When September 2022 rolls around and you receive your answers to your 10Q questions, how do you think you'll feel? What do you think/hope might be different about your life and where you're at as a result of thinking about and answering these questions?

I hope I’ll feel accomplished for having established myself in the workforce and earning money. I hope I’ll feel more secure in my relationship choices and less self critical. I hope I have continued to work on self acceptance of my choices and feel liberated from my fears around starting a family

I hope COVID is gone. I also hope my practice has been sold and I hope I have begun to get a real grip on who I am and what I want to do. I hope I feel more free. I also hope my memories of my father are more pleasant and less accusatory.

The internet ate this answer. I think I will feel grateful and grounded. I hope I'll take time to reflect on and write down these answers over all 10 days of awe INSTeAD of all-10-at-the-last-minute-hoping-they-mean-midnight-pacific-time. Which is still better than last year there-is-no-hope-i-can't-get-off-netflix-even-to-write-10q. I hope I'll have a thriving business and deeper community connections. I hope I get to go to Worker's Circle High Holidays celebrations with people I love in Boston. I hope I can take the time to cook something nice to share with friends and family.

I hope I will have accomplished the last two years of goals and be happily married. But I’m very proud to finally have my masters degree!! I hope I will be in a brighter place next year, along with the rest of the world.

I love doing these questions. It is always an enlightening experience reading them the next year. I wish everyone did this. I have tried to tell as many as I can about it. But as I said earlier. I am not really surrounded by a lot of folks like myself. I am grateful my son is like me and he is the one that told me about 10Q. That is why I also love reading other people's answers. I feel comfort that there are more of us out there. To my fellow kindred spirits, wherever you may be in the world. I hear you and I value you and your words.

I hope I will wholly love the person who considered these questions and wrote these answers. I hope I am grateful for her choices. I hope. I hope I will feel complete and whole an fully myself. I hope I have helped others become themselves wholly and love themselves completely too.

For whatever reason, I optimistic that I will feel accomplished and relatively triumphant at this time next year. I hope this will be the case!

I will revel in the glory of my foresight and reflection. I always feel like I get to experience the version of me that others tell me they see - even though I wake up with her every single day - I don't necessarily see myself the way they do. This is truly an amazing feeling. You cannot put a price on it. Honestly, I hope that I begin to realize how amazing I truly am and that I "launch," myself in this way for humanity. Whether it's through my workshops, or a book or a blog or whatever - I want to truly be living what I advise to others. Step into it. That calling.

I think I’ll feel tired from sleep deprivation but revitalized with purpose. As introspective as this season and this questionnaire inspires me to be, I imagine I’ll be in an even more heightened state of reflection looking back at the point when our baby has spent as much time in the world as he had in the womb. I hope I will feel gratitude for the love enveloped by community near and far, and still in awe of the gift bestowed upon me by my soulmate and the Creator.

I hope I will think, "wow, I have had an excellent year! Being 47 (and then 48) has been the best age yet, and there is so much more still to do! You can see this is aspirational, as I usually don't use exclamation points twice in a row unless I am writing an email to students.

I hope I feel less overwhelmed by life and everything I need to accomplish. I also hope that I will be living more authentically in my queer, autistic, and Jewish identities.

I don’t know, really. It could be that I am disappointed because another year has come and gone and I haven’t really done anything. Let’s hope that I will be well on my way to a happier, healthier, fitter me.

Two year in and most of my answers contain the word - Covid. I'm hoping that this will change next year. My mental health has worsened. Hope is what I'm searching for. Responses that doe not include the word Covid. A new life.

This is my favorite tradition about Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashanah. I think I will feel excited, surprised, and thoughtful. 10Q is my version of new year's resolutions and I love that they aren't about weight or body image or anything our society tells us they should be. If history is any guide, my life will mostly be in line with what is written here.

I think in September 2022 I will feel better. I am at an emotional low point now and hopefully some of the travel that I have planned, the weight loss, the working on forgiveness, cleaning up my junk, and letting things roll off my shoulders will pay off. I don’t know if answering these questions will help me but it does give me a yardstick that I can measure my progress by. As the Budda said, “All progress is an illusion.” I don’t know if he really said that but that phrase and attribution was said often by a classmate of mine in medical school and certainly seems apt as I look back on my life and see a long line of much the same stuff.

I'll feel "wow, nothing ever changes. I never solve those issues." I hope that's not the case but expect it is. Thinking about these topics provides one benefit: it makes me realize that none of my problems are very large. If these are my largest issues, I'm doing okay.

I hope that I will have grown and evolved by the time I have to answer these questions once again. I hope that by then, I’ll be a practicing shaman, conducting Ayahuasca Ceremonies on the regular. I hope that Amy and I will be even closer having expanded our circle of friends and become knit into our tribe down in the ocean city area.

So hard to say. I hope I feel like I made progress. Like i didn't just let life happen to me, even if were at the beginning of the end. I hope i've re-found some purpose and something to believe in even its just interior

I hope that I can look at my answers and laugh at my silly little worries. I hope I can feel proud that I have reached at least one of my goals.

I hope I'll feel a sense of growth. If I'm lucky, a sense of progress. I hope I can look back on the year and be proud of the moments I was courageous, the moments when I tried. I hope I can look back and say I gave it my best, whatever the outcome.

I really hope the world is in a different place by September 2022 and that I have benefited from some return to physical interaction among people. I hope that my Shmitah year has refreshed me and brought me clarity about my future.

I hope I'll feel more fulfilled, confident, and well established at work. I want to feel settled in our house and be *completely rid* of all my clutter. I am *so close* to finishing it off - just one more set of shelves to sort, plus my clothes. I hope I keep up with my bullet journaling and remember to write/journal regularly so I can have a record of how I spent my days.

I hope I feel proud of how far I've come again in a year. If I'm heartbroken, I hope I have empathy for myself. I hope I feel scared, because that means I'm being brave.

When I have done this, I read my answers with several emotions at the same time: fear, joy, and frustration. I have grown a lot and hope I can look back and be pleased with my replies and with how I have lived this year. Cheers to that!!

I think it depends on what I am able to do. I'll either be frustrated at another year lost, or cautiously hopeful. I hope I am swimming, and reading, and involved in music somehow. Making life meaningful, or at least more fun. In terms of where I'm at as a result of thinking about and answering these questions - it's a glowing signpost that points to taking action: If not now, when?

First off, I'll be pleased that I answered all 10 this year. I hope I will feel a sense of relief and joy that the pandemic is coming to an end. I hope I will have reconnected with more of my friends, found more time for faith, traveled a bit, taken more time for myself and my hobbies.

I hope I'll feel joyful, grateful and peaceful! And amused :) perhaps a little nostalgic. I hope I'll be more settled in my family life and in my career too. Less quantity, more quality. More time for self-love and reflection. Thank you!

I'll feel happy to have accomplished what I set out to change in my life for the better!

I pray that by September 2022 we all feel safe again, no matter where in the world we are or who we are surrounded by (a tall order). I hope that by then, Theo and I will feel grounded and embedded within in our Portland community; that I feel like I have a group of friends here that I can both depend on and be in support of. I hope that my reflections from this time (especially around the Shmita/Sabbath year) stay with me throughout the year and that my life will look/feel differently because I will finally be rested.

I hope that I will be at peace with wherever I am in the current moment when I see my answers again, instead of getting lost in the existential angst I find myself in now. I don't know what will be different about my life, I am currently just trying to focus on the moment and what I can do right now as I write this, rather than let my mind linger towards the future and the unknown, because I don't know what will become of my efforts this coming year. My goals may even change, who knows.

I’m hopefully that in a year I’ll look back and see this time as the catalyst - that moment of time that was needed to kick things off. Today so happens to be Matt Allen’s birthday. He is beginning the last year of his 30s and in this next year, I hope that we find a rhythm that brings us closer together and in greater harmony. I hope our lives are more abundant - not that it isn’t now because it is. We are blessed with so many things! Friends, family, resources, experiences. We have SO MUCH. It almost feels wrong to want more…but I do. I want the fear to fade and be replaced by ease and comfort. I want to feel competent and capable and like an adult rather than a child running to my parents for every little thing when something goes wrong.

I think I will feel absolutely jazzed and thrilled after my 51st birthday river rafting trip! I hope I will feel bold and relaxed and strong and fit and settled into my 50s with hope for the future and art in my life. More Buddhist, more accepting of death and aging and beauty and joy. My life is pretty wonderful right now… Wonderful family, friends and the extra blessing of a wonderful husband. I got to travel again, I got to see my family again and I have meaningful work teaching with people I respect. Now that I know that there’s a play coming up in six months I feel like a whole person again!!!

I think I will be disappointed with the progress I have made in the last 12 months. I will be disappointed that so little has changed. I hope I am wrong that I make progress on all fronts and the years is a happy and successful one.

From last year: "I'm hoping for a complete career shift change to the farm." Once again, more of this.

I hope that in Sept. 2022, I will look at my answers from 2021 and remember how bad it was and how good it is in Sept 2022. Answering these questions makes me "look inside me" and better understand what is important to me and how I truly feel about some of these issues. I think the act of answering these questions makes me feel more comfortable with who I am and how prioritize my life.

I hope I will laugh like most years

I hope I’ll be amazed at what I’ve overcome. I hope I’ll be kinder to myself for the things I’ve left undone.

This is the part where reading my answer from last year is so hard because I talked about being scared and fearful of what the future would hold. A year later, I'm scared, but of different things. I am worried that my empathy quotient is dwindling as people continue to flout public health measures, refuse vaccination, endanger children and otherwise act ridiculous. But I also look at the political landscape with great consternation: abortion, privacy rights, voter suppression, white supremacy. It's so much to take in. I don't think the trauma of the pandemic is over, just evolving. I am worried about how we have adapted (and maladapted) to these terrible circumstances.

I would like to have a new job, and at least be on my way to a new home. We'll see. Meanwhile, maybe I can at least learn coding, or Spanish, or get better at crochet. Good luck, me!

I think and hope to feel a lot better than I do now. I hope that my life is more where I want it to be in terms of better job/career, living closer to my family, perhaps owning a house, having a child. I hope these questions will be a big incentive for me to stick to working on letting go of the things I let hold me back in working towards my goals!

I don't feel much different from last year. As I read last years answers I basically felt the same. Not much has changed. I sincerely hope my answers will be different next year. My life right now is not sustaibable.

J: The pandemic may still be going on. I might be in this apartment, but it will be organized and a breath of fresh air. I don't know how I will feel. Hopefully less frustrated and sad than I do now. God, I'll have started a whole new life, but who knows what it will be... R: 1) I hope that COVID has been resolved as far as a pandemic is concerned, both nationwide as well as worldwide. I hope that the aspects of Trumpism will have if not burned themselves out, reached a point where people are coming to terms with the damage and the chaos that it has brought. Not only to the country, but to people and families. I hope that my mother will be able to return home safely. I hope those that have been displaced by floods, COVID, and job loss, will have found new beginnings. That the past year and a half will have had some long term social and economic benefits to everyone that has been affected.

Honestly I bet I feel the same. Hopefully I'll have another child or be on the way to having another child. In that sense I hope there is even more love and happiness in my already pretty great life. I hope the pandemic is in a better state. All things considered things are going ok for me right now and I hope that's still true in the year to come.

I hope most things are the same, to be honest. My family is all healthy and thriving. I have been writing daily. I have 1-2 asylum cases going. I hope I have let go of my fears, embraced my work with confidence. Maybe having a new publishing contract will help with that! But even if I don't have that, it is the underlying belief and self-confidence (maybe even seeing myself as others may see me?) that I can strive toward.

I'll feel absolutely grand to still be enjoying life in my 85th year.

I have a really hard time envisioning a personal future. This is in stark contrast to myself at work, where one of my top strengths is setting vision and direction and achieving the things I set out to do. For some reason, I feel limited in my ability to imagine my life in a future state. However, I know how I want to feel. I want to feel like I've done what I can to sustain my friendships and relationships that I hold dear as well as grow new ones. I hope I'll feel at peace with who I am and what I have accomplished, and excited about how much there is left to experience in life.

I hope that I will have taken some actions based on these questions! I hope to see at least moderate changes.

i definitely met my hopes from last year. This year...may i know without a doubt that I am capable of being present in all challenges and continuing to find ways to be of service in my world. I hope I will be as satisfied with rereading these answers as I was when I got to read my 10Q written last year. So grateful

I deeply hope ill have made some, even tiny movement forward with my desires to create something. something in me is not hopeful, which is sad. ive been beating that drum for a long time. what will it take? court being over would help, true. and still. i hope, and am optimistic that my personal growth will continue. that ill keep progressing as a fully present, less triggered person who is less encumbered by inner judgements and outer influences, and who has more deeply developed an inner calm compass to guide me.

I'll be curious to read myself... it's good to go back and reflect on my own words and actions. I hope that I remain open to change, to reflection and to revisiting goals with compassion.

I hope I'll feel secure in my personal and professional lives and even regain some of the spiritual component back that has escaped me the past year or two. I'm hoping that I've made tenure, but that I'll be able to pursue ambitions in a more compartmentalized manner so they don't interfere with my other responsibilities and relationships. I don't want to be complacent, but I would have to figure how to restore balance to my life.

I hope I'll have a new job and have more money and possibly be more creatively fulfilled. My life is pretty good now and I'm grateful. I hope there won't be ay tragedies and accidents cuz ya never know what life throws at ya.

Every year it feels like I am in the same place and upon reading my answers. I realize that I have peeled back another layer on the onion and that this doesn't stop. Growth is good even though it doesn't always feel that way while I'm in the midst of a particular lesson.

I think I'll feel (even more) positive and confident. I'm on a different path now. I feel lighter. I am becoming a fan of the person I am becoming. I wanted to make a change. I've wanted to make changes for a long time, not entirely unsuccessfully. This is different. I'm different. Everything is different. Inertia is a force that is, improbably, acting in my best interests (for now). I do not wish to squander the opportunity for velocity and distance.

In September 2022 I will hopefully not feel overwhelmed... because September is an overwhelming time for Jews (New Year) who work in education (New School Year) and this year it involved my kids starting kindergarten (HUGE transition). I'm optimistic that I will take a good chunk of time off next summer and will enter September more rested than I was this year and will NOT be overwhelmed - hopefully.

Well one out of five ain't bad! Lol! I have a more wildlife friendly farm. I hope to be more healthy and content.

Right now too much seems overwhelming when I try to look too far ahead so I try to look at just what I need to do to progress in my life currently. Hopefully by approaching my life this way, I will have made progress in improving my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual life enough by Spet. 2022 that I will be happy to reflect on the progress.

Don't know how to answer this, so went to last years answer to see if things have changed. And yes they have. I do feel better than last year and I dont feel this hermit life going on. But I do need to do better. I do need to love more people in some way. And love is a general term, and hard to explain but helping, listening or praising others is a start. I want to thank you all for having this 10Q program year after year, because I have become aware of myself more by responding to these questions year after year. God bless you all.

I think I'll feelv proud that I took the time during a busy year to do this 10Q reflection. I hope that the different areas of my life will be more in alignment. That I'll have made peace with my current job or started to transition into a new one that really fits me. I'll feel proud of the life I've created so far.

I hope that things feel more normal pandemic-wise than they do a year after September 2020 (when that was also my hope...). I hope I feel safe taking my son into places and doing more "normal" things.

I hope that I will feel that life isn't as out of control as it feels right now. I'm so relieved that we have the vaccines that I was hoping for last year, though I have to say that I'm stunned with the number of people who refuse them. I'm hoping, yet again, that my living room will be redone. I'm hoping that my husband's health issues will have been successfully resolved.

I will be in the thick of planning a wedding, which means I will have proposed to Madison...my Maddie. So, I will feel busy but very ready to be married. Perhaps, by that time, I will also have nailed down my position in the Division of Water Rights such that I don't have to worry about the fact of it not being permanent. I imagine I will feel proud because, despite all that happens, I attempt to get better. I know I won't be exactly where I want financially, professionally, or some such, but I will notice, upon reflection that I have come much further than had I done nothing. And that will be a good feeling, indeed.

I will be very grateful if this is another year of staying the course, if I can just keep on keeping on. The sudden changes in life tend to be for the worst, not the better.

I want to be more thoughtful about these answers.

I'm hoping that I'm still feeling overall positive. My husband & I are starting to have conversations of "what to do" when our daughter graduates HS. This could mean moving closer to the ocean (Portsmouth, Exeter, NH area.) It could mean we stay here, but travel a little bit more. IDK, 4 years is not that long of a time period & who knows what she'll want to do, as she enters adulthood. THAT right there is a scary thing to think about!

I don't even know. COVID and teaching has broken me.

I think I'll be proud that I did my best to achieve those goals. That no matter if I succeed or not, I'll have done the best I could. I hope I'll have found some peace inside me, that I'll have continued channeling my feelings towards doing my best work, and f*ck all the opinions others might have of me.

I would love to say that by then there would be someone else in my life who could be reading over my shoulder, and together we would smile.

I really, really hope that I’ll be in a much better place.

I hope I am happier in my marriage. In my personal life. I hope I listen to myself more deeply. I hope I've traveled. I hope I feel satisfied from my work over the last year and proud that I've taken some risks. I hope I really like myself. I hope I read my responses and think, "Yep. I did that." I hope I give myself grace.

I hope that I will have spent some time actually improving myself, being open to those around me and spending more time in the present.

I hope that I will feel enlightened by my personal reflections. I hope I will have taken steps forward. I hope that I will have walked in grace.

I may well have completely forgotten that I did this. I'll probably feel glad that I did it, but I think I'm going to print these answers so it makes it more likely that I will actually move forward on some of these things. It will be interesting to have the perspective and context of a year having gone by, to see what seems more and less important at this time in 2022 compared to 2021.

I am hoping to be less encumbered by the past. Enjoy life and drag others with me. “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink… only if you hold their head under long enough” ;-) Some friends may have to be let go due to their extremism views. Along those lines… who will pay for mental health for people who are down and out. We are are all equal in America but our opportunities are not equal. How do we change the attitude that only a few are deserving? If we all have purpose and working in jobs that allows dignity, imagine the community where people don’t have to steal, they can enjoy an activity that pushes their limit of… endurance, mental acuity or strength within the confines of our society like a sport or community group.

Please God, let us be done with this CoVid nightmare. Let us convince the naysayers that it is real and let them get vaccines so that we return to normal-ish lives more quickly. Please God, let us find a solution or multiple solutions to climate crises so that our world is no longer on fire. And let my children find joy and happiness and health wherever they land.

In September of 2022 I know I'll be a different, better person. I'll have even more confidence and self-love and will have achieved things I couldn't have imagined. If the trajectory I'm on holds true, I'm going to see myself as being more successful than I've ever been in this lifetime. I'm anticipating more love, comfort, health and wealth. I can't wait to see how all of this unfolds.

Hoping for the feeling of accomplishment, and a mix of enjoying the present and looking forward to the next phase. I hope I will either share my life with a life partner or be satisfied as a single person. I hope to be enjoying the fruits of my career too!

I hope that the COVID-19 pandemic is finally over and that I and those I love are still here to enjoy all that life has to offer. I am grateful to be living and will hopefully be in a great place with all of the children. Appreciative of the opportunity to reflect on my growth, learn from my failures and be open to new experiences.

I hope I'll feel I've made progress on my goals and grown. I hope I will have weathered the vicissitudes of life for another year with aplomb, tenacity, and good will. I hope I will continue to nurture peace and gratitude in my innermost core sense of self. I hope my relationships will have been nourished and grown more meaningful.

I'm surprisingly optimistic about September 2022. Plenty of bad things will still be going on, but barring any shocking developments in my own home, I suspect we'll be faring about as well as we are now, hopefully with brighter outlooks and expanded horizons. Things have definitely improved dramatically since September 2021, so I suppose that's why it seems reasonable to anticipate a continued positive trend, even if not at such a sharp incline?

The questions are all about "me." I hope when next year rolls around the answers will be more about "us."

I hope I'm laying in a hammock lol ❤️ I know I’ll smile. I know I’ll be wiser, kinder, happier, clearer about my finances, more confident, loved up on. I’ll be further in alignment with God/Spirit and my highest self.

I have come to accept that when I read back over these or other intentions that I will not have made as much progress as I hope. And of course, that things can change so dramatically that everything we said to ourselves about ourselves, or about the world, could be turned on it's head. That said, I am working hard to be more proactive in my life, to not just identify what I want, but set out steps and plans related to how to get there.

How do I think I will feel in September 2022? I hope I will feel calmer and more sure of myself and better supported. I hope I will be able to look back at things I've done this year and think, yeah! That was great! And not, ugh, that was so hard. I hope the world will be a calmer, more educated place. I know it won't be -- it never is. But I hope MY world will be calmer and more educated and more fortunate and also less entitled and whiney. Is that possible?! I hope so!

