When September 2017 rolls around and you receive your answers to your 10Q questions, how do you think you'll feel? What do you think/hope might be different about your life and where you're at as a result of thinking about and answering these questions?

A year from now, I may have gotten exactly the changes I think that I want and be discontent, restless, worried or bored.

I will hope I have been able to change evolve and get better.

I hope I will feel that I have grown professionally and personally, and that I am the mother of a Bar Mitzvah. (B"H)

I realize we read the same texts and the liturgy stays the same. It is the change in me and it's always interesting to see how I've changed.

I think I'll feel like I'm still trying... I think I will feel similarly about my life in general, but the specifics will be different.

Just about everything will be different I assume. Still a bit scared as Ibwrite this but, hey, what doesn't kill me makes me stronger.

I just hope that these questions will hold me accountable and will be a reminder throughout the year of what I really want. To be happy, to work for people I admire, to approach the world with more love, to work hard, and to find myself in a loving relationship. It's asking a LOT, but stranger things have happened. If I open these next year and I'm still this unhappy, I'm going to really have to look at myself.

I hope I'm not as sad and that I'm more centered and grounded in life

My biggest worry is that I will read frustrations that I still carry and hopes which I still haven't achieved. The older you get, the faster a year can pass, and not moving can feel like an easier option.

Difficult to say. I hope that I will have more clarity about how to move forward in my career and understand better what the next phase of my personal creative development is. Right now everything is muddy and unclear and directionless. I thought 2016 would be a great year of taking huge leaps forward in terms of freelance and design but moving to Rwanda seems to have sapped my motivation and closed off some doors somehow. Maybe by this time next year I'll have found a way to reopen them.

I think I'm always a little nervous that nothing will have changed and therefore I'll have made no progress. The very idea of progress is interesting in its own right. What does that even mean? I hope next year that I am more compassionate to myself and trust myself more. I hope that I'm having healthier relationships with my family. I hope that my back will have improved. I hope I won't judge myself negatively against these questions.

Glad that everything was resolved favorably and I hope that my life will be calmer, happier and simpler.

I hope to finally be in a positive space with my home and my self sorted out several years after a break up. It has been a long slow process but I am really feeling that I am nearly there or even there! Certainly before the end of next year.

This year I am confronting the fear of failure for sure. Next year I was to see if I was able to do it with equanimity!

I wonder if i will feel any differntly from what i am feeling now. To be honest, i am somewhat detached. Perhaps a little numb. I have been this way for a while. So, maybe i hope, that this time next year i will have revived - that i will FEEL life again. I pray it won't be a painful experience, but rather a positive, contented feeling. It has been hard to answer some of these questions because of where i am at at the present time.

Next September, I think I will be glad to see these questions again. This hasn't been my answer for a few years, as I tended to have difficult life events happen just as the questions started. However, the September/October events didn't happen last year, or this. In a year, my family will continue to grow emotionally and spiritually. My daughter will be taller, my husband will have new health diagnoses, and I will be stronger. It will be a good year.

What I hope is that I will remember the good things- that people can work through their problems, that good health can come about, that we are all interconnected in a mysterious way. We can all help each other, sometimes in ways we don't or can't understand.

I was greatly saddened to the point of tears reading the answer to this question from 2016. I asked God to let me find love. I didn't find it. I feel just as insecure, ignored and unappreciated as ever. I hope that in the coming year I find a way of overcoming this. It will not be a matter of finding someone to love and to love me. It will be a matter of trying to increase my personal resilience although right now, as I'm only human, I don't see how I will do this. I hope that when I read these next year, things will have changed for the better.

I think and hope I will have done more to get ut of my comfort zone and make / keep relationships. If so I will be happy to read the awnswers back

i hope that my horrible year of bullying by Micki Smith Palmer and Lynn Stieber will be behind me. I hope that I will begin to trust people that I had thought of as my friends again. I hope that I will purge some people and stop assuming that I can trust them. I hope that this betrayal will be a small memory of a year that began horribly but ended well. I hope that I have found some new people to get to know, learned some new things, and moved on. I truly do hope that I can move on and learn to trust again.

I am hoping I'll feel better about myself- hoping to have graduated with my DNP. Will be happy I didn't crash and burn as a result of my brother's illness and family dynamic. Will hope I can be grateful for everything I have.

I think I'll feel surprised. Or not. Maybe I'll remember. I hope that I'm confident about where I am. There's no real hoping that I am in any particular place. I really, really, really just want myself to know that it is okay where I am. Sure, I have hopes. I think that if I had this, or if I didn't have that, I would be truly happy. But would I? True happiness is being where you are in the moment and really feeling it. Not wishing your happiness away. And it's even okay not to be happy all the time. Just be yourself. Have a meaningful month! xoxo

By this time next year I hope to be ACTING instead of merely reacting in life. The past five years have been all about change and loss.....letting go of baggage, of behaviors that no longer serve me, mourning the life and marriage I finally left, and releasing the life I thought was waiting for me. A chapter- more than one - has come to an end. Now is the time to be clear, so that what needs to manifest next can do so. This opportunity to do some soul searching and reflection will help me, I hope, to be open to whatever needs to unfold in my life.

These questions help me realize, as my mother would say, what a rich woman I am ( in love and loved ones). I hope I'll feel the same next year, too.

I think I will be surprised at much has changed in my life and how much has remained the same...

I think i will be really amused by my excitement and general fervor for grad school/counseling etc. I will definitely note my lack of "written" interest in boys (but LOL I think 2017 Lesley will remember 2016 Lesley's thirst). Overall I think I'll be proud of my answers and happy that about the direction that I went in 2016. I pray to flying spaghetti jesus monster that I have, in some way, opened up to a boy in 2017. I want to hate them less. I also want to have good sex with them more. I hope answering these questions helps me keep my career goals and moments of growth in mind as I get older. I want to live life with less fear so I hope, looking back on this, I can laugh a bit at the things that stressed me out or seemed like a big deal.

I will feel anxious about my future because I will have finished my time at the university as a student. I will feel comforted by my answers from this year. So far it has helped me to think more positive about my life!

Each year, when these questions arrive and I look at previous answers I notice the similarities, but also the subtle and not-so-subtle changes. I realize that as time goes by and I feel "stuck" that I am making progress. I hope that I can continue to always feel that I am making progress, however subtle it may be.

I think I'll feel proud, to have achieved my goals, to be growing and expanding and creating. To greet my answers like a would an old friend, with gentle love, understanding and warmth :)

I hope I'll be a little bit more relaxed, settled, confident in all parts of my life. But that's a goal for 2017 and 2037 : )

I'm the only one in my family that has continued to do this year after year. I'm proud of that! Each year I feel good to have some window into how I am becoming. This year REMEMBER.to print it out since it isn't saved anywhere!

I know I will feel some sadness at the losses that I have experience this year. But I hope to feel like I have forward momentum. That I will have given more time to art and the outdoors. Forged new routines. Remembering just to start.

Well I fear for state of this country. I fear for the amount of hatred and intolerance that I see. I'm not sure what this coming election will bring. I'm not a big fan of Mrs. Clinton but I fear what will happen to this country if Trump is elected much more. On a smaller scale, I hope I am smaller on the scale. I hope to continue my cycling, improving my stamina and at the same time find ways to spend time more time doing things with my husband.

I'm hoping much of my life will be the same. I'll be at an age where leaving HMC is in sight. I want to leave to do my own thing full time. I'm hoping the Fit in 5 program is rolling along robustly and it provides me with a choice about leaving HMC. I am struggling with the issue of getting older vis a ve productivity. I'm still feeling like I haven't done my best work and hope that two of the other projects to help others are moving forward. I really like my life as it is. I could have lost life as I know it this year with a stroke. My gratitude is huge that I did not. My friend Jay was not so lucky and his death makes my own mortality very real. It is perhaps weird to hope for sameness. Right now is pretty good.

I think I will feel accomplished. I'm hoping I'll be able to afford a better apartment and I'll have a serious boyfriend not because I need one but because I want one. Someone who truly cares because what I have right now isn't working. I want to find the courage to end things. It's not even that I'm afraid of hurting him, I'm just afraid to be without him. Hopefully, these questions will bring my personal truthfulness through.

I will always celebrate only year 1. This is the only and one number I can accept in my Life. One means onness, one life, one god, one Universe and beyond. I sincerely believe that this number will stay with me and all of us who are willing to put all hearts together in one. Hearth is one beat and one soul one mind. This is not a religion, this is Moter Nature talking. I will always love, cherish and embrace all living creatures and strive to end all slavory. Laws of nature are fascinating. It is therefore true that a butterfly wings move can cause a Huricane in the Caribbic.

I think I'll feel accomplished - having to write down these goals and thoughts really cements them and I hope I'll be able to look back and reflect positively and gleefully in how far I've come in a year.

I am hoping that some of my "tasks" will have been completed and that i will feel that I have achieved a number of personal goals. I am not sure my life will be that different having answered the questions but it does create a focuss and pressure that is needed.

I think I'll feel reflective. And amazed at where the year has gone. Hopefully I will have moved toward a few goals like buying a house and working through some of my issues further. Hopefully Donald Trump is not President. Maybe things will be different with Lynn and I or maybe I'll read this be like 'oh remember when I thought he was so great and that I might want to be with him? Thank God I met xxx because I'm so happy now'. There are things about my life that I don't want to change. I'd like to be in the same job, with the same people, have the same friends, be financially stable. For the most part, I can't see that changing enormously. But you just never know. Most of the finer points of my life run smoothly. I like the no drama, calm rhythm to my life. I want that to stay the same. With a few emotional highs and lows thrown in to keep me on my toes.

I hope I can still feel the pride I feel about what I have achieved this past year; that I continue to grow and push myself to learn, love and accept myself as worthy; that I love my family in ways that are intense but not overwhelming; that I contribute to the world; that HILLARY CLINTON WINS.

I hope that I will have created the habits that will allow me to reach my goals and set me on the path to future successes.

I think I will be proud (hopefully) of progress I will have made from now until then. 2016 has been a rough year and I am hoping to turn things around for myself. I am hoping to find myself in a better place financially and career wise. I am also to have come to a place where I finally love myself--I have put the needs of others above and beyond my own.

I hope things will mend between me and Kimberly. Last year I never expected Michelle would move to New Jersey. Life happens when you're busy making other plans. I really hope I'll look back at the struggles I've been having with my business and say I've managed to overcome them and add 10 - 15 so I can breath a bit easier. I'm feeling optimistic and very positive about 5777 overall. I think going back to some of what I used to do, Lions, Jewish Services, PR (not politics!) so that I"m not 100% focused only on N2 is going to be much better for my own sanity!! Here's to a great 5777!

I am confident that the parts of my health that I have some control over--Weight, level of exercise, BP, Cholesterol will be much better. I have made significant improvements over the past year and I am on a roll...Eating healthy, exercising, etc..

I hope that I will have made a decision for a healthier life leading to being 50 years old. I pray that I have peace of mind, heart and soul and have an authentic voice in my daily life interactions. I am enough. I am a beautiful gift of G-d. I pray that I remember who I am in my soul.

I hope that my house will be decluttered completely, open and clear. I hope I feel less stress and less pain. I hope I will be able to be in the Light more frequently and for longer periods.

That 5777 leaves me searching for things to actually worry about. I actually had a hard time answering the questions this year because 5776 was really awesome.

I will hope that I have become a more knowledgeable and wiser person. Living a healthier life both physically and mentally.

I think I'll feel surprised at how quickly time passes. I hope I will have found more of a balance in my life as well as a way to be more patient, genuine and present in each situation, regardless of my feelings/thoughts. I've got a lot of changes to make and a lot of growing to do, but I think I'm up to it.

I think I'll feel excited to find out and see what I thought about

I hope I'll smile because I've progressed toward my goals and have done what I wish I'd done this year. I'm sure I'll smile, perhaps weepingly, at some of these answers.

I am less selfish I hope I have more friends and I work harder in school I wanna be more active and I wanna Help around the house more and become a better person and I wanna be better in Ivrit I wanna be a better dog owner and be a better older sister and be a better role model for younger kids and I wanna help more with younger kids I wanna be a babysitter and also help my mom and dad around the house with the mess and I wanna get on a swim team and compete in races in win I hope my dreams come true see you soon from, past you

I hope things will be different, and I will have mastered some of my 'answers." I hope I will do some more important things with my life, or what is left of it. I hope I will be more tolerant of those I love most.

I won't feel any different. Or maybe happy.

what i want to be different about my life is that I will move to a bigger home, so i can have more privacy. right now i am living with 3 brothers my stepdad and my mom. we are very crammed in our house. I wish we could move soon.

I think it will be revealing given all the time that has passed and all the experiencias I have been through. All the internal growth I have had in that time can make a lot of difference.

I am not sure how I will feel, because so much has changed over the course of the last year-- if as much changes this year (and it should change more given my pregnancy), life will be very different. That said, I hope that I am still as engaged in challenging myself and thinking critically about the world around me. I can't say much more. I guess, I will just have to wait and see what 5778 brings!

I will be done with my school program and hopefully will be able to live with more intent and focus on my family. And time. I want to commit my time to myself first and my family second. That might sound selfish, but what I HAVE learned the last year is that if I don't take care of me, I don't have a prayer of taking care of them. So, my hope is for better management of those things.

I worry that change is difficult and that things don't change unless you act on them. If I have effected change in my life and others around me, life will be less stressful and even happier. I am blessed now with so much nachas, I don't want to be greedy to enhance my life even more.

Right now the weirdest election imaginable is under way, and I am shocked that our country is in this type of shape. Also I have hired a tree guy to do work on my trees and other shrubbery in my yard who seems to be on drugs, currently not showing up on a dependable basis, is belligerent when he does, and I paid him in full at the end of his first work day. I did so thinking that because I had changed the date 2 times he might need the cash to pay people to help him. I used poor, very poor judgement in doing so. I'm over-booked job-wise because of the nature of teaching part time and not knowing if classes are going to make or not, last minute. I can and will use these experiences and many other things to reflect on what I can make happen, and work to not be discouraged or overwhelmed. I was deeply moved by the answers I had to the questions from last year, and I look forward to a similar experience next year.

I think it will be fun to reflect on where I was. I hope I'll have accomplished some of the goals, and I can be proud of that. Perhaps I won't have, and maybe I'll have reasons for that. I think answering these questions has really helped me put my desires into perspective. I hope that I take some of the thoughts I wrote in here and develop them further throughout the year. I'm in a much better place this year then I was last year. I've grown a lot as a person and as an adult. I hope next year I'll be in an even better place. I'm learning more about myself all the time. My idea of whats important is changing as I grow, and I suppose I'm just trying to keep up. But I'm enjoying getting to know myself. Life is a lot like getting lost and getting found over and over again. I put a lot of pressure on myself to know what to do with my life. And I gotta say, I don't have a clue what to do with it but I really enjoy it all the same.

To be in better shape--that is to be moving through the world physically with more grace and power. To have my shit together, to just be keeping up better. To be avoiding the lows, and even the highs. That is, to be moving through the world and time, emotionally, with more grace and power. Will a little self reflection aid that? Maybe. it's ten days of writing a short paragraph. Couldn't hurt.

I hope opening this up next year brings the same as this year: a few surprises, a few interesting thoughts, but few big changes, because I am content with my life and I just want to be more grateful about that.

Hopefully i'll be buzzing after becoming a fully fledged Jew, getting a girlfriend and a job. But who knows... Only G-d. I'm unsure whether i'll even get another year yet (hopefully G-d will see my good, and forgive the bad tonight and tomorrow)

i will feel like a new person

I think I wont give a shit, I hope my life will be better, ohh well who gives AS ALSO, ARE YOU A FUCKING YOUTUBE STAR YET? ALSO, DID YOU GET INTO NORTHSIDE? OR PAYTON? OR< OR...........................

I hope I can say I'm still doing the things I am proud of, and that I've made progress to move past the regrets and fears. I hope I'll have done something new or reached something I've been trying to reach for a long time, and I hope I have more inner peace than I have today.

In twelve months when my 10Q questions are returned, I have a feeling that I will believe I worried over nothing. A lot of these answers dealt with stress, being busy, and being nervous over college admissions. Wherever I am accepted to I am sure that I will be enjoying my time there, and will therefore disregard my answers as just being at best, the legitimate worry, or at worst, the angst, of a high school senior applying to college. Once I arrive on the campus I will feel some sense of freedom that is impossible to feel in a traditional high school classroom, and will be relieved that it is finally over come 52 weeks from now. Remaining in the present, though, I feel as though my concerns are warranted and my choices accurate, regardless of how stress-free my not-so-distant future self is. When my questions are released, I will ignore them and probably never look at them again. Who would want to be reminded of a time of stress, the college admission process? I doubt I, nor anyone else writing this during their senior year, will want to be reminded of this. While I am looking, and writing them, however, it has been an amazing experience to reflect on how I’ve been living my life. I feel as though I received more insight while writing them then I will in 365 days, the company behind the 10Q could delete every single one of these immediately tonight, but the experience remains the same. In the hearty list of election, cynicism, college applications, stress, my family, a boat, standardized testing, or entrepreneurial activities, a majority of them and their related qualities will be forgotten by next year. The election will be over. The cynicism that comes with this stressful time will be over. College applications will be deleted from my laptop. Stress in my president context will be nonexistent. My family’s divisiveness will not be as much of a concern, not living at home. The boat, however, will also be gone. Standardized testing agencies will never receive another dollar from my family. College will be a fun time.

I will most likely feel a bit nostalgic for my life in Los Angeles. I will probably have a new routine down in Las Cruces, hopefully employed with Texas Tech and building a relationship with the in laws. I think I will shape my life according to how I answered these questions. Go back to school. Write the book. Etc.

Next year, when I open my archives...I hope the simple step of writing it down, makes whatever happen, happen.

Wow when I get my 10Q next year I'll still be a new bride. Going into a new life with my love. Applying for Masters degrees and working towards my future. Talking about kids in just 3 years. Im not sure what will be the one thing I focus on. It's going to be a year of changes, of new things, of different statuses. I'll be looking forward and probably back to this year of preparation and wondering how I came so far. Maybe I'll want more. Maybe I'll have accomplished goals I never knew I could have. Maybe I'll be dealing with failure in some of them. Not really sure how I'll feel other than elated and excited.

I think that I will be relieved that the tough year of 2016 was over, and hope to be in a space where I can look back on all of that and think about how much I learned. I hope that I look back and appreciate the decisions that I made and that it wasn't a lost year.

I hope I exemplify mindfulness as well as I do currently. I hope I am able to stay focused and exceed the hopes I have for my son and myself. I think I will most assuredly be in a better place financially, and hopefully some much-needed legal resolutions will have come to fruition. With any luck, I will feel a great sense of relief as I am settling into my "new" life.


I'm really hoping that depression & suicidal ideation will be a distant memory for me. It's so incredibly difficult to deal with & I apparently only have a moderate case of depression, so I cannot imagine what it would be like to have it any worse. The thing is, a lot of people around me do have it worse. The best part about getting better so far is that I've been able to take care of my friends & family better who are experiencing something similar. I guess I'm hoping I'm back to my best by this time next year, & that includes being supportive for the people around me.

By September 2017 I will know if I am about to embark on a Ph.D. By September 2017 I will have visited Israel for the first time. I think I will be surprised by my goals and what preoccupied me in autumn 2016, as life has a way of shifting one's priorities. I hope that the act of focusing on my life and what I want to changed about it via these questions will have led to me figuring out what I want a little (or a lot) more precisely.

I hope to find a new job because it will change my entire life. I really hope that I get the position at UTA because I feel like I would fit in there.

I hope that these questions will help me find a good balance in my life. When I read my answers, I hope that I won't be too disappointed if I find myself still seeking that balance, and be able to forgive myself for not being perfect.

I hope I am doing better than right now. I hope to be over all those worries I have now.

I hope I'm smarter and more comfortable in my own skin. I hope I have not made the same mistakes and am in a good place in all of my relationships. I've never been much of a goal setter but I love the idea of looking back and forward to really evaluate my first year of retirement! Here is to a great next year😊🙏

My life is going to be so different at this time next year. I have no doubt about that. There is no way it can be the same. So I guess I hope that when I read these words, they will be a time capsule. I will be in a new stage of becoming who I am becoming and I hope I will be able to look back on this stage with fondness and thoughtfulness and to be able to mark, by way of my answers, my progress towards my goals. I know my life will have changed in terms of job. It may also be changing in terms of our family's size, God willing. I hope that I will look back on these answers and be able to note with gratitude the plethora of blessings between today and that day.

I so hope that we feel a little more settled and secure in married life, and that we have some more idea of the directions that we want to go in in various ways, but also with all of the warmth, comfort and love that we now have, that feels so perfect.

I would be thrilled to see that my life had deepened beyond my expectations. I hope to feel stronger and healthier, excited about my husband's new lifestyle with spillover enjoyment for both of us. I'd love to find that my children's lives were closer to their respective life paths. I hope to have perspective if things are very similar for all of us, as that isn't really a terrible place to be.

Well, if this year is any indication, I forgot everything, including that I only answered one question last year. I have a life that isn't likely to change except for the worse: loved ones get sick or sicker, I get sick or sicker, bad things happen in the world...but I believe that being mindful and honest with myself I am better prepared to deal with whatever happens. As long as I keep my sense of humor and don't take life too seriously. As Rabbi Remi Shapiro says: it's only temporary!

I expect to have become very settled into retirement and doing different activities and make good choices of how to use my time. I expect to be at my goal for weight, health and exercise. I want to be continuing to learn and grow but just for my own pleasure. I want to be reading more and watching movies again.

I hope my life is largely the same. I would like to have a few adventures between now and next year, perhaps a grand adventure even. I expect I'll continue to be employed at my current employer, which is good. I hope to be more influential a year from now, as I grow more comfortable in the level of my position. I hope I'm happy and my family is happy. I hope the world is a bit more calm, and the anger in the country is lessened.

I hope that I'll be in a happier place career-wise and romantically. I feel like I'm already making strides, learning as I go and finding forgiveness. However, this is a challenge, and I'm going to take it one day at a time. That's all I can do.

I hope that the feeling will be satisfaction. I hope that I am able to move forward with confidence this year, and be content that I did what I said I intended to do. But the things I wrote could be a bit grandiose, and I may need to temper my expectations. I would like to believe that it isn't too far out of reach, and that I can be in a better situation by next September. I feel much more optimistic today than I did last year, so there is more positive energy pushing this agenda. Overall, it has been a great experience to stop once each day to answer these questions.

I hope I'm more at ease with my life, and will have made decisions that support my retirement--less pressure, more enjoyment. I hope my sister, Melody is in a place of peace, whatever that means for her, and that her struggle is at a minimum. I hope my husband is more pain free than ever, and living a more comfortable life.

I think I'll be surprised by how depressed and hopeless I've felt this last year. I hope that these feeling will be so distant as to almost be unbelievable. I believe that having reflected honestly on these questions, I've jogged something loose, though I don't yet quite know what.

I'm hoping that we will have a good president, at this point. It's very tumultuous right now.

I will feel like shit, like every September. I hope someone gets angry at me and shows tough love so that I can be scared straight. Maybe weigh under 200 lbs and call it a day. I will no longer mourn each day, just one day a year: every October 8.

I will hope that my dad is still healthy, that I have done well in creating a healthy living lifestyle. I will have found ways to travel and not deplete my trust/stocks. I will have improved my cooking skills and knowledge of cooking greatly.

I hope that I'll have made some progress in a few areas. But, I hope I'll have self-compassion, and be patient with myself if I haven't achieved all the goals I laid out.

I think that I will be more consistently happy and secure. I hope I will still be as healthy as I am now. I hope that I will know a lot more about my heritage than I do now. I hope that Peter and I are enjoying a pleasant and active retirement together. I hope that our children will know and accept each other and us.

Hope I have the courage to move forward in my love life and at least take steps in my new career. And more importantly let myself off the hook, start to enjoy life more, stop worrying as much, feel better about myself as I am, continue to have a sense of humor about myself and life because that within me and I can bring it out, that playfulness -- its just a matter of perspective most of the time and not letting my shadow for lack of a better word get to me. I can contribute and its really just a matter of understanding that I deserve to be happy, which has been a foreign concept in many regards. If it pops up and Im sure it will, Im working on developing a thicker skin. Its better for everyone. Its really a matter of growing up.

I don't know. I'm hoping I am in a place that I can look back at this time and think "thank God that's over" rather than "same shit, different year."

I think I will feel a sense of nostalgia. Reminding me where I came from this past year and everything I have overcome.

I hope I will have listened better and tackled the challenges right before me when they have arisen.

I got a laugh out of the fact that none of my predictions for 2016 were correct but amazed that so many of the things I talked about rang true. I feel like I've done a lot of deep work below the surface next year. I hope that this next year is all about manifesting the fruits of that deep work in the world.

I hope I'm better off financially. I hope I'm meditating on a regular basis. I hope I'm still following Weight Watchers. I hope I have a fun, exciting new job. I hope I'm just more me...more of who I know I am supposed to be. I hope I'm looking back on my leave from Nielsen as the best thing to ever happen to me. I hope I'm taking risks in my life. I hope I'm being me.

