Is there something that you wish you had done differently this past year? Alternatively, is there something you're especially proud of from this past year?

Finding a balance with passion and my relationships

I wish I’d learned my lessons sooner so I could’ve avoided some of the pain that came with learning them.

Wish I'd done differently ... my recurring wish is that I would allow more time for myself. I let work become a driving force in my life and all other matters become secondary, including my family, which is very backwards from how it should be and how I want it to be. The idea of work-life balance is a total myth, and I do believe there has to be a way to find a semi-happy medium between the two, it just continues to elude me. Proud moments ... it may be a silly, trivial little thing, but we made the decision to get a Credit Card earlier this year. We have not had one for many many years, after paying off a staggering amount of credit card debt. The stipulation with getting the card was that we never have a balance. If we can't pay it off every month, its goes away. The reward, is earning points we can put toward vacations. I'm happy to say we've been successful with this venture. It has been paid off every month, and with some unexpected medical expenses this year, having the extra time to be able to take care of what needs taken care of, and then pay the card off a couple of weeks later had really come in handy.

Be more proactive and stop procrastinating. Get your life going in the direction you want it to be going.

I sort of wish I'd had a better winter quarter but i'm glad i decided not to pursue optometry... i'm still sort of grieving that decision, but it felt like i had lifted a weight off of myself when i did it.

I kind of wish I had left my previous job differently than I did. It was a toxic environment, and I'm not sure if I did all I could as I was leaving to use my social capital to improve it for my coworkers who are still there.

I started therapy! I also reached out and started medication for major depression. I let light back in...

I really wish I'd gotten my ass back to therapy this year after being off it for two years without any real closure from my (first and) last psychiatrist. It's something I'd planned to accomplish at the beginning of the year, thought strongly of whenever I struggled and then quickly forgot when I saw myself getting by anyway. That never-ending cycle reminds me of how big a wuss I still am about confronting parts of my own internal life. I didn't get to cook or bake as much this year! I think it had a lot to do with the departure of our previous (and now returning) house help. It just didn't entice me as much as it used to. I did end up figuring out the washer and the dryer, also attributed to our change in house help. I started growing and taking care of succulents this year, propelled by my friend K who gave me leaves to propagate. Started with some babies last March and now I have eleven pots and counting~ It wouldn't be a complete newbie experience if I hadn't let at least one of them die from neglect and overwatering, but hopefully it doesn’t happen again. There’s really something about taking care of plants and being witness to apparent growth—leaves turning a vibrant color with more sunlight, getting plumper a day after watering, sprouting and surprising me with each new and tiny growth. Some days I feel like even if I’m not taking care of myself so well, as long as the plants are taken care of, there’s comfort to be had. Proud of myself for getting back into reading actual novels! Managed to up my count from a handful to a little more than a handful (lmao) this year. Notable faves include Madeline Miller's Circe and Song of Achilles. Haven't read a book that's made me bawl as much as SoA did. Still haven't lost interest in fan fiction and gobbling up articles from The Atlantic, New Yorker, and Longreads. Got back into freelance writing again too but I ended up sabotaging that after a while, like I always have. Let's see if I get my groove back next year, or in the next couple of months. Thankful for friends who gave me chances, but my insecurities always end up getting the best of me, and I always end up disappointing people along the way. When I took on a project for the first time this year, I paced myself well and met the deadline, but as more projects trickled in, so did the impostor syndrome. Anyway, I knew I'd get new piercings this year! Added three new ones on my left but had to let one close because the spot wasn't optimal. This may be a new yearly tradition. I'll probably get them done twice next year, always marking potential spots in my ear for someone to stab, maybe a conch and more lobes next. Another thing worth-mentioning: I voted for the first time ever this year!! For the longest time, I thought being a US citizen residing in the Philippines hindered me from participating in elections, but once I got the paperwork and the registration requirements laid out, I was overcome with relief at the thought of being able to make a small difference. Though the results didn't turn out in our favor (and as easy as it is to turn cynical in this shit country), we can always hold on to a tiny tinge of hope that things can take a turn for the better, albeit ever so slowly.

Are all my answers going to be about pride? But yes, I wish I'd got organised earlier, I wish I'd jumped in with both feet instead of doing the sensible thing of maintaining boundaries.

Discovering that I can entertain other and make them laugh. First, a short presentation on ageing for the Lifestyle sales team and then a short spot at a Talent Night.

Proud of how I've continued to deal with health issues.

I feel as though all the times I have battled with myself and not given myself kindness, and been cruel to myself, I wish I could change that. Although it is rare, I wish I remembered to give myself a break, and to not be so harsh on myself. To remember to follow the calming methods I have that allow me to be kinder and happier with myself and my body, rather than spiralling out. Hopefully this time next year these feelings with have changed.

I have been learning the mandolin and when I look back at how I have been learning. I spent a long time working on playing tunes that I found easy, rather than pushing and stretching myself, and I could have worked on growing quicker by not staying in my comfort zone. The same has been true for printing, where I have been avoiding multicolour prints.

Haha, I would be more into diet - I really think that less weight gives more speed while running :) Also I would like to reduce meat, make that goal more important.

I worked a couple of shifts in the restaurant (4) and although it was utterly out of my comfort zone, I felt really good afterwards. It made me realise that I sometimes take things too seriously and that how people see me is vastly different to how I see myself.

I'm proud of being more confident of having a purpose, even as an empty nester, to encourage people to find and live into their God-given potential.

I wish I had been better at dieting but I do feel like right now I’m back on track. Meal prepping and using my Noom app. I’m proud of the 9 pounds I lost.

I wish I would have taken my physical health more seriously this last year, by exercising, losing weight, and eating healthily. I am proud of making progress in my schooling this year, I am one step closer to finishing my program.

Differently...Idk. I wish the "differently" had started from the first year of my marriage. I wish we had stopped the destructive behaviors sooner, gotten help from counselors and learned how to live as a healthy committed couple from the start. BUT I know I did the best I could along this past 3 year journey. My hopes were real, my wanting to forget my past was sincere, but I had to do it this way I guess and so I am now trusting that "God has a plan for me, to prosper me and not to harm me, a plan to give me hope and a future." I am extremely proud of my growth and strength in my relationship with God. I realized that I had NO trust in ANYONE. Starting with just learning and practicing trusting God, I have also begun to trust myself and if feels AMAZING!! I feel HOPE. For the first time in what feels like forever! :) <3

I wish I could feel like I can do less. Less doing more being. I'm very happy I got to Israel.

I am proud of being able to hold my tongue on several occasions during the past year, both at work and at home. I am also proud I made the time to go to several Orioles games with my son and enjoy him for the great man he is.

I wish I was more careful with my words: What I am mean is that I didn't realize what a big impact the words or the way that we talk about ourselves impacts how we feel about ourselves. I am definitely the type of person that continuously was "grateful" that ANYONE would hang out with someone like me. That I was NOT good enough to be wanted for anything other than selfish needs: like people would keep me around because I was needed, not just for being myself. This type of self-talk left me in friendships where I didn't feel good enough or felt that my friends didn't actually like me. And it led to me treating people in a similar way. I am tired of that mentality, and I'm pissed that I was so self-aware of it and I never made any moves to change it. I am proud of myself for taking Chances: This year I am proud of myself for doing somethings that were out of my comfort zone: Applying for studying abroad, being President of the LSU, dancing on a very attractive boy, doing the Bunim-Murray internship again after it wrecked my mental health, staying friends with Ash and Nani, and breaking up with Alfredo. I am proud that despite how much I told myself I was good enough, I gained enough courage to push myself to grow. And I want to continue to recognize that growth in the folllowing year.

I am proud of the fact that I was able to answer the call of my pained knees and help them work again. I could not walk last year. This year I was able to do an 11 mile hike into the Wyoming mountains. I also lost 20 pounds and began to shift my relationship to my body. Also, I almost finished my first complete piece of writing in many years. I plan to finish it in the first half of this year.

As my husband told me yesterday that he feels invisible. Apparently I did not do so good at my goal from last year of trying to let him know how much I love and appreciate him. I try to speak to him in his love language, I try to do things for him and tell him how much I appreciate him......I'm running out of ideas. I am proud that I was accepted and able to participate in the Leadership Lancaster class of 2020.

Something that I wish I had done differently? Taken better control of my finances. I am not a big spender, but I am also not a big saver. I wanted to be in a better place financially than I am. I am proud of the work that we are doing to get the house fixed up. Today, the laundry room and hall are done. Kitchen cupboards are primed and ready for paint, we've started prepping living room walls for paint, flooring is all out of the house. Baby steps. The work is tough, but I am proud to say that we are powering through and learning new skills as we go.

What comes up for me is the desire to live more boldly - to do more of, more confidently living out loud. I guess it’s not different - just to be more mindful in the moment, be braver, calmer, more confident, etc. And yet, what I wish I had done differently is also what I’m especially proud of. I’m doing it - and I know that there will be many more opportunities this year.

I am proud that I started school to complete my Bachelor's Degree. I wish I would have spent more time going to events with my family.

There are tons of things I would have done differently. I spend a lot of time wondering if the things I did could have been improved upon. I wish I had spent less time obsessing over the attention of people I want to like me. However, I am proud of myself for getting more in touch with my body and my needs, and I'm proud of the honest discussions I've been having with my husband. I've also proud of my first ever python program, even though it was a short script, I really feel like I accomplished something.

Work—so proud we have launched awards and proud of so Much of the summit and SO clear that need mechanisms to catch self before I’m over the edge on commitments. Just need to reassess some things in general on commitment and time allocation. Weight and health and family and friend time has suffered this year. Needing to be clear in the moment on what can and can’t do...and what I want to do.

I wish I would had broke up with my partner before, not naively hope that it will get better.

I wish I had taken more time to rest and just be. When I look back over my year, it was filled with school and organizing and caring for my mom and my internship and serving a church in the mountains and changing jobs. It was packed full and wild. Only now am I getting the chance to rest and be and connect with friends and have fun and be self-directed. My motivation levels are at an all-time low because I have exhausted myself for the last year. I wish I had made the space for rest while everything was happening. I didn't feel like I could and now I am paying for it. There are things I should be proud of, I suppose. I got student of the year from school, I finished my internship, I finished my thesis, I graduated with my MDiv, I pastored a church for a little while. I have cared for people well and loved well and worked hard. The thing I am the most proud of, though? I was hiking and had to climb a pretty steep rock face and I made it up. I am proud of the things I was able to do with my body. I have been growing in my sense of what my body is and needs - tapping into my own strength and my own exhaustion to begin to truly understand myself as an integrated whole. I hope to continue on that path.

I never know what I could have done differently. Been aware of more choices? But I will say that I am particularly proud of having made it through my internship. I managed my anxiety and just a jungle of disorganization and some bullying, and I stayed through to the end. Paper chains are so good. And as the end got closer, it felt more and more manageable. Now while my situation is way better I feel more in charge and capable this year.

I wish I hadn't been kind to a woman and children in need. I'm proud that I was kind to a woman and children in need. She's been a real pain to everyone concerned. Our character is good. We did right.

I wish I had cared less about the other person and more about myself. The relationship ending showed me I placed too much value on his success and what he wanted and not on my own.

I found out earlier this year that my birth mother had died. She found me years ago and wanted a relationship, which I would have considered. But, there was something off that made me wary. She was cloying and had tremendous guilt. I managed to disappear from her life. I understand why I rejected her so many years ago, but I regret that, at some time, I didn't give her one hour in person. It might have helped us both.

I survived a year as the patent of a teen in residential treatment. I made the drives, participated in groups and family therapy, answered the phone calls, endured the anger. And I wish i could have done it differently. And I’m proud that I did it anyway.

I wish that I hadn’t been so kind to my ex when I left him. I wish I had taken better care of myself. I feel that my sacrifices to take care of him and help him were not appreciated commensurate with the amount of effort and emotional energy they cost me. I find that my first inclination is to do too much for others at my own expense. I need to take better care of myself.

I am proud that I had enough money saved to cover my medical bills and to live on for four months while I couldn’t work.

This year I don't feel that there are things I should have done differently. I spent the money on a career coach at the end of 2018, I do believe that it helped me get my job this May. I am dating Jeff and happy to have met him. I haven't lost weight yet, but I think I'm in a better place.

As always, I want to do too many things and I don't take into account my personal energy level and the fact that I cannot stick to my intentions. I guess I am learning at a very slow pace in this area. It is a daily struggle that gives me a lot of frustration, but one that will go on forever. Maybe next year I will have learned a bit more ;).

I wish that I would have not cared about the feedback given to me in my review at work. Other people's opinions - especially about me - are none of my business. I am, however, extremely proud that I have worked very hard on my integrity. I have been consistently waking up at 5am and moving my body (be it spin, walking or working out at the Y) for at least 30 minutes per day. I have been drinking more water and consistently journaling my gratitude every single day.

I wish I would not have given my time to a couple guys that I've dated that just told me things I wanted to hear. I believed their words more than their actions. I need to start to look at actions more than just words from men but also from everyone that I come in contact with. Remember words can be easily said many times to many people at the same time, but actions take time to do and effort to actually exhibit.

I wish I had not spent so much time ruminating and becoming depressed over the changes we experienced when we moved. Change is part of life. I wish I’d focused more on my blessings. I wish I’d taken the initiative more and just actively went after the things I wanted to see happening in my life instead of whining about things that weren’t happening. Something I’m especially proud of. I guess that would be the fact that I’ve done well here in this foreign country. I’m part of the community in s way I never expected.

I wish I had asked him for his phone number.

Read dr sarnos book earlier, gone back to my noninjured life sooner

I'm proud to have lost about 15 lbs and kept it off. I still feel like my "old" self many days, but when my wise self chimes in and reminds me that those old neural pathways are well worn, I'm inspired by these little new pathways I'm building.

This past year (January 2019) I started working 50%. I tried cramming all the things I did before working 50% into my new 50% role. That did not work. I was feeling so overwhelmed with things. Nate and the girls tried to step it up but we still didn't keep up. So I made the executive decision to hire a housecleaner. Nate was supportive but dubious, but holy crap, it was so useful. Not that the house was SUPER clean but it removed a layer of burden from my shoulders that I don't think Nate has. And that removal of burden feels so dang good. So, feeling pretty proud of putting my needs first and hiring the cleaner.

I wish I had more confidence in my femininity last year. I am proud that I have grown into my own, professionally and intellectually.

I wish I'd focused on weight loss this year the way I know I lose it, by sticking to a low-carb diet. I wish I'd gone under the care of a weight loss expert and a counselor much earlier, instead of waiting until I'm half dead. Proud that I kept going anyway.

I wish I had kept my cool more often. And proud of, maybe juggling the kindergarten life.

I am really proud of how I have dealt with some large life milestones. In the last year, I moved countries, got married, went through Kevin's immigration stuff, and got a new job. In all of that, I have been able to see the good parts of the hard things. While I haven't done anything perfectly, I am proud of all of that and my attitude through it all.

I survived

I wish I were more aggressive, proactive, driven etc to get a new job so I could just be a daughter and not a burden to my parents. I’m especially proud to have begun and stuck with a regular yoga practice over the last year. Making a consistent, good decision for my physical and mental health has really helped me gain confidence.

I'm glad I started school. I wish I would have saved more money. I wish I would have spoken with my advisor before starting classes. I should have gotten involved in church. Read my bible more. Spent less time on devices and more time with kiddos.

I wish that I had done more/ really any traveling this year. Now that I'm feeling more comfortable with my body and my confidence has increased (but still isn't incredible) I want to be putting myself out there and being more adventurous. I need to make travel a priority and put the money aside to do it. I also wish that I was further along with the process of buying a house. I am getting there now, but I wanted to be out before my mom held Break Fast for Yom Kippur at home again. I am definitely scared to live on my own and manage that but I also want to make it happen and make growth with it. By this time next year I WILL be in my own home... or at least not in my mothers.

I got Sober in November of last year and it's the best decision that I've ever made. I'm proud of this step for many reasons. I've identified and dealt with my addiction and because of that I'm free, no longer hiding in the shadows of shame and remorse. That decision has rippled though my life in numerous ways and improved everything. My relationships with my family, my work, my self-confidence and health. I'm guided by my intuition and have given up on chasing and building a life in the image of my Ego. It's getting better everyday and going in directions that I never imagined. I'm curios to see where its at next yer.

Still not about regrets. There are things I could have done differently, maybe should have done differently. I'm proud I rewrote the night audit manual for one of my jobs in a week, that's impressive as hell! But mostly this year has been grind. Punishing myself for not doing more, but not having the spoons to do more.

I wish I'd challenged myself more in my acting and my painting and also had the courage to start writing again. I'm proud of my friendships and also my volunteering for causes that are important to me.

I am especially proud of how much more engaged I've been this year. I have been involved with Sami, I have made sure I was attentive and am helping her be more responsible (not being responsible for her, but ensuring she is responsible for herself). I wish I had been better about consistency with exercise and fitness and not "binged" on fitness to the point of exhaustion.

I wish that I had been better about working out and my health. During the past year I started being less hard on myself and found opportunities to relax but think I may have gotten too relaxed. I miss out on my morning routine. I created a space for myself upstairs and I am proud of my promotion.

I wish I had taken more time for myself for personal growth. I wish I had made myself a priority. I wish I had spent as much time and energy on myself as I do on others.

Over the past year, I have been working on developing more self-compassion. It is ironic that though I spend all day every day doling out empathy to strangers, being loving and understanding to myself is sometimes the most difficult. For years, I have prided myself on going longer and harder than anyone else. Though I am still proud of my work ethic and stamina, that mind set comes with a dark side: it means kicking yourself for having human foibles and needs. Going on three years of residency, I am proud to have maintained my gooey core (one of my primary goals for training). I still feel intensely. I open myself up to patients again and again despite the overwhelming volume, inhumane hours, and high acuity. I am forgiving myself for needing down time and breaks, for not completing tasks perfectly, and for not fulfilling 100% of my responsibilities 100% of the time. I am learning to be quiet and unscheduled. I am trying to be kind to myself, which has slowly made me more comfortable in this body I’ve been given. This attitude is slowly also allowing me to accept more help from others. I have started to believe the fact that my friends and family love me not for what I do for them, but for who I am. Seems odd that in residency I’m just coming around to lessons from elementary school. I struggle with how to reconcile this new attitude with the first portion of the prompt. Self-compassion is hard, particularly in the midst of self-criticism. There are always things I wish I had done better. The first things that jump to mind are the old frenetic thoughts: ‘You should have worked harder. You should have prepared better for future opportunities. Why were you so lazy when it comes to working out? You should have spent more time with your religious community. Why didn’t you go to more family events?’ I can’t remember all the circumstances that dictated how I spent my time last year. But for a change, I am going to trust myself that I made the best decision with the information available to me at the time. Maybe once in a while I needed that quiet minute. That shift in perspective and trust in myself is the thing I am most proud of this year. I hope to continue growing into it in the year to come. Wild Geese -Mary Oliver You do not have to be good. You do not have to walk on your knees for a hundred miles through the desert repenting. You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves. Tell me about despair, yours, and I will tell you mine. Meanwhile the world goes on. Meanwhile the sun and the clear pebbles of the rain are moving across the landscapes, over the prairies and the deep trees, the mountains and the rivers. Meanwhile the wild geese, high in the clean blue air, are heading home again. Whoever you are, no matter how lonely, the world offers itself to your imagination, calls to you like the wild geese, harsh and exciting - over and over announcing your place in the family of things.

Between last year and now, I have gone from an unsure high schooler to a self-assured college student. I think that I was way too stressed about the college process, and now that I am sitting in a college hallway writing this, I feel sure about where I am and what I am doing. All of that stress brought me here and while not everything is perfect, it feels right.

I wish I had listened when he told me he was unhappy instead of getting angry. I wish I had gotten into therapy earlier and that I had been less reactive and more boundaried with my daughter. I'm proud of myself for getting into therapy. For trudging through this horrific depression and remembering that my son and my dog are enough to keep waking up every day.

I am particularly proud of my strength, resilience, integrity, ability to adapt to increasing work demands, and most of all for my commitment to my friend group. I could keep pushing my business even more. I could get rid of more belongings and really downsize.

I am proud of the work i have done with my family especially my children, but my wife as well. We are really connecting, and growing together. I think I’m too judgmental. I need to allow my wife to be who she is with others. I need to work to appreciate other people and what they offer the world.

I'm proud of my quitting drinking and I'm proud of myself for re-enrolling in college. I do wish that I had done both of these things sooner.

I wish I had been bolder in asking for what I want. For asking someone to tell me they love me. To say, specifically, that something is upsetting me and to say why. To prioritize my own emotional and mental health instead of avoiding conversations that could be potentially awkward or uncomfortable.

I'm proud of my work as a queer educator, and where it's taking me. I'm doing work that I love and that's really important to me, and I know I'm having an impact!

I wish I had not been so afraid to confront my own health crisis. I approached my life in fear and it took me a long time to realize that most illness that don't lead to death, can be reversed by my own positive approach and behavior. And also I don't need a man to define love to me. I am love and I am enough.

There's always things you wish you did differently, but nothing major pops into my head. Over the past year or two, I've learned to love me for who I am - took 50 something years to finally be comfortable in my own skin. I've also been taking some time to myself every few days to appreciate life. Whether it is solo kayaking or hiking or checking out a new brewery with the wife - need to find cheap ways to enjoy life.

The past year has basically been me in total survival mode. I'm not sure what, if anything, I could have done differently. So much of my time and energy was and is still focused on getting through the mess left behind after Carl died. Other than that, I've tried to throw myself into work and rebuilding friendships that took a backseat to my relationship once upon a time. I would like to think that, for the most part, I've handled the shitty situation I've been dealing with pretty well. I've tried to tell myself not to dwell on things that I cannot change and be thankful for the support I have from my family and friends. I believe I am coming to the end of this situation (hopefully REALLY soon) a stronger (and probably much harder) person. But I am ok with that.

I have really started to embrace the " I would not have done anything differently" mindset. I used to think that was bullshit, but I forgive myself for mistakes made and see failure, but not fatal. Super proud of my new healthly eating and losing 30 lbs (so far)

I am trying to work towards responding to people with kindness when I am annoyed, frustrated, or hurt. I wish I had put more effort into being present, which I find difficult to do, as it makes me seem absent from relationships that I hold dear. I'm trying to change that. I'm proud that I haven't fallen apart yet.

I wish I would not have wasted so much of my time playing solitaire, candy crush and other games on the computer and smart phone. I am especially proud of my participation in WAVE and the overturning of the 4 congressional seats in Orange County.

I don't know that there is anything that I'd do differently. Maybe to wake up and grind sooner. Life is too short to be idle. Stop being idle.

I wish that I had more energy. To get out and do more adventures, to explore and give more to my hobbies. I also wish I spent less. I am proud that I take the time to spend what energy I have with friends. To have memories. I am also proud that I am taking better care of myself and treating myself with self care...knowing that there are things I will have to say no to.

I'm proud of taking ownership of my next career move, and of making and executing a plan to finish my dissertation.

I wish every year I would get out there and be open. To meeting someone. I met joe and that was an amazing experience. We were so different but had such an amazing connection. I still think of him.

I wish that I had established a more sensible routine freshman year. I was a little all over the place--with cleaning my room, doing laundry, getting exercise--because I was so wrapped up in the social scene. Additionally, I could've definitely focused more on school and productivity. I definitely was not as academically-minded as I was in high school, again because I think I was so focused on friends and doing the "right" things socially, I forgot about the other important things. At the same time, I am so proud of myself for the strides I made freshman year. I made amazing friends, took advantage of clubs and speakers and opportunities, tried restaurants and explored campus/Durham, and had a truly incredible year. It is so fun to look back now and see all the great things I did and great friendships I've made.

Year over year I'm still grappling with finding contentedness in my work. I've had it before, so I know it is possible, but I seem to get antsy and I don't want to be that person who is never satisfied. I still don't have the answer, but I hope to be in the right role at the right company in the next few years. I'm proud of myself for sticking things out, though. From two months of almost unemployment, to working on projects that aren't the most exciting, I'm still giving it my all and not just coasting.

I wish I would have saved more money this year.

Goddamn it I have a credit card balance again. I don't know how it happened and I'm feeling overwhelmed in how to get out of it. I desperately need to get it in control. And get paid more. I'm super proud of my commitment to working out. I'm still lifting, I've made great progress and it shows. I ran 2!! half marathons and I'm playing softball.

Once again, it doesn't resonate with me much to think of what I should've done differently. But I am proud of myself and J for entering into this new depth in our relationship. It feels big and is very current, but I'm proud of us for starting into it. I'm also proud of us for making it through residency!

I wish I had the strength to not be so afraid of life. It has been proving itself pretty and wonderful. I'm exceptionally proud of myself for helping my self with my trauma healing.

I feel like I slightly lost myself in the joy of my relationship. I wish I had maintained a stronger hold on my own personal interests and carving out time for my own individual growth and betterment.

Something I would do differently - I'm not sure, it's truly a blur. I tried my best through all the chaos to stay grounded, but I think our kids got the brunt of my anger and frustration. Not proud of that! I'm working through it, and trying to figure out our new balance and life. I'm not proud of the way I've parented - there was a lot of yelling and not much patience.

I wish I had prioritized dating, gotten my stuff out of storage so that I could settle in more. I am proud of the fact that I have done everything possible to preserve my fertility, deepened meaningful friendships and made some progress professionally. I sometimes wish I would make time to take care of things that would improve my quality of life.

There are probably many things. But this past year has been less about feeling pressure to make big changes and more about getting comfortable with the changes I have made. I need to figure out how to enjoy working for one organization (aka having a full time job). I need to figure out how to enjoy down time. I need to figure out how to eat and be healthier. I can do these things, making the change is not hard, but I wish I was enjoying these things more.

I am proud of holding everything together. Through the toughest year of my life - my wife's surgery, her period of unemployment, car repairs, barely scraping by, going deeper into debt. I'm proud of adapting and making it through. I wish I had managed our money differently and prioritized saving more so that it wouldn't have been such a tough year. I wish I would have exercised more and eaten better, because I'm quite unhealthy at this point. I wish I had been less stressed and more calm, more compassionate, more loving, more patient. Less uptight and bitter.

I kinda wish I hadn’t spent so long worrying about trying to fit into a gendered box instead of just rolling with it and allowing myself to explore. But I’m also kind of proud that I did eventually allow myself to accept my gender and that I started therapy. That was a good choice.

This year, I stepped out of my comfort zone, and took on a financial advisor. Up until now, I've dealt with everything myself, but after having a free session stemming from a pre-retirement course, it looked safe enough to entrust my investments with this company: I am hopeful it will help them grow more than if I'd left them in a much more conservative venue.

I wish I would have started divorcing Diana sooner, and realized that the baby thing was going to be a deal breaker. Getting things started better would have been better in that case. I wish that to have been farther along.

I wish I had spent more time with my cat Callie before she passed. :(

This answer is combined. I struggled A lot this year with my relationship with my sister. I wish I knew how to have kept myself from arguing with her as I’ve done in the past. It became clear though that by avoiding arguments i was Just shoving down resentments until they were all pretty muddy and overwhelming. The thing I’m proud of is seeking my former therapist and restarting again. This feels like the right time to reflect in an ongoing manner on myself as a wife, parent, friend and sister to see how I can live with integrity - even when the road is rough.

I am sorry for trying for so long to retain people as friends in the era of Trump who have clearly lost their moral compass. I had a memory of non-racist conservative friends who made reasonable counterarguments. Somehow, they fell down the well of fascism-inflected fake news. I lost eight friends that way whom I considered really important in my life. I am still sad to have lost them, but I was too patient, I think, given the fact that any patience I showed them seemed to make them feel justified. One woman I adore(d) before 2016 actually made a case for the child separation policy, defending child abusers. I'll see her in the future incarnation of Nuremberg, but never again at my home.

I am proud of how I have grown into the management role I took on at work this past November. I'm not perfect, but I have recieved praise for the work I've been doing and really feel like I have grown into the role since I last time.

I wish I had spoken louder for things I believe in

I wish I had gotten by daughter more help for her stomach issues. We go through a period of where everything is OK, but then tank for weeks on end, with her feeling sick or her stomach hurting. We're trying to break this horrible cycle, but have a hard time knowing if it's food allergies, emotional or if there's something even deeper that's bothering her, resulting in this.

I wish I hadn’t spend so much money and saved more. I also wish I moved faster with breaking all ties between my ex and I. Didn’t few weeks ago and feel grand about it!

I wish I had taken more time to take better care of myself. This has been a rough year emotionally and physically.

I’m proud that l met my life partner after 23 years of being single.

I am proud of my real estate dealings. I am unsure if I wish I focused more on my job, or if I wish I focused more or less on finding a new job (I'm torn on this one).

Yes, there is: I would'nt have giving false hope to a friend of mine, because even if I like(d) him, I don't feel ready to do long-distance relationship. But at the same time, I will always keep a nice memory of him.

Am I more confident, or am I simply saturated with second-guessing of my own past acts and instincts such that .. well, at this point, I can't think of anything of lasting significance that I might have done differently? Certainly there are some smaller things I would change in retrospect -- in particular, words I might have expressed less harshly or more softly, or that were better left unsaid. And I suppose that, in arriving at my biggest decision for the year -- to quit my job for nothing greater than to reflect and recharge -- I might have spent less time second-guessing the validity of the feelings that led me to this choice. In my job, I felt overwhelmed, overlooked, and undervalued for a long time. I am glad that I chose to listen to those feelings, and, at age 52, set myself on a different path.

There is no one thing that stands out that I would have done differently last year. However, I am really pleased that I'm engaging in healing from past trauma and BPD. This is the toughest road so far, all other health issues aside. You can't leave your head. This mental illness is a huge challenge. It scares me almost to death but knowing I can access the Savior's healing power brings me back from the brink. I am going to do this hard thing. I am going to get better. I am going to have peace and joy every day along the way - even if it's only for a brief window at a time.

Yes, every single day I wish that I had met my kids and husband with a more open heart, more presence and patience. Because they deserve it. And I wish I had set my boundaries more clearly and lovingly, because I deserve it. And I am proud for how things went. That I am a awesome coach and mum and wife. Just growing.

I wish I'd cut loose of my previous dead-end relationship a heck of a lot sooner... I'm super thankful that I did give now-hubby the chance he'd been waiting on, for years...

I have run my first 10k race in 58:28 - I am super proud of my accomplishment. I am heading towards my first half marathon in two weeks and I will rock it

I wish I had planned more for my move to India from the USA. It was a whirlwind and, to be fair, I was majorly depressed and moving mostly on autopilot, but I still could have been better prepared. On the other hand, I moved to another country. I'm proud of myself for that. It's something I've wanted to do for a long time. I love my job and my new place-- and how much it shocked me out of autopilot.

Wish I participated more often in social justice demonstrations.

I wish I hadn't wasted a year wallowing in self-doubt about most of the aspects of my life. It's shocking how quickly the time flew past. Honestly, I don't have anything I'm really proud of, other than learning some new crafting skills.

I wished that I had shared more about what was happening in my life with my friends. I also wish that I had asked them more about what was happening in their lives.

In the past year, I've interviewed for a number of positions, and I flubbed one of them in particular pretty badly. That said, I came away from it with significant learning, and I honestly don't think I'd want to be without that experience.

We launched our MicroVenture campaign on the 25th, very proud to have taken our Israeli startup and bring it to a Iss Venture Capitalist. I wish I took a job to help pay along the way.

I am especially proud of my ability to be flexible and go with the flow comfortably

I wish I would have ended my abusive relationship earlier. I didn’t trust my instincts. I spent a lot of time second guessing myself and invalidating my feelings before my partner could. I wish I would have spent more time asking myself what I needed to be comfortable, happy, or successful and committing to serving myself.

Very proud of this year. A lot of clarity about what I want and feeling brave enough to go after it. Enjoying the challenges and knowing and accepting that there will always be room for growth and opportunities are endless. I wish I took care of myself more at times. Don't over do it. Give 100 percent to what matters most. Work on gratefulness and positivity, worry less and connect more. I want to be present for myself and others. Especially proud of conceiving a baby with Alex!!!

I wish I had gone to bed earlier.

Well of course there is always many things I would have done differently. My answer is probably the same as last year in the regrets section. I guess I’m proud that I got a banner but I wish I had more try’s.

I wish I wouldn't have worried so much about things outside of my control (that NEVER manifested). I wish I would have enjoyed the fruits of my labor now. I'm starting to do this more frequently, and it's a good place to be.

I wish I had taken the PR job rather than staying freelance. It was the easier option and the more tempting one to stay freelance, and I had my doubts at the time. It took about four months to be proved wrong.

Not really. Wish I'd done more writing, as ever, but proud of managing all the projects that assailed us. Now we can enjoy their fruits

I wish I had not done what I did and caused my termination. I blew 2 years of successful work and a respected reputation in my field.

Differently-No-Did best I could. Proud - I finished 12 oil paintings called Molecule Series- post Helena fire managed this after losing my entire portfolio along with entire house and having to move art studio 3 times since. 2 have found new homes , 1 in KS other Douglas City, CA. 4 are in Juried show Highland Art Gallery Weaverville, CA.

I am especially proud of myself for stepping up to the challenge of being a kick ass manager and hopefully closing the deal with a fantastic new job that recognizes my skills. I'm not proud of how things fell out with Chandrea over the troop, but I'm also not sure I would have done anything differently - except maybe involving the Council sooner.

I left a lot of projects half done or poorly done. Various factors have discouraged and left me longing for a change in career, but I should have still persisted and not put myself in a poor financial place as a result of my lack of motivation.

Yes, I wish I started my inevitable career earlier in the year. Perfectionism is a real threat to my commitments. Especially proud of how much progress I've made towards my dreams; CSI consulting, alumni board, IAmEmpowering, boy scouts, social media, etc.

Though I am sad that I lost my job, I am happy that I don't have to spend time with negative, gossipy people. Also working every Saturday and doing shift work was ruining my life. I can spend Saturdays with friends, which is great. I think I have been really great about going out and meeting new people. I am concerned that I am getting to the point where I am inflexible with sleep and other things. That may be a sign of maturity or it may be a sign of rigidity.

I wish I had prioritized sleep and work over TV more. I am the world's best procrastinator, and I am doing just enough to get by in everything - I could definitely be doing more work, more studying, more research.

My significant weight gain is my biggest regret. I feel like I've made a physical prison for myself out of my emotional struggles last year and I am dealing with the consequences of it every day in multiple ways. Clothing, fitness, activities, and general comfort with my appearance have been severely negatively affected. I think about it every day and am reminded about it in nearly everything I do. I am trying to refocus this embarrassment into a positive as motivation to stay on a path to correct this and return to a more comfortable weight. In an ideal world, when I re-read this in a year I will be sitting at somewhere south of 250, wearing clothes that fit me better, with a spring and summer behind me that include a lot more active lifestyle than I've been living.

I wish I had stuck up for myself more. A manager at work sexually harrassed me after a work function and a team leader on a new project systematically undermined and bullied me and I still work for the same company. I am trying to be kind for myself and I am looking for a new job but it has been stressful and demoralising and I wish I had handled it all differently.

When I was laid off, I didn’t tell a soul. I tried to limit who knew. I guess I was embarrassed. I felt being fired from my first full-time job felt like a personal failure. Holding down a job is one of the most basic parts of being a functioning adult, so it seemed like something was wrong with me on a fundamental level. I told everyone I quit. I was eyeing the door anyway and people knew it, so it wasn’t so unbelievable. I didn’t tell my folks, who I trust completely. My girlfriend still thinks I quit. I think having someone to talk to would have eased the stress I endured in the later months.

I am proud of losing 80 pounds this year. I am proud of eating no sugar and no flour of any kind this year. Not one bite. I am proud of having been in active recovery from food addiction. Because of that, there's not much I would have liked to do differently. Travel more. Travel internationally more. Read more. Gone out in nature even more than I did. Maybe celebrated my 50th birthday more significantly. But over all, this is a year notable mostly for a sence of regrets.

I wish I would have let go of stress faster and not dwelled on some of the small things that didnt matter as much in the long run. I am proud though that I am finding more ways to center myself and looking forward to taking a new found approach to being good to my body and not beating it up so much.

I wish I had prioritized my health more this year. I have made a lot of improvements by bringing down my blood sugar and losing some weight. I was hoping to be further along with my weightloss plan, but I have to give myself a break. I would also like to incorporate more plant based meals in my diet and reduce the amount of processed foods that I eat. It is going to take a lifestyle change and I have to come to terms that this is what I have to do to stay healthy and everyone's path is different.

Change is hard. Why can’t I be more patient? I need to let people (my family) do things they want in a way that suits them. Be less controlling. Be more easy going. And stop procrastinating. Life is passing by in the blink of my eye I’m proud of finding a new school for Ari. Hopefully this school will help him grow and develop where he needs to be.

There will always be things I wish I did differently. And I think the biggest take away is not dwelling on the past and how I made mistakes, but turning toward them and learning from them. I think in that way, the things I wish I did differently are the things I am proud of, because I have taken them as life lessons. I am thrilled with how I have turned toward my neurodiversity, and how I have worked on exploring the concept of having wants and needs and autonomy, and sharing those with others. I am proud of how I am working on learning to ask for help when I need it, instead of attempting to do everything myself. I am proud of working on owning my desires and my experiences, and reducing the amount of validation I need from others that my feelings are real and that the way I am approaching situations is "good". I am proud of how much introspection I am doing, I am proud of how much communication I am practicing. I am proud of how much I am learning and putting my mistakes into a practice of changed behavior. I am proud of how much I am working to show myself my value, rather than depending on others. I am proud of how much I have grown. I know that this list is long, and yet each aspect I can trace back to the things I've done this year that I can wish for alternate outcomes with. And I know that I cannot change the past, nor can I change any of the timelines that *might* have come from it if I had acted differently. But! In learning from those experiences, I can put work into changed behavior so that those situations do not repeat. I am proud of how much I am noticing these actions and taking feedback from others and giving myself feedback about how I can work to be a better self, a more giving, positive, kind, respectful, warm, fun person-- and how aspiring to be *more* of those qualities does not make me "bad" now, or *not* those qualities now. I am proud of how much I see myself, and proud of who I am. In the past year, I have truly Become.

Yes, I wish I had more strongly urged my friend to plan for her impending death from stage 4 cancer; she believed strongly in her spontaneous remission and asked for my support. I gave her that and she died alone in her home with her two dogs. Her body was found days later. I am amazed at the response I am receiving from her friends for creating a Celebration of Life for Pam. Her ashes remain on a shelf in Meridian, Idaho, at the crematorium for five months now and I am especially proud of asking to bring them back home to SB. I don't think I have ever done any one thing in my life that brought as much appreciation to so many people.

I'm proud of finishing my MSc.

I'm really proud that I've done the yoga teacher training in August. It was really worth it.

Differently - I wish I had written more (written period, honestly) and that I had actively worked on weight loss. Things have been pretty static, but that hasn't included progress. Proud - I'm proud that I have read a lot more this past year. Doing yoga has been great. These are two big self care pieces that have been very helpful. This is also the first year that I felt really good about how I was doing at my job - it's much easier than teaching.

I wish I had spent less time reading Facebook, the news, and mystery novels this year. I am especially proud that I started something new, and thereby turned a corner and took a step forward with something old. I am also proud that I have been a good partner and mother this last year.

Proud of have broken up with N, proud to have decided to move my practice, wich will take place within 4-5 weeks; but above all I am very proud that I go to swim in the lake every day, although for the moment it’s 17 degrees C. I’ve been swimming since July and hope to do it as long as possible, even though the temperature of the lake will be low. I have no more migraines!!

