming year.

Self-doubt, definitely. On good days it makes me a bit defensive and crabby and on bad days I pretty much hide from the world. I don't think overcoming it is possible, but I'm definitely getting more adept at managing it year on year.

My back pain....I just have to train, do physiotherapy and be very careful in order not to get that lumbago of May again. It was scary!!!! For the rest I rely on God! For my back too but I have to act with Him...... :-)

I have a very large fear of needles that has caused me to shy away from regular medical check-ups as well as any medical work done. I have a meeting with a specialist coming up next week that will help me make improvements in this area. Getting this phobia under control will provide me with a lot of relief and calm in my life going forward.

i am terribly, cripplingly afraid of not making people happy. i have a hard time saying no. i compulsively please people, in every sense of the word (my parents might beg to differ, though, and rightfully so). this is probably rooted in the deeply ingrained belief that i am not good enough. that i do not deserve. so i guess what i'm really afraid of is deservance: the actual act and right of meriting something just by virtue of my existence and universal singularity. i don't know how i plan on letting it go or overcoming it in the next year. only that it is probably my whole life's work. and i'm okay with that.

I am always afraid that one day my S.O. will wake up and realize that I'm really not all that great. I feel like I don't contribute evenly in our relationship, and I have gotten larger, so I'm always afraid that they will realize one day that they don't love me anymore, or aren't willing to put up with me anymore. I'm not sure how I can overcome this feeling. I try and do more, but sometimes I just can't motivate myself to do that.

singing. It has limited me for years. Performing of any sort. I am aching to be on stage again - to push ahead, to ask for a raise to "be the boss". sign up for a choir in Spring take the real estate course and get my broker's license. keep up with the acting class explore NY theater scene via meetup

I have a phobia about math and taking chemistry and physics classes. In order to overcome this, I'll need to relearn my math skills (particularly algebra) and start taking classes and be patient with myself. It's been so many years since I've taken these classes and I'm sure that it's simply a matter of relearning what I once knew. I've always done well in math and science as a younger person and so this shouldn't be such a mountain to overcome. I make these things larger than life in my head. And that's the core of this struggle.

Sadly, I have a fear of being alone and growing old on my own. I have been letting it go slowly and fill my life with exceptional people and experiences. I will con't to do this and maybe plan to open my heart and take the time to nurture a potential relationship, if someone exceptional, comes along and is interested in me.

Fear of failure. I think I'm overly self-critical and it's kept me from trying new things like writing/performing standup and characters and web videos. I definitely want to try to overcome it this year. It's also partially laziness though.

I have a special needs adult, 22,and I am afraid if something happens to my husband and I he won't be taken care of properly. We are trying to make him more independent and confident. That will ease the worrying for us.

I'm afraid that I'll wait so long to have kids that I will die while they are still relatively young. It happened to my maternal grandfather and my mother. The tradeoff between a typical PhD timeline and an ideal family timeline is hard to reconcile. I think this fear will get even more pronounced as I get closer to 30... but for now, I am in a place (physically, mentally, geographically) where I don't want kids yet so it makes sense to wait a bit longer and focus all my energies on finishing my PhD. So I am simultaneously afraid of having kids too soon because this isn't an environment I'd want to raise them in! Ironic.

Trusting in love. My boyfriend and I have been through so many ups and downs in the last two and a half years and now we are embarking on our craziest adventure yet. I am moving to Georgia to be with him. I am leaving behind my family, my friends, my job, everything I've ever known, for love. It's absolutely terrifying. I am hopeful and believing that this is the right decision but of course there is always an element of doubt. Could this be the biggest mistake of my life? My heart tells me it's the right decision, he's the one, we are meant to be, and I am choosing to trust my hear and trust in love. Only time will tell.

I am afraid of pushing Alan to sell the cottage or to sell NH even tho' I think it would be good because I am worried he isn't well enough to cope with the stress either would cause. I wonder if it's me who is afraid of change and me who is using him for an excuse. I don't know - it seems easier to do nothing and carry on taking whatever pleasure is possible each day.

Fear of dying unprepared. Am completely immobilized in any attempt to get organized and do the planning needed to save my family undue stress.

I have a fear of of failing other people. of not living up to their hopes and desires. of being seen as a lazy person i hope to prove to myself i can trust myself - because actually it's failing myself that is real issue, less than other people's thoughts. i will place faith upon my lips. faith in myself and the reflection of myself in the eyes of those i love.

I fear some of my physical limitations. I need to take more time to compensate for them.

changing careers. Exploring options-looking at volunteer possibilities; talking to husband and friends. GOING TO GYM to raise endorphins!!!!!

I'm afraid of other people, of their rejections. It limits me from trying new things and connecting with people. I hate this fear. I think the only way to overcome it is to change the way that I value myself. As long as my identity depends on others' opinions of me, this fear will always have a place. My hope is to get to a place where others' opinions of me don't matter. This is not meant to be apathy; rather, if I am full of my sense of self and I have love for others, then my mood won't be affected by whether they like me or not.

fear of not living up to my potential it remains strong despite my attempts to take control of my own life I still fear this abstract concept of "POTENTIAL". I have been told I have The Potential to be, for example, a great thinker, do-er, scientist, technology creator, artist... but I have yet to accomplish any of these. and it is paralyzing me just as I need to start making decisions about my career and future path -- so many possibilities -- so much POTENTIAL -- and what if I choose the wrong door and forever lose that shiny future that could have been? am I frittering away my potential by staying in a grad program I don't feel is going anywhere, instead of working at an exciting project that will help the world? or would I be throwing away an opportunity at a world-class institution and missing out on the chance to contribute to the body of scientific knowledge? As far as overcoming? or even harder, letting go? It's a fear I've had instilled in me since childhood and I don't know if I can. I guess the only thing I can do is to be kinder to myself and remember that plenty of great people followed unconventional paths. (... and keep making these endless contingency plans, so that even if I think I've chosen the wrong door, I can always backtrack)

Change. I've always feared change, making too many plans based on the idea that everything would continue forward into the future in the exact same way it is now. I've let my fear of change prevent me from making necessary changes and contingency plans. I plan to try to make myself deliberately stretch each month with one somewhat-scary change.

Fear of success. That I'd be good at something and actually have responsibilities and need to take accountability for the work I do with it. I know I'm not going to fail at something-I'm going to try and try again until I get it right, but there's a lot that comes with that. I'm going to overcome it by doing it; I started this summer.

i fear that i am not good enoughto achieve much in life.. that i havewasted all my life doing nothing and no that i am a nobody with no skills, i cant reach or achieve the dreams that i have held so closely to my heart.

Public speaking in varied settings. I will continue to look for opportunities to step out and speak when I can further my deeper values for myself and those involved.

At the moment I fear never finding another job. There is no way to let go of that, just keep applying for jobs!

I have a fear of being vulnerable. It is such a deep-rooted fear that it inhibits me from forming meaningful relationships at times. I don't like to give up control or let people see me being "weak." I know that it is subjective but it really is something that I hold off from doing. I easily make friends but they never see me vulnerable. I only talk about things that I'm comfortable sharing and I don't really engage with the discomforts that I have. I also don't really let people see me for me, at times. I feel this need to be a fortress of strength for others and I would rather keep that image that show the cracks in the wall. I find that this same fear stirs other emotions in me. I sometimes feel unworthy of someone's affection because I tend to feel that they really don't know me. I also feel alone sometimes because I feel like a stranger when I'm attuned to my true self but haven't shared it with anyone around me. I feel like an impostor! All this being said, I know that in my spiritual journey, this fear has been dissipating more and more. I embrace the true me more and more each day and I let people see me for me. I have not dealt with all of my vulnerability issues. However, I have definitely made some significant progress in revealing things about me that I held as my deepest darkest secrets. The funny thing is that these secrets were so infinitely visible to those around me that it shocked me. They knew me before I knew me. And knowing this is what has allowed me to make breakthroughs in terms of dissolving this fear. In the coming year, I hope to completely let go of this fear. I will do this by clearing up the lies and false walls that I have built in my relationships with others. I want to be wholeheartedly and honestly and transparently me. I know the roots of my fear and I want to uproot them completely. I am motivated, driven, inspired to do this because I refuse to live anything less that truthfully. And the moment I discover anything that holds me back, that prevents me from being open, it will have to be let go. I refuse to compromise on this and I know that my stubbornness will help me make the changes I need to overcome this fear.

Now that I am retired my two main concerns (not real fears) are health and money. Working with- in our health care system (USA) is a challenge. Being your own advocate or having someone along with you (my wife) is so important today. Money, now called our savings, is also difficult to manage. Do you spend it and live large, or do you continue to save for a long life? Do you gift some of your savings to others (family and charities) or do you save it for your own use? How do I plan on letting it go or overcoming it? Prayer is a good way. Research, asking help from friends and relatives or other ways. Helping others always seems to help me. Funny isn't it.

I have an intense fear of not knowing what the fuck I'm doing and where I'm going with my career. I don't know about letting it go. I'm just sort of living with it and just going to keep living my life, doing my work and see where it takes me.

I fear being disliked, being shunned, not included. So I act in ways that cause this to happen. how to release this fear? the only answer I have is Vipassana meditation, which I will need to practice on a regular basis

I fear not having enough money to live decently in retirement. The financial difficulties of the past few years have fed my stress and worry, sometimes more than is probably necessary. I hate my level of debt and that our family difficulties have stifled my ability to pay them down. I have a two-pronged plan to overcome it. One is to let go of worry at times when there is nothing I can do to change a particular circumstance and be more in the moment. The other is to focus heavily on debt reduction and not taking on more debt wherever possible.

I am not afraid.

I have a fear of being in the spotlight. Not the 'show' me - the one with the script and score. The REAL me, the one who fails, who has zits (at 37), who has a flabby belly and who wants to be wealthy so she and her family never have to worry about money. I fear exposure (vulnerability) will kill me and my dreams. But the reality is that not 'doing the thing' kills my soul. I plan on overcoming the fear by simply 'doing it'. It's not terribly hard, but it is terrifying. Still, me not doing it is worse. I choose better, I chose me - shining in the spotlight...what ever it looks like.

Fear of failing, of being abandoned, of losing it all. I know it'll come, but I know what it is now, I know it's name. I just need to remember to say Hello in stead of Go Away.

My biggest fear has been of "not being good enough" and "not being worthy" . . . of love and respect. It has stopped me from being consistent and persistent in pursuing my goals and dreams. I am letting go by simply identifying and taking the steps that will have me be successful. I am also creating "strategic alliances" that will create "win-win" situations for everyone involved with me.

I am concerned about making the 'right' decision. I plan on accepting that sometimes I make wrong decisions but most of the time I make the right ones.

Working full time - need a full time position thru 9 Feb. 2019. Reformulate strategy to find a full time position in 5775. Mitigating alternative - continue with contract position

I have pretty severe anxiety in some social situations. I'm good at a party, but I have a terrible time with most phone calls or talking to anyone in "authority" (doctors, the student loan people, the phone company, the list is long and silly). I guess I make progress slowly, but I'm not sure that it's likely I'll overcome it in the next year since I haven't done it so far, and I'm 43.

Fear of change. The Future is always so cloudy, I can never know if change will be good or bad. I'm planning to just take one day at a time and not overthink things.

I am afraid of driving on expressways or to locations I do not know. I have decided to accept this and put into my budget a lot of cabs. I am fortunate to have discretionary income.

Sometimes I fear that I am not really happy at my job. I try to overcome it by learning to enjoy it, but I think the hard part is realizing whether or not it will make me happy in the end, and if I should move on. I would like to find more happiness outside of my job, so that it can shed light on whether I'm doing the right thing at work.

The fear that a given work-in-progress will be a piece of crap when it's finished is one that has haunted me pretty much since I began to write creatively. I've slowly overcome it, but it's still there. I just need to remind myself that editing/revision is a big part of the process, and not one I'll allow myself to skip. Hopefully I will worry less about a work's quality as I edit/revise work after work to my own high standards.

My fear of reigniting my creative and entrepreneurial avalanche in the face of familial doubt seems to have me temporarily stuck between a state of procrastinating hibernation and paralyzing hesitation. "Create Value" has become a mantra that has relinquished me from the burden of seeking success and fearing failure, such that I need only concern myself with being sure that I put quality in whatever I do. Now, I can unchain myself from the self-delusion of fame and success. Success is the value of a quality creation. Let arête (excellence) and dharma be thy guide.

Fear of being unhappy and bored. Instead of taking things in my own hands, I keep waiting for entertainment , love and a fullfilling life to land on my doorstep.

Cooking. Cooking stresses me out, and the idea of cooking meat... well, being a vegetarian for almost 20 years has made me squeamish about cooking meat. I need to confront my cooking fears, and even if I don't start cooking steak dinners, I've got to be able to cook meals for the family that contain vegetables and proteins. I am going to try to add a new dish to my repertoire every couple of weeks in the coming year!

I'm so fearful of failure that I'll stop doing something if I think I may not succeed. Even more, I'm fearful of appearing ignorant, stupid or unsophisticated. Intellectually, I know that no one is born knowing stuff or having skills, but I have a paralyzingly hard time admitting ignorance or being ridiculed by virtue of my failings. Circular logic much? You betcha. If I know how to get past it, I'd save a great deal of money on therapy bills. For now, I'll put one foot in front of the other, continue to breathe, and pray that next year, I've made steps forward, not backward.

Applying for jobs, I'm afraid I won't have all the information they ask for. I plan on sitting down and collecting all the information in one place once and for all so I don't have to repeat the effort each time.

Fear of getting fired. It's completely irrational, because I think I'm pretty secure in my job, but when you're living paycheck to paycheck, it's always something that I think about.

I have not one but two significant fears: I do not want to overcome another injury and I don't believe life is better working somewhere else even though I am not currently happy where I am. This coming Spring as rock climbing starts I just need to commit to falling more. I need to go out on sport routes above my grade and take many, many falls. On the second count, I am going to wade into better information. So far my one event shows life can be better or worse outside of where I work now but is often less secure. Patience is more difficult without difficult projects outside my work to justify the often dull and sedentary slog of my typical work day.

I've let go of a lot of fears in the past 5 years or so. My main fear was of being alone and although I'm sometimes still afraid of my dreams of getting married and having children not coming true, I mostly feel free from the crippling, controlling fear. Do I want it? YES. But more than anything I want peace, health, and gratefulness. Satisfaction in a quiet life sounds much better than the frenzy and depression of an all-consuming want that can make or break your well being, your happiness, your health. Seeking happiness within myself has been the best thing I've ever done. I'm happy. Damn everything else. But hopefully....well, I have hope at this very moment. For my dreams. But it's not a desperate hope. Without the FEAR of being alone, I can enjoy having someone. I realize all of my 10 day questions are ending up being about Michael. I don't know what to say. :)

I fear not being in control - I fear "losing my mind" to mental health differences - I fear not doing my best - I fear not constantly improving and learning - I fear not feeling well - I fear not finding a bathroom on time - I fear getting mugged - I fear getting another speeding ticket - I fear brown recluse spiders - I fear getting an anaphylactic reaction to a yellow jacket sting. I let go through perspective - dust to dust - yolo - live every week like it's shark week - one day at a time - have fun - do cool stuff - let's so somewhere - hakuna matata.

I'll focus on two fears... one is the fear of making a fool of myself. I want to write, paint and draw but fear making a fool of myself in doing so. It's something that I so want to do but cannot bring myself to do it. The other is more basic. I have a terrible fear of heights and it keeps me from going certain places by myself. I do force myself from time to time to drive over bridges but for the most part it keeps me away from doing some things I would like to do. Will i overcome these things in the future? The first one...maybe.

I am really worried about having enough money in retirement. The problem is that it hasn't limited me enough! I choose really bad marriage partners looking for financial security and found none. My plan is to overcome this by staying disciplined in my budgeting and saving. I am working with a good financial adviser. Finally I am living well below my means and building a nest egg but it feels like at 51 it is a very very late start......

No answer.

Fear about feeding Audie has been the overarching theme of this year. And I hate that. But I have no idea how to combat it. So far, I have fed her. But it has been so hard and terrifying, always worrying about scarcity and if she's getting enough. I don't know how to get over that fear other than for time to pass and she just doesn't need breastmilk as much as she does now. I will keep doing my best and praying that my best will be good enough.

My fear is failing at the things I really need to do well in. For instance, my schooling. I have had pretty bad grades, and I really need to fix that. However, I still need to learn how to fix it.

I fear that I will be old, alone and poor. I have no savings. I don't have a partner who is helping with savings. I have no retirement plans, no safety net. I'm scared if something big happens I will be on the streets. I'm not okay with that. I have to make big changes. By this time next year I will have a savings account with some money in it. I really just want a bank account that isn't overdrawn every 2 weeks. I want to not live paycheck to paycheck anymore.

I am afraid of being forgotten. I want to be remembered by the people I come into contact with, and I fear that I will fade from their lives, and not make a lasting impression on people, especially those that are important to me. I think that in order to overcome this fear, I need to build more lasting connections with people, and take the initiative myself to remain in the lives of people who I care about. Also, I need to remember that I don't need the approval of everyone, and that letting hurtful people go is healthy, and not a sign of failure.

I am scared of not doing or being enough. Scared of wasting time. In some ways this fear has benefited me a lot and has pushed me to try and learn new things, to explore and take advantage of each day. But in this process of "go go going" I think I miss out on the benefit of slowing down and just "being." That was a question once posed to me - "are you afraid of just being with yourself?" This year, I plan to work on being more grounded and rooted, rather than always on the go. One way I and going to work on this is by committing to staying in my job and stay where I am living for at least this full year. I foresee getting "antsy" at some point and looking to what is next- but by making this commitment I think I will be able to foster some of the roots that I am missing.

I have a real fear of failure. As much as I have come to accept that I am not perfect, I still would have a huge psychological breakdown should I be unable to achieve my goal of medical school. Short term failure doesn't bother me, but long term failure is a real obstacle I fear. I plan to overcome it by working my butt off, so that I know that if I should fail, it's because I wasn't meant to have that goal accomplished, and not for lack of effort.

Getting stuck in traffic. I avoid certain expressways. Through therapy I have come to realize that I have control to teach my brain to overcome that fear and anxiety that occurs when I get stuck in traffic.

I have 2 main fears, one is traveling & going places alone, the other is speaking my true feelings & thoughts for fear of the answer being to tell me to go away & being rejected & losing people in my life. If all goes as planned I will try travel to northern Vermont & there are 2 people in my life I want to speak my mind to, this one I have tried in the past but lose my voice every time, I will have to just try again!!

My fear is that my long distance relationship will fail. My boyfriend lives in London and, with me in California, it is definitely hard to be so far apart. We've planned a few trips and he's look into moving to the states but there is a lot of time apart. We've done well with the distance so far but if one of us decides it's too much, there is not much the other one can do to help it. At this point, we just try to take it a day at a time and look forward to the future. That is how we have the best chance of making it.

Fear of success. If I succeed at my business, I will have to work hard and not have any fun. That's a bunch of hooey. It's time to work through that and prove that it is False Expectations Appearing Real. I will let go of that fear with meditation and just taking one step at a time until lo and behold I find myself at the doorstep of success which I can then walk through with pride.

My biggest fear is not having control over my situation. I watch the world news often and stress out over the possibility of impending violence from the worsening economic situation and the possibility of pandemic disease. I know that these are irrational fears as there is nothing that I can possibly do as one person to avert any of these dangers. So I plan to prepare as much as one can for such events by being of strong mind and body and by creating access to my own resources for survival. Sustainable living is good for the environment and hopefully will be good for my peace of mind. I am also mentally preparing myself to let go of the unneeded stresses.

i have fear of people, like going to the store ,i feel paranoid,its not all the time,just occasionally.it stops me from making decisions and my relationship with others. i have been working on it by talking to my spiritual Advisor. and actually going out to face the world, it really helps.

I have a daily fear that I will be found to be less than adequate at my job and that I will be terminated. At my age, being shown the door wihout a new job in place would be economic suicide. No one hires a 55 year old unemployed lawyer. Let it go? Overcome it? I just try to keep it at bay everyday and do the best I can to distinguish myself and make myself invaluable to these people.

I have a fear of financially failing. I don't have a general fear of failure; I'm quite confident about many things but, in being able to support myself there is a block. This leads me to committing to relationships that are not fulfilling and to making other choices that bring dissatisfaction. I have made a good income in the past but not unless I enter a committed relationship. I had not been able to pinpoint the issue until you brought the question. Having realized the problem I believe that I can overcome the fear with some subtle energy work along with affirming a new truth. I will be VERY interested in seeing where I am when I read this post in a year.

I fear injury, physical moreso than emotional. Going to try to meet it head on now that I can. Thanks, Obama.

Numerous fears--my health, my husband's health, impending layoff. But the common denominator is the fear surrounding money (or I should say, lack of money). In the coming year I'm going to really try to enjoy things as they come and think less about a future (that has not been imagined in my mind as very good). I've been poor and hungry and those were not pleasant times, but I got through them. I have to remember that above all that, I survived and met those challenges (and they passed).

I'm afraid of putting myself out there. This past year it has limited me romantically. I'm never forward with guys, and I'm never up front with what I want from them. I plan on overcoming this by pushing myself out of my comfort zone.

I have a fear that G-d will abandon me to the desires of my wasbund that his lies will prevail and I will never have my child in my life again. Idk how to let go of this as every time I make a commitment to G-d some unreasonable and outrageous claim is made and I have to go to court. I realize that power is with G-d and only he is in charge. I have to choose to trust even if things continue to look awful. I guess 70-80 years of suffering is nothing compared to eternity.

I'm afraid of failing. Of being poor. Of seeming less. I often over-think, over-analyze and work myself into a frenzy to make sure everyone knows I'm smart enough, good enough, etc. I've always felt different, like an outsider, and while I LOVE that, I also feel this need to prove myself constantly. I feel I am better and I need to show it ALL the time. Weirdly, this is paralyzing. Sometimes, if I know I can't win, I don't play. This is stupid as it keeps me from experiencing, and learning and growing. Intellectually, I know this, but emotionally, I don't think I can bear being just average. I need to get over that.

I am dealing with stage fright. It has been holding me back ever since I was a kid. I often find myself envious of people who do not have any issues with being on stage. I see them as better. I tried to deal with it in different ways. This year I plan to sing and write and share my thoughts with the world. Hit the publish button more often.

I have a fear of talking to people about my coaching business. I feel all tongue-tied and nervous about getting the gist of my work out to them in a way that makes sense. I him and haw some and try to find a way to encompass all of what I'm doing and it is so difficult. In this next year, I plan on coming up with some flyers and brochures that will help me to describe the ins and outs of my work I do to help women.

I live in Los Angeles and don't like driving on freeways. I will gird myself and try to drive whatever freeway I need to drive. I can always get off and get back on if I have to.

I am no longer young. I fear losing my independence and physical and mental strength. Since my knee replacement surgery, I have been working very hard at getting back in decent shape, building my stamina, eating right. losing excess weightand so on. I also have begun learning to play a musical instrument and learning a language, both of which are said to be good for preserving cognitive health,

Fear of failure. Fear of death. Fear of making mistakes at work. Fear of illness.i guess all I can do is leave it up to God.its a struggle everyday to take risks and push myself. I guess I can try to understand the universe better and it will help relieve my anxiety.??? See a therapist?

I guess my basic fear is of not being enough. Being incompetent, shiftless, non-productive. It's a hangover from being raised by an non-contributing alcoholic father, and a struggling "Blanche DuBois" type of Mom. She did her best, but she was undergunned for the task. Despite having made my way from welfare to the suburbs, I'm still reluctant, at 55, to crank it back to a less driven life. I do think I've earned it. Just have to work on believing it.

I fear I am fundamentally unloveable. I fear there is so much wrong with me, that I am so defective, that I will never get the love I long for. This fear limits me in every move in my life. I fear to get close to people, my fear limits my interactions. I fear to try new things, that I fundamentally do not have what it takes. This limits my opportunities. I fear to give back to colleagues and coworkers, that by opening myself up, they will find out how flawed I am. This limits my ability to share what I have learned and my skills and experiences with a greater community. I am in counseling, where I hope EMDR will help me to heal from traumatic experiences from my past. I practice mindfulness, which I hope will let me identify when these patterns of thinking are operating and help me to make different choices. I have quit jobs this year that were not healthy for me, and I hope I will be able to start private practice and interact outside of dysfunctional systems and push for change.

A fear of mine is to show people that I am angry at them when I have a good reason to be angry. So, instead of starting to discuss the problem I shut up and postpone the argument. I would like to be able to ask questions and point out immediately what I feel is being done wrong to me.

I'm afraid of becoming boring, not being an artist anymore. I plan on letting go because we're having a kid, but also doubling down because kid = ultimate art project!

I fear failure and it stops me starting so many things. Recognizing it is a big step in the process of overcoming it. My path to further progress is to pick one thing and goddamn well do it. I've picked self-publishing a short story. It is so doable. It must be done. Then I can move onto something else.

The U.S. economy--debt, unequal distriblution of wealth, unbriddled consumerism. My sense is our economy will unravel resulting in hyperinflation the hedge to which is arbitrage or investing and gold. Such a bummer.

fear of failure. fear of putting myself out there. in general, in my life. it keeps me from doing a good job - a timely and good (value-added) job. I don't know how to overcome it. Keep talking to myself, start doing the three gratitudes/3 things I'm thankful for each day? Start exercising (hoping that that improves my mindset)? I don't know. this has been a lifelong challenge. It seems silly to say "this has been a lifelong challenge" and still not have any idea/any plan re: how to deal with it. Which I guess is the point... Making a note to put on my desk right now. We'll see if it's still here in a year :-)

I have a giant fear around intimacy, and I really have no idea how to let it go or overcome it. I have giant fears around change (whether it's my body, my job, going to grad school, etc.). Sometimes, I can feel the fear and do it anyway, but sometimes--most of the time--I talk myself out of it using some really negative self-talk that's equally as hurtful as the avoidance. I didn't have a particularly helpful experience in therapy, but have found meditation, EFT, journaling and exercise to be really helpful (as well as meds!). Sometimes I'm afraid of healing too late to experience change (I'm afraid of being afraid!)

I have a fear that I'm not living up to my potential, not doing enough, giving enough, working hard enough. And at the same time, I have a fear that I am not giving enough of myself to my child. That she will fall and I won't be there to pick her up, that I won't know how or that she won't want me there. I also have a fear that I will allow myself to stay in an unhappy situation and not take steps to get out and find true happiness. Complacency with the status quo.

Having enough money to last my lifetime. It's all about my basic trust issues. I plan to release all unneeded "stuff" then focus on my tutoring and develop a true cash flow to operate from.

I am very worried about loosing my job. I am a college professor but can only find part-time teaching at a community college, like many PhDs these days. Enrollment at these colleges is unstable and currently is trending downward at an alarming rate. I know professors who have taught many years more than I who now are unemployed. I regularly teach two classes per quarter and this fall quarter both nearly got cancelled. One now stands at 14 students and if it had that number a week ago it would have been cancelled (the deepest irony is that this is an ideal number, but the college demands that class sizes be large, as every college is forced to these days). I am worried that in the future, perhaps next quarter, I will not get any classes any longer or I will and they will be cancelled leaving me unemployed. There are not many things people with PhDs in liberal arts fields (mine is in Religion) can do to earn a living other than teach and American capitalism has decided to crush public education and this has rippling effects going out and forward. It is very scary for professors these days, and as a group we are especially unprepared for this. What will I do to make money if I cannot teach? I don't know. At this moment my only hope seems to be writing -- but what I write challenges the status quo and people just don't pay for that sort of thing. They want happy messages, not cautionary tales about the religious and ethical demands of recognizing that we are polluting ourselves to death. I don't know that I can overcome or let go of this fear -- it is a rational fear. To overcome it would require another more stable profession or some revolution in society. I don't see either as live options right now.

I know I have fears of rejection, it has limited me in initiating relationships. Maybe even trying some new outrageous or bold enterprises. I plan to recognize it as a mind pattern that is unnecessary, irrational, and totally worthless, and challenge myself to do the action that my mind wants to kill.

I am afraid to lose financial stability, no matter how meager. Over the past decade I have worked for one company and it has become apparent that this company has a hard time growing financially. My responsibilities have increased but my compensation has not changed in the last 6 years. I know that if I were to step out on my own that I would make a lot more money, but I am afraid that i would lose the stability that keeps myself and my wife. We own property (and the mortgage that comes with it) and not having a stable income scares me. I am supporting my wife through school with the hope that once she has attained her degree she will be able to pitch in and bring income. Once we have increased our finances I would very much like to leave the job and develop my own possibilities.

A fear that haunts me is losing one of my beloved family. Another is being a burden in my old age. I try to hold them lightly and be in the present moment as much as possible

I have a fear of not being good enough in a lot of different ways. It shows up in my relationships and in my work; in the risks I take (or don't take); in how I present myself and in what I allow myself to be, do, and have. I don't know where this comes from - this basic sense of unworthiness - but can be paralyzing. It also feels very self-indulgent. I don't believe I can think my way through this. Getting back into therapy and also getting out of my own head and into some kind of active help or service to others seems like a good strategy.

I fear that people will determine my style of leadership, creativity, and being in the world to be ineffective and insignificant. I just have to never stop learning and giving 100% to the things important to me, and never let someone else's disparaging words define me.

I want to lead the mining minyan service, but I'm afraid of screwing up. I'm going to try to fill in the holes of my knowledge of service order and liturgy.

I am always afraid that I'm not good enough. Good enough friend, wife, mother, teacher, person. It's the last bit of my mother's voice in my head, and she really has to right to any space there. It makes me competitive in ways I dislike; makes me uncomfortable in my own skin. I have been replying to that voice by reminding myself that Mike loves me, and it's helping. I wish I could erase her, though I know that's impossible. Honestly, and people act like I shouldn't say this, but I really look forward to her death. But those people didn't have to experience her. I am good enough. I might even be excellent.

I am scared of the dark. It limits me because I do not like sleeping by myself and always leave the light on. In the coming year, I will start weaning myself off of sleeping with a light on.

I guess I still have a fear of being on my own (but way less than I did before) and a fear that I will not be able to accomplish what I want in life and settle for something less. I plan to be adventurous, research what kind of business I would like to start, and connect with like minded people that can help me overcome negative thoughts when they start to take over.

i have a fear of becoming ugly and old. i have just recently realized the depth of this fear. i don't know how i will overcome it. one thing is to be grateful everyday for what i have and knowing that becoming old is a gift.

I fear that I could end up broke and homeless. I need to think more positively and have the attitude that everything will be ok. I have a lot of support when needed. I just feel that I could use more reinforcements!

Serious illness is likely the closest thing to fear that I experience. Whether it be mine, my husband's or that of a family member. Even so,,,I'd like to think that it doesn't limit me. I overcome it by remembering that God has not given me a spirit of fear…so it must be from satan. Other than that…I have "concerns" over things that I should. I'm a problem solver by nature so I look more toward solutions than compounding the issue with obsession.

I think one of my biggest fears has been the question of whether or not I'm doing the right things...as a parent, as a human being. Will my daughter be ok? Will she develop and grow in the very best way? And now I see that she is! So proud of her and happy for her - she's really striving and working hard to become the person she wants to be. So..now a big fear is financial. Will we have enough money to provide for her college and for our retirement? Trust...that's been one way of overcoming...that and taking some steps....I recently applied for a job. Big step for me and filled me with all kinds of self doubt. Where will it lead? It's made me realize that I want to engage in the world...kind of on my own terms (have for so long come alongside in our businesses....supported....want to maybe have a little more independence and perhaps my OWN paycheck! What prompted this was I had applied online for credit to pay for dental work...and it asked for MY personal income. I had none. So....we'll see if I even get an interview, but it's made me more open to stepping out - risk, growth.

In the past month or so I've been starting to tackle my fear of going places. I'm a really bad traveller. I get claustrophobic in moving vehicles and often ruin the time I spend away worrying about how I'm going to manage the return journey. So I decided I'd try to break down the fear and begin with small journeys and short times out. We've been having lunch out most weekends, going gradually further afield, and last weekend we stayed overnight in a hotel about 45 mins away. I've started to enjoy this time with my husband very much indeed and I feel so pleased to be doing something about this at last. Here's hoping I can keep up the practice and the progress.

Fear of being hurt. I have been working on understanding that usually things that feel hurtful to me are not meant to be and have little to do with me and everything to do with what is happening with the other person.

Fear of losing my job because of my utter loathing for the man who is my JS director. He is a rabbi - shallow, cruel, arrogant, self important and self absorbed. I worry that one day I will tell him all of this and that will be it!

i worry that anxiety, doubt, will guide my decisions and attitude. What if I quit because I want security, how soon will i regret it. How much time do I waste? Am i defeating my pursuits because my worry comes across as distant, depressive, frantic? I plan on facing the challenge each day and winning some a little more than other days and coming up short and forgiving myself.

I fear the progression of my husband's Parkinson's. He is so very depressed about his future, and an important fear that he his is that something could happen to me and then where would he be? I understand and do all I can to reassure him.

I'm afraid I'll never be as good at something as I was at dancing. So I stop myself as soon as things get too real, or too scary. I know this fear truly is false evidence appearing real, and so I plan on challenging this misperception by "opposite action" in both my computer and nutrition training. As Georgia O'Keeffe said, “I've been absolutely terrified every moment of my life and I've never let it keep me from doing a single thing that I wanted to do.”

I've always been worried that the people I consider my friends don't actually like me and are only putting up with me. It's inhibited me from making deeper social connections, even though I know that they do genuinely like me. I'm trying to get over this social anxiety and hopefully once I can believe that others do accept me, I can start to feel more accepting of myself.

I fear that I will be discovered as a fraud in my profession. That my insecurities about my professional competence will become reality and people will know that I don't really know what I'm doing. I plan to continue honing my skills and taking time to reflect on my professional successes - to acknowledge to my self that I actually AM not just competent, but very skilled, at least in some aspects of my job. Where I can objectively say I don't know as much as I'd like, I can get professional development to improve rather than live in fear of being "found out".

My fear of the unknown/change is constantly limiting me. I am afraid to get out, to try new things, to explore, and more importantly, to let go of familiar things. I am terrified of change as a result of my fear of failure. I stick with things that I know I don't love only because I'm afraid that moving on will mean that I could possibly fail. I want to take risks, to move on and to move out. I want to find some way to push me outside of my comfort zone and to challenge myself to let go of my past, and, to a certain extent, my present, to make room for a better future.

Fear of being vulnerable, of being authentic. Not being able to be honest with my feelings has often created the very situations I fear (loss, isolation, loneliness, pain, grief), so it's time to learn to face different risks, since trying to avoid pain only brings pain about in a different manner. How do I *plan* to let go of that fear? I have no frigging clue. I've been working on this one for years, and it's getting a little easier, but that will never make it *easy*.

I have a fear of being abandoned by people I love that goes back to childhood. I plan on continuing therapy in order to help me overcome it. I also plan on continuing self-care measures.

The fear of running. I have gradually done it, but I want to succeed at it.

I fear that I will fail again. It limits me because it makes me play things safe. I don't ask questions because then I avoid no's. Whilst the question is unanswered it can still become a yes, so fear makes me keep the question in. Without asking questions though, you don't find answers... I think effort and love will help me overcome some of my fears. Ironically, so will money.

I'm afraid of never accomplishing anything in my life. While I might not be able to do it in the coming year I plan on looking into voice work and if it would be possible for me to find some while I'm living here in Missouri before I move someplace better.

A couple fears that I have are one... not being to get a job... and two...roller coasters. I don't think the fear of not being able to get a job has hindered me, but it definitely has been getting me stressed out. However, other than the stress, it is what is motivating me to try to do my best. As for the fear of roller coasters, it has kept me from visiting certain theme parks and wanting to go to theme parks as a whole. Throughout the last few years, I have somewhat conquered my fear of roller coasters just a bit. I am able to go on smaller-moderately sized roller coasters,but never the big ones. Who knows, maybe I will be able to go on more next year.

I have a great fear of making the wrong choices. I always overly question every decision I have ever made leaving me full of doubt. I hope to just accept the positives around me.

I have always had a fear of not living up to what others expect of me. Sometimes the fear is paralyzing and prevents me from trying at all. Working on my relationship with the Lord provides me with some stability and in the year ahead I plan to continue those efforts and draw even closer to Him. My identity is in Christ alone--when I embrace that, nothing can shake me.

Fear of not filling everyone's else's needs before my own. "Neglect everything else."How can "neglect everything else" be in favor of myself, not just yielding to procrastination?

As I get older and have reached 65, of course I from time to time fear my limited mortality. But it in no way limits my enjoyment of life. In a way it makes every day and every year more and more special. The recent essay by Ezekiel Emanuel in The Atlantic about "wanting" to die at 75, has also opened my eyes and has greatly affected my thinking about "quality living" and not just being kept alive as we become older and require more and more care.

I can't think of any fear other that reasonable ones that encourage rational behaviour. i.e. not doing stupid things that would endanger my heath and safety. But I think a limiting habit I have is not being comfortable with being "emotionally open" when it could be a positive experience. People use the word vulnerable but that has a sense of weakness and victimization that I don't agree with. I find as a women of small physical statue people often think they can get away with stuff, and I end up feeling like I have to stop that bad behaviour before it starts by showing I am a no nonsense person. But when other people see that who are well intentioned I think it creates a negative impression on them and I come across as a bit cold or aloof. I could learn to soften up a bit in some areas with people; maybe, a talk softly an carry a bit stick approach? maybe armour instead of a stick? ...god who knows! Basically I would like to find a way to mitigate the fact that as human in the world there is certain amount of reasonable distrust and focus on the people who are decent and behave in a way that is respectful of those around them.

I am afraid to fail, but it hasn't really limited me. I don't always succeed, but it makes me try my best. But when I DO fail, I feel bad and sad for days and sometimes I don't have the feeling to do anything. I also have the fear of spiders, so I look like a girly girl, and it makes me feel stupid. I also have the fear of getting attached to a boy too much and not friendzone him, because I did some weird shite last year, and I don't want it to happen again. I am not cold to boys, but I'm doing the best I can not to fall in love with them, so I feel kinda trapped inside myself. I have the fear that maybe a boy won't like me back, so that's why I have my previous fear. I have a lot of fears, and I don't think I'll overcome them. But if could, I would probably just realize I'm being stupid with spiders and failure, and when a guy says he likes me, I'll overcome my fear quickly.

I'm so reticent to let the guy I like know I like him. I'm working to let that fear go.

I have this fear that I'm not ready to change my career path. I'm in this master's program and I want to go down that route career wise but I have no idea how to do it and I don't have the energy to pursue it or be rejected. I don't know if I plan on overcoming it. Maybe once I graduate and can concentrate on it.