I hope I feel the way I have felt the past two years when 10Q sends me my answers from the previous years. I hope to see some progress toward my goals. As far as what will be different about my life, I look forward to shedding the nastiness of the 2016 election season. I hope that my ongoing commitment to Centering Prayer will increase my inner peace and inculcate joy in helping others.

I think I'll feel better looking at the answers than in previous years. My comments have been more positive and 2016 has been a better year than 2015. I think my life and my family will be very different by this time next year in a positive way. I look forward to seeing the optimism I had anticipating foster care and our life changes.

By September 2017, I hope to be the mother of two healthy children and settling back into work from my maternity leave. We are expecting our second child in April 2017 which will provide new and exciting challenges for our family. I'm hoping to continue to improve communication with my husband and maybe even learn to be more of a domestic goddess too.

I think I will be surprised I answered all of them....I believe I did.....And this is the first year that I have every done so. I also think that I really put thought into it too. I am hoping this will be a good year. I am always looking for some personal growth and I hope this year will be no different. And that I will be in a good spot and be happy. At my age, there is a certain amount of balance. I am not looking for great changes, to be sure. Some status quo is actually a good thing. I hope for wonderful things for my kids and hope that I will be happy a year from now.

-I think I'll be in a different place in Sept 2017 than I was in Oct 2016 and I'll recognize that by my answers. I hope I'll feel satisfied by some life changes I've made over the past year. I hope I'll feel happy + loved. -I hope I'll be inspired + energized by the work I'm doing!

I hope I'll feel proud of the ways I've grown during 5777. I don't know what will be different about my life, but I'm excited to find out!

Well I should be married at this time next year! In theory, finances will hopefully be less stressful, because we won't have to worry about paying for a wedding. I think this time next year I will feel a bit more serious about my answers than previous years (I have tended to scoff at the answers I've written, but this year I've really put thought into them). I also really hope Amber and I are both in a place where we feel we have control over our lives and that we're both enjoying what we're doing - whatever it may be.

Oh, I expect I'll feel like I haven't progressed very far. But I do hope I will have progressed a bit. I also hope to be all those things I'd like to be: more organized, fewer material goods, closer to retirement or at least to know what I'll do next.

I hope all that I have said will be fulfilled. I hope things that I said will get better. I wish that my answers to next years questions will be much different than the ones of this year and they wont repeat in the negative way, only the positive way that I wrote.

I think I'll be happy and proud. It will be almost a year into my first year of marriage and I'm excited for the road ahead to walk the path of life with my partner, my love, and to continue on our healthy life journey.

If things have gotten better, I will be relieved. If things have become worse, I will be disappointed. I hope by my 29th birthday that I will be independent, living on my on, earning a lot of money, losing weight, and content.

Each year I have participated in this, when the answers magically re-appear in my email I am amazed at how the core values of who I am stay the same, but also how it seems as though I have grow SO much since answering those questions a year ago, yet it has only been a year and I do not feel that much older. Its like reading an old diary from childhood that is actually only a year old. I hope that I have gotten my butt in gear and done the things to improve myself and my families lives that I want to accomplish in the next year. It is nice to see things change and yet stay the same at face value.

I participate in introspection almost every day through journalling. So the idea of coming back to something I wrote a year ago and reflecting on it is not so foreign to me. I think to some extent I will be unsurprised to read these answers. These are the kinds of thoughts, issues, habits, etc, that I have been dealing with for a long time. Moreover, it is not my intention to let resolutions languish in a vault without actively working on them. I have articulated them in other forums as well, not just here. I don't think I will forget to keep working on them. I might be surprised to see some of the specifics, and to hear my voice coming from a medium I don't typically use. But I imagine it will sound like me. I hope that when I read these, I will feel like I have grown more between 10/2016 and 9/2017 than I could have POSSIBLY imagined. My greatest fear is that I will have stagnated now that I'm going into my second year in Chicago. I hope I will have kept the ante upped. I hope I will have pushed and challenged myself and ultimately become an entirely different person than I used to be, a better person.

I don't expect that addressing these questions - or looking at them a year from now - will be particularly life-changing. It is good to jog one's brain with the questions and can be interesting to check a year later, though - otherwise we can tend to go day to day with no specific time markers (aside from New Year's resolutions) as to when we felt what and if we decided to take a particular action. An interesting exercise.

I think I will feel nostalgic in the sense that time passes by too quickly. (It's 365 days away and I can already feel it approaching like a wave in the distance). I hope to be in a place of contentment/happiness, in my career, in my relationships. I hope to look back on where I am today and see a progression that makes me smile; a reminder of growth.

I hope I have a better sense of my life/day to day purpose. My Vista will be almost complete and I will have been in wheeling for a full year. I hope I feel reassured that these times of discomfort are also times of growth. I crave creativity, stability, and fulfillment.

Oh, nothing will be different about how I feel. I hope I can laugh at the introspection that was wrong. I hope that I'm as impassioned and powerful feeling as I am right now. But I don't think that's anything to do with these questions. (No, of course not....*eyeroll*)

I think I'll feel good. I was so down last year, really hopeless and flat. I was surprised this year to see that it wasn't just at the end of the year (that is, send of 2015) that I felt, this, but all throughout. I'm on a better path now, and I was happy to have this laid out for me so clearly. At the same time, I know that my situation--living, romantic, economic--is still a little precarious at times, and I think next year I'll have a better sense of things. I hope that we'll be living in calmer and more peaceful times. Bimheirah biyameinu.

Well, I hope I feel great. I hope I'm doing work that is satisfying and fiscally rewarding. I hope the only things that have changed are those that need to change for the better. I don't think answering these questions amounts to a hill of beans, and it is nice for reflection. I always see my patterns. Struggle, struggle, slight glimmer of hope, doom, and repeat. C'eis La Vie. Be nice if I had lower dentures by then, but I'm not holding my breath. Seriously, this has been a pretty yucky year that I have managed to get through with almost flying colors simply due to my ability to remain present, calm and ever grateful. Let the doors close. L'shana Tovah, future self.

I hope I will laugh and feel gratitude and joy. :)

Heh, I'll probably be very interested in them, which is why I'm going to try to go back and answer a few. It's hard to do so, sometimes. I don't like ruminating on the negative, or on things I'm frustrated about, but you have to just buckle down and do it!

I think in September 2017, I'll feel proud, humble, and grateful. I'm pretty sure I'll be surprised by how much time flew. I just hope that I'm enjoying life more and loving more.

I think I'll feel ok. I am not feeling very reflective at the minute but hopefully next year I'll be better. I hope I acheive some of my goals, in being more financially stable, have a job a like, have more plans for the future etc.

I'm hoping I will feel more settled in at work, feeling like I am dialed into my teaching, curriculum, how I want to be authentic with students and also in control. I'd like to feel settled into the divorce and paying my ex-wife her monthly payment with neither bitterness nor a need to be thanked or approved for it. I'd like to think I'll still be in San Francisco. I feel like I'm coming through a storm that is almost over.

I think I will feel surprised. I probably won't remember most of what I've written. There will be some things that are the same and others that turned out completely differently than I had hoped or expected.

I hope I will continue to feel happy with the choice I've made to start my own business, and clearer about how I am merging my deeply spiritual life with my financial skills, in order to help others.

I think I'll be embarrassed at how seemingly angry or frustrated I am with work. The truth is, this year has mostly been Fine, not amazing, not bad, and after so many rough years in terms of employment, I'm glad that I at least have a boring job with good coworkers. I haven't been all that preoccupied with work, either. At home, I've been forcing myself to be creative and sketch, drape, and sew in my free time. It's nice to finally not have to scramble for money or employment. My hope is that next year, I will give more of my free time to volunteering or continuing ed, have my relationship be stronger than ever (and hopefully be engaged)!

I hope I feel accomplished. I hope I feel like I have grown. I hope I feel like I have had some successes. I hope I am less stressful than I am at this moment.

As always I think I'll feel nostalgic reading about all of the experiences we had in 2015/1016, but hopefully will feel content about where are life is then. I hope that I'll be healthier, that our kids will continue to be average, not the best and not the worst. I've come to realize that average is a good thing after all.

I hope that I've been able to see more places, been able to save more money and am happy.

I think I'll feel happy and a bit nostalgic as I think about myself on October 11th 2016 and the hope and fear I felt as I made my goals and set out to accomplish them. I think I'll feel proud of the progress I made and I'll find the places where I was off amusing. :) I hope I will have developed my discipline so that I have greater confidence that I will come through for myself. I hope I will have evolved my fear so I'm not as fearful when I approach each project. I hope I will be more present & aware each moment so that I'm living in the moment and not in my mind. I hope to have greater appreciation for my value as a human here on earth not determined by what I have or haven't accomplished. I hope that Souled out will be complete, that I have paid off my debt to my father and that I am doing well financially from online marketing. As a result of asking these questions??? I hope to be more aware of what's important to me and see the changes that result from focusing on them because of being more aware of them. To future me... I hope you crushed it, came through for yourself this last year, and empathized with yourself when you failed. You are alive and you are beautiful :)

I expect to keep growing spiritually, exponentially -- so I'll feel nostalgic about where I was at this time a year ago. I always look forward to these questions every year, btw. I hope to have grown tremendously, and have finally learned to calm down, slow down and enjoy life more fully.

I think this question is fishing for compliments. Honestly, I want to be intentional about growing but not obsessed with it to a point where I become critical and hard on myself. I'm in a setting that lets me be my true self comfortably and I think some of the things I need to work on will come through.

Flash forward to September 2017. I will be feeling real good about myself. I will be making the most of every day. My hand surgeries will have been amazingly successful. I will have appeared on JEOPARDY! and amassed quite a winning streak. I will have completed another year in a job I love. Our equity loan will be paid off and my wife and I will be planning a major vacation and some needed home improvements.

I think I will find my answers shallow. I do hope I have found some way to volunteer and use my time to a greater purpose.

I'll probably remember a few of my answers and wonder if I've done everything I could to make them come to fruition. If not, I'd think about what changed or stopped me from getting there. I hope I will have dealt a little bit with my anxiety and won't feel as anxious as I do about the prospect of reviewing my answers from last year.

I hope I'm feeling much, much better physically.

Happy. I am determined to make the transition.

My hopes for September 2017 are high. In the coming year I'd like to receive my bar certification from the California State Bar, fulfill my conversion to Judaism, meet a partner to share my life with, pay off my credit card debt and save up enough for a down payment on a piece of land. This process has given me an opportunity to make those dreams a reality by forcing me to examine what I need to focus on in the coming year. Moving more, worrying less, paying my bills, volunteering to help others, dedicating myself to God, and being more patient with my family are all actions that will lead me into the path of completing my long-term goals. I feel more complete and less overwhelmed as a result of this process, and I'm hoping that this will be carried with me into the coming year.

So far, each year I feel accomplished and proud when I reflect on my past answers. I've been able to keep on track with my goals and hold my beliefs close. Some things have changed from how I felt in the past but not in a negative way. I think I'll be stoked

I think I will be anxious excited afraid I hope that I will be more serene more grounded and happier more grateful more spiritual and more confident in God and self and feel more loving forgiving and loved .

I am certainly gonna feel fulfilled because I am optimistic that I am hoing to meet up all the targeted goals. I know my life will be different in positive angle especially when it comes to some emotions that I bottled up within me that weights me down a times and also fears that tend to assault me and deter me from achieving a perfect life I seek since I have exposed them via this answer medium and also had a deep reflection that accompany answering the questions. I totally certain I will be fine and better.

I hope that I'll feel that I've made progress. But more importantly, I hope that I'll be gentle with myself. I don't want to have excuses over why I couldn't work on myself, but I hope by then there are new challenges and new experiences that are shaping me. I hope that I'll be more empowered and have more control of my life. This reflection is so freaken powerful in thinking about stuff that I don't want to think about all the time. But I hope that this reflection will push me on a path to improve because I deserve that. I hope I will feel proud of myself for reflecting so deeply and writing about things I rarely acknowledge. I hope I'll feel proud of myself for the improvements and efforts I'll make this year towards bettering myself.

I expect I will think I was an annoying cunt.

These answer are very pressing in my life right now. I hope they stay on my mind throughout the year. I hope they are issues I work with and on for this next chapter of my life. Mostly I hope by this time next year I am not in an anxiety-ridden haze being unproductive.

I am hopeful that I will look back and realize that I have grown in the past year. In September 2015, I never would have imagined what things would be like in 2016. I have done a lot. I hope that over this year I grow personally and make efforts to be a better person, friend, mom, etc.

I really NEED my life to have drastically changed by September 2017. If I come 'round to the following year without coming close to living my best life (cliché I know) I'll be deeply disappointed. I don't know if I can make it another year as-is. It's really time that I stepped up and fight depression, C-PTSD, anxiety; my weight; the fear of success/failure; and so much more with even more conviction than I have in the past. I want to be happy.

These questions and my answers put me to shame--because I often don't reach the goals that I have set for myself. But they also provide a wonderful window into my mindset in the year past, and reveal--at times--that a lot can change from one fall to the next. Some of that change is out of my hands, and I'd like to be able to come to terms with that, while also taking ownership of those things that I do have the power to change. Love these questions--they provoke thought and sometimes insight and are a gift.

It's funny, after reading my answers from last year I was somewhat amused (not too much, though) by how similar I felt then to how I feel now. Work was paramount - finding work, finding meaning through work, financial stability, etc., was at the top of my list. Anger, too, was there, and feeling screwed by my last employer was coming through loud and clear. While the anger has worn off (finally) by next year I really hope I've landed in a more permanent, purposeful place where work is concerned. What would be better, though, would be to have work have diminished importance in my mental well-being, and that I can take a more spiritual and grounded path forward. (It really bugged me that I had no spiritual experiences to report last year and none this year. That's not right.) I also hope my son is settled in and happier with his life, and my daughter has found a good school and is feeling on top of the world (as she deserves to). I want them to be / have their desires, too.

I live my life one day at a time, so it's hard to predict how I'll feel. I want to continue to stay in the moment. When I project to the future I find that my anxiety level goes up. I remind myself to be grateful and pray.

I guess I've learned better than to imagine a future. Who knows?

I hope we have finally moved on from this house disaster. It sure feels as though the builder dragged this thing out for spite. With luck it will all just be a bad memory.

I want to get to a better understanding and acceptance of myself in my life. Achieve better perspective and gratitude for what is. To not just be my work. I find toil, pain, joy, suffering, purpose, anguish, and meaning in my work. But I still don't know why I do it. This too shall pass.

I think I'll feel more understanding about mom's death. That's still weird to write. I hope I will feel more settled in my body and in my life. I hope to be healthy and strong.

I hope I have more money in the bank. I hope I am back running or I even got to ski last winter with my family. I wonder if my puppy dog will still be with us. Maybe we can take a cool trip out of the country.

I am always thinking my life will get better. And as I look back on a lifetime, it has. I want make better decisions by being more patient and be more helpful in my community. So far... So good!

I hope to have a child, or at least be pregnant. September 2017 would be two years of us trying and I'm optimistic that things will look very different a year from now, but I'm also scared...we have our first appointment with the fertility clinic next month. I'm scared of what they will tell us and what they will find, and I'm scared that we will have tried a lot by then, but what if we aren't successful?

Hope I'm a grandma or soon to be one! Not in my control, obviously, it's much hoped for. I hope I'm more confident and solid in my work, both emotionally and financially. I'll be working at this.

I wish that I will be comfortable with my new schedule and that Ann will also see it as a positive rather than a negative, which is how I fear she is at present. I hope that I will be less judgemental, less angry and less negative, especially once the election is over and all the nastiness subsides. I hope to find more spirituality on a daily basis and have a greater sense of inner peace.

I think I'll be interested, discouraged, and frustrated. I hope I will have made progress on my career goals. I hope that my husband and I will be in a better place, more vulnerable with each other, fighting less, connecting more. I hope that I'll be better at leaving my phone alone during the time I'm at home. I hope I'll have built some good productive habits in areas of being present, being a mother, being a wife, and being my honest, vulnerable, self.

I hope that I am not as angry and frustrated. Since the circumstances are not likely to change, I will have to find other ways to ease my own pain and despair.

Hopefully I will be at a much calmer point in my life and hopefully I will be dating someone.

I hope to feel better about my son staying in remission forever. I hope to have some resemblance of the relationship I had with my son prior to his diagnosis. I hope my daughter will realize what's important & to treat what is important & good to her with kindness & compassion. I hope my parents are here & to celebrate my Dad's 75th reunion from high school. I hope to be at a better gym, but I will forever miss my old gym, nothing like it. I wish everyone good health.

I hope that I can live into promises G-d has for us as a family.

I think I'll feel stuck in the same rut as before. I've been doing this for so long, that I doubt I'll suddenly be able to change now. I've settled into who I am, and who I am disappoints me. And I think the real challenge of my life will be learning how to deal with that disappointment, and to push on forward without letting that regret consume me. I hope that I'm wrong.

I'll definitel be proud of myself for keeping this up. I hope I'll be even happier with myself next year, happy about the year that passed, and excited about the year ahead!!

I feel like at 48 years old my life has leveled off. I don't see wild changes in my future. I'm pretty happy with my life right now so, barring some catastrophe, I imagine things won't be too different for me next year.

I'm really aware at how much less anxious and urgent these questions feel this year. I am not feeling an impetus for much change -- not sure if that's a good or a bad thing. So when Rosh Hashanah rolls around next year and I read my answers, my guess is that I'll feel like they still pretty much reflect who I am and where I am. And if not, then maybe that means I've found new ways to grow that I don't even know about, and that's OK, too.

I have spent so much time with anxiety about what actually happened this year, that I am basically starting from scratch. I will go to services tonight and tomorrow and feel sad and empty. I will be 50 years old next year, and will be an orphan. I am not certain about nearly everything, but I will hope that there is a plan for me.

I think I will be really proud of myself, of how much I have accomplished and of how far I have come!

I'm afraid that I will feel disappointed again, that once again I have not acted on my goals. But maybe this time it will be different. I hope to be more spiritually centered, more grounded and secure in who I am and where I am in my life.

I suspect my life will get much better over the next year. Honestly the second half of last year was quite good. The first half was rougher, but life seems to be rounding into form. I suspect I'll be reminded that aside from dealing with minor health issues in young children I have it pretty good.

I think I'll look back and see how truly unhappy and bitter I am/was this year. I hope I will be able to view it as a sad but temporary phase in my life.

I can't imagine a year of difference. Who knowsz 10 years married Mayb another kid on the way? Making 40k...at least. And hopefully in a peaceful and compassionate world. Feelings aren't for time periods though...as I grow I am learning feelings are for moments. Be in the moments, girl.

i don't think i did a great job this time but i hope it gives me a glimpse into how much more mindful and fabulous and easy going i am at this moment than a year ago. and that donald trump is not president.

I hope I'll have made a lot of positive change in the next year and be really excited about what I'm doing at work and play and hopefully I'll have some more resolution on the big question of whether or not to have a kid.

I think I'll be proud of myself for pretty much sticking to my plans and pursueing my wishes. I think by next year I will have moved closer to knowing where I want to live and what I want to do in this new phase of my life.

I hope that thinking about and answering these questions will help me to pinpoint my issues and begin working toward a better future for my kids. I hope that I am pleasantly surprised by the progress I've made next September.

I hope that I'll see progress!

I hope I'll look back happy that my life is better. I mean, Jesus.

I'm typically pretty reflective, so I think I'll enjoy and appreciate reading my past responses. I hope I'm happy and healthy, and wish the same for my family. We'll see what the New Year brings!

I hope I feel more appreciative of what I have and less anxious about what I cannot control.

I hope I will be better practiced in self-care so I can receive the answers and see glimmers of change for the good, opportunities for growth, the places where I stretched further than I imagined I could and the challenges I still hold. I hope that it will not make me anxious, but rather, feel like a high school reunion for myself.

Hopefully I will have achieved and implemented all the changes I wanted to do this year.

We'll be living the dream and every moment will be more exciting than the last!

I think/hope I will have established myself well within my new firm of employment. Being an architect is quite an all-encompassing defining feature of who I am and I aim to be the best I can be at it. I expect to become a more confident person as a result of taking on the new challenges within my job. Some goals and activities for the year: * Manage a project and mentor the staff who are working with me on it. Be a good leader. * Teach another NotLY class at USC * Raise $1,000 for Tour de Summer Camps * Stay healthy (ski, surf, run, swim, play softball / tennis) * Do the bike ride in Palm Springs w/ my spouse * Backpack to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. (This will open up more trips into the future.) * Sell my parent's old house and invest the six figures wisely so that my children have a secure future - just as my parents intended! (we are so blessed because of my parent's frugality)

I hope that I will be pleased as I will have accomplished some of the goals that I have set. However, if the next year of my life will be anything like my past 22, I will have completely different goals than the ones I set fourth today. I will be a new person with a new philosophy and vision.

I think, like all annual planning, the year won't have gone as I expected, but steady progress will have continued to be made, in different areas. I will be surprised if I'm still practicing Muslim rituals, in private and in public, and I currently hope I will be. I doubt I will have really connected to that which would make fear irrelevant in work meetings, and I really hope day by day I will inhabit that space / those neural pathways such that will be totally, incredibly, very quickly (this week already seeing the impacts), true.

I think I will feel younger, happier and more connected to ... everything!

I think initially I will feel surprised that a whole year went by already! But then I think I will feel happy that I took the time to answer those questions and hopefully I will see that I had accomplished some of those things I wrote about. I feel that I do a lot of fun, interesting, challenging, and new things every day but I don't always give myself credit for them so by writing them down and revisiting them, I hope that I will feel good about what I am doing with my time and my life.

I hope I'll have a more clear vision of 2018 than I do about 2017.

I don't know. Depends on my efforts

I'm always excited to get the answers and then invariably disappointed with myself. I hope that next year I'll have made some progress.

Well, reading them this year was a bit hard, I wasn't in such a good place a year ago. I hope I feel proud. I hope that the progress I've made last year sticks and improves and I hope that I continue to grow more confident as a person and a leader and a friend and a partner. I hope Dennis Flaherty was right and Hillary wins and our country progresses in a whole new way as a result of having a woman in charge. I hope Akiva and I continue to fall in love and figure things out together. I hope Barack and Michelle take a nice vacation.

I hope my husbands Parkinson's has not gotten worse. I hope my parents are ok but at 99 and 96???? I hope when they are gone my sister and I have resolved issues that we are dealing with now especially about money. But I think our relationship is irretrievable. And so I move on probably more by myself than w jay.

I obviously hope to have made at least some of the desired changes. Change is hard, and I would hate to find myself in a stagnant situation one year from now. I want to make a conscious effort to appreciate the improvements that might have taken place by then, and not focusing on what I might not have accomplished yet. I am sure there will be still work to do, but I really hope I will at least: - Have made few solid points in my parenting style; - Have a healthier eating/working out routine; - Distanced myself in a subtle but effective way from my ex's drama - and that of his family; - Saved up to take my daughter in a cruise. - Started a saving account for other things I might like to do.

I hope that I will feel happy that I have achieved my goals towards getting back home. I know I will feel melancholy about my personal losses. I want to tell my future self, " Be thankful you are still alive. Be thankful you have accomplished as much as you could. Be thankful you are a positive and kind person. Be thankful for the successes and failures. Be thankful for your family. Be thankful for the wealth and abundance that has come to you and Jeff...No matter the challenges you have faced this past year...believe that it was all in Gods plan and it all had a purpose." Remember, "It was an amazing year!!"

In September 2017, I hope that I will be done or damn near done with my PhD. I hope that the symptoms (numbness, discomfort) from my stroke will be a thing of the past, something that I am mindful about, but not something that interferes with my daily life. I hope that Travis and I will still be together and going strong - we will celebrate 3 years together in September 2017. I hope that he feels good about where he is in his program and isn't too caught up in concerns about my health. I hope that the results of the upcoming election will give us a stable environment. And I hope to actually hold myself to answer all 10 questions next year - I feel like I cheated myself and missed out on a few opportunities to reflect on the prompts.

i think it will be nice to see my answers of the previous years. this year i completely forget about this and it was a surprise to see this again :) i hope that next year will be just a fabulous as this year, then i will be one happy person

I hope I'll be smarter and better, that I'll still be employed, that I will have done some work to make my world a better place. I hope my nation will have moved past a lot of the horrible things that are going on during this election.

I hope by next year I'll have a better idea of where I'm settling and what I'm doing with my life. The last two years have been so life changing and important, and the key is figuring out where things go from here. I feel that I am more acutely aware of what I need to work on for next year. Some things different, some of the same old habits.

I hope to still be happy. To be confident, sure and stronger than I feel right now. I hope to be in a career that I love and I'm passionate about. I hope to be closer to a real estate mogul and the other goals I have.

I know there are continuously issues that come up and return, and others I am able to move forwards with. When my 10Q answers come back, I'm always satisfied, amused, sad, happy, proud and contemplative at the same time. I hope this year there is no bitterness or regret - that I'll see the dreams I've expressed have grown and moved forwards.

I assume I will feel different, since we're always changing, in a sense never the same person. Probably some nostalgia for feeling what I felt now, before the events in my life that will have happened "mi-yom kippurim zeh ad yom kippurim ha-ba," to make me see things differently.

