Is there something (a person, a cause, an idea) that you want to investigate more fully in the coming year?

Yeah, A person named Nic

Fidelity. To self. To ideas. To others.

Fair Trade home décor and furnishings, B2B

I want to uncover the secret to good programming and good parenting (not in that order).

Alan Watts, meditation, dimensions of male and white privilege, climate change, Bill Plymton, Extreme poverty

Catholicism. I've started the process, and I'd like to continue.

Peter. The 6 volume set, The History of the Jews by Graetz. My genealogy.

Resettlement of refugees.

My Path: Gladdening the heart while holding suffering and being of use in the world.

How to infuse Judaism back into our lives despite there being almost no Jews here!

Obviously, weddings and how to do them cheaply. I always want to look more into religion and spirituality. I just want to read more, about everything.

How to help integrate black young people into a white world. Throw a dinner party to teach manners, table settings etc to teenagers?

I would like to look more into faith. Faith has not been something no that has been in my life but I feel that it should be and will help me.

I'd like to investigate my career options more fully. I know what my options are but not really the long term paths associated with them.

I want to really get on top of my health. I say this every year but this year I really want to put my needs first and dedicate a substantial amount of time to figuring out how to improve my posture and reduce my back pain.

I want to start a foundation or research group to help investigate a birth defect which afflicts my son. He has VSD and his particular affliction can not be corrected without open heart surgery. I would like to be able to say I have done everything in my power to help him.

A diet I can follow!!

Religion. Is it a Divine system or merely a diluted version of the Truth? Which aspects of religion have become misconstrued in an attempt to protect ancient tradition? More so, are we bound by ancient tradition? Are we supposed to seek higher worlds through such a system or simply immerse ourselves in physicality and derive as much pleasure in this life? Is there only one eternal Truth?

Ayurveda. Myself and the Cosmos. My cats and their feelings

Deepening my understanding of Buddhist teachings is something that I've often thought about doing but have never really done much about. This year is the year to start.

I need to reconnect spiritually, whatever that means. Other things include art, health, and vocation. But my spiritual void is the key to my struggle, I have no doubt about that.

I think I would like to study more about ritual and ceremony, and perhaps to begin incorporating more use of ritual into my bodywork practice to make a more healing experience when necessary.

I would like to learn (a little bit) of Arabic.

Yes, two things: ME.....who am I, what do I want?,what can I create, contribute, where am I going???? MY ART!!!! How do I align myself again with the almost effortless flow I once felt when I faced a canvas???

Self knowledge. I started an introspective Voyage that hasn't finished yet!!!

Well, my PhD topic should probably be investigated more fully (for the next year and a few after). I'd also like to look at little side ventures e.g. most obstetricians are from Scotland, for no apparent reason, and the use of monetary incentives given to GPs/doctors to prescribe birth control and sterilisation. And as always I'd like to learn to dance (Swing? Salsa? something along those lines) and I'd like to learn Sign Language. But I've been wanting to do those for so long that I'm not sure I ever will. I'd also like to get better at Spanish and/or pick up German or Italian.

Haven't had time to think about the "bigger" questions in life....

I want to do something to help the homeless. I am going to look into it. I already told Tracy that is my goal for the new year. I feel that this is a major problem that is just unacceptable. "Noten lechem l'chol basar" - G-d has given us enough food for all human beings on earth. However, we mistreat it. It's too much for us to think about our whole world community, so we eat tons of meat which has a myriad of issues associated with it on so many different levels. If we were all vegan, there would be enough food for everyone and we would cure world hunger. The end. However, I am not so naïve as to think that that will ever happen short of a Messianic Era. So, people are starving and living on the streets. Feeding them will not solve the underlying problems that cause their homelessness, but it is a vitally important Band-Aid that falls under the category of "If you save one life it is as if you saved the whole world." I plan to go either alone or with Tracy at least once a month to volunteer to help the homeless. I will look into this. Coalition for the Homeless must have something I can do.

I will read my "Journal at 70" after my next birthday to see where it takes me. There are some 300 pages or more of daily reflections on this first year of my eighth decade. I may want to canvass my friends near 80 and older for tips on getting through my 70s with grace, if not verve.

I see more and more 'contradictions' in thought so I need to articulate the two dangerous extremes that are false and then figure out the wisdom to navigate between them. I need to 'find for myself a rav' this is something I need, but not sure who can be this for me.

I want to think about all of the untapped creativity that lies under the surface. There is so much amazing creating going on. Why do we not ALL relish in it? How do these people put the everyday small stuff aside and focus on just doing?

My art + my poetry + mindfulness + conscious communication + past traumas + EMDR - all in its own time.

I want to investigate shared and humble leadership and write about it.

My mentor's ideas stems from a leadership book. I appreciate story and the ideas for building a strong productive community. I'd like to practice the ideas behind the spirit of the squirrel, way of the beaver and gift of the goose

I want to be more empathetic about coexistence in Israel!!!!

yes ... something that is not related to work in any way

This year I want to invest more time in Israeli Bonds. It's a great chance to help a country that doesn't want to the your money but instead grow your money as Israel grows.

More new recipes, workouts

I want to find a volunteer position that really excites me. I realize that I need to do something with kids again because I really miss that and I need something to balance all of this science I am diving into with school. I also just want to continue investing in myself, which subsequently means I am investing in my relationships and my career.

Better Health for myself and my family

Poi (fire spinning) and drawing.

Out of habit, I'll say the Sacred Heart again, although I don't feel quite the strong desire to learn more, as in years past. Work stuff reading/knowledge can always be increased. I feel like I understand the Children & Nature movement, but can I effectively persuade someone to it? Probably not.

I would like to learn more about Islam. This religion is so important in our world today, and people seem to believe some very odd things about Muslims. However, I don't feel that I can refute these statements very authoritatively without more study. I would also like to investigate collaborations between the local mosque and our church. Such relationships have the potential to build community much like Eboo Patel does with the IFYC.

Hello there question 8! Same same, but different... RESONANCE!! Ok, so not different at all. Sorry! I'll get there and I'll thank you in my Emmy speech!

I'd like to do more volunteer work. And I'd like to connect more with the Jew(ish) community.

I'd like to start baking more. It's simultaneously relaxing and motivating, and I feel a huge sense of accomplishment from a good bake. I'd like to read more poetry.

Yes and no. I have explored the ideas I want to implement- crossfit, chaos magic, positive psychology. I have explored ideas all I care to. It's a form of procrastination for me. The time has come to do, to experience, to put these ideas into practice. However much practice I can fit reasonably into my life. The time has come to stop exploring and implement, to make hard choices about what can be done, and what can't. Because there's always a can't. Once you use time and energy on something, something else cannot get done. It's time to decide what is the most important.

Although I feel the whole idea of "binge watching" is a way to excuse personal laziness, I fell under the spell of a show recently. Within a few weeks, I blazed through two full season of "Narcos" on Netflix. The entire plot was based on the horrific Colombian drug trafficking era during the 1980's and 90's. I was flabbergasted while watching the drug empire of Pablo Escobar rise in the first season. In the following season, I was always amazed how he could escape from what seemed to be the tightest of strangleholds that Colombian authorities and the DEA could put on him. The upcoming season focuses on how rival drug cartels sneakily gain more and more power because all of the authorities were obsessed with bringing down one of the most notorious criminals ever, Pablo Escobar. Please pardon my rant about the ineffable greatness of "Narcos". Now while this may seem silly and pointless, I want to investigate more about Pablo Escobar in reality. My curiosity with this man is due to his sharply contrasting personality traits, along with disbelief about the range of his empire. There is no denying that Pablo Escobar was an evil, despicable person. He was transported millions of tons of an addictive, potentially fatal drug to millions of people. He was responsible for killings thousands of policemen and hundreds of innocent civilians. Yet, at the same time, he built new homes in the slums of Colombia, and would shield his family from inevitable danger that surrounded them. He almost strikes me as some sort of a twisted Robin Hood character. The empire he built stretched across the entire country. He had five year old children operating walkie-talkies to alert his men if police came in the area of a drug lab. I was baffled by this. Were there so few upstanding people who knew what he was doing is wrong? Or were they living in such dire straits that everyone became blinded by the money? I don't have the answers, but I want to know what really happened in Colombia in the 80's and 90's.

New ways to paint, esp. pouring paint. Marketing my Hebrew letters that are collages of the meaning of the letter.

Last year I said Spanish, Hebrew and American Indians. I learned more about all of those, and I want more, much much more. And Israeli mosaics.

Me. i want to investigate and get to know me. Who am I without a husband, my mother and now living alone? Self-discovery...here I come!

I would like to find a model for organizational leadership to learn from and to emulate as we build our organization.

Even though I briefly partnered up and wrote a play which Im happy about, its not the story I want to put out there now. Id had an idea earlier and the skills I learned from this previous partner were put to use to craft a thorough outline--id like to find another partner and see this story through. I live in a pretty isolated community and Im planning on either traveling part-time to a densely populated community of writers where I can flesh out and or partner up with someone who can assist. Also its been remarked about my absence of a love interest and I do notice that I subtlety avoid women who might be good for me, who are interested in me. So I might be willing to let this happen, I might be ready.

I would like to examine quality of life issues for cancer patients. A personal goal - to explore travel

I want to become closer to my family. I've been fully living away from them now, and I feel like that has taken a toll on our relationship.

Social justice all around - to educate myself more deeply in this area.

Myself and my mental health.

All kinds of things; the effect of music and dance on the brain and it's functions, like to try square dancing, environmental causes like the oil pipeline and farmed salmon.

I'm not sure.

I want to learn more about aging in place.

recenter my learning on leadership of color

How to survive one more year with complex PTSD. How to get people to understand that I don't want to suffer alone. How to hold myself accountable.

Forms of schooling and education from a sociological point of view.

I would really like to learn more about how to live in different places at once in a sustainable way. What is it that makes me want that? Wont i get bored? Should i pursue it and if so: in what form and how? I would like to learn more about living in small communities and at the smae time get the inspiration i get from travelling and going to the theatre etc. Making the world smaller and bigger.

Training Freya to become an emotional support dog. She already basically fills that but she needs the training to be more manageable in public. There are days where he presence would really help me in places.

Kindness, peace, design, marketing.

Photography business models, meditation, Rabbi Nachman, needlepoint, bread making, soap making, cheese making.


I want to learn more about the LGBTQ community. I recently have come to acknowledge that I could belong in the community in some extent (still questioning how much), and while I have many friends who identify and I support them 100%, I would love to invest more time in learning and growing in that community. It's a part of myself that has only recently blossomed, and I refuse to shut it down.

Mindfulness, more reading for pleasure, educational tools for 2nd grade

Myself, because I'm going crazy. It has always been about me. I'm a bad daughter, mother, friend, colleague. I will never change. I just wish I can reduce the emotional damage I'm doing to my son. But how?

I want to find a way to do anti-racism work and I want to develop photography as a creative outlet

Yes. Ending homelessness. I have gotten involved in the temple and it has become my passion.

Improving my vocational skills - R, statistics, biology etc. Solving the problems of the Labour Party.

I want to investigate some trans issues, specifically around sexuality and how we relate to our bodies.... including me, to my own. I want to look at ways for us to take back that agency over our physicality that is so often appropriated away from us, and I hope that could work to empower me in my personal life too

Chaos magic. Crime noir.

Obviously I'm investigating foster care further. In a way though, I'm obviously investigating myself more.

I have several ideas for documentaries. The guitar music, the tximeter, my mother's life. I'd like to have at least one of these completed by next year.

seriously traveling and doing 3 thing to get my house ready

Not specifically. I will need to investigate and explore creative job opportunities since I am fortunate to be retiring early and I want to be involved and have a meaningful vocation.

I'll have to think about it.

Hmmmm I would like to volunteer for our mayor or our city. Also I really want to do an event for MLK weekend- Last year when our kids were off school, a few neighbors got together to play. After the play date I came home and watched the "I have a dream" speech animated. I wept. I wept because though Dr King preached these words over 50 years ago, racism is alive still. There are divides between blacks and whites, Jews and Christian's and Muslims. We are not done with the world of loving King's dream- where little black children and little white children will Hold Hands, walk to the mountain tops and say "free at last, Lord! I am free at last" This year- third Monday in January, I want to invite friends and neighbors to come march up the path behind my house, to get to the top and read the speech together. Maybe a la "mic check." So may it be!!!

Mindfulness. Responses to my life, to my work, to my anxiety, that are mindful and the idea that I could be peaceful. What would a peaceful life look like? What would a life without anxiety and stress look like? What would a life accepting of imperfection and more accepting of compassion and more full of love and connection look like? What would a happy life look like? Active? Relaxed? Full of activity or full of travel or just ease? Where do I find ease?

Energy healing.

I would like to investigate being in a relationship this coming year. I was in one this past year that was wonderful, uplifting, challenging and fun. It ended because of long distance and I've since wondered a lot about what it would be like to be in a relationship without the distance with someone just as wonderful. Maybe the same person if locations work out. Romantic relationships have always been hard for me, and generally caused real sense of discomfort. This past year my relationship taught me a lot and I'd like to keep moving forward in understand what it means to share my life with someone.

I want to find local organizations where I can volunteer to help veterans.

Yes. Retirement vs more work. Not certain what I would do should I retire but I'm not ready to commit to a volunteer experience either. For certain yes help in synagogue but otherwise? Not certain yet.

International politics, Brexit, that whole can of worms. I do wonder what made the whole Euro-pseudo-fascist movement happen, and want to learn more about the major players

The possibility of pursuing further education following dental school graduation. Or embracing my preparedness and going straight into practice. Either way, I want to investigate our next big adventure!

Interbeing, the energy that connects us all, creating my reality, raising my vibration, the presence, the present, one door closing another opening, containing it all, joy, faith, life-force... is that enough?

my DNA

I would like to continue learning bicycle maintenance and repair and continue improving my cycling ability. I would also like to research Noam Chomsky whom I currently know nothing about.

I will continue to explore plant-based diets and ways to prepare plants that will continue to inspire me as well as others around me.

Prayer is fine.... but doesn't seem to do anything. If there is no God, if I must figure this all out on my own, how would that impact the decisions I make in trying to seek my own desires for my life?

Not really. I know everything I want to know about the people I love and I am close as I ever will be to them. The rest of the world can jump off a cliff

Myself...since we are thinking of adoption, we need to focus more on saving $.

An idea: "intersectional feminism" as a teacher at an all girls school, I want to make sure I'm being a not terrible ally. An idea: actually I'm interested in figuring out passive income streams to reduce my working hours


I've been saying for a long time that I'm going to take a glass blowing class. Maybe this will be the year I do it?

I want to make an effort to read more--specifically the classics.

Black Lives Matter

I want to find manageable, realistic ways of being more active in social change efforts, to work within the limits of my time and energy without just letting myself off the hook entirely. That means spending less energy on the administrative side of being one of the official social action chairs and making space for more actual action, like showing up for protests or community meetings.

Magic. Fiction. Modern Art.

My friend Hans. I think he's rad and I'd like to get to know him better.

I will be looking more in-depth at when I can possibly afford to retire i.e., how early without it being too big of a financial risk. I want to focus my finances more on that goal. Let's see if it's do-able to go at 60! :)

I think last year I wrote that I wanted to think about and write about joy. I didn't have a joyful year... so that didn't happen. Again, I think I'd like to investigate joy. What does it mean? How do I incorporate it into my lift? How does joy prevail in the midst of a shitty year? Also - the japanese organizer lady book! That's an idea I need to embrace!

I should investigate plans for retirement- how much money will I need? How to down size and what I want to do with the rest of my life. Maybe put some thought into what it takes to be a caregiver in case that role is in my future. Thoughts on the other end- how to be a good grandmother ... I hope I can take some time to visit a Justus in MD and give him some attention. And if I can help my nephew - how to help him off drugs and redirect his life.

At the moment, I'm fascinated by Tig Notaro and her story of overcoming illness and the death of her mother, and now creating a new life with a new wife and babies, as well as creating comedy through it all.

Aboriginal land rights.

Yes, How to influence the subconscious mind and read more biographies and autobiographies

Leo K.

I want to continue to learn more about healthy,, joyful, and sustainable living in my personal life and becoming the best progressive teacher I can be.

MySQL Guitar Boxing

I would like to investigate myself. I want to see what makes me tick, what makes me smile, what makes me sad, mad, upset. I want to find something that makes me, me. Finding myself is something that I haven't really done, and haven't explored. I would love to find something in me that can make me more confident in myself and boost my self-esteem, which frankly, is at an almost all time low.

Many that I want to explore and/or revisit: goths and Catholicism, sustainability, living in the country, living the "French" way--which I think is mostly just living how my parents did and how I did as s child, buying a house, raised gardens, indoor gardens, community gardens, chickens, eating healthy living more actively, skiing, cross-country, horseback riding, hunting, snowshoeing, fishing, preserving food, classical music, Essenes, and other topics of interest.

I want to investigate art more this coming year. Making time and space to explore that.

In recent years, I have rediscovered my faith, in a new and different way. My plan is to continue to read and study to better understand the basis for my faith.

My wife and I had been blessed with 2 girls. She normally gives birth with C-Section, I see the pains she goes through after each birth. I decided that the next birth will be the last one. We so much wish to have a baby boy coming next birth just to balance the home. We will not want to gamble the gender this time so I have decided that I will investigate the science of baby gender selection for myself and also to assist other people that would need the knowledge.

I want to investigate food waste in Lafayette more fully. Food waste is an issue I've been getting increasingly interested in and I want to help be part of the solution. I may join the City's Waste Reduction Advisory Committee with a focus on food waste. Even if I don't, I want to explore ways that I can make a difference in this area. It's a maddening issue and I'm thrilled to see it getting more attention locally and nationally.

Only coming out of my shell / more confidence

I'd like to create the space to study Torah with our rabbis on Weds evenings. I'll give myself a break b/c I've been so busy - if not this year, then next year when kids are out of house at college. Otherwise, I'd like to delve deeper into creating my person brand in a much BIGGER way

Music. I want to continue learning to play guitar and to become proficient at playing/jamming with others. Might even do some song-writing.

Marcus Aurelius. His name keeps popping up from time to time, so I, being a sucker for synchronicity, came to a conclusion that it's a sign that I should read his works.

I would like to learn more Hebrew.