That I will be 'outed' for the massive holes in my learning because I didn't graduate from a traditional university. I plan on using that fear to drive my learning and study this year, to become well-versed in history, particularly of the Jewish people, physics and Torah. Maybe even Talmud. And poetry. I can do a "Paul Bertieg" as a learner. I won't become a scholar this year or next. But perhaps in 5-10 years' time, I will actually become a scholar.

fear of how I look-my weight, my looks, my lack of fashion, lack of funds to look better, my lack of inertia to go to the gym. I am not certain, have to get motivated and don't know how. There has always been a way to get me moving but I can't find that push within this time

My anxiety. It is something I am definitely getting under control, but it can be really hard to overcome. Some days it is awful, some days I am totally fine. I hope that by next year I will have conquered it once and for all.

Failure. After a job experience a couple years ago, I worry about failing even though I'm in a different position. It really colored my experience and honestly, scared me. I've since regained my self-confidence and hope to continue to have it and to remember that I *am* worthy, I *am* smart, and I *can* do it!

Sometimes I fear speaking my mind at work, especially when I first started this job. It's more pronounced in group situations than one on ones, but it has limited me - or rather I have limited myself and neglected to take the lead or express an opinion. Not great for an adviser! It's domething I am just going to have to push through!

Yes, I am scared of the future. I always think about things too much and anaylis too much. It has stopped me from just doing things.

i fear failure. I fear being wrong. I fear rejection. I fear not being liked. I am afraid of being lonely. Fear of being wrong has kept me from answering and speaking out. Fear of failure has kept me from trying something new or different. fear of rejection has kept me from putting myself out there and potentially getting what I want. By being conscious of my tendencies and fears, I can push myself to move beyond my fears.

I can't really pin down any specific fear. I've got the usual complement of anxieties about living my life well, but I feel quite consistently confident that I can get through them. So it's not fear, really, that I'm wrestling with. Commitment to progress/productivity, maybe. I've got to get better at that.

fear of aging in a way that means a loss of independence, strength, mobility, mental acuity... Limits me by putting me in a fear state instead of self-efficacy and ease. How to overcome it? Keep doing what I'm doing: the physical therapy I'm soon completing has given me a new lease on movement, standing, correcting misalignment of my knees-to-hips position. Been practicing a little tai chi for 2 days now, using stretch band around lower thighs, as reminders to keep knees over toes (and not knock kneed as usual.) I feel stronger in my gait, and building more strength moving forward. Standing on BOSU ball! ;) back on treadmill. Read article this a.m. about working thru Alzheimer probs. w a 36 point program including diet, exercise, supplements (brain food!) and such anomalies as meditation and yoga (yay!) I'll just sub chi gung instead of yoga and see how it goes. Working on "liking" my new hair cut, including how the number of my hairs have been reduced, over time, not to mention the color and texture It's all an adjustment, like going thru puberty or menopause. Oh, one of the 36 points led scientists to re-start a woman on her HRT, which helped her memory. Mais, naturellement. : )

One of my biggest fears is that my children will move far away from me. They are all such a big part of my life, I can't imagine how I would feel if I couldn't have them close by. I would never want them to know this as I fear it would limit their dreams and ambitions. I'm not sure how I would overcome this. I think it would be a situation I would have to deal with when it comes. But I would probably broaden my own interests and ambitions to fill the void.

my biggest fear is about how i will take care of myself if i become demented like mom did. obviously, i will not be able to take care of myself, and i probably won't know enough to care. so what am i worried about? i guess it doesn't matter that i don't have a daughter to take care of me. someone in my family will set up a fiduciary for me or i'll become a ward of the state. why worry?

I am afraid of letting down the people that I care about. But I think I'm also afraid of taking risks with what I think of as "life decisions." I have been unhappy at my job for a long time, but haven't left because I don't have another job to go to. In this economy that is smart, but I am beginning to have physical issues from the stress and hours I have to keep. In the next year I hope that I have the courage to do what I need to do for myself and to accept the faith that others have in me.

I have a somewhat irrational fear of everything pertaining to life at home, business and my health falling apart. I plan to try and live by the model of accpeting the things I cannot change and changing that which I can.

Wondering if I'm smart enough or good enough to fulfill my dream of becoming a vet is sometimes overwhelming. I'm going to keep doing my best and try to find out who I am as a person. I think that will help me to accomplish my goals and make my dream a reality.

I am terrified to actually move solidly into adulthood. I'm scared to get a big girl job and have my own class and pay my own bills. I'm scared of the responsibility and the pressure, and it's coming soon - within the year. I'm not sure what to do about it, but I know I'll have people there if I need help.

I wrestle with a fear of not meeting others' expectations!! I constantly second-guess myself; and feel like I waste so much mental bandwidth on over-analyzing my work. I don't trust my own expectations for myself, so I'm afraid that letting go of holding myself to others' expectations will leave me absolutely rudderless. I want to be free of this- so to let it go, I think I need to learn to trust myself. Holding myself to my own standard means disappointing some people - and that's okay. Because if I try to please everyone; I can't be my real authentic self - First step, define the standard that I want to hold MYSELF to.

I am afraid of water. It has largely led to health problems including heart failure and bilndness.

I have my own personal fears that I would rather not discuss. I am trying daily to overcome it and finding the courage to let it go. I am trying.

Hitting batters when I'm pitching. It stops me from being able to pitch inside.

Starting my business has got me scared and way behind schedule. I plan to push forward and go about my work anyway even though behind my seemingly placid face, I'm trembling.

I fear standing out from others. I like to think of myself as a part of the crowd and not rocking the boat. I rocked the boat at PCCC and was deeply hurt by the experience. I would rather focus on friendships and connections. That way I will be remembered by my friendships and howI helped others! I will stand up for others preferrably men!

I know that I'm old (71) but I fear a future living in pain and, being dependent. I try very hard to live in the moment and not live in a "worst case scenario" future. I also fear something bad possibly happening to one of my (grown) kids. Again, I plan to let go of worry and catastrophizing.

A fear I have is not getting good grades in school.

I'm very afraid of answering questions online. Who knows what people will do with it. I have a huge phobia of personal questions.


I have always been afraid of being without money. Now that I am laid off, I am trying to focus on my goals and dreams instead of just making money. Luckily I have a supportive husband and several processes which seem to be working to allay my fears. Those processes include The Artists Way (morning pages), EFT (Tapping), and watsu massage.

I have a few fears. Just naming them feels quite challenging. I guess the fear of failure and a sense that I am actively failing is the big one. Failure of career, failure of relationship, failure of adulthood. Letting go involves not comparing myself to others and not taking too much personally. Both of which are easy to name and difficult to implement. Overcoming means seeking out self-acceptance, living in the moment a bit more, and pivoting towards the positive whenever possible.

I am afraid that I am not good enough. I try to be successful as a mom, a wife, a professional. But I know that I always can do better. This limits me because I should focus on just doing better, not on what I have done wrong. This year I hope to set specific goals and to achieve them; maybe this will enable me to make porgress without being critical of myself.

I am afraid of my impending demise... I foresee myself beneath a mountain of homework, the size of the school itself. I can feel my breathing is labored, under the immense weight of my ever expanding prison. I hear bones crack as my paper-based coffin crushes my skeleton. I wrack my brain, thinking of a plan to defeat the powerful demon. 'Wait! I see pencil! 'I struggle to reach for the pencil, using every ounce of my strength to wriggle my arm free of the beast's grasp. My hand clasps the utensil, and I feel it in my palm. I start to fill out the sheets of paper weighing down on my soul, and they slowly disappear. I write furiously, scribbling as much as I can and as quickly as possible. As the pile dies down, so does the pain. I can now breath again... 'Oh, the wondrous air feels like sweet honeysuckle in my lungs,' I exclaim. I have discovered the secret.. Such a foul beast takes time and effort to quell, which can only be done through the might of the pen and the human mind.

The fear of the dark at night.

Fear of Maintaining. It is perfect.

My biggest fear is not being able to travel nor do anything with my life, not research, not learning languages, no nothing. And I dont´thnk any of these fears has limited me, on the contrary, I tend to push myself too hard to beat them. I am constantly saving money to do little trips, what has limited me is budget and time, beacuse in order to devote myself to research I must be admitted (with a scolarship) to a masters program so I sepnd a lot of time studying (perhaps not enough, but still plenty). About languages I try to learn little frases from music or movies, cuz working and studying takes most of my time. Now that I think about it I do fear feeling ridiculous and frustrated; that makes me insecure and very comptetitive, sometimes I rather to not participate in some activities beacuse of that. I don't know how to beat that, I guess choosing places and company that makes me feel better is a way to start.

I have a fear of committing to some important changes in my relationship, because I don't know how focused I can be in making those changes. I rationalize by telling myself that it's better not to make the changes than to make the commitment and fail. I intend to find a good time soon to discuss this with my spouse and ask for his support and understanding in keeping that promise.

A fear that I have is getting hurt like I did last year. So far I haven't let anyone hurt me that way and I have a feeling that it won't happen anytime soon. All I want in life is to be happy with where i'm at.

I am afraid of not reaching my potential, but I believe that I get better every day that I try. I am afraid of the future, but I am trying to just go along for the ride at this point because over planning never helps.

I am constantly worried about my husband's health and his lack of self management. Also worried about my daughter and her demons. Mostly I worry about the two of them interacting which is never what I dream it will be. I need to let it go. Therefore AlAnon is a great resource and I will keep that up.

A fear I have is that I can't overcome my own instincts (e.g. forbidden desires). It has limited me in alienating me from my own energy / from myself / from parts of myself, and catalyzed the thought that I can't then do other things that are very important to me. Unclear about the rest of the answer at this point Love,

I have a very big fear of public speaking. It has limited me because I have many opinions on things but I am too scared to say them. There are so many opportunities at my school to get better at public speaking but I am to scared to tryout for them even though they interest me. I plan on getting better at public peaking by practicing and doing more extra curricular activities that exercise this.

Not ever getting our major debt paid off. Chip at it little by little and don't give up. Make sure we are not strapping ourselves in the process. Need to keep at right payoff pace. We will get there!

I have a fear of stress and it limits me in many ways. I don't do certain things because I like to remain stress-free. I have improved greatly, but by the end of next year I hope that the fear is gone totally. By that I mean I will act without fear of stress by coming up with alternative plans if the original plan doesn't work. It is by that method that I have already improved. I will continue to use it because practice makes perfect (relatively).

I am a direct, straightforward person and can become preoccupied with being misunderstood or inappropriate. The fear of those things can cause an overwhelming sense of self doubt. I'm working on breaking that habit and believing more in myself, being more self accepting. This is the year I will get past it.

I'm afraid that I might not be able to financially make it on my own. Even with a second job, what if I have to bail again after a few months? I'm well into my 30's, and if I can't survive on my own, now, when? The second job helps. Plus, I can budget and not spend more than I have!

I am afraid of a colonoscopy and this is the year I will face that. The only medical test I have put off. And it is not the test it is being put under anesthesia. I have this irrational belief that I will die under anesthesia.

I have an immense fear of the unknown. I always need to know what I will be doing otherwise I get anxious. I am going to not allow it to dictate and take more risks in the next year.

I fear the cold, cold winter. The crippling loneliness that accompanies it, and the powerlessness I have to control my environment. I feel like the only times I'm safe and comfortable are when I'm at work or at home, so I never want to go to the gym, go out with friends, or just connect with nature in any way. I plan on conquering this fear by buying a shitload of clothes that protect me against the winter, and by having a weekly routine of socializing and exercising.

I think I have a fear of success. I've danced around this issue practically my whole life. You know, women aren't supposed to be too smart, or show off too much if they're competent. I find myself procrastinating on projects and sabotaging work and personal interactions, for no really good reason. I don't really have a plan on how to overcome it......I hadn't even thought about it clearly until I saw this question! But perhaps being conscious of it will be a good first step.

Fear of failure, fear of not succeeding, not marketing my coaching practice well, fear of not raising up to build my practice. Fear of public speaking for sure. Fear for my kids. Don't even want to think of this one. Planning to take a public speaking seminar and practice as much as i can. Planning to do the best I can for building my practice and then let go and relax and wait for good things and clients to come.

My biggest fear is judgement and people not liking me. It has limited me for ages but I have busted it open the past few years! I am so much better at it than I have been in the past. I now am willing to taste the pain of someone not being happy with me. But it is hard - I will not lie. There are a few people that really scare me around this. In the coming year I plan to focus on me and what I want. Not in a selfish way - but what I need and am looking for. I don't want to create codependence all over the place. i want honest and real and authentic relationships. I think the strategy is putting myself and family first. Test that out

I have a fear of being seen as incompetent. I will be more aware of when that feeling comes up and try to not let it drive my thinking and reaction.

I still fear failure... and that keeps me from taking risks that could be to my benefit.

I am fearful of each passing day, and how it brings me closer to my death without really having accomplished anything of great importance. I need to live in the here and now, and enjoy each day knowing that I am NOT getting younger, and there is more urgency to do the things I would like to do!

I have always had a fear of failure, coupled with a fear of being seen to be foolish. It gets in the way of a lot of the things that I do. I tend to not start or attempt certain things because I don't want to screw up. Currently, I've learned how to pursue those things that I know I do well. Also, I've tried to develop a thicker skin. I am an artist, so you'd think I had that developed already. The point is to just not care so much. We're all going to be dead one day, and nothing will matter. Laugh at it all.

I, too, fear failure, at all things, a fear so crippling it often prevents me from even making an attempt. For instance, when I write, fear of not knowing what word should come next keeps me from writing or sticking with it once I've started. I am going to try a mindfulness class next month. I hope for the best even though I have come to expect failure.

I am afraid of having surgery on my knees - the pain , the rehab, the possible poor results. Because of my fears, my mobility is impaired and I am often in pain. I have decided to finally find a good orthopaedist and see what I can realistically expect.

One of my fears is that of robbery or home invasion. It has limited me with fear, more than in my behavior - though I usually check the doors twice before retiring, and I do not leave windows open downstairs. I will commit it to God more often and act as if I am not afraid. I will ask for guidance to decide how much is irrational fear and how much is wise caution. I will practice trust.

I realized this year that I am terrified of going to visit people in the hospital or nursing home by myself. I can do it if someone is with me, but alone I will not go. It doesn't matter how special or important this person is to me. I won't go alone. Years ago, my sister was in a bad car accident while my family was out of town and I spent two days in the hospital with her. It was so hard to do that alone. It was physically and emotionally draining. I just don't think I can go through that again by myself. I know what I should do and I want to be there for that person, but I'm still so afraid of being alone in that situation that I won't go. I do so much on my own all the time (concerts, shopping, movies etc.) and it's no problem but this just terrifies me. I don't see away of really overcoming it. I just need to convince someone to come with me. That way I can still be a good friend, but won't have to do it alone.

Every year I think I mention the same thing here: my shyness. I know that I have been conquering it slowly, but I still find myself in situations where I get too shy to speak up or do something bold or whatever. I vow to myself to keep working at this, to keep opening myself up to the world and stop hiding. My fear is illogical, as I have come to realize that I'm afraid of public humiliation. This is an issue that I've carried within me since elementary school. I believe strongly that I can conquer this fear, once and for all!

I fear letting people down. Or not being enough. I need to get over that. I can't be all things to all people.

I'm afraid all my hard work writing my book will be a waste of time and no one will read or enjoy it. I'm going to self publish it anyway, be silly not to after I've put so much work into it. I'm afraid we'll buy a house as a stop gap that we later regret buying or can't then sell. To overcome this we will take our time choosing a house and try not to be snobby or too fussy.

Fear of driving out of town by myself. I'm currently in CBT working towards regaining my freedom!

The fear of what is going on between me and my husband sexually has been a quiet undercurrent of so much of this year. It will suddenly rear its head when we drink a lot, or when we do something out of our pattern, like take a vacation or spend time apart. I want to be "ok with everything" but I also know there's no requirement for me to be "ok with everything" and I need to be honest with myself and with him about what truly is and is not ok. It is a very difficult fear to navigate but I would like to really sit in a room with it and address it, this year, and see what it is made of. I want to undress the monster. In order to do that I need to be willing to open my eyes and see what is so, even if it is ugly. But I know I need to be careful not to expect it to be ugly, for then that is surely what it will be. I need to allow it to have what beauty it has, or better yet, discard ideas of beauty and stick with simple recognition of what is fact and what is fiction.

People judging me because of my size and weight. - Being more active, exercising more regularly and eating healthier to make myself feel better, physically. - Speaking positively to myself EVERY SINGLE DAY. Boosting myself esteem and making myself feel better about MYSELF.

The fear of heights. It was more severe when I was a child, impeding me from a number of activities and accompanied by anguish near staircases. I hope to continue working on this issue, making efforts when encountering those situations. I may want to consider hypnosis or psychotherapy to go further

i always fear about any kind of health issues, our health is most important. i over come it by eating well, sleeping well and exercising. plus not dealing with stupid issues around people who like to be idiots. i use to want to help them, now i can tell they're just acting stupid. it pays to read!! a good good book can guide enormously in your journey!!

I have 2 main fears in my life: 1. To work at a job that i dont like - my plan is to change the terms in my job, and succeed in it. 2. To stay alone and not have a real relationship - I try my best get to know more guys, and be free from over mind thinking of E-relevant things.

To be clear, there are reasonable fears, and there are unreasonable fears. Unreasonable fears must be overcome. My unreasonable fear is of being found to be wrong. Of course I will be wrong! If I do not make mistakes, I will not learn. So over the coming year, I plan on making many mistakes from which I hope to learn many things. Reasonable fears should be respected; indeed, overcoming a reasonable fear would most likely be counterproductive. I have a reasonable fear of ignorant supervisors telling me I am wrong without sufficient basis in fact. Over the coming year I plan on giving a healthy respect to this fear, while recognizing that I am also likely to make many mistakes while doing so.

I have an overwhelming fear of rejection. It's kept me from opening myself up to people--friends and family alike. Therapy is helping. My therapist started telling me this spring that I needed to be open to possibility. The next week I met my boyfriend. I knew the moment I saw him that he was special. I looked into his eyes and I just knew. Every time those old fears pop up, I remind myself of that night.

Failure. I am afraid and over controlling situations. Sometimes my fear brings me an arrogant self. My plan to overcome my sense of being exposed is going to be by playfulness and humor. If I realize than most of the time what you say is not as important as what you make feel I would take some weight out. I want to be in touch with my extrovert part more. Knowing that crossing my comfort zone, and being able to laugh at myself will take me to a more joyful mindset where risk is disminished.

I have trouble getting started and doing things where I could be criticized, like at work. So I procrastinate. I work on it in other areas of my life, to practice doing things I'm not good at, to just enjoying the doing, not the performing or the accomplishing. So just taking baby steps and not expecting things to change over night.

My fear is myself. I have one addictive behavior. I have a plan that appears to be working so I can gain more control. Being a busy person also stresses me and limits my active participation. But I would rather be busy than bored. So I accept the busyness of life knowing there are ebbs and flows. Billings, MT

Fear of..kids' safety, obviously. Of being overtired. Of this fucking corneal scratch and it hurts and I'm cranky. Plus I missed the last two days.

Starting my own coaching business and putting myself out there to meet a like partner. Fear of rejection and lack of confidence has held me back. By learning to dare greatly.

Fear of people not liking me. Going to try to be more selective in my friends and allocating my time more efficiently. I bet I won't know the difference and I'll simply be rewarded with more fun and less annoyance.

The fear of failure looms over many. I know that if I fail, God will help me, along with my family and friends. I just don't want to depend on others. I like autonomy.

I am afraid of everything. Especially mockery and disapproval. I'm trying an anxiety class. I'm also trying to be present in the orthodox community while wearing tefillin, without looking for approval.

I really struggle with confidence and so I find that I am often afraid of what I can or cannot do. I suppose this is a fear of failure. I definitely underestimate myself and what I find is that I am often in situations that don't offer me a challenge or the opportunity to grow. I then get upset and frustrated because I put myself in such a situation in the first place. While no one likes to fail, I think I need to be more assertive in what I can do and to take something on that might be a bit bigger than me. It is only by doing these things that I will be able to grow. And I definitely want to grow. I think a big thing is to find some people who support me and who will work with me rather than just push me to the side. A support network is important, so that is something I definitely need to figure out.

My greatest fear is uncertainty. i am always thinking of the worst case scenario and acting as if it's for sure going to happen.

I am still scared of being judged negatively fif I say something stupid or do bad work, and this makes me hold myself back and self-censor, or I overcompensate and get careless. I don't think I'll completely overcome it in the coming year, but I hope to lessen its impact using the method I always rely on to deal with my fears: summoning courage and throwing myself at the task headfirst.

I am afraid of truly speaking my mind with confidence, without a veneer of humor and/or sarcasm. Sometimes I find this "keeps the peace," but not if it leaves me taking (for example) rude comments or behavior from others around me. I don't know why I fear being more genuine and serious. In my work life, in particular, it might be helpful to cut right to the honest truth in my dealings with co-workers. I know that my kids sometimes struggle because I say things that don't make a lot of sense, because I am kidding around. This makes them prone to always think I am kidding, and when I do seriously direct to do something that NEEDS to be done, they take it lightly. I love and value humor, but I am finding that I may need to refocus how I relate to others. In a way, I think I fear being boring. I don't consider myself good looking or athletic, and I think I prefer to present myself to the world as a funny person, so this can be scary. Really enlightening question, and not how I expected to answer, when my initial response was going to be, "I fear strange dogs."

Fear of repeating my same old failures. Fear of finding out again that intention, however strong, will not be enough. Fear that the loneliness in my life will continue or worsen. All have kept me from accomplishing in and enjoying my life as much as I might have. I don't know how I will overcome these. Being on the right medications has helped, and I expect that dosage adjustment will continue the improvement. Trying not to forget the lessons experience has taught me may help. Behavioral therapy, or speech pathology pragmatics might be useful.

I am afraid of developing an intimate relationship with someone of the opposite sex due to the poor relationship I have with my father. I have a fear of rejection, and it has hindered me from being able to open up and trust men. I have started the process of overcoming this, and I plan to continue to go to counseling to work on my trust issues. Also, I have created an account on Match.com to start putting myself out there and slowly become more comfortable with telling people personal information and becoming physically intimate.

The fear that holds me back the most is my desire to please everyone. I am uncomfortable making enemies and that has led me into situations where I acquiesce rather than hold firm to principles that I believe to be true. This year I hope to be more principled in my actions. This involves being straightforward with people about my intentions as well as expressing my true thoughts about their actions.

I fear not. Life's too short

Epic Financial failure? Never getting laid again? Take your pick!

Being in a loving relationship. I was so fearless before my abusive marriage and the continuing harassment post divorce. It has been 22 years since I was a mutually supportive, respectful, loving relationship--he died. I have a fear of abandonment; the reasons for that fear does not need to be written here as they are written in heart. Since I am now aware of my fears and the reasons behind them, at the ripe old age of 63, I am working to eliminate them with a fabulous therapist so that I can go forth as a fearless woman I once was for the remainder of this life.

I have a fear of leaving a stable job and stable income to start a business of my own. My income won't be reliable and I'll need to give up my housing. I've been comfortable enough to help out friends and family in need, to donate to causes I believe in and I won't have this cushion when I leave. Not for a while at least. This fear has held me back because I've procrastinated on my business plan. My plan to re-new my interest in my business plan is to start emailing graphic designers, looking at more locations, and start seeing things take shape. As I start to hit my breaking point at work, I'm quickly drawing closer to making the leap. Sometimes when you don't have the guts to make a change, God/the universe makes that change for you.

I fear ill health, mentally and physically. I fear I will not be able to get it together and live a productive life, whatever that may be. It has limited me because time spent worrying is mostly time wasted. I guess if I'm going to be addled, what would be the point of worrying about it? And if I can't move around the way I used to, I would rather figure out how I am going to move around. Mainly, though, I don't plan on doing anything about this fear but just seeing it and not arguing with it or setting any goals about it.

I fear not having spent enough time with my last living grandparent, before his death. My grandmother died this year, and it made me realize that I don't communicate with my grandfather nearly enough. This year I plan on speaking to him and seeing him more.

Nothing major. Fear of losing my job is always lurking in the background, but I've accepted that my time will come one day (if I left for somewhere else, would I be jumping out of the frying pan?)... A lingering fear is that something major will hit as I've been lucky so far in my life.

Self-doubt is a constant fear. It gets in the way of everything if you let it. I work on minimizing it every day. I’m getting better with it. I try to always eliminate negative self-talk. I still slip sometimes, but when I catch myself, I correct myself for it. I reinforce my strength and abilities with positive, rewarding talk, like “I am a champion!” when I finish working out.

Don't have any at all.

A fear of failing; a fear of disappointing others. To overcome it? Failing, I think we all live with, if we are honest. I will try not to fail and try to forgive myself if I do. I have to learn to let go of the expectation of others.

I have so many, I am fearful that all of the ways I distract myself will take away too much time from being able to focus on making a profound impact on the world. I am fearful that my wife will stop having sex with me, as it is already so much less than it used to be. I am worried about my daughter and everything about her. I am worried I won't be successful in my job.

Just doing it, doing my trabajo final de master, looking for a house!

I have been afraid of being able to balance work life and family life after I graduate rabbinical school. This year my wife and I are adding a baby into the mix. We are expecting in January. My goal is to trust that I am capable enough to get everything done, and go with the flow as much as possible. Priorities are going to change immensely for us this year!

I'm afraid of not having any money and it's kept me stuck over-working myself for a very bad man. I'm committing to finding another job that pays well and afffords me a good work/life balance.

being judgemental.. focus on the positive.

I'm sometimes afraid of talking to people. My big brother, Gregory, for example. I find it hard to respond when he gives the impression of wanting to be left alone with his monosyllabic answers. He seems really shy these days. I'm also afraid of my housemates, sometimes - particularly after they seemed cross with me when the cats brought fleas into the house. I tried to be open and honest with them and tried to repair the damage and do the bulk of the cleaning. There were a few awkward moments where we were both in the kitchen doing our own thing and not talking to each other. To overcome that, I should probably just make the first move and say something and then keep the conversation up - even if it's difficult. Confront it.

I'm scared of law school. This is kind of an umbrella fear that includes fears of being inadequate, unintelligent, and incapable. It is limiting me because even thoughi know it's a good option for me, I'm pushing preparation for it off. I know that I don't have to do it, but if I put more thought into it I might find it exciting. I hope that in the upcoming year I can figure it out someway if it's right for me, or prove to myself that I am good enough.

I think I fear failing at the things that matter to me: work, being a good pet owner, being a good family member, running. I think (especially in running and work) I do a good job of ensuring I won't do my best - drinking or smoking to impede the quality of my work or running recovery - so as to avoid coming face-to-face with that fear (I won't know if my best is/isn't good enough if I don't put my best out there). I would like to reduce my self-sabotage over the course of the year and to allow myself to really test my best running and at work.

I'm afraid if everything so how does it limit me? Ummmm well I haven't returned to bi because I don't want everyone to look at me! I have no idea how I'll overcome it

I fear that I will not get a good job when I graduate, and be forced to settle for doing something that I am not passionate about in order to make money to pay back my student loans. I have to remind myself that I am a valuable asset and not sell myself short.

I have gotten over a lot of fears this year, but my greatest fear has seemed to be intimacy. I need to get over this, particularly the fear of sharing my bed. Not everyone is out to get me. Not everyone wants to destroy me. And some people who love me will hurt me, but they don't always intend to. I need to let go of this if I want a marriage and family. Plain and simple.

My largest fear is disappointing my mom. I have an ideal in my head of what she expects/wants me to do. She has strong opinions of what I should do and how I should do it. She is right a lot of the time. But sometimes, just sometimes I am right when I follow my own heart. So I am trying to let go of the fear that doing something different from what she expects will make her think any less of me. I know she will love me no matter what I do, but I want to succeed in her eyes. I am going to let go of always listening to her and overcome it by listening to my own heart and wants for my life even if it means making mistakes.

Fear of taking risks - affects so many parts of my life - personal and work. No idea how I'm going to deal with it.

I fear risk. It has limited every choice I have made in the last 5 years and left me feeling stuck and depressed. In the coming year I hope to practice taking small risks in order to one day take a big risk in the name of happiness.

I fear not being good enough to achieve my dreams or do the things I want to do. I'm afraid that the things I want might disappear or things will go awry and not the way I want them to go. I think the best way for me to face this fear is to follow my instincts and talk to good people around me for some new perspective and advice. I found out that sometimes I just want some comforting words or a pep talk and then I'd feel a lot better.

I worry a lot about how others view me and perceive me (maybe not a fear exactly). I fear what effect that and other characteristics that I have may have on my future--will I ever find love and be able to start a family? Will I have a successful career? I'm at a point in my life where I am looking towards the future a lot. It still seems distant, but getting rapidly closer, and I don't always feel like I have control over the direction of my life. In the coming year, I will probably think realistically about some more current future concerns, and I will hopefully continue to accept that sometimes the future is unknown, but that's ok.

Fear of not being well received. Fear of failing and taking risks. Revealing my true self and not being accepted. I plan to work on it. Take steps to squashing that negative voice "I'm not good enough!" Stop wasting energy on distractions and stop hesitating. Go for it.

I can't say there is anything I fear. Life is profoundly good.

My greatest fear is that I will lose my sweet husband too soon, not in the next year but too soon, sooner than we had ever planned because of the newly diagnosed parkinsons disesase. It has limited us this first month of my retirement by first finding out,then learning more and still learning about it, its impact etc. it limits us since we had things planned we fear we cannot do or plan for now. We wil l not overcome the disease.we will learn to live with it and thereby let go of some of the fear. It will be a gradual fear let go and challenge and compensation for its presence but not a completely debilitating and utterly devastating impact as it seems presently. We will enjoy life as a new reality and each day take it as it comes and as a blessing to be together.

I have a huge fear of getting very sick, or dying prematurely. One the one hand, it has an up side in that I try really hard to make time for enjoyable things in my life, on the other hand, it is very stressful and I constantly feel like I am working against a ticking clock. I always feel like I am way behind on the things I should do, and will never get to the things I want to do. No matter what I am doing and achieving, I always feel like there is something important I am leaving aside. This year, I hope to learn how to focus on fewer things at a time and to be a lot more consistent and organized: a set schedule and a very short list of priorities. In other words, I will try to get into a different mindset, where I do not feel that I have to accomplish everything this week, this month, this year, but feel like all things will come in due time. And if death or illness derail my plans, well, I will face it then, but I don't have to worry about that now. I hope I can get that into my head, somehow.

I fear what people think of me, as a person and in how I look. I have very little confidence in my appearance, and an awful lot of anxiety that everyone things I'm annoying or dislikes me. I know why I have both – appearance because of no validation for many years now; annoyingness because of being bullied for so long and ending up believing I wasn't worth knowing. I've overcome a lot of my friendship anxiety, but I still suffer when the relationship isn't as deep. I have no idea how to tackle this. I've been trying to think how for so long and tried lots of different ways. But I feel like I've hit the limit. I guess I just have to believe; walk into the rooms and believe I'm likeable, liked, attractive, attracting. Fake it till you become it. I need to do more of that. I will. Ok. I will.

This one's easy: the fear of failure. This fear limits me every day, especially in taking risks at work. I can't be happy and relaxed about what I do achieve, and my priorities are skewed so that I do things for praise rather than for myself. For so long, in school mostly, I was so used to getting an A on something every few days or so. Now, without that regular stream of praise, I'm sucked into a crazy vortex of self-doubt, even when I think/know it's unnecessary. And every little mistake I do make, because I'm human and not a perfectionist and not as good at my job as I was at school, becomes a reason to weep about how I'm not cut out for adulthood. At the same time, I'd hate to be known as someone who can't take constructive criticism. I don't know what I'm going to do about this other than just to remind myself that failing happens, to adjust my expectations of perfection — and maybe to praise myself a bit more so that I don't depend so much on the praise of others.

I fear speaking up in public. This can be in settings as small as three or any size up from that. I fear having people think that I don't have anything significant to add. Also, I find that in the middle of a sentence, I have forgotten what I wanted to say next. So therefore it is best that I just listen and don't say anything. I have no plans for overcoming this fear but I will endeavour to speak in private to one or two people and not worry about speaking and losing my train of thought.

I do fear a lingering and painful death. I don't fear death itself, but would prefer that there be as little suffering as must be. Since I have no control over the time and circumstances of my death, I am working in just putting my faith in God.

I am not a fearful person though I do tend to panic if I get lost and GPS helps with that a lot. I am wary of being bored so I tend to hord books, papers, video entertainment etc. I will try to be more at ease with my own thoughts and deal more productively with being on my own.

Fear of missing out and alienation have kept me from fully investigating my spirituality. To let it go, I would need to find someone to support that area of my life that I would want to be with.

I am afraid of being like my parents. They each have a lot of their own fears that have kept them from living lives that make them happy. I am afraid of being stuck like them, paralyzed in a horrible job, a loveless marriage, an unhealthy friendship, an unwell body, in harmful spending habits, and so on. My own fear of being complacent keeps me from enjoying what I do have because I cannot stop trying, trying, or giving myself a hard time because I'm not trying hard enough. About anything and everything. I know it hurts my marriage because it's so important to me to address problems directly and right away. That can be a good thing but it's also a lot of pressure on my husband. The positive spin is I don't take anything for granted, but that doesn't matter a whole lot when I'm always thinking about what I SHOULD be doing. I do a lot of it, and I don't do a lot of it, but I focus on the negative stuff...one of the many ways I AM like my parents. Ultimately my fear of being unhappy makes it hard to BE happy. My relationships with my mom and my dad suffer for it as well. I'm so cautious about boundary setting because of my fear of their codependency that I can't have close relationships with them, and that makes me sad. But then when I think about what I want from those relationships, the answer is not much. I know I am important to them so it's always this balancing act of fairness to myself and to them. Of course it is more complicated now that I have a son and they love him very much. I want to protect him from picking up om their crap, as I have struggled to have healthy habits, but I want them to have a relationship with him.

The fear of giving myself over to God. I don't know. But God does.

I'm always afraid of not being good enough, that I'll not live up to the expectations that I and others have for me. I'm afraid that it'll make me lose all the good things I've built up for myself. I'm going to keep reminding myself that it's okay if I can only do as much as I can do.

I am what some of my friends and family members call "risk-averse" in general. However, I do not think this "fear" limits me to an extent that I have a desire to overcome it. I am very conservative about money, but I am comfortable with that. In my activities, I have no desire to to ride zip-lines, use illegal drugs, get drunk, down-hill ski, or ride on the back of my husband's scooters. However, I enjoy many activities. I have water-skied, cross-county skied, snorkled, acted, and sung solos. I have hiked up (and down) mountains, camped under the stars, and traveled to exotic foreign lands. Especially now that I am older (62) and my body does not heal and recuperate as quickly and completely as it once did, I find that the allure of speed and excitement is not worth the risk of injury, pain, and future limitation. So, sue me!

I am afraid of doing what I want to do. If I do what I want, I fear, I would be bad or selfish, I might have regretable outcomes -- people won't like me, I will have no money, I will be fat. That's it -- I will be fat, poor, bad, and I will be alone if I do what I want. I'm also afraid that I will never get to do what I want and I will die having wasted my life

Money. Pray to win the lottery

I fear that I am not equipped to be a good teacher and therefore should not try to go on to any next phase of my career until I master it. At the same time, can I really master being a teacher? I'm not sure about my ability to relate to young, black male students and want to work on that more.

Rejection and failure. I hope to find that inner sense of accomplishment and worth.

I've struggled with fear of abandonment and rejection throughout my entire life and this fear has held me back from being deeply and joyously engaged in life. I want to disgard my veil of indifference and become more eopen to the experiences of life more spontaneously.

Is reluctance of being rude a fear? Or is it that old programming of not sinking to a lower level? I'm too nice and the one that generally suffers as a consequence is me. Perhaps I could scrap the restraint that some things are just not done, or unthinkable, and just be selfish from now on? Noone else puts me first, so maybe I should start to from now on?

I still fear death. Just like previous years. I don't know if I will ever overcome this fear. I also fear losing a family member. I am utterly terrified of one of my boys or Daniel getting terminally sick. Or a car accident. Again, I don't know if I will ever conquer this fear.

I think I have a fear of some difficult / painful feelings and as a result I am sometimes just numb. I'm not quite sure what I will do. I think I'm going to try to notice feelings and dwell in them. That isn't as detailed a plan as I would like, but it is all I have for now.

I have feared success and abundance as I have not been sure I am worthy. I am committed to living a life of abundance and will eliminate this fear totally with yoga, meditation and simple law of attraction philosophy.

I'm afraid of heights-- have no plan to let that one go but you never know! I'm afraid of not making a difference. I'm afraid of loneliness. I'm afraid of a lot. I will let the year unfold as I keep plugging at making a life here.

I have been afraid that I've wasted my life and the opportunities that God provided for me to do His will. I need to step out into something for Him. I don't know what that is yet, but that is a beginning.

Perhaps my discomfort with taking responsibility, or with offending people. Both seem to prevent me from being much of a leader. I don't know.

My fear is that I will end up alone. It hasn't really limited me, but it has caused me to either jump into random relationships with others...partly from a deeply rooted insecurity I've had about my looks. I want to try to get over this irrational fear by working on my confidence and learning to become more patient--quality is so worth waiting for

Ugh, I have a fear of just about everything. Big ones are making a fool of myself, or disappointing someone...I am also terrible at speaking on-the-spot, even in casual situations, and I've really wanted to join Toastmasters and make some progress on that front, but somehow it hasn't happened. I'll keep that on the list for the coming year, but also I'd like to learn to tune in to my own talents and passions, rather than trying to do things to make other people happy.

I have a fear of looking foolish. This fear has caused me to miss many opportunities to be silly and simply enjoy the moment. The older I get, the less I worry about this, and the less seriously I take myself. There is still however, plenty of room for improvement. I am not a confident dancer, but I intend to dance at my son's wedding.

-Fearing that other people think I am not smart enough to do what I want to do. -Limiting myself because I'm too "in my own head" - I plan on taking a "just do it" mentality :)

the fear of being bad at things - i'm working on accepting that it's totally okay and inevitable and important to be bad at things.

I fear saying "no" when people ask me to volunteer or do some task. It limits me because I am following someone else's agenda and not my own. This coming year I will wait before I say yes. I need to think before I leap.

