Describe one thing you'd like to achieve by this time next year. Why is this important to you?

With plans and hopes to start a family, I would like to tackle overdue tasks and the indefatigable to-do list before my life is happily turned upside down. Procrastination strikes worst with self-imposed marks, so to have created a system of crossing items, and holding myself accountable when falling short, will provide strong scaffolding for when that life-changing day arrives.

Make a resume. It's important to me because it will help me realize I have options for other places to work.

I really want to finish losing all the weight I have set as my goal this year. I am 3/4 of the way there and I want to once and for all be done with losing the weight and just be able to maintain a good weight for the rest of my life. I already feel so much healthier and have more energy because of my weight loss so far and I want to complete this task as part of being my best self.

I hope that by this time next year I'll have a robust spiritual direction practice, and a plan for how I want that part of my work to grow. That's nice to imagine. It doesn't need to be 100% of my work. I don't want to aim to quit one of my jobs by then-- that's just hard. But I do imagine that if I had enough work that was in the spiritual direction/retreat/workshop realm that I had to quit one of my jobs-- that would be a hard decision, but ultimately I'd be happier.

A more concrete side hustle. This is important to me because I know it's what fuels me. It's when i feel alive and connected to my purpose. It's when i feel in my body. It's sometimes when i can get out of my head.

I think maybe if I can Endure, with grace, that will be enough. Endure anorexia's horrible progression and voice coming through my child; their fight to take control of this and learn how to live with it. I, as the agent of Health and Sanity, slowly and empathetically pushing them on. Endure my grown son's self-inflicted life choices and the consequences it brings him. Endure my companion's workaholic practices and lack of coping skills so I don't lose him. Endure the isolation and what it does to me, a social soul. Endure the winter. Endure politics, stoically. Endure sickness, if it comes for myself or my family. Endure aging.

I'd like to have our house more organized, but with a new baby coming along that is going to be a necessity. Like always I'd like to lose weight, but that isn't going to happen during pregnancy. So I guess I just hope that we have made room in our lives for this new baby and found a way to balance what we need between work and home.

Achieve wealth doing what I love. I grew up often feeling financially co-dependently on manipulative mother / parents who valued me for the things I could achieve, but also seemed threatened by them. I was only rewarded good things when I exceeded expectations, while also being punished in small ways for doing just that. This has also been my experience with people in full-time work and friendships, and it's dawned upon me that most people will not want me to succeed in life and achieve artistic and financial independence. I have to make my own luck, with a little help from Up Above, work hard, and rely on the support of some good supportive friends. For me, I don't want money for money's sake. I want it so that I can be free completely from manipulative and undermining people in my family and ex-friendships; I can run away when I want to; I can build the biggest walls between them. There'd be no way to reach me.

I would like to be more comfortable with loving myself. I think that I took some important steps forward with starting therapy this year, and I am proud of that but am realizing how much work I really need to do in order to love and support myself as much as I do other people. I need to give a little of that caregiving ability to myself. I want to do this by showing up for my friendships and nurturing them, which in turn nurtures me.

Same as last year. I want my health under control. Including the sadness.

I'd like to achieve stability in my career--to find meaningful work that both sustains me financially and fulfills me emotionally.

Coach 1000 women to be fit fine and flexible. It's important because show how to have growth mindset and self care techniques to live a healthier lifestyle that specific to their internal and external environment. Break generational curse and taboos, traumas. Plant the seed of new era health is wealth and show simple effective functional actions to achieve and maintain.

I'd love to get promoted at my job. I know I'm doing a great job and my manager says I impress her, but it's been hard with COVID. Work aside, I want to get my license and become a US citizen so I can vote and travel to places without worrying about visas!

I would like to write twenty-five poems by September, 2021. Only in this last month have I realized that I have been a poet since I was fourteen years old when I wrote a poem that my Latin teacher described as "almost Greek in its intensity." I have written two poems in the last week or so. I would like to continue to make this a primary focus. Why? Because I love words and because the writing of poetry seems to come very naturally to me. I have been reading poetry and literature extensively all my life.

A year with my own art consulting business. I love teaching critique, I would enjoy offering a service on a sliding scale. Finally get paid for something I love, for the first time in 5 years.

I better be a manager by this time next year and the most important thing about from that is I want to look on at least 28 lakhs per annum like you know without having to pay tax for that stupid taxable like it goes to my bank whatever that term is. The other experiences I would have to like like to have is be married hopefully I will be actually by god's grace I'm sure I will be married by next month I don't know how that will happen but I'm open to that experience and I'm loving the fact that I will have something like that happen I'm okay to okay to have availment romance and I'm ready to accept my true happy best partner into my life. I believe I will be happily married professionally successful healthy spiritually inclined loved cherished and happy with my family

IYH I'd like to be in Eretz Israel for good by this time next year. It's important to me because it's the only place I feel at home, the only place where I feel like the color of my skin isn't a target on my back and I'm just another human.

I am a broken record: I MUST lose weight. If I am going to "enjoy" retirement, my health needs to be a priority.

Lose 40 lbs dammit! Vanity and my desire to live a long life weigh on me everyday, but don't move the needle of my actions very much. Finding a life partner to join me on the quest would fill my heart. That's two things, but I hope the universe hears me.

This year, I was able to pay off ALL of my consumer debt. My next goals are to build a $10k emergency fund and a $10k travel fund. Once those are in place, I am going to plug away at my mortgage! It is important for me to achieve these goals because my big goal is to move to a more independent role where I work from ANYWHERE in the world - and in order for me to do so, I need to have money saved and zero debt to do those things comfortably.

Do more art. I think I always come back to this or mention it, and I still believe art has a lot of power in connecting to oneself and others, to talk about the current reality and to imagine what could be.

Finish a short story in my post-austerity world. I would like to be able to finish a story again.

Oy gevault, I'd like to be *actually* married! We've said that we're sticking with our new date, no matter what (6/13 seemed like an ideal anniversary for a double-rabbi couple). We don't know what our day will look like, but we're going to make it happen.

I don't even know. I hope to achieve some sense of normalcy and routine. That's what my life is severely lacking. As well as community. And spirituality. I hope my next year I'll have remedied, for the most part, the severe dirth of all these things.

Financial investment; once it is COVID safe and my wrist is healed to travel twice and to take additional steps to see how I might make money helping Alzheimer caregivers.

Increased visits to my family and increased proficiency with Pickleball. Improved crochet skills. This is important because these make me happy and healthy.

Survive. Also, fuck it, get an agent. Make some progress on getting staffed. I DON'T HAVE TO JUSTIFY MYSELF TO YOU, 10Q. YOU'RE NOT MY MOM. (My mom is lovely and supportive. But I had to make the joke!)

God nothing. I feel so unmotivated and uninterested in literally everything but lying down, reading books, and going on walks. I just want to feel like myself again by next year. And have a goal.

I need some stability in my romantic life. All the years I have been answering these questions I have been in a state of either stasis or flux (the quantum physics of my love) but no stability. Always reaching for a partner to live with me and build a life with. I need that. I am ready.

I would love to have my depression better under control. It completely controls my life and makes me not want to live. I have everything I could have ever wanted, and yet the depression looms and makes everything terrible.

By this time next year, I hope that Nicole + I are actually married, and that all 4 kids spend half their time w/us, as opposed to the girls spending the vast majority of their time w/their mother, my ex-wife.

I would like to finally to trust in Hashem. It is the only way to live a peaceful life.

I want to renew my faith and my tender openness with both God and my wife. In ways that allow for quiet, sober kindness between us. Nothing radical, just a small hope that we can shed our thick skins and toxic veils of judgement.

I hope this is not an excuse, but probably like a lot of other people, COVID hampered my focus on achieving my goal from last year. As a carryover, by next year, I would like to be more confident and more powerful. Integral to that are where I live and what I am doing professionally and personally. RBG’s death brought home the importance. I feel anxious about who will fill her seat because I have no influence on the selection. I am excellent at solving problems that are within my sphere of influence, and it feels foolish that my scope is so narrow. I live my life too passively now. That needs to change. .

I honestly don't know. I feel like I'm in a pretty good place in terms of achievements. I'm happy in my job, my home and my marriage. My friendships could probably do with a bit of work, and I'd still like to be better at all the things I listed last year - crafting, writing, cooking - because I feel like those things are part of who I want to be. But I don't feel like I'm striving for anything right now, and that's quite a nice position to be in.

I will be able to fit into all my jeans. It's importane because I am vain and it will mean I am eating less sugary crap.

I'd like to be engaged and have a full-time career that I love.

I would like to finally be married, damnit!! I was supposed to get married on May 16th this year, but stupid COVID pushed our wedding to June of 2021. Last year I wished for a stable job...well, that happened! I'm working as my grandfather's private nurse! It's tough, but so rewarding. So at least that happened!

Obtain my teaching credential!

I would like to learn basic Spanish fairly well. Spanish is widely spoken language in the US, and I feel I need to learn it.

To be happy and be in a good place with my mental health. It's important to me because I am not in a great place currently, but I know I will be and I am working towards it.

By this time next year, I know that our new organization will have helped many young people weather the storms of COVID-19, the presidential election, and life in general and that we have achieved financial independence, and that we have a strong pool of followers and contributors to our cause to help young people.

The one thing I would like to achieve by this time next year is to have a published book for the world to read and thoroughly enjoy. This is important to me because it embodies all of the people who have influenced me within my life in the characters and the events of the plot feel as real to me as seeing your air on a chilly morning.

Discovered a sense of contentment within myself and to stop looking for it externally. I think this is very important for me as I have a fatal tendency towards 'the grass is greener'.

Work-Life Balance. I want my son to know that he is important, so I want to be able to prioritize him. I want to prioritize my health. I want to prioritize the things that are important to my soul and my life - not just my wallet.

Normally this is the hard question. This year it feels... almost irrelevant? Will there be anything left next year? will there be anything to do, other than just try to hold on? Things I want to do. Get my shop ready to move. Try to save a lot of emergency cash Try to stock up on emergency provisions... esp food and medicine. Treat any medical conditions i can while i have access to medical care. Work out plan B if/when we have to move. Make sure all my documents are in order. Become a citizen if i can. If it's save visit my Dad and also visit my uncle

I think I would like a healthier relationship with money. I have more than enough for my needs, but most of that was given by my family and I am not at peace with that--I feel guilty for not using it and for using it. Plus, while I am very happy with my life right now, in many ways I also feel like I'm in a temporary state, and much of the blocks to progress are around money: I'm not making enough, I'm not living in accord with what I'm making, I should spend what I have to buy a house but how do I keep up with that, I don't have the income to support this or that decision, I have the obligation to spend what I have on something good and I don't know how and it's scary to lose that nest egg, etc. So, I think that learning more about ethical money use and sorting out some values and principles around it--and maybe learning how to talk about it better?--would help me make decision that could enhance my life and the lives of those around me. It would also reduce the amount of fear I'm holding on to.

I'd like to be able to validate my kids' feelings and empathize with them, and only correct or call them out on something when it really matters.

By this time next year, we will have a six-month-old child! What I want to achieve in parenthood is grace with myself. I'm acknowledging how much time I spend tearing myself down for not doing enough. But what if I am? What if I am exactly enough for myself, for my spouse, for my child, for the world? What a gift to give us all.

This was my answer from last year: I am hoping that, through Mussar study, I will gain the courage to overcome my self-doubts and concerns and gain the courage and clarity to make the job/life changes I think I need. I know it is important as no one can do it for me. I will welcome the strength that doing it will make me feel. Although I did in fact, increase my study of Mussar, this year I will say that I hope the work I have done and will do with my Life Coach will partner with my Mussar studies and put me closer to a new career change.

I'd like to feel more confident in my dancing. I would like to have applied to another dance competition. I'd like to graduate high school. I'd like to have already decorated my room. I'd like to be more in shape. I'd like to be better at taken care of myself. I'd like to be better at loving myself. I'd like to write more letters to myself. I'd like to be closer with nature.

This question feels different this year than it has in years past. I’m not sure how personally ambitious I’m feeling. I do hope that I’ll find and achieve some additional creative projects (though I’m not feeling clear about what those are), but overall what I really hope to have achieved by the time I read these answers again next year is an increased sense of safety and hope for the future. Those seem to be sorely lacking this year, in this moment.

My husband and I would like to be pregnant (or with a baby) by this time next year. We both want to be parents and had originally planned to get pregnant this year but with me being unemployed for a bit if time, the current uncertainty of my husband's job security and the pandemic, this didn't happen.

Still trying to get started building my house... lots of reasons why I haven't started yet, but no excuses. So, my goal is to have at least started...

I would like to earnestly make an effort to declutter. I have piles of things everywhere waiting to be gone through, a closet full of clothes half of which I'm sure I've never worn and boxes and shelves of books waiting to be read. My daughter gets angry with me when I buy books because I have so many at home still unread. So reading more is something else I would like to do.

By this time next year I want to have done some activities to prepare for our retired lifestyle. This could be hiking the TRT or taking many trips in the CRV camper. Our big goal for the last couple of years has been to retire by 40. This year we've made real strides toward that: we have a budget, we have more in investments, and we've been watching a lot of PCT hike and vanlife videos. As far as the money is concerned we still have a few years to go. But we can definitely start putting hours into experiences that will be practice for retired life / van life.

I'd like to be a cash customer, untraceable but for the oils I leave on the currency. I focus on this because of my ridiculous, this time next century hope for the true collapse of the economy, as painful as that will be for those with the least. I dream of a replacement relationship that reflects mutual aid.

I would like to complete my first Pathway in Toastmasters - really complete it, not just do the tasks but realize some personal growth in the process.

Bridge, fence, and goats.

I would like to be physically healthier. I tend to forget myself when working. I neglect my illness (rheumatoid arthritis) until it becomes out of control. My plan is to complete my work on my current grant project by the end of this calendar year. At which point I will retire again and focus on my health in many ways. This is important because if I don’t take care of my body I will likely be confined to a wheelchair. I know I need to get and stay healthy.

when i first read this question i thought of soft answers like the kind of person i want to be. which is also good but then i overheard this ted radio hour talk that was on yesterday and this teacher was talking about her students and how they’re scared to set goals bc the idea of not achieving them would be so crushing. and i was like oh lol hmm ok that is indeed me! here are the things that come to mind: 1. get a job that i care about 2. move out of home 3. …therapy? 4. regular engagement w divestment from/reinvestment of inherited wealth 5. create more regularly. probably writing. why are they important to me? besides for the most obvious reasons: 1 because the more i have to do, the more i get done, and job-like structures help me make sure i do the things i want to do, either within that structure or in the time margins beyond it. 2 because i think i will be happier and mental healthier if i do not live at home. 3 because there’s a lot of stuff, esp about mood and vulnerability, that i still don’t understand but that i would like to understand and grow around. 4 because it’s important to me and i learned a lot of the tools and want to keep practicing them otherwise i think it’ll be too easy to fall back into passivity and that’s not what the revolutionnnn calls for. 5 because every time i do im happy i did, and it feels like everything is constantly destroying everything else and in the midst of all of that creation is a reverie. (opposite of war isn’t peace, it’s creation…….) funny because it feels like actually a very classic list. also in addition to all those things, lots of other things, like–fall in love!, be myself; make decisions according to my values; etc. i also just don’t know what job i could possibly get. besides childcare and similar, which are fraught because pandemic, and which also i feel like i missed my window for. so. feeling really stuck. also, last thing—a goal is to understand why i admire the people i admire, and to use that to help guide me in becoming the self i want to be. thinking a lot about the thing i read in the machzor last week (“when i die they won’t ask susya, why weren’t you moshe? they will say: susya, why were you not susya?”) and so want to get out of the “why am i not x person” but yes lean into “why do i so look up to x person, and without changing who i am, how can i lean in to the parts of myself that would make me feel about myself how i feel about them?”

I want to get a full-time job as an assistant teacher in a school where I can grow professionally and collaborate with the other faculty members. I would like to negotiate a respectable salary for my efforts. I would like to earn enough more than previous years to afford buying a car and to put away some savings in my retirement fund.

A full blown software startup company that is doing great and doing great things! All my friends and family are employed! My kids are happy and in relationships that make them happy!

I would like to lose the weight....again. I know it shouldn't matter, but my confidence and general happiness levels were so much higher when I felt good about myself. And, in this COVID age, it feels like it would be a good and important step to take for my health.

I would like to have a habit of hand washing before saying haMotzi. It's important because this is a new observance for the new year that I wish to bring into my home to make it more Holy.

I want my book done. It's time. It's moving now.

I like what I said last year. I just want to be doing the best I can be doing for the circumstances for me and helping others do the same (within all of our capabilities).

Connect to some kind of peer or work or performance or study group here in Tennessee. I'm here, but I could be anywhere right now, because I have so few ties to the actual people in this actual place. If I fix one thing by this time next year, I would like it to be that. Ideally I'd have performance connections AND students AND a line on some sort of study AND perhaps also coworkers too? And a worship community . . . But at least something that's real and in person, that's the goal.

I want to publish a second, maybe a third chapbook. I’ll be 75 in January. There are things I want to say, to offer, about the human experience. Time may not be on my side. My poetry is what I have left to give. I want my work to be accessible, to spark thoughts and conversations about our shared humanity, the suffering and the beauty in the world around us, to bear witness with compassion. If I change one mind, one life, I will be at peace at the end.

The one thing that I would like to achieve this year is to have a year where most of the time I feel warm and close to my wife and she feels the same towards me. I would like the spats that we get in to be discussed and over with quickly and peacefully and have them be understood and us feel close again quickly. Why is this important? I have feelings of failure about my behavior as a husband and I would like to not feel that way. Amy is a good person. Warm, smart, caring, a good wife, mother, aunt, daughter and niece and friend. She has so many qualities that I love and admire and I would like to learn to bask in her love and her to bask in mine. It would just feel so good and give me a feeling of being a good man and husband.

I literally have no idea. What I've realized is that what I am going to accomplish is out of my hands. I will fall into a course and if I pay attention I'll be able to commit to it and get somewhere. But if I am concerned with driving the ship in a certain direction, I'll be fighting against gravity the whole way.

I would like to either look back on a bunch of videos I created or articles I wrote because this will mean that I achieved a personal professional goal while educating, engaging, motivating and inspiring others to action..

Some clarity over my career and commitments outside work. I always want to do more but I want to slim it down... I can't work out if living in London just makes me greedy for money and actually I could live a lot more frugally and be more happy....

Financial Freedom. I want to be able to afford the life I lead. This means paying off all debt, operating on cash only for accountability. I know Credit is the American Way, but I don't want debt nor to pass it on to anyone when I die. It's an integrity thing.

I would like to be either working toward obtaining certification in HR or have just completed the test! I really enjoy this field, so in order to obtain a job, I would like to have this little piece of paper saying "This broad knows what she's talking about!"

I guess this is year 3 or 4 with the same answer. Get my spine healthy so I can travel when it's safe pandemic-wise. I have been doing 5-7 yoga classes a week since May plus 2-3 strength training classes. I am getting so much stronger - my core is strong enough that I can do some sitting leg exercises with ease now that I was unable to do at all in May/June. I need to be lots stronger so I can do a safari and travel to other remote locations and be able to walk and take in the sights without pain.

I would like to be happy all the time and never get mad.

Living in another country To prove I can do it To plan what is next To get out of here and grow To reconcile my environment with my beliefs

To feel like I demonstrated how important a new, meaningful, romantic relationship is to me by taking actions consistent with making that happen. I can't control whether it happens, but I can control increasing the number and quality of interactions I have that might lead to sparking a new connection.

I have two things: (1) I would like to feel more confidence and clarity around my career path in Israel. It's something that's felt so confusing and out of alignment since I moved here and I would like to have work I am proud of, or at least feels like it's in the direction of something that makes sense for me here. (2) I would like to have more confidence using my Hebrew. I still get so in my head sometimes and since I broke my wrist it has been hard to focus on this goal. I hope by this time next year I will have made progress towards speaking with more confidence.

I would like to get fit again. Sitting at home for the past 8 months has not been good for me and I miss moving my body. It's good for my physical health, but also my mental health.

I'd like to get really good at my job so that I can begin to expand my responsibilities more into the policy and legislative affairs area.

Every year I answer with some financial goal for my Norwex business or finding a job or increasing the number of readings I'm doing, and I still have those goal. Financial freedom is always a goal for me so I can put my energy into life and living without worrying about funding it. But, the one thing I would like to achieve by this time next year is increasing the time that I spend being love in the world. This is my spiritual growth journey and I want to live as love in the world, living from that connected place of love and compassion, and contributing to the raising of the world vibration by holding that place of love, creating from love, and living through love rather than creating from duality. I have so much love for the world and the people and creatures that share it with me. It is my heart's desire to see all of those creatures living happy, joyous, fulfilled lives in harmony with one another, bringing our world into a higher plane of existence, and letting go of the fear that distorts and corrupts the hearts and minds of humankind.

Build out my brand as a professional - have a clear vision for my career. It's important so I stop wandering aimlessly at work.

This is a good question, because goal setting and achieving has been a challenge in the last year. I would like to routinely take good care of myself. That I drink a good amount of water, eat nutritiously, exercise regularly, sleep well, practice mindfulness. I tend to look at life as though it was just this big mountain I have to climb and when I fall short, I am a failure. Instead, I want to enjoy this journey and be present for it.

Still be alive It's better than being dead of cancer

This time next year, I'd like to have reached TADD status - a first step towards tenure. It's okay if it doesn't work out, I have been living without the job security for quite a while now and I'm not making as big a deal of it as others. Still, I'm looking forward to an even stronger feeling of belonging and I think I might put more effort in my job if I knew that I'd be able to teach the same subject again the following year.

Not sure. Learn Ableton, for the pleasure of learning something new and realizing a crackpot idea (bob ross vaporwave)? Try to repair my relationship with my mother, in the hopes that she has changed? Keep at my current weight or less, so I can maintain reasonably decent health after joint replacement? It still feels pointless to plan anything more than two weeks in the future.

I'd like to be either in a job I like, or at peace with the one I have now. I expend so much mental energy on wanting to be happy at work, and if I can achieve that- either by finding a new role or learning to be content in my current one- I can use that energy in a more productive way.

As always, financial freedom and security. I am, and have been for sometime, too focused on having financial resources - and growing my financial resources. However, the fears of repeating 2008 are still too fresh.

Am sick of writing this year after year, and no longer have much faith that I'll actually achieve it. But I'll write it again because hope is the thing with feathers. I'd like to have a working draft of one really solid essay that I'm shopping around, and I'd like to be well on the way towards a clear book ideas/project.

I would like to have a fleshed-out book outline.

Live through the digital school year! While also working full time and staying happy and cooperative in my marriage. No big.

I’d like too have quit my jobs and started traveling. This is the time, it’s something I want more than anything, and it’s a promise I made to myself to validate my working though every weekend and all the (limited) opportunities for fun this year. If I am not traveling it means I’ve found an excuse to listen to fear (of the unknown, both during travel and fear that it will “set me back”).

By this time next year I would like to have spent every day up till then strengthening my writing skills and practice, so that I will have lots of material and the endurance to write a lot more at one time. Spending almost a whole year practicing art daily, making a mandala a day has taught me that skill is built over time. Talent can only blossom through practice. I mean, I knew this on an intellectual level, but it had never sunk in to my visceral understanding, the things I know that get cemented through trial and error. It’s just one foot in front of the other always.

Haha! It's the same thing as last year. I'd like to become certified in Emotionally Focused Therapy, which is turning out to be more difficult than I thought. It's important to me because it's the first therapeutic model that speaks so loudly to me that I want to do the hard work of certification (aside from Brainspotting, but that certification was a breeze compared to EFT). I see the results of this model every day in my work -- it transforms the lives of the couples and individuals I work with in a way I never would have thought possible.

By this time next year I would like to have my tax audit settled, my house use settled, and a plan for transition into a more fulfilling role. I am tired of living in limbo. And I say that every year, but I haven't figured out how to get out of it yet. There is no path to follow, so I need to spend some time meditating and focusing on seeing a path through the chaos.

