When September 2019 rolls around and you receive your answers to your 10Q questions, how do you think you'll feel? What do you think/hope might be different about your life and where you're at as a result of thinking about and answering these questions?

2018 has been an intense year of transition and of “getting back to myself.” I’ve been learning to trust myself, and value myself more. Reflect on what I’m willing to accept and what I’m willing to set a boundary on. Lots of changes! Should be damn interesting to see how it all unfolds in a year, because right now? Deep blue trust dive into intention-land!

I hope that I look at my answers and feel that I've made progress, that I've improved and that I am successful. I hope that I'll be further along in my career, feel more confident, and be more knowledgeable. I hope to have a baby on the way, which is a terrifying thought, but also something more concretely wished for with every day.

I hope that I’ll feel like I’ve accomplished what I wanted to this year and that my answers have shifted over the course of the year. I know I’ll be embarking on a new adventure (again) and I hope I’ll feel proud of the steps that led me to that adventure. I hope that I’ll feel like I’ve made progress forward and answering these questions will help me recognize the progress I’ve made to my goals.

Will be interesting to see if family status is the same, job status is the same and if we ever fix the bathroom lights or get a new car! I hope not too much is different and if it is then those changes are positive ones. I most of all hope that all are happy, healthy and well!

I guess I'd hope to find that I have improved in many areas. And that I have become more confident in my purpose for life.

I hope that I'll feel less sad and frustrated. This year has felt difficult, with Kristi moving and John starting school. And I've not seen much change personally and that's been disheartening. I feel stuck. Next year I want to feel like I have possibilities. Maybe that won't translate to a new job, but a new attitude.

I think I will feel very accomplished. I think I will have a successful business with my things to think about. I hope that I have finally cleared out the clutter. I really enjoy this self-reflection and look forward to 10Q every year.

Well I know that I will have a baby in the house. I hope I have figured out a long term job, and I hope that it is in or near New York City. I expect that I will be obsessed with my child but likely be very exhausted as well. Most of all I hope that I am content with my life and where it is taken me.

I hope to be in a committed relationship with someone who just wants to talk to me, sit with me, and kiss me for no reason.

September 2019 will not be just a new year but a chance to become the me that I love. I hope over the past year that I figure out at least two triggers with my moods and headaches. As well as lowering my BP. I also would like to have gotten out of the house for non-work/house related events. Make new friends or join a club of some type. Also go to the gym with mom.

I'm hoping I will continue to be inspired by the people around me and the work I'm involved in, and more in touch with my body, my soul/heart through deepening loving and supportive relationships, reconnecting to my roots and finding joy in how I spend my time.

I think I will be different in subtle ways. I think I will still know the girl who answered this questions and that makes me hopeful about me becoming more secure in who I am.

I will revise what has happened and remember the feeling of excitement and hope that the future is getting better every day. I want to feel stronger, keep finding myself and be aware that despite. not everything in like is Barbie Pink the challenge is to learn and become my best friend.

I hope we will be loving life as a family of three as much as we do now. I hope our daughter will be full of joy and confidence. I hope I'll be more relaxed as a mother and be enjoying the ordinary everydays. I hope we will be making plans to move closer to my parents and finding our forever family home.

Just as I experienced gratitude in seeing last years 10Q, I will experience profound gratitude for G-d's gifts of wisdom and fearlessness so that my gifts serve as an offering to healing of suffering in others. I love this 10Q process!! Thank all of you for making truly a spiritual process in the High Holy Days time of repentance and soul searching, recommitment to the sacred path.

I hope I will feel happy to read the answers I gave, and that I will have accomplished some of the goals I listed throughout the questions.

I hope that in September 2019 I'll be feeling confident with myself and my body. I hope I'll be fulfilled in my work and personal life. I hope these questions will serve as a reminder to me to stay centered and take care of myself.

I hope be able to look back, appreciate how overwhelmed I was by feelings in September 2018, and say "well, that was certainly a time." I hope I won't be as lost and overwhelmed by this time next year.

2018 was truly a year of introspection for me. I hope that when I read these answers in 2019, I'll think about how I've been able to put my thoughts, feelings, and plans into action.

How will I feel? I trust I will feel as if I stayed on the Path, that I was honest with myself, and others, that I filled my time with meaning, with truth and with a continually evolving understanding of love.

I'd like to have had a good academic year for my three girls and also to have spent time focusing on myself (health/exercise) and on my relationship with my husband.

I think this year will see big shifts for me. In about two months, my book gets published. It won't do a lot for me in the short-term, but as things get rolling, and people learn about it, I will be more on my path. I have been preparing for this inevitability for a while, and now it's almost upon me. I feel good about where I'm at and what I'm doing, like things are lining up.

I think that I will be very disappointed that I didn't answer most of the questions. That is how I felt this year about last year. However, if I'm still able to give the effort to think about these questions that have been posed me in the last week and a half, I think that maybe things will start to change just a little bit.

I hope that I'll have done the things I've said I'll do -- weight loss, making a change in my life to get out of my situation, being a better father, being more active -- but beyond those things, I imagine life will be much the same as it is now.

I hope to have a brand new life! This one currently sucks and I don't know what on earth I have done to deserve such bad karma. I am sincerely trying to spin a positive attitude but the SHIT IS DEEP these days. I'm tired of saying 2016-2017-2018-2019 will be a better year! OKAY I'm going to say 2019 is going to be a MARVELOUS and life changing and a GRAND year for me. When I read this answer I'm going to revel in how ASS KICKING and AWESOME 2019 is being for me.

I think I'll feel the typical sense of amazement at both how quickly the year has gone by, and how much was packed into that year. I think I'll recall moments from the past year that at one time I deemed particularly stressful, and I'll be able to look back on them more fondly by seeing the lessons or growth embedded within those moments (or I may be happy I made it through those moments if they actually were that tough). There'll be other moments I'll recall fondly and hear echoes of in my mind. And like each year, I'll be curious and eager to see what I wrote.

There are some aspects of my life that might be very different, based on veritable history of my life - exercise, housing, health (minor stuff) of myself of a loved one- and some aspects that will probably be the same. In some ways, I don't expect that my answers to questions involving fears, spiritual experiences, and inner processes will be resolved or much different, and I'm okay with that. I don't expect to be surprised by any answers, but I am open to being surprised! I have learned in life that the most salient things come from the unplanned and unexpected, so in that sense I will just live each day of the next year and be open to bewilderment, possibility, and FLOW. (This one's for my wife- these are only the first 10 of the many questions we will be answering this year! Mwah ha ha ;))

I'd like to be financially stable and dating someone.

I will be happy because my will is to do the 613 commandments of the Tora. I am truly seeking to change my behavior for the coming year, to become closer to God and my community, I must begin with how I speak and relate to each other.

I hope that I will feel physically robust, generous of spirit, well resourced, and reslilient. Answering these questions helps me to stay in touch with my many blessings and serves as a reminder to appreciate the abundance of my life. I would like to be attentive to my own desires and more confident in devoting time, money, and attention to my individual pursuits. I hope I can be more accepting of my natural limits (aging body and brain) and reduce my commitments to others without so much anxiety. This means trusting that my closest friends and my family will continue to thrive and the connections will stay strong and deep even if I am less available to help.

After getting back my answers for September 2018, I was stunned. My thoughts from the previous year have definitely been put into action. It has given me an all new perspective that intentions are powerful. Writing it down makes it tangible. And when I read it after a year, quantifying my actions over the past year, makes me hope that I'm not such a lost cause after all.I am a powerful being, a consciousness that is a million years old and with nothing to hold me back.

I hope I love my job, have a better work life balance, continue to be in a happy healthy relationship, and am more focused on self and community care.

I’m thinking that I’ll be be feeling well, healthy and still mobile and working out regularly. I’m hoping over the year my cancer will be markedly decreased if not completely gone. I’m sure Ill be in a good frame of mine and... who knows but next September we may have purchased that lakefront getaway home my wife has always wanted.

I’m hoping that I will be in a more positive place and will have tried new things to get myself unstuck. These questions have helped me to see where I have gotten grounded in the same ruts and ways of thinking each year, and so I have a new perspective on how to make changes in the year to come.

I hope I'll feel energetic, happy and fulfilled. I hope Tracey and I will be healthy. I hope my life will revolve around creativity and interesting music. Given some of the possibilities we're currently looking at, we could be in Chicago or The Netherlands, or who knows ? What I hope most is that my concentration is on gratitude and fully appreciating where I am at (where ever that is).

I think that I'll feel more comfortable with the life I'm living. I'll have more peace, more acceptance and more consistent joy. I hope that my renewed focus on spiritual growth will help me to be more grounded, and will open doors I never dreamed were possible. And while I hope that my dream of being reunited with my children will become a reality, I hope that my focus on bettering me will make me more resilient, regardless of that outcome. I have been given a second chance at life, and I plan on making the most of it.

I hope my romantic life is in a better place. I know that it is affecting all other aspects of my life right now but I cannot let this woman go. In a year I hope we have some solid ground as to what the future holds for us.

I hope I will be amused and inspired - I have been every year. This is such a wonderful annual tradition, and I enjoy it so much every time that it comes around. I'm so grateful for these snapshots of my life.

I hope I feel a little more settled. Sam, my acupuncturist, pointed out this year that, when she went over my file, we've spent years feeling like we didn't have a real home. I'm hoping this year we can change that, and finally have a *home*, rather than just a place we happen to keep our stuff. It's so hard when we live in a house that isn't really ours, full of someone else's stuff. But I really, really want to figure that out, and I hope that, when I look at this again next year, I can say that I managed at least that; that we finally do feel like we have a real home.

Grateful I survived such a dark year and another journey through the underworld. May HH 5780 find me a brighter blossom reaching for the sky.

I hope I'll be farther along the path I just started and feel more confident that I've made the right choice.

I hope I am not disappointed. I hope that even though it may hurt I have ended my relationship and have found the peace in me again. I hope that I look back and have no regrets with my choices or actions.

I have a lot of "meaning" in my life: a Big Love, a blended family, deep friendships, creative projects. Yet if I really pursue the thoughts of these 10 questions, I hope to have more clarity of purpose, and even more palpable meaning. Our time can come unexpectedly. When mine comes, I want to be sure I was awake and trying to be my best self. Not asleep, or trying to be someone else. Perhaps next year I will have an even better sense that my activities -- from cleaning toilets to writing poetry -- are a coherent and balanced expression of my self.

I hope I am feeling like I made the most of my year. I hope I am enjoying my life.

I'm not one for trying to plan my life too much since I've had too much disappointment in hoping for substantive change and feeling like I under-performed. I would like to be alive, I would like to be at least somewhat healthy, I would like to be employed. I hope to have some measure of happiness or at least contentedness, though I know not in what form.

In all practicality, I'll probably just be on the same old grind. It will be nice to look back at how I felt around our wedding date. Hopefully I won't have fiscal regrets, but I probably will. But also, hopefully I will have a decent job that I am not miserable in and be making money, etc. As I'm sitting here now, I'm feeling pretty content, so I hope that lasts, no matter what kind of mess I find myself in next year.

It will hurt. Reading what I wrote this year will hurt. But hopefully less than living the past year did. I hope.

“Do you want to be right, or do you want to be happy?” This is still a question I wrestle with regularly. I’ve gained some ground working with Kathryn in therapy this year, but I still have much progress that could be achieved. I hope that at this time next year, I’ll have a definitive answer for myself about whether I’d like a third child for our family, and if that answer is yes, I hope B will agree with me. I hope we’re in a good 2-kid routine, without too much daily stress, and I hope B and I are feeling really connected and in love with each other. I hope that I’ll remember some of the things I’ve thought about during this 10q session, and be able to put into better practice the traits and characteristics I want to see in myself.

OY. Can't say that 2017's #10 answer came true; it has been another hard, drama filled year. Now though I am working consciously to shift my response and attitude when drama and hard things arise. When I read this next year, I hope that I feel more settled into and accepting of myself as I approach the big 6-O!

I think I'll probably be disappointed. I've been searching for happiness for a quite a while and I'm not sure if I can continue that search over the next year or not. I do hope so though :) I'm guessing Mom will be gone by then, and I'll be really glad I took these months with her.

I think it will be interesting to see what I said the year before and hope that I am doing or have accomplished some of the things that I wanted.

I just hope I keep moving forward. Looking back to the previous years, I see that I started this at a very low point in my life, in 2014. And each year, my goal has been to progress, and I have. I'm so happy looking back and seeing the things I've accomplished over the past few years, not just externally, but internally as well. I hope I look back at my 2018 answers and see the progress from 2017, and feel that I've come even further. I hope that my son and I are still successful and comfortable. I hope we both have fulfilling personal and emotional lives. I hope that we grow in our independence, and I hope our family stays strong.

I enjoy this process, whatever the specific aspirations that end up not fulfilled. Reading the previous year’s answers are like having a drink with an old friend: you catch up, you laugh, you gasp, you forgive shortcomings, and give thanks for the time together. Self-improvement is overrated, self-awareness underrated. That is all.

I think I'll feel excited that I achieved what I set out to achieve, and happy that I did so. I think I'll be working as a life coach or at least about to graduate from the life coaching program. Like I said in 2017, I will hopefully feel that I have moved forward in my life in a positive way, and that I have grown in many ways and will continue to do so.

It's hard to know how I will feel. I hope that I have made some positive changes, that my relationships are healthy, that I'm happy with my life - in this case I think I will feel pleased. I hope that answering these questions has helped me to focus on the important things in life, and have some clarity moving forwards as to how to bring that into my everyday way of living.

A gift from myself Will make me smile And help me to reflect. I'll be glad to compare And strongly aware That there's still much to perfect.

I hope I create some lasting changes that support my vitality, well-being and my connections with my family.

I'm not sure... since this is my first time doing this, I don't really know what to expect. However, I do like revisiting old journals I wrote back when I had more time, so I think I'll find this interesting. I do hope that I've made some improvements but that I'm also being kinder to myself in this coming year.

I hope that I have progressed in my grieving process. I hope I am not quite so terribly sad. I hope Donald Trump has been impeached, too, but that is probably a vain wish...

I want to have pressed the restart button on life. I want to be more professionally fulfilled, having transitioned out of Quicken and into my dream of private practice. I want Rory to be successfully settled into his professional apprenticeship program. I want us all to be financially secure. And most importantly, I want to be one year into an amazing new life with Wolf. I love him so much and I want to be everything he deserves in a partner. I want us all to be happy.

I'm hoping to be a lot more positive, more fit & even happier than now. I've been meditating, exercising and eating right (currently vegan for a fitness quest). Perhaps I'll be making even more money!

I hope that I can mostly look back and say “yes, I lived that year authentically and boldly”. While there’ll surely be things I regret in hindsight I want to know that I tried my best.

I don't know. I am always slightly mortified and uncomfortable to read my prior year's responses. At this point, I am pretty happy with my life and how everything is going. I hope I get an easy year and that I am open to new possibilities and change and continue to work to realize my best self- however that is defined. I think I'll know it when I get there.

I want to look back at my answers and go "wow, I actually did it!" I want to look back at the past three years of answers and see a pattern of slowly getting better. I want to look forward to answering these questions because I'm so happy of what I've accomplished! Or at least feel a sense of satisfaction.

I think I will feel a moment of sadness, as I remember what could have been, the relationship I was in, how it destroyed me--almost fully--and how I hope to be in a much better place next year. I hope I will be in a healthy, loving relationship with a man who adores me and knows who he is and wants to share his life with me. I can be whole on my own, but I've forever and always wanted my person, and I hope and pray God will answer my prayers, much sooner than it took Hannah. God willing.

I hope I’ll feel a sense of completion and success. I hope I’ll feel good physically and spiritually. I hope I’ll weigh under 200 lbs. I can’t say I’m clear what 10Q has to do with my growth, but I can say it’s part of a larger reflective perspective.

I think I will see progress. I hope my family members will be securely situated. I hope I will be engaged in promoting my book, presenting and doing readings.

I think I will feel relieved to have gotten through 2018/19 well. Demo starts today on our house so that should be done. I hope we are celebrating progress for our family, Musana and work. I hope my work team is tighter, our family closer. I pray my walk with God is deeper, my marriage stronger. I pray for good health and much more joy and love in my life.

I hope I'll be able to look at the answers and be able to sincerely say that I did my best to be a good person.

I hope I'll be proud that I have started on the path to improvement in all those areas that currently challenge me. I hope to feel better and less anxious about what lies ahead.

I guess things have been on an upward trajectory for the past year, and I hope and expect that to continue. I've made new friends of late, I've been finding my sea legs at work (so to speak) and things at home have settled somewhat. And all along kids are thriving, so I'll just focus on keeping that going.

I think I will feel like I was incredibly blind, naive and arrogant. Or perhaps not kind enough to myself.

I feel like my answers are very myopic and very usual: I hope that certain flavors of anxiety have lessened, I hope that I've been promoted, I hope that I feel satisfied or comfortable with my romantic life, I hope that I have at least 10k in a fuckoff fund. I hope that I've found a way to engage with all of the big, gnarly problems in a way that feels meaningful. I don't know if that means volunteering, or donating more, or going to protests, or something else, but I want to be doing more than hiding under my blankets.

My life a year from now will look much different. My daughter will presumably no longer be living with us as she will likely be off at college and our business endeavor will have failed or succeeded by that point. I hope that no matter what unfolds over the next year I am able to handle it with grace, patience, and humility. I hope to remember to accept the things I cannot control.

Unfortunately, I think I'll be bummed out that I was feeling so down and negative at this time in 2018. Hopefully, I'll be in a much better place and be able to recognize that I've moved on from that unhappiness. O think I will be living in a different state, working a different job, visiting home more often, making more money, working harder. I think, when I see these answers, I'll be happier, even if I'm not fully happy, than I am now, recognizing that I was in a dark place and have moved on.

I think it will be nice to look back and see how much has changed (hopefully for the better) in a year's time. I hope to have advanced in a few different ways. I hope to have acquired a job where I am valued more, and hope to have more patience with my husband and kids.

Fantastic! I will either have been to New Mexico or getting ready to go. I will have received the call to come out and tape Jeopardy! I will be one year closer to full retirement. I will continue to thrive.

I'm hoping I'll be in a happier more contented place. Part of me hopes I'll be in a place of ease with Amber. Part of me hopes we might navigate back into partnership, and I'm nervous even admitting that. I guess I'm realizing that in preparing for the next stage of hard work, I'm letting that gentle vulnerable desiring part open up a little. I feel like I'm shifting in my relationship with power and boundaries, moving through hard deep work and and study and practice into a fiercer place. I've been working on many levels this past year, and thinking about + answering these questions has been helpful in recognizing the immensity and the shift that has already taken place. I hesitate to hope that it will manifest in positive economic change. I am uncertain how it will manifest in my day-to-day. I sense that how I relate to the world in the coming year will be different than in the past one.

I hope I'm in a better position to reflect and answer questions, because this year I feel too pulled in too many directions to focus. I don't like how it feels. I hope I have had time to be healthier, and I hope my husband and I have been more relaxed and "self" centered, so that we have more of ourselves to give in the coming years.

I think I'll think "same old, same old". Realistically, the house will still not be done. Perhaps some of the clutter be gone. Reducing the clutter might allow more of the voluminous "to do" list to be accomplished. I can still hope to take of my own health and the health (all aspects of others) despite all this. But I'll be pessimistic and enjoy the happy surprise.

I’m a pretty reflective person. I hope the positives are just as positive and that the worries about my family, our country and our world are diminished.

I hope that as a result of my husband's improved health, I will feel more in control of my own life and schedule. I hope that my excuse(s) will revert to having only myself to blame for anything I have failed to complete or areas where I have fallen short. I hope that answers to my questions will not include death or illness or other forms of loss. I realize that life is full of these things, more so as I age, but this year has had a plethora of events that have happened - not so much to me, but to those I love and care for, and thus have affected me. I hope I will be able to answer unambiguously when asked how I like being retired. Although officially I am now retired, my full time caretaker status is a constant obligation (although not all that onerous, it still factors into every day). I hope that I will be able to mark some improvements in my own progress towards the ever-elusive life balance.

I am hopeful that a year of distance brings less sadness. I hope that I am working towards bettering myself and those around me. I hope that I can feel peace in looking back and knowing that this was a very difficult time, and I hope that I can forgive myself for feeling a bit lost.

If G-d has allowed my soul to remain in my body at that time...I hope that I will feel pleased that I have been able to accomplish more than I thought I would. I hope that I will be at a point where I can view my mistakes and weaknesses with compassion instead of loathing. I hope that I will be more reflective and mindful of my thoughts.

Since I've been participating in this reflection process, some years I am surprised at what I wrote the previous year and some years I could almost say "Ditto". One thing that is always true: my personality is not one that naturally sets goals. Thus it's useful to have someone ask me what I hope for and what I intend to do about it. Next September I will be 66 with four more years left to work, if I can manage it. I think I will still be with the employer where I have spent the last 18 years, but my whole life has taught me to remain open to unexpected changes. C & S will be 73 and their health and activity and engagement with life has been marvelous so I can hope it continues. I always keep an open space in my heart should they (or either of them) make a life choice that includes me, since for so many years I have mourned living at such a distance from them. My desire is that I maintain my ability to think, to read, and to write, because I have always imagined that I would write and publish books. Thus far I have written -- several -- but not published. SJ has increasingly discovered that she is glad we are still in each other's lives and that is a blessing, especially since her mother left us last year. I thank God for the many caring, interesting, gracious people in my life and hope I will continue to expand my world of people to love and receive love from. Relationships are what makes life rich. They are all we take with us when we depart this realm.

I will feel excited for all my B'nai Israel congregants experiencing the 10Q vault opening for the first time, due to me discussing it in my Rosh HaShanah sermon last week. I will indubitably feel a deep recognition of my growth, as I will be approaching the halfway mark of rabbinical school (!). I hope I feel motivated to read all my past answers, in order to understand life retrospectively. I hope I feel I have allowed my spirit to wander and doubt and dive and soar during these ten days of Teshuva, yet return to a sense of calm once they complete. Right now I feel myself crawling back to my stability, as these Days of Awe have been quite a journey for me, in the most beautiful way. Thank you, 10Q, for being a yearly excuse for mindful reflectiveness.

I think I will find these answers to be a bit less naive than my first answers. They will be more in depth. Hopefully, I won't be floundering as much life-wise as I am now. I am hoping to find more of a purpose in life than where I am currently, more connection, more participation. These are things only I can change, so I am hoping that I will find the strength and the desire to do so.

I hope I can look back and chuckle. I hope I can feel a small difference, that something will come of the pain of growing. I hope I'll have both narrowed and expanded my focus on where I'd like to be, personally, professionally, and spiritually. I hope optimism continues to shine.

I had my first counselling session of the year today. I hope September 2019 will find me happy and living my best life.

Unfortunately, I expect I will have many of the same concerns next year as this year. As my therapist once said to me (in what I thought of as an unaccustomed moment of snark), "Continue complaining next week?" What I hope for myself is more happiness with my active choices about how to live my life and freedom from self-imposed constraints related to my anxiety and old habits.

Hope I'll feel like I'm (a bit closer to) just sweating the big stuff: to spending time mostly on the people who matter in my life, and on those parts of my work that are just mine to do.

I know that in comparing last year to this year's answers, I have a lot to work on. Relationship, career, financially, personally. I was quite pleased with my answers last year==wish I could say the same for this year. It's been a rough go with stuff and I have felt down trodden. I am glad to say that my family is healthy, my fiancé and I are in a decent place and I look forward to our future together. Just need to get over some personal hurdles and make each day count. I am hoping that next year I will have better answers!

