Describe one thing you'd like to achieve by this time next year. Why is this important to you?

being more patient with my kids and myself. Being more present with them.

I guess that would be finishing my Master's degree and having the grade to get into a Phd programme.

Work life balance. Visit my girlfriend in dc. Hmmm I guess college scouting. I'm working myself to death.

I would like to have reached my goal weight. When I was 17 I got within 2 lbs of goal, but it was too scary to be attractive and I promptly regained 30 lbs. Reaching goal and maintaining for the six weeks necessary to become a WW lifetime member would signify that I have outgrown my reliance on emotional eating. It would represent a commitment to my health and my hope for a long and satisfying life.

I would like to have lost as much weight as possible - anywhere between 50 and 100 pounds. This means the world to me. Ultimately, it means my life.

I would like to have a job that I am excited to wake up for each day. Does that really happen? I think it does.

I would like to have published at least one book by this time next year. It's important because I need to show myself and the world that I am capable of the things I want to accomplish.

I want to be making actual progress towards being in school. That can be by saving or studying or something entirely different, but I don't want to be simply surviving, I want to be moving forward.

I'd love to meet the person I'm going to share my life with. I love being independent but having a partner who I can share all things with... I would love that even more.

By the time next year, I would like to pass my gold moves test. This is important to me because if I have done that I will have not let my work interfere with my health and my personal goals.

My body HAS to be where I want it to be. That includes the top of my head. This is everything. This is my confidence, my self esteem, my relationship, my ability to thrive. This is everything.

By this time next year I want to have passed my PE Exam and become a licensed Professional Engineer. The exam is going to be tough, but it's the next step in my career and one heck of an accomplishment.

Have a JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Because I want one! I know it will happen by the time next year. I just hope its one that when I read it at this time next year I'm thinking, "I like my job! :)"

I have written a story... a novella for teenagers. It has to do with God and I am terrified to send it to anyone. So, I hope by this time next year I will be brave enough to try letting someone read it.

Finish more projects that I already have supplies for. At 60 I know that I am on the downhill and I want my daughters to not have to get rid of so much stuff that can be made into other things.

Promotion. Having been at Fast Web Media s year now, I feel I have learned a lot and become a much better account manager. I would like to see this reflected in my job title and pay. Since I started at the same time as jack and Gemma, I think it would put pressure on paul to promote all 3 of us.

Finishing the sequel to my novel, Surfer Girl. Printing a first edition to Surfer girl with color paintings throughout. I would like writing to become a habit that will extend itself into a possible career change. Plus bring a published author is so damn cool and sexy.

By this time next year, I would like to either be working in a fulfilling position or have my own clients. I would like a regular outlet for my creative design juices!

I would like to be alot more grounded & feeling like my life is on track again, having a job gives me direction, so being employed is very much part of that. This is very important to me as it makes me feel secure and stable.

I'd like to own a piano. If I had my own piano I could practice whenever I want (within limitations of noise ordinances).

I'd like to be done with my PhD! This has been a huge project. Lots of work and really tough. What an achievement to be done. To have achieved it. And no-one can take it away from me...

Very simple I would like to see that my new company is a success - In one years time we should have a good idea if it is or not. I will also be 50 in a year. This company is the first time in my life that I deeply believe in a project that I have been a part of, I love all of its elements and its people involved and I am really excited to be a part. It's my seed, my baby. I have never felt that I have ever professionally done anything that feels so right for me. So I deeply hope and wish it is successful.

I'd like to be more settled in my personal life. With the end of my marriage coming and the things that will be occurring due to that, sale of the home, finding a place to live, moving on, hopefully having the perfect partner for me :) .., I'd like my life to be more settled.

I would like to be several steps further into the path of taking refuge in Buddhism. I view it as a journey. I would also like for us to either be moved or ready to move. I wish I had started meditating in my youth, when it was first recommended. I feel like I've lost time. But there is no time like the present. Nan and I agree that it is time for a change, and it will be nice to do something for each other, instead of for the kids. This is special, and it's for us.

By this time next year, I really hope to have figured out a plan for my financial and work future. Though I love living in my house, I am currently hating my job. Unfortunately, I need my job to support living in this area of the country. I could sell my house, downsize and retire in the mid-west, but I'm not sure I really want to do that. It would certainly release the pressure to make money, but I'm not sure I would be happy living away from this home that I've put so much time into.

I'd like to do more for myself: more journaling, more meditation, stop worrying so much.

Coming to terms with my moms passing... be happier again.

I'd like to have a new job in a new city. This is important because I am tired of living in NY, and I need to leave my job as soon as possible. I want to live somewhere new (or pittsburgh) and have a home where I am comfortable starting a family.

Regain my health. This past year has been quite rough and I would love to achieve a level of functionality that is sorely missing right now.

Find a wholesome healthy safe nurturing and fun school for my daughter and son. Find a part time job that is fulfilling and engaging, and volunteer to do something helpful in a community. Finding better balance between married life mother hood and individuality. Also be true to how I choose my words. Being impeccable with words towards self and others.

Id like to get off insulin and learn to enjoy exercise

By this time next year I will be practicing wholehearted living by btinging my whole self to work, to worship, and to home. No more hiding or holding back. I want to be fully engaged with life. Specificly, I would like to achieve a different job, one more suited to my values, skills and interests. I want to be fully contributing and involved in my life's purpose and passion.

I would like to be free of all pharmaceuticals that are treating symptoms. Treating symptoms just covers up the true cause. I wish to access and treat true causes to permanently be free of any symptoms.

Get financial stability, this factor is affecting not only my credit report, but also interferes with almost everyone of other fields in my life. Just wandering if it is my victimized conscience that creates the problem or the other way instead. Have a friendly interaction with the kids, healing wounds, and motivate everyone to take their own emotional responsibility. I do not know how, but it most be start inside out. I have to reconcile with myself

Not being afraid to be honest. Especially with Eric. We have gotten better at this whole showing-who-we-really-are thing the past couple months, but it's still hard sometimes. I am still afraid to text him twice in one day kind of thing. He rambled about economics and population control last night on the phone when I haven't seen him for 2 weeks now (and won't for another week on top of that), and the last time I talked to him I tried to explain that I was upset I didn't know the next time we would hang out. He didn't quite get the message, but he definitely knew something was wrong/I will upset about SOMETHING. So. Last night, on the phone, all I wanted was to talk about our relationship and maybe even hear him reiterate how much I mean to him/ what he likes about me/ what he misses about me/ THAT he misses me...etc. etc. But instead I got rambles about population control and I wish I could have had the courage to steer the conversation in the direction I wanted it. about an hour and a half in I did sort of give up and I just said "hey yeah my brain is fried, I'm going to bed." And he understood but was kinda bummed I wasn't up for talking about the worldly problems. I coulda been straight up from the get-go though. But I guess I'm afraid I'll scare him or something. Idk. I want to get better at this. I also want to stop feeling this tension with Eryn. Our personalities clash. I want too be an RA next year. She's going to London (possibly. who actually knows?). I either have to address the off-ness between us again, causing a fight, or just step away altogether and only be friends through theater here. The roomie sitch gives me stress. I hate having to close myself off when she walks in the room. People are starting to notice. I kinda vented for this Q. Sorry. I needed to. I did answer honestly though!

I would like to be in Army WOFT school by this time next year, learning to fly the AH-64 Apache Longbow. This would be like starting a new life for me, at the age of 31. It would be a complete career change for the better and would provide me with challenges and opportunities, the like of which I could not find in this area. If it comes to my decision, it would be the most important and bold decision of my life, I believe.

I would like to find work closer to home, and I would like to write a book and self publish it. This is important because i work an hour and 15 minutes away (each way) so it will give me more time to spend with my family and hopefully make me less exhausted. In addition, I expect it will give me the time to do other things, such as write a book, that I would like to do.

I would like to be in a relationship, preferably with a Nice Jewish Boy, that has the potential to lead to marriage. I've accomplished most of my major goals in life--friends, family, career, homeownership, tikkun olam--but becoming a wife and mother is the one goal I can't reach by myself!

Establish the confidence to be my best self. Live Outward Bound Spirit - Four Principles: Self Reliance, Physical Fitness, Craftsmanship and Compassion My Takeaways: Group compassion, quiet leadership, navigation challenge, rock climbing/belaying, walter filtration, solo

I'm surprised by how difficult this is to answer. Maybe because I have so many aspirations--some which I feel are maybe too simple. I have all of these feelings about what my life should be like--the career, the money, the things. The one thing that I want to achieve is control and comfort with my diet. I want a new place to live, and a healthy relationship and a puppy and a better job, and improved health. But this is the one thing that I actually have a lot of control over--and more work to do. I'm choosing this today--not only because it's something I've been working on for months but also because I'm currently struggling with neuropathy in my hands and I know it's from poor eating choices. I can do better.

I would like to make high honors, for the entirety of senior year. It is very important to me, so that I can prove to myself that I have the drive, will power, and intelligence to do whatever I put my mind too.

I would like to have my private pilot's license by this time next year. It's important to me because being a pilot has always been my dream and I would like to go into the military as an aeronautical engineer and pilot. The school that I'm currently interested in will allow me to not only get my commercial pilot's license but also to be a part-time flight instructor, which has also been a dream of mine.

One thing that I would most like to achieve this year is raising my GPA. I have had pretty good grades throughout my high school career, but I would like to challenge myself to bring them up. That said, i would also like to have a little more fun knowing that this is my last year in high school and knowing i really have to get serious when i go to college.

I would like to have better training skills, because i want to have my own training courses.

I would like to either acquire a college scholarship, or be enrolled into a college by this time next year, because I take my education very seriously.

I would like to have all of the maint. completed on my house. wood trim repaired, etc. Its important because its been something that has need to be completed for a while. Would like to have my folks estate settled and all things in place and oranized.

I'd like to truly expand my repertoire of close-up magic. This will allow me to begin building a second career as an entertainer, which I will be able to do well into my elder years.

Id like to have my licence and a job in the electrical field. That way i can drive and start having the training i need to become an electrition and take care of my family.

I would like to have all of my portfolio and resume and marketing sampler ready to be sent to firms. It is time I take control of my future!!

Losing 25 to 30 lbs Important so I can feel the best about myself in all ways!!!?

I want the tiny house to be done. Even now I am writing this on borrowed time because I took the day "off" to go work on it and O. wants me out there already. It's been 2 1/2 years since the Tumbleweed training, and I am so sick of this indentured servitude. (I put the "off" in quotes because it is actually more work than my actual job. At least there I get to sit down, and work on things I have a lot of knowledge of, and not have some asshole tell me I'm doing everything wrong. Oh, and they pay me, and it can go on my resume.) The worst part is, people see the tiny house as a thing that is O.'s achievement, not mine. And I can't decide if everyone is right or not. It's true that he's the one buying the materials and tools, and learning how to do the processes. So I am never fully committed to or not to the tiny house. But every time he pisses me off and I go on strike, it just delays the end of the build more :-( My time and energy do NOT count for nothing. If I could do it over again, I would have said "I am not allowing that to be built on my property" and that would have been the end of it. (But I would not have been able to articulate this peculiar reason where it is now both my tiny house and not my tiny house, because I didn't predict that.) Instead, now I have to give up time and energy I would rather spend doing other things, and give up my "vacation" days this year to, not taking a vacation, but instead be home doing physical labor towards a project I don't care about but am stuck with. It's not just the "vacation" days when I'm working on it, either. I was going to write that I would like to have accomplished some dressmaking or art, but that's the sort of thing that has been getting pushed aside :-(

I'd like to UnF* My Habitat. I hate clutter. It stresses me out. And yet, I feel compelled to hoard data, so I hang on to paper records and junk up the place. I need a scanner.

One thing I would like to achieve by this time next year is to get into shape and loose some weight. This is important to me because I have recently been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism. And it has been hard to loose weight because I have to watch what I eat and remember to always take my pills. It is just really hard and I try to cover it up with my family and friends and show them that I am okay but really inside I am not. So I would just be glad if I could get into better shape by this time next year especially for my health.

I would like to be in a new relationship. I miss having someone to share with. It's important because it's either that or talking to the wall.

I'd like to have applied for graduate school programs, so I can move closer to my goal of being financially secure. Financial insecurity and food insecurity and true poverty and questionable sources of income all add such a layer of stress on top of existing mental health issues.

Have graduated successfully from my DBT program. It is important because it is a lot of hard work, all intended to make me stronger and more capable at taking care of myself.

I say this every year, but I would really like to focus more on doing what's best for me - my health, my sanity. I'm making progress, but I'd like to be able to see a better version of myself.

I would like to be more patient with my husband. He is quite deaf, and I want to be more compassionate and,to try harder to communicate with him. If I have to repeat myself three times, I must do so, without becoming frustrated or saying "never mind". It is important because we must have conversations which connect us. He has become more anxious as he ages, and I hope to somehow help him cope with the small things that aggravate him.

Completing a particular work task (curriculum writing) that I have been largely dawdling about for 5 years simply because I don't like format they are requiring it to be in. I know that's a bogus reason and I'm lucky to not have been called out about it yet. It would be better to just suck it up and get it done. Outside of work, I'd like to achieve finishing hiking the 2 trails I started this year. I had the lofty goal of finishing them this summer - way to large a task, but I was very determined with what I did complete. It is a small thing in the greater scheme of life but will give me the satisfaction of being able to say I completed it for no reason other than because I could.

Would like to sell our rental property and consider consolidating into one location. It is time to simplify.

I'd like to have a job that pays my bills and one where I don't lose my mind doing it. Please.

Only one thing? There are many things I'd like to achieve by next year. Most importantly, I would like to have a place to live. Living in my car is not ideal, while I am grateful to have a car to live in and not be freezing on the streets or under a bridge, I would love to sleep in a bed. Have a bathroom to use, a kitchen. All of the things most people don't even think about, the luxuries I cannot afford. It's amazing to me that just because of my credit score, I'm forced to live in my car. I've never been arrested, I've never done drugs, I don't even smoke or drink, I have a job, but just because of my credit I'm deemed unworthy of a roof.

I want to have a significant change professionally. Whether I change companies, or take time off and start a bookkeeping business...not sure. I have been stagnant and bored for a couple years, it's time for change. I know I can achieve more, I just need to get myself into the right environment.

Learn to ski. I live in the North East and always feel cold. I love summer and dread winter. I start feeling down when the leaves start changing. I would like to be able to embrace all the seasons and so I thought that if I found something that I might enjoy I would be able to appreciate winter better.

Have a down payment ready to by house

Regularly meditating. I have no excuse. It's doable. It's free. This could help me in every conceivable way. What is my payoff for NOT meditating? That's right, there is NO payoff. Instead of staring at my iPhone, I could summon my "it-dosen't-get-any-better-than-this" moment I experienced one summer's eve while sitting on my swing after a hard day's work. Imagine, I have it within me to recreate this state any time, any place. What's not to love about that idea?

I would like to launch a new business. While the aviation business is okay I don't think it speaks to me personally. I would like to bring more beauty into the world. And make a living for my family to have a comfortable life.

to get my poor old house in order. Time has gone by so quickly this year so I have put off keeping my house up. both inside and out. It was just so easy to put things we weren't using into the spare bedroom, rather than putting them away or finding a new spot for stuff. Now it has become the Beast in the Bedroom! Same for the yards. I found myself just doing the bare essentials, so now I have a jungle! I also need to do a little painting to the exterior. Wow! I am going to be very very busy this upcoming year. I'm already tired! Maybe I'll just put it all into the spare bedroom....

I want to be able to overcome my eating disorder and use it as an aid for me to help others overcome their own struggles with mental illness.

get my dog, Loretta Cupcake, certified as a Therapy dog and volunteer at Hospice this winter.

I would like to lose 50 pounds or more by this time next year. All of my life, I've struggled with my weight. It's not only a struggle for me,but my family as well. If I meet this goal, I would be able to inspire my loved ones. I can show others that weight is conquerable. It's a obstacle that I MUST overcome.

I need to truly allow myself to follow my heart instead of my head and to calm the negative feelings

i would like to run a 2.5k race. I have never been a runner and I am trying very hard to work on my physical fitness and cardio for health and happiness

Find a well paying job to feed and clothe my family.

ONE THING?! I would like to feel more stable financially. This is important to me because I see it as a primary responsibility to my family - both actually being more financially stable and just FEELING like it. So, see, I slipped 2 things in there. One involves saving. The other involves less anxiety.

I am currently going through a miscarriage. This is by far the hardest thing I have had to go through. We have prayed for this baby, dreamt about this baby, and wanted this baby. My daughter, Olivia is now almost three and one of my biggest wishes is to give her a brother or sister. By next year I would like to have another member of our family. I will also never forget the baby that I have lost.

I would like to get a driving licence. It has been 11 years in Toronto but I never felt that I belong here or Toronto belongs to me. Having/renting a car might change that I believe and I can discover more about canada...

I want to be physically strong and healthy. I've endured some physical setbacks this past year. As I get older, I know that it will take more time to stay healthy and not cause myself injuries (e.g. falling).

I just want to go back to India. That's all. I feel like there is a story awaiting me there, a story waiting to unfold. An unfinished story from last time. I can't go on to other things until I seek the end of this story. I feel like another life is awaiting me there.

I would like to have taken the LSAT.

Stop fighting with (1) my ex-husband, (2) my body image, (3) my feelings toward my mother, and (4) my lack of commitment to my boyfriend. Unfortunately, the first 3 have been goals for my entire lifetime (except ex-husband was previously husband).

I want to get my finances in order so that I am paying all of my bills on time and not having to borrow any money from my parents or my boyfriend; I plan to get a temporary second job and/or to look for new employment to achieve this goal. I also want to get my emotions under control with therapy so I can stop taking the anti-anxiety medicine. I think reduced work stress will help with this as well, so it's kind of all wrapped up in one goal of getting healthier - emotionally, financially, nutritionally, fitness-wise and more (but that is a more long-term goal, which I don't expect to accomplish totally in one year). My life is always a work in progress, after all =P

By this time next year, I'd like to be a in place where I am trusted by the leadership of the college that I work at. While this means more work, obviously, it would also mean progression in my goal of eventually moving into leadership. I would also have liked to have found a way to truly, deeply forgive my sister.

By this time next year, I want my house to feel totally like mine: living room done, kitchen done, bedroom done, office done. The upstairs bathroom, if I get a windfall, done. My house, no imprints of previous inhabitants. I need to feel some ownership over my own space for peace of mind.

Realize freedom and independence! Because that's what I'm here for!

I want to have bought a home. I think I said the same thing last year, but I really think it's time. My company is a little uncertain right now, but if my job is more stable in the new year, I should move forward.

Since we moved into a new home this year, there are a lot of things I'd like to get done: Buy a dining room set, make sure the house gets any needed seismic retrofitting, get some window coverings up, etc. I don't know whether any of that counts as achieving anything. It is important to me, though, because I would like to have a safe house that feels like a complete home. Personally, I'd like to read more books this year. I didn't make much time for reading last year, and I miss it.

By this time next year I would like to have the speech together that I will give a a TED event and be on the schedule for the event. This sound simple when I write it out like this however I am not sure exactly what the topic will be. Must focus on this a few minutes every day.


Economic stability! I need to be free(er) from worry to be able to engage and do good in the world.

to have more menuchat hanefesh in my life. it would make my life so much more enjoyable.

I want to have a permanent job and a more permanent place to live. This is important because I have been working several part time jobs since 2009. I have had spotty healthcare and no job security. I have been working as an adjunct for several colleges. I often will take large class loads at the last minute. Some semester, I lost all the class I prepared for at the last minute. I have been promised full time work only to see it go to someone younger with less education and less experience. I have lived on the edge all this time, I want to have some security and sense of laying down some roots.

To know what I'd like to achieve by this time next year. Seriously. I don't know that I have any "goals" in life right now. Go to work. Raise my kids. Pay the bills. That's pretty much it.

Most important one - decide what I want to do career-wise! I want to be doing something which feels important to me (ie consistent with my values), which I enjoy, which makes use of my skills and knowledge, and provides me with an income to live on (or at least the future potential of such an income).

My goal within this next year is get my credit cards paid off. I spend way too much money every month paying these down, and I just want them paid off. Ugh... Perhaps my actual goal should be living within my means. Yeah, that's the one, right there.

A new future for myself and my family - personal health for all four of us, financial health and professional health.

I would like to be in the throes of renewed physical passion affair, with my spouse. It has been a long dry spell. I would like to out of debt, or nearly so. I would like to be thirty pounds lighter and still reducing, due to exercise and proper food intake.

a new job with future growth and stability in a structured environment. The older I get the more important it is for routine and stability.

I would like to achieve the impossible. Lose weight and keep it off. As someone who has struggled since I was a child, I had come to accept my weight as is. I am a proud fat woman. But now, my knees and bones hurt, and I can't play with the children I love like I would like to. This would be the achievement of my lifetime.

I would like to have found a way to get Olivia to do more chores around the home. It would reduce the workload for Kelly and me. Plus, Olivia could learn some valuable life skills and get more of a sense of responsibility within our home and family.

I'd love to go on some sort of study abroad or mission trip through my grad program. I haven't been out and about in a while, I'd love to gain the new and awesome experience through grad school, and this is the time to do it!

I sometimes say "all the old gods are dead" and what I mean by that is I don't have professional mentors left. They've retired or left, and as I've risen professionally there are fewer people around I can appropriately go to for advice, or for other perspectives that are informed about... Point is I need to find a mentor or two, or at least peers who can give me advice.

I would like to buy a house. Home ownership scares me in some regard, but I cannot wait until I can put down roots somewhere. I know that we won't get exactly what we want and that it will be a lot of work. The feeling of creating a home is what I really want. My home. My place on the earth.

By this time next year, I'd like to be back in shape from giving birth and be training for a fall half marathon.

I'd like to discover my life purpose, hold true self-love for myself, and not feel overwhelming fear. This is important to me because achieving these things will mean I've finally found happiness.

Ah, the same ol'... I want to lose 20 lbs. I can say that I'm glad that that is my biggest worry right now. Sign of an affluent life, eh? Trust me, I'm counting my blessings. After the last few years, I don't really feel the need to accomplish a damn thing. I became a teacher. I started a new, awesome job as a Creative Director for an outdoor apparel company. I hiked 140 miles of the AT for a month. I rebuilt my life after a divorce. I have accomplished SO MUCH already in this past year...holy shit! Time for a break. I guess maybe what I really want to accomplish is... Balance. And peace.

By this time next year, I hope that we will have our first child safely and happily attending college and that he will not have bankrupted us in the process.

Be settled in an established, regular exercise routine that I enjoy.

Qualify to the TOC for debate. It shows that I am the best of the best

I'd like to be out of debt and have a little money in savings. I want to propose to my girlfriend and don't want to have to worry about being able to provide my fair share for our life together.

I would like to be a kinder, more gentle person. I know that I will be happier, and the people I relate to will be happier too.

Id like to have one or two final colleges that I choose from. It is important because it is my future

I would like to have a hefty start to replenishing my savings account. This will require a pretty substantial overhaul in my spending habits. But this. Must. Happen. I can't keep living paycheck to paycheck. It's stupid, irresponsible, and shortsighted to live this way.

To have better relationships with people in my Church group and Voluntary job. I still struggle so much with builidng / having relationships with people yet I think it's really important, online I have made good progress, but these real relatio ships are still more important too me.

I'd like to be firm and Godfident in my calling and life. I'd like to raise the level ofability to provide security to my girlfriend. If not married, I'd like to be engaged. Financially stable and expanding my possibilities. I'd like to see a Missional movement in my own life where people experience reality of Heaven wherever I am. At work, home or in the free time...or just while getting from point a to point b. ;) I want to see the real godly Manhood rising in my soul and awareness. I want to walk by faith. I want to be courageous in my speech to family, independent in my way of life and truly faithfut to Daddy in all ways.

Be content with my everyday life. This includes not asking every day, "What's the point of life?", "When should I leave this city?", "When should I leave this company?", "Why am I doing this?" and such.

Earn more. Push harder. Be engaged. Be in the moment. Push limits. Keep traveling. Don't settle. It isn't just okay. Be in a place where I am ready to become a parent. Embrace what people say you are-especially negative. Let it make you angry. Its the truth. The truth is refreshing. The truth will set you free.

I want to make sure everyone at work works as a team in the full sense of the word and it all that it entails. It's important to me because it will impact me, my happiness, success, enjoyment of life and it will also impact many others.

Finish my book and upload it to to every online site available. It's been hanging over me for decades.

I want to have a single, full time job! I want to be gearing up for a marathon in the next couple months! Those are the two big things! The job is important to me because I want to have a more regular life - I want to be able to plan ahead, based on my known future earnings. I want to have stable employment, so I can be more stable. I want to be able to save, and take vacations. I want to think about buying a house! I'm turning 26 soon, and I'd like to be on track to either have a settled, wonderful life, or to be doing something that's truly important for the world. Right now I'm doing neither. The marathon is important to me because it is something that I believed I would never do when I was growing up. People set limitations for themselves in many, many ways, and I set a lot of physical limitations for myself. I was a chubby, nerdy kid, and I was interested in video games and books - running was beyond me. It's empowering to see those false limitations and break them down. I just started running again after my surgery, so who knows how far I'll get in preparing for a marathon, but it's exciting to believe that it's something I'm capable of and to work towards it in earnest.

I would like to be financially independent. I don't like working for someone else and I want more time to spend on the things I am passionate about.

Clean out basement storage room & organize photos. This is important because it bothers me.

A serious relationship. This year I've met some great people, and some not so great people. I want to finally find that person I could see myself spending the rest of my life with.

I would like to speak Portuguese with a little fluency, so if Tàssio's father come we could converse and I would be more ready to go to Brazil.

I want to be even more comfortable about being on my own. I feel the more comfortable I am wtih that, a happier and more well rounded person I'll be and more open to a healthy, decent relationship.

I would like to have figured out how to describe what it is that I do for a living, and figure out how to brand myself and connect with the customers that I have. This is important because I have a much larger mission with my work than just making money. I believe that what I'm working on has the chance to relieve a lot of suffering for people, and I need to get the message out. This mission feels like my Great Work, the thing that I came here to do. And I want to be able to do it, and not just run in circles all the time.

I'd like to become more present and more mindful. I'd like to spend less time in front of the TV. I'd like to stop (or lessen) procrastination. OK, that's three things.

I want to step back and make more room for other people -- to be humble in mussar terms. I think I will actually be happier if I see myself as less important than I do now, if I can focus on how small I am, rather than needing to be acknowledged and visible.

I keep joking about making a vision board, but I think I should. I've been trying to figure out the big "what do I want to do with my life?" question for years now. I thought I was close when I took the job I'm in now and finished grad school, but I'm not quite fulfilled. Too much time at a desk, not enough time making things happen. by this time next year I'd at least like to know where I want to go next.. I want to feel like I'm making moves and getting somewhere, right now I feel a little bit stuck.

Settle case against hospital so I can tour Israel.

I would like to be a better planner. Too much of my life is missed because I'm living in the moment when I should be planning for the future, and I'm not living in the moment because I'm scrambling from behind.

By this time next year I'd like to be divorced. It's time to let go of my husband, and the "second symphonic movement" of my life that he represents. I am scared, but it needs to happen so I can move on with my life.

I am retiring soon and I want to feel more settled and at ease with the decision in the future. I hope to not identify so much with my profession and to have a better handle on future plans to include work, writing, and a mission.

Financial stability! I'm tired of living paycheck to paycheck. Tired of going under. Next year, my car will be paid off. With the money we save on a car note, I want to slash our debt a bit, so we can start saving toward a down payment on a house. I am done with accumulating debt; I want to live within my means. But first I must have a means I can live within. It's been really hard, living on one income; I am hoping that returning to two incomes and losing a major monthly bill is our ticket to solvency.

My life is pretty awesome tight now. I can only think of three things I'd change: I would like to be debt-free, legally divorced, and under 120 pounds. And I think I'm on track for all of that.

I am so happy with the work I am doing now and have been able to express my gratitude to the VP of the Company in an email today - it is a mindset I want to be successful I want to be challenged I want to think outside the box and have the ideas met with great instead of what we don't want to change... I like be a growth agent it makes me get out of bed everyday. So I would like to a million dollar producer this time next year -One other person in the company has done it so far and she has been with us for 3 years - so if I can do it in 2 years that will be a real accomplishment for me and my career - it is easy to do your "job" when it is more a mindset - just get it done!

Right now, dude...I just need a job. I'm scared and I feel worthless. I can't take care of my family...to use an old cliche, I feel like I'm skating on thinner and thinner ice. I want to run away. I want to hide. I want to eschew all my responsibility and go into the middle of nowhere and pretend that everything is ok. My daughters are young enough now that they don't know enough to be disappointed in me, but if I can't get this together, they might be soon. My wife...she says she doesn't care about money and opulence, but she doesn't act like that. She spends and we wrack up debt and I don't see my future. I thought I knew what I was going to do for my career and that was taken away from me. So what's left?

Oh boy. Maybe this will be the year! I want to be gainfully employed, enjoying a wonderful relationship with Glen. I want to finally "be in the moment", not worried about having enough money or the right guy to share it with. Just live each day to the fullest, and be the best person I can be. It's important because at this time of my life, there are no "do-overs". Life is what I make of it, and I want to go back to making the most of it!


I´d like to be on the verge of getting my university degree, things have been delayed and I really want to take it to an end.

I'd like to pay my parents back the £3,000 I borrowed to buy my car in 2012. I've been saving up the whole time but have had to dip into my savings for various reasons. This year I moved house and now live alone, which put a bit of a dent in my savings because of the large deposit. It's important to me because I don't like being in debt and I'd like to stick to our agreement to pay it back in 3 years. I can then start saving for something else!