Science, creativity, and scientists for young readers, more about gardening, bees and chickens. The struggles women still endure at the workplace, at home, and in public.

Moral psychology.

Better eating

There are so many... lots of things that I already am involved with (religion, health, etc) that I have a little bit of a connection to, but nothing very deep. That list is very long.

myself and why I do the things I do

Past life regression. Meditation. Fertility. Brian Weiss. Angels. Shamanic healing. NICU support. Love.

Judaism! This is the most Jewish I have ever been. How can I incorporate or not incorporate religion into other areas of my life? How well can I learn all these prayers, blessings, customs, etc? How can I up the ante on all the ways I have (finally!) grown into religion this year?

How we can change the attitudes towards aging, racism, sexism in this country. Economic justice for fall.

Living a flexible life. Happiness. Mindfulness and meditation. How to "fail forward" when I make a mistake.

Dealing with obsession/addiction is #1. Letting of anxiety and worry is #1A

Small moments of happiness. They're available to us at any time. I'd like to practice discovering them.

I want to look at how to translate my passions into meaningful work. I am horrified by the way we treat animals and I don't feel like I do anything about it. I want to fight racism but don't know how. I want to work with immigrants, but don't know how. There are so many things...

I want to work on my writing in the coming year. I need to get the bones of my story on to paper.

I want to investigate more throughly my many ancestors who came to the British colonies in the mid 1600's. Especially those who were in the Isle of Wight and Jamestown. Why did they come here? How am I like them or not like them? I want to write something about each of these ancestors for my children and grandchildren and show them the documented lineage to us. These ancestors are part of our history and our DNA.

I've been planning to have a career that is focused on social change, so I want to dig deeper into what kind of social change I want to be a part of and how I can make it happen. I like causes that help kids and young people chase their dreams and grow into healthy adults. The other thing I want to know more about and pursue is a classmate I met overseas. We spent an evening talking about some deep stuff as we were in a similar place in life having similar problems. I want to make my way back to where she is and get to know her better, because I have an inkling that I really like this person. Its that or keep working to fix my current relationship, which has been long, special, and a bit bland. Sometimes trying to change the flavor of something bland just makes taste like a bland version of the new flavor...

I absolutely want to put more effort into finding ways that I can help others. I feel so privileged to be able to use this website because I have access to a phone/computer in my own home, and my own internet connection, and a lot of people don't have that. My worries are so small compared to other people's so it would be good to help in some way.

Having very little background in physics, I would nonetheless like to read about, to explore free will as describe in quantum physics. I know the topic has been discussed forever, but I have paid little attention to it and would like to consider it.

How to be an entrepreneurial designer

No new cause/idea/person--but I want to deepen the investigations/practices I'm already committed to: 1. The Guantanamo Bay detainee advocacy, 2. The Torah study and prayer practice 3. The poetry writing and arranging in books

Shamanic Journey, Chakra work, Shadow work

Quantum physics, time travel, black holes, worm holes, multiverse timelines and simultaneous time, for my sci-fi books in "The Spanners Series," which have dozens of Jewish and one Jewish/Buddhist characters. http://www.sallyember.com/Spanners

Helping others. Inspired work. Retirement. Moving. Refinance. Financial security. Yoga teacher training.. gratitude. Allergy resolution. Love.

I want to investigate the world -one country at a time, very slowly. While doing that I want to take a closer look at myself. To get to know myself better. To become more "myself". And to get an idea what to dedicate myself to in the years to come.

I want to volunteer and contribute to something other than myself. Preferably work with animals.

Political systems. The Arab-Israeli conflict. History of the world. The Soviet Union. Climate policy. Climate change and its repercussions. The Red Cross. Charitable giving. Where the best place/organization to donate money is. Penmanship, hand-lettering, calligraphy. More scuba diving. Better understanding of the places I travel. Religion (Judaism and Mormonism, understand Christianity and the religious right). Trading and futures and markets.

I want to find out more about the Tim Parry and Jonathan Ball Foundation for Peace. I see a rising tide of hatred and intolerance everywhere. I want to feel less helpless in the face of it.

My boyfriend and I have discussed moving out of the city to somewhere very different. Though I don't know if it will necessarily happen next year, I'd like to explore the idea more and start pursuing this idea fully. We'd love to move to Europe - which would be amazing - but we're not sure how to go about that. So I'd like to explore that as well as other options in the US.

I'd love to investigate low income housing availability, or the complete lack thereof, but I know I won't have the time to do it. This year I will be concentrating on my last year as non-profit board chair and the clean handoff to my successor. Between now and the summer of 2017, when I am not working, I'll come up with some project, whether personal learning or tikkun olam, to investigate further.

Myself. That sounds immensely selfish, but I don't have an answer to the above questions because I have no idea anymore what drives my curiosity. I *want* to have a person, a cause, *and* an idea to investigate -- but I need to know where to begin.

My mom. She has so much wisdom and experience. I won't have her here with me "in the flesh" forever. Or at least I think she will go before me. Oh joy,NOT! What a terrible thought, but it will come. I guess I want to develop the relationship I already am blessed with. Each of my family members, each friend, each work associate, each neighbor.

I really want to tackle a hard technical question with my math and programming skills to hone them further.

Yes: myself. I want to investigate what I'm capable of doing and what real talents I have that can serve the world. As Marianne Williamson said, "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us." For too long, I've been afraid to look inside of me and see my own worth. Living life quietly won't serve me any good. In the coming year, I want to see how I can grow in all areas of life. I know that I can, I will, and I must grow to my fullest potential.

A lot will depend on the outcome of the presidential election. Should Trump win, I will need to decide what I want to do about that. I cannot abide an America with someone like Trump in the White House. I may join forces with liberal protest groups to fight against his policies. It is a sad and desperate world that radicalizes and old lady! I will also need to formulate a "plan B" in case the US begins to become more fascist as a result of his policies and supporters efforts. Where would I go, how would I live, etc. I'm not sure I want to live in an America that would chose a bigoted, mysogynistic, sociopath as presdient. Assuming he does not win, I want to explore more philosophy of virtues (Aristotle). It is time to explore my own values more deeply and how I should live my life accordingly. This is a product of aging, I think. Time to mine my life for richness and meaning.

Yiddishm, the history of my people.

I want to explore mindfulness, and how to incorporate it into my life in a practical way.

Learning to cook. Looking at running for office someday.

My own voice and my own power. What happens when i ask for what i want?



Mass Incarceration, separate and unequal education, and restoring the Voting Rights Act. They are all intricately connected in my neighborhood. I want to use my white privilege to agitate for the civil rights of my neighbors and people of color all across the U.S. Even if I am only working from my office computer and in the classrooms in which I am so happy to be teaching, as long as I can wake people up and teach the people's history and not the BS that the winners wrote and continue to write.

I want to investigate more practical details for my own retirement!

My mother. It's good and very hard to have her here, but it's also an opportunity to know more about my family history. It's hard to learn it from her because she takes such a deterministic, fatalistic view of things and I'm susceptible to those stories but that cast on things makes it harder for me to live my own life. But I still want to know.

I love all autobiographies. This is a new attraction for me, and I read historical biographies and true crime, With the traveling that we do there is always something worth investigating. We are in Bsrcelona now and I am intrigued by the Catalon culture,

creativity for its own sake

How I can better contribute to my community (give my mobility limitations). Cybersecurity. Storytelling. Love.

Recycling fabric. So much of it ends up in landfills. Is there something we could do to recycle it on a large scale? Or even a small scale.

Racism. I have learned so much this year about the continued persuasive plague of racism. And yet, I don't think I have yet scratched the service. I live in a wonderful, diverse community, but am recognizing now that even here it continues to raise its ugly head.

As I've mentioned before, I'd like to investigate the idea of volunteering, perhaps with a cancer organization. But really, what I want is to explore and take care of myself, to help myself get to a better place physically, mentally and emotionally. What do I want? And how to get it? Questions that I constantly ask myself and perhaps some day will be able to answer. Or maybe not, maybe I'll always be in a state of flux wondering who I am, and how is my life making a difference.

Almost anything. I want to volunteer, to give of myself. It could be toward literacy, toward children and women's emotional & physical safety, toward overcoming bigotry and hate. All are worthy, and I almost don't know where to start. But I'm pretty sure it doesn't matter. I just have to start.


Religious practice. Car driving. Being a good C.E.O.

I'd really like to investigate the personality of Jesus. There are some things about His life that seem pretty cut and dry, some things that are readily apparent in terms of His values, and who He was. That being said, there are some pretty quirky things in the gospels that make me wonder more about what He was actually like.

Hmmm, this one stumped me more than the others. The other questions, I had a very quick response for. However, this one makes me pause for a moment longer to really think about it. In the coming year, what we are most focused on is finding the right school for my son. As he gets ready for college, we need to make sure that we find the "right" fit for him - size, focus, location, etc. I believe that will consume an enormous amount of our entire family's time over the coming year. Then hopefully when we do it for our daughter, it will not be as daunting of a taste.

I would like to become more fully involved in Hadassah this year. I am slated to take over the position of Chapter President, but I know that it will take more than simply taking the job to excel. I need to immerse myself more fully in Hadassah this year. The cause is a worthy one.

I'm definitely going to be investigating the act of healing. Both for myself and others. I've felt a calling and I find myself in the position of offering counsel often, so I feel like it's my responsibility to explore it.

I've had it up to here with the blah blah look at me of presidential politics. Looking to explore something quieter, humbler. I'll think about this some more.

I want to consider the place of religion in political discourse about gender in our era and in the Middle Ages. Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose.

I'd like to learn more about what I can do to help refugees.

I need to explore exercise first. Soon I will explore Mississippi, and another operation or three in Haiti. Also, dating again.

Native plants & indigenous ways. How do we use the knowledge today. The timeless knowledge of being connected to navigate out of our environmental situation.

I would like to be more involved in addressing hunger In the community. I plan to volunteer whenever I can to donate and collect food and other items for people in need in this community

I feel very uncertain about the coming year, but I hope to do more of what makes me happy and brings me peace and less of what exacerbates my depression and stress.

I'm fascinated by the work of Bryan Stevenson and the Equal Justice Initiative. When I met Stevenson a year ago, he mentioned that the EJI was planning to create internships for non-lawyers to work with them for a period of months. I'm hoping this comes to pass, and I hope I'll be able to do it.

I would like to investigate Tai chi in the coming year :)

I always want to learn more but I wonder about the time and the finances. I'd like to learn more about jazz and classical music, including opera. I'd like to improve my Spanish. When I turned 49 I thought of 3 things I'd like to accomplish by my 50th year. One is to have a home that is hospitable to visitors, so clean enough that I don't feel embarrassed when someone comes over. But I haven't thought of the other two. Ok, so keeping up with my Spanish and starting the garden at my school. I've been saying the latter for the past 6 years! It's time for me to get cracking! So, I need to schedule this -- break up the larger tasks into smaller bits. First will be to canvas students to see who wants to join the club.

To continue helping the community&.become a leader in the community.

I'd like to get back into writing more next year. Maybe finally work out some fictional story ideas or pursue something journalistically (my former career). I've stalled out on that front and I think it's time to practice the craft again, even if I'm the only one who will read it. I have several ideas that I could start with. And I just need to do it.

Yes. The role of the middle-aged woman in our society--her power, her experience, her beauty, her potential. Positive only work, just affirming and empowering, not moping about the lack of images and role models in the media, the attitude of those who worship youth. This is work that will help me get over trauma and move forward into my middle years with hope.

I would like to take time discovering ME- me without my career or legacy - me without the label of Mother, daughter, sister, wife. I feel I am on that path and have been set up beautifully the last few years to go deeper into this journey.

I think this coming year I'd like to look into clean energy, and what else I can do to offset my own carbon footprint. I'd also like to get involved in local community outreach, as my neighborhood butts (buts?) up against the west side of Chicago, where crime - shootings in particular - is a serious problem.

There are two things that bother me a lot the wasted food while people starve and the problem of sugar labels which are so hard to read in products

I want to volunteer more. I think I should work with victims of domestic violence, but I don't know if I'm strong enough to do that. What I've been through isn't nearly as bad as what other's have been through. Can I do it?

I want to investigate how I can bring love back into my world. I want to know what love means to me. What is love? This question is the oldest one in the world. But I have not every questioned it as it applies to my life.

Sleep. I want to investigate sleep. But really, I want to do more to build better relationships. I want to be a better friend and a better partner. A better aunt. All of it.

I have failed to move forward with my stream quality project as I had hoped for this year, but there is always next year! I am very much waiting to see what claims me, rather than picking a topic and pursuing it. Trouble is, investigating any topic takes a lot of work and brain power. I am wanting to play more guitar and learn to play chords by ear, but that basically seems to require hours and hours of practice; same with improving my Hebrew language skills. I am not feeling drawn to any one project enough to do it right. Still looking for balance in my life.

I hope this is the last year I worry about the farm. I want to finish up c the llr re Hopkins, royal and jmc. I think all 3 deserve to be sanctioned for their failure to build to and enforce the code.

Yes, I would like to investigate the idea of making the arts sustainable for those of us who are creators and producers of it. There are so many of us trying to contribute our artistic work and to make lives as artists in the field of our choice but struggle with the fact that sometimes our gifts do not support us. How can we create great art and also make a sustainable living off of it so that we can continue to make great art and impact audiences and our communities with our work?

Very hard to narrow this down to "a" thing! I keep coming back to myself; if I cannot understand myself I cannot understand the external world. They are intricately connected. I want to continue exploring my art through focusing on a specific line of inquiry rather than losing focus in playing around with various mediums. I want to continue to explore a different way to make money. I really need to leave my current job, and have a 2 year plan, but would love to leave sooner!


Vegetarian cooking.

As we enter the upcoming elections, I want to investigate Hilary Clinton more fully. I am predicting that she will be our president and I want to know more of her and what her views are and what she wants and expects of our country. I also want to see how she will transition from Obama to her.

I want to find a way to share my story to help others with the stigma of mental health and PPD. I would love to be able to start writing again.

I am working on getting a walking group going in our retirement community. It is great exercise for health as we age. Interested in finding more information on healthy aging and sharing it.

I am mostly interested in dating to find a good match, and to investigate myself more fully. I would also like to see how Kat and I's friendship evolves. Investigating deeper into David's interior is also on the calendar.

My answer to this almost seems to obvious, nevertheless my answer is Judaism. With my conversion scheduled for December, I am eager to keep exploring Jewish custom, liturgy, culture, and politics. I plan to investigate through doing how I will live my Jewish life.

I would like to investigate deep listening more next year. Practice giving people my undivided attention. Also the idea that it is okay to say no.

Real retirement. REAL RETIREMENT . What will it feel like, what will it look like, what will it mean???????

Children's spirituality and how it is expressed.

Shit... I kind of should have answered yesterday's question here.. The person I want to investigate more fully is myself. What is it that I really want in a husband, and am I expecting too much from my relationship with Bobby?

Yes, myself.

Palm oil and the destruction or habitat. It's still my cause at the moment and the bees, one of the most critical species to humans on the endangered list is bad. Really bad!

I'd like to find good volunteering opportunities that I can be deeply involved in. I want to find some new healthy direction for my retired life.

I want to go to school. I want to investigate social work.

There are many things that I want to know more about. I want to code. I want to learn how to play chess. I want to understand the language of modern fashion photography. I want to understand how storytelling can be more deep than just beginning middle and end. I want to understand why those who read and those who study wrote in so few words so many things in a way that years later someone like me would be intoxicated with their craft.

RIE/Pikler! So great to answer this question in the affirmative! I have a new passion and I'm excited about it becoming a part of who I am!

Jonathan. Refugee healthcare. My thought process.


The effects of living with a person that has ADD, without that person being aware of - or admitting to - it.

Environmentally friendly care

Making cooking new meals from fresh healthy ingredients!

I hope to investigate more fully the ideas of and relationships between -- wonder, Awe, "only don't know" bewilderment, humility.

I hope to continue helping my synagogue grow and prosper. I'd like to be influential in positive, inclusive changes that benefit the entire community, not just those congregants who are my age or who share my interests.

Really look long and hard at the idea of raising a child solo and also live large in case it's my last child free year.

my attention span is short these days... all investigative business is satisfied by google. i will have to wait until my mother's belongings are disposed of and her house sold before i can entertain my own projects that are anything other than short-term.

People are trouble. The cockroach civilisation who will come after us, will look upon our ruins and marvel at our folly.

My reasons for being disorganized and living in a house full of clutter. My reasons for not being able to lose weight. My lack of motivation to exercise. My relationship with my daughter. Managing finances for the future.

I want to investigate the idea of sharing more of my story, being vulnerable and open with others about life in general and see what will happen. I've always fought the thought of being a personal brand because it seems a bit narcissistic, but I think there's something more meaninful to it that's worth exploring.

I need to figure out how to get my brain power and stregth back. How to pay music and just play a bit more

I would like to develop, or focus, on a cause or idea upon which to engage and be active in. I think that as I get involved in the Unitarian church, this may be facilitated.

Integrity. I want to really dig into what living a life of integrity means, what it means to live in full alignment with my ethics and values, and clarifying what my ethics and values are, with precision. I want to make sure my choices of how I spend my time, my money, and my energy are choices I make with integrity.

This is my last year as a student and probably my last year in this city so I will try to be less responsible in my love life and try harder. So bisexuality is something I want to explore more.

Something that I want to investigate more fully in the coming year includes baking for charity and community gardening/volunteering at a garden.

I would like to try to observe a Jewish holiday or event every month. Although we do Shabbat almost weekly, I'd like to try to unplug for a 24 hour period, observe and learn about more unknown Jewish holidays, or try fasting for one of the fasting holidays. I'd like to also take a day off for a Jewish holiday and attend services.

I want to understand so many things. For now I want to keep to the road of discovery I am on. I will continue to find out about the importance of community and connections in healing our world. I also want to find out more about the hearts' ability to think.

I REALLY want to brush up on my Hebrew this year. I've already asked for some sort of lessons for Chanukkah. But I want to start soon!!!!! Sooner than December 25th anyway. That is my goal. Oh, and as equally important, I want to really get involved with NAMI. I am going to their Maryland Annual Conference on October 14th and 15th. I'm excited!!!!!

Immigrant settlement. I'll add this to my list: improving my Hebrew conversational skills and exploring my ancestry.

