When September 2023 rolls around and you receive your answers to your 10Q questions, how do you think you'll feel? What do you think/hope might be different about your life and where you're at as a result of thinking about and answering these questions?

Reading others' answers inspires me! I'll feel proud of the changes I've made from 2022 to 2023. And of my humanness in the best possible way.

Again it feels like life is so unpredictable any more. I just don't know. I do think my personal life is in a much better place than it was. I'm more intentional, aware and stable then probably ever in my life... but i'm less social, and socially adept. more anxious. And certainly the world is in a much-much worse place. So I hope I continue the trend and have better mastery of myself that i can better handle, and maybe resist the greater entropy at hand

Clarity on making a difference

I think I'll feel proud of the progress I have made. I think seeing my responses will inspire me to continue to reach for my goals.

I always say different and better but it never happens. This time I'm making it true. So more income. Better relationship with Chipmunk. More selflove that gets me healthy and in shape.

I feel like right now I am grasping how achingly hard it all is — relationships. clean house. warming planet. Life plans. Metal work. Maga ill-educated, ill-willed bad faith conservatives. But at least I feel angry and ready for the fight. That is a good feeling. I hope I can move to a place by sept 2023 where my mental health doesn’t suffer just by virtue of awful oppressive state politics and right-by-might bully mentality. I would like to give myself that gift.

I think I will feel I am moving in the right direction particularly in that one last job and in accepting myself and my grieving process.

Amused. I hope I am amused that I set such low expectations for myself because I achieved them and surpassed them. I hope I am content with who I was and who I am. I hope I have helped others feel similarly, especially my husband and children. I hope I love being in my skin ... being me.

I think I might be surprised at how much growth there has been since last year. Reflecting on my previous answers and the questions show me that I am doing the work to improve myself.

I think I might be the same hot mess I feel like today, but maybe I will be also proud of myself for prioritizing my health, maintaining my recent weight loss (50 pounds! yes!) and showing up for my family, friends, and colleagues in meaningful and important ways. It will have been a good year, on balance.

relieved that i survived another year with no catastrophic maladies, and managing new routines with spouse retiring soon.

Future me, regardless of what on this list has gone this way or not, know that I love you, support you, am proud of you, and believe in you. You don't have to have solved it all. You don't have to have excelled or 'succeeded'. You are amazing. You are valuable wherever you're at in your mental health changes. You are fighting hard uphill and it's been like that for so, so long, so wherever you are, know that you are incredible. You're loved and appreciated. How do I think I'll feel? Wiser. More stable and settled in my life stage. More connected and rooted into the community I've chosen (else clear on where and what and how I need to be instead, though I doubt it'll come to that kind of thing without love or purpose being found elsewhere and making me move). More mature. More confident. More settled in myself, whether I feel I've 'got it together' or not. More myself in general, doing the things that I enjoy and fucking the rest. What do I think/hope might be different thanks to doing these 10Q's? More simplicity and clarity in my choices. More drive and more direction towards being good to myself, which includes stopping all the fighting, resting without guilt when I need to, encouraging myself out of the house more to do what I like, and perhaps even knowing what I like more in the first place.

I predict that I will feel relieved at finishing my Masters thesis, happy to have been married for almost a year, and I hope that I feel less frantic and frazzled. I hope that I can continue to reflect on a regular basis, and find some calmness/peace from yoga or similar? I need to carve out time for just me. I think I'll still be teaching, though - I am so much happier with it as a career now.

I wish for the manifestation of everything that I have written about and have been dreaming so long about. On top of that I want to be living by the beach in my dream house, which is cosy, warm, scandinavian design and of modern interior. I want to have built a strong, loving, comforting and supporting community of likeminded people that have similar anticipations and ideals. I pray for my family and myself to be happy, healthy and abundant in any shape or form. I know we and I deserve it because we give our best and more for this world every single day. May the world and I live in peace, harmony, selfawareness and practise loving selfcare and philanthrophy.

I pray to the universe that the world is moving toward peace and away from authoritarianism.

I hope I feel proud of wherever I’m at, and still hopeful for the future.

I will be so excited To see the progress I’ve made Finally w the bitch behind me and the kids

Goodness gracious. I think I'll remember feeling so confused and lost. Being home in CT is hard. My mom better be kicking it with me and / or going to see her soon. Please please please please mom. Make it through this Chemo. I think Sept 2023 will be calmer, more organized. Less of life upside down. I hope so. <3

I hope I am doing meaningful work and learned how to play the harmonica

I plan on having a good year and staying in good health

No different. A Year older. I do not know.

At the moment I feel that in 5783 I’ll make strides with my personal, spiritual longings this year as well as with my desire to be more engaged with supporting our world. I long to know that this is true next September, so here’s hoping.

I’m hoping that many of my experiences (the negative ones) and my hang-ups and worries will feel alien to me and like something I’ve left behind a long time ago. Although I’m pretty sure this is unlikely. I read some of the 10Q-Answers I gave years ago and was surprised - in a sad way - how much I have not been able to achieve certain things I’ve been meaning to do for a long time and how my weaknesses followed me and tripped me up in similar ways throughout all these years and that I haven’t been able to shake them off. I hope that I will be able to look at these “bad sides” of my character with love and understanding, that I will be more generous with my short-comings next year. Focusing more on my spiritual and personal and professional achievements (actually just all of them) would help and listing what extraordinarily enriching experiences I had here is definitely helpful when trying to closely examine these often overlooked milestones.

Grateful for this process and taking the time to see and feel the accomplishment. I think/hope that I will be stronger physically and mentally, and that I have created more wealth in my life both financially and relationships; I think CMMT will be growing and my relationship with Christy growing and succeeding in new ways. I hope that Rhett is on his own thriving and finding his way to share his talents in the world.

I hope I feel like I have in past years - amazed at how far Ive come while recognizing how much I need to still do. :)

My answers from 2021 were not too surprising. I don’t anticipate that next year will be different in any critical ways. Iterative change. Turn and return!!!

I hope I'm in a better place next year than I am now, in terms of (mental) health and clarity about future, whether that means recovery of learning to live with a chronic illness and still make the most out of the situation. I hope I will look back at a year well spent, whether that's having done volunteer work, spent more time with family, or just focused on myself and joy.

I hope I'll have achieved at least some of the goals I had in mind and will be more in peace with myself.

I wish I could believe it will be different and better but I honestly struggle to be hopeful at all. Short of divine intervention, I don’t see much will change. Sorry again.

When September 2023 rolls around I hope to feel like I can appreciate the little things whether I achieve my goals or not, to understand that in a year I made progress in the right direction. Hopefully, in a year from now my mindset will be in a healthier spot, be physically better, and working hard in my career and a side hustle.

I tell Susi almost everyday how happy I am. Genuinely happy. I feel fortunate to have such a stupendous partner to build this life with. I feel fortunate for the place I am and that I am getting better at amplifying the positive voices. I think I am on the right track. I think I am asking the right questions and I can see myself growing each year. So I look forward to reading these next year because I feel good about the things I have written. I am both in control of many aspects of my life and learning to be more flexible in some other regards (it is still definitely a work in progress there).

I hope that patience and kindness have one out, and that I have clarity on some key unknowns.

I worry that I’ll feel exactly the same. I hope that I won’t. I hope that I can take a chance and do something scary.

I hope to ne much more confident and active Maybe even weigh less But for sure be more fit Id like to inspire and support others Staying focused and in the present !

Last year, I talked about how I was languishing, and I felt pessimistic and unsettled. I don’t feel that way now. I don’t know that I always pursue that which sparks joy, but I feel good about who I am and where I am. Next year, I hope to be in a place similar to now, maybe with some emphasis on gratitude and self care. We only get one shot at this life, and I want to make the most of it. I don’t want to live like I have the past two years.

How do I think I’ll feel a year from now? I think that with no particular effort, a year from now I could be a little less spry and a little more easily annoyed. With effort, I hope I will feel more a part of some things, new home, new family connections and friends. I hope I will have improved my ability to raise my own spirits.

I hope I’ll be excited because I’ll have made progress with my children’s book outline! We shall have to wait and see! I do hope that this time next year I’ll have more free time to myself and that my children will have appropriate childcare and/or activities in place for them to enjoy more autonomy. Again, we’ll have to see!

I think I will feel freer and more self compassionate.

I think I will feel better than I do today, but will definitely not be surprised. I am hopeful to be happy and content. I hope that at this time next year my family will continue to grow and shine within each other. I hope that by answering these questions, I will achieve goals set for myself and my family. I hope we are happy and blessed to remain safe and healthy.

In many ways, I will be better. In others, I will have relapsed or struggled. I don’t want to have that expectation (see, letting go already!) that everything should, must, has to be better. Some things will be definitely forward progress, far and wide. Others will be more shallow, small, or even not at all with, and this is the part I hope will not happen, some fallbacks.

 My life will be different in one way, and it is that I will have more certainty about what I am doing, and my finances in a better shape (not that they are bad, just in better shape!) 
And talking about shape… I do want to work on my health more this year. It has been a challenge, but with so many good results!
 I am looking forward to what "Lucas Version 5783" will hand out to "Lucas Version 5784"!

I think i will feel grateful for this glimpse of my past and annoyance that I have not overcome some of my negative habits and thoughts. i hope to be more active when I get the apartment. I hope to be able to say I had a fruitful summer sailing with Ron. I hope my church still exists as a testament to God's commandment to love others as ourselves. I hope I have been able to change my way of interacting with my family in order to inspire faith instead of supply advice.

I’ll see my confusion, shadows of despair and pessimism, a cynical outlook. It certainly reflects this past year. Of course, what I would hope to feel are the opposites of these. With my last parent gone, her estate settled, my spirit will feel freer to explore and experiment. Maybe I’ll find a direction and the focus to make a contribution that matters.

I think I will have forgotten much, if not all, of what I wrote. That's always been a key point about writing for me--to remove the thoughts and worries from my body and commit them to paper (or a computer) instead. I know that things in my life will be very different in some major ways--I'm 21 weeks pregnant now and whatever happens for good or ill (God willing, all will be well), there will be a lot to cope with. I'm hoping revisiting these answers next year will give me perspective and courage.

I hope I’ll be reminded that this time was a turning point for me and my family following a really hard few years. I hope I’ll be reminded of the strength I developed during that hard time and feel proud of it, not resentful about the challenges. I hope I will have made peace with the hard time by the time I read these next year.

I would like to feel that I have delved more deeply into understanding what I explore in each of these 10 days of responding to questions. I want to be gentle on myself and not judge if I haven’t achieved the state of being I am seeking. And be able to take pride in simply staying true to the process of discovery. This would be what I’d advise anyone who I’m coaching. So, “doctor, heal thyself” will be my mantra.

If all goes according to plan I'll have moved across the country, gotten married, and be settling into a new life. The thought is slightly terrifying and exhilarating at the same time.

This year for the first time I still felt like many of my answers from last year are still relevant. I hope that next year I have grown so much that when I look back these answers no longer have meaning.

As always, I hope I will be able to reflect back on my previous answers and feel like I have grown from where I am today. But more specifically, I hope that I will actually feel settled and confident in the direction my life is taking. I have finally achieved a goal five years in the making, so I have some trepidation about how I will end up feeling after actually making good on something I’ve been thinking about for so long.

I hope I'll be happy with my answers and more confident and active overall.

I have no idea how I will feel. I did achieve financially what I wanted to in the past year but more questions and fears have been opened based on that achievement. Our country is incredibly divided. I truly believe there are more people in the center then not. I truly believe more democrats and republicans believe there is a road forward but extremes in both parties and in communities across the country seem hell bent on pushing everyone further apart. If you aren't with us, you aren't us type attitude. It's so sad and so scary. I guess I hope the craziness that got started under Donald Trump just stops. When did people become so distrustful, so mean, so self centered, so ugly, so all about the "me"? Why is it so hard to speak the truth? Or even speak your truth but do it in a way that doesn't involve insulting some one else? If you don't agree, don't agree. Back it up with facts not just calling some one stupid or a liar....This isn't the world I want to live in.

I hope that I am feeling both hopeful for what's to come and proud of what has come to pass. I hope I see the growth that has come from the work I have put in toward healing and allow myself to feel the pride (and potential mourning) for the journey and my past self. I hope I have hope for the future, for myself, for my community wherever I am/it is in 2023. I hope we have a house and continue to grow into each other. I hope I find comfort and grace in myself and in my own skin as well. This I pray for myself.

This is the most difficult time with Ricky gone and so I am not thinking clearly about any of the answers this year.

I hope that I will feel accomplished and fulfilled. I hope that all of my dreams continue to come true and that I continue to operate from a place of vulnerability and curiosity. Answering these questions helps keep my life compass straight in a way. Reflecting on how I feel, what my dreams and fears are, all help to center and ground me. I think I’m getting off track. Lol What will be different about my life as a result of answering these questions?? I hope everything!!!

I think I'll feel happy that I filled this out so I can see how I would answer these questions a year ago. I hope that I'll have a great SAT score and get into a great college

This last year was a very good year on many levels. I hope I'll be able to say the same thing next year. A fundamental worry is whether my father will still be alive. More changes than I probably realize will result, and if all that happens this year, I wish myself grace, courage, and hope for a future after the life I've known with him these last several years.

I suspect I will think I did the same thing that I do almost every year with my 10Q answers... forget about them within a few days. I hope I can focus on the big picture and the simple little things at the same time and not get bogged down with the things that I cannot influence.

I truly prayer that I won't be reflecting on war(s) next September and that I'll be happily looking forward to a wedding in the family!

I will be surprised by how little or how much thought I put into it. I will be surprised at how much progress I’ve made. And I will be either surprised or disappointed by what changes I’ve made in my life.

I like how this can be a thoughtful process or not, it just depends on what I want it to be. I hope that my heart is as full as it is today. I do feel like it is fuller than this time last year.

I think I'll be proud of myself for all the growing I've done so far. Like, holy shit oppression and trauma are a Fuck and I've done so much healing in the last few years. And I intend to continue the work of healing and growing in the next year. I'm excited to see how I'll change between now and then. I hope I'll be more confident in my disabled, queer, trans, nonbinary, autistic, polyamorous, fat, becoming-Jewish self. I hope that my life will be more accessible. I'm excited to continue journeying Jewishly and to see where I'm at in my conversion exploration in a year. So yeah, I think I feel a lot more hopeful about this coming year than I did at this point last year, when I was newly bedbound and kinda stagnating in life. I feel like I'm living again, rather than merely existing, which makes me excited for the year ahead.

I'm impressed by the thoughtfulness of my response to this question last year. I'm not feeling especially thoughtful right now, so I may not have as much to react to next year. I hope that in another year some parts of our lives will be easier as Noa turns 4 and we have less of the young kid tantrums and big feelings showing up in physical ways. I hope that I will continue to try to be present with my kids, show up thoughtfully at work and in my community, and that I will model for my children how to be kind to myself and acknowledge that no person is perfect (including me).

I think I'll feel happy that I spent some time reflecting on Yom Kippur last year and appreciative that I took stock of where I was and all that happened in the last year. I hope I will be even more reflective, self-aware, self-attuned to my inner needs as a result of answering these questions. As for where I am in life, I hope I'm confident and secure in my living situation wherever I am. That may still be San Francisco, in which case I hope the roots feel deeper, the vision board even more fully realized, and the connections stronger. If that's another place, I hope I do so with all of my mind body and spirit confidently, and I am also compassionate to myself for the challenges I might face in this new physical location.

