Is there something that you wish you had done differently this past year? Alternatively, is there something you're especially proud of from this past year?

I'm proud that I have managed to stay happily married. It isn't easy but it is worth the work.

I wish I was more patient with my kids partner and dad. I am proud of my writing, buying a house and having a baby.

Dwelling in the past and regrets are the crutch of the weak minded. I am proud I finally got my degree (at 60 years old) with a 3.94 GPA.

I wish I had gone to more Friday night services to say kaddish for Brian. While it always makes me cry, I also feel good about the connection to him.

I wish I'd talked more and shared more, but with particular people. Nothing else will break the rut. Openness and honesty is the key.

I wish I had been more gentle in my dealings with loved ones. I am pretty proud of myself for handling some bumpy transitions with a fair amount of grace.

I wish I had saved more money and taken better care of my health. What I am most proud of is that I am slowly developing a client base and improving in my professional counseling skills.

I wish I could find my passion. Instead of working a job i no longer enjoy and coming home numb and tired, plopping in front of the tv until its bed time, I wish i had found, or made, a purpose for my life beyond working and consuming.

I was proud that I lived alone in the United States. I spent most of the time working in lab.

I wish I would've pushed to go to church more. I miss being involved with other people. I miss connecting to God through worship and service. My excuses are pathetic, but right now all of our church options don't really fit, and it doesn't help that I like sleeping in. I need to push us to go and get involved.

Not much, but one thing. I have experienced again - at times - too much stress this year, although it has improved in comparison with last year. Too much stress keeps me from being present and there for my family. I would like to improve this more. At the same time I am proud to have at least made a step in the right direction. More to come!

This last year I have been a little wrapped up in my own grief to have set goals, but I have taken steps to look after myself and my future. Now, to set some goals and start moving forward.

I wish I had been less angry. Or, I wish I could feel my anger without feeling rage and being mean. The rage has become my protective armor and I've felt so vulnerable, the rage is lways nearby at the ready to cloak myself with. I am proud of giving birth to my son at the birth center with no epidural or pain relief (save for a shot of Demerol during earlier labor). I am proud of how well breastfeeding is going. I am proud that I've reached out for help with my mental health and I am proud that I stayed critical of that help because I know myself best. And I am really proud of that.

I wish I had been more professional/had more gravitas in my interview for the HIV band 6 specialist post. I regret being too scatty, and not following the system. I resent not being given the post despite them liking my experience and telling me that I was their top choice. I have learnt to be more serious in interviews. I wish I had been there for my mum a bit more, and I wish I hadn't forgotten my dad's birthday. I owe them both a lot, and it is hard times for them. I hope I can be more supportive and present for them this year. I wish I had been more in touch with Eden last year. I hope to be better at it this year.

I wish I hadn't left my job at Pizza Express to move into an independent place. It wasn't a great place to work, and I wasn't supported by the owners or the supervisors. After two months I was let go with the only reason being I let them down on "many levels". Luckily I had started back at Pizza Express so I could still get the income coming in. But it's put me through a rough patch. I should've just stayed at Pizza Express and be more stable.

I wish that I didn't express my stress by being rude, mean to strangers. I am more controlled with the people I have relationships with but often use strangers to vent.

I wish I'd won the lottery. No, of course, there are small decisions that I wish had gone differently, but in general, there are very few things I'd want to undo. In a few cases, I might choose to use my time slightly differently, but even then, looking back, I can't really regret the places where I did invest my time. I just wish I had more hours in a day to invest! I'm proud of how I've continued to declutter and reorganize to make my home a true haven for myself and the kids. Less stuff, everything with a specific home, and clear expectations make it easier to have the kids complete chores and easier for all of us to just enjoy living and not have to invest time in cleaning!

I wish I'd been more careful with money over the past year. I have no discipline where money is concerned. I need to set financial goals for myself and stick to them.

I wish I'd been able to communicate more effectively with my partner and could have eliminated anger and frustration. I wish I'd hiked more at Cinque terra

I wish I had taken action on those things I wanted to do immediately.

I'm proud to have followed my gut, had the strength to leave my comfort zone, and gone and lived in a foreign country for the first time. I wish I had been able to foresee some of the complications - particularly in my living situations - and planned accordingly to avoid them. I am, however, grateful for the lessons learned. I'm also super proud of how much my French has improved and getting a CELTA certification. If I could do it differently, I would have seen my friends more, and been less of a financial albatross for my parents:

I wish that I had managed my relationship with my son better. Listened more closely, guided more openly and loved more wholly. I am especially proud of the way that I supported him in football. The way I showed him that he was talented and how much his team relied on him, but l how I did not suffer from making his present a representation of my past. I'm proud of how I made it be his.

I am really proud that I don't wish I had done anything differently, and that is because I have learned to embrace not pleasing everyone. One of my employees resentfully left to set up a competitor, and I learned to let her go and wish her well. My past investors were resentful about my stubbornness and my passion for the business, which I learned to just absorb and not allow to affect my decisions. One of my best friends left because she didn't like my boyfriend, and I let her go and realised that she wished to go and used it as an excuse. In the past, these facts would have inspired me to say I wish I had handled things differently and sheepishly ask for approval or forgiveness, but no longer do I feel I need to make everyone happy. All my decisions were made with the knowledge I had at the time, and I do not need to satisfy everyone, but rather feel proud of what I've done and achieved. This is slowly starting to become possible.

Parenting always falls into both these categories! I am so proud of our girls and am thankful for the parenting "wins" when I have managed to be humble and wise despite myself. On the other hand, there are countless moments I would love to change: a harsh word on the way to school, an overreaction, a missed opportunity. Thankful that in my weakness He is strong and so grateful for a community of friends supporting each other as we fight this good fight!

I would have spent money more wisely and been more frugal. I should have looked for a better paying job too.

No ... to both questions.

I think it's been an average year. I didn't mess up terribly. I'm a bit proud that my writing's gotten some notice. I'm proud that I've had some chutzpah to get my work "out there."

I'm proud of the fact that I get some kind of momentum going with Phd even though I'm back at work and my sabbatical is over. Especially the quantum of work that I've had to do. I do wish I could've progressed even further than I have, but I suppose that's just me putting too much pressure on myself. I mustn't take away from how much I've learnt in the process and the new statistical skills I've acquired.

On May 31st, I retired. Happy days. I had been thinking and planning for it for most of 2014 and I did it. There were times when I doubted my sanity and I wasn't sure if I could live on such a reduced income but I'm making it work. I also moved back to the UK, again something that I wasn't sure if it was a good idea or not. Again, I'm making it work.

I'm most proud of the way I researched, planned and then executed my transition to a new location. There was a lot of work involved, and I had no one to help me; I really did everything on my own, and I pulled it off successfully. I do wish the transition could have been easier and better timed for my children, though. It was hard for them to come "home" at the end of the summer to new place where they were more like guests until they left for college. Those three weeks were difficult and I wish I had anticipated that and prepared better for it.

Would liked to have visited with my children and grandson more. We retired and followed through on our plans to live at the Lake for the Summer and Fall then back to Florida for the Winter months.

I wish I had left my job earlier, simply because I would now be further down the line with my new business. However, until my hand was forced, I never felt ready enough. Even now, I don't feel ready! There has been a lot of upheaval in our lives this year. We have moved house and I have made the lea to establishing a business. yet through it all, I have managed to remain sane (just!!). If I think about what i'm most proud about, it's that I don't let the fear I'm feeling paralyse me.

I wish I had gone to Israel

yes I wish I had "got over" myself a whole lot quicker. Some bad feelings hanging over from my divorce and I let them colour my thoughts and feelings too much. Way better now and despite that opening statement actually quite proud of myself for getting sorted out after dealing with 15 years of my life being trashed. Looking forward to where I am going.

I wish that I had managed my relationships (friends, family, romantic) better. I am particularly pleased with how I've managed since my layoff & the awesome things I've managed to participate in as a result.

I am proud of the fact that I walked my first 5K. It may not sound like much but it was my first time and then I did another and I plan to do one next month. Im thankful that I can walk, so why not walk and stay in shape and remind myself that I have a gift.

There are many things I wish had gone differently in this past year. I wish I had more time for a great number of things like sleep, exercise, cleaning, planning lessons, reading books, cooking yummy food, playing board games, spending time with my husband, etc. But all these things were back-burner this year because my infant son's needs took number one priority. And although has been (and still is) hard to have so little time for the things I enjoy/need, I do not wish I had done that differently. I really believe that caring for him well now, and meeting his needs, will help him to become confident and independent person in time.

I wish I didn't beat myself up so hard when I'd fail. I shamed and mentally attacked the hell out of myself over things both small and big. I failed to see myself as having any sort of value to this world or myself. I became really lost in my own fear and chose to believe something that just wasn't true. My failures DON'T define me. Even if I totally fuck up for the world to see, they're judgements are only failures to empathize... They're forgiveness is everything... And so is mine for myself.

i wish i read more

There are many things that I wish I had done differently this past year, chief among them is I wish I hadn't bought such a large motorcycle. Certainly it's enjoyable to ride, but it has been over thirty years since my last bike. I've already had three minor spills, one of which resulted in a cracked rib and a fair amount of pain. The purchase was made with an eye toward freedom, but unless I want an extremely unhappy marriage, that freedom can't be realized. There really isn't anything that I'm all that proud of from the past year. Maybe that's the reason for the bike. I've reached a stage in life in which the big achievements are over. My career is winding down, my responsibilities are set, and I go from day to day knowing that not much will really change. That's a good thing. I've worked hard over a life time to get to this point, but the excitement of new challenges has disappeared. In this, there really is no complaint. I have a wonderful wife, have had some adventures, lived to see another day when things went awry, have seen a good sampling of the world and the nation, and--if all continues to go well, will have a comfortable retirement. Still, I miss waking up each morning knowing that better days are on the horizon if I just push a little harder.

I wish I quit my job in sorriso earlier

There is still the genetic predisposition to overindulge in food and drink. A continuing struggle. We have found a good apparent routine for splitting our geographic time.

I am proud of myself for making Aliya and moving to Israel although I didn't have a clear reason WHY or a plan when I got here. I followed my heart, and I've only felt regret a few days out of the 8 months I've been here.

I wish that I wouldn't have let boys, idols, and people take priority over God. I still struggle with all of these, but one that especially sticks it out is my goal to become Worship team leader, I have been so focused whenever I go up on stage that I became consumed with the pride and hope that I would become the next, Teagan and I talked and she explained that she will hopefully be worship team leader for another 1 year or less depending on what happens with her classes at Northpoint...But that Renee said to have Teagan begin to train me to become the next worship team... Ever since she has been giving me songs, having me lead some. And yesterday at church we did a song together: Your Love Is All Around (All Sons & Daughters -Season One) Sarah said I didn't look nervous but inside I was screaming and so nervous, but the harmonies that God gave me to sing with Teagan with that song... Pastor Janis and Keith my new worship team leader as of yesterday (I made adult worship team!) they were so impressed and in love with the song. I am so thankful that God has turned something I was so nervous and embarassed about into something I can be proud of and express myself with, and sing unto thee the only one who is worthy to be praised.. <3

I am especially proud of everything I accomplished last fall. I wish that the situation with OSU in the spring hadn't affected me as much as it did, but I obviously didn't have any control over it and don't find any of my actions deplorable. This is, rarely, a no regrets year (so far).

handled my wife and daughter's trip south better and with more stable emotion I'm proud of publishing two non-fiction stories in Guidepost's publication "Angels on Earth"

I'm proud of the way my brothers worked together to resolve many issues that cam up this past year. We worked well as a team. I'm proud of my boys, one graduated from college an the other is working hard toward his engineering degree. I am proud of the projects I completed at work, providing spaces and facilities for others to do their work. I'm proud of my nieces and nephews who are also making great strides to become adults.

Yes. I wish I had waited longer before reconciling with my husband. I feel I should have been brave enough to use the time we were apart to see if we should stay married. Instead I rushed back into a relationship that is today making me anxious and miserable. He may be truly repentant but I didn't give us the time to assess if that was true. So now I feel it's too late to demand more evidence of his remorse and I'm left not really knowing if he loves me or is playing me. O to be braver.

Be more involved at temple. I am proud of my accomplishments at work as well as my personal life and relationship.

Yes - again I wish I had gotten better control of my debt and spending and held fast to just telling myself NO! I am feeling the stress and pressure of bills and paying debt down. UGH! I am especially proud of my daughter (and after this weekend I hope that stands true) for graduating college and getting a job. She is ready to start paying her own bills!

I am a worker bee to the extent of endangering my health. After a particularly punishing period finishing two book revisions, teaching a new course, and taking care of my husband, I was depleted. I took a summer off work to heal. I took a "Getting Back to Happy" course. I began exercising. I took a weeklong "working vacation" to fly to another city to grade AP exams. Now, I feel whole again. I am continuing exercise three times a week. I am taking a nutrition class. And in taking care of myself, I find myself better able to take care of my husband from a place of joy. I am proud of this and I hope that when I read this a year from now, I'll have progressed even further.

Yes, I wish I had been more supportive and less spiteful towards my husband of our move to OK.

I have nothing. Which I find very sad.

I would be more proactive while looking for the next job.

I completely and totally screwed up the process of notifying the people in my life about my impending out-of-state move. I put it off as long as I possibly could, and as a result, many people learned of it second-hand. It was just so painful to have to face -- having to go through the process of explaining why over and over. I know I ended up looking unprofessional and antisocial. When my husband transitioned from residency to fellowship, the application process happened 18 months in advance, so we knew for that long a time that we were moving, and it leaked out to our friends far sooner than I had hoped. I absolutely hated the feeling of being in limbo, with people knowing I was leaving and bringing it up to me repeatedly. It amplified the feeling I already had of not belonging -- even though people spoke of it in terms of not wanting us to go. So I was determined not to create that situation again. But like Oedipus, I brought about precisely what I was working so hard to avoid. Alternatively, I'm proud of my work as a teacher in the past year. I believe I made a difference in the musical lives of many young people, and I powered through the discomfort of introvert overload. I also managed to live in my professional public persona fairly convincingly on several occasions. I wish it weren't so hard for me to maintain and switch between my two gears: misanthropic recluse and crowd-pleasing ham.

I wish I would have remembered where I put my wedding ring. I took it off to take a shower and don't know what happened to it after that. The wife is upset and disappointed but sympathetic.

I can't say that I regret anything specifically, but I feel like I haven't embraced this city the way I could have. Since I've been overseas, new cities have always excited me, and I love making new friends, but this place is exhausting. I find myself wanting to be back in Vienna (right now, because of the refugees, and because I know I could help if I were there); or wanting to take tdy's to vietnam or thailand. There is plenty of beauty and life and color here, but I only feel the pain in my headaches and I hear the constant buzzing of electrical wires and the sounds of the crowds and machinery, and I feel the heat so profoundly; I cannot see the beauty for more than a moment at a time. That would be my regret.

I really wish I had sealed up all the holes in the fence so that our puppy hadn't dashed out into the street and gotten killed. I am sort of proud of myself that I am able to be a decent parent to my child who came out as transgender, even though I still have a hard time calling him "my son".

As I said last year, I do my very best to live without regret, so I really do NOT have anything to say about something that I wish I had done differently. Although I still haven't lost much weight!!! I am proud of the fact that I think that I have built an even stronger bond with my teenage daughters. My 15 year old shares a lot more with me than she used to and my 17 year old has confided in about things going on with her friends. That makes me feel like her level of trust in me is very strong!

I wish I'd been more careful with my heart, taken things slower so that i was not so sidetracked and distracted by my love interest that was not making himself available. It made me stupid crazy uncentred unfocused for my life activities friendships and responsibilities. Yet the love longing AND pain were so juicy with life that I would never had had the full on experience of being deeply madly in love. ... In short: intensely alive. It was a great exercise in awareness while being on a vessel navigating through all types of emotional weather & waters.

I was very happy this year. I was proud of how hard I work in school and at Uno Mas making money. Also how I branched out and did things on my own like Cuba and Israel. I wish I was nicer to some people and I wish I worked a little harder at getting a better job.

I wish I had quit drinking and smoking.

I could have exercised a bit more.. but I actually don't. I tend to see everything as learning experiences. I could say that I wish I'd learned certain things sooner, but I very much believe that everything happens for a reason. I'm especially proud that I am in the midst of learning to follow my heart and take decisions with that as my driving force. It's all about starting small - flexing your way to change. Small things and decisions like that have started to have a ripple effect throughout all relationships and aspects of my life.

Differently: -Dating in general Proud Off: -Completing MPP

Done more exercising regularly and stayed on top of my condition. Proud of handling my retirement--so far at least.

Considering everything that I experienced within the past 12 months, I cannot say I wish for anything to have played out differently. If it had, I might not have been answering this question right now. I'm proud of it all, the fights, going broke after almost every night out, all the arrests and the uncertainty of what the following day had for me. It all helped me grow to who I'am at this very moment. I really appreciate who I''m slowly becoming.

I am still looking for my mojo. Of course I wish I had been able to lose weight, get back to riding strong, etc.., but I am still working on that. I can see it, I can see me doing it, but I don't actually get out and do it. I need to find that joy again. The dark veil is lifting slowly.

Not, no exist anything that I'd like to have made different. My trip to the Chapada Diamantina , it was really special.

yes, I was accepted into the NHS

Been kinder to my mother

I wish I had learned to confront people gracefully. I've made it through almost one full year of motherhood.

I have always known that Brandon needs to live in a campus setting. I wish I would have moved him through Lakeside earlier. I am proud of my work to change the restrictive DDD guidelines that would have resulted in thousands of NJ's most vulnerable citizens from losing the homes that would support their health and happiness.

I wish all of these questions weren't begin answered about work and money, but it's the only aspect of my life that's not where I want it to be. So, I wish I'd not agreed to have Bill take over Ventura Keys before he had some time and experience doing the job for my neighborhood so he wouldn't have wasted all that $ on going to Chicago before figuring out he could NOT do this job. I'm very proud of my publication and that it made it to print. Of course I'm not happy about all the businesses who flaked out, but I'll get bigger better ones down the road.

I wish I took better care of myself, and was more clean and organized. I wish I exercised, and ate better food. Looking for college is stressful; I wish I could bring up my GPA, and feel confident in my own intelligence. I wish I wasn't depressed or anxious. I wish I felt like a normal person, and that people would understand how I feel. I wish I was more provocative, and got out of the house more. I wish I got my drivers permit, and I wish I spent time with friends.

I wish that instead of fighting so hard to maintain an abusive relationship that I had gracefully bowed out of the situation and moved on before it got so bad that we now can't be friends. I'm super proud of the fact that I have managed to get myself to a place where I feel happy with who and am and how my life is progressing. I have some short and long term goals to work toward, and overall I am very happy with the life and friendships that I am cultivating.

The only thing I would have done differently this past year would have been to not join Mary Kay and waste my money on that. If I had not done that I would have more money in my savings right now and wouldn't have had to taken out more student loans this past year. However I did meet some great ladies while in it and for that I am grateful.

I should not have worried about some things at all. But I'm applying this lesson!

No, there is nothing I wish I would have done differently. I have learned over the years that there is a teaching moment in all of my actions. If I had done anything differently, I may not be where I am today. I am proud I was promoted this year for work recognized by people I didn't know were watching!

I would have spent less time worrying about relationships, and spent more time relaxing and letting what's meant to be come.

I wish I'd stuck to eating well and losing weight. I feel good about the weight that I did lose, but I need to keep going. I am not happy at this weight, but definitely struggle to anticipate a life where I am not struggling with my weight. I don't think that's ever going to happen. I am always going to have to be conscious of what I eat. Sometimes it feels like I should just eat what I like, and continue to love my body as it is. Being overweight is a challenge, and seeing how good it feels to be lighter makes a difference. I'll never be a skinny girl with a flat stomach, but I could be a fit girl who is happy in her skin. I'm not going to stress about it, but I am going to keep being aware of what I'm eating...at least I'm not gaining.

I wish that i had been able to adapt myself to Mom's advancing Alzheimer's better / faster than i did - and i'm STILL not entirely there. The progression of the disease has truly taken her away, and although there is a cursory almost vestigial remainder of her in there somewhere, there is no more converstation, advice, manners, humour. It has been a difficult process because all the effort has to be made on one side - mine. She CANNOT comprehend or retain anything, so she cannot participate, and it falls to me to take up any and all slack and to make things as easy as possible. I need to internalise this and always react / act from that position, rather than "getting there."

I wish I would've been in IBCP versus full IB. I'm proud of the fact that I've stuck out a whole year without a perm. Now you know for a black girl that's a major accomplishment.

I'm in the middle of some major self-directed changes, thus smack dab in the middle of learning. I have a good sense of the value of these lessons, but don't yet know how they will play out. Although it has had its share of pain, I am glad I am making these changes and learning so much in the process. I couldn't have heard the messages before this point in time.

I wish I wouldn't have let stress and worry get the best of me. There were too many times this year that I lost my way and forgot to look around and enjoy life. It's always been my goal to live life to the fullest because we only get one shot at this. However, even with such a positive outlook, stress can win sometimes. And, it won a lot last year. Nothing specific really to blame other than myself. Sure work could have something to do with it, but in the end I take the full responsibility. Everything in this life is a choice including how we respond to stress. I made the choice to let it over take me. You see, I'm a terrible reactor when I do this and my wife, friends, family and health all have to pay the price for my selfish choices. I'm proud that I've recently come to this realization. It's now a self-imposed mandate that must be followed. Moving forward, I have to be better. I have to make better choices. I will enjoy life, every single day. Stress will lose this year.

I wish I had gotten my act together and moved out of my parents' house. I wish I had written more. I wish I had lived in the present instead of saying "Well, when this happens I'll..." because those things never happened. Thinking about the future is great, but not at th expense of the present, I think.

I'm proud of us for finally deciding to take control of our future. Moving out of state without a job lined up yet is a huge deal, and a big change for this lady who always swore she'd stay near her family, but we can't keep waiting for something to happen or circumstances to change!

i launched a performance management program at work that i am incredibly proud of. i had the opportunity to build the online tool and program and then launch it. it was amazing to take something from a basic shell to actual realization and see it implemented. i am especially proud as it was a project that focused on people not just process. i really believe that it has the capability to help people realize their importance in the workplace and give them a sense of purpose in what they do.

I am proud of the way I conducted myself this entire summer. I feel that I put a lot of energy into each of my experiences, therefore was able to get a lot in return. I was mature at times that I needed to be, and I acted like myself while meeting new people. I also savored every moment with my family. I hope I can feel this way for the rest of my life.

I'm proud of the fact I'm making time for people, but also my twitter, where my account has grown and there are people I really connect with. I know I have grown a lot in confienance this year and am becoming more indepedant. I guess if I had to think of something I'd done differently, it was working on relationships, with my friends from Church, and also on twitter, remmebering it's about builidng relationships, not getting even more followers so I feel like a big account.

I wish that I worked more over the summer to save up for college and other expenses I will face the following years to come. With that said, I am proud of the fact that i saved about two thousand three hundred dollars this summer alone only working approximately twenty three hours a week.

I wish that I had more of a spine this past year. Having the courage to tell people how I felt and just to say no sometimes would have been extremely useful for all the stuff that happened. Alternatively, I'm extremely proud of myself for getting accepted to the Air Force Academy's Summer Seminar. Not necessarily because I want to go, but because it wasn't easy and the recognition was nice.

I wish everything had been different. Everything.

This year we did some reorganization of our finances. I am pretty proud of myself, because it required giving up or changing a lot of ideas, beliefs and values I had about money. I embraced the change. But it wasn't easy. I wish I wouldn't have stressed so much myself and my wife in the process. I know that stress is self induced and basically a reaction to circumstances. Nevertheless I was less then successful to avoid inflicting this on myself. I have to keep re-learning about stress and worry that is not worth it and tools to avoid them.

I am very proud that I succeeded in getting of antidepressant drugs

I wish I had wasted less time, spent more time creating, and less time numbing myself with screens. I wish I had thought more, wrote more, loved more, created more, trusted more.

I really can't think of anything I wish I had done differently. Maybe more to do with health and exercise than anything else. But I've been doing well with my running and weight training. I've been so focused on myself and I think I need to make this next year about my husband. I need to inspire him and help him feel good about himself.

My procrastination is something that I constantly work on. It becomes a real problem in my life. I miss out on some special moments because of it and I regret the time I've wasted. I work on timelines when able for a while then get back into my bad habits.

Chosen another mortgage company

I wish I had procastinated less in the past year. I am proud of my strive to want to be a part of things this year.

I have had a good past year, but it has not been free of stress and anxiety. I had wish that I had a conversation about my service to a board earlier as I think that would have improved my service to the organization. I eventually had this conversation, but I don't feel proud about telling the truth of my time commitments and my inability to serve at the level I wish I could. I place high expectations on myself. These expectations can serve as a motivator, but can also cause great anxiety and a feeling that I will never fulfill my goals. If this question is intended to lead us into asking: what have you learned? I have learned that I still desire to be liked, which causes me to commit to things I am unable to fulfill. I am getting better at evaluating my circumstances and saying "no", but wanting to be liked, plus a healthy competitive spirit keeps me thinking "I can make this work". I need to do less of that this new year.

Worked on my relationship with my husband more. I evolved in my work, feel growth and feel challenged.

I should have looked differently at life, not be so upset at how things were going with my health. Couldn't been more laid back and not so angry with my husband. I regret not enjoying things and just have fun . Life is and I want to live it .

Done differently - I've gotten into the habit of defensiveness with my husband, like it's always a fight. I'm not sure how we got there, but it makes it seem like every conversation is a potential argument. I wish I had realized this sooner and tried to figure out what to do about it (not that I know yet). Done well - at work I've done well, become a better leader, gotten things done. Gotten new job opportunities.

I'm proud of quitting drinking! I'm not proud of why, and my car is daily proof that I need to stick to it. It's made a great change in my levels of anxiety and my general health. I'm proud of speaking up more! It got me to L.A., got me my PT job with a local school, etc. I wish I'd saved better. I'm still not as good with money as I'd like to be. If I'd been saving like I wanted I'd be travelling even more. But I'm glad I took a 9-hour road trip with my dog and saw Santa Fe.

I am very very very proud of the song recording and video of "Cinco De Mayo, 1999" that was made in June, at the wonder chamber, with me, shelly, Dony Wynne, Brian (on bass and a lot more) and Mariachi Relampago, and filmed with iphones by Eric and Tim Ziegler. And edited by me and Brian. And my mariachi pants came from Kathie Sever. I traded for a garden design. It was one of the best days of my life, with a hangover that has lasted months.

I am proud at how I have been showing up for myself by holding out for what I want in a relationship (and what I want to avoid). I am also so happy that I have been focusing on a loving relationship with myself! I deserve it!

I wish I had not gotten a speeding ticket on my birthday. I wish I could have read more books this past year, especially my bible. I am proud that we sold our house and purchased a new house with minimal financial strain.

I've spent most of this past year trying to help a mentally ill friend. I've tried to get him insurance through the ACA, tried to get him to doctors that could prescribe the medications he needed when insurance didn't pan out (thanks Texas!)... it's been a whole up and down experience. Unfortunately, I've learned that for all my vaunted ability to fix just about anything I come across, I started to view my friend as something to be fixed rather than just being there for him in the way he needed me to be. Not a great result and when struggling with mental illness, the last thing you need is to feel like you are failing at being fixed. As a result, I've had to take a serious step backwards from the friend's healthcare and just go back to a place of friendship. His health is his to manage. Not for me to fix. I just wish I hadn't pushed him down the road I did (that ended up leading to an involuntary commitment for suicidal intention at one point). He and I both know what my intentions were, but intentions don't "fix" what I set in motion for him and what those things did to him mentally.

I guess I wish I had not gained a bunch of weight in the past year. Not very proud of that. As for something I am proud of, see answer to #1. In addition I am very happy and proud to have thrived in my position for another year!

I wish I had been slower to anger.

I wish I worried less, and I wish I hadn't released stress, unhappiness, and negativity into the world as often as I did (what a negative observation). :) I am proud of myself for walking away from a job that, despite wonderful colleagues and many things I appreciated about it, began to poison the person I was. I didn't like who I was becoming, and this job was not what I wanted. I miss it often, and am not sure I chose my new school with the care I should've, but it was, without a doubt, the right move -if nothing else, because I know this with certainty.

I wish I had spent less time worrying about things that were out of my control. I seem to waste a lot of time doing such things. I am proud of the fact that I had great success with my individual therapy. I am seeing improvements and using the techniques I learned should I fall back into old habits.

I wish I got out more, took more risks and had more fun. I did change jobs which was a great positive step.

I wish I was better at standing up for myself, especially when it comes to work. I think I'm a bit of a pushover and it mostly comes from a place of wanting to keep the peace between everyone. I think I need to act in my own self interest a bit more. Kind of connect...I need to work on my self-esteem and self-perception. I can't beat myself over every thing I say or how I look. I'm proud that I was accepted in to 2/2 grad school programs and that I've actually started!

I do wish I didn't as big a stink as I did at work to know have to worry so much about everything I say or do. My proudest moment is when I got married and our family was finally official all around.

Hmmm. I think the main thing from last year is that I allow myself to become so wrapped up in work that I don't enjoy my life. Last spring, I became obsessed with some changes that were happening at our college. I looked out my window one day and realized that although I walk with Sage everyday, spring had passed by and I missed it. I don't want to do that again. I want to leave work at work. That is my number one goal this year. Learn to compartmentalize and leave work on the table. I was awarded tenure last year, but I didn't celebrate it. This year I want to celebrate all the good things in my life and savor them!!

I wish that I had already learned that the choices of the people around me were choices based on their lives and not mine--I knew it in an academic sort of way--but it took the last year for me to really believe it on every level. I am really proud that I did learn this. It took a lot of work and struggling to learn this. I am mourning the things that I did when I was hurt because I didn't know this--and I look forward to the ways that I can heal those relationships and myself because I learned this.

There always is, wasn't nice enough. Did start some new batiks.

I wish that I had listened to my heart instead of listening to others. A lot of the time I don't want to hurt others so I think about their feelings first and not mine. I can't say that I have any accomplishments this year to speak of that I would be proud of. I did do some things I set out to do. I accomplished goals set for myself but that is something that I am always doing. I should be proud that it was a hard year again and I am still here keeping on.

I'm not one to reflect on regrets. I wish I'd focused more fully on being active and doing yoga because after this summer my physical well being is becoming more intertwined with my personal wellbeing.

Different: stay in better touch with people who don't take the initiative to call me (Rozi, Lee, Aunt Marsha). But it's hard because I love them all and I don't want to upset them by making them feel bad. But why is it a one-way street? Proud: Working on being a fair friend to my husband. Listening more and all that good stuff.

There are so many things I wish I had done differently, but I think I tried and did my best. I am especially proud that I have continued Pilates and created my home environment to be comfortable and safe for me and guests.

I am proud that I was a loving, faithful daughter to my mom in her final year of life. I learned a lot, I think I gave a lot, and I have no regrets. That was a huge blessing.

I am proud of the decision I made to leave an industry I was not happy in and to pursue my real purpose.

I'm proud of how much of an effort I made to have a good life here in Israel. It was fucking hard as shit and I'm deeply unsatisfied with my progress but I could either be upset or try and be happy with the knowledge that at least I tried. I wonder though if maybe the trick is to not try so hard and then not to feel so disappointed. Like maybe i should let go and just relax. See what life brings me instead of chasing things and people who don't want to be chased. I guess we'll see if what that attitude brings.

Wish I would have been involved in Temple worship, services, and outreach. Gained self-confidence in teaching and new profession.

I wish I had been more grateful for all that I had and all the people who helped me do life. I am proud that I stayed sober another year- the only reason I have so much to be grateful.

I wish I spent more time building more positive personal relationships with others. I am proud of a successful post-retirement job search, beginning a new career with DCMA.

Yes, I wish I had taken the classes I said I would take instead of procrastinating. I wish I would have tried to give 100% of myself into a relationship instead of just playing it safe. I'm proud that I was able to give as much as I did to those I love. I hope they know I at least make an effort to show them that much.

I wish that I'd started getting stronger quicker! I'm really proud of enjoying Italy like every second of it

I took a grueling Two Month acting class with Ann Dutton. I am so proud of the work I did. This class involved driving to Austin every week and spend the night afterwards. Once home I had to start memorizing lines for the next class. As well as maintain my own true auditions from my Agents. I think a gained confidence and respect from other actors. Good Job to ME!

I wish that I had allowed myself to be more open to what God and life have in store for me. I spent a lot of time being unhappy with *things* around me, things that I know will fall into place on their own if I just let love and my passion lead my life and decisions. I am very proud of my ability to change my approach to life and way of thinking in order to get back on the right track. It's a gift that allows me to find happiness once again. My goal is to continue this practice within myself throughout the next year and beyond.

I wish I would have been more true to who I am. I felt very uncomfortable at work and if I was being totally honest I would have seen it wasn't a good fit and left. I'm proud of myself for regaining my autonomy. After having my first child my only self identity was mom. This year I regained some of myself and was able to feel ok leaving my son with someone else in order to work or have personal time. In return, the time I spent with him was richer, more enjoyable.

I wish I can change things, but I'd rather leave things the way they are. I'm proud of getting to know myself more and being in tune with myself.

I took a new job. With the VA. Great to make more money. But yet another dead end position with not enough to do.

I wish I had been more communicative with my boyfriend. I spent much too much time in my head driving myself crazy when it needn't be. I'm very proud how I've been raising my daughter on my own. To see her be a happy, intelligent child makes everything else fade away....maybe not the circles under my eyes. Thank god for modern medicine.

I wish I'd taken better care of myself over the last year. It's frustrating that I let my mental health issues get the better of me again, for at least six months, and am just coming out of it now. I also gained a lot of weight because I felt so unhappy and the daunting process of getting myself fighting-fit again seems a lot larger the second time around.

I am proud that I have grown beyond needing so much approval from other people. I have let people's opinions and level of engagement with me dictate how I feel about myself. I have made new friends, changed jobs, and grown in significant ways. I have chosen to take an adventure trip by myself at the end of the year which is a big and exciting accomplishment. I am proud of myself for doing this.

I wish I'd signed up for Shaoling Tai Qi while it was still free. -dlj.

I maybe would have been more frugal in my spending activity, but I am still saving money, so I can't complain. I am proud of the fact that I moved out of my parents' house and am living on my own. I feel like a "real adult".

I wish I had eaten better and lost more weight. This especially applies to the winter months, when I tend to carb out. I'm very proud to have started the MBA in Sustainability program, to have taken that risk. I'm pleased I spent time with my father before he died. That means so much to me.

Actually, no I can't think of anything that I would have done differently. Life threw a lot of things at me in the last 12 months, and I'm pleased with the way I handled them. Things that were in my control and things that were out of my control. I am very grateful for those in my life and those who came into my life at those times, which I believe, helped my make sound decisions.

I wish I had been more open about my needs in relationships earlier. It would have saved me a lot of heartache and time. However, I am proud that I started going to therapy again and working on those issues, and that I eventually was open about my needs. Learning to be vulnerable isn't the most fun process, but I think it will be good for me in the long run.

I want to be a better husband--to carve some of my job time out and turn it into spouse time.

I don't regret anything I've done in the last year. I sometimes wish I'd been able to recover more quickly from heartbreak, but I learned so much through that trial that's helped me be more loving and empathetic that it was almost worth it. I'm proud of what I've gone through—I got a great job, moved to a new town alone, made great friends, survived getting laid off, was honest with myself and my mom about what I believe, started writing a book, and kept in touch with old friends.

I really still need to work on apportioning my time properly, and not get quite so aggravated. On the other hand, my having reached my limit a few times allowed me to stake a position on a few things at work in a public fashion, and I am pretty proud of the fact that I stood up openly and honestly in the face of powerful interests to the contrary, and that allowed other people to stand up behind me. This also allowed me to see that other people actually respect me more than I had realized.

Nothing specific. In general, I wish I could control my temper and my anxieties, but that's always the case. Nothing I can think of that I'm especially proud of either. Lately, I do seem to be reacting in a better way to some of the things my wife does, giving her space for what she feels she has to do.

I'm proud of myself for being courageous enough to go after a dream! They say if your dreams don't scare you they aren't big enough, and this dream scares me! I've realized that if I'm afraid to pursue something that should not be a deterrent, but rather a mandate that I now must pursue it, because it is that which initially scares me that will inevitably prosper and grow me. There are levels of greatness that are only accessible on the other side of fear and doubt. My destiny does not live inside a comfort zone of complacency. My only regret is that I did not pursue this dream sooner. It always seems impossible until it is done. Now I know that nothing is impossible - my habitual thinking (which then feeds my corresponding actions based on my faith or lack thereof ) creates my reality - nothing else.

It's hard to say differently because even the mistakes bring new awareness. I suppose I wish I had done something more to give back instead of just thinking about it. I feel I'm proud of acting with grace in some stressful situations and gossiping/criticizing less.

Wish I would have exercise more and eating better but I am proud of the way I handle all the stress and all the communication with friends and family through Kens surgery I feel very blessed and grateful opportunities to make a new life.

First proud: -I am proud of being a good father and supporting my daughter in her wedding -I am proud that I am becoming the kind of person that I want to be and trying to do it even when I feel lonely or sad or not good about myself -I am proud about the relationships I have had this year even when they have not worked out Second, I wish I was better at making my life more sane. I left myself feel like I am living on the edge too much and that is hard to do And I wish that the divorce was moving along and that I had some idea of what was going on with money and my life. I hate the uncertainty and how I feel about it

I'm proud that I've worked very hard and consistently at trying to find a job. Networking events, meeting new people and asking for connections

I wish I had given myself more time to transition. I moved and didn't give myself enough time to say goodbye to those I love and will miss. I wish I had planned ahead more and chose not to work so much- even just taking one extra week off of work would have made such a difference and financially wouldn't have been that big of a deal. I am proud that I made the decision to move. I think it was the best thing for my family, even though it was an extremely stressful time. I am proud of taking this risk rather than choosing the more comfortable and familiar path.

I wish I had been able to attend better to my healthy eating program. Although I am proud of what I was able to do, I am hoping to be able to be more accountable, more honest, and more spiritually connected this year.

I wish I had developed a little more patience and understanding for different types of people. Something I'm proud of is being able to pick up and move across the country, without having a job or knowing many people. Luckily that panned out in my favor and I've gotten to have new experiences and travel opportunities and recently received a promotion at work, which is ultimately going to help me in achieving my goals.

I'm proud of myself for getting another contract job with a different company. Even though it didn't ultimately work out, it was a good learning experience for me. The additional money helped me pay for our whole vacation to Canada, and that made me feel good about myself. It's nice to know that at 55 (a Senior!) I can still tackle something new.

I am especially proud of succeeding in planning and executing a substantial home renovation this year. I wish I had spent more time and energy on career development.

As always, I wish I had been more patient, less snarky in my dealings with those who annoy me. I am pleased that I helped a friend out of a troubling place.

I survived the time with my daughter and her abusive partner at the birth of my first grandchild If I had known he was not just "not much of a catch" but actually abusive I would not have gone to help her at and after the birth It was too hard and too distressing She (at 26) is old enough to choose (badly) but I do not have to be involved in her poor decisions. Especially at such close quarters

I wish I'd spend more time with my Mom before she passed. Though it was a long drive and we made it 5 times in her last six months. I suppose it would never be enough. I think we always wish for just a little more time. We said goodbye, she was in a great deal of pain, which she hid from most people. I don't think my Dad or Grandmother really understood about her "break out" pills and what that meant in terms of pain. I'm glad she's no longer suffering, but I would like just a little while longer. I feel the same about my favourite Aunt, who passed over thirty years ago; just a little more time to say goodbye. I've starting playing music again, it's something I'm especially proud of, I suck at it, but it's joyful to play music with other people, it's the playing of it any being in the moment. When things come together, however briefly, it's always amazing; always joyfully inexplicable. There is comfort and joy in listening to music; but nothing at all so very powerful as playing it yourself.

I have been more active and have involved

Different: I wish I had started the video of Mom. I need to gather her memories and perspectives now while she is still in good health and doesn't have any aspects of dementia. Proud: I am really proud of having finished Flowers in the Sidewalk, Photos by Nancy Rees. This memoir of Nancy's black and white photos from the 80's. It is quite a testament to her perspective. I am also proud of having put together the video and book honoring Ron Barnes and his role in Prescott Area Leadership and other community changes.

I wish I had trusted my gut, and not let my fears drive my choices (especially where work is concerned).

I have really learned to be more zen at work about things going wrong and how I can help fix them, instead of falling back on blaming myself for everything first and spending all my time worrying about others' opinions of me.

I produced a play and I'm very proud of that. I also organised a pop-up street food market. Pretty proud of that too.

I would like to have spent the summer with the kids more.

I'm really proud of the training program I've implemented at work. I do wish that I had been able to clearly communicate the reasoning behind the program to get everyone on board with it earlier in the year.

I continue to feel like I haven't done enough in my job. I feel incrementally more comfortable with the technical details, but probably could have gotten further, sooner, had I applied myself more. I have totally neglected my art and and feel very out of touch with it. On the other hand, I'm glad that I started a meditation practice, which is very important to me, and I need to continue to expand that part of my life. I wish I hadn't waited so long, but today is all I have.

I think there are a couple things I would have done differently. I would have moved out of Monica's place in a different way. I think maybe there was some strange tension between. Things feel fine now, but I wish I would have handled that differently. Also, I wish I would have been a better friend to Kaity. I think I was too much in my own head and left her hanging. Which feels pretty bad. I am proud of myself though. I think I've really learned to stand up for myself and feel comfortable and proud of my decisions. It's new ground for sure. But it feels incredible. I feel more strong in my grasping of who I am, what I want, and what I will and will not sacrafice. It's pretty incredible.

I wish that I had tried harder to keep my business open. Fighting with Apple was painful but I should have fought harder! Next time I will not be afraid! I'm also very proud of my girls they are turning into wonderful young women and I know that I had a huge hand in making that happen! Being able to be there for them with everything has been a huge help in making them what they are today.

I do not know if I would have done anything differently. Maybe small things, things that come up from day to day, but generally I think I did better for myself and my loved ones. I am proud of the fact that through some very difficult times this past year that my wife and I became closer.

been more patient

I wish I would have realized sooner that my husband is an alcoholic and a narcissist and that there is nothing I can do to change him. I wish I realized sooner that you can't help someone who doesn't want to help themselves. At the same time, I am proud of myself that I have left and am building a new, better life for myself and my son. I have a beautiful little home now. I have a great job. I have loving parents and wonderful friends. And most of all, I have a smart, funny, kind, caring, curious child for whom I am striving to be the best parent possible.

I wish I had completely let Bert Richards go. I did until I asked him to help my friend Sigrid move. It just reopened my heart to him, then seeing him in August I reverted to my crazy stupid behavior of wanting him and asking him ughh!! Proud I gave him his bag of things from my draw and believe I have fully let go!!! Bringing in a partner to my business .It was the right person and the right time!!

I am sure there are a few things I wish I had done differently this year, but I am a pretty firm believer that everything happens for a reason. Even if we don't see it or accept it at that time. A lot of things that I might have changed if I had the chance, would not have made me learn the lessons I did out of those experiences. I have learned in the past year to really stand up for myself. Because, who else will stand up for me?! It is my life and my choices and if I don't stand behind them, then I am living life for someone else and not me.

I wish I hadn't brought work home as much. It was a complete frickin waste of time. I don't work well at home, and by bringing it home I dragged out the time I needed to get it done. Need to leave work at the office as much as possible in order to be a human being. I'm proud of the people, beliefs and ideas for which I stand and the change I undertook in my process of developing a radically powerful sense of empathy, generosity and concern for others. I'm still a long ways away from where I need to be, but I'm on the road there.

I am proud that I was willing to host an exchange student this year. I did so with a much more positive attitude than I did previously.

I became the co-leader of my older daughter's Brownie troop. I'm not normally the person that wants to spend more time with other people's children but I felt like this was a really good opportunity for my daughter to connect with other kids. I didn't want the opportunity to pass so I stepped up and helped out to ensure it happens. And I had more fun than I expected I would. I enjoyed watching the girls work together and achieve their goals.

I wish I had been able to cultivate a spiritual practice and linked yoga/physical exercise/movement practice (running and or yoga). Despite my best intentions, have been escaping too much into social media for relaxation, recharging and connection. This makes me sad. I think that unplugging or fasting from FB and putting my phone down for longer periods of time will be my NY resolution. I think I need a cleanse because being mindful about it alone isn't working. I hope that cultivating this spiritual and physical practice will allow me greater energy to be the mother, wife, teacher and friend I desire to be.

Gained all my weight back, ran a 5K.

Me and my friends walked the 3 day/60 mile walk. We had a great time. Very proud.

I already wrote about MWW in the last answer, which I am especially proud of. I'm also proud of completing my term of service with UB. I do wonder whether I might have been better served if I had followed my impulse to move to my own place before starting UB, or partway through the year. It would have saved me extra driving, and also living with T was still fun sometimes but also more complicated when K came into the picture. Overall it wasn't a big deal, especially now that I'm living on my own.

Consistent meditation!

I organised my daughters funeral pretty much single handedly. I had many a sleepless night to think about how I'd like it to go, and got used to the idea of cremating her and when it came to the crunch I walked into the undertakers alone, organised the flowers, talked to the celebrant and got the music organised. If I hadn't followed my heart it wouldn't have been as easy to say goodbye. I don't know how I managed to hold it together on the day but somehow I did. Maybe because it was nine weeks after she was born and I had that time to get ready for that day. I'm proud that I managed to get through it without backing down or giving her a horrible final goodbye. I'm glad it was a small intimate ceremony. Somehow I've managed to protect most people from how I'm feeling, a group of strangers are the only ones who have a clue how bad I feel. I don't think I'd have it any other way.

As usual, I wish I'd lost 20 pounds, but I feel that I may have made up for it with my Blog "Don't Just Stand There ~ Do Something," which explores the issues confronting us as Americans and citizens of the world, and looks at how we can be activists in the best sense of the word as it applies to what we can do to contribute to social justice and freedom and our own well-being.

I'm not thinking of regrets as do-overs lately, but more like evidence of my exactly right here and now imperfectly becoming-ness. There are a million little things I did that I'd like to undo, but then that wouldn't have led to this exact moment and the way it feels. Being able to say that at all is something I'm proud of, thankful really more than proud.

i wish i hadn't kissed him or slept with him or gotten involved with him or fallen in love with him. there are times during certain days when i am proud still of this but... they are fewer and fewer.

No. Battling stage 4 cancer, I have done everything possible to remain positive, focused and encouraged I can beat this. I'm especially proud of my family and friends that have rallied around me with their continued love and support.

I wish I had prioritized quality time with my family over things like dishes & cleaning. I wish I was more present with them.

I wish I would have taken a job that I interviewed for earlier in the year. It wasn't exactly what I wanted, and I told the interviewer that, but it was a job & income. If I'd taken that maybe I wouldn't still be out of work. Something I'm proud of is, I took time off last year, in 2014, to recover from 2.5 years of job hell. I'm glad I took th0se 6 months off to do what I wanted to do for a change. I think it made me relax and get over the job hell.

Taken more time to reflect

Work less. Make my work my own thang

I'm proud of my decision to leave my job. As an admired colleague recently said to me: "It takes a lot of bravery to give up being needed in a professional capacity." I had never thought of it that way before.

After hitting rock bottom by going to the Yom Kippur services looking like The Snowman, I finally got my act together and with the help of some fat blockers, lost the weight I wanted to. I feel more confident. I've been spending too much money on new clothes though.

In the last year, I graduated with my Master's Degree. This is five years worth of work while working full time and struggling financially but it has paid off.

It's been as it's had to have been and should have been. Little use for regrets and I feel the person I am today is much better for it all.

This year, I wish I wasn't so hard on myself. This is a habit I have been chewing away at since I have been little, but it is something that also stifles me. I often don't allow myself to enjoy the magic of the moment because I restrict myself, or make myself follow a set of rules. I really would love to relax more into the situation and into the time of the present. Alternatively, I am proud of giving less time to what others think about me and what I am doing with my life. It has been freeing to make decisions based on what I want and not what I think other people would want me to want.

Not really anything I can think of that I wish I would have done differently. One of the things I'm proud of is that I started a loyalty program for the events I run at work and it's doing pretty well so far. The head of the company was skeptical but we've already seen ROI on the program so I'm pretty happy with the results.

While I wish things were ENTIRELY different, I'm not sure I could have done things much differently. I realize now just how thoroughly crippled I was by my divorce, by my sadness and anger. I was a shell of myself, virtually comatose, but day by day I did what I had to do to, at the very least, remain a good father. To that end, I am proud of my ability to - through the entire process - remain an engaged, involved, and loving father. In the depths of my depression I often felt as though I didn't have any fight left in me. But as the clouds have begun to clear, I'm aware now of how hard I stayed in the fight to be a good dad. I was pummeled in other arenas, but in the parenthood venue, I stayed strong, I kicked ass and took names. I'm proud of that. I find strength in that, strength I'm using to get up off the mat in those other arenas.

I regret that I have simply "coasted" this last year, not moving forward and not slipping backwards simply nothing worthwhile or glorifying to G-d. This was a lost year of nothingness, and visions and dreams from G-d have not lit a fire in my belly. In that respect, I feel I have rebelled against G-d's will in my life, and I truly regret it. Done differently, i wish I would have heeded G-d's nudgings and stepped out in faith.

I'm proud of myself for cutting toxic people out of my life, for sure, I just wish that I hadn't waited around until I had no other choice. If I could do it again, I would put myself first from the get-go and allow myself to be happy sooner.

I wish I had tried harder to exercise while pregnant. I think some of the ill effects I suffered post-cesarean might have been ameliorated if I had. Otherwise, I think I did well with what I had to work with. It's been kind of a tough year, but we've come through reasonably well. And I could not be more pleased with my little family. I just need to remember that we've made it through rough patches before, and in hindsight, what I remember are the good moments. So I should focus on making lots of good moments.

A few things. Paid more attention to what I needed, when I needed it, rather than putting everyone else first. Have faith in myself, and my value. Believe the people who are standing behind me and being supportive, and not the ones bringing me down.

I was in a relationship. The relationship was not good, but the person with whom I was in it is a kind, wonderful, smart, and loving man who I still care about deeply and who I think I will always love. I allowed the relationship to continue for too long. I made promises to work on things that I had no intention of working on because, whether or not I was consciously aware of it, I was already done with the relationship. At the very end, I cheated on him. I wish with all of my heart that I had ended the relationship earlier, that I had not been such a coward, afraid of hurting him that I ended up in a situation that would hurt him more.

Increased charity giving, never enough. Good dad, husband, etc I think. Still need to lose weight.

I am especially proud of the way my wife and I got married and how we have developed a deeper bond that will allow us to take on whatever the world may throw our way. I am not as proud of how I interested with her immediately following when her brother died and other funerals we had to attend to. I should have been more patient but did not have the vocabulary to do so.

I wish I had not given my car to my daughter - she wasn't ready to handle the responsibility for it. But you never know when is the right time - only in hindsight when something goes wrong. I am proud that I've been practicing kindness in my thoughts and actions this year... learning more and more to see beyond my own beliefs, fears, wants, and just remember that love is what's most important.

I took the leap and went out on my own as a freelancer, in a profession I have never worked in before. I started working as a freelance copywriter. Now, when I say I've never worked in the profession, I suppose that's a little misleading. I worked in sales for five years. I worked in PR for six months. I wrote copy every day during that time. I just didn't know I was doing it. But after suffering from deep depressions and struggling with balancing my health, my emotional state and my career for years, I decided to take a leap of faith and strike out on my own. Working alone never bothered me anyway. And it's been fantastic. The best decision I could have made. When I started out, I didn't know too much about the copywriting profession. I knew I could write, sure, and I knew I could sell and persuade, no problem. But I thought everyone had to come from an advertising background. I felt really intimidated. I felt terrified. I felt like I wasn't good enough, with my sales skills, and my persuasive powers, and my natural flair for the written word. I felt small and stupid. It's only been the last month that I've moved past those feelings. I don't wake up every morning with crippling self doubt anymore. Slowly, step by step, I feel like I am a person with a purpose again. A real purpose. Not a show up to work in a crumpled suit and sit at my desk quietly hating myself purpose. I genuinely love what I do. I love writing again. I love shaping my copy, connecting new ideas to sell a product, writing with new voices, creating new stories. It's fantastic. It's the best job in the world. It's my job. And the best part is, I gave it to myself. I didn't have to interview for it. I didn't have to change myself to meet another person's arbitrary standards. I didn't have to explain my non-standard background. I gave myself the opportunity. I took a chance on myself. And it's paying off. Big time. So I'm feeling pretty good right about now. I'm inspired. Every day. I'm grateful, intensely grateful every day for everything I have. A good life. A loving partner. Financial stability. Good health. And a career that inspires me to get out of bed every morning and take a punt on myself. Life won't always be this way. I know that. But right now, it feels good. Life is good. And that means the world to me.

