Is there something (a person, a cause, an idea) that you want to investigate more fully in the coming year?

In the coming year i would like to look more into the growth of bds and lack of Jewish knowledge

I am exploring the idea of writing a book by starting to write, and changing my story by changing my story!

Working in the for profit world

I want to more thoroughly investigate taking better care of myself by resting more so i can exercise more.

I want to explore options for pursuing my PhD

I want to look into volunteering or working as a relief worker - FEMA, Habitat for Humanity...something like that.

My girlfriend and I have been dating for 6mos this weekend. I completely adore her. I hope that in the next year, she and I continue to grow together, continue to make each other happy, and always apologize when in the wrong. It really makes for a strong relationship. I cannot wait to see what’s left to uncover there.

Yes, as an artist, I wish to explore and develop visual representations of Mussarian Middot.

I'd like to become more invested in my wife. I'd like to pursue the openness and intimacy we've been nourishing for the past while.

I want to keep investigating Shaia's Quadratos teaching this year. I'm so glad he'll be joining us in January. I'm enjoying this class.

Continuing to learn how to be less critical of myself and accept me for who I am.

I would like to focus on finishing my book. I think I have it in me! Maybe look into that 5000 word thing that people do?

Diversity, being informed about cultural differences and being more inclusive to everyone.

Financial stability/retirement. Recycling plastics. Meditation. Sleep. The Resistance. Our next Democratic Presidential candidate.

How can I discover my passion?

Become a better liberal and democrat. Expend energy. Take a stand and help bring change.

I want to get more involved with the ADL. In this political climate I’m genuinely concerned about hate crimes.

Who doesn't. I always like to know what is happening.

We want to find a new place to live, even though it will mean letting go of our home that we love. This place is too much to keep up with. I also want to develop my art, see where it can go.

This next year is going to be all about me! What food plan keeps me the healthiest. What makes me happy. How can I be the most fulfilled. I feel like this is an important time of my life. I am going to be 63 next year and my work life has never been better yet I think of retiring. I need to figure out what I want to do for the rest of my life. I only have so many more decades.

Jehovah's Witnesses

I would like to continue my journey towards God, getting more involved in the Church, praying more, and helping others.

I wanna really explore online classes a LOT more and video content online!

Yes I want to volunteer for Verona Library and learn more about books and Libraries

yes I want to explore a change of career - a complete move away from what I have been doing

I would like to learn more about the relationship between social and moral values with culture and our current lifestyles, and how can we transform and strength these through design (products and services).

I wish to find a common activity with my husband, once a week, that involves something we both want to do.

A person: Just like last year, I want to keep exploring my life with Ashleigh and our future together. We have actual life plans that we want to work together to bring to fruition, and that's a thought that doesn't scare me but makes me feel more secure in myself and the future. A cause: I would like to start volunteering for a program that helps refugees, maybe teaching English? An idea: continuing to build a community and a life here in my favorite city with my favorite person

I want to commit more fully to seeing my son and his wife and children this year. They live far enough away that it's been hard to visit often, but I want to try harder. I also want to stay in better communication with them, in general, because the kids are growing up fast and I want them to know we love them and care about their activities and the things they care about.

I want to investigate career paths in practical environmental work, and alternate lifestyles that don't take such an environmental toll. I've already tried to cut my consumption but I want to do more. I need to spend time researching where and how I can achieve this.

So much! I want to learn more about content writing, marketing, blog writing, how to write a book, get it published, become a millionaire. Raise happy kids, have a happy and successful marriage and be thin and beautiful. Too much?

For a long time now, since I stopped believing, I told myself I would restart exploring spirituality in a more profound and systematic manner. It hasn't happened yet, so I hope this year can help me to re-start moving in that direction.

I find that now that I am on my own, the person I need to know about is myself. I need to learn my own wants, needs, desires and find the things I am passionate about. The future awaits and I have to choose what I will make of it.

Can I just write "no?" I'm so fully investigating everything that I am exhausted. (That isn't actually true). Process theory and critical race theory are driving all of my research, so they are, anyway, what I'll continue to investigate. I actually want to investigate and embody love -- both self-care, and loving the people in my life better. Being more present for them. Also - dancing! And PhD programs. For REAL. I guess rather than a "no," that's a whole list.

I've been more politically active since November 9, 2016. I don't anticipate running for office (too many skeletons, too hot of a temper) but I may explore getting more involved with local politics (village, town, county) and/or volunteering for statewide and national campaigns. The catchphrase we use since the election of Donald Fucking Trump is that we are "woke." Now that I'm woke, I have a responsibility to do all I can to restore sanity and safety to our nation. So I will be investigating all the ways that I can make a difference, politically, socially, culturally, and personally.

Maybe how to influence government most effectively. The current state and federal ones are so horrible it feels paralyzing.

I primarily want to get deeper into knowing myself. I want to uncover the layers of trauma from the past decade and develop a closer, more loving relationship with myself. I feel like I've started this process via various modes of healing over the past year and a half and that I'm ready to really BE with myself and know myself now.

I'd like to investigate ways to get more people to use public transportation, which probably involves making said transportation easier, cheaper, more convenient for people. I'd like to travel to Germany in 2018, along with travel to North Carolina with 2 friends, and attending my 50th high school reunion in Chicago.

I want to investigate making myself fitter. I would like to exercise more and become buff like DWAYNE Tha Roque Joohnson.

I’d like to know myself better without that knowledge being filtered through how other people see me.

I am exploring the concept of employee energy and meaning/purpose in the workplace. This is related to the broader topic of eliminating toxic work environments, focused positively on how to create organizational abundant organizational climates where people can thrive. I'm working on the premise that companies that put people ahead of profits perform better of the long term.

I would like to spend some volunteer time with refugee resettlement, serving and assisting refugees new to our community. I also want to take part in a letter-writing volunteer program through the Friends Service Committee they have, where outsider citizen write folks who have been incarcerated for so long that they no longer have ties outside. I think both are worthy causes. I'd like to volunteer in some way at least once per month.

Drumming and Judaism. The call to the Land and the opening of people speaks of drumming. The closeness to God is in both of these topics.

I'd like to investigate making a career in freelance editing and writing more fully within the next few months to see how I can break in and begin making money from it. On a more personal level, I want to explore Judaism in more depth, join a synagogue, and move my life into a more religious, less secular phase. I've been contemplating joining a synagogue for a while and need to take action to finally do do. Judaism lived outside of the community, while personally meaningful, strikes me as incomplete.

A writers group. Becoming more of a creative writer. Creative writing is where I get a writers block

I would like to investigate how Papa John makes his pizza so damn good. Papa John has been my idol ever since I went to his seksi pizzaria when I was a wee little boi. When I see him on TV, I see the passion in his eyes as he advertises his new delicious pizza. I want to become one with the Papa.

I want to investigate the area of mental health advocacy. I've seen a bit of it in college but want to experience what it is like to actually work for an advocacy organization and have that be a huge part of your life. Mental health has already been a large portion of my life, so I need to decide if I want to fully commit my life to the cause.

I want to investigate the protests taking place in the NFL about injustice and unity. I want to be able to understand both sides more accurately so I can develop an accurate opinion.

Southwestern US; especially New Mexico. Take a nice vacation and visit with our daughter. See her place of work.

Byron Katie

I read an article about extreme poverty in the Unites States. I want to learn more about certain counties and their local government's responsibility in public works I take for granted in my city (e.g. clean water, plumbing).

Lesbian separatism

I don't know. I say I want to be more involved in politics and more involved in helping the disenfranchised...but that's idealism. I believe in it, but I'm already spread so thin being a full time mom (with a husband who travels) and a full time educator. But, I would love to learn how to do more without sacrificing too much of myself. I understand change takes sacrifice, but I'm not willing to put myself in the line of fire, potentially taking me away from my kids. They're always my priority.

History in general. After last year's FDR library trip, I read more history. Irena Sendler's story, Life in Jar, I'm currently reading Hamilton, and I just got a book about Watergate. There is so much I don't know.

I've started to realize that business is not as hollow as I once thought. There is a whole set of philosophies the business industry that ties to people and happiness and well-being. That should seem obvious, but business and finances has always seemed so cold to me. I'm considering getting my MBA, as I've started to become fascinated by the philosophical aspect to business. It dictates everything we do as a country and so many of our social norms. I listen to the men around me speak a language that only they know. I want to crack the code, apply the over-arching philosophies that help people live their best lives, and pave the way for other women like me in the future.

Interdependence. How can I find a balance between codependence (my traumatic past) and independence (my functional yet limited present)? How can I build the future I want (teamwork on the job and family at home) by learning to become interdependent?

Christianity, I have had faith for years, but there is always more to discover by reading the bible, and deepening my relationship with God.

Yes, I'd like to find a part-time job. Not sure what I would like to do, could even be volunteer work.

How to manage and profit successfully from online courses

The ideas of the mystical rebbes, the Izbitzer and the Piaseczno rabbis. Find out more about history of period 700 - 1100 ADE in Mediterranean and Iran. Find out more about effects of paper availability in the region.

This next year I need to spend the majority of my time and energy on getting settled at my new job and life. Learning how to take care of myself and relearning how to be a responsible adult. Next year, once I am on more secure personal footing I will start moving out.

Ha. I realized that I miss and value the kink community, after several events, including a leather tip at the IAGSDC convention in Palm Springs at the end of June / start of July. So, I am making a point of seeking out and pursuing more involvement with the kink community, since then. And, meeting M. has me interested in investigating him further, and what kink relationship might look like.

I want to explore the impact of yoga and meditation on me. Beyond that it is time to focus and open myself up to learning more about energy and being in touch with my intuitive self.

I am really interested in exploring prison reform and racial equality. As a white person, how can I help and influence. I also want to read a book about Teddy Roosevelt and the founding of the national parks.

1) planning a trip to explore SW USA 2) drafting a book re "shared leadership"

I want to live my life more fully, I do live every day the best I can, but I think I can start setting some goals for knitting for grandkids to working on family stories - think I need goals now to work toward. When I first retired having no goals was fun but now I need to focus on goals so health issues won't get me down as much

I want to learn more about financial planning. My husband has learned so much and has been doing so great with expanding his knowledge in this field. I'm a little behind him, and I want to grow with him as a team and do some more studying in order to be on the same level as he is. We are on a great path to financial freedom, and I don't want him to feel like he is on his own with this.

My relationship with Rodney is at the forefront of my mind. We became engaged September 4, 2017 after knowing each other less than a year and after communicating for about 5 months with only professing our love the last 2 months. We are extremely compatible and he is so romantic and thoughtful. I do believe he is my soulmate. Except for the age difference and the fact he is in jail, it is perfect. Neither of us are perfect, but we are perfect together. It has been many, many years before I have loved someone this much and since I have been loved and wanted and appreciated and respected like this. And he and Wayne already know each other. We are serving God together and he has been such an encouragement to and has help me get my self-esteem built back up. I pray for and I am believing for a miracle and that his charges are dismissed and he can come here and we can be married and begin a life together as husband and wife. He wants to work and to be in ministry for God. We love each other very much. I may investigate more into writing for money and maybe being a mentor at Crossroads Bible Study for inmates.

Due to recent political developments, I've been avoiding most news. It makes me sad. I would like to learn how to be better at my job.

1. Curious to see if Tawny and I can be a thing. 2. Curious about Tome, should I have pursued him as a partner. 3. I'd like to think more about joining an impactful proudct company like outcome helath or starting my own company. Very important that I am either creating new jobs or that my existing company is working on an important problem for society. Also great for me to at least like what I do and be paid 80k for the work.

I want to investigate a consistant contribution to African wildlife conservation. I want to deepen and grow a beautiful, loving relationship with Alex with a ten year plan for our future. My family relationship will be stronger then ever.

I would have to say my answer remains the same as last year. I have not fulfilled my wish to explore those themes and connections in enough depth.

Many things! The limiting factor is absolutely time, and deciding what is worth investigating and learning and what is worth letting others do. The biggest thing that I want to investigate is medical school, and do the work required to look at getting in, the chemistry, biology, and physics that I am less comfortable with. Other things include flying, coding a program to help keep track of work, and understanding budgeting and personal finance better.

I would like to read more. On what topic? Who knows, but the classics are always good and so are reads on our founding fathers. I will listen to President Grant which will get me back in the mood for deeper reads.

As I said last year, I want to investigate my family history more. I've been doing a great job on my own past, but now I need to learn more about my parents. I actually started this a few years ago when I got in touch with my only aunt. She filled me in on a lot of what it was to grow up with my father. I also got hours and hours of audio recordings that my grandparents had made. But, there is still a lot that I don't know. In the past two weeks I've had the opportunity to talk with both of my parents briefly about some questions I've had. I will be writing them down from now on. Although I doubt they will write responses, I will hopefully be able to make an audio recording of them answering my questions at some point.

Same as last year -- CHARITY. We've taken baby steps in supporting causes and being more involved in our church's mission work, but I want to do more. Also...I need to return to yoga. For all the spiritual and physical benefits.

Converting to Judaism

Sophrology and fate

German. Gym. The possibility of leaving my current job.

I would like to understand local financing better, and ways it's being done successfully elsewhere to bring it to my town.

How to step up my work against racism.

I'd like to expand my "fitness horizons" by learning more about yoga, and doing more / getting better at running and weight training. I like to learn a new fitness format every year. Last year I learned Barre, and the year before I learned HIIT / Tabata. That's my 'inward-facing" investigative goal. My "outward-facing" goal is to get more involved in voting rights issues, continue to stay engaged politically, and keep working on green energy, specifically recycling, composting and re-use opportunities.

Reading the news (from a credible source)

I need to start getting more meaningfully into these meetups. I'm going to try and learn rust for reals.

Black Lives Matter. Electing good Democrats.

Yes. I would like to identify a charity or cause about which I could feel strongly enough to get involved--both with my time and assets. I am also busy considering the work/life balance that will come in the next few years now that Clara has moved out of state and Michael has achieved what I think is sufficient for us to retire on.

I want to continue to explore this notion of G-d, the universe and meditation/ prayer.

Black lives matter

I've been toying with the idea of creating our own non profit. Lyonhearted Mamas. I could honor my baby. Do good for others

I have been missing a community piece in my life. I want to make the time to be involved in an organization with children. Whether that's SMART, or some other outdoor activities charity.

I feel seriously blinded to the rest of the world based on the privilege given to me by my race. I view the world with through the lens of my whiteness. I need to take those glasses off, look around and see the world. What that means? How that happens? Don't know.

I want to investigate introverts more fully. I think I am one, but I don't really know any.

I want to investigate my own body and ways that it longs to be healthier. How can I help?

Community building. I feel in order to meet the shocks that have already arrived, those that are to come, to meet fear head on and transform it into full presence, to bring care, compassion, respect, common sense, common dignity, and LOVE back as THE primary operating system for humankind as stewards of Life on Earth, it will require the exponential development of communities of practice. This is how shift will happen.

Myself - going back into therapy after 10 years out to help me deal with my life. Mu husband's DID diagnosis, my own anxiety, other issues - I need to take better care of myself if I want to be any help to anyone else I love.

I think that there are actually 3 major things that I would love to look into from the perspective of trying to solve them. 1) Hunger: I have a pretty good understanding of hunger, but I want to build on this base and look/fund innovative solutions to help eradicate hunger from the world. 2) Homelessness: This is mainly to break down some assumptions that I make. I want to know what can help people get back up on their feet, or if they even want to. Have the come to get so used to their lifestyle that they don't want to change? 3) UX/UI design: I think this will be largely beneficial to the startup. This isn't a life-changing type thing, but I think it would be helpful.

Running for school board. That should oughta give me plenty to work on. But also the work I'm doing with Helen on engagement.

In the coming year, I would like to keep painting rocks, hiding rocks, and hunting rocks with my kids. I really enjoy that hobby. I would also continue my relationship with Girl Scouts. I love it. Put simply, I just love it.

I'd like to step out there and grow in self confidence a little.. to believe in what I do.. to continue to learn, but also to perhaps go and experience and come away having some idea of bench marking my expertise. Knowing that one is on the right track. I'd like to make 2018 the 'it' year of shifting.. big time.

Yoga. Cat tricks (YouTube?). Terry Pratchett.

Probably something aerospace related, or maybe just get more into my civil engineering major

zen buddhism and meditation adoption wokeness

I am thinking about trying yoga as a way to allow my joints to not hurt so much. Maybe I could get into it for other benefits people talk about, but I need more flexibility and not be soo sore all the time.

The Atlanta Writer's Club RowBarre Buddhism Match.com Applying to go back to LaVigny in Switzerland for a month

Work: Experimental design using statistical tools. Creative: The sewing machine. Emotions: Effective communication with loved ones.

I would like to learn more about autism. Our six year old grandson is on the spectrum. He does so many things well, but I know that he will face many challenges in his life. I want to be sure we are doing all we can to help.

New idea for the future of theology: God is the name of a feeling, not the cause of the feeling. Theology has for too long been trapped in metaphysics and ontology. That is a loosing proposing as the Problem of Evil haunts any attempt to construct divine Being. Why does theology continue to beat its head on that rock? Obviously people have religious experiences, they have feelings that are to them divine. That is what we know and it is sufficient for theology to proceed. The important move is to abandon creation stories, leave that to science, and focus on experience, epistemology. What really matters is that people have these experiences and they help bind us together, they help form religious community. That is what matters, not creation stories. We must construct religion in the 21st Century without the baggage of the past, its irrational metaphysics. God, the God-feeling, is real because people have it. What causes it? Chemistry, but that is not what matters. What matters is the use to which we put our experience. If anyone reads this and is interested in this idea please contact me via my web site: www.RichardCurtisPhD.com

I want to develop a regular meditation practice, and integrate photography more fully into my life

I always want to know more about teaching, more about how to train up a dancer. I want to know more about directing and how to train up actors as well, now that we're involved in the Melodrama. I want to know more about Black Lives Matter and political protest. I want to know who is going to be the next good leader. I want to know more about producing shows. I want to know more about choreography. I want to know more about my husband and what makes him really happy. I want to know more about my family and how I can be good family to them. I want to know more about our earth and how I can live on it responsibly.

I keep digging into the political climate of our country and that of the world. While Germany's Chancellor has been re-elected for a fourth term, there's a group called Alternative for Germany with Nazi leanings wanting into Parliament. And with recent Nazi presence in the US, I am interested in working toward peace for all and keeping a right-wing, conservative world from taking over. So I will do what I can to support people who are like minded. Oppression and the oppressors will not win, here or elsewhere.

Learning how to be silent with myself

Same as last year. We have not found ways to change attitudes towards aging , racism, sexism in this country. And we certainly do not have economic justice for all. In fact, our country is much worse under this president. Immigration bans, neo-naziism, anti-semitism, white supremacy, kkk, have become much worse. What can I do as an individual and as an American? I am still investigating that!

Mainly family history about my parents and my grandparents. To see what I can find, and to preserve this information for my children and theirs.

I want to learn more about how to best encourage others to share their story and help others do more and be better every day.

Making my own clothes and being sustainable and pragmatic about my purchases generally. New fiction by women writers and people of color. Calligraphy and word art.


Continuing to read about racism and from authors of color - it has been rich and valuable to do so over the last 9 months. I'm not quite sure what's next after this set of readings, and the previous year on some U.S. Presidents. Open to noticing where the gaps in my knowledge and understanding are.

I would like to learn more about my ancestors and look into possibly going back to school. I don't know much about my lineage and whatnot so it would be nice to learn more. As far as school is concerned, even if it is an online class or a work class, something to give me a leg up career wise. I would also like to do more research into the Victorian era with my fella==I would actually like to focus on the culinary aspect and symbology like he studies.

Design-oriented thinking. Reconstructionism. Being shomer shabbat (ish). Zionism. Palestine. Hebrew. Therapy - what works for me, what might not. Buddhism and Judaism, combined. Meditation on a regular basis.

Politics. Yoga. Wicca. Myself.

