When September 2016 rolls around and you receive your answers to your 10Q questions, how do you think you'll feel? What do you think/hope might be different about your life and where you're at as a result of thinking about and answering these questions?

Thankful! Alive! I hope I'll be a better, kinder, healthier person.

I hope to feel (as I do now) so incredibly grateful for everything I have.

I think I will feel like nothing has really changed and that I am facing the same challenges year after year

I will be surprised and condescending toward my answers and the progress/lack thereof I have made in my life. I trust Jack and I will love each other more and be at home in our new home, with friends and patterns of life and love.

always hoping for improvement; it's nicer if it comes from inside rather than harsh life lessons.

I have no idea how it works and how I will react. No idea what to expect. No sure any of this will change my life.

I think I'll be looking forward to see my answers from one year ago and know that I have made major strides in many aspects in my life by then. Among others: - I would have paid off my RM20,000 debt - I would already be living in the same city with Rahul and we would be thriving in our relationship, having fun living life and with people around us. - I would continue to burn my passion in my work, be it through my full time job, PhD or side jobs. I would still be making differences in my own little ways. These questions help to make me stop for a while and count my life's blessings. I know that no matter how I feel like I'm yet to have everything together, I still have a lot to be grateful for and I'm moving forward in my life, one tiny step at a time.

I hope I'll be feeling braver, more accomplished, more at peace, more hopeful. This year has been a struggle with my anxieties, and I think I'll be glad to have a record of that to keep me motivated toward getting healthier.

I hope we'll have a newborn baby! And I hope, baby or not, that our finances will improve. Maybe by answering these, especially Day 9, I will refocus on better employment ideas? I know that last year's answers helped us arrive at decision to try for a baby, so maybe next year, we'll see something in these answers that helps us clarify something?

Crap! I didn't save my answer again! God I don't want to keep talking about this. I figure next year I will be disappointed, as usual. I cannot figure out how to fill the void in me. I always try to fill it with things that will never fill it. I have started asking "where is God in this?" and I don't know what the answer is.

I really hope that I have a more positive outlook, and that those things I was wanting to achieve, that if not done, are well on the way!

When September 2016 arrives.. I will be graduated and looking for a job. I hope a lot of things will fall into its place. I hope I will have more inner peace and feeling less lost.

I think that I'm going to feel great as I#ll have been working on becoming my authentic self. I hope that I#ll have made significant changes and nor fallen back into old patterns.

I think I'll feel ostalgic, more adult. I hope I'll be a better person, more spiritual, know what I'm doing with my life. I hope I'll have a better relationship with my dad (not likely though 😢)

I would like to do something like this more often. I intend to have some thought time. It's so easy just to "deal with it" and not actually stop to think about it. Whatever the it is for you. I think what will be different hopefully is some more thought.

Fear! Hell is about to break loose after the questions are answered. I hope it doesn't, and my careful planning on how to cope needs to go by the wayside. I will deal with it when it happens, not a month before (just in case).

I believe just like this year, I would be pleased. I can set reasonable goals and succeed . I am an amazing woman who is filled with dreams and aspirations

I will feel that I have fulfilled my goals. I will be proud of myself of all the achievements. I will be living in New York, happy and in a wonderful relationship. I will have gained my inner power, more full of joy and less worrying about everyday problems. As they say, seizing each day as it comes in Viva New York :)

I think that i will feel that i have learned a lot since then. I hope that i will be a little more mature. I hope that i will be an excelling student.

I'll feel grateful to have made it through another year. I hope to have shed some of the self-imposed limitations that dim my engagement with others. I hope to be holding myself with greater kindness and appreciation.

This September has been one of the most significant times in my life: I've been on the verge of separating from my husband and at a professional crossroads, so doing my 10q now has been supremely helpful because I've been able to reflect on now in the context of a year from now. Writing some of the early answers last week made me realize I had to beg my husband to try therapy or we'd be divorced in a year. I hope next year, my husband and I will have gone through the therapy and self work to be in a healthy, happy place together, and that I'll have moved forward professionally too.

Hopefully I will think "Oh, I was worried about that? How silly!" But I've been writing the same stuff for the past three years.

I can dream, right? I wish I will be pregnant then. I want a child. Might be the last chance. I also want to loose my useless fears. I want to be more happy and share this happiness with others.

Yesterday, September 21, 2015, I answered a question about what I feared doing. I feared sending in a query--a simple query--about whether a book proposal would be welcome. My fear stemmed from concern that I would not be able to take on such a huge project, though I have been thinking about it for a year or two. The question prompted me to go ahead with the query. I plan to write the proposal, and my hope is that next year, the book will be underway. I also hope to have made serious inroads on that 35 pounds I want to lose! I also hope that, whatever the case, I will be profoundly grateful for my life and for all I have.

I hope that next year I will be well on the way to conversion to Judaism and peace of mind. I also hope that I will have a really good job or study (paid) and that I will feel at home in my own life.

I hope I'll be financially more stable, and on my way toward a new adventure. By then, I'll have had to move out of my place and who knows where I'll go? Maybe I'll stick around here, and maybe I won't. I'm excited for 2016.

I'm hoping I'll have some kind of deep and insightful reaction to my past self and that I'll have grown and accomplished the goals that I set. But in all honesty, I'll probably read them and think "why wasn't I more philosophical and why didn't I set higher goals?"

Each year I do the 10Q challenge, I'm able to reflect on how my life has gotten a little bit better. The funny thing is, there have been no major changes in my life - income has stayed relatively flat, I haven't moved or made major purchases. My vacations are pretty consistent. My point is - my mindset has changed. Meditation, faith, kindness. A belief that no matter what things will be OK. What's the line from the song - "I wish that I knew what I know now, when I was younger." Next time I do this, I'll be 40, which REALLY IS just a number. G-d willing, I continue to evolve and learn and take life on with a whole heart.

This year should be much easier than the previous one. My wife wont be pregnant, we wont buy a house, and even more certainly, my father will not die again. Those events overshadowed the positive things that did happen this year (there were a lot of them). Next year my perspective will be better.

I'm hoping that when I review my answers, I've made some real headway in 2 things in particular--my weight and my peace of mind. I'm hoping that by that time, I'll resolve that my relationship status isn't changing.

I hope I'll feel like a good mom. I hope I'll have practiced my attempts to be gentler and kinder to myself. I don't know how I will feel but I'll be the mom of a 6 month old baby so I'm bound to feel different than I think I will. It's going to be a crazy ride and I'm just going to try to enjoy it.

I think I will have moved forward in many ways because this year has been full of disciplined changes and continued study on my goals. In my spiritual life I have also made some changes more in-depth. I think I will be very happy with the progress.

I am answering these 10 Q questions for the first time. This is an experiment for me because I am curious about how I'll feel a year from now. I hope I will be enthusiastic about having completed some goals and looking forward to more challenges next year at this time.

I think I'll once again see how things worked out on their own, worry was a really unnecessary part and I grew more than I realized. I will also see that a lot of what I hoped for turned out in different and better ways than I expected and to just keep going, life is good. I hope I have a book sold to a publisher by then and I'm really on that path and settled into the life I've always dreamed of in a solid relationship with someone. I'm just about there. Answering and thinking about the questions is just one more step along the way.

I hope that next year I can look back on now and see it as the beginning of a cusp of things that are new (re: yesterday's question). I hope that I can look at this moment in time - Fall 2015 - and see seeds from that. EVEN IF it is just a change in attitude and that nothing on the outside has changed. I will continue to resolve at the other two milestones each year - but I want this to be a life thing and not a 'work out more' or 'floss' or 'be vigilant about applying for jobs.' I want this to be deeper. I hope it is!

This year, I cried in happiness. Next year, I hope again to feel the continuous beat of my strong heart, blossoming. Regardless of what comes, to greet it and seek sparks of light. To breathe and to expand. To have loved beyond my own imagining.

I hope I feel stronger. I hope I feel more content with where I am and what I'm doing and that I'm feeling less anxiety and stress. I hope I am defaulting to a more positive thinking mindset and not letting the negative affect me

every year I am amazed by the changes...and I am always fascinated by the progress i make and the places I seem stuck... I will be proud of the progress I have made in my life...and my continued willingness to learn and improve

I hope that when I read my questions pertaining to anxiety and college, everything will be figured out. I hope that I will read how bad of a place I was in the previous year, and feel better because I am doing better. I hope I am relived and in a good place and have put my anxiety behind me.

I think, as usual, I will feel rather idiotic. Things that seem important now will either get resolved or replaced. Though, I found my answers last year to still have a lot of poignancy and gravity. So who knows, maybe next year will be the same.

I like getting the answers from previous years, because it shows the patterns of where I am stuck, but it also shows the little breakthroughs. Doing this makes me think about things I could be doing, and if I explore just one or two of those things, I will be a better person.

I hope to be at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Florida. Or at a really good engineering school somewhere in or out of the country. I hope I will have stopped swearing and that I have my driver's license. I also hope that I have more of a backbone, and that I'm able to be a thoughtful person and really think before I speak. Overall, I hope I'm happy where I am and I'm trying my hardest in all that I do. Putting all of my effort in whatever I'm doing and really getting results.

This is hard for me to answer, because this year is all about new beginnings. Everything is so new, this year is going to be about settling into this newness. While it is all very exciting, it comes with a surprising sense of loss as well - as if I am mourning the life I left behind, even though it was a choice I was so happy to make. It's incredibly surprising and unexpected to feel that way. I hope when I read this next year, that feeling will be a memory that I am proud to have overcome, and I am focused much more on the future.

I will probably be like " oh yeah i remember that" and then read it real quick and be like " ha i remember that year" and reminisce for a second then go back to what i was doing

I hope I will have been able to honor my commitments. My goal in life has always been Tikkun olam. My stepdaughter reached out to me yesterday and it was a sweet and loving exchange. I know our visit will be fine, as she shows signs of maturity and I, less anxiety. I am working on my level of patience with my husband, and hope to achieve a modicum of success. If my dog is better, that will be the biggest relief. I doubt that the world situation will improve, or that the vestiges of racism will subside. I wish I could do something, but feel powerless, except in my every day actions.

I think that it will be a helpful and interesting tool to see how I've changed. I often forget the specifics of years past and it will be nice to see how far I have hopefully come. I hope that as a result of diving deeper into self-study this year, and tapas (transformation), I will be a stronger and more aware person, with more control over my habitual patterns.

Hopfuly be happy because the targets I've set are aptanibale, and I might have had something else special. I'll be more independant, feel closer to my firends here hopfuly.

I thought I would feel awful when this year rolled around. But it turns out I've actually made progress, so that was nice. I hope the same happens next year. I just realized I've been divorced longer than I was married. And I'm so puzzled as to why I've seen all my peers manage to find life partners, but I'm still all kinds of alone. I hope that wherever I'm at next year at this time, I'm no longer puzzled by it, and I'm content.

I hope to smile and see my continued progress. I smiled this year reading last year's answers. I hope to find my mother alive and healthy, and my family stronger from the love and the challenges we have faced together. I hope that I bring a better me to each interaction as a result of 10Q mind and heart planning.

When September 2016 rolls around and I receive my answers I think I will feel nervous. Just because I get nervous about what I write, it is kind of like an insecurity that I have. Something that I hope to be different about my life then is that I am in college and steering my life in a positive direction.

Ithink I might feel disappointed that my life hasn't changed that much. But I hope I feel relieved that I'm more creative (in 2016) and have made some new friends

I hope that I am happy and fulfilled with the dreams that i had for myself, for my family and intimate relationships. That i can find resolve and peace in the things and people i cannot control, and to keep my eye on the real priorities. And i hope there is more laughter than tears.

I hope to have made concrete progress in achieving some of the goals I identified here, recognizing life is a work in progress and what matters most is that I am present every day and gentle with myself along the way.

I'll look back and be grateful for the good changes.

I'm in Hong Kong now. I like my life, I love where I live. As I type this I am on the ferry on the way back from discovery bay with Kat and her mum and Pauline. Yesterday I went spinning, tomorrow night I go for dinner... At the weekend we go out and hike and go to the cinema. Life is busy and varied. Next year I'll be home in Leeds I expect... And I have no idea what life will be like. I imagine I'll live in a house share, go to work every day and teach 30+ children and I'll try not to mind the cold so much or the fact that I spend so much on fuel. Or that may wage has halved. And I'll work hard at making new friends and I'll try to put to the back of my mind that I was a person who traveled the world, spoke and interacted with people from many nations on a daily basis, always had a great plan in the near future. And I'll talk about television shows and football (although I like socialising more than TV and rugby more than football) and I'll try really hard to fit in. I'll try my best to keep the best of what I like in Hk - like the hiking and the adventures and socialising. I'll try to keep doing that in England. I genuinely don't know how I'll feel next year. But I'm scared of it a little bit. My head suggests I'm doing the right thing. I hope the rest of me catches up. I love my family and I want my own family. So I go home. I'll be ok. Do I want this type of relationship with my family- a FaceTime one, for the rest of my life? No. But advice to me next year; remember the Easter sermon about the rubric cube. "I fixed it once. I can do it again". You're brave and you'll be ok, if you're not sure that's ok give it time. And if you're still not sure- change it. But you know all this, you've lived it and you're doing ok. Keep being brave and whatever you do; always go with your gut instinct. Afterwards (writing on mtr from the way to work, it's 7.22am and you're almost there, hopefully you're not doing these early starts next year!!!), when I got home last night, that neighbour, the one that I had a bit of a crush on? Yeah brought another girl back. And you know that's a bit sucky but it reminded me of why I'm going back home. Because I want to find a place to live where people have good values (not suggesting neighbour has bad morals and values here but it was a spiralling thought process bringing me to this point), they live with more permanence and a sense of loving people with a view of tomorrow and not just the next few hours. The highs of easy come easy go, it's ok to experience for a while but in the end; it lacks purpose and meaning. So this time next year I guess I hope I'm not just killing time with meaningless relationships but am looking to invest in one decent one. And I get, btw, that's it's highly unlikely that I'll end up with the happy ever after I want. And I'm kind of getting over this and the grief of missing it. (Most days but I still have my bad days, grief always acts like grief whatever form caused it). But still I should at least settle with a person with good values. Or a sperm donor.

Not sure yet - Its my first time. I hope my mind will be a lot clearer... That I don't get annoyed by little things and even more so - that I don't get so mad at myself for getting mad. Your HUMAN Adina. Its okay to not be okay sometimes. But to LEARN that just bc a few things are bad, not everything is grey. Take off those sunglasses. Cognitively I know you understand this - that is why you are typing it. However to internalize it and actually feel it are completely different. I know you are starting this AFTER the Ten Days - and TONIGHT is yom kippur so you are behind the game. But it might be better this way. More Authentic. I hope you are reading this and smiling at how much you learned this year. The Adina typing right now on Erev Yom Kippur isn't the usual one. She's a bit down, and not as optimistic about the year to come - I hope you proved her wrong ;) Who knows where you'll be living - UWS? Downtown? New Roommate? How man ymore Engaged/Married friends? Is KKGS still a passion of yours? Did it grow?? Are you over Joe? I sure hope soooo !!!! Will you be in a relationship? Prob not (But congrats if you are! And make sure you are giving as much as your getting... If not - talk to him right now!) Did you learn how to lein and read from the torah just like you wanted? Are you still passionate about global jewry and wanting to help the jewish communities in eastern europe thrive in memory of your grandma, a holocaust survivor? I have so many questions.... Excited to learn the answers! I am excited to see what these questions bring...

Answering these questions has focussed my mind on what I want to achieve in the next year... and I hope that I manage to organize my time successfully to accomplish those goals. I'm pretty happy with the way things are in my personal life, with regard to relationships with family and friends, health, financial stability and I hope that nothing changes in that regard (although I wouldn't mind if my son and daughter-in-law decide to have children!) What concerns me more is what is happening in the world politically and in terms of the environment, the incredible suffering of so many people, and I hope that the future looks brighter next year than it does at this moment. I know that the 10Q are about personal reflection, but I can't separate myself from the rest of humanity.

I think I will welcome reading my answers. I hope to be more honest and have more integrity in the coming year. I hope i am physically healthier than I currently am and that I have more confidence and stand by my beliefs and convictions more.

I didn't even finish last year, so I guess committing to this year better makes me feel good. I'm trying to stay on task regarding work and my future goals. Edit 9/30: All in all I think I'll feel pretty good. My overall trajectory is positive.

I think I will have a mixture of "Hooray! I really was able to make a difference in that!" "Oh no, that really didn't change much at all" and "now I have a whole bunch more things to work on! " I hope I will have a bit more self compassion and wisdom!

I expect to feel quite differently next year at this time. I got an email reminder about the 10Q on September 8th, 2015, the day my twin brother died. My answers to the 10Qs this year reflect that current event for me. We have been extremely busy clearing out Joe's house, barn, and clearing off the property as well as attending to things that have to be done immediately following the death of someone. I joined a bereavement group because I want to be prepared and proactive about my grief process so that I don't lose too much time and productivity. I need to keep moving. I want to keep moving forward. I welcome next year when I will actually know some things about this process, and where I have gone with it.

I think I would be more reflective. I will also want to compare my writing from this year with the next to see how much I have grown. I hope I will have achieved some of the goals that I wrote about in 10q. I hope my financial situation will be way better as many wish. Hopefully I will be a better writer and quick on my toes when answering a question. Hopefully I will learn more vocabulary and be able to be more intellectual.

I'm a little cynical...I write these each year but how much effort do I put toward manifesting positive change? I've made many strides in my life, and have had many times of being stuck. Somehow this whole project seems a little harder at almost 53-years old. The future is full of practicalities.

Well, when I get these back next year, I will be well accustomed to being over 50 years old. I would like to think I will be happy that I have made positive changes in my life and outlook. But there's a piece of me that thinks I might be disappointed in myself because the patterns of who I am are long well established and difficult to change.

I'm not sure. I hope I am still living in China with several restaurants open and many more planned. I also would like to have my wife with me in China.

I hope I will feel better than I did this year. I completely forgot I had set any intentions for last Jewish New Year and did not stick with all of them. Because I am going to keep a copy of my answers near my daily journal entries, I think I will feel better than I did this year. I think/hope that I will be more engaged in the world, making more of an impact, making a lot more money and having fun with people who I love and love me.

Like to think that I'll feel as fit and chipper as I do right now and continue to enjoy life.

I think I'll feel that my answers were more tactical than spiritual. I don't think I've been doing a lot of introspection lately and it has made it difficult to really embrace a project like this. I really hope that over the 2015-2016 year, I am more in touch with myself and my feelings.

i think i'll look back at the events i've talked about with a new perspective and distance. hopefully i'll be able to offer new insight and i will have been able to digest and integrate the insane amount of information that my france-sploration has hurled at me. i hope to have reached a new level of clarity of intention in my personal and professional life, and i hope that answering these questions and reflecting on the really big events of the year will have helped me do that. i hope to be one year closer to finding the path to a fulfilled, balanced, happy life.

Despite the turmoil of the past few days, I feel like I am back in integrity with myself. I don't want this process of introspection to end today. My commitment to myself is to be more authentic throughout the year. To trust my judgment and my boundaries. To be kind and also firm. I would like to feel more settled in my job. Either having accepted where I am or moved on to something else.

I hope I will feel confident about my family's well-being, and my role in creating a stable, loving, comforting home in which all family members feel they have an important part to play.

It could go one of several ways: 1) I could be in the same place that I am now. If that's the case, nothing will be different. I might have a sense of failure because I didn't make an effort to accomplish the goals I sort of set by answering these questions. It means I stayed complacent and didn't take any risk. 2) I could be in a completely different place, mentally and physically. Maybe working at a new gig, in a new market. In the event that this is true, I think I will be ridiculously happy and proud of my accomplishments. Not only by doing what I said I would do in these questions, but also achieving the career change and the mental place that I need to be to move forward. 3) The third way this could play out is that I am making progress on my goals, but maybe not have completed all of them yet. You never know what can happen in a year. These are lofty goals, very achievable, but not easy to do in one year's time. Overall, if I find I am in a place such as my second and third scenarios, then I will consider it an extremely positive and successful year. I hope to look back and laugh at how stressed and unhappy I was. It's time to give this my best shot. Bring it the fuck on, life!

The hope is to be in the process of self-improvement...a constant struggle.

I think I'll feel surprised by how kind I was to myself, about my fears and insecurities. I hope that I'll have moved forward and past my hates and fears. I hope that I continue to have more and more compassion for myself and for other people: be kind to everyone you meet, for they are carrying a great burden. I want to embody that with every action I take.

I hope I won't be disappointed in myself. I hope that the things I wrote here will be achieve. And if I achieve them, I hope I'll feel proud of myself. I hope to be a little more "adult." A little less scattered and more pulled together. Not too much though. I don't want to become boring!

I hope I am still with Justin next year and that I have a ring on my finger and that this doesn't make me feel sad because of another failed relationship. I hope that I won't be stuck or worse off, and I hope that I have worked toward my goals and that I have achieved some things. And I think, like this year, I will look back and remember this time and have some real perspective.

I've been thinking about this since I signed up. I'm not really sure how I'd feel. On one hand, I hope that I'm being sincere in my responses, but on the other hand, I'm hoping that my responses don't seem as if I'm still saying the same stuff without having felt as if I've changed.

My life is in such turmoil now. I just want resolution to all these problems. Good or bad, I just want piece in my life.

I think a lot of them, I'll read them and go: oh, I still think that, I still feel the same way. That's how it was this past year anyway.

I almost hope to look back and some of these answers & laugh at where I was a year before. I hope to feel as though I used these 10 questions as a turning point in my life. And to have looked back on this time as a tool to start moving forward and making changes in my life. My life may be drastically different in a year and I hope to look back as these questions as allowing me to move past my most debilitating fears.

Reading my answers each year always aids in my reflection this time of year.

I want to see myself happy with life, marriage, work and incredibly proud of myself. Happy and in a safe environment. Satisfied and grateful with life.

I'll have my shit together.

I do hope that I recognize some transition and movement, particularly since my life has seemed so immobile the past several years, apart from the obvious growth on the part of my daughter.

I hope I'll feel good about where my life is at that point (not that I'm unhappy with things now, because I'm not). I hope that I will have maintained a healthy bank balance, made vacation plans to explore new places and perhaps maybe even have a new job.

Who knows. I'm hoping Becky and I will be more settled in to each other, and that things will feel less sharp around the edges. Also that we'll be talking about kids, woooo! And maybe where we're going next, geographically. Should be interesting.

I hope I will have made some progress in the areas of my life that I'd like to be different, but so many of them are ongoing projects and areas I'd like to improve. Most of all hoping that being more grateful and mindful will cause me to be less stressed overall.

I hope I feel accomplished! I also hope I can feel like I can slow down. Life is so short and I want to enjoy it.

I hope that when I read these answers, I'll feel like I did my best with the hand I've been dealt. I hope to be totally moved on with my life in September 2016 - fully divorced, house set up as mine and mine alone, career moving apace and working as well as consulting. It's easy for me to see what I want, and it's harder for me to know the path to get there. I just have to put one foot in front of the other.

This is the first time I've tried this, and since I'm in the process of conversion, by this time next year, I'll be a full-fledged Jew (hopefully), so I'm not sure how I'll feel about these answers. I've never been good at self-reflection, so I imagine they won't tell me too much. I do think they have helped me reflect during the Days of Awe, though, and that's a good thing!

I think I'll feel a mixture of pride at what I've accomplished but also laugh at myself for taking things so seriously.

I hope I'll feel a sense of pride at having devoted the previous year to making a difference in my life and in the lives of those in my universe of obligation--from the inner circle of my family to the ring that includes friends and co-workers to those strangers with whom I cross paths.

I hope we have enjoyed our first year in MN and not frozen our butts off. I hope that I'll feel accomplished in my job. I hope that the kids have settled in and are content, and have some friends. I hope that we all feel relaxed and pleased in our new home.

I think I'll palpably feel the pain, loneliness and frustration I feel right now. I hope by then I am less of all of the above.

Hopefully I'll feel good about grad school still, realizing that I can make it through the readings and the stress and all of the big decisions. I'll be working in an internship/assistantship at a university by then, ready to be a 2nd year student and finish my last year of grad school excited to go!

In September 2016, I hope to be feeling less stressed and more peaceful. I hope that my answers to this year's questions are meaningful and thought-provoking. I hope to have found a new job that is a better match for my needs, and I hope to be enjoying myself more and worrying less.

wellllll, there's the ideal and there's what happens every year. ideally, i'd have checked off all these goals, learned all these lessons perfectly, left no stone unturned in the quest for a more meaningful life.... ...and then there's what really happens, which is that there's always one glaring un-fixed, un-done little fucking booger of a systemic issue that i still haven't fixed. last year i told myself to save, save, save and get closer to financial freedom so i could make the choices i wanted to make happen--and did i listen? nope! not even after i read that advice from past me! so--i guess partially moved by this pretty dear person who wants only the best for herself and community, and partially really fucking frustrated by this person who can't seem to get her financial house in order and consistently derails on Old Navy sales, shopping therapy and a ton of silly, unneeded stuff that doesn't help me meet my goals or align with my needs. (clearly, this is a consistent challenge...)

Probably just sad. Sad to remember all the recent events that influenced my answers and hopefully not sad at the fact that I have not fulfilled any of the hopes and dreams inspired by the answers. And probably think gosh really that was important?

Next September 2016 comes, i will have hoped to have had one of the most existing summers so far. Where I have let myself completely exist in me and who I am. Ready to create from that foundation of me. Me today is aware of what i could be because of what I was. Recognize what i will be is nothing but a progession of thought that creates my existence. I continuely leave behind the old skin of who I was to who I am as each experience provides me with a new way of overcoming my hurdles that builds me spiritually strong. Thats enough divine is leading the way.

I'm hoping i will feel hopeful and that I've accomplished at least some of my goals and obtained enough knowledge and information to get into the college I need to advance my career as an actor

I am trying to not worry about what I don't have control over. I do worry about my family and wish I could nudge more to help them.

I hope I'll be happier and be proud of myself.

I hope I feel fulfilled; I hope I look back on the past year and smile; I hope I realize what I accomplished in a year; I hope I see how much I grew and how much I've learned; I hope I'll be happy.

First of all, I'm already feeling that these questions are getting stale. I hope 10Q decides to mix it up soon. There's only so many years in a row one can answer these identical questions and not feel a bit bored. I hope not that much is different about my life at the end of 2016 other than my own satisfaction with my place in it.

I think I'll feel wonderfully reminiscent. I sometimes hope we'll be a little more financially settled with some savings. I truly hope we'll have started the kitchen renovation. Most of all, I hope we'll be as perfectly happy and adventurous together as we are right now.

I think I'll probably mostly feel the same. I hope some things are very different (my work, D's work, maybe where we live) and some things are not (healthy, happy kids).