I have been doing this for many years now and I love to revisit where I was in my world - this year has been crazy and I am not sure I will feel anything other than remembering that I did the task just to do it instead of really being thoughful about how I respond. I think that is the theme of 2022 - I just did things to do them get them off a check list and kept moving through the world not sure of who are where I am - I hope that I have a calmer less stressful year that my relationships are stronger and open that I have rediscovered things that bring me joy and that my partner can stop being so clingy as it is pushing me away and I am not sure if I want to continue to move forward but we are building a life - my question right now is what sort of life are we building and is there room for everything and everyone! I hope to speak sweeter and tamp the frustration and anger down again - hoping for quiet time with mama as she continues to age into her Crone phase. I love my life and want it to keep getting better!

I think I’ll be amused at reading my views as a newborn mother again. We get collective amnesia about the difficulty the lack of sleep brings because it is impossible to forget how twee they are. Such a magical, magical snuggly time! By next year, I am hoping (such a little seeming hope but also such a huge one for a pandemic parent) we will have found a reliable sitter so that we can finally start focusing again on our relationship as a couple instead of as parents. We have grown closer as parents and has been fantastic for us. However, it would be nice to have more dates. It would also be great to have dinner with friends more!

I think it will feel nostalgic to look back on this stage of life of being a grad student. Life is going to look very different next year, and I'm excited to see what's to come!

I think it'll be interesting because I'm writing all of this on the tail end of my first serious and very deep romantic relationship. The grief I feel now feels like the most important and dramatic thing in the world, but I think time will put more context into things and sort of show that the past year was really hard and crazy but also awesome and beautiful in many other ways than being with Ben. I think I'll look back really fondly and happy that I was able to experience something beautiful. Maybe nostalgic? Hard to say. I hope that I have a better sense of what I want to do in the next few years, although I know I will have to figure that out anyways.

I think I'll feel grateful for reflecting in this small way year after year. I feel at home in these questions now. I hope I will go through this year with a little more purpose, and I hope it might encourage me to add more reflection to my daily life.

Como no hay mal que 100 años dure, probablemente me encuentre ya mucho mejor y alucine con este periodo oscuro por el que atravieso. Espero que en otro punto distinto y llena de amor. Me va a dar mucha pena reconectar con el sufrimiento de esta epoca. O a lo mejor estoy peor y no consigo pasar pagina...jajajj

I think I will feel proud of how far I've come in terms of living with stress and anxiety. And I hope I will feel smug that 2023 me is living the life I have designed, rather than the one I've stumbled into. I'll probably detect a fair bit of the emotional exhaustion I've been feeling over the past couple of months and with any luck that will be a thing of the past. And I will continue to reflect that my life is good and I am one of the lucky ones.

I hope things feel more open and healed. I feel it coming through almost already. I am a survivor.

Next year I predict I will be answering these questions as a wife and expecting mother!

I hope I’ll be enjoying still having my mum around instead of worrying about when she won’t be and I hope I’ll have more idea of the direction my life should take now.

I hope everything I hoped and looked forward to comes true. Maybe I'm optimistic today because life in general has been doing well even if I'm kinda not in the best spot financially. But I'm pretty happy and I hope things continue to do well. I'll be solidly 30 then. A new decade and I guess new perspective on life?

I’ll hope I’ll feel excited, to see change as I look back at what I thought and how I now feel. Life is amazing, and I want to be experience it. I want these questions to drive my new normal.

Well, my answer from last year is quite fitting. Except the end, I didn't fee like I failed in the way I did the previous year. Things definitely improved. Although I can always find more ways to improve. at least I felt like I had done something this past year. I hope all the learning I do this year will bring great personal fulfillment and satisfaction. I really hope I can look back on this year to come and see that there was abundantly more peaceful living and less turmoil. I also want to be productive in my own life so that I can really be satisfied at my accomplishments over the next year. I would like my reaction to be one of happiness and pride, not like this past year when I thought I failed.

I fully expect to think about the year, what I imagined would happen, and compare it to what actually happened, and say, "Well, I never saw that coming!" My life is in a strange place right now, and I'm starting to get used to the idea that the only predictable part of life is its unpredictability. I'll try this for a year and see what happens, and use it to inform my answers next year.

I expect I will feel similar to how I did last year – that some things have changed and some things have stayed the same. Some times plans take longer than a year to come to fruition and sometimes they're altered unrecognizably in less than a year. I hope I still feel deeply connected and loved, and that I haven't given up hope on the things that are most important to me in life – motherhood, family, love, solidarity, adventure.

I hope that when September 2023 rolls around I am in a happier place and that things are better. I am hoping I look at my answers and think "wow, I was really in a bad place then, glad I'm better now" instead of "damn, I was right about everything."

*I will not have lost a significant amount of cognitive acuity * I will maintain my current level of lower anxiety about health * I will be engaged in activities that bring me joy * I will feel fitter and stronger than I currently do

I hope to read this year’s answers and smile with loving kindness on the man I was.

10Q is always a lovely touchstone for me. I find that each year much stays the same for me and I am grateful. This brings me great joy.

I worry that I'll have failed to measure up to my resolve, especially re: #9, to be "good enough as I am, right here, right now." I hope that reflecting on this will help me be gentle with myself.

It continues to be overwhelming to look that far ahead. But I hope that I will continue my journey of improving my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual life. If I do, I hope I will feel proud of whatever I have accomplished.

Wow I think my life will be SO different in a year! I can't wait to see what a year from now brings! I don't know how many answers I have, but I can't wait to see what it's like... where am I working? How is our new home? What is our life like?

I hope I feel like I’ve done more for myself and my mental health. I want to see that I have made strides towards my goals for myself and not just towards constantly doing everything for others. I’m so afraid I’ll look at these answers and be in the same place of being someone else’s doormat. I want to feel like my needs matter.

I think I'll be surprised at how much my life has changed. I hope Cadence and I have a home that we've bought and that my coaching business is thriving. our health is great and I'm more than halfway done with my book

I believe when September 2023 rolls around I will again be amazed at how quickly it has rolled around! And I will, as ever, be interested in what I have written this year. My hope is that I will have a more settled situation next year as regards time in Minnesota and Alaska - some kind of a balance if that's possible. And I hope I will be singing in community at both places!

I will wonder why I didn' do better and feel sad and upset at myself. I would hope that life would be less isolated and that I would feel better protected from COVID and able to enjoy myself more. I would like to feel happier and more fulfilled and that I have accomplished a few things.

I am hoping that I will be able to tenderly love myself and heal my wounds from my broken friendships. I am hoping to have my relationship with my wife more evolved and intimate. I am hoping to have a strong hold on my health and wellness with the plan to achieve the serenity and stability that I have desired my whole life

My hope is that I will look at my answers and be struck by how focused I was on this one thing in 2022, and how not so focused I am on that one thing in 2023. My fear is that I'll be just as focused on it.

I hope my family's health is better

I have come to accept that when I read back over these or other intentions that I will not have made as much progress as I hope. And of course, that things can change so dramatically that everything we said to ourselves about ourselves, or about the world, could be turned on its head. That said, I want to do more throughout the year to remind myself of where I've been and where I am going. I have set the intention of reviewing my holiday reflections and resolutions more often, and building out a list of mantras/reminders that can keep me grounded on a day to day level.

I hope that after a year of intentionally journaling and practicing stoicism, and living more mindfully, I hope I feel more grateful and more contemplative. Less reactionary and more focused on living and working in a way that is meaningful. I hope I can move Wayne College forward. I hope I am working in a more segmented way that focuses on what matters.

I hope that financially we are even more stable than we are now. By answering these questions, it brings it home that I need to be more active in the money department to ensure that if something major comes up again, we are financially ready.

I'm not sure what I hope for in 2023. I guess I'll be surprised.

I hope I'll feel like I've learned a lot more about myself and how to navigate certain triggers that have previously led me to make the same choices or feel the same ways. I hope I'll have more skill and practice to feel more empowered and confident. Like this year when I returned to racing triathlon and despite my nervousness, I chose to focus on the fun aspects of race day: seeing my friends, swimming a course I love and am familiar with, trying out new race strategies, etc., and consequently, I enjoyed both my races this season, even with the gut issues at Barrelman. I achieved my goals and did what I set out to do and I remind myself how great that is after recovering from my injury. I want to experience more moments where I achieve what I set out to do and feel good about my choices, confident in my abilities, and secure in knowing that I have agency and competence in many areas.

I think I will feel proud of the things that I've accomplished and not surprised that there are still reoccurring themes. I'm hoping that this exercise puts in my subconscious - and maybe even my conscious - mind these themes so I make forward progress.

I always enjoy seeing my answers! This has been more than a decade of 10q! I hope i accomplish any of the goals set here! Seeing my answers always motivates me to make changes.

I'm listening to "My Last Day" by Yourness while writing this on. A random song played after I played Suzume by Radwimps followed by Grand Escape also by Radwimps. I think I'll feel nostalgic... I imagine many memories flashing in my mind as I read through my answers, feeling how many things happened in the last year. Maybe grateful, maybe having some regret... But I feel that when me myself read this again in the future, she might feel relieved that she made it again another year. Like reading a story and hope from a friend... My future self might think differently compared to me today. Or feel differently. I hope, by answering these questions, I remember the beauty of life. The beauty and wisdom of living, and taking charge of one own life. I hope it's easier for me to embrace the uncertainty, imperfection, and not making it as an excuse for me to continue learning and getting better at what I wish to be. I hope i'm in better and healthier relationship with myself. Taking good care of my wellbeing inside out, and thus allowing myself to share more blessings and let others flourish without sacrificing myself.

I hope I will find I've made progress in a few areas that I've identified as difficult for me.

I hope my body will be in a better place and I'll just remember last year as a difficult one.

I hope I'll be more in control of external forces and how they effect me.

I think I’ll feel proud of my now current (later past) self. I hope I will look at the answers and hold this iteration of myself close while acknowledging she is a different version of me. I think I will shake my head and laugh while tears spring to my eyes.

As usual, quite a loaded question! I have no idea what path we'll have chosen for the next year -- we've already dipped our toes into that pond and it's as bottomless as it was last year. I hope, whatever it is, that I'm looking forward to it at least as much as I am looking forward to what's ahead of me for now. I hope I feel there is room in it, space in it, good work in it, places where I can honor my talent and use the things that are special and good about me to lift up the special and good parts in others and the world. I hope there is an undercurrent of contentment, and also an undercurrent of excitement and possibility. I hope that we feel we are balanced with each other. I hope neither of us feels leveraged or that we made a "second choice" decision because it was "better" for the other person. I hope we have the courage to choose the "first choice for ME" option and trust that we can intertwine those choices, however un-intuitively they may at first combine. I hope we both feel good things about where we are going, and that the plan is something that draws us forward with open arms, interested eyes, and warmth.

September 2023 will be one year more on this soul. At my age it is physically important but less so professionally and personally, as I am retired and happy in my personal relationships. Answering the questions perhaps makes me realize this more than I would have without the mental effort to examine, all good in the general sense.

That's hard to say. I hope that the mid-terms, COVID, my cancer, and my performance career are all working to my advantage (selfishly). These questions are all good for forcing perspective as I think through my responses, but truth is, I think about these things all the time anyway. I think age offers perspective and a thoughtful person considers their place in the world and what sort of potential exists for them. I enjoy answering and even reviewing my previous answers. It shows a consistency in my thinking these last 3 years.

Today, on Yom Kippur, this is a difficult question. I want to guard myself against rosy expectations (or dread!). At my age, I understand the feeble nature of predictions. It seems inevitable that there will be set-backs and losses in my personal life—I am old—and vulnerable! I hope that our children will continue to be strong in support of each other and of us, that our grandchildren will continue to thrive and enjoy being together. These questions remind me that my intentions can help me to harness my energy in ways consistent with my values. I want to hold fast to my Jewish purpose (as shared with our congregation last week)—to give and receive love. When I am motivated by love , then I can feel good about my response to challenges and opportunities, cherishing the people who sustain me.

I expect I'll feel some pride in my personal growth over the past year, and a little disappointment in having fallen short of some of my goals. I hope my political efforts will have paid off, and America will be well on the way to emerging from the darkness of Trumpism. I hope that Vickie and I and so many others will start to feel safe and secure again.

humbly triumphant. oh, finally, community, love, caring touch, meaningful contributing work, financial, food and shelter resources in place in TOGETHERNESS. it all came together... all these years of seeking and "working on myself" -- to be now in flow, with others. yes. make the documentary shana...

When I get my answers next year, I'm going to be amazed at how far I've come/ his much I've grown/ all that I've accomplished! And, I'm going to share "my secret" with as many people as I can.

The past few years I really felt like my life was in progress and I had so much work to do on myself and my relationship. Now I feel so comfortable and confident in where I am at in life! I think next year I will read this and think, wow- it was just the beginning of our wedding planning journey! Perhaps my vision will have completely changed between now and then, but I hope I will be so happy and grateful at how everything turned out and we will be looking forward to next steps in growing our family.

I am hoping to feel alienated. I am hoping to read them and to only distantly remember who I was. I hope all of my insecurities will feel foolish! My fear is that they will still haunt me; I'll be unable to shake them off. But this is the point of tashlich, where we empty our pockets and remove anything that has been unknowingly tagging along with us. Now is the time. These questions can either be a touchstone, which will require me to save them elsewhere so that I can refer to them again, or they can be a time capsule, in which case I cannot review them over the next year. Both have merits.

I think I will have a stonger, more intimate marriage. I think we may have our basement finished with a kitchenette and bathroom. I think Ben will be in a better place (woods) and I hope to God that Naomi's legal situation will be favorable to her. My mom will be at the retirement community she desires and I will have almost fully retired doing more of the things I want to do. And Martha will be growing beautifully.

When I review my answers from 2014 to now, I realize I often experience a sense of crisis that makes it hard for me to function. This year & a half has been harder, as I grapple with my mom's death & the last 6 months of her life, and I haven't worked in a couple of years. I hope this awareness will motivate me to get a regular volunteering job. Also, I hope I will feel more connected to other people and my faith

Oy! This again! The issues do seem to hang on and hang around until I just kind of get weary of them, rather than getting a sense of completion. Maybe that's only because I tend to pick long term, continuous things that I could work on forever. But I hope that, in a year, I will be able to have a more solid sense of satisfaction that I have made real progress. And, maybe there will even be a few new things I've decided to work on! The joy!

I hope that the world feels less broken by September 2023. I hope that I'll look back at my answers and be comforted by the fact that my fears were unfounded and my concerns proved unnecessary. I hope that our nation -- and all nations -- are somehow miraculously more calm, peaceful, and tolerant than they are today. I hope that those in our own nation will have learned to listen to each other, and to hear each other, and to respect each other even when they disagree. I hope that our upcoming elections will have gone smoothly and peacefully, with the best, sanest, wisest, and most enlightened candidates in each election emerging as the winners. I don't care about their parties, but I do care about their ethics, their open-heartedness, their kindness, and their wisdom. I hope that our Supreme Court has been rebalanced so that better decisions can be made with no more vulnerability to political manipulation and extremist highjacking. I hope that both antisemitism and racism are measurably better in September 2023 than they are today, and that the healing we so badly need will have begun in earnest.

I hope that I feel more like myself. I hope I feel confident and I know more who I am as a mom, as a business owner (I hope!), as a spouse. I hope I’m a good daughter and I hope I’m proud of the growth this year.

I'm hoping that I feel better about my life as a whole, and review my answers with a smile at seeing where I am then as compared to where I am now. I'd also like to see this country, and the world, be in a better place than they are in October 2022, or at least not a crusty remainder of a nuclear war.