I want to work on my mentoring skills. It's come to my attention in the last year that there is a mentoring drought at my company, especially for young women. Manufacturing and programming are hard professions for women, and I have many years of experience. I'm hoping that I can continue the two mentoring relationships I've started at work, and learn how to do it better.

Disability rights activism BLM, fashion illustration and sewing (but who has the time for the last two!).

This is going to be a practical one - I would like to investigate more fully, holistic, yogic, soul-serving careers - and what that means for me. I've dipped in and out of the job hunt, and I don't want to go from public sector to private sector. I want to do something meaningful, that has an impact and that serves my soul. If that means a full tilt career change, so be it. But I need to really explore what that means, what those opportunities are, is it sustainable, is it a side gig, etc. That is my mission, I've accepted it and it will not self destruct!

In the realm of politics, there are a few leaders and potential leaders who have positive and progressive approaches to society. I want to learn more about candidates and support those who are running for office in traditionally red states. My objective is to help the democratic party take back the Senate and House.

I want to learn to garden. Properly. The kids and I derive such joy from gardening. We have had minor successes, but I know that a little knowledge would improve our outcomes significantly. I'm hoping that a successful kitchen garden will help me inspire them to eat healthier, and would give us all something to nurture. I in particular really need that.

We did the fostering the dog thing. It's going ok at best. Our current experience, certainly doesn't lead us to fostering children, but it could. Volunteering at the animal shelter is going well. Politics disgusts me. I feel like I need to attach myself to something bigger, but I'm not sure what at the moment. Currently, my thoughts are with re-inventing myself. I'm scared, and I don't know where to start. But I have a good feeling it'll happen this year.

I would like to know more about bees and the Israeli-Oalestinian conflict.

I feel like this could be a never-ending list! I want to dig into more social justice issues first and foremost but that offshoots into about a thousand other topics like racial inequality, income inequality, travel bans, intersectional feminism, etc, etc. And as always, I want to READ ALL THE THINGS with an emphasis on writers of color.

I have really enjoyed finding out more about the zero waste lifestyle. it seems to jive with my eco-friendly sense and my Jewish earth stewardship vales.

My wife; I want to learn more about her and learn from her

I have a new obsession with paper collage art. I'm going to renew my pilots license and start flying again.

Sui generis

Yes. Donald Trump. I think you should be investigated by every single agency in the world. And convicted.

I want to better understand my parents, their history, their experiences, and what they think when they look back at their lives.

Philosophy, linguistics, intersectional social justice

me. I want to investigate me. I want to understand my own shame and vulnerability. I want to learn my patterns. I want be the best version of me, and I want that version of me to be patient, kind and gentle with my shadow side. I want to be a good wife and hopefully a mother. I want to be a good employee and leader. I want to feel like I contribute to the greater good. I want to be healthy. I want to love me.

Health policy. Peace. Patience. The growing joy that is my child. My lovely husband.

I would like to learn more about the life of Israeli citizens, beyond the tourist ideal. I want to connect to the heart/soul of where I come from and make my life more complete and vivid.

Yes, I'd like to grow closer to the Lord!!!!

I want to investigate comedy, brain research/psychology, and writing. All as potential career paths. . .

My girlfriend. I want to know everything about her. I already love her but we need to know more about reach other. The little things you just learn over time. I’m so excited to just… know her.

Two things, minimalism and transformational leadership. I want to motivate and intrigue people who meet me/know me

Mindfulness and psychotherapy.

I still want to learn how to play piano. That was my New Years Resolution for 2017, but it didn't happen. Next year.

Virtual Reality--really big in education at higher education right now

Judaism. Meditation. Social action in every day life

I want to understand sports. As our country grows more divided, sports seem to be a unifying factor. I have very limited knowledge of sports, and would like to be able to contribute to that national/global conversation more. It's a natural community builder that I feel like I am not part of right now, due to my limited knowledge.


Digital media, interactive web development and it's connection to data visualization. Yes, I am obsessed with data viz.

How to teach our children more about racism, how to help them and ourselves embrace diversity in all its aspects, just generally fully live out principles that we believe in regarding equality, social justice, economic justice, fighting racism.

My own ideas and see how I can make them into a tangible business.

After we adopt and are no longer dealing with the foster care system, I'd like to get more involved in other ways such as volunteering or eventually, being a guardian ad litem.

Hmm. Not sure. Maybe a continuation of minimalism?

I think I'd like to more fully investigate myself this coming year. I want to see what creativity and inspiration and hobbies and cooking and motherly skills are waiting to get their chance in the sun.

Another good question that I don't have a good answer for. I just finished or nearly finished my 3 big goals for the year & I'm luxuriating in possibilities but I don't know what they are yet....

climate change

I would like to find out more about colleges for my son. He has some learning difficulties and won't be able to drive. This is a challenge for both him and I. Obviously for him it is hard to find a college to for his needs. For mei don't know much about schools that cater to these things so I continue to research and hopefully will find one that works for him and his success in the future

I am getting more and more involved in my energy healing process. I am creating vision boards, declarations, and hope to write a new story for my life. I hope that I continue to invest in these things that change my life for the better--and I hope that I embrace the life that practice will bring me!

I'd like to tap into my spirituality and meditation.

I was introduced to Mussar at a Shabbaton a year ago. I was inspired to read books written by Alan Morinis. Recently, I attended an hour long webinar on the Rosh Hashanah through a Mussar lens. I would very much like to delve more into learning and studying this ancient practice.

A person..but i don't know who she is yet...or do i?

The person/idea/cause I want to investigate more fully is myself - myself as a person, myself as an idea and myself as a cause. And I don't mean this narcissistically. I mean it in terms of knowing myself. This is of course an ongoing effort and it will be a lifetime pursuit, not just over the next year. I realize that perhaps this answer was not in the spirit of the questions but it's my true answer.

I want to investigate more fully with Tovah about being on the same page as to our vision and goals. What is our expectations?

The idea of running for public office in some capacity.

I want to get into yoga and do more things to enhance my meditation skills along with becoming more flexible. I also was to investigate myself more, find out who I really am and what I want out of life. I want to make new experiences and learn knew things.

There is nothing I want to investigate next year! There are people with whom I want to reconnect and I will make that happen!

Hats. Sounds silly doesn't it. Women aren't supposed to go bald on our culture but we do anyway! How do i find courage to love my look. Hats so i don't sunburn! How do i look professional for work. My self image is what has really suffered. WHAT/HAT!!!!

Since I'm new to VT, I want to learn more about the communities, politics, and basic what-life-is-like here. I probably won't stay here forever, because I would love to go back to MN, but I might as well be informed about my current home.

I want to keep learning more about my city. I have fallen in love with Chicago over the 6 years I've now lived here, and I feel like I know and feel its soul. But at the same time I feel I barely know it, because the city is so vast and there are so many things I have not done. Places I have not explored. People I have not met. I know that I likely don't have much time left here and that makes me sad. There is so much more of myself I want to pour into Chicago and so much of Chicago I want to breathe into myself. And it isn't entirely because it is so geographically and socially vast. I think no matter how large and populous a place, a good home is one that keeps you invested and engaged, and Chicago has never stopped doing that for me. So I feel unfinished with it, and know that I probably will still feel that way when I leave. I am feeling that way about Chicago and other things in my life, like my job. This is the first time I forsee having to put an end to things in my life before I feel finished with them, because there are just too many things I want to do and time is starting to slip away more quickly. So I hope that in the next year I can keep investigating this beautiful inspiring place and know as much of it as possible before I have to say goodbye.

I would like to learn more about Permaculture to build a natural ecosystem so i could plant and eat what i plant.

I want to pursue the power of story to affect the world. Then, I want to write and tell stories. Alternatively, I want to analyze stories that are available for masses of people - tv shows, movies, popular culture - and what these have to teach / heal the world.

I want to become more politically knowledgeable and form my own opinions on issues

I want to be better informed in 2 areas. 1. Money in Politics 2. Cancer research

Just meeting people any way possible! Just do it!

I'd like to commit to a more serious weight training program. I'm on that path currently... well, almost. I have a plan to take me through the end of the year. The struggle is sticking to it while attempting to manage a less-than-ideal "diet." Overall I'd like more quiet in my life as well. Far more vague but still crucial to note and consider.

Same as last year - Dolores Cannon's material. Also taking Reiki training. I want to get back into the mystical.

Biophotons and esp. Food biophotons Making my own jewels in a larger scale, improving my technique Cleaning the house!!!

I want to learn more about the people closest to me. Also I want to learn more about myself.

Truthfully, I feel exhausted even thinking about it.

Open adoptions

No. Since the election disaster, I find myself easily overwhelmed by causes and ideas. I will give my full attention to those in my life and the projects I'm already committed to.

In the next year, I want to more fully investigate the idea of Philosophy. Specifically, I am intrigued by the practice of self-appropriation. I feel like these ideas being presented to me are really interesting and have a lot of depth. I want to pursue them, though I honestly can’t say why beyond that initial allure. I might look upon this response in a year and think myself to be a pompous idiot, but I really think that these topics are interesting and have a deeper meaning beyond that which I can learn in a classroom. I need time in order to reflect on how to incorporate these ideas of self-appropriation into my life. Never before have I asked myself the “why” of my thought process. I either knew something, or didn’t. I believed something, or I didn’t. I knew the causal relationship relating my discovery (or forced study) of information to my personal Ken. However, I never paid attention to why I think the way that I do. I have always had a more cynical (or even nihilistic) outlook, but I never stopped to ask myself why. I would ponder futility without pondering why I considered anything to be futile. I believed things because I agreed with them, but never wondered why it was that I was predisposed to agree. I want to dig deeper and answer these more philosophical questions relating to self-appropriation within the next year.

I would like to investigate more about how to participate in the racial justice movement as a person with White privilege.

Me. I want to learn what truly makes me happy. My job and my friends are fulfilling, but I'm not happy...

Mindfulness. Turning back to meditation. Making time for it.

concrete retirement plans

an idea - tell my story, write my story to share my story

Flipping houses. Can we afford it? Should we try? Or do we just shovel all our money into index funds?

Will I be able to stop keeping it 100 and try to reach these fools in a way that they can hear?

Since we are moving to Tucson, I want to learn more about the southwestern United States. This is a whole new culture and natural environment to explore.

I want to try and understand my daughter better and repair our relationship.

Thriving at all times.

Dating sites

I would like to carefully assess my charitable giving and get the total that I donate to church and other causes up to the tithe level. This is a challenge because I have an irregular and unpredictable income from my freelance job.

Last year I wrote that I wanted to investigate my community. I still feel that way. I also feel like this year I want to really immerse myself into some things I have neglected, like music (piano, cello), swimming, etc. I have also joined an anti-racist book group.


How to survive on my own, on every level. Well I don't really want to investigate that, but it looks like that's what I'll be doing. I don't mean this in a purely negative way. Although I didn't choose the situation, it is a choice to make a happy life for myself just as Doug and I chose to make a happy life for ourselves together. I will be on my own, but I can still be positive. I hope. I pray.

How to pick the right college for my son.

Honestly, nothing specific comes to mind. I'm usually very intent on investigating the effectiveness of various teaching methods, but right now I am fully occupied with designing a new academic program from the ground up. For the time being, I'm using tried and true methods, and will gradually change my procedures based on how the students do. The program is blended, so there will be some evolution over time to ensure that they are getting as much out of the program as they would if they were fully on-ground!

I don't know if "want' is the right word, but I've been reading more intentionally in novels set in other countries, ones that give a better sense of what life and situation there is really like. I may continue that. I'm still caught up in galloping from one sermon theme to another, research-wise.

Democratic Socialists of America.

How I can engage the aesthetic, transcendent aspect of my personality, now that ways I have done so in the past are no longer available, or no longer satisfying.

It has not changed from last year, I am the person that I wish to get to know better. I would like to censor myself less and less. I would like to increase forgiveness and love toward myself. There is a feeling towards life that I will take a closer look at. I am not attached to my life as I used to be. It feels a bit shaky. The nature of my grip on it has changed.

It's high time to focus on my creativity, because if I want to end up in the career I want, I won't be able to do it without that. It means making more connections with fellow writers and developers, possibly finding a writing partner, writing more, entering contests, etc. I think pursuing my creativity is vital if I want to combine my pleasures with my career.

I want to investigate how I can be an activist in these times, considering that I'm not a physically very active person.

I didn't get around to last year's intent to get better informed @ retirement in terms of financial needs, so I'll definitely be doing that this year, as I'm feeling more and more that I NEED to retire at 60!

Last year I said: "Improving my vocational skills - R, statistics, biology etc. Solving the problems of the Labour Party." Ditto for this year.

Four Tendencies, Shane Parrish, and Side Hustles

The pros and cons of moving to the suburbs or to a smaller town, particularly in terms of schools.

Well, certainly I want to learn more about Peter and Gavin. I’m also committed to exploring AIPAC and its work. And, as I have said, I really need to get back to my genealogy.

Continue investigating and expressing myself as an artist; creating more, seeing it as a fundamental practice and work that I develop on a daily, ongoing basis.

I want to see more of the world. It will be a good year if I go somewhere I've never been before and experience something new.

Same as last year: MySQL, Guitar, Boxing.

Social Entrepreneurship, Echad, Quantum everything, the interconnectedness of all of us and VR and AR.

Can people really change? Like, really change? I've been told that a tiger can't change their stripes. And I'm inclined to agree with that. But I've also heard about neuroplasticity- the flexible, adaptable ability the brain has to reset its neural networking. In simple terms- with enough effort and repetition, you can literally change from the inside out. I've experienced both- the internal adaptation from being immersed in a new environment, and the hard wired traits which refuse to adapt. I guess the real question is, do we get to choose how we change? Or are there perhaps some parts of ourselves that are forever fixed?

I assume I'll volunteer for political campaigns in 2018, both candidates and initiatives.

Well, I am definitely going to be investigating colleges, since my daughter has to make a decision on where she wants to go to school, starting next year. I also plan to spend more time learning about race relations in the US, as well as around the world. I need to know more about both history and the way things currently are, so that I can work toward helping achieve racial justice in my lifetime. In addition, I hope to learn more Italian, so that when I travel to Italy, I'm a little better prepared to speak to people. And Buddhism.

I want to get deeper into yogic theory, and make that part of my general body of knowledge, especially as it relates to health, nutrition, anatomy, and mental well-being. I know they are connected in a number of ways, and I want to build those connections in my mind. I also wouldn't mind spending some time focusing on feminist theory, and reading some of those good feminist-y books out there that I haven't read yet. And maybe dive back into my research on talent acquisition and adverse impact.

hosting house concerts. I would like to have them be a place to go for boomers and others. So, I am having one in October and will look for another artist for November.

I'm really interesting in learning how to learn differently. I grew up in a family with a more fixed mindset point of you and I've found a lot of evidence that contradicts their point of view. More of a growth mindset mentality that I'd like to use to become a better person.

I don't know. This one stumped me.

I'm still on food waste (which was my 2016 answer)! It continues to be a strong interest and I'm learning so much and am excited to see the issue gaining traction locally and nationally.

I want to continue to learn trope (chanted once this month). I also want to look for more to do to fight sexual abuse and misogeny.

Last year I said I wanted to learn more about implicit bias and how to help stem systemic racism and I'd say I'm not even close, so I'd like to continue learning more about that and helping work toward getting people to learn how to be more civil toward each other. To that end, I'm also interested in the idea of "self love" and belonging and realizing that I have not been so great at loving myself and so I want to work on improving my inner dialogue in the coming year.

I hope to be in a place by this time next year where I will have the brain space for that.

There are some really interesting stuff about dimensions that have come across in terms of pre-cognitive disorder and also another issue with the use of fetal stem cells. I plan to let my friend Rich know about these given his doing more general site than I am. Part of it hits home given a sense to very minor degree am losing my own edge. Rather than my usual hundred percent I think I'm functioning at about 97%

I want to explore volunteer opportunities and choose one or more.

Getting rid of this horrible president and disempowering the agenda he represents.

I want to know if I can live with a woman, I think I cannot.

Yes. More bike touring. More adventures. More writing. More published writing.

I would like to explore meditation. I am wondering if it would help me control some of the physical issues that I have been battling over the last 6 months.

In terms of ideas, I'm really going to put forth a concerted effort this year to work on NOT taking things so personally. It's my default response to almost everything and I'm realizing more and more that life could have so much less suffering and anguish if I stop thinking everything that happens which makes me feel badly is about and because of me. It's more often than not -- not. The more I practice reminding myself of this, the more I am able to move on with my original "plan" or feeling and just shift my response to self-care for the bit that affects me, and carry on with whatever. I may not be responsible for how others behave but I can control how I react to their behaviours. As for people, I'm going to continue exploring my feelings for Richard this year. It's been six months since we met and I'm learning that we both trigger each other's primal fears/hurts in certain ways; but by putting the former idea into motion, I can let him be who he is and have compassion for him as well as for me, without taking his reactions so personally, since they're not really about me at all.

Through things that have happened this past year with friends......I need to expand my horizon re: making new friends. I did a protest yesterday for DACA....the dreamers.......I met some good people there. I may go in that direction. Smile

Yes - several. 1 - the hypocrisy of Israeli policy as compared to its founding charter; 2 - why is the alt right (white nationalists, Nazis) gaining political power at this time & what can be done to stop it? 3 - how committed am I, really, to making a difference - can I be counted on to step up when needed to resist & take action - "It’s an affirmative obligation on each one of us to protest injustice, to speak out when we witness unfair treatment, discrimination, & cruelty."

I feel that there is so much more I want to learn about Judaism, about prayer, about Torah, improve my Hebrew. Not sure if I can do it until my daughter is a little older but would love to attend classes and incorporate Judaism more into my life-despite the fact that I live with a Jewish partner who is anti-religion!

Yoga as a Spiritual practice.

Renewing my creation of art using pastels, paint, mixed media

Decorating my home with my own artwork nicely framed

I didn't take the CASA position because of the time commitment. We lost most of Jared's respite providers and were doing more of his caregiving on our own or through private pay. As I get older I feel more committed to him not sure of my commitment to other causes. Of course the twins need Sandi's help leaving me to care for Jared while she helps Adam and Elyse. Still giving to charity whenever I can.

Information about using my iPad, places to travel & explore, both close to home and farther away, using ASL, Additional projects at AL, Ideas for better storage around the house, Better time management.

I would like to gain a better understanding of international issues. I feel like I gravitate toward and understand US current events and policy, but have a lower interest and understanding of international issues.

I would like to continue to pursue sewing, and see where the skill of making can take me, both creatively and socially within the maker's movement.

Hmmm maybe I should investigate getting into politics?

A regular golf game. Climate Reality Project.

As I said last year, I want to become more involved in the way our synagogue works. The hope is that by this time next year, I will have transitioned out of the Religious School Committee and onto the Ritual committee. Ritual is more involved in the way the services are staged and who is involved. That brings me closer to the nerve center of the operation. There is a limit to how much time I can devote to the synagogue, since I need to deal with a non-driving teenager who eats up a lot of time, but I want to do all I can.

Yes. Myself. By next year I want to have shot a feature film.

Science, creativity, and scientists for young readers, more about gardening, bees and chickens. The struggles women still endure at the workplace, at home, and in public.

I want to seriously consider the Tedx opportunity. It's a chance I want to step up to.

I want to investigate me. What does it really mean? What is the nature of what I call me? Is it a "software" that runs my body? Is there an experiment I can conduct to answer this question?

(Urban) community gardening

I don't have many ideas in this area for this year. I think I need a year off from having a cause. Possible ideas: * More daily exercise * More yoga * More and more reading * More dancing * Take care of my beloved aging dogs. * Decide if I still want to be married. I don't really like being married, but I don't like the idea of being a single old woman either. Both lifestyles suck. I don't want to split up my retirement money, which is a plus for staying married, but honestly, it's not fun. Having to go everywhere by myself is not fun, but I generally do this anyway, so how big of a difference would it make? Maybe I will talk with my financial advisor. I'm still enjoying my outside love affair (no future to it, but my god what fun and going on its 3rd year, nothing we ever expected).