I'm currently fascinated by politics, economics, activism, music, and poetry.

I've been thinking about developing mindfulness for children more in work and at home for my children. I'm continuing to try and reinforce a growth mindset in my children. I'd like to develop social stories for my oldest child too. I also need to investigate making extra payments to my pension.

I want to investigate my mother, Christina. This investigation begins in a dream, many dreams, countless dreams I have had. The idea of her pursues me, the beauty of her singular self; demonic in my unconscious as the shadow that will have me in the end. All of my writing begins and ends with her. Perhaps I am ready now to look her in the eye and face myself. Doing so will undoubtedly lift the melancholy that keeps me a ghost--and although holy this endeavor to live between the lines, meaning requires stark contrast, something as simple as black and white--you know where the shadow ends and the light of you begins....

I'm looking into CASA , a court appointed special advocate, for foster children. I'll be good at it since Jared (our special needs son ) has been in the state system since birth. While he lives at home, we've been advocating for him for almost 37 years ensuring he gets the right services. Taking my warrior dad to the next level. Interview this week. Hope it works out.

I just want to find something I truly love in the next year. No idea how I'll find that or when I'll have time to fit it in my life. But reading and TV just aren't considered hobbies and I desperately need a thing to be passionate about. I don't feel like there's anything I really love.

Reform Judaism near our home

I just want to live as fully as I can, enjoy my grandkids, kids, their significant others, my friends, the street, the park, thoughts, read, watch tv, go places, stay home, drink wine, sometimes Stronger stuff, just Be. Interact. Not interact. Have company; have solitude; have energetic interactions; have non-interactions. Savor.

In the coming year I want to investigate how to be a girlfriend. What is my relationship with Ross going to look like in the coming year? It's terrifying that I have no idea, and when I ultimately read these answers again... I will have an idea? So weird. So with that, I want to investigate love (vom) and all there is to it. I want to become more involved with the food bank if I can stay there throughout the year and further investigate idk, how I could best be of service? The people there are so passionate and I want to find my area of the organization to grab onto and run with.

I would like to actually move forward with researching voice over as a possible supplemental income, or even just a hobby. I also would like to start looking into what it takes to get into education policy. I would like to do some research about how education policy is created, what the entry points are, and who the local and state players are.

Expanding into videography and perhaps using a drone

12 Step Programs!

I'm not really sure what this means to me. I want things to grow and develop with James. I almost want to investigate my ability to handle a long term, serious relationship as well. I think something I've realised by dating James is that I have never had to deal with something of this magnitude before. I've never had to deal with something as serious a drama as what he's currently going through. And I'm totally out of my depth with it. So I don't know. I'd also like to investigate my more spiritual side as well, but I'm not sure what that would entail yet.

Travel writing.

I would like to be more active in my Mussar practice.

I really want to see how yoga can help me (paired with meditation). I always want to make it more cohesive with my lifestyle but haven't been able to do that yet. Once I have a job nailed down, I'd like to actively make yoga a strong presence in my life.

Once again I would like to investigate Autism more fully

Judaism--I hope to have a firmer understanding of my chosen faith and hopefully be officially converted.

In 2017 I want to be practicing ukulele and/or guitar. I want to be loving my lucrative, flexible work for great people. I want and need to be taking care of my body and mind and exercising them both with yoga, surfing, biking, walking, dancing, laughing, sexing, meditation and generous self-talk.


I want to be more peaceful. I would like to travel to more places in the U.S., small museums, go to Havre, MT, take a bike trip, and investigate local history. I love local NE history.

Not really, but towards the end of last year I started making resin jewellery. I suppose I could do some more of that. Otherwise, I want to make something of the first year of the MA that I started.

Yes, Discipline - I want to see how I can build and appreciate discipline so I can enjoy the freedom provides. I would like to work toward the point where I love discipline and I am a master at it. Here are the area's I would like to start Going to bed at a certain time Waking up at a certain time Exercise once a week 1 hr of writing every day 30 min reading every day Consciousness / Awareness - I want increase my awareness of being alive and be ok in any situation. I want to start working on the inner thorns/fears such as talking to girls, making a living, creating a successful musical, finding a partner.

I'd like to learn more about poets like Sylvia Plath, Ashley Teasdale, or other writers like Ray Bradbury.

I would like to be more aware of the way women are treated around the world. Like women studies in third world countries. I am so privileged living in America and so many women take it for granted. I want to know how less privileged other women are in other countries.

I want to hear Rob Bell's podcasts. In fact, I want to incorporate listening to podcasts into my life. But I don't want to do it from the motivation of "keeping up with the Joneses." haha There's so much to hear and read and do in this retirement time! I'm overwhelmed!! I want to prioritize ALL the possibilities and choose wisely how to use my precious 24 hours.

No. Too late in life for anything to help.


prison reform how to make businesses more socially responsible

Life after death, mediumship, lucid dreaming, and the brain wave manipulation possible through tech devices.

Judaism. My son is reaching the age where he will start remembering and appreciating rituals and traditions. I want to get him involved in synagogue functions. I want to apply the religion more to our daily lives. I want to enrich him with the lifelong Jewish education that I never had (as a convert).

Getting healthy and strong and helping others get healthy and strong. Sending out positive energy into the world. Possibly exploring teaching yoga. Daily yoga practice!

I think I would like to investigate living in a motor home full time and touring the US and Canada.

I think I would like to read more books by Jewish authors whom I have not read , and more by those I have. I want to understand the connections which run through literature ; what is unique, what differentiates Jewish themes from universal ones, if any.

More than one actually. I want to look into joining League of Women Voters, for 2 reasons, to be better politically educated and active and to network with more women. I am thinking about reaching out to Al again, just for friendship. Not sure he'll be open to anything but I have nothing to lose.

I need to focus on two things. One is the ongoing transition to retirement income instead of tax-deferred growth. You can have a nice little box of funds but turning it into a reliable source of income is no small task indeed and takes not just long term planning but long term implementation. However, the process is well begun, and of course, "Well begun is half done." The other phase is I need to get back into my spiritual side. I have been reconnecting to the land, and my Southern heritage and the land beneath me that holds generations of family from the early 1700's. So who am I spiritually? Who should I be? I need more quiet moments to know more. Just had Hurricane Matthew go over the top of us and we are unscathed. What should that mean? This requires thinking.


My son will likely have his baptism this year. As a non-Catholic myself, I'd like to continue to learn more about Catholicism, it's history, and the root of some of the practices. Where did baptism come from? What is the role of a god-parent? When did god-parents emerge as a practice?

I want to learn more about growth versus fixed mindset, how to apply the growth mindset to areas in my own life and teach this powerful choice to others.

Yes. Me. ☺️ I am starting a new job with Barnes and Noble College tomorrow and i suspect this is a really good company to be part of. I can't wait to find out. I plan to cook at home more now that my hours will be a little better. I want to get back to the place where my daughter helps me plan and shop for and prepare meals.

Yes, I want to seriously undertake the writing and publishing of my book of poetry, and complete writing my book about continuous process improvement via continuous communication. Continuing to explore my wellness using natural remedies such as foods, exercise, meditation and Ayurvedic concepts is very important to me. Physics, tuning bac into the universe would bring me great joy along with listening for God. Balance.

I am trying to connect to these questions.. but the for the most part I just struggled day to day to get by. I feel that I must not be a very deep thinker.. but I will cut myself some slack.. raising two kids, leading girl scouts, keeping clean clothes in the drawers, cooked meals on the table, working, helping in the school and working with the pto really takes all of my brain function. Maybe in a few years I will have free brain space to think of other things than what is for dinner, who has what practice today and what errands must be done before the days end.

I'm finally going to be a journalist so there are plenty of things I will look into. One that is most interesting to me is organ transplantation around the world. Why are there so many organ donations in Spain? What are the ethics involved in paying donors in Iran? What can be done to speed up the donation process around the world?

Yes - I will continue to explore and learn more about the issues of racial and social justice.

- my career aspirations - the dinner party community - music + piano - espanol

I want to get more involved with Mishkan this year - not exactly answering the question, but close. I also want to investigate/explore/learn more about meditation. I'm sure I need it. Maybe also grief counseling. Also, want to investigate Michelle Garcia Winner's theories and practices and get good at them.

The idea of being free to do what I want to do! And, not feeling guilty about not doing what everyone else wants or expects me to do! Now, all I need is the courage to follow through!

I want to explore my spirituality without the framework of organized religion, reconciling my Judaism with an atheistic world view and Unitarian Universalist social activism.

The idea that becoming older is an opportunity, not an end.

kundalini murder by choking/asphyxiation ego the immigrant experience

It seems like a good time to see if I can turn my dream of hiking the entirety of the Appalachian Trail into a reality. Should take about 3 years to plan and 2017 seems like a good year to start planning.

In the last 18 months or so, I've become increasingly passionate about cooking. I love buying fresh ingredients and whipping up new and interesting recipes for me and Gary. One area that I've been reluctant to delve into is baking. I consistently say that I don't like measuring and sifting and having to mix first wet, then dry, etc. But I think I'm missing out on some exciting creations. So I think I'd like to take my cooking skills to the next level by moving into the realm of baking. Worse comes to worst, I don't enjoy it and give it up. But I think it's a challenge I'd like to explore. I don't need to go crazy. I can keep my baking projects simple. I just think it's worth trying, because if I don't try it, I'll never know if I was cheating myself.

Last year, I'm pretty sure I said I'd like to be more politically involved. This year -- and I supposed it's predictable, given the political situation and the election -- I feel like that's just not going to happen. So I think the answer is no, other than continuing to examine the steady stream of information coming at me -- podcasts, the NYTimes, alt- and comedy news, fiction and about fiction. Sometimes I actually feel like I've got too much floating around, though I also really enjoy the information itself. I do feel a bit scattered and overwhelmed -- there's no catching up and I know I waste a fair amount of time on dubious knowledge. As for action in any causes, I have enough trouble doing the things I should be doing to keep the finances under control and the office less cluttered. I think I'm a perpetual student, but not in any conventional school. I think it's my nature to try to learn from everything around me.


I want to continue to investigate and learn about non violent communication/conscious communication. I may investigate wrangling urban chickens for eggs only. I want to check out the west coast as a place to move where I may breathe without dragging oxygen around, or at least go away during the coldest weather.

All my answers seem to be about Chris and my marriage. I want to investigate ways to enrich my marriage. I want to explore different ways to be together as we settle into our life together and we both figure out our relationship to work going forward.

I don't know yet...I feel so unprepared for this new year. It's crazy...

Well, there is definitely a person. We met a couple months ago very randomly and had an amazing time together. Unfortunately our timing was really off. His mom is dying of a brain tumor and cancer and my hip surgery will have been one month ago on Weds. So neither of us is in a place to "go for it." I am eager to see what, if anything, comes of it. I think he is a work-a-holic who is about to go through a big change as a result of seeing his mom die. I think I should say I'm working on a big idea or want to get involved in a cause but i don't really know what it would be. Lots of things have pulled at my heart strings but I don't want to have to have a schedule or get tied down yet.

Fresh Foods RX programs. The Prophets (Tanakh)

We need to continue investigating retirement options. Also it is time to develop a bucket list. Top of the list at this time is probably little Snow but hopefully there will be more pitterpattering in the future. Need to start finding a purpose in life once we leave the ratrace that is work. In the meantime, I am traveling more while he travels less. Kind of ironic. However, there is a balance to be found.

I would like to make more of an effort to be attuned to current events. I don't want to experience a "What is Aleppo?" moment.

Yes, Black Lives Matter and Treaty Rights of our Indigenous Peoples.

The book of Isaiah.

I hope I can get into grad school and I want to continued working towards educational equity and women's rights.

Charity. I have done plenty of talking about wanting to help those in need. I want to DO more. I want to GIVE more. I want to teach my children the importance of helping others less fortunate than us. I want to not just teach them this, but SHOW them through my own actions.

That will depend on how this presidential election turns out. Shit could get crazy, may move to Vancouver, BC. If Clinton wins, I will focus on the question "can I be a good student?" and give that my all.

I have been thinking about working with children who are not english speaking and want to help them learn english or maybe working with preschool children who are poor or migrant. I don't want to work for head start or any other group that is full of rules but may not have the best interest of the children at heart. So teaching oversee seems like something I should look into

Black Lives Matter, racism, sexism, and raising my kids to care about these things without becoming pedantic and rude.

I want to deepen my meditations and meditative times .

I'm delving deeper into Judaism and hope by this time next year to know more about the history, tradition, and practice and I hope that I have learned some Hebrew.

I would like to grow an edible garden. It's better for the environment, my health, and my waĺlet.

I don't know about "cause," but as I have continued incrementally over the past year, I hope to raise slightly my volunteer work at the synagogue and in the community.

I'd like to look into Buddhism. I know I need to learn to be present in the moment.

i want to continue studying the Bible . Also want to continue reading good literature as a source of ideas for reflection .

Health. Getting in better physical and mental shape. Masters degree, I'd like to find one I'm interested in and then begin working towards obtaining one.


I want to investigate more politics and policy of the various countries I live in. I've been too disconnected for the past few years and I need to be more tuned in. I'm currently watching the debates, and wish I had a bit more knowledge on the topics they are discussing. It's a passion of mine and I should be more tuned in.

Yes. I will be doing a deep dive into fear, its history, how cultures and individuals use it to manipulate people, how our bodies react in traumatic moments, how we can develop deeper awareness when we experience fear and how we can employ strategies for moving through fear both as individuals and collectively.

Yes! Yes! ŸĘŠ!! I want to investigate Panama, her people, her terrain, her food and culture and language!! And I'm almost as excited about the drive there, which lets me investigate the peoples, language and cultures all along the way!!

I've been really into podcasts this year about true crime, especially wrongful convictions or shoddy police work. This isn't something I've ever given much thought to before, but it's a serious problem and reform is needed. I don't know if I would say I want to "investigate" it, but I want to learn more about it and maybe donate to some Innocence Project centers or other similar organizations.

Oddly enough, I want to continue the journeys that I have already begun. I want to explore WWII, especially the lives of common people, even more. I'd like to find more music: vocal music for our chamber choir, and solo, 'torch songs' for me to do on my own. I'm in a happy place, exploring my already established interests. At this time, I don't envision branching off towards something new. But then, you never know. Life can be unpredictable.

I'm not particularly religious, and I've never been baptized in any faith. I want to research different religions and develop a spiritual practice. I believe there is something greater than me, but beyond that I'm not sure of anything else.

Rupert Sheldrake, Edward Mordrake, Magical Mandrake - anything but the musical artist Drake.

Yup. There's been a bit of an upset in the relationship of the Jewish community here to the LGBTQ+ community. I would like very much to find a way to bring these communities together in a way that fosters their learning about one another, rather than being in an adversarial relationship because of questions raised about Israel's relationship with Palestine.

I want to focus on racial equality in the US, and in Baltimore.

I want to gain a deeper understanding of Orthodoxy. But also the Reformed perspective as well.

The dirty laundry lit reading series

I want to explore the practice of mindful thinking.

I need to learn more about what it means to be transgender. I am working in a community that is supportive of people who are transgender and there are a handful of people with whom I'm working who are transgender and I want to be sure I am supportive. I want to be respectful and create a safe space. I just don't know the appropriate language to do that.

The fine intricacies of Let's Playing.


I am loving my recorder lessons and hope to learn more about music of the baroque, renaissance and earlier periods. This is one of the few things in my life that I do purely for my own pleasure. I'm 65 years old and I often think of the quote (from rabbi Hillel?): If I am not for myself, who will be for me.... And I want to learn more about what grows well in my vegetable patch and at what seasons. It is fun to harvest even a very small part of the food we eat from our own yard, and gratifying to share that food with my chidren, grandchildren and a few friends. Home made meyer lemon preserves and wild plum jelly with homegrown fruit--yum: If I am only for myself, who am I?

Myself. I'm pretty sure that I've answered this question with the same answer previously, so I guess I'm still figuring me out. I'm working on finding my voice, the one that speaks up for myself. I'm great at helping other people get what they need, not great at asking for what I need.

I want to keep investing in myself, my kids, and my marriage!

The idea that I want to investigate more fully in the coming year is a specific focus on social impact design and pro bono work as an architect.

An idea -- the connection between sport, team chemistry, and business teams who are successful together

Absolutely. I am building a business called Smart Heart Eats that helps people just getting past a heart attack. Usually a patient is in the hospital, gets some basic (if any) nutrition advice, then sent to cardiac rehab. Not know how or what to eat easily makes people stay stuck in bad habits. I will personally clean out and organize the fridge and pantry, educate and cook with the patient. I have a website already and a Facebook page. It would be great to franchise the kitchen reset program so that hospitals and cardiologists will recommend SHE.

I want to investigate the Unity temple in OP. I also want to investigate more spiritual practices.

I want to do more to help the wider world. Either online or in person, I want to do something on a semi-regular basis.

I want to begin to write my graduation speech, the things you say if you get invited to tell people what you think matters.

Myself. I want to learn more about who I am, what I can do, and where I want to go in life, both mentally and physically.

“Give justice to the weak and the fatherless; maintain the right of the afflicted and the destitute. Rescue the weak and the needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked” (Psalm 82:3-4) I'd like to explore the charitable cause surrounding human trafficking. The state of Florida is #3 in the nation for human trafficking. It is a shame how many are exploited in the innocence of youth. If one life can be saved through exploring donating my time, or money wouldn't it be worth it?

I'd like to learn how to continue to partner with my husband more. Not yell at him when I get frustrated and learn how to control my emotions better; catch them, calm down & then respond.

In a very nice way, no. I'm pretty content

I want to investigate the Israeli Bauhaus movement of the 1930s in Tel Aviv. Called the "White City", it is a collection of modern apartment houses all built quickly to house the rapidly growing city at that time. It is now deemed a Unesco Heritage Site that should be preserved as many have fallen under disrepair. I believe there are merits to what was designed and I would like to find out what those were.

I read "Waking up White and finding myself in the story of race" by Debbie Irving followed by "Between the World and Me" by Ta-Nehisi Coates. The books moved me. My next step was to enroll in a four week online class "Hard Conversations: an introduction to racism". It has been an intense four weeks and I haven't been able to read or watch all of the voluminous material - but am glad that it will be available to me for several months. I'm also now in a closed Facebook group that continues the hard conversations in a civilized, courteous way. I want to continue this investigation and continue to learn more about the systemic racism that plagues this country and the history of the people of color in this country. I am considering attending the White Privilege Conference that will be held in Kansas in 2017. I need to take a deep look at my own unconscious privilege.