I would like to continue to feel happy with my life. This is the first time ever I would consider myself "happy" and I would like it to remain that way! If that were to happen it would be such an achievement for me.

1. Overcome the shame and guilt I have regarding eating. I'm tired of beating up on myself for being human! 2. Effectively treat my PMS. I'm also tired of feeling like I am two people, and one of them isn't very kind.

I want to achieve success, the accomplishment of what I envision as possible, even if it's an evolving, asymtotic, ever expanding success. If my work here is about healing, tikkun olam, then I've been plodding slowly and conservatively these past few years. This year I want to stand up tall, be a leader and a voice, and get some traction. It's time now.

Applying for Medicare!!!!!

Promotion to GS 15. The recognition, and for sure the pay!

Focus on what I am meant to do and not get distracted by things that might be nice to do. As Mae Green always tells me- focus on art and writing- period. She's right- and doing so will prevent me from becoming a frenetic nut-case again.

I would like to have a job. A job I like. I have no peace of mind right now, and not having a steady job is a large factor contributing to that.

It's easy. I want to find a partner with whom I can share and build my life. More than anything. More than building my career. More than knowing whether to stay in NYC or go back to Detroit, in the short or long term. More than anything. I'll be turning 32 this year. I'm happy in life. But I want a family of my own. A husband would do just fine for now. I have so much professional ambition left in me. Children, down the line, yes. I feel torn about the ways I approach this goal. There's the example of the woman who would go on dates every night of the week, sometimes multiple dates a night, until she found the guy she's marrying this fall. I can't do that. I have my own interests. I have my running, my friends, my job, and dating is one of those things that yes, is a priority, but not to the exclusion of all else. (As I'm writing this, I am realizing that without time to run or read or socialize, how are you an interesting person to be on a date with, anyway?) A certain amount of achieving this goal involves letting go of the idea you can control everything, which is the hardest thing for me to do, and yet I have very little control and I am scared.

I'd like to have taken more risks in pursuit of love, because I'm not getting any younger :)

I'd like to be re-building my career after far too many years of trying. It's important to stabilize my financial life, save, share and continue to challeng myself intellectually and creatively.

I'd like to reach my goal weight, and then reassess if that's the place where I am truly healthy and fit. (I suspect/fear I will actually need to lose another 10–20 pounds beyond the "magic number.") Ultimately, I'd like to get to a point where I can eat wisely *most* of the time but not constantly, and work out moderately but not every day, to be able to have better balance in my life. Right now that my priorities are skewed — I dream about having time to mend clothes, run errands, cook for pleasure, take naps...

By this time next year, I hope to have settled into a new house -- a new LIFE -- in a new town. I hope to be thriving in the job I am starting this fall. I hope to have a better work/life balance, as many of the big changes we are undertaking are due to our desperation to achieve this.

I would like to unclutter my house. It will be more pleasant and prove despite ADD and learning disabilities that did not affect my career but affect daily living I can be in charge at home.

As always, I would like to achieve a greater level of calmness. I want to not yell or lose my temper; I want to find healthier, calmer, more respectful ways to express and feel and handle and release my anger and frustration.

I would like to feel better. I am sad a lot.

Can I have two things? Actually, I'll take either of these: Sell my first novel. Lose weight in a moderate sustainable way. Important because (1) I'm starting to feel like a dilettante again and I think it's a good book and if other people can sell their books... blah blah (2) for health purposes. I could go on about the first goal but I'm less worried about it. The second feels quite hopeless in one part of my brain -- the practical, daily disappointed-in-myself part -- and having achieved it once, so easy-if-only-I-would... etc. Losing weight for the long term is so statistically unlikely, then add in my blinders about the way I'm living... and the food pusher I live with... that I had the thought earlier this year - why bother? why hate myself this way? Yes, it's been around for huge swaths of my life, this self-hate, second-guessing, daily challenge failure... it's part of me. But I did live without it and liked my body for years at a time... Back and forth and so it goes. Yes, important. Funny, almost anyone outside my family and this part of the country would say the first goal is way more important. But it seems a lot less up to me. A battle I can fight with powers-that-be. So weirdly more attainable... Yeah.

I want to lose weight once and for all and feel good about myself. I have a very low self esteem. I feel like a loser although I have achieved a lot in my life, career wise I feel I could have done better. I can't shake that loser feeling, I hope by next year I will feel better about myself.

I want to eat vegan more than 90% of the time. I want to follow the teaching: "People should not say one thing with their mouths, and something else with their hearts." - Baba Metziah 49a I want to be vegan because of all the reasons that caused me to become a vegan in the first place. I am resisting writing that I want to stick to Weight Watchers or lose weight because this question wisely asks for one thing. So the most important thing...the one thing...if I do nothing else...is to stay vegan more than 90% of the time.

Return to the mission filed, having gotten the help my husband needs. It's what G-d has called me to do.

Financial self-sufficiency: to be less of a burden on those who helped me during this time. This includes paying back all the loans and fronting of funds I owe to people and catching up on donations as well as setting aside some for the future.

I kind of have my future set out for me the next year due to grad school. This time next year I'll have done a summer of fieldwork and be working away at my thesis. I'd like to keep the goal in mind of blooming where I'm planted, and trying to go above and beyond when possible.

I want to have a base income doing what I love and a flexible scedule. I want a solid financial foundation.

I would like to quite my current job and persue what I believe is what I am suppose to do. Which is move to a smallest town and work with teenage girls that haven't are struggling in life and education. I would also like to improve the relation I have with family.

I would like to close some deals for my new company. After three years of ups and downs in the startup world, I finally have the chance to catapult my career and want to take full advantage.

I trust my judgement, but I want to stop rushing to fixed opinions. This allows me to see other people a little more clearly. I am slowly finding that it's possible to have integrity and faith in myself and still change my reactions and opinions of other people.

I want to have a path. This post-graduation world feels very confused and unclear, and I feel lost and without purpose most of the time. This time next year, I hope I have contributed to the world in even some small way, through work or and internship. And I hope that I will be in Israel, or at least have been to Israel during the year.

To be more settled in my goals. To be able to focus on what is most important.

I'd like to be more connected with my closest friends. I'd like to have a job at a company with less dysfunction and more programming opportunities. I'd like to seek treatment for my skin and gut issues. These are important to me because I believe it's the people in life that make life worth living, and my current job causes me a lot of unnecessary stress, and I would like to take care of myself and prioritize my health more.

In the next year, it's really important to me that I expand my horizons and start to learn and experience new things. So I think my goal just has to be that this time next year I want to see myself happily involved in some new environments, whatever that may look like. I'm currently working on joining a ballroom dance group, as well as starting a new romantic relationship. I want to continue learning to cook, and further expand my language horizons.

I would like to be healthier by this time next year. This is important to me so that I can see my children grow up, and so that they can see a model of a healthy lifestyle.

My guess is that I said this last year, but I'd like a new job! Why is it important? Because I'm dissatisfied, under-utilized, not using my skills and not really growing professionally, either.

I'd like to find a creative outlet. I love taking care of my family, but I need more than that.

The same as last year and the year before - to live a healthier life, to be more centred and fit. I'm 53 years old but I don't feel anywhere near that age. I think I am finally in the mindset that it is achievable. Most of all, I want to be able to write a different answer to this question next year!

I want to begin writing my first book, because I am ready and have the time to do it b

I hope to be focusing on getting into the college of my choice and to be focusing on my extended essay.

I'd like to achieve a feeling of Harmony in my daily life. Harmony between my work and home life, harmony between my obligations and the need to prioritize my health and well being. I don't think there will ever be "balance", that's simply too difficult of a concept, but I think I can achieve harmony.

I would love to start merging my work as an OT with a more creative outlet (yoga, art, music) and see how this can be used to help others. I would like to start to think about how to do this and maybe start mapping the next decade of creative professionalism around OT/Health and the arts. My achievement would be to start working towards something innovative with the skills and passions i have and to start developing a vision for it. An achievement can start with a thought/vision and all else emerges from that, so it is the most important step! This is important to me because I think I can be even happier than I am now and feel even more alive as a human. I also want to find ways to contribute to global cooling. For the spiritual and physical to somehow merge within the realm of my life's possibilities. To not be a hamster in a cage and working away in a traditional way but to think of new ways to work/be/create/give offerings to the world... and to get paid well for it.

I would like that the relationship that I am currently in be stable. This is the first relationship I have had in over 10 years.

Get child #1 set up in a school setting better for his individual needs. He's struggling in public school today, not sure if he just needs to be more disciplined, or if it doesn't suit him. Need to resolve this. Lose 10-20 pounds. This is important for obvious health reasons, but also because I will feel better on the low end of my personal "acceptable weight range." And running makes me feel productive and sleep better.

I would like to have explored different ideas for making additional income should I need to do so after I retire in 2 years. I would like to think of two or three options that might be doable given my age and health, that would not require me to work the entire year and/or full time but would help me cover the shortfall in income that I will experience until my wife and I turn 65 in 6 years.

One thing I would like to achieve by next year at this time - I'd like to be current on my mortgage and student loans. I would love to be able to pay them regularly and on time and stop getting those black marks against me with late payments. It is important to me to begin establishing good credit again so that if we need to make changes in our lives we can without worrying about how our credit will hinder us.

By this time next year, I'd like to finish a creative writing project that I hope will be a novel. It's important to me because I have known, just about my entire life, that I am a writer at heart. I have always avoided writing my own things because I was able to hide behind the other voices for whom I write for my living. Now that I am not constrained by financial need, I have run out of excuses. I have a million ideas just bubbling under the surface. I need some confidence but mostly I just need to get started. This is going to be my "twilight career."

I'd like to have my first young adult novel published. I've discovered I have teens among my reading fans, including my favorite niece. I want to write something that will speak specifically to that age group.

I don't know what I want to achieve by next year. I most want to be out of the situation which I am in, to be working as a nurse, to have my own apartment, to be doing exciting and meaningful work. Some of this will come to pass in the course of time, and aren't contingent on my doing anything extra to achieve them, but some of it I worry might never happen. This is important to me because I feel like my life is on hold right now, and that I am behind my peers in reaching important life milestones and goals. I know that it is probably not true, but it seems like everyone around me has a family, a home, a career, impressive credentials, etc., and I'm ready to have that. Oh, and I'd like to pay off another student loan and have paid off the balance on my credit card by next year, too.

I would like to successfully move into planning events for a living and work with a competent, talented and enthusiastic group. This is important because I've had too many "almost" attempts and I'd like to show more courage and confidence in my entrepreneurial career.

Pay off my house. At least the first mortgage. That's $36,000 less, a year, I need to come up with. Important to achieve goals. This will allow me to pay down debt and travel.

I want to lose weight, plain and simple. I think I can manage that; I can't control someone giving me a job or a raise to get the house I want. I can't control someone falling in love with me. I can, however, control my weight. I have an appointment with an acupuncturist on Monday to jumpstart it all.

Get a new book deal! Important to me because I want to have an identity as a "writer" and I would feel so incredibly blessed and lucky to be able to get paid for something I truly love.

I want to save more money. Scratch that. I want to pay off more debt. I want to feel at peace. I want to run another half marathon. Well, at least have been running consistently.

I would like to be finished (or close to) taking and passing the CPA exam. I've spent five years in school while working full time in the Accounting field for this. I've make many sacrifices in my personal life and now I have to attain that end goal.

I've given a lot of serious thought provoking answers, but today I'd like to go with: Potty training. It is the thing that makes me most nervous as a parent, and diapers are expensive.

I would like to complete a CD of my own music, played by me, recorded and produced by me. It's important because I've finally retired, and all my life I've played and written music, but work and life has gotten in the way of my doing what I've always loved.

This is an easy one. First and foremost, I want to establish a good relationship with my grandchildren. After all, that's the main reason for moving. Why? Because they're my grandkids - no more explanation is needed. However, this depends more on my son and on the girls themselves. Also, I want to get established in an orchestra (no problem - I'm already on their mailing list as a member) and klezmer band, which may be more difficult. I want to find an agent for Xenologist and to self-publish Implac. Why? Because I feel better about myself when I'm accomplishing things like this.

I WANT TO HAVE A JOB AS A NURSE! I hopefully will have graduated, passed the NCLEX, and gotten a job as a RN by this time next year. It is so important to me because I am excited to finally support myself and be in a career that I love. Maybe I'll even be in a new city...

This seems petty and vain, but I'd like to get my weight down and keep it there. To do so means staying with a daily exercise routine, which keeps me healthy and improves my sleep, mood and energy. It's important because I feel so much better, and get more done, and am more efficient and cheerful and open to my spiritual self. I suppose it's not getting the weight down, but maintaining a healthy exercise routine that I'd like to achieve.

I would like to weigh less than 190. My weight is key to good health.

I'd like to be in a flow or rhythm in my day/week/life, especially when it comes to staying creative and active in developing my business. This is importatn to me because it's a vital part of how I'm expressing my life right now.

I would like to have started some graduate classes to work towards my Masters

Wow, one thing. The first thing that came to mind, was to be 50 lbs. lighter, as I've begun a weight loss regimen a month ago and this is my goal. This is important to me because I want to be healthy and free to do anything physically that I want to, with ease. I want to wear clothes that make me happiest. I want to shine forth good health and be vibrant. I am on my way!

I would like to be in better health overall by this time next year. And not just losing weight, although I have 100 lbs to lose, but emotionally (reduced anxiety and panic issues) and overall general health (nutrition, exercise) This is important because I'm 54 this year and have never really taken care of myself first. There's been so many other things to do ... and so many negative messages that have derailed past efforts. I'm in a very good space right now: good marriage, good husband, good job, home, future. I have the time, space, and support to do the things I need to do to take care of myself finally. I don't want to continue carring the emotional and physical baggage I've accummulated all these years. Time to pare down, let go, and move forward with happiness.

6 figures in earnings. This is important to demonstrate to myself that I can generate and create results for myself.

Losing 50 lbs. I feel like crap! I need to get healthy and I hate the way I look. I have lost my confidence and sex appeal and I want it back!!

A lead role on an Equity Stage, at least one co-star on a TV show, and a juicy role on a feature film. It would mean I was a respected actor being paid to exercise my craft.

I'd like to find a way to have my greatest bliss meet the world's deepest hunger; that's all. This would integrate my creativity and need for self expression in a way that would be satisfying and fulfilling and without guilt for not contributing to the whole rather than just myself.


I would like to be more proficient in reading Hebrew and knowing at least a little conversational Hebrew. Why? I have felt incompetent in the past for lagging in this division and while I would rather learn Yiddish, I need to start with the standards.

I said the same thing last year, but its still true. I want to buy a house!

It seems like every year I say that I intend to lose some weight, and it doesn't happen. It's hard. Even saying okay 5 or 10...it's a start...I still can't seem to get there. But I'm not going to beat myself up about it. I'm going to pledge that I do it and try really hard to do so...for myself, for my health, for my comfort in my own skin.

I would like to have my videos for certification ready for application. I don't want this hanging over my head. I want certification so that I will have added value to my license that I can actually charge real rates for my services instead of half-way sort of getting paid. I don't think that without certification I can convince people my services are worth what they are paying. I want to focus on couples and I think this is the best way I can provide a real service; so they will take the time needed to improve their relationships. I want to make a difference in people's lives.

As always, I want to lose weight - say it every year and so far, nothing permanent has panned out. With Finn, I now walk at least one mile day, usually 1/5 - 2, so that helps. I also have been on Seattle Sutton weekly food delivery system since February, starting at 2400 calories for about five months and then switched to the vegetarian, 1500 calories, in July. The system is expensive (about 160/week) but works well with my life...sometimes I get behind in getting meals eaten, so take a week off from ordering. I feel much better, from maybe March - July had lost 15 pounds and I'm guessing 15 before then...don't have scale and don't want one. My blood test numbers all have improved too. BUT, I still have a lot of weight to lose...would like to be down another 50 by next year. So....losing weight is my goal.

Well, I certainly look forward to helping Moshe,Rachel and Yael and Avram with their new children. I aslso hope to find a new path for myself. I just took a three month job at Holy Childhood, but I really want to find that new direction for myself. Will it be in early childhood literacy? the environment? children's books? don't know.

I hope I can smile when I see the answer to this question next year. Even though a baby is not a thing, I would really like to have a baby by this time next year. After the miscarriage I had this past summer, no actual "thing" seems as relevant or important as a baby.

To be better at my job. It is new career move for me and I hope I can make it work

I need to move the fuck out of my parents' house.

I want to be (credit card) debt free.

i would like to move my elderly mother from living alone in a single-family house into the local assisted living community. it would help her be more active, less lonely, and give the rest of us great peace of mind knowing that she's looked after 24/7 instead of dreading that middle-of-the-night phone call from the ER. again. (followed by countless visits to the rehab nursing facility for months on end, as well as simultaneously taking care of her slowly deteriorating household.) my own personal goal is to continue to purge all non-essential unused items and streamline my daily life, to make room and space for other activities like reading/writing/making art/travel... to be able to visit my friends more, especially the ones that have huge, dreadful transitions looming in their near future.

This time next year I want to have developed a healthy relationship to food and be on the right track to a healthy weight. That's important to me to remain healthy until I'm old and to stop feeling like everyone is looking at me and feeling sorry for me. I know that's not the case, but that's what it feels like to me.

My house will be clean and clear of clutter, and renovations in the works.

I'd really like to spend more time focusing on myself! By nature, I see things that need to be taken care of, and I take care of them if I can. So I have piles of knitting projects not finished, ideas I'd like to pursue and I can't... And I want to clear out my closets....

I'd like to be finished or in progress with some sort of professional certification.

The major area in which I'd like to see change is my professional life. However, I have a hard time setting a specific goal because the kind of change I'd like to see requires both a long-term commitment of time and effort and considerable financial resources. I'd like to get a PhD in Psychology (or, dare I admit it, get smichah), and neither of those is achievable within a year. They would probably require moving, and they would certainly require more money than I have right now. The work I'm doing right now is not satisfying and doesn't allow me the kind of autonomy I'd prefer -- I'm always representing someone else's ideas and goals as a grant writer. So, the short answer is that I don't have an answer to this question right now.

Oh man. This is intimidating. I would really love to have successfully written and completed that thesis on carbon market typology. That's really scary right now because I feel like I know nothing and have no clue what I'm doing or how to do it. So I'd be really proud of myself for successfully facing and conquering this task. To do this I know I must try and fail several times, I will need to ask for help, I will need to make mistakes. And I must never give up. That's how learning is done. This is important to me because it's scary, and also because it's a rare and valuable opportunity. Few undergrads have the opportunity to work closely with a professor and write a paper that has a chance to be published. I don't want to waste it.

Get pregnant.... it scares me to write and think this, but I'm getting old and my priority is family (well, physical/emotional/mental health first). I want to have healthy kids, and there's absolutely no better time.

Hmm. These questions really highlight just how much of a status-quo type of a person I am. I could put the good spin on it and say it is because I have the ability to be content with what I have at any given time; but the bad spin would be easy to do as well -- perhaps I am unmotivated to "achieve" anything more? I would say that most achievements I would like to see in the next 12 months are not mine, they are my children's. Noah must stop shitting his pants and it would be nice if he learned how to ride a bike and maybe even started a musical instrument. I would like to see Sydney start talking more clearly. I would like us to be able to but our next home so we had something which is big enough for everyone to have a bedroom while still leaving an extra bedroom for visitors. But I would not consider that an "achievement." It is just a financial goal.

I would like to pass and live through my Taekwondo Black belt test. This would be a decade long struggle with health, physical and mental issues.

Vanity. Stopping Time. I'd like to lose the weight I gained and get back into the habit of walking and cleaning in the mornings - and add back some yoga. It made me feel good and feel good about myself. At this point, it may be all I can possibly control!!

I intend to master the second grade curriculum of religious school. It is essential for success as a teacher and will be of great help in my personal Jewish growth.

I would like to have painted the rooms inside my house, and put up pictures. I have lived in this house for 9 years now, 10 next year, and have been living with the walls and rooms looking almost exactly the same, with the idea in the back of my head that I will get around to painting one day, and hanging the pictures. Funny thing is that whenever I live somewhere that I rent, I do everything right away, since I don't know how long I'll be there. Here, I feel like, since I own the place, I've got plenty of time. The thing is, I would like to move in about 10 years, since I hope to retire then, and my daughter only has a little less than 3 years before she (I hope) goes away to college. Better do it soon!

It is important to me to be more understanding and patient with my husband's loss of hearing and sometimes forgetfulness!!!!!!!!!!! Because I love him, he is a good man and is not responsible for the hearing loss. And because I want to be a loving woman, reflecting God's love. He is so kind and gracious and deserves a wife who is loving, always.

I would like have a sense of income (either steadier work or more solid contracting) and be making more than I was at my teaching job. This is important because being only a few months in to independent contracting I am still nervous about money & future & benefits. I hope I am actively dating someone - it has been several years now since I dated, let alone was intimate with someone. This is ridiculous. Now that I have more time and space both literally and figuratively I want to make room for both love and intimacy. I also want to have had this surgery and polyps biopsied so that I'm feeling better - hope to be more energetic and have fewer cramps.

to continue to maintain my weight, or even lose a little bit. A few years ago I lost over 20 pounds and I have been able to maintain that weight loss and it feels great. I am very proud of this and want to keep it up.

I would like to have gone on a really lovely honeymoon vacation with Becky. I'm excited about the wedding, too! But I'm really looking forward to exploring a new place together for an extended period of time *after* we get married. We learned so much about each other traveling together this summer, and I love having that abundance of time without major agenda items and the expansiveness it allows.

A couple of things: I would like to go on a biking/river cruise. My 70th birthday year needs a celebration. Because I went on a tour with a friend and we both found it a little slow for our still energetic level, I need either a walking or, in this case, a bicycling part of the tour. I am becoming older and possibly won't be able to do all the things I love to do ... forever. So I want to do this trip now. Hopefully the world political situation will accommodate my dream. The second thing I would like to complete is a Family Trust so my children will be helped a bit if I am not here. I have taught death/dying from a spritual aspect and even added some practical aspects; however, I have not completed those very things that need to be completed. I would like to achieve completion on the paperwork part of the end of life. It is important for me to do this because I could relax a little bit in the assurance I have done all I can do.

I'd like to keep vegetarian out of the house to every degree possible. I want to keep growing on my personal path and I think this is the best way. If I haven't accomplished this, I'd like to not be wearing shorts anymore. One step at a time. Otherwise, I'd like to feel comfortable with my skin.

By this time next year I would like to have chosen my new path and be following it. General goals: re-enter dating scene, either better my position at work or leave GE entirely (I go back and forth on these two alternatives a lot right now), get back into racing and put together a good season of either Triathlons or running races...

To not rush a relationship To be happy in my own skin and stay centered in being a good person. I can be too busy and feel stressed and not respond to people the way I want to and that makes it hard to be me and to be with me. I want to stay calm and remember that everyone is doing the best they can.

I really want to get a new job. It has taken me until this year to admit to myself that I'm doing myself an injustice by not seeking professional growth and by stagnating. I never imagined I'd be at this job for this long, and if I'm here 10 years, that would be really notable, and I'm not sure that would be notable in a good way. I've clung to stability in my 20's, but now, in my 30's, I really hope to chart a new path.

By this time next year, I'd like to achieve the feeling of contentment with my life. I'm so tired of feeling like I haven't lived up to the milestones of marriage, children, family -- even successful domestic partnership -- that I thought I would have by now. I've just ended a long-term, long distance relationship and I'm in the throes of all the raw painful feelings that go along with that, so I hope by this time next year, I'm feeling a lot stronger, more settled in myself, and maybe even starting a new relationship with someone else.

I would like to know who my mothers birth parents were. I want to know the history of her blood relatives, what their life was like and where they came from 100-200-300-400-500 years ago. I want to know who she was and likewise who I am. It is important because it gives me a sense of who we are and why we are and what medical problems may have been passed down to us through our DNA

My father in law killed himself because he felt like he could not provide for his family. I would like for us to be financially stable enough that I stop feeling the weight of his sadness on my shoulders.

Unfortunately I am not sure if I have that one definitive thing to achieve. Like most of my answers this year, it's more of smaller achievements, like redesigning a space in my apartment or redesigning (so to speak) my body/exercise regime . It's important for me to always keep going forward, it's not about moving up but forward in life. Never get stuck in ruts, which is hard but not impossible.

Have my LCDC and a good job where I can use it to teach. It is important to me because I have worked very hard to achieve it and I believe I can help others in accomplishing this.

I want to feel stable, successful, and confident at my new job. (And frankly, in all the rest of my life.)

I would like to get through this next year carefully.

Lose weight. Improve health.

I would like to have a very healthy savings account in place by this time next year. I hope that I will have more than double than what I have in my savings. Currently I am building towards my future car and the amount I left build on my Discover. I unfortunately had to take out of my savings to pay it off but I will be able to rebuild that. I am confident that I can achieve the goal! I am hoping to be able to keep saving a lot of money in order to possibly look into home ownership within 5 years. Let's see how this new journey will go!!! :)

Weight loss. Because weighing 317 lbs. is not cool.

By this time next year, I would like to be promoted at my work. I have recently married, and I could really use the extra money that would come with my promotion.

I would like to have a firm grip on my finances. I've let them roll along without really managing them. It's important period.

I want to be more in harmony with my body, to be living a more embodied life. This is important because I'm ready to be done with my huge expenditures of effort and energy trying to be different than I am....what and who I am is awesome.

I would like to be happy in my job. I spend most of my life at work, so being happy in it is very important to me. After my first project this year and the extreme unhappiness it brought me, I am prioritizing this for the rest of my career! While I am relatively happy now- I like the people I work with and the concept of the project - I want to LOVE the company I work for and be passionate about what they do. I want to see a future for myself at this company or field.

By this time next year, I would like to be more happy with where I am, instead of always worrying about the future and comparing myself to others/where I could be. It's important for me to be happy with myself and less stressed out and overwhelmed by what could go wrong.

I want to feel like I'm a good person. Whether that's a mix of being better at forgiving myself or being better as a person in general. Preferably a mix of the two, in all honesty.

I would like to consider moving back to the US. We have been here three years and although it is great, we travel back and forth so much for doctor appointments, etc. that it would be so much easier just being in LA or somewhere in the states. I keep thinking Ft. Lauderdale would be nice, or somewhere with an ocean view. I am just tired of packing, unpacking, trying to fit things in to a three week period, and then being frustrated when I want to take a real vacation and do not have the time or money to do that. I am getting too old for this nonsense. really.

I would like to achieve not being fat. Again. For the 37th year in a row.

I'd like to have made a nice pair of bike panniers. I don't say....and sell it. I just would like to design and produce it. I love the creative process and the manufactoring.

Enjoy teaching the two sections of my class. I've worked so hard to get here and so far have been so consumed by anxiety, that I haven't been able to relax and enjoy it. And until I do that, I won't be as effective as I could be in the class. I have to live what I am teaching.

Hmm. Now is a time of confusion. Do I want romantic success? Professional? Family? Personal fulfillment? This time next year I want my groove back. I want to be and act like the authentic person I am, that I can be. The rest will take care of itself.

Maintaining a calm attitude when discussing problems with vendors and when debating issues with friends. Getting all wound up is good for no one. I'm upset, the person on the other end of the conversation is defensive.

I would like to be more bold in my romantic life, take more risks to find loving relationship/s that strengthen me.

I would like to have begun plans for travel and finding a place to retire to. I also want to begin to explore work/ hobby / careers after mt retirement. I feel 60 young right now and know that is in part to the healthy active life I am know living. I am beginning to view my retirement as more a change in life direction then it is retreating/ leaving the working world.

I want to feel balanced. I want to be able to handle the curveballs without feeling defensive end angry at the world. I hate that my first response to stress is anger. It always has been that way, as long as I can remember. I don't like it - I don't like responding that way when things don't go to plan (and they never go to plan). Part of this feeling of imbalance comes this time of year because this is the time when we lost Lauren (four years ago Sunday) and it colors the yamim nora'im in a shade of sadness, even though I have always loved these holidays. I only just managed to make the traditional foods again this year - I couldn't bring myself to do it until this year. Too many memories encoded in those actions, those smells and tastes... I miss her so much, and the way she left was so sudden, it just takes so much energy to stay awake during the month of September. But then comes my son's birthday, and I want to be fully present and celebrate his life and accomplishments. I am still so angry with my sister for leaving when she did. Not that any other time would have been a "good" time - but right now? In between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur and Sukkot (zman simchateinu? Yeah, right, not lately) and Sammy's birthday... It's like a punishment to try to be happy when all I want to do is crawl back in bed each day and cry. Maybe that's why now. Maybe she knew, somehow, that I'd be forced to be happy, and someday it might even bring me comfort instead of deep, aching grief at this time of year... Who knows. All I know is that it is awful. And I hate it. And I would give almost anything to have her back again.

I would like to shift my work/life habits, which I now see as reacting moment-to-moment, to much more thoughtful, measured action-taking and contemplation. This is true of my work, where I see a big opportunity to more deeply invest in one or two aspects of my field, as opposed to trying to do everything at once. And it's also true of my parenting / family relationships. I have profound questions in this realm that I desperately want to be with, write about, share and explore. I don't feel that my life is structured in such a way that I can slow down enough to do that, and I would like that to change. It's important to me because I think contemplation and awareness is living, where as reacting moment to moment is more or less sleeping.