I can't even begin to wager a guess. I hope that these answers will make me feel like I've gotten someplace over the last year. Like, I'm not in that great a place right now and I'm hoping that when I read these answers I feel sad for my 2018 self and feel good about the progress that I've made. Here's hoping. I have never been good at the "Where do you see yourself in..." questions. I am not sure of where I'll be in a month, much less a year ...

I hope I feel different than feeling that another year was wasted.

I hope I will feel that all this hard graft has been worth it. That I will be in a position to feel successful in my own business. Mostly that I will feel joy and gratitude about where my life is and where it is heading.

I am so much better than last year thank G d. Hope we will still be improving.

I hope that I'll feel proud of myself for wading into the difficult truths about myself and trying to do better. Even if I don't accomplish as much as I hope I will, bravely trying to do this is an accomplishment. I hope, though, that I'll be able to look back on this fall as the time that I started finally listening to myself and overcoming my fears and self-loathing to take better care of myself and allow myself and my gifts to flourish.

HA, right now I bet I'll think "I haven't changed", "My issues will be my issues will be my issues forever". Feeling particularly glum these past couple weeks so hoping I can shake that off. This time next year I may very well be in a new city, with a new job. I'd just like to tell myself "You are enough. Know that deep in your bones." Hard to not feel less than in some of the environments I'm thrown in, when truly I am my own star.

So much is in the air right now. I hope that I am still at the job I'm currently working at--I hope I get offered a full-time job because I'm on contract right now. If not, I'm diving deep into acting and writing when this contract ends. So I'll be working either way. I hope to feel as healthy as I do now. I need a mental push to stick to my creative goals sometimes. And putting those goals into writing has eased a mental burden immensely.

I will likely have forgotten by then, PTSD does that to me...some things I can remember in detail, other stuff it's like, "Oh, yeah....that, uhm...what did I write?" LOL! So, it will be interesting, like it was this year, to see what I wrote and what has changed and what has not. It is a great measurement of myself and my personal growth (or stagnation!) in life and recovery. I am hoping I grow...I want to be better than I am, better than the person I was yesterday...smarter (when possible), stronger (as much as possible) and kinder (which I know is possible!) I hope I will give myself grace where I will, likely, fall short in some areas I hope to change in. And I hope I savor the victories of the things I've grown and accomplished by then. And, I hope I will do them again for as long as I can.

I think I'm going to look back with a sense of nostalgia and be very happy with how the next 365 days go! You got this future Stephen, the time is now to go and crush life!

The same as last year. Although I'm pretty sure I won't be around. What happens to these after we're gone?

I think I will be very reflective. I'm interested to see how parenthood turns out, especially because I will answer these question when the babes is about 5 months old so I will be in the thick of the going back to work, balancing being a working parent, wife, and friend. I hope I would have found peace with being a parent and have developed enough compassion and grace for myself as a mom. I hear all sorts of things but know I truly won't know until that baby is put on my chest. While I don't know, I am so excited and finally starting to enjoy this pregnancy journey. It is crazy how much my body is changing but I know more changes will happen so i hope I can embrace all of these changes with love and acceptance.

I think I will be more grateful and mindful, and the process will help me evolve my consciousness

I'm looking back at the questions for last year, and I'm surprised by how depressed I seemed to be, and how much more positive I am this year. So I hope that's a trend. Hope next year is better.

Resigned, and also soothed. Nothing will have improved. Nothing will have worsened. Life goes on.

Hopefully I'll feel that progress has been made in achieving my goals in every aspect of my life. I think I'll feel how much everything changes, and that this year in particular has brought a lot of change. The main thing this year's 10Q pointed out to me was that I have common themes that I continue to struggle with, including prioritizing my own rest/relaxation/rejuvination/health, so I hope that this year's questions will help remind me and motivate me to continue to create positive change in that area.

I would like to feel more stabilized both at home and at work. There has been so much change this past year it has been dizzying. I have often felt overwhelmed and not sure what next step to take. I'd like to get back to being confident and having clarity of vision.

Same answer as last year. Notice your blessings, let life evolve. From one season to another. Most of all, I love you.

I’ll probably look back at my answers about motherhood and will be totally wrong. I hope I have more clarity and patience.

I think and hope I'll feel more at peace. I hope to smile when I look in the mirror. I hope to have grown in my work and my personal lives.

When I read my answers this year, I was surprised and how honest I was. I tried to be so again this year and to take the time to answer all of the questions. I hope that I have shown the optimism yet realism that I am experiencing at this moment. Some parts of my life are quite challenging at the moment, like my mother in law living with me, wanting a new job, but not sure if now is the time to take on a new stressor, the stages my kids are in, the state of the world. I have enjoyed this exercise of reflection and anticipation.

I hope it's all different. I hope I'm different, a better version of myself. I hope to be in a grounded, loving relationship. And if I'm not, I hope to be ok with that. I hope to have a solid draft of my screenplay, ready to be handed to Mary, Kiel, Jesse or someone of that stature. Or even ready to be sent out into the world to be made. I hope to be more solid in my skin, creative, funny, fun, loving, open, aware...WOKE!

Ha, I hope I'll feel glad I remembered to actually answer them this year! And that I'll feel inspired to answer them again. This is a helpful exercise for sure. I also hope that I'm feeling more comfortable in my life and in my own skin, regardless of the change that has or hasn't happened externally (ie: whether I look the same or not, whether I have a full-time job or not, whether I've started to date anyone or not). I hope I am compassionate to present-day me.

hopefully I will have completed all of the questions not blown them off like I usually do when I sign up for things Hoping, praying I will be skinnier, hoping I will have found the motivation to put my health first wondering If I will be closer to retiring?

My hope is that by September 2019 I will either be happily enrolled in Rabbinical School or happily employed someplace where my contribution is appreciated and amplified.

I think I will only be able to judge that in one year. There are goals, and distractions. Preferably I will make the best of both to have the kind of year that is satisfying and fulfilling and that I will recognize that in 2019.

Every day of my life I contemplate questions bigger, deeper, more meaningful than these 10. I can’t imagine that anything I’ve said here will be even a little surprising. Still I do it, even though I’m bored with the same 10 questions year after year. Probably because chronic illness keeps me bedridden so much.

I want to make sure that I am regularly volunteering for a cause--right now I give to so many different little orgs and I just feel like I don't have a focus or am making a difference. I also hope I will better be able to manage my anxiety at work, maybe have come up with a few coping exercises by then.

I’ll probably feel like I’ve made no change/improvement at all. And I probably won’t have. These questions are bigger than a single year of mindfulness can answer. All I can promise is a serious attempt at awareness.

I suspect it will still be crazy and hectic, as the previous years. I think I will be relieved that the Bat Mitzvah prep year is over. Otherwise, I don't foresee much changing, although life is full of surprises. This hectic pattern will probably not change until the twins are out of high school. It is just around the corner, but kind of surreal at the same time. I can't even fathom a quieter household and less running around at this point!

I am fairly sure that I will be a bit sad that I am not very reflective. I have always been more of a Martha than a Mary and that seems to be true for not just doing things but also how I approach life. I don't generally ponder big issues if small ones didn't lead me to the bigger ones. Old dogs can learn new tricks a lot of the time, but some things are harder than others and if you don't feel the essential necessity it is even harder.

I'm looking forward to celebrating my year with Northwest Institute on Intimacy and becoming a full-time employee. I have good relationships in the beginning stages I hope will have blossomed into close companionships.

I worry that I will be frustrated with myself for not holding to all of the goals I set for myself. I found myself hesitating to make certain statements in my answers for fear that they would be a disappointment next year. However, maybe I have been thinking about this wrong and should be more ambitious and use these as a nudge.

I am very hopeful that this will be a year of action, so I assume I will be looking back at my answers with gratification in that many current projects around the house will be done. I hope that family life will feel calmer and less stressful, with more mindful traditions/routines established.

I am going to feel better than I did this year because I'm making a daily effort to be more mindful, exercise more, eat better, and lead a happier, more purposeful life.

I think I'll feel very optimistic. This past year has felt like a voo-doo year, lots of challenges. I expect this next year to be better, it has to be.

I believe I will feel FANTASTIC. I love how committed I was to completing this round of 10q.. of answering without overthinking it too much and with trusting myself that each would be the relevant answer for this space and time I'm at currently. I will be documenting these to allow myself to have some checkins through out the year on them and to make sure these intentions will have the best opportunity to come to life and flourish. I'm excited! This feels like a powerful way to reflect honour and refocus. 10q is such a great idea and I'm a little bit surprised that this is available and it doesn't seem like the founders created it for a business model but simply for the benefit of people like me capturing a moment in time. Love it !

I think I’ll feel nostalgic for when my son was an infant I hope I’ll frequently make time to reflect on life over this coming year.

I hope that I am at least as active and healthy as I am now, and even more so. I realize that I am miles away from where I was before(in good ways). I am grateful for all the wonderful events that have happened through my life, especially my husband, kids, and grandkids. I didn’t realize I want to play drums again but that came up on a 10Q question!

As this has been a challenge week for me with my father's death, I hope over the next year I get to spend more quality time with my mom as she is aging. I also hope that I manage to grow my company to be able to take care of my family. Most importantly I hope to see my children grow and flourish in their own unique ways.

I hope that when I read my answers next year, I will be able to see how much I have grown as a leader and manager. I hope that I have brought 50/50 Leadership and its financial literacy program to a place of success and expansion and that it has been my openness and willingness to collaborate and delegate and listen to HP for guidance that has driven it all.

Knowing myself, I probably won't change much in the coming year. I imagine that my answes next year will be similar. I hope that I can continue investing in my self-improvement instead of feeling bad about any lack of progress. If I have one hope, it's to have a greater sense of purpose by this time next year. And also: this year, I've really worked on managing my expectations. But I hope by this time NEXT year, I've started giving myself permission to dream big again.

I hope I will be settled in a new life and managing it well. I hope I am able to be relaxed and confident in the future. I hope to have a good balance.

I hope my life turns out happy with the changes i ´ve done. Or that i have tried too very hard. Hope to live in another house with a garden, have a new boyfriend that brings up a new me or the best in myself and drive safely my car. Thinking about this keeps me focused on my goals and in all the best i want and need for my life.

I hope that, by the time I read this next year, there will be a baby in our lives, or one about to come. And I will look back and realize how different things can be in such a short period of time.

I hope I'll weigh less. I hope I'll be more independent and less lonely. I hope I'll have clarity and luxury. I hope I'll feel less tied to my computer.

I hope that I have the clarity, strength and focus to set and achieve my own personal goals. It has been too long that I have allowed my path to be defined by those I love. Instead of jumping to say yes and forgetting or losing track of a personal goal, I hope to consistently integrate my feelings and needs into my reactions and actions. By becoming more true to myself, I hope to gain a sense of fulfillment and have more energy and light to shine to the world.

First of all, I hope September 2019 rolls around. I think that I might feel discouraged because I haven't changed that much. I hope that answering these questions helps me to keep reflecting and assessing my life during the year. I hope that I can set my daily priorities according to my deeply felt ideas about how I really want to live.

This one feels pretty different than last year. I believe/hope there is a decently high chance I am reading it from somewhere new--whether it's Europe, South America, or someplace in the mountains. I think I will feel full---in a way unique from the fullness of the past 6 or so years. I think I will feel very much in touch with my inner being and the light and shadows that exist within this form of a body. More than anything, I think I will feel a lot---a lot of gratitude, a lot of joy, and a lot of sadness where it serves me and my journey. And, if I am still running Daymaker and living in NYC, I hope I find all of those things in that experience. I know I will if I am still doing that. I cannot WAIT to see what things are pushing me and what I am presently working through. If this next year is anything like the last in terms of magnitude and expansiveness, goodness, I am excited. And if it's different, so be it in all the best ways.

I hope I am a long way along my path to live at peace with myself and in harmony with others. I hope I am engaged in something I enjoy but which is not making me stressed. I think my life will be in a gentle cycle where I dont give more than I can give freely but that people around me know they are loved and supported.

Im hoping to be in a better state of mind. I want to be responsible and happy, not responsible and miserable - from the book Boundaries.

I'm scared I will be disappointed in myself. What I hope for is that I will have lived up to my goals and dreams. But fear and hope are simply two sides of the same coin that I do not want to spend. Instead, I will say my intentions here: I will further along in my goals and happier in my life than I can even now imagine. I will be GLORIOUS.

I really have no idea about that. If you told me a year ago where I would be now, I am pretty sure I would have told you you're crazy. My life seems to be in fast-forward right now.

I hope I look back on my answers and feel happy. I hope I smile and feel proud of myself for accomplishing the goals I laid out instead of looking back and thinking, “oops, well, maybe this year.”

I always feel a little embarrassed looking back at what my younger self wrote, especially when I try to be earnest; but I'm hoping I'll read these answers and think to myself "I'm so glad I fixed that!" and "Life is so much better now!"

Well, I think 10Q might be inflating its own importance a little, but I hope that I look back on my feelings of doom and gloom with a sense that they were unnecessary. I hope that the future is bright, or at least, that I learn to more fully enjoy the present and what it has to give. Even though I am currently working both too much and not enough, I am lucky to have these jobs and be able to stay in my charming apartment. I'm lucky to have a sweet, devoted husband and a supportive family. I'm lucky to still be healthy and trim and my brain still works, more or less. Perhaps I am learning to count my blessings.

I hope that I am as content and happy and at peace in my chosen life as I am right now.

I hope that I will continue to live in a space of professional satisfaction and self affirmation. I hope that when I read these responses I see an acceptance and contentedness that will resonate. I hope that I will continue to be inspired by past dedication to self-improvement and growth in a way that I carry forward.

I hope I'll feel hopeful and like I've reached multiple resolutions for things that have been bothering me. I hope I am more patient and spiritual. I hope I've been able to be more true to myself and my desires.

When September 2019 rolls around and I receive the answers from 2018, I hope that I will have accomplished at least 50% of the growth/goal questions. I hope that I will be more centered, and at peace and off toward a peaceful retirement in 10 years. Hopefully I will feel really good about the trajectory and revisiting where I’ve come from since 2018.

I hope this year's answers feel familiar and distant, simultaneously. I don't expect transformational change. Still, I hope to feel the retrospective wisdom of seeing things in hindsight. Today, I am eager as always to access the wisdom of my future self. Next year, I don't even know who will be reading these words and find that the most thrilling aspect of this whole exercise.

I think I will look back at this time in my life as a real transition moment and feel more confident about my place in the world. I hope that I’ll be a more confident person generally and that I’ll have a better idea of what the future holds for me.

I'm hoping that I'm generally happier and working towards my larger goals. I know I'll be grateful for the year, and for what I've learned over the past two years, but I think I'll also be grateful for a new season of life. I hope that I've found something I'm excited to wake up early for and stay up late for, and something that doesn't give me anxiety every day.

I hope to feel some accomplishment because of progress made on issues I want to address. Looking at last year's answers has shown me that I have made some important progress with my cooking skills and reading, but social anxiety and fostering closer relationships is sporadic and appears with regularity year in and year out as an ongoing goal. I hope to feel good about midterm elections and a Lakers playoff run!

10Q has become an essential part of my High Holidays. It helps me to reflect and think one more time a out the year gone and the year to come. As I embrace each time of the year, the seasons, the holidays and joys, I embrace the possibility to meet me one year younger me from last year and deal with me and myself.

I am so aware of my own problems with superstition right now! Don't tempt the evil eye! or the mischievous Greek gods! What I'd LIKE to think is that I'll be in a FREAKING AWESOME space, still employed at a job I love, a workplace that has pulled itself out of troubled times, with a kid starting college and another happy at high school, a loving boyfriend, a home with a renovated bathroom and a lovely little patio area for sitting in my backyard that I've been enjoying all summer, an amiable relationship with my ex husband, a brother who has picked himself up and found himself a job and apartment, parents who are healthy and happy . . . in my personal life, I guess I don't want things to be "different" as much as the same but on an upswing. For my world, I want to see DRASTIC CHANGE: I'd like to believe that we impeached T and are heading into a progressive era in our country where we can reestablish everything he and his party dismantled, that we have stronger anti-poaching laws across the world, that climate change is taken seriously, that the Myanmar Buddhists are held accountable for their violence, that Muslims feel safe in the US again . . . I could go on and on and on!

I am hoping that I will be able to look back at the rest of 2018 and 2019 with a feeling of peaceful acceptance no matter what has happened or not happened. I hope that I'll be more able to see whatever I do or choose to do as "practice" and be less likely to berate myself for "not doing practices." I would like to feel full, alive, hopeful, peaceful and accepting.

I hope I will have done something outside my comfort zone, as that will signal growth & change.

I hope it will help me reflect upon the fundamental question, "in the last year, how have I been changed by the world around me, and what about me has not changed?"

Because my cancer scare is so recent it has been the focus of my responses. In a year I imagine that I will feel fabulous, like I felt before this 4-month tumor scare.

I will be me with my scientific mind, comparing the evolution, making prediction on growth and behavior on myself. Hopefully, I'll be less thinking of fixing myself, and more of enjoying life

I hope I'll feel like these answers are a distant memory, that I'll be able to look back with perspective. I'm terrified that I'll be in the same place, feeling the same way, locked in an eternal cycle.

I think I'll think I was really deep into a specific moment of my life, maybe not seeing the forest for the trees, maybe worked up about some stuff that didn't happen or didn't matter long term. I hope I'm a little chiller and a little kinder, and I hope I've made decisions that set me up to do so. I love you, future Abbey. Thank you for taking care of me. Thank you for taking care of you.

I hope that next year I can gain acceptance of myself, whether or not I learn my purpose. I hope my studies in spirituality give me the support I need to live without being in constant search of a purpose.

as much as my answers this year (2018) seem obvious and permanent, i suspect that i will be surprised when i read them in 2019. i expect they will be a snapshot into this particular moment in time, with my current doubt, fear and struggles. i hope that next year, when i look back, i will have compassion for the writer. i also hope she will be a bit foreign to me. i know i will always have challenges (i wouldn’t wish it any other way). but i hope this year’s particular despair, hopelessness, and sense of loss will have subsided or evolved. i hope that i will look back with the strength, warmth and gratitude that is earned by surviving.

I hope that my daughter and her husband will have moved farther toward self-sufficiency. More importantly, I expect to feel more serene and accepting of what I cannot change because I will have taken action on what I *can* change. I hope to feel happy that finally I achieved the goals I have listed year after year. I am tired of seeing the same goals; I am embarrassed that I haven't taken the initiative to "just do it." I am encouraged that because I am now retired, I do have the time (without the excuse of work); the time is mine to allot to my choice of activities. I will put my money where only my mouth has been all these years. I am grateful for 10Q confronting me with my inertia when all the other To Do lists are easy to lose, hide, erase, or throw away. 10Q puts them out there again, and I have to deal with them. Thank you.

Well, it depends on how the year goes. My expectation is that not much will have changed--which is actually good. I hope that I will have lost some weight. I hope that I have written some stories. The rest of my world goes well. I hope that politics will have swung back the way I want. It would be lovely if the Democrats took back Congress. However, that is so beyond my control. Living in a fairly consistently blue state means that We can't really affect the national scene. Life is good. Moments of joy, beauty, and grace are what make it worthwhile. I remember the feather in Forrest Gump and understand that we are buffeted by forces that are often random. I can strive to tidy and polish the space of my life. I can build beauty and goodness in the corners of my tunnels in the winds of the universe, set the grains of sand just so to help the others that traverse or also occupy my burrows. What I do or do not do matters, not to the grand scheme of things, but in the tangled strands of my life and those of the people, the beings around me.

I hope I'm both more relaxed about productivity issues (or NON-productivity) and yet less unfocused and more productive at the same time. I hope I can have more fun with my pursuits rather than beginning to feel them as "to-dos."

Hopefully satisfied that I've made some progress! Surprised by how perceptive I sounded sometimes. Undoubtedly more pleased with my current state of affairs, and sure that I could never have imagined what has arisen in my life since then.

When I read these answers, I think I'll feel excited about my next steps, hopefully as a mom. I'll be reflecting on a productive year of professional growth, personal betterment, and focus on my existing relationships, and will be preparing to take the next steps in building our family.

I think I will feel relieved because I will be working much closer to home (hopefully) and I will look forward to my four-week paid sabbatical in December 2019. What I hope to be different about my life: 1) Much shorter work commute 2) More time for vacations 3) Greater work/life balance

In the win column. If one year from now I am reading my answers, so much will have changed, but I will be there: reading my answers.

I hope I feel PROGRESS. Maybe I will laugh at what I was taking seriously in those moments. I hope that my marriage is so much stronger. I hope I can anticipate, recognize, and fully feel moments of joy. And I hope to be ready to practice more and try some things again.

As our upcoming mid-term elections approach, I can see and feel the sea-change that is coming. Progressive candidates, a majority of them, women-diverse women are winning primaries. The majority of the American populace is fed up with the fraudulent president and the corporate owned, gangster financed, republican party. I think it will be very different after the mid-terms, we will see. We the people are tired of elected puppets who sell us out to corporate bosses. Young people will be voting for change-progressive change. I hope that the constitutional crisis we are currently experiencing will have been resolved and that those corrupted by greed have been brought to justice, voted out at the least, left by the wayside of this dark period. I also hope that along with this detritis rising to the surface and being swept out, that the cleansing of my body that I have undertaken with the assistance of my integrative physician, will continue to lighten and open me out. That the renewed energy and shedding I am experiencing reveals a self unfettered by childhood trauma and the limitations that have resulted from that trauma. As on the outside, so on the inside. All of us must change in order to curtail climate change and extinction of peoples, animals, and wildlands. We must all learn to live with less and more equitably share resources. I am hopeful as I reap the rewards of caring for my body by attuning and listening to her--just as we collectively need to attune and listen to the very nature of all things. She is sending us messages of distress. I hope we will heed her cries. I know I have.

I hope I’ve moved forward on my Bucket List. I hope I’ve given a year of good service to our Temple. I hope I’ve been of service to the world.

I think it will be so fun to get my answers next September. I hope I feel satisfied that I achieved my goals or at least strived to achieve them. I hope I’ll have more clarity and know more of what I want in life. I hope I’ll be more prepared to answer these questions better next year.

I hope I feel that I have grown even more in a year. And I hope I find myself even happier where I am than now. I hope I am working full time in the Jewish world next year. I hope next year I am even more fulfilled after reading my answers to these questions.

I sincerely hope that my life will be better, my spiritual walk will be more fulfilling, my marriage to continue to be rewarding and my relationships to enrich my life.

I will feel happy that my little one is almost 2! I hope he will be walking, giggling, and even smarter!

I expect I'll feel much the same as I did this year. Somewhat introspective, and a bit amused. So... I'd like to be more settled in both location and career, but those things remain to be seen, so I try not to be too attached to a specific outcome for this coming trip around the sun. Shana Tova, y'all!

Hopefully, I will be relieved and not disappointed that I still feel financially strapped, emotionally exhausted, personally isolated and professionally frustrated and despairing. I wold like to feel engaged with a life that is fun, intellectually stimulating, professionally rewarding and in personal relationships that are nurturing. I hope I can smile because unexpected, wonderful turns came my way and I had the courage to take off in ways I could not have anticipated. The commitment to write down can be a commitment to the heart and soul. Commit to courage .

I hope to have increased wisdom, and have experienced lots of P.I.E.!

I think it will be bittersweet. I started this exercise in the throws of fun dating with Brent and contemplating Bruce. In the middle of it Brent broke up with me and Bruce is always a challenge. I feel both blessed and stressed with uncertainty. My life is wide open with so many possibilities which is an awesome place to be but ... I love a plan.