HA. It's always a trip. I daren't say much about personal change (historically I have been soooooo wrong), but I hope we're out of the COVID disasterplace by then, and I hope it helps you get a lot of your groove back. I hope you're reading this in France or Spain or Algeria or literally on any beach.

I think I'll feel proud of how far I have come. I think I will compassion and love for a woman who was sitting in the wreckage of her old life, trying to gather the dreams that had made it through the crash and cobble them into some kind of new life. I hope that I will have forgiven myself. I hope that I will have let the past go. I hope that I will have a different job. I hope that I will live in a different city. I hope that I will be driving my own car. I hope I have a financial plan. I hope that I have a life plan that I hold lightly, knowing that man plans and g-d laughs. I hope I have kissed someone new. I hope that I am at peace with the face in the mirror, though it isn't as young as it used to be. I hope to be more centred around g-d. I hope to feel more connected to humanity. I love to feel more deeply alive.

I think I will feel more confident in myself. I hope I will have invested more time in creating the life I want but also invested time in making the world a better place for all.

I'm not answering these questions because they make me a better person, but rather out of a feeling of obligation. I will like reading back some of these answers as I'm a very nostalgic person, but I'm not spending enough time reflecting before typing up answers to actually have my life changed by the 10Q project.

I think it'll be quite wild to consider how much changes between September 2021-2022, considering how much growth and change has happened in the last 5 months since the break-up. I was in a completely different place last year with school, unemployment, and the relationship. I hope that I will have a steady partner by that time, and I wonder if I'll still be living in the Bay Area or not.

I enjoy seeing my past answers, both recent and further removed. I think and hope my life will be lived - because in the end, isn't that all each of us has - the day in front of us, until one day there are no more days.

I’ll be glad I actually participated this year! I hope I’ll be creating more- stitching, mixed media, painting, Zentangle.

I'll feel a mix of joy at meeting my pre80 self; and frustration that I haven't grown very much and I'm one year older, closer to the end. I hope I will have much more gratitude - to people, life itself, my own self worth. And have moved substantially in the direction of letting go of stuff and gathering more closeness in many relationships. Also to have seen more of nature's magnificence! BEING A PART OF IT ALL IS UNBELIEVABLE - YET I AM!!!!

I believe I will feel glad that I took the time to answer the questions even though like last year I feel a bit rushed. I wish it was a two week period in which we can answer. I sincerely hope I will have settled into a new home in Minnesota. I hope I will feel closer to my son and his wife. I hope our relationship with my daughter-in-law's parents will deepen. I hope I will have found a Quaker "home" meeting in the area. Like last year, I know I will continue to do the yoga and the walking that helps me keep healthy. I hope to find some exercises or therapy to help my neck and prevent further deterioration. I feel very fortunate at age 71 to be as generally healthy as I am.

Wow, I just looked at my last-year answer and it still resonates with me: I hope in the next year, I experience joy instead of hardship, relaxation as well as work, and I hope for the soaring satisfaction from a sense of purpose and accomplishments.

When September 2022 rolls around, I hope I have jumped the hurtle of anxiety about aging and the fear of becoming increasingly invisible in a world that tends to ignore the elders ~ the societal overlooking of the wisdom and love that is so available. I want to see that I am still relevant.

I hope that I am more focused and have a direction instead of being as scattered as I feel now. I don't want to be a slave to a schedule, but I do want to feel accomplished, relaxed, interested in my life, and have a community of women around me who share my values and also have a great sense of humor.

I will have made progress on what I want to achieve. I will have studied the subjects I want to know more about. I'll be proud of that progress.

My heart is swelling with love and excitement and gratitude as I write this and think about opening up the vault and sharing this with those I love again next year. I will feel grateful, appreciative for all the experiences and opportuniites that have opened up. My life will be different because I will not be obsessed about money, plenty will flow in and out, as it should be. I will be obsessed about how to love more how to show up for me, god, others in a more elevated way. How to solve important problems. I am appreciative for these questions. So so much. Thank you.

In the past few years, it’s been a refrain of “sweet summer child, you had no idea” and I hope to feel a little bit less of that in September of 2022. I hope to find some stability, peace and hope. I hope to find myself in a position where I’m more satisfied with my professional life and my recent accomplishments. Currently, I’m in a bit of a hole, and I need to climb out of it.

I have no idea, but I hope my living situation will be happy and resolved. I hope I will not be in the middle of more crises. I hope I'll have more financial security.

2021 has confirmed that COVID will be a long-game. I hope that my kids will be vaccinated in a year and we will be in a state of fearing COVID less. I hope to be more established in my job and more trusting of my intuition, while also leaving room for learning and the the limitations of my experiences.

I'll be curious to see how right I was with some of my predictions for the year. I'd really like to be out of Sacramento, and moving to Olympia seems like a good idea. I hope it turns out to be a good idea. I hope that our jobs are satisfying, that we get childcare for the kids, and that we find a house quickly that we love.

Last year I sad "I hope we're all still alive and kicking" we are so... I hope next year we're all thriving and kicking back.

Surprised and hopefully relieved.

I hope there is movement!!!

I think life will change more rapidly now that I feel secure enough to take bigger risks. Reflection helps me feel better about the path I'm on or recognize how I need to readjust.

I wish, and hope I am in a happier/brighter/lighter place. I don't have to be happy all the time, there is no such thing as 24/7 happiness, I get it. I just hope that the clouds will have dispersed.

I’m hoping I will read the answers and think “wow, she was so stressed, I’m glad I’m not stressed anymore!” I hope that I’m September 2022 I am happy, healthy and strong. I’m hoping that I will have gotten the rest I needed and that all my needs have been met, and that I feel I have been successful in meeting my goals.

I hope I'll be confidently on a path towards a happy future, at least more confidently than I am now. I want to be working hard on filmmaking and computer science, maybe making other things, but none of the boring crap that I have to focus on nowadays.

As I've said for the last few years, I hope I am pregnant, have had a baby, and/or very much in process for that eventuality. I think I'll feel even better next year, hopefully, as COVID gets more under control (please let this be true). I think I will be feeling more even and stable with teaching, especially IB. I'm generally feeling hopeful now, and I hope that will continue.

Probably as stuck as I do this year. My answer always seem to be the same but nothing changes. I realise that I am in control of that but I find it so hard to start. And a rut is comfortable.

I’m hoping I’ve taken action where I said I wanted to and worked on mindfulness and living in the moment.

I suspect I'll feel like I was somewhat naive, as that seems to be the way it goes. I hope I'll feel like I made the right decision to leave formal employment and do my own thing, and will be living a creative, abundant life. I think 10Q is a good exercise, and look forward to looking back in a year :)

I hope I feel like I've grown into a better human who has much more to offer to the world. I hope I see how far I've come and how much the world has offered to me as well. And finally I hope I feel proud and accomplished of myself :)

I think I'll be able to relate and resonate as many of my responses speak to who I have been for a big part of my life. I hope the coming year will be one of significant change in a good way and I will be able to thrive by overcoming the challenges mentioned in this years response. I predict a year of significant growth and change.

I don’t know that I’ll feel very different next year or that this practice will result in many changes. I still think it’s good to reflect and these questions help to the passage of time. If I don’t feel like I’m making progress on my goals year after year most likely I will give up on certain goals. At this point I’ll be just as surprised as not if the pandemic continues I to next year. I think I will be happy to look back on a happy year with some good memories. I may be surprised by how fast the year passed. Most likely also I think things will be fairly similar to how they are now.

I hope to find myself less frazzled. Maybe more at peace with myself but more importantly with others. I hope I remember to reflect and listen more.

I'm hoping I will have lost the weight I need to lose. I'm hoping my job situation will change for the better and I'm looking forward to my daughter's wedding (and spending more time with my grandkids).

I will feel grateful for having answered these questions the year before! I’ll probably laugh at myself too haha, not going to lie. Taking some time to think about these 10Q has definitely helped me put things into perspective, organize my thoughts, establish priorities, and be more mindful about where I’m at, where I’m going, and how I’m going to get there. I feel like I’m in control.

I am hopeful that fearfulness will subside and hopefulness will increase. I want to be more financially secure which means making my financial situation more anti-fragile. I am hopeful that I can enjoy being more. And needing "next" less.

I hope I'll be forgive myself for not remembering to do this sooner so I could include more cool stuff that happened this past year. I hope I'll use that disappointment to spur me to journal more, write more, document more, create more, and give more.

Hopefully the pandemic will be behind us and we can resume life in a more normal manner. My life is pretty great. And my relationships are strong. I want to continue to grow in my faith and my marriage with Kath.

I hope I can look back and feel compassion for who I am today... hurt, scared, overwhelmed, and overburdened. I hope in a year I feel more settled in work, and that I was able to find the time to take better care of myself.

I think I'll be able to look back and see that I've made improvements in areas I wanted to focus on and will feel good about my progress.

I think it will give me PTSD, and I think I will feel hopeless and helpless, because I expect we will still be dealing with the virus. I would hope otherwise, and I project that I will have more acceptance and have found a new normal, which is already happening now. I think my 2020 answers show that this year it's like a complete repeat and I expect the same next year. I mean, we GOT THE VACCINE, but people wouldn't take it!??? How messed up is that?

This year I’m in a better place with my husband. May that continue. I also want to be serving a congregation and part of a team that I love building the world with!

I hope I will feel more focused, relaxed, balanced, and calm.

I hope that I will have made some progress in eliminating some bad habits. I hope I feel healthier, more vibrant, and stronger. I hope that I will learn to trust myself and that I will earn that trust by actions that express what I really want in the long term, not by my whim of the moment.

I hope I have greater clarity and self-compassion. I hope I feel less alone and have a better sense of how to move through this and come out okay on the other side. I hope what I'm dealing with now makes me a better, kinder, more compassionate person and a stronger one.

I think I will be less sad about my Mom dying but will definitely tear up when I read some of my answers about her. I hope I will be more active, be a Grandma, travel again and be a better person.

I imagine that, as I felt this year reading my answers from last year, I will feel proud of having remembered my pledges to myself and having made progress towards keeping them; while, at the same time, I will see that there is more I can do to keep moving towards self-acceptance and a sense of being secure in this world. It will be wonderful if I am ready to publish my book by year-end 2022 (vs Apr 2022 as I'd hoped last year) but I also hope not to judge myself if I haven't achieved that.

I think I'll be in the same place as usual, because I never find the impetus to move on. So I think I'll feel irritated with myself, but resigned. My hope is that I'm wrong ;)

Rina died on yom kippor, the night of Kol Nidrei. I sat by her body in the morning and the next day went to her funeral with 100s of people who loved her. I had to go to Dublin after that with my real sisters. And write a hesped from far away for someone else to read at the shiva tonight. I am raw now. I will be less raw when I read this in a year’s time, but I hope I will still be changed from losing my chevruta. To realize only love.

I hope I'll have had an easier year, and be looking back with sympathy for past me. I hope we'll have had a chance to use some vacation time for actual vacation purposes.

I hope to be more balanced and hopeful in general. These questions always stimulate me to think and write my thoughts about my life and my process. It is very useful to read my last year's statements, and I really appreciate the opportunity to do this work!

HERE's what I wrote last year, "I certainly hope we will be on calmer seas. The pandemic in the past, or at least under control. The Trump regime gone peacefully. Black lives mattering." Sad to say, none of this is true. The Trump regime is only partially gone, his appointments to the Supreme Court continue to plague us and the departure was far from peaceful. Sigh. I just hope the world isn't as much of a mess a year from now and that we're able to find good news more often.

I hope that a year from now, my, and our, obsession with covid will have subsided. I hope the constant fear of all the trumpists and the "freedom"-shouting vigilantes will be diminished because some of the appeal will be lessened, and law suits will have been settled. I hope I feel surprised by all the anxiety, and pleased that I've managed to incorporate some of the calm that I'm longing for. I hope that some actual work on climate has been enacted, and that I feel a little safer politically.

I hope I will feel that I've actually made progress on the things I became more aware of this year, and not just waited to see what happens. I'd like to be more in charge of my own destiny.

It's so hard to imagine a year from now. It feels so soon and yet I hope that we've figure out Delta and have resumed some kind of positive new normal. I hope (it's an imperative) that I'm sleeping much better by then. That I'm balancing stress (ie not working too hard at work). Given the pandemic, I don't expect major differences; but I find I am always improving, learning, growing, even when I face setbacks.

I'm in my second year, so now I know what it feels like to get something from a moment in time. It's telling. It's hilarious in spots and weepy in others. It's generative. I hope that happens again.

I hope I'll feel relieved and excited. I hope I won't be scared. I hope...

I will be eating and exercising even more. I will have a better relationship with all my family. I will start doing some writing on a more constant basis. I will work more for the church and our mission. I will spend less time in mindless activities.

I think I will smile and feel sad as well -reflecting on how small but hopefully incrementally I may have moved forward.

Well, this year I was a little surprised. My answers themselves were not surprising – they reflected how things were then – I was absorbed in my art, in my deepening in that direction. But then life happened. Joe's cancer so bad, everything upended, caregiving so important. My previous answers were blind to that upcoming reality. So this year? We look ahead to the very real potential repeat of that scenario. And yet it is not like that right now. Will he get worse? Will it be a very slow and manageable progression? What will I be blind to this year? Who knows, I will probably be equally surprised. :) I do know my art is still important. Gratitude is important. We know that things are ok and manageable right here and right now. I don't know that anything will be different from answering these questions, but I welcome the deepening. It is so interesting to see what arises in responding and how that feels one year later.

I just hope something big has changed, and hopefully I'll be happier in a year than I am now.

Given how I feel looking back on this last year, I think I will feel that my growth continues, that my life is a journey and that the path is smoothing after the bumpiest ride ever. And grateful. For the experiences.

I hope I feel more empowered about what I can do and achieve with my career, and in turn, how I can affect other people's work.

I hope I feel satisfied that I have actually made some changes. I will be talking to people about art and writing and showing some work. These questions always remind me of what i want.

I would love to be looking back at these answers from a place with COVID as no more worrisome than a cold. I feel like that is something that permeates all my responses, even though very few of them directly mention it. I like using these as a way of almost taking bearings, coming back and comparing year to year to make sure the path I'm on is the one I set, or to review whether to set a new path instead. I hope I'll feel proud of the progress I've made; I hope I'll recognize myself in these answers but will also have grown.

I'm hoping I will have been able to get my home cleared of the clutter so that my grandkids will be able to visit me here. I also hope the damn pandemic will have abated to the point where it will be SAFE to see my grandkids and life will have returned to some semblance of normalcy.

I hope that I have conquered my lack of confidence at work. That is the single most important thing I want to change.

I think this every single year, but I hope that I actually do answer these questions day by day next year. Yom Kippur was yesterday, and I've answered two other questions before this one.

I will be one more year further into my grief process or journey or whatever you want to call it. Part of me is tired of crying and part of me is afraid of a time when I might stop crying.....or crying less. It's been 8 months now and I am still just so lost. I guess next year I hope to be a little less lost.

I think I'll feel glad that my life during the year reflects the values reflected in my answers. I hope that I will be more positive, and will have taken action to make things happen. I also hope that, as a result of this year's reflection, I will have crafted a spiritual life and practice that are meaningful for me, and that I will have a lot of different kinds of connections that enrich my life.

It's hard to imagine where I'll be this time next year because so much of my past year has just been about getting back to campus. Now that I'm here, I'm relearning how to make the most of opportunities and take care of myself, so I don't really know where I'll be in a year. I have. a feeling that coops are going to be my thing, I think I'll have a tighter community through the clubs I join, and I don't know-- have more figured out/ be more self-actualizing. I guess I hope that I will have found a community that really supports me and has similar interests to me, which I already feel like I'm getting closer to here in Synergy. Ii is important to me that I remind myself of all that I have been through this year, from moving around and taking time off and how confusing it all was. Dealing with my anxiety, lack of independence and alienation were really really difficult, but I'm here! I did it! I have so much more confidence in myself to do things that scare me but will help me grow, and I hope to remember the resolve and grit I have. Confidence!!

Wow ~ this process shows me, through looking back on past years, that I am truly living the life I am meant to be. Things are not, and never will be, perfect. And this world is full of unnecessary pain and suffering and I will continue to do my part towards a peaceful, just and equitable world. I hope I can recognize the sense of contentment, and pride as I sit here writing this on 11 Tishrei, after completing the marathon of prayer that is Yom Kippur, feeling that while there are things I could have been more prepared with, I did my best with the energy that I had in this challenging time in humanity. When I look back in 5783, I hope to be able to see results of a shift in global consciousness and awareness, towards regeneration and protection of the earth and all of its creatures, plants and beings. I hope to be able to feel a sense of hope for humanity and the health of the planet ~ honestly, I have trouble seeing/ feeling that now.

I think I will feel hopeful, life is an ever changing evolving process that I love and I hope I have fulfilled some of my plans

I hope I look back with fondness and appreciation for the person I am now. And hopefully I can look back at me today and say, "She has no idea what good things are coming her way."

Like every year, I'll probably be amazed at what has happened in between. I hope that the pandemic has slowed, or at least feels like a more manageable risk, like the flu. I also hope I'm feeling able to take on a bit more, because I'm more adjusted to the day to day life of being a working parent.

I hope that I will look back and continue to be proud of my growth, how I have navigated difficult situations, and how I stayed sober no matter what. I hope I am optimistic about the next round of my career; I hope that I am healthy enough to allow romantic love into my heart.

Literal copy and paste job from last year: = = = I'd like to think I'll have continued to make progress in the areas I've mentioned, and I hope I'll be able to look back at the anxiety with a zen-like sense of calm. I hope I'll be better at dealing with these niggling worries and acknowledging my worth. = = = I do think I'm a little bit better at dealing with stress, or at least at recognising when it's threatening to overcome me. I can't expect this to happen overnight, so I think/hope that my gentle progress will have continued. I should also acknowledge that, by and large, things are pretty good! I have good books to read and interesting podcasts to listen to and great TV to watch, I get plenty of exercise, I cook, I bake, I garden, and I love my little family of Chris, Milly and Jojo. I'd never want to lose sight of that.

Reading my answers from the preceding year in preparation for answering the current year's questions has been surprisingly affirming every year, because I've been able to recognize that I have, in fact, made improvements in my life choices in the areas covered in the questions. You wouldn't think doing this once a year would resonate in your thoughts and actions over time, but it does. If it was important enough to think and write about, it's important.

In the past, I've oftentimes been disappointed at how I've been in the same place. If that happens, I want to remind myself that change takes time and that maybe this next year is your year to shine. If I really am able to see and feel a difference, thank you from 2021-me. I'll feel so happy. Kudos to you/me on making some of these changes and really better realizing you're worth it in new ways. And if you have a new job, congratu-fucking-lations. Because DAMN you needed that. :)

September 2022 I will congratulate my self for my persistence e and courage and my good heart. I will look at what I have with love and admiration. I will know that there are still many things left to be done to improve my life and others, but I will keep the believe in me and Allah.

I think I'll feel accomplished. I hope that my life changes for the better, especially mentally; so many things are going on right now that it's difficult to see the positive, but I know that I'm going to reach it eventually.

I hope and pray that the world is better. I hope that I am able to really find myself and not just get lost in what is 'easy' and in LBC. I hope that the world feels safe again.

I hope that the things I decided are important will be part of my life in the coming year. Past year was puzzling about what is important and I want to engage fully in what is important in the coming year.

This year, it was a really interesting peak into where my head was at this time last year -- and how swamped with the pandemic it was. I was pretty low. And it was good to be reminded of that emotional intensity that I went through during the pandemic. But then there was so much my answers couldn't reveal, I never would have guessed that I would have had such a big accident, and how much that has impacted my lease on life. I imagine next year, I will get a window into where my head was at 4 months post-accident. I imagine the emotions around it won't be as vivid next year. The good and the bad parts... the good parts are feeling seen and loved, and having a new appreciation and joy about being alive. The bad is the fear, trauma and frustration with what my body still can't do, or won't be able to do in the future. I hope I'm more able at this time next year. I hope I'm back to athletics, maybe my old hobbies maybe new ones (ultimate, bicycling, yoga, climbing?) I hope I will have gotten a new guitar and used it for creativity. I hope to be much more comfortable at work. I'm in a moment of transition right now, and I'm struggling with it. I don't feel good at the job yet. I feel like I have a lot to prove. I'm feeling a little sad to be leaving the freelance video lifestyle behind. Next year when I read this, I'll be 40! And I'm ready for it. I don't know if I'll feel different or not. Hopefully I will have done some good celebrating.