Myself. It sounds silly, but I am soon moving to a new city where I know no one and I fear that I will spend a lot of time alone, so I need to be okay with that and make it work for me.

I'd like to delve more deeply into the modern quest for immortality of consciousness, Death.0 as they call it. This consciousness, unique and irreducible, so seemingly changeless except in dreams — is there a way to tweak it, double it, extend it beyond itself, enhance it, or is its very nature its centered sensory coherence, a vestigial byproduct of our human need to hear babies babbling nearby as we gather berries, an advantage that proved exponentially more valuable as we learned to listen to the babies in our minds, the structures that preamble speech, and this listening, this animal sense abstracted and attached to our notion of self, this became the irreducible soul, the thing we wish to preserve beyond the changes and decay of the body — can we alter it, replacing animal death with its digital cousin? New Death, brains in a vat, memories encoded in the cloud?

Me. I want to be more comfortable in my own skin and in my own head. I want to invest more in my own wellbeing. Relationships-- it takes so much effort to be close, now that there is such a physical distance between me and most of the people I am emotionally closest too. 95% of the people I love live like a 6 hour flight away, so it takes more work to maintain those relationships.

Trees. Bread. Gardening. Yoga. Hip hop musicians of the 1970s-1990s.

Yes. But they don't exist yet. Actually, 2 persons. I have a pretty good guess as to their names, but we'll have to wait and see to be sure.

I want to investigate teen mental health and religion more in the coming year. I think teen mental health is often looked over, so I'd like to do some of my own digging to figure some of it out. I want to investigate religion because I find it interesting, and I want to do my job as Religious and Cultural Vice President to the best of my ability.

I would like to continue to explore the idea of living a vegan lifestyle. I don't know that I will ever convince my husband to do this but I would like to more fully commit to this way of living.

Enriching my creativity

My friends I want to learn more about them

Better communication with people who I currently see as "other" (Republicans, Christian Fundamentalists, Anarchists, Law Enforcement, some Blacks, etc.)

I want to continue practice reading Hebrew so I get more fluent with the prayers at services. And I want to continue attending services on Friday nights. I'd also like to find out what I need to do to get a memorial plaque for my dad and maybe save one when I need it for my mom because it would be nice to have something here- for me and the kids. Lastly, I'd like to make copies of my dad's WWII POW war log for my kids and my brothers kids. So everyone has a copy of this in their family. It's tricky because this can't just be scanned . And the book is very old and falling apart.

Myself, my spirituality, and my political beliefs.

Who am I? What is my purpose here? Always open to learn more.

I want to make sure all my students do well this year. K-8. I want to make sure my parents are happy with getting a condo for rent in Florida. I want to remind myself that is good that my brother got a house for himself this year.

What I said last year: I am still trying to figure out how to become more activist, in this still somewhat new place. This year, I think I need to be more intentional about that -- to come up with a strategy.

I want to investigate the Keto Diet and becoming Vegan/Vegetarian. Also just dive more into my relationship with God. I also want to really focus on myself and what/who I want to be and who/what I am becoming. This year I want to just become the best version of myself mentally and physically, so that will take alot of self reflection and just getting down to the nuts and bolts of what i want out of life and who i want to be.

So. Many. I suppose the main answer to that question is Me. The goals, passions, interests, strengths, gifts, talents and person that I abandoned in order to be accepted and liked by people who don't meet the standards of the authentic me. I will never allow that to happen again.

Industrial Organizational Psychology. I LOVE my discipline! I can't wait to read more about purpose and meaning at work, performance management, multi-level measurements, learning, training and continue to develop in the field.

I'm really interested in evaluating long collective impact and empowering people to be involved!

I want to keep looking at Humble Inquiry. I often jump to the most negative conclusion. I'd like to try to lean to the positive instead.

The cause is my own, I want to declutter my life in all areas. I want to only move towards self betterment through discipline and education. I want to mindfully always be moving closer to my goals.

I still need to tap into my creativity again. Crafting, photography, gardening, all of it....

Nothing in particular springs to mind. I feel like I have too many obligations right now to think about starting to explore something new.

LEADERSHIP. allowing myself to have a louder voice. stepping into the spotlight. blending my life philosophies and deep understanding of people/relationships into my professional life.


Police brutality against African Americans.

I would like to learn more about my family tree, including my father's role in WWII and how to translate his mother's German recipes.

Quantum physics and ancient wisdom Piano playing Instagram

Being a real renaissance person, there isn't ANYTHING that I do NOT want to investigate more fully in the coming year. (Except maybe double-negatives that seem to make perfect sense...now there's a topic!)

Power and influence, for the common good. Living in the US again. Stepping out of the rat race.

I'm pregnant, so I'm going to want to investigate all that comes with being a parent. I think I had written off the idea that this was going to happen for me, so now I'm kind of overwhelmed and very, very happy.

I think I might see if I can find the family of my biological father. I know I have half-siblings on my birth mother's side and I wonder about my birth father's.

This year I would like to learn more about our country's politics so I can formulate an accurate opinion for myself. I don't think it is right to create opinions just because of what other people tell you.

I'm going to cop out on this answer this year. I'm tired of 'causes' and I say that knowing full well I will continue keeping abreast of the political turmoil of trump America. Therein lies my answer -I need to find a cause; something other than a general 'looking out for myself and others like me' attitude.

Last year I mentioned freelance writing, giving back, and Chabad--finding a way to fight it, to fight extremism and cults. Could stick with all three. But really finding it fulfilling to fight Chabad. I am trying to have the courage to make my voice heard. It isn't easy to speak ill of others, but it is important that people be aware of the dangers that Chabad presents. Those who believe that it is an open-minded organization that, for example, supports college kids by offering them a place to celebrate Shabbat--well, they need to know the more nuanced and ugly truth. My son has joined Chabad and as a result will likely not attend his sisters' Reform Jewish weddings. He won't hug them. That's Chabad.

I need to figure out ways to become more politically active and to make efforts against Trump, his White House, and the things they support. Simply signing online petitions is not enough to prove that I care about a cause - I need call congress people, participate in marches, volunteer my time in my community, etc. I say that I am an advocate for women's rights, healthcare for all, the environment, high quality public education, etc - but what am I really doing right now to support those causes? A $10 a month donation to planned parenthood doesn't cut it anymore. So, that's my goal for the year - fully and truly invest myself in these causes.

I want to make my house and my life more Zen. I need to take my own advice and practice mindfulness more. And work on turning the house into a mini-spa from time to time so I can relax and rejuvenate.

I want to investigate how to find a mentor in a profession that I've only yet daydreamed about joining.

An idea, yes. How to become a "badass" in business and use that to attract my ideal client

Me. As my years of being a mom have been rolling along.. I have forgotten what it means to be me.. I have given up all of my hobbies and interests. I help others which I love doing but everything I do is always for someone else and I need to something for me and find what brings me joy.. what makes me happy and fulfilled.

My life is an investigation into everything, more fully.

I want to be able to assist at the Lorton food bank I want to understand why elected officials cannot get on track to stop discrimination

My novel!!! Also, volunteering with children -- as I was reading my answer to this same question from 2016, I saw that I had written volunteering with children but made no headway with it. So I signed up for 826LA and am awaiting the welcome email to start getting involved!

I want to write at least one book. I have had ideas percolating forever for both fiction and nonfiction but I never seem to make the time for writing. I also plan to remain politically active and involved, because I am witnessing the tragedy of what has befallen this nation, the shame of an unstable and unfit leader, and an attack on the values for which we always have stood.

Community development

Fearing its loss in the United States,i would like to learn more about democracy and how it functions in different countries and under different economic strutures.

I am going to learn more about WHAM which is a whole body approach to mental health management. I have always tried to think holistically about mental health and realize that no one pill is going to solve my health issues, but now I am being offered the chance to develop a class where I can teach others skills such as coooking, exercise, mindfulness, etc. which promotes treating our bodies with respect so that they are at optimal performance. I am to be paired with another peer mentor who has an autoimmune disorder and this should help me get perspective from someone else with chronic health issues who has used these principles to make their mental illness bearable as well as keeping their physical body one to keep moving even when it protests. I am looking forward to learning more about the principals developed in WHAM.

Mindfulness and meditation. I hope to start a regular meditation practice.

Yes, me! I want to do more things that I love. Art, going to galleries, cycling, walking in the countryside, reading books

I want to learn about myself this year, who I am, without a partner.

I want to investigate outlets for playing viola more this year. I have let it languish because I don't know where/how to get involved playing with an orchestra or chamber group. (I don't enjoy playing solo.)

I would like to pursue the idea of starting to write a book. I have talked about that for 20+ years. Maybe I should join our writers group? I have a lot of title. But no work

I want to be more on top of environmental awareness and see what I can do as one person. whether it is protesting, signiing forms to send to congress , listening to speakers or physically getting involved in trail maintenance or cleaping up sites, anything I'm able to do, I want to do more consistently

Spiritual storytelling!

There are many people that I want to become closer to. A few very inspirational people I want to work more closely with to develop a strong working relationship and network. A few people I want to become better friends with because they fascinate me or make me laugh or make me happy. There is also one person that I think I like quite a lot and would be very happy to erm, "investigate more fully in the coming year" wink wink. Would like to work on encouraging more women and minorities to go into STEM. Would like to explore and work on the Hyperloop concept.

Because of the current political situation, I have begun to get involved with DACA support groups, BLM support and political and financial support for Democratic House candidates. I am sure that this will continue into the coming year. I often feel like one voice will never be heard, but combining my voice with others makes a difference. As a white woman, as a Jew, I feel that I have an opportunity to use my privilege, heart and education for good.

I want to be a more involved Jewish/Israel advocate. I don't want people comparing their tragedies to ours, I don't want to stand idly by while Israel is bullied; I want to openly applaud Nikki Haley and continue to write political things. I want to keep being an informed citizen.

I want to really understand American economics and healthcare to the best of my ability. I want to also delve more fully into how to help refugees on a daily level. Documentary filmmakers like Erroll Morris and Ken Burns. I want to learn more about scriptwriting and shooting film.

Music. Science. Literature.

I want to get prayer beads in Thailand this year (if possible). In a perfect world I'd look into if an AHT can have their own hospice practice. I'm sure a euthanasia component would not be legal which makes me wonder if it would even be worth it overall...

Women's rights

I would like to investigate further into my own mind. My writings. My art. The creative person I was and who I have become since that person went dormant.

Investigate? Who came up with this question??? I know what it means, but with the political climate the way it is, I find that word to have different connotations than was perhaps intended. Anyway. In years past, I might have answered: myself. But I suspect I've done that for too long and with little useful result, so I'm over being quite so narcissistic. So, what would I like to learn more about this coming year? Oh, to have a crystal ball to discover what new thing coming down the pike will spark an interest in me! But one possible answer: Portland, Oregon. I hope to visit there next summer. Also: Seattle. And, just possibly, Alaska. So, yes. I'd like to travel to new places, investigate whether I like them or not. And I may not be able to stay long enough to know the answer to that question, but it's a start, right? Best part about this answer? By the time the 10 Questions roll around next year, I'll know whether I've fulfilled this one or not.

Queer history. Black history. Activism history. Socio-linguistics. How to love myself.

I want to learn more about Torah. As my children get more going on their way I want to depend my understanding.

As per usual, I've found myself wondering about a number of things several times in the past year. The one that I might have wondered the most about is either the role of this country's wealth gap in perpetuating the economic stagnation and subsequent disenfranchisement of its middle class, or what seems to be a societal orthodoxy of only seeing a therapist if/when you reach a point of insanity, rather than as a regular provider of care like an internist. I don't think at this moment that I can decide between the two in terms of one that I'd like to focus on (though prioritization and time-boxed focus is something I'd like to work at this year), so, at least for now, I'm going to continue to explore these two things.

Peaceful parenting, unless that's an oxymoron.

Yes, my focus is my son and his academics, sports, social functions in all aspects of his High School years! We are going to travel and enjoy life!

See previous year's answers. If anything, I feel more disconnected from my power and potential as a middle aged woman. I need help. I will continue to seek out role models and guides, positive stories, and friends who own their age and march confidently into the future, married or not!

Gratitude. My two children and their individual personality and interests.

Leaving my legacy

Learning Hebrew and maybe another language. Maybe a bit more environmentally active

I did not accomplish what I wrote last year. So this time I want to have these things done by next year.

I want to research the possibility of starting a Waco Browncoats group and do a local CSTS event next year. Maybe look into non-profit requirements. I also want to work on compiling stories.

I haven't at this point in time.

I want to learn more about Musar and also, I want to investigate Veganism, eating all plant base foods more fully .

I still want to learn more about Musar. Professionally, there's some fascinating new research on signaling among bacteria in biofilms. I want to understand that better.

I want to continue to investigate Brené Brown and Tara Braich's work. I like the concept both have put forward of your brain trust, or the circle of love that surrounds you. I think collecting the voices that inspire and teach me will help the next obstacles and opportunities on my path become more like "something to figure out" / surf through rather than something to overcome. I think my dad's wisdom and love is definitely part of both of these circles. I want to seek out other male voices that inspire and support who I am and how I want to grow in the next year. Rick Hanson, John Lewis, Corey Booker, Jack Kornfield. To be part of my brain trust, I don't even have to know the person!

Nothing comes to mind.

Mommy and me classes and educational development for baby Asher

Yes, I'd like to practice regular meditation.

Me. New York City (again, still). "Goodness." Home.

Resilience is my area of interest and personal development this year. I don't think I fully understand what it is and how to get me some. But it is a concept that resonates with me, and I do think maybe I had it but lost it somewhere along the way.

I think neet to better explore my faith and my heritage. My faith has been a distant star but needs to become more of a lighthouse which is nearer at hand as my Falls pass more quickly one after another. I also need to better engage and understand my Southern heritage. Do I need to protest when some twinky from Wisconsin wants to knock down a Confederate statue he does not understand? Are people so radicalized that I would be risking my life to stand up for such? Not sure. Got to figure this out.

Further learning Hebrew. Also learning how to become a better parent of adolescents.

Yes. In 2018, I'd like to investigate the cause of foster-parenting more fully.

It's interesting that my answer last year referenced my fear of commitment. I've since realized it's less of a fear and more of a deep appreciation for my non-romantic relationships and for my independence. This year, I'd like to investigate my own feelings of inadequacy. I'd like to find the things I love most about myself so I can remind myself that I'm enough without using external validation.

I want to know God more intimately this year. To continue going through the Bible, possibly a study or two, and alongside the historical accounts of Josephus. In looking at all of these things, each like a puzzle piece, I want to have a firmer grasp on Who God is, what His values are, why things happened...etc. For causes, I'd like to keep serving at the Y. No leadership right now. I'd like to help with the youth because there's a need, but again - not in leadership. My mission statement for this year is based on my churches mission statement, "to know Jesus and make Him known." I'm counting on being with Him continuing to sharpen my values, and change my heart to be more in line with Him. I want to be salt and light where I'm "stationed".

Being fully present.

I want to get more involved with the things I am already a part of. I would like to be an active member in Sacramento state and do more for the cancer benefit I have been doing minimal work with.

Grief. How to impeach trump. Healthcare policy.

no there isn't anything i want to investigate this year.

Not really, no. I don't fucking care anymore. I have no purpose or passion, why pretend? I just want to eat well, fuck and pay my bills on time. That's more than enough, and right now, a pipe dream. I'll probably be homeless soon so, this question is completely moot as Maslow goes. Blah.

How can I make a difference in my family, community and my world? While I am involved - and I feel like I contribute positively I am sure there is more that I can do. I would like to commit to read one book a month. It is an activity I have let slide.

As a matter of fact, I will be spending the next year investigating the faunal remains of a major archaeological dig here in the Kittitas Valley. I'm also looking more into primate archaeology.

The idea I'd like to investigate more with in the next year would be to finish some of the remodeling of our home.... Try to complete what we have already started before opening into anthing new Investigate fostering a child or becoming a foster parent...

I was struck by an idea for my memoir today. It deals with my grieving process, because of course. I just had a thought that I finally could see a place to end the story until now. I was always struggling with where my memoir would conclude at this point in my life.

Not really. I'd like to take this year to adjust to being a mom of two grade school kids. It's a bigger transition than I expected!

I want to find a way to put my professional experiences to good use, part-time, lucratively and locally or online, and possibly engage with like-minded others while doing that.

No not really

research child sex predators that prey upon their own family. I'd like to see how the predator gets that way. And how on earth both sides handle the outcome. Also, recidivism rate of child sex predators.

Gerrymandering and voter suppresion

Constitutional Politics


I plan to commit to more in-depth study of craniosacral therapy. I feel that this is a deeply spiritual calling in terms of bodywork, a way of listening that goes more deeply than anything else I know how to do.

My ancestors. My singing voice. Italian.

I liked running into Ben at adam's wedding, but im not sure he's happy in New Haven or in general and i don't know if this is the right person, nor do i want to force the issue. I wish i had a real relationship, i guess.

I'm fascinated with the idea that we should be able to disagree with another and still retain the highest respect for the other. I've played with this idea through a FB friend of a highly conservative leaning. I have long way to go with this investigation, but remain intrigued with ways of approach that might yield decent conversation. It's this or else it's how to be a better performance road track driver. Each is equally attractive : )

I want to understand more about marketing. I also want to change the direction in which our country is moving. How can I do that? What really works?

I really want to get into the nitty gritty details of what I want. Do I want to be married? Do I want children? Do I want to buy a house in SLC? So many things that I don't want to get caught up in the flow of life. I truly desire intentionality, I long to be thoughtful and choose this life rather than being swept up in a strong current.

Yes, I want to get more involved with nonviolent, direct action for animals. I'm talking about standing up, in public, and saying "All oppression is linked. If you want to end violence and oppression, start by refusing to eat animals. Do you believe in feminism? Then stop eating dairy, because those females are involuntarily impregnated, separated from their babies, used for their milk, and then killed when they can't produce milk anymore. Choose compassion in every meal, every time you open your mouth. Go vegan."

The Bhagavad Gita. How to live a life of consciousness in the daily world

I want to get my fake persona fully fleshed out and really, really write.

So many causes and movements. I want to spend more time reading 972+ and learning about the NIF and AJWS. And I need to find an organization I can volunteer with that will allow me to be useful to my community, at least in some small way.

Politics? I've been running in very liberal circles and that conflicts with some strong minded family opinions. It's confusing and i'd like to form my own ideas.

"Bless what brought us through the seas and the fire..." This line from the Rosh Hashanah service really caught my eye and heart. Together, with the "Love your neighbor as yourself," it made me think about self-love and how bad I am at it. If I loved my neighbors like I love myself, it would be awful-- I would be hypercritical and doubtful. This year I'd really like delve into self-love. I think that if I love myself self better, I will love other better.

Yes. Myself thru a person. You only get to know yourself in a relationship.

I can't wait to get back into my hobbies after a full year of wedding planning. Baking, reading and yoga. Cooking complicated and time consuming dishes.

Mindfulness in Education, especially around helping to creating a culture of kindness. Am on the case. And would love to become a mindfulness coach/curriculum person at the district level... Maybe also helping to find a candidate to run against Gianforte.

Bringing Peace to Others!

How to buy a house, How to become a community leader (without money to back me), how to make my side gigs pay.

I'd like to investigate different approaches to development and what works with various communities--going beyond HCD--and learning more about asset-based community development and other vastly different approaches.

I joke a lot about the coming of the "Kingdom of Fear" but what I really need to be doing is a better job of understanding what drives fear and using that to my advantage.

I want to investigate myself more. Why do I think certain ways and what I think. I want to go deeper into myself and really discover myself to be able to present me in the most real and genuine way.

I would like to think more about what it means to be a human being instead of just a human doing.