I'd like to spend time on a regenerative farm, seeing and working through the seasons, looking after the land and making the most of it's bounty. It's important because I'm getting a lot out of discovering the natural world, and my small efforts to grow and to forage have been a source of delight for me.

I hope to have a job and a new home. I want to be more stable and secure.

Weight loss. If obesity doesn't kill me, depression will.

I want to lose weight once and for all. It's been bothering me for the last 25 years and I want to be free.

Most of the things I want to achieve are achieved through incremental commitment. For example, Sleep, Exercise, Sex. But I guess I want to get married by this time next year, which feels doable by legal standards. We'll see if we can have a party. The Sleep, Exercise and Sex are important because they contribute to my overall well being and sense of happiness. Literal long-game health. The marriage one feels significant and appropriate. I don't think there is enough room on the internet right now for all those reasons (pro and con and struggling with my feminism but also my pragmatism). It will honestly be weird to say husband I might still say partner.

I'd like a partner. This is important to me because I've built a beautiful inner and outer life and I want very much to share that, and I want to be chosen and invited into another person's vulnerable, messy and gorgeous parts and places.

I want to have finished my Epic story and put it to bed once and for all. And I hope to get to work on the next thing. After moving back, it seems things are possible again.

I'm gonna borrow my answer from last year -- I'd like to be "living my best life" in whatever city I end up moving to (or even staying home in Holmdel). "This is important to me because I find it essential to my happiness -- in fact it defines my happiness. 'Living my best life' means that I am content with all that is around me and that I am doing, which for me is the definition of happiness." I'll also add to that to be thriving in the five areas of wellbeing, which I think goes hand in hand with living my best life and being in a state of flow.

By this time next year, I would like to achieve a life of peace and calm. I will have created a career of bringing peace and calm to the work of food service workers. I will be wearing only sustainable clothing, clothing that is durable and won't harm the planet. I will have lost 25 lbs. and developed a solid yoga practice. Money will not completely occupy my thoughts as it has for the past 30 years. I can't believe that I wake up every morning now and I don't worry about it.

I want to write a book in November, because I don't want creative writing to feel like something I've lost.

I would love it we have bought a home, and to have decided about where we will live and work for the next few yours before we come back. I know these are two opposing wishes; as we wouldn't be staying here in Perth if we have already decided where we will live and work in the next few years, but I feel this is important to set up the foundation for us as a family.

I would like to have our house in Platte City sold. Doing so would afford us the opportunity to purchase a small plot of land in Colorado and to pay down the camper more. We may also have to buy a newer truck and selling the house would help make that happen.

Journalling and writing. I need to express feelings and ideas.

I would like to say that I have had a serious vacation. Decided whether or not to adopt. And found a way to create the language for health prof course that is wiggling around in my brain.

I would like to find focus. It has been a chaotic year in a lot of ways and through it, I feel like I have become more scattered and distractable. Over the next year, I would like to become more focussed and determined so that I can achieve my goals.

By this time next year I would like to be solidifying plans to move from where we live currently to one of two possible locations of relocating to.

I would like to radically shift how I interact with my wife and two daughters. I have 12 years left with Pearl in our house and I do not want to squander them. I would like to set up a framework of quality time so that when she leaves for college in 2032 I will not look back on this period with regret.

This is so hard to answer. At one point this year, I wrote that my hope for future Leah isn't that she goes to grad school, or excels in a certain career field, or makes a lot of money, or gets married, or has children. My true desire for future Leah, at my core, has never been any of these things. They are all other people's desires for me. Over the next year, I hope that I continue finding myself, even if that means losing parts of me I have been holding on to tightly. I hope that I continue to make mistakes and grow. I hope that I am still reading and writing and learning about the world. I hope that I strive everyday to be my truest and highest self possible.

I'd like to be married! Lol whatever that looks like, and whether or not we've been able to have the wedding or the honeymoon on the dates we've planned, I hope we've started our new life together and that we are as confident as ever in each other and in the vows we made. I would also like to be at a better place injury-wise and have figured out what's next for me professionally.

I would like to be in a better employment situation. I would like to be in a meaningful relationship.

Maybe I should say passing qualifying exams. But I think a real goal I've had lately is to read more leftist theory and figure out where I stand politically. I've been vaguely calling myself a leftist for a few months now because I'm definitely more that than liberal but I don't think I can be more specific. This is also a kind of a funny thing to have as a goal because I feel like it's a lifetime evolution, ya know?

I want to write. I want to adapt a schedule true to myself

By this time next year ,I would like to have the ability to travel and visit my family.Also experience more financial freedom.

Read a whole book in Yiddish. Yiddish is the language of my family, of my people, and it's so important to me to learn it to connect to my heritage. And reading is the way into our culture, there are so many books waiting... I'm signed up to take Intermediate I and I'm afraid it's too difficult for me, that I won't be able to study enough/effectively, and that I won't make any progress - but it's been two years I've been studying and I want so much to make it over the plateau. Reading has always been my favorite way to learn, and being able to read a book will feel so successful and be so interesting.

I'd sure like to figure out what I would like to do with my life. I'm in my late 40's and I still don't know what I want to do with my time. I have a job that is ok and a great boss but it's not my passion. Does anyone else struggle with this? Is my life meant to be ordinary? It's not a bad life, but it's not thrilling either.

I hope Zander and I are married by this time next year! Wether that is the big wedding we are planning, or something more intimate.

I'd like to have completely gone through everything we own and decide whether to keep, throw, sell or give it away. It is a goal I've had ever since we moved into our second house 9 years ago. I'd also like to have decluttered my parents house as much as possible. Organization makes me feel in control of the chaos which is 2020.

One thing that's nice about med school is that it offers me milestones to work toward without me having to get too creative about goals. For example, between now and when I answer these questions next year, I have a MAJOR exam to overcome: STEP 1. When I read this answer next year, I want to have gotten past STEP1. If possible, I hope I got a good score! I hope I only had to take it once! I hope that I've started third year and whatever rotation I'm in, whatever one I've completed, I learned a lot and am feeling more sure about my place in medicine than ever. (That one might be tough..... and if that's true I hope I can be forgiving of myself in my doubts and second thoughts.)

I don't take this as a given: Having a healthy 6 month old son:) I've dreamed of becoming a mom for years - I yearn for that level of meaning and connection - not only with my own child, but with other moms in the world today (and those who came before me).

Well, I guess we really fell down on this one from last year. Very little of last year's goal has been achieved, so I think it will stand for this this year. Get the estate plan done and clear out the stuff. I feel like it's really irresponsible to not have our affairs in order. And I want to be at ease, which means no loose ends.

Again I'm writing about my job, because I don't feel that I've achieved what I wanted in the past year. Since the pandemic began, my work has felt entirely stagnated and there have not seemed to be any opportunities, so the past 6 out of 12 months didn't seem to have any options. But I hope to have something available in the next 12. Even if I have to work harder to make that availability. I am meeting with a mentor who is talking to me about growth in my role and growth in my organization, and how I can accomplish both toward what I need. I plan to read a lot, grow skills, and implement changes to get myself where I need to be. Even if I have to leave my current employer to do it.

I hope to be in a new job and feel like I'm making an impact on advancing education equity and racial justice.

Spend more time with family and friends. I need to feel more connected.

Get a girlfriend! I miss the companionship. It feels like something is missing in my life. Bit sad but there you go!

I'd like to either be moved into a new house or have purchased this one and be done with the kitchen. I know that seems petty, but we have lived our entire marriage with a sub par cookie situation and we love to entertain. This shit needs to be settled.

By September, 2021 the NPO I work for will be/look/by the numbers be sustainable! I will be closer to relocating to CA; I am exercising daily, and have increased my cardio (and know how to measure); I will have improved my relationship with my x-partner and my older son, and feel confident in my relationships with my partner, my youngest son and my parents and sisters.

I want to be financially free and independent. This would mean I am making a minimum of 15,000 a month between multiple streams of income. It is important to me because I want to feel secure and confident knowing I can help myself or loved ones out of circumstances we may not want to be in or save this money to adopt, invest in opportunities, surprise family or friends, etc. I want to give myself freedom.

Be moved into: my edit suite; my putative home office.

I'd like a new job/new work. It's important because I need to support myself! And because it feels central to life, although I want to make sure I don't become over-identified with it, where I tie my worth as a person to the worth or quality of my work. I am working now to shed what I expected of my work life in the past, so as to be as open as possible to the widest array of options.

I'd like to get external funding for a New Zealand study. That feels like a shallow answer, but it's important to me to feel like I have a research home here.

I'd like to make the JV basketball team at WGHS. I'd like to continue to improve at skateboarding. I'd like to continue to improve at cooking. I'd like to continue to achieve my fitness goals and live a healthy life. I want to continue to spend time with my close friends.

To sell a script . I need to make the dream a reality or face reality.

Funny but I'm so not into achieving anything! I will be happy to be alive at this time next year.

I would like a new job! Being a postdoc has been a good time for healing and growth and settling into Canada, but academia's not a good fit for me and I want a job where I feel like I'm making a contribution and being used effectively. I also want my job to not take away all the other things in my life that the academia-burnout-depresssion complex swallowed, like creative writing and exercise and time away and perspective. I hope my new job is interesting and pays well and challenges me to grow, but also leaves me time and energy for other things. I didn't finish a draft of my novel this year, but I think I can finish a draft of it next year and I want to do that and start revising it. This is important to me because it's a story and a world that I'm really invested in and I think it deserves to be shared!

Still working on trying to understand why I was blessed with this dope village. To work on my voice, in written, participatory speaking, and as a means to express ruach. I will never be a singer but if I could give myself a break, I could be a better member of my shul communities and perhaps even help comfort a mourner.

I've been working on a book for several years now. My first draft is done, and I need to send a book proposal to agents and publishers. Since I returned to college teaching and grad school, I've only been able to work on it during the summer. I hope to have sent out the proposal well before this time next year! I hope by then I have some clarity on what publishing route I will take -- if I don't get an agent or publisher, I will explore self-publishing options. This is important to me because I'm very proud of my book and want to get it wrapped up so I can start on the next one. Also, I want to work on decluttering our home. Managing clutter has been a weakness of mine for years, and it is very psychologically draining. I don't think I'll ever achieve a perfect Marie Kondo-level minimalism, but I would like to set things up so I can enjoy my home more, and also so that when I die, the people I leave behind won't have the current fiasco on their hands.

I would like to take a class in constitutional law, because the law and its interpretation is a vehicle through which to better understand the workings of our government. That is do-able. Another thing I want to achieve is to have better numbers on my next dexa scan.

I'd like to have a place of my own again. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed having my own kitchen space, even if I don't much enjoy cooking.

Really struggling with thinking to the future as pandemic living combined with fire season has us living very much "in the now." I hope that Riley and I will have completed 3rd grade via distance learning without too much emotional trauma for either of us, and maybe even with a bit of grace, self-compassion and pride.

By next year, I hope we have started our garden and enjoy time outside.

Next year I would like to be more trusting of myself and relaxed due to that.

Better restraint in dealing with my daughter when she gets me upset. I would prefer that we always keep things peaceful around the house, especially during these chaotic times.

I'd like to be further steps closer to a sustainable healthy living lifestyle, this project I have started this year and which has been feeding my soul. I would like to have lost 40 pounds, maybe more; to have found and maintained a consistent exercise routine; to have continued to find peace and comfort in taking time to take care of myself, cook for myself, eat real food all the time. Stop hiding. More important, to have hiked, and climbed mountains, and kayaked lakes, and dug ditches, and planted gardens, and built things with my own hands. I want to be living more in my body and spirit and less in my brain and mind. I know my healthiest, happiest life is somewhere in that formula.

Different employment that fulfills my need to be socially engaged. I have spent too many days and nights unhappy because of my work and I need to take a risk, take a jump, and find myself a new path.

A regular income. Whether it's working for my mom a bit or someone else or my biz, I need steady income. I'd like to have my studio running and have some firmer plans/ideas about life after 21 for Jackson.

I would like to get more in my spirituality. I’d like to focus on my craft period.

By this time next year we will have moved into our new house, I will hopefully have changed jobs if not careers and I hope Lucy is going back to school. I also hope to be running distances again and overall being outside in nature a lot more.

I would like to be employed, but in a job that brings both satisfaction and joy.

I'd like to know where I'm going to live. It could be this same place or somewhere else. If I move there could be significant implications. By this time next year, and hopefully much sooner, I would like to have a budget for myself. I would also like to have completed my end of life documents: ethical will, plan for funeral etc.

I would love to still be doing sports multiple times per week. It just makes me feel so good and relaxed and at the same time it clears my mind and centers me. It changed my life so much for the better. It is a magical place and I wish to go there as often as I can.

I'd like to have more weight gone and be healthier. It is important to me because I want to be around for my family for a long time. I am tired of hurting and physically not keeping up.

No goals. Too old. Be alive for another year?

By this time I would like to either have secured a tenure track faculty job somewhere, or at the very least I would like to work on a research paper that I would aim to publish. I feel I write the same thing for this question every year, and it gets more and more depressing each year when I haven’t accomplished that goal. This is why I am adding the research paper twist this year. I can not control whether or not someone hires me, but I can create my own research by leveraging my modeling and simulation skills. If I recognize that my lack of published research is the primary thing missing from my CV, then independently working on a research paper for publication is about as much as I can control. Typically the time to do this would be in the summer after classes have ended, but it would be good to lay the groundwork earlier to make sure I actually do something.

Find a meaningful job. Not only will it help us financially, but I will be able to contribute to the success of a company and to learn and share knowledge. I need to be around people again!

Normalcy - but I bet you that is everyone's answer. I have to say I am pretty proud that I have achieved last year's goal. Next year, I want to be in a place where I have established my routines, family...work...exercise...volunteering. This year, I let go of some of my basic routines that brought me so much enjoyment. Our last foster dog went to her furever home in October 2019 - we didn't take another because of the move. I stopped going to pilates, because of the move. Although I continue to walk with friends, that is once a week. I am looking for ways to get back to visiting my mom a few times a month? I just saw her last night for the first time since June. Covid willing, I want to be in a space with becomes my new normal, but incorporates those activities that benefit my personal health and well-being.

Not be so afraid that we can pay for Lucas’ school. I’d like the have finished my book.

Survival? Honestly, we've been stuck in survival mode for nearly 5 years. I'd love to find enough stability to move out of survival mode and figure out what it means to actually live.

As soon as we get the all-clear, I am going to travel everywhere I can. I am going to take my children and I am not going to worry so much about timing and other bullshit. GO GO GO GO GO and see the world!

To successfully set an internal boundary to not be so mean to myself.

I would like to lose more weight (maybe even get to 150 or 155, perhaps). I hate that I'm writing this, as I know it's not in my control, nor is it the most important thing in the world. But I think I really want to be more healthy and fit, and losing weight is part of that. The other side of the same coin is that I would like to get back to a regular exercise program.

i would like to be in a committed relationship. this is important to me because i believe that life experiences are meant to be shared, that love is a mitzvah and i want my daughter to see a loving relationship.

I would like to have lost enough weight that 1) I don't feel my belly in my lap; 2) I feel healthy 3) That I can wear clothes that I used to love but can't fit into anymore. That I can look at a photo of myself and go -- that's me. I don't need to be the size I was when I was in my late 20s. But I don't want to be over 200 pounds either. It is about what I look like, I'll admit that, but it' s about so much more than that. I never lost the baby weight after I had my kids. I am also an emotional eater. I want to lose the weight but I also want to be a healthier eater. I want to get to a place where eating sweets is something I occassionally do and not all th time. I want to get to a place where eating fruits and vegetables doesn't feel like denial to me. And I want to do be able to say -- I did it. Not some drug. I did it -- my discipline and effort, with the support of my coach and my community, but I did it.

Making a space of spiritual healing for any who wish to participate. It is my purpose and the world needs as many versions of this as possible; any way we can extend peace, healing, and community is essential for our humanity.

I want to find success, joy and wonder at my new job, which I start the day after Yom Kippur. I want to feel fulfilled and proud of my work again, and of the organization I've chosen.

I'd like to have a decent job with steady income. Improve my housing situation. Feel that I can afford living on my own, even in modest conditions, instead of sharing an apartment with strangers whose lifestyles don't match mine. I'd also like to have a better social life. Live in a place where I know I have friends who want to be with me. A relationship would also make me happy. I'm not desperate to have a boyfriend, but I miss having that one person who accompanies me on my path.

Be more conscious about the environment and how I can help reduce climate change. I would like to help make the world safer for future generations.

By this time next year, I would like to be on a better sleeping schedule so that I am more present when I am awake.

I would like to work on taking more space and time for myself. I want to stop feeling so "time poor" and the only way I'm going to be able to do that is to slow everything down and let people know what I am taking on and what I'm not taking on. There is so much damn urgency all the time and it's not good for any of us. I need to slow down and look at what's on my plate. I need to tell the people around me what I'm willing to take care of. I need them to also look at what's on their plate and tell me what they can realistically take care of and when. Part of being a leader is modeling this and empowering others to do this. First I need to make sure that I am able to do this unabashedly and without guilt or shame.

My answer is the same as last year. I would like to have a friend in the town in which I live. This sounds simple, but it isn't. I don't make friends easily and, having moved here, three years (now four years) ago, I have found it very difficult. My small circle of friends are on the west coast while I am here, in NC. I do try. I'm active in my church and am taking art classes. I have acquaintances, but no friends. I do think it is possible to die of loneliness.

Love Galore. Love in all that I am without limits or restrictions. A full and healthy integration of work, family, friendship, health and finances. Residence in an unconditionally loving and supportive home where I can cook, play, make love, dance around, create, paint and take respite.

One full year of online school full time. I want to prove to myself that I can do it and can go further in my academic career. I also want to start that history blog I wanted to do years ago

By this time next year I’d like to have my venture turning some profit and supporting my cofounder and I, and being able to juggle family and the discipline to work! It’s important to work on something I believe in and still take care of family needs!

By this time next year, I'd like to be set up so that I'm working on things that I enjoy while making enough money to support and enjoy my life. Right now, this means setting myself up for some consistant-ish freelance work that will also give me enough time to put effort into some of my creative hobbies and grow some of them into ways to make money as well (as long as they stay fun). But hopefully, that can turn into spending more time on some of the other things and less on the freelance marketing stuff.

Take more initiative in general. Whether it's asking friends to do something, whether leading an initiative at work or school or with Megan. I suppose I should be happy that I surround myself with strong-willed people and those same people who want to include me in their plans. But I’m creative, I should make more unprompted offerings. I just think about the “Music That Made Us” activity I initiated with Steve and Phil. It’s given us so much. My intuition around these types of experiences is sound. I should follow it more.

Overall I am happy with where things in my life are. I am healthy, I am in a good place in my career, I have a lot great relationships. When I switched jobs it came with the largest salary I have ever had, but the pandemic has caused that to potentially change and it puts my financial situation at risk. I don't want the fears of living paycheck to paycheck or going into debt to haunt me. I don't need a ton of money, but I do need enough money to pay my bills, have a social life and contribute to savings. Not having that money fear by this time next year would be a relief.

I hope I'm pregnant. I'm ready to love more.

Continue my weight loss to reach at least 140 lbs. Possibly less!

I would like to have a up and running wildlife pond in my garden to give a bit back to nature.

I vacillate about completing my SCUBA certification. By next year I will be completing my year of ILP training. I think this will help me put my principles into action. Also, next fall Andrew's assessor run will be in full swing and I look forward to supporting him through that.

Be on the way to buying a house.

I guess this is more what I’d like to see happen. A better government and restored faith in the power of democracy and voting. For me personally, an improved way of handling stress and finding balance between work and life.

By this time next year I want to be on the path to making writing and line producing my career. I'd like to be able to do it properly so I can start placing in contests and find my way to get a agent/manager/writing gigs in writers' rooms. I also want to start working on sets when we are actually able to be on set again. I'm wasting my talent by working as an assistant. I want to see something of mine that ends up on a screen.

I really need to get control of my eating and my weight. I was in a really good place pre-quarantine but that was after letting it get out of control in the months prior. I’m not happy with myself when I gain weigh. I don’t want to be as intimate with my husband and my self-esteem suffers. I’m starting to see the bad habits form in my kids and I don’t want them to be burdened with body self consciousness the same way I was growing up. I don’t want to be unreasonably thin; returning to a size 10 would be a good place.

To let go of my anger - finally. I read my last year's responses and I was so, so angry. I still am - if not angrier some days. I'm angry now, and my tone is annoyed sounding. I admit it. I want to let go of the hurt and the anger - really let it go. I'm not sure how, I've been carrying this load for 40 years, and it's only gotten bigger. But I think if I could let go of my anger and hurt, I'd have more peace and love in my life. I'm getting older, my sass is turning bitter. It's not a good look.

Find intimacy within myself and with another. Shared experiences are precious.

I hope that I'd been able to breakthrough my rank as a junior concept artist and establish myself as a comic artist/digital illustrator online. It has been an important goal of mine. To be able to overcome the fear, procrastination and paralysis do not only mean I can finally share a piece of my thought with the world, but it also means I could do what I willed myself to do.

I want to have my own place. I have given up on the idea of a family and a partner, so I want to focus on starting my own company and get a place of my own, where I can invite friends to stay over and always have a bed ready for visitors.

By this time next year I would like to have discipline down as a . . . discipline for myself. To have scheduled days to do certain chores, to maintain a clean, ordered environment, to have a steady bedtime, and morning and nighttime routines, and to have a regular writing habit is what I'd like to add to my life by this time next year.

I want to know, even in a small way, where I'm heading. I don't want to be "here" anymore. Don't get me wrong: I will be content to have this job, be loving my family, baking pies on the weekends, but I want a clearer picture of where this is taking me. I don't need to know where I'll be in five years, but I want to know this time next year, that I'm closer to it.

Work thru materials brought home from work office. It wii mean a new pattern has been established and proof I have time I’ve been lacking in the past

A better relationship with my health, because it is a huge part of my life and gets in the way of my peace and good quality of life

I’d like to be debt free. It’s been such a rough and tumble year. I’m ready to live a life that I plan for myself, not one that kicks me when I’m already down. I have my goals set so we will see how far I get.

Early in the pandemic, people were talking about how sheltering in place was giving them an opportunity to do all of the things they didn't usually have time to do. All the new hobbies they were developing. All the bread-making they were undertaking. All the books they were finally reading. And I was... just doing my best to make it through. In the coming year, I'd like to keep going, and I'd like to leave space to build or learn if or when I feel able. I'd like to keep giving myself the room to do what I need to care for myself and for those around me - even if it means I never grow a sourdough starter.

By this time next year I will be retired. I'm looking forward to it, while trying to do all the things I wanted to do as a teacher before. then. I guess the thing I would most like to achieve is a plan, a purpose, for my retirement.

Honestly, my answer is the same from last year. While, I've gained more confidence with dating and determining who I want in my life, it still feels difficult when it doesn't work out. Additionally, I'd like to work on the perspective of how I view my body. Celebrate what it can do versus consistently telling my body what it is not. "By this time next year I would like to be in a committed relationship with a romantic partner. It may seem silly to some people that this would be my goal, but, on the flip side, I've achieved, and have, a lot of things other people are working towards. Being in a place now, where I understand what I want and what I am looking for in a husband, that is making a huge difference in my perspective."

By this time next year I would hope that my child is able to go back to in-person school safely, without it causing risk to his teachers and staff. This is important because I want him to be part of that community, and I want to be able to marvel at the mysteries he accomplishes and knows instead of struggle with him to gain them.

Have my book underway, and working on all the projects I have listed for my retirement

I'd like to get a real handle on my depression. It's always been there, I've just been high-functioning. But this past year, the combination of events has me plummeting into a deeper depression. It's not a good feeling and it's not the way I want my kids to see me. I'm taking meds for it, but I'm not totally happy with them. My doctor recently left the practice, so I'm on the hunt for a new doctor as well.

The same last year - new home at the countryside with lots of trees, eating what i plant, drawing in the nature, with my cats and new family. And with the guy i love. Getting healthy and thinner.

To be debt-free. Do not want to leave any debt to my children once I pass on

More activism.