Mindfulness meditation. I've been trying to get into it, and I can make myself sit down and do it using the Headspace app, but not sure I've seen the effects or been converted by it the way so many others have. The studies are so compelling about the benefits though, so I really want to make this part of my life.

Yes need to investigate potential opportunities with the sheet business with Danish. Would also like to read more about the Rebe

Very involved in the Clinton campaign and want to do everything to see she's elected

I wanna research the vedas in connection with Eden and quantum tech.

mediation, meditation, yoga, the blue hill reservation

I would like to get back to meditating on the Goodness of God - counting our blessings , Being more careful of the words I speak - not Complaining but instead, being thankful. We are so Blessed and I often forget how blessed we are by getting Caught up in the trivial things.

Me. I want to learn more about me. I don't want to have any more meltdowns. I am 61, enough already. I want to learn to take better care of myself, physically and emotionally. I want to learn to eat better, exercise a bit more, stitch a lot more. I want to pare down my life, stuff and people, so that I am not surrounded by guilt but by things that I treasure and people that treasure me, not just use me.

Efficiency and balance

I want to be more informed about ACPA, a Student Affairs organization that I recently joined. Getting involved in national organizations is a great way to stay on top of things in my field, meet SA people from across the country, and gain knowledge I just might not get in my classes.

OH heck yes. Tonight I started coming to grips with the fact that I am more likely to leave my husband and my daughter before I leave Heidi. This is b/c my energy is so full of caring for her that I don't have anything left to really give to my child or my husband. The weigh that I am carrying at 350 pounds is the weight of a whole other person. That person is Heidi. I know it now and I've known it for a long time. However, I am deeply afraid of letting go and I think it is because I treat her and see her at the Mother I couldn't save. However, if I can save her....then I did okay. If I can't, then I my mother never had a chance. Or, something like that. It is close...but not quite. It is on the tip of my tounge. Regardless, the weight is her - that I know. So, I want to explore my decision to continue to accept responsibility for Heidi. And, I think I want to release it too.

I've already mentioned my desire to explore my Jewishness in earlier questions, so I'll answer this with something else I would like to explore. Or a few things. I'd like to learn Spanish. I'd like to get well enough to hike by spring. I would like to explore hiking opportunities in the Portland area, and increase my stamina over time. I would like to get into feminist graphic novels. I would like to learn about, prepare for, and get started with medical writing. I would like to learn some more American history.

I'm very focused on my audition for America's Got Talent which is in Jan.

Investing quality time into the man my son will become

At some point during my time in the new apartment I came to the conclusion that the Lord was laying two specific words on my heart: "Ministry" and "Risk" in that order. Several months later I still have no idea what that means. But I would love to find out.

Different languages... not sure how that counts... but I intend to know multiple languages... Aside from English: Tagalog Spanish Russian Mandarin Cantonese Japanese

I want to find out more about my family history

I actually would still like to explore and encourage my creative side. I am not sure what form this will take, whether it will be through artwork or writing. I have been 'stuck' creatively for a while and have found it impossible to really get back into it for some reason. I hope in the coming year this will end.

The perpetual work life balance, which is even more important because I am now a parent, by next Rosh Hashanah we will both be working 4 days a week. The HEMS Hatch End Masorti Community.

yes - I want to explore healing therapies

Creating a culture of philanthropy. Hoping to meet and talk to people about this idea because I need to find out where my generation went wrong...

I'd like to spend more time working on charitable efforts. I just helped organize a 5k to raise money for a local hospital, and we fell far short of our goal (although we beat the previous year). I'd like to see that improve for next year.

Honestly, until I have a stable job I don't feel like I have the emotional bandwidth to put effort into anything else.

Making the most use for the food we produce, especially in terms of waste from the retailer to the consumer side. SecondBite in Australia doing a good job here, and France have new laws, but not sure what's local to me.

The idea of being a mentor and confidant to perons who are going through the early or mid stages of their careers is really appealing. Not sure how to generate the new business but that will come from communicating with various peers and friends.

This next year will be the finish up year for work, so I will need to decide which projects to try and complete, and which may be ones I let go. I do have some ideas for after retirement projects of the mind. I would like to assemble a list of books that have influenced my thinking over my life. I would like to write a book or article about how I see agriculture and the environment going into the future. If we are going to do a lot of travel, I will need to up my handy man skills for taking care of a camper, so I might pursue that in some way.

I want to help my mom overcome her depression about my grandmother's passing two years ago.

Individual date nights with the kids. Not so much that I need to investigate as I need to just start it!

I want to investigate myself in this coming year. I was unexpectedly offered the opportunity to apply for a job this year- it opened the door on the idea that it could be done. I want to have a better understanding and what I want and need from relationships, romantic or otherwise. In short, just everything. I think I could stand to lean how to connect better to.my kids. I love them but we don't do a lot together, which makes me sort of sad.

I would like to pursue the idea of teaching, being the "patient" at MCV med school and doing commercial work. I basically want more chances to perform.

I want to investigate how to be of service to families with children who have special spiritual gifts specifically Indigo and Crystal children. I want to find ways to help their families and the children themselves encourage their gifts through natural lifestyle choices. I also want to investigate a way to include creativity and imagination into our everyday lives in a more profound way. Instead of dumbing down our natural intuition and instincts, I want to find ways to empower those parts of us that we have been taught to ignore.

I want to improve my Hebrew.

Meditation. I've been saying that to myself for quite a while now, and I would really like to commit to it this year. That said, I don't actually FEEL committed to it. So I am hoping to commit, and then to follow through on that. Which is a ridiculously wishy-washy stance to be in, and yet that's where I'm at.

Fostering. I'd like to start with fostering older dogs and then if that seems to go well, fostering children. And if that goes well maybe even adoption.

I may become a Franciscan nun.

chuck bass

This is the second time I've looked at this question and heard Gospel. I believe I know what the Gospel is...but I'm going to go with the Gospel because it keeps getting put forward. So I empty my cup, ask the Lord to fill it - He wouldn't keep putting it there in the front of my mind if I did know it. I trust Him, so I want to investigate the Gospel more fully this upcoming year to absorb/share the Gospel with the world including my own flesh and blood to do whatever it is He's asking.

I want to feel like I'm getting back to being my true self.

I want to know more about Donald trump

Honestly, I don't know. I'm a person who enjoys learning, so I've been looking forward to learning German as I'm currently here in Germany. But my primary goal at this point is to really feel at peace in life so I can really start LIVING. And sharing (and enjoying) the gifts -- love, beauty, creativity, healing -- that I feel I was placed here to share.

I wan to continue exploring the richness of Judaism. Continue my backpacking adventures. And really I need to focus more on my future career, lifestyle and housing.

Always always, I want a lover companion animal to take to hospice.

I'd like to better understand disability in this country with Haig's arrival to our place. We are very concerned about him being able to get help for his handicap and better health care. It seems like a difficult situation to navigate but hopefully we can help support him and learn more in the process of disability.

Moving. Where could we be happy? Where could we find community? The Bay Area is home, but it's increasingly difficult to justify staying here given the costs, the traffic, the stress. Could we find a new home in a quieter, smaller, cheaper city? Portland? Fort Collins? Where else might we find home?

Life in Palm Springs.

This might sound narcissistic, but I want to investigate myself. I've been in a bad place this year, and through therapy, I'm starting to dig out. I'm coming to grips with years of abuse (raised by narcissists) as well as serious health issues, and I put my needs dead last for decades. Next spring I turn 40. I'm learning to balance the needs of my husband, children, and community with my own needs. How can I be a good leader, partner, and mother if I don't practice self care and a little bit of self love?

I'd like to participate more in Osher, and I'd like to continue to tutor kids. That is very fulfilling to me. If the election takes a bad turn, I might need to get involved to be sure we don't go down a fascist black hole.

I would like to delve into: what makes kids ethical

I want to tap into my own creativity again. My senses have been dormant in regards to creating and photography.

I'd like to get more involved in politics. The 2016 election has showed me that I need to stand up and defend my generation (the Millennials) and the ones that are coming after mine before things get even worse. None of us are going to have any kind of life worth living if we don't clean up things and fix the problems (racism, sexism, war, environmental issues, etc.).

I want to learn more about how Louis Barajas, CFP® does financial planning. Finish the family tree to great great grandparents for both Jason's and my family. Attend a past life regression workshop by Dr. Brian Weiss. Something with art, color, design.

This is a good question and one that has stumped me the most out of all the questions so far. I feel like I have a full enough plate that adding anything more to it or even investigating into anything more fully would cause burnout. But, since we're here and answering the question, I think that researching more about religion and specifically Christianity is something I'd like to do. So much of our world believes in Christianity as the way and I just don't believe. I was raised Catholic and have no regrets or even resentment around it. I respect people who practice Christianity, but science seems to contradict much and scientists were killed by the Catholic church because it contradicted their teachings. This doesn't sit well with me and tells me something is off about ALL of it. I want to know more and make a more educated decision about whether or not to believe, but a life believing honestly sounds a lot easier than not believing.

Too many things. I want to study social justice, the practice and the history. I want to attain a masters in International Relations and study peace and reconciliation. I want to really befriend and learn more about a specific person. The previously state, plus a million other things.

Having just completed my 5th step, my sponsor tells me I'm ready to sponsor someone myself. I'll consider that. I would like to be of more significant service related to the abuse I suffered as a child. Whether that means speaking to people in prison, volunteering for Casa de las Madres or some place similar, or maybe sponsoring someone with similar issues, I'm open. But I'd like to get involved in a real and significant way. I also want to work toward forgiving Darrell, Scott, my mother and others. I want to find what I'm on this planet to do: creative, service, otherwise.

I want to learn more about meditation, Hinduism and Buddhism. I read Eat, Love, Pray recently and actually I got more out of it than just a good read. I love the idea of Hindu prayer beads as an aid to meditation, which is weird because I don't like participating in church-type religions, and Catholicism has their prayer beads that are almost the same.

I would like to try to figure out how to donate to the Christian radio station I listen to.

This question prompted a bit of a whirlwind of thoughts. There are so many things that I would like to learn more about, but not one stands out as being the most intriguing. As I sat here contemplating, I found something that hadn't even appeared at first. I have an odd ability that has been present since childhood, and I never considered it to be an ability specifically...until this last year when a coworker googled it and found that it is an extrasensory ability. I've looked online a bit, and haven't found any real guidance about what I can do with this ability, and I am terribly curious to learn if this is something that I can control and use effectively.

I think it's time to take up reading pregnancy and childbirth books again!!!

Myself! Haha but i think I've said this before. I want to remember the foundation that I've built and how far that growth has taken me. As I build, I need to reaffirm that accomplishment. I would also like to take a closer look into goal setting, business and finance. I want to be a bossassbusinessladdyyyy with the chops.

With the approaching 50th anniversary of the Occupation of Gaza and the West Bank, I want to become more involved with Save Israel, Stop the Occupation and other liberal/progressive movements. As a Jew, it troubles me that our homeland, which we struggled for as long as we did, is guilty of the oppression we sought to escape. The Palestinian people are our brothers and sisters in religion, part of the tribe of Abraham, and we must work to restore peace between our people. I'm not sure how much American Jewry is aware of these movements or part of the conversation, but I would like to be part of the solution and bring greater awareness to this cause in the new year.

More about my body - we're becoming friends, and I'd like it if we became GREAT friends. I'd like to know what makes me gassy. I'd like to know what makes me stronger. I'd like to know how to push it to do more. I'd like to know how to better take care of it.

Traveling, traveling, traveling!!!

I would like to spend some time thinking about and learning more about the idea of implicit bias and what we can do to help stem the systemic racism we are seeing so much of lately. Reading Ta Nehisi Coate's "Between the World and Me" was a start, but I know there is much more to read and learn about and since we are focusing on shifting perspectives at work, I should focus on the same in my personal life, as well.

Baking pies from scratch-- my teenage daughter and I have a goal to bake one pie a week in the coming year.

I want to understand Israel/Palestine enough to dialogue about it, know the right questions to ask, and form my own viewpoint. I also want to engage more with BLM and racism in the us

Yes! As I have already stated, I'd like to write out my story of connection to place, sustainability and aboriginal folks, for the future generations of my family!

I've got to get more educated about politics. I definitely know more than the average American we've all seen how complicated and crazy our political system has become. I ned to get into the nitty gritty and better understand what is going on and how it impacts me and my family and community.

I want to look more into a bat mitzvah and how to get my granddaughter involved in some of her ancestry

Yes. I want to deepen my understanfing of myself and my current situation.

Having merged our NAMI and DBSA support groups recently, I feel a resurgence of passion, power and activity bubbling inside of me towards the goal of producing a book and organizing my peers to defeat stigma surrounding mental illness. I wish to explore different writing approaches and other media, including public speaking events to fulfill this most important goal I have pursued since I was called to this task in the mid 90s.

I want to investigate me more. My ideas, my causes. And I want to see if I can turn my dreams into a reality...or at least start the process. Let me grow more. Know me better.

I want to get even more emotionally and spiritually involved in Judaism, of course. That and my academic stuff.

I would like to get more involved in educational issues for kids in lower income areas. I'm not sure how I will do this, but I have to do something. We have a multitude of problems in society that we can't fix overnight. I think a good way to tackle some of these issues is to help children get a better start in life, since they are the future. We will have to rely on them to take on the burdens we adults are piling up in this world.

I would like to more about my ancestry this year.

I think I gave this exact answer last year, but I really want to keep meeting my kids. They're both frustrating in the way only family can be, but they're also funny and kind and fascinating. I love getting to know them.

yes, I want to explore the ideas around balance - as a woman, mother, partner, professional. Emotional, physical, professional balance.

I want to investigate cooking more of my own foods and taking the time to use even less processed foods in the next year. Baking my own bread exclusively, making yogurt from scratch, even trying my hand at cheese and butter. Working towards buying less boxed and pre-prepared foods. These are conveniences, which isn't a bad thing, but it's better to know what I'm putting in my body.

Cory!!!!!! Information, feminism, and technology!!!!

My relationship with friends

Wih the development of my more proffessionalaspect i would like to investigate more my development ain the peacebuilding field, what is my nish and how do i bring myself, my ideas and thoughts and maybeore he newage stff into the proffessional work. Amd with myself, how do i do the balance of the work and my spiritual practoce ans growth. In this sense, in a way, i would like to continue to investigate community life and living in a community and as a community. Yes. Actually very yes. Ibwould like also to have an experiencal community, would like to be part of a community. As well, coming bacj to the proffessional aspect i would like to explore more how can i develop an educational curicullum based on this ideas, inner peace and outer peace, and to also do this project.Yes! I would like it.

I want to investigate moving to another state within a year to be closer to old friends. My family have all passed on and have been able to reconnect with many old friends and acquaintances. Hopefully this is something I will be able to pull off. It's not that I'm not "content" here but I know I would be happier in another environment.

I would like to learn more about narcolepsy and the community surrounding the condition.

Yes- I want to take up theatre again. I want to take Lynn's Cabaret class and an acting class.

I want to better understand my family and I'd like to make more friends, maybe who are also moms or becoming moms!

Yes, I want to contribute more to charity and to the community.

Someone gave me an Ayn Rand book when I left New York, I've always wanted to read it. What I want more than anything is inspiration. But not the nebulous kind. The concrete, make-a-plan-and-follow-it kind. I want to know more about the history of rocks here in Colorado, the names of all the mountain ranges and all the peaks, what causes them, what they're made of. I want to know more about the crafts I love, more about acting, singing, movement, and yes even dance, that thing I feel I know so fully. I want to know more about what makes it beautiful, what makes it work, what makes it satisfying. I want to know more about how to inspire children to work hard, to give them the gift of an enjoyable effort. I want to know more about how to nurture children at Sunday School. I want to know more about how to give of my time and myself. I want to know more about how to be a good life partner to my husband. I want to know more about myself, how to get myself to be better and how to get myself to feel better. I want to know more about what it means to really believe in God.

Becoming more active socially in whatever neighborhood or community we end up in.

I would like to find a place to volunteer. I need to give back with my time and abilities. I would also like to find a place to teach yoga.

I'm not sure. I want to keep being me and developing strong relationships, values, and confidence. I just want to be the best I can be I guess, even though is sounds cheesy. I want to keep improving, remembering that I have always felt like I need improving.

I would like to learn to harness and deliver spiritual technologies that are universally accessible and immediate in impact without their feeling diluted or shallow. I would like to investigate the idea of being a spiritual artist, or an artist of spirituality.

As self-absorbed as it sounds, I would like to get to know myself as I am right now. I feel like I had to temper and dampen so many aspects of my personality while I was married to a narcissistic man, and it's time to let those re-emerge and for me to explore who I am, at this point. I am starting over in a way, but I feel so much better equipped to get what I want out of life. I also owe it to my child to be the best model of a woman and a parent that I can be. One area I've been paying close attention to is the role of alcohol in my life. Having been with an uncontrolled alcoholic for close to 10 years, my concept of moderate/healthy drinking was extremely skewed, and living in a city where heavy drinking is very much normalized, I had to re-learn what it means to drink moderately. I feel healthier overall and so much more productive as a result.

I want to try starting my own business.

Yes, in that there are many things, but no in that nothing specific jumps to the front of my mind. The best thing might be a little bit about running a consulting practice, but I don't even know where to start with that, nor do I have much motivation or energy to do so. :(

Myself. Reading over my 10Q answers for the last 3 years, I see that I haven't really grown at all despite my best intentions. It's time to stop making excuses and start making changes. Life is too short, if I've learned anything from what we've been through this year, it's that life is both fragile and resilient. And we can't take it for granted.

I want to investigate the tie between education and workforce development.

Depends on who wins the election. If Trump, it will be women's rights. If Clinton, I'll continue to be interested in helping animals.

I want to become more proficient playing the harp. That simply means I will practice more. ;) Borrowing from last year's 10Q answers, I am continuing to investigate RSOL and WAR, both organizations that advocate reformation of the sex offender laws. After researching them this past year, I began contributing to their causes. Perhaps this year I will become more vocal within these organizations.