Yes, options in lieu of knee replacement surgery

So many things to choose from!!!! Improving my skills of self-sufficiency in the case of an apocalypse ....such as weaving, quilting, and gardening.

helping others as part of my vocation -tikkun olam how to move on at work attract more love (all kinds) though especially romantic love

Kids yoga, inclusion, political activism.

Never did reach out to the league, not sure because Ellen is very active and she is fairly possessive of her activities and friendships. The league is a part of that for her and she has gotten irritated and evasive with me when I make it known to her I'm interested in being a part of things in her world. I am thinking of joining the Temple in Oneonta and looking into study with the Rabbi Molly Karp.

Ha, yes. The same thing I said last year: yeah, me.

There's nothing new on my radar right now. Topics come up during the year and I read a book, or two, or three. I do research on the internet. Right now, most of the books on my to-read list are topics I've already delved into to one degree or another.

I want to find what it takes to have the energy to live my life more fully, to be able to be present in my daughter's life, to function higher as a partner and a friend. I want to do what it takes to have a clearer mind and live in the present.

I want to be more invested in world affairs, and learn about things going on in the world that aren’t talked about often here. I want to learn about the people that are suffering most under the Trump administration and learn how someone like myself can help them.

More Torah. I'm so fascinated

Maybe how to grow food?

I would like to know more about the many lupus organizations my wife is working with to have a better idea of who and what she impacts.

anti-Semitism and protecting my children

My career path. Will I go to grad school or get a job right after graduating? Top contenders for the academic route are currently Sustainable Agriculture at Kyoto University and Public Administration at UW. If I look for work, will I find something for local government or a non-profit? Or will I take a left turn and do something weird? I want to do something emotionally and intellectually satisfying while earning financial stability. I'm not sure which direction is how to get there.

I want to learn the rules for hockey. I'm taking a class and I will eventually join a league, but I want to really learn the rules and how game play works. I haven't really taken much time with that.

I want to be more involved in helping my community mental health stay alive.

In the coming year, I want to truly take the time to research grad schools and study for any tests. Being in an environment like Hult where students don't take their educations for granted, especially since they are international students who have so much more hurdles to cross, really inspires me to pursue an education that is not only free, but one that I will never take for granted and that brings me to either study abroad or getting a full ride at a school with an international component. I feel at times, I'm very impetuous and jump into things without properly thinking them through and especially since the Master's degree is specialized work, I want to be diligent and not have everything be so rushed/sloppy.

Not really. I can't think of anything. I think I am realizing that stating my goals here only makes me feel like shit next year when I read what I wasn't able to do.

I'm randomly thinking about NaNoWriMo again... But I definitely want to explore impeachment further, for sure...

Of course there is. But that doesn't necessarily mean that the person, cause or idea is new. I haven't finished with some of last year yet. Even if an investigation appears to be new, there's most likely a connection to the past. Life as continuation... hmm...

Community involvement. Since we've moved to new city, I really don't know anyone here and I am also now working from home. So I would like to maybe join some kind of sports league or something to meet new people and hopefully make some friends.

Jobs. I need to be more focused about what I'll be doing once I complete my PhD, especially since my professor has set an ideal finish date of Dec 2018 for me (even though that's unrealistic). I need to think more seriously about how I will make a living once I complete my degree. I think, more generally, it would serve me well to spend more time considering the long term consequences of my actions.

Transpersonal psychotherapy continues to interest me: I want to read some more John Welwood and look into training possibilities, to feel out if it's a good path for me. I also want to look further into acting possibilities where I live, to make sure I am creatively fulfilled.

I want to volunteer more. I want to bump up my resume for PA school. I want to be part of something that makes a difference in the world. I want to have a story to tell

YES!! I want to investigate senegalese immigrants in Spain and their cultural experiences. I have tons of enthusiasm now, and am planning my super crazy school hack, to take winter quarter off and focus entirely on my passions (and love!!).

There are so many people, causes and ideas I'd like to investigate more fully this year; North Korea, Gender Equality, global warming, China, South East Asia, India, Dubai, Africa, Burma, Child development....

I've been reading up, signing petitions and calling, and all the things that seem to be important for an outraged liberal this year. I will continue, but it certainly doesn't feel like I'm investigating so much as doing some version of my civic duty and acting (minimally) on my principles. I would like to continue to follow the science of the multiverse, physics, et al and try to find a balance between all the information I take in and my (also minimal, or so it feels) creative output. Tough year, but that's no excuse. I am pretty infinitely curious, but no one thing leaps out at me right now.

Cute transfer down the hall. Sorority exec board. Relay For Life. HR. Elementary School Counseling.

Like it or not, I am learning more than I ever wanted to know about breast cancer and modern cancer treatment.

Chinese culture and Mandarin language--in honor of our daughter-in-law, Emma and our new grandson.


Energy healing - the idea that one can move forward towards ones own self awareness and understanding through the use of energetic connections to the source of all that is was and will be. At times, I find Jewish practice can be simply a set of prescribed behaviors. Honestly, in my opinion, one can move to deeper levels of understanding and connection to YHVH as one really practices these behaviors . AND there are other ways to reach that same degree of understanding- you just have to step out of the way - allow - get out of you head and not worry about if you are doing it right- So long as persons recognize that we are simply beings in this world at this time we can move forward without getting stuck in the doing it right ness- the perceived judgment. This year I want to allow in a different way-

I want to explore economic injustice. I want to find some potential answers to generate more equitable income in our society.

Continue with hunger and K-3 oriented orgs. The Food Bank covers hunger issues. I'm checking out a new reading program to support. I am not tutoring this fall and may miss it. At this point I don't. I am feeling drawn to Puerto Rico since our president is such a dick about it. I want to find an organization to support.

I would like to know more about historical underpinnings of where tjebworld is right now. E.g. North Korea, Iran, Kurds...all the things that are contributing to the geopolitical nightmare we're living. (I know the US is shaping this- what kinds of historical relations?)

I want to investigate the custom of bowing in prayer. I have been challenging it lately within my personal practice. The concept of bowing down to G-d, praising G-d, does not genuinely resonate with me. I only bow because of tradition and because I appreciate the integration of body and mind, tying movement with intention. Therefore, this year and beyond, I want to continue to challenge and analyze it, read midrashes about bowing and engage in discussion about it with my fellow scholars. I want every action and thought that I decide to pursue to have intention, including this one.

Yes, I want to write more music.

I want to give myself over to trying to write that cookbook or at least get started. I need to stop procrastinating and sit down and at least begin the process of outlining and research and reaching out to those who can be helpful.

Yes my plan is to return to study next September so to look at courses etc beforehand and think about what I want I found one interesting course at jw3 but it's an ma and I don't want go write 20,000 word dissertation It's not the qualification I'm interested in but the course

there still is have not done much about it other than spend a long time contemplating the same idea i said last year it should be something unrelated to work, however maybe that is not that important because there are related skills that may be of value need to do some work on this

I am reading Hillary Clinton's new book, What Happened, because I truly want to know the answer - what did? Why am I stuck in the position of having to call a buffoon my President when the undoubtedly more capable candidate is STILL being lampooned and criticised a year out from the race? The underlying reason that this happened is sexism, plain and simple. You can layer almost any other "scandal" (emails!) or "personality issue" (frigid bitch!) onto it, but at the end of the day, this country said goodbye to a feminist vision and hello to a misogynist future, and I want to know why. I want to get a lot more involved in feminist causes and support more female-owned businesses this year.

I want to really delve deeply into Reiki. I have been attuned to level II, but I want to work towards becoming a Master. I feel I have been called to bring healing to the world and want to keep going on this path

Investigating a person sounds a little creepy and stalkerish, so no. :D Investigating a cause is nowhere in my character. I am not a placard-carrier. I distrust organizations and marches and zeal and fervor. So again, no. Ideas--yes, that's my realm. There are many things I'd like to learn or study, but poetry and finance are subject areas, not ideas. If I need a specific idea, I'd like to investigate the idea that one can be a Christian by following the ideas of Jesus but not necessarily believing in the mythos surrounding him. If that does not work out, I'd like to investigate Buddhism. I need a spiritual anchor.

I want to intentionally step into the role of husband and father this next year. I want to reject passivity and embrace leadership.

Stoicism, Dance

David Hawkin's work and perhaps Zen meditation. Also marriage. With our wedding next year, I want to prepare for becoming a wife - what that means to me, to him, to our future family, etc



There's SO much I want to investigate and explore...this is a pivotal time for transition and growth for me. I want to investigate the causes I care about to see how I can contribute. I want to learn more about the people I look up to so I can learn how they got to where they are. I want to navigate and explore my friendships - new and old - to create new connections and deepen the relationships. There's a lot. But, honestly, in order to do all of that, I think I need to investigate myself first. Really reflect and make some big decisions and find my voice. I need to figure out what roles I can and want to play. I need to find a balance in my life to feel like I'm making valuable contributions, but not at the expense of my own well-being. I need to become myself before I can take any action...and I think that's just going to take some time. It's a process. (I hate hearing it, but I know it's true.) I don't really know what all of this will look like and what it will lead to...I just know that this needs to be a year of soul-searching and finding myself. I think that's the only way for me to move forward and find meaning in what I do and in my life as a whole. I think knowing myself - truly knowing who I am and what I'm capable of and what I need or want - is going to change my outlook drastically...for the better.

My free time is incredibly limited. My hours at work have increased exponentially. My client is aging rapidly and in failing health. When she inevitably dies, I will need a source of income. I am still considering social work, or senior care/advocate, or possibly getting a CNA degree...something...

I want to have more conversations and create more connections with people. - Learning stories from my dad about his childhood and growing up. - Talking to my fellow group of ex-Muslims friends, lending support and sharing stories about what makes us who we are. - Providing advice and sharing my stories with students at my alma mater. I really feel like I have a lot to give when it comes to working and doing what I love. In all of the above, I want to find ways to contribute and keep creating stories by writing and publishing, hopefully through an online platform.

What will life without my father be like for me and the rest of the family?

Empathy, and being able to see all sides of something

I want to dedicate more time at Tennyson Center.

Continue work on cancer survivorship with patients as a professional goal To continue to travel and explore-locally and outside of my comfort zone.

I want to know what Barack & Michele Obama will be up to, and whether I can contribute in any meaningful way.

Fostering - I have been thinking about being a foster parent to kids or pets :) But I worry if I have the time to put towards helping others

I would like to search out an established women's interfaith group that would be accessible within my perimeters of time and distance. I am trusting that when we relocate, this opportunity will reveal itself.

I have the opportunity to join a yoga class for the first time in my 70 years. As it is always something I wanted to do but have not ever made the effort, I am looking forward to this form of exercise and meditation.

I want to investigate the working environment in Residential Facilities at my school

I want to investigate this girl who's been bullying me the past 5 years and i'm sick of it.

Martial arts! I would like to try out a few different types of martial arts and see if any of them are up my alley. I suspect I could find a good fit in something that allows for focus, meditation, and bodily control.

The dive into Judaism continues. And I'm still working on the prior question, both within myself and in others. What do people mean by 'faith'?

I want the organization that I helped found this year grow and flourish. I need to invest more in some of the people that are working with me on this. I especially need to grow my friendships with some of the folks around me that are demonstrating leadership.

Too many to mention.

I want to work on, and in, my own creative space.

This coming year, I want to investigate more fully healthcare, in the United States and around the world. How did we come to have what we have? What is the nature of healthcare in the U.S? Which countries are "doing it right," and what could we do to emulate them? What could we do better and how do we get there -- legislatively, with science, on a grassroots and personal level too. I don't have an academic understanding, but community health and national healthcare initiatives offer ways we can improve the quality of life for everyone.

Dive deeper into comedy and what I can do with it. Don't settle at DCH only; there are other resources around for expanding your oeuvre.

The idea of "having it all". Is it possible to be fulfilled in any aspect of life if you're trying to do everything? IS it better to focus on one or two things at a time? To fill every waking moment with activity?

What I would like to investigate more fully is getting more in touch with myself. I would like to find my voice, my place and my vocation. I would like to feel more self confidence in my decisions and my ideas. I want to feel more positive about being me.

I'd like to investigate Buddhism more fully. This is something that's been in me for years, but I haven't quite taken the time to do so. I have found myself drawn to this philosophies and ideas for years so I plan to spend more time learning about meditation and Buddhism and how I may integrate it into my life this year.

I would like to become more involved in impacting government.

All of the above? I think the next year is just, for me, going to be about exploration and taking chances, and being open to things.

I have strongly considered going back to college online and getting my Bachelor’s. I have two Associate’s, but with the amount of hours I put in, I could have gotten an advanced degree. I am interested in becoming a subject matter expert and expanding my knowledge base; I also want to open up my opportunities for advancement in the future.

As I wrote in Day 7 - I really want to explore my own true desires as it relates to work. How will I define myself? I understand that it is possible that I will only work part-time in my 30s, if we are lucky, and that this is something to be grateful for. However, my family has ingrained in me the idea that I must achieve something and that I should be defined in part by what I do to make money. I've spent my whole life going from job to job, unhappy at every turn because it hasn't been 'What I Want' but I've never slowed down enough to ask myself...What do I want?

Similar to my answer from last year, I want to maintain my love of learning, turning my head to any subject that interests me. I want to be known as a scholar, not as my profession, but as who I am.

I'd like to fight for our values and against tyranny. Specifically our current regime in power. We need to fight for the rights of immigrants, refugees and those who are unable to stand up for themselves. We need better heath-care choices and living wages. It should be getting better in this country, not the other way around...

I want to investigate traditional, even 'folk' Judaism, more fully in the coming year. As I've come to terms with my lack of faith in God (as an entity - I still hold to the 'power higher than the individual' line), I have found that Judaism is far more than a religion, or even a people; it is a whole denomination of human thought and action. That is what I hope to study and learn more.

i want to learn to surf. i hope to go on a surfing vacay this winter thanks to Brenda. I am trying Louise Hay's affirmations and i hope they work for me . i know a few pwythat have benefited greatly from the. i am also doing 3- 1 minute of positivity a day for 45 days

Honestly, I'm going to be really busy with the bar and articling (hopefully) this next year so I'm not really sure.

Being a more loving husband

I want to work more for social injustice this year. I would love to meet with Colin Kaepernick to talk about his stand against racial injustice. I would like to learn more about what I can do to help the situation, that is more than just speaking up when people talk negatively.

More on non-profits.

I'm looking at the answer I put last year, and I don't really think much as changed that I want to learn about. I want to learn about being a leader and management, but I also want to learn about programming because I want to be able to create things for kids to do and always know how to talk to kids and keep them entertained. I think I got a lot better, but I can still improve.

I want to find a way to make the space around me better. I want to find a way to make that space larger. I want to learn how to use what power I have to make some kind of positive change in the world, because if there's one thing this year has taught me, it's that individual acts of mercy will save us. There's no one coming to do it for us, not in this administration and not on this earth. So I guess I want to investigate kindness and to make that investigation my work.

I'm considering nursing school. I have no idea how I would manage it without accruing another several thousand in student loans, so I very likely won't be able to do it. Still looking into it...

I said it last year as well, but every time I read this question, my answer automatically goes to "me." I want to investigate myself more. I feel like this past year I have gotten to understand who I am more and how I want to be that person as I walk through this life. I turn 30 soon and that idea used to terrify me and as I edge closer to the day, I realize I'm not scared. My 20's have been about learning who I am and now I feel like I'm ready to embrace that and live my truth and my power. I will always continue to investigate myself and now I want to do that externally as well. How I can turn those passions into causes and realities. From solo travel and camping to publishing research and more volunteer work.

I want to better understand ESL/TESOL programming and how I can get certified. I generally want to investigate ideas to bring to my classroom that make it a more equitable space. Lastly I have dreams of being a teacher educator and doing meaningful research. I'd like to learn to write grants for that.

Understand Judaism and what that means to me and could mean for my potential husband and family. Know what I want out of work. Understand the health risks to pregnancy.

i want to look more into boosting my GPA so i can go back to school, get another degree and get a better and more fulfilling job. i want to know that this is possible; i want to understand how feasible it is and i want to learn how to make myself sit down, shut up and just do it.

Yes!!! Undoing racism. Stopping white supremacy. I am very uncomfortable with these words, which is dangerous – because we have to name the problem and face it head-on – and I am feeling extra compelled to combat this this year. I feel like I am in a unique person, as a white woman, an up-and-coming leader at work, and with conservative/devil's advocate parents with whom I keep political dialogue open.

I am pretty fully delved right now. I'm juggling a reasonable balance of new and old interests, friends, causes, hobbies, and investigations. If anything, I should divest myself of some of these things.

I want to understand or create a way for people to take their votes back, overcome systematic oppression in the Deep South post-plantation culture where we are moving. I want to find out how to have social situations and feel safe, not foolish. I want affection in my marriage, or acceptably on the side. I want to enjoy financial balance. I want to enjoy Fred's company. I want to express my femininity in a way not too burdensome, but recognizable for others. I want to have good times and share times with people, and stand up to my needs for fitness, really make a good routine to serve me into the future.

I want to learn more about how to combine my passions into a career and get a better sense of how to use them as a starting point rather than a side note.

My answer has not changed from last year. Especially given that last was a complete bust relative to this question. This year I just want to learn new stuff; be inspired and acquire knowledge.

I want to continue to be more involved in theatre and actually do a show.

I think I have plenty on my plate for now, initiatives that have been put before me to choose form about people., places and things to look into. These are all things that resonate with me and the focus of the service work I do: Prisons/Jails: We have been taking recovery to the prisons and jails and looking to expand the facilities that we do that in. This is nothing new, secular groups have been doing it for years. And religious groups have also been going "inside" for years. What we do combines the two, and we often have relied upon our fellow secular and religious groups to get the foot in the door! But I love being the outside support for these folks doing it...because our group is then the safe landing place for people coming out. Veterans and current servicemen and women: The issues abound, both before, during and after service in the armed forces. And sometimes people feel as though they lost family, a brotherhood/sisterhood from their time in service. Some have been hurt by their time, whether they went to wars or not. I want to have them all know we offer places to connect and heal and find resources for help for those issues. I don't want another to leave this world because they just had lost all hope and direction for their lives... There are so many more things, but these have captured my heart and attention over this last year and I hope to work on them over the next year.

I have recently learned so much about race issues in this country that I didn't know before. As a Jew, I thought I understood some of the ramifications of discrimination, but didn't understand how much being white has protected me and my family. I will continue to listen and learn and then to speak out and help others to become educated.

myself! I want this to be the year of me. I'm going to turn 30. I want to feel more secure in my choices, in my actions, and in my direction.

Plans for the year from today: Investigate and figure out how to: make Yoga Parties come alive, teach Yoga for Healthy Aging series classes, improve Yoga Workshop attendance, explore Crete when traveling with new and old friends, look into a Yoga 300 hour program for 2019 or 2020, find another guided meditation client (or two!)

I'm interested in exploring my connection to Judaism and also what it would mean to bring a child into this world. Maybe also homeownership?

Again, I want to investigate more on myself. I want to know why I think the way I do and learn how to improve myself and how I can change for the better. I would also like to investigate the world around me and life in general more fully in the upcoming year. I know what I'm capable of, but I always hold back and never fully reach my fullest potential. It's mostly because I'm afraid to change, feel the pain of progress, and let go of my current self. I hope I can find a way to eliminate my fears and embrace change.

I would like to investigate how to start a program for kids who are about to age out of foster care to help them transition into life on their own,

I hope to find a legitimate career path for myself.

Donating more of my time and money to those who need it most.

I want to investigate what causes people to close their ears. I want to figure out how to challenge people to consider alternative points of view in a way that doesn't feel threatening to them.

I would like to like to take an interest in affordable housing, housing rights, and the housing crisis.

I think I should really look into that Event Management Degree. It will help me move on from C&T eventually, and land a job at a corporate - hopefully.

Yes, gardening and small scale farming! We have a 2 acre land that's just begging to be grown on. It's been 7 years and I've only started to grow vegetables 2 summers ago. I really want to do right by the land and my family by growing food.