I pray with all my heart I am a mother. The second thing I want is to be living in the US. both these things are somewhat out of my hands and that is hard. Besides that, could I find some kind of inner peace with my work life??

I would like to raise money for a good cause because it is the right thing to do and fun!

Conversion. It's been a journey to say the least. I've stopped and started what feels like a million times over the last 17 years. But I'm ready. I thought I needed to be clear on the reasons why I was converting and I thought I had to have faith in and active g-d. Really I just needed to start expanding my definition. In my heart I'm a jew. In my mind, I'm a jew. Now I want to be a jew on paper. I want to feel like an equal when I sit with my family at temple. I want to feel like i'm not the stranger walking among them but one and the same. I want to have a tribe. I need a name.

Becoming more public, because I want to be more involved.

I would like to have my own apartment again, but first and foremost I would like to have a thriving and successful stationary business. I want to be financially stable, independent, and healthy. I also would like to have my own car - for the first time ever (because I live in NYC and there really is no need). Another very important goal is to lose weight, eat better, and nourish my mind, body, and soul with vitamins and natural remedies. Last but not least, I want to build a healthy relationship with someone who will be my life partner.

I'd like to have found a time of true rest. It doesn't have to be a long time, but just a time when I can let go of worrying about others. This is internal. I don't believe others are asking me to take responsibility for their experience, yet I take that on in a way I don't wish to.

By this time next year, I'd just like to be Happy. The truth is I haven't the slightest idea what next year has in store for me, and that's alright. Whatever I end up choosing to do, wherever I may be, whatever global health crisis is occurring, I just want to get to the point - be it through therapy, a job, a relationship, meditation, hobbies - that I regain that excitement I once had about the future and contentment with the direction I'm headed in; to feel grounded again, whole. Once I have that, I know my Happiness will have returned.

I honestly don't know what to write. I'd like to have my house clean. My father's estate settled, my will written... But somehow I can't put those as a timeline this time. I think, I would like to have written down at least one family story so that it doesn't get forgotten. My father was the storyteller of his side of the family. My mother was the seeker of stories on her side. I feel it's important that the stories be remembered and shared with future generations. It helps to know the stories of the past. It makes it easier to see where things are headed in the present and the future. Patterns repeat but you won't know it if you don't know how it was woven in the past.

I would like to be settled into a rhythm with grad school and expanding in my awareness and working from home and spending time with my new furbaby that I have yet to find and a boyfriend I have yet to find. I think its doable. Putting it out there. Success in mind.

I want to take back ownership of my artistic career! I’ve been held back for so long by health issues, but the ADHD diagnosis and the hysterectomy will, it seems, change everything. I want to rehearse, and I want to truly pursue the real good that I know our company can do. I want to read plays and tell stories that make people see the world in a different way. I want to make art. ...In whatever way I can...

For the boys and I to complete a 20 mile hike (in one day). This is the ultimate requirement for the Hiking Merit Badge, and will also be a first for me. It's a hard task and we'll have to build to it.

I'd like my wife to be pregnant or to already have another baby vy this time next year. Also, I would like to have our own home by bext year.

I'd like to be in a steady relationship with a woman that I can clearly see a future with. For most of my life, either because I was too focused on other areas, or just didn't have the mental capacity to handle the pressures of dating, I haven't really acted on it. Now that I've entered my 30s, I feel mentally that I need to step up so I can reach my goals with my love life.

I would like to be teaching a yoga class in some context/setting. I want to finish my teacher training and get certified.

By this time next year...hmmm...living according to a budget. B and I will both be on government pensions without any other income for the first time. He will have retired and we will be doing our best to live within our means.

Just one? Ha. I'd like to create a really healthy body! Lose at least 50 lbs and increase strength and flexibility. This may sound like a selfish pursuit, but I realize I cannot be my full confident self who can also serve others until I live in a healthy home (my body). Anything else I do is people pleasing - not true service coming from a fully self realized/actualized human. I want to rid myself of fear, people pleasing, perfectionism and low self esteem. I want to be home to myself - and part of this means I am able to be a source of strength - real strength - to others. I also want to discover my passion(s) and purpose.

I have to smile. At least I'm consistent. Order. I crave a simpler life. I'm a busy person. And I've wasted far too much time and money and energy by having had a lackadaisical attitude about all this (call me the Scarlett O'Hara of organization). As noted in an earlier response, I have begun an effective (not punitive, not overly ambitious, but regular and satisfying) approach to all this and look forward to reporting in with myself that my personal environment is serene!

By this time next year I hope we have a baby. I'm 5 weeks pregnant right now, so if everything goes well I think we will! I'm so excited. I've always wanted to be a mother. I know that it will be hard, but I also know that I will love it, and that parenting will be incredibly meaningful. I can't wait to see Blake as a father :) It's pretty cool that last year I wanted us to make some movement towards homeownership, and we'll be closing on our new home on Wednesday!

Connecting to the light in those with whom I come into contact. Light begets light. And, we can all use a huge dose of light right now. To tune myself to perceive beyond the physical to the essence of others as that's all that counts!

I'd like to have a decent answer to this question!

I would like to have a more permanent situation in all areas of my life. A more permanent job that I don't dread going into. A more permanent home that doesn't make me have to hide. A more permanent sense of friendship/community.

I want to be my own boss paying my bills and living in abundance and good health. I’ve always wanted this. But this is the first time I’m taking action toward it. I plan on achieving this, this year.

Surprisingly unmotivated. There is nothing I know I can achieve. It would be good to have the motivation to achieve, as I have never had it, because it would enable me to do the things I'd like to do- like build hospitals in Africa, decent quality homes at cost, run courses in how to look after your health without drugs.

By this time next year, I'd like to be living my new life, the next chapter in my life. I'd urgently like to have moved on.

I want to achieve a restructuring of my life as far as my priorities. I want to rid myself of possessions and focus more on making memories with Lindsey and my family in Missouri. I want to see my close friends, like Dan and Joe. I want to spend time supporting and mentoring Hunter as he becomes a teacher. My goals are in the relationships in my life and not my possessions.


I am going to have a sustainable healthy exercise and eating regimen so that I can reach my weight goals and strength and endurance goals. I really want to do some major backpacking and some multi day hikes, even some shorter though hikes of 85-100 miles. I love those types of challenges and it feels so good to be so active and to be working towards a goal. I have always loved the hard work of marathon training. Last year we trained to ride our bikes from Harrisburg to the top of lake Seneca NY. It was really successful and a great time.

By this time next year I hope to have finished reading My Grandmother's Hands and made significant progress in my journey to becoming an Antiracist activist. I hope to have spent time and energy achieving a more just and equitable world outside of my school work.

I would like to have adopted a dog. I would also like to have at least a couple thousand dollars saved up toward general usage but also toward purchasing a loft in the future. In addition, I'd like to have moved close to or already be running a 10k.

To have sold things designed by me, my brands running no matter how small to start with. But finally starting with it!

•For me & Bubs to be living in a place I am proud to call "mine/ours" •Go to Cervantes with Mum & Bubs to visit Aunty S & Uncle M •To go on a holiday with Bubs (no plans on where yet) •Girls weekend away with C & J

I would like to survive the first year of parenthood without feeling like I've totally messed it up. I'd like to find a balance between being a person and being a mother. I'd like to write more. I feel like I say that every year. Maybe this will be the year. I would like to be less hard on myself. These are all important to me because they make up parts of who I am and who I am about to become - I feel like I'm expanding to incorporate a whole new facet of identity but I want to retain the parts of me that are already important to me.

Next year I want to have clear goals set for myself in my life that cover the parts of my life lost important to me. I’ve begun the process of more clearly defining my goals. It feels like the outlines are emerging from a fuzzy jumble of tasks, projects and “should.” Next year I want them to be sharply defined.

I don't know what I'd like to achieve this year. I'm having a hard time imagining having any time to put any plans in motion. I hope, by this time next year, I will have the space to even imagine new possibilities and make new plans. Maybe find time to take a walk on a semi-regular basis or cook a couple of meals per week?

I am noticing my resistance to creativity - to building a practice in my image. It is easier for me to follow a predetermined path. I am opening to letting god take the lead, placing one foot in front of the other and following the path, wherever it leads me. I seek to attract kindred spirits, so we can help each other along the path together.

By this time next year I would like for us to have finally bought a house. This is important to me because I want to build a home for Ezra and start investing in our equity instead of wasting money on rent.

Full-time job, most likely in ed tech, Making 60K+. This is critical for my long-term financial stability, my ability to save. Romance will develop when/as I have room for it. Friendships are in progress.

I'd like to be closer to my boyfriend, and find a way to let him know how loved he is. I want to lift him up from the sadness and cynicism of this last year. I really really hope I can reach him.

I want to achieve a photography show. I want to get writing published. I want to use, and not waste the talents I've been given. I'd like to be a better friend. I know how hard this year has been for me, know that others are feeling it too, and want to be a more compassionate and thoughtful person.

I want another Baby! Last year I didn't specify. I wrote that I was hoping for our family to grow, it did because we have 2 cats and a dog now. So here I am specifying that I would love to have another child ♡♡♡♡ Maybe possibly finally draft up some sort of business plan for a bakery/Cafe?

I would like to have really finished organizing and sharing family stories, pictures, and letters - no more messy piles. I want anyone who cares to be able to look at our family stories in a way that makes sense. I want the love and the truth to be evident. And I don't want to leave a mess.

I'd like to have completed my Masters. Not only would it open up a new career opportunity but give me a real sense of accomplishment that even at my age you are never too old to learn

I would like to lose the inches that I've gained through pandemic. I'd like to build up that muscle again.

Get back to playing piano for a majority of my time.

I would like to finish my podcast and put it out into the world.

I'll accept the challenges of my work with an acceptance of my role, whatever it might be.

Pretty much the same as last year. I am choosing two things. One - I want to have my living room redone. My clutter and lack of a reasonable living space is a dark spot in my life. I have cleared out much of the room, but I need to do more. When that is done, I will paint and possibly have the floor done. Then comes a new couch and possibly other new furniture. This will be quite an achievement for me and will make me more comfortable in inviting people to my home. For the other - I am very excited about the new work that I'm doing and am taking the rest of this year to build up my inventory before I avidly promote it next year.

I would like my marriage to be in a happier place, to be a loving, thoughtful, available and trustworthy partner I want to be.

The most important thing I'd like to achieve is to become a parent. There are other things I want to achieve. I want to have a more stable job at this time next year. I want to know where I am going in my career. I'd like to have a poem published, and I'm sad to say that I still don't, even though it was my goal from last year. I'd like to be safe. I'd like to be happy. I'd like to have love and joy in my life. But most of all, a year from now, I'd like to either be pregnant or have a baby. I'm not desperate to have a baby, and I think that if I was still just early in my pregnancy next year, that would definitely count. That would be wonderful. But I'm learning more about what is important to me. A job is important, but more important is family. I want to live while I'm alive, and I never know what the future will hold, and I do know now that I'm ready to become a parent.

I don't feel like I can make plans now, when everything in my life - everything important to me - has been put on hold by Covid. Maybe I should. Maybe it would give me a sense of purpose and structure. But do I want to shrink my goals into something that will fit into this interminable, waffly, ineffectual half-assed lockdown?

I would like to have decluttered and organized to a point where I would be close to being able to move to my childhood hometown. I will be close to part of immediate family and hopefully be able to develop relationships so I don't feel so isolated.

by this time next year, i would like to be alive and healthy. not exactly MY achievement, I know. Others that come to mind are actually for my son to achieve (self acceptance, continued growth toward healthy independence, peace), so i guess those don't count.

I’d like to be living with Morgan. I want to marry her one day.

By this time next year, I would like to have taken a few more visceral classes and added that knowledge and skill set into my practice. It is important to me because I feel like I got badly scared by the brain work and am more reluctant to risk that with clients... the visceral work is something that not very many people do, and if I can get a good handle on it, could be extremely helpful. (I never got to go on the vacation I had envisioned last year for this question, mostly because of time and money issues, and then of course because of the pandemic travel restrictions.)

By this time next year, I will be 60+. I want to be a healthy weight, pursuing healthy activities, have my house in order, and planning/executing the next phases of my life's plan. I have not traveled much. I plan to travel and see as much as I can afford. I want to experience things outside my little norms together with my husband. I believe travel changes you and it is the kind of change I am seeking in my life. I do not know if it will be possible, but it's part of the plan. I would like to celebrate with others. Socialize. I've never been one to invite people to my house, but I'd like to change that. I've been keeping a protective shell closed around me most of my life. I want to try vulnerability, and to allow others in.

By this time next year I would like to have completed reading each parahsha in Hebrew. For the first time, I read through each parashah this year in a mix of Hebrew and English. For most parshiyot, I wrote something about my thoughts/feelings on the parashah. This year, I'd like to focus more in on the connections to be drawn from the Hebrew, and dive deeper into repeating themes and terms through the Torah.

Maybe have training to do some meaningful work. (I'm doing Contact Tracing for Covid, but in Indiana, the numbers are dropping so there's no more work.) I've learned that I like to feel needed. I'd like to lose more weight. I lost what I gained in the beginning of the pandemic, but losing more would help. I've learned that I feel better when I weigh less. My mobility improves.

Romantic: I would like to live out my belief that true love exists and works, and that it is lasting. I would like to really love someone and for them to really love me, effortlessly. Fitness: I would like to work towards greater flexibility, do some more long-distance fun domestic cycles in the sunshine, get some more dance moves down eg some capoeira and breakdance tricks. I would like to get the backflip down! Music: I would like to expand my guitar repertoire and pick up the viola again! Language: I would like to expand and practice my little Spanish! Research for FEAST: want to have this underway or at least have taken steps to get it off the ground! This means allowing time out of / from my working week.

I'd like to save 10,000$. This is a very lofty goal but I've recently decided that I want to earn 10k before I make any more substantial purchases since I now have pretty much everything I need to live comfortably. This is also incentive to set my goals a bit higher and have more mature purchasing power in the future.

Hmm - at the risk of repeating myself every year, just more confidence. I don't like living in fear and missing out. I would also like to have left the city. I crave a simple life - open space, room for a garden, slow living.

Get rid of my GERD symptoms so I regularly sleep well and don’t feel I have to eat to ease the pain in my gut. Goal is to be healthier.

Surviving past the end of the Covid pandemic, and to a time of reduced threat to our Democracy. Reasons obvious.

I'd like to have something I've created (whether knitting/drawing/etc) that I could enter in a fair or feel proud of giving as a gift. I've all but stopped doing anything creative for years and want to start again

There are many things that come to mind. One thing? What comes to mind is becoming a grandmother, but that's not exactly something that I can achieve.

Complete two quilts or wallhanngings and enter at least one show. To be more productive and waste less time

I would like to have successfully applied to graduate school by this time next year. I don't know if I'll know whether or not I was accepted by this time, but the application will be in. This is important to me because whether or not I get into school and into the scholarship program that would pay for it will definitely shape my next three-ten years, and perhaps the rest of my nursing career. My husband has been fully supportive of this plan and has made a lot of sacrifices for my career. Besides disappointing myself and upsetting life plans and leading to a lot of uncertainty, to fail would be an insult to him and all his faith in me.

Financial independence.

I would like to have my own business running, I am starting now and I know it takes time to get things going. I hope to have it running smoothly, and fully booked of conferences and workshops. live and online. Having at least two books selling in Amazon.

Same answer as the last 3 years --- weight loss and increased lung capacity. This year I need to add more awareness of the impact of my actions on my body health.

I really would like to have a baby by this time next year. I look forward to our baby meeting their family by September. Fingers and toes crossed that it will happen. I have always wanted to be a mother and feel a deep connection to children. I feel it is something I am meant to do and look forward to going through the profound and life changing experience of parenthood.

It is not my own achievements I am looking forward to. It is the freedom to socialize, travel, explore retirement activities, etc. that I had hoped to be doing this year, which I hope I will be able to do in the coming year. At this point, I clearly have many fewer years ahead of me than those behind me, and I want to be able to enjoy them to the fullest.

I'd love to get this president out. It's important because he's killing people and making the rich richer while the poor are starving and becoming homeless.

No more Trump. No more Republicans. If we don't at least achieve the first, we are over as a country.

Be more fit. This has been a goal for awhile, years actually, and I've made some progress, but would like to see more. It's important to me because I would like to stay healthy, as well as participate in activities that require me to be fit and strong.

I'm going to quit my job! It's not the right fit for me anymore, and while there are so many things about my experience at my company that I am grateful for, I'm so eager to be done. And then...who knows? I have vague things I'm thinking about - writing, focusing on my son, yoga, meditation, self-care - but I don't want to tie my hopes to any one thing. I want to get to know myself and see where the year takes me. I want to find out who I am when I'm free, when the only bonds that hold me are those that I choose joyfully and willingly.

I want to achieve clarity on whether I'm officially semi-retired or just not working as much. The decision will make a difference in how I feel about the work I do, and in how I view the potential for work.

I’d like to have participated in some systemic change, no matter how grand or small, as an anti-rascist.

I'd like to figure out how to lay out our lawn area. I need to get someone in who knows what they're doing...because I don't. I'd like the yard to look nice. Right now, it's a mess.

Right now I’m into refining myself in a personal way rather than any other type of achievements. So I’d like to see progress. This involves all my relationships in a sense of my being more open & receptive to them. It involves my desire to see myself as a slightly (let’s not overextend!) more honest version of myself. And it involves my moving towards loving every part of myself: physical, emotional, & spiritual.

I was hoping by this time next year, I would be positive I would be getting tenure. But that seems to be pushed off for a year. So perhaps by this time next year, I expect to have a complete and robust enough tenure packet so I can provide for my family in the long run. Also, I'm looking forward to hopefully having a garage on the house.

Sadly my main goal is getting my weight down. My second goal is staying healthy and continuing my work outs.

It was travelling outside of Europe. And that will still be my goal but it is so so dependent on if Covid disappaears or not. So my goal is to write another novel during NaNoWrimo and at least finish one to proofread and perhaps send to a publisher. My other goal will be to finally really set up my own coaching business. At first next to my current job. Eventually full time.

I'd like to finish my online teaching certification, although I hope to never have to teach online at this broad scale ever again. I hope to find the strength of will to take on an effective sustainable fitness program.

I want to have established a simple lifestyle with friends, fun and a relationship that will be rewarding but allow me to devote the majority of my time to develop multiple income streams toward a larger goal of financial freedom. I feel all my goals can be achieved, but will be misery without some form of financial independence. It is the focus and the center I have been missing.

In 2017, I had hoped to get out of DeafHead and back into teaching in higher education. Two years later, I finally achieved it. In 2018, I was hoping to re-enroll in graduate school in preparation for writing a dissertation. Two years later, I am no longer motivated to even complete any of my two available PhD candidacies -- perceiving them as mere exercises in futility. Next year in 2021, I would hope that I have already gotten out of the rut which is my midlife crisis and somehow better figured out what to do with what's left of my life -- conscious, though, that it is not something easily achieved.

I'd like to be more mindful. I have less future than past and I want to be aware of what is happening.

Honestly, I don't know. Everything sort of seems to be hinging on how COVID pans out. No matter what, I want to get stronger and louder in my activism, and to be able to wholly refuse to settle for less than real rights for the minorities I'm a part of, and for other marginalized minorities.

I want to, I must, lose weight! This is important because I am running out of decent clothing. I also think the weight loss would ease my back pain.

I want to have more consistent joyful movement and physical/spiritual practice in my life that I want to contribute to a better connection to my body which in turn connects to reality. Without being too dogmatic, I would like to have a daily yoga and meditation practice. And I want to be accepted to 2-3 art and LCSW schools.

Honestly, I'm not sure. I feel like I'd like to be balancing a new leadership role and my teaching role. Not sure what that looks like, though. I'm excited about leadership more and more; I see it as a way to effect more change in a system that is deeply flawed. On the other side of things, I'd like to keep achieving balance - have lots of time for yoga and hikes.

Have our house fixed up and grow some food. I haven’t had time to do these things previously.

Cook more

In terms of achievement, I would like to be able to play several interesting and lovely pieces on the piano flawlessly. Important because I enjoy playing and I am finally serious about improving.

I’d like to achieve greater motivation for playing music again. Since the pandemic started, I’ve lost much of my drive for playing music. I’d like to find that spark again.

I’d like to get back to drawing every day. To be able to look back on a year of work and see growth would bring great satisfaction.

En realidad hay 2 cosas muy importantes y necesarias que me gustaría cumplir en el corto plazo: Construir mi casa y poner en marcha mi negocio propio. El más urgente es sobre la construcción de mi casa. Gracias a la herencia de mis padres ya tengo el terreno, lo que me falta es la construcción. Con mi pareja estamos planificando para hacer ese sueño realidad a inicios del año siguiente.

After I published my first article in May, I spent a couple of months not writing at all, due to the weight of the list. But then in July, I decided that I must finish my novel. I don't know that I will be able to have it completely finished in one year, but I would like to have a year of writing it 30 minutes a day under my belt. I think about it multiple times a day and although it may not be any good, I will finish it.

I would like to have saved $20,o00. It sounds like a selfish goal, but I want to have a down payment for a house to start taking mini steps towards my goal of being a foster parent.

I don't know. IP? Every year this comes down to acting for me, this one. I'd like to be starring in a television series. And have sold at least one script idea from Saint Sarah Shorts. But maybe there is a spiritual achievement too (what would that look like?) - that I don't know. My heart would be bigger, my compassion great, my wealth more generous.

By this time next year, I’d like to be actively engaged and participating in anti-racism work daily. I am anxious to see how black liberation can improve all the systems we need re-built or dismantled.

11.5 Stone and 20% body fat. The same one it's been for a while.

By this time next year, I'd like to graduate with my bachelor's degree in Judaic Studies from Gratz College. I've been working on this for 4 years, while working full time, of course! Although this college degree will have taken 45 years, I have enjoyed the Gratz experience greatly, learned a good deal, Jewish learning and self learning, and grown as a life-long learner.

Improve my French (for work and showing off)

A balanced life! Spiritual devotion and meaningful and deepened relationships with friends and family, deepened relationship with Holly and enjoyment of the sensual world. This is important to me - being more in command of myself rather than reactive to the moment or even to others.

Find someone to love. The why is obvious.

I don't have any personal goals that need to be set by next year. It is accomplishment enough to get through each day, each night, each week. Although I would be thankful if an opportunity presented itself for me to work on another publication or conference presentation in my profession. I'm not going to pursue just anything, as I have done in the past. But if a topic or collaboration were to arise, I would be interested in putting in the work on it. And I would like to get some work done on the novel I want to write. I really want to create that story, and it's been sitting so long on my to-do list. I'd like to have finally made some kind of work on it. Globally, I'd like the pandemic to be tamped down enough that I can see my family again and go on vacation to the Back Bay Inn. And I would like to see real policy change in policing and eradication of systemic racism. And without question, there MUST be a different president installed in the White House.

My recovery from my family disfunction and compulsive eating. The OA and ACA fellowships are incredible sources of healing for me. I feel connected in all aspects of my life, family and work. I’ve reordered my life and (un)learning every day.

If the world returns to some form of normalcy, I would like to figure out how to function successfully without burning out my spirit and destroying my health in the process. That includes exercise and spending time on myself, on things I love, with people, and wellness.

I want to publish something.

I want to do something monumental physically. I am focused on my health more now than I have ever before. I am exercising and eating right. I want to take advantage of my new body and do something worth remembering.

I would very much like to start down the path of an encore career. I am hoping this moment of reflection and communal pause will help loosen my attachment to my current position and the paycheck!

Teach a few classes: 1) Nonprofit management classes - on a) the donor perspective; b) coordinating a panel on nonprofit liability insurance & Directors/officers insurance; 2) Cash management for an agency that helps the poor or a bank trying to engage/rebank community members

positive attitude, maintenance of the good habits I've worked on developing, exploring the value I bring to my professional role.

By this time next year, I’d like to have the power to make or break the careers of indie artists - with the Iintention of using it to make them.

I would like to have finished writing and recording all 12 songs for my album by this time next year. And actually work with some promotion companies and get the behind the scenes heavy lifting done.