Right now, I'm ok if my life is pretty close to exactly where it is right now. I hope my hart is a little less heavy with grief and a I hope my body is a little less heavy with weight, but for the most part I am not unhappy with where my life is right now.

I suspect I'll feel the same as I did this year - a little bit of "same shit, different day," but less pessimistic. Life continues on. Things rarely have clean beginnings and endings, most things are ongoing, a process over time. The year is meaningless in a lifetime of experience and change. I want to feel hopeful as I look into the new year. I'm not quite there yet this year, but I'm ready for change.

I honestly do not know. I cannot predict what will happen in the world and my life. Look at this past year! I hope I can deal in a positive way with whatever life throws at me and the world I live in.

I hope I’ll feel tickled and sweet with myself. Like I am a composite of many me’s in many moments, in a network of beings, memories, dreams, longings— all of us wanting to be more free and safe and connected

I can't wait to see!!

I hope that I'll have a new sense of my real self - what actually brings me joy & happiness (vs always serving others - shedding the habits & mentality from working Hospitality so long), understanding the roots of my worries (vs having anxiety, being able to work through them vs struggling through them), furthermore exploring the world (more new places) and learning (knowledge is power), feeling more financially sound (not having to worry and make decisions not necessarily in my best interest but required at the time).

I think I will feel grateful that I filled them out this year and inspired to fill them out again in Fall 2023. Reflection and introspection is really important to me -- I like to live with intention and this is a good way to do it. I hope that a year from now I will be a year more wise and a year more confident. I can't see why/how that wouldn't happen because that's what just happens with age/ has been true for me so far :)

It is so good to read that our goals last year have been accomplished. We have been to see both sets of parents and all the children. More visits are in the hopper. So for next year, we hope to continue traveling to see family and friends. I hope to be retired and on the road to going back to work. These questions remind us of the progress that is happening even when it seems so slow. It brings us together to reflect on the year and to put things in perspective. It is amazing that we are still doing this and have since 2014. It is a great process.

I hope that I will have manifested many these answers much like I did in the previous year. And if I do, I can’t even imagine how good things are going to be.

I hope I’ll feel proud of the year behind me. I know better than to try and predict the future, but I hope Corey and I continue to strengthen our relationship, manage our finances as new homeowners, and grow my business and maintain a stable team.

I'm always excited to see how things go year to year. I hope there won't be any major things happening. I could use a break from appointments and injections and the weight of not visiting Wes like I feel I ought to. I hope that last one loses it's weight of guilt.

I hope that the Lakers return to a deep playoff run, that the Democrats do well in the midterms (retain control of the House?), and that there is even more widespread support for the environment to fight climate change. I hope to look back at a year of fulfilling time and travel with Karen and deeper relationships with friends and family.

I think I'll feel delighted that I am unstuck, that our house is cleared of extra stuff and ready to be put on the market (or on the market; or SOLD!). I think I'll feel incredibly grateful for having the luxury to follow our dreams - as well as the incredible privilege to be able to get the hell out of here. I think I'll feel relieved that my kids are in good places. I think I'll feel excited to be realizing my big plan. At least I hope so!

I have such a great life. It's not too exciting for some people but I love it. And I love Kath and our marriage so much. I want to continue to be a blessing to her as she is to me. That is my joy!

I hope I feel more confident in my life, my relationships, and connection to Higher Power. Also I hope I'll have a larger and more expansive view of the future.

Realistically? I'll probably be very anxious. I'll probably have just made a big decision, or be preparing to make one. My life will involve loss of some kind. But it will also contain a sense of adventure, of focus, of deepening. I hope I will be in a job that offers me a sense of meaning and actual balance. I hope I will have supported autonomy.

Great question! Have we moved? Kate has just left the house and that is exciting and sad. I’m still at Willamette View. Is Trump in jail? Probably not, but hopefully he is severely constrained legally and left impatient. I would love for the Ukraine war to be over and inflation coming down. We will see. I love this exercise!

I hope I'll feel better than I did this year, when I looked back and felt I hadn't made much progress. I'd like to believe that noticing that so much had remained the same since last year will spur me on to make some of the changes I want: more calmness and serenity, more slowing down, more focus and organization in my life. Perhaps next year I'll review these questions and I'll be able to say that I lived in the moment more, that I took in all that life had to offer NOW, without constantly focusing on the past or the present. Perhaps I'll be clearer about what I want. Perhaps I'll be a better friend to all the people I love in my life. Hallelujah!

I’ll know whether I was able to keep my focus on health all year. These questions have helped me set that priority.

I hope to have my mental health more under control. and to be on the right medication. or on no medication at all for the voices. I hope I am still doing yoga more often or working out. I hope I am meditating. and I wish this was a twice-a-year thing not just once a year. I think I will be more stable and have a stronger foundation. I think a lot will have changed. who I am, how I view myself, and my direction in school. I am just starting to sell my ceramics. My first sale is on 16 October at Kerith‘s and I for see many sales coming up. I’m going to start selling mugs at the ugly mug and selling my jewelry.

My deepest hope is that when I see my answers this tragic rift will be healed and I will be a part of my son and his family's life --- especially as their first child will be born in March.

If it’s September, I’ll likely feel busy! After a hopefully glorious summer, everything will be coming to a head. I hope I feel peace of mind career-wise and have good time to spend with my family.

I hope to feel healthy, happy, and hopeful. I cannot believe some of my best friends will have babies then! I hope my relationship is strong, fun, and connected, that my family is safe, healthy and happy, and that work energizes me more than drains me. I think engaging with last years questions was very helpful in putting me on a spiritually connected and reflective path. In reading my answers, I feel even more proud of myself. I admire my self awareness and how Ive grown to care for myself better.

I hope next year I won’t be so fearful; that the ongoing fear and periodic panic attacks engendered by my fall in 2021 will have abated further, if not disappeared completely. I hope the part of me that feels missing as a result of this trauma has re-emerged and that I am happily gardening once again.

I think I'll be pleased with my progress and growth as a person. My inner work is always "slow and steady wins the race", as I'm a conscientious and cautious person and like making gradual, iterative changes. Yer doin' great, kid!

I hope I'll feel glad that, in whatever way, I'm growing and learning. I've looked back on my last five years of answers and, though I don't always feel it in the moment, the year to year growth is there. I made tenure, I retained some control and some agency in my life and relationships, but now that I'm here, I'm hoping next year shows that this year of renewal for me--especially hopefully going into a sabbatical semester in 2024--is a good chance to correct course for myself as a husband, father, son, and friend.

I hope I'm still sitting right here, dealing with the everyday business of keeping this place going, but feeling challenged and thrilled to be a part of it. I hope that we have made a decision about permanency. Maybe we will have moved. Maybe Diana will have found a better job to close out her stellar social work career. As every day passes, I'm less sure of what I want.

I’m hoping the kids are out of our house aglow in new homes and flourishing. If my input has positive results I will be that much more elated. The same goes for Jay and his living arrangements.I have missed Liz and I in my concern for others for us my wish is that my retirement is a strong healthy one and it would be great if we might be able to finally visit Israel.

We make many changes together. The financial numbers stabilize as they become real. The world continues to be dangerous and out of control. We find more and more peace in our daily lives.

I hope that the Cabrillo property will be settled and that there will be no further contact with my cousins. I am no longer broke and need to beg for $ that I am owed. I hope that I will have a schedule of things that I am involved with, projects get closer to completing. I wonder if I will still be in a relationship/friendship with Marcus. I hope that we will be loving to each other and know that this is a gift.

When I read last year’s answers I realized that my state of mind has changed in the past year. What I was preoccupied with a year ago is not what I am preoccupied with now, and I think that shows some progress as a human being. I have felt this way almost every year I’ve done 10Q, so I think I will feel this way again next year. I think doing 10Q will give me accountability towards my goals, because I don’t want to read my answers next year and feel bad about not having made progress towards what I wrote about.

I hope I can stay conscious of the things I want more of especially being more creative and learning more. I hope I can stay more mindful and make each day significant. I hope I can eliminate saying negative things about others. I hope I can nurture all my relationships.

Maybe I'll feel sad for myself with a mixture of compassion. I really hope I establish better boundaries, that I learn to speak up more when something wrong has happened. I hope I will see how far I have come. With question #9 about fear, I really see that I need professional help. Writing it down really helps me to see that I need counseling. Maybe I can start with reading or finding a video.

I hope I feel a lot healthier. I hope birthright goes really well and I'm still in touch with my friends from the trip. I hope to feel as excited about work as I have been feeling the past few weeks - even today I'm itching to go look at who applied for our internships.

I think I will look back and say "wow, I was in a very ambiguous space" or "I was in a state of transition", meaning "THAT WAS SURE A SCARY TIME!". I think / hope that I will look with compassion on my Oct 2022 self, and say "you've done very well, SELF!" I hope there will be less uncertainty, and if there isn't less uncertainty, that I'll have less anxiety (more freedom) facing into the uncertainty bravely. They say that courage isn't the same as being fearless, it is being willing to face fears and do the right thing anyway. I hope to look back and see how I've been courageous.

Hoping to go to Italy, hoping to see my family, hoping that everyone is still healthy and that I am on my way to retirement. My biggest HOPE is that my mom is still with us and is in a good space. She turns 92 in a month. The last decade has been difficult for her. First she had to take care of my father who had Alzheimer's, and then has had to live alone during Covid. After my father died, we were able to take her on several trips - NY City, River Cruise, a trip to Atlanta and to England. She had even moved to a new apartment in a Senior Community - and got a new love of her life - her cat, Dexter. Then Covid hit and for a while she was isolated. And as with many seniors, there was a decline. My sister has done an amazing job being her primary point person (not caregiver - but the person shopping going to Drs. etc). Over the next year, I am going to take more time and spend at least one night with her. She enjoys the company - I know she eats well, and Dexter, well I think I am his 2nd best friend. I want to spend the time with my mom, who has meant so much to me - and I am so grateful for the wonderful relationship we can continue to have throughout the years. But through answering these questions - I know that things don't always goes as plan. That sometimes we have to adapt, our joys may be different, our grief may be profound one year and just painful the next. I hope that this year is a year of joy and change in a positive way. G'mar chatima tova

After a rough year, I hope that, next year this time, I will be happier or at least more content--more self-aware, more patient, more accepting, and more generous of spirit.

I'm always excited to look at my answers from the previous year, and feeling anticipation for writing about what happened that year too. I look forward to this every year :) I believe that answering these questions every year helps me take a deeper look into my motivations, my life, family, friends and I always come out better for it. I feel like my life has improved since I've started participating in this.

I hope next year I will feel happy and relieved that I started thinking about this now, instead of putting it off for longer. Next year I will be 50, and I want it to be a celebration, not a woeful time.

In the past, my 10Qs have been pretty dull - year after year I want the same things, to experience the same things, to achieve the same things - and it feels like I haven't made much progress. This years' answers (which I almost didn't complete) are more optimistic in some ways - as if there is a change I can make - and the answers have a very different quality. I hope when September 2023 rolls around, I'll be more confident, have achieved more of my goals, and been more successful all around.

I hope to smile a little bit with the changes I mentioned. In case of the opposite reaction, I hope I will get ahead with the desire to make the best from the scratch it is at this point.

I plan to be satisfied with what I accomplished in 2023 but to work even harder to be the best Ronnie I can be.

I have printed out all my answers through all the years that I have been part of 10q. It is most interesting to me to go back and read what I have written years ago and each year before this one. My most interesting comment from several years ago, after Trump was elected, was a prediction that giving his psychological makeup, he would create some reason to not leave the office of president. I considered he might start a war because presidents get reelected when there's a war. I was wrong about that but not surprised that he orchestrated an infamous coup on Jan 6.

My fear is that things will get worse- globally and personally. My hope is that compassion wins - globally and personally. Good health - Good life!

I really hope my financial security has improved to such an extent that our monthly budget has a surplus *every* month. I hope that I look at my answers and think, “How was this a problem last year?”

I think this year will hold real change for my family, some good, some bad - and possibly some major shocks. I hope I feel compassion as I reread these words, remembering the fear I feel at this moment and also celebrating the ongoing work of strengthening our spiritual and material foundations. I hope I can remember the deep love that fills me now for my partner, the boys, our family and friends - and that that love is as strong and bright as ever. I hope I have a little wry chuckle as I think, “Man, I really didn’t see what was coming! But I’m so glad to be where we are now- with everything we have learned and loved and lived this year, I’d never go back.”

I hope I'll feel more hopeful. I hope I'll be healthier and feel better and lighter in body and mind. I hope my work and music life will be lighter and delightful. I hope my kids will be content and engaged and sometimes even happy.

Hipeful proud sid i. Who i am

I think I will feel that a lot of my concerns and worries have been dealt with. A year from now, I hope to have finished going through my parents' estate, sold their house, managed to have two of my kids successfully married, my marriage and sex life better than it is now, and my anxieties pretty much gone. Reading 2021's answers was surprisingly on the mark. I felt validated.

When September 2023 rolls around and I receive my answers to my 10Q questions, I think I will feel hopeful. I know that this year will not be easy but that every small step in the right direction matters. I hope that I will not let the challenges ahead break me down, but rather that my experiences overcoming them will make me stronger. I hope that I will love myself even more than I do know and that I will be more accepting of myself just as I am. I also hope to find/establish a better balance in my life, especially in the area of my personal and school lives. I know I can do it, and even if I fall short, I can always pick myself back up and try again. As long as I try my best, I am satisfied.

I'm hoping that I look back and laugh about how concerned I was. I hope I'm still fond of my memories with Mak. I hope I still want two weddings (I'm pretty damn sure I will. at least one). I hope we haven't broken up, partially because I don't know how I'll be around if we're not together. I can't fathom it. I hope I'm mentally in a better place. I always seem to lose it around late September/early October-- probably because I generally move in early September and this is when moving costs hit me, as well as the fact that this time of year I'm dealing with a lot of long-standing grief. But I hope it's easier. I hope I'm leaning on my person, my people. I hope I'm okay.

I hope that I'll feel accomplished, that I'll feel I made progress on the things I wanted to improve. I also hope that I will feel settled and somewhat comfortable in my post-college transition, wherever that may land me. Finally, I hope I'll feel comfortable with myself as a person, that I have done well in my interactions with other people and with the world.

I hope I will be more in control of myself and my life. Even when unexpected things come up, I want to be a person who can meet the challenge head on and come out the other side with a healthy and sustainable life.

I hope to be clearer on where I want to be in my life. Generally things are great, but there are some skills that I want to really make my own. I am not sure why I want to be better at making music, I just feel that its really important. I need to be a bard in real life! I think I'll feel great next year!

I’ll hopefully have a sense of peace of where we will finally end up. I will realize how much little control I have over things. I hope and pray I still remember the importance of connections. I hope and pray and volunteering more helping others, serving the good.

I think I will feel like life was o.k. - that I handled the bumps and anxieties better than in the past

I’d say I’ll be happy to read my answers and grateful for this year and all the blessings it brought. Betty being the biggest blessing , she is in heat now. I hope next year she will have been through her spay and be happy and healthy. I hope Mark and I will be happy and healthy too. I hope Mum and Dad will be too. I hope they won’t suffer and will be content. I hope I’ll continue to practice meditation and I hope my chi gong and tai chi practice will be better. I hope my bones don’t get any worse and ideally they’d be better.