I think I will feel happy about accomplishing a lot of work that I'm passionate about in my last year of grad school, and I'm hoping to have moved on to that point to a job in a new place, maybe D.C., maybe New York. I'm hoping I will be working hard to maintain friendships and continue to fight for things I'm passionate about, moving forward on policies that I want to see get implemented, and learning more in a new and different setting. I hope that I may be able to find love in a new place as well? But we'll see.

This may be cheating but I'm going to copy paste a portion of my response to question 6 this week to answer this final question this year: I'm not good at setting goals even though I know I have them. I avoid setting them out specifically to avoid a sense of failure if things don't turn out exactly as I anticipate or plan. I may be fooling myself that it gives me flexibility rather than a lack of direction. I tell myself it forces me to look at what really happens and appreciating it rather than noticing what could have been and regretting it.

With a better attitude about food and feeling healthier than ever!

I hope I will feel more comfortable in my skin because I will have processed the disability and accepted myself for who I am, instead of feeling despair and like committing suicide.

I'm hoping that things have calmed down a bit in my life. I'm hoping that I will be handling things better and be in a better place.

I hope I'll be more physically healthy and emotionally strong. I hope my sense of self is not so tightly wound up in my children's lives. I hope I'm doing something besides tennis which is meaningful and important to me. Maybe have one class under my belt. So meaningful volunteer work. I hope I'm no longer in pain from and about my mother. May I find peace in my path I'm on.

I know I'll be happy I did this! I'm hoping I'll have better luck with my pledges this year. Moatly, I hope I'll have my health--everything else is gravy!

Probably annoyed. Story of my life: get organized, lose weight. Never happens, always annoys me. But overall, life is amazing. So, I can't get too annoyed.

As I hope and pray each year, may I be grateful for any progress I have made, and may I learn from any setbacks I have been dealt.

I worry that nothing will have changed - that I'll be in the same struggles and same pit as I am now. I look at my answers over the last few years and there is not much that is different. In some areas I'm better off - in other areas it's worse. Unless my motivation changes, I don't imagine I'll see much difference. That saddens me.

I'm hoping that the place I am right now feels far away but worthwhile. I'm hoping to feel more grounded and anchored in place and community, and to be more clear about where I want to direct my time and energy.

I greatly hope I will be in a calmer and happier place with my husband back at home at my side. Answering these questions and thinking about my life at this point has helped me through distress and the fears and worries I am feeling approaching Yom Kippur. It's my wish that as I approached Yom Kippur 2017 that I will approach it with joy and gladness rather than trepidation and will look back on a year well spent.

I will have more work/life balance and more time with family and ME!!

Hopefully I will feel like I accomplished more if not all of the things I want to commit to in order to become a healthier, happier person. The questions are helpful in focusing me during the High Holy Days. Some are very hard to answer but once I start I find inspiration and often realize YES something spiritual did happen during the past year.

I will hope that all of my panicking and handwriting over the end of my master's level studies will have been for nothing. I hope that I will have made progress toward immigrating. I hope I will have more money saved to make moving and resettling easier.

At peace. With greater security in life and more direction in my career.

Hopefully I'll be in a better place and not so hurt over the death of one of my best friends.

I hope Adam and Elyse's fertility issues are resolved. What wonderful parents they'd be. Got a feeling Jason's relationship with Mindy will blossom into something permanent. Just want him to be happy. Praying for parenthood for Adam and Elyse and Jason to stay on positive track with his life. Status quo for Jared. May he continue to be blessed with health happiness in his own way, and may our health be good to continue our care for him.

I'm hoping to continue on the path of being a successful family man and entrepreneur. I want to foster more relationships with friends and community and participate in the world more than I have been in he past few years.

I am going to have more fun next year with my answers, even mak myself laugh. Like, did I misspell "make " on purpose?

I hope to have the kind of leisure time one ordinarily associates with retirement, and less hung up on worries about getting meals done on time and other minutia that do nothing to further my connections to friends, family, learning & travel.

To be honest, I don't know... I mean, I've realized that new year will NOT save me. No specific time will ever save me from my life problems. Only I can save myself from my inner demons and psychological miseries. I probably feel the same way as I do every year: stuck with the same problems. I think my way of thinking will be the same, but I do hope my life will be better. I just hope to chance my mindset. I can only have faith that I'll be where I want to be in September 2017. We'll see...

I expect all things positive, so I think I'll feel very good. For the first time in my history, I have plans and goals to move toward, and I believe this year will be even better than the best year of my life- last year. Annie and I will be closer than ever and more in love than ever. Our family will be tight and happy!

I hope I'll feel happy about the past yer and excited about what's coming next!

When September 2017 rolls around and I receive my answers to my 10Q questions, I think I'll have mixed feelings. I'm sure some of what I've written here will have fallen by the wayside and that will disappoint me. But more so I'm hopeful that I will really take my words to heart and surprise myself with being able to say, "I am a different and better person." I hope that the new Daphne "Leads with love" and accordingly is more tolerant, less easily "set off" by petty annoyances. Dare I say, more like Hillary Clinton and less like Donald Trump? I have no designs on the presidency, to be sure, but that doesn't mean I can't and shouldn't work to cultivate a temperament that makes me fit to be a leader. I hope that I will be someone people can look to as an example in word and deed. Here's to change!

I hope the questions and my answers will be something I have genuinely addressed in my life; not just an interesting diversion.

I would hope I've made real change---not just words about change

Anxious, curious, am hopeful I will be thinking how I wished I'd told myself to remember how everything can change in a day, and I hope it changes for the better because of some amazing people I will befriend and love and be loved in return. I'd like to feel answering these questions helped launch me to create my life differently, liberating, joyful, abundant, add more spark and flourish that manifests ten fold by next year. And I hope to be in love.

I think I'll feel joyful, realizing all I've accomplished in the past year. I expect a great deal of growth, and the completion of my thesis, more success in my practice, more publications, and lots of weddings. And so it is. L'shana Tova, me.

I think as I write this today I will be happy to look back on my answer. 2016 has been a really positive year for me. I hope the biggest difference in my life is that I have a comfortable savings built up. I hope I continue to make wonderful memories with my family. I hope that everyone is healthy one year from now.

This is too depressing to even think about right now.

This is year 3. It was very interesting to read my predictions - many of them were very accurate. There isn't much at this point in my life that I want to be different. It'd be great of Ainsley and Nuno do move back to Chicago but the rest is really good right now!!!

I think I will realize that I have all of the same issues and responses then as I do now. And this will cause me some distress and reinforce for me all that I lack and that progress is fleeting. I hope they will not be, however, and that I would have made profess by then. I'll have to work for it.

The election will be over and we will have had several months of a new president. Hopefully, that is Hillary Clinton. The country needs to heal from all the divisiveness. Hopefully, my life will feel more settled, and I will have stripped away some of the things that are not rewarding and/or are causing too much stress. I want to be well along a path to greater contentment and meaning. I will look back on my answers and smile at how far I have come.

I want to enjoy more and worry less. I hope to see how the creative process has worked through me. How being with myself now has brought me more fully to life. Possibility I can't fathom now will have opened for me. Movement will be filled with confidence and grace and the future will feel brighter. Patrick and I will continue coalescing together in fulfillment-separate but connected in love.

I hope I feel like I'm even more on track with my life than I feel right now. More grateful for who I am. More peaceful and serene. Stronger emotionally. Maybe having been on a date with someone. More artistically inclined--oils, music, singing, dancing, writing. I will have been well traveled or getting ready to travel. Perhaps I will have made some amends, and the result of which will be glorious. I will have loved myself and danced with myself many times between now and then.

I expect that I'll feel like another year has been accomplished, that I've made it through another 365 days, that I'll still be enjoying life and going on adventures, that I'll still be looking for the next thing to eat, the next new friend, the next unknown location, the next new whatever. I hope that I am wiser than today and more compassionate than I was yesterday, that I meet each day with dignity and grace, that I can move forward with whatever comes my way, no matter what it is.

I certainly hope that I'll be less anxious. Either to know the answers to the questions buzzing around in my head or just to be at peace and accept the uncertainty I live with. I hope that I love my job, or have a baby to raise. I hope to have lost a little weight. I hope to have lost a little debt. I hope to have my office in order and maybe new windows! I hope that I'm not on antibiotics like I am now!

As this is the beginning of Yom Kippur I hope that I'm in a better place ..... More fit, better family man, have eliminated some vices and in a financially secure place. I look forward to the coming year

I don't know how different I'll be! I hope that I'll be measurably better on changeable "habit" issues, but I don't know if I'll be drastically changed in terms of my "overall worldview" (which leans toward anxiety, pessimism, and preparation -- rather than the carefree or the trusting). I think the only thing that could radically change my natural outlook would be the trappings of "for-sure" economic security -- lots of savings, owning a house, being advanced in my field, not worrying about money. Until then, the anxiety I feel is (I think) appropriate and necessary. I don't see myself getting to a stable state without hustling. The greatest thing I wish I could change about my life would be to have the knowledge that -- no matter what -- I'm going to be okay. This could happen through several channels, theoretically -- circumstances of birth; circumstances of partnership; blind faith. But I don't know that any of those three apply to me -- so instead I worry and stretch and plan for survival. In many ways, I can't wait until middle age, because then I might be able to catch my breath. I'm sure that with hindsight, I'll think to myself -- "How silly! You turned out just fine." But it's the privilege of feeling this way that I'm working toward in this current stage of my life.

When these answers come back to me next year, I hope that many changes have taken place in my life. 2016 has been a horrible year for me and I am ready for things to improve. These are the things I hope will be changed: 01. My son out of jail, off drugs, serving God, happy, and healthy, and in a loving relationship. 02. That I am able to walk without pain and will be back at work at a enjoyable job with good hours and good pay. 03. That my relationship with God is stronger and that Trinity is growing. 04. That Rick is doing well and happy and that he is serving God and that perhaps he is living here with MaKinley, in a real loving relationship with me. 05. That if not with Rick, that I am in a wonderful relationship with a wonderful man. 06. That I have learned Spanish 07. That I have a better car and am able to travel to visit friends and family; I would like to visit West Texas, South Texas, North Carolina, And New York. 09. That I have been able to do improvements on my home. 10. That Brenda and Donette are doing better in all areas. 11. That Tommy and Mike and Kim, Philip, and other family, friends, and acquaintances are doing well. 12. This should be number one and goes along with number four, that I am no longer wandering in the wilderness but in a happier, better place in my life, helping others in some way. 13. That I have once and for all lost down to below 200 pounds, in a healthy manner, and that I don't have too much excess skin. 14. That I have had my varicose veins taken care of. 15. That I have not lost anymore hair and have in fact, regrown what I have lost. 16. That my mind is still good and that I can get around well physically and do for myself and not have to be dependent on others. 17. That I have finished all my 'to do' lists. 18. That I have written and published a book.

I think I will feel surprised at how much has changed in a year, and also surprised how much has stayed the same. I'm hoping that this annual practice of reflection will continue to inspire me to live in the moment and appreciate today. Really that's all that matters - today and what we do with it. And may all our cherished todays bring more engaged tomorrows.

I hope that all that I wish to change about myself changes in the way that I want to. I hope to feel better about myself and about who I want to become. And I think answering these questions will help me to be a better, more confident member of society in the future.

I think I'll feel much as I do now: probably worrying a little about some small stuff (work, usually), but with the perspective not to worry too much. With any luck, I'll be a year wiser and still keep as much youthful energy and creativity as I've got today.

Who knows how I will feel? But I hope that I am a calmer, happier person by this time next year. I hope to be doing something meaningful that brings me joy.

I think I'm going to feel pretty darn good. I am on a mission and God willing I am going to achieve as many of my goals as I can by next September. I hope my life will be more meaningful and rich and I will be a better human being for taking this journey.

I hope I accomplished many of the things I wrote here. I'll probably wont even remember I wrote all of this, and I hope that when I get it, it will come as a pleasant surprise because of the things I have achieved and not a reminder of mediocrity.

I'm always in awe about how different I am now in comparison to the past. I just hope that I am happy and that if my goals haven't been achieved by this time next year, that these 10 questions will be a wake up call.

Proud of overcoming my limitations on life and accomplishing my goals for the year

I think I will feel nostalgic, looking back on this amazing time of change and transition in my life. I think I will feel disappointed that I did not accomplish everything I wanted to. And satisified that I was able to accomplish some. I hope especially that I will have taken the time to give back more.

I really hope that I listen to my deep wants and needs for next year in terms of bettering myself. I hope I won't have regrets about 2017.

I hope I'm living fully a different time in my life, dedicating myself to videomaking, and living happily with my husband in our new home, with integrated family life.

I hope that I am calm, centered, loving mysrlf and my life. I hope that I have moved on. I think looking back on this tumultuous time anx seeing how far I have come will feel good. Theses questions have been great because I could finalky be honest about my feelings! I have been lying yo myself for years ....and blaming mysrlf. No more. Thank God Kol Nidre is tonight!

im hoping I will be surprised by what I wrote. I'm hoping some of the things I said will feel unfamiliar. I think a lot, and analyze a lot, but it's hard to see if anything actually changes because it's never documented. I hope I'll see that all my thinking leads in a direction, not just loops.

I want to feel I have become a better human being as the year went by at the end of the year. I want to be in a more peaceful zone not allow any negativity to affect me. I want to remain positive inspite of what's going on. I want to be more thankful, mindful and helpful to all the people I interact with. I want to not be bothered by all the things happening around me even more I want to just be an observer and watch life going by. I want to continue being passionate about my family, my work and the things I enjoy.

I hope that I can look back on a year of quiet accomplishments. I hope that my house is more homey and projects completed. I hope that my friendships are stronger. I hope that my relationship has been strengthened by more shared adventure. I hope that I can say that I've lived up to the personal commitments I am making now. And I think that will result in overall feeling better about myself, more secure, and more able to make positive change in my life.

I think I'll find my answers to be boring. I think I was more thoughtful last year, but this year has been more exhausting - mentally - in some ways and I was less reflective. Then again, I'm going to Kol Nidre services tonight, which I haven't done in a few years... so there is something going on inside my head compared to past years. We'll see.

I hope I will have accomplished something based on the answers to the 10 questions! I hope I will feel more settled in my personal & professional life.

For me, 2016 was a pretty tumultuous year. my spouse had some health issues, and frankly her job made her sick. I have had to deal with a lot of ups and downs and roller coaster emotions. I hope what changes is to be able to focus on myself and my growth while of course supporting my love. We are great togehter, and we are great as individuals. Finding that balance is a key course that I would like to work on. I hope to have made some personal strives,and find some more passion in learning and exploring

I think I'll be embarrassed at myself at my answers. That's how I have felt the past two years reading my prior answers. However, I think that's a good thing. I think that shows how much I am capable of growing emotionally in a year, if I am embarrassed at how "immature" I was about whatever subject.

I hope that I am happier. I don't know what that means, so maybe what I also hope is that I have a better idea of how or what makes me happy or more secure and at peace with whatever my life is. Even a pathway or knowing a pathway would be helpful. I think mostly I'd like to be more settled and feel more secure.

My life is going to be completely different, hopefully! 94 it's going to be funny how little has changed. Either way, I'm hoping I'll still be super happy.

I hope that I can look on the self that answered these questions with compassion. I hope that I feel a sense of "oh yeah, I remember last summer and fall were totally overwhelming, I'm glad we're on the other side of that now". I hope that the gratitude answering these questions has evoked stays with me throughout the year.

I hope and pray to God that I will have am opportunity to change my life. Not because I deserve it or because I know I can, but because opportunity comes for those who seek it. I seek something new. I seek change. I know that my life has bigger plans than I can ever imagine. I hope to start a platform and transform into someone who can change lives.

I hope to have made significant progress in moving my life forward both physically and spiritually. If I do, I'll be feeling great. If not, I won't be feeling as great. I also hope that I'm feeling more positive about the world and the direction it's going in.

I think I'll feel either really proud of myself for making these positive changes in myself that I've been talking about these past 10 days...for having taken the initiative and living brave. Or I'll be disappointed and annoyed with myself for not. But lets go with proud :)

By this time next year, I hope things are better. I hope things have changed. I want Lindsey and I to be settled into our lives. I'm tired of renting and am ready to own a home. Whether we have that by then or are on our way, I want to have a place that is truly ours.

I'm usually amazed and intrigued to look back at previous versions of me, to see what I chose to say and how I said it, what seemed most important at the time. I don't expect to change dramatically in just one year, but there really is no telling what a year will bring -- who will arrive in my life, who will grow in immediacy or importance, how I will alter my views, how life circumstances will alter what I'm dealing with. I received news yesterday of the death of an acquaintance, my age. It does make you pause to ask, "Would I change anything about my life if I knew it would end soon?" The truth is, ever since my dad died in 1969, I have been thinking about that question. Since college and the years just after, I have been thinking about life in view of eternity, asking myself what my values are and if I am living toward them. So I don't have great regrets. People who love me know that I love them. God knows that I have repented of whatever I have known that I have done wrong -- discounting His gifts to me, letting fear stand in my way, not being honest about who I am, taking the "safe" way in some relationships. He knows I am grateful beyond words for the mercy, grace and love that He has shown to me throughout my life. "There will be no end to the increase of His government and of peace," the prophet wrote. I am hopeful that this process of growth, this School of Life, will never end.

I know things will be different in the coming year because I retire in January. I'm in good health and only 60 so I hope to find meaningful work whether for an organization, in my own business, or for a cause. I really don't know how the answers may affect my life but I believe they will.

I hope I'll be feeling a lot more positively about myself, and that I will be on a new, more fulfilling job. I also hope to have continued nurturing my friendships into stronger relationships, so they don't feel so new and uncertain, and also maybe even have a new romantic relationship underway.

I hope that I'll look back and smile and think, "Wow, that reminds me of when I was nineteen. So much has changed since then. I've come a long ways." In a year from now, I hope that I'm more social and kind, and that I have a more positive outlook on life. Also, I hope that I'm more responsible and more able to cope with things. And more integrated into the LDS-LGBT community rather than feeling like an outsider.

I have a serious uphill climb ahead of me this coming year. I have no idea what my life will look like a year from now. I have (reserved) hopes . . . that things will be peaceful, sorted . . . dare I wish for better? Will my kids have good will toward me? Will M and I have found a type of relationship that keeps us in good standing with each other as parents and friends? Will I have found survival strategies for emotional and physical well being, as well as for the nitty-gritty of life? I have never been so unsure of the direction my life is going. This would have been my 26th year with my husband, and instead it may well be my first alone since I was 20. We'll see, 10Q, we'll see.

I'll be even stronger and healthier than I am today. My office will be a clean, clear working space. My life will be simplified. I will have found a good home for the stuff we don't use or need anymore. I'll have a plan for what comes next.

I'm hoping I feel calmer. I hope I feel more settled, happier, less like I'm just getting by and acting OK for the world. I hope I've moved forward and have the courage to make a change.

I think there may be some difference since everyone's opinions adapt overtime.

I'll feel that I have though, explored, and progressed in my journey -- and for that, I am better.

I find this process very valuable. When I saw my answers from last year, it hardly felt like it could be an entire year ago. They seemed fresh, not at all "so last year". Good chance I'll feel that again in 2017. I expect my life to be calmer in September 2017. I should be working less hard at several things. I hope that my children are even more settled into the building of their individual lives and careers. I hope that my husband is happy with his work and that we are happy with each other. I hope that I am still finding fulfillment in my work, friendships, and family. I hope that I will reflect on the past year and feel that I have been good to myself during the year, have learned new things, have been helpful and loving to those I love, and have helped to repair the world in some however small way.

Living freer, empowered, active, open and trusting, feeling and flowing as one in the love of God

I’m certain I’ll recognize myself in all the answers and see how minutely I’ve progressed in any of the activities I say I want to pursue. I do hope I can report that I’ve struggled less, and spent more moments of each day present to the beauty and loving kindness available in every moment of the NOW. I hope I will be walking more slowly, with less fear, and more loving kindness through my days.

The past two years, 10Q has really blown me away. I don't think answering the questions changes me in the year ahead, but I do really appreciate having this snapshot of my life that next year I can reflect on, see where I grew, what questions I was struggling with but now have answers to, etc. I hope that when I read these answers next year I'll have that same experience. Proof I've made strides in the ways I wanted. Overcame uncertainties. Took on new challenges.

I think I'm gonna be like: "Nailed it!" Meaning: self-love, self-care, and embodying my truth and authenticity in my life. I know I'll feel even closer to being at home on this earth, to my purpose and my vitality! As I do today. Go forth and namaslay, Melanie Zoey! Catch you in the other side!

I think ill feel nostalgic. I hope ill only be more successful and happier. Maybe have a boothang by then finally lol

I have no idea how I'll feel. Or even how I think I'll feel. Nor does it matter. The answers to these questions represent the present moment of now. It would be a very good thing if by this time next year I was more consistently practicing "present moment - wonderful moment - dwelling in the here & dwelling in the now."

I hope that by September 2017, I'm working on my dissertation. I hope to have had the patience and inner calm to still be at my 911 job. I hope I read these answers in a year and feel like I've moved forward on the journey, rather than having remained stagnant.

WEll -- if past performance is any indication I will feel a bit disappointed because I will not have been as attentive as i would hope, but generally I think i will be grateful that I took the time for these questions -- they have been clarifying and offered me insights into my self that I value,

I hope I feel accomplished. I'm sure there will be items left unchecked, but I hope I have stuck with these goals and continued to grow. This has been a wonderful chance to reflect with some guidance and direction. Not sure if I'll still be in Colorado or if I will have moved on. Not sure about my relationship status. Not sure about my career - I just ask for personal growth this year...and every year.

I wish to live my fullest mediumistic potential. I wish to have moved to my dream house and area where we all feel at home and at peace. I wish to live my live in a way that I never feel I need a vacation. I wish that all my family is well. I wish to earn enough money to realize all my dreams and wishes. I love doing the 10Q and rereading my past answers a year later! So much fun!

What I have noticed in the past few years of answering these questions is that (barring major life passages like the deaths of my parents) things for me have stayed pretty much the same. As I am pretty happy with my life, my relationships, and my situation, overall, I guess I hope that will continue to be the case. The one difference is that I now see retirement ahead in the not too distant future, so I hope there will be some greater clarity about when and how I can reach that stage, by the time these questions roll around again.

I will feel very good! I will remember past year, thinking about all the differences and what happened the last 12 months. And I hope that we will all be thankful for what we reached. I am glad that I answered to those questions and I am curious how the year has gone! לחיים

Next year I hope to have extended my joy at living authentically. I hope that I will have spent the past year more fully present in my life and the lives of those around me, both at home and at work. I hope to be in a MOST HONEST PLACE with myself!

i think i will feel like all the cleaning, clearing and letting go of stuff, is a letting go of clutter and stress, and has been another step towards simplicity, lightness and freedom. This step will make room for what matters more to me, better relationships across the board, more time to spend with the Davids and family, extended family, old friends, new friends and future friends in need of help rebuilding a life that matters. Creative gardening, cooking, cycling, reading, traveling, and lots of art i hope will be part of a much larger harmonious way to live.

I hope that will truly do what I proposed to in my answer to question #9. I hope that I have truly internalized what I had said my priorities and hopes were, and that I have taken some action towards fulfilling them.

I am sliding into a quietist period, with less hours at work and the Big Move to the Country having being essentially accomplished. I need to be thinking about the difference between repentance and change. I would like to understand how the first leads to the second. I guess that change is inevitable, but the trick is to effect the change in a positive direction. I am feeling good about my relationship with one daughter, and hope that by next year I have figured out how to feel close with the other one. I am feeling close to Phil, and hope for the strength to accept him for who he is and the courage to talk to him when I feel that who he is is negatively impacting me.

Hoping I have a thriving business and I'm more involved then ever with the community.

I hope I've made some progress towards the goals and challenges I set myself. I also hope I don't chastise myself for what I have not yet accomplished. Life is a journey and I'll always be on the road to something. Putting things in writing helps to crystallize thoughts that are whirring around in my head and give them form and shape. I hope that a year from now I am calmer and yet more excited. I hope that a year from now I'm more fulfilled and yet also more restless. In other words, the best me that I can be!

I hope I'll feel good, as I did this year, that I real did accomplish some of my intentions. I hope being mindful, intentional & not stuck on my to do list will become actualities

i would hope that most of my new answers will reflect my goals, plans and interests, instead of the ongoing coping with and the maintenance of the aftermath of my narcissistic mother's neglect of her health, finances, home and belongings for the last decade. her denial of the deterioration and lack of planning pitted me against my siblings at one point and created untold amounts of work and frustration for us all. my mind has been in a constant internal battle, between helping her adjust to her new surroundings with patience and compassion, and being resentful of the time and effort it has been taking, knowing most of her problems were self-inflicted and preventable.

I have no idea. I'll have to wait and see.

I hope i'll look back on a journey of which I don't know at this moment where it's going to take me.

I hope I feel even happier than I do now. I have faith that this year will be a really good one. I want this inquiry to help me to be more intentional about allowing abundance. What will be different is I will step out more with my gifts and play the life game in a bigger way. Love more and share more!

I hope that the health issues are resolved for others in my life and I hope that I have addressed my own health vulnerabilities that I can control. Exercise more. Do art. Be spiritual.

Oh, I hope I am in a much better place! This period of time caught my family at a low point. I better be able to reflect back with relief at how much things have improved!

