Describe one thing you'd like to achieve by this time next year. Why is this important to you?

I would love to be out from under my job. I would love to just see patients and not deal with the rest. I want to really pay attention and have the time to examine how to spend the next years .

I'd like to release several hold-together chapters of Kline novel to kids and families I know. This is important. Genderqueer kids are under attack in Texas and elsewhere. It is a novel that's needed in the world.

Finish my Jeopardy blog post. I’ve got zero to show on Play This Talk, so at least I have to finish and publish that!

Cantering on the horse. Oh my gosh I need to stop letting my anxiety override my desire to be a good rider

One. Only one? $5,000 a month income from brand partnership with Purium Health. Achieving this will put me on a path to reducing time with my job and increase my time freedom. Freedom to be present and less stressed as a mom. More romance and intimacy. Grow tea farm, harvest and processing. Fix the house. More than anything I will have be thriving in wholeness. Authentic Presence. Integrity.. Confidence conviction Instead if chasing moments, I will bathe in them.

I want be in my second year of my social work program because it will be my halfway point. I'm hoping we have a stable enough schedule that we can walk into our apartment without skipping a beat of shoes, hands, ahhhhh. I'll prove to myself that I can move myself forward even after a divorce. I'll be a quarter of the way done with my social work requirements before I can apply for licensure to take the test. Maybe I'll have owned a home here, because it would be really nice to not have to worry about extra money for anything. By this time next year I hope I have enough money for our every day expenses. I hope I'm putting money away for the property. I'd like to have a clearer vision of what I want out of social work instead of not knowing what's best.

To buy a house with my husband. We are both fed up of living in our tiny flat and we need more space for us and for our dog. It would be great to have our own garden for him and also more space so that we can start a family

I’d like to find an exercise regimen that works for me, so that I can stay healthier longer.

Lose weight and get in my right-sized body. For my health and to be able to do the things I want to do that I have felt held back from doing.

Same as last year. Get help to work on my personal issues. Figure out what I want from my life.

I hope that by this time next year I have revised my memoir to a point that it has reached its potential. If I have not, then that is okay, as long as I have diligently pursued it. It is important to me because I want my work and words to be out in the world. But I know I have to be patient, too, and not rush it. "Things take the time they take. Don't worry."

I'd like to have my pandemic puppy comfortable and confident enough to behave well around strangers. He had a tough life before moving in with us and he is still learning that he is safe. Not having many visitors in this strange time has added to his anxiety when we do encounter people. I hope to put in enough time working with him to get him beyond his anxiety by next year.

My main goal this year is to finish my PhD and to find a job that I like. Right now, data science sounds ideal, but I would also like to stay in this city and both things might not work together. I’ve proven myself time and time again that nothing is impossible, so here we go one more time. I've got this. I’m very excited for what’s to come. I’ve been working on this since I was a kid, and it would mean getting some payoff after years of effort and commitment. On a fun note? Going to Comfort, TX and NYC with SF!

Despite our busy schedules, my wife and I accepted the position of Youth Co-Advisors at our temple, because it was an opportunity to give back in a necessary role and put our money where our mouth is for the importance of the Jewish future. I hope that looking back, we executed fun and insightful programming (in person!), grew the size of the local chapter, and made a positive impact on the Jewish identity of this group of teenagers.

It would be nice to make meaningful steps towards becoming an engineering manager or at least a career I'm slightly happier with. I feel like I'd do better if I actually truly enjoyed my job. I like my job but I don't have a lot of motivation and want to find a job I'm actually motivated by, and I think being an eng manager would help with that because it's more fast-moving and people-oriented.

I'd like to help my parents make their home livable and manageable. They are getting older and need more comfort and stability - not the overwhelm of multiple farms. It is important to me that my sister and I dedicate energy toward our parents' well-being, even if we wish we better understood their decisions in moving so far away.

Usually for this question I think I talk about all the creative projects I want to achieve, but at this moment a lot of that feels less urgent than the “survival” level issues that continue to batter us. I sure would like to feel safe(r) and more confident about both Covid and the overall direction of America. I’m not sure how to achieve that elusive sense of safety and confidence except by remaining flexible and resilient and “adjusting my sails” to the prevailing winds, while doing what I can do on a “small ball”, local level in my family and communities. It’s important to me though because otherwise I fall into cynicism and despair, and that helps no one, least of all me.

I'd like for us to be back in Israel. I'd like to be comfortable in this body that HaShem so graciously gave me. I'd like to be in a job that I truly love. I'd love to be happy.

Reestablish myself as an artist. Bring acting back into the center of my life no matter what’s going on with the world. I really don’t know what that means if the pandemic is still raging… Or even if I’m simply not cast in a play! But I have learned - more than anything else - this year that being an artist is crucial to my sense of self my sense of belonging my sense of joy and purpose and meaning in this world.

Oh man. So many things. By the time this rolls around next year, I want to have finished all of the renovations on our house - my bathroom, the kitchen, the dining room/bar area, the flooring, repainting, the exterior paint/stain, the patio…I also want to have all of our debts paid off. I want to know where I’m heading and have a clearer sense of direction as to what I’m going to do with the rest of my life because right now I feel like I’m at such sixes and sevens. Like - is everyone this confused? Or do people know what path they are supposed to be on? I want some direction & I don’t have any right now. By this time next year I’d like to have some.

Bridge, fence (including re-fencing some sections), goats.

I would like to comfortably finish a 10k without walking and without injury. Running is a stress reliever and also an important part of how I consider and mark time. It's important to me to prove to myself that I can.

Well, the superstition in me thinks that saying last year that all I wanted to achieve was being pregnant means I need to be more clear - I want to have a baby. Get pregnant, maintain the pregnancy, have a healthy baby (and be healthy myself) at the end of it. I don’t know if it’s what was meant by an achievement, but, yet again, it’s really all that is on my mind…

I'll have to go for what I recorded & wished for last year - obtaining my HR Certification. I really want to try & stay focused on this. It's easy to just forget about it, since I'm already working in the field, but this adds legitimacy to my position & work that I do.

I want to have taken advantage of unexpected opportunities. This year has been about unencumbering, and I'm not there yet, but proof will be readiness to jump and fly if possible!

Ewa and I will be married. And we'll live together just the two of us in our personally owned home. I feel like living together is more important, as it'll impact us every single day. It's important to me because she's the love of my life and I want to have a foundation for our life and future family.

The objective from last year has been achieved, so that's a weight from my soul. Apart from the usual tropes (watching my kid grow, getting my wife get healthy again), there are a few professional objectives I'd like to reach. We'll see if I can make enough time for them.

The last house move I'll need to make for 5-10+ years. I really hoped this place would be that, but 4 months through the lease, the owner is talking about remodeling. I am so worn down by the constant loss of 'home'.

I will launch my hiking club for Latina Entrepreneurs- an opportunity to have conversations about what's working in our businesses, what we need help with, and sometimes just to enjoy nature.

Big fail on doing the pond! BUT I do have orchids in the boggy field, yay! I would like to improve my health and wellbeing. Lighter, fitter and healthier.

Run a half marathon PR. Running helped save me this year.

I would really love it if I were down to my goal weight. I know this seems so superficial in the grand scheme of things. And I know it means I will have changed my relationship with food, which makes me sad, because I love my culture and relationship with food, even though it is often unhealthy. But I've been doing coursework for two weeks now, and I think I am getting a healthier mindset toward food. I finally reached a point on the scale and my health where I was suffering, and I knew that I needed to make big changes if I want to live a healthier and longer life. So here's to hoping I can commit to my future health in the now!

I would like to have enough of my decluttering/repairs on my condo done that I am able to start looking for a condo in my hometown. Moving back to my hometown will make me feel less lonely since even if I don't develop close friendships, my family is there.

I would like to achieve period of rest, of "not doing." At this time next year, I hope in the middle of this period, which I hope will be 6 months or more.

One thing I'd like to achieve by this time next year is to hold onto a management job! This is important to me to know that I can achieve in a professional environment, as well as being able to manage my own abilities and new ADHD diagnosis. I think it would also prove that my husband and family can support me by being independent and not lacking so that I have to do the day-to-day tasks that keep our family running.

I am at a point in my life where I feel a change is due - I think probably career-wise. I am seeking fulfilment and the desire to be challenged and learn something new. I hope that in the next year I can crystallise exactly what that is. It is important for my growth and self-esteem. I want something to be proud of.

I’d like to feel more clear in my intentions for myself. I’d like to know what I want to do at work, to feel clear in my relationship and to hold boundaries with myself and my family/friends

Last year, I hoped to reach the TADD step towards tenure. Mission accomplished! A logical next goal is a couple of hours of tenure, though I'm not sure if one year is a realistic timespan. It might be a better goal for September 2023. Although, actually... I'm not sure if tenure is something you "achieve" - it's more of a luck and opportunity type of thing.

I'm going to name two things. One adulting and one personal. I want to finished going thought papers in my livingroom including making a will, consolidating my 401ks, and applying for citizenship I want to do that primarily for my partner. To make sure she isn't left to deal with these things when i'm gone. Personally I want to do another long bike trip. To get back to that aspect of my life. To make sure i get a few more miles in before i'm to old. To feel alive again

I definitely want to be employed again, at the very least. And maybe I'll have finished up grad school, not sure at this point how that is looking. I would also have liked to have paid off my school loans and started paying back those I owe.

To be at ease with myself and allow myself to just be. I've come to realise setting goals and pushing myself isn't working, and it's time to let go of the shackles that do not help. What matters is to be able to see things for it is, and act not out of fear but love.

To have a solid financial footing and a clear path where we are going - which at this point is I'd like to buy a second home in Ptown. I have been fortunate - and worked really hard - to be making good money, and Alex is making good money too. We've got some of the bones in place, we're saving money, but we don't have a clear path yet. Ptown would be nice as income, as a place to relax, enjoy, work from. And if we ever need to, we'll sell, and so there's an exit strategy.

GEt closer to my kids and grandkids. Stay in touch with Ari; declutter; clean out the garage; go into nature; reconnect with friends that I really like; paint; write - a lot! Sort my photos.

I want to get fit again. I want to want to run. I want the motivation back. It’s partially because I want to look hot for my wedding but also I need to. I’m getting older and my body doesn’t bounce back like it used to.

I'd like to finally finish a writing project. I start so many and don't see them through. I want to find my voice, I want to share it, stand in it, own it. I want to be proud of something I've created.

I’d like to continue with my path of growth, of emotional maturing, of cultivating kindness towards myself and others. I think I’m on a really good trajectory and I’m working on being gentle with myself and setting small, flexible goals that make me happier. I’ve done a lot in the past year to overcome some of the limiting beliefs from my childhood and to confront my inner pain when considering some of the big questions facing humanity but I think I still have a way to go. Doing this work makes me a happier person, but also a better partner and friend and community member.

i would like to start taking a course to develop a skill. I am thinking about trying a watercolour class as I think it would be really cathartic to spend time painting.

I would like to consistently work out four times a week to better my physical health.

Every year, I talk about making tenure. By this time next year, I will have an answer to that. So maybe, as I said last year, we will have made headway toward adding the garage to the house.

I want to have savings. I want to have a new job that pays more. I want to have continued doing more things with the podcast and improve it- better audio, better video, on more social media platforms, more special videos on other WT. I want to have our house clean and neat and have gotten rid of all the junk. I don't think I'll be able to have done more. I don't think writing or learning music is realistic. Not gonna happen with our pace of life. I want to travel more, see more things, read more.

I'd like to make our surroundings peaceful, lovely, and reflective of our Jewish faith.

Knowing if I am called to the diaconate

I'd like to make the transition to another position where I am working therapeutically with others. I'd like to get back to this part of me that I haven't been nurturing/watering. I'd like to use my gifts in this way and I know in order to begin I need to keep moving in this direction.

Write, and have published, an article on the Jewish community's 'saviorism' that's been promoted as social justice while it actually perpetuates injustice towards the poor . Learn to program in Python with basic competency

Have better relationships with family

I would like to be rid of my psychosomatic pain: headaches, asthma, joint pain, and anxiety. I would like to know what it feels like to have my mind and body connected in a healthy, productive way.

oh gosh, same old, same old, tedious list, but you can't give up weight loss--let's be specific 15 pounds, 25 really but 15 is more reasonable. Let's say 16, just to keep it interesting. declutter build muscle by coincidence, the start date of Ann's workshop was Rosh Hashanah---perfect timing. I'm writing again. Stuff is cracking open. Deb said to me: Writing is so emotional. I will write a small standout from each day, drop it in that big, beautiful, old-fashioned jar that I was going to get rid of. It will be a rich accounting at the end of the year.

I’m sure I wrote this last year, but I don’t know to what extent. I’d like to be either promoted, or out of my current job. With rare exception, the things I deal with range from boring to frustrating. My time isn’t respected, my talent isn’t appreciated, and the projects that I get to do are not creatively or visually exciting. I’ve always feared that my job is detrimental to my portfolio, and that has shown itself to be true. I don’t want to find a place of comfort. I want to improve and grow. My current position does not allow for that.

Successfully taking over the lease of my parents' apartment, so I can stay here at least until daughter graduates middle school. Renovating and either selling or renting out my other apartment.

I want to be in a better place with many of my personal relationships (in particular with my children) and spend my time on the bigger ticket items that have more of an impact.

Publications! At least 5 more!

I have made a career change and I would like to achieve a significant amount of job success within the next year, hopefully contributing to the success of the startup company I've joined. Apart from the satisfaction of achieving, the financial security this opportunity could bring is life changing and extremely important to me.

Well, at this point I just hope that I am still in med school / haven't failed out! This is harder than I could have imagined. I have worked so hard to get here and I can only hope that I will continue to improve my study skills, time management, and discipline so that I can excel even as school gets harder.

Control my angry responses to my partner better. This is important to me because I don't feel good about myself when I blow up at him and lose my patience. I also want to be more compassionate with him, as I know he is having a very tough year.

Last year, I hoped I would have written fiction- and I did! So, I was successful in that regard. My goal for this year is much harder...I've been carrying a secret (even from myself, most of the time) since I was eleven years old...for sixteen years. I want to have told someone else- even a therapist, but ideally a friend or two, or my mentor. I don't want to carry this alone anymore.

I want to found a company. I want to start something. I want take everything that I’ve learned and put it into practice. I want to lead. I want to stumble and doubt myself and get back up and try again. I want to break through my fears of failure, of perfection, succumbing to the Resistance. I feel like this is as much of — if not entirely — a spiritual and emotional and psychology test and quest, more than a business challenge. The measure of accomplishment, whether my one thing has been achieved, is: Did I try.

I would like to understand my compulsion to work, to do it all, to do it by myself, to work harder and harder. What is that about? How do I pull that apart? How do I let it go? My job is boundary-less, but more importantly, so am I. I remember when I was a student working on a kibbutz, I had to be pulled away from whichever task I was doing to take a break (aruchat eser) with everyone. I think I was actually cleaning bathrooms. And wanted to finish that last stall or counter. And they had to tell me that the work will still be there after the break. So, this drive has always been a part of me. The stakes are higher now. I'm not just missing tea and biscuits. I'm missing meals with friends, time with my husband, taking care of my body. Yeah, so this is something I'd like to peel apart and move beyond by this time next year.

I'd like to have reconciled with racial capitalism, and found a place for my labor in service of something other than the tension between private and social sectors. I would like the last years of my working life to reflect my values more explicitly.

On my birthday I started making myself a little list of things I wanted to achieve in my 40th birthday year. They included reading 40 new authors, which I'm really enjoying, cooking 40 new recipes, start to say no, dedicate time and research to areas that interest me (ie what would my TED talk be?) I don't intend for this to be a set of hard and fast rules - I don't love the notion of resolutions and I don't want to set myself up to fail. But I think there are some good aspirations in this list. I'd also like to complete my patchwork quilt, which I have just starting working on.

I would like to move to a new role where I'm excited about the initiatives I'm running, and inspired by the people I'm working with.

I’m hoping that I’ll be able to become a bat mitzvah.

Have a plan for trying for baby #2 and be in a good place with one another about a moving / house buying timeline. But also make sure that we've both gotten what we want out of this house too.

Be an expert in mandarin! Why because a). I've always wanted to do this and b). it challenges my brain in ways I've never experienced.

Swim 1.5k freestyle non-stop. This is a challenge that will hopefully keep me motivated to keep doing sport which has been oh so critical over the last year.

I would like to have clarity or engage in academics again. This is because I have broader career goals and this happening soon is important.

Oh man I'd like to lose weight. I've been on this medication for almost a year now and I've lost some but I've definitely been lazy and not working on weight loss as much as I was in the beginning. I need to take my medication, exercise, try to limit the amount of junk I eat. And I need to try to drink less.

I'm so happy to know that I've achieved the goal I set last year of starting a new job and feeling like I'm making an impact on advancing education equity and racial justice. By next year, I would like to feel more deeply connected to our community, whether through the preschool or as Lily starts elementary school, or other avenues. Community feels important to me because it helps sustain us for the long fights for justice and opens our eyes to empathy and compassion beyond our lived experiences. We are living through a lot of challenges (and some of them are likely to get worse) and we need community to count on to support one another.

It's pretty minor, but I'd like to buy a tennis racket and take a few tennis lessons by this time next year! The last couple years have shown me how rewarding it is to try new activities, learn new skills, and push myself physically.

I'm not going to try to look that far ahead... Nonetheless, being alive would be a worthy goal... Otherwise, I'll just try to do what's in front of me... because living in the present is more important than long-range plans...

I'd like to decide the format of the book I'm writing, which I began as a "how to" about "connectedness" and, as I wrote, segued mored towards "memoir." I think it ultimately will be a menage of the two, as I believe that stories will be more powerful than concepts. I had to extend the goal of completing my manuscript by Oct 2021 as I've been exploring and improving a more embodied state of writing that hopefully brings the reader to "feel" the situation and gain a deeper understanding that way.

By this time next year I'd like to have gained a bit more financial independence. This would include having paid off my student loan and having some money invested as an alternative income stream. Financial independence and security are important for me as I can't see myself having settled down with a partner by the time I'm 30. And I'm okay with that, but this means that I will have to rely on a single income to achieve milestones such as buying a house. I would love to transition from renting to owning and living in my own home in my 30s as I crave the security in having my own space and the freedom to decorate and furnish it as I like. I want my home to be a space that is my sanctuary, but also somewhere I can have friends over and entertain loved ones. But to achieve all this in New Zealand, I will have to buy a property that costs over a million dollars. And so, I having my debts and income sorted are the first steps for me to make my dreams come true.

I want to have seen doctors for my asthma/allergies, digestion, skin, etc. And, to have spent more time drawing/crafting/making. I want to care for myself the way I care for others/encourage others to care for themselves.

Weight loss - for confidence. Confidence - so I can live my life how I want without fear. A simple life out of the city, with a garden and birds

I'd like to have established a way to consistently move my body. I was quite sedentary because of grad school, and I no longer bike commute because of COVID. The minor aches and pains in my body are becoming larger, my hips and pelvic floor are becoming weaker. I want to feel strong again, and to be able to trust in my body.

I'd like to find a job where I can become passionate and look forward to going to work each day. While I'm thinking of retiring, the lure of finding my passion keeps coming back.

Better control of my time and focus, and my ability to get things done. My ability to procrastinate has become less - and I recognize it more - but I have a long way to go to becoming more effective and helpful.

Reconnecting with family. Seeing grandchildren. Seeing Ashley graduate college and begin her next chapter.