Well, if I can say, "Now I know where I live and how my life is organized" I'll be really pleased. If I can look at my physical surroundings and say it reflects my mental, spiritual and emotional health - that would be wonderful! Life always seems to me to be about living in the murky middle - somewhere between ones deepest longings and ones darkest fears. So if next year I can honestly say, "Some things were not as I wished, but on the whole I am still a happy person" then I'll be fine. I like who I am. I love what I do. I can live with what happens. When I examine my soul I am not sad by what I see. Still growing, still striving, still learning. Not done yet.

My life will be different but in ways I cannot imagine. Hoping is useless. Life just IS and whatever it is next year, I will accept it and keep working toward my goals.

Each year I have participated in this project I have been really amazed when I opened my questions from the previous year. The first year I only answered half of the questions and some halfheartedly- and the "wow" factor when I opened them the next year was amazing. It is good to have the affirmation of what I have accomplished. Next year I hope that I have found peace in my professional life and have found balance in my physical appearance and health. I hope my children are on the path to independence and individual success on their selected paths and that Donald Trump is not elected president.

Past experience tells me that I'll have a sense of deja vu all over again. Every year when I do tashlich, I realize that I'm retreading old ground -- I'm still trying to cast off impatience, judgementalism, narrowness. I suspect I'll still be working on some of the same things in September 2016 that I'm working on now in September 2015, and although that could be depressing, it could also be encouraging -- at least I've found my life's work. If these things were easy, maybe I could banish them in a year. But there not, so maybe I can make some incremental progress.

I think I will be happy to receive them. Happy to complete some goals. Sad that I didn't with others. And I'll probably wonder why I answered that way on some questions. Maybe regret that I answered it differently. I hope I'm satisfied with how my next year goes.

I'll probably find that little has changed. Last year I did, and in fact I was shocked that I was still on about losing weight. So in 2015 I did. I hope that I have become someone who "goes for it" rather than someone who worries about it all.

I think I will be surprised because I will forget i did this. I think I will learn a lot from what I wrote. I hope like the last time I will accomplish many of the goals outlined.

My hope is concrete that my ill spouse is at least status quo and that my adult daughter's treatment worked and that she is finally officially engaged. I hope that in my multiple caretaker role I find time for me.

I want to me more stable, both mentally, emotionally, financially and physically. There's a lot of different areas I want to improve upon and I think it I set my mind to it I can accomplish what I want. The thing I'll have to work on the most is staying focused on my goals and not putting other things in front of what I want to accomplish. I also hope to be more settled in Chicago (living in the city, woooo!!) and actually have a solid support system in this part of the country!

I hope I feel a little empathy re-reading about how painful a time September 2015 was for me. I hope I'm able to acknowledge all the strides I've made over the past year: overcoming the loss of my long-term relationship, dealing with the pain and grief associated with that; feeling stronger and surer in myself and what I have to offer the world, as well as another person in a future relationship; and hopefully, on the way to having more days that are joyful and easy, than distressing and difficult.

That's hard to say. I suppose it depends on where I am on the whole talking over my husband thing. I hope we're still loving our new house, and that we got through what could be a very wet & stormy winter okay.

I am hoping everything I wrote will come true. I hope I look at this and think about how naive or innocent or younger I sound. I hope I've grown tremendously by next year, just like I did from last year to this year.

Honestly, I don't feel these questions are particularly engaging or interesting. They're all rather similar and don't elicit deep thinking or responses. I think I'll be eager to see them, then disappointment to read my somewhat flat responses - similar to how I felt this year upon receipt.

I definitely won't be surprised at what I answered. I hope that I'll be able to say that I worked on some of my most challenging character traits and that the answers are less reflective of my life now in 2016 than they were in 2015. I also hope to be in some sort of fulfilling, long-term relationship. Maybe married. But if you're not married, it's ok. Really, I promise. If you are, yay, I wonder who you're married to or engaged to or currently dating? And if not, I wonder what kind of dating stories I now have to add to my collection. Remember: Your worth as a person is not dependent on a ring on your finger or your relationship status. Your worth as a person is dependent on your interpersonal relationships, how you treat your closest family and friends, how much you've grown as a person and how big your heart is. I love you, future 2016 self. Hope this past year was amazing in so many ways. Keep on being the amazing person that you are.

I think I'll probably still feel a little overwhelmed by the swift passage of time. I would like to feel proud of having marshaled my finances into a more military shape. I would like to be proud of having spent more time with the kids, and less time focusing so much on myself and my own priorities. I hope I will be making more down, just quiet time to read and be present in myself in the moment. I know that the process of annually answering these questions (and being able to go back and read previous years' fears and hopes) is enlightening, and helps to ward off the feeling of confusion or of being lost in the middle of life. I can see patterns, and can see the direction I'm headed, and I feel more in control of it.

I will feel great shame at being so snarky. Then I'll get to Day 6 and go, "Ah, yeah, that's actually really funny."

I will feel proud that I accomplished and achieved so much in my personal growth and professional expansion. I will surprise myself and hardly remember this old, small, frightened self. (And I will remember her compassionately.) I will feel enthusiastic about my bright future, my ongoing growth and my goals for 2017.

I hope I'll be happier and more satisfied with myself as a person. I hope I will have made real progress on fulfilling more of my potential.

I hope Tim and I are living together, and perhaps engaged. I hope that I'm feeling more assured and worthy. I hope that I have adopted another dog. I hope that I am not as stressed out at work. I hope that I am not in as much debt. I hope that I'm happy.

Next September will be exciting to see all my Q-10 answers. I expect to have booked several TV and Film roles. I pray that right now God is sending the roles to me, the contracts are signed. I call myself Booked! As I continue to speak the positive end result I want. I speak according to the WORD and the way Jesus spoke. Amen, So be it!

I hope I can become more optimistic and make the right decisions and choices so that I'm in financially better shape than I am now. It is sometimes difficult for me to hold my head up high when there is so much weight being put on my shoulders.

I bet I will wish I had written more. I will be happy to see them- I love this idea. I hope I will feel like I am changing in a good way- facing 50 is going to be hard next year, and I may be having a hard time. I hope that I have taken my own advice, felt good about myself, appreciated my family (and I hope they do the same for me!) and I hope I stay on top of my health.

I think I will wish I had taken more time to answer these questions now. It has been a busy month. I hope by next year, I am more at peace with Abraham's schooling, either because the school has adjusted for him, or because we have changed schools. I am happy with some of the changes I have been making; I hope I will feel less tired next year, and that maybe I can reduce or change some of my commitments outside of work and family. For instance, maybe I can reduce some of my responsibilities in my professional organization, or at least delegate some of them, and certainly not take on any more of them. Maybe I can re-allocate some of that time and energy to my children or my synagogue. That may be less exhausting, potentially less intellectually satisfying, but ultimately more meaningful.

I think I'll feel a bit surprised that I had not had the Q's and A's in mind. I'll be curious to read me and see how much I've changed, done, not done. I hope that in a year, and after doing this reflection process, I am better at letting go and being at peace with it.

Hmmmm. I only managed to answer two questions this year, so I hope I feel compassionate and spacious enough to have time to write more! I also hope it is a year of more clarity than not, of our family love growing, of ease and grace and friendship and stability. I hope in a year I still love my job and that I am a really useful engine!!!

I hope I feel more gracious and at peace with how life and I evolve.

I think life will have changed next year. For sure and for the better.

I hope I am still employed, weigh less and am less depressed.

I hope I am in a slightly better place in my life physically. I need to eat less and move more. Otherwise I have a tremendous amount to be grateful for in my life right now. I have a wonderful husband and we are both employed. We are in a position to give back some to the community and I hope to continue to do so in the coming year.

I always find interesting reading my prior years answers as I can see some of my goals being achieved and some of my wishes being granted I think it's a good time of the year to reflect I wouldn't have done it on my own Thanks to who ever created it

I think I'll first of all be grateful to have this snapshot of being 19, in my first apartment, in love, afraid, glad that I took the time to fill out these questions. Hopefully I'll feel that I'm using this new agency to the best of my abilities, that I'll continue to push myself to write, read, listen, watch, and engage with the people who mean the most to me.

I think I might be disappointed that I have not gone further than I might have hoped. I need to remember that "rome wasn't built in a day". I also need to remember that life can pass you by so it is important not to procrastinate, but also not to dwell on things that have not yet been accomplished. Find that balance and strive to stay in the balanced place.

I will likely be struggling with the same issues: balance, peace, calm, priorities...

Feeling down and paralyzed. It feels like nothing would change. Thinking that my friends are having children and I don't think that I will have one bacause I'm not sure if I really want to. Plus having a child by myself is the most difficult thing that I would do I think... Finding a partner is another difficult and impossible thing too. So, looking at these two things: having a child and finding a partner. I want them because life and my peers giving me a pressure as if I have to do what others are doing. If I don't have a child and a partner, it seems like my life will be quiet forever. Thinking that if things change in a positive way and get whatever I think it is impossible that would be miracle. Wish miracles will have happened in 2016 while I was reading the 10th question's answer....

I hope I will feel realized. I think the biggest change will be having a child with my wife. I believe answering these questions helps with my introspection and finding balance beetween expectations and reality. Between what IS and what one want it TO BE. Shana Tova V' Gmar Jatima Tova!

I hope, very simply, that I have changed.

I hope I will be committed to my new life, in my new home, no matter where it is. I hope I will be happy, with my husband and expecting a child. I hope for less stress at work, and that I will be more at peace with myself, more focused.

I hope to feel like I've moved along the track somewhat, rather than continuing to feel stalled, like I do now.

I'm beginning to see a bit of a pattern in each year's answers, and I hope/expect next year to have the same reaction as I've now had for the past five years. First, I'll be surprised that I'm probably dealing with many of the same issues I dealt with in the past years; I guess that's human nature. Secondly, life cycle events that happened in the last year will be remembered, and I'll get a rush of the same feelings I had as they were occurring. I do think I get better every year at being truly grateful for my life, and I think this gives everything much more meaning. I'm also better able to determine what's important and what can be let go, and in general feeling more confident and truer to myself. Let me say this to my one year in advance self: -Everybody has challenges, and they deal with them. -You have a unique set of capabilities, talent and understanding-wield it! -You are uniquely absolutely blessed with family, friends, colleagues and purpose. Don't question why-just appreciate it and be grateful.

It's funny, you know. Time passes so fast with my kids but my individual goals seem to be inching along at the slowest pace in my whole life. Every year looks very much like the one before. I could make a list of "If we just.., then..." But that is not the key to a happier year. Not the path to a happier life. I must learn to love what I have. Today. So, I don't want to predict how I will feel in a year. I just want to remind myself that I will be OK. Self. You will be OK. You are strong. You are loved. That's all that you need.

I hope I will feel a greater sense of control and agency than I am feeling today...this year, there are many things beyond my control, next year many changes will have taken place and I hope I will be at peace and excited about them!

I hope not to feel sad that I've written the same old same old every year: write more, love more, dance more. Great goals -- if only I could do them. So this is what I hope to be able to say: I'm really doing, not just thinking about or avoiding.

I think I'll be stronger and more present that I am today. I anticipate that my sense of self and my attention to my own needs will be more natural and easier to accomplish unconsciously. As a result I will be more aware of others and can give as I want and need without giving myself away/self abandoning in the process. I hope Lance and I are in a stronger place as a couple. I hope he will have been clean for a long time...6 months, 8-9 months, or even a full year. I might be on my own. I might be in a larger house. I might be in my own place. Wherever I am, I hope I am more content and serene.

I'm honestly not sure I'll feel any different. I hope that I'll have some solid employment plans and a significant other would be nice.

I hope that I will have significant accomplishments, including in areas I designated for improvement. Most especially, I would like to have continued improving my fitness, finished my book and even published it. I would like to have completed my decisions on retirement and cosmetic surgery, and would like to have come to a workable arrangement for my mother's residence and care, and hopefully have improved relations with family members.

Maybe I'll pay more attention to what's going on in my life, and also the things that make me happy, that I enjoy doing. I will try to do more of those things and be more intentional about that.

I think I'll feel like I've received a present I wasn't expecting. I love this stuff. I hope answering these questions has set in motion a continued dedication to my inner and outer growth, even below the level of conscious awareness. I hope this practice adds an extra hand on deck to steer my ship towards my fulfilled life.

I hope to be in good health and to be able to reflect on new insights I've gained, things I've learned and relationships that have grown richer.

Hopefully I'll feel better. I'll feel like I did something. Hopefully I won't still be in the same place.

I will feel happy that I have succeeded in the previous year in my spiritual growth. These questions make me more mindful of my place in life and where I am and where I would like to be.

I hope that I remember who I always wanted to be; that I will maintain the internal strength to be that person; that I will look back and feel proud of my interactions with others; and that I will feel like I added something to the lives of my family, my friends, my community and in some small way, my world.

I hope I'll be in a new job. I hope I won't be heartbroken, or deeply unhappy with my work. I hope I'll feel like I spend my time doing something positive for myself and for the world.

I will be more content with myself in September 2016 than I am today.

I hope I'm in a whole differente new moment of my life.

I can only hope to feel generally hopeful and at peace. When I re-read my answers for this year, I was surprised to find that so many things that had been huge issues had resolved or dissolved, and that actually I had not been a completely passive bystander. Somehow I made quite a bit of the progess I wanted to. Example: years ago I wrote about experiencing intense morning dread. This year I wrote about tiny bits of fear upon starting the workday. That's a big difference. I'm grateful and though it feels a little awkward would like to formally give myself credit for some of the good that has come to pass. Next year, Gus will be gone during the high holy days. I hope things will be good between us and that I will be able to help her more and not be crippled by missing her so much.

I hope I will see some kind of progress, no, not progress but growth next year. I will expect my world to be better and better as I continue to practice mindfulness and the law of attraction. I truly know that my intentions are heard by the universe and so I will continue to live my life as I want it to be.

I'm hoping that my life will have stabilized. I'm hoping that in one way or another, I have the beginnings of a family and am transitioning to becoming comfortable in the new home. I truly hope that I am not as sad as what could have been as I am now.

I think I will live a more purposeful live, a more grown-up live. I hope to be at another job and to be studying. I really hope we'll have a healthy baby.

I hope we're fixin' to have an election. I hope we're fixin' to put the US and the world back in order. I hope we've managed to keep Iran from destroying Israel and the US. I pray that bastard in the WH doesn't find a reason to cancel elections/stay in office I pray that bastard in the WH hasn't rendered everything FUBAR Because I'm a mother, I hope it isn't too late. If it weren't for my children, I wouldn't care so much.

I hope I can look back and see that everything happened for the best, even though right now it feels like the end of the world.

I think I'll be delighted, and I hope I will find that I have moved in the direction of my greater self, my greater desires. I hope I will have the courage to do that, and I hope reflecting on this next year I can claim that courage.

I hope I will be reminded of how good life can be when I properly mourn my losses, celebrate my successes and strive daily for integrity and compassion. I hope that I can say I've been a good friend, a good son, a good partner and a good steward for the Earth.

Purpose, Gratitude and Making a Difference. I hope that I follow my path towards doing things that truly matter. I hope that I slow down and think and identify those areas in which I would love to not only be involved, but to truly give back. I also hope that my journey towards learning and having a deeper connection to my religious self keeps going strong, and that i am well on my way to being bat mitzvah. I also hope that Donna and I are able to enjoy life more, and that Lucas is on his way to growing up and recognizing what he has been given

I will probably think, "why am I still finding myself too busy to want to answer these questions". I need to slow down a bit and allow for some reflection in my life.

I think I'll feel pretty good, and inspired to continue making progress on my goals and hopes for 2015 and 2016 and beyond. The process of actually putting these answers into words and out there, really does help me feel accountable and on track. 2015 has been a really productive year for me in so many ways, and I hope to find lots of ways to continue this work in 2016 -- to become a more whole individual, that I might be able to inspire, motivate, soothe, comfort and celebrate others

I hope I will feel delighted that I have accomplished my goals. I will remember how afraid I was a year ago starting on this journey, and be thrilled that I've finally kicked my weight problem and become healthier. I also hope I will be a professor at the University of Baltimore Law School. My life will be different, but better.

This year getting the questions felt awesome since I had left the job that was causing me so much pain emotionally, physically, and taking a huge toll on my happiness. Reaching the goal and finding the strength to leave was empowering and seeing it reflected from last year was reassuring. I hope that next year I am able to read these and see other accomplishments and goals that I've reached.

When I looked at my answers from last year, I didn't have any great revelations... Mostly that my life was on a kind of autopilot. Perhaps I should focus on doing some extraordinary things in the coming 12 months so next year's answers are a little more exciting! In any event, I want to be around to read the answers, no matter where I happen to be at the time.

I think I'll feel as if this past year has been really different from anything I've done yet in my life. Divorce is a big deal; and by next year, it should be a new normal. That's huge. I probably still won't know what's going on around the world - it's going to be a big year - but I hope that I'm learning to think differently about the issues I struggle with - learn to reframe them, use my mind to approach the issues from a different perspective. Change how I perceive things, and from that perhaps make some movement in my own limitations. I look forward to these questions every year. I don't know that they bring me closer to G-d, but I like the reflection, and I hope that G-d will stay with me as I struggle, fail, pick myself up, succeed, stumble, sidestep trouble, etc. That's a comforting thought. I hope that I can begin to be the person I want to be.

I am expecting very little. I would love to be pleasantly surprised.

So the Olympics in Rio will just have happened and with any luck, my yearly liaison with reflection will have boosted my ability to move things forward. I hope I'll have started to ask questions with confidence and belief. Do I believe? DO I!! I hope I do.

I hope I've been successful letting go of petty judgement and spending less time on my phone.

Good question. Just finished talking to CML about their work/practice program. I hope that I will be kinder and kinder to myself and others and more and more integrated with the parts of me that are stuck in memories and are unkind

I may no longer be here. I'm currently fighting a rare, debilitating form of spinal cancer. I think that if I am here, I will finally have tuned into what matters.

I hope I will feel a sense of pride for all the hard work I am doing now. I imagine I will also feel some grief and sadness and regret for all of the hard things I am going through. I hope I will continue to live a thoughtful, hopeful life as a result of considering these questions. They have been a nice, quiet way to reflect on my life and experiences.

I hope I'll feel like an alien who just came down to earth and doesn't recognize the joint. It's been a tough year and I'm ready to move on to great things about myself, my family and my relationships. I hope, hope hope that I am more organized, with a bouncing 16 month old and an awesome almost-8 year old, with positive relationships with my parents and a truer partnership with a confident husband. As a result of thinking things through, it's already helping me process the health crisis that hit my family this past year. For next year... I think I will be more able to keep these questions in mind as I think about the big picture and hopefully get through the day-to-day a little bit easier.

I hope that I will have been kinder to myself. I hope that I will have had a fantastic year! I hope my year is filled with many colors. I hope that my marriage will be even stronger, as well as my relationships with my children. That said, I do hope to lose those last five pounds!

I hope that I will still feel secure in my job and that I will still believe that I am making a difference in peoples lives

I think I will be annoyed, as I have every year since I started this, because nothing has changed. And I need things to change...I work with a bunch of granny gossips at a job I don't like and that doesn't pay enough, and for what? I'm applying for the Met Opera tonight. Maybe I'll get it. I'm not holding my breath, but why the hell not?!?!?! :)

I am worried that I will feel melancholic. My life is in such flux right now, and I am concerned that I will make poor decisions in the coming year.

I hope I will have confidence in myself, believe in who I am, have no fear of being "not good enough" - and hiding that "fact" from the world. This would probably resolve my quick temper that flares every time I think someone is implying I don't meet their standards. I hope to be at peace with G-d and my circumstances.

Grateful that I'm 60 and healthy.

I hope that I'll recall what a good head-space I was in back in September 2015 and that feeling will have continued through to 2016 and will have helped me take on the changes and challenges that are bound to come my way.

I hope my life will be just a little less busy next year so that I actually have time to reflect and take in the spirit of the holidays. I wonder if my quick answers will feel off the mark because I didn't have a chance to reflect, or conversely, if they will more on target because they were the first things that came into my head. I guess I'll see!

I hope I have accomplished more of my goals this year than the last. I hope mostly that I will have regained confidence and built my own security for myself. I think answering these questions has shown me the larger framework of my goals of intentionally making my choices and building what I want my life to be like for myself. That said, I want to be clear that independence is not the goal. A framework of community and interdependence is what I seek - a like-minded tribe, a farm family . . .

A year from now: How will I feel and react as I read the answers to these questions? I hope that I will have more fully absorbed the ideas and events -- about loss and deep sadness, about the trauma of watching Dad's decline, about the feelings of awe and wonder in soaring over Kauai in a helicopter and sharing it with my beloved. I hope that in some ways the pain and sadness fade in their intensity, but still remain present in many ways in order to maintain the freshness of Dad's life and presence in my life. I hope that in one year, I will feel greater confidence in my being "good enough", so that I will treat myself more kindly and gently, and allow myself more freedom to play and have fun.

A part of me doesn't know. Every year I do these, praying that things will be amazing and wishing that my life would get better in the year's time. Somehow I think by doing them I'll be able to see how far I've come, but often I've seen how far I've fallen. My claws are trying to climb, but they hit nothing but brick and I fall further than I did before. I never stop trying, but a part of me wonders when something is going to give and I'll just fly again. I hope that I'll be in a better place next year when I see this, but I've lost a lot of hope and am at a point where I feel like giving up. Yet I can't give up. I just want the best, but I've been beaten down so far I don't know if it will happen.

I will feel relief and disappointment. Not all of my fears or dreams will come true, but I hope this time next year my wife is happier, my children are healthy, and I am less afraid.

I think, like this year, I will be surprised at how some things have stayed the same and others are completely different.

I hope I have accomplished some of my resolutions; I hope I am happy with what I review. I hope I am ready to start a new year again.

May this be the year that I've made progress toward being the person I'm called to be.

My life has been pretty stable for a long time now. Hoping not too much would be different.

Like this past year, I think I'll have a variety of emotions. I think the answers will take me back to my Mom's death and make me a bit sad. I hope they will also make me think about things, and maybe just pause a bit to do that; make me take a little more time to appreciate the present and what's happening in my life. I hope I'm happier, I hope things are better in the world. I think comparatively they have been, but we are much more attuned to the worse of things that the dismal minority of events washes away our perceptions of all that has improved. I hope I'm able to answer all of next years questions with hope and candor.

I hope I will have moved on, geographically, mentally, physically; and that I am better for it. Will things be exactly as I have wished for? Probably not, but they better be a hell of a lot better than today! Go Forth!

I hope I am more relaxed and happier. There has been so much stress in my life this year. Things I want to do: be more social, active, focused on the world around me instead of my job. Answering these questions has made me carve out time to think about what I do and what I would like to change. Now there is a roadmap.

I think I will feel surprised at how in-touch I really am to myself. When I received my 2015 answers, I was astonished at how much I instinctively knew about some things in my life that I didn't have confirmation of at the time. It affirmed to me that I need to trust my intuition. I hope that I will feel more secure about the relationship I am in now. It's not that I don't believe he isn't committed to me, quite the opposite. It's the pain from my past that is causing me some anxiety right now. I hope I can really let all of that go so that it does not sour my current relationship. I hope I will be on my way to becoming a yoga instructor and possibly even planning a way to own my own studio someday.

I think I'll think my answers are a bit vague and repetittive and don't answer the questions exactly. I hope I'll gain some insight on where I was at 25 and how much I've grown and changed. Remembering the thoughts I had at this age will help remind me of the situation I had in life and what the world around me was like.

I'm not sure how I'll react to the questions, but I think it's going to be great to find out. I hope that I'll be different and have different answers a year from now; I hope I'm still open minded enough to change. I don't think I'll change anything specifically because of these questions.

I hope that when 9/16 rolls around, I will be researching book contracts and contemplating my second novel. That may be a dream, but that's the point. This year, I intend to dream a little louder, and hopefully see better results.

I wonder if I'll be here to be looking at them, and if not, whether my family will even see them. I feel as though I am looking toward the dead end at the end of the road, whether or not I wish to. I may surprise myself, but as of now, I'm taking each day or week as it comes.

I hope when September 2016 rolls around, I will feel that I am in a better place in my life, I will be calmer and more positive about the future.

I'm hoping I feel better next year than this year (and I feel pretty good this year). I hope my career will continue moving forward and that I will have more time to spend time with my family. I don't know what might be different, but as a result of these questions, I'm going to continue striving to be a better person, friend, daughter, and wife.

I sincerely hope that I am still with my beloved and that we are happy and healthy. I also hope we are still living where he is happiest and that our financial troubles are tiny! I hope to have huge regard for how I am currently feeling and that I am able to become 'positive'.

Probably a little embarrassed. I like this opportunity to reflect, but it is hard to imagine what the year will bring.

I think I'll have stabilised my situation and my partner's and these answers will give me perspective!

I hope I have more secure job close to home, I hope I can travel overseas and meet my family, I hope peace extended to all over the world, I hope we are more passionate about each other and not let politician play with our only one innocent life.

This year enough is changing already in my life that I hope I'll look back and see that, yes, I did in fact accomplish something...anything...that I hoped to do. I hope that I'll have started writing (and maybe even submitting) and have resumed photography as a serious hobby and source of satisfaction. Moreover, I hope to be immersing myself in the things I used to enjoy so much: public radio and Buddhism. Atheism is negative, and even though I fully support it and am anti-religion, I would rather work on the positive side of the ledger, which is in sects of Buddhism that don't believe Buddha was a god. So I'd like to be growing my mind and strengthening my heart, my body, and my mind. I want depression to be in the rearview, a place I look at very infrequently because I'm too busy racing forward (yeah, I know that is not how racing drivers drive--it's an imperfect metaphor). That would mean I would feel satisfied with my progression through life for at least the previous 12 months. That wouldn't erase the previous 13, let alone the previous 43, but it would be a start. And then when I fill out the questions for 2016, I want to have something different to say for a change. I want to need new goals and new thoughts, because I've grown so much!

I'm sure I'll roll my eyes at the navel gazing nature of the answers but also appreciate the thought that went into them and the opportunity to see a snapshot of how I was feeling on the cusp of my 30s. I hope that I'll have more clarity about my medium term future and a couple more stamps in my passport.

I think I'll feel nostalgic, I'll laugh at myself, and I'll also feel kind of amazed at all that has transpired since then. Hopefully I'll be in an even better place, and where I can reflect on how the steps I'm taking now have brought me where I'll be then. These questions will serve to remind me and help me get some perspective from myself.

I think I will probably remember most of the answers from this year. I think it will make me happy to look back on where I am currently, and, hopefully, to see how far I've come in a year. I expect as I'm venturing out into new territory here that a year will probably shape my new romantic relationship quite a lot, and I'm very excited to see how that develops over the next year. I'm not sure that answering these questions will really change the outcomes of the next year, but it has got me thinking about my life and relationships and where I would like to be. I don't feel that I'm currently ready for any super long term goals, but I do have some shorter term ones, and I am feeling very optimistic for a change about what life has in store for me.

In my mind, I will be thinner, the home will be neater, and I will be happier with myself. I hope to turn over a new leaf and be more productive.