I'd really like to write that one chapter of the book. Like last year, it will prove to me I'm believing in a future for both it and me. Many of my activities this year (legacy cookbook, photo sorting) have been about the past, and I want something for the future.

A new president and senate. It's important because people are dying due to COVID-19. racism, systemic injustice. If we don't change this, all is lost.

I want to lose some weight, but more importantly, to learn to focus everyday energy into my own physical and emotional wellbeing. Over the past six months since the pandemic began I have been suffering not just anxiety and depression but frequent upset stomach, terrible acne, head and backaches, insomnia and general malaise/ennui. I need to learn how to channel my frustrations and emotional needs into physical activity, get out and away from the computer/phone more, and use this time of isolation to better my own health. Besides which, physical activity and fresh air are often the best solutions to the emotional darkness so if I could just break through those barriers I know I can get to a better place. Why is this important to me? Well, to put it into a real tangible light, we want to start a family and I worry that my emotional problems will make my body an inhospitable host to our future child. For the sake of our future and theirs, I need to do and be better.

Two things: by this time next year, I hope to be living in a different place (noise issues have affected my ability to sleep peacefully on a regular basis without being interrupted), but not just living in a different spot -- actually making it into MY OWN HOME. I've lived in my condo for 5+ years now and I still haven't made it homey. I want to actually feel like I can RELAX somewhere that I call home and feel relaxed in the space. The second thing I'd like to achieve involves the continual evolution of learning how to establish necessary boundaries in my life, so this year, I met and started dating David and so far, things are good and hopeful, 8 months in since our first date, but I hope to keep progressing, whether that means in relationship with him or (and more importantly) in better relationship with myself so I'm not repeating old behaviours where I compromise on things that fulfill me just to hang on to a relationship. It's been a slow and steady progression, learning about myself while I learn about him too and how to navigate our dynamic while I'm figuring out how to tend to all my hurt, and sometimes activated parts, but I hope to be in a more confident and settled place within myself by next year.

Lose weight! I will be better able to remain in remission!

I'd like to have figured out how to merchandise my designs, and how to move more quickly from concept to sketch to final design.

I hope to have a better indication of which direction my job is taking me. This is so that I don't allow too much time to elapse without knowing how I will contribute at work.

I would like to ride an Audax event. Less because of distance but because it is soemthing new, something out of my comfort zone. I think we all need to step outside what feels safe and comfortable sometimes but I also think it shouldn't feel like a punishment to do so!

I want to relearn to play the piano. I am making some progress on this since the first of the year, although impeded by side effects of diabetes medication since discontinued. I love playing the piano, the eyes, mind, and body working seamlessly together to create beautiful music. As my body heals, my objective seems to be reachable.

I want to build the business up and also be able to spend more time with kids and family.

I would love to have either a plan for, or already be set up for having a new baby by this time next year. It's something that I've wanted for a long time, and I want to help raise the next generation to make a big difference.

One thing I'd like to achieve by this time next year - just being happy, calm, accepting, saving money (doubtful), losing weight (also doubtful), cleaning up and organizing (also doubtful), successful at my job (possibly). I just want to accept myself the way I am. I want to improve myself to be a better person and be able to focus on what really matters (which actually isn't weight or even "health" or being tidy). It is important to learn and grow and yes, work on accepting myself.

I'd like to have my second novel either published or well on its way. I'm thrilled with my accomplishment, but I want to prove to myself that it wasn't a one off. I want to know I have the ability to stick with this and be successful (in my own terms, not necessarily societal vision of success). Of course it's a private dream inside that my novels will become popular and appreciated by readers. A movie deal would be pretty sweet, wouldn't it? In the end, however, it's really about proving something to myself. Hopefully I'm also providing something positive to others along the way.

I want to play more. Play more music. Play as teaching, or creative sharing of matters spiritual. I would still like to finish the article on the nature of Self. Mostly, I want to play music and my music to come from a sense of play.

finish the flooring in my house.

To meet and make new friends in my new home town of Tucson. I have lived the first 66 years, other than college, Living in the town of Libertyville, Illinois where I was born.

I am not aiming for something grandiose in the next year, but these are the three things I want to happen (in order): 1. I want to travel out of the country with my daughter and my girlfriend. 2. I want a new job as a tenured teacher. 3. I want to integrate my daughter into my new relationship in a comfortable and respectful way for everyone involved. This is important because this will set the course for the last years of my daughter's childhood and the latter half of my life. I want good things and I don't want to compromise any more.

Art...it's who I am

I want to slow down. I want to take more time to read, and to think, more slowly. To do this, I need to stop multi-tasking all of the time. This is important because I don't think I do anything really well, as I'm trying to do too much.

Uh. Does eating a meal at a restaurant - safely - count? Or maybe flying somewhere (again, safely)? Actually, scratch that, better plan - I'd like my various communities to be mostly intact. I'd like to achieve our nation, state, city, and neighborhood surviving.

Figure out what's next in my career. I spent my 20's doing one thing which I loved and was outstanding. The chapter ended soon after I turned 30. Then I took some time to relax and to learn and then did a residency with some researchers. Now, I need to start the next chapter.

I would like to find a better balance between my vegetable garden and the rest of my life, so that I don't feel like the garden is driving me during August and September.

Realistically, I'd like to be working full-time at my restaurant again, and not worrying about finances. More optimistically, I'd like to have a publisher for my book. I expect my relationship will continue to grow and proliferate under the warm light of love, and its photosynthesis.

By this time next year I would like to...I'm drawing a blank. I really can't focus on something new to achieve. I've been threatening to restart my creative endeavors - painting, drawing - maybe it will help me work through my grief to actually get that part of my life going again.

It's hard to think beyond the pandemic & politics, but before the pandemic stopped me, I was almost ready to sing a solo part at a performance. I have just started solo voice lessons on Zoom. I hope to be ready to sing a solo & have an audience by this time next year (assuming pandemic over, & I'm not sure it will be). At the very least, I shall be ready.

I would love to have studied my Jewish baking more, and to just generally improved my baking, and to be baking beautiful cakes and making myself happy!

By this time next year I would really love to be pregnant or be a parent. I know there are factors outside of my control, but that is my intention. Even though it's scary to bring a child into this world. Even though I feel hopeless sometimes. Even though RBG died and we'll probably get a conservative female justice who strikes down Roe and we'll be in a legal battle over abortion for decades, and even though Trump is trying to sow doubt about the validity of the election process and even though the Electoral College is completely fucking us, and even though climate change is probably going to kill humankind--I mean really, I was thinking about that last night--which generation will it be? That has to abandon this planet? Or that burns? Or lives underground? My grandchildren? Great-grandchildren? Is it absolutely insane to even procreate? I guess it's important to me to have children because it signifies hope. It's what gives this life meaning--family gives life meaning. Even if life is really scary sometimes. And maybe it's selfish to bring new life into this situation. Or maybe our children could cure cancer, or create a solution to climate change. Maybe. I bet they'll be smart! Reverse climate change smart? We'll see!

This one is easy. By this time next year I would like to have finished a final draft of my novel, have signed with an agent, have my manuscript under contract with a known publishing house, and to be working on revisions with an editor.

To be alive.

Again, I am looking for a job. I am no longer looking for a career, just a job to make some money. This is a big change for me. I longer feel compelled to have a career. I feel bad that my daughter is supporting our household instead of me.

I want really desperately to either be steady in my marriage because it's free of abuse or to be out of my marriage if the abuse doesn't stop.

I'd like to be consistently kind and loving in my interactions with my daughter. I feel very short-fused and lacking in compassion most of the time, stretched thin with work and maintaining the apt- cleaning, cooking, marketing- with the looming threat of COVID and lack of social outlets.

I would like to have Joe Biden as POTUS and Kamala Harris as VP. This is critically important because 45 and the GOP leaders in Congress and elsewhere have decimated our democracy, undercut American values, and created a situation that will continue to be detrimental for people in this country and other nations around the world... and for Planet Earth. I need to fight, write, call, protest, GOTV, vote, and more to help make change.

I'd like to be out of debt. This is important so that I can retire, or perhpas move to part time work. Not sure this is realistic re: mortgage, but I should be able to pay off student loan and continue to pay credit cards in full each month. And I'd like to have a clutter-free apartment by then. I have already donated a lot of clothing, but need to get rid of excess paper.

I want to be able to speak Dutch to my child and at his nursery to other parents My lessons have begun and it’s slow learning, by this time next year I want to be Abel to have light conversation with some other parents at. Insert and be able to read children’s books in Dutch to my son. It’s super important to us both that he feels fully integrated in the Netherlands and not like an English kid. I would love for him to learn another language when he’s a bit older as well as it’s something my husband and I both wish we could do better. It’s also really important to me that we can integrate properly, we are living our lives here and we want to be speaking in English much less so we can find more friends and prepare for our eventual citizenship test :)

HEALTH & RESILENCE. Two key compoents for my wellbing!

Taking better care of myself.

I want to complete my YTT because I want to explore different avenues for how I can be helpful in the world. I want to know whether I can offer something to others as a teacher. Selfishly, I also just want a new personal and moral focus to keep me going.

losing weight! It is really important to me because I want to be a healthier me. I have already seen the difference during this year. I have a way to go but I am determined to achieve my goal.

Teaching classes on project management. Making it logical and sensible.

getting better at dance and hebrew

As I reviewed last year's answers, I see that I was unable to 'find my voice' or 'be present for myself'...continuing to be moved about by the opinions of others. So - I guess that is still what I wish to achieve. Maybe if I put some actual steps down on paper, I might do better. It is one thing to WANT to do something and feel good about it, it is entirely a different matter to actually change a long standing behavior. Wish me luck!

A job. I mean, I will have a job but hopefully finding something and somewhere that I love and find work fulfilling. And making that work-life balance happen.

I want to be debt free and a money boss. No longer employed by SCT(V) Making $350,000 as a Coach

I would like to be in a committed partnership - either married or knowing when I'll get married. I would also like to be pregnant or knowing when it might make sense to become pregnant. This is important to me because I am getting older now and I would like to have children, and while I don't need these things just because they are cultural benchmarks of success, it would really be nice to understand being in a family.

Finishing the outside of the house. Because the color and updates will finally reflect who we are as a couple and how we treat our home.

By this time next year, I hope I will have another fulfilling year of rabbinical school behind me. Something I'm working on this year is to see myself a leader and to step into positions of leadership without apology. I don't know that it fits neatly into this type of question but that is where I am focusing my attention.

I would like to be earning more than I was at this time last year. I lost my job in March and was out of work for 6 months. We burned through our savings and retirement, and I need to recoup that money.

By this time next year, I just want to still have a planet, a society, and be out of a global pandemic. Personal goal, really, is to be part of the solution. Help create the world I want to live in, and do the work of anti-racism and dismantling white supremacy so that the world to come is truly build on respect, justice and equality.

I would like to achieve an equitable balance between work and home. I know balance is the great white whale of aspiration, but knowing what you want out of each arena of your life means you have a better idea of what you are ready to compromise on, in each arena, to give to the other. I think it is a constant evaluation process and check-in to see where you sit with the way you are allocating time.

Around this time of the year, I have big burning desires to achieve big things. But this year, I really don't have any burning desire to add anything to my plate. If anything, I want to create even more focus on the things that matter most to me, and sustain the quality of the things I'm already committed to. I think this may in part be due to the fact that there are so many unknowns still with COVID, but I might as well set myself up for success from the get-go!

This seems like a dangerous question since it feels like there is so much about this next year that is not in my control. I'm afraid to think about what I'd like to achieve that might not be achievable due to the Covid state of the world. So, to quote Brene Brown, I'll reality check my expectations. By this time next year, I hope that I will have continued to innovate and pivot with the changing reality and possibilities, and that I will have achieved a sense of satisfaction with the ways I have been able to be in the world. Reflecting on my answer from last year, I guess I did a pretty good job of "just holding my shit together" in a world where everyone was significantly challenged to hold their shit together. And while I didn't actually get to go to Ramah Darom for Pesach last year, it wasn't because they didn't want me.

I'd like to have done something concrete, either legally or in getting a face to face explanation, with/from the man who sexually abused and statutorily raped me. This is vital to me because it is a huge step in my healing process and forward movement; not facing this and working with it have been present in my life for so many years, and I am choosing to change that.

Read a book! More specifically one in Eng, and Span. Not that I don't read books. My boys get new books just about each month, spanish, english and biligual / spanglish books. That both mom and dad are able to read. But those are children's books. I need something for me. I have not done this for me. On an even more personal note.

I would like to make significant progress in compiling my family tree, which already stands at over 2000 names. I can’t go on paying the high fees “My Heritage” charges. Yet the service is excellent. I need to knuckle down and finish it to a degree acceptable to my overall concept of compiling a family history. Writing more pieces of worship music, as well as poetry are both, strangely, part of this overall project, since my own appearance in the family history is intended to convey how I was thinking at critical times in my life, rather than an account of all the impressive things I did, which are sadly few. Is this item, therefore, more appropriately located with the more spiritual question? Are my chief goals becoming spiritual. Am I subliminally getting my house in order, ready to hand over to the next generation? Quite possibly; even probably!

Same as last year: A closer relationship with God, with more wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. Go see my son and family. Get a good, reliable, reasonably liw milage car, on which EVERYTHING works well, with new tires and new battery. Get a part-time job that pays cash Lose 110 pounds in a healthy manner. Get more exercise. Get more healthy and strong. To be able to encourage and help others and share God's word. To have a blog and/or online business. To write, publish, and sell a book.

Myself? I don't know? Collectively? A new home office setup, a new livingroom window, having visited partners, friends and family, gotten a covid vaccine, had a wedding party. It's important because I am sick of being home, and I miss people, and I really want a party, and I want to improve the home each year. I should also lose weight but i hate restricting my eating and i hate exercising.

I hope to have improved communication with Karen and a heart more open and intimate to her. I look to be more at ease in social situations, and to even HAVE social situations!

I would like to have an income from my creative endeavors. This is important because I'm tired of working for corporations who demand my loyalty and skills, but offer nothing in return.

I want to know what our plan is (or, actually be living our plan). I want the house to be ready to put on the market - if we haven't already done that. I want us to have decided where we will live - if we aren't already living there. I will be retiring in June, and I am so ready to start the next chapter in my life. The current political and everything else climate of the country is not making this a joyous time. I am anxious and stressed about what I'll even be ABLE to do. I want this country to be back on track.

to have my house looking like it is ready to sell, I am kinda messy and have stuff always due to working from home, always, not just covid, being able to get rid of papers and paperwork. always envious walking into other homes and everything looking perfect and put away ALWAYS

I want to get a job in the tech field. Preferably as a coder, or have an internship as a coder. But I'll take anything. I'm tired of feeling like I'm going nowhere. I'm tired of always struggling with money. I'm tired of not being able to provide my kids with a financially stable life.

I would like my business EnchantKnits to be more strongly set up and making progress

I'd like to get my weight back down to the range where I want it to be. I've had so much stress in the last 6 months, along with not exercising because of the heat and the air pollution from the fires, that I haven't had the self discipline to keep my weight where I want it.

I'd LIKE to be in a stable, healthy relationship, but I can't control that one. (Reason being that I'd like to be on my way to a family, but...again, not in my control.) More realistically, I want to have my rainy day fund hit $15,000 by September next year...and $20,000 by December.

I would like to pare down my life--possessions, commitments, distractions, fears, ego cravings. If we end up needing to "flee"--because of political, climate, or other catastrophes--I would like to be able to do so with as "freely" as possible. Or if we need to be able to make space in our home and life for others who are fleeing, I would like to have the spiritual readiness and physical spaciousness to do so.

Implement a leadership course. It has been on my agenda for a year.

I have to rehab my shoulder so I can continue playing basketball and basketball, as long as I can. I am off to a great start and have the right pt to help me get there. Looking forward to traveling again and doing things I haven't been able to do this year.

More consistent time outside. Better time management and motivation. I think it will help me be more grounded and productive towards my longer term goals like graduating grad school and feeling more at peace internally and with my aging body.

As I'm counting down the days until I return to work and become a working mother, I'm getting more anxious about being able to do both well. By this time next year, I'd like to be able to feel good about both the work I'm getting done and the mothering that I'm doing.

I hope that we will be back to live interactions with people this time next year.

A few weeks ago I would say, get a new full time job that pays well. This week I'm saying, stay where I am, do something supplimental like figure out the local Tourism thing, blog, reach English, work at a farm or nursery two days a week. Enjoy your time with the family. Less stress and more enjoyment. Spend less! I would like to see my family. I want to do the women's triathlon!!!

I would like to have my junior investigators with beginning research funds.

I’d like to feel settled in to my new place. I recently moved back to Minnesota from the Bay Area in California. In my mind, I’d only been gone for a little while. In reality, I was gone three years, and was leaving much of my support system behind. To say that the transition was unexpectedly difficult is an understatement. I’m rebuilding my life again out here, without the communities of school or service corps that have helped me in the past. It’s been a bit lonely, but I am hopeful that in spite of the pandemic I can make new friends and forge new connections. I want Minnesota to be my home for a while; I’d like to see it feel more homey in a year.

At this time next year, I would like to not be afraid of this question. I would like to have enough faith in myself to believe that I can achieve something that I commit myself to. It's important to me because it's the underpinnings of living a fulfilling and meaningful life -- what Brene Brown would call a Wholehearted life. It's the basis for self-worth, and if I don't have that I don't have very much at all.

If I could have one thing come true, I’d like to finish the fourth draft of murder mystery by next September (just in time to tackle a new story in November 2021). Finishing a novel is something I’ve wanted to do for years and years. Doing this one thing would be the greatest affirmation that I am capable of writing, that I can actually follow through on my dreams.

I would like to reach a B2 level of Spanish language proficiency. For one, this has been a lifelong goal of mine. Beyond that, I want to continue to help the refugees at the Border. With their English skills and also in other ways I can find to be more useful once I can comfortably speak their language. Plus, I think it is important to know more than one language. And someday I want to be a true polyglot!

I'd like my work to go from strength to strength. I'd like to look back on the year and see that I helped to lift the dustcover off my community, and to amplify the clear call for climate action.

I'm still working on the family photos. I want to be able to share them with as many family members as possible.

I want to have my data collected for my dissertation. I want to be in the analysis phase so that I am on track to defend in spring/summer 2022

I will have the device in the military and commercial places, patents issued and happy investors. People will be hired, contracts signed and The world will be looking at greener jobs and less trash!! its important to make a difference for all humankind

i want to be able to run for 20 minutes straight. i also want to feel like i'm in the right place and i know it, even if that place isn't here. both take more effort than i've been willing to commit for quite some time.

I would like to have an improved expertise with watercolor and art. I so enjoy it and would love to be more adept at creating art that I am proud of and really like. I would like to be able to give a gift and know it would be enjoyed and appreciated.

I'd like to have finished the short story about my mom's dying. Our relationship was never close, until she was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Then her walls came down and she was vulnerable, filled with gratitude, and showing me unconditional love for the first time. I want to capture the bittersweetness of that experience.

I would like to be better at my martial arts. Broadly speaking, this is something I have been working on for a long time. But I have not been focused. This year I am more focused. It is important to me because it has become the bedrock of my life and has helped to keep me sane and to over come trauma.

The most important achievement will be to improve my relationship to Leigh, with Leigh. To establish a connection where she wants to trust me and share her life with me. In order for this to happen, we both will need to see a change in being responsible for our actions. 1) I to respect her space. 2) She to be more involved in the household. The tension we currently have is unsustainable.

I would like to be a homeowner by my 44th birthday. This is important to me because I feel like I’ve missed a lot of adult experiences that depends on the assistance of another person (marriage, children, etc). The only adult experience I can do by myself is becoming a homeowner. That’s why its so important to me.

Walk. I every day.

There is much I would like to see us achieve collectively -- a new president, a return to social and political civility, a new commitment to racial and economic justice, big steps toward addressing climate change. My personal goals seem small in comparison -- to get physically stronger, to advance my art skills, to move forward with playing piano.

I'd like to listen to more music and make more music. I've enjoyed music all my life and now more than ever, it feels important to engage with music again. It is important because it feels creative, physical and spiritual, and an expression of my heart.

Care less about everything

I'd really like to be in the best shape I've experienced in my entire adult life. I realise that what lies ahead of me has much less time to unfold than anything I've done to this point, and that I am at much higher risk of certain catastrophic health events, so the better shape I'm in, the less likely these things are to happen. Or if they DO happen, perhaps I will be better equipped to recover from them and deal with them. It's important because both my parents lives ended in long-term care facilities after strokes left them physically incapacitated. I don't want that to be the next big change in my life.

I want to build community again. I want to feel grounded and nourished and loved by community, and I want to nourish and love those around me. I want to also feel more of a sense of direction than I feel now—in this moment, I feel pretty lost. I also would love to find a place or a community that I can keep coming back to, because right now, all may communities feel scattered, and all the places that used to be home don't feel like they have space for me anymore.

I am knitting a coat. I want to finish that project. I want to be able to wear it in public and to be proud of the effort and dedication involved in completing a truly challenging knitted garment. It feels good to be praised by others. I also want to be able to play Fur Elise on the piano, which I never achieved in high school.

I feel a bit crazy saying this for the third year in a row, but I’d like to be pregnant or have a baby by this time next year. If that doesn’t work out, then maybe we’ll have started the process towards adoption.

I’d like to have another license for my job so I can grow my career. I want to keep learning and growing.

I'm shooting low this year. By this time next year, I hope to have found a few more ways to reduce my plastic consumption. And maybe feel confident enough to go camping, possibly on my own.

Surrender, total Surrender to Divine Source. I have come to accept that I subconsciously do not trust God fully hence this act of surrender will give me the opportunity to know and trust God personally. Everything else is superficial.

Clean the basement, because that's what would improve my marriage.

Going to a party and hugging my friends. For pretty obvious reasons, I'd bet.

I'd want to get my house in order. While paying for daycare we let a lot of stuff slide. It's time to fix things up.

One thing I'd like to achieve by this time next year is to lose weight. I'm bothered that this is my usual wish. I fail every time. Well, I lost 23 pounds last year but I'd like to lose 70 pounds. Clearly, what I'm doing now isn't working. I'd also like to have more integrity. I'd like to be more upfront about my feelings, be clearer, speak up more, disagree even when I'm scared. I'd like to be less scared. I'd like to lose weight because being fat looks ugly on me. I want to be attractive. I'm already a plain woman and an obviously middle-aged woman. I also don't want to die in my early 60's like my father and grandfather did. I'd like to have more integrity because I want to be more myself. I want relief and ease, to not be hurt because I wasn't clear with other people about what is ok and not ok.

I'd like to copy last year's answer and say "Just one? Working on the house, taking off weight, better control of finances. All of the same stuff, year after year. Digging deeper than that, what do I hope that I can say I've achieved one year from now when I read this? Probably greater inner peace. Like all of us, I have internal struggles, battles with my own brain. Self doubt, anxiety, uncertainty. I've been working on this for 6 years, with some successes and some failures. My hope is that I am further along in this journey, having more successes, loving this precious life and living it more fully. It's a journey, one baby step, one bite at a time." It just really doesn't change. Truthfully, in all of this, I am just plain tired of feeling tired. My weight is at the highest ever. I am not taking care of my physical health. All of the other things are important, but I really must take responsibility for my own physical well-being and do better. Period.

Since I'm without a job - I'm going to get one of those or create one. I want to be in an organization that truly appreciates, sees, and values me - that I don't have to fight every single day just to do my job. I want to do something meaningful and feel part of a community. I want to work in a diverse company/organization and be growing & learning & contributing to the culture.

I'd like to be in grad school for an MSW by this time next year. It's important to me because I'm really done with doing a job I don't find meaningful or overly enjoyable every day, and I deserve to feel like the work that I do truly matters. Furthermore, I know I would be an amazing therapist and I don't want to wait any longer to start down the path towards licensure.

By this time next year, I'd like to have a more robust referral network, improve my clinical skills further, and continue on the professional path I have made with a broader base.