I'll give you three. Fear of intimacy. I avoid social situations, I keep the door shut when I'm in the cabin, I won't strip down in the desert, I keep my cards close to my chest. I panic when I reveal too much of myself, afraid the other person has some ammunition against me now. Fear of being alone with myself. Oh, gosh. I will check Facebook and Instagram over and over after already knowing there are no more updates. I'll watch TV, I'll eat endlessly. I'll pace in circles. I'll drink. None of these things satisfy me, so I need more of them. I struggle to just be alone in a quiet place, not doing but simply being. Afraid of what I might find there. Fear of discomfort. Sleeping in instead of getting up to exercise. Keeping my fingers crossed to awaken to rain, to snow, to someone telling me you don't have to run today, dear, go back to sleep. Fear of making a fool of myself at work, of my coworkers thinking I'm dumb. I dread asking a stupid question, so I wait on eggshells for someone else to take over. I'm afraid of the unpleasantness. Afraid of confrontation, I keep my feelings to myself, only to have them boil over later on. What to do: Meditate. Sit quietly with myself every single day. Open my heart. Set aside distractions, and look for the inner light in others. Take action today. Trust in the abundance around me. Step forward.

I'm Jewish! I'm scared of everything! Not totally true. But just a initial list: Fear of making. Fear of what other people think. Fear of exotic travel. Fear of being affectionate. Fear of failing. Fear of starting. Fear of talking on the phone. Fear of business development. Fear becoming obsolete. Fear of not having enough money to live, let alone retire. Fear of dying alone, broke, on the street. I think the only thing that alleviates my fear is being busy and in the moment, preferably surrounded by people I love and respect. Failing more. Doing things badly. Getting used to screwing up more. That and severing my internet / phone connection...

I'm afraid of being alone. Really alone. I like alone time, but I don't like not having people around to 'do stuff' with. Play cards or games, walk through town, talk about books or news or whatever. I really do like people.I'm not sure what I'm doing about it - I suppose I would be best off to look for a 'retirement' or residence where people live somewhat cooperatively, so I could be part of something and also have private space. Really, I should just go live on a kibbutz, but I don't want to live in Israel!

I had a fear of losing health insurance when I quit my job, and depended on my husband's insurance - he subsequently lost his job and our health coverage - it has served to remind me that God and no one else is my sufficiency -

I'm a perfectionist, and a side effect of that is that I refuse to do some things rather than do them badly. My fear of failure leaves me with a lot of regrets. Maybe I should be more willing to make a mistake. What's the worst that could happen?

Interviews...I hate them (as I'm sure most people do). Also, the unknown...at least when it comes to new companies. I need to get over both of those 'fears' and stop being complacent so that I can further my career.

I have a lot of anxiety that I've been dealing with for years. I am getting better and improving every day. I guess since there are a lot of fears and worries I have, I will just name one. I have social anxiety. I hope to continue to work on being more social and able to talk to others freely without worry or fear. I continue to take Lexapro, which helps a lot. My part time job in sales makes me have to be more social and interact with others. I hope to continue to work on this in the coming year and expand on being more social by being more active.

Fear of trusting. I don't, I can't, I won't. Nothing horrendous has happened, just a childhood of listening to judgement pronounced, much of it about me. If "It"will never be good enough for her, how can I tell if anything is fair, safe or right? For once, and then hopefully for the rest of my life, I'd like to find a place where I can relax into the way it is. That's not settling for less, it's finding peace.

I am so scared of disappointing people and of anger that I don't say things, I don't speak up. And when I have messed up big I'm afraid to contact people because of the anxiety just the thought of calling creates. I thought I was going to make one or two of those calls this year, before Yom Kippur, but I haven't.

I fear being permanently disabled. All I can do is pray.

Most of all, I tend to be afraid of uncertaintly and change. I don't like having to make big changes, particularly when I can't plan ahead. This year, I've been forced into a lot of changes that I have not been able to plan in advance and that still left a lot of uncertainty after the decision has been made. So, it hasn't been that I've been limited, its that I've been forced out of my comfort zone over and over again. Even as I write this, I am in the middle of another big change: moving across the country to California. I'm trying not to be too afraid or too worried about the fact that there are so many uncertainties, but it is hard. The biggest thing for me is to trust, to have a little faith. In the face of uncertainty, I'm trying to trust that my husband and friends will be there for me, if things don't work out. I'm trying to trust that, even though I don't know what I will do for work, that I am capable and smart enough to come out well.

My greatest fears are for my children, who have spent the last year or two making self-defeating choices and have engaged in some pretty risky behavior. The older they get the more I worry. I seen always to be harboring some level of anxiety, and I find I really dread being asked, "So how are the kids doing?" I wish I had a plan for letting it go or overcoming it. At the moment, it overcomes me. I may just have to live through it.

I am by nature fearful. That and the inability to perceive and understand social cues has crippled me and my life. At this point, for the last year or two, things have appreciated appreciably but far too little far too late.

I am deathly afraid of flying due to the horrific experience when flying home with my Mother's cremains It has limited because I want to make a pilgrimage to Israel, see the Grand Canyon and see Europe and Hawaii....I hope to overcome it with G-d's Grace and taking a small trip (Florida?) via plane some time this year..

I have a deep fear of doing things alone. I don't think it's an insecurity thing- like worrying what people think that I don't have anyone with me. I think it stems from my safety issues, and although I will never leave the country on my own, I do think I should try to do things by myself more often. I have very few friends left in town, and my boyfriend is so busy, so if there is something I want to do, I'm going to have to learn to be ok doing it on my own. I still have never been to a movie by myself. I had my first sit-down lunch by myself a few weeks ago. I tried really hard not to just stare at my phone the whole time. It was awkward, but only because of me. I want to try to do more things on my own. I can't just let life go by, waiting for someone to spend time with me. I have to go live life. I'm going to have to do a lot of things on my own, I know. And I have to come to terms with that being ok. It doesn't mean I'm not loved. It doesn't mean I have no friends. I don't have to equate it with being lonely.

I have a fear of failure: failing my team, failing my friends or family, and failing myself. Now, I'm really hard on myself a lot of the time, but that's just my nature. I am, after all, a perfectionist. It's limited me because I get stuck in a negative feedback loop. Instead of just getting pissed at myself for failing. I need to let a failure just make me stronger and then not make that same mistake again. Also, you can never do better than your best, which is something I need to take to heart.

I never used to be scared of anything, I'm sure I was addicted to adrenaline at one point, now I'm scared of everything, but I try to let it impact on how I live and continue to take chances. I've become too comfortable with life so it may be time to shake things up again.


I'm afraid of failing as an artist. It has caused me to not produce any art for most of the year. I have been and will continue to be inspired by all art everywhere until it bubbles up inside me to where I am driven once again to produce.

Fear of sisters dying. Limits some activities such as PSR which I don't feel I could say for sure I could go. There are many things I can plan, but this one...not really. I have committed to some things...but I still worry (rabbits, Arise).

This is a tough question, because while I can think of several of my fears (being weak, dying without people knowing that I love them, losing my spouse) none of them particularly LIMIT me. I made a concious decision this year to live my life by the precept, "Be brave. Be joyful." and I FEEL like I've done a pretty good job of reminding myself of it, and sticking to it. My hope is that I continue to do so next year, and for the rest of my life.

Paralyzing need to "do it right" sometimes means I just don't do "it." Need to work on making action feel easier, letting go of perfect.

Not making enough money is the fear I've held since becoming self-employed. I want to lead each day with the assumption that I will always have plenty, that as much as I want is already coming my way. I know it's a confidence and belief game; one that until now I've been unwilling to play. From now on I will hold my mind/heart/spirit open to receiving everything that I desire.

I don't have fears, although I do have anxiety and that limits me. I work with it. I work around it. I roll with it.

I have a fear failure. Of falling short. Of trying to create, and creating only flaws and mediocrity. My brain knows that this is pathetic: mastery is only obtained through failure and persistence. But it's very easy not to begin. Things that are unstarted are still perfect. Nanowrimo is a good antidote to this. I don't think I will do it again, but perhaps I will make an effort to apply its lesson and just do something.

I think I have both a fear of success and a fear of failure. At times both have held me back. In the coming year I plan to continue pushing against both of those fears. I plan to do the work that needs to be done, fears be damned. "Everything you want is on the other side of fear."

I am so afraid my partner will fall out of love with me and leave me. I try not to believe it, realizing it is a fear borne from a long line of past abandonments and the deep belief that I am not worth loving. I work hard at finding the signs of the love that exists and is strong rather than wonder about the fragments of behavior that I can twist into signs of "the end". I will be more genuinely attentive and encourage more activities where we are actually together rather than parallel playing. I will believe her when she says "I love you."

One of my biggest fears is disappointing people. I think it has limited me in a variety of ways, and the one that comes to mind is my hesitations when making big decisions about my future. I have recently realized that I have a hard time deciphering what I actually want, versus what the people in my life who I deeply respect think I should do. They all have wonderful things to say, and I know that they have my best interest at heart, but they often only see one side of me, or a few sides, and they suggestions they make only meet those needs. I don't know that there is necessarily a way to meet all the facets of what I would like to be doing everyday, but I am experimenting which I hope will help me figure out which ones are the most important. So I am trying to not worry so much about disappointing people when I make huge life decisions, or at least voicing that I am worried about it to the people I would be potentially disappointing, and seeing how decisions sit when it's just me weighing in.

I fear harm coming to my child. Illness, accidents, disasters. I have no problem imaging the worse. Part of me thinks this an evolutionary protect mechanism, but I'm afraid my anxiety will take over. I don't want to hover or otherwise keep my child falsely protected. I just think with time I'll be more in control of my fears for him.

I am afraid that Mom will stay sick. I'm afraid she will continue to suffer. I'm afraid that her life will dwindle to a close with months or years of misery. I'm afraid that the last good healthy times she had really are the last ones -- not only "last" in the sense of most recent, but "last" in the sense of final. I'm afraid that we'll never have the relationship either of us wanted. I'm afraid that it's too late for that. I'm afraid that she doesn't know how much I love her. I'm afraid that my son won't remember her. I'm working on letting it to. Or at least on letting it be what it is, without judgement. But I don't know how to overcome it.

I am afraid of change. I love routine and the predictability of the known. I will put up with a lot of discomfort instead of facing change. I don't know how to deal with this.

Pain. Drinking more and going for it!

I am afraid of others hating me, and I am afraid of failure in general. I'm trying to overcome it with love. Even if someone doesn't like me, there's nothing I can really do about it, so I might as well be kind to everyone since I don't know their stories.

Maybe fear of commitment? I don't know if it's a fear and I should suck it up and stick with the guy I'm with, or if the right person wouldn't instill this anxiety in me. I recently moved, to a new job which I love, and nearer to my family. I plan to remember who I really am. Who is the person I want to be? And then, What kind of relationship fits with that person? Sometimes I wonder if the anxiety is caused by my not admitting something to myself, so my body takes over.

I fear that my sense of myself being "not being good enough, of things being wrong with me, still keeps me from being more open and more contained then I need to be. It also makes me hesitate to express my emotions and be more spontaneous. It affects my trust level when it comes to even people close to me. Thinking about the mistakes I have made over the years can make me depressed. I am better then I use to be about accepting and forgiving myself but still need to work on it. Working with the psychologist I am seeing on this issue. Can't say I am hopeful that this will change much more.

I have a fear of heights. Last summer, my fear didn't let me go on many fun hikes that my group did while in the Negev, the Israeli desert. I've tried different things of trying to get over my fear, but none of them work. They seem to make me more afraid to something like that again. I don't know if I will ever get over my fear of heights.

Fear of not succeeding in my trade and have resorted to there areas of work. It's time for meditation and action. I am going to build a proper set up for myself.

Fear of seeming incompetent and or of not leading my team effectively. I set very high standards for myself and for others. I look for results. I have a hard time dealing with wishy-washy people and with people who say they will follow through but then "forget." I tend not to stay quiet, but speak my mind. I know this makes people avoid me. I need to change. I need to let others make mistakes and own their own results and consequences. I need to do less micro-managing and more coaching. The first step to changing is to recognize that a change is needed, so that step is accomplished. Now I need to pay attention to my actions... before I act. This will be harder, but it is what I will attempt to do.

That's easy- forgetting appointments, people's names and when I'm especially nervous, even familiar words to prayers! I am working on overcoming this fear by keeping ever better calendars with numerous sources and carrying names when I go to events to refer to- as well as copies of the prayers when I need them.

I have a fear that I will never find my soulmate, besheret, partner in crime, best friend, husband. I came to the realization this year that maybe a romantic relationship isn't in the cards for me, that I don't get "that". It's not that I believe I don't deserve love, I believe I do. I've just come to realize one of my greatest fears stems from a deep belief that I don't get what I want in romantic relationships. It's limited me because I will go through all the motions and effort and constantly be disappointed because I keep finding the guys that are not truly available or I will sell myself short by acting like I will take whatever I can get (because I don't get the boyfriend/husband, committed man so I don't trust establishing something long term). I'm still working on my plan to overcome this fear that there is no partner for me. Think the first step is letting go and instilling the belief that I deserve and will find my person to journey through life with.

I have a few of financial insecurity. I have worked in a closed world for 23 years, state employment, in rooms without windows, to secure a pension. Now I'm afraid of coming out of that closed world into a world without borders - retirement. I'm afraid of not have enough money to retire comfortably. I'm afraid of not having a place to go and something to do everyday. There was a cartoon from the 60s showing a large egg. A crack appeared in the egg and, finally, a person peaked out. He was so scared of this big new world that he disappeared back into the egg and it closed back up again. I recently re-read "Wild, Lost and Found on the Pacific Crest Trail" about a woman who hiked the whole trail alone. I'm probably too old and frail to do that, but I hope I can be bold and go adventuring before I'm too old even to do that.

I have a fear of never finding a partner. I think that it has limited me in that I spend a lot of time worrying about it and feeling like shit because of it. The constant rejection and failure is exhausting, and just creates more reinforcement of the self-doubt and feelings of inadequacy. As more and more people find serious relationships, the more abnormal I feel, again fueling the feel of never finding someone. It's limiting because I don't want to go to social events because of little things like feeling unattractive, not wanting to be the only single person, not wanting to get my hopes up only to be let down. It's limiting because I spend so much time on online dating sites, only to feel more frustrated and rejected. How will I let go of this fear or overcome it? I don't know if I can. I don't know what it would look like. It feels important to be proactive about dating, especially in this age and region where so few people meet naturally. So I don't know how the online dating from the constant feeling of worthlessness.

Fear of never getting to know what it feels to be loved.

I don't believe in fear, I live my as fearless as I can. I will continue to try & open myself up to possibilities.

I'm afraid of the unknown and afraid of the future. I plan on overcoming it by taking one moment at a time and enjoying each day to the fullest. Being happy or at a minimum content in every situation is something I've been working on and hope to continue into the coming year.

I am afraid of commitment and ruining good relationships. I plan on taking everything one day at a time, being honest wth situations I feel uncomfortable in and expressing my opinions whether they seem irrelevant or not.

I fear the safety of my family. I hear so many stories about children getting hurt by people that it makes me really sad to think about it. I hear about the elderly getting mugged and beaten and it scares me to think that my parents live not to far from the place where the crime happened. There is no way I can let this go. For my kids, I've got to make sure that they are not put in the situation where they would be in harms way. I know that parents can only control some much of their kids surroundings but whatever I do have control over, I will. As for my parents, I've been trying to convince them to move closer to us. They are getting older and as their health deteriorates, they will need more help with day to day living. Plus, I know that they would be happier being close to their grand kids.

I'm afraid I will never be in a functional, loving relationship, and that I will always live alone, and always be single. It's what kept me in the wrong relationship for too long and the wrong city for too long. This year, I'm trying to forgive myself for that, and also trying to go out more, meet more people, and make more small mistakes to avoid making huge ones. I'm also going to stop pretending it isn't okay to be single, or that it isn't okay to be bisexual, even if I'm only interested in women from the waist up.

fear of death is my huge fear. always has been, don't think it has limited me for a long time. Other fears.... I'm not a fearful person. I risk, I move forward. At this exact moment I am hesitant to get in another relationship but that isn't fear - and I will again as that is what I do. When it is right and with the right person.

i am afraid of anger. When i was young and my sister got mad at me I shrivelled and pulled back. When my mother and father got mad at me, I became a super goodie goodie, holier than thou type. The could not be mad at me for being more kosher than they. This has over the years been my coping method and i think it has actually stunted my ability to even discover just who i am and what i believe.

Fear of how others see me I'm going to focus on knowing more of my own truth, and relating to that, and to the divine so much more. So that I know that how others see me doesn't determine who I am, or my safety in the world.

I am terrified of being abandoned. Of being cheated on. Of falling in love with someone and then having them abandon me because they've find someone that they love more than they love me. I'm terrified of truly committing my life to someone, yet it is something that I simultaneously want more than anything else in the world. This has limited me in that I have chosen the wrong men to date and when I finally find someone wonder, I sabotage the relationship by looking for why they don't love me enough or why things won't work out. I plan on learning to love myself this year. I plan on being enough for myself and loving a significant other the way I want to be loved even when I feel scared and defensive and afraid that they don't love me. I'm going to practice loving myself through attending therapy, reading books, and practice gratitude and self-compassion.

I feel like I've done a really good job over the course of my life of identifying fears and facing them head on. I don't let fear affect me anymore. There are times when I feel overwhelmed, so I shut down or don't make the best choices about how to spend my time. But I've also learned how to break overwhelming challenges down into component parts and tackle one piece at a time. I am not afraid of confrontation, public speaking, adventure, or pain. I can handle anything as long as I breathe and can feel my feet underneath me. In the coming year, I plan to keep breathing and just be the best me I can be.

I am afraid that I have no talents, or that my skills are not useful to the world. It has limited me from dreaming big and having more confidence, or even enough confidence to put myself out there. I plan to learn what my strengths are, and hopefully be ready to pursue a career in whatever that may be.

A lifelong fear that continues to give form to my life is that there will never be enough. I live frugally and truly have more than I need but seasons of poverty in my life and working with people who survive on next to nothing always warn me direly that I need to expect the unexpected event that will return me to a joyless existence of bare survival. I fear the lack of financial resources that forbad the course of studies I would have chosen or that has kept me for decades in a profession that keeps me from what I feel is my unique purpose in life. I have no money to retire on. Also it feels that emotionally there is not enough support or love to go around and I need to step drearily back to allow others more needy to take what is available. I do try to focus on the extravagance of the universe and enjoy each rich moment that is without ruining it with fear because God has never abandoned me even in the most difficult situations. So maybe what I need to do this year is look this fear in the face and ask for ideas on how to prepare for the next step in my life instead of ignoring it or presuming it will be bleak.

I have a fear of spiders, and I plan to overcome it by letting one live in my car. A big one.

Fear of letting people down or not being there for everyone 100%. I am already working hard on this but I need to remember that my friends like me for who I am. I don't need to help/rescue them all the time in order to maintain my friendships with them.

Putting myself last and not being healthy enough to be here for the people that matter the most. I started letting it go yesterday October 1st (should have started with the Jewish New Year -but I digress.) I'm walking on the beach everyday and just getting lost in nature. Maybe it will take me down the right path, the one I seek but have no willpower to pursue. It's working. In the coming year I need to build on that, letting go and letting GD.

I have FOMO - Fear of Missing Out. That means I sign up for a LOT of things, and often feel stressed, even overwhelmed, as a result. In the coming year I plan to work on saying 'No' more, and better managing my time to look after my mental health.

I am afraid of being judged/rejected by others. The situation where I thought things were going ok and then all of a sudden they aren't is my biggest nightmare -- everyone knew except me, and I am on the outs. This has been a longstanding battle for me. I've been working on it in therapy for years, but I finally feel like I might be making headway.

I think I have a fear of growing up. I've finished my degree, it's time to move out, its a very scary time. I think the only way to get over it is to do it. Hopefully by this time next year I'll be a real adult.

That my adopted father won't come through with what he's saying that he'll do.

For almost as long as I remember, I have always been afraid of public speaking. I’ve been told that I used to be the most friendly and talkative pest of a child in my younger years, and I have very vague memories that confirm such an assertion. One memory that particularly stands out involves my eight-year-old self being repeatedly snubbed by busy grocery shoppers as I worked at a fundraiser for my youth hockey team. The worst shoppers promised to buy something when they came out, and then denied the statement as they left. Perhaps my aversion to public speaking began that day, I’m not sure. What I do know is that I’ve been living in fear for a long time. The plague is more desirable to me than the annual declamations I am required to participate in. That being said, I have been improving. As I have stated in response to previous questions, my approach to public speaking has changed since sophomore year. I decided to turn my life around back then, and instead of avoiding moments of public interaction, I have faced them head on. That does not mean I am particularly adept at speaking. I have always had “speech” problems, and I had to attend additional speech classes in kindergarten. It took years before I realized why I had to go to a seemingly pointless class and be late for school every week. I try to suppress my disability, but it’s clear when I speak too quickly. I won’t be able to fix this problem in a year, but that doesn’t mean I have to be afraid.

Fear of being alone...never finding love...that person that will stay with you....friends come and go, but a partner...this is what I most fear. I thought I had gotten over this when I finally got the courage to ask for a divorce, but I now realize that decision wasn't hindered by fear, but anchored by rage and disgusted. Now, being with someone that I love, admire, and adore, I fear he will leave me... this is something I have to face and i have no idea how to just yet

My biggest fear is being unemployed this late in my kife. The work environment has changed around me and I must learn to adapt. I will learn how to talk and connect to this younger generation of workers that have a sense of entitlement.

i fear that my best is not good enough i want to do my best and be proud of the outcome.

Fear? I don't know. I am afraid of snakes. How do I let that go? Snakes bite.We have copperhead snakes here. I could potentially be rather harmed by them. How to overcome it? Kill the copperheads. Stay away from them. Watch your footing on the trail and avoid the snakes.

Falling back into depression. I worry that I rely on my relationship to fill me with the stimulation and happiness that I can't give myself. I would like to get back on my medicine this year and be able to be more pleasant and focused.

I have a fear of being myself. All I can do is ask myself what would i do.... and if I'm not doing it.... JUST DO IT!

My husband dying first. I must remember to make the most of every moment with him.

I'm always afraid of not being good enough, especially in my career. Always. And I'm always afraid I'm not working hard enough, not being productive enough, etc. I still have the impostor syndrome quite badly, even though I am aware of it. But the fact remains that I have gotten this far in my career, which is really quite far and quite accomplished. But still, the career I am in tells you that you're never quite good enough, that maybe once you achieve the next step you will feel more validated and secure. But that's never really true until one achieves tenure and full professorhood. So I might as well just really try to let this go and see what happens. I want to keep working hard, but because I am interested in what I'm doing, and because I'm passionate about my work. Not because I want to unlock the next level and prove to everyone and myself that I'm not a screwup.

I'm afraid of being alone. This fear keeps me from fully enjoying my life. It makes me angry and cynical towards people who are arrogant about their relationships. People who abuse or take their spouses for granted enrage me. I feel so alone and then hate people who are smugly coupled. I don't want to be an angry fearful person...I want to be at peace and radiate joy. I'd settle for a breeze of acceptance. What will I do about this? No idea...therapy? Self-help? Meditation? Try not to compare myself to others.

I fear being stupid. I fear being told that I am not smart enough. It limits me in the way that I don't like to show people (who need to see it) my work until I've looked over it myself a lot and given it to other people to look at as well. People who I trust. And even then at certain times I feel inadequate. This has been a problem this year in my thesis work (along with procrastination). I am scared of showing my chapters to my supervisor and being told that it is all wrong (this is a justified fear, it has happened already for the second chapter I handed in and I had to rewrite and redirect the whole focus of my thesis). I guess next year I want to overcome this. Because I want to continue working towards a phd. I'll need to be more open with communication with my supervisor, keep on top of work and actually give them the chapters to read over. I just need to convince myself that I am smart and intelligent too, I shouldn't feel the need to put myself down.

I have a great fear of losing my mind and succumbing to bipolar. But I don't think it has limited me- I think it has motivated me and given me strength.

Fear of not working. I end up cycling through a bunch of things, not getting anything done.

Becoming the worst of my father. I've lived too many days, too quietly, and not said "yes" to enough offers. Accepting that I've chosen a different path in one area, but need to acknowledge the other critical path to retrace, retreat and retry.

I'm fearful of driving my hand-controlled van, and that has limited me to being driven, which robs me of my independence. I KNOW how to, I've taken good lessons; I'm just scared since there was a van accident 4 years ago, and even though I was NOT driving. I need to get over and get OUT. YES!

finances. Have been strapped for quite a while. Also possess "things," which, despite their beauty/ functionality / intrinsic value, seem to "own" me. Plan on selling items on eBay or Craig's List, but have not made space for those activities in my life. I always seem to be 'getting ready to get ready." Since I know the true value of these items, it seems difficult for me to knowingly accept far less in money than their worth by selling. But they're certainly not doing me any good where they are...I guess that "something is better than nothing" in terms of recompense. And I certainly cannot take them with me when I pass away, so it seems like a no brainer to let it all go...... Maybe the log jam will break after the first sale is made, and I get a bit greedy for a repeat of the transaction, and watch the financial picture improve. Certainly worth a try.

Feeling like a failure makes me hesitant to try things. Feeling like an outsider makes me reluctant to join in. I need to try. I need to join. I need to Just Jump! Meditate for release. Yoga for soothe. Hug for love.

Fear of failure. It has limited me in that I could have opened up my own business years ago. I plan on just being more of a "just do it" person. I plan on asking for more help from my friends and associates.

I've worried too much this year about putting too much on Christopher's plate. This has caused me to pile everything on myself and smothered me with the weight. I am not doing that anymore. I am asking for him help more and he is shouldering the extra work well, as he should. I hope this continues through out the year.

Its anxiety about speaking up. God and I are working on it...I am seeing progress so I praise Him for that...with God all things are possible, everything is possible for one who believes, and I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me.

I'm afraid of failing, but not just failing, by taking even the wrong first step. This limits me to thinking and thinking ad thinking before starting any journey. Even in typing this, I still have a tendency to check myself before each word, like a mini "is this right" test. I plan on taking the steps that I need, to recognize and realize that nothing can happen without starting and that to sit and think has a limit. There must be a point when my thinking precipitates action. So, for the coming year, I plan to step more. "To do"

I can't think of a fear that has limited me. Perhaps fear of the unknown with regard to my health has prevented me from booking travel. I plan to make a decision on this after my appointment with oncologist in November.

I talked about all the real world fears that are currently plaguing me in question 8. But I'd say a very personal fear that I've had this year is about my own self worth. My self-esteem was at an all time low in 2013 and that carried over into the beginning of 2014. It reached rock bottom with the death of my friend. You really start to question everything your life has become when it is thrown into perspective like that. But when I was basically hired on the spot to work at this absolute dream job I had a hard time, and still have a hard time, grappling with the reasons why. It's one thing to see on paper and know in an intangible sense why you would be an asset to a company. I know what I bring to the table, what I can do for a place, what I am capable of in an office. What is much harder is seeing how I fit into a corporate workplace, a group of people that have been working together for at least 4 years. A group of people that have gone through several traumatic experiences...it makes you feel like an outsider. And for whatever reason there is something inside me that makes me feel like I will never be "good enough" for this group of people. I know I've said that before about being a parent...but this time it's different. This time I feel like an outsider. It's not because anyone has made me feel uncomfortable, on the contrary everyone has been very warm and personable. I think the problem lies within. I think that I don't see myself as worthy and therefore it's making me think I can't fit in. I need to explore that, I need to resolve that. I belong here, I have a lot to offer, I can matter here...I just need to start believing that myself.

I fear loss of control, loss of love. It manifests as anxiety and stress, I'm working on being mindful, appreciating the good things I have as they come, and worrying less about change in the future. I try top remind myself that change is constant and can bring good things. And I'm trying to do more yoga and mentally centering activities to keep myself out of my own head.

Being poor. Having to work til I due to a lack of retirement. Putting extra into HSA abd 401K

Fear of failure, fear of not being liked/loved. Need to grow in my own self confidence and value my own self worth

I never would have admitted to being a perfectionist until a friend, admiring my new light fixtures, heard my tale about how hard it was to find them and said, "You're such a perfectionist." I was ready to reject that characterization until it finally hit me: she was right. Of course I can't publish my research: excellent is just not good enough. So the test will be to see if I can put this new realization into practice: 200 words a day, here I come.

I have a fear of gaining weight. No matter how long it's been that I've kept my weight off and have been living a healthy lifestyle, I never trust myself. I've survived a two-week trip to Europe, many food-filled holidays, weddings, drunken food binges, a number of running injuries that have prevented me from running. I've never "fallen off the wagon." But I still don't trust myself and my body image consumes me. I struggle every day with food and exercise. Every social occasion involving food is stressful for me. I want to trust that being healthy is not about what I weigh, and that I am healthy now and will continue to be healthy because I cook for myself and exercise. But I'm afraid of ever tightening the reins a little. I'm afraid of relinquishing even the slightest control, because I'm afraid I will lose all control. It's been over 3 years since I reached my goal weight and have maintained it, and I still think about everything I eat, every moment of every day.

The only thing I have to fear is fear itself. Besides that being complete bullshit in my case, the biggest fear I have is that I fear of what people think of me. I am constantly self-conscious of myself and I often think of what other people think about me. It is because of this fear that I limit how I live my life. Though it may be short and uneventful, the times when my fear is challenged I let it get the best of me, all the time. For example, I loathe attending parties where I know… no one. I become stoic in manner, I refuse to relax and attempt to make conversation, of which is already limited because of my fears. I have no subject matter to talk about with people; I have no experiences that I can relate myself to with other people because I never experienced what other people experienced. I don’t know how to approach my fear. It all comes to the point that I am just overly-self-conscious of myself that I let it rule me. I think the best course of action for me is to try to loosen up, which does not mean turn to alcohol, but to try to forge a different identity that allows me to stand taller and be more open. The first step will be the hardest, as well as the second, and the third, but by the fourth I believe I will be striding tall and relaxed as can be. The only thing is my social circle is so small that it allows no form of growth to be had. I guess the only way to overcome my fear is to try to be more involved in life. Now that is a challenge.

The fear of failure and rejection. I often don't dare to do things because of fearing to be rejected (especially jobwise). Would be also helpful to overcome my fear of dentists.

I feared about committing to social interaction in the future, like planning trips with friends next summer, when I'm not friends with them yet, and just engaging in social interaction at and after school. I am committed (at least partially) to many things after school, possibly more than I can handle..., and so I will somewhat force myself to be social and make more friends than I'm comfortable with. Hope fully it turns out well.

I have a huge fear of being alone and unloved. It had limited me by not allowing me to confront my husband and his actions and I have let him get away with treating me like a housemate and not his wife of 30 years and mother of his 5 children who he had previously made to feel so loved and wanted. I am still working on how I am going to overcome it. Because I am also not being the role model for my kids that I want to be. I am torn between trying to get him to get help and to see if we can work things out and how long do I wait and not do anything.

I have several small fears, like being afraid of heights (terrified of heights), and snakes, and things jumping out at me. But the feat that has limited me in my actions is the fear of abandonment, especially by people I love. Specifically, it's the fear of someone I love not loving me back. I have had to let it go this year already, after my husband asked me for a divorce. It was a question of understanding that sometimes someone leaving you isn't a reflection of you as much as a reflection of where the other person is in their life. It still hurts, but it doesn't leave me thinking that I have to change.

I seem to not be putting my photography on sites where I might get paid. Not sure that is a fear, or just that I'm so busy working on new stuff, I don't want to do the tedious work. I've considered making a commitment to my TMC team, to get this done. Biggest place I avoid due to fear is initiating sex with my wife. sorry to say, I do not have a plan.

"All the world is a narrow bridge and the key is not to be afraid." Rabbi Nachman. I believe that! I hope Jeff or my kids don't die, but I don't fear their dying. I hope my kidney's last a lifetime, but I don't fear them running out. I know urban violence lurks near my home, but I am not presently afraid of it. I know the November election is likely to bring in hateful politicians, but I am not afraid of this.

I'm deeply fearful of repeating the mistakes of my parents. They have given me some wonderful gifts, but also some baggage that I'd like to pare down. Hopefully my children will be less likely to carry the 'not good enough' the 'fear of abandonment' and the 'must be seen as' luggage that I tend to haul around with me. I think by continually trying to slow down and make room for the complexity in situations, by loving my kids unconditionally, and by showing up in big and little ways for them that this fear will ebb over time. I also hope that I will accept that I can't be perfect and that they will love me despite that imperfection.

I fear I have lost my son forever. that fear has been paralytic and consuming. It nearly swallowed my life whole. I have worked very hard toward acceptance, learning to live with a vast hole though my heart. I am managing better, but have a long way to go.

I have a fear of failure. Of not meeting the expectations I set for myself, that other people have for me, and that opportunity has provided me with. What I need to accomplish is letting go of the need to fulfill the expectations of those around me, and overcome my fear of not living up to the opportunities provided.

Becoming an adult. It's sad to say that at age 26 (soon to be 27) that I have yet to understand - or, I have yet to accept - the responsibilities of adulthood. I keep trying to be a teenager or college student, even though the closest I've been to that is now five years ago. I will be 27 soon, and yet, even though I have accomplished a lot relative to others my age group, I am so far behind where I should be given my previous trajectory. I need to grow up, even though I sometimes think I am "26 going on 40," my actions don't speak for that - at least, not my private actions. It's time to get older because, after all, I am getting older.

I have so many irrational fears, it's hard to condense them, but I suspect the basis is the fear of being shamed or found unworthy.

I fear heights and revisited it today as we had a big silo installed with 3 cranes. I talked to the ironworker who had to go up and unhook the straps .... only about 100 feet up which is way beyond my limits but a piece of cake for him. I don't perceive this as a fear that needs to be conquered.

There are two related fears holding me back: the fear of rejection and the fear of not being good enough. These have held me back from being more outgoing in social situations and from having grander dreams for my life. I will try to overcome these fears in the coming year by reminding myself that there is nobody who is better than anybody else. I am inherently worthy of respect.

I am terrified of being hurt by others, physically and emotionally. I know that it's not something that is necessarily going to happen, which makes it an unrealistic fear, but it still scares me on a daily basis. I am continuing to work with my therapist to build skills to keep myself feeling safe enough to be comfortable in more environments outside of work and home.

I have many fears. Most prominent in my life presently is the fear of the future. And... oh well. The future will happen whether you're prepared or not, so you best prepare as best as possible and forget all the rest.

I'm beginning to realize other people have no authority over me; as adults we're all on a level playing field. As a server and an employee, I used to be afraid of mean customers, mean managers, mean strangers on the street. Now everybody just seems more scared shitless than I am. It's what makes them mean in the first place; it's all terrified posturing. Ebola, on the other hand...

Flying. Not a clue.

I need to prioritize in my life the things that are the most important. That is first done by defining what important really means to me. The fear I want to overcome is the fear of making a mistake. The fear that i'll be judged and that it actually matters.

Fear of not succeeding or choosing a career or knowing whether I need to even choose one. The feat has limited me because I often struggle in believing in myself and wondering whether I am capable of anything special. Sometimes I feel pretty mediocre in life. I'm trying out teaching and giving it my best shot. Taking it one day at a time is my strategy for now overcoming that fear.

Right now I am facing a lot of fears. The thing I have been thinking about most is myself or my husband dying. Myself dying because or during my pregnancy, and my husband dying now or sometime in the future. I can't imagine leaving him and there's no way I can imagine a life without him. I had a dream the other night where we were both in the car and a stranger came up and shot us. I was still alive, but when I look next to me Brian was dead. I woke up shaking and I cried, and I couldn't get back to sleep. I think that has a lot to do with being pregnant, but it's also something I thought about ever since I met Brian because he such a big and important part of my life. Another fear that I've been facing, but a lot of people in my current condition fear, is about being a bad parent. Or not being prepared for certain situations, not knowing what's going to happen scares me a lot. I'm the kind of person that likes to be prepared and organized, and having a child throws all of that out the window. I believe that we will both be good parents, and I know were smart enough to figure this out, millions of people are going to be for us. So through talking and working together I know we can do this, and I know will be successful. Our daughter is going to be the most amazing person and I can't wait to meet her.

I'm afraid of being inadequate and letting people down. I plan to try my best to just do my best and let that be good enough.

I am really afraid of failure, and that I'm not good enough to achieve my goals. It always holds me back by making me procrastinate and browse the internet when I really want to just code, and I hate it. There is no easy way to let it go: I'm going to just have to be brave enough and trust myself that yes, I really am good enough to achieve my goals and that I can sit down and do the hard work I need to get to where I want to be in my life.

My biggest fear is losing someone close to me. I plan on focusing on what I can control and loving my family with every ounce of my being!

Fear of not being able to overcome my intense grief. And fear of getting past it. Which is all very paralyzing.

Not being good enough, and always having to prove my worth. Just keep doing the best I can and letting that be enough.

I have been afraid to bet on myself that I am good enough this year I am betting on myself

My fear of public speaking has limited me for my entire career. Although I have made lots of progress as my confidence and expertise grew, the physical stress I bring on myself takes its toll. In my planning to retire in January, I have ruled out some part time work options- like training and teaching because of my fear. Currently I have no plan to work on this but---it feels just too hard for my whole life...but, one never knows.

Fear of trying something different, leaving my comfort zone. To try a different career, move to another place but I believe it will happen when the time is right. I have a hard time thinking that "I" need to make the first move. I try to visualize myself in new surroundings to help.

Lately, I've been fearful that I'm less capable and less mentally stable than I thought I was. This has had the effect of blunting my ambition to find a more challenging job. I am letting it go by accepting that my rather low-paying, blue collar job is perhaps the best I can do, and concentrating on doing my best and taking pride in that work. On the other hand, I also think I should continue to try to get something better, either through networking or additional training, or both. I have historically been fearful of the opposite sex, which has caused me to be either excessively timid or inappropriately aggressive & argumentative. Although it may be too late for me to find a partner, I am planning to try to do so.

Fear of asking...want to go out on a date ? fear of pushing myself because If I go all out and paint and then fail... FEAR OF FINDING OUT I HAVEN'T GOT WHAT IT TAKES I plan on painting up a storm going for painting everyday bold whipping thru the materials

I have a fear of making the wrong decisions in life. It holds me back because if you stall, choosing nothing, you're left behind. Time passes and I've accomplished nothing. I plan to overcome this by paying attention to the times my gut is right, building my confidence in my ability to decide. And by using the many resources we have now to research things.

My fear is to not be financially secure. This has caused me to over work and not enjoy life to its fullest. I've also derived a significant amount of stress from this. Lauren also feels this stress. To try and "live a little" and save some money, we are going to legitately look into traveling abroad for work. My other biggest fear is to live a lonely life. Unfortunately, I'm destined to have significantly less social opportunities than I'd like, because Lauren doesn't relax the same way I do. This coming year, I will try to "hang out" more. Whether that's a happy hour a month or taking the baby to Bob's for a football game - I'll have to change something.

I am afraid that my age will keep me from being relevant.

I fear a lot about my son getting hurt or sick or anything really. I understand this is a new parent thing, and I am hoping as time goes on I will only worry about the important things that are within my control. I plan on letting it go and really overcoming it by just thinking as rationally as I can and again, only worrying and making as best decisions as I can on the things within my control.