I hope I'll be in a better place professionally, one that I chose, and didn't just fall into. Therefore I hope I'll feel satisfied at having achieved a goal / made a change for the better. It'll be interesting to read my responses and see how narrowly focused I was on work and career. There's so much more to life than work.... I haven't mentioned at all, in any of these, how grateful I am for so many wonderful people in my life, how lucky I feel to have found the love of my life, how happy I am with my family and how much I love these folks who give me so much - I only hope I can give back to them as much as they've given me.

I hope I'll feel a little embarrassed. I hope I'll be doing better then I am now, and in a place where my 23 year old, quarter life crisis seems quant and far away. I hope it'll help me put in perspective how far I've come, because in a year I hope to go far.

I think I'll feel excitement and a sense of hope. It's a really amazing gift to see how far one comes in a year, and to be reminded of my strength year by year. This year, I was really inspired by my past self and reinvigorated in a sense. I think I will feel proud of myself and excited and happy. I'm not sure anything will be necessarily different about my life as a result of 10Q but I think my own perspective and insight into the past will be drastically different. 10Q helps me stay centered, and objective of sorts. It keeps my memory and image of myself true and holds me from being embarrassed or upset with my past self and actions.

I will feel shocked knowing that these are my answers from last year. I hope that I have moved on from my problems and hope things have changed

While I hope I'll have answers to some of my own questions, or made progress toward achieving some of my hopes and ambitions, I suspect for many others I will ruefully shake my head, and say enter similar answers for next year. I hope I will also give myself a break, as I am constantly urging others to do for themselves, and realize that I am just as error-prone and fallible as others. To paraphrase Pirkei Avot, while I might not complete the task of bettering myself, yet it is incumbent upon me to keep working towards my goal. So: I hope I will have more of a clue about what comes next in my life: I mean after I stop working at my company. I hope I will be braver and a better person all around. I hope I will have a better handle on my responsibilities, and my willingness to speak up, and carry out the mitzvot I know I should.

I am starting counseling again and the questions have come at a convenient time. They have given me a time line as to the events over the last five years and are helping understand where I am now. What I am hoping is that by next year the "bullies" in my world will be dealt with. I will have more skills and courage to fight back and not be exhausted and anxious about the outcome.

I hope I'm happier- I am not entirely sure of what exactly has me torn at this time in my life. I hope I am more independent- living on my own? Less connected to my parents? Traveling more and doing more with myself and friends on the weekend? Not sure what this will look likely fully. I hope I reflect on what I said with actual interest and curiousity- I am really excited to see whats changed at that point. I hope I am stronger as a person and not a stranger to myself or to my friends.

Probably not a lot. I did not put as much into this as I had hoped I would. I hope I am more excited for life than scared of it. Hopefully, since I will have my answers from before I can grow a little more next year.

I think I'll see that I stressed too much about things that would work out fine. I think I'll have better insight on my own desires. I will already have had to make some of these decisions, though, too, which means that I'll be living with those choices. That may also result in different feelings about how I see things now. I hope I will have a new baby or be pregnant. I hope J. and I will find more ways to live more free and lighthearted despite our busy schedule. I hope I will be regularly spending time in prayer, exercise, and relationship building.

That's hard to know. It will be close to election time and I wonder if Hilary and the Donald will be their party's candidates. (Both are ahead now.) I wonder if the new Star Wars and Ghostbusters movies were any good. Anyway, my guess is that our home will feel very different without Sarah. Olivia will have made it through her first year of HS and hopefully, the new school year will be off to a good start for both of us. I really hope Shirley and my mom are doing well a year from now. Hopefully, there will be a lot more stability for Kelly at work. Anyway, I hope I am just as much in the mood to be reflective as I am now.

I fear that my dad won't be around. If he is, I hope that he is still able to enjoy each day

I guess I hope to be pleasantly surprised by the accuracy of my answers. I also really just hope to use this as a way to evaluate and remember where I am right now as opposed to be where I'll be a year from now.

I think I will feel thankful to myself that I took the time to answer these questions. I hope that these questions will help me gain some insight into what i need to push forward.

I think I'll be more centered and empowered, and hold more dominion with myself and my life, divinely inspired

It's pretty clear this time around -- I hope, in a year, I'll be pregnant or a new mom. But there's more to it than that. Next September, I should also be three months from finishing graduate school. What a glorious thing to think about. And there's still more... I hope J and I will be as happy as we are now. Because, despite it all, we're found each other more than ever before. We have fun, and we let each other be, and we enjoy each other (mmm) more than we ever earned the right to. And keeping that is more important to me than gaining anything else.

I think I will feel better. My hope is by answering these questions, I start thinking and getting things done. I hope it moves me in the direction I want to go and as a result, I hope I am healthier and happier.

Honestly, I don't think much will change. In the past I've tried changing various different aspects of my life for the better, but either I've never been able to follow through or I simply have not been good enough to achieve my goal. I hope this changes, and I hope physically writing down these questions changes my attitude and results.

I hope to feel that I am making some progress toward improving my life and myself as a person. I have done this exercise for several years now and there are a couple of recurring themes which I make slow progress toward addressing issues in my life; other things I seem to be able to turn around within the year. Regardless, setting aside some time for self-reflection is a great exercise.

I sure hope that the world is beginning to straighten itself out...both in regards to the middle east, in regards to the environment and in regards to how we treat children and the poor in this country. We will know who is running for President next year and I hope that we have good ethical candidates. You need a lot of hope to get through this world.

Probably disappointed that I haven't figured much out. But I'd like to be clearer on where I fit into the world, and in my family.

I think I will feel great!!! I will be another year older and a year closer to paying our equity loan off. It may even be paid off. I will have made my big appearance on Jeopardy! and achieved the second longest winning streak ever on the show. If allowed, I will have retired undefeated. I will be making the most of each day and still working!!!

I will feel joy and satisfaction of seeing so many of my desires fulfilled: living in a place I love, near resonant friends, in a spiritual community of joy and fun, and weaving more deeply with my bashert and family life, and having finally gotten in a routine with taking care of my health. My vidui process has brought great wisdom and I look forward to my engagement with my commitment to sharper aim and more follow through with how I want to be, with myself, my community, and my Beloved Holy One. I am thankful for the vidui process, and for the 10Q process, which has been helpful over the years.

1- I hope to have paid attention 2- I know that if I do, that the world might be a better place for me 3- I pray that I'm feeling better than I have been for quite some time 4- Hopefully, my girlfriend and I will have settled into sweetness together

I hope I'll feel ready to start the job search process, and like I have a more developed sense of how to live my values.

I think I'll probably be stunned at how fast time passes. and how much everything is the same and how much I've managed to change and learn and grow to find new knowledge and truth.

I hope I'll feel like I have moved forward and gone to a better place. I hope I have let go of the things holding me down and I hope, I have uplifted myself. I hope, I have him by my side.

I did not get my answers from last year so I don't know how to get those. Probably, I'll feel that: reflection is valuable. That my goals and work that I need to do is the same and maybe next year will be the one I actually get 'it' together. I hope as a result of stating here and in answering questions that my goals will be achieved and new ones formed with a partner to support and be supported by.

I will be happy that I took this time to reflect on my past and envision my future. My 2015 answers will be a great benchmark for where I've been and a platform from which to grow further. I think I will be more in touch with my inner writer, being more comfortable with sharing my healing journey publicly.

For me and mine, I hope for health. For me and mine, I hope we appreciate our many, many blessings. For my husband, if not perfect health, then enough health to continue living with joy. For my darling son, I hope for continued success and satisfaction in his work -- his psych license and a job the suits him and allows him complete financial independence. And I so hope this is the year that he falls in love with a wonderful girl. For my daughter, may her self-confidence and satisfaction increase so she can enjoy these difficult, precious years of early child raising. May it be so.

I think that I'll feel even more bold and love myself even more, and that life will be getting better and better. I think that these questions have been a good thing for me, and I look forward to it every year!

I'll be curious as I am very unlikely to remember what I wrote! The trick will be remembering enough of it to carry out my actions and become a better person. I like this btw, great idea and nice to have at the time of year when we traditionally focus on learning and improving anew, rather than at new year.

I will feel a different person. That is how I felt when I received my 2014 answers. Like it was someone else's answers.

Again, just like last year, this is a tough question to answer. I'll definitely reminisce about this year, all the things I accomplished and the ones I failed to. I do hope the next year will bring a job with it. :) Money too. Love? I do love my family and hope they stay healthy and safe, especially my nephew. I also love my friends and hope to keep them close and make new ones. Romantic love? Meh... I'll pass. The friendzone has become quite comfortable.

I really hope that I do not have the same answers next year that I have this year. I really hope that some of my life, dreams or expectations have come to pass or that my life is in a better place.

I hope I'll feel good about last year's answers, good because I was able to achieve or let go, some of the stuff. Good because I can fondly or at least without anger remember the situations that influenced my answers.

Life was headed in the right direction till Jared broke his arm and hit his head at his day program. Now he's not sleeping and we're not sleeping, I'm feeling sleep deprivation, anxiety and general physical malaise including some dizziness. I hope this passes. Need to get more sleep, way more cardio exercise and lose weight. Also eat healthy. Pray for Jared's recovery and back to his normal. Hoping for improved strength, physical and mental clarity.

Hopefully I am still alive, feel better and are a better person than what I was before. Maybe married, on my way to having children. Everyone I love is healthy and happy and the world is a better place.

I hope that I will feel good that throughout the year, I was focused and committed to small goals that worked toward a larger dream. My feelings toward my work will be mixed; of course we can always do MORE, but the truth is, I hope I will have been kind to myself while working towards what I wanted to accomplish. By next year, I hope that my life will be different in that I will be focused on law school, improving in sales, and being a weekend politician!

Every year I get surprised when the first Q10 mail lands in my mailbox, so I never really have big expectations to the Q10 experience.

? I’ll be happy with just a little more peace of mind, and a little further along on any of the paths/projects I outlined in any of my answers above. I’m all too aware that serious illness and death may strike those I love or even myself in the coming year. Every day is a gift, and I hope to keep remembering this.

Serene I hope! I don't think much would be different.

I never got my September 2015 answers. So I'm not sure that I'll get my September 2016 answers. If I do, then it will definitely be food for thought.

I love getting these back in a year, sometimes so much changes. Change is good, but so is stability. I hope to be in a happy, stable place with my relationships in family and in a place where i can contribute Jewishly and learn without drama and stress.

Life contains a particle of risk.

I hope my life is in a more secure place, both financially and emotionally. Hope that emotionally, there is a security and good feeling with my personal relationships. I hope I am centered in the direction of my life with an appreciation for the present, and a joyful intention for the future.

I think I'll be embarrassed by the superficiality of my answers. It was hard to 'dig deeply.' I'm not sure that answering the questions has brought about a seismic change, but they have caused me to look at my life and my attitude(s) towards it. I am pretty happy with how things are going, but life has a way of shifting slightly and causing major things to change in a drastic way--kind of like the butterfly wings in the Amazon causing typhoons in Japan... Life is a chaotic system with many interacting parts. I'd like to have written more, thought more, and experienced more deeply. I can be a bit on the surface if I allow it.

I've actually been mildly pleased over the few years I've done 10Q to see that each year I have accomplished some of the things on my list (Italian, New Israel Fund, sporty Fridays), while of course others still need work (better listening, more patience). I hope that next year is the same - that I will actually have done some of the things on my list, and can then look forward to new challenges.

Because for the first time in my life I understand what teshuva really means. I will put in practice it for all year round, being confident that everything in my life will be change for better

I should do a self check once a month.....I expect growth. No longer in a stalemate. Grateful for this time during my injury for self reflection and a time to take action. Ready for another opportunity to reflect. Review last year (2025) .and events that pertain to prophecy, active knowledge of the sign of the times.

I think it'll be a gentle surprise to see how consistently I've been moving forward in the past few years. It'll be nice to see the dissipating angst from moving fade with time. It's been hard, it feels like there's a long series of struggles ahead. All of it taking time, money, energy. Very little of it can be outsourced. I'll have to dig deep and push myself harder to get where I want to be.

For a couple of the last 10Q, or maybe all the ones I've done, I've been talking about a new job. If I have one by then, which I really hope I do, I think I'll be happy reading them. Otherwise, I'll be disappointed in myself. I hope that doing this exercise makes these goals, introspections,, etc. a little more tangible to me. I think a part of me will also be completely unsurprised at what I've said. It feels good to feel like you know / recognize yourself.

I am praying that my hopes for next year are realized. I also would hope that I did my absolute best to reach my intended goals. I am hoping I will feel some moments of peace, health and I am throwing in happiness.

I'd love to have the "Oh, yeah, I remember when this was just beginning and I was struggling with it" experience -- aknowledgement that this was an important stage in my process, but also being able to see how far I've come from it.

While I know I'll never be over the loss of my father, I hope that I'll be in a place emotionally that I can be higher functioning than I am now. I fully admit that I have pretty much turned off any negative emotion and am running on 100% logic because when I start down that path of emotion, I don't know if I can come back. I can't go back to being how I was the first month. I hope I can be someone he would have been proud of.

I hope to look back at this as an uncertain time that I crossed over to the shore of more certainty, hope, and confidence.

I hope I have resolved all my problems in San Diego and relocated to Washington with a job and a happy baby

I hope and pray that I am doing what G*D Designed me to do with ALL of my heart,soul,mind,and strength! I desire Maturity, Strength,LovingKindness,and Wisdom; among other qualities...I want to be pursuing Excellence,And living Out Loud The Great Commission YESHUA Speaks of..😇 As HE Enables me,So Shall I Do.That Is If We're still here,Come Soon LORD Jesus!Alleluia!!!

I hope that, by the time September 2016 rolls, I had already figured out what I'm meant to do; what is it that I really want in life. I also hope that all these doubts and uncertainties circling around my current job are finally cleared. Will there still be communication problems? Will I be happy doing what I'm doing? will I feel like I belong? will I be competent enough to perform my duties? Am I doing what I love? I hope that my relationship with my family stays as strong as it is. I expect that my mom, sister and brother will mature more and more. I worry about my sister, she is so full of potential and she prefers to waste her talents on trivialities. I hope that my romantic life becomes stronger than ever. Right now, things are looking good, I have a man who supports me no matter what and it seems as though day by day it becomes clearer that he is the man I'm meant to be for the rest of my life. I hope that I have changed my apathetic attitude, that I have finally gotten rid of the feeling of restlessness and negativity.

Haha, probably very similar to this year's. "Yeah, still working on that..." I hope that by recording it somewhere, I'll have a tad more motivation.

When September 2016 rolls around, I hope to feel accomplished. I hope to be proud of my freshman year, and ready to take on the challenges of sophomore year. I hope that I have given my life some direction and I have a path to follow. I hope that I can improve my life by doing the things I want to do, following my passions, and following my heart.

I'm sure I'll be surprised, in some way. I hope I will recognize the beginning of change rather than a naive viewpoint on something that never came to pass.

I think I will be glad that fucking 2015 is well and truly behind me. It's been a tough year.

I hope that I'll be happy with all of the things that I've accomplished. I think I might be a little disappointed with myself for not getting certain things done. And just saying that reminds that I have to pat myself on the back for things I do, and forgive myself for not achieving all of the goals that I've set. I want to live my life with no regrets.

Maybe it will be better. I will be about to turn 70. I am in a no win life and I am trying to make it work. Nothing much works. I will try to create a more viable existence. I do not know how I will do it - but I am clever and pragmatic so I am hoping I will come up with something. I hope I will stay healthy. Aging is not all that appealing. I am 69. Happy Birthday to me.

I think I will feel wistful about mom and realizing just how much of a loss her death was. I think I will feel sad about Dad. I hope I will feel healthy and mindful and strong. I hope I will have learned how to quiet my mind, be nicer, and take better care of myself.

I hope I'm relieved that my world didn't explode. I hope I'm sitting on an Aufenthaltserlaubnis and that my German is better. It would be nice if my relationship with my partner develops well and that I can learn to trust him the way he deserves to be trusted. I hope I'm well on my way to a second doctoral degree. I hope I feel like I'm part of something and that I have family.

My husband's affair has changed me in so many ways. I hope next year I am less angry and that I have found a way to forgive a little more. I hope I have incorporated more time for reflection and spent more time taking care of my own happiness.

I hope that I am a whole year wiser. I hope that I have learnt so much about myself by then. Just like this year on Jewish studies camp I learnt so much about myself and it's just changed me so much as a person. I hope that year 11 is going well and I'm not too stressed I will be so excited to receive my 2016 questions

I'll remember this particular snapshot, this exact stage, and wonder at how much has changed and how much has stayed the same. I hope that I'll have bonded with my new role and the organization I'm working for, settled into our home here, evolved in my marriage, and built a friendship group and support network out here.

I will be older. Buh...

Next year in September I want to be myself - a fearless, healthy, happy, communicative and productive artist. I will be able to care for myself and all my needs - and I will engage myself to make the world a little bit better for the people around me and for the people I will meet. Love. peace and creative power!

I will hope that I will have accomplished a great deal and come to terms with some of the problems that I have been dealing with but perhaps not facing.

I will be rushed because I always forget to start this on time and find myself catching up.

I'm sure certain things will have changed - I hope to still have retained this wonderful tranquility of mine and that I continue to enjoy work as I am doing so now. As to the rest, who knows? Life is such an exciting journey so why spoil it with guesses as to where the road is going to take us.

I think I'll be relieved that I have achieved more and set and followed through my long-term goals. I don't know if the aspirations I currently have will survive the year, but I think I will have gained experiences will still be important.

It will be interesting to see if my worries and struggles will be the same or will have changed over the course of a year. It has been a hard year in many ways...lots of personal growth opportunities have presented to me. I hope I am more grounded in a year, and kinder, more forgiving, and grateful to myself and my struggles.

Im hoping I feel more like me than I did yesterday, Im hoping to feel proud and accomplished and that I noted the changes in my life. I hope Im healthier, I hope I feel better about my heart, I hope I feel like the year is worth everything I put stock in it being this year. There is much to look forward to and every uear is a gift. For now I'll take the present.

I think I'll feel equally embarrassed and proud. As usual, I'll see a naive girl, who can't seem to grow up, and entwined with her, a mature sage, with enough patience for that girl to be girlish for as long as she needs. Which will probably be my whole life. By next year I hope that I'll have just a little bit more wisdom, enough to not judge myself in the present or past, and to keep putting one foot in front of the other to get to the future without expectations. I also hope that I'll be thinking even less about myself, able to give more of myself away without worry of outside acceptance or approval. If nothing else, I'll be glad, I think, for the reminder of introspection, and the opportunity to have this conversation with myself.

I hope I'm less depressed. I hope that I have found peace with my broken relationships, and found a way to support myself without selling out. I would never have dreamed I'd fall this far, I hope (I hope!) the only place to go is up.

I hope i will feel as if I've acheived something- a solid new relationship, charity work or something that pays back society.

I hope I'll feel like I surpassed my own hopes for myself. I hope I'll feel like I accomplished something and made new work. I hope I will feel like I've begun to make a mark for myself, beyond what I've already accomplished.

I think I'll probably say, "Yeah, I remember that was where I was a year ago. Except I wasn't really being honest with myself about some things, and I was overthinking others. But I'm in a really different space right now, and it all seems a little overwrought." I say this, because that's what I thought this year when I got my answers. What I hope is that I'm able to look back and notice that I've grown and changed and be proud of myself for that.

I think I will be getting used to Noah being in first grade. I guess I hope we will be in a different house and maybe have a dog. Bottom line, I'm pretty happy with where life is right now so I won't be working very hard to change anything. In fact it is safe to say most of my efforts will be to maintain a status quo. However, these questions, and this process, will not have played any part in whatever events unfold.

I hope I'll feel happy that i acheived the peace of mind I wanted to. I hope I will be more comfortable in so many assets of life, relationships, work, social. I hope to have made a positive difference in people's lives. I want to accomplish sometihng worthwhile

I hope I don't feel I'm at the same place I've always been, with the same problems and anxieties. I hope I will have seen progress, if not in the problems themselves, at least in my outlook.

I'd like to feel proud in the reflection and hopeful and excited about the future. I'm realizing more that it's important to me to have this past and future-thinking mentality in the present. It keeps me grounded, thoughtful and focused on the Things That Really Matter. I'm hoping that this thoughtfulness influences my outcomes all around.

Most important for me to be physically in shape, at least as good as I am now.

I hope I am in a better place, physically and emotionally. I hope I'm better.

Hope to deal with my physical issues, work on them, and not let them get me down. Keep my optimism.

I hope I am easier on myself... I hope I am harder on myself...

I hope that I'll feel like this is a letter from a complete stranger. Maybe not complete, but only vaguely familiar, someone I knew once a long time ago. I hope my business is successful, I hope I am happy. I hope the very idea of being haunted by self doubt will seem impossible and made up. I hope I am hopeful.

I think I'll feel like my answers were simple and I'll have forgotten most of the stuff I've written. There isn't much that is important enough in life that it resonates a year later. Our biggest problems aren't so big in hindsight. Our biggest accomplishments are (hopefully) just stepping stones to even bigger accomplishments. Our worries are either unfounded or come true. Either way I'll still keep moving forward. My life is pretty awesome today. I hope it's even more so one year from now.

I hope I am doing a job that I like more than what I am doing now. I hope I have passion and fulfillment again. I hope I am no longer suffering from anxiety. I hope that we are taking steps to have a family. I hope my heart aches a little less. I hope that I get to the scrap book about dad for our kid someday since they will never meet him. I hope to find pure happiness. I hope my husband and I continue to not fight. I hope to live in the moment. I hope to see more good in the everyday. I hope to find my new self!

I have no idea how I will feel I hope regardless of relationships I think I am a good person who is doing the best I can and am thinking about how I can be more of service and happier

I am hopping that I can look back on them with a sense of accomplishment, having made progress forward. I hope some of the things that have me feeling hurt, and stuck are distant memories or learning experiences.

Hopefully a lot differently than 2015; more hopeful and inspired. I hope my life will be less stressful due to my introspection (thinking and answering these questions) and potential change in attitude - also due to thinking about and answering these questions.

I think I'll be proud and humbled at the same time. I think I'll be more motivated to pay attention to my own thoughts. I hope that my personal relationships continue to grow even more strong and more fulfilling, and I think I'll look back on 2015 as a huge success of a year.

I hope we will be healthy and living comfortably. I hope our friends and family are healthy and doing well. I hope we are getting along and the Parkinsons has not gotten worse, I hope I can be more patient

i think i'll be a bit more bemusing in my answers. After looking through my old answers, I've noticed that I've put a lot of thought and energy into them in the past and that they are the same questions every year. Now that I've noticed this, I'll probably take more liberties in the way that i answer them.

Still trying to make peace with end of life decisions

I hope I feel satisfied that I have made progress. I have looked back at my answers over the last few years and felt regret that I haven't moved forward, tackled anything that is holding me back. I hope that I'm happy, healthy and satisfied with life. I hope that it will be a year filled with one on one time with my husband and the continued success of my kids.

I hope that where ever I am - here, Maine, Cedar Rapids, this house or another that I am there because I am choosing to be there. That I have gotten past the idea that where I am at is an accident -that I have made conscious choices about my life.

I hope I will have achieved my goals and K will be okay.

This year I felt very proud of myself and what I have accomplished and changed. I hope I feel that way again -- that I will have made a difference in my humility and allowed myself to resent less and value myself more, and that I won't depend so much on admiration to feel strong and proud.

I hope I'll feel happy about how my choices panned out over the past year and more settled and confident about my future career plans.

Bemused; more confident in my path

My hope is that Messiach has returned and my life as I know it will be radically different! But if the millenial kingdom has not initiated, I will keep on keepin' on, praising God and living out my calling as a missionary taking the Word of G-d to peoples who do not know Him. My hope is that I am no longer trapped in my current situation and am free to make aliyah and to ouytreach to people both in Israel and Kenya. I pray that my fundraising efforts will be successful, and that a home may be found for me both in Kisume and in Yerushalayem to base my travels. Lord, I lift these things up to your throne of grace . . .

I hope I will feel similarly to what I felt when I read my answers to the questions from last year -- that I have made progress. I hope I will have continued to deepen my spiritual journey, that I will be more aware of the Divine Presence shining in me, other people, and all of creation. I hope I will be more faithfully living out Pope Francis' encyclical "Laudato Si."

Hello future me. I think you're reading this letter now and you're probably quite bemused; that and either embarrassed at what I wrote or upset that I'm being slightly disparaging to ourself. So, me in a years time, who do I think you are? I think you're still the same person, probably still in London - maybe still at UnLtd but thinking about your next move. Outside of work you're probably getting shit done. The last thing I did was the V&A zine game, maybe you've done more but don't feel too bad if you haven't. You probably need a rest after making a game a week. Well done on that by the way. I know you'll have finished it in some fashion. Also games and politics stuff is just happening now, I wonder where you've got that too. Thinking and answering these questions has probably pointed you a little in a direction, got you out of your head a little bit and let you think about where you wanted to be. I hope anyway. I think we were always quite stubborn, always thinking about the future and were we're going. I think these questions will maybe have allowed us to push ourself. To think about going somewhere away from here. Thinking about stepping forward and listening or helping or whatever. The best thing that could have come out of these questions is they helped us to step forward. Fingers crossed.

I hope to be happy, excited about life and grateful for all the gifts I have been blessed with. I hope we have our own house are all healthy and gainfully employed/ in school. Just excited about life and the future.

I just turned 80 years old and in September 2016, I hope I will feel healthy and happy both physically and emotionally.

I hope that I will allow myself to feel deeply, experience life and leave my ex-boyfriend totally behind for good. I hope to find myself happily married in our new house.

I hope that I'll feel glad, that I feel different than I do now, and that I achieved so much in a year. I suspect that I might feel disappointed, that I was in the place that I was, that I didn't do what I should have, or wistful, about things I wanted and didn't get. I sincerely hope that I'll be happier in the coming year than I am right now, and that I achieve some concrete things and feel more confident in my abilities and in my effect on the world. I hope that answering these questions gave me some insight into my fears and worries, as well as my goals, and that by writing these things down, I've started on the path to meeting my fears and working toward my goals.

i sure as heck hope to have finished foundations and gotten a grip on moving furniture. some people have less demanding hobbies. mine? i rearrange the store!!!!!!!!

I don't think anything will be different. If I haven't killed myself by then, I'll just be the same beaten-down person I am today. I don't think there really is such a thing as hope. I don't seem to be able to learn anything. And I've never been able to make anyone happy or live up to their standards and expectations. So why keep trying?

I hope all the people who are with me now are with me then. I hope I'm a little more financially secure. I hope they find a cure for whatever is wrong with my dad.

I hope that I will be living a life that is truer to who I am now, rather than stuck in old decisions and images.

I hope I'm happy and at peace with the choices I've made. I hope I've taken chances and risks without fear or regret. I think I'll have made some big decisions and started embarking down a new path. I hope I've learned lots of new things, met new people, and opened myself to many new experiences. I hope that I've handled the challenging parts of the year with grace and compassion-- for others and for myself. I hope that, wherever I am, I'm right where I need to be.