Developed a Qigong practice, based in strong belief, that is a regular twice a day practice in order to strengthen different sets of movements and bring about greater benefit to my health and my teaching. In support of this I would like to be accepted as a Qigong student of Master Nan Lu. This is so important to me because I believe that this lifestyle is having a positive impact on my life and my community and the larger world. I can help to repair the world from this place in a way that has not been possible for me before now.

Make peace, or at least a more complete dialogue, with my family and extended family that I am adding my voice to the voices who speak the truth of their hidden, shame-filled secrets of sexual abuse. And I start sharing what I've learned with the world so that it could help others. It's important to me because although this experience of sexual molestation in my family has caused me suffering, on some level the only way to make sense of it is to turn it into something purposeful and good. On a spiritual level, I feel it is my calling to do so in order to step fully into expressing my God-given talents, skills and potential in this life. It is also important to me because I know there are countless millions who have suffered, and continue to suffer more than I have. And if I could somehow from my own journey of healing be of service, give some healing and hope, connect them with a resource, connect them with a community, then my pain will be transformed. And my life will be fulfilled.

Have a closer relationship with my husband, which includes respecting myself and him by actualizing the life we want. We have this one life together, and it should be magnificent.

Still be happily employed, and be a home owner. My family needs it's own place and routine. We have been through too much in the past 3 years. Time for some stability.

I would like to be engaged or married to Bobby. I'm looking forward to starting a family, and I hope I'm at that stage by then. A little less conversation; a little more action! If we're not at that stage by then, there better be a good excuse as to why we're stalling.

I'd like to be, as some books I've read have put it, myself no matter where I am. I want to be authentic always (while understanding that we all have off days). The reason is because I feel like, as a woman, I often become agreeable for the sake of harmony even if I'm not happy with the results. It's something I don't like to do and as I go deeper into adulthood it's something I want to leave behind.

By this time next year, I hope to have helped my son successfully navigate the college application and enrollment process. We got a bit of a late start, and at this point we've only seen seven colleges. It's going to be a busy fall, and hopefully he will start to hone in on where he'd like to be next year and what he is interested in studying. It is an exciting time in his life, and I want him to embrace it and excel in his next big adventure. So far, he seems to like Cornell, BU and Binghamton University. All good choices.

I'd like to make my body stronger and more flexible. I've struggled a lot with illness and pain this past year, and it's time to build a solid foundation from which to feel better.

The "one thing," will be education, but broken into two separate categories: 1) I want to be on the path to my third semester at college, continuing to be successful within the collegiate atmosphere. 2) I'd like to achieve playing Liszt's 144 ... it is six minutes of virtuosic piano playing, but I know that I can teach myself this piece; I can feel it bone deep. One I achieve both of these things, I know I will be able to do anything.

by next year at this time I would like to have strengthened my relationships as much as possible.

to get out of tax debt and be debt free. Important to save for retirement and for my own sanity.

I'd really like to be able to take advantage of an opportunity to travel in Israel in January. Money and other things have a big impact on the decision. It's really the other things and not the money that are holding me back right now. I think that if I am able to do this, it will be a big boost to my sense of independence and dealing with issues of having Cerebral Palsy as I live.

I hope to have edited a first sketch / teaser for my documentary that I'm happy with and proud of, that represents the vision of the final film I'd like to make.

Quite honestly, I’m not into the word “achieve” any longer. I prefer to think about things I’d like to do, such as become more organized about the way I plan and plant my garden, or create and stick to a budget, but must I “achieve” these things?

I want to have gone on at least 12 dates or been dating someone for at least 3 months. It's important because I know that I am getting up their in age. This year is about accepting the love of others.

First draft of my book. It is something I should have this year and didn't. High priority!

I want to be confident in who I am, in what I do and what I love. I want to be real.

I would like to be done with my PhD. I am in my 8th year and I am tired of being a student. And I want to do the work. It is just taking a long time to get to the right place. And I want to be an adult. I want to get a job. I want to buy a new bed, nice clothes. And to not have to worry about the next semester, or the next semester. It is stressful. I am sure it is not really going to change much as far as how much stress exists in my life. But maybe something will be more stable.

I'd like to be able to run a 5k and take dobby on long hikes! With actual hills etc!

I want to be working with depth and clarity on writings of some type. Publishing would be best, at minimum articles with Good Times. And organizing some of the book ideas, putting some focus onto one of them, reading background material, taking notes, etc. Time is a wastin', my friend. Soon there won't be any, or, worse, there will be but you won't be able to think straight anymore...

I want to find my passion so I can start doing something that is meaningful and gives me satisfaction. I'm not sure that it even matters whether it is paid or unpaid; I just want to love what I am doing.

I go to a university that is notorious for its difficult classes, and by this time next year I'd like to have good grades, and kept my scholarship. (GA Tech)

I want to be done with my degree. It's really intimidating and I'm a little scared about being done, because that means I have no more excuses and no more net, but I am also so ready to be out of school and not have to worry about it so I can concentrate on just life. And I want to be engaged and living with Justin. I hope that is still valid next year. I really want it to be. I hope it is what is the right thing for me.

Maintain a healthy backup bank account so that I can either travel or be prepared for an emergency.

Get the new book under contract and sell a lot of them. I've been writing books for almost 30 years with critical fame but no real book sales. It'd be nice to say what I love to do and chose to do is also able to sustain me. So much of my family (90%) thought this career was stupid but I knew it was right for me and went ahead anyway. This is the last part of this faith walk.

I want to stop picking at my skin because it's a destructive habit that leaves scars.

I would like to work out without pain from my knee and shoulders. This will help me lose weight, have more energy, and my overall health will be better.

I would like to write. I would like to have a draft of my novel and have completed drafts of two scholarly articles. It is for my career and for the possibility of advancement. It is the one piece that I am weak on as an academic. Hopefully that will not be the case next year.

I'd like to sell my Good Ground book, see my musical performed, record "I am not very successful", grow tomatoes on the land at ponca street, drop Gus off at the college of her choice and lose 20 pounds. I know you said one thing, but that's not how I roll.

I would like to streamline my goals so I don't feel so scattered all the time. I feel distracted so much & fear forgetting even the most important of my intentions, so I would like to figure out how to keep the focus on the most important of them (as well as gracefully leave behind the ones that are not so urgent).

As I get older and physical things are more of a trial...i want to take and then continue training in better balance.

By this time next year I'd like to be at a healthy, attractive weight. Right now I'm 231 pounds. But I'd like to distance myself from worries about weight. In the past I've let my mind worry too much about it. I now won't discuss weight with any of my girlfriends and have communicated that to most of them. It's depressing to hear my friends go on about weight. It seems almost an obsession. And the ones who do go on about it are already thin or slim. Jesus! Anyways, it's important for me to lose weight because my behavior has finally caught up to my health. For the first time my blood sugar level hit a 100 and my bad cholesterol is high. I've been a vegetarian for most of my life and have always had low or good cholesterol levels. I'm so dismayed with myself.

I want to have two credit cards paid off. I have 5 in total. Working slowly but surely to have them all paid off in the next 3 years.

A better work/life balance. I know this will be a constant struggle for me for the rest of my life, that as I am feeling better and working more, which is a good thing I am also finding that is pushing out some of the other things that I really want to do in my life, like take time to garden and do art. So finding that balance between what I need to do and what I want to do will continue to be my goal for many years to come. And part of that is to keep reminding myself that what I need to do IS what I want to do. I worked long and hard for the career that I have and I can't allow myself to get swallowed up in the negativity and constant pressure to get things done to the point that I lose joy in my chosen profession.

I would like to have really kickstarted my career as an opera singer. This means improving as a singer, as a self-promoter, and as an actor. This career has been my dream for a very long time, and I know that I have the skills. It's time to actualize it.

Health wise to be 25 pounds lighter. Financially, less debt. Personally, dating and spending time with my great grand daughter.

Love weight and tone up. Because I don't feel like I look good, I want to fit into more of my clothes and I want to be a good example for my daughter. (Exercise and eat better)

I'd like to lose 35 pounds, increase my aerobic capacity, and be able to do a modified push-up "all the way"--down to the ground. I'd like to be able to balance on either foot for 45 seconds without wobbling and hold a plank for a minute. I'd like to work out with 10-12 pound dumbbells instead of 6-8. It's important because I can't take fitness for granted at my age (64), and because I take care of a husband who cannot walk or even transfer to a chair from the bed, so I need to stay strong.

Parnasa! By next year I'd like to sustain myself independently, through my work, because I want to live fully, according to my deepest values, uncompromisingly so, to work what I like, live as and where and how I like, with total freedom.

I'd like to have payed off my student loans, because I can't think about anything else until I do. They are crazy, I can't get away from them, and they are garnishing my wages, and I don't even get anything from them acknowledging them paying down my debt.

Wow what a question. By this time next year I would like to achieve my most desirable body. Health and fitness are very important to me but I am constantly falling off the wagon. I want to dedicate this year to getting in the best shape of my life and its going to start with my to do list. I need to not just write eat healthy or go to the gym. I need to schedule like you would in grade school. No excuses for not showing up to class or an appointment. I am going to try and set alarms and not snooze them. This is important for my mental and physical health. It is also important for my romantic relationships and professional relationships. My career path demands a certain standard and I want to always hold myself to that standard and higher but I'm going to have to just do it and WERK!!!!!

It feels weird saying financial stability, because I think that's all I've said over the past few times I've done this! But I think I want much more than just financial. I feel like I'm in a position to settle down and really get my life on track again. I've been stripped down in the past few years to see my life for what it is and my true priorities, and I'm ready to set up a good home for a marriage and family, along with giving myself career satisfaction that will help bring it all together. I'd like to think that these past few years of struggle will have been worth it in the hopes of that.

I really want to have a full-time job that I love, that helps me feel fulfilled, and is engaging. It's important to me for many reasons: First and foremost, I need to keep paying my bills. :-) Seriously, though, as I approach my third lay-off from an ad / mktg. agency, it's time for me to actually LISTEN to what the Universe is trying to tell me. I am not cut out for planner work, I ultimately find it not fulfilling, and utterly meaningless. I need to be of service to others, even if that service is something as mundane as waiting tables. I cannot spin this B.S. any longer - and I wasn't that good at spinning it in the first place. I'm lousy at the office politics at are rife in this industry. I'm done. I want to spend the rest of my life happy with work and feeling like I contributed something. I deserve better, and the world deserves better from me.

I'd like to have spent sufficient time on photography to have developed a distinct style and have something to show either a book or on my blog

By this time next year, I want to master Haftarah trope. I can already chant from the Torah with relative ease, but I am not yet fluent in Haftarah trope. Mastering this would give me additional opportunities to participate in the only part of Shabbat or festival services that I find meaningful, and chanting Haftarah is easier than Torah because there are vowels in the text. Hee hee.

I watched an internet commentator say that everyone should feel at home in their own life. Next year I want to feel at home in my life and to be at peace in all areas of my life.

One thing I would like to achieve by next year...Finding a Temple where I can grow spiritually & where I can find people I can connect to.

I would like to be happy. I don't think it will happen, but it would be nice.

Trip to WWII Museum in New Orleans. Both of my parents served in the war.

Regular sex with my wife. It's important for our relationship, to foster intimacy and closeness which will hopefully make us happier and feel more connected.

I want to be Cisco certified and have a good paying job. I want to be able to provide more financially for my family.

I'd like to know "what comes next" for me. And this is important because, well, it's what comes next in my life! And I'm not talking about abstract, after this life "next". I mean, after I retire from my current job. Is it a lack of imagination that keeps me from thinking productively about it? a lack of courage?

Once again, I would like to get my finances under control and reduce my credit card debt to below $2,000. This is important because it provides me more financial breathing room to accrue temporary debt without the total becoming unmanageable.

A healthier lifestyle -physically, mentally and spiritually. I have always believed it is important to treat your body and mind as they were gifts from G-d. It is however very difficult when one doesn't put their needs ahead of others and ends up not having time or energy to take care of oneself.

Okay. I am not going to answer this in some crazy philosophical manner this time. I would like to have gotten somewhere with Catnap, the back-to-back drawing card game, and VR game of my design. I make things all the time, and I love that. But I'd like to make a game that used some of my cool "interesting items" Pinterest concepts, in VR.

I’d like to have researched and found a fiduciary/care manager for my mentally ill brother, so I can transfer my trustee duties to that insitution or person. This will be my second attempt and the first attempt which failed last year caused me great trouble in terms of time and money spent and mental anguish. After decades of dealing with a very toxic, verbally abusive, threatening and intractably difficult person, I want to releive myself of this burden so the last years of my life can know more peace, and I can go back to being his sister (if that is possible) and not the controller of his money. I’d also like to get a little farther along on weeding through/archiving/scanning/organizing/ all the family photos and documents from both sets of grandparents, my parents, and my own family’s photos as well. I regard this as my duty as well as a deep heart wish—to leave the legacy of our ancestors in a user-friendly form for my children and grandchildren and all those who come after.

I would really like to make progress with my anxiety. I want to be able to go away to college and not be having major panic attacks. I don't know if this goal is possible but I am ready to work my ass off to try.

Being able to write and play a song on guitar. Even if it is simple.

I am putting forth that this time next year I will have run around at least one, if not 3 volcanos in a single day! Bam!

Fulfilling my destiny to be a smart, strong, sensual woman. #tinabelcher

By this time next year I would like to be completely exhausted already because I have my own classroom

I'd like to find my purpose; the thing in life that I'm most passionate about, and I'd like to begin working to become successful at it. I'd also like to be finalizing my move to Paris with Alex.

I'd love to drop down to my ideal body weight of 190 lbs. I'm currently hovering around 225 lbs. This goal is important to me for many reasons (health, age, appearance) but ultimately I want to do it in order to be able to say that I did it.

I'd like to be able to turn more easily to a positive view of my life and my circumstances and to generate more joy in each day. To move into action without equivocation and angst. To release anger. I must do this in order to be a decent mother to naftali and give him a childhood that he can remember with love. To calm the anxiety and make a choice to interpret my life positively each time my fear comes up. I know that making a financial plan for the future with Juan is a key factor, but mostly, it's stepping back when the anger and fear and envy wash up and letting go of that. I'm paralyzed and infuriated so much of the time. I have to stop.

Get even better at knowing when I need to speak versus say nothing -- clarity in what is mine and what is not.

Get a ew job much closer to home so I can cut down on my commute and get my life back. OR, get raise so makes sense and is affordable to move closer to work. Because I haven't had a real life in several years now.

I want to be able to go for a month without having daily crying spells when I just can't stop crying.

I'll be turning 30 next May and am currently not that freaked out about it. I'm planning to throw a big gold glitter themed birthday party for all my family and friends. I can't wait to be surrounded by all my amazing people and dance my butt off.

I want my son to remain in remission for reasons that are beyond obvious. What I want to achieve is to be able to give my son what he wants most, the closest relationship we can have, like before his diagnosis, for me to live in the moment, enjoy life, and not be paralyzed with fear & sadness.

I want to keep this job and succeed. There are a lot of kids' education on the line and I have to succeed. Not just for them but for me.

I'd like to have helped my oldest son to find ways to help with his anxiety so he can get a job and move onto something he wants to do in life. He'd like to be more independent so I hope I can have helped him build his skills in looking after himself towards this goal.

Building a strong relationship with my new partner. She is a great person and I want have a great life together!

Having published my book that was welcomed and that is the start of a new focus of my work. With the necessary tools and media. That it was the start of a new exciting trip in my career and doing what I love to do. Why? Because it would mean I have passed a new phase where I stretched myself, learned new ways and was able to look at things differently and open instead of shy away...

Lose 50 lbs. So I can reduce the risk of certain ailments.

I would like to have finished more stories. Everything else is going well (I hope that continues), but I have a lot of half finished things. My hope is that I could complete a few that excite some of the people in my writing group. I have some interesting ideas, but I need to get it on paper.

Reestablish contact with my Dad. It seems like most every year-round this time I vow to improve relations with him, with mixed to poor results. This is important because more contact would do us both good, I believe. While I now realize he may never be truly involved with my life, I think it's important to at least maintain contact and communication.

The book I'm writing finished and I'm out promoting it, important because it's the next step for a retiring book designer.

I would like to be regularly participating in something new. A class, a sport, an art. I ant to keep growing and learning new ways to express myself.

I would like to have at least three poems published in journals I am proud of, because it helps keep me writing, which in turn feeds my soul.

More self acceptance. Let go of the need to prove anything to anyone, including myself. Become more playful; bring the same neutral attitude to changes in life direction I do to ripping out half-knitted sweaters.

I want to have kept up a habit of writing regularly for the whole year. One thing I have noticed this fall is that putting in the effort to write, revise, and really try to say something and say it well, has had a big impact on my self-esteem, my sense of purpose, and my feelings of contentment. It is going to be hard to do, for two reasons: 1) It's work! It's hard to make myself do work that does not have a deadline or a visible outcome. Much easier to fold laundry and clean the house than buckle down and work on something. 2) It is often uncomfortable, sometimes downright painful, and causes me to go through really challenging emotions like self-doubt and sadness. I know how necessary and important those emotions are and that's why I think overall writing is such a big help to me. The happiest memories of my life are attached to writing. When I started writing for my classes at Smith, that was the first golden period of my adult life. My senior year was the same, a golden period (of sorts, 9/11 happened then, and also my first major relationship fell apart) where I felt I was rising up in the world, emotionally -- and that was when I started taking classes that didn't just involve writing but were actually all about studying the art of writing. My happiest times in my early years out of college were when I was blogging and writing on a regular basis. And when I first went to Las Vegas I was writing on a daily basis, by that point on my Tumblr. Our year on the road was very hard for me, crushingly so, and I now believe the only thing that made it not a complete descent into depression was that I was able to take a simple writing course online, and then later I was able to start a blog. That pulled me up to where I could at least breathe. Overall I have a sense of writing as a lift in my life. I know I need to do it. I would love, someday, to produce something in the form of writing. But I am coming to understand that this is very, very, very hard. I am promising myself not to give up on that goal, not just because it is hard, anyway. If I do not complete that goal I will help myself be ok with that -- that is another promise to myself. But I'd like to develop it into something more than just an exercise. What that is . . . well, that's the extremely hard part. So in this next year I'd like to keep writing, on purpose, working at it, and maybe by this time next year I will be closer to saying how and what I could write that would be "more than an exercise."

A new home. I want to live in a lovely, clean space with like-minded others who are loving, present, considerate, kind with a dog(s) or cat(s) or both and feeling healthy and energetic. Why this is important seems evident... what I described is missing from my current living situation, I deserve better for myself. And in a shared household in La Jolla is most desired!

Two thing: 1) my career goals 2) my fitness goals I want to be clear in what path to take. Am I taking legal? Am I taking HR? I am still not certain of it. But I want to go back and take classes and be able to move up somewhere. Earn more money and feel much better in the workplace. I want to be physically fit so I do not huff and puff when I walk up the stairs. I want to be fit enough to have enough energy and be actively involve in physical activities with people around me.

There is the matter of dreams and the matter of reality... In dreams, I'd love to be in grad school and have a child - either by virtue of pregnancy or adoption. In reality, I hope to be completely settled in the house we are hoping to buy, to be steady in a job closer to the new house, to have planted a garden, and for the entire household to be healthy and happy!

I'd like to have my weight at goal and act like a successful card carrying lifetime member. I would like to continue attending Friday meetings. I would love to get the nerve to visit LJ and Skeen and also go see Beverly McGivers paintings.

This time next year I would like to trust myself. I'd like to be able to feel my feelings and be alone with myself. I'd like to be able to listen to my inner voice, my intuition and trust myself to do what is best for me. I'd like to feel stable and grounded in myself, letting myself sit with discomfort and difficult emotions. I'd like to know what I would like to commit to and know that when I say "yes" that I mean yes and not feel guilty for saying "no." I'd like to be able to relax and give myself rest without engaging in distracting, addictive behaviors. This time next year I want to trust myself.

My MEd!! B/c MA tried and didn't work out, and really want to have that piece of paper and verification. I'd really like to celebrate achieving grad school (if that's something you can achieve) and knowing that it all worked out despite all the frustrations and challenges. It'll be a big relief to finally be able to say that I did it.

I would like to have a great programming job. I've been working in the software industry as a Technical Writer, and I've found it to be both boring, and now with my company announcing job cuts, incredibly insecure. I've always enjoyed programming, so now would be the ideal time to make the transition.

300 lbs, able to run a 5K again.

I think my main goal for a years time is definitely to be fluent in Spanish. Obviously living in Spain will greatly help that. I have always loved learning languages and it's been a dream to be fluent in at least one more language as well as live abroad. Another goal is to be in great shape again as it's been too long since I have been. But learning a language is definitely more important.

1. I need to get back on the fitness wagon and get healthier. I was well on my way at this time last year and really slid down the hill. Starting smoking again and am really out of shape. Have gained some weight which is not the biggest problem as I needed to gain weight- but it is all flabby and yuck! I want to quit smoking again without a huge weight gain and work on toning up. I should be able to do this on my own but seem to completely lack motivation. 2. Want to find contentment in my professional life, either by finding the ability to be happy in my current position or finding a fulfilling new position. This year has been really hard. Finding my dream job and having be a real nightmare. I have always wanted a job home where I can be for a number of years and develop a legacy at that location. My current trend of moving every 18 mo to 2 years is exhausting. I know that my desire is for a cooperative team environment where i can be part of the team- and a position where I feel like i make a real contribution and have meaning. My current position should be like this but because of personalities is not.

I'd like to be able to run a 15-miler. I'm hoping to run a marathon in 2018 (the year I turn 40) and I would feel better about it if I could get past the 13.1 mark.

I would like to improve my strength and stamina, and achieve a permanent weight loss of 20 lbs - I feel like this is the time that I can make this happen, now that I'm able to do water aerobics three days per week - I want to feel stronger to combat the inevitability of aging - seeing my mother's decline gives me impetus to make this change while I can -

By this time next year, I'd like to be a great manager and coach. That would mean that I spend a significant amount of my time with my team, really supporting them and looking out for their needs. Their successes are my successes!

By this time next year, I do NOT want to be saying "I need to lose weight." This has been my most troubling, unfulfilled self-improvement project, and it is beyond time to address it with commitment.

I would like to take a course that engages my reading and thinking. This is important to me because I value learning something new and need to be more prescriptive about it.

I would like to be saving money, and be paid back to the investments. I want to be able to communicate civilly and on my own terms with my sister. I hope that we can have a peaceful and loving time at her wedding. I want to be able to stand up for myself in professional situations and also personal/familial- without getting so frustrated and shut down. I would like to be able to forgive myself for not achieving some or all of these things in a single year- that's okay.

Dang it. Same as last year. And every year before...get my finances in order. Drop the debt! It was last year's goal and I made big progress before it fell apart. This time I'm trying to start already. Turning down vacations and expensive events I would normally jump at. Must. Keep. Trying.

I want to maintain a no-sugar diet because it makes such a difference to my health & well-being.

I'd like to have my LMSW and have a job- maybe I have moved somewhere new- maybe I have dealt with some Pain and feel light and free again. Maybe I'll love myself a little more and have more and more good people in my life. Maybe I'll save some money and not feel so guilty all the time.

I would like to achieve more peace of mind.We have a lot going on here at home and sometimes I get caught up in the small when I need to let it go.

By this time next year, I want to be completely devoted to God. A long long time ago I had a dream. I pushed away from a huge banquet table and listened to my Savior's heart. My God lives, He is alive. I want to be like the admirable wives of the past. Like George Washington's wife for example. She knew George so well that she was right in step with the decision she knew he'd make and she was a good help meet. A good wife is hard to find, Proverbs 31 woman - that is who I would like to be. When He looks down from Heaven, I want Him to see me serving Him in some way, I want to be more devoted. A wife to me is someone who knows her husband so well, she knows what will make him happy and does it just to please him picturing him being happy while she busily works. A good wife is a help meet. There's stuff to do on this earth, I want to be doing what I should be doing that is going to be good for the kingdom and the gospel - even if it is just cleaning the toilets. Not sitting idly by or being lulled to sleep by enemy fire. I believe mankind was made for God's pleasure. I want Him to delight in me and my family and do what we were created for. When someone is doing something that they are made for, they excel, they usually take pleasure in it themselves and it's very rewarding. I want to be a joy to Him, no more sorrow, no more stench either. This is not to earn anything...I have all I need, He's given me all that I need. It's selfish really because when I know He is pleased or looking down on me doing the right thing, that lights me up from the inside out like nothing ever could here. When I love someone I try to do things to please them, it is how I show affection. He's interested in the girl on the stage who is serving...not the one sitting watching everything happening. So I want to be the one serving. The church is His bride, if you are part of the church I encourage you to do the same. Nothing says I love you like serving God by serving His people, people He's calling, missionaries, preachers, teachers, people He's drawing near for salvation. Next year, less Martha, more Mary. And as for hearing His heart, I not only want to walk in step with His commandments (because they are right), but I want to hear His heart who He truly is, not who I think He is, not who the world says He is, not who Hollywood and others say He is. I want to hear Him as He is. And i want to understand what I hear. When I go Home and He wakes me up at the resurrection, I want to recognize Him and when we talk I want it to be that I know Him. It would be extreme sorrow to realize after all this time, that I didn't know Him at all. It takes time to get to know someone and for me to be still and know He is God - to be still at all is extremely difficult. But may He be glorified in all these weaknesses, being my strength because I can and will do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I want to be real... through and through not a bunch of talk and nothing fake either. When the sword goes in, that I be shown to be true. A rose is a rose.

By next year, we will finish paying off our mortgage. This will give us financial independence, especially after retirement. Continue to meet with Snow over Skype and maybe visit. Keep in touch with all of the children and the rest of the family. Keep working on our relationship and get prepared for retirement.

I would really love to be done with college. Not bloody likely (actually, physically impossible). I'd like to be in a new job. Staying a Rackspace would be fine, but I would like to be paid better, off miss, and doing something that is mentally challenging rather than emotionally draining.

Not having been able to contribute to our household the way that I should, I want to prove again that I'm deserving of the amazingly wonderful wife that I have.

Exquisite health. I want the second half of my life to be long and vital. There is so much left I want to do.

I would like to finish my dissertation and find my inside peace.

Driving myself. I need autonomy.

Be proud and fulfilled with a good rewarding job in a good company, just be happy and engaged at work. Have a good marriage improve our sexless life Be healthy and thin with a better self esteem

By next year, I would like to become a certified trainer in Non-Violent Communication (aka Compassionate Communication). I believe that learning to listen and connect with each other is going to make our lives, and the world better.

I hope to build up the Medicaid Pain Management program for Oklahoma ( at least OKC) this year. It's important because this is the job I have just taken and I want to do a great job. I hope we can make an impact in this state and hope our program helps our practitioners and our patients. If we are successful, I will feel I have made a positive impact in a real health problem. It would be great if my son and daughter in law had a baby and my husband and I become grand parents. It's important because this is a great personal milestone for our family. Lastly, I hope my husband will be a happier person by next year. i think he is depressed but doesn't want to go for counseling. He should be enjoying his life.

I'd like to move past my depression and become more comfortable with going out as a matter of routine. I'd also like to address my mobility issues. These two things are separate, but related.

It is time for a new job. I am bored and it is making me depressed. I hope I can find an inspiring new job.

Travel to another country for a volunteer project. I am booked to go to Guatemala to build an arts centre for Project Somos - an adventure in solo travel, in meeting new people and in doing something to give to others rather than travel only for myself.

By next year, I'd like to have at least 2 of my credit cards paid off. My ex husband left me with so much debt, and freeing myself of most of it would be a huge burden off my paycheck and my shoulders.

I would like to write regularly. At the moment I find it impossible to write at home and I go to the library. But I can only do this for a few hours a week because I have to take time off work. It isn't enough. I love to write.

Next year this time I want to be in the grad school of my choice. It's important to me because I not only need to prove to myself that I can do this but to my family and teachers who doubted me.

I would like to learn better how to have fun with the grands. We would all be better for it and have more fun.

React to PTSD memories with softness and kindness. Not use food and sarcasm and depression and dissociation.

I would like to improve my bridge game and actually sit down to play. I would like to add a hammock to my backyard, a nice seating arrangement and a hottub

I would like to earn enough money that I can afford my own place on my own and provide a safe and nurturing home environment for my daughter. I need a place where I can also retreat and relax on a daily basis. I would also like to cook dinner several times a week. I need my own kitchen.

Have my paperwork and other belongings better organized. More gets accomplished in an organized environment and peacefulness prevails.

My own home, my very own space. I would mean that I would have moved on, that I was taking the next big step towards freedom. I've been thinking about it and visualizing it for the last several weeks. It's what I want the most right now.

I would like to loose at least 10 more pounds. Loosing weight was a goal last year (and almost every year) but this past year I actually started to eat healthier & I have lost 15#. This is important to me because I am borderline Type 2 diabetic & I don't want to have to start taking insulin. It is also healthier for my heart & my bad back.

I would like to have a teaching job in Mansfield or a district closer to home; but, I am ok with NOVA in the meantime. I would like to have a few more things paid off through the debt snowball. Closer to home = more time with family and less mileage on the car, thus saving more gas $, plus schools closer to home pay more in salary as well, which will help with... Debt snowball...pay off debts is very important to me. Freedom from debt = better life.

Establish a good routine for each day and find suitable "hobbies".

Relationships, more friends and an intimate one. Reconnect with Joanna & get together with Maryanne Kehoe, we emailed about dates and then I let it drop. I am quite half heartedly exploring a relationship with a man, Al Sorentino, I am definately dragging my feet because I can't seem to heal my heart, I still hang onto Sil and this is totally one sided, I need to let go and move on.

Healing Touch Spiritual Ministries Level two. Complete certification. Adds to the resumé but more important, I step up the level of professionalism and meet a challenge.