The fear of how powerful I could be; the fear of my light. By continuing my journey with yoga, meditation and awareness; I intend to eradicate it!!

I've been scared that I'm not good enough. Low confidence, etc. Or that I'm not really loved or lovable. I feel like now that I've given birth and made a little girl who adores me just for me that I've grown a lot as a person, but also that I love myself a lot more. But it's still hard sometimes.

Not sure whether in the past I thought about the possibility of my own mental limitations becoming more serious with age. Perhaps in the last year I've seen that happening in people who are closer and closer to peers: colleagues a very few years older, family just one generation up. Anyway it's been more painful and close than I remember, and so I have started looking for limitations appearing in myself. Of course, once you start looking, it's easy to find! Not sure how to come to terms with this. Of course it's an entirely rational fear, of something likely to become real for everybody not meeting an unexpectedly early death. So I'll pay attention to how people keep their lives good: how they stay safe, how they stay happy, and how they keep good relationships going. There's a lot of that to see in the world, and it's always good to pay more attention to.

Most recently, I have been afraid of exposure to people's judgement. For many years, probably as far back as 2009, this has severely limited my creative expression. In the coming year I plan on forging ahead with my expression and releasing many old projects and preconceived notions about who I am and what I think. I find that when I am unashamed to express myself candidly, I usually find myself in surprisingly open minded company.

I fear peoples' expectations of me. But, life is too short to give a shit. I need to do what makes me happy and what I feel is right and leave it at that.

My fear is that I won't live up to the image that others have of me. People think that I have everything together: my work life, personal life, everything. It's tough always being the strong one, the one that everybody counts on. In the coming year I intend to let go of my need to always be perfect and in charge. It's exhausting.

I have a fear of failing and disappointing myself and others. That makes me very apprehensive about taking risks and trying new things. In the coming year, I intend to continue to address that by pushing myself to volunteer for things that feel like they have a certain risk to them and acknowledge this fear to those I trust and ask them to push me on it.

Insecurity about whether I am good enough for my job or my marriage. Leads to insecurity which leads to not taking on new tasks or challenges which limits me because I don't want to fail. To overcome this I plan on avoiding as many things as possible. I like my job and my life will be good. I am afraid that I don't say no enough and that I cannot fix the lack of intimacy in my marriage. Keep on working on it. Try things like this questions website to help discussion take place even though I am not a talker and probably avoid confrontation.

Ever since I blew out my meniscus, I have not been in the same condition and shape I was before. I have had too much tummy for nearly a year now. My schedule is chaotic and I travel a lot and maintaining the regimen seems impossible ... which is a really bad word to face. I must get my cardiac back and lose another 10 pounds to get back on track. So, how to do this while moving around and on a treadmill that exhausts me at night when I just want to get a good night's sleep? I carry guilt when I am not up to a good workout, or when I collapse in bed. It is my own challenge over the next year to somehow figure how to meet this monster head on and make myself back into the fit person I was a year ago. It is up to me and me alone to do so. Dad made it to 98 but he mastered his weight. How will I master mine, to follow in his longevity?

Wow. I can think of a lot of fears. I'm afraid of weaning my son. I'm afraid of not weaning my son. I'm afraid of not being able to get pregnant again. I'm afraid of losing another pregnancy. I'm afraid of having two kids. I'm afraid of not being a good mom. I'm afraid of not really "seeing" him for the amazing person he is. I don't think I can overcome these. Not on my own. But that doesn't mean I'm letting those fears paralyze me. I'm going to plow through them. I won't wean my son until we're both ready. We're trying to have another kid, for better or for worse. I know my kiddo loves me, even though I screw up a lot. I know he's awesome, and I love seeing his personality shine through.

I'm afraid to talk frankly to my sister and brother-in-law about their drinking and how it impacts their family life. It has limited the amount of time I spend with them. I MIGHT talk to them, if I can work up my courage!

I am afraid of failure. Through my anxiety and fear of failure, I've allowed myself to assume that other people are superior. That somehow, they have their lives "together." This view has limited my ability to appreciate my own gifts and talents. In the coming year, I plan to spend more time actively trying to relax. Now, it seems like a waste of time to take a break and do something calming for myself. However, next year, I want to prioritize "me time" as something equally as important as other peoples' time.

There's a fear I have that I am always facing things on my own whether that's standing up to an injustice or sacrificing for my children or tending to responsibilities. The best remedy when this builds up in me is to spend time in contemplative prayer with scripture or rosary or before the Blessed sacrament. Usually I can offer that fear for a person or cause in need, and realize that God is there with me and my perspective changes. I may not always understand but I feel I have that renewed energy to get back on the path and continue on.

A fear that I have is that if I leave my job, I will be just as unhappy or unsatisfied at another job. I plan to take a leave of absence for next year so that I can fully try applying for new jobs but hopefully have some security that I could return if I'm really unhappy with what I find.

I am afraid that if I get rid of a lot of my items to save money and to replace my car I won't be able to afford to replace the items when I get out on my own again. I have no choice so I just have to hope it will work out.

Failure. I need to let it go, let it go!

I'm getting more and more afraid of getting older. More than that, I'm afraid of getting older without having done any of the things I should do. More than that, I'm afraid that I'm regretting not doing all the wrong things and I'm going to get old before I realize what I should really be regretting. I think this year I just need to do more. I need to try more. I need to let myself fail more. I need to risk something. I'm going to get old either way.

I have a fear of getting old and fat. It damages my self esteem and willingness to show myself. I can't stop the age but I can accept it and focus on being healthy.

I fear disappointing people, failing to do what is expected. I don't tell people how I feel, I don't take risks. I plan on telling more truths, not hiding behind a mask to protect myself.

I have to keep reminding myself to look at the data rather than what my head says as I get tied up in my head. I need to keep going to my shrink regardless of how good I feel

The only real fear I have is concerning my health. Struggling with all kinds of issues that past several years has made me feel not quite as strong and capable as I used to feel. I continue listening to meditations that I discovered by Joe Dispenza almost daily and staying positive and moving towards the things that feel right for me.

Loosing my other son to prison or suicide. I don't know if I could overcome it. I know with God all things are possible, but along with that it must be God's will. I know that perfect love(only from God) casteth out fear. But the devil is a liar out to kill, steal and destroy, and in weaker moments, we let him influence us. It should not be so, help me Lord Jesus discern the evil and cast it away in Jesus Name I ask.

The fear that I have is speaking in public. Anytime I have to appear in public, I feel so uncomfortable that it plays an impact on my voice. How do I plan to let it go? this is a good question. But not easy to solve. i have tried many times but I just seem not to get over it. Again, it also depends on the circumstances surrounding the event or the place I have to speak. Sometimes it goes so well I even forget I had this fear. If i master the topic it is more likely to go well too.

Right now my fear is that I'm a big fish in a small pond, but if I move to a bigger city I won't be able to compete or succeed in my career. I think that this has held me back until now. However, my inner shifts and outer achievements this year have help me to have more courage to go for it! Lately I've been dreaming of and encountering birds, feathers, wings--a synchronicity that tells me get ready to soar, to let my dreams take flight.

The fear of people seeing the real me, the dark side. How? By being braver, more real, more honest.

A lot of my fears are around my hubby... I'm afraid that he won't get his book out there, that he won't be the breadwinner, and therefore I have to continue to work the rest of our lives to support the family, when that clearly wasn't the deal we had. I'm afraid that if it does sell, he's going to leave me or make my life miserable - as he has threatened - since he sometimes feels like I make his life extra hard bc I make all of the money. So I'm afraid if he doesn't sell it, and I'm afraid if he does. I have no idea how this has limited 'me'... but I know he is also afraid (for so many reasons), and I feel like it is making our lives stagnant. We both are not living our dreams (him to be a published writer, me to be a SAHM). I hope the fears are overcome by him putting his book in the hands of an editor and it sells. lots. And we are happy that these dreams are fulfilled.

I have a fear of success. Believe it or not. I feel if successful at any one thing the pressure will be to maintain that level of success. It keeps me from pursuing life long dreams. Dreams such as, getting a college degree. Starting my own mid-wife business. Etc

I seem to be afraid of being wrong, specifically that my desires are wrong, that I care too much about the wrong things. I am tired of worrying about whether I am caring about the "right" things and put that energy towards what I find fulfilling.

several fears - I'll fail at work - if I start creating a world I want career wise I wont be able to afford basic living and a family - the more I dig in at charleston the more stuck I will be - If I buy a house I wont be able to get a loan for another house once we move - Overcoming the work fear would mean - accepting the fear, having a part time job so I could start building a seperate career - or just winging it before buying a house - it all ties in together- maybe ask to cut down hours to start building outside career and see where it goes - eventually do a retreat or get land contract at a wilderness camp to start practicing evolutionary beliefs practice in psychology - house fear - going a long with it - though weary

I fear breaking again. I was shattered last year by the unexpected end of a friendship, and the hurt from it took over my life for many months, keeping me from being the wife, mother, daughter, sister, and self that I want to be, even to this day. I fear trusting people, for the terror of facing that darkness again. I want to trust. I hope and plan to let the fear go, though I don't yet know exactly how. Right now, it's just the statement. I will trust my friends and family again.

I have fear that I can only do the job I have now and that is why I have stayed in my current company for 21 years. WHat else could I do? WHat else would I want to do? WHo would pay me what I currently make or better? I have no idea how I will overcome this fear. Maybe talking with other people who have had mid life career changes. See how things worked out for them.

Stagnation. Wasting time to optimize my potential. knowing the difference between a deserved rest and laziness. Meditate inwards. Go from there.

I register as a 6 on the Enneagram so according to that I have an innate fear. But I am really not fearful of anything, even though I can second guess and be nervous from time to time; and seek to re establish security. I can enjoy the struggle of figuring things out and it can be a source of motivation just as much as it can serve as source of fear and limitation.

My fear has diminished dramatically in the past 8 months. My recovery and my faith have worked together to make some pretty radical changes in the way I view fear. In fact, the sign I currently have on the dash of my car reads: Everything you want is on the other side of fear. Current fears are whether I can be successful at making positive climate changes at the medical school and around being single and being able to find a new man to love.

My fear is resigning officially from Meridian and signing up for an Ironman. I officially resigned from Meridian right now (Oct. 2) and am signing up for an Ironman soon. All the fear and doubt of both of these have weighed on me, but I am excited and scared about the growth of training for a ginormous race over the next year.

I'm working on a fear of caring what people think of me and using that as a device to input my decision making. As in "if I do this they won't like me, so I won't do it," or its opposite, almost more powerful: "If I don't do this, they won't like me, so I must do it." This is almost exclusively an issue with people at work. I don't like to think this is a fear of mine. I like to think I'm too tough or smart or above it all or feminist to care what people think. Is it because I feel like my livelihood is threatened if they don't like me? I think so. But the fact is, there are people at work that aren't going to like me. They'll tolerate me. They'll act kind of professional. It's enough. And if I lose my job, I think I can find another. Or make one for myself, so I need to be more free and take risks.

I am extremely afraid of my close loved ones dying. This is a challenge, given that my parents are both about 70 and I know that they will not live forever. I want and need to talk to a counselor of some sort during this year to help me prepare for dealing with the extreme loss that comes with the death of parents who are loving and lovely.

My fear is of honesty, it's of my mother, remaining trapped, remaining hidden, and it's of loosing my love and also of giving up. Huh. Now that I read that, I realize I've got absolutely no business calling myself fearless. Now that I've thought about it, there's a lot I'm afraid of. And a lot I have to loose. I know better than to be honest with my mother, I've already learned that the hard way. I'm afraid of her because I know who she is and how she is and how the preacher of forgiveness does not truly forgive. I'm afraid I'll be too afraid of failing and sinking to break free and get out. I'm afraid I'll try to remain hidden for too long and as a result loose my one complete, honest love. And I'm afraid all the time that if I loose that love, I'll give up completely, and make the ultimate decision that I can't take back. These fears are not something I believe I can 'let go' of; I don't think they're quite a state of mind, but rather a set of circumstances that I need to be willing to make serious and permanent sacrifices to change. But next year is my goal. I want to go somewhere else for college next year, far away, go with my love and be open about who I am and who I love for at least a year. That would be perfect, just that one year. If I had to come back after that year, or if something went wrong, and we had to go back to hiding, I think I'd just give it all up. Everything. Even him. Because without my love, there isn't anything I want; and I would have nothing.

Work related ... and thinking that I can't get all these things done, juggling work and kids and house and personal. I'm tired a lot.

Fear has not limited me. I am not afraid.

One fear that has plagued me in the past year is presenting myself to others poorly. This has limited me in who I feel comfortable around and how I express myself to others. In the past month or two this has changed greatly and I hope it continues to change. Between gaining seniority over other kids in my school as a Junior and understanding more where I fit as well as the fact that if other people don't like how I act, they aren't my friends will continue to help me overcome this in the future as well.

My fear is dating or letting anyone closer to me than a friend. Friends are great! I'm a good friend. I'm comfortable at that level of intimacy. I love my family too, and am a good sibling and daughter,cousin and niece. I even enjoy my teenage daughter. I have failed so often at intimate lasting partnership, I am afraid. Too many crazies, too codependent, I have been badly burned. I want to date, to risk looking for right relationship and physical intimacy. I hope to find a match for the autumn years of my life. I am weary of going it alone. I want someone to share my life with and who has a healthy life to share with me.

I am afraid that I will always be "the small guy" in my business and it curtails my energy and confidence in my networking and my strategic vision. I will address this in the coming year by having faith that what we do is singular/superlative and the ones, i.e. the clients, that are supposed to come to us will. I will continue to do the right thing with passion and will be at peace with what happens next.

The biggest fear is that my daughter's relationship will fall apart and she will have to move back home with my granddaughter. It's a huge financial concern because she is not skilled for employment and also frequently does not feel well physically - both bad enough that she can't really hold a job but not serious and diagnosable to to qualify for assistance.Our relationship has been tumultuous at best. I don't know that it has limited me much - not for work anyway. More the malaise that keeps me from being more efficient with my time. My plan to let go or overcome is what I mentioned in an earlier prompt - push the thoughts out of my mind and not borrow trouble. Keep reminding myself that I can no control over it so can't make plans around the unknowable. I need to just plan to do what I have to and if disruptions occur, I will deal with them as they develop, In the meantime, I just breathe in an out slowly and move ahead.

I have a fear of letting go of things that are holding me back. I just hope that in the coming year, I'm able to learn what is setting me back and instead of holding onto those things, just realizing that they aren't necessary to my being.

I fear losing my property line battle in court, but that has not deterred me from taking the case forward. IN the past I would have let me fear interfere with protecting my personal rights. I fear aging and becoming helpless and poverty stricken in my older age. I am 60 this year and healthy and I want to keep my health. I have not saved enough for retirement and will depend on being healthy and working into my retirement years. I plan on taking care of myself, selling a house I don't need and paying off debt; putting the remainder in retirement savings. At some point I may open a private practice to work at my own pace. I really need to save money and I have not done as good a job of doing that as I could. I plan on fully funding retirement in the coming year. I am working on letting go and having faith that if I have done good and the best that I can, then good will out. I am both afraid and not afraid of dying; of not having been successful in certain ways in my life. Sometimes this causes me to feel like, what the heck, what is the point, and fritter away the time I have left. Letting go of lifelong dreams is hard and in some ways I am grieving the loss of certain dreams. At the same time I realize I will continue to do the things that I love, despite the lack of recognition. I will paint, I will write, I will continue to believe there is a reason for me being here on the planet. I also need to remember that the work I do is exceedingly good work and it is enough. I am enough.

So hard not to put a phobia in here....but it's really all I can come up with. I don't have a "common" phobia. It could be considered a variation on a fear of heights. I have no problem walking up to the edge of something and looking over. But if I can see between my feet, I'm uncomfortable. I hate walking over grates in sidewalks.... What am I going to do about it? Probably nothing. I'll just keep hovering across grates...

Maintaining eye contact while I am speaking. I have a self confidence issue.

Fear of being "exposed before your peers!". No plans to let this baby go. I want to go home. Take off this uniform and leave the show.

My fear is really a concern. I say "yes" to to doing too many things. At one time I would say there are always more hours in the day -now I say slow down, doing more than what is an enjoyable comfortable pace is just plain stupid. But for things that are truly fearful - roller coasters and such- there is no reason to overcome those fears. Conservative politics, global warming nay-sayers are fearful people. The best I can do is to be a good citizen and set an example for my adult children and my grandchildren.

I have a fear of not having accomplished enough or being where I am supposed to at a certain point in my life. Recently I have realized that much of these feelings are tied to thinking of my age, leaving the thoughts to feel artificially contrived. In many ways it seems arbitrary to assign such importance to age and I would like to find a way for age to play a less central role in my thought process. In initial awareness of this, I have realized just how much focus is placed on age in our daily lives and how often I must report my age. I wonder what it would be like not to know my age and how that might change me? I hope to find some reconciliation of this mentally in the coming year and to find a way to feel less tied to a timeline.

There's a girl I love so much that, over the past year, the thought of losing her caused me to relive past pains and dwell on things I had no control over. I don't feel that strongly any more, but the fear of losing her to someone else still lingers and distracts me with negative sentiments and a feeling of powerlessness due to the distance between us. I'm going to do my best to live in the moment and trust in the guiding power of the universe. I feel like I'm on the right path. I should trust that it will lead to her eventually if it's meant to.

My fear is betrayal. That I will put my trust in people who do not have my best interests at heart. I try not to trust anyone. I know that humans will always put their own interests first and that people will hurt others even if it means even a very small gain for themselves. However, my life has not been the kind of life where I have been able to be self sufficient and have found myself in need of help from friends. It has always ended badly because people think less of you when you need them. I also have been too giving of my own resources when other people are in need and that has often put me in a bad spot. I am afraid of other people.

I'm scared of going crazy i feel like i got pretty close recently. i kept noticing this crazy look in my eyes and people have even mentioned that my eyes looked kinda wild. i still feel pretty distant. distracted. im not going to succumb to this. I've noticed that working hard and trying my best helps a lot. mostly just staying active and not letting myself fall into that feeling of lethargy or absent mindedness. even still my mental clarity and sharpness isn't as acute as id like it to be. and all this negativity in my mind and soul didn't help. i need to have a goal and remain tenacious in achieving it. i need to work hard. i need to envision my success and put positive energy toward it.

my fear is not getting a job to be able to move to England. and i'll overcome it by just keep on applying to places until someone wants to hire me. I WILL MOVE TO ENGLAND!!!!

Fear of not being liked has prevented me from taking risks in work life. Self talk and believing deeply that I love and like myself and therefor others will love and like me as well as it starts within ones self to be liked and then allows for a life to be lived less constrained by what others may think.

My greatest fear is being destitute. I have very little savings - I have become the main support of my single daughter who has three children. I was on track to be "OK" when I retired, and now have lost that. My daughter is (now) a recovering drug addict. This, after I endured years of theft on so many levels - cash, jewelry, credit cards... Three years sober - woohoo! - but I am the person who has financed her recovery (she's not been regularly working) to the extent of cashing in a pension in order to buy a house where we all live.The plan was for me to live with them for 2 years and she would buy me out. Well, she JUST got a regular paying job... over a year later. I need to be out of here and don't see how I can make that happen. I don't see a way out. Help?

I fear letting people close to me... Particularly women. Not to mention approaching women, or opening myself up to anything remotely romantic (forget intimate).... Losing weight so I'm not ashamed of myself is a start... And at certain point, I just have to DO it... I'm not sure I have a specific plan in mind, which is probably the biggest problem.

FOMO - my fear of missing out. So often I say yes because I don't want to miss a new learning experience, fun with friends, or a great opportunity. But this means that I don't say no often enough, and that I'm not always honest with myself about what I have capacity to do, or what I even WANT to do. I am trying to be better about closely my decisions, thinking about what I really want and why I want it, and whether it's something I want MORE than something else, etc. I think being clearer about what I want and more honest with myself about that will help me say no more often (and yes more genuinely!)

I am afraid of causing pain or suffering. I plan to spend more time taking care of myself, my stuff, and Let some tons of things maybe even people to that place I don't need to care about called away.

Fear of failure and as a result, a fear of instability. The hardest part is taking the first step and making a change from comfort. I need to just make the first step more willingly.

A fear of disappointing my business partner. It creates a bit of stress when I take time off. Feel that it is expected of me that I need to do more. It limits me take time off work.

I am afraid of others not thinking of me as interesting, competent, and worthwhile. This puts control in another person's hands. It makes me try to do end runs, so that I am not vulnerable. I will eat better and will look and feel better, than I will..., I will go away, try to understand what this person wants or become what I think that person wants, then come back and give him the answer or present my "best" self. I will do things that will make this person like me or feel a certain way about me rather than just say what I feel. This I were open, vulnerable, I might short circuit a lot of useless emotional energy or work. I say what I feel or think and we work with that. It may bring up many new possibilities. But it would be dealing with the real situation and not just what I think it is.

My biggest fear is of rejection. This could be fear of not being loved. Fear of people not liking me. Fear of saying the wrong thing. Fear rules me. I act nice and happy and do my best not to make waves. I plan to confront this fear and see where that confrontation takes me. I hope to find some kind of better resolution that does not always drive me to push down my thoughts so that I can say some of the necessary things to people. This is vague because I am very afraid.

Fear of doing something wrong. Not sure that I'll be overcoming it. A fear of wasting my time. I plan to spend far less time on Facebook and other social media sites.

Fear of not being competent. Fear of Failure is less of a problem because you can try again, but if you cannot ever do it...incompetence. I must keep on trying and be wise and observant to test the results to see into which category an endeavour falls. This goes for relationships, work related stuff and spiritual activities.

I think I have a fear of not being in control of the moment for fear of being hurt by other people, judgement, and seaminhly scary situations. This makes me tense and unable to listen or be calm. These fears have limited my experience of me experiencing myself with myself and with others, and of being fully present in the moment. I have anxiety essentially. I hope that by creating more awareness of this and be learning to trust and remain positive, by identifying fearful and negative beliefs i will be able to change old thought partterns and move on. By recognizing that my primal brain is not me, that i can respond soothingly to these feelings instead of react to them, i can begin to be free. And by replacing negative thought patterns with positive thought patterns I will be able to attract a more loving joyous life experience in general. I am looking forward to that. I also hope to let go of control and forgive the past so that i can allow higher power to work through me and for me so that I can be happy and be an example that can inspire others to their happiness too.

Funny about the money - hope that everyone will shut up now they have been given some of the inheritance from my mother

1) Fear of ending where I am, being a crutch to my father's financial mistakes: it has limited me in that I think twice of making a career move from where I am right now, I would love to just pack a bag and move to another province or country and start at the bottom somewhere and move on up but I wont be able to sustain myself financially when I have to be a crutch back home- and I am not going to live a life of debt by moving out. For now, I will study further, acquire specialised skills in my profession and become indispensable. Become employable and wanted so that I can pack my bags and move- and still live within my means! 2) Fear of approaching attractive women in public or being for resolute with girls I like: I understand that physiologically rejection has the same effect on our brains as the feeling of pain ie: its a mental condition and not one that truly is accurately reflection on who or what I am. I believe its just my insecurities about myself that is limiting me and that associate pain factor related to rejection but ultimately I know I am far more than a girl that doest warm up to me and that Im tired of living with the pain of regretting more than the pain of rejection.

missing the boat, failing to act in a timely fashion about something that I can't go back and do over, such as my children's childhoods. This year I want to live from a place of an appropriate amount of responsibility for other people, even my children, to trust them with their lives and to bring more of my self and less of my worry to my relationships

Fear of abandonment, of being exploited and devalued. I will continue to work on self-care, self-acknowledgement, and self-awareness. I will also continue to try to grow in my closeness with and dependence on G-d.

The fear I have is I will not be able to afford my home, and then I will not be able to sell, and buy a condo and I do not know where I will live or be with my husband that caused this problem. I am not sure I can let it go, I can't forgive and I still take care of him. I do not know how much longer I can continue. Hope things are better next year

My biggest fear is of something happening to my son or husband. I just need to reassure myself that I will be able to deal with whatever comes.

Non è proprio una paura, ma è la mia mancanza di costanza e difficoltà a concentrarmi. Per lavorarci uno psicologo sarebbe l'ideale, l'unica cosa che posso fare io da solo è cercare di porre attenzione a ogni singolo istante e piccola cosa.

I have always been terrified of Death. Really of being dead. I have no idea how to overcome it. I have tried talking to two mediums over the last few years. I am considering doing this again sometime during 2015.

It's not exactly a fear but more a profound discomfort: I am having severe difficulty adjusting to being over 40. I think it largely stems from not being able to have a successful pregnancy. I also don't feel that I've progressed as far in my professional life as I would have liked to by this time. It's a vicious cycle -- I feel shitty about what I haven't been able to do, and feeling shitty prevents me from taking the actions I need to take to make the progress I want. And I live in a state of fear and shame because many of the people I associate with professionally are around 10 years younger than me. I think I look younger than I am, but people can figure things out. I wish I could just be comfortable with it -- it's not like everyone else isn't aging too -- but I just hate it. I still feel like a 25-year-old inside, and I resent that reality won't cooperate with me. I know the only way to get out from under it is to just do what I'm good at, take good care of myself, and give up worrying about what other people think of me. I am not sure how to do that.

I have been fearful about being lonely and this has governed how I treat those around me - I have been working to let others get close to me so that I will not be so self reliant and distancing to others - when behavior around me is threatening, or unwelcome I can detach and not distance. This will keep me true to my core values and lend me confidence rather than distancing which signifies my vulnerability.

Existential fear of existence - feeling a need to control, that if I do not take control, that bad things happen! Margareta's gift and John's: Trust in Christ and the Spiritual World. Never fear. Ask and trust. Amen!

I'm terribly afraid of disappointing people or letting them down. It means that I end up saying yes to a lot of things I don't want to do or feel like will take too much out of me, or I don't say no when I should. Sometimes I even offer to do extra things that aren't needed or expected of me, to make sure that I'll be "useful enough" to keep around. I don't know how I'm going to overcome this. It's hard to set those limits for myself.

I'm terrified of being emotionally intimate with a man. It's limited me that I cannot enter healthy relationships. I am currently in therapy specifically with that goal in mind. To open myself up the the willingness to be vulnerable to let a man into my life both emotionally and psychically. I'm excited to get to that comfort level.

I think I have a deep fear of success, somehow, because actually succeeding means things have to change. My mind puts all kinds of blocks and obstacles when I dream big, and then those things become the only things I can think of, as if everything is conspiring to keep me in the same place and doing the same thing. I am trying to tackle smaller things that stretch my limits, like making a business plan, and attending local events with the temazcal group. I also am afraid to leave Mark alone. That kept me from going to the APTA conference in September, keeps me making extra trips home so I can touch base with him instead of just staying in town. I guess this is even more imperative to me because I really AM the "only" parent. I feel more cautious about him, and not just because of all the trouble he got into, but because there is no one else to be a parent. I don't know if there is anything more that I can do to let go of this one, except take the time to remember that at the end of the journey, we will all be together again. What helps me let go of the children in the moment, is to regain my connection with nature and the 4 directions and the elements, to remember that they are not "mine" per se, they just passed through me. I feel like I am in a sort of strange place in my life right now, a place where I can recognize patterns that do not serve me, and yet I feel so much resistance to change them. Embracing ever deeper layers of my authentic self becomes more difficult, because at the root of everything are the fears of not being "enough" -- good enough, lovable enough -- that love is contingent on being someone else other than myself. This is a fear that is really hard to let go of. I'm working on it through journaling, through artwork, counseling, and being with David, who really does seem to think the world of me just as I am and just as I grow.

I have a lot of fears (discomfort?) around driving, which makes it difficult to do the things I want to do, given my remote location. I think that moving back to a more central area in June will make it easier to rejoin the land of the living.

I have been afraid to take the next step (or any step really) with my writing. But I have begun to miss it. God, even admitting that is scary. I am not expecting to stop being afraid by next year, I just hope that I will have done something, taken some step, even a small one.

I am very afraid of failure. I am terrified of taking the cset and not passing it and wasting my family's money. I need to prepare for the test and at least take the online practice test to know what Im really up against. If i dont try i can never achieve my goals. But i couldnt bare failing. Fact: I cant move forward without it. Fact: i must move forward for my family and myself.

Fear of being totally broke! I have not taken time off or jobs that don't pay as well as my current one because of this fear. I want to retire so planning for that I am hoping will help me to overcome this fear. Knowledge is power.

My fear is that I will be alone without a romantic life partner. Knowing that I will be okay, even if I don't have one.

I fear failure. I am terrified of putting all my eggs in one basket then the basket breaks and I don't know how to pick everything up again. I guess this causes me to doubt myself and my ability and limits me from putting everything I can in.

I am afraid of failing, like so many people I know. It has slowed me down. I always push through but I think if I had more confidence I could do so without so much pain and discomfort. This year I am trying to imagine the person I want to be and how she would plow forward without wasting time being fearful of failure. I am working hard to reflect on my successes and let go of always seeing only what didn't get done.

I cannot think of any. It is a pretty good time for me, in this respect.

I have a fear of diverting or changing "the plan." When unexpected things come up, that stresses me ad I often don't do things outside of "the plan." This prevents me from trying new things or being very spontaneous. I like my life plan but sometimes it is okay not to have everything nailed down.

I fear not moving forward with any piece of my life. I fear being alone. I fear that some of the relationships I have will dissolve if I change - clearly part of the reason I have not "moved forward" / changed. I fear that little things will take over. Part of letting go of these is the Joy pr0ject. Part is the continued look for a new job. Part of letting go is to embrace risk. I will continue to pray on that!

My fear is that I'm missing something more. I am learning to be happy with what I have, and I sincerely think that what I have is great, but family pressures have me believing that I should be aiming for a bigger brass ring. My fear is that I am letting the good be the enemy of the great, and I'm missing out because of it. I think when I am able to focus more clearly - not in graduate school, for example - I can start too look at different angles and evaluate my life more closely. I would be sad to know that I missed great, but I am enjoying the good quite so thoroughly.

I don't know why and I really don't have a handle on it right now but I have a fear of success. I believe that, deep down, I think that I'm unworthy of my dreams. I've been working on this for quite a while and I'm a good person and I spread a lot of love in the world. I know in my head that I deserve it. But... I will continue on my path of practicing Yoga and meditation and I will - hopefully - break through soon!

My main fear is that I'll never feel worthy or satisfied with who I am as a person. I know how I feel about myself currently negatively effects relationships of any kind, especially romantic relationships. I am going to continue going to therapy to hopefully learn new ways of shifting thought patterns. I want to slow down in general. Take things slower and hopefully make better, healthier choices.

Hay muy pocas cosas que me me dan miedo pero tengo que admitir que me da un poco de miedo mis grados en el colegio.

I fear of being alone. I think I'm getting past it by doing more stuff alone. I would like to go to the movies one time by myself. I would like to get a handstand. I have to stop being scared.

See many of my other answers. Biggest fears: 1)Not being good enough 2) Not being love-able (see #1) It has limited me by making me put off creating. It has limited me by making me more brittle than necessary. It has limited me by using my precious energy and time suffering things that aren't real. Keep working on spiritual practice. Maybe try more things before I am fully prepared? Terrifying.

I fear that I will be revealed as an incompetent fraud at my job. I guess the answer lies in doing two things--first I must work on mastering my job. Second I must let go of self-limited fears and worries about my competence.

Un miedo que yo y todos del mundo tenemos es el miedo de "failure" y nos limita a todos para hacer las fosas si miedo de no poder hacerlo

Who said it? What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail? I don't know the numbers, but I'll bet the fear of failure is one of the big ones. What is it we--I--really fear? Embarrassment? Ridicule? Rejection? Regret? Emotions exacting the price of fully expressing and experiencing our lives. Some of us may simply be wired this way, some have learned it, but all of us have the fundamental need to belong. Can we belong if we don't fit in, are rejected? Can we overcome regret if we make a mistake? Someone else has said it is the things we do not do that we regret most. Who puts the label "failure" on things that work out differently than we expected? Buddhists would say those expections are our undoing, the source of our misery. Peace comes from accepting what is and finding the silver linings. As I move toward this next phase of my life, I feel a pull toward and a peace in being more authentic...just who I am. It will require an awareness of times and situations in which I feel false or hold back out of a self-conscious caution. Too often, these are times I want to express joy. Now isn't that something...holding back joy?

I have been afraid how others would respond to my crime. Therefore I have avoided chancing some potential opportunities. Working at Olio and Aceto followed being open about it, so did working with Doug on her memoir. Those examples of positive outcomes have a hard fight against the pain of being fired from my teaching jobs and Pierce Group Benefits. Alberto says we actively practice self-loathing and that is why rejection can hit so much harder than acceptance. There are also the examples of personal rejection too--Katie, Nikki, James? Kate asks why their opinion matters so much, why it matters more than hers. Alberto says we believe these rejections mean a person sees the terrible truth about ourselves while those who love us just haven't come to see or accepted that yet. That's like how I have feared my addiction really is too much for Kate and her giving up on me is just a matter of time. It's also how I feel being out in the world. Here I am, a sex offender, driving, shopping, eating out. Others treat me decently because they just don't know. So what am I to do with that? Maybe the more I walk around with this conviction, living the terms of probation, living the terms of registry, maybe I will come to fear being found out less. If I accept the terms, if I also accept that people's reactions are just going to be their reactions, and see them less as a persistent threat but more of a fact of life, like not being generally afraid of drowning even though it is a fact of life that I can't breathe underwater, then I will find some relief. And time will go on, shortening the duration of my probation, the duration of my registration, and the impact of my crime. And the more compassion I cultivate towards those who push me away and those who might push me away, the more gracious I can behave toward them and the less hurt I will feel.

Fear of failure effects meore than I wish. I need to Let go of that and just be human. Stop trying to be perfect.

I don't know that it is fear, but there certainly are barriers to moving my life forward in a different direction. Some of the barriers are self imposed temporary priorities that will remain at the top of the list for about 2 more years. Other barriers are doubts, but what is it that I doubt? I don't fear change, I generally embrace change and moving forward- it is exciting to me. But change also takes energy and it feels like I am gathering the strength required to make a change. Perhaps that is enough of a push to take me, ultimately, in a different direction.

I have a fear of making change. I have been in the same job for almost 10 years, because I am afraid at my age to take risks. Being a healthy risk taker is empowering. I also have a fear that I will be old and just sitting around watching tv and drinking wine, being non productive and then becoming depressed. I need to make changes in my tv watching, read more and get out and be with people

I don't really live in fear. I often live in frustration. I guess I could say I fear living in this frustration for the rest of my life, not being as happy as I should be. I guess I have health concerns, since I Have a couple of surgeries in my future. I fear not being able to walk and getting fatter. I can overcome it by pushing thru the pain, using the exercise bike, making time for myself to work out.

I think I am overly concerned about what people will think and it has stopped me from just going for it.

The fear of dropping dead before I've lived and done more. Life is too short. One of my failings is the inability to 'let it go'!

I'm afraid my partner is too much like my father, and I'm going to raise children with the same type of father I had. I worry he's going to work too much, be too absent, both from my life and my children's. It hasn't limited me, because I'm still moving forward with this man, but I think I need to both acknowledge that they are not the same person, and also talk more about my fears with my boyfriend.

I am terrified that my husband and his legal team will create some sort of way to twist or transform my or my daughter's righteous or reasonable behavior into some "other" interpretation that causes me to either lose custody of her or be legally punished in some other unconscionable manner. The only way in which I will be able to let go of this extraordinary threat will be to get to the signing of my stipulated divorce agreements without having anything of the sort occur. No other cure for this, I'm afraid.

I have a continual fear of my husband's cancer coming back. I mean, I don't think about it every day, but often enough. I am not sure it will ever truly go away; it is especially bad when he has to go for his quarterly check ups. However, if he can make it another year cancer-free, that will be a huge relief. One step closer to the 5-year mark!

Fear of making rash choices, of falling out with my partner and being loveless and embroiled in bitterness, of being left penniless and far from my goals and family. Some of these fears probably went into how I fell down earlier this year, betraying my loved one with a sex worker. My plan is to share more honestly with her, to keep celebrating what we love about each other, and to bring the same spirit we showed when we were on holiday this year, co-creating our lives together.

I often have a hard time pushing myself out of my comfort zone. I get anxious easily, and I lapse into easy relaxation and laziness. I want to push myself out of that, especially since I'm going to be living on my own when I see these questions next. I plan on setting rigorous schedules for myself and organizing my time carefully so I have no downtime to waste.

I have been afraid of lack, or not having enough money.Though the circumstances have been real in some way, in others I have been overly cautious, making up for my mother's lack of caution, and I have held myself back tremendously. It has made me take on clients I don't like, stick with things longer than is good for me, and hold back my passion for life. I am getting older. In two years, I will be as old as my grandmother was when she died of a brain tumor. I plan to sit with myself and try to find the place of trust, let go slowly, but let go and trust that there will be enough.

The fear of survival - making it in this world because I am not loving or lovable. Start believing that it is not true!

I'm afraid I won't be able to make the changes I say I want to make. Best way to handle this: keep my eyes on the goal, but take it one step at a time. (Please pardon the cliches!)

I have a fear of authority, which means I am always trying to please others, especially those who I perceive as being of higher authority than myself. Even though I know my boss is incompetent and that I know better than him what should be done, I often put my mental and physical health secondary to carrying out his badly-formed orders. I am beginning to learn to take care of myself and my needs first, and to trust my intuition. I hope to hone this practice into a graceful confidence in myself and my work, and to try to stop pleasing others at my own risk.

I have a terrible fear of needles that has prevented me from receiving regular health checks. This year I intend to get some anti-anxiety drugs, to get regular screenings with them.

I fear making mistakes. Many times it's prevented me from acting on my intuition. It can be paralyzing. Fear is conquered by love and balanced by courage. Fear is like inertia - it can't be (permanently) dismissed, but it can be overcome... For me, a small prayer often helps.

I fear that my wife will not follow me or allow me or approve of the things that I care about. Irrational though it may seem!!!

I have some fears around money and ensuring we have enough to continue living as we have been. I hope my consulting practice continues, and that I have a little bit more work in 2015.

I suppose if I were to be honest with myself, the biggest fear that has held me back to this point comes from s place of lack - fear of not having enough resources to meet my needs as I step fully into my soul's calling. As I move forward, I focus on what I am most passionate about and follow that. The more I let go of the fear and move into a place of love and peace, the more am supported by the universe.

Fear of not having the resources to grow old gracefully. Keep at it, every day that God allows me.