I hope my child will have changed their relationship, I hope that I will have worked with a therapist to recognize and respect healthy boundaries in my relationships and that I will have a tangible plan for being a better steward of the earth.

I hope my daughter and hubby have learned how to handle a newborn and balance with a 2 year old. I hope we have mastered having a cat in the home again without too much heartache. I hope we will be thinking of memories from at least two grand trips - gotta add the second one soon.

I feel like I’ll be surprised at how quickly or slowly the time has passed and all that happens in between. I hope I’ll have found the peace I’m looking for.

I have nary a clue. I just hope I’m content.

I will probably think back to how excited we were to welcome a baby- and I will think back longingly to my clean house, my normal sleep schedule, and my busy social life. I expect it will be a mixed bag of emotions. I have heard from other parents that their pre-baby lives seem strange and foreign to them, and I hope that's not entirely the case for us. We have built this life together over so many years, and it's so important to us; even though everything will be different, I hope the kernel of "us" will still be there.

I hope I will have made some major changes in my life, perhaps personal, hopefully professional. I have begun in the past year to reflect and identify some changes. I hope that I will have continued to reflect, but that I will also have acted on my reflections. I hope that I will be excited about where I am in my life. I hope I will have increased my self care and that I will be healthy.

The thinking and answering was not as moving or inspirational AS GOD WAS effectively changing me through discipline. But it did well with few things like keeping good record of thoughts I would've lost in some hoarded notebook, and coincidentally, emphasizing the work of God's hands around the time of reading, when I barely gave the minimum during the whole year. Fastforward to 09/2023, with this being the 3rd yr., I may feel a sense of anticipation--like the feeling we get when receiving a report card. Did I pass this or that? Hopefully by then, I would've become more proactively faithful.

I am almost afraid to write my hopes here -- it feels so utterly out of reach for me, but here goes. I hope to be in a loving and committed relationship with a man. I hope to be secure in who I am and where my life is going. These are big hopes for me and I realize if I don't tell myself that these are really my hopes, they will never come to fruition. So, there they are.

I am hopeful that we will be closer to being financially stable, we will be eating healthier and exercising more.

I think all of last year's predictions came true, which is good. I still feel alone, but less so. I feel a little lost, but not nearly as bad as I did last year. I think I've especially gotten more compassionate towards others and less judgmental. Everything is still very much an ongoing project...I hope to feel less alone, have greater clarity, more self-compassion, and have more a sense of how to move forward than I do now.

I think I will still feel hopeful about my future and the world, and grateful for all that I have. I hope I will have more personal accomplishments to celebrate and had had more positive experiences during the year. I hope I will think favorably of my responses from this year.

I can't predict how I'll feel but I hope to be able to look back and see that I was able to move beyond some of the struggles that I'm currently having, and to have gained some wisdom to help me on my path moving forward.

Journaling consistently has become such a major part of my weekly rituals over the past few years - because of this I don't think that I'll feel monumentally changed or different come this time next year. (and that's okay! I need to remember that that's not a reason to be disappointed in myself) I've learned that asking questions like these of myself helps to point me in a direction, it helps me sit with and slow down my thoughts and point them in a consistent direction. However, of course, a year changes us. I think the changes are subtle. The culmination of a thousand micro choices inevitably refines and alters us. I hope and think that next year I'll feel that I spent the year soaking in the moments more, enjoying doing as much as thinking. I hope that I'll have a sense of comfort in the bigger questions - that I won't have let this year pass me by worrying solely about the 'big' stuff. I hope that I feel secure, happy, and loved above all else, and that I remember what a gift those feelings are. I hope that I have finished another incredibly life-giving season of gardening. I hope that I've read so many books that inspire me. I hope I've gone swimming in the summer, traveled at least one new place, found a groove in some work environment, hiked endlessly, and remembered throughout the year that this life is a precious gift that will end - and that I need to treat it as such and enjoy as many moments as possible. Honor the hard times, and push through them.

I hope that the decision I will take about my job and my life will be backed up by facts, not just caused by my incapacity to act and my stillness.

This is the first year I feel that I've actually moved forward so I'm going to look at them and feel satisfied that the growth has continued. I hope to be in a more stable financial position, more stable emotional state and to have my goals and dreams in front of me to keep up the motivation.

I hope that I'll have truly decluttered and began a process of healing, making significant progress. I also hope that I will have had surgery. I think I have a good sense of what I want to set out to do, deLiberately.

As I have learned from the last three years of surviving a pandemic, a year from now is a long ways away and anything could happen between then and now. By September 2023, I hope I feel even more rooted in my Portland life and that I/we feel solid about wedding planning for the coming year. That's all I ask for! When I look back on my years of answering these 10 Questions, I can see how I was subconsciously pursuing those goals for myself all along, even when I didn't feel like I was. From 2017 to 2022, I have achieved much of what I set out to do and explored parts of myself while I did it, which has resulted in a deeper knowing and loving of my own self. I can clearly see the cycles of growth and the many seasons of change I have gone through since starting this 10Q/Cheshbon Hanefesh practice.

I think I'll be hopeful and joyous. I hope that by this time next year I've grown more as a person and am making as much creative things as I can. I hope that my consumer debt is paid off, and that I've saved enough to move to Korea. I hope that I'll be ready to embark on this new and exciting adventure in my life.

I think this will be a year of stability (after the holidays). But who the hell knows.

Courage. I think this is an important idea in moving forward emotionally and spiritually. To have the courage to follow through on the hard things whether they be contemplative practices, reaching out to others, or making amends where appropriate. So what will have been different? I will have done the hard things, that which I may have been avoiding but knew was/is the right thing to do.

I changed it up a teeny bit this year, but I still think -- as I have in past years -- that I am both too optimistic (I'll do it!) and pessimistic (I haven't done it in the past XX years so what will change?). I hope, as always, that I'll have a better handle on my addictions, that my office won't look like a storage facility, and that my book sells and I get back to writing. Honestly, I have no idea how much progress I'll make on any of those items.

I hope next year me and mine are here, well, and enjoying our many, many blessings.

I always feel sad and wistful. Every year a lot changes, and yet nothing changes. I always have lots of goals and plans, and yet feel a lot of inertia and that I waste a lot of time. Hopefully next year I’ll be reading these answers from a place of healing and acceptance and hope. This year, particularly the past 6 months, has been rough.

Holding too reflect a lot & dig deeper into my feeling.

I hope that I'll look back and think, yeah damn that was a hard year. But I also think I'll miss some of those baby moments and think, yeah it's still hard, just different. I hope that I have a better handle on the baby's sleep and feel more free to travel with her and get out into the world more, especially hiking over the summer so that i can reclaim those parts of myself while simultaneously sharing those joys with her.

I do hope I will be in a better frame of mind, accepting what is, what will be. I hope this time next year, I will be alive, both inside and out, and accept what partners I may have then.

I hope I will have accomplished my health and spirituality goals. I hope I will be worrying less about not being enough and be more secure in who I am and where I am at that time is where I'm supposed to be, for whatever reason it might be.

I hope I'll feel relieved that some of my fears did not come true. I hope I'll feel proud that I made some changes in my life and that I feel better, freer and more joyful.

I think I am going to feel like... WOW... what a comeback. I think I'm going to feel more connected to my self, my spouse, and to my purpose than I do now. I think I'm going to feel safer and more settled, and like I can do anything I set my mind to. And like I am surprised about something... because that's life... so far, at least. And I'm here for it. I think I'll be grateful to my 2022 self for taking the time to write this even though the dishes aren't done yet.

A year from now when I re-read these answers I hope I've found some healthy way to lose these 8 pounds! (or just 4.5 to get under 140!) Mentioned this about 5 times already... I'm OBSESSED. so maybe it's time to DO something about it!! Get a physical - figure out what's causing the pain in my leg and fix it and whatever else needs to be taken care of. - Next year at this time we'll be planning my (AHHHHH) 70th b-day... doesn't seem possible. Hope to be at the same crazy job - making a bit more $$ as in a raise? Don't see anything being that much different, but ya never know what life has in store. Only GOOD things to follow!

I hope I will read them back having moved into a better situation than the one I'm in now. I don't know how I would feel if I read them again in a year's time and realised nothing had changed in those 12 months. Here's to hoping for change.

I hope That I will actually have succeeded in doing the things I have set out for myself - and made a difference by doing them.......

I hope I will be past some of these fears. I hope that I will be less anxious about the future; of our country, of our child, of myself. I hope we feel fulfilled in our lives, and healthy, with loved ones around. That would truly be a a blessing.

I'm hoping that writing down my goals will lead to the action required to make them happen. I'm hoping to be thinner, happier, wealthier, and more fulfilled in satisfying my basic and spiritual needs. I'm hoping to come up with viable plans to get there.

Still as the past year. (clutter and societal category progress did not meet this goal in 2022). Pleased with progress on my life's journey. Comfortable with reporting progress in: .relationships .health/ weight journey .musical skills / performance .less clutter / storage .anxiety reduced .retirement plan framed Different next year - more feeling of accomplishment. contribution to society, making life better for category of societal level. Anticipating that the turmoil of hubby's health issues are significantly less top-of-mind and am more calm and accepting of the current state of affairs at that time.

Surprised the year is over again hopefully i'll enjoy reflecting back on italy and the wedding party again hopefully i had more positive things (spain) to note for the year and maybe with luck i will have motivated myself to exercise and be less stressed i often forget what happens, poor memory, i enjoy this reflection sometimes

I think I will be continuing my path of growth and evolution. I think I will know myself more deeply and I will have a richer connection to those around me. I will be living in harmony with earth

I think I’ll feel proud. At the very least, proud that I took the time to sit, reflect, introspect and put the metaphoric pen to paper in formulating answers to these ten questions. There’s something in that. Something powerful and different to every other day of the year. And of years past. But in the years where I have done this practice, it’s had real meaning and impact. And it’s important to recognise and remember and honour that. And to take what this pause brings into the year ahead.

I hope I will be beginning the next phase of our life together with an open heart, a curious mind and peace.

I hope I will feel relieved to be in a new phase of my life. I hope that I will have found some way to feel like I have a voice with intrinsic value.

I think I will have achieved some of what I want, but will have fallen short in other areas. The same as every other year. This year I am going to write my goals down and look at them every week to see if that makes a difference.

Pride in my ability to grow across different aspects of my life - personally, professionally, intellectually, emotionally, physically and in my relationships. These questions may help me set an intention and provide me with a new lens to look at the world through.

I think I will feel like I finally made some progress, as when the vault has opened in the past, I've usually been disappointed that I haven't moved forward with many of the things I purported to be working on. So I think i will feel good about that. I finally got divorced, got my mom moved into assisted living, and my daughter is thriving in college. I have endured some difficult new relationships this past year and have learned a great deal--I've begun setting boundaries. I'm beginning to become truer to myself. I hope that continues and that I continue developing healthy relationships.

I'm worried that answering these questions might make no difference at all. That said, I like become braver, maybe try out Derek's men's get together on Tuesdays (once a month?) at the golf club. And to lose weight and see where a thinner body might take me.

I think this is the year I will be proud of my progress, and learned to take care of myself. I’m making steps already to manifest both.

Well, I'll be glad to see them as I was this year (and for the past 11 years as they arrived). I hope that I never forget the feelings I've had over the years of this decade of the 20's because I hope I can use these big feelings for good. Next year at this time, we'll be approaching a year as true empty nesters. We'll be further removed from these past few years. I'd like to feel hopeful that collectively, we'll figure out how to stop the stench of Trump and what he's helped do to our country and our sense of comfort. I know national and worldwide downturns are always followed by upturns and I'm hopeful that an upturn is within reach.

I think I will be working less and doing more with loved ones. I hope health is at the top of the list. I do think that answering these questions will make me think about what I am doing with my life at 77. And I think I will do better because of that.

I think I’ll look back and feel sad that I seemed so miserable and hopefully I’ll be happier then. I hope that I’m not on a “stuck” feeling anymore and am thriving at work and in my life in general. I hope that my marriage is either better or over so I don’t feel like I’m in a constant loop.

Sheesh! I hate trying to make predictions! Who knows with the current political craziness and the possibilities of a mutated Covid virus. I've seen so much unpredictable stuff! Life has a way of surprising you, both positively and negatively. I will try to stay limited to my calendar.

I don't know how I'll feel in a year's time because I never plan that far in advance these days. If I were pushed, I suppose I'd answer that I'd have more emotional peace about my failing health and limited life expectancy. I hope too that I will have achieved something. I don't know what, but something that that will make me proud of myself, and something that will make Mum proud too.

I think that I’ll feel good. And I hope that I feel better about the world.

I'm happy to know that I have a home to live in. Great neighbors.

I think I'll realize that I was in quite a good place. I'll feel pleased that I set myself some goals on reading through my list of books to read after Finals and that I've finally achieved that goal; and that I'm also at, or close to, my target weight. I'll also feel financially secure, despite the rough times in the wider economy. I think I'll also realize that life has largely returned back to normal. We've had 5 months or so of normal life now, post-pandemic; and I hope that will continue. Normal being my new normal of working from home as a freelancer. I can't imagine I'd have a full-time job next year - but that's always an option if I need a steady, regular, dependable income. I don't think I need any massive changes in my life. Similar to the house, we're now largely settled. There are a few outstanding improvements - what we call Project Nice - but, on the whole, life and the house are good. Things are in order. There are no major pain points. Yesterday, the rainwater harvesting system even started to work again properly for the first time in months! I think that's a good sign. I'll appreciate setting myself some goals. They keep me motivated and give me something to aim towards. I'm doing it for my future self, reading this in a year's time and being thankful that I stuck to it. I'll realize that I'm in a stable and enjoyable chapter of my life, where there are no grand themes and anxieties as there have been in past years. There's no recurring, boring theme - apart from the usual guilt about not working enough, procrastinating and not getting things done. I also wonder where Fran will be. Will she have left her job and joined me as a freelancer? Will she be in a happy and stable place? If she's working from home, will I miss the solitude? It was fine during the pandemic when we were both home together much of the time. It would be nice to see her more relaxed about work. But going freelance can have its own anxieties due to the lack of regular and predictable income. I hope she's able to adapt to that and earn enough to make her life comfortable and worry-free.

I suspect I may feel a little disappointed that my same old issues are still my issues. But I hope that I can see some deeper insight and incremental change.

I hope I will be able to feel sympathy for the person who answered these questions because the person reading the answers will be more in one piece. I hope I will be less weighed down by my grief and more intact in my self.

Hopefully I will feel great that I accomplished my goals and have grown as a person.

I'm not sure there will be any difference.

Oy not sure

It would be nice if my health remains good, without new challenges between now and then. Some of my hopes from last year were met, some were not. Doing another bike trek would be great! But let there be more quality time with my family in any case. Modest successes for all would be just fine!

I hope that as many people as possible have survived the pandemic and that we can now be unmasked and feel a sense of relief. I hope to have non covid related answers.

I don't know I would feel. I have realized that I have serious hurdles to get over, having breathing problems beyond the environment. I need to gain (regain?) muscle strength throughout my body. Big time, not just in short sprints. Will I go for it?

I happily repeat last year's answer with one small change - I'll feel absolutely grand to still be enjoying life in my 86th year. I hope there will be less global anger and more understanding that we're all the same, even with our differences. Homo Sapiens - that's it.

Ooooof wow ok. Well. Tonight is my last night in Montreal. And I'm almost certain I won't be living here this time next year? I'm considering Toronto or Vancouver at this point but I'm leaving so much open. I'm curious to know where I will be, how I will feel, what I'll be doing in life. Even more uncertainty this year than last. But I'm feeling positive about so much of it!