Getting back on the writing bandwagon. I have stories in my head. They were starting to come out and then COvidtopia knocked me out of orbit. I have to find that groove again.

Something important I hope to achieve this next year is to hike and camp one section of the Pacific Crest Trail. It's important to do this because the daily scrum of 21st Century America is crushing my soul. Over the past two Saturdays I've ventured into the parched brown foothills surrounding our city and found peace. With a little imagination it's possible to look on a familiar place with new eyes, finding beauty in a scarred landscape. I want to take it up a notch, going beyond trails sculpted by four wheel drive trucks and amateur motocross.

I will publish my book by Oct 2021 (tentative alternative titles “The Urgency of Connectedness” or “The Power of Connectedness” or “The Connected Leader.” I will start working with my publisher in three weeks on 10/13/20 and we have a timeline based on me submitting my first draft manuscript by Apr 2021, six months from the. There’s another six-month process of editing, etc. that will complete by Oct 2021. I’ve been contemplating writing this book for years and am devoting this year to make it become a reality. I’ve also just been invited to have a byline on Forbes.com. I will publish excerpts of my working draft as articles once a month from Oct 2020. They won’t necessarily accept all 12 submissions. But I hope to have at least eight articles published in that time frame. I am staking my marker in the ground!

To keep exercising like I have been in the past 2 years

It's big, but not big: I want to keep my house clean. We plan on moving to a new home in February, so hopefully that will start me off on the right foot.

Now that 2020 has shown what it can do to plans, I’m not sure how to plan anymore! But I can say for sure I’d like to be debt free (or damn close). I think it’s truly possible by 2021.

I would like to continue building our savings account, so that we may get a house soon.

I hope that we have a family, but I don't view this as an achievement. I want to continue to build our home, to invest in our community, to live lives aligned with our values, and just LOVE my family and friends in all of the ways I possibly can, because what else is there? And I hope and pray desperately that this world will put itself on a path to healing.

Not miserably fail all my classes/not have a job and not be dead. It's getting harder to participate in "normal" life when the world is falling apart, surviving? There's still so much pressure to do homework and reports like normal and it fucking sucks. Even if things are wildly different from what I grew up with, I just hope I want to be alive for it.

Return to multiple "volunteering" (e.g. Bri Pen Senior Rides, donating blood, etc.)

I don't know if this is an achievement, but I hope by this time next year I will feel better both physically and emotionally. The many months of quarantine and not being able to go to to the gym, combined with a rough time for my spouse, have made is challenging to maintain commitments I'd made to self-care.

To immerse myself in sewing, banjo or fiddle, reading history, learning Yiddish again.These are all things I say I'll do and never get to. I think there's not enough time, yet these are the things that I know are what fulfill me. I devote all of my time to work, child and night time netflix and do nothing to replenish my soul. I also hope to have an ongoing meditation practice every morning following prayer.

I'd like to achieve being able to like myself for who I am. Why is this important? Because I am tired of always seeing things in a negative light and feeling like a failure. I want to accept myself, with all my faults, so that I can finally enjoy life.

By this time next year I would like to be a grounded and full time therapist/empowerment guider. This is important to me because of the value that it offers to people, to the community. The world in which we live in is so lost at times, we feel alone and isolated. We fight against values and ideas of success that are being shoved down our throat in order to feel "connection" "acceptance" and I want to help people find who they want to be so they live a life that is theirs not a life that they think they're meant to have.

By this time next year I want to be able to run 10km. I want to commit to running, or just commit to regular and consistent exercise. I want to give my body and health the attention and care that it deserves. I also want to make a promise to myself and keep it.

Earn 1 000 000 pounds per year. I finally accepted that money is good thing. They help me be free and achieve my dreams. It is very important, because I am going to use money to change my life and lives of many others. I want to fulfill my dream and create a design agency where we will be teaching children from poor backgrounds creativity and mindfulness. They are going to have a place where they can dream, achieve their dreams and be safe.

I want to feel more connected at my current job. This is important to me because I currently don't have this at all. Since I spent so much time with work, I want to feel more connected to the company--but this is very difficult to do when working from home. Plus, I want work friends!

It was a mistake to read my answer from last year because those goals, both well underway, literally went up in smoke. By this time next year, my goal is to be able to live richly under the poverty line, feeding us and sharing food bountifully with friends and neighbours. By this time next year, Project Culture will have helped foster collaboration, in community and professional settings, making it a modestly profitable consultancy.

Not yet there. I wrote that by this time I'd like to have accumulated enough money for the US trip Tamir wants us to take.. so in the meantime that is completely off the table, but it *is* possible that by the time it is a viable option again, we will have the money to do it. As for the idea that I would hire an assistant - I'm in no rush. I like things as they are. I think I'd like to go back down to 65kg, I'm currently at 70, and not happy about that.

By this time next year, I would like to have my masters completed and a job that supports me (and maybe that I even like and enjoy).


I would like to be set up and established in whatever will be my mode of support for myself so that I don't need to go out and get a job that isn't appropriate for me and my age.

1. Close two PACE deals. I think one is just about to close. So I should close at least one more. This would prove my worth to my boss and help bring in some much needed money to our family. 2. Figure out how to support my son academically and emotionally.

I would like to have completed some house renovations by this time next year - the roof on the deck, the remaining skirting inside the house, and a gate/fence installed so our backyard is full enclosed.

I don’t have anything I want to achieve. Finally, I am living in the present. Every day is another opportunity to make the most of whatever happens. I am content.

By this time next year, I want to be engaged to my sweet Theo. We’ve both agreed that we’re getting ready for that next step at this point in our lives, I’ve known for years now that I want to marry him, and I’ll be 30/he’ll be 32 by then. We already slip up and call each other our wife or husband in casual conversation, so heck! It’s time. Hopefully we will be happily living in a house and have a second pup as well :)

I want to write a song. Making music is important to me, and I wish I was better at it.

I want to declutter my house. I am sick of having too much stuff! It makes it difficult to clean, impossible to find items I am looking for and feels like an albatross around my neck. I am in the first week of a 12 week course to help me achieve my aim.

I would like to have finished my Masters degree and be in a role that I love in my current organization. While I love my job my boss is a narcissistic bully and I’m slowly dying. One day at a time. 😭

To give a lot to charity for all the poor people that do not have money as they used to when they could work. Have President Biden help everybody get a good education.

Make a habit of consistent strength and flexibility training. Why? Better health, feel better, delay the onset of future health issues.

By this time next year I want to have completed the substance abuse certificate. It’s less in my control, but I would also like to have restarted my CADC-I

Lose a lot of weight. It would assist to alleviate a number of my other health issues

I'd like to have a pain-free back and hip so I can fully enjoy an active life.

I want to be settled. Ever since my mother's cancer diagnosis in 2019 it's been a roller coaster ride. From diagnosis to treatment to improvement to relapse to death. Then throw is the death of a pet, a lost position, which we knew was coming since the diagnosis, but couldn't act on until it happened in August, and covid, and life looks like a sine curve. Circumstances mean we won't be settled until at least summer 2021, but I so hope we can settle soon after to begin the necessary acts of rebuilding.

Achieve. Every year I put something tangible and objective: write a book. Be in a happy relationship. Have lost weight. Let’s go with intangibles this year: spiritually wiser (due to desire for this that leads me to pursuing it deeper and more intentionally); physically healthy because of a desire to live the best life I can; relationally more compassionate, accepting and willing to take risks do better the relationships I have or may have. Much better!

Wow, so difficult to have goals in this climate. I can hardly figure where I'll be 2 months from now. Assuming I stay on the current path, a productive year of growing and building-literally and metaphorically. And have something to show for it in both ways too. However that manifests in relationship and emotions, I'm not sure.

By this time next year, I want to make sure that I have hobbies for myself and ways to make myself happy. I don't want to be just a mommy. But I also know that by being a whole person I will be a better mommy. I still want to finish my book. It feels like a long walk and I will eventually do it. Maybe have the book in the hands of a publisher by this time next year. I also want to get a few certificates if possible. Maybe some for work-related things that would help with being able to transition to something else after China. Maybe a teaching license. I want to be growing and continuing even while baby is here. I also want to get back into cooking and learn more about that. I associate it with the heavy lockdown part of the year so I've been avoiding it.

To be healthy and alive. To be able to meet with friends without as many restrictions. To ask 10Q to consider the circumstances of the world as it is today and ask yourself - why keep asking questions that cannot have answers that make a bit of sense in the times of Covid-19 and Donald Trump.

I would like to achieve more inner balance. I have noticed over the past few years that my ability to maintain balancing poses has decreased, and it seems to parallel what has been going on inside of me. I have gotten really good at juggling different things in my life, but this has been at the expense of my internal well being. I'm either this or that, but I need to be better integrated. This is true with my work, my music, my yoga practice, and my emotions. I feel that if I can achieve better balance, I will be able to get more papers done, write more songs, move further with my yoga practice, and be a better wife and human being.

Nothing matters more to me than getting thru this election and getting this monster out of the white house. I have been committed since the midterms to voter outreach and I continue to do that. I am sure that after the election I will still find many ways to carry on voter and issue-oriented political work.

I am starting to realize books take a long time to get printed, so my book, though accepted by Finishing Line Press, probably won't be in print this year. I certainly hope it is a hard copy in my hands by this time next year. As ever I wish I were seeing Maggie but that is out of my control. I wish Jamie had a warm, loving relationship with me, but that is also outside my control.

Hmm. I turn 50 soon. I'm still single, still living in a suspended state. I'd like to feel like I confidently have chosen where I'd like to be living for the next 50 years, and what I'd like to be doing.

If theatre comes back, I would like to perform in a show again. If theatre isn't back yet, I would like to get my VO studio set up and book at least one job. And one more goal would be to settle into my life here in New York.

I'd like to get a promotion. I feel so blessed with this job. I have a great team and a manager who gives me responsibility and shows me respect. After decades at a job where I never really moved up the ladder or did so slowly but without any accompanying increase in responsibility and respect, I know that I tie my worth in part to my professional accomplishments. I'd love to get a promotion to show myself that I've made it, that I've reached some sort of threshold where I can be proud of myself for achieving something big. I also would love to get a promotion as a sign that my job is secure — especially because my spouse has not found work in nearly two years. A promotion would reaffirm my sense of worth to myself and would help me feel better about my ability to support my family.

Yay for achieving both goals last year!!!! Crazy year to buy a new apartment and have a baby lol. By this time next year, I hope to have made our new apartment feel more like a home. Currently, I know neither of us feel settled into the space, especially since we can’t do majority of the apartment-based things we used to love to do, such as have a house-warming party. It doesn’t help we are still surrounded by boxes and haven’t hung up any of our art or pictures. I think being able to do all of that will make the place cozier. Without having a home base, it makes it even harder to build memories or feel stable as a family.

Something for the Village, be it a Village Wide Walk to raise needed money for our town or something else. I am finding myself very much loving my town, and I want to keep doing things to give back.

My health both physical and mental. I want to live a robust aging life

I would like to have a less critical eye. It certainly isn't godly and does not work well for me.

Not for me, but for the country. Let us slowly return to sanity! Personally, I would like to see positive growth in Torah and mitzvot for our community.

This is such a difficult question this year because it feels impossible to plan towards the future - especially as far out as a year. There are so many unknowns. There always are, but these unknowns seem so foreign and so unable to prepare or plan for. Another shutdown, another virus, a presidential election. I think by this time next year I'd like to achieve a sense of clarity about what I want. Not just with my working life - although I hope there, too. But with the way I spend my free time, the things I'm learning and doing and making. Clarity in my spiritual life. Clarity and understanding of myself. Things that are in the works now and are beginning, but that I hope I can go deeper with and put into practice more.

#COVID19 Survival. Really, that's about it. I'd like to make it to this point next year with home, health, pets, work, life, friends, relationships, everything intact and healthy.

Divorce is finalized. I can focus on the future.

I would like to get Dad's book " Heartsblend" published and made into a musical or screenplay. Using songs composed by Dad, siblings Robert and Nance, along with pieces I have written through the years. Additionally include illustrations and/or photographs from the family and friend archives. This would be a wonderful way to celebrate them both. Mom, who only recently "crossed over" at the age of 100, and Dad, who taught us to count our blessings and made his crossing in 2002, always demonstrated through love to trust and go forward with faith and hope in God's promise.

I would like to have my garden established and my house painted. Outside painted for sure, and inside painted would be nice.

Being a Mom! I mean, this seems pretty for sure, since baby is due in less than three weeks. Maybe balancing being a mom and integrating that into my identity successfully, in a balanced way. This is important to me because I'm realizing that is a big change I need to make space for, and I think it might be a challenge. But I think for myself, and for the baby, and our family, it will be important.

Lose weight and heal from years of stress on my body and my self-worth. It's been a desire of mine since I was little. I know it isn't actually connected to my worth, but if it isn't, then shouldn't I give myself health and wellness?

I'd like to have written 52 gratitude letters by this time next year. I'm six down and have 46 more to go..one a week. that's my goal!

By next September, I want to have some mastery of my grief over losing my father. And, not to be a broken record, but I want to weigh below 160 pounds by this time next year. Which means I have to get a grip on my grief and refocus/reenergize my goals. I can do that in honor of my dad and Sara. That is one thing I want to do. I didn't make my goal this year.

A better understanding of how to live mentally and physically healthful and longer. Take a trip with my family to Italy.

This time next year I would like to be celebrating the first year of Joe Biden's presidency, and celebrating Donald Trump being tried for crimes committed while being President.

I can't even think about next year right now just kind of taking it day by day.

My first thought is to resume my trips to the UK, but I don't really have much control over that, with the pandemic and all. So, for something I CAN control--I want to have made writing everyday a HABIT. I won't ever get published if I do not write regularly!

I would like to use the KonMari method to completely organize and restructure everything I own. I spent so many years with the majority of things I owned in storage that finally living in a house with just my boyfriend, it was too overwhelming to start. Now that I work closer to home, I can find the time and energy to finally deal with all my stuff. And in a year and a half we're probably going to move so better late than never.

I'd like to figure out how to get through enough of my work that I feel accomplished (at least most days) and that I'll have time with my family, too. I am new to this balancing act, going back to nearly full time work now that my kids are slightly older. Ideally, I'll be working during the time they're in school, but right now, school is home and I feel pulled to spend time with the kids during work hours. But my hours aren't as flexible as my husband (he's salaried, full time) so I feel guilty for not doing as much as he does, even though if we were back to "normal" I'd be the one in charge of all the kids school stuff (as I used to be). So I kind of don't feel badly that my husband is bearing the brunt of the school stuff, because for at least six years it's been all me. Maybe what I want to achieve is letting go of my guilt...

I greater level of patience in others, I find at times I get frustrated or discount others when I should not. I need to work on understanding that the values and needs of others are as important to them as mine are to me. Need to figure out how to meet in the middle to resolve issues.

Achieve? Sustained faith, a year without giving way to panic and despair, a year of relinquishing control over that which I am not meant to control. A year of helping and supporting Aaron without attempting to control what I cannot. A year of going with the flow, and letting life unfold as it's meant to. A year of exhaling. A year of trusting. A year spent becoming less overwhelmed. A year spent simplifying and shedding whatever is not sparking joy in my life. A year spent enjoying life -- with Jim and Dominique, with Aaron and Abby, with good and precious friends. A year focused on what really matters, and letting go of whatever doesn't.

Wow, a bit of a shock to read my answer from last year. It’s the same thing I’m focused on right now, which is managing my anxiety and doing my work with less perfectionism and stress. Not sure I’ve made much progress. Can’t give up. It’s still the most important thing for me to figure out.

I have many things I'd like to continue working on, mostly related to social skills. However, these aren't the types of things that one fixes in a year. I'd like to do more hiking, backpacking, and spending time outside. This spring and summer reminded me how good it is to be outside and hiking regularly, and I want to keep that up. More specifically, I'd like to go backpacking by myself, which I've never done before.

Honestly - I want to be pregnant again. Sure, I don't WANT to be pregnant again from the physical struggle of that journey (though I am hoping and praying the second time might be better!), but I do want to be growing our family by this time next year.

Same as it has been for several years: get the house organize, declutter, perhaps get the major part of the sf collection donated to a good home, take care of some long-term paperwork.

To finish my TAFE course I started recently. Certificate 3 in Women's Advocacy, I am absolutely loving it, especially the Communicate Assertively unit I just completed.

Get going on my Bay Circuit Trail hiking challenge - or start another physical challenge.

I'd like to have a polished manuscript for Aunt Jodie's Guide to Climate Change, and be actively querying agents as a step towards publication. I think this book needs to be out there in kids' and parents' hands!

I'd like to feel more comfortable in my role as a leader at work, I have a lot of doubt and insecurity that I'd like to work through.

I'm having a really hard time with this one this year. Part of that is because I've accomplished a lot of my goals, and I'd just like to keep doing what I'm doing. But also, so much is wrong in the world right now that I'd like to just be alive, living in a democracy, maybe able to go out in a crowd safely -- those wouldn't be my accomplishments, but our society's.

By this time next year I want to have completed my A+ certification course. It would be cool if I started writing again but I'm uncertain when it comes to quantifying that. I WANT TO HAVE A DOG THAT SLEEPS IN MY BED THAT I HAVE TAKEN A TRAINING CLASS FOR.

Start earning a decent amount of money, save more, lose some weight.

Wow sigh. I want to be healthy. To me that means devoid of any major physical or mental health concerns, which in practice means continuing to prioritize my self care and elevating this practice further. This would mean taking a vitamin d supplement, seeing the doctors I’ve had on my to do list, working as much as I should to maintain my wellbeing (not as much as I can), and continuing to invest in moving my body, eating often and further developing myself as a person, particularly as a partner. I’ve spent all the years prior seeking goals like a degree, marriage, etc and it seems important to divert from those goals, many of which I have been fortunate to achieve, and prioritize wellbeing. I don’t need to strive for more, just position myself to best enjoy what I have. This is important to me because this life is temporary, I’ve worked hard and sought “more” achievement and advancement for my entire life, and now I am almost exactly where I wanted to be (I have two hoops left professioonally - getting licensed and paneled with insurance, and personally - eventually a wedding and honeymoon when travel is safe again). Taking this next year to be well rather than do well seems most important to me.

decision time HAS ARRIVED .. the time is now .. TLG has been sold ... still need to become a consultant of sorts and double bay has been sold ... still need to make a call on Australia ... it's more than one thing but they are intertwined

I would like to feel like I'm not an imposter at Anderson (UCLA business school). I'm trying really hard to believe that I belong there, but I am also finding it hard. So I hope that by this time next year I will, in fact, believe that I belong there and also have some direction/know where I'm going/what I'm doing.

I want to become a certified coach/Mentor next year. I am very passionate about guiding others and I feel complete when someone takes my guidance and become successful.

have a better understanding about Judaism

Yes, as always good question. 1. Like to travel to Iceland and Nova Scotia( depending on a vaccine for covid-19.) 2. Have a better handle on my purpose in this world now.

Last year it was my goal to be more musical, and I've been doing that. This year, I want to finish my plan of learning 20 of the songs that my keyboard can teach me. If I can do that, then I feel that there would be no more doubt in my mind. You make music and can play several songs that other people know, so you are definitely a musician! Once I do that, I will be ready to upgrade my keyboard to something that costs more than $20 without regret.

Registration. It has been my goal for a long time but only recently have I narrowed it down to being a reachable short term goal, enough to have an approximate end date in my vision. It really is the gateway to my future life, independence, autonomy and a massive achievement.

By this time next year I hope to be socializing freely with friends and family! While there are other things that are important, none is more so than personal contact and relationships.

Retirement is on the horizon 2 to 2 1/2 years out. But I don't want to quit working. I want to work in my passion. I went to school for the ministry but never served in a traditional role. I am thinking about pursuing this in retirement. Now would be the time to work towards that goal.

By next year I would love to be comfortable enough with the liturgy and confident enough as a rabbinical student to be able to hold a high holidays pulpit! I know that that is the norm among second year students, so I have no doubt that I will be able to do it, but the amount of preparation and personal growth I feel I need to do before I’m ready for that next step is daunting. I think I feel especially nervous for this because I’m not sure that I’m receiving the same quality of education/same amount of face time with professors as I would be if I were in in-person classes now. But either way, this is important to me because being able to get up on the bimah and lead a congregation in prayer is the epitome of a rabbinical skill and I want to be able to prove to myself and everyone else that I’m on the right career path and that I can shine as a rabbi. I also want to be able to provide this essential service to a community! Who knows whether this time next year we’ll be able/willing to gather in person, but hopefully my classmates and I will up to the task!

I would like to successfully restart my golf game along with additional G's.

It's been one year as Training Manager and it's been a wild ride. I was so ready to travel, learn, innovate, empower, represent AMIGOS, and get us out front as thought leaders. I had a great TD Workshop in Oakland, traveled to Uruguay, was learning more about programs, and had an epic Senior Staff Training planned for Houston, and it all came crumbling down. Now I feel like I'm slipping at work, maybe because I'm loosing interest in this virtual work and know that it probably won't change anytime soon. It's so hard to think a year in advanced now with everything changing so drastically so quickly. In a year I hope that COVID has a vaccine that is accessible, that 6ft apart and masks are no longer a thing, that I can date around, explore, network, go to live shows, deepen my relationships. Emma is just now moving to the East Bay, and I hope in about a year from now we can live together. Rebs and I are really feeling each other, getting comfortable with each other as we dive deeper into who we are as people. Currently I can't stop thinking about her, but also think about pursing other people. Not sure where I want to be with this a year from now: maybe more serious with Rebs, but in an open relationship? Or pump our breaks, ease back and simply enjoy each others company. Not sure what I want. One thing I'd like to achieve in the next year is getting a new job. Working at AMIGOS is not longer what it used to be, and I want to make enough money to be able to achieve my financial goals.

I'd like to have decided whether or not I want to pursue having my own child, and be working on a process to go about doing so if I decide that I do want to try giving birth to my own child, or pursue adoption of a baby or young child. If I am interested in fostering or potentially adopting an older

I'd like to have worked out my angst around familial relationships. I would like to learn what needs to be resolved/discovered/cared for within me that will allow me to release the struggle I have within when family members do not relate to each other the way I think they should!

I'd like to have a new job by then. Hopefully already flourishing in a new job by then. While I love my current company, I think I've just about hit the cap on my growth here. From an upward perspective at least. I'll also be 30 by this time next year. So weird to think about. I hope that I'll have a more set idea of my future from a relationship standpoint too. Whether it's with my current boyfriend, or alone, I hope I feel secure and confident with where I am. I'm continuing to grow and be more sure of who I am as a person every day. I know myself well now. It's important that wherever I am in life next year, that it reflects that.

I would like to book a job on another tv show or a feature film. Ideally not with the same boss I had before. It would be important because I need to expand the number of people who value my work and the contributions I can make. The one I've been working for has become toxic.

This is so hard to answer. Support others in whatever happens next, Covid, economy and politics wise. Provide resources for my neighborhood, strengthen connections with others remotely (it's been 6 months there are some people.i should reach out to...) And support my students who are remote seniors this year. Share my plenty with others.

I need to pass the last test math for my license for teaching in Florida! I need it by June 2021! I want to lose weight by twenty pounds. I want to be in a relationship that’s serious going towards marriage and kids. I want to have a good relationship with my family. I want to continue to have a teaching job in palm beach county. I’m not asking for a lot. I want to put a dent in my debt.


I'd like to take a sewing class! Now that I'm more settled into my job I'm learning that I don't want work to be my life and want to have non-work things I enjoy. I've wanted to learn to sew for a while, but I was always too intimidated. I'd love to be able to make my own skirts and maybe one day dresses!

I would like to have our credit card debt paid down. There was a time when that debt was necessary for our survival, but now it is time to make good on it.

I’d definitely like to have a better grasp on the MFT licensure process and where I stand with it at this point next year. Also concrete feelings on MST. I don’t want to lose sight of my desire to become a sex therapist and the itch for private practice because I think that’s where my true wants reside. That’s not to say I can’t enjoy the journey there, but I feel my strongest skills live there as well as my biggest joys in the therapeutic work.