I think I'll be amazed at how much I've accomplished in a year. I will be in a different place in the world, working a new job making good money, and hopefully even happier.

Last year, I wrote that I hoped I’d be more hopeful, and that remains true for the world at large. There are many reasons to be concerned and also many causes for optimism. Personally, my life is on a happy, healthy plateau as I start my 60s, and I hope to keep it that way

I think I'll feel renewed in my excitement for my studies in reading these answers, and that will help me jump into the new year of learning. Thinking about these questions has allowed me to reflect on this new year of learning in an intentional way, as they came just on the cusp of this big next step in my life.

Oh, I really hope when September 2022 rolls around, I'm feeling settled in this new role at work, confident that I can sustain the higher level after the contract is up; happy and cozy in my new home surroundings, and in a routine that is healthy, joyful and exciting (to an extent). I hope NOT to be injured and to have decided whether long course racing is in fact, something I can strive toward. Basically, I want to feel more settled, less anxious and panicked.

I have found over the past 12 years I have been answering these questions that this exercise always helps me gain more clarity about myself and how I am living my life. It's hard to say how I'll feel, however, in September 2022. I hope that I will feel good about what I've done over the year, since I do seem to improve at least a little bit each year.

I hope I'll be less afraid OR, ackowledging that fear may persist, that I live "with" it more rather than "against" it. And thus live more fully. I hope I will be more financially stable/independent and closer to finding answers to the questions I have about how do I live, how do I love. I hope I will be/feel less alone. And I would dearly love to be in a "life story"as well as a love story by this time next year. Answering honestly questions like these are all part of creating the future.

Perhaps I will feel appreciation for my past self and the things I've already struggled and overcome. Or still struggle with, but have new perspective. I think putting into words sort of solidifies things - maybe that I have been afraid to articulate. Something about being precise - it's like being curious about yourself and discovering new unexamined elements. It gives me strength and motivation to look more directly at myself in this way. Maybe also helps me let them go. Words can finalize, I think. Put book ends where they belong. I read your words and think 'yes' and then somehow it's easier to move on.

I will have lost my belly flab, look and feel great, and can celebrate my efforts and focus on something more interesting.

I expect to be in a different place this time in 2022. I expect to be divorced. This will be a good thing for me. I expect/hope that the world is a healthier place with COVID less rampant. I wish I could say that I expect Americans who are anti-vaxxers to have learned that they should have gotten vaccinated and should have masked. I think this is too much to ask, although I have heard several times in interviews with doctors that they keep hearing from anti-vaxxers COVID patients that they feel remorse about not getting vaccinated. Still, that community is so entrenched and rabid, can't imagine them changing their minds if they didn't get sick. I guess at this time in 2022 we'll be gearing up for midterm elections and hearing the usual bullshit from politicians on TV. I hope I will have taken the time to get involved with the movement to end voter suppression. I hope my family stays happy and healthy. They are everything.

I think I'll definitely be able to see the progress of the past three years - but also, the repetition. There's something about being in THIS stage of life - having babies, building businesses - that feels very all-consuming but at the same time very transitional. I know this part won't last forever, and much of it feels quite overwhelming, but I know it's also the time that we will one day look back and cherish.

I don't know how I will feel. I have no expectations that answering these questions (seriously as I have done) will necessarily change anything. I will and see.

Surprised, because many of the things I plan to accomplish and feel have been on my lists for years. But I am already making progress on some of the items so I feel like there will be a snowball effect this year and I will have accomplished more of what I want to this year than I have in the past 6 years. Moving into my next lifecycle!! (PS I am glad that I was actually content in 2021 like I had planned to be in 2020 - that took effort and continuous reinforcement)

Oh man... sometimes I do not want to open e mails, but okay I manage ad ask myself to open it.

Hmm. I suspect my responses or reactions in 2022 will be pretty similar to those I have had in the past. My vocabulary may shrink a bit along with my physical strength but my metaphysical uncertainties will likely be the same. I doubt that much will be different in my very very good life. I hope my optimism does not waver and that my life circumstances won’t have changed substantially. Perhaps the coming year will bring better temperatures and temperaments, better attitudes, greater concern for all living creatures. Surely, advancements will have been made in identifying and treating disease. I guess disease also relates to the feeling of unease that has been pervasive for too long.

I hope my life will be improved by the changes in circumstance and perspective I allow the universe to bestow upon me.

It gives one impetus to change. Begin with the little things...

Same as last year -- I hope to feel professionally fulfilled & validated, hope to return to a place of freedom (financially, physically), hope to have cultivated strong relationships.

Well, looking back at my answers from previous years, I think it'll be just like everything else... a mixed bag. Somethings got accomplished, others I forgot about and others I made progress but still have a long way to go.

I think that I will be glad that I answered them this year. I hope all of our lives are able to be more connected in person because I hope the virus will have greatly subsided. I hope I keep improving my health and am able to travel. I hope people learn to be kind to one another and peace and respect prevail.

I would like to feel benevolently disinterested.

Not that it will happen on account of my thinking about and answering these questions, but I sure hope I feel relieved that my grandchildren have been vaccinated and the pandemic is behind us or at least heading that way.

Looking over these answers a year from now would probably make me feel a little silly. Hopefully, my life will be more settled.

I think the pandemic-related ones are gonna feel just as quaint as the February 2020 memes about Covid-19 felt in May 2020. We're probably in Panini Zed in 2022, where you instantly die if you leave the house without a full respirator on. Sorry, seriously though-- I think I'm gonna be a little bit sad that I haven't grown as much as I hoped as I write this. I'm so afraid I've hit a wall in my personal growth. I don't know if I can grow in all the ways it seems like I need to; if I can't manage it, I'll just be same old me, chuckling at the hubris of my younger incarnation.

I hope I'll be in a place where I can remember the fear and anxiety and exhaustion from COVID, but that it won't still be overwhelming. I hope I'll feel that we've moved on and reconnected with the world.

I hope that I will feel compassion for the version of myself that was struggling with so much doubt and fear. I hope that I will feel gratitude and pride at the choices and accomplishments I have made since then.

I hope that I feel more in balance in terms of travel, family, friends, art and political work.

I *hope* that I feel harikoa because my circumstances have improved! I hope this experience has given me the confidence to change the things in my life that aren’t great right now, and I hope that my answers help others feel less alone ❤️

If I'm reading this in September 2022 my first feeling will be intense gratitude that I'm still here. It's not just the virus. I've reached an age when the passing of friends and acquaintances isn't uncommon. That said, I hope that in reading my answers next year that my positive aspirations have been met and my worst fears weren't realized.

Today, for the first time I can remember, I had a period of extreme disorientation. I could go through the motions, but everything was unreal and I couldn't remember why I was doing anything. Later, when I had settled down, I reflected on how much change I have gone through and initiated in my life - to the point where the only consistency was me and my people (most of whom are now far, far away). The previous years' 10Q, the reflections are based on my history and trajectory. Having changed all that, this year I was only reflecting on the past not-quite year. Because that is the only history the people around me know - like only what people see is who I am. (Because telling doesn't land anymore - I only bother telling my history or information when it's pertinent, and without expectation that it will be taken in.) I hope this time next year I will again have that feeling of roots growing in my soil - of belonging, a stability that I miss.

I think in another year, another year into my current career, another year away from 2017 I’ll be more centered and healthier. I think I’ll view 2021 as having been a sad slow year. Not as crazy and full of death and terror as 2020, but still sad and hard. I think 2022 will be better, and when I’m writing these things in a year it’ll be reflected. I certainly hope so.

I’m happy that last years hopes came true. School is in person, I have a job and I just got back from Shul. I was nervous to see my answers and none of them were life shattering. I hope that I’ll have done some of the things that I’ve reflected on and if not, that’s ok too.

I wonder if I will know just by reading my answers that I was so sick during the High Holy Days and that I had to write many responses in a short period of time. I hope I find some sort of rhythm between working part-time, taking care of "house stuff" part-time, and finding time for fun and relaxation. I hope I feel more optimistic about humankind when I read these responses next year.

I hope my life is the same and that i am happy

I think I'll be amazed that a year has gone by! This is my first year actually answering all of the questions, and I hope that I spend more time over the next few weeks contemplating them. This year, for instance, I don't think I really have any specific personal goals - I'm mostly pretty happy with where I am right now - but I realize I can only go so long before it starts to feel like a problem to me to have no "growth" areas. Not sure what I'll pick to grow in, but it helps to have considered the question.

Depending on how the next year goes, I think I'll feel hopeful or disappointed in myself. I've set up a lot of intentional practices in my life, and if I maintain those, I think I'll continue to feel hopeful. Even if I make mistakes or don't end up exactly where I think I want to be, if I let myself have faith and adventure in getting there, it's worthwhile. I want to follow paths that are transformational rather than transactional. There's a solid chance I'll live in DC this time next year, but I won't be surprised if I'm still living in Portland or somewhere else entirely. I hope I've continued to grow professionally, both in my full time job and side hustles, and find workflows and styles that make my brain happy. I hope my friendships continue to grow and deepen, and I make space for new ones in Portland and DC and in between. Romantically, if I'm with someone I hope it's for the right reasons and there's a secure foundation, and that I still make time to be with myself. Part of me is scared to make romantic love a priority, for how easily it feels lost. I hope that next year I have a Jewish community to spend high holidays with in person, to fast with, to reflect with, to hope with. I'd like to feel less lonely during these ten days.

I will feel that I was open to change and open to taking some chances. I think practicing positive thoughts will make a difference in my life and in the lives of others. Instead of resolutions I can be kind and gentle with myself as I practice being the best person I can be.

I hope my life will expand in this next year - more physical strength and endurance - joy in walking and yoga. More creativity - and sharing ofmy writing in wider circles. More travel as things re -open or risk ratio shifts. A new grand baby well and healthy. More time with family, deeply enjoyed. Deepening the relationships I have with fun and connections and kindness.

I'm hoping that I will work toward achieving some of the goals I've stated here and that what I've written will keep them in focus. I expect to be happier, more relaxed, more wealthy and more generous.

I think this years answers will be pretty impactful. It will be interesting to see the state of things with Covid. Additionally I will be half way through my masters program. I will have come so far and yet still have another intense year left. But I am SO incredibly grateful to be in the position I’m in.

I think I will be happy to look back and reflect on my challenges and growth. Even though the past two months have been challenging and I am tackling some big existential questions in my head - life is overall really good.

It’s a good question, I think we will be very comfortable financially. I don’t know what that will do to my long term motivation and career aspirations. I always envisioned myself working until I was much older and not really retiring. So I am a little scared. However I also need a break. Lets see.

Probably that I’m pathetic. Writing that, which is terrible, makes me think of actually taking the initiative to actually change. If I believe I‘ll be pathetic, then why not change. Why not be that person who changes and makes things happen. I prefer sleeping and eating instead of changing things for the better. Lazy.

nothing will be earth shatteringly different. change typically happens incrementally unless a catastrophe happens or one gives birth. but even birth takes some planning and 9 months.

Unless that brief epiphany of joy for another’s happiness was a harbinger, I expect to feel the same or ever so slightly worse because I am not enjoying aging. As ever, joys, if any, are fleeting and have no lasting effects.

I came through on last year's, I am in a much better place emotionally than I was! And I have read these answers and can see the ways I've grown. I hope the same thing happens again, I hope that I'm happy in my job and that I have a sense of achievement.

I think that I’ll feel proud! My answers and goals this year are more specific and achievable.

I have no idea how I'll feel this time next year; the future feels more uncertain than ever right now. I hope that I'll realize I've done a good job of maintaining/working on some positive things in my life, and I hope I'll feel more comfortable with this chaotic, broken world as a result of working on these things.

hopefully i will be less cynical and judgmental about other people's choices and learn from them how to conduct my own affairs.

I think I will reflect on another year full memories. I will embrace all the circumstances and emotions that come up, life will always have its ups and downs. I think I will feel even in more love with myself. I hope that I will get to experience another relationship and grow with that person. If the relationship ends, I'll have comfort knowing that I am fulfilled whether or not I'm single. I will be so curious what happens with the conference, are things chiller than four years ago? I will tell my close friends and family I love them more. We'll probably have new foster dogs. Maybe Bre will have plans to move in with Sim. I'll have a few cool new clothes that I got second hand. I'll go on wonderful hikes and camping trips. I'll visit the tiny beans (niece/ nephew) and hopefully wear the cute winter coat I bought at a summer flea market. I'll become more financially literate, and enjoy investing in the present and future. I'll read a few more books than last year. I'll play guitar on the backporch with twinkle lights and the moon. I will bike and skate at sunrise and sunset. I'll cook a new meal. I'll laugh until I cry. As said before, I'll continue to prioritize joy and rest. - written on Yom Kippur with a crow concurring while we watch and listen to the ocean waves drum against rocks

I think I'll be happy to read how happy and confident I was when writing 2021 responses. I don't have everything figured out, but I feel I am doing everything I need to do to accomplish the things I want in life. I am living in a house with the person I love and we are looking forward to the future. That's an amazing place to be! I hope that when I read this next year we will be even stronger in our relationship without any lingering doubts and just as much in love building a healthy life partnership. Yay!

I hope that I will be happy that I have reached some of the goals that I have set for myself. I hope that I have repaired some of my broken relationships. I hope that I have given over my worries to God. I hope that putting these things down in print will give me a greater accountability in accomplishing my goals.

God, I just hope Covid-19 will be a memory.

I hope to look back at final victory over Covid here in the US, and hopefully, worldwide. With the approach of midterm elections, I hope for political discourse focused on issues and policy, rather than entrenched divisiveness. I wish for a closer relationship with spouse, family and friends, and deeper connection with acquaintances.

Honestly, I have no clue what September 2022 is going to look like. I may live in Napa, I may live in Indiana, I may live in Oregon (I'm in Bend right now.) I may have a software company launching a product or I may still be plugging away as a frustrated architect. Or I may be knee deep in property development and building houses. Or I may be painting. All of the above? Something I couldn't have imagined? All I know for certain is that I live in a world of uncertainty, on the edge of opportunity and disaster. It will be interesting to see how things shake out.

I hope to God that we will be finished with the Covid pandemic by this time next year, & that we can all get back to living normal lives. I also hope that we will all have learned from this experience & will have become kinder and more grateful.

I want to be happy, content, not unbalanced about work/money/weight. I want to change what I can about myself, and what means something to me. I want this pandemic to be done, and a woman's ability to control her own body a secure reality. I want to be able to support my beliefs and help others. I want to enjoy my flowers and friends and not fear change.

I want to be in physically slightly better shape next year rather than potentially a lot worse. Mentally I want relationships to be stronger. Work-wise I want to have got my creative habits and mojo back. I want my family to be the same - healthy physically and mentally and all with some creative pursuit that makes them happy.

I hope I am able to see the seeds of change. I hope my worries amount to a hill of beans. I hope I'll be able to gather courage and strength over the next 12 months, and do more exploring. I hope I'll be braver at this time next year.

I think I'll feel a bit of pity for who I am right now, because I hope to be a lot more comfortable and happy in a year. I know I can get there now and that's pretty amazing. I feel like I'm making progress, and even though it's hard, I'm doing a lot better than when I filled out these questions last year.

What I hope for most right now is making leaps, bounds, and beautiful strides in my healing. I want to embrace all the magic and power I have within myself, and to feel the strength of who I am and all that I am capable of receiving, giving, and creating.

Hopefully, excited. I'm really glad for 10Q, for the opportunity for reflection it provides and the archive of previous answers that show how I'm growing and changing. Over the years I've done 10Q, I feel like I've thought about my life and where it's at and what I really want much more than I did before. Even if nothing much comes from it, the reflection is a valuable check-in.

I hope by then Covid 19 is a distant memory

I think I'll probably be slightly ashamed about how lazy I was towards work. I'm not sure if "lazy" is the right word. Is this me being mean to myself? I'll probably feel that this was a transition year, that I was starting to figure things out, that I'd been through a lot and was somewhat coasting. I've found it harder to get into 10Q this year and find the time for it. I've written most of my answers on day 10 (apart from day 1, which I did start on time). It sometimes feels like a bit of a chore to write these, but I'm always glad that I did. It's hard not to let your current preoccupations cloud your view of the whole year. Also, reading last year's answers makes it harder to define when "this year" started. I think there's less of a revelation or ticking time bomb in this year's answers. I haven't set myself any huge challenges, like proposing to Fran or leaving my job. I hope that I'll feel more settled and sure about the direction my life is going in. I also hope home will feel more complete and less of a work in progress. Having all this time off has certainly helped me make progress there. Working full-time and having a busy social life (e.g. drumming most weekends) really limits the amount of time and energy I've got. It's been great to have had more time over the past year and I'm not sure I want to go back to the way we were.

So often I receive the results and realize that I have the same / similar answers as I face the new year. If I’ve learned anything from the pandemic and from the deaths of my parents, it’s that I can’t just answer questions. I need to take the jump into action. I believe that the year to come will be one of exploration, reflection, and contemplation. I feel that I am standing at the beginning of a changing point in my life. I don’t want changes that I mindlessly jump into simply because I feel the call to change. Instead, I want the changes to be thoughtful and reflective ones that lead me into the life I want to live.

I hope that next year I have settled into my new job and that we are on the road to successful transformation. I hope that have a few more meaningful connections in my life and that I feel like I moved toward other people instead of retreating into myself and my thoughts. I hope that I move through my life more connected and soulful.

I'll feel good, as I expect to achieve my goals professionally and personally. I will have passed the insurance exam, and a year from now, will be comfy with the work, and grow the business along with continuing to grow Image Matters (maybe I'll be working with Suzette & Jennifer?). I will have connected with my bashert - my love - and perhaps saving enough to purchase my own home.

I don't know, but I just pray I will be here.

Well broadly I hope that my predictions about COVID are wrong and by this time next year I'll be maskless, licking strangers at Applebee's without a care! If that's the case I think it will be a good perspective to look back at this time when I was feeling pretty hopeless about it all. I always look back on these and notice my desire to connect with my family (that's actually been going well this year), and it re-ignites my commitment to that. I hope that continues. And I hope I've found some answers to some of my questions.

I hope to have broken the cycle of wishing and talking about the same things here each year.

I hope that I will feel that I have continued growing. That I kept learning and being open and honest with myself and the world. That I have energy and flow and ease and love. In abundance

I hope that I will see how far I’ve come in regards to inner peacefulness and health. I really do hope that the pandemic might be over and the fear regarding it put to the side. I hope I’m more positive in regards to the future of this planet and my bad attitude towards those in power and the very rich.

I hope i feel some peace, some progress, some forgiveness and faith that i am on a path

I hope that when I read my answers I feel soft fondness for myself, and happiness at having continued successfully at being gentle with myself, at accepting and loving my body, and at living a happy life with my loves. As always, I hope that every year my life gets even happier, and that I'm less anxious, feeling positive and hopeful for the future! Remember your blessings, celebrate your life! Love loudly and abundantly! Eat cake! Be happy! I love you future me!

I hope I'll be in leas pain - both physically and mentally. I hope I'll have done the things I want to do over the next year, or at least gotten close. I hope Cuddles and I will have sorted the paperwork to get legally married, not just "in front of everyone but not signed the certificate" married (that doesn't seem to bother her, but because of all the trans gatekeeping it's quite important to me). I hopw we'll have made our home into something approaching how we want it. I hope covid is either just a bad memory, or at least something that we don't need to be so afraid of. I hope the world finds more peace and understanding by helping each other. If we can't now, when facing the loss of everything, when can we?? I hope things are better for trans folk, and that the lies and scaremongering have all collapsed - along with the empires of certain people involved. I hope things are better for disabled folk. I hope things are better for everyone except raciats and nazis and transphobes and homophobes and ableists et al. Fuck the lot of them. I hope our government has burned themselves to the ground and qe have someone - anyone - who sees other people as human (all current candidates are therefore out). I hope a lot. I never expect the hope to come true, but I try to retain it anyway.

If things don't feel substantially different in my marriage AND I'm still in it, I am going to be very angry at myself, and I hope that will activate me into taking actual real steps. If things do feel different in good ways, I will be so relieved and delighted. I hope to feel connected to community and to my friends and my Mom. I hope to feel creative and curious. I hope to be doing some surprising project that really feeds me. I hope to have watched at least one Bollywood movie. I hope to feel in love with my life.

I think I'll be proud. This has been a difficult year and I have done well. My family is safe, my job is secure, we have all done a lot of work to keep it that way. I'm doing good work and doing hard work in almost every area of my life and it's exhausting but I think it's paying off.

I hope that next year I will make the time to answer them every day. I hope that I will be a more compassionate and understanding person striving to meet people where they are at.