Learning to accept my new role as caregiver for my mom with dementia has not generally led to shining moments of pride this year. I've been resentful and snippy, domineering and manipulative. I've complained behind her back to her grandchild, I've snapped at my brothers, I've cried and blown up and boiled over and also not done things I know she might need to stay alive and healthy, just to spend more time with my kiddo or by myself. I still fill with dread thinking about myself as the caregiver for my mother with dementia. Why me? But I'm trying to enjoy the moments together too, this ultimate - or, maybe more accurately in terms of connotation, final - reparation of our relationship that spent so many decades severely frayed and close to feeling completely torn. This is repairing the world, too. How can I repair the world if I can't repair my relationship with my mother?

I wish I had taken better care of my self. I wish I got more sleep. I wish I ate better. I wish I exercised more. I feel last in my life....doing something but not enough self care time.

Very proud of how i insisted in breastfeeding my daughter although the first weeks were very hard.

This is going to be the same every day, I swear. I wish I'd talked to my boyfriend and gotten therapy instead of just breaking up. I still love him and hurt him so badly that he may not be able to try again even though he still loves me. My depression and anxiety are worse than I realized. I wish I'd reached out more. I wish I'd gotten on medication to ease the panic attacks. I wish I'd recognized the problem. I wish I'd listened when he called me asking why I did it.

I am really proud of my leadership in the Flourishing Studio Culture Project. I am proud of my ability to bring brilliant people together and to facilitate discussion and idea sharing. I am also proud of my ability to find and distribute resources for the project.

I am not disappointed at all in anything I did this year. I am especially proud that I had the courage to travel to 4 locations - one overseas - in spite of the tremendous challenges for me to travel. And my work with a non-profit has been rewarding. I guess my gratitude to be living an almost normal life is great!

I don't think there's anything that I wish I'd done differently this year. However I am extremely proud of myself, for introverted me to become an extrovert for the sake of my son at Vidcon this summer.

Me hubiera gustado haber escrito durante la quimio todo lo que sentia en el proceso para poder hoy armar un articulo / nota / algo contando mi experiencia. Estoy orgullosa de haber pasado por tanto con una sonrisa en la cara. Orgullosa de haber seguido con terapia y de agregar a la psiquiatra. Orgullosa de todos los halagos que me dijeron antes, durante y despues del tratamiento. Orgullosa de haber detectado la depresion a tiempo para poder tratarla. Orgullosa de lo bien que me quedaba el turbante. Orgullosa de lo bien que llevo el pelo corto y de la leccion de desapego que dio quedarme pelada.

The past year was extremely challenging on a lot of levels, and I learned a lot of good lessons. The first was, check your stories. I went down some pretty deep rabbit holes based on incorrect assumptions about what others were thinking or thinking about me. Those stories were based on my fears rather than reality. One of my goals for this year is to watch the stories that I tell myself about why things are happening and be deliberate about checking in and assuming positive intent. I am proud of how I ultimately was able to move from fear into curiousity and possibility.

I wish that I'd used my voice for positive stories more than negative. It is not charming to bash my family or spouse or friends, even when the stories are funny. I want people to know I support them, and I can do that by telling stories of their wins. On the other hand, I am proud of how I have shown up as a parent, despite how busy and tired I am.

I wish I had kept in touch with my Aunt Mary this last year. She moved to assisted living and I am sure that a phone call from me every so often would have helped her. I must do better.

I wish I had spent more time with my parents. I'm proud of the fact that I've been bolder and braver this year (public speaking, dating, voicing opinions, taking risks)

I wish that I had recognized how much my daughter was suffering sooner. Its so easy to overlook when your child keeps up a fairly good front. I knew she was depressed. But I am too (and suffer from clinical depression). I'm highly functional and hoped my experience would serve as a template for hers. I was so wrong to think my experience could just be copied and pasted onto hers. But I've learned now. Lots of tools from DBT. We are not the same person. I was really foolish to think so and a little self-absorbed too.

I wish I were able to communicate better with my oldest daughter. I still haven't found a way to control my reactions to her "developmental stage." She's 14, and somehow everything one of us says or does annoys the other tremendously. I know it's expected, but I fear that so many years of me not managing it better on my end has created distance between us. She's growing up quickly, and I won't have much more time with her in my home.

I wish I had invested more time into giving my husband my best self. I’ve been stressed with the changes in my professional life and I have not balanced my personal life very well.

I am proud of myself for asking for a sabbatical, and getting it, and actually coming to Israel. Every day is challenging in some way, and rewarding in some way as well. I actually have no big regrets about this past year.

I wish I could have been more prepared when school started again

Naturally, I wish I had balanced my budget a little better. As always. But I'm proud of the times I stopped being busybusybusy and just sat with one of the kids. Just dwelled in proximity, not asking or demanding anything, just listening to them live. I am proud of doing that, because it's so hard for me to slow down and just Be. I'll be doing that more again this year. They're growing so fast - it's now or never.

I wish I had listened more to the "inner voice" that broadly, distantly keeps telling me that everything is OK and you don't have to control everything and you can let go.

There's nothing I would have done differently because I believe in living in the moment so I reacted the way that was appropriate at the time. I'm proud of all the things I do for my community.

I wish I hadn't slid back into bad eating habits right after I moved, so that I had to do BodyBoss to make up for the weight I gained. I hope that this year, I can finally reach my weight goal and stop having to think about it.

There's nothing I wish I would have done differently. Actually, it would have been good if I hadn't signed up to take Derick's biz class. I'll learn some good stuff I'm sure, but. I dunno, if I could do it again I wouldn't have signed up. A good lesson for the future. I'm especially proud that we got Souled Out Up and that I left Mainland and created my own product to sell online. I'm also proud that I was able to focus for so many years to both create Souled Out and to stay at Mainland under those conditions for so long. Nice work buddy. I'm also proud that I eat as healthy as i do and that I go to the gym regularly. Good job, I'm super proud of you. ;)

I wish I had been better with my money. Not made impulsive purchases just because I had the extra money, and thought I deserved it for working so hard.

I cannot think of a single thing I’d have done differently this year. I’m 60, and decades of meditation practice has finally begun to yield good attention-paying skills. Whew! And while I’m proud of those skills on their own, I’m also proud that in each of the places I’ve lived this year, I’ve done the things I most needed to do to support and nurture myself. And now I’m in a wonderful home. Yay!

I wish I had been more pro-active about Sam and my concerns around his behavior. I wish I could have confronted him about the drinking before it almost killed him. I go numb when I am around him and his dad. On the other hand, I am proud of the times I did stand up to Scott. And I am proud of the nearly three months I went alcohol free. I'm doing that again.

Been more patient

Just proud that I have stuck with a plan, continue to learn the good of being humble, positive, and grateful.

I got a treadmill for Christmas, and my husband set up Netflix in front of it, so I was really able to make some progress on my fitness goals in 2019. This felt great!

Planned to work my mom’s bathroom differently, at the same time super happy with the results!

I’m especially proud of getting the internship if my dream this year.

I wish I had more control over my emotions. Often I have been too outspoken on subjects there was no use to be outspoken about. I could have been more careful with my opinion. I'm proud that I have been very aware of this and that I try to be better every day.

Just put one foot in front of the other to accomplish goals. I'm proud that by taking one step at a time I managed to move to Mexico. Tried driving for Lyft which gave me the ability to earn extra money, saved to buy a car, fought with Enterprise to pay me for lost luggage. Slowly beginning the next phase of my life.

I didn’t get in shape this year either, but I had a lot going on that sucked the energy right out of me. I felt like I needed rest more than working out. There never seemed to be a good time to start. I think I need to think of getting healthy as something I do for myself rather than to myself and stop beating myself up when I can’t deliver on my rigid expectations of what I should do.

I wish I had made a greater effort to make friends with staff at Eisner, but I am proud of being a great counselor.

I'm especially proud of getting my pottery studio properly set up earlier this year. This meant I was able to complete commissions in my own studio, including a huge order of wedding favours.

I’m so proud of myself for making an effort in several places where I would normally have quit or given up, or stomped my feet and let my pride rule the day. I can’t hope to finally claim maturity for myself, but the years of learning and growth are finally starting to erode my stubbornness and assumptions about how the world should be. There are many things I wish I had done differently, times I mortified myself with my own behavior, and times I wish I’d been clearer about my needs and wants. But perfection is the enemy of the good...and I’ll take the good and some growth any day.

I wish took more time to visit family and friends. Even if it fast day trip to see my mother parents or see my cousin or friend in city. Also wish had more patience with my friends when they do not txt me back. Got down dc to see few friends for my birthday

I wish I had been a more hands-on mother to my two-year-old.

I have no regrets. I wish I cleaned my room right as i moved in because i’m beginning to realize Control is key. If i can control my room, body, eating and school i can litterally achieve anything. maybe regret smoking every single day for the past 2 months xD. I’m super proud at my working out ethic. i’m getting bigger stronger, and noticing gains. mostly proud of my legs.

Something I wish I had done differently: not much that I can think of, honestly. Maybe not had sex with those two dudes. Made better use of my time at home with my family. Not have worried so much about my EMS placements - everything was fine in the end. Something I am proud of: feeling more confident this year, more myself, more unafraid to make friends and ditch friends. Feeling more aware of who I am as a person and finding "me", just like I wanted to on 10Q a year ago.

I wish I could have found a larger house to buy but that isn't really something I could have changed myself - there just wasn't anything in my price range that was larger than the one I found. I'm proud of working hard to get back my security deposit from my former rental management company, they had to work really hard to find stuff they could complain about but even those were bogus (like burned out lightbulbs!) but I got every penny back from them, the cheaters.

I wish I had accomplished something relevant but it was kind of a stand-by year that looks like I'll end up regretting. I gave it my best though, but my best was not nearly good enough. I was on the brink of moving somewhere else in the world, somewhere better, scoring a big job, ensuring myself some kind of future. Nevertheless I've failed, and even though I have achieved the possibility of one of my dream jobs, it just feels like it had been an impasse year. Now I cannot move, and it looks like a year hadn't gone by. I'm proud of my resilience at work and in life, but not of the impression I project and the luck I get for the things I want.

I wish I really really wish that they told me the truth, fact is I asked them to tell me the truth the medical team. It would’ve change everything, the way I treated my son when he was still with us, the way the treatments going, I would’ve more saying in which way it went. I believe it will change everything, especially how he spent his last days on earth, I would’ve made sure that he won’t suffer and feel the pain like he experienced the last days of his life. I would’ve chosen to give him palliative care at earlier state, i would’ve made him more comfortable and even though at the end he has to go, he would’ve gone without going through such pains that he had to endured. I’m not proud of myself, on the contrary I feel that I’m such a failure, he trusted me so much and I couldn’t protected him till the end.

I wish I had been less rigid about some of my mom's wants/demands. I wish I had been kinder to her.

I'm proud of the excellent teacher I've become and how much I've grown from my challenges.

I regret not being more truthful with myself and others from time to time this past year. I also regret not following through on something I've been wanting to do but have some fears about. On the other hand I think I've done really well in helping others, being kind, and being thoughtful. I'm actually quite proud of that.

I wish I had ended our relationship a year ago, but I am so proud that I am finally setting healthy boundaries and choosing my son and myself before anyone else.

Especially proud of -- I adapted to the necessary dietary changes to my spiked blood sugar a lot easier than I would have expected. Still waiting to retest and find out where I am at health-wise, but it was probably a necessary kick in the ass and whatever the end result, it will have had positive impacts on me.

I wish I had not yelled at my kids so much; I wish I had not let my inner anger and stress and frustration come out on them. I wish I had spent more moments just playing with my kids instead of looking at a screen as well.

Im proud of myself for getting through a tragic event that happened last February. I stopped being as disciplined with my work out routine and got somewhat depressed. I’m finally getting back to me and it feels great.

One thing I wish I had done differently this past year is spending more energy on how I practice my Judaism through prayer. I often think about common Jewish themes in my day-to-day life and try to pray to G-d every once in a while, but I wish I had a more structured way of practicing my spiritual observations. One thing I'm especially proud of from this past year is my self-reflection and really thinking about how different themes can sit so steadily during my day to day life. I think writing my positives at the end of each day has really helped with self reflection. Now, I think I am ready to take my self-reflection one step further.

I wish I had been a better sister and daughter.

I wish I had come to the conclusion about the toxicity of C-- sooner, and found a more elegant way to break it off, before it went south the way it did; but I do acknowledge the fact that is was h-- choice to shit on me verbally and so I took the action to call the relationship off. I'm proud of the work I did at P---uin R-p, and the P--h W--k with B---y C---s, which seemed linked. I'm growing and becoming more free.

I am proud that I graduated college, but it's not like I ever thought I wouldn't. I wish I had gotten out of my apartment more my last semester. I’m really proud of how much better I’ve gotten at programming. I struggled a lot in the first (and second) class I took about coding. But I’m finally starting to understand it.

I’ve begun to get back on track in my career. And I didn’t smoke this year. But I wish I had managed to exercise more, simply because I feel better when I do.

I wish I had been honest earlier - with myself and others. Honesty has been so freeing.

I don’t know. I can’t think of anything I’m especially proud of. I can’t think of anything I wish I had done differently either. Is that meaning regret? Maybe wish I had saved more money? Been a better mom? Not stopped working out? Is it weird that I just feel blank?

Been more direct and better about self-advocacy.

I would have been more consistent in my personal Bible study and Quiet Time each day.

This year, I'm proud that I've been worrying less about what people are doing around me, and focusing more on myself. I haven't felt as much fomo and I think that's due to finding the space to be more present in my own life.

There are things that I wish I could change but, that would mean I am not where I am today. I have met a great guy, I have a decent job, a roof over my head, and I can go out and enjoy myself. I'm learning to let go of my kids so they can be adults, which is not as easy as I thought it would be.

I can't help but think of Asha for this question. I wish I had told her to go fuck herself. I wish I hadn't agreed to pay her back for the hotel room. I wish I had been meaner to her. I'm very angry at her right now; I hate her. I regret letting her treat me like shit. This will be the year I stand up for myself.

I continually, over and over, don't set firm boundaries. Either that, or I think I have, but I don't enforce them, and I allow people to manipulate me into allowing them to blow past those boundaries. These are boundaries in terms of relationships, volunteer commitments, time commitments, food, and other values and activities. I am so caught up in the desire to never be the source of someone's anger that I allow it to determine the course of my actions. This is something that I really allowed to happen in 5779.

I am really proud that I have kept chugging through the year. I have accomplished so much and have not let guilt or shame hold me back from achieving again, so much. They are still there, and I wish they would just disappear, but that seems unrealistic. I don't regret anything, but I know there is so much I want to be able to do differently next year when I have the time. Go outside more, be more open with my partner and my dog and my family, set clear boundaries and have hard conversations, fill my time with opportunities to use my body for art and movement, meet new people, make an impact in a small community setting, find outlets for my spirituality, learn new things on my time, did I say go outside more? The one thing I have lined up is a lot of travel and I'm not sure that's something I'm actually aching for.

I wish I had worried less. I worry about doing enough. About being enough. I want to surrender that I am always enough, and remind others of the same!

I am proud of being able to change with regard to my classroom. Students get grades what can change as they show mastery.

I think I have done pretty well surmounting the challenges of last year, and am trying to do a better job of maintaining my house and my calm. All of my struggles have to do with finances, but I think I'm doing all right.

I wish we had made more time to visit our younger daughter and her partner in Florida. We had so much travel planned for our own trips and to help out our older daughter and her family with their move that I feel we shortchanged our younger one. We haven't seen enough of them. I am pretty proud of how I helped co-president our local Hadassah group. We have had some exciting meetings that have induced many to come and enjoy the activities we have to offer and raise money for the efforts of Hadassah Hospital to help many health conditions that affect people around the world.

I wish I had started therapy sooner. I would that further along in my journey of self-acceptance and learning better ways to effectively communicate in a healthy way. On the other side of that coin, I am very proud of myself for beginning the therapy journey, even though it is so very fresh and new and in the trek. I have only had two sessions so far, and I'm sure I have a lot of work ahead of me, but finally getting the courage to make (and attend) that first appointment was a huge step for me and just doing that has made me feel so proud and positive.

I wish I had followed my instincts more, whether with tough decisions at work or in relationships. I wish I had held my ground and been firm about what I needed, instead of worrying about the other person’s reaction.

I wish I hadn’t given space to fear to grow in me. Nevertheless I am very proud of being strong enough to stop taking pills and write my thesis as I always wanted.

I wish I had focused more on the big picture of my life and the major changes that I think about. Instead, I fill my life with little tasks and small details to keep track of, never leaving time for deeper reflection, more open consideration, and creative thinking generally. This year, I want to be more actively engaged with my future and the depths of myself. I want to ask deep questions about myself and get into who I am and what I want my life to be like.

I’m proud of getting my divorce. I’m proud I stuck to my guns and have taken the higher road with Dan, at least most of the time. I’m proud of working to better myself. And I’m proud of advocating for Gracie even when she drives me bonkers.

Followed the voice that told me to walk away before I got in further.

I was going out with this guy I really liked. He desappeared. I just knew he had met someone else and didn't have the courage to tell me. So one day he texted me. He "apologized" for desappearing and told me about the girl and that they broke up. I was really proud for calling him out on being an assohole and that if he wanted to feel better he came to the wrong person. But as time passes I wish I had met him at least once. Everything just feels so unfineashed and I hate that he's still messing with my feelings even without nothing. I just want to let it go.

As with every year, "get more work done"! My dissertation lags, but I have decided to spend more time with my wife and son. The chapters will eventually get written, but these days are fleeting! I am most proud of my wife and I successfully buying a house and a car while navigating the third trimester! The past year seems like a dream with all that has changed for us in twelve months!

I stopped drinking alcohol and celebrated my first soberversary in September 😀 Lucy you rock, girl!

I’m pretty proud that I made it through this year with minimal collateral damage. I fought hard to keep working through chemo and radiation and was able to do it. I came out the other Sadie with a good reputation and good work record. I’m proud of myself for accepting help where I needed it, which is really hard for me.

Attempting online dating is something I feel proud of and at the same time I wish I had done differently. I was so naive at first. I found it hard to be pragmatic about it. I emotionally connected too soon but I continued to form interesting connections and learnt a lot about myself and the world in the process. I picked myself up from hurt and could be brave. I am now able to date more than one man however this has made me confused and I feel ashamed that I will be the one hurting others. I dont think I have treated anyone disrespectfully but I would like to be more honest in the future.

I wish that I stayed on plan. I’d be at target weight. I’m pleased that I’m developing some good friends here in London.

I’m proud of getting a job in my field. I’m doing what I love and making a career out of it.

I’m proud of the work we’ve physically done ourselves on the garden. It’s been hard, a lot of time spent doing it but it’s great looking at it knowing we did it ourselves!

I enrolled in ministry school. It was a huge leap of faith but it has been completely worth it. I got say the prayer of salvation with one of my adult sons which is perhaps the greatest feeling a parent can have. What I wish I did differently...I met a man asking for money for food. I prayed with him and gave him some money to get groceries. I failed to share the gospel and offer to prayer the prayer of salvation with him. I literally did everything but go through the sinner's prayer. It has weighed heavy on me since then.

I wish I had reached out for help more when I was struggling. It's hard for me to admit weakness, but I know my friends would be there for me if I told them about my problems. While I have regrets, I am proud of taking steps to improve my life and work flow. I have issues, but I'm trying to see them as learning opportunities rather than markers of my inferiority.

I'm proud that I asked for the salary that I deserve.

I wish I had handled a lot of my fear differently. I am especially proud of the growth I saw over the last year in dealing with fear. Not perfect but different.

I'm proud of how I approached a new job, and how I am displaying my leadership skills. I'm also proud of the increase in my ability to be present as a father. I wish I had invested more in being present for and investing in my relationship with my wife.

I’m extremely proud that I stayed centered and celebratory in my close relationships, honoring the gifts each person brings to the world. It wasn’t always easy. I was able to practice pausing, stepping back, looking at situations from a long view plus multiple perspectives, while also staying true to myself. Let’s face it, Life is a messy roller coaster ride! It’s also a sacred gift!

Everything? I have a hard time remembering what I did do! But somehow I'm convinced it was all wrong. Most of my should'ves go back further. Just dealing with the aftermath now.

Oh my. This year was an epic struggle. It's hard to think of it in terms of doing differently or being proud. I was pulling myself out of a hole. Do I wish it hadn't been so protracted, difficult and messy? Yes. Am I proud that I did it? Kind of, except that's kind of like saying "I'm proud to survive," which no one says for the simple reason that survival is a clawing base instinct, not an expression of our higher selves. I'm proud that in the depths of my misery I knew I had to get out for the sake of my children. I'm proud that I didn't lose sight of the effect my moods have on them. But just as I don't want to blame myself for my tendency towards falling into darkness, which is part of who I am, it's hard to be proud of my ability to step back and be clear-eyed, which is also part of who I am (although a part I have carefully cultivated).

Finally got away for a week- took courage as I was so afraid of flying, of being unable to cope. Plane only 18,000 feet, and went to stay with really kind friends. Otherwise disappointed as most of the year have been depressed as usual. Feel I have taken some steps to get better.

I'm proud of advocating for myself and being more cognizant of self-care this year. I'm a little better at saying "no" to the things that aren't of value or that interfere with other priorities than I have been in the past--it's been liberating to get that time back (but there's still a *little* guilt about telling people "no"...)

I'm proud of surviving and even thriving in my first year of being a mom. While at the same time being a devoted wife, daughter, friend, and full-time employee. It's been one of the hardest and most rewarding years of my entire life. Being a mom is the most fulfilling thing I've ever done. I love my little boy so, so much and I am so very proud and happy to be his mother.

To start I’m especially proud of all the hard work Allison and I have put I to our custody case. It has been a come together moment for our relationship and it wasn’t always easy. As far as something I wish I had done differently I would have to say working being less codependent way earlier. I have grown personally since making this realization. I have always worried how others will feel and it has gotten me into unfixable situations too many times. I still care how others will feel of course but I will make decisions that are for the betterment of my family first and everyone else second.

It's hard to answer this question, because the thing I most wish had gone differently is not something I knew was leading to a crisis. Blindsided by the abrupt end of a friendship. I don't know what I could have changed, or, if I did know, if I would have. More concretely, I wish I'd finished my thank-you notes...

I wish that I had done more to build close, caring, relationally-oriented political community rather than focusing so much on political task work.

I wish i believed better my intuition. So i wouldn´t choose certain people to take advantage of me. I mean guys, why am i repeating the same pattern like i have low esteem? is it karma? I am proud that i put an end to a open wound in my heart by giving a second chance to an ex boyfriend and understanding that he was not a good guy and stood tall and finish the relationship with this toxic person.

I wish I had reviewed 10Q for some of the goals I had set for myself, and I especially regret not doing THE BIG THING that has appeared year after year. I am also proud, however, that I have been making the most of being retired to spend more frequent quality time with my parents, especially my mom in her last 6 months, and now with my dad as a widower. I am proud of breaking out of my home-body shell to attend a couple of concerts and community events, and to pursue my card-making hobby. For Thanksgiving, I sent 35 hand-made greeting cards! And I am learning to take care of myself -- this week will be taking five days and four nights alone at the coast. I am proud that I am learning to speak up for what I want to others instead of hanging back waiting to see what they want.

I wish that I would've begun to move my possessions bit by bit over the year. Since I did not, I now face what seems an overwhelming challenge to move by the end of October. I am proud that I have taken better and wiser care of my financial life and all that it entails. I strive to do ever more during 5780.

There are small things that I wish I had done differently. And my summer, it went by too fast and I should have spent more time outside and riding my bike. I am proud of my new position and learning new skills.

I wish I didn't procrastinate so much, I'm working on it and staying ahead of the game but it's a struggle. Also, wish I saved a little more money!

I wish I had handled my brother Patrick visiting in a very different way. The whole day and evening was done poorly. I don't know that I will ever get a chance to do better. I am proud that I continue to try to be available to good and bad experiences as ways to grow.

I wish I had kept in closer contact with friends. Many experienced tragedy or hard times and I was unaware because we hadn't been in touch frequently enough. Even a regular phone call or text would have made all the difference instead of letting months slip by.

I wish I had told Chris that I love him, that I would be with him, that I've cared for him for a long time.I know he knows I care about him, but this is not the same as standing up and saying I love you, and I want to give it a try. I was afraid he'd think it was just because of his illness, and now, it's too late.

I am SO HAPPY to be back in school. This master’s program is absolutely perfect for me and this career change is going to be awesome and everything I’ve wanted for a very long time. I pushed so hard to get into this cohort and all of my hard work paid off. My advisor said that they have never let anyone in at the last minute like this, so it’s gotta be meant to be!

I wish I'd been clearer about my expectations of the artists with whom I worked. I wish I'd had the foresight to choose collaborators who were as invested as I am. I wish I would have spoken up and taken action to address unacceptable behaviors.

I would say the same as I mentioned last year- slow down, stop rushing around too much and being too stressed out. Trying to relax and take a break. I have been trying to do that on Shabbat and it is meaningful and helpful to me. I am not shopping or scheduling appointments or shopping on Saturdays and not scheduling activities for my daughter on Saturdays, either. Attending services or even Minyan more is another goal for this year.

I am so proud of myself for having the courage to make my own choices in life, and learn to listen to myself. I've been brave and it's been the hardest thing ever but I can do it!

This year I am happy to have a more consistent meditation practice and to have decided towards another bout of social media detox. It meant cutting off my ties with prominent people I idolize on social media so that I can do something meaningful with my time: get my feet wet in actual new machine learning exercises, focus on upgrading work skills, and most especially, give more undiluted love and attention to my family. I still miss my parents who died but Christina Rasmunssen’s book and NLP has helped me through the ugliest parts of grief. I also realize that my everyday reality now is the the stuff of rainbow colored dreams I put on my diary when I was a little girl. The place is serene plus I am a wife and a mother of two with a car and a nice house. It’s really funny because I dreamed of all these as a child. So I am glad and I find this year to be more productive than the last ones.

Plenty of things but I'm not worried, life happens & you cannot regulate or control it. I've being doing a lot of reading & reflecting and am learning to accept the things I cannot change & work harder on the things that I can, look how I feel about what life throws at you & how I can improve relationships: work, personal & loved ones.

I am incredibly proud of how much I have evolved my personal operating system. I finished my first bujo and learned all about GTD and am now beginning to assimilate the tool with the method – so far I am noticing pretty incredible results in terms of my ability to be present with what is happening right in front of me and be trusting that all the other things I will need to know about will come back to my attention at the right place and time. Hopefully this is the beginning of a long journey!

I wish I didn't allow stress to control my life so much. It's not really one mistake so much as daily little choices. I wish I had just enjoyed my evenings more and felt less stressed about catching up on work. Work will always be there. Life won't wait. I think watching Bachelor/ette twice each week is an area for growth. I am allowed to say no, to set boundaries, to force my friends to get along or to force myself to not always be in the center of it. This is silly but it still took up a lot of time each week. I wish I'd spent that time reading. I'm proud that I am reading more for pleasure than I have in a long time. I'm proud that I picked up a few hobbies. I'm proud that I'm prioritizing time away from work a bit more these last few months. I'm proud that my writing has continued to grow and change. I'm proud that I've been going to yoga more regularly at a studio. I'm proud to grow as a communicator with Samuel, though plenty of growing still to do.

I wish I had looked at Yeomen of the Guard before the new singing term started so that I could've prepared and auditioned for the part of Phoebe. But I'm proud of the progress I have made with my singing, and the progress I made with Hebrew, and whatever else I did before the baby came along.

I am glad we are really beginning to travel. It is a commitment I made long ago to my wife and one we are now fulfilling in spades, with destinations as far as San Francisco, Iceland, Nova Scotia, Biloxi, and Norway. I am glad to be doing this to enhance our time together while we both have our health. I do need to get more adjusted toward being retired, setting up daily plans so the day does not just ran away and then it is TV time. I need more structure in this retirement set of days.

I wish I'd actually wrote my fucking novel like I was supposed to and meant to. But, I guess I am also proud that I've already written more than 120k of not-my-novel, which is my highest year total by far.

I’m really proud of starting a Madrigal singing group with a few people from the choir I sing in. In the final choir concert in June the Madrigal group performed one song that creates a sense of joy every time I watch the video of it. Music really influences my happiness, and it meant a lot for me to find more ways of incorporating it into my life, since I am doing a lot less of it now than I used to. It’s almost as if music and the happiness it brings had fallen off my radar, and forming the Madrigal group was a way to remedy that. We continue to meet and learn new songs, which really keeps my happiness flowing.

I wish I had taken better care of myself. This has been a hard year, both at home and work. I wish I could have gotten more resolution at work, and some closure at home. Despite trying to get away for obvious reasons, he won't let go of me, and I don't know what else to do. I'm proud of making it. There were days that I didn't think I would.

Something that I am especially proud of over this past year is the completion of my service trip to Guatemala. Over Thanksgiving break I travelled to guatemala with a group of BC High students, where we stayed at an organization called Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos in Parramos Guatemala. This organization is worldwide, and it gives children who either have no parents to take care of them, or parents who can not afford to take care of them, a chance to be kids, and learn in a healthy environment that they may not have been getting before. Over the week I spent their I was able to get a good feel as to what life was like in these Central American countries as we explored villages, cities, and spend time with the kids. Over the course of the trip we played many games, did manual labor, and learned spanish along the way. One day that changed me forever was when we were all leaving and dozens of the kids we played with that week ran up to give us gifts and hugs and thanked us for the small amount of time we spent with them. One reason this particular trip made me proud was what I was able to take away from it. I was blown away by how excited and happy these pequenos were with the very little they had. You do not realize it everyday but we are clearly far more privileged in terms of quality of life, and even things as simple as technology. None of these children had phones or even televisions, which is something many of us take for granted, especially at BC High. But not only this the meals they ate were relatively the same each day and night and not one of the kids complained at all. This certainly made me take a few steps back from my life, and wonder how miserable I would be if I did not have the luxuries that I have. We are extremely spoiled and privileged in this country and I feel as though we should take the opportunity to use this privilege to help others, no matter where they are from. The trip ultimately changed my perspective on my everyday life and I am proud that I got to take part in such an amazing experience because it made me a better person.

I wish I had been nicer. Which I'm sure was my answer last year too. I think I did do better, but still have far to go. Need to remember to work on it. I think I am doing much better doing things for myself, which is actually really good and I should keep it up.

I wish I had found more productive ways to use my spare time. I’ve been doing too much that’s just ‘for me’ and not enough ‘for others’. I’ve let myself go, becoming lazy both spiritually and physically. I want to channel more of my energy into doing good for the world and not just personal leisure.

Something I wish I would have done differently this past year was focus more on my team. Right now, I am down 3 people - maybe they would have still left had I put more time, energy, and effort into our relationships, but I still feel guilty and feel like it's partly my fault that they left City Year. Something I'm especially proud of from this past year is being accepted into Leadership Jacksonville and making the Jewish Roller Derby team!

I wish that I had ended my long term relationship sooner. At the end of the day, I learned an incredible amount from the experience, but feel as though it went on far longer than it should have. I was afraid to open up to my true feelings and express all I had inside me for fear of change + hurting the other person. What happened instead was I hurt her more by dragging things out.

I wish that I had been more accepting of my own feelings, because I think this would have helped me to both manage stress and navigate a number of interpersonal challenges more successfully. Growing up, a certain way of dealing with sadness and hurt was modeled for me, and that's how I learned to do it...keep busy with work and other forms of productivity, focus your mind on "important things" like politics and culture, and if you really can't avoid or contain the feeling with options 1 and 2, explode and then isolate. So that's how I've been doing it for a long time. It wasn't until my partner and I got really deep into the process of emotionally-focused couples therapy that I started to recognize how my habitual ways of responding to my own feelings were actually hurting me and putting stress on my relationships. Unwinding those patterns of shame and blame has taken much longer than just this past year, and I expect it will be a lifelong learning...but there have been some big "ah-ha!" moments over the past twelve months, and that is the thing that I'm especially proud of this year. I've practiced honoring my own feelings and needs by setting boundaries at work and in my personal life, which can be terrifying but I'm also aware of a spaciousness in me that I couldn't access before. The most important tool I've used in this growth process, aside from couples therapy, is daily meditation. As of this writing I've done something like 65 consecutive days, which is a huge accomplishment for me.

I am exceptionally proud of my efforts to support and encourage programming for Seniors. When I began this activity I was a baby boomer now I am true member of this age group. I believe Seniors are often overlooked and ignored and it is a waste of talent . I aslo think many times Seniors are lonely- children leave home, friends and spouses pass It pleases me that I can do something to address this.

I think that this year the distinction has become clear between things I did the best I could, if imperfectly, and things where I could have chosen to do better. Both of these categories are things I might wish I had done differently. However, doing the best I can, in the moment, given the resources available at that time: what more can I do but forgive myself imperfection in that case? I have to be the first person I hold accountable. And, I have to be the first person I forgive. Divorce is messy. Financial change is stressful. Adapting to a new situation while handling a new reality that includes change and trauma is a pop quiz on which I did not score 100%. Nor did I fail. Let's wryly call it a gentleman's B. Live and learn. Forgive and live and learn, I've gathered. Better luck in the new year.

I wish I was a better friend, and that I took more photos of the people I love. You never know when they'll be gone.

I wish I hadn’t gotten addicted to mobile gaming this year. But I’m proud that I was able to make friends and build tools based on them. And I’m especially proud that I got out of Toptech and am learning to give presentations via teaching.

I am proud of the fact that I have taken on a big job in leading a small non-profit. I have greatly increased my income from a year ago and feel like I have the ability to reach my potential (and I have not been working at full potential for quite a while), and I am stretching myself as well; that make me proud. What I wish I had done differently is show more compassion to the person who was transitioning out of the job I now have. I allowed myself to get easily frustrated will still attempting to be respectful and I don't believe it was always the best mix of things. I should have been better and more zen about letting things slide. But that is, I guess, the lesson if I am focused enough to learn and benefit it.

I don’t think I would change anything. I’m proud of surviving 3 months with 2 kids and no nanny. I’m proud of sparking my new line of research.

I wish I had visited my mom more before she got sick. I’m proud that my book was a Lammy finalist.

I wish all my habits were better. I gave more to charity this year.

I am happy I chose to go to the college I chose for so many reasons but I am also in constant doubt that it will be very difficult to find a job once I graduate and I am financially worried for how I will support myself. I am proud that I successfully completed my first year of college and that I have some direction moving forward, academic-wise.

I am extremely proud of myself for two things: taking care of my mental health and making sure everything I do in intentional. There have been so many times when I went to things out of obligation or just because that's what I've always done, but this year I had made the commitment to myself that I would stop doing that. Since then I felt so much better, I'm not bogged down by useless things, I have more time to explore other things that make me happy, I've become more engaged in everyday activities because everything I do is because I truly want to do it. The impact of has made on my life is astronomical.

I'm proud I took a few months after leaving (losing) my job to travel and be with my family. The time with my brother and nephew in Australia and the weeks with my parents in France were precious. The best possible use of my time. Priceless. There is nothing I wish I had done differently.

I wish Michael and Denise didn't believe everything I say is something against them. I did apologize because it was the easy thing to do. No reason long prolonging ill feelings. They will visit next week. I will make efforts to be very careful and quiet. Two extraordinarily linear people. I know I have to accept as is. ANd same as last year. I continue to wish for a different relationship with my mother. I'm not sure she realized my attitude about her. She did say that she moved to ABQ, and not SF, because she knew I would take care of her. I think about visiting her grave- but so far have been unable to do so. I have never visited my father's grave and he died 55 years ago. Early 1960's.

I wish I could have found better ways of coping with everything.

Its hard not to be stressed, when you feel stressed but I just wished I had of been easier with myself and others. Thats all I wish for, a peaceful state of mind. We all make mistakes but usually these are done in the heat of the moment. Anger is a false god as we are told in Torah studies, it takes away our ability to see what is real.

There is something I am proud of from this year. I was badgered into contributing a chapter to a book of essays on Frantz Fanon and his legacy, edited by someone I have worked with in the past. I resisted because I didn't have anything in particular to say about Fanon. I had read some of his work and admired him greatly, but I am writing about other things now, Jewish Theology in particular. After being asked for the fifth time, lightning flashed and I knew what to do. Fanon was a psychiatrist and he diagnosed the conditions of oppression that come with colonialism and other systems of exploitation. To diagnose a condition is a big deal in the medical world and that was what hit me. His diagnosis depended on a background of human psychology, in particular a basic sense of equality that we have as members of the same primate species. We know now that this sense of equality runs deep, even down to little capuchin monkeys (see the work of Frans de Wall). I had been thinking about this basic sense of equality because current archeology shows that the pre-Davidic society was egalitarian. Torah actually captures class struggle in its own way, because of that egalitarian beginning, I would argue. Why would any society try to be that way? Because feeling that we are equals is an evolved trait. Fanon understood the implication -- we get sick from inequality, both the oppressed and oppressor get sick. Equality is so basic to humans that being unequal causes diagnosable conditions. The arch of human history does bend toward justice and because of evolution. Isn't that ironic?

I wish that I had spent more time with my Grandchildren. Even though we took a trip together, there have not been enough days with them. I am proud that I have initiated contact with many people that are either related or just friends.

I wish I had procrastinated less, spent less time on twitter, spent more time at the Y or other exercise, and stuck to my diet better. I did get a couple of projects done around the house, like the stairs up, and am almost finished with the back porch.

I came through the experience of losing everything, family, home, car, dog, job, career, income- and I was okay. In fact, I am better without than I was with all those things.

This year I wish I had planned my post Vermont time in advance so I could take a running start. I also wished I had started studying right away or planned to take a course. And been less proud about money so as to study more. I’m especially proud this year of my school year and the connections I made with my kids. And that I took steps up and out. I felt responsible and full. I feel accomplished, like I did good. Coming back from that has been hard. But I’ll feel it again.

I wish I would have started the process of filling my heart truly. By following my faith.

Of course, there is always the desire to have done things better or differently. But this year, I accept and have no regrets about what I've done. Because if they didn't happen, I wouldn't be where I am and EVERYTHING needed to happen the way they did in order for that to happen. I'm grateful for it all.

I wish I had left my job sooner and not allowed people let me down. But I’m so relieved it’s over and I’m in the Good Place right now.

Nothing comes to mind. I'm proud of my accomplishments in the Village and with Prayers and Squares.

We just got back from our Immigration interview and we passed! We went out to lunch at Novecento to celebrate. We actually just celebrated our wedding anniversary at Smith & Wollensky two days ago, so we're all celebrated out. We still have the wedding cake to finish eating. The officer was very nice. She said we should get the green card in the mail within about a week. I wrote an email to the team at Arce Immigration to thank them. Here's a part of the email I wrote with details on the interview: "We went to the interview today and were verbally approved at the very end. The officer did not ask any “quiz questions” about one another, but she did want to take with her more than just the medical form. She took our financial statements (my past W2, a copy of our savings account statement, Bobby’s most recent pay stubs and Bobby’s financial income sheet), two joint apartment leases, joint car insurance card, more relationship pictures, all of the flight itinerary receipts I had printed out with both of our names, and a couple affidavits (both our fathers’). She was VERY appreciative of the fact that we were so organized. Thank you Sasha! She said the interview usually takes an hour, and it took us only 20 minutes because we were able to submit things quickly as she asked for them. Like Sasha predicted, the officer said she was glad we didn’t take long because she was starving and wanted to go to lunch. Also, we will we receiving the 10 year green card because it has been 2 years and 3 days since our wedding date." Anyway, to answer the question, I don't think there is anything I would have done differently this year. At the beginning of the year, I was a great help doing business development for Edgewise and also filling up with platform with projects from all over the country. I also took advantage of my freedom from the corporate world to travel. I visited Mama & Papa twice for a full month each time, and for fun, I went on a 2-nights cruise with Brenda and Lucia, and then to Panama to celebrate Nicole's birthday. It's not much, but Bobby is not accustomed to traveling, so he finds it uncool for me to travel "so much". Now is the time, though, because once I have kids, travel will be much more tricky. But I look forward to the day that he doesn't feel so tied down with Edgewise so that we can finally travel together again. We haven't even been on a honeymoon. One thing I'm proud of from this past year is having had the time to learn so much about health & wellness. It is something I was kind of interested in when I was working full time, but with Mama's illness, the wedding coming up, having the time to do what I want, I have found myself going deeper and deeper into fitness, genetic health, etc. I'm also not necessarily proud, but glad that I have been able to make changes to Mama's diet according to new science and studies relating to brain health and dementia. Something, by the way, in which her neurologist has had absolutely no input. That is so dumb and disappointing and antiquated. I am proud that Bobby and I have kept our sanity despite being newlyweds, being home together all day, and with the stress and irritability he feels from working on Edgewise as well as a second full time job, Concurrent. As well as the stress and irritability I feel from not having a proper job. I really have a hard time accepting "home-maker" as a respectful job, and I especially have a hard time not having my own earned money that comes directly from a job, without any question on how it is being spent. It's definitely helpful that we communicate, express our expectations and frustrations, and respect and have patience for our differences.