I’d like to have a strong finish to my first year in my new job. I’d like to figure out if I’m reconciling or not w the partner I’m now separated from (#pandemicbreakup). I’d like to figure out if kids by 40 and having a home rather than spending half my income on rent are happening or officially give up on trying and finding a way to be happy w what I do have.

Survive. Make a little bit of a difference in making the world better. Keep my equanimity. Last year, there was so much I wanted to do. And then 2020 hit. This year, simply taking it all in stride and keeping going.

Finish writing my opera! (which is what I have said the past 2 years). Longstanding desire, plus something I have gotten so far with, it would be a shame not to finish, plus would help bolster my sense of self-worth as a composer.

I want to find my way out from under this crushing oppression that I feel. More pressing for me is that my husband survives and responds to treatment, that we have some kind of future to look forward to. I would have liked to have started the private practice by now. I would like to have published a poem or two. I would have liked to have left this job I am in and found something more freeing, more pertinent to where I am now in life. So much feels hopeless--and I can't get around the fact that a mass extinction of species is happening before our very eyes, under our feet and over our heads. This seems like an out of place question for the times we are living in. Perhaps I should say that my goal for the coming year is to have gotten into a lot of good trouble--if I only had the courage and enough outrage to fuel the energy needed for such a movement within me and to follow through.

By this time next year, I'd like to feel more comfortable in my own skin and the world again. That's not really something to accomplish though, is it? Okay. By this time next year, I'd like to write a song from scratch...lyrics and melody. It's important to me because I feel like my ability to rewrite lyrics to known songs doesn't feel like a "real" songwriting ability, but writing a song from scratch would and that would feel like a real accomplishment.

I will be under 200 lbs. I'm very fat right now, but I started using Noom and am slowly seeing some results. I know it's not all about the numbers, but the numbers represent my health and I don't feel healthy right now. I want to be here for my baby girl and to be active and not slow down. Also, I want to be certified.

I want to go outside and play! I hope there is a vaccine and we can travel again. Hope that the downstairs space is cleaned out and made into a nice play room. For My son & granddaughter, drumming etc. it would be great to get rid of old crap and have a space where friends & family can hang out. Looking forward to getting moms stuff put away, thrown away. Hoping that the city gives us the option of an early retirement. I would love to spend more time swimming. Still no relationship wDIL. She still hates me. I have given up. I have asked forgiveness several times and there is no response.

I would like to achieve normalcy...whatever that means. I would like to regain some of my independence, I would like to feel healthier and free to live my life without fear. COVID-19 and our horrible President and his supporters make me fear for myself, my friends and family, my grandchildren, and the world.

Be more comfortable in my knees and less stressed with respiration. this is important because I think my overall health is effected by how easily I can mover

Oh dear. How about survival? Or better... I hope we haven’t lost anyone. Then i just hope we have found some kind of peace nationally. Real peace. Real justice. And I would like more peace too. More art, more time to breathe & sit and be with nature. More presence. More patience. Good clients. Healthy friendships. The best for my mom and I. For Aaron and I. And yes more life. I will be proud if I have kept on living.

I'd really like to be fully unpacked and settled in my new apartment. I also would like to have sold my NY house and have bought my villa in Florida. I need to know that I have stable places to live in NY and FL. I also fervently wish that I can return to traveling without restriction and quarantining so I can go to see my grandchildren in MA and FL.

By next year, I would like to be confidently in my job and home (even if I am still at Ima and Abba's). I would like to have regular contact with those important to me, in Israel and the States. I would like to still feel I made the right decision, as I do today, and I would like to have balanced my costs and savings properly so I feel financially secure.

Oh jeez, I don't know. I'm not feeling very achievement-oriented right now. There are a few things I'd like to achieve: lose 15 lbs, start doing aerial hoop again and do a performance, learn to make drone videos. To be honest, my immediate concerns about the state of the nation and the pandemic have really overshadowed any motivation for self-improvement. If the world isn't completely nuts between now and then, I'd like to achieve at least one if not all 3 of these goals.

Retired, relocated, liberated. Important because it's nearing the end of the line. I want as stress free a life as possible as stress has been one of the many banes of my existence.

I would like to be more disengaged from social media. It is important because social media isn't important enough to command the amount of time that it does.

Full launch of my virtual business serving women as they discover their purpose in life. I look forward to this culmination of all my life's experience - creating a global community, speaking publicly and virtually, leading retreats and traveling around the world. Writing will flow more freely and with greater connection to source energy. This will be the prime of my life.

I would like to have a steady schedule of yoga offerings within the communities I serve. It is important for me to work towards the mission to provide access to yoga services/teachings to the vulnerable and traditionally disinvested individuals and communities.

I would like to have a DRAFT of my book done and at least two to three non-book review publications. I'd also like to be farther along in my financial planning for 2026, and that means having some incoming editing clients.

One year of continuous sobriety from all mind-altering substances and try to cut down on my caffeine and sugar consumption.

Having a more loving and tolerant relationship with my husband. The Covid crisis has taken a toll on us because we have never spent a much time together. Although he has worked from home for many years, it is a big change because now I too am working from home.

Being alive. Not getting Covid. Being out of DEBT! (for the most part) We are getting close now. It is a possibility. This is important to me so we can live on our meager social security income and I can quit the heck working. We can live simply. But I need to not be paying on stupid credit cards & a few other debts that we have left.

I would like to have grown in my management skills. I would like to be working in a job related to AT again. I would like to complete 4 crafting projects. I’m very good at starting projects be bad at completely them. The other 2 are growth in my career. I don’t want it to become stagnant.

I would like to be able to walk for a solid 30 minutes or more. This will be a big step in improving my health. It is also (you guessed it) tied to my cancer. The longer I'm in remission, the longer I'll have to build up my stamina again.

By this time next year, I wish to be a 2020 Academy Nicholls Finalist. This will solidify my transition from an aspiring screenwriter to a professional who is paid for my work. I want write and direct films; write books; and get paid to write songs. I am hopeful that a combination of hard work and luck will materialize.

I'd like to complete the first draft of my book on petroleum microbiology. This is a project I launched in 2016. After drafting the first 4 of 12 chapters, I let the project go into stasis, while I wrote chapters for two other books and wrote several papers for publication in peer reviewed journals. I believe my book will illuminate an important topic for business managers and other non-technical people who collectively spend nearly $100 billion annually because of the damage microbes cause to petroleum systems from oilfields to passenger vehicles. If I can increase issue awareness, I'll feel as though I have made a significant contribution to the world.

Some sort of peace. The world feels in flux right now. I want to feel safe. I hate feeling constantly bombarded by horribleness and bad news. I long for safety. I just want to be alive, and to protect my family the best that I can. I hope that I can do that this year. My poor daughters. My poor family. I want us to be okay. I want the world to be okay. I don't know what that looks like or how to achieve it. I just want us to be alive and healthy. To feel safe again.

I hope my child will be well on their way to either college or looking for a job. They will be 18 in June 2021 and would like to go to college. I need to be more financially responsible so I can be more independent. My marriage has become a shell of a relationship and I need more space to myself. I have very little space in our apartment but have not been financially able to make a move. I have credit card debt to pay off. I just used credit to take a much needed trip to Ogunquit by myself. It is the first time I have made plans and taken a trip for 2 weeks to do exactly whatever I want. I have been soaking up the beauty of Maine and doing a lot of writing so for my mental and spiritual health it is worth it. But I need to start paying it off soon.

I'd like to feel self-confident and content with my life by this time next year. This is important to me because it would mean that I am making good progress overcoming all the trauma that was inflicted on me by my 'mother' and my ex-husband.

By this time next year, I want to have a clearer route out of teaching. I hope to have completed the bulk of my Masters.

I'd like to grow my business more to a point where I feel more stable in case something happens! Maybe that looks like doing more commissions, maybe that looks like doing more markets, maybe it looks like doing an indie project!

I would like to keep learning daf yomi and be up to date and also to know more in Rishonim and their reasoning and remembering more in the halachic process and also having started and made progress in writing my hilchot aveilut guide.

A better relationship with my son. It was broken down during his marriage. He is my son.

I would like to be able to trust people enough to form relationships with them.

Spiritually, or at least ritually, I would like to return to ushering in Shabbat with candles and a peaceful meal. It has been too long, and my life is not the same without that sacred rhythm. I may never make it to shul, or make it thru til Havdalah with Shabbat on my mind, but it's a start. Personally, I would like to take my art to the marketplace, which will mostly be online unless a miracle happens. It's important to me because I feel One Down since I have retired from my career, but my spouse has not retired yet. I know I bring value to the relationship, but I still feel like I need to contribute $$$.

I want to hold my published book in my hands. I've wanted to be an author for as long as I can remember - and to be published by a major academic press is an exciting accomplishment.

I want to move out of my moms. I think I will have more peace when I’m on my own.

Hmm... I don't have any major goals for the next 12 months. I could say that I'd like my son to successfully launch as a young adult. But that's his achievement, not mine! As I've written in similar years, right now my goal is maintenance. Continue to exercise and eat well. Continue to spend and save money according to my values and priorities. Continue to spend time with friends and family. Continue to enjoy my hobbies. Continue to have a strong home family life and great relationships with my husband and kids. I do have longer term goals, so this year I just want to notch up another 365 days worth of incremental progress and maintenance.

I would very much like to have a better system of cleaning and tidying up. I want to try to build a more organized system, not just a physical organization of things, but also an organization of how and when to clean and build good habits of putting things away.

I would like to have completed at least a first iteration of the Welcome project. It is important to me because, after the first month or so of C-19 SIP I was lying in bed, just waking, and I though to myself, "If I were to get C-19 and subsequently discover I was going to die, what book will I wish I had written before that happened?" This is when the idea of Welcome came to me, I recalled how frustrated I was as a 20-something on my own in the world who was looking for resources to help me know what the terrain of my life would look like, at least the elements common to all people in America. I examined a number of religions at the time, including a short stint with Tom Cruise's fetish, and at last discovered the wisdom of Buddhism, which I still value in many ways. Yet this is not the information I was initially seeking. Now, after 60+ years I can see a lot of things I could have written to this young man--to me, in fact, so this is very personal, which can be a very good motivation for writing a good book, a true book. That is my goal: to tell the truth, as eloquently as I know how.

Keeping both my husband and this democracy alive. My husband, because I am not done enjoying this adventure we are on together, and this democracy, because if we fall into fascism...well I fear for the rest of the world.

I'd like to be happy at work. This could mean having the bravery to quit Torchbox and find a new job; or it could mean overcoming my feelings of resentment, boredom and general disgruntlement and finding a way back to having pride in my work. It's important to me because how I feel about work has such a big impact on my life, and our life together. It affects my mood when I'm not working. I want to be happy and fun around Fran; not feeling sorry for myself and trying to fight through yet another bout of depression.

To be totally vegetarian, I feel that this is a means to keeping kosher. And hope vegetarianism improves my health and allows me more compassion.

By this time next year? I will really expect to have my private practice up and running seeing clients, and doing the work to clarify the marketing message and my niche, for the best outcomes. I also want to have my knee be healthy and strong. And I’d like to Be at least exploring other areas of town to live in, as well as possibly already have a place in the mountains.

I would like to define myself and my success by how I am true and authentic each day and not by how much I give back to others each day or how many things I crossed off some list or how much money I made that day. This Pandemic and radical time of change has shown me how tangled up my self worth and output have been. How without tangible results or end of day stats, I feel like a useless, lazy failure. So just celebrating things like "it was a good day" would be a wonderful achievement.

By this time next year I would like to be releasing my debut album/EP of original music. This is important to be because it's been a goal of mine for years that I feel ready to achieve. By this time next year o will have established a brand to accompany my music and to help with marketing. I am an artist and am ready to emerge in the world as such.

I would love to feel comfortable in my own skin, loved for so I am by my spouse, confidence in pursuing my dreams. That could mean losing 25 pounds, being pregnant, beginning fostering, feeling happily married. It is important to me because I truly see each day as a gift and I have had too many lately when I haven't felt I am my best self. I want to get back to that.

I'd like to be in a new job that makes me feel good about my contribution. One that's not just about providing for my family, but also about feeding my soul.

Having a regular exercise regimen and a healthier diet in place; perhaps 10-15 lbs weight loss.

I would like to be able to hold a conversation in Norwegian. I just started taking a university course, which is a big deal because I'm older than the other students by quite a bit & never went to college myself. But my determination to improve my reading, writing & conversing overcame my shyness & nerves. And the first class went great! I can hardly believe I really am qualified for Norwegian III! Why is this important? I tend to be satisfied with "just enough" info—but this time I needed more. Half a language isn't enough, & I fell in love with Norwegian so much that I had to pursue it.

I'd like to have a clean house.

A reciprocal relationship with my wife. For too long we have not been supporting each other. We are both tired and need something together or apart.

I would like to get a couple of new clients so I can stop trying to kill myself for the agency I am working for. Because I cannot keep up the work they want and if I try I may wind up killing myself.

I would like to get some kind of hard commitment from the other families that have talked about joining us in forming a collective living arrangement. We have talked quite seriously about buying some land together within five years, but it's difficult and scary to plan for something that big without an explicitly documented agreement. For example, we may choose to form an LLC together to purchase the land, and that would indicate a clear commitment to me.

I would like to achieve a better connection with my Higher Power by this time next year. Why is this important? Because I intend to live happy, joyous, and free.

an album.. isnt that what I say every year? what if I say....nothing. no expectations. Everything I thought was important I barely do. They go to the bottom of the importance list. why.. do I think that all the other day to day will go away and Ill have nothing to do but my supposed goal? Maybe all I can wish to do...all I can hope to do...all I can do...is take what I THINK is my goal and put it at the TOP of the list of everyday. Maybe I do nothing first unless I do at least 1/2 hour of work on music. and never stop. What if thats the only thing I do. Put it first instead of last.

A dream would be to not be afriad for the future of my country

By this time next year, I would like to have published my journalism in the New York Times. I've been wanting to do this for a while, and I think I really might be able to achieve it this year. Convincing myself to pitch to the Times will be a pretty big deal, if I manage it - there's a part of me that feels like this is the next logical career move I should be making, and another part (maybe bigger? I'm not sure) that feels like it's too much, too soon, and I don't have any chance of getting a byline here. But I suppose I'll never know if I don't try. And this time last year, I never could have imagined that I would be where I am today.

For this I just want to repeat what I wrote next year: For once I would like to make a resolution and keep it. Every year I "commit" to something and only the next year I remember what it was. How about finding a partner who would keep me honest about my commitment?

Gastric sleeve surgery. I've been fighting to get it for a year and I hate my body so much

I've been working with my current employer for a little over 8 years now, and I have been in my current role for about 5-1/2. I work for a small company, and there is limited room to move up within the company, especially since many people have been there for a fairly long time. Right now, I feel like it would be - failure is maybe a bit too strong, but definitely a disappointment to me if I'm still this same role next year. I'm doing quite well financially, but for a number of reasons I just don't feel like I can stay in my current position too much longer.

I'd like to get my novel published. I've totally lost faith in the usual method for achieving this -- getting an agent. No one will take a chance on an older woman writing about older women, even in speculative fiction -- unless of course, it's an already established author. So my next try is independent publishers. A little success would go a long way toward making me feel better about myself. (Also, and as always, I would like to remain healthy, especially as I just had to buy into the ACA for the first time, because my COBRA ran out. So my insurance is about to be (tomorrow) not what it was. I'm happier about my weight than I've been for a long time, and I'd like that to continue. Even if I stay at the same weight (which is NEVER guaranteed with weight loss) I'd be better off than I've been in a good nearly ten years.)

I want to be back in the workforce. I left my career for family, and during the last year, I have learned how vulnerable and dependent on the whims and choices of others that decision made me. I want to reclaim some sense of agency over my own life, while I (hopefully) still have time to do so, ageism combined with sexism being what they are.

I would like to reach this point with everyone in my family still healthy and virus free. That with good mental health after a year of restricted living should be a major accomplishment. I want my family to be able to return to a normal development and enjoy the life that they were all on track for.

This one is pretty easy. I hope to be on sabbatical and Melbourne this time next year. It all depends on borders opening up. Everything else has fallen into place, just this week, 9-23-20. I have an offer of a scholar visa Victoria University. It's important to me because I want to get the fuck out of this hell hole of a country before it gets worse.

This year I paid off my student loan, as I had hoped the year before, I hope to have paid off my car by this point next year.

I would like to have more of my works published. It's important to me as I'd would like to keep growing my audience and building up my skills as a writer.

I'd like to be engaged in meaningful employment of some kind. Something that makes my heart sing and body vibrate! Not only is it essential from a financial standpoint, but I also NEED to be engaged with something inspiring. I have been unemployed for over a year and laid off from the best job in the world. Because a very conservative government closed the Office where I was engaged in this dream position. I had the luxury of taking some time to recover from a very stressful previous 9 months wherein my Mother z"l died very suddenly, and about a week later I found, out from a speech on television, that my workplace would be shutting down. Those 9 months were incredibly intense, and day to day, month to month we had no clue what our fate would be, in terms of employment. And even more stressful, what would happen to the children and youth in care, whom we served as Advocates, do without an independent Child Advocate? What could we do that would have the biggest impact? With what could we leave them? So yeah - high stress! Flash forward again to the beginning of my unemployment: I took time to relax, recharge, refresh. I visited friends and family, went for brunch in the middle of the day and read a bunch of books. I slept in and took long walks. It was glorious, and I was sure that working for a living was over rated! In late 2019 I did feel the strong urge to get back in the work world. My volunteer pursuits have been great but not the same thing. I met with a job coach and began the process of dipping my feet back in the job search world. Shortly afterward CoVid hit and has certainly put a damper on things. Still, the time as been helpful and I've slowly figured out what I DON'T want to do and what I really DO want to do. I yearn to make a meaningful contribution. I'm in my mid-50s and at my career peak with so much knowledge and so many skills. I need to fulfillment in this way, and hopefully, by this time next year, I'll be able to talk about my new 'best job in the world'!

As always, I find this a hard question, because I am always a disappointment to myself. I have high expectations that I rarely achieve, and I also rarely give myself credit for what I DO achieve. I'd like to have a robust savings/investment portfolio a year from now. That's important to me because I'm on my own and I want to be set up with a safety net. It's a bit of a point of pride, and it has actually led me to take on too much work. Maybe a year from now, I'd like to have a little break from working three different jobs as well. But really, a year from now I'll be 50. I am walking into the second half of my 40s unhappy with myself. The Covid 15, sure, but my body hurts and I mostly think it shouldn't, that it is in my power to change that, but it will take some actual focus on myself, taking myself seriously. I want to do my later middle aged years with some vitality and health, the ability to get up and go, dance, walk, hike, travel . . . but I've focused so much on bolstering my finances, fixing my house, work, and my children and relationships, that my own health has taken a back seat behind the first back seat.

Improve my physical conditioning for endurance hiking and surfski paddling

Some things are just so aspirational! I would like to continue to try to do what I've been trying for the last couple, but I think this coming year I will have fewer excuses for why I didn't: manage my schedule better; make some progress in learning something (but particularly a language); and put in volunteer hours. I look forward to having more control over my schedule, which I do already, in theory, but not in reality. Things keep happening - things that require me to forgo my plans, which then inhibits me from making any. I have been able to keep a fairly regular exercise schedule, and I expect to keep that going, if not exactly the same, then something similar.

I would like to have applied or begun to apply for ph.d programs and considering leaving the Iron Range of MN. However, this last weekend I did just experience a difficult time and I might change my mind in a year.

Finally getting a will...we still have not done that!! The last thing we need to do to be real grown-ups.

Finish my first year of portfolio school and make a home in Atlanta. I leave tomorrow, and I am scared but excited. Mostly scared. But, I know this will be a good fresh start for me and I will be a year into school to start my career that I am inspired and excited about.

I'd really like to find an alternate position within my job. I've been doing doc control for seventeen years now and I'm bored. A challenge would be good. I need something to focus on and get obsessive about, and my current duties aren't it anymore.

I would like to acheieve staright a's this year. This is important to me because it's high school and having straight a's will help my case for colleges.

Last year's ambition was so beautiful. This year I would like to take care of me. I need to find a physician and really get a physical. Why is this important? Because I want to see my grandkids grow up.

I want to be in the best of physical health. I want to be able to say I committed to challenging myself to up my exercise game and see the results. Not looking for skinny cuz that is not in my genetics but rather firm tone body at 59!

I'm tired of chasing achievements. I'm tired of setting goals that are never achieved or only partially, or worse, achieved and not as expected. Or so burned out that any spoils to be gained too tired to enjoy. I suppose, if any goal is to be "chased" or achievement made, it will be a hope the world finds closure. We make strides towards saving the planet, easing divisions from race to political, and maybe, on a personal level, find something I enjoy that doesn't equate to a goal or achievement, just enjoyment.

I would like to have been able to travel by this time next year.

I hope, in a small way, through contributions and social activism to help get Biden elected and to begin the long process of restoring justice for all who have been deprived.

By this time next year I would like to have summited at least two mountains in the U.S. Summiting Mt. Fuji was one of the proudest and exhilarating moments of my life. It required such physical and mental rigor. I'd like to spend more time in the outdoors and given the new Subaru, all the car camping and future road trips planned, I think we're on the right path. I would like like to go on a solo backpacking trip. Even if the trip is a weekend long, it's important to me that I know how to manage my own safety. To be self-reliant. To be independent.

I’d almost like to just repeat my answer from last year but a pandemic through those plans pretty out of wack. I think if the kids are not in some sort of childcare placement it will be very difficult to a accomplish much over the summer and make career progress. The house on the other hand has some issues, like the foundation, that probably can’t wait. I also don’t want to put too much pressure on myself. I think if I am happy, the kids are healthy, and I am generally OK with my every day life, I will be happy. It would be nice to get an internship or some sort of volunteer job or experiment with a business idea this summer, since that was difficult this past summer with a pandemic. If we can find a tenant for the old house, and or decide that it’s time to sell the house, and make some progress towards thinking about what we wanna do longer-term as far as where we want to live that would also be great. Alternatively, going back to school and choosing a more substantial program could also be a viable route to learning new skills, and advancing my career interests. We also would want to make sure that we can get Helena into a good pre-K program if possible. This is important because this is her future much in the same way that any training, education, or business ideas I might explore is my future.

Shortly we will be moving into our new home. I hope to have it set up as a family hub, where we can create memories for years to come. Family and friends welcome as visitors!

Wow, well, God willing, I will be leaving my current job (which will end next summer due to the economic changes). Last year this was a desire, and now it's a necessity. Plus we will need to move somewhere less expensive, and have to figure out where. So my goals are set for me to move and figure out a way to make a living while hopefully pursuing my deeper creative dreams of writing, photography, and teaching. And a particular goal is to have much more done on my memoir and some kind of steps or plan toward a publishing contract.

I want to have started either a continuing education certification (project management-maybe) or my Masters by this time next year. I think I have said this every year for the past 3-4 years, so hopefully this year I can gain some traction.

But this time next year I'd like to have completed my entire Duolingo Hebrew language course.

Build back my PowerPoint business. It's important, supplemental income.

My PhD. Because I always wanted to do it and could not finish it. I am at it again and want to finish it this time. It's just so hard with so much going on, not to mention the debt, but this is for me and for my research that I hope will make a positive impact on the blind and visually impaired community and education.

Career happiness! I feel like this is the year I started taking it more seriously and thinking outside of the design team, and longer term. Whether or not any of the avenues I'm currently exploring come off, I'd like to have at least a plan!

I feel like I keep saying some thing that has to do with balance with work, family, life, year after year after year. I am beginning to think that this maybe an abstract concept and I need to drill down a little more. There are also so many outside influences that I have no control over. So my goal for next year is to have implement a daily yoga practice. Even if it is a short 15 minute practice. I have found that the times when do this regularly I feel so much better mentally and physically. So by this time next year I want to have integrated into my daily life.

I'd like to achieve reliable lucidity in my dream state.