I'd like to learn more about community service in our town this year so that I can get my kids more connected to the have nots that live among us. I fear that although our town is really diverse and integrated, our kids are not really seeing how lucky they are. And how this obligates them to give more to those who need it.

I want to explore myself this year. I think I have avoided large parts of my experience - due to fear or shame - and I am feeling safer to explore myself.

1. Habitat for Humanity 2. Mishkan 3. Purchasing a property to make into an Airbnb 4. Furthering my design business 5. Working toward either an e-RYT or a 500 hour RYT

Hmmmmm. I guess that, in the next year, I'd like to investigate time management more. And life management in general - budgets, calendars, tasks, projects, mind maps, etc. I think that I would benefit from more organization. My shit's all over the place.

I would like to explore my artistic side more. I've become too much of a consumer and have lost the urge to create.

I want to investigate how useful a bullet journal can be to me. I want to try new layouts and ideas until I find the best way to get my thoughts down and keep track of my time. I don't want to be too restrictive because then I get nothing done, so I want to find the right balance where I can get things done without taking away what I find fun about them.

I want to get involved with the local community more, volunteer or join groups.

Audre Lorde! She is incredible, her words resonate in my soul. I want to read more of her. I want to get back into drawing and art making, I really miss that in my life.

How to be at peace with myself and my mind.

There's hospitality, generosity, geography, plant intelligence, and the anti fragile. The antifragile is a concept so named by Nassim Taleb and it's given a name to a thing I've always been able intuit but not explain. It's not new, it just hasn't been netted till now. The antifragile is somehow built into life, a way to make things stronger as they go along. It's like the saying-what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. It works with disorder and chaos to build strength in something. Randomness, change, shortages, these things make organisms healthier. The absence of disorder and uncertainty makes organisms fragile, susceptible to big unexpected events. The restaurant business is all about uncertainty. You don't know who will come in, how much money you'll have at the end of the night, the menu is always changing. It seems an important link to the hospitality project. And well, geography has always been one of the things I'm weakest at. My inner compass is poor. So I've got the Idiot's book of Geography to get me going.

Over the past few years, there has been a dramatic increase in the amount of hatred and tension on a global scale, whether it be through the outlet of the presidential election, college campuses, online anonymity, or through any other means of the communication of ideas. It seems today that our nerves are on the outside of our skin, with current world events causing the most divided society that I, and I assume many others, have ever seen. This idea that we are all becoming so divided because of political beliefs, and the idea of “one-wayers” becoming such a common occurrence is fascinating to me. We have become a society without compromise, with the mental reasoning that results in someone discrediting another’s argument completely, attacking all three parts of their rhetoric, if they are not in agreement with their position. Arguments and opinions have become binary, either you agree or you are a terrorist, to put it in hyperbolic terms. What fascinates me about this is what it will lead to. Being relatively young, I can anticipate that I will be around to see the climax of this red-scare-esque timeline, and I have no idea what to expect. With the election three weeks away, I have a feeling that regardless of who the American people choose to lead our nation for four years, this current trajectory of divisiveness will not only continue, but worsen. It’s a scary thought hidden behind layers of banter and internet culture, one that seems like a political disagreement, but is really something that will continue for decades. It will have an effect on my parents, me, and those who come after. I am of the opinion that this can not end well for anyone, but there is nothing one single person can do about this but sit back and watch. However, would one really want to sit back and watch as their house (an analogy) is set on fire?

Vesuvius. I just heard about this guy but i guess he was a prominent figure in the studies of how landscape and urban surroundings affect people.

I really want to work on patience. Maybe mindfulness or being more open to meditation.

reading torah finding a lover Making a new friend

I want to learn more about TREES!

I really want to get into book making. I like the idea of making my own bullet journals.

I started working on our family tree this year. My brain fog has made it a challenge to continue. I am hoping to get back to it post surgery. I'd like to help the children find a greater connection to family. At some point I'd like to go to visit some of the towns our ancestors came from together as a family.

My soulmate, healing, letting go, overcoming my fears - if it's just one thing then my soulmate 😊 And continue investigating The art of fermentation, African drumming, hua wei qi gong

More exercise options at the U

I want to investigate various kinds of therapy. I want to be able to have a baseline knowledge at the very least for art therapy, animal therapy, and the various kinds of CBT. I also want to know about other kinds of therapy out there. Maybe music therapy. I just think that creative parts of ourselves are so important and often overlooked, when they can be very healing.

One concept that I want to look more into this coming year is sustainability. I have always been interested in the environment, but have always put it on the back burner while I have been in school, I hope to learn more about what I can do to be more sustainable by reading books, the internet, documentaries, and any other information I can get my hands on.

Myself. Who am I, why am I here, and what is my purpose in life? This is what I know this far... GLBTQI Advocate Ultra-Orthodox OTD Advocate More?

I got married yesterday so I guess I would like to really work on our life together and exploring what it is now that we made this commitment.

My scholarship! Just found out I'll be at the research institute I was hoping for from January through June, which will give me the time and space to focus on my work. I am so excited at the prospect!


I want to know more about Black Lives Matter and the women who founded this movement.

After a month in my current Spanish class, I would like to further investigate Liberation Theology

Committing to working with Habitat builds. They need some fresh blood on their construction teams, and I think I just fit the need.

Making my life into something I'm actually happy with. Currently I feel that things aren't going in a direction I want: the wage at my job sucks, and apart from one or two times a month when I hang out with my friends, I come home to an empty flat. I'd like to be fitter and happier with my body. I spend a lot of time thinking about things like how I can save the world (how can we stop Trump? how can we save the middle east? where is the world going?), but perhaps in 2017/5777 I need to try and sort my own little corner of the world out first.

I would like to know more about the accordion... I have dreamt about it several times already and as the guitar, I think they can be important tools to connect to other people. So look into more ways of connecting people through art and music.

I have been interested in some time in helping certain independent news organisations (e.g. 21st Century Wire) that in my opinion actually have real journalists who investigate stories and don't just spout opinion and BS from other mass media sources or government propaganda. This came to light during the Middle Eastern conflicts, and now the Syria conflict where the stories from the corporate media just didn't pass basic logic and rationality tests. To get to the truth I had to go elsewhere and I have come across a few good organisations where I think I would want to help financially.

I want to investigate my potential in my career and learn more about proposal management and communications. I joined a professional organization, and so far I really enjoy it. I want to learn more and be awesome and valuable.

I would like to learn more about how to effect non-violent conflict resolution. Associated with that, is teaching empathy skills.

I'm really hoping that we'll be able to go on a real vacation this year - a getaway for just the two of us. So I would love to spend time investigating vacation possibilities, and then researching how we're going to do it!

I must to investigate Black Lives Matter and race relations more fully this coming year. If I truly want to be a white ally I need to do my homework and educate myself on the past history of how we got to where we are with race relations in the United States. This includes reading the words of Malcolm X, Langston Hughes, Toni Morrison, W.E.B. Du Bois, and more. If I want to be an effective white ally, I need to become vulnerable to not knowing everything and be open to learning from others, both white and non-white. If I want to be an effective white ally, I need to get involved in the community with organizations building white allies (see: Groundwork) and public discourse (see: speaking at city county meetings).

Continue to blog about Mindfulness (Spirituality) and money......and let the meaning of that term continue to evolve for me, as I explore it for myself and others.

I would like to look into working in chaplaincy or at-risk individuals more deeply. For example, those are incarcerated. I would like to see this might be something to pursue professionally.

The thing I'd like to investigate more fully in the coming year is myself, my parenting, my job/career and possibly my marriage. I think I'm ready to do this now and I feel strong, with boundaries and self-esteem and self-knowledge and knowing that life can change, and that's OK, but I'd like to know myself better.

My intuition and psychic ability. It's all right within reach; I simply need to reach through. There is plenty of evidence that I already "know" - I wan tot strengthen my resolve to be present and to be of service with my knowledge and gifts. I can do so much good by listening, learning and leading.

Our church is really pressing into practicing the spiritual disciplines. I want to investigate this more fully, developing my inner life and cultivating a strength that comes only from communion with Jesus.

I will investigate fatherhood more in the next year. I need to figure out who I am as a father and what the responsibility of having a child will mean to me. I want to spend more time talking to my dad about his experiences as a father and to my mom about her experiences as a mother.

I want to investigate myself and my being-her-now-ness. My no muscle and my effortless effort self.

I want to get more involved in all aspects of racial justice. I think I care but I don't know what the hell I'm talking about. I developed my queer ally self over many years of listening and learning. Now it's time to do the same thing for people of color.

Loving kindness.

Is it cliche to say myself? I thought I had this pretty well down, but the last year has been hard. Really hard. I need to figure out how to continue to grow and thrive.

I've been wanting to connect and volunteer with the local LGBTQ office here, think I'd make great friends and perhaps offer something to struggling teens, help prevent suicide. And, I want to write things just for FUN, to see if my creativity takes off when I take a different approach.

aviation interior design

Black Lives Matter.

Budgeting, accounting, and basic all-around money management and financial savvy so I can teach it to my kids and spare them all the ignorance around money that I suffered from in my 20s, 30s, and 40s.

Keep helping Tonya and supporting Israel.

I want to look more into not-for-profit and co-op organizations, to make more of my work worthwhile.

I would like to get a more informed understanding of immigration policy. My heart says it has to be better to welcome migrants, whether their reasons for coming are related to escaping political oppression, violence or poverty. I would like to be able to back that up with real knowledge of the impact of immigration on the lives of American-born citizens, and on our economy, society and culture. I would like to be able to help advocate for meaningful immigration reform.

Yes, reconnect even more so with my brothers.

No, not really.

Mobilizing to limit climate change and save civilization.

The way refugees fit into UK society

I plan to center my dissertation around the idea of risk and its role in adapting to climate change.

I want to investigate Chicago History in more depth and the 19th century in general for a historical drama I'm writing.

Trauma, Equine therapy, forgiveness, Europe, half marathon or tough mudder

In the coming year, I would like to investigate more fully the idea that my daughter and I can both rise to the challenges in front of us if we have the right resources within us. I'm not sure what those are yet. My challenges include making and keeping friends, containing my occasional anxiety, and creating a new and peaceful home. Hers include adapting to a lot of change.

Yes everything! More eckhart tolle, more Byron Katie, more perinatal health, more gypsy India, more warrior within, I want to consume knowledge and then spread it x

There's a little boy, Allen, that I've begun tutoring through an after-school program. I loves superheroes, and I'm informed, thanks to my grandson. I hope we'll bond and that I can help him with his reading.

Want to look into moving to a kibbutz near a reform or masorti congregation where I can reestablish myself to begin attending services again.

Independizarme laboralmente

I want to read more books and engage in more art that is outside of my cultural comfort zone.

I want to improve my cooking skills. I'm already quite good at baking but cooking not so much. I somehow have the idea, that I need to prove my housewife skills to my boyfriend an der myself.

I would like to invesitage myself over the next year in a more determined way: find what 'hidden' skills I might have.

I would like to investigate myself more fully, by seeing what is there and not what should be.

I want to build on my relationship with my Rabbi on a personal level. We have a relationship through leadership but I want to be relax and trust and believe.

I want to get some writing published!! Maybe not this year, but would like to look into what it is that I am 'supposed' to/'called to' write. I also want to concentrate on spending more time with my Hubby.

How to ensure I can finally get on JEOPARDY! and winn a string of games.

#imwithher Over the last 10 years I've become increasingly political and increasingly feminist. I want to continue to explore ways that I can help change our world to promote inclusivity, diversity, and equity. I started by educating myself. I will use my right to vote. But I know there is more that can (and should) be done to build the world I dream about.

No. I am tired of investigating. What needs to come to me will.

I remember reading about how the Haiti earthquake caused the death of over 100,000. What have I been doing this past couple of years!? I'd like to pick one cause and really get behind it. Pick a a social issue and dedicate some time to researching it and making it effort to help solve the crisis.

Becoming more involved politically. This past year's election was so scary. I want to use my voice to do good.

Mindfulness and compassion cultivation are ongoing projects and I don't seem to be doing such a good job with those these days..... The two things that come to mind are gardening, for myself, pure pleasure, and refugees - considering how I could help others more.

I want to investigate myself and my body more fully this year. To come into myself sexually and explore options, desires, and kinks.

I love creating something from nothing. In so doing, I would love to work with the BMVF to create extraordinary fundraising events which will enable local organizations to better serve our community. I am also very hopeful that Headwaters Academy will become a reality and that I will acquire a fulfilling role supporting the school, the children, parents and the community.

Me. I want to work on myself, get my body to be healthier, my mind calmer, and put passion where it deserves to be placed.

I think I want to investigate painting. I want to experience, I want to read more about Van Gogh (yeah I have a problem) and I want to look into his life and world. I look forward to this personal goal a whole bunch. I think I also want to investigate Poetry a lot more. See where I stand. Read more of it. Write more of it. Not sure how to make myself do these things. We shall see.

Jenny Blake's Pivot Method is intriguing to me, and I want to understand what makes people more able to make moves in their life and what makes them more likely to stay stuck. I'd like to understand my risk tolerance and see if I can push the envelope a bit.

I would like to take a road trip. I would like to explore more around DFW. I would like to open a little free pantry. I would like to quit vaping.

Wayne is the person I want to continue to investigate this year, I am excited to learn more about who he is. The first year knowing someone is not always the true reality of the person in the long term. I am excited to learn new things about him each day and Im sure this learning will make me fall more and more in love with him every day. A cause I want to investigate is getting underprivileged children into live theaters to see shows, this is a project Wayne came up with but I actually want to take action and do it. This year, I want to explore the idea of Mindfulness.

There is a script I've been meaning to write, so I would like to investigate script writing. Rob has challenged me to it, and I feel like I could produce something quite different, so it would be a waste not to try! Also, I would like to prove to myself that I can see a project to start to finish, so that I can one day produce the innovative gym I have in mind. So when I say start to finish, I mean to learn script writing as a craft, write the script and get it in front of someone who can get it to market. Then I am one step closer...

Building community and the importance of having a community. I have one now, at my synagogue, a place where I feel at home and where I belong. I think community is quite lacking in our modern, fast-paced world and we need more of it. Everyone is in their own little world; their own little bubble and we have lost some of our humanity. I'd like to research and write on this topic more. Also, all my ideas revolve around bringing people together in some way. I'd like to pick a couple of those and figure out how to bring them to fruition - monthly lunch for work at home folks at the synagogue; monthly Shabbat dinners to get to know more people from the synagogue, etc.

I want to investigate 'presence', being accepting of who people ARE and not needing them to change so I am more at ease

The other day I met a 50-year-old composer named Michael Webster. After finding out that I was half his age, he somehow felt compelled to start giving me advice about life-- strange! What he said actually really resonated with me, though. He said: "just always remember that you're doing it-- these are the days you're going to look back on and think, 'wow, I was living the musician lifestyle and doing all of these great gigs.' If you're always chasing some ideal life, you're never going to be happy, so just enjoy what you're doing now." It's true that as a twenty-something, living in the mindset of wanting to achieve some ideal is pretty standard. I am constantly seeking this imaginary milestone where I'm doing the gigs I want to be doing, feeling respected, and busy with lots of musical ventures. I need to just enjoy the moment and remind myself that I AM doing the gigs I want to be doing, I'm living my ideal life in this moment and I don't need to be in obsessive pursuit of anything because I already have it.

Being bi-continental. Having a life here in the USA as well as Australia that allows me to contribute to my home country and make a living. Contribute: human rights advocacy, group work, community participation

I'd love to dig deeper into my photography passion and learn more about technique as I work on my Durham Doll book!

The cause is myself, or namely my romantic life. I have to learn to take ownership of myself and learn from my mistakes. I have to learn not to fall for every trick that comes across my path, and not be so G-d damn clingy. I have to think more about myself in my relationship life and not give everything to the other person. For my own sanity, I have to do this.

I think this election has really made me more worried and curious about the level of disaffection so many people feel and how that's led to such hateful views. It would be easy to just dismiss those people as ignorant bigots not worth my time or curiosity, but I think that lets me off the hook. Sure a significant portion of Trumps supporters may be ignorant and irredeemable, but there are others who I would recognize as decent in other aspects of their lives. So why choose to support someone who seems so obviously horrible and dangerous. I think it's worth unpacking my own assumptions and trying to understand.

prayer and Israel

Yes - me!

I want to continue to deepen my practice of Centering Prayer and to become more open and truly "mirror" the Eternal, Loving Mystery. Also, I hope to brush up my Chinese language skills, scant as they are.

I think I said this last year, but my hubby. He's awesome and I want to spend more quality time with just him so that we can talk and stay as deeply connected as we have always been. I truly believe he is my soul mate, but sometimes life gets in the way and we are a bit distant with each other. Our trip to Las Vegas in August was perfect. It was just the two of us and we had the best time, ate at some delicious restaurants, saw a great show and just hung out together.

Bruce Springsteen.

Yes.. fix the political mess this world has become.

Yes, there is so much that I want to investigate more fully in the coming year. I'd like to understand more about pharmaceuticals, more about cannabis legalization and its effects on minorities. I also want to understand more about close relationships psychology- understanding more and more how we communicate with people. This isn't about trying to find a boyfriend or anything person, but just with my love of connecting with people, I really want to understand more and more how people communicate in ways that I don't. I want to invest more fully in understanding myself. Understanding the shame of my relationship with food, understanding the shame of wanting to be desired but never being desired. With the person I was seeing for a little this summer, I wasn't good. He wasn't good either. And sometimes I was. But I want to understand more of this idea of trying to be nice to impress people. Of wanting people to think I'm nice. I want to stop looking outside of myself for validation. I want to be nice to put out good energy but not so other people want to be with me or be friends with me. I want to investigate more fully myself and understanding myself. And understanding others. Understanding where I can make changes, and not get so overwhelmed.

I'd like to discover and learn more about people of different relgions -- Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Catholic, etc -- interested / already in, the fashion industry, and how it has influenced their designs or choices in fashion specifically. I'd like to unite more of us individuals and try to eradicate xenophobia together.

My husband. I want to really get to know him in the next year. I feel I've left him on the back burner. See a recurring theme here? Also I think I may be obsessing. I think I get one idea and focus on it to the exclusion of other ideas.