I don't like regrets. I think I am doing the best I can at each moment in time, and when I can do better, if I choose, I will. I am paying close attention to "shoulds" within me. I guess there's a difference between doing something "better" and doing something "differently". Is there something I might have done differently? Maybe... I am proud of the inner work I am willing to continue to do. I am proud that I exercise regularly. And I am most proud of my commitment to being a grama. I am proud of the way my relationship with Kristi has developed and deepened. I am proud of my intention to show up authentically and in integrity, whatever the situation.

This year I finally decided to "get fit by 50" and lost 80 pounds. I am now at a healthy weight and off my GERD medicines. I am especially proud of this accomplishment, and hope to continue to improve my habits of health this coming year, and (G-d willing) for many years after.

I wish I had dealt with my grandma's 80th birthday differently. I wish I hadn't let Michelle wind me up and project her fury and anger onto me. I wish I had been able to rise above it. I wish I could accept my grandma's head burying in sand more easily. I wish I didn't feel so frustrated about the family situations and problems. I am proud of the amount of progress I've made in therapy this year. I'm proud that I moved out. I'm proud that I came out of a terribly dark and sad time and was able to deal with my family much better and create more open communication with them. I'm proud that I make better decisions for myself and am starting to be able to express my feelings.

I would have learned to ride my motorcycle. I am so scared to get on. Once I stalled out during class and broke down, the fear of getting back on is stopping me from being able to ride around with my boyfriend and use the gift he gave me two years ago. I am very proud I went back to therapy after having a tough time attending a family member's wedding. I knew I wasn't doing well mentally and needed more support than I could get from friends and family. Though it feels like a tough schlog at times, I am making progress and continuing to grow and change the way I act in certain situations.

I am proud of maintaining my sobriety this year - I feel as though I have gotten to know myself better, and have been able to challenge myself a little bit more. I wish I had cooked and cleaned more this past year. I feel as though I have spent a great amount of money eating out at restaurants since I started working full-time.

I am proud of myself for saving money for an emergency fund. An emergency just happened and that money is really coming through for me!

This past year I wish I had studied more for AP exams. I wish I had been more respectful of my teachers and advisers. Overall, however, I am proud of where I am now and of who I am becoming as I start college. I think if I had done anything differently, I wouldn't be the same person I am today, and that is what matters more to me.

Yes, I wish I would have once and for all taken control of my diet and lost the weight. I am sick of making excuses and desperate to lose the weight.

I am proud of the efforts that I am making toward having better health and quality of life. I am also proud of myself for figuring out what it is that I want to focus my time and energy on. I am getting more comfortable with saying no to things. When I say yes to too much, I become easily over saturated. This is especially true in my synagogue involvement.

I wish that I didn't live by fear of offending others. I think this is a common thing I wish I had done differently every year. But there it is.

I wish that I had been more proactive in finding a job where I enjoy going everyday. I am proud that I have gotten help for myself and I am realizing the importance of caring for myself first.

I wish I would have trusted myself more and put out more materials related to my coaching. I wish I would have taught more, I wish I would have written more. Taken the divine Ideas and put them out in the world. I wish I had been more kind to my children. I wish I had talked to my husband more about my feelings. I wish I would have worried less. I am proud that I got published! I am the contributor to a book published by Random House, 365 Tiny Love Challenges. I am proud that I listened to the guiding voice of god and stopped drinking. And this means that I attend AA meetings and have a sponsor and work the 12 steps. It has been THE work that I need to do as I step into a more powerful and vital life.

I had a baby this year, so no, I don't wish that had gone differently. I've let go of any guilt leftover from her birth, because none of that (the placenta refusing to be delivered, my having to go to the hospital to have it removed) was my fault or preventable. I wish I could redo the summer. I had such big plans for spending the summer with my son, but poor sleep makes me feel like getting out of the house is such a huge effort. Herculean, even. I feel like I let him down. I know he doesn't feel that way, but as a grownup, I know what could have been, and I'm disappointed that I didn't provide that for him.

I wish that I did not take a stand on rewarding bad behavior by not doing work I should have done. I am proud that I treated my team well and in return, they have looked out for me. I am honored at what I found out people thought of me.

Last year at this time, I was in so much pain and anguish about my marriage. I knew it was failing but I didn't see any light at the end of the tunnel. I wish I'd had the strength to see that I didn't need to stick it out, that no one gives out awards for "most self-sacrificing wife." I wish I had not been so ashamed, and I wish I had trusted my family more and given them more credit upfront, because if I'd known they'd be so supportive, I would have ended my marriage sooner.

I love that I took risks. I love that I actually kept on living after Ken went to Jesus. I moved to Alabama on my own and have decided to renew my life. I am so very proud of this. What would I have done differently? That is hard to say when so much of this year has been about survival. I think I would have tried harder to stay physically healthy. The fact that I can barely run 2 miles regularly now is the worst it's been in a decade. But...life happens and I've given myself grace for that.

Everything should have been done differently. It seems as if everything I was proud of turned to shit. I was proud of myself for quitting vsec after being so miserable and taking their shit for so many years.

I wish I had reached out more and been a better friend to my pal. I wish I had not spent so much time retreating into not feeling well and being stoned and kept things moving or asked for what would make me healthy - translated - regret not sustaining my progress in a more consistent way and reaching out to others for help. I am proud that I have created a successful, healing private practice and that I touch people's lives in important ways through this and through my postcards from paradise and I am grateful for the financial abundance that has resulted.

Definitely I am a very impulsive person, when understanding is not possible, when the evidence is shocking your head and even though family members, coworkers or friend do not comply, instant reactivity is awake creating more confusion and long lasting hard feelings. I understand that I most be proactive instead of reactive, I'd try my best and most of the time I do, but when the crisis apear, I loose control and burst like a shaken soda. This new year I'll try even harder to be proactive

I wish I'd had the guts to tell my ex and this former friend of mine that they're hypocrites and that they both need some serious help to get over living in their own worlds with their own truths. Instead I keep brooding about it every now and then but now it's too late to tell them to their face. I think it would have been the right thing to do to confront both of them right away, but I was too angry and my pride was too hurt, because I felt betrayed by both of them who actually thought I had betrayed each of them. And what's itching me all the time is that I will never know what they believe is how I betrayed them. So yes. I wish I'd spoken to both of them, because now it will always be this itching in the back of my mind.

I wish I had powered through my thesis before I started my job - I am really struggling to get to it now, but at the time, I also had been pretty burnt out about PhD work. But I wish I just buckled down and cranked it out then. I wish I had played and created more music. WTF. This used to BE me. and now I barely get to it. I know I am busy and tired most of the time, but I should have broken things down into smaller goals and pieces that I could spend time doing. I wish I had kept in touch and called my friends more - we don't do a good job of this, and I miss my buddies. *I am really proud of Katherine & I training for a half-marathon, and really proud of the hard work I put in to get my job at Midnight Oil, and really proud of how much ass I kicked on my thesis and recruiting and data collection - finished it up faster than any of my peers, and it was 2-5x more complicated to collect since it was a week long smartphone app, + pre and post test study. I am also very proud of my gf Katherine for becoming certified as a personal trainer, and as a professional coach. She rocks and I love her so much :)

Never look back - always forward! I'm very proud of the advances I've made "spiritually" with regard to my focusing on what I want. Many wonderful things have manifested because of that focus, but the most important is my being happy more and more each and every day!

The farm has not gone well this year. I just don't have the time to spend that it would have taken to keep up, what with the weather, the attending molds/fungi, and insects and weeds. I wish I had had the time to stay on top of it. I had such good intentions at the outset. However, I am proud that I regularly made choices that put my children first, and that I made good choices about their needs vs. their wants. I know now that I simply cannot sustain the level of busy-ness that I have taken on and still be a good mother, good employee, good human. I will be downsizing the farm next year.

Looking back on this past year, I can't think of one specific thing that I wish I had done differently this year. I don't live with many regrets, but I think that some mistakes are vital to grow from and shape who we are. The biggest thing from this past year that I'm proud of is going to college and finishing my freshman year. I learned to live on my own and be held accountable for all my actions, but I also learned a lot about myself and made amazing friends and memories

I wish I had kept my promise to myself from last year--to say "no" to things, jobs, people who don't bring me joy (or at least who don't cause me pain or undue stress). Instead, I did it again--taking things on because I felt obligated or because I thought someone expected me to. I found out the hard way, by getting sick. Not again.

I am very proud of the fact that I quit my job in the past year to strike out and find my place in the current job market. I have learned more about myself at the core than I ever could have imagined. I feel like I was attracted to a job where I could play out my personal neurosis rather than a place that could tap into my skill set and allow me to flourish. I want to identify work that I want to do, and do it well. I want to make more money. I will focus on these things in the coming year.

Both. There are a few instances when I should have considered my words before speaking. Once out of one's mouth- even with an apology- repair is not always possible. I am proud of having written a proposal that has enabled me and two friends to be one of a few to be part of the Hardwood anniversary cycle In addition, I am proud of having helped people get through some difficult times. My answer to this question tells me I need to work on consistently positive interactions with people.

I'm proud of the way I pulled everything together for my dad's memorial service -- even though I had just suffered a severe emotional blow and (unbeknownst to me) had pneumonia at the time. It was dignified, generous and represented his life and his essence in ways he would have appreciated.

I gained back 10lbs of the 100 I lost last year. I'm a little disappointed in myself, but I know how to get back there. Discipline. It's hard when you have a person. I like to call him my companion and while we're not "dating", according to everyone else, we are, minus some stuff. Haha... Anyway, it proves to be a challenge with this person so not go all out when we eat, but we're getting better. Sometimes. And we do work out together, so it's not like we're completely bad influences on each other! But in all seriousness, I wish in the coming year I get my act together.

I wish I had slowed myself down when I was on my health binge so that it lasted longer. I'm eating really unhealthily right now and not running or do any other exercise. I know I'll probably go through another health binge this year, but hopefully I'll learn from last year and make it last longer and hopefully become a new me. I got down to a sorta size 8 last time and I want to get back there and stay there. I'm at size 12/14 now and I hate it. I'm learning to love my curves, but hopefully I can get back to my healthy place and stay there. I'm so proud of how much I accomplished and it seems that each health binge lasts longer and I get closer to my goal. Hopefully this is the year it lasts. Everything is different now though. I am moved out and buying my own groceries. It'll either be perfect, since I'm in Bellingham and everyone is healthy and outdoorsy, or it might make it harder because I'll be more stressed and taking a harder stress load. I believe in myself though. I am a hard worker with perseverance and have been working towards this for a long time. Hopefully I'll be able to do water polo club, which would be a great fit for me. I haven't done much this summer except work and party, but I needed it. I needed a break and to get my social life in order and get my crazy party side out. I don't know what will all happen this year. My options aren't completely open because I need to make sure I work 20-30 hours at Wendy's and do well at school. That is at the top of my list. I need to make sure I don't use up all my motivation on other things. I'll try to run 2-5x per week and diet a little and join a couple clubs and got to a party every once in a while because those can't be my focus. I really want to look my best and be social, but I care the most about my education and getting a good job that I love. My appearance is only temporary, but my job that I'll end up getting will be the next 30-40 years of my life- no matter how I look.

No, I honestly think I did my best with what I knew, and I wouldn't change anything. Oops I lied, I would have paid that credit card. Now I'm in big trouble potentially for a lousy 600 bucks. I'm especially proud of getting through school so far and I'm glad I had so much time with Tyson this summer. I didn't know I was going to break up with him at the end of summer.

I think I am really proud of myself this past year - I did a deep dive and search for self, I stood up and asked for what I needed and desired instead of waiting to be recognized for my efforts and good work and it paid off - I am in a new position as a Regional Sales Manager for a small digital upcoming company and they are open to ideas and growing rapidly - no one says no - just how? I love this think tank model and wake up each day thankful for my work and let everyone one know - this attitude makes doing my "job" easy because I love it so much...I know there is potential for much growth with this company and in my position. I feel confident that I will continue to find success and enjoy my travels and the new people I get to meet each and everyday. I am typing this while sitting in a jury room waiting to see if I will be selected for duty for the next two weeks - I am thankful I had the knowledge to bring my laptop so I could work while waiting - my customers are my priority but I still stay balanced - work smarter not harder, it seems to be paying off!

We moved into the house that we have always been looking for, but didn't know until we saw it. Finally a place where I feel comfortable, that feels like home. Though with great house comes great responsibility, and I am proud to be able to meet the needs that it imposes on us. I'm also proud to be eating food we finally had the space to grow ourselves. Even if it didn't quite turn out as hoped. Master farmer I am not. Yet.

I wish I understood how much my grades actually mattered. I am proud of myself for finally realizing this and putting forth the effort needed to be successful, in school and out.

I wish I had stood up for myself when it comes to salary discussions with my bosses. It's so easy to just back down and not speak up for yourself when it comes to money. I hate that I am one of those stereotypical women that lets her salary be lower just b/c she's afraid to have the difficult conversation about money.

I have a lot to be proud of this year. So much has changed, on very deep, emotional levels. I'm finally feeling like a real adult. I would have saved more money. I would have traveled more. I would have smoked more weed. I would have been more chill. I would have forgiven easier. I would have been slow to anger and moodiness (never). I would have dated more, put myself out there more. I would have started my summer garden earlier. I would have refused to sign a second-year lease in lieu of finding my own place. I can always be better.

I keep wanting to lose weight before trying things like dating, or I pass on hanging with friends because I feel fat. I keep thinking that once I look better, I'll do these things, but meanwhile, life is passing me by. Live, self!

I wish I had listened to my intuition more around the person I was dating. I'm proud that I opened up more to people. Being away in a foreign country all summer really made me appreciate the little ways we can connect with each other, even if it's just smiling at a stranger.

I am proud of how I handled my post surgery recovery. I put full effort ( for the most part!) into my PT. I was open to asking for help and not being too stubborn. And, I made an effort to change my mindset about walking as exercise and got up to a 1/2 mile walk.

This was a year of no real highs and no real lows. I was just able to go about my life. That itself is an accomplishment, I guess...

I wish I had been a better communicator. I avoid conflict so much that its often to the detriment of my well being and personal relationships. With my old roommate, I gave up communicating altogether because it felt so exhausting to constantly be in conflict. With my friendships, I didn't communicate my frustrations or my feelings in general and let things bubble over into outbursts. When I don't communicate my feelings, it depletes so much energy and causes a lot of worry for me in the end. I need to remember to speak up and not wait for someone to ask about my needs, I need to be my own advocate.

At the start of the year I could have been more patient - which has been the case for many preceding years when I was so consumed and frenetic with my work. With a less stressful schedule now I think I am much more patient and also focusing better on my health so I feel good about that.

I am proud that I asked my friends for help when I needed it.

I wish I was more proactive in working towards by goals and dreams. I wish I was more daring and fearless.

I have had to deal with something I had no control over this year, the life threatening illness of my son, leukemia, cancer of the blood No matter how bad things were in my life, I always could muster the strength to figure a way to change them & knew they were temporary. I wish I would've gone to the hospital sooner to see my son. I thought it was just a flu. I wish I would've been there when my son almost died from getting blood, not knowing what he had. I wish I was there when they told him he had malignant leukemia but didn't know which kind. I wish I was there when they told him he had acute lymphoblastic leukemia. I wish I could've been his pillar of strength instead of his source of strife. I wish I could give him the autonomy he wants with his understanding as a mother, it is not out of distrust for him, but the perpetual normal fear of a mother who loves her son. I wish I wouldn't feel responsible for his treatment because of the information I researched & gave my son. I wish I had the strength I previously had to be there for my daughter when she needed me. I also wish I saw my father & brother more. I wish I could handle speaking with my mother who is overseas & appears to have the beginning stages of dementia at 93. I planned a 90th birthday for my Dad, but after invitations were sent out, my son was diagnosed & had to cancel his party, but I can't control some things. I wish I understood & could accept that better. Prior to my son's diagnosis six months ago, my life was grand. Family, friends, & doing my passion, playing music. I played a gig where there was ice & snow, & one musician couldn't come, so another friend played, & the gig of varied musicians was amazing, people even came in that awful weather. Music has been a source of strength & spirituality that has seen me through my life. I am proud that I have been able to continue to be the professional musician & entertainer I have always been. I don't know how I went through the grief of my son's diagnosis & researched every conceivable treatment, varied opinions, & ultimately feel my son & I were able to pick the best facility & treatment with the information given. If it works, I will feel grateful beyond words. I was glad I was there for my daughter's surgery. I also was able to know something was wrong with my Dad to get him to a hospital to get treated for blood surrounding his brain, and was able to take care of him. He is 90 & doing well. I was glad my Dad, my cousin, & I went to see my son in the hospital on my Dad's 90th birthday & there so happened to be a musician who came to the room & played. I sang with him, for a great birthday visit. My cousin & I went out with my Dad, so at least his 90th birthday was as best as we could do at the time.

I wish that I had stuck with my exercise routine. I've let myself go and I'm not proud of it.

I wish I were a better student. Didn't focus much on learning, just focused on getting by. I put way more time into my extracurriculars than I did my classes, which is all fine and good, but it seems a bit like i'm wasting some of the resources around me if I'm not paying attention in my classes. That's not the reason my parents are paying so much money, for me to spend time in lecture answering emails and going on BuzzFeed. These are 4 very important years of my life and I should try to get the most out of it. Not that my extracurriculars and social activities aren't rewarding, but I really should strive to find better balance and give more things the weight they deserve.

I wish I would have studied more Torah. I also wish I would have taken more time and care for myself. I am proud of how much more in touch with my spirituality I have become. I'm proud that I improved my performance in school and focused on getting better.

I wish I had spent more time painting. More time facing the fears and challenges that come with being an amateur artist. Facing them, until I was no longer unfamiliar. I am proud, however, of the great athletic accomplishments I achieved this year. Not all races were great, but I conquered massive goals.

I still wish I had gotten closer to my family, but they seem quite pleased with the way things are. I'm proud of the fact that I've made strides in becoming more tolerant, although there's still a long way to go with that - I've mostly done it by just keeping my mouth shut at times. And I'm proud that I've made strides in being an actor.

yes and no or nor and yes I am proud I went to codex as a person to be reckoned with, as an artist to be reckoned with as a writer to be reckoned with as an elder to be reckoned with and yet I am sorry I did not always believe it, did not always stay the course, which is hard to do without having yet found it. is my art for sale? i don't know the answer to that question which i think is on the one hand increasingly important in terms of the extents to which once I decide it isn't it frees me so to speak and on the other for sale or not i must remember it, art, mine and yours and ours, is invaluable and not to be thought of as without cost and therefore merit or value

Wish I had traveled more. I am especially proud of receiving the 2014 Lifesaver Award from the Community Blood Center of the Carolinas. Received the award at a banquet on March 16, 2015.

I wish I would of developed more social connections and at least one hobby. I am probably writing about it every year. I am proud that I still can help Masha with Emmochka, go to D.C. when she travels; takes care of her in summer when it is too hot in DC.

I wish I had made the decision to get out of my marriage without hurting my husband so much in the process. I wish I had been less duplicitous.

Wish I had planned financially better! Am very proud of my newly blended family and am looking forward to the years of watching them grow up :)

I wish I had done more organizing and scaling back in my home this year. Not sure if I've visited the beach this year either, and it is nearby. Proud that I made the right connects in my new line of work and have a semi-permanent position at my favorite location.

I wish that I could have gone to Europe but I think I did what was best for me. I don't think I would have had a good time in the state that I was in. I am really proud that I went to prom. I had a really hard time finding a date (I asked 4 people until I got one to say yes). I am so happy that I went with jack and I think I wouldn't have had as good of a time if I had gone with any of the people I asked before him. I also gained a good friend out of it. I am proud of myself because I easily could have given up on finding a date and just not have gone, which is what I contemplated for a while. Especially because all of my friends had serious boyfriend that they went with. But I found Jack and he was great and I am so glad that I went to prom :)

Earlier this year, I had an interview for another job, but I felt daunted by it so I phoned up and cancelled it. I wish that I'd gone through with it now.

I wish we hadn't waited so long to put our daughter in daycare out of a sense of guilt instilled in me by my anti-daycare family. (Incidentally, my grandmother now thinks it's great my daughter's in "school," and it is like school in that she's making friends and learning social skills.)

I am proud that through all the changes in my life and the difficulties they presented, I kept my integrity, my values, and continued to work to center myself through artistic expression.

In my job, I was assigned to manage a significant, costly project that almost everyone in my organization was skeptical of (except for the head honcho). From the get-go, I knew all of my colleagues were right to be skeptical -- I was too. The partner we were working with displayed red flags from the start, and they only got worse over time. The project has turned into a massive waste of money, an incredible time-suck for me (forcing me to both work many, many more hours and not pay enough attention to my other, more successful and meaningful projects) and for others in the organization. We should've cancelled the contract really early. I probably could've made that happen, but I did not. I did make clear to my bosses that I was skeptical and that the work wasn't coming along well and that it didn't seem to be a good fit and maybe not salvageable, but now I wish I had very early on more strongly recommended canceling the contract. It would've saved me a ton of misery, and would've been good for me and my organization. Now I have to continue to try to see it through, even though it is hopeless, and I don't know exactly what the consequences will be when it finally fails.

I don't feel like there's anything I should have done differently this past year. However, I am proud of myself in seeing slight changes in my behavior regarding how I've been transitioning from my experiences in Portland to my life now in Denver. I still have work to do, but I'm happy to feel more well rounded in my life and for that I'm truly grateful.

A few months ago if you were to ask me I would have said that wish I didn't go back to teaching or I wish that I wouldn't have lived with my current roommate. But really at the bottom of it I guess I wish I would have listened to myself more and trusted myself. I know what I want but I sometimes let their opinions and reactions sway me. As far as the job thing is concerned I just landed a great job and know that those other jobs helped me get to whee exactly I needed to be. Do i wish I had a bigger bedroom and more light? Definitely, but my current place is not so bad and the neighborhood is great! I guess I wish I would have taken more chances and not been so afraid. I wish I would have danced when a cute boy asked me to dance and done a social activity when a friend asked. Little things like that. I am proud that I am becoming more self confidence. I am also proud I listened to myself, quit my job and found a better position that more aligned with what I wanted! I knew I could do it and look at that, I did!

I wish I could stop "giving myself credit" publicly for things I do. Stop claiming my accomplishments myself, and simply feel the deep satisfaction when things turn out well, or when someone compliments me. I get a lot of public recognition already -- if I can just let it in, I won't need to blow my own horn. The love I am seeking will never come from outside me; it can only fill me up from inside.

I'm proud of a lot of things this year. I finally decided on content strategy for my career path, and I have been working constantly to advance myself in that direction. I'm proud of myself for speaking up at intimidating networking events. I'm proud of myself for starting a book club with Kate. I'm proud of myself for reaching out to people with my dream job to learn more about the path forward. I still have a lot to learn, but I'm not sitting on the bench. I quit my job at Smart Tan and am actively pursuing new opportunities. I don't know if I'll freelance full time or if I'll find the right full time job, but I know there is something better out there for me. I'm finally ready to take action beyond the learning stage. Now, I just have to accept the opportunities that are given to me. One of my biggest obstacles is that I don't have content strategy experience, but I have to drop the expectations that keep me from getting it. When someone offers me a freelance gig or asks for a consultation, I need to go all in and see how I can interpret the task to benefit my portfolio. As Tina Fey says, "Just say yes and you'll figure the rest out later."

I'm proud that I made hard decisions and stuck to them. I'm proud that I made healthy decisions for my body and I'm sticking to them. I'm proud that I made positive decisions for my mental health and happiness. I'm proud that I'm continually making decisions that lead toward an improved version of me.

I wish I had spent more time going through my mother's items before we sold it so there wouldn't be so much work to do with the stuff in the storage shed. I am very proud of how well I worked with my siblings and they me in making all the decisions we had to do to get the house sold, etc. I am sure all of us as times got frustrated with one or both of the others but we kept it all together and ended up without fighting, etc. Our parents would be proud as am I (and, I think they are too).

I wish often that I had done some things and not done others, but regret is poisonous. I do wish that I'd saved money by moving back to UK sooner, but I know that I would have been filled with the sense of failure that I gave up. In the end I was defeated, but at least I didn't give up. I'm proud of the little creative projects I achieved, the short stories, the zines, the game Jam games, the fan art. Tiny things done for love not for someone else's project. Small things that are me.

No to the first. Yes to the second. Em. I'm proud of her, her journey, my support for it. I'm proud of how I've brought her from where she was when we started to where she is now, and how she trusts me to take her forwards.

I wish my husband I had thrown financial caution to the wind and taken that trip to London last winter. Now that our daughter is on the way other responsibilities have to take precedence. I'm actually really proud of the two of us for taking the leap into parenthood. We are both scared but looking forward to new challenges.

I wish I could have finished more quilts. I can now drive the car.

I wish I had treated my ex husband with more compassion and less anger I quit my job with no new job in site, just hoping for the best and expecting new experiences. Scary, but if you are not terrified you are not alive

There's at least two things off the top of my head I wish I had done differently this past year. 1) I wished I could have been more helpful to my sister who was battling breast cancer. She won, so that's good. But, I felt (and still feel) helpless. I can't shake the feeling that I could have helped more. 2) I tried (and failed) at a new role at work. I struggled with a number of things. Looking back I wasted too much time on tasks of little importance when I could have spent that time on more important things. I wonder if life right now is suffering from that problem? Maybe, I'm spending too much time on things that don't matter and I should be spending my time on people and things that will matter more to me in the future.

I wish I'd gone through and thrown out all of the things I'm going through and throwing out today. I'm proud that I've sold the house. I say this 3 days before I need to out of here.

I wish I could have avoided the terrible occurrence in HI, but how? I am proud of the love I was able to conjure during my hospitalization and wish that I could meet people with that same level of compassion everywhere I go.

I'm proud that I picked up guitar at age 52. Trying something brand new has tickled me! I love singing, so it's a great fit.

I wish we had been more careful with our money this past year. NOT saying that we have been spend crazy, we are still debt free, but we did not save as much as I would've liked!

I can't think of anything in particular that I wish I had handled differently. But I do want to change a particular behavior and I do wish I was more diligent in building new habits and breaking old ones. I want to get up earlier in the morning to give myself time to write on a daily basis. And I want to start running. Ugh...I don't even go out for walks at this point! But I have always seen myself as a runner...and each time I have tried it, I hate it and give up. I read a blog last week about "embracing the suck". And that's what I want to do with running - because the more I embrace it, the less it will eventually suck and I will have challenged myself and succeeded. So now I'm shopping for a treadmill - no excuses. I am particularly proud of having reached two special anniversaries this past year; four years sober and one year married. Life is good - very little suck to embrace!

I'm proud of the way I "survived" the last two years of uncertain employment. I wish I had worried less, but in general, I kept busy and optimistic and I'm proud of myself for that.

I wish I had been a better wife. My husband deserves more patience and kindness from me. I wish I had been a better homeschooler. My kids deserve a consistent and complete education, and fir me to set clear expectations and follow through. I wish I had been a better mom. Those kids deserve more gentleness and attention from me. I wish I had been a better friend. The people who love and lift me deserve more of my consideration and time. I wish I had been a better daughter. My parents deserve more care, physical and emotional, from me. I wish I had been a better writer. My own goals deserve an hour, just an hour, before everyone is up, to focus and work, before the picking up and crying babies and cooking food and wiping spills and driving children here and there and everywhere starts. I deserve some time to be me, and not worry about the million ways I am failing being theirs.

I wish that I had lived more mindfully this year and am determined to start doing do now. Regret that I haven't had anything published but am glad that I have quite a few short stories written.

I wish that I had not given my mother any food after she had the peg put in. I wish I had gone to the hospital even though I had a cold and talked to the doctor myself. I wish I hadn't gone out with Helena's friend the weekend before my mother died. I wish that I had insisted someone besides Chantal take care of my mom. I wish I had done so many things differently. That said, I am proud of taking care of her as much as I did. I am proud of learning to be a nurse, if even for a little while. I am proud of the nights I spent waking up at 3 am to change her. I am proud that I was able to show my son what devotion is.

I am very proud of two things. First, I have never been more relaxed and happy. BFM was the cause of tremendous stress and depression. Adding Jon's accidents and the stresses of Amy's health issues were overwhelming. Getting rid of BFM allowed me to develop a much more positive attitude. Perhaps the most positive in my entire life. Second, I am extremely proud of have a consulting company that is generating significant income. My thought was that the catalog sale would be supporting us right now. But thankfully, I have been able to generate enough work to leave that money untouched. And, all the while, I have had a tremendous amount of freedom in my days. It's really been wonderful.

I wish I had spent more time with my Mom. our lives are so busy, that sometimes we will go for a couple of days without really sitting down and talking. Here's the kicker... We live together! We used to run a small animal shelter and the ones we have left are the ones no one wanted, so we "adopted" them into our lives. So needless to say, we have a whole bunch of "people" depending on us. Lots of work! Lots of money! Lots of love! I will definitely slow down and take the time to connect with Mom!

I wish I did more excerise in this year. I am proud I almost finished my study

I both am proud of and wish I had found a different way in which to tell my mother our relationship was hazardous to me. That said, it hasn't worked and I still have no more options. Sometimes kindness works, and sometimes bluntness works, but neither for long.

I wish I could have let go of hatred for Sid.. It doesn't help the kids and distracts me. I want to not want bad things to happen to him but the reality is lots of lingering actual hate. I actually think I want him dead. Not very good karma for me.

I am really proud of how I supported my son as he made the decision about where to go to college. I felt that I was supportive, helped him think through the options, provided technical help but never pressured him. I had a strong feeling about what would be best for him once the choices were clear but I let him lead the whole process, consult with peers and his cousin and get into the driver's seat on the whole thing. If I had been pushy or imposed my opinion he would not have owned the decision and may have been unhappy with his choice. He seems like he found the perfect school for him. I am proud of him but equally proud of me that I could let him move far away and follow his dreams.

I try very hard not to have regrets. I am, however, very proud of the way I handled the bad customer service we received on a home improvement project this past year. I wrote well-worded letters, stuck to my guns, and insisted on fair treatment. In the end, we got the project finished and received compensation fair to the inconveniences we suffered.

nothing to change but proud of immigration status and support I received.

I wish I had been more patient and not raised my voice at my husband and kids. Instead of getting upset at rushing late I wish I had gone with the flow. I let little things interrupt the rhythm of my day and get under my skin. I am constantly working on this.

I'm proud of sticking it out in a job position that is not for me. Have learned a lot and will be very grateful when I finally transition to something I love!

I guess I could say that I wish I would have eaten better. I've gained maybe 30 lbs since moving to la. I don't know why or what the cause is , but I'm don't feel good about my weight right now. I work out more than I used to but I know that I eat more and way less healthy than I used to. I'm proud of the goals I've set for next year as far as returning back to school. I'm proud of how responsible I've been with money. I don't make much at all, but what I do make, I've put a lot of it towards paying bills on time or off completely. I've been really responsible with my car as far as repairs go. Being a real adult has been hard. Living away from my family and trying to live 100% without their help has been very hard. Sometimes I feel like I'm in my early 20s instead of my early 30s in that I'm learning how to live on my own. Better late than never...I atleast look the part of a 20 something.

I am proud of myself for reaching out to individuals in my neighborhood & community to try to learn more and expand my consciousness about racial issues in this city & country. I believe I had been somewhat ignorant on a personal level, even though I was aware of news and statistics. Being a part of a book club aimed at raising our awareness of racial issues, and having a regular time to discuss ideas in depth with a variety of people has meant a lot to me this past 6 months. Of the many small things I wish I'd done differently, the one that stands out the most to me is how I accumulate and cope with clutter in my home and work. I still don't have a handle on it, and I don't really know how I will address it in this coming year, but it has emerged as my biggest regret, or shame, or area for improvement.

Getting more aggressive with the needs of my patents by creating better avenues for financial stability should truly be one of my highest goals. Yet something seemed to keep getting in my way of moving faster. On the other hand I am very excited to see my spiritual and church life flourish in the direction I feel I am called

I wish I had written more. I've had opportunities to write for publication and I haven't followed up. I also wish I'd set up my Etsy store. I need to make more stock, settle down and get it done. On the other hand, I finished a major craft/creative project. It took 3-4 months of off and on (with lots of on) work before and after work, at lunch, and on weekends. But it turned out so beautifully.

Yes, I wish I had taken more trips. Even though I don't have that much money, I really need the time away from work. I've been counting down for 10 months for my trip, and I can't wait.

I wish that I wanted to take care of myself.

Not much, no.. I graduated, I announced I was going to leave my job and found another one. When I read back in my past answers a recurring regret is that I am trying too hard and this summer, for the first time in years, I was easy on myself. I felt guilty over not working harder and enjoying time off but at the same time I'm glad I managed to finally let go a little bit and be nicer to myself. And in being nicer to myself also being a nicer person to be around with for my loved ones. It's not something to be proud of being lazy but at least I'm not beating myself up anymore over allowing some slack. It feels healthy :-)

Proud: my work, always, doing a great job and actually getting recognition for it. I'm also proud that I've pushed myself out of my comfort zones in terms of social anxiety and what I do What do I wish I'd done differently? Frittered less money, been more pacient with my son and nor allowed my ex to make me so angry so many times I wish I had spent both my money and my time more wisely

I'm bursting with pride this morning over the toLabor Doula Training workshop that just finished last night. I started the work of bringing that workshop here almost exactly a year ago, and I've worked at it all year. At the end of the workshop, I felt that I had created the community I needed here in Tulsa, and I heard many of the participants share that they felt they were part of a much-needed community as well. Looking back, I feel so brave for deciding to host a workshop in a community I had just moved to. We not only had enough attendees to hold the workshop, it exceeded the organization's expectations for attendance. I feel this new sense of passion and urgency for sharing information and education with my local community.

More consistent meditation practice and slowing down from the fast pace of living would be my only changes. Those two things help me to be more present and be able to listen to those around me with a greater compassion and understanding. On the other hand, I'm grateful that I was able to talk about the benefits of these practices to others and hopefully help them to make positive changes in their lifestyle.

Little of both? I fell absolutely in love with a project I worked on, investing a ton of energy into it, and making something I was incredibly proud of. Then it was cancelled. It hurts like hell, and part of me wishes we'd cut a lot earlier on, but ultimately I love what we did make, and I know it was some of the best work I've been associated with.

I wish I had been kinder to myself. That being said, I am kind of amazed that I managed to finish my first year of med school, despite having the miscarriage and subsequent horrific depression.

I wish I had started therapy. On my own. I can't control what happens around me, but I can make sure that I have the tools to respond in a healthy way. It's recent, but I'm proud of what I am accomplishing in my volunteer work. My mind isn't mush. I'm still quick. I've still got it.

Not pursuing a girlfriend

I wish I'd flirted more and asked him out earlier. Gotten back to the gym sooner, and gone dancing more. Beautifully I can do that all now...

I would have taken better care of me. I always seem to apply my energy to my family first leaving little, if anything, for myself. I'm getting older and have to start putting myself first or I'll have nothing to give anyone else. I'm proud that I finished my coursework for my MA degree in Humanities with a 3.8 GPA. Nervous about my thesis however.

I wish I had trusted my gut instinct and been more insistent about doing some things- the splashdash and Matt issues come to mind- we wasted a lot of time on both and would have been farther ahead for Fall if we'd not taken those detours. I am especially proud of my house- it's really cool and it's all mine. Putting it on the market and seeing everyone else's reactions was a big uplift.

I wish I had embraced change faster. I wish I wasn't so fearful, but trusted more. I wish I had been more forgiving of little things. I am proud that I have worked hard on myself. I am proud of the way I keep looking ways to love myself and my family better. I am proud of my efforts to be a better person. I am proud of the way I am facing my fears.

I wish I had been wise enough to put my phone away during meetings. I'm proud that I continue to have a smile on my face, have made friends, and built myself a home here in Chicago

I'm especially proud of my bravery and persistence writing and performing a monologue at the Marsh Theatre.

I wish I had addressed my weight issues and overcome them. I am proud of the personal growth I have undertaken.

I wish I had spent a little more time on fitness and the like. Gaining weight during a pregnancy, and while there's a newborn is common, but especially in my 30s rather than my 20s taking the weight off isn't as easy as it once was.

I'm proud of my relationship, but I wish I'd been a nicer person to my boyfriend. I seem to snap at all the small things he does, and underappreciate the nice things. I wish I was better at seeing things through - fixing my nails, fixing my throat - and keeping things up - getting a manicure, doing my hair, looking smart, not having scruffy shoes. I wish I saw my extended family more; I feel like a bad and selfish person, especially compared to my sister. This year has really been one of change, and a huge amount has happened; it's not something I wish I could do differently, but I'd like to be more open and receptive to change.

I wish I had gone to bed 30 minutes earlier most nights. I got sucked into the internet! I'm learning to resist that nightime riptide. I'm very proud of supporting my children to be fully who they are.

I'm glad the situation with the right ovary played itself out the way it did. The starting doctors could have been hella nicer. I am very proud of myself to learn how to forgive people of their bad behavior. I am getting closer to identifying how to forgive myself.

I have been more vulnerable and truthful with my teachers, colleagues and friends, a deeply needed opening, which continues.

I really wish I had given up my sin. After Poz died I was doing so well, and then broke down. Been going strong now for a couple weeks, and hope this continues.

I wish I had had the courage to approach my crush sooner. I waited too long and he's now seeing someone else. I don't know if he had feelings for me or not, but I let my fear of rejection rule my actions and stayed quiet for far too long. By the time I got the courage to speak up, it was too late.

I wish I was more patient with my husband, who has Parkinson's. I know there are things that are difficult for him, but I get impatient and short with him, regardless. I need to get to a support group, but he does not want to do that where we live. I am proud of healing my relationship with my sister. I think that is going well, and it is better late than never. We are united because of our elderly parents, but it is working on many different levels.

I wish that I had be proactive in getting a summer job for myself. I think I would have been happier this summer. I also wish that I had gotten my drivers license soon as I would have had more freedom.

I had a sabbatical but did not start with a clear plan so it ended up as a jumble of small projects of far less value than I would like. Overall, I need to better organize my work. I do think I have shown some tenacity by sticking with a project that no one seems to notice (yes, I do appreciate the occasional word of acknowledgement). I am proud to have survived this past year. It has been tough.

I actually feel particularly proud of how I've handled family-related situations, drawing boundaries and being honest about my limits, what I am or am not comfortable committing to. Perhaps my pride in this is also a fault. But it does feel like a relief, and something that I've needed to learn how to do for a while. I'm compelled to wish that I'd fought with Nathan differently; more compassionately, less explosively, and with less walking away "breaks" from confrontation, but Nathan has also expressed his appreciation for how we've managed conflict, and that it's been good for him to see me engage that honestly.

I wish I had listened to my heart when it was telling me that something didn't feel right, especially in regards to relationships. I remember moments a few days before Thanksgiving, New Years' Eve and in late January lying in bed with a very anxious feeling in my stomach. There were many moments throughout the past year where my heart told me one thing, and I did the opposite. I'm still learning to distinguish between truth, intuition and fear and learning what to do when my head says, "you should push yourself" and my heart says "but wait, this doesn't feel right." For so many years, my head has won so maybe it's worth experimenting with letting my heart decide, even in the face of uncertainty.

I always wish that I could live by my values and through wisdom more often. And I always wish that I'd eaten more healthily or worked out in retrospect. But I know I can't be perfect with either of those things. I feel proud that I created a safe and full life for myself and that I generally live within my values.

I had a lot of fear and anxiety about my son moving into a group home for children with autism. I felt like I was not a mom anymore. I wish I had let go sooner and just let the process happen so that I would not have tortured myself so much. I am proud that my son is doing so well in this new environment.

My wife and I turned 50 this year, and I had wanted to go on a trip out west for two weeks while my kids were in camp. Instead, we didn't plan anything until it was too late, and then we balked at the airfare. We had a great summer regardless, but I wish we had taken that trip.

I'm proud that I managed to finish knitting the first baby blanket I ever made in time to give it to my first niece the first time I met her.

I wish I had developed a clearer process for adapting and posting a position. I wish I had included more stakeholders in the entire process so it wasn't such a shock to the entire staff. I wish I had focused on getting to my desired weight level. I am especially proud of finishing my first year as a superintendent of a small school.

I'm proud of the fact that I am standing up for myself and my kids. I'm proud that I'm not just letting other people place blame on me and accept no responsibility without consequence. I wish that the other person had been willing to accept responsibility or at least have an adult conversation about the situation so that there was not the animosity that has resulted; I am proud that I'm sticking to my belief and not being a 'doormat' just to avoid tension.

Wish I had been a better employee this past year. I feel like I had real opportunities to get ahead and make a major impression at the company, and I haven't fully taken advantage of that. I need to go harder at work and make sure that I'm hitting my deadlines and always producing high-quality work. One thing I'm incredibly proud of is my completion of the LA Marathon. The amount of time and dedication it took to training for the marathon, and the mental fortitude it took to finishing it, is really something I'm proud of. I thought I would never want to do another one again, but a few months later, I signed up for this year's NYC Marathon, where once again I'm grappling with the same questions and doubts about whether or not I should be doing it.

I am not defined by my weight. I'm a pretty great friend, mom, wife.. Even if I do have 10 pounds to lose . I'm sorry I've met this define who I am for so long

Done differently: that I don't take well enough care of my diabetes by not walking enough or still eating chocolate. So my millimol was now 5.7, the highest since diagnosed. That I kept on accepting workshops where I don't really like that anymore, or am particularly good at. Just average. And I want to be much more than average. Proud of: that I started with my book, after all. That it seems to go well. That even with the time it takes I manage to get my target and overshoot it. That I got since last question 3 new customers. And happy customers.

I'm especially proud of sticking up to my ex, John, with the divorce proceedings -- that's been super hard and required I really claim my own power. I'm also proud of the fact I finished and turned in to my editor my third book -- I feel very proud of it and it's the first time I think I've put my whole heart and soul into a creative project.

i wish i hadn't eaten emotionally and taken better care of myself -exercise for my hip after surgery

Done differently? Can't think of anything. But hindsight is 20/20 and I learn through experience of moments I could have done them better. Far too often, I don't fully commit to a plan or idea - just let it happen instead of being the driver. (Chris's 50th / Kov's 16th; and Dad being in Colorado) I think of that trip and wonder how it could have been better. It was still a great trip, but we only have so much time here on Earth to make a difference and I think I could have done more. I'm making progress... I wonder if there is a way to do it with more vigor!

I wish I hadn't beat myself up so badly over my first teaching job and first year in a challenging school. I was constantly exhausted, frustrated, and felt like I wasn't making a difference. I knew that this school I worked at probably wasn't typical but it was hard to imagine a different scenario. I tried much much harder than my students and that just doesn't make sense. Simultaneously, I'm proud of myself for getting through the year with somewhat of a reputable job done. I also did not give up on the new profession and continued to try and see the positive side of things including having summer again!

It is hard for me to say I wish I had done something differently in this past year because one door lead to another and I am not sure if I would be wear I am today without doing those things. I try not to regret anything and I am strong believer in "what is meant to be will be" so I don't necessarily wish I had done anything different. I would've rather I hadn't torn my acl and go through the surgery and recovery, but I think it has made me a stronger person (maybe not physically, yet) but emotionally. With the tearing of my acl, I felt a bit of my youth lost with it. I don't think I will ever sprint as fast as I can into the abyss, which I used to love to do, or be as reckless when it comes to climbing and jumping because I feel like it. I don't know if it was in the plan or this is just growing up, but thats how I feel about that in my life. In regards to something that I am proud of from this past year, I would just say some major personal growth I have done. I have had several amazing experiences, from my studying abroad, to my summer in the city working for Columbia Records, all which I am proud of. I just can't exactly pinpoint a moment in my past year that stood out to me as the proudest moment.

I am most proud of the fact that I bought a house or really a home. It was my one wish from last year and amazingly it happened. A reflection of almost 10 years of work on my part to recover from the financial devastation of my divorce. I love the house and it is exactly what I wanted- I love the neighborhood and the stability that it affords my family. There is also a measure of self-respect that finally being out of family assisted living brings. But what surprised me most was that this was not just the case for me but for my children as well. We were comfortable at my dad's house and it was certainly large enough to accommodate all of us- but my kids really wanted their own house. We have it now. Done differently? Well I m constantly in a learning curve with my daughter. I have accepted that I do not truly understand her and though I have made decisions in regards to her with true best of intentions, they have not always been the right decisions. I am trying to be more open to her decisions and letting her take charge of her own life. A scary prospect.

I wish I had been more vulnerable. I wish I had been better at communicating with my peers, managers and partners. This is also the year where I started taking photos with the intention of making it a career focus. It's been challenging in the most inspiring way.

I wish I had taken the job offer that I passed on. I am proud of getting my son into a new daycare and watching him thrive

In copenhagen with the swedish doctor. i wish I had slowed down and listened to him, to his body language, and let the conversation go on longer. that i had just texted daddy and said i'd be there later. and been selfish. and kept talking to him. what if that was my only chance? I am proud of my first two solo surgeries. I am proud of what I have learned and what I now know. I hope that this continues. That I really start to know what I need to do be a good veterinarian.

I wish that this past year I would have focused more on my health. I fear I have an ulcer, I have plateaued and/or am gaining weight, and overall my mental and physical health have diminished. I really wish I had found more time for self care. This year I am especially proud of not allowing myself to be bullied by my employer -- at a job I didn't like -- and found a better-paying job that is closer to home and gives me the opportunity to work within my passion.

I wish I had worked harder at my resolution from last 10Q to pursue a healthier lifestyle. Proud of my friendship with a special neighbor that I've cultivated since we moved fulltime to a new place.

I ran a marathon! I am very proud of that. One thing I'm not proud of is that I haven't improved on any of the things I talked about last year (getting more sleep, etc.). But I am working on myself.

I wish I would've saved more of my money and gone on a road trip with some of my friends.

I'm still trying hard to keep a cool head when my preteen daughter flips my switches - and even when she doesn't but suddenly I find they're in the "on" position anyway. I'm ashamed of how often I give in to emotional pressure and nag, lose patience or threaten. This is obliquely related to what I am proud of: finishing a draft of the next book in my Promised Land series. As a child, I wanted to become an actor but I never lived as an actor. Then I wanted to become a singer-songwriter (after giving up on my possibilities as a novelist too quickly), but never got a recording contract. Now have gone back to writing fiction but I still don't have an agent. So there's background noise in my life that's scary when I listen in. It builds up and I can't hear the voice of gratefulness sometimes, although I have so very much to be grateful for.

I'm pretty proud of myself for having completed two semesters of graduate school with a 4.0 GPA while working full time. It takes dedication to deny one's self free weekends and evenings for socializing and fun in order to complete a long-term goal.

I wish I could've finally transcended my fear of swimming. No teacher ha ever been able to get me past 4 feet. I have tried yet failed pitifully. Nevertheless, I have found myself reaching out to form new friends while bolstering the ones that I already have.

Differently? Other than losing weight, which I did not do, I wish I had exercised more. Especially proud to have advocated for both my parents in their illnesses.

I wish that I could have found a way to leave my job sooner. I feel very stuck in my current position and I'm tired of being disrespected and underpaid. I want to find something new already.

I would have stayed off of dating sites *eyeroll*. I am proud of myself for working so hard to dig out of the miry that was keeping me from growing into who I truly know I am. Often it feels like it didn't happen fast enough. Other times it was so hard I didn't think I could do it, and yet, here I am climbing out of the mud and washing it away.

This past year I've spent more time working on school instead of being social. Although I am very proud that because of that I got a honor student ribbon.

I wish I had worked less, I am beginning to learn to say "No", and that is empowering and freeing. When I work less, I feel better overall, and I don't NEED to work every weekend to make ends meet. I'm proud that I said "no" to my second job asking for three nights a week, over and above what I usually do....

I wish that I had done better relationships with my friends and not push their help away.

I wish I had tried a little harder - to pay attention, to waste less time, to stop worrying about things. I know that I have let people down because I never seem to listen - although I really do listen. I just don't necessarily agree. But I do wish I could have lived up to expectations more.

This past year I wish that I would have taken the schmita year more seriously and let more go to fallow. I kept resisting the urge because of the fear of disrupting my momentum. That said, I kicked ass at life! I worked hard and got a promotion. I made a new love connection. I traveled to new places. I made a choice to be active. The little schmita I did do--the feeling I interpreted as "stuck" has enabled me to enter this new year with more clarity of purpose.

Proud of dedication to singing in our senior choir at independent and assisted living, memory care, and skilled nursing venues. Many people have many ailments and afflictions that are the same age or younger. Makes one happy that we are able to perform for them and makes one appreciate the health one has.

I wish I had concentrated more on my creative work and on doing things I find fulfilling, rather than falling into two strangely obsessive love relationships that were destructive rather than supportive two times in a row. I am very proud to have received a scholarship for my documentary project that I've been working on for so long - especially because I had felt like giving up several times, but I kept going.

Pride is best felt when tempered by humility and creativity for an even better solution. This year I completed my architectural license. An arduous process, but one that hundreds of people complete each year. I however, spent years not believing I could actually do it. The patient love and support of my wife coupled with professional help in managing a life-long learning disability and lingering effects of an old TBI were indispensable in my achievement. The catalyst, however, came from the deep well of courage I've discovered in myself due to fatherhood. My son deserves a father who pushes hard, overcomes, and ultimately achieves meaningful things.

Taken the time to stop, slow down, and appreciate all the good in my life.

I wish I had been less irritable with my husband. I need to find a way to let his ranting about politics roll off my back and not foul my mood. I get crabby and then we devolve into an unfriendly place. It's not working for us and I'll need to be the one to make a change in this pattern. I've been especially proud of how Edward and I planned and orchestrated our wedding, which turned out to be exactly what we both wanted. And that both of my parents and siblings were there with us.

no but I did sign up for the 5k ALZ.org walk.

I wish that I had tried harder to mend the relationship between my husband and my son. I doubt that I could have done it myself, but I spent too much time keeping them apart and not enough healing the rift. I am proud of the way I have handled the aftermath of Rick's death. I am working, attending counseling and taking over the responsibility of the household while maintaining my relationships. It's very hard, but it's moving forward.

I'm really proud that my son(11) finished his black belt in taekwondo. He worked hard for 4 years to finish. I'm proud both for him and for his mom and I because we helped him learn how to finish what he starts.

I wish I'd done a better job at two job interviews.

I am especially proud that I was able to balance parenting, teaching, and most importantly, caregiving for my father in the last few months of his life. It was such a joy and an honor to be able to spend so much time with him while he was dying, and to know that there was little if anything I could have done to make the hospice process better for him and to give him the peaceful, home-based death that he wanted. It was so hard, though, to balance that with teaching well for my students, putting together some scholarship that landed well and that I was proud of, and being as attentive a mother as I could be to Rachel. They were some of the hardest and most vivid months of my life.

There are always things that I wish I'd done differently. This year I've been reflecting a lot on my relationships and the way that I show up in these relationships. I've realized that I often time participate in relationships to shield myself from my true wants, needs, and feelings, and to avoid looking at who I truly am. Instead, I let others tell me who they see me as and take that as the truth about me. Moving forward, I want to work on embodying who I truly am, learning to own my reality, my needs, wants, and feelings, and to show up as my most authentic self for myself instead of for others. I'm proud of myself for recognizing this and beginning to do the hard work of looking at myself and my patterns and begin to face who I truly am--perfectly imperfect.

I wish I had taken better care of my physical health. I am proud that I have been willing to do things that naturally are scary or hard for me like: have hard conversations with people, step out of my comfort zone, be willing to try something new even if I'm going to fail or be wrong. I'd really like to continue living in a way where fear doesn't dictate what I do.

Lots of things, but this box is not big enough. 1 thing comes to mind, telling my ex in laws to be more polite to me. It's most unpleasant to the ear. Also my sister in law is a disgrace, she thinks she knows everything. I mean she is just so rude. Next time I will put her in her place. Bring on November. But I will do it privately, maybe my partner will be listening.. Lots to think about.