I think I am going to be interested in reading my answers next year in Sept. 2022. I enjoyed reading my answers from last year and what my thoughts and feeling were. I am amazed at how much more positive my thinking is getting. I look forward to growing even more in the coming year.

I'm always excited to see my answers from last year. It helps remind me of where I was mentally, and what changes happen in a year.

By this time next year, I think I will be happier than I have been doing n a long time. 2021 has been a roller coaster of emotions. From getting used to life without my MIL, loss of an Uncle, and normalcy, and most recently our beloved Zoe. I will definitely be caring for a new furry family member, and successfully maintaining a private practice. The future is uncertain, but these remain ongoing goals. These questions help me assess my life and gain insight into my own personal priorities/needs/wants.

I hope I feel a little less overwhelmed! I'd like to be able to take a longer view instead of living by the seat of my pants as much as I am now. It's even hard to plan vacations right now.

I hope that I’ll feel nostalgic for what I wrote...that I’ll look back with a smile and sense of pride of what happened and how I handled it. 2021 was a challenging year and frankly started becoming challenging in 2020 right after the 2020 questions were turned in. It was more than the pandemic. It was about developments with my children and my adult relationships and it was about me starting to believe in myself. It was the start of a journey that I hope can continue to be one that moves forward and where I feel fulfilled and hopeful about the future.

I've been doing this 10q for about 10 years now. It always surprises how much I've changed in some areas and absolutely bonkers why I've not in others. But I will take it as it is. A growth, albeit slow, is still growth and I know this is the pace I have. Good or bad.

I hope that we feel settled in Philadelphia. I hope I feel successful in my work at the JCC. I hope our community feels rich, and warm.

Last year I hoped I'd quit my job and take some steps towards my next career; this year I have indeed quit ("quit") my job and I'm taking the One Spirit plunge. And the first weekend was mixed: on the one hand a lot felt very validating and on the other hand I don't know if I can keep up with all the spiritual enlightenment in the room. 10Q couldn't have come at a better time this year, I'm glad I've had the chance to reflect/record this potentially-pivotal point in my life. How will I feel about it this time next year? Looking forward to finding out. And so it is. :-)

I hope I will see the progress of my mental health and well being. I hope the negativity will have less space in my head. I see the healing. I will continue to put out good vibes.

I love how open and reflective this exercise is. I hope I will be able to stay present in this state of reflection and have taken action all year on the discovery of self.

So far it's helped me clarify and articulate some things I've been mulling over and chewing on recently / over the past year. I hope that next year when I read it over I will be proud of myself when I can see how far I've come? Or how far I've come on the way to meeting those goals and hopes and wishes? Or at least ponder how something that was so important to me last year is no longer front of mind. I think it's helpful to gain perspective apart from the daily incremental change to see the whole snake of progress when looking back. Which in turn can give me hope and resolve to continue and to work on something else.

I think it will be a better year than the last several. Although, there are so many unknowables, especially the things that are nature-driven. But we do appear to be digging out from the Trump years of control and the chaos he created. The Newsom recall results give me hope, that sanity is winning the tug of war between the normals and the crazies, and that trend might continue.

Oh hell I hope that things are okay.... I didn't answer in 2021... go figure. Right? Who has time for this. ;)

I hope I will feel less stressed about Beyond Dentistry and have achieved a bit better work/life balance. I hope I will have started taking home a paycheck and be able to put some money aside to save for future business improvements. I hope I will have a full team at work that knows their jobs. I want to have systems in place, especially for things that have proven to be more challenging than anticipated. I hope I’ll be back to meeting my full share of our/my expenses in our/my personal life. I hope I will have learned more about myself, my traumas, my needs, my libido, my stressors, etc. I sort of hope my dad and I will have reinvented our relationship in a way that allows him to be a presence in our lives in the future. I hope to continue to foster and deepen our existing friendships and relationships. I hope my mom and I are still close- she has been a welcome presence in our lives this past year. Mostly, I hope for health and happiness for myself, Corey, August, and all of our loved ones, and for more kindness and understanding in the world as a whole.

I hope I'm in a different place that still feels connected to this place. And that I feel unstuck in my writing and life and willing to feel and express my feelings.

I think that there will be ease in the coming year that has been absent in my life for more than a year so far. I hope that reading these answers, I will be able to view the depth of sorrow from a higher vantage point. I hope I will feel more like myself…or perhaps a better version of myself.

I think (I hope) I'll feel removed from the craziness of this time. I hope I'll feel more energized and have a clear path forward in many aspects of my life. So much is up in the air right now due to COVID and our move (do I want to be teaching? if so, how much? how much childcare do I/we need/want? how/when do we build our house? do we want more kids? etc etc etc) I hope we'll have many answers to those questions a year from now, and we'll be able to intentionally choose what we want and be moving forward towards that life.

I hope I’ll feel relief at making it through. This year has been rough, challenging my optimism. I’ve felt lonely and have struggled at times to keep the darkness at bay. But I’ve read self-help books about how to become better at conversations and hope that continues to improve relationships. I’ll be down to having one kid at home, and I hope I’ll be living our best life. And that despite the dark times, these answers will remind me of how much it helps to take the time for self reflection instead of always pushing through and trying to make it to the next milestone.

Curious Global public health conditions Continued gratitude

Happier healthier less anxiety more loving sevent of G-D

I hope to have cleaned up my past and be of some kind of help to the world

Man, I could not be less interested in this type of question. Challenges, goals, achievements--meh. I hope to be another year older with no health problems and in the midst of my always interesting life.

I hope by September of 2022 I have evolved in many of the positive ways i have written about in the other questions. Every year brings lots to do, learn, consider.... I will work hard to be open to all the possibilities and opportunities of this year. For the world I have the same hope each year and it goes like this: We are all in this together! the world and especially America (where I live) needs to open its eyes to stop hating one another long enough to recognize we are all the same inside. Together we can choose to tackle BIG issues and stop repeating all the petty ones or we can choose complacency. We are the caretakers of our planet and all who live on it including all humans, plants and animals. We must do better to take care of the Earth and all its species for many generations to come. So let's put the past behind us and make a difference this year.

I hope I will feel inspired and healed.

I hope everyone in my first closest circle will still be alive and doing decently. I know there are no guarantees. I think I will feel connected with my history and growth as I do every year when I read last year's questions. I hope I will have succeeded in becoming quieter, more mindful, less judgmental, and will be working effectively against contempt in the world.

I hope that I can retain a commitment that this year of sh'mittah. a gift every 7 years, provides an even deeper opportunity to reshape my goals and reweave my habits to approach those goals.

Hopeful that we’ll have made progress re the pandemic; Hopeful that my parents will be around with a good quality of life; Hopeful...

I hope that I will have a more balanced context around which to frame the breakup with Mike. I hope that I will be able to hold this person I am right now in my heart and comfort her. I need comfort, and I need me to give myself comfort. Please be gentle with me, Future Pam. Love me. I hope that my burgeoning apathy toward my mother hasn't changed. As mean as it is to type this, I truly hope it. The damage she and my father (my father the absent) have done... I pray that it's not irreparable for me, and I PRAY that I can do enough work on myself that I transmit as little of their abuse of me to my son. My sonshine, best part of my day. Generally I hope to be in better emotional health. and more at peace with my life.

I think I'll feel accomplished. I believe that answering these questions has me present to what is missing and what is stopping me in my life. In a year, we will be living in a different place, with a more positive future and that will be a new place to create from.

This year I was sure by how similar my answers were to last year. I think Covid pressed pause on life as we knew it. I’ve never been this stuck before. I’ve always been able to reflect and use it to direct future actions. Right now despite some awesome things happening in my life I’m having a hard time transitioning. So next year I hope I am in a place of acceptance, growth, and not floating along

I hope to feel less anxious, more settled in my life and direction. I hope to be excited to make plans. And happy about the direction my kids’ lives are taking.

I think that progress will be achieved by me and all around me. Knowledge and awareness is the beginning of change that leads to progress.

I feel the same this year as I did last year about it. The pandemic has deprived us of the ability to make reliable long-term plans or even have reliable long-term expectations. I can only hope that this time, next year, things are better.

I suspect that I will feel let down, that I will not have written all that I needed to know and write for myself. Admitting this, I hope to gain courage to be honest with myself. (And perhaps also more honest with others about who I am through what I write.)

I hope I'm still alive and basically well

I am hoping I will be happy and settled in my relationship and that I will working 4 days a week instead of 5 and looking forward to my last year of work before retirement.

I just ask that the next year brings me peace and wisdom in ways I cannot expect. Just as I am in a better place today versus last year, I hope to stay on that trajectory. However it manifests.

I am vowing to answer these questions when they come up again by spending each day thinking about them, and not just blasting through them on the last day, like I am now. Sorry, it's been a crazy year. Hoping I will be more reflective and slow down.

It’s a mystery to me! I’m in the strangest emotional place I’ve ever been in my life. I hope next year I am less confused about the future.

I will be a year at my job and hopefully be successful to show my loyalty and hard work and receive a raise. I am hoping I will have someone special in my life that cares for me and I care for them. My daughter are healthy, happy, successful. I love them with all my heart!

I hope to have more certainty and less doubt.

I don't know how I might react. It is interesting to see where I've been from where I was. I see both movement forward and regression. I hope that these questions and Yom Kippur serve to motivate me to do a little better in the coming year. To do more Yoga, be more healthy, find a group that can support health, hope and resiliency.

I think I will feel excited to see how I've changed and how my hopes, plans and predictions have come to pass. I hope to be in a better place in many areas of my life, most specifically my career path and my financial status, and theses questions have helped me reflect on where my focus has been and in what direction I'm going in.

In contrast to past years where my predictions have been pretty accurate, I'm feeling like next year I might be in a very different place for the first time. I plan to be in a different job. I might be no longer seeking to live in this apartment. I might be taking the next step in my relationship. I hope I will feel some more clarity about the future than I feel right now, which is not a typical feeling for me, because my average state of being is more self-assured. But perhaps it will be good this year to open myself to a bit more chaos and possibilities.

I am rather hesitant about predicting the future. I hope my answers will re-ground me in my values, make me laugh, or give myself a gentle hug with the memories.

I hope I don’t read my past answers. They’re windows into the time typically right after the lowest phase of my depression and I try not to live in the past too much.

Every year there are some things that change and some things that stay the same. I usually struggle with professional and doing-things-in-the-world milestones (publish that paper! Change jobs!) but they resolve themselves, a little slower than I expected. I don't know if I see as much movement on the ways I don't believe in myself, but perhaps some. I am consistently devoted to M, who is the best. I'm struck by how, in spite of COVID, it's been a pretty peaceful year for our family. No births or deaths or big moves. (Maybe one of M's numerous cousins had another kid? There are so many.) I wonder if I'll look back on that next year with nostalgia and regret or if, hopefully, this relative stability will continue a bit longer.

I just copied and pasted last year’s answer because with a few edits, it is exactly how I am feeling today. I think the upcoming year might be a turbulent one. I don’t know if Heidi’s Mom will be here next year. That will be a big loss for Heidi. I hope I can look back at the year, and feel like I have done a good job of supporting Heidi. I hope next year I will be more settled into my second half of life. I want to be less concerned about the success of the business, and less concerned about my own personal achievements. I want to be more relaxed in how I spend my time, and more focused on being an elder / mentor where I help people figure out their own right answers. Less concerned about the details of my business life; more focused on contributing back to the world in some meaningful way. And that meaningful way doesn’t have to be some global effort. It can be as simple as helping the people I touch live more joyful and meaningful lives. It can also include more time being in the present, listening to the birds on my porch, enjoying classical music, and seeing what emerges from within me.

I hope I feel more anchored. It will have been a year and a half since my mom died by then and hopefully that will have given me time to set boundaries, take care of myself, process my grief, and remember how to lean into who I am.

I think about most of these things but I don’t usually document my answers. I also have a terrible sense of time so I think it’ll be pretty cool to have some concrete evidence of what I thought and felt when. Now that I know the questions, I will think about them as time passes this year and I hope to be able to give fuller answers next year. I think this is a great exercise and helpful for personal growth.

I think i will be stressed by the school assignments and hopefully balancing that with work. But i feel this is a good stress because the outcome will be positive on both fronts.

Each year I have been surprised by my answers from the year before. I hope next year unlike this year I have the time, grace and discipline to hold to the practice that is the 10Q. This year was a difficult year to hold to reflecting each day and carving out that time for myself. May next 10Q find me in the space that can truly honor reflection.

happy and content

I hope I’ll feel grounded and settled in my mind and body. I deserve to be so happy. I will spend the next year working hard towards that.

I hope to accept what cannot be changed, and I know I can change what I need to be changed.

Similarly to last year's response to this question, I'll probably laugh. I may forget entirely what I meant by something I wrote or wonder why it even concerned me. Time is so elastic. Or the experience of its passage is. In a way, a year is very long from now. It's also just an eye blink. History tells me I can expect to have grown, and grown in a recognizable pattern. But who knows? I haven't much of an idea how my life will be different in a year nor, if it is different, how much that difference will be the result of thinking about and answering these questions. Nevertheless, I'm glad I've done so. And I'm content if this exercise serves only as a time capsule. In the last few days, as the vision for the back yard starts presenting itself and I'm reminded that the traffic will once again return to 35th Street, I've been thinking I might have one more move in me. If that's. so, I believe it will be a move into community (a nursing home? a family? a partner?) But that could simply be the result of making a connection with Endel. Who can say? Joy, love, freedom. These are a matter of grace as much as, or more than, circumstance or discipline. All is well.

I want to feel proud of myself this year. When I read these this year from last year, I felt like I hadn't made progress, only reaffirmed where I was. I feel like I was stuck for a year that I allowed myself to be stuck. Next year i want to believe that I am moving forward

I'll be excited. I know things have changed for the better in my life and so I expect to see lots more improvements. I'm hoping to have much more peace in my life as I learn to implement the teachings I've received through counselling, other therapies, and through my faith.

This year I have set my sights differently. I don't want to say, lower, because I don't think making the most of what I have, or being realistic is a bad thing. I have not precluded making big strides in some areas, but rather than being discontented and complaining about how much I cannot do or get to, I hope to make the most of what I can do, and can gt to. There will always be crises, big and small, and I don't have to be there for each one of those.

I think I'll feel a bit numb and even shocked seeing what I've been through this past year. I won't look back and "laugh", that's for sure. I just REALLY hope that my life will be at least a little bit better. And again, I just want to succeed in whatever I put my mind to. We'll see where I'll be next year. All I need to do is learn how to survive another year, but I think I'll be okay.

I hope that by then we have a clearer picture of how to exit China gracefully. It's so strange to have all the money in the world that we could need and not be able to be happy because we can't actually spend it on things we want. Like yeah, I can buy a $1000 teapot almost without batting an eye but a vacation? I hope that by leaving this record of the questions I can see personal growth and changes for the better. Sometimes in the moment it's hard to see. But in the end it can be okay. R booked his second dose of Sinovac (was finally able to do so after a lot of waiting for doses to be available). We're gonna get through. It's just hard and not what we expected, but we're gonna come through more in touch with what we actually want and more willing to do what has to happen to do it. At the very least we will be rid of York by next year.

If watching a couple of waves of friends go through this before me is any indication, I'm going to love fourth year. I'll be past Step (I hope), I'll be doing away rotations and learning things that make me happy. I'll be working on/will have already submitted my residency application, and will be hoping that in the next few months I'll hear back from residencies for interviews. That means I'll have made my decision about what to apply for too, which is also terrifying! There are a lot of things that could happen in the next year for the better. I guess that's true also for the worse, but I hope that I'm happy next year and can find the positives in life to sustain me!

Many aspects of my life will be significantly better: health, finances, family life, etc.

I am hoping that I have healed from my father's passing. I hope I do not feel as sad, and the emotions are not as raw.

I hope the estate is over, done and settled. I feel pretty confident that it will be done and that I will also be well into downsizing and repairing this house. I want to turn the hopes (wishes) I talked about last September will fit into a plan to realize them. I expect "my" room to be remodeled.

I hope I’ll be able to look back at these answers and feel proud of myself for how far I’ve come, and how much stronger and happier I am. I’m committing to work towards these goals. I’m really trying to take charge of my own destiny, so I can live a life that makes me feel happy and healthy.

I hope that I'll feel that I have lived the past year with joy and openness. It will most likely have been a year (yes, yet another) of uncertainty--possibly of sadness, but also quite possibly the kind of uncertainty that comes with greater flexibility. I hope that I am satisfied that I have been able to live in and enjoy the moments that have made up the year. I hope that I have had numerous wonderful experiences made possible by flexible and uncertain circumstances which have, in turn, helped me to accept any sadness with equanimity, perspective, and maybe even a bit of grace.

Two scenarios: I have exercised more regularly, and I have actually finished my Caje story. I have posted older stories on line, and I am doing more. Or, I haven't, and I have wasted another year.

I think I achieved what I wanted to this year. I did have a slump, and I did feel unhappy, but now I'm in a better place. Hopefully next year I will have achieved (or be much further along towards) getting a nice flat, and maybe I'll have someone to share my life with. I hope, again, that I will be happier and be leading a fuller life than I am at the moment.

I would wish that I am gainfully employed in income generating activity, that I am in a committed relationship and have found a place to work with my kids that suits us all.

I will feel blessed and thankful to have lived another year. I will be 70 years old then. I hope that I will be in a much better place than I am now with a better quality of life. I hope I am in a loving healthy relationship and am no longer being emotionally abused. I hope I will weigh much less and be more healthy. I hope I will finally be enjoying life. I hope the Republicans are back in control and that Covid is a thing of the past. On this Yom Kippur I hope God has mercy on me and grants me life and it more abundently for another year with my name written in the Lamb’s bBook of Life.

Creo que al leerlas sentiré que tenía bastante consciencia y que estaba en un momento bueno, sereno. Me gustaría que en ese momento esté sereno, feliz, pleno y con muchos intereses a mano y en desarrollo.

In reading last year's answers I feel good about how far I've come this year. I have hope that next year I will have made another leap of significant progress.

Every year, I think, how has so little changed? Yet over time, things do change. I hope I'll remember that.

I think I will feel glad and grateful. I hope that by answering these questions I get to reflect on how far I’ve come and how much I’m growing and how good my life is, and te feel excited about where I’m going. I think by revisiting these questions and answers in a year it will give me perspective and grace and trigger reflection which will lead to getting present to what I love about life.

I hope I will have settled into my new life in a new country. I hope I will have found my village house and restored it so it's a comfortable home. I hope I will have new friends. I hope I will have enough work and low stress. I hope I won't miss China too much. I hope I will be happy, creative, productive, physically and mentally healthy and enjoying life. I hope I will continue the Artist's Way.

I think this has been a wild two years. Will be be out of this pandemic? What will it take for people to do the minimums? I hope that I am more confident in myself and my relationship.

I think I will have grown up in dealing with my anger, more self confident, and a better friend, husband, and father.

I hope I will be more centered a/present and able to be in the moment.

When I read my answers, I imagine I'll be a bit sad at the underlying current that runs through most of my answers, which is this bit of sadness and loneliness and yearning for better times. I've been amazed each day how similar my answers for most questions were to the answer I gave last year. I'd like to remember that when I read these answers next year. The obvious answer to what I hope might be different is that I hope Covid isn't still a shadow lurking over all of us by the this time next year. I hope that the political ugliness that is so rampant has begun to fade and we've all begun to come back together as a people.

When next September rolls around, I hope to feel jubilant when I see these answers. That these questions were the spark that began the transformation of my life. I hope that I'll be at different job while preparing for my trip to Italy at this time next year.

I think I'll have a lot of empathy for where I am right now, in this in-between place of wanting to get my mother moved out here, not knowing when and how that's going to happen, wondering whether she will live through the coming year, and wondering whether I'll be able to help her in any meaningful way.

I hope I will be happy that I have added healthy behaviors into my life; and kept any I have now.

I anticipate a year as beautiful as this one, so I will feel hopeful. I hope my newly married life advances in God's will. I want our callings to be fulfilled! I hope I decide on what career path I want to have. I hope, most of all, that I have the peace that surpasses understanding.

I suspect, one way or another, the problems at work will have been resolved one way or another. And all that will help resolve many other situations.

My hope with all my heart is to be able to travel again. To see my family in England and to visit my friends throughout the States - I miss that - I miss them. I didn't take much time off - and I have been left tired and spent. I don't want to make that mistake again - and getting away, for me is the answer. Not only will it refresh me, but hopefully I can take my partner with me for his first overseas journey - his lifelong dream of going to Italy - that is what I hope I can talk about next September.