I wish I was more open on a social and dating level. My social anxiety has really affected any potential gains I can make with my friends and potential romantic relationships. I am proud that I was able to land a new job as I wasn't happy with where my career was going. I'll now be able to focus on other aspects of my life (personal health, social, dating, etc.).

So many things I wished I'd done differently- paid more attention to Scott, done my job better, cared more about doing a better job - all my jobs, not tear people down behind their backs, not lied, not stole, listened more carefully to my kids, connected more with them. I'm not down about everything I've done and haven't done this year, but there's nothing about which I am particularly proud either. That kind of sucks.

I am proud of interviewing for, and getting, this job. I am proud of what I've done in the position. It has shown me that I am capable of so much more than I thought I was. At the same time, I am proud of myself for being in the process of recognizing and admitting that I want to reach for more.

I wish I hadn't cried so much. I spent way to much time this past year in tears, often over small or insignificant things. I wish I could save the tears for the big things. However, I am proud of the way I have learned to deal with problems. It is always something I need to work on, but I think I'm getting better.

I wish I had said more of what I needed to say in my relationship with my partner, rather than holding back so much from the fear that my partner will be angry with what I have to say. I guess I am afraid I will be left if I speak up for myself. I desperately need to have my full voice and to be my most authentic and best me. I want to be thoughtful, kind, tactful, and have good timing when I speak, but I want to be brave and true to myself as G-d made me. I want to speak less but to be more succinct and not repeat myself much, to not dilute what I say with too many words. If I am rejected for being my true self, then that is the way things should go to work themselves out for the best. Let me make it so.

I wish I'd spent less time avoiding life and hiding in front of a screen. It feels like I have allowed the experience to affect me this year, and I've got sucked into a television vortex. Binging on shows to escape thinking about my own life. I sound cynical and harsh upon myself; however, I know I can do and achieve a lot more than I have over this past year. That said, I have nearly completed my psychology diploma. I did take an extra subject in the psychology of learning. I have completed the Oxfam trail walker in which I lost eight out of ten nails. Perhaps I am guilty of looking through my life lense in context of the ego rather than of appreciating where I am right now. I am anxiously attempting to complete an assignment that is again late, but at least I am doing it, and I will complete my grad dip in psychology after nearly seven years. I am always proud of the development of my daughter. I worry that her mum may push her a little too hard and that I am a bit harsh, but I know she is doing really well and is a great little human. I really hope she stays on this path to awesomeness. I am proud of my ability to move forward, 2015 - 2018 were hard, a tough hand to play but I am moving forward. I have the resilience and I am proud of my perspective and wisdom, I see the world through a different lens to other people, my lense is not fuelled by material possessions - I do love my sneakers though - the fule is the desire to see spirituality to see the connection, and to immerse me in the present moment. This can be challenging to escape the mind-state while diving into the present state. The mind and thoughts of past and future are strong. Change is constant, now is all you have

I wish we didn’t fight but I also really wish I took better care of myself and my self care!

It's not what I would have done differently but what I did do that I hadn't done previously and that was to take a cruise and treat myself to a real vacation. I am proud of the fact that, even though I am battling cancer, I made sure that I was there for the people in my life when they needed me. I continue to be proud of my son, daughter, daughter-in-law, granddaughter and the rest of my family. I have learned how special I have it not only by what I derive from my family but also how rare it is to be so lucky,

1. Not really -- I feel like I have been doing my best in all aspects. I could always do better but I have also been working on not being too hard on myself. Maybe could have picked a better apt? But #noregrets -- I did the best with the information and resources I had at the time of my decisions. 2. Paying off my loans, handling friendships with maturity, switching careers and dealing with the MWE dynamics, traveling to 30 countries by 30.

I wish I had spent less time on distractions like Facebook or online games and more time out in nature. Taking a walk and feeling the sun on your face can be such a rejuvenating experience. I need to make more time to do this whether at home or at work. I'm hoping that we can follow through and do some hiking as a family this fall. Alternatively, I am proud of the number of books I read last year. I would rather spend time reading than watching more TV.

I wish i would find a better balance of work and home life. Since my work is also political social justice work in a broad sense, as well as some of my creative work through writing and photography and other graphic work, it feels hard to separate it, but i need for sure more rest. Conversely, there have been projects I've worked on that I am proud of and am particularly pleased that my mentoring of young people seems to be more effective than I sometimes realize. Youth is my hope.

I am gratified to have been able to improve my relationship with Naomi. I am happy that I have deepened my support and relationship with Granddaughter Martha. I am happy that I am continuing to work on Martha's Journal. I continue to practice the flute almost every day, and maybe I am generally improving my tone, if not also my ability to play challenging rhythmic pieces. And I am proud to have supported my mother pretty consistently throughout the year, and this year especially to share a meaningful conversation this afternoon after Rosh Hashanah services.

I'm proud of the fact that I seem to be transitioning well to adulthood. I successfully organized and paid for a couple of trips with friends this past year and then worked a job where I had a more independent, leadership role. These things went pretty well and gave me a lot of confidence in my ability to be independent.

I wish that I had made progress with my work towards Eagle Scout in a more timely manner throughout the past year. Completing the rigorous Eagle Scout project workbook is not difficult, but takes a vast amount of time out someone’s day; this simply is an unavoidable situation. Achieving the rank of Eagle Scout truly is an honor to have it bestowed upon someone, but the amount of workbooks and time necessary for completion is a task within itself. I did not complete nearly as much work on the advancement as I wanted to, and I am currently paying the price for that personal critical error. Throughout the past year, I have made the advancement to better my public speaking skills. My public speaking throughout my life has always been a struggle to maintain both the confidence and the progression of the task. However, I have gradually crossed each hurdle in my path towards my goal of being able to speak in front of large groups with confidence. Public speaking attributes can be inarguably one of the most important attributes a person can obtain. I believe I have deeply grown from learning more public speaking skills and I have bettered myself for it.

I wish I had gotten out of classroom teaching at the end of last June, instead of taking the next job, only to quit a month in. I wish I had trusted my instincts about that job more instead of prioritizing money, benefits, security, etc.. I am proud that I quit though, even though the timing wasn't ideal. I am understanding that sometimes you have to break a system in order to rebuild it in way you need. I think it was brave of me to confront my fear of disappointing people at the expense of my own happiness, and change direction when I fully realized that classroom teaching is a poor fit. My mental and physical health have been suffering, and I am proud to say "no more" to that lifestyle and explore/pursue what I truly want to do with my 'one wild and precious life.'

I wish that I had spoken to my sister who is 77 and voiced my opinion that she was making a mistake in marrying a 97 year old man who is suffering from dementia. But, I guess I didn't want to cause any bad feelings between us.

I really regret not insisting that my mom's doctor order a chest x-ray when I told him I did not like the way she was breathing. In fact, it should have been done 18 months ago. On the other hand, I don't know if it would have made a difference. Would I have encouraged a 90 year old to undergo chemotherapy? What makes me proud is that I rented a villa in Delray Beach, FL and decided that I will sell my NY house and move to Florida within the next two years. It was a big decision but I think it will be for the best.

I wish I had prevented us from having to work crazy hours from March to July. If that ever happens again, I'm quitting.

The optimist in me would say that I'm pretty happy with where I'm at now so I have to respect all of the things that got me here. The pessimist in me would say I wish I would have done a lot of things differently: most importantly, protecting my heart and not getting emotionally involved with someone who I know is going to break it.

I would have tried a bit harder. Learning how anxiety affects me is a trying experience. I want to change because I wasn't always like this. This is both good and bad. Knowledge is power. The more I understand about this the better I can fix myself.

I am very proud of what I accomplished with the toastmasters conference. But I think there were a few things I could have done differently. I let my emotions get the best of me. I spent a lot of time complaining about the process, when I wasn’t really taking action on it.

I wish I had organized my time and money better. I am especially proud of the grant I received to write my Art Spiegelman book. I am also proud of the way I supported my adult daughter as she transitions back to college.

I wish I would have used money differently. I could have saved more and paid off more debt. Or at least spend more money on things that actually bring me joy instead of cheap take out food and fees.

I am especially proud of taking the leap, putting myself out there, and taking a chance on a Director position. And I got it. And MAN has it been stressful. I wish I had had my footing a little better stepping in, and I whole heartedly wish I was better at separating my sense of self from my work. The feeling of imperfection and occasionally complete failure is pervasive, and it bleeds back and forth from work to whole of life, and it makes it hard to feel like its worth getting out of bed. I need to get better at managing my stress and my self expectations.

Not really. Part of the problem is that I'm sooo poorly equipped for life in sooo many ways. Frustration is of course unavoidable but other learning (still) how to behave acceptably in public, there's nothing I can do.

I wish I’d handled my contract with the CI better. Done better at communicating while I was ill.

I should have been more forthcoming and less afraid of confrontation. I'm not sure it would have changed anything but it would have alleviated some of my angst. I'm proud that I did finally speak-up and decide to make some changes. I feel really good about changing jobs. I attribute a lot of my growth/change to yoga. I will continue to practice and be who I want to be.

I struggled with my post-menopausal weight gain, and finding an over-50-year-old identity. I’ve thrown myself into my job, parenting and relationships with love and compassion.

I wish I had given myself more time to see my family, especially my grandparents. My family is very important to me and in the last year I did not see them very much because I got caught up in other commitments. I am proud of myself for taking time to do fun things with my friends. I have become better at managing play and work.

I would have liked to have handled the situation with cousin Chris and Ashleigh differently and sooner. I wish I would have had the bandwidth to explain, listen, connect and assert myself with them more directly rather than going quiet on Ashleigh and waiting for things with Chris and DaHee to fester.

I wish I had made more of an effort to keep in touch with people, and I wish I had been less dependent on certain people.

Spend more time working on my relationships! Otherwise, everything is great. It’s been a good year. Lots of playing hard and working hard.

I wrote another draft of my screenplay, and I'm pleased that I did. However, I'd love to have dedicated more time to it. It's still fairly recent that I don't fight myself nearly as much to sit down and write, or talk myself out of writing. I do a much better job than I ever have. Now, I'd like to turn up the frequency, and when I do really be able to get more accomplished. I am now on my third draft, and this version is considerably different from the second, which was also markedly different from the first. So maybe this is the process, the growth, the tempo of writing. At least for now. I am proud of what I've accomplished. I want to get it to the next level, where I share it with more people and get solid feedback, and have the turnaround time shorter. Go Jim!

I am proud that I've turned away from vegging out on my computer as one of my biggest time-sinks. I've read 25 books this year so far, from a goal of 18. I started and completed a large knitting project that took ages. I also studied Hebrew a lot more consistently in the past few months than I ever have. Although I still occasionally scroll websites for way too long, I do spend a lot more time on more interesting, fulfilling hobbies.

I am going to write about something I am proud of. This year, there has been the need for alot of communication among my sisters and parents. And that is not always easy. I feel like the way that I have communicated has done alot to keep the peace and to keep the most important things in focus. I feel that I have been honest and straightforward. But also feel that I have kept my parents well being and the need for all sisters to feel connected, needed, and entitled as the primary goal of all interactions. I have been able to put my ego aside, at critical moments, in the interest of a healthy family system. And I know that mom and dad both in their hours of need, have felt loved and supported and very lucky.

I wish I would have spent my money better. I’m realizing now I can get swept up in wants that aren’t really necessary.

I wish that I had given less of the best parts of myself to those I work with, and more of that to my family. However, I do think this is operating from a scarcity mindset, meaning that there is only so much of the good parts of myself to go around. Perhaps I can work on keeping my own cup full so that there is enough of me for everyone to benefit from my grace, gentleness and good humor.

Something I wish I had done differently was establishing boundaries at work. This year I started my first full-time job; I was so excited to start and I was so ambitious that I prioritized my job over basically everything else. I let managers take advantage of my drive to succeed and I faltered in other parts of my life. I wish I had set boundaries at work and invested more in the other parts of my life like friendships, family, relationships and hobbies. Even though I wish I had established more of a balance this last year, I have to say I am really proud of everything I did accomplish at work. I learned so much and was able to impress my clients, peers, and managers. Finding a balance between being proud of my accomplishments at work and also wishing I had approached work differently has been difficult. I think that the only thing I can do is learn the lesson for the future, I can be successful without going overboard. I can invest in my present and personal life while investing in my future and career.

I wish I yelled less at my children. At times of stress, I tend to yell and it is more about me than it is them.... or rather all about me. I am particularly proud of my relationship with my brother. He has gone through a difficult time and I know he sees me as an ally. We were never very close but this past year has brought us together. I very much value the relationship.

Wow. Just checking in with my feelings and I am at frustration level one thousand. I want to be especially proud of how I fight for what I think is right, but in reality I'm disappointed with what little sense I (still) seem to have about what is "right" or "justified" as far as my marriage is concerned. It's to the point where my therapist recommended that I consider OCD meds because I go into these obsessive loops where all I can think about is the mistakes I've made, the ways in which I haven't tried hard enough, the reasons I might be to blame for all (or any) of the hurtful things he's done. And when I consider leaving the relationship, I panic. I feel naked. Vulnerable. Selfish. I'm frustrated that he controls the money, in spite of the fact that I am a super responsible 6-figure-income earner. I'm frustrated that I started hiding myself after he became emotionally abusive, and now he uses my "obsession" with privacy as a weapon to justify his withholding information that spouses normally do share with each other in a healthy relationship. I'm angry that I've seen the condoms disappearing from the night stand and haven't confronted him about it (what good would that even do? It's not evidence of anything, I can't prove that the condoms were ever there.) I'm angry that in some ways I'm still not over the affair that I had. I'm deeply fearful that I will never be capable of a healthy relationship, and I know that fear is partially what keeps me in this place. I wish I had found a way out, or a healthy way with him, but all I've found is more anger, more frustration, more hurt. One thing I AM proud of is that I stopped being a doormat at work. I realized that I am the one that everyone relies on, and that I shoulder the burden and responsibilities of many people. I drop everything to act as anyone's emotional support as well as their technical support. I was burning out, and I've pulled back, started delegating, and started focusing on the "big picture" work that I should be doing. If only I could bring myself to set those boundaries in my marriage! If you are reading this, please offer some prayers or send some energy for me to make the rest of the changes I need to make in order to be healthy.

I spend so much of my time obsessing and worrying about things that I’m not sure even matter. But alternatively, I am proud of the way I’ve opened myself up this year. I’ve opened my heart to a new relationship and I’ve opened myself to grad school and a new city. I’ve also started going to therapy again, and I feel good about that decision.

I vacillate so wildly from being angry with myself and overly kind to myself that sometimes it's hard for me to decide what I really should feel regretful about. There is one thing I know I need to do better -- and wish I had done differently for a while now -- patience with my mother. I have a huge line-up of excuses -- she was so sharp once, it makes me so sad, what's going on with her brain? what if it happens to me? -- but those are all excuses. I am lucky to still have my mom, she is among the kindest and most generous human beings I've ever known. So why can't I be more patient with her -- especially when she's having trouble hearing? But the truth is that the "why" doesn't matter. I still need to be nicer. On the other end, I am proud of a number of things: the survey I did for the reunion which I actually got some very nice feedback for; finishing and starting to send out the novel; being better about what I eat (which has been helped a lot by A no longer having carbs around); a few cleaning/organizing forays -- all those things did make me a bit proud of myself. But I've been going through a seriously lazy period and that's what's in my head right now. I need to get up off the couch.

I wish I would have gotten it together and found some type of financial adviser and put together our will etc. I'm proud that I was recognized at work several times for my contributions and also that I set some boundaries at the same time.

I can't do this. Not this year. My husband died, and I have spent the last four months staying strong for my boys. My husband's heart stopped suddenly at 5:30am, half an hour before I was supposed to go wake him up. I seem to remember my sleep being interrupted around then, as if I knew. I didn't get up and check on him. Because, why would I? But if I had, if I had gotten up that one morning, if I could have found him and started chest compressions sooner, he might have lived. I know it's unfair to put this on myself. I know it's unfair to expect myself to have woken earlier than ever to check on an otherwise healthy person, but that hasn't stopped me from waking before my alarm each morning since, or from fretting over my kids even more. That said, I'm proud that I haven't let myself succumb to acting on all my paranoia.

Was proud of being able to pay off our debt, we were almost debt free for a minute. Then the pendulum swung back in the other direction again. Now I have taken on another job and I'm stressed because I've had physical setbacks so I'm struggling to keep up. Wish I'd figured out what I wanted and how to ask for it sooner.

I wish I had never taken my cousin’s advice about getting help for my mother. It was a disaster and has made every so much harder. It did show me once and for all that I can’t help her and have to let things work themselves out. I am proud of myself for getting out of the job that worked me like a donkey but did not compensate me. I wish I had made more progress on my other items from last year but I am trying to cut myself some slack.

Took a jump to a leadership position, terrified, but made it, and enjoying it. I wish I had quit my previous job sooner.

I'm proud of the way I handled my failures this year - some that stand out are failing the NMHCE the first time (then retaking and passing it); losing my phone before having to drive back from Maine (accepting it calmly- using navigation part of brain); dating unsuccessfully (not giving up, giving people a shot). All these things, had they happened at an earlier time in my life, would've sent me spiraling. I love how gentle I have become with myself and it genuinely just makes everything - even objectively sucky things- okay. I love 2019 Lesley's resilience in the day to day up and downs and FLOPS. Nothing kept me down. That's badass.

I wish I knew how to handle my 10 year old daughter who already suffers terribly from self-hatred. It is hard to have compassion 24/7 but in fact that is what is called for and that is what I must do. but compassion does not come easy to me, I tend to anger.

I wish I had done more technical interview prep questions. I have an on-site at Amazon in a few days and I feel unprepared. Oof, future me will be reading this. Did I get it? What happens next?

I wish that I hadn't waited so long to go see my mom in London when she wasn't feeling well. I know things happen for a reason, and I know it's not my fault that she got so sick but I just can't help but feel that if I had gone a few days earlier I could have made her go to the hospital or the doctor and she might still be around. I also know that she didn't want me to come. That she didn't want to see a doctor. I know that this is probably what she would have preferred. I know these things to be true. I just also wish she was still here. If there's anything I could have done to make that be so, I wish I could have done it. So long as she would have been okay with it.

I am very proud of the way I was always there for all the family members who went through devastating experiences. I feel like I am the matriarch now and I am living up to what that implies.

I had a mouse in my apartment. I like mice but not where I live and this mouse was just too friendly and too brazen for me to tolerate. I was watching a film one evening in the early Fall and I noticed the little person walking across my rug about 8 feet away from me like he (I'll call it a he) was a subletter. When he saw me notice him he scurried under a piece of furniture, and still in plain sight, was watching me for my reaction. So I asked him to leave, which he did. The next night I was watching Rachael Maddow and I looked down and he was in the bowl I had just used for the chicken soup I had just made because I was feeling a cold coming on. When he saw how incensed I was he tried to scurry out of the bowl but had a hard time because he kept sliding around and couldn't keep his balance. I just watch in horror and amusement and then he popped out and disappeared. I washed the bowl and made sure the kitchen was spotless. The next morning I made a little trap for him with a stick with a smear of peanut butter taped to the seat of a chair overhanging a deep bucket. The idea was to catch him without hurting him and relocate him to the great out of doors. A day later I realized that he wasn't going for it, but I smelled some of his pee in the kitchen. I washed the floor and walls, stove and countertops with disinfectant. So I didn't see him for three days and figured he had escaped to a better place but then I heard something in the kitchen and found him in the bucket along with a dead friend who I imagined was his spouse. He was very thin and weak and the sight of the corpse of his lover or friend was in there and had died of starvation or thirst and that he had to be in there with her mourning and dying himself while I was watching Donald Trump who deserved to die a horrible death in the presence of the thousands of people he's screwed over over the years, made it all the worse. If I had just paid a little bit of attention to the bucket or even looked in it I would have fed them given them some water and let them out while the weather was still balmy to find someone else's apartment to crash. But I just hadn't and now I was freaking. So I immediately took them downstairs and deposited them under the pine tree in the front yard of my building and ran upstairs and washed out the bucket. But I now regret not giving him some water and food and nursing him back to health before evicting him back to the cold cruel world of outside as winter approached. He was so frail and defenseless in the bucket and obviously mourning the loss of a fellow traveler and I was such a chicken shit that I had to have him and the remains of his friend out of my place ASAP that I failed to show him some level of compassion or care, of respect for another living creature in the same heartless world we share. And what bothers me most is that Trump is still babbling away and tweeting like a madman and isn't worth a shred of remorse compared to that brave little mouse. Why couldn't have been able to toss Trump under the pine tree rather than an innocent little mouse who wanted to be my friend. What a world, what a world.

I’m proud of my growth as a songleader/singer songwriter both in practice and in business. I wish I would’ve had a better plan in place before making the change in profession.

Done differently: I can honestly say that I did the best I could with what I had. Proud of: I can take no credit for anything. God, in His mercy and faithful love, has done everything. I love You, Father. I honor You, Jesus.

I keep putting off this want/need to meditate and I don't know why I haven't done it yet... there have been so many signs pointing to "START MEDITATING, BITCH!" and I still haven't done it... I MUST START!!! Hopefully I will look back on this next year and laugh because I've been meditating for a while in a way that changes my life??

I wish I had been less negative about people in the past year. Just because I wasn’t around people I felt positive about doesn’t mean that these people don’t exist. And just because I couldn’t connect with the people I worked with doesn’t mean they are less valuable people. I shouldn’t have let my feelings about others affect my mood so much.

Last year was undoubtedly the hardest year of my life; ranging from academics, social life and mental health. First, academically I have never been challenged to the extent I was Junior year. Every subject appeared to give the maximum amount of homework and the material covered pushed me to my capacity. But the hardest part of my academic life last year was one word— why. The word why gave me headaches, caused fits of frustration, but most importantly the word why pushed me. Why does V2=V1+AT? Why are certain actions pure and others not? Why do Freud and Nietzsche inspire works of literature? Why am I here today? After months of studying with this why framework, I have become accustomed to questioning motives and reasoning. I am extraordinarily proud of a new wholistic method of thinking I have developed. All of the academic pressure mounted and out stress on me both mentally and socially. Every night, I would arrive home at around 6:30 after practice, eat dinner, shower, complete my homework and settle in bed around 11:00. I would presume to wake up at 5:30 the next day and repeat the same mundane routine over and over again, counting down the hours to the weekend. When the weekend finally arrived, I would have to wake up early on Saturday morning, go to practice, come home, and fill the rest of my weekend with studying. It was not a healthy way to live. My life was BC High and nothing else. How could I be proud of this? Trust me, that is not what I am proud of. I am proud that I discovered that this was an unhealthy way of living. I had to tell myself that while my average in AP US History and AP Literature were important, my happiness was more important. From that point on, I focused on me more. I went out more on the weekends and while I maintained my academic profile, I did not study as much. Believe it or not, this resulted in me receiving better grades and feeling more fresh and engaged in the classroom. As senior year is already well underway, I continue to focus on balancing my academics, social life and mental health. While the never-ending college applications seem to always attempt to impede the balance, I feel that I am maintaining a healthy balance for all the work and my personal life.

I wish that I had spent more time making friends and practicing spirituality. But I am proud about how hard I've worked to deal with my OCD.

I wish I had saved more money. Quit smoking. Be better at staying close to my family. These things worry me. I'm proud of handling my job well, working hard, being creative, learning, being respected and liked in the community. I'm proud I quit drinking and feeling very good mentally and physically. I'm proud I handled a break-up with a difficult man well, I was clear in communicating my boundaries, even if he didn't respect them. I'm proud I'm still exploring: swimming, hiking, hopefully climbing soon. I'm proud I solo cycled around Hokkaido for a month. I'm proud of speaking out against my bully boss.

I'm proud of ending several toxic relationships, and sticking to it.

I wish I had eaten a chocolate croissant in France. It's such a stupid little thing, but now every time I go into a Starbucks, I kick myself for losing the opportunity. I know I will go back one day, but it will not be for a very long time if I can help it (due to environmental costs and me not wanting to hog the pollution of the atmosphere-there's plenty of carbon burning to go around!) HOWEVER I got a pretty fuckin' decent grade in my French class and it showed when I was overseas! I could order stuff! It was really amazing and I'm so glad we went, even if I had to drag Blythe around. She had a good time there, after all.

I wish I had made more of an effort in dating. I think With a lot of grief this past year, I really wasn't in a great mindset for dating a lot of the year. Alternatively, I'm really proud of myself for pushing myself to be the best version of myself possible. I surrounded myself with good people who were truly there to support me, and even with a tumultuous year at work I was able to get a raise and promotion.

I wish I had spent more energy in the last year on people/things that matter. I wasted so much time trying to impress people who did not have my best interests at heart. Doing so blinded me to all the people around me who were reaching out and I didn’t even see. The time that I wasted spending with people who didn’t reciprocate or that I spent talking about people who didn’t have my back only hurt me in the long run. What am I especially proud of? My newfound confidence and independence. Moving across the world by myself and immersing myself in a culture and language so different from my own forced me out of my comfort zone. In a way, I was able to reinvent myself without the baggage of the past. It was hard, but I feel that i came back from that experience a more chilled-out, self-aware, and confident person than when I left.

This year, I wish I had shared more with those I love. In a lot of ways, my life is still very compartmentalized. I have many different worlds, and I wish that I could learn how to be my full, true self with every human I interact with. It’s hard!

Jme and my strategic approach to parenting is really paying off. We start by having a mission/vision (how we want to be as parents), a long term goal (how we want our grown children to interact with us/ what we want them as humans to be capable of), a mid term tactical goal (what we want for them in the next 2-5 years), a 2019 goal, a monthly goal. Then we brainstorm the steps it takes for them to reach this goal - what skills do they need? What action do they need to be able to take? What's likely to need adjusting? And then we scaffold them up into these skills and actions. When we concentrate our attention, it lets us really focus on the ONE thing to do/help with - and the rest of the time, we can enjoy our child and have a great time. They grow in competence without feeling micromanaged and we all feel the forward momentum. But best is that we're less reactive - we know our goal, including the longterm 'who we are for the children forever' - and it helps us be that person NOW. Setbacks are just a change in the scaffolding plan - another half step added, is all. We're all enjoying each other and proud of the children's growing autonomy.

I have struggled in the past year, and continue to struggle now, with spending too much time on foolish things and not managing my time as well as I could. It seems worse and worse, the more time I spend on social media. My interest in social media is self-perpetuating and it's hard for me to get out of the cycle. Now that I have homework, I really need to do a better job of resisting the impulse for "just one more check."

Mostly just wish I had gotten farther in my goal of being more present in the moment. I’m so tired of feeling stuck.

I am very proud of my work on the 175th Anniversary Gala for my theological school. It also was the celebration of the retirement of the President of the school. I raised $1.9 million for an endowment of a Professorship in his name. It took relentless work on contacts and details, which in the end was as successful as I could have imagined. The goal was worthwhile and the event was spectacular.

I had promised myself that I would date again. I'm older than most and this is an intimidating thought. I have tried two on line dating services, but not with much enthusiasm. I haven't been trying very hard to make it work. I wish I had been more committed to the goal - and will try harder this year. I am disappointed in myself but will move forward - can't change the past but can accomplish things in the present and future.

I'm very proud of the music I've written in the past year. I wrote three pieces, which is pretty substantial, especially given everything else I was doing. I also made a good chunk of progress on my book and I feel really good about it. I'm pretty sure there were performances of my music than in any previous year -- maybe more than in the last 10 years combined. I'm also proud of my teaching. I may not always be 100% on the ball in class, and I'm never as prepared as I want to be, but I made a real connection with many of my students, and I think I made a positive difference in their lives in almost every case. Many of my students see me as someone they can come to when they're struggling. They trust me. It's very gratifying to have the opportunity to be the kind of teacher I needed but didn't always have. I got to teach composition for the first time, as a sabbatical replacement. I was nervous about it; I was afraid I wouldn't know what I was doing and that the students would know it. But I thought it went well, and I loved it. I was sad to have to give the students back after the semester was over. I hope I get to teach composition more in the future. I wish I had been more realistic about the state of our house and what it needs done to it. I tore up some carpet that was truly awful because I just couldn't look at it anymore. But the wood floor underneath is in very rough shape, and I'm not sure what the best fix for it is, but I know it's going to cost more than I want to spend. But as it is now, I feel like we can't have people over because things look so unfinished. I would truly love to learn to do a lot of the remodeling myself, but I just don't have the time.

I am not sure I have any regrets this year. I know I could have done some things differently, or better, but I see how much I have grown this year and how each part of that growth (forward, sideways, backward) is part of the process. Because I am happier in my life I am able to more freely live in the moment, which is an amazing gift I can give my children.

I'm proud of how I handles the pressing problems of my roommate Rachel. I wish she could have taken advantage of available help sooner, but there was nothing I could do to speed that up. I wish I could have been more at ease knowing it would eventually work out, but there's really know way to know that.

I wish I had not accepted a loan that was offered to me. I am proud that despite one of the hardest years of my life I continued on to fight and achieve recovery from a lifelong eating disorder.

I wish I could stop being afraid of speaking my mind. I'm proud of having finally getting the courage to insist that my son should be with us.

I wish I had been more athletic, I'm proud of playing more football.

I try not to feel regretful, and I have learned that yearning for ways that I could have lived differently often lead me down a rabbit hole. I have felt hurt, sadness, pain, love, heartbreak, grief, and anxiety this year—and all of them from choices I made or from circumstances ousid

I'm proud of being able to have driven m from Florida to California and after vacationing there for 2 weeks driving back to Florida. While I had companionship in the car, I did all the driving both ways. At this stage in my life and dealing with two bad knees I consider that quite an accomplishment!

My recovery

I have so many regrets, most which come from not standing up for myself. If i could learn to advocate for myself at least half as much as I advocate for others, I could avoid so much misery and sense of martyrdom.

I wish I would have been more vocal of my feelings, instead of bottling them up. I need to be more outspoken.

I wish I had left TC in a more positive way. It was super important that I did leave. I am proud of the focus and dedication I had for my minimum wage jobs

OMG how many things I could have done differently! How many things COULD I have done so? And what a year. Is this question about regrets? Because if that is the question, I don't even want to answer b/c it would be a long long list. Suicide commands a terrible legacy. Proud of? Of the way Tory sat tall and with dignity at her father's memorial. Of the speech Henry gave then. At the way both of them have navigated the anguish of this year. Of the fact that I am still standing.

That I persevere.

I wish I would’ve enjoyed my maternity leave at home with my daughter more. I was so stressed about doing the right things, I didn’t take full advantage of being at home with her, getting paid to spend time with her. Now that I am back to work, and get to spend 2 hours/weekday with on average, I look back at that time with pure longing. Why have I borne a child that spends more time with others than she does with me? It’s a real tragedy. Conversely, I am proud of having raised her to a year thus far. I can’t take credit for much, but I am proud of her, how she’s growing and developing and how sunny and happy and chill and smart a baby she is. I love her to the ends of the earth and beyond.

I am extremely proud of myself for working so hard in grad school throughout my pregnancy, and now with a baby. It was NOT easy working such long hours (for no pay) while pregnant and it’s been even harder to return now that I have my baby boy. But I am only a few months away from graduating (if I can pass my exams) and I am so proud of myself for sticking it out.

I'm proud I made the decision to live fully, showing up for my dream come true, taking the chance to fly to San Antonio, of all places, to meet Ricky. This physical and emotional partnership has energized and delighted every cell of my being. I'm challenged to work hard, expect more and feel proud of our accomplishments together. It is the perfect time of life, in my "golden" yet active years, to love this horse.

I should have opened the conversation with my family sooner. I just didn't know if it would be okay. But the way everything just sort of bubbled out and got ugly wasn't nice. I do wish I had spoken the truth directly, much sooner, and set out some rules for how I expected my family to respect my husband. On the other hand, I am extremely proud of the ways he and I have set boundaries for our household. I am proud of the way we have honored each other and privileged our commitment to one another. We are scared of nothing with each other and I am grateful for what we have learned about ourselves and each other. I am grateful for our strength and our love. I am grateful that each of us has the other's back.

I wish I had been more gracious with my in-laws when they were staying at my house after my son's birth. I let myself get too upset by the little things that annoy me and ended up being a burden to my wife. I also wish I could figure out what the little things that have kept me from getting a new job are so that I could have gotten a new job.

I worried about myself too much. I feel that much of my time goes to stress and worry stemming from fear rather than feeling excited or expectant of all the wonderful aspects from a place of love. I am proud I am continuing to learn and grow by finding new ways to feel inspired, hopeful and engaged.

I wish I had done more research to find the right people to properly deal with the work on our new house. On the flip side, I’m grateful that my husband and I have been putting in the effort to make our relationship better, and I’m proud of myself for making a bigger effort with various family members.

I wish I had taken more risks. However, I am really proud of the ones I did take especially traveling to two countries alone. I proved to myself what I am capable of and enjoyed it immensely.

As far as actions, I can’t think of anything I would have wanted to do differently, although my anxiety tends to say otherwise in the moment. I think just would have wanted to navigate the repercussions of an action that hurt a friend to avoid ended a friendship I felt fond of. We’ll see if this holds true, but I try to have a lot of intention behind my actions in order to avoid feelings of regret. Alternatively, I’m super proud to think back to where I was socially a year ago, having moved solo to a new city, and see the relationships and community I’ve become a part of—though I still have a desire to find stronger footing in the queer community.

This year I moved across the country to a new place. I am proud of myself for taking that leap of faith and following something that I really wanted. What I wish I had done differently is make more effort to connect with people. I wish I took more chances, tried to meet more people, and put myself out on a limb more. As a result I spent a lot of quality time with myself but have not made as many friends.

I'm proud of myself for being able to recognise that I was with someone that wasn't treating me the way that I deserved to be treated and walking away from it. Younger versions of myself would have stayed and would have been walked over. As a guy that has experienced a lot of emotional hurt, being able to walk away from someone that doesn't deserve my love and energy is something that I will take forward with me. You cannot force these things. If you find that somebody is making excuses and false promises, it is important to recognise that they might not be the person for you. It is one of the hardest things to do, but putting yourself first is so important. If you think that you deserve to be treated better by somebody, you probably do.

I am really proud of the fact that I finished my thesis and graduated. I am proud of the fact that I got a new job and that I am succeeding in that job. I am proud of the fact that I stepped up and ended my therapeutic relationship when it was not working.

I wish I had continued to be consistent with my better eating & exercise plan. I am proud to have lost so much weight. Especially happy to have incorporated water walking and dog walking into my plan. I am worried it will pack back on if I don't get back to being as consistent as the first 6 months.

I’m proud of how I’m growing as a maggidah.

Still less free cell and words with friends. Going to bed too late. Proud that I am working out having a housemate. Pleased that shoulder replacement went so well. Wish I had not paid for Emma at Paradigm. Glad that I am decluttering with Vivien. Happy not to need to date. Glad I am on accomplishment team for Wisdom.

I wish I had learned how to get my toddler to respond to urgencies, or the patience to get through those at a toddler's pace. Leaving for work, going to the bathroom, stopping at an intersection... And tonight, going to bed after over an hour of bedtime routine. I wish I had the strategies or the wherewithall to deal with it all. I have a lot of learning left to do in the parenting journey. I'm incredibly proud of how I've taken care of my body. Since March, I trained for and successfully ran a half marathon. I have been tracking my calories. And I have lost 14 pounds in these past 7 months. I've passed my first goal weight and am on my way toward my stretch goal. A year and 2 months after giving birth to my second baby, I'm almost back at the fitness level I was pre-first pregnancy (over 3.5 years ago now).

Chime project is going well

God I’m so glad to be out of college. I am proud of that, I’m proud of this internship, I’m proud of feeling ready to date someone, I’m proud of myself for not backing away. I feel pretty happy with what I have done this year. I’m proud I’m taking life lighter because it is a hell of a lot more enjoyable.

I'm proud I keep pushing through the depression and paranoia. I started taking anti-anxiety medicine. I think it's helping me control those trauma learned behaviors. It still takes so much effort to work past the instinct to hide, to quit so I don't disappoint everyone by eventually breaking down when it matters. It seems I've found both personal and professional teams to support me during those weak moments.

This past year I've felt pretty good about my decisions. I think I'm especially proud of my improving communications skills, with both partners and friends. Still room for improvement of course, but I feel really good about my relationships overall. This also ties into the improvements that we have been making as a family as whole, which I am also really proud of.

I wish I had kicked in to gear with getting eating/exercise on track when I wrote about being off track a year ago. Then I was +20 pounds from my lowest. Now I am +45 pounds and it's that much harder to get down to where I want to be. I am making progress, in fact I'm down 10 pounds from my most reent high, but if I'd gotten my shit together a year ago, I'd be maintaining at my goal weight, instead of trucking back on down.

I wish I would date more and be willing to take chances on relationships. I am all too often afraid of being hurt, or afraid of hurting others. Therefore, I tend to stray away from them altogether. I know it's not fair and I deserve to be happy, but it is difficult to overcome these feelings and be with someone in a meaningful relationship.

I embraced the unknown and opened up to be vulnerable, by joining online/app dating. It is not about finding the Mr. Right. It is not about looking for someone to make my life complete. It is not about what and who gives me joy. It is knowing that my capacity to give and receive love is not dependent on what I receive back. Knowing and being intentional in ALL THINGS, as unto the Lord, not a single thing and nothing is wasted. Sowing love intentionally is like planting different trees. Some trees bear fruit earlier than others. A harvest awaits, in season and out of season.

How much can I hold to memory when I practice letting go over and over again? To wish that I had done something different, is to regret. I choose to live in wonder. In contentment. In peace. As for pride, I don’t know where to find it because I am not looking for it. I find ease in my own way of being and am not attached to achievements.

Again not really. I’ve continued to recover from the realities of 2017. My new career involves more regular job changes, and that’s happening now. I’m not proud of any of it. But I feel like there are a lot of pieces I was close to being proud of...

There was nothing that I regretted this year. I am proud of the work I have been doing at WV. We had a corporate retreat recently, I had to give 2 presentations and that was well received. I feel like I am making progress.

This year I wish I’d cut myself some slack, and listened more deeply and intentionally to the truths that sat with me at my core. I wish I had honored my boundaries with more reverence, and shared more gratitude with a whom I shared space with.

I wish I had completed paperwork and paid bills more quickly. I wound up digging myself a bit of a hole, unfortunately. I'm almost out of it, but it's taken awhile, and has caused a lot of needless stress.