Be almost financially ready to retire. As a single person I am responsible for my ability to enjoy retirement. I have always lived conservatively and made wise decisions for my future. My dream is to live back in Colorado, and have the means to do some traveling, visit family and assist other family members as I am able. I have worked full time for 38 years...hope I will be able to enjoy the fruits of this time spend doing a job I have loved.

I would like to be submitting regularly to magazines and contests and to have a draft of a book. I sound like a broken record, but I think this could be the school year that could make it possible given my lack of stress and how much easier it all is at work. It's important to me because I'm a good writer and writing fulfills me in the most fundamental ways. I want to put it front and center.

I wanna achieve great half yearly exam marks for year 11 and feel happy with the marks. I want to have got extra help so I am happy with all my learning. I was to be still going to shule and learning on Fridays. I want to be the best house captain I can be! I want to feel comfortable speaking in front of a crowd and not being embarressed.

I would like to be really good at my job. I would like to be something of an expert in core vocabulary and communication boards. I want so much to help our high needs kids communicate. I feel such a responsibility to them and their families. I owe them the best I can possibly do.

'd like to have accomplished the health goals I've set for myself: walking, water aerobics, weight loss, new glasses etc. It's important to care for my body as well as my mind!

By September of 2016, I'd like to have established my counseling practice. I've been in recovery for almost four and a half years and from the very beginning, I've wanted to share what I've learned to help others who deal with the impact of sexual addiction. I'm three months from graduating with an MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and have completed 3 of 4 modules of my training as a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist. Once I'm licensed, 'hanging out my shingle" is the next big step!

I would like more creative work published. I like to write but I also want to be recognized. Feedback matters.

I'd like to determine my next direction. Am I going to stay in LA, am I going to go back to school, what is next?

I would like to see the project God has given me prospering better and meeting more people's needs and reaching more people. I want to be able to donate more money where God leads and to be spreading the gospel more with the lost. I want to have a deeper walk with God and have improved my prayer life. I want to try to be more involved at church and have improved my attendance from where it is today.

By this time next year I would like to feel full, not allowing cynicism and sarcasm stuff up the holes in my life: I would like to have a consistent band; I would like to have my film company going consistently; I would like to have an enjoyable well-paying job in the summers.

I want to translate my father's book. I would like to have at least started it and made some headway. This is important because there were many things I did not know about my father by translating his diary I hope to gain some insight into the kind of man he was. That is important to me.

I want to make genuine friendships at university, based on common interest and/or values and on mutual respect. This is important to me because it will affirm my self-confidence and inter-personal skills, could prove that I can identify with a more diverse range of people than just young Jews, because I thrive off companionship and because I believe these relationships enhance life and make it fuller and richer.

Getting out of the US again. Travel has been such an incredible life changer for me. I would love to go on paid assignments to other countries and get to explore anywhere and everywhere.

I really hope I'm at a school where I am happy, and an able to leave behind all my insecurities from high school and show people the cool person that I really am!

I have got to get back into shape. I was in the best condition of a decade when my meniscus blew out and now it is two years and I have never consistently worked out since. My gym visits have stopped even though I have access. Right now exercise is impossible as I am full time caregiver to my wife - recovering from knee surgery so I am near her nearly all the time I am in the house. It will be weeks before we can even do walks together. If I can be 15 lb lighter next year, with just moderate workouts and lots of low impact walking, I can sleep better, and try to emulate my Dad who lived to 98 by taking care of himself, and watching his waist and his total health. I remember too, liking how I felt when I was more fit. WOW Last year was a focus on de-clutter. That is actually in process. As I write, many boxes are here in the office, but they are part of purging and ordering files. The house is beginning to function as the living machine a house should be. So some progress on that front.

completion of remodel work on my home and elimination of excess clutter from my life. To increase harmony and beauty in my home and inspire love. The most important thing i''d like to achieve is a meaningful close relationship with a woman that cares about me and that I can care about deeply and that will let me show that I love her as well.

I'd like to complete some work on my house, including finishing the 2 main hallways. This would be an important step in moving forward with my life, whether that would include selling the house or gaining a roommate.

Finish one play. Because if I don't write, I'm not a writer.

I want to complete DAWIA Level 2 certification in contracting. It is a requirement for my new career as a DCMA Contract Administrator, to complete Level 2 certification within 2 years, by 15 June 2017. I want to complete it within this next year, and begin Level 3 certification.

Stability at work - great reviews etc. I want to know that my personal progress this last year translates to work - would really like for my last years at work to be stable or a change of my choosing, not chosen for me

By this time next year I'd like to have learned to accumulate enough energy so that once I get home from school, I have the energy to be social. By this time next year, I'd like to have gathered some social activities that will require my energy so I can enjoy said social activities after work. This is important to me because for the first time in my life, I realize that this is an area of my world that doesn't exist, and it is actually something I want - that friendship, relationship, social interaction with peers, enjoying life outside of work.

I would like to find away to mentor homeless youth. I live downtown and they are my neighbors. I just want a better path for them.

I want to have a better relationship with my body and a healthier body. I am going to live in this body for the rest of my life. I need to take ownership of it because it is mine and it does so much for me and needs to keep on operating to its fullest.

I would like to pay off 1/2 of my credit card debt by this time next year. It's going to be a rough and right journey but it needs to be done. My finances have controlled me for too long.

Daily yoga practice because my life depends on it.

By this time next year I want to be in my house, own pretzel (our dog) and deep in the doctoral program. I would also like to be in love

I would like to cease excessively worrying about work - it does me no good and immediately robs me of the things I am working for...

By this time next year I would like my personal life to be on a journey of fulfillment. My professional life is going well and I have achieved many goals that I have set for myself. I now would like someone to spend my life with. I have a close immediate family and would like to have a family of my own.

There are many things! I would like a promotion. I'd like a relationship. And I'd like to lose weight, but mostly be happy and confident with my body at any weight. These are goals I've been working towards with a lot of effort for some time now and it would mean that I could set new goals that build on these.

By next year, I hope to have a more clear idea of what it is I want to do in life. At the moment, I am taking Latin V CL, Calculus BC AP, English Lang/Comp AP, World Religions, Studio Art- Drawing AP, and Physics C AP. In addition, I love to play the guitar in my spare time, having had the opportunity to perform at Fenway Park and Symphony Hall in Boston. I play in a choir, and was the guitar player for a local band for two years. Also, I enjoy theater very much; I have performed and interned at the American Repertory Theater, assistant stage managed with an acting troupe in Cambridge, and made it to the final round of the METG High School Drama Festival, where I performed with my school's play for approximately 1,000 people. I enjoy community service, having completed 200 hours at Massachusetts General Hospital, in addition to hours at my local church and some community organizations. Golf is also a hobby; before a 2nd degree sunburn, I had a handicap of 7, and had a chance of playing Varsity. I enjoy looking at various religions, having explored practices from Christianity, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, and several other religions. Video games have been a significant part of my life growing up, from the perspective of a way to play and bond with my family, and of a competitor looking closely at the programming of games and how they can be exploited to optimize the level of play. In the Yu-Gi-Oh! trading card game, I had a record of 90-6 after having played for only 3 months. Quitting this, I learned the basics of both the Pokémon trading card game and video game competitive circuits. I believe that each day is incomplete without physical activity; I greatly enjoy running, swimming, rowing, and biking, as well as body weight exercises such as pull-ups and squats. Recently, I just lost my first dog, and don't feel that life is as full without a dog. Of course I try to read everyday, and enjoy both fiction and non-fiction, although I am looking closer at non-fiction now as per my English curriculum this year, and because I am not as familiar with these forms of writing. And what would my physical activity work towards if I didn't attempt to get eight hours of sleep a night? This is me, and I enjoy every nuance of these areas. But what does it have to do with the world? I find this the challenge I face, manifesting itself in several ways. It can be difficult to balance a life of learning and an awareness of today's culture and news, which is an important thing to do, as it keeps us a precious bit further from becoming overly self-absorbed, and helps us develop our ideas in the greater context of the world. Additionally, it is important to know the state of the world, if for nothing less as a way of respecting the lives of others. I am also challenged by the fact that life in this way is more than likely unsustainable; it is impractical and improbable that I will be able to accommodate these interests in such a way that I can keep up with all of them, and make a reasonable contribution to society, yet I do not want to forget any of them. Additionally, it would be expensive to keep up this life, which would likely require me to devote my life to something that would make me a lot of money, probably something that I do not enjoy. I think it is inevitable that I have to forget something, or several things, in the near future, so that I can focus on what is really important to me and foster my interest for it. This is hard but necessary. All the people I admire devote their lives to their fields. Jamie Wyeth dropping out of public school at age 11 to devote his life to painting, Tiger Woods being the prodigal golfer for his entire life, Diane Paulus dreaming of The Donkey Show going on a world tour, and achieving that dream within a few years. Turning dreams into reality takes passion and commitment, and even so, many have failed to find success in their attempts to do this. These people even emphasize the need to focus on what you love, but I do sincerely love these many things. I find satisfaction and insight in all of them, and feel that each brings its own unique feeling of joy and fulfillment. By next year, I hope to be further along in discerning the path I want to take, and more devoted in whatever it is I decide to pursue.

I'd really like to get out of debt this year. Though I don't want to leave my beautiful home, I would like to get enough money to pay off our mortgage and have hundred thousand extra to invest in a more modest home. I would also like my husband to financially contribute.

I really wish I could connect to the spiritual world. It is the only thing that really excites me. I have discovered it for a reason, I just wish I could understand why.

I would like to feel integrated in the Tufts community. This is important because I would like my new community to feel like a home.

Learning how to control that which I can and let go the things I cannot. Learning how to pick me battles. Otherwise, my frustrations will get the best of me and render me less effective as an educator, advisor, and leader.


I need to submit at least one manuscript for publication this year. I've been unable to do any writing since finishing my dissertation a year and a half ago, I am absolutely terrified of it! I am so scared that if I try, I'll discover that I have no business doing what I'm doing, and the whole works will find out. I need to get past this so I can build some actual self-confidence.

I'd like to be pregnant or have a baby by this point next year. About to approach 34 and freakin' out a little. It's important because as much as the thought of having a child makes me scared, I also know that my husband would be an amazing father!

I'd like to sock enough money away to get a leg up on retirement. I've got a pretty good start but I only have a year or two left to teally make it. I'm 65 now so I'll probably need another 2 years or so to do it. I'm really tired of slogging to and from work on the expressway and hope there's enough of life left to paint, draw and sing.

I would love to have a new job by this time next year. I am so tired of working for a toxic agency and making so little money. I hope that I can find something that pays more and is more meaningful to me.

I would like to get more involved in education policy and advocacy in New York City. This was an important part of my life back in Philly and I want to find its analogue where I now live.

Having a baby!

Establish a working and mutually profitable partnership with an art gallery. Same both artwork and my illustrated books. Establishing myself as a professional and self supporting artist.

Almost the same goal as last year's (though I put almost NO energy into achieving it): A job that I love with a base of at least $245,000/year and significant incentives so that I can afford to buy my NYC dream apartment within the next few years and achieve my retirement goal - a minimum of $3,500,000 in savings by 2020. It's important that I return to being much more engaged with the world and earn the income that I very much deserve.

There are two things I would like to achieve. Both are related to health. The first is financial health. I would like to get my finances in order and create a system for the bills etc so I am not always in debt. This is important as it sets an example for the girls and it will help start saving for college. THe other health is for my personal health. I would like to get into better shape. Improve my endurance and flexibility. It will help with everything and especially for how I feel physically.

I want to hold in my hand my published book of poems and illustrations.

By this time next year, I would like to reduce my work stress. I am working too much, and it is actually killing me. Very slowly, I suppose, by some measures, but it's had a significant impact on my quality of life. I have not been exercising, my stress level is elevated, and I am not sleeping enough. There have been nights in the past year that I've not gone to bed at all. It's taking a toll on me, on my marriage, and on my relationship with my beautiful little boy, and it is not sustainable. The number one thing I want to change in my life by this time next year is to have my balance back. Whether that means a new job, a new company, or somehow managing the current job more effectively, I don't know.

I am currently learning Spanish on my Ipad for our upcoming trip to Panama in March, so what I want to achieve by this time next year is to be able to converse with the locals in Panama. This is important because I need to prove to myself that even though I am 68 years old, I am still capable of learning something new.

I'm torn between writing something about my work and something about my family. So maybe what I want to achieve is a way to hold work and family at the same time.

I would really really really want to lose weight. I keep promising myself, and I am not getting any younger, so I must finally do this!.

Moving out. I need this independence and I think I'd have a better relationship with my mum.

I'd like to have done more stuff outside of work and videogames -- volunteering with organizations, helping friends out with things, really anything that isn't work or sleep. I need to be better about committing to doing things and then actually doing them.

i want to have all the boxes unpacked. have the house totally organized and if at all possible all or most of the redecorating DONE!

One thing that is important to me is that I continue my recovery. I want this to happen on both a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. As of tonight I am struggling with the physical recovery. I hope that in reading this a year from now I will have found the willingness to really turn my food over to God. I will also be interested to see how APUP and Sister Schools have turned out. I hope for success in both of them including TBO. It is important to me to be successful and maintain my family. Finally, I hope that I'm connecting with friends and family in a more intentional way. I want everything I do to be with intention towards serving as God's tool in the world.

Figuring out some direction for life and beli bing in myself. The reason is pretty obvious.

I would like to be at peace with food. I would like to be retired from the hospital. I thought there was a third "one thing" but I can't remember it. Tree. Spoon. Paper.

I need to gain a greater level of independence from my mother. Not only do I need more financial independence, but I need to be able to set firmer boundaries with my mom. Coming back to Mom after my life fell apart was amazing, that no matter what she would be there to help me. But the price is getting higher and higher. I'm afraid that if I don't break free I will be stuck here until she passes away.

I could totally uproot by this time next year. By this time next year, I hope to find a full time job in public radio. I wish myself the courage to make a big move if that's what it would take.

I want to have started this business, it looks like it's going to happen quite soon! I want to make something I have instigated myself and lead to success. It's an important part of reclaiming and asserting my identity to myself. I felt I lost myself and that I had become nothing. Even if it fails commercially, I'll still have proven to myself that I still exist and have agency in the world.

I want that solid, steady income as a writer, supplementing my day job, and I want the resulting tax issue worked out. This is important because I dearly hope that when my current day job ends, I am writing professionally (and primarily, if not exclusively).

I would like to continue repair my house, get rid of clutter and unneeded things, and complete painting and decorating so that it will be open to visits by friends without feeling ashamed. I would like to have an organized way of keeping it clean. Actually, I would like to be organized. In short, I want to have a home which enriches my life. I want to have a home which supports meditation and yoga practice as well as a welcoming place for my friends and family

Complete a marathon

I want to be back in great health. I want another year like last year when I felt like I could accomplish anything. It's important because I have things to do.

A very comfortable environment to live in. Important because the excuses to no do it are idiotic. I would like a house keeper twice a month and I would like to enjoy doing the things I want to do while he maintains his misery. Or get it fixed. Either way is fine . Or leaves.

I've re-framed and downplayed the importance of goals but I believe in directional forces to keep us on a good path. The book, a relocation of home base, and increased time overseas are all in that directional force.

Well, I'd love it if we could be happily married without having irreparably damaged any of our family relationships on the way through wedding planning, especially with my parents. I'd love it if it could be the best day ever, but I suspect it will be because I'll be marrying the best man ever. Also, I'd love to have settled properly into clinical medicine, feel like I've got the grip of the examinations and the procedures and the routines. Lots of things to do, and I still can't quite believe I'm getting married at the end of it,

By this time next year.... Dorothe will be married, and I will have done the majority of planning the wedding. Mark will have graduated high school, and I hope he will be off to college (with my help). Perhaps Felix will be off on his own too. By any standard, I will be feeling that my "job" of raising children will be basically over. I think that's a pretty big achievement. Personally, I cannot think of a single achievement for myself that I desire to have accomplished beyond that. Maybe getting to go on another vacation. That would be nice.

I would like to have gotten to our wedding on August 13, 2016 with minimal stress, doing a little at a time to avoid getting overwhelmed, and to have truly enjoyed this year of engagement. I will never get this time back again and I don't want us to be one of those couples who was so stressed out that we didn't enjoy all the excitement and good wishes leading up to out big day. I don't want to have to say, "I can't wait for this to be over with."

Have my G licence. Because it's time to embrace some things that scare me.

I want to travel more! A friend said she did not know what vacations were because all hers are spent on going home to visit family. That made me realize that moving away from home would limit my travel. So I am now looking for a job even closer to home. That way my vacation time can be used on vacation and travel instead of visiting family. I want to travel solo, because there will be so much more opportunity to travel if I don't have to wait for a companion to be able to go with me. I will be able to see the world or at least what I want to see that my budget will allow.

By this time next year I would like to have found a new job. Part of the stresses I have come from work. To manage my health better, I want to commute without a vehicle, and have a low-stress job so my life can be richer, and I can be more present in my relationships, both because I have less stress, and because I have more time.

I have a big, hairy, audacious financial goal for the next year: to be totally debt free so that I can: 1. Have a 12 month emergency fund 2. Contribute the max to my retirement fund, including the catch up contribution 3. Payoff my the student loans for all 3 of my daughters 4. Setup trust funds for my daughters, nieces and nephews My mantra is, "I have all that I will ever need; I'm financially secure."

I want to learn how to sew on the sewing machine. I want to be able to try my hand at creating something that I can envision. I'm terrible at other art forms, but I still want to try. I also want to encourage my children in this skill, and if I learn I can help them, and possibly motivate/inspire them if they see me creating and enjoying the medium. I'm also working on crossing items off my bucket list, and this is one of them.

Lose weight. I'm a fatty.

Hardest question to answer so far, as if the grass would be greener. I'd like to change my mind. To evolve. Otherwise, what's the point to all of this?

I would like to return to earning money. After many years of entrepreneurial exercises, I would like to find some success with one of my ventures. Following a successful corporate career, the challenges of being independent have proven difficult and for both financial and psychological reasons, it would be great to either turn one of the companies into a success or at least a moderate success.

I want to own my own home. It's important to me because looking for one is the first time in my life I set out to get something I wanted. Something I truly wanted for me. And it's been very very hard. I have sacrificed a lot of time and my partner and I have had a lot of arguments and unhappiness about money because of it. But I very desperately want to live in a space that belongs to me, that can't be taken away from me, that contains my things. A place that I come from, a place I belong to, a place where I feel safe.

Graduate with my masters degree! I hope.... This is a long time in the making...

I would like to get a job, which is important so I can support myself, because not everyone can live on air and anti capitalist dreams like the JFREJ people seem to be able to. And, I would like to find fulfillment in a relationship, or at least deepen the friendships I already have. I hope I can end up somewhere where I feel part of a community.

By this time next year, I would like to achieve two things: 1) I would like to have a clearer, firmer sense of what I would like to specialize in or the setting I would like to work in as a speech-language pathologist. This knowledge will help look for a clinical fellowship year position and steer the direction of my career. 2) I would like to be keep improving my self-care. Specifically, I would like to make progress in my "blindspot areas" like headaches, back pain, and pushing through too much.

By this time next year, I'd like to have my EMDRIA certification. This is important for me professionally, but I think it's more important personally, because it means that I haven't shied away from interpersonal interaction and constructive criticism, and that I've shared my professional work with other professionals without feeling criticized or shamed or unacceptable.

Feel some resolution or at least accomodation with the situation of my daughter in her abusive/surveillance/control relationship. Communication with her at least Preferably that she will be away from him

I'd like to see the relationship with my wife go in a definite direction - hopefully improvement but even decline would be a change from the status quo. We've been in a rut for a couple of years. We love each other but get on each other's nerves on a daily basis. There are times I feel emotionally bullied by her...I feel I can't bring up a simple question or routine thing without it turning into an argument. I often semi-joke that I go to work in part to get away from the stress of home.

I want to be more kind to my family. Overall less harsh. I want my family to understand the love of the Father through my life.

I would like to have my apartment de-cluttered, arranged, with pictures hanging. It's important because I continue to withdraw and isolate and not have people in. I think I'd like to try and change this behaviour and not use my "mess" as an excuse for not putting myself out there.

Well, to continue my aims of dating and having fun with the experience of meeting new people. Did I mention, I proud of my bravery making this step last year? My next step would be to continue that, because someday, and I can't predict it when it will happen. (This year would be nice, but I am willing to wait and be patient.) Someday, it's important to me to find a partner, to share adventures, life, challenges, laughs and food with. A best friend to trust, to have fun with and to be intimate with. It's important to me, because, life is too beautiful and fun not to be shared. In the meantime, keeping my dating game semi-active is important, because if I don't try, I will never know.

I'd like to be working somewhere else, because the County job I have right now is the most toxic and dysfunctional environment I've ever worked in. And one of the least professional. To have a different job by this time next year would be a measure of my self-respect and ability to make a goal and achieve it.

I really want to enroll in some sort of certificate or degree program, it seems always to get sidetracked !!!!AAArgh

I'd like to be stronger, and healthier. I've been working at it, but I'm still not where I want to be. It's important to me to look and feel my best, because it helps build confidence. In these next few years, I'll be applying for jobs, and hopefully getting interviews. Having confidence is a must.

Not be working at second job. Tutoring is fine, making more money here is fine, but I need to stop working with 18 year olds. It's not healthy!

Doing work I love as a psychotherapist and coach. This year I am a student and seeker. Aside from the income I love my work and want to be expressed in that way n

Finish the kitchen!! I've been thinking/ working on this for years. It's time to do it.

I would like to have the succession plan for our company figured out, agreed to and implemented. So I can concentrate on painting!

I am not sure. I have been operating on a day-to-day basis for a few years, and have not taken the time to actually think about what my life goals are. With that, I would say I would like to set goals for myself for the next few years.

I want to achieve the following: - graduate from uni - reaching a heathy and strong body - travel more - be positive more

By this time next year I would like to have an improved relationship with my parents, specifically my mom. This is important to me because as much as she can't give me what I need and our relationship is marred by what she did, I know having family is essential to me and my life.

I want to lose weight, and have a full time job.

I'd like to be able to stay on top of things like cleaning. I know it makes a huge difference in my mental state, and I know it helps me motivate in other ways. if I could just figure out time management, that would be amazing. I know that there is time in the day for an 8 hour work shift, tidying up, eating, sleeping, and some sort of recreational thing (be it video games or what have you), and I just need to learn how to achieve that.

By this time next year, I will have seen my "baby" graduate from high school and move onto college, possibly further from home than I'd like to imagine. So I would like to have come through the change that our family will undertake with as much grace and dignity as I can muster!

A first grade pass on my next OU degree module.

I would like to have a more balanced life, and include a love life to that.

I would like to have a piece of my memoir published somewhere. This is important because I really would like to accomplish this before I turn 30, and it would be the start of completing a dream I've had since being a kid, which is to write and publish a book.

I'ld like to achieve the Rank of Eagle.

I would really like to sign up to mentor. I get a huge amount of fulfillment out of working with our regular kids at the library, and I think being a mentor would give me a great outlet for my energies and talents. This is something I've been looking for for a long time, I just thought it would be something more artistic or solitary.

I so want to do the "Ride for the Living,"in June of 2016. In 2006 my daughter and I did the "March of the Living," and this would be nice symetry. It is a 65 mile bike ride from Auchwitz Birkinau to the JCC in Krakow Poland.

By this time next year I would like to find a phisical practice which I do at least once a week, and which increase my phisical energy and gives me joy.

I want to have an article published somewhere, perhaps a journal or a zine, and I want to submit something to a magazine. I want to get started on a book. These are things I want to do. At the moment, I don't know if I'll do them, because the main, major thing that I really, really want to do is get my goddamn B.A. degree. Having been in college off and on for over 20 years, I need to graduate. I have worked hard, and persevered, and it is time that I finally get my degree. So right now, what I really want to do is pass my statistics course and my political science course, and get my degree, at the age of 40.

By this time next year, I want to be making new friends and having a great time in college. Obviously it's okay if I'm still adjusting, but I hope that I am having fun and enjoying myself and growing and just soaking it all in.

Have a clearer vision (type of training/skills I need, or roles I could pursue) for a career in global health/development. Important in broadening my worldview and fulfilling my aspirations.

Have a job. I just graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering and it's disheartening to not be able to find a job with it.

May I still be creating vast tomes of poetry, growing as an artist, growing as a Jew, and continuing to regain both mental and physical health after years of struggle.

Create a personal snapshot/report card by which to review and move forward on my goals.

By this time next year, I would like to weigh 130 pounds and be physically fit. I want to continue my journey in becoming healthier.

Have a better diet routine.

I try not to read last year's answers to 10Q until I finish and submit this year's questions--primarily because of this question. I hate this question. I don't know if I have ever actually achieved what I set out to achieve. I am getting better at making general, achievable, "fuzzy" goals--grow as a person, strengthen my family, etc etc. I think that, while not as much of a let down to read the following year, is a little bit of a cop-out. This year I am going to try something different. By this time next year I would like to be regularly setting goals, working toward them, achieving them and moving on. I think my dissertation, in its persistent state of undoneness, has really robbed me of the sense of goal setting and accomplishment. I want that to change by next year.

I need to reclaim my own happiness. If I'm still working for Marianne by the time I read these answers next year, I vow to myself to quit my job immediately the next day. In the next year, I want to change jobs into something with more balance so that I can do more yoga and meditation and restore a sense of balance into my life. This should also help reduce my migraines, which is another important thing to achieve by the next year. I also want to get back into improv. This has been a place of renewal for me, and I need to be renewed. I need to email my improv friends and tell them I'm interested in re-entry and to please invite me to workouts. And probably also signup for a bats class. Those should help me get back to a happy place.

Predictions are a slippery slope. They sometimes fill me with an amount of despair a year later if I haven't made them come true. Still, I hope my newest novel is finished, and that something, anything, written by me has gained forward momentum. An easy prediction would be that the love of my love, whom I've loved for more than twenty-five years, continues to be the love of my life and that, like an evolving landscape, we become more majestic, more legendary, more evergreen.

Travel to at least one far destination, somewhat anxiety free and experience the fulfillment.

There are a number of things in my life that feel out of control: I haven't had regular medical care in way too long, my house and my office are cluttered and messy and that upsets me, my son needs more support (and, simultaneously, needs me to back away) and I've been too busy to provide it. I feel like I need to find a way to slow things down and get stuff DONE.

I want to be living from my heart- part time therapy, designing and selling my creations, using my creative skillset daily. I have lived my whole career for others and need to and want to find that self-care and compassion through this creative adventure.

To be in a paying job which harnesses my abilities, experience and passions to make the world a better place.

Same as the last 5 years I've answered these questions. Lose weight. Be healthier. Find something more meaningful to do with my life. Be a better person. A better sister, a better mother, a better daughter, a better friend. Years are zipping by now. A 50 hour work week, a day to clean, and then back to work. I feel like I'm moving through an assembly line towards death. Just watching each day spin its screw, turn its cog, and slide me to the next.

I think that this time in 2016, I'd like to feel healthy and serene. I'd like for us to start trying to get pregnant.

This one is hard. The things that are important to me don't have to do with achievement. I hope to make a positive impact on the young people and teachers I work with, but that has more to do with inspiring than achieving. I'd like to be sure my family feels loved and valued, but that has more to do with spending quality time and energy. I'd like to prioritize get-togethers with friends, but that's not an achievement either. If I could figure out how to do a thorough job at work without spending 12 hour days, that would be amazing, but is it really an achievement? We'll re-do the kitchen, and I'm sure I'll continue knitting, but those don't feel like achievements either. This one has me stumped.

I would like to draft two chapters of my next book. This is important to me because my wheels have been spinning, I've been allowing myself to get pulled away from it because it seems overwhelming and hard. Being able to do it - to just buckle down and get it done - will show that I have some courage and discipline and I also know it will lead to lots of new insights and make me feel creative and more alive.

I want to train Omar to be off leash and settled down. Its important because I don't want to worry about his behavior.... I also want my office cleaned out and Tricia moved in there... I want to have a better handle on our finances so there aren't any surprises and I can stay ahead of the bills...... I want to keep playing basketball & baseball as much as I can... I want to be on top of the garden next year and enjoy the yard..

By this time next year I want to have lost 50 lbs to be able to wear the clothes I love, and to be healthier!

I would like to be in a serious relationship by this time next year. This has been something I have been striving for for a while and I would really like to put myself out there in this way.

By this time next year, I would like to have a job that I'm happy with. It's a very qualitative kind of goal, but it's important to me. I like working at my current job some of the time, and not, some of the time. I haven't found or thought of a job that I really feel will make me happy. But I hope I do! I will keep looking and get creative.

next year this time.. married? happily married

I would like to have a full-time job, or at least be making full-time wages. I would like for my divorce to be final and for my son's father to be removed from our lives as much as humanly possible. And I'd like for my anxiety to be 100% in check, so I can drive on my own again whatever distance I want. These are all important because they will allow me to be a better mother and father to my son, and will allow me to provide for him the way he needs and the way he deserves.

Have figured out how to bring more movement into my classroom.

By this time next year I will have had my bat mitzvah. I really hope it is an amazing experience. I hope that I learn many things about my religion and myself

It's basically the same thing as it was last year. I still hope to have a publishing contract for my biblical fiction. But I also want to have TREK TO SINAI in pretty much finished form, and at least most of a draft of the new, expanded YA version of GRANDNANNY'S CANDLESTICKS - whatever it will be called.