I will probably be surprised by something that God has planned for me unbeknownst to me. Is that a word or did I make that up?

I hope I have a completely new energy by then. A positive and passionate drive over me. I hope to be in my next phase of my life in a new career change by 2019.

I hope I will feel that I've moved forward, as I feel that I've been very stagnant in the past year. I'm hopeful about the future, as I just got a job - today! After retiring on disability in 2001, I haven't worked. I finally feel able to work part-time and have landed a job that I'm hopeful will match my abilities and make a difference in my financial situation so I don't feel like a damn pauper. Answering these questions this year was rather depressing because it made me realize that not much had changed in my life in the past year. I don't want to feel this way again next year, so I think this year's questions have been a wake-up call. I'm determined to make headway in the coming year.

Glad to be ALIVE! Hopefully I will be living a more mindful life, able to better deal with stress and much more active if I stick to my answers!

I hope I’ll be better.

Hopefully I'll look back and remember that this was a difficult time in my life that has passed. Unlike in years past when nothing much had changed between rounds of 10Q, I hope this year brings big and exciting changes.

I'm going to laugh at myself at the idea that I had doubts about where I wanted to go. I want to look back and not recognize the person who wrote this. I want to be proud of the continued progress I've made, excited about the idea that the person today won't be recognizable to the person I become a year from then.

In September 2019 I hope I will be healthier physically and emotionally. I hope to have lowered my blood pressure and my blood sugars and I hope to be in better heart health overall. I also hope that through a year of masters studies I will have gained insight into my life cycle and be a kinder and more gentle person in general. I wasn't particularly inspired by these 10 questions, but I do hope that when I read them in year that the answers will be provocative and meaningful. I am, therefore, withholding judgment on this kol nidre.

I hope that I am content with how things are going. I'd like to be starting a Masters Degree, and hopefully in a new apartment. I would like to feel like more of an adult. I still want next year to be better than this year, especially because this year was better than last.

I hope I'll be entering my senior year with a better grasp on myself - who I am, what I want to do after graduation, how I'm going to get there, what self care looks like for me, etc. I hope I'll have really made an effort to do the things I want to do in addition to the things I need to do, and will have come a lot farther down the path of healing from last March than I am now.

As I indulge in the pleasure of thinking of myself, my life, my past and my desires pretty frequently and honestly, I think I'll only feel amusement peppered with criticism at some later perceived inauthenticity of something or other I expressed. I suppose my main gain in answering these questions is remembering how much I delight in writing about myself to an imaginary audience.

I think I'll laugh at my old fears and be grateful that I've come a distance from them. I think I'll also be glad that I met my goals and they led me to new ones. I'm hoping I've taken more courageous steps to change my life for the better and that I'm enjoying a higher standard of living than I have now. I once prayed for beauty to enter my life and that prayer was fulfilled. I'm praying now for the perfect life companion (and I don't mean a dog!)

I think I'll read my answers as cheesy and I may feel way less accomplished than I would hope to be.

I think I will feel that I was ready for something great to happen and just waiting, anxiously, worrying about when or that it won't. I have so much going for me. I want to find love. I hope that by this time next year, maybe I will have found it and will feel resolved in that area of my life.

I would imagine I will feel similar to this year, in that I don't anticipate any major life changes and will go into the next year trying to be a more mindful and patient and peaceful mother, wife, and person. I'm not aiming crazy high for next year, other than praying I can find peace with my life as it is instead of wishing I were doing something more "noteworthy" with myself.

I don't know. A lot of these questions I have had for a long time. I think that I will print them out and focus on them and see what I can accomplish.

Since I always thought was not smart, I might rejoice that I know the answers to so many questions.

I will be more self confident , I will have a strong shield from people opinion, I will be content with my body. I will appreciate my life even more.

For September 2019, I'd like to think that I've taken steps to make changes in my life based on this period of reflection. Especially in the areas of emotional and spiritual connection, along with feeding my musical soul.

Oh, I so profoundly hope that I read the answers and think to myself, "Self, you have come a long way. Good for you for having overcome of these challenges, which have troubled you for so long!" I look forward to living in a transformed life. Not that the players and set will be dramatically different, unless of course they are, but that my experience of living in my life will be different: fuller, deeper, richer, more relaxed. Then we shall see what the tone of the next transformation shall be. I look forward to it.

On the one hand, I feel like I grew a lot since September 2017 and am looking back in September 2018 as having learned about myself and adjusted my own behaviors with greater progress. On the other hand, I also feel like what I've learned about myself has set myself back a bit--both personally and professionally. There's been some retreat into looking at myself relative to reality in some childlike manner. I would hope that I'm able to look back at me looking back at the past year and hope that 5779 marked not just discovery, but also actual growth. That I'll be able to recognize my own successes in my relationships and in my work and feel a sense of maturity. I'm hoping in a year from now, I won't just be reflecting on PDD-NOS as the main thing I'm grappling with for growth, but that I'll be moving beyond that in my growth. Or, maybe I'm asking too much of my September 2019 self.

I think I'll feel hopeful about some things (things that I've learned or improved upon) and a bit dejected when I realize that I didn't accomplish everything I set out to do.

My 10Q answers will hopefully help me stay focused on what matters most to me in life so I can maximize the good, live happily in the moment and cherish the people I love. In general though, I will be thrilled if my life is exactly the same in a year. I am truly blessed!

I look forward to reading them one form now. I hope that I will look at my answers and remember the joy and anticipation that I had when I wrote them. I often felt too busy and anxious that I often could not find more than a few minutes to think about Judaism and my path of conversion. Everything has conspired to shape the "me" that will be reading this a year from now.

I hope I will have saved my home and be making some money. If I get there, I’ll be satisfied. If I’m also able to make some changes based on these reflections, it will be gravy, and I will be happy, not just relieved.

It's always interesting. Life evolves in a way we can't predict. So things will be different next year. I'll be curious to see if my roommate has solved any of her seemingly unsolvable, serious problems. Did I even mention in these questions that I have become caught up in the whirlwind that is her?

I hope to be wholly dependent upon God, and gracious and loving even to those who hurt me.

I have been glad to read my responses to these questions each year for the last 4 and anticipate being surprised, pleased, sad and confused next year, same as every year! So much happens that I forget what I wrote , every year!

I don't know, honestly. I didn't do 10Q before this, but I do know where I was this time last year and I feel like I haven't changed much. I'd like to think increased reflection sets me up for positive change, but reflection isn't necessarily actionable. I am just tired of feeling the way I do currently and have no desire to repeat this year again. I just want a sense of fulfillment from my life.

I want to feel that I moved past all the uncertainties and doubts that I am having now. I hope to have moved forward over the year and accomplished some of the objectives these reflections helped me identify. I want to feel I am at a good place in my life and have had a productive, healthy and healing year.

I think I will be just about where I am now: regretful of opportunities missed, remorseful of transgressions made, and sorry for the little progress I made. And maybe a bit satisfied of things I've done well.

I feel like I'm going to be proud of this, at least I hope so. This is the first time in my life that I have the feeling of having a goal even if it is a very modest goal. It's a brand new sensation. Without this feeling, I would never have been able to answer these questions... They would have literally terrified me. But for the first time, in September 2018, I had fun and ease answering these kinds of questions. I wish myself "Good luck!" for September 2019. J'ai l'impression que je vais être fière de ce mon cheminement, du moins je l'espère. C'est la première fois dans ma vie que j'ai le sentiment d'avoir un but même s'il s'agit d'un bien modeste but. C'est une sensation toute nouvelle. Sans ce sentiment, je n'aurais jamais pu répondre à ces questions... Elles m'auraient littéralement terrorisées. Mais pour la première fois, en septembre 2018, j'ai eu du plaisir et de l'aisance à répondre à ce genre de questions. Je me souhaite "Bonne chance!" pour septembre 2019.

I wonder if I will find my answers strange or if it will feel like I could have written the same things in a year's time. I feel like even before 10Q I was doing a lot of thinking about life and to be honest, I almost want to do less of it. So we will see.

I went to the gym today to pound out 2 miles, because that was what I said I was going to do in two FB groups I'm part of. I walked the whole thing. It wasn't fast, but it was 2.05 miles. Then I went to talk to a trainer. I'm meeting with him on Thursday. This is it. September 2019 is going to find me finally a non-stop runner, at a healthy weight, with healthy eating habits. I am going to do it this time!!!! I WILL SUCCEED!!!!!

I hope to feel healthier, happier and more organized. I would like to be more prayerful and more fulfilled spiritually. I'm not exactly sure what that means, but I think I will know it when I see it.

I think that I will be surprised ay what I said. I think it will be hard to remember how we felt back then. I look forward to reading the answers.

I'll be disappointed that I didn't take the time to answer the questions! My excuse is that I'm busy planning a wedding (10 more days!) and fixing the decisions I made around cosmetic procedures. I haven't been wanting to answer the questions from a place of worry, disappoint and anxiety, so I just didn't. I'm actually sitting in Dr. Rian's chair as I write this. Note to self for next year, just answer the questions, even if it's with one angry word. Even if I'm addressing something other than the question. At least I'll remember I had a thought at all instead of wondering what was with the radio silence.

Admitting this is a First World problem... I hope I will feel more confident in myself and have a better sense of direction - like a personal mission statement to guide me through the rest of my life.

I think I'll be glad I finally answered the questions in 2018. Even though I didn't spend a ton of time thinking about my responses, for me just doing it was enough this year. I can get overwhelmed just thinking about the future and what I want to change, etc. so just the act of doing this makes me feel good. I realized that I know some of the changes I would like to make and I really hope when I read this in 2019 that I have moved forward on some of those things.

I think as I get older I'm realizing there's no "Okay I'll get through this obstacle, or that challenge, and then everything will be perfect from then on." There will always be struggles and new challenges for the rest of my life. I think I've really tried to focus on learning how to cope, and that my responses this year around have shown that. We're constantly changing and evolving, and that's the only constant.

It never happens. It is depressing to see all the hopeful things I have said over the years. I am afraid to even say what I want to achieve because I don’t have the persistence to follow through and create that outcome.

I have no idea. Unless some surprising things happen between now and then, none of my answers will be a surprise.

I have no idea how I will feel. This year will be defining in the beginning of my life and career, and at this stage I do not have a clue where I will live, what I'll be doing, whom I'll be working for, how much money I'll be making, if I find someone to date, or literally anything. All of those will factor in to how I'm feeling; I'm sure I'll miss aspects of college that I am hating right now; studying for interviews, for tests, pressure, etc. But also the good things: being with friends somewhere that I can walk to meet them, going through similar life scenarios, and more. College is a ride that you just grind through while you're doing it, and then that period ends in your life and it's gone forever. I hope I will be able to cherish my time here, especially next semester, because it seriously has been a hell of a ride.

When September 2019 rolls around I hope to see all of these “burdens” in the rear-view mirror and to be living a life renewed. I hope to check a few of the boxes on the “goals” list. I hope to find purpose and meaning beyond surviving and being alive. In 5779 life is good; in 5780 I want life to be better.

Probably a little sheepish and a little proud.

I'll feel nostalgic for what happened 1 year ago, 5 years ago and see how much I've progressed. I'll feel proud of documenting this but also looking for where I still need improvement. Next year, I do hope to finally be in the best shape of my life, as I always say... but hopefully this time it will have come true.

I hope I’ve grown and achieved some goals.

I'm pretty sure that my life in itself will stay the same. For me it is about my attitude and my continuing willingness to reflect during the coming year that will lead to a significant psychological change.

When September 2019 rolls around and I receive my answers to this year's questions, I think I'll feel more excited to read where I've come from in the last year. I think that my life will be more together, more structured, and more clear than it is this year (not only because I moved states and jobs just a few weeks ago). I think I'll be thinking more about the long-term future, with someone (ideally), and with a better plan in place.

I hope to have continued strength to deal with medical issues of which I have many. I am learning that life is precious and each day important. I will continue to trust in G_d for guidance.

september 2019 sounds so much like september 2018, i almost thought that it was 2019 already. hm? right now i feel pretty content with my life and it is good, but i also feel like i need to take a step further. i need to make a change, something to happen. fuck, i don't know, is this really just a 11 PM thing that we all go through or does this feeling of not having "enough time" and really wanting to do something more meaningful is real? it is so hard to understand, what's both best and most practical to me at this point. i know i will figure it out, but i just don't want it to take me 20 more years or so. for the next year i'm hoping to have an answer to at least some of these questions. even a slightest sense of a meaningful future will be okay, too.

I hope I am the healthiest yet and that my lawsuit will be behind me.

It was such a delight to receive the email reminding me of my 10Q answers from last year. It was like opening a vault. I filled out these questions on a whim last year and had nearly forgotten I filled them out. I hope I’m more proactive in thinking about the answers I gave throughout the year and keep them as a reminder to continue to better myself.

One thing that disappointed me this year is that two major goals - being more on top of my health issues, and having made career progress - were not met. Hopefully, next year I'll see some of these answers as things of my past, not of my present any more.

I think I will be a little surprised how fast the year has flown by, but only a little. I think there will be some pretty significant changes that will happen in the interim that are completely unpredictable in advance, and sometimes so gradual that I forget they are happening. I hope these changes will be good things, like my kid learning and growing (and walking and talking!), and I hope I am able to respond with love and grace.

I don't even know where I'll be when September 2019 rolls around. I hope I'll be in a new home in a new community. I hope I'll have begun to feel settled. But there are so many unknowns, I truly have no idea what to think/hope will be different, or where I'll be as a result of thinking about and answering these questions.

I hope I'll have a greater sense of what life has to offer me. Emerged in a new environment, there are so many things being thrown at me right now and I have very little idea of where the next four years (and beyond) will take me. Maybe I'll have a semblance of that by next year. And if I don't, that's a-ok. I have my whole life to plan. I hope I'll look at these messages alongside last year's journal entries and be able to see how far I've come and feel a sense of accomplishment and advancement. Also I'm sorry I didn't slip in too many jokes in this capsule. Go scroll back in your Instagram saved pictures from around now to get some good memes.

If all goes well I’ll be excited to answer these questions and hopefully look at my previous ones and see a great change. I hope I’ll be in a better place financially and mentally and that my craft is flourishing.

Who can tell? This time last year I was broken in a way I'm only now healing. Next year I might be broken again. Or healed. Or held. I hope. I don't think I'll be in the same country (Za).

I think I'll feel the same as I usually do: glad I did it, not particularly surprised by anything; pleased to see some development, even if at a glacial pace. Even the big moments in life, like proposing to Fran, are taken in stride. I wonder if I will feel any different about the children thing. That's a recurring theme from previous years. Will being married make me feel any different? I'm not looking forward to all the sly (and not-so-sly) hints about it, particularly on our wedding day. I got really upset when someone said that during the speeches at Dave Harris's wedding. You may be family, but it's none of your fucking business. I may have to put my very gently 'booted foot down and make it known that that kind of comment is not welcome.

I hope that I'm more financially and mentally stable. I hope that I can find some peace.

I hope that by this time next year, things will be different. I hope that all the things I said I hope would happen have happened, and I hope that the things I'd hoped would change about myself have changed. I'm looking forward to another year of growth and self-improvement.

I hope to have clarity with regards to change processes at work, either due to having received the answers I've been requesting for a long time, or due to having changed employment. I hope to be a better, more supportive, father and husband, and I hope to be able to be a change agent at home as well as at work.

I think I'll probably forget about these questions, and when the answers arrive in my inbox in a year's time, they'll hit me like a bolt out of the blue. I'm remembering Rilke's advice to the young poet to 'live the questions', and that's what I'm hoping for, that when Yom Kippur ends tonight the soul-searching will take a back seat and the living out of my reflection will begin. It was hard and beautiful and lonely marking the holidays when a) I'm not Jewish and b) I have no Jewish community and c) I didn't really know what to do. I think this experience will shape me, in the sense it made me realise that I either need to deepen my connection to the tradition and the community or move on from it. It's just too painful otherwise. It's such an incredible religious tradition, though, I'll always be grateful for what it's taught me. How do I hope my life will change? I hope I'll be able to drive, I hope I'll be in my new place or moving overseas, I hope I will have travelled, I hope we will either fix our relationship or move on from it. Above all I hope I'll be more connected to the people around me and the things going on in the world. I don't believe I was blessed (or was it cursed) with this iconoclastic mind and thirst for justice to live the way I have been living, propping myself up with coping strategies to dull the ache of a self-centred, isolated life. I listened to a talk last night on the relationship between repentance and creativity, the idea that we always have free will/responsibility and can turn away from what we've been doing to create ourselves anew. I'm hoping this is what I'll be doing over the coming year. I guess only time will tell, but I'm feeling optimistic.

Things I fear I will have walked through and I will look back and say, I had help, and I did it. And it wasn’t as hard as I feared. I hope others will see from me how they too can walk through whatever they are fearful of. If I don’t seek help and take action, none of this will happen

I think I'll feel sad a bit at the repeated themes. I think I'll feel like a whole new person because I finally am determined to meditate. I think I'll feel more connected to my friends and myself. I hope I feel more connected to my spouse, too.

I hope I will just feel more settled in my community, in my job and in my physical state of being. I feel like this has been a year of transition and I am looking forward to being more settled and moving towards feeling content in my life in general.

Oh fudge. Both my husband and myself are each deciding if we try to repair our marriage or just walk away from each other. That decision has been partly mine since August 5th when I discovered his infidelity, but has been on his mind for nearly a year. When I read these, I will be overwhelmed by emotions that are being formed now. I hope that at the end of reading my responses and after I remember embrace and honor the grief, that I’ll be able to laugh.

Book finished and published. Accomplishment. Now what? 😎

I'll definitely feel maudlin. I always do. I think I will be fitter,a better writer, and further along with my escape plan.I'll be sharpening my focus and re imagining who I am and who I could be.

I’m not sure... I think I’ll probably expect fairly similar answers and would be surprised if it wasn’t. But anything may happen between now and then.... I don’t particularly want or need things to change at the moment.

Honestly, I hope that not a whole lot is different when I read my answers to these questions. I already kind of forgot what I wrote about everything but I know that I'm pretty ecstatic to be in a new job with a car and prospective boyfriend. I'm really close to where I want to be. I hope to be more settled at this time next year, but I hope that I don't lose my enthusiasm. I hope I don't get complacent or disillusioned because I really like where I am.

I hope to look at my answers and feel like they are in the past. I would hate to have the same fears and goals next year as now, as this would mean I am stuck in a rut and not moving forward. I hope to look back and think, I remember this, why was I so worried?.

I hope to feel content: in my work, with my progress toward my Ph.D., with my family and our life together. My little boy will be 6 months old - I look forward to having a whole new world to explore with him!

I always feel that I haven't measured up but perhaps that's because I'm too ambitious and expect too much - and/or fail to account for the inevitable curveballs that life throws my way. What I hope is that whether or not I succeed in matching the hopes/goals I've put down here, I can hand on heart say that I have done my best. That's all I can really ask of myself.

I'll feel more secure in myself and in my ability to seek out romantic partners who are worth my time. I hope that I will be less dependent on the presence of a male romantic figure to feel giddy about life. (This feeling comes and goes, to be honest. Sometimes I am so super secure in myself and my abilities, and other times I just really want someone to be intimate with.) This has been a good year of growth for me, esp now that I've been taking Prozac and seeing a therapist, and meditating daily and auditioning for commercials a ton. May I continue to be vital and remember that ALL OF LIFE IS TEMPORARY, TEMPORARY, TEMPORARY.

I think I will feel interested in what I said last year and reflective on what has changed for the better or worse and what has remained the same. I think/hope I might be able to make some positive steps and changes in my life in many important areas and come closer to the goals, hopes and dreams I strive for in all areas of my life.

I very much appreciate this exercise in self-awareness. I do hope that I'll have had some success in my objectives. I also hope that I will be as blessed as I am--when I read what others have to deal with, I am reminded what my father used to say: if we all sat in a circle and threw our troubles in the middle, we'd be pretty quick to pull our own troubles back out! I know I am lucky to even be able to contemplate these themes :)

I really have no clue where I'll be in a year. I couldn't have predicted how this year would turn out, but looking back, so many wonderful things happened. They happened because I put in effort and was willing to reach out and try new things, even when others were doubtful about them. I hope I continue that pattern and build on the things I've learned and relationships I've formed in the past year.

I honestly don't know. I see a lot stuff coming down the pike in my life, my mother's dementia, perhaps changes in the political landscape, changes in my theater activity, changes in Gigi's schedule. But how those events will impact me and my retrospective assessment of the answers I provide today is anyone's guess. I remind myself of what an esteemed attending told me during residency: "Your decisions weren't wrong. They were the right decisions at the time you made them. Perhaps now you'd make different choices, but what you did then was right and sensible at that time."

5778 was an intense year, it is so interesting to look back and to see what I have accomplished. For the first time in a while, I feel content and calm. Things seems to be going ok - even though there is still a lot of craziness and there is still the unknown. But instead of feeling stressed, sad or angry - I am just content, and have a knowledge that it will be ok. I hope that I will still feel content. I know I will be done with my second year of residency. I know I will have completed a year of palliative care. I hope that I will know where I am going and what I should be doing. I hope that this year continues to help me grow - not only as a chaplain but also a rabbi, and maybe how they are intertwined. I hope that I am still in a relationship (or if not still, then in one). I hope that I am able to continue to grow into a whole me, that feels whole.

It's totally up in the air. I've been positive lately despite not finding work in a field that I've just gotten a Masters in. I'm considering changing back but I'm not sure about that. Right now I'm at a crossroads and things could go in any direction.

This year I actually felt pretty good about where I am in relation to the answers I gave. I hope I am in a good place next year and not laughing at past self! I have an image in my mind of how this next year could be, and it is a really good image, finally I really have a positive plan and am making it happen despite my anxiety. I can see it taking shape in my mind like an art project haha. I hope it turned out well, future-me! <3 <3 <3

in truth, i think i'll more of less be the same person, but more nuanced. i started late, so my identity is still forming. my hair is still growing, my job lifestyle is in turmoil. i hope the version of myself in this timeline is pretty confident with zirself and happy with how ze has helped others find that too. i hope i have another job, because BB is great but krisi is a literal dictator. i hope these questions have helped direct me toward a more complete version of myself, and that any mental health stuff i'm ignoring is either soothed or actually checked out.

Strange as it may sound, I hope my life is pretty much exactly the same. I find myself so incredibly blessed to have a good family. This is amplified by my niece and her family visiting my wife and I. I adores her two children. I worked that is incredibly satisfying, it pays me very well, and I feel I make a great difference in people's lives as a result of my work. I appreciate the fragility of life. I fight that nagging feeling things are going well, and waiting for difficulties to happen. If I could freeze how will my life, the lives of my family are going at this moment, I certainly would. I have enormous gratitude for the blessings that I enjoyed my life. If anything I hope that a year from now, things are just as good as they are now

I hope the physical circumstances of my life have changed as a result of this internal work I am doing. I would genuinely like to be making more money, and living in a new apartment. I would like the acting work I'm doing to pay more, and be meaningful (at least for me). I don't expect to be materially rewarded for enlightening myself, or spiritual fulfillment. But I do want for this internal healing, and growth, to help the way I interact with the world, and to help bring confidence to my acting. I feel like I'm in a place now to do the work I know I'm capable of, that I've always known I was capable of doing. And I would like to be grounded in a healthy love of self that is not dependent on these outward circumstances I want, but a reflection of them. It seems to me that the inward and outer world are always coexisting, and having an affect on each other. In simple terms: I want my inner life to be more genuinely loving, more patient, more grateful, and abundantly full of joy; I want to be more useful to others; and I would like the material world around me, and the people I interact with, to be a reflection of this inner more positive helpful experience.