Hopefully, not much will have changed, and what wil have changed wil have for the better


Like I'm looking back on someone who didn't know how much she didn't know, because she didn't have a daughter yet. I hope life then will be flowing easily, with enough excitement and enough rest. I hope I'm supporting J as a student as well as he's supported me, and seeing LOTS of J2 in Charlotte!

I hope I will continue to be as happy as I am now: with Fran, with my home, with my life, with my job. I hope I will be happier about my weight, feel fitter, feel glad I got more serious about my swimming. I hope I will feel able to share my answers again. I’m quite happy to put myself out there - particularly as it’s what I was thinking a year ago. So in some ways it isn’t me anymore. I hope there aren’t any drastic changes. I’ve enjoyed reflecting on the incremental change that happens and this is recorded, to some extent, in my answers to these questions each year. It’s quite a nice document, a record of what I was feeling in the autumn of each year. As the leaves fall and the cold returns, it’s nice to shed some of my own leaves. Some will grow back over the next year. Others will remain, mulched into and enriching the soil around my roots.

I think I'll be a little sad. This comes at a time in my life when grief has been a partner in my every day. Hopefully I will feel like I've done some things to validate life here on earth and been through the veil of sadness to see the shining light ahead. I'll be forty by the time these answers reach me and at such a marker I want to know that there is JOY still yet to be found. And maybe by then I'll be pregnant with a little peanut again. Maybe that will be a new chapter for us.

Hope to be further along the path in addressing the areas of concern, but also hope to look back and see many days of joy.

I hope that I will feel a little bit more settled and secure. I hope that I can read the answers from this year without judgment. I expect that I might feel as I often do when looking back - a bit melancholy, quite proud, and perhaps somewhat nostalgic.

I hope I'm genuinely happy. I hope I continue to be involved with activities and work that bring me joy.

The future is always uncharted territory. That's even truer for me a this point. My job of 18 years is in flux. I can't begin to predict what/how my children will be doing a year from now. My health and my husband's seem stable, but at our ages nasty surprises can come out of nowhere. I hope all will be well with my family. I hope that once this horrific election season is behind us and (please God) Hillary Clinton is in the White House, our country will begin to reformat itself into something better and kinder. I hope some of the international crises that have destroyed or uprooted the lives of so many will have begun to move toward resolution. I hope this country and the world will have take some action to halt/reverse the causes of climate change. So those are my hopes. Do I think they'll happen? No idea.

Being one year into school will feel SO good, although I expect I'll be exhausted. I hope this will remind me that reflection is important, and that I need to be processing all of the things that are going on in life. I feel like everyday I do this, journaling and thinking I realize new things, new strengths, new weaknesses, and new things I love about myself. Even ten minutes, its worth it.

I have learned to go with the flow. As the saying goes, we plan and Hashem laughs.

I hope I will feel good, that some of these problems have been overcome. I hope I can learn more about having confidence, beliving in myself, and feeling more in control of how I spend my time.

I think I'll be enlightened and renewed with hope!!

I cannot say for sure, a year can bring many changes that I have no idea of but loosely I can say that my answers to this year's 10Q will be a reminder of how I felt at the beginning of a major life change. I may feel as though my answers will be a good reminder of how I was, how I saw myself and how I saw the world. What will be different about my life is that I will be at the beginning of a successful new business and I will be putting my energy into being of service as well as spending more time and energy creating a more sustainable and natural lifestyle. I believe I will also be more family focused then I have been in many years.

I hope I will feel like I've made progress on my goals of stopping smoking and getting better health. I hope that I will feel better and be more active and enjoy my retirement to the fullest. I think answering these questions helps me be more conscious about how my life is and how I'd like to improve it.

I'll hope I've stretched myself, gone way far outside the boundaries of comfort, made new friends, settled on a place to live so we can put down longer-term roots. I'll hope I've done a better job telling everyone I love how important they are to me and WHY. I hope I've become more clear on what the next adventure is...what the next phase holds...and I'm motivated to go there.

These questions have really made me dig deep and try to set my life on a more productive and happier path. Ideally by Sept 2017 I will feel even more confident about my research and academic efforts. Additionally, I hope to have a richer home life with more joy and love! Here's to a wonderful new year and rebirth.

Ha! I hope I will remember that I did all the questions in one go (less than an hour) and that I was feeling perpetually anxious about work. I hope that I'll have moved on somewhat - if I'm STILL complaining about my job this time next year, will I really have anyone to blame except myself? I've hardly talked about Chris, but I hope/think that we will still be together - he's pretty much the one thing in my life that I hope doesn't change. I hope I'll have sorted out my friendships, so that I'm spending time on the ones that count and I'm free from the ones that don't. And I hope I'll FINALLY have come up with a valid answer to question 7! Life goal: have a transformative experience inspired by art or nature...

I think I'll hope that I have more time to give thoughtful answers. That I will have finished projects, said NO and learned to enjoy life more than I currently do.

I think I'll be in a much different place with much higher visibility. I'm the female version of David going up against Goliath in many ways. I feel the universe's support as I continue on my journey and know what feels right in my heart. I appreciate these thought-provoking questions each year and look forward to reflecting on them in a year's time.

I'll be pleasantly surprised as I was last year. I will have at least gotten a good start on the changes I need to make. I'll be happy and optimistic about life! L'chaim!

Oooh boy! We'll know how the restaurant did through the slow season! Our lives have been ridiculously hard to predict year to year but maybe we'll be looking at some solid ground in terms of a future? Continuing at the restaurant and the ballet school? Digging deeper into the local artistic projects here? Or will we be transitioning to somewhere else????? Whatever we're up to, I hope that I'm keeping my head up, my faith up, my face facing the direction I know is right. I trust myself to do that. But I also know there's plenty of potential for things to head off into so many unknowns. I'll do my best!

Attempting to look ahead eleven months into the future is no easy task. However, by September 2017, I think I will feel more at peace. Whether it is in terms of school or family, I think I will have more clarity and a more relaxed feeling. To be brutally honest right now, high school is as turbulent as a ride through the Bermuda Triangle right now. The endless college worries multiply. Trying to find the right school, and hoping that you can be lucky enough to be admitted to that school are incessantly in the back of my mind. And God forbid, I hope that all of my favorite schools don't reject me because then I have to do a lot more consideration. By September 2017, I'll end up at whatever school I end up at, and God willing I will be at peace there. Now onto the Powers family. All of us are in some unusual situation right now. We want to all help one another, however we can only do so much while juggling our own problems. I know this has made me and I'm assuming other family members feel a little uneasy. All of us are slowly waiting to see if my father regains the full range of motion in his back after surgery. My sister just started her first job a few months ago, so she is trying to find her way in this new environment. My brother is coming to the relization that college will end within two years, so he's trying to discern what he wants for himself after he graduates. And I'm in the thick of college searching. So when next September rolls around, I hope all of us find our intended paths. That way I can feel more at ease about the rest of my family.

The future is very fill-in-the-blank for me right now: My new Berlin life = ?? My new job = ?? My new apartment = ?? Everything will be different than it is in this moment except (hopefully) the relationships I have with the people I love and my knowledge of myself.

idk in my experience i am always sick at the idea of meeting myself from a year ago so probably that hopefully it'll be a nice window into this time tho, lots of uncertainty, lots of thresholds being crossed. maybe it'll feel nice to look at the door-self i don't think these questions have changed my trajectory, i have other things for that

I'll be the cusp of my 60th birthday - I hope I will be looking forward to lots of treats and challenges that I will have lined up for myself. I hope I will be looking back on another year of learning and development. I also hope to be reflecting on Hilary Clinton's first year in the White House.

I'm not looking to change my life a lot, but rather to enter into the life I'm in more fully and deeply. I hope that this will come to pass. This last year has been full of a lot of change, and I hope there will be less change between now and September 2017. I hope that I am able to realize forgiveness and accept my life fully for what it is, not for the path(s) not taken.

If this coming year is like this past year, I will probably feel much the same. But that's not likely. I'm hoping that Gannett will have made some plans as to her future. Graduate school? More teaching in Asia? I am hopeful that Stephen's situation will have changed for the better--a second job? back to school? It is a whole year--things can change drastically. Greg may retire during the coming year. That will change our lives greatly. For the better I hope. We will need to work out new routines--risings and day endings, chores, part time work, and so on. Things could be the same or they could be radically different. It will be what it will be. :-)

I hope my fear and worries will seem silly. I hope I am well past my master thesis and have found a job that I am settling into. I hope I had a great trip to China to meet my sister and that we still talk several times a week. I hope this years answers will make smile and think back on the last year with fond memories.

Hopefully I'll feel a distance between the answers and where I am then. I hope that I would have grown enough to see the answers as a thing of the past and a pointer towards the future. Also, hopefully I'll have realized some of the things I was worrying about were not worth worrying about. I think I'll be looking at a full time job. But I said that last year so we'll see haha.

I would think that I would be reflective of my answers when 2017 rolls around with my answers to this years questions. By answering these questions, it has forced me to take a moment to pause & think about something other than the "transactional / day to day" dealings of my everyday life & think a bit more long term. I would hope by just thinking about the longer term consequences of my actions today, I can look to make better decisions and maybe answer the questions a bit differently the next go around. It has definitely been a good first experience with this proccess.

I hope that a year from now my husband is still with me and has made progress fighting to recover his sense of identity from his traumatic past.

I don't even want to say. I've learned enough to know that all I can do is go about each day with as much wisdom as I can muster. I hope I keep that up.

I think, I hope, I pray, that I will feel grateful for wherever I am and that the previous year will have revealed more to the direction I hope to be moving towards. I hope that I will have experienced more meaningful moments in my relationships with others, more acts of kindness and forgiveness, and greater opportunities to study and sing professionally as a means of expressing my love of life and the gifts I've been given.

I hope I will be excited to see my answers! I hope that I will be looking back on how hard 2016 was and being thankful that 2017 isn't as bad. And I hope to be thankful that I made it to 2017 because 2017 rocks. I hope this time next year I will be studying my butt off for midterms at Simmons! I hope that I will be living on campus. I also hope I am managing my IBS and that I am not in too much or any pain. I also hope getting to that point wasn't too difficult.

I hope to feel more pleasantly surprised than I would have expected..... partially forgotten my expectations, "lost" in how wonderful life actually is. I hope to be generally more happy, satisfied with where I am as well as where others are at.

I think Id like to gain a deeper understanding of myself from these questions, and make my introspection more evidence-based. I hope I feel more positive about life, and more carefree.

I think I will look back at this period with either shame and embarrassment for having failed to get a job, or with amused eye-rolling over all the handwringing over getting a job. I will definitely feel a deep well of sympathy for the person who is answering these questions now. I hope that when I read this, no matter where I am with my life, I will be happy enough that I can mostly feel love and sympathy for my past self, not shame.

I'd like to be more optimistic.

I hope that I have new answers for the questions. It doesn't mean that I have met the answers but moved forward.

I hope that I will be here. I hope we all survive the next year.

The usual answer first..I hope my relationship with Eli..or with myself about him, will have continued to be more living and evolved. I would like a bit more clarity as to my spiritual work and where I am on the Path. In pretty sure that I'll be continuing to learn and be a kinder person. I hope I will have had and taken advantage of opportunities to love as fully as possible.

Truthfully, I'm not sure answering these questions will change the course of my life in any significant way. The issues that concern me are well known to me. How I'll feel is uncertain. Many of the issues will likely remain. I'm hopefully that some, perhaps many, will be lessened by attention and time. What I hope for my life is that I find peace and a sense of wholeness that is sometimes lacking.

I think I'll feel like I made incremental progress, hopefully most in the texting/driving department.

Hopefully the details will be different - more responsibility at work, healthier, more hobbies - but the feeling will be the same. As I type this, I am truly the happiest I've been in my entire life. I have a fulfilling job (although stressful at times...), a great group of friends who would do anything for me, and the sweetest, funniest, most caring guy who showers me with love each and every day. I never thought I deserved any of this, but here it is and I can't stop smiling. I can't wait to see how much better it gets from here.

I HOPE I'll have my life a little better put together. If the pet sitting thing doesn't pan out, I hope I know that and that I'm not still trying to MAKE it work. I hope my boys will be upstanding young men. I hope Jasper will have finally learned some doggy manners, and maybe he'll even have figured out flyball or agility or something! I hope Dan will have passed his final year of school (I'm sure he will!) and that things have settled down at his work. I want him to be happy, and if it's not at that job, maybe it needs to be a different one. I hope to have lost some weight, or at least toned up. I want to have a regular exercise routine - 1 to 2 times a week doing something for myself. I hope my grandparents are well-settled in their new place. I want grandma to be comfortable where she is. I hope to be more financially stable. I want our bank account not to go negative every single month. I hope we're happy and content, ultimately.

I hope that my life is happier, that I've moved forward personally and professionally, and that I'm managing to create a life I truly am happy to live.

I hope to be very healthy, physically active, emotionally healed, and strong on my práctica (as a Buddhist). I also hope to had been so sucesful at work that I have a new, much better posición. I started working at a nrw place on day 1 of the questions. Or, I would like To be working abroad with a NGO in social causes. I will be happier, healthier and wealthier!!!!!

I truly hope I am feeling better then than I do right now. I have maybe two friends in this area and one has her son and two grandchildren living with her. I just learned that her teenage grandson just committed suicide. I remember him this time last year in his Halloween outfit that she had sewn for him. This is so tragic. I wonder if he felt unsupported by his family? Why, why, why?? Not feeling to hopeful about my life or the condition of the entire planet and it's inhabitants. Don't know what to do about any of it. Need to stop here. Feeling to sad to communicate or be objective concerning any of our futures...

That i am in a better place personally. That i have a social life.

Every year when I revisit my 10Q answers, I make discoveries. About myself, about my view of the world, about the way things influence me and what I choose to prioritize. It's the reason I continue to engage in this practice, and it's something I look forward to each fall. Next year, I hope that I will find I've remained committed to myself, my career ambitions, and my family and friends. As I set out into the coming year, I strive to create and grab onto opportunities and adventures whenever possible, and when the year has past, I hope to reflect on my answers - old and new - to see that I've done so with gumption, tenacity, and heart.

I hope I am more relaxed since Emily will be back in the States, and I can stop worrying about her living in a third world country!

Reminiscing over our first year of parenthood!

I will have worked another year in Pain Management and even more of an expert. But mostly I will be in love with our new grandchild. Murray will be closer to retirement and I will be more worried about money lasting. BJ / Kim will be in the process of moving out and we will be discussing down sizing more seriously. I'm hoping Liz and Justus will be happy with their jobs and life. I'm hoping we all keep our health. I'm hoping we have a Democrat as president and more in the Senate- maybe even the house - and some meaningful legislature can be moved through congress. I'm hoping my nephew Eric overcomes his heroin problems and my brother and his wife are happier. I'm hoping my mom has a good year and keeps her health. If she doesn't , I may have to quit my job and this would make me sad.

I would like my health to be the same as now; that will determine my life a year from now.

I hope that I'll feel stronger and more accomplished and self-assured when I look back to this time and see how far I've come. I hope that by this time next year, I'll have plans underway, a clearer idea of how my next five years will proceed, and a more concrete role in this new place (both physical and metaphorical) that I find myself.

I think I will feel better about myself and about my decisions that led to Mike and I living in a new state with new jobs. I think Shelby will no longer be with us. She has been very elderly these past few months. But she is smart and strong mentally. We will see how she perseveres. I think I will feel relieved to be settled into this state and have made some friends. I am very comfortable here. Much nicer than Orlando already. I hope that by answering and thinking about these questions they will help me focus on a more positive future for me and my family. I expect my life to be better and happier and filled with family and friends. I hope to be moving into a real house and out of this noisy, crowded apartment complex. God has blessed us. I hope to use the lessons I have learned in life to make a better future.

I expect I will wonder at what I did not see coming, I will think about how world and national events intersected with my expectations. I hope that what I wanted to accomplish, I will have accomplished. I will be winding down at work and will be either totally excited or filled with dread and fear. I am hoping to be written in the book of life. We shall see. I did not talk about the big changes that probably will happen in our family, but there will be a lot of them.

I want to look at the answers and think, "Damn, I am in such a different place now!" for several of the answers at least. I want to feel like I have done a bit of living in between now and then. As opposed to preparing to live.

I think I will look back on these questions and feel much more clarity about life in general. Part of this depends on potential drastic life changes that should be on the horizon. I hope that my life changes significantly, and I will be severely disappointed if I am in a similar place physically and emotionally. I believe these questions will hold me accountable.

I hope Clinton will be president. I hope police will stop killing black people. I hope people will do better in their lives and be healthier. I hope the world will be safer and saner.

I hope that I feel more settled as a retiree. I hope that I am better able to find balance in all areas and that my husband and I will be in good health along with the rest of our family.

I think I will be surprised by how low I set the bar for myself although I know the answers I put down are the challenges I'm facing. I hope that I will have worked on being more compassionate as I think that is key to my relationship with son and husband. These questions are helpful because it is easy to put things off as I go about the mundane things of life. But to think about what is important and to carve out a new path toward those things is important. And it happens a little at a time. I better not be biting my nails in a year, dammit.

I hope that things are a little easier. I hope that Jeff and I are finished with long distance for good and are setting up a life together. I hope I enjoy graduate school or a new job and feel less pressure than I do in my current job as a corps member. I hope that I am continuing to grow up and like myself and my life more and more. I hope that I have maintained my friendships.

I think I've been in a really heavy fog the past few weeks. I hope I can recognize that in myself a year from now, and I hope I'm in a place where that version of myself feels unfamiliar. I hope I feel the joy and pride I usually feel about myself. I hope I feel excited about what's confirmed to be happening next. I hope the issues of this past year are total non-issues.

I hope that I will have found peace. I do not feel peaceful at the moment. If I am honest, I feel that I am simply existing. I have to be hopeful that every day a piece of my heart will heal. Hopefully I will be in a better place, my life may be in a better place. Without that hope, I could not carry on. I hope for happiness. Happiness and peace.

I think I will smile. It will probably feel like it has in past years: "how is it September already?!" combined with "yes, it has been a year, and I am glad to be here." I am also thankful that this exercise takes place each year during the Jewish High Holy days, because it gives me a chance to remember that others' religious holidays happen in the midst of busy life. We ought to be more accommodating. Any chance to reflect is always good. (Oh, and here's to President Clinton.)

I hope I have found more peace or at the very least found and practiced more peaceful moments in my life. And I hope I can share that with others.

I've been doing 10Q for a number of years now and not much has changed. I think I'll feel pretty much like I did last year -- a bit disappointed in myself but not surprised. I hope I've reached one of my goals for my writing or my goal for losing weight. In spite of that not super optimistic assessment, I like this yearly habit a lot. It does focus me. Assessing my situation and my actions yearly is a good thing. I hope I have many more years in which to do it.

I know all of my answers have revolved around my husband, and that is because he is the all consuming force in my life right now. I can not imagine living another year like this. My ultimate dream is that a year from now life will be better, our relationship will be better. More likely, I think a year from now I will look back and be sad.

I hope that I'll look at this year's 10Q - and all the shit that's still in the process of going down - and I'll think WOW, I made it through! Look at me now! I have no idea where I will be, but I know it won't be where I am. I can't wait to find out.

I tend to think that things won't be dramatically different. The house renovation will bring some order out of chaos and I'll be cooking more.

Hope I feel better and maybe living in a space of my own. The present work situation has been very life crushing, reducing, if not eliminating, any joy for living. So, yeah, I hope within a year I've moved on.

I hope I will be contented with my changes, easier and happier with life, and more in control of myself.

I hope I'll feel it was a positive, productive, healthy and loving year. I hope that our family will continue to be in a good place with enhanced communication and strengthened bonds between us. Those wishes are not new but hopefully reinforced throughout the comi.ng year.

I will be surpised, delighted, and excited at the changes I have made happen in my life. ME. no one else maybe I will be surprised by how different certain things are maybe I will be dating? who knows where I will be living but I think as I write this that maybe Oakland is the home I am looking for I will be employed in some kind of meaningful and at least fairly well payed full time job

I think Inwill feel bemused. I hope the difference will be my growth.

I suspect nothing much will have changed. But I hope I will be more relaxed, and more comfortable in my own skin. More confident in myself and my abilities. I hope I will like myself more. I hope I will be better at allowing myself to chill out and be happy with how I am living my life.

Next year I hope I am still living in my home and working in my school. I know that things havent worked out the way I thought they would but most of it hangs on money. I really wanted a lifestyle change and when I moved us to the mountains I thought it would work out but Im not so sure its going to. I had a 5 year plan but sometines the best plans dont work out. I really hope, if things dont work out as I planned, I am able to let go of everything I worked so hard for and move on gracefully.

The last thirteen years I was a slave to 'hope.' I realized I will not give up my personal power to any person or religious text in order to be a slave to 'hope.' If someone wants to be in my life, they will make an effort. If they don't show that they care in a form of an effort, they have their own issues by not explaining in the first place. I will not enslave myself to 'hope' that they will change. I don't have to change to meet anyone elses's criteria for their handed down enslavement in the form of 'hope.' I am happy with my own company, wherever I am situated. I don't need anyone to make me feel complete. I don't need religious commandments or religious rituals. They seem hopeless and leaves others feeling helpless. I believe something had to start all of 'this' world, but is that a 'G-d?' Maybe it is a delegated alien that handed the Torah down to the Jewish people. And some other higher authority is the real G-d. Will the real G-d come forth and explain all this nonsense that people call 'worship!' I didn't grow up with any of it. It seems like being tricked somehow. Adults believe this shit as if it were life or death. I don't believe in a messianic age, a magical messiah, or doing the tricks (commandments), like a circus puppy for some sort of reward. I know if I am chesed, lavish, and emet, things will be just fine.

I feel like a strong person and am grateful that I am in such fortunate circumstances, and I hope that I continue to keep growing in that direction. I hope my playing will be stronger and more colorful next year than it already is now as I am walking through life.

I hope that I organized, that I dared to fail, that I have respected all around me, and that I am comfortable with the human being that I have become. I'm a work in progress for sure, but I am now better than I've ever been. I hope I feel that way a year from now as well.

I think I'll come across as melodramatic and too hopeful, as usual. I hope I do achieve what I want to though.

I'm always at least a little excited to read what I wrote. I find my life usually drastically changes within the year, so I'm tickled at my previous responses. I know I'll be back in the states this time next year. I hope I can find a good job to start saving up for grad school in a place to live. I also hope I'll look at travelling differently now that I've lived abroad. There are so many places to see and experience. In short, I feel these questions have helped me further articulate, or at least think about how I want to live my life, through a lense of experiences, challenges and triumphs.

I hope that I will feel grateful for having gone through all that I did. I hope that I will have expanded my practice, learned to take real time off, and that my children all find their place in the world. By this time next year, Mark will have left for college and I really will have an empty house. That will be so different I cannot even begin to think about it.

I think I'll be in a much better place, which is a strange thing to stay, given that I really do have an awesome life. I think I'll feel really good about my year, because I know I am going to work hard to achieve the goals I have set for myself. My mind wanders very easily, and I always have certain ideas in my head, but sometimes questions like these help keep me on track. I will keep striving to be the best person I can be.

Oh, who knows. My predictions from last year were startling accurate, so that's a tough act to follow! Here's what I *know*: we will live in this lovely town in a great neighborhood with wonderful neighbor-friends for us and our kids. Our kids will still go to the same fantastic schools, and we'll still relish time together exploring the world. Our life will continue to revolve around them. Money will probably still be tight, so we'll still be stressed about making ends meet. I would *love* to hope that we will have both made strides in our careers and are in a better situation in terms of job security and finances. But I don't know if that's true. A girl can dream! Fall is always nuts for me -- I work in academia -- so I'm guessing I will still be frazzled and surprised when 10Q time rolls around again! We shall see.

It's hard to project myself forward like that. I'd like to have a grandchild by this time next year -- something I have no control over. As for something I can/could control myself -- I'd like to still be writing poetry and doing art.

I hope that I'll feel renewed and refreshed. I cannot predict the future, but I do hope I'm happier than I am right now. I hope my health is in good shape, I hope that I have a job I love, and that even if I'm not in a relationship, I've had some meaningful people in my life.

I hope I'll be much more at peace, I think I'll be much more energetic, and prepared to contribute. I hope I'll have no excuses left. Sincerely I do.

I think I will feel proud of what I have achieved. I hope to feel that I have taken more steps towards being my own person. I am in growth mode. The past year has allowed me the time for introspection, the feeling and releasing of a lot of buried pain. I hope that by next year, I will be even further along to being a successful happy person, actualized, confident, vibrant. I have undertaken the project of a lifetime .... I am happy to be on this road.

I hope I'll laugh and recognize that I don't need to be there anymore, and that I will have moved on to new and more interesting questions.

When next year rolls around I expect to be surprised. I will be able to lock back and find that I have been easier on myself and allowed myself to be in the moment and enjoying life often enough that it feels like the natural state of things.

I want to really feel like I am loving myself. I think I will know that I am feeling that if I am really taking care of myself and if I am treating people I am in relationships with really well. I want to feel more confident in my path to medicine (getting science more, shadowing, volunteering, and really just carving out my identity and story to tell for medical school application). I just want to have overall continued on my path of being my true self and doing what is right for me.

Obviously I hope I will feel better and more hopeful. What a stupid question this is - how should it be answered. This whole exercise has been kind of lame and could be made more edgy and creative.