I'd like to get back into Jewish learning

I would like to investigate how the shop could be run more efficiently and still reach a broader demographic.

I think of my constants: I'd like to do more Jewish. I'd like to do my exercise. I'd like to make more money and spend the money that I do have more wisely. I don't feel a great need to open up a new cause or whole channel of learning - I have a lot on my plate, and I'd like to focus on the gifts and stress points that I already have.

Volunteering at a hospice center, using filmmaking and storytelling in some volunteer capacity. I tried that at 826LA and it *really* didn't work--got stuck in one of the very few workshops that didn't play to my strengths. Draining without being enjoying. Took me a while to realize that's why I haven't gone back. If I'm going to volunteer, I want to actually *use* my strengths.

Since I have been reading Overwhelmed, I am very intrigued about the labor laws in America vs other countries. I would love to investigate this more fully. Another area more personal is investigating what are some career paths that I could take - I feel a bit lost in that area.

I want to continue to investigate what my career paths can look like. I have a better idea than last year of what is associated with the multiple options I'm looking at, but don't have a feel for whether they'd be a good fit for me.

Looking at last year, I DID perform some magic at my grandson's 5th birthday party, but I'd like to find time to practice & expand my repertoire, as well as practice juggling to continue with the "silly arts." In the fiction field, reading the entire Dark Tower series was great fun. As with magic, I didn't STUDY modern art, but our joining the Whitney in NYC this Summer was a modern art education of sorts. This year: get to more art museums, especially in LA; keep reading; practice magic.


At the moment, no. There isn't really anything that I'd like to dive more deeply into. I'm a pretty much surface person, I go 10 mm deep and then move on to something else. I might find something during the year but I doubt it.

Alas, there's still no information about internships with the Equal Justice Initiative on their website. My interest in racial disparity and justice in this country led to my being asked to read my question (re a white person recommending books about racial issues and/or with characters of color to people of color in the bookstores where I work) to be taped for (and discussed on) NPR's "Code Switch" podcast. I will continue to read, think, and talk about these issues in the year ahead.

Fran's dad, Tom, bought me a second-hand WWII book about the fall of France that's been sitting on my bedside table for a few weeks (months?). We got into a really interesting discussion shortly after we saw "Dunkirk" at the cinema. I'd love to have the time and energy to read about that kind of stuff. I remember my uncle Trev was really into his military history. He used to read these massive hardback books really quickly. I'm jealous of fast readers. But I also think they sometimes cheat and don't read every word; don't read things properly. I know Fran's like this. I also want to interrogate the idea of getting married to Fran. There are times when I feel like it; and times when I don't feel like it. When you live with someone and spend a lot of time together, you realize that there are parts of them - behaviours, attitudes, opinions - that aren't attractive; you also realize these things in yourself and feel bad about them. Your weaknesses and flaws are reflected back at you when you see the effect they can have on another person. I'm not fussed about getting married, really. I can see organizing the wedding would be a hassle and would lead to stressful disagreements. But I've also really enjoyed parts of other people's weddings and really like that they are a celebration of two people's lives - both together and before they knew each other. I love the speeches at weddings because you get to learn more about the person from their family's perspective. But all the expense and waste! I don't want to be drawn into something that doesn't express who I am and who we are. Plus there's also Clare and Rob's wedding and christening coming up sometime in the next year. I don't want to be the second London bus.

So many. Maybe I'll start a nonprofit 1. How to rebuild the child support system so that men aren't crushed. 2. Single payer healthcare, the holistic way (keep people healthy so they don't need so many doctors and drugs) 3. Employment for people with disabilities that uses their gifts and doesn't demean them.

Creativity - Personal Projects - Character development of myself.

Mike Kisley inequality in the world fresh drinking water for all bees and their survival

I think I want to learn more about judaism and also sign language in the next year.

I want to investigate career options more seriously this year. I want to investigate foster care and adoption this year and come up with a plan for our family. And I want to read a biography of Madeline Albright. I think her story would be an encouragement to me.

My depression. I'm not sure what is wrong. I feel like sometimes there is a rut that I can't dig myself out of. Like I'm sad for weeks at a time. I don't know what's wrong. Honestly, it freaks me the fuck out. I feel like my family never acknowledged my sadness, when it got to the point where I starved myself, they just thought it was a phase. Sometimes I look at myself in the mirror and I'm the beautiful kick ass person ever and sometimes I want to stay in bed and crumble away. I want to disappear so that no one will ever find me. I want to explore this. It isn't fair that I just get sad when I try so hard to be happy.

I think the whole word is more conscious of civics and voting and paying attention to government. Rise up!

A cause: I am thinking about getting involved in politics later on in life (like...maybe 5 years out) and yet I'm struggling to make time now. I'd like to investigate what it takes to run, and how to get involved (indivisible maybe as a starting point?).

I want to invest more in social justice. I want to give more time and resources to it. I want to be trained in social justice as a teacher. I want to teach in more trauma-informed ways.

Canada! I've just come to this brand new country and I want to learn all about it and experience it. I want to travel in Canada, read Canadian literature, learn Canadian history, listen to Canadian music, and eat Canadian food. I also want to stay here.

Art, again.. and physical fitness. I need to get more physically healthy. That ties into getting to know myself.

I love to read, I love to travel, I love to spend time with family and friends, I love to spend time out in nature, and I am hoping to do more of all those things in the coming year. But there is no specific something new that i am looking to investigate more fully at this time.

I want to get my partner pregnant. I finally feel we are both at the right place mentally and emotionally to bring a child into the world. I am ready and excited to be a parent, but I am very nervous about pregnancy, which is the part that may be a struggle for us. I have wanted this for a while, and I finally feel like she has reached my level of enthusiasm. I hope that this time next year I am talking about my new daughter or son on my 10Q questions.

I am exploring feelings and emotions - feeling them, sharing them, seeing them, holding them, recognizing them.

I have wanted to become a powerful speaker for as many years as I can remember. I've long said I want to join Toastmasters. Some women in Hadassah also want to learn to speak well. So, I am going to look into Toastmasters and start a group in the Valley.

There's a new person at work with such life and incredible conversation that I absolutely need to speak with them, go on hikes with them...talk and pick their brain. Their smile is 100% contagious.

I'd like to investigate sewing, or maybe photography. Something creative.

I want to send my roots in as many directions as I can this year, in search of the people, causes, and ideas that make my heart and my soul feel whole and purposeful. After years of being so disconnected from my self and the world around me, I have unfortunately no tangible ideas of what these things are, but this year I am not going to stop until I have tried puzzle piece after puzzle piece until I find what fits. I want to find ways to make small and personal differences in this world that at times seems as if it is going into a state of utter chaos. I am planning to volunteer in Delhi, India, this coming year in a slum teaching project, I hope to write more poetry, I hope to find realistic ways to advocate for the availability of treatment and support for others suffering from eating disorders, I hope to travel this world and open my eyes to the vastness and diversity of this one home we all share, I hope to reintegrate myself into academics even if that means classes at the local community college, I hope to find a job with children where I can teach them that from even a young age they are worthy of their own love, and I want to explore new art forms as a way of self-expression. All in all, I want to fill my life in all its empty corners, and begin to let my heart lead me to the places I can bring my own light to help others being to foster their own.

I succeeded with last years' investigation, which was to become more empathetic about coexistence in Israel. I'm quite invested in it now! I want to investigate the role of my Judaism in a secular university. Do I need a denomination? Who do I connect to? How should I be representing Jews to non-Jews? Will I go to class on yom tov? What will be the role of Kashrut in my life?

I am doing so much teaching and coaching in struggling schools and it's getting to be too much time for me. I could be at the schools ( last year it was 2 elementary schools and 1 high school and , Stem and this year it's 1 elementary, 1 High school and STem and alumni project). No one I know does this stuff and calls herself retired. Then there's bridge, NCJW, AU treasurer and the Light newspaper, 4 grandkids, a husband, house and book club. I thought it was more controllable but the need is so great in the schools that I could be each place full time. So I have to investigate how to balance my life. I wanted to be dean. I guess I'm making up for it but mostly I don't want to feel useless, bored or having to spend time with silly women. So now.. it's too much. I like being busy but not every day. I have started by not working in the evening. That's huge for me. So I'll investigate how not to worry about being older with nothing to do and being this age with too much to handle.

Myself... I want to discover that I really want for me and my life.

The idea that my career choice my be different now that I am going through therapy for childhood issues.

Myself. I'm pretty fucking cool & want to explore different interests I have and see where that takes meme

I am interested in learning more about Opera and also more about classical music.

I would like to investigate an idea I had last year, a cause or movement of sorts that I haven't had the will to get off the ground just yet. I feel we as people aren't very nice to each other, because we typically come from a place of jealousy, or envy. We wish we had what others have, we always look at others as a frame of reference for ourselves. I think we can change the world simply by shifting our first interactions with people. Make that first interaction something complimentary instead of fake!

DeTocqueville. The philosopher/observer/outsider admiring the American project--no one is more qualified to by my mentor and model in absentia than he, and I have not read a word. And the idea of the American philosophical tradition requires these people as well: Payne, Emerson, Thoreau...

I want to see if being an End-of-Life Doula is the right path for me.

Whatever the empress represents. Probably only I know what that means.

I'd like to explore my sexuality.

I was really into William H Whyte thus year as far as authors and architectural theorists. He was fascinated, almost obsessed even, with harmony in architectural elements and their involvement in human interaction. He studied things like sun travel patterns, human tendencies, and how building insentives that create these architectural spaces. I've been fascinated in this for a while but I think at this point I'd like to focus more on the legistical aspect of the architecture process. I want to become a stronger negotiater and build my professional knowledge on the topic.

Woah. So much. I'd like to continue investigating my spirituality (what that words means to me and ways to develop and explore it). I'd like to keep honing my answer to the question of what I want, and consider it in the context of my life right now in this very moment and day. And I'd like to keep finding ways to lead with my heart and keep love at the center of everything.

What a Wednesday! Good n' busy day at work, hard SwimWOD and normal WOD, got free organic chips from girl at the box, and had a beautiful ride home. Also, good music accompanied me through out the day. Oh, and an amazing danish woman loves me. Life is good :) I'd like to find a cause to investigate more. I am now part of the Youth Leadership Council for the San Francisco Education Fund, so I'd really like to get more into that and involved in the education policy kind of stuff. So that sounds like it requires a lot of investigation because I know NOTHING about education policy. I'd also like to explore shibari more. Not just the craft, but the philosophy behind it. Kanso is a great teacher and artist, and I want to learn a lot more from him.

Yes. My novel. I am working on a novel that has been gestating in my heart and mind for many months now. When I became pregnant with my daughter in 2007 I had reached what felt like a sort of golden age of writing and had three novels planned. Pregnancy sapped me of my creative juices and although I felt inklings of that creativity returning it was not until recently that ideas coalesced in my mind and one day a month ago I sat down and started writing a scene that had been playing in my mind for some time. I have dedicated myself to the work and write every single day. It has brought me a sense of peace and of feeling whole. I fully intend to see this novel through to completion and to finding an agent and selling it. I have something to say.

I want to practice more habits of well-being. Being more in touch with nature and being active most days of the week.

I want to investigate the creative path that my career has taken and possibly write a chapter about it in a forthcoming book for librarians on creativity in librarianship.

I hope to seek out folks working to "ban the box" and find a way to contribute. I was heartbroken when Chris was denied his job due to a misdemeanor conviction -- so outrageous. This has got ot to stop and I want to do more than just bemoan the problem, I want to do something about it.

With this new job, it's become more clear now that my advocacy is championing gender equality. I want to explore more how I can change the dynamics between the sexes and what concrete things I can do now that could help forward gender equality. I'm also more interested in how to promote veganism and adopting the lifestyle for myself full-time. I have a lot of learning to do in terms of the food I can eat and the products I can buy, and I hope to be more adjusted in it by next year.

I want to investigate cultivating energy and manifesting abundance (not just money - but life quality, love, joy) with guidance, books, daily practice, crystals, nature. I do want to volunteer - find a cause - and figure out a way to make the world a better place because I'm in it. Some things that are interest to me - animal welfare, the environment, mental health/psychological health with a focus/tie into nutrition and exercise, homelessness, kids who need hope/guidance, tolerance, refugees. Find people who I admire and study them: Christen, Simone, Susan, Hilary Clinton, Pema Chodron, Louise Hay. Seek and intuitive counselor.


I would love to read more philosophy.

The girl that I’m interested to, what I have to do and what makes me happy.

I am currently doing the Shine course with Hillsong and I'd like to get involved as volunteer next year and ideally eventually facilitate it too.

I want to explore my skills as a writer more fully; this past year, I managed to write half a million words in eleven months. This year, I wonder if I can manage a million.

Nothing leaps to mind for this question. I don’t really have the time or headspace for even some of the basic parts of my old life right now, let alone anything new. I suppose one thing could be things with my baby - finding ways for him to learn and explore with us. Like baby swimming, and messy play sessions.

I don't know. I think the things I'm more interested in developing and strengthening are things like my writing and my health. I feel like the ideas that help me grow come to me in the time they are meant to. I used to feel like I needed to reach outside of myself for "answers." That is, to explore various philosophies in order to become more "aware," in order to "understand" better, in order to heal, and so on. I don't feel that way now, and that doesn't mean that I think I *have* all the answers, just that I'm content to appreciate what I have and want to develop the gifts that are already in my life. Maybe cooking? I might like to get better at cooking? But that would depend on my having access to a kitchen and a budget that would make culinary experimentation fun and low-stakes. Nah, there's nothing that particularly draws me that I can offer in answer to this question... And that's a fact for which I feel blessed. :)

I would like to work on rhythm guitar. I have purchased several teaching tools this year, and I really want to sit down with them and explore this year. But I also need to stay physically active, which gives me lots of pleasure.

Abraham Joshua Heschel Temple Judea

I would like to know more about racism. Specifically about what I can do to not perpetuate it in my day to day life, and to make our country more just.

Getting the fuck involved. Standing up even when it is inconvenient for me. Dismantling or using my privilege for greater good.

I'd like to find an opportunity to volunteer some place other than SVP. Possibly doing something for victims of domestic abuse and their children.

I want to open myself to learning more. I think sometimes the way I see and experience the world can be more narrow minded, and that is a major disservice to myself. I want to have the space to explore everything around me more fully.

I want to investigate more into black lives matter, racial discrimination in today’s day, white privilege. Being raised the way I was, it has been interesting this past year to form my own beliefs on these topics.

I'm hoping to be able to focus my social justice activities. Currently, I feel drawn in too many directions (which means I often end up doing nothing effective). I want to figure out what is my one cause I'll always go to bat for, and dig deeper into truly helping people and working for change.

Boston. I am only in Cambridge for two years. I need to challenge myself to cross the Charles almost every weekend that I have the fortune of being here. Yes, even during the winter.

I would like to investigate my dog, Trixie, more closely in the following year. She is an obese, neurotic, gluttonous, but loving white cockapoo. She is eight years old now, so I can expect a few more years with her. Something that I am particularly unsure of is what exactly she does every day. Does she really just recline or sit in her bed all day? If so, is she depressed, or is she just a lazy, stupid dog? Does she still wait for hours at the door for all of the kids to come home like she used to? When my mom worked upstairs in her room during the day when everyone else was gone, Trixie would accompany her, laying on my parents’ bed, watching her at her desk or dozing off. Does that make her protective? Dependent? Lonely? Stupid? What does she do now that my mom works on the first floor? Another significant enigma surrounding Trixie is her habit of sucking on a specific corner of her bed like a pacifier. She can suck it pretty violently, often pushing against the side of her bed with her front paws and blowing breath out of her nostrils. She gets a little defensive, or at least agitated and worried, if someone touches her corner a little too long or otherwise molests it. Why does she behave this way? Is this her way of mitigating some kind of anxiety? If so, is she just generally anxious, or is her anxiety triggered by certain events? If the latter is true, what events might they be? Having come from a puppy mill, her relationship with her mother could have been interrupted or otherwise stifled. Is she traumatized by this, and as a result suckles on the warm, soft, comfortable, safe place she associates with home in order to fill a maternal void? If this is the case, does it reflect some failing on my family’s part to put her little mind at ease? It may seem like I am overanalyzing this, or at least like I am fleshing out a passage for an assignment, but I love Trixie. I care about her, and so I feel like she deserves my attention and worry. I want the best for my dog.

A (possibly big) creative collaboration has recently come up in my life, and I definitely want to investigate that. I want to continue investing in my artistic side, and with that I'd love to seek out new ways of pushing myself: different kinds of photography, ways of merging photography with more traditional art forms, new media I haven't worked with before.

I'd like to spend more time with myself. That sounds a little crazy -- but I like my "alone time" and I find that I am emotionally a happier, healthier person when I can recharge myself in solitude. This may include writing. It may include playing music (either harp or piano). It may include reading more. I want to lay off of Facebook more. I already have a FB break on Tuesdays & Fridays. I want to add another day (probably Sunday). I find FB to be a giant time-suck, though that doesn't seem to stop my impulse to take a look at it.

Yes - I would like to get to know myself more fully in the coming year. I don't think you can really ever know yourself too well, knowing that you're changing. I think it will allow me to get to know other people more openly as well.

An idea that I would like to explore in the coming year is to develop more personal relationships with members of my congregation that I have sat beside for years in services but do not really know very much about. My plan, and I started this yesterday, is to tell the person/family what my purpose is, which is no agenda except to get to know them a little better, make an appointment to visit for about an hour at their homes, and sit one on one with a cup of tea, asking them questions about themselves, their spiritual paths, their hopes. If I only did twelve during the new year, the impact would be huge on how I connect with the congregation, and maybe on them also.

investigating more with my creative art. How can I use sustainability as a sincere marketing tool

My mother. She is aging and I want to know her better, to know more about her life. She is an incredibly smart, interesting, and fascinating woman and I don't know enough about who she truly is, her stories.

I was considering being part of a Pasadena City Commission but none of the options felt quite right to me. Somehow I feel called to work with a candidate for a higher office, perhaps a rising star like Kamala Harris or maybe someone local who can help make real change in governing...

My daughter. As she is getting older, closer to a teenager, changing and becoming so mature, I need to get to know her better. I recognize the amount of time and space I give Reid. I need to make a priority over the next year of her life that I truly get to know Drew as well.

I said Buddhism the last two years and I'll say it again this year. I explored more this past year and it helped me out a lot. I like mindfulness, especially when it is applied in a context of changing our neurological patterns. I want to keep using Buddhism to stay calm, focus on compassion, and understand that what is on my plate is mine and not what is on the plate's of others. I can only be an example, I can't fix everyone or everything or change how people view or think of me, I can only do my best.

I would like to investigate the idea of getting back to D.C. to work after school. I don't care what I'd be doing, but I miss living, working, and being in D.C.

I am not sure. I thought I wanted to help at church with the young ones but I don't feel like that is where I need to be. I need to serve somewhere though

Yes. Me.

I need to find a good balance of protesting and consuming news, with having a good life. I can't let myself get too bogged down with all that is going on, and just choose the specific issues that I am able to support.

I really want to dig into Buddhism and the original texts. I've done a lot of reading by people who have applied the texts and contextualized them, but I think that I want to understand the underlying texts myself, reducing the layers between me and the texts as much as I can. It's the same with music, I think. I'd like to understand music theory a little more, even if I can't play it very well - or at all.

Just Kabbalah presently.

I am in the beginning stages of getting involved in a state wide effort to change the laws around how teen mental health and substance abuse is managed, specifically the current law leaves parents very much on the outside of the process, allowing teens 13 and above to restrict their parent's access to drug and mental information. . The current law impacted our situation with my daughter and allowed her to use the system to go deeper into her substance use. There was very little I could do, yet I was legally obligated to ensure her safety but wasn't given the information from her care providers to do so. She is at risk now, and because she is 18 there is even less I can do. I keep wondering if the laws had been different could I have had a more impactful role earlier when it might have made a difference. The law change won't help our family, but no family should have to go through what we experienced. On another level, I want to move forward with remodeling the house- this is a daunting process as it is something I have never done before. Hopefully at this time next year I will have made progress on this goal.