I hope I can find contentment in my job. It has been one cluster fuck after another. I don’t remember ever feeling so stressed, so tired, and so drained. There are enormous expectations of me with extremely limited authority and resources, and piss-poor compensation. I do my work because I am dedicated to it, I know I am good at it, and I am proud of my abilities and accomplishments, but the days when I hate it are accumulating.

I would like to advance to a Sr. Director role at work in the next year. This is important to me, as I would like the new challenge of going up a level in leadership, particularly looking ahead at the next few years of my career, which will probably be the final years of my professional life (at least this stage of it).

I continue to strive for the work/life, inner peace balance. It may be a life long endeavor, but I will continue to strive for it.

Completing Year 2 of vet school. I feel like I'll have the same answer on this question for a few years in a row... But it's really difficult and important. I want, by next year, to start to see more of a defined future emerging, success in my club positions, and motivation and focus to take on year 3!

I would like to do more creative things over winter again such as my sewing and knitting. It’s important to me as I see myself as quite a creative person but also because I’m know if I’ve made something that I’ve not exploited any one in the process through fast fashion.

I would like to be in a different job This is important for financial and mental and physical health

get a driving licence - means I will have more freedom and accessbility. Also probably would be helpful with LBC

I would like to pitch a book idea, and if I'm really lucky I'd like to successfully sell a children's book. This is something I have wanted to do for a while, but it's hard to find the time, energy, and confidence to do it. It's important to me because I'd like to have a creative project of my own that is out in the world. My first book was so-so, I'd like to do something I'm really proud of.

I’d like to find some equilibrium between savoring my solo time and having a close, consistent, reasonably committed (yet likely living apart, by mutual preference) romantic relationship. This surprises me, but having had a taste of intimacy again in the past few months, I welcome the idea of having someone in my life. I am thankful to Rich for showing up and sharing himself with me.

I hope to focus on being a more loving, compassionate person especially toward my family. I am often reactive to Ron and I would like be less so while continuing to stand up to his verbal barrages when he gets anxious and frustrated. I would also like to talk less and think more before I speak. I have begun drinking less this year and I hope to continue that trend. I am obviously not getting younger and keeping my health optimal will be a priority. I continue to fight against my tendency to be proud and pedantic. I worry too much about what I am saying to listen to others. I am too concerned with my opinion and appearance than to notice what is true around me. I pray to be more mindful of others and more concerned with being a blessing to others than to show off my own blessings. Please God hear my prayers.

I would like to have a successful first year of grad school, learning a lot about Jewish communal leadership and finding myself in the narrative of this field. I am sacrificing a lot to be here, so I want to make the most of this experience this year.

Lose my flab. It has been my life's goal. I have got there last year but started eating like a maniac again. I just need to eat smaller portions at specific times of the day.

I'd like to produce a book-length text. It's important because I've said for years I would do this, but have not. NOW IS THE TIME

I would like to have the core strength to properly stand up paddle board in light wave conditions because it means that I have gotten fitter as I get older and that I have spent my non-working hours doing something that brings me joy and in touch with nature.

By this time next year - CRAZY AS THIS SOUNDS - I would like to be pregnant for the VERY LAST time. Besides that, Tyler and I hope to have at least shortlisted some homes - we plan to buy our first (and hopefully last!) family home by March 2023, but we are hoping to have our financial situation sorted well before then.

I’d like to reconnect with friends and community. And see my clients in person again somehow now that 95% are vaccinated. Be a more joyous me. I am hoping that soon I can begin opening more doors to new and renewed experiences.

There isn't anything big I'd like to achieve, but I'd like to continue nurturing my mental health and increasing my confidence in being a good employee, friend, partner, parent, sister, daughter—I guess taking care in my relationships is important to me, is what I'm saying! I'd like to learn a rendering program like Sketchup and perhaps brush up on Revit? I'd like to continue exercising and eating intuitively. I'd like to visit my parents on their mission (in Japan?) if the pandemic allows. I'd like to finally make our house feel more like home. I'd love to spend the summer abroad, again if the pandemic allows.

A new job! With more money! Because basic needs! (wow that was straightforward, now to do this)

No more negativity. No more dark clouds. Living my best life. Not being scared to want what I want. I cannot live in sadness in unhappiness. I cannot do it, not for me, and I don't want this to be the model for my son

finish work on my book. I have something to offer and I believe this is the delivery mechanism for it

Working out at home or in the building's gym more regularly. 3 times a week would be really good.

I'd like to be confident with using the menses cup. It's important to me because it's less wasteful of resources and also more versatile for traveling. It's also a way to connect with my natural cycles, my body, and femininity.

I would like to start a family. It's something I have always known I have wanted. It took me until my late thirties to meet someone with which I would actually want to do this and now there's not much time. I want the experience of being a mother. I want to meet my son/daughter/child and to see what they would be like. I want to help them learn and grow. I want to connect with my boyfriend in this most magical way. I don't know if this will happen for me, but it is my biggest wish.

Same as last year. Get my end of life decisions in order. I have made progress but want to continue working on it.

I want to create artwork that is for my own expression, not a commission or themed piece. I have so little time left to create the things I dream of, that I must make them now before any more time is lost.


I'd like to be alive and healthy. I want to be able to continue to take care of my family, to be the mother, mother-in-law, and grandmother they need me to be. It's important to me because I know what it is to know loneliness and to feel without family. I love all my children passionately and without reserve. They give my life meaning.

I want to be a better nurse for my patients. I want to make a difference in the lives of those that I care for. I want to become closer to God. I want to repair the relationships that have become damaged or drifted apart over the years. I want to prioritize the things in life that are truly important and focus less on all the trivial distractions of daily life.

I would like to have improved at teaching my son Spanish. I grew up bilingual and it’s so important to me and yet it has been so much harder than I anticipated to speak Spanish with him most of the time. I wish it wasn’t all on me.

My answer is the same as last year: I’m still hoping for career & income stability after a year of unemployment. I’m also hoping that my online Zoomers to Boomers intergenerational, international improv classes which I started a year ago will have become more established & self sustaining.

I think it is time to sever my relationship with the school. They have treated me with such disrespect - and it breaks my heart because I thought I would retire from there. I also want to continue to take better care of myself, and make enough money not to freak out all the time.

I can't believe I am saying this, but the first word that I thought is "proposal". Not because I feel I am on a timeline or in a rush, but because I want to work out the things in our relationship that makes me want to keep waiting. If we work on us then I will feel 100% confident in taking that next step.

Be less afraid of opening my heart to someone new. I feel that fear like a hot stove and a bare hand. Financial security please

By this time next year I want to have submitted a written work to a competition or for publication. If writing is something I want to do, I have to really actually go and do it. I know I can, and I think it is something I am meant to do. It said one but I'm writing two. By this time next year I WILL have a driver's license. I cannot have the kind of freedom I want and be as useful to the movements I want to participate in until I can drive. Unless something VERY drastic happens, I will be driving by this time next year.

I'd like to be in better physical shape. Reading what I wrote last year...I still want my family room remodeled (and am pretty confident that will happen) and hopefully I will have time to organize my pictures and write more memoirs for my children. The above is important to me so that I can live the life I want, enjoy my successes and be able to share a bit about who I am and what I have learned while living on this planet with those that will continue after me.

More financial security. I’d love to find a place where my rent is low enough i can start saving money.

A year from now, the pearl works will be open and running smoothing and I will have a budding coaching practice supporting people connecting with their inner knowing and acting on it to make the world a better place. It is important to me because both of these feel like deep contributions I am meant to do and I am proud that I am stepping into acting on the nudges I have been hearing for a long time.

I want to feel like I am skilled when it comes to setting boundaries and feeling good about it - knowing its ok to be selfish at times (that is not a bad word) and boundaries are healthy.

This Q I had as a convo on the beach with B & D. We're not so into achievements and that language of this question! We thought maybe we would rather ask and answer something like... What would feel like a valuable experience that is matching and in alignment with values and goals? And I'd say if I'm living in my current home with enough income to only have one roommate or a new home without a roommate that seems like it would feel very good. As well as having a job that is satisfying, has a positive impact, and compensates me well enough to afford a more empowered living situation. I also would like to have applied for more grants and created more artistic works or developed current ones by this time next year.

I dont know. Something with music. Something with Mike and music. Something with drumming? Original music? Also: make teaching suddenly become easy.

It has been one month since I quit drinking. Next year I hope to be able to say it's been one year. Removing alcohol from my life improves every single aspect of everything.

I'd like to have nothing in boxes in my house! I like to feel at home and nested. It's taken longer than I expected, largely because Christian kind of doesn't like doing it. I'd love to be excited about my spaces. This is MY home! I get to make it lovely and welcoming and beautiful and fun!

I want to have life organized and calm. I want to feel like I am riding the wave not scared and struggling in it. I want to have energy and time, and not feel sick and stressed and overwhelmed

By this time next year, I would like to have started a yoga practice. However, this is entirely dependent on my health. If I am in remission and feeling better, I will take a class at the local yoga studio.

The novel. Because it is a gift i haveto offer and something i want to finish for myself not let drift away. I think it canbe good! I also want to be atarting my sabbatical

Confirmar minha fé e encaminhamento do meu processo de conversão Nova fase da minha vida

Saving more money--or being smarter about it. How many times have I written about this??? I want to be okay with ambiguity, and with my ability to help/control my children's lives. I hope I am guiding them appropritately.

I'd love to have a job that is more than just making money for someone else, something with service to others, this is important and good for the world. I am working on expanding my art techniques. This is a personal improvement that will improve my mental health.

I'm tempted to write that I would like to have a baby, but I think it is probably a problem to think of that in terms of "achievement" because that is just not something that I can control. Let's go with, have given work (both jobs!) my all. Also, last year, I said "I would like to be happily married, and have bought a house, and (pandemic permitting) found a new job doing legal work" - And those things are all true! That makes me feel great.

Retirement with grace, and helping the children with their next step. It is an opportunity to reap the benefits of hard-fought wisdom.

I would like to have the opportunity to listen safely to live music and travel to Spain ( and other places). The catch is “safely “

Right now, I'd like to achieve passing the insurance exam to start part time work with RFI. At the same time continue to grow Image Matters. This will help me financially which will allow me more opportunity to travel, and possibly purchase my own home.

I want to be in my own apartment by this time next year! It's important to gain my own independence again, and for my parents to have their whole home to themselves once again.

I want to achieve my sales goals in order to keep my good job rolling. I want to start taking guitar lessons and improve my playing again. I want to take some trips, go to concerts and events and generally have more fun in life. I'd love to travel abroad as well.

publish my article, have my lab mostly up and running, win a grant, try to get pregnant again, try to date

I’d like to become more body neutral as opposed to hating my body. I don’t know how to do this but it’s definitely integral to me being happy.

To feel like my relationship is back on track and not on a slow decline.

Again the world feels so unstable that it would be a win to get to next year without a major crisis. As for "achieve" though, I'd like to start writing again. And keep making progress feeling more comfortable in my own skin.

This time next year I'd like to have a little more certainty that wherever I am, I can safely and securely put down roots. And maybe it's less of a physical place or a where, so much as a what and a with who. I'll be 28 next year, so it's hard to feel confident I wouldn't move apartments or cities, but I'd like to feel stability with my relationships and work -- that doesn't mean they'll stay the same, but that they'll remain safe harbors to grow and change and evolve from and within. I'd like to know my community and for them to know me, and to know enough about my life to commit to things that aren't right around the corner, whether it's a mortgage or an event or a yearlong commitment to volunteer for something.

Of course I can’t just have it be one thing unless I roll it under the umbrella hope of growing into my full self. The smart, passionate, loving and driven person I have always been, but have feared being. I curtailed myself in so many ways to fit in, so I wouldn’t lose. Lose out on life, on relationships, on jobs, on happiness. Yet, in the end I wasn’t happy. I was living in a never ending wheel of frustration and disappointment. So setting aside the practical goals of graduate certificates, starting a business/getting a job and divorcing my husband...I simply want to be me. Me to the fullest. My authentic true self.

I say the same thing every year: I'd like to write a book. It's time to let go of "quality" and just get words down. "Writer" has been part of my identity since I was a child, but lately I haven't acted on it. I just haven't had time. I'm hoping to change that this year.

I’m too tired to have goals right now. Getting a raise? Finishing an art project? I just cannot think beyond the moment - I was never very much future-minded and Covid-19 has been very much roll with the punches so what’s the point in planning?

A greater sense of personal inner freedom. So I can move about life with greater ease, and do more good. (And also, I'd like to star in at least one Broadway show... et al)

I want to start volunteering and plan a trip abroad. I want to volunteer for an agency I love because I believe in the mission, I think it’s a great use of time (and I feel like I’ve been wasting time) and the kids really benefit from services. I also love most of the people who work there. I want to plan a trip to Turkey and Cyprus.

I want to be less reactive, especially with those I love most, to be a better listener, to interrupt less and to judge less. I want to let my behaviors and words reflect my love more consistently,

I want to be in a more fulfilling place in my career. I think that includes finding a new position. It might include leaving HR altogether. It's important to me because I believe it will lead to happiness.

I want to be still alive and that my cancer has not metastasized outside my bones to something soft and important like my liver or my brain I want to suffer less in the summer from boredom, loneliness and frustration

I'd like to slow my reaction time and be more thoughtful in how I respond to people. "Slow my roll" is how I've been naming it to myself. I'd like to be less defensive, more willing to examine ideas that aren't mine, more open to criticism. Be a better person, even if it's incrementally. (Though I will work towards big increments, not slivers.)

I will achieve financial freedom. I mean by that having a big passive income that is continuous and increasing. This is important to me because i want freedom to travel, to move, to work to. I went to live a nourishing and exciting life that is full of receiving and giving.

To have reduced my working week by one day. I will be 64 next month, and I am ready to start winding down towards retirement.

That the family estate is settled and our finances are at a point where they are not creative time vampires. I really feel the talent my wife and I have are gifts from God and should not be neglected.

Every year when I come to this question I have the same answer...there is NOT just one thing that I would like to achieve. The things I wish to achieve are always the same. This year is no exception but I can say that my spiritual life and my walk with God is number one on the list. This includes not only a closer walk with God but also changes and improvements in myself, mw behavior, and the things I say, and the way I react to things. I havc spent so much of this past year being emotionally abused by Rick and feeling angry. It has been to the point that I have been at the brink of feeling hatred toward him. And I always react to anger the same way...I get way too loud and usually end up cursing and name calling. I want that behavior completely erased from my make up, personality, or whatever it is. I want to finally, once and for all get that thing done away with...I want to respond with a soft word while angry. My angry never lasts a long time and I move on from it quickly, but the hurt and the scars remain. It is time for me to change. I cannot control Rick but with God's help I can control myself and my actions. I also hope to lose about another 75 - 80 pounds. I have lost about 25 pounds in the last year, I think, but I need to lose the rest of it and learn to eat more healthy for my health.

Continue to be more open and intimate with Karen and to follow up with online learning.

Putting my own foot forward rather than just receiving opportunity. Putting my power forward.

I want to find what my new relationship to art will be. I don’t know how I’ll find my way back to it after all this, but I know it’s going to come from a much truer place. I will always be an artist, even if I find that I don’t go back into a rehearsal room for a long time - and I am finally excited again at the idea of defining what that means for me. I’m terrified, of course - what if I’m never able to go back to the thing I loved for so long??? - but I’m ready to start asking the questions, and ready to let go of my expectations, if I need to. I know who I am - I’ll find the truth I’ve been looking for.

I would like to have established myself in my catering business...I'm off to a good start.

I'd like to achieve a far more fit body. For me fitness is one of the keys to a long and enjoyable life doing the things I want to do instead of sitting on the sidelines.

pay down debt and have money to travel

I would like to complete my conversion to Judaism. I have delayed it so many times. Plus I keep hesitating to express this wholehearted wish to family members who I know don’t understand it or I fear won’t approve it. I want to stop not doing things that I truly want out of fear of others’ reactions.

I would like to be mindful/present at least for a few hours a day. This is important because I've become aware of how fleeting each day is and don't want to miss the moments of my life.

I would say buying a house, but that's been there for a while. I'd like to have restarted my blog and perhaps begun posting regularly. I'd like to do this because I like writing, and I think it would improve my life.

By this time next year I want to have a tattoo (or two). I feel like this is a step towards finding out who I am supposed to be and I know whatever I ink on my body will be an important part of that journey.

Please please please let me be less anxious - without needing to be medicated to be that way. Please let me learn how to cultivate skills to better manage my anxieties so that I can be more present with all of the people whom I love. I don't want my anxiety to adversely color my reactions to people any more.

I'd like to have lost 10-20 pounds and kept them off. I'm usually good at the initial loss, but not in maintaining it, and I know I would feel better if I didn't weigh so much.

HAPPINESS. Is that super broad or what? Everyone's after happiness. But I mean reworking my brain in a way that makes it more my go-to, like it used to be. Years of grief and depression have likely wired up my neural pathways with repetition to make happiness harder to reach and keeping on reaching is keeping me in a rut with myself. I want to actively choose against my brain's current "default" and go back the other way. Stop reaching. It doesn't (or can't, or won't) come from sorting out the external stuff or constantly trying to self-improve the inner stuff. It's going to be from a radically different and counterintuitive approach of becoming satisfied with myself as I am and discontinuing the constant self-improvement pressure (and accompanying to-do lists). I'd love to have cracked this to some degree by this time next year :) Future me, it doesn't mean your mental health challenges and bad days are gone. They won't be and that's alright. It doesn't mean your ADHD struggles have vanished. Because they won't, and wishing them away would just increase your self-loathing. It means you've practiced going in the other direction for long enough to feel better -- taking OFF the pressure to feel better and fix yourself. From THERE I think everything else can fall in line more easily. It won't feel like so much of a struggle. My hope is that no matter HOW that's gone for you this past year, however you feel right now reading this, you can accept yourself right now just the way you are, where you are, and what you've done or not done in a year.

I hope I will have handed over more of my clients to my assignee. I also hope I will have relearned the word "no." (I swear I used to know it. No, really.) I will have lost another 10-15 pounds and be continuing to get stronger. Oh, wait, you said "one thing," huh? I'll go with the thing about saying "no."

New job with little too no responsibility. It matters because i matter and I’m tired.

The whole "achievement" frame feels off to me. I hope to be deeply immersed in good relational work to build a different culture that is kinder, more accountable, more respectful of all living things. The details are unclear, but I want to be open to this being something I will never get famous for, or even be recognized for doing.

Alas same answer as last year - a girlfriend would be great! I miss having a long term relationship.

I want to finish my book much sooner. I want to see if it can use Youtube. I need a new purpose. Al Sh'loshah d'varim: on three things the world stands, including avodah=work. I'm not ultimately happy without working.

Sleeping regularly. Seems like it would help my resilience on all levels.

I want to have retained and deepened the friendships I've made in the past year. I find myself in a place where I have multiple different, close friends, which I haven't really had before and which I think is good for me. I'd like to continue to spend time with, grow with, support, and learn from these people so that these friendships can be lasting (which I also haven't so much had before).

I want to apply and get in to Pacifica Institute for an MA/PhD in Mythology. I've been thinking about this for at least 20 years. It's time

I'd like to find more peace with the choices I make in my career. I think I'm going to have the opportunity to manage if I want to, or get promoted as a more senior individual contributor. It's important to me to make a meaningful decision and not just let it happen.

I want to be on top of my health both physically and mentally. That means eating healthier, working out more, going back to therapy, and doing a lot more daily reflections through journaling. This is important to me because I'm tired of my mental health controlling my life. It is something I have control of improving so it's time I start doing it.