I hope I will have found better balance financially and be at a peaceful place with myself

I think I will probably cancel my subscription to this thing.

I hope I’ll feel accomplished, even more comfortable in my own skin, and at peace with my life.

I think this time next year I’ll feel proud of my accomplishments, and all that I have overcome to get to this point. This is how I felt this year reading my answers from 2 years ago, seeing how much I have improved my life in this span of time. I also felt a little bad for my former self and all the challenges she had to endure to get here, and know that my future self next year may likely feel the same way. I hope that reflecting on these questions will help me understand myself, and help me improve my interpersonal relations with family, friends, work colleagues, and romantic partners. I hope by this time next year to be in a stable happy relationship, and if not I hope to be more content in being single. I hope answering these questions helps spark me to be more reflective on a day to day basis, to improve myself, and constantly assess how far I’ve come, where I am going, and if where I am at each moment is where I want/am supposed to be to move in the direction I am aiming for in life. By answering these questions and having them on my radar, it spurs me to face each new day with renewed motivation to act and move myself forward in a way that when reflecting this time next year, I can do so with pride and contentment and not with regret.

I am hoping that I am happy with where I ended up. Right now, there are a lot of open unknowns in my life, the biggest of which being whether I leave my current interesting job at DevTech for the role I am being recruited for at IKEA in Sweden. I also hope to find that, whatever decision I end up making, I find that it was worth it. I want to feel like I am progressing more towards established adulthood, rather than a neverending season on transition that I am currently experiencing in the wake of grad school and Eli's accident. I am hopeful that, no matter what, things will be more calm 12 months from now.

I hope i feel happier than this year. In peace. In love. And my Mother is feeling fine, secure and motivated.

I hope I’m at a place where i recognize some of the responses as thinks that have occurred/change over the year.I hope my life will look more like the life I want, with no apologies.

Well, this time of year is usually the start of Fall quarter, so I’m usually in a work sprint. I do hope that this year of 80% time and the shift in what I’m working on will prove to be a successful combination. I hope I’ve found more spaciousness for my personal life — for Chris, my Mom, and the boys. I hope I have have stuck with “I am enough” and found that it is true and that work is still satisfying and meaningful.

I just hope we get to September 2023 more or less in one piece. The world is looking pretty scary, these days--what with all the saber-rattling, glacier-melting, hurricane thrashing, fascism rising news occurring in all corners. I hope to get some clarity on how to live in harmony with myself. But, hey--I'm sixty-one, so I still got lots of time. Right?

I hope that I am feeling comfortable with the decision to switch careers, that I have figured out the optimal use for the basement furniture I am in the middle of constructing, and that I am satisfied with where I am as a parent and a professional. I hope that P has started a wonderful HS and that that process went smoothly.

I think I will be happy that I had so much contentment this year compared to previous years. Whatever state I'm in in 2023, I hope the state I'm in now gives me a sense of happiness and accomplishment.

I really hope I might be in Denver or with a full-time job, or healed enough that I am in school working towards something. Maybe I should say that I hope that I can be healed from my traumatic brain injury and from my traumatic assault, and from my traumatic divorce. Is it too much to ask to be completely healed haha. Every time I hear that it is a process, I get scared that I'll stay the same way.

I hope that I have found professional stability, that I am healthy, and that some of the things I have reflected on have come true. I hope that I have been kind to and patient with myself.

I'm constantly trying to unlock better health, and I'm still hopeful that I can. I also want very much to convince my mind and body that I'm safe, well-fed, and not in the kind of danger I grew up with. I'm trying to ask myself often, "What sounds good?" and then listen to the answer. A year from now, I hope I'll have better health, feel safer, and default to listening to the answer when I ask myself what sounds good.

This past year did not seem as dramatic as the years before. True, there is a war raging in Ukraine that may explode into a global conflagration. True, Donald Trump may once again become President of the United States. True, autocrats, fear, and loathing seem to be on the rise. But, the trajectory of the universe seems to be against those things happening. I feel that we are coming out of the darkness a bit--there is light and hope. The courage of the Ukrainians, the election of Joe Biden, and the way Europe has united to support Ukraine--all these things give me hope. Next year, I hope I will be living my life with more serenity, courage, and wisdom. Regardless of what happens. I need to continue to find ways to make a difference--even in one life.

I will feel content and happy with how the year has gone by and is going. I will lose 20 pounds. I will love my body the way it is and be grateful that it has taken care of me thus far. I will have planned or gone to visit France over the summer. I will pay off credit cards and loans. I will have respect from family and we will be in good speaking terms. I will be in a serious committed relationship with the man that deserves me and I him. I will enjoy living in West Palm Beach and continue working here. I will have a great grasp of Tarot reading. I will make up my mind about kids, being a writer, being a professor, being a psychologist or going to college for it.

I would say emotional and nostalgic because I get to see how much I have grown in the past year and if I have actually done the things I wanted to do. And I can also reflect on how I have changed and if I changed for good or for worse

I don't think I will be happy about it. I have not been in a great place these last few days when writing my answers. Historically, this time of year is never easy. But I think it's bit harder personally because I am in this time of transition. Starting a new chapter in my life and all that... blah blah blah. I mean, do you know what I hope is different? I hope I'm financially independent. I hope I am making a shit ton of money doing what I love. I hope my kids realize their worth; how they are loved. I hope my husband has more satisfaction in his work. I hope I lost 20 pounds. I hope I find the magic cream that makes me look younger. I hope people relax and stop thinking that it would be great if they just pop by and hang out. I hope my friend Deb is still alive. I hope my daughter gets in the college that she wants to go to. I hope no one else gets cancer and growing old is easy. I hope we stop giving kids mixed messages about what makes a successful life or a happy life. I hope it gets easier to be Jewish. I hope the schools give us our religious holidays off without consequence. I hope the electric company buries their wires. I hope my son has friends to go to school events with. I hope the pets live forever.

I think answering these questions takes me out of the everyday - I realize all the little stuff is just that. I realize how lucky I am. I hope I can keep just a little of this perspective through the year and connect to more people.

I don’t want to accept complacency by me in regards to our life styles, our environment, our community, our great nation. I have so much I want to do and I hope I can accomplish some positive successes.

I hope I am one step closer to feeling like I am on the right path for this next chapter of my life. Life’s an adventure

From 2021… I am hoping to be less encumbered by the past. Enjoy life and drag others with me. “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink… only if you hold their head under long enough?” ;-) Some friends may have to be let go due to their extremism views. Along those lines… who will pay for mental health for people who are down and out. We are are all equal in America but our opportunities are not equal. How do we change the attitude that only a few are deserving? If we all have purpose and working in jobs that allows dignity, imagine the community where people don’t have to endure, they can enjoy a profession or an activity that pushes their limit of… endurance, mental acuity or strength within the confines of our society like a sport or community group.

Wow, no idea. I may resent being asked to look backwards--I hate when Facebook tries to show me my memories! But I hope I will appreciate seeing how things may have changed, that I've accomplished some of what I've set out to do this coming year, even though it will likely not be very much.

I hope to be even more at peace with what is in front of me, to be calmer, kinder, more helpful this year. 10Q always helps me reflect on my core values. Thank you for this opportunity.

I hope I'll be proud of myself for making a few positive changes - either small or enormous. OR - I hope I am content with steady state. The theme of this year's questions feels like it is about 'change something already,' - but in the next year, if I figure out that there's no need, then great. Mostly, I hope I'm proud of myself.

If I'm reading this in September 2023 my first reaction will be intense gratitude that I'm still here. It's not just the virus. I've reached an age when the passing of friends and acquaintances isn't uncommon. That said, I hope that in reading my answers next year that my positive aspirations have been met and my worst fears weren't realized.

i hope i feel good and proud and like i want to give myself a hug. i will likely have started law school. i may have purchased/been given a home that i will own which i will have all kinds of feelings about. i hope i'm finding balance and joy more than anything. re my predictions last year-- i am not in a career transition! I am still at my job! i will hopefully not be at this time next year because i'll be in school. i also hope i'll have gone on some kind of great adventure post-work pre- school... maybe to dance in colombia! maybe to galavant in europe! maybe to dance elsewhere!

The problems at work did resolve in my favor. There's still much to do outside of work (plenty to do there, too). My hope is that everything will have progressed sufficiently that I will feel that something got accomplished during the next twelve months.

I hope I'll feel accomplished and proud of the changes I've made despite the obstacles this year has brought with it. At least, as I've done the last 11 years, I will greet these musings and goals with love and kindness, and maybe a little humor.

I think the next year will be a culmination of so much we've worked towards for so many years. So much stress, so much worry. I think next year we'll be in such a different place. A more calm, peaceful place. I can feel it coming.

Disappointed that I’m alive maybe, otherwise, older, slower, less energetic, more anhedonistic.

I'll feel a sense of nostalgia for the person that I was when the questions were answered. I hope that I'll be at a job that doesn't stress me out so much. At the very least, with a more proactive mindset in dealing with the difficulties that life brings. And that I'm able to see the sunset in Santorini by the end of next summer after launching my next project.

I hope that I have much less anxiety. I hope my focus is more spiritual

I sure hope I'll be feeling more balanced and more energetic. I'd like to be able to look back at my aspirations in Fall 2022 and say, "Oh, yeah. I did that. I forgot that was even an issue." I want to be able to say that I've moved back into my body and that I love being in my home.

I expect to be fundamentally changed as a result of Joe's death and Naomi's birth. My answers right now to how that will be in a year are only intelligent guesses. Will Joe's next treatment be helpful? We both doubt it. He is significantly preparing for end of life. But navigating all the rest of life both with him and without him is a sacred mystery at this point. I have faith in our love and our resilience. This has been a long time coming. I ask the heavens, the spirits, all of creation to support us in this journey. These questions help to instill thoughtfulness, recognition of both challenging and gratifying situations.

I hope that my health and strength are good. I hope that I am active and involved in different activities that keep me fascinated and intrigued. I hope that I have people in my life that are interested in the things that interest me so that I am not lonely.

I think I'll be happy to think about how far I've come on my creativity journey in the past year. I hope my normal stance or state of being is coming from a place of creativity and curiosity, rather than fear and staying comfortable.

I am always interested in remembering what I wrote last year. Each time, I hope that I managed to accomplish the goals I had for myself. Maybe this is the year I do it!

I hope I am grateful for another year of blessings despite darker aspects of life. The cherry on top right now is new granddaughter Ezra. I hope I’ll be healthy and closer to retirement if not retired. I hope dark political and economic clouds do not spell trouble. Will Susan be more disabled? Will my GI issues be better? What will happen that I didn’t expect? Hopefully something good and not something bad.

I just hope I'll be happier, more content, and feeling better about myself...

I’ll have an answer to whether I’ll ever be a mum. I hope whatever the outcome I’m living the best life for that situation

I am hoping I will feel as if I have improved in areas I felt were lacking. I am also hoping that this glitch in the matrix corrects and things go back to normal (whatever that means).

I hope my spouse and I will be happy and thriving together, but I think we'll be divorced or on our way to it. Either way, I hope I'll feel more like a full human in and of myself instead of a person always in relation to someone else. I hope things will no longer feel so relentlessly complex and difficult; I hope I'll feel connected to a community; I hope I'll feel full and inspired and energized. I hope I'll be experiencing less stagnation and inertia. I hope I'll be breathing more deeply.

I hope to be completely healthy & able to do everything I need to do. I also really hope to have an actual theatre space that we can do productions in.

10Q provides thoughtful questions. I appreciate the opportunity for this sort of reflection, and I also value the chance to look back at the responses I gave the year before to see if I have new experiences and perspectives as a result.

I'll still be so grateful that my daughter is currently able to walk and that we're getting ready to go on a wonderful trip together. I pray for continued health for her and for me so that I can fully care for her.

The last few years I have found a lot of repetition in my 10Q answers, which is disappointing for me. I definitely felt disappointed in myself after reading my 10Q answers from last year. I can tell that I am in a rut, and I am not sure that I see a clear path out of it to happiness and fulfillment. I would describe myself as going through a mid-life crisis (and given my family history of stroke, it might actually be half way or more through my life already). Right now, I feel pride and joy for my children, and my finances are getting in better shape (thanks to inheritance money of course). But beyond that, I am feeling pretty down about other aspects of my life. Whatever this year brings, I hope that I will able to break out of this redundancy and show some real growth this year.

I may be disappointed with how little has changed. I probably also won’t be surprised because I wasn’t this year and it was remarkable how many things that I predicted came to be true. On the other hand, I had my first Taro cared reading and there were some troubling signs there. I’m just waiting for the other shoe to drop and for something bad to happen. I’m very nervous about someone in my family (or even me) getting sick. I’ve been pretty fortunate thus far but you can’t stay healthy forever. I’m very appreciative with how far I’ve gotten without getting sick honestly. I was surprised by how fast this past year went and I therefore won’t be surprised by how fast this next year will go. I hope I will be less exhausted all the time next year than I always am no but I doubt that I will be. I may feel some pride about what I’ve accomplished by next year but I’m not positive about that. I’ll enjoy looking back on these answers just as I have this year.

I hope I am able to achieve the things that I listed. I also hope I am able to be of service to those in my life and, perhaps, to society in general. I believe it will be fun to look back at these answers, much as I enjoyed looking at my answers from 2021.

I have no clue.

I don't know. I hope I'll be healthy physically and emotionally. I hope this for my family and friends and for the world. I hope the assholes will get their due. And the one's traumatized by them will be healing. I hope I'm still dancing and as usual I hope my life is meaningfull.

I HOPE I don't see the same old answers, only slightly changed, as they have been for the last 3 years. I hope I read them and think "Thank G-d I don't feel like that anymore!" I hope I can keep my hope for change alive all year, and that I can see improvement in my approach to life.

I’ll probably not be surprised that the same crap was going on then.

I'll be back in shape from my surgery and my life will be going well.

How do I THINK I’ll feel? I think I will feel the same. How do I HOPE I’ll feel? I hope I’ll feel more hopeful, more accomplished, like these questions helped me identify things I should work on, things I’m grateful for, and things I have and should treasure. I hope I continue to appreciate all that I have, that I can continue to share whatever good resides within me with others, in a way that might improve their lives. I hope I will complain less (ha! Good luck with that!) and be more constructive. I hope the world is in a correspondingly better place, too.

Hmmm- well - some of the major stresses in life are behind me. I hope I am light hearted and having a few offbeat adventures that are less staid than my recent ones. I hope I am being the fully expressed me who would have been a horse riding archer if the spirit inside me was free.

I think I will look back and see that some of my answers are repetitive, but these are all things I am working on over time. I hope that I have made some progress on myself, knowing that I AM a work in progress and that is OK.

I should be pretty much retired from my job and feeling relaxed; perhaps I will have learned a little bit about how to relax and how to not have all the answers.

I think I’ll feel whatever is relevant in the moment, as thoughts and feelings are constantly changing. I don’t know what will be different about my life in September 2023. None of us knows these things. Not really. Our lives can change drastically in any moment. Knowing this, I’d like to think that I will still be living mindfully and have improved concentration, morality and wisdom. I will be glad to be around to see how this thing shakes out.

This year I laughed at last year’s answers. I love my earnest self, but I also take things less seriously now. I hope to continue on that path. I hope my answers give me a warm, loving feeling toward my past self.

I expect I'll be just as stressed out and wound up as I always am at this time of year, but I also hope I'll be happy with what I've accomplished, and a little more accepting of and at peace with who I am and how sufficient I am as a human being. I felt a little more internal clarity this year, and I really hope that continues.