This year I am especially proud of the changing relationships between me and my children. We are learning to get to know each other in a new way as the transition through tween/teen years and I find my way into a whole new world. I am also proud of my decision to have God serve as my attorney /co-counsel in my divorce. Having God serve as the divine counsel has led me to feel heard, validated and free from suffering. I write this on 9/30/19 and trust in the divine for an outcome that frees us all.

I wish I had stressed less when issues arose at work. I’m proud of myself for recognizing when I have to calm down, and take good care of myself.

I wish we had been more sensitive and thoughtful at Eric’s apartment during our San Fransisco trip. It was a pretty disastrous result with his stuff being messed up by Helena and us not thinking about avoiding this enough. I regret that it hurt our friendship and also felt hurt by the way judged us. We spent a lot of time working through that and in general, this year has been a big one for learning how to talk to both people with and without kids. Alternatively, I’m proud of how we’ve grown as parents and found our own style and a number of friends who are not judgmental and we enjoy hanging out with them and their kids. It’s made Atlanta way more hospitable and possible as a long term option. I’m still not sure moving to the new house was the right move. And even though Decatur is going better this year, I have some regrets about the lack of progress I made on my summer goals and career exploration ideas.

I need to get out more. In my new place I am very much alone - I live very rurally and making new friends in a new place is tough, especially when no one lives all too close to each other. Plus, nearly 100% of my work in spent in an office chair in front of a computer. Not a conducive environment to staying in shape and active. So not being as active as I have been or want to be is something I wish I'd've done differently this past year.

Yes. I wish that I could have gotten my head out of my ass long enough to see straight about anything in my life. Though what I’m especially proud of are my girls. They have grown up to be such beautiful mature wonderful people. I’m so very proud of how they meet and conquer every challenge. How they are excelling in life and school. How they’ve managed all the disruption to our family that I certainly have caused. Somehow I managed to parent two humans who are compassionate, loving and resilient people. Lord knows how.

I am currently feeling quite low. I am physically sick, common upper respiratory thing, unemployed, and need constant propping up. I do wish I were not so afraid of what normal people think of me. I wish I could say, if I am too much for you then too bad for you. I would love to have a more measured answer to this but today that is not possible.

I wish I had spent more time asking people how they are and listening to others this year. I feel like I was given an excuse/permission to speak about myself this year and got distracted by that. Too often, I walked away from conversations not know how they other person was, what they were up to, or what they thought. I don’t like feeling like I dominated the conversation and want to feel less of that in the next year.

I am proud of how I have adapted and pushed through the emotional difficulties of being in social work. I am trying to balance being present to the real suffering I see without falling into despair. Today at tashlich I realized that what I want for myself is to turn what could become despair and inactivity into inspiration for continued action. I do see that in the past 6 months I have become emotionally tougher and things that would have made me disintegrate into a puddle when I first started are still hard but don't take me as long to recover. I want to get better at how I take care of myself outside of work. I wish that I had not relied so much on the comforts of eating and watching tv. I am proud of how I have deepened my connections with my friends and I want to continue to do so in the coming year.

I wish, honestly, that I'd been more present for my parents' funerals. I ended up feeling extremely detached from myself and from my family while the cycle of travel and burial and arrangement was going on and as a result I felt pretty checked out of the whole thing, to the detriment of the rest of my family, I'm sure. My emotional coping strategy has always been to detach, even after I learned how unhealthy it is, so I suppose this was a perfectly normal reversion under stress, but this was a life experience I only had one shot at, and I feel like I got it wrong somehow.

I wish I would have handled my mother’s boyfriend differently after she died. Although he made it a difficult time for all of us towards the end of my mom’s life, I feel as though I should have been more sympathetic and understanding of his grief. I’m very proud I stuck with my weigh loss program. I didn’t let the fear of something new prohibit me from trying.

I wish I had asked for help more quickly when I realised I needed it. However, I am proud of recognising I needed help before I was too far gone, and for how I have taken brave life changing decisions to make things better. I have also realised that it is okay to need to spend time on myself.

I wish I had stood up to my husband and refused to follow him when he chose to move halfway across the world (again) for a job that he doesn't even care about. At the same time, I feel pride that I have always remained committed to my marriage and family.

I've been thinking a lot about the way I've chosen my classes. Each semester, I've chosen 4/5 classes in 4/5 different departments. This has been done in the name of breadth and relishing my undecided status. But I think its more indecision than undecided. When I told someone about my course selection over the last three semesters, they remarked: "Oh, it's like high school!" I don't think that's what I wanted out of college. I fear specialization because I fear boxing myself out. I don't know what I want to do in life because I do not know what I want, not because there are too many options. Was there a better way to do it? Should I have focused on history and English only to realize later they weren't for me? Do I feel like I gained direction from my 11 departments? At some point, I'm going to have to decide, and I'm not sure I set myself up too well to do that. Each blue booking period had a philosophy, a reason behind each class. But they all became flawed at some point. What is the utility of me taking EdStudies if I'm not going to do the programs and don't have the time to do all (or any of the readings)? What is the point of a Renaissance education (the terminology I prefer over liberal arts), of an open curriculum? Next year, I'm going to have a major. I don't know how I'll get there, but I'll choose something and hopefully stick with it.

I wish I’d bought black shoes instead of the blue spotted ones I got 😅 I wish I’d gone to the choir in Wellington in the Saturday night when I was there last month. I wish I’d had more people over for dinner.

I'm proud of myself for recognizing through time that there had never been a "right way" to act to get the person who was harming me to stop harming me. It helped me release a lot of my anger and guilt toward myself for not "behaving" better (i.e. speaking about it more gently, or not at all, or worse, obeying). It helped me find some peace with what was taken from me. When I really knew that my actions hadn't earned me that treatment, it gave me greater confidence in the kindness of my actions and in voicing my boundaries.

Wish I had greater patience with my husband.

I wish I had been better at controlling my temper/emotions/reactions/things that I said-- in a few stressful and heated conversations with loved ones this last year. I am proud of how I successfully focused on self care, personal growth, and spiritual goals; and can say that because of that I am physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually a lot healthier and happier person.

I wish I had taken a bit more time to understand how the Help Desk at CCA worked before thinking of things to change or things that I could make more like the BMC Help Desk. I'm seeing now, almost a year later, how taking more time early on could have been helpful. But I was very anxious to do a good job and to make things run smoother that I jumped in a bit too fast. I want to answer something I'm proud of, as well, since, in contrast to the above, I am very proud of how I have done at my job and the insight I bring. Yes, there is so much that I could be doing better. And yes, I have a lot of learn about being a working professional. But I'm really proud at how far I have come in my professional life this past year.

Differently - more time with friends outside of “work;” taking setback and challenges with grace and more positivity; slowing down; not being hard on myself; saying no and being strategic about commitments and saying yes; not taking work socializing and work so seriously; having difficult situations and less emotion; healing relationships; trusting more often, Proud: showing up for my Jewish community; speaking engagements; delegation; networking; building my Judaic future.

Yes, going too fast into a relationship. I'm still with that person today but I could have done it the right way and now I am struggling to keep my head afloat. I'm proud of landing a job even if it's not my dream job and being able to pay my bills. I'm proud that I got to be closer with cousins my age this past year as we have been experiencing the same things and we are able to relate in a deeper level nowadays.

Lived more fearlessly. Went after more responsibility. Or looked for a new job. Made more demands to improve or dissolve my relationship.

J aurai du plus lâcher prise sur bcp de choses j aurai moins souffert. Comme le psy, les disputes de couple. Je suis fière d avoir d’emménagee et mis en route un bébé

I wish I had written more before I quit my previous job. Building my portfolio, testing, honing my writing, and quitting my job when I already have a gig in writing. I'm glad last year I could visit Japan for the first time. It's a lifetime wish come true, and I can't wait for the next opportunity to visit that mesmerizing country with millions of charms.

I wish I had called my dad more. He's 87 and not doing very well, and since I live so far away it's difficult to provide the type of support he needs. Just having more regular conversations probably would have helped him, at least emotionally. I'm working on improving that now. I also wish I had been a bit bolder in approaching my business. While I've made great strides, it has felt like I'm moving at a snail's pace. I see other coaches moving ahead by leaps and bounds, and it makes me wish I had hunkered down more and just gone for it. Back to last year's theme of "Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway." As for being proud of something, I've managed to successfully maintain a large household and garden, start my business, create new coaching programs, study for a new certification, AND raise a new puppy. All while keeping myself focused and fit, and in spite of having to make an emergency trip to the US for 3 weeks to help my father.

This year was filled with so many good things. Currently, I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed and overextended, but I don't know what I would change. Life is short and seizing each day and opportunity is important. I just need to find a balance.

I am especially proud of the fact that I persevered and waited until a good job came along, in sales, and with the right salary and manager. A big huge ask but it was necessary. I am so happy that I enjoy going to work. I get to travel a lot again. And a belong to a company with a really good culture. My tribe. Not sure I would have done anything differently this year. I think everything happened for a reason and I had to be patient and wait my turn for my miracle. I also worked with crystals in healing myself and the spirit guides in helping with the law of attraction - in getting a job and being successful in it. Also asked for help with paying for Victoria’s wedding and they helped with that too. I feel blessed.

Both questions get answered with this... I wish I had left my job earlier or not gone back after long service leave. I could have done it all differently because I knew I was ready to leave a long time ago, but stayed out of fear of the unknown. Ever since April 2018 when I had the experience of facing my fear and getting in the water anyway, I have been facing my fears when I recognise them. I am proud of facing the fear of travelling alone, kayaking, going out with bad hair/being unattractive, speaking truths, saying goodbye, making art. And leaving my job with grace. Even though I stayed too long, I left without making reasons why -- there would be plenty, and I could have demanded a package etc, but I left with honour and dignity and relationships intact.

Retrospection tends to leave me feeling regretful in general. I don't think there's a single thing I look back a=on and don't wish I had handled differently, better. It's always easier to see the ways that I've failed with the buffer of time to better consider the best way to behave or the right things to say. In general, I think I've learned a lot over this last year, and grown a lot. Specifically, I think I've become a better partner. At least I hope I have. Our relationship has always felt a bit tenuous, and I know that I have contributed a great deal to that fact. I know that our relationship is in a much better place now than ever before, and I hope that my growth over the last year is partly responsible for that improvement.

I wish I would have stuck with journaling. I started the process of daily writing when Nick moved out and I was really good about it until around December/early January. But as I incorporated more back into my life, I let it slide away. I need to create more time for myself each day for reflection and growth. That is how I come to my ah-ha moments, and how I feel less robotic about my days. Also, I wish I would have taken more time to think about my gender identity and next steps. That’s almost completely fallen by the wayside. Alternatively, I’m proud of myself for treating myself this year. I bought a new bike. I’ve used more vacation days this year than I ever have. I have pushed myself physically (though this has not been as consistent as I wanted). I finally went bike camping, twice. I went to Colorado to see The Head and the Heart at Red Rocks. I spent a couple of days doing what I wanted in Hamburg after convention. I adopted two kittens and then made the incredibly hard decision to give them up because I’m a much better aunt than I am a parent. I just took a new job. It’s been a busy year, and now that it’s 1 Oct, I need to refocus and think about what I want the next several months to look like. One step at a time, but intentionally so.

I quit a job for the first time, and I started to create boundaries with my mom. I was mentally worn down and micromanaged in my job, and I’d finally had enough. Funny how it was actually pretty similar with my mom. I’m now in a job where I’m happy for the most part, even though it isn’t what I want to do forever. I’m still trying to figure out what kind of relationship I’m comfortable having with my mom. The way she is currently, I can’t have a healthy relationship with her.

I'm proud of how I've started to go to church this past year. Growing up my parents have made me go to church with them so I never really went for myself but instead gone because I was told to. Entering high school my parents said I no longer have to go to church so I stopped going. This past year however my friend Gavin introduced me to his church program and I can honestly say it changed my life for the better. Starting out, I did not really understand what Jesus did for us and what he does for us so I did not appreciate his love fully. Going to mass and adoration regularly now soothes me and puts me in a better state of mind. I now act and think about my actions in a better way through God's teachings and love. Knowing I can always turn to him when I am stressed about school or other problems helps me get through them better. I am proud of going to Church and finding God because I think of his teachings in all aspects of life now. I have learned more about his love for me and I am a better person for it. Moreover, his teachings help me better myself in how I act towards others and how to help them through their problems. Centering myself in God's teachings and love helps me let go of all my worries and relax me in a way nothing else can. Praying and reflecting helps me focus on my weaknesses and realize my strengths and better myself through them. Reflecting on myself and my week gives me the time to destress and reflect on what I did right and wrong and learn from that. I no longer go to church for my parents but for myself and bettering myself with the help of God.

I am so proud that I am a mommy. I love each moment! I can’t even remember what it was like before I was a mommy. But what I am most proud of is how I met post-partum depression head on and have been sharing my story so everyone will know that this very real issue isn’t something you just have to live with.

Something I wish I had done differently this past year... I wish I had made more time to go to protests. I talk a lot about the issues that are important to me. I am vocal about boycotting Amazon. But I could do more. Something I am proud of... I am proud of my work in She’arim. I think our program is awesome. I enjoy it and I know the kids enjoy it. I am working so hard to get more students and to build up Shabbatapalooza which I started last year. I pray with all my heart that I can make this program bigger and more sustainable.

I wish I had completed all my 10Q questions last year. This is an amazing time in my life, filled with happiness and security and excitement, but it's still important to stop and reflect. It's easy to get caught up in it all but it may be fleeting so I want to remember it and appreciate it and this is a good vehicle for that.

my relationships. with the guy I dated and not cutting that off when I should have. with my friends and family and almost taking advantage of them in the worst ways possible.

I wish I had stuck to my goals and my guns. I wish I had remembered my resilience in tough times. I am proud of myself for not giving up or quitting.

I wish we hadn't procrastinated so much about getting infertility treatment. Now we're moving along with a plan, but I just wish we hadn't lost so much time; I worry we've jeopardized our chances to have more than one child. On the other hand, I did finish writing a brand new novel and turned it into my agent!

So many things. I wish I had found more time to exercise, more time to be empathetic or patient with loved ones, more time to read and be outdoors, more time to eat cleaner and healthier. Alternatively, I am proud of the efforts I made with my screening for Camden, affording Lee and I the opportunity to travel to Maine and see some great documentaries, including one of our grads.

I just read my answer from last year and I'd say this year is similar. I'm still reacting more than I'd like, and I think much of that is still rooted in pace and busyness. That being said, the moment I referred to in question one, where I initially reacted - fairly viscerally- served to actually spur me further into a healthy process of self-discovery. I do wish I'd been less reactive in many situations, but I think that as I continue this journey of being more comfortable simply being myself I find myself doing that less. I find myself giving the situation more room to breathe, and myself more time to think, pray, and respond rather than just react in the moment.

I am thrilled to moving on with my life - divorced from a 100% toxic spouse, in a new home, out of the military... I am proud of all of this, yet still struggling to be the person I want to be without resentment for or jealousy of my ex. I had also hoped to be in a more set, comfortable lifestyle, but that seems to be taking longer than expected.

I am proud of how much I have grown and learned to take care of myself this year. I am proud of learning how to set boundaries, act upon these boundaries, and stand up for myself. Life is too short to tolerate bullshit from other people. So I don't. I am no longer afraid of being single or alone. Because I'm never truly alone in this world.

I wish I had set boundaries with people so that I wouldn't get taken advantage of and hold on to anger and resentment. I should have respected myself as my anger only affects my negatively.

I'm proud of myself for standing up for myself and leaving a job that was hurting me. I'm proud of myself for being brave and diving into the unknown. I'm proud of myself for moving to a house in my favorite town with one of my best friends.

I wish I had been kinder to some of my co workers, kinder and more patient. I am proud that I recognize this, though.

One thing I wish I had done a lot differently last year was communicate better with my wife. I think the two of us had a lot of tension over money, mental health, and other triggering issues so I avoided it too much and she kept pushing me on things and I got really defensive and it made our marriage a lot weaker and it's still recovering from that.

I wish I had been a bit more patient with myself and my husband. I am super proud of the accomplishments I have made st work and the challenges I have overcome and the relationships I built.

I have struggled this year with flexibility. I can be regimented in some aspects of my life and while I like the result of such structure, I can be harsh with myself when I veer off course. Most parts of my life have a lot of flexibility, but I tend to hold tightly when it comes to diet and exercise, very black and white. I am working on this currently, to find a more realistic way to be healthy and happy and not beat myself up for a perceived failure.

I kind of wish I'd gotten involved in a social hobby during the spring and summer, while I was in Montreal, so I could have made some new friends. Before leaving for Guatemala (where I currently am), I was feeling a little bit stifled with my friend circle. And now when I'm back I'll be between two long trips with the holidays coming up and the weather getting colder - not the ideal time to try to get social and meet new people.

I don't wish I'd done things differently because I learn from all the choices I've made and I know that I'm on a learning curve whereby I still sometimes make the same decisions when faced with similar choices from years previous, but for whatever reason, I haven't been ready to make a different choice. Now that I feel like I'm becoming more conscious of why I've made certain choices in the past, I think it'll really help in establishing boundaries, recognizing pitfalls, and making different decisions that will ultimately resonate better with who I am becoming. I'm proud of my willingness to grow and be uncomfortable by confronting some really terrible feelings in order to do and be better.

I am proud of my ability this year to maintain good studying, meal prep, and eating habits. I’ve taken care of all of life’s needs despite having no car, going to school, and doing clinical work. Sadie and I have never been more ready to just about start having a family and move. I am absolutely proud of all of these things! I’ve been doing excellently in school and at clinicals, which is wonderful. I don’t have a ton of time to answer these questions as I used to, but that’s okay! I’ll understand when I look back on them next year, as a nurse, in Colorado...with Trixie??? as a new father????

I wish I had spent my time differently--both at work and outside of it. At work I seem to get caught up in minutia, managing email, getting frustrated with the layers of business, instead of getting more things accomplished. Outside of work, I wish I had achieved a better balance between goofing off (at which I am expert) and practical matters (cleaning, organizing, finishing projects).

I suppose I am rather proud, or perhaps content enough, with how I handled a pretty big transition. I ended up walking away from a respected organization and more secure job prospects and entering into an unfamiliar, uncertain pathway with my life partner. I am definitely proud that I took that step and content enough with how I navigated it and where I am at now. I am learning all the time about how to stay close to my values and needs and let go of the non-helpful expectations or even the ones I thought were critical...and are not!

i am proud of my resilience and my ability to keep moving forward when i feel like garbage. i am proud of staying a trustworthy loving connective mama

I wish that I would have worked harder to save money; like always. I am proud of myself for pulling out of extracurricular activities that aren't giving me joy, for visiting the doctor for ailments that I have been putting off and for trying to get more healthy and fit. From Feb 2019 to now, I have lost nearly 30 pounds.

I wish I had gone on study abroad. It's such an amazing opportunity, and I'm kicking myself for not having taken the initiative to go and investigate.

I don't think I would or could have done anything differently in the last year. I am going with the flow, and the flow is pretty juicy and interesting. A job. A board position. A gym membership. New people. New possibilities. I've been a great mom, and now I'm striving to be an awesome working mom! With incredibly great health and fitness!

I wish I had worked harder to get into shape before the middle of the year. I am proud that I am now working on steps to remove myself from my current living situation.

What a joy to say that there is nothing of substance I would have done differently. Thank you Father!

I wish that I had not allowed for outside circumstances to affect me as much as they did and that I had had given myself the space to distance myself from people when I needed, without putting their feelings above mine. At the same time, I feel like I have matured a lot this year, being able to assess the situations better than I did before. Furthermore, I am also proud of myself for going back to therapy

I'm proud of how I've become a community leader in my temple and neighborhood by increased tot communications at the temple and helping throw our neighborhood block party. I've always wanted to help build community, for myself and others, and hearing positive feedback about how others are more connected as a result of my efforts is very fulfilling. I've not been as connected to my extended family and friends as I would like. I want to make a greater effort to connect with my grandmother and my friends, all of whom I deeply value, to be a force for good in their lives and make sure they know how much I care about them.

I would do more at home. I let my husband do pretty much all of the household stuff. He’s a doer- cleans to calm down and has a good self starting way about him. I don’t. I need an engraved invitation to clean the cat box or do the dishes. There have been times where I’ve taken on more of the housework, but I don’t have the impetus to just do it. So I let him do it. And it’s not fair.

I think the events of the last few months showed me that I need to work more on establishing boundaries. The work on this has been difficult, as I'm used to being completely open with everyone, but I do feel not sharing absolutely everything with everyone is a healthier choice.

Everything, everything. From not taking care of little logistical things to not taking care of big medical things. From not spending more time with the kids to not doing a better parenting job when I do. I regret things I did, didn't do, bought, didn't buy, trips I didn't take (but none that I did! There's a lesson there), I regret things I said, and didn't say. I regret letting myself dwell on regrets. It's crippling. Sometimes I remember things from 15, 20, 30 years ago and still feel awful. I'm proud of the friend I've been. I've really worked on it, and I think it's been worthwhile. I could improve, but in all I've been am awesome friend this year.

I wish I had used this time I have been off sick more productively. I wish I had spent more time with my son I wish I had spent less time on the sofa watching TV However I am proud I have started to take care of myself better by losing weight and starting to simplify my life

Looked at two of my children more carefully - to see the unhappiness in their lives rather than hiring them say that everything was great!!

I wish that I had been a little more careful in choosing my "gurus" and spending too much money on individuals who MAY (maybe not, but maybe) have been more focused on their own upsell and vision than MY success. BUT on the other hand I am also PROUD of how much I have gained from the people who have helped me raise my game (paid or otherwise), so overall I feel there has been a TREMENDOUS value to my time/resource/financial investment in MYSELF.

I kind of wish I'd waited to get a puppy, maybe for as along as another year, although I also am so grateful to have her in our lives. She enriches it immensely, but there is a mental and physical cost. Too late to unwish that! What else? Maybe I wish I complained less to friends and more to husband, but not sure I want to challenge that last dynamic. Talk about costs! I'm not completely sure how to make him more independent, and that is something I work on, at least from my side: to make him aware that he can do his own thing and I don't need to be here all the time. I'm proud that we moved to a new house. It was not easy, and honestly I did 90 percent or more of the physical part (I mean, of the part the movers didn't do). I had help from friends, but husband couldn't do much. It's not just the physical part - it's the psychological letting go and getting settled. We/I trimmed, purged, organized and resorted so much! Having moved so many times in our 20s and 30s, the almost-30 years in one house made pulling up the roots that much more life-changing. I was ready, though, and as we moved along the in process, I became more and more relieved that we were doing it. Of course, it's my hope that I leave this address feet first, but even if not, I will be happy.

I wish I had figured out sooner how not to sleep with men I didn't want to sleep with. I wish I had been more able to be in touch with my emotions so I could be more present with others, though I realize self-connection when in deep pain / despair is a tall order. I'm really proud that I stayed connected to my bigger vision this year, in spite of everything, kept my eye on the ball, and worked to adjust my inner reality to my changing understanding of the work reality around me, in order to make the best choices possible and have as much wellbeing as possible.

I don't believe in regrets. Everything you do/say is part of the process to form your life, to learn, grow, improve. But if I had to pick something, it would be to see my therapist more to process things more externally than internally. I feel I was very introspective and probably could have handled some social situations better this last year. I was way more in survival mode than I like to be. I am proud of the work I've been doing. From the Howler to Peak to my private clients, I am building my editing and writing business in an organic way and feeding my soul. With each job, I'm learning and growing and I love this feeling. I'm proud that people see my value.

When it comes to what I wish I had done differently, I wish I had been more patient with people. I have reacted shortly and judgmentally with those closest to me and strangers in various situations. I am especially proud of deciding to take concrete steps towards my mental health and making the choices I need to to be the person I want to be in the world.

I wish I had been an exerciser ~ this scoliosis diagnosis might not have happened. Proud of myself that I signed up for a 4-month session with a life coach to focus on changing habits for weight loss, physical therapy, decluttering my house. I've learned to say "no" without guilt to begin having 'me' time to enjoy retirement. I only say "yes" to activities of eating rather than feeling guilty. (Another bonus of joining PNP411.com)

Last year was a year of reckoning. When I read my answer from last year, I am surprised to see how depressed I was. It was accurate and the fall semester and early spring proved challenging. I made a couple of big changes this year as a result of these challenges. I read the book "Deep Work" by Cal Newport and significantly changed how I worked. I stopped doing flex time, shut down my email for focused work periods during the day, and practiced his list making and shut down procedure (organizing task lists and actually shutting down each day at the end of the work day). Even though I still work a lot, I am deliberately leaving my computer at work some evenings so that I can really go home and be present. I am also working on weekends in a much more focused and deliberate way so as to allow me to experience other aspects of life. That practice, and the sleep diagnosis from question 1 has really improved my marriage. I also felt like by the end of the spring semester, I really had a handle on my job. I became a leader last year and part of that is learning to let things go and separate myself from the work. The other part was learning live with uncomfortable feelings like with people being angry at me, with making hard decisions, and with failure. I also am driving my own work, and learning to say no. Last year was my year of saying yes to everything that came my way...this year I am saying no when I need to. 2017/18 was an reckoning but also an awakening. 2018/19 has been about reclaiming myself and my path and my passions.

I am proud that this is the year that I finally made a decision about changing careers, though I wish that I could have made the decision earlier in the year. Now that Megan and I are expecting another child, my plan for personal change will have to be put temporarily on hold while our life changes.

I wish I’d been more social. I feel like I’m missing out by not regularly spending time with people outside my family.

I wish I was more patient with my husband during what turned out to be the last months of his life. the anxiety around his health situation affected us both though in different ways. I also regret that we were not able to address our fears. And yet I accept that we both did the best we knew how under very challenging circumstances.

I am so proud of how much Torah I learned this past year. It's been my stock answer, which almost makes me shy away from it, makes me doubt for a moment whether I'm being fully genuine, but I am--I'm really, truly proud of it. I was so overwhelmed at Hadar last summer. Fascinated and in love and devastated at how far away and inaccessible this thing that I love felt; devastated and overwhelmed at the thought that I might never be able to reach it on my own. So I did my absolute best to correct that. And arguably I was over-enthusiastic in ways that negatively impacted certain aspects of my life/sleep/time management, but I have learned so much more Torah and it fills me and I am overjoyed that I have learned this much and possess the tools now to learn so, so much more.

I'm especially proud of my decision to go to grad school. It was something I chose for me and I was able to get my life together for it in time for the deadline for the fall semester. I'm now enrolled and feeling amazing about it.

I'm really proud that I launched my book into the universe AND launched my own consulting business. I rock!

I wish I’d been kinder to myself. But, on the proud side, I’m proud that I was there for a couple of my friends when they needed me to be. Handling suicidal calla isn’t easy, working through that with them and finding them help isn’t easy, but every part of me believes it’s worth it, and I’m proud I was able to do that.

I wish I had seen my son more. He didn't ask me to visit and he rarely came home but when all was said and done I know he wished we had spent more time together.

This is a very recent development (started 1 week ago in fact) but I decided to try to eat healthier to improve my health. It was difficult to make this choice. After so many years of sugar and simple carb addition I just didn’t think I could do it... nor would I want to. But amazingly enough, now that I am a week in, I am enjoying the flavor of foods that never excited me before... like fresh blueberries and cherry tomatoes... even raw onion strangely enough. I hope to be able to continue this trend.

I'm proud that I am improving upon this, this year. But last year I found myself having a lack of motivation, and not really caring about hings like school or others opinions. I would get home from school and say to myself "ugh I have so much homework. Oh well." I am very happy though, that so far this year I've done a much better job of avoiding those things.

I was ordained as a Kohenet -- a Hebrew Priestess!

i wish i had prioritized getting a psychiatrist when i moved to a new town. i tapered myself off antidepressants too quickly and without medical supervision. it was so hard to white-knuckle through. i regularly sat on top of my parking deck at work looking over the edge imagining myself taking a running leap off of it. there were a couple months that were very dark. it was not exclusively the change in brain chemistry, not by a mile, but it made a difficult situation even harder. i am especially proud of myself for not jumping. i am proud of making it through that particular period. i am proud of the faith i had — that i kept going, trusting there was worthwhile times ahead even though i couldn’t see my own hand in front of my face.

I supervise a man-child who has the emotional maturity of a six year old. You know how some people can get under your skin and cause you to react horribly to whatever the microaggression? Steve is one of those people. Even though I’m in the HR profession and have read lots of books and articles on emotional intelligence, it all goes out the window when Steve is in the room. I wish I could have taken the high road on any number of interactions with Jim over the past year. I will say that my relationship with Steve has actually improved. I wrote my initial answer on one of his bad days. We're learning how to back off when necessary, and our bad days rarely last more than that day.

For the first time in a long time I only want to answer the second question. I am so proud of myself for this last year. I haven't felt that way in so long. I have been reflecting this Rosh Hashanah about how far I have come and how grateful I am to have made it into this new phase. I am so proud of my last year of therapy. I went every two weeks for a year and I did so much hard work. I literally think I changed my brain. I feel like I took ten years worth of stuff and bound it together and put it up on a shelf and that I started a new chapter. For the first time I feel a true separation from my ego in that I can see when it is acting and not me. I feel like I can view my actions and reactions from places of emotional response instead of being logical or unaffected. It's like I have a new lens onto my own brain and my own life and it has allowed me to make a lot of changes that are making me much happier. Being able to step off of the spectrum of compliance and reaction allowed me to take a full time job that has made me feel so much more secure. It allowed me to start working out again in a way that was exciting and interesting to my body. It has allowed me to think more about how I am relating to Julia and our life together and our relationship. In so many ways the work I have been doing in therapy has made me better and happier and I am so proud that I found someone to work with and committed to a regular practice.

This year I have struggled to find my voice, my truth, while dealing with debilitating physical illness that is still undiagnosed and vague, but real. I am proudest of finally laying down the need to diet. If this is my last decade of my life (which family history and my own health make pretty likely), then I don't want to spend it hating, depriving and judging myself. I have become aware of all the "stuff" I have in my house, and feeling an urge to get rid of it, to cut down, the clear space. I feel suffocated by it all, while still reluctant to let go. My phonograph records: collected over years, beloved music, the map of my youth, which I no longer played, now that I can do digital streaming. Still, it was agony to let them go, to decide who should get them, who would love them for me. So, finally, I took them to a used-music store. And it burned down a couple of weeks later; everything was destroyed. That was tough to take; I thought I could only let them go if someone else would cherish them. And now they're just gone. I think there is a huge lesson here about control, and what it means to try to hang onto things, believing that they are what hold my feelings. I'm glad I made a list of them before letting them go: it can help me remember when I need to reminisce. And it has opened up the dam that has kept me hanging onto stuff. Giving away the stereo equipment next was a pleasure because it went to a dear friend. Throwing away of all the old cassette tapes (180 of them. In the trash! Wow! but recycling won't take them) was wrenching but I did it. Now I'm looking at the mountains of books all over the house and feeling strangled by all that clutter. Getting them out of here won't be as hard. I'm giving more and more stuff away, and it feels right. I wonder what will emerge from within me once I don't have the armor of all that junk around me? I'm excited to find out.

I can't imagine the past year being any different. It's been a roller coaster but it's all worked out for the best. Should we have waited to get Newton? I hope not - He's quickly becoming a member of the family - but exhaustion has set in.... Glenda's knee surgery plus an 8 week old puppy was pretty crazy - I hope it all comes out ok.....

I'm proud of graduating from Springboard, getting a new job with JumpSpark, and moving to a new city by myself.

I'm very proud that I've kept my streak with 52Frames, a weekly photo project, going all year. My photography has improved, I'm getting ideas for my own photo projects and I find that taking photos makes me feel great inside. I'm not taking any classes this semester so I can spend more time on photography.

I wish I had kept track of time better, and set some goals to check in with myself. Instead I launched into everything as if I had to do it, but without being prepared. I’ve let a lot of opportunities slip by. The reasons usually had to do with feeling obligated to others or to the image of what I was doing ( taking time off to travel etc.). I still have a long way to go to get past codependency. So much rides on the feeling of avoiding others’ anger, stress of disappointment.

I wish I were bolder, but I'm proud of working through a lot of past relationship issues.

I feel good about my choices this past year. Looking at my previous answer, I am still working through how best to structure our polyamorous relationship, and wish that I was just somehow automatically "better" at it... but I think it's going fine and my partner continue to be incredibly supportive and communicative. Other than that, I feel proud about my continued growth in my full-time faculty position. I've taken advantage of a lot of professional development opportunities!

I wish I'd been more on top of managing my health. I wish I'd given up on a Real Career earlier, and given over myself earlier to making and writing things.

I wish that I spoke my truth more often. To loved ones, to coworkers, to myself.

I wish I had kept on a more even keel in dealing with the crises in my son's life, and that I had done more to stay in shape and exercise. I am proud that I have taken on responsibilities in my new position and made my way forward there, sometimes having to exercise some courage.

I could have been a better friend. Made more time to keep in touch, to see people in real life, maybe an occasional phone call. Everyone, even those who aren't so geographically distant, seems to be receding. This is a general regret, one that spans across relationships of different types. Is rooted in a combination of daily business and diffidence, not wanting to pry, not wanting to be a bother -- yet how else can one be supportive? I miss them all. Maybe they miss me too, and are waiting for me to reach out.

I am so proud that I finished my book! I am not so proud of the many times I lost my temper with R.

I am grateful that I passed the family medicine boards and that I'm up to date with my CMEs. I wish I wrote more regularly and had a forum to share what I was writing.

I wish me and Asaf had made a budget before we started wedding planning and stuck to it. That being said, would I have agreed to it? To get married in a venue I don't like? I wish I had done Shana Gimel. At this point it seems like it would be worth it to get the extra experience, support, and have the accreditation. I forget to be proud of myself but I am now working FULL TIME in Hebrew! I feel that I am barely surviving but I am doing it. And somehow, I am working as an art therapist. I am proud of all the self-development stuff I've done, eating better, exercising, all the self help books I've read and how I feel I really understand something about psychology and the human condition. Proud of my relationship with Asaf, which is always improving, and all the friends I feel gathering around me for the wedding.

Tough question... not much I could have done differently I think... maybe got to the place of deciding the "picture" wasn't working and pulling the plug earlier. Rather than waiting as long as I did and it getting more & more stressful. Proud of myself for managing to climb these mountains!! For they have been mountains and I don't think I've really impacted on people.

I wish I had responded to Jason's hostility with a more measured but kinder reply. It needed to be strong, but I allowed my fear and anger to override my decency and commitment to helping others.

OMG. OMGOMGOMG. It's the same GD answer every single year. I don't even want to answer the first half of this. So, second half. Doesn't everyone have something to be proud of in any given period of time? I worked hard, feel like I "gave it my all" at work and reengaged in the efforts the college is making moving forward in terms of equity, diversity, and inclusion. I've been a "pretty good" boss as well. One of my newer tutors said yesterday that our center has a really positive energy, and that "I should be proud." So, I am. I have also established a good relationship with my sons, one that I think is going to be "the" relationship I'll have with them ongoing. Our relationships are very much born from our relationships as they grew up, but also very different. I try to engage with them in ways that they need (and try to be careful not to push too hard on them). It's a delicate balance with my "grown" son, who is 18 and is trying to figure out how to navigate his new role. I am proud of both of them!

Last year I had the resolution to review and plan my finances monthly. I regret I didn’t do so.

I wish I’d behaved differently when my manager picked on me. I should have stood up for myself but because of my lack of self belief (and I suppose partly exhaustion & inexperience) I let him convince me I was useless to the point where the horses could sense it and it got them nervous too. Looking back now, I achieved so much and I let his nitpicking make me believe I couldn’t do the job. But now I’ve realised what was happening and got my confidence back I can’t wait to work with horses again.

I wish that rather than trying to do too much over the summer, which resulted in not doing much at all, I would have focused on only two things: getting my body is shape, and clearing out all the clutter in my house.

time feels like it's getting shorter, so mundane and expensive tasks were finally scheduled and accomplished rather than putting them off for another year. since this was the year of major home improvements, i can't think of anything i would have done differently, since things needed to be completed and it felt good to cross them off the list.

I'm proud of sticking to my values throughout this process, even though it's taken time and effort, and certainly hasn't made me particularly popular.

I am very excited that I officially reached a 6 figure income. This is something that I have always dreamed of and it feels great to finally reach it.

Hard one! I was in a not-so-great place last winter struggling with an unwell newborn, crazy postpartum hormones and no sleep. I wasn’t able to do anything all that well at the time but I don’t think I could have done much differently either. I am proud of myself and my family for making it through that difficult time and being able to support and love one another through the darkness.

Would have done differently: Started going kosher without reading all of "Going Kosher in 30 days." Am especially proud of: Volunteering with Soul Studio.

i wish i would have taken better care of my body. i've gained a lot of weight this year. i used to not care about my size, as long as i was healthy. right now, i'm fat and unhealthy. i'd like to do better this year.

I wish that I had given more time to thinking about what I really wanted for my career before jumping into a new job. I need to be less influenced by the opinions of other people and focus more on what I am actually looking for.

I’m proud of the positive impact I’m making on my patients’ health, and the loyalty that I’ve been able to engender in my patient base. Only today I had a new patient referred by a patient I saw years ago, who after seeing me only twice and never having back pain again has evangelised for me ever since.

I am incredibly proud of how I managed our cross-country move. There were all sorts of details we had to handle: breaking our Boston lease, finding an apartment while we were 1400 miles away, hiring movers, renting a moving truck, packing, planning our route, reserving hotels along the way, coming up with money to finance the whole project... and it all came off, more or less, without a hitch.

Continued to stay consistent with the gym on a weekly basis and not give into peer pressure of drinking and other bad things. I told myself this was my year to get healthier and lose weight and I have been cheating myself by giving in certain times. I'm proud that I signed up for Personal training and that I continue to go to the Studio classes at Vasa. But I always should have put myself first, I lacked that with DJ and with Megan. I'm also proud to be almost done with school.

I started running Peak Health as a home business this year, and while I am especially proud of it, I do wonder if I could have done some things differently, such as: I said when I left DISCREET I was going to leave problematic clients behind, and yet I "allowed" some of them to come with me to Peak, simply to fill spots. I also said that I would raise my rates, which I did slightly, but I know for a fact I could be charging more (even a tiny bit more, like $130 instead of $120) and maintain my current client base. If we move the business out of the house next year, I will commit to some more changes, for sure.

there's so much I wish I had done differently! I felt like I was mean to my husband all the time. I love him so much & he is unfailingly nice & patient, & deserves much better. I wish I'd gone to twice as many events, donated twice as much money, exercised twice as much, called my loved ones twice as often.... However, I did write every single day, no matter what, & I feel really really good about that

I developed a co-dependent friendship that has had a serious impact on my marriage. In recognizing now how all-consuming and unhealthy it was, there is a part of me that wishes I knew then what I know now about healthier boundaries in order to have prevented some of the pain that has resulted from it. With that said, it helped me come to terms with how co-dependent and unhealthy my marriage was so the cracks this relationship revealed has led to us facing the dysfunction in our marriage which I believe to be necessary even though it's been incredibly painful and challenging. I feel proud of the recovery work I am doing to repair these relationships even while still wishing I could just put the blinders back on sometimes for a break from all the work that still lies ahead of us.

I wish that I slowed down and realized that every time I complain about someone I look way worse than the person I am complaining about. I am only starting to learn this for the first time, and it is really hard for me to grasp and hold on to. Better to resolve the issue you have with that person directly and keep the drama OUT.