Regardless of the outcome, I wish to read what I wrote with compassion, delight, and that wonderful feeling of meeting an old friend after a long absence and talking as though just a day had passed. I hope, hope, hope that this process of writing out loud (I pushed the Share button) will work at a subliminal level to motivate and power choices to do rather than delay, risk rather than retreat, and celebrate rather than sulk.

Curious :) I hope my book was welcomed and that bit made me go beyond my comfort zone with new ideas and coachees.

I hope I feel less fearful and more relaxed and more hopeful. I crave a peace and serenity I haven't had in far too long. I hope I am able to resolve or begin to resolve some lifelong and other issues. My weight, my disorganization. My not writing the book or the blog I long to write. My relationship with my daughter, and my huband. I wish all of us and everyone reading this a year of peace, serenity and good health.

I will have my own home, in whatever form that turns out to be. I will be enjoying success in my career and will have made a trip somewhere - don't know where yet. I will be dating, or in a relationship with a marvelous man who thinks I'm the best thing that ever happened to him. These questions have clarified quite a lot for me, and combined with my vision board, and the two readings I had things have really crystalized for me. I'm much clearer on the direction I want my life to go in and I'm working towards it.

I'll feel three emotions. The first will be a sense of fulfilment, because I would have gone some way to achieve many of my goals. The second will be disappointment, because others I will have not reached. The third will be a continuing feeling of insecurity, because a year cannot remove fundamental fears from a person. But that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Well, first I've hoped I've accomplished what I set out to do. I'm worried to see these answers in case I've failed at doing them or in case something with my family is different. My dad dies 3 months ago and I'm afraid I'll be over it, or maybe I'm afraid I won't be. Bu anyway, I hope these questions will allow me to realize what I'm feeling and hopefully gain the courage to share that with people I'm close to, or people I hope to become close to in the future.

I think I'll be like "Damn it's incredible how much can happen in a year" and then I'll be like "my life is so wonderful, happy, and full" and I'll be thinking of how my family has grown with Vernetta with the addition of a baby, how rich Anja and Ellie make my life, and how I'm grateful for the incredible friends that make my life so full and happy. Answering these questions every year definitely puts all of that in perspective - the year's go by fast and each year I think back and I realize how much I've done, how things have worked out, and how I'm grateful for being who I am and exactly where I am.

Watching the two interwoven trajectories that my life is taking (illness, poverty vs. spirituality, art), it's really God's call. I felt called to my art this year, and some amazing folks took notice. But meanwhile, illness and its resulting poverty are a burden that I don't know how to fix. May the art grow, and the illness go.

I hope I'll feel positive, I hope I'll have grown and that I'll be in a better place.

I would love this to serve as a marker for the most turbulent but ultimately positive period in my life. One year from now I would like to see how much I have allowed myself to follow the path I have chosen and want to follow. I think that I have only been gaining skill, positivity, and breaching the barriers I have built around myself. One year from now, I hope that I vaguely remember who I was and have become fully who I wish to be.

I hope my hopes will have come true and I'll be wiser, and will have new challenges by then. Good thing with 10Q is that it gives me a feedback on whether I improved anything. "The man who views the world at 50 the same as he did at 20 has wasted 30 years of his life." Muhammad Ali

I hope that I feel content and fulfilled with my year. I hope it was an even better year than this one, even though it had some big downs. I hope that I am moving forward and being as realistic but hard working as I can be and I hope that I can be aspiring to bigger and even better things.

I hope I'll be inspired to refocus on important questions in my life, and I hope I'll feel like I've done good work with some "growing edges". I also hope I won't hate my writing.

Tonight I looked at the planning for the big cycling world trip me and my boyfriend are planning for next year. If all goes as planned we'll be in Iran/Turkmenistan in September. It will be a very different life from the years up until then when I've been worrying, working, studying and generally trying too hard. I can't wait! The trip is a result of being very aware of how short and beautiful life is, and I can imagine that making this trip is one thing I will never regret as I get older. 10Q questions reflecting on how I go about life and how I feel about life right here and now only confirm that this is a good choice to make.

I think I'll feel more certainty about my life, mostly because right now I don't know here I'll be past April. But perhaps I won't and I think that will be okay. I'm excited to see where I am this time next year, now that I've graduated. I hope I'm maintaining an anxiety-free life. I hope Mom retired and got her back surgery. I hope I'm still writing in the Happiness journal. I hope Zoë and I are maintaining frequent communication and Jennie and I are doing okay. I hope I don't lose contact with close college friends. I hope I remain introspective and constant looking inward towards bettering myself. I am content where I am now, so looking forward I hope I remain to be and only grow towards better things in my life.

I always love to read the emails from a year ago! I hope to be married by then, and hard at work on my MFA!!!

I want to be a better person than I was the year before. I want to look back at the person I was last year and find that I've become a better person, maybe thinner, certainly healthier... Ideally, I want to look back and say, well I was there, and now I'm here and here is a step or two (or more!) up from where I was. I want/need more money, so a raise and a promotion is definitely in order. I want/need a new apartment, with reasonable landlords and reasonable rent. I would like to be in much better financial shape than I am in now. Perhaps in the market for buying a car/vehicle.

Receiving answers to my questions will be liberating, and I will feel free - relieved, free, uplifted, bright, spacious, light. What might be different about my life? More joy and pleasure, moving more, touching, hugging, kissing and lovemaking, living in an environment and culture that supports me, where I belong and can flourish; serving people's well-being and growth with my work, laughing often, daily, living fully and freely.

Happy, and also more at ease, more confident of myself :D :D :) I will be on track of finding the life that suits me and I will have learnt a lot about myself and others as well. :D :D

I think I'll feel like time has flown. A year is not as long as it used to be. I think if I were to answer the same set of questions again (and perhaps I will), and compare them to these answers, I'll find that they are pretty similar. I have already picked all the low-hanging fruit of life, solved the easy puzzles, and figured out a lot of "who I am". So that only leaves a lot of the more difficult things, some of which I've touched upon in this set of questions. As a result of thinking about and answering these questions, I have remembered to embrace a certain contradiction: both enjoying the present moment, and planning out for the future and making sure I am taking actions each day towards the future I want.

I hope I will be in a better mental state and have a more positive outlook on life. I am writing this with tears filling my eyes. I was just crying for about 45 minutes because I fear that my boyfriend, the one I talked about on Day 1, and I will be breaking up. I hope we are still together this time next year because I care about and love him so much. School is so stressful and I know by this time next year I will be in my last semester of school which is such a relief. I cannot wait to see what the rest of 2015 and 2016 bring me.

I hope that I am so proud of the good choices that I've been making that I continue to put my happiness first, make smart choices, remember my worth, and focus on my future.

I hope I'm calmer and a little more in control. That is the thing I need to work on most. It's the thing I needed to work on last year but I didn't really because I was so deep in my job search. Now that I am employed, I hope to work on calm patience. Hopefully when I read this next year I will be able to reflect on a year of, if not success, honest work put in to being less reactive.

I think I'll laugh at myself, and wish I had taken more time out of my busy life to really think hard about my answers. I hope that I'm in a relationship, that I'm in a city and career that I love, and that I have happiness.

I hope I sound less selfish then.

I hope I will feel satisfied, knowing that I have really pushed myself to achieve professional and personal goals. I hope that I will be in an even better place professionally, with lots of creative work under my belt, better connections, better friends, better prospects. I hope that the relationship between Ben and I is even better than it is now, stronger and happier and more romantic/sexual. I hope that I will be healthier and in better shape, using professional help when appropriate to train and eat better for healthy weight loss. I hope I will be happier, healthier and in a better place all round.

Honestly, I forget about 10Q in-between! And then it rolls around again, and I am reminded that I took the time to think carefully about the previous year and project forward into the coming year. It shows a side of me that still clings to hope and optimism. And sometimes it even shows that I HAVE accomplished what I set out to do! Every year, it plants the seeds. I hope that next year, I will have accomplished at least some of what I hoped for. It doesn't have to be all. I just need to see forward movement along the path.

No idea

I hope I'll continue to be in a good spot this time next year: still seeing Fran, still very much in love and enjoying each other's company; still stimulated at work, but perhaps more motivated than I am right now. I feel a bit overworked and overwhelmed sometimes with too many competing demands on my time. I think I'll feel quite proud of the progress I've made over the past year or so. There's probably nothing revelatory in my responses this year: nothing controversial, nothing to be embarrassed about. I guess the one big thing that might be different is that Fran and I could be living together.

I hope that I will feel a twinge of empathy for my former self, in the middle of great upheavals both personally and professionally. By next year, I hope that things will have settled down at work and that I will be dating someone worthwhile, whom I could imagine marrying.

I think I will feel ready to take the next steps forward, and not wait any longer. I have been waiting for a long time to go after I wanted, and the only restrictions are in my mind.

I hope I am more rested and that my children are as peaceful, centered and happy as they are now or more-so.

I thnk I will feel anxious to see how I fared over the year. I hope there will be more happiness in my home life and more satisfaction in my home life and more free time.

I don't think I wrote about this in the earlier questions. At this point, I hope now this new year will be about recharging and getting new perspective on my life. I also know that December-May/June will be intense with hiring new staff and that time may be more stressful than I want it to be. I hope a sabbatical or other change will be imminent or underway. I hope that if that deeply yearned for sense of renewal and relaxation isn't felt in my lived experience that I'll find strength to make changes to get my life more balanced.

I do not know what I hope is different in a year. I guess I hope that I will be in a better place regarding my relationship with Judaism and what I'm looking for in terms meaning and important experiences. I hope I'm in Australia and have committed to the next part of what I want to do with my life. And I hope that I feel satisfied with my relationships and the experiences I am having.

I will wonder why I worried - what was I thinking when I answered some of these. The world will be in a different place - a couple of months before the presidential race: Hillary vs. Carly? Biden vs. Bush? Sanders vs. Rubio? I'm sure there is still a lot of angst to go through first. There may be some other bigger thing - world events, illness, loss, etc. that will make some of these musings seem trivial. And I will read them with half a sense that they were written by somebody else - and maybe that will be true.

I think I'll be surprised by what I wrote, I think I'll have something wonderful and new to add to the next series of answers I provide to these questions, and I think I'll be even happier than I am right now.

I hope I will have lived the changes! And so, feel I have accomplished much.

I've never done 10Q before, so it's hard to say, but I always love looking back like this. I hope to look back at the woman I am now with compassion, understanding the difficulty of being lost or stuck but able to then have greater clarity. I try to think about these big questions often, but I hope writing down answers will help encourage more frequent reflection and an increase in self awareness that can guide me back onto a path.

I don't know. Honestly, I really don't know. I am in a very strange mindset at the time and predicting is a tricky business, so I don't know.

I hope I feel good about the year I just had. I hope I am kind with myself and loving as I look towards the future.

I hope that I feel at peace with my life. That I am surrounded by happiness and have made wise decisions that have led me to feel like my life is beginning to go in the right direction. I hope that what ever relationship I am in (if I am in one at all) that it is fulfilling in every aspect possible.

I cried when I read 2014's answers, so there's a pretty good chance I'll cry again — but I'm trying to be more positive this year, so maybe things will be different and I'll feel satisfied (or like I was just being dramatic). I'll be 30 by then, so I should have my life all figured out, right?

I hope that, like the year before, I've achieved some of my goals and have grown in areas where I'm still learning.

I hope that I'll have grown more into my manhood, and that I am able to more easily engage with the world around me, moment-to-moment. I would like my presence to be met with joy and comfort, and for people to be glad to be in my company, and for myself to be glad in theirs.

I hope to feel proud, like I took advantage of a year to meet some of my goals, make connections with people, and really start effecting change in my life.

I think I will feel a sense of accomplishment. It's going to be a rough year with many changes. I have no way of predicting where next year will take us as a family. We will miss Rick, and we will move forward and make him proud.

I sure hope the Cedar ave cabin is repaired, the sewer pipes are repaired and maybe I will even have a little job, my place in the world. I expect my debt will be mostly resolved, our lives together will be less about stress and more about joy

I think that I will feel good about how I answered the questions that were asked of me. You learn from everything you do, good or bad. I hope that my life might be a bit different from now. That some of the things I answered come true or have started to. I truly enjoyed the questions. They made me think, reflect. And that's part of what the Jewish High Holidays are about.

I got my answers back this year and was surprised to find it put me in a reflective space. I guess that's the bet one could hope for, and I hope it happens again next year. It also put me in touch with the meaning of the days between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur, in a very real and meaningful and I appreciate this opportunity to reflect and reconsider big questions in my life.

I wonder if I'll be disappointed in myself for failing to work my way out of this depression. I hope I'll still have this job! I hope I'll be stable and remember that even at this point in 2015, I was basically satisfied. I hope Susan will be around to celebrate another birthday.

I really hope that this time next year, I'll be physically fit, feeling great, with a better schedule and routine. I'll be in the same place--I love this house--and sane job--love this job--working toward paying off my debt. I hope that I'll have my love life figured out a bit more...if I want to try and start a family on my own or not, if I'm committed to Bryan or not. I honestly see this as a great year coming up, one where things are settled and I can just enjoy life. If not, I know I'll enjoy the ride anyways.

I hope I will feel more content about myself. I hope I will notice a decrease in my tendency to judge others negatively and harshly. I hope I will be more active and physically lighter. I hope I will have learned to set limits without doing it harshly because of my own discomfort in doing so. I hope my disposition will be sunnier. I hope I will be kinder.

I hope that I will smile and be satisfied with what the year has brought. I hope that I will not be disappointed because I already have everything that I need.

I hope I will feel better about everything. I hope that I can overcome some, if not all, of these fears I have about everything and just relax. (however, I think I said that last year, lol) I just want to be a better me all around and seeing as how this is my last year in my 20's I want to leave all my childish petty ways behind me and start focusing on what best for me and my little family. :)

I think that next year I will look back on these answers and ask myself "what we're you thinking?".

I realize how I was and kniw more about my self. This is therapy. I like it.

Really hoping that at least SOME of the things I wanted to work on or improve on happen. That I don't get side tracked. I'm hoping that these questions and answers will have provoked me to prayer throughout the year to receive God's blessing and help to succeed in them. I hereby commit these plans to Him. (because of Proverbs 16:3) "In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps." Proverbs 16:9

I expect to feel more "at home" both figuratively and literally. I believe I am close to obtaining a new job in my hometown, thus close to Mom (who just turned 90 and time with her is precious), my brother, friends, church family (in the church I grew up in). If that job does not work out, I will be putting my search into high gear to at least get closer to "home" in the Southwest.

This year I felt embarrassed because I wanted to do it last year and didn't. When I looked back on the questions/answers from the year before, I realized that I am still dealing with most of the things that I named two years ago. That was surprising and a little disappointing. I hope that when I look at these answers next September that I will have made some progress in the areas where I want to make change, and that I will have a range of new interests and possibilities in front of me.

no idea. this year, what with dad and the new issues, i haven't even checked my old answers. i hope i'm more on the ball next year. it's all about finding a way to manage this better. i hope i have explored more - inside, outside, eternally....

This truly is a bizarre year for me to reflect on these questions, going through the worst trauma of my life. I have to hold my breath for the next 4 1/2 years to feel some comfort that my son's life threatening illness will not return. My son just wants his mother back. I hope by next year to learn that life is now, not to squander it with paralyzing fear & grief. There is a good chance I only have to live with fear & everything will be fine. My son will be on much easier treatments. It may present new challenges like worrying about him working, traveling, etc. It may also bring his desire to become a father. I hope the longer he is remission, the better I will feel. Looking back on this year & this life changing event, I know it will always make me feel sad, at least until he is cured. My greatest wish is that this will be the worst year of my life. Last year, my Dad had bleeding on the brain, after breaking his arm, my son's illness, my daughter had surgery on her leg she is still recuperating from, but my son's illness took me to the darkest scariest place I could've ever imagined. I also hope to be able to find trust in general, in myself, in others, that good things can happen to me & the ones I love. Not holding grudges & forgiving flaws in others comes with that territory.

My significant other recently referred to me as an interloper. As a child, my mother wanted excitement, which she through lovers, not her children. My father never really wanted children. ("We would have been okay if we hadn't had kids," he told my mom.) The children were, in effect, interlopers. Growing up, I was bullied and an outcast. After years of being alone, I started having friends, but always felt like a foreigner--not quite an interloper but not a full member of the tribe. As a teenager, I had friends but always saw myself as an outsider. I was never invited to any social events--I was with the "herd" but on the margin. As a young adult, I continued to be the same. I seldom had a girlfriend and viewed myself as a misfit. As an adult, I wanted a spouse, a sex life, and a family. I married, but learned that the woman I'd married had no sexual interest in me. That realization hurt but I stayed on, thinking it was my fault and that there might be something that could change her perception of me. My wife and I divorced. I realized that I can't spend my entire life wishing to be desired and being a sexual partner with only one of us possessing sexual interest. I met a woman. She and I began dating and, ultimately, she moved in along with her daughter. The daughter has never felt comfortable with my presence and I've been referred to as the interloper. I'm tired of being the interloper or anything close to being the interloper. In the coming year, I want that status to change and, as step 1, I embrace myself for who I am. I'm a nice person, intelligent and with some measure of talent and skill. It's high time I accept myself. L'shana tovah everyone. Wish me luck.

Tough quetion. I only hope that we are all closer to the light. A little more caring nation....

I fear I will be disappointed - that I will see I am in the exact same position as I am now. I have regrets that I have wasted so many opportunities ever since high school.

I think I'll feel sad and reminiscent... With the loss of the baby and the loss of Sebby. I'm hoping I'll still feel joy though, with the rest of the big kids and the kittens, and even more so, my husband. I'm hoping we'll be settled in the new house, both with jobs we enjoy. I'm really hoping we'll have a human child - or one in the works - by then. I hope my family will be healthy and happy. I'm hoping we can continue to interact with and give back to our community. I'm hoping for a year filled with positivity!

I think these questions make you pause, reflect and plan for the year ahead. Doing things you always wanted to do or not doing the things you have been doing. It is a good exercise done annually. I hope I will have embarked on those things which I hope to do. It is a way of giving a gentle nudge or planting a seed which will take growth throughout the year.

I am sure I will feel pretty much the same. I don't change quickly, if at all. 10Q does help to remind of important questions. However, I don't think this reminder is sufficient to bring about difference in somebody's life.

I hope that the positive momentum I am feeling continues, and that I find myself in a happy place, to see all of the growth this year promises be realized. I expect more stability and less anxiety/uncertainty, and hope that these questions have helped me focus on how to get there.

When I receive the notification for 10Q, I hope I will feel different. More accomplished, and responsible. I hope that I will feel like I have done something in the past year, but I am afraid that the more I change my life, the more things will stay the same, and I will be struggling with the same exact issues. We'll see!

I hope my business is doing wonderfully & I'm able to be even more involved in the community.Always giving back.

I think I'll feel happy that I did this again, and that I'll really enjoy seeing the growth and progress of Lesley through the ages. Hopefully 2016 me will have pity on 2015 Lesley for still mentioning "He who shall not be named" in her answers. I hope I am just generally happier, less moody, more open, and more positive about myself and the people around me. I don't think anything will happen as a direct result of answering these but I will still have fun looking through my answers. Hi 2016 Lesley!! Love you :*

I hope that I'll look back and smile, maybe shed a tear, hug my family and be thankful for the progress I've made this year. It's been a rough few months.

Since being diagnosed with stage 4 mestastic gallbladder cancer, I will be encouraged to be cured and read my responses in September 2016. I hope at this period in my life, I'm completely cured, back to work and living life to the fullest 😊 Miracles, Peace and Healing

I anticipate that I will have overcommitted to volunteer activities and still feel that I should have done more. I am anticipating full recovery from my leg's clot situation, and actively re-engaged in playing basketball again. I expect that my wife and I have had a chance to get away for a short vacation to reconnect and recommit to our wonderful life together. I am hopeful that my son has been accepted to his chosen college and that he is happily started on his post-high school life.

Hm, I think there will have been a lot of soul searching since I've written my answers for 2015, a lot of contemplation on the future, a lot of stripping of old rotten baggage. At least I hope that will be the case. I can't change what has happened, things I should have done, said etc. I can only strive to be better tomorrow and the next day. I hope I love myself more. I hope I can be happy and satisfied with the path my life is on. This is my wish for me :)

I hope I feel great! at committing to answering all the questions and succeeding. I enjoyed the questions in the survival kit book and via surveys (how to be jewish) a little more. I was either more receptive to answering or they were more thought-provoking. Either way I think it's helped me find my aim and stay on track. Now I'm off to shul! ps hey shimz you're awesome <3 u

I’m afraid I will be disappointed in my progress toward improved physical health; just because I have had so many years of failure. I hope this year will be different and I will be able to enjoy the fruits of hard work and determination. I hope to be more physically fit and strong…and lighter. I hope I will have found a way to feel more secure about our financial strength.

A little bit happy, a little bit surprised, a little bit disappointed. Isn't that life? I love, and yet struggle with, this exercise, as ultimately my life is a very fortunate one and these issues that I bring up are ones that can seem very superfluous. I'm not going to stop what I'm doing and go volunteer to feed the starving kids of *enter country here*. (And I do feed starving people once a month as it is.) I like what I do, I like my life. It's too easy to complain. And, deep down, I know I will always have this melancholy and torturous side. But it rarely interrupts or disrupts my life. I keep it at bay, and if anything it's ultimately a positive thing, as it makes my work better and makes me feel things more. Confronting the void, however minor (i.e. reading a sad novel), makes one appreciate life more. It's no surprise then that I'm most irritated by everyone of the privileged classes trying to "out-happy" each other these days. People aren't happy because—my theory, anyway—they don't give enough back and are too narcissistic to see that. All the improvement still goes back to the self. You can't give back when everything you do is in service of your personal "brand". (Social media enables this.) If I was really honest, I would try to give up all my insecurity about having to maintain this seemingly necessary part of my job and just move on, do the work, teach, etc. Sure, who doesn't yearn for some attention. But I think I less yearn for that and instead get disgusted by the people who do get for no real significant reason. It seems like it's all noise, all signal, no actual base station. If I got past all this that I've just talked about, now THAT would be something...

I am not sure. In 2015 this has been all about my child and not really about the big changes that were occurring at the same time, so I expect to be surprised at how narrow-minded my narrative in these 10Q will look like in a year. Not good or bad, in a way, just very interesting how we're caught in a moment and our feelings are way more a snapshot of the moment we live in rather than a larger look at how the year has affected us and how it will move forward. I will be surprised I have reflected so much on how these past few weeks/ months have been rather than how my past year has really been.

This question stinks. I've answered it already, so I'm not going to repeat myself here.

I hope I have a better understanding of what I want to do with my life. I hope things stay relatively busy, but not so emotionally draining as it has been in years past. I hope I keep my core group of friends, and everyone stays in good health. I want growth, but positive growth. I hope to travel more between now and next year. I hope to gain a better understanding of who I am.

J: I hope that I will remain inspired to improve myself and to be the best self I can be. N: I hope I don't feel the same as I do today and I hope that I take the steps to change the things that I want to and reduce internal and external stress.

I hope to feel more peace and acceptance of things I can't change.

I think I'm going to feel an overwhelming sense of relief and gratitude for how far I've come over the year. If the end of this year has been about challenging growth, I'm hoping that next year will be about settling in to ease and happiness and fulfillment. Please tell me it's true, future me! (But even if it's not, you're going to be fine.)

Looking back on last years questions, I just can't believe that a man's walked in and turned my world upside down. And I hope I'll look back on these, from our marital home (of some description), with nostalgia and fondness for the excitement of engagement. Embarking on a lifetime as partners is a huge task, and obviously that partnership isn't something I would expect to be fully formed in a year's time. But I do hope that I feel we've layed the foundation stones and traced the shape of that partnership, and that it's as beautiful as the anticipation of it is now, just in a different way.

I'm grateful for the trajectory and directional forces guiding my life. Look forward to extending myself and growing spiritually, increasing the impact and depth of service, and continuing to improve upon my health.

I hope most of all that we will be healthy and intact as a family. I pray we will have dealt with whatever challenges arose during the year and have come through stronger. I want to have put off procrastinating and worked on the needs I identified in doing 10Q!

I hope that I may be in a congruent relationship with a woman and happy in that (quietly and euphorically) and a less stressful job that is more rewarding.

Since I didn't receive the answers from 2014, I have no idea! Probably surprised that it actually worked! I hope I'll be healthier (thinner) and maybe a bit more organized.

I think I'll feel sad at how my life has been. And hopefully, things will get better and I'll be grateful for the experience and appreciate things more. I hope I won't be homeless next year. My wants in this moment in my life are so mininal. A bed and a roof that doesn't belong to my car. A kitchen to cook in and a bathroom to use. Beyond that, I can't think of anything I need or want. I just don't want to be living in my car anymore.

I hope to be well. I am getting ready for a long awaited trip to Europe for a week next week. There is still the possibility of another trip to Israel in January. We 're having needed landscaping work done. I anticipate looking back and having lots of great memories. I pray for health to enjoy and appreciate all that happens.

I think I will feel proud of my progress through the year. I think I will find my fears were needless and that I remained focused and determined to accomplish my goals.

I think then September 2016 rolls around I will feel proud of myself. I hope that I will have achieved the things I hope to achieve and that I will remember where I was (am) and be proud of how much work I put into my job

I think I will feel nostalgic about this time in my life because there are so many exciting things happening for me right now, but I also hope I'll be excited about where I am and what I'm doing in September 2016. I KNOW I will be!

I hope I'm not dealing with the same shit all over again. Teshuvah shlemah is the hardest work I've ever done.

When I read my answers from last year I thought I made a lot of sense and was very thoughtful - more thoughtful than I remembered. So I was pleased with my answers and felt wise. When we look forward, we have a lot of hope that everything will turn out well. At least I do. If things don't turn out well, I hope I can still feel I handled life's challenges well. But I hope I can read these answers and say' Things went as well as I thought and we are all in a good place.' Either way, I hope I can still feel blessed by G-d ( as I do now). I hope that no matter what I face, I will rise to the occasion and do the best I can. I hope I can make some new friends and also, deepen my old friends. I hope I will still be very close to Elizabeth even though she is living in Boston. Next year it would be great to be enjoying a new grandchild and see my little family grow a little bigger.

I think I'll be surprised at where my thoughts were and I'll appreciate remembering my past. I look to the future, but do enjoy reflecting on where I've been. I hope that when I receive the results next year, I'll be happier at work and will be worrying about money less. I hope I'm still eating well and am healthy. I look forward to the next year.

I hope I will be more at peace with the changes that Phil's decision to convert has brought to my life - I hope I will be able to reconnect with Mt Tabor Presbyterian and Carley, and feel more comfortable being my own person - I don't know what the future holds, but I know that God walks the path with me -

Last year I was very specific and what goals I wanted to achieve and where I wanted to be - I think the by writing things down it helps to manifest what one truly wishes for in said life and beyond. I hope that I have grown a little more and continued to soften at the elbows. Be madly in love with life and perhaps a man as well. Continue to be curious and seek life's adventures and gifts and be thankful each day for who I am and the contributions I have made no matter how small. To recognize the little things and how powerful they can be, a smile, a touch a handwritten letter..and to really have one superficial thing to be 10 pounds lighter and on the upswing with this crazy thing called menopause! Onward and Upward - that's all we can do!