I think we'll be planning our winter garden, thriving in this place, this community, and growing always closer.

I will feel like I was in a troubled place in 2016 and hopefully glad to be in a more stable situation, both professionally and romantically. I will either have moved forward in my relationship, or it will have ended on a positive note. I will have figured out if I want to piecemeal a living and be free to have some fun, or dedicating myself in a new direction. I hope I wil have come to terms with my age! As a result of answering these questions? Hmmm. Probably not a big impact.

I think I'll feel either pleased or sad, depending on how my career plans shake out.

I hope I will feel relived that I have achieved most of my goals. I will have a better job, be healthy, and loving life. I want to see that i took in the advice that love ones have given me and i have turned my life around. I want to wake up every day excited about starting the day and going to sleep knowing I've done good. I like answering these questions and looking back on my life and seeing what I have improved on.

God I just hope I have learned better to stop and pause before responding thoughtlessly to people and situations. I almost always regret impulsive speech and decisions. I hope I'll understand better the places where impulsivity and creativity intersect and learn to distinguish between the two. A year from now, I think I'll feel a bit more sane.

I hope I have a clearer direction: a plan, a better way to make money, perhaps more friends or even a relationship happening. I hope I have accomplished other goals as well. May I let go of what is best to relinquish and hold on to what is best to keep. May all beings benefit.

i pray that I will have heard God for myself and those around me. As a result, I'm hoping that I will have taken more chances.

I hope that reading the questions next year will find me content that I found ways to reach towards new things without losing sight of all the joy found in each day. I hope that there are surprises that await me so that some of what I said seems different because of what I have found in the year to come. But most of all I hope I have found the ability to be grateful for all the little things that are in each day. Now on to a new year and new adventures.

I'll still be in law school, but I will be in my very last year. I think I'll feel like I've had a challenging year that has forced me to grow. I hope I'll be more settled as a person and feel like I'm ready to embark on the next adventure - life outside the classroom.

I'm hoping that in a year I'll be in a much better place with a little more direction. I feel like I'm in that pregnant phase where I'm just waiting on all the work I'm doing to turn into something wonderful. I'm hoping that it does. I hope in a year I look back on all my trouble, struggle, and anxiety and see how it was all worth it and how it didn't kill me but, instead, made me stronger. I hope I am happy.

I hope that by next year I will have made progress on some of the goals I have described. At that point, my husband will have become the director of the school we teach at. I hope that he is as happy in this role as he anticipates. I hope that between our child growing a year older and more independent and his new position, he is a happier person and that we have grown closer and found a better work/life balance.

I hope that I'll be surprised by how I have succeeded my goals and expectations and continue to be connected to the world and people around me in significant and meaningful ways. I hope that I can look back at the preceding year as a year of growth.

I have no idea. I remember when I first answered this question 2 years ago, and the things I was thinking about then are dramatically different than what's on my mind now. I know that I have a tendency to make grandiose plans and goals and then drop them when it's inconvenient, so I hope that I'm able to follow through with some things that I am proud of this year.

I will enjoy reading them. I keep a journal anyway. So it has been interesting, but I don't think much will have changed because of this.

I hope that I like my job more. I hope that I have been given wisdom and strength to help the teachers be able to help the most difficult kids, and I hope I'm starting next school year out on a more positive and less stressful note. I hope to have found that the Nurtured Heart Approach is the answer!

I hope, HOPE I'll feel a little less angry and a little more at peace.

ravenswood is in full flight let's see what the year brings-- with luck hrc is prez!

By this time next year, I will have passed my 70th birthday and hope to feel somewhat easier in my mind. Somehow the year before the beginning of a new decade seems so important as you look back and think that you have done nothing important in your life. However, life does go on and I am going looking for love everywhere I travel, everything I read and every time I meet someone new.

I hope I'll feel proud. I might be married by this time next year which is so exciting! It will change my life in big and small ways, which I'm also ready for. I'm optimistic I'll feel good about how far I've come, what I've achieved, and understanding about the work I will inevitably have left to do.

I hope that all the abundance I am manifesting will be in my life and excited to embark on a new expansion of my heart and life.

I hope I will feel compassion for myself and where I was in my life as I answered these questions. I hope I will be in a place of a little more clarity and will be able to say "yes, I did do that!" to some of my hopes!

I hope that I am the father of a beautiful little baby girl. She will be 6 months old at the point. I think I feel relieved that everything that well. I'll also,look back at the answers to the questions and remember what a hard year it was for me and my family with Ethan dying. I don't think we and I will ever be the same because of that. Maybe I'll have done more reflection on what his death means and how it has effected me. I also hope that by 2017 I have really invested in myself and not been so hard on myself. I apologized for being mean to myself this year and hope I was better in 5777 about knowing my limits.

Not a clue. I can only hope I'm here!!

I hope that things have changed in such a way that all women feel they are being heard and respected more. So, when I look at my answers, I hope I see that this really was a turning point for me and how I helped make that happen. I hope my husband and I have turned a corner too, to a more loving and understanding marriage. And I hope that when I think of the people that my niece left behind, that I see them healing, that we found a way to remember her and keep her close without being suffocated by our sadness of her being physically gone. I hope we all find our ways to fight the pain, fight the confusion, fight the heartache. I don't know yet how to do that except to make new memories, live new moments, so that the good memories fall down on this awful loss, like the snowflakes we all witnessed in Tahoe, our last time together. I hope these new memories create a blanket that is as peaceful as what she saw there in those days.

Oh my goodness!!!!! I am so excited at the thought of this!!!!! I feel as though my life is in my hands and for the first time in my life I am in the driver's seat. I hope that by the time September 2017 rolls around I am healthy. Meaning my mental illness is under control, my panic is attacking all the time, my deep dark scary thought are a bay and I feel alive. I hope that by the time September 2017 rolls around I am physically healthy as well. I hope to have lost a good amount of weight (upwards of 90 pounds) and eating a healthy, well balanced, probably gluten free diet, making sure to eat frequently and drink enough water. NO MORE COKES!!!!! I can't wait to read these answers next year. Bring it 5777!!!!!

As always, I hope all of my "dreams and wishes" come true. I hope that my family and I have sorted out our housing issues. I'm hoping that we're fostering some dogs. And I desperately hope Trump isn't elected president. I like how 10Q forces me to take time to reflect.

I don't really know; I've never done something like this before. I hope I remind myself of something I'd like to do, and I hope I'm in a better place mentally as well as business-wise. I hope future me is less stressed, and more content with where she's headed.

I think I'll laugh, maybe cry. It'll be my senior year of high school so I'm not quite sure what I'll do with myself. All I hope is that I don't regret anything because I'll never be able to do it over again.

Hopefully I will be debt free again And the pool will have much more filtration and be easier to clean I hope I will feel secure in our marriage, and that We feel more like a team I will have another new grand baby by September And hope my youngest daughter has found her Husband And I hope to be more fit and lost weight and kept It off And better skin care

I want to be happier. I want to be in a better place. All-in-all, I just want to be more aware of the good that is done around me, and to participate in those positive actions too.

Hope they'll all be true by that time.

I think I'll feel curious and laugh a bit about some of my responses but also wonder why certain things that worry me around the world have not really worked out or changed. Also i tend to judge myself a bit so probably will be analytical about what I said I wanted to do and didn't. I think it's a great reflection process and it just makes you exercise different ways of looking at time and expectations.

I think I'll feel better about the world than I do right now. I think our business will be more stable, I'll be smarter about doing this, and that'll I'll start each day knowing exactly where I'm supposed to be and why.

When September 2017 comes down the road, I believe that I will feel surprised. I think I will feel like I am opening up an extra Christmas present hidden under the tree from a distant great-aunt that I had forgotten about. For the last ten days, my mind has wondered what the next Q10 prompt will be. By this time next year, these writing exercises will probably be a distant memory. Hopefully by this time next year I will be focused on fitting in at college and developing the new routines that will serve me well over the next four years. Reading these answers will most likely make me feel nostalgic about my senior year in high school. Some of the questions pertained to my feelings at that time, whereas other ones made me contemplate my possible future course of actions or interests. Most of the Q10 questions were quite thought provoking and made me reflect about myself in ways I had not in the past. I have never kept a diary in my life but these answers will provide a personal time capsule of my feelings on a variety of topics. The first Q10 question pertained to a significant event in my life up to that point in time and I wrote about an ill aunt with whom I am very close. I pray that at this time next year she will be doing well. Two of the questions pertained to an achievement I would strive for and how I would like to improve myself. By next September, I will be able to critically assess how well I performed in these two tasks. Would I have actually put a sincere effort in achieving those goals or was I just giving lip service to an English writing assignment? Time will tell. In one of the questions, I wrote about learning more about the cause to help protect the world’s oceans. As I enter the broader world of my college education, I wonder what other worthy causes will pique my interest. Hopefully, as I meet new students and interesting professors, I will come across a course of study or a cause that I can feel passionate about.

I hope I'll feel a lot more relaxed and happy. I hope I will look back and know that this is just a period of learning and growth in a very unique time of my life. I wonder if I'll feel more settled away from home. Hopefully these answers will give me some perspective. I can't imagine another year going by.

I hope that I will feel differently than I do now. I hope I will be able to point to actions that I took and reflect on them positively, and not be so full of self-recrimination. I hope that I will have some compassion for the anxious woman that I am now an be able to vie her from a more peaceful place. I am grateful for this record, and this practice, and I am proud of myself for having taken these steps - especially tonight, in pain over this foot and tired - that I finished them so that they will all be there, all 10, next year when I return. I am glad this record will be there, for me and for Naftali one day. I love my boy so much. I want to leave enough behind of what i thought and felt so that if god forbid he doesn't have me at least until he's an adult he can still know me and my heart.

I would like to begin by saying that is not the first time that I have participated in a “time capsule” writing project. I revel in the fact that they choose to ask this as the last question. I think this is intentional, a concerted effort to avoid people not being fully expressive because of the enviable return of their responses. So how do I think I will feel next year? First let us assume that I do in fact receive and read them, instead of deleting them which is the much more likely reality. Second, let us set the scene, I am most likely at college (nothing is 100% after all) settling my first semester, most likely beyond busy and fairly confused: the perfect time for serious reflection. I seriously doubt the majority of goals or self-improvements that I listed will be accomplished, the only resolutions I pretend to keep for two weeks are the ones at New Years. Many of these objectives are lifelong endeavors, which only two types of people have ever completed: the ones who quit and liars. I do want to improve, but I am also not going to set unrealistic standards just to disappoint myself by falling short by a wide margin. The last time I did this was in sixth grade, and we wrote a letter to our graduating high school selves. Now I will not be getting my letter because a classmate stole it and loudly announced its contents, much to my embarrassment, and promptly destroyed the document. Even better, this time my responses get seared into the unforgetting Internet of things; can you feel my excitement? By answering these questions I hope that I can transition to a mindset of learning or change. I understand that altering habits will not be simple, enjoyable, or occur in a short timeframe. I expect to face setbacks, failure, and at times completely give up. I also plan on running the infinite treadmill of self improvement till the day I die, so why not get on now.

More time for reflection, fun, spotenaity

I think I'll feel the weight of a year having gone by. I grabbed my computer to fill this out when I said "hmm let me think of positives that happened this year. let me think of other things aside from the one negative that usually looms around yom kip (amanda) and I thought "traveling to patagoina...." then it hit me, that was more than a year ago. Last September, I was in New York. A month into my life here. So, what really has gone on this one year of life in NYC? I'll probably feel a lot of love for myself, I will probably feel like "oh look at her, she was so naive, so lost" but typing that makes me feel more in control. this i like. I hope I'm doing more meaningful work. In relation to these questions, I think they will provoke my thoughts and I hope leave a mark and lead to more reflection beyond tonight.

Each year I feel good with how the year has evolved and me along with it. Next year I'd like to be more confident in an ever expanding role working with fun and engaging challenges that bring out the best in me and all those around me. I see my family continuing to grow love and nurture each other.

I think I will be sad remembering this as the year I lost dad and all that means to me. I hope I will b healthy and happy otherwise - engaged, taking care of myself, meditating abnd doing lots of yoga. I hope I'm more present and nicer.

I think I'll look back and hopefully be astonished at how much I accomplished that I hadn't even imagined yet in this moment. That's how it's been in the last year. I wanted to get good sleep and a little physical activity and work on my mental health. I have overshot all of those goals. This year, I want to keep up the good work on growing in those ways, but also turn my focus to mindfulness and spirituality, which should support my other goals. I hope I'll feel proud when I look back. I think answering these questions has been part of a larger, ongoing inquiry into personal growth that I've been doing over the last few months. OT school has helped. It keeps me reflecting, and keeps giving me ideas of how to help.

I hope I'll feel much more optimistic and overall joyful by the time I read my 2016 answers. It was a rough summer, and I hope all of those memories will be in the distant past by the time 9/2017 rolls around.

I know that my circumstances will be somewhat different by this time next year. I will turn 65 in December, enrolled in Medicare, and continue winding down my career as a geriatric social worker and psychotherapist. If all goes well, our 5th grandchild will be thriving and I will still have the energy to enjoy the children and help our daughters with their growing families. Even though I would like to believe that answer these questions has helped me to shape a more meaningful life, I suspect that much about my personality is fixed. It will remain hard for me to slow down unless some health problem intervenes which makes slowing down a necessity. I will most likely continue to suffer from some degree of FROT and FOMA. Hopefully I can harness my existential angst in more healthy than harmful ways, staying full of awe for small daily miracles, letting go of hassles and disappointments, and using my energy to spread kindness and love in my small world.

I am always surprised by response of the previous year. I hope that I would have taken a bolder stance to overcome my empathy of others. Specifically realizing that being a little selfish is "OK" when i've worked so hard to accomplish where I am today. I hope to state that I was proud to vote for TRUMP who is model for me to achieve this balance. I am proud to have achieved success in my work, my life, and my family. I seek the validation of it all through bold actions, and the acceptance of it all by GOD.

Satisfied that I was able to achieve some of my goals and realize some of my intentions.

I think I'll feel more at ease with the decisions I'm facing right now. Hopefully I'll feel like a lot of my questions right now will be settled by then, and I won't feel like I have so many lose ends. I have no idea whether I'll be living in Brasil or the U.S., and I have no idea whether I'll be in a loving relationship. That's a little unsettling, but I'm sure things will work out alright, as they usually do.

I should be in my new home, with fewer worries and more time to make art. I'd like to be see some new forms that I've created and that I am proud of.

September 2017 is either a virtual eternity from now or fast approaching, depending on how my school year progresses, so my prediction may be a bit off. Regardless, since my 10Q account is linked to my school's email account, and since my school may or may not delete accounts of former students, there is a chance that I won't receive my answers from this year's 10Q. Either way, freshman year as an undergraduate may overwhelm me to the point of discarding any desire to read my responses, even if I do receive them. But, if I have the time and the urge, I will probably reflect upon my last year of high school more so than on the writings themselves. In an odd sense, remembering the threat of being overwhelmed by the throes of senior year will be a comforting reminder of how all things come to pass. College preparatory education in the modern age tends to focus too greatly on preparing us for undergraduate school that we often let go of letting go occasionally, even if for a mere breath of fresh air and a moment of refocusing. Actually, that might just be the workload I placed on myself. [long sigh] Based on the retrospective nature of these paragraphs, I hope I'll be a bit less stressed due to this consistent barrage of assigned writing. All sarcasm aside, taking the moments to reflect on the past has grounded me somewhat from the fast-paced reality in which I live, in which we all live. It'll be nice to live day to day sometimes and appreciate the present in front of us instead of preparing for the uncertainty of tomorrow. With that said, I do have a checklist of sorts: win some regattas, get accepted into a college with substantial merit aid, do something worthwhile like change the world, fall in love, and settle down. But as of now, I'll take life in stride; it's less pressure that way.

I think I'll feel like I made a shit load of progress. I think I'll have transformed my life and my goals and my dreams like I never have before. I will live consistent and persistent to my values. I think and hope my life will encompass a human being that is much closer to my essence of loving force. I will have deprogrammed a lot of my "bad habits" or "destructive behaviors" and constructed the ideological me that I always knew I was capable of being- living my human potential. I do believe my financial personal will have transformed, I will live in abundance and I'll have a better sense of my sexuality. There will be more love compassion and joy

I will probably be surprised. I hope my life is different in a positive way and that I am finding new ways to enjoy it every day. Last year was negative and challenging, I hope that this year is better. I will continue to strive to make each day count instead of simply counting the days.

I am hoping our nation will be safe from a Trump Presidency, that I a continuing to explore retirement in satisfying ways, and that I have found peace with my shifting family relationships.

Through these answers to a wide variety of questions, I will be able to decipher my sentiments of this first few days in October 2016 and also my potential desires for my future. Due to the multiple questions that were asked about the status of my future, when I look back at my answers in September 2017 I can definitely decide whether I fulfilled these desires or not. I will also feel nostalgic due to the fact that in September 2017 I will be in a place completely different from B.C. High, and my high school will be in my rear view mirror. I am certain that many of the elements within my answers will give me flashbacks to this crucial time during quarter 1 and the events that happened during fall of 2016 that altered my life forever. As a result of carefully answering the questions over the past 10 days, I hope to be at a point in my life where I could answer these same 10 questions with completely different, fresh ideas. In other words, by this time next year I will have hoped to do the majority I predicted with these questions, this furthering my experiences during my short time here on this earth. As my experiences increase, my passions are redefined and thus I am able to pursue different topics than the ones stated in my answers to these questions. I also hope that I change the overall way that I approach life, and I can effectively do this by implementing parts of the many answers to my questions more and more into my daily routine and create this trend of reshaping my own path at any time I want. Lastly, due to the answers I have provided during this 10 day period in October of my senior year, I think my life will have a set of reference notes or guidelines if I ever get into a phase in which I don't know what to do with my life, career, etc. With these questions, I will be able to continually refresh the vitality of the purpose of my life regardless of what phase I am in.

I think as usual I will be surprised I completed them and I will feel grateful for having finished the exercise. I like looking back at what I was thinking and feeling, seeing what I thought was important. I hope what will be different is that I will be more disciplined. I hope I will be more hopeful and that america will have come to realize how foolish we had been even to Consider Trump as a worthy candidate for public service. I hope I will be more present. I hope I will have gotten laid.

I hope I am surrounded by all my family and friends and we are all healthy and growing. I pray our world is positively growing and healthy as well. My dally is adjusting and settling down.

I'm afraid that nothing will have changed in a year. I hope something will. In my head the way I've answered these questions has seemed like the way I've felt/thought for many years. So some forward progress would be a big deal. I might think I'm too full of myself - sometimes I'm nothing but introspective and find myself getting sick of thinking about myself. I don't know if I'll change much as a result of these questions, but we'll see.

I feel grateful and humble having accomplished so much and lived another year. I will be a better follower of Christ, a better husband, a better father, a better son, a better brother and better leader of my team. I have deeper friendships, active in my community and grew my network in business.

I'll remember what October feels like. That feeling that Blanche is taking the Cubs all the way to the World Series. I will know myself better and it will serve a greater purpose than what I can imagine in helping others.

Intrigued. There's always also that slightly surprised feeling. It's already that time of year again? I hope these questions help solidify my intentions for the year, so they're present in my mind.

I hope that this coming year I will be more proactive about going for the things that I want .. I hope I've managed to make it slightly calmer with more 'goals' in site. I think that answering these questions will give me a snapshot of time a year ago, which will be interesting (& sense of space of mind at the time). May it be postive.

I wonder if I'all have diabetes by the time next year rolls around. Or cancer? I hope I can get my way out of my rut and into spending more quality time with myself and with Leo and David. I want to really see my goal me and shoot for that. Invest the time and energy into it. Really enjoy my relationships. And get enough sleep. I hope I'm on a really good path by this time next year. Not so lost and automated. Self actualized and healthy, and happy.

I think that during the course of the year I will act on some of my goals and wishes. I also think that I will be stronger physically and emotionally. I think I will have resolved issues and moved on. I think I will be happier about making more time for grandchildren. I think my relationship with my partner will be strengthened and I will be better at acknowledging her meaning in my life. I hope that my life continues to grow with family and friends.

I hope in the back of my mind I will know that I have to be accountable to myself and just take the steps necessary to accomplish what I want to do. No procrastination. I pray for the health, knowledge and belief in myself to accomplish what I want to in the next year.

I hope I am feeling more happy and hopeful. I'm hoping that I will feel accomplished and more confident as a teacher. I also hope that I will have done at least some of the things that I set out to, that I'm feeling better about where I am in life. Happier would really be better.

Tired. Well, hopefully not. But probably tired. Overcoming another struggle. There has been so many years of struggle, tonight I don't see that getting any easier. With Graham every time I think, maybe, just maybe he's going to be okay, something else happens. There have been too many years of this. So September, hopefully I will have some progress, at least with myself and maybe my life will be less stressful, maybe it won't, but maybe I will be better able to deal with it. Last year I had this grand dream of a beautiful space of my own, a loving relationship without financial worries. I don't really have that dream anymore. Now I hope my frame of mind will be more settled, that wherever I end up that I will have some measure of peace in myself. With a beautiful space or without, with a loving relationship or without. That's it, I would like in September 2017 to find a measure of inner peace. Anything on top of that will be gravy.

I don't know what 2017 will bring but I think the questions provide a moment to pause and think about life. And when life is so busy it's nice to slow down and reflect.

Maybe 10Q is a way to guide personal, long-term changes. But probably not lol ㅋㅋㅋ (typed this as a reminder to future self that we survived living in Korea for 6 months and, much to our surprise, we enjoyed it)

I hope I can look at my answers and feel joy for reaching the potential I set for myself, sorrow for the distances I could've reached yet inhibited myself from, and curiosity as to how those became my answers and why I would want to pursue them. I want to explore, to create myself and to understand who I'd like to be. I want to live in radical amazement and cherish the 86,400 seconds I'm given each day. That's where I'd like to be.

I hope I will feel like I have carried through a lot of the things I have learned in 2016. Because there is a lot! I also hope that I will have taken some pressure off myself somewhat, so that I can enjoy life without being too burdened by that crippling feeling of 'what if?'.

I hope I'm happier than I am right now

I hope I will be feeling that I have had a healthy and productive year in which I have continued to reflect, grow, challenge myself to be the best mother, partner, professional I can be. I hope I will be feeling as fulfilled as I do today in all of my roles, and that I will feel the gratitude I do today as well. I hope I will have done an a better job of taking care of my physical health in terms of nutrition and exercise.

When i see someone that I havent seen in a long time,i have noticed that my answer is that ' nothing has changed!not a thing!'this is a wonderful thing bc my life is truly blessed.but i do not wish to be stagnant.yes i am Moving forward spiritually.but for 10 years i have been stagnant relationally and this is not what is meant for mankind.i cannot put into practice what my hopes are if i do not invest in LIFE!

I hope I am still here. In Los Angeles. Working as a writer, actor, or host. I hope I've grown and feel happy and challenged with where I'm at. I hope I've found myself in a new and big way with the changes and transitions I'm currently going through. I think I'll feel like some of my answers are too earnest or not articulated well-enough. I think I'll cringe at what feels like too much emotional rambling and not enough structure. I hope I'll feel, looking back, that I'm a better writer than I am today. Though I push myself to do a lot of personal exploration, the questions have been so helpful in zeroing in on my goals, fears, changes in a time that marks one of the biggest shifts in my life - I feel on the move - if I want to be, if I push myself to be - and this exercise helps me frame things to really see what's on my mind and what matters to me the most. I'm most interested to see if I'm with anyone and what my perspectives on love, dating, relationships, and family are. That to me feels like the thing that is the most unpredictable - and exciting in that way (unpredictable, a catalyst, a flash of light), as it could carry my life to a new place, shape, and color that I can't possibly fathom right now.

Keep healing.

I hope more than anything that Trump will not have been elected POTUS. Never mind that I have an utter lack of faith in his abilities and fear of his xenophobic and misogynistic views. I also fear hatred/violence hurled toward the US from across the globe. Is that an anti-hope? Sounds so negative. I do also hope that Hillary Clinton will be POTUS, as that has been my dream for quite some time. This election year has not done justice to her wisdom and skills. It's an insult to her that she has to compete against this bumbling fascist.

Maye surprised that not so much has changed. Maybe disappointed that I did not make as much progress in my personal development as I wished. Hopefully thankful after all.

I feel like I'll be interested to see what I felt at this time and how far I have or have not come from this place. I hope I can appreciate the ebb and flow of life, and learn from my own insightful reflection of my feelings so as to more fully be authentic and aware of myself and how I affect others, as well as how I can affect change in areas of the world which I recognize need it.

I feel that my family will have changed for the positive during the 2016-2017 year (5777). I know I will feel that I have done everything I possibly could have done to bring positive change to my son's life though his experiences with his exchange brother. I would hope thatI had been able to participate in activities that made me feel whole, supported and valued. I find these questions help me reflect on who I am directing my life or if I am allowing others to influence my life. It helps me to stop, collect my thoughts and rejoin the flow with insights and hope.

I am hoping that I will be in a good place, healthy and happy. That includes hoping to have lost some weight, and still having a wonderful time with Glen. My ties to Judaism remain strong, and that will not change. I am hopeful that Glen may join me a little more in some of my temple activities.