I think maybe this year I might set aside my goals of learning, writing, etc., and just try to enjoy what I have, figure things out more slowly, and really feel like I am retired. Those other things are still back there, but I am going to pause those goals and try to connect more with friends, get my "lockbox" information under control, and maybe continue to declutter: modest goals but practical.

A strengthen relationship with my body

I would like to memorize another piece on the piano, hopefully a duet with Joel. I feel pretty good about Minuet in G by Mozart. I am fulfilling my 10 year goal of learning to play the piano.

I’d like to heal my relationship with food. I’ve made good strides in the past few months, but I want my habits to last, including in the winter months. I’d like to feel strong and in shape and like I’m poised to live a long and healthy life.

Lengthen my fuse. Yell less. Choose kindness more. I'll strive to be my best self.

A trip with all of my children. Love to spend time with them all together in one place on vacation, experiencing a new place together.

financial stability.

I have a few goals that aren't riveting answers. I have home improvement goals. I have work Goals. I have cryptocurrency goals, but they're not all up to me. I realize I have trouble with very general questions.

I would really like to have a next step planned or in motion (job/grad school/something else i don't yet know about)! I think the lesson of the past year has been to become comfortable with existing where I am, and I hope the coming year will be a chance to grow out of/from that place of inner comfort.

I would like to publish multiple papers. I started a new job as a Postdoctoral Researcher. While it is nice to take a break from teaching, it requires a lot more self motivation and self discipline, which I am struggling with. However, publishing papers and improving the research side of my CV is the main reason for taking this job, so I would really like to come through on that. I do not think I will be prepared to get an academic job by then, but hopefully my work is good enough that my contract will be renewed and then the following year look for a job. Interesting that my answer is similar to the answer every year, but at least now I have a job that REQUIRES me to take action on this.

I would like to have a room tidied enough to put a futon or pull out couch in it so it can be used as a guest room/rec room. We have been without this for a very long time. I think it would make a big difference in feeling like we had space to live and not just exist.

Improved physical and fiscal health. Off to a good start with my recent activities re food, exercise and www.PredictiveSafety.com/AlertMeter-TSG Have my new all electric car. Have my youngest son moved closer to us. Have monthly family activities because COVID is under control.

I think my answer this year is the same as it was last year. Being in better control of my health. Getting back to exercise more regularly. Getting a handle on what and when I am eating. Getting enough water and rest every single day. And being a role model for my children for all these things.

I really want to be able to dominate a stage (singing wise). Being a great live performer is really really important to me because it’s kind of like the culmination of my talents and what I’ve learned. It’s like studying and then taking a test to see how far you’ve come. And there’s something about the way you can affect people when you’re live, living, breathing, sweating in front of them that’s not quite the same as in a recording. I can’t wait to achieve this .

Start some semblance of my own prenatal wellness business.

Get physically healthy again, so I can take a more active role in making our country, and hopefully, the rest of the world, a place with less hate, destruction, poverty and lack of education.

I would like to be amassing a savings, not spending more than I plan to save. This is my first time living on my own as the head of the household, the sole breadwinner. I'm still learning. I'm making mistakes. I'm finding my way. Hopefully, next year at this time, I'll have it more figured out.

More time outside. More hiking. More camping. This really does help me feel better in my body and mind.

I would like to get my vices under control. Namely, drinking and weed. I enjoy both. I find that both are a good escape and a good way to subtly disconnect from weekday stresses. However, I want to continue improving my relationships with these substances. For instance, I've been trying to drink less because I REALLY don't like the feeling of being hungover. Like, it makes my whole body hurt and it feels me with regret. Not to mention, I want to feel healthy. So I am trying to be more conscious about when/why/how often I get drunk. It's been about 2 weeks of this, but I hope it becomes habit by this time next year. Same goes for weed use - whether vape pen or edibles. I want to indulge in these substances because I am seeking a certain mood, NOT because I am seeking escape from a certain mood. I know that's a blurry line - isn't "escaping reality" and "being chill" the same thing? But that's why I want to bring more intention into my decisions to imbibe so I am not second guessing myself, and so I can imbibe to the point of it being fun and nice, but never a crutch or a need.

I would like to take various classes on Judaism to expand my knowledge, listen to podcasts, and read various books. It is important because I have a burning desire to learn more about our history, traditions, culture, and mitzvahs. This is long overdue.

Greater acceptance of myself as I am, seeing the purity and uniqueness of my soul so that I can go out into the world braver, more confident, more able to speak up

By this time next year, my main hopes are that I have grown into both a mother and a nurse who is confident enough to inhabit those roles while being authentic to my deepest self. I want to not only for fill the duties correctly, but I want to live them through my own particular cell so that I may bring my unique gifts to both callings. I think this will require me to be deeply in touch with myself, humble, And loving towards my son and towards my patients.

A 5k. I just want to be rehabilitated enough to have the freedom of running some decent distance.

I no longer believe in achievement as a goal. That said, I want to get my joy back. Working on it!

By this time next year I want to be back to involvement with my in-person community, safely. This is important because even though we can survive alone, we shouldn't. My soul needs connection, and I have things that I can offer to the world to help.

Happiness. Calm. A way to handle my children without screaming at them. I'm not saying become this prefect person, just to consciously continue to try to improve and be aware of my stress and rage and how to control it and not take it out on my kids and family. I know this won't be easier next year, but maybe I will have more moments when I think twice or breath or get creative. That's all.

I could say better strength from pilates but I know I'll achieve that. Instead I'll challenge myself and say I'd like to achieve better boundaries with others and focus on the relationships which deserve my attention and time. It's important because my inability to create and support healthy boundaries is hurting my happiness, health, and mental stability.

So, last year's answer was a copy of the previous year's answer and really be repeated again this year: "'Just one? Working on the house, taking off weight, better control of finances. All of the same stuff, year after year. Digging deeper than that, what do I hope that I can say I've achieved one year from now when I read this? Probably greater inner peace. Like all of us, I have internal struggles, battles with my own brain. Self doubt, anxiety, uncertainty. I've been working on this for 6 years, with some successes and some failures. My hope is that I am further along in this journey, having more successes, loving this precious life and living it more fully. It's a journey, one baby step, one bite at a time.’ It just really doesn't change. Truthfully, in all of this, I am just plain tired of feeling tired. My weight is at the highest ever. I am not taking care of my physical health. All of the other things are important, but I really must take responsibility for my own physical well-being and do better. Period." This still has not changed, one bit. Giving constant thought to my weight is draining. And this year, I'll be adding..........a job search. Sigh.

To be out of this shithole country. I want to live in Europe and be free from all the ignorance that prevails here. I want to live in Rome or Athens and be well on my way to getting a job and/or a husband there so I can stay.

Honestly. I don’t even know. Probably write something. Not necessarily the book I’ve been talking about for years. But something. I wrote some great poetry this year! And I’ve been baking so maybe I’ll collate some recipes. I would like to stop breastfeeding and I’d like to get my daughter sleeping through the night by this time next year. Watch this space.

Career advancement, to be more mentally at peace. I don’t want to have so much anger and resentment anymore.

Getting permit for granny unit and clearing up the mess of stuff around the property. Permit for rv and one more master suite in the garage. Clean up office and purchase waterfront property

I would like to enjoy my life more: find time to travel (when it is safe to do so), visit family more often, reconnect with friends. It's important because life is too short and uncertain to live an isolated life, which I feel like I have been doing for far too long.

I want to graduate. It's been a very long road and I'm ready to begin the next phase of my life.

I would like to be able to be more stable. I have moved 4 times in the last year Holt-Bedford-Sheanendoah- NYC. I am not sure where I will be next year. The moves were a part of places I needed to be and stay in. It was just were I needed to be. Yavneh finished being the place I needed to be. I hope that I am able to find my person and move back to LA.

I must admit that it depresses me to read my answer from last year. And while it's pretty sad and frustrating that little has changed on this front in a whole year, I think it's okay to keep this same goal for the year ahead - it's still what I'm hoping for above all else. So by this time next year: I'd just like to be Happy. Whatever I end up choosing to do, wherever I may be, I just want to get to the point that I regain that excitement I once had about the future and contentment with the direction I'm headed in; to feel grounded again, whole.

I expect I should be at my ideal weight less than a year from now. This is the first year I’ve ever felt confident in that vision. It has been such an empowering experience to lose 42 pounds. I am very happily living the keto lifestyle!!!! I enjoy exercising now and am absolutely positive I will continue to lose weight until I get to where I want to go!!!

I so did not accomplish what I said last year. This year, I am just going to keep on keeping on, making small changes and doing small things and letting it become whatever degree of new good it becomes

Kinda hoping to be pregnant. But I'd also like to feel like I've accomplished more in my career. And hopefully more financially stable. I'd like to be more confident I suppose. And I'd like to have finally seen my twin sister. My life feels like it's been on pause so I'm really wanting it to catch up.

Right now, and for much of the last 1.5 years, my main goal is to exercise to the point of a deep sweat at least five days a week and have a shred of sanity left at the end of the day. The two items are intertwined (and helped me drop a few pounds + sleep better at night). It's hard to set goals when life feels so unpredictable. Um...have a party when my book comes out in February? (Gd bless the supply chain) I hope to have the stability and sense of optimism to create goals by this time next year.

I’d like to take the CSO exam one more time ….and pass! As a manage, I feel like I should have the credentials that my Team is trying to achieve.

I hope to have attended or will be attending a conference on maternal mental health. It has always been dream of mine to attend a conference, seems like a wonderful opportunity to meet people who have the same passions as I do and just learn so much. Additionally, Towson has funding so I really want to take all the opportunities I can while I am there.

Another baby, M would be a great big sister and I would love to have another child.

I want to be fit and healthy. That means losing weight, exercising and eating better.

shared resourced home. contributing work... earning very good income! strong body, handstanding, CI'ing, bicyciing. liberation. nohting to fear. G-d is for me.

I would like to get a better job, where I could be more motivated, more seen as an asset instead of as a cost, more welcomed.

I want to make my husband laugh for joy! This is a big ask. He has been a doctor for 35 years and is retiring. He is so responsible and full of care. I would like to help him be more carefree like when we were students.

I'd like to have run a 5K! It's important to me to keep up with this habit to stay healthy.

Push-ups on my toes and unassisted pull-ups. I have been working on this for literally 5 years and it seems like I should be there already, so it must be a mental block. This is important because I'm not usually a goal setter, and I also think this will prove to myself that I am strong

It's still financial independence, I've not achieved that yet. I also have a new life goal--50 countries by age 50. Those two goals may be at odds!

This move to Taiwan is gonna be a hard one but I hope I get everything I want from it and more. That means putting in the effort to actually do some Chinese (...), go and actually meet new people, see new things. Be young, be adventurous! I mean falling in love would be pretty wonderful too tbf. I know you can't rush these things. Nor are they needed or necessarily conducive to happiness. Idk S, just do your best - but try and feel you've acc given it your all yaknow? Push for what matters however silly. (I'm realising I said the same things last year but idk if that's a bad thing. I did give it all a go. Still.. the less bullshit the better xx)

My answers from last year are the same for this year! Still waiting to get engaged, still waiting to move into a house, and gonna be waiting a long time for a second pup. C'est la vie in a pandemic--waiting. Outside of that, by this time next year I hope to have gone camping and/or backpacking in the great PNW wilderness at least once! We moved here partially to experience and commune with nature. It's incredibly stunning here, so we need to take advantage of it while we're young and able!

I want to get better at planning and using vacation. I get really stuck on taking time off because I'm so comfortable in my daily routine. It's good to shake it up from time to time, though.

A few things: -I hope I have moved by Sept 2022. I love Tucson, but I want to live somewhere new. My support system here is important to me, but I feel my larger connection to the city fading -I want to have saved a substantial amount of money up. Enough for a hefty down payment on a car, and a replenished savings account, so I can focus on long term investing. I know I can do it.

I'd like to be further along in my gender identity exploration. Whatever that means. And hopefully without having destroyed my marriage.

I would LOVE to lose some weight. I am off the prednisone, I am feeling pretty good (Myasthenia Gravis seems to be tamed for now). It's important to improve my health -- and tackling my weight issues is the Next Big Step.

I’d like to let go of my ego. It’s important to be me because I get self-conscious about myself. Stop thinking I’m this huge thing. Nothing but dust and ashes.

I have two goals that keep irking at me. One is to seek out a safe and ENJOYABLE way to earn money for at least the next four years. The second is to network among current and former Alzheimer's caregivers to move forward services for former caregivers. The first is important because it is a functional requisite if I am to feed and house myself. The second I spiritually need because I require a sense of purpose beyond myself to be happier in this very solitary life of mine.

I want to RETIRE!

I want more clarity on different areas, in terms of mid-term plans for work, which also involve mortgage payments and other decisions. I think this is important because it can affect my energy levels, my individual and collective plans and what I want to do in this stage of my life.

I would like to have a solid group of friends in the New York area. I want people who will support me and whom I can support. and I want people who stimulate my brain, and don't make me feel like I have to make myself small.

I would like to have my younger sister relocated from the nursing home in NY to one in Maine so I can spend. time with her, so she isn't so alone. I'll have lots of research and work to do to make it happen.

Not in the mood to restrain myself to only 1 thing because too much needs to change. This time next year, I will have done at least 6 more liver flush cleanses and will be back on track with my health. I am now 100% off medication of all kinds, no hormones for birth control, no injections to highjack my immune system, no huge pills to tell my bodies signals to shut up. I am purging it from my cells for a long time still, but I am no longer adding to the load and I am hoping to see the benefits of this new lifestyle show massively in a year. My hair will have grown back and I will feel ok going outside any time, anywhere. I will have proposed to P and we will be living in the way that we found is our most balanced, healthy, happy way by now. I will have finished my first year in acupuncture training and will be training with Rayen, learning her ways and feeling so inspired.

I need to get in better shape and more importantly, have a fitness routine, even if I have to hire a trainer. I'd like to have all divorce details agreeably behind me. I want to move forward in at least one of the hobbies or projects I've been putting off.

This time next year I will have spent a month in Canada, 2 months in Mexico and be heading to Ibiza to work for a month. This is because I have been working with more clients, leading to better financial independence and more flexibility in my work.

Focus my activism. Keep on dancing. TRAVEL

A friend announced her pregnancy yesterday. I was happy for her, but it was like a match being dropped in a dry forest. I was so acculately conscious of what it means to be newly single and childless at 35. So accutely conscious of the very real risk that I may not find myself in a position to bring a child into the world with someone until after my time is up. I became so anxious that I couldn't work or sleep. The place I have got to it is this one: it's up to me. I have options. Freezing my eggs, making a call to forget about a man at and go it alone, making a call to aggressively date for Mr Right, making a call to let it go and accept that my children won't come to me biologically. Hell, something tells me I could go back to a shit relationship with R if I wanted and make do. It all goes back to these questions: what do I want?? Now that I'm alone and thinking about my life as mine for the first time in so many years, what is it that I really value and want to put first?? In a year's time I'd like to be at a place of clarity, at least, and if I do feel that the right thing is to spend the time and money freezing my eggs then I would like to have done so. Also, I really, really, REALLY want to move cities. I've written this literally every year I have done 10Q so I'm not going to get into the weeds again. I just want to actually do it this time. At last. That's all.

I hope to have improved the look of my yard. This is a project that I work on in spurts, but is something I would feel a great accomplishment in finishing.

Besides going to Israel... I want to figure out what to do with my skills. How can I help the world get a little bit better. And who knows... maybe I'll figure out my love life. I want to be further in my mental health healing. It is hard work, but it is worth it. And I want to have a table to host people for Shabbat!

Completed macrame projects

- Move abroad (or decide conclusively that I don't want to at this time): It's something I've wanted to do for a while, just as a general interest thing. I haven't done it before, so it seems like a thing I should do for a year or two. It's also a good opportunity to reset many of the situations in my life, which is good for random exploration - hopefully I will find things that I like a lot, even if I wouldn't have gone for them in my current life. (Bonus answer: Have a medium-term plan of something I want to do. Maybe it's a grand narrative about a life-long goal, but even just "I'm enjoying my day-to-day life and i'm happy to continue it as I'm fulfilled" would be super fine. Anything in the middle like "I think for a couple of years could be fun/rewarding/useful" is also great!)

I want to finish editing my memoir and complete the first three episodes of my sitcom screenplay. But at this point, I feel more like it's hard work to dig into them. I know that moving past grief involves going through it, and this is my next step. I hate that my writing is coupled with my grief, so I have to rescue it from that.

I want to have my own solo show. It’s important to me because I want to showcase my art & have people see it in person as well as explain my inspiration & allow people to ask questions. I’ve reached the point where participating in other shows isn’t that fulfilling. I feel like the curators take advantage of artists with little to no care if the artists actually get exposure of money. I also don’t like not knowing what other artists will be in the show with me. Some of them I’d prefer not to be showcasing in the same event with. I also want to reach the point of doing collaborative shows with other like minded creatives I admire & respect but on my own terms

I want to put some money down on a farm in some remote part of South India. I want to retire in nature. It's important because that's my purpose. The closer I am to the earth, the better I feel.

I'd like to stop drowning in bitter internal dialogue.

Magical work life balance. Better self-care: workout routines, journaling. More presence, less phone. Writing routines.

I'd like to improve my baking. I'm getting pretty solid at making sure things taste good so I really want to focus on the aesthetics of things.

Setting up a once a week night where I get to have a couple hours of the night dedicated to creative expression away from the home, whether it be dance, drumming, pottery, paint group or yoga class at a private club. Social time and a break from kid duty would be built-in benefits.

I would like to really set some habits that stick with them. I know that journalling and working through my feelings is so beneficial for me. I know that I can better see how my feelings are impacting my actions when I am doing this, yet sometimes I still don't take the time to do it. I would like to be in a place next year where I am committed to supporting myself in a healthy way by really doing this daily and working on the emotions that bother me (and tend to lead me to find other ways to work through stress like eating or drinking or shopping).

I'd like to feel fully settled in the house, having finished all the little jobs: sort out the second bedroom (Fran's study); tidy the cables around our desks; improve the ventilation in the garage and garden shed; put up bedside shelves; hang the final few pictures (we've made a lot of progress on this over the past few weeks); finish my filing; sell some stuff on eBay; work through my pile of to-dos; take stuff to the tip. We're not far away from being done. I know there will always be little jobs on the horizon. But I hope we can get the rest of the defects fixed by our house builder so that we can relax and just enjoy living here without the stress and uncertainty. The main remaining defects are the rainwater harvesting not working; the paintwork on the French doors and window frames; a missing completion certificate; some damp damage under and around the kitchen sink; and the wooden cladding, which I think needs a ventilation gap at the top. It's really satisfying to tick off these jobs. It makes the house much nice to live in, even more of a home.

I would like to achieve movement in my career. It's been a while since I was given additional responsibility and I'm getting restless. I don't want to be in the same place forever.

I want to lose at least 50 pounds. My weight is horrifying. Something has to be done.

I would like to change jobs. I don't quite know what that will look like. It could even look like a different job at the same place. But I am ready for a new challenge and some professional growth. A higher paycheck would not hurt either...

This is a year that requires a reappraisal of aspirations and goals. A quick calculation based upon actuarial tables of lifespan suggests that 88% of my life is now in the rear view mirror. Doesn't feel like it, and there may be more gas in the tank than statistics imply. Still, it's time to admit many desires at this point will remain unfulfilled. This is a hard reality. I've wasted so much time and have lived a 'Walter Mitty' existence--kind of a legend in my own mind. C'est la vie.