I want to feel like I've accomplished some "life decluttering." I want to "turn loose" of some things: physical items, project ideas, expectations that are impossible to achieve at this point. I feel like I need to "lighten the load" some. Partly this is due to my chronic health limitations. Part is due to age and facing my own mortality. I am now the family matriarch. I've never NOT HAD an "older wiser" close family member to turn to for advice. Now, I'm it, I guess. So, I must free myself of a lot of things that have become burdensome.

Togetherness, in person, with family. What else could be more important? Hugs and laughter.

I want to complete work on my string quartet and then get a reading of it. I want to look at my other chamber music for edits, and find opportunities to have them read and/or recorded. This is a side of my musical career that I haven't worked on enough. I believe I have some good works that upon hearing, musicians might be interested in playing. These pieces can generate income via the publishing aspect.

I would like to be able to live within my means, specifically, with no overdrafts to my checking account.

I'd love to be able to hug again.

Some sort of professional advancement in my art. Open to what that might be, wanting it to be beyond where I have gone before. Residency, grant award, regional gallery, project acceptance, etc. This does not preclude deepening in my work as well.

By this time next year, I would like to be employed in my "second career." I don't know what it will be, and I am open things I hadn't thought of before. This money will be what we save to buy our house, thus securing our retirement.

Involved with the community in some helpful way

I would like to be better at being present, at being on my phone less. I think I would feel better and be a better parent.

To have most of our junk sold, maybe the house too, or maybe be on the road by then? This is important to us because it is our current goal/dream to be a fulltime RV family for a while.

I want to have my book completed, at least the second revision, by this time next year. I would like also to be at a healthy weight and be able to maintain it, about 11 lbs lighter than I am now. I want to be healthy and fit and I want to feel I have completed something with my book.

Since it hasn't happened yet, I have the same answer as last year: to either be pregnant or to have given birth to my newborn child. I'm still scared of those things I mentioned, but not as much. Right now, I'm on the verge of IVF (since the next IUI cycle probably won't be successful), and I hope to God that it's all worth it.

More fulfillment in my job. Either in the job I do now, or have explored other options for fulfillment. I need to feel less like I'm on the daily grind, and more like I'm working to achieve or make an impact. Ultimately, I need to feel like I'm not going through the motions everyday because I have to, and more like I enjoy everyday.

Well, I already generated a first draft of a novel so I'm hoping to make it through a second draft by this time next year. And I would like to get some of my fiction published somewhere. This has been a goal for a long time. It allows me to feel like I am contributing to our national discourse about race and keeps me personally fulfilled.

Well, I hope I have a healthy pregnancy, a safe and fulfilling childbirth, and a healthy happy baby by this time next year. Those feel like pretty big but achievable goals! And they are important because, well, motherhood is something I have felt ambivalent about for a long time. As I shift into this new identity, new lifestyle, new era, I want to feel as good in my body and confident about my self as I possibly can--not just for me, but for my future child.

I'd like to be dating, if not in a serious relationship. I want to build a family, and it is more than time to start. I'd also like to come out to my family....

I want to stand in as an emotional support for my mom, my husband and my kids. My mom is 98 and will be 99 in one month. I don't want her to feel alone and I want her to feel loved. i do not know how much more time I have with her. I also worry about my husband as he seems to have lost some cognitive ability. he gets easily confused and frustrated. So I want to be able to be a strong support for both of them. Just giving them some of my time and sharing some positive thoughts and energy with them will be a good thing. Thinking of ways to enrich their lives.

I would like my children to be in school, and I would like to have dinner with a friend. A year ago these would have seemed to be such modest, borderline pathetic, goals. Now they are all that I crave. I am hopeful that by this time next year we will have a widely available vaccine and that life can start to resemble normal, even if its still a far cry from what it used to be.

I’d like to read 4 astrophysics books by popular authors. I have the books already. I’d also like to explore consciousness and the hard problem of the same.

Read the Bible

Take the kids on an aeroplane. For them. For me, write a draft of book which I can be reasonably proud of

Have a stronger sense of whether we are staying or leaving. This is important as it helps me to settle in. Maybe I need to let go of knowing. I hope we will have grown our own garlic. Tried to grow ginger.

Monotizing my blog. I've put in a lot of work with it recently and I want to be successful. If it is possible I would love to be able to turn it into a career.

I don't make long term goals. I feel they are completely beyond my control and unattainable. My life is not really my own. I don't have my own money, my life is primarily in service to others. I've been too disappointed too many times, so I work on things day to day, like the goal of forgiving and letting go of grudges. I'd like to take a college class someday, maybe in art or archaeology. I'd like to go camping somewhere, but I'd need buy-in from my husband and he is less interested than I am. Who knows how much future we have? I have today. As Garth said, "Live in the now, man."

I FINALLY got the job of my dreams. I'm more than happy to be working at a supermarket. I'd just like to KEEP my job because I'm so sick and tired of moving from job to job. Yes, I have a college degree, but it's been difficult for me to meet unrealistic expectations. I do have some sort of emotional disorder, so that's why I've decided to find somewhere that will fit "me." I've had problems with rude/difficult customers and coworkers, and I've experienced many incidents of harassment from older male customers and even co-workers. Despite the many problems I've had, I absolutely LOVE my job and want to continue working there. It's a great company, and they do handle every situation well. I just want to keep up with the great work I'm doing there, despite these hard times due to the fucking pandemic. I don't want to give up! Even though I just got started, I want to continue eating healthy and most of all, MAINTAIN a HEALTHY relationship with food. I'm still learning how to eat everything in moderation, and I hope to achieve this by this time next year. Hopefully I'll maintain a healthy weight as well. Finally, I want to write memoir of what happened between me and someone I thought I loved. It all ended horribly, but I want to write to just let my thoughts out. Even if it will never be read by anyone else, I'm doing this for ME. But we'll see.

I'd like to be able to manage my time more effectively. I'm too easily distracted by things on the computer: news sites, emails, even playing solitaire (which I find relaxing and which helps me refocus, but especially since the pandemic I've been spending too much time on). There are more productive and more useful things I could (and should) be doing with my time.

I would like to be in a maintenance phase of my journey to physical health. I want to make sure my daughter has to live without me for as little of her life as possible. I have been working hard to get to a healthier place, and hope to be there by next fall.

I would like to be certified and supervising people who are earning hours for the LCSW. I would also like to start with some of my own clients to build my experience in the field.

I would like to complete my Master's in Creative Thought, because I start things with enthusiasm, but I don't always carry them through. This particular course of studies turned out to be quite boring, but I hate the idea of having spent good money on something that I feel it wasn't worth it. So I hope to at least get a certificate, if not any special insight on creative thought.

I would like to be working on my final semester of grad school. This is important because completing grad school means I can work towards the career I really want (to be a public library librarian).

I want to have paid off 75% of my debt; which will be achievable if I adhere to the budget I have set for myself each month. This is important to me for freeing myself from financial worry, and ceasing self-destructive behaviors. I'm addicted to stress and put myself in stressful situations, but I deserve better. I deserve to be at peace. I think I fear a state of content, or "having my shit together," but I don't know why. Maybe I think I'll be bored if I do, or maybe I'll feel aimless or goalless, but I know that energy can be directed some place else.

My first thought in response to this is professional: I want to a) be within sight of completing an assessment report and b) even more important, be working on hiring someone to replace me in my current role. But these very concrete things accompany a broader goal: to be moving toward a different role in an intentional and positive way, which also means changing some of my habits and even my sense of self, to stop getting involved in so many things and to gain comfort with not being in charge, the leader, visible, central. It's time to move in this direction, but it's also a challenge to my ego, my sense of self, and my habits.

By this time next year, I'd like to be pregnant again. I would love Elliott to have a play mate and for us to be a family of 4. As with trying to get pregnant the first time, this objective pretty much takes over everything else. It means I have no ambition to change jobs due to wanting the flexibility and security of maternity leave. I won't be pushing my body to any physical/sporting limits, and as we may well need IVF again, we wont be spending money on new houses, fancy holidays etc. I think of these as the 'fertility years'. If it's not happened by the time I'm 40, then I can move forward with other ambitions, but for now, while I think I still can - this takes precedence.

I should have bought a home by this time next year. At least by January 2021

I would like to make at least one new deep relationship and continue to deepen the relationships I already have. I felt like before I was putting so much pressure on myself to make new and deep friendships really quickly, so now I'm focusing on moving a little slower and more intentionally.

I’d like to hone down the skill of being fearless to speak up if I don’t feel a part of something. Have the courage to accommodate my hearing los.

I would like to be enrolled in school again working towards my bachelor's degree. I am working on getting my ducks in a row to accomplish that and hope that I will have the support of the fella in this. He says I will but I have a feeling if I try to move forward, I will be met with resistance because I'm not there to pick him up from work or have dinner ready or something like that. I am doing this to build a future for us and to better myself. It is time to focus on ME for a change--I've focused on his goals and his aspirations for the past 3 years.

A healthier body! I don't want to shorten my life because of my poor decision making.

To have written one chapter of my book. It's a beginning.

Learn more Torah and become a little more observant and learn more Hebrew. This has always been important to me, even as a teenager, and I am always wanting to learn more but it's about time, money, and availability. I don't know why it is so important to me and not important or interesting to the next Jewish person. Something in my soul just strongly identifies with my religion and culture and as I age it becomes increasingly important.

Again, I'd like a full-time job. It's good for my soul and my mental health. I like working with nonprofits and I hope to be able to continue to do so. I'd like to be alive with the cancer in remission for many years to come. It scares me to think of dying and leaving my son alone. Of course, most people feel that way. But I'm hoping I can see him through college graduation and beyond.

I want to look and feel my healthiest, spiritually, physically and mentally. It is important to me because in order to survive the stress of the pandemic, I have had to rethink the way I treat my mind, body and spirit.

I live for moments of deep inspiration that motivate creative expression. Art making is my prayer practice. Recently I was moved to paint a picture to represent the words,”haroeh bashoshanim.” My fervent hope is to continue to be so moved and motivated to create from that deep place.

I would really like to be enrolled in a graduate program in Psychology. It has meant a lot to get to be home with my girls and take time to work on some of my inner struggles. Now I am ready to focus on my outer growth. Through lockdown/quarantine where a lot of the noise was turned down, I realized I REALLY want to pursue psychology. I have tried for SO many years to talk myself out of it but it really is my passion. It is the first time, that apply to get a doctorate doesn't seem so overwhelming so I am going to harness my internal motivation and just run with it.

I’d like to have a healthy baby and be able to be energized to handle two children!

I'd like to have a job. So that I can continue to eat and feed my family. I'd also like to have a different, healthier living situation.

Move to Israel. For my spiritual growth...I love the place.

I'd like to run a half marathon. I think that would be a great running feat for me.

I would like to be alive and healthy. It's important because I'm not ready to die. On a less total level, I would love to have live, in person,, group music making back in existence. But that is not something over which I have the slightest control. So, what do I want to accomplish on my own? I would like to complete the 'flower' beds in the back yard: more ferns, hosta, wood phlox, astilbe, and the like. I would like very much to get some hardy cyclamen established. In the process, I would like to get myself back into shape. Not so much losing weight as just building up my strength and endurance. I'd like to get back to walking 1/2 mile to a mile at a stretch. I want to stop feeling quite so old.

Coaching certification. or the kid in high school somewhere adequate, or our small student loans paid off. Pick ‘em.

I’m not interested in “achieving” anymore.

I am ridiculous and a loser but it is still weight and money the same as every year.

A real relationship. While I love seeing so many of my peers getting engaged and married, I wish I could reach that point in my life where the thought of a future lifelong partner is approaching.

I would like to find a vision of the future, a purpose to act on or towards to make day-to-day life meaningful. Even if it’s a temporary position or passion, I hope I’ll find something by this time next year that feels useful and makes me feel good.

I want to be able to feel like I love my country again. I want to feel like there’s justice in the world.

I'd like to get a handle on my mindless ways (like night snacking) and be more present. Still working on that stomach pouch I had mentioned in last year's Q6.

Be more mentally, physically, and socially healthy. I'd like to complete my divorce, stay sane, build friendships, and get under 200lbs.

I would like to continue to meditate every day. This is helping me calm down, accept difficult emotions, and be mindful.

I do this EVERY YEAR! Why haven’t I accomplished it?? Each year I swear that I will make my home something I’m not ashamed of. And each year it just slips by. I don’t have the belief in success...I don’t have the confidence to start down the path...I don’t have the money to throw at it. So many stupid reasons it is unchanged. In my mind the sequence of events is to get my budget under control, pay off bills, and then start in on the expensive projects. But I still have no help, no resource. Everyone I know has a handy dad or a spouse or brother...I have no one and it’s scary. But I can’t make stupid excuses forever. I hate my cowardice and avoidance in this part of my life.

I would like to continue to be part of groups working toward environmental justice. I fear for the future and want to be part of the solution and not part of the problem. There are many things I can do as an individual, but we need to move the powers that be forward.

I honestly would still like to be alive next year and not have been impacted by Covid-19 which I find a serious threat to my health.

I want to know what the next stage of my career is. I want my play to be ready to produced somewhere. I also...want to be able to hug people again.

By next year, I will have finished my PhD classes and started my comprehensive exam. I will also have likely run Fargo and allegedly run California Inter. Marathons, but with the current fires in Cali, that is highly unlikely. I hope to quit my job as a therapist and start my job as a running coach, since it would marry together my interest of physical and mental health, plus link me to the community I want to do my dissertation in.

I'd like to have worked through the trauma of what I went through in college with bullying and have concrete, lasting relationships. I'd like to be able to interact with people on a regular basis without feeling like they are judging me or not interested in knowing me. This is important to me because I've only just realized how much my trauma is still impacting me. I don't want it to affect my present anymore.

Try more things, even though I feel timid. As I get older I find myself trying less, stretching into uncomfortable situations less, and I’d rather be doing the opposite. Trying more, daring more, reaching more. Want to expand outward instead of turtling inward. Keep reaching, for that is life.

My answer is the same from last year. I want to lose 50+ pounds by next year. I've discovered intermittent fasting and this has actually helped so far. I've lost all my quarantine weight doing this and now I want to chip away at the rest of it. I also want to be a top performer at my job!

I want to hike on a mountain I want to swim in the sea I want to be proficient at InDesign I want to drink less alcohol and eat less sugar

To be comfortable with financial instability. The workforce is changing for better or for worse thanks to the pandemic. It's time to fully embrace the life of a freelancer/ having a "portfolio" career.

Renovate our bathroom, replace the four windows that need replacing, and redesign our garage into an accessory dwelling unit. It is super important to maintain our house and gain a new source of income for our family.

I would like to achieve peace with - or eliminate - the dramatic pendulum swing between work and personal/home life. This is important to me because it fatigues me and makes me feel out of alignment with my values.

Be fit and healthy. Not thin and pretty. But able to run a mile without feeling like I’m dying. I want to have an active adult life

I want to start a business or working as a freelancer so I can have a new adventure and open up a new stream of income.

I want to feel freedom in being able to share my music with others without self-judgment.

I want to lose a significant amount of weight. It is important to me to do this because I know it will improve my overall health and help alleviate the pain in my knees.

I want to have paid off my credit card debt, and begun saving for emergencies, while still hopefully having enough for at least one big trip somewhere with my partner next year (COVID permitting).

I need to lose weight. I've put my life on hold, including getting needed surgeries, because of my weight. I either need to lose weight or come to terms with years shortened off my life and paying more for yarn and fabric for the rest of tie. One or the other.

Living in my new apartment. It has remained vacant due to family issues and Covid19 shut down. I want to live in my own place and have a refuge for me and my daughter. Also, it's a better commute!

I would like to own a house with my fiancee. It is important for me to set down roots and feel stable in this world.

Next year I would like to know where I want to go in my artist work. I want to know what kind of artist I want to be after my graduation. I feel it is important for me so I can focus on a thing that feels right to me. I need some certaincy in my life right now.

Start working towards licensure in Michigan and completing my builder's license.

It's so hard to dream big, isn't it? Not being able to leave the house or meet people puts a damper on most social achievements, and I'm pulling through class all right so far. So I'll keep my expectations manageable this year: by September 2021, I want to be moved in to a new place. Whether that's in Cincinnati to start my second year of school or out of the country to escape fascism is entirely up to fate. But it's important to me that I get back out on my own again. Living with my family during the pandemic has been such a boon. It's given me people to lean on for support and an opportunity to save my pennies for the next big disaster. But I can't help but feel like my life is on pause here. I'm not really growing or changing; if anything, I'm regressing. Having my own apartment again will help me reset back to being an independent adult. I'll be able to go back to doing the things I really love: running a home! Cleaning, cooking, decorating, grocery shopping, hosting dinners and parties, all the things I can't do anymore. When I get my own home again, I'll be mistress of the house. And that reintroduces a social life, however changed by the pandemic, too. Maybe new friends, maybe a new guy? At the very least, it will be interesting and valuable to live alone--really alone--for once in my life, no roommates.

My previous year's answer was to expand my voice-over business repertoire from audiobooks to include eLearning as well. That does not happen by snapping one's fingers, but I am making progress. So far, I have signed up with a well-known and effective eLearning coach/narrator and have taken some lessons. It will take time before he is comfortable having me make an eLearning demo, and it will take more time to break into that circle of narrators. Though I do not expect to be getting any eLearning work at this time next year, I hope (and expect) that next year at this time, I will have made steady progress toward that goal.

I must get back into physical shape and I must make a plan to end my marriage. I spent the last year trying to "transform" it into something that would work for me, and my husband is not able to make the changes I need. He refuses to leave, so I am going to have to do it myself.

Get a girlfriend. Ha. Now that I am satisfied with the direction of my career, I would love to find a partner for a relationship. While I have been trying to date casually, I've found it really tough (especially during COVID). I know I have something to offer, but I think it'll take a concerted effort to put myself out there to find a partner. I just think this will be great for me - someone to share emotions with and travel/do things with would be awesome. I know it's more of a "it'll happen when it is supposed to happen" thing, but I do want to be dating and try and find a partner.

I would like to be a kinder and more compassionate person. It is important to me because my relationships suffer from my selfishness.

It’s hard to make plans to achieve any concrete objectives now. I just hope that by this time next year I can have a positive attitude, or at least a non-negative one. It’s the only way to be able to keep moving forward.

I’d still like to be at a job for a year or almost a year. I want to prove to myself that I have grit and persistence, and I want to feel like I’ve found my niche at least temporarily in social work.

I want to be back to my normal size and shape. I put on three stone when I stopped smoking four years ago and it's still here. I'm 66 and have never been on a diet before - my weight has just risen and fallen without any effort from me. But this has stuck and it makes me tired and cumbersome. I suddenly realised it wasn't going to vanish so I am trying to lose weight for the first time in my life. I'm 7kg down so far, another 25 or so to go. I have loads of clothes I love that I want to continue wearing and I want to be nimble again.

Excelling only nursing school.

I am not sure to have anything important to achieve. not now.

moved to california because i am called to.

It's been the same sort of answer for probably the last three years, however, if Covid has highlighted anything, it's that this picture that I envisage HAS to come to fruition. Really what this is, is being debt free and truly living a uncluttered life. Cherishing and making the most of everything & living my passion that is Pilates, but being able to add all the other things I enjoy too.

Comfort about money. Comfort that I'll have enough. Comfort that I'll make enough. Comfort such that I won't be constantly thinking about it.

To achieve? I am unsure at this point. I am always looking towards co-housing, which, if Coronavirus abates, I can look forward to visiting and perhaps engaging in that process. However, in the meantime I can continue my spiritual practices and perhaps some writing -- not certain in what format, but...maybe.

I'd like to be at a healthy weight. I achieved my goal from last year with a job. Now time to achieve my next goal!!! Being at a healthy weight is not only good for myself but also good for my mental health and overall wellbeing.

I really hope if I haven’t moved I have my house ready to go on the market and a plan for where we will relocate to. I would like more property for garden, livestock, possibly have enough space for daughter and family to build on same property. I think it is important that we get this big change in place before retirement.

I would like to learn how to meditate so I can relax into my life without any use of drugs of alcohol.

I want to go to law school. In the next couple months, I'll take the LSAT and send in my applications. Why do I want to go to law school? Because everything is broken, I want to do something about it, and I need to learn a specific set of skills do do that.

I want to achieve a way to be with my family and friends and feel safe.

Lose weight! To look and feel better.

I would like to be writing letters again. I miss writing letters or at least the way it made me feel. I suppose really I would either want to be writing letters again or find something that feels like that.

At this time next year, I would like to have a driver's license so I can be more independent. I would also like to be Google Educator certified level 2 to move up in my career.

I wasn't able to get a PA, which was my goal last year. I have now abandoned trying. It makes me wonder if there's a point to long term goals. With my health being so unpredictable, the best I can do is survive and keep trying to make progress. I doubt much will change within a year, though of course I hope to get much better. My main goal is to not become depressed over the winter, and to be as happy as I can within these very challenging circumstances. I am singing and drawing and I want to continue that.

I'd like to make headway on my 40 before 40 list. A lot of that is international travel (new countries and new continents) and so I'm hoping that the world is a little more normalized to allow for that. If not, I'll have to settle for the more local achievements. Many of the things on these lists of things I've wanted to accomplish and having them written down is a good way for me to make headway and to pursue new things.

By this time next year, I would love to be able to drop the kids off at school without being nervous for their health or the health of anyone else. This is the first week of school for both of them in 2020, and nothing has gone as planned. It's keeping me from doing anything else - my own work, my own school - because it's all so hands on.

I would like to graduate from welding school and find a job in the art or aerospace field.

By this time next year, I'd like to have some solid friendships in place, and girlfriends I check in with regularly. I'm too skittish about committing to seeing people regularly, or being vulnerable, and it means I let my husband (who is an extrovert) manage a lot of our friendships. I can do MUCH better. I'm also really excited to have Erin as my exercise buddy in the basement!

I would love to find a way to get "back on the road" again and resume travel. My wife and I have taken a plane trip to the left coast and with the Delta Air precautions we really did not feel as scared on the journey as we though we might. Also we are 3 weeks past so beyond any quarantine for Covid to show. I really do love to cruise but want the ships to run a little before we call Viking and rebook.

A bit more balance and relaxation . Stressing myself out some days with things I love that should bring joy . Change thinking a bit more . Working on it

I plan to be healthier, as I continue to find ways to mitigate/diminish/eliminate the 10 diagnoses I have. Health is everything. Times goals are a bit ableist so just planning on making progress is the best I can do.

I hope to be spending much of my time on racial and economic justice--specifically, building the alternatives, and even below that, building the capacities for us to live into the alternatives. TJ is super important. Healing justice. Generative somatics. These are the things that are calling to me.

I want to be fully immersed in my creativity, earning money from it and enjoying it. I’ve spent years navel gazing, reflecting, hiring coaches and therapists and I think I just need to take the first step and see where it leads organically. I’m lucky enough to have financial stability and a supportive boyfriend so that helps remove the bulk of the anxieties

I would like have gone before the beit din, to have converted and gone to the mikvah for the first time and become officially a part of the tribe. This is important because it's something I've wanted for a long time and I feel like this year I will be truly ready

I want to focus on myself and my needs. I've been pushing myself through hobbies and goals so fast lately I feel like I have whiplash. I seem to have an addiction to hobbies. I've gotten chickens, gotten us into camping, gotten a camper, picked up cross stitch, gone backpacking and more and none of these long wished for things has brought the satisfaction I thought they would. I need to figure out who I am outside of work and kids and what makes me happy or at peace with the world. I am filled with rage at the world and anxiety over every detail of my life.

I'd like to get out of the house and interact with friends more. I would like to have Rose not drive me crazy with her barking (and biting).

Paying down debt and begin to save money/build wealth. This is important because for many black people in this country this is the last great barrier to equity and equality. My kids are getting older every day and if I and their father dropped dead today the only thing they’d inherit is a legacy of debt and lack of generational wealth.

I’d like to be generating paid work. I’ve realized that I may never again be hired for a permanent job, due to my age and other circumstances, but if I don’t start generating income by this time next year, my savings won’t last as long as I need them to. I’m hopeful that I can get some kind of consulting practice going before then. It is scary to go out on my own, and I’m not sure what I’m doing, but I have to try.