Oh my, I fear so much. I fear that my kids are going to be sad and unhappy. I fear that I am too permissive. I fear I am not raising my children well and they will not be successful and it will be all of my fault. I fear that I am out of control in so many aspects of my life. I fear entering a relationship. I fear not having enough money. I fear my car breaking down. I fear change. I have no plan, and that also causes me fear.

I have a fear of having no money in the future. This at times stops me from enjoying the moment. But I'm getting better at enjoying today while it is here. Hopefully I'll continue to improve over the next year.

I fear that my children will see less of me as I work too much, but I am going to try to find the best work/life balance that I can by monitoring quality time with the kids the way that I monitor my products.

I am afraid of being abandoned by my husband. It's stupid, really. I am afraid that I am inherently unloveable. I have to remind myself that these fears are unrealistic. I plan on eating food that makes me happy. I plan on drinking wine in the evenings. i plan on being as happy as I can.

That I will be alone. It's such a vain thought but I really want a date. I plan to put it to the one that I love to give me a yes or no. No I will move on... but I must move on.

I have fear of failure, which causes me to act more cautiously than I'd like. I have fear of being hurt physically, which causes me to hold back on some physical activities. I have a fear of trying big new things. I have a fear of heights, which I try to work on. I have a fear of forgetting names, which causes me to doubt myself when I see someone I know. Time to conquer them all! Good luck Jeffrey.

I fear that others will see me as being intrusive and this stops me from commenting/participating when I really should. I'll try to be more insightful this year or ask for feedback to know how to modify my behavior.

I have a fear of people leaving once they find out about my past, to the point where I've started realizing that if it looks like the other person is pulling away from me, I will usually pull away from them first so that it won't hurt as much. I know the friends I have now wouldn't do that, but I need to work in overcoming that.

I fear failure and it leads to a lot of procrastination and avoidance. I tend to hide and avoid thinking or talking about situations that I'm not sure how to solve, or that go wrong despite my best efforts... which of course just leads to vicious cycles as things get worse and worse and I avoid them more and more. With the love and help of friends and family I've gotten better at admitting to myself and others that I'm lost or over my head, and I want to continue that trend!

Fear of failure. No matter how many times I read how unsuccessful Thomas Edison was before he invented the light-bulb, it still gets in my way.

I have a fear of flying. It's kept me from traveling and visiting family. I don't have any plans of letting it go or overcoming it in the coming year.

I have always had a fear of being financially insecure. I know that is because I grew up in very poor household and saw firsthand what happens when people loose their jobs or you can't pay your bills. This fear has influenced my decisions on my career. Whether I have pursued jobs that paid more (but wasn't a good fit) or I stayed in jobs that I determined were stable (even though I hated the work). I can say that my recent job change did a lot to face that fear, especially since I took a job that paid a little less, but should be more rewarding. But I still feel afraid that I may have to change gears because I will have too.

Since middle school, or maybe even before, I've suffered from social anxiety. It's more complicated than just a fear, but fear is a huge part of it. It's kept me from so many things in the past, and, since we moved this summer, I know it's been partly holding me back from making friends. Meeting new people can be an exhausting experience for me. But, friends are one of my primary sources of energy. I'm stuck in a sort of energy limbo. I have so little experience finding and making friends, it's hard to know where to start. But I know things will just get darker if I can't move forward. I don't know yet how to overcome it. I can only hope that, by this time next year, I will have a least a few friends here.

I fear change greatly and I'm coming to fear death. My need for security, routine, which arises from the former, has limited me in my personal and professional lives. I haven't dared or tried new things: I'm too afraid of failure and censure. Still, I'm living a relatively comfortable life and am relatively happy. I dunno. No feat adventures in my life and no residual injuries.

Many fears - one is not being relevant in my industry and not getting enough work to live. Another is becoming more debilitated and not being able to work. Overcoming the first: Building more skills, using results of evaluations of my training to help me feel better. Valuing myself and my knowledge more. Latter: Just keep on going when I can.

Fear of getting scheduled, limited me in that I don't work on anything meaningful or long term or helpful for others. Shouldn't let it go; will try to figure out how to work on good causes with out a schedule.

Not having the money for basic needs. I plan to continue to work hard and budget well. Money isn't everything but it helps to buy food.

I fear that I am working to live instead of living to work. I worry that maybe I am doing it all wrong. I am working a job I don't really enjoy to take care of my family. I am pretty sure the sacrifice is worth it, but sometimes I wonder. But I can't quite midstream without a good backup plan. I also worry about where I live. I only live here because of work. It is a good area, but it is far away from family.

That I will have regrets. That I won't follow my heart. I am going to do the research, set goals, do daily practise and acieve the things I want in life. That I'm not good enough and that people will laugh at and criticise me. I am going to set goals, do daily practise...ditto basically!

I'm afraid to quit my job because I make really good money and I have all the insurances one needs to take care of loved ones in case a catastrophe happens and I'm not here for them. I am equally afraid that if I don't quit my job I will not have the time or mindset to write and create and really be me which I had just started doing again before I went back to work. I am afraid that in 5 years I will look up and I will be sitting in this exact same place, having failed to accomplished anything new or worthwhile. Fear is fighting fear at the moment, and it is stalemate. Otherwise, my choice would be obvious. I am feeling major cognitive dissonance

I spoke of this during my job interview for this position, but I've always had some social insecurities especially in the areas of public speaking. In my new role, I will be not only interacting behind the scenes but would love to ideally become the "face" of the program, working on marketing efforts and getting the word out. I will also be leading Orientation sessions for the program participants among other things, so I think I really need to reach outside my comfort zone and get more comfortable with my professional image and with speaking as an authority to these students.

That I will have spent all my years in academia for nothing. I plan to work on my projects and solidify them.

I have a huge fear of commitment which time and again have meant I let awesome people out of my life. It would be nice if I got over that. I think I'm going to go to more therapy sessions once my financial situation stabilizes.

Like a lot of people, I fear change from the comfortable. It has limited me in my work choices, my ability to get rid of unnecessary clutter in my life (both literally & figuratively), and my ability to prioritize my personal activities & relationships the way I'd really like to. It may be a cop-out, but I hope to overcome it with the help of a strong & understanding life partner, if I can find her.

I known my lack of self-belief has held me back from pursuing acting properly, it's not just the fact that I can't afford to be an out of work actor. I wish I didn't believe I was a failure everytime I don't get a part/audition and could stop imaging everyone laughing once I've left the audition room. I'm going to try and do some CBT to help with this.

I have been very afraid of being alone "forever". It makes me feel desperate to find a partner before my time runs out. It makes me feel a lot of pressure to have every date work out, and to find the right person before someone else snaps him up. I also have difficulty forming close friendships with other single, straight women my age because I see them as competition. The thing about this is that it makes my life a lot more stressful than it needs to be and makes me feel lonelier than I need to. In the coming year, I want to work to become more at peace with who I am and what I offer instead of trying so hard to convince everyone I'm worthy. Maybe if I find worth in myself, someone else will too.

I have a fear of sounding dumb, of not speaking out till I'm sure every possible thing I say is not just defensible but impermeable. Of course that's never true. I admire a friend of mine who is always willing to mix it up, take a stand. I'd like to be a little more like her. I will take baby steps by writing more controversial opinions on my blog.

I fear failure. I fear failure in every facet of my life. Professionally, personally, as a partner, parent, sister, daughter, friend. It is paralyzing at times and it drives me to be a perfectionist. It makes me short tempered, angry, and frustrated with others. I don't know how I will overcome it except to remind myself that it is ok to stumble, it is human. And to pick my self up and dust myself off. In a year, I really hope I read this and believe that a lot has changed.

My fear has to do with the lack of money I have and what I will do when it runs out. It has limited me in that I am frozen as to how to get it under control. I am going to try to follow my advisers help.

I fear rejection, I pretend like I don't care but I really do, I have no idea how I'll get over it,,

My fear is of my cancer returning -- still suffer from a sort of PTSD thing. It limits me emotionally, but I try not to let it limit me in how I spend my time. I think, hope, that with passing time the fear will lessen,

I have a fear of failure. It has both limited and pushed me. I don't want to disappoint my family, so I struggle to succeed. At the same time, I don't want to fail or seem stupid in front of people, so I don't put myself out there.

The fear of abandonment has been very limiting in my relationships. If I let my anxiety about this run wild, I start to define relationships that don't need to be defined, go into intense fantasy future-planning , and demand things of people that are unreasonable and ultimately push them away. I do all these things to feel in control and save myself from feeling pain if people I care about leave me. Defining relationships and categorizing them and suddenly creating expectations around them (if this then that...), however,makes me feel anxious and bridle against the walls that I've set up anyway, though! I am letting go of this fear by taking my life and my relationships day by day. I am not giving in to anxious feelings by trusting in myself and those I choose to surround myself with to act in love and do the best they can at the time they have to do it.

I fear that people dislike me. I think I assume that everyone I meet needs to be convinced that I'm worth their time. I want to work on being more comfortable in my own skin and believing more in my own worth so that I don't always feel the need to win people over.

It is defiantly the need to fit in. I really plan on changing this belief because it has truly limited me and restrained me from pursuing what I care about and living how I want to live. I plan on rerouting that intent to fit in by accepting that my values fit somewhere and that they fit for me.

I have a big fear of being destitute. It has limited me because the fear prevents me from taking full control of my finances. I'd rather hide and pretend everything is hunky dory. I need to overcome this by sitting down and really looking hard at what our assets, income and expenditures are, and stop wishing it would all just magically take care of itself. I also have a fear that my children won't be happy and independent any time soon. They have no student loan debt, but are struggling to gain a toehold in this economy.

My fear is expressing all the hate, anger and negativity that I feel. I've learned to do so carefully, so it's not as bad, but there is still so much. There is no shame, any longer, for these feelings or thoughts. I believe they are correct and justified, but all the "positive" a**holes are brainwashed otherwise. Facebook helps until I get deleted, almost exclusively by Jewish sites. Obviously they would rather end up in gas chambers than hear negativity, or any other unpleasant truth. That is a snippet of what I'm talking about.

My biggest fears are still about the people around me. Both in 2012 and 2013 my answers were about fearing that people weren't telling me what they actually think about me. My experiences this past year have been different; my fears now are more that I can't trust people to be mindful of what's going on inside them. Not that they're being knowingly untruthful, but that they're just not thinking at all. What do I do in the face of that? And knowing it's a thing people do, how do I keep from being part of the problem?

On a macro level, I'm afraid of not being in control. Of what I'm doing, of my safety, of how people see me. That means that I don't break the rules very often, or go out on crazy experiences, or do things where I don't know what to expect. It means that I don't usually want to give someone else control over my feelings-- so maybe I stay a little more closed off than I could. So, I want to take some more risks. Not life-threatening, but go sailing when it's a little too windy, or ask someone out on a date. Be a little more spontaneous, and try things that I'm hesitant about. Because, who knows? It could leave me hurting, or it could leave me in love.

A fear. Besides clowns, roaches, bedbugs and sitting next to really disgusting people. I am a little afraid of the future. I mean that in the strictest sense. I'm afraid that all the work and progress I'm doing and making will amount to nothing. That all these years in school and all of these connections will wither away and I will spend my final days working retail. However, on a looser scale, I don't particularly like to let people get too close to me. I wonder if I'm so (pick a descriptive adjective: bland, weird, cold, unorganized, ugly, fat...)I would scare anyone who really wanted to know me away. Then on the occasions when I do extend that olive branch, i think I may, in reality, be extending the whole damn tree and seem too eager and happy to know someone. I don't have a lot of friends- I never did. So the prospect of reaching out is scary and exciting. Exciting because i really don't know how the next person will perceive and react towards me. Scary because I may be rejected. Finally, to answer your question, I fear appearing weak and vulnerable. It's so ingrained in who I am, I don't think I can ever get over it completely. It 's something that arises or receded with the person or situation I'm dealing with. I suppose trust has a lot to do with it.

I get anxious about all sorts of things, usually stuff I make up in my head, and then it never happens. So I am going to stop panicking about made-up nonsense in general.

I have a fear of leading people down a path that will be seen as the wrong direction. I'm afraid to fail in this regard because my failure will affect others - and the larger the group I am to lead the more frightened I am about this. Likewise, I'm afraid of public speaking because I rarely seem to have the confidence to speak about something with authority. I'm worried that I will be asked a question that will expose me as someone who does not know what he is talking about. I'm especially afraid of a heckler. I don't see "letting it go" until I have the confidence to speak about something. I feel that if I can define the parameters of what I'm trying to say and then say "I don't know" - with confidence - about all of the other stuff would be O.K.. Public speaking requires a lot of preparation so I intend to prepare myself well. I just hope I remember that I don't have to know everything.

I still fear that when I'm reviewed at work, I'll be found lacking. I don't plan on letting it go or overcoming it. I think this is a useful fear that can drive me to work hard to make sure I'm doing a good job.

I seem to have a fear of trusting my own self reliance. I may approach this through travel (but it scares me!). I'd like to define myself outside of my known relationships.

Procrastination. Will it interfere with my goals. Action is the only solution.

I have a few fears, like dying before my husband, leaving my daughter in the position of being his caretaker. But nothing I fear has limited me from doing what I want or need to do. I put my trust in God and believe that He will provide what is needed when we need it.

I am afraid I will always hate myself. I'm not sure how I'm going to ever let that go, but I think I just have to take the leap. I think I have to go to therapy. I think I have to heal. I think I have to stop being so hard on myself.

I fear that I will either again choose a partner who is jot going to be a good choice for me. My almanac match. Or that I will be along not ever finding a partner in my lifetime. I want my fear to be actually falling in love with the appropriate woman who can love and nurture me and walk alongside me on our journey together. My fear stoops me from walking forward and seeking love from places and with people I don't know.

It's always the fear of not being good enough, of not being taken seriously because I ask questions, of failing ... I have no idea how to overcome that. I had a moment of enlightenment this year when I realized that's it's all about the bigger picture not about being perfect. Perhaps I'll follow this path further?

I don't know if I'm afraid of that much. There are definitely areas of my life that I need to address -- such as my body image issues or my inability to form serious romantic relationships. But I don't think that my blocks in those areas come from fear. I think they come more from dread of the hard work involved in fixing those problems. Addressing either of those problems requires an enormous amount of time and energy that I feel I can't devote towards self-improvement at this time. Especially given the fact that I am a generally happy person who is excited to wake up in the morning, excited to go to work, in love with my friends, and delighted with my lovers.

I don't know if it's fear more than just acceptance of spending the rest of my life alone in a "partnered" sense.

I'm scared of everything and nothing. My anxiety is starting to control me, and I'm going to take the control back.

My fear is how alcohol has seemed to control me and my life instead of me being in control of it. I plan on facing it and if not controlling it -- letting it go altogether.

I am fearful about putting controversial opinions out in the world. One way to let go is to just share my thoughts in public ways. I need to think about the appropriate forums. This fear underlies the fear of showing my authentic self - my beliefs and thoughts about the world and our role in it.

My default fear is about financial hardship. I've come a long way in releasing it. The mere fact that I'm going back to school means facing that fear. I'm not going to let it stop me from pursuing this. I'm going to face it.

Getting into school , working and going to school, trusting the right people to help with my son when needed. I'm just going to go & not think about the what if's and try to ignore them when they come up. Once school is paid for, that's it... No going back only forward. I'll just have to have faith and trust that it will work out. But for now I'm just moving forward like with the no worries God got this attitude, even if I am a bit concerned ;)

Where do I begin? There are so many. Fear of being judged badly by others and them telling the 'thruth' about me to others. Fear of flying, or should I say, fear of crashing. Flying is a horrible experience for my from the pain in my ear which leads to travel sickness, etc. For fear of being judges, etc. I'm going to be working on my self esteem.

I fear my husband leaving me the way my father left. I have been told that this fear holds me back from loving fully. I honestly don't know if that is true.

Falling. After falling last November (2013) and getting a broken elbow I am much more cognizant of the fact that my body just doesn’t bounce like it used to. Mortality suddenly became very real. My plan is to improve physical balance, strength and flexibility through exercise, stretching and training. I also plan to improve mentally by increasing front-brain thinking and awareness of surroundings and potential hazards.

I fear people not liking me. I'm always very careful about who I am around other because I just want to have friends and be liked. I go back and forth on whether I should change or it's their problem to deal with me. It makes it hard to get close to people. I really just hope I can learn to be okay with me and know that when I'm with others I'm giving them the best me. I want to like myself and have other people like me.

I am afraid that I cannot manage in this house alone. That I cannot do things for myself. That I need someone else to complete me. My plan is to forgive the Universe for 'doing this to me', and see what happens next.

I have a fear of being unloved or not worthy of love and I should be happy for any attention I get. I plan on letting it go by not dwelling on the people and situations that have contributed to making that thought process happen.

I am terrified of failure. The feeling of inadequacy and the guilt that comes with it-this fear is what holds me back the most in my life, without a doubt. It manifests in so many areas and it often causes problems where there needn't be any. In my love life, I anticipate negative reactions to situations that are of no consequence, and I can't help but secretly brace for the worst when I have no reason to doubt whatsoever. In my life as a whole, it paralyzes growth, it stagnates everything I love and appreciate about what I have now and makes the future seem uncertain. I know I can make any situation work for the best for myself. I am intelligent and I have the love and support of so many amazing individuals to carry me through anything that comes. Accepting and reinforcing this belief is the key to overcoming my fears.

I feel like I'm gonna be poor and on the streets with bad credit or something. I don't really know how to overcome it than to keep hustling professionally and hope that turns into money to pay off these stupid law school loans.

I fear my husband is losing his mind. He thinks I have lost mine. I fear the progression of this illness - caused by a CHT and how it has exacerbated in the years since the injury occurred. He is in in utter denial I am angry and sad. And I have a great shrink but the answers I seek are probably unanswerable. A problem that two people share cannot find a solution if only one person is trying.

I have a lot of fears... I certainly fear commitment, I fear vulnerability, I fear not being perfect. They are all interrelated, but it is that last one that I want to focus on. At work, fearing not being perfect means that I delay asking for help, I even delay asking for feedback or approval because I have convinced myself that it will end badly. I delayed the approval process for a website I'm building for B'nai Mitzvah Projects for 2-3 weeks simply because I didn't want to be embarrassed if my boss or board hated it. Or I didn't want to be scolded for taking liberties (read initiative) while creating it. I do need to overcome this. I do not shy away from criticism, especially if it is constructive. In fact, I value it. But I won't get it if I don't ask for it. I think recognizing this problem is helpful in and of itself. I have no choice in this job than to be more open with my work. I'll let you know how it goes.

I am scared of identifying with having a diagnosed mental disorder. I would like to make peace with the diagnosis, while learning to embrace the inner strength I have found to be as successful as I have been. Eventually, I would like to be an advocate for destigmatizing mental disorders and mental health care.

I fear Terrin dying. I am not sure that I can ever or should ever let that go, but it has limited me in the last year severely. Everyone else in my life suffered while I focused on the fear of her dying. And in reality...I can do nothing to stop that. I hope to overcome this fear by just keeping the hope that she will get healthy and make it out of her addiction alive.

Oh gosh. I fear not finishing the dissertation. I fear making it this far and hitting a wall and stalling out or quitting altogether. I fear not having money for my sixth year (or seventh year, if it ends up taking more time), and I fear not finding a job after that. I fear messing up my relationship. I fear gaining weight. I fear not being confident enough in myself to prevent these things from happening. I fear self-fulfilling prophecies or fears. I'm not sure how to let go of my fears, other than by trying my best not to fixate on them. I don't want to avoid self-reflection -- but I want to avoid overthinking the potential for failure. The potential for failure is a given part of life. By accepting that and not dwelling on it and instead focusing on what I can do and cautiously broaching but not overstepping my limits, I think I can let that fear be a potential and a motivator instead of a self-actualizing fear.

I have a fear of failure, and as a result, I think it keeps me from trying as hard as I can. I also have a fear of abandonment, and I get very worried when my wife goes away, or is unavailable by phone. I know this can't be good, and is very destructive, when I get so anxious. So, I want to really think about that (almost the way a baby has to discover object permanency).

I am afraid of having no one to grow old with. It has limited me in the sense that I feel embarrassed to do some things that are supposed to be done with a partner. I plan to focus on my own happiness and well-being, because if I feel good about myself then I will attract good people to me. And hopefully, a life partner. I believe that I will find a great man to share my life with, and have a family with.

Fear of being consumed by debt. I think about it 24/7. It is never out of my mind and affects my relationships, my health and my peace of mind. I realize now that I need to be proactive and downsize to a smaller house and wipe out our debt other than the mortgage.

I am afraid of feeling useless, which is what I would be if I didn't work. Hoda'ah and anavah are going to be the key - keeping on finding my value in the world.

Perhaps the fear I have is of realizing that I'm not working intently consistently enough and have to really apply myself day in and day out

I hope the counselling I'm having will help me overcome the obstacles to me receiving and giving love in my life...I fear being alone and lonely for the rest of my life. And last year's answer still stands: Failing. I think I see myself as a failure and further failure is my fear I guess. How I'm meant to overcome that, I have no idea. Perhaps by succeeding at not failing at something, but that would mean putting myself up for a possibility of failure. It's all very complicated!! I feel caged by my own fears and inadequacies!!!

I fear waiting too long to get to failure in my business. It's so slow moving, and my opportunity cost is increasing by the year. It definitely holds me back, which could be self-fulfilling, and probably has for the last year or two. I think the only way to overcome this is just to throw everything into it and not be afraid to call a spade a spade if things don't start to really turn up in 12-18 months. I also fear what people think of me. That's a strange fear, as I've never really cared in the past. I think I need to come back to a grounding in God and make sure I'm deriving my self-worth there.

I am very afraid of my family not having enough which leads me to buy things we don't need. Then I worry about debt. Ugh. I hate it

I fear hard work. It's sad but true. There's a novel in my head I'd like to write, and I fear starting it because I know it will be hard to find the time and give it my best. I'm not sure yet how to overcome it given all the limits on my time. But I will keep pondering it.

fear of not taking the first step towards a goal, often the first step is the hardest one to take another fear is being able to find adam the right direction and path to walk on from high school moving forward an exciting and scary time indeed

Fear of failure. Fear of uncertainty. Fear of complacency. Fear of spending my life regretting things. Fear of letting myself down. Fear of letting others down. Fear of spending my life being okay with spending my life regretting things (see fear of complacency.) It's okay to take things slow. It's not okay to bite off more than you can chew. I figure since I've already done all the above (and it's not that bad, debilitating at times, yes, but it passes) I'll just put on some Madeline Peyroux, some Kacey Musgraves, and when required some Pistol Annies, and get on with life. The world around us doesn't stop with us, doesn't grieve with us, doesn't sulk with us. Like I used to say, fake it till you make, right?

The people getting shot every day totally unnerves me. I don't understand how going out and killing innocent people has become so commonplace. Seriously, it seems as though I read about a new incident every day. I feel as though no one is safe. But what can I do about it? Not a thing, except do my best not to let it make me crazy.

I fear the future and that this, this life at the moment, is all there is. I am afraid to pursue my dreams, so much that I haven't allowed myself to even realize those dreams. I fear I am stuck at a job I am not passionate about and that I am too afraid to try anything else. I fear I will not have the strength to say no and end up in situations I do not want to be in. I believe I'll find some answers through meditation and therapy. I guess the only way to let go of my fears is to face them.

I don't feel like I've been especially afraid about anything. I'm afraid of standard things - being alone in dangerous scary places and the like - but I haven't felt especially held back by fear.

I also had intense trouble with discipline at school. Kids not wanting to learn, no clear procedures for discipline, etc. I took a healing class called In the Beginning led by Ruth McLaughlin, Lynn Redding and Reg. Ruth and her husband Robert had been head of Living Waters in all of South Africa for 20 years. Very similar to Living Waters, it dealt with mother wound, father wound, basic sin issues, forgiveness, etc. The Lord healed me of a fear based mother wound. I lived under the lie that I had to perform to be loved which crippled my attempts to be a teacher who disciplined well. I wrote “fear” on a stone and threw it into the “river” and lay down at the foot of the cross from which the river flowed. The Lord gave me a vision of a real stream and washed away the word from the stone at the bottom. I felt a tangible difference, a wholeness in my spirit that I had not had before. I was able to end my school year stronger. So this year, my new mantra is “It will get done.” I will not let administrative pressure to perform on tests, interfere with teaching. It will all get done.

I fear failure. So if I don't try then I will not fail. I want to bold and fearless in my life.

A fear that I have is men. It has limited me profoundly. I rarely date. My social life is limited because I avoid men. If I wasn't so scared of them I would be more relaxed in social situations, at work, in public places. Life would be so much richer. I won't be able to completely let it go this year but I know that if I continue to work on my mental health I will be stronger and calmer. I'm also working on my spirituality too, something I'm exploring more this year. I'm even doing this! Reading Buddhist and Christian literature, meditating, learning about Buddhism, attending church, practicing religious traditions like Lent and Yom Kippur, walking in nature have all enriched me and make me more comfortable in life.

Of starting over from scratch and in the hole financially. I plan on making my next move to South East Asia or South America next year even if I don't have a job lined up before I go. I have to believe there is always a way over, around, or out when looking for a result

A fear that i have this year is of trusting the wrong people and I am afraid to make friends. But this also prevents me from making friends, which is not a good thing. So I am working on trusting others, trusting that our time together will be opportunities for building, trusting myself in navigating these, and not being afraid to give of myself.

The fear of not being able to be seen as I truly am by my lover. Now everything I do is looked on with a cautious feeling from him. I am the person who lost the trust and takes time but until then. Till then I am fearful he will never see my true intentions or true feelings, because of lies and deceit. I do not know how to overcome it. But I keep trying to search for answers of my past and come up with less than nothing. He is the person I love and cherish and will keep trying. If it is in The Lord's will then so be it. I was in the wrong. Fear is what encourages me not to mess up though. I love this man and want a life with him.

I still fear, maybe now more than ever, inviting another human into my daily life in a romantic role. That I'm not built for it, or capable of long term intimacy like that. Frankly, I don't particularly plan on overcoming it this year. There's no need for that right now. And I don't actually want it. At all. I fear it, but I also don't desire it anyway. Though, of course, those two may be related. First, I'll get my kids out of school. And my finances in order. And my business successful. And my book written. And I'm far, far, far happier single than I ever was as a pair. I don't see why I should confront the fear of personal intimacy. I like my walls. I'm actually really happy in the little room I've made with the walls I've built.

As always, my tendency to procrastinate haunts me. This semester plays along with it nicely, but i fear the nature of the exams may kneecap me, and goodness knows what will happen next year...

I have a huge fear of taking chances / failure. This has kept me from dating, defining my own career path, etc. I will make real efforts to break out of my comfort zone this year. I don't have a plan yet. Again, it's small steps. I can't make myself a new person in one day. Hopefully I'll be able to spot those chances and act on them as they become available.

Fear of not having enough money or being able to provide. This year I have realized that even as I have moved up, I am still weary of not having enough money to meet the needs of Susie and our family. I realize that money isn't the issue. The issue is surrender and trust in God to provide. Trust that even if I don't have what I want, I will always have what is needed.

I have so many fears, it's hard to figure out how to work through them all. My anxiety has reached an almost intolerable rate by now. But, this is also why I have a therapist, and why we're working on this. A lot of stuff is left over from my childhood, for sure. There's also a lot of anxiety and fear left over from being homeless. Being trans and not knowing it sure didn't help either. But I don't think this anxiety is insurmountable, not by a long shot. It actually seems relatively easy, in it's own way. It's going to be a long and hard road, but I think the road is pretty clear about where to go and what to do, even if the terrain is rough. And once I do that, Liz and I can start thinking more seriously about kids, which will be fantastic!

Confidence - or lack thereof - that my unique body of knowlege and experience has value. I plan on owning my wisdom, but speaking up and writing more about issues surrounding mindfulness and other contemplative skills to promote healthy human development and maturity

I try not to be, but I am still afraid of people not liking me for who I am. I need to just let it go, because it doesn't matter! I've been working on it for a long time, and it's getting better, but I just have to keep telling myself that people do like me and that it's also OKAY IF THEY DON'T.

I have a fear of being left out by friends. It has negatively affected my interactions with my friends this year and I need to overcome it. This year I need to take control of my own fate and make plans to see friends if I want to see them.

I'm still afraid of social rejection. It keeps me from dating, going out with anyway, discussing things reasonably when upset, handling interviews well, or even applying for jobs. The only way to get get over this is to face it head-on, so that's what I'll need to do. Going to Meetups is helping with that, so there is hope.

Fear of being seen. Fear of not being talented enough. Fear of being ugly. I don't have a plan on letting it go but I will try to keep bringing it to consciousness.

I fear that I'm not good enough for Korrie- that I'm not pretty enough, thin enough, interesting enough, kinky enough, sober enough, queer enough, etc. In 5774 that contributed to us both acting co-dependently, and ultimately breaking up in January 2014. It was only four days before Sharon died. As I took the next couple of months to process my grief, I worked on figuring out what I wanted. I became stronger and more confident about my worth, needs and boundaries. In April, we got together again and in July we married. I still struggle with self-esteem. K is a wonderful support for me, and a constant cheerleader. But I don't want to lose myself in him. This year, I want to continue working on believing that "I am." I am enough. I am beautiful. I am intelligent. I am beloved. I am loved. I am. Thus, I am very aware of my fear of acting codependently and of not believing in myself, yet by the same token, I am aware that I want to live differently.

Of being judged. Try to speak even though I'm scared.

So one fear that I have is of being alone for the rest of my life. This resulted in me hanging on to a relationship way way too long....I should have ended the relationship after about 1 year but I kept thinking if I just do ___ it will get better. If he just does ___ it will get better. When really I knew that it probably was not going to work and I held on for another 1.5 years because I did not want to be without that security blanket of having a man in my life. I did the same thing with my previous relationship...I held on for about 4 years too long. What I am learning is that I am great all by myself. I feel wonderful being single and just being me. Such a relief to be out of a burdensome relationship even if it means giving up security. I need to remember this if and when I move into another relationship.

A fear I have is the fear of being rejected in social situations and it has made me more shy. I really want to shed that part of myself and have no fears when it comes to making new friends and talking to people.

A fear of working too much and not enjoying my life as much as I can. Being mindful of my need.

I think I fear the unknown. I don't know how something will come out so I shrink back and let things happen whether it works out for me or not. I think I'm worried that if I intervene more in my own life I'll muck it up in some way or other. I'm pretty insecure in that way. I want to become a more bold person and proud of myself. Someone who smiles because they mean it not just to see others smile and make himself happy. I think if I can slowly break down my barrier little by little I can make some progress. But its one of the hardest things to overcome...

I don't think of fear very much - aside from the dread (very real) of what's happening the climate and what's happening to us as a result (our inaction!) and how it will completely alter my child's life. I've had 40 years on this planet, she's had 3…. breaks my heart. I'm not sure if I could let it go, or if I should….

I'm afraid you will find out I'm not the good, smart, wonderful person you think I am. I need to be my whole self with all of you, instead of trying to manage how you think about me. To thine own self be true.

I fear my marriage will fail and that I won't make the best decisions as a parent for my daughter. I will try my hardest to trust in my husband and marriage and not dwell in this fear. I will try to learn to let go of this fear of failing as a parent. I know in my heart that I'm a great mother. I'm taking everything too seriously...I need to relax! My kid is an amazing person!

I found that I had a lot of fear inside of me, as well as some sadness and anger. It's not that I hadn't known this, but I've been making a point to go through myself and heal what I can. Sometimes I'm afraid of my strength, sometimes I'm afraid of being hurt, or unloved, or not being good enough. With meditation, lots of yoga, books, breathing and diligent work, I plan on letting go of fear and rooting in my strength!

Fear has kept me from being emotionally open with both my parents. I feel less close to them. It worries me about our future as a family. Whether they will be in my life and how involved they will be w my wedding.

I am afraid of quitting my part time job. So far having multiple jobs has kept me from being desperate when something falls through. I have taken to working more than I technically need to so that I can save, which is good, right? I hope that I have a fulltime job by next year, or am well on my way.

I have a fear of never finding a lasting relationship. I have no idea how to let it go or overcome it.

I fear that my husband will slip back into his more damaging addictive behaviors, and this makes me more vigilant and less intimate. I plan on using all my Al-Anon and Audrey skills to let go of what has happened and what yet may happen and stay in the present which is just fine. If this is as good as it gets, it will be OK.

I'm afraid to trust myself; it's limited me in some very tangible ways. I lost five days off my pregnancy because of it. I've let it limit me at work, in my relationships. I have to let go of that fear though because I'm about to be someone's mother and they need to see what it looks like to trust their inner voice; and I need to trust myself as a mother as well.

My most persistent fear is of not being good enough. It limits me in not allowing me to be myself, in causing me to second guess who I am, and what others might want of me. It causes me to try to please others more than I would like. In the coming year, I have no plans of letting it go because this is such a part of me. And I might as well overcome the Pacific Ocean. But I like that analogy: I'll look for low tide, conquer some minor fears to get through that first little set of waves, and then try floating with the bigger ones, rather than planting my feet and being battered.

I have a fear of disappointing people who expect a lot from me. It is limiting me because I am afraid to make mistakes and when I do make mistakes they eat me up from the inside. I don't know how I will overcome this but this fear has gotten a lot more profound since I've been in grad school so I need to figure out a way to maintain high standards for myself without putting myself down when things don't work out.

I am violently afraid of getting stuck in Eagle River, and not starting my life. I have been trapped here for four years, and next summer will be my earliest possible release date. College and California are my two tickets out of here. If I can't move, then I am going to travel. There is so much for me to discover about the world, and who knows how much time I have?

I'm mildly insecure in social situations-like large social groups. I don't know if I can overcome it due to my physical limitations of being deaf but I do want to be more assertive about letting others know what I can and can't handle in these situations.

Fear of failure. Leads to procrastination - I intend to stop that.

It's the same fear I've always had... the fear of failure, though in reality I think it has gotten better this year. I'm more and more confident that God is waiting for me to do something bigger. My bigger fear now is criticism from my husband. I do appreciate his input, but he's definitely not a dreamer or a risk-taker like me. :(

There is the basic fear of not having enough money to make it through the final chapter of my life without becoming a burden to the kids/grandkids. To address this concern, I will seek validation of my current planning scenario(s) with professional advisors.

I've looked at myself carefully, and I don't have any fears that limit me. If I have a fear, it is letting go of my kids, but this limits them, not me.

I fear missing out on my child's early years, so I haven't been motivated to look for work since she was born. Thankfully I haven't had to, but I think it'll be good for both of us to spend some time apart. I'm planning to get her out with more babies/kids and challenging my brain with work that I enjoy.

I fear failure a lot - most recently in my marriage. Because I don't think it will fail because of us - if it fails (which is a very unlikely thing) it will fail because outside crap wrecked us.

I am still very scared of intimacy. I am working on getting more comfortable around men, and am working with my therapist so that I can find a healthy, fulfilling relationship.

I have a deep, deep fear of moving back to America, of having to show myself as a failure there, then having to succeed at last. I Also fear staying here and having to succeed when I feel totally humiliated. Fear of success is limiting in every way possible, and I hope to change my attitude and be satisfied personally as well as be financially secure. Still, more and more I see my failures in a different light. That learning from failure can be a conscious act, one that I am perfectly capable of.

definitely of dh - or his gf, more likely - deciding that he really does want to divorce me [ and marry her] and what that would mean. probably losing the house, which would be pretty difficult. maybe losing income, losing insurance, depending on who wins the senate / if they kill obamacare. also, that i cannot get a dx, or ssdi, or tx, and won't get better and will have to cope with this memory loss & other issues forever. those have kind of kept me from stepping into this next year so much - i'm still in waiting mode. i can do stuff daily.... i can decide what's important to me, and try to do it. i can not let fear keep me stuck. i can explore what i can do without the huge time / energy / logistics sink that work was. [ and which i barely miss!]

I can't think of any major fears but I do experience anxiety sometimes so I guess managing that better when it occurs.

I am afraid that my grandchildren will not get the best education possible due to not great schools here in general, a really bad "home school" specifically. No one has funds for a private school education for these children. The first, aged 4, began reading at 2 1/2. The second, aged 2 1/2, isn't reading yet, but knows all letters and their sounds, and loves numbers. The third child, 8 months, is a stayed tuned deal. The father of these children, my son, was reading by the time he was 3, and became a behavior problem about 5 minutes after he started school, bored out of his mind!!! Do not want this to happen to the grands.

No fear, baby.

MONEY! Or lack thereof has completely ruled my life for the last year and it needs to stop. I'm through with letting it dictate my every waking thought. No more anxiety attacks, sleepless nights or fear of the future. I will proactively tackle my financial issues and not let them dictate who I am or who I plan to become.

The fear that my ex-spouse will continue to exert power and influence over my life. The fear that God is not with me.

I fear that I will never completely get better. Or that I will always be convinced that there if something to get better from. That I will never accept completely who I am so I can take the path towards healing. I'm afraid that the goodness inside me that I know is me will never completely open up to the world. I fear that my anxiety will continue to limit my life through my work, relationships, passions. I think if this is something I could accept and let go of the pain that consumes me I could be so much more open hearted, proactive and could start being more of the person I was born to be. I plan on overcoming this through working with myself. Meditation, yoga, transformation. Keep on keepin on and loving myself. Trying my best to be present and taking it one day at a time.

Fear that I won't be enough. Fear that I won't achieve what my family wants me to achieve. As the only member of my family to finish secondary school and go well beyond with my education, I feel enormous pressure to use my degrees to achieve something huge. The pressure is largely from myself, but I don't want my family thinking that I'd be better off having just stayed working at the local supermarket. I'm afraid I won't achieve it all. How to overcome this? Right now, I have no idea.

I feel very uncomfortable around people I do not know. I am reluctant to get myself "out there" to meet new people and could cheerfully live the rest of my life as a hermit. But I realize that isn't exactly a smart thing to do. So I hope to be able to drop the fear and get to know a few more people out here. I relocated a few years ago to a different state -- moving away from the area I'd lived all my life. I was in my 50's when this move took place. While I delight in my "new life" with my 2nd husband...I miss my local "support group" of friends.

Failure: humiliation, being written off. I'm going to investigate the source of those feelings and have a discussion.

Work has always defined me so I am concerned about being marginalized as I decrease my work commitments. What is that all about? Who cares that I worked hard, or fought for a woman's place in the workplace...and isn't it really all about my ego? I could just let all of this go!

I have a fear of being unloved, unrespected and being wrong! I am trying to overcome the being wrong one. All of us are wrong at times, that is how we learn. The other two are harder. About being respected, I guess that what other people think of me is not that important. As long as I live my life ethically, respectful of others, thoughtful of others, then I should be able to let go of whether others respect me.

I am afraid to fail. I need to fail.