I have signed up to study Mussar this fall, and I am hoping it allows me to dig deeper into my own personality and habits to discover what I want to keep and what I want to let go of as I move towards retirement.

I'd still like to get back to art, to drawing and such. I don't know why it's taking me so long, or what the road block is. I'd also like to be a bit less sad. Maybe there's a way to connect the two...?

I would like have delivered a healthy baby or at least be pregnant with a healthy baby and be close to giving birth. This is important to me because I really want to be a mother.

I would like to continue with what I set out to achieve last year: I would like to achieve more inner balance. Over the past year my ability to maintain balancing poses has increased, and it seems to parallel what has been going on inside of me. I have gotten really good at juggling different things in my life, and I feel I am better integrated. This is true with my work, my music, my yoga practice, and my emotions. I feel that if I can achieve better balance, I will be able to get more papers done, write more songs, move further with my yoga practice, and be a better wife and human being. I have already seen some of the results, and I would like to keep moving forward.

a) Find immigrant groups - Spanish and others that I can share my financial literacy classes with. b) Do at least 2 train-the-trainer sessions with Spanish speaking college students and volunteers to teach my Cash Management and Money Influences/Values, & Goal Setting classes. Why - I had good role models and am fortunate in life and want to teach others how to control their money and their quality of life.

Funny, last year I was the # sales person in my company, this year that 6 million dollars has been shadowed by a great sales rep and his 24 million dollar sales year - I am thrilled for him, and how he spent a year building towards that - this year professionally I am struggling - my sales are terrible and I am no where near where I should be in terms of sales - I feel I have tapped into my wishes as a sales person and recognized with supported questioning from a great friend - that ego was the reason for a move to a more titled position after I did the work, I turned it down and decided to focus on what I need to do to continue moving the needle in the right direction - my company unfortunately hasn't caught up or even jumped on the bus - they keep throwing initiatives out but with little support or honest plan on how to sell all the new programs in the bag - it is challenging at best and some days I don't care if anything gets done - which is a bad place to be. I was written up for basically being too passionate about my customers (don't use exclamation points or capital letter in your emails) it was humbling and then I was really angry that it was perceived to be reactionary - when you can't give your customers what they expect and there are no resolutions it makes for long days and resentful attitudes - I am not sure how long I am for this work but I want to do my best everyday and work towards solutions that are win-wins for all. So the area I want to work and achieve as we roll forward is to embrace some of the new tools and put them to the test - will they help me be more efficient and productive all the while reaching my goals? TBD...

I would like my children to be vaccinated and for life to get back to some semblance of normalcy or at least the ability to grocery shop and be in public spaces without fear.

Potty train my 2yo. My 2yo and 4yo both being fully vaccinated against COVID. My body fully healed. Me exercising more regularly. Getting back to a more normal and carefree life. A fulfilling (yet not too stressful) job that pays enough for us to live comfortably without parental support. Feeling safe and comfortable enough to think about having a 3rd child someday.

I think I'd like to be querying my novel to agents and to have submitted some short stories for publication. I didn't quite hit my target for having a new job by the high holidays, but it seems to be pretty close. So I guess also work-wise I'd like to be settled into my new job and in a position to start thinking about my longer term goals in this job, moving to a new house, and having a kid.

I read question in a coffee cafe last week: What would you like to be famous for? My answer was: For being kind. I consider myself to be kind - and yet, there is always space to be more kind more often.

Weight loss, weight loss, weight loss. I actually had been heading in the right direction, but wallowed in self pity during the Covid lockdown and went backwards badly. This matters--my health matters. Five grandsons who are 10-8-6-4 and 4 deserve a Grandma who is capable of more than sitting and reading them stories. I want to look at my husband of nearly 45 years and know that we have MANY more years together.

Looking forward is always important. Like to decide if I'm going to move to Nova Scotia or not. Not sure why this is important, but I guess I started this effort and like to bring it to a conclusion. I guess moving to Nova Scotia will make me feel close to where I came from and closer to my mother.

Hopefully before this time next year, I'd like to feel a sense of peace, happiness and satisfaction that all the changes underway now have led to being in the right place, at the right time, doing things that both challenge and fulfill me. I'm not even going to mention romantic partnership because I tend to put too much emphasis on being partnered as though it validates me, and I know logically that it doesn't. It's interesting that last year, I wanted to move, to feel more settled and confident. And now, a year later, I will be moving, I'm in a new job and I've ended my relationship with David, so things are already in motion. Of course, it would be nice to meet someone who shares my sense of ambition and is fairly secure in his own way, but I'll be content with feeling settled and secure in all my new surroundings. It's important to me to not keep experiencing the transitions and changes in my life as destabilizing; like the job transfer -- I hope I get my footing in this new role and start to feel confident about what I can contribute and hopefully, stay at this level.

I want my office at home to be free of clutter. This is an old challenge that I have never achieved. If not now, when? I spend most of my waking time in this room and I believe reducing the clutter would save time and allow me to be more effective.

I'd like to have declared a run for (likely) City Council At Large in Houston, barring unforeseen political catastrophes on a wider scale. I'd like that, with reliability, when I have a meeting with someone, I have internal presence/awareness/compassion accessible - am unafraid.

I’d like to have clarity around where my family will be and what my job situation will be in the coming years.

Now that I have experienced a good way of being and then lost it for a month or two, I aim to ‘get it back’. I don ‘t mean go back to how things were, I mean use what I have learned to continually design the best life I can for me and my family. Challenging as it is for me, this means I guard my personal time fiercely because this makes me a better me and have more to give. I want to acknowledge that this state is not a destination that I will arrive at for ‘good’. As situations and my environment change I will have to adapt- knowing the essential components and having a flexible mindset is the key.

It's important for me to get my impatience under control. Pandemic parenting has left me very short-tempered, and that's the last thing any of us need. I don't want my frustration to be what my kids remember most.

Permanence. I want to know we have longevity wherever we are, something we've been living without for a while, from pre-covid until, at least, sometime in the spring.

I basically have the same answer as last year. Still fat, still need to get eating and exercise under control. Still want a baby. Hopefully with us back in the classroom, I start moving a lot more just at work, and I can springboard off of that to better habits.

I want to feel fulfilled in my career this time next year. I'm in sort of an in-between space right now with work-- feeling a little bit under achieving and insufficiently challenged but not sure in what ways I would want to move forward/up/in a new direction. I also want to feel like I've built new community in Denver! I already feel on my way with that with my house but am excited to think about what that may look like a year from now. Also I'm proud of myself for achieving (most of) what I described from last year! I achieved moving to Denver and getting a new job. And I feel some increased level of certainty about theory of change. Just not dancing, which I said felt unrealistic.

Be in a better place anxiety-wise related to work. Currently I have a hard time not bringing the stress of work gone with me, it’s been a struggle. I want to be able to be mentally present when I’m not at work

I would like for us to have some direction as to the place and time of our next and final move, for retirement. It is time to start to envision the end game of our working life, and to establish a home for the duration.

I'd really like to get TGA's board of directors activated, and start doing all of our heavy lifting through our committees.

To have started writing a blog again and gain followers. It's important because I think I have a different view on things and can express that with humour.

Poetry manuscript published. I ave so many poems and have published some and two chapbooks but would like one full length poetry manuscript to gather a good sampling of my writings. In part recognition, reinforcement, a reflection of what I spend so much time doing and thinking about.

I would like to be living a little more peaceful life. With less stress and less strife. I fight hard every day and that seems unnecessary. Not every day needs to be a battle at least not internally.

By this time next year I'd like to have some clarity on my career path. I've spent a lot of time thinking about it, and taking new classes, and trying to change my circumstances, but recently have been feeling like I might not be looking in the right places for career happiness. I'd like to have taken more classes by this time next year, met/networked with more people in the industry, and done additional research to know a bit more about what I'd like the path to look like, and what the timeline is for getting there.

I want my home to be clutter free by this time next year, enough so that my grandkids can spend some time here with me. It has been a major source of sadness to me that they have never been to my home. I desperately want this, and will make it happen.

I would like to have a job in the career sector I want to pursue. This is important to me because I want to feel like I am moving forward, not getting stuck.

I would like to be in counseling. I need help. It is important because the anxiety and stress and anger change who I am and are not who I want to be.

I'd like to really get more fitness incorporated into my life more often. Not having the health club as a comfortable place is a big barrier. I've become more aware of the signs of aging and the effort you have to put into maintaining better health.

I want to be part of a group of financial planners dedicated to implementing Values-Based Investing. I know Marco wants me to take a leadership role in forming such a network, but I hesitate. I want to be part of a group, but I don't want to lead such a group. I am at a point in my life, almost 70 years old, where I feel that time is running out. It's too late to be starting something new. I want to relax and enjoy life more. I want to make my withdrawals from the Bank of Good Times for the next 10, 20, or however many more years I have left. So, by this time next year, I want to have achieved clarity about what I want to be doing in the 8th decade of my life--my 70's. I'm excited about the possibilities!!

Looking at last year's answer, I didn't get a promotion, but I did take on added responsibility at work on a project about which I feel passionately. I guess I feel proud about that – and that I did receive a raise and a bonus. I am still so tied to associating my self-worth with my paycheck and this was affirming. What I hope to achieve by this time next year is having clarity about where we hope to live for the next phase of our lives – where I hope to live for the next phase of my life. I've been in suspended animation for four years. I know this place has been the wrong one for me but I haven't been able to make a change given that I'm not the only one. I hope that by doing some research, by looking at the places and the options, and by making a thorough plan, I – we as a family – can usher in the new year next year in a place that feels more right as a community than where we are currently.

I would really like to be in a romantic relationship. I have put off dating and spending enough time on it. I think I am ready, and I'm working with my therapists on my shit.

By this time next year, I'd like to be moved and working 100% remotely. I'd like to be excelling in my new role as a solutions engineer and beginning to plan my road trip while working remotely.

Something I want to achieve by next year is to be in a solid, relationship. I've been single my entire life, and the last year has shown me why I could never function in a relationship. Codependent, self-hatred, and obsessive tendencies would have made me a terrible partner to anyone. Working on myself physically, mentally, and spiritually has allowed for a tremendous growth I never knew possible for myself. It's important to me to be in a relationship because I want to experience those complex, intimate feelings with someone I can trust.

By this time next year I hope to be more financially solvable. It is important to me because I have always managed on my own. It's not for lack of being thrifty, it's simply a lack of well paid employment. When my final certification arrives I will receive a solid raise for the work I do. I should then be able to contribute to my retirement AND make an entire car payment on my own. Something I can't do now. I am grateful for my partner. Without him I couldn't even afford to live in this county/state anymore. A sad affair given I have a college education, post collegiate certificate and a full time job as a substance use counselor.

I would like to have graduated this time next year. Finally, have a degree so I can prove to myself that I am capable of things. Disprove that voice in my head. Disprove my parents who dislike everything I do.

First, at least one of our Grand Trips will be completed, and ideally a second will be at least scheduled, and at most completed. We must travel as far and wide as we can while our health permits it. There is plenty of time to be in the retirement home surrounded by cats later on. We have indeed been more active in the USA this year, with 4 cross country trips already.

By this time next year, I would like to have an essay published online somewhere. I think my skills have improved since taking more writing classes this year, and I just need to get myself together enough to write something and try to get it out there.

A new year's resolution, really? Have we not met, 10Q? Ok fine, here it is: I want to weigh less than I do now, and to not be unbearable about the process. Which is to say, neither complaining nor miserable nor messianic in my bragging about whatever is working. This is important to me because I have an amazing kid who needs me, and whom I want to see grow well into her adulthood.. and also because I only have one self, and I've spent roughly half my life abusing that self with neglect, indulgences, and comfort food.

I started therapy for the first time on Friday. I would like to either successfully procreate or come to terms with not procreating by the time I'm 40. By this time next year, I hope that I'm still in therapy and haven't given up, even though I don't really like it so far. Why can't therapy just be typing into a box instead of actually speaking words?

I need to find a job to support and provide for myself. I want to be someplace where I can grow and have a safe place to heal. I also want to start traveling more. Even if it is by myself. There are so many places we wanted to see. I still want to see them.

At least a month in Israel next summer? If that’s possible I would truly love to do it.

I hope to have made significant strides in having a more sustainable life, in every aspect of what that word means.

Well, I’ll need to be finding a job. If I can run back to my friends, and maybe show them what I’ve learned that’ll be a feat. Next summer will be the time to do it. It could set me up to work productively and comfortably for years.

I want to find a Jewish community where I can connect with fellow Jews who value spirituality as well as "praying with y our feet". I've struggled for the past three decades in my current location because the organizations and kehillot in my metropolitan area has not adapted to the changing face and focus of American Jewry.

I want to continue to be a top performer and producer at my job. I like feeling like an expert and I like being able to make an impact on the company. Plus- great commissions.

I did show my horse last year. No fox hunt but maybe this year. I want to run another half marathon, hopefully in Missoula.

Losing weight and becoming stronger. I am currently in a weight lifting class, M/W mornings, working with a PT on Tu/Th evenings. I am on the path to start changing my eating habits. It's important because I want to feel more comfortable in my own skin. I've been wanting to lose weight for awhile now. but I need to change my eating habits more.

By this time next year I'd like to be enrolled at MUSICIANS INSTITUTE pursuing mastery of my craft. I've said this before two years ago but this time is certain. I won't stop until I get it. My magnificent obsession.

I’d like to achieve more peace. I don’t need material goals, but I want to be more grounded and present for all goals that I do achieve. Its more my reaction to goals, negative and positive that I’d like to change. When I do accomplish things, I’d love to be more proud of myself. I’d also love to be more grateful for everything I do accomplish is the material world.

I would like to earn the California real estate salesperson license and the CCAM designation by Christmas this year. This is important to me because it will signify that I am a true real estate and HOA property management professional.

Put succession plans in place for non-profit leadership position. I want to make time for relationships - more time with friends, and more time alone.

I would like my relationships to be in harmony with each other. It would be great to feel an ease with them rather than tending to them.

I want to strengthen my yoga and mindfulness practices. I am living with a high level of stress and I notice my body needs more stretching and strength to feel good these days (hellos 50s). I want to be more present and relaxed as I navigate life. I find that when I practice yoga daily, I am more resilient and my body feels better. It is nice to see that I achieved all the things I wrote down last year!

I would like to read a major piece of pre-1930 Russian, French, or German literature. War and Peace or Anna Karinina, or the Buddenbrooks or Magic Mountain, or Le Rouge et le Noir or Swann's Way. It's something that feels achievable, fulfilling, long-overdue, not currently on my to-do list, and most importantly isn't a 'gritted teeth' good-for-you-but-god-when-will-it-be-over sort of thing.

Perhaps to see my consulting biz (whatever it is becoming) be regularized a bit and more established in the library community. Conversely, if that just isn't floating my boat, would like have figured out what I will be doing to stay busy and earning money.

By this time next year, I want to be working towards a career that I'm excited about and that is purposeful to me. I want to be spending my "working" hours driving towards something and showing up as my best to that thing, whatever it may be.

This time next year I'd like to have submitted at least five times a month, on average. It's like scientists who have to publish to get ahead in their careers: it gives them credibility. I need to be published more regularly to give me validity in the writing world. And for myself, if I'm honest. The set up is such that writers feel like failures if we're not published. It IS the whole point of writing, I guess :)

oh god - I just want our business to do better and for it not to be a slog. For the past 6 months it has been a slog - business development. I just hope we continue to go up in revenue as opposed to lose revenue. I would say a podcast - but frankly, I don't think I have it in me right now. Maybe to be a guest a few more times?

I want to be living abroad (India, or another country) and be in prime fit physical condition! I have learnt to dream big and the dream to go to India became not only true but fantastic as I went with a working contract. Now, I know I can achieve my dreams and taking care of my health is one of them.

Boyfriend is sort of happy when we are on a trip together, but every day smoking and drinking more and more. No talking to him about it, that makes it worse. So I have to concentrate on what I can do in my own life. Damn well finish ONE side project! Felt Feathers Or Joke book Or online course Or Animal Sketch every day. Come on now, you can do it!

Oh wow.. I achieved nothing in the last year 😢 *Be financially savvy & smart, and be in control of my $$. *Have more will power in regards to my $$, emotions & weaknesses. *Get MYSELF into a fitness routine........ Because I actually WANT to! 🤗 I AM my own motivation and I WILL be happier mentally, emotionally, physically & spiritually because that is what I WANT! Remember to start with baby steps, then go from there 👍💯 *Document any special moment with Rylee. Take more pics & recordings. Write her letters.... To put in a "Mummy/Daughter" time capsule journal for her ♥️ *Go on a getaway.. Definitely a warm, sunny, beachy/coastal location in Western Australia, that is kid friendly, fun, interesting, relaxing, safe & happy☀️🌊♥️

Be able to play Clair de Lune on the piano. I love this piece and it feels so good to make music.

Inner peace To relieve stress and be a nicer person

I would like to feel more settled in my future outlook. I would like to set my mom up in a home with memory are so I don’t have to deal with crisis after crisis every day. I would like to know where we may live next and start planning my retirement

I would like to be moved and settled into a new home, rented or bought, in St Paul, Minnesota where my son lives. My son recently married and he and his wife plan to have a family and they want all the grandparents to be involved with their children. What a wonderful opportunity for me (although I somewhat dread moving yet again.)

I would like improve my health by exercising regularly, and losing weight which will hopefully decrease my blood pressure and improve my blood test results. I want to be fit and active to allow me to enjoy my retirement fully.

I would like to get a quilt accepted into the judged Houston show or Tactile Architecture show. It has been a longtime goal and it would show that I have worked hard to achieve the goal and to improve my work. It would help my self confidence.

I would like to be more confident and assertive in my job. I feel like I'm on the brink of being fired sometimes and I hate the this feeling. We're in the process of buying this wonderful house and I need my salary to keep us financially solvent.

Drop 50 pounds of weight. It's important because as I age being overweight is really just an invitation for injury and illness. I'd like to move into my 40s and be spry, fun, and not burdened by the cracks and pinches that I'm dealing with right now. All of these little pains that I have don't have to be here. And I know it. I think I'd like to learn Hebrew and have an adult Bat Mitzvah.

I’d like to achieve success in my new job xx I’d like to be driving xx

Finish a version of my book. Feel like I accomplished something.

It would be great if we were pregnant or close to having a healthy baby by this time next year. I would really like to start a family.

In addition to the previously articulated goals of regular exercise and better sleep habits, I would like to be able to navigate the ups and downs of my life with a level of consciousness that change is constant. Rather than being self-critical or panicked that everything is falling apart or that I won't be able to cope, I would like to understand and accept the events in my life. Catastrophe is not around every corner, and situations may not be as I anticipate. Life is what it is, and then it changes. I have suffered from my emotional and physical reactions to challenges that have occurred throughout my life while trying to hide them and feeling ashamed about having them. I want to experience more self-compassion and be able to soothe and care for myself. I have been aware of this for years and promised myself that when I retired, this was something important for me to work towards.

I'd like to continue expanding my free & fun time and pursuits. I met a goal this year of going to the Botanic Garden several times. I'd like to continue that trend, perhaps with art museums.