I think I will have a much better idea of what my life is going to be like at work. I also want to think about what it is like to be married. Otherwise I am happier than I ever could imagine with Danna

I hope I'm healthy and doing okay.

I think I will feel great if I have achieved any of the goals I have described this time. I hope that will be the case when September 2023 rolls around. If I have not achieved my goals, I will probably be very frustrated and annoyed with myself!

Good, because I paid attention to the questions and allowed plenty of time to answer them. I hope that I will be accepting bodily changes / limitations from the natural processes of aging.

I hope that next year I will be sober. Chase will be sober. I will be more serious, mindful about what that means and what that looks like my practice will be going really well. Chase will be happy at whatever job he chooses to do. Dylan will still be excelling at school and I will be the mom that I’m supposed to be and most of all God will be all in the middle of it.

I hope I will have had a happier and easier year than this one!

I am hopeful. I think even at a subconscious level I feel writing this makes me accountable. My life will be much better at work, economic, living conditions, and social life. I know this because things are beginning to look better already. Tathastu - the Sanscrit work equivalent to Amen!

I hope I will be retired and better at tossing crap out. I hope that I will be less tired because I will be able to nap when I need to. I am so over all this

I know how I hope I'll feel—more optimistic than I do now about the trajectory we seem to be on. It's not even just the pandemic, or just US politics, which are each terrible enough on their own. It's also abortion bans, cops killing BIPOC people, US cities without clean water, devastating seasons for wildfires and hurricanes due to climate change, and the ominous cloud of a world war triggered by Russia looming over everything. It's increasingly hard to find reasons for optimism at all. And yet I don't spend every day drowning in grief, anxiety, and fear. I know what I can control, what change I can make happen, what impact I can have—and I start there. Each action I take is a tiny piece of an impossibly large puzzle, I know this, and they all add up. So, I make meals for the free fridges. I vote. I knit Welcome Blankets. I plaster my car and my yard with progressive stickers and signs. I look after the birds and feral cats who spend time in the yard. I add to my resistance T-shirt collection and wear them proudly. I attend rallies and protest marches. I invite friends and neighbors to pick fruit in the orchard so food isn't going to waste. I get vaccinated. I consume books and podcasts to continue my ongoing education in white supremacy and the patriarchy so I can be more effective in dismantling both. I knit socks for friends who deserve hand knit socks. I have conversations about things like menopause in public with men and women alike to help reduce the stigma. I admonish anyone within social media earshot to get educated about voting and then to vote. Everyone needs their own list like this, to remind themselves that they're not helpless when the "everything" of it all is too much. I'm going to save my list somewhere I can see it regularly, so maybe by the time I'm looking at my answers this time next year I'll be starting to see some optimism at the end of the tunnel. One can hope.

I hope I’ll feel stronger and more accomplished and confident in my role as board chair of the day school. I hope I’ll be able to say that was a really good year. I nurtured my relationships, took care of me and helped make the world a better and kinder place. I hope people will continue to say, there goes marci again. The kindest person I know!

I will enjoy reading my thoughts from a year ago and reflecting on them. I hope that I have less fear over the climate crisis.

I’ll be retired!!!!! I’m so curious to know what my life will be like: a new home, a new life!

I hope I will be more fulfilled in work and in life, my kids and husband and I will also live in a more harmonious house, I will have had some fun experiences, I will have made a decision about having a third kid or not, I will be moving my body joyfully, and eating chocolate almost every day.

I think I’ll feel calm, confident, curious, clear, creative, connected, and compassionate. Then as now, I will be courage. I think I’ll feel present, patient, persistent, playful, and held by a sense of perspective. I think I’ll feel indestructible. I’m setting the intention to continue to tap into my satisfaction in work and strength in love.

I'm hoping everything goes according to plan. I should be getting into my classes and working towards a degree I am happy with. I hope these questions helped me really look at myself and what I've done and can do and will do. If so, congratulations future self! Clap! Let's keep the ball rolling and live like we are meant to!

I love this every year, even when it's heart-breaking to hear past me in pain. But recognising it as pain suggests you're not feeling it anymore, or at least feeling it differently, from a new angle, with a new perspective. I hope I remember that I am so proud of myself, that I am strong, and that I'm better at looking after myself on the days when that strength is absence. Those days are just as important. I used to think I'd know where I'd be and what I'd be doing, but each year I realise I did not, and that life, or I, changed that course, and that that is the only constant. So keep on embracing the surprises in reading this voice from the past. It's all you.

At first I dread seeing them. I’m always in a rush with too much to do, especially last year. Then I read my last year responses and saw I didn’t have time to do the last few. I was disappointed. And then, I realized I could take a moment to write a few lines, not an entire chapter, and it would be valuable to me down the road.

I hope I'll be feeling well and strong, in control of my life and in contact with the people who mean most to me. I hope there will be some travel having happened and more connection with those I love.

I hope I’ll feel different and better. I hope I’ll be happier and set up for success.

I think I’ll wish I had put in more detail. I struggled to answer them so I hope I might have more clarity in a year.

I am an optimistic person by nature and I hope that by this time next year, some relationships might be better, my Jewish life might be deeper, my office might be better organized. And maybe even find more time for sleep and sex, An unrealistic wish is for less health concerns for me and my loved ones.

I hope I am free of cancer, I hope I will be given the all clear, I hope and pray that my nephew and some good friends who are also going through cancer will be given the all clear as well. Not too much to ask.

I sincerely hope that I’ll be in a healthier, more stable place - geographically, financially, mentally & spiritually. I hope that I will be engaged with a small but vibrant Jewish community in deep & meaningful ways. In my work, I want to find purpose & challenge. Personally, I would love to find a partner who shares my values & wants to build a home/family together.

This is a hard one, considering when I got my answers this year I was pretty disappointed that I had become stagnant. There is something in me that is trying to be hopeful, but it is becoming more and more trying every day. But if there's one nice thing about me, it's that I don't really give up. Even if I'm desperate and facing difficulty, I keep going. There is something truly comforting in that. So my hope is that things get better, but am confident knowing if they don't, I'll still be able to fight on.

I hope that I will feel satisfied. These questions are just an echo of what I have been working on clarifying for myself as to my goals concerning my life. So it is helpful to have these questions to continue to stay clear about where I am going.

I hope I'll be amazed at how far I've come. It will be a blessing to celebrate another year, and I look forward to enjoying it all with our family.

I hope I will feel a sense of growth and completion. I believe that we are more likely to grow when we are intentional about it, so I think the practice of active reflection will help me shed the things I want to leave behind and pick up better practices.

This is a hard question to answer. A few minutes ago I found out that a former boss of mine just died, likely due to complications from alcoholism. I hope I'm happier a year from now. I hope fewer things seem dire. I hope we're not still going from election to election thinking any one of them may spell the end to democracy as we've known it. I hope the storms and wildfires don't keep getting worse. I hope truth finds a way to overcome disinformation. I hope Putin will have been removed from office before he uses any nuclear weapons in Ukraine or elsewhere. I don't think I'll get most of the things I'm hoping for.

I hope I feel centered about my life and the direction it is taking. I hope I have discovered something within myself about what matters to me in this next stage of life, and how I hope to use my time in a manner that is joyful, meaningful, and filled with growth and learning. I hope I am less concerned about pleasing others, and more concerned about living my life authentically. I want to accept, really accept, my own mortality and the reality that life can, and at some point, will change at any moment. The goal is to live each day as fully as you can with an open generous heart, compassion for self and others, and in pursuit of what is most essential to you.

I am having trouble with forgiveness this year. Moving forward while hanging onto how I feel wronged and misunderstood is exhausting. I hope that by next year, my soul is unburdened from the sad experiences of this past year and I am resilient, having used my new energy to heal and forgive myself and those who have hurt me.

I don't know how I'll feel. I hope it helps me see progress I've made over the year. I hope I have a stable and steady job. I hope I'm wisely planning for the future. I hope I'm able to start doing some traveling.

I can't think that far ahead. I'm taking one day at a time. I hope I'm still alive. I hope my spirituality will be restored to a higher level. I hope some of my health problems will be resolved. I hope that I will have hope.

Not sure if it has to do with the questions, but I really hope I have a descent job, a place of my own, and maybe a nice relationship of some kind to build on. And hopefully less depressed generally.

I hope we will have had a wonderful trip to Israel. I hope we will have had a wonderful wonderful wedding. I hope to have a High Holy Day job as friendly as this year's -- but perhaps somewhere where I get to travel. And I wouldn't mind if I would have found some other pulpit work. I always think these questions help me stay on track.

It felt comforting recently to learn that most impactful people experience a "dark night of the soul." That it is often a long and painful period. That the experience does not keep them from their work, or from other people. That it becomes a process of focus, of improvement. I am proud to continue. I hope to look for the light and find the easy path, where possible. I believe that in the end, it's all okay.

Well, my response last year didn't exactly pan out, unfortunately. There is a needless war going on in Ukraine, high inflation is hitting us hard, the MAGA universe is appalling, gun violence is getting worse, climate change is accelerating, etc. On the positive side, I have a wonderful family, close friends, health and resources, and I'm getting closer to retirement, which I am excited about. This time next year, I'll be retirement eligible, which excites me, even though I'm planning to work a few more years. I hope I can feel more optimistic about our world a year from now, but I am skeptical.

I think I will look back and think how fortunate I was - to have had a moment where I felt content, connected, safe...when everyone I love was healthy, when there was so little pain in our immediate lives. I know that things change, and that times like this don't last. I want to remember that I didn't take this moment for granted, that I held in lightly in my hands, in awe.

I want to feel ... different. Different than I do today, sitting at my desk I've sat at for 3+ years at the company I've worked at for almost 6 years. I want a big change to have been made. I know I'll make it happen, and I'm excited to be sitting somewhere new, reading my 2022 10Q, reflecting on all the big swings I took in the months since writing this answer. It's time for me to step up to the plate and not be scared about striking out. Time for me to have more experiences and stop being nervous; stop selling myself short and thinking I'm not good enough or ready for something new. It's time!

I hope to be employed and living in the city by that time. I also hope to either have taken or planned my next trip.

Hopefully I’m more fit, with a little more in the bank and politics haven’t devolved further than they already have.

I would guess that I will feel much the same as I do now. We will have had an election here and I am afraid the results will move us further towards tyranny. I hope that Ukraine will prevail in the war with Russia but I fear that things will get uglier before that happens. As a result of writing this, I hope that I keep in mind the focus on kindness towards Peter.

Relief that I am past my breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. I hope that the anxiety and ptsd has past and that I am back to being myself.

When September 2023 rolls around, and I review my answers, I think I have a wry smile on my face, and I may feel gratified at all the positive changes that the past year (which is at this moment the future year) brought. I hope I'll be grounded, and hope that this daily exercise in answering, in writing down my thoughts, experiences, feelings, will feel like a blessing and an enlightening few moments.

I hope I can find compassion for myself. I know it will be hard to read about some of the feelings I am going through right now, but I hope I will see the glimmers of hope and ambition and love. I am dreaming big right now, looking forward to another fifty years on this earth in spite of the challenges and emotions of the day. I am surrounded by friends and family who love me and colleagues who value and respect me. I hope I am standing with more strength in the truths when next September comes.

I hope i will have a stable psyche, i'll know who i am and i'll still have a healthy body/mind. I would also like to be almost done with my Master's thesis.. or at least have started a considerable chunk

I will feel good once again to receive these answers from 10Q, whether I accomplish any goals or not. That's means I am still alive if I read these.(haha) My life will be different from today because I, as all of you, are evolving. Its good to have goals/plans but it is also good to be aware those desires may not happen and to be ready to take advantage of an opportunity, if arises, in contrast to fulfilling a planned goal. I am grateful to you all at 10Q for having this program and for helping me evolve responsibly and grow internally as a human being. I do wish I show my gratefulness to others too.

Honestly, I don't expect miracles. I guess I hope for them, always, but it's always a bit of a shock when they happen. I honestly expect my life to be much the same. Hopefully, I'll have permanently relocated to my new home by Sept. 2023... and all official business in my old state of residence will be resolved. My relationship with a friend, that I'd like to be even more special than it is, will--likely--have retained the status quo, or even cooled some. (That's where a REAL miracle needs to come into play.) But I hope I'll keep forging ahead, truly appreciating all the good fortune and happy things in my life... doing things to make myself happy... learn how to make new friends... find some work I actually enjoy doing... . 'Keep on keeping on, as the saying goes. I wish, once before I die, I could experience true joy and happiness, with no attached fears--and genuine fulfillment, without any regrets. Again... I'm looking for a for-real miracle.

I hope that I will continue on a positive, caring trajectory, and continue to make my house into a sanctuary.

I will feel proud of what I have accomplished this year: with my family, for my community and my business. And I will have done all of this with a lightness of being - less weight and expectations placed on myself, Jay, the girls. I will be carrying less in my arms, my home, my heart, my head. I will feel more open hearted and more free.

I am hoping for clarity, but expect that I will muddle along in life trying to balance work and retirement, responsibilities and indulging pleasures. If I retire, will I miss the adrenaline rush and sink into depression?

I hope that by then I'm less stressed about getting emails from this website asking me to answer questions every day 🙄

Wow, it is so hard to say. I will have finished my course work at seminary and be starting my field work. We will be nine months into whatever the midterms produce. Pandemic? Who can say. Naomi's health? Who can say. There is so much that a year can bring. It is astonishing to see how much can change in one year. For good or for ill. Maybe for me, that's the purpose of these questions: to notice that change is the constant, and one must simply figure out how to live in it, at least with equanimity, maybe with joy.

I hope that I’ll have achieved all of my goals and that the world is more peaceful.

I think I’ll probably feel a mix of sadness and happiness. Sadness in remembering this season that was hard, but happiness in being past it and in a good place with our little girl. She’ll be a year old! I hope to be able to throw her a big party.

I think I will feel emotional that I was having some negative thougths a year ago. I hope I have quit my job and started one that I actually care about!!!

I'll be grateful to be past a difficult year! I'll feel good I could be of service to others, wherever I may be. Looking forward! Be safe, healthy, happy and live with ease.

Good lord willin and a ship don't rise LOL I am like, well THAT ONE was over lol. No, the past year hasn't been bad and I am super grateful for all that has been, but it feels stagnant and lackluster. I hope for an upcoming year of organic (meaning, not inserted just for excitement) possibilities, thoughts, experiences, etc. I plan to be here in the same place, possibly with the same jobs, but it's about something external (maybe internal?) to all of that. I just want to remain open. And if I am writing the same stuff in 2023, then I'm ok with that because acceptance and surrender are big things.

Hoping that I will be moving through my grief. I hope that looking at these answers will put everything into perspective for me and I will continue moving forward with my life without my husband. This is been a very difficult few months and I don’t expect it to get easier for a long time. I keep wondering what my life will be like a year from now and I don’t have a clue. I’m looking forward to seeing where I am, And how my life has changed.

I hope that my focus has shifted. i will be in my new home and settling in to a new pattern. I want the to be productive and rewarding.

What these questions do for me is make me realize that I am indeed making some progress with my goals. The last few years were so disruptive it is as if time stood still while we aged. So come 9/23 hope to be pleasantly surprised.

I hope to be farther beyond cancer and looking back at a year that wasn't recovering from cancer but instead was being healthy.