I think by this time next year I'd like to have built a stronger relationship with my younger son. My older son just went off to college and I think my younger son (perhaps rightly) felt that I spent more time building a relationship with his brother. So with only one child in the house, I'd like to take the opportunity to build a stronger bridge to the younger.

If like to achieve even more financial stability. Though I've changed jobs and making a little more money and so far I feel inspired and motivated in my new workplace, we are still feeling limited in being able to truly save.

I'd like to develop an online presence. I kind of had one this past year with my writing for RACblog, but that only went so far because there were so many limits on what I could say and how far in-depth I could go. And my Facebook profile functions as a bit of a blog, too. Yet I know that if I want to be an activist, or an academic, or just a thinker, it will be important for me to get into the habit of thinking of new, interesting things to say and have them put out there to be critiqued by an audience. And, I like writing and I've been missing a place and a way to hone my craft. I think that spending time in Malaysia will provide me with an interesting enough set of external experiences to appeal to a few websites and possibly an audience for my own personal blog. It's an opportunity I'd hate to squander.

I would like to have a better idea of my life trajectory. I will be a senior in college, so I need to have some idea of what I will want to do afterwards. I am still so unsure now, but by then, I may be doing grad school applications. I also seem to be at the very beginning of my first relationship, so I would love to see this flourish.

I want to reach my goal weight and maintain it with regular exercise. Weight Watchers is my guiding counsel as well as my determination to be stronger, fitter and healthier.

By this time next year... I want to speak Spanish. I want to be happy, healthy, working towards more of my life goals.

Get at least one batch of greenr Pasteurs out. Work/life balance.

I have several home improvements projects I want to complete: painting several rooms inside the house; painting the exterior; establishing some flower beds; maybe carpet for the living room. This is important for a couple of reasons. I want to sell the house in a few years and it needs to be done for the market value of the house. Also it will create a nicer living space. Nothing I plan is extravagant.

Receiving more compensation for the work I do.

I would like to become proficient in tai chi. It's important for my health and posture, not falling.

I'd like to have 1. made friendships, and not shallow ones and 2. been part of another Co-currcular activity besides Drama. 1. Last year I was friendly, but I never stepped up to the plate. I never reached out as I was too shy. This year I would like to reach out, have conversations, and create and maintain friendships. This is important so that I don't feel almost alone in school and I have someone besides my family to turn to. It is important so that I don't always regret not becoming closer to certain people. 2. This can help me branch out in two ways. The first is expanding my friendship groups if I follow through with number one. The second is testing to see what else I like to do.

i'd like to know more clearly what i want to do as a job, or what i will do in the future. i'm leaving the security of a well-paying, rather easy and familiar job in korea, traveling the world, and beginning a new chapter, so to speak. i want to find the next step ( i know i will ).

It's hard to limit myself to just one. I'd like to be settled in my new home. I'd like to at least be on my way to having my second child. Finally (and probably most importantly). I'd like to have one year of no back pain. As I'm getting on in my years, I'm realizing the importance of wellness, whereas in years past I feel like I've been so focussed on "fitness" and "strength," etc. Being pain free and aging gracefully are part of that.

I WANT A BABY desperately. After over 5 years of trying, I so so so hope this is the year we get out of our holding pattern, out of the treading water i feel we've been doing for half a decade and instead, be sleep deprived and covered in spit up and poo instead And i will admit here that I would love healthy boy/girl twins if we could all get through the pregnancy healthily. So I can be done iwth injections, done with ever trying to be pregnant again and just moving foward with our life.

I'm starting a new business, so I'd like to be running smoothly by this time next year. Success is important for both financial and self esteem reasons - and the business concept is really a good idea as well...

Every year I get one step closer to being brave enough to affirm my Jewish identity. It is part of who I am and has been an integral part of my upbringing for as far back as I remember.

I'd like to learn lashon hakodesh so that I can read and say the Hebrew prayers in their native tongue. This is important to me because I believe in the power of lashon hakodesh.

MaxFun Con! Pay off all debts besides the school loan, and be at a place to start hitting that even harder. Get on stage and make people laugh. Why? Because it's ALWAYS been important. "What's the point of growing up if you can't be famous?" -- me, at like 12.

I want to have finishes another fm case ,and have completed my story and increased my physical and mental strength .

I want to work on a proper film as a proper actor not just as a guest or an extra and I want to be treated like a human being not a piece of trash. I know a lot of extras and they were treated horridly, not only by actors or directors but by make-up artists.

I would like to have set some more time aside for myself. Ideally this would involve getting some exercise, and/or doing things that I enjoy, like kayaking, swimming, or walking more. Currently I get little exercise, and I spend my days shuttling kids to and from school and various activities. When I'm not with kids, I'm trying to work full time, which involves sitting at a desk or in meetings. It's a very busy lifestyle and I am feeling like I really need to find ways within this lifestyle to take more breaks for myself. I have recently joined my local community center and as a first step I plan to find a time to use this new membership to swim in the local pool.

I'm going to cheat and list several things under the umbrella goal of Improving My Environment: 1) repaint bathroom 2) convert spare bedroom in to dining room 3) sketching more 4) lose a couple of stone 5) spending more time with my youngest niece who lives in Ireland. 6) invest more time in friendships It is important to me to meet these goals as they will make me better equipped to meet long term goals.

I would like to look back and look to see the great results of all my efforts i have invested in myself, to be healthy eat healthy ezercise and lear to enjoy life by accepting love from others. I see a year full of loving joyful memories that write a legacy of appreciating w gratitude all that life has to offer. In moving forward i use this year as a marker of finding my inner happy self.

I'd like to learn to ride a longboard. It is important to me because it scares me, that I might fall, and the fear has to be conquered. On the board, and in life.

I would like to be in a solid relationship by this time next year. It's very important to me because I enjoy companionship. Another reason why this is important to me is because I want to prove to myself and my ex that despite him not wanting me, there's someone out there that wants to be with a woman like me. Yeah I know I shouldn't be tripping over what and how my ex feels. But in a way, it would be nice to "stick it to him" if he ever decides to contact me again. Now that was the selfish side of me. I know I have to make sure that I put my selfish thoughts of revenge aside. I know that this is something that I can't do on my own. I have to allow God to handle this for me. If I try to take care of this on my own, I may end up with someone that is not meant for me. I've already petitioned God about the type of man I want in my life, and I know He's got it already covered. And I also have to make sure that I don't allow this request consume my thoughts to the point that I am not able to function or allowing this to become an idol in my life. So yes, this is something I would like to have accomplished by this time next year, but if it doesn't happen, I'm ok. My steps are ordered by God. He will send my husband, when He knows I'm ready. However, it would be nice if by the time I read this this next year, I have a glowing grin and can say, Thank you God for answering my prayers.

I would give almost anything to be at peace with myself. To be comfortable with my own feelings, choices and decisions. To not let my perceptions of what others think of me or expect from me to alter what makes me happy. And to not feel guilty about the things I do or don't do! How heavenly that would be!

I'd like to have my office clean and lovely and half turned into a sewing/crafts room. I need the peace and serenity a less cluttered space will provide.

Dare I say it? How many years has it been? Become a Mother. I mean, Why not?

By this time next year, self, apply to a degree program! It doesn't have to be a PhD program; you can do a Masters. But do SOMETHING. SOMEWHERE. You miss learning. You are ready for a next step. You've determined that this isn't enough, and while you don't know all the reasons yet, you have spent a lot of time listening and it's time to start doing. You love: National History Day, social studies resources, conferences, panels, equity, reading, curriculum design, and global issues. Time to re-energize yourself and feel challenged by the world -- in the right way. Just remember: you already have it in you. Whatever it's going to take. Stop worrying about making the right move, and just make it.

I want to get this house fixed up. Repair Bathroom floor, replace shower enclosure, refinish wood floors, replace window, open up living room wall, clean up and make plans for basement. Maybe plan/redo kitchen. And create a maintenance plan for the yard. All so that I can decide whether to keep it or not. Also take care of my money. Have a positive cash flow and build savings.

Having started our big journey by bicycle, cycling from Amsterdam to Tokyo together with my boyfriend. We plan to be away for a year and a half or so.

I would like to be in a partnership with my soulmate. This is important to me because I would like to grown with and experience this person for as much of our lives as possible.

Have a child. I have wanted a child for years. Too many years have slipped by without this dream becoming a reality. I feel we have a lot to offer a child and, in turn, a child would further enrich our lives.

I want deep meaning inside one of my joys (yoga, horses, gardening, art), or a joy I have yet to discover. I want deep and meaningful passionate work and play.

I would like to have complete financial stability so that I can stop relying on my parents for small things such as phone bills, car payments and buying groceries when they come to visit me. This is important because I'm supposed to be a self sufficient adult and I can't be self sufficient if I can't fully support myself.

To be back at my weight of 125 pounds for the 4th time in 2 years! So my husband will stop teasing me and poking at my chubbiness.

I would like FEAST! to be a fully self -sustainable project because I believe in the cause.

License in SW. I want to be able to help others and not feel restricted due to my lack of license.

My goals for the next year are less about individual actions, but more about increasing my awareness and my inner practice. I would like to make more time for mindfulness. I have the time, I need to get over whatever barrier is keeping me from adding this to my life. I want to make more time for reading, and more time for having meaningful conversations with others. If it were possible to get people to come together to talk about such things on a regular basis, that would be great, but I don't trust people to do that - not in this town. I want to learn how to start the big conversations and then convert them into action. I want to spend more time thinking about what I want from life and how I want to make my living. What can I do to support myself that is more on my terms and less on somebody else's? How can I make an impact on the world when I am constantly playing catch up both my personal and professional life? These are the questions I want to answer this year.

Organizing my desk, organizing my life. Decluttering my life.

I want to be happy in my career. Right now, I feel a bit lost. I'm not sure what I want. My company is great, I think I just need a change of venue. Ideally, I'd like to stay within my company - just a new position or role. I just need to find out what I want to do.

Hands down be in a better financial situation so we can start to work on getting the house remodeled.

By next year I want to have found a way to do a lot in my community and at work without totally filling up my schedule. I also want time to do fun things, to have hobbies, and to spend quality time with my partner in our first year of marriage. I also want to find some outlets for performing. I think I miss that and it would be great to get back into it. Right now I am too overcommitted. While I am fulfilled by almost everything, it has conditioned me to always be taking on more, and it doesn't leave me time to recuperate. I feel very burnt out. I want to be able to feel good about my life without being too tired or frustrated to enjoy it.

By next year at this time I would like to achieve two things: 1) First, I would like to have identified at least 1-2 ways to have fun, and to be incorporating these into life on a regular basis. 2) Second, by this time next year I would like to have linked up with a relief organization and have deployed to provide supportive care to people deemed refugees who have fled their homes for safety, or victims of disaster. I'm frustrated in the limited manner by which I am able to be of help to others sitting in my small private practice each day -- deployment would offer the chance to be of greater help on a larger scale.

I would like to start laying t'fillin. It seems like an essential part of growing my Jewish practice.

I would like to be a parent. This is important to me because it has taken me years to get to a point where I will state that this is something that I "want". For a long time I believed that it is something I thought I would be good at, but was never sure if it is something I want to do. Now I know that I do want to be a parent and I hope that I will become one during this year.

A next step in my career, with a new sort of assignment or client. To not get rusty or too comfortable, to keep me sharp.

There are so many things that I wish to achieve!! And some thing that aren't achievements, per se, but that I would really like to see happen in my life by next year. First of all, I would really love to have another baby. This past year we've been waiting to become pregnant, and then we did over the summer, only to have a miscarriage. My beauty daughter N. is getting older (5) and I really long to expand our family. I can't really count that as an achievement because my control over it is minimal, but its the desire of my heart. Other than that, of course I'd like to publish, present at conferences, figure out where I'm going after this year of fellowship--yes, all really important achievements! But I need to figure out what my course ought to be, where and how and what my career needs to look like so I can continue to make the decisions to get me there.

Gee, these are always the hardest questions for me to answer. What is there that I want to achieve? Is there actually something I would like to achieve? I had the notion I wanted to enlarge my friend group. I sort of did that, but really, I still have the same few close friends. I am making plans with a couple of other people, and seeing Sylvia, the home bound elderly woman. I don't think I actually have anything specific I would like to achieve.

I would like to have graduated with at least a 2:1. I hope I will be proud of how hard I worked during final year and done everything in my power to get the best grade possible. It's important because I have always wanted to go to uni and be successful and it will have shown I made the right decision.

Get my weight down My health, my life

Relocate to NYC- that city is calling out for me!

I want to have the hive idea growing and blossoming. I want it to really be a space to build community, to connect better with each other. Also have a clearer idea of a physical space for the plans around the hive.

Reconnect/explore with speech-to-text.

This time next year, I'm hoping to be in the middle of a healthy pregnancy. That in itself isn't an "achievement" per se, but I hope to have found a better work-life balance and more mental stability so that I can become a calm, mindful parent - that will be the achievement.

I think it's hard to just pick one thing I'd like to achieve. But, I would like to have $10,000 of my debt paid off. I'd like to have $10,000 in savings, on my way toward passive income, and on my way to financial freedom. I also want to be thriving. THRIVING. I want to be happy, peaceful, and in love with life. I used to want to have a partner to share that with, and I still do, but I want to surrender that to life's terms. I trust that God will provide that for me when I'm truly ready.

I want to have at least one more friend than I do this year. Friends are perhaps the greatest achievement I have yet to really achieve.

I'd like to know what my future holds for me. Right now I feel as if I'm in a holding pattern. I would like to feel more settled and sure of my self and my future. Also, college.

Get in better shape. Drop 10 pounds. It's important for health reasons as well as a better sense of self.

I keep coming back to work/life balance. Would like to get car in garage, too. Gives me a feeling of control?

I would like to have completed the prerequisites for either the LPN program or the IBCLC program. I want to make a better life for my family.

I would like to build up my savings account, so that if I want to travel with my boyfriend we can actually get away. Money isn't so tight now that he's got an amazing job but little things always seem to pop up that prevent us from really putting money away. So I would like to be more frugal again so that we can finally take a vacation together, just the two of us.

I would like to really excel at my new job. I have taken my career and moved it to a whole new path. I would like to be feeling comfortable in this role and making an impact in the organization. It is important to me because I have had so much churn in my career and I feel I am finally on a path with some future.

I would like to solidify plans for where I want to make my career. Not a specific company or institution to which I want to pledge my eternal loyalty, but a basic knowledge of the methods by which I could spend my life energy in a fashion which I believe would be worth the exchange. This is important to me because I currently live in a trap which routinely snares people for 35 years, dumping them out as a shadow of a human. If I blink, I may find myself in this same state, and looking back on my life, will only see a string of broken dreams and unhealthy coping mechanisms. It is also important to me because I don't believe in the idea that a career should be something you hate, yet put up with in order to parse out an existence which is deemed valuable by peers in the same wage-slavery. This may be extremely millennial thought as far as its narcissistic nature, but I believe that each of us holds the potential to do meaningful things. And I believe that this potential ought to be exercised. These are axioms, not theorems, but I stand by them.

My goals next year is the same as last year's. Better financial stability. I have less than 15 years to retirement and I'm not ready. My lack of of savings is the full basis for me feeling unsuccessful; therefore, until my finances are better, I will never feel accomplished or successful.

I'd like to feel better physically -- be stronger, well nourished, and better rested. It's important to me because it is the foundation everything else is built on.

Get the house clean enough that all rooms are usable. It's ridiculous that we've spent years without a working family room, years without my having an office that's passable, years with only one working bathroom in a house with three. This has to happen because it's a HUGE impact on our lives.

Funny that I no longer care for timed accomplishments. Things will happen when they need to. But speaking objectively, I hope I have understood the importance of growing my savings and perhaps have a better suited car and a better income. I hope I also have been able to deal with my inner growth and the thoughts and conditioning that prevent it. Perhaps feel confident enough to let love back into my life and to feel I can protect and care for someone to the best of my ability. Then I will feel like the sensible 30 year-old man that I am. This will give me peace and joy.

By this time next year I hope to declutter my house and get rid of all the unnecessary items that are dragging me down. I might have said something similar to this last year but I didn't follow through. I just want to go through all of my belongings and get rid of things I no longer need/want and organize the things I do have. All this clutter is cluttering my mind as well as my living space.

By this time next year, I would like to have made more connections with the people in my community and continue to bond with the women I met at my Next Tent weekend. I would like to be more kind and loving to my husband and daughters and show my appreciation for their gifts.

I would surprisingly like to be married or living with Chipmunk and working or starting my own event planning company. I know with Chipmunk I have finally my soulmate. I have never been so sure about anything in my life and I'm ready to make that leap. So far I'm loving my job at the Peabody but a couple of people are making coming to work annoying. I rather be working for myself or a better managed team. I know it will take time to find the perfect group of co-workers and maybe I won't. Maybe I should just forget the bullshit people throw at me but that is a skill i'm still working on.

I would like to have put some roots down in North Carolina. To have a community, a network of health and wellness people, a routine, a home, some regular job(s) and maybe a pet. Hopefully a partner. Putting down roots and taking an active role in shaping my life is something I have longed for for awhile and I feel will contribute to my feelings of stability, satisfaction and happiness.

I'd like to be writing again. I want my depression to lift and to get back to being myself again, and creating again. I feel so incomplete without it but I just don't have the mental or emotional wherewithal to write.

I'd like to find a job. Not just any job. One that I love. I'm in my last year of grad school and I'm only here after a brief stint with law school. I went directly there after undergrad and there were plenty of other people who did the same,but it wasn't the best decision for me. I learned that I loved what I was doing as a clerk at my internship, but what the attorneys were doing didn't appeal to me. So I left. Now I'm pursuing an MSW and while there are moments where I don't love everything about what I'm doing, it certainly rings truer to what I want to achieve. So this time next year, I hope that I've made my way to a position in an organization that I believe in.

I would like to publish a book. Any book. I graduated this year with a degree in English, hoping to become a professional writer and to write for a living. However, I just don't seem to have ambition right now. I will do everything in my power to achieve my goal. I really want to share with the world what I have to say. I would also like to achieve in having a career.

I have a full Ironman in the next few weeks that I'd like to finish, which I swear is my one and only, but we will see what happens. My sister and I are looking at doing an ultra marathon in Dec., but we will see how my recovery from my Ironman goes. I'd like to continue fitness in next year, but that may mostly be based around how my relation future goes.

I would like to lose 60 lbs. I want to feel healthier and have more energy. Lugging around all this flab is pretty tiring.

Either to have died or see my kid on a path to a happy, functional life. Preferably the latter.

I would like to finish my thesis and be proud of it. I have wanted to do this for a long time. It is not just so that I can graduate, but that I can feel that I have gained insight and have learned something well. When I am done, I want to be proud that my thesis is sitting on the shelf in the library and online. I want to feel comfortable that someone may read it and find it useful if not interesting. I picked this thesis so that I could grow. I want to have grown by this time next year.

I would like to have published, produced or in some other way created something of my own creation that I can sell. This is important to me because I feel that my creativity is being wasted.

I would like to secure the job I have. I enjoy the work I am good at it and people like me. It is important bc I will make good money not get physically injured and have a better retirement. I will be able to help my family with the extra money

I'd like to either A) be happily employed elsewhere or B) in better control of how the negative culture at my current employment affects me.

By this time next year, I would like to be in remission. I would like to not think about the food I eat as a function of how it makes me look, but rather a function of being healthy and feeling good. I would like to be happy and enjoy my life, and have a genuine happiness.

I would like to have another baby. It's not really an achievement as a hope. I hope I can bring another beautiful soul into this world to share my life with.

This is actually kind of difficult to be honest. I achieved my biggest of big dreams last year by getting into law school. Hmm. By this time next year I would like to have basically come out as asexual at law school. This is important to me because I do not wish to hide this integral part of my identity any longer.

Being able to say that I have spent most evenings working on homework with my kids. This will indicate that I have successfully negotiated my priorities to focus on family and home rather than my volunteering activities or work or other pursuits that, while important to my well being and those that I support, are not the reasons I live for

A solid plan in place to leave NYC. I love my city, i love my home, but i'm tired of it. I've done everything that i can do here, i have hundreds of friends, i've done all the festivals, and concerts, all the stereotypical stuff, all the local stuff, dated all sorts of people, done all sorts of crazy shit, have had all sorts of jobs... and well... now i'm bored and i want to live else where. SF... maybe i'll have a plan in place by next year.

I would like to finish my bathroom. It needs to get done and I would love to have it finished.

I'd like to have the job and man of my dreams. Nothing big :)

Becoming happy. It is important because I will never be happy with anyone else if I'm not happy.

Mindfulness. Yes, I know it's the current buzzword, but it's something I need to experience more often and more fully in many areas of my life.

Better health... I want to live a very long life, I need to do the work to get there.

Does it sound bad for me to say I don't want to achieve anything? I have a good job... I make enough money... I'm very happy. Maybe something silly like just to keep the status quo. Or maybe to make it to the gym more often and up my health game.

In 2010, I wrote that I would like to adopt a more coherent and consistent observation of Shabbat. I toyed with such a practice in the following year, but it has largely fallen by the wayside, eroding little by little with each passing year. In 5776, I would like to recommit to observing Shabbat, albeit in my own way: no commerce, email, technology, or screens (excepting a movie or phone calls with friends/family), and an emphasis on reading, spending time outdoors, Jewish study, rest, and family time. Driving is fine so long as it is a way to participate in a Shabbat-appropriate activity.

Since, with the exception of my great-grandmother who was 103 when she died, the women of my family don't tend to live much past their 80th birthday. Since I turn 70 next year, I am suddenly very aware of my own mortality. I have been procrastinating, but I need to get get my affairs in order. . .and clean up my scrapbook room!

I would like to find work that better fits my values. I want to work for someone with integrity. I want to work with people I enjoy, who inspire me. I want to value what I do, and not feel like I need to be looking for a job every other hour.

I would LOVE to have a new job! I've been at the same place for over five years. It's the most difficult job I've had and a thankless one too. I look almost every day and keep applying. No luck yet, but you can't win if you don't play!

I want to run a 10k. It was on my list of goals this year, but I absolutely dropped the ball on training. Though I don't always love the act of running, I love the discipline of it. I love that it makes me feel stronger and more capable, and I love that I can do something and actually see my abilities grow over time. I'd also like to save money, because I think I want to buy a house sometime soon.

I would like to improve myself. Take time for me. Make new friends, travel, read... I just need to know that I am okay, that I am not stagnating. That there are parts of my life that are more than existing. So far my 10Q this year feels a lot more bleak than I expected, I'm realizing just how much I've lost focus this year. I want to change that. I also want to finish at least one of my longterm projects - build chain mail, or make the Moon Knight armor.

I'd like to have my finances under control. Living from paycheck to paycheck is far too stressful.

By this time next year I hope to have a healthy body image. Having my kids has made me feel uncomfortable in my own (sagging) skin and I need to find a way to make it ok or change what I see - or perhaps a bit of both. It's not about seeing a particular number on the scale but rather seeing my body in the mirror and not picking myself apart.

Pass my Qualifying Exams. If I do this, I will still be making "satisfactory" progress in my PhD and on progress to a degree in normative time. I'll also have a direction for my dissertation research.

By this time next year I would like to be somewhat confident in my future, and most of all feel like I have truly made a difference somewhere at Penn State. This is important because this time next year I will be a senior, and almost done with my time here. I would like to see that I have left my mark in some way shape or form on this campus.

I would like to have professional experience at a large company working on a world-class team. I want to do difficult work at a high level.

To have finished - completely - with Wholly Man. It is the first collection I have written with a theme, a plan, a programme.

My first thought was to keep my family financially afloat. Then I realized that’s exactly the same thing I thought last year so I felt it would be a failure to do it again and be unoriginal. Then I realized that we are still here and doing well, so it was not a failure. So my next thought was to achieve work/life balance. But that still didn’t sound wide enough, thus I finally got to the notion of significant improvement of quality of my life. Considering that finances will be OK, and considering that I have a loving, healthy and beautiful family the main thing that stands between that achievement and me is my own tendency to stress. So what I really want to achieve is stress less. Changing my attitude is the name of the game.

It feels like 40 will be upon me in no time. I'd like to have more direction, a plan for the next ten years. I'd like to have a job I love. I'd like to have finished at least one of those sewing and knitting projects I've started with enthusiasm then abandoned due to pain, or household chores, or tiredness. I'd like to invent a machine that slows down time. I'd like to become a mother.

By this time next year I would like to have gone for one of my dreams. It doesn't have to work out, but I will feel I have achieved a lot when I stop playing it safe. I will have published something I've written, or I will have left Moreland and be working passionately on something I care about or I will be making art regularly or I will have taught a course in change or engagement or I will have implemented parts of the community plan or I will be wandering the world.

I want to be financial self-sufficient. It's my sense of independence and feeling of success. I want to go to Berlin and for a warm holiday (that is other than Spain) and to continue to be madly in love. Travel is what I miss due to my financial dependence...I travel a bit, but rely on others' generosity.

I wanted to have made a success of my new role. Specifically, I want to meet my financial and activity based targets. Without wishing to be melodramatic, I feel like my future career rides on this, so next year is going to be the Year of Successful Working!

making critical steps towards ensuring a path towards my desired career, like applying for colleges

I would like to record a journal of cute things my son says and does. My mother kept a journal of these stories over my entire life and this is something I treasure dearly (especially since her death). I know that my son will not remember this time of his life and I feel it is a great honor to be the one to bear witness to it and remember. I would like to be able to pass on these memories to him. I started this journal but have not kept up with it. I need to switch to an electronic document which will make it easier to keep up with the habit.

I'd like to be a little more financially stable and begin paying into my retirement account more regularly. I'd like to be able to contribute more than I have been to the household and also make sure that the girls have something to start their college careers with in only 8 years.

I would like to be Married and starting the thought of a family. I have a feeling that will not happen so because of my BF and his fears. So, my real answer is to have my smallest student loans paid off, my phone paid for and my BOA credit card paid off. I would go further in saying ALL of my debts paid but $11,000 doesn't seem like a number, in my mind, that I can get. I would have to win the lottery or something. I really feel that God wants me to give back what I owe people so that in return, He can bless me back.

I'd like to see my eldest son safely started in college and adjusting well.

I want to have a partner by this time next year. This is important because I want to have a child before my uterus closes up or I am even more at risk for a down's syndrome child. I also would like to experience a relationship where someone wants me (unlike my ex). He liked me, but he didn't want me.

I want to have published at least two pieces of research related to Jewish special education. It's important to me because it will put my name out there in public as someone interested in doing this work and will certainly help advance my career. I also think the work itself has tremendous potential value and could benefit many different communities.

By this time next year, I want to be a reiki master. For far too long, I have postponed doing the things that matter most to me - my spiritual growth and my spiritual journey. I know that all is perfect in the universe but I am setting my intention right now. I will be a reiki master by this time next year. It's already done, in fact. Reiki is the art of healing with your hands using energy. Energy work. Light work. It means using your being to heal others and channeling source in the process. My life's purpose is to heal and help others. And in my many meditations and reflections, reiki consistently comes up as a means to do so. I know that I have this gift and I want to harness it and share it with others so that they, too, may find the inner healing that is so important to having inner peace. Namaste

I'd like to have finished my Master's degree. I'm working on the thesis right now but don't want it to drag on. I'd like to be finished by the summer.

To have progressed the business further - to be doing lots of work that I enjoy in a way that enables me to balance work and life. And earn enough money to do some fun travel and home improvements.

Batiks and magnets and prints selling regularly. Keeps me moving.

By this time next year i hope to have reinvigorated my ability to be physically active. that may mean just walking more, feeling more comfortable in my skin, or engaging in exercise classes (e.g. spinning) or rock climbing, or something of that sort. I think it's important to me because I've felt rather disconnected from my body since Juliette was born, and it's moving on 5 years. I am tired of feeling like I have to haul a body around. I'd rather feel like I am my body.

Lord willing I would like to have appeared on Jeopardy! by this time next year. I could still be in the middle of my run. I am waiting for the call to go to California to tape. When I do compete, I plan to kick butt and take names. My goal is to break the record for the second longest string of wins (currently at 21). I can do it! Appearing on Jeopardy! has been a lifelong goal of mine. There are a lot of people pulling for me who feel I can do this. I am stoked!!! I also want to silence detractors once and for all!

Achieve. I have no idea - this question is such a trigger. I have no idea what my dreams are, or what I want, really - only that I somehow feel like I have more to do, more to give. I don't know what that is.

Run a half marathon! I was at the end of my training when i found out I was pregnant and didn't end up running it because I got scared. Looking back I could have and should have done it. The unknown is scary! Thankful my baby is here healthy and happy, but I am determined to run this half!

I'd really like to know what I want to do with myself and do it. I think I've spent so much time wondering and soul searching. I want to stop thinking and start doing.

Letting go of my anger response. Important because displays of anger are disrespectful to those around me, who are often the people whom I love most.

I would love to be able to lose weight and get in better shape. It's important to be able to show my kids a healthier me and for my self esteem. This is the heaviest I have been in my entire life and I am not comfortable with it.

Oh boy, here we go…"I'd like to have run a half marathon by this time next year." Haha. I mean, it's totally true, but I've been saying it literally year after year. I hope this year will be the year that I get my ass in motion and do it, but I also have decided that I'm not going to make myself feel bad if I don't. Does that make me lazy? Maybe. Does it make me realistic? Yes. If I'm really focusing on being my authentic self, I have to start with being honest to myself if I'm going to be honest with others. That being said, I better have a boyfriend by this time next year. :) Obviously, that's not something I can completely control - but if I'm making up lame ass excuses as to why I'm single and not putting myself out there, then I have a serious problem. It's important to me because I am not getting any younger, and I want to share my life with someone! Although, is that an achievement? Probably not. Something I'd like to achieve? I'd say making it through this year without anxiety all the damn time. Better coping mechanisms for it. Better life organization. It's not going to happen overnight, but making the little changes for impact.