So, last year's answer was a copy of the previous year's answer and really be repeated again this year: "'Just one? Working on the house, taking off weight, better control of finances. All of the same stuff, year after year. Digging deeper than that, what do I hope that I can say I've achieved one year from now when I read this? Probably greater inner peace. Like all of us, I have internal struggles, battles with my own brain. Self doubt, anxiety, uncertainty. I've been working on this for 6 years, with some successes and some failures. My hope is that I am further along in this journey, having more successes, loving this precious life and living it more fully. It's a journey, one baby step, one bite at a time.' It just really doesn't change. Truthfully, in all of this, I am just plain tired of feeling tired. My weight is at the highest ever. I am not taking care of my physical health. All of the other things are important, but I really must take responsibility for my own physical well-being and do better. Period." This still has not changed, one bit. Giving constant thought to my weight is draining. And this year, I'll be adding..........a job search. Sigh.

If I stick with consulting, I need to take some steps towards advancing in that direction, such as building a website, taking a class, or apprenticing with another consultant. And if I am not, I need to move forward on pursuing something else. It is possible that in a year I will be in a similar place - doing the work but not 100% in, which isn't the worst thing in the world. So I will also note that I want to get back into therapy and travel out of the country. And quit vaping!

I'm glad I have reached the goal of a new job! Now I want to improve on it. I would love to be an expert (or close to one) in my field this time next year. Additionally I wish to have fallen pregnant by this time next year and maybe if we are very lucky even already have a child. I hope it will not interfere too much with my new job.

By this time next year I hope to have my health and brain function completely healed from the beating it took being stressed and sleep deprived for a solid 18 months caring for my parents and loathing my despicable siblings. That would be enough.

What I would like to achieve by this time next year, is a certain kind of intimacy and competence about my mental problems. I've never called it this - mental problems. But what I really discovered this Summer, was that it is serious. It is seriously bothering my well-being. The moment happened in Berlin, after being faced with memories of depression and anxiety I strongly experienced in my first years in Tartu or perhaps even prior to that. Since I was 18 I guess. Anyways, in that moment, being filled with a lot of fear for that kind of darkness and slipping into a whirlwind of confusion, I just knew it was serious. And that was already a big step - admitting it even to myself and giving it the proper attention. And that happened with the help of compassion. Compassion opened me up to look at it as it is - no judgement, just acceptance. I hope I'll remember this and keep on practicing this kind of friendliness towards myself. So what I aspire, is having a proper means of facing it and a kind of practice of processing it. With a serious intention of getting better and solving the problem. Really, so far, this shift from denial/ignorance to acceptance has made abig difference. It has diminished shame and has thus allowed access to investigating it with open curiosity. And also sharing the story, openly discussing it. Talking, talking, talking. Just a few days ago, on the international day for suicide prevention, I could tell someone that I've experienced most of the conditions that suicidal people have and it opened up something in me. Next, I try therapy. So, all in all, what I'd like to achive by next year - is finding it in me to want to get better. Even if it's difficult and goes through all the darkness I fret. I want to want to get better. Essentially, I want to find faith for a better tomorrow where I deeply feel the desire to want to be here/alive.

To get to a place of zen and also be genuinely happy! (:

I’d like to lose weight. This is important because of the upcoming wedding. I want to feel beautiful and I want to dance all night. I want to survive though another year of ministry. I’d like closer relationships with my kids.

I want to have finished or made good progress in the writing of my book.

Financial independence. I would really like to be able to earn enough and have enough assets for me and my children so I don't need any more support from UC. This is important to me because my son had to defer his first academic year because I can't afford to send him to Uni.

I don’t know if there is just one thing that I’d like to achieve by next year but I could break it down like this: For kids: Helena reading (or starting to), misha riding a bike (or trike), kids getting along For me: Pandemic allowing, back to international travel. Maybe playing live music again (again pandemic pending), kitchen remodel, hot tub, or both. Looking into continuing education, internship, or other opportunities some more. I know that’s not very tangible but I still don’t know what I want to do. My prediction last year came true and it was challenging to make progress on career goals this last year without reliable childcare. This past year continued to be really hard. I’m glad Helena made it to college heights and I hope Misha could make it there next year too if I stay at Decatur. Helena can hopefully get in to ANCS too. I’m glad turning our house into an Air BnB worked out and it’s been financially viable. It would be interesting to learn more this year about building a back yard pool or a tiny home in our backyard and/or getting our house on the studio movie rental site.

I would like to find a way to improve my health enough to maintain mobility and improve my eyesight, or at least procure a better method for reading. An avenue might be to trade in my current exercise machine for one that has an eBook reader or stand for one, so that I will spend more time exercising for better blood circulation in my extremities.

I want my home to feel more like me. Alternatively- I want to really be mindful and enjoy my time with Katniss. Let myself really treasure my time with my daughter.

Get rid of clutter in this house. House repairs. Get stronger. Be able to communicate decently in Spanish. Have my parents financials EOL planning etc situated. I quit my job and taken some months off specifically to accomplish these things (more than 1 thing lol!).

I would like to be speaking Japanese with some level of fluency. After Japanese I want to begin learning ASL. It's important because we'll be living there and it would be nice to be fluent in a language that I can teach to others and is also practical.

This time next year I HOPE that I have been to India and finished my hindi course and then was able to travel a bit and do a short internship at an NGO. Maybe by this time next year, I will be wrapping up my trip, preparing to come back to the US for another school year. Maybe I'll be sitting in 3AC, on my way back to Delhi, watching the beautiful Indian landscape, writing in my journal, feeling love and joy and love and joy and love

Exercise more. Health and general achievement and ability to do the everyday tasks of life.

I'd like to visit my brother Andy! I'd like to meet Pia and Vivienne. I'd like to get my Mom to Australia one more time. I want to be in my brother's company. I miss him.

To have myself settled financially. Losing Richard meant I also lost 80% of my income. I'm next to broke right now and I hope by next year to have found a way to remedy this.

By this time next year I would like my new business venture to be up and running. I'd like to be able to say that I had a good year business-wise. I've been working on this project for a number of years, but got diverted by the pandemic. So, partly to prove to myself that I can do this, and partly because my endeavor will benefit many other people, I'd like to have established this business by this time next year.

By this time next year I would like to have achieved all the same things that are my goals for this year which are to complete the Vulcans fury trail run to travel to Scotland in the spring for 10 days to finish my KonMari certification to publish a book of poetry or story short stories and to be finished with my album I realize this is hugely ambitious but every time I begin to think that I also think why shouldn’t I be able to do all these things? The only thing stopping me is myself after all

I am going to work on my attitude. I want to be hopeful, but find it very difficult. I want to love this world and the people in it, but I find that also pretty difficult.

I'd like to have some more clarity on my career direction. I'm not sure where I want to go after my current job. I definitely don't want to have this job for the next 30 years. I'm open to going to grad school but I want to know the degree program and why I need that degree to achieve the goal in mind. Hopefully, if my work returns to being in person, I'm planning on talking with some higher ups about where they see a need/opportunity in my career field. That should give me some direction.

Again, the same as last year, I think: I want to have an agent shopping The Sina'i Trilogy by this time next year. It's important for the positive reason that I want to earn my living writing and leading discussions of the issues my books raise, but also for the negative reason that hugging this hope will be the new growth in my life after my baby is grown up and on their own.

Develop a daily movement practice. This will help me be healthy, strong and focused to achieve my goals, support my family, and create positive change in my community.

I’d like to get better at playing piano because, when I play well and the music is beautiful, I am transported and that feels really good.

I hope to form a deeper relational foundation with my brother before he moves to Salt Lake City. He's my only sibling and I long to be closer to him. This year in Minneapolis feels like a special opportunity for us.

I hope I have my driving licence and a car, without those I will be pretty much screwed and incredibly unhappy. That's my main aim at the moment - only I'm not actually making enough money to get lessons or a test.

I will continue my goal of continuing to write and have a draft of a completed work to share with others for feedback. I'd like to have more and different responsibilities in my job, allowing me to do things that focus on my creative skills and the things that bring me joy and inspiration.

Well, I did become more proficient at InDesign and I am drinking slightly less. Not enough swimming in the sea or hiking though. Next year, though. And next year I still want to be doing Sugya Sistas and daf yomi. I still want to be working. I still want to be with John and to be enjoying good times with my wonderful kids. I want my parents to be still alive. I want to see them again.

I really need to get some sort of regular exercise going. The bikes just sit on the wall, and I just sit on the couch. I've been lucky enough to have a fairly good metabolism, but as my eating habits also decline, I've been experiencing a gradual thickening. It's worrisome particularly in the middle section, which seems unhealthy. So much of enjoying life when one is older involves staying healthy, and in twenty or thirty years I'd like to be trim and flexible and in good health.

By this time next year I would like to achieve creating 1-3 of my own projects that get set up to be made. This is important to me because for a few reasons: I'd like to expand my skill set - I am at a place in my career where it's the next logical step - I have the capacities for them.

Leigh - mutual respect

This time next year I want to have a exercise and meditating practice I do without thinking too much about it. It's important to me because I think they're good habits to have. I'm not interested in losing weight though. I'm fine if it happens over time but I'm more interested in what my mind and body can be like when I move consistently and quiet my mind consistently. I'm curious who I can become with these types of things in my life. Today is the second day I meditated and the 33rd day of exercise. I want good habits in my life.

By this time next year, I'd like either to have resolved my doubts about academia and my doctorate, or else left it and secured a good, full-time job that lets me pursue the things I care about in life - writing, my health, relationships, travel, etc. I've had a lot of time this year to think about how fragile life is and how little we are promised or guaranteed and that has a way of bringing your priorities into focus. It's time for a change.

I would like to have resolved my job situation and be moving into a new phase of my career, centering more on teaching my own courses, less leadership and admin. This has been hovering over me for a few years, and it's time to get it wrapped up.

Physical strengthening, because I'm aging and I can incur strain easily.

Again this year: to get pregnant. Creating a new life is as close to a miracle as it gets, and I want to participate. I really like kids. And I believe at this point I'm good enough to not completely fuck them up.

Yes, well, I didn't achieve last year's goal, so setting another one for this year is giving me New Year's Resolution anxiety. Such a set-up for failure... So ... I guess I would like to achieve the same thing this year as last year, just with a broader, perhaps more attainable, shift: some sense of agency over my own life via employment or (this is the new part) freelance/independent work. Yup, I'm equating earning my own money with self-agency. It's the Anthem of the Homemaker, isn't it? Without our own income, we are beholden to the wage earner in the family, whether explicitly or implicitly. This creates a power imbalance, whether acknowledged or not. I don't want to be the junior partner anymore.

I want to be more comfortable practicing in the financial arena so that I can finally settle in my wheelhouse. I'm in my 30s - it's time to settle in and make the most impact in my career.

I would LOVE if we had bought some land and were out of here but also I really don't want to rush it!

By this time next year I hope to be stronger and I hope the pandemic isn't as bad and just maybe I can do my own shopping.

This time next year I really hope a lot of things will have happened. One is to be married to Marta. Even if it is just a small, quiet ceremony at the local registry office. The dream would be married in a colourful, glittery and festive celebration surrounded by all of the people who love us, and with good food, dancing and silliness. Another thing I would love to happen is to see my dad, and my friends, and being back in England. Honestly all I truly hope for is a healthy and happy year, full of Marta, Olivia, friends and family. With cake, books and being in nature more. More swimming. Happiness.

I would like to be in a new job, or find a way to adapt my job to be more doable factoring in the make life change of becoming a parent. I realized during the pandemic that i am burned out in my current job. It has always felt unsustainable and demanded so much of my time and energy, much of it that i could give because I had nothing else to do. Now that I'm parent and have redirected my time and energy less is going to work and it feels harder to do it well. It is important that all aspects of my life are in alignment. I hope that the spiritual and work related seeking i do over the next 6 months will bring about clarity of what's next for me.

Significantly pay down debt--a good place to start would be to define "significantly". 🙄

Be more masterful on the computer swo that I can initiate Zoom connection groups - one in our neighborhood and one on some kind of healing. This is important because I feel choked by my inability to handle computer challenges and because I have something to share/elicit from others.

I would like to always be healthier in my heart, my mind, my body, and soul. I want to enjoy my school year and continue working at palm beach next year. I want to have a nice man that deserves me living with me at my home because we are serious about each other and want to get married. We will be engaged at this point. I want my mom and dad to feel better on a daily basis. My grandma also. I see my brother’s baby girl finally visit here, so we can meet!!! My brother and I relationship get stronger and more communication. My parents and I also get stronger and respectful adult relationship. I want to visit and travel maybe France or go on a trip with my fiancé. I’m going to be at peace within myself for a beautiful life that I’m living each moment, each day, each year. I will let go of the pain I’ve been holding onto.

I would like to have the next phase of the garden complete by this time next year. That includes adding a few more forbs and the matrix plants to the prairie garden, planting the front foundation beds, reworking the west foundation bed, adding one or two more apple trees to the orchard, and ground work for the second half of the backyard. This is important because the garden isn't just a beautiful place for me, an artistic achievement, but it's the building of community. It's a community in and of itself, and it is a gathering place and respite for the human community. It knits me into this landscape and the broader relationships. And I trust it anchors as well as emanates beauty, fullness of being, and welcome. This is my work in the world.

I want to finish my new book! It's been incredible to just write something that's not a writing prompt. It's coming right out of my head, and I forgot just how good it feels to...create. That, then, plus I have one small ttrpg, and a bigger ttrpg, to publish! I've worked so hard! And it's been something entirely new to do, and I think I've made a couple of really good things. I'm excited! Cuddles is gonna do the art for me, and I'm gonna put it all together, and...just...yay 😁

Learn to become more comfortable in my own skin…have been on this journey since Covid began!!

Hmm, sadly, my answer is the same as one year ago. To reconnect with my adult step kids and grandkids. We've continued to be disconnected and their lives are changing, moving on, and I'm not a part. It makes me sad and wonder if they aren't interested? Just busy? The political differences have made things strained, and I wonder if they've written me off? I know I'm the one who has to reach out. It's important because they've been part of my life for so long and are my connection to my late husband.

I would like to maintain a weight of 130. I had bariatric surgery on March 1, 2021, and have lost 92 pounds...down to 144. I'm praying praying that I will be carrying on a healthy lifestyle of eating small portions and exercising.

I want to be a published writer. This is important to me because Im an ok writer but i know i can share my thoughts with the world.

I'd like to get my mother settled here in California from Arizona, and help her to have the best possible quality of life for however much time she has left. Her 93rd birthday is in about a month, and she has been struggling for the past year.

Be in a long-term committed romantic relationships. My heart is open and I am ready to live as a "we" and not just a "me"

Camping. I want to go camping. I want to know if I want to go away for a few days and get away from people, I can.

Make at least $1,000 by creating a product and bringing it to market.

I'd like to touch everything I own and organize what I keep. That includes the pod full of stuff from my parents' house. It's important because all my things are my own archaeological/historical record. I will probably keep more than Most people, but I will get rid of things that aren't part of my story. This is slightly different from Marie Kondo's "spark Joy" idea. More like "Spark Memory". Good memories, of course, so I'm not far off from the new goddess of minimalism. The result of my inventory will still not be minimalism because that's not how my spirit lives in this world.

I want a raise! Because there's someone I love and I want to take them from their circumstances and bring them into my home and my life, and I want them to be safe. It's probably paternalistic and maybe even a bit patronizing, but... I wanna *rescue* them in the way I've been "rescued" from my abusive family.

I would like to get my blood glucose under control, and have zero credit card debt.

I'd like to be less afraid to reach out to people and build meaningful friendships.

I want to continue to grow my business and use the proceeds to benefit my debt, future plans, and community. I will do this by being purposeful in recruiting the clients who are a good fit for me, managing my schedule so I don't get burnt out, and collecting what my time is worth. I also want to generally do better with sticking to a budget for our home; less online shopping and random subscriptions.

One thing I'd like to achieve by next year is financial stability for myself. This time next year I want money to be consistently flowing into my checking account on a regular basis. I want to feel safe and relaxed about the way I make money on my own because I am capable of making it and deserving of having it by doing the things that make me ME.

Oh, even though I didn't meet last year's goal I need to up the ante. I need to complete a draft of a novel by this time next year. Eight chapters, each divided into eight sections. Continent N. or maybe The Academy. It is the story of Jaelin and Kamak and, eventually, Jae and Lin. Or maybe it's the story of the limitations of The Academy. I need to find that out by writing it. AND I need to complete the pedagogy course I'm working on, and teach the four online writing classes required. Which means I need to make the curriculum for those four classes. It is important to me because art still matters. And teaching matters. And I matter. My life matters. Plus, I'd really like to learn how to open myself up to a loving and compassionate physical relationship. I love love, and I haven't had any for the longest time.

As hard as it is to believe, by this time next year Little Tochka will be almost a year old. It means I will have survived the sleep deprivation that comes from having a newborn and will be faced with other challenges that come with being a mom. The main thing I'm hoping for is that motherhood will bring me a lot of joy, even if I don't love every minute of it, like some moms say they do. Even the ones who claim to love every minute must be exaggerating because there's no way they can be enjoying the sleep deprivation and hearing the baby cry without knowing why. And if I discover that I'm not a "baby person", I hope my mental health stays intact and I don't go through the hell that Therese Borchard went through.

finalise australia versus South africa and what I am going to do constructively with my time

A baby :) We're hoping there's only a little more paperwork before the "real" trying starts.

I hope that next year I will have an established Alexander (and perhaps voice) teaching pratice again, and also that I will have a job for the High Holy Days. I need to get back to normal life and work in order to feel that the cancer has not derailed my life forever. Oh, and I also hope to be producing some art.

I would like to be a writer first and a wealth manager second. I would like to think about what I want to think about. I would like to follow my heart in my professional life. This is important to me because I am at the stage of life where I really want to follow my heart. Feel like I have met my responsibilities. Raised my children and they are doing great. Built a business that provided opportunities for those who worked for us, and provided honest caring intelligent advice for our clients. Felt a huge amount of responsibility along the way. Tired of that responsibility. Want to focus on what matters to me. Not sure I deserve it, and I do feel like I have put myself in a position to do it. Benefit of being in 2nd half of life.

I would like to be fluent in Norwegian. It's important because I didn't go to college & every once in a while I need to prove to myself that I'm smart & not losing it. Also, I love Norwegian & want to be on the inside of it!

So last year my answer was for Greg and I to get a will. We still have not done that! We really need to achieve this goal by this time next year. I really hope when I see this answer in 2022, we will have a will!

I'd like to get a community group for widow/ers with school aged kids up and running. We had a meeting, but only 1 person came. I know that there has to be more than 1 family in the area who fits those qualifications. It's important, because this is an under served group that needs help.

By this time next year, I will have led the Orbost Exhibition Centre committee and community to a modestly stable governance structure and operational model. This is important because this amazing community resource was founded to, and still has the potential to address topics of concern in new and creative ways that foster agreement, respect and protection for the natural world.

Clearing the home and inventorying the "stuff" collection. This may sound petty, but I have come to realize that it is a key element of my wellbeing.

Better health, stronger body.

I hope finishing some texts on Spinoza and new insight in the election of Israel connected to Spinoza's rejection as such. It can be an opportunity to reach jewish people in their alienation of religious life. This is important to me because of my call for life.

By this time next year, I hope that I will have found a new purpose to my life. I feel that it is important to have a way to be a meaningful presence in society, my community during my retirement. Right now I am thinking about perhaps remote tutoring for biology. Or when things open up more (please, folks, get vaccinated!!), perhaps I could become a volunteer or docent at the Aquarium or one of the adobes. Another thing I would like to do is become trained to raise bottle babies during kitten season. I would also like to take more classes in acting and maybe even take a writing class. Regarding last year's answer, I am in physical therapy again and purchased a FitBit which encourages me to walk. I am walking with David when we can and with Dan most Fridays. I am feeling stronger and more flexible but still have pain, although the pain is controllable without meds so that's good. I think I am on my way to fulfill last year's goal.