I hope I feel at peace, having developed a regular writing and yoga practice, submitting and being published regularly, and having spirited giggly fun with my wife, daughter, mother, granddaughter, her mother if she'll let me, and my pets and friends. I hope I keep incorporating more time in nature, too

Ha loved my last year answers , especially this one....very accurate, just spot on. Next year I’d like to have tried some new things...push myself a bit. I hope my daughter has settled at Uni. That my oldest son manages to tune into his body and improve his health. That my youngest son continue to flourish and explore and build the lovely friendships he has developed.

This year seems to have been more challenging that most - but that means I am growing and doing some things right and other wrong- Having this space to reflect, wish and hope is wonderful and I love that I get to re-visit and see if my wishes came true. I am ready to move forward, meet each new challenge with a sense of purpose, let go of those I no longer need in my life for whatever reason that may be and hold those close to me closer. I want to be my best self and sometimes allowing the birds of despair to fly too closely keeps me for my successes! It is time to fly!

Similar to last year, I hope I can look back and think it's been a good year. I hope my husband fares well with his health condition. I hope we are all thriving and happy and feel good about our lives.

I hope I feel like I was the best possible version of myself. Happy. Content. Fulfilled.

I fear I will be no different. Struggling with the same interior personality blips, depression, continued cognitive decline, no new friends, lonely, doing Pilates every day and MahJ once per week. And visiting many MDs. I hope I have more self compassion and less stress and am happy with the flow of my daily life. Harmony within, and with my family and neighbors. I hope Lois is still here but I fear not at 97.

I hope that I will feel a sense of accomplishment. I'll be a year into my all-grown-up surgical practice & living in a new city. I'll be nearly 2 years into my marriage. I hope that my practice will be flourishing and I'll be a relatively busy vascular surgeon. I hope that we will have paid down a lot of debt and that we're on our way to owning a house. Somewhere! And maybe even be in the beginning stages of expanding our little family (even if it means a puppy sib for Shaya rather than a human one...). Oh. And I really hope we join a synagogue so we can spend High Holy Days at shul rather than in our office...

I hope I am truly enjoying being mostly or fully retired and continuing to reconnect to folks from my past. I hope to be better at evaluating what to do with each day as it is now open to me to make decisions about how it is to be spent. I hope we will treasure our mostly good health and continue to travel and grow as long as we indeed can. I hope when 10Q comes I will embrace it with "Aha moments."

Quite frankly, I just hope I am able to continue to unravel and address the root causes of my health challenges and be much healthier. I have always been pretty good about growing and changing and meeting goals. I hope I have the good fortune of completely or nearly completely reversing the CFS.

One hope that I have is that my older daughter settles into a promising relationship. I would like to have met the responsibilities I have chosen to undertake. It would be nice to be healthy and have an improved golf game.

I really do hope that I'm a less stressed-out, less angry, and maybe even slightly less fat person. :) I think that I will be at least two of these things, because I'm not one to stay in a bad situation without either changing my situation or changing my attitude. So something will be different and better next year. I have to believe that.

I hope I feel happier in the skin I am in. I hope I have reconciled and accepted a slower lifestyle, and gotten the MG under good control. I hope to be a calmer, gentler, kinder person (to myself, as well as to others). Life is good and I want to enjoy it a long time.

I hope I am healthier and even happier.

I hope I will be amazed at how much my life has changed and how happy I am. I’ll need to take little steps every day to make that happen.

I feel better than last year. I feel accomplished. I know I've made some great improvements and I have great plans in place. I'm hopeful.

I hope things will have changed. I hope I gain confidence and feel like my life has direction. I hope I add intention, and not just movement.

Wow, hard question. I hope that I'll have learned or practiced letting go. That I maintained a mindfulness practice and approach situations with more patience and compassion than I did. That I don't resent things or people as much and don't hold grudges. That I open my heart more to my family, friends and people I don't know. And that I move towards a lighter, more joyful, open, and curious way of thinking on a daily basis.

I hope to feel as positive about my answers as I do now about my direction in life.

From a purely selfish and egocentric perspective, for which I am sorry, I hope in one year that my life will have settled down; that we will have adjusted to the new house, grieved the old one, and forgiven Esther for the pain she caused. Of course, I hope that the world will be better, and feel a bit more optimistic about positive change from the increasing awareness of the populace, and their resolve to make the world safer for everyone.

Except for the issue of my kid -- which I hope improves -- I'd be happy if the work situation remains as it is. Maybe an improvement on the social level would be nice, but I don't expect that to happen.

While I will continue to work on myself, I think they will be smaller issues and more subtle changes. Perhaps after a year it will seem like a bigger difference.

I hope to have at least fulfilled half of my answers. I would be happy with that. Maybe I will be a better person or close to it next year.

I hope that I am less anxious about the state of our wretched nation. I hope that my daughter is doing well in college. I really hope that I have discovered myself again, after being principally a single mother for the past 18 1/2 years, and that I can learn to shed the stresses of my job.

I think I will my journey on year advance. After quite a fulfilling year in all aspects, I will feel unsatisfied with my accomplishment - as usual. But I wish for myself to understand that it is all good and on overall I am doing a pretty good job in this life! if I smoke than to stop again - don't forget how easy it was and how strong your will power is.

I'm honestly very curious to know! I think I'll look back and realize that this was a very special, strange, exciting, and also difficult time in my life. I'm so thankful for everything that's happened in this past year, and for the opportunity to be here in Macon. But the past 10 days have also forced me to think more about what I want my next chapter to be and what I want my life to look like. When I first moved to Macon, I thought so quickly that I should try to stay a second year – that I could handle it. But now, I really think I need to be in a place where I can have a life outside of work, where there are JEWS my age (yes, Mom, I said it), and where the people are work with are passionate about journalism and want to move forward, not hold onto the past. I don't think I'll stay at The Telegraph for more than a year. I don't know where I want to go next. Maybe back to Baltimore, maybe somewhere else totally new. But I hope that I'm happy, that I love my job, that I feel challenged but also supported and inspired, and that home and friends don't feel so far away.

I’m going to feel so relieved to be free of my debt. I think this time of preparation will have paid off and I think that I will be in a different place because of all the work I have done. I’m excited to see what’s next, but am totally at peace with where this journey has taken me today.

I hope I won't think myself helplessly naive about maintaining my work- and life-stability changes. It wasn't MA that made the difference after last year, but other things did. What unanticipated "other things" will be the shape of this time next year? -¶- I hope the GTFO project will be clearer, to go or stay and where. I hope the house will be better in definable ways, and emptier of the excess "stuff." -¶- I hope the midterms offer new hope for this country. -¶- I hope the weight I have lost will continue to remain off, and my changed life will continue to improve. I hope knee surgery on top of the bariatric will give me considerably better wellness, and even more overall quality of life.

I honestly don't know. Looking back at last years I was so amused and also proud of how far I had come. I think this year won't be quite as many revelations (last year was honestly wild and very educational) but I think I'll be proud of how things have come along and hopefully some of this stuff will make me smile. I think a lot of things can happen because of these questions and I find it funny because I honestly don't even remember how I answered some of them and it's been a week but I know that study abroad is already working wonders and I think that's gonna reflect in these answers and it's gonna reflect when I'm reading them in 2019. Here's to a better, more confident, self advocating Libby. I know I get to do more sappy stuff tomorrow but honestly all I can say is I'm so incredibly happy and proud of how I'm growing as a person and I hope you know I love you so so much because you're doing incredible things and you handle everything life throws at you. You're gonna go crush that thesis. <3

I hope I'll be proud of myself.

I hope I remember the growth I've experienced in the past year (especially in the most recent few months), and also have made some progress towards some areas I have discussed in previous questions. I hope I feel more settled, wherever I am (though geographically being in the same place would be kind of nice, all things considered). I hope I have more clarity and confidence in my relationships with different family members, even if they are not necessarily more comfortable.

I'd like to still feel hopeful and accepting of my life the way it is now. These questions remind me that life goes on, even if not all the people you love do.

I hope that I see the truth in them and don’t cringe.

I'll either be elated or deflated. This will go way up, or crash way down. I'm hoping for the former.

I hope to have kept up my spiritual practice and be more accepting of myself in my entirety. I want to be able to say I meditate every day.

I hope that I will be working subconsciously and consciously to achieve the goals. I hope that when I see the list next year that I feel that I am further along in my journey.

This September is my fifth as a widow, and I’ve decided to buy a garden home down the road and move my momma in with me. We will have to sell our individual homes and consolidate belongings. By September 2019, we’ll be settled into the new dwelling situation and hopefully our homes will be sold. What a shift! Some of the things I’ll be shedding before the move I wouldn’t have been able to do emotionally in 2014, when I moved here. Momma and I will each get a fresh start in a home that has no haunting memories - only the cherished memories we choose to bring inside... and I’m ready. God is so very good to me!

This moment right now is definitely a time of transition for me, so it will be interesting to look back at that time and see how I feel when, a year from now, I am (hopefully) well on the other side. Hopefully I will look back on this time with tenderness for the pain I was experiencing, and strength for having made it through.

Man, I dread it. I'm so worried everything is going to be exactly the same. But this helped me draft plans for my future and I hope by September 2019 I'll be living a healthier life. Time is mine.

Possibly apprehensive - did I squeeze the best value from the time I had? Was my orientation sufficiently outward or was it selfish? Hopeful, optimistic. I'm hoping to be living more in the ANAPOUSO I've adopted as an underpinning. More importantly, to have imparted/shared it with Annie, family, friends, etc. Hopeful that it might become a 1-word summary of who I'm becoming, as I continue growing up into Him.

I hope I will see my worries and feel glad they have loosened, and I hope I will see my hopes and not feel regret. I hope I am more peaceful. Less afraid. More connected. I think it gets easier every year. I think back on my past journals and seeing the pain and tightness is a reminder that I have already done so much - done so much work, become confident and not as small in myself. I hope that I am maybe more determined to make real change, less scared and burned out and tired of all that is spiraling out of control. I hope I will have surprised myself.

I think I will feel surprised about the lessons I called in and how things played out. I think I will feel amazed at the ability to manifest future experiences by naming them at all, and in particular naming them here. I hope that my life feels as expansive and on track as it does right now, and I hope that I feel I have called in the right lessons. As always, I just hope that I will have learned some new things and brought some new and interesting tidbits into the world.

I’ll probably be as surprised and taken back as I was this year...like going on 50 first dates with myself. I will be in awe about how Magical life is and how God really is the Infinite Source of Prosperity. I imagine that I will be recounting all of the blessings and mysterious ways the Universe is supporting me.

I hope that I will have been able to take what I have written about my life here and accomplished some of the goals I have set and let the experiences wash over me so I might become wiser, more kind to myself and others, and feel content with how my life has grown from said experiences, no matter good or bad. I hope that the Q & A from last year will continue to be a reflection of my journey and record my hopes and dreams for my life. It has been enlightening and supportive to record my thoughts, have them be safe, and have them be a history of me.

I hope I’ll feel satisfied that I’ve learned a lot and adjusted to life with a new baby.

I’ll probably feel unsurprised at what a half-assed effort I made in answering the 2018 questions. By this time, I hope that my financial situation will have re-stabilized to a semblance of the lifestyle to which I had been accustomed. I am not inclined to credit that this will have been a result of thinking about and answering these questions.

I think I will feel mostly the same. I don't think i will have an epiphany. I do think if anything it would be contingent on a life revelation or something significant like my game releasing our a huge belief change. I don't think much will be different as a result of thinking on and answering these questions. However I am open to the idea that something might change.

I believe that I will see as much positive change in my life as I did in the past year! Answering the questions is a simple exercise that helps to set intentions.

This has been my most life-altering year. I don't know, though, if I have written anything particularly profound, nor that I have needed to. If anything, this year has been about a quiet kind of happiness, a jumping-with-joy kind of stillness; it's been a real sitting-in-myself kind of year. I have never been happier, and I don't think I realized things could be this good. The only thing strange about this year is that as a "transition year," I have wondered what is waiting for me on the other side of things. I hope by this time next year, I will feel I've really sunk into a new normal. Then again, maybe part of living is that nothing ever feels so normal.

I'm thinking it'll feel good. I've gotten a lot of things figured out over the past 2 years, and hope it'll keep happening.

Oh, I think I'll be happy to see them. I hope that life will be different, better but simply just 'changed.' That I will know that I revisited the answers to the questions and then lived them.

I think that I’ll feel very happy that much of what I wrote for my future has come to pass. Particularly, that I’ll be in a mutually loving, supportive and committed relationship, and know in my heart without a doubt that he is my life partner. Also, I believe with my whole heart that my financial situation will be greatly improved by a wonderful full-time position that is perfect for me in every way. I’ll also be happy to see that Carmelo is doing very well and celebrating a solid year of sobriety and putting his life back together.

I hope that I can look at the answers to these questions and feel proud about myself, that I achieved things, that I changed things, that some of the things that are issues for me now or upset me now no longer upset me then. It's a little scary to think in a year from now I will be looking at my answers to these questions again and what if I haven't progressed in my life? What if I'm stuck in the same old cycles. What if things are worse and I long for how my life was now? I am my own worst enemy and toughest critic as we all are, but because of my BPD it gets to me next level and I'm afraid about that happening. But overall let's hope there's positive change and I look forward to this exercise next year!

I hope I will feel much as I do today. I hope I will appreciate how fortunate I am. I hope I will realize progress toward my spiritual and physical (exercise) goals. I hope I will I grow into greater union with the Loving Kindness, the Divine Oneness. I hope Bob and I will have new experiences and insights we could not have imagined in 2018.

I think I will be surprised because I will have forgotten that I did this! This has been a deep rough patch for me so I look forward to feeling like I'm in a different place in my life and perhaps feeling a bit more settled.

Not enough has changed this year compared to last with respect to our housing. We need, need, need to make progress next year. Not only make progress, but we need to be moved. Anything less than being out of this area is a failure.

I think I will be frustrated that my life is still the same - that I haven't become the better person I wanted to be.

I hope that September 2019 will be the year I finally write about the demons I've conquered rather than the demons that control me.

Hopefully, less sorrowful. I lost someone very special yesterday. I hope to continue to build myself up over the coming year and to be in a better place both personally and in my relationship with my partner.

I hope to feel accomplished and less like a human on a hamster wheel. More so, feeling more settled and content with where I am with my family, finances and faith.

wow, if we are having or about to have a baby I will feel bananas. I hope I have spent good time with my family and they are supporting us in a way that feels good to me. I hope work feels calm and confidence-inspiring. I hope I understand my eating better. I hope I can teach whiteness in my classes without balking.

I hope that I will be grateful for the change I hope to see this year. I hope that my answer won’t be the same and that I will have more change and growth to report from this year to the other.

I hope next year that Trump is in prison. I hope that women still have basic human rights. I hope I feel more hopeful.

Well, my answers to Sept 2017 questions were very disheartening (and I knew they would be) as I feel I've achieved very little personal growth this past year. However, I do feel that I must have needed that year for some reason. Big change happens slowly and I must accept that rather than berate myself for not being a better version of me by now. I very much hope that my 2019 answers will show more reaching toward positive growth and releasing negative patterns.

I hope I'm more at peace and that I'm happy and have made progress toward the goals that I have stipulated. I think that in years prior, when my goals were more external like "I hope I have a boyfriend," I wasn't in the most healthy mental state. For me to want a romantic partner so badly without examining the underlying issues with it (i.e. Why do I feel like I "need" a boyfriend? Why do I feel like my self-worth is dependent on the validation of others?) is a symptom looking for a bandaid instead of a cure. Now I'm looking for a cure. And my focus is inward.

I hope to feel that I accomplished much in 2019. I hope what will be different is my outlook about myself and others.

Each year I accomplish and achieve what I set out, some years at 100%! I want to be grateful for my life and love and the safety I have in this country

Seeing my old answers gives me confidence that my life is really progressing in the direction that I want it to. Reading the answers to see where I was last year offers proof that in spite of the detours and unexpected events, I am going at a healthy clip. Seeing last year’s answer to this question in particular: right now those two goals seem to be going neck to neck, except it finally dawned on me a few weeks ago that no matter what I do, it will be here that I want to be (Callaway).

In September 2019 I’m going to be really happy to see these notes. To remember how optimistic and positive I was feeling about my future, and having parts of it come true. Also, new things will arise that I couldn’t even have imagined. Or rather I’m imagining them but not putting my hopes on them

I expect to feel more balanced as a result of keeping my commitment to maintain a spiritual practice, and to feel less stressed because of my new savings habit.

Curious as to what I wrote the prior year. Right now, I'm on the verge of buying a condo and last year I had said that I would like to be in that position. I'm definitely interested in feeling like I've put down true roots in Charlotte, but I don't want to purchase something just to do it. I want it to be the right place.

I think I'll feel just as happy as I did looking at my responses from last year. And it's crazy how well I know myself. It's comforting. I think I'll be enjoying my senior year and having a blast. I hope that I have some sense of where I want to work, but I also hope that I'm just enjoying the ride.

I hope I can follow through on the things I'd like to change about myself and in my life. I really enjoyed answering these questions - it really did make me reflect, when typically I would have moved on.

Last year, I said that I might become rich and famous by September 2018 (as a joke). Well, I'm still not rich and famous (yet), but that's ok. Again, I think I will be amazed and astound with the answers of last year's 10Q questions. I'm really proud that I was FINALLY able to accomplish publishing my book online and stopped drinking alcohol for good. I know that I'm getting better as a human being as I continue to progress. My progression will never end. Right now, I'm in a state of "limbo", meaning that I'm in an uncertain time period. I'm still waiting to see what career will cross my path, and I hope that by next year I can look back and laugh and some of my answers from last year. I'm just grateful that this past year has mostly been "drama-free" and I hope it will remain that way for this upcoming year. And again, I hope that I will be a completely different person when I open my answers to this past year. I want to be able to reflect and say, "Wow! So much has changed! I can't believe I used to think this way!" And again, only time will tell.

I will probably feel a bit disappointed in myself - my reach too often exceeds my grasp, so chances are I won't have lived up to every expectation I've set here. Still, I hope I may have carried forward some of the daily insight and reflection inspired by these questions. I hope the world is a more peaceful, less tribal place in a year. (Talk about reach exceeding grasp!) At the very least, maybe by spending these 10 days in a little introspection will have started a new habit, one that I can keep going throughout the year. By examining my own thoughts and aspirations, maybe I'll begin to change my little corner of the world.

I think I would be impressed because I almost forgot about it this year, and rushed through some of the questions.... definitely not as good at reflecting my life yet. I hope I still have the friends I made. I hope the students I taught this year will be okay. I hope that my boyfriend gets on the LTO list and is starting his first LTO job this year. I hope to have a stronger relationship with my mum, and I hope that my niece is able to talk! That would be pretty awesome!

I hope my fears are unfounded. I hope I see the progress I'm making. I hope I don't have more days of self-torture. It was really crazy to see the answers from last year. I see now how bad it was. I'm not sure why I got there, but I'm happy I'm getting out.

I hope this is The year that I follow through on these things I’ve been wanting to do. That this year I truly begin begin my life as a writer and a consultant and a better mom. A better wife and a better Friend. And kinder to myself.

I am hoping that I will feel excited! I am sure that I will be stressed out in my last semester of nursing school. Note to self: You got this! Only a couple more months. Hang in there. Be the one to finally finish something. You are stronger than you know. The finish line is in sight. You can do it. A whole new life is waiting for you and you are almost there! Trust in God and yourself. :) I love you!

I think I'll feel different, especially since I'll be in a very different place in life. It's so unknown where I'll be a year from now.

I hope that I will have overcome my fear of sharing my writing so that I can get published. I hope I will have at least 3 bylines.

I'm hoping I'll be able to look back, newly turned 40, and feel like I continue to move forward and care for and improve myself. I'm hoping my relationship with Derek will be stronger and deeper, I'm hoping I have faced down fears and conquered some of them. I hope I've seen some new countries and cities and states. I hope I continue to learn and grow. Most important, I hope I feel grateful and appreciative of where I am.

I don’t think I’ll be surprised by any of my past answers- a lot of them have to do with things I’ve been thinking about for a while, but I do hope I will be a different person by then, even if it’s just in small ways.

I think I'll still be looking forward to the new life Donna and I are creating in Candler NC. It's an adventure! My hope is that we'll be well on our way to being connected with the Enka Village community, that we'll be able to be with Don as he ages, that we'll be there for Susan as she will likely want to spend time in CA and that I'll be connected sufficiently with a performance driving community to "get my fill".

I will be reminded of how slow progress is. I barely accomplished any of the goals I set last year and I am not much closer to where I wanted to be. Life is a constant learning experience and I'm hoping that I have learned a few lessons by next year.

I hope to have a better grasp on what I am. How I handle emotions. Be more stable and more loving

Answering these questions has been cathartic. I am extremely interested in reading what mindset was, and to examine my growth. I try diligently to not live in regret or exist in remorse, and this exercise allows me to cast a dispassionate take on situations that seemed to engulf me. Life can be so fragile; a man I went to HS with passed away this week, so I have been very introspective. Of God, I ask for physical health, clarity of purpose, and serenity of mind and spirit. To thy goes the glory.

I hope I will have been more focused on my goal of doing what I'm best at, and wasting less energy doing what I'm not good at but what society/my inner critics/my outer critics think I ought to do. If I concentrate on what I do best, I can help more people than if I do what is expected of me.

I love the 10Q experience. It's the Coach in me-more than the Rabbi in me probably- that cherishes the opportunity to consider what my personal 90 or so years on the planet aught to mean. Having survived leukemia in my 40's I now believe that to say 90 + years is not unrealistic; but that begs the question, "For what reason was I given this second half of life?" Afterall, I have fulfilled my procreative and adoptive duties. I met the definition of a "viable species" and with one exception, brought about by illness, they are capable of raising their children with me living where ever the plans of the Master Planner would call me to go. But that exception demands the opposite; my daughter's daughters need me to be there for them, each day and it is a "restriction" that is also a great blessing. I entered rabbinical seminary in my 50's after earning a PhD in my 30's and 40's so now, 2 HHD seasons into my rabbinate I must ask...Adonai, what do You want me to do? Sure, I'd love it if His plans aligned with the creation of a retirement account, or at least a liveable wage. I devoted many a moment during seminary envisioning life as the Rabbi of a small, but not too small, multi-generational community where my years as a Nurse-Midwife and Professor of Health Coaching would inform my daily work as the provider of pastoral care and decades spent as a professor would be put to use facilitating Torah study and the lifelong education of my congregation, as much as my mastery of liturgy would allow me to prepare the weekly D'vrai. In truth, there are many such opportunities, and each week I hear from a college about a campus chaplaincy or a congregation seeking someone with my background. These would be welcoming communities, but they are not here, and, until my granddaughters are off to college-injust under a decade-accepting those seemingly perfect offers would mean abandoning two little girls whose mom's shoes G.d demands I must fill. It's the collateral damage of my daughter's addiction and neglected mental illness. All of our lives are different. ...yet every moment with each of these emerging young ladies is chased. And I know meeting their needs is the Most Awesome Will of the Most Creative of Creators; the One who can take our challenges and from them design amazing alternative plans. In 5779 I want to breathe into the space where my work is making a difference; in the T'Shuvah conferences I'd never have time to bring to life were I a "settled" pulpit Rabbi and into the Multi-Disciplinary Chaplaincy Certification Course that came to be because I had time and motivation to become a chaplain and make the universalist in Universalist Jewish Rabbi become reality. I am committed to cultivating an attitude of gratitude in for the way our Aleph community--not a synagogue, just a community that guides the journey of conversion and then comes together for Kabbalat Shabbat, hikes on Yom Kippur and the creation of Sukkah in our city parks that warm our neighbors without adequate shelter through the Winter. I tell them that my job is to grow the Rabbi within each of them and I delight as I realize how much they now plan and do during a Friday night service or while we gather to work our community garden. It's not a shul but in 5779 I will stand in our many spaces; the Catholic Sisters Convent where we welcome in Shabbat, Garden of the Gods where we gathered at dawn on Rosh Hashanah, the Red Rock Canyon we will hike tomorrow on Yom Kippur, and in my backyard sukkah-created by my grandchildren this year, and I will be grateful and gratitude filled for each person, each moment, each space and all the doors that Adonai had to close so that I, His stubborn Rabbi-servant, would be willing to go where He sends me, and be content staying put.