I hope to have regained some balance next year, and to be able to look back and say ït was all worth it". In a year's time my life will have changed quite drastically: I'll live in a different city, hopefully work less, draw more, have once more the time to develop my skills and talents. Moreover I hope to give my friends the attention the so deserve, be a loving partner to my wonderful Man, and a friend and tutor to my sweet Bonus Daughter. Oof, that's quite alist, isn't it? ; )

I love 10q and every year i am surprised by last year's answers. I am on the right track. I hope i continue to grow and learn and become the kinder more generous person i want to be.

I hope I'll feel that I had great wisdom and insight this time last year!! I hope that I'll be tracking well at work... with family... with my relationship ... spiritually ... I don't hope anything will be dramatically different, but rather this fun, interesting trajectory that I'm on will continue its gradual upward trend!

Well, when I got last year's answers, I cried, because I still feel exactly the same way about how shitty my health is and what I want to change so I can have the life I want. Reading my answers, it felt like I'd moved forward maybe an inch in the entire year, despite REALLY REALLY REALLY hard work. That was a huge blow. That said, I'm going to keep at this Sisyphean task, and I will grit my teeth and push the boulder up the mountain and hope that when I see these answers in 2017, I have made a huge jump forward, compared to this past year. Maybe I'll have saved up a bunch of money. Maybe I'll have improved my health and made friends and gotten my business going. Or maybe I'll have moved into a calmer, nicer home, and I'll have gotten a better hang of my shitty health, and that'll be a great step. I'm learning that setting deadlines is not good for me. I'm also learning that things move much more slowly than I want them to. I have to remember that they DO move, though. I'm not stagnating, I'm not dead.

The same as last year: where has my spiritual side gone? I'm excited that this time next year I'll be so close to a real job and starting to be an adult.

FFS and I are at a save place and our (unborn) son and my 1st son are holding us in our arms (living close to family & friends) and looking forward to Joao - our "wish daughter"!

I think I'll feel about the same. I hope that I'll see that I worked toward better relationships with people I currently perceive as "other".

I hope to feel different that I do know, that something positive has happened in the past year and that maybe thinking about these questions helped inspire that.

i hope that having to think about this stuff might be the catylist that starts the changes in my life

I fear that nothing will have changed, my greatest hope is that it has. Either way I hope I am at peace with myself and that, in and of itself, will be an accomplishment. " You've got this! "

I hope that I will fee more optimistic. There is always a sense that the other shoe will drop. I am hoping to let fear not drive my decisions. I hope I will have this anemia under control. I hope that I will not have to bury my parents. Especially my dad. His stomach is causing me concern.

I hope that I will not have made the same mistakes. I will be scared that I have. I will be surprised if I haven't because I don't believe yet that I am strong enough not to That my heart is with whom it needs to be with, and him alone That I am able to eat 3 meals a day That my family are healthy That I have made peace with Kate and their relationship and that I have no resentment towards the choices that he makes. That I am kind and supportive and a sister to him as he is a brother to me. That I find a way, not only to tolerate her but to like her, and that we can foster a real closeness. I hope that I am able to heal the fractures in my relationships with my family due to my fear of letting go or my dependence on them or my anxiety about growing up and leaving them behind and being an adult and no longer needing them in the ways I have done. I hope I can tread that transition sensitively and consciously and that my bonds with them strengthen as a result, even if my physical or emotional distance is greater. I hope that I have been more authentic with my friends - lied less, bent the truth to get out of things I don't want to do, capitalised on my job in order to avoid certain things. I do not want to be the sort of person who is deceitful to the people they love the most. I want to be authentic and good and radiate goodness and role model goodness and feel sturdy and confident and proud of the decisions I am making. I want to have spent less time performing the comedy of my life and more time just vulnerably and openly living it

Oh god, well I hope that I'll feel like this has inspired me to start tackling these things! Hopefully I don't look at this and feel as though I've wasted another year avoiding my shit.

I imagine I'll feel much like I do each year – curious, eager, surprised, excited, and slightly disappointed at what I had failed to fulfill. I'll also be one year older, and so I also imagine that my reaction to these responses will, like each past year, differ still. I'll be more open, more calm, or perhaps more compassionate towards myself as I consider the opportunity to reflect and reconsider.

I think I'll feel that not much has changed. Obviously my answers won't be the same next year, since so many of this year's answers were related to the past year in Russia. But at a fundamental level, I expect to find that I'm still struggling with the same things, and still hoping for more or less the same things.

I hope to be more focused on what I am doing and that I have achieved a reasonable amount of the goals that I set for myself.

I have a feeling that somw of my answers i wont remember that this is what i answered.. some of it i will be still dealing with those issues though will be also after a process and will have much more exampls from the past year of 2017 ... I will be probably longing for my time here in burma... i have a feelimg i will be in israel. Or maybe will be abroad workign for an ngo? I think i will be in a work that i like in osrael actually. I think that in a way i am always thinking about ot in onw way or another, reflecting on all of those issues in some frame.. so i dont know if i will be in a different olace due to this specific reflection. For the moment i saw it also as a nice reflection opperatunity. A mind trainimg and wishful thinking. I do hope thouhh that i will feel that all of those thinhs that i was writing is about had been go through a transformation process for mw and that i did acumplished to concer some of those issues that more troubeled me. Amd comoliting it i hope that i will reacj to the olaces i wish to be in... i wish i will be reading it at home wjere i live. In nature. In a community that i appreciate and feel part of. Feel at home. Hopefully part of the ecome community. That i would be earning money for things i love and inspiered to work in and that i more clear with myself about my way. Maybe i will share it with my partner that i will be with... mayby... so many maybys... i am on such a point that i found it soooo impossible to imagin where and what will be with me. So i think that now i wish to aim for the way rather than he goal. I wish that i will enjoy the way untill september 2017, with a lot of mindful steps along theway to checkin with myswlf what is REALLY right for me. And that that will be my moving motivation. I hope slso that when i will be reading this very lines i would look back and think amazed, "wow, what a year... i would never imagine it will turn out this way'... and will have a big inner smile for it. :)

I don't think these questions really change my life, but I enjoy them as a spiritual practice of reflection and inventory. I will be glad that I've lived another year to reach the date when the questions begin again. I hope I will have more equanimity in my life, more loving relationships, and I will have gained more mastery around those middot which are still out of balance for me.

I hope I will smile after reading them. I hope I will be a better Human Being in the World than last year. I hope I overcame some obstacles, accomplish some things, and helped others, but knowing new issues will emerge that I have to deal with. I feel putting down answers to questions like these is good because it helps me think about them and see how I respond. Maybe just maybe I will remember them better and will do something that I dont like in me or the World. I am a better person for this.

Although i did follow through on Loretta Cupcake becoming a Certified Therapy Dog, i seem to be super stagnated on this whole " growing old alone/spinster" fear... i hope to learn to be happy with it like i am with the rest of my life. It's the only part of my life that i'm not happy with. I'm so lucky in every way... JUST BE JOYOUS!!!

I'm hoping that I'll feel as though I've accomplished a huge goal in my life by completing my degree. I probably will feel tired but relieved and in need of a good amount of vacation. I'm sure I'll feel grateful for the gift of Cher's continued health (and mine). I'll feel as though I have options for the future - as though a world of possibilities has opened up. Who knows? Perhaps I'll decide NOT to take a full-time job and simply relax!

I expect to feel happy and excited to see my answers, as always. First off I hope we do not have a tyrannical misogynist sociopath for a president, so I will still be living in my beautiful barn. I hope I have reached at least some of my lofty goals written in these answers. I think I will be healthier and happy about that.

I look forward to seeing them and hope life is as good next year as it is today. I know and appreciate every day what a wonderful life I have. I know there are days that feel tough but overall I live a blessed and awesome life. I hope I feel the same way next year.

I hope I am continuing my self exploration. I hope Rob and I reconnect, and go back to being the way we were at the beginning when we first met. I honestly think I will continue on the path I started on this year, and will be a much better person, more in tune with myself by this time next year.

I would like to be in a place where I am happy in my abilities and where they are recognized and valued by people I recognize and value. I hope to always have some room for play. I hope to act more from a place of joy and less from a place of fear.

I'm working for a community action agency, and I am an employment case manager. I''m a little worried about what happens after May, because I fear that if we don't move now, we never will. I'm afraid that I will never be able to stay home with our Children; I'm worried that we may never have children. My fears are all about the future. God says: " Do not worry about tomorrow, tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough worry of its own" Matthew 6:34... Today! I need to instead focus on what I can do today. What am I going to do today that will make me a better wife, a more responsible adult, successful in my career, what can I do today to prepare for the future; what can I do today to enjoy my Present. THIS is the Day that the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it.

I hope that in September 2017, when I read these, I'll be kind to the Past Self who wrote these answers, and understand what he went through that month. As a result of thinking about and answering these questions, I hope I'll have more consistent creative habits by this time next year, which if not productive in my career, at least will connect me with what has been, since I was a kid, the only consistent source of spiritual nourishment in my life.

I hope September looks different from this one. I hope we have another reasonable person in the White House, rather than a demonstrably unstable oaf. I hope things will have gotten better, not just for myself but for those I love and those who are suffering more than I am. And I hope that I will be happier both with myself and with my position in life (especially job stuff).

I hope that I don't look back wistfully thinking how perfect things were. I imagine that things when I'm reading this in Oct 2017 will be tough. I'm starting up on my own.. Money is going to be tough, living at home is going to be tough.. god knows what will be happening on the relationship front.. But whatever it is, I want me to remember what I was feeling at this moment. HOPE! FORWARD! the night is darkest before the dawn!

I think I might feel like I rushed them a little. I hope I'll feel emboldened. I believe I will!!

With some trepidation I have say to that I hope I'll be in a relationship. I'm in trepidation because I am yet to be in a relationship despite reaching the age of 45. And I'm afraid that I can't actually do it. But sitting here on Primrose Hill on Yom Kippur a little bit cold as the sun goes down, and reflecting on these questions I hope I'll give myself the chance! How did I do?

Right now, I'm sitting in front of my fire on my work-issued laptop. I haven't eaten breakfast but I have been drinking water. It's rainy and gray outside, and cold inside. There is a raven cawing outside. I hope that when I open my answers next year, I can find a time to sit in a similarly-intentional space and read them. I think that I will remember writing these answers, and it will make it feel like it's been a very fast / short year, in between. I hope that I will continue to grow more reflective--looking at what I'm doing as a series of growths and goals--and empathetic--knowing that other people are doing these same questions, or could be...and perhaps also knowing that many are not and wouldn't even know how to.

2016 seems like a time of healing and inner growth. I hope in 2017 I look back thankful for the time I took for myself and grateful for where it has taken me.

I think I will see a little seed that had just been planted, and I think I will finally know what plant it grew into. What I hope will be different is really just change. (I am somewhat resistant to it, which makes this interesting.) Positive change in my home life, interesting change in my professional life, positive (probably uncomfortable) change in the rest of my life. I suspect I've been floating by and just surviving for much of the past year, and it really feels like now is a turning point.

I think that I will be happy with how far I've come in the year. I think that I may be surprised at how far I've come. I think that we will continue to be growing in the coming year and that makes me happy.

I hope I will be happy and proud. I will have all my plans in place for retirement. I hope I will be freer and more accepting of who I am. I will give myself permission to let go and just be.

I hope that physically I will feel 'about the same' as I'm grateful entering my sixties that nothing major has dropped off, and the aches and pains that affected earlier generations at my age have somehow been kept at bay. Mentally, I'd like to be less preoccupied with financial good-husbandry: not that I'm poor, but I do seem to recalculate my financial position too frequently, and I'd like to feel more relaxed and confident to spend it while I'm alive :-) I think I'll be anxious about what to do for Christmas. Again. If I hope for a difference, it's to find someone I like enough to have sex with but also to do things socially from time to time.

I plead the fifth.

I hope I understand how sad I have been and will have moved further into the future, more motivated and more able to live and be myself.

I hope that I'm reminded that my choices are never random, that they make perfect sense when you consider the past.

I hope by then I will have a better handle on myself as a person with future ideas. I do a lot of community service but some times I do more to get away from my house. I hope to make a balance and not just ignore my husband. When he irritates me, I make plans with others so I do not have to be at home. As a couple, we need to spend more time together and not just doing our separate activities. I also hope I have thought more about retirement and made real plans rather than just think about then. I have most of my financial cares covered. I need to talk with a counselor about how to go about the paperwork. My mother in law may have passed by this time next year. If not, I hope we have put her in a place that will be better able to serve her. It is hard having her at our home every weekend, but we do it because it is the right thing to do. Currently she is very frail and getting more so weekly. I hope my husband has come to grips with the reality of the situation. I also hope that my daughters are healthy and happy in their lives.

I hope I'm surprised! I hope I've grown a lot and look back on my 2016 self with love and compassion. And I hope I can make that version of myself proud of where I've gone in the interim.

I hope I'll be moved on, and in a different state of mind. I fear that I'll be stuck exactly where I am now. In all places of my life. Relationships, work, everything.

I honestly have no idea. I hope that I'll be making good choices for myself. I hope that I'll have had a year of learning and growth. I hope that I'll understand more things, and more people in a better and more well rounded way. I hope I'm happy. I'm happy now. I hope I trust someone enough to be with them. I hope I'm brave enough to try. I hope I'm brave. I hope I still have a connection to Judaism. I hope I develop that connection in a non-orthodox sphere. I hope I am thriving. I hope I look back at this year's answers and think "I've come a long way from there."

I think I'll feel proud, and probably surprised. Though all of these feelings are immediate right now, I anticipate that I'll read them with a sort of amused detachment. I hope that I read them and can acknowledge all of my growth, all of the positive change that has happened over the year.

Nervous. I think that I will be an exhausted, stressed mess of a person who is going "why do I look forward to this, I don't know who I want to be this year" I would like to be much more together, and rested. But I think that since I have always had insomnia and since I always push myself as hard as I can go, it's not realistic.

I think I'll be the same as this year. Wow, I didn't achieve anything I set out to do. Hopefully I can prove myself wrong and be further than I ever have in my career.

I think I'll be a very different person and that some of my answers will reveal forgotten things and memories.

I think I'll get reminiscent when reading these answers because I'll remember the feelings I had when I wrote them. I also hope that as I read them, some of the things I hoped for will have come true. I want to grow and develop into a person I can unapologetically and confidently be proud of.

Today I have no idea how I will be feeling in 12 months! Things change all the time so my ideas and goals may change by September 2017. We will see. It is always interesting to read the prior year's responses. I am hoping that in answering these questions I will become more honest with myself and access my authenticity even more!

Hasta que no pase un año no podría saberlo

Reading back, I seem to have been in a funk the last few years at 10q time. I'm hoping that next year will be different. That my husband and I will be in good health and that our finances will be strong. And as long as HRC is president, I assume we'll be ok. Overall, I hope that what I feel is joy and contentment that overshadows any of life's difficulties.

I hope I'll have completed (or be well on the way to completing) my book. I hope I'll have started other important writings. I hope I'll have gleaned some understanding about my abandonment issues and my difficulty with friendships. I hope I'm able to own whatever part is mine, and make changes to my behavior that will enhance my ability to develop strong, lasting, intimate friendships. I hope that I'll have entered a fulfilling, romantic relationship. I hope that I'll have come into my own power and begun to use it in positive, powerful ways. I hope my family relationships will be even deeper and more satisfying. I hope that I'll be physically healthy and incorporating yoga and meditation into my daily life. I hope that I'm volunteering with and demonstrating compassion toward those who have been given less than me. I hope I've found a way to accept my dark/shadow side, and even helped others do the same. I hope I have opened myself to feeling it all -- vulnerability, pain, shame -- and learned to let it move through me. I hope my higher energy vibration somehow adds to the healing of the world.

I hope I will see not perfection, but progress. And remember how lucky and loved I am. Always.

I believe in introspection and so watching my thoughts progress from year to year is delicious. Over the years, I have had to forgive myself for not living up to my hopes and expectations. I can never repent / repair the unforgivable I have done. Other years, I feel proud. It's all alright. My goal is to examine and act according to my ethics.

Well judging by the way I felt this year I'll feel like not much has changed and I'll be ok with that. My life is pretty good for the most part and I'm pretty fortunate to be where I am and have what I have. I don't think I can really predict what it will be like having a child and how that will change me. Maybe, just maybe, I will have a more regimented schedule because of the baby and be able to get more sleep on the nights when I'm not on baby watch. But overall, honestly I don't think my life will be too different as a result of answering these questions.

I hope that I'll feel kind to my self-of-last-year, and if my life hasn't changed significantly, or if I was wrong about something, that I won't be disappointed. I do hope that I've made some progress on my weight and fitness, and that I'm happy in my new job (or making positive moves to a different one).

I think I will feel like I still agree with a lot of my answers. I hope I will look back on my year with a smile, and be able to recognize ways that I have grown or changed. I hope some things change, such as my job and having the opportunity to try new things and meet new people. And I hope some things stay the same, such as the company I keep, my feelings for my significant other, and my outlook on life.

I hope I have learned to accept some of them. I hope I have started to solve others. I hope I have helped others. I hope I have been kind to myself. I hope I have made time for my family. I hope I have been a better person. I hope I have been happy. I hope I have been sincere. I hope I have been generous. I hope I have extended love without restriction. I hope I have modeled how to do this. I hope I have made my children proud. I hope I have been the partner I would want for myself. I hope I have found peace with myself. I hope I have been me.

I hope that I have grown as a person. I am 21 and have so much to do with my life still. When I am 22, who will still be in my life? What will I be doing? The future seems so uncertain to me right now. It's scary.

I hope I will be a different person, have more compassion, more empathy. I hope I have more experiences, less "stuff".

I hope I'll be less stressed, not feel so pulled-in-many-directions, no longer be walking a tightrope. That's my hope fr 2017.

This is my third year doing 10Q, and when I've received the answers from the two previous years, I've realized that I have matured over the past year. So hopefully I will have the same reaction next September. 10Q has changed my life because it has shown me that I am progressing as a human being. On a daily basis, it is hard to see how I am making progress toward becoming the kind of person I want to be, but when I can review my thoughts from the previous year, I can see how I've changed.

I hope that next year at this time, Sept/Oct 2017, that: - I will still be at Funrise (1 year mark) - I will be more solid and secure with Kota - I will have achieved my extra curricular explorations in photography and singing - I will have a stronger sense of family bond - I will have a more solid friendship circle with more substance - I will have lost 10-15 lbs and will feel better about my body and become more accepting of aging

The last 6 months have had a lot of anticipation and uncertainty - mostly in a good way. We have considered a move across the country. We have bought a house and moved in San Francisco. We have managed a big milestone for Charlie in his Bar Mitzvah. It's hard to imagine what the next year brings, other than "settling in." That said, life is full of lots of twists and turns - so it will be interesting to see what new things happen in the next 12 months that we did not anticipate at the time. But overall, it would be nice to have a feeling of "forward progress" rather than uncertainty, of "will we / won't we move" It's remarkable how much stability I feel from having our feet planted in the ground. Hopefully the rest of the family feels it too, can can start exploring areas of growth.

I hope I will feel relief. Relief that I am working again Relief that I have unpacked into a home that I will based at for the foreseeable future. Relief that I have found a group of people that I fit in with and can asssociate with without having to pretend too much (outside of family).

I think I'll feel pretty good about them and won't be terribly surprised by them. Right now I'm feeling kind of down about the state of our politics, this election and the world arena, as well as some crushingly sad things happening to friends and their families. I hope by this time next year, the fallout from the election, however it ends up, is that we as a country are beginning to heal and that my friends and their families are feeling as if they have found some peace and comfort in their new realities.

Just more. Peaceful inspite of what's going on in the world .

Having done this a few years now, I can say that I'll likely feel something along the lines of "Who wrote that?!" I love this though, it's such a great way of wrapping up the year and focusing my attention on the year to come.

Excited. Proud, accomplished that I thought and wrote deeply about my life. What I hope is different is that I accept who I am more, and have incorporated spiritual rituals into my life.

I think I'll feel roughly the same, mostly because not much changed between 2014 and 2015 and between 2015 and 2016. Just in the last day or two, I've embraced a bit more the idea that any significant change is going to come with significant risk, and I'll just have to deal with that. Whether or not any high risk/high reward opportunities arise in the next year is another question entirely.

I think I will feel either very proud of myself for accomplishing all of my goals or if I am not able to accomplish my goals and expectation I will be upset. I always look forward this every year since it gives me the opportunity to look back on my life and look forward. I hope that at this time in 2017 I will be a happier and more confident person!

I hope that I'll recover from the divorce and feel some sense of emotional freedom. I have Lisa -- a beautiful, kind and adoring woman in my life. I don't want to take her for granted and have her as a source of strength and motivation. My daughter will be in her senior year of high school so we' be in the thick of college applications. Gideon will also be applying to high schools. So I'll have more time but more anxiety over my children going off into the world.

U hope it won't be as hard as it is This year.

I think not much will have changed and I will feel worse. This year reading last year's answers I felt worse because I don't feel like anything I wrote changed, in face most of the things have gotten worse. I hope I am surprised and that one of these things I want changed will happen. I fight depression on a daily basis. I am a functional depressed person so not everyone can see it. I hope I find me again. The me that started writing these answers all those years ago. I hope I can feel genuine joy again. This year answering the questions was the hardest because things are worse. I was in a worse situation 2 years ago but somehow I could still find happiness and have true laughter. Now I just feel empty and choices that I thought were good ones I am doubting. I am doubting myself and I feel like the old me is slowly leaving and letting this new me that I don't like has moved in.

I really hope that I will feel extremely happy and proud of myself that I have achieved the goals I had set one year before. I think that because I have written down my concerns and goals here, I will have a list of things I want/need to achieve by September in my brain. Hopefully this will push and motivate me to get them done.

I'm hoping I'll be in better shape, that my efforts to take better care of myself aren't wasted. I'm hoping to be in a better place with my daughter. I'm hoping that my girls find love and feel good about themselves. I'm hoping that my husband and I continue on this good vain and keep our relationship a priority. I don't know if anyone reads this but I have to say I love 10Q.

I will have progressed a lot - I hope. I have aligned my job and my business projects have moved on. In my private life I have fostered my current relationship and have a harmonious life. I hope I harmony and happy about my decisions in 2016. And i hope I can plan for 2018, which could become a game-changer-year with a planned relocation to Asia (if everything goes well).

I don't know. For years, I've tried and failed to - lose weight, be more fit and mobile - put down roots and bloom where I'm planted - have more ease socially - heal my traumas that prevent me from trusting even my closest relationships But, this year I'm now in the place where I can put down roots. I have body healers and am steadily seeing them even though it is hard. I am in the most honest therapy of my life. I let go of having children, after 20 years of chasing that dream. I am going through The Change. Perhaps, with this foundation of, finally, a settled home. And, with the help of the Crone/Chachamah/Wise Woman who is emerging from me, I may be in a more contented place next year. Less worried. More centered and focused. Much more ease with friends and family. B'Shem Asherah, Shaddai, v'Cailleigh, May It Be So. And may all who Trans-Form, may all who feel their age, may all who struggle with trauma and mobility issues, find freedom, wholeness, peace, and a state of thrive this year. Amein.

I think I'll laugh at the things I look back on, but hopefully appreciate that I took the time to write these thoughts down to reflect on. I hope that when I read these questions I will be happier and can look back at my answers with a new wisdom and gratitude for what I have in life.

Having the previous year's answers helps in looking back at the year. But anything I write that makes me feel sad could bring that sadness back which won't be comfortable. Writing down these thoughts might help me keep things in mind that i'd like to change or improve.

If all goes well, I will have become a mother and will have an expanded perspective on the world based on my role as a parent and caregiver. I hope I will continue to strive for balance and self-compassion.

I hope I was more successful in achieving some of these goals than I was in 2016.

I think I will feel proud for having followed my desires and hopes for this year. I will see that I have stuck to just, if not all, of the said wishes in these questions. I hope my life will be more fulfilling, joyous, and activated. I hope I will have more direction and devotion to my body. I hope I will feel more myself than ever before!

I hope I'll feel very excited about how my life is going. My kids will both be at very fun ages where they will hopefully be playing together at least a little. I'll be 1 year into the grant, and I hope that we will already have some positive changes from that. Things are going well. I hope I'm very aware of that next year.

I think I'll have better understanding of the dying process. I think I'll be missing her.

I hope I am more fulfilled, in my own place with a sustainable self-generating income. I hope that I've run 20 workshops to help people find their purpose in life. I hope I will not be arguing and will have travelled finally to somewhere amazing. My goal is to travel 3 months a year for the rest of my life while still earning a great income. I just hope that I finally kick myself in the arse to do something great.

1 sarah will still be the cutiest 2 sarah will be cutier 3 i will have changed my hobbie atleast 3 more times 4 i will still get on sarahs every nerve 6 i will have missed the fact that i skipped number 5 i will have gone back to look if i actually missed number 5 8 i completly skipped 7 9 i love sarah 10 :P

I hope the questions that I had will be answered. That I will be more confident. That I will like the answers. That I will like where I am.

I think I will feel pretty much the same. I hope that things will improve for me and that the hopes and goals I have set will become reality. I always like answering these questions, because they make me examine how far I've journeyed.