I have a very difficult time holding onto regrets for my actions in general. Is there something that I wish I've done differently this year? Yes, I shouldn't have moved the bookcase I dropped on my foot this morning by myself. Can I change that past action.... sadly no. If I am to be proud of anything, I think it is the fact that I haven't been dwelling on re-doing past actions. There are not any do-overs.... so you just have to make a new opportunity.

1. I wish I had found a way to talk with my daughter about her experiences as a new mom. I'd like her to know that I'm still and always will be her mom and I love her with the same intensity that she loves her daughter. 2. Proud of my interview for the DRE position at UCN. After a few shaky interviews at other places, I figured out how to relax and be myself. That gave me renewed confidence about my ministerial calling.

I wish I had learned to relax more and manage my energy better. Too much time was spent worrying about other people. You can't change or fix them, so I just focus on being the best I can be and not focus on others.

I feel like this past year was much like the rest of my life. That is to say, if I examine any particular section of the year very closely I'm certain I could find a few things I have done that I wish I had not done, or vice versa. But really, there is no giant misstep I feel I have made. I think Kate and I have been doing a pretty good job of parenting and both Noah and Sydney are turning into really good kids (even if they occasionally whine a bunch, poop their pants, bite when angry, etc.). I guess I am proud of participating in the Ride to Conquer Cancer. I don't feel like it is as special as when I rode to raise money for Grayson, since that was just me riding and raising money for just one person, whereas this ride will be hundreds of people riding to raise oodles of money for a generalized goal, but still . . . . it did involve a certain level of commitment to do the fundraising and do the training. I certainly get something out of it as well, so it is not completely altruistic, but waking up at 5:15 to go for a ride a couple of times each week gets pretty old after a while.

I wish I had done more socially to increase my business this year! I've gotten really comfortable with working on my business from my laptop and it's hard to make it grow the way I want it to without going out and talking to people more! I'm super proud of how consistent I've been with blog posts, email newsletters and even with social media for business. Even when I don't feel my business is going as well as it could or I feel I'm lacking what it takes to get what I want, I'm proud that my few readers can at least count on my content showing up when they expect it to. I'm certainly reliable!

I wish I had done a better job of living my values, particularly at work. I find when I assert myself and come back to these vakues, I feel much better and get an even better outcome. The more I push my comfort zone, the closer I am to actually being my true self. Strange but true. Im also particularly proud of the work I did through Outward Bound and to apply it in real life - both work and personal. Over the course of the last year I've started to like myself again and it has helped to improve my relationship with others. I need to keep my foot on the accelerator and keep pushing through the hard stuff.

I can't think of anything specific that I would have done differently. I'm proud that last year I decided to switch my life up and go to culinary school. Seems cliche but it has really made me happier.

I'm not proud of anything I did this past year. I don't know what I could have, or should have, done differently, but generally, this past year was one of overall failure. I feel like I accomplished nothing, and I have very little to look forward to in life at this point.

No….. I am not proud of my temperament, anger and resentment against this shit SLA, it brings me out of control. Proud of having started a new Practice and hoping it will flourish with my new MPA who should start in October. Proud of not going to holiday……..

I wish I would have used my time more wisely.

I am glad that I retired as Super of the Home Arts building. It was time to move on

I should´ve stayed longer in Prague, but no big regrets about it; looking forward to go back there anytime. I´m proud about getting back into writing and winning the top award at a literary contest with one of my tales.

I'm particularly proud of being elected as SWUSY Regional President. I've wanted this for so long, and have worked so hard to get here. It still doesn't feel totally real, and the thought of all that this position carries is kind of daunting. I can only hope to do my best with it throughout the year.

I'm incredibly proud of myself for leaving my beloved paradise of the USVI and my Tribe to return to Columbus, OH (a very drastic change) so I could reconnect with family and go back to college. I'm now a full-time student at OSU, finally pursuing my dream of completing my education and embarking on my ideal career path as a (social worker) spiritual psychotherapist. This is taking every ounce of determination and focus I can muster. I'm proving to myself that I can accomplish whatever I set my mind to do. I am creating a future where I will be fully supported doing the work I love and was born to do. I feel both grateful overwhelmed.

Very proud to have the courage to be in the choir, take the therapy, continue with tamoxifen. possibly the time to transition is here.

I am hugely proud of the fact I ran my first half marathon this year. Exercise has never been something that I have committed to or felt comfortable doing. It's still a bit of a weekly battle in my mind, but I now go for at least one run most weeks. I would never have believed it possible that I would have had the discipline or confidence to tackle a challenge like that, but I have. I feel so much more body confident and so much healthier than I ever did in my twenties. I couldn't be prouder!

2015 has not been the best year but in so many ways it may be the best year for personal growth. Starting with Mom's illness, my furlough from my job, and my Breast Cancer and surgery. Since these events were out of my control, there's nothing I could have done differently. I'm proud of, if you can call it that, my response to these major life events. Acceptance. That's been the word for 2015. Next year, I'm hoping for the word determination. Well, I can think of a few more words but I do know this. I am looking forward to looking ahead at the life that's yet to come.

I'm really proud of having finally succeeded at losing weight (nearly 20 pounds) without doing any crazy "dieting". It hasn't been easy, and I still have another 20 to go, but I'm feeling really good. All these years I've known that the key is eating less, and moving more, and while I don't have trouble with the moving part, the eating part, well, that's always been the challenge. It's like I finally "got it" after years and years of trying. Having my husband's support - he joined me on this effort even though he didn't need to lose any weight) has been immeasurably supportive and awesome. I'm truly lucky, in more ways than one.

I wish I had panicked less, because panic is an unproductive emotion. I am proud that I have grown more comfortable with being in a position of responsibility, because a year ago having to answer questions or having to handle bureaucracy really scared me.

I'm especially proud of my preschoolers that I. Was able to get ready for kindergarten. There is so much to do when you get children at age three, have them for two. Years and see how. Far they have come in there readiness for kindergarten. It amazes me. Smile

I wish I had accepted my friends as they are more quickly. I wish that their differences had not affected me so much and that I had been more open to their ideas and their beliefs

Stressed less. Though, that is most years. I'm slowly improving.

I wish that had taken time to enjoy the little moments. I am living abroad in Europe for the first time, in the beautiful city of Budapest. Every day here offers a new, exciting experience. Yet upon reflection, I see that I spent most of the past year focused on future events or insignificant problems. I was constantly planning trips to surrounding countries, worrying about my job, or trying too hard to form a tight friend group. I wish that I had taken more time to sit by the river by myself. I wish that I had taken more long walks through the city. I wish that I had looked up more, and taken the time to really look at that interesting statue or architectural design. I wish that I had not been afraid to immerse myself in the culture, and to talk to more locals. This year, I intend to linger in the moment more, to take in this city that I have grown to love.

I still need to get out of my bubble and interact with people more--not just in teaching, but on a more personal level. I just seem to float around everything, not entering into it!

I am not proud of my grades on two important tests that I had, there was the ACT and then there was my AP English Language exam. I did ok on my ACT but I didn't do good enough, I am going to be retaking it in the fall and hopefully I will get a better grade this time. And on my AP exam I got a very bad grade, and I don't know what I could have done better to change that grade, since it was a skill based test. I probably should have read a lot more.But I am proud that I was able to get all of my grades up in the classes that I was failing and pass my junior year. I am going to redeem myself this year by retaking the ACT and I'm going to get a good grade on my next AP exam.

I wish I had been more careful and reserved in some of what I shared with other people. In a few specific situations, I told people things I should not have, sometimes individually, sometimes with groups. This relfects my tendency to speak -- or in this case, to write -- impulsively, even though in at least two cases, I look back and see that I took a fair amount of time to compose messages. The problem was not so much what I said or even how I said it, but that I chose to say anything at all. I recognize, too, that in the two bases I'm thinking of, I acted more out of a desire for affirmation or to get a sense that others understood me than to contribute to the larger conversation or circumstance.

This past year, I wish I had had more patience with my children. I wish I had been able to take out more time for friends and people that I love. I wish I had been more focused at work and tried to keep to a to do list in a more disciplined manner.

I wish I hadn't signed up for so many obligations at the same time.

I wish I would've taken more initiative and stood my ground with others. I let too many people take advantage of me in different ways, and I could've controlled that better. I'm really proud of myself, on the other hand, from growing so much at work. I'm becoming a better team player, and taking on more responsibility as a leader.

I wish that I had spent more time with friends. I isolate myself too much, and do not take risks socially. I wish that I had branched out, and spent more than one day with Terry, and more than a couple of days with Kristyn, and more than a couple of days with Linda. I also wish that I had spent time with someone knew. However, that said, I did spend time with Tynkr and I did invite Wendy from work to Zumba with me and had breakfast with her and her partner, so that much was new. I'm especially proud of my birthday party. That was one of the best days of my life. I turned 40 in a grand fashion. I threw that party for myself, and I didn't care how self-centered it might seem to people. I decided I wanted to get together anybody and everybody who cared about me in one spot, and have the event I never had, because I never had a wedding or a child or a graduation party or a bridal/wedding/engagement/baby shower. I had that party and so many people - over 40 people - showed up to be kind and generous in their time and caring and appreciation of me as a human being, and it made me feel wonderful. Both of my parents came and were in that same spot at the same time for the first time since Jessica's college graduation, and the only time they have ever done that for me since I was 12 was on that day. I will never forget or regret that day. It meant so much to me. And for Jessica to come down from Baltimore, and even Denny coming down to it, that was special. Having my mom and dad and Danny and Jessica there together was special. Having friends from everywhere I go was special. It is a memory to cherish for a long time, and I'm very grateful for it. I'm very proud that I decided to do something to celebrate being alive after all of my years contemplating death and plotting my death and wishing for my death and just struggling to survive, and barely managing it. I'm very glad that I took the bull by the horns and said, "today, I am celebrating being alive at the age of 40, because it is amazing that I made it this far". Because, it is amazing.

Wow. Reflections are tricky. I have to say, at this point in my life I don't feel like regrets make much sense. I also feel like I have a fairly good handle on my own behavior and things I can control. There are a few things professionally I might have done differently, but nothing huge. I probably should have tried talking to my family more to get things working better. I am actually very proud of having finished this massive project. It was hard not to be able to properly celebrate it because the roll-out was so fucked up, but it was absolutely huge and, in the grand scheme of things, was really well done. I would like to go back and see it in a year or two to see the lasting impact of what the team and I really accomplished.

So many things I wish I'd done differently, especially in relation to the boy, but I think overall I am improving. I need to watch out for my own negativity, anxiety makes me bad tempered and that won't help with work or home. We are in the process of buying our first home, which makes 2015 an especially exciting time

As a coach I had a miscue from an athlete. It was an innocent mistake but this year I thought about it a lot. I wished I had paid more attention to the situation. I am proud of how the team did very well. They all worked/practiced hard. Besides coaching I was able to do some volunteerism and make kids happy and more confident with their new learned skills.

I wish I had listened to my heart. When my mom was dying I really believed she would be OK, and I didn't go to her. But deep down, I knew I should have. I have to live with the guilt, but I can forgive myself. I must learn the lesson though for next time and remember what is most important.

I am proud how I've been true to myself, I have tried not to be sucked in by toxic people and embrace the few beautiful friends I have. I also gave blood for the first time two weeks ago, that made me very proud.

Yes, and Yes, both relative to each part of the question. With respect to the second friend who died, I wish I had acted sooner, but once I did, I was glad. When I married and moved here, she was one of the first people I met; she was a dance teacher and was very kind to me and made me feel welcome to a very different part of the world from which I grew up. As time went by, I began a teaching career and couldn't go to class, but when we saw each other, it was always a joyous occasion. We always promised to call each other, but didn't. This is the regret. She became ill at the same time as my other dearest friend, whom I also mentioned in question No 1. When I found out that she was ill, I emailed, spoke to her daughter, whom I had taught, and was told that I could send letters or emails. I did, but wanted to do more. I then told her daughter that my golden retriever and I visit the hospital every week and perhaps I could see her there. And this is how it began. I would offer to do whatever was needed, but always turned down. I am not an aggressive person but really wanted to do something. I started by making soup and taking it to the hospital. I realized that one cannot ask to do something, that you simply must do it. And in this way, I continued to cook, bake, etc. and it was appreciated, but more importantly,she and I reconnected and were able to have meaningful conversations about many topics. I am deeply saddened by her loss, and know that going forward, I will have more courage when facing similar concerns.

I wish I had had the opportunity to say goodbye. I wish I had saved a bit more and been more assertive in getting paid. But it was a learning curb and easy to say in retrospect. I wish I had been working on getting good instead of sending out applications when something didn't feel right. But how could I know that. It's difficult to be proud when things are so out of your hand. But I'm proud of the work I did at hope. I'm proud of making a first season of WTPL happen. I'm proud I did t use my dads death to shut down, self destruct or stop growing. I've had every excuse this year to quit my relationships and quit being me, not that it felt like much of a choice and maybe to my downfall,how can I know, I buckled down.

No, I don't think so...not that everything was perfect, but it was all within the realm of reason. That is the good and the bad were all normal reactions of things that I would not necessarily change regardless of good and bad outcomes. I am proud of the levels of trust I've been able to accomplish with key relationships over the last year.

I wish I had mended ways with my son. I miss having him in my life. I have to remind myself that he is the one who made the choice to walk out of my life, I didn't walk out of his. I am proud of the fact that I have gone off all opiate based medication. I spent years telling myself that since they were prescribed by medical professionals it was alright to take them. In just over 2 months opiate free, I am becoming the happy person I once was.

I wish I'd taken more trips and spent more time with friends I care about. I wish I were more courageous about asking to spend time with the friends I want to see. I'm proud of the presentations I've given--at industry events big and small. I didn't know, going into them, whether I'd be "good" at presenting, or whether I'd panic speaking in front of hundreds of people and working a room. I was good, and I didn't panic, and I actually really liked every presentation I gave. It's a small thing, but I'm looking forward to doing more.

I'm proud of my strength. Leaving my abusive husband called for a great strength to be summoned within me. And now, caring for my 20-month-old son alone, handling bills, housework, working my out-of-home job, dealing with lawyers and court...all calls for a different kind of strength; a sustained strength. It's incredibly taxing and some days it feels impossible; I just want to curl up and cease to exist because it is all too overwhelming. But I have to find that strength because my son is depending on me. Not only do I have to fight for his best interests, but I need to fight for myself so that I am a positive force in his life, so he can see my perseverance as an inspiration, so he can be proud of his mother, so he knows no matter how imposing and tremendous a problem looks, that he can also stand up and fight, and that no problem is insurmountable.

Something I wish I had done differently..... yeah. I wish I would have handled myself with a bit more dignity when I lived by Prosser. I didn't see eye to eye with some of my housemates but I'm sure we had more in common than I allowed myself to acknowledge. Proud? yes. I married my sister. I got ordained several years ago and got to officiate my first marriage last month. Soon, I will be marrying my younger sister too.

I'm struggling with motivation and organization "stuff". I wish I'd focused more on being productive.

Why is this so hard? Could it be because I feel overwhelmed most of the time, and maybe I haven't taken the time to focus my energies on creating limits. That is what I wish I would have done. I am proud that I spent time with my family and continue to do that.

I wish I had done wine tasting differently. (spitting) I am especially proud of serving 10, then 11, and then 13 points in a row. (unusual to do in a game up to 15).

I wish I had kept in better touch with my local friends this year, particularly this summer. We've drifted far apart. I suppose I'm a bit proud to be becoming Secretary of Kiwanis - we'll see how I feel it about it next year when I'm actually doing the work, though!

I wish I could be more positive in my outlook when i'm pressured. Under pressure i tend to go negative. I am proud of how i handled my son for the most part during his crisis with school and drugs this past spring, it was messy but i think i was a better parent than i would have been in the past.

I wish I had handled my stress better this year. I shut down. I didn't completely stopped working/moving forward for myself and instead just tread water, keeping in the same place. And took it a lot away from my self-esteem. I forgot to care about myself. Just because other people weren't didn't mean I had to stop too. But it was just too much for me to deal with all at once. So I am proud that I was able to work my way out of it. And overcome this ... and I am working on making sure it doesn't happen again.

I hate regretting things, and most of the time I believe that looking back and wanting to change things or doing things differently doesn't really help, but I also know that somewhere in the back of my mind, the only thing I would do differently would be to stay in the U.S. for a longer period, and working harder to earn more money there. Regardless, I am super proud of my time there and my ability to let go, and be free.

I wish I would have dedicated time to get my body back in shape. Also, to have my son get in shape with me. We could have done it together. I tried a few times but life happened and the "time" I had to workout faded away as weeks went by. I needed to MAKE time. We are not in terrible shape, but we both have some work to do. I am especially proud of my spiritual growth and the influence it has on my son as well. He has grown leaps and bounds. He is a proud child of God. :-)

Something new this year was taking a kid-free vacation. Definitely long overdue and something to repeat next year!

Used my time in a more productive manner

I am really proud of the way I keep moving forward. I don't let anyone or anything hold me back from doing the things I want to. I took a step and told my husband I expected him to do something for our dating anniversary and despite everyone's, including me thinking he would not, he did. What I am not proud of and wish I had done differently is the same thing from last year. Letting him continue to treat me like a person he knows casually Not his wife of 31 years and the mother of his 5 children. Not someone be loves!! I need to hold him accountable for his actions and make him commit one way or the other.

I wish I had spent less time at the gym, and less time worrying about controlling my appearance. I could have used that time to play the guitar, do some creative writing, even read more. I am proud that I set a goal to read 12 books, and I ended up reading 14. I am glad that I bought a banjo, but I wish I had spent more time learning to play it. That will be my goal for this year.

done differently - I wish I had listened more intently to a friend, who on the fourth of July, invited me to hang out at his place. I worked in my garden, digging out a pond, and then filling in the hole with dirt, and planting flowers, and a flower cart on top of the new soil. I worked outside between 8 and 9 hours. I was exhausted, unsure if I was really welcome, and decided to stay home that evening. Later I realized that my friend did not really believe that I cared enough to show up at his house, and my actions seemed to confirm his feelings. I wish I had listened to more of "what" he said, rather than "how" he said it. I let him down, and hurt myself in the process. especially proud of from this past year: I made the decision to really change my lifestyle, specifically, my eating habits, and expanding my yoga practice into more meditation. I followed through on both, and my life has changed immensely for the better. I sleep well, I have more energy, my skin is clearer, I manage stress much better, I am shrinking in size, which is a side note that comes from better eating habits, meditation, and yoga practice. The most wonderful gift I gave myself in years.

Nothing I wish I would have done differently in th past year but I am very proud of starting my own travel business.

I wish I had said NO more often, and on the occasions the answer was YES, done those things with more care. I did too much, not as well as I could have. What I am proud of, even though nobody will every know, is influence my brother to make life decisions that helped the rest of the family.

Don't take thinks for granted, stop trusting everything and everybody. Pay more attention to myself, don't abandon myself and my family because of work stressful issues. I am proud of taking more care of myself, commuting to improve my health and my family's

Not let so many employment opportunities continue to pass me by. I am proud of the way I see my children continue to grow into a wonderful and beautiful woman and man.

I wish I had become more physically active. Intellectually I know this is so important for good health yet I don't do it. It's not too late, however, and this is a new year. I hope that by next year at this time, I can smile broadly while I read this response, knowing I have overcome my own resistance in this regard.

Prioritized making art more, prioritized my health More. Stood up for my boundaries. Listened to and trusted my intuition rather than second guessing it. Proud of giving my relationship a full and real chance. Putting in work on myself and the relationship before leaving it. leaving it with kindness, love, honesty and integrity (to the best of my ability) with greater maturity than I've ever exhibited before in a break up. Remember: you bring the magic! You are magic.

I wish I had made cleaning, decluttering, organizing my house a priority regardless of my husband's reluctance. I wish I had exercised more and gone back to my much stricter vegan diet.)

So many little things. I regret hurting people, usually unintentionally, by careless words, or incorrect assumptions. Jumping to conclusions without all the data. I wish that I had done some fun things over the summer. Things I am proud of - my children. They are productive members of society, in helping professions and they think about others and their needs. I do wonder if I work to hard or do I work to fill in the spaces not occupied by work?

There are many little things I had done differently, but nothing big. I am very proud of getting engaged and taking guardianship of our grandson.

I'm especially proud of balancing church music with everything else. I've pulled back slightly (rolled off the committee), but still in three choirs with three nights of rehearsal. I'm organizing and prioritizing well. There is a certain tenuousness. A little like juggling a lot of objects. A bit of a change, and some may tumble down. Or maybe not. Today I'm on the crest of the wave, and it's all working quite nicely.

Change the way i lived. I didn't do any achievement in past year.

I'm really proud that I was such a generous nana and mother. I'm proud of how well we're doing with retirement. Mostly, I'm really proud of how much I met my 10Q goals for myself. And I think I'm beginning to learn how to say no before I get angry.

I am trying to learn another language. Have been for many years. I've tried this year to make the commitment to spend at least 30 minutes daily studying and am constantly disappointing myself by not doing just that. I need to take my commitments to myself seriously!

Wish I had had more confidence in myself; more positive and creative, less depressed. Not allowing fear, anxiety, to dominate my life- especially fear of what other people might do to me if I dared to be myself. I am proud of the progress I have made, but it may just be down to having been given help to overcome a long-standing infection and being a lot healthier in general.

I wish I hadn't moved back into an apartment that didn't feel right and that I had lived more presently. I don't feel like I'm really chasing after my dreams - instead I have a sense of just getting tumbled along and falling into different situations rather than outlining clear goals in my mind and pursuing them. I'd like to change that this coming year. However, I'm proud of myself for building a flexible and easy life and taking advantage of the time off and ability to travel and explore.

I wish I communicated better. It's so easy to keep things inside and not express what's really going on inside. I wish I spoke up more for what I believed in, gave my opinion more often, spoke my frustrations rather than keeping it all in, expressed gratitude and thankfulness to those around me who support me so much, and kept in touch with friends & family with more than a text message.

I'm proud of the commitment I've made to taking care of myself - whether that's breaking up with someone who was bad for me, seeking out physical therapy, or actively making the effort to design the life I want to live. The one thing I wish I'd done differently is that I wish I'd have moved out of my apartment I couldn't afford when James and I broke up. I think I was stubborn in believing that I *should* be able to afford it, so I stayed, but it put me in a very difficult financial place.

I wish I had been more faithful in my Musar practice and, in connection with that, had been more controlling of my anger. I wish I had not spoken as harshly as I did with customer service agents of companies providing unsatisfactory service. I wish I had been as gracious and merciful toward them as Hashem has been toward me.

I wish I spent more time practicing my new energy work skills. I'm especially proud of how well I cared for myself and for others from a place of live and integrity. I'm also proud of the peace I've found in my heart and how I've learned to share that peace with others.

I guess this could be the answer to this question for every year. I would like to finally be able to have my relationship to food and my body be something regular and normal. I would like it to just be my way of life to take good care of myself. I don't want it to be a program, a regimen, a plan; I want it to be my way of life. Something that doesn't require so much thought and struggle. Every year I vow to treat my body like the holy vessel that it is. I vow to not sabotage my own efforts. I vow to not let the hurts of my past control how I behave in the present. But it never changes. At least it never changes permanently.

I wish I had just made the decision to move to the NW Instead of stressing about money. I'm happy that I have been staying at the airport studying for 14hrs/day. Its really helpt. Now I must keep it up.

I wish I had understood my needs more/been less annoyed at my needs, and then recognised when people didn't meet my needs so that I could tell them to fuck off - because being lonely alone is much better than feeling lonely with other people because I'm being false with myself about what I really need from relationships.

I wish I had been more balanced in my work life and my life life. I still need to find (make?) my community. I feel pretty settled in work and in my place, but I could be better and I could be more on top of adult things, though I think I'm doing better than I expected, I know I could do even better.

I really don't have any regrets that I can think of. I am especially proud of the fact that I have kept up with my workouts and tried to be more fit and eat healthier.

I wish I had not made Ken such a priority all the time. I am really proud that when Sarah suffered some late-stage pregnancy issues, I dropped everything and flew to her side.

I wish I had stuck to losing weight. I have so much self-dislike because of my weight. I wish I had accepted myself more.

I'm proud that I've actually cut back on my non-school activities and am contributing and accomplishing more at home.

I wish I had handled my credit a lot better; right now I'm deeper in debt. I have reduced my intake of unhealthy food and am practicing better exercise habits.

It's hard to not have every answer be dominated by the weight of recent events. I wish I had been better to my soon to be ex wife through our breakup. I don't quite know how I would have accomplished that-- but the knowledge of how much I've hurt her consumes me with guilt and regret. I'm proud, however, of taking chances and leaping into new things. I can feel how much I'm growing because it hurts like hell.

I wish I could have found more time to be present with my daughter. The demands of a job that is now over, took precedent over my child and my heartfelt need to be in her life.

Of everything that happened the last year, the thing I would change would be my focus towards men. I feel like every other week I had my heart on my shoulders where I was taking things too serious, too personal, with too much of my emotion. Even when I was setting myself up with guys where I knew it would not work out I still let myself get emotionally involved and then hurt. The backwards-forwards of meeting people, going out, hooking up, breaking up occupied more time than it should have. Simply, I spent way too much of my valuable time thinking and talking about men. I especially spent too much time on "what if" than I should have. I needed to watch and listen and take action when guys were shutting me out and down instead of staying around and letting my feelings get hurt. This next year could be really different, if I allow myself to change. Between getting the house ready and leaving the country, I have a lot to do. I also would like to continue focusing on learning more about physics, religion, nutrition and the Spanish language. I want to continue to eat cleaner and take care of my body. I want to surround myself with friends and family and avoid being around people who hurt me and/or bring me down. I wish I wouldn't have made myself so vulnerable in the past but I can choose to make myself strong for the future.

I'm proud to be a mom. I am proud of what I've overcome and that I'm Able to support my kids on my own. It's not easy. I don't have family within 700 miles, and I'm a single mom. I've accomplished a lot. I am their hero, and it's such an honor.

I'm proud of the way I handled my shit this year. I never give myself credit, but I'm awesome under pressure. It was a tough year, and I handled it with grace and never let myself or others down.

I started leading a writers group at the local public library this year! It's something I've wanted to do for a long time, and now it's really happening!

I have the same small regrets I usually do, but overall I don't dwell on them. (See 2014 for specifics.) We all do the best we can, right? In the face of so many friends and acquaintances splitting up this past year, I'm especially proud of my marriage which still feels extremely loving, strong and challenging (in a good way).

I wish I would have gotten someone besides Betsy to work with me earlier before it became hostile. I wish I would have asked for stronger medication earlier. I am pleased that I pressed in when God told me to expand my tents and kept asking for a larger store on the main row at the Market Place. I am very proud of the look of the new store. I am happy that I went on the cruises that I did (Burmuda and Bahamas) and that I started going to Wickham Park Farmers Market. I am so proud of my grandson and the relationship I have been able to salvage with him and his wife. I do wish I had not lent them money because they were not mature enough to keep their repayment arrangements which put a stress on our relationship.

I wish I hadn't gone back into teaching. I left the classroom because my heart just wasn't in it anymore. Unfortunately, I took a job offer from a friend and I am depressed each and every day. Always listen to your gut. I wish I had.

I was on automatic pilot more than I had hoped I'd be - wish I'd spent more time on photography and reading books - I need alone time that is not spent on to-do list

I wish I had made closer friends, bigger connections in my life. I seem to stumble with friendships fearful of always being an intrusion. I realize one needs friends to navigate this life. I am especially proud of the fact that I obtained a degree,at the age of 54. A dream of mine has come true. It is an Associates in Science. I have been striving to obtain this for the past 5 years, it has been difficult. Initially, working full time and going to school part time my life was full. This past year, I have been a full time student. I am now in the process of looking for a job in my new role. Excited, terrified and bored with it all. I just want to work now, but looking for employment is such a bore.

Let Go and Let God more.

I wish I had gone back on antidepressants sooner. It's been an amazing (if sill imperfect) change, and it would have saved a lot of heartache, headache, and drama. Also wish I had behaved differently at the conference I attended in June. Something I'm proud of? Hmm. Publishing the results of my research at that June conference. Starting to take my business more seriously.

My heart is still fighting with my brain about Bob. I wish I had not put all my eggs in the Bob Basket. I threw all my hope and joy into a person and lost it when he departed. If I had held onto myself and my own intrinsic worth maybe it would not have devastated the crap out of me. On the plus side, I did jump into crossfit and found a new sport and a great new group of friends. Win some, lose some!

I wish I had not agreed to have a dog in the house, especially one that someone else got to pick. I am proud of my efforts to be a stronger person, a better employee, and to be there more for myself . I am less drained from being the support system for others.

At this point, I can't think of anything. I'm sure by the end of this year (past September 14th) I'll think of something.

I'm proud that I've started saying YES to so many things this year and not let laziness get in the way. We just went to the US Open finals. Crazy amounts of money and a bit of coordination, but we committed and did it. Saying yes to things (and being upfront with a no to other things) has made me really happy.

I can't think of something that I've done that I'm proud of or that I'd change. I feel indifferent. I'm happy because I changed my teaching position to an elementary school from a junior high school. That's less stress.

I wish I hadn't been so crazy when I first started my new job. Every day I found myself putting my foot in my mouth, trying to fit in with or impress my new cohort. It's really not necessary, and it's very unlike me--I'm usually very stable and calm. But after my last job experience at such a traumatic workplace, I found that my insecurities took over and really messed with my social graces. While I regret my behavior, I don't take full responsibility for it. I was still in post-traumatic stress mode from my old job. Alternatively, I am especially proud of my participation in a presentation at a professional association's annual conference. I prepared, I practiced, I collaborated with a partner, and I'm really proud of our presentation. It was the first time I've had this much responsibility in a presentation, and I feel like it was a great success.

I wish I hadn't dated the person I was involved with earlier this year. I knew in my gut that it wasn't the right fit, but being 40 and single in a smallish city made me feel like it was worth a try. He wasn't good for me and made me feel bad about myself. On the other hand, I'm proud of myself for leaving that relationship and recognizing that his criticisms of me are more about him and his own neuroses and low self-esteem. I'm proud that I like myself a lot.

Yes. I wish I had found a better way to help my Mother who was in a lot of pain and needed a lot of help. Ideally I would have brought her NJ and found her affordable Assisted Care instead of leaving her in Florida to fend for herself. The good news is, I finally did bring her to NJ and I did all that I had to do to get her here and apply for Medicaid. Unfortunately it needed to be several months sooner.

I am proud of myself for reconnecting with my inner artist and finding a way to use that gift for goodness.

I wish I did not spend so much time working this summer. I left no time for me and my favorite time of year just slipped by\ but I am proud that I lost 80 pounds and am working to keep it off. I didn't give up or let myself fall back into unhealthy food and living habits. Each day is a new day and I am trying to meet the challenges of that day.

I'm extremely proud of leaving a job situation that was finished for me, and beginning on a new career path that is completely different. It has been a true test of faith in the universe and has required a lot of bravery that I didn't know I possessed. It is difficult to reinvent yourself at 40!

This year progressed slowly and I missed a lot of job opportunities. However, I adapt rather well to situations and plug along nicely. I believe the universe puts you in exactly the position it needs you in, so I did and continue to do everything God asks of me. As for proud moments, I lack them this year. With slow movement comes minuscule achievement, so nothing to report there.

Sorry, dear self, for missing the first day. Happy Rosh Hashannah to all the jews! My momma told me to toss crumbs today. I wish Ashland had a nearby running river. These questions freak me out sometimes. Like waht do I say? SO MUCH PRESSURE. What if I leave details out? What if I don't answer totally truthfully? I wish I would have been more honest with Eric sooner. Although I don't care because things have played out real well how they did and I wouldn't change it. But mayhaps next time there is something bugging me about him or our relationship I won't wait the entire month of June to talk to him about it. I'm proud of taking the TrueNorth internship. I learned so much, not just about teaching and helping kids be actors and keep cool backstage, but also I learned how to work with people in a businessy setting. Lawrence, Connie, Shaun, JD, Kelsey, Dana, David, and Brian were all wonderful to work with. Sometimes it was weird for me to fit in, being the youngest and least experienced with any theatery/musicky/dancey things... (sometimes I felt like one of the middle schoolers!) But it all worked out and I became pretty close with those peeps. Anyway. I'm just really glad I did it. I remember talking to my mom on the phone one night before a crew watch of House of Blue Leaves last year, and she told me to do it and I'd live with my dad for part of it and it'd all be swell. I remember hanging up and crying because it was so damn scary-- having to do this internship for 5 weeks at a place I've never been, with people I've never met, and lie at my dad's where none of my home friends live remotely close to. I did it though. I'm so proud of myself. In some ways it was really easy, and other days I had a lot of struggles but I learned a ton about myself too. My flighty side, my shut-down side, my hard-on-myself side all peeeked out. And I got a good taste of being an adult in the sense of like balancing out my boyfriend, my friends, my family (dad and LEslie and her family) and my work.

I wish I had responded to a letter from my brother. I have great disappointment in how he dealt with the illness and death of my parents. And rather than confront and discuss this with him I am remaining silent. I'm done.

I feel like I am at the point in my career that I can help younger people learn and grow and be more successful. Of course it is flattering when people want your advice, but I hope I make people feel welcoming about their asking. I have mentored more people over the last year than I have in the past, and I am glad to do it.

I moved 4 months ago and I am looking for a new place again. I had my doubts about moving here and I let myself be talked into it. It is owned by a friend and we may have destroyed the friendship.

It seems I say the same thing every year and now I am thinking it again.... exercise more and write more. I managed my weight but not a level I wanted it to be at. So, I will continue to try. I did do some writing. I will say that I was able to support all 4 kids in what ever manor they needed. They are good, hardworking people.

Nope. Can't think of anything I would change given the same situations.

Looking back, it seems that those things I would do differently are not specific; little arguments & disagreements with those I love always seem petty in hindsight. THAT'S what I need to do differently. I am particularly proud of taking the step of auditioning for and acting in a drama called Circle Mirror Transformation. To go through the entire experience with dedicated actors and a gifted, dedicated director was indeed transformative for me. Those feeling must be cherished.

It's hard to say. I am overall proud of myself this past year, that I have been able to give so much love and support to both my husband and son, as they have been going through difficult changes. My own life has been put on hold a bit and I look forward to picking myself up again after the holidays.

I wish I had listened to my body more. It needs to be better maintained through bodywork. When I push through the aches it only aggravates the problems. No bueno. Time to start caring for myself before it becomes too late.

I have a habit of trying to keep my head down at work and do my job but I get pulled into drama that I don't want any part of; I need to learn how to speak and advocate better for myself. Perhaps this can be a new goal of being 30. That said, I do think I am good at my job, there are just internal office politics that are exhausting. So, I am proud of being good at the specific parts of my job. Unrelated, I am proud of nearing my 300th class in Pure Barre--I just wish I had more time to do it. The corporation I work for claims it values health, but I think all businesses that claim to value employee health should put their money where their mouths are and allow employees to take time out of their day to go to the gym, or to leave early to get a work out in without facing any penalties. Not something I am proud of or wish I had done better but, you know, a thought. Honestly, after last year's victories, this year is very much a steady and perhaps a down year. I need to do better.

I'm incredibly proud of the way I've embraced life in a new place with energy, attentiveness, and boldness. I have found myself connected to and a part of communities that I never could have expected to play such meaningful roles in my life in Evanston. I look forward to solidifying and broadening those connections over the next year. That being said, I don't think I left enough time and energy to devote toward myself this past year. I found myself alternating between moving at full speed and then resting for days at a time to recover. I hope to strike a better middle ground this year -- one that allows me to pay attention to my own wellbeing while simultaneously seeking out opportunities for fun, liveliness, and fulfillment. I want to pay closer attention to myself and my mental and emotional states during these opportunities so as to fully appreciate and be mindful of them. Through that, then, I hope to better understand what it is about certain activities and opportunities that make me feel excited, passionate, agitated, exhilarated, and so on. That way, I can channel my energy as productively and gratifyingly as possible.

I wish I had continued to go to church a little more often. But I have started to pray more and journal more and have started to re-read the Bible all the way through again. I am proud that I got a job teaching again. I am also proud that I got GT and TELPAS Rater endorsed again as well.

I am especially proud of how I've grown this year. I am soooooo grateful to have this new work experience. Stretching myself to be my best while tapering back my need to move at my pace and considering the entire team to build the best EMR. I have been graced with new opportunities that are creating great change. All the while offering me the joy of tending to my family and myself

Proud of my financial gains... I have been pushing this boulder up-hill for years... the divorce, the debt, the credit scores, the charge-offs... I have finally started to make some headway. Got the refi done in May CHECK got the credit cards paid off CHECK got the credit scores improved CHECK AND I have worked on my retirement strategy and have met with STRS, tax advisor, sister, SFFCU financial advisor to confirm my findings... whew. I have my strategy and plan for Phase II: Refi#2; Restructure the Sallie Mae loan for 50K and REtire. More like reTREAD! And with all that, I managed to travel to France and Belgium, Mexico and more...

I could be more proactive about school work. I'm disappointed that I failed math 107 twice and I feel like giving up. I need to get better at trying in things I don't care about. I'm proud of my growth in the last year. I think I've become a lot more mature. My music has also been really taking off lately which I'm super excited about. I've been putting in a lot of time and effort into music and it makes me happy. I realized recently that I've been averaging over 1000 plays each week for a whole year, so dope!

I wish I had been braver and bolder. I feel like I live in timidity.

1. I wish I did not use the credit cards for daily life expenses 2. I wish I was more patient with my father 3. I wish I reached out further for my foster daughter who left our family

I'm proud of making some big life decisions. I quit refereeing touch and rugby union. I realized they weren't making me happy. On the contrary, they were stressing me out, making me grumpy. I didn't feel fully appreciated and wasn't enjoying it as much as I used to. I realized that just because I've been doing something for a long time, it doesn't mean I have to keep doing it for the rest of my life. It's OK to quit. Abandoning my DPhil back in 2010 was a positive move. I now have the courage to make those kinds of decisions. They're not snap decisions. I discuss them with trusted friends and family. I find myself complaining about the same problems and eventually I realize that I can avoid the problems by quitting whatever it is that is causing them. I'm going through a similar phase with Sol Samba at the moment. I'm taking a break and I'm not sure I want to go back for the start of the new season. I may stand down from the committee. I don't think I've got any major regrets. I guess there's a guy at work who I hired that isn't working out particularly well at the moment. He was the best candidate, but maybe I shouldn't have accepted a sub-standard candidate; maybe I should have waited until the right person applied for the job.

I wish I had worked harder at getting a second part time job to travel in spring. I wish I had gotten my finances in order sooner. Less dating, more me focus. I'm proud that I haven't given up and that I always maintain the tiniest of Hope. I'm proud that I've let go of some relationships and connections that weren't lifting me up and serving me in positive ways. I'm proud I finally have my back packing back pack.

I've done better at boundaries, especially with my professional life, this past year, and I'm especially proud of that. I've said no more and more and more, and I'm making decisions based on what's good for my business and what will have the best return-on-investment. Feels good. I'm still broke as all hell, though.

I am proud of the person I've become. I am proud that I love myself, encourage myself. I've pulled through a lot of shit in my life, and now that I'm strong, I'm ready for greatness! I know to take responsibility for my own life and my own actions and my own happiness. This has two sides: on one hand it means letting go of people's expectations and demands, letting go of trying to do life their way. This is MY life and I'm going my own way even if my family disagrees. I'll do whatever the hell I want because I want to. but the consequences are also mine. THE CONSEQUENCES ARE MINE. I am DONE pleasing others. I am DONE completely disregarding my heart and my desires. to ignore your heart & soul is slow suicide. it also means taking charge. I've learned to take control back over my life. people, especially my mother and sister are used to bossing me around. even though I'm 25. they even tell me what to do in MY house. my sister gets angry when I don't immediately follow her instructions because I want to decide for myself what I want. well I'm letting her be angry, because I've grown a backbone, and that is what I'm proud of.

I really wish I hadn't gotten caught up in purchasing additional land. Instead of keeping my focus on the long term, I felt threatened and thought of how to protect my "territory" shorter term. Ultimately, the purchase of the land has "landed" me in a less financially stable place. I haven't paid off my home equity line of credit as I reallocated that money to the purchase. Now I regret it. I hope to learn from this experience... learn to focus on my long term goals!

I introduced a young friend from a rough background to the OED. I hope she will remember this always and it will inspire her to go to college some day.

This year has been one of recuperating. I am lucky. My body seems to be recovering. I feel good and although I have to adapt and adjust to what I can do, I still feel I am doing very good. I am volunteering several times a week. This helping others is very gratifying. So many people need someone to listen to them and show they care. By taking our time, we were able to take a trip and visit relatives who cannot travel anymore. We were also able to fly, take a cruise, a bus, and train in Alaska. We could not do this last year. Yes, I am proud of us.

I wish I had not been afraid to fly and could have seen my son while he lived in Nashville. What a waste fear is! But I am proud of all things I am learning from goats, to turkeys, ducks, hens...making cheese, planting gardens. It has been a lot of work but very rewarding.

I wish I had reached out to Mark before he was dying. I held a grudge and really didn't need to. Alternatively, I think I handled a really difficult situation with Colin, my son, really well. What could have been really terrible ended up being a learning experience for him, and, I think, actually brought us closer. I really do believe that the way I reacted allowed him to be open and grateful. On the other hand, I'm not sure I'll ever really get over not truly making amends and healing my relationship with mom. It really doesn't seem to work like in movies - even though I whispered "I'm sorry" and "Let's forgive each other" to her on her deathbed, there was no angels singing beautiful closure. She just died. That sucks.

Yes, I wish I would a done a better job of trying to stay on my food plan. I wish I would have made self care a larger priority in my life. I am really proud that I have been using YNAB to help me decide where I want to put my money to use and finding the Fly Lady to help me deal with the clutter in my life. It feels really good to get rid of stuff that I no longer need.

I wish I had spent more of my work time on work. I wish I had spent more of my family time actually with my family instead of on my devices.

Some Thing I wish I had done differently... many, and all of my misgivings are important. But one sticks out. I am coming to see that the G-d's grace is in my life and probably present in more ways than I can imagine. But there is one thing that I know was divinely organized, my husband's PSA test. Thru a series of fortunate events he visited a homeopath that tested his PSA amongst other important blood levels, we found out eventually, after many other tests, that in his early 40's, my husband has prostate cancer. Earlier this year he tested positive for the BRCA2 gene mutation. I wish I had organized his follow up visit to the Specialist after this visit. I did not. We lost 5 months in diagnosing this. I believe that the Universe has a plan and intervened for us. I am awed. The diagnosis is unprecedented, he was asymptomatic to our eyes, and the other exams including a first MRI did not find it. If it weren't for this homeopath, intuition and being open to visiting this center with a friend we would not know. Still, we would have known, if only I followed up with his appointment. I would have gone to the follow up and not assumed we knew what we needed to know, or taken health for granted. I will not take health for granted again. In fact I need to see the dentist!!! Alternatively I am grateful for the changes we have made in our as a result of this diagnosis that will instill health in my family as we move forward. I hope the health we own in our family inspires others. I pray I hold tight to faith in the universes organizing principle and it's power. I hope I utilize this knowledge and force in the year to come. And that we are renewed.

Applied the communication style that I use with near strangers at work to my personal life with my loved ones in hopes of getting better results and less stress/arguments. I think the closeness in relationship leads me to believe that my loved ones should better understand my intentions, whereas I have to use more tact with folks that don't know me well. However, maybe it's only my title at work that yields the responses from work colleagues. And I definitely think my words pack more punch with my loved ones so I am often perceived negatively even though my intention was to improve a situation. I'm proud of accomplishing a half marathon and century ride in back to back days.

I wish I had been more comfortable in my own skin. I tend to do what I have to do and then hide, playing on my phone or even going to sleep rather than actually living life. Going out and doing -- even errands -- sometimes seems so hard. I wish I had pushed myself more, because my isolation can be a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Actually, no. I feel really good about my year. What I am not happy about is the times that I was criticized for taking actions that were right for me at the time. And for those, I wish I didn't care.

I wish I hadn't jumped into my last job without doing as much research on the company as a whole beforehand. I am very proud that I made it into grad school though :D

Hmm, I still don't rock to hard with regret. I wish could kick my habit of negative thinking. It's mostly surrounding my romantic longings. I'm proud that I've put my relationship with Tesfa in its proper place. We can only be friends. No more, no less. He's in jail right now. My phone was off for a month and a half. I saw that I missed a few calls ($15 collect calls at that!) I hope he doesn't think I'm avoiding him. I'm not.

Given the challenges I've had I am pretty happy with myself. I would like to improve upon some things but for the most part I am content. Actually.., no I am really proud of myself. I've saved money. I'm taking care of my son and being the best mom I can be. I started teaching yoga. In doing my best to include friends and family. I'm in good shape and eating healthy. My relationship had challenges and we got into therapy and are on the up and up. I do drink a glass of wine alarmist every night but am Not too concerned about that.

Something I wish I had done differently was to believe that I could lose inspiration. That I needed to constantly find ways and activities that kept me inspired. I wish I scheduled and made more lists. The second half of the year I wish had more confidence. I'm not sure what happened there. I am so proud that I maintained Swipes. Regardless of our growth, it was something that I created and sustained and actually did grow, internally and externally. I'm also so fucking proud of myself for how I interact with men. I'm so much more full with myself that I don't even think about doing stupid shit. I don't need to go out of my way or sacrifice myself in any way. I am who I be. You can like it or not. Also, I think any guy is LUCKY to even speak to me. bam.

Done differently? Yes, dedicate more time to videomaking. Proud? Yes, I have learnt to handle my aging mother.

I wish I had relaxed more and worried less, trusted that things would work out. I think I finally get that I can work through some pain of beginning or increasing my exercise without giving up and only then do I get to the reward of getting stronger.

I wish that I had slowed down on my exercise routine. I hurt myself and am still healing.

I wish that I had managed my time better. I would prefer to spend more time with grandchildren and with being able to share any wisdom with my children. I think I am less structured and less organized than in days when it was more critical to be so. Now that leaves me with little time for the many things I want to do. I find that working at staying young is much to be proud of. I like to set the example of what life can be like if we take care of ourselves. I know it passes most by, but I feel good about leading people to find their best path.

I am very proud that I applied to graduate school and got in with a full scholarship! And I am proud that I cycled for six days in Spain! I wish I had organized my time a little differently this year and been more productive with my writing.

I wish I would have slowed down more to enjoy my son's explorations and accomplishments. Infancy truly does go by so quickly. A year ago, he was barely sitting on his own and now he's running, climbing, jumping. I lost my temper and yelled at him out of frustration many times, even though I knew he didn't understand. And I feel terrible for all of those times. I also did learn to breathe, to snuggle and nurture more than I ever thought possible. I think that maybe if could have learned to be more understanding earlier that I'd remember all the details.

I wish I had been more organized at work, getting and staying caught up with paperwork. I am proud of the leadership skills I am developing. I have been trying to be especially conscious of communication -- both offering ideas and listening.

I wish I hadn't been so rude to Emma. I wish I could reacted with more compassion.

I wish I hadn't gone home when my dad was doing okay so that we could spend more time together before he died. I wish I had applied to more jobs instead of taking the first one offered to me. I'm proud of being there with him until the end, and not falling apart. I'm proud of starting to see a therapist again and doing lots of hard work to deal with my stuff. I'm proud of not dying when everything was so terrible and my dad had died and my boyfriend broke up with me and my mom stole my inheritance. I'm proud that I'm still alive even though for much of this year I wished I wasn't.

I've realized as of late, that there's always something you can do differently, but why dwell on the past? I'd change a ton of things - how I handled TOMS, how I handled a break up early in the New Year, how I handle time away from my family. Everything. But, if I've learned one thing in the past few hours, it's that the past is the past and and you can't do it differently. What you can do, is be proud of who you are and what you've become and where you're going. I'm proud that so much of me is because of my family, my grandma, my experiences. Without them and their support and growth, I'd never be where I am today — in London, pursuing yet another pipe dream.

Been more in touch with my grandkids. Honestly, they kind of intimidate me. Since we don't live near each other, the contact we have is limited to phone/skype/facetime, etc. They are not easy to engage on these devices, so it feels like I have to work really hard to find a conversation. And I often feel like a failure. I wish I could have figured out a way (would figure out a way) to not let my fear of rejection get in the way of loving them.

I wish I had been able to keep myself together a little bit more during the period of upheaval. I let myself slip, allowed friends to take advantage of me, and generally disappointed myself with my actions. Alternatively, I am extremely proud of how I have grown as an individual, how I have broadened my horizons and strengthened my resolve and peace

I wish I had been more patient and listened to my loved ones when they suggested I recover fully before accepting invitations and attending events. All it did was put me back and took me longer to recover. I have no other regrets.

C: Hmm, nothing comes right to mind. I guess I'm perfect? LOLLLLL! Proud of? I guess that I worked really hard at Royal. Yes, the place was/is an insane asylum. But I feel I was able to make valuable contributions. Had the company had more structure, maybe my work would have received more recognition than it did. Maybe I actually have no idea what I was doing - like that Seinfeld episode where Kramer just started working at a job he had no knowledge of. Maybe I was totally off the mark. J: I wish I did a better job acknowledging the holidays and birthdays. I have been a bad role model in recognizing people that are important to me. I will be better this year. I am proud that I was able to establish a well put together LinkedIn profile that subsequently led to me attaining a job at Macy's, leading to a better wealth of time with family and friends and me being a better d ad and husband. Fuck you Mike. E: Learning how to ride a bike (he's watching bubble guppies, so doesn't really want to contribute today.

I wish I had let sleeping dogs lie. I am proud of taking more risks.

I wish I had worked less and spent more time being kind and improving my health. My family suffered as a result of my overwork, and so did my health and opportunity to be more involved in my community.

I'm pretty proud of my work/life balance. I've done a pretty good job of keeping travel to a minimum the last few months / quarters which has kept me home and with the family. That said, I still feel like I'm traveling quite a bit and I never have enough time with my wife and son. They mean the world to me and any travel (personal or business) that takes me away from them kind of sucks. Most of this is inevitable but as a result it's making me realize how much I value the time I do have at home. I need to spend more time talking / engaging with them and less time on my phone/laptop/tablet. Shutting down now and heading home!

What I would have differently? I would not have squandered as much time as I did on silly computer games. They seem to help me ground in between clients, but they tend to be addictive and so I spend way too much time on the computer in mindless activities. I would have put more effort into simplifying rather than resisting my own innate wisdom of clearing out papers and other "stuff" that clutters my mind and my space. I would have stayed more centered, more conscious of exercise and good nutrition, and made scheduling my work a priority so I would have made time to do these very things! I am proud of my ability to continue the work I do with others to help them come out of negative habit patterns. I am also proud of providing a space for small groups of like-minded people to help each other grow, to provide the space for witnessing and being witnessed, to share heartaches and joys, losses and growth -- all of it, the full catastrophe of life. To help in the ways that I am able others come to their own authenticity, their own joy, their own true Self.

Generally, both are the same answer. To think and feel before responding. Listening to myself and really pondering the question before I open my mouth. What is really going on, what am I being asked, how do I feel about the question and even the person asking. I am doing a better job of this, but once in a while, I am caught off guard.

I am particularly proud that I took the risk and volunteered as a social worker at Camp Kesem (a camp for children whose parents have cancer) with my daughter. I was initially hesitant to do it as I already had plans and didn't know if I was capable of doing it. Not only was I glad that I changed my plans, but I ended up having a great experience and felt that I had a chance to spend time with my daughter and make her proud. It was a very good opportunity to spend time with her and I would have had great regrets if I hadn't done it. I am glad I took the risk and didn't play it safe.

I wish I didn't attach myself to a single group of friends.. People are unpredictable. Some change, some move, and some stay the same, and I wish that I kept interacting with as many different people as possible instead of just clinging to one group of friends

I wish I'd approached life with less self-doubt.

I wish I had been less desperate to make things work with Ben. I wish I'd talked to him more in advance of the trip about his needs and expectations and feelings and mine. I didn't, because I so much wanted it to work and didn't want to do anything to get in the way of it. I built up so much hope and expectation and should have valued myself and my needs way more. If he couldn't handle that conversation or if it was going to be a deal breaker then he wouldn't be worth my time. I no longer want to bend over backwards to win someone's affections but rather to be myself and if that puts someone off, oh well. Do I regret going? Not at all. Am so glad I went, discovered how much I love that part of England and that kind of holiday. Am glad I showed up bravely, and I'm glad that question is well and truly answered and I have learned what my own pitfalls and unhealthy tendencies are. And I'm glad that I managed to look after myself and enjoy myself despite the difficulties. Am especially proud of being calm and ready for the new school year, of having more personal time, and of pickinv myself up from my January depression.