I wish I’d been a better advocate for Jamie. I eventually got up the nerve to tell the school principal that we would not stand for the type of school experience he had in 1st grade. The minute I talked to him, I felt the power shift a bit & I felt more empowered. I am proud that I prioritized being in Texas as much as I could from May until September to be with my parents as my dad’s health declined. Family is everything, and I would have regretted not being there. It was very hard but I am proud I did it.

I think I should have stayed in Mexico City instead of moved to Boston. On another note, I should have just been myself for Club High Rise because they had accepted me for me. I wish that one of these years I can just accept me for me and that I’ll find a way to stop my compulsions. I’m proud of myself for the things I’ve accomplished this year, but disappointed in myself overall. I’m wasting my youth.

I’m really proud at being able to recognize the work I put into thinking about what works for me in a relationship and what doesn’t. To have learned when something isn’t for me to let it go and when something is for me to hold it tight.

I'm starting to see the value of patience in how I look at what I truly need and wish for, especially when making decisions. I made some decisions the past year where I pushed myself to just go for it and they didn't work out, and it's a hassle to get over the disappointment. The more I sign on to the idea of "go for it", the more I stop checking in with myself, and stop valuing warning signs and communicating them, the more disappointing things turn out. I'm proud of starting to notice this, and getting better at it. Ha, deserved pride is not easy to admit to. I've done some things the past year that required allowing a lot of vulnerability, and I'm proud of them too. I notice that I want to quibble and say "but it's all just tiny steps and I'm still so far from my goals" but shush.

This past year I felt a yearning for a love partner. But, I feel a little stuck in the regard. Signed up for a matching service, but never paid the fee because I didn't have the money at the time. Seems I never have the money. But, it's really that I don't want my heart broken. In April I made the decision to stop working a regular job and be the primary care giver for my infant granddaughter when my daughter goes back to work. I'm very glad to be able to support my family in such a concrete way.

I wish I had used my time much differently and more productively. I could have gotten a lot done which I didn't.

Proud of how I've navigated the year, kept my spirits up, and I don't resent my path. I own my journey.

I wish I hadn't spent so much time and energy arguing with my partner. I feel like we are both getting better as communicators, but sometimes I feel more physically and emotionally distant than ever before. I'm still not too sure what to do about it or what the new year will bring for our relationship. I hope it brings renewal of loving sparks, and that we get closer.

If anything, I think I wish I could’ve dropped my filter a little more in my therapy space, and taken a few more risks. I am really proud of all the work and movement I did toward going to grad school, and I’m proud of myself for taking action in the face of uncertainty.

I wish I hadn’t chased so much after being a good student with good grades. I stressed and tired myself out just because I felt like I had to prove something. I‘m proud of managing nonetheless. I survived, I kept pushing.

I wish I had spent more time with my family than I did–especially my “second family” consisting of my closest friends. I also wish I had loved myself and had not sacrificed myself and time for people that do not care. However, I am extremely proud of having pushed myself to take new chances. To follow pursuits, do things excellently. And to stop dedicating my life to people whose goals to not align with mine.

I'm proud of the difference I've made in the lives of multiple individuals.

Like last year, I still think that I need to be more engaged and less withdrawn in social situations. I think I have deepened some close relationships, but haven't really made any new close relationships. While our communication is improving, Karen & I need to communicate more effectively. I am proud of the acting work I've done for our community theater group, and have been getting leading roles regularly. My cooking skills continue to improve, so I have significantly less anxiety about mealtimes.

I don't know if I am "proud" so much as accepting. My partner and I started couples therapy, and I am all in. I go into every session intending to be as open as possible, and I am. I say some pretty hard and embarrassing things and I do not apologise for them. My relationship is stronger for it, though whether or not it survives is still an open question.

I wish we had been more realistic and organized in our game plan for remodeling our house - specifically the plan and timeline to get our bonus room transformed into a rentable guest suite. All of our number crunching was based upon having that income and that was incredibly naive for the first year! Alternately, I'm really proud of the work I have done on the house. I've learned a lot of new skills and the fruits of my labors are evident in each room. It feels good to know that I'm helping to turn a run-down neglected house into our home filled with love and care.

In this moment, the TWW, I wish I had gone back to low-carb, low-sugar eating sooner after the miscarriage. I feel really proud of going a year without eating gluten regularly, and going 6 months without even cheating. I feel happy to have gluten back in my life, but I also want to keep feeling like I'm mindful of what I put into my body and I have reasons for why I eat what I do. I want to do this in a way that holds space for my healthy body image to flourish, and not from a place that feels controlling or icky.

I wish I had walked more and eaten more vegetables. I wish I had started working on my health more intentionally, earlier in the year, as I hoped. I'm really proud of the ways I have improved my emotional health this year. I'm grateful for the ways I have gotten better at tell the truth.

I am very proud of myself for starting therapy this year. I am facing my past trauma and dealing with it. Sometimes I do let the anxiety get to me or get depressed about it. I wish I was able to snap out of that or let it affect me less so I could be more available for my family.

I almost wish I had done everything differently this past year. I had the chance to coast; I was allowed, I was encouraged, to coast. But maybe what I call coasting is actually how 2 adult, 1 kid families function. It's been exhilarating to have time for me, to have someone else to help with the child, to not be responsible for 95% of things in the house. And yet, I feel like I'm slacking doing 50% of it.

This year, I wish I had made more of an effort to incorporate more creativity into my life. I have always wanted to live in a more creative world and have thought I was unable to do so. In reality, I have the power to make the changes I want. This year I started a pottery class as a weekly outlet and am making progress in my skills in this class. I have been able to use some of my wares, which makes me happier but I can do smaller scale activities at home which will make me feel more creative all the time, not just in the studio. I continue to limit my creative endeavors because I am too worried about the what if my project doesn't turn out the way I like it. This is something I would like to work towards in the next year. I feel as though you can only love your creations if you love yourself- so using your own creative goods should be part of my self care.

I wish that this past year I was better about keeping up with friends and taking the initiative to see certain people. I feel like I often hesitate to reach out and lose out on friendships as a result. One thing I am especially proud of is my growth professionally. I feel like something finally clicked at work the past few months and I have really been able to prove myself at work!

I think, bizarrely, I wish I had been easier on myself, and less consumed with anxiety. So much time wasted on emotional churn and spinning my wheels. I think it's when we stop fighting the current that we can flow with it and direct it where it needs to go. I'm also proud of how I've improved as a writer--both at work, and in my own daily practice. I feel like I am stepping into more power soon.

If could have done one thing differently, it would have been to write down goals, plan them to achieve them. I am proud of myself for coming out strong, I am proud that I haven't given up. I picked myself up and got on with life. I have also started a more spiritual practice, which could have only come from a challenging year.

I wish I had spent more time focusing on my physical health this past year. Alternatively, I am proud of myself for spending time and money on experiences, rather than "things". I traveled extensively for leisure throughout the past year, and continued to push myself outside of my comfort zone.

I am actually really happy with how the past year has gone. I scrolled all the way back through my calendar to see if I was missing something that I wish I had done differently and I pretty much came up empty. I feel like I have been doing a pretty good job juggling my various roles, responsibilities, and priorities (and boy are there lots of all of them). I am in a pretty great place. It's actually hard to come up with ways I wish my life were better... I mean, I can, but they are things like extravagant vacations and teleportation and oh I don't know maybe not watching the world go to hell in a hand basket while my personal life flourishes. Oh, relating to that last point, here's one - I wish I'd been more involved in the Postdoc union earlier, and pushed more vocally to get better childcare and parental leave benefits. I learned a lot, though, which will be very instructive for the future.

Wish I had the time management and looseness of work I have today. Am able to sleep at 10, 9 if i wanted to. I sleep more, I give myself time to work out, practice typing and even journaling. I even got a piano and started to learn the 1 AM song from Lilypichu. I even started running as opposed to my usual weight training. I definitely was not accustomed to working out last year so now it's become a norm I've been comfortable with. It just goes to show that doing something you're uncomfortable of will eventually become comfortable as it assimilates into a habit.

Ugh. As I say every year, I think I won't wish I did something differently in the past year until I'm dead. Regret is a sign of growth, I think, as long as it moves me forward. But this year, let me say something I'm proud of for a change. I have been better at stopping to enjoy life with my family. When my children ask me to do something with them, I try to say yes every time, even when I don't feel like it. People say that I will regret all of the times I choose not to be with the kiddos, and I'm definitely aware of missing some key moments in the past due to stubborn intractability. My favorite thing right now is that I'm reading Harry Potter to my older daughter, with all the voices, and playing Nintendo Switch with my younger daughter. Both of them ask for me to be with them, so I take that as a win.

I wish I had prepared better for retirement. I took care of money and health insurance and did nothing to prepare my environment or for my day to day life. I had no idea how much my life had depended on the structure work provided. I thought I'd be ok. I'm not.

(Doing this late because...chag). There are a lot of things I wish I had done differently this past year. Mostly, it's a lot of things I wish I had done sooner or done better. However, I'm really trying to work on being generous and forgiving of myself, so I don't really want to dwell on it.

I wish I had been more motivated at work. I let the APRN council dissolve and didn't work to present at any conferences. I didn't push for more OR time. In my personal life, I wish I'd stayed more engaged with M rather than dipping back into resentment. I should have been quicker to talk about my feelings rather than let flooding happen and breakdown. I wish I'd had more physical pleasure. I'm proud of learning to quilt. and being more consistent about creative projects in general. I'm also proud of stepping off of social media and working towards financial goals. I've read a lot of books! making up for lost time. I've been better at socializing, too

The past year has flown by. The highlight of my year was my 60th birthday weekend. I had a great time with my lifelong friends. There is nothing like having friends who have known you your entire adult life, and who love you despite all of your craziness. What do I wish I had done differently? I wish I had kept my commitment and taken Friday’s off. I ended up working so many Fridays on things that seemed important at the time, and that I can’t remember now. The pull to take care of the urgent and business matters is so powerful for me. I am hopeful this coming year will be better.

Fuck, I wish I had done so much more this year. I've had some rough years, and years in the plural feels awful. I sometimes reflect on progress, and feel as if I haven't made Enough: will it ever be enough though? I'd just like to have some actual Stability for once, existentially. I've consciously made efforts to take better care of myself: reestablishing a meditation practice, journaling more, making my bed every day, just working more on basic routines. Maybe, finally, this year will be the year I'll get out of this funk? At the very least I've made some conscious changes in how I approach my evenings, and I now can approach the day so much more positively. That's something great, yeah?

Oof, this is always hard. I really can't think of one thing I wish I had done differently, but rather, I wish I had been different. I guess it's about habits. I wish I had spent a little less time on my phone, and had embraced traveling abroad alone a bit more. I wish I had been more relaxed about everything in my marriage and home life. On the other hand, I know why I am the way I am, or more precisely, how I got here. It's been a rough few years and I think I can forgive myself for my bad habits. The trick will be changing them next year. I'm proud of getting an article out the door, for staying on top of my work, and for I think, learning how to be a better partner, but there's always room for change. I realized a lot this year, especially recently, what needs changing, and how badly it needs changing, and I think that's something to be proud of in itself.

This has been a good year. I am in a job that I feel secure and happy, a relationship that has been getting better each year and I family I love and have positive interaction. I have been able to get back to travel and continue to take care of myself. A lot to be proud. One of the things I am most proud is that we have fostered 10 dogs this year. Each dog brings its own unique personality to our household. From our puppies to our mommas - we have been enriched by their presence. And when they find their forever home, I feel blessed. I am sad that one didn't make it, but know that we ultimately was her forever home and we honor her spirit. I love to foster and giving dogs a second chance gives me much joy.

I wish I spent more time enjoying life and less time getting bogged down with all the responsibilities that I have to do.

I wish I had taken more time off. I thought I would get to take time off between jobs or at the end of September, whichever came first, but that didn't happen. I probably should have taken time after the funeral instead of going back to work so I could process things. Now I feel like everything is moving too fast and I haven't had time to catch my breath.

I wish I studied different the first time so I could have passed the bar. I really feel like I let my family down. I am proud of my effort this second time around. I really, really hope I passed!

I wish that I could have supported my husband more as he transitioned jobs. He had a really rough year, and I was afraid. Afraid of all the changes. I still am afraid. But he is brave. He went through a lot to do this for our family. I'm also still stressed about how this is all going to work out.

I am proud of seeing my daughters grow and full fill their goals. I am proud of starting a new way of living to improve my mental and physical health. I wish I had not wasted so much time mourning my divorce and moments I spent thinking of the people that hurt me. I am proud of realizing how important is to give myself respect and to take the step on learning how to forgive myself for bad decision made.

There were a hundred little fights with Gary, too much time spent with my back up or hiding away and not enough physical affection. I hate that sex has become an issue for us - who initiates it, who says no, who is too tired. I wish I had let go of my need for him to make more of an effort. I wish things were easy and relaxed between us in that regard. Everything seems so full of meaning and not in a good way. I wish we had spent more time together playing around and less time watching tv and drinking.

I’m especially proud that I have started working again this past year. It has been challenging and I’m never sure how long it will last, but I’m super proud to be feeling like a valuable member of a great team doing important work in the world.

I wish I had been nicer to my partner, despite life’s stressors on our relationship and family. I know I have said and done things at the peak of my exhaustion that have hurt him deeply, and I feel a lot of regret about it. On the other hand, I feel extremely proud of how well I have pressed on as a solo parent through the year and tons of hurdles. Despite all the challenges, we are all alive and well in this family which I count as a win.

I wish I’d saved a little more money this year. But I’m happy that I was able to help my family with some critical issues and spend some time with them in the process.

I wish that I had started looking for post-articling work earlier. If I had I might not be unemployed right now. I am proud of completing articling and being called to the bar though!

I wish I had been less depressed and more present for my family-particularly my son. I wish I had been able to motivate myself more to put myself "out there" as a photographer. I did however, just photograph one of the Presidential candidates at a Town Hall. It was thrilling, stressful and a serious learning experience. I am proud of the photos and of how I conducted myself professionally that day.

In a way I wish that I had been more in touch with myself, more open to acceptance in some ways. I don't regret or allow myself to spend too much time wishing things had gone differently. I wish I could still be with my ex, in some ways. I wish I hadn't broken up with her, but I'd do it again. She and I weren't fitting, and I needed to be alone to try to fix myself... I'm proud of that choice. Other proud moments include the time and effort i poured into work to try to better myself as a cook and as a person.

There is a part of me I don’t like. More clearly, there are behaviors that I do that I know are not in my best interests yet I continue to do them. I wish this past year I could have learned to have let them go for good. But I know that time takes time and I’m continue to improve and go in the right direction. I’ve been proud of making so much time for myself. I’ve traveled more in this one than ever in my entire life and I am proud of myself for taking adventures by myself.

Yes after I landed my dream Job! I was so excited I took it without thinking, praying, seeking advice to negotiate my salary. Many regrets around that snap decision. I should have prayed about more than getting the job but also the salary. I should have also consulted with my church leaders before hand. These are both things I have done in past situations but failed to do so in my excitement this time. I am pushing thru my negative emotions and thanking God I was even offered the Job! I so wish I had slowed down to ask him about the salary. Somedays are harder than others when I here other new hires comment, my salary almost doubled! (Mine only increased $50 a month). Next time I am offered a new position within a company I'm currently work for I will remember that salary can STILL be negotiated! I do Praise God for this position as many apply when they open it up for new candidates once or twice a year. It is a very hard training program to get into and move up in. So honored to have been chosen.

I'm really proud that I approved on my answer from last year, which stated that I wanted to make more friends outside of college/work. So, that's pretty cool. Alternatively, I also wish I had made more of an effort to be a "good" family member to a number of my family members. Even though I don't have to deal with my mother regularly, I could have taken more advantage of this and reached out. There's always next year, though.

Something that I wish I had done differently was to keep my best friend closer to my side. Throughout this past week or maybe even month, I feel as if my best friend is acting more distant around me. It is hard keeping a long-distance relationship but I wish I had spent more time with her and showed her that I care for her a lot. I feel like she found someone that was "better" than me and I do not like that. Something that I felt especially proud of from this past year was me passing my Bronze Cross class. This class was extremely important to me because swimming is important to me. I also really want to become a lifeguard, to put the skills I have learned in action. Previously to this class, I did not pass my Bronze Medallion and I fell into a bad state of mind. I felt like I had a lot of pressure on me and that I was not good enough and that I was not talented. By passing Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross in the span of 3 months made me feel very accomplished.

I'm especially proud of launching my own podcast at work. I think it adds a lot of value to the organization and it's fun getting feedback from my colleagues and family.

I wish I would have exercised more and better care of my body. As I get older, I am starting to get aches and pains, and also gained weight. Proud that I am mediating almost daily, and trying hard to stay present, and slowing down my responses so I lash out less and have a better chance of not saying something I will regret later.

I wish I was able to do better with student teaching and edtpa. I think that's going to overshadow a lot of my answers. I am proud of going to Israel again and staffing a trip, and building relationships with the girls. I'm proud of the fact that I just bought a car (woo!) and I am working and learning from what I'm working in (despite it not being what I intended on this year). I'm proud of the growth I've made in dating, that I ended that one relationship for good, and learned a lot from another relationship I was in. I also learned to be okay with the fact that it ended, and to accept and see it for the best.

I wish I had ended things earlier with Andy when I realized he was drinking behind my back. But I’m glad after he self-destructed I ended it when I did. I’m also incredibly proud of myself for staying mostly positive during my 18 month ankle injury, surgery, and recovery. I’m also proud of myself that I’m job searching for something that serves me better.

I am especially proud of myself for getting accepted into Nursing school. I have been trying to figure out what career fits me and struggling to finishing my degree for such a long time. I have always been studious and failing classes and not having a direction has truly lowered my self-esteem. Throughout my early 20s, I have struggled with anxiety, depression, health issues, and mismanagement of my ADHD medication. I feel like I have been running in place for so long, putting in so much effort and getting absolutely nowhere. I am proud of my resilience and grit. I never gave up and I am finally about to take the next step. I think I will be a good nurse. I have always wanted to do something important and give back to my community and I think I finally found how I can contribute to society. For this, I am truly proud of myself. I just need to remain optimistic and steadfast when I start my BSN program this year in January. As long as I stay positive, organized, proactive, and medicated properly, I know I will be able to handle this. And in 16 months when I finally walk across the graduation stay and pass my NCLEX to receive my nursing license, that will be the day I am most proud of myself. It will be my biggest accomplishment and that is the goal! Though, I do not just want to pass. When I finish, I want to be a fully competent nurse. I want to help people with their recoveries. I want to be a kind face in a difficult time. I want to inspire my children to find careers and passions that benefit humanity and make the world a little bit better. No matter how small the deed. Therefore, I am going to put all my effort into this program and strive to make straight As. That is my goal for 5780.

I am especially proud of our new home. At this time last year, we were still in the early stages of a complete house remodel project. The room I'm now sitting in consisted only of wood stud walls, exposed sub-flooring, with a plywood-covered opening to the exterior. Electrical wires and plumbing pipes provided the only interior decor. From the outside, a dull green/gray paint scheme and overgrown landscaping obscured the barely visible character of this simple mid-century ranch home. Now, after all the time and energy spent planning and executing the project, we finally have a place in Carmel to call our own. Along the way, there were countless people who came along at just the right moment to help make our vision come to life, including contractors, realtors, neighbors, friends, and family. But in taking a somewhat humble, cramped living space and transforming it into the place we now wake up grateful for every day, I was able to use my experience as an architect, design instincts, and perseverance to complete the remodel within five months. And, as a result, this goal that we had been striving toward for almost a decade was reached.

I wish I hadn't spent so much time feeling sad and depressed this year. It was difficult recovering from the miscarriage, and I spent a lot of time feeling really sorry for myself. I wish I had spent more of that time helping others, focusing on the future, and sharing in joyful moments with David.

No regrets, right?! I suppose two of my frontiers for future focus are A) finding my own true voice and B) trying to do less, well. I’m potentially on the path. And there’s something important on both of these fronts about acceptance - for instance, with (A) is it my gift in team humanity to write? To speak? To understand? Or to facilitate, question, connect, enable? Or something in between? It’s dangerous to compare myself to others, beware. And as important as any of this is what are the needs of the times we live in? What corner could I look back at my life and feel I have usefully served/contributed to? What is my narrow door to the whole world? Is it something about learning, about refiguring the social contract, about connecting islands of sanity? And intertwined, via (B) - and now critical with Jonah here and him and Jessica’s likely needs this year - is that I allow this energy to have edges rather than overflow. My work cannot be all-encompassing and it needs to be sustainable. And in the respect I need to do a little less of it and do that well. So that my head isn’t overstuffed, the distractions too many and that I can act more easily and with less pondering. What I am proud of this year is that I think I’ve retained and grown my integrity, worked on myself in order to be of better service to others, and become a more gentle, patient and humble man - starting to learn to look and listen for openings rather than force my way through locked doors...

Oh... yes. Relationship-wise, I wish I had been more clever. I had the chance of being with someone on a good healthy relationship, but things went awry really fast, for really silly reasons. And things that I am proud... Yes! My living situation is not optimal, but I love my flatmate. We have a close relationship, almost like siblings. I am proud of how much we've grown together this last year (Today is exactly one year of living together!)

I'm proud of completing my promotion package and gaining that achievement! On the other side, I haven't lived up to my ideals as a father, get angry and shout too much, but I think I'm improving in that regard, at least made some progress.

I wish I had paid more attention to my relationship this past year. I am looking for clarity on our future now, but if I had been more present in the relationship perhaps we would either be stronger or we would have already broken up. I am still searching for the courage to approach this subject with them.

I wish I had spent more time and energy on developing disciplines of self-care: meditation and mental wellness.

I’m proud of my efforts to deepen my relationships with my family (through meditation and mindfulness), which has resulted in more meaningful and emotionally rich connections.

I wish I had taken more time on a regular basis to slow down and ground myself even amidst full and overwhelming weeks. I'm especially proud of the organizing I've been a part of / led in the last year, especially around Jews + community safety and solidarity economy.

1) I wish I would have been more pro-active in getting the contract renewal process done. I know that it is not the proper way but sometimes I need to just jump in. 2) GIVE BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT!!! It would save me incredible heartache and frustration. Not everyone is out to get me.

I am proud that I undertook a journey that is often talked about but not done. I am not proud of how I have treated my relationship with a loved one.

Super proud to be serving the business community at a higher level of expertise. I wish I had completed my iPEC certification (still have time before december 31 though). Very proud of my iPEC training, game changer for sure.

I wish I had managed my time better this past year. There were finally some moments of down time in my life after years of insane scheduling. I am proud to have returned to reading and learning new things on my own, but I'd like to also manage my time better to work on my book or other self-improvement endeavors.

I wish I had gotten a job earlier, but I'm proud I went back to work therapy is my calling.

Found more ways to make work work for me.

I wish I had not yelled at my daughter so much, been able to be more patient with her, and helped her to express herself better. I am proud of how I performed during my job interviews, and that I received 4 job offers, which might have been 5 if I hadn't made a decision before the last one came to be.

I wish that I had stayed more connected to my Judaism. I regret rarely attending Torah study and services and not keeping a regular Shabbat practice.

I wish I had studied Hebrew, both modern and Biblical.

I'm very proud of taking the plunge and having both of my knees replaced. It was a rough road, but I've done a good job at rehab.

I wish I could have been more compassionate and understanding toward my family, and let them in more. Even though I've been feeling a lot of hurt from their actions, I know I could also do a lot better. I don't really know how I would have done that, but it's been a struggle, and I want to do better. I'm really proud of the fact that I started going to therapy. Right now I am actually feeling really good about taking a therapy break, but I also think I clearly really really needed it, and it was so helpful in providing me tools for my life. I now know that I can go back to it if I need to.

I wish I had addressed my dissatisfaction with work sooner this year so I could have found a job that brought me more joy sooner. I am proud however that once I put my mind to it, I did find a new job and I'm so excited!

I am proud to have completed my #dailyartchallenge at last - and to have developed drawing abilities worth exhibiting. It gives me a new incredible sense of achievement.

Nope. I think I got through the trying times all right, didn't mess up too much, did not excel at anything in particular. I am still in a fallow year. After giving a great deal in my job as a teacher, my role as a mother, my role as Vice Commodore of the yacht club, my role as a sailing instructor, my position as a Guide leader and my role as a Duke of Edinburgh region manager I feel like I want to do nothing for a while.

I had some friends I did not reach out to (due to busy life) and I wish I had. On the other side, I feel I did a great job bonding with my teen daughter who was going through a rough time and supporting my dad through his cancer journey.

I wish that I had hired my architect's contractor. I believe that it would have been more efficient and probably cost the same - in the end. I think this is a result of not thinking big enough. I need to learn how to think bigger. I am proud of my acceptance of the diagnosis of breast cancer as my first reactions were shock and denial. I am happy about embracing my life fully and being on the path to openness.

Last year, while training for a half marathon, I started having pain in my feet, which I recognized as plantar fasciitis. Rather than going to a doctor, I continued training and only went to a doctor after finishing the race. Eighteen months later, I'm still in pain, and haven't run since that race. I wish I'd gone to the doctor earlier. I wish I'd recognized it would be a long recovery, and adapted my behavior and expectations accordingly. I wish I'd maintained my fitness level through upper body/core strength training, yoga and floor work. I wish I'd gone to physical therapy sooner. In short, I wish I'd done everything differently.

I'm proud of myself for putting myself out there and studying abroad in a country that I had never been to with an entire group of people that I didn't know. It was scary going into it, but it ended up being one of the most incredible experiences of my life, and I have memories and friendships that I will cherish forever. Something that I wish I had done differently this past year is overall just not putting myself out there enough and getting after it. I often miss out on experiences or opportunities or people that could really change my life because I feel overwhelmed already or shy or scared. I want to take more leaps into the unknown.

I'm proud that I started to learn to play the harp and practice regularly.

I wish I would have spoke more about feeling isolated and bogged down. I wish during those times that were harder to push through that I had let someone in.

I'm really proud of making some positive changes in my life. I got back into working out. After my accident in May 2018, I was kind of afraid of doing things and was really out of shape after not being able to walk well for so long. I got back to the gym in March and have been weight training about twice a week ever since. After about 6 weeks, I started working with trainer again, and I think I'm doing really well. I don't feel as great as I would like to, but I'm definitely getting stronger. I've also maintained a meditation practice and have meditated most days since I started logging them with the Insight timer around the beginning of 2019. I think it's helping me stay present and maintain my equanimity.

Things I wish I'd done differently are too numerous to enumerate or list. That something I'm most proud of has to do with my work is somewhat of embarrassment.

Focused on my key priorities & acted on them with more urgency, i.e. take the initiative & take control of my life. Expressed myself more.

I wish I wouldn't have allowed other people to affect my thoughts so much. I really wasted a lot of anxiety over someone who doesn't matter. I allowed it though. I finally worked my way through it and moved on. I also wish I would've started getting the house ready to sell sooner. I really waited way too long. I wish I hadn't fallen into a slump with my physical activity the way I did mid summer. I am getting back on track though and seeing a trainer at the gym. I just need some motivation and accountability here. I am still very proud of Ken and my accomplishment of the planning and the ride to Geneva, NY. It was a big undertaking for both of us and we were very successful overall. High five to my honey! xoxo

Im proud of the business i have begin to build. I wish i had been been able to ask for help with it as i have needed it. I need my business to grow and flourish and i need money and guidance to do so. But i am also proud of the way i have managed several relationships in my life.

The last few years this answer has been similar. I would like to be more in the moment. Curb the temptation to anger and resentment. Resist the urge to shout in response to frustration. Find the way to practice peace. I believe I have made good inroads here but being imperfect (and accepting that) there are occasional slip-ups.

I often berate myself for not having pushed harder to grow at school this year; joining choir, seeing friends I care about, going out and enjoying myself and the company I could have kept before they now all leave for new horizons and universities. Yes, this year was one of the best I've had at school in spite (or maybe because?) of exams: I've made real string friendship; I've felt myself come out of my shell and become a real person and that's great but, for whatever reason, that move was stumbled and hesitant. This year I can't let things hold me back.

I am so unbelievably proud of us for making this move. It wasn't easy, many times it was scary enough for both of us to lose sleep, but holy cow it was worth it! We now have a great place for friends and family to vacation. And if they aren't using it, we have a great place for random guests to vacation as well! We love it here, it's shaken us up to break the ruts that we get into as well. Time with friends is so cherished now--previously I felt that I didn't cherish it enough. I am so, so, so very proud of us.

Oon menestynyt ammatillisesti ja viime vuoden aikana, kun myös firmalla on alkanut mennä hyvin, se on tuottanut tulosta ja olen voinut olla siitä ylpeä.

Last year of high school, I just let E get away with all of his BS and teasing. Sometimes I bartered back, but I wish I would have just confronted him about it. Whether there was something there or not, I’m glad I let it go when I graduated. I’m so proud of myself for learning how to illustrate fashions and that I decided to get outside education on fashion designing. I am also proud that I have done it out in the open and am not hiding it from my parents or anyone who asks.

Beginning a new job is difficult and I wish I would have done more preparation for the new position. Reading the book "The First 90 Days" or remembering the challenges that come at the beginning of a place resistant to change would have been helpful as I began this new journey. On the other hand, I am super proud of my ability to exercise and stay somewhat fit through the first 36 weeks of my pregnancy.

I wish I'd been more mindful at times - to slow down and think about why I feel bad, when things are overwhelming. To limit my caffeine consumption more, it makes me anxious. I'm proud of living up to my goal for the year, creation, in some ways, I wish I had more time for it though. I have the burning desire to always be creating or consuming the creativity of others.

I feel badly that I have not been supportive of my two cousins who are both suffering from Alzheimer’s. I feel good that I have now texted several times with a caregiver and have plans to visit this month.

I would say that I'm proud to have taken on this new job and faced the challenges with grace and dignity. I haven't been defensive when I make mistakes and I continue to be willing to learn. My confidence is growing and I am so grateful for that.

I wish I would have planned certain major decisions in my life differently because now I am in a spot where I feel stuck and overwhelmed.

NO, I enjoyed last yr fully doing the things I loved by volunteering in the arts & going on solo adventures. No regrets. 2018 was actually a GREAT yr overall.

I think I spent a lot of time this past year dominated by my own anxieties, depression, etc. I spent a lot of time in my head and it caused me to push away many people in my life. There was an opportunity to date Rebecca in August, but my fear and my bullshit made me push that away and seclude myself. I treated her really poorly. I'm grateful for a second chance, but resent myself for hurting her. I'm really proud of the work I've done and where I am now professionally, and personally. I am doing much better at advocating for myself and sharing my feelings, while not taking everything so personally. I'm proud of finally going to therapy. I'm also proud of being named a master of American realism last year and also a 30 under 30 artist to watch. Those were really awesome opportunities and affirmations.

I'm proud I'm here. It took a lot of strength to let go of people who don't see me.

When the wild eyed mountain man named Hobbit offered me a hit of his DMT vape at 5am in the Paradiso festival campsite, i regret not taking a big huff off of it and telling myself it was because i needed to put together the tent.

I am so happy with where I'm at right now that I don't wish I had done anything differently. Maybe go to bed earlier last night XD Trying to pick one thing I'm proud of is impossible. I've done so many difficult and worthwhile things. I guess most of all I'm just proud of myself for persevering. For getting help. For surviving.

Regrets, I have a few, but I don't dwell, on what I can't fix. There is much I could have done better, and much I have learned from those things. The things I am most proud of are in the answer to yesterday's question.

Yes, I wish I had "advertised" my moving out of my house in a less strong way. Now I feel embarassed, since I did not reach my goal of moving in one year. I am proud that I hiked in the Canadian Rockies, which was a tremendous challenge and much harder than I expected it to be.

I am proud that I officially graduated from the Gamliel Institute, and that I am now helping to teach one of their classes. Care for the dead and for those in mourning is a grounding and holy experience, and I am grateful for having the chance to participate in this work.

I feel proud of the inner work I’m doing. Most of each day I’m still in ongoing familiar habits, yet I pay attention. I’m working on allowing myself to feel whatever & wherever I am. Today I thought, hum... this feels like shame. So much of the day I noted what was going on inside me & pondered if it was about shame or not.

I have been wanting to start a healthier lifestyle and lose some weight but I have no energy or motivation. I won the Distinguished Colleague award at work so I was proud of myself for that.

I wish I had learned more digital art this year. I wish I had gotten my printer in working order and started a printing routine. I wish I had a bedtime routine down for my sleep hygiene.

I am super proud that I have pursued in a significant way --- learning about immigration and refugees. I also am proud that I have traveled solo to Australia and rowed 100k on the Clarence river with people I do not know

I wish I did not have such a fraught relationship with my mother in law. I am not sure what I can/could do about it. She has got very cranky as she has aged, alas. It seems nothing I do is right, even though we basically agree on religion, politics, current events.

I'm proud of how I handled it when I got laid off from Prizmah. I was really happy there and enjoyed the job and all its perks, so it sucked big time to have to go back to the hell that is job hunting. I moped for a few days, but then pulled myself up by the bootstraps, as Americans say, and started the drudgery of filling out applications and going on interviews. I found my current job the following month, and I just hope it lasts this time.

I am *SO PROUD* that I did the Anshei Mitzvah program!! I learned Hebrew (and sometimes I continue to read from the Torah!), and I learned the Kedushat (which I am so grateful I was assigned), and I lead the Barchu! and I chanted 5 verses (which I hope I will always remember). My mom came, and Marilyn flew down, and my girlfriends and Michael came. I am so proud of myself!

I'm proud of my commitment to self-care in the face of so many demands from my job and family.

I wish I'd trained harder, ate better, and worked more on the diss. I'm especially proud of completing a half Ironman while I was about 2 months pregnant. What a nightmare, and one I don't want to repeat, but damn I'm proud of that event.

I'm proud of myself for going into therapy. It's easy to avoid your problems and hard to confront them.

I wish I had taken more time for myself in a year that i gave so much to my job, my family and my fiancee, and it had more of an impact on me than i thought.

This year, I made some good efforts to make some changes in my life. I travelled to the city I'd like to move to on my own, I went on the first solo holidays I've taken in 6 years. I got job interviews for positions in that city. I checked out places just for me. And yet I pulled my punches when it came to the crunch time. I didn't apply for the places I knew that I'd get, I didn't prepare well enough for the interviews to really nail them. I was scared of change, so I made sure it didn't happen. And now everything has changed, but it's on someone else's terms, and I'm responding to that instead of making the changes I really wanted to make for myself.

I'm especially proud of having "read" (on audio books! Who knew?!) more than I have in a long time. There is SO MUCH to learn. I wish I had kept social media apps off of my phone... (running to do that now.)

I wish I had made more space for myself, and I wish I had not put so much of my heart into work. Also, I wish I had spent less time running away from Judaism. I’m proud of myself for living on my own for the first time, for creating a robust Jewish life in a way I hadn’t even imagined, for making the right choices for me, for kicking ass at my job, for making new friends, for trying new things, for doing good.

Bought more precious metals.

Part of me wishes that I had saved more over the last year, but then I'm not really sure if I could have or if that is just wishful thinking that I could have. Maybe with less Starbucks, and more homemade lunches I could have done better. Things are a little tight right now, and I can't help thinking if I had done better last year I wouldn't be in this spot.

It's really hard to look back on this past year given everything that's happened. I wish I had learned to use my voice earlier than I did...but at the same time, it was a process so it's hard to expect that of my past self. In some ways, this is sort of a helpful question to ask because as I think back and push myself to try and come up with something I wish I had differently, the truth is I don't have anything. And that's really powerful for me, because for so long I would consistently berate myself for wishing I had handled things a certain way or wanting to go back and do something differently. And so much of my journey this year has been about giving myself the empathy I would give anyone else. And so to the alternative part of this question -- are you especially proud of something from the past year -- I'm proud of how I've found my voice. I'm proud of the journey I've taken and the mistakes I've made and the lessons I've learned. I'm proud of my strength and my resilience, of my vulnerability and compassion, and of my willingness to step into a really unknown future.

I am REALLY proud of graduating with my M.A.

I wish I had stuck to not drinking. It’s something I’m desperately working toward. I will accomplish it. I’m proud that I moved forward in growing my business in spite of my fear and executive dysfunction. I’m on the road to being independent of my main client and I hope to continue to move forward into true independence.

I somewhat wish that I didn't let my anxiety and neuroses become too obvious so quickly with my law school friends - I had an opportunity to reinvent myself and didn't take it. But at the same time, I am glad that I feel comfortable being myself. I have been especially proud of my good (for the most part) law school marks. Although I am not the top of my class, I do feel that my marks generally reflect the amount of effort that I have put in, and I have been pleased to get a number of High Distinction scores, meaning my assignments were in the top 10% of my cohort.

I wish I could've been more honest with myself in telling myself what I really wanted to do instead of jumping at the first opportunity presented to me. I was finally able to get a full-time job at a free medical clinic from a non-profit charity organization. However, things didn't work out that well at all and ended up horribly on my end. I wish I could've stood up for myself against my former managers and co-workers. I was literally whipping my back to please everyone, and I felt that I had to be fake in order to keep my job. Nothing in this life is easy, I know, but I couldn't continue loosing my self-respect in the name of getting a pay-check and earning money with tons of benefits on the side. In the end, I wasn't happy with doing the things I was assigned to do, and I realized that being in the corporate world isn't for me; the office can be a mean and nasty place full of haters. I was heavily bullied during my weight-loss journey (obviously, many of my coworkers were extremely jealous of me), and I regret letting their comments get to me. I don't regret quitting: at least I learned many things about myself along the process. On the other hand... I'VE FINALLY MADE IT AND GONE DOWN TO 105 LBS!!! Last year, I was 143 lbs, and I made a promise to myself on New Year's Day that I would get healthy and back into shape, and I did it!!! It was a long, hard, and painful journey, but it's still not over. Health/eating right/fitness is an ongoing process. Of course, I've made mistakes, but I own up to them and I keep learning from my mistakes to see how I can do better. I NEVER thought that I would get to a size 4 and wear size small clothing, but I'm very proud of myself that I've made it this far. 2019 was definitely my year in reaching for my dreams and making them a reality. My biggest challenge is to keep my relationship with food a stable one and not conform my life to any types of "diets." I admit that I've been obsessed with the Paleo diet, but I do believe that it's the right lifestyle for me. Of course, I've completely fallen off the wagon countless times, but I would still like to give it a try (I'm doing the Whole30 Challege as we speak, and I'm determined to complete it!). My only regret is that I didn't work hard enough to get a complete flat stomach, and I know it's my fault for not making the effort. However, I know that there will always be a brand new day to go after what I really want. It's my birthright to have what I truly deserve, and I KNOW that I am capable to achieving anything I set my mind to.

I wish I quit my shitty retail job sooner. Don't get me wrong - I actually /enjoyed/ where I worked, I liked my boss and my coworkers, and I had the best regulars. It wasn't any of that. I was just so painfully overworked. Between two jobs, I was working every single day of the week, every month, all the time. It was ruining my relationship; I never got to see my S/O. I didn't always have the time or the energy to go out and do something. Not being able to spend time with him was absolutely suffocating our relationship. No matter how hard I tried to free up time, something always happened with the schedule and it was impossible to live like a normal human. I hardly had time to shower or feed myself or, y'know, rest. I had no life outside of my two jobs. After I finally quit a few weeks ago, I feel like I can actually breathe again. I have time for myself and time for my relationships; the job I kept pays twice as good for half as many hours as the other one, so I'm still making really good money while having time to actually, like, watch a TV show, or go out to dinner, or just stay home and take a nap for heaven's sake. If I could do something differently, I just wish I would've quit sooner, because I am so indescribably happy.

I wish I had handled getting student teachers differently and had informed the people from the university that I couldn't handle the load instead of lashing out as I did. It was very unprofessional of me, but on the flip side I had been pushed past the point of burnout by my administration. I was bound to crack eventually. I glad that I was able to rally support around me after this event and was able to find counseling to get me back into a good mental space so that I could further my teaching career in another way that I hadn't considered before.