I like to think that I will have come a long way towards new creative projects and a calmer more productive life and finding a true home (or two) on earth.

I hope I will have my life sorted and more goals achieved. I hope I'll look back on this year and appreciate all the things I felt and thought. And I hope to be more mature about things.

I will feel great that I have maintained my health goals!

Maybe disappointed that I didn't change that much. Maybe surprised at how far behind me my pain over Windsor is. I really hope I am happier, that I'll be in less chaos. Jesus, I couldn't even pay my car payment on time this month. I have no savings. I'd like to have at least opened up some kind of account for my retirement and I hope I am happy with my home. I know I don't want to renew my lease here. And I really hope my work situation is more stable, that I know more of what I'm doing. There are new regulations now at work and I almost feel like a new teacher again. I'd like to be more comfortable with discomfort and as I type this I realize I have come a long way with that.

I'm old and out of fucks. I certainly don't expect to be saddened by my answers. Probably things'll be pretty much the same. For the most part, with a single exception, things can't improve much. So: Things'll probably be about the same, maybe slightly better, maybe somewhat worse. If I'm alive, none of the bad stuff will be bring me much lower than I am.

I think I'll feel happy. I'll be a 2L and hopefully a year stronger and wiser. I hope I'll have a great number of friends that I can hang out with instead of just 'school friends'. Hopefully I'll have a better grasp on the law and what I wish to do with it in the future.

I think when September 2016 rolls around I'll feel surprised and excited to read my answers to 2015s 10Q. I hope that I know myself on a much deeper, more intimate level than I do today. I hope I am emotionally stable, at peace with myself and others, and act out of compassion and kindness 95% of the time. I hope that I am at peace with myself and know myself intimately. I hope I love myself in a way I never before imagined possible. I hope I am kind and compassionate, knowledgeable, and in touch. I hope I commit to the things I want to and that are important to me and say no to the rest. I hope I am learning and leaning into being the person that I have always longed to be--reliable, kind, compassionate, open hearted, and forever a champion for myself and the underprivileged and mentally ill.

I hope that, like positive affirmations or fortune cookie messages, answering these questions will lay the foundation for the personal growth I do this year. I don't expect to have fulfilled every goal. But I do think a seed will have been planted.

This has been a really interesting time to be answering these questions, because it's been the first few weeks of my college career. I think it will been interesting to see what I make of my college existence. I hope I feel satified and authentic about my life when next year rolls around.

I just hope that I will have accomplished a few of my goals, felt I've moved forward in life, and have more questions and feats that I want answered and attained.

One part of me hopes that I'll continue to become more reflective in my thinking and be appreciative of this exercise as a milestone that I passed on the way. The other part of me expects that I'll find some humor in this process and see, in a good way, just how short-sighted my answers really were.

I hope I won't be repeating things that are not constructive and productive. I hope that I have moved on. I hope that my todo list is significantly different. I hope that I have made a serious transition forward instead of a coping or recovery from the present past.

I hope that when 2016 rolls around I hope things are settled in and I hope that everything is ok. I took a big risk moving to the Mountains and there are so many uncertainties at this point. My future could go in any direction.

I think I will feel as happy and content as I feel today. My life will be continuing on as it is now but I will be older with a few less active brain cells. In the meantime, I will try to stem the tide by continuing my efforts to learn Spanish well enough to converse with the locals in Panama in March.

I think that I'll be a remarkably different person from the one who started answering these questions five years before. If you asked the person in 2011 where she saw herself in five years, I doubt it would be the same. I hope that wherever I am next year, I'm happy. That's all.

I actually believe I am at a point in my life where not much is going to change OR the things I'd like to change about my life are things I've struggled with since early adulthood and may have no solution possible. I hope I will find I've been more thoughtful about life and pother people in general. I hope I'll stop bristling snobbishly at terms like "where you're at", but I probably won't I know I've opened up my heart and mind in the past year or so about/to people who caused me great hurt in the past, and I'm really happy about that.

Hopefully I'll have accomplished some of my major life goals and I'll feel like I'm moving forward a bit.

It was interesting seeing last years answers, but there were no surprises or major changes.

I hope to either be in my own place, or looking for a home of my own. I hope that the relationship with B is still such and important part of my life.

I'll feel excited. I see my self in the same situation but just a little further above the muck.

I hope that my health is stable and that our travel plans will have come to fruition. I also hope that my life will be busier through my volunteering and involvement with my synagogue and other organisations.

I hope that next year I am laughing at how sad and pathetic my outlook was in 2015, and how wonderful life is in 2016, when I've lost weight and my credit card debt, and I have a fantastic job where I get tons of recognition. Either that, or I've become wildly famous for my artwork with the Czechoslovakian artist I adore. Even though that's facetious, I really do hope (and expect) to be happier and more well-adjusted next year. After reading my responses from last year, I wanted to go back and hug that old me and tell her that everything was going to be so much better! She was so sad and afraid, but she knew that life would get better. So even though it didn't make any sense, she stepped out into that black void of the unknown with all the hope in the world, because somehow, she knew that one day she could look back from a place of stability and happiness and see how far she'd come. I still want to give her a squeeze, though, poor thing.

I know I will be a happier and stronger individual. I will be able to look back on my life, and certain events/relationships/disappointments/heartbreaks, and take it with stride. My heart and soul need the time and self-love to heal from my current state of sadness and feelings of betrayal.

The auspiciousness of these days is without limit and without measure. Already such openings! Already such beginnings! Already such a movement in my heart. Already such returning. Already such turning. These are the ten days, and I am limitless. Where is the sky? The top has been blown off these possibilities. I do not know where this will all go, if I look ahead I see nothing, but if I look into the moment, in Presence I see the spinning, moving crystal of all this magic energy moving me and moving all things. I stand with such an auspicious array of moments, so many past selves and I can already feel the future selves giving thanks and giving praise for the auspiciousness, for the miracles that have given me this turning, for my own devotion that has brought about these auspicious times. How will I feel? I will feel my own graciousness, my own devotion, my own hope and my own curiosity before the mystery of this and every time, my own auspicious growing-into and my own faith in the mystery of it. Every day I shed more fear and every day I learn a deeper magic of love and resistance. Every day I find new opening and I find new forgiveness. Let this be a year of digging in the mud. Let this be a year of washing the mud off my skin. Let this be a year of shaking off the dust. Let this be a year of ascension. Let this be a year of ever-expanding vulnerability. Let this be a year of ever-softening strength. Let this be a year of beginning, let this be a year of towards, let this be a year of endless and bottomless hope. Let this be a year of endless returning. For all my relations, for all of the loving work we have to do.

I hope I don't feel like I felt this year...a complete failure. I have hope that things will get better and that the world will be at peace.

I think that I will feel accomplished...this year when I got my answers to last year questions I was pleased to see how much I had done. I also made no progress on some....losing weight for one! I hope that I make gains toward the elusive "balance" and that i feel good abut that. I hope to gain perspective. I also hope for validation that I am on the right path. I know that my life will be different in one way, my son is moving to his own apartment on October 1. I expect that he will grow, and that I will too...as I learn to live with a relationship that will be different, more adult like. I anticipate that he will continue to mature and show everyone what life for some one with Asd (Asperger Syndrome) can be.

I will be pleasantly surprised at how my reflection, planning and intending for the coming year becomes clear to me. I will look back and see where being thankful, positively noticing and compassionately reframing changed the course of my life. I will see this in a heightened level of creativity, insightful inquiry and sense of being at peace with myself and therefore with others. I will know without doubt how blessed I am and have faith once again in a dream of becoming someone I admire, trust, and look up to.

I hope I feel a sense of accomplishment, that I have completed some of the goals I set for myself. I also hope that my optimism has returned; this has been such a disappointing, depressing summer. We never know what tomorrow holds. I know I will have joys and sorrows in the coming year. Life goes on.

I suspect I will feel I am in a better place than I was last year; but perhaps have not reach the level I had defined in my aspirations. I fully expected my goals described here to always reach newer levels.

I realized this year that I am in the same place as last year. I hope by this time next year I have made changes. A new relationship, a home that isn't slowly killing me and set in where I'm working, be it back to Psychiatry or staying in ENT. Oh and more friends. I pray that Zach is in a better place, happier, independent and no more paralyzing anxiety.

My biggest hope is that I have more belief in myself and my capabilities. I would like to do more writing, and complete the stories. I would like to be immersed in my doco, and stay true to my vision, whilst respecting the input from others (a real test of my assertiveness training!) I want to be a person that my children look up to (not just as a Mother) and to inspire them to follow their hearts/dreams and to do what makes them happy.

When I receive my 10Q questions, I think I will be pleasantly surprised by my answers. I hope that I am in love and in a healthy, happy, and balanced relationship. I also hope I have more insight as to my future career path, since that seems to be looming each and every day. I think the process of thinking and answering these questions have and will continue to provoke thoughtful internal reflection.

I hope I'm really excited about it and that my life is really good! Life has been pretty hard lately and I'm hoping it has settled down a bit by next year. I hope my fiancé will have found his place in our life here and will be happy with me. I never want him to doubt his decision to come here and I think that's the most important thing to me...that next year, we are in a great place and he is happy in his home here!

I hope I follow through with my goals set out in earlier questions & I'd love to be in a functional intimate relationship with an awesome guy . betting on the the former over the latter.

The house will be a Good Housekeeping model of tidy, which it actually is most of the time. I like showing house for Realtors as it encourages me to keep things in good order. The one story plan is simpler to keep picked up and open. I do hope I will have begun my major project of book or poems or some such or added moneymaker. Something needs to push me out of the water glass. Hope to be thinner, too. WOW We have dumped the storage bin, a goal from last year. Need to still focus on the spiritual side, as that may be part of the overlay for the focus on the journey itself.

I'm sure I will be dealing with many of the same struggles, because that's just how I seem to roll. But I hope I will have made some progress. I hope I will feel at home in our new city, and I hope we will have met more people to socialize with.

I think I will have made some good progress toward my personal goals, and be better off a year from now than I am now. Answering these 10Q questions helps put some focus on making things better. This is a great tool!

Hope to be more profound in my inner work. More loving and less judgmental with others.

compassionate about my aspirations and results...as I review my responses, I see a strong intention about less doing and more being, showing up with energy and equilibrium, and finding joy in the beauty and love surrounding me.

I should hope that I would be some fair blend of proud and unsatisfied. There is something to this manifestation thing, where it does require an articulation of your dreams desires or intentions and you begin to orient towards it, slowly, and usually not without some obstacles just to verify your sincerity. I'm glad that I'm taking this opportunity to write down what I want, and I think I'll welcome the opportunity to do so again in 2016, and to mark progress, change, development. Dear future self, l'shana tova! And for extra fun, another Q: "what advice would you, future self, give me, past self?"

I hope I will look back and think, "Wow, last fall was hard, but I made it through. I am so proud of what I've accomplished." I hope that thinking about and answering these questions will give me perspective and introspection to do the work necessary to grow and to evolve in the ways I want to. And to find myself again.

I feel this year I had so many issues I have been dealing with. Next year I hope I am more at peace. Worrying about elderly parents is stressful and takes a lot out of you. Next year. Smile

I hope I have a child or am on my way to having a child, in whatever way that might come about. I hope I feel inspired and excited about that prospect. I hope I will have let go of the sadness, grief, fear and anxiety that has been plaguing me about it.

I am very hopeful that 2016 will be another year of personal growth for me. I am hoping that I will reflect that I have become more assertive at work, more deeply connected to my family, more able to put worries aside and just stay in the moment.

What I hope will be different in the coming year as a result of pondering 10Q... I hope I will be part of a Jewish Coomunity and incorporating Jewish traditions in my life, I hope I will be comfortable driving to new places with my GPS helping me navigate, I hope I will be meditating, I hope I will focus on positive thinking and I hope to continue to work to improve myself and be the best person I can be.

I am hoping that I find my focus. Focus in my relationships,volunteer life, and priorities.

I hope I see personal growth this year from last. This year has been very consumed by trying to get my work life back in shape with a complete career change. By this time next year I hope my focus can get back to more personal issues such as friends and family and my own personal growth as a person who cares about those around me rather than worrying so much about the economics of it all. The 10Q questions help me get perspective on that and keep pushing me to make my focus people not things.

I will be happy about what I answered. I don't want to get to attached to the outcome, because of mostly Dallas... but who knows what life will bring. I hope our England Amsterdam plans are well underway. I hope I will be even a better person and so will my daughter.

I think it will be interesting to see if I continue to make progress or if I slide back in ways I would rather not. It will be fun to see where I was a year ago and to observe whatever changes the year has brought. Last year I only managed to answer two questions. This year I think I answered nine. Maybe next year it will be 1nteresting to see if I am focused enough to answer all 10.The questions cause me to reflect on aspects of my life that often get lost in the hubbub of activity. Perhaps I will be more thoughtful more often. We'll see...

I hope I will have written or at least gotten a start on something book length, that I will feel more mindful and calmer, more in charge of my patterns and disciplines.

I hope my dreams have came true by then. I hope that I love my home I have been fighting so hard to get in. I hope I am still working doing something I love. I hope my son is happy and secure in self & life. I hope that I am still at peace like I am now in the mist of this storm. I hope that I am happy when I get this message and that I have forgotten all about 10q. I hope it wakes me up and makes me want to level up again. Whatever it takes, the lord has a purpose for me.

I hope to have grown to feel embarrassed by the answers

I think that I'll feel surprised and excited when I see these answers. I hope that I'll be in a real pattern of being more intentional in my actions, more deliberate, more value-focused, which answering these questions helps me achieve.

I hope I'll feel like I've put real effort and work into creating and achieving goals.

I hope that I am movi into or firmly into a new posit it in my work. I hope that I am able to be less worried about my son and my mom. I am hoping that I will find more focus to work on the goals mentioned which are in my control.

Well I hope it finds me happily skipping further down my life path, books published and salting, artwork sold and in collections, healthy and seeing the sharing the blessings of life lived

Tired - wondering where I went wrong. Why I cannt enjoy the greatness I have.

I hope I feel a sense of accomplishment, that the fears and trepidations I had at the beginning of 5776 are over. I hope that I have a job and am living on my own. I hope I won't be having constant panic attacks anymore. I hope I've taken control of my life. I know it won't be perfect, and that I won't be perfect, but I want to be less afraid and more independent. It's strange to think that the person I am writing this won't necessarily be the person I am reading this in a year, but I hope it will be strange in a good way.

I think I will feel a little sad that I didn't have the time to answer all 10 questions. I'm not sure what will be different.

This is such a useful way to muster my thinking about my life. I think this is the fourth year I've done 10Q and there are two things that strike me about seeing my answers: the things that reoccur yearly and the things I "get through." The yearly assessments have been focused on my own perceived failings -- be healthier, be a better worker. I doubt that will change, but it's good to have a yearly check in with myself about them. The things I "get through" tend to be about things ending, centered on my mom's life changing and watching my own life in her charmed circle disappear. The one thing I noticed just now, this year, is that I haven't written much about my kids. They are still foremost in my mind -- their happiness is still crucial for my own. But there is less and less I can do about it so it becomes back burner in any conversation here. Twenty years ago it would have been all I talked about, or at least, most. Being a better mom, finding time for myself, trying to be happy and not resentful about having turned my life over in service of their well-being. (Still, in retrospect, it's the best thing I've ever done with my life.) The transition from then to now has been subtle on a daily basis but it's a perfect example of how this yearly foray into answering these questions has helped me understand my changing life. As for specifics, yes I want to be better -- a healthier person! a better writer! a more successful writer! (sell the book! write more short stories, a few articles, blog posts, new novel!) But also, in conversation with my number two son, and having been to A's daughter's wedding, I want to get my own kids together much more regularly. Hang out. Bond. At least yearly. Christmas is nice but because they all grew up here, there's none of the forced togetherness that I'm thinking about in a trip, whether it's to a cabin by a lake, or an amazing foreign city. It would be nice to come back next year having gotten that together.

I'm in a process of learning how to be comfortable with who I am, so every day I strive to live my life as speaking and living my truth. This is the path I will try to follow. It is not important how I will feel next September, I'm just working through the process of each day living it fully and as Much in the moment as possible. These questions help to put my thoughts in perspective and to understand I may not have all of the answers, but they will come as I pursue my truth.

I have no idea. And that's the point.

I hope to feel accomplished, that I improved myself, accomplished my goals and reached for the things I wanted. I hope to avoid disappointment.

Surprised, because I was this year and didn't think I would be from last year's. I might also be sad if I don't accomplish some of the things I set out to do this year. Overall, I think I will be in a happy place though, married, more settled in our new house, maybe even with a baby on the way? I will continue to reflect on life and take time to draw markers on my progress, happiness, and meaning of my life.

I hope not be annoyed with myself about not meeting writing goals. I hope to be proud of myself for keeping my dreams and plans front and center. I hope that I will have been honest with myself about what I really want and desire. I hope that answering these questions and knowing that they are coming around again will keep me motivated and centered.

When reading my 2014 answers, I was surprised by how much had changed from last year to this. I always think I haven't changed much, but this helps me see I have. I hope to push myself to keep growing. I like the way these prompts support that introspection. On a snide side note, will I still find the phrase "where you're at" irritating- hahaha!

more resolved about death, having looked at it in a love, not fear based way.

Ardently hope that the discord between me and my daughter is happily resolved. This, above all, weighs on me this year. Plus all the usual resolutions to live more fully on my own edges and push back the trials of time! 77 is not for sissies.

i hope to be in a stable job in shape enjoying life to the fullest

I will be well into my 30th birthday. I will know things will be exactly as they must be. I hope I will have developed and maintained a healthy daily routine of exercise, study and meditation. I hope I will have some savings, even if a modest few thousands. Some security. I hope I'll be able to take a trip and travel with someone I love at my side. And she can read these unexpected but much loved questions. I hope I am grown-up enough to have a dog! I hope the value I felt this year by receiving only 7 questions drives me to complete and answer all 10 questions of 2016. I hope I am stronger. I hope I am wiser. I hope the future looks brighter. Life more fulfilling. And if not, that these hopes lift my spirit to make it so. ♥

I hope that I will be proud of where I am right now [in the past], and proud of where I will be when I see these answers. I think that I'll probably remember sitting here and writing out these answers...with Beth Israel Judea's live stream of Kol Nidre in the background...with my feet wrapped in a heating pad and my back incredibly sore from who knows what. I hope that by continuing to be more and more intentional in my choices and actions, that I'll get where I want to be in a more solid way, in a way that is actually sustainable.

I hope I'll have gotten my ass in gear and expanded my skillset. I hope I'll be working towards a career path, rather than just working to make sure I can make the mortgage payment. I hope I'll be setting goals that are just slightly beyond my reach, to get me out of my comfort zone. But I mostly hope I will be present in my life, not just living through it.

I hope I will have been able to remember some of the goals I set for myself and taken smaller steps toward achieving them. Thinking about these questions has made me reflect on where there is some meaning in my life and where I would like to find more. I am hopeful,that in the coming year I will be able to feel like at least some aspects of my life have a little more meaning to them, and that I will have taken steps toward living even the most mundane aspects of my life more consciously.

I hope I will have made significant progress on my goals. I hope to be healthier, and I hope to be more emotionally engaged in my life, with more experiences and realizations from which to move forward in growth.

I hope I feel like at least $500 or more that's all I can really hope for, hopefully no broken mirrors, no curses, hexes or anything else.

When I receive my answers, I think I'll be excited to see where I was one year prior, and appalled and some of the beliefs I held, things I thought were important, and things I thought were huge obstacles. I hope that I will have pulled myself out of the research rut and be making forward progress daily. I hope that I'll have more confidence in myself in all areas of life, and that I'll have made space in my heart to be open to the struggles, needs, hopes, and wants of other people, particularly people less privileged than me and those close and dear to me.

I will have a more positive attitude and I will have made some major changes. This is the year. I'm 45. I cannot wait any longer. If not now, when? Big things will happen. I feel a miracle in my life. Many actually. Abundance on all levels will enter into my life and has already started coming my way. Gmat Hatima Tova.

I have no idea. Changed? I hope so. Although nothing is wrong with me, I hope that I will have made strides to bring my life into alignment with whatever I may want then. And I can only do that by consciously aligning my life with what I want always. I hope that I have greater inner peace and that my job is not work and that my worries cease. I want to feel the overflowing love and light of my being every waking second rather than every now and then. I want my smile to emanate from my singing heart and for bliss and love to be the constant in my life. I want my own enlightenment of sorts and I'm already loving towards that state of being. ;)

I hope I am happy and have found a way to be bicoastal. I hope the things that worry and stress me out now are things I will barely remember (and laugh about). I hope I have found a way to find my own path, not absorb the stress of the people around me, and feel like a balanced and kind person.

I hope that I am in a more positive place, that I am feeling healthier both physically and mentally, and that I am not held by fear and worry like I am today. I have been able to reach a better point before, so I know it is possible. I need to hunker-down and make it happen. This is the first step.

I hope that I have accomplished the goals I put in, or at least feel better about the things I put down. I hope that I have a better grip on my life than i do right now. I hope that i look back fondly on my answers, I probably will because I wrote a lot about THON. I hope I have a good year

Quite pleased w myself. What will be different? I will be more deliberate, more focused on my goals.... More self accepting A better friend.......listening, empathetic I will have a trusting, loving intimate relationship w a man. And maybe even find a creative outlet... Too bad I decided against the flower drawing day long class...that would be a good venue for me for a creative outlet....

I hope that the introspection inspired by these questions will carry forward into action for the new year. A year is such a short time! I am hopeful that I'll be able to make the positive and healthy changes that I've considered through this time, and that when September 2016 comes, I'll be able to look at this year and be happy with what I have done to make myself better.

Well, I haven't read last year's answers yet. I don't know if I put off reading them because I want to be able to answer these questions with a fresh mind, or because I am afraid little has changed in a positive way. I would like to think, "gosh--my 10Q answers--I can't wait to read them!" That would be a truly good year!

I'll be amazed by the things I wrote. Relived I learned from my mistakes and that I had nothing to fear. Hopefully I'll doing this questionnaire next year with a ring on my left hand.

I will think that some of my concerns have not materialized and that each of my answers from the previous year was fascinating! I hope that I will be a more confident communicator.

I don't know how I may think/hope/feel next year. However, I can tell you how I felt this year: Amazed. I know that I've had the opportunity to sit down and reflect on some deep questions that require a just amount of written prose. As such, I look forward to my 2016 10Q! This is a great exercise in due diligence of the mind, body and soul. I will greet the questions and responses next year with anticipation, joy, and wonderment.

I want it to be better. Right now I'm at a fairly low point. Not happy with my job, not sure of my future, family issues. I hope to have a more established meditation practice and to be more action oriented, instead of reacting.

I hope I will feel proud of what I have accomplished. My goals for this year were so concrete, and it felt good to know I did so many of the things I set out to do, especially since it took such a long time to do them. I want the momentum I have now to carry me forward, to keep growing and not get stuck in one place for longer than I should stay. I hope I will be in love. I always hope I will be in love. But mostly I hope a year from now I have some really good friends. Its hard to imagine my life changing drastically again. I see myself living in Magnolia, hopefully enjoying my roommate, and working towards something real professionally.

I hope I will have told my friends about my childhood. I know I will plan too, I just have to make it happen. I know I will try very hard to work on everything, we'll see how far I get.

I'm hoping to be celebrating my sister's continuation of kicking cancer's ass. I'm hoping to be enjoying my career once again. I'm hoping to be able to say that I successfully was able to get some blood work done. I'm hoping that my wife and I will be continuing to be building our family. I'm not entirely sure what direction I want that to take but we have some options and I want to make progress there, instead of staying put.

I hope I'm employed. I hope I have close friends. I hope I feel healthy. I think I'm going to read these and cringe. But that's always how I feel about reading old stuff. I always loathe the past me. In this case, I'm coming out of some really tough years, so hopefully I'll be a LOT closer to being in the light by then.

I want to say: I'll be amazed at how far I've come! I'll likely say how I'm coming to terms with where my life is.

Right now, I'm not terribly happy with the state of my life. I feel out of control, I feel like I'm struggling, like the ground under my feet isn't solid. Granted, I'm sure i'll face challenges this year that I cant even fathom, but I hope I also experience incredible beauty, I hope I experience grounding. This time next year I want to feel more stable and look back at this time as a memory of past hardship. I hope to be a mentor to others, a role model for the best way to live. At this point, I just feel lonely and lost and like I'm wading into deep water.

I hope I'm more friendly, worldly, and have a gf/more meaningful relationship with someone.

My main hope is that I will be in a place where I can be an adult with my mom, and not live in fear of loosing my place to live, or feeling that my boundaries are always under attack. Even if I don't have a full time job, I hope to be in a more secure position financially. I really have come to look forward to 10Q, to help me order my thoughts about the coming year.

I hope that I will be much calmer about my children's health, and that I will be able to look back on this time with grace.

I'l hopefully hurt a little less. Last year - 2014 - was hard finding honesty in my answers. This year, it was hard finding completeness in my answers. My eloquence is sorely inadequate to express what I feel and think. I hope that in reading these answers next year I'll be able to see the growth and change between 2014 and 2015. That I'll see that between now and 2016 there was even more healing. That even if I still feel buried in despair, that I'll feel a little less pain, that I'll see a little more light.

I think that i will be pleased and surprised as to hear far i;ve come regarding somethings and forgiving regarding what i have not progressed at as much as I expected or wanted.

I hope that these questions will help me be a more thoughtful person and also to help me plan for the future now. I live more in the moment than most, which a lot of people strive to do, but on the other hand, I don't plan for my future as well. I do hope I declutter my house and have a romantic relationship, which means I will have to get out more.

I hope I'm at a better job a year from now. I hope my family has figured itself out. I hope when I see these answers I feel relieved and proud of the year a head

I'm worried I'll feel disappointed about what I wrote, that it wasn't more eloquent or reflective or meaning ful. I hope I'll be pleasantly surprised by how those questions moved me forward in some way, but I can't even picture what that might look like. I'm very curious.

I hope that I am, if not happy, at least more peaceful of spirit. I hope I am enjoying life a little more, and that, while I still carry the sorrow of this year, that the weight of it is no longer so crushing. I hope I will have written my book, filled my sketchbook, and made some good memories over the course of the year, and I hope there will be nights I no longer cry myself to sleep.

I hope to be joyful that I have learned and grown in my faith; my spiritual life and my journey with Jesus, my Lord and Saviour. Socrates wrote "An unexamined life is not worth living". I believe that it's important to learn the good & perfect things from the past & the life God gave us and to continue to experience new & wonderful gifts from the Father of Lights above...ever growing in Him & Him in us. CS Lewis wrote: "Isn't it funny how day by day nothing changes but when you look back everything is different". What a delightful quote!