This past year I find it difficult to decide what I would have done differently. I have had to make many life decisions where picking one way over the other would have resulted in significantly different outcomes. To have stayed with my boyfriend, to have gone into journalism, to have worked harder at becoming Miss NJ, to have been healthier, to have taken the hospital job, to have been kinder, to have been more giving. There are so many things I could have changed this past year. I find that there are many things I wish I worked harder on but at the end of the day, I can honestly say I am happy with all of the decisions I have made and things have fallen into place thankfully. If I were to have done things differently, I may not be in the position I am in now, so it is very difficult to judge. If I have to pick one thing I wish I did differently, it would be a general bettering of myself. But I think as hard as I work at myself, I will never settle so that will be a constant on my list of things I would do differently or work harder on. I am proud that I followed my heart this year as far as my passion for performance is concerned. I have so many passions and at the end of the day I am always happy performing so picking that over a nice pay check is something I am proud of myself for deciding. I also am proud of graduation college. I wish I had kept up with learning as far as education goes on the ship and I wish I kept up with my body when I got off the ship. But that just means those are things I want to really focus on and work on this year.

I wish I would have negotiated my contract better to reflect the extra work I will be doing. I am really proud of the health changes I have made and the professional growth I've made.

I am proud of the fact I was really wanted for a my new job. I wish I had taken more time off between jobs. An old job should not leave you with PTSD

I was afraid to be alone after a very sane but heartbreaking split nonetheless and I jumped back into a relationship that emotionally wore me out and only postponed the healing process. I was also terrified of finding a new place to live after an emergency housing situation arose at my old residence and used the same old relationship to avoid confronting my fears head on. While this relationship luckily ended eventually and I did find a beautiful perfect place to live and met other amazing possibilities, I wish I had had the courage to plunge forward earlier.

I am proud of myself for recognising that I was struggling with my emotions/thoughts, and I took myself off to counselling. Eight months on, I have made such amazing progress. I'm also SUPER proud of myself for writing a short story and submitting it for a competition. I didn't win, but I had some very positive feedback from the editor - which in itself was a huge win! As for things I wish I had done differently... there's nothing that really stands out. I definitely could have been a more calm and present parent - but the work I've been doing in counselling has improved that dramatically. I've been more of a braver and better person in the last 8 months than I had in the preceding 6mths - and so this year, I am full of pride.

Done differently: been able to not gain weight/lost more weight. Proud of: getting back, after almost a year due to brain injury, to meditation and fiction writing to the point of finishing and being ready to publish Volume III of my series and being 75% done with Volume IV right now. Re-establishing a routine for both meditation and writing and an even better relationship with regular contact my spiritual teacher as well.

I wish I would didn't submitted an offer on a co-op! ...currently working on the board package--grueling!

No regrets. Proud of how I've been able to be a real support to my family and to my mom in her last weeks. Proud of owning a home by age 26! Proud of the work I am doing (for the most part)! Proud of the strong relationship I have developed with my sister.

I really wish I had met the right guy this year. I am really really proud though of the fact that I really really put myself out there. Over and over and over and over.

This part year, i wish i had saved more money. I have had a job for all of high school, and i got used to being about to buy whatever i wanted. Whether it be a snack at the convenience store, or a large present for myself, i never thought twice about what else i could be using the money for. This changed when i went to college, as i moved away from my hometown and therefore my income. I had saved up 3,000 at the time of moving, and since then i have had so spend $500 on books. I am allocated $150 for misc spending a semester on food with my meal plan, and in the past 3 weeks i have spent almost $50 of it. This year I am going to stop spending money on things i dont need, and I am going to find a job and put everything i make into a savings account for my top surgery. I will learn the value of money in the face of my student loans and future financial needs. I cannot imagine being able to financially support myself, and since i will have my associates degree in 2 short years, I need to start saving more and making plans for my future.

I wish I had stood my ground about not getting another cat when our last one died. Instead, I got a promise that I wouldn't have to empty the litter box. And now we have to take the cat into consideration when planning travel. It will be worse when the kids move out. I am proud that I taught a class at InspectionWorld in January, and that I was asked to be part of the team that writes questions for the NHIE. Being a "subject matter expert" is quite an honor.

paid attention to my business concerns

I wish I had been more patient in making a lot of my bigger decisions. Specifically the ones that took me to Florida and the ones that made me start working on a Hot rod restoration show. I am always scared to pause and have faith in God or in the world

I am very proud of getting back into fiber arts. It started slowly about two years ago a friend started teaching me to knit. I just finished my first lace shawl. I am finishing up weaving a scarf/shawl on N's 4-shaft floor loom. I have refound my joy in spinning yarn, and tablet weaving. That Lace Shawl I just finished ... I spun the yarn I knitted it with.

I wish I had spent more time on art work, especially book making and calligraphy. I am proud of having entered Bookworks XVI exhibit, however. I am also proud of having made my first fabric book for Jeanne's baby shower Oct 4th.

I wish I'd had more fun and gotten out on my bike more this summer.

The new synagogue board president wanted to honor the chevra kadisha at a board meeting I couldn't attend (I was going out of town for work). As she asked other members of the chevra kadisha to attend and speak, each one protested, saying that they should not be doing it at a meeting I could not attend. They all insisted that I ought to be there. It means a lot to me that they felt it wasn't right to do it without me there, and makes me good to be recognized for what I have put into the chevra.

I don't know. Lots of little things I could have done differently, but honestly, I don't give a shit now... so no, there is nothing I wish I'd done differently. Something I'm proud of?.... I finished a couple of old art projects that I had left for dead. That's an accomplishment.

Getting diabetes under control. Working better

I wish I would have put more effort into my friends and relationship. I feel I alienated people and I regret that. I moved to a new state and graduated with a 4.0 with my second degree, and I am very proud of that!

I wish I was able to control my irritation better---not to have too short a fuse. My pride in turning 85 and having my wonderful family to celebrate with....

I wish I haven't waste my time with Roosevelt. But I am proud that I took the job in charleston after I said I would never come back here. I love the team and kids I work with.

I wish I had been better tuned in and organized during our moving process. We moved to the daughter's house and storage bin and suitcases all at once and still figuring out where the h--l some stuff is located. Had I spent some more structured planning time in the beginning, I could have mapped out what went where and somewhat reduced the trauma of dislocation to suitcases and awareness of what went where as we moved into our new place. Not sure what I did well but probably my job. I was born to teach. Just got a call today from a fine young man who at last passed this brutal licensing process so he now has a new career he would be good at doing. I love the banter with the class, the self-mocking that keeps me in perspective, and yes, I still dig that cute young things (probably having some weird grandpa issue) tease and see this old married coot as cute. It is fun in the classroom and still I get the number one most used adjective in my evaluations as "Awesome." Like my father, I need to be working so I know who I am and that I mean something. I wonder how that will work out when I am maybe 80? Oh ... aha! moment! After composing this reaction, I looked at last year's reflection and teaching was again my prideful memory. That reaffirms the decision I have made to continue work into my 70's! Great to look back and see that. Wow! There is a huge blessing from seeing the year ago impressions.

I am especially proud of having the courage to leave my marriage. I wish I hadn't drank so much.

I wish I had allowed myself to enjoy my pregnancy more. And that we hadn't spent all our money in Peru. And maybe that we hadn't even gone to Peru and instead went to a tropical island and just sat around getting bigger. And maybe I wish I had had more exercise and less work and less junk food. BUT! I am proud that I persevered and went to the IBCLC a million times and made it work breastfeeding the baby. And that I stayed home so long with her, and held her for 3 months straight while she was practically still a fetus, and that I got through the birth as well as I did, and that I made such a gorgeous, delightful baby.

I wish I had more patience with my husband. I need to stay calmer when he upsets me

I wish to Hell I would have managed my finances better so I wasn't staring at such deep debt (even though I have a plan to pay it off).

I wish I had spent more time with Mom before she died (I wish I had known how soon it would be). But I am pleased that I was more responsive to my children and wife than in the previous year, which is something I had wanted to do and tried really hard to achieve. Oh, and I did pass the PE exam!

When it comes to wishing I had done things differently, it usually comes back to starting off strong with a habit or course of action, and then letting it slowly fade out. I've been frustrated with a lack of progress in a few different areas of my life, and that's the overall reason why.

I often feel that so much of the time I spend in school is wasted. Not because the material I study is impertinent to my life, but because I set myself up to miss out on it. This is something that people of older generations often advise: do not miss out on anything in high school; you do not want to look back with regret. Yet I feel that I and so many others in my class will look back on our time in school with regret, if we even know what it is we missed out on. I think that we short change ourselves in the way we manage ourselves and our work due to the mindset we have towards it. One common example of this is is the idea that our schoolwork is nonessential to our life beyond school. Because who really is going to take time to consider the chemical principles behind snow melting salt, or find that special someone by telling them all about fnInt((1/(X^2)) + ((4X^3)/(5ln(X^3))) + sec(X)tan(X) + (4X^7 - 12X)(e^((.5X^8) + (6X^2))), X, -12, 14)? We are exposed to ideas such as these to which many respond with self-righteous defiance. At other times we think of our schoolwork as something to be of secondary importance, that can wait until after we take time to absorb our thin slice of the world around us. In these and other ways, I and many other classmates put off our work with the result that we stay up late finishing everything for the next day, or complete it with negligence. I and all peers know the feeling of coming in on four or five hours sleep for school, dragging ourselves through the hassles of our daily intellectual stimulation, only to come home too tired to bother to focus on our work for the next day, creating a cycle that continues, with some exceptions, ad infinitum. There is so much, however, to be missed in doing this, which can create a vacancy in our minds we may not even be aware we are lacking. And so, every year I way I will avoid the vicious cycle we all know well, and slip on the banana peel of repeating the same mistakes everyone makes. One lesson I have learned by looking at the artistic process and various works of art is that if everybody is doing something, it's probably worth thinking about and trying to do differently. Usually this makes you unique, and makes people notice you. Additionally, given so few people become true masters of their fields that we all know by name, Shakespeare, Jackson Pollock, Elvis, Steve Jobs, et al. I figure they must be the ones who are different from everyone else. I try to apply this to my schoolwork- do it before anything else, and cram my day full of whatever else I can, with the one requisite being enough sleep for the next day. Because this is what nobody does; schoolwork becomes an after thought, while sports, Instagram, band practice or whatever else becomes priority number one. If I could get all my work done and then do the other things important to me, I think I could create a rhythm where I do my work efficiently, fill my day with all the interesting things I can, and sleep in order to absorb what we all miss out on. We don't pick up on the problem solving skills in school that transcend the subjects that expose these ideas to us and can help us solve problems in other fields. If you think everybody develops these skills, think- how many people get "challenge problems" right? Who always spots the trick questions before they fall for them first? Who deals with elaborate questions in a concise, efficacious manner? Not a lot of people. I think this is because so few of us really give ourselves the chance to understand the principles we learn in school in order to apply them in a broader way. I think saying that a subject is useless fails to appreciate what valuable skills it can create and creates a mindset wherein we don't have the confidence that we can solve complicated problems in a clear way. I regret my failure to develop the patterns I think can let anyone see their schoolwork as a way to improve their problem solving ability in other aspects of their life, rather than a distraction from what really matters in our lives.

I have experimented with new painting techniques, stepping outside the box. Fun and exilerating!

Since I am trying this thing where I think positive, I am going to answer the second question instead. I am proud. I am proud of having been strong in grief of my grandfather's demise when there was no one to console me in a foreign land (as I was on exchange) as I cried my eyes out. No one to hold my hand and just listen to me. Just me. But I got over it, and became stronger. I am proud I got over heart break. Falling in love with a close friend - who I would have the best time of the day spending time with, but would be devastated at night as I tried to fall asleep thinking she belonged to someone else. I am proud I actually started taking my life goals seriously. Thinking about things I need to do to get into grad school. Becoming more ambitious, and working on my ambitions - gave me direction in life. I am also proud of improving my guitar skills. I love playing the instrument and will never, ever give it up. No matter what. I am proud of how I have become a better man than I was last year. However I still do have miles to go before I sleep. Miles to go before I sleep.

I wish I could find a way to stop getting sad when people don't react the way I expect them to. I ran a full marathom and an ultra marathon this year. Both times a few family members who had said they would come planned over the event instead. This left me feeling very sad. However, I have learned that I have some really amazing friends that came through for me in lieu of my family.

I wish I wouldnt have gotten angry with Kelly, i wish i wouldnt have gotten physical with her. I put my hand on her neck, like i was trying to choke her. I am proud that I kept talking with the life coach and the therapist. I applied and got the detail in the tribal tanf office. i did get an interview in the OFA office.

I'm especially proud to have successfully opened a new senior living community! This was a new endeavor for me and I assembled a team of amazing individuals with a singular goal: to provide the highest level of services to seniors in the community. As of this writing, we have well over 60% of the community occupied in just 10 weeks!

I wish I had uncluttered my house during the past year. That was one of the things I had written down as a project for the year. I am still very cluttered but also still plan to get rid of half my stuff.

I am proud that I am still able to continue my cantorial studies. I am also proud that I took a part-time pulpit in NY to work on my skills.

There's a lot I would have done differently in the past year. Most of which I wrote about in yesterday's question. They may not be "regrets," but rather reflections with a side of criticism. I wish I ate better. I wish I was kinder. I wish I saved money better and while at the same time I wish I wasn't so frugal. Alternatively, there is a lot to be proud of. I'm proud I traveled the world on my own. I'm proud of being in love with Brett, even though we spent approximately 7 month of 5775 apart. However, I think I'm the most proud of all I accomplished this summer. Not only did I fall in love again with NYC, but I did so while succeeding at my first office internship. I made great friends and learned about the entire field of communications. I am proud that they liked me enough to hire me for a few months, and I'm proud I agreed to give up 35 hours of my week to it. I'm proud that I introduced myself to new people and potential networks within the Jewish world. 5775 involved a great deal of professional growth, and I am excited to learn what 5776 has to offer.

I participated in a lot of social activities, for which I am proud. This coming year, I hope to do even more.

I am enormously proud of the skill I am developing to stop and reflect upon something before I tell the person what I'm thinking they might or might not do. And at the same time, in other cases, I have spoken out about something I feel strongly about with worrying whether or not I'll be judged "stupid" or "too sensitive ".

I am horribly overweight. This has been the case for several years now, yet I've not applied myself to improve my health. I wish I had found the commitment to self that I need to overcome this.

I am blessed that I have no regrets in my life for the past year. I am one of those folks who most always think that I am never doing enough, or doing my best. So, if anything I am proud of learning to be less hard on myself. This month is my 1 year anniversary of meeting my 25lb weight loss goal through Weight Watchers and I am also proud of having maintained that loss for a full year. I severely broke my ankle a little over a year ago, as well, and have had to alter my exercise program to something other than long distance running. This has been an emotional adjustment in learning to accept that my body will no longer tolerate the run...so I shorten my mileage and try to be thankful for what I *can* do! I frequently wonder what God has in store for me, and hope I am worthy of having some prayers answered. All things happen in His time......

I'm not especially proud of any of my actions from this past year, nor do I wish I had done anything differently. I have been working on being the best "me" that I can be over this past year. Letting go of resentment and moving forward. Always forward. I've come to a place of peace in my relationships with those I once had ill feelings toward (more specifically my ex-husband) and have been able to become more of a calm person. I am still high-strung and over-extend myself from time to time leaving little time to allow myself to relax. So perhaps that's something I should work on for the next year. But in a nutshell I feel that this past year has gone better than I had expected, but nothing stands out as a prideful moment or one of regret.

I'm grateful for the time I spent with my loved ones ( esp my daughter) but also feel I could have spent additional time with my mom and my husband. I'm also glad I worked hard at work and that my son and daughter in law moved in with us this year so they can save money for a house. It would have been nice if I had gone to a few more services. I was able to go to some services though. I wish I could spend less money.

I wish I had owned up to Rachel about thinking we should not live together earlier on. She doesn't seem upset, but I still should have given her more warning. I'm proud of myself for moving out on my own (well, with a roommate). I may still be a student and not a real adult, but I sure feel pretty dang adult.

I am proud of saying "no" to a second year as PTO president. Saying no is always hard for me. But I still need to work on figuring out what exactly I should be focusing on. Not for the kids, not for my husband, but for me. It's easy to keep avoiding the question and just keep moving through daily life. But I need to take the time to stop and think about where I'm going. Is this the right thing for me to be doing? Where should I focus? Graduate school? Jewish studies? So I wish I had spent more time thinking about this question. Perhaps that is a goal for the coming year.

Started and grew my current business with respectable ROI

I graduated. I defended. And I would have done so much differently...actually, no. I would have done so many relationship things differently BEFORE last year. Last year I think I did well, and still, bad things happened. Last year, perhaps, everything caught up with me. But I think I handled it all so well, actually. I was calm, I was loving, I was straightforward, I advocated for myself.

I opened a new restaurant as the general manager. At first, I was confident in my newly appointed position. As the tasks ahead unfolded, I got scared. I had moments where I doubted myself but I pushed through. I was struggling with a relationship ending, so emotionally I was a wreck. But I stayed focused and poured my heart into it. I took on 75+ employees. Most of which were 18 to 22 years old. That's a challenge in itself. I soon was offered an owner-operator partnership which I accepted. I'm the youngest in the company with this title. I had an amazing crew helping me with the store opening and I couldn't have done it without having them. I am incredibly fortunate. Definitely the highlight of my career thus far and I'm so proud. There are many small things during the opening I wish I would have done differently. Processes that could have saved time and work, decisions that would have more opportune outcomes, and things that would have just made my life a bit easier. But hind sight is 20/20. I try to not sweat the small stuff, especially things I cannot change.

Yes I've wasted so much time. I wish I'd made better use of my time and energy. My home is such a mess that it makes me so unhappy. I procrastinate too much and spend my energy on things that give me short term happiness but not long-term satisfaction. I am proud that I did make some good art though I should have done more. Time procrastination and comfort have fight inside me.

I wish I'd spent more time pursuing myself and what I need outside of Lindsey. I don't know where it will go, but I'm going to be around for a long time (I hope!) time with friends, me time, time figuring out career/job/life etc.

I really wish I communicated with my husband better we were not on the same page when I just changed my job took a big pay cut so I could live in the Mountains. It put him trough a lot of pain and frustration. But I am proud of making the move and not letting money hold me captive in a job I hated. Where I was living in a neighborhood I was board with and became lazy in a routine.

This feels like a both and, not an either or. I spent much of the last year completing a major editorial project. As a rule I like to lead by setting minimal ground rules and allowing smart people to do the things they do best, in the way they know best. On this project I wish I'd done it a little differently - I wish I had set a little more direction and maintained a little more control, because that would have enabled the project to avoid some last minute inconsistencies. So perhaps I learned that there are time when it is helpful to consider carefully where to set clearer boundaries. At the same time, I am immensely proud of the final product - 1000 pages strong - and that we completed it according to our timeline and with the participation of so many outstanding smart people.

I wish I had spent more time with my teen-aged grandsons (not easy to arrange) I am proud of the help I have given/am giving to an older friend whose family is distant

I wish I'd passed the licensing exam but I'm proud I stuck it out at NSO anyway.

No, nothing I'd do differently. Nor particularly proud of anything. I guess that equals contentment. Or, doing the best we can with the information we have. Maybe wish I had made meditation a bigger priority.

I wish that I had seen more people and had gone out more. I realized very quickly that I had lost my extrovert and my inner introvert arose with my depression that I had experienced throughout childhood. Clearly, I am feeling just as lost as I had in high school, and after college. These experiences are not universal in my life, but the feeling of not belonging is clear and endemic throughout my life. I am struggling to find identity again. I lost my rugby identity with transitioning, I lost my school identity with graduation, I lost my grounded Brooklyn identity with friends moving away and growing apart. I've wish that I had engaged more and coped less - it is clear that I coped to make it through the year, not thrived like others. It pains me to know that this is what I experienced, and yet, I remained passive. I wish I was more active in how I chose to engage with the world, and be present, rather than dissasociative. It is clear that I am having difficulty being present - part of that is my problem, but primarily, it's how I have experienced life until now. I am proud that I completed my capstone, I am proud that I finished grad school, and this pride is partially obstructed by my shame and regret. I hope to move past this and next year to have more pride than shame.

I wish I had grown pickling cucumbers. They are mighty hard to come by this year. A lot of folks were looking forward to my pickles, including me! I wish I had bought into the CSA with Koenig's Acres. I will put some money back for that this coming year. I wish I had grown a pair sooner with some of my clients, and been more assertive. Ah, but that comes with age and practice. I've been getting better. Part of me wishes I had put my foot down harder with Gene about having his mother live with us. But I do think I've grown closer to her through this temporary but rather intense experience.

I'm proud that I've learned that Eileen continues to act as a big, bossy sister. I wish that I had recognized the times she doesn't respect my choices so that I could respond appropriately rather than react.

This year I was not proud of my reaction to my seven year-old grand-nephew's behaviour. Looking back on it, it seems as if I expected him to be perfect. And my reaction showed to me that I was acting as if I was still a seven year-old myself. I needed to take a deep breath and put myself in his shoes instead of considering only myself. I was proud of my putting the family quiz together for the family reunion. As well, I stood up in front of the gathering and read the questions and controlled the direction of the event for a few minutes. I did not think I would be brave enough to stand in front of everyone and talk to them all like I did.

In the past year, I would have liked to have believed in myself more often. I would have liked to know instinctively how brave I am. I would have listened to my intuition when things didn't feel right. I am proud of myself for leaving what was safe and trying something new -- a new job, a new home, a new city, new relationships. I'm grateful I put my pride aside and moved back to my hometown. I'm proud that I'm in a happy place surrounded by love. I'm proud of myself for seeking that, recognizing it when I saw it, and chasing after it.

I wish that I could be a little nicer to others and not possess my traits of a complainer. I am proud of my hard work at my job, trust to serve my community, purchase of a new home and completion of my first marathon. This year I continue to kindle my need to serve, be active, travel and advance an important aspect of my life. I am thankful that I have sustained myself in all of the right ways.

I wish I had totally closed my business! Can't think of anything I'm particularly proud of and that's kind of sad.

I wish had done better at doing the projects I set out for myself. I sometimes end the day sitting and watching Netflix instead of working on a project. I wish I'd been more motivated to accomplish things.

I wish (as I'm sure I've said for the past 4 years on these questions) I stuck more to my guns. I often took the road less traveled leaned on my familiar crutches to navigate me instead of throwing Google Maps behind and forcing myself to grow, lean and take ownership over my decisions and next steps. Over the past year, I truly allowed myself to explore what I was passionate about and begin to navigate my own journey. At the end of my senior year, I took a job working for an organization that I love wholeheartedly. While it was what I wanted to do for a while, I had never been in a place where I felt comfortable sharing my feelings, let alone taking the job. I'm very proud of the progress I've made and the difference I get to make, each and every day.

I wish I had truly lived out loud.

I would have stayed in China.

Visit my friends and family more often. I guess being stable at my job.

Wish I had been less judgmental, more trusting, of my younger son, allowing him the space to make decisions and mistakes. Wish I was more accepting of my parents' changes/decline, more loving in my approach to them. Proud of advocating for my son and his medical care.

I wish I had had the courage to quit my job and do something else with the talents I have in teaching. But I stayed on at the school I love with people who don't respect me but with kids who love me and I love them. I guess that makes it all worthwhile. Let's see what happens this year!

As I am now discovering, more competition for my tutoring. I wish that I had followed through on my ideas long before now. It may be too late. I sat on the ideas for a few years. Now my dreams are being threatened even as I close down on accomplishing them. Well, my spirituality states that everything happens for a reason. It may still happen or I may be destined to yet another switch in my life. I am proud of my recently (days old) finished courtyard. This is one thing I pictured pretty much as it has evolved. Yay!

Proud of starting therapy and an exploration of deeper feeiling and meaning and possibly vulnerability. Wish I had been a kinder wife and a more loving mother/daughter

I learned a lot about myself this past year, and the things I need to be a happy person. First semester in Madrid I struggled a lot with holding on to friendships that were especially healthy. I could tell that the people on the other end were not respecting me or my needs in the relationship, but I didn't confront the situation head on or stop hanging out with those people. Yes, there wasn't really any other people that I felt I could hang out with over there, but I didn't need to sulk in my discomfort. On the other hand, I was really proud of how I dealt with the situation come semester two. I knew that my time in Madrid was truly invaluable, and that I needed to focus on making it a meaningful experience for myself. So, for that reason, I didn't focus at all on making friendships or relationships. Yes, it still hurt when people were doing things without me, but in the end it was ok because I was learning how special time alone could be. And I was learning how important it was for me to be my own best friend. I had always valued my alone time, but I really learned how to take advantage of taking time to do what I wanted without worrying about what others were thinking. I am especially proud of the transformation I felt within myself in such a short period of time.

I start writing, "I wish I'd..." and then I answer it with one thing and then another and then another. The list of wishes grows - I wish I'd done this, I wish I'd done that, and I think, "This is silly. Wishing is a lie. I spent the year doing what I wanted to do and not doing what I didn't want to do." One thing I say all the time is, "I wish I'd spent more time writing" but, I'm realizing, that's not true.. What I really wish is that all of the ideas in my head would have magically appeared on the screen before me. Completely written, completely edited. What I wish is that I had got up one morning and found 6 months of a book manuscript written and sitting in a stack on the dining room table; my head full of all the frustrating and exciting memories of writing it. When I was driving today, I was trying to answer that 2nd question. What am I especially proud of from this past year. I'm proud of my family and my friends but that's really not what the question is, is it. I'm not proud of me right now. It kinda sucks but it's the truth. I haven't done anything noteworthy. I haven't done anything interesting. Hell, most days I don't feel like getting out of bed. Good news abounds: I have nowhere to go but up.

I wish I could've been more independent on an emotional level: I've depended on too many people for assurance, happiness, and approval. Needless to say, I ended up losing a great deal amount of friends because of my negativity and my need to tell them all of my problems. I've learned to turn to myself whenever I'm going through obstacles. I've also learned to become my own best friends. I also wish that I wouldn't have put myself in situations that ultimately harmed me and affected me, that includes being with people who ended up becoming no good for me. Instead, I wish that I would have stood up for myself when I knew that others were doing me wrong. I am proud of graduating from college!!! I'm also proud that this year I've learned what I want to do with my life. I have goals and I plan to reach them.

this year had many changes taking places. Our son went off to college,and my wife was working out of state and commuting home monthly. we were empty nesters, and i felt it the most. I wish I had planned for this change in life. Organized a class to take, an organization to get involved in, I am proud of the way I jumped into this new time of my life, met friends, tried new things, became much more in touch with who I am. Travelled to southern Utah by myself and met many people. Liked what I was finding about myself. Have much to give and much to learn. Also really proud of the yearning to know my faith and exploring my new Jewish community.

I wish I had left my dead-end job sooner. I tried so hard to make that situation work, but in the end, it just wasn't possible. I wasted precious energy that I needed to put to use grieving, among other things. I am proud, though, of my consistent ability to remain vulnerable and open to love and friendship in the face of loss. I made wonderful friendships at that terrible job, and the one before it. I am also proud to be back on my lifelong journey to create my purpose in life - a vocation/occupation and a primary relationship that are each fulfilling.

I mean studying for classes but that's basically the resolution that never gets followed. But I'm proud of the classes I took, and the job I worked and starting school and becoming mature. I mainly wish I had tried harder and stood up for myself more. I'm a big pushover and I need to learn to say "no" more.

I would have done the whole Daniel situation differently. But I don't know how I would have done it. I enjoyed it so much while it lasted, but it still impacted me so much while it ended. I am proud of who I have become in this past year. I have proved to myself that I could be strong and determined and speak for myself. I am proud of myself because I finally know what I want. I am especially proud because certain people can see that, one by one I am hoping more will too. Over the summer I was color war captain, so that proved to me that my camp, my home, thought I am a leader. Now it's time for the rest of the world to see it too.

LOL. Where do I start? I wish I'd been more self-aware and less self-conscious. I wish I'd been kinder to others. I wish I'd forgiven myself more. I wish I'd learned to love that scared little kid in myself that just wanted her Mommy. I wish I told her it's OK to be scared because he'd been through so much. I'm proud the Supreme Court passed marriage equality. I'm proud of my small role in that movement. I'm proud I raised $35K for the Molokai Land Trust.

I wish I didn't jump into a job that paid so little when I know I deserve more. I was just so desperate to leave the stressful, mental health killing job that I had prior to that, despite the steady and very comfortable income. I'm really proud of myself for learning how to drive!

I wish I'd stood up to my mother-in-law when she effectively forced my husband out of her house because she couldn't manage her own issues relating to her son's bisexuality. Or if not then, shortly afterwards. My husband is still hurting about that, and it happened 9 months ago, and she has made no effort to repair the breach she caused. I still think about writing to her and explaining that her apology is required before my husband will talk to her again, but I'm not sure whether I should or not. Really I need to talk to my sister-in-laws and get the lay of the land. It's been far easier to do nothing.

I am especially proud of my spin classes and fitness level. I teach 3 days a week and rarely miss. I am so proud that I can workout hard for 1.5 hours. feeling good about it and often pushing myself. If I was over weight I would be depressed, I know it Every year I am proud I am a Kaiser employee. With the "perfect attendance award I get most every year to my pay and other monitary that comes with my position. The job is what makes me who I am. an RN who loves being a nurse I am proud to be a nurse. Something I wish I had done differently: friendships/female. ? Bonded with Doris at the last union I attended.... can't think of anything else. Not worried so much. learned to "let it go sooner." Worrying about something does not change the out come.

I'm proud of saving a friendship that almost went off the rails. A friend and I developed a very, very odd, fraught dynamic while on two trips together. It was touch and go for a while. But I think that being willing to be frank and open saved us and our friendship, and taught us some lessons that will last for a long time, about the rewards and importance of finding ways to tackle problems with friends (something for which there is no protocol). I feel really proud of us.

This spring, I directed my school's first-ever musical: Annie! It was a challenging process, as none of the families and few of the teachers participating had ever done anything like it before. (And just for grins, I also had jury service, the flu, and sinus surgery mixed in as well.) But everyone pulled together and in the end we had a wonderful show.

I am proud that I decided to actively plan and participate my 40th birthday. I would normally avoid the attention surrounding my birthday but it really turned out to be a very memorable and touching milestone. The only thing I would've done differently would have been to be more active in pursing my acting career or looking for a new one. But overall, I don't have any deep regrets.

I'm especially proud of the relationships I cultivated through my 50th year celebration and doing many things that took me out of my comfort zone: ziplining, driving to Mendocino and traveling by myself. I've learned how important relationships are but that I am a very strong and independent person. Ice learned how much I love and care for my family.

I took a huge risk quitting all my jobs to go to israel and have an open ended adventure. People said why aren't you working on your career. I always said that i have the rest of my life to work but an opportunity to take a long travel trip doesn't always come up often. It was worth it. It gave me the ideas and resources to bring back to my community. I try to live with no regrets. Every mistake was for the best.

I'm proud of myself for keeping going. For getting the Pineapple connection working and for collaborating with Hopesmith again.

I wish I was better at work. Better able to hide my emotions.

I wish that I had been more patient with my daughter and handled some difficult situations better. I am proud of the work that I have done to get my project to conclusion.

Well, I don't believe in regret, and to support this belief I always walk carefully, mindfully. So I have no regrets. I think I handled the year as well as I could, sometimes falling short, sometimes excelling. Proud-wise I am particularly proud of how I cordoned off my time for the summer concentration retreat at Spirit Rock. It was challenging but it worked and it was wise to not let the instinctive urge to protect Cyrun keep me from letting it all go, at least for nine days. It was great. And the same goes from all the trips LJ and I did. It was a great year, really. (Except for the super-stress of A7 Event Desk lockups which went from January to April. Ug!)

I wish that I had focussed more on myself and doing what I know needs to happen over the next year : losing weight to feel better and to help improve fitness. I am proud that I have managed to leave work earlier and spend a little more time on myself.

I've thought perhaps that I should have stayed longer with Shea and seen if there were more good days for her to live. But I'm also sure that we gave her good care, made a hard decision that spared her pain and more distress, and saw her through her death and cremation with love. I'm especially proud of our daughter moving from sadness into uncertainty, then steadying herself and taking new steps. Her decision to leave college for a semester was hard for her and us, but I believe it was courageous to question herself. I loved the moment she shifted from feeling distress about uncertainty to being uncertain and okay with it!

For my 30th Birthday, I started a charity:water campaign and raised $3000.00 for clean water in West Africa. I personally made a $1000.00 donation. Instead of gifts, I asked my friends and co workers to donate to my campaign. I also started going to meditation at the end of April and have been practicing daily since then. I've noticed that life seems easier, fueled by more joy and appreciation, and meditating its the greatest feeling in the world. Pure peace. I wish I would have pursued finding a therapist and given dating a bigger shot. I need to put myself out there and make an effort. Maybe a change in dosage or medication would be the spark. I could benefit from more connection, love and companionship. Remember all the Love at the Bacara. <3

I am proud that I pressed into the Lord and fasted and prayed when He asked me to. It was hard - at times I didn't want to fast, wondering why I was fasting and when I would ever see results. But God is changing my heart and showing me that when I fast, He moves on my behalf in a mighty way. When I fast and pray I feel stronger and more connected to Him - the true source! SO I am proud of pushing through that even on the tough days. I am proud of embracing change more and more each day, and learning to love with open hands - wow this has been a lesson indeed!

I wish I would have spent more time with the family-no phone, no distractions, just us. I am proud of my attitude changes. I am more confident and happy. I try to appreciate things more and be less quick to anger. I do not need approval from anyone but myself. I am strong and I know it. I still have my moments of self-doubt, but they are fewer than before. I am working on setting a good example for Gracie and Drew, of what a strong woman is.

I wish I'd been more careful about my health and spending. I can't eat the way I did 5 or 10 years ago and doing so resulted in weight gain I'm working to get rid of. Also, last year I made friends with a woman who spends more freely (than she or I should). I found myself overspending. I am proud of my balancing grad school, work and writing.

I wish I had made better use of the summer for "me time." Reading more, sleeping more, spending more time with friends, and using that gift certificate for a massage. I did get things done around the house, always a summer goal, but I didn't take real breaks for down time. I started the fall semester feeling as if I never had summer. One thing I did well was take my sister to the coast for a few days.

No, not really? I guess what I regret is that I'm just treading water. I'm not doing especially badly, but I don't have any real sense of satisfaction from my daily grind of work, video games, food, and sleep. I could do better. I'm not sure I want to.

I wish I had kept up with my run/walking this year. My fitness has declined a lot and it is hard to get back into it I am proud of the work I have done to build the new Innovation Center Operations Group.

"A journey is a person in itself; no two are alike. And all plans, safeguards, policing, and coercion are fruitless. We find that after years of struggle that we do not take a trip; a trip takes us." -John Steinbeck, Travels with Charlie I wouldn't have changed much over this past year (except losing the 20lbs I gained). I'm a proud father/husband who is in awe of the miracle of birth and amazed by the way a child learns so simply and eloquently. I am proud of myself for finding my work life balance. Even-though I struggle to let go of work on a daily basis, I have seen significant changes that bring attention right back to the heart of life- My Family. I've been able to successfully "let go" of worrisome issues created by extraneous circumstances that use to control me. Now, I have a much better perspective on what is of import- My Faith, My Family, and My-self. I hope I can dedicate more time, energy, and focus to what really matters in life. Instead of getting caught in life's little lie that work+time= Success. I hope to re-configure the equation into: Prayer+Gratitude+Random Acts of Kindness+Exercise = Happiness^7 (Taken from Shawn Achor- The Happiness Advantage)

I wish I had been more selective in my job acceptance. I'm glad to be working, and my paycheck has made a great number of positive changes possible, but I'm not particularly happy in my work, and that's affecting the rest of life by a significant amount. I know I'm very privileged to be able to be picky about my work and wanting to actually like what I'm doing for a paycheck, and that my current experience of being mildly disaffected is at the very least par for the course, but I do sometimes wonder if it hadn't've been a better idea to pass on this job and go back to school like I was planning to do, and perhaps something better would've come along. Then again, it's also possible nothing would have come along and I'd be unhappy and also broke, so... I don't know if wishing for an alternative is the greatest idea. Much of my thinking over the past year (both last year and this one) has been tied up with my work situation, which has been greatly disappointing. I think I'd feel better if I was less focused on job-related issues, but on the other hand, it takes up a third of my life and pays for the other two-thirds. Maybe the truth is that I wish I wasn't so focused on work and money, and that I could spend more time thinking and focusing on things outside of earning a living.

This year I would have been more respectful in my thinking toward my husband. We spent 2 years in counseling and I need to use those wise words and lessons learned.

No, I'm perfectly fine with how things have turned out in the past year. If I had to pick one thing, it would be being more organized during a move. I always, always underestimate how much moving is going to suck.

I wish I had kept up my exercise and controlled eating, and not gained weight.

I wish I had spent more time getting rid of crap, instead of accumulating new crap. I'm proud of getting rid of some stuff and trying to instill some sense of giving in my kids. I hope anyway.

I'm proud of the work I put into school, and I'm proud of the work I put into the Pink Heart carnival. I made a 6' wheel that spins! That's freakin' awesome!!

If I could change one thing from the last year, I wish I had gone off on my own out into the "brusse" more. I lost so much time to explore and see because I was so afraid or consumed in feeling lonely. I won't make the mistake twice. But I'm also very proud of my language acquisition and my continuing to study neuro-linguistics as faithfully as I have, even without electricity (or access to water for that matter). French in a year. Conversational in Nateni after 12 months (which is vast spaces and valleys different from any Indo-European languages I've ever encountered).

Wish I had stuck to my nutrition plan. Proud of my work this year. 14 years at the company.

I wish I had started writing that book sooner, and made more glass, and spoken up more to defend myself. I wish that I had quit my job. I wish that I had ridden my bike more.

As last year, I wish I had used my time better - still too much computer games & not enough personal learning. As for what I am proud of, I finally went to a doctor & I have lost almost 15# & started exercising again. I am also proud of my first year as president of my congregation, we have accomplished purchasing new prayer books, raised extra funds for additional Rabbi visits & updated our web site which is attracting new members.

I do regret still not knowing what to do with life. I gave up teaching, and now what? I am proud of my progress and consistency with training. I never thought I'd be one of those people who becomes and exerciser, but here I am, training 4-6 days most weeks. It's so nice to hear all the nice comments that come from taking care of yourself and your fitness and health.

Negatives: 1) I have procrastinated for too long on finishing our house renovations, making our home a mess. This has been especially frustrating for my husband. 2) I cant't seem to stop binge eating & have once again gained too much weight. Positive: I have made some progress in trying to understand my religion and that of others, to develop a better relationship with G-D

I should have taken better care of myself, make myself and my objections/doubts heard instead of slaving away and getting seriously overworked. I take pride in how I handled the situation when I hit rock bottom: telling my supervisor, taking measures, and getting to the end of the project in time. Wish I could take more pride in the results of the project though. Suppose that will come in time...

I started 5775 with the desire and plan to make aliyah at the end of 2015 and when I came to that decision I also told myself that this year had to count and had to be the best yet and the most adventurous and the most kind and the most spiritual. And I'm thankful to Hashem to say that it has been all of that, and more.

I wish I would have not taken on one new work responsibility that has drained my time to dramatically. I should have stuck to my parameters. Alternatively, I feel I have supported by daughter through a difficult period.

Something that I am proud of from the past year is how much more Italian I know. Before this summer I knew how to speak very broken, now I understand a whole lot more and can pretty much speak fluently. I have always wanted to speak fluently in another language, and always practiced but it was diffucult, since I am so used to speaking to everyone here in English it is like a reflex I have. . But since I went to Sicily and got hear it and nobody spoke English I am proud of how much I picked up from being there for just two months. I can only imagine if I was there for like six months how much I would speak. I think speaking a second language fluently is a good thing to know and I am proud that I know way more, then to just get by.

I wish I had given more time to my partner previously, I feel that I am draining him with my fears and insecurities, he is such a special person. I also wish that I didn't give so much away to others I leave myself open and this makes me vulnerable

I wish I had put more effort into being healthy. I'm proud that I made a start with a new gym membership and rejoining weight watchers

Stop worrying about things that might happen, and things I have no control over. I can't plan for everything, and live my life in fear over what might be.

I'm very proud of our kitchen remodel. It looks like it 'belongs', yet it changed the tone of our home dramatically.

I wish I had quit my Job earlier than i did and spent more time in New Hampshire with my grandparents. i am glad i did quit though and i started drivers ed

I wish I would have had a clearer idea and better focus about my future. I was moving between finding a new job with different levels of frustrations and pursuing my self-employed projects, always second-guessing and sometimes doubting if this is really the right way. I wish I would have had more confidence in what I did and still do. I am still proud because I re-invented myself. Its tough to exit an industry you have been working in for almost 20 years. Thats almost all I can. All my skills are related to this industry. And suddenly the industry dynamics change and there is no place for you anymore. Its not just finding another employment in the industry. Its finding another occupation outside your industry. I tried hard and still try. And I found a new passion. But still there are so many doubts ...

I wish I had kept in closer contact with my siblings and friends who I don't see on a regular basis.

I wish I would have spent more time learning. Taking on learning and deepening a skill. I am proud of the discovering of short chip aways.

Something that I wish i had done differently this year is visiting my family out of state more. I had many opportunities to go and see my family but I would either have work or have plans with my friends. I should have made more of an effort to visit them and reach out. Something I am proud of is that during the lacrosse season my team and I taught kids with special needs to play lacrosse. It was a very rewarding and fun program that both the kids and us enjoyed a lot. It was such a great experience and I can't wait to do it again.

I wish I prioritized Dave more than I think I prioritized myself. I was, and continue to be, hyper aware of myself and my experiences and I lost a sensitivity to what he was going through. He moved away from his favorite city in the world, his friends, he graduated school, he just passed the bar. It was a LOT and I feel I was so wrapped up in my own stuff that I missed my opportunity to support him. I am learning how to be a partner and his partner, but I think... I think I am doing it right now. Or at least... much better.

There are numerous small interactions over the past year that I wish I had handled better; I always regret when I let my friends/family down with choices that I make. I've done a good job on standing on my principles as an elected official; speaking up, making difficult motions, and committing to what I truly believe is the best course of action regardless of the potential "political" fallout.

I do feel proud of the way I have been involved in my family and they way I helped when help was needed. As both my parents have been suffering some health problems, I was able to assist my brother and sisters in their needs. I do regret a little not taking more care of my self. I have gained some weight since last year and it is important to look after my own health too.

I am always striving to be a better me, but maybe I should focus more on believing I am ok, just the way I am. I put so much pressure on myself to be ok that I'm freaked out when I think I'm not. I need to spend less hours at work and more time connecting with my husband and kids. I am trying to navigate through so many challenges, at work, at home, with my body and mind, and I am always proud of my determination. I began volunteering for 2 organizations this year and feel especially good about that.

Instead of going to Atlanta for the holidays last year, I should have stayed with my family to celebrate it with them. Also, the trip did cost $1400. So I would like to have saved that money and used it for something else but, oh well.

I wish I had handled situations with certain people differently. I tried to stay away from conflict but it was difficult. I am proud to have helped accomplish a huge transformation in our synagogue that will change lives forever!

I feel that I'm having amnesia - or perhaps there wasn't much that happened of consequence this past year? It's challenging to remember specific instances and even broad themes. I was challenged by stress management this year; especially in the wake of Bryce being diagnosed with immune-medicated polyarthritis and becoming lame. It's been a rough year. While our daily walks dwindled due to her injury, my physical self care dwindled. Activity was replaced with snacks. While I hadn't managed to lose much weight after last Rosh Hashanah, I did change from 222lbs to 204lbs. I subsequently increased to 221lbs by the time we moved to Knoxville and settled in. I received a low-scale pre-diabetes warning this year. It's enough to make me worry at 33 as my dad's family has a rampant history of diabetes. I don't want another issue with my health. I'm proud that I've evaluated all of the pieces and, without fat-shaming myself, have joined Weight Watchers with my spouse. We're only a week in, so there's a ways for us to continue, but it's been a positive step to noticing the patterns in how, when, and why I do or do not eat. I'm slowly getting back in touch with my body again. I'm proud of that.

I wish I had taken a longer view towards the activities of my daughter and to have allowed myself to stay relaxed. I found many of her friends and her activities alarming, and to a certain extent, I panicked. I wish I could've encouraged myself to know that her actions were just part of her growth. A year later, I'm still struggling to be at peace with her decisions, mostly because I've held such high expectations of what she might do in her life and what she might become. I need to accept her path, and I need to get to a place where I don't feel blame for her stumbles. I am proud of the time I've made to spend with my parents.

I am proud to say that I am less bitter now because of the plan to constructively dismiss us, since I started my grieving process early. While I would rather not go, I believe I am more prepared emotionally to let it go. I am also proud to say that I am coauthoring my first book, a textbook on world religions, with a co-teacher.

This past year has been the main issue in my life. I am proud though all I have been through, I am still alive, I am a survivor.

As we hurtle towards the end of the first month of school, something that is constantly on my mind is standardized testing. Standardized testing, the only aspect of your academics that matters (or so is the perception), is on the mind of most seniors at this time of the year as college applications draw nearer. One defining number that decides your future success, happiness, and self worth! Regrettably, what keeps standardized testing on my mind is the fact that I did not devote enough time to this endeavor over the summer. While I did my best to pour through OED-sized test prep books that promise perfect scores, it still feels inadequate. Studying for the ACT and SAT is a war of attrition. It is quite an onerous task to spend the minuscule time between work and athletics devoted to such a mind numbing task as the summer hours wane away. Despite my best efforts, I feel profoundly inadequate as the last opportunities to throw down the gauntlet with the ACT arrives. Obviously what I said about standardized testing is disingenuous. The ACT and SAT don’t delineate your overall status in life. However, based on the pressure that parents, schools, and admissions officers place on these exams, it feels as if they are all that matters. In reality its quite arbitrary in how much standardized testing actually affects you. It’s irrational that so much emphasis is placed on test that really have no consequence on the furthering of your education. Dedicating hours of time to studying for these test does not enrich your understanding in a particular subject, and for the most part does not enrich a particular skill. Furthermore, these tests are so subjective that they shouldn't be used to bar students from certain schools. What standardized test really do is provide ways for students to lose confidence in their academic abilities.

I wish I had spent less money on some things- the Lenovo Yoga was a mistake. I wish I had helped earlier to sell the trailer. I wish had listened more closely to myself and not volunteered for things when I felt manic. I wish I had gone earlier back to the doctor. I'm proud of both my boys and I'm proud that Doug and I spend a lot of time and energy continuing to be parents instead of just saying "we're done" and not paying attention, like our parents' generation did. I think they continue to need us and that our attention shows. Now is when they need us most in some ways.

2. Is there something that you wish you had done differently this past year? Alternatively, is there something you're especially proud of from this past year? I wish I could more easily simply my wants and needs, so that I’m not always trying to take on more than I can comfortably accomplish….is it greed? is it ego needs for praise and “goodness” as in she’s such a good person. or she’s so capable and able, or she’s so wise and smart…..I see how I’m wrestling with all the grasping my ego does too much to allow myself to even think about being proud. And I certainly wish I’d taken on less, and for most of the year I spent way too much time on my computer responding to dozens of message each day calling me to sign petitions or write messages to elected reps, or spread the word about one injustice or another. This summer I unsubscribed from all but the gitmo and anti-torture groups that send me messages, and went out into my extensive gardens (veggie and flower beds) much more, and that has helped me come to a better balance and more peace and simple joy.

For the last year, I have been completely focused on completing a masters program as quickly as possible and getting ready for whatever lies ahead. New York? Seattle? San Francisco? And while I am certainly thrilled about the new opportunities and experiences that lie ahead, fixating on things I have no control over at the moment has kept me from engaging with the community I currently live in. By constantly looking at what comes next, I am not living in the moment and authentically engaging with those around me that live in my present life. I wish I had spent more time this past year being more present than peering over the fence and talking about how the grass is so much greener on the other side.

I feel that I really listened to my body this year. I'm happy with how I spent my time: writing, time with my family, traveling with my husband. I got back to my old loves. I started taking pictures again, which I hadn't done in years. I got back to writing poetry. I even took a few dance classes-wow, I've gotten slow. It's been wonderful to get back in touch with those things.

Disappointed I have not scheduled to see my friends next year, as I did a good job this past year i think. I want to do better. I joined the board at hacksburg, and have arranged one event a month since joining. sadly they have garnered no attendance or members. I hosted an unconference. I taught or helped tech classes (python, excel) and events (KTU) i volunteered to read to kids again once a week i hosted a second annual craft fair i run the local munches I taught tea classes, including one in an office, and people loved them i am trying tea beers as marketing i did multiple festivals and sold well i still suck at marketing and business i finally found a partner, maybe two, and am not as lonly anymore i have a regular gaming group that are my friends i still suck at finances i learned to weld i used power tools to build shelves i planned an international trip, my first i need to work on more open and honest i need to learn to work better? smarter at work, i feel like i cause all my own fall behinds but after getting an offer from microsoft and rackspace fighting to keep me i guess i can't think i am bad at my job anymore. the first real job offer ever for me, maybe. I need to work on no, and downtime, most things i have done i have done because asked, and don't sleep enough or get down time

I wish I had not procrastinated so much. It has effected my job, and therefore my happiness and my self worth.

I wish I had managed to curb my drinking this past year. I'm proud of the trip with my son. It was an adventure that was also bonding. It gave me a sense of being free with him, of coming alive with each other in ways that I cherish and want to cultivate.

I wish I had been more proactive in considering new job opportunities after I finished my masters degree. I'm not sad to be in the same job I've had, but I wish I'd done more to consider other ways that I could be making a living. I did rearrange my schedule to work from home one day a week, which is a great perk at my old job, but I would like to be able to use some of my new skills and to also make a bit more cash.

I struggle to find balance and still do everything that I need to, to live a healthy, happy, and productive life. I am still not finding time to exercise and still find it hard not to procrastinate (which I'm doing right now by writing this response instead of editing a student's dissertation draft). I also wish I would be kinder and watch my words more often. I am not perfect, but certainly I need to always keep working to act in concert with my beliefs. I did not do so consistently this year, nor will I ever be able to do so, but that doesn't excuse me from trying.

Read more. But the thing Im most proud of is my rugby team is fourth in the state.

I wish I was more comfortable with the way things have ended with certain relationships. I look back and get upset with that person, even though I should just let it be. Working in that! I'm proud of my husband and I. We are a team and work really hard at sharing in the responsibilities of caring for our daughter.

I was proud of how well the business was going. The office seems settled, lots of work being done well. Now I wish we had not relaxed and kept pushing to figure out and implement our succession plan. If we had, we might not be facing losing our best employee today. I hope we can do our best to reassure and include our best people in the plan.

I wish I would have gone through with some of my plans and that I would have been more assertive and vocal about my feelings and goals/subjects that are important for me. I also wish I would have procrastinated less, so that I could accomplish more. I'm happy I let go of the illusions succeeding in something that didn't really have a chance. I feel like it set a part of me free to pursue other plans/goals. I just need to plan them well and really pursue them!

I'm proud of my strength through all of the pain I've endured. I've been dealing with a lot on my own and as much as I've wanted to break down and just stop, I've pushed through because quitting life isn't an option. I'm also proud of my optimism. My confidence that things will improve has kept me going.

I finished a very comprehensive graduate level course on line this summer on SocialJustice.

I wish I had eaten right and exercised. Cooked healthy food for my family. Facebooked less. Read more books. With regard to pride, I am proud that I finally started taking anti-anxiety medication and that I am doing so well with my driving phobia. Also, I believe that I am a good lawyer and a wonderful mother. I truly believe that.

Especially proud of my daughter for graduating with her Masters Degree, getting a really good job at the VA Hospital in Baltimore, and buying her first home at age 23. (Dad helped with the down payment).

I wish that I had worked harder on myself physically. I recently started back on an exercise regimen that I'm loving, and it was because I've let my weight get higher than ever and want that to stop. I also wish that I'd spent more time developing my artistic skills. I'm proud of my progress in finding things in life that make me feel happiest and pursuing that completely. As a result, life has been a lot of fun! I feel like I've tremendously grown spiritually and I've also noticed that my capacity to love has grown even more.

I wish I had taken more time to think before making the decision of moving into a different neighborhood.

This past year has been relatively smooth. I am proud of keeping my distance from my father and not allowing his presence to interrupt the health of my family.