I've changed a lot during the past years of my life but my basic self is unchanged. I like who I am. I'm proud of who I am. I've got a good marriage. Two wonderful children and they've both chosen wonderful mates. I dearly wish I could help my husband act healthier but he's who he is. I'd like to remain introspective and wise. I think I've gained a certain degree of wisdom I'd like to see increase over this next year.

I hope I be at a better place in my life. More at peace. Less worries about money. Happy about all I have & be content.

I"m hoping to be happier, more secure both financially and maritally and more fulfilled with my work. I also want to have more time to travel and enjoy life.

I think I will feel nostalgic about the past year. I hope I will be more present-focused, calmer, and tuned in to my family.

I think I will be reminded of things I didn't do; yet I will feel a sense of accomplishment for the things I DID do. I pray that Corbin will be well, happy, healthy, and his hair has all grown back in. I want grandson Charlie to be talking. I want Carter to be having fun in school, and I want to be in love with Little Brother whenever he decides to be born. I hope I will have a deeper appreciation for life, as it is flying by. I hope the election goes the "right" way. As far as what might be different...I really do want to finish some more projects. I want to find joy in every single day, with purpose.

I expect to be pleased with the ongoing progression of my life toward the making of great art and leadership. My motto is: May I be happy and healthy, succesful and wealthy, deeply in love, and creating great art and leadership for humanity. And by golly, I think the numbers on all those fronts are steadily, inexorably rising!

I hope I'll feel that I have grown.

I think it will be interesting to see what the hell was going on in my head a year before. My biggest fear would be that I am in the same place, Financially, with my relationships, mentally, physically and spiritually. Have I grown or stayed the same? Is there a possibility I would answer the questions in pretty much the same way? My big goal and focus right now is to get my financials sorted out. I don't have a choice but to sort it out.

I hope I am more together. I hope I have more free time..

I think that when 9/2017 rolls around, I will be curious and excited to see how I answered these questions. I usually do this over the 10 days, but this year due to travel I didn't have that luxury. This year, I read and wrote all ten in one day because the vault is closing tonight. I wanted to experience through the whole process, so I pondered less and wrote faster. I want to know how this approach which is so stylistically different informs me and unfolds over the next year. What I think or hope might be different about my life as a result of thinking about and answering these questions in this way, is that I think and act more simultaneously and bypass my pitfall of thinking myself into immobility. I'm hoping it will feel good to read it and showed me a new way of approaching the 10Qs next year when I plan to write a response a day.

When September 2017 rolls around, I know I'll have accomplished everything I set our for in this next year. I cannot fail, I will not fail. I was destined for this and I know there's a plan set out for me. Nothing can stop this train pushing. Answering these questions has been super therapeutic to me. Writing down my everyday thoughts for the past days has open my eyes to a completely different me. Although the 10 days are up, I'm going to continue documenting my days and how I can be better each and everyday. Thank you so much to the person who introduced me to "10Q." I'm super grateful for the direction from this person as it has truly inspired me. I can't wait to receive that email a year from now.

I don't think I'll actually be that impressed. I'm not that great at reflecting - I am a person with ADHD, which means that I'm cursed to live in the moment - what's passed is passed. I can acknowledge when something is stupid or silly to do, but I could never dwell enough on it to figure out where or what exactly went wrong. I hope there are little changes in my life - If there is one thing the Romans had right it was the amount of respect that they gave Hestia - goddess of the home, of routine, of day to day. Because when awful or massive changes begin to happen, we don't hope to return to that time at Christmas in 1993 where you got a Nintendo- you just want to be home, right as you remember it. The routine and all. But, of course, a full-time teaching job would be nice. I doubt it will happen now. As for the questions (which were great by the way), I don't think it'll affect my life too too much. Just a little pause to look back while I keep going forward.

I hope that I'll be happier than I am now. I hope that I will have fulfilled some of my promises to myself, and forgive myself for the ones that I didn't fulfill. I hope that I am a better musician than I am now and that I am happy with "where I am now" and the upcoming path I've designed for myself in life.

I hope I will read these answers with a happy heart, knowing that I did all I could to improve myself and become the best version of me that I can be. I hope that we will no longer be living from week to week and that we will have enough money to live comfortably (I'd like a bit more, but I don't want to be greedy.... not having to worry about petrol/school fees/buying food/paying rent/paying bills would be so freaking awesome!) I would like to be able to say that I have completed my doco project - however it turns out. I will be more creative, in one way or another!! I hope that I will be more mindful, and in a pretty darn good headspace, with a daily meditation practice. Maybe another baby too? ;)

I think I'll be disappointed...I know I didn't answer the questions as well this year as I did in past years and I'm already annoyed at myself because of it. I'm kind of hoping I'll have a better idea of what I'm doing after graduation and I hope I'll see how far I've come and how much more prepared I am for the coming holidays.

I'm hoping to have made good progress in the areas of my health, home and finances. I'd like to have found a synagogue to join, and a group of people and new friends there.

I don't know that I'll feel different...I'd like to think that I'll be a more positive and enlightened person, but I don't know. I want to keep trying to be a better person, but ultimately whether I'm perceived that way or not is up to the people I care about...I just have to keep trying to BE better. Maybe having these questions to compare to will be a way to suss out whether I've changed in a more introspective way.

I hope to be more optimistic about the work that I do than I am now. Life will be better, less cluttered, and more spiritual whether it be in the religious realm or through more philosophical studies.

Relieved and a bit disappointed. So much of what happens in a year could be foreseen, but I lack the vision and intensity to do so.

I think I'll be rushed, too rushed to look at these answers. I might not ever take the time to look. But that's part of how I hope Rosh Hashanah is affecting me. I hope it's giving me space for mindful, sacred reflection. I hope that I can honor that space and these answers next year. I hope that this can mean I am more of an ally to myself over time, maybe a better storyteller about who I am and why. A woman I respect very much said to me "We take this high holidays stock-taking very seriously in my family." How is it to have a whole family engaged in self-care, ritual, slow processing, self-examination? Maybe one day I'll know how that feels. Maybe next year I'll be on a path to knowing how that feels. Not because of Judaism exactly but because I will be on my way to starting a reflective family. Did I just say that? Do I really want to start a family? I can't even keep my house clean. I think I do want that. That's one thing Cohen could do, keep the truest thing in mind no matter what was happening around him. I'm getting better at that every day. I hope I am. It's slow but rewarding progress. Keep the truest thing in mind, no matter what hurricane is happening around you. I hope I will keep moving along that path. I think these questions help. How will I feel. I will feel gratitude.

I am hoping that I continue to provide my company with valuable leadership and insights. That my program continues to grow and mature. That as a team we innovate and make a huge stamp on the culture of the organization.

I hope I'll feel good about myself and progress I've made--not that everything will be perfect, but that I'll have taken measurable steps. I hope I don't feel so depressive/alone/hopeless--I usually don't feel this way. Left out and unvalued and hopelessly overwhelmed. It sucks.

I think I will feel excited to explore how I have changed in 5777. And I hope I will have changed and grown. I love the work I do, but I hope I will have begun to think about "what's next?" I hope I will have become more involved in social action, addressing some of issues that concern me - the refugee crisis, women's health, and gun control among them. I hope I will be less burdened with physical and mental clutter and, as a result, my life will be more expansive.

I think I shall laugh at myself, but at least I answered them all this year!

I think I will feel excited to look back and see how far I have grown in the past year. I think that by answering these questions it has put into motion positive changes for my future.

Oh wow. Who would've thought such simple questions could be so earth shattering. I think, as I usually do when 10Q time rolls back around, that I will feel sad for myself. I know that between each year I change and grow as a person, but when I look back at the girl I was when I answered 10Q my first year, I feel sorry for her. It's always hard for me to realize that just 12 months ago, I was such a different person, in such a different mindset. I couldn't believe how depressed I really was the first time I did 10Q, but I'm sure I'll feel the same way next year. I didn't read last year's answers this year; I couldn't bring myself to do it. I have to fight back tears every time I read my last year's answers, so I decided to skip it this year. I'll probably read them next year, so I'll have two-years worth of sadness to sit down and read about. I think I will cry next year. But I always learn something about myself that I couldn't see while I was going through these things. 10Q is better than a diary. And my god, it's honest. I hope I'm happier and in a better, more stable place when I read this next year. I hope I can feel satisfied with the choices I made; I hope I will feel minimal regret about the way things will work out. Every year, I just hope that my answers, the person I was one whole year ago, can teach me something that I just wasn't open to at the time. That's all I can really hope for.

I hope that I will be able to see real progress and significant movements forward with helicopter licenses. Also in my health. I think this is the year for break through. It is the year of jubilee. And I'm expectant. I this k I w8ll be very happy and surprised at all my success in my goals and others that having yet to be imagined.

I don't think very much will be different. I pray to God that I will still have my parents, but Maka is 93 and that scares me. I hope to God that Bunny makes it through this cancer scare and mom doesn't have to face being alone up in Windham. I also hope that mom doesn't lose functioning in her body/mind. I worry about her constantly. I will be happy to have these questions answered because they will remind me that I had such a great year. And I will be proud that I turned 36 and don't have a partner, but I'm still feeling so good about myself. I only hope I can be less overwhelmed with responsibilities and I can enjoy this beautiful life I've created for myself. Gmar tov.

I think I'll probably feel the same way as I did this year. I was surprised it was already that time of year again and had completely forgotten how I answered the questions. When I think of how I want to feel next year, I would love to feel more balanced and have a better work ethic with my job. I waste a lot of time on social media, and while the time on there isn't ALL bad, there are definitely better ways that I can use my time - like face to face interaction with others. I don't necessarily want anything to be different about my life per se, but I want to fine tune some things on the current path that I'm on. I'm happy with my life right now. I think I'm on a pretty good path.

I'm not sure how I'll feel, but I'm sure it will be a mix of emotions. September and October are always a difficult period of the year for me, so I would expect those feelings. I hope I am more balanced, more aware of the world and how I interact within it, more in tune with myself. I hope I have my BSc and am beginning to work on my MSc. I hope I've also let myself rest. I always need more rest these days.

I think I will be healthier, happier, more positive. I will have a routine that I stick to even when times get hard. That will be the key to my success. The fact that I've written all this out should make me feel better about sticking to it. It's in writing and I know I'm on the right track to achieving my goals, I just need to kick it into full swing now.

Oh my gracious, I cannot even imagine. I've just asked the org I work for to consider moving me to part-time, because it would work better for their budget and because the other part-time job I've applied for is work that I think I would love. I think that the answer to this question hinges on knowing what will happen. Next September, though, I expect that I'll have a completely different set of answers to the questions, and that something else will be paramount in my mind. I think I'll feel nostalgic, and possibly proud? That's the best I can do.

I'll likely feel disappointed -- but wouldn't it be great if it were the opposite? Elated -- or even just pleasantly surprised. So that's what I'd like this year: pleasant surprises.

Sad but empathetic for this dear person who was in so much pain I just want to be happy and more compassionate with myself at this point next year and after reading these answers. I want to be proud of what I've done.

I think this time next year, when I read my answers, I'll feel proud. I will be doing what I love, designing evening bags, and on my way to financial independence. I will be living the life I imagined. The life I was meant to live.

I don't know. Knowing what I've written I hope I say: it's good I stayed on track! Good for you dear one! Keep going, there is to end to this love. Onward love, you are not finished! I hope I am where I am supposed to be. In the place where my being can develop to its fullest and its best. Much love.

depressed again still in blacksburg most likely, but hopefully my no running things 2017 plan works out and i had more time to read, watch tv and get a ham radio license

I really don't know how I'll feel. I thought that this year I'd feel completely different, but I'm still healing from everything that's happened. I supposed I do feel completely different, but it's not in the same ways I thought I would. I think I thought I'd have everything together by now, that it would have all magically fallen into place. I don't want to put that kind of pressure on myself again. I want to feel peace and love at this time next year. I hope my life will be a bit more stable and focused, but really, if I have peace and love, I think I'll be doing well.,

I hope I will be coming up on med school applications with a healthy mixture of optimism and motivation/preparation. I feel like my life is in a good place now, but there are always things I could improve and I hope this time next year I will have done so, and I can read my answers with a touch of humor because the things I've talked about won't stress me out or matter as much to me anymore. Or, I don't know, maybe I won't have changed at all. Hope not, though. That would be the worst.

I'm in a life-rut and by next September I hope to be ahead of how I am now, career-wise, body-wise, and physically. I also will feel so GOOD if I'm healthy and Jeff is healthy, but also if I can see my family more. I'm suffering from lack of family and I have to make a move. I HAVE TO. We will see.

I've put a lot of pressure on starting my own business, but I suppose I mustn't be too harsh on myself if that doesn't work. The reality is that I want to build my own brand and just discover what it is that I want to do. Maybe what I'm currently doing is enough and that's okay. I just hope that I receive that clarity in the next year. I also hope that Darwin is at peace in his role and is happy.

I think I'll look back with happiness on all the great things I've done, but I'll still feel my life is lacking purpose. I hope not, though.

Hoping for health improvements in my family, whatever that might mean.

I hope I don't feel discouraged, like I haven't made any progress and keep dealing with the same things. I hope i'll actually implement some of these things. I hope I make at least one new friend. Is that possible at age 63?

I hope I feel realized. I will probably feel more a father, and I hope to have achieved a better balance between work and family. I hope to have heard my daughter call me "dad" and hope to have seen her walk, laugh and more. I hope my wife and I can continue to make our family grow. I hope I am more established as the leader of my company, and I hope we have resolved successfully many pending situations (debts/incomes/transparency).

I hope I will be in a more secure place in my life, and feel like the challenges I had at this point allowed us to get where we are as a family, but also where I will be personally and professionally.

I think I will be curious to see what state of mind I had been in 12 months earlier. Although it's been a deeply challenging time, I feel like on the whole I am in a good place. I hope that my life will encompass more wellbeing and that I have made some progress with my career. I hope that I feel empowered to have full control over my life to continue to be powerful and present in the moment.

I hope that I will be somewhat like I am now, only more so. That is, I hope to be at peace with my self and my life. I hope that I will have "come out" as a blogger, and as an artist. I hope that I will open up more to the world. I WISH I could predict that in September of 2017 I will be working at a different job (or working part time, or not at all) where I enjoyed what I was doing more, and perhaps, making a little more money. SO, I want to be at peace with who I am, but I also want to BE more than I currently am. This is a stupid answer. ;)

This has been one of the craziest weeks of my life. I got married and found out that I am a match to donate bone marrow to my Dad. Tomorrow I head home to spend the next three weeks in and out of the hospital. I am not sure how I will feel reflecting on this period of my life. I hope when I look at these questions next year that my Dad will be alive and his cancer will be cured. I imagine that the outcome of this operation will have a large impact on how I feel about my answers a year from now.

I hope that I feel content and that I made real progress towards my goals.

I think I'll laugh at how anxious I was to finish the answers and didn't take my time. Cuz I won't be like that any more. Or at least I'll be better.

I hope I feel reinspired, rededicated, & that it was worth it to the world to have me in it. I hope I keep thinking about these things all year round & use what I wrote as part of the way that I stay the course. I hope, as I always do, that I will use every precious minute of this beautiful life & world.

I hope I feel one step closer to the day-to-day life I picture in my head.

I have no idea. I think of the coming year as a new adventure. Many possibilities are open to me. Some sad things may happen, too. My friend Patty may die if the experimental cancer treatment she's getting doesn't work. My mother-in-law may die as her Alzheimer's continues to get worse. Joe may die because, well, he's 94 and just moved half way across the country. This is the price you pay for loving people.

I hope that I am still here to see the answers and that I feel that I grew and accomplished what I set out to do.

When I read my answers I will most likely feel ashamed about my weaknesses because as worthy as my goals might be it will be hard to stay true to them. I hope that I can stay true to my goals because I believe they will make me a person I can be proud of. I hope to be closer and feel like I might be worthy of the wonderful wife I have in Aleeza.

I think I will marvel at how crazy I was. I mean, I do a little bit now already, but retrospection tends to make things more obvious. I think this process has acted as a means of affirmation of hope for me. Looking ahead, I see positive things for me to accomplish, that feel difficult but possible. Hope is a powerful tool. If I can hold onto it it will help me get through these times.

I think not much will have changed by next year. I don't feel stuck, but I'm not planning any big life changes.

Everything will be different next year -- I'll be in a new city, with a new job -- but I will still be me. I know it sounds cliche, but it's true: I really think I have been the same person for a long time. Every year when I read my answers I am surprised by how similar I am -- not that I haven't grown, but the way I see and perceive the things that happen in my life hardly ever change. Maybe I am stagnant. Maybe I am mature. Maybe my personality is so strong that nothing I have faced so far in my life has been able to change me. There's a part of me that wants to accept that and another part of me that knows I am still malleable and can change myself to be better, tougher, thinner, more efficient -- to fix everything that is less-than-perfect about myself. I think I can do that. I want this year to be the year I fix what's broken.

Ah fuck. thinking about this is terrifying and at the heart of that fear is knowing how fucking much I'll have changed by then. How different everything will be. I don't know why that's scary. Mostly because it feels like I'm just getting on a crazy rollercoaster and strapping in. I think that I'll be in a really elevated space. That I'll have crafted a bit more of who I am and to know that well. To have better habits. To have updated how my brain operated.

Reading 2015's 10Q was really interesting as I wasn't in recovery yet when I answered, but I was on the cusp of it. I wanted it but I didn't know how to get there and I was too scared to understand that I needed to surrender to to my fears of what might happen and trust that I would be okay. Getting sober has changed me immensely. I know that this year will be less extreme, but I also know that the changes and improvements will keep coming.

As I was filling the last question out, I had the second "we need you to be/you have been our mentor" moment in the past week. This isn't a coincidence. And it isn't about ego (though it certainly helps!). It's about understanding how I impact other people and knowing that this impact is a real thing and not just some philosophical concept like the butterfly effect. I'm not sure that's an answer to the question but it's where I'm at and I think that next year I'd really like to see that I've grown from this moment and that the inspiration and promise I feel right now will manifest itself in real, tangible and beneficial ways.

I enjoy 10Q less as a gauge of what I've accomplished, and more a snapshot of where my mind is in a concentrated state of reflection. (I'd argue, though, that my mind is in this state a lot. Maybe too much.) My hope is that this record shows that I am an engaged, thoughtful, empathetic person that is just trying to squeeze as much feeling and experience out of life, however many or few concrete so-called "accomplishments" I may log over this short time on earth. I think I'm a baby steps kind of person. I don't believe in the large, overly dramatic display as a vehicle for change. My life is good as it is, and that kind of strategy seems more about ego and the perception of others than really about tending to the health of one's self and the loved ones that surround them. Adjustments, not destroy and rebuild. (Maybe this is why I hate Burning Man, too...)

I think I'll feel proud and happy and excited <3 I hope I'll be in a better place, more free to me be, out and proud, all that jazz.

Je pense que j'aurai obtenu une partie de mes désirs car quand on veut .... j'espère surtout être en bonne santé. Et être bien dans ma vie Mais après tout il n'est pas nécessaire de tout obtenir d'un coup ....

I love the introspection of these questions. These questions help me focus. I will feel fine. I hope Im being pessimistic. I hope that I will be retired and living far from the crowds in a house on water with my dogs . Listening to music.. Drawing . writing. Learning.

I have thoroughly enjoyed doing these questions every year. It is always surprising to see what actually came to fruition and also a good reminder for things that I need to continue to work on. I hope by this time next year, I have moved forward with my serious relationship and continue to grow and learn from my partner. I hope I am continuing to be challenged by my job and that I invest in myself professionally, by continuing to take classes and to attend conferences. I hope that I continue to invest in my health and fitness and have completed a half marathon.

I really enjoyed reading my answer from last year, it illustrates how far I've come. I think this year is the year for change, I am hopeful that I've found roots and finally feel settled with my life.

I'm excited that next year these answers will be waiting, and that the questions will be waiting for new answers. I know I'll have advanced. I don't need next year to be different though of course it will be. I love my life, the love of my life, my children, our dog, our mornings, our nights, friends, city, apartment, the richness of our conversations, our humor, the music of living. I feel perfectly satisfied with how things have come so far. Whatever comes will only deepen our love and admiration for each other. Whatever happens we'll be there and we'll be together in the midst of it.

i think i will be amused and impressed when i see my 10qs next september. i hope that i can remember how inspired i have felt as i've crafted answers to these questions. i think my life will be different. i'll be more settled into a new physical place, emotional place and other new things and ways of being. i could never have imagined, last year at this time, that i would be smiling, in love (gosh i hope that next year i'm not sad again), living in new jersey and opening up to a whole new self and way of being. maybe next year it will be even more expansive and amazing? yes, please. let me take more steps forward into the "yes."

I'm sure I'll feel whatever I feel. Nothing surprises me anymore!

I think that reading these answers will make me sad for the pain I was feeling at this time, but moved by how important motherhood and family has been in buoying me. I can only hope that I am looking back on this time from a happier and more empowered vantage point.

I think I will feel proud of my work. I think I will feel tenderly towards this special time in my life when I have really started to dive into working on my fear and accepting love.

I have absolutely no idea.

I hope to be an even more dedicated husband. I hope I am more sanguine about aging, but more alert to living life more fully. I may need some added opportunities to explore my heritage to better understand my deep, binding connection to this South Carolina soil in which many generations before me are buried. I hope I have commenced my work on the great American novel.

I hope some things will be different, and that some things will be the same (or better). I don't know o[if answering these questions will really make a difference, but it certainly is a good exercise.

I think I will feel empowered and blessed to have learned and grown beyond what I have learned and grown into in 2016. I never know how that will happen, as every year brings different feelings when I review these answers, but I expect to see a definite change in myself.

I hope I'm healthier!

I think I'll feel in awe of my ability to percept exactly what I need to hear. Next year, I don't know who I'll be, where I'll live, who I'll love and what I'll be doing but I know that when I review these answers, I will smile knowing that I spoke from a place of truth and that will always resonate more than anything. Besides love.

I think I'll recognize progress. And I'm hoping it will propel me to create loftier goals for the next year. I think I'll feel good. Want to feel good and seek great. I think my relationship with Mike will be stronger, I think we will have had some crucial conversations and will be stronger form them.

I hope that I have gained some control over the things I feel I've given my power to. I hope to have grown in my spiritual awareness. I hope I have made more of a commitment to my church.

I hope that I am savoring every moment of this great gift of life. I hope that I am doing good in the world and towards others. I hope that I am more connected spiritually, relationally to others.

This is my third year with Q10. Each year I have seen growth from these reflections. It isn't my only resource, but it is a helpful tool in my box of "living better" tools. I am keeping a journal of my 70th year and answering the 10Q questions while reading Richard Rohr's "Falling Upward." I am after that "something more" for the time I have left. It can be the richest time of my life. Thank you for 10Q.

I hope that if nothing has changed the answers I've submitted here will at least allow me to pause and think about why things haven't changed, and what I can do to change for the next year. But honestly, I really hope by next year I've taken some of this pressure off my knees, I hope I'm still gainfully employed and paying down my mortgage, I hope I'll have gone on the awesome Canadian adventure my friend and I are planning, I hope I'll still be talking to all the friends I have now, I hope I won't have disappointed my parents.

I certainly expect I will be less raw from the experience of living with cancer treatments and the changes that accompanied them. I hope that I’ll be reflecting back on a year more full of continued positive mental/emotional/spiritual expansion and growth, and less full of physical difficulties and challenges. I hope I will be more loving and loved and less anxious and overwhelmed. Hi future me. This last year was a difficult doozy but you slogged through it with grace and courage. It seems like you are pretty damn strong under pressure—I hope you haven’t forgotten that. I also hope the post-cancer year turns out to be full of all sorts of good things as at least partial compensation for all the things you lost, because you deserve it.

Ah, 12 months from now - will I feel happy to read my thoughts? Sure. Will I feel happy about life? If I'm tired beyond belief, happy. If I'm still broken, then probably I'll feel dead. I'll be 49, perhaps a dad, Durham on 10 years, Will I still be lost An orphan? What will be different? Due to thinking and answering? Hmmm… Suspect I'll feel let down that I had taken a few moments last year to think about thing, then dropped any pretense to thinking. Or acting. Or planning on thinking and acting for anything in my life. "what's the plan?" sings in my ear from KeXP - Arcade Fire - Neighborhood #3 (Power Out) What is the plan wallace? //10.14.16::s:://

I think I will feel accomplished and saturated and content with my progress and excited for more growth and expansion in my future.

I think I'll be more confident. Wonder if my mother will still be with us. I think I'll be happier and even more grounded. My sense is that there will be some kind of changes in my life. I hope that these are positive ones.

I hope to be less stressed. I hope to have my marriage more figured out than it is now. I hope to have a more positive outlook on life. I hope I can let go. I hope to be happier.

Grateful for another year. Grateful for all I have learned. Grateful for all the love I've shared. Less stressed or fearful because I worked relentlessly to let go of all things I can't control. Grateful.

I am hoping to me more involved in a cause and/or my community. I hope to be working towards some sort of certification/degree at my place of business. I hope to be happy and I haven't been very happy in many years.

Wiser, kinder, more compassionate with myself and others

I think I will feel freer than today as I strive to live a life of carpe diem with no regrets and one that's built on a daily legacy of acts of kindness, bringing joy to myself and others as well as surrounding myself with those I love and those who bring light to my life

I hope I'm happy in my job, I pray my husband's health/pain will be better than it is now and I think I'll probably rush through these again next year, too.