I wish that I had put more effort into my art. I'm proud that I turned my grades around for the better in college and that I was able to become a more mature, independent person after ending a nearly 3 year-long relationship.

I'm proud of how far I've pushed myself out of my comfort zone. There's been many times I've had to do things which made me uncomfortable but caused me to grow so much in the process.

I worked hard to get Prop E passed which banned candy flavored cigarettes. Big Tobacco spent $12M trying to stop this. I was the only one campaigning in my district. And it passed! They are trying again, but maybe we can beat them back again. Worth a try.

I answered already what I'm proud of, so I guess I have to do the, what would I do differently. It's hard to remember all the mistakes I've made this past year. I make a lot of them. I think what's most important to me and honestly also what I'm proud of, is working with my therapist to understand when and why I make mistakes and how to fix them. I'm not perfect but every day I learn how to rationalize my behavior and realize a bit more when I'm really exaggerating situations.

Made a better effort to be patient with my in laws.

I wish I had buckled down and focused on getting another first author paper published. Alternatively, I am very proud of all the hard work I've done do get the lab going and of the proposals I wrote and submitted.

I wish I'd saved more money and been more mindful of how I spend. I also wish I took a bit more time for myself this summer rather than traveling and spending it with people (although I was craving that at the beginning of the summer) I'm especially proud for running the half-marathon, being able to show my creative work to people, writing a bunch of short stories and finally starting therapy. I want to continue for at least another year.

I wish I had worked on myself more than looking over and protecting others. But from that, I have gained amazing people in my life and its amazing.

I am very proud of myself for how my grades have been in school this year. Some are not so good but I have a feeling I will bump those grades up in no time.

There is not anything I would do differently. This has been a hard year, but I have done the best I can do with everything. I am also proud of myself for finishing my MSW and also anytime I softened with my partner and opened up to her instead of being defensive.

So proud, so proud of B5!!! I danced and I so much more than danced. I led. I made a place for people to dance and be artists and enjoy music with their bodies. I gave people the raw materials of inspiration and touched them to the point that they cried real, honest tears. I made a thing that was GOOD. Not genius. Not mind-blowing. Not even profound. But really, really good. It felt so healthy, and it bonded me to people in a whole new, deep way. Something to search for again as I travel on -- to be a part of this when others are leading it, to stand up and be brave and lead it myself, if the opportunity ever presents itself again. As for things I'd do differently, I learned lessons yet again about respect for authority in the PR problems associated with the Symphony's Nutcracker performances. I learned that leading teenagers through a punishing classical art form is never, ever easy, that there is no formula, and that just when you think you've figured it out, you learn how you don't. We traveled a lot this past year -- London, Texas, Denver -- but we were so mired in uncertainty of our situation that it was hard almost to even see those places, let alone enjoy them. Learning to be present in the midst of the discomfort of a process -- this is a major thing that I would like to add to my toolkit. I could use it right at this very moment.

I wish I would have more intently clued into my daughter's feelings when the rest of the family was lauding over my son and his accomplishments.

I wish that I had been able to recognize the level of dementia that my father was suffering. When we would take him to geriatric professionals, he would perk up, and they would diagnose him with mild to moderate dementia. At his residence, sometimes he was much more confused and belligerent. When a doctor at the ER said that my dad might pass away within 6 months, I said, "Nah, I don't think so." He died within the next 6 weeks. I will always be grateful for having Hospice care with us during the last month. I will always be left with the question as to whether we could have made that transition from life to passing away less stressful if we had started hospice earlier.

I still wish I had been a better mom and wife. I even got on medication to help, and I don't feel like it's helped enough. I just want my kids and my husband to know how much I love them. I am proud of my kids and my husband. Each of my kids has shown areas in which they've grown and excelled. Kindall has shown work ethic and responsibility. Courtney has shown ambition and studiousness. Evie has shown artistic ability and creativeness unusual for her age. Luke has shown dedication to school. I am proud of Joey for growing his practice to the point he is at now. I am thankful for each of them for the support they've given me, even though I don't feel quite worthy of it.

I wish I had reached out to strangers I felt drawn to but, held back from out of fear or being in a rush. I also wish I would have been more financially responsible (not ran back up my credit debt after paying it off with a loan, necessitating another loan to fix a good financial plan to pay off my debt and increase my savings.) I am especially proud of the work God has done in my heart and my confidence growing. That I feel like I can trust him and that I am beloved by him and that he takes pleasure in my being and spending time with me, to not just know it but, to believe it. I am proud of the ways I've waited on him and been patient to react to life in new ways and not give into old patterns.

I’m proud that I learned the Haftarah tropes that I didn’t already know, so that now, in addition to chanting Torah, I can chant Haftarah. I had my maiden voyage on Rosh HaShana, but I will save that until next year.

One thing I wish I had done differently was to become more of a risk taker. I've lived a mostly sheltered life and I felt a longing for more risk taken, maybe even moving to a different place. I think that would grow me as a individual and most importantly as a man of God. I'm proud of the accomplishments that I made in my running and training for a half marathon. I'm becoming stronger and it seems to validate my possible career change in health and fitness.

Not sure about something I would have done differently. I'm proud of having driven to Philadelphia on the fourth of july to get arrested at a Jews Against ICE protest, which is the most radical political action I've taken as of yet, although since then I have been plagued with the question of what else I can/should be doing. That was one of those rare moments where there was really clear and actionable steps I could take and I'm glad I did.

I wish once again that I spent more time on my health and wellbeing. I am constantly unhappy with my body, the way I eat, the way I look. I am especially proud of advocating for myself and interviewing for a different position at my current job. I actually found out today that the role never ended up being filled.

I wish I had always been kind and thoughtful to my husband, because he certainly deserves it from me. But, I am proud that I keep trying to be happier, and to get along better with my daughter.

I'm really proud of having completed the first year of the four year part-time degree course I am doing.

I wish I'd been more diligent about working out and staying active, writing something not-for-work every day, and playing my guitar. I am proud to have written one new song about the tree-swing we made a point of replacing when the old one fell apart.

I'm proud of being in a track towered improved health, even though it's bumpy and I slip off of it and fall down, I consistently rise up again and keep trying. I eat better and move more - most of the time.

I'm proud of myself for working through the fear of my ex and the retribution there to protect the kids. I wish things had gotten better instead of worse with my step kids.

Wish I had learned faster about how someone else can betray and negatively impact my life. Proud that I have learned a lot and will do better going forward

Hell yes. I wish I had eaten healthier and gotten more exercise! I should have ridden my bike this summer and gone swimming. I don't even go for a walk often enough. I am extremely proud that I was sought out for a job that I hadn't ever anticipated, but certainly have the skills and talents for.

I can't say there is much that I wish I had done differently. If I had to pick, maybe putting myself out there more? This is something I'm realizing that I may not be very good at. I'm especially proud of the progress I've made emotionally, particularly around my meditation and mindfulness. I'm by no means an expert, but I feel that I've really been able to harness some of the key ideas behind mindfulness that has been especially helpful to me.

I wish I had been more rigorous in my knee surgery rehab. I am proud of continuing with my Acquapole exercise classes, though. Since retiring three months ago, I am also beginning to give away or throw away anything that I can truthfully say I won't get around to in the last ten to twenty years I may have left.

Husband and I continue to struggle with communicating our needs and wants effectively. It feels more pressing given his health, and I wish we could do better. I am proud of us for getting our shit together financially. Much of this is based on help from our community and I am also proud of myself for accepting help even when it was humbling and hard.

I made and donated more than 20 quilts to local hospital and homeless shelters. My goal is always to make at least 2 every month. Happy and blessed to have the time and resources to do this.

I wish I wouldn't have let myself be taken advantage of for so long, I wish I would have realized how bad things had gotten so I could have started healing sooner. But because all of this happened, I am so proud of myself for getting through the severe sleep troubles I faced with baby two not sleeping longer than four hour stretches until he was 13 months old. As bad as things got I am proud that my kids always know I love them even when I felt like a zombie for months on end.

I am proud I got my old job back and that gave me the confidence to work at my current job. I'm glad I cancelled my Turkey vacation. I'm glad I tried Nice and it was mostly good.

I wished I got a new job sooner - or started on a new path sooner. I felt drained long before I left and even though the amount of time spent there probably helped me get my current job, I was there long enough to become unhappy and bitter. It will take me a long while to overcome this bitterness and the overarching anxieties that came from that job. I am proud of the ways I stood up for myself last year. I stood up for myself to the city of Portland - requesting help and an ear to listen when my neighborhood became unsafe and polluted. I am proud of how I stopped letting the efforts of my previous bosses manipulate me. I am proud of how I quit; respectfully but dignified. They didn't expect it, but I didn't owe them my reasons. This is my life and only God gets to chose what is done with it. I am so happy to have moved on.

I'm really proud of myself for completing the 30 Days of Creativity project I committed to in November. So much of what I created and posted on my blog was "bad art," but it felt really good to work those creative muscles again.

I'm proud of the fact that I finally stood up against David and forced him out of my life. I'm glad that I wasn't cruel about it. I'm proud of myself for standing up for what I believe in despite external pressure - in this case, remaining civil with a member of the alt-right. Many of the people I considered friends disavowed me when I refused to hate.

I do wish that, over the past year, I had taken my coding/programming and writing interest more seriously. I realize that it is a common thought that you should specialize and focus on a single area. In my case, geology was my undergrad studies, and many close to me feel that I should continue down this path. And while I don't disagree with them, I also find it important to not be so specialized that you cannot adapt. Equally, I am happy that I decided to take the leap and sign up for The Strenuous Life program. Thus far, it has been nothing short of challengeing and helpful. I look forward to seeing my progress.

I wish I'd kept up with my exercise efforts. I have a lot of pain and lethargy that makes it too easy to ignore the healthier path. Age continues for all of us, but I don't want it to sideline me.

I'm proud that I took the initiative to ask my friends to buy season tickets for a community theater. Now we have an excuse to get together every so often. I have something to look forward to.

I wish I'd gotten serious about my life sooner. I wish I'd shed my fear of being an adult long before now.

Related to my answer to Question 1, I wish I had sooner stood away from the hurt I attributed to Mom for wrongs I think she did to me. I was, towards the end, able to do this and to be in grace, love, and acceptance of her. And for that I feel grateful.

I really feel like I did well this year. I'm proud of the journey I took to get to rabbinical school. Sometimes I wish that I'd shared that journey more (and sometimes a little less), but it all works out. I can't think of anything really big that I wish I'd done differently. Though I think if really pushed, I would try harder to not let Jeff get to me. Like one person should not have that much control on my life and my mental well being... but here we are....

Well, that's a loaded question. Mostly I think I wish I had spent more direct time with Elijah while he was home. Now that he's in college, I have missed that opportunity. I'll do what I can, but he'll never be the son in the house again.

I am proud of myself for learning how to recognize what is important and makes me happy. I am working on doing things for myself. My schedule has become filled with things that I genuinely enjoy which has helped me to become a happier person. I also am proud that I have gotten better at asking for help when I need it.

I wish that I’d spent more time lesson planning during the summer, but I’m also really proud of how I managed to get through last year. The first year of teaching is rough, but I survived it. I also got the right dosage of my anxiety medication. I had to go see a medicine management person but I feel so much better about my day to day existence. I also became physically intimate with someone, and that’s such a big deal for me. I thought I’d always feel sick. If I could do anything differently, I’d try to save more money. I suck. I need to work on spending less on coffee and clothes and more on the future. I TOLD people when the school hired someone that harassed me. I became friends with the staff of FSHS. Those are both big deals, and I think that the medicine change allowed me to have that. I can eat in the lounge because I’m less constantly terrified. To most people that’s a small thing, for me it’s the world. In terms of things I wish I’d done differently--I should have listened to my gut more. I’m thinking specifically about this past relationship but also in other things. I let myself get hung up on ideas and got hurt because I wouldn’t face reality. I don’t think I should actually regret that though, because I do not believe in a lot but I do believe that whatever will be will be que sera sera type stuff. I know what is good and healthy because I’ve done dysfunctional. You can wish in one hand and shit in the other, but your poop hand will fill up faster...my dad said that all the time. Still does. I’m realizing that it means wishes are the things you SAY that are just invisible whereas pooping is a thing that is right there but not great. So I guess you land on it’s good to wish but not going to garner quick results? So I’m proud of some things and regretful about others but thems the results, kid. You don’t get a redo.

I'm glad I got a car and went to Israel! This past year, I wish I had networked more and gotten more comfortable in my last job in pioneer square. I also wish I had spent less time being discouraged, lonely or depressed, and more time making actions to set good habits and spend time with people who are better influences! Significantly to me, this past year I've realized that I need to take accountability for mistakes I made years ago in college, when my friends and I got suspended. I didn't take responsiblity at the time, and I was really awful to them after that, and so self-absorbed I didn't realize it.

I'm proud of graduating. (And this stands in good contrast to last year's answer!) But for something I wish I'd done differently: hm. I wish I were in a better place emotionally to tackle job applications, and I'm not sure how I could have achieved that--I don't think I have a specific regret. I guess I wish I had tackled my anxiety more head-on, reaching out for more support. And specifically, I wish I hadn't let therapy lapse--I wish I'd taken Laurel up on the offer to refer me immediately to a new therapist. (I'm really happy with my new therapist so far! But also, I would have saved $260 if I hadn't gotten into a state where I felt I needed to impulse-buy online therapy.)

I'm proud that I got a full-time job, that I'm on my own health insurance. I'm not relying on Mom and Dad for everything. It feels good to have independence financially. Also, moving in with my girlfriend was clutch.

I wish I’d paid more attention to my family this year. I could stand to be a much more attentive father and husband, and avoid being stuck in my screen all the time. I hope that in the coming year I’ll be able to focus a bit more on them and the people around me and less on screens.

Yes, I wish I did not do that thing that makes her life put into the line. I wish I did not do it and choose to be good and not that bad thing yet I still do that wrong thing. And what I was proud last year is I started to rekindle my spiritual discipline that I know will really affect my overall life.

i’m proud of myself for putting myself out there in many different ways. i don’t like wishing I would have done something differently because I feel like I learn from anything I do wrong.

I’m proud of starting counselling and opening up about my feelings more. I know it’s a slow journey but it already feels a bit better, even though I still do occasionally feel that I’m not good enough etc. I wish I had done that earlier so I could’ve focused my energy on my studies and other important things rather than loathing myself because of things I can’t change.

I am especially proud of securing and renovating our building. I wish I had been more precise in our plans for renovation and delegated more. It seems to me like that's something I could continue do throughout the future.

This year has been so focussed on losing weight and becoming healthy. I should definitely have stayed more on plan in the summer but I did do really well with maintaining consistent exercise.

Generally speaking, I wish I could procrastinate less... don't we all? Nonetheless, I manage to do enough to have a semblance of continuity... or so I think - maybe I'm fooling myself?

I am proud of my willingness to meet my fear, again and again and again, to find strength, insight & inspiration on the other side.

I just wish I always could deal more positively - outwardly and inwardly/emotionally - with my mother-in-law and also with my dad. Why oh why can I not just let them be who they are and just move on? Especially proud of from this past year? Yes: I found and arranged for Alyssa to work 1:1 with a professor of French from PSU throughout her senior year to keep her happy and motivated as she'd chosen not to take AP French at school for fear of being bored (and, thus, pissed) all year long.

I look back on my answer from last year and I can say that it's not dissimilar. I think that social media and tech addiction are always going to be issues for me. However, I've had moderate successes here and there in terms of getting myself organized on a regular basis to some success. I hope I can transition them in the future to strengths that I'm proud of. I got a solo author-ed journal article published. I've given some industry talks for the first time. I'm proud of my family for charging forward with their lives and for my wife for finally getting a full-time career position.

I wish I had of taken better care of myself. I lost my appetite and didn't realize that it was a problem until it caused problems and now I have to work hard to get healthy again.

I wish I would have walked away from the KOC job sooner. They were disrespectful of my experience and have caused me much grief if securing the next, better, job. I undervalued myself because I was feeling anxious about not working for so long.

I wish I had gotten control of my finances earlier and better. I’m still crawling out from under credit card debt, and still feeling embarrassed and incompetent because so many bills were overdue. I hate taking money from my monthly retirement to pay off my credit card, and I wish I didn’t have to.

I don't think there's anything I would have done differently. There were tough points, but overall I'm happy with the outcome of this year so far. I learned a lot, and I'm finally taking a chance on myself. That is something I'm really proud of, having finally taken a chance on myself.

There is nothing I wish I'd done differently. I am so proud of myself. I haven't stopped moving. It started with manifesting the Talent Mobility Program. Then the Impact Self-Defense class. Then going to SA. Then training all summer for the half-marathon. Then getting my finances in order. Now I'm in YTT. Meditating for 30 minutes a day and trying to up my average sleep to 8.5 hours a night. I have read over 20 books so far and my goal was 17. I am fucking killing it and I am so proud of myself. I've learned that it's important to have a focus, and yet you can only focus on one thing at a time. And it's working for me.

I am not sure I can think of anything 'big' I wish I had done differently, as I try to believe things are as they should be, no matter how they seem. When I think of what I wish I would have done differently, it's the small things....I wish I would have helped that guy struggling up the hill with that stroller that one day, I wish I would have called my friend when I thought about it...I just wish I didn't always hesitate so much to do these little things. It's difficult for me to be proud of myself...that's something I am working on. I suppose I am proud that I have quit a job I was no longer satisfied with, and am starting my own business doing something that I feel passionate about.

I wish I had been more vocal about my own needs and desires and less afraid of what would happen if I expressed them.

I wish I had paid more attention to my father, recognizing how lonely he was. Now that he passed I wont get the chance to make it up to him

I wish I had secured a job before I graduated. But I also realize that if I’d gotten a job that my husband and I wouldn’t have had this time together. It allowed us to bond and connect. I also had some old habits that no longer served me that needed to go as it pertained to my connection to money within my relationship. I’m immensely proud of the fact that I completed my MBA. I didn’t finish my undergrad until a few years ago at 40 years old, so to get to this point was a huge accomplishment for me.

I am SO F'ING proud of myself for taking my life into my own hands and focusing on one day at a time when it comes to bettering myself. I've begun to shift from a black/white perspective to every shade in between. In the span of 4 months, I've lost 15 lbs and I've started exercising and moving on a consistent basis. I still have a ways to go but damn, I feel so much better than I have in years past! For the first time since I can remember, I accept and love my body for who she is and everything she has done for me.

I wish I had tackled my own to do list in an efficient manner. There are some things that really cannot wait any longer. I am proud that I was able to say goodbye to work as that has really been the core of my identity for the past 40 years.....

This year, I had no invitations to Rosh Hashana dinner. That means I've been neglecting my Jewish community. I haven't been to Sixth and I in months (partly because the building was closed, but still), and I hosted only one shabbat meal (and a lunch). Now the problem is not that I wasn't invited to RH dinner -- I was able to finagle an invitation from the most amazing Israeli friend last minute. More important is that I clearly haven't been working on building out my community -- not the Jews, not triathletes, not runners, not salsa, not even my roommates. I wish I had worked more on community building, and will take time this upcoming week to think through how I will do so this year.

I want to spend less time on devices and in front of screens. I want to be outside more. I want to spend more time with friends. I want to write and read and create more. I want to feel connected with a sense of what's sacred. I'm really proud of changing jobs and of what I've accomplished in my first 6 months at my new job. I'm in the right place.

I wish that I had worked out more - I should have been swimming and riding a bike at least three to five times a week. I also should have left a toxic 12 year relationship behind me this year. But I’m still reaching out to this person even tho I’ve thought for years now - that I need to disconnect from this relationship in a permanent and final movement.

I am proud of changes I have made, not so much in what I do but in what I emphasize in my life. I have "tuned out" some activities that were not bringing me joy, while turning up the volume on those I do. I have gotten my physical space under better control, and I'm working on getting my mental space--my mind and its attention--under better control.

I am a Quaker and have long been interested in the Friends Committee for National Legislation, a Quaker lobbying organization that has been around for over 75 years. (fcnl.org) I am especially proud of the fact that I spearheaded the formation of an FCNL Advocacy Team here in Homer, Alaska. When I first saw the map of the locations of the over 100 Advocacy Teams in the US, there was a big blank, no teams at all, in Alaska. I thought "That has to change!" When I arrived back in Homer, I pitched the idea to my local Meeting and had a good response. To cut a long story short, we had our first training workshop this last weekend and ten people signed up to participate in the Advocacy Team. I'm also delighted that a workshop took place in Fairbanks and that they formed an Advocacy Team too.

I wish I worked harder at work this past year. ON THE OTHER HAND I'm proud of the organizing work I did this past year. Canvassing, planning events, brining new people into the process, making meaningful relationships, learning, talking to strangers, talking to legislators, learning.

I wish i was better in my relationship with bram, and people in general. I wish i didnt make that mistake with gavin. I never said yes.

I am proud of how much I conquered at work and that I got promoted.

Work less, definitely, be more with family, pray more! Alternatively, very proud of having done the effort of going overseas with my Daughter for her to meet her family, was tough, but rewarding!

I wish that I would have spent more time doing what was healthy for me and less time doubting myself about it all. Life is too short.

I guess I wished that I had budgeted better. Finances and time. I am proud that I stepped out of my comfort zone in working with Parsha Pearls program. Everything else I am or have has come from Him who loves me and in that there is no pride or thankfulness.

it has been a little while now, but I am proud that I overcame my hesitation about visiting my family again. I love them to Pieces, but Bay regularly have issues and drama that I do not want to be involved in. Hence the reason why I stayed away and avoided visiting them for years. Having my Dad's health get a little bit worse was ultimately the thing that made me change my mind. She isn't really taking care of himself that well, and I want to make sure that I spend time with him while he's still around. I flew over for a visit and it wasn't nearly as big of a deal as I thought it would be. I had a great time seeing my family and even my extended family that I hadn't seen in almost a decade. Now I think I will make visiting my family down south a regular thing. Especially now that I have the means to do it.

Wish I'd wasted less time and expense on trips, faraway relationships, etc., and placed more emphasis on fixing my house up. Proud that I was able to deal with a breakup better than usual. Proud that I'm setting better boundaries. Wish I hadn't gone to visit my relatives. Staying away longer this time. No shame.

I am especially proud that I have been able to live a full life on my own and have found a way to master my financial problems (a bit of debt and living month to month on my paychecks) with some creativity and asking for support. I am glad and proud. I am also really glad I am working to maintain my friendships (especially with my cousin) for the first time in my life. I am making a considerable and conscious effort to make connections with them and make time for them and my life is richer for it.

Something I wish I had done differently...hmmmm. I wish I had left the abusive relationship I was in sooner, but I also know the timing wasn't up to me and the Universe has a bigger plan for me that I cannot always see clearly. I am especially proud of the strength and courage I showed in making healthy decisions for myself overall but specifically in regards to ending my last relationship. Following my truth was terrifying but incredibly empowering at the same time.

I wish I had been stronger in standing up to my mother's abuse. When she is cruel I run. I prevents open conflict but gives her ammunition to hurt me again the next round. I'm too old to be this weak.

Yes. I wish I could be more loyal to myself instead to others. And say what I wanted to say not what they want me to. And yes. I’m proud of the way I’m changing my life and trying to be my priority.

I paid off all my student loans last year, which makes me debt free!!!! I worked 3 jobs around the clock for nine months and God blesses me by giving me enough money to be completed 3 months early. I was able to celebrate going to Australia and New Zealand.

I wish I didn't move in with roommates. Simple as that. Life would've been so much easier this year. There are however a lot of things that I am proud of this year. I got a job promotion which includes a raise. I got straight As all semester in grad school. I also got accepted into my internship program and have gotten so far my first choice rotations. My relationship is thriving. I've realized who in my life matters. In the end, this difficult living situation has shed light on other more important things in my life that I should be grateful for.

Receiving the Del Martin LGBTlesbian activism OLOC award for Connie and I

I am so grateful that when given the unknowing chance to spend time with my husband before he left us that I took it an ran. Tuesdays with Papi was the best thing I could have done!

I am especially proud of identifying and working to change my victim mindset. It's so easy to fall into a negative spiral of thinking, "I have no power against binge eating, I'm destined to do it, might as well indulge it, I'll change tomorrow. Why bother working out when I'll just eat later tonight? No one thinks I'm attractive anyway, so why try?" This mindset overflowed into my personal and professional life. I started the year by entering therapy for it. It wasn't as helpful as I thought, but it kickstarted the healing process and I am eternally grateful for that. Since then, I've harnessed my power. By no means am I perfect, but I recognize that I have a choice, and lately I've been choosing to focus my energy into Crossfit and mental improvement. I've replaced my binge triggers (TV/candy at work/boredom) with self improvement - yoga, podcasts, new activity, running, etc. I am so proud of MYSELF for these changes. I'm proud of myself for not backing away from challenges. I said yes to becoming the event coordinator. I said yes to doing the Crossfit Open and trying Blue House. I don't regret my rapid weight loss in 2017 and regain in 2018. It was a learning experience. I lost weight through self-criticism and the expectation that I would be happy when I was 150. Guess what? I wasn't. I had gym PRs, but they werent as fulfilling as new weight lows. When I hit my goal, I felt empty. I had no where to go, no where to focus my efforts, so that's why I stress ate. I'm thankful I have the chance to do it all over again, because now I can do it the happy way. I can enjoy the journey more than the destination. I am having a fucking blast getting PRs in the gym and not letting the scale affect my mindset. I feel so accomplished when I give 100% in a workout, regardless of the leaderboard. I feel empowered by my gym community and can't wait to see what Blue House can teach me! I wouldn't have done a single thing differently because then I wouldn't have learned from them.

I'm proud of having leaned into 'there is enough' as a philosophy of living. More self-trust, more faith in the universe, God, other people to be on my side, to be wanting (as I want for them) good stuff, peace, love, calm, kindness. This came out in the form of spending money without worry on various house projects that we have wanted to do for over 5 years. Instead of worrying about the cost, I embraced faith we would find a way to make it work, to pay for the changes without stressing. It worked! Extra money came flooding in this summer to help us cover the extra costs without financial gymnastics. Like magic! Perhaps life is but a dream, and can be a happy one if we let it be. :))

Nothing really comes to mind about what I wish I had done differently. I'm pretty happy with my life this past year. Something I'm proud of is increasing my spiritual availability and connecting with so many spiritual people.

I'm especially proud of not bargaining for or settling in love – standing up for all that I am and all that I need. I'm also especially proud of creating (most of) the life that I want in terms of health, relationships with friends and family, meaningful work and solid finances.

I wish I had put more effort into keeping contact with my long-distance friends. I am proud that I have gotten a scholarship to my high school.

I wish I had done a better job of staying in touch with friends. Since I converted to Orthodoxy I've lost touch with a lot of my old friends from college.

Oh, regrets, I've had a few... but I try not to dwell on them once I've learned my lessons. I am very proud of myself for finding a therapist and dealing with all the mess of my childhood. It has been incredibly hard. After four months of therapy we decided to try EMDR for the PTSD. The first session was last week and it was so hard I didn't really know what to do with myself for days afterwards. But I know that it is working and if I keep going it will make me better and stronger and I am very proud of myself for doing it.

I wish I had talked to the front desk and not renewed my membership in the health club right before it closed! :) :( I also wish I had been a bit more frugal about money, even though I don't really spend that much. I'm proud that I retired, and that my counseling business is going well :)

Both events are related to executing my Aunt’s estate. On the one hand I am very proud of the way I handled her affairs and closed down the Trust quickly. On the other hand, my siblings felt controlled and manipulated and I wish I had less ego when dealing with their query.

I wish that I had not hired one of my employees that was a friend. It created a lot of stress for me and in th office. I'm especially proud of the process that I went through to let her go.

As always, I am not being a good wife to Dave. I feel like he is the least of my priorities. I feel like Nina and Nigel’s needs are also pretty low on the totem pole. I find myself putting my clients’ and students’ needs waaayyy ahead of my family’s. I am a work-aholic. I like that I have money to do stuff (like travel and go out to eat). And I like the students that come into my life while we build their musicianship together. I like that I get to sing and play piano with meaning and purpose. But I am missing out on my own children’s lives.

In the end, I feel like everything happened the way that it needed to, however, I do wish I had seen my own worth sooner, and extricated myself from the relationship that I was in... or that I had asked for clarity during the "break" and freed myself from the in-between state I was trapped in. I think there were great lessons in how things DID happen though, so I am not resentful. I am really proud of how I showed up as a partner through an incredibly hard year, and how I showed up in ultimately not getting TOO far behind even as things were difficult - I managed my life and others'.

I am especially proud of how I handed things with Jennifer both in the relationship both in terms of how I showed up, and in terms of how I handled the break up. I really do think I showed up as theist version of myself that I knew how to be at the time. I am also proud of how I showed up at my home group about an issue of safety. I am really happy about how I have showed up for my friends in recovery, but I am sad thatI have not showed up as well for my non-recovery friends.

I wished I’d embraced my time off after redundancy in February with more enthusiasm & relaxed & enjoyed myself more xx it took a while to get started but I’ve started making changes in my life now xx 😘

I think everything happened when the conditions aligned. I likely could have left my job a little earlier, and started dating earlier. But perhaps things happen when they are ready.

I wish I had learned to accept help earlier. I also am in awe of how much forgiveness I see people give. I am proud of the boundaries I started to create. I am also proud of the love that I am starting to recognize from my friends.

I wish I had had more self-control when it came to communicating with my ex. In the last year we tried to transition into a friendship and give ourselves a healthy closure, but at several points I got emotional and nostalgic and engaged in counter-productive communication, which led to fighting and distance. We are doing worse than a year ago and I have only myself to blame.

I'm proud of having done CPE, and learning to be able to take care of myself. So many things to do different. I'm not sure there is a point except to point them out and to ask, "do I want to do the same, or different, today?"

Super proud of the work around mom. Not needing to save her. Claiming my joy while someone else suffers. Loving her for exactly who she is.

I'm proud that I bought my condo but I think in hindsight I should have taken more time to make a decision and properly budget. I've over spent these last few weeks and I'm almost broke. It's time to hunker down and get tight with my cash or find a way to make more money.

I wish I had valued my health more. I gained 20+ pounds since starting my new job... and since losing grandpa. I haven’t cried much, but I’ve sure made up for that with eating.

Looking back at this year, the one thing that I wish I had done differently was that I wish I had been better to the people I had chosen to bring into my life and those that have already been in it. In trying to find myself, I sought it only in the arms of others. That wasn't, and isn't, fair to them. Alternatively, the one thing I'm proud of from this last year was how much I've grown into my own person. Developing a more complete style, broadening my horizons, and being more open to changes and developments in myself as they come.

I'm proud to have found a balance between work and home, and finding my way back to my career despite having a young child. In a way, that means I got my individual identity back. It hasn't been easy, and I have to take each week (each day!) as a new beginning, but I have made it work so far - with a lot of support from my husband.

In March, I went to the emergency room because of chest pain. Diagnosed with high blood pressure. I’m actually STILL trying to work out stuff with that (have another appointment next week), but I’m on medication for it now. I’m proud of myself because in late April I started going to Zumba class at the local gym three mornings a week. It was really tough at first — hard work both physically and emotionally. But now I really enjoy it, I’ve slowly lost about 20 pounds, and I’m getting good at the dances! And I feel better about my body. I was able to walk around Chicago while on vacation and barely get out of breath at all, which feels like an enormous win! I’m extremely proud of myself for sticking with this and making such progress.

Nope, because I wish I hadn't gotten sick, but that wasn't my fault.

I wish I had handled Bob differently and not resigned from JFS, although I'm not sure what I would have done differently. Given the circumstances, I'm proud I resigned. I could always use more hammock time. I'm proud of the new family service. I'm proud of Jay. I've got nothing to do with his success, but I'm still a proud Aunt!

I'm especially proud of transitioning out of fundraising and business development. I find more meaning and fulfillment in a project/product management role. I wish I was more consistent at updating my resume/skills. I keep pushing it off thinking there would be a more appropriate time to do that. The time is now. I need to remember that.

I'm proud of most things I have done. I guess finished my intern year and have 3 paper published. And most importantly, try to remain calm!

I wish I had saved money. I stopped saving to buy random things and now I'm behind on my savings. Now I actually have something I want to save towards (a move across the country) and I have to start from scratch.

I wish I hadn't lost my temper so many times, especially with Marco. He is quite a challenge, though, and can be really cruel in the way he taunts me. I also do lose my temper at times, but have gotten better about that. Progress comes slowly.

I wish that I were better with money! I managed to live unemployed for about 13 months. It wasn't even particularly tough. I think that I spend money when I really ought to be saving it. This year, I'm proud of joining my neighborhood association board. It was something I did that was pretty selfless, and I'm always into adding something to my plate.

I'm very proud of some of my work achievements from the past year, but I wish I had not let them affect me as much. I put too much emotional energy into some of those things. It wasn't even a matter of time. I feel like I kept pretty reasonable work hours. But the work was draining and I wasn't as present of a parent as I should have been for part of the year. But around May or June I made a major correction and I feel very good about that.

I wish I were more patient and better able to understand my surroundings and anticipate the needs of others. I wish I had been less selfish and less judgemental of behaviors in others that I tolerate in myself.

I wish I would’ve spent more time writing love letters to Lacey. It would’ve give me more practice putting my emotions into words and would leave a lasting legacy of our love for anyone who cared to read them after we’re gone.

I wish I had been more disciplined/focused. I could have accomplished a lot more than I did, especially if I had "worked smarter vs. harder" on the entire self-care bucket. I'm proud that I'm healthier, saner*, and fuck it, better looking than I was at this time last year. *this may be completely false, but at a minimum I am WAY more self-aware.

I would like to have kept on top of all my bills, not just my car payment. I'm glad I've managed to make that car payment every month, but I think I could have tried harder to juggle everything a little longer. My credit score would be thanking me.

I have finally worked the 12 steps through. I am waiting for a sponsee, but that's the only part I'm still awaiting. I am incredibly proud of myself for doing this exceptionally hard work. And the biggest thing is that I do have some measure of a sense of feeling recovery, which is great.

One of each comes to mind : I feel like I've gotten to see my grandpa a good amount, but I'm so cognizant of his limited time -- I wish I had already read the full draft of his memoir ... and called him more. And talked with him about some of the things in his memoir, and just generally keep up on his life & mine more. On the other side, I do feel good about celebrating my mom's 70th birthday -- it started out feeling like I'd kind of fumbled it, when we didn't get together a really special trip, and just all went to Buffalo for a couple days... though that visit did turn out pretty fun after all, with dinner @ Ming Teh and the trip to Niagara Falls. And then I was so glad to be able to bring my mom to London with me when that work trip came through after all. It was such a beautiful city, and I felt so glad for my mom to get to see it for a few days -- we had some really special meals (32 floors up at the shard, and esp. @ Little Social), and it was lovely to experience with her.

I wish I had taken more risks, professionally. And I wish we'd gone ahead and gotten pregnant without overthinking it. Now it's not going to happen.

Una cosa que me gustaría cambiar sería el tomar una posición más dura respecto de mis responsabilidades. Si bien he tomado estas para quedar bien, también me han causado estrés y distintos problemas Me gustaría además tener la posibilidad e haberme apoyado más con Braulio, al respecto. -------------------------------------------------------------- Estoy muy orgullos de que a pesar de haber estado solo en mi puesto pude cubrir a dos personas y saque muchas cosas adelante que otro seguramente no lo hubiera logrado.

I'm proud that I'm finding happiness again, albeit slower than I've ever experienced. My whole life, I've been able to "click" back into happiness. When Mama left, arguably the most difficult time in my life up until that point, I "got over it" in two weeks. This existential crisis felt more like an ultimate ending, so it has taken a ton longer to "sink in". It's been painful to go through this. I'm so over it, too. I'm ready to be done with this and to just be happy again.

I will stand by my position of having no regrets. I'm really proud of myself this year for the progress I've made with Spanish. I set a goal for myself to work on it, and I am now quite conversational! I'm having fun learning and looking forward to deepening my proficiency, and also seeing what new doors this will open up for me.

I sometimes wish that maybe I had stood my ground and held off longer before dating, but my sense of wellbeing is so profoundly increased, it’s hard to imagine having made it through the year without him by my side to catch me when I fall. I feel like I have gotten the food situation mostly under control, in that more frequently my issue is eating all my food, not wondering how I’ll feed myself. I feel so profoundly more stable compared to last year. I still haven’t figured out the best way to get through my week, but I’m still kicking. I had people over my house a few weeks ago, and my apartment was clean enough I wasn’t ashamed.

I don't think there's anything I would've done differently this past year but I am proud of the fact that I have been turning my dreams into more of a reality. Initially I thought I wanted to be a nurse but I realized that I'm more geared to be a PA and I've done everything I can to make that happen. While I'm not in PA school yet, I know that it isn't too far away.

I wish I would have taken better care of my health. I'm proud that I've been working to have a better attitude at work and have been seeing results from that.

I am proud that I am resilient and recovered from my break, proud of my contributions to various organizations and my volunteering. Proud of my relations with my children which remains strong.

Me debato entre no habérselo dicho y seguir disfrutando de su amistad y compañía tal y como estábamos y habérselo dicho de otra manera (con más tiempo para hablar, más estructurado y menos vomitado). Lo cierto es que decirle que me había enamorado de ella ha supuesto que estoy menos con ella y que soy más infeliz.

I wish I wouldn't have stressed so much on the day of our wedding, but I'm proud of the wedding we planned. I wish I had chosen a different place for my work rotation. I wish I would have gone to buy furniture months ago so I would have it by now.

Clearing the clutter from rooms in my house continues to call for my attention. This year I will try the “do 5 things” approach: Each “home” day just do 5 things in each area that needs attention. Maybe that will help keep public areas clearer and make a dent in the more neglected areas like the den, office and kid’s bedrooms.

When we were planning for this past year, we chose to have our youngest son in preschool 2 days a week instead of 3 (partially for financial reasons, partially for scheduling reasons). We figured that with the money saved we could get extra childcare if needed and I'd get more time with Sam while he was young. As they say: you make the best decisions you can with the info you have but, in hindsight, that was not a good decision. Of course, we did not get extra childcare. 2 days a week of preschool made the transition really challenging and made the intricacies of scheduling everybody's activities like a game of Tetris. The level of stress and burnout that this year caused will take a while to get over...

I am proud for standing my ground with my horrible ex-roommate. I should have done it earlier. This year was an exercise in setting boundaries, in making bigger and bigger leaps outside of my comfort zone of trying to protect other people's feelings, and trying my best to prioritize my own. This applies across work-related items, in my relationship, and with difficult people. It's been a rough adjustment period, perhaps, but I'm still building and getting used to self-advocacy.

I think I nailed this year. I'm not sure I could have done anything differently. I was as mindful and intentional as I possibly could be given meeting and dating Meredith and going off benzos. I am so proud of the way I negotiated our relationship, and how everything felt so easy. I am so proud of the way I held space for myself when things were hard. I am so proud of myself for being able to successfully go off medication I was on for 15 years. I am so proud of myself for the way I love Meredith - the actual actions and steps I take to loving her. I am proud of the fact that I was able to really take in how much I am loved when I left home, and I am proud of the enormous risk I took by leaving everything I loved for a new love I had confidence in. I am proud to know that love doesn't go anywhere, it follows us regardless of where we go. I hope that I know that next year, too.

There are a hundred ways I wish I parented my son with autism differently this past year--giving myself more time to really reflect on the best approach for him and me, and practice putting it in practice.