Either I will be really happy with where I am, or I will be sad. Whatever the case, I really hope I am happy with my life and where I will be next year, at this time.

I hope to be able to look back on a period of turmoil and see how I've grown because of it. The answers to these questions will serve as proof of that development. In a way they are witnesses to the things I'm going through right now. In a years'time they'll probably/hopefully shed light on the things I can't quite figure out at this moment. We'll see.

I hope I will be sad that some things were as they are and grateful that they are in the past.

Well, I missed them. It was a very busy time. I was in my first college play, dealing with the hectic nature of junior year, yet I wish I would have made more of an attempt. Keeping my commitments and seeing them through fully has been a life long struggle. I'm working on it. I hope that next year I've discovered myself as a much more dedicated "hard worker." It's important. Very important.

I hope that I will feel more accomplished in my career and more established at Moishe House. I hope I will be better at sleeping and prioritising my personal needs. I hope I will not identify with some of the anxieties, and be able to feel good about my achievements. I hope I will have made good time for friends, loved ones, and people in my life that really matter (including Eden and Chloe in particular). I hope Matty and Nicci will be talking about having children together. I hope I will be more musically active I hope Harry will feel fulfilled and socially alive. I hope Shalev will be healthy and happy. I hope my Hebrew will be at a good enough level to communicate fully with him. I hope to see him more and visit Israel at least once. I hope my parents will be at rest and not burdened (financially or emotionally) with the ageing of their parents. I hope my grandparents will be restful and comfortable. I hope Ashley, Eimear and Em's brother will be cured and well. I hope I will be more disciplined with my sustainable eating, and have less meat.

I am already self aware of how my life is and what needs to be done to sort it. I think I'll feel the same like I do now, but I should have achieved my goals from these questions. Living and studying in Spain will hopefully improve my life tenfold. I should also have grown as a person living abroad alone.

I hope I'll not be too surprised. I hope it shows that as I grow older I know myself better. Life would be boring without surprises along the way. But I hope my current emotional state is unchanged. Because I am happy this year. Not anxious. Not covetous. Not sad. Happy. That's all anyone can ask for.

Well, I'm currently at Dojo Ramen Bar on High Street in Northcote. I hope that makes me smile. I just moved into my new house with Hannah and Rhiannon. I hope I'll look back on that fondly. I hope I'll feel at peace with whatever exists between Kobi and me. I hope my heart doesn't feel broken, and maybe even feels love for someone. I hope I feel physically well and am getting enough sleep and exercise. I hope I'm happy with my friendships and family relationships. I hope I will have been on at least one amazing vacation, and will not be counting my pennies (they don't exist in Australia though! Will I live here?) I hope I have some clearer answers about the next five years, or feel really peaceful about the journey. It will be strange to open these questions, because there are so many unknowns. I could be in a different country with a different job and a new partner. I could be exactly where I am now, only 30! Reading that, i don't even know which I prefer. Opening them this year was hard, because the last four months have been so painful and unexpected. I hope 30 looks good on me! I have a feeling it's going to be my year but if it's hard, I hope my 2016 self doesn't hold it against my 2015 self for wishful thinking.

I hope to have a more peaceful, settled connection to my life and my world. I want to be further into my meditation practice. I want to be a vegan. I plan to focus on my relationship with Nan, who has stood by me through thick and thin, and with whom I've shared so many blessings and heartaches over these past 28 years. These questions help me take stock and see who I am and where I need to grow.

Probably embarrassed, irritated and depressed! I think I'll feel that these are the same questions I've been struggling to find answers to all my life with varying degrees of success and that the unresolved questions and answers keep going around in an endlessly useless circle. I hope that I'll have tackled the issues in a more satisfactory, positive, focused way, and have managed to be more content with myself and my life without being complacent. I hope I'll be less tormented by regrets. I think I'll still be trying to learn, change and grow.

I'll feel happy that I have continued to live a life I am proud of, I hope!

Acceptance Social change Empowerment Weigh less be more fit

I hope I have the opportunity to have developed the balance I crave, and the companionship I have missed. I hope I have resolved many of my issues and a happier time awaits me. I hope I have more financial security and let of of my fear of the wolf at the door. I look forward to a year of music, colors, peace, hope, and love.

I think I'll feel amazed at how much things have changed since the current time. I will hopefully be in college and hopefully comfortable with my current situation.

I'll be again amazed that a year has gone by, and that events continue to change the exterior of my life. I hope to have moved forward in my communication skills, feel less like a bull in a china shop. I'd like to think that I will have expressed more gentle curiosity and tenderness, and been as patient as I am able to be with others.

I hope I'll feel proud of how far I've come, how I've pushed myself to grow over the past year. Hopefully I'll feel thankful to have completed this exercise, and had a chance to reflect on the things I want to change and ways I want to grow for this year. Hopefully I'll be pleasantly surprised as to how well organized my answers are!

I think in some respects I'll still feel the same way. I'll likely laugh at myself for considering certain aspects of my life to be so important, they warranted time and text for this project. Regardless of how I answered the questions my goal is just to be a better all-around person. One of my favorite quotes, "At the end of each day we should be one step closer to who you want to be."

I think I will have many mixed emotions. I feel like September is a month where emotions run high. It is a month of change and uncertainty. I think I will feel accomplished, happy, sad, disappointed, excited, motivated, and energized. I hope the good feelings overwhelm the bad ones and I hope there aren't any bad ones but life is unpredictable and it will be such a unique experience to read this in one year from now. Just looking back at my life since last September, so so so much has changed! Change is a good thing and I hope I embrace it. I hope I will be more organized with my life. I hope I am stronger in my mind, body and soul. I hope I have a more defined path for a successful life and future. I am at a state of uncertainty and excitement about these questions. Either way this is a great exercise and experiment that I hope I learn from!

I hope I don't cry at the answers I put as I did this year. I'm fed up of making predictions that make me feel lousy about myself when I look back at them the next year. So I just hope that I am continuing on and not falling to pieces all the time again now.

I hope I won't remember what it felt like to be so limited by PTSD.

I will feel blessed and on top of the world! Simply giving thought to my goals and then logging them here gives them life and power. While there is anxiety in the anticipation of starting over with new goals each year, the comfort, peace and joy I will feel as R.H. approaches in Sept 2016 as a result of having my money issues behind me, from having returned to rowing, from being more charitable in the community and from having made huge strides in my business life, will give me the encouragement needed to welcome the new year with a amazing sense of optimism and confidence. B"H

I'm hoping that I'll be more hopeful, that I'll be less frustrated, that the universe will be less antagonistic and more supportive. I'm tired of the obstacles, I'm tired of the constant social politics, lack of authentic connection. I'd like to feel like I have a real support network.

I think I'll feel that I had a better understanding of myself and my goals this time around, and that I wasn't expecting too much of myself for the coming year. What I've learned as I get older is that years pass quite quickly and easily. Sometimes we think a year is so long we try to cram a lot in and make overarching resolutions for our lives that in actuality, take some time to come to fruition. There are a lot of positive things I've set in motion so I can only hope that this time next year I'm still on the journey to making those positive changes yield positive results. Awareness is key. Acceptance is crucial. And knowing where you are at in life and understanding the passage of time will only help enrich our present.

This is probably the third year in a row I've said this, but I hope I'm reading them in a new home West of the Mississippi, preferably in Colorado. I suspect I'll face many of the same challenges but in slightly different ways - sort of like a Bond movie. I hope we will be pregnant again, if not already new parents. I hope we'll have found new friends and reconnected with old ones.

I think I'll be upset that I didn't think harder and put more effort into my answers, but I'll also be sad and surprised at some of the answers I gave. I didn't dig as deep this year, but right now that feels like a good thing.

I know I will feel very different from the way I feel today. If I don't, I'm going to change my whole entire life situation! I hope that I will be more at peace with myself, and that my daily actions are more in line with what I want to be doing, in a state where fear isn't paralyzing me. I guess going through these questions has reinforced or made me think freshly about some ideas that are simmering down below somewhere. I hope that I can take action to align with my true desires, and I'm grateful that the 10Q brought some of them closer to the surface.

I am hoping that I am not just going to repeat myself and that I will have changed things for the better. I also hope that I these answers will help me to reflect on the last year and help me to force change however uncomfortable it may be.

I think I'll be intrigued. I hope my life feels less burdened and I have managed a better balance between what I feel I have to do and what I love to do.

My hope is that next year I can look back on an established meditation and self-healing practice and that I will be out of the house more days than in the house, and that days spent in the house are by choice and not by physical necessity.

Now that I'm a veteran of this, I expect I know how I will feel - that it is interesting, and not terribly surprising. That I'm not a deep thinker, and continue not to be one!

I hope I am healthy and balanced, physically and spiritually. This has been therapeutic. I did accomplish last year somethings that I had no idea I would.

My intuition is not optimistic about this, since I have generally felt that I haven't improved at these junctures. I hope, and perhaps even think a little bit, that this reflection will have helped me to remember to not worry so much about doing the 'right' thing and to spend more energy just doing good things. My hope is that this will have helped me to contribute to others and the world more effectively, and feel stronger, and even more joyous.

I think some of the answers will still be relevant then, such as: did I really find a way to balance my need for alone time with my interest in spending time with my husband. I believe that particular change may take me a few years to accomplish. I hope that with others -- such as my deep need and desire to move to a different state -- I will feel a sense of pride and satisfaction with having been able to move and with the life I have returned to. I hope I will read the questions with an appreciation of where I was at the time and with a sense of calm at the place (geographically, socially and professionally) that I am in at the time. But if I am not - I need toremember that it's okay to stumble or not meet the goal I have worked for, and that doesn't meant I won't still meet it. I wonder if I will have developed a new approach to the complexities and difficulties of my husband's family or if I will have kept the same path I have more or less decided to take, of limited interaction.

I hope that I will be able to see that I actually achieved some of the goals I set for myself. I hope that I will still feel as empowered and fulfilled as I'm feeling today. I hope that all the good in my life continues to be good and the obstacles are easier to work through without beating myself up inside.

I think I won't be surprised by where I am. I believe the path I am on is concrete in the sense that I know where I am headed, yet it is flexible enough and I am flexible enough to allow the fluidity of life to adjust said path and me. I expect to be living in Charlotte, NC. I expect to be in the process of settling in there. I would also expect that if the process has not started already, it will shortly after reflecting on these prior year answers with regard for acquiring a business and beginning an important segment of the journey of my purpose in this life.

I think I'll look at these answers and see a lot about elections, and laugh at myself for how much of an effect it had on me. However, I hope I don't belittle the experience, it was amazing, and it did change me. I'll also see a lot of focus on grades. I'll have graduated by then. The unknown of what honours I'll receive will be over. I'll know, or will be about to learn how I did on the LSAT. For the time-being, grades won't matter for a while, because they'll be done with, and I'll be taking a year off school after I send my applications in in September. This huge focus of my life will be done with for a while. I may laugh at how much it mattered to me (it matters a lot right now, haha)-- I don't want to forget how hard I worked. But it's interesting to realize that this time next year, my labour will be done, and I'll begin waiting to see what fruit it bore. I'll feel anxious to know, but hopefully I'll feel satisfied that I did what I could. I'll be closing a chapter, and staring a new one. I'll be done applications and done the LSAT and done my undergrad. I'll be able to start travelling. I'll have time for me. I want to learn and grow intellectually over that year. I think I'll mature a lot. I'm really excited to see who I am, and to meet that future self after this year, and excited to meet that future self who I'll be after the year I'll be starting when I read this one year from now. (Not a coherent sentence, I sure hope I get what I mean when I reread this.) I'll feel excited for the future. And accomplished. And hopefully not too harsh on myself about what I did and did not accomplish, because rereading these questions will help me remember how I felt right now, and how far I came. I'll be starting the final year of having some control over where I go and what I do, before heading into the unknown of the beginning of adult life. It's interesting to think about. I'm excited right now!

I think I will laugh at how naive I sounded. I think I will still work where I am now and that my boyfriend will not have decided whether he wants to get married or have children. I will still be butting my head against the brick wall of the future but maybe I will have moved a tiny bit to be closer to an open door.

I sincerely hope that my life is dramatically different, at least from a career standpoint. I am very unhappy in my current role. I hope to be traveling with my husband and son, exploring the US. I hope to be operating a virtual bookkeeping business, and liking it. Can't wait to see!

I wish I knew. I have no idea. I hope I am where I am as I am thrilled for all that's come before, enjoying the present and ready for more and next.

I'm not sure to be honest. I fear that I'll look at the answers and think, "up, that's still true nothing's changed"

I think I will feel relief, assuming the divorce and custody battle will be reconciled by then (as they seem to think it will be). I hope that my ex will have less contact with us and less authority over our son. I hope that the court will recognize his abuse and hold him accountable for it. I hope that my son won't be forced to further endure the abuse at the court's hands, as he has to suffer now. I also hope to be more financially stable. Perhaps my job will increase to full-time, which is a possibility. Perhaps I will have benefits and will be able to afford my rent and bills on my own income, without having to accept help from family members. I hope I can be a better provider for my son in that way, and offer him that security.

I hope I feel that this year of transition and reflection moved me to a better place. I hope that I have found my voice and a way to pivot my career to more diversified activity. I hope that we are on track financially, and that the kids are thriving here.

Last year I was angry, bitter and still hurting from my dad's death. I read those questions this year and realized how far I have come with my healing and processing. I hope that I am further along with that next year and that my life will be full of things that actually do give me life.

I want to be less fearful. I want to feel more connected. I don't know what this will look like, but I think this is the year to find a close, small community to live within.

I think I will be happy with what I've achieved, and hopefully surprised that I accurately predicted some of the outcomes! I hope that I will be happy and content with where I am in my professional and academic career. My hope is that my partner and I will be happily situated and be comfortable to support each others dreams, as well as pursue our own. I need to let go of some of my own personal fears of exterior disappointment, but I am hopeful that I will address those head in in the new year.

I have high hopes for the coming year! When I read my answers from last year I was happy to see that I had accomplished most of the things I set out to do. I'm committed to do the same over the next 12 months.

I hope I will be in a better relationship with my daughter. Or at least I will feel better in myself after the trauma of discovering she is in abusive controlling isolating relationship. I am so tired. But I did the work of accompanying her at the birth and afterwards...I concentrated on the practical birth, blood and baby stuff. OK so it all blew up at the end in a massive piece of manipulation and craziness by her twisted abusive partner but I did the job I set out to do.

I am hoping my responses in 2016 will be more positive. As I've read through my responses this year there's a negative air to them and that's disheartening. I like to believe I am a happy individual but in answering the questions this year I think I have a lot of work to do. Here's to 2016.

I hope I will feel accomplished. I hope that I will look at the questions and think "I did better this time." Life, after all, is a journey of constant growth.

Hopefully pride, but anything is possible.

I think I'll be surprised - I probably will have forgotten that I'd done them. My hope is that by then I will have found a way to spend more time with family, that I'll be more confident and financially solvent, and that I'll look back on this rough patch that Johnny and I were going through and remember it fondly as a time when we strengthened our relationship when we could have ended it instead. It's possible, and perhaps likely, that we will have broken up by then, and I'll have moved on to different things. I'll likely just be a few months into not doing theater, and I think that will be hard for me. All of these questions, and anything like this, makes me evaluate my priorities in my life. Right now, I think my priorities are Work, Myself, Johnny, Friends, Family. I think I'd like Work to become a lower priority.

I think I'll really enjoy reading my answers, just as I did this year! I have no predictions for where I'll be, but I wonder where I'll be. I was in Perth when I received my answers and I am now back in Chiang Mai. Let's see where next year brings me!

I think I will feel unsurprised and hopefully delighted to see something from the past. I hope that by then I will be comfortable in my new job and/or moving on to a better opportunity, in my same relationship and in the direction of marriage, and still practicing Zen.

I will be focused and productive and will feel happy to see I am reaching my goals.

I wrote last year that I thought I'd be interested & curious but perhaps avoidance despite that interest and curiosity. Why did I leave my answers from last year sitting in my inbox unread until today, the last day of 10Q? I often do things like that. Perhaps I am avoiding out of my fear that I haven't made good on my own desires, promises to myself, from last year. But overall I actually did pretty well & was pleasantly surprised! I didn't realize how much I had done and that I'd feel good about it - because I was more focused on all the things I didn't do (read books, get through & recycle magazines...) Last year I wrote: I hope to life that I have made progress on at least some of them. I dread that I may not have. That reconciliation can be painful, and is probably why I avoid.. still haven't read all of my 10Q answers from 2013. (Really?? I should go dig those up now and read them! I don't think I will... why not is SUCH an interesting question. I'd rather have another chocolate :) ) We freakin moved!!!! Ok I didn't read and get through as many books & magazines as I'd have liked....

I don't think my life will change as a result of these questions. I am grateful for having the time to reflect and to think about the past year and what I have done and if I am pleased or not..and what I want and hope to do for the following year..should that be G-D'S decision to give me another year. I am also grateful to this forum as it allowed me to be part of a community and be a part of the holiday. I don't belong to a shul..so being able to reflect and think about my life and what I have done and know that others will read it gives me a good feeling..a sense of being a Jew in a community of Jews...

Hopefully in 2016 will be engaged, if everything works out with Junior the guy I am dating right now. If not then that's okay too. I will take what ever My God has for me. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What I like answering these questions is the fact that it makes you look back in time, think, remember, reflect and predict. Without these questions I would be moving on with living life as usual without a moment to look and reflect on the precious moments.

I hoppe I will be at in a happier state in general next year, feel more confident and more like myself. I hope more things will have changed for the better by this time next year than I realize. I think I will feel excited to read these answers

I think I will look back and recognize the size of this transition. I hope that I look back and am proud of the progress I have made in the last 12 months. That I will look back and see a confident, brave, adventurous, curious, healthy, spiritual, loving human.

I hope that I have found a satisfying job first of all. I am currently unemployed for the first time in my life and feel sort of lost. I haven't been one to really set personal goals for myself so that's something I want to focus on in the next few months. I would like to get more order in my life, and figure out what I should do from here, and how to go about doing it. I hope that I'll be pleasantly surprised at where I am at one year from now. :)

If my past is a guide, I'll be disappointed in myself... but I hope that in this year I'll do better in the ways that I will know will hope me be happier, healthier, and better in relationship with Joan and family.

I hope that I will be doing my thing, creating, helping...enjoying life and people deeply...accepting life's ups and downs without fear, and with much gratitude.

I hope I have improved myself and the small universe around me.

I hope so , what ever it is ..

I think, or I hope I will feel relieved and also a bit more distant to the depressed person I am now. I hope I will find the joy of my life and a stimulating job again.

I'm not sure how I'll feel. Maybe I'll feel the same. It seems like an ongoing thing of mine that I have been battling with ever since. But now with baby, maybe it'll be different. However, baby will then turn into a toddler. And that's a whole new learning curve to deal with. I hope my music will be more routine with me by then. I'm hoping that the efforts of this year will build traction for next year's momentum. I think I'd be pregnant with my next child by next year, really. I wouldn't be surprised. And probably by then I wouldn't mind so much, since I now have some idea of what to expect when I'm expecting. ;)

I am happy. Today is my birthday and my outlook is optimistic. I am looking for more of the same.

I hope I feel successful and interesting. When I reviewed last year's answers, I found myself "interesting". I would like that to continue. I enjoy reflection. I experience a deeper understanding of myself -- all parts of myself: my egoic desires and my evolutionary desires. I would like to align more with my evolutionary self and allow the egoic self to diminish in size and power. These questions help me state my truth, my deep truth, and help me see how my ego co-opts my best efforts. I like this.

I hope I will feel like a greater expression of myself, that I love myself more. I hope I remain connected to spirit, and have a meditation practice that is valuable. I hope my marriage is stable, I think. I hope I have found work that feeds me, pays me, does not require me to place my neck on the chopping block for things I do not believe in. I think I will feel nostalgic. I think I will be in awe of all that has happened and all I have learned about myself over the past year.

If reading my answers next year is anything like it was this year, I expect to feel proud. I try not to answer these questions with tangible goals or big promises that I can't reasonably expect to keep up with. I don't want to set myself up for failure. At the same time, I try to have enough intention in my answers to ensure that they actually correspond to ideas that are truly pertinent and important to my life and to the coming year. I hope that next year, when I read these answers, I'll be more confident socially and independently in my place in my various communities. I feel like I've made significant progress in that respect in the last year already, but I still have room to grow. I also hope to be more confident and intentional in my more tangible path -- I want to have a clearer sense of how and where I can begin making positive change in the world and immediately around me. Above all, I hope to be as mindful and grateful as I have worked to be this past year and especially these past ten days.

I think I'll feel better about where I am and where we are going.

Max Tobin 9/23/2015 English Lang and Comp 10Q Question 10: When September 2016 rolls around and you receive your answers to your 10Q questions, how do you think you'll feel? What do you think/hope might be different about your life and where you're at as a result of thinking about and answering these questions? In theory, reflection should be a critical aspect part of all people’s lives. Some of the most influential figures in the history of humanity were the strongest proponents of personal reflection. Transcending all bailiwicks, the likes of St. Ignatius to Albert Einstein have advocated for reflection as a necessary exercise in life. While reflection is obviously crucial, it is simply hard to do. It is easy to say that you are going to reflect or be thoughtful about your life, but it is onerous to truly be genuine. Modern technology and society has ensured our constant distraction. On any given day, sitting in silence contemplating your life is next to impossible. Cell phones, social media, and other sources of distraction have numbed our ability to truly reflect. Because of this dilemma, the real value of 10Q is revealed. 10Q provides a manageable and tangible way to thoughtfully reflect with clear direction and provisions to stop distraction. In 2016 when the responses are returned, you will have the most honest and accurate depictions of your internal thoughts for the whole year. I hope to use my 10Q reflection as a device to continue to follow the practice of reflection. While my hopes and fears that I wrote may or may not come to fruition (no one really ever knows their future), these answers will be a direct reminder of the reflection. Reflection is a healthy way to comprehend everything that goes on in our fast-paced lives in a way that makes our answers to difficult questions or thoughts on deep concerns more digestible.

I hope that I weigh 135 pounds and that I am stronger mentally, spiritually and physically. I hope that I continue being grateful for the blessings in my life and that my relationships with my hubby, my children and the rest of my family and friends continue being strong and healthy. I hope that everyone I love is healthy and happy and that we are a bit closer to peace in the world.

I think, I hope, that I will look back at 2015 and think about it being a tough year, glad that it is behind me and thankful for 2016 being such a great year. I hope that I have new questions and hopes for the following year.

I hope I'm in Berlin. I hope I feel like I'm home. I hope I'm happy.

I hope to be farther along in a career, better supporting my family.

I think I will be amazed how I got through the year, and how different my life reality came about, versus, how I thought it would be. I think/hope that my life is fulfilling, meaningful, and mindful. I think/hope, that I am an intricate part of a community, and family. I think/hope, that I have learned to love, to be loved, to know, and be known, and to breathe....

By September 2016 I hope that I will be even closer to disappearing into my El and my King.

I think a year from now, I'll be marveling at how much my life has changed for the better! I'm at the precipice of a marvelous adventure and I can't wait to see where that takes me! I hope that a year from now I will feel more established professionally, socially and communally and artistically, and hopefully I will have started dating. I want to have made a nice home for myself, gotten some jobs, worked on my book, started my dolly instagram, made new friends, joined a CSA, taken classes, joined a yoga studio, explored new places, made new connections in the triangle.

I hope that I'll feel that I've move past some of the obstacles and recognized the successes. I think as has been the past, I will be surprised and confronted at what has remained constant. I hope that I will be able to propel that forward and implement change in my life whether is be good or bad. In other words, I hope that it continues to make me take more risks in my life.

I have been understanding that there is a process when we have experienced loss and disarray and lack of control that will bring you back with new understanding. I have felt impatient about the process, feeling others have figured out how to achieve their next stage of life seamlessly. I have started the process of reducing commitments which seem to fill time but not satisfaction. Hopefully, this will provide an opportunity to feel more compelled to take some risk and let GO of things, commitments, people and places and advance to unknowns.

I think I will be reflective about my answers. What I hope is that I will have kept busy helping others, kept busy with learning. These things bring me joy. I hope what will be different is that I will know who my mothers parents were and that I will have been able to do much genealogy research on them. I hope that Alex and I will still be able to active, healthy, and can still take care of our selves. I hope I will still be courageous and forward looking in spite of our diminishing minds and bodies.

I hope to feel proud of the steps I have taken into my creation career, and to be enjoying the monies from very successful A7/AM7 sales and implementations. I expect to feel proud, even of Cyrun and how it serves its clients. And I expect to feel even more deeply in love with Lisa Jill, the jewel in my life.

I think I will be curious to read these answers. I hope I will be in a less dark place and will look back at this time period as the one where I began to round the curve. I hope many of the struggles I have now will either be gone or I will be on a path to mitigate/cure them.

1. I need to print and keep these questions & answers close by so I can focus on them other than next September. 2. I suppose I will feel deflated if I've not done or changed anything that I wanted to change/do. 3. My hope is that I will get some ambition back in my being so that I can feel accomplished.

I think I'll be proud looking back on some of my major accomplishments over the past year. I think I'll be happy thinking about how much I grew in the past year, and where I am now with my life. Maybe in Wisconsin, maybe somewhere else. But this year isn't going to be dictated by the city I live in or the company I work for. It's going to be dictated by me, what I love, who I love, and what I live for. It's going to be a big year. Maybe with some oral sex in there as well. Look out world, here I come.

Already have said it all. I hope I will accomplish more this year then last, but I didn't do too badly. So improvement is my goal.

I am ever-so-hopeful that I feel grounded and rested and re-infused and re-centered after having taken a six-month leave from work. Or will I feel like I am still in the hamster wheel? The same cycle over and over, and although answering these questions leads to consideration and introspection, nothing actually changes? I am feeling tired as I write this response, and overwhelmed. I would like to feel less overwhelmed.

Expecting to be depressed that things I had hoped would happen, haven't happened. Would love to be proved wrong.

I think I will be interested and surprised.

I hope I'll be alive. I hope I'll look back and feel I lived the year well day by day by day.

I'll scorn myself for not doing it in a timely manner, resulting in what could have been much better answers. But I'll also feel, just like I did last week when I saw my answers from the year before, shocked as to what I felt and proud as to how I accomplished so many things; proud as to where I am today. I hope to be a better person; to be more at peace; to be me!

I hope I will feel freer of the past than I do now, even more comfortable with the present and contemplating which direction I'd like the future to take. I am starting to feel rooted in what I do and where I am, grateful that it is pretty much exactly what I hoped and worked for, and I'd like to enjoy it for another couple of years before making a change.

I look at last year's answer and I feel as though I have made baby steps towards my lofty goals and I would pretty much have the same in mind for this time next year. I want to be able to see some growth in myself, spiritually, emotionally, physically (and in that not growth in width but growth in better health).

I hope to have a better relationship w/ my daughter, and to be more confident taking a leadership role at work, by not avoiding all conflict. I hope to have more free time, as a result of learning to say "no".