Hopefully -- Like I've come a long way and realized that when someone is a gross bastard (now) instead of the amazingly hot, beautiful, lanky skater-guitarist with a heart of gold he used to be, that I should run far away instead of trying to be in the relationship I always wished I had with my perceived soulmate from the past -- and instead of trying to help him become his best again. I reached into the depths and pulled him up. Then he dumped me the minute I had a super crappy week emotionally. Seriously. What in the hell was I even thinking. I'll look at all of this and realize I don't have to be in ridiculous idealized relationships anymore at the expense of my spirit and my mind. Screw that. I also hope I'll be done with my major house project (the deck that's been dragging on) and that I'll be in a better place musically (with my music projects and being known and in my element, performing and working in the studio with other incredible musicians, playing melodic progressive metal and dark, haunting alternative bass, guitar, and piano with Annie and other respected progmetal people everywhere, maybe in Finland or Sweden or Norway or New Zealand or somewhere beautiful and nurturing and fitting to creatives that feels like the perfect, natural fit for me)... and I hope I'm more secure about my abilities. Maybe I'll find someone to love along the way, but better yet, maybe someone will find and love me. I'd also like to be less critical of others than I had been this past year and for the past 10-20 years. That is awful. I want my therapy to have taught me a lot. I want to be more mindful and honest with myself and with others, and less driven by agendas to be loved or accepted or whatever. I just want to BE. <3

I think I’m going to look back on the person I am today and not recognize her. I don’t recognize the person I was in September 2017 anymore, and I think I’m going to be a much fuller, more vibrant, God-fearing woman by September 2019 than I can even imagine today.

Oh gosh I hope I have new and interesting problems and that I can see how I’ve progressed on these and moved through them throughout the year. I also think I’ll be touched by the memories of Abrie’s first year...and perhaps weirded out by how seldom our next kid seems to cross my mind? He’s still feeling more like an idea than a person to me, even with the occasional flutters in my belly. I’m feeling him now as I write this in bed next to Allie on Yom Kippur, after a day that felt like a new stage in a few ways - the first time trying paid childcare to help with our work schedule (Joanna watched him and I went to work early), finally donating the things we Marie kondoed before Abrie was born and getting them out of our garage, organizing some things that needed organizing, going to something in the evening solely because I wanted to be at it (talk at the library about Native American history of this area). I hope that by next year we’re even closer to having our lives set up the way we want them, that Allie feels much more free to pursue the things she wants as well, and that we haven’t had any horrible surprises that set us back and take us farther from the life we want. Love to all of our future selves one year out, I wish so much goodness for you.

I don't want to say that I think I'll feel a certain way. I should feel however I feel. I hope I'll feel refreshed, proud, and accomplished about what I've done over the past 2 years. I'm not sure if answering these questions will change where I'm at, but I hope that answering these questions has channeled me to be more reflective and kinder.

I hope that I will be in a better routine regarding fitness and eating healthy. I hope that I will have traveled and have trips planned, so that people know that that is important in my life. I think I'll feel glad that I answered the questions for the first time this year. Hi future me. You probably look super hot right now. I love you.

As I began reading my responses from 2017 I was delighted with the depth of them and the clairty. A year is a long time and I read them as if they were almost not mine, listened and then coupled with them again in a new way. Next year I hope to feel accomplished having had achieved the goals I laid out in the vault. I think its possible by clearly stating my desires here they'll be an inspiration and proof that reflections lead to clarity and to desires and goals in whatever realm you come from. Reading back I hope to feel the power and consequence of 10Q giving me more confidence to want to be more, give more and receive more. Love wins. Maybe JD will be by my side as I type 2019's 10Q.

I think I'll feel the same about a lot of the questions, but maybe I will have made some progress towards being happier.

I hope I’m just an even better version of me. Better at money management, better listener, more compassionate, Less fearful, more joyful.

I think I will feel hopeful. Many things in my life seem to be turning more positive than in the past couple of years. Finances and other stresses have decreased, and I hope that by this time in 2019 they will be even less.

I'm very self-reflective (to my own detriment sometimes), so I think about these things constantly (to my own detriment sometimes). So, having done this exercise won't necessarily be the catalyst for the changes to come, but it does serve as a really nice vault. A place to mine, perhaps, in the future. Next year, I'm going to start them on Day 1 and do them day to day (this year I improved from last year at least by answering them all), and, make time to read through the old answers, etc. September 2019, I hope I've progressed at work, but I will have, just by "showing up," as I tell all people trying to succeed. And the f'ing trailer will be sold, by god. But, I really hope that some of this soul/spiritual learning will have begun to take effect, to have become habitual, that what I learn and what I practice will make me a much better, more settled, more generous, more gentle, more gracious--and, yes, more effective--version of myself. That's what I want. :)

Maybe get some insight about my past self to help my present self grow and acheive rather than slide into the same patterns.

I think I'll look back at this year and realize I was caught in a state of depression for 2018. And that by 2019 I will have gotten myself back on track and started to enjoy life again. Whether it be with a new partner or on my own. I hope I'll be proud of the progress I make this year.

As to how I'll feel I have no idea. I always feel strange when receiving things from the past like this. As to what I hope to be different, I hope to be well on my way to losing weight!

I'm sure I'll feel ridiculous. My thoughts about last year certainly got derailed pretty quickly. I suspect a lot will have changed - we are certainly planning big changes for the coming year. But I acknowledge that those changes may not come, and I'll be doing the exact same things in the exact same place with the exact same level of dissatisfaction, like usual.

I hope that I will feel that my thinking was so small back when I answered the questions. I want to have grown beyond the little old me wishing for a better life... to actually be the better version of me that is in my head. Feeling a bit directionless now, so I hope to look back on these answers as the start of something great.

From my experience this year with last year's questions, I will shake my head remembering how seriously I took thinks that never actually developed. Also, notice my very changed attitude about the same challenges. Life does manage to change us all, and often in a relatively short time.

I thinkhope I'll be much better at my job, our house will be decorated and regularly filled with people we love, and I dunno, probably we'll be engaged? We shall see if Barnett's increased dowry does the trick or if I need to just go to yoga more. And I bet we'll be closer to a Norwich. Or have a cat.

I think I will not have made much difference to how I feel in a year just by thinking about and answering these questions. There will be things that happen that I have no control over and at this point I have no idea what they will be and having these thoughts today will not make one whit of difference.

I've spent a lot of time this week (so far) thinking about goal-setting and where I want to be at different points throughout the next year, and beyond that. I think that no matter what I'm doing at this point, I'll be content with my decision and have a skeleton of a plan for the future beyond that. I don't want to put a lot of pressure on myself beyond what has to be done but at this point, of course, some decisions will had to have been made. I hope I'll feel ready to graduate, but still sad that college is over. Fuck. I've been thinking about it a little but actually imagining myself reading this as a college graduate is wild. I really hope I felt like I did everything I could this year to have a fun and successful year with few regrets.

I hope to feel that I've accomplished something over the next year. I'm tired of living in a rut. It's time for change.

I'll know how my life will change tomorrow work-wise. Edit: I lost my job today. My exit date is December 31, 2019. Time to leave Sidney, Nebraska, a town that I have loved. I wanted to stay-put, but that is not to be. This time next year, I'll be making my final move to a new town and starting over. Again. I'm too old for this shit.

I have no idea. I have a part-time job writing nonfiction podcast now, so that is technically "being paid to do what I love" (see my 10Q answer last year).No current relationship, but I did a bunch of things. I'm getting better about bedtime. i continue to meditate. Space Station 10 is shaping up reasonably nicely. What might be different about my life? No idea. Things are [edit: actually pretty good] now. but I hope they're even better.

Well, I hope that I've found more happiness than I've had this last year. It has been an incredibly challenging but also beautiful year of growth. One of the deepest heartbreaks I've ever experienced and one of light and love and feeling supported. I hope that I am better equipped at handling the vast variation in life and therefore generally happier. I hope that I've settled into LA and my home is a home and my relationships are flourish and I'm in a grad program and my non-profit is doing big things. I hope that life is better. I think I'll look back on this last year and realize my tenacity, my strength, my endurance, my optimism, relentlessness. I hope I see all of the hard choices and the big evolution that has come from them. I hope for peace.

Will I have been more able to meet others and challenges face to face, not shirk, not dissemble, and speak my mind or rather my feelings or address the situation in a way that is true to myself with empathy without always seeking to please or be liked. To be a rock when needed

Oh that’s a big question after pulling a 15+ hour workday on 6 hours of sleep. Only 40 more hours of comprehensive exams left. Yay me! So, next year...... I hope I’ll be grant funded for my dissertation and that I’m rolling into data management and analysis. I hope I’m excited about finding a post doc. I hope I’m having little to no back pain and that I’m feeling a bit lighter. I hope I’m good with my spiritual and self reflective practice. I hope I’m thinking about marrying Shae - but not married yet. :) I hope I’m a little more financially stable and getting ready to transition. I hope my citizenship is settled, and I’m fully a US citizen. I hope I’m well into the practice of taking breaks. And that I’m planning one for soon. Yes, soon. Right now. Jo, go plan yourself a vacation right now. And if you have one planned - YAYAYAY!!! Now go plan a nice walk or swim, and a date night. Go on. You need it. You want it. Do it. Oh, and I love you. ❤️Me

I have no idea! My life is going to be so drastically different by next year. I'll be reading these answers from my dorm room. I think it will do me good to remember my thoughts from what will be a year ago, and remember what I struggled with. I hope I'll be in a better place, mentally, emotionally, life-decision wise. I think I'll feel glad. Glad that I made it, that I'm out of high school, and that I'll ve starting a new chapter in my life.

I think I’ll be interested to see what point I was at. It was interesting reflecting on last year, and seeing how different or similar things are. Answering these questions gives me an opportunity to set a few more mid-term goals. A little reminder to see how my planning of the next 12 months might be on track or if I want to re-aim.

Next year, I hope I got done what I want to get done. I hope my life will have improved, and that I'll have more friends, be a better person, and be happier. I think I'll look back on these questions and be disappointed that i didn't get what I wanted to get done... done. (If that makes any sense.) Goodnight.

On the one hand, I think I'll feel similarly because I have felt the same way about some of the topics covered by the questions for a few years now. Hopefully, next year will be the start of a new chapter and will give me the opportunity to push myself out of my comfort zone and experience life from a different lens. I am definitely happy with where I'm at right now, but I feel that this stage of my life is over and that I'm ready for the next one, where I can take on new challenges and experiences.

I hope, like in previous years, that I'll have managed to move beyond where I was, and to somewhere new and hopefully better.

Above all, by September 2019, I pray I will be more like the woman God designed me to be. I pray J will be a freshman at AC!! I pray my family will be healthy and full of peace. I pray I will be engaged to the man God has chosen for me and surprised and amused by how He has creatively and purposefully woven my life path to unite me with that man. I pray I will have completed a successful season at work, fully enrolling the School by April 15th with fewer than five families lost to attrition. I pray we will have found the resources to hire D full-time, and I pray the rest of the team is healthy and happy and committed to the 19-20 season. I pray my living environment will be peaceful, wherever I am, and that I will enjoy my living space immensely. I pray and trust that I will be fully over my childhood phobia. I pray I will have made a wise investment with the funds from my father‘s estate. I pray I will be planning an amazing trip to Italy with my husband for 2020, along with a series of TTK parties across the nation/globe. I pray I will have placed membership and established strong relationships with a local church where I am inspired, challenged, and able to help. I pray that our nation has made numerous strides to reduce gun violence and police brutality, and I pray that all elected leaders govern with love and selflessness at the center of their priorities.

I think this year will be full of challenges, successes and family time. I hope we will all be a little healthier and that our finances will be under control.

I would hope that by this time next year life is starting to feel more manageable - or, rather, managed - again. I was starting to feel on top of things for the first time in a long while when I took that call in April and the carpet was pulled from under me. I would hope that I will have put Dad's estate to rest, arranged a beautiful headstone for him and a family gathering to see it and mark his birthday and death anniversary (only days apart), and celebrate the good things we share. I hope I will have made time and space to properly grieve him, and taken the impetus to start moving forward with some of my own hopes and dreams with a bit more focussed purpose.

Geçen sene çok negatifmişim, bu sene hiç o kadar negatif değilim. Çok farklı geçmedi hayatım, hatta daha bile az tatil vardı. Ancak epey güzel bakıyorum geçen seneye ve önümüzdeki seneye. Gelecek planlarımı biraz daha net görmeyi istiyorum seneye , 5 sene sonra nerede olacağıma dair hiç bir fikrim yok...

I hope that I'll look back on the 2018 version of myself and go "Wow, that's a whole lot of anxiety, dread, and self-loathing." I know those tendencies won't go away, but maybe they'll have become a more comfortable burden. I'll breathe through them more. I'll welcome them in the door and give them a cup of tea so they can unwind a bit. They'll become those friends of mine that have sat with me in the dark, but they won't control the conversation. I will accept them for what they are, and then make way for the other parts of myself to write a different story.

I feel like i will laugh at myself! It is always an interesting exercise to reflect and then reread those reflections with some perspective.

Hopefully I will look back at these questions and think “wow. Is there where I was 12 months ago? I’ve really grown”. Maybe I’ll read them and think “lol same”. If that happens, I’m okay with that too. There are things I want to improve but I’m also happy with where I’m at in my life. Im happy with the choices I’ve made and the life I’ve built.

In 2017, I thought I'd feel nostalgic, but instead, I felt blown away by the discovery that I wrote those things right before my kid's ADHD started causing trouble for her, before a friend I thought was a real friend ditched me because of my kid's ADHD, before our relationship with the parish we were at seemed to implode. I had ideas about losing weight, but I can see in those words a sort of, "Yeah, I'll lose weight and get a unicorn," sort of feel. I could never have predicted the last year, but somehow, here I sit, over 40 pounds lighter, with muscles rippling under the remaining 35 pounds of fat and skin, my kid at a different school but happy and thriving, attending a different parish and realizing I will never be comfortable if there's a fence around my creativity or actions. I also wrote that I hoped I would have stepped forward to the next thing. I'm stepping! I'm doing spiritual director training and applying for an MSW program after I finish my MPS, with a focus in spirituality. So it seems presumptuous to think about how I'll feel next year. But, I suppose, I hope I will have more self-acceptance and confidence and see the seeds of that growth in my answers. I hope that the fruits of my discernment of the past few years will continue to be good. I hope I will have domesticated some of my dragons. I hope I will have grown and evolved in my relationship with authority. I hope that my family and our relationships will be happy, healthy, and thriving. May it be so!

I hope I will realize that I have grown in the past year, even if it didn't feel like I had during the year. I hope doing 10Q gives me specific things to focus on this year.

My answer for this year is essentially the same as last year. I hope a year from now I have continued to make progress in my own personal life journey. I have meditated every day for the past year, and I intend to continue that for the coming year. (Although it will not matter if I miss a few days. Having a regular practice is what matters to me.). I would like to journal more, and spend more time in general writing and creating articles, books, workshops, and speeches about Behavioral Wealth Management. I hope to exercise more so my physical health is better. I hope to feel more centered and less reactive, more grateful and less jealous, more cooperative and less competitive, and more focused on what matters most to me.

I think I'll look back on this time in my life in a similar way to how I looked back on it when I returned to Koh Phangan this fall..."If only she knew what was in store, and my goodness, was it better than she imagined" I think that I'm going to feel a lot different this time next year. I think so much is moving energetically that inevitably there will be shifts between now and then. I think answering these questions is setting a foundation for the next year of life, even if I forget about them, my answers will live subtly in the energy of my being.

Oh man. I think I'm going to remember this part fondly, be proud of myself for how far I have come and how much I accomplished in a year. I think I'll feel warmly toward Arianna just beginning in the Big Apple, dating Jelani without a job, just beginning to network and start Unraveling and putting the ideas to the drawing board. 2018: Year of Weaving the Silver Thread Bringing the Ethereal to the material. Being in the pink mist and pulling it down to earth. I think I'll be in a place of building more community and connecting and expanding at a more rapid place, dealing with more mature and intricate challenges, and very proud of who I am at 25.

Hopefully I'll feel empathy for myself,for where I was now. I hope the concerns I have in a year will be different from the ones I have now, that I will have made some progress towards being the person I want to be, even with the knowledge that there's only so much I can do from where I am now. I'll hope to keep making progress towards crystallizing my dissertation (and advisor!!) plans, and improving my French, and being more patient and generous with others while not forgetting to stand up for myself when waranted. I also do hope to write more non-academic work this year. and maybe to finally get that tattoo.

I'm uncertain. Hopefully, I will have taken my advice and done the slow steps to change myself. I hope to be healthier, more at peace, even if this country continues to be a screwed up place. I hope to help change that.

I hope next September won't be as bad as this. I hope I will have achieved what I want, I hope I will have overcome my fears, my current wave of depression, and my feeling of being stuck. I really want to get on and enter a new phase of my life. I hope I will feel relief from seeing my life will have changed by that time.

Probably surprised at how much happened, but not the way that I expected (again). Time flies by so fast I appreciate this time once a year to think back on what happened recently, and remember what happened the year before. This year was a little less frustrating and depressing when reading the questions, as opposed to prior years, hopefully that continues.

I hope that I'll feel as though I've made strides toward self-advancement, or self-development. I anticipate having a high school graduate! I don't know whether he'll be at home going to community college or away at school; that depends on him, and I'll be happy either way. I know I'll have an 8th grader and a freshman; I'm steadily walking toward an empty nest, and I hope I will have taken the time with them to soak in their faces and voices before they're grown. I hope that giving time to think about these things will have made me a more contemplative and thoughtful person, and prepared a space in which I can make better, more thoughtful decisions.

I think I'll be able to see the ways in which I've improved and where I need to do more work. I hope by then I will have more financial security and maybe even have bought the house I live in. I hope to also be pregnant. I hope answering these questions makes me more mindful of what I have and what I need to work on but to do it with a sense of humor and compassion for myself and others.

I think I'll be ready to be reflective again. I like the process of looking at my old self and predicting for my future self.

I hope that the practice of engaging myself each day in a writing exercise that is meant for self reflection will help me become more mindful human, therefore helping me in my interactions with others and my surrounding environment, allowing me to find some peace with myself.

I’m sure I’ll have visceral memories of what this period in my life was like: the way I felt about work, about home, about finances… I hope I can look back and say with pride that I really did take steps to fix the things that are broken and to reinforce the things that are good.

I hope I don’t feel disappointed in myself in any way. I hope that I’ve made commitments to myself that challenge me but don’t overwhelm me. I hope that I feel the passage of tune in such a way that it makes me appreciate the possibility of every day, that the year doesn’t feel like it’s flown by and that I can point to different tunes in the year that I feel like I’ve grown.

My answer this year is much the same as last year. I suspect that these will be lifelong aims: to strive for bringing light and peace (and dare I say, joy) to others, creating health and wellbeing for myself and my daughter in every realm (financial, environmental, et al), taking smart risks, and continuing to build the life that I dream of, working my ass off to turn it into a reality at every turn. The most significant change from last year is that I now have someone by my side who champions me in all of these efforts, and believes in all that I'm capable of.

I think I will have gone through a transformative year. I think I'll know in 2019 that I could not have understood the depth of transformation until I went though it, that in 2018 I had a hunch but not a material understanding of what was in store. I hope to feel more aligned and closer to my truest expression.

I will think "my writing gets worse every year". When I started, I wrote beautifully; now I sound like a work email at best. In the past, my goals have been deeper, but this years (weight loss and more income) seem so shallow that I wonder if I will recall these 10Q as I go for the goal. Last year, my goal was a vision for my company and I have slowly achieved that, but this year's goal is bland in comparison.

I think I'll feel good! I can't wait for 2019 honestly, 2018 has been a shit show. But I'm starting to rise to the occassion! I'm getting to work on getting a job with a career direction, etc, I'm doing great at my weight loss journey,

This time next year, I'm hoping that I'll look back on all of the uncertainty, and the anxiety around that uncertainty, from firmer and wiser ground. I'll know more about what marriage entails for us and what work I'll be doing. I still won't have all of the answers -- and I know that anything can and will change at any time. But I think I'll have developed new tools for navigating ambiguity, new resources for managing the unknown, new ways of prioritizing the things that are important and dismissing the things that just don't matter. I'm hoping I'll have more certainty, that I'll feel more assured. Even if not, I'm hopeful that I will have new perspective to manage what comes my way.

Next year, when I look back at this year's answers, I hope I will realize that I was just getting started on this journey toward fixing myself. This past year, I gave myself permission to stop pretending my past didn't exist or push aside the terrible things that happened to me when I was younger. And facing these things is hard and uncomfortable, but I'm hopeful that I'll be able to look back and realize that it was the right time, important to do. And I hope that I'll be proud of myself for it.

I hope I'll feel more hopeful. I hope my financial life has reached equilibrium. I hope I've found a sustainable way of doing social justice activism. I hope I'll be doing some sort of parkour or, if not, know I did everything possible to make it happen.

I love opening these little time capsules from my past self. It's so nice to see the trajectory of my life over time and to hear the echoes of my own voice. I hope that I am feeling more hopeful about the world around us. I do have hope in people I just think you often have to hit rock bottom before the best in people gets seen. I am trying to tap into the beauty of humanity within myself in an effort to be more able to both show it to and bring it out in others. I do believe we are all connected. I do believe that humans are grounded in goodness. I do believe that God exists in all of us. I just need to make that the essence of my being.

It was all worth it and you are glad things happened the way they did.

I hope I'm interested, and happy that I made some progress. I hope I'm more focused on what matters.

I'm looking forward to seeing the progress I'll have made in my life, and see what unexpected changes might have taken place.

I suspect that I will have forgotten about them and, like this year, be surprised by how little has changed.

I don’t know. September is always pretty depressing for me? I hope I’ve moved forward. I hope I’m higher up the mountain. I hope I’m more consistently happy and less alone feeling.

I think I will be glad that I was reading the situation correctly. I will be reminded of thoughts that are less troubling "now". I might get a wake-up call that I haven't done as well as expected!

I hope I'll be happier, healthier, and more relaxed. I hope my anxiety will have lessened and my life will be less stressful. I hope that, looking back at these questions, I'll feel a sense of calm and release, knowing that this too has passed.

I hope I will feel proud and successful. As I sit in September of 2018, I feel like I have finally stepped in to my true self. And as I try and explore this identity, I want to boldly and confidently own it and feel it and live it, instead of having it merely peek out now and disappear due to inattention, fear, or weakness on my part. Perhaps I will over do it, and regress a little. Perhaps something will go wrong, and I’ll have to build another way. But I hope I didn’t burn everything down or simply lack the courage to fully transition into this adult version of myself. I’ve waited so long to feel like this, like coming home, and I don’t want to waste that.