I hope I don't feel that so many of these have stayed the same, like I did this time around. I hope my partner and I are still together and our dogs are getting along better. I hope I've found a rhythm and confidence at my work, and that I'm thought well of in the community and in my heart. I hope I feel safer from COVID, and free to explore what calls to me. I hope I feel deeply embedded in community here in Detroit/metro Detroit, and have no shortage of friends. I hope I'm still close with some of the folks I left in Lansing. I hope my family is doing all right.

Like last year, I waited until the last minute to answer these and so my answers feel rushed and I probably leave out a lot. I'm wonderfully busy but not everything is wonderful...and that's okay, that's life, right? I hope I will have gotten closer to feeling comfortable physically, financially, emotionally. I realize that "comfortable" is a fuzzy term and I'm not sure how to define any of it, but I'll know it when I see it, I guess. I hope. Becoming more aware of where I am and who I am and how I fit into the world, these are things that are in process all the time. Continuing to do that which I can do to make the world a better place. Hope I don't hurt anyone else along the way. Yeah.

I have already reduced my AAW caseload. I have retired from the CHS Board. My/Our life/lives is/are complex with Naomi and Martha living with us. And it is deeply affected by Ben's lifw situation. I hope I may be more loving. I hope I will have read and studied more. I hope to make more significant friendships, I hope to have a deeper and more loving relationship with Holly, And I hope to make a more positive impact upon Martha's life.

I sincerely hope that we will be looking at this COVID-19 pandemic in the rear view mirror but I fear that will not be true and I fear that if so, it will be because of another new pandemic. Hoping we will not lose our Democratic House in Nov 2022.....

I hope when September 2022 rolls around again, I feel proud of another year well lived. I hope I've had another year filled with close sweet connected relationships with my family and with friends I cherish. I would love to have a partner by the time I read these back in September 2022. I wonder if any of your feelings or action steps will have shifted around the perpetual dilemma of loving living in Washington DC but feel heartbroken that your family lives elsewhere and that you are not able to spend more time with them. Having just left the Kol Nidre service tonight, I am reminded strongly of how much of the liturgy of Kol Nidre gives us permission to forgive ourselves for and let go of the ways we have fallen short of the vows we've made. So if you feel disappointed in things that haven't changed in the way you've hope, go easy on yourself.

I hope I will have a better idea of where we are going after fellowship. I hope I’ll have another baby. I hope we are spending time together as a family and not getting distracted by extra activities

Next year at this time I hope I am physically and spiritually and mentally strong in ways that I haven’t been for a while. I hope my accident is completely behind me, and my job traumas are completely behind me. I hope I find myself engaged in something I find meaningful and helpful. I hope Tim is too. I have a lot of hopes for 2022. I look forward to seeing what next year’s 10Q brings as a review, and as a report.

Honestly? I hope that I’ll look at these and laugh. Everything has felt so monumental this year, and my growth has felt so hard won. I hope that at this point next year, I’ve let my growth propel me so far that my answers feel hilariously long ago and far away. I hope that I look back on my terrified and hopeful self and smile, thinking “oh, my dear, you had so much more to be hopeful for than you could have possibly imagined.”

I think I may feel very much the same. I was programmed so early to be self-critical, afraid, and helpless, have worked for many years to better myself, but still have too many of those feelings holding me back. But, I keep on hoping that things will get better.

I'll probably think, "Ah, jeez, not THIS again!". Hopeful that we will be in a post-Covid sitch, with fewer mask requirements and normal 飲食店 operations.

I hope I'll have enough confidence to pursue what I'm called to do, instead of staying where I'm safe, but not happy.

Be healthier and maintain the status quo. Watch the twins thrive, see Jason and Adam have fulfilling lives, Jared staying healthy and happy. Have a happy marriage. If next year is like last year I’ll be satisfied. May we be written in the book of life.

I will have lost all the weight I want to and will be playing tennis again. We will have just celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary, hopefully with me getting to tango in Buenas Aries. I have already lost 43.5 pounds and want to lose another 67. But I am open to losing less if I have the look I want. I am building so many muscles from swimming! But I want Linda Hamilton’s arms from the first Terminator!!!!

I hope that I’ll feel this year and some of the baggage I’ve recently unpacked have allowed me to relax, let my guard down, trust more, be more vulnerable with people closest to me. I hope it will have helped me process some past trauma, move on, and be better for it.

I hope that I will feel more confident as a mother, and also adjust to being back at work.

I think I'll feel nostalgic. A nostalgia that wants to hug September 2021 me because they were so pure and innocent. I know I'll be very different in September 2022 and my life will be unrecognisable to present me. And I'm ready for it.

I wish that there was any hope left. I don't think that 2022 will roll around and things will be different . I think I will feel much the Same as I do now. I want to be better.

I hope I will be happily enjoying my retirement. I am hoping that I will have managed to go on some walking holidays within Australia or possible New Zealand, but the current COVID pandemic may make travel outside Australia impossible. I am going to start within my own state, Victoria, and see where I can go from there as the future unfolds.

I hope I'm still here. I get a result next week that will determine whether I am or not. Aside from that I hope the country has healed a bit. My guess is that things will be worse as the election of 2022 approaches.

Last year my goal was to have killed the doubts that plague me as I attempt anything new and challenging. That did not happen. If anything, I moved backward in that regard. So now it's time to pull up my big girl pants and start again with renewed conviction. And should I fail, I will try again until I get it. So, by this time next year, I hope to have at the very least drowned the mean voices in my head that cause me to doubt.

It's always interesting to see what I said. I don't know if these questions will change anything, but it is nice to look back and se progress on goals.

I will be studying some Mussar this year, and I hope that I learn a little bit about myself and self control and what I want for this next phase of my life as I head into retirement.

I know that I’ll be in a different place next year. My son will be away at college for the next high holy days. I am sure that will be a difficult transition for me. I hope that I’ll feel proud of things that I’ve achieved along with my personal growth.

I hope I will have seen some progress. I noticed that a lot of the same themes are recurring from year to year (work/life balance, pursuing the right relationships, etc.). I sincerely hope that this year is the year that I hold myself accountable to make the changes necessary and to break the habits holding me back from these themes. My life will be different because I just changed my whole life. I am moving to a different country with a different company. What I really think I need is to have a sense of purpose in the work that I do. I hope that this new job will give me that, and that I can find fulfillment in my career without settling down. I know I would be a teacher if I were ready to settle down, but I just don’t think I am there yet. Here’s to working on myself a bit every day. To being kind to myself. To advocating for myself. And to prioritizing my own happiness in this upcoming year.

Gratitude is landing me now on Yom Kippur. I'm grateful for dearest Maya calling me today to tell me she notices how much she is driving these days. I'm grateful for beloved Joel calling me from Tejon fort on the 5 as he drives with Jon Levin to the mondo retreat. I'm grateful for our tender and challenging marriage, may we continue to grow in depth and width and love. Gratitude sinking into my bones and my holes.

I hope that I would have spent significant time reflecting on the answers I gave to the questions from this year. I hope that my reflections will have had a meaningful impact on my development. My mantra every morning is: another day for healing; another day for self-reflection. That's how I begin my day. Now, this is how I'll begin my year, also.

I wish I had answered this last year! I will certainly look back and think, "wow, what a time of so much transition." But I'm not certain I'll be in a stable place. I might be moving again depending on how things go at the house, I might be in career transition, who knows. But I hope I feel like I've properly nourished my Denver roots. And I hope I no longer feel the "behind"edness. I feel proud of myself for the moves I made in the last year and I hope to feel that again next year, whatever those moves may be.

I’m hoping that we will be able to have moved past the pandemic. My partner says (and I agree) that in time, we will think of COVID-19 like the flu — something that everyone gets from time to time, but not deadly to most. I’m not sure now if it is realistic to think that’s where we will be this time next year, given the events of the last 18 months.

Right now is a time of great uncertainty. How well will I do physically, given my current challenges? Will I be back to working in the office? How much of the time? I think things are going well with my sons right now and my biggest hope is that this continues, despite their becoming teenagers. I hope I can keep up my fitness, do another bike trek, and a bit of back packing. I hope my snoring doesn't get worse!

“Oh, I knew something was about to change” or “Wow, this is even better than I imagined.” I think my living situation might be different. If it is, I still imagine a sacred space that is clean and that I can tend to daily. I think I will still be on the path with a daily spiritual practice. It would be amazing for the artwork to be discovered and to sell some pieces. I also think that I will have a good start on the compilation of journal entries for the book I want to create.

I will be grateful that I would be having another birthday. I really don't want anything to be different about my life as it is right now. These questions give me pause for thought. I'm very blessed with family, friends and all the love and friendship they share with me. I considered myself 'blessed' and I thank the Lord for all of his guidance.

If the wild ride of the last two years has taught me anything, it's that I don't know what to expect a year from now. I hope that I feel resilient and strong. I hope that I have pockets of happiness and joy in my life. I hope that I've experienced interesting growth.

I think next year, I will be happy to see that we've made it through the trials and tribulations of another bumpy year. I'm sure I will feel tired and worn out by the every day drama we seem to face. I'm hoping my relatives and friends with cancer and healthy and thriving and vibrant. I hope my life will be different because I answered these questions and they caused me to consider more positive actions and deeds in my life. To a better year ahead.

Being a grandma has loomed large as a theme this 10Q year, I realize. I hope I will be loving seeing my kids as parents and Larry and me loving being grandparents. I am excited to embark on this new chapter... I also hope that Laura will have more definition to her life/ what role her Michael is playing in it. Bottom line is I don't care what the outcome is... I just want her to be happy!! Really!! I hope that travel has resumed in our lives; it has been on hold because of Covid - and the world. I hope that I have found a "volunteer calling" that is drawing me in too...

I hope I will chuckle at all the surgery and recovery stuff, in the midst of my busy and satisfying life.

I sincerely hope that I will have made great progress towards achieving the goals that I had set in certain responses to the 10q questions. I don’t expect major changes to have taken place in my life, but I do expect to have reconnected with family and friends abroad and for life to have resumed in a new ‘normal’ manner with theater and cultural activities on the agenda again.

I hope that I will be feeling in a better place and have learned resilience through coming through this difficult time so that I can better meet what will come next. Resilience, hope, kindness are what I hope to draw from the most. Shalom b'olam. Peace everywhere.

I anticipate that I'll be a little nervous about getting my answers. I'm at a point in my life where I'm looking forward to retiring in a couple of years and now I'm focused on readying myself for this transition. There is so much that I want to do in retirement- from traveling to volunteering to taking up new hobbies such as painting and pottery making to scuba diving. But before I can launch into these things, I need to "get my house in order", both literally and figuratively. Procrastination and avoidance (of tasks where I lack confidence in succeeding and of facing my emotions), has been my modus operandi for some time, with this tendency to delay everything increasing in strength over the past nearly 5 years since my husband died. My biggest procrastination issue is related to decluttering my house and emptying a storage unit. I know I'll feel lightened and more free once I've completed this necessary but onerous task, but my problem is simply getting started. I'm embarrassed to say that nearly 5 years on, I haven't even gone through my husband's clothes, books, papers, etc yet and discarded or donated what I don't want or can't keep. He was a college history professor, so he has lots of books and papers. Everything in his office remains as he left it when he died from metastatic stomach cancer three weeks after he was diagnosed. Then in November 2020, my little sister, Mimi, for whom I was guardian for 37 years, died. She had Downs syndrome and passed after multiple bouts of aspiration pneumonia. I, of course, brought many of her dolls, stuffed animals and coloring books home from her group home, because I'm very sentimental and wanted her favorite things with me in order to remind me of her. My living room is full of boxes right now. In the boxes are her things, decorations I had used at my husband, Michael's Celebration of Life events, furniture I've ordered for my porch that remain unassembled, etc. If, God forbid, I have a fire, I may have trouble getting out of my house! Anyway, I need to clear the clutter, organize the mementos I want to keep and start moving forward with my life. I pray I'll find myself in a clean, well organized house by this time next year. I know it will mean facing my emotions as I sort through all this stuff. I've joined on online decluttering club, hoping to give and get support in my tedious journey through the rooms of my house and the corners of my heavy heart.

Not sure how I'll keep them with me. We'll see..... Gamar chatemah tovah.

Every year I say I hope to feel more hopeful. Every year rolls around and it's the same. Same stuck. Same narrow place. Same me. I hope that we can get our act together, make a real plan to move forward with our lives in a new place, as part of a new community, with a new job for Rob (and a continued job for me) and a new school for the kids. I'd like to think that we are being planful this time: reaching out, researching, making connections, looking at who we are and what we really want. It might not mean that we are together. It might mean we go in different directions. I don't know. But what I most hope is that we can look back next fall and say we took action. We didn't allow time to pass and remain stuck. Even if the choice isn't the right one, we made one and made movement. We can change after that...but status quo doesn't stand.

I believe I will still feel gratitude and happiness. I am truly fortunate and happy in my life, and I expect this to continue. I hope that I will continue to put energy and focus into doing what I can to be a strong old woman - in all aspects. Physically, skeletally, emotionally, spiritually. Facing my mortality is always present and I hope I continue to walk daily with my friend, my Death. I hope to be more able to let go and fall into connection. I hope that my relationship with my sister has continued to grow and strengthen. We will need each other!

I hope I'll feel good about the efforts I've made and not filled with negative judgment. Maybe answering these questions will contribute to my intention to wrestle with some ideas about how I show up in the world and for myself.

I’m just hoping the pandemic has turned endemic and I’ll be nervous leaving my house and my childcare will be more stable.

I hope I will be pleased because I have worked toward the goals I have.

I think I'll give a wry smile about my old self. I hope that my life is less chaotic and got a bit more of a routine. I think I'll be pleased, once again, that I answered these questions, and be proud of myself for agreeing to share them, anonymously, for the first time since I started this in 2015.

I hope we're traveling and adventuring again. I hope we're living again. I hope we've put this pandemic and isolation behind us.

I hope that I'm in a happier place with my job. The pandemic is controlled and we are back to a more flowing society. Reading this now...have things changed with my kid? Am I getting ready to put together a show? What new things have I learned? Write them down. What is on my list for these next months in regards to learning something new? Am I making and/or saving more money? If not, what can I do right now to change that? If yes, have a piece of chocolate cake! Lastly, think of all the fun experiences you had this last year. Shows, events, celebrations, places I went outside my town, new people I met and liked. Onward.

I'm going to feel really good that the questions motivated me, like re-illustrating a page of my book. Hopefully, I will have made the commitment to finish the illustrations, copyright the book, and email it to at least one editor, the one who likes rhymes. I will have been proud of myself for setting and accomplishing goals, especially working on my sewing machine and fixing all my awesome jackets.

I am hoping that my back will be better and that I will be post surgery I am hoping to add some programs to the social action committee I pray that my relationship with Lee continues to flourish in health and happiness And that my kids and grandkids will continue to be healthy and happy

I hope that this year I will remember what I wrote, and actually make them mean something. So I hope that this time next year I will be pleased, rather than disappointed.

I hope to celebrate my successes, resolve to tackle unfinished business with renewed energy, and look forward to expanding the joy derived from settling in to our new life in a new home in a new community.

Same as last year's answer: I hope things will be more settled, more ordered, more predictable, less fragile, less transient, more connected.

In September 22 I want to be feeling more ease and joy in my day to day life. I want to be feeling spaciousness in my professional life and in my personal life. I want to be working with 3-5 clients in creatively building team cultures. I am have been spontaneously travelling, we have a car and Gennavive is happy to be entering grade 11. I am still working with the salon on new and innovative projects and the salon has become the event space it was designed to be. I am proud and comfortable to discuss my professional ambitions.

I hope I'll exhale a long sigh of relief that all that looks bleak in Sept 2021 has passed and ended well.

Hopefully relieved. Relieved that the world is more open again, positive about the direction we are going as a family, a people, and a country. Hope that my daughter is happy, and we are all healthy.

Being that I am doing all I can to be present to now, I don't want to look forward to how I might feel when September 2022 rolls around. I find that I rarely am correct at guessing anyway. How I hope my life will be different though is my hope for humanity: that we all have grace, mercy, and patience. So many things are messed up in the world, from climate change to man's inhumanity to man. We are in need of a sea change!

I hope that I have grown spiritually. I would like to find more joy, I think it's all around us and we just don't look very hard.

I hope I am feeling positive about the state of the country and the planet. I'm sure I'll still be feeling good about the work I do in my practice, helping people find their way through life's challenges. I hope covid will be under control so that I will be seeing some patients back in my office, face-to-face, with some continued virtual sessions. And I hope to be able to visit family more freely. I plan to give myself the gift of reflecting on my connection to the greater source of life, the divine spirit within me, as these questions have helped me do.

I hope I’ll continue to accept the people I love as is and roll with what ever life throws my way. I never know if I’ll be lucky and get another year to enjoy my mom. I hope our puppy Rex becomes more socialized and we can get to a place of not keeping him crated when the grand daughters visit. And mostly- I hope no one I love gets sick. I hope the pandemic is more under control and life becomes more normalized. I’d like to safely volunteer.

I hope that I feel I have made some progress. I don't think I've seen a lot of consistent progress in myself over the years I've been doing this. And yet, every year I'm here a few things do get better. Answering these questions is always a mixed bag -- I am proud for taking the time to reflect, and also annoyed with myself for not making more progress.

Seeing how similar my answers in 2021 and 2020 were made me sad. I need to DO SOMETHING TO CHANGE MY CIRCUMSTANCES. I HOPE next years answers are vastly different. I’d feel good about that.

At this point I barely know what to expect about October 2021, let alone September 2022. Taking it one day at a time.

Sigh. My guess is that I will be single and approaching another October 10th with a bit of melancholy, yet grateful to God that I didn’t marry the wrong man. I do hope that I will be at peace, that I will look with pride at the progress I’ve made financial investment-wise, that I will absolutely love living at Wildwood, that my dear family and friends will be healthy and fulfilled, and that I will have just had the most enjoyable, relaxing summer since 2015.

I hope I will feel alive and well that all my fears are gone and I’ma happier person by this year. I will see all my hard work paying off. I will figure out what my future is personally baby west and marriage wise. I will be healthier physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. I will love life!!!

I hope I won't be so rigid in my thinking, so motivated by fear. I want more than to be a survivor--I want to chose life.

Once again I will hope to be on the other side of the pandemic! I hope to be able to have put into action some of the changes I reflected on here. I also hope that my spiritual life will have revived itself and I will be again feeling joy and enthusiasm and a sense of a larger community.

I hope I'm in a better place with my body image. I hope we finally have a will! So much about where I will be in life depends not so much on these questions but on what's going on with this pandemic. Will we still be dealing with it a year from now? That just seems exhausting. So I hope I am less exhausted and less frustrated with people!

I will be surprised by my answers. I will have some growth.

I hope I've continued to incrementally improve. Certainly I hope I am in a much better place and am surprised by how far I've come even since now.

Life is great - I'm feeling happy, I'm thinking positively and good vibes are everywhere I go. It's wonderful! ♥️ Life can be pretty overwhelming, but I hope I am feeling & thinking about it, the way I am right now. I am always excited & forever grateful about the happiness & "little" moments that life has brought me and will continue to bring me. 🌻

I’m hoping that things will have calmed down. Everything has been very tough for the past month as Drea’s father was dying. However, I think we should start approaching a new normal soon. I also am unsure if Drea is going to want to get pregnant this coming year. Child number 2 has been a lot more difficult, but we both agree that we would like to have one more. I hope that, whatever we decide, we can establish a better way to manage the children. I’m not sure how I will feel about my 10Q, but this might be the first year where I am hopeful of actually achieving some of the goals that I laid out in these questions.

I hope I’ll feel… at peace. That I can breathe and smile and take stock that I’ve made a little progress. Not everything has to be different, but I’d like to feel like I’m in a slightly different place than this year

I hope to be settled in NH but not to have sold the lake. My life is good right now and I feel well. I hope that continues. The only thing that could make it better would be if I found a partner - not necessarily to marry but to travel with and go to concerts with etc.

Before I had no idea what it would be like, and now I’ve had a taste. Every year our baby will continue to grow and astonish us, and I look forward to all that will unfold in our lives. This time next year I hope we’ll have more stability and be speaking better Dutch!

I hope I feel at peace, at least a little more than right now. I hope I don't mind what I've achieved or not and just know I've done my best without comparing myself to others.

I hope I actually achieve what I've been hoping to achieve. If all goes well, I will have survived almost a whole year of motherhood and will be proud of the way Craig and I will be doing with Little Tochka.

I am not sure how I will feel. It will partly depend on whether we can do more or whether the pandemic is still stifling life! I hope that I will have met some of my goals such as being more productive and that I will have been able to take some quilting classes and do more in community with others. I hope that I will have been able to improve my spiritual and quilting practices, and met my exercise goals. I hope that I will feel less tearful and happier.