Wow. What do I want to achieve by this time next year? I kind of just want to survive to reread my responses. This year, and the past 3 and a half for me personally, have been a hellish dreamscape of sorrow and tzouris. I recall waking one morning in July of 2020, raging at Hashem: "Why do you keep restoring my soul to me everyday, just to watch me suffer?!" It felt like the blessing of life was a continuous curse that I couldn't escape. And now, a little bit more than a year later, my personal circumstances are incredibly even worse, but my only goal is to survive. I've lost a lot during this time, but among the greatest of the things lost is hope of a future. Does anyone plan things anymore? It's said, "Men plan, G-d laughs." I think of achievement- what does that even mean in this second cleft in time, in the current CE? In the Covid Era, I've completely lost the ability to plan and dream. I used to do that. Plan and go on vacations. Without worrying about quarantining myself, or catching much more than a cold on the plane. I'd take my Emergen-C, and board. I'd see family, attend crowded concerts, imagine myself at the Louvre, and again at The MET. Days of wandering around indoors, barely breathing because of the beautiful art, not because I'm in a mask, avoiding certain death from breathing the same air as other humans. I wanted to attend rabbinical school. I wanted to perfect my Hebrew. I wanted to throw birthday parties for my child. I wanted to lunch with friends and hug their babies. Now, I am living, trying not to die.

I'd like to have my transition plan in place for leaving my job... that means I feel the organization is set up for continued success with mission-centered strategy and programs. I can't say now if that means my departure is 6 months, 1 year or even 2 years from this time next year, but it is important to me that I turn toward my own art making – in whatever form it wants to go – could be even just for myself. I look to deepening and not ambition. I look to time for my expression and not holding my time hostage for others. I don't even know if I know how to do that. Or if I might discover that in the end, doing meaningful work for others is actually my calling.

1. Empty out all boxes in my bedroom and clean up all piles of paper in my office and put the art up on our walls, (or the walls of a new house). This is important to me because I would feel so much more peaceful if my space was beautiful. In addition I would like to have plants growing in our pots. 2. I would like my body to be in a state of recovery and growing strength, rather than what seems like decline. I would like to get all my major doctor appointments taken care of and start seeing a trainer 1x/week to help build up small muscles and get alignment straightened out. I want to accomplish this because my physical ability to will add massively to my overall happiness and productivity.

By this time next year, I would like to feel that I took full advantage of a year of more flexible working (substitute teaching) to travel, visit family, and make sure that my mother is comfortably and happily situated. I hope to be coming off of such a year refreshed and recharged and ready to begin in a new and exciting teaching position.

By this time next year, I will have completed my conversion process and will finally, officially be welcomed into the Jewish tribe! This feels like a homecoming a lifetime in the making. I will be wholly myself for the first time, and that will be such a welcome, transcendent peace.

I would like to find a job and reestablish my career. I hope to be excellent in my field and help those who need my assistance. My anxiety needs for there to be an end to the uncertainty that I have faced in many of my jobs.

Loving myself fully, completely and without judgement. When I was younger, I never fully understood how much I was hurting myself with my thoughts. I thought I had recovered from bad habits but realized that I was overly self-critical which kept me from moving forward with some aspects of my life. With the help of therapy and spiritual guidance, I hope that in a year I will be continuing om a road of self forgiveness, embracing all of who I am, and allowing all sides of me to be more integrated.

Have better time management. Be on time or early to things. Don’t leave things to the last minute. Invest in your setup and do little tricks to help you be ready for the next day. If you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready!

I want to successfully keep baby Adrienne alive and healthy. I also want to be able to come back to work for the 2022-2023 school year. It's important for me to be able to balance work and family.

I would like to have figured out how to promote my book, to have sold more than 500 copies, to have done multiple, meaningful speaking engagements, for the book to have won an award, to have submitted a next manuscript, and to feel I made a real difference with the book.

Have released an EP and filmed a music video. Have finished my degree. Have done something to my hair. Have made a new friend. Have seen a new town.

Good health, peace and happiness

I would like to achieve a sense of satisfaction and joy with non-productivity. Life is uncertain and short. Joy is valuable and is achievable and is not dependent on output nor should worthiness be attached to productivity.

Physical fit. I have made many changes, there are no reasonable excuse for this not to have happened. Life quality!

+-bills paid home fixed , house sold new place for me and my brother and a truck for transportation. to let go anxity and depresion.

To be owning and residing in my own house

I want to have my Honours thesis converted into a paper and published. I owe it to my incredibly supportive supervisors.

I would like to still be alive and have all my loved one still alive…seriously…please? (For the record, today my husband saw someone die suddenly and I hoped for this on the question last year and I have lost family this year). Can just no one die for a while, please? Then I guess I want to be making more money. Ha! Death and taxes; Certainly BUT Also, I do want to accomplish something for myself… it is love. I want to be proud of the way I loved, loved my kids particularly. I want to feel I have done many small things with great love. Then at least I can have no regrets.

Make room for more creativity in my life. Through gardening, writing, cross stitch, embroidery… anything. I want to explore and establish a creative outlet that I’ve been missing for a while.

I just retired in June from teaching. I have been working on developing a productive routine (and not just reading books all day!). This is what I said last year in answer to this same question -- create a plan, a purpose in retirement. I want to develop a writing habit that includes creativity, exploration, and growth for me. I have signed up for National Novel Writing Month, not with the intention of becoming a published author, but just having fun and growing as a writer and a person.

I want to get more physically strong as well as have achieved goals of therapy, dental work, and graduating from college. All of these tasks are things I have either put off or not started out of fear of abject failure, things I want very badly. I'm holding myself back and this Shmita year I want to reevaluate my role in my own stagnation. I'm unsatisfied with how I am but I don't do much to change that. It's my job to truly reflect and change myself for the better with self-discipline.

I would like to be less judgmental. I tend to make snap judgements about people and view them harshly if they don’t meet my standards. And they rarely do. Whether it is another driver or someone’s appearance or whatever, it is not a good quality in me. For the record, I did really well on last year’s answer! Home repairs are pretty much done. I met with a financial planner and have decided to retire in four years. The only one I missed was living off my salary without dipping into investments. Eileen was still largely unemployed in 2021.

Yet again... - I need to be stronger both physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It seems like I just stay in the same place instead of gaining ground no matter what I do - I have setbacks. I find myself being angry over the remodeling taking so very long and being so very messed up. I resent the lost time due to it. It seems like everything is on hold!!!! I don't want my life on hold any longer..... and LOL - to unpack everything in this house and to have it all in its place both inside and outside... so need the beauty of being finished and organized... miss flowers so much in the yard - so next year there will be flowers!!!

I have lost at least 13 pounds since May. Ideally, I should lose 30 + more. I’d be happy if I lost 20-25. My life is too sedentary. I hope to have restarted playing the piano regularly again.

more exercising- will improve my health- then I can do more-

More time spent with friends and family

I have let my muscles go to waste! By next year I hope to be in better shape! I can do it!

Have a plan for my mom to move out here. Important because I feel a bit disconnected from my family of origin, and want to be able to help take care of her as she gets older.

I always talk about a book in this question and then never do it. Honestly, I can't make any plans anymore. Covid takes away the ability to think "yes, I'd like to do XYZ" because I get excited to do the thing and then suddenly things change (or more like, they stay the same) and that thing is gone. So many cancelled plans. So many dreams on hold. I really don't think that it will go "back to normal." I thought we would be able to visit the US or the UK this year. I thought that my time with at home on maternity leave would bring people out who would want to help us. I thought we could go on holiday as a family. Every time, it's been close but not at all. I've been in our apartment, hardly going out at all, almost talking to no one but my husband, since November 2020. I try not to have any expectations now. That way, I won't be disappointed.

I would like to be a healthy weight by this time next year. I feel it is important because I am so tired of being overweight/obese. I want to feel more vibrant and alive instead of tired and worn out.. I want to feel comfortable in my body. I want to enjoy more freedom of movement. I want to be able to wear normal size clothes.

I hope that I will have done the first year of the work necessary to repair the damage I did to my marriage to the love ofmy life.

I'd love for my family to own a new home by this time next year. It will be great to have our own space and a yard again.

Is it an achievement to buy a property? I'd like to have managed that by then. If not, I would like to have taken a big step forward in some way - a new relationship, a new 'role' or new venture of some kind.

Begin serving on a committee at the Vi. Important so I feel more integrated in the community. Also, want to lose at least 10 pounds so I am back to the weight I was when I moved into the Vi. Important because will likely be better for my back.

I'd like to be able to be myself without always worrying about what others are thinking of me. I am starting to think that this will never happen because of how thoroughly trained I was as a child to believe I was shamefully b-a-d.

I would like to have written a full play. I want to do something that I enjoy more often and force myself to make time for it.

I am going to attempt to be debt free by this time next year. I have had to buy a car and other things that have set me back a bit more than I would like. It's uncomfortable and reminds me of times in my past where I was in a very bad spot and fearful for my future. I don't want to get back there or even be close. So, I'm taking action. We'll see how I do.

This time next year, I want to be proud of the amount of art I've made in the past year. Are you proud, future Elijah? You should be, because I just KNOW I'm gonna make some BANGERS this year. :)

I'd like to be considerably healthier, which means to lose enough weight and to be walking at least 3 days a week on a regular basis. I'd also like to fit into smaller clothes. Healthier to me means that my b/p is nowhere near marginal, that my glucose level is back to normal (out of the pre-diabetic range), and my knees don't hurt. And I'm not so hot all the time. I'd like for my eating to become healthier by staying on the path that I'm currently at: learning how to listen to my body's needs intuitively. Having less of a drive to overeat, to binge. I think I'm on that path now. This is a major point in my life health-wise/weigh-wise. After living with compulsive overeating disorder for about 50 years, I don't think I can diet again. The futility of that doesn't allow me to have the motivation that dieting requires. I don't think I can white knuckle it, like I did for 17 years to maintain a healthy weight. So this method is my last hope to attain a healthy weight. And of course, it would be nice to be more attractive. At my age, 63, a woman becomes more invisible. My power is lessened considerably. If I'm more attractive, that counteracts that to a great degree. Being dumpy and old just doesn't carry much "weight" in this world.

I'd like a promotion. It might sound selfish. Yes, I'd make more money. Yes it's more power and control. But I want to be in charge so that I can make a workplace that supports new employees, and everyone's development and that doesn't reward jerks.

A whole year without looking at pornography and master-bating and having a deeper feeling/ emotions for Sarah.

Equanimity! Acceptance of Whatr Is, even while working for positive change. Equanimity will allow me to be free of the emotional obstructions in my relationships with those near to me. I will be free from fear, free from co-dependency, free from the need to be in control, and maybe, by practicing/expressing equanimity I will possibly be able to be more helpful and effective. By freeing the members of my family, and in so doing will be freeing them from guilt and resistance, leaving them to make their own decisions and act out of their better selves.

I would like to finish my Women's Advocacy course in 2022. Hahaah! Just realised that's the exact same thing I said last year! It has been a very up and down year though, with many changes, of jobs, homes, states... super emotional and tumultuous, I don't feel bad or sad I haven't achieved this yet, I am doing the best I can in really quite difficult circumstances. It's an unstable world at the moment.

May sound small, but I want to declutter a small room and use it as a workplace.

Since the vision I explained in the last question, I’ve realized it’s pretty hard to do those things. It’s hard to love Victor emotionally and Mia sometimes can be pretty snippy. Mark always hides in his room. So things are different now, I feel I need to laugh more. I need to be joyful and enjoy life more. I don’t wanna play games. I am more honest. Not sure if I wanna achieve just one thing. But I guess it’s to be more true, to not play games, to not get worked up about fear.

Better physical and mental health

Do the work I have want to do before I start the final year of my MA next October. I didn’t feel ready for the first year, even though I’d done a bit of creative writing in my degree and there was so much reading I just didn’t have time to do. I want to give myself the best possible chance of passing and learn as much as I can in the year I’ve taken off to enable me to do that.

I was going to say singing the song I wrote about my dad who died from covid, but I have sung it publicly and will be again on 2 more occasions. So that goal is almost already accomplished. My other goal is to remodel my home. It's a big project so if by this time next year, I have only just started it, that, alone, will seem like a big accomplishment!

Being full in ..... Be that momming or community building or wife-ing... I'd love to just see Jesus more and find people hungry and lining for Jesus and transformation and community. I'd love to know more people on my street and call them friend. I really really want to sit next summer on our finished patio and have a fire and get drunk with Steve

I would hope to have a home health care worker helping us.. it would help my patience which is short now, and help our relationship. I hope,to have a better handle on our future

I want to achieve a comfort level in my new job. Why? It's a new job, it's something I've never done before professionally, and I want to develop this into a career. Seems legit to me.

A family reunion! We have not been able to be with ALL our family since December 2019. Family is #1 and we miss them dearly.

I want to get back to drawing every day. It is a skill that brings me so much joy and calm. Why is it so difficult for me to set the time aside?

I would like to be dating a nice man who appreciates me and cares about me like I care for them. I miss the companion and I deserve to be with someone who thinks the world of me!

I'd like to have found a property to purchase with or for Jennifer to start our mother/daughter real estate empire. Also hope I've maintained my fitness, weigh <170#, and continue with My Tribe of fabulous ladies. I'd like to think international travel will be more opened up, but I do not believe it will happen until sometime in 2023-4 due to the number of unvaccinated Americans and global citizens who do not have access to vaccines. The mutations will continue to multiply and I'm HOPING we won't have one that can get thru the current covid vaccine.

Looking at my answer from last year is not particularly encouraging, especially because I think I've had the same goal since I started doing 10Q. I just started working on my novel again in the most minimum way possible. I had one person's comments on the recent draft to deal with, and I've managed to put that off for 6 months before starting again a few weeks ago. So I still would love to publish that novel, and the one before it too, for that matter. I see very little hope. At the same time, I would like to return to a writing practice, and if that means pages weekly for a group, so be it. It will take some organizing to make a group happen, and again, I'm not sure I have the will, since so much of what I've done since the pandemic began is playing games and doing puzzles... It is important to me mainly because on some level my self-image is shit. No job, no money I make myself, all that "potential" I've squandered. At least that's one track in my brain. The other track says, I've raised three excellent men and I should be as lauded for that as I would have been for a successful writing career. Both thoughts co-exist, but depression-wise, the first one is ahead....

For the past 15 years I've been able to control Diabetes 2 through diet and exercise, no medication. I've grown careless through the pandemic isolation and my numbers are creeping up. So for the obvious health benefits, I want to get this under control.

I'd like to have a good handle on my health by this time next year. To have gotten in all my doctor and dentist appointments, to have taken care of anything that I need to to move my health in a positive manner including some more weight loss.

Well, looking at my answer from last year, and it's still pretty much the same :-p last year: "By this time next year, I just want to still have a planet, a society, and be out of a global pandemic. Personal goal, really, is to be part of the solution. Help create the world I want to live in, and do the work of anti-racism and dismantling white supremacy so that the world to come is truly build on respect, justice and equality." I would change equality to equity, though, this far into the journey. And I want to keep playing the guitar and feel confident enough to play at least a few songs for CJC.

I would like to be able to say I'm writing regularly again. My identity as a writer--unpublished, but still--has been a core part of me since I was...10? 11? young, anyway. But the pandemic has made it harder to put words together in the ways I want to. The stories are still in my head, but I can't seem to get them out.

I want to build more individual freindships. I think over the last few years I've been deep in community but not really having many relationships with individual people in the communities I am in. I am in good relationship with people in my communities overall but I don't really know much about them outside of those communities and there are a few people I want to shift that with.

I don’t think I’m in an achievement frame of mind. I think of it more as figuring things out. Figuring out what I want from this stage of my work life. Figuring out how to find purpose and meaning in places other than work. And making the transition to part-time at work. If all goes as planned, I will be shifting to part time in June. So figuring out how to keep it from taking up 100% of my time!

Finish that book! And start another. Because I have always wanted to be a writer.

I would like to have redone either my kitchen or the guest bathroom at the condo. The floors and cabinets in the kitchen and the sink and cabinets in the bathroom, including doors for the laundry area.

I would love to be able to say that I feel stronger, more confident, and more hopeful about my future. I'm committing now to finding ways to work towards these goals.

I'd like to have more open and honest relationships, with my youngest and at work.

I would LOVE to go back to being 105 lbs and get back into shape by the time I'm 30. It's important to me to look good for my 30th birthday and actually like the way I look for pictures and things like that. It's just something I would like to achieve again. I've done it a couple of times before, but I had access to a gym. The real challenge will be doing this without a gym and working out on my own. I just KNOW that I can achieve my dreams if I really put my mind into it. I would also like to achieve creating a writing portfolio or get more into my writing. I have A LOT of things to express, and I would really like to get my work out there. It's important for me to put myself out there without fear. It doesn't matter if I'm not "good enough," I just need to BELIEVE in myself. Hopefully I'll create some sort of masterpiece by this time next year, even if it doesn't get published.

I'd like to master Italian (so when things open up, I can go there and really get to know people!) I also want become better at saying no. I have a lot on my plate. I love it all but there are times I feel over extended. I'd like to be able to feel confident in my no...

I would like to be happy. Because I’m not.

I am boring myself but yet again, and again, and again, I would like to be at a normal weight. It is important to me because I look unattractive and not like myself. I’m wondering who could ever find me attractive.

I want to have proposed to Maddie. I have the great fortune of having a partner in my life who is kind, thoughtful, playful, and balances me out in ways she cannot understand. She means far too much to continue to just call her my girlfriend, though that has been a great honor for me up to this point. But, the chance to call her my wife means more to me now, and I want that to be realized. I love her dearly. I hope to have her by my side physically, spiritually, and emotionally the rest of my life. And for those who would believe that it doesn't change anything about a relationship, I happen to kindly disagree. The other thing that I would like to be true is to have decreased my overall debt to below $75k.

I'd like to learn how to draw realistically. Because I have ideas in my head I'd like to get out in a way that does not look like it was done by a 3rd grader.

By September 2022, I want to be making around 90k/year in a job I love, and probably working remote. I also want to have made steps toward starting an intentional community, whether in my current city or elsewhere.

Great health! Get the leg fixed and get in shape again. I want to be sound and functional. I know that my expectations for a seventy-five year old might be high, but I want to swim and run and ride and keep up with the grandchildren. And with Francoise. I want to share life with my family.

Before this time next year, I would like to finish and release another album of original songs. I feel like I've learned so much about arranging and recording and mixing that the second album would be better quality than the first, and I could be truer to "my" sound (I was limited in my arranging ability on the first album). I'm getting older and I'm not sure how much longer my voice will sound good, so time is of the essence.

Maybe accept that I’m retired and proceed accordingly.

Learn how to swim! This was my goal two years agin when the pandemic hit. I never felt safe about going back to lessons with out some protection. Now that I'm vaxxed, I think I can try again.

Sadly, one of the things I’d like to achieve is the same as last year’s answer: lose some weight. I’d also like to try and pay down my debit some and maybe sock away more money.

Would like to have passed modules in the Diploma am starting on Monday 13th Sept. This is important as might lead to a new career path. Also hope to be in a better eating, sleeping and exercise routine so that am healthier.

Have a healthy 2nd child and helping them reach their milestones while still giving Asher his needed support and getting along with my husband!

I'm not sure anymore. Tired of wishing for a job. Just don't think that will happen. I'd like to say I'm cancer free, but that's not likely either. Back to walking and a little running. A cleaner, tidier apartment. More at peace with myself.