I want to open my new company I've been working on! This is important to me because it feels like an expression of me that will positively impact the world.

I would like to get accepted by a PT school. It's important because it would be an affirmation that I am capable and that others think I am too

Last year my goal was to swim in Lake Michigan, which I did, and it was fabulous. This year my goal is to learn how to cook squash in an edible way. This will be good for my nutriion/health.

This is a big one! I am very much so in another transitional point in my life right now, I am about to head to Peru with a one way ticket to live with my aunt Donna and family there! I am beyond exited and terrified at the same time. Really only terrified of getting in my own way though, and I am learning to put trust in God that I will show up as my best self and calm down! Anyway, that being said, I do not know where I will be this time next year, I just want to keep working towards my goals and believing in myself! This is a practice! A very very important one. To know that I am worthy of love and whole. I am working towards continuing to be a yoga instructor, and someday opening or being a huge part of a lovely and welcoming hometown cafe, wherever I settle in. I also desire to one day have a beautiful marriage and family that I am dedicated to and in love with, and of course, loved by! I desire to keep learning and growing in so many ways! I want to learn more about Ayurveda, meditation, yoga, take more trainings in some of these, learn more about Christianity and continue to develop my newly discovered relationship with God! I feel the best about answering this specific question so far. Right now, the biggest thing that gets in the way is myself. I get in the way of myself. I let my mind take over and start running havoc on me. I am learning and desire to learn how to let it go. Let go of the power i give my mind and choose to believe in my wholeness and courage. This is what i plan to do every single day and it will get easier! (side note- to also not view my thoughts as the enemy, just to have compassion for them!) we all have thoughts all the time, it's okay.

Take better care of myself...I feel like it is that stumbling block that I keep putting in my own way. My favorite excuse to not try. My albatross.

I want to be vested and start full retirement. Also I hope to be 50 lbs. lighter.

Have my house ready for sale so it can be sold in the Spring of 2017 and I can get rid of my Mortgage

get healthier. find something that helps. because i'm not doing well, in fact i'm doing worse, and it's scary and bad.

I want a child. I want J and I to create life that endures. I want to hold them in my arms and be held in J's arms in turn, and have the puppies snuggle close and us all to be absolutely enveloped in a circle of love. It's important because it's a choice J and I made together, one we will help each other see through to a happy ending. This story will not end with pain, but with relief and celebration and a joy so big it does not have a name.

I'd like to have my first full time software engineering position. It will mean employment, income and validation for the time I've spent and work I've put in to transition to a new career path. Most importantly, it will be a sign that I've flourished despite having so many new obstacles to overcome.

Success in my business where I earn more than I spend. A luscious romantic relationship. Vibrant health and self-care.

By this time next year, I will probably have become a father. I hope to be a good father, present to my child and wife. I hope I have helped my family with their problems, and that we can enjoy together.

I'd like to have the bathroom project paid off so we can start working on the kitchen. It is important to me because I want to have our house the way we want it while we're still young enough to relax in it. :)

I would like to have my debt down and have a place of my own to live. I feel stiffled in my current living situation, but my debt is what keeps me there.

By this time next year I hope to be living on the west coast. This goal has been a long time coming but I am really ready to take the plunge this year!

I would like to have written on the subject of adoption more in hopes of helping those out there with their adoption journeys.

I would like to be pregnant or have a baby and ideally, I would like to own a house. It's important to me to start a family soon because I'm not getting any younger, and I don't want to be an old parent and I want multiple kids. I also want to own a house so that we can start putting down roots and become a little more financially secure.

Write more. Leave something of my mind to future generations

Learn to type so that I can record more, more regularly. Simple, right? Explore the possibility of creating a mentor relationship with a young black kid.

By this time next year, I would like to still be employed at my current job. I have never kept a full-time job for more than a year, and it's important to me to prove to myself than I can be successful.

I want to get married. I want to promise the one I love most in the world that I will stay with him - forever.

Apply to medical schools and feel a great, deep sense of accomplishment. It is something I have worked towards for the past year and I want to feel GOOD about it, and less anxious/self-depricating/negative.

Contributing beyond being a SAHM. Either finding a paying job that I love and has meaning to me (or be on my way to it) or volunteering in the community in a more significant way.

I would like to achieve more success in my business. If I was making at minimum $5000/month - that would be incredible! I want this for my family, for my business, for my own growth as a professional. I love what I do and want it to grow. I hope Mark and I and Cartwright leadership will be known and we will have delivered communicating leadership! I hope to have helped one Syrian family come to Canada!

FINANCIAL SECURITY, PLAN, and VISION so that I can move forward into the future with less fear of what COULD happen, and more hope and joy for what CAN happen.

i'd like to have a job that I enjoy that keeps me in the lifestyle that i've become accustomed to... OR ... i'd like to be married and pregnant with my first child. Both will bring meaning to my life and allow me to continue doing the things I want to do.

It says describe ONE thing that would like to achieve by next year. I am to describe TWO things. One- I would like to have my finances in order and a serious budget. and Two- I would like to have my own little goup of zumba/dance going.

By this time next year I'd like to be davening and exercising consistently. One small consistent step each day is better than one big step every so often, and I really hope to be more consistent about my physical and spiritual health over the coming year. I'd like to make exercise and praying habits, habits that make me feel good about myself and my ability to have self control and self discipline. One of my favorite and most relatable quotes is 'every act of self-discipline is an act of self-respect'. I really hope to start living with the awareness that indeed, by practicing self-discipline in more areas of my life I will be acting with self-respect and ultimately kindness to myself and the people around me.

I want to be pregnant. Whoa, that's terrifying to write out. I went in to the doctor last week for my annual check up, and there's a question about pregnancy on the survey. It was almost too much to check the box that "yes" in the next year or so, I'd like to start trying for kids. My hands are shaking just thinking about it. I know that I want kids. I know that WE want kids, but the fact that we're committing that to paper, to making it "official" is a little crazy. I'm scared we won't be able to get pregnant, I'm scared that I'll get sick, that something will go wrong, and I'm trying to let that go, and just think of all the good things. I'm trying to savor every day before we start trying, and to promise myself we'll enjoy every day in the between times too.

I want to own and run a business - something I am crazy passionate about and that I want to devote my time and energy to every day. I want to know that I can make it work, and that my ideas are good and successful. I would also like to have a six pack. Vain, but true ;)

I would like to achieve full use of my leg by this time next year. This may mean undergoing another surgery to remove the hardware. This is important to me because I love to hike in the hills, bike along the ocean, swim in the bay, and dance like a crazy fool. Being physical is a joy, a release, a pleasure, a connection to self and others. That's what I want to achieve.

I want to have built a portfolio of web projects that I can use to showcase my skills-- and that means I need to keep building the skills I want to showcase. I'm self-taught in the world of web design. I've picked up a few freelance projects here and there, and it's been gratifying to know that I'm capable of tackling a big project and delivering a final product that makes my client happy. I want to keep getting better in this field so I can eventually transition into it full-time.

I would like to see our current pattern in Business radically changed. I'm even ok with closing it down if necessary. I feel trapped and slightly depressed over the management of what i deem a sick business. I am also hoping that our hotel project will be breaking ground by this time next year!

Past success: I am not so single microsoft wanted me so i must not suck at my job To do: I moved into a house and am mostly unpacked, i should really finish that before i move again I still have had no gaming cons, but have a steady gaming group i still need more range time I am trying to expand the tea business maybe i'll succeed See friends at cons and not at cons I would like to attend one or more renaissance faire.

This time next year, I'd like to have saved nearly enough money to move out of the apartment I'm in. This is important to me because, even if I don't reach the dollar amount I want, I will feel more empowered that I am doing something to change my situation for the better.

I would like to incorporate more physical activity into my daily life. I have a sedentary life and know it is not good for me. This is important to my health and well-being (physically and mentally). I think it will help me be happier.

I'm having a baby in March. I'd like to survive postpartum, breast feeding, not sleeping, newborn craziness with a sense of grace. I can't ask for much more than that. I'll be heading back to work after the high holidays next year. Let's hope I can do that well.

By this time next year I would like to have moved to Australia. I would like to have made some decisions about how I will be spending the next few years, what I want to be doing. I hope that I will have found a way to do more art, to write more poetry, to be physically active in ways that do not cause more pain to my body while still being fun and exciting, to spend meaningful time outside (gardening/hiking/birding) and to feel more secure in my friendships. I don't know exactly if this fits the idea of being 'achieved' but they are all important to me in that I believe that they will bring me joy, that they will lead me to meet people I will find interesting and want to build community with, and because they will help show me that I have grown and that the relationships in my life are stable and will not just disappear because I am myself.

I'd really like to have an album recorded and probably released already with my new band. It's my first time working with a band in ten years, and the core of the band is made up of very dear friends of mine, all very talented and all of whom love each other very much but all of whom can also be quirky socially. The main challenge will be the interdependence and the focus on the collective entity rather than our individual needs and pursuits.

By this time next year I hope to become financially independent. I know I rely on my parents too much. They pay my tuition and rent and sometimes pay for my groceries. I feel like once I become financially independent, I will finally be able to call myself a real adult.

to be a Wa resident so when i go to Evergreen I can afford tuition.

By this time next year I’d like to be in a healthy, satisfying, serious relationship. I’ve missed that the last six years, though I think to a larger extent I’ve replaced the partner role in my life with multiple friends, that feeling of belonging, trust and support. I also feel like it’s time to stop worrying about marriage and just focus on the day to day. Worrying about the future (commitment tend to send me into panic mode) and the responsibilities of being tied done doesn’t do anything but defeat my goals and happiness.

Here we go again. Maybe I should say that I want to be healthier, instead of saying I want to lose weight. Or maybe let's just forget weight stuff. Let's look at something else entirely. Maybe I would like to be in a routine of meditation in the coming year. I've tried it, sporadically, and I think it is a good practice for me. But sticking to it has been a challenge. So maybe I can achieve that new habit in the coming year. I would also like to have re-published my book. And completed the quilt for my son. These are important to me because I feel time getting short for me.

I'd like to declutter my house. If I can get rid of stuff my home will be more spacious and I will want to have guests over more often. I know this was my goal last year but this year my son has moved out and I hope to have more time to do this.

Release and make money from a game. More generally, I would like to feel like I am more stable, but also functional as an artist. I spent a lot of time this year telling myself that I am a bad artist, and I don't really know how to escape from that feeling. And it is a terrible feeling. I wish I knew how to do something about it, but I feel at a total loss with it.

I would like to write a short story. It's important because it scares the willies out of me. I would rather feel foolish than afraid.

Again to be solid in who I am and what I want in life. Perhaps a partner, but I don't find that necessary. More solidity in my home

Clear boundaries with people who drain me. I will not be an enabler; I will set myself up for success.

I would like to be meditating daily, for at least 20 minutes each sit. Meditating is a practice I have seen transform my approach to life, in the limited amount of consistency I brought to it in the past. I have not meditated regularly in over a year now. There is always an excuse. Right now I say that I choose sleep over mediation, and I have relegated that as the suitable reason until I graduate in December. Once 2016 arrives, I intend to bring back a daily sitting practice, whether in the morning before work or right after work. The clarity, focus, insight, and peace that I access through this practice are all experiences I greatly look forward to having more frequently from the work.

I'd like to have a new job at an innovative company working with creative and fun folks. This is important because I've recently left a job of 22 years and need to continue to work to support my family. But I believe that I can do that while also finding something that makes me happy and is fulfilling.

By this time next year I would like to have consistently stayed at my fitness and weight-improved and become more toned. I don't want to struggle all spring and summer trying to get the weight off that I gained in the winter. Winter is hard for me physically and mentally because I like to be outside and I struggle with depression even more than normal during that time. But, I'm hoping that with eating healthy, planning meals, and going to the gym I can improve or maintain the level of fitness that I'm at right now.

I want to achieve piece of mind, i want to get better at Guitar. I want to be a better friend. I want to be able to say I love you to my family

I would like to clean up and organize my house more during the coming year. There are areas that have a lot of clutter (including the attic - my nemesis!) that could use a good cleaning. I started with the desk I'm sitting at now, and did the closet in the laundry room, and started in the kitchen. There's a lot more to do, but I think it helps my peace of mind to look around and see a clean house. And who needs all this stuff? I'm partly afraid of turning into a hoarder like my mom.

I want to feel less stressed, more centered in myself. I've signed up to the positive psychology website, Happify. I promise to faithfully do all of the exercises so that I can reduce my stress and anxiety, be more focused and loving to the people around me. Part of this process will be making time for crafts, sewing or painting. I love doing these things and they make me so happy. And decorating elaborate cakes! This year I made the Iron Throne from "Game of Thrones" for a friend. Next up a combination baseball/quilting cake!

I would like to de-clutter my house. I feel a need to live more simply, with less "stuff".

I would like to achieve a good sense of life balance where I feel like I have the practice of taking care of myself well, the time and space to explore the world with loved ones, and the presence to perform well at work. Why is this important? Because I too often failed last year at this. Because this will be increasingly important to my wellbeing and success. Because it gets harder every year. Because life will always shift but the need for balance will rarely wane.

Oof. I feel I need to list two. Firstly, I'd like to have my research up and running again. This is important for me to feel like a real mathematician who's thinking about new and interesting things. It's important for me to feel invigorated about my field and to bring new and interesting things to my students. OK, and I'd also like to be pregnant or have another child (I feel like I've said that almost every 10Q so far). This is important b/c I'd like to have more than one child; I'd like Lev to have a sibling, and I'd like to expand my understanding of being a mother. And Aaron and I aren't getting any younger, so it's gotta happen sooner if it's gonna happen at all.

By next year, I would like to have a clear sense of a career goal -- or at the very least, a clearer sense of where my passions and interests lie. It's important to me that I begin to work toward figuring out what it is that can be both make me happy and also make me feel fulfilled and proud. I know that it's likely that I won't be quite be at this point by next year, and it's hard to say exactly when I will have achieved that clearer sense of purpose, but it is something I want to be extremely mindful of throughout the next year.

I'd like to find something to hope for or look forward to in life. I am better when I'm busy, and have recently discovered even more how good I can be at keeping busy and how it helps to push out the debilitating chatter in my head (I managed to be out of town three weekends in a row and enjoy all of it); however, the lack of hope or desire is eating away at my soul and I would like to not feel so hopeless.

By next year this time I would have already been living in Perth with Rahul. We have been on a long distance relationship for a year now and both of us wish nothing more than to close the distance so we can further build on our relationship and achieve other milestones that many couple wishes to have (like something as silly as coming back from work and winding down in the kitchen together). The good thing is, and I do believe that, it's more than possible. It's not easy, but definitely not impossible too. And I can't imagine not going the entire mile for what we have now and it goes without saying that we have decided to never let go what we have now and we'll do what it takes to make it work.

By this time next year I would love to be engaged to be married. This is important because I really want to start a family. I would also like to know more of where I want to live, if I will be buying a house, if I will stay at my current hospital job or work in the med center, transfer cities, etc.

I hope I will complete my Masters by this time next year

Every year I've done this, I've said lose weight. Yes, I still need to do that and it may or may not happen this year. As a result of going on The Quest this weekend (18-20 September), I have a new objective. That is to resolve my feelings towards my parents. I've a mixed of hate and love for them. And, sadness for myself as a child. Lots of work.

A job. If it is my own job it will be great, if I have to work for others it is ok too. But I need to have money to stay in the city I love and maintain the quality life I was having til this moment

I would like to have moved forward with my life. Whether this be by getting engaged, finding a good career, learning a new language, expanding my own business, or accomplishing things in the right direction toward these I am unsure. I just want to do them. I often indicate a need for health in these situations that I might actually be able to pull off this year. Either way it is a thing to look forward to.

Broken record time...weight loss. It would mean a healthier body, a victory over the demon of indulgence and opportunity for less self-conscoiusness.

Loose weight. I think it would help boost my confidence, and maybe my boyfriend will want to sleep with me again.

I would like to be a better listener for my wife. Normally I would say that I am a fantastic listener, but in actuality I'm always thinking I have the answers to any of her problems. I know ultimately that I can't solve all of her problems for her, but there's a part of me that still tries, even when it upsets her. It is important to me, because it is an exercise in self control for me, and it will help me grow as a person. It is also very important in terms of our communication with each other. So, this time next year I would like to feel that we have improved in this area of our relationship.

By this time next year, I'd like to have submitted to a conference for work of primary authorship. Going into this doctoral program, I don't have much of a built in advantage. I chose not to go to Hopkins. I'm at an institution where there are less NIH-funded grants. But, there is opportunity to push myself forward and to be guided by my very energetic and productive advisor. I want to go for it this year. Follow my interests and take the risks in delving into the research and applying for grants and conferences. Forging a path early on in my program will help me ensure that I'm fleshing out my resume enough to do whatever I want post-graduation. This is a not an area in my life to take it easy. It requires balance, yes, but also risks. I know I can do well. I know I will do will if I take those steps to stretch my mind, enter into research, and tell the world that I'm good at it.

$$ at my new job, having shown my horse, have made decisions on the romantic things in my life and be working to a stable and HAPPY future, making future plans. i think it is time.

This may turn out to be the most difficult question for me. I seem to struggle with commitment these days. I guess I would like to have some concrete goal or direction for myself. I seem to be floating along to some degree since I became disabled and retired. I have several things I would like to accomplish but never seem to have the necessary focus. While I am searching for that direction I hope to have completed 6 or 7 art projects using whatever medium comes to mind (or heart).

Have my instrument and commercial helicopter license. I love school and Will always be a student I also want a sense of accomplishment to experience getting what I set out for in it's entirety. I want to buy clothes, a Japanese dining set and a bed. Yeah... a Japanese style bed. I'm so grateful for the gifts that have always been given yet I want to know what it feels like to buy my own furniture, clothing, house of my choosing car and taking trips around the world. I also want to fly to help wolfmountainsanctuary and Support Israel. All this on a greater scale.

Next year at this time I would like continued peace and open heart understanding in our family and home. I hope to continue to grow my work team's peace and open heart understanding. In addition I will have confidently embraced the expectations of my new Epic experience and am leading others to successful implementation. I hope to hold a peaceful heart interacting with individuals and groups who are afraid of change and resist. May I bring the creative productive energy to fruition on this project.

Somewhat in our control: find jobs that are fulfilling for both of us, in a city that grows to feel like home. Scarcely in our control: grow our family to three. I hope and hope. Entirely in my control: practice every single day, even if briefly: to love more and worry less. To care for myself and those I love. To look for joy today. To be humble, yet strong. Chesed, gevurah, tiferet.

I'd like to pregnant by this time next year. I'll be 39 and my clock is ticking. We'd very much like to have two children.

Unfortunately I'm copying last year's answer to this question. Reaching financial success in my business. I'd really like to support myself with my self-employed income. It will give me so much more freedom, along with fulfillment for contributing to my client's lives.

I want a partner. No ifs ands or buts.

I'd like to have passed my comprehensive exams!

I really want to have paid off my grad school loans by this time next year so I can move freely in this world without worrying about paying back money I owe.

I need to become relatively fluent in Mandarin. I believe this is the only way that I will succeed with opening restaurants in China. Opening restaurants in China is the ultimate goal but there has to be many accomplishments along the way.

I'd like to feel like I'm in the swing of being a mother to two children, and that my husband and I feel comfortable in our relationship together -- not just as a family of four, but as a couple who have many years ahead of us, both actively parenting and as two peers, friends, and lovers. The early years of parenting are so resource-intense, emotionally and time-wise (and financially) that it's easy to get tunnel vision. I think we probably can't fully avoid that, but I'd like to be catching regular glimpses of the bigger picture over the long span of time.

This time next year I hope to be getting my feet wet with my first job! This will be a huge accomplishment for me - after so many years of being in school, I will be working full time next year for the first time ever. I'm hoping that I will be doing what I love and continue to grow and learn.

Wow, one thing? Last year I focused on self improvement, so this year I would like to focus on my relationships with others. I truly hope that I have achieved happiness in my relationships with my family and friends (and possible SOs?) I want to be a better friend, sister, and daughter, and engage in richer conversations and more meaningful experiences with the people I love. I hope that I remain good friends with my friends from abroad and from Tulane, despite the distance. I hope that I can be a better support system for my sister and brother as well.

Once again, my answer revolves around my physical health, which I hope is on track and much better by next year...I would like to live without pain, and with fewer physical restrictions than I now have, since that opens up so many possibilities to enjoy life more.

So I know what I'm about to write but, spent more time than I had available, to read others answers over the last two years. They seem to fit into a few categories of health, career, and relationships. As I have goals in all these areas, the one thing I would like to achieve by this time next year is to grow my family. This is important to me because it's something my husband has been wanting for a lot of years and no matter how long I wait the goals I set for us to achieve prior to this time won't be met. So this next year I hope to work on those goals while beginning the next step of our lives together...

By this time next year, I want to be a happily employed 22 year old, living the DINK lifestyle in a city apartment. I want to know that the work I am doing has a positive impact, and that I am rewarded for my efforts. This is important to me because it has been looming over 5775 and will be a full throttle source of stress in early 5776. Today, Brett is very important to me, and I hope that our relationship moves on to the next level throughout 5776. A job, an apartment, and my relationship will be key (new) components that I hope to develop successfully.

Have a draft of my novel complete, and maybe be in the rewrite/edit phase.

I want to lose 50 pounds because I don't like how I feel or look right now.

I would like to have a better handle by this time next year on how much I make per hour and I hope I maximize my time well. I want to waste less time by budgeting time I spend, allowing for time in the house without any media (difficult with so many people in the house). I want less time on the internet, better time to myself, more time to read and knit. More time to think, do my hair and take care of my skin. I hope all this makes life seem less hectic. By this time next year, also we will have maybe gotten applications for college in for our oldest child. That's going to be HUGE and may get in the way of everything else. I hope I can handle it without putting undue pressure on the poor kid or ourselves.

I want to have a sense of confidence heading into the business school application process that comes from: - Having studied and been dedicated enough to get my GMAT score in the 700s - Having performed excellently at my job that I feel confidently asking for recommendations - Having practiced effective leadership on my community board that I feel confident about the impact of my work with them. - Having built and maintained relationships with people who have gone the route of business school and have advice to offer I also want to help my family with goal setting and accomplishment. Small steps.

Write the three articles that remain uppermost in my mind. I know I can -- but will I?

By this time next year, I will have completed my master's thesis. It is very important for me to reach another educational milestone because it will mean that I can start looking for jobs in the field that I want to study for the rest of my life. I will truly feel like an adult.

I'ld like to have my driving licence by this time next year. This is practical, functional and moreover so, I've been putting it aside - meaning, I've not finished my studiest that started 5 years ago, shame to say. Other than that, I really want to take the pilgrimage from South-France to Spain and go to Compostela. It's not that I am a religious person (although sometimes I pray to all gods there are) nor a spiritual one, but just to personally challenge myself and I think, also grow as a person.

I'd like to record a second album or at least have started a second album. There are so many songs I'm proud of that I'd like to share with people and it's important that I continue to pursue that sharing. I'd also like to add a couple more countries to my experience list - hopefully South America (fingers crossed).

I have several things I'd like to achieve: 1) I'd like to have all of my classes organized in a fashion that I am comfortable with & not keep changing things; 2) I'd like to walk The Camino. Having my classes organized means I can do other things besides my job; Walking The Camino would be an adventure both physically and spiritually. I would love the challenge but would like someone else to organize it.

Finally finish the house renovations sufficiently that we don't have to worry about them in the future. It's important because it is the key to our survival.

I want to see if this position at Temple Israel is still for me. I question it now, but wonder if I will be there next year. If not, I want to have a new position that fits better for me.

I'd like to find a way to take yoga instructor training, ideally an on-site intensive, such as the training in Tulum that is taking place in summer 2016. By this time next year, I'd like to be enrolled in a training that would occur in spring or summer 2017. I'd like to have a plan in place to fund the training and travel. This is important to me because I feel passionate about my yoga practice and I'd love to start sharing my passion through teaching. Eventually, I may even open my own studio.

I'd like to be comfortable in my own skin. This is important to me, because once I feel confident with how people initially perceive me, it will open up so much for me in terms of personal confidence and strength.

Be more confident in being me, caring less about what other people think of me

One thing. I'd like to achieve dedication to some kind of exercise, be it at a gym, walking around the neighborhood, or whatever. Some weight loss due to that would be cool.

My business running smoothly as a portal/birth canal for my art and other sacred work. This is important to me, for what I make is for the weaving of the mishkan, the traveling temple of each of our bodies. I make so much, and it is not meant to stay in the womb of my studio, but to emerge, and flow to the right recipient. My business set-up will allow for the flow of these gifts from me to the recipient, an efficient, organised, and fair flow of ease. That is my prayer. Amen.

One goal, marry Solveig!

Serving.....where God wants me to be. Because my choices don't really pan out, by my own resistance. I want to serve where I can't wait until l get there and serve with a grateful heart. Make a difference, impact outside myself , selflessness.

I'd like to lengthen the peaceful intervals between spats with my daughter. I will try as hard as I can. She feels that I'm judgmental, and with other people that's true for sure. It probably contributes to my having very few friends outside the family. But if she could search the deepest recesses of my heart, she'd know how much I admire her as a mother. And I would love to make new friends this year. Stock up on duct tape!

Stable health.

I would pray that I have a new and wonderful relationship with my children and my grandchildren, This is my reason to live another day.

I want to be in shape, toned, and healthy. This is very important to me because it holds me back from a lot of things. A few years ago I got in shape and got down to about 147 lbs and I was literally the happiest I had been. I took so many pictures and wasn't afraid to meet new people. I want that back. I also want to move away from pay check to pay check living. That way I can start traveling and doing the things that make me happy. I want to love myself completely. I also want to be part way finished with my first book. To my future self: Every struggle, hardship and goal that you reach this past year I want you to remember so you don't go back into the dark. Live in the light.

I want to be halfway through my second doctoral degree. It's important because come on: it's a second doctoral degree. And I'm at least that good.

To have lost some of my belly. I've been trying for years - it holds me back.

My main goal is to stop being so damn lazy. It's hindering all my goals. If I manage to become dillegent and hardworking, I know I could become an unstoppable force... but here I am, typing some answers instead of doing something else that I was supposed to do o_O I want to retake singing, I want to be fit and healthy again. I want to overachieve at work. I want to know what "I wanna be when I grow up" u_u especially now that I'm a grown up. Another thing I want to achieve is to become a better photographer. It's so much fun... and it relaxes me. But most importantly, I want my relationships to be strong and healthy, with my boyfriend, with my family, friends and colleagues. I want everthing to just "click".

I want to finiśh my book. Because I planned it since years, even helped other people to finish their works - but always let my writing process being disturbed by "important events" and every day problems.

I'd like to learn to knit. Starting new things, meeting new people finding a new community getting out of my comfort zone.

Honestly? Lose about 30 lbs. I am frequently happy with myself and how I look. I am also frequently unhappy with myself and how I look. I don't want to be held down - literally and figuratively - by something that is within my control and influenced by my own choices. I don't want destructive habits to continue to shape me. I don't want to feel like there are things I can't do or am embarrassed to do because of how I look, and how people see me. I want to be free, and this weight and my lifestyle are a burden.

I want to be more proactive about my Judaism. I want to be doing one more thing a day. it doesn't have to be the same thing every day as I won't always have the energy to say the entire krias shmaya etc but I would like to actively do something every day. shachris, mincha, maariv or a part of chitas or even something chassidish like purposely listen to a niggun...read a rebbe letter...an online lecture. I don't want to be religious be default.

By this time next year, I would like to have completed a ten-day Vipassana meditation retreat. I've wanted to do this for years, but I haven't felt able to spare ten days to do "nothing." Funny how something as potentially profound as spending ten days looking into yourself and breathing and simply being in silence gets translated as "nothing" in the context of our busy modern lives.

Wow, there's that word again. After all these years and all these achievements, I still don't like that word. What I hope will happen is that I will organically find my way into a new season of usefulness to God and other people. I am not certain what form that will take, but I do feel that the grace of moving my dwelling and getting rid of so many things from the past is helping to set the stage for that new season. I would like to become part of a church again. I would like for people to come to my home for respite, refreshment, healing and growth. I would like to continue growing in my usefulness in the workplace and in those relationships. But it all comes down to daily finding my way into what God has planned, because God knows, and I definitively do not, what I need and how others can best be touched by Him through my life.

I want to travel outside the country again. This is cheating a little bit, as Jenn and I are planning to take a honeymoon trip to Vietnam and Thailand. But we haven't started planning, and it's going to be a big stretch to pull off a trip that big! I haven't been out of the country in seven years, and neither has she - for her it's been about not wanting to be that far from her son, for me its been about inertia towards planning a trip. So it will feel like an achievement when we make it happen!

I'd like to be more healthy. This is for superficial reasons like looking good and feeling better, but it will also prime me properly for having children.

I'd like to have developed a plan for my next step or two (career/life wise). My friend Sam told me that what I'm doing is important, but asked is it making me happy? She said it seemed small for me. That struck a cord with me. I have a good job. I am doing good work raising funds and telling the story of a good agency that helps others. But it doesn't make me happy. And I feel, not that it is "small," but that it is not right, not where I want to be. I will spend this year sorting out those feelings and I would like to have a plan forward by this time next year.