I'm trying to focus less on how I could improve my behavior, and instead feel good about how my behavior currently is. I expect perfection and I realize I enjoy myself a lot more if i'm out of my head. I'm proud that I've taken therapy seriously and have made strides. I regress sometimes to old habits (sulking, over sensitivity to rejection) but on the whole I'm a happier improved person

I wish I had spent less time worrying about my health. However, it was that worry that led me to become more active, set aside things that didn't serve me, and commit myself to caring for ME when no one else will. I'm proud of my determination and ability to push others' needs aside when I needed to focus on my needs. It is not a familiar thing for me, and I'm doing it pretty well.

I wish I made time to write everyday and kept my writing, for scenes and for jokes, organized. Alternatively, I'm proud of how much I got on stage and that I started a writing group.

I'm always trying to be nicer. Sometimes I say things that I know aren't nice, either because I'm jealous or for some other reason. I need to restrain (and retrain) those instincts. I've gotten a lot better, though.

I've spent the past year in recovery. Myasthenia Gravis is a horrible, unpredictable disease. Learning to manage it has been -- and continues to be -- a work in progress. Add to that, the side effects from the medications -- and there's another whole mish-mash of feelings and actions. I'm proud of how far I have come. I am driving a bit now in places where I am familiar with the routes. I can read and sew a bit more now, too. Understanding my body's signals is becoming easier. I've come a long way from the worst of it, though I am realizing that I will never fully recover to my original strength/energy level. Lemons to lemonade -- I wanted to "slow down" and this is definitely MAKING me do so.

I wish I had fired my realtor sooner and found someone who was really going to work with and for me. I ended up staying in my current home and doing some home improvements, when what I really wanted was a new home and neighborhood.

I'm proud that this year I finally made a big step in my side-business and am having the manufacturing done outside of my home! I'm also proud that I am selling the product on Amazon, and hope to have it in stores soon.

The only reason I don't regret agreeing to serve on the JCC Board is that it has brought me closer to my friends also on the board. Yet the time and frustration I've given have only detracted from things that are more important to my life. Since I'm not prepared to give what it would take to make it an awesomely effective organization, I'd like to learn the lesson moving forward that I can fulfill my basic obligation without getting pulled into anything deeper, and that I don't have to care about every Jewish issue and organization just because I care about some.

Despite physical limitations I traveled for 4 special occasions in my children's lives. I am proud of myself for forging ahead and not using my condition as an excuse to forgo traveling.

I'm really proud of our wedding--how we approached it and what it resulted in. We wanted community at the heart of that gathering, and it was. I'm proud of our communities and how they came together and appreciated each other. And I'm proud of how much damn fun it was. What a good time!

I am still struggling to be consistent in my healthy habits. I don't know how to break through this wall. Getting a raise at work has helped SO much. I think in the future I will actually negotiate for my salary - I wish I had this time!

I wish I'd had more confidence in myself starting out at school, but I also recognize that that's one of my huge learnings this year — I've grown confident and bold, and fuck yeah I'm proud of it.

I am proud that I asked for help. I am proud of every single opportunity for self-loathing and despair that I manage to see clearly, so that I can re-direct my own thoughts.

I helped bring a last minute speaker from Pardes to create a Shabbatone in my city (that does not get to have big speakers all that often). I am also an alum of Pardes and this made me proud to bring good Torah and a strong role model that others can relate to. Thank you Gila!

I’m proud of three big things. (1) The thing that I thought of first was that I wanted to write a book / build my business, so on the surface it would seem that I failed in doing this. But what I succeeded in doing, which I’m proud of, is to step back and let things be emergent. I said I wanted time and space to be creative. The achievement orientation I’m trying to unlearn stepped in for a while to make me feel a sense of urgency about building a brand and writing something - some kind of tangible result - but the wiser me who made this move to begin with really wanted time and space for its own sake, so things can organically unfold. I’ve let go and let myself relax into this process! (2) Last year I said I wanted to organize a family reunion for the Schechter’s, and I succeeded in doing that without making myself the de facto leader - I did it in a community-building way that inspired Lillie to take the reigns in organizing the next one. I saw a need, served as the tip of the spear, then stood aside and hopefully will watch this grow. It’s what I did at Alpine. I’m seeing my leadership style take shape - envision, inspire and build, then empower others to grow it. YEss!!!!!!! (3) More than anything in the world, I wanted love. There may be some regrets tied up in how much time and energy I spent focused on a man who clearly didn’t want to be with me, but I’m proud of myself for sitting with my discomfort, then for keeping my heart open in spite of my disappointment, then sitting with patience when the special man I met 4 months ago entered the picture and hit me over the head with a “slow and conscious” Rafiki stick. Overall the thing I’m proud of is slowing down and trusting the process.

No. I do not like going back in time because it is how I learn. I am proud of being vulnerable about my dream and coming up with my Start Up Your Life presentation.

I think the biggest thing i wish i done differently is telling certain people where my head is at before they were ready to hear it. I dont know if its a good thing or a bad thing but i wish i had waited before exposing myself in that way. Maybe my relationships would be different, maybe better or worse but i know it wouldnt have the same outcome as it would have had i not thought a second before i spoke

I have a hard time thinking about what I wish I had done differently this past year... Everything happens for a reason and even the things that at the moment may not have been ideal, I learned and grew from them and can see how can was an intrinsic component of other beautiful aspects of this past year. Challenge and beauty are intrinsic components of the paradox of life. I am proud of the community I have been building in San Fransico and the relationships I have been able to cultivate from afar. For the first time in my life, I have people and community that I genuinely love and who I learn with and from. I am learning to trust and navigate through the messiness of human connection.

I am very proud to have sought out therapy this year. I promised myself that I would be better to myself during the summer. It is critical that I take care of myself, physically, spiritually, and mentally. I am proud that I stuck to my plan, and that I continue to seek the support to be the healthiest I can be.

I wish that I had submitted my HR report sooner. I wish that I had recognized how deeply in the shit we were sooner. I wish that I had put my foot down sooner. I wish I hadn't let my job take over my entire life, but I didn't know how not to. I want to wish that I never took the job at LA Plaza, but I know that I don't. I'm so proud that I survived. I am proud that I spoke up as early and as often as I did. I am proud that I opened the exhibition even under the most stressful, painful circumstances. I am proud that I know so much about myself and my strength now.

I wish I hadn't turned down interview opportunities because I thought they were underpaid. Underpaid, I've learned, is better than not paid. I'm proud that my son reaches out for advice when he's stuck in a problem. Reaching out from college on dealing with suite mates.

I became a member at my shul. This is the first time as an adult that I have been affiliated.

I wish I had been more diligent with my money and about saving, because I have been wanting to travel to Israel for years and never have the money saved up. One thing I did start doing however that I am proud of was having a small amount from each paycheck diverted to an account at MSUFCU which is set aside specifically for savings.

I wish I could have found a way to deal with Annalise, she is just a horrible human and I could not make inroads to some sort of passable working relationship. I am extremely happy and satisfied how I redesigned the monthly calendar, it is clean, pretty, legible, updated and created in real design software. The result is fabulous.

I had a plan going into the year and I stuck to it. I am especially proud of letting go of my plan to help self trafficed women. I started to explore it and it did not feel right. I took a technical APEX course which ended up being something that adds credibility to where I aim to be professionally. I trasitioned out of my job and took a chance at starting my own consulting company which I am using to further add to my credibility. I am not attached. I am traveling for work 50% of the time. I am flying with the eagles.

I am proud of advocating for my employer to recognize the work I was doing with a promotion and raise. While I didn't get all that I asked for, I am proud of myself for pushing hard, over many months, to get what I believe I deserve. I am optimistic that my advocacy will also open up the opportunity for other women and women of color to be promoted who might not have otherwise.

I should have tried harder to be on time at St. Jude because I loved the company & kids and focus more on my health. St. Jude had benefits that could have helped me and was a great place to grow. While spending time looking for a new job after St. Jude, I have been given a chance to figure out what I would like in a career: I got the chance to help plan and run a holiday pop-up shop for one of my mom's friends which is a great way for me to get a taste of event planning. I started the year feeling like shit but things are starting to look up.

I wish I had made it to D and especial Y's Birthday Parties. I wanted to go to both, both sounded fun, but i was recovering from my accident and din't feel up to it yet. Little did i know this would be my last chances too be with them before the Conception fire, it heartbreaking

Firstly I achieved all of my goals from last year. Stuck with my exercise routine, got promoted/progressed in my career and in a way I cut out negativity. I definitely tried to change my perspective and not care as much if people aren't what I expect from them. Friendships change and that is fine! I am also really proud of myself of how I handled all the stress at work. From Jan - June it was pretty intense, I had A LOT on and although it was pretty stressful I did it! I delivered everything I needed to, and with great feedback too. It has definitely put me in a good position now.

I wish I had stuck to my running plan and lost some more weight. Oh well. On the other hand, I did scale a mountain in France with a mountaineer friend who also happens to be a colleague of sorts. We spent 13 hours on the Salève (at times literally dangling from trees on sheer cliff faces) and I felt like a wreck for 2 days afterwards, but it was rewarding. He commented on how he noticed I manage my stress well and stay calm under pressure - this was a needed ego boost for the year ahead. There was only one part of the hike/climb that I was too nervous to attempt. Perhaps on a future climb we can scale the Sphynx on the Salève successfully. The views are meant to be spectacular.

I am proud of my band, Hi Viz. It feels like MY project but also OUR project; I think we are all proud. I'm proud that we stuck to our guns and produced something that we like, even if it's weird. I'm super proud of myself for doing vocals in it - that is something I never ever thought I would do, and it went fine, even excellently!! As for differently, I think I may have shown up to my job differently; I think I could have taken some of my own learning under my belt, and brought some more humility as well.

Joining the volleyball team as a Junior is something that I am proud of doing in the last year. My older brother played here for three years, and now plays club at Providence College. He tried to convince me to play for multiple years, but I constantly declined, because I was unwilling to join something, not knowing if I would like it or if the kids on the team would like me. Last spring, I finally decided to tryout, and I enjoyed both the sport and the team a lot, so I am very proud of myself for making this decision. I regret not trying out as a Freshman, because I think that it would have been good for me to have played for four years, both for my volleyball ability’s and because I would have made a lot of friends through the team. I wish I could have tried out as a sophomore, which I thought about doing, but I was injured at the time, so I was incapable of joining the team. Once on the team, I was named captain, even though there were kids that had been on the team much longer than I have. I started every game for the JV team, and had a lot of fun learning how to play the game as the season progressed. Towards the end of the season, I was getting very bored of the sport, and my attitude was very bad, because I was mad about the fact that kids I thought were worse than me were starting to get playing time. I started to work harder though, and at the end of the year, I got called up to the varsity team, where I showed out during practices, and earned a spot in the lineup in what ended up being the last game of the year, our playoff loss to Needham.

I wish I had written more of my novel. I've taken some steps towards doing it and I am thinking about it, researching it and developing elements of it. But I'm not writing as much as I should be. I ought to hold myself to account more for that.

I wish I had spent more time with my mother who has dementia. The distance between us has made it hard this year. Perhaps we should have placed her in assisted living this year as my father is worn out. I am so proud of all we have accomplished. Remodel (still ongoing), raised beds built and planted, learning bee keeping, lots of travel to ski and 8 National Parks this year.

I should have started earlier with really taking 'me time' - for me that means doing whatever I need on the particular moment. One night it might be watching Grey's Anatomy after Yoga - the next it might be working on my Passion Planner in bed. Totally unplugged. On the other hand I am proud for starting 'me time' and starting to take more care of myzelf, mentally and physically. Going back to the gym, getting into yoga, etc.

I'm proud that I went through hundreds of items from my father-in-law's estate and our storage unit, and either sold or gave them away. Our garage and finished basement had been full of over 40 boxes of things and there was no room to even get to a lot of it. Now our garage is quite clean and the basement has once again been turned into a recreation room. It took hundreds of hours, but I got it done!

I'm not sure there's anything I'd have done differently, at least not 'wholesale' differently. One or two decisions haven't quite worked out as well as they might (new job, for example) - but I don't regret it. It all happens for a reason. In terms of feeling proud, I'm proud of the life we're creating - our little family, our home, two good jobs (hopefully, mine not yet landed definitively), nice holidays and days out, lovely friends and family. We have an awful lot to be thankful for.

I'm really proud of myself for trusting myself to know what is right for me and what I need at this time. Many people were intimidated by my choices or resented that I was able to choose this option. Others understood and appreciated my decision and I am growing closer to them.

I need to spend more time taking care of myself and others, less time wallowing in Woe Is Me. On the other hand, I’ve tried to take care of my beloveds by communicating clearly and in a positive manner. If this is to be my last chapter, I want to depart as best I can.

I wish that I hadn’t lost my patience with my kids, or in general. This is what I want to work on in the coming year.

I am so unsure of how to answer this question. All the things I could have done differently surrounding my dad run through my head. I could have spent more time with him, I could have advocated for him, I could have been involved in his healthcare. I could have insisted he stay in the hospital to prolong his life instead of him going to hospice, where his demise was so immediate. I have so many what-ifs. I am also incredibly proud of myself for the work I have managed to do this year. I am in awe of myself and I don't know how I did it. Or even if I should have in the face of so much grief. I wrote traveled to Senegal and Malawi for work. I submitted a paper and multiple abstracts for publication/presentation. I wrote a freaking dissertation proposal and successfully defended it (just yesterday!) I wonder how did I do that? And also, how could I? In a way my focus has felt like betrayal. But the truth is, work is both a good distraction and when I feel my dad's presence the most. He was so supportive of me, so proud. When I am writing, I feel his pride in me and it keeps me going forward.

I wish I was kinder in moments of stress or frustration.

Training, I wish I did more training, but I’m proud of reaching out to insurance for my wrongly medical treatment.

I wish I had not ignored my illness this summer and sought help earlier.

I lost one of my dearest elderly friends this year. I have regrets. Although she certainly knew I loved her, I did not make enough space in my life to consistently let her know just how much I cherished her. I’ve made a vow not to have this regret with my remaining older friends. What treasures they are! How they enrich my life in so many ways! I want them to feel cherished. I have yet to make a priority of my health...just a fair-to-middlin’ effort. Sigh.... It’s not pride I feel when I think of my budding connections to a couple of young people now in my circle. Their openness and trust are humbling. I feel in both of them a lively curiosity, a desire to explore life and themselves. I am honored they have chosen me as one of their guides. I pray I do right by them.

I wish I made more of an effort to make plans with my friends (school, usy, other). I wish I hadn’t let jealousy get the best of me and make me feel like I was worthless. I shouldn’t have always assumed that people had the worst intentions, and in the future I want to think the best of people.

I wish I would have been more honest to the people I loved this past year. It's really scary to have feelings for someone who you know will not reciprocate your feelings. I am proud to have stuck with a very important decision I made. It is not perfect, however it works for the right now.

I wish I was more demanding in a way. More assertive of what I want and not give in to others so easily. I want to please others, but why shouldn't I be self-serving in my daily life? I should do what I want to do, not always give in to the wants of someone else. Obviously that doesn't mean doing something that would hurt someone. That doesn't mean not compromising, but it does mean speaking up. I want to be less timid and indecisive. I know what I want usually. Instead of going along with someone else's idea/plan/way, I want to speak up more authoritatively so I can feel more fulfilled and satisfied.

I'm proud of surviving. I'm proud of the fact that, despite loss of hope, I continue to get up each morning and face the day. I usually manage to leave the house every day, which sometimes feels like a huge mountain to climb. I could wish that I'd done more with my time, or that I'd spent more time enjoying the outdoors, or that I'd put more effort into finding work sooner, but actually I have no regrets. I needed to take the time I took - I needed to rest and reset. I was doing the best I could. And I have survived.

I'm proud that I finally spoke up and told my partner some hard truths. I don't know what the outcome would be but I couldn't remain silent or dance around the issue any longer.

I am especially proud of the growth I have made in self-confidence and self-esteem in the past month. It took up until this point in the year for that to surface, but there is it. I have wished this could have come about earlier, sooner, and that some of the feeling really bad and not fitting in and things that I have had in the first part of the year didn't happen, but there's no going back to do that over. So, from here I am proud of my strength, my confidence, and my courage moving forward.

I wish I had budgeted my money better this past year. I'm currently struggling a lot financially and it is taking a big toll on my mental health. It's really shocking that I find myself in this situation because in the past I was always very responsible with money, and I like to think I still am now. I don't know exactly what happened, perhaps it was the thrill of being in Europe and wanting to travel, influence from peers, the fact that my future was unknown that caused me to act so irresponsibly. Now I have a lot of expenses and I know I can't change anything now but if I could, it would be budgeting better for sure. Alternatively, I am very proud of how I've been able to tackle challenges that have come my way and how I took the leap to pursue love in the most difficult of scenarios.

The first thing I wanted to say was "I wish I would have enjoyed and appreciated my last year at Oberlin more", but I know that that would have been impossible. Not only did I have a very acute sense of how much I wanted to enjoy every moment, I enjoyed what I did as well as I could have with the emotional tools available to me at the time. No matter how much I know I will miss somewhere, it's impossible to bring to it the same mindset that I will have after the fact, when the feelings of loss and grief are at their peak.

I’m proud of sticking up for myself, something I’ve struggled to do and gotten better at over the years. Especially regarding my pay and position title at work this year. I’m proud of my resiliency and ability to help others.

I wish I had gotten out of my own head enough to have the accountant do our personal taxes. This has been such a cryptonite for me, I don't even know.

I'm especially proud of how hard I've been pushing my art and making some ground work with that. Its an incredibly slow process and a bit of a grind, but slowly but surely its happening. I also made the decision to quit my job and live in Byron for a bit, which is exciting. I'm proud of myself for taking that risk.

I wish I hadn't been so mean to my husband. I wish I had spoken up earlier and asked for a raise earlier so I could leave my second job and have a more normal life. I wish I could have been with my kids more. Not crushed on others more. Been kinder. But I'm proud I finally spoke up to my boss and I'm proud of the times I was patient and kind.

I'm really proud of myself for taking such an active role in my health. For learning to trust myself and my opinions and perspectives and body. I'm proud of myself for taking the leap of starting medication

I think this past year I've lost track of my spiritual side more than any other year. Being on Prozac after my injury kind of numbed me out, and I had months of just barely being able to get out of bed. I think when that wasn't happening I was also drinking and trying to just cope to survive. I think anyone would look at this past year and say I've done a good job trying to manage all the curveballs, but of course treading water doesn't feel like swimming. I am proud of myself for asking for and receiving significant help from my family this year. I'm proud of myself to continuing to learn new things and push myself. I'm proud of myself for getting into a graduate program at Columbia, for taking Pilates Teacher Training and for becoming a Doula.

This past year has had lots of ups and downs, but something I wish I had done differently is committing to a relationship that I shouldn't have. I know that I am looking for someone who is Jewish and wants the same things I do, but I still entered into a relationship that did not have those things and it ended rather messily. I enjoyed the attention while it was happening, but it was everything I didn't need at the time. However, I am proud to say that I ended it before it became more serious. It is hard to end things that shouldn't have happened at all, but it has given me a new perspective on what I need to do when I am looking to date someone.

I wish had had less brain fog and was more present in the moment.

Not wasted time on watching TV etc.

As my family gets older - I wish I had stayed in touch with them better. I am blessed to have parents and grandparents and a bit out of touch with them - especially grands. As for accomplishments - I FINALLY found a way to express gratitude to Caryn for her mentorship in my early career.

Things I wished I had done differently-the major issue that comes up for me is Shabbat dinner. I have yet to figure out how to get organized and keep a tidy home. Therefore, my Shabbat family dinners are nothing like I want them to be. However, there were a couple that I truly loved...I loved enjoying dinner together, lighting candles, blessing Sophia and then playing jenga or putting a puzzle together as a family. Those are some of my most cherished, proud moments. 💗

I wish I was able to admit sooner that I needed help. I'm always there to provide for others, but I don't know how to do that for myself. It's embarrassing. It's fear based. It sucks.

I'm proud of a few big things I've done this year. I finally got my yoga teacher training certificate, and pre and post-natal certificate for yoga as well. This has been a goal of mine for maybe 10 years, and I did it! I biked across the US again with Jimmy, NBD, raising $11,000 for Bike the US for MS. I did the things I'd wanted to do. I committed, showed up, and did the thing (s).

I wish we had gotten our daughter more help with reading sooner. And that we got our son ADHD meds a little faster. And that I spent more time at home not working in the evening.

I wish... I had started eating healthier earlier. Summer bodies are made in winter, right? BUT better late than never! I'm on a health kick and it's lasted surprisingly long.

No regrets! Proud of my relationship bravery! And all the friends I’ve made and hung with.

I kind of consistently wish that I would be better with my time and where I spend my energy. I know I waste a lot of time in mind-numbing pursuits (usually casual games on my phone), because I feel a lot of anxiety and fear over facing and tackling the tasks I really need to do. I struggle with staying committed to anything when it is hard. I let fear and anxiety become giant roadblocks, and I'm very good at putting things off. I know that's a really generic answer to this, but I feel like it is a default behavior that affects all areas and aspects of my life, and it's holding me back considerably. Alternately, I feel like I have made strides in being able to express what I need and want without always defaulting into passive-aggression. I'm not saying I'm anywhere close to perfect, I still have a long way to go to get better. But I think the inner conversations I have with myself are much better and more positive on the whole than they have been in the past. I want to do more work around boundaries, and address my codependent behaviors. I want to continue to grow and deepen my own self-knowledge and self-awareness. I know that being more intentional and devoted to maintaining my self-care rituals is helpful for me (yoga, meditation, journaling).

Proud of my work ethic in school and really taking my life and future into my own hands.

Similar to last year, I am proud of the job that I did for Marotta and for HCPTSA, and as well that I managed to recover from the laptop crash in June (see 10Q1!), because it affirms that my talent is in my ability to produce and reproduce my work products and volunteer records and that my ability to out-work a problem is still one of my biggest assets. I do wish that I had been able to go to my parents' 55th wedding anniversary / sister's 50th birthday party, but the timing did not work out. And I always think that I can be more patient and kind - those are constant "do better / different" areas for me.

I can't tell if I wish I had done things differently with the ending of my nearly 5 year relationship. I think we did the best we could. If we could have figured out a way to move through the big sticking points we had in the relationship and have stayed together, if both of us could have been different people who needed different things from each other or could give each other different things, I would have liked for things to go differently in that way. I am very proud of fighting for and getting my dream job this year. I fought to get the job and have been working for years to move closer to the work that I really want to do, getting this job was a big step toward that. I am proud that I honed enough what I want to do to identify this and then actually move toward it.

I am especially proud of the time I’ve spent learning about the developmental age of my partner’s children and building relationships with them.

For the second year in a row, I can start this off by saying I am really proud of myself as I look back. I went through a special type of hell with the first major "adult" breakup I've ever experienced, I bit off more than I could chew professionally, and I lost all sight of the big picture for a while. But, I also went back to therapy, I leaned into my friendships and relationships with family members, and I have only just begun the process of learning to be kind to myself, to accept non-linear progress, and to engage in self care beyond #selfcare. I wrote last year that I had a feeling more tests were coming up for me this year, and boy was I right - but I think I underestimated my own resilience and what I as an individual can do to be there for myself. There are relationships in my life that I still need to figure out, people I still need to reconnect with, and areas where I can still grow in terms of my job, my health, and my long-term planning, but overall I think that this year threw me a lot of curveballs and I didn't completely fuck it all up. I don't know that I would or could change how these events impacted me, but I feel so much better now that I focus on intentionality in all areas of my life, on kindness and compassion for myself, and on making little steps every day to improve big things in my life. I wish I could have seen all this sooner, but I am really happy with where I'm at now.

Not procrastinated and moved quickly and taken care of things in a timely manner. I've allowed myself to face and defeat some seriously self defeating demons. I've allowed myself to move forward and let go of stuff.

I got fired for the first time. Humbling and ultimately rewarding but still scared on the daily - don’t want it to happen again but also a bit freer when thinking about how options abound if and when doors are shut for you.

In becoming a mother, I feel proud that I heeded the advice of coworkers and became unapologetic about putting my family first. I’ve settled in to, what feels like, a really good balance of work and time with the twins and don’t allow myself to feel guilty for enjoying my time at work or ducking out of work early to spend time with family.

I wish I’d curtailed my social media use and pursued my own creative interest more (piano and writing). Wish I’d had more sex. Wish I’d thought about children more. I am proud that Andrew and I are making that a priority now, but are still refusing to let it dominate our lives. I believe this time next year, I’ll be doing that. I’m proud of my gym work and for building a strong and sexy body. I’m so proud this is a way of life for me now.

I wish I had restricted my spending and saved that money. I would feel less anxious about future car work or moving costs if I knew I had a stash of cash. Not really proud of anything. Well, i’m Still alive

I wish that I had continued to explore Sydney, get more hikes in, see more sights, and do more things. I don't think I will ever feel satisfied in this, but I am also content/grateful that I live a fantastic life that makes me want to be where I live every weekend and not feel like I need to escape from it. In that regard, I am proud that I continue to build good relationships with people in Sydney, that Brando and I continue to host dinners together, and that we continue to have meaningful conversations about our relationship today and into the future.

I wish I hadn't gotten involved in putting in so much effort without compensation for my last company. I wished I'd put more time into finding a better job. I regret spending so much valuable time as an unappreciated sub teacher and an Uber driver. I'm proud that I was able to keep it together in very difficult financial circumstances.

Like I’m proud of the work I have been doing. Helping the homeless mental health population. Not accomplishing as much as I would like, but every little bit helps and we keep moving forward.

I thought i found my passion but once I started following it, it became clear that it was just something that mattered but not made me hungry. I got demotivated a bit but come to think of it, i actually learned how a few things and I'm grateful for it.

I wish i would have started therapy with Elia earlier, asked for support and continue to acknowledge that I am at my full capacity and needed recovery. I wish that instead of wasting a lot of time I would have been more creative with my options and how I get inspired. I wish i would have continued to take much more time to connect to myself, to really feel into what I need and even if I don't know how to meet it, to just sit with it. I'm proud that I am taking my time to be in integrity, and for the sessions that I have done with CXC, hyperloop, she leads change, at school and much more. I am proud that i am ending this year with a spark of hope in me.

I wish I had stayed more connected with others this year. I wish I had leaned in to those relationships to sustain me, reached out to my partner and let him carry more of my burden. I wish I had seen my needs sooner and with more clarity. I am proud of my willingness to reinvest in myself last spring and commit to being more in touch with my needs. I feel myself again.

I'm so proud of who this year has helped me become. I'm proud of myself for allowing myself to be sad, to feel deeply. I'm proud of myself for surviving my health issues in addition to the grief of a breakup. I'm proud of myself for rising to the occasion when my boss was let go. I certainly wish the year had been less difficult, and I'm not exactly thrilled with how much I've had to leave on pause while I managed it, but I'm so much more proud of myself and my growth than anything else.

I am proud of opening my mind and accepting myself more and working on getting in touch with my soul.

It's just so hard to know. I wish I had been kinder, in every moment I wasn't kind enough. I'm proud that I can think of no instances of actual intentional mean behavior.

I’m proud that I keep plugging along, keep trying to see the beat in people and keep trying to find my voice and express it.

Wish I had done differently...hrm.... If you had asked me this last year in 2018 (reflecting on 2017/2018) I would have said YES. But this year...I feel that my attitude changed in a more positive light. Last year was very sad for me because of my women's health exploration. In turn - I am very proud to have broken through that sadness and despair and started accepting my fate of possibly not having children and being on hormone supplements. Again, I think a lot of the help was from getting Roland and bonding me and Kota more in our journey through life together.

I went on two backpacking trips, one with Alice along the Tuolomne River and one with Jeff from Onion Valley to Whitney Portal. I'm proud of my own preparation, particularly for the JMT trip, and that I was feeling good at trail crest. I also think I was as a good as a companion as possible for Jeff as he struggled with not feeling well. It was a strange conflict of feelings to be enjoying the scenery and my own fitness while simultaneously being quite worried and trying to assist Jeff through his struggle. In some way, the trip felt like the right place for me to be in spite of the trials. I felt much more like I was living well than I do at home.

I wish I had listened to my gut more - there were times when I knew what I was doing wasn't good for me in the long run (read: Ian/BK drama) but I kept giving into that short-term pleasure. (Or maybe I just have a weakness for men?) I am though quite proud of how far I've come in terms of taking care of my body...I am nowhere near perfect, but the process has started. I know what I am capable of and I know when I am letting myself down - the goal for this next year is consistency. Keeping that long-term goal in mind and not letting momentary weaknesses run the show....

I've had to be a single parent for 1/4 the year and going. I think I've done a damn good job.

I wish I'd have applied to more jobs. I wish I would've taken more action and really worked my butt off to become a part of an organization I could be truly proud of. However, I'm still proud of launching the podcast and establishing that as something I can use as a foundation for way more things in the future.

I wish i had stopped eating carbs and focused on my health. I am proud of my work.

I’m really proud of growing with Lululemon and living that life. I would have been more appreciative of my things and wouldn’t have lost my watch!! I’m sad I showed disrespect to my stuff in that way and going forward will value all the gifts I have. I need nothing and I’m grateful for all the things I have.

I think that I wish I would have not taken this job just because it was a full time gig. All I wanted was a way out of the coffee shop because it was kind of driving me insane but I know I could have held out for a bit longer while I kept looking. I know I wasn’t gonna find my dream job off the bat but this job at Bremer is wearing on me. I also wish that I wouldn’t have held on so long to someone who didn’t treat me like a priority. I think part of me believes if I had given that up sooner I may have met the right guy that much sooner. But honestly I think everything happens for a reason and in its own time and I ended up meeting my future husband about 2 weeks after I started to let go of the guy who didn’t make time for me. So no regrets. I’m proud of finding a place and moving out on my own away from parents and being able to take care of myself relatively well because becoming more independent is definitely something I’ve been striving towards in the last year.

It's minor - but I have always struggled with my weight and was very much 'on the wagon' until mid July - and now I'm struggling again. I'm only about 10 pounds up from where I want to be, but it's enough to knock my self confidence. I am proud of my strength through the hardest Summer of my life. Proud I made it through,sane and kept my children entertained and happy while my life was falling apart.

I feel like every single one of my answers this year will have to do with my daughter! I'm so proud of myself for being so grateful during the pregnancy and since becoming a mom. I rocked that labor! Even though I was in labor for about 3 days, my epidural wore off, I got an infection, she came out not breathing and gray with the umbilical cord wrapped around her TWICE, jaundice...I rocked labor and have never felt more powerful in my life. i love being her mom and am so grateful and proud that she chose me to be her momma :)

I do not know what I would do differently, I try to do everything thoughtfully, with discernment. I am especially proud that I haven't killed anyone. (the thought had come to mind several times!). I am also especially proud of the quilt, the best one I have ever made. I don't think I'll ever create one as special.

I'm proud that I've kept going. I got up every day, pushed myself to get in my workout and make my coffee, show up at the office, do the work. I kept moving. But I honestly wish I had taken more sick days, given myself more mental space to separate from the mire of work and to examine myself more. I'm a little concerned that I would have used those days to space out on the couch in front of the TV and scrolling through Instagram instead of figuring out which activities and which kinds of work fulfill and drive and excite me. Maybe we need that space-out time to recharge, but I worry if it might just be diversionary, a distraction.

While I am thankful I was able to contribute to the family's bottom line, I wish I was stronger and spoke up for what I knew was right at work. I need to be more of an advocate for what I believe in - I knew there were many inconsistencies with what was promised and I should've called it out... along with all the business process improvements I could've made. I will be stronger the next time around.

There is nothing that I would not have done any way different from what I did the past year. I am proud that I have stuck to my plan to finish up a trade class that I had started in February 2019.

If I'd been able to I would have set boundaries sooner and not simply deal with every bullshit. I'm very proud to be able to freely talk about my issues now.

I think I can answer both of these questions with the same response: college applications. Looking back on the process, I am so proud of all that I accomplished and how I persevered despite the fact the situation was so incredibly taxing. In the same breath, I am disappointed by the way I lashed out my family members when they were only trying to help me the best way they knew how. Applying for college has so many different elements- common app, supplemental essays, financial aid, scholarships- and so few guidelines of how to complete them all. The worst part for me was the knowledge that if a single aspect was completed differently than the entire course of my future would change. I wish I had taken my mother's advice to "trust the universe" more.

Not sure. Perhaps move quicker to look at the 2011 Suburban that sold before we decided to look at it. I'm proud that New Life softball team won the championship. It was a lot a fun and I'm blessed to be part of a great team of guys.

Hard question...something differently, not really, but to answer the question I would say I think I should have pushed the gas pedal harder. I feel like there were certainly some valleys that occurred this year that I allowed to bring me down. I am wasting my time on this earth and not using my God-given talents to further thing Kingdom. Step yo game up Ben! Proud, I would say it goes back to vulnerability and letting people in more than I probably would like. I truly believe if you surround yourself with godly people, they will surround you with love through Christ and our own vulnerability.

I am proud of the Memorial picnic I had for my Husband after his passing. I chose to share and celebrate our Life together, my love of him instead of my grief with our family, friends and loved ones, instead of a traditional, conventional funeral. 7 hours of Love, Laughter, Family and Fun at one of My favorite places on the River. (7/21/19) Music, good times, loving stories, a Second Line and Master Drummers... Great Fete in his honor. I enjoyed it so much that the first thing I did when I got home was to call him to tell him how much fun we had... Whomp whomp whomp... He has been my "Ride or Die" Best Friend for 30 years. It's going to take some getting used to that he is no longer here. I hate thinking about all of those impotent, wasted days and nights not speaking to each other for things that mean nothing now in the scheme of things. I wish I had followed some of my own advice: It's better to be Kind than Right sometimes. He died on July 2, 2019. According to his phone, I may have been the last one he spoke to before he passed over. I wrote a letter to him that I shared on my social media accounts. I didn't want to do a lot of interpersonal sharing, so I decided to just put it out there once and for all... I am going to share it here for the sake of prosperity. Robyn (July 7th, 2019) "How does one say Goodbye…? How does one say goodbye 2 The One whose very first hello all those many, many Moons ago down by the Riverfront was, “Do U know what Happened today?’ and my answer was “I met my Husband today? Oh, yeah and it’s Marcus Garvey’s birthday” and he says, “Yeah, that’s what happened today”… How does One say Goodbye 2 The One who has had front row seats, walked with U, witnessed, fostered, nurtured, fought against, cheered on, resigned himself to, cried, yelled and laughed through the last 30 some odd years of Your Personal evolution, ready, willing or not…? How does one say goodbye to the physical Soundtrack of your entire adult life up to and including today…? How does One say Goodbye to the One so sure enough of My Love 4 Him that He let Me kiss and Heal the Physical and Emotional Scars I Left on Him in Bold Self-righteousness or Furious fits of Anger and Grief…? What does the 24-year-old Me say to the 55-year-old Me…? What would the 55-year-old me have told the 24-year-old me…? How does all of the Eras of Me’s move on together from here…? What now…? What will this new normal look and feel like…? Our Walk together has never been conventional nor traditional by any stretch of the imagination and I am ever so cool with that. When We were on point, We shared our Magic with all Who was around Us. If U were around and in Tune, U Felt it... When all was well between Us, we were about that Nation Building Life. We put Our Hearts, Bodies and Money where Our Mouths were. We are who we are and we were who we were and We didn’t do a lot of explaining about it to those either inside or outside of our carefully crafted circle. We are Family. We are Friends. We are Forever… We chose Our Family, Our Friends and our social interactions. Deliberately. We tried 2 Teach Our Young Ones 2 do the same. Sadly, th’o, the harsh edges of his experiences and existence as well as the heavy baggage that he brought with him into Our World prevented him from completely buying into our reality as full throttle as I had… He often lived like he was always waiting for the other shoe or anvil to drop… Sometimes, it seems, creating the Anvil and pushing it off the edge onto Us for a weird sense of relief. Pain was more familiar and more trustworthy 4 Him sometimes, it seems. Then there are those shocking, out of the blue, pain filled experiences that can shake the Faith of a Saint and cement the negative Belief of a Cynic... Those “Never the Same After That” Moments… Slow motion Self deconstruction , Painful and negative Self-fulfilling prophesies can be fucked up for those caught in the spatter, too … Sometimes even in the midst of the Highest Frivolity, which could happen for Us no matter where we were or what the situation at hand was, he would grow sad and dim, declaring the way we chose to live wasn’t “Real”... Even after over 30 years of hard evidence to the contrary… Even up until the last day we spoke, which was the day before the last day of all of Our Last Days on this side of the Veil … How does One say Goodbye to The One who from the very first day felt and looked like forever…? You don’t. I will say what I always say…”In a minute, Man”, because that’s what it has felt like from day one. “A-1 from Day One" I will say his name and feel his energy until I have Returned to Forever myself. In a minute, Nkosi Thabiti Metsimela, may Peace be with U Forever… In a minute, Baba... In a minute (insert the name/energy that made U Grin like a happy,safe child when I held your hand and whispered it in your Ear…☮️💞🔥) In a minute to all the Prisms of Him, called by different names and titles by different people, with real vibrations tied to each one… When I weigh up the Days and Look back over Our Life together, We spent more time holding hands, just hanging out and really liking each Other and the Space We shared than We did not... I’m Grateful 4 that. Because of that, I can let go of all of the Days and Nights wasted in useless combat and impotent, hurtful Silences... I loved him. He loved Me and more times than not we loved our Walk during this life together. Even the Bullshit parts because in hindsight they make the Magical parts, of which there were so many, so much more poignant and real… Maybe he knows that but that's just another one of those hundreds of little things we were talking about, got sidetracked by any number of another hundreds of little things and never made it back to... I hope so. As Our Son Alexander said, “We are Forever… It is what it is…” From the first Breath/Hello of the First Ancestors who all came together thru Us until We all leave beyond the Veil and become Ancestors Ourselves… May the Ancestors hold and heal his Spirit and smooth his Brow… May all of Us who have dwelt among his Tents find Peace and Comfort within Ourselves in Regards 2 Him and Him with Us. May the Most High welcome him home. May he find peace, Understanding and self-forgiveness on the next leg of the journey. May We all... May We catch up with each other again in Peace, Mutual Forgiveness and Admiration, Friendship, Welcome, Warmth, Laughter, Love and Light in the By and By... If So, May he be able to believe and fully trust next time in the Positive Reality We can choose to Create… However We chose 2 Define it. I do… Now and Forever… The last 30 odd years have taught the aforementioned 24-year-old Me many important life lessons. Among them are: Hold hands and stick together, People. Right now this minute is all We know and have 4 Sure. Be Careful With Each Other. Value the NOW. Be as Kind as One can be with those who matter. One never knows when the Last time is THE LAST TIME… Seek to Love and Be Loved just Because. Hold onto Your People with Both Hands. Love One another OUT LOUD and in Full View of Each Other. Leave No Fucking Doubts on either side of the Veil. In a minute, Y’all. December 24, 1955 – July 2nd, 2019 August 17th, 1988 - Forever… “Robyn + Nkosi 4ever” 💞 (Inside Joke / It’s ok 2 ask if U aren’t in on it) “… It was down by the Waterfront…” Performed by the Great Maestro Eddie Jefferson (PBUH) Psalm 28:7 Psalm 70 Psalm 122: 7-9

I wish I had created a better work/life balance--health, eating, exercise. That I had acknowledged everything my husband does for us and me more. I wish I had done a better job of cultivating my new friendships and honoring/nurturing the old. I'm proud of going back to work and doing as well as I have. (But at what cost--everything I wrote above...)

I'm proud of starting a SCUBA class. It brings up some anxiety, but overall I'm glad I did it, and look forward to completing the course.

That I was finished organizing my house. That I started organizing things .