I hope I feel inspired! I want to take on more philosophic, learning route as I get closer to retirement - I have been thinking ahead to this "next chapter" after work - and I want it to be different that my work/raising kids years - more thoughtful, more internal growth.

I think I'll feel satisfied that I finally put some of these things into words so that my subconscious mind - and the universe - can steer me in the right direction. I hope that I will have accomplished most of the things I've listed and that I will continue to build relationships in our community and transition into the lifestyle that we both love and crave. I strive to be the kind of person who decides what she wants to do and then just goes for it. I have a long way to go yet, but if I can conquer my fears and build consistency in my habits then I know I will be unstoppable!

I hope to God I look back and am happy that at least SOMETHING turned out right.

I hope I don't feel depressed because nothing has changed xD. By reflecting about these questions I might be able to work a lot on the issues that I have. They have made me think about what I want and I can use them as a guide to know where to go and what to do next.

I hope that I will smile when I read these answers because I will have accomplished the goals I set out. I also hope that I will be able to see growth within the answers as I compare them to the 2017 questions and answers. I hope to see me ahead of the curve this time, on top of things.

I have no idea how I'll feel. I feel like maybe anything could happen in the coming year. I could feel exactly the same next year. I could feel a total upheaval. I could feel a peace. I don't know. I think right now I am re-searching for purpose. I have had moments of great purpose in the past year. I have been working on my pilot, I have been finding my voice by auditioning for musical theatre, and that has felt spectacular. Learning and growth and risk and willingness--those are the ingredients for happiness and movement, for me. Right now, today, on Yom Kippur, I am seeking to get really quiet so that I can look inside and get honest about what I want to call forth in the coming year. Gratitude, generosity, love, kindness, and purpose. Those are kind of at the top of the list. And I know the coming year won't be all peaceful and flow--I know there will be stress and I'll be rushing from place to place and I'll get myself very busy again soon enough. I'll be working on wedding things for my sister and on my health and fertility etc and I'll be figuring out sending out my pilot and working on leveling up on my auditions and getting reps, and figuring out what my next project is. But right now, I'm committing to getting quiet today. No social media, no distracting myself with food or news or other people's red carpet photos or smoothie bowls or half-moon poses. Today, I hope to set myself up to manifest the life and the opening that I seek for the coming year. Let's just get curious about how I'll feel in a year reading these answers, and we'll see.

How do I think I'll feel: curious, hopeful, surprised, greatful, happy Hope will be different: My babies Trudy and Jacob will be here As a result of thiking about and answering these questions: This year I realized for the first time by reading these questions that I am actually, surprisingly, making a good amount of steady progress in battling the things that make life difficult for me. I am REALLY proud of that. And quite surprised. And happy about it. It makes me feel optimistic about myself and about humanity. I went to see the cave at Lascaux this summer and felt this overwehlming sense that we humans came from somewhere good, that we had benevolent ancestors, that there are some sort of cosmic parents that would like to see us do well and succeed. I'd like to hold onto that feeling. I'd like the process of answering these questions year in and year out to help me hold onto that feeling. Thank you for providing this anonymous family of people :) I really greatly appreciate it. It means a lot to me.

I think I will finally be getting into the swing of things for fall semester (since high holidays are late next year) and basically have one foot out the door, ready to graduate. I think I'll feel good about this past year and living a content life while ready for a change of geographic location and change of pace. I hope that these questions force me to think about a few key items to achieve for this coming year and to document them so I can remember, "wow, I really did do a lot this year and accomplished a lot."

I know for sure I will be glad that I did the 10Q. It is always so great to look back at my writing from the past. I certainly want to be earning more money. I want to have more certainty that what I'm doing in life is what I want to be doing. I want to be more introspective and write more, because writing helps me process things.

I hope that I'll be employed, feeling well, and more confident about my relationship. I hope that I'll be able to look back at this year's answers to the questions and smile, knowing how much better I'm doing.

I'm not sure. I hope to grow as a person. I hope what I've thought about as I answered these questions stays with me.

I hope I feel proud of what I've done in the last year. I'm about to take the huge step of moving to England and starting my MFA. I'm leaving behind a life I don't want, and venturing into the entirely unknown to pursue my dream. I hope I will be more confident in my abilities and in myself, and practiced at making decisions based on my own values (relationships, playfulness, loyalty, freedom, warmth)

I think I will be excited to see what I have achieved and compare my thinking in one year to today and be able to see growth and progress. I hope that J and I have a better relationship with more trust and openness. It is my hope that taking the time to examine the questions has provided me with more clarity and focus and has manifested some of the desires I have. I want to always grow and learn and be better each day. I want to meet the new, advanced, understanding, compassionate me next year. Oh yeah, and how's that ass looking?

Oh man I hate these predictive questions. I hope I've surprised myself in some positive way.

I probably wish I would have taken more time to write out thoughtful responses. My hope is that I have changed somewhat - I'd like to think that I am still progressing.

I would really like to have a more open heart to people. Be less critical and more forgiving and loving just like people have been to me. I will feel more hopeful about my life even though I have no way of knowing any outcomes.

I hope to feel proud and surprised. I want to surpass my expectations and be on the journey I want.

I think I will feel excited and energized to learn what has changed and see if I have accomplished some of my goals. I hope to have settled in to living with Mike, and worked through any challenges that will arise there. I'm hoping I will be more confident in my work life and outside of work as well. I hope that I will not question every decision I make as much and be more forgiving of myself overall.

I think I'll feel impressed with how much I've moved past the things I'm figuring out now. I think I'll be satisfied with how my life has grown and evolved. I think I'll have more relationships and more resources to help people around me. I'll understand myself on a whole new level and what motivates and improves me.

I hope to grow and develop and continue to learn... I hope to be stronger, and wiser, and more human... I hope to have all my basic needs covered, and some plans and projects in progress...

I will be surprised at how much I will have grown and I will be grateful. I will wonder at how afraid I was. I will realize that God is faithful and he is with me. I will be more confident in my love for Jesus. I will have a boyfriend I love and our love will be more certain. I will have grown more confident at a parent. I will have grown more confident at work. I will see my answers and laugh.

I hope I feel pride and renewed hope and determination, as I do in this moment.

I guess I'll be exactly the same, but older and sadder.

I hope that answering these questions will help me get the focus and clarity needed to be successful in my job, to unlock my creativity more, and to succeed in my side businesses and investments.

I hope that I feel accomplished, having done at least some of the things I hoped to do. I hope that answering these questions motivates me to reach my goals. It certainly helped me to clarify them. This time next year I hope that I am in a place of contentment, that I have solid relationships and that I am healthy.

I will be proud of myself for answering them. It will make me see that I have a commitment to myself, to my awareness and reflection whether it's complete or not. I'm also very curious to see where I am when I read them and how the year has changed me or not. There's tremendous value in that.

I hope I'm pleasantly surprised, and happy with where I am, and amused to think back on the past year, and where I was right now. I hope I gain a bit more introspection. Answering these questions is sometimes a pain... it's hard to make the time, and to remember to get back here to catch up on answers before the vault closes, but I think it's worth it. It's worth it to see a slice of how I was feeling and thinking from a year ago. I hope I feel uplifted, and more connected to myself, and to my spiritual community, through these reflections.

I hope the 10Q questions will be different because these suck.

I just hope I am happy. When I read this I want to take a few deep breathes and feel how I need to feel. Am i happy? Am I anxious? Have I taken the time to address those things? If I’m not happy, i hope I will take the time to reflect on the things that bring me joy and purpose in my life and use that as an opportunity to reassess.

I will feel nervous but excited and happy that I answered these questions. I'll be nervous bc what if I didn't achieve what I wanted/anticipated? It's still cool to see what we were going through this time 1 year ago!

This is a good practice, and thankfully, it's not the only time of year I think about things like this because I need constant reminders. I think I really will be finished with the draft by this time next year, and already revising. I think I will have a good start on the book with Lenore. I hope our political world shifts enough that my sense of hopelessness fades. I guess I'm not completely devoid of hope yet, or I wouldn't even bother with these goals. May the next year bring us peace and love.

I think and hope that I will feel curious, and happy with my life, where it has been, where it is, and where it is going. As I have said before, I'm not looking for any dramatic change, improvement, or progress. Just hoping that the world will have been good to me and mine.

These answers come in September. This is a very hard month. It is the month that Phillip died. IT is hard. That being said, I did actually answer the questions this year. This means that I have a little more energy this year than I did last year. Maybe I have a little more desire to be in my own life. I listened to a recovery podcast today about grief. It talked about devotion to ones sadness and a struggle allowing ourselves to feel happy. I am willing to turn the corner to be happy. It is like a zig zag. It isn't perfect. It isn't a straight line. But I am willing. I see that I am willing to look around the corner and chose to live. That means taking care of my body through yoga or taking a photography class or beginning to cook a little bit or more. To be kinder to myself. Yes, I am willing.

I think I will look at them and see how clueless I was at what having a child means and how transformative it will be in every way.

I hope to have gotten a promotion I am aiming towards right now. I hope to have improved as a person, having built up more character and being more outspoken about my opinions and thoughts. I hope to find a partner in the next year. I also hope to being closer to realizing a big vacation that I am thinking about right now.

I hope I'll see myself as more of a professional, more independent, more of a whole person, a person living more fully and authentically despite the fears and hardships of life.

My hope is that some of the things that I have mentioned in these answers have either come true (ie. goals) or are non issues for me anymore. I think that this is a really good way to check and see how you are doing as a person and to hold yourself accountable. It'll be very interesting to see what happens next year...

I think I'll feel glad that I have conquered my weight problem -- even though right now I have gone off my Weight Watchers plan for the third day!! I'll probably feel disappointed too. I don't think my life is ever different really because I answered these questions though as I'm writing this I realize I don't actually try to change. Though, wait, I did this year. I moved into a much cheaper apartment so I could pay off my credit card debt.

I hope that there will be more hope and positivity in the world this time next year. Things are pretty dark and dismal when you look at our country from a policy and leadership perspective. I hope this makes a huge turn by this time next year.

I hope I will be one year older and still have a 4.0.

i hope that i will be more at peace with my father whether he is still alive or not. and that my mother is ok. i hope i will have a clearer view on the new job and that i am feeling fulfilled and motivated by it and learning new things. i expect that i for sure will have at least one credit card paid off. paid with a bonus from the new job plus from some first income from selling my course. i hope i will have another course selling and that i have some private clients to work with. i hope we are living in a place where we are happy. i hope i am still improving my physical performance and doing races.

I have a feeling that at this time next year, I’ll be laughing at my own naïveté and how utterly unprepared I was for the journey to motherhood (despite the fact that I’m doing everything in my power to try and prepare). I hope that taking the time to reflect and answer these questions has put me in a better, more open, and more vulnerable place as I transition to the year ahead.

I am proud of myself. I fricken' did it!!! For the next year all I want is to integrate and adapt to my new surroundings. I think that will be a great goal. And one that I know I will be able to accomplish.

Appreciation & gratitude. I hope I have stronger mental health and more energy for life.

I am afraid I will never move forward in my life. I want success in some fashion. Small successes are forward movement.

I hope I’ll feel better about the world we find ourselves in this year. I hope the fear mongers and narrow minded people in governments all over the world will be replaced by humanitarians. This year some of my answers are the same as last year; I hope I’ll see real progress in 2019.

Nostalgic and hopefully overaccomplished.

I hope I'll be proud of myself for having gone through this process again! Same as with my daily journal: I can see that I'm not the same person I was last year, and that I am moving forward, even if progress seems slow or nonexistent. It's ok to take my time figuring things out. I want to be understanding of myself while I take this time.

I enjoyed reading past years, so I hope that is true again. I hope that I have a loving, happy relationship with my grandson. I hope I have found a way to step into the faculty lead role in a way that works for me and for the team. I hope I am proud of how I’ve handled myself and how I’ve grown. I hope I have less anxiety about work and feel more balanced in my life.

I hope I'll have achieved a few of my goals- being more adventurous, spontaneous, connected. I hope I won't feel as though the last year has passed in a blur of routine and been a waste. I hope I learn a lot, but even more than that, I hope that I take myself a little less seriously and feel as though I've lived my life fully.

I hope 2019 will be a lot more stress free (like before hubby's family came out) and we can focus our energy exploring Oregon/Washington and California, and doing the things we want to do instead of focusing on surviving only.

I think that I'll be in a very different place in a year anyway. Hopefully I'll have a job but I imagine I'll feel uncertain about whether I want to continue pursuing physical therapy. As a result of thinking about/answering these questions though I hope that: -I'll feel more comfortable approaching new people, using open body language, and treating everyday acquaintances more as friends. -I'll keep in touch with friends more regularly. -I'll ask my parents more questions.

I wasn’t really surprised by my answers this year so I expect the same next year. I’m pretty cognizant of who I am as a person, even as that evolves. I’d really like to be in a good career by then, and I hope I’ll grow even more.

God willing, September 2019 will find me a confident and capable curator, and more comfortable overall at LA Plaza. September 2019 means Theo will be turning 30, and I hope that we’ll be going somewhere or soon something special :) The reflection I’ve done over the HHD this year has given me the joyous insight that I have the *rest of my life* to craft a spiritual practice that works for me, in whatever moment of my life I’m in. Some years I’ll want to be at every service, some years I won’t, and it’s okay either way—this journey is mine and mine alone, and bolstered by my family, friends, partner, and spiritual community.

I'm worried that I'll feel like I seemed incredibly shallow in 2019 when reading these answers. I'm hoping that I don't feel like I did absolutely nothing about these goals. I hope I remember that I answered these and tried to hold myself accountable. Being a better person is something I'm always focused on, but I often feel like I'm getting nowhere.

I hope that in Sept. I am just as happy as I am now, and that reading these will make me feel grateful that I took the time to soul search and answer these. I hope that this next year brings my dream of living in the mountains to fruition.

I think I will be excited, maybe a bit nervous to see my answers from this year. In answering these questions, I hope that I have inspired myself in this coming year to be less fearful and more enthusiastic, less judging and more loving, and in so doing, being my most authentic self.

I have gone through so many transitions this year and part of my anxiety right now is around losing the things dear to me- my job, my apartment, my friends, my boyfriend I hope to feel more complete next year- like I have gained something valuable.

I feel like I always grow from this experience. I really hope that I've found a bit more time to be reflective. To pray. To be with myself. Right now it's a lot of work, working out, hanging with friends, being with Heather. And that's all so, so good. But maybe when I read these I'll remember that I just need to BE sometimes. That's why I feel like I'm not enough - because if being enough is dependent on how much you accomplish, you'll never be enough. There will always be things left undone and more to do. But if being enough is about who I am - who I am ontologically - then it's not about doing enough, or learning, or accomplishing things, it's about just being me.

When September 2019 rolls around and I recieve my answers to my 10 questions, I think I will feel like I tried to improve in all areas but was not consistent, or like I settled for fear of failure. I hope I do not give in to fear, that pursue good regardless of the cost, or what it looks like to others. I hope I keep the 10 questions in mind consistently.

I hope I will feel loved and settled I also hope to feel like I'm home and to not feel lonely.

It is always interesting to read our answers. Sometimes the answers are surprising and others are the same old same old. When we have done what we said we would do, it feels great. These questions help us become aware of our lives. It is easy to just be busy and get things done from day to day. It is good to spend time contemplating on the big picture.

I hope that my positive self love has continued and I think I will feel very glad that Sept 2018 me is in a good place, but that Sept 2019 me has grown so much more. I am not really sure what will be different as I anticipate so much change personally and professionally in the next year, I guess we will just wait and see!

Like last year, I think I will feel a huge sense of awe and perspective of how far I have come. I'm hoping to have a stronger understanding of my career goals, and I hope to have stronger friendships, not shallow ones. Thinking about these questions helps me to identify where I am as a person. Wow, next year I will be a senior in college! I hope reading next year's answers can help me make the most of my last year in school.

I hope I'll be better at establishing my boundaries because I'll have a clearer picture of the things that I want. I hope I'll be better at recognizing when I need to stop and rest as well. I think I will be a more decisive person who has more resiliency and endurance if I can figure those things out.

I'll say what I prayed to God in Yom Kippur series. I pray my family and I are happy & healthy (physically and mentally), I pray I've taken another step forward both in my career & in my life, and I pray that I continue to grow in managing my anxiety and OCD.

I want to be accepting of the 'faults' I see in others, i want to view with compassion and the hope that we all advance.

I would like to feel I've been more successful in making changes and healing and connecting with other's than I did this year, although, considering my situation, I think I made great progress this year. I'm not grieving as intensely this time. I hope to be more comfortable and communicative in a clear way with the people connections I have managed to make this year. I might have true friends. Maybe even the ones who helped me last night when I had to go to the ER after almost passing out. I hope I have better health and I have some self esteem and confidence. I have to stop saying I'm Sorry so much! I hope I can once again have and feel like I have something to offer.

I think I will feel proud that I have come a long ways toward my hopes and dreams and healing from the pain of this past year. I think I will feel reflective about what happened in the interim, and before that. I hope I will feel grateful for where I've been and where I'm going. I'm certain I'll feel happy that I answered all these questions for my future self to read. I'm hopeful that I will have found more joy, peace, spirituality, community, love, and resilience by the time I read these questions next year.

No Idea. May be bored to see them, as the year will go by so fast. Hopefully will feel satisfied that I achieved all my goals + more + something unexpected. Hopefully will be older and wiser and not be too disappointed that I didn't.

I suspect I will not be too surprised. I hope I will have moved forward on my wishes!

I answered these before YK, and on YK i decided to let go of everything, all the bonds and obligatons form the past. And to stop feeling guilty. And to move forward, carelessly and recklessly. I hope I have something to show for that.

Tired but happy :-)

I want to feel more energetic, more positive about myself and then the world. Its useful to though to paper like this exercise forces you to do. Its now on paper, free from the dark and swirling endless thoughts of the brain where it will get lost. These thoughts then become the guide you need to get to your September 2019 version of youself

I want my life to be somehow equal to what it is now, just evolved. If last year I needed/wanted a change, this year I want to build on that change. I want to see with the answers and the perspective that only time can gives, how much I evolved. I want to have the same feeling of accomplishment I had a couple of weeks ago, when I saw the answers from last year and I looked at my current life. How much I managed to do and how well I am doing. I want 2018 Lucas to be proud of his 2019 self.

I'll feel empowered, unburdened, rich with experience, strong, determoned and successful. I hope I'll have a new house a new partner but that's not an objective it would simply be nice. I hope the last chapter will be closed permanently so there and effervescent beautiful future can openly pour in to transform the old crap into sparkling possibilities. I hope that the answers I've given her have helped me heal as this year and these past 9 months while positive have quite possibly been the toughest of my life.

I think I will be excited to receive them. I think that this has given me a form of accountability to myself that I haven't had before.

I hope these questions & answers galvanize me to make positive changes or at least little noodges towards acting better--more kindly, less wasting of time, more generously... (I already took a step back towards karate, after answering a day or 2 ago, so I think I'm on the right track!)

I think that I will look at these questions and try to see if anything i wrote that I wanted to change did change. I hope that improved what I wanted to. I hope I live up to what I wrote, and who I want to be.

I truly hope that I feel differently than how I felt this year when I opened 2017's answers. It was kind of a bummer to see that my goals were not met--I'm still stuck at the same job, single, and kind of lost in life. I hope that in the coming year I can learn from both the failure to meet these goals and the overly ambitious goal-making I'd done in the past.

I am hoping to feel relieved. I know there will be at least one (1) loss that will effect our family greatly over the next year. But it's my belief that despite some of the challenges we may face, we will be at least another step forward in our goals and our relationship in the coming year. At least I pray that is the case. Man plans and G-d laughs!

I think I will feel discouraged at how many things I have not succeeded at changing. I hope that answering these questions will keep me more focused on the priorities that are meaningful to me.

I hope I'll be less fixated on what other people think and more able to feel into how truly amazing my life is. To have the opportunity to reflect on an exquisite year where I slowed down, listened to my intuition, stayed present. Where I've opened to more love than I ever thought possible. Where I lived each day remembering God.

I think I'll be surprised I filled them in! And wonder where the year went. I hope I'll have refocused a bit and be a bit more deliberate in the use of my limited time and energy.

By next year we will have a new (not new by then) congress and will have a better sense of whether anyone in power will actually be held responsible to any degree for their actions. I feel like that is going to have a tremendous amount of influence on everyone - it sets such a tone. On a smaller scale, I really hope that by deepening my meditation practice and self-care and reflection, I will be able to divest myself of some of the fears and anxieties that hold me back.

I hope I'll feel accomplished. That I won't be in the same place in 2019. I want to be loving the life I know that God desires for me to have. I want to look back at my answers having said, I did those things. I made a goal/plan & stuck to it with intent. I hope this time 2019, I will be able to speak on my success & not my failure. I want to really believe the things God says about me & know in my heart and soul that He truly Loves me for me. May God totally have His way in my life in this new year. Jehovah Aman, so I know that I can attain all He has purposed for me!

I hope that I am in good health and I have achieved my goals for this year and have grown in the process. If not I look forward to the opportunity to reflect and to grow.

As I have said before [looking at answer now], see previous answers. I hope for joy for David and I and for all. I love you, David, forever and always.

Proud of what I've accomplished and my personal evolution and growth.

I found myself feeling this year that I really hadn't moved on from my answers in 2017, but I do feel as though there have been great changes, lessons learned in the past year. In 2019, I hope that my values and priorities stay the same, but that I take a more active, intentional role in making my goals come to fruition.

I hope I look back at this time in awe of the energy and intention I put into my family and work from this point forward. Hopefully my life is moving a bit slower. Hopefully I'm smiling a bit more. I know that I'll appreciate this tool and the process of reflection that it continues to provide for me.

I hope I can check off a lot of boxes as done!

I think Sept 2019, I will think "heck yes. I did it" when I read my responses. At least, I freaking hope so. I hope that I stay connected to myself - mind, body, and soul. I hope that I heal so much and grow to incredible heights. That I have this foundation down so that I can be open for everything greater that has yet to come my way. I think that I will be stronger because I will have faced more fears and embraced my courage to have experienced new heights. One day at a time.

I hope, when I see these answers, that I will have accomplished some of the things I'd listed. I hope I'll be able to say, "Whew! He and the others are out of office, the whole bunch brought to justice." I hope to feel relieved that the leadership of our nation is back on a positive path.

I think I'll feel as I usually do when the next year rolls around: a little sad, remembering what was lost over the past year, and realizing how slow-going change for the good can be. I'll be pleasantly reminded of happy events that I'd forgotten about, and I'll be annoyed that I'm still relying on old habitual behaviours to cope with things that I haven't changed over the course of the year.

As I read last year's answers, I do feel appreciative of progress I've made. I'm especially grateful for the structured self-reflection, and the chance to see where I have and have not made as much progress as I anticipated. I expect that next year, I'll be surprised by some of what I've written. I'll feel grateful that I continue to grow and learn, and am able to examine my own role in creating the life I'm living, and make choices about my behaviors, mindsets and priorities. I hope that I will have increased my earnings enough that I'm not feeling so constrained every day. I think I will have made more progress toward deciding how I want to move into the next stage of my life, noting that I will turn 60 in the coming year. :-)

This year it has been hard to come up with answers. I feel a little like all my focus has been on work, which is improving and getting more interesting. But also I've just been coasting. Sometimes annoyed with myself for talking a good game and not being active in making the world better. I hope I can do better in the coming year.

I am hoping I'll feel relieved and proud of the work I've completed and the changes I've made. Most likely, I'll just be saying 'same goals, next year!'