Rs - I have apprehensions but no fear I want to get rid of. Ns- I have a fear that I will never get to the contented feeling of my dad above. I feel too rushed, too judged. Getting organized may help. Jp- I have a fear of not achieving enough in life but am so grateful that after reaching a depressing level by 2012, that fear has diminished with job and family going better after 15 years. I only fear that this may not continue but for the moment my natural optimism/dreaminess/vagueness are working in my favor.

I fear failure. I am sure this is generic cliche and every other blessed thing but I still fear failure. Failure is something that defines us as human beings yet all fear it to some degree. Some can act as if unattached to the notion of failure but the thought of failing resides. In every persons mind. Fear of failure for me comes in many variety. I fear I did not do well on the test I just took. I fear my grades will not be enough to get me to a good college. I fear I don't have a plan for what I want to do with my life. However more often than not I fear for the failure of others. I fear that the freshmen I mentor at school might not be performing as well as they could at school. I fear that I am not providing enough for them and they are not being properly welcomed at school. I fear for my father as he recuperates from his numerous surgeries. I fear failure of myself and others that I care about but I must move last this as failure is a critical component of success.

I fear losing my relationship with the love of my life. I am afraid that I will end up alone or that there is nothing else out there for me. I fear that if it does not work out that it will be my deepest regret in life.... ...I want to make a decision in the upcoming year to stay or move on. I want to hold onto my position of wanting to have an open life and a family and to walk away from this relationship if that is not possible. I fear the pain, but I also do not want to regret not pursuing a life of happiness and having someone to grow old with. I want to be able to play with my grandchildren and I don't want a decision today to affect my future.

Fear of having another stroke. Makes me anxious in two ways: fear of straying from my heart healthy diet at all and killing myself, and the anxiety about having another stroke and being disabled or dying and not seeing my kids grow up. Again, living mindfully, not like every moment is my last moment, but live in the moment--little room for fear there. Allowing myself to eat unhealthily occasionally but I don't know how to get over that fear.

Fear of how I look to others. Fear of being poor which was strangely immobilized me from getting anything done career wise. Fear of being alone. My plan- I need to just up my game on levels, perhaps some successes will increase my self esteem.

Wow, so see previous answer about spending time with myself and getting back into fit, this answer is almost the same as 2013 too! I still let fear in is when it comes to relationships with the opposite sex. I don't put myself out there enough, I keep my guard up. I'm not afraid of rejection, I'm afraid of not being accepted for me. I am evasive and hard to read. I need to challenge myself to play the field, to go out there into the world and find that person for myself.

I'm afraid of losing touch with my brothers. I'm afraid of losing what I have in my relationship that I don't focus on myself as much as I should. After my brothers surgery I hope to be in a better state

Fear of not being appreciated, or valued, for the quirky teaching style that I have to allow children to grow within their evolving personalities and teach them reading and math at the same time. My plan is to do what I can with the gifts that I was given, on a daily basis, to complete my tasks. Developing more confidence in myself is the best way I can to defeat personal demons.

I am so deeply afrais that my life won't feel like enough to me and that I'll end up just going about it, doing stuff. I am so afraid to live a 9-5 life with a house and kids and mortgages and no freedom and too many roots binding me to an officejob just so I can keep myself financially stable. I am so afraid I'll end up just going through the motions, and pausing my life in order to save up money to go live it. I want to be able to travel and experience, freely. Not to work for an asshole boss in order to scrabe together dimes, so I may one day go see the world. I hope to be able to work towards believing that everything will work itself out in the end, and that I am not too old to not know what to do for the rest of my life, or even just the next few years of it.

My fear: failure. Letting it go: NOW. There is a song called secrets. SO WHAT, she sings? She's smart. And strong. I have to learn to take this approach. I have to DO the things I am wanting to do, and let the successes or failures follow, and let those experiences become the bricks in the path that lead me forward.

I have a fear that I have lost too much of my confidence to be able to find a good job. I'm also afraid that I may never earn a real living again. I'm not sure how to let it go or overcome it, except to keep taking risks and putting myself out there and taking any action that seems indicated.

I have acrophobia and it has made me refuse to do things like sky dive and go on Ferris Wheels or zip lines. While I might enjoy doing those things, I'm good with that and am not going to l"et it go."

Recently I was helping a friend who has had surgery. I did just some light assistance. I stayed with her for 2 nights while her husband was away. She has a big very beautiful home. I sat in the recliner in the living room starting to watch TV and the thought came to me, 'I'll never have something like this'. My next thought was, 'why not?' And the answer was, 'because I'm not good enough'. That's baloney. I AM good enough for it. I don't live in a dump by any means, but you could fit over 3 of my condo into her giant home and I don't have a husband who takes care of me. I think of myself as a positive person but that limiting idea stopped me in my tracks and makes me want to work on it.

My fears of failure and abandonment have limited my confidence in myself and in my ability to to take risks with my career and my heart. I think the best or most effective thing I can do to overcome these fears is to understand that their source(s) do not reside in the present, but in the past. Focusing on my successes, both personal and professional, will raise my awareness of and ability to push through negative/counterproductive self-talk to reach for continued success. On the other hand, I will need to work on being kinder to myself in moments when I don't meet my expectations.

I think one of my biggest fears is that cultivating a relationship with the divine - being spiritual - is destabilizing, is dangerous, can not only hurt me but disrupt the epistemology and relationship to life that allows me to do real work in the world for the sake of justice. I think that there are real dangers of opening oneself up to the non-material energies of the universe, but I think I am committed to the notion that the dangers of staying closed to them are far greater. It is a perennial process to realize that commitment, and is essentially solved through faith. I am not sure what it will take to follow through on this project.

I fear leadership. I've head a few experiences where I was in a leadership role, did a fantastic job at them, but still felt insecure and untrusting that I could lead. This dynamic keeps me holding myself back unnecessarily. I want to let my light shine.

My fear of flying limits me. I can manage to make the short hops when I need to but am terrified of flying long distances. I'd like to conquer that.

I often fear my instincts/abilities and end up stubbornly choosing the long way around rather than the direct route. Although I always end up at the same place I hope to work on trusting myself and my abilities more. I'm not sure exactly how to go about doing that but I think I'm on the right track.

I don't spend much time with fear. And I don't want to drum one up for this.

This is a good one. I was just noticing how cautious I was answering the 10th question, how moderate. What am I afraid of? Externally: climate change and all the ways that humans bring about our own destruction, usually driven by our appetites and/or fears. Internally: not making the people around me happy, over-reaching somehow and then disappointing myself. Not being seen. Being seen and wiped out. Plans for overcoming or letting go? I think I need to keeping asking myself What am I afraid of?

How do I survive the last part of life in the best way. That "bird in the hand" thing can be very limiting.

I've sat with this question for most of the day. What fear do I have? I've lived in fear for so much of my life. Do I continue to live in fear? I think the existential fears that we all have: fear of death, fear of aloneness fear of meaninglessness..maybe I have these fears. perhaps what surfaces for me is the fear that I won't have enough time in this life to enjoy all of it. Fear that I won't have fully lived in the moments…but I try and I want to continue to try and to live in gratitude for all of life i get to experience.

I still fear failure. I need to step out of my comfort zone and try new things. I also can't give up on running out of the fear that I'm not improving. I've got to keep trying!

To show that i am not enough prepared, that was my fear this year. I don't took two offers of job. The big plan is: to fail and don't give up

I have a fear of public speaking. I'd like to think I'm pretty good 1 on 1, but put me in a room of 20 or more people, and I just freeze up. That's bad because sometimes I feel I have something valuable to share. I really don't have a plan other than the occasional tips I get from my wife and friends. I know there are courses in public speaking I should probably take a look at. For some it's an innate skill. For the rest of us, it needs to be trained.

I fear success and failure all in the same breathe. Contradictory I know...but there it is. I want to succeed and do good for myself but at the very same time...I am terrified of actually accomplishing something amazing. I have to become strong enough to get the hell out of my own way long enough to do something amazing with my life.

I fear losing my daughter, physically losing her and losing contact with her. I want to be her mother, but I also want to be her friend - someone she turns to for advice and fun. To overcome this fear, I have to teach her how to protect herself and I have to trust God to take care of her. As far as being her friend, I have to show her what a friend is, but since I am her mother, I have to also understand that being her friend may be an unrealistic dream as she needs friends other than her mother. But, I hope and pray she will always feel safe and comfortable coming to me with anything and I pray that I will listen and truly help her. I know I will always love her, unconditionally, but I want to love her even if she disappoints me. Ultimately, I'm not the One she has to answer to, but there is One that I have to answer to for the way I treat her, and love her.

going to school and getting stuff done for my future... going to school and doing my work!

I'm afraid of not being enough. Of never living up to my full potential. even though i know i'm doing things that i never imagined I'd do five/six/seven years ago. Why would I feel that way now? I need to embrace my fullness and realize that I have nothing but more amazing things to gain.

Fearing not becoming or doing anything. I become paralyzed at the smallest thing. I have a hard time not over-thinking things, and a habit of letting myself be more focused on anything but the present. I'd like to think that I'll be able to find some of the intrinsic motivation I mentioned in a previous answer. I don't think I'll be able to let the fear go, but I hope I'll be able to make strides towards doing what I'm afraid I won't be able.

Quitting my job. Afraid of what my coworkers above me would think, but why does it really matter what they think? Plan- truly taking time to reassess my life my job, what I'm looking for in a career, before I leave.

Ah, this fear is a theme that keeps repeating. I want to write and I want to publish, but I'm afraid of rejection. So instead of working on my finished pieces--revising, editing, polishing, and seeking publication--I start new projects that I only half intend to finish. Letting go is a skill that I have been developing. I think if I love something I write (memoir, or fiction), I will be able to overcome my fear.

Too many things to list. Therapy.

I fear that I may never be able to have children. This fear has limited me by causing me to be focused on this aspect of my life instead of the abundance that I have in my life. I want to let it got by focusing on what I have, not on what I do not have.

I'm angered by fat-phobic, misogynistic, or racist things people say, but I rarely speak up; I'm afraid of being "that girl," alienating family, or losing a friendship. This year, I'd like to overcome that fear and become someone who speaks up whenever someone says something offensive.

I try to remember that I walk with God and God walks with me and there can be no fear in that. Mark 5:36 Don't be afraid. Just believe.

The fear of not letting things hold me back. I want to believe in myself that I can do it. I already showed them in my grades. I am trying to do the best that I can do I do not want to blame my learning disability and that will never play a factor in it again. I want to believe that I can do anything unless I set my mind to it. For example getting a A on my math exam. That was hard to do! But I did it because I put my mind on it and I wanted it for myself!! Always believe in yourself

A fear of being in social situations with people I don't know. I plan on making a real effort to get to know people at the workplace for the new job I am about to take up.

I have a deep-seated fear of what people think of me and what kind of person the people in NA think I am. I am hoping that the creativity work, stepwork, and work with the God of my understanding will help me to overcome it in the coming year. I had overcome it in the past, and I have hope that can overcome it again because it limits my ability to be happy.

I used to have a fear of success, but I believe I've worked through a lot of that. Now it's back to fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of looking incompetent. With the help of my support group and mentors, I need to break through. I will try some affirmations and commit to at least 10 minutes a day 5 days a week to doing something on my business.

I fear my diminishing cognitive ability. I plan on overcoming my fear by accepting that my loss of cognitive ability is a natural occurrence and that I can slow that loss my keeping mentally active and spiritually fit.

Fear, yeah, that's a big one for me. Fear of being hurt again made the first 6-9 months of my new relationship very hard in some ways. I was afraid to let myself love and especially afraid to let myself be truly loved. It makes one incredibly vulnerable, and I was afraid to open myself again to the possibility of being hurt. Lucky for me, he was patient and understanding and stuck by me. And now he is facing fears about moving in together. He's afraid because "the stakes are so high". He's worried that living together will mess up what we have. Now it's my turn to be patient and understanding. How can I let go of my lingering fears and help him let go of his? For me, I think I have to continue a practice of forgiveness. Forgiving others and forgiving myself I think is the only way to move past these kinds of fears.

I think that all my fears stem from being in situations that take me out of my comfort zone. Although I am very contented in my life, I rarely stretch my limits. Life might be more interesting if I take some steps outside my box.

Fear: Death -- my death, my family's death, my friends' deaths, my influencers' deaths. Limits: Paralyzing fear. Overcoming: Time, I suppose. Fear: Not getting a job. Limits: Fear, anxiety, sadness. Overcoming: Being more aggressive. Fear: Being alone. Limits: Sadness. Overcoming: Challenging myself.

I have been afraid to let go and live in the moment. If I don't plan and make things happen, it does not get done in my family. I want to be more spontaneous and free of responsibility, and see what happens.

I have had and continue to have a fear of failure. I fear not living up to the potential that I know I'm capable of. I fear that I'll remain stuck in my imagined level of taste – no matter how accurate it might be because of the good fortune that has characterized my upbringing – and never making work as a result. I hope to be guided by the realization that life is short. I hope to realize the truth that life is indeed a play and that we have the opportunity to contribute a verse. And in doing so, I hope I can let go of the trappings that are a preoccupation of what people think of me and instead bask in failure only to anticipate the success, surprise, and amazement that awaits. I'm comfortable with myself. But can I become comfortable with how and what I contribute to the world. I can talk about why. Now, to the task of doing it again and again...

I think the thing I fear in this coming year is dealing with my mother is her well being deteriorates. I know if will be a challenge. I think I will rely heavily on my siblings to keep from eing overwhelmed. As they will no doubt rely on me.

I fear not being in touch with my children, I am going to try much harder not to work as much and to be home more for them ,even if they don't seem to care.

I have a fear of not planning. Of not knowing what will happen tomorrow and if I don't fill up my time, I will end up doing nothing and accomplishing little. I would like to overcome this by focusing more on being in the present this coming year. Planning still, yes, but then once I make those plans, letting go and trusting that the plan will happen...or not. And then also leaving space for unplanned and unstructured time.

I always, 100% of the time have a fear of failure. For a long time, it limited me in the sense that it kept me from really making a go at things that I thought could have been great. What I've learned is, that fear can actually be a huge motivator. Some of the most successful creative people in the world are scared to death of failing every time they start a project (Frank Gehry springs to mind) - yet because they have that fear of failure, it inspires them to push things further each time. That's now my mindset, and it's felt better ever since I decided on it.

Sometimes even thinking about my fears makes me scared. I think I'm scared that by following certain dreams and just by nature of living my life I am missing out on other things… kind of like FOMO but on a general scale. I'm scared I won't get to experience it all and I think that sometimes keeps me from enjoying what I have. I'd like to learn how to chill where this is concerned because I think if I truly listen to my deepest desires, sometimes what I actually want is not what I think I should want. I just don't want to have regrets about things I didn't do or try.

Losing her.

I feel like I never really give things my all - like I hold back. I suppose the fear is that I'm not quite good enough so I don't take a lot of risks, at all.

Continue on track

I fear that my parents are getting old and that I am also getting old. I just need to see and do more things with my parents and old friends.

I have a fear of trying something new and different, especially when it comes to my career. I think it's because I have a fear of losing everything, of being poor, of crashing and burning. I think the way to overcome the fear if to realize that I will always be okay, that nothing is wrong in the universe. Practice, practice...

Fear of failing forever in relationships. It holds me back because I'm so afraid of getting hurt. It's a vicious cycle. Need to be open. Dive in. Like I do everything else.

The fear I am still grappling with is my deep-seated beliefs that I am responsible for everything and that I am simultaneously not "enough." I can feel the deep roots behind this, and these plants need to be coaxed from the soil or, better still, convinced to produce something different--knowledge that I AM enough, that I AM NOT responsible for all things. I am RESPONSE-ABLE, sure. That is a gift, but not a duty. You know what I mean.

Fear of change, of letting go. I can't see any hope in future cause I ca't believe things can change for the better. I don't know how to handle it.

I have a fear that I am faking it, and I have nothing valuable to give. I fear my friends are just being kind. I fear I am not good enough, or brave enough to try. I need to take risks.

I am afraid of my chronic illness. I'm afraid it will hinder my abilities to chase my dreams. I am hoping to just cope and understand that I can still do what I want to do.

I have a fear of failure. I try hard, but recently I've hit a lot of dead ends. It has come to the point of discouraging me from even trying. I need to go full steam ahead and let God take care of the results. NOT ME!

I have the constant fear of putting myself out there and taking risks, but then facing constant rejection or disappointment as a result. I want to be able to care less about how others view me and focus on how I want to view myself.

Fear of rejection. This fear, a number of social fears have done this but particularly this one, has been a large part of me keeping to myself, not making friends, not engaging with the world. I don't ask people out, I don't ask coworkers if I can sit with them, I don't ask people to do things socially very often. I've been getting better, so more of the same. More of just pushing myself to say one more sentence, not hide.

I have a paralyzingly fear of growing old without money to support myself. I don't fear death itself. No. But retirement years as a homeless bag lady? YES. It makes me hyperventilate because that's what I see for myself. I feel powerless to prevent it.

Body image issues continue to be a struggle. When I'm feeling fit and trim my whole outlook on life changes. I"ll overcome it by sticking to the plan.

I'm so intensely worried about not having an enjoyable future that I'm not living now. Never dating because I don't want to end up with the wrong person. Overworking myself so I can not have bills later. I'm not sure I can let it go. It's safe. :[ We like safe.

I don't have any fears

I fear launching out on my own. I fear that I will get sick and not have any support or not be able to get a kidney or dialysis in time. Both are related because I feel that by working for someone else, even if I disagree fundamentally with the organization's methods, I have more security. I will continue working with my coach so that I get a better handle on these fears and can overcome them.

I have always had a fear of disappointing others with my decisions and it has kept me from trying so many things. I have started turning that around at the end of this past year and I want to continue that trend by sticking to what I feel is best for myself and my family.

My fear is that something terrible will happen to my children or to me that will impair my ability to function as their mother. It has limited me in that I've divided my life into segments based upon accidents that could befall any of us based on trips we are taking or even, sometimes, day to day incidences. I look at various events with trepidation, even though they are all good and happy occasions or adventures and ones that I want us to enjoy. Right now, I think of the DC school trip and many flights in upcoming months and throughout the winter. Icy roads and runways and ominous weather increase the chance of tragedy and play upon my mind. Even my flight tonight, in the rain, in a small plane that can't escape turbulence, weighs on my mind. I know there must be strategies for reducing the worry to an appropriate or more manageable level. Maybe it is already appropriate and manageable as is or maybe this technique I've noticed of just letting go of thinking about things will be what ultimately works. Alternatively, I will have to explore how to deal with it so it is not constantly playing on my mind. I read something this week that stress is caused by inviting those thoughts in. If I keep myself busy so I'm not inviting in those thoughts, will that work?

the fear of not getting it right or alltogether has literally frozen me many times this year. especially now, that there are only three months left till the next child will be born and i look back at all the things i have not achived this year. so as mentioned in the question before in 2015 i want to be more reliable which means i have to take a sharper look at the energy i have (and when it need s to be recharged). and it will also mean to take a second look at the things i really Do want to do, and the things which are not sooooo important.

Fear to take on another wife; lifetime person to die with as was my original plan/intention on Nov 14, 1959. It has me spinning my wheels with a special person who does NOT live and treat me as the "other special person".... inequitable relationship. I've got to make a decision to stick with her or try something else/other in these late years. How? by facing LOGIC, as I'm a logical person and have been ignoring the logic for the last decade.

The fear of being alone for the next 40+ years and yet I refuse to really do anything about it, aside from complain. I want to be in a relationship, yet I'm currently fixated on two men who are completely unavailable emotionally as well as physically (geographically). So instead of looking for someone near me who could be there for me, I sabotage myself with fantasies of a relationship with one of these other men. The obvious answer is to stop this behaviour, but the problem is that I still don't want to let go of one of them (I'm doing better with the other). This year I need to commit to actually being open to a new relationship without hiding behind these unrealistic crushes.

I fear that if I do share my insides and question others vocally, that I will be seen as stupid or thought lesser of. I know that this fear is self perpetuating and by not asking questions I do not learn. I would like to remind myself in the coming year that everyone feels this way. People make mistakes and that is how they learn. I would hope to have that sink in a little more in the coming year. I have made some progress in years past with this but I also have a long way to go.

I fear of being judged and disliked. I fear confrontation with difficult people who have no abilities to see themselves and their behaviors. I'm working out how to let it go. I logically know that I need to change but it doesn't change that it hurts sometimes. It's hard for me to be cold.

My fear is that I am not good enough to step into the spotlight and assert myself, my beliefs, my work. I fear being rejected, being unworthy of people's time and admiration. The only way to let go of this fear is to step into the "arena" and assert myself, letting come what may. I have no other choice.

Fear of loneliness AND of being alone. (They're separate.) Fear of wasting my life. I think these two (three) fears are in opposition to each other, and prevent me from moving forward in my life. My fear of loneliness compels me to seek out social situations even though it would be more gratifying to me to work on my writing or meditation or yoga or any of a dozen other things that feed my soul and my growth as a human. My fear of wasting my life compels me to, every once in a while, focus some energy on those soul-satisfying experiences -- but they are infrequent and lack continuity, so I make very little progress; and then I think, well, instead of doing that, I could've at least been out enjoying myself with others. I've never really thought about these two fears this way before, and not sure that I can develop a plan this morning to overcome or manage them. The most obvious solution would be to write and/or meditate about them, but please see fear#1 above. It does feel like a push me - pull you situation. I'm happy that this question has come up, and given me the awareness I need to begin to figure it out!

I have found that as I have gotten older, I have become much less fearful. The fears that drove me as a younger adult are in the past; I have a good retirement fund, I take much better care of myself, I have done professionally the things I was afraid I would never do. What's left? Just things I can't control: Ebola, ISIS, the Harper Government, climate change.... And these things are in no way paralysing. I take my small personal action by contributing in my community to solving these problems, and otherwise, I just get on with things.

Money Worry less about it. Let it take care of itself.

The fear that comes up for me most often these days is the coming winter. How bad will it be and how long will it last. I wonder if I am in the right place but at the same time I don't really have any place else to be right now. I guess my message to myself is just be prepared and ride it out. Ask for help when you need it. My other fear is always about relationships. Can I make it work? Should I? Right now I feel like I am in a "growth spurt" shall we say. I am learning and I am testing. I feel like this relationship is a very basic stepping stone for me. I don't expect it will last forever but I will certainly learn so much about myself it is worth every single moment. Yay!

No fear

It's a silly, irrational social anxiety that makes it very hard to make a phone call to friends or go out to a social event. When I make myself do it, I always feel better. I'm not sure how to let it go. I beat myself up for not staying in touch with people--tell myself that I'm not a good friend/cousin/niece/sister/etc. I guess I just need to push myself harder, or else lower the expectation I have for myself.

I fear failure in dental school. I have invested so much money and effort to get here. I have to trust that God brought me here for a reason. I want to peace of God.

I am afraid that if I don't work hard enough, I will fail. When I work too hard, however, I get lost in the details, miss the big picture and sometimes forget to strategize. This year I will try to start each day deciding what is most important to happen that day, and focus my attention on getting that done. Hopefully that larger perspective will keep me at 50,000 ft.

I have a fear of responsibility. Of letting go. Of truly closing some roads, of making my mind on something and then following it. I have always been unable to do that. I have a fear of being wrong. Of making wrong turns. Of waiting for perfection. Those fears paralyze me to act. I have a fear of being dissappointed. So I rather keep status quo which is slowly killing me inside. I would like to start therapy next year. I feel I am unable to help myself. I feel I need an expert help to try to find latent reasons of why I am like that. I have a feeling it's connected to my childhood and the relationship with my mother.

I fear having a depression relapse. I fear that it will lead me to drinking again and I will lose Tim and the kids. I plan on staying sober, getting into addiction education and helping others and staying active to combat this. I will keep up with my meds, therapy and psychiatrist, and keep on with working out and eating clean.

A lot of my fears have already happened this past year, it has slowed me down but not stopped me. I am a little more aware of my own mortality and over the next year I don't want to waste my time worrying about shit I can't control. This will just take practice.

I have a fear of being successful and letting go. I plan on starting a journal and meditating/deep breathing.

Realized my fear of interacting with other people who I find difficult and believe don't like me has led to a very superficial way of relating to people. I understand that this has arisen because of my total lack of real nurturing as a child, and that in many ways there is nothing i can really do about it. I feel it is a block in my heart; the only way to heal is through love. So many times I loved another and found betrayal of my love that I don't try any more; animals help but I can't have enough in my house because my feral cat won't stand it. I need to learn how to show compassion and love without the need to always be doing something for others, who don't want my interference anyway. Being subservient and trying to help just makes people despise my more.

Every day I find myself getting distracted by things and turning my attention to tend to them. But this is not a good use of my time, nor is it what I should be focusing on right then. As a result, all tasks take longer, I am late for everything. My fears of not attending to non-essentials overwhelmes me. To overcome my compulsions, I will need to talk to myself and push through the urges to detour from what I need to do.

Fear of being judged harshly and unfairly; being mistreated and discarded as valueless. As a result of this fear, I have hesitated to go out and get the work and the life I need. How will I overcome it? By knowing that I AM of value. Even though others may look down their noses at me, treat me badly and ignore me, their actions are illogical. Their behavior comes from their own fears.

I am afraid of talking about the "Future" because it is this unknown expanse and I don't have a plan and I don't know what it looks like. Being afraid to even think or talk about it limits my self-confidence, my relationship with Jules and with other people who care about me, it limits my sense of possibility and curiosity because I stop those thoughts before they even start. I choose not to entertain the idea of thinking about grad school or careers or where I want to live because it makes me anxious and overwhelmed, or I make up excuses about being too busy with work and my current life to think about anything beyond what's immediately in front of me. Sometimes this feeling is real, but I think I rely upon it too much because really what's going on is that I'm afraid. Maybe I'm afraid of failure, disappointment, instability, not living up to expectations, not being "impressive" enough, not using my expensive education to the best of my ability, or just the unknown. I need to get over this fear of even engaging with the future, because it's not going away any time soon. It's always looming, and instead of being afraid of how I might fuck up, I should be actively exploring what's possible for me, how I can grow and explore what drives me, what I find meaningful, how I like to spend my time, and what is not serving me well. Fucking up is probably going to be part of this process in some way. Actually plunging into this fear, rather than avoiding it all together, is the only place to start. The only way out is through - or something - right? So I don't really have a plan, but maybe that's the place that I need to start. Just being okay with that and more generous with myself. Asking people what their paths looked like, dipping my toes into what's out there, instead of locking myself into excuses and inaction.

Fear of abandonment personal and financial. It has limited my personal life because I need to help my husband in a different way. It has also hindered my time and ability to have a social life. I don't know how to let it go. I will pray that my situation will change, and I don't have to be so fearful of economic demise.

I have a chronic fear of failure and, more specifically, of a wrong decision meaning that I am left with nothing, in any situation. When I was 18, I had a choice between Cambridge and Stanford, two absolutely top-rate universities. I chose Cambridge, the riskier option, and ended up going to neither. Since then I haven't had many more big choices like that, but in every given case I have chosen the safer, or I tell myself 'more realistic' option. I went to Bristol rather than taking a gap year, a university I knew literally nothing about and had no connection with, because I didn't know that I'd get any offer the next time around. This year, I have the chance to get a good, but not perfect, job offer from Unilever. Assuming I get it, I will either have to take it as secure, or go after what I really want to do, at huge personal risk. I was honestly surprised to find everyone around me telling me to take the safe option - stick in Sales at Unilever and count my blessings. But...what if? For the first time in my life I have a voice in the back of my head saying I AM GOOD and I can beat the odds. But I know how stupid and how painfully familiar it'll feel if I end up missing out on both. So while I am aware that this is history repeating itself, I don't know if I can say I will act differently.

I am afraid of being left on my own with little money for the last years of my life. Trust God. Learn to live on less and enjoy the little things. Laugh a lot.

I think my biggest fear is contracting a life-threatening illness or having a stroke. While it doesn't consume me, I think about it. I will work out and eat in a healthy manner in order to continue losing weight and staying healthy.

Perhaps a fear of not doing as well as I am capable of. Resolve to slow down, think, consider what is best for all concerned, and act with a Plan. Do this in family, personal, business and social matters.

What if I am not a good superintendent? What if I never lose weight? What if I don't make myself a priority and my health starts to fail? What if I can't make my house payments? What if I never find love? Those are my biggest fears. I'm always thinking I'll be settled when X happens. I'll always start exercising when X happens. Right now that X is moving into my new house. I plan to get up every day and live. That's all I can focus on right now.

I am afraid of stagnation ...getting stuck and not moving forward, despite my best efforts. But I've also made a choice to travel less for work and spend more time at home, with my family and looking after myself. Balancing that with professional achievement is the challenge.

I think that in the back of my mind, and in the front of my mind more and more toward the end of this year, that I believe no matter how much education, training, and experience that I've had, that I will somehow fail in the jobs I'm applying for. I think I honestly believe -- I do believe -- that my "skill set" will not work outside the academy, that everyone I interview will see that, and that I will not be able to get a job, and all that follows (welfare, homelessness, can't support daughters). THIS is in the back of my mind like a dish festering in the back of the refrigerator, growing all manner of unknown and unwanted spores. But, there is still a small and a little bit cowed, but the strongest part of me yet, that knows that I could do anything, and do it well, and that I do have much to contribute, and that instead of devastation, next year will be a year of building and creativity and strong and steady steps to success. I might actually BELIEVE this. And I have to believe it for it to be a reality. So, my "plan to overcome" is to support that strong, small, steady part of me through the attacks of disbelief until it becomes strong enough to stand on its own--day after day--and becomes self-perpetuating.

I have a fear of not achieving financial independence. Realizing that i have bounty in my life in many areas and prioritizing my goals and values will I believe help me to reach a calm place of gratefulness and joy.

I fear success. Because then I will be accountable. I must embrace my meaning and my path.

My fear of failure sometimes causes me not to even start some projects I know I should take on. I am going to try setting a particular trigger or time of day to take on one piece at a time - just do it and see what happens - for "vast unknown" projects like this. If I write it down, I must do it.

I have fear of being in love because I don't want to be hurt. This has limited me by not allowing me to be united with my life partner and not being able to carry on with my life and calling to be a family lady... a wife and a mother. I want to ask God's help to guide me in my new relationship and let go off the past hurt and fear that is crowding my thoughts and decisions

I am afraid of death. I am afraid of the universe, of how we fit in the grand picture's scheme, I am terrorized about the fact that this life, that's it, we don't get any more chances, there is no afterlife, there is no place for our consciousness after we leave this body behind. This thought terrorized me and triggers continuous panic attacks, and the only way I have so far found to curb this fear is to pretend it doesn't exist and be preoccupied with other matters. That is as much letting go as I can do, and I have thought about going back to church to give meaning to my life. I have not been able to find solace in faith as I am not essentially a believer, and I have not been able to find solace in science as all it does is telling me I am right. It is a hard fear to manage, and I feel all I can do is control it, and think about something else. I hope that as I grow older the thought of death will not send me in a tail spin any longer, but it will become a welcome thought as my life will be lived in full.

I don't know of a fear that has limited me from doing things. I have a healthy fear of alcohol and drugs which keeps me from drinking or using. I have a fear of not having a cushion in my savings account, which keeps me from spending. Any other fear I have is more of hypochondriasis. In the coming year, I hope to spend more time meditating and painting...that is my fear. A blank canvas.

I fear that we won't have any children because I have Chronic Lyme disease, not disseminated Lyme which responds to treatment and would allow for healthy children and a pain free life. I put so much focus on that and in my pain, I forget to live life- to explore the city/world/do arts and crafts/call friends/family/Be good to my spirit. Overcoming it? If I don't get better this year... If I remain in constant pain.... I don't know how I'll let it go or overcome it.... it seems too horrible to imagine. But... Maybe I will get into more meditation and yoga.

A fear that's limited me is the fear of failure. This limited me in the job search, this limits my relationship to the idea of marriage, and probably limits me at my job for second guessing things. I need to do more gut check, and also just be more optimistic. Life is good. I'm turning 27 and I live in the best city in the world, in a lovely home with a great location and famous neighbors, and I have a senior marketing role in a luxury brand that fits my life brand, and I have a boyfriend who loves me and does all the things for a better ux, and we have fantastic sex and love each other. I mean damn! Sure there are always things that could improve. But my guiding principle will be to appreciate what I do have and see about positive improvements as a proactive, energetic approach. Never running away from something bad. Cuz it ain't. Plus, that way it's not failure of something that should be, it's a great attempt at something that I want, and will continue to try to achieve.

One of my main fears is that I won't advance in my career, which has really pushed me to be more proactive in my job search efforts. As they say, there's nothing to fear but fear itself!

Telling my true feelings has sometimes been a fear...fear of the way someone will react, that they will feel hurt. I will work on this and have already started by telling someone first in writing which then led to a face to face conversation

I am afraid of other peoples anger or potential anger- I avoid it. It makes me feel helpless and hopeless and incapable. I move away from it as quickly as I can and therefore become more entrenched in my fear of that person or event. I plan to further explore this fear with therapeutic support and finding ways to believe in myself as a powerful and intelligent adult.

I am so afraid of not being liked that it gets in the way of meeting people, which gets in the way of having people know and like me. I still have this adolescent idea that the "cool girls" think I'm nerdy and dorky and over eager to be friends, that's have to play it cool and let them see how much they want to be my friends. Well, that doesn't work. I need to take a deep breath and jump in.

I have a fear of rejection and need to make amends. It has affected me by creating unnecessary anxiety. I plan on working towards amends on my own through an acceptance of what I cannot control and focus on what I can control. I also have a fear of gossip and contributing to the vicious circle. I plan on addressing it by saying: I don't want to hear what others say about me. It's not helpful; it's hurtful and causes unnecessary pain. I am doing my best and that's the best I can do. I likely will pick up their issue based on the feedback provided in the interaction and be able to choose whether it is worthwhile addressing or not.

My overwhelming fear of being inadequate continues to follow me despite being an adult. I know I need to take the time to finally go to therapy to deal with the past baggage from being sent away to Utah, but I am fearful that opening the wound, I will not be able to heal it. I am not sure of my ability to ever let it go or overcome it. I simple hope that I can figure out how to have the pain lessen.

I am seeing small signs of aging. Noise, speed, fatigue/stamina. I say that I am not afraid to die. That's probably true. But what I haven't really grasped yet is to be saying to myself that I am aging, getting older, and feeling it.

I have several fears, some in each category of my life. At work, as a salesperson, I am always afraid of coming up short on my quota, and therefore losing my job. At home, I fear my daughter will never be capable of living on her own, and that her lack of initiative will cause continued stress between my wife and I. I also fear another round of legal battles with my children's mother. Finally, I fear the pain that has sidelined me most of this year will continue, and this is now my life I must lead, and that my ability to participate in activities with my friends and family will be severely limited. On a larger scale, I fear this country will continue to be viciously divided, and that in my lifetime, I will live to see another American Revolution or Civil War...

Therapy. Please be honest.

I have a serious fear of being rejected or not liked. It's really limited me when it comes to relationships- I keep people at arm's length, because I think if they know the real me, they won't like me. I have friends, but I've been single for going on 7 years now, and that's not okay with me. I really need to work on liking myself in the next year.

I'm terrified of not being liked or of annoying people. It makes me less open in social situations and less likely to put myself out there. It's hard to make friends when you never trust anyone to like you. I guess I just need to work through it? Keep pushing myself is really the only think I can think to do. That and try to turn off the voice in my head and not care as much. Idk though, we'll see I guess.

Cannot identify a fear at this time

Always the same...not being capable enough, not being liked enough. Fear expressed in my conversations with others. Awareness, awareness, awareness. Remembering almost no one is actually thinking of me except me.

my power is scary. i don't know why i fear it but i think it's my need for control. i do find myself growing into it but sometimes i go at the wrong angle and then my power gets tangled up and ineffective. clarity is a big one for me in terms of my power. if my thoughts, words, goals and clear, my power can be directed in ways to benefit all.

The 'fear' is that I don't have the necessary skills to do the thing I want to do. The fear that I'm not good enough. It's gotten better - I used to not do anything. Now I can talk myself into making a move but the old fear is still there. At least I continually amaze myself. I think I'm not good enough and then it turns out to be not true. Work with study group has helped although that group is now generally unavailable to me. Meditation helps. Not sure there really is a plan to overcome this except to keep plugging away until I die.

A fear that has paralyzed me in social situations for decades is that I'm not good enough, not interesting enough, don't have anything of substance to contribute, so I become a listener or withdraw completely. It's a self-perpetuating circle: the less time I spend in social situations outside of work the more lonely I am and the more reluctant I am to participate in social situations. My children have grown and left home, and I am one of very few older employees in my office (at 65, I am twenty to forty years older than many of my coworkers) so I don't share their enthusiasm about and commitment to the latest fashions, cosmetic facial rejuvenation, etc. Still, I enjoy interacting with them. Outside of the office, my social life is very limited. I live in a town that's a fair distance from my office and really don't know very many people in my town. I feel that I have to make progress in turning this around in the coming year and hope to do so by participating in at least one social group through Meet-Up and beginning yoga practice.

I was afraid to tell my family that I like girls too. I told them. Yes it would be easier to date boys only. But you taught me to do what I feel is right, no matter the consequences. Therein lies the rub. So time will tell if I've lost them but for now I KNOW I have definitely found myself. Boy or girl, I want to love and be loved. Family or no family, I'll keep looking until I find that. What if my best chance of a Great Love comes from soft curves instead of firm lines? Am I supposed to settle for what YOU want? The worst thing that could happen? ....already happened...now I'm free.

My fear is that my life will continue as a to do list on automatic pilot and I won't appreciate the wonderful gift of life that I have - I will continue to work each day on being mindful & present and feeling joy

I have a fear of failing or disappointing other people. That works out to mean that I often out myself on the back burned or let my health get ou of balance in service of keeping others happy. I did better keepin that in check earlier this year but I've been slipping lately. Need to make it more of a priority and get some professional accountability on it.

I have been afraid of confronting the pain of my alcoholic and dysfunctional upbringing. I am learning to face it and working on ways to rise above it. I am fearful of confronting my mother about her role in our family dysfunction and fearful of forgiving her. However I also know that finding forgiveness is essential to my healing process. I will continue to learn to forgive myself and others and to be more kind to everyone. We all need forgiveness ourselves and we all need to forgive others. I am very thankful that people I have hurt have been forgiving to me, especially my dear husband.

fear of not being enough. that is an old fear that I have had and that has kept me in place for a very long time. I no longer need this "friend". Rather than proving to myself that I am enough, which has been my approach in the past, I am just going to let go of that old belief and replace it with 2 beliefs: I am that I am I trust that I am enough. I will greet each morning with these two sentences.