The internal world. On a personal level, my spiritual practice (meditation, yoga, tantra). Looking larger, TCI, coaching and harnessing the power of the mind and perception.

I would like to get back into being more creative. I would also like to try and start writing and getting all the chatter out of my head.

I want to continue to explore ways to work across cultural and religions lines in my own city/county/community. I feel there is too much alienation and separation, and it has led to anger and very destructive behaviors and beliefs.

I want to investigate my heritage and religion more. I have a lot of books sitting on my shelf, and so many more in the library, that I want to read. I think exploring my religion/culture will give me another area of expertise outside of medicine that will help me exercise my brain in a different way. Science can only do so much, and I abhor the thought of training my brain so that it thinks in only one mode. I want to be versatile in thought and action, and I think reading more about the anthropology and history of my people will increase that.

My "spirituality" - in private and in public; what am I doing for myself, and what risks am I willing to take to live what's on the inside, outside as feels good to me (e.g. wearing more covered-up or looser clothing), praying visibly during the middle of the day, using more religious or sanctifying language in day-to-day interactions with people

Not really. Well, maybe myself.

I should return to reading "A History of the Jews" and "The Beginning of Wisdom." Maybe a bit of Harry Potter for fun. I had also said I wanted to learn more about poetry this year -- I even downloaded an iTunes U program about it.


Jewish social justice organizations - also to take some classes in jewish studies, and social action. I would also like to work on a daily writing practice

I want to feel re-invigorated about writing. I've lost my desire to write which is weird for me.

The contentious political atmosphere this election cycle has me wanting to go back and study sociology again and the ideas underpinning how people interact with each other and what motivates and promote behavior. I know that it involves psychology as well but I am more interested on the collective social aspect of social phenomena.

writing, drawing and finishing my novel :)

I want to figure out some way to be a more active participant in the new civil rights movement, especially where it pertains to obliterating the legacy of racism in this country that keeps black folks afraid of the police and incarcerated more than any other group. I also like the idea of volunteering to bring some sort of sound healing/comfort to people who are sick or dying through playing the handpan. I think it’s an amazing instrument with so much potential for healing and comfort, and the better I get at it, the more I can share.

I would like to investigate more fully in the coming year, ways to make money from home, preferably online. Since I have been unable to return to nursing and I am facing a knee replacement, I need to find something to do to supplement my income. As I have said for years now, I would like to learn the Spanish language. I have enough time on my hands now, but haven't been motivated to do much of anything. I would like to write a book, but would have no idea where to start, so maybe I will look into that. Perhaps I will check out a dating site for seniors. LOL. Seems impossible that I am fast approaching 65. I may check into a reverse mortgage to supplement my income. Although I believe in the Trinity, I may try to find out more about the "Jesus Only" beliefs. An online Bible college is another thought of something I may check out.

I would like to know more about a lot of things, but there is not one specific thing that has my fancy right now.

I would like to investigate becoming a hospice volunteer.

Public art, and its ability to bring communities together

Myself, the world and my place in it

No. Maybe. I guess I'd like to investigate my higher power this coming year. I want to figure out what spirituality means and how I can benefit from it. I'm thinking about trying Buddhism. Also curious about Kaballah. I think it might be unwise to just reject all religion out of hand because I didn't like the one I was brought up with. There could be something that could work for me out there that I would really benefit from that doesn't sound too much like the crazy stuff from my childhood and doesn't make me feel those same feelings of shame and inadequacy.

Myself: what is it that I want? Separate from my duties, my relationships, my responsibilities, my emotional and familial ties. I feel like I have been on auto-pilot recently and have completely lost touch with myself in the present. I'm not sure I love the job I've been fighting to get, and I'm not sure I really want to get pregnant. I also need to think about how I will deal with the idea that I might not ever have children, as well as the idea of raising a child under less than desirable circumstances. My singular, independent self seems to have floated away, and I'd like to find my feet again.

I've been so inspired over the past year by Eleizabeth Gilbert. First, her books - especially Big Magic - allowed me to look at my life in a different light. Then her podcasts - Magic Lessons - which have led to more podcast exploration - inspire and motivate me on many levels. Lastly, her Facebook posts (still not a member as of today) offer a glimpse in to a life fully led, fully engaged in. So, taking my cue from Liz (may I call you Liz? Is that ok?) I'm going to explore my truth and live in it and marinate in it. What is my truth? When am I being untruthful and why? What will I do with my truth? How am I going to live it every day? So I guess I'm going to investigate myself and see what that leads to.

The apartment complex we just moved into has a ton of feral kittens -- I really want to see about getting them fixed & then released, in my own personal TNR (Trap, Neuter, Release) program. I've already talked to a local shelter and I'm on a waiting list for a feral trap.

I want to complete my garden, before my 30th birthday. There are a few other jobs around the house I would like to have completed too, and this deadline feels fitting so we can invite all of our friends for a nice BBQ.

This should come as no surprise but I really want to investigate my daughter Maisie. I'm so excited to meet her and so excited to learn all about her and watch her learn all about the world. There's so many things I don't know about having a child and I'm so excited to learn all these things!

I want to get back into learning more about child development. I was doing a lot of reading on that subject when my daughter was 0-3, but I've let it slide a bit, and maybe I'm realizing that 4 year olds are just as mysterious as babies.

I intend to become a true expert in the new revenue recognition standard, FASB ASC Topic 606. In my life, I have a track record of getting pretty good at a lot of things and great at nothing. I actually don't mind that about myself; I'm a generalist with diverse interests. But I have a unique opportunity while on this rotation in New York to improve my professional skills, and it would be a shame to waste it.

Understanding Mormonism better. Also, trying to find purpose and investigating what gives life "purpose" exactly and how to find it.

I want to go back to doing grief counseling. I felt like I was good at it and miss working with the kids. My one regret with leaving is no longer being able to work with Lost & Found. I hope we move to Arizona, and I find a similar organization.

O.K., O.K., O.K., RETIREMENT. I am more than ready to retire, except for the fear of not getting a paycheck. I NEED to investigate further my financial situation, and my retirement options. Will I do anything about doing so? That's anyone's guess!

I want to investigate One Metric more fully in the coming year. It’s a concept I’ve discussed with a couple of clients at work; and today I started working on making it a reality. It’s not my idea; I got it from Moz. But I’m implementing it and adapting it for each organization. The idea is that you produce one aggregate metric that tells you how well a piece of content is performing compared to another piece of content. You work out what expected (average) performance is for a group of metrics and then you compare the performance of a single page against expected performance. At the end of it, you get a single figure between 0 and 100, where 50 is expected performance. I’d also like to develop my analytics skills beyond pure data gathering to actually being able to deliver insights and encourage change. That’s the hard part: producing analysis, not just reports of numbers. I’m also looking forward to getting my head around Google Data Studio and Google Optimize. I like that my job has exciting new developments every so often. I find it fulfilling and I geek out whenever some good news comes out. Last week, for example, I was really excited that you could now move properties between Google Analytics accounts. This will mean nothing to people who don’t know anything about Google Analytics; but to me it’s a big deal!

More about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict at my own pace, more about Jewish ritual practice, more about the democratic party.

Going back to school I think if I'm going to go back 2 school or make a career shift in any way I need to put that in motion now so that by the time my kids are all done with HS in less than 5 years I can make that pivot. Sabbatical What will I do for my sabbatical in Summer 2018?

I do not know what I want to do with my life. While I lived in the Philippines, my course of action was fairly set: finish elementary school, breathe a sigh of relief for being able to skip middle school, complete high school, finish four years of undergraduate college, enter medical school, and become a doctor – both my parents have followed that plan. College education in my homeland is significantly cheaper than in the United States, so much so that it is not at all financial burden to my parents should I choose that path; no loans, no grants, no scholarships necessary. It is also quite simpler than the American college system. All I would need to do to be accepted into a traditional Filipino college is pass a standardized test, send an application, and ensure that I can afford to pay tuition. Living in the United States for my adolescent years has muddled any sense of direction in my future. Although I can still apply to a Filipino college with little issue, education in the United States has offered so much opportunity to explore subjects and career paths that it makes me dizzy. Here I can choose to pursue the medical field and still explore the vastness of human knowledge. In contrast, my experience with Filipino education was quite rigid, and it does not offer much flexibility with class electives. My current situation may be better, being free to discover my ideal career rather than settling for what my parents pursued, though I do find their work quite interesting, and I have explored the field with my father's guidance. With that said, I look forward to looking forward and weighing my options.

Study of brain and and how actions and behaviors can be used to make concrete and long lasting change for more happiness and joy. And how I can teach this most effectively!

Sustainable agriculture on my land.

Parenthood. Myself as a mother. J as a husband. G as a daughter!

Helping grassroots candidates I believe so have to start investigating candidates and their causes.

Yes, all my book ideas! Thinking less selfishly(ish), I'd like Chris and I to enter some kind of organised sporting event (a swim, probably). I think it will be good for us to have something to aim towards, and will give us a bit of purpose and meaning - left to my own devices, I sometimes wonder if I'd leave the house at the weekend...

I'd like to learn more about the veteran community and how I can bring to bear a light on the plight of women veterans returning home after their service. I don't have an interest in setting up a program myself. Rather, I want to help ignite the spark for others to come forward to shine the light on these plights and get the paradigm to shift from women veterans just being those who were raped in a locker by their superiors. This has to come to light.

A person: my incredible friendship with Ashleigh, I want to investigate how it will change and grow when we live together. A cause: the queer community in Berlin, refugee assistance programs An idea: the idea of building a life in a place I won't already be planning on leaving

Living without religion. The freedom of that.

Probably more into Buddhism and how I can apply that to my life.

I want to investigate adopting children more fully. And perhaps moving into a private practice or a different, more balanced work setting.

I want to know my staff and co-workers better. I focus on work, but not on the people. I get a lot done but I don't know much about the people with whom I work. I want to know my co-workers better.

I want to investigate myself. I want to get to know myself and be true to myself. I want to understand what makes me, me. I want to see myself how other people see me, rather than my negatively skewed perception of myself.

I read this question in bed with Shan. I didn't want to admit it, but he was the answer. We both know things didn't start out as a fairytale. He was seeing other people, I wasn't entirely interested. Over 4 weeks, we started hanging out more and he just asked me to be exclusive. It feels like it happened in slow motion - like I've known him my entire life. He's so comforting and just the thought of him gives me butterflies. He's everything I want in a partner - funny, loyal, caring, honest, sexy as fuck, intelligent. He's the best thing that's happened to me. I hate valuing myself based on a man, but he makes me better. I used to consider myself a bitter pessimist, but life since meeting Shan has been rainbows and kittens. I enjoy helping strangers. I see the good in people. He makes me see the good in myself. Suddenly romcoms and love songs make sense and cliches aren't cliche. At Rosh Hashanah, he texted his mom and said "I think she is it." I think he's it, too. If you're reading this and you're still dating him - go out to a romantic dinner tonight. No excuses. Remember how you felt right now, October 11th, 2016. Remember his stand up night and how incredible he was. Remember when you stared in each others eyes for 8 minutes and it felt like 1 second. If you've broken up, I can only imagine how hard it was, but don't let it break you. Move on. Learn from it. Grow. Maybe text him and see how he's doing, although I really hope you're still together.

Herbssssss. Maybe also Early Childhood Education. Maybe also Jenna's community.

My partner and I have opened up our relationship. This was something that she wanted more than I did, mainly because I have a negative self image and can't picture someone being attracted to me (I even struggle to believe that my own partner is attracted to me). I would like to investigate the possibility of other relationships, but I also want to take the pressure off of myself to make it happen.

I'd like to be more socially and politically aware in my own city. I don't know much about Austin or Texas politics and policy. A lot of my friends are involved but it's something I'm apprehensive about. I hope to just be more aware about what's going on - do more research, read the chronicle more.

In 2017 I want to be practicing ukulele and/or guitar. I want to be loving my lucrative, flexible work for great people. I want and need to be taking care of my body and mind and exercising them both with yoga, surfing, biking, walking, dancing, laughing, sexing, meditation and generous self-talk.

Different forms of community in my new city. Anything from cohousing to "buy nothing" groups to CSAs to child care sharing to volunteering... it's easy to accidentally build an artificially isolated lifestyle in modern and urban US cities and that is not how I want to live. I am very privileged and lucky and well-off, and I have talents that can help different slices of the world of unique ways, so it's important to not have the default be hoarding all of that off in my own little corner.

Love. Doing it better and more fully. For myself. my friends, my family, my new family and even my colleagues.


Mindfulness for anxiety control

I would like to investigate radical politics, as they relate to inter-sectional feminism, socialist economics and anarchist ideals. This should be supplemented with the philosophical foundations for such expressions of modern thought.

Right now, I want to enter my new job with renewed motivation. This is my chance to be someone new. The real me, unfettered by the toxicity that surrounded me at the old job. I want to learn to shine like I know I can. Aside from that, I am interested in deepening my knowledge of the arts, of literature, philosophy, and data mining.

I want to look in owning my own event planning company and what steps I need to take to get there. I want to have my own company by the time I'm 25 and my deadline is coming up close. It's going to be a lot of hard work but I know I can do it. Also I want to learn more about traveling on a budget. I loved traveling with my family and I want to keep traveling. My goal is travel at least once or twice a year. One trip in the U.S. and another outside the U.S. (I have a passport i need to use it! Also I want to figure out how to get my family more connected. I started a Facebook group for my family but I need to reach to the ones who aren't on Facebook too.

I would like to weave yardage for making clothing for L. I would like to make and sell! more core frame braiding stands, while improving my woodworking skills. I want to braid more complex braids, and branch into braids as jewelry, or the core thereof.

Right now, I think it would be learning how to integrate what I know into helping society. How do I give back to the world with the knowledge (hardly considered expertise) that I have? I hope I'm more politically involved in the coming year.

I want to be a better clinician.

I would like to learn more about Neil deGrassie Tyosn. I have videos of him speaking and been impressed by how eloquent he is and how clearly he explain complex scientific phenomena. I have also been impressed that he is not afraid to get political and stand for what is right. I would love to see him speak in person one day. For now, I will need to settle with reading his books.

Yes, the idea of starting a business, or going back to school to pursue another interest. I would like to investigate how to take the opportunity that SSPA presents and make it bigger, better and more rewarding for me, and offer more to the community. Now that we have a building, and are building our audience and reputation in the community.

I'd like to invest fully in the renovation of my home and learning as many handy construction and fixing skills as possible!

I'd like to get back into keeping tabs on the fundies. Especially with the insanity of this election it seems like it would be interesting to get back into - even if it's not something I can really list on the interests section of my resume.

Meditation that I can actually stick with, improved communication with my husband, setting up my physical office at work t o enable more effective work and figuring out how to get more administrative support so that I'm not drowning in doing it all myself.

My parents. they have interesting lives (mainly my dad..) and I would like to explore them more and learn more about them.

behavioral science?

I want to volunteer with a grief counseling center for kids.

I think I need to find a way to get more involved in suicide prevention and teen healthcare. I'd like to find a way to be part of the solution.

I would like to investigate further how white people like me can be a successful ally in fighting racism.

Meditation. Reading again. Cooking. Speaking more Spanish.

An idea that I would be delighted to investigate at a fuller extent in the coming year is the broad topic of philosophy, more specifically the evolution of the theories and viewpoints on morality. This passion came to me after a long debate after school in which when, if ever, would it be justifiable to kill another human being. My friends and I talked (rather loudly at times) another this posed questions for hours, almost from the end of the school day to when the sun went down at around 7:30 PM. Just within that small group of six educated young minds, there was a vast spectrum of viewpoints on this one topic, and these only diversified as we expanded greatly on specific exceptions, going into scrutinizing detail. At the end of this discussion, many of the friends I was conversing with were mentally and physically exhausted and chose to start their long night of homework cut out for them. As I thought about our discussion, one piece continued to come to mind: how different and unique each person's viewpoint was, even though we were all about the same age, the same gender, lived in the same relative area, and attended the same school. Seeing the stark differences from just between these kids, I started to image how wide the array of answers would be to this very question from different people from different eras in history and geographical locations. I started to research any studies that have been conducted to answer my curiosity, and this research only exponentially increased my interest in not only this question of justified killing, but the origins of institutionalized morality. As I aggressively read through several articles that tried to answer just that, many of these articles had quotes from the same book Meditations written by Marcus Aurelius. I decided to research this work and stumbled across a gold mine of philosophical wisdom dating back almost 2000 years. Due to my current studies and stress level during this first quarter of senior year, I am currently not able to read this, but as the year progresses and my worries wane, I will undoubtedly pick up this book, read it cover to cover, and expand my knowledge on what it really means to be human.

I want to explore what it means to believe in G-d this year. I think I have a deep yearning to believe, but I'm not really sure what that means. G-d is mysterious. I think I'm tired of knowing everything. I want some mystery, some mysticism, some magic in my life.

How to survive as a distant caregiver for my mother with less than stellar support from the local caregivers. Probably more, but nothing that's coming to mind right now.

the collaboration of public and private sector entities and individuals to create efficiency in the movement of freight.

Online marketing and building an online business

Yes, social media and Etsy.

I want to investigate how to connect more with the world on a positive way that is healed. Don't be angry, just be a peace and ready to help. I'd love to learn meditation.

I recently retired. I plan on exploring how I want to spend retirement.

I'd like to continue learning more about other religions and spirituality. Right now, the idea of building bridges between my spiritual self and the material world interests me. It was easy to start everyday in prayer, meditation and yoga while I was on Sabbatical because that was my focus and goal. How do I bring my authentic spiritual self everywhere I go and practice what I've learned in everything that I do?

I want to work towards giving of myself outside of work. I find myself making excuses for not getting involved: work schedules, commute length, busyness, but really I have none. If I commit to something, I can make it work. I have so much time and so few commitments. I'm interested in supporting refugees, in food and environmental justice, in connecting people with nature who wouldn't normally get to experience the power of the outdoors. I am not alone. There are opportunities. There are needs that I can fill, ways that I can contribute to making my community and the world a safer, stronger place.

What do I want my big next step career-wise to be? Alternative movements - contact improv, ecstatic dance, more yoga. Feminism and giving back in practice. I can't believe how many years have gone by in 10Q without me finding my cause to give back to. I think I'm almost in a place where I feel there - not worried about finding a new job, and almost where every waking moment is work or chores or maintenance. Writing - in a structured format, like a writing club.