I hope that I will see growth. All I can ask of myself is that I change and learn more about myself and my place in the world each year. Reflecting on a year is a powerful thing. I think it gives me the strength to be more comfortable with myself.

I think I will feel relatively the same...I'm sure I will still be working on promoting trauma-informed approach at work, as it will probably take longer than 1 school year to get it fully accepted and ingrained. Hopefully I will feel more like part of the group at work and maybe have made some work friends. But overall, I think things should be relatively stable.

I'm hoping that the next year will be much better than the past year, which was a very hard year. With my mother-in-law's death behind us I'm hoping we're under a lot less stress this coming year, and that we're able to get back to enjoying things more.

Hopeful. Motivated. Balanced.

I think I’ll feel a little bit sad for my old self. I’ll feel happy that I’ve broken a lot of my limiting beliefs and the bonds with those that actively hold me back. I’ll be happy with where I am but still feel the compulsion to work harder and become better than I am. I think I’ll be more emotionally mature , and I’ll have cast off the shackles of the fears that have limited me thus far. I’ll be confident and proud, hard working and disciplined. I’ll love and be loved. I’ll be happy. I will have spent a year working at being cheerful.

I hope that I will be at a point in my life where I am proud of myself for reaching my goals.

I hope, proud.

When September 2019 rolls around I think I will still be pursing life to the fullest and going after as many fun new opportunities that I can. I hope I am focused on finding a good balance in my life between creative pursuits, work, exercise, and spending time with people. And ultimately, I hope that I am happy and still a very positive person.

I hope to feel a sense of completion/ knowing. I hope to be living or working towards the life I’ve dreamed of xx There’s Always Time xx Time’s Always On Your Side xx 💜🦋⏱⏳

I wonder what life will be like and if I can see a vast change. I hope Chris and I are friends and that I'm satisfied with life.

I guess I will feel different in my life if I have achieved them and worked though them. If I haven't, like previous years, then I don't know if I will feel anything.

I want to throw a party because I would have achieved everything that I hope to have achieved by then.

I think I'll have another year of growth when I look back, as I did this year. I have started manifesting what I want for myself, and I feel there is tremendous power in that. I sense I'll be calmer in relation to the girls, in a relationship with an amazing man, and heading towards a thriving coaching career.

I hope my health has improved. I hope I'm still alive and that those I love are still alive. I hope I am out of my current apartment and feeling more stable, more financially sound, and both more settled and ready for adventures. I would love to look back on this and have a life partner. Love love love. I hope I'm feeling it more and giving it more. I hope Trump and that whole mess of a government are out of office or that the power is more balanced.

I am constantly surprised to see the growth I make, year after year. I am just as surprised to see the same issues each year. This year has been a growing year - full of change, strengthening relationships and starting new directions. I want to make sure I continue to learn, to love and to enjoy the life- whatever direction it may take me.

Hopefully better. I'll have found some answers, gainful employment and re-affirmed my priorities & sense of self worth.

I hope I will feel inspired and accomplished. I hope I'll be a better person and I'll have a good year to look back on!

I hope I'm delighted. (I was this year.) I hope I feel some comfort in knowing that the person I was thought deeply about the person I was going to become. I hope I read my answers and find that one of them unlocks a question I wasn't yet ready to ask. Right now I'm trying for a new job and a step up in my own life. I think I will be better at asking for what I need, both professionally and personally, because I sat down and reckoned with what I owe myself. I'm not going to be a dramatically different person in 2019, and I know that some of my anxieties and anguishes will always be with me; that's how it is. But I want to think that I'll be better at living with them. Maybe next September I'll be coming out of a bad spell of heavy boots again, but then, maybe I will have been kinder to myself throughout. The storm doesn't change, but I can. I've always had a hard time thinking about the future. It never seems real until it's here. And here I am, thinking about it anyway. That's faith, I guess. I have faith that the future will come, and faith that I'll be there to meet it.

While I enjoy this exercise, these questions and reviewing them will be the most insignificant thing in the long run. I hope everyone is still alive.

I don't know how I'll feel. Hopefully like I'm in a happier/less lonely place. I hope I'll have a job and maybe even will be back in BC though I know that's a stretch. I hope I'll be more thoughful.

I hope I will be more mindful of how I let my emotions drive my thoughts and actions. I would like to focus on taking a breath and looking for the real reason behind these feelings that keep me from being my best self. I know that there are reasons/behaviors that are deeply entrenched in my psyche.

Well I accomplished the new city, new job part of last year's 10q, but still need to work on my health. I again, want to - need to be on track.

In one year, I think Lee and I will feel much more settled in Maine, in our home, with deeper friendships, in the larger community. I believe I'll feel much more settled at work. And I imagine Lee will have more clarity and direction around his next steps professionally. This will all come just from staying in the river of life and taking things day by day moment by moment.

If this next year goes anything like the one that just passed, I think I’ll feel a mix of bittersweet, vindicated, and grateful for the life that I have. I hope I have made progress on some of the goals and concerns I’ve written about. I hope I’ve made more effort to socialize. I hope I am still thinking every day about how to be the best possible partner to Hannah. I hope I am more comfortable/at peace with my relationships to my family. I hope I am in the process of becoming a more loving and empathetic person. I hope I am finding guidance in the MSW program and am feeling very positive about starting a field study. I hope I couldn’t be more excited about my upcoming wedding! I hope I am sharing good news with Nate and Katie. Right now I’m mostly hoping I have more friends. It’s ok if we don’t, future Adam. It’s a process. I just hope you are better equipped than I am to keep pursuing the things we need. I hope you know that you deserve love and friendship. You are worthy of those things.

I'll probably think that most of what I've written is about heartbreak, which is true. It's what's most on my mind now. Maybe I'll feel happy about how far i've come or surprised by unexpected circumstances. This year I processed a lot through answering these questions... maybe next year i'll be able to set more goals for my life ahead. I am so grateful for 10Q.

Most likely it will be a reminder that another year has passed and not much has changed personally. I hope to be more comfortable with my relationship (whether still in or over). I hope my ex has become more reasonable (probably not). I hope I've spent more quality time with family. I expect my business will have continued to grow. I hope to still be healthy and fit. I hope I've been able to take more trips/experiences with the kids. Those are things I am thinking about more because of 10Q.

I think I will feel a bit more settled in life, in my job, etc. I hope that I have more of a social life and more of an active and healthy life. Once again, I hope to not wait until the very last second to compete questions 5-10! Funny how I stopped for awhile after day 4 last year as well!

I'm not sure. I'm always surprised by some of my answers, either impressed that I was sort of profound or amazed that I forgot that blessing or astonished that something that seemed so devastating has lessened enough to be forgotten or feeling deeply that what I captured then still feels so true.

I may be disappointed that I did not live up to what I expected of myself. I hope I will have acted at least some of the promises, especially transitioning to a smart phone. Also, I am proud that I updated at least some of the old directory of family and friends. I hope I will complete it in my laptop files.

I hope I can look back over the intervening 12 months and say that I am more in control of my life now than I was then, however small those things I control may be. I hope I do not simply settle because it all gets too hard. Because it will.

I feel much less challenged by the questions this year. I just hope that I will have made a good start on my degree by next year.

Hopefully positive that I made choices and decided to pursue new paths and adventures. Life isn't miserable but it's certainly not satisfying right now. Lots of empty holes, some can be filled with new decisions

I think my life will be very different at this time next year as a result of retiring from full time work. I don't think these questions will have much of an impact. Having answered these questions for several years, I wish they weren't so much the same from year to year but still appreciate having them.

I do not expect any large changes in the next year. Nancy will likely spend a few months with us again this winter, and parts of that will be unpleasant. But I think we will manage the situation better this year, so overall it will be less difficult. I think the lake house will be a pain in the ass again next summer, with just a few trips up there to put the dock in and take the dock out, but very few trips just for pure fun. I think Kate will thoroughly enjoy her half marathon experience this December, and she will keep running farther and faster. I think that at least one of my bands will implode, or maybe it will be that I just bow out of one or two of them, but I think it is unlikely that I will still be practicing and gigging at this pace next year. And I think that Camp Lawrence on the Creek will keep getting cooler, and we will have several fun nights in the backyard with all of our new Crestview friends.

I believe I’ll be comfortable in my state of being and even if I do not accomplish all I’ve set out for in the coming year I am hopeful that I can forgive myself and be able to try again.

I want to move closer to the ocean I feel my soul needs it I am hoping by then I am making the plans to go.

I'll probably laugh at how narrow minded some of my answers are. I hope I'll have a dog by next year, and I hope I'm less self centered.

I think it'll be interesting to look back on this moment, where I am surprisingly zen about the future and telling myself that everything will be okay, because quite frankly, I have no idea where I'll be this time next year. I hope that I'm happy, and that I haven't burnt out. My passion is one of my strongest traits, and I hope I'll be able to utilize it to keep me going. I have a lot of good things in my life right now, and I hope that that doesn't change.

I hope that I will be healthier and happier, with an even stronger relationship and some career advancement. I hope that will be kinder too. I hope that thinking about all of this will help me figure out how to get where I want to go.

I think I'll feel in awe and humbled, like I have the years before. Amazed at what giving voice to my thoughts and energy to my wishes can create in a year. How I said it last year is almost perfect "I think I'll feel much like I felt reading the answers from 2017... I will likely be - Amazed. Humbled. Grateful. I hope my life will have continued to provide me with wonderful opportunities for growth in all facets (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) and that I am a stronger person than the year before in each of these ways. I think answering these questions creates an unconscious pact with myself that I want to grow and change in the ways I've reflected. I've set it to the universe. Help me grow. Help me see. Help me be the light you've intended me to be." I hope my life will have more peace as a result of thinking about and answering these questions for 2018. I think that's the common thread of all my answers this year. What I most desire for my life is peace - God Grant Me The Serenity.

I hope I will feel less anxious and guilty, and more free. It is hard to imagine that, but I think setting this intention will only help.

Will likely be amused. Growth is fun! Know life will be different and introspection helps with acceptance. Really now wondering how next year’s responses will be shaped by this, my first year...

please I hope that our country will be in a better place. That racism and homophobia will be less and that woman will have taken over. I see no future with men in power. They are so greedy.

I sure hope that it does not seem like Groundhog Day. In some ways, the themes and aspirations of 10Q year after year do not seem to move me along or transform me as much as I hope. Good intentions are fine, but results are the objective. Changing one’s personality and habits requires more than ten days of genuine thought or atonement.

I think I will feel accomplished. I am really introspective and try to stay present with my goals and needs, so I think much of what I am writing will come true. I hope that I will take my own advice, and maybe even just take steps towards completing some of these goals.

My answer is pretty much the same as last year. I expect that I will be impressed and grateful about how the year has turned out.

I hope that some of the things I thought were issues have been solved. Perhaps at that time I will have different priorities. There is so much potential for change in many directions, I think I would be a little disappointed to be on the exact same trajectory without any growth.

I hope I'll feel like I've grown. That I won't believe all of the incredible experiences I've had in the last year. I hope I'm feeling more positive and upbeat about things, and healthy emotionally and physically. (Although, it's ok if I'm not...this is me already trying to practice letting go and letting it be.) I hope I find myself open to experiences and receptive to the unknown in ways I haven't allowed as much space for. But really, it's all about growth. That I can recognize where I've come from, and respect and love where I am in Sept. 2019.

I hope I've worked on achieving these things I talked about in here, or overcoming the difficulties. I hope I'm a happier person. I hope I'm a continuing success.

I'm optimistic for life, and I'm pretty sure I'll feel the same. I may not be on the same professional high that I'm more or less on now, but I think I'll still be on the same trajectory. I suspect these questions may not have influenced that much, but that's OK, because I'm doing it for the first time and, well, I can iterate my approach going in 5780. I may not be single, or I may be, in which case, well, perhaps I should iterate something there as well. But I hope I'll still be thoughtful, happy, and optimistic. Shanah tovah.

I think I will feel proud of myself for completing this year. I think I will feel nostalgic. I think I will feel happy - I usually do with stuff like this. I think I will also be sad about some bad things that happened to me and how oblivious i was to what happened at the moment.

I think I will have progressed on some of my side projects but not others. I hope I will be happy with the progress I've made and not feel guilty for the progress I will feel I should have made. Remember, taking a step every day on a project will move it forward inevitably.

I'll remember where I was a year ago. I'll be surprised that some things were such a big deal now and how they fall away with time. Time heals everything and brings additional growth, knowledge.

I'm hoping our country will be in a better place. We have so much hate right now based on our current "leadership". I hope that I will be happy with the choices my kids have made after high school graduation and that they are happy.

I hope to have accomplished some of these things. I hope to have had some good growth over this year and the ability to see and address issues before they derail my plans. My outlook is good and I am an optimist so I hope that trend continues. I hope I have followed some of my own advice.

I’ll laugh. I’ll be sitting in this same place but feel like a different person. I’ll be so glad I was doing the work I’m doing now so I could get to where I am then. I’ll be using my energy to do things instead of to prevent things. I’ll be sharing with the world. My kitties will be bigger.

i hope i'll be taking up less space in this chair while i'm reading last year's answers. and hope that not much changes at my house... things are pretty good.

I am writing something very similar to what I wrote last year ads it still stands: I hope I have taken action to do this year's answers. I hope the world has opened its eyes to stop hating one another long enough to recognize we are all in this together and inside we are all the same. We all bleed the same blood. Together we can tackle big BIG issue and stop repeating all the petty ones! Together we can care for ourselves, this earth and all the plants and animals who dwell on it.

I honestly have no fucking clue. I hope to look back on this time with the hindsight of a man who is proud of himself for taking a risk and investing in himself. I moved back to New York for love, and I have a sense that it's love that will keep me here or pull me to my next adventure - that sounds romantic, but it's the mode I'm in these days. I hope I'm still living life in the spirit of "why not now," doing things that scare me but that I know I need to do in order to grow. I hope my life is more honestly me - not pretending or posturing to care about what other people think but being my true and full self. And continuing to be someone who contributes, and proud to be who I am.

I hope that when I read these answers in September 2019, I can look back on this year and be really proud of what I've accomplished and say that I handled most of it gracefully. I hope that answering these questions will help anchor me in a sense of self-confidence and fearlessness throughout the year. I hope that I will feel more settled and more optimistic about the future rather than worried and afraid. I hope that I will have have celebrated and appreciated the amazing milestones that I anticipate are coming this year.

This last year, my life partner and I read last year's answers to one another. We laughed, we cried, we fell more in love. I expect next year we'll do the same. I've been recommending 10Q more to my friends. Sometimes I find the act of answering virtually the same set of questions every year to be a little tedious, and I balk at the repetition of my year-to-year answers. Yet it also feels important to be asked the same questions, whether it's reminiscent of the sinister confrontation in "Marathon Man" when Laurence Olivier keeps pulling Dustin Hoffman's teeth, asking "Is it safe?", or the cathartic scene in "Good Will Hunting" when Robin Williams keeps reminding Matt Damon "It's not your fault" until his defenses collapse and he's able to release all of his pent up rage and sorrow in his therapist's arms. Whether we're being tortured for no damn discernible reason, or being reminded in small ways that we're lovable -- each can be met with "shana tova" to remind us that every great year, every hard month, every halcyon day, every frenzied minute, every infinitesimal glorious second that we are alive and breathing is worthwhile in the vast ongoing novel of our collective lives. Tomorrow is unwritten. Keep living.

I hope that I feel like I have created new habits and processes that can support change in my daily life.

I believe I will be without Max. I hope to have come to grips with his death by then. I'll be planning trips, maybe quarterly. I hope to have a couple of new and meaningful friendships, I can't continue with the meager relationships I have now. I hope the Dems rule both houses and trump is contained. My answers haven't changed much year to year - some are good, positive answers but some are still negative and pathetic. Is 73 too late to make any strides?

It's so hard to imagine what life will be like a year from now! I will have a 1 year old, will be back at work, trying to figure out a whole new balance with life. I really hope that in a year from now I will read these answers and feel proud of how far I've come, how much more secure I am with myself as a mother, and about the decisions I make every day.

Things will continue to be moving forward and I will be feeling awesome! I expect to have the garage sorted and be working away at other clutter. Enjoying the feeling of lightness and freedom!

I think I’ll be impressed. I really notice how much I’ve grown as a person over the last year and I don’t see why I can’t grow even more. I hope I will have the level of self awareness I need in order to really become who I want to be. I think and hope I’ll be more independent, confident, wise, kind, optimistic, and ready to change the world. All I want to do in my life is leave the world a slightl better place than it was for me, and I think I need to start now. These questions, along with all the life changing experiences I’ve had this past summer, have really allowed me to reflect on who I have always been, who I am right now at this stage of my life, and who I’m always striving to be.

I think I'll feel that I was overly hopeful. I worry that I'll have done little of what I hoped for. I'll also likely be tired as my child will be 4 months old.

I think I'll feel even more underwater, given how much crazier second year is than intern year. I anticipate feeling stressed and sleep deprived all the time, and I don't know if I'll feel as grateful reading these old answers as I have this year. (Maybe I won't even have time to put together my 2019 answers.) But I hope that at least one of the goals or thoughts I've had will manifest itself in who I am long term... I hope I will still be having many adventures, living in the moment, and maybe be less serious and more loving to my family! Dear Future Version of Me: In 2017 I wrote myself a message and I just want to pass it on because I don't think I needed it this year, but maybe I'll need it next year-- You are amazing. I love you. You are enough. Keep on keeping on; you are changing lives even if you often lose sight of it. 2017 me has unfortunately low self esteem and isn't thrilled to be in medical school despite nearing the finish line... she is rooting you on and if you're still unhappy, you need to get out!!

I hope I feel like I am flying with good health, a healthy, positive relationship, lots of projects and outcomes and great fun every days along with a new insight and mini adventure.

I hope to have more clarity! I'm hoping I have diligently worked on mending friendships and allowing people to be who they are and mostly I hope to have forgiven myself and accepted myself AND moved forward.

I hope I'll feel more settled and confident, both in my personal life (hopefully engaged and starting to plan our wedding) and in my professional life (better Hebrew fluency, stronger Jewish leadership identity, more opportunities to be paid for what I do). I hope I can look back on my past self with compassion, simultaneously acknowledging how much I've learned and grown while still always planning self-improvement.

I will feel accomplished, I am making progress. I will feel good, strong, confident. My life will be different -- meditating daily, addressing anxiety, house feeling good, engaging in more social activity with friends and family. Work will be good. I will feel supported and less stressed. I will be spending time each week visioning, strategically thinking and planning. Events will be planned and executed in a timely manner.

Interested...surprised and not surprised...curious...thankful for the opportunity to reflect...eager to start again...hard to know what might be different but looking forward to finding out while still staying in the moment...

This time next year, I think I’ll feel that I’ve made progress. I hope to have learned a few things along the way that will help me along, give me more confidence, and to “come out” more. I hope that people seek me out to learn more - potentially work with me.

As helpful is the specificity of these questions, thinking about my life and where i'm at is a constant exercise. I hope I am more... at ease.

I hope very truly that I will have been able to reach my personal goals in the next year. I hope that I'm not disappointed with lack of effort or with the possibility of me giving up, I hope that I've persevered in my goals and gotten close to reaching them. I hope that I don't have to endure another year of being unhappy with who I am and where I am in my life. I hope that in a year from now I'll be living in my own space and that I'll be more independent and be OK with being more independent. I hope that I'll have been dating or at least have been putting myself out there and trying. I hope that I tried new things and didn't let my anxiety get the best of me and hold me back from positive experiences.

This has been a good year in my personal life - I made progress on treating my depression, came to peace with having two children, maintained childcare that works for us, and came to a better place in my relationship with Jeff. Not a very good year for work - I feel about as depleted as I did this time last year. I hope next year I can maintain the gains on my personal life, and land in a less dissatisfied place in my work life.

I think I'll look back to this time as on when I'm consolidating the psychological and health gains of the last year into career and financial gains. I'm a upshifting! I hope to look back on the coming year as one of sustained health and hard work.

I hope my physical space will be simpler, better organized, with less hoarding of uneeded objects in every department. I hope I will have strengthened connections to a few people. I hope cognitive and physical health will be strengthened, for myself and Paul, so that we can continue to participate and contribute at current or stronger levels. I hope the forces out of our control do not spin things in a way that will complicate everything.

I think I'll feel proud of myself. I think I'll feel like I've grown a lot in the last year and no matter how monotonous things may feel, recognize that things have changed a lot. I hope that I'll feel wiser, and more in control of myself and my emotions. I hope that I'll have developed tools that can help me bring out the best in myself and really use my skills. I think answering these questions gives me a good check-in on my goals, and makes me really narrow down what it important in my life. My "career" ins't really my number one priority compared to my health, relationships, and family. I think reconnecting to that perspective each year is very valuable.

I hope almost everything is different about my life. Getting the answers from last year was honestly pretty depressing, because I was, for the most part, unsuccessful in meeting my goals. But next time will be different. Hopefully.

It has been a crazy few years. So much has happened and changed in my life. I think that this year might be a little more stable. Life with a baby is never really predictable or stable, but I feel like the major life changes might be on hold at least for the next year. I hope so anyway. I would like to just get used to my new life with Jon and focus on our little family.

I hope I feel pride and joy when I see these answers. I'm in such a good place - if I am in the same job, that's great, and if I'm not, that's great too! The past few years have been focused on my girls, and I love that I had the time and space to do that. Now, it's time to of course, keep that focus but also return to a focus on ME and my career. I hope that I spend the rest of this year being ambitious and putting myself out there, so that I feel pride when I see these answers in September 2019.

This year I felt like things really haven't changed. I'd love next year to feel like I'd made progress and really have new answers.

I hope I will be surprised and hopeful and will have grown. I hope I will not be in the same exact space, but if I am, then I KNOW things need to change. I will know that I need to make some choices to do things differently. And if things are different, I hope I will do a little celebration dance!

I think I'll feel much the same about things, that I won't have changed much, and I will have achieved about half the things I've identified. I hope I will feel proud of having achieved those things in amongst what life will have undoubtedly thrown at me in the meantime. As a result of thinking about these questions, I hope that when I reflect on them next year I can see some gains. And that going forward this year I will be able to use these reflections to see that I am not standing still but in fact chipping away at things that are important to me and my personal development.

I have a feeling no changes will have been made. And that isn't so good. But ya never know - maybe I'll stop smoking, go for a long walk everyday, save money, and move to France.

I hope I am in a completely different place mentally. If I am not.. I will throw in the towel.. I have no more ability to carry on as if everything is normal. I am done not being enough. My best is all I have and if that is not enough.. time to move on. It will break my heart but there it is.

I think I’ll feel okay with the things I’ve accomplished and hopeful that I will accomplish the things I didn’t in the near future. I hope I can take the high road, work hard, feel gratitude towards all and take some risks I didn’t think I would/could.

I think my whole year has taught me not to put so many expectations on myself - which is hard because thats all anyone else does. I hope I'm happy with where I'm at but I hope that if I'm not I'm able to continue striving towards what I want, even if the end result is not yet foreseeable. Even though this year hasn't turned out how I wanted it to (or how I thought I wanted it to), I'm still able to see the good in it. Everyone keeps expecting me to think this whole year was shit because I didn't enjoy midrasha and blah blah blah but I've had a better year since leaving midrasha than I ever imagined was possible. Therefore, I hope, that even if my year next year turns out differently than I hope now, it is still for the better. But just in general, I'm trying not to have too many expectations because as Alain de Botton always says - expectation only leads to disappointment.

Hopeful and positive that I moved on. Healthy self and in a healthy relationship.