I think I had an amazingly positive year. I chose to take a year off from college and get my head right and make money so I didn't take thousands of dollars in loans and have no way to begin paying them back after college. I thought it was a good idea to take the year off but little did I know it was the best decision I could have ever made for myself. I think I grew up more in the one year I spent at home then I did in all of highschool. I learned what true hard work is and I discovered my drive for my future goals. I will stop at nothing to achieve my dreams.

Not really. I do wish I had shown my wife (Julie) my love for her a little better. And I need to tell her how much I love her more often.

I wish I had not gotten quite so stressed during the summer with the kids. I wish I had been able to step back and calm myself down to head off a few of the bigger conflicts, between me and the kids but especially what was, for me, the big one, between me and my husband. I needed to communicate with him earlier on how burned out I was, and that I needed more support. It was hard because I knew he was working so hard, I wanted to rise up to the occasion, I didn't want to add to his pile. I felt like I was getting off easily. I need to remember that it's important for him to shoulder some of the work with the kids. It's not going to be equal, ever, our burdens of work. What's important is that it be right. I'm very proud of how I did in my first year of teaching. I just had my annual review and my bosses were so positive. It seems like I have a great future with this school and that's exciting. I actually have more critique for myself than they did! I would like my Level 1s to have a better experience than they did last year, not stress them out as much as I did. I still want to get their technique as good but I think I can do that without making it such a draconian environment. I want this for my Level 2s also -- after all they are the Level 1s that were too stressed last year! Most of all, what I want to do differently is I want to find an artistic outlet for myself. Something that taps into my own creativity, my own genius. Recently I have started this writing class and what I have seen is that being able to not just write something, but to polish it, to make it *say* something, improves my mood and spirit immeasurably. Taking the opportunity to dance while I was in Denver did the same thing. I need to make that a higher priority. I have been so dollar and penny conscious that I have completely ignored the necessity of those things. I cannot afford to "save a buck" by cheating myself out of my own life. Even if we are struggling financially I will need to make those choices in the other direction sometimes. I need to find goals so that I can word toward them, and they have to have nothing to do with making money, they need to be unrelated to survival. It will take courage because survival seems like it should trump everything. This is one of those "great questions" of all human history. You have to make survival valuable in order to make it worth it.

I'm proud of my continued work (some successes, still learning) on mindfulness. It's clear that the challenges keep on keepin' on, and it's also clear that mindfulness is an excellent and effective strategy toward coping with life's overload, as well as clearing out spaces (large and small) for enjoyment of the good moments, and for real problem-solving (rather than wheel-spinning worry and anxiety).

Goodness...all of the times I lost my temper over stupid crap. IT DOESN'T MATTER THAT MUCH! Nothing is really that important, I promise. It's so funny how caught up in a moment I can get but it's just not actually a thing. I wish I had enjoyed the year more...it was a difficult year to enjoy, but that makes it all the more important to enjoy.

I wish I had found a home. I wish I had settled for something because it seems like what I want won't happen for me. I'm proud of surviving this time, I'm proud of not letting the uncertainty at work affect me much, that I've been able to compete without selling myself out.

There are so many things that flood my mind when I think on this question. Things I should have done differently. The main one that comes to mind is not being more active about applying for a full time job. I am so scared of it. Is this a legitimate fear, based on what really could happen, or is this just the fear of change?

I wish that I had been more restrictive with my kids about screen time - the younger one is now totally addicted to the ipad. I needed the time to get ready for work, but now it's become much more than a negative than a positive!

I wish I had handled a difficult work situation differently. I had never encountered that level of animosity before, and I REALLY wish I had been more assertive and had been more blunt-but -not-rude about how I was being treated. I liked that job, and quitting the way I did just gave me an excuse to walk out on situations I find severely uncomfortable

Oof. Well I certainly wish I'd been more "brave" when Lev was really little. I wish I'd been less anxious, more able to enjoy the good stuff, and less worried about him having a meltdown in public. I also really wish I'd learned more about baby sleep before having a baby!

I'm really proud of the way I've handled all the bs with my back problems and the way that Workers Comp has been treating my case. I know that many people take advantage of the work situation but I am not one of them and I just hate being treated like one and I wish that they could see that! I do feel like I've handled the struggles of the last year as well as can be expected but I do hope that I can keep handling it better.

I wish I had not taken my wife to task about something that was actually not important in the run of things... although she and others disagree, I believe it created stress that contributed to our miscarriage... I wish I had shown her the same patience that she shows me.

I'm especially proud of having opened a bookstore in Hoboken! My partners met me in Bwe Cafe in June 2014 and less than a year later Little City Books opened its doors on 1st and Bloomfield streets. We may sell books at full price unlike Amazon, but we also offer a physical location to browse, unparalleled service and recommendations, and dozens of free programs and events for readers of all ages. Very, very proud.

I think I'm really proud that I've let myself grow in my romantic relationship. I've been really vulnerable, in my first serious relationship after a big breakup, and I think I've been way more reflective (by nature of this being my first relationship as an adult, really), and had to ask a lot of hard questions of my partner, and strive for closeness in a more concrete way. It's been easy in that he's a truly thoughtful, kind person who cares about me a lot, but it's been challenging because truly honest relationships are really hard.

I wish I had taken better care of myself when I had the chance last summer so I would have been more resilient and not lost my job. I also wish I had started therapy earlier so that I wouldn't have spun out of control and lost my job and my relationship with my sister and worried my sons. I'm proud that I've created a safety plan and am now on a road to becoming stronger and more resilient. I'm feel that for the first time since my divorce 8 years ago I'm back to the person I know I am.

I wish that this year had finally been the year I learned to control my temper. I have had a bad temper since I was a child. While throwing temper tantrums as a child is understandable if not idea, throwing temper tantrums as an adult is just unacceptable. And yet I can't seem to stop. I lost my temper with less frequency than I did in my teens and 20s, but when I lose it, I lost it. I seem to go from ok, to irritated, to enraged in 2 seconds flat. I hate feeling out of control. I hate yelling. Most of all, I hate that my anger scares my friends and family. I don't hit people and I don't yell at them, but I still frighten them. I frighten myself, too.

Different? Not much. Proud of? Halfway through Foundations in Herbal Medicine! And the teacher has called me gifted, that I should be a teacher. My solutions are simple, grounded, strategic- that she likes them. Very very proud of this.

I wish my husband hadn't died this past year but I am proud of how I am handling his death. Not every year will be like this one. Much before that, I honestly can't remember. I managed to not get into any major fights with friends. Much before this, my life was pretty easy and mundane, maybe even boring.

My regrets are too many to choose from, but they are often fleeting to recall. However, I'm especially proud of being able to put together a roster of musicians for the festival that I help to produce, especially considering the budget that I have to work within.

I wish I had been more productive in my research. I'm pretty proud of my personal life during this year, starting to live together with my partner.

I wish I had more time for self-study and reflection. I live in a Jewish world and didn't focus enough on Jewish studies and prayer for myself.

I wish I was better with my finances. I wish I was better in my relationship. Although, I am very proud of myself with taking the leap to open my own business. Also in my new found singleness, I have started a weightloss/health journey. I have lost 18lb so far and not sure of inches but I have a new found confidence that I haven't had before.

I'm proud of that I kept coming back to not forcing people to do things I wanted them to do, to being responsive to what I heard, to staying quiet if I didn't know how to respond effectively, and then to altering strategy time and time again out of that. In other words, to keep returning to discomfort and feelings that I didn't enjoy, to going deeper and deeper to finding what's the essence of what keeps me going on this when nothing else does, when this or that thought is only powerful because of circumstance, what's at the heart / truth.

Made better use of my time. Done more. Learning to let go of control. Learning being the operative word.

Although some decisions I made this past year have been scary, I'm not sure that I have much regret. I'm proud of the fact that I seem to be living my life with a lot less fear and regret as I get older. I still second guess my decisions a lot, but once I make a decision, I embrace it and go with it.

This has been a good year for me but I feel like I have wasted a lot of time. A lot of time in front of the TV, a lot of time on the computer. . . a lot of time on surface level experiences. It is good to be able to tune out sometimes but I have spent a good deal of time on a daily basis tuned out while I await my next "marquee" experience -- a concert, a festival, a dinner, a holiday. Life is made up of the mundane days just as it is the special ones -- in fact, more so. I need to learn how to "feel" that time just as I do the more celebratory times.

Something I wish I would have done differently was be more fiscally responsible. This is the first time in my life that I've had a steady income and I've spent more than I've saved and should have been more frugal. One thing I've worked hard on this year is my health-mentally, physically, and emotionally. I've been eating healthy, working out, talking about my feelings and sharing with people, and developing lasting relationships that are healthy and supportive.

I wish I had been more straightforward about my feelings towards certain situations. I have a hard time saying what I want and admitting feelings because I feel like I'm going to get rejected. If I was just out there saying exactly what I felt, I would have been much more effective and had more time. Although I believe the world works the way it should, I feel that I need to be honest and stand up for what I want.

Wow! Well... This past year has been full of downs and some ups. I JUST today gave notice at my job at CSR where I have been largely miserable for many months. I have hated my boss and have yelled at her, stopped myself from flipping her desk over and really tried VERY hard to get a new job. I think God had a plan I could not see which included me finding a dream job so I am glad I waited or rather was forced to wait. I am proud that I didn't get fired or anything like that! I think I would have liked to have some solid closure on the ryan thing. I am not sure that is anything to be proud of (re-engaging with him) I am fairly certain he is completely self serving and uses anything to get his needs met including me and I am hopeful once I have things in my life that are more fulfilling I will leave him alone and move on with other friendships. so... no, I am ok with things I have done in this past year. I did my best to move on in life and at this point I am satisfied with my actions and next steps.

I wish I had exercised more and practiced mediation and breathing to help me stay in the moment. I am proud of my children's accomplishments and that they are young adults who are thriving and making major contributions to the world

I'm super proud of the fact that I can make things now that I persisted and leant how to crochet! I never thought I'd be able to do it never mind read a pattern and understand it and do a bloody good job of making it!

I wish I had stayed in touch with my Brother and his wife more, as I did not know he had Dementia in December and was told by his wife Cathi in April.... I am VERY hurt by this , and don't know why she didn't tell me sooner..... I also wish I had stayed on top of some finance issues better as some things have occurred that have cost me some significant dollars.... I should have sold my Hertz stock earlier....

I wish I'd not turned back to drinking so much - I concealed it for a long time from everyone, and went to a very lonely, empty, soulless place for many months. I'm proud that I have tried to put it down again, to talk and to heal as much as possible. I am proud of the clinician I am, especially when I am sober physically and mentally.

Right. Is there something I wish I had done differently? I don't know. I wish I'd had the courage to come out to my dad. And it hate that this is the exact same thing as I said last year. I still don't know why it matters to me if he knows. But I'd like him to. Is there something I'm especially proud of this past year? Yes! Omg. I sometimes feel like I've been handed everything. But I also know that I worked hard. I am proud that I finished my degree. That I got my dream job. That I found the courage within me to move to a foreign country. That I found the courage to beat my unhealthy habits and to get better mentally. For maybe the first time since I was a young teen I am not just content with being alive but happy. I am happy to live and I am ready to do so for many years into the future. I just wish 16 year old me could see this. See how good it will get.

I've lost 40 pounds! I'm pretty proud of that. I'm not at my goal yet, but I've made great progress. It's a little frustrating to know I've lost 40 lbs and I'm still overweight, but I should be very proud of what I've accomplished.

I wish I had paid more attention to my spouse and let him know more often how much he means to me.

I'm so proud that I've been trying new things and taking advantage of different opportunities. I'm living across the country from my family, I've tried out several different job paths, and feel like I've finally landed on something I feel very proud of and confident in my abilities about. I wish I was less timid about the future. Even though I've felt brave about my adventure, I couldn't always roll with the punches and felt anxious when there wasn't a plan. I don't like not knowing where the journey is taking me. At the same time, I feel confident and optimistic that my future will be positive, no matter where the indecisions lead. I look back on my life so far and feel grateful that I managed my way through challenging times and was brought to something positive. so why, then, do I still feel so anxious about the unknown?

I imagine there are all sorts of thing I wish I'd done differently, but nothing specific and significant is coming to mind at the moment. I am especially proud of continuing to have sane balance in my life. I really appreciate not being too busy and feeling like I have my priorities mostly in order. I get in hammock and knitting time and rarely feel like my answer to "how are you doing?" is "I'm so busy."

I wish I would not have allowed my job to consume me the way it has. I am proud of the fact that I have found love and I have really let myself embrace it instead of analyzing every single detail of it.

I wish that I had stayed more focused in the steps, in the solution. I got depressed this past year and checked out with food. I gained a lot of the weight back that I'd lost last year. Something else... I went kind of crazy with my credit cards, and paying them off is really really draining me some days.

Ugh. I wish I had gotten my shit together and for the fleeting moments I had some of it together, I wish I had kept it together. Life feels so much like one step forward, two steps back. Things are still so disorganized and I just don't have the motivation to tackle things the way they need to be tackled.

I wish I had buckled down at work instead of feeling overwhelmed and hopeless. I am lucky to be here with a promotion pending (approved, but needs to be signed off on). I was so busy feeling harried and emotional that I couldn't focus my energies or enjoy anything--at home OR work.

This has been a year of difficult decisions that involve more than just myself. Choices about who I will spend my time with and where in the world I will reside for now. There are moments I wish I had chosen differently, though I know that this is what is best right now, to be here another year, to feel confident in the job in a relieving way, so see my relationship grow through the distance, to be with my family, to help my mother, to be there. I am proud of the people I have spoken with this year. I have contacted and walked up to people who have higher status than me, and have spoken with them as peers, have asked them questions and (I think) have gained their respect. I have not let the narrative in my head telling me that I am not important enough, that I don't know what I'm doing, that they wouldn't want to talk to me, stop me from speaking up and from adventuring. People will not think anything of you if they have not met you.

I wish I would have followed my wives opinion and not bought a house that needed so much work. I'm proud that my oldest Griffin has learned how to read. It's the most important of all the basics as it's the gateway to all of learning.

I wish I had been able to more deeply trust the process when my job changed this year. My "knee-jerk" reaction to it was mistrust and disgruntlement. The actual experience of moving out of an office where I had been for 14 years and into a new, clean, fresh setting, with daylight instead of only fluorescent lights and calm as opposed to a constant traffic flow in my previous space has been wonderful. I would like my attitude to begin with gratitude, trust and expectation instead of taking so long to get there.

I am proud of having steped up and cared for my granddaughters when they needed me most. I wish I had known things were wrong and intervened before a crisis caused me to see the depth of their mom's illness. In work, I am proud of my client's accomplishments in healong, meeting goals and becoming happeir and healthier. I wish I had been able to devorte more time to writing, speaking and doing other things with braoder impact.

I wish I wouldn't have sweated the small stuff SO much this year. Sometimes every time I turn around I feel like I am unhappy about something when there really is no need to be. I'm in the best place I have ever been in my life and for some reason I can't just except it. I have an amazing man and his 3 girls in my life, I have good relationships with my family members, a good group of friends, a good job and am pursuing an education. I want to go into this next year of my life with positive outlook and stop worrying so much! Alternatively, I'm very proud I have gotten myself back in school and I'm doing really well, too!

I could have been mre responsible coping with my financial situation.

I'm very proud of myself for taking a risk on myself and starting a new job. But again, I'm not being patient enough with my children. This isn't one specific thing but many tiny things. I can see them flinch when I lose my temper which I do too much.

I wish I had taken more risks or been braver at taking on thugs where I wasn't sure how it would go.

I wish that I had played more this year. (As in, been more playful. I'm realizing that it's important for adults to schedule in or prioritize play because it's not likely to happen otherwise.)

Yes. I wish that when someone told me they were messed in the head and that I should run, I ran. Or at least seriously re-evaluated our friendship. Oh well, lesson learned.

I wish I had a different attitude about not getting pregnant this year. My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for 13 months, and I let my feelings of jealousy and fear rule me over this time. I am trying to develop more patience, gratitude and self-love, and be less obsessive over the things I don't have. It's hard but I feel like I spent so much emotional energy obsessing and being bitter over something I have no control over. All we can do is try our best, go get some tests and cross our fingers...worrying won't help with any of that.

There is a long list of things I wished I had done differently. I wish I had treated everyone kindly, patiently and supportively. I wish I had managed my personal affairs better. I wish I had brought more kavod to Elohim's Name. I wish I had served Him better. I wish I had served others better. This could go on for a very long time. There's nothing I'm particularly proud about this past year.

I am proud that I got myself out of the my-child-as-myself mindset. It wasn't easy, but I am not so quick to compare my child with others. I don't feel the need to get him tested for gifted education (but not because I don't think he is a smart, intelligent, and able person). I am happy to look for books that will stimulate him, ask him questions that make him think, and take delight in his joy of good words and discovery. Sure--I do look at the Lexile reading levels of the books he reads, now and again. But just often enough to assure me that he is not struggling for his age, and he is headed in the right direction. And that he enjoys what he is doing, reading, thinking or writing. So--I am still child-centered (obviously, from just rereading what I wrote) but in a much better (healthier) way.

Having been given three months notice of my impending layoff, I feel quite proud of how I spent that time. I could fully imagine spending that time looking for jobs and telling the my bosses to deal with the collapse of my projects as the decision to lay me off was theirs, and I honestly wouldn't hold it against someone if they chose to do that. But I felt that the relationships that I had built with people in my projects were more important to me (personally as well as for my future career prospects), and I worked long hours and travelled extensively to try and make sure that the transition wouldn't be too traumatic. The main part of this that I feel some remorse over is that I wasn't able to spend as much time with friends before my departure as I simply was too busy with work....I don't know how I could have done differently... I also feel proud of working with a couple of colleagues to support each other with the stress of dealing with the layoff. We got together to discuss job applications and encouraged each other to work off our stress together at the gym. The reality was that after the first week of condolences from friends and family, we didn't want to constantly be bombarded with people's well-intentioned by sometimes thoughtless sympathy. We also left the organization physically healthier than we had every been, which felt like a good way to move on.

I wish I hadn't wasted my time on men I knew weren't worthwhile. I'm proud of the fun-loving adult I've become.

I wish I had found more religious, spiritual and friendly support here in this town far from home. I am especially proud that I continue to fight, in fits and starts and lots of failure, to try to be better.

I wish I had stayed more consistent with my diet and exercise and worried a lot less about anything. But, even with that regret, at the same time I learned how to cook - finally! And I have kept going. Feels good. The weird good news - I was saving money all year for a bill that turned out I never needed to pay and I inadvertently learned I knew how to really save money, while still having some fun along the way and paying the bills and getting some things for the house and having a new dog. That surprised me. Things were getting better all along and I didn't even see it.

I am glad I had my floors done in my home last year and hope to finish that off next year perhaps while Jan and Vince are in Arizona. I also went through my home and reorganized every room and cubbie hole save the laundry and the file cabinet. It started with giving Janice mom's desk and buying one I always wanted for my office, clearing out the desk started the decluttering process. I also worked on an other Nanowrimo book in November. I qualified with the 50000 words and plan to do it again this year. Returned to Paris for another week following a trip to Morocco. Life is good, business is better. I am a happy person.

I'm especially proud of my decision to sign up for my first half iron distance triathlon this year. It scares the bejeezus out of me, I haven't trained enough, and I havent' dialed in my nutrition & lost the weight I needed to (rather, the opposite happened). But I signed up, and in 8 weeks I'm doing this race. Every day, lately, I'm filled with self doubt & negative self talk. And I need to quiet those voices. Because I'm doing this. Period. Even if I crawl across the finish line, I'm doing it & I'll be damn proud of myself for the commitment & the determination!

I would have moved into a place of my own instead of with my BF and his family. I am proud of how I have been able to work well with my 'new' boss and received a good review.

I am proud that I took the risk and applied for and changed jobs. I had my previous position for almost 10 years and while I loved it, it was very easy and not very challenging. Leaving was a very hard decision but so far so good! I know that regardless of how long I am at my new job, if I love it or hate it, I am expanding my horizons by just taking the risk. I am proud that I did not let my fears guide me.

I've gone through some ugly and painful times in my life, but something that happened during this past year made me lose who I thought I was as a person. It has taken me a whole year to be able to say this - and even now, there are times when I can't - but I was sexually assaulted by a close male friend. We had reconnected after a couple years of being out of touch and started spending time together. There used to be feelings between us years ago, but when we reconnected, he had a live-in girlfriend of two years. The first time we hung out alone at his place he tried to kiss me. I told him to stop, that he had a girlfriend, and that we should, under no circumstances, kiss each other. I was in the middle of explaining to him, yet again, why we shouldn't do this, when he kissed me. I felt nothing but revulsion and guilt. I should have yelled at him, let him have it, not seen him again until he could get it together. But I didn't. The next time we hung out we went to a brewery, and me being a lightweight, I got far more hammered than I meant to. We went back to his place and I told him I couldn't drive yet, and I needed to have some water and lie down. Moments after I lay face down on his couch, he thrust his hand up my shorts and began touching me. I was shocked, and very drunk, and I asked him for water so that he would stop, because I was afraid of saying no. Looking back, I think I was afraid of what it would mean if I explicitly said no, and he kept going. If I said no and tried to fight him off, and he kept going, there would be no denying what was happening, and denial is exactly what I tried to do afterwards. I kept asking for water, and he kept going, until I finally stumbled off the couch and began yelling, over, and over again, for water. These choices weren't mine, choice was taken from me, and my vulnerable, inebriated position was taken advantage of. But what happened the next time I saw him, that choice was mine. I should never have talked to him again after what happened after the brewery, but I was in complete denial mode. I convinced myself that he didn't mean to, that he was a good guy, that it was partly my fault because I didn't say the actual word "no." Because, as we're taught, no means no, right? But no is sometimes difficult, if downright impossible to say. But I did see him again, and when I did, I had sex with him. I made the first move, it was my choice, my decision, I was in control. I realize now I did it to get my power back, to be the one making decisions about my body. However, I did it at the cost of his girlfriend. The next few months were a downward spiral of shame, deceit, and guilt. I entered to a deep, suffocating depression, began self-mutiliating again after 8 years of being clean, I started drinking more heavily, cutting classes, and very nearly flunked out of the fall semester of my senior year at college. The turning point was when I realized that what happened after the brewery was not consensual, and that though I had tried to build him up in my mind as this guy who was so different than all the other abusive or cheating guys I had been with, that he was a good friend even when he was doing bad things, none of that was really true. So I ended the toxic, codependent friendship we had developed and cut off all contact from him. Even though I haven't spoken to him since January, the shame and the guilt have stayed with me. His girlfriend never found out and they are still together. During Elul as the high holy days approached I kept wondering, since I can't ask forgiveness from the one person I truly need forgiveness from, what do I do? I spoke with my Rabbi and she agreed that asking for forgiveness would really do more harm than good at this point, so what I really needed to do was forgive myself. She also asked me if I would do it differently if I could go back and do it all again. I gave her a resounding and unequivocal yes, which she then told me is the biggest part of repentance. Recognizing mistakes, misdeeds, harm, and learning from them is essential in teshuvah, and forgiveness. When I was reading through the machzor during Rosh Hashanah service the other night, I stumbled upon a passage that began with, "you don't have to stay in this place anymore," and I began to tear up. I've been staying in a place of shame and pain for too long, not allowing myself forgiveness. But it's time to move on, to end that chapter, to cast away that sin, and start again. I just have to give myself permission to do it.

I wish I had handled my romantic relationships better. This is something I have always struggled with. While I have made tremendous progress with go after what is good for me, rather than what I want, I think there is still a ton of room for improvement in this area. There is so much I am proud of though. I never in a million years thought that I would be where I am right now, choosing between two wonderful jobs. I worked really hard and I fought my way to the top of the pack.

I wish I had been more attentive to my husband and his emotional needs. His neediness tends to drain me, as I am his "only". I haven't known how to balance that need he has of me with my need to recharge myself. I need to be better about making MY needs known, and be caring for myself so that I can be caring for him as well.

I wish I had had the ability to take more action, and not allowed myself to become paralyzed by my own worries and insecurities. I sometimes see other people in my field who achieve at what seems to be such an enormous rate, and I feel incredibly bad that I can't always seem to work at that rate.

So many gifts have been given to me. I wish I weren't so plodding in accepting them and putting them to good use in my life: living, acting, doing, achieving. At the same time, I am proud of the hard work I've done to grow and expand into who I am more fully. This healthy pride has given me renewed courage to make something of service with my life.

I can't think of anything that I could've done differently this past year - I really think that I've done my best under the circumstances that I faced. Maybe sleep earlier, more hours, and move more. I am proud for going through unimaginable adversity and never giving up, always doing my best, keeping up hope, asking for help, receiving help, and still keeping up my essential drive to help others even when I needed help. Proud of keeping my sanity in the midst of madness.

I wish I could have expressed my anxieties and negative feelings about my life to my parents. I know that they love me and are the best people for me to come to in times of need, but I have trouble accepting their love and font fully embrace what they have to offer me. I am proud of the fact that I am not afraid to change my plans on short notice in times that I feel I need to make a change. Embracing change and allowing myself to accept new opportunities makes me who I am.

I think the biggest "thing" that has come over the past year is jointly making some decisions with my partner about what's coming next. It's been a hard process, and at times really caused us to drift apart. So, I'm sure there are some things that I could have done differently though that process - ways of handling the stress in a more healthy manner. But overall, this was a messy process that I'm proud we tackled together and I hope we continue to co-create the next step.

Yes. I with I had pursued the parasite answer sooner. At least I'm getting to it now. Not especially proud but always proud of the Camp Millionaire program that I created and proud to watch it impact lives who are exposed to it. The thank yous I get and gratitude that I receive from parents gets me up in the morning and puts a sweet smile in my being.

I'm still struggling with two major parts of my life -- my health/weight (exercising minimally, eating badly) and my writing practice. The former seems almost unsurmountable at this stage in my life. The latter is getting better. I'm proud of every time I got up and walked. I'm proud of deciding to take E's class. It made a huge difference in my writing practice and was especially good for my ego. I need short term goals to be productive, whether it's doing the rewrite of DDD before we went on our first trip in Holland, or the weekly demands of taking a writing class. Without them I meander and eventually my oomph peters out. I know this and I need to use it. As for my body issues, it's about to become a health question. I know this. We've taken some steps to help the food at home issue and I'm actually pretty hopeful about that. Next, a weekly yoga class.

I wish that I was more active I know I would feel better if I was

I wish I hadn't used a semi-public medium to engage in a demeaning conversation about a co-worker. I would have spent more time focusing on my personal needs instead of over-focusing on work issues I would have procrastinated less on everything! Home, health, exercise, creative outlets Not been so vocal about missing my son (who has moved into my mother's house) Been more vocal about my issues with my husband ... and helping him articulate what his issues are with me without anyone feeling bad.

I would like to say I wish I handled everything with mom differently, but it happened so fast, that I think now I did the best I could under the circumstances. I spent toe spring and summer trying hard to be positive and not stressed and I think, especially this summer, that I did a good job. The past few weeks being back at work has been hard and I've slipped a bit, but restarting this reflection made me aware.

I don't regret actions ever: I believe I work as much as I can within information I've garnered and so that's all I can do. Instead, then, I'd like to feel proud of my efforts to try new things: for example, I'd never done any staining--had 2 new sets of stairs and a small table needing it, so I just said I'm doing this and even if it's not perfect, I'm fine with the result. And was :)

I started teaching a class. The first lesson went very well. The woman in charge asked me to make a few changes. I did, and attendance dropped a little. Every time I implemented her recommendations the attendance dropped. Eventually the class was canceled for lack of interest. I wish I hadn't listened to her.

I am proud of managing the multiple obligations of family, friends and self to a moderate degree of success. Balance is elusive.

Both my pride and regret lie in one thing: my second job. I'm proud that I've stuck with it, especially when I didn't want to go work 5 hours after working 10 hours at my first job. But, I regret that I haven't started looking elsewhere sooner, or that I value my time at $9/hour. My time is worth so much more (professionally), and I need to be looking for a second job that will pay me what I'm worth. Also, I'm proud that I was asked to be an officer on a State Board.

I never wish for a different past. I am doing fairly well with replacing pride with humility.

Wish I had interacted better with Lily on 2 occasions and when we sorted it out, wish I had done a better job.

I wish I approached my future much more seriously. I wish I had held an internship because now I am stressing out and feel inferior, and no one likes that feeling....

50/50. I have been called to accept no more responsibility for the conditions of my life than what I can be expected to carry: 50 percent. Not 75. Not 85. Not 99.9. Just 50. The other half is for other people, planets, and beings to take on - whether they do or not is not mine to expect or judge. Only 50 percent. I can show myself Grace. That is an ongoing theme for me: Self-Compassion and Understanding. Grace. I am also proud of myself for being where I am today, and for getting through what I have with a conscious mind, an open heart, and proper boundaries! Only 50 percent. I have been in therapy, seeing an acupuncturist, gone to ecstatic dance, attended Al-Anon meetings, and lit myself candles. I am continuing to absorb and release. I am ebbing and I am flowing. It will never end. Change is the constant. The more I can soften and allow, the more in tune I will be with the grander movements. I am an authentic friend and lover of T. I am a loving and encouraging brother. I am a caring son. I am a positive and open team lead. I am nearly a Certified Massage Therapist! I am a considerate studio tenant. I am a compassionate caretaker of TBT. I am a beautiful human being - light and shadow, certainty and stutter, excited and pissy, organized and under development.

Well...I am done beating myself up and I stay pretty true to my core values so there is not much to regret, I'm happy to say. Still working on not feeling guilty about taking care of "me," though I am much better at that. I have a vague feeling that I am wasting precious time when I am not "accomplishing" things. That gets old.

I discovered that my husband had been paying for hotel rooms for him and another woman. I discovered this during our move when I found receipts for hotel stays in my own city, where I never stayed. My husband had already left town to begin work in another city while I remained to close up our house, supervise packing and help wrap up the school year with our daughter. The information was shocking. He had told me in therapy that the relationship was not sexual. He told me it never went to that level. We had been working through the difficulties and I felt we had gone as far in therapy as we were going to be able to go. Then I discovered the receipts. I wish I had been able to wait until we were together to confront him with the information, but impatient to get the answers to my question the confrontation was done via text messages. He is inept at discussing emotional issues in person and with no place for privacy I was left to this communication method. In retrospect, I would have found a way to hold the information tight, and confront him in person. I am especially proud of my youngest child. She left her home of 13 years, one quarter into her junior year of high school to move across the country to finish high school. She has handled the transition with such grace. I am in awe of her maturity and openness to this new experience.

I wish I could have treated people better, more specifically by letting people know at my friends at my previous college that I was transferring before I had left for my new school 2000+ miles aways. Not really proud of anything

I wish I had kept in touch with people more. I expect this is something I will continue to pursue and not quite reach as an ideal. I also wish I had made more progress in figuring out my next life step. Not sure if I'm particularly proud of anything I accomplished this year past. I am learning to relax more, and I am getting a bit more organized.

I wish I would have focused less on work, mainly just the negativity, personalizing aspect of work, and more on my wedding/exciting year. Buying a house, getting a puppy, being engaged! I still appreciated all of those things, but I wish I would have toned down the caring 24/7 about work bullshit! Especially proud of "growing up." Sure, I have a fiance, a house, a steady job, but its more than that. I feel secure, I don't feel on edge constantly. I am not battling with myself. I love where I am and actively work on it. Also proud of fitness/health strides made! Quitting smoking! Twas a good fucking year for old Liz Lemon.

Defying expectations, my girlfriend and I set our sights on moving to Portland. We landed an apartment right away and, in another week or so, found restaurant jobs. Then we moved to an even better apartment within six months. I'm proud of our diligence and tenacity, and grateful for whatever amount of luck is also involved. Now my eye is scoping even bigger and better destinations.

The first thing that comes to mind is how I interacted with my ex-wife when we were together. I wish my communication had been more honest and open.

Yes, I wish I hadn't drowned myself in food to deal with Windsor's rejection. Goddamn it, I gave away so much of my power. I hurt myself because I was hurt. Jesus Christ! And I allowed someone to treat me badly. I had worked hard to lose 42 pounds and put back on 29. Weight, weight, weight. I'm sick of it. I am especially proud of having driven my longest yet. I drove from Pittsburgh all the way to Long Island and then from Long Island back to Rochester, New York. I've been driving for almost two years so this is a feat! Especially to drive in New York City, hahahahah! I also got to speed up to 100 miles per hour on the highway. Good times and what beautiful states Pennsylvania and New York are.

I wish I'd left my job much sooner; I knew it wasn't the right job within a few weeks of starting, but didn't have the courage to admit it / take a leap into the dark.

Something I would have done differently...I have wanted to learn how to meditate. So if I were to do something differently I would have made the time to learn how to meditate. Something I am proud of...I am proud of the fact that I went on a trip, even though I was very nervous about going, I went anyway and it turned out to be a fabulous experience.

I wish I hadn't given into indulging in carb- and sugar-heavy food and especially alcohol while recovering from my breakup. It put me in a position of gaining weight and feeling really bad about myself, while not actually helping me to heal. I'm proud that I was able to get back on the horse and get back into dating, even if I have made some silly choices since then. I'm also really proud for sticking to my boundaries and refusing to be treated like shit by some guy who thinks it's ok to disrespect me or my time. I'm not willing to put up with someone who doesn't make plans, or talks about how hot other girls are in front of me, and I'm proud of being able to stick up for myself when I've been in those situations.

I wish I had continued not smoking. I quit for 8 months, and then went back to it. It was very disappointing. I don't have a good support system when something goes wrong like that, or I don't use them. I don't come by pride easily. I guess I'm proud that I got my feelings for Charlie under control, that I've started working on projects that have been long neglected. I'm proud that I'm fostering anther dog. I'm actually very proud of some of the relationships I've formed this year. That is a work in progress.

When I look back at the past year, I (luckily) don't feel any pang of regret or feeling of something missing. Overall, and always, I wish to be more considerate, to be more open, to take the necessary things seriously but also not to take things too seriously, to always be the best friend I could be. There were moments before I found my footing after graduating college that I was not proud of my low attitude, not happy about the fact that I couldn't actively recognize all that I still had in front me while I was in this tough moment of transition. Moments of gratitude would come, but they were fleeting- and they would be side by side with feelings of anxiety and over-questioning. I'm proud of myself for thinking very carefully and honestly about what I think will keep me happy and fulfilled in my life at this moment. This resulted in the decision to surround myself with new people, move into a new home and take extra risks.

I think I do have reasons to be proud of myself for taking on the caring job. Although it´s hard and depressing and not rewarding I have managed to stick to it so far.

I wish I had been more decisive about custody issues with my ex-husband. I'm concerned about the level of supervision the children receive when they're at his house, and the people they're exposed to. I wish I could either have said, "OK, I can live with this level of concern," or "I can't live with this level of concern, and I'm going to do something about it." Instead, I've gone back and forth, trying to balance my current concerns with concerns about future damage to the children through some sort of custody battle. Perhaps uncertainty is just where I need to be right now.

Died. Can't happen too soon.

Last year I wish I had taken care of my self, my true self. Health and diet but also spiritual healing. Allowing someone to live me to done on me letting someone into my life without barriers. I will like to practice more on learning to receive from others. I'm specially proud of my taking time for my painting class. It really makes me happy. I'm also specially proud of my son Adam for persevering in spite of all his pain. I'm most proud of Ivan becoming a Bar Mitzvah, muchbefore his time, of him being up front and center and by my side at his dad's funeral. This I shall never forget.

I wished that I had kept up with my exercise routine. Over the last 15 years, I had trained and completed 6 marathons and numerous half marathons. In 2011 I was injured and over the last four years, I have struggled to regain my health and get back on my feet. I have continued to meet friends weekly for a long walk, but have yet to find a way to incorporate walks throughout the week, and consequently, it becomes harder for me to feel healthy.

I wish I had stayed more on top of Chovy's anxiety and gotten her support during the summer, when she had the bandwidth. I'm really proud of how I handled the summer math project!

I am really proud of making distance for myself and backing out of the overly involved place I had come to with my middle child.

I wish I had used a condom :) No, actually. I would live this year over again, as difficult as it was. I am proud that I have more-or-less successfully immigrated to another country.

I am still really thankful that I got laid off and I'm glad that I did some time that I did before starting a new job… Loving my new job.

Yes. There is something I wish I'd done differently. I struggle with a food addiction. I wish I'd kept my abstinence as defined in a 12 step program. I wish I'd been more honest about when I broke my abstinence. Something I'm especially proud of: Hiking the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim backpacking. I had to dig deep to train for this challenge. I had a wonderful rewarding experience.

There are many tomes I wish I had said something different or had said nothing at all.

It's hard to know what to take "ownership" for in looking back over the events of the past year because something that I might be proud of or aggressive full of now I may appreciate any different way at another time. But I do look at other people and think they should be proud of what they have accomplished or perhaps they should be sorry that they did something a certain way so that's kind of interesting ! I need to make more time for our elders and to engage with them in ways that are positive and joyful as they confront the challenges of aging . That might be true for all of the human relationships in our family and community universes ....

I am proud of the way I handled the situation with a friend. I wasn't perfect and I definitely had moments where I acted out, but her apology is proof enough that I did the best I could. It would have been so easy to be bitchy, and it would have caused so many more problems, besides slamming the door shut on the friendship for good. Because I was willing to work on myself and my reactions, things are getting better.

dealing with my health has made me proud. Showing up for yet another health crisis. I wish I had done much differently, including taking this house, the floors of which may kill me.

I'm extremely proud of being able to make the life changes I did. It was scary and stressful but I got into grad school, quit my job, and drove across the US and moved to new york.

I am very proud that I have stayed as positive as humanly possible, given the circumstances. The car accident has been trying, but I still stay positive.

Kept off my chemo weight loss. I saw a number I'd never seen before and I liked it. Wish it was still there.

Wish I had used my summer more wisely ; gotten healthier, in better shape, written more, found out about getting my counseling license, gotten some Union acting work or an agent. I don't think I did anything particularly well this last year, but I do think I proactively dealt with some school issues this summer that may allow me to have a better teaching year. I was kind of depressed all year with only the trip to Europe bringing excitement and a reprise from my unhappiness. I feel bad and sad admitting this.

I'm really proud of putting my summer together. I visited four Jewish camps, went to two weddings out of town, and planned a complicated trip to Portland, Seattle, and the Olympic Peninsula. It was an excellent start to turning 25--I even rented a car, twice!

I am proud of the dedication and perseverance for the last 6 months of preparing for the captain's exam. If I pass, I will be one of three female captains in a large metro fire department. Done differently? No... I'm proud and happy of how I've chosen to live my life.

Yes. I wish I took advantage of the city that I live in more. As I often find myself not having a person to explore with, I often don't go to events, visit places, see things that I'm dying to see or just adventure through this wonderful city. I often experience a lack of motivation to get out of bed and begin my day. When I do move, I never regret it and I know that I like my own company. I hope that this coming year, I'll find the motivation to get more out of my days and time in the incredible city.

I am proud of going sugar free and of getting back into quilting. I wish I had dealt with my knee issues earlier

As always, I wish I had worried less about everything I have worried about. It does not help.

I aligned my inner self with my work, and withdrew from a consultation contract that was making me feel sick inside. My value and the organizational values were out of sync, and I wan unwilling to let go, mostly because of financial concerns. It eventually overpowered my soul, and I quit the contract. I am feeling totally relieved by the decision, and am very happy about it. As it turns out, there are other money-making opportunities that have presented themselves. Maybe putting needs out to the universe really is the way to be. Practicing living with integrity seems to be paying off.

I am especially proud of myself for staying open to new boundaries, pushing my understanding of the world, and learning to live with people I care about. I wish I had left more time for self-compassion and work/life balance.

I am Really Really Proud of myself for changing my eating habits and Losing 25 Pounds! I committed to a healthier lifestyle last year on 10Q and I really did it. I followed BD eating high protein low carb organic gluten free w/no refined sugar 6 days a week with 1 day off (Shabbos) when I can eat anything I want and it worked! Feels like its been 6 months, the weight melted off during the year and my body went back to its natural shape. For a reward, I gave myself a membership at what I call my country club. I recently started taking classes and working out on a regular basis. I feel good and look good! B'H'

I wish I had spoken up for myself in my marriage more. I have a tendency of dancing around problems instead of facing them head on and then the tension builds up until one of us explodes. I know that this isn't a healthy way of dealing with things and it needs to improve before our marriage suffers anymore than it already has. I am proud of how much better I have become at self-care and taking more time out for myself. I have tended to put others before myself in the past and have lost my voice in the process. I have been pursuing my interests more and spent more time in relaxing and positive interests.

Absolutely. I wish I had been better able to acknowledge my grief over my miscarriage and better handle my response to that. I think so much of my drinking and weight gain at the end of the year was about that, but I was in denial that I was in grief and therefore that I needed better coping mechanisms. My response hurt my relationships and had an impact on my health.

I'm especially proud if surviving NICU. It was hard. Some days I was so sad and angry and felt like I wasn't coping. Writing my blog helped me reframe that experience with gratititude. I'm proud of that.

Done differently. Hmm. Probably not. I think I'd need to be a different person to do things differently. I do certainly choose not to do things, rather than choosing to do them. I know this is problematic, but so far I have not been able to choose to do something about it.

I'm not sure what I might have done differently - on a daily or weekly basis there're always so many little things where I could've been a better person or taken a better approach. The thing that I'm proud of is getting the courage to up and move 5000 miles to a state I'd never been to and a city in which I knew one person. It's been an amazing experience so far, and I really hope it continues to be so. No matter how long I'm here, having the chance to live in this part of the world and see what I've seen and experience the culture and everything else is just amazing.

I'm proud of the fact that I had the courage to begin the conversion process (to Judaism) that I'd longed for for many years. I'm also proud of the fact that my commitment never lagged, and that I was able to eventually make new friends and gradually become part of a Jewish community.

I set some goals in my marriage last year, and I didn't have the courage (or ideal opportunity) to discuss these with my husband. I'm amazed how quickly time passes when I make excuses and procrastinate. I can't keep doing that.

To my father: I wish that I could have been more sympathetic, and could have recognized you as a person in pain, who needed comfort and was not receiving any. Perhaps I will learn to do so, but you're not making it easy. To my sister: I wish that I had gone to visit you like you mentioned the last time I saw you alive. I wish I had known. I wish I had been the kind of person who would have known.

I wish I was brave enough to tell my family and friends that I was gay earlier and been more up front with it. I am especially proud of finding a person who seems to be what I have been missing in my life.

I would have taken time to visit a labyrinth with a friend who was instrumental in creating it. The award "Woman of the Year" by the Women's Equality Coalition of Linn County, IA. along with two other extraordinary women.

I am proud of how much I was able to handle without neglecting too much. That being said, I wish I had prioritized family time more- you can never have enough!

I'm thrilled I was able to help an old friend, a homeless Vet get out of a mental institution and into governmental housing. Did this while recuperating from chemo myself.

Differently? Not really. Proud of? It all feels pretty good. I'm getting much closer to God as I understand her and learning to become more connected with others.

I wish I'd used the "downtime" to create the infrastructure for my own business. Even though I have "landed" at the Gundalow Company, I can't afford d - emotionally or financially - to rely on employment there for security. Alternately, I'm pleased that I trusted that things would work out, that I could pursue my Ives to make a life that works. Still a work in progress.

I have a lot of mixed feelings about my friendship with my ex and her partner. In many ways the friendship with her partner is easy, but being friends with my ex... we haven't really hit our stride. I look forward to learning how to be in each others' lives without being all up in each others' business, and am hopeful that living farther away from each other will help with that.

The SD Course - Doing it more practical, organized and visual. Maybe being less resentful from Designit, I wish my mind was a bit more free from them, no resentments, feeling more professional towards my workplace. I am not sure if I wish I didn't shouted as harsh to James when we broke up once again, I feel it couldn't be avoided, I was feeling helpless we just repeated the same story once again, maybe I wish I just didn't said yes to him when he asked to come over. I definitively regret being shit to Sebby when he came over, but I guess he is too German to repair the damage.

I am extremely proud of how I was able to find my happiness after my break up in 2014. In April, I traveled to the mountains for 3 days by myself and enjoyed myself. My trip taught me that I don't need a man to enjoy life. Companionship is great but I learned that if I want to do something, I know I'm capable of doing it on my own and be ok with it. I wish that I handled things differently in regards to my ex-boyfriend. I wish that I would've took my time in reconnecting with him and when we broke up again this year I wish I did not let my emotions control my thinking.

I wish I had spoken directly to my nieces before clearing my mother's apartment when I moved her into foster care - communicating through my brother did not work, and this caused hard feelings - I have apologized to them, but could have avoided this situation -

I'm wishing I had skied more and prioritized outdoor exercise. I am proud of the continued success of my wife in general and our relationship specifically. We enjoy each other's company most of the time although we have our moments. Both of us are proud and can be stubborn. The idealist/pragmatist conflicts need to be worked on.

This past year I wish I would have handled the healing process after my now fiancee and I had broken up. I ended up almost pursuing a relationship with another girl, though I was not emotionally stable from my previous relationship. Though I was clear about my intentions, and was honest about my continued feeling about my now fiancee, I still let things develop and really did not protect her or my heart as our friendship developed. When I did decide end our friendship, it was out of respect for her that I was still committed to a relationship I wasn't currently in. She understood, and things ended up in the most unexpected way that day; but it ended up being confirmation that it was the path that I should choose as I ended up talking with my now fiancee later that night about starting our relationship again.

I decided to try internet dating (again) this year. As per usual, I went on a successful date with one person, and as it progressed, I shut down the possibility of meeting anyone else. This is a mistake for me, and it is a mistake for the single-minded men that I date. I would like to stop being so concerned with people being mad at me because I am confident in what I want, and confident that my instincts are on point. Another 6 months wasted. I will keep this topic as something I am especially proud of, even if I end up longely sometimes. I have to stick to my principles and not allow myself to be swayed for a carrot of what society keeps drilling into my head as the most important thing in a woman's life--finding a husband.

I wish I had paid more attention in class, that I didn't act like a coward, and that I chased my dreams.

I struggle every day wanting to return to Psychiatry, frustrated with my inablity to integrate myself into the ENT staff and earn their loyalty & respect. I've remained in the ENT clinic, I most likely will as going back to Psychiatry means less income and too many days at home. I do better working five 8 hour days versus three 12 hour days. With this I admit I sacrifice what I do best for the almighty dollar. I am now in the role & title of RN Clinical Supevisor but I struggle with self doubt after what happenned when I was Nurse Manager in Psychiatry. I am afraid it could happen again & I don't want to fail or have administration question if I am the right person for the job again. I meet with the Nurse Recruiter this week to talk about going back to Psychiatry night shift (the only $$ equivalent I could afford) but I am so not sure of what to do! I turned 60 this year, 60 & the night shift...oy vey!!! I seemed to have less people in my life than this time last year & I wish I had made more of an effort to reach out socially & romantically. I did connect with a man but this is in the early beginnings & he is very different than Sil & I'm not sure I trust my judgement in men. I went forward with this with a pain in my heart & an ache in my soul. I love Sil in a way that he can never understand. I love the man but he does not return the emotion. I never thought I would give someone else even a thought so this I am reluctantly proud of.

I wish I had tried harder in school last year. Honestly, college was such a big change for me that I think the way I reacted was perfectly normal but no one else understands what was going on in my head at that moment. I was away from home, living with an evil person, in a horrible mental state and everything just began to fall apart. That's just the way things happen, things fall down so someone can come into your life and put it back together again. I'm so proud of the way I was able to recover this summer. I'm happy for the first time in my life and it just feels so good to say that and mean it. I do not feel like anything is falling apart for me at the moment which gives me the chills thinking about it.

I am especially proud of my son Alex for graduating high school and going to college. I am very proud that he tries to put his best effort into what he does and is learning more about responsibility to his school work, his family, and to the greater world. I do wish I had the courage to see my mother everyday but I don't and I hope that changes. It is very difficult to be with her in her situation/condition. I become very emotional and can't bare to see her. It is difficult communicating with her and I know she is frustrated, I home something changes for the better.

I wish I knew how to keep my family as close as we were when the kids were younger. Maybe that is not possible, but I long deeply for that closeness. Seems like we just go to our separate screens most nights, and don't spend enough real time together. I wish I knew how to fix this!! I am proud of the work I did toward my master's degree this year. It was challenging, and I am not even close to finished, but I learned a lot, was challenged and enjoyed myself very much.

I wish I had taken my health more seriously. I started out the year with a better diet and with good intentions about replacing my exercise routine but the diet slipped and the workout was pro forma. Finally, in the weeks leading up to the new year I have found a better place to work out and get back in shape but I still need to re-commit to cleaner eating.

I'm very proud of how I have managed family, school and relationships with my love and friends. I hope and pray that I can keep it up!

Having dental surgery much earlier would have saved me much pain and suffering.

I wish I was less of a control freak in the past year. It would have saved me so much trouble. I have accomplished around 700% more in today's calmn state than I had in grabbing the bull by the horns all the time some months back. I had to learn it the hard way. On the other hand, I am especially proud of the fact that I got past the worst depressive episode I have had in my entire existence and bounced back with a lot of good things.

I wish I spent more time with my nephew Steve. He passed away just last month just days before his 36th birthday. I always looked at him as a loner but with his passing I learned he was a supportive co-worker, a warm loving friend and he touched many lives. He will be missed by his mom, sister, brother, and me, his Aunt Cathy. Proud to be part of such a loving family

I changed my health this year. I never thought it was possible, but i worked hard and it really happened. I got healthy and looked and felt magical. My body was so strong and lithe, strong and healthy and beautiful; i was prouder and felt more accomplished than anything...It slipped a little back and I want to go back to that place right after sukkot...and I WILL!

I wish I had lost weight. This sounds like a broken record. I think every year I have done 10Q, my weight has been mentioned. I feel very frustrated with my weight issues. I've seen doctors but apparently I am just not trying hard enough. I walk 5+ miles every day, and I try to make decent food choices. But I still struggle with the weight issues.

No. I explained in another survey that I answered today, that I don't want to live with regrets. Everything is for a reason and is meaningful. I'm especially pleased that I had the strength and support I needed to leave the SOAN MA program. In walking away from it and choosing to try again in MEd. Very proud.

I wish I'd figured out how to get started and stick to the things I know I can do: lose weight and write. It's always something, like I'm always about to kick into gear, looking at each moment as if I will recall it as the turning point, the moment where everything changed...I wish any of the false starts had actually started.

I am sometimes too patient and gentle, avoiding confrontation. While occasionally this enables bridge building and compromise, it sometimes puts me in a situation when I do have to be firm. Perhaps a bit earlier would have been a bit better.

I am especially proud of my accomplishments with resspect to my career change and growth. VERY PROUD! There are a few things I wish I'd done differently this year. The first, and the year isn't over yet so perhaps i'll still accomplish this prior to end of 2015, is to have gotten into shape. I am at a weight that is near my top weight ever, and having the lovely addition of age factored into the mix has me not carrying extra lbs as well as I used to. I wish I'd stuck to my various efforts to lose weight - and my various diet attempts. I wish I felt good naked. I also wish that I'd ended the relationship, if you can call it that, sooner. I just recently found the strength to walk away from an emotionally abusive situation - one that has really left me feeling much more down on myself than I already do given paragraph #1. While I am lonely, and I do miss the good parts of my ex partner, I am happy that i've muddled up enough gumption to push thru the nights where I miss him, or the moments where I want to call him for some fun in the sack, etc. - I want to continue to stay away from him, or any other "hims" and I know that starts with placing value on my self.

I quit smoking about a year and a half ago. Unfortunately, I picked it back up again. This needs to stop at some point, although I am not ready at this juncture.

I wish I NEVER sent an email to my siblings asking for money for IVF a year ago last Spring. It seems to have made a chasm in between us all. It is most noticeable with Bob and Sandy. I wish they spoke with people they are upset with directly instead of to each other. But I do the same thing sometimes, so who am I to judge? I am really proud of stepping into a fuller identity that is not just MOM but also FLUTIST. I am beginning to get a flute studio together now, and it is the most natural thing I can think of doing for work. I have no boss, set my own hours, and am not sitting in front of a computer in a soul-deadening job all day as I had for many years. I love it!

Would have worked harder at finding a different job or going back to school.