I am interested in exploring the use of alcohol ink as an art form. I am also looking for non-profit or charity to volunteer time with during the year.

I am really keen to learn more about startups and running my own business. At this point it's incredibly exciting and nerve-wracking.


I would love explore love. the spark and the connection, failing that I would like to build something from nothing. Something that wouldn't have existed without me.

Dating. In addition to working on this type of information for my career, I would also like to get better at it for myself. I want to learn everything I can about dating. If I can help people find love, and help myself find love, then I will be successful. I will be happy and at peace.

I would like to dive deeper into Judaism as a spiritual practice, both personal and as a community. I would like to learn with Bill. I would like to connect more with the mystics and learn.

I want to investigate myself through working the 12 steps of DA with a sponsor

Best Friends Animal Shelter. I want to be a regular volunteer. Maybe do more for No Kid Hungry this year as well. Animals and children can't help or speak for themselves. I want to help.

My future in management or organization as opposed to clinical practice. Maybe informatics?? What would that career look like and how would I get there?

Helping Puerto Rico rebuild

Citizens Climate Change, learn more about Dave Carson and see if anything serious is possible - and more involvement with RESULTS

I want to learn to paint. I have always had some talent in this area, but I have not been to an art class. I'm excited to start doing this more, once my real estate business is slowing down.

Christ Jesus.

I wear an ankh. I have worn an ankh pretty much constantly for the past 14 years. But in the time since then, I learned what cultural appropriation is. I don't want to not wear my ankh, it has a personal significance to me and my mental health journey. So I need to learn more about the culture and the significance it holds to other people.

I'm excited to work with CASA this year and I am definitely ready to help my CASA kid in any way possible. It's a cause I believe very strongly in and I'm interested in my ability to impact a child's life for the better. I also want to find out more about international relations and financial systems. I want to become knowledgeable in current news, which I now have little interest in.

I really want to explore the whole idea of how I can contribute to eradicate racism in myself, my community and our country. I have come to see even more clearly -- and I was already pretty woke for a white Jewish chick -- that the legacy of slavery and racism is deep within our country. I have worked on social justice issues for years in my jobs, but need to put more effort in personally. I recognize that I need to involve other white people in this effort, and not rely on asking black friends and colleagues to lead me. What I can do with these folks is to honor their thoughts and experiences by listening to their experiences. And I can work to elect people who are dedicated to eradicating racism.

Off hand, and after reading other responses, a lot of things come to mind. I want to be more outward, doing, moving, shaking. Not dwelling so much on what's lacking, and instead focus on doing. I'd like to investigate career options: holistic nutrition certifications, fitness and wellness instructor, and GOD willing i'd like to be yoga certified.

Being more active in the Jewish community

Climate Change. Activism against racism. Using my voice and privilege to change the world for the better.


My Jewish-ness! I want to learn much more about my new way of life and religion. I'm reading books now, but want to get more under my belt next year. The more I learn the more I realize I was born Jewish. Even if my parents weren't Jews, and I wasn't raised to be a Jew, my inner feelings and values mesh so well with Judaism that I feel I've always been Jewish, just didn't know it. I've been on a faith search my whole life, and I've finally found my home!

da da da da da! inspector gadget, da da da da da, da doo! (da doo!) da da da da da, inspecter gadget, da da da da da, do doo!

once again - ME. I need some self-love and self-care - I've self-neglected for years, and I continue to need catch-up work. AND - I'm excitedly looking forward to having a great 50th birthday! Girlfriends party and a weekend with Michael, and a good, good year ahead - so much to look forward to!

I will investigate myself. I want to begin to understand and accept my grief, my happiness, my being.

I want to investigate my dog more so i can train her so she wont be a naughty demon dog, and instead be a sweet good helping dog.

H I L L A R Y K L I N T I N 'S E E Y - M A Y L S

i want to do more things for my fam jam. i love them so much and i feel kinda like a jerk sometimes and i feel although i wanted to do something more for them

good charitable organizations in Israel; using resources more wisely

I want to help those who can't and be the person I want to be and help those who don't know who they are.

There is a person I want to focus on more at that's me, I know it's not a bad thing to care for others but it's wrong not to care for you so I hope ill take a break and focus on me mentally and emotionally and physically.

Alternate ways of exercising for my physical, mental and emotional well being. Get recertified in First Aid and CPR. I want to live a long, happy, fulfilled life. I want to find and pursue my passion.

I want to spend more time to focus on self care, to help me through anxious moments. I understand that therapy is valuable because people are capable of change and growth, and that I am no different. I recognize that already I have come a long way, but that I still have much to work on. I also want to extend that energy to support people of color, queer and trans folx, and others who live in marginalized bodies. I commit to donating money to support those who need it most, and I want to continue to learn and support anti-racist work in any way I can. To me, these two goals are related because the revolution starts within. I learn to support myself so that I can learn to support others.

Living life on my terms -- to really get what that means, and how it drives my actions and behaviors. Remodeling/redesigning my townhome. There's been a lot of deferred maintenance, and now that I've sort of settled into the idea of remaining here, I want to make it more mine. Only took 12 years!

I would like to continue my attempt at studying Judaism. I am fascinated with history and how it has molded us as individuals and as a people.

I'd like to investigate a man -- have a relationship. If I had a boyfriend I would be learning about him. I also just found a site where you can learn Kinyarwanda. A number of my students speak that so it would be useful to learn. Then I could communicate better with kids like Eric, who is illiterate. I also want to continue to meditate and go to Columbia. I'd like to get to know my sister's children better but I don't know how I would realistically go about that. They live so far away and I am so bad at staying in touch. I feel so overwhelmed. My intentions every time I see them are to stay in touch but then I don't. It is with shock and shame that I realize I haven't communicated with the kids in over a year!

I would like to investigate a way to help with the Starkey Hear Now Foundation more than I do now.


I want to be a more informed citizen by seeking out sources that help me to cut through the biases and partisan politics that have polarized our country. I want to continue to learn, reflect, and be a good listener regarding those issues most pressing today.

As I have started a plant based diet, I would like to continue to investigate this diet more.

Yes I want to investigate more of ME next year.

I want to see the world through my baby daughter's eyes. I really want to investigate how to be a good father.

I would still like to learn more about relgioun and fashion and how they go together. But I'd also like to learn about current luxury designers. Most of all, id like to discover and try to resolve some of my struggles.

I want to move where the spirit leads and I hope to have my eyes open when that is revealed to me.


I want to find a queer community. I want to feel normal in my every day life. I want to know other people who have struggled in similar ways, and I want to know people who have dealt with that a little more productively than I have. And if I can, I'd love to volunteer for queer kids. I want to help people like me be better than I was.

I want to continue researching end of life issues...practical ways to make the end of life as healing and productive as possible. Sacred dying is fascinating to me.


Nothing specific comes to mind, but I would like to be more socially aware and informed.

Yes. Myself.

I always wanted to be able to whistle really loud using my fingers. I wanted to learn how to play the bass too but I think that isn't going to happen any time soon. And I don't have a bass. The whistle is something I might actually be able to do this year.

myself refugees writing spenting my time less randonly (and techly) and more wisely

I’d like to study counselling or psychology and really look at retraining and working either with young people or young adults. Possibly in a school as a school counsellor. Possibly working with adults.

Sure. I think that something is myself. As I've become more comfortable and confident in the person I am, I'm still trying to figure out what my life's purpose is. It's not an easy question as I think I still have a great deal of potential and I want to make sure I don't squander it. It will require a great deal of self-reflection and evaluation, but it's something I must do if I'm going to figure out a career that's going to work for me.

Only the idea of what I can do next to add value and grow from and be a better person from

Yes, ME! Though I do lots of "self care" activities, I think if I invested more in the actual care of myself, sparking more joy, art creation, and acceptance of self and others, I'd find myself happier in a year than I feel now. Maybe more gratitude is the key....

My curiosity. I want to engage it more often. I want to rediscover my creativity and let it have space to run.

I want to do more volunteer work. I want to be more of an activist and do my share to help the community and the state of the world, just not sure in what facet yet. I want to make art that says and does something to rally.

I would like to somehow be involved in helping animals - whether it's dogs or cats or birds. Not sure how that might look, but I will keep my eye on any possible opportunities.

I guess I'd like to travel more, especially in my own country. I've started decluttering a bit, I'd like to continue that. I think I'd just like to be happy and calm in my life.

I want to learn to speak Spanish. I want to be able to live in a Spanish-speaking country.

My father's ancestory. How do lose weight while saving money. Inner peace.

The church! I want to bring good things to a holy place. I want to learn the history and make it accessible to others, I want to connect it to the community.

Still working on meditation and would also like to work on breathing techniques.

I would just like to keep growing - take a pottery class, learn some French, read some books about feminism. That's it, just keep growing as a person. So, I guess I want to investigate myself.

Judaism. Now that Seth and I are engaged, I feel more free to be open about converting. Our rabbi told me that there's no time stamp when it comes to this, and to simply start living Jewishly. I cannot wait to learn more, and to learn how it will change me.

Hmmm----educational philosophy, how I receive and perceive feedback, and what I want to do out of graduate school!

Right now I'm interested in anything and everything that has to do with calming down, slowing down, and avoiding the relentless quest for "innovation". Which is ironic, considering the fact that "innovation" is my job.

I want to see if I am interested in Computer Science at all, as well as see how I like Politics or Urban and Environmental Policy. Right now is the time to explore what I want to dedicate myself to, and also what is most important to me. Do I want to continue dance? Gardening? What else do I love doing?

Yes. I'd really like to learn in depth about Maslow's hierarchy of needs, and what it means to reach the top of the hierarchy. It's always been a foundational paradigm for me, so I should understand it deeply.

Exit strategies for our local responsibilities. This will be in preparation for our move to living on the road in an RV. I have done quite a bit of research already, and this year will be the time to begin implementing changes and bringing the whole family together for the practical and logistical changes coming.

Accepting all of myself. Completely and unconditionally.

for my health: meditation, mindfulness, CBT therapy. I want my mind to be healthier, and to be more at peace. This is the ultimate goal in a way. and for my life: I want to explore where I fit in society. Not just as a musician, but what other things am I interested in. I know that I can provide something to this world that no one else can, I just need to figure out what that thing (that combination of different things/skills) is.

Paul Hawken's Drawdown about how we can curb climate change

I don't really know. I think I am going to go with the flow and when something comes up that I am really passionate about, I will investigate then.

This year I want to find ways to give back outside of work. I want to find meaningful causes to donate to and maybe volunteer opportunities.

several causes: service animals for veterans, stricter gun control laws, eradicating homelessness, among others.

I would like to know more about how to help those suffering from the opioid epidemic and other drug abuse related issues. I'm not sure how exactly to help those suffering from these issues.

Yes. Meditation or its substitutes that help to maintain composure.

I would like to research charities that support animal rescues, therapy animals, K9 training. I would also like to research charities that help children in education, housing, safety. Then I want to decide how I can best support one or more of these through donations or volunteer work.

Chapter books for preschoolers, read more, and design curriculums.


Not really. I have a pretty good life.

myself. it's the only answer left to this question at this point somehow I've gotten lost

I want to investigate mindfulness and prayer. I have been more consistent with meditation. Even if I only meditate for 3 minutes, I have really found benefits to having a daily practice. As often happens, I started to get very stressed with work and my career ambitions and it all seemed to spill over into my family and personal life. So, I began to meditate. I bought a subscription to an app called Headspace and it has been wonderful. I want to build on this and incorporate Jewish blessings throughout my day. I want to see how it affects mindfulness and connections, be it internal, interpersonal, or spiritual.

I'm going to repeat last year's answer that I failed at. I'd like to get back into writing creatively. I have an idea for a "musical" I've been outlining. But that's only because I recently saw a local musical, and whenever I see a musical I think I should write a musical. Please not that I have NO musical ability in singing or song writing. I just like the idea of people going about their lives and bursting into song while doing so.


Yes i wont to learn how to know what can be changed for the better and what cant and how to live in pease with what cant be changed .when all thing are possable through christ jesus who strengthens me.

I want to investigate myself! Teach Yoga. Learn to drive. Write and submit poetry. Work on papel picado designs. Create a relationship with my new community.

The idea of non-self, both from a Buddhist and other religions, and a psychology perspective.

I want to delve into personal knowledge and resources this year. That is to say, when I find myself stuck, I want to be able to find someone who has the wisdom to help me find the solution. I would like to be a pen pal to a senior citizen, preferably someone I don't know. I want to cultivate a friendship by small, sweet layers, at a time. I want to invest in myself. What do I want my personal life to look like? At the moment, I need it to look better than it is now.

I want to investigate myself. I want to refind the person and interests I had once, and I want to explore things I've never let myself explore. I want to drop the persona and the "I wish" and fall into "I do" and "I am."

Learning Spanish and volunteering/ working in the city with a social justice organization

Might stick with community or social action - how to become involved - not a specific issue really - just an overall idea of being involved as a way to leading a meaningful life.

Publishing. Self publishing. I mean, why not?

Samaritans Purse.... already getting set up to do a fund raiser for all the Hurricanes and fires...

Yes, I want to investigate more fully Tarot and astrology. I want to work on manifesting and being creative with my money, my work and my time. I want to look at writing my book, starting to public speak and finding a way to balance my ideas with my time.

Yes. I'd like to investigate the idea of being on the offensive when it comes to dementia. I want to know if I have the gene that will guarantee a diagnosis, and I would like to look into clinical trials.

1. YTT 2. Getting back into providing therapy 3. Moving out 4. Learning more about my fathers side of the family - lost family, hearing stories, etc. 5. I would like to help the cause of animal rescues 6. I want to start journaling

As with last year when I wrote that I wanted to be self sufficient, this year is all about getting to know myself better, to stretch myself, to begin to learn HOW TO LOVE MYSELF. As I write, I sit in my tiny little duplex, alone for the first time in 17 years, broken and hurting. I must let myself grieve and heal but I cannot retreat from life. I gotta keep up this momentum and continue striving for a healthier, happier life.

Lunch and learn Dr proposal program Retirement home PA programs

Person - My boyfriend, for sure. I wouldn't say investigate, but rather learn. I have so much to learn, and he is so great about opening up and telling me things. I am so grateful, and I am so lucky for that. It makes me feel better about opening up to him too. I can't wait to learn more, good and bad. Not really an idea, but a skill/study - I really want to spending more time diving into product management, and basic coding. I want to grow my tangible skill set. Cause - Not really investigate, but I want to start to volunteer. I want to make good on my commitment to boys and girls club.

How to make a difference (as a D.C. Resident without a lot of extra money) and how not to lose my mind over this shit. Is that even possible?

I'd love to continue immersing myself in the JRC community. I want to get to know more people, be involved in more things, and understand more of how I want to incorporate Judaism into my life. I would also love to get to know the Rabbi more. She seems really wonderful, and I have a lot of questions as I explore this part of my identity.

First I need to get myself in order. I am doing some probono consulting and would like rto move more in that direction - I feel that fighting for the underdog may be a big part of my purpose.

I would like to investigate getting my coaching for figure skating

I want to explore the concept of toy (and book) rotations as a way to get the kids more engaged with their toys and contain clutter.

I need to look into volunteering, and contributing to the local legal community. I hope the CLE next week will go a long way toward helping me figure out where and how I'm able to volunteer and still respect the constraints of my actual job.

I want to investigate religions. A big dearth in my life came about when I started leaving the LDS faith. I have always been interested in a lot of different churches. I've always wanted attend and learn more about other religions. Now that I live on my own and can do whatever I'd like to, I have that opportunity. I don't have to answer to anyone else about those choices. So let's do it, let's attend different churches, learn about different faiths, and grow.

I want to read more fully about 19th century feminism.

GREAT QUESTION, FINALLY!!! I plan to pick the brains of my friend Shawn. He has it all together, as far as his thoughts and philosophy go. He is stubborn (which I can very much relate to) , and is the smartest person I've ever met without a degree. He knows more than I do and I got a degree wiht 2 freaking minors! ALL He doesn't give himself enough credit at ALL.

I want to become a better accomplice. I will continue to read and listen and learn.

Lucid dreaming! I've been starting to get into it, but I haven't done much to get there, yet. My friend Jennifer can actively lucid dream, and she gave me some tips. I researched it, too. It involves checking to make sure you're awake at least ten times a day, even though you obviously are. Just to get into the habit so much that maybe you start checking when you're in a dream. At which point, you realize you're in a dream. That's when you would probably jolt awake, I guess, and then you need to practice staying asleep and controlling the dream. It also requires recording every dream right away when you wake up, which is tricky for me, logistically, but it's been interesting, too. It would be cool if I could actually do it.

The idea of ministry. I do not feel equipped for it because it was in no way a part of my formal education. I want to know more.

In the upcoming year I want to investigate more ways of becoming involved in the LGBTQ community with interest in volunteering with adolescents. I would also like to investigate the future direction of my career; balance v. advancement v. time.

I want to continue to learn and explore about the systemic racism that plagues this country; read more, have more conversations on the subject, learn more.

I would like to investigate the idea that I can live and work in Japan comfortably. So many excuses come up when I think about just taking the plunge, but I would like to give it a serious try at some point next year. I feel so happy when I am there and around my friends. Even when I dont have my friends, it feels fun. Maybe another idea is that I can be happy and in love with another person successfully. I ended a 10 year relationship, only to find my self half in it again because of living situation and sticking to my comfort zone. Can I break free of this gravity and find happiness that leads to marriage and babiez?

"Ill met by moonlight."

"Imagine the world as if it were a map, every person on it a point. Then imagine that all those points were connected, and each node was glowing - some more brightly than others. Now imagine that the nodes fall back into the background, and the connections themselves enter the foreground. The network of interconnections become the focus and the thing." GP I want to seriously investigate, explore, work out how to help play a meaningful role in the realisation of this vision - and get on that path. I don't yet know how, and that's the work and the focus of the year ahead. But I have a strong feeling that if I am able to live and breathe this principle, I will improve myself, my community, and contribute to our evolving world journey.

I'd love to read all of the Shakespeare plays this year.

Poverty is on the rise in the UK. Kids are caught in generational cycles of strife - less education, more crime, less hope, more poverty... I want to do something to help address this.

I told myself after the 2016 election I would be moved to political action, and I have not. I wish to both read more from reliable news sources and have my first experiences contacting those who represent me in government. { finally finding my place in democracy }

In general, I want to read more. I just bought Reinhold Niebuhr's The Irony of American History because I want a perspective on this country not commonly held. We have great possibilities, but it seems we may be too small to understand and appreciate them. I have been actively writing my congressmen, state and federal, with some of my observations. At 71, I must do what I can. Silence is complicity.

I've signed up to be a homework helper for kids in a temporary shelter. Hope I can make a difference and not be overwhelmed by the grimness of their situation.

Ways to help veterans. They help us live our lives and I want to give back. I'd also like to do more research and give to causes that seem to help with the violence in Chicago.

Myself. I want to get back to myself. I want to allow myself the grace to feel the pain and the joy and everything in between while I grow and work towards becoming a better mom, a better wife, a better woman.

I want to figure out how to be more Jewish in Israel. This will be very hard because of the circumstances, but I want to try to observe the holidays more and insist on that. I also want to start working out this year. Maybe those are goals rather than something I want to investigate more fully? I want to learn Hebrew.

I want to get out of my comfort zone in being a voice for justice, and to move voices that are typically unheard into the center. I think I want to start a Read Harder book club.

CFP. One course to go and the exam!

I would like to know more about autism research.

Well, fuck. With each passing day and new question, I ponder, "Am I living the examined life I thought I was living?" I spend my work days and much of my free time thinking about race, racism, and equity. I'd like to dig deeper into the issue of racial equity, to really roll it around and better understand my complicity in its lack of existence AND when I first read this question, my mind is blank.