I think that I will mostly be the same person, and have the same kind of concerns. However, I hope to be more sociable and more prepared for uni to start again, and hopefully more connected to my craft. I hope I won't feel so hopeless.

I think I'll be rolling my eyes at seeing the same old shit, year after year. I wonder whether it will eventually lead me to make positive changes in my lifestyle that will support my wellbeing...

I hope that I will be relieved that this seperation will be behind us. I hope I have custody of my children I hope that he will have calmed down and acted in the best interest of the children. I hope to be in a small flat just me and my kids, the budget will be tight but we will be free. I hope he didn't bring the war he promised me. I am so scared, all I can do is hope.

I will have been a dad for 9 months now and will be starting year 3 as an assistant professor. I'm nervous that I won't have made progress on the previous questions and my goals, but maybe this will be the spark that sets everything off in the right direction.

i pray that this time next year i am living in my truth. i hope that i am laughing more, creating more, loving more. i hope that i am kind, and not quick to anger. september 2019, i see progression.

This year, I was pensive when I reviewed the questions. Last year, I was in a much different place emotionally, spiritually and physically. It was a darker and more difficult place. I hope that things will continue to improve and that I will be in an even more positive place next year. I know that either way God is faithful and that I am loved.

I think I'll be proud of some things, worried about others. A changed person yet the same. It's all good.

I hope I'll be more patient with the pace of my life.

This is the year that, God willing, I turn 60. So I hope that it in addition to good health and happiness for all, it will be a great year for self-reflection, personal growth, and also engaging in great experiences!

I think I'll feel really good! I think I will be happy that I accomplished so many of my goals. I can feel how important this year is going to be. I know that I will be in a better place. And closer to my highest self.

Perhaps I'll be more reflective and more intentional about how I am living my life. I would love to achieve some of the goals I have documented here. Perhaps I will be more goal oriented because I have actually written it down. I would love to be able to reflect back with learning and love.

Much is out of our control. I think courage to leap will impact the outcomes between now and then

I hope that I will no longer feel in transition, but will feel comfortable in our new life—with the time to be actively exploring the world around me.

I think I'll be amused because there likely is only up from where I am right now. I've been unemployed for six months, I've been in a bad place in my relationship and that's getting better, and I'm starting the school that I've wanted to start for ages. I'll be happy and feel accomplished. I think I'll be more apt to evaluate things on a goal oriented basis as a result of answering these questions.

I have a feeling I'll be tackling a lot of the same small anxieties I work with today. I think that is just a function of my brain. I hope that I have better strategies to deal with them, and to not let them overtake my life, but I'm sure they will at some points, and at some points I'll have my life together. It's cyclical, and there will be ups-and-downs. I'll have to start learning to accept this fact, and how to start embracing it.

I hope I'll laugh and be like wow I had no clue what was coming in this year or what the heck I was thinking back in the kaikoura library as I wrote most of these answers down. But also happy for the journey that I've been on over the past year.

I don't know how I expect to feel next year. I hope that I can look at my answers and feel both inspired and hopeful that I was able to improve my situation from a year ago. I hope to look at my 2018 answers and say to myself, "Look Dan, it can get pretty rough at times but there's always a different way of looking at the situation and staying positive. It's okay to have some bad days, but don't let them linger and completely change the eternal optimism that you've been blessed with. Appreciate the struggle and feel proud that you were able to fight your way out."

Each year I appreciate seeing that I followed through on some of my resolutions, but feel discouraged that I fall short on others, and repeat them year after year. I assume I'll feel the same next year. I do feel a little older and wiser, and more willing to accept that certain things I want to improve upon will be a lifelong battle for me.

I hope that I feel full of joy, peaceful, and happy with how my life looks. I'm so happy now, so lucky to have an amazing husband, the best cats, family and friends, and a job I love. I'm truly, truly blessed, and I want to keep that in my heart when 2019 rolls around.

I hope I feel a lot different. I hope I am happy and living my life for me. I hope I am settled and content.

Well, I *am* always surprised. I expect to be surprised next year, too. Not sure what will be different or where I'll be, but these questions always spark something.

I think I will be in a better place with many things. I think I will have experienced a year's worth of growth in both business and personal areas. I hope that my Norwex business will be thriving and that I will have a growing team and that I will be proud of the work that I've put in to get it there. I also hope that I will have some consistent work in the writing/photography/art realms and I will feel good to be creating again. I look forward to seeing the answers here and reflecting on them and the answers for another year.

I hope I'll still feel like the risks I took in 2018 were valuable.

I'll be nostalgic, regretful, grateful and proud of how much things have changed in just a year, and how many things I've forgotten - questions that don't need to be answered, and tasks that don't need to be completed, and squabbles that don't need to be rehashed. And I'll also realize how far I haven't come, and how I'll need to be reminded of some things again and again, so help me God.

Mad that I again didn't change in the ways I wanted to. Loving towards my past self. Maybe a little amused. Probably frustrated and sad too.

That I am in a happier place. More secure in my finances and in my new job I am starting next month, which I hope was not a big mistake. That I have more activities going on in my life and that my kid is getting ready to apply to colleges she is excited about. I hope my love life is bring positivity and not the uncertainty it was this year.

I hope I am happier. More cultivated and passionate. Working hard for something or someone i love and never looking back - except to evaluate my growth and re-envision my direction.

Ugh I hope I feel good about the fact that they'll be past answers. My answers this year are very similar to last year's answers, which is annoying and shows the lack of progress I made this past year. Next year, I better know where I want to go to grad school and I better be well on the way to making my life look as I want. I don't need to have everything figured out, but I need to more certain than I am now.

I hope the feeling that I need to hide or slouch or be ashamed that I don't fully have my act together will disappear and I Can *Walk Tall*, pain-free, financially stable with Career Success and a family plan for our future: Jobs /house/ kids /travel and fun!!!

I think that turning 30 has made everything feel different in a lot of different ways. I can't peg most of them down in words; it's just like there's another filter to my life, which is really the same as it was, but it FEELS different. As a result of this I feel like I've done even more introspection than normal (which is saying something, because I feel like that's a constant activity for me). I hope that all the things I've learned about myself are things that I will take with me into my 30s, because I think they're some really important things about me. I've mentioned most of them in previous questions, so I won't go to into depth here, but I hope that the first year of my 30s leads me to a place where I really, honestly know myself, what I want, my limitations, and all manner of other things. So I guess that's what I want for this year. To learn about me and who I am as a 30-year-old.

I'll be happier. I'll have a better mindset about my work, my health, my situations, my future.

Confident because I'll be healthier, doing better at work including attendance, and loving life. I want to see that I took I actually took control of my life and made a change for the better.

I think, as always, I will feel terrified. I will be scared that I "didn't do shit" over the past year and that I'll be disappointed upon reading my results. I'm sure I will even put off reading the email with the answers until the end of the day. I really hope I will be happier. And more focused. And feel more like my life is under control, like I am shaping my destiny, and I am truly confident and capable about doing nearly anything I set my mind to.

I think, as always, I will look back and smile. Em, I hope these answers find you at a time when you need a little hug, introspection, or a reminder that you are awesome and that life is wonderful. I think/hope that I am no longer living alone (or I am, but still love it!), and that I am getting older with grace and love. I want to continue creating my schedule with room for spontaneity and surrounding myself by amazing friends. I hope to be at a place of gratitude for all the beautiful souls around me.

I hope I smile. I hope I have developed and made some changes. I hope it is a positive thing.

I'm guessing I will feel the same about some things (e.g. my fears) and wish I had accomplished more over the past year. However, I hope I've focused on my blessings and taken advantage of the various opportunities the year provided, especially those that help me learn and grow.

I think I am at the start of something really good. I hope that a year from now I have a better understanding of what that really good thing is, but I do think the next year will be full of positive changes. Of course I have anxiety around all of it, but I hope I am in a great new job, on better footing as a parent, and able to enjoy my life for me.

I hope I feel loving, fond of myself, just feel like things keep getting better and better.

As I answered last year, I really don't know. Again, I just hope that I will be feeling much better than I am now -- that I will have rediscovered and recovered a sense of purpose in my life by next year. Keeping my fingers crossed, as life has a way of screwing things up when you least expect them.

I hope that I'm as exuberant about the past year's growth as I was last year about the prior year's growth. And that 10Q helps me to recognize lots of growth even when I'm not exuberant. Sending love to myself!

i hope i am going to be re-married by this time next year - to a loving, caring, sensitive woman.

oooh I HOPE I'll be proud to have moved on significantly from my current life-state of eternal-bad-student. I hope I'll have more clarity of how I fit in to the world around me in a way that's fulfilling to both me and that surrounding world.

I think I'll be intrigued to see what was on my mind at this time a year ago. I'll probably be surprised at some of my insight. I think I'll be proud that I've made some steps towards the things I discussed, but also disappointed that I didn't do as much as I hoped. Answering these questions makes me think big picture and not get caught up in the daily minor things - big picture thinking is important for me to progress and I need to keep that in mind

I’ll feel scared and apprehensive trying to remember what I wrote, and wether I’ve accomplished any of the goals I’ve wanted to. But I hope I’ll be a little happier and working, a little more confident in my religious standing and a little lighter when it comes to my family. Accomplishing what I’m setting out to do now.

Vou me sentir nostálgica, eu acho. Provavelmente feliz também... eu relembrar como eu pensava e adoro saber o quanto evolui com o tempo. Espero ser mais responsável ano que vem.

I hope to have found more focus in my personal and professional life, find time for me and to reduce distractions.

I hope I feel better than I do now. Hopefully things will have sorted themselves out or calmed down somewhat at least and me and my husband can laugh at some of my answers this year like we did about last years.

I was going to write that I expect to be slightly disappointed as most people are with these sorts of things, but fuck that noise. Not because I think it's likely that I'll accomplish every single thing on my list, but usually there are some wonderful things I didn't even think about that come up in my life. So I'll do my best to be curious but non-judgemental when I see the difference between my plans and reality.

I hope that I'm happy, proud, and confident in who I am and how I'm living my life. I want to have moved through and past my unhelpful coping mechanisms and be loving myself, loving others, loving life. I want to be calm, present, and kind.

I hope I am in a much better place than I am at this moment. I hope that I have come to grips with my physical limitations, my aging body, the lymphedema that has affected me in so many ways. I hope, I pray, that I will have moved forward and done (or at least begun) something positive for myself, my community, my world.

I suspect I'll be surprised, having forgotten everything I've written. I hope to be celebrating my 41st with the love of my life in my new home.

I think I will feel great. I have stop putting arbitrary deadlines and goals and started embracing just being myself and seeing where that takes me. I know that I haven't "figured things out" as quickly as I expected to, but I am okay with that. I've made a lot of progress. I've learned a lot. And I have realized it's not about accomplishing XYZ by a certain date, it's about embracing the path and journey and recognizing that the journey is everything-- that's the present. That's all we have. I hope that by thinking about these questions, I will live in the way I want to live, to not hold back, to do my best, and to put myself out there. So while I can't say now if I will be a massive hit or fail a bit along the way, I can say that I will feel good if I am just being. That will be the success, not the outcome.

I hope I will feel healthier, more realized, more involved with my family. I hope I have solved my current work problems (there will surely be others). I hope I improve my golf =)

More centered, more calm, even more full of joy and peace.

I hope things are a little better in the world. I hope Kavanaugh has disappeared into obscurity. I hope Jason's as healthy as possible. I hope I'm doing ok at work and that I'm feeling less anxious and more secure and I hope everyone I love is healthy and alive and as happy as possible.

Like last year, I still hope we are successful in our marriage. I wish people talked a little more about what makes marriage hard instead of just talking in cliches. I also again hope that I'm making progress and feeling like I've grown either professionally or with starting a family or both. I think I'll be disappointed if I haven't made progress on either.

Hopefully we will be pregnant and that will be exciting with a sense of relief that science worked.

I'll most likely be amazed that I thought the work I was doing was hard. But that's a good thing - I hope! - because it will demonstrate I've moved on and become more experienced. I hope to have a better work/life balance, or at least have a more defined role at work

I think I will be surprised by how much I can accomplish in a year if I focus on it. I hope that I will be further on my career path in my new role and I hope that I will be taking myself seriously and excelling in all areas of my life.

I'm hoping I'll have that 'ain't no big thing' feeling! You know...as though I never needed to ever worry about any of it. Perhaps in reality I'll be in exactly the same position I'm in now. But I hope I've paid off some debt, written a lot and got a better job or on the way to one. I also hope to have lost a heck a lot of weight and gained a truckload of self worth and confidence. In fact I'm placing my bets now. If I've lost 3 stone by the time the answers come round I'll give myself a pat on the back and new coat.

I'm going to look back to a year ago and say what I always say last year: "That guy had no idea what he was talking about." Because I will have moved so far forward and become such a different person that these seemingly large issues will be laughable, much like the PSAT. I'll definitely feel happy to see all the progress that I've made and how life has taken a turn for the better and how it went from being fun and exciting to fun, exciting, and abundant.

I will laugh at some of them because I have the same answers over and over. I will look at goals not accomplished with new fervor and be surprised at what I thought was important a year ago.

I think I will be surprised at the progress I have made. Oftentimes things feel huge and insurmountable when we are approaching them. But, daily small steps can take us pretty far in a year's time. I hope that there will be more growth in my business and that I will feel more content with where things are.

I hope I feel more in control of my life, my emotions. I hope I'm healthier in my relationships. I am definitely trying! I don't know that answering these questions affects my year. I wish it did. Do other people feel this way?

I think... I'll feel a bit sad, because a lot of these answers are about my separation. But I hope that I'll also feel proud of myself for facing the challenges in the coming year (new job, living on my own, parenting by myself part-time) and thriving as a result.

I have continued being the behind the scenes leader. It is a fun position getting colleagues to look at leadership styles and improve their own. And develop others be it at work or clubs, activities or sports. I am looking forward to next year but first I must live this one... and I am!

With my expectations in check (hello middle 30's!) I expect to feel some improvement, a change in the trend-line. I will feel improved in September of 2019 and that will be a big win.

If it's like this year, I will feel surprised because I will have forgotten about them. Most likely I will feel like I undershot what I could accomplish and that I have achieved far more. I hope I do not feel like I could have done more and let things slip by.

I hope that I will have sufficiently attacked improving my surroundings and physical health that I will be able to enjoy my retirement.

Like every year, I will be really surprised that a whole year will have passed (but that's always the case, although I had the feeling that this year passed even faster ^^). I also hope to be a little proud of what I've achieved over the past year and how I've grown over these 365 days. Additionally I love to read my answers of the past year every year, I am very curious ;-)

I'll be looking forward to knowing what my thoughts were at this time this year. I know I was surprised at what I was thinking last year when I read them this year. I hope I'm as joyful - not happy - joyful about life as I am now. I am feeling a lot of delight about color and rest and small delights right now. I am also feeling sorrow for my husbands decline. He seems to be fading from this life. He may live for a long time, many years in fact, but the cancer seems to have taken some of his capacity for joy and delight. I feel sad for that. Here at a time when I find myself freer to be, to laugh, to not care what others think. To run and skip and be silly. I miss my partner in this life. We've had 38 years together. Very good years. Not all easy lovely years. A lot of very, very hard years. Our circumstances were often ones that would have broken other marriages but were instead ones that by grace made ours stronger and more special. and here, when it would seem we could be enjoying this more peaceful time, instead we seem to be growing apart. Maybe its because I don't know how, or don't want to know how, to slow down and let go of life. I want to go out ferociously. Living with delight and laughter. I want the love of my life to feel it too. I want to die on the same day as he does. Such mixed thoughts I'm a therapist. I think " Suicidal Ideation" I am full of joy and delight. Without him I do not want to go on living.

I hope I feel more settled with who I am now. The past three months have seen a huge, huge shift in my life. To me, there is who I was, and then there is who I am now. By next year, I hope I can see myself as one person again.

Hopefully, healthier, wiser, and more optimistic about the 2020 presidential election. Maybe I'll make enough money to throw at the Underdog, and hopefully that person is Joe Biden.

I hope I will be pleased with the progress I've made, and that I am closer to my goal of starting a family. I also hope I can make strides in my workplace confidence and position. Where I feel like a vital and active part of a team and want to work, instead of finding ways to get distracted. I just hope that I'm still progressing, becoming a better person than I am now. I feel like I might be plateauing. I need to make changes if I don't want the same results.

I think I'll feel grateful I took the time amidst the flurry of early parenting to reflect a little. Who knows, maybe I won't even remember these first few months. I hope that the reflection can help me live my life with a little more intention and perspective.

I hope I’ll feel some compassion for myself and some respect for the work I’ve done in trying to reflect and reinvent to move forward after this stunningly difficult experience. I hope that I can make myself proud next year and that no matter what happens and where I am mentally and emotionally, that I feel like I’ve done my best and have taken full advantage of this call for growth, self-examination, and improvement.

I hope my life continues to improve and I’m able to see the real progress I’ve made in the last year. I feel like I’m still very much in the early stages of improving my life, despite all the changes I’ve made already.

I’m hoping I feel relieved to have made the right choices. I hope I made the right career move. I hope we’re settled with more permanent incomes and plans for how we can settle down and put down roots even if we haven’t done so yet. I hope that our family is happy. That’s what truly matters.

I really hope that I will receive my answers with a (retrospective) sense of understanding of where I am right now, but having made progress towards where I actually want to be, and the person I want to become. I want to be able to see these answers, see the journey I am making, and see the progress I have made. Its easy to feel stuck, and like I haven't made any progress, but I think if I try to give myself some credit and recognition, I can see that there is progress, however slow it might be. I am on my journey. I think I'm being more aware and conscientious about my decisions and my feelings and my life. There have been a lot of changes and upsets recently that have further illuminated the need to be more open and honest. I'm not serving myself, or anyone else, by trying to pretend to be something I'm not, or to try to conform and fit into the boxes and molds that I assume other people have or want of me. I hope I can hold myself with compassion, and appreciation for all I have accomplished and survived.

Alive. Awake. Alert. Grateful.

I hope to have cracked the sleep conundrum I hope I have the patience and the ability to spend more time with that young offspring as I think it makes a big difference for the aforementioned offspring! I hope that the work front will be smoother than it is and that I'm back to being compensated suitably rather than just working in the hope that one day the compensation will come

I hope I'll be peaceful. I hope for all the shit this year has brought that I'll be at peace with everything that's happened. I hope I'll be planning a trip to Ireland an a trip to the Maldives. I pray I'll be celebrating more simchas with friends and family. I have work to do, no doubt but I'm hopeful that this time next year I will have had endless personal growth to get me to the next level.

I think i’ll feel good. And that some progress has been made. I usually progress forward not backwards.

I always enjoy seeing my answers the next year. I expect I will feel content with having completed my answers. I expect I will be happy that I have accomplished several things. I do hope that I am healthy, more so than right now. I also hope that by putting some thoughts on paper, or rather in the vault I will have remembered what I set out for myself. And I will be happier for it. Thank you 10Q!

I hope I can look back and be proud of how far I have come or overcome. Maybe my concerns weren’t as bad as it seems. Most of all, I would like my life, my children’s lives and everyone in the world is in a better place than 2018!

I will be anticipating them. I hope I don't disappoint myself, but I also hope I don't overlook my accomplishments from the year because I didn't get everything just as written here. I want to look back and be proud of myself. I am glad to have taken the time to answer these questions because it means I am reflecting and evolving, which is a tremendous thing to do nowadays.

I think I'll laugh at myself for the BTS related answers. I hope I'll remember some of these answers and feel accomplished. And hopeful. And I think I'll feel proud of myself for actually taking the time answer all of these questions. It's 11:11 right now on 9/27/18, the last night the vault is open. And my wishes for this year will hopefully come true.

I hope I look back with shock at all the change I'd forgotten about and pride that I survived such a huge transition and how far I've come since this year.

I hope that I feel more secure in what I’m doing and that things are more in a routine. I hope I continue to just focus on what’s important and not pretend I’m the world is like middle school.

I will hopefully feel more spirited. While life has been better -- particularly with being more open, "gayer" -- there were several dark or lonely parts throughout the (Jewish) year. The (political) environment doesn't help, especially after just having watched the Ford/Kavanaugh hearing. I continue to be shocked when people stick to their ideology. I continue to be shocked by the lack of compassion people -- people who have been or are proximate in my life. It really makes me question what it means to be a decent person. It really makes me wonder whether people really have the capacity to listen and to sympathize or empathize with others. It makes me sad. It makes me angry. It makes me want to cry. I hope to never lose that sense of, what I think is, without sounding bragadocious, I guess, is that sense of sensitivity and compassion and decency. I hope to remain saddened and angered by indecent acts and thoughts. And I hope to do better in acting on those feelings to make the world a kinder place. I hope to stand up when people are forced or choose to sit down. I hope to speak up when people are or choose to remain silence. My fate is tied with theirs. And I hope that I continue to do better.

I am really curious to know what insights I will have gained, being one year away from the toxicity of the job I’m leaving. I wonder if I’ll discover things about this time in my life that I can’t see now. I hope I will have come fully to terms with my regrets (not being bold and outspoken enough in the face of underhanded misjustice). I hope I will have practiced speaking my mind more, and finding ways to attain clarity in my point even if somewhat under attack. I wonder if I will have regained some lightness that I’ve lost, and feel more relaxed in life. I wonder if my anxiety induced insomnia will have all but dissapated. I wonder if I will realize that just changing jobs does not solve every last thing in my life I wish was better. And yet I also wonder if my husband and I will be closer and fight less once I’m no longer Golding myself and so much more together with a thread. I hope so. I hope we also do start therapy and we find someone skilled enough to help him unde stand his stuff while addressing our needs as a couple.

I feel like our life is on the upswing right now and we are making brave choices that will lead to a greater sense of agency and destiny. I’m grateful that we’ve made all the changes we have in 2018 and I hope I can reflect on even more growth in 2019.

This question is always one of the most fun to answer - New York has to be filed under the "somewhere I can't even imagine" for places I'd be at this point in the turn to 5779. As with the past few years, I think when September 2019 rolls around, I'll be excited and grateful as ever for this easy, reflective, and refreshing activity. I hope that I'll feel more "at home" in my life: at home in my job, at home in New York (wherever I live after Stuytown!), and at home in the social life that exists around here. I hope that I'll have taken action on at least some of the goals described in my answers to these questions. That means working to be selfless and committed in the workplace; supportive and patient as a partner, friend, and ally; confident and active socially; and, hopefully, feeling fresh and energized physically and emotionally thanks to effective and honest self-care. And even though each year is different from the last, I think my words from September 2017 can still apply: I want to be in a place where I am mentally, physically, and emotionally prepared to meet the future face-forward, with confidence and enthusiasm. I think I'm capable of that.

I will be 30 years old, in a new career in (likely) a new city, and closer to starting a family. I think I'll feel relief and bittersweetness that comes with any period of transition and pride in my accomplishments in graduating with honors, knowing I squeezed every last drop of my studies. I imagine all of these changes will bring new meaning to this contemplative exercise. As Past Me quipped, "I hope that I look back at my responses and see that they hold meaning and relevance - an eye roll would be better than a blank stare."

By September next year I hope I feel more comfortable in my own skin. I hope there'll be less putting up a face, or scrambling to be someone else just to make people around me comfortable. I hope these questions keep lurching me forward and grounding me back. I love these rituals and what it signifies and how it has come with me through different stages of my life.

I will feel so grateful for all the opportunities I've had to challenge myself and grow into a better version of myself. I hope that my life is full of love and abundance, with family and friends around me who support me as I support them.

I hope I have learned to live outside of the world of politics.