I hope I'll be better able to tackle answering them. I felt caught flatfooted this year, not having been very introspective in the past and unsure how to approach them. Maybe I'll improve that?

I think I will feel grateful for the chance to reflect on my previous answers. I hope I am feeling financially freer, and maybe even feeling the security of a partnership or a relationship of some kind.

I think I'll read my 2021 answers and see the growth I've made. I hope I'll be able to look back on this time in gratitude, because even though it is hard, it is making me wiser, and more prepared to handle whatever life hands me. I hope that in 2022, I will be living a peaceful life, not worrying about what others think of me. I hope I'll be happy with myself, that I'll be able to look in the mirror and see what other people see. In 2022 one daughter will be a junior in college and the other will be a senior in high school. I hope our relationships continue to grown in trust and respect.

I hope I'll feel accomplished and proud of where I've come this past year, despite all of the challenges that I'm bound to face.

I am not sure. I hope I will still be happy with my life and figuring out what I might do with the extra time and feel like I am making a difference and loved. Cause that is all I can hope. Tho what I said last year is good too: I hope that I can acknowledge that I am continually working to better. I hope that I can appreciate the love I am getting and feel worthy of it. I hope. I can see how much I have grown and be happy that it is good enough I feel the same way this year. I just want to work on kindly curious and notice vs. React to the stimuli. For example, I know when I get frustrated, I react and just want to sit with it

I am always really interested in seeing how I answered the questions from the previous year. Some things change but not a lot -- it seems I am pretty steady in my habits, goals, desires. I hope to be further along in my practice, that is, both in my own work as well as assisting and teaching more classes. I hope to have celebrated the longevity of both my parents and their marriage, as well as have celebrated my own self by a solo trip to Yellowstone. I don't know what will be happening with David, after all these years. We are sort of beyond adrift, except that he still wants to call and talk every night. Maybe I didn't open up enough for him, maybe he didn't open enough for me. Maybe I just don't have room in my life for a lover anymore. Maybe it's just generational now. Hard to tell. I truly doubt at this point that anything positive is going to happen with the extremely dysfunctional government that will benefit anyone in any meaningful way. At least the 1/6 rioters didn't win, but their movement is growing and is very poisonous to the common good.

I hope in one year that I have embraced a new life(style) with more freedom, and I hope to develop the discipline, ease, and joy that allows me to feel my best.

I want to be less interested in dwelling on past mistakes or paths not taken. Self- Reflection is healthy and these types of questions force moments of self-evaluation and benchmarking that we often don’t give ourselves the benefit of.

I think there’ll be a part of me that will cringe - there always is when I read things I’ve written in the past. I hope there will be some recognition of the person writing it, and some forgiveness for who she is. I hope I’ll be travelling again, and maybe moving to another city or country. I hope that I’ll have found forgiveness for myself and others, and find it easier to let people in and not take on others emotions. I hope I’m in a place where I’m more happy than not.

The same. Don't flatter yourself.

I'm terrified of looking at the answers from the year prior and realizing, well shit, how little has changed in a year, at least in terms of my family and my emotional pain - so I guess I think I'll feel disappointed and sad if that's the case. Or, I could look at these answers and think, that month was the turning point. She's never looked back. And now I am living what is truly my best, happiest life. And that depression and trauma reactions (like the emotional eating and the zoning out) are really no longer a constant presence. Hopefully, I'll also have my tattoo by then...

I hope I have become much more proficient at squeezing the most of each day, as the Fall of my life begins to turn to Winter. I hope I will still be sorting travel pictures of our multiple trips. I hope I will be working on staying in a place of peace.

I'm sure I'll be surprised on what my focus was this year. I hope life will be different, I hope there won't be any more covid variants. However, logically I think the pandemic has at least two years to go. I think the virus will be with us for a long time and we'll probably get yearly vaccines with our flu shots. I hope the right government got elected for our country to be able to fight climate change. We need to change - stop buying stuff because shopping is entertainment. Stop supporting fossil fuels but go green even if it costs more to do so. I hope that we won't be suffering food shortages because global warming is destroying crops. I hope bees are still alive because without them the world will do extinct.

I imagine I'll think 'it feels like so much changes, yet most things stay the same'

I think I will be pleased with my physical and fiscal changes in the intervening 12 months. We'll be living in a new home and planning to host our first Thanksgiving there. I'll have put several thousand miles on my first all electric car and we'll be looking at solar for our home. We'll continue to actively work towards reducing our carbon footprint. The planet requires it.

Hopefully I've met the goals I've set. I'm not sure I need too much to be different in my life, aside from self awareness

It would seem that things continue to worsen for me no matter what I "feel" or what I "think" or what I "hope". I hope I will feel better about things next year but I must admit I feel I may not survive the pandemic variants situation. It is already so much harder to breath starting in the motel and ever sense. I am so conscious of it all of the time, especially while laying down before falling to sleep. On occasion I will turn the oxygen flow up a digit. This keeps me focused on myself so much I have basically given up on cultivating friends. It has proven futile. I feel and I am probably seen by the few who might glimpse, as pathetic and lost. It happens. I would like things to be soooooooooo different... but it's getting late.

I hope I'll be back in full time employment - and enjoying it because it will be a job that is doable and meaningful. covid danger and restrictions will be receding. I'll have landed back into a comfortable and satisfying routine. I will feel more often that things are in balance.

This year I had the surprising experience of rereading my answers from the past year and realizing that the two things I had called out as major personal goals were both things I had not accomplished-- and in fact, were still the two big things I had on my mind as things I'm going to try to do in this coming year. What's more, I had answered some of this year's questions before reading last year's answers, and I had absolutely no idea that I had been thinking about those two things for that long (granted, one of the things I'm trying to address affects my memory and makes me "live in the moment" in some detrimental ways-- so it's not so wild that as far as I was concerned, those two big issues had arisen over the last year). My hope for next year is to have different problems-- or at least, to be at a different point of addressing those problems, to have made some sort of progress. (This is NOT me welcoming in new, worse problems! Please!) Hopefully, seeing right there in black and white that my personal growth stagnated in a way because I was so scared to move on those two big things will help spur me to move on them in this coming year.

Over time my answers have changed, but year-to-year they seem so similar. Always save money, lose weight, etc. We are in an existential crisis in American history. I hope we have this option next year.

I’ll probably feel the same. I’m no longer optimistic about anything.

My closing thoughts for 2020 are how I feel looking ahead one year: "I hope we will have space, literally and figuratively, to be the truest version of ourselves and realize our fullest potential without being worried about the state of our world. I hope we can be safe, free, and loved". I hope we can leave the trauma of Ben's assault behind us, I hope we have a guilty verdict and a sentence and all of that darkness is well and truly over and behind us. I hope we all love our new house and have made many incredible positive memories in this new space. I hope we have truly made it our own and have the fresh start we deserved to have the day we moved in. Much love, future self - it's going to be one hell of a year for you and I can't wait to see how far you'll come, how much will change, how different you will be in a year. I already have so much love, respect and gratitude for the woman you will have become.

I hope I feel happy, healthy and excited. It will be around my wedding and honeymoon so I hope things are feeling celebratory and harmonious and easier in many ways. I hope that I am gentle and loving with myself and others.

Since this pandemic is lasting longer than any of us realized, maybe a new way of life, I'm not expecting much from 2022. I've already looked at cancelling travel plans.I hope to continue to be as healthy and active as I am now I want to keep exploring soul and my wise woman self. More experiences like the Living Torah for Rosh Hashonah, will give me a place to speak, to share my thoughts and emotions about important areas of our lives. I just accepted a gig for APTi, so who knows, maybe I'm ready to be a contributor again. Never say never.

This is a hard one… everything I wrote last year remains unaccomplished. And to the mix was added my cancer challenges. There is so much up in the air with my health and the pandemic… i sincerely hope that by next year that I and those i love across the world will have regained done sort of normality, and that the “anti”- folks will have come to their senses. We are only doing well when those who are hurting are doing better too.

Looking back on last years responses, it was clear how the needs of work and parenting were so relentless, and how there was no pressure valve, all due to the pandemic. I hope that as COVID recedes (and my kids get vaccinated) we'll have more space to engage in the world and nourish ourselves and our loved ones.

Again, I am hopeful that we will be looking back at COVID19 in our rearview, with vaccines for all and a new normal fully instated. I hope to be in a CFY that brings me fulfillment and does not require me to wake up at 6am. I hope to be in a place of peace and that my kids are able to hug whoever they want, whenever they want.

I think life is a continual journey and the struggle is to not become too set in your ways as you get older. I'm honestly impressed with the progress I've made this past year in self confidence and increased awareness of the world. I don't know what progress I will make from this year to next, but hopefully I can continue to stay mindful, stay present, and continue to pursue joy, beauty, love, and happiness internally and externally.

I have a feeling that life will somehow be very different by this time next year. I think I am at peace with that, but also at peace if everything has not changed.

Hopeful. I’m hopeful that this will be a better world for the planet. Covid is still with us, things are shutting down, and people are feeling stressed. I am blessed with health and family and friends and sufficient resources. But many are struggling. Let them all be happier by next September!

I will probaly open my responses of 2021 with some trepidation. I hope that both my husband, now 101, & I at 86 will still be as able & active as we are now. And, most of all, I hope our children & grandchildren & great-grandchildren will be well & thriving & able to pursue their dreams. I hope that our country & the world will have learned to work together better than what I see hapening now.

Wow! big question. I think it has alot to do with where we are with the pandemic and if we are closer to getting back to "normal." I am hoping that I meet someone and enjoy spending time together, traveling , etc. Hoping the best for my kids too of course in all aspects of their lives.

I will be 60 years old when these questions come back next year. My goal is to have a greater understanding of my Self: To love myself, care for myself, experiment with new thoughts and ideas; and to be open to building healthier relationships.

Hopefully in a positive state of mind. I hope I am in a loving, wonderful relationship with my past flame and we are thriving. I hope he is doing well in school and on his way towards his Bachelor's Degree. I hope my job is going great and I will be one year in as an Advisor. I hope to keep working on my goals and maybe even consider going for my Master's.

Pretty much the same as last year, but with the caveat that we have a humane and decent man at the helm. I do hope the divide in our country can start to mend, that more people are safe from Covid, that we address our multiple systemic failures regarding how we treat our fellow citizens, animals, the environment. It’s a big ask. I also hope to maintain a glass half full philosophy.

I hope I'll be on a path that I can actually see ahead on, and that I'll be more caring and giving to myself and everything around. I feel like the answers aren't too spicy this year, so I see myself next year (??! there will be another one??) like the nodding kermit gif, reading these answers

I will be annoyed that I am the same person with the same anxieties. I hope I remember how lousy I feel right now and make some actual changes.

I hope that I’m happier with myself and that I’m kinder to the person I’m becoming.

I hope I have my home in better order, worry less about my husbands depression and aging but accept it as normal and indeed very slow, in good terms with all family... and thanking Gd for everything.

I hope I will think these answers are not truly me. I hope my depression has lifted and I am doing all I can to assist people less fortunate than me. I want my gratefulness to be back to old levels, hope that I am painting again, and approaching life from a mindful view point. I hope I can find my old my disposition.

Oh, I do hope I'll be able to look back and feel proud of humankind that we were able to survive the pandemic of covid19 in all its manifestations, variations, and mutations as well as the political pandemic of hatred, intolerance and plain awfulness that has blossomed in the past six years. I hope I'll feel hope once again. That's what I hope. Do I think it will happen? I honestly can't bring myself to admit I don't. It's just too damn frightening.

I hope I'll feel nostalgic. That my life will be so much more of what I want that I'll look back at these times with relief that it's over, but remembering all the good foundations that were laid as a result. I hope I'll be able to find my path towards the next steps of my life that can exist beyond my past, and that I can be more excited about my future.

I think I will be more strong, both physically and mentally. I always look forward to my previous year's answers so I'll be curious as to what I said.

Hey! I did better than last year--3 questions left instead of 4! I'm planning on being in better shape physically, financially, and mentally, partly based on these questions and by working one or two issues at a time.

I think I will be in another phase of life. My husband will be fully retired. I am excited to see how we live our lives together. I hope we are relaxed, enjoying life and healthy. Our family is important to us and I look forward to seeing how we are all getting through whatever life throws our way.

I hope I'll be still in New Brunswick, I hope I'll feel more motivated / committed to my work, and I hope I'll be more reasonable in my expectations of myself and the rate of change. I hope I'll be more honest with myself.

I hope that at least one of my unknowns is more known! I know that progress is sometimes a slow process, especially when my unknowns are not small questions, but I hope to at least feel like I've taken a few steps forward. And that I can give myself some grace if that's not the case.

I really hope I'll be feeling more hopeful, making more progress to moving out and in feeling respected by my peers and by myself. I hope to have learned a lot more about Judaism and I hope when I read my answers next year that I'm able to look back at my past self with compassion, love, and pride.

I am always excited for these questions, even when my answers will remind me of all the things I didn't do or where I made some errors in my goals. There such a great way to see some repetitive habits or attitudes in an unbiased way. I hope my life will resemble more of my hopes & dreams than my regrets. I am going to post the 10Q questions with past answers somewhere visible so I can always be actively reminded of wanting to answer more hopeful & with some wins in my answers! I am claiming it! 2022 will be my best year to date for answering 10Q with wins, accomplishments & zero regrets!

I think I will be relieved that I'm not in the midst of planning a bar mitzvah! And looking at my prayer for last year, all came to pass. So this year I pray that by next year I will be exercising regularly and will have addressed some of the alignment issues that keep getting me injured, and that Kenny and I will have more time for fun, and that our children are more independent and happy and that our house will be significantly more purged of junk and better organized!!

I think I'll feel more hopeful about my future. I've answered all the questions this year. Last year I was drowning in grief for my husband who had died just a few months before. This year, while I will always have a sad place in my heart, and will always love and miss him, I'm beginning to think about my future and how to live it.

I hope that by the time September 2022 rolls around I have learned to be more gentle and kind with myself and that this year's answers sound like a distant former self.

I think I'll be nostalgic to look back on these memories next year. I hope to be loving with my current boyfriend (hopefully engaged), maybe a baby on the way, and with my head on a little tighter.

I have noticed a trend over the years of how little faith I have in humanity. So when I review this year’s answers again, I will not be surprised or think much of it, sadly. My hope is that, when it comes time to do this next year, that we will finally be out of this pandemic at the very least, and maybe humanity won’t deteriorate more than it has. Fingers crossed.

Hope for more of a sense of freedom from illnesses Feel spiritually solid Have good friends that I feel safe enough to share my heart thoughts

I think I will be interested in seeing how I felt during this moment in time, because it feels like a unique moment right now. As always, I hope doing 10Q will give me accountability to make changes in my life and grow as a person, and I will have made progress in these areas.

I hope much will be the same but also much is different. I hope we have two babies by September who are both health and happy. I hope I feel ok going back to work again and maybe consider a more flexible career path. I hope I will feel relieved and in disbelief of the events in 2020-21. I hope they feel distant but not forgotten. I hope the world can heal from this with some renewed changes.

I don’t know how I will feel. I doubt I will be surprised. I expect that I will look at the answers and say “yep, that’s where I was and what I was thinking last year.” I will probably think that I’ve learned a few things - at least I hope - and can frame the questions or answers a bit better by this time next year. I wonder if I’ll be overly impressed or disappointed at what I did or did not accomplish or learn, It’s hard to tell the twists and turns life’s path takes in advance. I only know that those twists and turns will take me on an unexpected journey. I hope that my values and guideposts and goals will keep me grounded and making the right choices. I hope for this year what I hope for every year as I contemplate my life around the high holy days: that I will be a better version of myself; that I will be kinder and more generous to myself and others; that I will give and contribute more to others and to the world; that I will do a little more tikkun olam than I have done this past year; and that I’ll have fun on the journey. How those goals come to be is yet to be seen. I have set directions for myself in these answers and beyond in other contexts. But I also know the journey is a ride. Now I will go prepare for and observe Yom Kippur. As that day ends, tomorrow evening, this year’s journey begins...

I hope my current challenges are ancient history. I hope Carol and I are friends again. I hope everyone in my family is well, and this practically daily crap is long gone.

I’ll be surprised. I likely will laugh out wonder why I did this

I'll feel good about the last year, whether or not it's gone as planned.

I hope that coronavirus is finally controlled like mumps and measels etc.. I hope to have a job that I actually dont mimd going to where i Make great money and have great coworkers and a great boss.

I think I will have solidly turned a corner on grief, and begun a new, happier phase of life with the new boyfriend and the new job.

If I/We make it another year, I will be positively thrilled beyond beyond! I will be appreciating every single breath of fresh air I can find until then, every glass of clear water, every tasty morsel of healthy, clean food, every great night’s rest, glorious note of music, every gift of Nature, art, dance, and every beautiful relationship interaction I may have with my plant, animal, and human kin! Bless us everyOne!

This was a great time for reflection on the past year, so I'm particularly grateful to have had this opportunity. By September 2022, my big decisions -- about retirement and all that entails -- should be done and hopefully settled. So this coming year will be spent working out the who, what, where, when, and how. But why has become quite crystal clear: it's time for the next adventure.

I haven’t the vaguest idea.

I hope I will feel less fatalistic about the future- and about my country. I hope I am taking better care of myself and that my health has improved. I hope I’m back to walking the dogs and drawing daily. I hope I am able to travel. I hope I am content and enjoying my work more than I am frustrated by it. I hope I’ve gotten my home and routine to a place where I feel I can welcome company. So many hopes.

I enjoyed answering these questions last year and this year. They help me stop and think about specific things in my life that could be improved or changed. We all think, "I'll be better this year." But until you think about what "better" means to you, you have no hope of really doing better. What is that? How will you know if you are better? These questions help me focus on specific areas of my life that could be improved with attention to that aspect of my life. For next September, I hope we can safely go out in public without masks. I hope we have herd immunity. I hope that I will be stronger in body and more resilient in mind. I hope that I have been able to accomplish things despite my fear of failure. I hope our society has become more reality-based and accepting of each other.

I hope and think that my hindi will be much better. I hope that I will have finished my 2 month course in Jaipur and will have done some internship over there too. I hope that I will have had a good year in school will have continued my yoga & meditation work, and will have made some new friends. I hope that I will have a nice small job (!) and that all my family and friends will be happy and healthy, or at least not in a lot of pain. I hope also that our world is making more definite steps toward climate aid. <3<3<3<3

I don’t know but last year I thought I had it more figured out, but I think that it just appeared that way from the outside. On the inside I knew I was dating someone wrong for me and didn’t have much direction career-wise. Wherever I am by next year, I hope the decisions I make between now and then are more authentic. I hope this year I am more humble and honest with myself, that I don’t settle, that I take the path that gets me to becoming more of the person want to be with dignity and with my heart and head in the right place. I hope that wherever I am next year, I know I was the person I want to be all along the way, and that I made smart choices, and that I didn’t rush it just to get to where I want faster.

I want to feel content, no matter how much of this I have done. I hope that my future self feels the love I'm trying to infuse into my answers. Whatever you're up to is wonderful!

I really hope that I won't feel defeated and frustrated because I will have a job, not constantly looking for one. I hope that I'll be thinking about how to improve the role and organization I work for and reflect on where I've come. Overall, I hope I maintain the feeling of gratitude for all I've accomplished and the resiliency to move forward in times of great struggle.

I am hoping I will feel I made good use of these months off and have established a healthy work/life balance including/incorporating time for family, friends, significant other and self-care

I hope to god we’re not still in the middle of a god damned plague! I hope I am taking long hikes. I hope I am farther along with my book.

I will be proud that I accomplished most, if not all my goals. I hope that I learn to live with Covid, so that I can enjoy visiting family and friends, travel, go back to theatre, concerts, volunteer in person, and many other things again. These questions were thought provoking and helped me focus on what is important in life.

I do think personally, life will be similar, and in some ways better. But I don't really hold much hope that things in the country or world will be significantly better. I do hope, at least they won't be worse, but I'm not convinced of that.

I hope I can look back on this moment understanding how what I’m going through now has led me to grow as person.

The Covid-19 pandemic has colored everything this year. When September 2022 comes, it is not changes in myself that I hope to find, it is changes in the world health situation. I hope to be socializing more, traveling more, and feeling more comfortable in moving about the world in general. These things are largely dependent on the world getting control of the pandemic problem.