I think I’ll be reminded of how deeply grateful I currently am as I write this… grateful for my new job, grateful for less stress, grateful for feeling healthier, grateful for Joy, grateful for my kiddos. So much goodness in my life. I hope it lasts… though like all things, I know that this too shall pass. So if I’m not in this similar mental and spiritual space in a year, I hope I remember what this feels like.

I don't think answering these questions changes anything about my life. It is a nice opportunity to stop and think about the past year, each year, but, as I am pretty happy with myself and my life, it does not prompt me to do anything significantly differently. What I hope for next September, as I have for the last few years, is that the Covid virus will be having less of an impact on our activities.

I think I’ll have a baby in my arms. I think I’ll be in a different place with a different job. My life will be forever changed.

I think it's always enlightening to take an opportunity to look back and forward. I really enjoyed reading last year's answers at the start of this 10Q. Unfortunately, that opportunity to reflect ended up filling me with a lot of disappointment in this case because I read through all the things I wanted to achieve and thought to myself "well, I didn't do *this* or *that*" Last year was another tough one for me :/ My hope is that my experience reading this year's answers next year will end up with a lot more positivity (e.g., "wow, I ended up getting that done!") but maybe something more realistic / achievable is something more along the lines of "wow, I can't believe how much I grew and learned!" These days, I'm trying to focus less on the outcome and more on the journey so my hope is that that's where I'll land.

I feel pretty positive looking at my answers from last year. I don't necessarily think the next year is going to be easy, but I feel like I'm moving in an OK direction. In the past, I have resisted the urge to be excited about things because I really expect disappointment, but I think I have followed through on a lot of what I wanted to do over the last year and looking at these answers has made me feel a bit better. Another thing I'm really grateful for looking at this is that I feel like a fake Jew in a way...like, yes it's my heritage... But I wasn't raised with a lot of Jewish traditions. It's pretty amazing to me to look back and realize this is the sixth year I've participated in 10Q. It's my tradition, and that makes me feel like a whole and complete person in so many other ways. I've struggled to develop tradition and consistency, and it's really amazing to see that this is now a tradition I look forward to year after year.

Mostly I hope to be at a place of acceptance, or maybe the better word is acknowledgement, of the way things are, both with me and out there in the world. And then fron acceptance, to do the things that bring peace, hope, help and joy both to myself and others.

I wish and hope that Russia will be utterly defeated and the nuclear bombs will not be deployed. And the rest: Putin gone, other authoritarians gone (by natural causes, preferably) - importantly including our own clown. I am pleasantly surprised that Covid situation has stabilized, let it stay this way. In the meanwhile the world economy is getting out of control and into inflation and stagnation. Supply chains... Here I hope for the soft landing etc. After all, our own retirement depends on our finances. Well, this is the macro-picture, going into the micro.

Change needs a hundred helpers. Advice from friends, experimenting, planting seeds, and answering questions here is part of that. I was ready to do this thinking, so this pushes and increases the power of all these other investments. I’m committed to dreaming slowly, so I’m not interested in projecting out what that looks like in the future.

Honestly, I don't expect things to be much different in my life, barring some major crisis. I am in a period of stability, which is fine, and the changes are minor. I hope that will still feel true when next fall arrives!

I will have so much that is more solidified. In this moment, I don't know where I will be living this year, I don't know what my job really entails, I don't know how I will integrate into a new community in San Francisco, I don't know what it really looks like to wedding plan actively. In one year, all of these things will be more known, understood, and familiar. In one year, I think it will be so interesting to read about a time when I was in a big moment of transition. Also, when I began 10Q this year, I didn't know I would be getting engaged in the middle of it. That felt like a HUGE magical special moment, with having my family and friends come in from around the country to celebrate. I felt so touched and it was such a testament to my relationships, that everyone would venture all the way over here to see me and spend this time with me. I hope that this year brings happiness, relaxation, growth, no gray hairs due to stress, and a lot of laughter and hugs. I want to bring community together in this new place, do it intentionally and fully, and dive into a new job and learn a lot, grow professionally, and experience making challenging decisions with my fiancee!!!!

Happy and relaxed and settled in to my new life.

I want to look at my answers and have it be the case that I had nothing to worry about. That my hopes were warranted, but my worries were not. I want to see and feel progress. So, future me - do you?

I usually feel a mix of sadness, regret, pride and thankfulness. My general litmus text is that each year i feel less sadness/regret and more positive when I look back. I hope my life has improved noticeable and that my answers last year serve as a marker for my own improvement as a human.

We will be coming up on a year of retirement and a year of BOF. I hope that I'm feeling healthier and less stressed.

I hope that not too much will change between now and next September. Although I continue to seek to grow professionally and personally, now that I am in my mid-70s, I am content if I remain engaged and do not forget too much of what I once knew. Reflecting on my answers from September 2021, not much has changed in the past year. If I can maintain my mentation, health and physical well-being I'll consider that a win.

I'll feel satisfied that I set goals and pursued them. I will accept what I have and haven't accomplished as that is the nature of goal-setting. I'm going to put out into the universe that we will collectively be working on saving the planet, equality, peace, and love. I also put out into the universe that I will be even more grounded in joy, love, humor and friendship, and that a loving relationship is well underway. I will have loved hard, both myself and others. I will have looked many people in the eye and told them I love them.

I will feel accomplished and proud. I have been on a journey of recovery for a while now and I know that things will feel more certain.

Curious to see where I was this year, especially mentally. I'm hoping we'll be much more settled and in love with our new life.

I hope I will still be open to being open, feeling confident but ready for that confidence to be complicated or unraveled toward other knowings, other ways, other sways.

I always hate this question, because it implies movement over the course of the past year, and that doesn't seem to happen. Or at least not in the way I hope or expect. I think there might be more losses to come. Fall down and get up. Fall down and get up. That's what I think life is.

I hope I have found my way to the new way I want to live my life and I have a stronger bond with my partner.

Same answer as last year: Deeply concerned for our future. I suspect that by this time next year it will be clear the Democrats are incompetent, lazy fools and they will have failed to do anything meaningful to protect our elections from theft or to secure a plan to repair infrastructure and create green jobs. Probably by now it will appear dangerously possible the fascist Republicans will be prepared to steal the 2022 elections and take over the country, a slow moving coup, Democrats could have stopped but didn't.

I hope that I have a working, running, reliable car. I hope that I have learned not to feel the need to respond immediately to all stimulus. I hope that I will have a better handle on not stressing over things out of my control. I hope we will have gone a year without myself, my husband, or any member of our family having medical emergencies or surgeries. In short, I hope to be in a more stable, less stressful time of my life.

I hope not much has changed as far as the health of my mom, my husband and my brother. And I hope I can keep doing the things I’ve gotten involved in this past year. I do hope I can express myself to others honestly yet non- confrontational. Work on accepting others as they are . I’d also like if I can learn to control the grand daughters so they go to sleep more easily and maybe not cry as much when they don’t get their way. And we won’t be as exhausted with them.

I hope that I am happier and feel more in control of my life day to day. I hope that I’ve been able to retire and can still manage the monthly bills. I hope I am successfully making time to draw every day and that creativity is the center of my life. I hope my health is stable and I’m well able to take care of myself and my dogs. I hope my house is in good enough shape that I’m proud to welcome company, and I hope that my garden is thriving. Lots of hopes.

Well, I'll be a seasoned grandfather of 10 months, which should be pretty fun. It should add some nice perspective to life. Maybe and leveling effect. Not sure how I'll feel about the questions as many this year didn't seem as poignant. But we'll see. THings can change a lot over a year. That's all personal stuff. My biggest anticipation will be for a more peaceful year, without Trump or Putin. But that's just a pipe dream, isn't it?

I hope I'll be back on track, well adjusted and content with my personal situation.

I have appreciated this opportunity. Redefining my reality over 2023 -- the parts of being in touch with my own wants and needs and therefore being able to respond more heartfully to others. The grain of sand vs ME conondrum...look forward to evolution and insights.

No big changes, things really are smooth sailing in our lives.

Every year I have been answering these questions, I find I am a step further in a better life. Sometimes they remind me of things forgotten, some times of problems solved. I hope it will be the same in 2023.

To the first question: Probably indifferent. I've taken this survey several times over the years, and I always find the previous year's answers a bit odd. They often don't reflect the lasting takeaways I've drawn from the year in question, and they seem overly concerned with things that no longer seem particularly important. To the second question: I've never understood what this question is supposed to mean. Sounds like a very unfocused thought, not coherent enough to bother answering.

It's disheartening to read last year's response to this same question. I could simply say, "yeah, what I said last year", which clearly indicates that I was not successful in meeting my goals. And not only did I not make forward movement, I feel as though I have back slid further, putting me that much more behind where I swore I would not be. So, like last year, I will need to pull myself up and move forward. But saying that sounds ridiculous after the last two years. At what point do I actually effect change? How low do I have to slide? How mad/sad/dejected do I have to get before I act? I no longer have an answer.

I think it might make me feel sad, to be reminded of how much I suffered in my marriage this year. I think I will be very grateful to have had the chance to reflect on the past year, since it is easier to type and respond to a prompt than it is to pick up my journal and a pen. I hope that I will feel wise and that I've learned and grown, instead of treading water and having things feel the same.

I hope I am feeling more calm and confident in my work and I am able to find a good work life balance. I am hoping I’m a little less manic a bit more relaxed and have a better schedule

A year ago I never would’ve thought that I would have started to learn e-commerce strategy, keynoted a conference at Lambeau field and placed product in a hit Hulu series, all while doing more at home with the family. I really have no idea what the next year will bring but looking forward to continuing to grow.

Wow. I hope I'm happier. Saner. Experiencing life at its fullest. Meaner. Softer. Gorgeous as ever. A driver. A lover. Loudly myself.

I don't know, it's always a tough question. Hopefully, I'll be able to change my life at least a little, despite the global situatiation and crisis. Will see.

I usually find the answers interesting but not particularly insightful. As I said the questions are interesting & fun to answer, but beyond that, they don't really do anything. Sorry if that answer disappoints!

“…for so many kill-joys, afraid to enjoy today because of what tomorrow might bring. Don’t let’s ever be afraid of things. Let’s be daring and adventurous and expectant. Let’s dance to meet life and all it can bring to us, even if it brings scads of trouble and typhoid and twins!” I hope from the spirit of reflection I can bring with me the understanding of enjoying today. To remember it’s a terrible mistake to cherish bitterness for years. Annoyances are only superficial after all and they can not poison the deep springs of life.

Dear 2023 self, I hope you have had a year where you have felt settled into your body and your path. I hope you have set boundaries that keep you focused on what you actually enjoy. I hope your relationships continue to grow and deepen, that you are finding more satisfaction in your home, your self, and with your community. Love, 2022 self.

I hope I will have recovered from my second knee replacement sufficiently to go hiking. I hope I will look back on trips Bob and I took to Ireland and Portugal with fondness. I hope the embrace of authoritarianism by political leaders will have diminished. I hope Ukraine defeats Putin's militarily, politically, and morally. I hope leaders and people in every country come together to treat climate change as the emergency it is.

Oh boy, I never get this one right. I hope I have my s**t together, I guess. I'm trying.

Well, Heather, sorry about the "anti-abortion laws" as that cancer metastasized. I got covid and saw my health decline, but I did go to palm springs with my friend and italy with my kids, plus did lots of other things like host a band for "porch fest" in the summer, float on a lake, see a few great bands, watch my kid graduate, work hard on anti-racist practices in my pedagogy . . . But really, I spend my time doing much of what I was doing last year, trying to get on my bike, not worry too much, tinker with canvas, drink wine with friends . . . the nasty smell in the laundry room is still there. etc. etc. I know my future self will read this and say the same again? Honestly, that's if I'm lucky and things haven't gone to shit, right? It's likely that the full house I have right now will look different next year, that both of my boys will have moved out. I know that will be a different feeling in the house and I hope to "do something" with that (save money on food, lol, and maybe reshape one of the rooms upstairs as something else). I hope that my parents are still healthy, as well as my brother, that I don't feel as stuck as I do right now in a set of stupid physical limitations, I hope I still get laid in the morning. Oh, and I think I'll be truly, truly divorced, so I hope that I am okay with that and figure out the last things I need to do to severe those connections both emotionally and legally. I hope that I will have had more writing work, even paid, and some singing again. I hope I look back at this from behind a pretty wicked "divorce tattoo" (no idea what that will be yet). I feel like my answers this year reflect my feelings of limbo and frustration, my lack of creative energy or inspiration. I hope that I look back and see THIS as some of the darker times, from which I emerged.

Honestly, worries aside, I'm in a much better place this New Year than the last few. I hope I am still in a good place next New Year, and making steady personal progress. I hope I've gotten my promotion at work and hit some personal milestones, and I hope I'm still happy with my current relationship, but that's it.

My answer is identical to last year’s: I haven’t the vaguest idea. Who would ever have thought that I would decide to retire partway through this year? I guess I’m just looking forward to finding out where I am.

I am coming into 5783 in a place that I've never really experienced before. I feel gratitude and contentment. I made professional strides. I moved to a new community. I am reaching out to meet new people. My relationships are in generally good order. I am recovering from health setbacks. I have goals and things to look forward to. I've never been so positive or optimistic before as we approach Yom Kippur. What I hope will be different as we approach 5785 will be that I could sustain the outlook. I'm in a good place with my marriage and children. I've advanced professionally and integrated into the community. What I hope for next is not simply being more optimistic but reprogramming my outlook so that it can become the default rather than the exception.

I wonder if the show I've been on will have been successful and if it will get another season. And if it gets another season, will I go back? Will they want me back? Will my Six Months Ago self shout to me from the void to RUN!! as fast as I can? If I end up back on the show, will things be different? I wonder how my dad will be doing. I wonder where my son will be in school. I'm interested to find out, but not in any rush. I'm really happy that my hopes for this time last year all came to be true. My kids are vaccinated and boosted and the little one will get boosted again this week. My friends and family are healthy and happy for the most part. I'm settling into a new decade with optimism and understanding.

I can't even begin to imagine how I will feel. What I especially enjoy about life is the surprises. I do my best to live in the present and cherish every moment - they only happen once.

Well. I hope to have forged a change in my trajectory and have been able to express my truest self. I hope we are all still here. I hope I don’t feel how I’ve felt in previous years: naive.

I will be happy, I will be working, contributing through my work to create a healthy, equitable and sustainable health care for all. I will stop living in fear because I will be living in a new place, maybe a new city.

I hope Rachael has a living liver donor and surgery is set, if needed. I hope I’m healthier, living into feeling loved and caring for myself well. That Mom and my daughter are healthy still, and thriving. That my husband is at peace abt retiring. So many thresholds!!

I hope our life has gotten much easier with my becoming a teacher and bringing in a steady income. I also hope we’ve grown since last year and I have done a better job carrying my weight as a husband.

When I saw the 2021 answers I remembered how hopeful and joyful I was. I am still those things but my momentum has slowed. I hope I read my answers and am proud of myself in whatever way I've grown, in whatever way I've overcome and when you ask me how I feel I say "happy".

i hope i will have mire forgiveness, more compassion to myself and therfire orhers, more clarity, more strength.

The twins will be in 1st grade (amazing), every day I’m with them is the best day of my life. Lev continues to do well we hope. Other than that I hope life will be the same; we get older, our health remains good, Elaine is still Jared’s caregiver, Jason and Adam do well in life and continue maintaining their Jewish heritage, their families remain healthy, our siblings maintain their decent health (though my brothers Parkinson’s is trending worse) with great friends and social support. As with last year we may have a few stumbles (Jared fractured his vertebrae, he’s 100% better thank G-d) but I guess if we are in 2023 where we are now in October 2022, we’ll be ok. Peace and health for the new year.