Next year I hope to be no worse physically and continue to stay with an attitude of gratitude of all that I do have. I think that there may be changes in my friend's actions toward me and be less negative about everything in the world. I hope he will continue to be supportive of me and I of him. He makes me feel very good about life and myself.

I suspect not very much will have changed in 12 months this time. I'd very much like to be wrong... maybe I'll have that career change, maybe I'll get around to reading that book... but as long as my family are content, provided for and happy with me then I'm happy to let the year slip by quietly. There's always time for something more exciting in 2018.

I never understand this question. I assume I'll be interested in my answers and they will match up with what's happening. If that's not the case, then something has happened that I cannot imagine and therefore cannot describe how I'll react.

I hope that I'll feel one year wiser, happier, and in a healthy relationship with myself and someone else.

This is now something like the fifth year I've done this. For me it's a bit like keeping a diary - I keep a diary as well, and when I write I always have this dilemma: do I just write what I'm feeling now or do I try and 'fill in' all the news since I last wrote? I feel like 10Q is a shameless excuse to do the former, just create a snapshot of my brain at that moment. And September/October is always such a point of flux: 4 years ago I was starting uni for the first time, a year ago I was on the brink of fulfilling my dream of going to Oxford, and now...I'm doing something I could never, EVER, have predicted. I feel like all my situations in past years of writing were in some way calculated and logical - growing up and going to university is just what people do. But I guess adulthood is much less laid out before you...I now have to carve my own path and it can be literally anything, take me anywhere. Isn't that crazy?! Well, looking back on this in September 2017 I hope I'll be able to see more clearly how this fits into the scheme of my life, or basically just to make sense of it. I feel like I'll have a much clearer sense of things then.

Hopefully accomplished, proud, and/or healthier. It is good to reflect on one's own wants, needs, and desires. Sometimes it's too easy to lose sight of what is important in life when you're too busy scrolling through Facebook or Reddit to look up.

I think I'll be amused by my answers, like I usually am, but I hope that I'll have manifested and acted on the things and actions I'm planning for myself. I hope to be stronger then than I am now. I hope to be more purposefully employed by then, or at the very least on the path to conscious employment, something spiritual and yogic and compassion driven. I will look back and see how I've continued to grow and thrive.

For some reason, fall 2017 is a complete blank slate in my head. I have no idea of who I'll be or where I'll be. I want things to be different--I want to be challenged more professionally and more engaged in a community. On the other hand, I want things to stay the same. I love my home, my friends and the friends I'm just beginning to make. If I've let things stagnate another year, I hope these answers will be the motivation I need to make change towards a more fulfilling life. This year, I'm coasting. Next year I want to be climbing again.

The one and only thing that will change is my nervousness and that Hillary will become the first female president.

I think I'll probably at first feel surprised because I'm almost certain I will forget I filled this out. Second, I think I will be glad I answered these questions because it will be a way to look at my past self, examine the obstacles I had to overcome, my emotions, and what was important to me at the time. I've tried several times to keep a diary, but I've always failed because I'm not organized enough or too busy, so this is the next best thing. I'm hoping I will be done with graduate school (please don't hate me if you're not, future self), and a much happier person because of it. But I am also hoping I will be happier for other reasons that I've talked about in previous questions. I'm hoping I work on my social skills and how to cope with my anxiety about such situations. I'm hoping I learn to love myself for who I am, and that I shouldn't need a man in my life for me to be happy. I'm hoping I'm less afraid of other people's judgement and that I do what I want to do, not what others think I should do, especially in terms of my hobbies. Basically, I want my future self to be a much better version of my current self, and I think I am heading in the right direction right now.

Hello future me, So... are you seeing anyone? (Kidding, kidding. Kinda.) I bet how you're feeling upon reading back these answers depends a lot on how the rabbinical school process has gone. You're either settling in to a new city, new school, new routine, and new career, ...or wishing you were. If you didn't get accepted for fall 2017, don't waste energy feeling stuck and frustrated. Remember that "sign" Sarah predicted in Jerusalem? Random guy's t-shirt was right: "Trust in the timing of your life." Concentrate on doing your best job at school--it's not this class of kids' fault that you've decided this will be your last year. Find something to love about each and every one of them. Enjoy living near your family. Go to Sunday dinner every week, if you can. Watch the sun set over the skyline from your own balcony. Take good care of your plants and fishies. And study Hebrew every way you can. Duolingo, working with Adi, and watching Israeli TV/movies. Talk to Gidi, in Hebrew (if he'll let you). You can, and will, achieve your goal, even if it takes longer than you wanted. And if you're already in rabbinical school? Wow! It must have been a whirlwind. Getting in. Figuring out financial aid. Getting rid of half of what you own. Putting your condo on the market--I'm hoping prices were still high when it was time to sell! Packing, while teaching ATDP. Buying a new apartment in a new city, not totally sure of the neighborhoods. How did you get everything there? Did you sell your car or decide to keep it? Among all the logistics, don't forget to step back and take it in: you're gonna be a rabbi now. Make the best of meeting new friends and holding onto old ones. Find your mentors. Find your shul. Don't even think about worrying over subletting for your Israel year--it'll happen. Let it go for now. Every day when you put on your kippah--or charming tiny hat!--you are helping to make the world a kinder, more understanding place. Hold tight to that. --Past me, who doesn't want to go back to work tomorrow

I think I'll feel like I made some real, solid progress on my work, my mindset, and my relationships. At least I hope that my mindset will be improved (and more robust) and relationships deepened, from the kind of attention answering these kinds of questions demands.

I truly hope that I feel healthier and happier in every sense. I hope that I have changed jobs, moved in and continued to build a beautiful life with my boyfriend, and found peace with my parents. I hope that I look back on this year's answers and go "Wow, look how far you've come!"

I expect to be pleased at the continued progress I have made towards being my healthiest best self.

I have no idea what the future holds anymore. I no longer believe in any ability to predict it. Sickness taught me that much.

i'm not sure as a lot of the next year rests on this election. i hope that i am taking steps to fix my teeth permanently, that i am fulfilled with my job, that my partner and i have ease and feel settled, and that we have a house and direction we grow into and prepare for the next steps to our family i hope i will be joyful and more light

I hope I'll be engaged, or at least living closer to Macarius so we can spend time together in person. I pray that I'll be fully Orthodox by that time.

Less stressed. Excited about a fresh start, again. Reflective. Better rested, hopefully!! Grateful for another successful trip around the sun. I hope we'll be hopeful about our climate future. Crises are peaking and NOW IS THE TIME. Might be pregnant again with number two. We talked about it not being off the table, just last week. Gotta do lots of thinking on that - whether we are ready for the doubled stress of a toddler and a baby and not sleeping again and tempers and what to do about meds, sleeping, nursing, and such.

I like how answering these questions is like a snapshot of where I am now. I don't always take the time to journal and rarely in such a focused way, so some of these thoughts would get lost in the sands of time otherwise. I know it can be challenging to make time to answer the questions each day, but it is lovely and enlightening to be able to look back at them, so I encourage my future self to take the time necessary to complete them again next year. There are some hard things about reading my responses too that I don't want to shy away from. For the most part, my reactions to reading a previous year's thoughts has been 'That's right! That's where I was!' or 'I was totally right about that prediction.' But there has also been shame, especially around areas of life I "wanted to work on" or learn about. Like Syria. I don't know what I could've done differently, but I'm still angry over the lack of US response to the early escalation in Syria. And I feel like I've ignored it over the past two years myself. Not following through is probably the hardest part to seeing these responses. But again, I encourage future me to do this activity again, even if it risks looking at pieces of myself I am less proud of.

I hope I will feel proud of the year that has past (2016). I look forward to reminiscing about the years as Adobe. Using the knowledge my corporate career has taught me, and developing myself as a better leader from the one I am today. I want to look back and be proud of starting my own successful business. I hope to have a significant man in my life. A man who I will love and adore as much as he does me.

I hope I'll be able to look at my answers and see that I made meaningful strides towards the things I want to accomplish. Obviously I hope within a year I'll finally have a child, but if I don't, then I hope I'll be able to be making peace with that.

I've really loved reading them over the past few years and I hope that continues to be true. I'm falling asleep now typing this (because I've turned into a boring workaholic that gyms in the early morning hours), but I hope my answers are coherent enough to give me a smile whenever I read them at the end of September in 2017!

The past year and a half I've been dealing with an intellectually-crippling brain fog that keeps me from writing anything profound. In conversation, however, I can still hit a certain stride, but there's no use hiring a stenographer to follow me around. I'm hoping by 2017 the blur recedes and I'm back to work on my current novel. I'm grateful to have moved past the 10Qs where my optimism is invested entirely in not being lonely. My relationship with the woman of my dreams has never been stronger, and three years have only strengthened and widened this feeling, the way sun melts the cold snow pack and invigorates the river, and makes it unstoppable as it tumbles toward the sea.

I am hoping that my family life is still going well, and that I have found gainful employment.

I hope I'll feel good, relieved that so much hard work is behind me, that I made the leaps and flew. It's scary to say these things because what if I open this next year and I did not build and fly successfully?

I hope I will be happy with how far I have come. I hope I will know I will keep learning, and continue to be involved in - hopefully - making this country a better place to live for everyone.

After reviewing my 2016 answers, I think I will respond: "Wow, I was very focused on finding the right next step re: my career!" I truly hope I will feel at peace with my life and that I will have a testimony to share that trumpets God's divine creativity, protection, and provision.

I hope I feel confident in my decisions. I hope I feel excitement when I look towards the future. I hope I feel that maybe I haven't make perfect choices, but I've made choices I'm happy with and am sure that I'll feel good about for the rest of my life.

I hope I feel more centred, healthier, and that my anxiety is continuing to recede like it did this year.

I hope I feel happy and accomplished.... like I did the things I needed/wanted to... I hope I don't feel like I did this year... like I failed at all my goals for the new year. I hope this brings mindfulness into my year.

I think reading the answers to my 2016 10Q questions will make me feel sad for myself, the depressed version of myself writing this right now (hello, future me, do you feel sorry and ashamed?) I hope I'll be in a more stable place, and that I will have followed my own advice to be present, be active, face my fears, and pursue the life I want. I can't predict how I will feel one year from now but I hope that, however I feel, I accept it as a feeling, as impermanent, as one moment in this ever-changing life. I hope I am better but mostly I hope I am kind.

I desperately want to make progress on issues, conduct that has persisted. i want to be proud of accomplishments and progress.

I'm sure I will be surprised by some of my predictions -- I always am. I would like to feel like I had more choices in life, but that would mean losing my parents or my inlaws, and I'm not sure I'm ready for that.

As it was this year, I want to be surprised that the answers were consistent with the life I have chosen to live this past year. I think setting it down on paper, allows it to settle into my brain...this is what my path, my plan is. I appreciate this.

I hope I can loo back on this and see these answers as places I've moved a long way from as being my truth. Being happier, prosperous, and confident would be great things to achieve in the coming year.

My life is in a good place right now. I hope to continue on the path I am, and I hope, when I see my answers, I will be happy with what I thought now.

I hope that I'll be in a place where I have reflected on these questions even further, and where I have adapted to their lessons. I would love for my future self to look back on my responses with a smile on my face saying, "look how far I've come." My fear is that nothing much at all will have changed but time.

It seems like I set the same goals every year. I would hope that next year I will have been practicing meditation every day (or nearly) for the whole year, that I have found a successful food and exercise plan, that I'm using healthier ways to deal with stress, and that I've backed off from overcommitting and the guilt and fatigue that goes along with it.

I hope I don't just look at these answers and say, "Well, shit, nothing's changed. No reason to write anything this year." That's pretty much how I felt in 2015, and kind of feel this year, although there have been some changes since I first started doing this exercise. But I feel like all the things I want to change never change. Because I'm not very good at executing a plan of action to attain the things that I want. Clearly the follow through is something that I need to work on. But you know what I would really love? To come back here next year and just have had something totally unexpected (in a wonderful way, not in a sad way) happen in my life that I never would have imagined, and have that just color everything else. You never know, right? Aren't they always telling us that life is unexpected and continues to surprise? Well, let's hope so.

My hope is that in the next year I will have a better understanding of my potential and limitations, and more comfortable accepting both as real. I also hope to allow myself some guilty pleasures without the guilt.

I hope I feel vindicated. That the help I am receiving, and the work I am putting into it, will make my life more positive. My mind will be at peace. My art will be birthed. My family will be well. I may be in America, or I may be in Ireland. Time will tell.

I hope that I will have accomplished more travel and more time with family near and far. I think I will be glad that I am past some of the grief that I still feel about my sister's death and that I have perhaps found a little volunteer gig that helps me give back some of what I have been given.

In September 2017, I hope to feel more stable. I hope to look back at my answers from 2016 and think about how petty my concerns were and how everything worked out just fine. I hope I will be able to focus on 3 older children: an almost-9yearold, a 2 1/2 year old, and a 16month old. And a great marriage, with stability and pro-action to meet our goals, and a stronger me.

I hope I feel that I have grown as a person. These questions are a good way to step back, perform some self-evaluation, and spur positive change. Additionally, it is a fun way to look back and see where my head was at a year ago and to see if I have changed, both over time and in terms of reassessing my feelings at the time. Would I still answer that question the way I had a year ago? I hope not too much in my life is different, as I am pretty fortunate to be where I am today. I am in love, in Madrid, a diplomat with great friends. God has blessed me!

I think I will be pleased with my growth but still expecting more. I think that no real personal growth happens without a plan and no good plan happens without introspection. This process is great oward that end.

I hope I'm not as depressed. Depression can feel like a big fog, and it's hard to tell when it comes and goes. At the moment I'm not doing great. Life is fine, but I'm emotionally checked out. I hope a year from now I don't feel the need to cry as often, or feel so overwhelmed that I just lay in bed until the day ends. I hope in a year if I still feel this way, I can see that it's been a year of feeling this kind of dread, and nothing came of it.

I hope my answers will make me smile.

This year was, I'd say, the happiest I've been reading my 10Q answers. I feel thankful, blessed, and so unbelievably happy. I only hope that next year, I feel the same happiness, peace, and excitement about what is to come. To another amazing year!

I think I'll appreciate how much internal work I did this year; and I hope that it translates into external progress! I'm hoping that next year I will be in a better emotional place; that my space will be clean, organized and pretty; that I feel grounded and in good physical and financial shape; and that I've found people i can open up and am spending time with them in my REAL life, not just in vacation life.

When September 2017 rolls around, I predict I will look back and be both happy and sad. I am going to make the most of 2017 and give my life a boost of energy! I hope that I have made a commitment to myself to achieve what I am set out to accomplish this year as far as my career, family, love, friends, spirit, body and soul are concerned. I want 2017 to be a year to make a difference. I hope that I am able to look back and see a year taken advantage of and not a year wasted.

I think I will feel relieved that I conquered my fear of moving away from Northern California. I hope I will have a new marketing job in Portland, Oregon before August 1, 2017.

I hope all my illness problems will be over for starters. I also hope I will have learned how to better get along with people and perhaps have a friend. I also hope I will have pursued my art in some fashion and can feel free to do more of what I want to do!

Unsure. I hope I'm still with my partner. If I'm not, I will probably be in a very dark place. I hope I've found some meaningful projects to devote my time to outside of work, and found some people who I actually think are thoughtful and interesting to work with. And I really do hope I've gotten more ambitious with my creative output. So much of my intellegence and imagination goes to waste because I just don't put it out there.

Sadly, I have once again rushed through the questions. My real hope is that it will be different next year and I'll be in a more contemplative mood, approaching the High Holy Days with more focus....

I hope I will feel confidence and a sense of perspective from a higher point on the mountain.

I am hopeful that I will make progress on my journey to self improvement and let go of old beliefs that no longer serve my life and actually impede it. I know it isn't a linear process and it may go in fits and starts in addition to my going back to the familiar.

All I hope for us to feel better than I do now.

I hope I'll have finished at least one novel within the next year, and passed my sandan shinsa, and maybe have earned another belt in kung fu. I hope that I'll be able to run a little race now and again, and do twice as many chin ups as I can do right now, and be writing regularly. I hope I'll be able to hold a basic conversation in Mandarin! I hope I will continue to be happier.

I expect i will initially feel surprised as I did when I received the notification of this years 10Q. Because I have taken time to review the questions this year I will be interested to see the comments I made this year and reflect on how things have developed over the year. I hope that I will have moved on to new challenges and achieved the thing I set out for the coming year. Somethings will be different, hopefully my perspective and the challenges and expectations I set for 2018.

I'm always surprised at my answers when I read them, so I'm sure I'll be surprised. I'm also surprised at how much my answers stay with me.

I hope that I will feel that my life is on the right track and that I am grateful to be alive. I hope that I have made important connections with people this year. I hope that my open heart and connection to inner wealth creates many opportunities and growth for me this year.

I fear this might always be my response - that i have done things to fix those parts of my life that I don't like.

I hope to like the way I look and FEEL again

I hope that I'll feel better about job and stability. I hope I will feel happy with losing weight. I think I'll still feel like life is a journey and I'm fucked up and we're all fucked up but it's still just one day at a time.

I am confident that I will have dealt with and learned this year. Although the themes I have are really consistent my whole life, I hope that I will continue to learn and deal. I know people don't really change, but I do think we can continue to grow our whole lives.

I hope that my children are happy and settled in where they are in the moment. I hope that i am happy in my work, and I hope that I have settled comfortably myself into some regular yoga teaching. But if all these things are not in line, I hope that I will be as okay with that as well.

I hope that I'll see some of my fears/anxieties/insecurities as silly because I'll have let them fly away. I hope I'm proud of myself because I'm doing some of the things I planned/hoped to do. If that's not the case I imagine I'll feel a bit defensive and vulnerable. I hope I can forgive myself though, if I haven't lived up to my own expectations. I have pretty high ones a lot of the time.

I suppose I always look back at my answers from the previous year with a twinge of sadness that my struggles are still struggles -- that my "stuff" is my stuff. But I know that it is the grist of the mill of my spiritual life. Pema Chodron says "We already have everything we need. There is no need for self-improvement. All these trips we lay on ourselves -- the heavy-duty fearing that we're bad and hoping that we're good -- never touch our basic wealth. They are like clouds that temporarily block the sun. But all the time our warmth and brilliance are right here. This is who we really are."

I think I hope to channel this "onwards and upwards" mentality that I brought into 2016 with me. I hope I feel accomplished in so many categories, especially (because I haven't mentioned it yet) in my housing search. It's so important to me to figure this out, to "adult," to have a place to call my own, to set roots, to set an example. In other categories, I hope I'm more mindful. I hope I've worked on my relationship openness issue. I hope I've adhered to Weight Watchers better. I hope I grow at work. I hope I continue to rock my glasses. AND I'm going to run a 1/2 marathon! Wow. Go Sarah. Here's to a fantastic 5777.

In September 2017 I will have let go. I will be more independent, more confident, and care less about being loved. I will love myself, and be kind to myself. Next year, if I am loved by the one I love, if my love doesn't shrivel up and die from want and disappointment and heartbreak, I will have a companion I have yearned for. If I am alone, then I will love myself as I am, and I will not give up on growing, learning, and improving myself.

Not sure! Hope I will be celebrating that I achieved all I hoped:)

Hopefully I will be at a point where I can look back and see that I truly dedicated myself to self improvement and dedication to hard work and pursuing what I want to pursue.

I think I will have made progress on some things, but not on everything, I know there is always more to do, and always more to work on. I hope that I will be in PT school, and this last big career question will be over with.

Hopefully I'll be glad that it wasn't as stressful a year as this one is.

I hope to feel free and job well done. A sense of accomplishment.Looking forward and inward

I might have opened a relationship with Willy, I hope to be planning my Windy City and Vegas trips and even more trips to dance around the world. Will I still have Max? I doubt it, but he's outlived the prognosis already. Whatever time I have with him is a blessing.

I hope that I'll be proud of myself, feel like I'm an active part of a community, making plans to travel, and generally be happy with my life.

I think I will feel a little disappointed. I don't think I really hit these 10Q out of the park this year. I think my life will be a little different in that I will have either "leveled up" (not necessarily promotion-wise, but just a general greater sense of purpose and professionalism) at work, or I will be doing so when I read my questions. I hope I'm still working at home, working for Oneview, and traveling a good but not exhausting amount.

As always, I hope to keep these in my back pocket somewhere, reminding me of the path I've laid out. It does no good if I seal these away and forget the lessons of reflection. To reiterate my theme -- just do it with intention!

I hope to be a better friend to my friends, to be able to be more emotionally available and compassionate. I will officially be elderly next year, as I will turn 65 in a couple of weeks from now, so perhaps I'll be better able to take things easy rather than getting wound up about things.

I hope that as I'm getting older, I'm getting better at addressing my weaknesses. There is not longer tomorrow, or it can wait, now is the time. I hope that I feel proud of what I have accomplished.

I hope to feel more certainty, more grounded in my life. I hope to be further along my (tiny and short) path as an artist, I hope to be more accepting of myself and my failings

I want to be fulfilled and peaceful. I want to be like my year was successful and that I was able to make a difference for someone, even if it Bly for myself.

I want to be optimistic and say that I'll look back and see that I have moved beyond some of the blocks I put in front of myself (or let stay in the way), but I think that next year I will look and see that I'm in the same place.

I think I'll feel even more reflective and introspective than I did this time around. I hope I'm able to take all the things I wrote lightly and am able to accept the reality of where I'm at. Cause in reality, I have no clue what could happen between now and then. I hope I feel open, that I'm not depressed, that I have loving friends who rely on me and whom I rely on, and, if meant to be I hope my relationship only gets more intense and more real.

I just hope I'm super hot and everyone has dreams about fucking me or getting fucked by me, sucking me, etc. I want to be a trophy husband, and with luck, someday my kids' friends will think I'm hot.

I hope I will feel proud and a sense of calm that I got myself so far out of my comfort zone. That I grew so much, took the space and time I needed to grow as an individual and an artist. I think I'll feel excited to keep going and keep moving forward with the validation I have been given in the past year. I think knowing I want to grow and change and BREAK OUT of my shell is enough to start me on the path. I think it's odd to be in a situation where I did break out of my shell and then I went back inside. Fear and the pain and let down of not keeping up that momentum from the first time has led me to this painful place. I think I depend on others to get me out of my shell, out of my comfort zone; but this year I've got to do my own work to put me in situations that will break me open in the best possible way.

I am hoping that I'll be proud of everything I've managed to achieve in service of Black Lives Matter. But if I haven't begun to act, then I expect that reading these responses will help motivate me to do so.

I hope inwont need approval so mych. Mire happy w self.

I hope that by then we both have put this all sufficiently far back in our minds and have moved on and are happier and healthier than we've been in years. I hope we're able to take a minute and reflect on 2016 - for just a moment, no longer - and say, Wow that year sucked hardcore and thank goodness this year has been nothing like it.

I will have a clue what I'm doing after graduation! The habits of mind that are the result of years controlling myself through fear will be weakened and, I can hope, almost completely eroded. I might have a more defined idea of my ethics. I will be wiser and, I suspect, kinder, for I think that is the way my wisdom at least tends. Not--kind in the sense of '= nice = letting people walk all over you', or even 'in the sense of giving people everything they want', but--in the sense of not cruel. Of not mocking the less fortunate/the low status. Of remembering that even the worst are human. N.B. --All these were answered on the same day, dear future me. <3

I really hope that I've figured out this weight issue. That I am living my life bigger in a smaller body. That I consider myself healthier and happier than I do today. I want to feel like I can breathe with my finances and that I am not taking care of people anymore. I also hope I figure out my situation with Heidi. I want to be clean spiritually and physically.

I hope I will be more confident, more self assured, and more optimistic than ever before.

I think I'll feel good about the answers in general. Most things I'll have achieved, some I won't have, and a few aspects of my answers might not even seem relevant. Ideally, they'll serve as springboards to further thought towards an even better year to come.

I hope to be in less pain, to have found a rhythm to my new life and I hope to look back at this year's questions and answers and see that I was on the precipice of a turning point.

I hope I will be happy to say that I have made some progress in attempting the things I said I would.

I hope that I will feel relieved and proud of myself for overcoming at least some of the various factors currently holding me back and bringing me down. I hope this exercise will help me develop some habits that lead me to a place of greater productivity/creativity, where I feel less anxious and prone to self-loathing.

I am sure my life will be very very very very different from the current one. 1) free of my vices and addictions 2) No more duality 3) Strong connect with my God 4) Self confidence at a high cause of being a good true person 5) In a very good relationship 6) Having a clear life goal (workwise) 7) Less guilt about my relationship with parents

I love reading these!!! I have confidence that I will have accomplished most of my goals. I hope that the world events will be healing. I think it is a great way to document this moment in time. Don't ever stop!

No idea how I will feel, except I will be happy to have done it. I will also have forgotten all about it until I get the answers. I would like to care less about trivial matters and to accept myself exactly as I am.

I am always excited for a new year. I am hopeful for a fresh start and new beginnings. I am expectant for a clean slate and new opportunities. This is an annual 'review' for me, to ensure that I stop, pause for a moment, and remind myself of what is truly important. It is also a time for me to honour HaShem for my personal growth.