I wish I'd been able to find more joy in my life. This life. The one I have right now. On the other hand, I'm incredibly proud that over the year I did my physical therapy nearly every day, that I managed my anxiety and now a panic attack or flashback is a rare event even though I'm still living with significant medical anxiety, that I've found my way back to minyan a few times a week, that I've been praying and meditating, that I've been doing yin yoga at least once a week for a year, that I've started walking faster and that with walking sticks I can more easily manage stairs, and that as we entered the High Holidays I kept an Elul journal and I've been setting goals and making a plan for how I'll reach them this year. I'm proud that I've started setting more emotional boundaries to protect myself. I'm proud that I keep working with a medical system that is so many kinds of broken to get myself good and compassionate care. I'm proud that for the most part I've managed to support my wife as much as I'm supported by her and that we're finding our way back to being a couple and not just care giver and patient. And I'm proud that already this year I'm doing a better job at claiming joy.

I have always been afraid of guns. My husband and much of his family are big into guns, which was fine with me, but I wasn't interested! This spring after an attempted terrorist attack in a nearby town, I became convinced that I wanted to learn to shoot and to get a CHL. In June I took the class and passed and now I feel safer and more confident!

I wish I had been more willing to talk to my sister during the last few months of her life. Talk to her in ways different from our rehearsed roles. I owed her an apology, and I managed to avoid delivering it until too late.

I wish that I had started looking for a better job at the end of March when the momentum was right. If I had, I would have achieved my professional and financial goals for last year. Instead, I opted for kicking back and did not do what I said I wanted to do. I got lazy and my income suffered. I am proud that after I finished the Artist’s Way exercises that I kept writing in a journal every morning. It has become a healthy habit and I value the time and place to express whatever is going on with me.

I wish I could stop complaining, I know this affects how I am perceived at work. In many ways, there are so many office politics, that it's how we get along and with whom we socialize, more than the quality and quantity of our work that matters. That's backwards from how my past jobs have been. Right now I'm negotiating the rental terms with a prospective roommate. He's an easy going guy, seems very decent. Yet I'm all wound up about whether I'm getting the best price for the room. How about my taking the long view? A clean, sane, quiet roommate that doesn't ask a lot, just wants flexibility regarding how many and what days he can stay here? I hope I don't screw this one up. Proud of? Well, I'm happy I fixed my toilet handle and also have kept looking for work. I'm happy I've taken more time off work, worked less overtime. I'm happy I'm starting to learn how to cook Indian food. Happy that I learned how to make a frittata.

I wish I cut ties with my ex earlier but I'm happy I met my basically best friend Miyah. She is awesome and is like may sanity and my crazy side all in one. She is really easy going and made what I thought would be a lonely school into a blast.

I wish I had spent more time with family, particularly my mom. I see how much she enjoys it when we do things together and when she's able to experience new things. I hope 2016 will hold plenty of adventures together.

Mostly it's been work focused year. Career focused. I have affected change. I am hoping in the long run it is seen as a good thing. I'm proud of being able to get as much accomplished as I have.

I'm especially proud of the steps I have taken towards my health and my career this year. On that note I wish I had been able to excercise more and be a bit more assertive at work. I feel that I made great strides on a grand level but an riddled with challenges on the more immediate and everyday levels with my colleagues.

I am especially proud of the relationship I am developing with my daughter. We struggle a lot - she's a teenager and I can have a short fuse - but I see how far we've come and I also see the bits of a future that I believe will be close. She is a great young woman with many talents and passions. She is incredibly spiritual and is interested in becoming an activist on issues about which she feels passionate. She's her own person, but I'm proud that I may have had something to do with planting those seeds. I look forward to sharing a close relationship and supporting her in her work for good.

I wish I had taken gentler leave of my mother and my sister. I was hurting badly and it showed. I was not as kind as I might have been. I don't think either of them really expected me to leave and move back to California. And I don't think I could make them understand that I was afraid that if I stayed where I was, grief and misery would overwhelm me. I felt so deeply unhappy I was not sure how to go on. So I left, and damaged both relationships, maybe irreparably. I wont see my mother alive again, that is certain.

I wish I was working more efficiently at my job. I am 20 hours a week working at a nonprofit and the rest of the the time I am at home with my baby. It's not easy to stay focused on work when I have an 8-month-old teething, a dog that is getting old and needs very regular walks. It's not easy to have dinner ready every night and try to keep the house clean. It's not easy to do this stuff and remember to get your work-work done too. The work-work never seems as important as all the other stuff, although I know it is. I know I want to do well to better my career and to maintain my sanity by reminding myself that I have a life outside of motherhood.

I'm proud that I left a job I enjoyed to go to a better opportunity and ask for more money. Sounds superficial, but even though money can't buy happiness, it can pay your mortgage (which is peace of mind) and allow you to travel and see the world, or to buy a round of drinks for friends... and that sometimes IS happiness.

I am proud that I coordinate getting members to the cemetery to visit their loved ones for my synagogue.

I wish I had stayed in better contact with old friends. Specifically Jordan, Jason, and the Talthots. I am proud that I transferred into BU.

I wish I had done better on the interview. The problem of being the smartest person in the room is that nobody knows what I'm talking about. Although I got the top score on the second and third interview because there were people on the panel that knew what I was talking about, I might not get the job because I didn't get any points on the first interview because the woman didn't understand my answers. Sometimes I wish that I was more patient and that I cared less about things I'm not proud that I lose my temper. I am proud that I did get the top score the second and third time and I'm proud that I've done an excellent job or I'm working even if I don't get My job. I hope I get the job I really want it people like me.

I could offer a bit of both, but the biggest one I'd say is to be more honest. I have often found myself shading the truth in my favor mostly out of fear of what the full truth might get me. I am trying to be able to face truth more openly and to realize that the consequences of the moment aren't really that bad. I can do it.

I wish I had worked harder to look for new jobs. I've been ever-so-slowly trying to build up the job application process, but it feels like I've been trying with some consistency since at least January 2015, but still not designating enough (or the right kind?) of time and energy to it. I've been saying for 7 or 8 years that it's time for a new job - I really hope by the time I read this next year that will have come to fruition.

I wish I would have stood my ground more, making sure that the other people in my world understood my perspective and respected my opinions. I wish I would have set better boundaries so that there were clear expectations of the way I want my life to go, including how I interact with other people.

I'm proud that I stayed healthy through my pregnancy and followed my doctors advice. I would thank people sooner for their prayers and generosity.

Proud I am finally doing teaching and consulting and supervising for licensure. Feels good.. Got clarity that social justice is a key focus Now, if I can work less and get more oriented to private practice. It's been a long slow road and his last year I made excellent progress Love AFTA feels good

I would hav put more energy into my patience with the girls I am especially proud of having a lot of courage this year. Courage to shift so much stuff in my life. Starting in January with my space odyssey, then m&my split, opening my heart, stopping apologies.

I wish I would have traveled this year. I was reading back through my answers from last year and I said one thing I wanted to accomplish was to travel and not continue to put it off because of "responsibilities" or work. But I did just that--I started my job sooner than I wanted because I didn't want to risk not getting it. But that meant I had no break between school and work, and I didn't get to travel. I need to make time for it this year, even if it's not for as long as I had initially imagined.

I wish I had stood up for myself more when it comes to work. I wish I was able to set better boundaries and not say yes to everything that makes me so stressed out. I wish I had focused more on my eating and working out and had actually begun to get myself to a physically and mentally healthy place.

I would like to have more regularly steered away from discouraging self-criticism. It has slowed me down and caused a serious reduction in confidence and much energy-sapping second guessing. It became a debilitating habit. It clearly is linked with lack of sleep. I was proud of having a short drash published. I was especially pleased when a teacher brought it to class to share without me knowing.

I would not have done anything different. Maybe I should have worked a little bit less and tried to control my impulse of starting up a lot of things. I am proud of being able to decide more important things in my life and don't trust time or others to change the status quo of the things.

I kind of wish I had waited, after I received the job offer from my current job, and tried to apply to more places. However, having the security of already having a job, and receiving training starting sooner rather than later is a good thing :D

I'm very proud of the fact I arrived in Sydney knowing less than a handful of people, found somewhere to live, got a job and built a life for myself in a totally new city. It has been an incredibly liberating and satisfying experience. I've demonstrated to myself that I can set up a new life pretty much wherever I wish. I've met so many great people as a result, too.

I wish I had been in more regular contact with my friend J while her husband was ill and that I had phoned and not texted after he passed away. I wish I had been in more regular contact with my friend L to know that her mother had died. I wish I spoke my dear dear friend JM before each chag like we used too.

I guess I am proud of the way I am managing and am independent despite my disability. I walk all over and take public transportation although it is frustrating. I became part of a marginalized community of old and disabled people and it made me more sensitive. This pretty much took a lot of my energy.

I wish I'd done more to help others more. Given back more.

I wish I had saved some money. Not that I have any big plans for it if I had... but it annoys me that I have so little discipline. On the money front, I am proud that I've been able to help my daughter with her university tuition (sure do wish I could write a cheque for the whole thing). I'm also proud of having created an opportunity to learn French in my work environment, as I work for a department which refuses language training to people at my level, thus stalling us at mid-career. I will be even more proud if I do use this opportunity to become bilingual.

I wish i had the courage to quit my job and do what i want. What i want is to move to a poorest town of my country and work with "the least" people with no pay. But i am still anxious if i want to do it now and wait a bit longer.But I am proud that i have been traveling to places i have never been on my own inspite of being a solo women traveler and my almost empty bank account.

I wish I had taken more initiative in the Job process. I wish I had not procrastinated and took it more seriously. I am also proud of diving in when I did. I am happy that we sought help for our daughter I am proud I am trying the UBER thing

This year, I'm proud that I did what was right for me, taking a semester off from college. I am the type of person to follow the social norm, so taking a semester off of college was originally out of the question. However, as time progressed, I realized the time at home was what I needed, and I am proud of myself for recognizing that and following my instinct and not societal norms.

I allowed myself to feel shame over too many little things this year, which led me to living in fear. The proudest moment of my year (and possibly of my life) was letting go of my biological family. I don't have to live with someone else's expectations of me; I don't have to be the one who continuously reaches out while the other party does not reciprocate; I do not have to listen to the constant ridicule about my past decisions; I do not have to live in fear that saying even one wrong thing will cause me to get choked out. I can live my life in peace and happiness. This is the year that I finally got liberated from my biggest weight, which did so much good for my new marriage and for my mental state.

I wish that I had spoken more kindly with my husband and my children.

I wish I would have continued to stay in the workout mode in order to get ready for my wedding and in general. I am so tired of easily falling out of that routine, but the desire is not there. I know what I need to do, but when the results don't show anything, it makes it difficult to continue. I am proud of myself for becoming tenure and for feeling like I can speak up for myself a bit more at work. It makes the struggles at work a bit easier to handle.

"Flipped" a large auditorium classroom last year... Lots of work and stress, but it is done and clear!

I wish I had realized sooner how emotionally guarded and unavailable I can be. I am proud of the the college graduations of our two sons.

I want to be more patient with the boys, especially over homework. I know they each have their disabilities, especially Harmon. But it's hard not to feel that they are not trying as hard as they could, expecting me to give them the answers instead of learning. And I need to get over thinking that shouting/yelling will help.

I have recounted my actions over and over from my time at my previous job, the one I was let go from. How could I, someone who has been so career-minded, who saw so much success, who had such big dreams, just have failed? And failed pretty miserably. It felt like those months were a huge, devastating waste that have resulted in a permanent blip on my resume and on my self-confidence. Sometimes I wish I had never taken that job...that I had stuck it out longer where I was or taken another opportunity that was offered my way. But I have also learned there is no point in wishing or regretting. It has been a slow process of moving on...of separating my career from my identity...of learning that it is okay to celebrate the success of others because it does not invalidate my own. I would say that I am proud of the leaps of faith I took last year. I traveled to Costa Rica completely alone for a month. I moved to a brand new city. I did my best.

Yes. I wish I had worked harder at my business. I'm feeling like I've been spinning my wheels for a year. It's a good problem to have, overall, but it is frustrating. I could use a breakthrough about now, in trying to figure out how to communicate what it is that I do. I also wish I had saved more money, and gotten more serious about budgeting. The thing I'm probably proudest about is firing the person I was working with. She was a toxic presence in my business, and couldn't be trusted. I am so much happier with the new folks I'm working with.

My answer to this question is probably one in the same. The 48 Hour Film Festival came and went again this year. I positioned myself as a writer and the hardest thing about the job was being able to balance my friendships with my own creativity. I did a horrible job doing such and was torn by the thought that I contributed to a horrible product while simultaneously straining my friendships. It shut me down, like I was a little kid just trying to hide underneath the blankets. Eventually, we were able to work past it and come up with an end-product that I'm genuinely proud of. However, the thought of having to undertake that juggling act again causes me anxiety.

I wish that I had done as I had hoped - lived a healthier lifestyle, gotten in shape. Stress has beaten me down over the last few years and I haven't taken care of myself in the interim. Still not very good at making myself a priority

I wish I had saved more money and spent less on restaurant food! But we had a fun summer.

I spoke for myself at work and confronted my supervisor. I continually wonder if this is something I should have done but I always go back to being proud of myself for speaking up for myself. I asked for things I needed to do my job better. I told her I didn't feel she was there for her team and she needed to do a better job of advocating for us. I know she was annoyed and upset with me with being so truthful but I think I did the right thing in the long run. I was given more responsibilities and tasks.

I'm pleased with our parenting decisions. In some ways I wish I hadn't gone back to work so soon after Zusha was born. 9 months seems like way too soon, and I think we see some of the implications of that. Do differently - I'd like to get a handle on my urgency. I doesn't help anyone.

I wish I had written more and been brave enough to sit down and write my story. I hold on to a great deal of fear and criticism and I need to quiet those voices so I can free myself to write. I am especially proud of my children, how they have grown and how they entrust me with their troubles and triumphs.

I would like to stop putting on weight. I'm 8 pounds heavier now than I was a year ago. I'm very proud of my daughter and the life she's building for herself.

I'm insanely proud of the promotion I got in January. It was a real vote of confidence and the final sign I needed that I am indeed not crazy and not eminently fireable, as I had previously thought from the last two jobs. I sort of wish I had handled the period before and after differently. Before it was confirmed, for months I was slaving away and trying to prove myself to make sure that it went through. And afterwards, I was so upset that Liz didn't make the announcement in a timely way. It wasn't really a big deal, but it felt so insulting, and I realize now that I had set up these big expectations about the whole thing. I was also mad that the spotlight was shared with another colleague who was promoted at the same time, and jeez, I could have been a whole lot more magnanimous within myself and with others about that.

I wish I'd been more patient with my son. Ages 3-4 are so tough. I wish I'd been more consistent in recognizing that discipline means TEACHING, not punishing. I am proud to say that I have made progress on this front...I'm getting better at keeping my cool, and at stepping back from the situation, and at handling him. It's a work in progress.

An answer for "proud of" came to me first- so let's go that route.. I'm proud that I have finally committed to a form of exercise that I enjoy and that I've stuck to. For the first time EVER I break a sweat multiple times a week in a way better than climbing the subway stairs. thanks, Classpass for making that financially possible for me. What would I have done differently? Maybe work on my relationship with my mom. Surface level it's pretty great. We get along, we spend time together- but I feel like I'm always holding back with her. I don't tell her things about my relationship with my boyfriend when they're good and then I wonder why she's not as excited as I am about the rate & steps we're moving toward. Let's make that a goal for the next year..

I'm proud that I have embraced motherhood. The first few months were so difficult, and the juggle with trying to keep my own sense of identity, and my business and home going were overwhelming. Sometimes I felt depleted. But somehow I shifted my state of mind. Instead of the small tasks or needs of my child depleting my energy, they bring me joy, energy and a deep sense of fulfillment. I absolutely love that.

I am very proud of the work we've done with Conscious Girlfriend. I love the work - it's been rewarding and fun, and I feel like I've been able to be a real help.

I wish i could have been there with my grandma in her last days and helped alleviate her pain. I am proud of the moments I spent with her and made her happy. Just wish there were more.

I can't think of anything I would have done differently, I am generally very happy with how this year has played out. I'm particularly proud of my promotion to manager and the generally positive direction in taking my life

I wish I would take a few minutes to reflect and think before responding.

I answered the "thing I'm especially proud of from this past year" in the first question, but I will say that I wish I had focused more on publishing articles, as well as working on my MPH. I'm at the point where I'm working on my dissertation and trying to look for jobs, and I wish that I had more journal articles under my belt so I'd be more 'hirable' in the academic world. I also wish that I had been more productive this summer. I had so much trouble focusing on things, and I don't know if it was because I was burned out from finishing my MPH, if I sorely needed a vacation, or what.

For the first time in what feels like my entire life, I feel as if I did what I planned to do. The major things that I wanted to do this year were: 1. Free myself from a co-dependent relationship 2. Complete a career switch 3. Start learning how to be more comfortable with being myself 4. Find a volunteer opportunity 5. Spend more time experiencing culture, spending time with friends, and pursuing goals (and less on social media) 6. Start to formulate a loose, flexible 5-year plan and take steps to make it happen 7. Read more I literally did ALL of that, and I'm proud because there were so many moving parts and nebulous goals that didn't have a set end, but rather required lifestyle changes. Some things I wish I had done differently: I wish I had stayed in touch and followed up with people more. I wish I had dedicated more time, attention, effort, and energy to my family sooner rather than later. That's pretty much it.

I wish I had applied to a different job, or maybe took the opportunity to get two free years of community college.

I wish I had studied more than partied, but it's easy to get caught up in the party when the entire college revolves around drinking. I'm especially proud of the initiative I've taken in responsibility. Responsibility in extra curriculars, academics, and in my family as well.

I regret the way that things went down with Nathan. We had been doing so well, getting along & remaining friends. I know it was a tenuous friendship, at best, as post-breakup friendships so often are, but I really believed it would strengthen & stabilize over time. Unfortunately, I got so caught up in my feelings & my paranoia that I ruined that. I know he played a role in it, too, though Nathan has never been very communicative - he wasn't when he was my boyfriend, & I certainly shouldn't have expected him to as my ex-boyfriend - but I let it affect me too much, let it implode our attempted friendship. I miss him deeply, still, & I hate that we don't speak at all anymore.

I think I handled a lot of things really well this past year. I think the only things I would have changed would be to (always!) (somehow!) be more organized. However, I was prepared for my family's health crisises - asking for help from family and friends. I am very proud of myself for that. I think I would've insisted on a spring vacation if I could have, but my husband was so unwell, it would've been impossible. I'm proud I'm back at work and managing projects and doing activities with our older child.

I wish I had spent more active time with my boyfriend. We tend to stay at home and we enjoy it. But we want to do more stuff. Like go and visit new places, do more sports or simply meet more often with friends.

I wish I would've kept my mouth shut more and been a better listener. I get nervous and feel like pauses in conversation must be filled, when in fact, quiet reflection would have been more powerful. I'm proud that my garden continues to be a place of peace for me. Such an insane amount of work in such a short time, but I learn something new each year about myself, and about nature on the high plains.

I wish I had started learning to take better care of myself sooner.

I'm very proud of the fact that I got ordained in August. It's been a long time coming and went off without a hitch. Plus I got to take a selfie with the bishop.

I wish I had worried less as a mother and trusted that I was doing the right things and that Henry knew what was going on. I always worried about his nursing and his eating and in hindsight he was doing just fine, I just didn't trust in us enough. I am really proud that I went back to school and that I have a plan that is starting to pan out.

i wish i had not given up. i spent too much of this year wallowing in self-pity and despair over health problems instead of engaging in positive actions that can make things better emotionally, if not always physically. i am proud to be a good friend, and to keep music going in my life.

This year I am very proud of my spiritual and emotional growth. I have worked hard to learn to process the emotions that were buried through years of programming. I feel I am learning to process things right away to the point where I can learn from what my emotions are telling me.

I wish I had let go of my volunteer position earlier. I have been letting the organization take advantage of me because I am a strong person who can get things done. In effect though I have been enabling the other board members to be irresponsible, lazy and ineffective - to the point of sabotaging my own health and well-being. That is going to change. On the other hand I took a big risk and agreed to mount a one-woman art show on visual journaling and book arts. I was very nervous - concerned that my art is to ordinary. It was a major project to collect all the works, mount the display and have sufficient number of pieces to sell. On the day of the opening I didn't know what to expect from the viewers but it didn't really matter. When the collection was displayed I was very proud at the work I have done over the last decade. The show was great - and I had so many super positive responses that validated my work in using art for personal expression. I'm glad I did it.

I wish I had spent more time with my mom. And not just spend it, but really taken the time to listen to what she said and especially to what she didn't say. Her memory's been going and it's finally time for me to accept that our time together is running out. But I'm also proud that I have spent the time I have with her and have continued to do so, even in the face of frustrations and impatience. Our generational gap isn't easy to work with and sometimes language is still an issue. But I have still consistently made time in my schedule to prioritize her and our relationship and that's something I certainly don't give myself enough credit for.

As always, in the face of this question, I answer...I wish I was parenting from a more grounded and less reactive space. My biggest weakness is in my being triggered by my kids, most especially P. I continue to carry shame and upset in the moments of single parenting stressors that leave me stretched so thin I do not feel my feet under me and react instead of choose breath and calm. But having said that, even still, I am faced with the trials of a 14 year old hormonal adolescent. I am about to confront for the first time, her need to e ketone by with alcohol. I feel proud that this is one of those times where the universe delivered to me the space to ponder and reflect on how best to handle the situation without alienating my girl. I feel I have the chance to stay a safe place for her to be her age, acting out as a teen will, but still come to me for the biggest and hardest decisions she has to face.

I wish I had listened to my heart sooner. I was so gung-ho about becoming a doctor, it took me so long to see how interested I was in Jewish informal education. Had I made the decision to pursue it as a career goal earlier, I would have been better prepared for the job market, as well as happier in what I was studying while at college.

Coming off my first trip to Europe as an adult, I sense I have failed to adapt quickly enough to changes in leadership style in my work life. There is something in me that does feel entitled by education level achieved when it does not necessarily translate into more value given. Sometimes trusting your authority figures in exchange for a pleasant life can be an acceptable alternative to being front and center in the formation of meaning and value. I am proud of my climbs in the French Alps. They were not the wins I was shooting for but it was good to get a win even if it came in the last minutes of the 4th quarter.

I wish I'd found the "magic key" to awaken my wife's appetite for physical intimacy.

I realized that who I am and what I am are 2 very different things. I'm very proud of that. Learning what I can control in my life. Everyday is a learning experience, and yes, there is probably and instance everyday that I wish I could have done differently... planning better, being more patient when my toddlers get completely out of control... but I'm learning. And I hope that as I continue to learn, I become better at something every day. Nobody is perfect, I'm SO far from, but I can be better everyday.

I turned around a very negative environment into a more accepting and positive one

Sometimes I find myself being unnecessarily negative or critical. To my husband, especially. A few months ago he said that on that day I seemed to be correcting everything he was saying, and although my first reflex was to deny it, and point out that he was exaggerating (another correction!), I realized what he was saying came from real feelings. I then decided (but didn't tell him of the decision) to try not to say anything negative to him for three days. I think I lasted about a day, but just doing that was a good thing to do. It made me realize that it's best to pause and then actually think about whether or not to disagree, discourage, or correct. I want to try not to be negative when I don't need to be.

In the past year I have let go of a toxic kind of friendship. This other person has been a friend for about 30 years, but the friendship has always been filled with drama and conflict...hers. She is a warrior who doesn't hesitate to take on "city hall", anyone who upsets her children or community. At Christmas time, when I cancelled out on a party at her home, she was very angry that I would do this. I had a time conflict and told her and gave her plenty of notice. She was still unhappy. I realized that over the years it had always been about her; her life, her challenges, her causes. And I had always supported her. I decided that I was done. I let go of the friendship in silence. She unfriended me from Facebook. I examined my emotions and found that I was okay. And I decided that it was fine to release someone, but without anger or resentment. And that's what I've done. Now, with this question, I wish I'd done it a little differently. I wish I would have told her why. I wish I'd have let her know my reasons for no longer participating in this dance. However, it might have created a forum for an explosive emotional scene. We have not spoken in ten months. I don't actually miss her or the emotional effort it required to be her friend. Now, I'm looking at other long term friendships in a different way. Is it time to let go of old, tired and worn relationships, like old shoes or clothes that no longer fit? I'm not rushing into anything, just examining.

I wish that I hadn't put so much of a focus on finding a relationship. It put too much pressure on myself to find the right kind of guy when I really should have just been pursuing friendships. Alternatively, I am proud that my first year at UNC has made me a stronger and more confident person.

I wished I hadn't made a vehicle impulse purchase. I should have waited until I had a clearer understanding of my finances and future life. Otherwise, I'm pretty content with the way things have fallen into place. I sold a house, moved and found a job. I have much to be thankful for.

I am especially proud of myself for coping with some serious personal challenges. I'm still alive, the world is still a wondrous place to me and I know what I must continue to practice. This- knowing what I need to keep practicing- is a major achievement.

Not reaching out to a family member whose adult child committed suicide.

I'm very proud of what I've accomplished at work and where things are now. Still much to fix and work on but I'm remembering to enjoy the feeling of having made so much happen.

In a year-plus-long project, I moved from one country to another, was ordained, and became a full-time mom. In the midst of all this, I wish I had been even more clear, with myself and others, of my wants and needs. I have to stop absorbing the shortcomings of what is happening, stop absorbing and catching, with my material and energetic resources, and making myself smaller in a mis-guided effort to help others. I need to be more centered and sovereign over my life and in real-time relationships.

I wish I had gotten started on my writing sooner. I am back at writing my novel but now it's September and I would like to have it published (online is fine) by the end of the year.

I wish I wouldn't have moved to Istanbul. I am not proud of anything I have done. Ever.

I wish that I had been more positive about everything. I'm proud of the effort and emotion I have put into love.

I'm proud of the things that I've done to try and build my baking business. I did things that were out of my comfort zone, like going to networking events. I need to remember these things instead of berating myself for not being as successful as I'd like to be.

I wish I'd done so many things differently. I wish I hadn't settled for a job that was beneath me. I wish I hadn't been too scared to take a career risk. I wish I had done more to stop the man who stalked and harassed me-- even though I know that wasn't my fault. I wish I hadn't waited so long to get help, professionally and personally. I did the best I could in the circumstances I found myself in... but I wish I'd done more upfront to put myself in different circumstances. At the same time, I'm proud of myself for surviving this year. There were so many days, weeks, months, when it was all I could do to drag myself out of bed. But I did. I kept going and I kept fighting, and I landed on my feet in a much better place.

It turns out I'm pretty good at being the boss. But I need to stay proactive, and to assert myself.

I'm proud of the work and progress at the farm. It's been wonderful bringing in sheep, chickens and the garden off the back. I made a ton of tomato sauce. I wish I had a defined direction for making a business off the farm. I've been hesitant and I don't like hesitating.

Yes! Man, I wish I had found a job. I wish I was able to smoke less weed, or at least feel more of a fire to get moving and motivated to find job that pays me 70k. I keep wanting people to give me the answers to my resume, to the direction that is best for me professionally. Girl, it comes from within!!

I wish I had focused as much on being a caring wife as I did on being a caring mother. I'm also glad and grateful that I realized that is important and that I've started putting time and effort into being an active partner in my relationship with my husband. So it's not all regret.

I wish my husband and I had taken a little bit more time to choose a new house to rent. We only looked for houses in our immediate streets, but I've since come to realise we could have broadened the search a little bit and still have been close enough to my son's school. We ended up moving two streets away from our old house, so not very far at all. I do like the house we're in now, and we're no longer putting our health at risk by living in a house thick with black mould, but the cost of the move has eaten up all our savings.

I wish I had a better handle on my finances. I seem to lose all sense when it comes to people asking me for help - where I put them before me. It never served me well because I'm not in a position at the moment to give so much. Then it just harbors resentment when it's not reciprocated. That has nothing to do with the other person and everything to do with me.

This year, I wish I had found a way to be a better mom for Leo and wife for David. It's really tough to balance being a mom and having a career. As much as I love my job, I want to make sure I have no regrets later. I'm disappointed that we haven't been able to have a baby. I don't know if it will be a good idea to try to finish my master's... and I'm secretly relieved a pregnancy didn't make it impossible. I'm especially proud to have done really well at work. And I'm proud to have such a great relationship with my son, and see him turn into a wonderful young man.

I wish I would have spent more time with my mom before she died. And I wish that I hadn't been so angry and annoyed with her during the little time we did spend together. I also wish I would have prayed more and been more shiner Shabbat. But I've been loosing my baby weight and I am proud of my progress so far. I've lost almost 18 pounds in 3 months. I have about 20 more to go but I'm feeling determined and ready to keep on going.

On first thought, I wish I would've been more gracious with my ex when we were at our son's birthday brunch. But you know, I forgive myself; I did the best I could considering how fresh our divorce is. Alternatively, I am proud of the progress I've made in being gracious with my ex. The intention to be friendly is in my heart, and healing is happening. I did organize the brunch. That's a start.

I wish I'd planned my vacation a bit differently. I decided to go to the Canadian Rockies with my college roommate, and we did have a lot of fun, but the trip ended up being more expensive than I thought it would be, and I realized that I more often than not have more fun when I go visit other people where they live. It was cool to hike around for a few days, but it also would've been nice to go around his city, Dallas, and explore that area with him and his friends. I think I got a bit too taken with "nature" and "the unknown" that I forgot about the great things we can do in the United States and around our own homes. As I get into the working life and start to plan more vacations, I should think a bit more about visiting friends where they are, instead of going someplace wholly new.

I am especially proud of the way I helped coax a graceful and loving close to a 5yr romance with a person that I love dearly. I hope I can keep him as close in my heart as I ever did before, even closer, now that we're moving past old shackles of unmet expectations and watered-down hopes.

I wish I hadn't given up exercising. I'm proud of having done and it lost the weight and kept it off. But I shouldn't have given up so easily in February/ March. I do keep a much more active lifestyle here in Cali though.

I took a trip to Brazil by myself and it was fabulous. I also decided to go and see a therapist which is coming up. I want to find out why I'm closed off to love and shy sexually. I'm also back on the dating scene which is a whole new world. I'm also proud that I've gone through a divorce and it's for the best, as well as putting myself out there.

I'm especially proud to have accepted a new job in a different state. My wife and I literally picked up everything and moved to a new (and improved) life for us. This whole situation has been especially scary for her, because she moved without having a new job lined up. I am so proud of the way we are together as a couple.

I wish I had been a better daughter to my dad and a better sibling to my sister.. He lives far away and I do not call him often. When we went to visit him, he was so happy to see me, my husband and my children. I have children now, I should understand. I'm proud of seeing my children growing. My older now is the sweetest and most caring little person I know. She's also grown into a wonderful role model for her sister. She takes care of her, plays with her and share way more than I would have hoped to. She's also an incredible friend. I wish I was a better wife. I take a lot of time caring for my children and making a living but I am not the best wife.

I really struggle with weight and exercise. I really want to lose weight but I struggle just to maintain my weight where it is. I need to lose 25-30 pounds to improve my health but I just don't get anywhere with a diet or increasing exercise. I will retire in 45 days and maybe then I will not be as distracted.

Related to question one, I am crazy proud that I have a job. A full time job, with benefits that I've held steadily since I started.

This year, I've tried to have more spine in social settings. I've tried to stop being a doormat and letting people get away with treating me like a captive audience or a favor factory. Or let people misrepresent me and my opinions. But it's been hard and I don't think I've done a good job in many situations. I am still afraid of people being mad at me - even as I'm furious at them for the way they treat me. Will I ever be able to gracefully make room for me to be my own person? Is it just impossible in some situations with certain people? How can I achieve a sense of zen regarding what I cannot control about what other people do and think when those same people sense my lack of interest and investment and get angry?

Other than what I have already shared, I am especially proud of having done a 6-day back pack in the Rockies to Berg Lake. It was a big physical and emotional challenge but I did it! I survived and was strong enough to carry a 40-lb pack at the age of 54 years.

I'm proud that I reconnected with my brother.

I am really proud of the wisdom that I gained. It is so like me to think that I should have done things differently, but I see very clearly that this past year - every event, every decision, every circumstance, every interction was part of my "path" and completely necessary to teach me the art of listening to myself.

I have started training for an Ironman in the last year. I am now 3 1/2 weeks away from the event with some sore muscles and achy joints. I have learned discipline and doing what scares me. I am not sure how I will fair, but at this point, I feel confident about finishing.

There is so much I wish I had done differently this past year. I'm no so proud of all the ways I acted when I was extremely hurt. There is so much I wish I could go back and re-do. But hindsight is so 20/20. In the moment I did the best that I could.

I wish I had taken my daughter more seriously when she asked for therapy. She eventually received it, but after an attempted suicide. So I wish I had listened and gotten her help when she first asked.

I wish I had prepared better for, and done better at, the job interviews I've had. I feel like they've been a fair number of missed opportunities.

I wish I had admitted to myself that I was miserable in my job and actively searched for something new. However, now that I'm in a new job I'm much happier and I'm doing fulfilling work. While my prior situation was less than ideal, I did learn some new things and gain some additional skills. So I was more than ready when the right opportunity came along.

I wished I had worked harder to be the parent I want to be. In particular this relates to making a space where my 7 year old step son can explore and understand his feelings and providing him support and guidance, and building in more learning and teaching about fighting racism.

I wish that I had been more outgoing, and put myself out there a little more. Mostly in terms of relationships. While everyone and his cousin probably says something similar to this, im stil pretty dissipointed in myself for not dating, or even really trying to date anyone.

I'm really proud of starting my own law firm and then get Ken to join me as well. Last year I was sworn in the Utah Bar as an attorney and I spent several months just kind of wandering through life. Well I started taking on a case or two and things were okay but I really didn't have a lot going on legal wise. I was kind of stuck between being a lawyer and trying to survive. Well in January of last year I interviewed with Tooele County Attorney's Office for a position as an Assistant County Attorney. I didn't receive the job and was kind of bummed about it. Well luckily for me, a few weeks later the County Attorney called and offered me a public defender's contract. This contract provided me the funds to establish and office and get things rolling. I was so stoked by that and with that in my hand I called Ken Melrose up and asked him if he'd be joining my firm so we could work together. It started to take off from there. A divorce here, a custody case there, a real estate case and away we went. I'm really proud that I started my own business and ran with it. Alternatively, I'm pretty bummed about how I handled my relationship with a special girl. I allowed fear and doubt to control my life instead of hope and faith in the future. I should have done better.

I wish I had an answer to this question. It seems that all the decisions are made for me lately and there is very little choice about what to do or when to do it. With four kids and a wife with mental health issues, I am at the point of drowning. When all there is to do is to keep swimming, one swims. I'm glad I'm swimming but I don't know that this is something I am proud of. Rather, I wonder if there is something wrong with me that I put myself into this situation. I am here by my own free will. That is not something I am proud of.

I'm very proud that I motivated myself to start IDEAL

Started writing article in leading news paper

Having sold my house, I've become debt free. It's such a freeing feeling. It makes me feel that I should have done this sooner. I was reaccepted to Stony Brook, but probably will not attend anytime soon. I would love to get SOME KIND OF DEGREE! Darn it

I wish I would haven handled a situation with a friend different. She had the balls to share candidly albeit through Facebook that I just wasn't being the friend she needed or expected me to be. I had a hard time receiving that feedback. It wasn't necessarily the feedback itself but more about her timing....it happened to be on the anniversary of my best friend's passing. Who does that?! Alternatively, I'm especially proud of the progress I've nade at work. It's amazing to see the foundation you've laid is finally starting to pay off.

This was a huge year of change. I left one job and took another in a different city. I moved four times. I'm proud of the times I stood up for myself this year, and wish I had been able to do that to a similar extent in every situation. I'm especially proud of the way I have kept in touch with people this year, when I could have let a lot of friendships slip. I wish I had traveled more in the last year, and am making a point of doing that this year.

As with most years, I wish I could maintain a good exercise routine. I injured my knee earlier this year and I wish I trained differently for that. I'm especially proud of being able to become a home owner and that this year I have really developed my personal finance skills. We definitely need it going forward, but with saving for a wedding and an impending mortgage, upskilling in personal finance has given me some peace of mind and perhaps a light amount of security.

After years without romance, I met someone wonderful who thought I was wonderful and we had a great time for a few weeks getting to know one another, and had plans to keep on getting closer. Then she very abruptly completely changed how she felt about me with no explanation. This isn't the first time this has happened to me, and I recognized it for what it was at the time, but it was still painful and disorienting. As time went by I, mainly under the stress of some other disturbing life events (like a biopsy), said some things I regret to her, lashing out at the pain her sudden shift to cold ambiguity had caused me. I apologized, which she accepted, and now we're nominally on speaking terms but I never expect to actually see her or talk to her again. I'm proud of apologizing, and far prouder of just a few months later taking a shot in the dark and starting to date someone else, which so far is working out much better.

I wish I'd never gotten involved in the Darknet. I should have quit Tramadol about 100 times over. I'm scared of the consequences if Nate finds out. I'm scared of going to hell. I'm scared I'll never get this under control. If I'd quit the Tramadol when I should have, I wouldn't have had seizures and I would have been able to stay in school. I should have been smarter. I should have realized I was becoming addicted a long, long time ago. Now my life feels out of control and scary.

Having lost my dad sent me spiraling to a place that I didn't foresee. My friends were ill equipped to handle this and so in the process, I ended up losing two of my close friendships. I have reconciled with one since and am working on the other but I wish I hadn't overreacted and jeopardized those relationships. I did make a new friend who has had her own grief experience who has helped me walk through this, so I am truly grateful. The second part of the question - I gave talks at the Rockefeller Center and 1 Birdcaage Walk in London. I am super proud of that accomplishment!

I kind of wish I had played the game at work, as I feel I wasn't recognised for my skills and rapport with health service staff, but that wars probably a big ask being based in Alice and also my introverted nature and what is probably perceived as aloofness. But mostly I don't regret that, as I never felt part of the team and I had my integrity, and still do. Although I do see reflections of what has happened to me as possibly also occurring to my dad. I wish I had given Noah more boundaries and expectations earlier as he really needs them, and I have been too slack until now to do. Although he was bound for this period astrological anyway. I wish I had stopped smoking and drinking to excess, but it is a coping mechanism...more excuses! I'm really glad I visited NZ twice this year, looked after myself spiritually, spent time with good friends and visited Jo and DJ in Timor Leste and that Noah and I had a ski trip to NZ with Catherine and Rory. And I'm super glad I committed to yoga studies, it has given me great stuff to focus on and learn from, and may be I will teach!? I'm really glad I've been looking after myself ( except health wise) but looking after my own interests more. I kind of wish I had a partner and more friends, but I just haven't been ready to do that. I glad I honour myself and also spend time catching up with friends. Mullumbimby music festival was great fun!

I wish I had spent more time with my children and less time fussing over work and doing work and keeping things tidy.... and that during the time I spent with the children I was calm, patient and present.

I wish I had communicated better with my sons. Seems difficult at times to be honest and yet respectful of their lives they way they are living them. Best to keep my mouth shut and be calmer about my feelings.

I keep putting off "being a grown up"... I don't have life insurance and haven't bought the house I'm renting. I feel like I know what I'm supposed to do and I just never get to it, on purpose or accidentally. I feel like I need to follow through with the harder tasks and finish firming up the foundation of my life.

Like every year, I really wish I had been more gentle with myself. I push myself too hard and judge myself too harshly. Even when I'm accomplishing big things. And often when I look back I realize that I didn't let myself enjoy the small victories, and that's always the thing I wish I could change: everything the same but with less self-doubt and more appreciation of my own strength and beauty. I was a little better at it this year. There were moments when I actually felt good about things I was doing in the moment, like when I find myself in the middle of a workout that I've had to modify to accommodate my injured leg, and instead of being bummed about needing the modifications, I'm able to see how cool it is that I got up and got to the gym and am doing the work. There's so much power in such a small shift of attention. And looking back on those moments still makes me feel giddy and grateful and more whole than I've felt in a long time.

In reverse order- I'm proud of the home improvements I've coordinated this past year. The paint jobs on the exterior and living rooms are a tremendous improvement, and I'm excited about the new carpet for the master bedroom. I've had a couple of work projects that either failed or haven't gone well. Alaska Regional has been really rough, and we lost a huge opportunity in Oregon because we didn't communicate effectively, or meet expectations. Basically, I need to learn how to be more organized, and how to share bad news.

I don't think there's anything I wish I had done differently from the past year -- it was a good year, I guess. I'm proud that I tried new things and read good books and made changes. I'm studying to pursue a new career that feels right, I left the job that felt wrong, I visited a new place and I've made sure to reconnect with old friends.

I built my website for Teach. this year, applied to teach full time (did not get it) and really kicked my vintage style into high-gear. All of these are efforts to live closer to my happiest self, meet people who will fill my life with interest and happiness and inspiration to try to be my best and fullest self. Definitely still a work in progress. I am a little overwhelmed as the school year starts and have put aside my class-planning for Teach. at the moment. I have lots of ideas and things I want to achieve and have been running out of hours in the day.

I plug too hard to a group of people that should have been cut free from my dreams. I am particularly proud that I persisted through the drama. My remaining friends and collaborators are and amazing streamlined creative force humbling to work with and challenging my muse to keep up.

Nothing comes to mind when I think of wishing I had done something differently this past year. I'm not really the type to linger in the "what ifs". Maybe I wish I was better with saving my money? The thing I am especially proud of this past year is being more diligent about making the most of what I have. I have been trying to purge and declutter. Making more with my hands. Taking the time to slow down. Mind you, I fail at this everyday...okay...that is too harsh. Maybe every other day. Ha, ha. But my sister always tells me that it is the "intention that counts". So we will leave it at that.

I'm proud of the way I've handled my relationships this past year and hope to continue the trend of calculated risks while keeping my heart and mind protected from negativity and those who may steal my energies

I wish I'd made more of an effort toward my health and fitness. I'm just so not there anymore. I'm proud that I'm continuing to explore my voice as a photographer. Also that I'm writing again for myself, even if it's not as often as I want.

If I could do anything over, it would be to save more money. The last thing I want is my money to be an issue, but right now I am honestly living paycheck-to-paycheck. I hate to admit that. Seeing it typed out in front of me, from my own fingertips, I hope to be able to change that soon. I am trying to purge and become more of a (very loosely-speaking) minimalist, while coming to terms with the fact that I love my stuff and my things. I am so proud of myself for jumping into my new career, doing flowers for weddings, on a whim. I never knew how therapeutic it could be to work with my hands and create. I am thankful that someone saw something in me, as a complete beginner, and everything fell into place. I would like to go to new places with this craft, and possibly in a different direction, very soon.

I have been massively depressed. I don't know how to deal with it. I wish there was something I could have done differently, but depression made it impossible. But I still wish a lot of things were different.

This past year was a good one, all in all. The growing pains my husband and I had experienced the year before eased and we have reached a kind of sweetness in our relationship. I'm proud of squelching my knee-jerk reaction of running away emotionally in favor of staying present for the long haul and trying to find solutions instead. It takes two to tango of course. I couldn't stay put if he weren't such s good and decent man.

I wish I had been able to work out more and eat better. Being heavy is really bothering me, but I cannot seem to lose the weight. I did fairly well in getting stronger with my trainer, but no weight would come off. I wish I could push myself harder to get to my goals.

I wish I had the courage to a leave job when I knew it wasn't the right fit. I am, however, very proud of the fact that I did my very best at the job for one year and was able leave on a positive note. I'm also proud that I made new friends, tried new workout classes, booked two trips (Las Vegas and Morocco) and accepted a job in a city where I don't know anyone! This has been a year of change, and I am proud of myself for embracing the change.

I wish I had gotten more done on the house and in preparing for Michelle's future without me. I'm not especially proud of anything I've accomplished this year.

I'm proud that I quit one of my part time jobs and was hired at the other full-time. For more than a year, I'd been working two part time jobs and feeling increasingly frustrated with the amount of work, no benefits and lack of a possible future. I felt empowered, relieved and full of hope when I left the one job to take the other full-time. There were too many people working who said they were doing thing for a common good, only to discover that it was all for one and none for all. Now I've taken the next step and am hopeful for lots more steps to bigger and better things.

I am really proud of how I have taken care of my body this past year. Twice a day Yoga agrees with me!

I am proud that I was chosen to represent a group of people because I am calm, rational, and fair.

Yes, I wish I had said good bye to so many people I left behind in Mexico. I regret taking the job teaching Spanish. I wish I had enjoyed my pool better. No, I have no reasons to be proud yet.

I wish I would've ended my relationship before she felt the need to cheat on me. I wish I would've wasted less time when I had no job. I wish I would've tried therapy again. I wish I hadn't hurt someone I cared about. I'm proud of sticking with Improv even though it terrified me. I'm proud of paying my bills and having no debt even though I basically fucked around without a job for 7 months. It's nice to know I can be a grown-up in ways.

I wish I had allowed myself more to acknowledge disappointment or anger and put my feelings first. I wish I had journaled more and devoted more time to work on my mental health. I wish I had owned my needs and not apologized for them.

I wish I had been more focused about actually reaching my goals a little sooner. I wish I were more assertive, more directive, more persistent, more focused, more driven. I wish I prioritized things more firmly and more quickly.

I wish I'd found a kinder way to express myself in a way that lands with my partner over differences we were having with his intrusive family. It's never easy, but causing a rift between us was really their aim and he would've come to that conclusion eventually on his own. I'm proud that I did speak up, though, as maintaining my boundaries while building an intimate relationship is something I struggle with. Next time, I may even learn to do so with a sense of humor and more kindness.

It seems remarkable that as I look back over this year there is nothing that I wish I had done differently. What a great place to be! To be able to feel what I feel, say what I need to say, and do what I want to do!!!

I have only lost 5 of the 30+ pounds I had hoped to lose. We enjoy eating out WAY too much!

Looking back, it would have been nice to have my practicum and internship site arranged at an earlier time, but I'm not displeased with how things have worked out for my good. Not having arrangements made until almost the "last hour" made for a very anxious time and it was a relief to be able to meet with my present supervisor and work out the details. It has turned out to be a better experience than I could have imagined. I continue to struggle with the question of whether it is a case that I waited too long, and created my own anxiety, or was it a matter of timing and things worked out just as they were meant to do.

No more compromise locations on a house! Our Takoma rental wasn't close to amenities nor did it have conveniences like a garage. It was the most logistically difficult place I've ever lived. From now on we either live somewhere I can walk to places I want, or we live somewhere with a garage and easy parking! Lol.

Oh, goodness. I'm actually quite proud of how Jim and I both handled the divorce process. It could have been such a mess, and so emotionally destructive, and yet we seem to have gotten through it with minimal drama, and with a friendship intact. I think that's so rare, and it speaks to how good our communication always was, and how good a person Jim is. Best divorce ever.

I would not of done anything different. This past year was part of my journey, and has brought me to this moment right now.

I am most proud of trying to create a sense of balance with family and work. not that I've succeeded, but I think both areas are doing ok. I wish I was able to find the time and energy to have more fun with my daughter. Why is the to-do list so long!

I wish that I had spent more time with my family. More meaningful time with them. I am proud of working hard with school and although I just slacked I am getting to that better now. I am very proud that I have spent some time with them as opposed to before where they got little to none time.

I'm very proud that I managed to find a job that pays well and that I enjoy. I was very worried that living in the bay area was going to be cost prohibitive, but thanks to the new job I started, in a completely new field, it won't be. I'm proud of the fact that I made a move from software into hardware, and am seemingly doing pretty well at it. Edit: I ran my first half marathon this year. I never thought I could do that, and it was amazing. I was crying by the end. The sense of accomplishment I felt was very unique and super awesome.

There are always things to have done differently, but I felt a lot of those things were (to some extent) beyond my control. If my marriage had ended in any other way, I might have felt less betrayed, and so moved forward more quickly. But in spite of that delay, and much more important than that delay, I am just proud of myself. I reached back out to old friends. I got out of the house. I started talking to new people. I told my self "eff this, you're awesome and don't need to deal with this crap!" enough times that I started believing it. And I feel so much better because of that. I've become a stronger communicator of what I do and don't like and want. I've become a more emotionally independent person. I feel like I deserve good things again, and I make an effort to be friends with people who also feel that I deserve good things. I've gone through slumps and tough times, but have been able to see them for what they are and find ways to get through before I get swallowed whole. I've been more selfish with my time, which is still not VERY selfish, but it's better than it ever has been. I've been learning to establish a work-life balance and a life-life balance among the factors at play between a family business, ex-husband, child and my own needs. And when faced with difficult emotional situations, I've generally acted (IMO) like an adult, willing to talk about things and share/give. I basically just think I'm doing awesome, and that makes me feel good, because I know I'm not even at the top yet. So there's even more good stuff to come!

I didn't move quickly enough to change the culture (and the weaker people) at the company I work at. My denial or laziness or "hoping for the best" hurts everyone else.

I wish I would've laughed more. Been silly more. Have sex more. Do fun things with the people I love more.

I wish I had used my time better so that I could have gone to the beach more this summer. I am happy and proud of my children who have grown into strong,young women.

I wish I hadn't hurt myself so much. No, I don't mean figuratively; I mean literally. I wish I had not internalized so much pain and anger that I literally harmed myself to cope. I wish I hadn't turned on my body, the most constant thing in my life, in an effort to get through a hard time. And yet I understand it completely. My answer to this question last year spoke of regretting hurting others, and it's clear that there was SO much pain in my life (most of which I couldn't control, and didn't cause) that I had no other choice. It was hurt myself or be hurt. An awful choice to have to make, but one that I ultimately did. And yes, it had disastrous consequences. And yes, the scars serve a daily reminder of that past. But also YES, I am confident I won't turn on myself like that again. I'm so grateful for the body I have, for the life I've survived and the choices I get to make now. I'm not ashamed of my past nor these scars on my legs. I am emboldened and stronger and clear-sighted. And I have nothing to apologise for.

I wish I'd finished the novel! Why can't I finish the novel????

I think my time perspective is a mess. When I think of a year, I think of the calendar year. Since the last time I visited this site, I have gotten much better control of my blood sugar levels. The side benefit is the 25 pounds I have lost. Eating better and my cursed Fitbit have helped.

I wish I had been more hopeful and less devoted to anger - but I knew that even as I was angry. I have felt so resentful of the new reality that I need to find work. I have been consumed by the disappointment that I have been forced by circumstances to work that I don't like rather than returning to work I love via some elegant re-entry strategy that I designed and pursued with reflective purpose and the clear blessing of God. At the same time I knew that to receive what God offers in discomfort I needed a posture of gratefulness; I just couldn't make myself be grateful - at all.

Where to begin with this question... if I really wanted to go there, but there's really no point is there? Suffice to say there are things I will do differently in the future should a similar situation arise, and there are things I will repeat it I have the opportunity.

I wish I had appreciated my life more. After a year of soul-consuming anger and resentment toward my loved ones, I realize it got me nowhere but angrier. What a waste of energy! I'm proud that I'm now seeing the other side and recognize the importance of appreciating all facets of my beautiful existence.

I am very proud that in the past year, I wrote and submitted six papers for graduate school classes, five of them for three old classes in which I had received incompletes, and did significant amounts of work on two more papers. I did not give up on my dream of finishing my graduate education. I am sure that there are things that I wish I'd done differently in the past year, but I am trying not to think about or dwell on them. On the whole, I think I put in a tremendous amount of effort even when it was very difficult to do so, and I very proud of that.

Proud of finally taking the b'wearing educator course. Happy to be getting more involved in my local community.

I wish I had taken advantage of my gum memebership. I've been very proud to have found ways to reconnect with my immediately family, especially my brother and my dad. But I am most grateful to have made a deeper connection with my sister in law.

I don't regret things I have already done. I can't think of anything I wish I did differently. I am proud of my accomplishments in my career.

I wish I had been more assertive in my relationship with Rich. I think I have been "too nice". He's allowed to be grouchy, have his way, be mad when something doesn't go his way. I don't. When I try to turn his bad mood back on him, the way he does to me, he grunts. But sometimes he apologizes. It's not horrible. But I don't think I am really being who I really am. I'm being the "nicer" version of me. Most of the time. ;-)

I wish I had surrounded myself with some other people while abroad. I wish I had tried harder to be involved in campus life. I wish I had tried to live in the dorms, but I also don't want to take away from anything that I experienced there. I love the people I am keeping in touch with from abroad, whom I met because I lived in Rond Court. Proud of? The way I handled the transitions to and from Cape Town. I'm still in a little bit of shock. I thought I would be much more emotional about all of the changes but I really have started to become accustomed to the process I suppose. I handled the pressures of feeling like I only had a limited time left, needing to plan everything, and not having male attention better than I anticipated. I'm really happy I made it through mostly not having a guy, it was really important for me to see and be able to do. I knew I could do it but it really changes things.