I hope I will feel happy at what a great year it has been for me and my family.

I am Hoping the answers from this year will surprise me. I hope my life changes direction for next year to some extent. I hope I build in my friendships this year and they are stronger next year. I hope I can out behind me forever the sadness I still feel about my divorce from a man I loved wirh all my heart. Then just like that it was over. He remarried and died shortly there after. So many good things have happened with our 5 children. Grandchildren have been born. More marriages, etc. I am hoping I become a better version of my self. That I grow more.

I hope I'm content with my lot and happy to be humble.

its first time so dont know where i will be? i hope my health will improve and i will tackle the hoarding problem i have with my wife. I believe resolving those 2 issues or making the best of the situation would be my biggest hope

Next year, I hope I'm happy-- as happy as I am now or happier. I hope I have better friends here at College–I think I will–and I hope my life continues to be fun. Hello future Elijah! :)

I hope that I'll be at a point where I'm starting a family and I feel good about that decision. I hope I'm at peace with my relationship with my in-laws and I hope I'm excited about entering the next stage of my life.

I hope will have taken ELI and be ready for a less stressful life.

I feel like I will have accomplished my goals and explored my roots. I think I will be closer to my family and significant other and I will be enjoying and be grateful for my life.

I hope I feel better - more settled, less sad, more engaged and connected with Karen and the kids.

I hope I feel proud of how much I've grown in the past year, seeing how sad and despairing in the references in my answers. I hope Rob is still out of my life but that I've faced him and was able to move on regardless.

Inadequate. I hope to be more at ease with myself, more aware of my surroundings, more willing to be mindful and more grateful for the good people and things I have been blessed with.

I hope I will be able to look back and see some changes and feel one hundred percent different than I have felt for the past two years

i really don’t know but i hope to be more at peace

Looking back, I think I will see 2022 as a moderately good year but with little growth/forward momentum, which is disappointing to me. Hopefully, answering the questions now will help me focus more on the goals I want to set/achieve in the coming year, so it won’t be as aimless as this past year has been. I hope to find more (inner) direction in my life.

We are in an historical period with no precedents. So, as with past years--and as I wrote last year--I'm going to continue to roll with what life sends me. That said, caring for my mom, supporting my children and grandchildren, building community as I can, writing my city book and children's series--all of that will take place regardless of the larger political world.

I think I'll be the same--terrified of the cancer but living my life as best as I can. Loving my child but watching him still pull away as he grows into himself and blossoms.

Settled. I think/hope that I will feel settled. This past year has been a roller coaster. By next year at this time, I hope to be comfortable in this new work role. I hope to have a solid understanding of this company, its products and processes. I hope to have more solid co-worker relationships in place. I hope to feel as though I am adding value to the team. And I hope to feel physically stronger and fitter.

Wow - I hope that I'll feel joyful. I hope that I'll feel full and whole in my life. I hope that I will have a partner or the beginnings of one. I hope that I will have finished a great year at Western and will have done research in Europe in the summer and will have gone to India for a month or 3 weeks. I hope that I will have made good progress with my therapy and self-esteem work. I hope that I feel I am stepping positively, joyfully on one more year of my life's step-stone path. I am thankful for love. I am thankful for joy. I am thankful for life.

I usually remember my feelings and emotions more than the specifics of the events that I've answered in these 10 questions. It's always illuminating to remember what I reflected upon or that I didn't fill out the answers which reminds me of times of feeling overwhelmed. Instead of saying "I'd like to feel less overwhelm by September 2023" in going to reframe that to less overwhelmed by work and more overwhelmed by love and joy!

I'm hoping that there isn't many big changes to my life this time next year. I'm comfortable where I am. I enjoy my job. I'm happy with my partners. I have friends in the city. I'm hoping things can stay on the path that they have been on recently. I'm nervous and expectant that they won't.

I hope my out look on things hasn't gotten worse since our world is going to shit.

I will be interested in my perspective. I feel like I am in a pretty good place, but I also know how things can change. I hope I will know that I was honest and present in my current life.

Next year, I think I'm going to feel the same. If next year is anything like the more recent previous years I shall feel the same. Even the pandemic didn’t change my life that much, it’s so inactive. I feel like I still have a long way to walk and I'm not sure exactly where I'm walking. I don't know if answering these questions will stimulate a change in my consciousness moving forward. Most likely I will forget what I wrote in a few months. Certainly these natural limits on memory create the novelty in retrospect. At least I will know if I changed.

This year feels like it might be a train that I'm just riding on and there's no way to predict what things will look like next year when I'm reading these answers. The first year of parenthood seems too unpredictable to be able to say "I think I'll feel ____ next year." I'll probably feel everything there is to feel in the year to come. I hope that a year from now, I'll have moved more toward equanimity and a peace with lack of control than the other way around, but I think it's probably a toss-up. Maybe parenthood will be another experience that reminds me of how futile it is to try to control anyone or anything besides myself, or maybe it will be an exercise in constantly setting boundaries and I'll be pretty rigid about who is around me and the little guy, and what his bedtime is and what he eats and how people talk to him. We'll see. Maybe I'll have embraced my mother-in-law's help and my parents' help too; maybe they'll have surprised me and they'll actually be really helpful instead of a source of stress. Maybe Covid will be way less of a concern by this time next year, because the newest booster and the ones to follow are really effective and it kind of goes away. Those things would be nice!

What I hope: people all over the world awaken and demand peace, care, men learn how to get along, women learn how to be strong leaders and wayshowers. AND Hope is not a strategy. So, I will keep loving, trying, laughing, crying, do my best to make the world a better place, one relationship interaction at a time. Love Us!

I hope and think this is the year of accomplishing my personal well being. As I read over my answers and see the repetition of goals I aim to report success by this time next year.

I hope I feel comfortable in my own skin and compassionate towards myself. For years I would put that I'll be doing this or that, or have accomplished this or that and now I'm happy. I think this time I would just like to be happy with myself doing and accomplishing whatever it is I'm doing.

I hope I am feeling better than I do today which is weak and stressed

I hope I’ll have a better sense of inner peace and less anxiety. I hope the sadness of losing friends and family this past year will be replaced with the laughter of the memories we shared.

I hope that I go into the year with a lens of listening carefully to my needs and wants.

Honestly, I think I'll be frustrated that nothing has changed. But I hope that I can see that little by little, things are changing. It will be my last year in this city, so I hope I feel at peace about my next steps.

I'm surprised by how challenging this year has been when last year looking ahead, I was hoping for a year of peace and balance, but there were so many demands and disruptions that were outside my control. The lesson I take from that is the harder the challenges, the more necessary it is to seek equanimity and take care of my health and wellness.

I wonder if I will be surprised. I hope I will have made progress toward them.

Underwhelmed by this experience; like it was a waste of time.

I have spent less time worrying about the neighbors, the power, what might happen if a tree branch falls etc. I will have re-engaged meaningfully with something related to racial/social justice and/or my alumni community.

I hope I am happier in my relationship as it's been a rough 15 years and I want/need to feel loved/honbored/respected heard & seen by my husband and I do not currently. Hope I'm still working away at my job and feel more certainty about the future

I hope I don't feel weird and that I would be in an even better place that I am now. I hope to see my learnings and improvement.

Based on my health concerns I pray to be alive. I hope I feel excited and buoyed by what I am doing. And feel as loved as I feel now.

I hope to see slow and steady progress toward becoming more myself and being more available to do the work I'm called to. But I also hope the things I've written about will continue to be important to me, pointing me in the right direction for the years I have left.

I hope that next year when I receive my 10Q answers, I am better at setting boundaries so that I am less exhausted and have more time to give to my family - especially my Josie. I hope that I have responded to the Lupus meds and have fewer Lupus symptoms. I hope that I am generally feeling healthier. As I write this I have bronchitis that refuses to go away and that prevents me from taking my Lupus meds.

I hope that I'll feel stronger and more confident about my life and the state of the world. It's a terribly fucked up place right now with climate change, natural disasters, wars, anti-Semitism, the anti-democracy movement in the U.S., and the reversal of Roe v. Wade. It feels like we are racing backward in time to the worst, most damaging, most catastrophic eras ever. That's heartbreaking and I pray that by September 2023, there will be significant signs of change and improvement!

I probably will say, "Yes, that sounds about right." I hope that I will feel even more appreciation and gratitude for the things that add love, joy, and satisfaction to my life. They aren't always the things that get external attention but that doesn't matter to me. I want to feel like my generosity and attention matter to the people and causes I care about.

I think that I will be unsurprised by my answers, and at the same time, surprised by the events that happened in the time between 2022 and 2023. I am annoyingly self-aware (too many years of therapy), so I don't think that I will look back and think, "Oh, I was so naive in thinking what I was thinking." However, I may be surprised in the direction that my life is heading in just 365 days. I enjoy this exercise so much, because at least one question starts deeper introspection. I question, "Is this how I want to continue? Is this an acceptable way to be living?" I think this year, the question was the one about the biggest fear and the impact on life. I have been aware of this fear for years; answering the question about impact, however, was the first time that I had put into words how my fear was shaping my behavior and my life. Some changes may be in order.

Although I am happier today than I was for previous HHs, there are always the perpetual demons that haunt me year after year. I hope to regain a positive focus on all the aspects of my life that cause me to grumble incessantly. It is exhausting living with the default setting of "yeah, but" to negate something going well. All I can do is look for, and achieve a win each day, big or small.

I hope to be fitter and to not break any more bones!!! I hope we're well on our way to moving somewhere that is a better fit for us spiritually, politically, and agriculturally. I hope I have more reasons to laugh, and more people with whom to laugh. I hope I feel validated in work. I hope the kids embrace adulthood. I hope the moral arc of the universe catches up in time to save us.

I hope to feel lighter and more in control of my life inputs. It means a lot of thinking, prioritizing and simplifying. It means getting things organized for my legal documents. I want to feel lighter and more "open." I'd like to be more spontaneous, and not so regimented on what needs to happen with each 24 hour day.

I hope this time of reflection will be fruitful. I hope that I will continue to be able to find some time to reflect in the busyness of life with a toddler. I said this last year, but it's probably going to be my goal every year for the rest of our lives so I'll say it again - I hope I continue to grow even stronger and better as a parent in the coming year, and that I enjoy the process of parenting, finding meaning and sublimity in the mundane daily moments. It's a privilege, watching Jules grow up, and I look forward to getting to know him as a developing person even more in the coming year. And I hope that Matt's and my relationship grows stronger, both as parents, and as a couple. I hope that by September 2023 I've signed with an agent, that I'm writing new fiction again, and that I'm treating writing as a career, and again, that I'm enjoying the daily process. I hope that we feel comfortable entering and participating in the world again post-pandemic, even if there are always risks. I hope that my relationship with my parents continues to mend. But most of all, I hope that as I enter my 40s, I feel at peace with my choices. I hope I can always choose the blessing, as Moses says, that's been put before me.

My hope is that I will feel satisfied about my own progress and evolution and growth. I did get to accomplish the celebrations that I planned during 2022. I did get to create and teach my new classes, and I have definitely become better able to look at my mistakes as growth experiences instead of as embarrassments. I'm still drifting along with David, who finally has admitted that I am an important part of his life, but has also been quite clear that there are portions of his life that will be forever walled off to me, and I do hope there might be some more growth in this area of my life.

In September 2023, as always, I hope to be gainfully employed! I hope to have a more solid relationship with a more positive emotional foundation of true friendship and partnership. Perhaps my children will see me not just as a nagger, but as a resource and friend. Of course I hope to be more organized, with less clutter, and be more satisfied with life overall.

Hopefully happy I've made some progress towards my goals

I hope my mind is focused less on work. At least about the security of work. I hope I'm in a loving relationship. I hope I've (we've, if I'm in a relationship?) decided about kids, ie we're both a no or yes at least. I hope I'm living on my own. (bought or rented). I hope I've had good time with family (especially) and friends. Has answering these questions made me think more? No. Will they be interesting to read? I hope so, in part as I hope the answers next year are different! I hope I've enjoyed the year. Time (and now) is all we have so better try and enjoy it!

Last year, I wrote this: I hope this time next year I will again have that feeling of roots growing in my soil - of belonging, a stability that I miss. Today I think that the conditions for establishing roots no longer exist for me here. Possibly anywhere. Next year I hope I am more comfortable in increasing uncertainty. I hope I am calmer and able to be helpful, understanding, a grounding force even while the uprooting continues.

I will feel like I did this year, grateful, happy, proud. Last year I wrote I might be getting ready to leave my job, I left. I wrote I might be venturing off for myself or might be coaching, I have my own business now. Not coaching yet but getting there. Next year I will feel the same because I will have followed my dreams and strived to reach my goals. Finally I am intrinsically motivated to get myself out there. To share my voice. Whether someone listens or not. Things will be different: I will be blogging (or at least I did for a while). Those books will be finished. A coaching business will be up and running. I might steel need a little steady job on the side which will get me a basic income to ensure security. But I will be following my main career purpose, share my voice, share my little nuggets of wisdom. I will be writing most of my days, because that's what makes my heart beat faster. It's what I'm supposed to do. And I am here for it. I am finally showing up.

Last year I said "I hope we're all thriving and kicking back" the year before that, I said, "I hope we're all still alive and kicking". Next year I hope we can breathe. I hope I am happy and calm. I hope there's a future.

I hope I will have made progress in my goals. If not, I hope I will still want to keep working toward them. And I know it's important to put thought into these things & appreciate having the ability to think about, and action, plans, goals, desires, etc. Not everyone has the luxury ❤️

Hopefully I will have made progress but I expect that there will always be a lot more work to do.

I am quite a pessimist, or as I like to say, 'realist'. It is my birthday today, and I suspect I will feel in September 2023 the way I tend to feel on birthdays as I get older. Introspective, stressed that I've achieved 'nothing' in a year, and guilty that I've served nobody but myself, wistful and emotional about my parents and all they've given and afforded me that I've squandered and then I suspect I will do a turnaround and become more realistic, optimistic and grateful that I'm alive, able to answer these questions and one tiny step closer to having a couple of answers to life's questions and an acceptance that the rest of life's questions will be unanswerable. I think I will feel a sense of humility, most about the fact that when you are stuck in the day to day of life, your subjectivity blinds you to the bigger picture in life. What I hope will be different about my life? I hope I have at least tried to simmer down the parts of myself I am ashamed of, and I hope I stop feeling the overweening sense of shame that clouds me no matter what I do or say. I think it's possible. I hope I will drink far less to cover that shame, I hope I will instead be able to love openly and freely. I hope I will have a big dog. I hope maybe I will have a home, and not the continued stopgap which has characterised low-ish income from the last ten years owing not to lack of opportunity, but to lack of ambition, confusion and a general lack of interest in competing in life. I hope next year I've learnt how to abscond from the things which don't serve me or anybody (stressful situations), and abscond from the city without alienating myself from everyone I care about. I hope next year I will be more confident and willing to take responsibility for my own feelings. I hope I feel less like punishing myself, and ironically, I hope I am less self absorbed - wouldn't that be good.

Hopefully, I will be fine. It will be a year later, and to be truthful, who cares about what I felt last year?

I think Ill be very happy and excited because of the life I'm living and what is to come. In love - happy, healthy, sexy!!! WOOOOHOOOO <3 (and right now I'm feeling exactly the way that I said I would last year, yiiiiiihaaaaa!!!)

I truly wonder how anyone can have an answer to this question.