I'd like to learn more about a vegan diet, because one of my children is interested in implementing this sort of lifestyle change.

This year I want to learn to become more mindful of all that I do and work through positivity. I feel so broken with the loss of my dad, the election of Trump, and all of the adamant racism that I’m finding it hard to see the good in the world. To change that I believe I need to be more mindful of myself and open to the positive in the world.

At this time nothing of this sort comes to my mind.

Sanctuary. I don't understand how anyone can be against it. I want to be able to strengthen my argument more than, "well, duh" (since that's how it is for me) so others can understand that every life has value, every person matters, and everyone deserves to be safe and allowed to succeed.

Lying really, really still. Living in community with others. Joining the MBSR Train the Trainer program.

Doing a masters in theatre at the Royal Conservatoire :)

More donations to teacherschoose.org

Nothing more than I'm already doing but that could change.

Minimalism. I want to see if minimizing distractions in my life (clothes, objects) allows me to experience life a bit more openly and fully. I want a “uniform” wardrobe; blacks and grays, interchangeable and functional. I want to give things away. I don’t need stuff. My kids don’t need stuff. Memories are better than things.


I want to learn more and then work for civil rights, especially for the incarcerated.

I would like to investigate possibilities and movements around what reparations would mean for this country. In Rabbi Toba's sermon today, she spoke eloquently about our country's racist and oppressive past, and her own path to education and action. She mentioned that, via Ta-Nahisi Coates' "A Case for Reparations," she learned that one Congressman introduces a bill for the formation of a committee to investigate what reparations could look like for our country. It never goes anywhere. I'd like to read Coates' piece and I'd like to become familiar with the bill and other efforts to see if there's a way I can learn from and plug-in more to those efforts.

For work: How to do better research and specially, how to share it. Personal: I wan to learn more about how to do business. And even more personal... I want to start looking at the options of having kids. And another personal: I want to explore more the hebrew language.

I want to get my own tutoring business going if I don't get the BD job I'm striving for. I'm interested in learning more about Virtual Reality devices and their applications.

Although it already feels like I know Susi better than I have ever known anyone before, I can't wait to keep discovering things about her. In Iceland, we helped each other through a tough moment and each learned something about ourselves and opened the dialogue on how to best deal or comfort one another in a difficult situation. In deepening my connection with her, I find myself learning more about myself and the person I want to be.

I'd like to fight discrimination when I see it. Any kind -- race, religion, gender. I want to speak my mind without worrying about what other people think -- because it is important to do so.

I want to investigate science more. I find it so interesting and I am realizing that I may have been a scientist had I been raised 10 years later.

I want to become qualified as a teacher and start my career. I intend to research routes into this without racking up a huge student debt. I have a newborn to provide for after all

Keeping answers from last year > Becoming more aware of my impatience and act upon it. I would like to be able to act with more processes at work. I would like to go back to my yoga practice and become more in touch with my spirituality.

In the coming year, I want to continue to investigate a few things. First, I want to continue to investigate the best version of myself, to see how I can become that person. Second (and most important), I want to investigate effective altruism more, and continue to try to do more good. Lastly, I want to explore what it would be like if I were less hard on myself; to explore the version of myself that would exist if I were kinder to myself.

I want to investigate my relationship and my significant other more as the year comes.

I would like to investigate life insurance, car insurance and retirement savings alternatives this year. It's time to get serious about this.

more art, more happiness, more laughter.

software development and release practices. I'm toying with the idea of going back to school I want to investigate myself, I think I just let myself drift into what's easiest too often and don't consider what I really want or need. Activism

On a professional level, I would like to investigate servant leadership and its application to my job and context. Specifically, I want to build skills in listening and community building and investigate how those skills move our district forward on our mission. The mentors are a great way to analyze this because, when they leave the team, the fruits of my labor should be apparent in the work that they do afterward in our system.

I want to investigate 1 person and 1 idea. The person is Bryan. I want to continue to get to know him and be able to predict his needs. At times, I feel like I neglected him while i was in school. Now that we live alone and i have more time, I want to focus on him. I would like to continue to nurture our love. An idea I want to investigate is law school. I want to find out more about my next steps. What steps do I need to do to get there. I need to move up in the world because I have so much to offer. I want to fight against all the injustices in the world and I feel that I need a law degree to do get my battle to the next level.

I want to know Aryeh better, I want to fall deeper in love with him or I want us to have the insight to see that we shouldn't be together. I think either route comes of knowing each other better and testing the waters of building a relationship together.

I want to learn about bipolar disorder inside and out, medically and personally. I want to write a blog series on it and include it in my book that I am trying, half heartedly, to write.

The dread I felt last year came to fruition and having an idiot, misogynistic, bigoted, dotard as the "leader" of this country nauseates me! Additionally, the threat of a nuclear conflagration is always simmering just under the surface

I have this desperate urge to explore the world and nature more fully in 2018. I have struggled with restlessness and a desire to learn over the last several months and want to experience and enjoy something that I've never experienced or enjoyed before.

This year I am committed to figuring out how to organize and run a self-publishing collective with 3 of my writer friends. I think working together as a team to get our art out in the world would be a good thing on so many levels.

This year I would like to be more involved with Jewish organizations. I have usually attended most holidays and some Shabbats, but I want to join my Temple officially and be more involved, as well as a Young Leadership organization.

I would like to be more invested in my writing in the coming year.

Eating right , optimizing our nutrition and stacking up good daily habits to improve our physiques.

Moving my relationship forward to the next step.

I'd like to investigate some of the opportunities to educate myself within the synagogue. I didn't have time before, but now I do. I still want to volunteer to help address hunger in the community, and I have been doing so.

Living in Italy. With john.

I need to learn more about ODD because I have students who suffer from it.

Yes - creating film that is transcendent. Creating a sustainable life as an artist.

I want to understand Hebrew better so I can understand what I'm reading and participate more. Also how to be a better business owner so that I am sustainable if not profitable

I just got a new job in maintenance. I have no background or education in this field. I want to learn as much as possible so that I can help improve my employer's efficiency.

An idea of how we can sell my husband's food and make lots of money

Well, I started doing these readings, reading my writing to people again has given me the juice I needed to really start flushing out this idea. The readings revolve around larger works in progress. I feel this opening is letting oxygen into all this composting material that hasn't been yet aerated. We just moved into a great house with ample room for creative spreading out, and I'll be able to assemble these ideas that have been just getting stacked on top of each other, I'll be able to come at them from different angles, I'll be able to breathe real life into it. Everything I investigate seems to be related to it in one way or another. I want to more fully move into this infinity that scares me, like learning to sing, you find that you can hold one note and it's almost painful to hold it, even though it breaks open your shell it makes you so happy to add your voice to the air. But there's so much air, so much space, and you know there's an equal amount of space and breath inside of you that would like to join the outer air. You know it's there and this knowledge is crushing. But only temporarily. For a moment, if you can endure the crush of infinity's embrace, you'll be shown a portal through, a way out that's also the way in.

I reached to find so many new skill this past year just by taking a chance on doing something so outside my normal life. I what to push my limits and try to find that special place in the world where I can find new ways of living in community with others.

Improv comedy.

HS. I will make it my life mission to do real research into this disease. I have it and so does 1% of the population. There just isn't enough research on the subject and it's hard enough to deal with something when you don't know what it is but it's just as hard when you know what it is but the options are dangerous af or just non existent. So I will be doing research to help myself and others living with the disease.

I want to explore what my convictions really are and live by them.

Selfish ventures....I need to work on my public speaking skills. I want to learn about wine, so that I have the vocabulary to support what I drink.

Well, this is getting boring. Still want to learn more about Buddhism. Perhaps , I could add that I like to investigate fighting racism in the United States.

Non-violent conflict resolution, empathy skills and anti-racism, Osher Institute, Road Scholar.

I want to learn more about the Protestant Restoration

I want to read more Rebecca Solnit! I am done with male perspectives on history, the world and where we are going. I want to immerse myself in the feminist perspective and piece together the story that more truly defines and represents me. In this perhaps the future will feel more hopeful, more accessible, and less fearful. Women are the future! I want to be sure I have done everything in my power to make way for girls becoming powerful shapers of what comes to pass. I have no idea how I will do this. I have faith in my intentions.

I'd like to venture much deeper into diversity and inclusion work.

I have been thinking lately that it might be a good idea to write down the details of my rituals for the cycle of the year.

I want to attend some trainings to deepen my skills to address DEI and find ways to put them into action. I haven't made much progress on this front for the past several years, despite my desire.

I would like to find something about which to be passionate. I don't know what my work-life is going to be, as I don't know what kind of job to seek. I often hear, "follow your dream." Right now, I don't have a dream. I would like to find a dream.

I am studying Talmud with my rabbi on Shabbat mornings!

It's an ongoing investigation. I want to learn how to be a more effective instructor/teacher/tutor/mentor. The titles are different but the roles are the same. Coax more than the student believes that they can give and then praise them when they deliver.

Tennis in the Jorge style. Letting go of my habits. Trusting the process. Letting myself care for him and myself in the process. Also having excellent boundaries with the whole thing.

I want to walk again.

Not really but see answer to "goal setting" question... :-/

I guess I want to investigate my sexuality a little more. Bisexuality as something that I'm aware of about myself is new to me and I want to continue to learn about it and assess my feelings towards it

1. how to use my camera 2. having a dog 3. love

death and dying and mourning rituals ... prep and history

Food production and human cloning. Trust me, I'm a writer. This isn't as weird as it sounds. It only gets scary when I add in that I've already Googled, 'what does it sound like when an animal is electrocuted?' Remember, trust me. I'm a writer.

Parenting. How to be a better parent. We're getting help this year. And I hope the help helps. I know this maybe isn't the direction this question was going. And I had other ideas -- like hunger or homelessness or displacement. But this is one that I can tackle, I can make a difference. It's probably the most important thing I will ever do. So, I want to do it better.

Oh question 8, I'm sorry but I must continue! RESONANCE!

I want to explore the next stage in my career. I've spoken about it long enough but in 12 months time I hope I have taken some positive steps towards a new career role I can feel excited about.

So one thing that happened over the summer is that I figured out where my research path might lie. So once again, I have the same goal as last year. To reignite my passion for my field. To immerse myself in the kind of knowledge that captivated me for so long in graduate school...the philosophy of communication, rhetorical analysis, critical theory and psychological theory. I think the only way to do this perhaps is to set up some kind of goal. Read for 30 minutes per day on theory, write for 45. Can I actually do that given that I seem to have so little time already? I think a daily practice is the only way it gets done. I have to add another answer through, and that is directly related to work. This year, by virtue of the MAC fellowship, I will investigate whether or not I really want to be an administrator. I have always thought that is where my career might go. I need to figure out if this will really make me happy...

Yes- getting involved with more disability advocacy work and explore mindfulness/meditation more.

My intransigence to change.

Cooking! I feel like I could be better a cooking. I have so many cookbooks and I really want to be more creative in my every day cooking.

I want to investigate the idea of moving to Colorado more fully.

Voter suppression

A business plan for an event planning company, or a joint venture with my partner, or a performing arts school.

I'd like to meet someone, and get into a good relationship. I've enjoyed my life up until now being single, but perhaps there's someone or something missing from it?

My answer for this one is pretty crappy, because it is mostly my research goals for my work. I guess one thing is web design - I need to create a website for my small business/hobby, and I've been putting it off.

by drawing inward I become a better version of myself, when I dedicate time to me, all around me seems to fall in place. This always seemed counterintuitive and even selfish and yet it is exactly the kind of balance that I seem to need. when I am ok those around are ok. be the change you want to see int the world.

Social printmaking within a community of printmakers to uplift and resilience as part of resistance More Jewish niggun jazz like Alter Jazz Ensemble

Ibram X. Kendi

The temple! I want to learn more Jewish traditions and, hopefully, find some spiritual grounding and community there.

I would like to investigate volunteering with a food bank. My mom and dad both volunteered with a food bank and my sister Kathy does too. There is a food bank very close to my home, so it would be very easy for me to volunteer there. They also assist people with jobs and clothing.

i am planning to investigate health care options, since i am obligated to sign up for medicare early next year... the choices are staggering, and i don't want to make a mistake. on my own, i casually read up on nearby real estate for eventual downsizing purposes. my husband wants to permanently stay in the house we built, but that seems extremely far-fetched if one or both of us succumbs to severely-limiting health problems; too much to take care of.

I want to understand more fully my connection to my body. I tend to think of it as an optional accessory, not as a part of me. I want to think about it differently. I'm not sure what that will look like.

Going to be 50 this year. Want to publish something and and maybe fly a helicopter....

Ornithology. Hummingbirds. Ways to speak out in a way I'm comfortable with--something to teach Trump he can't get away with what he says. Different ways to practice my Judaism in ways that might allow me to explore different jobs, but to remain comfortable and confident in my religion and observance.

I would like to investigate social justice more fully in the coming year because it is a special topic for WRJ and NEA.

I think I may be being called to advise/counsel/coach leaders and organizations. I’d like to explore what that might look like in my life.

Sharsheret, Weight Watchers, volunteer somewhere.

The LGBTQ community remains an enigmatic symbol of liberal politics in my mind, and I aim to change this during the upcoming year. Prior to this past year, I was not acquainted with anyone I knew to identify themselves as a member of this group, so I never sought any understanding of these people's experiences in society. My new proximity to individuals who identify as having different sexual orientations than me inspires curiosity and a desire to know more about the community. The current viewpoint I adopt limits the concept of LGBTQ to a political platform that sparks protests in California. Before autumn of next year, I want to develop a more sophisticated understanding of these people and their struggles so that I may live in a more inclusive and accepting manner. I will soon enter the diverse world outside of BC High and must prepare myself for encounters with people who lead lifestyles I have never been exposed to. Luckily, I recently formed friendships with several people who are willing to aid me in my attempts to grow in my comprehension of the LGBTQ experience, and I look forward to learning from them.

Always, animal rights and the environment are top on my list. Mindfulness and meditation are ripe for investigation, perhaps with a workshop to really tune me in and get me started. I want to go inward. Then I want to go outward in a wise manner. Right now I feel rabid, emotional and angry when speaking of animal rights and veganism and that doesn't win.

So many things I am curious about and want to know more about. I am intrigued about how ideas from Agile, SCRUM and other project management systems can be applied to social problems. I want to know who is actually putting this to work in the world.

I would like to explore the impact of being too connected and make sure I spend enough time being present with family and friends, and getting outside.

Last year, I sad I wanted to pursue my story writing. And I did. I'm not at the point where I want to write a novel but I am writing an enjoying it and I feel like I found a community here where that doesn't make me the odd one out. So the answer, this year comes to me rather easily. I want to keep writing and to keep exploring that world. And something else, which is also connected to my writing somewhat. I would like to get more involved in queer and women's rights. The world is getting more and more polarised and when the whole world turns on it self I want to be sure I'm on the right side of the chasm. I cannot be wallowing until the middle.

I want to investigate dating more. I've just tried a dating site and I gave it a shot. But I would like to do another.

:) art for T's book. KOOP radio.

The "person" is me ❤️

Yes. Intimacy. I only recently started to understand what it truly is, but I don't feel that I've had the chance to experience it truly - at least not for a long time. I want to feel real connection. I want to be seen, and to see others, I want to be vulnerable with someone who treats me with interest and care.

I’d like to work with hand-lettering and brush lettering. Maybe sell stuff?

I would like to become more knowledgeable about my finances and the news

How do I learn to let go of petty grievances?

I'd like to investigate the governance relationships of public gardens, botanical gardens. I'm intrigued by the work I'm doing with the Longwood Fellows. Is there any research or studies I can do that is somehow related to this topic?

I want to really get to know myself.

This is always a good question, because I'm never quite sure how to answer it. I think my answer for this year is mostly the same as last year, thought, because I don't think I stuck to my goal of conscientious consumption (at least as an idea). I want to learn more about my physical health and being. I guess, then, that what I'd like to more fully investigate is my own body and physical being. What kinds of food, exercise, and sleep make me feel certain ways? I've become fairly entrenched in routine regarding how I eat and how I exercise - I'd like to experiment a bit more to learn a bit more. I'd also like to try to pick up a couple books that engage the physical human experience a bit more. I know I'm hot on cooking and the human history of food at the moment. I'm not looking for anything new wave or too out there - just a bit more intentionality. And, of course, I think I'll spend a good deal of time this year further investigating (academically) American democracy, elections, and voting rights in particular. I've already signed up for that. But I'm excited to read my answer to this question a year from now, and see from where I've progressed in this area. Hopefully I've produced something that makes me proud.

I imagine I will spend most of the next year investigating how to parent (from the nuts and bolts of feeding and safety to the spiritual task of providing unconditional love).

Men at TI

I'd like to investigate worthy causes that I can volunteer for or donate money to, I guess.

I've run across a few philosophers whose ideas I'm intrigued by (Baudrillard's Similacra, Karl Popper's Paradox of Intolerance) and I'd like to continue to absorb more of these types of concepts and wisdom, even though I'm an almost purely visual person who struggles with intangibility. I'd also like to keep my brain fresh, all those wrinkles deep and nuanced, so I'm never blindsided or speechless when faced with the growing tide of ignorance, jingoism, and the common man's embrace of corporate and oligarchic oppression. Also I want to continue my campaign of proving that old men can still look good in eyeliner.

I am just now investigating Isaiah the prophet. I will continue with my five pillars- environment, hunger, women's health, education and Jewish stuff. I hope to be able to help my children.

I'd definitely like to investigate more fully a person whom I am not certain I know well or have met yet. A relationship with a woman would be nice. I've had some fun and unique experiences since moving to Charlotte, but, again, I'm in that I'd like to build continuity and stability mode.

I would like to investigate my wife more fully... in bed.

Getting super fit again. I'm in a state of injury right now; sore back, IT band, ankle, that I'm concerned it won't happen. But I really, really love the feeling of being fit and strong and slim. I wanna go for it again! Hikes, maybe back to the gym, lots of hills... DO IT, GIRL!!

Still the Demon Feeding and brain health as well as Service and Contribution and sponsoring in ACA.

I would like to give a look into charity and volunteering and see if I could make a difference for someone and just try to help out a bit. Giving before taking.

I'd like to understand why people resort to terrorism. I want to know why someone decides that they should kill or terrorize someone based on their race, religion, or beliefs. It's crap and we've got to understand why these people feel so marginalized that they have to kill.

I keep dabbling with political activism. I yearn to be more involved, to go to rallies and marches, to stand up, to make a difference, but I'm just not sure how. I don't know how to add being politically active into my already so busy life. But I yearn to. I'm afraid for the state of the world, and I feel like I have a responsibility to do SOMETHING.

myself and my inner workings.

Carl Jung and the unconscious and collective unconscious

I am getting more introverted this year. I want to explore my spiritual side, find peace with things in my life like peri menopause, getting older, seeing more loved ones pass away, dealing with death. I want to also learn how best to share my knowledge with others and make a difference in others'lives. Maybe through my poetry or song writing. Or sharing workout ideas, healthy meals with others who just don't know. I think I need some mental and spiritual down time to recharge my batteries so that I can be a better person and be better to others. After today's shooting in Las Vegas, we all need to do that for each other. Our society is getting sick. Us healthier people need to help our society get better. I'll try and do my part.

Myself! I want to know who I should be when I grow up. And since I'm turning 48 next month, I better figure it out soon.

As usual, I always want more time for my art, to investigate stained glass, and painting.

I've been rolling the idea of writing a book around in my head. Maybe a novel, maybe just interconnected short stories. But it is something that I would like to start working on in the next year.


I will continue to work on transportation issues for my state and try to work with legislators to craft a plan for the future.

I definitely want to get more involved in service in my community. I want my children to participate in efforts that build up their community. I want to become more active in politics and aid.

Whole 30. BBG. Aerial/pole classes. Casa advocate. Local politics volunteer work. Public school position openings. BITSA.