Tamil Tigers member FFS read on BBC online the last days. It sounded like he became a killer machine to protect his sister and then changed towards the "good" with having music as an major impact. Perhaps he helps FFS and me to "build" OUR future with LOVE!

Astronomy - I've read lots of popular science books, but have just started a university certificate in astronomy and looking forward to learning about it in more depth. Hoping the certificate might turn into a degree but that all depends on how I cope with the maths involved, so I guess maths is also something I'll be investigating this year - I love the way it all fits together perfectly (if you do the calculations right that is!)


Nope. Not until I've finished studying. I'm looking forward to things then.

Inter-faith. How it can work in relationships. CAN it work in relationships. Can you keep a strong and unbending sense of who you are whilst embracing and welcoming the other. Does it make me a worse Jew if I choose to spend my life with someone not Jewish. Does it make me a traitor to my culture, my heritage, my ancestors, my family my history. Will the non Jew I choose to spend my life with forever feel like an outsider. Is there room in Judaism for making him feel any other? Will I always be Katie who married out? Married out - what is that? Married out of humanity? Married out of personhood? I chose to marry someone I love who makes me better who I want to share my life with. But I married OUT of the list of people it is deemed ok to marry. Did I not try to marry within that list? Did I not pour my heart and soul into it? Did the list not end up breaking me apart? And how can someone who MARRIES OUT bring settled and happy and healthy JEWISH children into the world? Is it even possible? Do children need to witness a sense of unity at home because the rest of the world is so angry and so destroyed and so volatile? And even if our children grow up to be strong and proud and self identified, will THEY be able to raise children with the same strength? Or am I the one who is so consciously choosing to begin to weaken to chain. Am I breaking the chain? Maybe I am. Who knows. I am certainly choosing to weaken it. Will I be proud of my legacy? Will I be proud of my decisions?

The homeless and hurting LGBTQ youth of our community

I want to write for children, perhaps starting with a blog , to share the stories I tell the kids on the playground. It would be great to publish them someday and I have to start somewhere.

Global warming impact on ecosystems, translate positive but truthful messages to zoo visitors. Find specific ways to be more loving and truthful. investigate human child development to be the best Grandma/teacher ever.

I would like to know more about teaching English in South Korea, I actually am starting to feel anxious about the fact that I'm still here, in my hometown. I feel like it's time for a change again. So I'm definitely going to research the possibilities and requirements, and prepare myself for doing something crazy!

I also would like to try a new relationship with a woman again. On one hand I like to be with someone to do things with. Social and physical contact is missing from my life. But on the other hand I feel a relationship would make me feel trapped again, which I dont want again. Avoidance is in my behaviors. But I would like to try again and be totally open with the person which I hope will stop the feelings of being trapped. And I would want the other person to do the same with me. The unfortunate thing is that I feel I dont have much time left to to this. I'm 64 and feel death is knocking at my door. Maybe its best to not worry about all of this and see where the Universe takes me.

I'd like to be more politically and economically literate. I'd like to become really proficient in statistics as well as overcoming my fear of writing and creating PP documents.

Immediacy and intuition, and acting always from a place of joy.

deepening my connection with my spouse and my kids

There are so many things... sustainable living, better childhood education, sex trafficking in the U.S., ways to bring art and music to children, my "wagon wheel" village which is a tiny house community to help at risk families learn how to support themselves and parent their children. Many other things come to mind in this climate of nastiness and elections. These are my top of the list.

I would like to investigate what type of work or jobs I could do as a freelancer. I somehow feel that having just one job with pretty much the same things every day, no matter how challenging, is not something I want to do for the rest of my life. I crave variety!

I’ve really been intrigued by the idea of the singularity, and where we’re going as a species with regards to our technology. I think it’s critical. I think coming to terms with the nature of consciousness in a quantifiable way is critical, because we could end up being replaced by technology that mimics consciousness, but isn’t really alive. Doesn’t have a soul. It frustrates me that science dismisses the concept - not because of reasons of faith, but because of reasons of survival. If there is an “I” that exists in the living, we have to acknowledge that and safeguard against it’s demise. I’m not sure how to address the issue, but I seem to keep trying to do this in the books that I write. Whether or not I can find a way to approach it in a way that goes beyond fiction, is yet to be seen.

Hiking, camping, backpacking. Being outside is when I feel the most free. I want to experience that as much as I possibly can.

Hmm, I think I have the same goal as last year. I really want to get back to the theory of my discipline. I have been teaching for so long that I feel like so much of the knowledge I had from graduate school and the passion I had for theory has morphed into a general love of teaching. I want to get the theory back. So two things that I would like to start. I would like to read one current academic article per week in my discipline and I would also like to read six academic books...I know its a lot, but I think that if I am going to publish, I have to get back into the level of thinking and writing necessary to achieve that goal.

- What it means to be a democrat and where do I stand on big policy ideas (immigration, tax reform, finance policy, voter rights, women's rights) - I want "geek out" on feminist theory

Although I've been definitely stuck to my goals around giving, I would like to find a way to improve my community in person. It's certainly challenging with my schedule, but I know when I've done it in times past it has been extremely rewarding!

I want to investigate the life of Man Ray. He is a cousin and I want to explore his life and learn from him. I want learn how he became himself.

In the coming year, I want to continue my involvement with Girl Scouts USA and be more focused on helping the girls to earn badges and their awards. I want to continue to encourage the girls to grow in their confidence and leadership, to know that they can do anything and that they have the skills to help others around them. I want to embody the tenets of the Girl Scout Promise and the Girl Scout Law.

I want to investigate Torah. I am drawn to the words and ideas and want to see how it can be more relevant to my every day life.

I would like to learn how to write daily.

Yes. something that just came up - a writing project with a person I had previously blocked from my life because I felt he came on too strong, he was too intense and I couldn't cope with it / him. Now I feel I can and I'd like to revisit him and the ideas we had.

Is it selfish to say...myself?? I'd also love to find more time to volunteer, specifically with children. Being around kids has and will always makes me feel happier, more grounded.

I am going to focus on being more mindful of everything, and to continually check in with myself to see if I'm feeling stressed out or if I'm doing ok. I want this to be a year of de-stressing because I have a chronic problem with this.

I want to invest in people in the coming year. My friend group has gotten awfully small and I owe it to my own world view to make sure I am garnering new perspectives. I feel like I know more good people than I ever have before, and I need to make sure I'm putting in the time to grow these.

I think the coming year is mostly about career for me. I want to investigate myself as a business person, as a practitioner, as a goddamn adult. I want to investigate ways to make things work easily for myself, to struggle less, to enjoy more. But also: happiness. I want to investigate happiness. Today I thought, how can I make this easier for myself? Not in the sense that I want my life to be so easy I don't work hard for it, but, how can I take the obstacles out of the way? How can I streamline my life so that it's easy to maintain? Today I started by untying my sweatpants tie before putting them on. It's easier to put things on if you untie them. It's easier to untangle a knot if you can loosen it enough to know where it begins.

Sports massage is an area I would like to study some more. I am interested in doing a PhD so I think doing a sports massage qualification is not only beneficial professionally but could influence my future research areas.

i want to develop an investment thesis. i want to articulate how i think the world works, how i think it is changing, and be comfortable debating and expressing my ideas. i'd like to re-read the economic classics (maybe pay attention to them this time around!) and re-educate myself.

The wheel of the year and small witchly things. I wish to become more of what I believe.

I want to delve deeper into the kink community; build more intellectual relationships there and seek out new opportunities to teach and learn.

Film film film. Family. Family. Family. Babies.

I want to investigate race. Mine, specifically. The 2016 election has been a maelstrom of white rage, and while I may know my own heart, that doesn't mean much unless I let other people know it too. It's not enough to be a good-enough white person. Lazy allyship isn't allyship. I take such pride in my ability to communicate, so in this coming year I want to learn to listen and to ask better questions.

Business school. I have been saying this for a few (10!) years. You need it. Just make it happen already. You'll thank yourself in the morning.

I really want to learn more about the foster care system in the United States. I am currently taking a class about PTSD in children and many kids with PTSD are in the foster care system. It is a broken system and something that we dont know enough about as a nation.

I want to consider more fully what it means to be a Jewish follower of the messiah. Not that I need to have all the answers but to think through them more fully.

I want to investigate more dance opportunities in the area. I want to find a studio that offers classes that I like because I miss having dance as an outlet for expression and way to exercise more. I miss it so much!

Anything Water. Healthy, organic food and how to get it to neighborhoods that currently do not have access to healthy, organic food.

More reading of history would be the best description--Rome (Through the Eye of a Needle), Lincoln, Nietzsche, whatever else fills that area.

I seriously want to pursue learning Japanese. My relationship with Kota is one of my top priorities, and I feel that learning his language and culture more will not only make me feel more connected and invested to our growth, but will also foster more communication and show devotion towards his family. In addition, I would like to know more about film photography and development. I am certain there is a class for this type of stuff. Lastly, I love to sing and music fuels my esteem. To create and record one song that is shared with the world would be a dream.

I want to investigate photojournalism more, be able to tell a story in pictures and do something anthropological in it. I should try out the documentation of the poetry world, get stories, do something. I want to be able to do something with this world that is such a home. Maybe I could do the Asian-American Community that I've craved so much too.

How an LL.M. will advance my career and make me better qualified as a non-executive board member.

I really enjoy writing but get so bogged down by feeling like I am not doing it right or that I’m not sure what I’m doing so I’m going to look into writing classes to help with that.

My family. When I think about it, I know very little about either of my parents, especially what their lives were like before my earliest memories of them. Even my kids are somewhat of a mystery. How did they get to be who they are? I think I need to start asking questions and maybe if they are willing, I can understand them better. I'm certainly learning a lot about myself by reexamining my history and perceptions.

CEO training - how to become a better Executive Director and to be prepared to lead a larger nonprofit organization or company.

Judaism. Shocker. Or something related to waste. Our composting and such has made me aware of how much waste we create and I want to figure out how to lessen that.

Not really. My energy needs to be put into my own self growth. Not an investigation...unless I decide to become a detective.

Education, is this the right career for me. Where should I work? What do I want my career to look like? What impact can I realistically have on the world?

My new girlfriend. Is she someone I can image to live with in the next years. Is it worth considering moving to Bali in a few years to start a new life? I must gather more information and get to know her better to understand if i really want it.

I want to have more opportunities to grow closer to my spouse. We got married this year but live in different countries, so it's critical for us to communicate and learn more about each other from such a great distance. I want to ensure I make him a priority even when it is easy to turn off a computer or phone.

Would like to find more ways to support people challenged by Alzheimer's disease and blood cancers.

I want to explore restoring a friendship or at least connect with a particular old friend.

I want to investigate my sexuality, boundaries, love, and intimacy more fully this year. I want to take risks, saying what I want, and feeling all that comes up with that- holding myself in the complexity of emotions. Not jumping too quickly into my head, just letting my feelings do the talking. I also want to further investigate self improvement - in particular, around manifestation of money, empowerment, and having/creating what I desire. I want to investigate more fully being clear in my desires, feeling that, and then how to transform those desires into reality- like magic!

My life is full of ideas and people. Perhaps I will investigate my family's genealogy this year, and my ethnic heritage. I will find out if there are slaveholders in my family tree. Perhaps I will find those old cousins of mom's. And I will connect with my niece more.

nope - maybe a cause to impeach hillary

I'd like to spend more one-on-one time with each of my children and with my husband so that I can deepen my one-on-one relationships with each of them.

as always i plan on learning a lot more "self efficiency" last years skill was sewing. so id like to pick up more skills like that.

I want to figure out what I can do for the Black Lives Matter movement. I just don't know how I can help there. It doesn't feel like enough to just be aware of my own biases. I want to help my neighbors feel safe.

As I'm putting Threshold on hiatus (at least for a while) I need to explore more self-healing, spirituality, and other ways to keep singing in my life. It's ironic, now that my vocal cords are healed enough to sing again, but I can't keep it going virtually single-handed. Maybe go to Kathleen's group.

I want to find online business opportunities which will create a steady income flow without much effort. I like the idea of being paid to advise people on topics I understand well. I plan to come up with a number of web sites and test their real world feasibility and appeal

A very special person has come into my life. I feel as if I've known them for years. Sharing common interests and stories of our ventures throughout life together. When I say that, I know that I've met them in a past life and we've been parallels. I've began to investigate them, but I don't thing I would use that as how I describe it. I'm inspired and curious. I could sit and listen to them talk for hours. I want to know everything about them and I hope they'll share it all with me. No matter what the circumstances are, I'm better today and each and everyday going forward in knowing this person. This is an amazing feeling, the warmth inside.

I want to read more of the writings from the Civli Rights movement. I've never read "Letter from Birmingham Jail" or "The Autobiography of Malcolm X," and I want to read seminal works like those from iconic people of the era that said "the time to wait for change is over."

Well I would like to kind of investigate Jason- and the idea of marriage. This is the time for that. I want to do it and do it right. I want to make sure we do the rabbinical coaching, and the aufruf and the parties and the mikvah and all of that. This is the one chance to get to try all of that and I am excited to dig in and see where I find meaning.

Yes, I want to volunteer more to assist in the education of the children in my area to help them achieve to their fullest ability.

I want to explore my creativity more thoroughly. I feel like if I can find an outlet (outside of the office), that it might help me find a passion. I truly believe that I will be able to earn a living in a job that is a true reflection of me, and one that I am passionate about. I want to live to work, not work to live

I am interested in learning more about Cy Wakeman and Reality Based Leadership. I heard about this at a Wellness conference and it caught my attention. It is how to get away from enabling employees to be entitled to empowering them to be help accountable. I really think this is something I need to read.

Two things I can think of right now are: I want to look harder into potential scholarships that I might qualify for and also investing. I am about to start investing $5/month, but I want to look more into it for the long term and commit more monthly funds to it. As for the scholarships, I've never really looked into them before, since I knew I didn't qualify due to having skipped out on high school. But now that I've been in college, and have a 3.5 GPA (woot woot!), I think I might qualify to at least apply for quite a few... I hope.

I want to continue to explore the role of art, both in my life and in conjunction with working with people with dementia. For me this means taking some classes, attending museum workshops, and committing my time to practice and experience art. I don't want to just start a sketchbook or write an occasional journal entry. I want to fill sketchbooks and make notes about what happens in my days. I want to go out to a concert or theatrical performance at least once a month. And I want to use more music, photographs, and paintings with my patients.

I'm constantly exploring how Spirit and Natural Law work in our lives, in the world, and in our bodies. I think that continuing to explore this is going to be ongoing.

I want to learn about more charities I can get involved with. Volunteer opportunities in the neighborhood would be great to learn about. I'm passionate about causes that can help the military and animals (especially kittens) and I want to do my part to have an impact on those communities.

Me. I want to investigate me. I want to like or even love me. I want to champion me.

Not really. I kind of have my hands full. But maybe I'll take a trip to that pipeline protect is SD. And I'll definitely be involved in "No Limits for Women/Girls" again this year.

There is so much I want to investigate in the coming year. So many things I want to learn about and grow to understand. I finally understand myself, the next step is the rest of the universe.

Recovery Love Life/Interests

I only want to go where my love takes me.

I was dating Joseph for a few months when he fell in hard times I let him move into my inlaw. We were in a romantic relationship but he became very anxious about several things in his personal and work life. Prior to me even offering for him to move in he told me he wasn't feeling at all romantic. It's been 2 months and nothing has changed. He seems to tell me everything but he also is carrying a lot of hurt feelings. His wife who was the love of his life died in childbirth and he's has bad luck and made a few bad decisions since. He is apparently attracted to emotionally unstable women so either I am great for him or too boring. So of course I want to know him better.

Re-read תפילת נשים and מנהג נשים in the light of The Dovekeepers and the way "people" are using religion or New Age these days Is it out of powerlessness Is it out of dissatisfaction with organised Religion and its (and the government's) apparent inability to answer their needs - seucrity and other

I flip flop on this a lot, but would it be worth going vegetarian again for a while to see if it's for me? Or at least a few days a week. I wouldn't even mind exploring vegan cuisine too, though lord knows that either of these things would involve me cooking more for myself, which I have neither the time nor the motivation to do. I would also like to bake more, as a stress-reliever and as a way to develop my skills.

street art

I want to investigate the new academic avenue I've recently chosen - applied cognition and neuroscience. I want to explore people and psychology in general, through education and in my free time. And I really want to continue to explore the relationship I've begun this year. It's like nothing I've ever experienced, and it's brought health and vitality to my life. It's brought a depth and passion I thought was reserved for stories, and I can't wait to see what more I'll learn.

DRAWING ARTMAKING JOURNAL-KEEPING WORD-PICTURE COMBOS - theory & practice, from handwritten illustrated holy books to comics to picture books... RITUAL/JUDAISM/ making new ceremony around ancient rites

Selling our store! Well, maybe not. I want to learn to play the ukulele, yes really since I can't hold a guitar anymore. More reading, more travel for us.

I want to learn to SWIM. It's time.

Yes. I would like to fully commit to the Injustice Boycott beginning this December. Regardless of the inconvenience, if I deem that the plan is thoughtful and strategic, I want to fully embrace the boycotts of cities and corporations that instigate and/or perpetuate social injustice in the U.S.

My personal brand and my business. I'd also like for Darwin to get settled in his role at work. He's been going through some changes, and while I think he's currently in the most exciting and dynamic role, it is very time-consuming. He's constantly swamped, works long hours and gets home late. At this stage, I'm just grateful we still get our weekends together (when he's not travelling). I want to be able to support him in being settled in the role and managing it better.

I'm going to try and get used to the idea of a baby. Itay is already ready and I worry I'm too selfish for it, what it could do to our relationship, my body when I worked so hard to get slim. But I'm 29 - not old - but I can't wait 5 years. I think I'd be a great mum, I think we will be great parents. It will take some getting used to - this is the year to try and warm myself up to it, embrace my friends with kids, try and start thinking about it. Approach it like it's going to be fun and meaningful and amazing!

Tzedaka activities. I hope to be able to become involved on more social justice programs within our community. Also, I would like to become more involved in family education programs.

At a loss for what to say, the only idea that I am certain I will continue to investigate more fully will be fertility treatments--IVF in particular--and (hopefully) pregnancy.