Oh geez. So this year I moved out of my house and gave it back to BofA, who are welcome to it! Only, I procrastinated and practiced the fine art of denial until the last damned moment. Come crunch time, I tried in vain to move out of my house and into my new RV. I screwed it up so badly that we ended up with twice the storage units we thought we'd need, taking way too long to move in to the RV, and stressing everyone right the hell out!! I am ashamed of myself. And so incredibly grateful to my girls for helping me as much as they could.

Estoy orgullosa de mi matrimonio, tal vez he fallado en adquirir ciertas habilidades como el cocinar y manejar, pero me voy a inspirar para jacerlo.

I will start off with what i am proud of first. I am proud that I got into the Ghana Reach Program. I set my sites on that in 2013. I actually was thinking about it earlier. I prepped really hard for my application and put a lot of energy and heart into it and i got it! What did i wish I did differently?.....Hmm, i have a hard time with the idea of 'regrets'. i would like to rather think of no regrets, but instead, what did I learn or what can i improve on. What were things i could have improved on or done differently, well every day there is something - not nagging Alberto - interrupting Alberto when he's sharing his though - not being so invested or affected by work - not being so hard on myself - being more patient with my mom - many small things here and there

I wish I'd lost the weight I'd planned to use. I wish I'd followed up on my plans for my website.

I wish I would have been more selfish with my love life. I wish I would have had the guts to go after things that I want. I'm proud of the fact that I made a tough decision and ended a relationship that I was in. I'm happier now and am moving on with my life.

I am really proud of the following I created on Instagram @Bullshitfreebabe I think these little messages of positivity and the idea of feeding yourself and the planet kindly is a nice reminder that every individual matters. It is my space to project oneness and peace, even if it is a little social media app. It makes me happy and hopefully others too :)

I wish I'd stayed on top of my mental health before it became a larger problem. I wish I'd taken more time off in the spring and summer to appreciate the world around me. But I'm proud that our farm is up and running.

Yes! How my FB and Advanced classes have evolved. I’m amazed at how successful they’ve been, and yet still don’t quite trust that they’ll continue to be as strong, let alone stronger! On the other hand, I don't want to have another year like this past one as I would like to have more time to nurture me. To get to the sea, to travel a bit, perhaps even a course just for me.

I wish I had been better at time management this year.

I wish I had been more aggressive in my job search. This has gone on too long, and I feel very guilty about the strain that my unemployment has been on our resources.

I wish I had been as proactive as Phoebe in making new mom friends at the new school and feeling more comfortable with the new group. I wish I had worked harder at keeping in touch with folks I really liked and enjoyed from Old Tappan. I am proud that I made any new mom-friends, since I might have just holed up in the house, and I am really proud of Phoebe's accomplishments.

If there is something that I wish I had done differently this year, it would be the same thing that I wish to do differently each day of my life. That is to live each day with greater meaning and purpose; I wish to live each day more aware and compassionate. I wish to stay focused on what is important to me. However, one thing that I am proud of, although proud is not exactly the right word, is my continued commitment to healthy eating and fitness. I feel healthier and stronger as a result.

I am so proud of my time with Olivia. I wish that I had more of it. I wish we were better with money and I could stay home full time.

I wish I would have been more social this year. Get out of my rut and live life, meet people and not be so afraid of letting people in. I am proud of the progress I have made towards this goal, regardless of how small it was

Every year, I wish I'd been more patient, slower to anger, quicker to forgive, calmer. I wish I didn't yell at my husband so much. I wish I didn't lose my temper at my baby so often. I wish I'd figured out a way already to ground myself in the moment. But I haven't, so I will keep trying.

I was pretty happy with this past year. I returned from the Caribbean, found an apartment and job in Madison again, and worked really hard to become financially stable again. It wasn't the most fun past 9 months, but it was rewarding in other ways i.e. stability and continuing to become a real adult.

I'm really proud of myself for taking charge of my life. I have learned to consider my own needs, wants and desires when making decisions, and only use my friends and loved ones for guidance and advice, not as a prescription for what I should do. I am learning that it is ok to try new things- sure, maybe I'll fail, but maybe not, and either way, it's better than staying stagnant.

I achieved tenure and a promotion to associate professor , all while figuring out how to be a new mom this past year. *pats self on back*

I'm proud of the lives my children are making for themselves.

I don't have any major regrets. I do still want to work on my work/life balance more. And the situation w my mom has helped me realize that - and I think I'm doing a better job. I think the main thing is that as a habit, I wish I handled stress a little better. No matter what the situation is, I should be kind to others. There have been times when I've lost my temper because I've been under extreme pressure either with my job, or my mom, or whatever... I really want to always slow down and be kind. Alternatively, I think that I have finally conquered this food/weight thing. The situation with my mom also made me realize that life is short. I can't take anything for granted. What do I want? Good health. To love myself and the way I look. To be in a romantic relationship and feel desirable. To have energy. And I just don't think I would be able to accomplish that without getting a grip on my nutrition, losing weight, and not using food for anything other than nutrition. I did a program called The Whole 30, and it changed my life. I've lost 30 lbs. I feel really great about myself most of the time. I like the way I look and am working on loving the way I look. I feel more confident about my appearance and about what I deserve from other people - both in friendly relationships and - work in progress - romantic relationships.

I'm very proud of the hard decisions I made this year, especially to change my career path (and really stick with it when jobs were hard to find). Firing my lawyer and former friend was also very hard, I knew I was giving up a lot by cutting off a part of my life. But in fact I think much of that part was already gone and I just hadn't realized it. Taking the nonprofit job when I really wanted the university one was also hard. I didn't really have much of a choice, but it's been a process of committing to the decision after I made it. I'm finally starting to feel like it was actually a good thing.

I wish I played more with Dave.

I wish I made a stronger case for my husband and I to get help. I am proud of my children, in their development as wonderful, kind people.

What could I have done differently? Well, there have been some changes in relationships this year. I have moved on from my college friends in a big way. This has been difficult and I don't think I've always handled it well. I would have liked to stop myself from negativity-- especially about others. This is something I will work on. I'm pretty proud of myself for starting to bike and be more active. I need to keep up with this.

I wish I had gotten out of Jesse's earlier. But I am glad this all happened, because it forced me to look at some things about myself and my life that I needed to look at. Plus it brought me closer geographically to my family and led me to Justin. And I'm glad that I was able to help Jenna as much as I did.

I would not have worked as hard as I had at the job I had earlier in the year. Hindsight is 20 20. Just feeling good about the way the family seems to be healing from many years of troubled waters.

I am especially proud of myself, for being with myself, with no career track and no specific direction. I gave myself the time to grieve, while going back and forth, between self doubt and trust. I drove for Lyft, finding some income in the face of going under and not wanting to deplete all of my savings, and I spoke with a lot of people who gave me encouragement. Though I wish I would not have left my job with no direction of how I was going to continue making money, I don't know if there is any other way I could have done things differently. I followed my souls yearning, even though it was not the easy path. I am so proud to have come to be where I am now.

I can reflect on my impatience and anxious decisions and learn from that, not critize myself but make an effort to use my awareness around it. This is easier said than done. I'm very proud I decided to get back into therapy. I'm really getting much needed guidance and direction. I know I am on the right path to becoming the real person I am and learning to live my truth.

I stopped exercising regularly when the snow began to fall and fall and fall this past winter. That has impacted the way I feel. On the other hand, I am proud of the responsibility we have assumed for Aunt Sadie and my writing that I have posted on Goodreads in response to my reading interests. Even though I am the primary audience, it it important to me.

I wish I continuously went to the gym and exercised. I made a commitment this year that I will be healthier. But I refused to get out and do something about it. I constantly complain and every little thing I do I feel like I am tired. I wish I did a better job at making a commitment to myself.

I really didn't make as many small things as I should have this year. All my client work was big things, and all my personal work was big things, and I made about 3 small things that I can actually point to as finished projects. I think a big part of this was because I felt like I needed to prove myself, and make something worth selling, but it just didn't turn out that way.

I am proud of achieving some of my goals at work--I held 9 trainings and co-presented in one between July and mid-September with an average of 34 attendees per training. I worked with a separate team to coordinate live streaming and visual and audio recordings of the presentations. I also did an overhaul of our documentation (merch wiki) that is accessed by 250-300 different people per month, and accessed at least 5 times a month by 50 different people. I think I succeeded at making it clearer, more concise, more navigable and easier to update.

I am proud of the fact that when I did not know if having faith or trusting myself was enough, I intentionally brought the possibility of things going my way into my daily life through meditation, prayer, being thankful for what I have and who I have become. It taught me how to be enough and to welcome each day as a gift. As an example I would get very angry driving my car. I would lose patience, believe the other guy or gal was out to get me, everyone a bad driver. I realized this was a very negative pattern. It struck me how angry I was and in driving I expressed that anger. Why was I so angry? This anger was part of the old cycle of having allowed myself to be used and abused by others. As a response I became aggressive, pushy and at times somewhat of a "mean girl", putting my own needs first in a reactive way. This last year I became very conscious of this fact. It no longer served me this anger. It was attached to the idea of the glass only being half full, that life was out to get me, put barriers in my way. It is a long story but I remembered reading about Green Tara and how she was on call to come immediately, as the Virgin Mary to intercede on our behalf. All we needed to do was to call her. I found her mantra and began chanting it in the car as my morning meditation. Things changed. Let's just say that lights turn green when I least expect them to. People turn the corner and out of my way. Lanes open up, or I simply have more time to chant my prayer of believing in help and the goodness of life. This is one example of some change I made that led to the confirmation that I am enough just the way I am, as long as I remember to be alive in this moment.

I wish I'd spent more time outdoors. Hiking, camping, barbecuing with friends. The weather has been perfect, but the old gang has kids, careers and all that sort of stuff these days. I'm sure I could have made something happen if I'd taken initiative, though. I could also have made more of an effort to make new friends, since my old ones have less time and some of them have moved away.

I wish I had been a more effectively communicator. I wish I had been more vulnerable with my loved ones. I wish I had been less narssisitic. But I'm proud I at least figured out I need to do these things.

In a year in which I transitioned out of my job and on to the next step, not something I wish I had did differently as much as opportunities to prepare better while still in the job.

I wish I had written more, called more, kept in touch more with family and friends. Also, to keep the house cleaner than I have.

I'm proud of getting through this year and not giving up. I'm proud of being able to admit that I needed help and I'm proud that I went out and found it. I'm proud that I am finally facing up to what happened to me and only with that realisation that it wasn't my fault and only with the strength to try and move on can I ensure that it won't destroy my life.

Screw dwelling on things I wish I would have done differently - that's not going to help anybody. Something I'm proud of would be finally getting my lazy ass into gear and losing 30 pounds in a lifestyle-change kind of way. Granted, I'm just back from three weeks in Australia and I've gained 7 pounds BUT I enjoyed myself on holiday and looked hot and skinny at the wedding and that's what matters, eh? Jokes aside - exercise and watching what I put in my mouth has become a daily routine and I'm grateful that I finally gained the motivation to do it for myself. Having pants fall off feels pretty good too!

I wish I had spent more time up north with my family when my Dad passed away. We had to hurry to leave to get ahead of an ice storm coming. It was a long drive up and back and I lost almost a week of work too. I don't think the amount of time missed at work should have been as much of an issue. I am proud of the fact that I have maintained a healthy weight and am eating healthier and I have motivated my husband to eat healthy and exercise more also. I want us to be strong and healthy as we age. I can't stop getting old, but I can prevent getting fragile.

If wishes were fishes we would all be Jesus feeding the poor. I should have signed up for an introduction to psychology course this fall instead of waiting to enroll in the spring semester. I'm proud for quitting a job I found to be soul crushing. I'm proud for finding a job that could offer me with a sense of fulfillment--gardening may not be what I want to pursue in the long run, of course, but it keeps me outdoors and spending my weekdays toiling in the soil with my positive coworkers keeps me smiling. I'm proud of myself for picking up what my brother and father couldn't and for navigating my own way without them.

I wish I had been able to lose more weight. Despite walking over 700 miles since January 2015, I was only able to lose 10 lbs. It feels like the dieting and the exercise help my overall health, but I need to get my illness under control to have a better chance of losing weight.

I have gotten better at listening, avoiding screeds, and letting it go, despite the stupidity of others' arguments. Learning not to educate the fish.

the way i held it together for everyone when my mother was sick is something i'm really proud of. both of my brothers were really overwhelmed and kind of shut down at different points, but i kept going.

I wish I would have stood up for myself better in my old job. My boss was totally crazy.

I feel proud of how much healthier I am than I was a year ago. I've gotten over shingles, have started eating what I need to even though it's often inconvenient, made my living space healthier, and have found an exercise routine that really works for me and makes me look and feel great!

This year, I am proud of myself for my persistance and dedication to find a new job. It was not an easy process, it's hard to put yourself out there. Finding a job in a NYC, especially one that plays to my special strengths and interests. I am grateful that I made the commitment to apply to a new job. And I am proud of how much I have done at my new job, with little guidance for the first few months.

I wish I had taken some definitive action to tackle some of the "squirrels" in my life: the way I feel my career is stuck in the mud, the way my marriage seems constantly in a state of detente, the kids constantly getting on my nerves. I need to get off my arse and stop being so danged lazy...

I wish I would have done what I should have done every year that has passed. I should have focused on my mental and physical health. I should have lost weight. I should have loved myself more.

not done any self harm


I wish I had taken better care of myself. I've grown bigger (a fine way of saying I've gained weight) and it's caused such unhappiness, more than it should. I am very proud of a specific essay I wrote this year. I had never really written about Jessica before but I put time and effort and many weeks of thought into each sentence and I'd like to think it paid off.

Proud yes 2 things " landing new job at work i.e. promotion and 2. finally taking the ex back to court and winning. Being finally able to care for my own daughter the right way . Seeing how doing so makes her happy. Long journey, very glad I did it and is behind me now.

I wish I had used this relatively uneventful time better. There was a lot of hunkering down and finding a routine as a couple, which was important, but I let a lot of friendships and other interests lapse. As things change again this year with buying a house and jobs changing again, I'm afraid that it will be hard to get those things back.

A few things I would have liked to do differently last year was how I interact with my 23 year old son who is recoving from drug addiction. It seems I become so co-dependent with my interactions, mostly because of the fear of losing him. I'm not sure I could survive losing another child. I want to (s)mother him, and I wish I had stepped back more and allowed him to be an adult. I am making progress though in this area. A lot of the time I just think about how I can "save" him, but don't verbalize. Right now I am just giving him space and pray he grows and matures and becomes the beautiful spirit he is.

Yes, I wish I'd worked harder with my studies. I work full-time, study part-time - a humanities degree - and although I passed this last module I didn't put much effort into it. Perhaps I wish I had chosen a different one as I just grew to hate it about halfway/teo thirds through. Hated it.

I wish I had put my life in better order and taken better care of myself.

I wish I could cut dishonesty out of my life. I want to be 100% honest. I am proud of putting action behind my commitment to get healthier. So far I've lost 32 pounds, restored my iron, cholesterol and blood pressure to normal levels. Yay!!!

Well, I'm not proud of how I let work eat into my life even further this year. Looking back at last year's 10q answers, it's sad and almost embarrassing how many of my struggles are the same. I had a year of stasis. It's time for that to change. To put it differently, I've let myself become unhappy. Forces have converged to make it happen, but I haven't made the best long-term choices to fight against that. I'm unhappy and unhealthy, and I can change both those things. I shouldn't gloss over the fact that I'm proud of the work I've done this past year. Launching Apple Watch is a once-in-a-career experience, and I'm really glad I got to experience it. It did knock me out of balance, though, and it's time to bring life back into balance.

I kept off the weight that I lost last year!

I guess my regrets will revolve around my mother. She had wanted to do some things she never got around to do. I wish I had tried harder to make the time .I will try to make them happen for my dad. Even if it is a few things to bring joy.

There have been several times when I felt like I bit off more than I can chew--took on too many commitments and felt stressed out by it. Trouble is, they were all fun things that I wanted to do they just all piled up at the same time. Did that a couple of times actually. Wish I hadn't so I could have enjoyed everything better.

I wish I had spent more time studying Spanish. It is so important, not just for passing the test but for my life in Spain. I hope that I will continue studying and improving once I am in Madrid. I also regret that I have not kept in as close contact with my friends in Yemen. I am most proud of the way I handled the visa referral issue. I was patient and did not burn any bridges. I feel like I learned some great lessons. I really hope that I get tenure on the first shot. That will be the biggest reward I can hope for.

I am proud of myself for not running for re-election. I wish I had known my own heart and mind earlier, I made myself suffer more than I should have.

I wish I'd laughed more and been sillier.

New York, I wish I had kept my options more open... Had the courage longer to stay more in NYC, I could have stayed longer, then maybe I would have found an opportunity...

I wish I had stopped shopping and spending every time I said I would. I wish I had volunteered every time I thought about it. I wish I had called my Nana and written her even though I thought it didn't matter, because it did. I wish I had the confidence and strength to have a real conversation with my sister about her wedding. I wish I had been better at anything and everything connected to money, so that I could feel freer and less shamed all the damn fucking time.

Worked systematically on the homeopathic and pharmacology projects. Very proud to have finished the homeopathic CE Very proud to work with my students. Very proud to have 3 vendors donate to USC Rx Senior banquet

I found out that according to Websters, turning 45 is the beginning Middle Age. To embrace rather than deny this, I decided to do 45 new things I have never done. I slept in a yurt, made my own wine (pretty good too!), bought an inflatable hot tub, and going to rappel off a skyscraper...to name a few. My grandmother, who lived to 88, always said "Age is a state of mind", and I am trying to live that.

I wish I would have more guts to do things I want to do and not shy away because I am scared of the "What if's" alternately I am really proud of my daughter who has come out of her shell so much, that sometimes I think is this really my kid?

I wish I had found more time to take care of myself. Sometimes I'm not quite sure what that would mean. I'm so busy being a full time working mom that I can't figure out what to do with myself in the brief moments that I rarely have to myself. Late last spring I found myself looking forward to the possibility of finding time to relax over the summer. But summer came and I got swept into a whirlwind of work projects and proposals, with late nights and little break. When I finally got a vacation toward the end of the summer, it felt way too short-- just as I was beginning to feel the stress melting away, it was over. i needed a longer vacation, but also more time during the rest of the year to take small breaks and time for myself.

Proud. I've been doing poetry now for years. I ramped it up this year, letting go of the stablisers - casting away my notes, pumping up my performances. It has been noticed too, I get taken seriously as a poet now. JP even mentioned he may take me to an event - me the fake poet (not in skill but knowledge!). It's encouraging and makes me feel good.

to do differently: commit to something (when I start something I'm passionate and excited about, to continue it and/or finish it--gardening, volunteering); give myself space before it's too late and I find myself claustrophic (for not confronting the things I don't want to confront). something proud of: having gone through the seasonal emotional transition this spring (Lars phenomenon)--the way I faced that and allowed it to happen in an embracing way. Mainly, allowed myself to be happy and to enjoy. without explanation, without seeing the bigger meaning of it all and what exact place it fits, but just enjoy. enjoy last summer. enjoy that I like living in London--even if it's something that is for now and may not be for the short, medium or long term future. not put weight on this question of 'is this for real, is this lasting'. it's real because I feel it and it's valid because I feel it. I don't need to justify it. I don't need to *explain* it. It just is. The same, more recently with my relationship. to stop asking myself what's wrong and if there's nothing wrong then have i thought of every possible thing and therefore saved me the embarrassment of getting caught of guard. that simply because something might be lovely and then stop being lovely or stop being something I love, that it therefore meant I was caught of guard because I wasn't being cautious, paying attention to the signs that it was from the beginning bound to fail, flawed, that I was being frivolous.

Well, I don't have an accurate crystal ball...But, if I had, I would not chosen to work for the new company that I joined. In the beginning, I was proud of finally earning the title of "VP of Sales". I have worked many years and had been very successful but had never quite gotten my VP stripes. Nut as it would turn out, the title means absolutely nothing here at this "friends and family" run company. In fact, it's a total joke. So, I wish I had just gotten my real estate license instead or started my own company.

I wish I had been more diligent with my record keeping, especially financially.

I wish that I had realized how dead-end my relationship was a lot sooner, and looked at what WAS and WASN'T there and had been more oriented toward the partnership that I am truly seeking.

I feel as though I have acted with as much integrity as possible this year. I do wish I had listened better to my gut when planning sweetheart visits and nights with love interests. Yet each experience taught me something about myself, or showed me a place where I needed to pay better attention. Some of them gave me powerful lessons on "what not to do" when seeking erotic interaction and romance. I value each experience for what it was, so in that respect, I would not change a thing. I wouldn't change anything, but I will integrate those lessons so that they will be reflected in my behavior.

The thing I wish I had done differently is spend more time on learning, taking courses, etc. Perhaps this would have helped me in my job search. However, money was very tight after losing my job. I am very proud of my kids. My oldest for completing her first year of full-time teaching in a kindergarten French immersion class, my second for completing her 4 year university degree as a BA in Political Science and French and my youngest for completing his first year of high school, and landing his very first part time job after his very first interview!

If there's merit in working hard at getting along with the ones I love, then I have to be proud of my efforts.

I am proud of leaving my job where I wasn't happy or growing, and of taking steps to make sure that I was set up to negotiate my new job successfully. I wish I had gone about planning my wedding differently though. In the end, everything will be great, but I don't feel closer to my parents, I feel resentful of them, and I ended up compromising on a lot. I wish I had read some books or something before I jumped into the process so I could have enjoyed it more.

I wish I didn't have to be the "parent" with rules around my grandchildren so they don't get hurt or follow others who are making poor judgements because their parents are not watching. It upsets me because my grandchildren think I am "mean" because they do not know how parents used to parent. I am very proud of my contributions in the latest book of my husband's and my daily attempts to get the word out locally of his accomplishments.

I wish I treated people at work a little bit better. I am proud of how hard I worked.

I'm proud of how strong I've become. It was a good reflection to think that in the last year I didn't have a lot of strong do-overs. Mostly work and being present more. But what came to mind were some of my successes, and how confident I feel going into this year.

I wish that I'd had more patience with my husband and grandson. And I need to be more insistent on needing down time to recoup. On the other hand I'm really proud of how I managed to take over my in-laws' finances and health care. In 3 months I got POA, sell their house, find and furnish their rooms in Assisted Living, move each of them one at a time, handle my father-in-law's hospital care, pack & clean their house, give away 55 bags of clothing plus household goods, and get them settled in to a new city. I did it. I really did it. And a lot of the shopping and setting up was accomplished while caring for my darling granddaughter! An added bonus of time together!

I would like to stop blowing off steam to coworkers. It is never goo even when I am careful with what I say

Better time management with my master dissertation!

Wish I'd made more social contacts.

Everything is as it should be. This year I believed important that Shirley got to experience the fine arts for herself, that she could see there was value in aspiring for a better sense of self. I took her to Swan Lake and enrolled her into a singing and acting course at the Dr. Phillip theater in downtown Orlando. It was a financial commitment on her future and it was well spent. However, as a result, I did not have enough savings to move out on my own this year as I had planned. And while that prospect caused a certain deal of anxiety, and I had to deal with the fear of poverty these days, it is perhaps all a good thing and for the best. The time will come when the conditions are right.

I am super proud that I have kept up with running and have participated in at least one organized 5k every month for the last 12 months (except July--there are no 5ks in the county in July). Running has brought so much to my life not just in terms of physical health but it's a bit factor in my mental health. It gives me goals that aren't always easy but are all the more worth it when I achieve them. Most important it shows me on a regular basis that I can accomplish anything I set my mind to.

I wish I had gotten more done. This question reminds me that I have no major accomplishments for the past 365 opportunities.

I wish I had taken better care of my body this year. It was something I was kind of hoping to do better on last year, and seeing my answers from last year I felt super guilty that I hadn't gotten my act together to get into shape or eat better. But I can feel a new leaf turning. Alternatively, I'm incredibly proud of how bold I've learned to be when it comes to asking for things with my career. The experience of interviewing for that job at Spence taught me a lot and I think I finally understand how aggressive and direct I can be when it comes to business. Like something just clicked into place and I got it. Guys would never be afraid to be that direct and proactive so neither should I. I look forward to seeing how this serves me well in the future.

Hm. Something I had done differently? Not really. This past year was probably the most challenging of my adult life, if not my life in general. I am especially proud that I survived one of the most difficult experiences in life, and I didn't let it negatively affect my success in school or direction in life. Maybe I could say I wish I had been a little more involved in animal rescue? Or a little more involved in clubs/etc in general....but when I say that I think not really, this was my year to be selfish, to take care of myself, to put myself first, and I did in the way that I felt was best. I am very proud that I went to the Dominican Republic alone to do two months of thesis research. I love that country, but traveling and living alone is hard in a foreign country. It pushed me a lot, and I definitely had plenty of low moments, but I had a great experience.

In this past year, I wish that I would have been grounded and rooted. Ways of doing this and practicing this include yoga, meditation, and prayers. I didn't always "show up" for these important practices, and I am often highly resistant towards them. There is some sort of fear that I allow to block me from the progress. I'm proud of my commitment to establishing and sticking to boundaries with my parents. Because I have taken a step away, I can see that we have all grown. We have all made conscious choices as a direct result of the space we have been dealing with. I know that my choice to make this distance was difficult for all of us, and my mom in particular, but it is already clear that we have grown in our awareness of what we all owe ourselves and one another.

Finally getting my butt in gear to lose weight is a huge accomplishment. I feel proud every time someone notices.

I feel like I handled the adversity of my illness fairly well.. Once again it took a village in my world to keep everyone alive, but we did it and are in such a better place now. I got mental help sooner for depression which I'm happy I jumped on. Wish I could have nursed longer but I do feel like I went to rather heroic lengths on that one given what I went through.. I'm proud of my attitude and resilience.. Also proud of how I've handled work since I've come back after mat leave. Still takes effort, but I"m looking at things more glass is half full, seeing the bright side, not letting as much get to me...

I wish I hadn't been so trusting that my job situation would stay the way it was. Trust is good, but putting some things in place in the event of change is a good idea.

The last time I participated in 10Q (5773; 2013), I wrote that I wanted to “effectively convey what it is I do in the world,” to figure out how to make my “public face…as comprehensible as I know it is.” I’m proud of the steps I’ve taken in the last two years, especially in 5775, to do just that. Elizabeth’s pregnancy was the catalyst for the process, really; the realization that I would soon be a father compelled me to reaccess my personal hierarchy of needs. The result is very different from what I envisioned two years ago; most of the gains have been personal instead of professional — I just have a much better sense of my life priorities now.

I can't have it both ways, but my answer to this question is that I wish I would have been more frugal with my money, and yet, I'm very proud of the travel I did, spending that money on seeing the world.

I'm actually very proud of myself for taking the leap and traveling by myself for the first time ever. Staying in hostels and meeting new people while discovering new places, getting lost, learning about new cultures. I've wanted to do it for a long time and i'm glad that i did it this year, it opened up my eyes to how easy it can be and now i'm a bit addicted. It's a good addiction.

While I wish circumstances had been different in the past year, I do not actually regret anything I did. As for anything I am proud of? Nothing leaps out. The whole year I was running on borrowed time, just waiting for a break that never came. Honestly, it's amazing I made it as long as I did without a depressive episode. But that wasn't something I made happen.

I wish I managed my time better. I feel really bad that I don't do a lot of the things I truly love because i'm too busy on Facebook and other distractions that are easier. Sometimes I get caught in my head and get so lost in the big picture I forget to make the small daily actions required to become successful. I am really proud that I am finding my passions and traveling. I am already so much happier than I was this time last year.

I worked hard last year. Between work, school, and the nonprofit I probably put in 80 hours per week. I slept an average of ~5 hours per night. I didn't date much. I didn't party much. It was rough. I did a lot. I made money, I made grades, I made progress. It's valuable to demonstrate what you can do. But this year will be different. There will be less obligation and more freedom.

In the past year as I've gotten used to being a business owner and having flexible working arrangements, I've snapped at Justin and Gabi a bit too much when I've been stressed. I've had times when I've forgotten why I started my own business and became too focused on work (i.e. every night at my computer). However, I've acknowledged that issue and have made changes - such as scheduling in more 'me-time' and set aside nights for Juzzy and me. Need to continue doing that! I'm proud of everything I've achieved in the past year. In regards to the business and learning how to deal with client issues and complicated situations and in regards to parenthood when I've witnessed Gabrielle develop beautiful manners (saying please and thank you without being prompted etc) and watching her develop in other ways. Overall, it's been a great, even though sometimes challenging, year.

Wish I'd done better with dieting. Proud of my accomplishments at work, and of my financial improvement.

I got angry a few times last year. It is something from my past. I think, it gets better, the older I get, but still...

I wish I had been more focussed...alternatively, I have taken steps to improve this and am on my way! I was able to (very recently) come to terms with not becoming a mother.

I am proud that I completed both the LEAD course at work, and that I completed a process improvement project. It was a lot of work, but helped to raise my self-confidence.

I wish I'd had the guts and the work ethic to submit poems.

I'll answer both parts of this question... I wish I'd approached my work differently. I was unstrategic, I missed opportunities, I didn't make friends in the department and I didn't follow through. I sometimes feel like I've wasted a year and a half of my life, and I dread the day that the department, who have put so much faith in me, realise what a waste of space I was. But I'm proud of the fact that I knew when to quit and that I'd made a sufficiently good impression to find another job within my organisation, and I'm relieved that I get a second chance to prove to myself that I can make a success here.

I wish I would have been more vocal this past year. I feel like I succumbed to pressures and expectations of me and in turn, limited my voice, silenced it. And what for? If I don't tell my story, who will? I'm the only person with my story, the only who has lived it and experienced it. Silencing my voice is silencing my story and it is too beautiful a story to not share. Too important. Too necessary. It is my challenge to continue to improve on speaking my story and my truth. I am especially proud of my ability to always come back to my center. To always refocus myself and come back to glow. It takes some time alone and some guidance from my guardians but really, all it takes is my dedication to being the best me I could be.

I think that I should have been more conservative in my personal finances and more aware of the impact of my family's earning abilities - and adjusted our spending accordingly.

Wish I was more chill. less reactive in relationships and at work. (sometimes I am. When stressed more reactive). very proud completed The Traumatic Stress Program through Trauma Center at JRI and Pesi online and Basic EMDR training

I'm proud that I've given myself permission to chase my dreams...and that I am pushing aside the fear that I'll be wasting my time. If I love what I do, the time isn't wasted.

I'm proud of my commitment to grad school. I said I wanted to do it, and I'm doing it. I'm closer with J and my family then ever, so studying hasn't overwhelmed my priorities, although it threatened to at times. If I'm a bit more distant from friends, they know why, and we do still carve out some play dates. It's amazing to think that someday school will end. I will just come home and BE home, still with plenty of chores but without the endless deadlines hanging over my head.

This past year... Actually, I can't think of anything I'd have done differently. I mean, exercise and lose weight, stop eating so much chocolate, etc, but that's not something I think I'd actually have done in any case. Well, I wish I would have written more. But I don't think this question should be about general scolding. I'll try to think of something specific. I wish I hadn't hooked up with Joe in South Carolina. We had broken up more than a month ago and I thought he could handle it, but he couldn't. In the last year, in terms of choices I've made, I'm proud of what I've been doing writing. Not journaling, but writing. I still don't finish a lot of stuff, but I have finished a substantial amount, and it has made a difference. I'm proud of joining the gym. I need to work on better getting in the habit of going, but I've started the ball rolling. I'm proud of not having sex with Ken. I'm proud of being social with my family. Saw my cousin and uncle for the first time in 15 years. Planned a trip for Thanksgiving down to New Mexico to see even more relatives that I haven't been around. Other than school in spring, I have been pretty responsible lately. And when I fall off the wagon, i get back on. This is day 9 but I'm answering question 2 because I fell behind. But I'm going to get them all done in time. I'm going to seal the deal.

i wish i'd done more....just more of anything positive. but daily, it's so very difficult. and the weather - just feels like this puppet master dangling me. 'hi, today, you will feel terrible until precisely 9 pm, at which point all of your energy will come back for 4 hours, when you can least use it'. i have gone back & forth on my sleep schedule in an attempt to fit as well as possible to the world while finding some near-optimum place for myself. not sure it's working. i often feel SO good at 1 am i don't even want to think about going to sleep. ========= and cool current tenants aside, i should have thrown the little boys out sooner, right after the carpenter arrived. i thought i was a good judge of character, but i missed on that one. telling the older boys helped, tho'.

I am especially proud of the way I have handled the passing of my father. I took the reigns of his business, his affairs, and kept my sibling from any of those pains. I purchased my first house, and I got engaged to the most beautiful and sweet lady on earth. Of course, I wish I could have done more for my father and his illness. I wish I would have told him I loved him more, hugged his neck more, and spent every waking hour with him. I can't get over the permanence of his death.

I really can't think of anything I would have done differently, which is not to say I am happy with all the outcomes of things, but that is okay. I am very proud of how I have dealt with a particular relationship. My former self would have high tailed it out of here at the first sign of trouble but, I stayed. And although it is not perfect I am learning and growing every day. Whatever happens from here I will be moving forward with a new sense of self and a dear friend for life.

I finished my Masters Degree!!! And I finally found the courage to move on from my toxic marriage.

I wish I had been more courageous and present. I think I spent a lot of my year just trying to survive and on auto pilot. Doing things I "should" be doing because I thought that was what was expected and what I needed to do. I came to realize that a lot of time the choices I make only make sense to me and my soul and that in the end my relationship with myself and my self love/happiness are all that really matter. I needed to take that leap to courageousness, have more faith in myself and also that everything is working out exactly how it is supposed to. It is my job to show up, be present, and darn it believe that it is going to be great!

Ironically, these two questions have almost the same answer for me. On the one hand- I wish I had quit my job and not accepted the promotion, but on the other - I am proud of the fact that I earned the promotion. I am also especially proud that I was the sole breadwinner for our family for this year that lead up to the promotion.

When this year started I said I was gonna take control of my finance. Yeah right I did no such thing. I think I may have even forgot about it from time to time. They only time I can say I actually thought about it was when I was broke and or struggling financially. I wish I had taken that seriously. if I had right now I would be on a budget instead if living from check to check. Living like that is no fun at all. I need to start on that ASAP!!!

I wish I had done everything possible to end my back pain.

I have been able to walk the 5k race I set as a goal from last year and I am incredibly proud of that accomplishment. It was the highest point of my whole year.

I'm proud of how deeply I am willing to confront my limitations - using everything as an opportunity to grow. Not really anything I would do differently as I believe each piece of learning has brought me to this point

Proud at the improvement in my relationship with my husband. Given his crazy schedule and stressful job, I have learned when to give him his space and time and to not make him feel guilty about needing them.

I wish I had tried harder at my first job. However, I'm proud of how I rebounded from failing at that job and finding a new one in two months.

I wish that I had taken more control and done things around the house more on my own, rather than depending on my husband. I also wish that I had been willing to spend a little bit more money to find Gabriel a nanny that pushed him a little harder. Finding a wonderful school for Gabriel that is within biking distance. A place where he can flourish.

I wish that I had been more proactive about exercising and eating well. I go up and down and back and forth and am basically like a yo-yo - I can get really psyched about an idea or activity and then I lose momentum and have a hard time following through consistently. That is something that I hope to work on for the coming year - being more consistent about exercise, and working on remembering that life isn't all or nothing. Doing one tiny thing every single day is more important and will ultimately be more effective than doing one big thing every so often.

I wish that I had communicated more lovingly and less critically to my husband, that I had thought before speaking and not been sarcastic. Alternatively, I am proud of an oneg I helped put together just by putting out the word to our congregation about some dear friends who were leaving the area. I am proud that I non-judgmentally put out the call and, sometimes, people do respond.

i am proud of negioating more money for my work for the first time in my life (yikes & yay)

6 months after finishing grad school the most work I could find in my field was part time. I was discouraged and disappointed. Then a friend of my husband's asked me about working for his company. Not what I studied for but it was what I had done before grad school. Hardest decision in the world to make. Stay part time and hope something comes along in my field or go back to desks, and numbers, and all the crap? I chose to take the job and it was the best decision ever. I'm happy and fulfilled and in the best place I've been professionally in years & I'm still able to work part time in my field.

Would have gotten my daughter psychological help earlier. It's just so hard to know whether your teenager is moody in a natural way or in a way that indicates a larger mental health issue. Perhaps I just didn't want to see it.

I have fallen into deep depression as a result of being disconnected from my self. I've found a Higher Power. I've discovered my Inner Child. I'm working on loving myself every day more and more and looking inside to determine my needs. I am proud of who I am. I am happy to be alone with myself and my feelings. I am happy to have a support system, which I will rely on more and more. I deserve happiness, peace and contentedness.

This year was crazy in terms of transitions. At this time last year I had just barely started my first full-time job in after graduate school. It was really hard to adjust to not being in school (especially when my husband still is) and not having my life revolve around music (especially when his still does). I'm proud that I managed to pull myself together and figure out how to support us as a family, even though I'm not working in my field.

This summer I really wanted to get an accounting internship, however that did not happen. I tried looking for one over the summer for the fall, but was unable to find a company that would have a schedule that would fit with my school schedule. I am disappointed that I was not able to find one since it would have helped me a lot in my career. One thing I am proud about this year is that I have finally have become independent, not counting financially independent. I feel like every year I keep becoming more of an adult and that makes me very happy.

I wish that I'd ended my relationship sooner, it would have saved me anxiety and grief and gotten me to a place of new opportunities much sooner.

I am proud of my achievements in my self development. I am learning not to regret but to acknowledge today as a new day and take stock of the past and try to learn from my miss takes.

I wish I had taken the time to write more for my writing group. I am especially proud that I persisted with the writing group despite having sabotaged my own participation.

Wish I had taken some steps to get onto online dating sites, though am probably too old to get any dates. Wish I had planned my summer out a bit more, so could've done some more enjoyable things. Most proud of finally feeling valued at work. I know women are supposed to get gratification out of relationships, but I don't have any really strong ones, so have to focus on work to feel good about myself. As in previous years, wish I'd done more work to find a better job, or line of work.

I wish I had been better about going to the gym and taking care of my health.

DIFFERENTLY: No. Nothing went as planned, but that's because I tried really hard at a lot of new things. I'm damn proud of myself for the way I handled everything. PROUD: I hiked 140 miles of the Appalachian Trail, solo! I am so proud of this accomplishment! Starting out, I remember looking at the distance on my map thinking, "I'm crazy. I can never do this." But I DID. It was one of the most grueling but rewarding things I have ever done. It taught me a level of patience and acceptance that I have never known before. I now love my body for what it can do, not how it looks (or doesn't look). I now understand the meaning of slowly chipping away at a goal and celebrating every small step. I now know that I can really do ANYTHING. Also, I am so damn proud of teaching. I was so afraid to do that, and I did a great job! My students love me, and I love them. They all said they learned so much. I feel so accomplished. I did my best and it returned to me tenfold! And, I'm proud of holding myself together through all the turmoil of finding a place to live and freelancing. I did a great job with my projects, despite my trials! And, I'm super proud that I still made time for my friends (Dru) and family in the process. I have KICKED ASS.

I am proud that I have talked to myself so positively.

I wish I could have found my courage. I rode horses across Iceland and wish I could have be fearless. I am proud of the fact I am facing some fears, stepping forward and showing up to help in my community. Maybe an older lady gets a free cab home, or I pick someone up and take them to the bus station, or I help a woman and her children cross the street with a huge dog. lol!!

I wish I could have been more communicative about my needs and expectations with Kushal and others. I have not given myself the space to express my needs, disappointments, and hopes with significant others and it has built up to be a very painful burden to carry.

I am very proud of how I negotiated a decent exit package for myself when I left my recent job. I was professional, courteous and straightforward. It was a tough situation but I handled it calmly and took care of me.

I wish I had stayed more consistent with my yoga practice this year. However, with two family members in the hospital early in the year and the craziness the rest of the year brought, and considering within all that, I purposefully took hold of my yoga teaching business and began taking the steps I need to move it forward and begin to grow it into something I can sustain and will sustain me. I'm also pretty proud of how I handled certain communications with a friend with whom I had a lot of difficulty.

I will wish forever that I had picked up our grandson from our daughter's house the day I was originally scheduled to, instead of the next day, for reasons explained in Question 1. I am proud of my husband's seemingly unlimited ability to excel in whatever he sets his mind to, his continued effect on the Arts community in Columbia, and now putting together his 2nd & 3rd books to be published sometime in the next year or two. I am proud of my ability to continually try to support every one of our kids no matter how difficult and challenging it becomes to do so. I am also proud of earning 2 Bs and one A in the courses I've taken in the graduate level criminal justice program. I could care less if I finish a Master's in it, but I have once again proven myself at the graduate level, in my chosen vocation. And I am very tired of taking any classes.

Nothing major in particular. Only perhaps not splurge as much on holidays or lingeries/dresses for my gateaway with Rahul so we can have more trips lined up in the second half of the year? ;) No regrets though, it wasn't like we were spending extravagantly, and those early splurges were probably helping in giving colour to our early phase in relationship where everything can feel uncertain or confusing. Now that we are a lot more certain with each other, we tend to focus on small joys at home. Having said that, I am most proud of how far we have become to working as a team. I used to be afraid when we had our fights, but nowadays I have the faith that even when we disagree on something, we can still bring our mature and problem-solving game on and talk through it.

Finished 11th grade pretty well, started learning french, didnt get depression.

I wish I'd asked people to clarify situations when I wasn't sure instead of jumping to conclusions and assuming the worse. Because when I didn't I felt worse and often turned out to be wrong. And the times I did ask for clarity, whether it was better news than I thought or even of it was as bad as I expected I felt better for knowing for sure. I spoilt the Ed Sheeran concert for myself because I was convinced I was been left out of something, I was really upset about it (probably also didn't help I was seriously jet lagged after been at my sisters wedding in England only a few days before) and it turned out, I was been left out of the arrangements for my surprise birthday party. I wish I'd been kinder to Him when he turned up unexpectedly on the island and I was cruel. He just turned up and I was so surprised... But still I should have/ could have handled it better. I couldn't have handled it much worse that's for sure. I wish I'd given the neighbour my number. Don't think I'll even remember what I mean by this in a year . But more than that every time I hear these sentimental cliches about taking risks and been brave I kind of wish I'd been brave enough to tell Dr that I think he is one of the best people I've ever met even though I only spent two hours with him. Proud of... Walking the Great Wall of China, getting more sleep, stroking a cheetah, getting my diving license, getting a child to read fluently... Need more for doing for other people on this list...

Proud: of how much I've grown in my capacity to love and to be present. Hope: in the next year, to focus even more(!) on everyday moments. Wherever you are, whatever you do; be in love.

I wish I had made more choices that lead me toward the life I'm wanting to create. I'm doing that now which I'm proud of. I just wish I had started out earlier in the year.

I'm especially proud of completing my first year of graduate school and doing my first externship/research this summer. I feel like I have been constantly challenged and I have grown immensely from these experiences.

I'm proud of where TFI finished- I did my best with the kids, and I feel that they did come a long way. I'm proud of the stability I'm finding with the people I care about and also within my own head. I wish I spoke less about things that were going wrong. I need to pick whom I talk to about things. I wish I had spent more time preparing and applying for jobs- I feel like I am making the same mistake on loop: dreaming large, acting small. That's never going to work. I need to flip it. Act, act, act- get the work done. The dreams, goals and achievements will follow.

I moved to China in November of 2014 and I wish I had made a greater effort to learn Mandarin. I think the challenges that I face now would be greatly reduced if I could speak the laugauge

I wish I had slowed down and been more thoughtful about the things I say. I am proud of myself though for being more mature and less anxious.

Every year I try to live every day more meaningfully. This past year, I wish I would have thought more presently about what I want to do after graduation, instead of thinking about things like money or the far future. Now that graduation is coming up, I'm not really sure where I want to be or what I want to do, and I hope I figure this out soon. The future has become the present and it forces me to think more about what I do each day. Alternatively, I am proud of how brave I have become in approaching people and asking for things and dealing with the world around me. This may have something to do with traveling abroad, but I also think I am growing mentally toward achieving my goal, and setting my mind to being less afraid. I want to keep this up!

I wish I had dedicated more time to music.

I'm really proud of how I've re-dedicated myself to learning. And amused at how long it took me to come up with this answer (hello from Day 10). I'm learning R and Python and Ancient Greek and - amazingly - making the time for it to happen. Even the week of the Economy Analysis (late nights and weekend), learning was the thing I made time for. It's so exciting to learn. The process of learning computer languages is sort of like learning real languages. I often compare it to exploring a giant house. The house is the language, rooms are systems within that language, or sets of vocabulary. Learning, say, the aorist tense, or conditional statements, is like walking into a new room and understanding a new way of thinking and framing. And as you grow within that and learn subtleties of that, it's like exploring the details of that room, and you've learned the principles and can recall them, it's like thinking of your own room at home and being able to recall what's where. It's exhilarating to see my abilities grow. I also enjoy this kind of learning so much better than school. Unstructured. Uncompetitive. Practical. I can dial down when I need to (i.e. this week, because I was moving), and dial up when I want to. I compete only against myself. And the things I'm learning, I could actually apply towards a job in the future. I'm glad I've rediscovered how much fun this is. And I'm proud that I've prioritized it.

I wish I had a better belief in my ability to control and be at peace with bingeing. I am proud that I keep coming back to healthy lifestyles.

I don't like to dwell on the things I've done wrong this past year or the things that I'd like to change. There are a lot of things that have happened in my life that someone who didn't live it might think that I would want to change, but everything that has happened to me has made me the person I am today and, damn it, I'm proud of the person I am today. I am quite pleased with myself for finally figuring out a very important aspect of my identity. I haven't written it out or said it out loud very often, but I am proud to be a biromantic sex-negative asexual.

I wished that I would have stand up earlier. started to work more early and - by this - get a higher income and had more time for myself in the afternoons and evenings.

This is a hard one. I don't feel especially proud of one thing - distancing myself from my people. One of my best friends went to study to the states and at first I really didn't have the time to write with her - she was setting up her life there, I had school and work and life. It is a really crappy explination, but that's it - now the gap between us has grown and I don't really know, what to do. The same thing with a GF who went to study abroad for awhile, I disconnected myself from her totally (partly because of my own abroad experience - whenI just didn't want to know anything of home) and now we .. slowly reconnect. Altho' she's a lot of drama, it's getting better - and I'm getting better at being more neutral, being Switzerland.

I wish I had not been paralyzed by fear at some crucial times--like in preparing for a job interview. I was so scared I didn't even realize I was acting nonsensically in not preparing answers to the job interview questions I KNEW the committee would ask, b/c I had helped create those questions! Next time I'm really scared about something, I promise myself that I will ask for advice and help from more people, to reduce my anxiety and increase my effectiveness. Forget you, fear! I see how I have gotten stuck in a fear hole before, and how it robs me of my best resources to help the situation. I want to stop doing this!

Honesly I feel old saying that but I wish I took better care of myself, I wish I was living more healthy. I hope I'm gonna do it this year.

On the one hand, this list never changes -- write more, dance more, love more -- and that's frustrating. On the other hand, I realize I'm a much better, looser, happier teacher, and that means so much.

I wish I'd done a better job of keeping a clean, comfortable and inspiring environment around me. I wish I'd allowed myself to do the messy, painty, creative stuff. I wish I'd gone to bed earlier and gotten up earlier too. I wish I'd said yes to myself more often.

I guess I just wish that I had tried harder across the board.

I'm especially proud that I asked for help from my friends this year. I'm especially proud that I have been honest about myself down the very cells.

Wish I had been more present for my long distance friend's celebrations. Felt taxed, tired, and exhausted so not able to make things for them that I've been wanting to do for a long time. Proud of pushing myself and getting through the IVF process. Feeling alone at times and still moving forward with determination

I really should have taken more risks with my business, like getting a larger space to create. Need to have that "if you build it, they will come" attitude. Proud of connecting with a huge player in a particular industry and pitched my idea that was well received, now to get it done.

I don't wish that I had done anything differently. This year started off very sad, but has ended up being a year full of miracles. I have tried to be mindful about everything I've done this year. I am very proud of how far I have come in the past year. I am very happy to be reunited with my oldest daughter. I am happy that I have been able to heal myself from the abuse of my ex-husband. I am happy that I learned to trust again and have fallen in love with a wonderful man.

Done differently - This is hard because it's more of a lack of doing. Something left undone. More than one thing! I didn't read my answers from last year ahead of time, because I didn't want to see that I'm still in the same place as last year. I reflect and resolve three times a year: 10Q, my birthday, and New Year's. And each time, the same things seem to show up on the list - of wants and / or behaviors. I just feel stagnant. I resolve to go to the gym more often or eat better, and then I don't. I resolve to be in a different job/ move on professionally, and I am STILL here. With each, I resolve to do what needs to be done - and I don't. I try a little (ooh - i'll apply for that job! i'll wear my pedometer! etc), but I don't go forth with everything that I have. I don't schedule the gym (except for my weekly trainer). I don't network to look for a new job. I only half-assed revise my resume. These things left undone sometimes make me feel even more stuck. --------------- As an aside - I've now read what I wrote last year, and my fears were just silly. I'm still in the same place where some stuff is concerned, but it's mostly been a good year!

I wish I'd backed myself more at work - firstly believing I was good and secondly pushing back on my line managers about my pay, role etc. I feel like I've bee a bit of a wall flower.

I guess that there is many things others would point to as something I could be especially proud of, but to be honest I can’t say that there is a single thing that I either are Especially proud of or would have done differently.

I told myself when I turned 30 last year that I was going to turn this around. That I was going to get healthy again and be as happy as I was. But I didn't. It took Facebook sending me a picture I had posted 2 years ago to show me how much my life had changed. I stopped taking pics because I was embarrassed. Its hard for me to go out in public because I am ashamed. One thing that I am proud of though is my improvement in my credit score. I went from seriously bad credit to a good score with a lot of offers for credit cards. I worked hard for this....and I understand the importance of my name meaning something good. I feel like I am acting like an adult.

Two years ago was a particularly difficult year for me. Josh and I struggled with our relationship and were on the verge of ending it. We worked so hard together to make sure we were treating each other better. We were in such a better place by January. It is amazing how quickly we were able to turn our relationship around once we put it first (or nearly first). Looking back, this most recent year was one of the best in recent memory. The year was filled with so much love and family time, I cannot regret anything.

I proud of all the work I've done in therapy. I'm pleased with my decision to leave my work with Naomi that seemed stuck and start again with Stacy and make progress. I will be that truly awesome me someday soon.

Be more active..kept up with exercising classes. More outside activity this past summer. Initiated a study with my husband. Needs to be God's will and timing. Really enjoyed studying the minor prophets.

I am proud to be a Sr. Of St. Joseph

Yet again, i feel like I haven't moved, and I'm mad at myself about that. But I do feel like I'm beginning to understand why, and I'm beginning to see my self-expectations are high. That's good, unless I'm beating myself up over not meeting them, which I am, and so it's bad, and this sentence is too long, and has run on far too long, but I can't seem to stop it, which is in and of itself another failure on my part, since I feel like my writing should be of higher caliber than this.

I wish I'd done my homework on how to be able to stay in Germany for as long as I damn well please. I thought I had, but I supposed I wasn't very thorough.

I wish I had changed my attitude to my health problems earlier in the year. It was only when I "had a word with myself" and chose to stop being a victim that my health began to improve.

Yes. I could've deffinitely exploited more the opportunity of being in Europe, I missed so much because I was lazy. At work I could've been more insistent on people teaching me regardless of what they thought about me. Still, I'm really proud of myself for the decision that I took in coming to another country and for the experience of starting from Scratch. Not everyone can do that, and I'm proud that I have found a couple of new hobbies that make me really happy.I'm proud that I'm a damn fine fast learner. I shame on the fact that I'm too selfconcious and rely on people telling me whether I'm doing good or bad, and still over-criticizing myself.

I wish I had kept up my promise to myself to improve my health

I am especially proud of my professional development and discovery. Along with that growth has been my ability to "roll with the punches" at work and roll up my sleeves to do what needs to get done. At the end of the year, I will be so thrilled to launch forward into next year and will be proud of what I've done in the past year. Reflecting on my accomplishments and projecting future successes will be very exciting.