I hope that I have achieved the goals I have set as a professional scientist and as a wife. These goals will benefit me personally and those around me. I hope I feel as good next year as I did this year when I read the questions from the previous year.

I hope I remember that I didn't have very much time to answer these questions so they are just a snapshot. I want to be more proactive next time and give myself time to be thoughtful. But at the same time I hope I'm not too hard on myself. I hope I feel like I'm making good progress. I hope I have more defined goals for my life and work. I hope I'm in a different job. I hope I have a more balanced personal life.

I have found after doing this for so many years, I am more amazed at how much things don't change from year to year, and despite my desires, I don't really move from where I've been. I hope next year will be different.

I hope I will have moved even farther along the path of self-esteem, self-care, and social outreach to loved ones. I love my friends and family a lot, and hope I will have found ways to make really consistent time to spend with them, to check in with them, to share my love with them so that they feel cherished. Part of this will, I hope, be helped by having my work life in a much better place, where I get my work done, so I can then have easy time to play and love! I hope I'll feel that I am demonstrating greater faith, joy, compassion, and calm productivity for my family too!

I hope I feel better than I do now. I hope I'm happy, striding confidently into a new life. I feel I'm very close to that, so it's a strong hope. I hope I've learned to be myself more. I hope I haven't let myself fall into the shadows of others again. I hope I'm shining as brightly as I think I can.

I hope I'll be relieved. I hope I'll have come to some sort of better equilibrium with my various desires and weaknesses. This process of writing down that with which I struggle and that which affects me is a truly wonderful first step. Thank you 10Q!

I think I'll feel very much the same, unless something drastic happens between now and then. I've learned, though, that years go by quickly, and not much has changed year to year for the past handful of years. I embrace the status quo.

I hope I'll have a better understand of why my brain hates me so much. And I hope reading these answers will remind me how insane some of my thoughts are when I let them out of my head and onto the page.

I hope that I will have peace and satisfaction with my own accomplishments in the upcoming year. I hope that I will be happy and contented, and full of joy and gratitude about life and about my family. I pray that all of my family members will be well and prosperous and at peace with themselves and others.

I hope I will be in a happier frame of mind and at peace with where I am in life. Keeping the faith can be hard at times and I know I need to be patient and continue to do the right thing by my family. I have been given so many blessings.

I think that I'll feel nostalgic for this time in my life. It will probably be pretty different than where I'm at right now. Right now, my life is in limbo, because I have some big decisions to figure it out and make. But it is also as it has always been, which won't be the case next year. Hopefully reading this will make me smile.

I will be very glad for G-d has given me another year to love, be happy and remain healthy A year of self love and laughter and lots of learning A year full of gratitude

I hope that I will look back on who I was in 2015 with compassion and love, and with gratitude for all that has been fulfilled in 2016.

I hope that the world will no longer be about us and them, that we won't judge a person by their religion, status, color or political beliefs. I hope that people would understand that history repeats itself, and someday in the future we will actually learn from our mistakes. I hope my family is healthy - and as my parents are older, that they retain their health and good humor to the end. I hope that my love stays strong, and that I don't lose my love because of others xenophobia. I hope, I hope, I hope -

Hoping for a little less apathy. I'm not overwhelming at the moment but I have had a few times this year like that. Especially this month. I hope I won't be too anxious but I would imagine there will be a fair amount of that still. I hope I will be relaxed but still driven. I'm losing a lot of drive, which is how I know I am ready for a change. If I am about to embark on a change I think I will really be ready, although I will have spent some amount of time freaking out about it. I will feel relieved at whatever my place in life is because I know I will be there for at least a little bit before I have to think about change again.

I will look at my answers and say to myself "wow, you were in a baaaad place girlfriend..." I hope by this time next year the loneliness and grim outlook will have lifted as though it were a bout of horrible gas. Not that I want to stop seeing all the pain in the world, because I like living in reality, but I want to be involved with something I create; something that I love to do that is also revolutionary (ie. not merely helping Capitalism thrive), so I can be happy and hopeful. And I'll have such sharp discernment that I will be able to invite the best, most interesting, humble, heimishe people onto my island and make it a party! Which in itself would be quite revolutionary...

I hope that I will feel that I have been the best mom that I can be- I hope that I can walk though the valley of spiritual and emotional death that I experience each moment I attend the Synagogue that had been key home prior to my divorce and disparaging separation from my ex-wife. I hope that I was able to come to some degree of peace with my Rabbi, the community, my son and myself. I hope that the power I found this last year continue to grow so that I can not only battle the demons of judgment and shame I feel when I attend services or my son's Hebrew school but that I can find some peace with these demons and they can find peace with me.

Alternately curious, pleased, and saddened. I’ve participated in 10Q six years now (only missing the start of 5775), and I’ve come to realize that progress comes in fits and starts. Life goes on, though…and I will have a new job and a more interactive son at this time next year. It promises to be a full, good year.

I hope I'll have a new little wiggly love in my life. I hope my family structure will be more solid. I hope I will have gone to Paris and eaten all the things. I hope Olly and I will continue to grow together and be more and more connected and happy.

I think it'll help me process the year. I never really take time to look back and reflect. I think it'll help put things in perspective for me. I hope that by then I'll be working, settled in somewhere, but not settled with my life. I hope that I'll still be happy in love, if not happier and more trusting.

When I got the questions this year, I laughed to myself, it is always interesting to see where I was at this moment last year. Full disclosure, it is after Yom Kippur 2016, and I am up late, since I took a 3 hour nap this afternoon, going through all of these questions at once, so my answers are thoughtful, but not done over the ten days. I hope by this time next year, I'll have a job that challenges me every day to be better, to do better. Tzvi and I will still be together, going on a year and a half, continuing to have adventures together. I hope that our relationship has also moved forward.

I think I'll feel scared to read them, then humbled, then excited, probably a bit surprised, probably a bit rueful. I hope I feel inspired. I have to admit that, as I keep a diary quite regularly and tend to reflect on these kinds of questions, I was skeptical of the power of taking the time to answer these questions. That said, I think it does make a difference to sit down and answer specific questions, and to do it at a specific point in time rather than when those questions come to the forefront of your life. Still, I am skeptical of the power of answering these questions in causing any real change in my life, as I am skeptical of the power of going through the processes of Yom Kippur, particularly since, as I said, I'm quite introspective and self-critical by nature. I hope my life will be different, but I think that if it is, it won't be solely because of answering these questions or similar processes - it will be because I worked hard at making my life and self better. I do hope I'll be more grounded. Perhaps answering these will help with that. But I feel like I'll forget all about it in a month. We'll see.

I don't think I will feel any different and don't know what my life will be like.

I believe this year will be a pivotal year because of a decade I am hitting in age. I'll be changed by that alone and belive certain uncertainties that exist now will also have been resolved thus forcing me to move on and evolve. I think I will look back on this year as one with the loss and gains and believe I will be more able to appreciate and savor what has been given to me. I think I have the capacity to grow and work hard to be a better person.

I hope that I'm happier then than I am now. And that I'm not so tired all the time.

I think I'll feel surprised by the answers that I've written to my 10Q questions. I've been through a lot this year. I only hope that my life will be better. I think everything will get better in all areas: I hope to be physically fit and healthier. Thinking about and answering these questions made me realize that only I have the power to change my life. No one else can make me happy. I need to start setting goals and keep the promises I make to myself. And who knows? Maybe I'll look back on the unfortunate events that occurred this year and laugh about how I handled everything negatively. I've also realized that I need to change in order to become a better person. Only time will tell how my life will turn out next year.

Since I have been on a steady path for a few years, with similar values, I bet I won't be too surprised about looking back at what I'd written. I hope I will have continued making progress- spending more time and self being authentically me, not acting to please others, not acting out of obligation, not doing those things listed in the Yom Kippur prayers.

I think I will feel satisfied when I read my answers to these questions next September. I think I will have let go of the things that don't spark joy in my life, which will free up the energy and "space" I need so I can grow professionally and personally.

I think I will not be surprised but I will be nostalgic. I'll be in a different place - hopefully happier, more at ease and confident of my future.

I love you. I see you arealising that you don't have to be perfect to be loved. That you aren't always a perfect parent or wife, or teacher... and that's fine... to really connect in and allow yourself to be as you are is such a gift. And I know you are growing to become more human, more real, fallible and beautiful with it, each year. I hope you will have found a way to put peace, stillness, and other things that nourish you, at the top of your priority list. Remember its about TRUST... a sense that all is well, even when it's not, that allows you to let go, and to let life unfold.

I hope that I'll be in a job that I don't hate, and it would be wonderful if Keith and I are in a new house. I'll be 30, which is kind of crazy to think about. I think that I'll feel happy about where I am in life, and I hope that writing down what I hope to accomplish over the next year helps me to fulfill those dreams.

I'm having a negative day today, so I can't imagine that any of the things I'm hoping or wishing for will come to anything. We get another crack at this before it goes into the vault, right? So let me come back to this. = = = I'm leaving that answer there to remind me that negativity passes! I don't have many days like that, fortunately, but one hope for 2016 is that to have fewer still. I've had a lot of opportunities this year to think about the things I want to change in my life, and I'm starting to address them, so I guess my main hope for this time next year is that I won't be thinking or feeling or complaining about the same things. I'm generally positive about the next year, and I want that to be the rule, not the exception. But whilst I'm hoping for change in some areas, I do hope that some things stay the same. I hope I'm still with my boyfriend. I hope I'm still enjoying living and working in Oxford. I hope I'm still excited about my (new) job. And I hope I still have hope for the future.

Shocked at how far I have come! I will have the weight of debt off my shoulders, I will have lived in one place for almost a year and I will feel settled and secure and HUGE!

First, I'll be happy I did this, then I may be a bit tickled by my answers. I will once again take pause and reflect, remembering where I am now in contrast to where I am then. I hope to be pleased with my future state of self. I think I will have moved on emotionally from some of the old pains, having had an opportunity to understand them or rearrange them and forgive and forget while back in CA for several months. I think I will be happy as a result of pondering and reflecting and committing to surrounding myself with positive energy.

I will hopefully feel pleased and assured that my vision was correct. I hope my life will be even more secure in the areas of relationships and financial stability.

Hopefully I will have moved on from smoking and it will not be as hard a year form now as it is today. I hope my children will have a successful year ending and be moving out on their own successful and self reliant as it should be!

I think I may be a little mystified and also somewhat disappointed thinking about plans I had and how little I was able to accomplish. I hope, though, that I can see progress, no matter how slight, and that it's clear that these dreams and hopes have influenced me, even if only minimally.

September 2016: For the past couple of years I have always felt amazed at how far I have come. I don't think next year will be any different. I hope that I will be more comfortable with "failure" in most spheres of my life... That I will see it as an opportunity for growth and as something that is inherently part of the journey we call life.

I think I'll feel good - I think I'll be happy with what I have accomplished. I hope I will be in a better job and doing more of what I love to do, namely write!

I hope that I am able to feel excited and happy and whole because life is better for us all. I hope that everything is different about my life in a positive way. I'm not sure thinking about and answering these questions will actually cause a result but will be here for me to reflect on instead of relying solely on my memory. If I have learned anything from this past year and from reading my answers from 2015 10Q, it is that God is in complete control and although my life does not seem different or improved from last year, God has blessed me in many ways and I believe he will continue to do so in this coming year. I want to know for sure what it means to serve Him and then to just do it. I have to copy last years answer here, with a few changes, because I feel the same way as I did then: When September 2016 rolls around and I receive my 10Q answers I will probably feel apprehensive to read them, especially if I find myself in the same rut, but I will probably also feel excited to see what changes I have made in my thinking and being/living since September 2015 and just how my circumstances have changed. I feel myself excited now at the anticipation of the coming year. I hope be in a good, close relationship to God and have a church and church family to worship with and to fellowship with and do things with for others. I hope to have lost 70 pounds, to be eating healthy and to be getting exercise daily. and to find myself more healthy and in less pain and discomfort than I am today. I hope to be in a good relationship with my son and to be spending more time with he and my grandsons. I hope I have learned the Spanish language because I believe that is somehow to be used in a job or ministry I am to have. I just hope I am a better adjusted, well-rounded, happy person. I hope to have a companion/fiancé if it be the will of God, or content single with someone to help me do things around here that I can't do myself. I hope to find my son in a good place in his life, body, soul, spirit, and in a good relationship with his daddy and me and his children and wife. I hope to find my grandchildren and daughter-in-law serving you and in a good place in life free of any addictions or other attacks/influences from satan. I hope to find my brother and his family in a good place body, soul, and spirit. I hope to find all my family and friends in a better place as well, body, soul, and spirit. I hope to find that if Larry and Uncle Melvin have lived another year that they have remained healthy and have been happy and are in a good place body, soul, and spirit. Hopefully during the coming year I will make better choices as a result of thinking about and answering these 10Q questions THIS YEAR'S WEIGHT: 255.4lbs down from 290.0 lbs. in 2014. And I pray Israel and it's peace, its leaders, and its people. And for the USA, its peace, its leaders, and its people. And for Bastrop, LA and surrounding areas and Andrews, TX and surrounding areas, for their peace, their leaders, and their people. And the following people are at least some of those (and their families) who I wish, hope, and pray a better year for, body, soul, and spirit, besides the ones I have already mentioned: Tommy Robinson Donette Willson Aunt Bernice Charles and Flora Rick and MaKinley Carolann and Andy Rudy, Mage, and the whole Reyna family Dorothy Harris Philip Burress Brenda Sistrunk Clyde Jones Steve Tillery Marvin Coleman Jeremiah Axt Bobby Regan Thomas Bryan Vanessa Lanier Kim George Lynell Wasson Jill Schrock Debby Boykin Sharron Quick Sue Picou Alex Robinson Georganna Coulter Stephanie Tidwell Kacee Harrie Patsy Elee Bruce Hickman Erin Wheeler Randy and Vicki Steve Tillery And although they are not humans, I have to add my three doggies, Sassy, Prissy, and Miss Honey, as well as the nursing home doggie, Honey Bun. And I just feel like I need to mention my immediate family, who I have already mentioned, by name: Wayne, Angie, Kevin, Cody, Mandy, Mike Last, but not least. I plead the blood of Jesus over my life for the coming year, body, soul, and spirit. I ask God's forgiveness of me for sins I have committed either by omission or commission, as I have forgiven others. I ask for God's mercy on me for the coming year and that my name be written in the Lamb's Book of Life. I ask for God's blessings on me for the coming year so that I find favor with men and that I have a good year body, soul, and spirit with my prayers answered. In Jesus' name, Amen and Amen!

I was too busy with things to think about this question and answer it properly, so hopefully I'll be better at managing my time/feeling less overwhelmed.

I hope that next year, when I read these answers, I'll feel like I have grown into myself more. I hope that I will have rediscovered my talents and made time for the people I love. This year has gone by so quickly, and I know the next will too. But so much can be accomplished in a year, especially when you have direction. I feel very grateful to have direction.

I love to make goals but thinking about how I might actually change is a mystery to me. Do we not hold fast to our identity even when it thwarts our happiness? Do we not accept who we are rather than risk who we might be? I hope that when September 2016 rolls around I can report that I lived gratefully.

I am hoping that the many things that are currently stumbling blocks (and that I have mentioned in my answers to the 2015 10Q questions) will be resolved/organized and that I will feel better about my life. I hope that I can look at the 2015 questions and say, "Wow, I got that resolved!"

I'm hoping that when I get these answers I will be in a course that will be leading me to a career in journalism I'm hoping that I'll have grown as a person to be more excepting of other people when thinking thoughts have them be positive reversing the negatives very quickly hopefully I will have one good girlfriend that I will see on a regular basis who I will talk to and spend time with and not call her my therapist I'm hoping that Buddy and I Are in a good place in our relationship and he starts taking serious steps about improving his overall health mainly by losing some weight

I am stuck in a rut and nothing is going to make me think my way out. losing hope.

This was a good year. When next year rolls around I hope I reflect back as positively as I did this year. I didn't get everything I wanted in life - not yet - but Im still happy and satisfied where I am. It would be nice if things continued to get better - in different ways.

I want to feel more serene. Especially since the 10Qs will come at a time that I am typically even more stressed - the fall season of projects, plus prepping the high holidays.... And I am writing these answers at the time that I typically feel most stressed. I hope my quest for more serenity will be coming to fruition.

Every year I'm blown away by these answers so I imagine I'll feel that in one way or another! Hopefully what I'll feel is that I've taken yet another step up the ladder, in terms of making a life for us that works well, is sustainable, and is satisfying. It's been a battle but this process has helped me to see that the years are not just random waves, they are building on each other, and the directions and intentions that we have in mind do help us to shape our realities. It happens on a much grander scale than we'd prefer. Where we are now is a place that we started reaching for two or three years ago, not two or three months ago. And we're still not really *to* that place yet, we're reaching for it, but this time it is in sight. I hope next year I'll feel more a liberty to find things that I enjoy and invest my time in them. I hope I'll feel more competent. I hope I'll be on the road to something that feels like a major accomplishment. I hope I'll have gathered more knowledge about how to get that done given my own skills, given where I am, and given what my resources are. I hope I'll feel more secure in the school and what I'm doing there. I hope I'll have improved my teaching style to better help and suit my students. I hope I'll feel like I've got time and ways to serve others, to give back for how blessed we are, and I hope I'll feel like I can do more of that as time goes on. I hope I'll feel I have a stronger relationship with God, and that I know more honestly what to do with it as it develops. I also know there will have been things I cannot predict. I hope they are all to the good, and don't cause too much struggle. I hope I get to see my family more and I hope good things have happened for them. Sam will probably be talking! I can't wait to hear what he has to say. :)

I hope to feel much the same as this year, as I feel blessed in so many aspects of my life. At the same time, I also hope to forge better and deeper social connections, reconnect with my Dad and have more highlights and special experiences to remember.

I hope that I am more free; Free of my own limitations; free to be able to love more freely; free to be me without pretense; Free to not have to worry or be concerned about how others feel but just to be real.

I hope that within the next year I am coping better with my Parkinsons and looking at ways to make this world a better place by speaking up and being proactive about those things that are important to me. Especially being more proactive with my health but also with world issues.

I don't how I will feel in the future. I hope I will be having positive feelings about letting go of a lot of stuff that has been weighing me down. I hope I will have more freedom and ease. More vitality and energy. Finally having the past behind me and in its proper place.

Excited to have made it and lived another year and open to growth and reflection.

I hope I feel excited that I've completed my goals, even more at peace with some of the decisions I've made/myself, and confident that the answers from last year are either still true or have evolved to better suit me.

I hope that I am in an even better place and that I can look back on the last year with fond memories. I hope I did a good job being chairman of the committee in charge. I hope I had a great trip to Florida, either with just my sister or with my whole family. I also hope that I am happy about my grades and the work I put into my exams, and I really hope I figured out a way to manage my time properly.

I will still love chocolate, my family and fairness a year from now. But perhaps my assumptions about many aspects of life will have been challenged during this year, or my knowledge will have been expanded, new connections made, and I'll be able to look at this year's answer with an enhanced sense of why I answered as I did, and how I'd answer now. Or rather a year from now. Future tenses are very confusing. Perhaps I will have figured them all out in the future, but that seems unlikely. The liking of chocolate, though. That will be a constant.

I hope I'm proud of myself. I'm so happy in this moment, and I just hope that I continue to feel that way, I hope I make the most of my year, and I hope that I seize as much joy as I can.

If I'm still here next year, I think I'll feel like I worked hard but not as hard as I could have. That there's always more to do. What I hope is that I feel energy to do that work... to keep plugging away in my little corner to try to make the world a little better.

I never have any idea what to expect when I open up my 10Q questions from the year(s) before! I hope to laugh a little bit at myself, to think, "Oh, remember when my life was that way?"

I hope I'll feel a sense of relief and accomplishment. I plan on using these questions as a framework for moving forward. I hope I'm where I need to be in my life, and I hope I'm growing and being challenged and feeling happy and loved.

I'll most likely be grateful for a perspective from the past. I hope that I have implemented many of the practices in my life that I know will support me in my peace and my process. These questions have helped me reflect and remember, and have helped distill what I want for my immediate future. I know that I can do all of these things - I simply have to start taking the steps, knowing that stumbling is a part of the process, and keep walking and believing in myself. I have already been through so much - there is nothing that I cannot handle, especially if I am tapping into my network of encouragement and love. I want to be more comfortable speaking my truth, and also having a more balanced energy of both giving AND receiving. I'm going to be so so ready for more DoYou10Qs! Reflection is on its way yet again!

I believe that I'll feel content and satisfied with life. I hope to have lived intentionally and fearlessly all year.

About the same as I did this year: faintly amused, vaguely reminiscent.

I think things will be different for me. When you move at a constant velocity, you feel no movement. Whether it's a slow amble or a cruising jet, the same velocity elicits no concept of change. The same is true for mental and personal development. Often times we cannot see ourselves changing because we view ourselves every day in an intimate way--in the same way you cannot tell a relative is aging until you move away. This is not the case with my mind. I can feel the changes in real time, and sometimes wonder if I'm able to keep up. It's funny how much thinking you can do when you leave academia and have all sorts of free time-filled with very little of consequence. I hope I'll feel personally at peace, as I have been trending, and that I'll feel politically angry, as I have been trending. I hope this culminates in an unselfish motivation to do something worth doing.

I hope to be more at peace and happier, regardless of circumstances. And honestly, I'd be very grateful if the circumstances are more favorable.

Next year, I don't know, so much has changed this year, I'm a different person and expect that this will continue. I would like to say that I've taken some more chances and seen a little more of the world (or have definite plans to do so). It will be hard to go over these questions, there are as many hopes in the responses, but I am comfortable in life, but maybe that's my fear talking.

I think my problems will seem small and easily solvable. I think my personal aspirations will make me smile.

I hope I will have resolved some of these items and have new things to work on.

I hope by this time next year, I will have less uncertainty and just a little more security. I also hope that I will be less emotionally distraught by what will happen or is happening right now. Looking at my answers, I hope that there will be some relief, if not gratitude for having survived the travails of the preceding year.

When my 2015 answers come back I will be reflective. I can see I have moved on from where I was in 2014, so I will be looking for what feels like progress. I hope to feel more fully alive than I have for some time. To feel grateful, enriched and more fulfilled. I hope to have had moments of the "white hot" center on the cross and be moving more and more to that place.

I hope that I am proud of accomplishing the things I set out to do, and I want to remember where I was mentally when I wrote these, so as to be able to look back and think, YES. I took action and moved myself forward. These questions make me feel like I am really at a turning point, with a lot of potential and hope in front of me. I am ready for a new adventure, and I believe I can find it and face its challenges.

I'm hoping that I've been able to hunker down and break through the blocks that have been plaguing me for years and years. That I will feel like I'm no longer scared to pursue my destiny, and that it's okay to play big in the world. This is not so much about having attained success, as I know that might take some time, but rather, to be steadily working toward it. My theme for the year on January 1 was courage and discipline. I did pretty well on the first, not so great on the latter. This year I was really sad and disappointed when I received my answers to my questions, as I was still in exactly the same place as when I wrote them last year...except worse off financially. It's become clear to me that I need to make some drastic changes in order to move forward in the world, and I hope I can find the strength to do so.

I hope to have more confidence and more love for myself. Peace will be a more frequent visitor as well as acceptance of wherever I am in my life.

I'm finally at an age where I feel myself advance with each passing year, in knowledge, mind/body health, emotion, and environment. My hope is I'll be happy with the year's previous answers, while feeling I've moved even further along toward something grandiose in my personal story arc.

I hope that I will have listened more and spoken less. I hope that when I do speak it will be with compassion and truthfulness

I hope that I have lived into each day and that next year finds me living fully and well. I wish that I will be thankful for each gift that is sent my way and that I see the blessings in all the small things. May I live fully into each moment

I hope that there are people who people who feel that their lives have improved because of my actions. I hope that I've made an impact even beyond my family, friends and clients.

I'm hoping that I'm in a better, more secure job, and I hope I'll be in a relationship with someone who I really love. My rabbi has already asked me to start my conversion essay so I'm already nearly there with my Judaism!

I hope I'm here to read them next year.

I will be SO PROUD OF MYSELF for answering all of them! I really hope they are a time capsule of this extremely difficult phase of my life. I hope they are a reminder of how far I've come in a year. How much I've changed, learned and grown. One of my primary reasons for answering the questions this year is to gift myself with the raw reality of life at the moment. And to see next year that things aren't so bad anymore. That another year has gone by and everything is OK in the big picture and that life is on course for peace and joy.

I'll be curious to see how current desires and actions have played out, what passion and abandon I've welcomed, and what deeper meaning has developed in my life.

I will be a more secure place in my new relationship. My daughter will have found a job and therefore, my funds will be directed towards me. I will be have become a stronger Bridge player

I hope I will feel like I've made some progress in my life! I think what I hope to gain from 10Q is the ability to see where I am in my head each year, and how that is changing from year to year.

i hope and pray I'll have done something to improve my 1 health 2, my outlook & 3 my social life!!!

Hope to be carefree and healthy. HaHaHa!!!

I think I'll feel overwhelmed at just how different of a person I was back then (i.e. as I'm writing this). Travel is bound to shape my personality in very fundamental ways, and I'm kind of glad that I don't know what those differences will be and how they'll be shaped. My best hope is that I'll be more comfortable in a career path and be thinking a lot more about interacting with communities outside of my own.

I'm not sure how I'll feel. I really *hope* I'll feel like my relationship with my husband is much better. I think that we both need to grow up a little and accept the responsibility of caring for each other even when it's difficult.

Inspired and encouraged! Quality time with family exceeds work time and connection with G-d is exceedingly stronger. Full of grace and ease!

I don't honestly know. I hope I will be less stressed, and that I will have developed friendships and have a different outlook on boys. I hope my relatinoship with my family will continue to get stronger, and that I will be able to stay in touch with my brother even though he is going to a different school.

I hope in 2016, I will have more of a feeling of permanency in my life. I would like to work in a position where I see myself staying for a minimum of 5 years and I would like to be a (first time) parent - both of which I feel will be grounding factors for me. I have spent most of my adult life being transient and now I feel that I am ready to settle down in one place. As a result of answering these questions, I hope that I will be less aggressive as a driver and I hope that I will focus more on exercise and my physical health.

I think I'll say, "Whoa - what a ride." I expect there to be a lot of turbulence in the world and hope to ride it with a peaceful heart. I will do my best to stay focused - then I will be able to feel satisfied that I held my own this past year.

I hope I'll feel like I was successful in moving forward my life in the direction I want - across so many areas. I hope I'll feel good about the year that has passed. I hope I will remember how grateful I am for the wonderful things I have in my life.

I am hopeful that in September of 2016 I am in a good mind-space and a place of peace. I also hope that by this time next year that my dad has come to find peace and is no longer suffering with the hardships of his failing health in this world. From answering these questions this year I am also hopeful that I begin working toward some goals that I have reflected upon this year. I hope to be moving forward in life and have little to no regrets in my decisions.