I wish I had had more patience with my dad before he died. There was so much going on with his move, tending to his house... I know there was times I was frustrated with him. It was hard to embrace that I was now in charge and he wasn’t able to make decisions nor complete tasks the way he used to. Sometimes I wish we hadn’t have moved him since he was only in his new apt. for a few months... but we never seem to have a crystal ball, do we? All was peaceful at the time of his death and, given all the circumstances, it went as best as it possibly could. I aided in the death of both my parents while in hospice care, administering the meds that they needed to keep them comfortable. While this was heartbreaking, I’ve been told this was a great gift I could do for them. I suppose one day I will be proud about this.

I wish I didn't try to have a relationship with that guy. I was falling into my past patterns when I was actually trying hard to get out of the loop. I saved myself before it was too late. Now I just need to keep focusing on myself. I'm actually proud that I realised before too late.

I wish I had paid more attention to understanding my husband's health, and his spiritual needs, as he was dying,

I wished I would have focused on my health more. I have been really wanting to get back in shape and start pole again. I keep putting it off but I think that I need to really start, no time like the present.

I wish I had been less trusting of the Army. Had I realized the extent of corruption within the DOD I would have played my cards much different. I am proud that me and Jose have built our relationship stronger. I am proud that Michael and I have become closer as he struggled with the death of his father.

I am especially proud of the way I took charge of my mental health this year. I started seeing a therapist, got on Lexapro, started meditating more regularly, and incorporated more yoga and dance church in my life. And I can see the results! I was finally ready to put in the work and I'm feeling so much better now. I have more energy and enthusiasm for life, and while I'm overwhelmed I feel more able to manage challenging moments.

This past year, I quit my CrossFit membership because of the narrow time frames that I can even make it to classes since I started my new job. It is too expensive to not show up. I thought I could just keep up with my own home workouts but that was unrealistic. So now, 5 months later, I'm lazier and way out of shape. I feel tired all the time. I miss exercising regularly and I feel like I am getting weaker. To combat this, I have been coming up with a plan to go on long walks and sometimes run on lunch breaks or before work. I need to incorporate strength training more regularly and be a lot more disciplined! What I'm especially proud of from the past year is that I am working for a wonderful company and I love my job! I strive to be better and better at the position that I work. I want to see stellar results work-wise, and be able to stay at this company for as long as possible. I'm also very proud of the fact that my husband and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary! I think that the first year I started 10Q was when I announced that I got married. Yay 10 years and going strong!!

I am proud of being a working mother. I am grateful that I am able to raise a child and also contribute to the world and fulfill my ambitions as an immigration lawyer. I feel like I am doing very important work in both roles. The two things I wish I had done differently are 1- taken more time for myself, and 2- handled money a little differently. Both of these things involve asking for what I need (from my husband but also from others around me) and I wish I had been better about that.

i always feel i can work harder. also i think i've pushed myself to new mediums

Hmm.. Not so much proud, but what we have, finally, done this year, is to start working with a financial planner. This is a great relief to me, and has let me feel OK about planning to retire soon.

This year I pulled away from my dad a lot more. I wish I had been able to instead deal with my feeling towards him and even express them to him, even if he is unable to receive it or react as I would want. I am proud that I started therapy!

I don't know that there's anything I could have done differently, really. I'm proud to have started on a writing contest entry. Just setting that kind of intention for myself is better than how I might've been before.

I wish I had used my HD health and dental benefits and not dwell on things I can't change and change/control what I can. Read and pray more. I'm proud that I stopped thinking work couldn't do it without me and they don't have to deal with my responsibility that come from pushing and stressing over them.

I wish I had done so many things differently this past year. But the biggest single one is that I didn’t try to get help for my increasingly obvious mental health issues until I’d already landed in a weekly hotel and wasn’t able to see my son for much of the summer because of it. I let things get so far out of hand, was so far underwater that it came to effect every single part of my life. And not just in small ways – in huge ways that are going to take me years to recover from (as much as that may be possible) - and most regrettably, most painfully of all is that I cheated Isaac out of a decent mother for so much of his childhood because of it. I am so angry for him and at me that I squandered so much of his childhood this way. On the other hand, I am very proud of the fact that I finally took the scary leap of getting into treatment. I realize now that my crazy could have continued to knee-cap me and hurt me and pretty much everyone who cares about me for quite a bit longer unless I’d finally gotten up the nerve to kill myself (which was an uncomfortably likely possibility). But I have started to turn things around. It hasn’t been easy; it’s not likely to get easier. But it feels so much better than the other way of being. So, so much better. At least I'm tired all the time because I'm working on myself, not because I'm just endlessly beating my own ass.

Yes, I wish I had begun a healthy lifestyle regiment. I stopped doing any form of exercise and my eating habits were high calorie and fat. So... I began in September making more healthy living choices. 10.1 pounds down and exercising 4 days a week. A healthy start!

This past year, I got into playing goalie. I've been playing hockey for about 4 years now, and it's been so good for me, but I'm not very good. It turns out, I'm better as a goalie than I am a forward. I'm really proud of myself for trying something new, and being willing to suck until I got better - hockey is the only thing I've ever kept at even though it was difficult. And it's turned out quite well for me.

I wish that I had spent less time working and more time with friends this year. But I'm really proud of my growth in communication, self-advocacy, and relationship-building.

I wish My partner and I had ended things in a much better, more civilized way. And as it happened, I know it was impossible, because he decided to leave the moment I stood up to him. Which is what I am especially proud of this last year.

I'm especially proud that I was able to shake off my religious superstitions (well, most of them) and live my life as a full member of the Universe!

I wish I had been more motivated to make the changes I want for myself.

Wish I had taken time to go to acupuncturist. Proud of my good teaching reviews from students.

I should have listened to my feelings and my intuition more. Stop when I feel it is not good any more. Taking my space when I need so. I am proud of following my dreams. Listening to my intuition, no matter what and freeing myself of all restrictions.

About done something differently, I guess there are always things to change but in the end I wouldn't be where without doing what I did so... Proud is not the word but... taking care of myself, with little things that make me happy, is something that I did this year

Be knd to myself and others. Love even more. Very proud if the courageous steps that I have taken from the heart knowing.

I had a fall at work last year due to my narcolepsy/cataplexy and it really shook me up. I was off work for about three weeks and decided that I would go back to work early, even though my short-term disability wasn't up yet. My mom and my friend Barbara suggested I take a trip out west to be with family for the remainder of the leave, but I thought it would be better to go back to work. I guess I was naive in thinking that my manager would allow me to work on the paper when I got back to work because she didn't. Instead I was subjected to more discrimination and bullying by said manager. If I were to do it all over again, I would have taken that trip. This year I learned a lot about self-care and advocacy, for that I am especially proud. I finally starting seeing a therapist again, and a good one at that. I hadn't realized the trauma I had gone through at work last fall regarding my cataplexy attack at work and the backlash that followed. She has really helped me to make myself a priority and has given me tools to make boundaries. I also completed a narcolepsy advocacy group called "Rising Voices," which I learned about last year at the narcolepsy conference from a friend. I'm so glad that I took the time this summer, despite it being really busy, because it has connected me to a whole new, supportive community, but also it has shown me that I have been keeping my narcolepsy/cataplexy a secret for fear of being misunderstood. And that secrecy is what perpetuates the myths around narcolepsy. So I have also started to speak openly with people about it, especially at work. I have a bed that I can use to nap during my lunch breaks and sometimes people are in there. It takes me a lot of strength to ask them to leave and they always do apologetically, but I still feel that guilt. I don't know if that will ever go away, but I keep on reminding myself that I didn't choose my disease, so I'm making the best out of it and choosing to take care of myself, so I can take care of others.

I'm really proud of all the things I do I don't get paid for - Toastmasters, my work at KI. I'm proud that I started teaching. The holidays have me reflecting on the fact that I'm not very good about putting myself and my needs first (or anywhere near first) in any realm of my life. This is an area for further growth in the new year. Proud that I negotiated when I took the current job - got most of what I asked for. Wish I had started looking for a new job as soon as I realized it was a bad fit - pretty early on.

I wish that we hadn't lost site of our Jewish community. I'm proud that I have learned how to be kinder to myself and take the time and effort to care for myself.

I wish that I had invested more time in myself this year instead of investing it in emotionally unavailable people -- namely my ex. I don't regret our relationship because I learned a lot. I did suffer more than I needed to because I wasn't as grounded as I could have been and I didn't have my "eyes in my own lane". I also wish I had invested more time into sisterhood and friendships. I am especially proud of my progress in organization and time management. I'm also proud of the work I did to in self-care and how it allowed me to lead others into finding their truths, focusing on health, and taking risks that could lead to healing and growth. I have become a spiritual leader!!!

I am proud of all that I have done to improve my health - the keto diet and working out. I feel strong and fit now... and a bit overweight as opposed to very overweight. I put in a lot of work There is still work to do. This season I have sincerely focused on the question of whether doing something would have changed the outcome of John leaving our home. I have come to the conclusion that life is a balance and I had to include my and my wife's happiness and health in the equation of what to do with John. I don't think I could have done anything differently. I kept him at the forefront of our lives until I no longer slept. Anisa's health was declining and mine was starting to. Ultimately, John is 17 and almost to the age of consent. He was not going to do anything that he didn't want to and he wasn't ready to get clean.

This is a tough one, I am so happy with where I am now, and I believe that even the mistakes in the past all brought me to here. I am proud of myself for quitting my job, twice! I do think I need to get more comfortable with recognizing a negative, unhealthy situation - where I've done all I can do, and it's time to leave. Not being afraid to leave, and trusting myself that I will land on my feet and figure things out. I always do!

I am proud that I traveled. I'm excited to travel more, even tho it's breaking the bank. I'm proud that I am done with my classes and working on my dissertation. I need to just keep plowing forward with that.

If there was anything that I would have liked to have done better this year it might be to have a closer, better relationship with Ellie. I don't know if this is possible but while the summer was good, there were too many silences and things that could have been discussed that really weren't. I don't know if there is anything I am especially proud of from this past year, but I have had an exceptionally good year. I can't recall a year with less bad and more good really ever. I feel like all of my energy is focused on going forward, being creative and choosing how to engage, rather than just managing and/or solving existing problems. I honestly can't remember such a unclouded year....ever.

I lost 30 pounds! Which actually ties into the different thing question. I was so unhappy, between breaking up with my ex, and my job, much of that weight was unhappiness weight. So, I figured I would fake it til I could make it! 30 lbs later, I think I'm happier, but I wish I would have applied for more jobs to solve the unhappiness problem!

I wish I had been more organized this past year, especially in terms of with my time. I could do a better job of juggling work, school and life. On the other hand, I'm happy (though I wouldn't call it proud) that I've managed to pull it all off anyway.

I am especially proud of stepping up to be a pro bono attorney to learn how to represent immigrants to (a) get them bonded out of detention, and (b) begin to represent a family seeking asylum, and (c) getting 3 kids SIJS findings in Probate Court, with 2 more on the calendar.

Well, considering that I’m currently unemployed and left my job on August 23rd... I do have some regrets and some things I would do differently. However, I have a phone interview tomorrow and have received one offer already, so I know the coming year will be one of change, for better or for worse.

I am especially proud (and surprised!) of myself for giving birth to a healthy, happy, amazing daughter without painkillers!!

I can't think of any one major event that I wish I had done differently. I do wish that I would learn from myself that when I eat garbage, I feel like garbage. During our Niagara Falls trip, I felt bloated and gassy for a large portion of the time because I mostly ate whatever I wanted. It's okay to indulge on vacations, but not for every meal. I tell myself this all the time, but in the moment I don't follow my own advice. Related, I am proud that since January, I've lost 15 pounds and at one point was down to losing almost 18! I decided to try eating in a more keto way, while still being paleo and it worked! Prior to that, I tried losing weight the "normal" ways: counting calories, adding strength training, increasing exercise. The scale just kept going up. But since doing keto, finally the scale is going the other way. Not only that, but I just feel better when I eat this way. I still have about 6 pounds to lose until I'm at my goal, but I know I can do it!

I think I should have changed driving instructor much earlier than I did. I stayed with him because it became samey and easy, but it didn't advance me any further. Part of me wonders if the same is true of my current job. It's easy and comfortable and very convenient but maybe it's too easy? Maybe I'm not pushing myself to do more? I feel like it could be harming my self-confidence and my belief in my own ability to adapt. I'm too used to not being challenged, but it's hard to imagine not being there and not having my current routine. Alternatively, I'm proud of myself for starting a workout routine, changing my eating habits and actually starting new gym classes. I've lost roughly 1 stone 7lbs or so, I'm down to a size 10/12 and fitting into clothes I never thought I would again! It feels good to have control and I actually enjoy it, most days. I think it's helped me with my mental health too - provided a bit of an outlet when I'm ragey. I'm also proud of myself for trying to socialise a bit more. I may not have found a bestie yet but I have been trying to be a bit more open to the idea of going out and spending time with others.

I wish I spoke up more about how I was feeling when pops got sick. I knew I did not want him to go to Aventara and I feel like his last few days were not where he wanted to be. At the same time I know its not my choice. I am proud of myself for showing my emotions when I was upset around pops and grandpas deaths

I am proud of making it through this year. It has been rough and it is amazing to me that I have weathered it this well.

I wish I was less hard on myself all of the time. I wish I wasted less time, and was happier.

stop sleeping so much, but body seems to need to. Not enough aerobic exercise even though I am doing breathing and stretching 3-4 days per week. got through 3-4 huge recycle bins of old papers but need to do more, like go through a box every two weeks or month so it does not seem so overwhelming.

I'm proud of striking out - I could say that I wish I had done this sooner, but actually I wasn't ready to. I guess I wish I had handled my personal life differently, my journey so far would have been enriched by sharing each step. I'm proud of starting to learn new skills - ukelele, whittling, butter-making, peach windfall, elderflower. And making time for my peeps : Janette and Jackie, Lili, Lisa curly, Lisa architect, ma and ash, Lon and Gerlin and boys. And having the respect of my colleagues Sophie, Stephen and Pedro.

I wish that I had learned to be kinder. I catch myself when I'm being an a-hole, but it's too late. I do it to everyone around me. And I wish I didn't. I'm angry, and I wish that I had addressed that by now.

I wish I'd stood up for myself more, and put what i want and need before other people who don't show me the same courtesy.

I wish I had been more proactive about getting exercise and not being a lazy shit. I'm proud of the way I've begun to set boundaries and stand up both for myself and others.

I wish I was more patient with the process. I often expect instant results and the fact is that change takes time.

I tried to act more independently of those who help me, and to be more of a support to them.

I wished I applied to jobs sooner, but everything happens for a reason tbh. I love the job I'm in and no monetary value can replace the way I feel about it. I've learned that a guy isn't serious about you even if he hangs with you 3-4x a week and talks to you all day and night about the deepest topics. Point is, I shouldn't have put my eggs in one basket with him and slowed the roll even if he was comfortable with it. So I'm proud of how far I've come and how much I've grown to know myself better and what I want and what I won't settle for.

Of course! Being responsible for shaping the behaviour and attitude of a small person is challenging and sometimes I don't act the way I feel I should as an ideal parent. But I do my best and I love her more than I thought I could love anyone. She is curious and quick and sweet and affectionate and I am so proud of her. So in turn I think I can be proud of myself. I've also grown seeds and planted probably 100 plants in our garden. The summerhouse is planted and plans are taking shape in my mind for a 'secret garden' for my little girl that I'll start to prepare in early Spring.

I wish I would trust myself more and worry less. I create so much tension and resistance with my anxious over-thinking and needless analyses. If I accept and know that everything always ends up working out perfectly, I release so much pain and suffering, I get out of my own way and allow life to flow seamlessly in perfection and wellness... I can enjoy this life more.

I'm proud of holding boundaries with my abuser.

I’m really proud of myself for how far I’ve come at work. It feels like night and day. I still have days when I feel insecure, and I’m unsure if it’s the right job for me - probably because I know deep down it’s not the “right” job, but who cares? It doesn’t have to be my forever job, I am learning a TON, and spoiler alert: there is no “right” job. Yes, there are things I’m probably better suited for, but damn this role is making me a better for it. Also, having shiva at my apartment brought on so many emotions, but I was also so proud to be the one to host it. What a bizarre, surreal, and beautiful experience. Even just realizing how I’m answering this question - in years past I usually only or mostly focus on all the things I did “wrong”, and barely mention what I’m proud of, if at all. I almost forgot about the part of things that I wish I had done differently. While there are certainly mistakes I made and things I could have done better, nothing stands out as regret.

I wish I would have had the courage to notice, acknowledge, and talk about what was going on inside me, with my partner. I'm proud to have made progress with personal awareness (mind, body, spirit) and practicing the skills it takes to be a good communicator.

I have come to the (internal) realization / agreement that things/people/events come and go when we need them to be, in order to grow. There's an invisible major force pushing us towards a direction that's best for us. We just need to keep an open mind, eyes open, and ask ourselves (loudly) "what am I supposed to learn from this?". So, I am proud of last's year outcome. Despite the errors, despite the bad moments, despite the pitiful people I had to deal with. Yes, I could've said or done things differently and I didn't. Now I glance behind and realize my mistakes. I learn from them so in the future I will be a better version of myself. And in retrospective (& comparing to last year), I did quit my job and landed in a different place. Oh how things and perspectives change... (for the better)

Proud of? I don't know about that. Grateful for? Yes. I am grateful that my boyfriend left me because I would never have left him and the relationship was clearly a compromise to my being and to my authenticity. I feel now that I lack the courage to live life on my own but I won't always feel this way. Is there something I wish I had done differently? I just wish I felt differently. I wish I felt brave - fearless would be even better. I guess I'm proud that I increased my mood stabilizers following the breakup because they prevented me from calling my ex in the middle of the night in a rage or in tearful hysterics. I'm glad I didn't make a fool of myself in that way or sacrifice my dignity. At the same time, I wish I did have more of an outlet for my messy emotions, my wildness. As it is, I think I just keep my wild woman in a cage of pharmaceuticals. I wish I could at least cry. I guess I wish I'd cried more but I don't know. I don't know if more tears would have helped. I do wish I could get my voice out, it seems to be stuck inside of me, I've got a singing teacher coming in today to give me a lesson and I don't even know if I will have a voice to show her or not. I'll have to bring up some old videos of me singing to prove to her that I once did have a decent voice; otherwise, she'll think I'm some freak of nature with no hope of ever singing. I wish I'd done a lot differently my whole life but I really don't see how I could have done things any differently. I always did what it seemed needed to be done for my safety and sanity. I do hope I'll be brave again soon. That's all I can do.

I wish that I had cared more for myself in a productive way, but I am proud of myself for making more friends than maybe ever before in my life and opening my heart to so many people. I’m also so proud of my work as a teacher and mentor.

I wish I'd connected with the local Jewish community more despite physical pain and setbacks I'm proud that I taught a class on Midrash Ruth at Congregation Or Ami for Shavuot that was very well received Also proud that the Torah Chevre is still learning together

I try really hard to live without "should" when reflecting on the past, so no. I do not wish I had done anything differently this year. Things panned out the way they did on purpose. And I feel pride in that itself. To pick a moment with pride though, would probably be the summer Arctic Entries event that Aryn convinced me to share a story. There were maybe 75-100 people there, and I told my summer story about shitting myself at Girl Scout camp. She told me that saying yes to storytelling would change my life, and while I don't think it did, the mindset shift to "saying yes" has, and maybe that's what she meant to begin with. I think it also wrapped up a good tenure of working at GS. I tied the story back to working for the org at that time and how life comes full circle, and despite the shitshow of work the last few months, having that reflection will probably prove to be useful in ways I do not know yet.

For the most part, I've done everything I could have. I'm proud of making some big life changes and doing what I needed to do to move forward with my life

I'm particularly proud of the work I've done for the City of Sammamish during some very trying times, while not having any assistance or backup coverage. This has allowed me to write more personally than I have in a very long time.

I'm so proud of our continued growth as a family, and how we continue moving towards clarifying our values, and making them guide all of our decisions that we can.

I wish I had worked harder to focus on making healthy changes for myself. I also wish I could regain my patience during trying interactions with others. I’m proud of trying to be helpful to family and friends when I can.

Something I wish I had done differently? I was judgmental when I could have been kind, and even when I knew I was doing it, I didn't always stop. Sophie is the best example -- I want her to be able to tell me things, but I know that my tone of voice, questions, and expressive face makes her hesitant to confide in me. I can do better, and I wish I had been able to create a space for her to feel like she could share her life without judgment. That's not to say that she doesn't love me or share things about her life, but particularly around romance and boys, she isn't quick to share with me.

A lot of questionable things this year - especially involving men. I still can't decide though if I wish I'd done them differently or if I'm proud of the decisions I made. I don't know that I'll ever feel clearly about it. I'm proud that I traveled; I bought the tickets and made it happen. But I do wish I had taken more time to plan carefully how exactly I wanted to spend my time before going.

I wish I hadn't wasted so much time on James. I should've ended it as soon as it was clear to me we weren't compatible. I sacrificed potential opportunities for friendship and also some of my hobbies (cosplay) to spend more time with him. I can't get that time back. To make this less negative, I will also mention one thing I'm proud of - I'm proud of myself for conquering my social anxiety and getting better at going to Meetups and talking to random strangers. I don't have any lasting friendships yet, but that's the first step. Also, despite a few setbacks, I continue to rebound, rather than letting myself fall back into depression.

I wish I had kept up a gratitude practice. I have plenty to be grateful about, despite all the chaos, loss, arguments, and isolation. It might have helped me see the light amidst the darkness.

I wish I had made the decision to get help with organizing and decluttering my condo sooner before the displaced rats from nearby interstate construction found their way into my condo. I ended up hiring a company to help me pack up much of my belongings into an off-site storage unit. Now I have to decide whether to try going thru things and organizing on my own or to re-connect with the organizer (who is also a therapist part-time) I was going to hire before the rats appeared.

I wish I had not let my wife take so much of the sleep-related responsibilities of our baby.

I wish I had learned earlier this year (or in years past) to accept and love myself for who I am, rather than always trying (and failing) to be what others believe I should be. I also wish I had learned earlier to stand up for myself, and to reject negativity in my life.

I have not given up on breastfeeding when the start was harder than I imagined. I have not given up on breastfeeding when I started working again. I'm not particularly proud of it, since it honestly just felt like the normal thing to do, but some people in my environment react as if I'm doing something extraordinary.

Nope. I kick ass! Proud of? Fuck yeah! I did all the hard mental and emotional work of healing, and I'm so much better now. I taught 7 women how to backpack. I threw myself into dating and found my self love. I helped my friend with a car. I decided not to talk to toxic family members. I worked through a shitty job with my head held high and didn't engage in the drama. I lost 40 fucking pounds and feel so goddamn beautiful! And I didn't starve or deprive myself, I am eating better than ever. I feel so good inside and out. Maybe the only thing I wish is that I had a chance to say goodbye to my sweet Banjo. RIP my pup.

I wish I’d just finished my dissertation! I was so close! Now I’m rushing to get it done with everything else. I think I could’ve done a better job of getting help with the mental health issues. Alternatively, this life change has been massive, and I am proud of myself for handling it as well as I have.

I wish I would have spent more time exploring improv. I always came up with silly reasons to push it away..I don't need to wait till I move into the city to sign up for a class! I could reach out and ask for financial assistance if that's really stopping me.. I am proud of landing a job in the Jewish non-profit world. I feel competent and accepted. FINALLY.

I'm still so proud of our wedding. I'm sure everything thinks their own wedding is the best one they've ever been to. But ours really was - for us. I think it expressed who we are beautifully. I have so many happy memories. The photos by our friend, Dave, are beautiful, black and white, and candid, not posed. We shared our favourite music. We gave lovely speeches. There were some really nice little touches. I'm trying to think what else I've regretted this year. I'm getting quite good at not hanging on to regret. When I put up the shelves in the kitchen with my parents a couple of weeks ago, I made a mistake when measuring where to put the bracket. I should have measured twice. Measured from the middle point. It was a very deliberate mistake. But even when you're being careful, you can still slip up. I drilled 8 holes in the wall the size of a pound coin unnecessarily that we weren't able to use. But you can't see them because the shelf covers them up, so it doesn't matter. I've come a long way. My lovely wife (still feels weird to say that!) has helped me remember that I made a mistake when booking our train tickets home from Paris for our honeymoon in September. I somehow managed to book them a day later than planned. This really bothered me at the time. I was so annoyed with myself. But it turned out to be a brilliant piece of luck. It meant our journey home was slower and more relaxed. We didn't have to make any connections in Paris. We had a whole extra day to spend together in a city that has become really special for us. We're both really glad it happened. If only all of my mistakes and missteps could be so fortuitous!

I'm especially proud I shot my self-financed documentary and I'm proud of myself and glad I managed to quit the school job that's been weighing me down for a while now

Interesting. My "wish I'd done differently" last year was "build in more time for feedback on scripts/essays from friends," which I did 3 times this year. :-) • Wish I'd made more time for online dating, made it a habit, had a bit more fun with it. • Wish I'd truly stabilized my bedtime at 1230 AM or before.

I wish I didn't get so anxious and freak out about whether or not I've upset other people. I wish I had better boundaries and not taken on other's pain. I'm especially proud of my weight loss.

I don't think so. It's been a tough but exciting year to be on my own. I suppose studying harder would have been good. And perhaps working harder on improving my mental and physical health. I'm proud that I have completed my MBA (finally) and that I have mostly coped being single.

I wish I had tried harder to get things done ahead of time. Flying by the seat of your pants is no way to live. I am proud of the hard work I did to renovate this house, however. I hope I retain the skills I acquired in doing so. They could really come in handy.

I got promoted! After three years of working my butt off, burning the candle, wracking my brain, cycling through managers, roles, scope, and responsibilities, agonizing over switching teams, saying yes to too many things and delivering on some, dozens of philosophical conversations with mentors, colleagues, and sometimes mentees, sleeping, exercising, eating, moving to California, hurling myself outside my comfort zone again, again, and again, I did it.

I'm proud that I put myself out into the world this year. And I'm glad I've been rewarded for that. I really didn't expect this to be a good year. At all.

I didn't handle my daughters entering the world of boys very well. I was always suspicious of them (especially M) when they wanted to go out and "meet friends." I almost always grilled them about who they were getting together with. My own fears of someone pushing them into something they don't want to do sexually really got in the way of healthy parenting. Why can't I trust that they are good girls with a handle of what's appropriate and not? I guess I know horny teenage boys and I didn't want them taking advantage of my girls. I've mellowed out, but there's still remnants of that for M when she wants to get together with a boy. Just today, she asked if she could go to the mall with so and so and so and so, both boys. I asked her, "do you like them?" not sure why I needed to know that. She said, "no," and I could see she felt uncomfortable with the interaction. When I asked her about it, she told me that I usually have an issue with her getting together with boys. I reassured her (but I was lying a bit) that I didn't have an issue and that it's a healthy thing to like boys. Truth be told, I'm still uncomfortable with the whole thing. Also, J had a boyfriend this year for the first time. That was a real learning experience for both of us. I didn't always handle it well and asked her multiple times if she was having sex with him. Oy, the thought of that is icky to me.

I graduated. I said this for question 1 as well, however this truly is a massive achievement for me. One I did not think I would do. There were times last few years when I did not think I would be alive for much longer, the suicidal thoughts and urges were that strong, let alone finish a degree. This is my big achievement, i am still alive and i got that degree

Last year we had a lot of travel plans fall through. This year I rolled over a week of vacation so I had 5 weeks to spend. We went to Munich, Zakopane, Krakow. I also met up with Toni in Portland and I went to Martha's Vineyard with Erica, China, and Hannah. Last month we went to Wrightsville Beach to spend time with Sundev's family, and in a couple weeks we will be going to Asheville for Kelly's wedding. We also plan to take a small trip (maybe to Red Rocks) over Thanksgiving and will be going home for Christmas. I'm glad I was able to travel so much this year.

I am super proud of myself for getting a permanent job, albeit in a different career, but I am so happy to have put myself out there, I hope it continues!

I'd like to give my mum more support and attention. Maybe spend less money - still have nothing saved.

This past year I wish I hadn’t second guessed myself. I feel as if I spent a lot of time doubting myself instead of just going for it. I have started using the idea of “what is the worst that could happen?” Then Deciding that that isn’t so bad. I needed to plunge into things, despite being uncertain. My self confidence took a bettering and I’m not sure why, I lost a lot of skill to handle and control situations and my public speaking, as average as it used to be, is now worse.

I tend to not live with regrets, or at least I don't see the point in looking back at past events that can't be changed. But this past summer I invested 3 months in Austin, Texas that I wish with all my heart I could take back. At the time I thought I was investing in my future at Jungle Scout and putting myself in a position for visibility that would essentially earn me a much deserved promotion. Instead, I experienced a toxic work environment that couldn't be more different from the remote life work experience. I battled office politics and friendships, hit a ton of roadblocks regarding a promotion and new hire of a content director, and overall felt disconnected to everything about Austin. I felt isolated, as if I was serving out a sentence and no more. If I could change those 3 months, I would have spent them in Toronto for a second summer with my friends and really learning if the city is a place I could see myself committing to long-term. I feel like I wasted my time in Texas with a gut feeling that it wasn't right. At least I learned that lesson, I suppose. But I can't get that time or Toronto relationships back.

I regret that I didn't do a lot of things for myself, I didn't read all the books I wanted.

Spending more time doing the things that have positive impacts on those around me, as it is these activities that actually naturally make me feel happy. This may mean going out of my comfort zone and finding like minded people from outside groups.

Between two physical moves this summer, I was back in my hometown for about a month. I swore to myself that while I was home, I was going to repair some relationships that needed a little TLC. This, in large part, did not happen. Part of the reason was logistical and part of it was procrastination, until I finally ran out of time. What I am proud of is that, because of my moves this year, I was able to purge a lot of material items. It felt good to pass them along, in the case of books, clothes, etc. to others who need or will enjoy them, but more than that, I purged some items with pretty significant memories attached to them and that felt like a huge weight off my shoulders.

I wish I'd trusted my gut more, and that I'd pushed for things that I truly wanted, rather than settled for things that were satisfactory. I'm talking about my job, which I knew I shouldn't have said yes to even as I said yes to it over the phone. I'm talking about my living situation in Harlem, where--despite all of the amenities--I feel stuck. I wish I'd been less fearful about the consequences of pushing for what I really wanted, and more convinced that I in fact deserve those dreams.

I have done the best I can. I have tried as hard as I can. I have talked as openly as I can. I have done everything I can think of to do things right. Maybe one day it will matter or make a difference.

Buying the house. It was all me; hubs doesn't have my credit history, so I bought this myself.

I kept going. I wish I took more time away from work after my mother died. I took a week off and then went back like nothing happened, never talking about the elephant in the room. But to be honest, no matter how much time I spent away from work, it's never enough. The grief always catches up with me and I haven't reached a point yet where I'm done processing. I know I'll never get over it but when will it stop hurting so much?

I wish I would have splurged less and saved/invested in my mental health. Therapy would have been especially helpful this year. Alternatively, I have made huge strides as a store manager and have made bold moves to fix what was wrong. The next few months will be a challenge, but I’m confident in my abilities.

Not sure - Probably lots of little things I could have done which I didn’t do or that I could have done better. Overall though I feel I am trying to follow my values and whatever happened led to where I am today. Which is ok, more than ok.

I am not in the frame of mind I need to be able to think of anything I wish I had done differently this year. Equally I am not in the frame of mind I need to be able to count my accomplishments this year.

I wish that I could stay on track with my diet and exercise. I got a good start last November, but I’m back where I started.

I think I have done everything I could have done to the best of my abilities given the circumstances. I do wish I had taken my knee pain more seriously, as it took me out of commission for a couple weeks which wasn't fun and I fear it could come back at any moment.

I wish I'd known more about the symptoms of my own depression. I wish I'd visited my sister and confronted her about her unhealthy romantic relationship. I am very, very proud that my monthly book club that started in January 2019 (from a 2018 New Year's resolution!) has been going gangbusters! I'm very glad I asked the pediatrician about my son's height and any concerns about that. I'm very, very glad that I'm strong and capable and able to help myself and learn about myself and do hard things.

I wish I had handled my depression a lot differently. I wish I’d handled my work a lot differently. Although I’m really not sure that I wasn’t doing my best. I didn’t like just throwing in the towel and waiting for someone else to help me. It was effective. I’m proud of my willingness to do what I needed to do. At the end of the day, I think I want to do a good job. I want to be successful. I have to remember that. The lens of my depression sometimes makes it look like I’m lazy and I don’t want to do anything and I do love indulgence but I love productivity too. So... I guess I’m proud of some of the self truths I’ve discovered and my willingness to be helped. I wish I had been able to stand up on my own a bit more. But maybe it’s better for me to practice letting go.

I took a really nice solo trip by myself to DR for my birthday. It was totally spur of the moment and I was nervous about what other people would think and how much it would cost, but I had the most incredible time reflecting and being by the beach by myself. I hope that I continue to make time for myself like this.

I wish I had been smarter about money. I don’t have quite enough to get by sometimes and need to budget more rigorously. I am glad that this year I have been more active in my union, and active politically. I need to feel I’m making a contribution.

I wish I hadn't been so hard on achieving special goals. I put a lot of time into my doctoral thesis and really put a lot of time into preparing for the stex and I don't know if that really makes me as happy as using time differently. Lifetime is important and you should think carefully about how you spend it. I am super proud of what I have achieved this year. On the one hand, of course, there are professionally relevant aspects. I have completed my doctoral thesis, passed the state examination. I have probably even managed a mark two, which I would never have thought possible, and was at congresses and meetings, made new contacts and noticed that there are other ways for my professional future, which are perhaps even more attractive for me. On the other hand, I've developed my character and technical skills. I'm slowly learning how important I am and my health is and so I decided to go to the reha on my own. I've started to overcome my sadness and slowly but surely be healthy in my own way. I'm so proud of what I've achieved in just twelve months that when I think about it, I can hardly believe it. But I would never have done much of it without Chris and I am so glad that he loves me unconditionally and always supports me as much as possible, even if it is sometimes hard.

I am proud of myself for finally going to see a therapist. I knew I should have been going for years- but that's okay because I am going now. I am learning to forgive myself above all, but also others for pain they have caused me- whether they were aware or not. I wish I hadn't lashed out at friends during the times I felt the greatest pain... but I am proud that with time and personal development I have apologized and tries to move forward as a more calm and collected person.

I don't have any regrets from the last year. Mostly, I'm proud of my work as a Community School Coordinator. In some ways I worry that I over identify with my professional identity, but in other ways I am ok with that. I struggled for many years to find myself professionally. When I chose social work I felt like I was on the right track. Once I became a community school coordinator, I felt certain I had arrived at the perfect profession for me. I am proud of the relationships that have formed, and the ways those relationships and hard work have bore fruit in my school and the community. I am gaining confidence in myself and the quality of my work that I never could have imagined 5-10 years ago, and that feels so good. I struggle with overidentification with my work and fear that this role were taken away from me I would not know what to do next. That said, I have not received any signals that it's time to move on and I am so grateful for that.

Not really. Shoulda, coulda, woulda. Money, health, work. Shoulda, coulda and woulda done it all differently, and of course better had I the courage, motivation, self-worth and sense! I'm proud of winning a few at work this year but there's still a long way to go in my personal life. I still don't get why I haven't started writing! If I can work that out maybe next year I'll start??

I am proud of sticking to boundaries (however amorphous) regarding the value of my time, my commitment to exercise, the events I attend, and the foods I put in my mouth. This year I lived my best life. I changed for the better, and am enjoying the benefits currently.

I wish I had chosen to make more progress on clearing out clutter and chaos in my home, though I am proud of the steps I have taken. It took a long time to create and I know it will take a long time to see the finish line.

I feel like I have gotten into a bit of a rut, so I need to start caring more (about my health, appearance, mental health), trying to meet new people (friends and potential partners), and working on my resume so I can get a little closer to home. I am proud of how much I've learned at pottery and at work, but there is always so much more I can learn.

I'm incredibly proud that I sought out psychiatry again after (and through!) all of the challenges. I had a very very dark end of summer/beginning of the school year, continuously losing weight and choosing my eating disorder. When I switched the meds with Dr K, my brain got even worse and my thoughts even darker. I'm proud of myself for reading my eater's agreement above the toilet. I'm proud of myself for talking to Bri, making the appointment, following through, asking for what I needed, and even attempting a repair. I'm also proud of myself for continuing to try to establish a firm community and support system as a new mother, even though it's really hard. Moms are busy. It's a small, already tight-knit community. But I know the reality of making friends is a solid commitment to continually putting yourself out there (right?).

Wish I'd taken better care of myself.

At the moment, my surgery is still at the forefront of my mind and experience, so it’s hard to reflect on other things. I wish that I had done better research into my health insurance coverage, so that I wasn’t sprung with a huge and unexpected bill. I’m proud of myself for making surgery happen, in a relatively short time frame - especially given how long this has been in my head, really well over twenty years as a possibility. I’ve also managed myself in that time, emotionally - not always the best possible, but the best I could at the time. I took part in a study about the impacts of mindfulness on mental health and I do think I’m still reaping the benefits of that. It hasn’t cured me, not that I expected that, but I do think it has substantially increased my resilience. I’m also really proud of the fact that I have had my full course of treatment for the required root canal therapy on my three front teeth. I still have to organise the crowns or whatever it is I need, which is going to be another substantial expense, but that just has to go on old until the new year when my health insurance resets. It was some of the most unpleasant treatment I’ve ever had, I did literally want to die at times, but I did it and survived and have even managed to instil - for the most part - decent dental hygiene habits. They’re still a work in progress, but I’m brushing and flossing nearly every night with the help of an accountability app. It’s kind of nice.

I wish I was working harder to find a better job, and I can continue to do so, I just need to ramp it up. As for anything I'm particularly proud of..I don't really know. It's hard because none of my accomplishments are anything major because my life is just at a standstill right now.

My work. I wish I had done things differently with the job an Netivot. I love my coworker and miss her now. Maybe I couldn't have done things differently, after all it had to do with my boss, not just with me. But I miss working with my coworker who is special. Sure we can try to be friend, but when you work with someone you see them every day. For the friendship that's much easier. Now I work at a job I love but with no one. And I miss my coworker.

It's October now and I haven't been down to see my dad since February. I wish that I made more time to go visit during the summer. He's not going to come visit here, I think I have to accept that fact. Now that M is gone, it's going to be easier for me to travel. I'm travelling down this weekend.

I'm super proud to have moved out of my parents house this summer. It's actually the thing I said I wanted to accomplish in last year's 10Q. It's great having my own space and helps me feel like I'm doing this adulting thing in a way that was just difficult while living back at home.

I wish I had been able to get money and school flowing like I had planned earlier in the year. But I am still stuck where I was in March. That said I've made great strides in getting my body back in shape. I've also done a lot of personal work that is building the foundation for my new career. It's not all together yet, but the pieces are there and now I need to put them together into a solid foundation.

This year I wish I had lived more in the moment, with a sense of presence, rather than worrying about my daughter's health. I wish I had taken more high quality pictures of my infant daughter with the good camera, as she has changed so much in the first year of her life. I wish my husband and I had gone to talk with a counselor sooner, before some of the mean things we've said to each other had been said. I also wish that we had taken more trips together while our daughter was easier to travel with. Now all she wants to do is practice walking - which is great, but kind of puts a damper on our own hiking expeditions.

After participating in a beautiful year-in-review process - reflecting on the last year that has been - it created space and time to really appreciate how beauti-FULL life has been...and to be really present in receiving all the goodness of now [vs. planning too much for the future or reflecting too much on the past]. So this past year has been receiving all the goodness that life has been cultivating, and really embracing that and being really grateful.