The one thing I've wanted to do the most since COVID hit is simple - I want to go have coffee somewhere I can watch the sea. I'm less than an hour by bus or train from the sea, but because of COVID, I'm not taking public transportation. By this time next year, I hope I've been able to go to the sea several times, B"H.

Pass the bar of course! But also I want to get better at looking after myself, being confident, standing my ground, not apologizing. I want to be able to look after my body and my mind. If I could get in shape (NOT lost weight necessarily) that would be a great bonus. I want to get strong mentally, spiritually, physically.

I want to visit with my family in person. I want to enrich my friendships. I want to be more conscious of how I spend my time so that I can look back on each day feeling fulfilled and grateful.

I’d like to exercise more regularly. It’s a critical “use it or lose it “ year.

Acceptance. I would like to be at the point where I can accept "what is" without flailing against it or freaking out or getting unduly anxious. I would like to be able to trust that God is in charge; I am not. I would like to believe that God knows what he is doing; I don't have to. It's important to me because the alternative is so painfully devastating - to always want to have things be different than they are - to agonize over reality - to fear what's to come. In an ideal world, I will be like the man in the Chinese fable when told, first, that a piece of news was fantastic!, then second, that his next piece of news was horrible! said, "Maybe yes, maybe no. Maybe it's good, maybe it's bad. Who knows?" Such equinimity would enable me to hold the events of today's world peacefully, with curiosity and wonder.

I want to look back at this next year and feel positive, so I don't want to set an achievement goal as much as I want to set an intention to follow my guides. There is the potential for many changes in the next year, that could be for good or for bad... I just want to make sure that in every decision I make, I make it out of connection and not out of fear. That way, whatever I achieve in the next year, I know it will be for the advancement of my best self and the world.

Completing my area exams and moving on to PhD candidacy. It's important because I'm already a bit behind my cohort, and I do not want to fall further behind. I'd like to be able to focus exclusively on my research and starting to write my dissertation, and completing the exams will give me the leeway and a framework in which to do that.

My special/album/video collage of my work out into the world and be abundant, financially and with love, through sharing my soul with others.

I have achieved finding a job where I'm not constantly worried about funding disappearing. For next year, I'd like to compete my horse at a show and go on a fox hunt. Nothing more high minded than that.

1. I'd like to have a solid, marketable draft of my screenplay complete and ready to send out to be created as a feature film. 2. I'd like to see a new president in office and start to see the changes in our world as a result. 3. I'd like to see equality, diversity and inclusion in a better place than it is today. Less talking, more action. 4. I'd like to see us in better connection. Hopefully--although I don't know--COVID-19 will have passed, or be winding down, and we can start rebuilding our relationships, our communities, and our lives in a new and meaningful way that won't let us forget all the powerful lessons this time has taught us.

I would like to take the LSAT and apply to some schools by now.

Actually complete my licensure. Huge setback with not getting my hours from seamar, but I'd like to move on.

I'd like to return to an office job at least part time. I miss having a purpose to my day and it would allow us to make some home improvements.

Hmm, this is so hard to say, since I believe we will likely still be dealing with Covid for the next 12 months or more. Although hard to measure and not necessarily an achievement per se, but I would like to increase my patience threshold. It seems to be something I am always short on, and I want to be more patience and present with my children in particular.

By this time next year, I'd like to be earning money again. I want to figure out either an entrepreneurial solution, blog/crafting/materials/something, or find a corporate job in my old career path. This is important to me because I want to proceed on my divorce and be independent from my husband. I also want to be able to travel and worldschool, and having income is a necessety to be independent and to live on the road for a while or for years.

To avoid dialysis, and still be at moderate level for my kidney function. Important for aging for myself and wife.

I hope to have an affiliation with a local store to provide things to give to the homeless.

To be more comfortable in the mountains, on varied terrain--ice, rock, mixed, ski, elevation, mileage. Also, in terms of river/water knowledge: reading the water, feeling comfortable there. SO MUCH! I have all of these dreams right now and I'm wondering where they'll be at this point next year. This is important because being in the mountains is the one place where I feel truly whole. It's like everything that I could have dreamed of is possible, it's in reach. To have found that is so meaningful. I just want to commit and see what's possible. Also thinking of graduate school...will I have been studying for the MCAT? or have submitted applications to yale? To have made actual progress in those realms would also be so important. I care about these things so much. I want to help so badly, and in ways that I know are direct.

To be able to walk like a normal person

When I first read this question, the answer that popped into my head is "I want to be teaching regular accessible yoga classes to interested, enthusiastic students 3-4 days per week." As I write this, though, I'm having second thoughts. As it's looking more and more like the COVID-19 restrictions are here to stay, maybe my goal should be to have the equipment/bandwidth/platform to teach online accessible yoga classes 3-4 days per week? Or maybe my goal should be something unrelated to teaching yoga? Everything seems very up-in-the-air lately, and I'm finding it hard to set goals or make plans for the future.

I wish I had responded to this question last year as I would have stated that I wanted to be the 6 million dollar woman at my company and I accomplished that goal and am very proud of that success - now I need to keep climbing the mountain and making a difference the best ways I know how. My goal for this time next year, is to continue to be successful but to remind myself that I don't have to do it all alone - asking for help isn't weakness it is courage and strength. I am so happy in the relationship that COVID built - we are strong and really happy together - so my desire is to continue to move in the direction of up together - we are finding our way and it give me joy and peace indeed.

I would like to have a thriving business, seeing 20 clients per week. Of course, if we are making plans to leave the country or have already left, my goals will be very different.

Regular meditation. Planned adventures. They are important to me because they will help me to remain healthy and centered.

I'd like to get better at playing mandolin and guitar. I miss playing music, and I want my children to love music as well. I think music makes the world a happier place.

I hope to have cleared my house out and sold it by this time next year: then, I'll be going into retirement debt-free!

I would like to have paid down some debt. This will help by making us more financially stable and will be the first step on our path to home ownership. It will also just be a huge relief to have the pressure of debt off of me.

I would like to have a location for the professional theatre I'm starting. I believe this project is going to benefit my small mountain town a lot, so I am hopeful by next year we'll have it done.

I guess I'd like to get better at my Hebrew. I have a few apps and my Hebrish partner. So by this time next year, be better than I am now.

I would like to finish my memoir and send it out to publishers. It will be almost 10 years since I started working on it. Friends' deaths this year made me realize that time is short and I really want to share my story.

I want to get my name and gender marker changed legally. I really want to use the name I have come up with, but I don't feel like it's mine to use yet. And it's another form of queerflagging, which is important to me. I meant to do it towards the end of last year, maybe as a birthday gift to myself, but I was busy and the change of the regulations here didn't fully kick in until this January. But this year has been even more hectic and draining, and I haven't initiated the process. (Plus I started waffling on name despite having figured it out so long ago.) Look, the world is a mess and the US is a mess and is cut off from the rest of the world more and more. I know it might not be the safest choice but hell, the one thing that made me hesitant was not being able to change my passport to match. Kinda feels like that's a moot point now, huh?

A Job Promotion or at least have direct reports.

I'm really content with my life right now, and 2 things come to mind. I know it says one so what first comes to mind is that I would like to continue as Head Mindset Coach working for Emmie, and if she creates and implements a coach training program, I would like to be active in co-facilitating the training that occurs in that course. I love my work so much, and I love that I have been promoted already to this position, so here's hoping for more! But #2 is that I would like for my hair to have grown back as much as possible. ;)

reinvest in our humble abode because it's likely to be our only solid asset.

I want to be able to find a partner that I am fully comfortable and really happy with. It's definitely time for me to find someone that I can work with, live with, and grow with for the rest of my life.

I want to be alive. I want to live in a free country. I want to be writing wonderful new works of literature. I want to be closer to Ha Shem.

By this time at the end of September in 2021, I hope to travel by two airplanes to San Diego. I hope to attend, in person, my grandson Jacob's bar mitzvah. I enjoy having religion being one of the foundations of my life, and hope to see it carried on with my grandchildren.

Meet my person. It's the most important thing in my world, and the world, so I can enter the next stage of Jewish life.

I would like to feel like I have a clear sense of what I want to achieve. This sounds a bit tongue in cheek, but I have been so focused on just 'getting through' what needs to be done that in recent months it has been hard for me to have a good sense of where I want to go. By this time next year, I'd really like to feel more grounded in that respect.

Living a healthier lifestyle.

I would like to be a full-time teacher by next year. It is important to me because I have been working towards this career for several years now and cannot wait to finally feel secure in my employment.

I would like to learn to read Hebrew, and progress in my greek and lyre blog. I would like to find community and joy... I guess that's a lot of goals. I guess I'd really just like to be happy, healthy, and whole, inside and out. And the above is just the details.

I'm proud to say that I finished my journal this year and have kept up the habit of writing at least every week, sometimes more. It's easier when you're not going out anywhere! This time next year, it's hard to set goals dependent on other things. I'd like to say I'll have run a sub4 hour marathon but there might not be any marathons by then. I'd like to have shared long term goals with my husband, to be growing and stretching towards those, together.

I'd like to see myself with a drivers licence and god willing a car of my own. It would let me be independent go and come as I like. I'd never run late and I could go pray at my favorite holy sites. It would make me feel less dependent on people. The one other thing that comes to mind is being my own boss and running my migraine foundation as well as a job that i'm the boss of. Where I don't have to worry about money or how I dress , act ect. I've let the past and my health hold me back from so much. I'd like to prove to myself that even though it's been hard all these years even with corona ect. That I can do anything it may take time it may take motivation ect but anything is possible. I really want to prove that to myself this year. That i can accomplish the things i've been dreaming of from age 16

I would like to have the house up for sale. It's important because in order for us to be living on the road, we need to get rid of most everything and condense down to the essentials. If we have the house up for sale at this point, that means we will have already narrowed our wants down to needs.

I would like to complete revisions on at least three more short stories, and work on getting them published. This is important to me because making stories out of the chaos of my life gives me joy, and I believe that my weird stories may offer a similar joy to readers. It's important because I have to make the attempt to publish, or I will regret it. It's important because art matters.

I want to have more people of color in my life. This is an important step in my commitment to being an anti-racist.

I'd like to be done with classes for my Master's in Counseling so I don't have to work as a rabbi on the holidays anymore...

I'd like to be married! It would be lovely if by next year, we're able to have our wedding the way we planned, and for it to feel joyous and celebratory and most of all, safe.

Maybe have some more patience with my kids, myself, those around me, the state of the world...... I think I'd be happier.

Haha. I say this every year but the one thing is LOSE WEIGHT. It’s only gotten worse since COVID quarantine and lack of exercise due to sciatica. Lose weight and I’ll enjoy life much more and have less back pain

I would like to have opened some revolving credit and keep it in good standing. I also would like to buy a new car.

In the Great After, once we have a safe and effective vaccine, I would like to have the lab restaffed and established by next Fall. I would like to have a cohesive and engaged group of young scientists working to understand disease and find cures for rare disorders. This pandemic has shaken everything and I also need some stability at home, I need the renovations to be completed and to be settled in my new home and maybe, I'll have resumed my search for love...

I will have a regular (daily) meditation practice by Sept 2021. I'm tired of being so judgmental and critical of others -- it's exhausting to feel so negative towards people, especially those I care about and love. And I want to learn ways to soothe my brain and system before bedtime and during stressful work situations. I want to feel more grounded and accepted in my own body...

clarity about my professional and personal path going forward. I have applied for a position that would mean a constitutional change in my professional life if I am to get it, and that in turn will have an impact on my personal life. It would mean the extension of my professional life to my 68th year, for instance, at which point my husband will be 73. If I do not get this position, my current position will be re-evaluated in a year's time. At that point I will want to consider whether I want to stay in my current position, return to the faculty, or retire. Retirement is appealing, but I don't know if I can afford it in just a year's time. So next year I hope to have achieved more clarity about all of this.

I'd like to lose 25 pounds by the time I turn 50! I feel better at that weight and it would mean I would be healthier, stronger, and more fit as I enter a new decade of my life.

Harmonica. TO prove I'm artistic and unique and not an old dog.

I'd like to plan a trip to Paris. Hopefully, we will be able to travel again soon. I have been drawn to Paris inexplicably. I never took French. I don't know anyone French. I don't love cheese. I became interested when I read the book "The Nightengale" and I learned about the role of France and the French in WW2 and the Holocaust. When I learned about the Vel de Hiv round up it broke my heart. Understanding that French Jews considered themselves French and thought they would be treated fairly as French citizens only to have their own neighbors and policemen turn them in to the Nazis is horrifying and so potentially relevant to the American situation at the moment. Historical fiction novels like Paris Architect, Sara's Key, The Ophan's Tale, and The Paris Seamstress, have taken my imagination to Paris and the French countryside, so I want to explore it. My husband and I were planning an Alaskan cruise for our 20th wedding anniversary in 2022, but neither of us wants to go on a cruise anymore. So I am hopeful I can plan a trip to Paris for us so that we can explore the City of Lights together as well as better understand history. I will not only have to plan logistics and itinerary, but we will also have to save money and figure out who will watch the kids. I am hopeful I can begin planning for this as soon as travel restrictions are lifted.

Either owning a home, or leaving the country. Depends on how the election goes.

There are too many things I would like.

By this time next year, I would like to have moved in my career. I'm not sure how or where-but hopefully it is with my current employer.

I would like to be at least 15lbs thinner, have raised my frequency and have such good memories of Norway that we're planning our next overseas trip.

I am hoping that Covid 19 is under control so that we can visit our son and dau in law and grandaughter out of state and my sister. We have only been able to have face time

I'd like to learn how to make clothes. Partly because of the creativity and the wonderful variety of fabrics out there; partly because a lot of styles I like to wear are often made in black fabric or other dark colours and I'd like some lighter/brighter options; and partly because my weight fluctuates so much and buying new clothes in different sizes is expensive.

I'd like to achieve clarity. I want a plan that addresses how I need to use my time and money to address everything from world problems to household chores. I always have a nagging feeling that I have responsibilities that I don't meet. If I make a list of things to do and a plan for doing them, I will accomplish more and be closer to peace. Probably a crazy wish, since life is messy. But it seems like what I need and want most right now.

I feel like there is only so much I can do to reach this goal as it also depends on another person, but I'd like to be in a romantic relationship that makes me happy.

I need to have a better idea about my spiritual journey. I need to expand my horizons, and, hopefully, by next year share my journey with the world to help others do the same. I know in my heart that my life is not exclusively my own and that using my talents for communication is necessary - the world demands it.

I’d love to travel somewhere abroad again, like Argentina. It’s so cheap right now and such a great place

I want to have a permanent job! I want to finally be settled in a place where I can see myself being for years and years. I want it to be here, if possible. I don't know whether I will be able to achieve this--it's going to take not only a lot of hard, terrifying work from me, it's also going to take a lot of luck. But I want it nonetheless. I am so ready to put down roots. I want to stay here and put down roots so deep that I become a giant old oak whose roots tear up the sidealk. And when I finally topple over, as we all eventually must, it will tear up the entire street and they'll need to redo all the pavement. I want to be embedded in a community and I want to know where I will be in five years and I want to be content with it. I have moved so often, been so unsettled. It has been thirty years since I last thought I knew where I would be in five years' time, and at that point I was seven and five years was almost a lifetime of its own. Last year I said "I want to look back at this year and feel like I made the most of this opportunity and didn't let chances slip away due to anxiety or procrastination." I did let a lot of chances slip away due to anxiety and procrastination this year, but fewer than in previous years. My growth is slow, but it is happening nonetheless. So when I look at this question next year, I want to see that I took this reminder to heart and worked just a little bit harder at taking the opportunities presented, and at seeing those moments of fear as a chance to be brave, and those moments of vulnerability as a chance for others to be kind.

I don't know. I'm finding it very hard to make plans right now and set goals. There just feels like so much uncertainty between the pandemic and the elections. I guess I'd like to achieve some level of balance. The last few years have felt off-kilter, between having my 2nd child and the pandemic My son was just turning a year old when the pandemic started and I was finally starting to feel "normal" again and this happened which threw everything off. . . so I'd like to find balance.

By this time next year, I’d like to have achieved massive reduction in my stuff from my life. Being more minimal and more intentional in everything I have. I want to have the things I love in my life and she had the things that do not bring me joy and fulfillment.

Vashti's Daughter WILL be finished by PURIM (February 25, 2021) by this time next year, September 23, I'd like (LOVE) to have it in sold to a traditional publisher and on it's way to the BEST SELLER list worldwide. If #1 doesn't happen - I'd like to have a good paying, enjoyable full-time job! PS - last year's response was achieved! Teeth are all healthy and happy - heath is great!

I want to have 3 day per week with 4 coaching services (1 of them group session with 5 campanies). It's important to me because I want to be financial independent and show to others that it's possible to change our profession and be sucessful again. This will allow me to have a different life, with more fun and joy and more time for me and my family. This will allow me to help people in business to make them have a more profitable company.

I'm still on the hunt for the perfect job. I feel so stagnated and deflated in this search. I'm grateful to be employed and, actually, really enjoy the day to day. I am teaching ESL to children in K12 as part of a community, and that's exactly what I'd searched for years ago. That said, I feel that my policy degree is going to waste, I feel underpaid, I feel underchallenged, and I feel "under statused." I'm proud of the freelance work I got in last year, but I'm definitely not where I want to be. And this month marks a year that I've been on the hunt for something better. I have come very close w/ several cool positions, none of which came through. So I have no choice but to doubt myself right now. And I wonder what might become of this search if I move back to California, if I become a parent and a homeowner with more expenses, etc. I don't feel closer to my goals than I did a year (or 3 years) ago and I feel less confident than I initially did, as a previous school leader with a fresh masters from an Ivy. With all the positions open at the district, at CMO's, etc., I was fairly confident I would land something awesome and now I must question myself. So, by next year, I hope to be able to say I am fulfilled in my work. If that means accepting and embracing this work or moving onto a position and an org that I love, I hope to make that a reality. And, sadly, I know this is, not at all, concrete... I am not sure how I work towards this, how I set bite sized goals, how I begin the process. I have developed a decent routine (and have followed said routine w/ fidelity) regarding job sites, following postings, etc. But I need to expand this effort and I am not sure how at the moment.

I want to complete a new play and get one of my scripts or plays purchased for production post-lockdown.

To become more calm and relaxed. It is important to me because my work life is stressful.

I'd like to move into a smaller home. It's bleeding my finances to live here, I'm too old to take care of it well, and I'm afraid of falling. I desperately need a new start.

To participate in Vipassana again, because it gives me stability, harmony and peace which I want to share with other people.

I just decided that this is not a year for goal setting. I will be happy if I can maintain my health and my job, and even happier if I can keep my family peacefully functioning.

I would like to fell comfortable that my mental health i is good, and in a steady state. I've spent more than half my life being depressed, and did spend a little time in the hospital for it this year. By doing that, though, I have gained some very useful coping skills, and I'm very optimistic about my mental health in the future.

Healthier. I'd like to live and long and healthy life. 2020 has been tough for me to keep motivated to stay healthy.

Better footing when it comes healthy living. Stay the course in terms of balance between time with Nancy, work projects, music, relax. Hopefully post COVID life will allow for more time for family and getting out of the house!

By this time next year I would like to achieve greater satisfaction in my work -- be it in a new position, in a new institution, or with new projects. Everything thus far in 2020 has been at a standstill and it's so hard to feel motivated to take on new projects during a time of isolation. In the next year, I would like to feel like I'm really sinking my teeth into some more exciting projects. And I want to feel part of a team like I did early on at FAU. Again, this could be due to new projects or, ideally, in a new position.

I want to be feel like I have control over my time. This doesn’t necessarily mean being productive constantly but rather that I can choose when I rest and when I work. Currently I feel like time is everywhere

I would like to have habits in place that allow me to live my best life. A daily exercise habit (with flexibility for fun or social walks or what have you), a habit of not yelling, being able to redirect or do something else. A habit of nourishing my body with vegetables and foods that make me feel good. A gratitude habit. The ability to be optimistic. A habit, or list of habits/actions to do to get out of a funk.

I want to land a permanent full-time job where I can work remotely five days a week. This is important to me because I am worried about catching coronavirus again after my immunity passport expires on 12/2/2020.

A stronger relationship with my daughter in law. We live over 1,000 miles apart, so when we get together, I want to enjoy spending time with the whole family, without feeling like I’m on guard. We are welcoming a new grandson into the family in December, so no matter what the future brings, we will always have a connection. I want it to be a quality relationship.

One thing I'd like to achieve by this time next year is having my blog monetized and making enough money that I can look forward to quitting working for someone else soon after we move onto our homestead in 2022. This will include a plan for income such as being a permaculture designer, or maybe a fruit producer/small scale farmer. There will be several combined sources of income.

I would love to have a regular exercise routine and feel better about my body. I would also love should be continuing my activist/anti-racist work. I would also love to have more patience with my kiddo, Be moving forward with my Infinity practice and not hating work LOL

I would love to have a new job. In a different field. I don't feel good in my current job and since I spend so much time at work, it should be something I like. The other thing I would like to achieve is being married this time next year! We want to plan it for late August or early September 2021. But we obviously don't know about the whole Corona situation.

I'd like to develop a good habit of exercising regularly. This is important because as I get older, staying in shape is important to avoid deterioration of my health. I had started swimming regularly just before covid shut everything down, and then started running until I developed my back problems., so now all I'm left with is walking, and I'm not always good about making myself walk enough. But I'm hoping I can get my back problems diagnosed and begin exercising more strenuously again, and remember to make my daily exercise a priority.

Running a successful independent freelance set up, while continuously working on self, adding more skills as an artist.

I would like to (and will!!) have completed my PhD! It's important because it's the ending of a chapter of my life - one that has been a mixed bag in terms of feelings and experiences.

to travel more at least in this country.

I would like for us to have sold our house and moved to a place that is good for us and where we can stay for the duration. I would like for the kids to all be happy and self-supporting. I would like for me and Nan to have found sustainable work that fulfills us and lets us continue our mission in the world.

By this time next year, I would like to feel that I have a better handle on my work-life balance. It is difficult for me to set and stick to good boundaries when it comes to respecting my personal time and prioritizing my health, hobbies, and interests. I deeply suspect this attitude comes from my cultural background and so it can be difficult to pinpoint when I am doing it until I have slipped into a stress spiral! Now especially when working from home, it is good to remember that I can walk away from work. It is good to remember that it will be there to return to and that it is impossible to finish everything that needs to be done in one day.

Si contesto la pregunta sin filtros, dejando salir las palabras de mi corazón. La respuesta sería que en este momento del 2021 me gustaría tener un trabajo en Alemania, u otra oportunidad para quedarme otro año en el país. El siguiente año en estas fechas, me quiero sentir satisfecha de haber aprendido mucho alemán, de haber fluido en Marburg con bienestar, recibiendo bendiciones día con día. También espero ya tener una relación profunda con un amigo y con una pareja. Sería ideal para estas fechas ya estar planeando vivir con otra persona en el mismo hogar, cada uno con su trabajo, pero juntos en la vida y compartiendo amor. Sentir la emoción de las visitas que vinieron durante el año o las que vendrán. Volver a ver a algunos miembros de mi familia y amigos. Ver el esfuerzo de mi trabajo con Alma y Levi florecer en caras de alegría y armonía en el hogar. Compartir los éxito con Anna y David, porque ellos también recibirán bendiciones en su vida. Para estas fechas el siguiente año, quiero estar planeando un viaje a la playa ( o mejor sería haber hecho un viaje en el verano). Quiero recibir buenas noticias de mi familia en México. Leer mensajes con planes cumplidos, trabajos obtenidos, dinero ahorrado, amor conocido, amor creciendo, abuelita feliz rodeada de amor, mamá cuidada por un hombre que la ama, Alessandro siendo exitoso y saludable (como siempre mi héroe). A los 27 años el rumbo de mi vida en Alemania tendrá mayor claridad.

controling my temper, which means controlling the fear and anxiety and vertigo sense of lack of control that prompts it