I think I would like to learn more about gorilla's in captivity, be an advocate for the WCS for the FOZ, I hope to expand my role as WCS at Large on the liaison committee. Who knows what I will experience in Africa, but I hope it will be inspiring

I want to learn more about how to teach about Judaism and Gender Identity.

I would like to work more on introspection, and finding fulfilled with my life. The stoicism writings that I've read recently are inspiring and make me think in ways i haven't before. I feel that I'm coming to a new major milestone, 30 is absolutely arbitrary but makes a person think. I've been out here for over 4 years (crazy) and settled into what I think is a good life. Now what is the next step, the good life can move with us, but do I really see the a future with where I'm at? This past year was the bringing of that exploration, trying to distill what we really want, the jobs and the life. So really getting out and seeing some other places, lifestyles and looking inward on my wants and desires. After that hard look making the hard choices to make the changes that will benefit us in the long term. I want Kelly be a part of my life in the long term, the minor problems we have are just that. Things we can work on and work through. I believe our core values and desires are aligned and that's the biggest thing. There is plenty left to discover about each other and that's the fun thing about a relationship, it's ever changing (for good hopefully).

How to better connect with each other, communicate better as individuals that live in society, in groups, communities, etc. How can we related to each other and undeerstand each other more, have more empathy and willingness to connect

I'd like to learn new things. I want to continue to learn how to drum, I want to continue to paint and I want to start writing a book.

Flexitarianism, also I'd enjoy the chance to come to Know Ladar Levison, of Lavabit fame.

Woodworking! I think it will give me joy!

What if I tried to be an adult all the time? I still walk around and see the world as if I'm a child. Its interesting.

Billions in Change. Perhaps a "fun" business venture that doesn't put my finances at risk.

I'd like to try writing/blogging and see what that turns into. Maybe acting again just to give it a proper go and see if it can be something

I want to investigate how I can get inspiration, wisdom, and a sense of purpose from history. I want to investigate a sustainable practice of doing good for the world outside of my work. What does that look like? Who can I help? What will be enough?

No, I've gotten boring. I would like to develop our relationship further though.


I am having real trouble narrowing down the possibilities for community action. As I write this I realize that probably getting out the vote is the most concretely important thing to do but I'll have to explore ways of doing it that I can handle and do effectively. Maybe it is aneducation initiative. Maybe finding out what are important non-voting groups and how to get to them.

I would like to delve into: what are questions that we must ask and think about during our lives

I always hate this question, because I never know what I want to investigate more fully! To answer this properly would involve far more advanced planning that what I am currently capable of.

Mark and I have been doing more live theater - often with Alex, not always. I'd like to continue that, and make it a monthly experience.

The idea I want to investigate fully in the coming year is the New Rich, from Tim Ferriss. This is the concept of making "mailbox money" and being able to sustain myself without having to work myself to the bone. I want to have a decent amount of money and be able to experience the things it affords me, not make a ton of money and not be able to do things with it.

Definitely! I want to start a real blog. Not just a diary, but something useful to other people. Still leaning toward Redmond Raves - a positive hyperlocal focused review site. I want to have moved forward significantly on this by this time next year.

My new found friendship to the other guy. I would love to keep it alive, even if we won't see each other for quite some time. He is exactly what I am looking for in a friend. To bad we didn't meet earlier so we could develop a string bond. I want to develop that bond. I hope to have achieved that by January.

I want to get wicked good at teaching gentle restorative yoga and yoga nidra.

I'm sure there is, but I don't have time in my life for that type of investigation. I'd like to have that kind of time.

Only that I live my life as an example of treating all people equally and fairly regardless of education, background or life experiences. I currently notice differences in color and gender, and although those do not impact how I treat people or my fondness for them, I wonder if it’s possible to erase that part of my brain that even SEES the differences.

My family history. This year I gained access to my original birth certificate and with a little internet sleuthing I found my birth mother. I am thinking through options about how to proceed to learn more about my birth parents and how I came to be without being intrusive into their lives or possibly being hurtful. I don't want to rush into this but I hope to know more by this time next year.

I'd like to better understand how to love myself. Its truly the key to everything.

I want to have a meditation practice for me. I want a yoga practice for me. I don' t want to share them with anyone else. I just want to focus on me for a little while. And since everyone is connected, I cannot give to myself without also giving to everyone else.

I want to make a decision about more education this year. A PhD doesn't make sense for my household income. A second Masters is interesting... I want to make sure I am not trying to fulfill something missing from work.

I want to really get to know my family and friends. I feel like there is some many things about them i dont know

I want to investigate space. I love seeing stars and planets in the sky but want to know more. I want to be able to look above and say - look there's Mars.

I'd like to learn more about effective anti-poverty work, learning from the research I've already begun. Otherwise just fully investing in my business will be rewarding!

Ha! Just answered this! Well...I'd like to get more politically active, get more active in teaching teens yoga, and maybe learning about somatic healing that I can integrate into my work.

I'm not sure. Maybe figure out how to incorporate gardening into my personal life more? I think it goes back to the last question of staying engaged and involved with a variety of organizations.

I still feel like I need to figure my own shit out. I have been in survival mode for so long I don't feel like I know how to be happy. For years I have felt like I'm not using my time well. If there is anything I have learned in the last two monumentally shitty years, it is that life is short. I want to use whatever time I have left as best as I possibly can. Whatever that actually means, I know that life is too short to spend it being unhappy or worse, to waste it doing nothing.


My husband. I always like learning more about him. This past year I've been loosely involved in some anti-Tr*mp, anti-hate events. I would like to be more involved in social justice and voting rights issues, but I probably won't do it. Busy-ness and laziness will sadly win. I've also been wanting to read more about Humanism.


I have been saying this for years, but I want to finish researching my grandfathers family who died in the Holocaust. It meant to much to him and I need to finish it for myself now

I want to know more about what I can do for the environment.

I hate it, but I still want to know whats going on with me. Right now, I'm experiencing jerking in my shoulder, a tremor in my hand, exhaustion, headaches, stabbing back pain next to my spine, radiating rib pain, lightheadedness, confusion, pain in my eyes, stiffness. Plus, you know, the normal nausea and fatigue. In a year, I hope I either have an answer for this; though I think more things have to reveal themselves before anyone will catch it. My whole health feels pretty hopeless. I really want to learn more about my family; who they are, what my ancestry is, where everyone came from and what their upbringing was like. Especially my father, who feels like a bit of a mystery, and my mother, who is pretty much a total mystery.

love. with a man.

I wish to explore where I want to go as a dancer and cultivate growth in A Choreographer's Vision.

I need to finish the story cycle that I inadvertently committed to. The characters and the writing are just good enough to be compelling, but her knowledge of military procedure is lacking. So her stories need a lot of rewriting. And little did I know that she had a series of stories, all completed, ready for a beta-read! It's a lot of work. And I am woefully behind in my own writing. So, I need to get off Facebook and focus more on ETO in France in 1944. With Gruppo being gone and Greg retired, I really want to focus more on him. We need to alter our relationship...eventually I won't be working either and we need to build our days in new ways.

I want to get to know Renata more and walk beside her as we work together in our spiritual growth. I want both of us to feel comfortable enough to share everything and I don't want to overwhelm her with my "stuff".

I really want to look into getting my bachelors degree and how many hours I need. I would love to be a college graduate! I am so very close. I still want to date .....but I still feel too messed up to look right now. I am ok alone but I would love to have a best friend and someone I love to love me. May have to join a dating sight?

I want to find a way to impact girls' access and quality of education in some part of the world. I want this to be more than a simple financial donation, so want to investigate the best way for me to get involved in that global conversation.

Living a disciplined, intentional life.

I want to get more in shape, and athletic.

I want to get more involved in rape counseling/prevention/etc. I think it would make me feel like I am helping. We need strong women who aren't permanently broken, and maybe I can help with that. We need people who have the capacity for emotional awareness and the ability to connect empathetically, not closed down husks of burned out souls who are so damn tired of fighting patriarchal oppression every day.

The idea of connection with other people through art, creative endeavors, interests, social media, hobbies. I crave connection.

Since answering the previous question, I have given birth to my daughter Skyler! So this one is easy. Parenthood, and its many different incarnations. So far, one week in, it is the hardest thing I have ever done.

I want to expand my mindfulness practice. This includes studying again with my chevruta and improving my text study skills. I want to explore places to practice yoga and meditate in my community. Perhaps spend some time at the Zen Center. Try acupuncture. I've been doing a lot of work related study recently - on palliative care, death and dying, and a little on dementia. While I want to continue this, I would also like to do some study for its own sake; perhaps choose some classes and workshops more whimsically.

I want to better understand the new ideas of leadership and motivation. Three books have been a focus of these 2 ideas in the past 3 months... "Turn The Ship Around", "Drive" and "Start With Why" As I look at my surrounding and see people using parts of each and not knowing why they do it, it is fun pointing out how we have evolved to enjoying work as opposed to dealing with it.


Yes - it would have to be my sister. It's been a relationship of struggle for me. Much is unspoken and misunderstood. Im still working through lots of issues but I feel I'm coming out of the fog.

So many! Where to start... I want to explore what my personal brand is - what I can/should stand for. What is 'Starra'? Related to that are the causes that are most important to me. These are civil rights and equality for all. Women, LGBT, all races, all immigration statuses. I would like to explore how I can best help drive progress against any of these.

I want to look into being a librarian, and different kinds of counselors. I want to think about the ways I like to contribute, and what kind of work can stem from that.

I want to read the Bible right through. I did this when I was younger and I want to do it again.

Love this question. Earlier today I was thinking that I wanted to love my work. And then it occurred to me - I can love the work I already have. What's stopping me? So that's the question I want to explore. Can I learn to love my current work? And if not, what next?

I want to continue with CTL. I want to look into becoming more involved with Jewish Federation or NCJW. I want to look into delving deeper into yoga through workshops or additional teacher trainings.

Trust. I've been working with giving myself permission to do/have/be and a big part of that is trusting that things will go right. This year I experimented with permission in a couple of situations, and trusted that the resources would be there for me, and they were. I want to continue to walk that path.

I will become active in a charity, or political organization, I will share me with others. I will live past my house.

i'd like to investigate the parts of me that don't want to live, that are minimizing the importance of an intense, regular self care regimen, that are lazy/selfish/self centered/withholding/hopeless/resentful/LACKING IN DISCIPLINE

I'd like to learn more about urban agriculture, improving workplaces, and bias in algorithms. I feel like those are areas in which I could add value and find some purpose.

Hmmmm...finding my creative eye would be nice, so I'll keep drawing and maybe painting, take classes to continue challenging myself.

I want to learn more about the local rivers and become more of an activist for the rivers.

I want to dedicate myself to writing a second book. As I’ve grown as a teacher and looked back at my first book, I feel disappointed in it because it could and should have been so much better. I’d like to write a follow-up or a book that teaches the same subject matter (graphic literature) to developing readers. I also have a loftier project in mind, but the enormity of it intimidates me. I want to do something to honor my heroes but worry that I’m not the man for the job.

Drag. I want to support, contribute, and integrate into this community. I want to spark meaningful connection and supportive interaction in the communities I find myself in. I want to practice more primitive skills, and develop my bug-out situation.

I want not only investigate but to conquer some of my many fears that I have. My fear of making decisions, my fear of taking action, my fear of commitment, my fear of loving someone. And my fear of failure. To investigate . Just saying that makes me feel I have given myself an escape route in which nothing will be corrected or fixed. I love investigating. I love looking into something, because its an action thats going on in my brain not outside. This question will be a no brainer to accomplish. Its what I need to do afterwords that is the problem.

Kicking ass. Doing things through others (manager) rather than myself (individual contributor). Getting creative stuff back in life Prioritizing myself

I will definitely continue participating in The Great Cycle Challenge to help research a cure for childhood cancer. Also, I intend to look into disaster relief needs.. maybe go to Puerto Rico or another place that needs help. I will find something,

I would love to investigate my ancestry. My family's history has been a mystery to me in many way. I'd love a chance to learn more

Asher, Ruby, Joey, my writing, making more money, storytelling projects, photo project, public art projects?, reading, speaking, Long Beach Literary Arts Center.

In the coming year, I really need to think about what my lifelong goals are and what sort of career paths I may take to accomplish those goals. I've been struggling in the past few months with what sort of job I want to have, other than just a vague notion of something hands on with weekends off. I am paralyzed by fear that I might make the wrong choice. I need to do some soul searching.

I'm actually busy. I've been consulting since late March - two days a week. The pay is great, the work is pretty interesting (and not too difficult). I used to do this full time AND manage a program with direct reports....and now two days a week without the responsibility is quite enough, thank you. I don't know how I did it. Inertia? Habit? So - next year? I can keep on doing this - two days a week. Or I can boost it to forty hours a week for half the year, and then do something else...do I want to do that? Or will I let the money distract me from my overall goal of moving, travel, and building my final and last forever home? I had been planning (a few years back) to work to age 66 and then consult part time for a few years - the layoffs moved that timetable forward and now my question for myself is: do I want to consult part time for a few MORE years? Or do I want to call it quits at last, and retire while I can still make it up and down the stairs (which is a real question, because that's getting harder)? I don't have to decide right now - but it is definitely a topic to investigate in the coming year, for sure: what do I want to do with the rest of my life?

I haven’t mentioned yet how much my friends getting married, having babies and buying houses has had an impact on me. It was the perfect combination of the birth of Doppo and Clare’s son and Sam getting pregnant and watching her grow, that has now made me realize that having a baby isn’t so horrible. It’s still not something in my foreseeable future, but my heart feels full and happy when I think about their new families instead of the previous disgust I felt only a year ago. Even though I don’t want to get married, have a child or buy a house in the next year, I want to investigate my future in the coming year and try to figure out what I want that part of it to look like. Maybe I should just start by getting health and rental insurance.

I want to further explore my relationship with Wayne, with Kennedy and with county this year. If Wayne and I are going to be together forever then that means I’m going to be together with Kennedy forever and courtly for the next 15 years. With Wayne I want to have a more grounded sense of where we are going what we both want and expect from each other. We have a wonderful relationship now but I think by really laying out our feelings and expectations and dreams we can make it even better. With Kennedy, I want to find my role in her life. Will I always be Kaitlyn or will I be a step mom. Will I have a parenting role or a friends role in her life. What role does Wayne see me having in regard to Kennedy. I think she and I now have a good relationship but I hope it grows this next year and begins to feel more natural instead of nervous. And with courty, I don’t want a relationship with her but I recognize I will have to have one. I just want to stop having such hateful feelings towards her. Maybe not stop because I can’t change how I feel but learn how to neutralize them.

I would like to learn how to use a music notation software to allow me to redo choral and ensemble music scores for my choir and my recorder ensemble.

Last year it was Montessori and childhood education. I keep reading a lot, but it seems not enough, and I am not doing any of the homeschooling and Montessori that I have planned to. I feel like I am wasting my time, but I have been really unarganized and chaotic at home this year... My focus for the next year is Yuan's language acquisition. It is a long term project. And I want to apply myself and spend a lot of time nurturing Yuan's English and Polish, especially Polish right now, as it has gotten quite behind. And I want to create spaces for him to be able to develop his Japanese too. So complicated and time consuming! :o

Volunteer work with our elders. I get along pretty well with older people, and I think the ones I've spent time with also enjoy my company. I hope to find opportunity to, either through something like meals on wheels or something more mentally engaging, interact and bring human contact to people who may not be getting as much as they should.

I want to find some clarity about my relationship with God, and maybe more importantly, my relationship with Judaism.

I am interested to see how my views, emotions and patterns change in regard to society as a whole, and politics specifically.

I want to help Robert be successful in a classroom.

My wife. I want to keep exploring how to best be her best friend, greatest champion, and stalwart ally.

No. I just want to have one stable year. This would be the first stable year since I retired.

Self :D

1. homeless shelters 2. relational judaism 3. child development and how to create age-appropriate programming 4. Classic novels 5. neuro-psychology 6. Jewish camping and research on it 7. refugees and how we can advocate

Nope. Just focus on me and getting better. In time, yes. But I need to fix myself first.

I want to explore Judaism and my connection to it. I’m Jewish, but my family focused on the cultural, not the religious aspects. I enjoyed the sense of community and identification with my heritage, but I struggle with the practice of reciting jewish prayers in temple when i am not sure how i feel about the religious doctrine or beliefs. I have a spiritual practice, and I’m curious to discover if I want to incorporate Jewish spirituality into my life.

The Chai Center for Jewish communal experiences. Check back into the Chevra Kadisha.

I want to figure out how I can channel my anger, depression, and frustration at our current government into something positive and productive. Whether that is volunteering on a local level, or doing something with the midterm elections, I need to find a way to feel less hopeless and helpless.

I want to become more engaged in different communities. Along with my writing, I want to venture out and expose myself to new worlds. Get out of Marin and into the Bay Area -- Oakland, etc. I realize how much I love to engage with new people, new places. It's all right here. I also want to get out in nature more. Write in nature more.

I would like to understand the life of Frida Kahlo better. She was a person who dealt with enormous pain daily. She was a person who explored her sexuality, her ethnic identity, and the meaning of life and her creativity daily. Also, I would like to explore a Jewish philosophy of making the world a better place. We have always been the object of unbelievable violence. How does this make sense? How does this history make life worth living?

Not this year, but next year after I retire I’d like to become more politically active so that I can can support those who are being wronged, in my opinion, by this administration.

Solvency... I'd really like to look into that one and see what it's all about.

Yes. I want to investigate and pursue more fully my relationship with Great Spirit (G_D)

A few different musicians/music-related subject and other theories/concepts that I want to learn more about

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the inside of my eyelids. seriously how did I write about getting more sleep last year and not do anything about it.

Support an organization that promotes gun control!! Support environmental causes in whatever way I can. I recycle now as part of my daily life. Never throw away plastic, recycle paper and plastic mostly.

For a while, I have been interested in the history and process of how Ashkenazi Jews in the US "became" white. There are a number of books and articles that have been written on the topic, and I hope to read some of these in the coming year. Critical Race theory in general is essential to understanding our society, and I believe this is a too often overlooked component which is integral to my own life.

Watching the horrific events in Las Vegas makes me want to fight for rational gun control. It is an uphill battle in the US but it has to start somewhere. Right now the NRA is for legislation banning the device that converts regular guns to automatic weapons. One piece of this is informing people about why the 2018 election is so important and where we need to be effective with candidates against gerrymandering, for pot legalization nationwide and for sane gun control with a rational plan to eliminate guns in the US.

Also similar to last year - I want to keep exploring loving and being attracted to my now husband and explore more of my own sexual interests. We've also talked about trying to start a family within the next year or so, so some of the success of that is contingent on getting more comfortable with sex.

I need to investigate more opportunities to move further with my career. I have just finished my post-grad studies in Museum Studies, so it would be a wonderful goal to eventually work in this industry. It will require some time, it is not something I think I can just get a paid job in without volunteer or internship experience.

Vegetarianism. Practical, sustainable, vegetarianism.

No, I jut want to survive. I just want the world to make it through Trump without dying.

A dentist, Me, my Family, and everything :)

YES….. I want time for genealogy! This always gets put on the back burner. And I want to continue to feed my spiritual side. And I would like to tutor children again.

This is less of an investigation and more of a commitment: I want to contribute to a program that helps provide free meals and academic enrichment to low-income children during the summer. I also want to learn as much as possible about how we can design and implement policies that increase social mobility in America.

Myself, mental awareness, essential oils, healthy living.

I said this last year and got waylaid by school and moving, but I want to give back more. I've had incredible privilege, and I may not be able to give much financially, but I can and should give more of my time and talents towards causes and work I believe in. Yes, I do this professionally, but I want to branch out and get involved, volunteer in ways beyond my careers.

I would like to further understand the intersection between risk and social justice.

Myself as primary protagonist in this crazy rapidly changing world. What are my responsibilities? How can I best support and facilitate positive change and well being, both proximate and distal?

A new business I could join, or start up, that would give me a sense of security if I choose to retire early. Something that really excites me.