When I see these questions again I will have been married for almost a year. I don't guess it will feel that different, though I'll have a different last name and call Peter my husband.

I think I will feel surprised that it's already been a whole year! That's how I felt this year when I read my answers to last years questions. I hope I will feel like wow! I really made the most of my time and energy in the last year. I hope to continue setting goals for myself and really working on them! I hope my meditation practice continues to grow. I hope I can experience everyday self love, self compassion. I hope to open my heart more to my friends, family and community.

I think I will feel excited to begin again. I am not sure if anything will be different as a result of thinking about and answering these questions. I notice that when I am answering them, they set something in motion that's beneath the surface and doing them feels right because it's a way to play with different kinds of thoughts and writing and see if there's old ways of thinking and doing and being that no longer serve and open up to new ways of thinking and doing and being. For me, it's all about the fresh start.

I hope that I will have kept my promise to myself to face my fears head-on and to embrace ideas that I've rejected before, and that I'll be a more confident person who feels like she can have control over the things that are most important in my life.

I hope i will feel successful in making some improvements in my life. I hope i feel accomplished. I hope i will be calmer and kinder.

I think I will be happy - striking a good work life balance and feeling fulfilled at home and work. I hope that will have done some work either with one of the consultancies (Ignite, Go MAD) or started something with Jan. I plan to use the annual opportunity to reflect on progress and celebrate life :)

I hope that I am on the same path as I am now. I hope that I have found the strength and courage to keep living what I know to be true for me in my body. I hope that I have again opened myself to love.

While a few of the details are time specific, I don't think the substance of my answers to these questions would have changed significantly in the last ten years. Therefore I don't think answering them now on a gimmicky website will change my life in any way. I'm not really sure why I did it, more for a lark than anything.

New job, or a promotion or a PhD admission. ...and a family.

I don't feel like I'm expecting enough of myself anymore. I used to have high expectations but these days I feel like I'm just skimming above the median and surviving. That's much to do with my headspace. I hope I'm happy, in control, fit, that my legs are firm and my skin is brown from hours on the bike. I hope I'm surrounded by friends who have time for me / me for them. I hope I've excelled more in my commitments to personal aspects to my life. I hope I haven't over-analysed my relationship with Steve and hurt it unnecessarily.

I think I will feel glad I did put some attention to what I want this next year to be like. It is a healthy exercise to reflect on the year...and with that reflection then put intention to the year ahead and what I want to create.

I hope I feel confident that I've continued to grow. <3

Hard to say. Hopefully I'll look back and smile because my PhD is done and I have some kind of job thing lined up. I'm determined to still be living in the Pacific Northwest (though it's possible that might necessitate a move from Portland to Seattle, sigh). We'll see!

Like I've gotten somewhere this year both personally and professionally. I hope my personal life is more secure (for me) and I am settled in my new job and am knocking it out of the park. I hope my daughter realizes that I am here for her and stops taking me for granted (she's almost 20). I wish my mother would understand why I don't want anything to do with her "friend" of over 40 years who molested me 11 years ago. I wish my boyfriend understood why it pains me that he is still married and isn't moving forward as fast as I'd like to dissolve it.

I'll wish I had more time to write. I received my answers from last year and not a lot had changed. It helps me know my path and direction are pretty clear. I'll be one year closer to retirement and embarking on a sabbatical year! Yahoo!

Well last year I was wrong. I am pretty happy with life right now, have local(ish) partner, business is growing (not as much as i would like but it is), i have a regular gaming group, i get to travel.

I think I'll be sad to see that a few things carried over to the next year and I've made little progress in changing what I can change. But other things have improved, I haven't lost all our money or killed anyone, or gotten too sick. Pooh pooh pooh.

I suppose every year I hope that in 12 months I will feel more settled, more purposeful, more grown up. Maybe one day I'll realise that we're all of us just feeling our way through this grand adventure we call life.

I hope current worries are solved. There will be new worries. I hope they're easier. What's harder than Mom with Alzheimer's? I hope I've achieved some of what I listed.

I hope I feel accomplished.

Well, re-reading last year's answers, this year, made me feel a variety of things. It was heart-warming to remember some of the positive things I wrote about, but it was also frustrating to see how little movement there has been in other areas.

Surprised, as have been every year! I hope I do something right instead of constantly self-sabotaging.

I'm really not sure. I hope I have a new job. I definitely hope I have a girlfriend. :) But that's asking a lot. I just hope I'm happy. I feel like I've gotten better at overcoming my fears, and still have a long way to go, but I've made a lot of progress. Hopefully that progress will continue to show.

I hope I will feel as good or better when I read this year's answers next year as I did when I read last year's answers this year. I didn't sound as stupid as I was afraid I might. I actually was able to recall why I wrote what I did, and also to reflect on that I had actually done some of the things I think I meant to set out to do.That all sounds very tentative, but I mean it positively. And some I fell short of - noted here in these answers for this year...

I'll probably feel a little surprised and slightly sad. And also inspired to do better next year. I do hope that I will be able to solidly say next year that I accomplished at least one of the things on my mind in the Fall of 2015.

I hope my life will still be as good as it is now but more settled. I hope I will remember to look at both 2014 and 2015's answers and remember how drastically my life has changed. If I'm not in a good place in my life at this point next year, I hope I will look at these two years of answers and remember that things can change so quickly - so please don't give up, future me.

I have no idea, since this is my first time doing this. I think/hope that I will have grown as a person... in interpersonal relationships, confidence, and maybe feel a bit more... forward and focused. I think I'm guilty of being afraid to want things, and so I've become easily content, simply because being that way is easier than actually trying to figure out what I want to do. I'd like to feel more challenged and motivated to live closer to my potential in all aspects of life. But it takes consistent, day-to-day effort... which takes focus... which I lack right now. So the challenge, and the objective, is to be a more focused individual.

I hope that I will feel relieved that I have actually put into place some of the things I have written here. I hope I feel more at peace. I hope to be practicing Loving Kindness Meditation more regularly such that I truly do love myself and feel calm. I cannot say that I think my life will be different for having answered the questions though. Truth be told, I had forgotten I answered them last year and have not even gone back to see what my answers were.

If I can achieve my goals- pysical and professional- I'll feel very gratified.

A year from now, my son will hopefully be enrolled in a great college and adjusting to life away from home. It will be an adjustment for the rest of us as well. I'm hopeful that he will make the right choice of schools and that he will be accepted into the school of his choice. He's worked hard and is an impressive young man.

I hope i wi ll be calmer kinder and proyd i am trying learning

I'll look forward to seeing where I've grown and where I may have blockages to growth that I need to overcome. I hope I'll have built on past successes and overcome failures.

I hope I'll have an awesome job that is flexible and I make a lot of money. I want to be in a relationship with an amazing man.

I am hoping when I read these answers that I will feel that I have lived my life fully this past year and have not been afraid to tackle and conquer my fears. I hope that I will have fully lived in 2016.

I don't know...I hope I'll be able to laugh at myself and be proud of how far I've come.

I think I’ll feel wiser, more grounded. More comfortable with myself, with a better sense of what I’m capable of. Where my talents lie, and pleased with the progress I’ve made and how I’ve grown. Clearly, in order to make progress, I'll need to be more intentional re how i structure my time. And print out what I've written here so that I can have it as a guide :)

I think I'll be a little disappointed with what is here because not much has changed. It is also obvious that I have been very lazy with my answers. Sorry...

I think I'll regret not making the most of the year... it's a common pattern that I look at what I *didn't* do rather than what I *did* do. I hope I'll have more peace in my heart, fewer regrets (can't get rid of them all!), a more embedded sense of community (thanks PfoHo!) and perhaps, just perhaps, a partner in life. These questions have made me refocus on what is important: to myself, to the people I love, and to the communities to which I'm grateful. I want to continue giving back, paying it forward. And I know that by giving outwardly, I create space for a strong inner voice and happiness overall.

I think that goals and attitude adjustments will be recognized. I hope to not feel disappointed as I was this year when I read my 2014 answers. I think by reading and having that disappointment I learned about not setting myself up for something to magnanimous or earth shattering.

I don't yet think that the act of answering these questions will result in change - I think I'll have to see how I feel receiving them to implement change in the FOLLOWING year in anticipation of receiving back my answers to those questions (since I haven't done this before). I think, though, that when I read my answers I'll feel uninspired. Like I didn't dream big enough, or creatively enough. Like I let myself be limited by the probable, not just the possible. Or like I didn't even THINK bigger, let alone think it might be possible. I hope that by reading these answers next year I can allow myself to "dream a little bigger" and push myself a little more in the following year.

I think I'll feel mildly re-traumatized by the amount of emotional pain I am clearly experiencing right now. I hope I will feel stronger and more positive about the way my life is going, and I hope these questions will serve as a benchmark to show me how far I've come.

I hope I am a person who is overall more confident in myself and less nervous, self-conscious or insecure about presenting information, asserting myself or speaking up in crowds or during important decisions. I think this boils down to growing up, getting more perspective on what is important in life, managing my time and paying more attention to my own spirituality and values.

When I received my answers to last year’s questions, it took me a few days before I had the courage to read them. In my current emotional state, I was afraid I couldn’t deal with reading about the hopes and dreams, largely unfilled, that I knew I had expressed last year. It turned out to be not as bad as I had feared. However, I realize that my answers last year WERE hopeful and my answers this year are much darker, more bitter and hopeLESS. I would like to think that by the time I read my answers next year that I will be in a better place and will not find this painful.

I just hope that we're still happy and healthy. And, that in some way, we've gotten better.

I will be delighted once again by how much I change and grow every single year, and grateful for the gift of growing older. I hope to be further along my journey of healing myself physically and spiritually. I hope I'll be in a place where I can attract and accept my true partner in life.

I'm not sure how I'll feel--probably that I didn't hit the mark on many things. But I hope I have the guts to try this year. Answering the questions made me think about reaching higher.

Hopeful Intrigued? Glad that I completed it (at the last possible moment) I will be that much stronger. I will be more connected to my loved ones. I might even have new/improved loved one(s). I will be more at peace. And more organized. Hmm. And less debt-burdened??? :) I love you, future self. So much.

I don't anticipate being too surprised by my responses. Yom Kippur was so so hard this year. I cried my eyes out during Yitzkor and after break fast I cried myself to sleep. As sad and lonely and painful as it all felt it did feel like a nice release. I cried for my mom, missing my mom. Feeling so raw yesterday in services I understand what it means- the whole fasting part- that we come to the day atonement before God (or whatever term you want to use) empty, naked, baring everything. I felt that this year, really felt it. And I had this feeling like, "I really needed this." Next year, at this time, I just hope to feel happy and at peace and I hope my family and loved one are happy and at peace. I hope to have another productive, reflective, powerful Jewish holiday.

I think I'm in a place of relationship building---with my family, with my friends, with my lover, with myself. I hope that I've found ways to cope with my inexperience and I've found ways to love others and myself in a health and productive way. I hope that I'm stronger, with a continued sense of adventure and learning.

I will be glad I completed this again although I am reasonably certain I will be surprised I did. I hope I have finally figured out what to do about conflicting emotions.

I think I will be excited if the FDA has occurred and depressed if it has not.... My son will be walking and talking... Cool.... I hope that I will be able to receive a salary.... I think I will be more aware of myself and will work towards the dissolution of my mind...

Eager for another year of 10Q, disappointed in myself for not achieving enough in the year. I would like to be less dismayed than I was this year. I would like to have grown in the year. Both in my personal existence and at work.

A lot of my answers have been around the realization and decision that I do not want to be a lawyer for the rest of my life (or maybe I should say be only a lawyer since my degree won't go anywhere even if I don't practice law), so I hope that things will actually be different next year. I think I will feel calm and wiser and look at myself with love and understanding.

To be perfectly honest, most of these fears and limitations have been with me for most of my life. Each year I just hope to wallow in them less and instead use them to motivate me to live my life a little better than the year before.

I hope that by next year we'll have the retirement thing worked out, and have a smoothly operating program.

I expect to feel empowered. I like the path I am on today. I fell that I know my challenges and harness the power to correct them. My marriage and family life will be improved and my growth at work will be a mile ahead of where I am now.

I will think: omg another year?! What happened that there are 365 days since I wrote this?! When I read the 10Q from last year I realized how I have grown in this past 365 days and what I have achieved. I am very proud how I come to be and that I am not the small girl with long hair and no self-confidence. I can't believe it and I think this year in 2016 I will not believe it at all, how everythings changing. Furthermore I am always very suprised what makes me think of in this past year and how my life is yet and which problems there are now. And I really have to say to myself: "Thank you Sue, that you get us through another year! Congrats and thx." I think every day, every failure, every thing that worked well or not, every second of breathing and thinking makes me feel a little bit different, but also makes me growing - to the person I want to become.

I'll feel the same as I felt this September-happy, slightly nostalgic, and damned proud of how far I've actually come. I'll be so much more aware of how the things which seem to rule over my world and I think I'll never get through on my own are just distant memories in a year's time; I've moved through them and learned from the experiences. I'll also critique my own writing skills and think of other things I could have included in these answers-but none of that really matters. ;) I hope I keep this sense of perspective in mind throughout the year-it is an easy thing to lose sight of. The 'big picture' is elusive and difficult to hold on to when there are bills to pay, friends needing help, clients and employers demanding time and attention, and relationships which need constant work.

Well, I hope that I will feel better about 2016/5776 than I have about last year. Maybe answering 10Q will give me the impetus to move forward.

I hope that when I look back on these answers, it is from a much more stable place, financially, emotionally and in my relationship. I'll be able to see these answers as a time capsule of where I was and fuel to keep moving forward.

I hope I will have made some progress figuring out what I want to do with my life, and taking steps in the right direction. I hope I will be calmer, feel better about myself, and therefore be more confident.

I hope that I am making a good living and not scrambling just to scrape by anymore. I hope that my grief process will be more stable and I will experience fewer extreme ups and downs. Similar to when I read back on old journals, I guess that I will feel glad that I have progressed from this point and amazed at how different things were just a short year ago.

I hope to have achieved at least a degree of the balance that came through in so many of these questions, and to feel more comfortable with what I have accomplished and with what awaits me.

I am sure I will be surprised. I am sure that my view on something will be different. Hopefully, I will have begun placing a financial cushion back under me again, which will alleviate a lot of stress.

I think I'll feel a mix of nostalgia, fondness for who I was at this time and embarrassment. I hope I'll continue to give myself the space to think and feel and allow myself the time for reflection, both on the world and myself. I hope I'm still living in this flat. I hope my relationship with Jem is still thriving and going strong and that we have grown together and are laughing and still learning about each other. I hope that wasn't just a phase. I hope that I can look back on my answers from this year and say "yes. I have learned from this and since this. I am better than I was last year. And I will be better again next year."

I will feel amused. I will be living in a new place. My Life will be simpler. I will be dedicating most of my time to my Life's creative work. A women. A men.

I thought last year that I would have wished to have more time to spend on these answers, but that was not the case; actually, the brevity of the answers was quite insightful. So, I'll let my feelings be for next year.

I hope I did some of the things I talked about in the questions. I hope I'm more self aware and settled. I hope Donald Trump isn't President!

I think I'll be surprised what felt so big and meaningful at the time and recognise many of the other things I said, part of it will feel strange and alien, the other part familiar. I'm hoping that I will care less by then what people think about me (I've gotten better at that every year, especially in my 20s) and pursue my own path with a calmer confidence. I'm also hoping that I will have gotten better at structuring my time and looking after myself health- and soulwise. That I will be a bit more balanced emotionally. And I hope that I'll be better at appreciating the great things and people in my life and that I'll focus on that and allow it to give me even more energy (I think already do, but I could improve being aware of the positive things that happen to me all the time). I'm sure I'll also feel nostalgic, because I always do about things I've written at an earlier time and read again later. I find it touching and a bit sad.

I seem to have low esteem right now. It’s tied to the project I’m involved in at work; A low budget, loss leader for our firm that has never gone well. I joined the project when the bad decisions and understaffed / underfunded work was all done. I’ve just been stuck with the results of those decisions and it has worn me down. I'm also down about my mother's downward decline in mental and physical health due to her Lewy Bodies Dementia as well as the problems with my brother's family. I really will be surprised if I accomplish anything positive next year, but then again, the only direction is probably up. (There is the Tour De Summer Camps coming up next month - 100 km bike ride for me!) Going down further does not seem to be an option. I sincerely hope that I can look back on my responses to these questions and think … “what was I thinking? Gee, I was really down.”

I think i'll be surprised. Happy to see where I was. In shock that it's already been a full year. Sitting somewhere different, doing something different. feeling more confident, in my city, myself my work. I hope I have made a couple of new friends and that I have tried to enjoy things as much as possible. I hope that I keep pursuing what I want and understand more clearly what I want. I hope that I feel young, because I am. I hope that I feel ok with everything.

i hope i have taken some action. i've spent several years saying...researching...gathering information...i haven't DONE much. i hope to have gained the courage to really move forward to achieve some of my internal hungers.

This is a fun exercise even if my predictions are off. But it seems that in spite of how my day to day life goes, as I look at my answers year to year, things are actually progressing pretty smoothly. Hiccups along the way but each year gets me a little closer to all the things I hope for in life.

I think the response triggered will be similar to the way I felt this year. Mostly bemused, enjoying the trip down memory lane, perhaps tinged with sadness at the way events have played out. I hope to be in a mutually satisfying relationship with the love of my life, the man who is to be my life partner, and at a point where we've begun talking about marriage. I hope to be a kinder, gentler, more patient person, especially with my family and friends whose love for me is easy to take advantage of. I hope to have a better relationship with my sister in law, and to have released any painful expectations or hopes about what my relationship with my brother could be like. I hope to be more confident, to have a higher esteem for myself, and a comfortableness about being more charismatic and more outgoing. I hope to have paid off my private student loan, to be close to paying off my credit card balance, and to be setting my financial sights on saving for a down payment on my next house.

I hope I'll feel that my worry about my relationship with my daughter was so silly and so last year! I hope I will realize I've made progress and believe that will actually be the case. Already, answering these questions feels helpful.

I hope I look at those answers and see them as "Where I was then" and happy that I am one year further along to being the person I want to be.

Being 21, life is new and crazy and scary and there is so much to look forward to and so much to live for right now. I try not to get overwhelmed by the list of things to do and the present, but sometimes that's challenging. I think that I will be proud of myself and how I've reacted to my most recent challenges. I am a constantly growing and adapting human, and I take challenges in stride with joy and purpose. I try to live intentionally, and I think these answers show as such. I hope I'll be a little surer of my life path, and will have a better idea of where I'm going after graduation and grad school. I also hope that I'll be okay with the unknown, with changing plans, and with spontaneity. I hope that I'll love my friends for who they are and not judge them so much for decisions they make that I would not have. We each have our path, and that is wonderful. Reflection is so, so important for growth, for leadership, and for improvement. I am extremely grateful for these questions, and I think I'll be more at peace with myself and my situation next year because I thought it through. I hope that I can start reflecting at the end of each day, journaling a little or talking to roomies. I am a lovable, capable, and beautiful young woman who has the brightest future ahead. I simply have to remember that, and all will fall into place. I will work harder than I have before, and I will reach out to those who need it.

hope these concepts and thoughts don't disappear into the vault never to be thought of again .... if not there should be some movement in my lifestyle in a different and more meaningfull way appropriate to my age at this point

I hope I'll be so busy with graduate school I'll barely register it. I hope that I've made good progress on most of the things I've outlined as goals in the other questions. I hope I don't regret that I've wasted the year, and forgot what had been most important to me.

I don't expect to have changed a great deal. I think that many of my goals and interests will be the same. This is a long process of growing into the person you want to become.

I hope I'll continue to make progress on being less judgmental more motivated, more loving and more connected to those that I care about.

It's pretty impossible to write all of these hopes and goals and reflections and not believe I'll make them. I have to, or else why make them my goals? However, as practice shows, sometimes life gets in the way. You forget, you lose track, or interest, and suddenly the year has evaporated. To help combat that possibility I'm writing down a short list of goals in my planner. Hopefully if they are listed somewhere they will keep me more honest. When I open all of these back up in a year, maybe I will feel fulfilled about my progress. Of course, maybe my idea of progress will change, and my goals will change. Any motion is good motion, just do it with intention.


I think it will be nice to look back, and hopefully I will have accomplished everything I said I would!

In a year, I hope to recognize a woman who was scared of taking a risk, and I hope to smile because that woman took a risk, and everything turned out fine. I have more at stake now -- a great life in a great place with a great person. None of those things will go away if I quit my job.

Whoah! This year I felt a bit weird at first and it took me time to process last years answers and how I felt about where I currently was. After some time, I began to feel better about the past year and myself. Next year, I hope when I open these questions, I will be very accomplished and fulfilled. I will be on my way in life, actualizing my potential.

I'm hoping that by next year I'll look back on the health problems I've had this year as a distant memory, and I'll have almost forgotten about them.

I doubt much will have changed, honestly. But hopefully i'll have seen more of the world come that time.

I hope I will have conquered the physical, mental and financial obstacles that have plagued me year after year. And can start looking at new and interesting obstacles in the future.

I hope to see some progress. I hope that Steve and I will have learned better ways of dealing with our pain.

I hope there is more fun and friendship in my life because now I feel really alone and I don't know how to end that.

Ambivalent - I'm not sure if I'll achieve some of my aspirations. So long as nothing disastrous happens that affects my personal life in a major way. Isn't that what everyone thinks/hopes, though. All's well and everyone is lucky until they lose a limb, a job, a loved one. Hopefully answering these questions will motivate me more to try to achieve some of my goals. I've found it starting to happen with my writing--it's almost as if if I write it, it happens.

I hope that I will take this more seriously so that I spend more time on my answers. I hope/expect that my life will have a smoother surface and greater depth.

I think it is useful to think about these things. I think it is useful to identify what is important and to use that to guide my choices through out the year. I am hoping that in 2016, I will be able to have a romantic relationship and other friendships that will allow me to have a happier life.

I think I will feel content with my life same as I do now. I have no idea what effect going through this process will have during the next year. I do think I'll be surprised about how I think about things now. I hope I'll be impressed how deeply I care about life and those close to me.

I hope that I will look back at these answers and laugh at how much I let a bad job situation affect my everyday life. Of course, I hope to be gainfully employed somewhere else!

I hope when September 2016 rolls around that I will be wealthy financially and emotionally because I have worked to let the love from the universe guide me. Answering these questions has offered me a brief opportunity to focus on specific actions I can take to put myself in a successful and joyful place.

Continue my journey of health. I hope I'm thinner and I am in better shape and inspired to do this again!

As always, I expect that I'll be surprised. My life has continued to be amazing and I expect that I will be surprised at what has happened over the past year, and what I thought about when I answered these questions.

I hope I have a life that I embrace and that my creativity has blossomed like an acre of field poppies, at once rooted, yet with my face turned towards the sun.

I expect I'll feel mild surprise, as I did this year. I hope my children will be more settled and more adult in their decision-making, which will vastly improve the quality of my life. My husband will have had a semester sabbatical under his belt; I can't presume to predict what that will be like or the effect it will have on both of us. I hope my thoughts on these questions will have enabled me to put into practice the concepts behind the serenity prayer.

I received them as a gift this year, and I expect I will feel the same next year. I hope that I will have had a positive, meaningful impact on others.

Harried! - this time of year is usually very hectic, and its hard to find tiem to sit and read, sit and write. possibly annoyed if i don't get my answers back , like i didn't this year. i hope i feel on reflection that my life is in soemways in a better place, and that i'm in some small way a better person... but thats pretty obvious , it's what everyone wants again i guess i hope its a little grounding and a little esteem building.

I will fill a rush of maudlin energies as I usually do. I will be stronger. I will need to be reminded of how much these mean to me and that I should fill them out thoughtfully. Just push. Don't give up. You'll never get past the quit. The pin and the weariness are simple obstacles. Quit is fated failure. R.i.p flash.

I hope it's not a sense of "ah, not much progress made". I don't need to have ticked things off the list, but I need to have a sense that I've explored further, that I've had different experiences and made new mistakes.

I hope that I will be humble, forgiving, accepting and inspired.

I think I will be able to accomplish personal and professional goals and satisfied that I have worked diligently to achieve each. I think a more reflective life with supportive people will keep my spirits buoyed and feel fulfilled.

No significant differences. I hope I will have been more focused and attentive to specific goals. Not get sidetracked.

I hope I am taking good care of myself and that that translates into me being a better person to the people I love.

I think I will feel proud for having done good things in the past year. I imagine I will have done a lot for my volunteer org. So I guess I will feel good about that. Everything else will probably be good because that's the kind of person I am. I do a good job in life and if not I have a good attitude about it. I hope I will be happier. I hope I will have resolved this stupid thing I have with you-know-who and will have forgotten about him and never think about him again. It's really too much.

I hope I will have made significant progress into being seen as a Change Agent, and remunerated for it. I hope my writing / body of work will be vetted as helpful and I will know because I am being paid for it. I am hopeful my husband and I will have brought back some of our feeling of prosperity, and that we might be living in a new place that will bring us closer to our / my dream of living close to our children. I hope I will be more deeply involved and appreciated by my community, my peers, and my family. I am working on these things!

I'll feel optimistic as usual. I hope I'll achieve some things I've set out to do, have a clean apt, cool job, maybe a bigger dining room table. Hopefully will have spent more time with my family and have a stronger body and a calm mind

I hope I will be confident and happy in my retirement and new career and role with my mom.

I think I will have grown in my sturdiness and ability to withstand pain and grief. I hope I will be at peace with my mom's dying/death. I trust that I will be leaning on the support of my community and pushing myself forward, even when I don't want to. And I hope that I will be finding moments of joy and seeing beauty around me, even in the midst of my grief.

I hope I'll feel like I've grown into a woman who keeps her promises to herself. I want to feel like I'm a little (or a lot) closer to discovering and sharing the best version of myself with the world. I want to "remember who [I am]," Lion King-style. ;)

Hopefully I'll feel good and alittle nostalgic. I hope I'm more on track with everything and more at peace. I hope I'm making big steps towards my goals of being a writer and making games, and that I'm in a good place with my personal relationships. Christ, I hope I'm happy. I'm doing solidly now but it'd be nice to do even better.

I would like to be more aware of myself as a person, physically and spiritually, and perhaps be closer to knowing whether I want to start a family, either by myself or with another person. More travels! And Joy!

I shall be pleasantly surprised, because I think I will have forgotten about these by then. (I expect to be distracted by all the wonderful and glamorous things happening in my life then, by fall 2016.) But it will be nice to have this glimpse back in time, to past-me's thoughts, hopes, and fears. I hope I have my life more together by then--or at least, that I feel I have it more under control than I do now (lol, what a mess...). And hopefully, these reflections will get me thinking, conciously or not, about where I am now, where I want to be, and how I can get there, though the road may be hard. So here's to this new year... Cheers!

Like I wish I'd spent a bit more time on the contemplation and answers.

I hoping life will feel more certain at this time next year! I'm also hopeful that this idea/beta we have becomes something real that can challenge the way education is done today.