I think I'll feel pleased that in 2021 I finally chose to focus on action rather than mucking around between tasks, and how quickly I got in and out of these answer boxes. As with last year, I don't fully understand the second question. The "... as a result of..." part feels weirdly bolted on and disconnected from the first portion of the sentence. Reminds me of when I used to moderate panels and had lost track of where the discussion was going. If you just want to know "what I think might be different about my life," I have no idea, and it doesn't matter. Let's face it: Part of the allure of going back to the vault a year later is that most of the people who answer these questions will forget the questions and their answers pretty quickly. Their goals and priorities will change unpredictably. Setting long-range goals generally doesn't work. You'll never get the timeline right. Most of us underestimate the timeline. What's important is daily practice as your goals naturally evolve. Daily practice is the only thing that's manageable.

I hope to be happier/more settled at work, and have a more open relationship with my youngest child.

I have answered these questions mindfully and my intention is to fulfill them in the coming year.

My mind is so full of the new major cardiac diagnoses and how they may well effect what future I have. With that, it's difficult to consider what I might feel this time next year. Will I be alive this time next year? I hope so, but it all feels very uncertain right now. If I am still alive then I hope I'll have acted on some of the things these questions have raised, maybe having done some writing and lost some weight. It doesn't sound like much, but those things would be significant for me.

Horrified as always. I also hate reading my old journals. I'm glad to think about and answer these questions, but sometimes I need more than a year to digest what I wrote.

Still hoping I’ve written something! And same as last year, that my marriage may be on a stronger footing.

Well, each time I have participated in 10Q I have felt different emotions reading my answers each year. I often forget about it, only answering a small handful of the questions, but enough to get a glimpse at where I was mentally and physically. I certainly enjoy having a way to measure the growth that has happened during that year in between answers, and it’s a good reminder of how much I really love journaling my inner thoughts and have loved it since childhood. That first journal I kept in middle school will always be stamped in my mind. Dark grey, frayed pages ripped from the wire binding, doodles and smears of black pen ink from the frantic sessions of writing where I first figured out how to organize my thoughts into a timeline, a progression, a storyline. It gave me direction for where the story should go. The recurring characters grew and changed as I did, until eventually the medium changed. Next it was onto an ugly brown and blue journal that didn’t fit right in my hands. I never really took as much time with it. Was that a phoned-in season? Maybe. Tumblr came next, a private blog that I would spend hours typing my deepest darkest secrets too. Recently, I tried my hand at journaling in my “Notes” app, but I haven’t felt the urge in a long while to truly put time into it. Maybe this is the evolved version of all of it. Focused questions, automated reminders, and a year’s worth of content stored up for organizing.

In September 2022, I think I might feel okay about then, because most of my hopes are internal, and ongoing things to continuously work on. However, I also have seen the past year or two just how much the world and life can change in a split second, and I'm no longer confident I can predict my own future feelings. I hope I will recognize that, and know to make full use of the present moment.

Well, I'm always excited to see my answers. I hope I have taken on a few more adventures in my life.

I think I'll feel anxious, knowing that the midterm elections will be in full swing. I will probably continue to do what I already do -- morning meditation, volunteering. Perhaps I'll even be hiking again, after a knee replacement. Here's hoping!

I would like to have some perspective on how all this loss has opened up space for growth. Right now, I am feeling the hard but seeing the growth. I'd like to be on the optimism side of things

I .think I’ll be amazed that I actually answered all 1 questions. I want to be a more spiritual, loving me.

Realistically, I will probably be disappointed that I didn't live up the goals I set. I met a few last year, but far fewer than I could have. Optimistically, maybe this will be the year that I really achieve them. I am confronting how perfectionism, indecision, and procrastination are my biggest failings. Knowing that is not new, but it is reinforced. Time to Just Do It and win the struggle with them.

I hope I smile and look at the zealous person I am now and realize that 2021 was the beginning of a fantastic adventure that I am still thrilled to pieces to have started. That uncertainty is always scary, but it is also always rewarding.

I hope I'll be more settled in my body. I hope this damn virus will be under control. I hope I'll be getting out of the house more. I hope the world will be a saner, calmer place.

I think this will be a good year, so I am anticipating feeling good in September 2022. I hope to open myself up more the the universe and the opportunities it offers me. I'm optimistic that I will have incorporated more hope and agency into my life, which will hopefully lead to a more consistent positive outlook and growth mindset, and achieving more of my desired outcomes.

I expect to not be surprised by the answers I wrote this year. I hope I am much healthier. I hope I continue to stay grounded and centered and being secure in my beliefs and feelings. Not sure what I should feel/think specifically about answering these questions; I do feel led to answer them so it must be important.

I will be hopeful for the future and I would like to be clearer on where else I might live by that time. and who I might share my life with.

I'm hoping we will have taken steps to expand our family and this excitement/anxiety will be a reminder of why. I hope we keep growing and working toward our shared goals, whatever path they take us down.

That I will have survived this season of change and transition and will have more space and energy for reflection next year.

There are a few things weighing on my mind about a year from now. The biggest one is Olivia: was she able to study abroad? how did that go? is she staying safe? is she ready for her senior year? what are her post-graduate plans? In the US, I am scared that the former president will be running for office again. His words and policies are scary, divisive, and inaccurate. I really don't want to be hearing from that idiot on a regular basis. His rhetoric is draining and disheartening. In terms of the world, I really hope we are living in a mostly post-COVID environment. Will COVID cases and deaths finally be fading? Will be getting regular booster shots? Will life be more in person? Will we still be wearing masks? How many lives will the virus have claimed? (In the US so far there have been 40 million cases and 655,000 deaths.)

Well, I'm hoping that I'll be more comfortable, more confident, and have some better direction. The girls will be on their last year of high school and will be considering the next phase of their life. Should be interesting.

I think it will be a depressing read! 😂 I hope some of the lightness and joy will have returned to my life.

I will probably be amused and not surprised that some things have not changed, as usual. I hope that it will have been a less stressful and more positive year for my daughter in school. I think I will continue the trend of wanting life to be less stressful and more simple and enjoying the moment. It will be strange next September with the twins off to college, and quieter. Hopefully more time for hobbies and personal and spiritual growth.

I would hope I am happy and peaceful and know that I have given my 100%, been an active participant in life, been the best me, been a great family member, a great wife, a great mother, successful in my career, healthy in mind, body and spirit.

I hope that I look back on these answers with grace and think, "oh, honey, yeah that was hard. It's okay. It's going to be fine. All of these things are so much smaller than they appear in the moment."

I hope to be able to feel in control of myself and my life to get things done, to be caught up, and to have my house in reasonably good order.

I hope I will have gained more life experience.

I think I will be in Florida living by the Ocean. I think I will have fabulous health. I think I will be loving all my loved ones. I think I will feel their love.

It's impossible to predict what next year will be like. I know how utterly our lives have changed in just the past few weeks since Jules' birth; I can't even imagine how much everything will change in a year. But my hope is a year from now Matt and I will both feel more relaxed and more confident as parents. And I pray the world will be safe from covid by then - or at least safe enough that we can travel and see all of our family and friends again. I look forward to getting to know Jules as not just a baby but a budding person as he grows, and our love continues to blossom. And I hope that as Matt and I evolve as parents our relationship grows stronger as well.

I hope I can reflect on my answers and feel proud that I spent the year working towards my goals. That even if some goals were not realized, I've made progress. I hope it inspires me to continue to recreate goals and have the confidence to work forwatd.

Well...it's not so much how will i feel as a result of answering these questions, rather, it will be a result of all the internal work that I hope continues through the year. With that out of the way...I would like to feel that I am on the right track. That is, I am in the place that one would expect if authenticity is truly valued and not just lip service. To get to this place requires a degree of discipline. This notion of discipline is taking on n ew meaning for me lately. I find it easy, for example, to sit in meditation and/or doing yoga. I like that. I enjoy that. It all feels good. However, at some level I also think it is a bit too easy. Not that a spiritual journey should be hard. But...it should (must?) take you out of your comfort zone. How do you grow otherwise? How can any sort of transformation take place if you're not pushed up against what is comfortable and comforting? I find this almost "given", plain as day. To transform by definition means change. Change is hard. If change is easy...is it really change. So, where do i want to be 12 months from now? Maybe the better question is "who" will I be 12 months from now. What will have changed? How will I have grown? I am writing this on Wednesday afternoon. Kol Nidre is in six hours. Then we, as a community, will rehearse our death. And yet I am really anxious about an MRI that I am doing for a persistent tendonitis on my elbow on Friday. If I am spending time, effort on the cushion, to be unafraid of death, how can i possibly be afraid/anxious about a simple, non-invasive medical test? There is a disconnect here, much like the community wide disconnect i sense about the impending rehearsal. The "rubber" is not hitting the road for me. My practice is still merely theoretical and, evidently, not based in my present reality. This is the kind of thing that has to/must change. This full acceptance - radical acceptance? - is what i need, have to have, must experience. This is where practice should allow me to go without anxiety, without the need for medication to quiet an anxious mind. If i can't handle an MRI, how can i possibly pass on into a Great Mystery in a calm and present mind? There is work to be done. I would like to do this work, really do this work, this year. When my Roshi was afflicted with lung cancer he went for a test (MRI?) and was scared and used a mantra to calm down. I've thought about this over the years: why did he need a mantra? Was the use of a mantra "acceptable" in the face of his claustrophobia? It's hard, but not impossible, to think it is a fault in practice. I want to know the answer to this question. So...should i take the Lorazepan to calm down or should I use "natural" means to achieve equanimity? Do I allow the fear to take hold...or rage against this particular lack of light?

I doubt that my life has been changed or will be as a result of answering these questions, but they have confirmed to me that my goals are stable, and that my life is pretty well where it is. By next year at this time, I hope to be on sabbatical, and preparing to go to the UK and/or Italy, provided this stupid pandemic lets up.

I hope my year has improved, I hope work comes back for me. I hope I kept my promise to myself to be creative each day, whether I am being paid or not. I hope I have changed my narrative...some stories were old and no longer relevant to who I am now..sometimes I have told myself , and others, stories that show my strength and not my vulnerabilities..I hope that continues to shift. I hope I have romantic love in my life.

Well in 2020 I thought the pandemic would be over...how optimistic I was! We're still in the thick of it. We still WILL be in the thick of it. Unless these holdouts get their heads out of their asses this isn't going away. So I have a feeling I will feel...snarky and tickled by my very sassy comments this year. Hopefully that means that I have managed to balance my life more, that things got better and we're all in a much more stable place. But I could also be tickled by how naive I was...yet again. Being an eternal optimist can be a very exhausting job...

I think I'll feel depressed reading those answers. I'm not happy with how I am feeling these days and I don't have hope any more, so. I suspect I will be in much the same place circa September 2021--still going through pandemic, maybe I'll have caught covid by then, I still won't have love in my life and will hate my job.

I hope I will not be as grumpy. I think I’m grumpy not just because that’s my personality but because I’m not satisfied with how I’m living my life.

I hope that I will feel more connected to these Days of Awe. It's so hard right now. I hope that I will be more advanced in my spiritual life, in my community (Jewish and otherwise), and that my daughter will be in exactly the place she is supposed to be (starting High School, somewhere).

I hope I continue to be positive and look at my faith, life and outlook positively. I hope for a better relationship with my daughter. I hope to have the same position at school and continue to spread the word as a disciple and be a loving and caring and actually show it husband. I also hope to get closer with my family in NJ again.

I love my life- I hope the good stuff is still the same.

I will feel relief that the fertility journey has come to an end, no matter how it ended. I know that I'm ready for that. That will be a huge change from the past three Yom Kippurs. I also hope that the pandemic is over for real and I will not have to attend services online for the third year.

I hope I feel more resilient and like I'm capable of far greater self-reflection than I am right now. I hope I'm in some ways unrecognizable to myself.

I think I'll try to rationalize why I did not achieve everything I committed to. I'll invent some excuses about how there wasn't enough time, etc. Ultimately I'll end up blaming myself for not being focused enough and for not really caring about my goals. My hope is that I won't do that, that I'll be diligent, that I'll keep in mind what I have to do, since I know what I have to do. I'll try to not defeat myself and I hope I'll win.

I think I'll be both impressed and shocked and humoured ... I am wanting to just be all in and full about this year. I want to be angry less and loving more. I want to strive less and be more. Next September feels like a totally new and different season!

My life plan doesn't change because of answering these questions. I hope that Harvey will have made Aliyah and be on his way home for the high holidays, that I will have a retirement plan full of activities and that there will be a plan to replace me, that my sons will be well and settling into lives with their girls and that the world will be open and safer than it is today.

I hope to read my answers and see how my intentions have manifested into reality and actionable items and accomplishments. I hope to smile at my predictions for myself and the world and be pleased with outcomes. And if not, I hope to accept what is and what is not. I will not shame myself for what I have not achieved, realizing that this journey is long for those of us who are lucky enough to pursue life wholehearted and grateful for the lessons it provides.

My hopes are - professional growth (higher position/higher salary) - Find my X - Feeling truly happy - Have found love

First hope is that the pandemic has truly been controlled. That will allow me to continue in my profession. And I hope that my cancer continues to be controlled, and that a new therapy might even eliminate it from my blood stream. And that my wife is getting ready to retire!

I'm hoping I'll feel more settled, and the pandemic horrors will have diminished (I don't believe that covid will completely disappear.) I'm hoping that personally I'll come to accept life as it is, and then do what's in my capacity to make it better within that context.

I think my dad is unlikely to still be alive a year from now. I think the country will still be fighting an internal war between authoritarianism and democracy, but given the Biden is president and the Democrats control both houses, I hope that we will have federal protection of voting rights and a large stimulus around climate, people, healthcare and income equality. I also hope that the battle for the soul of the country becomes clearer so that everyone sees the choice of a government that acts in the best interest of the population vs a government that acts in the best interest of the elite.

My God, I hope I am doing better, not worse. That's all I can say. Otherwise, I am at a loss for words.

I hope I'm still happy with my relationship status, something that is only 4 days old as I type this. (By the way, Future Self, as a reminder, I'm giddy. If you don't feel this way still, find a new relationship.) I hope that I'm still with Arizona Arts Live, and more confident in my ability to navigate the hard stuff. I hope to continue my fitness journey, and explore new ways to use my body for fun for as long as I can.

Last year I wrote 'if I don't continue to make a sketch a day in 2021 I'll be mad as hell' and sure enough I stopped doing sketches for myself in March 2021- although I continued sketching for work. I don't want to disappoint myself again like that. My need to do list for the next year is 1. Tidy my home and workshop 2. Sketch a day 3. Move other projects forward - Joke book, fragrant Feathers, internet course etc 4. Make a side hustle/ income from one of the above. 5. Travel/ go Museums/ fun with Russ This is do-able.

Even with Covid, I expect, as I have every year, to see the same themes. I might wish I made more headway with something, or delighted that I had made more headway. I am hoping the world, which weighs on us all so heavily at this time, will be brighter. That my hopes can shift a bit more into the faith realm. This past year I tried to do too many things and spread myself thin. This year I am planning on focusing my efforts, on my own self-care (including reflection and growth), and the work projects on my plate....saying "No" more often, to myself and others. I saw a lovely quote about boundaries last night, "Boundaries are the distance at which I can love you and me simultaneously" (Prentis Hemphill). In addition to other people as the "you" in this statement, for me the "you" are my many, many interests that pull me in different directions and interrupt my focus on what is most important.

I hope that I will feel like I have answers to my answers when I get this year's 10Q back next September. I hope I will have accomplished some of my steps to full independence.

I definitely made it to Las Cruces. A year from now I hope: ... new friendships will have been developed in the Las Cruces community; the relations with the granddaughters, Marieka and Jeanne will be deepened and more positive; Sue and I will have expanded our friendship; travels to see long unseen friends and family will have been completed; and perhaps I will have initiated a serious relationship. As usual, I believe I'll feel some positives about what has changed and some negatives about what I would still like to accomplish.

I hope I will have found my people, and have a clearer vision of my role within the music world. I think I will feel more settled and more content, and maybe won't be looking more as many things outside of myself.

I think/hope I'll be healthier and fitter. That I am clearer about my career direction That I am kinder and gentler to myself

I think I'll pleased at progresses made and disappointed at progresses not made. Anyway, it's always a compelling read. Sometimes I look back at my previous answers and I think I wrote stupid things, sometimes I'm amazed at how insightful I was. I hope next september finds me leading a more financially independent life, a calmer family life and as for my love life, I'll just cruise along, not running after love, not running away from it but always enjoying my sweet solitude.

I hope I’ll feel like I have a purpose. That I’m emotionally healthy. That I’m feeling creatively and professionally fulfilled. And that I’ve learnt to be happy in the moment regardless of what that moment brings me. To find gratitude in every moment and situation because there’s so much to be thankful for.

I'll be grateful that I'll have 2 years of answers during the pandemic. It's a journal of sorts and a time capsule. I really don't hope for much difference -- I'm working on being at peace with what's in front of me.

I hope that I will be happy that all my best wishes will come thru wen I read this answers. It is important to see our roots, our plans that are in the indications of our way. To see that we have Dreams. And I will be very happy and gratefull to be a live and to have the opportunity to read the 10q.

I pray that I feel a sense of security. With our privately owned company in the midst of an acquisition by a publicly held corporation, I truly have no clue what the future holds. It is uncomfortable. Will I still be employed in the same position? Will I be with an entirely different company? Will I still even be in the same line of work? I have no idea at this moment what the future looks like. I hope that I feel strong and empowered, that I am able to settle into a happy place and do work that I can enjoy. I hope that there are not huge financial hits/burdens to bear. I do feel confident in this: I will be able to look back on the year and know that I had incredible family and friends to lean on and keep me sane. That is this life's greatest blessing. As with many other times in the past, when things fall apart, they always come back together. God has a plan, and He will put me where He needs me most. Putting faith and trust in Him to see me through these uncertain times. With family, friends and faith, it will all work out. That is the feeling that I hope encompasses this entire year.

I think I’ll be glad that I actually did them this year. :) I always enjoy seeing them, but my overarching lesson has been that I’m pretty bad at predicting the future, and if there’s anything that Covid has confirmed for me, it’s that nobody knows what next month is going to look like, much less next year. I hope my kid is settled into their program and has a great friend group. I hope my husband knows his next step forward at work and is excited about it. And I hope I know my own next steps to happiness, in work, friends, and everything else. I’m excited to see all the changes in our lives this next year. :)

I hope I will feel hopeful and relieved. I pray that we are over the COVID hump and that our nation has become a little more sane. History does not indicate that America has much to hope for--we have been a nation of fringe crazies for as long as we have existed. So, I cannot feign shock and surprise if the worst of us--white supremacy, Trump, pandering to the wealthy, refusing to believe science, continuing to want to destroy the world so that we can have more 'things'--keeps ascending. I may have become more accepting of the fact that homo sapiens is on the way to extinction, and I will retreat to some corner of the world where I can at least live out my days surrounded by beauty and with my beloved. Answering these questions this year, in this environment, have made me more pessimistic, more pensive. I pray I am wrong.

I think I'll be nervous to get them but then ultimately happy to have the record. My goals: - Be intentional with my body. Move and clothe it with joy and tenderness. - Spend more time on play and on passion. - Shrink my responsibilities so I can give more to people.

Deeply concerned for our future. I suspect that by this time next year it will be clear the Democrats are incompetent, lazy fools and they will have failed to do anything meaningful to protect our elections from theft or to secure a plan to repair infrastructure and create green jobs. Probably by now it will appear dangerously possible the fascist Republicans will be prepared to steal the 2022 elections and take over the country, a slow moving coup, Democrats could have stopped but didn't

I'm kind of hoping that by this time next year I'm well on my way to having kid #2, and that I also feel more settled into a professional role that strikes a balance between being meaningful and impactful and also being something I can walk away from at the end of the day. I also hope to be a better listener and just generally more thoughtful in my relationships.

I hope I feel glad about the choices I made during 2021-2021. I hope I'm relieved that I adjusted my mental image to include my disability and that I deserve a good life regardless of whether I make "good" socially-approved choices.

I hope I've had some really positive changes in my life. I hope I'll be writing up a storm having made wonderful friendships from the Rosh Chodesh/Writing group. I hope our house is lighter and uncluttered. I hope I've found purpose, and joy. I hope my mind is clear and my heart is full. I hope we have exciting plans and new destinations. I hope my family is happy and healthy. I hope our country is in better shape - though I'm not banking on it.

Well I hope that my answers are not the same as they were this year--which were the same as last year. I have evidently been stagnant. I hope that I will continue to grow in my spiritual practice (this I HAVE done). I hope that I will be treating my body more respectfully. I hope that my life will not be one stressful event after another as it has been for the last year. I hope I will be better able to create and maintain boundaries. This has surprised and saddened me that I am *stuck* in my own personal mitzrayim for the past year. This is a problem. I want to be out of this narrow place and experiencing a fuller, happier, more joyful and abundant life.

I hope that I will be in good health and of sound mind.