I want to have a home, somewhere that when I walk in I feel a sense of serenity and comfort and can enjoy my environment of watching tv, or reading a novel, or calling my "tribe" to catch up. It is time to let my career move forward on the momentum I have been building over the last decade and to put some effort into my personal relationships. (That was highlighted to me at dinner with Dallas last night, even though Dallas has no idea his questions about my life triggered this thought)

I hope to not be as cynical about Orthodoxy. If this is the world I am choosing to live in, I need to find a way to accept it. Either that or find a way to be ok with leaving it.

I'd like to be working as a programmer. It's something I've wanted to do for a long time, and while I know that a job doesn't define me, it IS what I spend most of my waking hours on. I'd like it to be something that's at least marginally fulfilling. It would mean more opportunity, greater financial stability, more flexibility, and a more sustainable work situation, if I play my cards right. I am ready for those things. It would also just be a relief to have the big pieces of my life be more or less what I'd like. The job piece is really the last one left.

I would love to get a first at the end of the year. I know I'm capable, and I'm currently averaging a first. If I fail, I know it will probably be my own fault and lack of self-discipline, and I'll be very disappointed.

To get married without going nuts and be settled in our house. I want to enjoy life and not let the unimportant things get me down.

I want to be able to say no. And to stand up for myself. And to learn to study. On a less serious note, I'd like to have met Taylor Swift or had a personal experience with her. I'd like to be planning to study abroad and have had a good summer job. I want to be more confident. People think I am, but I'm just not as a seem to be. I'd like to trust people more also.

It has been on my mind this past year quite a bit. It's time to make this a reality. By this time next year, I'd like to have a new job, in another market. It's time for a change. I've worked in the same market for a long time now and I've never lived anywhere else. I want to try both. My happiness level at my current gig is frighteningly low everyday. And, while I'm grateful for the opportunity and all they've done for me, It's time to move on down the career path. Plus, I've followed my boss for two jobs now. We worked together at a previous employer and he helped me get the job at our current one. He's a great guy and I owe much of my career advancement to him. I'll never forget that. However, a big part of me wants to give it a shot without him. Am I as good as I think I am? Am I as creative as I think I am? Will another boss value me as much? Will I even make a mark in another market? Will I be paid as much as I am now? Will I even like another city? Who will I be friends with? Will I completely fail? All these are just some of the questions I'll never know the answer to unless I take this leap. Some may say I'm crazy to leave a job with a company that is doing well, pays generously and has unmatched benefits. That's ok. For me, career satisfaction is bigger than that. I want to create things that are lasting and make the world a better place. I want to be remembered for something. I don't want my job to feel like work. But most of all, I want to be happy. Right now am at a road block that is keeping me in a state of unhappiness. Unless I jump over it, it's not going to get better. I realize this. I realize I'm in the driver seat. This is exciting to me and the possibilities for my future are endless, but it all starts with one giant leap.

By this time next year, I would like to be able to partake in every lab meeting that we have. My career is ready to blossom and the only thing holding me back is a fear of failure thats keeping me from starting, and a sense of restriction. I have been indoctrinated to think in the standard way and must retrain my mind to think down the avenues i know it can

Fall out of love. Move on. Fall in love with myself to know I deserve more. And 3 more paintings !!

I want to retire so that I can experience a bit of time that is totally mine, so that I can regain the strength, both physical and emotional, to be able to again give to others without feeling that I just don't have the time. I want to wake up one day and simply wonder what I'm going to do that day and let the events of the day guide me. I want to explore other places and observe other people and how their days evolve. There's only so many days that we are given, and I've been fortunate to have the ones that I've had, but the last few years have had a sameness that it is time to end.

I want to get to a point where I can just go to bed without spending an hour or more tending half-grown children through the "falling asleep" hour. *sigh*

better (that ill defined benchmark) at public speaking. Or just speaking in front of any size group will help me in literally all areas of my life. I am working on this somewhat! and I hope to feel more comfortable, or at least recognize progress by this time next year.

I would like to keep pushing myself to do more and more creative work that pushes my own comfort zone and boundaries. I want to work on my copywriting, in all seriousness. I want to work on it as my art, my craft. I want to find a mentor figure. Maybe that will be possible, maybe it won't. But I want to try and find creatives that I can learn from. I want to do creative work. I want to build collaborative partnerships, creative partnerships. I want to build better, deeper friendships. I want to laugh, love and live every moment. And I want to write, for the first time in my life.

I don't want to achieve anything. I don't have any goals whatsoever. I don't want to compete any more. I don't care if I get fat. I just want to stay mostly the same.

I don't know if this is an achievement so much as a strong desire. I want to be in a loving, respectful, and trusting partnership, who feels the same way about me that I do about them. I want to either be starting a family or well on my way to doing so. I'll be 38 in 2016, and that sounds like a perfect time to be a mother.

I have no desires. I've been having problems with the lack of wishes. I have no special wishes. I've been like that for years now. Just having a roof over my head and some money is enough. Not very ambitious, and I feel I should care about what happens to me a bit more, but somehow I don't.

I'd like to be fluent in Spanish. I work with Spanish speaking people, and it would be beneficial to all if I could speak with them more coherently.

Desgning, painting and selling my designs. Paying the rent.

I want to be at peace with myself regarding my place in the world, my relationships, my accomplishments or lack of accomplishments. I want to be able to "be" and not have to "do".

Have significant savings (preferably investments). I need to feel financially secure.

I'd like to have a plan in place for achieving my career goals, a 10-year plan. The hard part of this is determining what my career goals are. Once I make a decision, I have enough wonderful advisers in my life that chatting a course will be relatively easy.

Last 10Q I answered this question by saying I wanted to be financially independent next year. That didn't happen at all, and I'm still upset that I am not financially independent, but I am also very very very happy in my life and my career. I know I can't wait around for the Warhol to give me a full time job, but I also think it's more likely now that Warhol will give me a full time job than before. I have to. . . I MUST get a second part-time job to help support my savings and any chance I have at going on vacations. I am spending too much monthly, and need to find a way to bring in more money, no matter how that happens.

I'd like to get an app on the app store. It would be something big I did all on my own, without being paid for it.

I want to be back in school, on my way to finally finishing my degree. I was on my way, and lost my motivation. Events are falling in such a way that I am on track to achieve my goals.

This will be the same as my goal last year. The move departments or at least be sharing my time between psych and A&E. Being in the one department leaves me feeling very comfortable, there are still challenges but I could learn so much more, and share my knowledge, between the two units.

By this time next year, I’d like to weigh 10% less than I do today. This is important to my long term and short term physical health and well being as well as how I see myself.

Balance. I want to be sure to make time for the people in my life, and be sure to keep our finances and activities balanced. I want to revisit my Jewish education and see if I can find time to learn with a friend or teacher.

I would like to be better! I would like for my back problems to have been resolved and to no longer be dealing with workers compensation. On October 29, it will be 3 years since my injury and I truly hope that I am able to put it all behind me soon, at least a big part of it anyway. I know I may continue to have some small pains for the rest of my life but honestly, who doesn't!!! I just want to live a normal life and be able to do what I want, work in a job that makes me happy and live in a home that I can call my own...not too much to ask, right?!? ;)

By this time next year I want to know my top choice in schools and I want to be either going to a school or be applying to those schools. I would also like to have a successful year planned out ahead of me. If I stay at my current job I hope I am excited for it. It is important because I want to make sure I am continuing to grow.

My heart has opened into a thousand realms and visions of where I can and where I want to go from here, and I barely know what has begun, I barely know where I am going, I barely know about this integration, I barely know about what has been activated, I barely know about this coming-together, this awakening, in this changed body, in this changed mind, in this changed network of movement. But I know a few things. I have just begun to taste a sweetness in the bottomless ocean of my stillness. I have just begun to taste the miraculous in this beginning. I put my faith in this beginning. Batya, glory to her golden name, angel of the heights, devotee of the Spirit! Batya told me that she never lets Her go. Batya told me she can't stand it. Batya kissed me under the full moon in the auspicious mists of my dreaming and my feeling, in all the goldenest sparks I have captured in these songs over my years. Batya's name came out of Stephanie's mouth and I was launched into the impossible place, I was launched into the miracle, I was floored and dropped to the floor, I was finally between, so between, and finally Taya walked me through that door, now open wide, now open golden wide where light is flowing now like a swift river. May I never cease flowing back through that door. May I never cease flowing through that door. May I open my heart to Spirit every moment of every day that is mine to give. May I worship Her every day of my life. May I pray every day of my life. May I find stillness and drop back into Her every day of my life. May my cleanse and purify the Temple of my Home, the Temple of my Body, the Temple of my Heart every day. May I never in all my days turn away from this Teshuva!

New job!

There are so many things I want to change and do and be by next year! But I know the point is to only choose one and aim for it. So besides wanting to pay down my credit cards, make more time for my art, lose weight, and then become pregnant (maybe), the one thing I'd *really* like to achieve by this time next year is...to either have a distinct career goal in mind, whether that be in my current profession or as a mother, OR at least to have my next career step figured out. I am in another term position, and I'd like to think that at the age of 41 I can acquire a permanent position and not have to think about job searching every 18 months. Or to come to terms with that future and not consider it a shortcoming.

I want a glimpse at peace. Just because I'd like to be one more peaceful person in the world

I would like to achieve the goal of getting straight a's on my report card. This is important to me because it shows responsibility. It shows effort and will lead me to accomplish great things. It will also show that I never give up and am very determined.

By this time next year, I hope to achieve a better understanding as to what my career path will look like down the road. Right now, I feel like I am in a transition period having just completed my MPH and started my first full-time salaried job. While these are wonderful opportunities, they have opened up Pandora's box of opportunities, paths, and careers. I hope to gather a better understanding of what I want in a long-term career during my first year as solely being a working professional.

I want to write a substantial piece of music. I have been neglecting my creative identity, and it is a cause of deep unhappiness.

More dedicated to my art and to myself. I've worked very hard my whole life and am spread a bit thin now. Believe it's time for me to read and paint more. In addition to refine my tai chi practice.

I'm done with trying to achieve things. It's no longer important to me. I'd like to be content and grateful for the things in my life that I already have.

I would like to be sure that the person I'm with is the person I want to be with forever.

Financial independence and solvency. I'm tired of being poor and watching my rent eat up 80% or more of my income. Just today, I have had my most successful period of work and income ever, having earned nearly a thousand dollars in the last week and a half, and I find the feeling of a growing bank account to be astonishing.

Strengthening my self confidence; my self discipline. I need to find ways to know myself better with issues of morality and integrity. I believe exposing myself to more life experiences will afford me opportunities to find ways to practice what I preach.

Finish the novel.

I would like to get back on-track with diet and exercise and drink less. This is important to me because I want to be healthier. I think it will help me feel better physically and mentally.

I want to be on a very intentional path in my career, either making money by being in a job that I really want, or be making enough money doing other projects in a way that is actually sustainable.

I really would like to be dating. I'm tired of being in the world by myself and I have so much to offer another soul. It's time for my holy relationship.

I'd like to achieved a weight loss of 175- 180 lbs. Which means I'd have to lose about 20-25lbs. The reason this is so important to me is that God has given me the gift of this body "dwelling" and I need to look at it like a sanctuary that is Holy. I do not currently take care of this vessel as if it were something that were given to my by God. This would be a health weight range for my height and it also would show my family that I am dedicated to personal fitness through actions, not words.

By this time next year, I would like to be in a job that is getting me the kind of experience I need to jump into grant writing or into a career in the nonprofit sector. Its hard to tell whether or not my current position will fit the bill for that or not. But I would like to be moving forward professionally, learning new skills, making new connections. Whether those new skills will be at a 9-5 or in my free time, volunteering somewhere, has yet to be discovered.

By this time next year I would like to be more confident in making decisions on my own, instead of asking from input from people who I think will look negatively upon what I really want to choose to do.

I would like to have a job. Or, more truthfully, I would like to have a desire to work as an attorney. I want to make my parents proud, even though my beliefs and lack of faith lend me to believe that I missed my opportunity to show them any professional success. I don't believe in an afterlife, though I could say that I have an intense hope of one. To see my parents' smile one more time.. I don't know what I would give to be able to see pride in their eyes for something, anything, I do professionally.

Is finding a working 'rhythm' an achievement? I want to feel less scattered and in control of the daily ebb and flow of work and home, and self and friends. I wish I could find that intuitive sense of balance to feel more peaceful, accomplished. With my work - to achieve the same. A sense of purpose - doing projects that transcend program. An outcome of profit - learning how to be valued and compensated for all the good we bring to the world, and sharing that. A well rounded portfolio - to be known for design. For product as well as process.

I want to take on more of a leadership role not only in my own life but. In my community. I want to expand my learning to include not only Talmud but S much as I can possibly learn in a year and make this a year of leaning and forward motion

Settled and exploring living as two. I still have a grip and dream for a city I once lived. I'm not sure it's for me but I also don't think where I am is. I'm ready to share my life and in a year I'd like to have shown up to wherever the world takes me and know that's where I'm gonna be and also have some roots from a love partnership to settle as well.

I want to be satisfied with wherever I am. This is important to me because right now, that is what I want the most from life.

It seems I find myself at a major turning point in my life: I have a chance to reinvent my work, my private life, myself maybe... Understand me: I'm not complaining or daunted by it. I believe in chaos as the source of new, good, interesting things. It's just hard to see through the current chaos and name one thing I want to achieve, I just hope by this time next year I will find myself in some calmer waters. And happy still, healthy...

I think one thing I would like to achieve would to be able to get back in my routine. There are days where I am not depressed at all and I am able to get all my work done and more but then there are days (most days) where I cant work at all. I just want to stay in, away from the world. I have to push myself to do anything. Those are the worst days. They make me feel like I havent accomplished anything in my life but in fact I have, I just cant see it. The reason it is important to be is so I can get back to getting work done and hopefully start working on something I love.

I'd like to have a first crack at my fellowship exams - I want to take seriously the taking back up of my career.

I'd like to achieve better understanding & direction from the Lord most high. It's very important to me because I want to be in the perfect will of Christ our Lord.

I want to achieve financial security. Where I am debt free for the first time in my life. I want to be able to live within my means rather than constantly feel like I'm swimming against the tide of debt. It's important because I'm tired of always been on the back foot of this one. My whole life.

I would like to become more tolerant and kinder on a daily basis- I'd like to let little things roll off and not take them so seriously. I'd also like to work on hesitating before I speak.

I would like to have a GPA of at least 3.5 and I want to be somewhat fluent in hebrew. I also hope to have done lots of volunteering. I feel like I've always been an underachiever so I think setting "reach" goals is important to my growth as a person.

Freedom from the agency and...be financially organized in private self employment while sti contributing to the social change process I am in!

I would like my physical surroundings to be sparser, less cluttered. I want to really, seriously reflect on what I have and what I need. I want the space where I live to have a spiritual resonance. I wish to find spiritual sustenance in my home, as well as in the synagogue, in nature, in art museums, and concert halls.

I'd like to either be happier with my new job, or find a new one. So far I am really, really overwhelmed and don't feel confident that I'll be "good" at it. It's the most stressful time of the year so maybe it will all get easier, but for right now, it's hard to stay afloat. I have felt directionless when it came to my work for a long time, so I'd like to feel confident that I'm in a position where I see a future, or that I have figured out a way to move into one where see more of a future.

I would like to create beautiful works of art that I am extremely proud of, and that I can confidently say are some of the best works I have ever done. This may be putting a lot of pressure on myself, but I think it will happen naturally as I develop through the Jewish Artists' Laboratory. Just like BCI helped me create some incredible paintings and my "Life Stages" piano piece, I know this opportunity will be a creative, inspiring one that helps develop my artistic spirit and works. I look forward to the gala at the end of the year where my friends and family can see the works I have produced in tandem with others in the group and see my artistic creations on display.

One personal, one professional. I'd like to feel healthier, stronger, faster. I would like to work hard this winter to eat better, work out more strategically and improve my overall health. I'm also proud that although I hope weight loss will be a side effect of this goal, that in and of itself is not my goal. Professionally, I would like to get a new job, one where I feel valued, successful and fulfilled again. In a lot of ways, LLS is an amazing place to work, and I am so grateful for my (almost) 3 years there. But it's not the right fit for me anymore, and having recognized that, it's time to move on.

Complete my second year of university without any major hiccups! It's important because if I fail it, it means I'll have to redo second year and be even further behind where I was supposed to be.

damn, I hope that I feel better this point next year than I do now. I hope that I feel centered and healthy, confident and myself. I hope i'm not struggling to meet baseline needs, and that I'm doing projects and things that feel fulfilling and generative and hopeful! I hope those things feel aligned with my passions, like music and writing and justice.

I'd like to feel okay traveling again. I used to love exploring new places but once PTSD took hold of me and took over my life I haven't been comfortable traveling on my own. I'm getting closer, though.

I want to get lots and lots of views on my fanfictions because that would be awesome.

I want to continue to work on my writing and I hope to have published some of my work. It is important because I need the validation from the outside world. I want to share my thoughts and mind, passion and heart with the world.

On the personal front, I would like to get our move West over with. We need to move on to the next chapter of our lives so that the looming departure is no longer hanging over us. Professionally, I would like to personally have raised $50MM by this time next year and as a firm raised $100MM. I think we need to optimize our work flow, and I'd like to get away from making so many cold calls and back to building relationships.

In order to be more useful in the world, I need to be stronger and healthier, while at the same time, letting go of unrealistic expectations. I need to find the balance between working toward health and accepting my limitations. In addition to the possibility of improving my health and well-being, this will free up energy for learning, helping and living a life which is more joyful and more productive.

I'd like to have an immensely satisfying and challenging job in/around Boston, be living there, having sold our home in CT, and be preparing to close or perhaps recently did so) on a new home that meets my and Chris' needs. This reality would presume that Chris also had good and satisfying work. This is important to me because I don't fit in -- personally or professionally -- where we are living now. I don't feel like anyone here really understands who I am (aside from my husband - but even he, by choice, is not really in the world that I seek to return to). To avoid a slow internal death, I need to be in a place where I'm surrounded by a diversity of people and ideas and efforts, that, collectively - reflect me and so much beyond me that I can learn from or reflect on, or just appreciate that it's there even though it's not my thing. I get none of that here. There's simply not a critical mass of what makes me feel connected and fueled.

I am thinking about moving to a new house. But, whether I do that or not, I would like to "lighten my load" of possessions. In many ways, I feel like I'm living catching up with time / energy / etc. One physical way of getting ahead of this would be to clear out things I don't need. In turn, I'd like to clear my head, and become more organized with my time. I know this part is vague and doesn't really have "action steps" so far.

By next year, I really would like to have had start exploring my options for starting prenatal and postpartum support groups in one clinic. Ultimately, I think we need to change how we offer pre and postpartum care to pregnant women and their families. There is such an opportunity for change and to create optimal health during this time for the family, and especially for the growing baby that will result in improved health for life.

I would like to have a more-confident-than-not decision about which kind of graduate school (or next step) I will be pursuing. It's important for my future, but in a way it's also important so that I can focus more on present moments and not be preoccupied and disturbed by the future.

Healthy. Weight of 145. Strong. Flexible. Courageous.

By this time next year: I'm battling between writing about joining a Jewish community or finding a job, but I think the Jewish community wins. I'm unsure of what I want to do in my religious life. Every time I read the Scriptures my thoughts change. I try to follow the rules but I know my life is focused much more on pleasing me than on commandment-keeping. I think I'd like to be Jewish, but then again I'm not sure. But I know one thing is true: every day, I'm starting to feel more and more authentically Jewish. Maybe it's not in spite of the questioning, wondering, and wavering but BECAUSE of it, but no matter what it is, it's become less a matter of "I wish I was Jewish" and more a matter of "I am Jewish" when thinking about my lifestyle, my hopes and dreams, my holidays and my practices. This Yom Kippur has also shown me how important a religious community is. I can't muster the strength to dig deep spiritually on my own, but as a part of a congregation that is all fasting and praying at the same time I believe I'd be able to. I've found God in my alone time but now I want to share that communion with God with others, at least some of the time. I hope to find an open and welcoming Jewish community for the High Holy Days next year.

By the last week of September I will have taken the LSAT. I would like to achieve an LSAT score over 175. Of course, I'd like to also achieve a GPA of 3.8 and thus graduate with not only First Class Honours and Distinction (and hopefully a few prizes!), but also with Dean's Honour List. However, those things feel more attainable right now. An LSAT score like that is something that feels far off, probably because I haven't put as much work into it yet, and feels less like something I'm capable of and like more of a pipe-dream. Achieving that will say a lot about my capacity for study and hard work, but most of all it's a ticket to what I want, a ticket to the next step in my education, and really to a new chapter. A high LSAT score means leaving Montreal, going interesting places, reaching higher more interesting things. I place a high value on my academic achievements, and I'm tired of being "almost good enough," I want to be good enough.

I'd like to have my house neat and clean, and I'd like to be much more able to invite people (especially my daughter and her family) over for meals.

I would love to have my website up and running and actually being used and read. I think my window of opportunity is beginning to gradually close, and I'll be really regretful if I end up just wasting time doing stuff for other people and I never make this happen. The other goal? I want to either renovate our current home or buy/renovate/build a new house. We're long overdue for a change, however it happens.

Following on my spiritual experience of finding my life in my seventh decade, I want to get some of my poems published and then finish the chapbook I have started. My first published poem, at 69, will come out in a collection to be released this fall. I just attended a two-day conference of poets from here and there come to hear three poets laureate from my state and each other share in the conversation about verse. I learned so much and found new friends. I have been writing for a long time, but now it is time to share. How exhilirating and humbly gratifying it is to hear someone say, "Your poem spoke to me." The only thing better would be to hear, "Your poem spoke for me what I could not speak for myself." All of this is aligned with what feels like my life's purpose now: to bear witness.

I'd like to be making more money. I have debts, little savings, and I'm getting older. I need financial security and I have no idea how I'm going to retire or what I would do if I lose my job. I trust the universe to provide, but a girl needs to be practical too!

Balance with my personal, spiritual, and professional lives. This lack of balance makes be feel fractured and uneasy. I am pulled by each of these lives, sometimes willingly and sometime out of obligation, but I haven't been able to make them compliment each other. Even writing the phrase "make them" doesn't sound like natural. It either is or it isn't. Right now, it isn't. Personally, things are beautiful and wonderful. The stress we have is from trying and wanting a child. When things don't go the way we want, we get sad and begin to doubt. Then we start over. That cycle can be trying. Yet, we talk and share our hearts. That is beautiful. Professionally, there is a lot I love, but I see cracks in the foundation of the organization. That feeling of "these folks may not know what they are doing" is creeping back into my mind. At the same time, I am questioning my own abilities because of certain comments and questions. This drives me crazy. My neediness to be liked grows like a mold over my abilities and accomplishments. Even if I reached my crowing achievement, I would zero in one critical comment about my speech. I am trying to impress parents that were never there with achievements, when all I want is a hug. Spiritually, I want to do more to make Shabbat a part of my life. I don't do it now. I don't have that break (and it is expected of me to not have this break from work - which I allow) and it messes me up. This may be the first thing I try to improve upon for this year.

Yikes! This question again. Okay, here goes. By this time next year I want to achieve a clean orderly garage with room to park my car, offer free storage to friends, and maybe have a ping pong table. It is a huge garage with two studios adjoining, but it has been unusable because of all the stuff stored there. Maybe if I look at it as a hoarder's space I can be motivated to complete the project, seeking help if needed. I have set the target date of September 10, 2016 for a clean functioning garage. So there.

I would like to buy a property. I would like to embark on an experience of bucolic lifestyle. I would like to live conscientiously, sustainably, domestically. The embers of woodstoves still glow in my heart and my feet long to feel a fire's dry warmth after a day's work. My homestead crafts yearn for a purpose. My children want animals and need responsibility and a degree of separation from the consumerism and small-mindedness that governs the town. A log cabin on 40 acres fits the bill. Perhaps I'll make some ground towards this goal like I didn't last year.

Job or opportunity to empower community.

By this time next year I would like to be on track career wise. On track can just mean I've discovered my passion and/or have merely narrowed down the industry I would like to work in. Maybe I'd even settle for gaining a hobby :)

I would like to have established a daily spiritual practice. It could be meditation, journaling, yoga, or some combination of the three -- e.g., meditate one day, journal the next, but do SOMETHING each day. It's important to me because I think it's the most important thing in life. It keeps the heart open, it helps you grow as a person, it helps create compassion for yourself and others. But damn, it's hard.

By this time next year, I would like to feel more clear in my professional life direction--whether that means staying at my current job and gaining more experience there, or looking into grad school, or moving to a different field. Even if no major changes happen, I would like to feel more confident and excited about the route I am currently on. This is important to me because though in many ways I have succeeded thus far, I do not feel that clarity or confidence now, and I really want to. This is a big withstanding question in my life.

QUIT MY JOB. It is long overdue. If I am reading this next year and I am still at my current employer something major must have happened to cause such a halt to the forward momentum. I also intent to have helped Merit Made become a thriving business.

I would like to have our adult relationship better in sync with each other - working better as a loving and healthy team enjoying our next decades. It is important because our enjoyment of each other and caring for ourselves separately and together is basic to our day to day and future well being. Period.

Further intellectual and professional development, because I need development to enjoy my work and to further myself in life. Im general I want to achieve a more developed life, one were I commit to more goals and work harder to develop myself.

I would like to have a job that I like and that I can be successful with and achieve some sense of job security. I really need to find someplace where I fit in well and who appreciates what I do. I've had very little job satisfaction over the past 3-4 years. If possible, I'd prefer to have my own business, rather than putting my life in the hands of un-caring strangers.

I'd like to have a handful of songs done. It's important because I'm just beginning to write music again. After being musically mute (except at Mass) for several years, it's a breath of fresh air to return to my art, to the creative process, and start anew with new eyes and accumulated wisdom. I don't want to leave empty handed after all of this is over.

I would like to see our new church established , growing , and helping people .It is called Morning Star Baptist .At our age starting a new church can be scary . God will help if he wants it to be there.

I'd like to have found a way to put myself higher on my priority list: to put mediation and exercise, stillness and peace higher up my list... because if I don't, they never happen. And to be the person want to be, I need to put them first. I'm not sure how I'm going to do that... but I have a few ideas... it's about peace, stillness, and connecting with love and spirit... and that can't happen if I'm too busy.

I would like to weigh 135 pounds because it will be good for my physical health as well as for my mental health.

A closer relationship with God. A closer relationship with my son. To lose down to 199. To learn Spanish. To be healthy and happy, body, soul, and spirit.

For years, always the struggle, but my goal is to be living a healthier lifestyle. I need to be eating healthy food but less of it. And more exercise needs to be put into my routine. At this age, I feel that I have shrunk in my height and all the excess has gone to my belly. Somehow I would like to lose enough and exercise enough to feel comfortable with myself.

I want to start school again, and/or get on the career path I've decided upon. I have a much clearer picture of what I want to do than I ever have before, and I want to make it happen.

Publish a novel and finish a second one. Finish an album. It's a good creative outlet and a fun way to share what I've been taught with others through music and story.

I want to practice meditation, daily. I would like to complete yoga teacher training. I would like to be involved in guiding meditation I would like to help veterans and other people affected by trauma.

Don't need to achieve. Just need to be.

I want to know what is happening with my marriage. Do I have a husband who will fight to win me back, who will own all be has done and how he has treated me, or am I going to be alone Kinda obvious why I would want this. I need to move to the next phase of my life

I have a few things. As mundane as it is - get more fit. I do OK; but my numbers would be much better if I paid more attention and move from intention to retention. Then, I need to simply - get off some boards, reduce the paper and things clutter and clarify my mind about what is important to me and why. I really want to get my "projects" underway - the Repurposeful Life and Paths and the written word built around purposeful travel, connections and content.

After a year filled with a ton of change, what I am looking forward to in the next year is stability. Next year at this time, when I am reading this, I would like to think to myself: I am more calm than I was. I am more generous than I was. I am more patient than I was.

I need to sell and make some money. I don't want to be poor again or unemployed. I need to make something of myself and be independent. I can't come back to Bloomington without feeling like a failure.

I want to have built better habits around healthy eating and exercise. Not to have any lofty magical goals accomplished, but to be paying more attention to the food that I'm eating and being more intentional with the kinds of food I'm choosing to eat, and also building habits of exercise into my days so that I'm more physically active and less sedentary.

I want to buy a new car. This seems sort of petty but really it's an amalgamation of things that I need to work on in my life. I've never been through this process on my own. Financial discipline, making a specific effort (finding a good vehicle, loan terms etc) and persistence (not giving up when it gets hard) are all areas where I struggle. Buying a car, and doing it myself, will be a huge success for me. And I didn't realize it until just now.

I have a few, and I want them all. I want to start studying Spanish again. I want to learn more Hebrew. I want to start learning the guitar again. I don't expect to have finished any of them. But each of them represents achieving some life-claiming. That is important to me because all three interests fell to the side during the past few years as I managed leukemia and then bone marrow transplant and then life after making it through both alive and cancer-free. Now I have a lot of body management in my life, a lot of health management, and a lot of doing what needs to get done, but I've in many ways lost track of having the things that I used to love learning and I lost track of making more time for joy. These three things represent a lot. In some ways, they represent being a live, and not just being not dead. I don't know if come next year I will find I still want to improve my fluency in Spanish or my skill in Hebrew or be able to play the guitar. But I'd like to give them a go again and see.

I would like to be healthier, I'm beginning to exercise, but am on a medication that makes me ravenous. I am beginning to work w/ a nutritionist to address that aspect of the problem. It's important, b/c I had my children late, and I want to be here for them, and my (yet to be imagined) grandchildren for a long time.