I am afraid of failure. Of being a failure of feeling like I failed those around me. I think it is even more than I am afraid of not being successful. I think that being appreciative of what I have and not worrying about being the best or standing out or getting an award or being noted for something. Just be My daughter says that she is afraid we are turning the world into a garbage dump. We have ruined our world.

I have been a perfectionist my whole life.....so much so that my 5th grade teacher sat me down and told me that it's ok when you answer test questions incorrectly...that's all part of the learning process. So, considering that, I think that my greatest fear is failure. The idea of failing at something it limiting because it sometimes makes me hesitant to try new things. "I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night" -Galileo

I always fear I will let someone down, that I will disappoint in some fundamental way. I get sidetracked sometimes in my own work by letting this anxiety related to disappointing others stop me from just doing the things I want.

A fear that I have is, about being robbed or kidnapped, and just being alone without a parent.mIt has limited me to less hours of sleep, because it causes me to not fall asleep. I plan on getting over it by, talking to my parents and slowly realizing how safe I am and how unlikely it is to happen, and that I am okay and nothing will happen.

I have a fear of being judged. I have always been the type of girl that got picked on and had people talk behind my back. It stopped me from trying new things and continues to stop me from doing the things I want to do. I have come a long way from where I used to be, but I want to continue to grow and become more comfortable with myself so that others' judgments won't stop me!

A fear of not knowing how to work in a community that is mostly African American. I thought going into this job that I had spent enough time thinking about how to best be a white organizer in communities of color, but I have been challenged to re-think that because working in immigrant communities is different than working in black communities. I think it has limited me in forming deeper relationships with residents because I'm not sure that I am not showing or thinking with white priviledge. MAybe it would be helpful to be honest about these doubts with coworkers and ask how to handle tense racial situations and to step back more.

The fear of change. I tend to like things (that I like) to remain the same, and be repeatable. I'm working on recognizing that EVERYTHING changes, and that EVERYTHING ends.

C: Fear of looking stupid. When I first worked at Royal, I felt totally out of my element. I didn't have all the years of experience in the field that my coworkers did. I didn't now which questions to ask and felt like the questions I did ask made me sound stupid. Now that I've returned to Royal and have been in my role for almost a year and a half, I feel more comfortable asking questions. Even of people who seem to not like to answer the questions. After being there a while, I'm learning that I may not be asking stupid questions after all. I may be asking the write questions, but the answers I'm given may not be complete. I'm going to get over my fear by asking more questions. :) J: I'm afraid to engage in group activities. Freaking out about going to Florida with a thousand people. I can't over come it, I've just got to do it. E: 17 Days until my birthday.

My fear is of dying. A brush with the medical profession left me terribly afraid for my heart. No more. I intend to live life to the fullest in every way. I will eat well, stay active, love my wine, my music and my pleasures. No more fear.

To not be scared of imaginary monsters, by not imagining them.

I'm terrified of being isolated and alone. Terrified of moving to a place like Arkansas or Minnesota where I may not know people and where people are not like me. I plan on coming up with a strategy to deal with my fears of abandonment and isolation. Having money for traveling and I'm trying to begin counseling again. I'm terrified that I won't be able to live off the salary that work has just cut me to. I'm terrified of suing them because I'm afraid it will cost money I don't have. I can't understand how people can be so mean and vindictive.

My fear is of being myself at all times. I am truly afraid that if I show my true self that I want I will be seen as selfish, needy, and self-centered. I want and feel that I need and deserve a lot of things when it comes to relationships and feel that reciprocation falls terribly short. I feel that I give all I have to everything - get worn thin and dry with little to be returned in favor. I don't know how to let this go or overcome this feeling. I've tried numerous bad habits and am afraid that I may fall into this bad habit once more if my needs are not met fully. And what bothers me more is that I feel that my needs, through being true to myself, fall mostly on deaf ears when they are stated. I feel that what I need to resolve to do is be more vocal and not fret so much about how I will be received.

I have been afraid to just rely fully on myself, and now I have to. In the next year I plan to not let myself be so co-dependent and begin to truly trust that I am strong enough and smart enough to take the reigns of my own life. I am capable of living and making good decisions. I am not always screwing up. It's all good. I'm just going with the flow, and it's all cool. There is no screwing up.

I fear people's rejection the most, that's why I've always been sort of shy and very reserved. I always keep things to myself and avoid talking about the issues that really affect me with my friends. Probably that has stopped me from beginning friendships or any other kind of relationship and probably it has also kept me from having the level of socialization that people of my age would have (?) Well, I think I've improved quite a lot in these last four years so I think I'll continue doing whatever I've been doing this time haha.

I have been afraid of people. I plan on letting go of this fear by loving people wherever they are, wherever I meet them.

I am a great big rag doll of fear. I fear most being abandoned, discarded, unloved. I fear dying and never having made a difference. I fear getting cancer again. My fears have limited me -- in relationships, at work, just in living a full and active life. I'm going to live this next year as if I wasn't afraid -- I only have this one left with my son at home. I'm going to make it a good one.

I am afraid of falling in love. I'm afraid of losing my virginity and my cherished place in the kingdom of God.... Even though that theology and logic does not hold true. This fear has limited me from new relationships. I'm just gonna explore and try not to live in my head all the time. I'm also afraid of elevator doors that close too quickly, Paris subway door that feel like they might slam my legs and parking Gates that close from above. Am I afraid of being closed out or have I been living in countries with poor engineering for too long?

A fear I have is that my new job will not work out. After going through not getting tenure at my past position, I realize that you can do an EXCELLENT job, have many skills, work night & day, give your heart to the job and the people there, contribute excellence to the department and bring many programs & various additional gifts to the school, have students who appreciate you so much they stay in touch after graduation, and yet lose your job. How can this happen? Because a few people in power positions decide they don't like you regardless. Am I nervous at a new job? You bet. However: After going through what I did, which was "the worst that could possibly happen," in a way it takes away the fear of it happening again. If it does, oh well. As long as I feel I've done my best, I also realize, life goes on. When a door closes, there really is another one opening just around the corner. The important thing in life is to do your best and be at peace with that.

Definitely a reluctance to try to find something else I am good at besides focus groups and maybe it's a fear, a fear that I am not really all that good at anything else. Yes. It's a fear. How I plan to overcome it is to try to find out what that is anyway. I don't really an a viable option that I am comfortable with.

I think I am afraid of being happy, which sounds cliche but true. I am afraid of admitting I am happy because I am afraid it will jinx it. If I sit back and revel in how amazing things are for me right now, I am afraid it will disappear. I am going to be happy this year, like try to just be happy sometimes.

I thought about this for a while and ended up going from "everything" to the slightly more specific "regret." As miserable as I am day-to-day, I'm not unaware of the good things in my life. I live in a low cost of living area, so I have a large and comfortable home and yard for myself and my family. I have a mechanic I trust. My children have an affordable and amazing school to go to. Top that with the fact that just about every major life decision I've made has been the wrong one, and it's a recipe for fear of regret. I hate our (6+ month) winters. That's half my life I am miserable. But moving to a warmer climate means leaving all of those good things. I'm pretty confident that I'd be sitting in my tiny house in a sunny, green climate, just wishing for the things I've left behind. The obvious answer to overcoming that is learning to be happy with what I have. I won't miss the giant house if I can be happy with the sunshine and warmth. Maybe it's that my stuff owns me? Will rededicating myself to a (more) minimalist lifestyle help me let go of the chains that bind me? Maybe I'll figure it out this year. Probably not, but maybe.

Fear that I am a dilettante. Fear that my family will find my turn to Hashem a silly move. Fear that I will not find the guidance and struggle I want on this pathway. fear that I will never find a partner to explore these pathways together and wanting to be OK with that. This year I want to accept whatever comes. Do everything I can with my free will to further these things and to accept the divine providence at work at all times in all things.

I have a fear of being hungry. I have written this before - but it truly is my biggest fear. I fear that if I am hungry I will not ever be full enough, loved enough, well enough. I know that actually nothing bad happens, there is always another meal, there are people around who love me, the food is not the answer. I hope that by naming it, over and over, perhaps i can finally be free of this fear.

I have a fear of being mis-recognized or understood. Why? People are involved with themselves. They don't have time to see you for who you are. And if I get mad that they can't see me then they really won't have the ability to see me because I'll be changed by anger. Whenever I feel that I am being mis-recognized I should take the situation at hand. I will think about what is getting in the way of the other person seeing me and either realize it is not about me or change my behavior to allow them to see me more fully.

This is hard to answer. I suppose my biggest actual fear is letting my family down. I am very sensitive to how much they depend on me. Some of this will change as my children grow and move away (one is away at college already), but I suspect that will always nag at me.

I fear that I have is that of rejection. Not just by women, but by other people as well. I have a want for acceptance and rejection really just kills me. I'm trying to overcome it by just talking to people but it still takes a while for me to try anything with a girl as I dont know how to talk to them real well. But it will get better in the future that I know for sure!

I have a fear of judgement. It restricts me so that I do less in front of others. I want to try too not judge others and to just be confident in myself.

My biggest fear is that everyone hates me and I'm never doing my job right. This hindered me in playing tennis, in making friends here at school, and being who I really want to be. I'm not really sure how to let it go or overcome it but I think as long as I don't screw anything up I will feel better and know that I'm doing great! :)

I have a fear of speaking my truth, especially in romantic/sexual relationhips. I am already changing that pattern and I want to practice being real in this coming year until it becomes the new pattern.

my fear. i am no longer sure what my fears are. betrayal, abandonment,. i am not sure how they apply to being a fuller person; a person without the responsibility of someone's life in my hands.

That I still will not have anything to be proud of at 42. That I will be stuck in "just a job" and living only paycheck to paycheck and not creatively out there. I plan on trying harder to get my name out their and having follow through on my personal projects I want to do.

Not many fears are attacking me right now. Lately I have been bulldozing through any fears that I have.

I can't think of any significant fears - only some challenges to be watchful of and at this point they all seem as manageable as possible give the many circumstances not under our control.

I fear life. Haha. (credits to The Art of Getting By) I fear my overthinking self. Making choices is hard because they make who we are. I wanted to be always sure. Sometimes I fear spontaneity. I plan to explore and be open always. I guess I'll never know that I can do something if I don't at least try doing it.

I'd love find a new job, travel the world and take the odd risk, but fear of losing the security I have holds me back. What I have is better than having nothing right? I don't know how to resolve this except for one step at a time.

I have a fear of eternal solitude. It was suspended for a few years while I was in a relationship; now that the relationship has ended (and in a way that made me doubt its past integrity), that fear has resurfaced. I suppose the plan is to dive into something new anyway, expecting that all sorts of 'stuff' will swirl around in my brain when I do. And that will be ok.

I don't like leaving my husband alone too much so I haven't been able to do many of the things I would like to do. I expect that he might die this year. The problem will solve itself.

Two fears. One is the fear of making a mistake, and the other is the fear that I'm not as smart, talented, kind, etc. as people think, and that I'm going to be found out. I don't know that the fear of making a mistake will ever go away. It has become such a huge part of who I am, like it or not. How has this fear limited me? It makes me spend a lot of time contemplating even the smallest decisions before making them. Sometimes I imagine I'd have more time if I didn't worry so much and just did things. As for being discovered as a fraud, I'm not sure where this one ever came from in the first place, but I'm pretty sure it has to do with me feeling as though I am not good enough (when others somehow think I am, and beyond). I need to remind myself that I haven't deceived anyone, this is who I am, and if people like me or like the things I do, it's okay.

The general "waiting for the other shoe to drop." In my family, loss has often come suddenly. Short of anti-anxiety medication, I don't really think I will ever be less prone to catastrophizing. Overall, my anxiety serves me well in getting out in front of issues like my older child's school issues, and I am hesitant to dull it.

I have glaucoma and I am afraid of going blind. When my eyesight got worse some 4 years ago, I volunteered as a reader at the Lighthouse International and I continue to read for an amazing woman who is totally blind. So now I’m supposed to write how her courage has strengthened me. But truthfully, blindness sucks. I don’t think I’ll overcome my fear of losing my sight or my strength or my mobility. Or my husband or my friends. But the fear pricks me to be gentler with my fellow, vulnerable mortals.

I am afraid of letting go of controlling my time and how I spend it. I do not like to commit to things because it impends my ability to determine how and what I do, it gives control to another. This causes me to miss out on relationships, activities, adventures, opportunities. Can I commit to a small group of peers, gathering regularly? Can I accept invitations? Can I register for a class? Can I have people over?

Over the years I have had a fear of abandonment. As a defense, I would always choose to leave first, rather than stick and see it through. I have worked on this a lot. I think I have dealt with this fear. I now talk it thru and express my fears. I hang in there and work it out. I now have a fear of alzheimers, becoming a living mindless person.

I've really worked at letting go of my fears during this past year. For the most part I am much less afraid of feeling trapped in situations or by people's expections of me. I still have occasional twinges of worry. Mainly by not having enough time, money or being stuck in a situation out of my control. But, it's certainly much less. I think my fears at this point have to do with all of the things happening in the world which I have absolutely no control over. If anything, I have a fatalistic attitude. Not that I am letting life slide by, while I do nothing. But, more of a "there is too much to do to adequately prepare for a potential disaster, I will never get it all done" kind of mindset. So, I do what I can and try to let my "completism" go.

I am fearful of criticism and it has limited me in my relationships in terms of standing up for myself. It's not precisely a fear, but I do want everyone to be happy all the time -- it probably does come from my reaction to my father's death and wanting my mom to be happy again. I seem to be doing okay with my other more life-and-death thrills, though they are always on the perimeter available if I let myself go there. But here I am on a big ship on the Mediterranean Sea (in somewhat of a storm) my kids thousands of miles away... See, always there... but here I am...

I am fearful of being vulnerable and intimate with my husband. This feeling has developed over time, with both of us contributing in negative ways. Nothing marriage-breaking, but certainly not marriage-enhancing. I'd like to have a softer, more gentle way together -- less business-like and administrative -- and to add back the physical relationship, sexual and otherwise. We are good partners, but I don't feel we are fully spouses together.

i am afraid to fail. it has kept me from doing all kinds of things. getting over this fear is a work in progress. in the coming year i see myself continuing to challenge this idea. to put myself out there. to ask for what i want. to WORK for what i want. to remove barriers for myself. both in my person & professional life.

I am afraid of gossip and people talking behind my back, especially this one particular colleague. I want to not care, but am not sure how to let that go. I even have Dr. Seuss posted on my FB wall: "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." Why do I give her so much power over me?

I've been afraid of leaving my job to focus on my business full time. I'm putting my notice in on Thursday. Being on vacation this past week has helped me destress and get excited about this decision. I'm also afraid of having a baby. What carrying it will do to my liver & my body. Not even making it to 10 weeks, caused a month of nausea, vomiting, anorexia, & weight loss. Hemorrhoids. Crazy sciatica that made it difficult to walk anywhere. Delivery and nursing scare me even more. So does losing my freedom. And being stuck with an ugly or disabled child. That sounds so awful, but a read an article about a family who was adopting, and almost adopted an infant who *might* have had developmental complications due to the mother's drug use. The family opted not to adopt and take that risk, because they were already an active family and wouldn't have been able to travel as easily or be as active with their other kids. I guess I'm working towards letting this go. Letting having children go. I don't think this is something to overcome. It just is. The. Way. I. Feel.

Be able to trust someone wholeheartedly again.

This year I learned that depression is a real thing and it sucks major balls. If somebody as strong and self-assured as myself can battle something so demoralizing, I imagine there are so many people out there struggling even more. I'm afraid of not controlling my happiness and that the unshakable darkness with come back into my life. It's not something you plan on letting go, as much as it's something I need to now look out for at the beginning stages so that I can do what I need to do to overcome it.

I read once that Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead fame discouraged Thom Yorke, who writes only by ear, from learning theory because he thought it would disrupt his creative method. I'd like to stop holding myself to ideas like this. Methods, theory, etc, don't take the creativity out of a person. They give you a body of knowledge to work off of, to support your creativity. I'd like to continue my basic theory lessons, continue to learn the mechanics of writing and dancing and recording, and to empower my creative side with the confidence of knowledge.

I am afraid that by being actively involved in a "Brick and Mortor" synagogue, that I have limited my ability to support the "start-up" spiritual community I am affiliated with. I plan to look closely at the donations I make this year to support things that go to a more contemporary mission.

I'm afraid when going up at stairs. I'll try to face that fear to be able to overcome it.

I fear false connection, when you think someone know a you and yet they accuse you of things you would never do, this fear holds me back from giving my whole self, I dole out tiny pieces to see if this particular person can handle the info. Life experience has brought me to this and i must let it go, better to be all of me and not a part

I continue to fear I am not good enough and I don't know what I am doing. I will try to overcome it by acknowledging my successes and learning form my failures and by not taking everything so personally.

I am afraid I will never succeed. Finishing my first leg of school and finding a job will help me overcome this fear.

Speaking in public is a fear that has always been limiting, particularly in the professional realm. No idea how I'd address this in the coming year, no time to go to Toastmasters or anything like that. Will probably back-burner it for a while.

I have a hard time in conversation, and it's been tough to place myself in situations where I need to do that, pretty much any social situation. I'll just have to keep trying, social situations abound, and I have no choice. This year I hid a lot, especially because of my mouth, in the coming year, I expect to go out more.

I have feared not succeeding in school because the material is too advanced and not having resources or the knowledge to access better sources of assistance or the time to catch up. So… I need to schedule time to do homework that is as concrete as class time. I also need to make sure I'm getting enough sleep. I really need to learn to find resources more effectively. I have a lot to do and limited time. Yes, I need to feel good but at a certain time you just gotta push through and get shit done.

I am afraid that I won't be successful in my career. I think this has caused my job search to be extremely broad, which has been exhausting. I would like to overcome this in the coming year by giving my new job (once I have one) all I've got and proving myself wrong.

That I don't know how to relate to people effectively without appearing desperate or needy. Remembering how I felt when people were relating to me. I am highly paid consultant that is control of his destiny.

I fear I will do badly in school, but I plan on working hard. I also plan on studying for the SATs early (now) so I do well.

My overwhelming fear is that either me or my husband will have a devastating medical diagnosis. Letting it go involves staying on top of our health issues. Keeping current with tests, examinations, and immunizations. This also includes healthy eating which I continue to work on.

I sense that, with every passing year or drink, with every morning I've slept too much in, I have allowed my meat to turn to mayo, and my mind to go soft. I'm not nearly as sharp or as shiny as I used to be back when I was beautiful. Gotta get back on the coffee and writing train.

Not exactly the answer to this question but I do have some fear that my partner will get tired of / bored with me and our relationship will deteriorate. That would be so terrible! He seems to be appreciating how I have stepped up -- I hope he continues to feel appreciative and continue to take on more. Another fear is about failing at work, especially if I were to take on more responsibility in a new position. Need to come back and answer the second question here!

Imminent. Death. The fear I have had for several years is that I am going to die soon - even though I do not have the evidence to support it. This is why I don't work out or exercise. When I do, I have a hard time breathing, and I feel my heart is being stressed too much. So I stop. The fear is so strong that I worry about leaving my aged mother alone with no one to care for her. I refuse to exercise so that I won't die while doing it. I pray that Mom will live longer and be healthier (she's 87 this year) and that I will live beyond her. Not an easy feat since she has lost all of her children in the last 4 years due to heart issues, except for me. I am the sole surviving child. So yeah, Tick tock! Tick tock! Hold yer breath and cross yer fingers, I'm living on a wing and a prayer. With this fear, this year I have been living as if it is my last. And now after undergoing a long battery of tests on all of my organs, I just got a clean bill of health from my cardiologist and my lung doctor, and my primary physician. I learned that I am not dying. My heart is very strong. My arteries are not blocked. I wheeze a bit and I am obese and I have arthritis - so yeah, exercise will not be pleasant. But now, I don't care. If I want to outlive my Mom, I need to move my butt and be fit. I've just started changing my lifestyle but I am dedicated to the plan. I feel both desperate and joyful. I'm loving it. It's really hard work, moving this big old butt - but dang - its worth it. The intensity of this fear has lessened with the medical results. But I still worry. It feels more than a habit, it feels ingrained. So like the fat in my body that I am trying to work off, I imagine that every time I sweat, I am also burning off my fears. I pray I succeed.

I'm afraid of not ever having enough money for the life I want. I'm going to work hard to get both CCs paid off. I'm going to think of the good feeling I'll have when they're paid off and imagine that moment, and this will help me say "No!" to unnecessary purchases.

Fear of failure,of not reaching the place that I want and need to reach. I am just letting it go.

I fear my body. I fear it failing - sudden heart attack or stroke, I monitor it closely at times. I fear it's appearance is changing rapidly with age and that I can't control that - weight, wrinkles, and that my husband is repelled. I fear I'm no longer beautiful. These fears keep me from relaxing and living full-out who and how I am. I'll continue making time to exercise and be consistent with it - make progress and CONTINUE rather than coast. I'll reduce stress and sleep more.

I've been focused on getting my financials in order, and I feel like I'm making progress and that I have had success in that department the last couple of years. Recently I've been thinking about whether I am successful in relationships. I no longer subscribe to a traditional relationship model, and haven't had a primary partner since I started on this path. It used to be a more simple concept to me - perhaps a successful romantic relationship meant you had a boyfriend, you were happy, maybe one day you would get married and/or have kids together, and you would live together. My last 2 boyfriends I lived with, and they were horrible experiences. They were so horrible that it would take A LOT for me to consider living with a romantic partner again. Sometimes I fear that perhaps I am not putting myself out there as much as I should. I also feel that people are so complex, that finding someone who is a good match for me and is available in that way is very difficult to find. I don't even think judging success in relationships means that you have to be in a relationship. I'd like to explore this more for myself, to find out what my idea of a successful relationship is.

I am afraid of being alone, to include never getting married and never having children. I am afraid that it has impacted me and/or limited me in my ability to look clearly at my relationship with D, which is the only serious relationship I've ever been in. I look at some of the aspects of him/me/our relationship that scare me or make me nervous, and I can't analyze them fully because on the one hand, I tell myself that nothing has been a true red flag or something that can't be worked out, but on the other hand, I question my own advice and wonder if I'm glossing over something out of the fear that if I leave this relationship, there won't be another, and then on the next hand, whether I'm actually trying to face down a fear of commitment that fills me with false fears in an attempt to drive a wedge where one doesn't belong... I think my answer to one of the previous questions would go a long way toward helping me to overcome or let go of this fear, namely meditation. I will continue to have long and deep talks with my best friend, who helps me to sort these things out and can point out the crazy things I tell myself. I will continue, also, to take the relationship a day at a time, an adventure at a time, and try to avoid fortune-telling or future-gazing.

Fear of not really being as good and able as I think I can be. Fear of realizing my own limitations. It holds me back. It keeps me from trying and realizing my best me. It stops me from staying true to my values in my actions. How can I overcome? I am not sure but over the last year what has helped had been a focus on my intentions, my values. Finding ways to stop each morning and night focus on what I want. Now I need to do more on how I am going to get there. Not specifics per se but doing the hard work of developing daily practices that help me stay focused beyond a few words in the morning or at night.

Fear of confronting my relationship (such as it is). Neither one of us has the guts to address our lack of closeness (and I don't mean sex) and affection, in general. It is very depressing for both of us. Can't let it go (which I have been doing, but it doesn't solve anything). Don't have the courage to overcome it. I think we definitely need couples counseling, as uncomfortable as it would be. Neither one of us would look forward to facing that! BUT we either continue on as "room mates" -- each going our own way and doing our own thing -- or starting to make our relationship better. WHY AM I SO AFRAID???

I have a fear of failure. I hold myself to unrealistic expectations and never give myself the benefit of the doubt or give myself forgiveness. I have always believed that I wasn't worthy for being happy. I think now I am able to see that being happy and emotionally healthy is what I need most. If I am able to release myself from the chains that I have created for myself I will be open to new things, not be so worried about the end result but to be present in the journey. I also want to learn that the "bad" isn't always going to be there...life is and can be wonderful and exciting. I plan on going to counseling and challenging myself to do the hard work to get where I want to be.

Right now my fear is my wife leaving me. Never has this been a fear. Never have I even thought this was a possibility. Right now it's the filter from which I view everything. All of our interactions are judged with her leaving as the marker - is this bringing us one step closer to her staying or to her leaving (unfortunately lately it always seems the latter). I guess at some point in the near future I'm going to just have to let this go. To let everything go (so scary) and see where things settle out.

I have a fear of reenacting an unhealthy enmeshed dynamic that I have with my mom, with my young son. Though it plays out differently, there is a similarity in how when one of us is swayed by strong feelings the other can have a hard time not getting swept up in it and reacting to it. This challenges and limits my relationship with my mom, and I really hope to work on how I can better navigate it in my relationship with her, and how I can avoid repeating similar dynamics with my son.

The fear I have is that if I fail at something I will confirm that I'm really not food enough to succeed. This has stopped me from acting upon the many visions/ideas I've had that could really make a big difference in others' lives including my own life. Also, people would discover that I'm not really as I've presented or shown to them such as not caring how or if people judge me. I plan to trust the truth within and go full speed ahead and choose not to listen or act on the thoughts of judgment and know that they are all lies. If I have trouble letting go of these lies about me I will reach out for support to help me shift this way of being.

I fear not being able to control my environment. The loss of my close friendships, loss of a romantic partner, stress and harm from several familial relationships, the loss of my job, and housing have all left me feeling desperate to change everything all at once. I'm throwing myself at temporary work desperate to get hired full-time to no avail. I am interviewing for work I value and am simply not getting the final offer because the competition is so stiff. I am unsuccessfully attempting to manage and explore my emotional and spiritual state while working 6 days a week or more because of the impending loss of my job. I am exploring dating and friendships in a way that combined is stretching me so thin that I am unable to disengage from or even identify unhealthy patterns, and make better life choices. This has limited me by negatively impacting my physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. I feel like everyone is disappointed in me, and I'm disappointed in myself. I would like to relinquish my obsession with fixing everything all at once, and being perfect at everything and in every relationship so that I can find equanimity in my life circumstances and be gentle with myself in a way I desperately need. I plan on letting go of this need for control through a spiritual practice (meditation), journaling, and utilizing the word no as a complete sentence.

I have always been afraid of making a fool of myself. I have forced myself to tackle projects in spite of the fear. I am very nervous about presenting at a history conference. I am going to anyway. Not quite sure how. Guess I'll just do it.

I have many fears. I fear men, I fear the future, I fear myself and that's basically everything to me. On overcoming the fear, I plan to step out of my comfort zone, I plan on changing myself so that I fit into society. One way I'm thinking of changing myself is just being more involved with the community, I feel that will change me tremendously.

A sob in my throat, my heart freezes, shrinks, stops, I recoil, and reel away, into myself, I hide my head in shame. Unwanted...unloved....alone. No value. Work harder, give more, give more, work harder, unseen my voice reduced to a whisper. Carefully now...do not say the wrong thing...it will be my fault if I make the slightest error. Give in to the understanding that I am better mute. I will learn to love my silence.

Sometime have difficulty getting to a task when alone or facing necessary confrontation to get to resolution. I mustn't let things throw me.

My biggest fear is that I am not making the right choice, and this sometimes stops me from making any choice. I need to learn to let go, know that there are no right choices.

Fear of being seen as "less than." I don't want to compete but do want to win. I have been difficult to give feedback to or to do course corrections myself. This constant vigilance and "Spidey Sense" that goes off without actual threat is exhausting. I am learning how to use my powers for good by being good enough and increasing my self compassion. I want my outsider perspective to still be a strength and also allow myself to be connected to others.

Not sure. I have softened a lot in the last year. Things don't scare me like they used to. I guess I fear for mt childrens' safety. Especially while driving and the younger one will get his license this month. I will just have to trust him and the universe I guess

I do not fear death. I do not fear malignity or solitude. I do not fear a thousand cyclopses. I fear failure. I'm still unsure of my talents. What I admire, what I strive to be. I know I want to be successful, but I'm not exactly sure what I desire to pursue in the future. I'm not exactly sure how I will overcome such a pressing obstacle. I want to remain faithful and optimistic, but reality steers me oppositely. I have always withheld high expectations for myself and sometimes I have failed to meet those ambitions. I understand that sometimes we cannot achieve certain goals without struggle, but it has been years. I'm exhausted and fatigued. I lack energy and fortitude. I'm on the verge of collapsing once again, yet I will push on, that's the sole thing I can do.

I am afraid of being offensive. It is a terrible burden, particularly as a person with strong opinions. I'm tortured by every interaction in which I perceive I might have done someone harm. It requires having more faith in my own perceptions than strictly of other's perceptions of me. I imagine having this awareness and trusting my intuitions is the first step, though I'll probably have to make the rest up as I go along.

Hm. I guess I fear people not liking me. I'm not sure I have any plans for letting it go or overcoming it. I never really think about it. The only time it bothers me is that I feel I don't express my opinion because I don't want to be rude or "rock the boat." That's the drawback of living in the South! Not quite sure if I value opinion-giving over keeping quiet and keeping my relationships with acquaintences.

I fear health woes. It limits me by impacting my choices about travel (don't want to sleep on a bed that will cause my back to flare up, or don't want to be far away from a hospital in case one of the kids gets sick). I will continue to practice my relaxation exercises - with increasing frequency as these anxieties seem to build.

My number one fear, the fear in which I never really express, is failure. And it's terrible to how much this fear has limited me. The fear of failure isn't just for school or family, it's been literally the failure of everything. I'm scared to express my full opinions to people because I'm afraid I will have failed in being like by my friends. I was scared to dance (a thing in which I love most dearly) in fear of failing at that and sucking at it. I was scared to talk to certain people because I felt like I failed to meet their standards. This list can go on and on because there's just so much I'm scared of failing at. I want to overcome this by pushing myself to do things out of my comfort zone. I need to. Otherwise, I'll get trapped in this dark fear of failure. I will push forward and accept failure because while life is destined for good things there is also a time where everyone will experience failure and I can't live a life in fear of it.

Oh, my biggest fear is the fear of being seen. It has kept me from putting myself and my ideas out into the world, and then I feel like a failure. It definitely does not make me happy. In the coming year, I'm going to allow myself to take a risk and get myself onto a larger stage/platform. I have a lot of really good ideas and concepts that I want to share, and I'm willing to risk making myself a target in order to move forward with my life.

I fear being along for the rest of my life just as much as I fear marrying the wrong person for the rest of my life. This has limited me because I can't let go of bad relationships for fear of no relationships. I don't know how to overcome it because I've already given in to it again.

I have a fear concerning my husband's health due to recent debt increase, decrease in income, grief, stress. Although he is younger than I, if something G-d forbid, happened to either one of us, I/we'd be screwed. The fear/upset has limited me in doing in anything. Because money is short, we can't get life insurance (my husband thinks I won't need more than his work policy!); another job right away; food is so expensive that we can't buy the kinds of food for the Choose to Lose program; another dog (how do I deal with the loneliness?). Another part of this fear is that I don't have family to lean on. My husband is all I have and he doesn't deal with feelings well. This makes me feel resentful and alone. Anything I do will have to be one step at a time.

Success? Not sure, at this point I am feeling kind of un-afraid. BUT, I would really, really like to get my art out, and sell it. Will need to get an agent.

My fear is lack of sleep. Since experiencing a couple of sleepless nights, I fear that my ability to fall asleep without being anxious is gone This fear of experiencing another sleepless night limits me at night: I am restless and anxious - even though I know I can function the next day without any/little sleep. The feeling of being overly tired, exhausted and anxious frighten me. The headache. The anxiety. The nervousness. This all scares me! In order to overcome my fear, I want to learn more about how to stress less: Sleeping techniques, yoga and various methods of relaxation.

Fear of driving. Always depending on others to drive. I will try to drive a little further.

I have a fear of not being good enough. This has limited me in so many ways, I cannot even begin to describe them all. I am constantly making choices based on how others will feel about them and not necessarily how I will feel about them - never about how these choices will affect me and how I feel. I am always trying to over come this fear by just being myself. I am able to do that by moving away from my small town and doing things that I love with people who do not know me or my past. I am also constantly reminding myself that no matter what, as long as I am happy with my life and where I am that is all that matters. I am more than enough.

Fear of death has been growing on me, with age and death all around. The sudden realization that the road ahead is, in any case at all, much, much shorter than that in the rear view mirror, and filled with more potholes and hazards. I don't know that I have plans to overcome this fear, it's realistic and unchangeable. Maybe I'll let go of it a bit, but without a religious or spiritual basis to do so, I don't really see a path there either. Or perhaps I'll just learn to live with it.

To retire before one must, and to leave the security of a good position is madness in these times. The news is full of stories of good and worthy people crushed by the bad economy. Yet I have always worked and those for whom I worked have found value in what I am able to do. So I am taking a calculated risk in making this life change.

While I'm not sure exactly of what I am afraid, something is holding me back. Not sure if it is negative self-talk, or fears. Perhaps a fear of succeeding, which sounds silly to me, yet somehow sounds true. I plan to overcome the negative self talk by daily (reminder to self: put that on your DAILY want to do list) positive affirmations. If it is a fear of succeeding, perhaps creating a support system of friends/cheerleaders for me.

I don't want to sound all braggy, but I don't really have very many fears, let alone any that are holding me back. I say yes to anything that scares me. That's what happens when you name your company Fearless. You end up getting dared to do a lot of things that you realize you have to do.

The fear of taking risks. The plan on overcoming it, is taking the risk!

Fear of being alone--not in the sense of having time to myself, which I often crave to an extent that is not consistent with an easy relationship/partnership--but in a more existential sense, and in particular dying alone. Or being left alone by the people I love, especially Amy, who I'm about to marry and with whom my visions of building a life and future together are inextricably intertwined. I know we all die alone, but I don't want to live alone--or to be left alone, to have a life built in love and companionship and trust that would then fall apart.

i fear i'm getting older and uglier. i plan on focusing on being fit and in shape and quitting smoking and drinking lots of water. its a nice plan anyway. or i could plan on just accepting that i am getting older and all the lines represent the amazing life i've lived with a lot of smiles.

Fear of letting go of my control on certain things. I'm not sure if it's really a fear as it is just my personality but it drives me and people around me crazy! Ha! I think MG really helps me with that because he's so relaxed so if I do get a little control freakish, just his demeanor puts me in place :).

In yoga, much of the time, I don't try to go into certain poses because I'm afraid I'm not strong enough or don't know what I'm doing. There's a lot of doubt and negative self-talk- and this keeps me from learning from and expanding my yoga practice. I plan on letting this fear go by reminding myself of ALL the things I have done that I never thought I could do (crow, handstands, half marathon)… and challenging myself to try a pose ONCE, (cause generally, when I try it once… I am able to try it again and again). Reflecting on how far I've come in my yoga practice (since summer 2010, or 2011) is also a beautiful way to connect back to what I CAN do. And continuing to PRACTICE daily, even if that means a quick in-home practice by myself… experiencing yoga as an every day habit will help me stay grounded in good mindset for "trying" and feeling more comfortable and confident in my own abilities.

Fear of intruding on people's lives by calling up, checking in, reaching out. No plan other than brute force. Sigh... I never have plans for all the things I know I need to do...

I have a fear of not hiring the right assistant for our team. We do have several people on the team - and we are about 50-50 YES; the other 50% is a probably (not a NO). So, we'll all overcome it by helping to train up this assistant in the best way we know how, and provide her with a fun opportunity into the world of Finance. We have some strong growth iniatives in 2015, so having another assistant who is hands on and can get move us forward will be awesome!

I fear just being open and unapologetic about my beliefs about God and how the universe really works. I have been a bit more outspoken in recent days and have been met with opposition, but I can't let fear of being disliked stop me from being me.

I was always afraid to open up to people, but then I realized you only live once. You only get one chance to live your life to the fullest, there are no redo's. So, I decided I would open up and start living life to the fullest.

Fear of rejection, mostly from my husband. It has limited my ability to show affection and be comfortable in intimate situations. I'm really working hard to let it go and feel better about myself so that I can move forward without this fear that is hurting our marriage.

I don't know if it's a fear of success or money or what, but something is holding me back professionally....something really freaks me out about putting myself out in the owrld for work. Maybe it's just honestly the responsibility of then having to do it! Like what if I actually get all these yoga students? Then I am really committed to showing up and teaching all that time. Maybe I'm afraid it will become just a job....do what you love, but what if doing it makes you not love it anymore? I certainly had that experience with massage therapy, but having changed locations so many times sort of dampened my ability to grow and progress because I was always starting over, stuck in the place of getting clients in the first place rather than building a practice that grows and evolves over time into other modalities and perhaps not even massage anymore. Maybe I just fear the whole "starting out phase" because Iv'e done it so many times.

I am afraid to reach out for friends. I'm not sure how to overcome it.

What other people think of me. Continuing to do things I wouldn't normally do - risking looking "bad" and being true to my ideals.

Only pick one fear, huh? ;) Well, lately I've been struggling with a fear of being seen by others and myself as "only" a housewife/stay at home mom. It has been a good solid three-ish years now where I have not had an outside job (our company folded at the end of 2011) and yet I have not built up a significant business around my FYFFH project nor have I finished my next novel, both of which I supposedly had way more time to do once I wasn't working outside the home. I feel embarrassed or fearful of being judged by others around the privileges that I enjoy (being able to stay home and not have to work, being able to do my creative pursuits if and generally when I want to), and around the fact that I don't have more concrete achievements to show the world despite enjoying all those privileges. I suppose I am also struggling with some fear around being perceived as having abandoned my feminist ideals of equality and social justice when I acknowledge that these days I have become so involved with managing my household and my family life that I don't have (or make) time for the other things that are important to me. I will keep struggling with these fears forever, I think. They're part of my biography, and shape who I am in both negative and positive ways. ("Our wounds are our strengths.") I don't know as this fear of being seen and judged as "'just' a housewife" will ever be something I just let go or overcome. My goal is to keep learning how to get better at surfing the waves of fear of judgement and the high expectations I impose on myself, and keep practicing the process of getting back on the surfboard and continuing to paddle forward every time I get washed off. Staying engaged with what scares me or makes me anxious is the first step, and I've already gotten better at that, so I have high hopes for getting better at surfing (and paddling) in the year to come.

Fear of not being good enough at my job. I plan on training myself both in excel and in public speaking courses and try to gain more confidence. I think the first step is to stop beating myself up.

hmmmm....I have a fear of growing old alone. I think it limits me because of the fear of rejection- I certainly don't put myself out there as much as I could- or maybe even should, but I guess that's what happens when relationships don't come into my life very often and then don't last very long. I hope that changes but I'm not sure how.

I have released so much fear and I am so grateful for that growth. Right now the greatest fear I have is not being good enough in general and specifically in my relationship. I need to work on that and I am thankful for the opportunity I have been given to explore this limiting belief with a good man.