I will be almost done with my term of office. Busy helping others get elected and good laws passed. Working with my kids on helping with their lives. But the reality is that I have no idea what next year will bring. What the past several years have shown is that we are in a volatile time. So the best I can do is simply ready myself to roll with what the world sends and do that with open eyes and a whole heart.

I hope relieved. I hope I'm no longer in a unhealthy relationship and continuing to find joy in pilates. I also hope my relationship with my daughter is strong and healthy.

I think I’ll feel more settled and grateful for where I am. It’s been a busy year and I have a lot of dreams of growth and being a better and stronger person next year.

I feel that I will be in a better place mentally, physically and spiritually. I hope by that time that I will be happier and more satisfied in my daily life. I have so much that I want to do within the next year so hopefully I have achieved some of hat.

I love thinking about future me and what future me will think of current me. I hope I feel proud of myself for operating out of a sense of purpose and taking time to reflect and tell my own stories, and I hope I continue to do the same. I hope I can see and be present to the love and blessings in my life and express my love openly and without reservation - to myself and to others as well.

I'm hoping that I will grow stronger in Yeshua and that my answers will end on a more positive note. I also hope that my personal and professional life will be successful. On the personal level - a soul-Mate; on the professional level - my business will be successful and prosperous.

Its sad that so much of my life quality revolved around the orange one. He has permanently damaged our country. I continue to wish he would drop dead. But, as to how I'll feel next year, I hope I feel delighted that I've reached some of my goals.

I pray that I feel a sense of security. With our privately owned company in the midst of an acquisition by a publicly held corporation, I truly have no clue what the future holds. It is uncomfortable. Will I still be employed in the same position? Will I be with an entirely different company? Will I still even be in the same line of work? I have no idea at this moment what the future looks like. I hope that I feel strong and empowered, that I am able to settle into a happy place and do work that I can enjoy. I hope that there are not huge financial hits/burdens to bear. I do feel confident in this: I will be able to look back on the year and know that I had incredible family and friends to lean on and keep me sane. That is this life's greatest blessing. As with many other times in the past, when things fall apart, they always come back together. God has a plan, and He will put me where He needs me most. Putting faith and trust in Him to see me through these uncertain times. With family, friends and faith, it will all work out. That is the feeling that I hope encompasses this entire year.

I hope that I'll have new things to say, and think about, and that I won't still be stuck on the same issues.

I think I will feel positively about my answers and that they were an accurate reflection of my life at this time. I think/hope what will be different about my life is that I am more settled and taking care of less "tasks" and living in more creation. That I will have a more prominent voice in the projects I sign onto. And that I will have a community and mentor for my spiritual path. I love question prompts and think they activate the underneath that will help shape what becomes manifest. Thank you.

I hope I feel less overwhelmed and just more connected to myself and others. And have more clarity in general.

I think next year will be full of good surprises. I want to read this more happily than now. Take care of us

I hope I’m happy, relaxed, chilled out, and will shake my head in amusement at my worries and concerns.

This time next year I hope to shed another 50 lbs and finally reach my optimal weight. I hope to have built up my optimal health coaching business and be well on my way to this next exciting stage of my life. I hope my family is well and thriving and that COVID is under control enough that we can plan family visits and trips.

I will be thankful that I survived another year...and today I pray I will be in good health and positive spirit when September 2022 arrives.

I hope I'll feel proud of my accomplishments. I hope to be settled financially and/or moved out of CA to somewhere that I can afford the cost of living on the minimal income I receive. It is my sincerest prayer for my family to be totally reconciled, although this is a prayer I do not believe will ever be answered.

I hope there is more hope, less regret.

Accomplished and amazed about the year of transition from work to retirement.

I feel hopeful. I am hardwired hopeful, and I HAVE to believe that we will get better control over the virus. I know I need to do my best to add compassion into the world. Usually, I think about improving where I'm less good -- patience! -- but this year I;m thinking about enhancing where I'm good. Kindness, compassion, helping. I can do this.

It'll be interesting to see where my mind was a year ago in comparison to where I am in September 2022. I hope that we're much closer to living a full life despite the COVID-19 pandemic - seeing more of family, friends, and traveling.

At this point I just hope things wont get any worse. But if the past few years has taught me anything, it probably will. Lets just hope for a job in my field that pays me enough to live on and has health insurance. I turn 26 next year.

Pain, headache free. Still have my vision if what I would love my life to be. Still Advocating for NDPH and doing Psyfly

I certainly hope I’m feeling better when I read these next year

I’m hoping to be looking at a bigger and brighter year, more laughs less stress. I want to be able to look back at this mess and be grateful to have made it through. Oh shit lol, I just read last years answer and it’s almost the same hahahaha

I hope I will feel okay. I want to be done with school and have some clarity about my relationship with my wife and to Judaism. But probably not much will change.

I hope that I am more secure in myself and the relationships that I have. I hope that I won’t feel as alone anymore and have a community around me that I love and that loves me back.

I have lots of hope for the New Year. First, I hope that we, globally, are in a better place with the COVID pandemic. As we just had to quarantine (starting today!) due to exposure at soccer, I am feeling fairly sad about the state of the pandemic. I hope, for all of us, that this is improved in the year to come. For me personally, I hope that I can be more forgiving of myself in the year to come and not punish myself for not being perfect, for allowing myself to miss the mark and own it, but without guilt or shame. I want to like myself and do things that support myself rather than constantly beat myself up for not being enough. I want to be able to keep my promises to others, but also to myself. I find it easier to do what I should for others, but then find that I don't hold myself to those standards when it comes to me. I hope that I can find a place where I am efficient, productive, and happy about my progress while not aiming to be perfect. I hope that my relationship with Jeff and Graham will continue to grow and flourish. I hope that I can be open and accepting and not judgmental. I hope that I can approach things with curiosity rather than disdain. Overall, I hope that I work to treat myself and others the way I want to be treated.

I hope I will feel better about this year's answers than I did about last year's. Reading last year's responses has been gutting because not much has changed. It all still feels so out of my control. So I hope for the same as last year: relief that things are better, kindness toward myself for having been in such dark place, and regaining some sense of agency over my life.

I hope my entire family is healthy and happy. Ditto my friends. I hope my kids will be able to go outside and to school without masks on. I hope my younger child will be vaccinated against Covid-19. I hope I will be gainfully employed and financially stabilized. I hope our bathroom renovation is finished!

There are always going to be ups and downs. Change is the only absolute. Of course I hope that things will go well for me in the next year, that I'll get through the present hard situation, that we won't plunge back into quarantine, that anti-abortion laws won't spread like cancer through the country, that I will have gone to Palm Springs with Kris and totally relaxed, and to Italy with my boys and treasured the experience. Who the heck knows. Meanwhile, I'm just going to try to save my tomatoes from the rain, get ready for my staff 'retreat,' try to get on my bike every day, try not to worry about my son's DUI arrest, tinker with my class in Canvas, try to find the nasty smell in the laundry room, drink wine with friends, watch What We Do In The Shadows, figure out what to feed my family this week, try to see my parents, resupply my estrogen patches, get a CBG refill, keep tinkering with the bass, cross my fingers that my rotator cuff isn't bust again . . . live, laugh, fuck.

Last year I was hoping that we would be past the pandemic by this point, but I guess we're just living with enormous amounts of death as the cost of being a person in Capitalism (which, I don't know why I'm surprised, but here we are). At this point I'm just hoping I'm not so fucking tired.

I will probably laugh at how melodramatic I am, and recognize that hasn't changed all that much. I will probably also laugh about how exhausted I thought I was compared to having a mobile sentient danger-seeking tiny human that my daughter will become. I hope, ultimately, that i am proud of how far I've come in my growth.

I think I'll be surprised and a tad. embarrassed.

I will either feel relief that my life isn't as difficult as it is now, or else I will feel discouragement that my life is even worse than it is now. I hope that my relationships improve, my marriage improves, my health improves, my energy improves, my mental positivity improves, I am free to travel, I can live in the moment and not worry about the future.

I've quite enjoyed this process. A lot changes in 1 year. It will be interesting to see next year's when hopefully the world has gone to somewhat normal.

Things are pretty different from 2021, in a lot of good ways, so I hope they continue along that path. But I also hope a few things are very different - mainly that the pandemic is in the past and that I'll have hugged my twin sister again.

I think since I've started participating in 10Q I am always pleasantly surprised to have the email pop into my inbox and excited at the opportunity to view this time capsule. This year I felt a little prickly around making a new one, but in getting myself in the habit of it these past 10 days I certainly found it therapeutic. In fact some of the tension I felt a week and a half ago has already dissipated. When I looked at last years questions I felt pretty proud of myself for my ability to reflect and connect as well as see all I've accomplished. I'm hopeful for that again in the goals I've set out for myself. I hope we live in a kinder world when these role around again and some all too important and imperative change comes into motion...on the micro and the macro scales.

Meditating on these questions for the past five years has not only given me a time capsule of my life each September, it offers me an opportunity to show my past self compassion each year. I hope I'll be able to read these answers with compassion and love, and try my best not to judge myself if 2022 Leah disagrees with anything or has different views. I hope I love myself even more when I read these answers.

I’m hoping we have moved on as a country, and somehow President Biden was actually able to unite us, somewhat. I’m hoping work is thriving and I’ve built up my confidence professionally.

Vulnerable, strong, older, wiser, more tender. Grateful, privileged, loved. Humbled by looking at the hopes and fears of a year earlier, aware that my personality is fairly fixed and that I am not in control of my own destiny, only in how I respond to circumstances.

I'm hoping "relaxed and financially secure", but I fear I'll be just as worried about the basics of life. If things go the way they are going, I expect to be a virtual prisoner in my abode (if I still have a place to live), or I'll be out in the street, or I will be incarcerated because of the overblown fears of COVID-19

Well, I’m 55, and I’m fine. This is fine. Trying to predict the future is something I don’t waste too much time on. What will be, will be. I certainly hope this damn pandemic is finally over by then and we don’t have to live our public lives behind masks. I’d like to think that my life will continue to be full of opportunities, music, friendships and forward progress towards the ultimate goal of retiring with a partner and seeing the world. What actually happens between now and next years holy days are anyone’s guess. The world at large is volatile and chaotic, and predicting what’s next is nary impossible. So, let’s just hope it keeps getting better. Life is good. Tygtyj.

Dear Sept 2022 self, I hope you have had a good year. I hope you have felt purposeful and big. I hope you have been healthy and cared for. I hope you feel heard and trusted. I hope your year has been better than last year. Love, 2021 self

I don't know how I'll feel. I hope to have found a more comfortable place in my own head with which to live in the world. I hope to have some of my hobbies set up better, and to be farther along in my adventures of creation.

I hope to look back on a sweet year past and an end to the pandemic. When I’m 78 ( if I’m here at 78), will I have grown in wisdom?

I hope to feel reliefed and settled, to care for those around me, and to value life as it will be.

Looking back a year, I see that the world has slowly, furtively opened up in some beautiful ways and also regressed from our own deepest learnings in other ways. I am trying to write about this in my play. I hope that in another year, I will continue to feel the beauty of a world reopening and healing from the pandemic but also resist the temptation to forget what the pandemic is still teaching me about slowness, about inclusion, about fighting the patriarchy.

I think I feel surprised that it was already a year. I think I might wondered how far or close I'll be to my expectations. (Hopefully I will look back and think "Yes, you did it!")

it will be fascinating , this is my last video fest coming up and i Have no idea what life will be like after that I hope I have found a new pather

I hope I won't feel regrets but pride that I did more than I thought I could.

Hopefully still taking the time to help others but also making a bit of time for me- exercise, fun things and learning more-

I will view this time and my answers through the lens of my father’s passing and my mother’s rapid decline and realize that is why my stress level was so high but also I will be proud of myself for getting through the past 12 months. I will feel sad, grateful and accomplished. I will continue to be introspective about how my parents have influenced me and my family throughout our lives.

I hope I'll be reading those answers with a baby in my arms. I hope to look back at a meaningful and productive year.

I hope to have reflection as a daily part of my life. I hope the reflection makes me more sturdy, more gentle, more polite, more forgiving, more forgiven. I hope it befriends my darker impulses with my transcendence. I’m hoping to make peace with mortality, with trauma, with political fury. I want to actively engage with spirituality—in all its forms.

If I am still in St. Louis, I hope I am glad. If I am not, I hope I'm also glad and well-settled by the Jewish New Year or ASAP after that. I hope the COVID plague has calmed way down and most people are no longer dying or ill from it in the future. I hope we don't have to keep wearing masks in public the rest of our lives. I hope saving voting rights, restoring reproductive rights, reversing climate change, expanding the Supreme Court and removing corrupt justices, and the end of the filibuster in Congress have all been settled in favor of humanity and best practices for the foreseeable future starting in 2022 at the latest.

I hope that going through this process will help remind me that life is short. Sometimes you don’t really understand or know something about yourself or your situation until you voice it. I hope that what I have voiced has helped to bring awareness and clarity about what’s going on inside of me, and it can be roots for where I’m going. I’m feeling sweat as I say this, but I hope I will take steps of courage towards my purpose. And I hope that I find joy and contentment in spaces that fit me. I hope that I will remember that it’s not all about the grind. That family, rest and God are the things I’m really living for. I hope and pray to learn to honor and accept the mundane. Because it’s in little pockets of the ordinary that miracles are conceived. Waking up anyway when I’m tired, to pray. Thinking and taking care of the older version of myself by working out and stretching. Being quick to forgive, because people are usually trying to do the best they can. As unremarkable as these seeds may appear, I know they’ll produce a harvest.

I hope I won't compromise on my care for others. My hope is that these questions motivate me to force changes in my life. The changes I want to see is with my addiction to unhealthy habbits.

Life rarely follows the path that I anticipate, so I cannot predict what I will feel in a month, no less a year. I hope that I will continue to feel well physically, which will allow me to engage actively with my family and friends. These connections give meaning to my life. I hope that my intention of living more in the present and knowing change is constant will allow me the resilience to meet each day openly and with optimism. Given the trauma that I have experienced, both emotionally and physically, it has been challenging for me not to be reactive to events in my life. My answering the 10Q questions has reinforced my resolve to continue to understand my past while living in the present.

I hope I'm in a healthy, loving relationship. I hope I'm fit and slim, and healthy in body and mind. Also, that I've learned and practice more ways to deal with stress and turn it into something positive. I also hope I've paid off my credit card debt.

Pretty much the same - I'll probably feel older, I will definitely BE older! I don't see anything being different as long as we're all healthy. Enjoy the 10Q - as I said last year, they do go by faster every year. Might like to do something other than work/eat/sleep/but honestly can't think of anything I really want to do, since I've already done SO much - so staying in my own status quo for another year isn't going to be all that bad - beats the alternative!

In September 2022 I will feel that my life is exactly where it should be. I don't know if any huge changes will take place, but I expect to feel content with myself and my life. I'd like to feel proud for achieving all of the goals I've set this year for social anxiety, health, relationship, career growth... but I'm human and odds are, I will fall short of perfection. Alas. Nonetheless, they're all good goals and writing them in 10Q adds a little bit of commitment and focus. Ideally, I'll have a killer new job, be 25 lbs lighter, lift the veil, have a new love (in addition to current love), be in perfect health, and experience nearly zero social anxiety. But honestly, I would be thrilled simply to see myself and my wife safe, happy, and healthy this time next year.

I hope I feel like things have changed - that the world is open - open in terms of health, open in terms of a functioning government, open to climate protection. I hope that this all feels like the past, like something that is over. But i suspect that things will be the same and that if everyone I loved is still with me that I will be feeling grateful.

I think my lesson from this past year is that although a lot changes on the small scale, the large scale stuff creeps along at the rate of continental drift. I hope I will be well into a new career, getting better at balancing my life, and that I will feel proud of my continental drift progress.

I've only answered one, so I will probably feel sad I didn't start earlier in the month.

This year I had expected to feel significantly different from how I felt this time last year, but honestly I didn't perceive much change at all. Not in a bad way, and it was a great year but not profoundly altering. I guess that means I'm happy and stable because as much as I may have predicted more change, it wasn't something I wanted or needed. I suspect I'll read my answers and be bored by how non-dramatic they are lol. At least I'll have a new car!

I hope to be at a new phase of my life, perhaps retired, and moving toward embracing and honoring unscheduled relaxation time with a new appreciation for calmness.

I want to be in a new job & in a new place, mentally. I’m struggling with burnout, and it’s something I thought I had left behind when I switched careers, but my current employer brings it all back up in me. I want to get to a place where I have room to reflect on this experience and grow from it, but right now I’m too deep in the trenches to have any sort of perspective. I want this experience to start that process in me; remind me of everything I love & everything that’s actually really great in my world and I want to remind myself of my ability to put up with a lot worse than this. Most of all, I want to be able to learn and grow, but I have to get out of my own head and misery first.

I actually don't think it will make much difference, because I am already living my life fully content and happy.

These questions have been a chronicle of my thinking for the past 10 years. In the early years, I see it in a cringy way. My thinking has changed quite a bit as I have weathered various storms and grown through them. As long as my growth is toward God and not away from him, I feel joyful. Being a believer doesn’t always look exactly like the Republican status quo. I am glad to reflect in this deeper way every year. It is very biblical to reflect on how God has touched you in a year, or how he has brought you through the fire and the flood safe and sound.

I will feel like I know a new part of Anya that I currently don't know yet and that excites me! I will be living in my truth of expressing freely and growing my brand, MATR even further. I will have streams on income flowing in and I will be energized and helping people on a daily basis. I will feel comfort and safety in my own apartment decorated in my style. I will be living in FLOW and care much less about what people think about me. I will be living from the love in my heart!

I hope that I’ll be in a good place and more optimistic than I am at the moment. My fear is that things will be worse than they are.

sept 2022: i hope i'll be relieved and grateful for the compost my experiences became. i'll be different due to my diving into the NGL apprentice program. i'll be living in in-person connections. with resources matching needs and capacity and willingness. i'll finally feel a flavor of liberation. the world will be different, but i will be doing contributing work with others, for others.

I hope I see some clarity of where I was, why I did what I did and I hope it see some growth. I hope to smile and be kind when I look at the me today.

I know longer think of my life as one long infinite experience, with death vaguely waiting at the end.  Between coronavirus, climate change, the rise of political authoritarianism, and my own intimate knowledge of death, I don't assume that I am written into the book of life for another year. I like to think that I will live my days ahead courageously, intentionally, humorously, cultivating awe and self-growth while I am still alive. 

I think I might feel wistful. To be honest, I don’t think anything will be different as a result of thinking about and answering these questions. There were no great personal revelations, just stuff I already know. I hope that I’m in a better place next year, but whatever happens will happen regardless of this process. What I do think these questions will achieve is give me a sense of perspective next year. Looking back at the Maggie of 5782 will help the Maggie of 5783 see how she has grown and changed as a person, and improved her life.

I hope I can look back and remember more joy than struggle. I hope I have made the space for rest and to be present and to enjoy my people.

I hope i'll be enjoying, or at least appreciating, my new job. I hope I'll be living off of Social Security and using my salary to pay off my mortgage, and thus will feel more secure financially. I also hope to continue studying Spanish and German languages, and hope to be more proficient in both by this time next year. Looking at last year's answer, I am proud to report that I did lose some weight and am now at a healthy BMI, and did fix some things in my condo this past year. Hope to finally get to replace the kitchen floor, put in a new bathroom sink, and at least find out what's causing the cracks in the bathroom ceiling by this time next year.

I hope next year I will be more loving with myself, and more relaxed abouty future.

Looking back on these questions, one year in the future I think I'll feel nostalgic for Frankie's early infancy and how maternity leave felt in the last few weeks (the first eight or so weeks were really tough, in my opinion!). I love how hopelessly devoted the three of us are to one another, yet at the same time I'm eager to experience Frankie's coming milestones and little moments, and to start my career as a nurse. I hope that I will be a more comfortable and authentic parent (and thereby self) by this time next year. I'll also be almost one year into my new career and I hope that I feel vastly more comfortable and confident in that role.

I hope I have found ways to expand myself and be more comfortable in a balance between my mother self and my sole self, my wife self, my creative self. All my selves. I hope I am happy enough with the flux and balance of those versions of me.

I hope to see major changes in my life.

My life is better now anyway. I have regained my Independence.

I hope I look back and see that the pessimism I'm feeling now was just a passing thing. Hopefully we'll have settled into a new normal, the Trump-crazies will have receded into their holes, and we'll have a country and world that is pulling together to solve racial injustice, economic inequality, and environmental responsibility together.

I hope I will be healthier and more connected.

i hope that we have made a decision on Australia, that my "new career" is more defined, that the world and its "leaders" have come to their senses, that my family is in a good place and that we all find some appropriate meaning and comfort.