Tikkun olam --how does yoga fit in and how does living jewishly fit in? How do we begin repairing this world, that feels so torn? How can my work fit in? What are real-life, effective strategies for cleaning up our little corners of the world?

I want to learn how to be a better ally for racial justice.

HiberSense continues to occupy my time more and more. Maybe i should take a leave of absence from Pitt and dedicate myself more to that particular "cause," thus reducing my income and my workload. i don't really need money (live frugally) and that would allow me to accomplish all the stuff i say i want to do.

Running a b&b - how it will work, how much money we'll need. where we'll live.

These is always bound to be a person around that I am intrigued by and want to investigate. Idea's are always in my mind. I want to continue my work with the starlight foundation and with the pyjama angels. Thinking about it I think next year I would like to race and raise money for the great ormand street hospital. A great cause and something that I feel if I put my energy into then good things would come. Most of all I am continually investigating myself, always looking for opportunities to learn and grow. Speaking of which I need to look up some pottery classes. I am going to investigate this now.

Promoting my art. I'd like to investigate how to do that.

I'm learning more about the human body to improve my health. Especially digestion. And looking deep into my past to see what might be hiding in there and causing my acne.

I spent today at the FDR library and decided I would like to read more about presidents of the US, beginning with FDR. Update- I started a book the other day on FDR that is excellent and very informative.

Shakespeare! My 9th-grade English teacher (we've known each other for 50 years) said (quoting Frank McCourt) reading Shakespeare is like having jewels in my mouth. I've read two great articles on what Shakespeare would say about the 2016 election. All that adds up to wanting to embrace the Bard!

I would like to have more time to investigate my husband. In bed.

I would like to investigate myself further by journaling more. I find it therapeutic when I do it, but I have a lot of concerns about writing my deep feelings in a physical notebook (which someone could find and read) or in an electronic format (which, even if encrypted, could ultimately be read). I also would like to take another Talmud class if it is populated with smart and interesting people

I want to investigate and get to know my wife better. I want to understand what makes us work together so I make sure I keep doing that. I want to ponder my feelings toward Hilary. She is one of my best friends and certainly one of my oldest friends. I want to be able to put to rest my desire to be with her as a woman so that I can enjoy talking and being with her as a friend. I want to fix my view of our relationship so that I never again see her as my biggest "what if", and so my love for her becomes that like the love for a sibling.

I want to make more time to read. I want to investigate more time in myself. To stop feeling the need to compare myself to my classmates and be daring enough to pursue a future that would actually make me happy instead of doing what I think I "should" be doing or what would be "reasonable" based on someone else's criteria. It's time that I be bold enough to live an authentic life for me.

I want to get even more involved then I already am, with my church and become a true member.

I want to get more serious about studying Buddhism and my spiritual self in general. Refuge Recovery, Dharma Punx, my yoga practice and Guru Singh are places of interest.

A cause that I want to investigate more fully in the coming year is the actions being taken by groups who protect the ocean. Human society has benefitted from the ocean for millennia by providing jobs, personal enjoyment, and a food supply for the majority of people around the world. Industrialized fishing practices are disrupting large areas of oceanic habitats, as well as endangering the existence of many marine species. These fishing practices are completely upsetting marine ecosystems across the globe. If overfishing continues without restriction, the fishing industry will eventually collapse on itself due to not giving fish species time to recover their depleted stocks. Ocean health has also been harmed by many pieces of garbage such as water bottles or shopping bags that have been carelessly dumped in the ocean. The continued burning of fossil fuels has also had an increasing deleterious effect on ocean health, in relation to the increased levels of acidification in the ocean. In order to help the ocean recover from its current condition, some organizations are trying to sanction off larger sections of the ocean to be set aside as marine reserves. Greenpeace, an international non-governmental organization, wants to make twenty percent of the world’s oceans reserves. At the moment, less than one percent of the world’s oceans are under protection from human activities. These new marine reserves would serve the purpose of helping to cultivate biodiversity, as well as give marine life a place to recover from the global changes that are affecting the world’s oceans. More stringent laws need to be put in place that restrict companies from disposing waste products into water systems, to prevent wastes from flowing into the ocean. Debris also can enter the ocean from landfills along with pesticide and fertilizer runoff. Methods must be found for proper disposal of wastes that would not negatively affect the ocean. There is a finite limit to the abuse that the oceans can sustain.

Jewish spirituality is where I am headed. I cannot influence my own local synagogue as I had hoped to present a better service so instead I am leading meditations and will take my yoga certification and apply it to the synagogue as well. This will take me out of my comfort zone but I will certainly grow

I just want to finish a lot of projects I started over the past few years, and get them out into the world!

Cause: to get my congregation involved in refugee resettlement. Idea: to learn more Talmud, both primary sources and updated scholarship, as I grow in my role of Talmud teacher for ALEPH.

Internalized oppression: in what ways do I live my queer life in such a way that it assimilates to straight life? when am I choosing that assimilation, and when am I authentically seeking cultural elements on my own?

No. Ha! I'm tired of chasing things. I just wa t to "be." Ok, maybe meditation. Yes. Yoga/meditation.

Yes. Gord Downie and his book on residential schools. I would like to investigate the Tamarack Institute more and their work on communities. I would like to WRITE A book... turn my thesis into a book... I would like to investigate Reiki training and healing... I would like to investigate Therapy Dogs, with the plan of getting one for my future work...

I want to investigate everything and everyone and every idea that I possibly can in the coming year!

I'm sure there will be many, I spend a great deal of time exploring new ideas. Since my physical health is so bad I spend about twelve hours a day reading.

Avoiding food waste/better use and conservation of food as a resource

Yes. I'd like there to be a social mission or cause behind my business. I have some vague ideas but I'd like to gain clarity and move towards making it known to the world. Could this be a family mission as well?

It may sound simple, but I need to investigate myself more fully this coming year. I have great insights about myself but I tend to work on the low-hanging fruit, which can lend to learning deeper lessons as well, but I need to address the core issues of worthlessness and loving myself more directly. I don't assume that it'll be an easy task of "address it and it's done!" but that it'll be something I chip away at, and eventually, I do believe it can be resolved and that will affect everything else in my life.

Well, perhaps parenting well? Solar / sustainable power - how to make the future brighter. Photography as a gift to myself - More school? How about figuring out who scott wallace is? Music? Playing the guitar? The whole 5 week plan? Something new for 5 weeks… Huh. Cooking? A person to investigate more fully - Scott Wallace. A cause to investigate more fully - ?? Renewable energy? Dogs, energy, progressive politics? Hmmm… police accountability? Truth and reconciliation boards? Huh ... An idea to investigate more fully - solar energy? //10.14.16::s:://

I tend to take those kinds of things as they come. I love delving deep into narrow focuses, but I don't have any particular thing I'm really interested in at this moment. Who knows what will come up before next year though.

I'm very passionate about the earth and recycling and carbon footprints, etc. I would like to have more researched facts to share with people when discussing this topic. I would like to research how to change people's minds and make them care. This is probably not something that will change overnight but maybe there will be positive changes by this time next year!

The construction industry.

Still the Demon Feeding and brain health as well as Partnership and sponsoring in ACA.

The immigration issue in the US. As an immigrant who went through the public school system and because what I consider successful (I support myself, I graduated from college) I want to make sure other immigrants have the same opportunities even if they didn't come legally.

I want to learn about more math. Math math math math math!

I would like to figure out how to get my "friend" to be more open and "touchy feely" with me. I need the hug and kiss once in awhile. I would like to find out what makes him tick.

Surprisingly, not really. But then again the last year's been rather introspective so if I can obtain a slightly more balanced 2017 and foster a healthy sense of good nature and intellectual development in my daughter I'm happy.

Yes! This is the year that I get to see how a tutoring company works from the inside as a part of the administration! I hope this will help me see if my own tutoring company is a viable option. I would also like to do some community outreach for test prep, so it's not just the rich kids who get the information.

I want to really live the information diet. I want to read books instead of internet. I also want to learn about non-socialist political theory. Really get an appreciation for the best of liberalism, conservatism, veblenism, etc. But I doubt I'll have the time, and that's okay

Love. I am re-reading bell hooks' 'All About Love'. Between this and a friend I gained this past year who I feel is helping me grow to understand love better, I am hopeful about true love again.

I'm interested in become more politically aware-both in the US and Israel. I feel like I only read headlines and I Want to know more. I've also been watching a lot of tv shows about jail and while I think it is exaggerated in certain ways, I would like to read more about real life experiences.

I want to invest more fully into my family. I am proud of my ability to be present, especially when I'm home with Isabella. Rather than try to get work or household chores done, I am often able to just be with her. I can be better at this. I can disconnect from technology more when I'm with her. These moments of infancy are fleeting and I don't want to miss a second.

I hope that we can become better dog trainers and that our puppy grows to enjoy going for runs. It would be ideal to take him on a trail at a State Park.

If I get into rabbinical school for next fall (as opposed to fall 2018, if they deem my modern Hebrew isn't good enough yet) I'm gonna have to learn about real estate and long-distance moving. Whether I end up in New York or LA, I'll be selling my condo in Oakland and buying one in my destination city... Not exactly sight-unseen but close enough to it that it makes me a bit nervous. And the logistics of moving far away are already pressing on my mind. What about my furniture? What can I sell or give away now so that when the time comes I'm closer to ready?

Many people might think this is a little silly, but I would like to learn more about my hobby, and what is becoming my passion, costume and prop making, and whether it will be possible to ever make a living off of this. During grad school, cosplay has been something that I turn to as a means of relaxation while still being productive. I've always been the creative sort, making sketches and paintings in college, then jewelry, and now costumes, and I've realized that this is my true passion. Using my creative skills to make something beautiful is what I really love in life. I like science (my job), but not in the same way I love art. It's more just something I do to make money. Art, I don't do it for the money, at all. But, at the same time, it might be nice to do full time at some point, and for that to be feasible I need to make enough money to survive. In the mean time though, I want to continue to improve my skills and get better, and this is my plan for the coming year as I transition out of grad school.

I'd like to dig into some more of what's important to my brother this year. I've enjoyed talking with him more this year, but it's been a lot about me (and my work), and it'll be nice to know more about his focus, interests, and priorities.

Overeaters Anonymous, I think.

Fun exercise like hula hooping or acro yoga. Master's programs and/or culinary school.

I want to get stronger and healthier so I can reinvest myself in dance. My ballet shoes are still collecting dust after two years and it's about time I find the joy of moving my body again.

I think I would like to do more reading about American history. I inherited a lot of books about American history and historical figures from my grandma, and I think I might like to learn more about the stories of where our nation came to be. This seems like a good place to start. I don't think you can fully understand who you are or what society is until you know where you came from - on whose shoulders you are standing.

Re-use and foraging. NIA. Death and dying, and better ways to navigate the waters.

I want to find out more about my ancestry. I know my parent's life stories, but I don't know much about my grandparents or my great grandparents. I'm not expecting to come out with some gigantic family tree, but I'd like to know about my grandma growing up through World War two and what it was like for my great grandma to win the right to vote.

ME! i say this every year and every year i get to know myself better.

I really want to focus on philanthropy this year of varying kinds. Jess, Sarah and I briefly discussed getting involved and I really hope we continue to hold ourselves accountable to give a little back each month.

I want to improve my parenting. It is an ongoing process, and one that can always be improved.

Related to yesterday's answer: I am going to delve into an arts and philosophically oriented education for this time of my life (nearing full retirement). It is, at the very least, a totally different thing!

Nope. Too busy to dwell on something so esoteric.

sanity, harmony, joy

I would like to continue being more involved with animal rescue. I thought, for a while, I wanted to learn more about hospice, but couldn't find the time...but, at the same time, I have become more involved with rescue groups. What is that telling me? Follow my instinct and spend the time where I get the satisfaction and can do so much to help.

I need to learn more about personal motivations and how that leads to personal views and expectations. I am fascinated at how diverse opinions and actions are relative to the limited information available.

Good question. I've been so outwardly focused over the past few years that it is really a question of turning inward, buckling own, and getting to work.

Yes, my counseling career, what will I do? who will I counsel? Also, I would like to become more focused on my health, eating vegetarian 1x per day. Also, I would like to travel...it's been so long I'm going crazy.

I would kind of like to start a blog. I am not sure how to "do" that--personal or professional, it requires a bit of forethought and planning. There is an attraction to the anonymous blog that allows me to speak more freely, but I don't know how I feel about that.

MY ART! I must get it out of my head. I make it in my head, and it screams to get out. It builds, and builds, without my consent, and knocks at the doors and walls until I can physically get it out into the world. I need to do more of it in the coming year.

I would like to work more on the refugee issue. I feel that I am in a position where I could make more of a difference, but I really do not. I have barely engaged on the issue but it is the defining issue of our day. These are just human beings looking to escape terrible situations, whether in Afghanistan, Syria, sub-Saharan Africa, or anywhere in between. I wish the world responded with more open arms, but there have been a few bad apples, or very bad apples, that have made things worse for everyone. I think that refugees who join IS or become lone wolves are truly the most despicable people on Earth, since they are hurting the West while turning sentiment against their fellow countrymen who are suffering under terrible and hopeless circumstances.

I want to be more effective in helping those who are hungry and homeless. I want to be more supportive of immigrant families in our community.

I want to investigate ballet and yoga more; and join a sports team.

During the coming year I'd like to shift my energies to include: a) A return to cancer - related care and support: As I move forward in my life and continue to engage my own frailties (as well of those around me), my own susceptibility to future "bouts" of cancer becomes more apparent. I don't believe that I'm feeling particularly anxious or fearful (at the moment, when I'm not actually face-t0-face with it, anyway), but do feel a need to engage with "it" in a more proactive way. Perhaps it is my way to psychologically immunize myself or even to better prepare myself should another cancer be in my future; perhaps its because I have an appreciation of what it means to receive the diagnosis and deal with the countless stressors and decisions; perhaps its related to the fact that working in this arena in the past was meaningful and fulfilling, and that I felt that it was in fact helpful to others. Most likely a combination of these factors. At any rate, I would like, and intend to "dive back in" somehow over the next year. b) Learning more about and investing my time and energies in refugee resettlement issues. The courage in concert with the profound vulnerability of people forced to leave what was familiar and travel into the unknown, leave me almost speechless. To my shame/embarrassment I have done nothing to help, other than to feel the sadness and distress that this has happened to so many innocent people. Maybe it hearkens back to the history of our own people. I feel a desire and a compulsion to DO something, and during the coming year I will begin that process.

A person? The love of my life. I never, in a million years, expected this to happen for me, and I am unbelievably happy that it has. I want to keep growing and nurturing our relationship, as we get to know even more about each other and build our lives together. It's exciting, at times a little scary, but it feels so right.

Social Impact Bonds associated with Health and in particular Non Communicable diseases such as Diabetes and Hypertension. I would really like to develop a platform to use this mechanism to develop one focussed on Africa and particularly improving healthcare delivery to African patients who suffer from diabetes and hypertension

I want to investigate marketing jobs in Portland, Oregon.

I'd like to start speaking in a public forum about my thoughts on gender. I have such interesting conversations with my friends, and I feel like other people would relate to and be interested in what I have to say.

I would like to understand the liberal left perspective of the Palestine-Israel conflict. So many of the people in my life are informed about only one side, and have taken such polarizing stances that I often feel the need to counteract whatever that stance is. I want to feel better equipped to make my own judgments, without having my perceptions modified by political complementarianism.

I enjoy many things and hobbies and in 2016-17 I want to pursue more technical training in archery.

My husband. He is always so consumed with his career and what to do next..always wanting to improve himself. Which I appreciate. However, I'd like to discover his lack of ability to be content and proud of where he has gotten.


I need to become more part of the local community if I am to stay here. I need to start to put down roots. Not one deep one, probably, but many little ones for now.

I would like to investigate liberal Christianity--is it for me?

Leadership. Self-differentiated leaders.

App development. It would be great to take some time, design a killer app, build and release it. That would give me quite a sense of achievement.

I would like to find to new fun ways of being physically active. Walking is good, gym is alright but not regular. Some sport, something with Alex. More of the things like canoeing that Alex and I did this summer.

Hmmm....I think I want to learn more about Ross Greene. I saw him this year and he was wonderful. He actually lived and works near Portland ME.

Me. I need to see who I am, without relationships. Who I can be, with a new outlook on life, and the wind at my back.

In the next year I want find out more about what branch of physical therapy I would really want to go into, and the things involved in that. I want to get the opportunity to work with veterans, and I want to figure out which direction I will be heading in.

In the coming year, I plan to have many informationals with change-makers at the state level and investigate where would be a good place for me to fit in. I also plan to investigate several states to live in and consider what makes me happy (community, access to healthy food, bike paths, proximity to nature, etc.).

I should investigate meditation. Katrina wants to introduce me to it. I guess that counts, right?

Not really. Just want to travel (to Kazakhstan of all places) and see one of the more unique places on earth.

Myself. I hope I will be released to find myself and balance in life Joy

i want to investigate my returning to theatre.

I want to investigate how I am going to dig myself out and get ready for retirement. I want to put myself in a position to try a new job/career/own business.

I am interested how to help people make better choices for themselves. How can people be taught to forecast consequences and promote their own self interest.

Yeah. Me.

Real sick of these questions by now. I want to investigate the inside of your mother's asshole. With any luck, I will discover the origins of her shitty smelling farts.

I'd like to dive more deeply into my marriage. I feel that it's time for my wife and I to open up more fully to each other.

I want to study Mussar more fully this next year, and chant Torah more often at services.

Ways to make the band more successful. And I am sure I will be learning EVERYTHING about buying a house.

1) Spirituality and my connect with my God 2) Help people as much as I can. 3) Help poor kids somehow find a way to do this regularly 4) My career 5) Devika - build a beautiful connect with her, and be married next year this time if Waheguru wills.

I would like to invest the proper amount of effort into my book idea, at the very least find out if it's feasible.

I want to check out the black American experience more. I made a pledge to do so in 2016 after reading Ta-Nehisi Coates’ book, but I never really did so. As I listen to some more diverse podcasts, people keep bringing up quotes from DuBois and Baldwin and Malcolm X, and I feel pretty self-conscious that I haven’t read any of their works. As someone who likes to run in racial justice spheres and has worked with the NAACP, this seems like a pretty gaping hole in my experience.