Develop a conversational ability in Spanish, living in SoCal it's a fairly important skill in connecting with the broader community than just the English speaking.

By this time next year, I am curious as to what will grow and flourish from the seeds planted throughout a near seven year sabbatical. I imagine financial independence and healthy relationships, creative projects and work that is noticed and shared. An overarching theme of love and service to humanity in things both seen and unseen.

I would like to be published in some way. I'm not sure exactly what that will look like and I'd like to have my own thriving consultancy biz. I want to be my own boss and the freedom to set my own hours & practice better self-care - I want to have space to feel like shit some days, let my body rest & heal when it needs to, and not just feel like I have to power through. I also don't want to keep having to hide or minimize my chronic pain & fatigue or justify fibromyalgia and other things to bosses that just don't get it, believe it, or really seem to care. I want to help women and people of color be seen and empowered - and want to help companies know better and do better.

Right now, I don't know that I can think that far ahead. There is too much clouding my vision (COVID, climate crisis, racial injustice, threats to democracy). I guess I'd like to be able to say I lived mindfully in each moment, helped others through suffering and crisis, and didn't sacrifice my values or ethics.

Writing! I need to try again. I think I wrote same last year and have got nowhere

Try to develop more patience. It is important because part of my lack of patience is my judging people and assuming they should get to the “logical” conclusion, place, sooner.

I want to have finished writing all of my paperwork for board certification. I have started working on it, so that might be some low-hanging fruit; I will expand my goal to have achieved board certification. I will acknowledge that some of my ability to achieve this goal is dependent on the timing that the association plans. Certification will be a huge milestone and represent the culmination of my learning and establish me as a professional. I haven't lost any of the weight I wanted to lose by this time, but I also haven't gained any, either. I still want to drop another 30 lbs or so. I've managed to stay active throughout this pandemic. I feel fairly healthy. I hope I have a new job in a new city. I hope our new child is here and healthy. I am very excited for all of these changes, even though I am nervous about them, too.

I want to go see a therapist. I keep putting it off.. for years. I self reflect a lot but I know that I need help figuring some trauma out.

with a newly broken arm and a broken wrist, I can't even...

Free of credit card debt. I have had this for 20 years. Debt is the main factor for working a job I don't want to be working.

I am 90% there from last year's statement!! Right now I have more business than I mentally want to be, but it's OK. I am making hay! Next year I want to be doing charity work in recovery. And Friends, sewing, crafting, maybe volleyball again?? Garden, puzzles, AND friends.

By this time next year I want to decide on the time frame for the next job or the time frame for the next apartment. Or the time frame for the next new thing. For once in my life, I'm aching for newness. this is planning to plan.

I would like to get rid of my daily headache. Also declutter and get rid of all the crap I’m carrying around with me; physically and emotionally. Stop the sentimental hoarding. I need to lighten my load and feel free.

Clarify my next chapter with a plan for an updated brand, linked in and focus

I'd like to advance in my role at work. I'm not entirely sure what that looks like yet, but to have more responsibility, to work across units more and to have built structures into work that benefits all involved.

In my personal life I would like to decide once and for all if I/we re ready to adjust our lives and raise a child. It's one of the biggest life changes you can possibly have, time is limited, and I don't want to have any regrets. From a recreational side, I hope to return to a pre-injury level of skill and confidence on my skateboard and surfing. This is a more superficial goal, but gives me one to work towards on the days that PT are less than appealing. And lastly, on the career side, I hope to continue to learn and progress my knowledge outside of my comfort zones as a creative. How can I be a better leader, a better manager, and a more well-rounded analytical thinker. These are all skills that can translate beyond the work environment into being a better human.

Consistent weight, balance, and strength training 3X per week.

Overcome fear and live graciously!

My book 10 Things Your Soul Guides Want You to Know: Especially if You Have Anxiety, Depression, Chronic Pain, or PTSD will be available for sale and selling well, and I will have speaking events both in person and via Zoom related to the book.

I would like to make a meaningful impact on my debt. A few years ago I was super strict and paid off all of my debt but because I had just gone 'cold turkey' and essentially not spent any money, I hadn't made the fundamental changes to my spending habits that I needed to make and I have ended up in debt for a second time. This time around I want to put thought into my purchases and develop spending habits that reflect my values because when I am financially secure, I can support others in my circle to achieve that same status and lift as I climb.

I’d like to ensure that my family and I physically and emotionally survive the rest of the pandemic, and I want to help my son successfully get into a college program that he loves.

I’d like to be happier with my job - whether that means things have normalized at my current job, or I’ve found another one. It’s important because I want to be happy to go to with most of the time…

Last year my answer was to simply survive. I don't think that's different this year. Simply put one foot in front of the other--with as many people as will come along.

I would like to complete one or two significant creative projects. This could be writing a book, writing and assembling a collection of poems or creating a photographic essay or collection. Or it could be something else entirely that I have not thought of yet. I have an increasing - maybe reaching overwhelming by this time - desire to create. I always have. But that desire, along with my creativity has long been suppressed. The reasons are numerous: It makes no money (only true initially), no one wants to hear what you have to say (the voice of my father in my head), you’re not creative (the voice of so many people in my life), Why would you do that (my own self-doubt) and it’s a waste of time (more people in my life). And others I’ve long forgotten in the mists of time. But I am creative. And I create. I photograph (I have since I was 12). I write poetry (I have since I was 16). I create music (I have since I was 12). And I value the things I create. I love my music - even the bad music. I love creating poetry even when it’s not easy or good. And my photographs force me to find - and later remember - the beauty and wonder that surround me and leave me in awe. Even others have valued my work. The only person who has ever read my poetry adores it. My photographs have been chosen for exhibits. My music is my own, but was performed at least once (my bar-mitzvah). And my creativity is the best expression of the true me. It’s not just a window to my soul, it comes from my very soul. As I become more and more an authentic, honest, open and brave version of myself, and work to express myself more honestly, completely and courageously in the world, I can think of no better way to do that than to express my creativity. My work and my life have no creative outlet today. That needs to change. I have listened to others - to society, in fact - devalue creativity for far too long. I am compelled to find that artist I know has always been within me. Or maybe that is me. So I will create. And see what happens.

Looking back at last year's answer, I think I'll keep it -- "living a healthier lifestyle."

By this time me t year, I would like to be debt free and on the road to working for myself. This is important to me because I want to do so many things, not only therapy, but media production, musical 🎶 related stuff, and enjoy life as I wish, without worry for financial need.

A sense of peace. Now I feel that there is so much anxiety & anguish in the world & the people who are most dear to me. I hope for those I love that they make decisions & find solutions that give them hope & security. And, I hope for our endangered world & our country that we can work together to right the wrongs that we see around us. In both cases my individual role is small but I pledge to do whqt I can to support these hopes & goals.

By this time next year I want to be debt free and financially secure. I’ve started on that path this past year: paying off credit card debt; not taking on new debt; refinancing my mortgage to lower the interest rate and reduce the term; and increasing my savings. I’m proud of my progress and motivated to continue.

I would like to have achieved progress in the kabbalot I have chosen for this year. It will mean I have walked the walk, not just talked the talk.

Seems dumb, but I'd feel a lot better without the last five pounds! Wouldn't really qualify as an "achievement"—I know. I would like to "attain" a higher level of tolerance for minor irritations. I would like to contribute to the flourishing of the Death Yenta cohort in Chicago. That might even be deemed an "achievement". I'd like to pare down my material possessions make a real and visible dent, sorting papers and tossing items that have meaning only to me. But isn't that where contemporaries may find treasure troves of correspondence?

Loss 10 pounds. It will make me not only look better but improve all me blood work and health.

It isn't what I want to achieve...I feel that I am in a good space/place...My achievement goal is for my partner's nephew. I want him to have started college. I have decided this year that I would fund him through college. I know that education is one of the most important tools to break away from poverty and I want to give him that chance. He wants to be an accountant -my profession. I have the means to help him. So I would love to get him enrolled and started on a degree program in accounting.

I’d like to feel more comfortable with key astrophysics concepts. I do t want to keep needing to review basics. Why is this important? It’s about acquiring knowledge.

Zero quarrels in the family. Obvious importance

I’d like to have got Rachael New to have agreed to show-run The Mothership series of Resonance. This is important to me because I know that if she does, we will create Resonance and me and question 8 can finally move on!

to be out of bankruptcy (in accordence with the Courting that was 100% in my favour) that is purposely being held up by the opposing creditor. and to be successful in my business and to seek part time employment with a company that will either hire or re-hire me.

I want to fully retire & do some volunteer work. I want (and need) to retire because working isn't fun any more & I know I'm no longer doing my best. I want to volunteer because it feels good, gives me a purpose & being helpful to others is a very Jewish thing - it makes me a better person.

I would like to achieve more positive control over my animal spirit. To not be as reactive. I have been getting better slowly over the past year, and I am more considerate. I feel stronger, but I can do better. I also want to increase my practice to lay tefillin and pray or meditate for a least 10 minutes a day. Perhaps someday I'll get to 3x a day.

I would like for the leap of faith I took in leaving my job to have paid off. I want to be respected in my work life, and to contribute as an equal to public service. I also want to have travelled abroad with my daughter. I fear there are only a few good travel years left, between the pandemic and climate change, and want to make the most of it.

Sadly, this year's goal is the same as last year's goal. Finish a big project for my small company and bring this product to the marketplace. I really want to see the world benefit from my efforts on this new project and, along the way, I would like to receive financial compensation for my efforts.

I'd like to be walking without a limp, taking short hikes and riding my bicycle. I'd like to have taken one interesting new trip.

By this time next year, I'd like to be feeling a sense of relative peace and calm after such a chaotic few years. These have obviously been pretty difficult times and I recognize that I have so much privilege that I'm fairly well shielded from a good amount of hardship. But it doesn't mean the chaos and tragedy of this time doesn't impact me, too. Feeling a sense of calm and peace would go a long way to helping me better take care of myself and my needs.

Lose 20 pounds; Be a better parent; Keep my job - maybe

I want to be stronger, fitter, leaner physically and I want to kick ass at my job. I also want closer friendships. So to make it "one" thing to achieve, I want to improve myself in every area of my life.

Certainly would like my license in couple and family therapy paired with a plan of action for what’s next. Thinking sex therapy certification and new job prospects. I know I’m worth more than what my current job is able to give me, so I want those things to align and to stay interested in my work. Additionally, if I’m shooting for the stars, I would like to see myself with a ~lady lover~. I know a part of myself is on a hiatus and that keeps me from being as happy as I know I can be.

A successful year of leading the on-playa circle, meaning most of the tasks are supported by others and I could leave if I wanted to. I care because a good volunteer leaders cultivates volunteers to be leaders.

I want to have Dogs on the Run published.

I feel like I should copy and paste from last year. I'd like to build up my strength. I lost so much during 2020. And my endurance. I would like to be able to walk around my block (about 3/4 mile). Why is this important? I'm tired of feeling old and infirm. I miss feeling as if I could garden all day. I miss being able to pick up and carry heavy stuff. It's what I've always prided myself on. It has shaken my view of my self that I can't do the things I used to be able to. I realize that growing older means a diminishing of what I can do, but I don't want to lose this much this quickly. However, there is a gap between the desire and the implementation. We shall see.

I’d like to be on track from running the New York Marathon in 2023 with a clear path of finishing requirements by the end of 2022.

I would like to have submitted my materials for consideration for promotion to full professor.

I would like to have incorporated more service and regular volunteering into my life and my family's life.

One thing I'd like to achieve this year is to accept who I am right now instead of striving to be who I was 20 years ago. I want to plan for my current capabilities, not assume I'll be able to do things like I used to and then cancel or fail them.

I hope we can adopt a dog and give them a happy and stable life.

I would like to be officially teaching this time next year. This is a life long dream of mine.

Completed two full-year sessions of Date with Death Club and spent time revising it and widening its outreach.

Be there for my parents in any way that positively contributed to their highest good and greatest joy .

I hope my mom is healthy and I hope My elbow is normal

I would like to get a permanent job and my residency. It would help me consolidate my career and my chances of becoming a professor. I would also like to be working on my conversion and perhaps to be close from it.

I would like to be presenting to organizations and systems on fetal alcohol spectrum disorder and be in process establishing an FASD home for boys 18-24. This is important to me because this is an invisible disability 2 and half times greater in population to autism and it is unknown and unsupported.

I'd like to be living a more balanced life. By that I mean that I want to be working fewer hours, taking care of myself consistently, and doing more of the things that fill my cup. I'm tired of being tired and putting off the things that bring me joy for a some imaginary future moment when it will be 'easier' to do so. I aim to do this by changing jobs (hopefully in the next couple of months), asking for the reduced hours that I want and using that time to coach and do happy things like sing, garden, and craft.

I’d like to have written something of value, either the first draft of a novel or a collection of short stories. Some of the most profound moments of my life happened when reading a book, when someone has transmitted a thought so beautifully that I feel as if a bolt of lightning went through my body. I’d love to be able to do that for someone else. I believe that has true value and I can do it in addition to my current job.

Earn $150,000 by 9/11 of 2022 in business. It's important because I know I can - and I will. I've worked on my mindset to reduce self-limiting beliefs and raise my self-worth. I diminish the stories that no longer serve me and show up for my business in a way that aligns with my authentic code: LUXURY, SECURITY, CREATING, WELLNESS & SPIRITUAL GROWTH. I am what a wealthy woman looks like.

On a personal level, I hope that the problem with my hands ( arthritis) will not hamper my ability to enjoy the piano, but if it does worsen that I will reframe my experience and use the extra time to read more. Of course, I hope to still be taking Ziggy, my therapy dog for visits with people who derive benefits from time spent with us.

Honestly, I wish I didn't view this is an achievement, but my knee jerk response to this question is a want a boyfriend. The pandemic was very, very lonely. And I'm ready. I think.

I would like to be ordained as a Rabbi by this time next year. This is something that I've been working for for a few years now, and it's important to me because I want to serve the Jewish community here in Northern Colorado even better and more than I am now. I feel that having the ordination and title of Rabbi will lend more credibility to my endeavors to do this. I also have been working on it for a few years, as I wrote above, and it will be wonderful to reach this goal just for its own sake.

I mostly want to be better at French, but I'd love to spend less time thinking about Carlos and other crap. Hooray for Evelyn getting rid of him!

Running a half marathon during next year when I turn 50! Why? I want to achieve something I haven’t done before for my 50th.

By this time next year, I would like to have established an ongoing consulting business, with a variety of clients/projects under my belt. This is important to me because meaningful work gives me a sense of purpose and achievement that makes me feel like I have value in the world (and I don't believe anyone will hire me for a permanent job at this point in my life). It's more about what I can accomplish than what I can earn. To that end, even pro bono/volunteer projects would count towards this goal.

It hit me hard how far off the mark I was in last years hopes for the year ahead. This year I'm far more cautious and perhaps more realistic in my goals. There are two major objectives I'm working to achieve. The first is to have a FIRST draft of the total rework of my novel. The second is to stay on task with a more robust exercise and strength training regime in order to build back stronger bones. This will require discipline and total commitment, something I know I'm capable of - if I want it badly enough.

I would like to have our main floor mostly renovated and have completed convocation in Fredericton, NB and saved enough for the family to take a Christmas vacation. This is important because we have been working so hard at all the little pieces it would be nice to enjoy all our hard work.

By next year this time I want to have created a rhythm in my life that honors my body and mind and relationships. I want to limit the energy I expend on my work-life to what is needed to do the job respectfully but without perfectionism or martyrdom. I want to have space to welcome new thoughts and activities and relationships into my life.

A bit of a mercenary answer for this one. I want to have £10,000 in easily accessible savings. This is important for its own sake, it is "Running Away" money.

I'd just like to keep focusing and increase focus on my health. It's a day to day thing: Limit sugar, eat less quantity, exercise more. I don't want to get diabetes even though I am 25% more likely due to genetics, so I have to watch my diet and get my exercise to keep it from happening. Why? Because I don't want to have to monitor my blood sugar constantly, watch every morsel, eat on schedule, worry my family, take expensive meds and all the rest that goes with it.

I want to be in a relationship where I am getting the love I deserve and giving the love I want to be dishing out. Whether that's with my current partner, or if I need to move on.

I’d like to feel I’ve made a real contribution by teaching in a variety of venues tutoring, training on advocacy and who knows what else

I think I would like to see if I can achieve my personal financial goals and start to build towards a future to help my children get to the next level of success in life.

Achieve my current goals of advocacy and paying forward for my NDPH and therapeutic use of psychedelics. Keep my vision alive and flexible.

Last year I wrote that I would like to achieve greater satisfaction in my work through a new position, a new institution, or a new project. I DID get the new project! And that has actually added some more satisfaction to my work for sure. That said, I'm still hoping for even MORE next year in a new position, primarily so I can experience true collaboration. I also wish to achieve fewer health concerns next year. Hysterectomy aside, I would love a nice break. I say "achieve" because I also want to strive for reduced health/illness focus on a psychological level. Finally (yes, I'm going to say it)--125 lbs or less by 9/11/22 LOL.

I hope I will continue to grow and improve in a meaningful way. I need to rebuild my life since my best friend Joanie and my daughter Liz both moved away. Even though I still talk to them, it will no longer be just meeting up for lunch or going to the museum of art or anything like that. I hope the pandemic will be more under control so I can do some volunteer work. I also hope to work on my relationship with my husband so we can continue to be honest with each other and accept our differences with love and graciousness.

Stay in good physical fitness. It helps me feel more alive and enjoy life.

I would like to make some new friends as a retiree, while living temporarily in a new city.

Haha. Lose weight. Been saying that for 15 years but it only gets worse. Need to stay around and healthy for family, especially Jared and Sandi. Would be impossible for Sandi to care for Jared without me. And he can’t go to a group home. Hope I have a better answer next year.

I have often said be healthier, or be more out of debt in the past to this. I have been silent last year on this, hoping instead for survival and simple life. I’m not sure this year those things matter other than simply this. This year I will unabashedly Pursue my own happiness. I will go unafraid into the depth of my soul and find what fulfills my child self, my adult self, and I will give the anger within succor and understanding. This year I will walk the earth whole and unafraid and I will remove obstacles to this with impunity. This year I will promote the cause of happiness and contentment with my souls force. For this year everyone needs what I pursue.

I would like to be able to ride my bike for ten miles again. I had hip replacement surgery and am much weaker. Can’t ride very far before I get dizzy and have to turn back. Last year, was riding ten miles with no problem.

I'd like to move on from my current job. As grateful as I am for the last seven years, being a donations associate has become too stressful. It's become a place where if I make a mistake, the wrong person could magnify it 10x. And trouble could follow. I'm tired of having to justify my existence whenever anyone else in the organization asks, "we have a call center?!".

Id like to have sense of peace and deep wellness with my relationship with covid and family. And, how that relates to world peace on earth....

All of my answers this year seem to be colored by the pandemic. By this time next year, my husband will have joined me in retirement. Our plan has always been to do a lot of traveling, both across this country (including visiting our 2 sons in L.A.) and around the world (including traveling with my nomadic sister and brother-in-law). I hope we are well into that process by this time next year, but whether or not we are will depend as much on the status of the pandemic as on our own planning.

I would like to achieve having a reasonably balanced job where I can get home on time and leave work at work, and be compensated well. I want to be able to be a mom, stepmom, wife and professional. It has been really hard to find a job that doesn’t require either a huge amount of hours or after work and where I feel part of a team.