Writing my book. My fear or jumping in head-first has limited me from jumping in head first. I have to clear my proverbial plate and make it a priority ...simple as that. Face my goddamn fears and get started on the work.

Fear of failure and rejection. I want to push myself out of my comfort zone by volunteering, meeting new people, singing publicly, applying for job opportunities and possibly writing.

I fear taking risks, mostly of feeling pain, sorrow, or joy. It has limited me since I was around 40 years old. I am now 55. My entire life I have always landed on my feet (well over the 9 lives of a cat), but since my husband died, l I am fearful now of taking the jump, of feeling something that painful again. It has limited me because I hold on to excess weight, worry, and isolation. In the coming year, I want to let it go by becoming more aware of my body alignment and health. I will become more mindful of why I think fat protects me from pain, and also let myself experience pain, pleasure, sorry, and joy. I need all these to overcome my fears.

As I have said every other year, my fear is the fear of change and 'what if'. I am a creature of habit - what can I say! I am going to try and use the Yes Man idea and the challenge that Jenny and I have set each other to help to change things for the better.

I am afraid that at any moment, I will lose my grandma who has late-onset Alzheimer's. This is especially strong right now since on October 6th last year, my grandpa fell and was hospitalized and I wasn't told until it was too late. I'm afraid of watching the people I love suffer or deteriorate over time and I am afraid of mortality. I'm committing to attending grief counseling sessions instead of dealing with it on my own this year and not letting it take over my life.

I'm so afraid of not having kids and not having a family that I don't know how to focus on my current life. It's so hard to picture any other future that I'm not sure I have the answer yet on how to overcome this and be truly happy with whatever life brings. I know my therapist will help, and I want to have some important, honest conversations with my current boyfriend about the importance of this. I also need to restart things that help me connect with myself and my needs, so I can discover more of what makes me happy besides this (hypothetical) future family. Things like journaling and running help me get clarity on just about everything.

I am very afraid of being all alone for the rest of my life, of living my entire life without a husband or partner. I'm hopeful that volunteering at something I enjoy will open doors to meeting someone in the coming year.

I have been afraid to really reach out to Emily Akers and authentically offer to empower her with tools that will help her raise her self-esteem and confidence levels. These are not only tools for today, but tools that will last her a lifetime. This year I am plowing full steam ahead. I will do my best to show her what's possible and encourage her to understand (1) the golden rule is incredibly essential for getting what you want; (2) she can really do anything she wants to in life and in love; and (3) I really want her to be happy. I know Andy and I have joined forces in a healthy way to address this with her. It is my hope that we will succeed and give Emily a good foundation - now and for her future. I am intending to push through my fears that I'll have to endure a lot of resistance and abuse from Emily as well as live through health issues of my own that may arise as a result of this endeavor. It is like working with a foster child who has been abused. It is going to take every cell I have. Somehow, for some reason, I feel it will be worth it in the end. As a good partner to Andy, I only want the best for him and his children. If I see one of them getting in their own way, I want to support him or her alongside Andy.

I'm afraid of not being good enough. I'm afraid of failure. And that's kept me from singing or doing something with my voice. Yet that's the only thing I knew I wanted to do when I was in first grade. I also wish I had the courage to take classes to get a professional degree. My former roommate, JS, got her RD, while I stayed at a job until I got laid off and now I'm at a job I really hate. I'm afraid. The logical side of my brain says that only by doing do I gain courage. Yet I'm too afraid to do. So I feel hopeless and stuck. I don't know where to find the courage. The cowardly lion in the Wizard of Oz, discovered he had courage all along. Maybe I will too.

Potty training my baby - I assume it will eventually work itself out :)

I have been afraid to stand up for myself and set boundaries at work. I have blamed my boss for this, which is not helpful, and while she is indeed an emotionally volatile person, I no longer need to react to her the way I reacted to my emotionally volatile mother. I can be a grown up. I will work on developing my confidence in that fact over the next year.

Losing my boyfriend. It has been a fear that has been here for at least a year, maybe even two. I have been the worst girlfriend. I have been a bitch. I have not loved him properly and still I am not as affectionate as I want to be. I will let this fear go. Love him more. Letting go of the fear would improve my mental state. Fear of change. Everything changes. Even I change. And I change my haircolor every 6 weeks if possible. Yet I am scared of changes. I can't handle it if my planning gets screwed up. I can't just leave on a friday for a holiday not knowing where to. I am going to do things like that. I want to. My boyfriend used to be spontaneous. But he isn't anymore because I didn't like change. I didn't like surprises. But I am going to allow it next year. And going to try to do spontaneous things myself.

I haven't applied for better jobs because I doubt my abilities. Nothing in my past has warranted such fear, but it's there. What are the stages of grief? Denial, anger, acceptance? It's kind of like that. I've definitely gotten past the denial and anger, and am aware of the hindrance my fear is putting on me. I am not quite to the acceptance yet. I yearn for the kind of acceptance that gets me excited. I know I'm not there, but I also know it's coming.

I think our culture focuses on fear in a way that I no longer agree with so I will not be overcoming it in the coming year. I will be learning from it. I have come to see fear as information and I get to discern it's message. Instead of assuming fear only communicates when there is something to fear, I approach the situation with curiosity. I now understand that decisions I made in or out of fear have unfortunate outcomes because I haven't given myself the time or space to ponder or choose. So when I notice fear come up, I slow down, take a breath, look around to make sure I am safe. Then, I ask, "What love would choose?"

I fear sharing my life with a partner. I like things the way they are, and fear change so much, that I sometimes wonder if I will forever be single. I hope that I open up and allow myself to share my life with someone else.

I have a lot of fears mostly regarding Escher and something bad happening to him. What I do to overcome them is follow the suggestion recommended by my therapist. She said that when I imagine something bad happening it is in an effort to figure out how to deal with the situation, sort of a worse case scenario planning. The thing is that no matter how much you plan for how to deal with it, you do you will never get to a place where it is okay for something bad to happen to your child. So the whole process is just putting yourself through the pain of something that has not happened over and over again. Better not to put yourself through that. I have to remind myself of this, sometimes frequently. But it does help me not dwell in my fears.

fear of being overwhelmed, of not being able to get everything done. keeps me in a negative emotional place. I feel disempowered about overcoming it :( I don't know what to do - focus on all that I do get done? accept that I can't get it all done? cut back on what's in my life? (my current approach - hard to maintain over time -- this is my favorite though - this is what I want more of!)

I fear rejection of all sorts. I am working on taking action no matter what, and then letting things be. Not obsessing about the outcome.

Oh, I have lots of fears. A big fear recently is that I may be parenting "wrong". I guess I can overcome this fear by reminding myself that everyone does some things wrong; I can't be "right" all the time. And sometimes "right" is not so clear. I'll do my best and most importantly love my child with all my heart. How else can I overcome this fear? I guess I can talk with other parents, and maybe my parents in particular. . .

I fear putting myself completely out there for a professional career. I miss the satisfaction of working hard, succeeding and having a great reputation among my peers. I also miss the financial rewards. I'm at a cross roads where I will have to make a decision to continue on as a consultant - flexible hours and raising my family but no financial rewards or personal/professional achievement - or move back to San Francisco and take a kick ass, round the clock, work my butt off job that makes me feel in control, empowered and recognized. This won't be an easy decision.

I am afraid of romantic intimacy. I am afraid of being loved by someone who might overwhelm me. I want to get over that--to build bountries, and also be be penetrable. To learn to communicate my fear. To take a leap of faith into honesty. To be vulnerable.

I do not have a spirit of fear,but snakes do creep me out..........no plan ,would just try to avoid them

I guess I had the fear of losing myself in a relationship but actually being in one that's healthy has taught me that while sometimes it challenges me, I'm still heard and get to be who I really am. Other fear that I guess is still there is not being good enough to be an actress, whether because if skill, looks, age etc. but I realize I have to get out of that negative self talk and just give it a go.

After breaking up with Justin, I didn't fear being alone as much as I feared him loving someone other than me. He was quick about finding someone to hook up with (in the apartment we shared, which is the cherry on top of the situation), so my fear came quicker than I could have ever imagined, even if it wasn’t love – it was sexual attention to another woman. I think I am already learning to let go of the fear because I am learning that he never loved me. All I was to him was a sense of comfort. I was the mother he had when his real mother wasn't around. I was the maid he needed. The cook he liked to complain about. The woman he demanded sexual acts from. I was never a woman he cared about - much less a woman he loved. He was a man that wanted to constrict a woman that is eager to learn, to be a leader, to strive for success, and be happy. Since he is none of the things I am, he tried to constrict it all by controlling me. Since I am learning that the "love" he had for me wasn't genuine, I am overcoming the fear that he will love someone else. Even though he might learn to truly love someone and even though it is painful to learn that I was with someone that didn't care for me, I am letting it all go and overcoming it all so hopefully I can be healthy when I finally do meet the right person for me.

I am afraid of swimming by myself in open bodies of water. Specifically, I am afraid of being attacked by a shark or octopus, which I know is completely ridiculous, especially in lakes and rivers and big swimming pools, but no less real a fear for that. This fear has limited me for years, from fulling embracing my summers. I've found ways around it, and made new friends by asking strangers to swim next to me, but I really think I need to try some new tactics for next summer. I'll need to do something big to overcome this fear.

I am shy which has limited my developing relationships. I hope to start counseling to help me become more confident.

striving for a more high profile job that I can do but don't think I have the experience, just going for it.

I fear being alone. I fear being stuck in this job. I will try to be happy with myself, I don't need anyone. I'm trying to get better at it. I'm going to be looking for other jobs.

Im still afraid of loosing the people I love. My mom's battle with cancer has been hard fought this last year, and I am not sure how much fight she has left in her. Im still afraid to loose her, that I will never feel that kind of love again. I've been working on letting love in from all around me. Identifying sources of strength and love elsewhere, and by spending as much time with her as I can now.

Fear of falling out of demand in my chosen industry, book cover design. I'm going to pursue my college passion of sculpture as a fallback and diversify in other areas.

Not showing up fully as myself in the joy and fun and vital expression of me; to get active on output channels and also take the time for me to connect with the source of that within me and LOVE IT

I continue to worry about finances but realize that as long as I work hard and have faith in God all will be well and work out as it is supposed to.

A fear that I have now is that I am not fully supporting members of my family in what they do. My plan to overcome or let it go: This would be to keep doing my best and trying to focus. It also seems necessary to realize that we can not be perfect.

Success--fear of risk taking and fear of actually getting what I want. This year, I'm ignoring it completely and pretending like I'm the most confident person on the planet. I am where I am doing what I'm doing with whom I am doing it for as I should.

I'm afraid of new experiences. I get nervous when I'm uncertain about things. Like I'm nervous right now, anticipating the wedding this weekend. And my fear of the unknown became clear last week as Whitney and I chased down our favorite boy band; on the drive to the airport, I was wracked with fear and anxiety. She pressed me, and I had to admit I wasn't really worried about anything tangible. I wasn't afraid that we wouldn't see them, and I wasn't afraid we'd be kicked out. I was just anxious because I didn't know what would happen. Even though I knew in my head that I could handle any outcome, I was still anxious that I didn't KNOW the outcome already. I need to thing long-term with these things and know that as long as I act with caution and thought, none of these anxious moments will affect me for too long. All things pass.

My fear of making decisions is still pretty prevalent. Not so sure what to do about that one. I'm also terrified of going off of medication because I am finally reaching a little bit of stability. The only way to let that go is to achieve stability for longer, which is a whole other issue. I'm also limited in my social fears. I need to have less FOMO and to do that I have to focus more on doing what I want. When I realize what I want I will know that I am not missing out because I am doing what I want and everything else is not what I want.

I have a fear of dying with unfinished business, or (a more long term fear) of lapsing into dementia without having made proper preparations. I'm working on getting my house in order.

I am afraid that I will fail if I try to commit myself to being a serious writer. I am afraid that once my house is tidy it will just become untidy again, and this is another failure. I am afraid I won't stick to my health goals. I am afraid that my back will continue to hurt me so much that I will never be able to hike again. This limits me because I adore hiking and haven't hiked in years. have an awkward gait and this affects my back, and if I don't follow a rigorous exercise regimen, I can't walk very well. I plan to overcome this by sticking to my exercises, doing them even when I don't want to. I am very afraid that my aunt and uncle will die in the next year. This doesn't limit me; it just saddens me deeply. The fear that limits me is that I won't have enough money to attend their funerals, which are far away. So if there is anything to plan for, it would be to start setting aside money for travel. I don't have a plan to let go of these fears, because if I had a plan, and it didn't work, I'd feel upset with myself. The best plan is to keep on keeping on.

I fear that my life won't turn out or progress in ways that I can admire. I think I have made plans and goals and not been able to achieve them. I wonder if that is just the way it goes, and if so, will that be disappointing down the road? I will try to meditate, journal, etc to really see where I am, where I am going, and if I need to adjust course. (Monitor and adjust).

That I am not good enough. I can't plan for it as it is a constant thought. For my company, for my girlfriend, for my life. I just have to keep proving it wrong and the fear will become a more irrational thought that I can ignore.

I'm scared of moving into a nicer/bigger house. I'm scared of biting off more than we can chew financially and getting into trouble. I'm scared that Rob and I won't be able to make the lifestyle adjustments necessary to sustain a larger home. All we can do is take the leap and see what happens.

Fear of messing up. Fear of commitment. Limits me by stopping me engage fully with things because I'm worried they're not right and that I'm going to mess them up anyway, and messed up in making the decisions that led me there. I will try to remind myself that this is where I am, grass is always greener, and will think more about ways to overcome I guess!

I am afraid of letting people in. I am uncomfortable in social settings. It has stopped me from developing into the person I want to be. I am going to start being more outgoing, and try harder to connect to others.

I would love to over come my fear, however it's very difficult since it's happened several times and that is being unemployed (whether it's me or the hubby) and honesty I can say, that I'm no longer concerned of the outcome. I have family & friends that came to our aid when needed and I know that if it happens again, they would be there again in a heartbeat.

That I will alienate people if I write about them. That I am no longer a viable writer. Create monthly writing goals and stick with them. Establish writing dates with writer friends.

I have a fear of being abandoned. I think the way to work on that is to become more independent in all aspects. I also have a fear of letting go of control. I don't think I can overcome that in a year, but I try to work on my anxiety and control issues when I can.

Fear of letting someone else in control.

I have a fear of letting people down. I don't like people to think negatively of me. Therefore, I try to overcompensate even when I don't need to. I tend to overextend and overcommit that I do eventually let people down. It's a self-fulfilling prophecy. This year I plan to be more transparent with my time and being honest about what I am doing and when and with whom. I also have to get out of my head more. I feel like I over think certain situations and I need to always assume best intentions of people.

Fear of aging, poor health, lack of grandchildren. Let go of thinking about grandchildren because it is totally out of my control. Continue good habits with yoga and diet. Be thankful of all I have and the fact that I am feeling very good except for my back right now - working on it. Keep sailing, no matter what!!

- Fear that getting into a relationship will overwhelm me- through therapy or counseling. - Fear of failure- that if I don't solve problems in my personal life in a particular sequence it won't work out at all- try to be more flexible and work on multiple fronts and not get too fixated on needing things to be linear. - Fear of commitment to one "track" (in religion, relationships, career)- try to be more open and exploratory and not as concerned with others' possible expectations of staying "on track" and seeing where opportunities lead me.

I was afraid to change jobs from a secure, employed position to one that is freelance. We shall see how this works out.

The future. How is my life going to change? I have felt drawn to NY for a while now. But I thought it was Upstate, Amahami, ithaca, etc. Now, I am unsure. But I love the Lehigh Valley. How will these things merge?

I've been scared of making the wrong decision. In the past few years I've had to make a lot of decisions that could have taken me in very drastically directions. Each time, as I approach these major intersections, I become hesitant. I psych myself out. Some of it is a good thing; I weigh options more, put more thought into things. But, in shifting that perception, sometimes I lose the insight of my intuition. My mind is too busy chattering to itself to receive any type of message from the universe or even from my heart. In the short amount of time that I've been in "the real world," I've already come to realize that there's no time to be spent dwelling on what could have been. Things are the way they are. And while each decision you make will inevitably effect the path in front of you, you can only go at the rate you can go. In each decision, I will try to dissect the options with logic, but then I will quiet my mind and let the answers come to me. And I will only deal with each intersection as it comes- not stressing about things too far away or letting what has passed continue to bother me. As I make these decisions I will reflect and ask myself if they align with my values and goals.

I have a fear of being an impostor, especially at work. I know that I know what I'm doing, but I also know that there are many things that I don't know. I need to start realizing that it is OK to not know things. I should ask questions and start exploring.

my whole life is fear! i want to get over it and live! continue to yoga and learn how to let things go and take things day by day as they come. so cliche. i don't know how to over come it. maybe that is something i will be investigating (refer to question 8)

I have a fear of sleeping alone. I just can't do it. When I wake up and no one is around, I just freak out and call for my mom. I plan on overcoming it by sleeping on top of my mom so she can never leave my side. It's a win-win: I don't have to sleep alone and I sleep better. ("Win-win" means I win twice, right?)

Fear of dying alone and in pain. I plan to spend more time in the sangha of mountains and stars.

Change. I hate to make a change in job for fear of dealing with the Devil I don't know, embracing known problems for far too long. I hate disappointing the people I've worked with prior to making a move. I want the income and better work environment. I just don't like making the change and experiencing uncertainty. I've taken the plunge. God I hope it works out!

My fear is that I will never have my life in complete balance/harmony. And my overall happiness and contentment rests with this balance. I do not know how I will overcome this fear.

I have a great fear of dying suddenly or having a stroke, that dates back to my parents who both died young and from sudden events. I have tried to watch my health but have been a little overweight all my life. I'm trying to be more disciplined. I had a tough year when I was 52 because that's how old my father was when he died of an MI. Now I'm 64 and next year will be equally hard since my mother died of a sudden MI at that age. It didn;t help that I had a mini stroke in August. I am trying to live in the present, accept the fact that I am getting older, and still enjoy the wonderful gifts I have of a loving family, reasonable health, and enough savings to live comfortably-all great blessings at my age. i also need to find new outlets for service to others now that I am retiring from community health work.

I'm just always afraid of "The MAN". He is making slow but steady footsteps towards my door. I don't like it. I walk around in fear and scarcity far more often than I should be, and what I fear is being put away for being poor. I think small and act petty because of this. I should be down getting a sheriff's card for work later this month, but I am paralyzed with fear they will pull my name up, it will flash red, and they will lead me away in handcuffs. The anger and fear over having so much fiscal pressure on me that is basically just absolutely evil and unnecessary creates far more tension and stress in my life than is healthy. I'm also terrified of how extensive the damage to my teeth really is, and beginning the process of fixing it is NOT something i am looking forward to. Fuck fear. I'm going to suffer enough without it.

There are so many fears that limit me, that it is difficult to discern which fear is particularly troublesome at any time. Fear of failure, fear of not being accepted, fear of not belonging, fear of not being appreciated, fear of dying (while at the same time, wanting to), fear of irreversible damage, fear of not finding a job, fear of forever being unable to finish my studies, fear of losing the people I love, fear of not being noticed at all, fear of not having any connections. I plan to overcome them through therapy and Buddhist practice. Letting go is really hard, because change will be uncomfortable and new.

I'm terrified of failure and bankruptcy. What happens if we can't make it on a smaller salary? And what happens if I can't find a job on the coast? What happens if I can't make a go of my dreams, can't figure out how to make it on my own? We can't do another year with the two of us apart, so it will be critically important for me to be home...even if I hate the work. As for letting go or overcoming it in the coming year, it keeps coming back to just doing it and believing that the universe is going to be supporting and believing in me as well, working to give me what I need and deserve.

My biggest fear is that something bad will happen to my children. I don't think this fear limits my behavior in particular because I'm aware of it and fight against it. I don't think this is a fear that a parent overcomes.

I am afraid of being alone. I am surrounded by people, but I'm afraid that no one cares about me. I think this is what led to five boys in five days, my stress about not having a boyfriend, and my anger with my best friend. She shoved her boyfriend in my face and I felt alone and isolated. This created distance between us and anger within me. I must assume that if they spend their valuable time on me, that I am worth it and they care. I must let go of my insecurities and assume the best. Assumption of good will.

I'm afraid I'm not ever going to get better, that it will always feel this hard and my emotions this strong. I'm afraid I'm not going to get to a place of lasting recovery, that I will relapse and not want to be in this world anymore and just stop fighting. I am afraid I cheated the program at ERC but lying about my meal plan and then it will come back and screw me. I'm afraid I'll never get to a place of peace and acceptance with my body and will always feel like a large blob that keeps gaining. I'm afraid, SO afraid Mum's cancer will come back. I don't know how she will fight this again and I just hope so badly she won't have to. It makes me so nervous and anxious thinking about it. It all comes down to control in terms of overcoming these fears. I can do what I can do, I have the tools to be in recovery if I put them in place, I need to accept I should be patient on the body image front that it's the last to go and I commit to not solving a temporary problem with a permanent solution however bad things get because I have too much to be here for. I can't control Mum's test outcomes, I can control that I am there for her and the family in a way I've never been able to in the past. I want to be that person.

Hasta el momento no soy de tenerle temor , ni estado de panico a nada, aunque soy muy precavido y creo que todo riesgo puede tener consecuencia, pienso continuar asi para el proximo ano .

Fear of failing. Of losing it all. Keeping me in this box so that I get paid, have a good job, health insurance. etc. Simultaneously, fear of enjoying the quiet life, the modest life, working for a living. Both scare me. Don't know the right track for me. I don't. Therapy maybe?

I've become afraid of almost all things since relapsing with anxiety. Anxiety limits my daily life in every way I can think of. I will continue to go to counseling, hypnosis, massage therapy and my doctor for support and help to overcome the issue and retrain my brain, just as I have done in the past. My mind is powerful and my body is strong! I have the power to overcome anything!

I'm afraid that I'm not good enough, that I'll never get a real job, that I won't have the drive to finish grad school. I'm afraid I'm never prepared. However, I'm an over-preparer, over-achiever, and over-worrier. I plan on working to let it go when I go back to therapy.

Failure, maybe even quality control. I seem to think if it can't be perfect it's not worth doing. Or if it not fully completed, its not worthy sharing. Or if its not if its to fully thought out, it's not worth trying. I can never guarantee success. Maybe in 2015, I want to stop giving a shit about repercussions and do it anyway. If it works, great. If it doesn't, I know what doesn't work.

I limit myself by giving myself labels that define me. I am not those labels and if I keep giving in to them then they will soon forbid from doing things I love. I have to be sure of myself, be confident and just remember that its not who you are that hold you back, it's who you think you're not that does.

I am afraid that I am a fraud and that people will find out. I have always skated by on my wit and humor. I feel like I will fail if I try to expand past my already existing birders. I also need to let go of my need to acquire things. I seldom look at them once I have them.

I think my biggest fear us losing time with my parents. As juvenile as that sounds I absolutely loveeee my parents, and enjoy spending time with them. I'm at a point in my life though where I must go and create my own life, find my own path, husband, career, etc. The fear I have is, venturing out to do that will take me away from them. Away from the Sunday Football games (Go Giants) with my dad. Away from the random $5 movie night trips or Netflix nights with my mom. Or just the simple conversations we have daily when I get home from work. I'm looking now to make a move somewhere not too far but far enough where I can establish my own independence. I think once I get a job in that city, I will lear to overcome my fear of not letting my parents go but just creating my own future. Hopefully it's just as easy said as it is done. I can't continue to let my fear hold me back. Hopefully by this time next year I can write about my new life, in a new city, as a taken woman, with a new job & my high heels taking on the world! Ha!

I fear being financially vulnerable, and it causes me to work too hard and to worry about things I can't control. I plan to start titheing and praying over money more.

I can't think of a specific fear. I guess I fear not ever finding the right person. It's not that I don't think I couldn't live life without another person, because I know I could. It's that I look at my parents and how compatible they are, and I wonder if i'll ever get that. I have an unrealistic expectation of what love is supposed to look like. I often think I set the standard too high, but I would rather be by myself than settle for something alright. I don't know if that's necessarily a fear, but it's something I definitely think about as I continually get wedding invites and see baby pics. I know it's not like I need to be there, but how is that all of these people have found something amazing and I'm still out searching.

A fear I have is failure. It has limited me by making me cry, a lot. It has also made me so anxious about everything. I am going to try to chill out and not freak out so much, but I think that it's going to be hard and I don't really know how.

Over the last few years I have overcome many fears. The biggest one that still gets me is not acting quickly and letting go of a relationship when it may be time. Instead, I let it fester - and then I get angry and then I just don't act. And if I chose to keep the relationship, I need to learn to accept the problems within the relationship and move forward... Acceptance or action to avoid festering feelings and frustration.

Fear that I cannot create my own path or pursue creative expression. Learning to acknowledge more when I am avoiding something and why, recognize it and let it drift away. Aim right for where it scares you the most and know this is what you must do.

A fear that has been limiting me this year is the fear that if my wife is upset that the whole day will be ruined. It is actually a very deep seated fear with no logical reason behind it; I am simply afraid of her being upset with me. What I plan on doing to overcome this is to remind myself daily (thank you, Siri) that my wife can take care of herself. She does not need me to fix anything. And I need to remember to breath slowly and deeply and not go into an emotional tailspin because she is upset. Whenever I try to "fix" it I always end up making things worse either by saying the wrong thing or because I am misunderstood. I need to remember that what she needs is time to be with her emotions and that it will pass and she will be okay. She always recovers, and more quickly when I giver her room to work through it herself.

I'm still afraid that people won't like me for who I am. It's limited me in finding and maintaining meaningful friendships. Moving forward, I need to be more trusting of others and not take moments for granted.

My fear of rejection has stopped me from getting out in the world and meeting new people and trying new things. I'm going to make an attempt to meet one new person this year, and not let my fear hold me back.

I'm afraid of lots of things! I'm afraid that I won't make enough money to help support our family. I'm afraid I won't be a good mama. I"m afraid I'll struggle with my partner. I plan to celebrate my successes and focus on the beautiful things that happen over the next year. I plan to be honest about my fears, but not to let my fears rule me.

I am afraid of rejection. I want to be adored, loved, cared for, which ends up meaning I do what I think will make other people happy, will make them like me. It has limited me because what will make them happy isn't always what will make me happy, and I end up abandoning and cheating myself, over and over again. I plan on letting it go by checking in to see what I need, what I want, what I'm hungry for, and by reframing my belief to wanting people to love me for who I really am, and therefore doing what I want in order to weed out those who don't.

I really don't fear anything. I tried to think of this in different ways, see if I could find an interesting take on it, show something. But I kept come back that I don't fear. I accept what is, I try to be present in the moment, I love and am loved deeply, I have the most amazing life I can. Because I have my life, and it's mine, and it's the only thing I have. Could it be better - of course and in many ways. But do I fear things - no, I can't say I do.

I'm afraid of uncertainty, of being judged by my peers, and of standing up for myself. Needless to say, this hinders me a great deal in most social situations. I feel weak and helpless a lot of the time, and I'd like to change that. I'm partially working on coming out of my shell through group therapy. The group's mainly aimed at self-esteem, but I believe that improving the way that I look at myself will help with my anxiety.

I think a fear of failure is limiting me. Failure of being a good wife and mother is keeping me (and us possibly) from being open to children, a fear of not being good enough for school or a job or something else, or fear of just being mediocre. I'm thriving where I am now, but I think it's getting to a point where it could get stagnant and not grow. I think I'm afraid of growing. I think I'm afraid of growing pains. I'm not sure how I plan on letting it go other than to trust God. But that's such a blanket statement which I know in my heart is so so SO full of truth, but ironically at the same time it's something that I know to be true, but I guess I don't trust enough to let it happen. I think I need to focus on God and his plan more than my own desires.

The fear that there is something wrong with me or that I'm somehow flawed or unlovable because of my past. More time just being alone and less time trying to make people like me. Try to plan nights that I spend alone and be okay not hearing back from people. I am the sky. Everything else is just the weather.

The fear of being wrong. Admitting wrongness, keeps me from a full life, from being truly open.

I'm not really sure how to answer this question. I don't know that I have any fears, really. Maybe I'm wrong and just experiencing some form of denial. I do know that I procrastinate madly, and maybe that is fear-based. I haven't managed to reengage with my stalled master's program. Is that a result of fear? Fear of starting and failing to complete it? Fear of having to face up to my lack of ability to follow through with commitments that I don't really enjoy keeping? I have thought of working with a therapist in order to figure out how to stop acting like a spoiled, entitled child when it comes to doing things I find trying.

Fear of opening up to people in relationships and letting them know my emotional and sexual needs and desires. I think that limited me with some of the people I dated. I think the only way to combat it is to keep on dating, particularly quality people who will help me with this. Otherwise, I don't believe in being afraid of things. Less thinking, more doing.

A fear that has been ongoing in my life is the fear that I am not quite capable of being my true self. Somewhere in the past four years, I've rediscovered myself and I've taken my body on a lifestyle altering journey. Sometimes, the fear has been at bay, and sometimes, I let it get the best of me. As much as I have changed myself both physically and mentally in the past four years, I still look at myself and want to be a little thinner, or feel like I am going to slowly morph back into that overweight insecure person I was in the past. I feel this in some of my relationships, especially with my mother, who I constantly feel like I will one day wake up and be, and also in some of my friendships. I admit I still judge people based on my own insecurities I have about my physical self. Now that I understand my fears and how deep rooted they are in my family- IN MY GENETIC MAKE UP- I know I must fight this fearfulness every single day. I let it go, and it comes back to me in different forms. I believe I can overcome this fear in 2015 by truly making another milestone happen with my goals of being more creative and developing more of a solid plan of what I wish to do with the information I am constantly given about keeping a healthy lifestyle. I woke up the other day and realized that my fears about myself are the roots of the problem I constantly think about- why I don't sing as much or perform as much. I need to completely give up the tobacco. This is hindering me from using my voice in a completely honest way. It will also go hand in hand with the fears I have about my body image and promoting healthy living. I plan on doing atleast two whole 30's in the next year, and being more hardcore about my lifestyle. I will add yoga and more meditation, as stated in another question from this 10q. I will stop smoking by the end of this coming year. I will work on my goals every single day- if only for a couple minutes. I will let go of my greatest crutch. And I will gain more than I ever can even imagine.

My biggest fear is being broke in my old age. I feel like I always worry about money. I'd love to let go of this fear. I'd like to get to the root of this and let it go. And rather than "waiting until I'm retired" to have fun, I need to do things to reward myself now, enjoy life now. Seeing Margie die so suddenly at age 65, working up until a month before her death, seemed so painful. i want to enjoy my grandson and the new baby when she arrives in January.

My fear is of moving away from my daughter. She has wings, i have my own, but i will always want to be geographically close as well as in heart.

My biggest fear is in how other people perceive me. I'm not proud of that. I'm aware that it is the height of self-involvement to think that people are spending time evaluating me. Even if they were, I realize that what most people think really doesn't matter a bit. Despite that, I worry what everyone thinks, all the time. I worry if Dave and my parents disapprove; I worry whether my work colleagues find me competent or silly or overtalkative; I worry whether the kids' teachers are judging me; I worry what the grocery checker thinks about the food I am purchasing. This fear leads me to a lot of anxiety and making choices which are not for myself or even for people I care about but for some invented perception of people whose opinions don't matter. I would like to consciously be aware of when I am feeling evaluated and do one of two things: 1. If my behavior is changing, I would like to actively try to explicitly revert to the behavior I would have alone, if there were no observers. This will be uncomfortable but will reinforce that no one actually cares and nothing bad will happen. 2. If I am not doing anything differently, I am just feeling judged (which is more common), I would like to actively be aware of this and remind myself that no one is paying attention, and if they are, what they think doesn't matter. This will mostly be done internally, but journalling some of these experiences to work them through my consciousness is a good goal to make more of an impact.

I fear failing, Direct criticism. Especially when things do not go my way or if I am being the target. It has limited me quite a bit. I have been awol from the national guard for over a year (Nothing Major at this point yet). I also find it hard to take coaching from my instructor or direct feedback. I really need to fix this. One thing that I hate is that it makes me look sensitive. Im not sure, I might obtain counseling or attend some local groups or organization for overcoming it. Just remember you have alot of time. Its not that short as you think it is.

I still have a fear of bothering people. It really keeps me from reaching out and doing anything other than stuff that's like in the perfect sitch. I guess ill just start by practicing bothering people a little at a time. Like, I dunno, call peeps and see if they wanna hang out - im just always worried peeps are gonna be like "fuasdaaaaaaaa my phone's ringing AGAIN!!?" I'll be able to do tho -- naaaa naaaa na na ' wait till i get my money right' woa woa woa woa! I had a dream i could tweet my way to heaven, when i awoke i spent that on iphone, I told rod i'd be back in a second, man it so hard to shop at autozone To whom much is given much is doink Get arrested guess until he get the doink i won't regret this in a year my future self is like yah boy did it for teh lulz

Fear of self belief & rejection. Taking baby steps already & do inner child healing x And knowing That In order to feel loved, you need to love yourself x :)

I have an intense fear of failure. And it's bad. It's so bad. It limits my ability to succeed in anything that I'm not already good at (which is not a lot), because I'm too afraid--even if merely subconsciously: even if afraid is not at all the word I would use--to even start! In this coming year, I plan on getting accustomed to humility and, to be honest, humiliation. I plan on looking the possibility of failure straight in the face, and continuing on by it, walking right through it, onward (avanti popolo!). To do so, I shall surround myself with inspiration wherever I may find it. And I shall talk with my family, my close friends, and those who think highly of me, in order to maintain perspective when I feel defeated.

I think one of my fears is not being able to truly grow up-- individuate, get a job, make a career, move out of my childhood home. It holds me back because I get to feeling like I never will be able to be my own person, so I start to panic and lessen my self-worth; I start thinking that the only jobs I'm qualified for and are realistic possibilities are things that are so below my level that it's almost laughable. I need to get courageous and start writing cover letters to jobs that I am actually interested in and that would further my career.

That by doing anything out of my normal routine I could somehow lose control. By remembering that God is in control and the harder I fight and tighter I grasp the more likely I am to lose. Live my faith.

Same fear as last year, but I'm a little braver now. I still fear failure and to avoid it won't even try, which is failure in itself. I fear inadequacy, but I'm slowly letting go of that. Life turns around so much so frequently, it's silly to be scared of stuff like this.

Not sure what I fear, I know I have tremendous anxiety around decisions. I think that's my main fear, decision making. With a wedding, moving, a new job, and so on I will have to make a lot of decisions.

I constantly worry about the "what if" scenarios instead of appreciating when things are going right. I also worry about change and sometimes I need to let that go in order to move forward in life with my career or my business. I also worry constantly about the safety of my child and sheltering her from the bad people and predictors in this world. I watch the news and hear about how someone has hurt a child and it terrifies me. I'm not sure if I will ever stop worrying abit my child. However I can start looking for opportunities in a business environment.

Afraid of not succeeding in my career.... what I am doing - I am diving in and talking to companies, I am trying to envision where I want to go. it's not easy. but i feel really good about it. it feels like the kind of focus that I put on applying to business school. also change feels good. i'm afraid of not finding the right person. only in the last 6 months since breaking up with Russ have I felt like I am steering my ship and realizing my value. I can choose who I want to be with and I need to do a better job being conscious of that and proactive when dating. it's SO not easy.

I'm afraid of failure and so I don't write. I'm so set on getting things "right" that I don't risk getting them wrong. I'd like to push past that this year. Perhaps by disciplining myself to write a little each day, I will find a new relationship with perfection.

I sometimes feel that I'm not good enough. But the word possum means "I am able." And I am. Hafiz says "consider a lasting truce between you and God." And I think that has to be part of the truce. Otherwise I am second-guessing and not honoring my own personhood. There are a lot of concrete ways -- just speaking back to the self-doubt that comes up in my own head and heart is important. But also I think recognizing that *I am able* affects how I am in the house, and at work. Acting as though I have nothing to be worried about, that I am accepted as I am, with my foibles and areas of expertise, that being who I am entirely, not hiding the parts I fear won't be acceptable, not glossing over the things I don't know or the things I haven't been able to do. Just keeping my feet on the ground with that: Just because I haven't done __ doesn't mean my capability needs to be examined.

This year has been my ONE YEAR OF FEAR. Whether it was moving out on my own, from Manhattan to Brooklyn and farther away from my best friends, taking two months off from work to try and pursue other passion projects, new contacts...this year was all about challenging myself and embracing my fears. When we're younger, we were taught to associate fear with negative things that make you scared to do anything...a feeling that could leave you helpless, confused, or what I think might be the worst--motionless and with no motivation. However, I've learned this past year that if you flip it and use your fears as catalysts or a push in another direction, it can actually move you in ways you may never have thought possible. I've been learning to embrace my fears and use them as a way to empower me to explore outside of my comfort zone, to take chances on things and people, and to really reaffirm my determination to go after what truly makes me happy. My ONE YEAR OF FEAR has changed the way I approach each day and each new challenge...and I look forward to keeping myself fresh and on my toes in this next year to come. Let's do this, fear.

My fear is of failure to live up to the standards and dreams I have for myself; if I don't at least try, I know I'll feel like a failure as a role model for my daughters.

I have a fear of failing & of not being accepted. When I allow myself to fall into those negative thoughts, it does nothing but bring negative results. It is so apparent to me, how successful I can actually be when I don't allow those negative thoughts to take residence in my mind, so my goal is to make a fervent effort towards keeping my nose to the grindstone, putting forth the best effort that I know I'm capable of, & consciously not allowing the thoughts of failure & inadequacy take over my state of mind.

I am afraid of failure. I am afraid of being without what I need. I am afraid of not justifying my place in this world. I am working on these fears, by learning to value myself, and give myself the space to exist in this world, regardless of what the haters say about me. Whatever I am, whatever I do with good heart, that is more than enough - it's wonderful.

perfection. procrastination. not being able to handle the stress, not being able to take care of the people in my life who need it. Overcoming it? getting support from my husband and friends. Achieving better self care for myself. Exercise, meditation, massage, being creating, being with friends and family.

One fear is lack - lack of funds to live the life I want beyond survival, paying the bills but also traveling, adventuring, and exploring. I fear being vulnerable and allowing myself to experience fully reciprocated love. I'm letting both go by practicing changing my dialogue to one of abundance and love.

A fear of filling in forms and having to deal with the relevant administrative authorities. It limits me in that I procrastinate and often important things are left to the lastminute causing undue stress, or even neglected. Just do it!

Fear of saying no. It means I commit to things I don't intend to do, buy things I don't 100% like/want, and am always agreeing with my mother and therapist. Overcoming it? Well, having a baby's probably going to help me say no to a bunch more things. Personally... maybe work on it with the therapist.

Looking foolish. It stops me from trying new things. Take a deep breath and LET GO!!