I'd like to redecorate the please-let's-hope-they've-moved-out 'extra' bedroom; make a fairy house with stones & found items and update the patio with a comfy sitting space. It's important to me because I've not been proactive to do these small things. And they are small, pretty superficial goals in the scheme of things. The fairy house is just for fun. Why not? I hope that by this time next year we will have taken our supposed 30 year anniversary trip. We suck at planning and agreeing on things like where to go, exactly.

By this time next year I want to be finished my Canadian Securities Course. The deadline is May 31, so I should be done as long as I don't allow myself to purchase an extension. This is really important to me as I would love to counsel people about their personal finances. I want to have a lot of information under my belt so that when I counsel them, I know what I'm talking about. The more information I have, the more confident I will be about the advice I give. And I think I need to have some recognizable credentials under my belt in order to start a successful business.

I would like to have a meaningful and loving relationship with my son at home and in public. I would like to feel that I am doing my very best to teach him important life skills needed as he grows- including reading skills, math understanding and social skills. I would like to know that he feels comfortable talking with me and other safe adults in his world. I would like to feel that I have been a best possible mom at this time.

In the next year, I'd like to have traveled somewhere internationally alone. This is important to me, because I always say I love traveling, but I HAVEN"T TRAVELED AT ALL in the last 8 years. I'd like to do some of it alone because I think I am so co-dependent. I want to really embrace the power of who I am and not relying on others to find my happiness.

Achievement: Plan for retirement. Reason: I will be within a year to retirement by next yontif, and I will feel better about it, if I have a plan.

HA GOOD ONE 10Q! DON'T MAKE ME DO THIS! Dani if you are living in at home with Mom and Dad right now and reading this don't worry. If you are living in DC or Philly or Boston, good job! If you are living not in the U.S. then I can honestly say I wasn't sure you would have the guts to do it and I'm impressed. I would really like to have a job by this time next year. I'll graduate from undergrad in May and I know some type of work experience is what I need next to help me figure out how to spend the rest of my life. Ideally I would be in the PR world and I think I can do it. I feel like I'm ready to graduate and start to be a part of the real world.

By this time next year, I will have run at least two half marathons, I hope that I am still running and continuing to challenge myself through these physical events. I'm not sure a full marathon is in my future, but I have improved so much in the past couple of years, I hope to continue and maybe I'll have completed a mini-triathalon or something of that sort!

I want to be able to hold love in my heart for each person I interact with... including a few tough ones. Because, when I do not, I don't come from love when i think about or interact with them, and it feels uncomfortable, and NOT in a good way.

Starting a writing class. I'm a good writter and have a lot of knowledge about health, fitness and nutrition and I'm qualified to depart this knowledge to boot

I would like to sort through my books, papers, mementos, photos, and journals and decide what to keep - and what to let go of. This is important because these items are taking up valuable space - both physical and emotional - in my home, garage, and psyche. Space that I need for other pursuits.

I'd like to have a job. I think I've decided that even if I love my masters and think I'm capable (lol as if that'll ever happen), I won't go on and do a PhD, at least not straight away. So into the world of work it is. It hasn't been a smooth ride so far, that's for sure. I think what troubles me is that it isn't like school, where you get pushed towards various hurdles and you just have to jump as high as you can over them. In work, and even in work-hunting, you have to seek out the hurdles yourself, and figure out what kind of hurdle you want to jump over. At the time of writing, I've spent the past month chugging through job applications which are unbelievably slow and arduous. But I feel like I'm slowly gaining traction and, most importantly, am finding things that I think i would be good at and that use my strengths. It makes me feel rubbish about myself to try and slot into jobs that maybe just don't suit me - sure, there's a reasonable chance I can pass the application process by bending over backwards and contorting myself into something I'm not. But I'm learning that there are prestigious jobs out there that are made for people like me. In short, I am clever and important and employable just as I am. I don't need to lie or try to convince someone otherwise.

I really, really want to have a solid draft of this novel finished so that I can submit it for workshop next fall. It feels impossible. I feel like I need to do it though, so I can see what's on the other side.

I want to have quit smoking! I made the commitment last year and on Yom Kippur this year I quit. Hopefully this time next year I will have a year under my belt of not smoking and feel better than I do today!

Last year I wrote that I'd like to have finished writing my will. I did absolutely nothing about it. I'm going to put that intention out there again. I don't really feel the importance of this, but of course it is. But really, since I'm actually beginning to make some headway on storage clearing/cleaning with an eye to moving some things from shelves down there and then moving stuff from the floor onto those shelves (i.e., clearing floor clutter), I'd like to achieve a level of home organization that has until now escaped me. A place for everything. No more piles of things I want to look at someday" or deal with "someday" in my apartment. Those things will be either gone or in the basement. This is important to me because it's something I've never been able to successfully do in my lifetime so far. It would be quite a milestone. And I don't know if anyone - except John, maybe - even believes that I can. It would be a certain proving of myself that I can do what no one believes I can. I also think it would free up a certain amount of stuck energy for me.

I would like to solidly be on my career path, one that is both creatively satisfying and allows me to shine as myself. One that encourages all of us to make a new world based on love, mutual respect, joy (not at the expense of others), playfulness, kindness, access to economic opportunity, and again...love.

I would like to be financially independent so that I can retire when I want and start teaching full time.

By this time next year I'd like to say that I am more well traveled. Brian and I are supposed to go to Spain and France in spring 2016. I'm understandably skeptical after my first, last and only international travel experience turning into a total loss. It's time for me to enjoy life and see the world. That is the whole point of my 20's and I've let it fly by without a ton of travel, especially since we moved to Seattle. It's time to spread my wings and see a little bit of the world. Somehow, I believe that travel will change me. Maybe I could say the same for a true vacation.

There are learning goals that I have & would like to start (statistics, Spanish). To achieve something that I'm passionate about - or at least really interested in? Hell, I don't know. Maybe learn to talk more nicely to myself? Letting this rest a little, that sounds like something I'd really like to do. Be less harsh to myself, speak more nicely to myself. Don't expect rejection. ------------- After a few days reflecting on this, I think what I'd like to achieve is what I said last: change how I talk to myself on a number of levels, including not expecting rejection. That's a biggie, and is all I think I can handle emotionally. Here's to progress! ----------- AND - I know intellectually how much I like to be fit. I'd like to have a consistent workout routine, even if just a few days a week. It makes me feel so GOOD, healthy and also sexy and attractive. Chalean Extreme, baby!

I would like achieve more acceptance of my limitations and continue to work on my "life story" and history for my children--"Savta's Grand Adventure". I would like them to understand why I believe and act the way I do due to past experiences and spiritual encounters with other people, readings and historical events that have happened in my life.

I'd like to quit drinking so much. It's important to me because it affects every aspect of my life, including relationships and work.

I hope that I have achieved a greater sense of security by one year from now. Security with a permanent home, a job that I feel secure, excited, and challenged by, and clarity in the direction I'm headed.

I'd like to be published in a few more big-name publications. During the Yamim Noraim, I was published in the Washington Post, which was an incredible way to launch 5776. I'd like to keep up that momentum by continuing to push myself out of my comfort zone, which includes risking rejection, & sending my writing to publications for consideration.

I would like to achieve more peace in my life. I have felt so unsettled in Seattle since we moved here last year. I can blame that on my job at Amazon, which has now changed to something much more positive at another company. And I can blame it on not having a house where we can put down roots. But I think it is in large part due to some insecurities related to not having close friends here and related to worries about the keeping up the with Joneses. I want to dedicate myself more to helping others (my kids, neighbors and co-workers) and let things go faster. I want to practice living in the moment.

By this time next year, I'd like our family to be in our own home that we own. I want to have a settled feeling and I want to be done with begging our landlord to make repairs.

Oh boy - this answer used to come so easy and be so concrete. I struggle now with the variability that pregnancy and parenting have thrown into my life. SO i hope that next year my husband and I feel at home finally in our new home. That we have achieved a flow of living that feels warm and efficient and calm. In a YK prayer (the Al Heit) we ask forgiveness for succumbing to confusion. And that is what I'm taking with me this year. I want to fight the temptation to succumb to confusion - because that temptation is very real in our scattered, fast-paced, social-media-driven, world. I hope by next year I have achieved a little more CLARITY.

I'd like my garage back. Seven years since the epic flood, and we still don't have it cleared out enough to park in it.

I would like to have lost another 40 lbs. This is important because it is the weight at which I believe I will feel healthiest. I've already lost 50lbs and feel confident that I can reach this goal and maintain it.

I want to get on top of my studies. I need to prepare for my 4th year. I also would like to semi move in with Chris. In the last 2 weeks we have been about to do half at mine, and half at his, but the plan slowed down. Maybe in one more year it will happen. I'm ready for the next step forward.

I would like to get a residency, or something similar lined up. I would like to have made a new, interesting body of work. I would like to have at least one or two real friends. I want personal and professional development. I would like to gain several more "merit badges" and enjoy/deal better with the wilderness near where I live.

A life that involves some engagement with others and the community. Because the alternative is increasingly grim.

Learn about the beautiful landscape around my house and learn how to take care of these native plants. Get to a better place of relating to Nigel?

I'd like to feel like I have a clear direction in life by this point next year. Currently I'm drifting, and hoping something comes along that gives me cause to swim. I'm staying afloat, but I can't see the horizon of a real, sustainable career quite yet. This metaphor may have gone a little too far.

I'm getting a new supervisor at work and I'm very nervous about it. I'd like to achieve keeping my job and hopefully see some career progress under this new leadership. I'm also hoping to see a return of my ambition in some form.

lose weight - so many reasons why, mostly health

I want to have my budget under control. It seems we are always worrying about money, and where it goes. I'd like to worry less about this.

I'd like to establish habits that allow me to pursue goals, maintain a healthy lifestyle / self care system, and still leave me enough time to enjoy my life. It's important to me because there really isn't anything to master except Now. Now is the only time we're ever in. Even these answers are being sent forward to Now. Feeling comfortable with and living in the Now is the only kind of success you can have. Everything else is a dream or a memory, depending on its relationship to you in time.

Maintain deepen and strengthen my core relationships. Life is made up of relationships.

Platinum rank with Young Living and it is important because I love what I do and want to grow steadily and consistently and achieve what is next in line.

I'd like us to have somewhere to actively garden and keep seedlings. Like so many others, we'd like our future to revolve around being self-sustainable.

By this time next year I would like to be more financially secure. In that I mean I'd like to be able to take my student loans off from deferment and begin to be able to start paying down that debt.

I want to succeed in my role as consultant for my team. I want to develop my skills as a communicator and get more involved in my career. It's important because it's my livelihood and I want to further establish myself as an expert and leader in my field.

Celebrate my 70th birthday in Europe. I am longing to go back and see people. 70 is a milestone for me - I want to accept it with gusto and health.

By this time next year I would like to have made a significant difference in a program at Henricus. Either I want to change an existing program or make my own. I believe I can do a lot for that park, and I'd like to see how far I can go so that I'll also know where to go next.

Hmm. I know the question says one thing, but I can't think of just one thing, maybe it's because my life is too unstable right now, a lot can happen in a year, life changes fast . I would like to save more animals, I would like to write my master's thesis, I would like to graduate with my master's degree at 22 years old, I would like to (maybe) start a pet rescue of my own, I would (maybe) like to move with my boyfriend (that's still kind of terrifying to write because we're so new and his past commitment issues), I would like to find a job I enjoy and find meaningful, I would like to help my brother find his way, I would like to spend time with family.

I would like to have followed the guidance in Marie Kondo's book, "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying-Up" and live without ever having to wonder where something is or do I have what I need. It's important to me because I feel like I am not fully present in my life if what I surround myself with and how my surroundings look and feel do not give me a sense of my own being welcome. I am wanting to live and breathe in the freshest possible moment in every new and unfolding moment.

Hmm, have another baby?! We are currently trying to get pregnant and I'd love to have a 2 year 9 month - 3 year age gap between Gabrielle and her future sibling. Growing my family is very important to me - I have loved watching all of Gabi's milestones and would love to experience all of those firsts again with another baby!

Learning to drive a car and buying one because I guess, I have put it on hold too much and it is affecting my mobility, confidence and future plans.

I want my fitness back. The joy of sport which naturally brings my fitness back to me, the power in my legs, the firmness of my hamstring, the bliss of an easy 10km. I want to have enjoyed Steve and my relationship with him for whatever it is. I want us to be together in the way we can, milking the opportunities afforded to us through our intelligence, our design, our work, our finances, our freedoms. I want to be free of the impacts of depression. I know I won't be depression free but I don't want to look back on my year and wonder where the hell it went. I want my back to be taken care of and I want to be doing all the things I should be to protect it (stretching, yoga). I want a living condition that is by my design and my choice. Not through responsibility or guilt. I want to be happier in life. I want to be proud of myself again.

I want to have recorded and (hopefully) released the second Blackberry Tongues album in a year's time. All of the music is written and ready to go, and I need to get it out there. I'm pregnant with it and it is starting to weigh on me. It is also important because I no longer really connect with the songs I wrote for our first album, and I want to be able to show people music that I feel represents who we are as a band.

I really want my digital business up and running and producing profits. It's important to me for several reasons. One is that it's a dream I've had for many years (to have recurring income from something I created). Another is that it's been a difficult process, full of unknowns, and just finishing it - staying with it and seeing it to completion - will be a huge win. And lastly, the financial freedom it may deliver will help me in a lot of ways.

Oh wow. This is the year when I say "complete my PhD." And, hopefully, have a plan for what is next. This is daunting and scary because there is SO MUCH WORK I still need to do. It's important because I've spent years on it, and I am ready to be done... before I'm 30.

I would like to have a little more clarity about my path. As of today, I am no longer am sure about how art plays a role in my future. I would like to have a book idea and an outline in the pipeline. Sharing my talents is important to me but I always hold back. I would like to stop holding back and not give in to fear of failure - because I have have failed already by listening to that voice.

To have created a system that sustainably saves lives. I've been shocked to learn of the frightening statistics and obstacles facing vulnerable communities and feel compelled to commit to enabling systematic change. Not even one more, I refuse.

A place in the Northwest and in Florida, so that I have FAMILY. IT'S THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN THE WORLD. I would also like to be starting or finishing a book of poems again.

I'd like to lose my virginity. I'd like to have a girlfriend. I'd like to make more money. I'd like to have a bunch of girls on me. I'd like to have a new job....preferrably a job that I love that I don't mind working at making decent money. I'd like to have more money saved. I'd like to pay off my debt! I'd like to make more friends. I'd like to have more good times! I'd like to have more fun and be happy with my life! I'd like to go back to school and finish. I'd like to meet more people at school. I'd like to trade in my BMW and buy a hybrid instead. I'd like to move out of the house already. I'd like to lose more weight and build more muscle.....get really lean and toned! I'd like to take more trips!

I had the same answer last year, but still have not achieved it. I'd like to get our financial "house" in order. Once again, my husband and I have done fine, money-wise, from month to month in our ongoing lives, but have not met with an investment advisor and really planned out an investment strategy and financial plan for our encroaching retirements. Shame on us!

By this time next year I would like to finish Owen's tallit. It will prove to myself that I can actually sew and I will make something functional that I know he will enjoy. Once I finish his tallit I can start working on mine. Plus, I'll prove Jami wrong when she says I bit off more than I can chew.

I want to re-engage with the peace and justice movement. I want to help bend the long arc of history to peace and justice. I am pained living in a world with so much injustice and all too little peace. I believe I'll thrive in a world where all thrive.

I would like to have finally fixed a number of things in my condo to make it a more pleasant place. (The broken fan in the bathroom; the broken light in the kitchen; the dirty outsides of the windows; the floors that need refinishing, etc.)

I'd like to have purchased a home by this time next year. But I won't hate myself if I don't achieve this goal.

I keep telling myself this, but I want to fully build a thing, most likely in software. My favorite idea is a simple "Picross" type game that I love to play, and would like to implement.

Success at my new job! It is a start up and I will be in a leadership role growing the business. I want to prove I can do this! I am excited about the prospects. I think I can make a difference.

Again . . . I want to lose enough weight to begin to feel better physically, and so that I can be in shape for back surgery.

I'm not really attached to any specific goal like "learn to play an instrument" or "bench press my body weight" right now. This is trite to the point of meaningless, but I want to be living an authentic, purposeful life, or at least halfway there. I've spent a lot of time this year and really the last few mechanically carrying out tasks to feed never-ending to-do lists, generic Adult Life Goals, and other people's expectations; I want this year to be about becoming more of the person I want to be. That may just be an idealized vision of a person I was at some point in the past, but it really doesn't have to be.

By this time next year, I need to lost 100 lbs, give or take.Maybe, finally have sex, while I'm at it. I don't know... I don't think I expected to live this long, so I'm never sure what or where I want to be in a year's time.

I would like my resentment towards Judy to be totally gone and replaced with honest friendship. This is the best for my grandson. and for me and my heart. I want to have truly moved on. and let go.

This time next year I would like to have a full manuscript for my next book. I want to turn my dissertation into a piece of historical fiction, and my new job (working at the intersection of history and literature) is precisely the space in which to do that. It's important to me that my dissertation (and the years of work behind it!) not rot away in a drawer somewhere (yes, that's metaphorical -- it lives on the internet forever, after all). I don't want to turn it into an academic monograph, because I don't want to be represented in an obscure/elitist corner of a bookshop somewhere. I want my book to embrace all the storytelling I loved in my childhood, but with the intellectual rigour of my professional academic life. In many ways, I see the writing of this manuscript as an opportunity for my split selves (the creative and silly child, and the hardworking and conservative adult) to come together. This book will be a representation of who I am, and I can't wait to see how it will turn out!

I would live to achieve a reasonable progress on my book

I would like to pay off my credit card debt so I'm not paying interest every month on decisions I don't even remember making.

I'd very much like to be in Grad school. I know that I'll always regret not getting an advanced degree if I don't do it and it feels like the right time. I think I'm at a point in my life where I finally know what I want to do with my life I've been working as a tuitor for a wehile, and I've learned enough about being a classroom teacher to know that that's not for me. I want to get either an MA in TESOL or a PhD in Education. Education is a broad field and it means a lot to me. I've always valued being an educated person, and being a real expert in education appeals to me. Plus, It makes the last 3 or 4 years that I've spent post BA relevant to my future. They've felt too much like wasted years in the past, but if I end up in education they were just me "paying my dues."

Completed secondary kitchen at work. Sell our home and buy another to give us better living spaces and location. My business and family growth depend upon those two things.

Does it sound trite to say to have lost, like, 30 pounds? Because damn, I'm tired of not fitting in my clothes.

Have a child. My decision has been made for awhile now. I would like to become a father and pass down my knowledge and experience to a future generation. I believe my wife and I have a lot of good to impart on a child. So hopefully we will have a baby or be pregnant with one by then.

Good question. By this time next year I'd like to have achieved a sense of purpose. I seem to be adrift right now.

I want to either have left LA or left my job. I'm tired of being miserable every day, I'm tired of complaining about it, I'm tired of feeling like life is rushing by and I have nothing to show for it. I'm 32, it's past time I started the life I want to live.

I'd like to achieve harmony in my environment. It is important because clutter has dogged me my entire life.

I'd like to digitize my music collection. It's important because it's something that I've wanted to do for a long time and never made it happen.

acceptance of my diminishing cognitive ability. I can only find peace through acceptance. Alternatively I may choose a more drastic solution to losing my mind.

I would like to be in a new job doing something that I'm passionate about and that is helping other people. I'm finding that I don't see results in my current job...that I'm not serving my community in the way I think I was put on this earth to. Additionally, I hope that in a year I've learned to be a better partner. That I've learned how to love in a way that makes my partner and myself grow. That I've given and taken, both, equally.

Hahaha... FDA clearance... Same thing last 3+ years... Hopefully it is getting closer... Need to quantify the power of the garment.... Feel like we are closer... It will be the gating factor in our (Hologenix) ultimate success....

I would like to have a baby. I really want to be a mother and a family. I am terrified by the prospect, but it is a challenge and adventure that I think would be amazing for me and John and the sooner we get pregnant the less likely it is that there will be difficulties, so in the next year please!

I would like to look at my bank accounts regularly. (Ideally, these would be credit union accounts). I deserve to know what's going on with my dough.

I want to achieve the ability to dream. To let myself get lost in my daydreams and then to take action. I want to be in the situation where I have confronted my boss and told him that I do not want to be a lawyer. I want to have dreams about the future.

I would like to finish my goal of losing weight. This is important more so than ever because I want to start having kids in the next few years and want to be in the healthiest position possible.

I hope that I can go abroad for my clinical traineeship or even for a whole semester in my studies. I don't think that I will succeed this without Chris so I hope that he will come with me. I also hope that my parents will understand that and that they aren't that much angry. I have to hurry up if I want to do this in my studies. Also I have to decide my speciality and my further future, like moving together (when and whereto?), getting a job, a baby, new friends. I don't know. It is really difficult to know everything and to plan, also when I want to plan everything. I await that someday I will know that, because my heart will know it. I hope by this time next year I have an awesome life, with a lot of fun and that I will live in a wonderful flat with Chris.

I would like to have both mine and Dan's businesses to the point we can live exclusively off their income if we so choose. I will also be actively building my 'tribe'-I am sick and tired of feeling so alone and isolated all the time. I need to start meeting people I do not need to be concerned with being honest with, and learning how to enhance my sense of contribution.

I'd like to have a thriving consulting practice going. This is important so that we can stay in our house, comfortably.

I'd like to feel comfortable with my level of fitness. Right now, I don't exercise as much as I'd like to. Generally, I feel pretty okay with my body when I'm exercising—when I'm not, I don't. I'd like to feel like I'm getting enough exercise.

Have a plan for what I'd like to do with the rest of my life. It's important to me because I've started feeling that there's only so much time left and I don't want to look back later on and think, "I wish I had....." I've spent enough time feeling regret over not having made enough of my life so far.

I'd like to deepen my yoga practice. By which I mean, going at least once every ten days, instead of once every two months.

The most important thing for the 2016 year is to cement the base I have laid since the brutal storm of 2011/2012. Grow in the job, grow in my community and get a partner!

Talk less, leave more room for others to contribute. I think it will make people respect my voice more instead of view me as dictatorial or a blowhard.

By this time next year I hope to be on the path to college. Hopefully by then I will already know what I want to do and where I want to go. This is important to me because I don't want to be that kid that ended up going to community college, not knowing what to do with his life, and not being able to find a job. That's why

Professionally, I'd like to earn a promotion to Attorney 3. I am on track to earn that promotion, and I don't foresee any issues that would send me off track, but it's still a goal I have set for myself and look forward to earning. It's a way for me to measure my growth and progress, and it's an opportunity to receive feedback and constructive comments/suggestions from my boss about how to improve further. I also look forward to an increased salary to go along with the new job title.

I want to see improved overall health for my sister-in-law, my niece, and my nephew (my brother’s oldest son). This is important to me because these three people are part of my family and so I feel partly responsible for their health and overall well-being. They are suffering due to a pre-existing condition on the part of my sister-in-law’s mental and physical make-up and that of her offspring and because my brother has not been a strong enough father and husband to help with their life challenges. To know that a family member is suffering is very disturbing and causes me to lose sleep. My sister and I feel helpless. Ultimately, we want my brother to demonstrate that he has grown emotionally where he can provide some compassionate care for his family. To date, he has not and so we feel sick about this. If he can change, we think he can bring his wife around so that she will be able to work with him to right the course of their family’s journey through life.

i'd like to have found purpose in my work. i don't know what that looks like yet.

I want to be financially independent. I want to be able to take care of myself because I think it will make me feel better and more like a whole person.

I want to have a clearer idea about my post-grad plans and understand why I keep going back to camp. Is that something I should pursue? Which degree program is right for me? These are questions I would like to have answers to by this time next year. I will talk to advisors, professors, those in industry, and friends in order to accomplish this goal.

to be more tolerant, more patient and understanding makes for a more caring and humble individual

I would like to be able to enjoy dating. I realize that this is not entirely in my control. The main reason that I don't enjoy dating now is that I rarely go out with anyone that I like and when I have, it hasn't ended well. I need to be smarter about choosing who I do go out with and be less anxious about the process.

I would have liked to have moved out of home, I would like to have achieved a venue manager position at a busier venue and I would also like to be living with friends in a cool location or near/with James. Basicly I would like to be a bit more grown up and independant that I am right now, with a good start to looking at my long-term future.

Teach more classes, do more trade shows. I think this is a huge part of improving my business.

Another cat.

By this time next year I would like to figure out how to stand up for myself without losing myself or my values. I know how to be kind and I know how to walk away when things are beyond the pale. But I don't want to always accept things and then walk away. I want to set limits and be tough and to let people know I can't be messed with or walked over. I want to do this without losing my values.

I want to be painting regularly. I need to do this to get better. Creativity is the reward for practice, practice, practice!!!!

Submit at least one manuscript to book publishers., this has always been a lifelong goal for me but I have never acted on it.

I'd like to be more advanced in my knowledge of my new career in Human Resources.

My goal this year is to have a 95+ average for all of my grades all year. I need a good scholarship so that I can one day have fun in my life at University of Texas (because Stanford is obviously out of the picture).

Next year, if probabilities play out in our lives, will the first year that we will experience being empty nesters. I am so looking forward to spending high quality time with my wife doing the things that the two of us like to do.

GRADUATE! It's what I've been working towards for the past 4 years, it's something that daddy always wanted to see, and it marks the end of a huge portion of my life.

The ability to retire and not live on the streets and push my-home-in-a-shopping cart around the downtown area of any city or town.

I'd like to be gainfully employed in my field, have a job that provides me with business cards, and my graduate school diploma hanging on my office wall. I know that's three things, but those are those most important things to me at the moment. I believe they are also very closely linked together. Actually, out of all of those things, I probably want business cards the most. Why? Because business cards represent your value to your company. That when you are out and about, they believe in your ability to represent the company in the best way possible and they provide you with the means to connect with others.

Greater peace. I feel that I am on the path towards it, but I am still tormented by worry and anxiety. I still try to control the future. I push myself unnecessarily, which makes me irritable in the now. I want greater equanimity not only for myself, but for those around me, so that I am less inclined to have a sharp word, be impatient, or take someone for granted.

I would like to be better at taking care of my self . It is becoming readily apparent that I suck at that. My life suffers because of it. I need to be more aware of how I feel and more willing to do what it takes to solve my issues. It's all on my in the end. I have got to have fun and enjoy the ride. Otherwise why am I still here?

New job. I realized in June that I am unhappy and unfulfilled and no longer love what I do. And it's the only job I've had for nine years. What am I doing with my life/career? I'm taking steps in the right direction with freelance work. Baby, baby steps in the right direction. Maybe one day I'll get the guts to email people with the right connections.

I would like to do a better job at detaching from electronic media for Shabbat and in the evenings. I hope I will read more things on paper this year and have more conversations with my husband.

Financial stability? I don't know, I just want to stop worrying about paying the bills (and not accumulate more--certain things are worth paying for, but I really don't need the stress of extra fancy meals all the time). So I guess on one hand it's about managing the money, but mostly about managing the expectations of what is fun and leads to contentment.

I would like to be much healthier so I too can enjoy the next 30+ years like my dearest friend did prior to her death.

I'd like to be in a PhD program for psychology. Because I HATE MY JOB, I am wasting my time there, I am contributing zero to the world by the job I am doing, and I could be doing so much more with a PhD in psychology. Also, I'm a person, and I count, and I hate every minute of my job.

I would like to be a better musician, confident with a small repertoire.

Attend Afrika Burn (or be set to attend in 2017). Complete another extended stay on the playa. Save $5k. Body weight <140. Build a "Do Anything" body.

I would like to find a regular volunteering opportunity in the community.

Optimal health. Just for peace of mind to know my body is working as it should and that I'm in a loving relationship with it, taking care of myself so nothing can physically hold me back from enjoying and exploring life to the fullest.

I want to be fit, strong, spiritually aware, happy and healthy!

Again... Save some money. Lose some weight. Important mostly to prove that I can really do it, but also because I need to do both.

At first I thought of my work transition, which is absorbing me now. But then I bring myself back to my husband, to seeking pleasure, relaxation and fun with each other. I'd like to be much more deeply committed to this, to having it be foremost in my mind and heart. I'd like it to be more integral to both of us. Lucid loving.

I want to achieve clarity. I want to know what the hell I want, and why I want it, and how I want it. Hell, I want to just want something. I want to find a path. I need to find my path. This is so important to me because this lack of knowing where my life is going is really getting old fast. And I miss the comfort of my high school days, of knowing what I had to do to get to a good college--or not even to that, to just have fun in a class and do well and go on to the next thing, the next year, the next level. Now, I'm floundering, and I'm trying out careers like Kim Kardashian tries on clothes. Or Katy Perry. Or whoever it is that tries on a shit ton of clothes and is happy with none of them. Oh wait, maybe that's just me and careers. Ha. I just want some peace of mind that's all. Is that too much to ask?

BE DONE WITH NAUTILUS AND THE SHIVERING DEEPS. I love both projects, but Nautilus has been in progress for almost four years and Shivering Deeps is like a year overdue. I want to do a good job on both, but i'm also ready for new challenges, you know? The backlog of projects I want to make just keeps getting longer...

This time next year, I want to have completed writing a novel and/or play. It matters to me that I am able to see a project through from inception to completion. I also want to finally feel like I "showed up" for myself by owning and investing in the writing talent I've been given. I want to overcome fear with discipline and good habits.

Boy, given all the uncertainty in my life right now, I really have no idea what to say here. I do know that I no longer want to spent 2.5 hours in the car on my daily commute.