I'll skip the part re: "sell one art". I've pontificated on that one enough, but I've cleared a lot of hurdles as to the whats and hows and have been, well, PROLIFIC lately so I think odds are good on this little conspicuously dangling thread. I want to be working full time by the end of the year. A full-time remote job would be good, a manageable corpus of overlapping contract gigs and "hustles" would possibly be better. I've had more than enough time to lick my wounds, and I've come a long way since when I first bailed from the blatantly self-destructive treadmill I found myself stuck on. I got a full year of keeping my phone on mute 24/7. My sleep schedule isn't great, but in a relative sense it's ****ing incredible. I need the structure, I need the routine, I need the cash, I need to not fall asleep at the wheel and let my entire career stall out abruptly. My current gig has SIGNIFICANT downsides but one of the bittersweet upsides is the lack of support that makes me twitchy is synonymous with the lack of supervision that allows an extreme amount of flexibility. In different circumstances, my meltdown in July would have gotten me fired, in this one I just gave the company a welcome boost to the bottom line by failing to bill appropriately. This gig has a shelf life, and my current system of negligible obligations isn't *that* much more sustainable than my MO of 24/7 meat grinders. I am no longer attaching my sense of self-worth to my employment, which is great, as long as I can still afford rent somewhere I can at least make a reasonable attempt to thrive.

I would like to write a g*d d*mn book that has taken years!!! I want to get the ideas out of my head :)

Complete all incompletions. This is important at my age since, given everything, my future feels unknowable.

I would like to have a thriving micro greens business. This is important to me because then I’d be a business owner and on my path to Finacial freedom! I would be in charge of my time and work for myself, and that’s freedom!

Have a car, fix the boat up more. The boat is my home and lost my car to a hurricane 2 years ago.

A successful transition to retirement. Not quite sure what "successful" will mean, but (with some anxiety) I look forward to finding out!

I'd like to be back to writing regularly, and be signed with a new literary agent.

I want to start the process of adopting. Our goal is to start next spring, so fingers crossed!!

By next year, I would like to achieve a bit more stability in my life. I want to try to focus more on my personal life and developing personal relationships. I have noticed that I define myself so much by my work. It’s a big part of who I am, but it shouldn’t be as all-encompassing as it currently is.

I want to be completely off alcohol and cigarettes. And I want a solid diagnosis for my ongoing GI issues. I need to do the first, first, and then it will be easier to see what's damage im doing myself and whats illness. I'm done feeling shitty and not taking care of myself. I've worked hard to get my mental health in line over the past year and it feels great -- I'm hoping the newfound stability can help me keep taking steps forward and start dealing with my physical health issues as well.

I would like to have peace of mind and be in a more stable snd settled place in my life

I want to have a intermediate level of Hebrew. I have been in Israel for over a year now and not knowing Hebrew has made my life more diffucult than it has to me. I want to be able to go to the doctor on my own, read a menu, ask directions, meet new people. Be more independent.

Convert to Judaism finally, and/or make friends to do things with.

I would absolutely like to have a new job, and hopefully have established my Birth business as well. These are important to me for the well-being of my family financially, and for the ability to do a job I love and help people.

I would like to have my witch's garden established and healthy by this time next year. It is important to me because it is a symbol of embracing a more compassionate self and actively learning the art of using herbs with intention to act on that compassion.

In my professional life, I want to be more focused and streamlined. Right now I have the current roles- Head Mindset Coach for SOS, private therapist for clients, Lead Interview Mentor for Crimson, workshops for Laine... My days are diverse which I love but I also feel all over the place a lot juggling clients, appointments, etc.

I’d like to get my UK or Canadian registration and be working overseas. If the borders have opened then I’d also like to have travelled, but I have less high hopes of that happening at the moment. It’s important to me because I want to see the world and live in places different to where I grew up. I want to work and learn all the differences in in practice and to work out the best of each. I want to absorb all the knowledge there is for me in those new places. I don’t want to be stuck.

I would like to have finished my novel and to be writing more stories. The novel has been in progress for too long already.

I want to have a new job. A better job in which I'm getting closer to my career goals and am more respected, while also being much better compensated so that I can begin to move forward in my life. I feel by this time next year I could be living an entirely different life by simply changing where I work and who I work for, and I'm excited to see that change.

By this time next year, I'd like to have hosted a housewarming party. This would mean that adults and kids are all vaccinated, our house has been made into enough of a "home" that I feel it's ready for proper hosting, and Covid is under control enough that everyone agrees an indoor party without masks is safe. I don't know if I'd call this so much an "achievement" as just a "milestone," but I'm really hoping it's possible and that we don't just skip past the concept of a housewarming.

I would like to achieve a paid off house and more progress with our family in a positive, blended way

A lot of things are swirling around in my head right now . . . it is tempting to list things here that I know (barring Covid ruination) will happen, so I am set up for success . . . like "I would like to have had my first European travel experience under my belt." So, I won't let myself off the hook. My boys will both be officially "launched" into adulthood a year from now. I'm single(ish), I'm 50, with probably 20 more years of my job ahead of me, menopause coming . . . so. WTF do I do next? I'd like to think about what I want, as a focus and goal, for the next stage of my life (so, a year from now, I'd like to have that vision somewhat sorted out, a game plan): do I want to write a book? record music? plan out a couple years of international travel? get deeply involved in a charity organization? get some new education or certification? have some kind of physical goal like an epic walk or hike or something? buy property? become a master in some international cuisine? do all the national forests? what, heather, what? WHAT DO YOU WANT? ("what is it you plan to do with this one wild and precious life?" - Mary Oliver)

As I had hoped when I answered this question last year, I have been learning to sew - teaching myself. I have made a few clothing items, but I'd like to be a lot more competent, so this is what I will say for my desired achievement for this time next year.

I would like to have finished my book first draft and have it submitted to publishers.

Ooh this year I really don't know. I feel very on track and don't even feel the need to set a goal (how unlike me!). This time next year I will have had to make the decision whether to stay or go home. From here it feels like I barely have any time left, so I wonder if it will feel like a whole twelve months until my visa expires...... who knows, time is timey-whimey. In response to last year's answer about being fitter, I can now run 6km!

I would like to find a boyfriend this year! Now that T is old enough for me to leave alone, I'd love to find someone to share adult time with once again.

I'd like to finish a complex sweater pattern I'm working on and continue to improve my crochet skills. This is important because I love the art of crochet and want to prove to myself that I can still learn and grow.

I have become accustomed to not really setting goals since I retired. We are spending a lot more time with our grandchildren, and now there are three. I would like to be more intentional about how we spend their visits vs them showing up and we all wonder what to do, or they make requests too late in the visit for us to do them. Their books, toys, and art supplies are scattered about, and I would like to pull them into cohesive order for easy access. I would like a "menu" of activities for them to choose from at the start of the visit or even before. A long list of all the options I recently made was a good start; more ideas have come up since then. I can tailor the menu to each visit, depending on the day, time of day, and length of stay. Pretty trivial in the larger scheme of life, but it is important to help ensure that their time with us is quality time, not merely marking time until departure. (FYI It's not all activities, We work in plenty of cuddling time too!)

Just like I wrote last year, my hope is that a year from now I would’ve spent more time out of the home and interacting with friends and family.

Be settled and happy in Bulgaria with a job that I enjoy and a renovation project in the countryside. I want to to continue my current free and easy lifestyle but then in a country closer to my family and friends and without having to deal with an authoritarian government.

I’d like to build my resume for Nutrition.

Well, the urgency has been and continues to be getting a permanent job with an organization/company with a powerful mission that offers growth opportunities and great people to work with each day. I really hope I will be thriving in a position, several months, in this time next year.

I want to have sold this house and moved into a smaller home base. I want to have a plan for living 1/4 or more of the year outside this country. I want to travel! I want Scott and I to be living our dream and having a great life.

I would like to move to Canada. There's a school there that wants me, and I want to work at that school so badly, and my partner is up in Canada, and I don't want to live in the US anymore. It feels like such a drain on me anymore. I'm ready to go. I'm ready to feel like I have a home. It's not here, I know that much. And I want that daily access to my partner-- living away from someone you love so much is killer.

Definition and clarity of my next life chapter. Meaningful relationships and meaningful actions to heal the earth and all living things.

Exercise more so I can be strong enough to play with future grandkids and also have stamina when we travel.

$30K/month consistently. To break family cycles and build wealth.

I want to be more religions observant because I want my future children to have a strong religious home when they come into this world.

I want to be part of a volunteer community. I have found so much enrichment in just the two times I've delivered Mutual Aid groceries, it's pushed me out of my comfort zone in a positive direction. Making a home means making community with others, and I would like to understand better how I fit into service communities by next year.

I hate looking at last year’s answer and seeing I didn’t achieve it. It means I don’t have to change my goal. But it also means I failed. I hope to be able to other things as well. The retreat would help me write this piece. Chasing money would get me a recording. Taking a nice long trip away from it all would be truly rewarding for me and the marriage. Lots of possibles.

I would like to find a more fulfilling happier job.

I want to be in grad school! I’ve decided to get a masters in teaching. This fall I’ll start prerequisite classes, and I want to start the program by summer 2022! I also want to be secure in my finances.

I’d like to add a component of religious life and charitable work to balance my professional and family life. Work on both the interior and exterior…not just the apparent.

Move away from the adulterer who dumped me like a bag full of garbage. No sorry, so nothing, just on to his women.

I would like to find a romantic partner. I am tired of going through life solo and want someone to share the next 30 years with me.

I would like to finally achieve my weight loss goals by being well under 100 Kg by this time next year. I do not want to stay overweight as it feels like an additional disability on top of the one I already have. Fitter and slimmer by sixty in order to meet old age head on is the aim!

Have a freelance person in my business that can help me with my finances. It s something that I don’t like to do and therefor postpone and mess up.

I want to be respected and trusted by my coworkers, employers, and the community in my new role, not just out of faith I'll do well, but because they appreciate my work. I would love if my partner's and my dogs were acclimated enough to each other to spend time around each other and to play together safely. I want to have built a strong sense of community and friendship here in my new city.

I want to travel again. I sat at home for a solid year- I rarely could go out to dinner, even when I was vaxxed, because of concerns with my bf's family. I realize I had to, but that's so far from my usual lifestyle it started to hurt. I debated leaving him a few times over it. We talked it out for a good long while, since towards the end we were also both quarantining harder than the family members we were trying to protect. I have flights to the Virgin Islands booked for later this year, so that bodes well.

My back being 100% better

I’d like to have graduated from university with a 2:1. I’m due to finish my final module for my degree in 3 weeks. I’ve been studying on degree path since the beginning of 2017, and I’d love to see all my time and work result in an overall grade classification I can be happy with. I dropped out of university the first time, and this feels like a way to make it up to myself.

I want to come to terms with the realities of my aging and fully accept where I am now. This is important to me, because I feel that if I can embrace it, I will be far happier with my life in the present.

Still thinking about getting my house in shape, as well as my health. I would also like to get sorted with my job, and think more about retirement. Once again, I am also thinking about drawing and writing, and reading more. I think if I get away from my job, I might be able to break away from the internet. We'll see.

I want to go travel for 9 months. I'm getting older and won't be able to do this again. We tried to do it this year, but because of the pandemic we had to shelve all our plans. We've got our whole life in storage and living in a rented, furnished apartment. Waiting for the moment that it would be truly safe to travel again.

I’d like to retire from my job, including cleaning out years of paper from my office. I’m open to letting this slip into the following months, but life is short so I hope to not drag it out too long. My office is a sentimental repository of my life’s work, so kind of hard to work through the weeding out of stuff, but stuff is all it is and I don’t want to squander my precious retirement time stuck in the past.

By this time next year I want to have achieved my giur. I didn't find a rabbi yet. But somehow I want to achieve it while I'm 36.

I would love to get something, no matter how small, published. I want to share my words with the world. Maybe they can help.

Hmmm *sigh* while usually I would pick something professional, I feel I have achieved so much and, for the first time likely ever, don’t have an exact timeline and plan of what and where to grow next. Professionally, I’d like to feel less burnt out. This is important to me because I love my work and want to be present and well resourced for clients and practicing in a way that will sustain a long career. Of course, I also want to suffer less and experience more joy and balance personally and professionally. Most importantly, I hope my relationship is in a much better place. Things feel difficult and conflictual and disconnected now and they have for months; I so badly hope they feel much better this time next year. This is important to me because choosing and building a life with my partner feels fundamental to the satisfaction and course of my life and I hope that we can both feel better supported and loved.

Hmm, trying to be clear about goals and timelines and to live life fully .. especially in this strange time of covid. So easy to be complacent about life and not really know when the curtains might come down. So, .. I would love to have achieved .... 1) have bought a Jimney 2) bought a plot 3) built a Tiny Living Container home.............. and I 'd like most importantly of all to have seen my son. I would also like to have re-opened my business... and just be in a frame of mind of "enjoy life".

To sit before a piano with some music and lose myself. I've spent so much time in this life thinking, now I wish to purely feel.

I would like to explore more of Ecuador as it has been in lockdown just about since I got here and it is a beautiful country! I also want to advance and explore my spirituality!

I need to weed out all the unnecessary stuff I brought to the NY apartment. In Florida I want to redo my bathroom and in addition, I want to get more involved with my new community. This will be in anticipation of making that permanent move to Florida. I still enjoy being in NY during the warm weather and will continue to keep both places as long as my finances allow.

Finish something to the point that others can gain pleasure and/or enlightenment--or at least a worthwhile few minutes of distraction from it.

start writing my book Keep writing important information down and to share with the family. Write a little every day

I'm a big-picture thinker - an iNtuitive on the Myers-Briggs or in corporate speak, I subscribe to the B-HAG (Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal) theory. Lately, my focus is to be in a love vibration as much as possible. This means resonating or feeling love even in challenging situations.

PolPas established! I am so pasionate about changing Indonesia. doing so woould give this benefit.

Well, I didn't do the main thing that I wanted to accomplish last year, have a great relationship with Amy. We got better and then regressed, though certainly not as bad as 2 years ago. I feel very separate from Amy at the moment. Lets try weighing 185lbs. This has been a goal for several years now. Just really hard to achieve. I have used the motivation of Weight Watchers in the past and will have to use it again. I know from past experience that I just feel better and more lively weighing that much. Of course I would like to have a better relationship with Amy but that is still a work in progress.

By this time next year, I want to have visited the Kruger National Park (four hours from my home) at least five times. I want to sit in my car under a baobab tree, drinking tea from a flask whilst I watch elephants stroll down to the river. I go to Kruger at least five times a year. It fixes my head, grounds me, busts all my stress, and reminds me of my place in the world and on the planet. Thanks for asking x a

I would like to complete and close my sister's estate. I don't have to sort all the stuff in my basement - that can wait. I don't want her gone too soon. I just want all the legal/money issues to be settled. They weren't part of knowing her, the stuff was.

I want to be able to read Hebrew. I hate needing the transliterations, it makes me feel like even less of a Jew than I already am, which is pretty much zero Jew as it stands.

ok... 2 things. Personally, I would like to shed this obesity issue once and for all. I want to be healthy and active and the weight is slowing me down physically and mentally. I know what I need to do. I need to just do it. I would also like to be in the process of moving out of this house, if not moved.

One thing? I would like to clean out so much of my house and do that by stitching up the things that I have started or stashed. It is important because I don't want to leave my kids a bunch of stuff that they are not interested in. It is important because it is important to me and it is time that what is important to me gets bumped to the head of the line

By this time next year I hope to have defended my dissertation. I'm finishing my PhD in memory of my daughter. She was supposed to be the first doctor in the family.

I'd like to continue to work on my self compassion. Even just now, I got mad at myself for doing something that in reality isn't even "bad" or "wrong." I have a really difficult time being kind to myself, and I know logically how important kind self talk is, but I struggle with it on an emotional level. I hope I'm still actively being kinder to myself, including continuing to practice meditations on self love, writing my daily reasons I love myself, trying to treat my current and past self like I would a friend, and finding other ways to connect compassionately to myself. Something tied to this to continue to unpack is my desire for comparison to others. How can I simply live my life as the best version of myself and not compare myself to anyone?

I want to continue my shoulder strength progress so I can continue with baseball with little or no restrictions, and I need to improve my shoulder strength for basketball, as I can only shoot up to 15 ft away from the basket, and I need to get to 20 ft to be able to compete. I also want to start vacationing again, as we have been limited so far, and I want to travel with my wife and have some fun again...

The same last year - new home at the countryside with lots of trees, eating what i plant, drawing in the nature, with my cats and new family. And with the guy i love. Getting healthy and thinner.

I would like to finish the crochet project I am working on. In the grand scheme of the world it is not terribly important whether I finish it or not but so often with craft projects I begin and never finish and then end up feeling guilty. So if I could complete what is so far the most complicated crochet pattern I’ve worked on I think the sense of accomplishment would be a big boost to my morale. Plus it’s a great winter time project to keep my spirits up during the dark months.

Adjust to being a widower. It is my new lifestyle.

First of all, in my work, I would like to get really good at the visceral work and learn better how to integrate that knowledge into every session. Even more important to me is that I want to have created my ethics series and not only get them certified but start teaching them at PCA. I am hoping that I can get to NY twice so that I can celebrate not only Mama's 90th birthday but also M&P's 70th anniversary. I would like to make a new friend. I signed up for a guided tour of Yellowstone via my NMT alumni association, and that is something I also hope to have "accomplished" -- and hope dearly that the pandemic doesn't kill off that plan.

Become more consistent with my spiritual, mental, and physical health habits. I don't want to keep going through life struggling intermittently with basic things, which then make everything else a struggle as well.

I achieved two of my goals from last year: #1 - FINISHED first draft of Vashti's Daughter February 23! The story is being published on-line for now - will start the query process once again, so hoping that this time NEXT year it WILL be a "real" published book. #2 - am working full time at a mostly enjoyable job with decent pay with Anderson Merchandisers in Walmart. Raise to follow?

My financial situation should be stable. It is important to me because I want to be relaxed about it

I want to have painted and hung pictures in our house, or i want to be moving. I don’t like feeling like I’m in limbo it’s unsettling. Maybe i need to work on myself to do these things instead of feeling like i need permission.

Feeling I have achieved a good work life health balance by: -feeling I am a good mother -feeling my relationship with my husband is good -continuing to train and be fit -continuing to achieve my work cpd plans of tcvm & ect It is important for a sense of fullfillment and progression and not feleinv continuously that there is always something not right or still needing doing for which I have no time or energy or am not up to.

I'd like to have a clutter-free apartment. My condo unit isn't that small, but I have too much stuff in it, so it feels crowded. I see that I wrote this last year, as well, along with getting out of debt. I was able to pay off all my student loans last November, because received hazard pay for a few months due to COVID.

Lose weight because I've become one fat fucko.

To travel more, it keeps coming up but it's one thing I really want to do more To get get back into my writing or continue working on my photography . I feel like I'm a creative person but I don't know what to do with it.

I'd like to weigh 200 pounds or less and have an A1C of 6.1 or less. Those things will contribute to my having better health. I did great this year for a while and I want to get back to it.

I want to have passed my MA — preferably with a Merit or above. Why does it even matter? It more than likely isn't going to meaningfully transform my life? But I've put a lot into it over the last year and it was something I never believed I could do. I still have some resentment about the 2:2 I got at undergrad, so actually nailing this would mean so much to me.

I would like to improve my physical strength, use my knee and shoulder comfortably. Be in the pool regularly and be riding a bike. Develop balance and anti fall skills to be able to take walks safely.