I'm proud of the fact that I have found my personal style at age 47! After years of wearing black chinos, black cardigans, and black tops, I started buying shoes that demanded to be seen. And then I started buying clothes that matched these (often colorful) shoes. I also "KonMari'ed" my wardrobe (using the book "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up") and got rid of anything that didn't 'spark joy', which was an eye opener. So many clothes went away! Now I only buy -- or keep -- clothes that actively make me happy. Two people recently have said that I am a style inspiration for them, which is mind-boggling. I'm not an ideal fashion size or shape, but I know what looks good on me and I wear it with confidence. Sometimes people who knew me from my schlubby days don't recognize me, and that's amusing and fun. I also think that giving myself permission to wear beautiful things (even though I am overweight) has had a transformative effect. Superficially, it's given me a reason to take better care of myself: buying new clothes. But it's also changed my mindset about my body: I am worthy of nice things even though I am not anywhere near perfect. It's seeping into other areas of my life and that's exciting to see.

As always, I wish I had put more time into the things that matter—my writing, karate, language study—and less into time-wasters (o kitten videos!). Alternatively, I'm proud that I conquered my nervousness about leaving home & had an adventure (I went to Spain with 2 friends).

Obviously I'm proud of the business. I wish things with Hannah would have gone differently, but that's on her. I think she finally realizes that. I've been trying to get more legal relief, and that hasn't gone so well, but generally, I don't wait around for things to happen, if there's something I want to do or see or have, I find a way.

I wish I had kicked my tenant out in December like I planned instead of feeling sorry for him and letting him stay when all he did was cause me angst and unnecessary work in managing his phobias. On the back of that I have become increasingly comfortable with the unknown. The uncertainty of where I will be in a month personally, professionally, and in terms of a relationship - I am getting much better at planning for multiple eventualities but not expecting anything to go as planned.

I had sex for the first time! I was worried I was a bit late in the game, and that it would be terrible. It wasn't amazing, but it wasn't that bad either...

This year I could have done many things differently. My biggest regret was not living enough in the moment or being present enough in the presence of others. I always wanted to be where HE was. My goal for this year is to just WANT to be where I am. Stop trying to move somewhere else. Just completely be around the people you are with. I am especially proud of myself this year for staying confident about my values, beliefs and practices - even if everyone around me is changing. I am me. You do you and I do me.

Not gotten back onto caffeine Doing the ELI Talk Text People thing, awesome

I don't wish I would have done anything differently. I'm so thankful for the path I've chosen. I am specifically proud of my performance from grad school this year...I've dived in and have killed it. And I'm 11 weeks away from graduating!

To be honest, I wish I had stayed in Germany, and not moved back to Estonia. It was a perfect timing to move out of Estonia, as my wife had just lost her job, and I had finally found a new work and flat. I am proud of how both my wife and I managed to transition to our new jobs last year, and have been successful at them.

I'm especially proud of my accomplishment around finding a new job (and before that quitting my last job). There were moments where I honestly did feel I had done the wrong thing by leaving! I wish I left my job sooner than I did, however if I did that who knows if I would be where I am now...?

I'm proud of how hard I worked and all of the effort I put into the little things day in and day out. Like home made meals and air freshened for the gym. Like saying yes more to my kids when it wouldn't change very much other than a tiny happy moment gained.

I regret staying at my job as long as I did and I'm proud that I quit to travel. I knew last year it was not for me and this year I'm hoping to move toward something that is more of what I want to do. I'm glad I took risks. I moved out. Risk. I quit my job to travel to Paris, Italy and Israel. Risk. I came back for a month to no job. Risk. But so far, all those risks have paid off BH. I'm taking a two day a week unpaid internship. Risk.

I wish I didn't quit looking for a job. And I wish I socialized more. I don't know what I am proud of. Maybe the fact that I took up dancing. I don't know what else to say. I'm not really into being proud about my accomplishments.

No. Everything I've done put me where I'm now. So I glad everything I do. Yes I'm proud of be more bolt.

I am proud of the fact that I made it an entire school year through preschool without quitting. There were more than one night that I came home broken, crying and weak, only to collapse into Kelly's arms and slink off to bed. But, I always woke up the next day and went right back into work.

There are always things I wish I could've done differently but trying not to focus on that because I'm too good at that. I'm proud of continuing to work on improving myself. I'm proud of myself for being a good friend, aunt, sister, and daughter. I'm proud that I keep getting up.

Changing jobs turned out to be a good move.

I wish I had put more time and energy into my friendships. I feel like I spent too much time in my own head and didn't put enough effort into being supportive or aware of things that were happening in my friends lives. I got a new job. I'm extremely proud of that. I saw something that I wanted and I went for it and I was confident enough that they believed I could be the right person. Over the past year I have been participating on a leadership committee for a group in my company and it has taught me so many things. It has armed with the confidence I needed to fight for something I wanted. It has allowed me to interact with people I would never have interacted with and learn the skills and essential human qualities that I need to have in order to be a good leader. In my new role (program manager) - over the past two months (so far!) I have been so challenged and faced with so many new things but I feel that I've been learning well and becoming more confident in making decisions and interacting with people and leading meetings. I am really proud of myself for getting to this point.

I wish I didn't avoid my feelings. I wish I wasn't afraid to say how I felt, when I felt it.

I wish I had meditated more and practiced mindfulness as a real practice. I feel like I've tended farther and farther away from calm and peace as my baseline. I'm proud of how consistently I've been running. I feel addicted to movement and sweating, and that's been a long time comin.

Extremely proud of myself at work, creating results and being successful, spring mso of the district. Wish I would have gotten in a routine of exercise like my husband has done.

Well, in comparison to my academic car-crash this time last year, I somehow managed to walk out with a 1st in HPS. It was a wonderful option for the intercalated year - different, engaging, fun, and seemingly not to difficult to do rather well. It was a wonderful world, as kooky and fun as the higgledy building, full of mad academics with bow ties and round-rimmed spectacles. And graduating with a respectable grade after all that culminated in a wonderful day, in the sunshine in the beautiful gardens with Grandma and my parents, and all the people - from friends to tutors to porters and kitchen staff - that had made my undergrad so special. I'm starting a new chapter now, and can't wait, but it was so great to finish that last one on a real tangible high note.

I wish we had chosen 100% continuation of my husband's pension when he retired; should I survive him. The life insurance policies we were counting on to bridge any gap had to be discontinued. I’m especially proud of the progress I made in clearing out clutter from my basement. I have a long way to go, but I’m encouraged by the progress.

I wish I'd dedicated more time to working on personal projects instead of watching netflix. I'm proud of my professional growth though.

Yes - I wish I was a better husband and father day in and day out. I wish I was less despondent on a Friday after a long week of work. I wish I was more present to watch my kids grow up.

This past year I wish I had spent more time making friends and taking breaks from work. I also wish I had spent more time planning for my future and for graduate school. I am proud I created a job for myself and that I have expanded that job to be even better than it was before. I have taken on many responsibilities and am proud of that.

This past year after a few years of talking and complaining and trying different things I finally started my weightless journey. I am on a 60lb journey and since December I've lost 25lbs. I feel like this is a huge accomplishment for me.

I am proud of the fact that I started putting my work out to be judged by others. It means I am owning what I am and want to be.

During planning January 18 event, I learned a lot about how to make an event of that scale happen, but I didn't practice patience with the other people on the committee who annoyed me with their pomposity, inefficiency, or incompetence. I wish I took myself and the event less seriously so I could have had more patience, and acknowledged that no one is perfect. I would have had more fun and developed more skills if I wasn't so stubbornly certain everyone else was wrong.

I'm proud of lugging my paintings to Ind during THETA house Centennial celebration and selling all but 4 pcs. and getting a commission for another. It inspired me to get serious about my work

I am proud of how I have managed to grow my business, but, at the same time, keep my integrity even when it would have been more profitable to simply allow myself to be used as a source for completed homework.

Something I am proud of myself for. I stopped my life and stood by my son when he was severely depressed. He was suicidal, very drunk and called us to tell us good bye. I would not accept that in any way and felt in my heart immediately that if I did not do everything in my power to prevent this, it would be the biggest mistake of my life. He suffers from PTSD after multiple tours in Iraq as a front line soldier and does have resources from the military, yet they cannot be with him all the time and he is inconsistent in his own care. I told him I would have breakfast with him and that he was simply to wait for me. He agreed to wait. I called a friend who is wise in this area and he coached me on how to manage this with my son. After all, I am a parent and that has limits. I purchased a one way ticket to Texas, flew all night, and had breakfast with him. This was not a vacation for me, there was no time limit, I did not purchase a return ticket. For me, the stay would end when he was stable and moving on his own again. Together, we fixed up and prepared his mobile trailer for sale that he did not need it anymore. All this time Texas was having historic rainfall and flooding. It netted a small profit and he was able to settle his debt with me from purchasing it. I spent a lot of time with him, and I stayed out of his life, I was just there to support him, demonstrate how we work through tough issues and as a parent and testify to the idea that we always love our children unconditionally. After nearly four weeks in Texas, it was clear he was back on track and I could head home again. Two clear upsides to all of this: it provided sufficient dedicated time with him where we know and cherish each other and it was fun spending time with my granddaughter.

There is nothing that I wished I had done differently this year. There are definitely times when I wished I had handled things better--mostly because I was sad, frustrated and disappointed. I wished I had slowed down, relaxed more and been more compassionate with myself. But ultimately I think I handled things in the best way I could and learned a lot in that handling.

I wish I would have thought about the consequences before telling each girl I loved them when I didn't

Can't think of anything that I regret, other than, being harsh to Jack. She had to go, but I could have been nicer about it?? maybe... My career!!!! Whoaaaaa

I wish I had shared more with my father after my mother died. I thought I was helping, being a good son, by being at the home. I didn't force myself to share, to be open with him about my feelings - not that I was in any way open with myself about them. I thought I was doing the right thing, telling myself that I would grieve when he was better, or more realistically, after he passed. I feel that there will be little in my life to match the regret I feel about this. One thing I am proud to say is that I've passed the bar exam, and been admitted to the bar, and am now a licensed attorney. It's something I am proud of, and something my parents were proud of, and something that I wish I could have done before they were no longer here to celebrate.

I always make a new year's resolution to stop speaking ill of others, and sort of connected to that, to stop doing things that compromise my own values so that other people will like me or so that I can "connect" to others. Sadly, I have not done a great job with that this year. I wish that I'd not spoken about anyone behind their backs; that I just held my tongue and tried to give them the benefit of the doubt, when applicable...or at least let things roll off me.

I could have worked harder to be healthy and save money. I consistently found excuses why NOT to do something. I did a great job at work but I slacked off in other areas which didn't make me feel so great about myself. Work was great and here I am in California. Who knows what will happen next.

In the past year, I wish I would have jumped in to relationships wherever I was rather than using plans to move as an excuse to keep to myself. Once I opened up and committed to my small group, there was so much fruit in my life, and I found a place where I felt safe and supported. I don't want to miss out on friendships just because I'm only someplace for a short time. I am so thankful for the friends I made since January. My life got so much better when I started to let people in, when I shared what was on my heart. I don't want to go so long again without finding a place where I can share my heart.

I wish I had drank less alcohol as I believe that it would have allowed be to be considerably more focused on writing. I am proud that I began a semi-serious study of the Buddhist traditions and philosophies

Stemming from the previous question-- ironically, I wish I had been more ruthless, and wish I hadn't played so fair. I was naive. I do also wish I had studied harder in Jewish History so I could have got an A in that. ~~ On the other hand, I am proud of what I accomplished: I'm proud of what I did during elections, putting myself out there and gaining support even as a nobody. I am likeable and charismatic, and I have important things to say that I can express eloquently. I am also proud of what I accomplished, regardless of that one A-. All my other classes were As, and I got my GPA up to a 3.76 (started at 3.46, I mustn't forget that), and the 10.79th percentile. I'm smarter than I often think, and more hardworking than I thought I could be.

I wish I had told my friends about my childhood and strained relationship with my father. I've hinted at it but I need to tell them the whole story. I am very proud of my academic accomplishments from this past year, I had a sophomore rise instead of the more traditional sophomore slump.

I wish I had spent more time alone this year. I am now realizing that my inner compass is wiser than almost anything outward that I encounter. Having said that here, now, I hope I have the guts to take Friday's for myself moving forward. Can be for work - but as long as its centering. Need to trust self more, move away from the fire that surrounds teenagers. I'm really proud of reading all the books by Gretchen Rubin and others - actually finishing them, and starting to implement ideas for a productive, happy life. I hope I can keep it up.

I wish that I would have kept my mouth shut instead of responding to accusations; for defending myself. I've lost a very key relationship because I didn't just listen & respond. Heart wrenching. I'm proud of pressing on through physical challenges.

I wish I had made more use of the opportunity to participate in research at the university I am studying at. It just struck me that this is the last time I will be a student in my life, and its very difficult to accept since I really enjoyed being a student. I am proud of the set of people I call my family at LA. They're the best thing that's happened to me since I landed in the United States.

Sometimes I wish I was strong enough to break my relationship off, that way, maybe I could have gotten some freedom. My mind and my body might be relaxed because of it. Maybe its even this relationship that is getting in my way from completing my day to day tasks. What am I proud of? hmmm.....probably being able to control of my mind back again. Not proud of? Probably playing way too much World of Warcraft.

I wish I had man'ed up and done the right thing in my relationship with D from the jump. I wish I'd followed my instincts and the voice of G-d that said not to get involved with him. On the one hand, of course I wish I'd done it differently; however, G-d has used this CF to bring me to Him like never before. I'm proud of the fact that I finally stopped F'ing around and messing up somebody else's life.

I'm proud of surviving. I wish I'd held my bottom line more, demanded more, followed my intuition sooner. The summer was good for reclaiming that a bit.

I celebrated 18 years being clean and sober. I lost weight did not fall apart after my mom died. I was there for my family and myself. I think I progressed to finally become the person I was meant to be- I grew up.

I wish I had figured out a way to show my family how much I care about them. I do care about them, and they are important to me, but I don't know how to show it in a way that feels genuine to me, but is still easy for them to understand. I think my mom and I have that relationship, but the rest of them...I'm not so sure. They are so important to me, and their support has set me up for so much success, but I don't know how to thank them for it. It's something I think I need to spend more time on in the year to come.

I wish I had enjoyed my time between jobs more. I mean, when else do you get 7 months to do what you want? But I was job-hunting, trying to be very frugal as I was on unemployment, and was also planning my wedding, which I found incredibly stressful. In retrospect, I feel bad that I didn't do something really productive, like start writing a book, or taking up a hobby, or doing important volunteer work.

I wish I hadn't been taken for a mug by my now ex boyfriend James and believed everything he kept telling me. But I am proud I managed to finally finish my first year of uni and have now started my second year successfully!

I don't regret not working as much as I could have this past year, but I do regret not working smarter and being more aggressive about finding childcare sooner.

I probably shouldn't have gotten obsessed with My Chemical Romance, because their already broken up, and they aren't making any more music. I am very proud of becoming obsessed with My Chemical Romance, though, because they make some of the best music I have ever heard.

As I said last year, I really wish that I walked away from the East Coast gaming scene. The pervasive hipsterism, the intense cliquishness, the lack of professional standards or professionalism beyond a rare few.

Only wish I had taken advantage of my flexibility more. I was working three different jobs after graduate school ended. While it was very hectic at times, other times I had a lot of flexibility and was able to work at home. I still went on daily walks, but wish I had taken more advantage of planning to go to museums and zoo on free days, volunteering more regularly, etc. I did, however, take advantage of meeting other friends or former students during the daytime with odd hours, which was lovely. I will miss that as I transition into more regular full time work.

I didn't give up! I finally found a great EMDR therapist who helped me jump light years ahead in my PTSD recovery.


Again, I left so many goals for myself untouched. I tried to change a lot. I was a little more productive and self secure. But still not the loving, happy person I wanted to be. I am proud I did work on one of my fears though. That took a lot of courage but I did it. Also even though I didn't manage to graduate yet I am proud of my work on my thesis. Just a few more weeks to go and I'll be graduated! :)

I am not sure what I wold have done differently. There are very specific minute choices that most likely wouldn't have affected the greater things in the end. I am proud that I could be there for people, that we could need and support each other, and help each other grow.

I wish I had chosen a better schedule for myself this fall semester. I'm very sorry I wasted my summer. And I wish I would've rode my horse more. I'm very proud that I've been paying to take care of my car mostly on my own.

I feel like every time the new year roles around there are so many things I would change about how I acted. I wish I was more on top of everything in my life - finances, house stuff, school work, my job, communicating with people, reaching out to others, my health. I wish I had accepted my limits and not taken on so much. I wish I had not turned in assignments so late or had so many late night working sessions. I wish I had not had so much coffee. I wish I had been better about controlling how I treat my body, whether with food that truly nourishes it, with moving my body, or with loving my body and being thankful for all that my body offers. I wish I decided on what I was doing this summer earlier, and immersed myself even more with the preschool. I wish I hadn't let so many of my friends go. I wish I had made my family more of a priority. I wish I had also acknowledged my social limits and what I do and don't feel comfortable with.

I wish my father and I would have had a better professional relationship in 2014-2015.

Yes, I wanted to move..my house didn't sell the first time I'll choose a New professional more carefully. I wanted to either end or repair my relationship with Seth. Fortunately, it's looking up. Hope that continues.

There are so many moments, conversations, choices of the past year that I have gone over and over, wondering if I had said or done something different my husband and I would still be together. But I haven't found it healthy to dwell on these thoughts. I am very proud of the strength I've found. I'm much more capable than I suspected.

Regrets? Celebrations? What strikes me is nothing of either one stands out from the past year. Was it simply a year of getting by? Maybe it was, and maybe that's an improvement over the year before, my year of grieving so many losses. Or maybe I wasn't paying attention this year. Maybe I was consumed by distractions. What I was paying attention to was breathing and thinking about how to connect to Self...Jung's Self with the capital S. "I don't know who I am anymore," I told my therapist. "I don't know where I am." He says it's my continuing journey in redefining my identity and purpose after the end of my career. But it's more than that as I grapple with boundaries between me and those I love, and with both the idea and the realities of aging. Recently, I went to the movies with my husband who wanted to see "A Walk in the Woods" because it was set on the Appalachian Trail. Over the years he and his three brothers have hiked segments of that trail which has come to hold a sacred place in his life.. How much I identified with Bill Bryson's character, comfortable but feeling as if I am dying on the vine. I came away thinking here I am hitting my seventh decade, my life and body ebbing, and I wonder if I have really lived. Oh, I've breathed, grown, achieved the basics, even excelled a few times, but what is "living" in the highest sense? Is it merely romantic to long for exhiliration, for a sense of having made meaningful contributions, helped change the world for the better? Have I gone through the poet Mary Oliver's "one wild and precious life" riding the brakes? Surely I have achieved some measure of meaning, but was it enough? Could I have done more if I had been willing to take more risks? Is it too late? Maybe I should journal the year I turn 70 and make it a year searching for "real" living. Take my "walk in the woods" to see if I can find the meaning and exhiliration I think I am missing.

Visited family when they was closer.

I wish I had walked more on the days when I was home (whether working or on weekends). Here I am, working from home on Yom Kippur, and I haven't walked or gone outside yet today, like I usually do! Just get movin', sister :)

This year I wish I gave my best to my job more. I wish I communicated better with my manager and made an effort to develop a relationship. I wish I spoke up more at work. Alternatively, this year I am proud that I got my diabetes and crowns disease under control. I have found a way to live a 'normal' life with these new diseases.

I don't think so. Maybe not worried as much as I did. Even though in the back of my mind I knew it would all be ok. I'm proud of myself for looking for change and accepting it.

I shouldn't have signed the training agreement at work. I should have pushed back for all the right reasons. Now I feel very much held back by the financial burden and all for something that I haven't used much and hasn't advanced me much.

I am especially proud of representing same sex parents in adopting each other's children and completing their family legal relationships! I wish I had begun and worked diligently at a fitness regimen. I wish I had kept better track of my work time.

I wonder if I should have called off the wedding....

I would have eaten more healthy when my relatives came during my pregnancy and after my pregnancy. The calories added up and now I have a lot more pregnancy fat to lose than ever. And I did such a good job during my first and second trimesters. I'm proud that I earned my Mommy-Stripes and gave birth. It was so scary thinking about it and preparing for it was the only way I could cope with the unknown of what could happen at the delivery room. Of course, the unexpected happened but at least I had enough preparation to take it well. :) Those Lamaze classes are not in vain!

Something i would have done differently - kept my health & well being a priority. I stopped exercising and caring about what I ate and my fitness and health took a downturn. It's slowly getting back on track now. i am proud of the work I have accomplished for my job and how I've handled the work transitions. I had to make some difficult decisions around staffing and carried them out. It remains to be seen on how well those decisions will play out. ;) I'm proud that I've taken control of my health & well being again. I'm proud that I've been trying a new sport in paddleboarding

My work situation is not the best..so much hard work and i feel significantly underpaid. Although things didn't work out, I am proud of myself for at least being proactive and requesting a pay increase from the CEO, not an easy thing to do for most people and certainly not for me. I was promised an increase in a month, and then was turned down. My only option is look for work elsewhere but at my age, that would be extremely difficult to find. I am nervous about making a move but i will keep my eyes open for any realistic opportunities.

I wouldn't have put that heavy box of dog food in the top part of that little grocery cart. If I had, I wouldn't have tried to tip it over the curb without looking for the curb cut. If I had, when it tipped over I would have let go of it, thus avoiding falling on it and gashing my shin severely. And if I had done that, I wouldn't have had 8 stitches eventually leading to a quite prominent V-shaped scar. Live and learn. My husband says to tell people it's a shark bite, which is certainly better than saying I fell on a grocery cart.

-focused more on creating a great business consistently. -my consciousness in making purchases

The first thought that came to my mind when I read this question, was my relationship with my son. I don't know what I could have done different other than go out there to visit. I just hope he knows that I love him as much as I say I do. Another think I wish I had done differently is in regards to Rick. Perhaps I should not got back involved with him and started sending him money and commit myself to a future relationship with him. No doubt, I love him and want him in my life, but I am not sure if it is really God's will for me and if it is not, then I know I will be hurt again. Sadly, again this year, I cannot think of anything that I am especially proud of this past year. I guess, helping Rick, although I am unsure about it, was from a "good intensions" place in my heart.

I wish I'd been stronger in advocating for my own needs through this big transition--not just for myself, but for the sake of our relationship. I am proud of how supportive I've been of my man (for the most part) through all of it. I suppose I wish I could have found a better way to balance the two: being supportive, but not at the expense of my own emotional health.

I wish I had tried harder and longer to repair my marriage. Being divorced and the prospect of mixed families is very unpleasant.

I should not have wasted so much time playing Spider Solitaire . I am proud of the fact I am still alive at 75 . I am proud of learning to make crochet lace .

I wish I had worried less about our kids. I have a very catastrophic mentality when it comes to them and their health and I spend so much unnecessary time worrying about them when I could be so much more at peace. I am extremely proud of the fact that I have stuck to my kosher-only meat/chicken vow and I feel that my decision has positively impacted our whole family. We committed to going to shul every week and we have stuck with it which also makes me feel very proud.

Surprisingly, no -- I spent so many years being plagued with regret and wishing I could change so many things. But this year, I am so glad for every step that has gotten me to where I am now. I think there were times where perhaps I was a more vulnerable and open than I should have been given the circumstances, but at the same time, it is also a testament to who I am as a person. I put it all out there and so I can't say that I didn't give it my all.

I still wish I had been a better RA. I still think I could have done things differently -- been more proactive, offer more/different programs. I'm glad my residents were happy, nonetheless, with what I provided. I wish I was a better RA for Paula. I certainly felt I disappointed her many times. Not about that. Thankfully, we still keep in touch, kinda. I wish I didn't stress as much about the job search. I'm proud to have found a gig at Fitch. I wish I started a blog. I'm glad that I'm taking the initiative to start writing in little bits and pieces -- like LinkedIn. I wish I were closer with more people, like my parents. I'm grateful that they still love me. I wish I wasn't taking the CFA. Glad I'm getting done with it soon. I wish I had explored the city more often. I'm glad I'm kind of doing that more often now.

I am proud I finished the thesis and scored an A. I am proud of the end-product, it was authentic and personal and meaningful. I hope it will be of help. I started something with Sarah-having value meetings and meeting up every week to discuss values and take action. As a result, I became more aware of how I want to lead my life and made certain small changes. I tried going for morning walks. I got back to reading fiction. I made a gratitude jar. I tried writing everyday. I prayed. I started drawing and colouring. I wouldn't say I am consistent, but I tried and I felt better than last year. Exercise, is the hardest somehow. I wish I could just get over it.

I am (oddly) proud of what I accomplished - but hardly felt impassioned by doing so. Looking back, I wish I would have taken some risks - like really cleaning up the clutter (i.e. throwing out old, needless pieces of my last 69 years) signing up for a gym and a trainer, taking a big trip, renting a motor home or trailer . . . . It might not have anchored me or even brought about even less life balance; but it would have been bolder.

I wish I had worked harder. I got by the best way I know how to, but I know that I could have worked harder at school, at my job, and just in general aspects of my life. That being said, I am proud of my resiliency in what I do.

At the beginning of this year I set up a self-improvement schedule of sorts for myself. I was going to study Italian and practice my guitar several days a week; track what I ate and get 10K steps daily; cook, clean and more. I did great for the first several months of the year. Then Passover rolled around and I took a break from which I've yet to return.... Reflecting now on how excited and proud I was to have set these goals, I'm quite disappointed that I haven't seen them through better. This is classic of me -- making plans and *not* following through completely on them. I hate that and I want to be different and I know I can be. Admittedly, I did not expect to get a part-time job, which threw a wrench into some of my plans, but the key here is that it's a part-time job so I still have time. I'm just not using it wisely or efficiently. What's seriously effed up is that I want to do better but I'm fighting against myself and I have *no earthly idea* why. I don't really want to just sit on my a** looking at Facebook and yet, that's what I do and I just continue to disappoint myself further and further. I'm frankly scared of reaching the the breaking point because I don't know what I'm going to do or perhaps what I'm *not* going to do. All I know is that I feel like a fraud and it's upsetting. Perhaps by writing this all down and realizing what I want most, I can get back on track. I sincerely hope I can because there is far more to life than social media and the computer. God forbid something were to happen to me, I *don't* want my legacy to be, "She sat on her a** and futzed on Facebook." Time to get back to REAL LIFE.

I've finally started therapy for some of the underlying trauma issues that I struggle with from earlier points in my life. This therapist is a great mix of being patient and being a bit firm about making sure I'm not avoiding the work so I'm making a lot of progress in trying to heal and trying to teach my brain different thoughts and different ways of reacting to challenging situations. The work is incredibly hard but I'm already seeing the impact.

I wish that I had taken more risks. Last year I was still recovering a broken heart that led me to depression. This year it has been about building myself up again. I wish I was strong enough to take more risks. Risks that could potentially have an amazing positive outcome on my life. However I am proud for how far I have come and how much better I am feeling about life and about everything that I have done

I'm always sorry that I didn't work to my potential regarding exercise, really all facets in my life. I have read a lot, though. I am proud that I've been getting up earlier & go to work earlier, allowing me to get out of work earlier (duh). I need to become more active around the house and less lazy or resentful that I'M the one cleaning or what ever.

I wish I had started looking for a new career. Now I feel really pressured because I wanted to be in a new job by the end of the year and I'm not focused enough to do that. It means I'm likely going to have to find an "interim" job so that I can keep exploring my options but still stay sane. I'm proud that I didn't give up on acting. I was really down for a while but I'm still auditioning, still trying. I've been a quitter in the past but I hope I can continue to audition even if I'm not getting cast.

My teaching and classroom management. It is something I am proud of - I am doing it, I am getting better at it, and developing a clearer understanding of the bigger picture in terms of curriculum, Hebrew etc - but at the same time punctuated with less than ideal moments where I have made snide remarks to students and thought uncharitable thoughts about their parents. I wish I was more in control of my emotions on those occasions.

I wish I had handled my relationships with more grace and calm. I was neurotic, suspicious, and highly emotional. I didn't really expect more from myself, having never been in a serious relationship before. But I am sadden to know that the timing (and my own inexperience) was such, that a wonderful and loving man was hurt in the process of my test driving an engagement. I am proud of myself for pushing my limits and abolishing my fears. I'm a "yes woman", doing any and everything that sparks my interest. I am evolving into a person that I am finally happy and proud to be.

I wish I had been less fearful and that I had not given my personal power and belief in myself away to the judgment of others- I wish I had believed in myself sooner. I and very proud of the fact that even though I won my legal battle for custody of my son- I did not allow our arguments to seep into the interactions I had with my son at home. I regularly experienced his anger toward me as an extension of her anger and I am so happy that I was able to maintain neutrality so that he did not experience any more splitting between households

I wish that I would have taken the job in December when it was offered to me the first time. I'm a hard worker and I'm proud to know that I still had that in me.

I am proud that I not only registered for a half-marathon, but I will be running that half in just a few short weeks. Its amazing to look back at my answers from last year and see how far I've come. I still struggle with eating and living a healthy lifestyle, but I will continue to work on it. I have successfully kept off the weight I lost, which is a HUGE accomplishment in this journey.

I'm proud of having adopted a baby! I wish I hadn't left for the summer for washington. I wish I would have stayed and got the house ready for sale because it was hard doing it while working full time and having a baby. I wish I didn't start my baby at a new school. Too many new things and she sorta hated it.

I don't know. It seems like time passes and there may have been missed opportunities to do something different, like showing my art at a new place or just venturing out of the house to see where my feet take me. I can overthink. Overshoot the mark by not taking a chance at something that I think won't work. Or, I can still miss the mark by trying not to think, and end up with the same result. So to my thinking, I wish I would have given less energy to the stress and anxiety centered around my job. This seems to be my passenger . I was distracted one day from being late to work when I picked up a stranger around the corner and brought him back to our house. He seemed disoriented and I could tell that he just got out of the hospital from the bracelet on his wrist. He was lost and confused. Plus, he was older and heavyset, so if I was wrong I knew I could outrun him. The police dispatcher knew who I was describing as a missing person. That was something different. I only remember that day, because it was Good Friday and there was something more important than being to work on time. It also felt good to buy a homeless man a pack of socks and the most durable pair of shoes that Rite Aid had on the shelf. He was walking around barefoot on the wet ground in the cold. Remind me again-I go to work for a paycheck and am fortunate to have enough left over sometimes to help someone else.

I'm proud of the change of approach to auditions that I have adopted that not only makes it somewhat less stressful but also has resulted in repeat successes. I also wrote my first start-to-finish Purim Spiel this past year.

I wish I had worked harder on my writing. I think I was so overwhelmed by all of the changes that I let that worry and anxiety creep into the space for my own work. I'm proud, though, of my experience with Spamalot, of all the time I put into it, all the new experiences I had and the friends I made. I'm also proud of all the work I had to do to get to Cincinnati. It's very busy here, but I'm very thankful for the opportunity.

I wish I had spent more meaningful time with my mother before she passed away. I wish I had been more forward with honoring my feelings, and more open with others. I wish I took better care of myself. But honestly--I am proud of how well i managed to keep myself together, all in all.

I wish I made more time for meditation. I enjoy it so much and need to make it a part of my daily routine. I'm especially proud of the score I wrote for 'Plotholes'. I thought my music reached a new level of craftsmanship and creativity. I'm also proud of the ease with which I am able to switch between different collaborative partners and help support their vision.

I wish I had been less focused on my physical health. I am pleased that I continue to be involved with my community.

I need to stop judging my husband. I'm proud of myself for reveiling my Christianity to my sister (who said she knew all along!)

I wish that I'd spent less time trying to be OK in my heart healing and more time endeavoring to explore the darkness- I've had the tools all along. I am very proud of Glow's growth. I'm proud of the patience, perseverance, pace, precision and the confidence-contorting I had to achieve in order to convince myself that this was even possible. And I'm proud of the JOY my daughter exudes; it means I haven't ruined her yet ;)

I wish I hadn't left it so long to start looking for a new job when I was made redundant.

I wish I would have found a different job. The dissonance between the job I want and the job I have has grown unbearable. Proud of: I payed off my consumer debt! And I am well on track to save $10,000 for emergencies by the end of the year. I am so damned proud of myself for getting myself out of the hole I had dug, and creating a bit of a safety net.

I would have stepped up and done the differed action sooner. I feel like it's been over a year since I said I would and when I finally did I felt like I was way behind. I'm proud that I held my head up regardless of the situation I'm dealing with. I try not to dwell on the negativity and am moving forward.

Hah! What come to mind instantly is what I think i said for this question last year. I wish I had learned to open my heart just a little bit more. I think moving to a new place (again) has it's challenges as far as opening up whole heartedly to a new community. At the same time though i think I've done a great job, new work, new school, volunteering at the yoga studio, new yoga and meditation environments and new friends.

Definitely, I wish I have passed the comprehensive exam. It was also the year that I was disqualified in Todai. And I think something proud was to be able to bounce back slowly.

I keep stressing. It is becoming a pattern and I don't think it is related entirely to study. I need to break the habit before I leave university and get a job. I have taken a lot on with music and I keep piling more onto my plate. Next year I have decided to step off the executive board and that should be more relaxing.

I'm proud to have gotten my yoga teaching license and I'm able to share my yoga experience with others

I wish I had taken better care of myself.

I wish I had followed the psychiatrist's instructions to the letter and not caused myself a horrendous illness. I wish I could have broken through my resistance to the commitment required to find engagement and joy, such as a horse or therapy pet commitment. I am very proud of my enthusiasm and joy in creating my 70th Birthday Celebration, complete with the Grandest Party, new car, new iMac, new garden, dinner buffet, cake and ice cream, new clothes, slide show, out of town company, new window seat. I am very proud of my CBE involvement and Torah Reading learning. I am disappointed I haven't followed through with seeking enhanced relationships there, like lunch with each person as I had planned. Yet, when I returned for High Holidays just now, I knew many more people than I had imagined. Makes me happy.

I dont have any regrets from this past year. I'm proud that I didnt hurt myself.

Yes, not lose focus on relationships and connecting with people and make work a job instead of fun! Yes, all the gains I've made with goals and stepping up in leader roles, earning trips and speaking when asked and getting it done!

I wish I could have played nicer with the technologist at school, when I went back for an extra semester. I'm proud of the partner I've found and how much we've brought to each other's lives. I hope this next year is nothing but trial-runs for the type of life we want to live; canning food, skating, travelling, gardening, etc.

I'm still proud that I am keeping up with my twice weekly yoga commitment. I'm stronger and enjoy it more than ever. Differently? I always am wanting to be more organized and stick to a better schedule.

I am proud of intentionally loving myself, and making that a priority (or at least trying to). I wish I had done a better job of being kinder to myself at times. I wish I had handled some moments with more grace.

I am proud to be still working for Henricus Historical Park and for making what improvements I could while my supervisor was on maternity leave. I am also proud of my new employment with Prep for Success, a privately owned test prep company. I look forward to learning from my boss Beth. I don't think there is anything I wish I had done differently. I do wish I had been a little more on top of my financials. I have now created alerts for my phone so I know how much is in my account, which I think will make a big difference in my spending habits.

"I shouldn't care so much about dating and relationships!" *types okcupid into search bar* It was pretty stupid of me to enter into a serious relationship with Jeff Roggen, and tell him I loved him (!!!! because he said it to me), when I hardly even liked him. We weren't compatible, we didn't share the same interests, we could hardly talk about anything, and I didn't really like being intimate with him. So, one might ask, why did I call him my boyfriend for 3 stupid months? Because I was lonely and desperate and sad. On the bright side, when I broke up with him, I felt elated! It's good to know that a breakup can feel good, and when that happens, you know that breaking up was the right move. I hope that I've learned from this experience not to settle into a commitment just because you've found someone who likes you (read: likes boobies).

This year, I wish I had spaced out my travel schedule differently. Too many times, I felt pulled out of my life and rhythm at the very moment I was feeling rooted and enjoying progress in my projects. I couldn't figure out how to settle into a routine or schedule and without that support, I lost a sense of where I was on my path. I felt out of step with Cronus time and Kairos time all at the same time. That said, I am proud that I didn't give up on myself or my projects. I have continued to move along in the more meandering way life was offering itself to me. In doing so, I have come to see that letting go of what I imagined doesn't mean that I am giving up on my dreams. It actually gives my dreams a bit of time to start talking in my head and illuminating things I couldn't have known, seen, or done before. I am noticing that as soon as I am able to see myself and the tasks at hands in a new light, a gentler light; all of life naturally feels more spacious and open and magical.

I got really laid back, especially when it came to writing which does not come that hard to me fortunately. It affected both my efficiency and efficacy. I kept selling my ideas shortly to myself and others. Next time, I need to believe in myself more and show the results because I know I am capable of it if all I care about is learning and not proving.

I wish I'd kept a hold of my fitness coming out of the Marathon and Ride Across Britain last year. I don't trick myself into believing I could have stayed that fit all year. But to just let it all flow away? Why did I do that? What happened to me this year? How did I let go? Haven't I learned from past experience (e.g. my first marathon)? I haven't done anything I'm particularly proud of. I haven't had a great year. I'm still at Deloitte despite promises, publically and privately, that I would find an alternative. I didn't run another marathon. I didn't leave an unhappy relationship. This wasn't my year. I have done well at work. I have taken a small opportunity and turned it into something with legs and a heart beat. It hasn't been easy going but it's something I can attribute my ability to. I moved Mum and I to a one bedroom flat in Chiswick, as the first step in living as an adult.

I am especially proud of the decision I made to sell my home and downsize to an apartment and move closer to my kids. It was not an easy process but from the day I moved the evidence of how right an answer this was has been shown to me. I have frequent times with my kids, to all of our benefit. I do wish I'd pressed harder to get my digital business up and running...but that continues to be an important goal that I know will manifest.

I wish I had gotten my research paper finished much sooner. I think it will still be a good paper, but I'm embarking on a new paper right as the academic job season is kicking off, which is... interesting timing.

I wish I would have prioritized my needs over the people I was in relationships with. Dating her drained so much of me. I'm proud of coming out to my Tatty.

I wish I would've hit her up.....asked for her number.....asked her out for coffee.....gotten to know her better......talked to her more! Something! Anything! Now I have to live with this regret for I don't know how long and it sucks.....it really does suck! I could've been happy with her. She seemed like a cool girl. I'm an idiot for not pursuing her! Not too much that I am proud of from this year. I have no courage to do anything that I really want to do. I never go out of my comfort zone. I don't have the balls to do anything

I'm thrilled that I'm nearly done with two memoirs that were laying dormant. I'm happy with the way they are turning out, too, which for this writer is MAJOR. I wish I had not relapsed into bad eating, however, and gotten FAT. This is a deep problem I've been battling that seems to have no answer. I have teams of therapists, yet...

I can't really think of anything I wish I had done differently this year. I spent most of the year trying to get settled in my life in San Francisco. And therefore, I've had to make certain choices to be able to do that. I'm really proud that I've been able to reach out and connect with old friends from college, and new friends from college. I've put myself in awkward situations, but have gotten the best results. I have a new group of friends who I love and have made my life here in SF so much better.

I'm somewhat proud of myself for getting to where I am. Last year at this time I was unemployed and living with friends in New Jersey. I am now employed at two different libraries, one of which gives me some benefits. And I did this on my own. My family got me set up in Boston, but getting employed? That was all me.

Other than continuing worries about the independence (or lack thereof) of our sons, this has been an uneventful year. My husband and I are just moving along in our jobs and life. Our relationship is good and strong, as it has always been. There is nothing I can think of that I wish I'd done differently, but also nothing that stands out as a proud accomplishment.

I am proud of my commitment to meditation, co-counseling, exercise, eating well even if too much. Wish I could tap into the sacred pause before going ballistic with loved ones. Also wish I could tap into acceptance of life on life's terms and tone down the reactive state I'm so skilled at indulging.

There are more than a few things I'd do differently if I had the chance. At the top of the list would be trying to be a better husband and father through more positivity and creative energy. I also wish I was able to make more money to buy my family a house because currently I cannot. I'm proud of reconnecting with my roots in terms of the pastimes I like (skate, surf) and proud of the choices I've made in terms of where I've been focusing my energy.

I completed my first triathlon. I feel empowered. I have always underestimated myself. I found out I was capable of doing this and more! I feel more confident in myself. I need to keep pushing myself beyond my comfortable boundaries. There is so much more I can do!

Been a better low profile hero. Needed credit less. Calmer kinder.

I got my CISSP without studying or doing any real work. I wish I had studied harder or at least committed to taking the test like 6 months earlier so that I could have saved close to $300 dollars in test postponement costs. Nothing I've done this year is anything to be particularly proud of. I survived another year of my exstence... I guess that's going to be enough for the time being..

I wish I had been more graceful about letting go of the anger involved in the custody situation...it has been a slow process. But holding onto being 'right' has only hurt me. I am ready to let go of that. I am proud of losing weight. It has been hard work and daily choices. The results are stunning.

I am proud that I completed my first ultramarathon at the age of 57. That is something for someone who never considered herself a runner. I hope it will help me to explore other new things as well.

Wish I would have taken an international trip. Proud of my work performance and finding a great house in a really excellent location. Also proud of my recovery from knee surgery. It was a long, dark process.

I wish I had taken better care of myself. I let myself meander and fall off track. I didn't even try to face what was bothering me. I let myself slip further and further away. The only thing keeping me here was sheer stubbornness. I need to grind it out. I only have so much stubbornness to spare ;p

I invested a ton of my personal time in singles events and related social activities that forced me to push the limits of my social skills. I definitely think that I expanded my horizons as a result and “bulked up” my social muscles. I want to believe that this has been beneficial to me in other ways even if it did not have the desired result. But the other side is that I failed miserably in the primary goal of this effort and in the process I spent a lot of time trying to smile my way through activities that brought me no joy. I managed it, and that showed a lot of growth. But I didn’t enjoy it. I can’t exactly say that I regret making the effort, but I do regret that I spent so much time on something I got so little out of.

I wish I had kept my temper, become neat, not obsessed over the sadness of the world.

I wish I had done a better job of communicating my feelings to all those I love, especially those I have lost contact with.

I'm finding it difficult to think of something that I wish I'd done differently this past year. Perhaps keep in touch with my friends from college more. I'm finding that my life is beginning to progress at a different rate than many of my friends' and it feels difficult to connect on the same level we used to. Alternatively, I'm proud of putting myself out there and meeting one of the most wonderful men I've ever had the joy of meeting. My boyfriend, Chris, has been such a spectacular partner in our three and a half months together so far. I can't help but feel pride for having the confidence to help this relationship grow and flourish.

Gambling... Wish I would have stopped... Geez... So passé... Holding that much money was fun... Addiction is a crazy phenomenon...

I wish I had had the courage and strength to say no to things and situations where I did not want to go. Too many times I have ended up being somewhere simply because of peer pressure or the feeling that I 'need' to be there and will hurt someone's feelings if I say that I do not want to be there and that I'd rather be doing something else.

I wish that I had paid more attention to my money before and after leaving my job. But I am especially proud that I left my job when I did.

I wish i had flown home to see my grandmother sooner. I wish in the brief time we had 'd been better abel to express myself. It just all happend so quick, i was unprepared. I don't feel anything is unresolved persay...but i just wish i'd had my shit together and been able to tell her how much i appreciate her one last time

Proud to speak my mind

I wish I had trusted myself more and gone for"it" more often.

I'm proud of all of the sermons I have given; they have gone well and given me a great deal of pleasure.

- I wish I could have realized that the move was completely possible this year. I probably would have prioritized life items and experiences differently. It didn't become possible until sometime in the summer when we got contacted by Matt in Ontario. That's when I realized things were going to change. - I wish I would have created our "bucket list" at the beginning of the year. It has been great for targeting life activities and experiences. We started it around May of this year. We have been able to go to Marigold Kitchen. There is still a lot to try to squeeze in prior to us leaving. - I wish I would have voiced my fears and hesitancies with moving waaaaaay way earlier. It would have given us time to talk about these fears and ISs and work through them much more thoroughly. I probably would have read Boundaries sooner (or been introduced to the topic earlier). - I am really proud of getting systems in place to make my day job much quicker/easier and pain free. I'm working on these routinely. - I am really proud of learning about boundaries, and being willing to stretch my bounds and improve upon my currently lack of solid boundaries. - I am really proud of putting myself out there at work, and asking for what I want. I learned that the team here is receptive to my making a role change if that's what I want. - I am really proud of taking the step in working with Rafael. It's not easy to fork up $2400, but it's been incredibly worth it.

Leaving my job! It wasn't too healthy for me and I needed to make a change. Proud of starting my own consulting practice.

This year has brought so many blessings - I wish I had had more faith that they were coming. I've had such a butterfly kind of two years - I didn't need the anxiety, fear and agita because it all turned out better than I could have dreamed. Why did I put myself through that?? Or those around me? I want to work to have more faith in myself, my life, my friends, the world.

I wish I had been a tad - big tad - more proactive and would come up for myself better. I am a pleaser but not always to my own advantage.

There is a lot I wish I could have done differently, but nothing really stands out – or at least, I’ve let it go which is probably a good thing! One thing I’m very proud of is that I helped introduce the profession of Architecture to four at-risk middle school students. I was inspired by their energy and ability to focus on the activities we had them do since I initially expected them to not want to participate at all. I am grateful for having the opportunity to teach the basic elements of architecture and to help young students find positive direction in their lives. Preparing for the lessons each week with my colleagues reminded me of why I became an architect in the first place.

I wish I had finished my Duke commitments on the timeline I had planned -- by June 2015. Instead of doing that, I prioritized spending time with friends and exercising (which I don't really regret...) and having the guilt of unfinished work hanging over my head. Helen has been extremely gracious and kind, which is surprising, so I'm thankful for that. I don't want all of those late nights and weekends to be for naught. I must finish! Anyway, I do regret not just putting my head down and getting it done. I need to work on FOLLOW THROUGH! I can't always just be the opener and ideas person -- I've got to learn to be a closer too.

I don't know what I could have done differently this past year. I was always trying to just do the best I could. It was hard, to say the least. A lot of pain, lonliness, loss and confusion. I guess f I could have changed anything it would have been the pain we both felt. I suppose you cant get "here" from "there" without it though. Proud of. No, not this year. I haven't really felt proud of myself. I suppose that's a bit harsh but I'd say I'm proud of my ability to have jumped back in to my work and really push it again after many months of disengagement.

In retrospect shown more patience, tolerance and care for others

I would hate to answer all of these quesrions related to work but here we go with number 2... I am so pround of how much my venue has improved in the past year. The results are just the paper proof of how great the atmosphere is at work and how much everyone supports each other. It is a wonderful place to be and we are just going from strength to strength. To be the best performing venue in such a progressive company gives me the best feeling and I feel like the little people can make such a difference. A second thing that I am proud of that has happened this past year is that I celebrated my first year anniversary with James. Reading my answers fromnladt year just shows how scared I was in his going to uni, we made it and are still very much in love. I can't see my life without him at this point.

I am not sure there's anything significant I wish I had done differently as so much of this year was just about survival. I suppose I'm proud I made it through. I'm proud I managed to move home and I'm proud I have managed to work full time with everything that has gone on.

We moved to Milwaukee. We discarded a perfectly good life in return for a better one.

Yes, I wish that the relationship I ended had stayed ended. Instead, we slowly moved back into the relationship and I'm wondering at what point will we end it again.

I'm proud that I've continued to grow in my confidence as a mother and overcome a lot of self doubt. It's hard and it's something I still struggle with everyday, but I know I've come a long way. I see the difference in myself and the way I feel.

I am proud that I went back to work at my former job and made it successful. I changed my attitude and perspective. I am working to be less critical and more supportive and positive.

Wish I'd taken better care of myself, hysically, mentally, and emotionally

Looking at my answers from last year, I was filled with hope for what this new chapter could bring for me--new job, new city, new relationships--but now a year later, a lot of things haven't changed that I would have liked to see more change in. I see now that while the setting had changed, and I thought about ways i wanted to change myself, I pretty much stayed the same in my habits and I could have pushed myself a lot harder to step outside of my comfort zone. I am just starting to do some of that now, and I am seeing how important it is to bite the bullet and do it. Even though at the current moment I'm really unhappy with the way a lot of things are going in my life, I still feel hopeful that I can change, and am trying to embrace taking on the things that have scared me most, or have even seemed impossible until now.

I wish I had taken care of myself better physically. I am still struggling to find a way to do that or at least to move in that direction. I have spent a lot of money on a gym membership that I have never used and I have not been eating well. Also, I contracted with my doctor to lose 20 pounds but have only lost 5. I have, however, moved in the direction of taking care of my home and making it more livable. That is something I am very proud of. It will enable me to invite friends to my house, which should overall make my life better.

Again, I wish that I had treated mommy better. I am working on being kinder, more patient, and more thoughtful with her, but it's hard and a work in progress. I also wish I had done more work on my dissertation. :/ Gah- I gotta graduate!

I wish I had handled the bout between my son and my wife differently. I have no idea currently what I could have done differently, but I did the best thing I could think of. I am so proud that I coordinated the first annual autocross at TMMI!

I don't think I would have done much differently because it wouldn't have led me where I am now. Honestly, any little change could have thrown everything in a completely different direction. But if I had to choose a couple of things: Study for GRE Not use my credit card as much Maybe take less time to get over my rejection from school

Done differently? What occurs to me is that, if I had, I wouldn't have my present state of consciousness. I had a number of struggles this year, but I think I handled them with as much grace as I could muster. I suppose there are tweaks. I could have been present more, run more, worried less, but it hardly seems like it matters now. And I'm not interested in punishing myself for should haves or could haves. I'm satisfied, more than proud. It's been a good life, so far.

I wish that I had planned for my financial security from the beginning. Once I decided to cash out my retirement (something that I had resisted even thinking about), I felt liberated. I Could have spared myself much anxiety and distress, negative thinking and stagnation. I'm proud of the strides I've made in the realm of detachment.

Work harder, work smarter, speak up for myself more.

Although I didn't realize it at the time, much of what I did worked out really well. Once I was able to move past the self-recrimination, I learned a lot about what was important to me.

Differently, yes, not procrastinate regarding personal life. Proud, yes, able to be more assertive and self assured.

I'm sorry that I didn't take better care of my body. I'm feeling a deep sense of resentment about having to look after myself and I realize that I've been rebelling against my own body--eating what I want, drinking too much, not exercising enough. I want to find a way back to cherishing my healthy body.

Well. I wish I would have been less irritable to the kids while I was unemployed and unhappy. I wish I wouldn't have crushed on and still crush on another man when I am very happily married to the man with whom I am incredibly compatible. I feel like such an idiot for being interested in someone else when my own husband is so amazing, and when we get along so well, and when this other person and I hardly have anything in common. What is wrong with me? I am very proud of what I have done with the volunteer work I do. I really am making a difference in people's lives and it's amazing to see. I'm proud of handling the stress of moving so well.

I wish I had played the piano more. I wish I had eaten more carefully. I wish I had meditated more. I am proud I finally found full employment - at the age of 60! I am proud that I am able to take care of myself financially, at least at the moment, after years of being dependent on my husband. I am proud I can help us financially when we really need it.

I'm proud of making it thru another year marginally employed. I'm proud to be employed full time now and have joined a gym and just feel like I'm being responsible for my life again.

I wish I had forced S to move out sooner. I wish I had put more time into reading about potential grant projects. I worked on building and striking Black Rock City for 25 days and totally ROCKED IT! I learned to weld and created ART for the playa.

I'm proud of taking a major leap and shifting my career path. Although it was incredibly hard to leave teaching, I am growing and learning in my new position in the ways that I had hoped. I feel lucky to have found a new job so quickly and to have lucked out with wonderful new coworkers.

I wasn't as focused or disciplined with my time this year as I needed and wanted to be. I know that's a major reason why I didn't achieve the writing goals I set out for myself during 10Q last year. I am proud of the way I conducted myself during some of the more trying transitions in my work life this past year. My co-workers consistently praise me for being someone who can handle difficult situations with grace, optimism, and cheer.

Gotten along better somehow, some way with both my kids ~ both came back to my town. Both kids came back to be here, in my town! It's been wonderful!

I wish I could be more forthcoming with my frustrations with my husband over our parenting differences. This next year I want to feel more confident to address this issues head on instead of letting them fester and build resentment under the surface.

Nothing jumps to mind as something I wish I had done differently. I changed roles in my district to lead a school transformation this past year, and I'm proud of the whole experience. I learned and grew so much personally and professionally, and I believe I had a meaningful impact on the school and team. I did a 360, and the staff was incredibly appreciative of my work (though I still have things I'd like to work on!).